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ASHLEY GOODMAN A&E REPORTER Come Back Shack, started in 2011 and owned by Steven and Scott Prewitt, prides itself in providing “fresh, delicious, handmade, homemade food at an amazing value,” according to the restaurant’s website. The burger joint hand-patties its never-frozen beef, comprised of USDA ground chuck as well as ground beef from North Fork Farm, a cattle farm in the mountains of western North Carolina. Its chicken is all-natural and cagefree. Come Back Shack offers eight types of sandwiches, ranging from hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and veggie, turkey and beef burgers. From there, custom-

ers can pick between 14 “styles” of toppings. Morgan Oakley, who started working at Come Back Shack last August, said she loves the atmosphere and the service. “It is really fun; the crew here is awesome,” Oakley said. “They make it 10 times better. Days where I don’t feel like coming in, when I’m feeling miserable, they just brighten me up. It’s nice to work here.” While the atmosphere is friendly, she said, it is also quick. Crew workers put in the effort to make sure food is delivered quickly, correctly and fresh, which Oakley said makes all the difference.

Lindsay Vaughn


IAN TAYLOR SPORTS REPORTER There aren’t many places in Boone that’ll shock people when you tell them you’ve never been there. Since it opened in 2005, Capone’s has made its way to the top of the list in Boone. For those who don’t know, Capone’s on King Street is not just some local joint; it’s the best pizza in Boone. Old-school New York style pizza with a gangster flair, Capone’s pizza is 50 percent greasy goodness, 49 percent street-cred and one percent “welcome to the family” love. With cold beer, classic rock and legendary garlic knots,

Capone’s is cool in every sense of the word. It’s the definition of a hole-in-thewall hangout that you see on TV as a kid and hope is real. Being cool and having top-tier garlic knots is great and all, but at the end of the day, Capone’s has become a Boone lifestyle fixture by doing things their way. Capone’s has made its name in Boone by using fresh, homemade dough, getting the highest-quality ingredients they can find and sandwiching them around their special marinara sauce.

Lindsay Vaughn


TYLER HOTZ ENTERPRISE EDITOR Walking down King Street, an overhanging yellow sign adorns the home of Boone’s best voted sandwich. Our Daily Bread has been a staple on King Street since 1984, offering a wideranging menu that features a plethora of sandwiches. “Fast time, good prices and good ingredients is what we focus on,” general manager Zack Chavez said. “We are focused on what we are serving, and we are proud of what we are doing here.” Sitting on the menu since its open-

ing, the Jamaican Turkey Sub has long been a favorite. The Philly has also gained popularity, giving customers a twist on the American classic. People have also taken notice outside of the High Country, landing the deli second on TripAdvisor’s list of best restaurants in Boone. “It’s a great place to work. The management, the people here are a very tight knit group,” Chavez said. “We’re all a family here, and we all look out for each other.”

Olivia Bowyer May 4, 2017




JAY BOYD SPORTS REPORTER TApp Room has stood as a staple on Blowing Rock Road for six years now. A student go-to, whether to watch a game or grab a meal after class, the weekly specials keep people coming back. One of the standout specials, the Wednesday Taco special, has been a success. The special includes the veggie taco, the chicken taco and the BBQ taco,

all of which cost two dollars each. The crowd on any given Wednesday is proof that these tacos are a crowd pleaser. “We sell a lot of tacos. I agree, they’re fantastic,” TApp Room manager Kevin Pearce said. Those around Boone agree, and the tacos continue to do well, even on days other than Wednesday.

Olivia Bowyer


MYLES TOE A&E REPORTER Local bar and college hangout the TApp Room offers patrons $2 Coronas every Wednesday, a deal which has been voted the best drink deal in Boone. The TApp Room is located on 421 Blowing Rock Rd. across from the Holmes Convocation Center, and is a short distance from campus. The TApp Room is a casual place to kick back, drink cheap beer and enjoy some good food. They offer a plethora of beer on tap and many other domestic, imported and craft beers. The TApp Room also offers a rotating draft, so every time you go, there is a different beer on draft. The

$2 Coronas are a part of a full week of deals: the TApp Room offers $2 Bud Light bottles on Monday, $4 Kamikazes on Tuesday and $4 Yosef shots on Saturday. With the addition of the Annex room, patrons can now enjoy live music, a secondary bar and games while they drink their beers. “The TApp Room is the place to be. Not only do they have cheap beer, which is great for college students, but also they have some banging tacos,” sophomore management major Kyle Depraeter said. Even if you’re not 21, during the week you can enjoy the late night menu which includes deepfried macaroni and beer-battered fries.

Halle Keighton


BEST BREAKFAST ADRIENNE FOUTS A&E EDITOR Boone has a number of popular breakfast places, but Melanie’s Food Fantasy stands out as the best of the bunch. Located in downtown Boone, Melanie’s has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1991 and also recently added a dinner menu. The restaurant uses fresh, local produce, local farmraised eggs and organic coffee, according to its website. Melanie’s offers an eclectic menu with a variety of breakfast foods, including vegetarian and vegan options such as tempeh and soysage. Among its

breakfast plates are the “Extreme Appalachian Breakfast,” “Potato Madness” and “Tempeh Scramble.” “I seriously would go there just for their apple butter,” Sophie Pillsbury, a junior biology and journalism major, said. “They also have a students’ breakfast option, which is really inexpensive. Their home fries are bomb and all of their food is delicious.” The outdoor seating is also nice when the weather is good, Pillsbury said, because the restaurant’s location on King Street makes diners feel like they are part of the town.

Olivia Bowyer


NOAH GERRINGER SPORTS REPORTER When the hankering for good southern pulled pork or a beautiful brisket arises, there’s no better excuse than to head down the mountain to Blowing Rock for the old-fashioned favorite Woodlands Barbecue. Since 1977, Woodlands has been by far the best selection for barbecue in the High Country. Whether it’s after a football game with friends and family or to end a hard week off right, our

readers know that there’s only one choice for good North Carolina barbecue. Their barbecue plates have been a fan favorite since the beginning with what seems like an unlimited amount of barbecue and sides that range from fried okra to classic down-home baked beans. The next time you’re in the mood for good, standup North Carolina barbecue, head on over to Woodlands and fall in love.

Lindsay Vaughn 6

May 4, 2017


WATAGUA COUNTY FARMER’S MARKET BEST PLACE TO BUY PRODUCE ASHLEY GOODMAN A&E REPORTER The original Watauga County Farmer’s Market was founded in 1974, based on an idea sponsored in 1973 by the New River Valley Resource Conservation and Development Project. The market started with a small grant from the Watauga County Commissioners, and a promise from the Watauga, Avery, Mitchell and Yancy community organization program to fund the manager’s salary. The original market was held on a vacant half-acre of land along the outskirts of Boone, where it remained for two years. Today, the market resides in the parking lot of Boone’s Horn in the West

Amphitheatre and provides local vendors with a place to sell produce, plants, crafts and “value added” goods such as pastries and jams. On Saturdays, the market is host to a number of community events. Live music, cooking demos and children’s workshops encourage people to come together to share free opportunities for learning and entertainment. In its effort to give back to the Watauga community, the farmer’s market has regular drives for canned food and winter clothes and has instituted a policy to allow non-profit vendors set up booths for free once a season.

File Photo


BROOKS MAYNARD SPORTS REPORTER Operating since 2012, Appalachia Cookie Co. delivers fresh baked cookies all over the Boone area, specializing in late-night ordering. They have come a long way since starting out in an above-bar apartment, moving to a larger venue in 2016 and even adding a location near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “We have just been super lucky that everyone has really embraced who we are,” App Cookie Co. community relations and events director, Ethan Rector said. “We love the community,

and we are really thankful to give back and make great cookies.” The menu has a wide range of cookies, such as classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, but also exotic flavors like blueberry white chocolate oatmeal and lemon lavender. Voted as the best place for desserts, make sure to stop by App Cookie Co. for some late night snacks. “My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter,” Rector said. “My mouth is watering just thinking about it.”

Lindsay Vaughn


JULIANNE BLAYLOCK A&E REPORTER Boone’s best coffee shop, Espresso News, is hidden in a little corner on Howard Street in downtown Boone. Espresso News has two floors for customers to drink what was votedBoone’s best coffee. Known to locals as “E News,” the coffee shop offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, including dogs. Along with coffee, Espresso News sells baked goods, soups, teas, smoothies, bottled and canned drinks, and cof-

fee beans, as well as T-shirts. The variety and quality of products offered at Espresso News provides something for every customer to enjoy. Often the owner of Espresso News, Uijin Park, can be found making drinks, roasting beans and cracking jokes with his employees and customers. Park’s friendly personality adds to the overall atmosphere of the shop that he runs. The packed floors of Espresso News seem to stay filled every day of the week.

Matt Sloyer


JOHN ROBERTSON SPORTS REPORTER For the second year in a row, Appalachian Mountain Brewery has received the honor of being voted the best local brewery in Boone. Driven by their motto “Sustainability, Community and Philanthropy,” AMB is dedicated to supporting local non-profits, helping the community prosper and sustainably

brewing high-quality beer. With over 30 hand craft beers and cider to choose from, and wood-fired street food in the food truck, AMB is the spot to be. AMB is located at 163 Boone Creek Dr. and operates from noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday and Monday and noon to 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Halle Keighton May 4, 2017



(Top left) Marcel Wiseman Valencia and her two dogs, Bairen’s Bonnie Prince and Mon Coeur (Man Of My Heart) who both competed for Cutest Dog. Photo Credit - Rachael Graham // A worker washing off vandalism on Peacock Hall. Four different people wrote words on multiple buildings around the Town of Boone. Photo Credit - Myles Toe (Top right) Vice president-elect Alan Lee and president-elect Anderson Clayton pose with the SGA election results which shows their win with 1902 total votes. Photo Credit - Angela McLinton (Right) Head Coach Angel Elderkin, during the game against UT Arlington. The Mountaineers lost the the Mavericks with the final score being 62-73. Photo Credit - Halle Keighton (Bottom) Drag queen Ginger Snatch doing a split in the air at the Diversity Celebration DragShow. The event was a part of Appalachian State’s Diversity Celebration and featured a performance by Stacy Layne Mathews of season 3 of RuPauls Drag Race. Photo Credit - Halle Keighton



MICHAEL PIGG SPORTS REPORTER The Rock is a well-known sports bar vor of chicken wing they have to offer in Boone, and it is not just because of because most customers get that as their their 42 HD televisions, but because meal. The Rock even allows you to mix of the chicken wings. The Rock has all and match the sauces you put on the kinds of sauces and the spicy factor is chicken wings; not many bars allows up to the customer. When there is a big that. At The Rock, they put customer game on a Sunday night and you walk service first so that you will keep coming into The Rock, you can smell every fla- back. That, and the unbeatable wings.

Halle Keighton


BEST PLACE TO EAT WITH PARENTS TYLER HOTZ ENTERPRISE EDITOR Southern fried chicken, country style steak, country ham biscuits, green beans, cut corn, fresh stewed apples, buttermilk biscuits and much more. So, are you hungry yet? Dan’l Boone Inn has been serving App State students and locals since 1959 and the restaurant offers base prices for an all you can eat onslaught. While this may be the perfect place to celebrate with fellow classmates, Dan’l Boone Inn prides itself on building family connections, unsurprisingly earning it the best place to eat with parents once again. “This is the first place that I ate with my parents when I came to school up here back in 1988,” part-owner and

general manager of 28 years Jeff Shellman said. “I can relate to it, so I love seeing new students in here every year.” Shellman started working at Dan’l Boone Inn during his sophomore year of college, and he hasn’t looked back. As the college continues to grow, don’t expect much to change from a restaurant lost in time. Focusing on rich southern tradition and strong ties to the community, Dan’l Boone Inn will continue to operate as close to its origins as possible. “We’re always looking to adapt to the future, but at the same time, we hold onto our roots,” Shellman said. “We’ve always been family style, and we want to continue that tradition.”

Lindsay Vaughn


COLT JENSEN SPORTS REPORTER Boone is one of the most vegetarian and vegan-friendly towns in the south, but there’s only one place to get the best vegetarian cuisine in the High Country. Coyote Kitchen, which is located right across from Wal-Mart, is this year’s home of the best vegetarian menu in Boone. Coyote Kitchen bills itself as a Southwestern Caribbean soulfood restaurant, and is currently ranked the number three restaurants in all of Boone according TripAdvisor. As a local restaurant, Coyote Kitchen has found success by committing to provide the highest quality ingredients, and it does so by providing antibiotic and hormone

free meat, eco-friendly ocean fishes and top quality vegan and vegetarian options. “Any menu item can be made vegan or vegetarian. Tofu or tempeh may be substituted into any meat entree,” the official website states. “We do have a dedicated vegan fryer, and no meat ever touches our flat top where veggies are cooked.” While you are enjoying your food, you can sit indoor or on their outdoor patio and enjoy the local art that is constantly on display and for sale. Coyote Kitchen also sells gift certificates, shirts and stickers that make for it easy for you to share the gift of Coyote Kitchen with friends.

Halle Keighton


BEST MEXICAN RESTAURANT ANGELO ERRICO FORMER OPINION EDITOR Dos Amigos, located in the New Market shopping center, is the go-to Mexican restaurant of Boone. With its lunch menu consisting of various meal combinations of anything from a chile relleno stuffed with white queso, to a simple beef taco topped with mouth-watering goat cheese, Dos’ lunch specials will leave you full and craving for your next visit. To say their specials menu has variety is an understatement. With carne asada, a Mexican

Philly cheese steak, burritos that will put you in a food coma from all the meat they contain, the classic ACP and countless other plates, Dos’ specials are perfect for whoever decides to dine with their professional waiting staff. As Cinco De Mayo approaches, head to Dos for one of their signature margaritas, a Corona, or one of their many cocktails. Either way you will definitely enjoy your experience at the best Mexican restaurant of Boone.

Halle Keighton May 4, 2017



BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY BEST PLACE TO TAKE A SELFIE SYDNEY SPANN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF From Moses Cone to Rough Ridge to Linville Falls, why wouldn’t you take a selfie when your eyes see that first lookout of this glorious mountain range? Even on a bad day, the fog that slowly creeps along the high-reaching mountains makes you feel like you’re in a “Lord of the Rings” movie. The day after a giant downpour of rain makes the foliage seem more alive and greener than ever. Rough Ridge seems to be the most popular spot on the parkway with just a short 0.4 mile walk up the the highest lookout. The view is spectacular and will mostly take even the most experienced hiker’s breath

away. The viaduct is a classic spot for when the leaves start to turn in the fall and the best place to look up and find shooting stars at night. While the most popular entrance is off of U.S. Route 321, the U.S. Route 421 entrance has the best hidden sport for a selfie. The first lookout going north provides the best visibility and the dreamiest sunset views. “The parkway is the best place to take a selfie because the colors are so vibrant,” sophomore public relations major Lauren Small said. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect backdrop to your perfect face.

Courtesy of Lauren Small


BEST TRIVIA NIGHT ADAM HOTHERSALL SPORTS REPORTER Galileo’s on King Street is one of the many hidden gems in Boone if you’re looking for a laid back, good time. But the best night for fun here is definitely on a Wednesday night when it is time to play some trivia. Their trivia night tests your knowledge on all subjects such as sports, entertainment, history and much more. But you may be wondering what happens if you or the group you’re with wins. What if I told

you had the chance to win free beer for life, would you like that? It’s an unbelievable chance to keep you coming back to Galileo’s for a long time. But even if you don’t win trivia night, it is definitely the place to be if you need to get away from your school work for a night. If you like a challenge and wants to be tested, Galileo’s on Wednesday night is the place for you. Trivia starts at 8:30 p.m.

Halle Keighton


BEST MUSIC VENUE ADRIENNE FOUTS A&E EDITOR Appalachian State’s on-campus club and music venue Legends truly lives up to its name. With the Dan’l Boone Inn and Phil’s Citgo on one side and several East Side dorms on the other, it is a walkable distance from almost anywhere on campus and many places around Boone, giving students and community members easy access to live music, comedy, dances and other events weekly. “I love Legends because of the intimate experience you can get with the bands,” Ryan Chet, a senior management major, said. “You can always get a chance to meet the artists afterwards, no matter who they are. Plus BYOB makes concerts a whole lot cheaper!”

For more than two decades, Legends has hosted a wide variety of musicians and performers, from local bands to upand-coming national acts. The likes of John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band and Jimmy Fallon have all graced the Legends stage before really making it big. Among the artists that have performed this past school year were Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Cherub, Yonder Mountain String Band and local musicians competing in the annual Battle of the Bands. The marquee outside the small brick building is always filled with upcoming acts, and on any given night, concert-goers are sure to have a good time.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST PLACE TO DANCE KATIE MURAWSKI FORMER A&E EDITOR The Local on Howard Street won the “Best Place to Dance” category for the 2017 Best of Boone awards. Bar manager Kermit Margeson said The Local agrees with their title and was honored to win. “Obviously we are honored to have won Best Place To Dance, and I have to say we agree,” Margeson said. “We feel we are the place to come boogie down, especially Thursday nights.”

Margeson said Thursday, known at The Local as “throwback Thursday” where ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s music is played by a DJ, is usually the busiest, however The Local hosts music every weekend. Margeson said The Local tends to choose bands with high energy. Margeson said the bands chosen are anywhere from gunk to disco to ska and blues and everything in between.

Halle Keighton 10

May 4, 2017



BEST ART GALLERY Q RUSSELL OPINION EDITOR Nestled in the heart of downtown Boone, the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts provides a unique experience for all who decide to give it a visit. The center first opened in 2003 and it has been nationally recognized by organizations such as The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. It is dedicated to helping the community build personal relationships with the visual arts and providing it with opportunities to use the arts to help them learn, grow and heal. Open Tuesday through Saturday,

the center offers a wide variety of art for people to view and interact with. Hosting art from a diverse range of creators on the international, national, regional and local levels, the center strives to reach out to the community. They do so not only by hosting these works, but also through several workshops and outreach programs. The workshops focus on all sorts of creative activities, such as yoga, inking and creating mandalas, while their outreach programs focus on getting out into the world in order to connect the center better to the community.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST LOCAL BAND/PERFORMER VICTORIA HAYNES MANAGING EDITOR Voted Boone’s best solo performer, Boone native Adam Church has been playing his own brand of country and rock music in the High Country since 2011. Church graduated with a degree in psychology and is a self-taught musician. He said he is currently “trying to live this new music dream,” according to his Facebook page Church cites artists such as Brantley Gilbert, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty and Eric Church, who he has seen 11 times in concert, as musical influ-

ences. “I want to make my music for myself and also want to help people out as well,” Church said. “I want to give people a good time and this has come true for me as well with the artists I listen to.” Church has built up a following in Boone and posts covers of songs by Luke Brian, Eric Church and others on his YouTube channel. Church has an upcoming show alongside Luke Combs on July 28 in Boone at The Rock Boone.




STEVEN CAUGHRAN A&E REPORTER Founded in 1969, Sugar Mountain has provided an all-seasons playground for residents and visitors to the High Country for the past 58 years. During the winter, Sugar Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing and ice skating. During the summer, Sugar Mountain offers hiking, mountain biking and many festivals. However, Sugar is best known for its 21 slopes with 125 skiable acres, a vertical drop of 1,200 feet and a longest run of one and a half miles. Also featured is a full-terrain park with handle pull lift. Sugar Mountain offers many services for all levels of skiing and snowboarding ability, such as lessons, races and competitions. Local snowboarding enthusiast Jordan Carter said that she prefers Sugar

Mountain over other local skiing areas because it is the biggest. “At other ski mountains near Boone, you go from the the top to the bottom in like 30 seconds,” Carter said. “At Sugar Mountain, you get a nice long run with lots of time to expand your ability.” Skiers and snowboarders said that Sugar Mountain offers the best allaround experience. “App Ski Mountain has good terrain parks, and Beech Mountain has a lot of good downhill slopes. But Sugar Mountain has something for everyone,” Carter said. “It’s also a really great to go with your family.” Sugar Mountain is a destination for people of all ages, abilities, skill levels and interests.

Steve Caughran


ANGELO ERRICO FORMER OPINION EDITOR If you ask most Appalachian State students what their favorite hike on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway is, they will most likely say Rough Ridge. Located at milepost 302.8, the uphill hike takes you on a moderately difficult adventure up 480 feet to the summit. Countless boulders along the rocky mountain top can be used to sit, relax and maybe even have a picnic as you take in the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. Usually, students see this view early on in their college careers and it

makes them want more of the many natural abundances the parkway has to offer. Whether it be a waterfall, or an even higher view, Rough Ridge keeps you eager for more. You could say Rough Ridge is like a gateway drug to more and more adventures, but the many residents of the High Country, no matter how many times they’ve made the trek, always make time for another trip up the rhododendron-filled landscape that is the Rough Ridge trail and summit.

Halle Keighton


NOAH GERRINGER SPORTS REPORTER During syllabus week at the beginning of the year or throughout the summer when you’re not cramming classes in, all of Boone agrees that Trash Can Falls is the go-to swimming hole. With a plethora of rocks to jump off of and into the ice cold Appalachian water, people of the High Country head over to the 15-foot waterfall for

a bit of adventure and excitement. About 10 miles outside of Boone, Trash Can Falls is the place to go. Post pictures of yourself jumping off the massive rocks and into the very limited landing zone and it will have your parents worried sick! Grab your friends this summer and hike up to Trash Can Falls for a wild day that you’ll never forget.

Maleek Loyd


BEN SESSOMS ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR Biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with its 469 miles of vistas that show the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a cyclist’s dream. With elevation ranging from 600 to 6,000 feet, biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway is not for the faint at heart. However, doing so is a rewarding experience. Few experiences beat the thrill of biking up a steep incline

to be rewarded with a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains. Biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway is recommended for experienced cyclists with a base level of fitness due to its lack of flat ground. While the Blue Ridge Parkway shouldn’t be the first mountain bike trail someone rides on, it will definitely be one of the most memorable.

Matt Sloyer 12

May 4, 2017



ANGELO ERRICO FORMER OPINION EDITOR Located less than two hours away from Boone, Asheville is a Western North Carolina metropolis that can only be described with one word: weird. The acclaimed comedy show, “Portlandia,” lives off of making fun of the weird, hipster culture that has engulfed the city in Oregon. Watching it proves that there should be a spin-off called “Ashevillia,” because the similarities between both cities are almost identical. Local coffee shops, hundreds of vegan-friendly restaurants, a melting pot of cuisines like that of Manhattan

and people of every shape, color and ideology reside in Asheville. Somehow, this place has managed to stay weird, even in conservative southeast America, and that’s what is most interesting about Asheville. Founded in 1794, it has somehow lost all tradition and is gung-ho on advancing itself, along with its motivated citizens to improve their community and the world. Plus, there are 54 breweries in the city limits. That’s the most of any city. So why are you still reading this? Get in your car and go to Asheville for a day!

Maleek Loyd


MONICA CRAWFORD SPORTS REPORTER Located just off of State Farm Road next to the Watauga County Recreation Complex, the Greenway is the best place to go on a run in Boone. The Greenway offers just under four miles of a paved running path as well as multiple unpaved trails. It is one of the only places in Boone with a relatively flat path, which makes it great for running and walking as well as riding a bike or rollerblading. As you run along the Greenway, you will pass the historic ruin of a hydroelectric generation station that was used to bring electricity to Boone in 1915. The Greenway also features three bridges that allow runners to run uninterrupted by the south fork of the

New River, which runs alongside most of the Greenway. There are also many picnic tables, benches and shelters near the parking lot of the Greenway where runners can pause to take a rest. The Greenway is fully accessible to wheelchairs and strollers and welcomes anyone wishing to come and spend some time outside. Dogs are welcome at the Greenway, but they must be kept on a leash and picked up after. There are multiple access points to the Greenway, but the most popular spot to get on the trail is the entrance near the Watauga County Recreation Complex, which features a gravel parking lot and seasonal portable restrooms.

Halle Keighton


BEST PLACE TO MEET SINGLES MYLES TOE A&E REPORTER Tinder, the online dating app, has increasingly become the newest and most efficient way to meet friends and potential soulmates in our growing technological age. Students at Appalachian State University have recently voted Tinder as the best way to meet singles in Boone. Tinder uses a probability matrix to give users the opportunity to swipe right for those they are attracted to and swipe left for those they are not. The users are randomly selected by distance, age and sexual orientation. The app allows for messaging and can lead to meetups between users can cause a multitude of outcomes. Tinder was launched

in September 2012 and now has an estimated 50 million users with 50 percent being in the college age group. Tinder calculates that an average of 10 million users are active daily. Twenty percent of these users said they’re looking for a hookup, 27 percent said they’re looking for a significant other and 53 percent said they’re looking to find friends. Many students say that they enjoy using Tinder to find parties or just to have someone to hang with. “I’ve had some bad and good experiences on Tinder and have met a lot of weird people but a lot of girls,” junior criminal justice major Aaron Harper said .

Halle Keighton

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BEST PLACE TO BUY APP MERCHANDISE JASON HUBER SPORTS EDITOR & MARKETING DIRECTOR Whether an alumni, student or just visiting Appalachian State, one spot on King Street has stood out since August 1981. That place is called Mountaineer Mania, and it is still recognized as the best place to buy Mountaineer merchandise after 36 years of business. Founded by 1979 App State alum Bill Corriher and his roommate, Corriher now owns the business with his wife. “It helps me because I went to school here,” Corriher said. “I know what going to classes is like here, and to me, it gives me something in common with the students, and I understand where they come

from.” With the success of the football team, Mountaineer Mania has made sure to keep their merchandise updated and prepare for their busy seasons from May to December. “Everything we have here is for the students and alumni, and hopefully that trend will continue,” Corriher said. Whether you want some black, gray or gold App State apparel, Mountaineer Mania will probably have what you are looking for, and will continue to be one of the best places to buy some Mountaineer gear.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST PLACE TO BUY MEN’S CLOTHING AND TO BUY CHACOS COLT JENSEN SPORTS REPORTER Chacos are far and away one of the most popular shoes on campus, and the best place to find them is in Boone’s most iconic store, Mast General Store. Mast General has been providing the High Country with quality outdoor goods since 1883, and the downtown Boone location has a entire upstairs area dedicated to the highest quality outdoor footwear. Mast General store has a 4.5 star rating on Google, and is the number one rated shopping experience in Boone by TripAdvisor. The real reason Mast General Store is the best place to shop for Chacos and men’s clothing is the employees.

“Our employees are knowledgeable, experienced and excited about the products we carry and many have crossover interests in several departments,” according to Mast General Store’s official website. “The experience that our guests have both in our stores and in our communities is very important to us. As ambassadors, we want to share some of our favorite places to hike, enjoy a meal or catch some live music.” The best part is that after you pick up your new Chacos, you can head downstairs to the candy barrel and stock up on all of your favorite candy.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST PLACE TO BUY WOMEN’S CLOTHING VICTORIA HAYNES MANAGING EDITOR Nestled between F.A.R.M. Cafe and Our Daily Bread, Boone Belles has been chosen as the best place to buy women’s clothing by voters. According to High Country Local First, Boone Belles is a family owned business that “strives to bring the latest trends in fashion to our customers at affordable prices.” When you pass Boone Belles, the first thing most people notice are the brightly-colored clothes on display in

the front window. Walking in the store is no different, with tons of pastels and vibrant clothing choices across the small space. Boone Belles touts a “personable shopping experience,” and said they understand the need for a store with affordable clothing, so that customers don’t have to look far to “look their best without breaking the bank.” This month, Boone Belles will have been in business for three years.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST SECONDHAND STORE MAKAELAH WALTERS A&E REPORTER On the corner of King Street and Depot Street sits local fine consignment shop Anna Banana’s. They have a storefront that gives customers a way to create their own unique look on a tight budget, according to their Facebook page. Freshman communications major Ansley Wexler loves shopping there because she always finds a good deal. “I find something unique every time I go in no matter what,” Wexler said. Anna Banana’s maintains a fresh selection of clothes, shoes and accessories and are open to walk-ins who want to consign on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 5


p.m. The shop buys, sells and trades items, making it a rarity in the community. The consignment shop is a special addition to the area in th at they buy, sell and trade items. Anna Banana’s strives to create a memorable experience for all their guests, and as a local business they maintain a strong presence in the community. Anna Banana’s offers a dancemove discount, which allows guests to receive an extra 10 percent off of their purchase when they dance at the register.

Lindsay Vaughn May 4, 2017



JAY BOYD SPORTS REPORTER A staple among students, Winkler has helped provide a great home for students in Boone since 1983. With 25 properties around Boone, Winkler continues to provide App State students with great housing options. The biggest owner of student housing properties around, they have made a business out of giving stu-

dents a home away from home and have strived to place their properties in close, beautiful areas that allow students to reach campus with ease. With continued upgrades, there never seems to be a stopping point for the company that continues to provide better options as they grow even more.

Halle Keighton


BEST PLACE TO LIVE WITH A ROOMMATE TAYLOR STORY SPORTS REPORTER If you are looking for a place to live with your best friends, then the Cottages of Boone is the place for you! “Live on top” is their motto, with the community sitting atop a hill that has tremendous views of the surrounding area and on. You and a roommate or roommates can live in one of the many different

types of apartments they have to offer throughout the community. In addition to a variety of living arrangements, there are great amenities you will find here. They have a 24-hour clubhouse that includes study rooms and computers, various games such as pool table and ping pong, 24-hour gym, as well as a tanning room and sauna.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST PLACE TO LIVE ALONE AND OVERALL ANGELA MCLINTON NEWS REPORTER Live alone: Hippie Hill, as it’s been referred to by students for decades, consists of a string of houses and apartments along a hill facing King Street and the Turchin Center for Visual Arts. With one bedroom and one bathroom units available for approximately $545 a month with parking and laundry provided, one can easily enjoy alone time in the comfort of their own space at a decent price. This does not mean that living alone in this area is isolating,

however. Hippie Hill is conveniently located near the heart of campus as well as downtown Boone with nearly every imaginable amenity in walking distance. In addition to its location, Hippie Hill has its own plot of grass that can be used to enjoy a bright, sunny day or a cool, breezy night. If you like the feel of belonging to a community but still want to maintain personal space, Hippie Hill is the place to be.

Maleek Loyd BEN SESSOMS ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR Overall: Right in the heart of Boone on King Street, Hippie Hill has been home to Appalachian State students dating back to the 1980s. Passersby can often find residents relaxing on the lawn and enjoying each other’s company. Over the years, the residents at Hippie Hill have changed, but the communal spirit still thrives. Hippie Hill has that rare sense of family not found at

many other apartment complexes. While at other places where residents are simply just neighbors, residents at Hippie Hill are family. It’s that rare sense of belonging that’s built into the culture of Boone. The relationships built at Hippie Hill are those that are sure to last a lifetime. Anyone looking to live somewhere with a sense of family and belonging doesn’t need to look farther than Hippie Hill.

Maleek Loyd

MOUNTAINEER VILLAGE BEST PLACE TO LIVE WITH A PET MAKAELAH WALTERS A&E REPORTER Mountaineer Village Apartments provide the ultimate student comfort and convenience. Located at 517 Yosef Dr., they are a luxury housing community nestled conveniently between both ASU and Caldwell Community College, and moments from downtown Boone. Sophomore health promotion major Joey Matthews has lived in Mountaineer Village since August and said it’s a cool place to live because the

May 4, 2017

parking is great and they are pet-friendly. “I don’t have a pet but it seems like all of my neighbors have dogs,” Matthews said. His only wish is that it were closer to campus, Matthews said, but being along the AppalCart route is helpful. Mountaineer Village offers tours along with complimentary Starbucks coffee and fresh popcorn.

Halle Keighton 15



Q RUSSELL OPINION EDITOR Celebrating its 28th year in business, Haircut 101 continues to be one of the best places in Boone to get a stylish haircut. Open from Monday to Saturday, the salon is settled near the intersection of Depot Street and Rivers Street. Boasting just over 100 reviews on Facebook, the staff have earned a 4.6 for their high quality service. Like the name implies, Haircut 101 offers a variety of different hair stylings at the customer’s request. Additionally, they offer a variety of other services from coloring to conditioning, to waving/ relaxing and makeup application and lessons. Customers who have an upcoming wedding are also able to apply for various

wedding services in order to “make [their] wedding day as beautiful and stress-free as possible,” according to its website. Their website states that education is among a big part of Haircut 101’s culture. Additionally, they state that “listening to our clients’ needs and having open communication is essential to knowing what services to provide to attain optimal results.” While some may balk at the prices that Haircut 101 charges, the quality of its stylists and their dedication makes it more than worth it. So the next time you need a haircut, head on down to Haircut 101, you won’t regret it.

Halle Keighton


BEST TATTOO ARTIST ANGELA MCLINTON NEWS REPORTER With a unique and edgy style notable for a black-and-white color scheme and clean lines, Cutty Bage stands out amongst her peers at Speakeasy Tattoo and is in high demand, booking sessions typically two to three months in advance. Originating from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bage began drawing at 23-years-old and completed a three year tattoo apprenticeship and relocated to Boone. A lot of themes consistent in Bage’s work can be compared to those in comic books with solid, bold lines

and fills. Bage’s work has also been called “delicate” and “haunting,” by notable tattoo publications like Tatoodo, with a sketch effect and many works based off of Bage’s own portrait illustrations. Many people find charm in Bage as a person in that she is a successful female tattoo artist in a primarily male-dominated industry, as well as her support of Speakeasy’s apprentices in their work and ability. Her work can be viewed on her Instagram, @cuttybage, which has amassed an impressive 12,700 followers.


SYDNEY SPANN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Boone’s Courtyard by Marriott is a sweet escape in our pleasant little mountain town to a more modernized environment. With four floors, 95 rooms and five suites, this hotel is a little more upscale option. Their lobby includes a bistro that includes Starbucks, free wifi, plentiful seating areas and state-of-the-art GoBoard technology that lists weather and airport conditions for those who are traveling. Their rooms are spacious enough to accommodate even the biggest fam-

ilies. The guest rooms include living and seating areas, a king or two queen beds and some are connected for those larger groups. The suites include a desk, couch, balcony and either a king or two queen beds. Amenities for the hotel include free wifi, a kitchen/kitchenette, a fitness room and an indoor pool. A short drive away from this hotel are the Boone Golf Club, access to the many trails and adventure on The Blue Ridge Parkway and local shopping and restaurants on King Street.

Halle Keighton


SAMMY HANF NEWS EDITOR Natural Nails Spa provides a relaxing and healthy environment for any students or Boone residents to kick back, relax and just take a load off from their busy lives. Located at 276 Watauga Village Dr., Natural Nails Spa provides a clean, comprehensive getaway in the rustic town of Boone, proving you don’t need to sacrifice your nails if you want to rough it in the mountains. Their staff are professional and provide only the best in customer service,

while ensuring that your nails are done cleanly and quickly. Most importantly you’ll leave the shop feeling like a new person. Their salon was recently remodeled and is perfect for unwinding, no matter if you spent a long day on the trail or just pulled an all-nighter studying for an exam. No matter what your nail needs are, the readers of The Appalachian say the best place to go for a fresh new look is Natural Nails Spa.

Halle Keighton


May 4, 2017




MARIAH RENEAU A&E REPORTER You can usually find a line of people before you actually find McAlister’s Deli itself. This extremely popular food option has a variety of food to choose from. If you’re looking for salads, spuds, soups or sandwiches, McAlister’s is the place for you. “It’s a hot meal with a sandwich that comes with a lot of different options for sides,” sophomore economics major Luke Seigfried said. “It definitely beats dining hall food.” This sentiment for variety seems to be shared among many students as each can create their own combination of

soup and sandwich with the “pick two” option. The range of sides creates even more opportunity to make a meal catered to one’s individual taste, whether that be a cup of mac and cheese, the soup of the day or a loaded spud. McAlister’s even has drinks that allow for customization with their flavored green teas. One can pump an array of fruit flavors into green tea to add a unique flavor with their meal. Overall, the hot and diversified food offered seems to be the theme with McAlister’s, making it the winner for the best meal on campus.

Halle Keighton


ADRIENNE FOUTS A&E EDITOR At various points on a typical weekday morning, the line at Crossroads is out the door, cementing its rank as the best on-campus coffee shop and a necessary source of caffeine for countless students. Its location in the student union is perfect for doing homework, catching up with friends or grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry on the way to class. Crossroads’ atmosphere manages to be relaxing and busy at the same time. Its dim lighting and earthy colors give the coffee shop a warm, cozy feel, while its music, whir of the espresso machine and chatter of students provide constant background noise.


“It’s a good atmosphere,” Rosie Edgerly, a freshman political science major, said. “It has better lighting than the library coffee shop and they have live music sometimes, which is really cool.” The coffee shop’s occasional live music events include jazz ensembles and open mic nights and provide the “culture” part of its slogan: “Where coffee and culture connect.” Crossroads is located in the international hallway of Plemmons Student Union, and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m., Saturday from noon until 6:00 p.m. and Sunday from 4:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Lindsay Vaughn

May 4, 2017



SAMMY HANF NEWS EDITOR Along with being named best sorority of this year, Alpha Phi was also named sorority of the year at the 2016 Fraternity and Sorority Life Leadership awards. The organization has completed nearly 3,000 service hours and raised $18,000 for philanthropy. The organization strives to uplift young women and instill in them the values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, loyalty and character development. The Appalachian chapter hosts meetings about topics ranging from interpersonal violence and sexual as-

sault to sustainability. Alpha Phi at Appalachian was also one of the first chapters to go entirely paperless in 2015-16. Jordan Boles, the chapter president, said serving as the president has been an incredible honor, forcing her to be the best woman she can be. “This group of remarkable young women inspire me each day to be a better leader, and a better person. I know that I will take the things this chapter has taught me and use them in the professional world and in my life for many years beyond college,” Boles said.

Courtesy of Alpha Phi


BEST FRATERNITY Q RUSSELL OPINION EDITOR Kappa Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Nu was rechartered in the spring of 2013 and were “looking to better themselves and offer many others the opportunity to become members of the Legion of Honor,” according to their website. As for recruitment, Sigma Nu emphasizes that it is a “fraternity, not a club, for men, not boys, based upon the Honor Principle, not expediency and situational ethics.” This is shown in the fraternity’s dedication to the community. Each brother of Sigma Nu is expected to contribute

at least 12 hours of community service. The organization itself hosts several charity events, such as its annual High Country to Haiti Volleyball Tournament, in which proceeds go to Nehemiah Vision Ministries in order to help those in need in Haiti. In addition to their charitable endeavors, the brothers are also expected to achieve academically. Sigma Nu is the only fraternity on campus to receive a Black and Gold standing and they had the highest fraternity cumulative GPA in the fall of 2016, with a 3.20.

Courtesy of Sigma Nu

ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INC. BEST NPHC ORGANIZATION SAMMY HANF NEWS EDITOR Established in 1908 at Howard University, Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first greek lettered sorority created by African-American women. Today it has over 290,000 members, all empowered by the shared sisterhood of belonging to one of the most venerable Greek organizations in the world. Its reach has grown over its more than 100-year lifespan to be truly global, inspiring new generations to be standout examples of servant-leadership and promoting equity and fairness wherever its members set foot.

The organization has consistently been at the forefront of social change and its advocacy efforts have resulted in better lives for people across the world. The chapter at Appalachian State was established in 1987 and has been promoting friendship and high scholastic standards amongst college women ever since. Appalachian’s chapter has been involved in sponsoring the “Adopt a Freshman” program and has held tutoring sessions at a local elementary school to give back to their community.

Courtesy of Alpha Kappa Alpha


BEST CLUB Q RUSSELL OPINION EDITOR When it comes to events on campus, both large or small, you can be sure that APPS had a hand in bringing it here. Founded in 1985, the Appalachian Popular Programming Society, a part of the Department of Student Engagement and Leadership, was developed in response to dropping student retention rates that occurred as a result of students having very little to do socially. The university felt that students were more likely to stay if they were not only fulfilled educationally but also socially. This is why the APPS’ mission statement is to

“plan and provide diverse educational, enriching and entertaining events for the community and student body of Appalachian State,” according to their website. APPS does this by hosting a variety of events for students, ranging from hosting concerts and contra dances at Legends to showing recent movies in I.G. Greer. APPS is split into several councils which handle different sorts of events. Well-funded, well-organized and well-run, without APPS, App students wouldn’t love the university as much as they do.

Maleek Loyd May 4, 2017




BEST FITNESS CLASS REILLY FINNEGAN CHIEF COPY EDITOR Out of the many wellness literacy courses App State has to offer, yoga was voted as the best fitness class to take. Yoga teaches students proper breathing techniques, relaxation methods, meditation and a variety of poses, called asanas. Through these poses, students learn how to use balance to help build muscular endurance and strength. The yoga instructors are helpful with guiding stu-

dents into poses and making sure each student is moving through their practice safely. Freshman communications major Nicole Machi took a yoga class in the spring semester and said she really enjoyed it. “I really think yoga helped me out with maintaining a peaceful balance throughout my week by helping me find my center,” Machi said.

Halle Keighton


BEST PLACE TO BE ON A NICE DAY IAN TAYLOR SPORTS REPORTER While Boone may have a reputation for its snow, wind, rain and cold, we spend a lot of the year with some great weather. During the stretches of 70 degrees and sunny, you don’t want to spend time cooped up in a dorm room or an apartment when you could be basking in some beautiful sunlight. On days like these, there is only one place to go: Sanford Mall. Sanford Mall is the perfect place to be on a nice day. It’s practically built for it. Location-wise, being sandwiched between the Student Union and Roess Dining Hall keeps

everything you need close by. The ring of trees on one the edge of the lawn is the perfect place to hang out in a hammock or grab some shade on a hot day and the hill in front of the Student Union makes a natural seat to kick back and relax on. On beautiful days, Sanford Mall will be packed with students trying to enjoy the day, but it never feels too crowded. So the next time the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, do the smart thing and head to Sanford Mall, grab a seat in a hammock or the grass and enjoy the day that only a Mountaineer can.

Lindsay Vaughn

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BEST RESIDENCE: EAST SIDE STEVEN CAUGHRAN A&E REPORTER Completed in the fall of 2012, Summit Hall on Appalachian State’s east campus is the tallest building in Boone by four feet. A 10-story high-rise dormitory, Summit Hall was constructed with sustainability in mind. With a Leed Cold certification, it is one of the most sustainable buildings on campus. Summit Hall has provided a home for several programs, including upperclassmen Honors students, Plemmons Fellows, Diversity Scholars, international students and more. Summit Hall can house 333 students. Summit Hall is one of only a few suite-style dorms on campus. Suitestyle dorms offer the comfort of a bathroom in the room, shared between four suitemates. Bathrooms are large with separate storage areas for each room and two

separate sinks. “The rooms and attached bathrooms are a very good size,” Summit Hall resident and sophomore psychology major, Neena Wankadiya, said. Summit also has spacious common areas and study areas on every floor. “The common areas allow for a good deal of socialization,” Wankadiya said. “I’ve made a lot of friends this way.” Being the highest building on campus has many amenities as well. “[Something] I really enjoy about Summit is the large windows,” Wankadiya said. “You get a really nice view of the rest of campus from here, and there’s a lot of nice light.” Summit Hall is available to upperclassmen only, and preference is given to students who are part of the Honors College.

Lindsay Vaughn


BEST RESIDENCE: WEST SIDE VICTORIA HAYNES MANAGING EDITOR The LLC, perched at the top of west campus, has been dubbed by many students as “the Hogwarts of App State,” and this name holds true, as it was voted the best place to live on west campus by voters for the second year in a row. The rooms in the LLC are suite-style and are shared by four students. Located throughout the entire dorm are six kitchens and three residential learning communities that call the LLC home: ACES, Watauga Residential College and Language and Culture. Getting up to the LLC, however, takes a hike. There are 140 stairs that lead up to the dorm, taking students up past the Hayes School of Music and


Wey Hall and through the Sustainable Development Civic Garden. Philip Crowther, a junior philosophy and graphic design double major and resident assistant in the LLC, said he likes the LLC because of the sense of community it brings. “Most of the residents are part of one of the RLC’s here,” Crowther said. “So the community of this dorm extends beyond the residence hall space because of the RLCs.” Crowther also said that for many students, their experiences in the LLC, with residential communities or otherwise, often continue even when students move out and off campus.

Lindsay Vaughn

May 4, 2017



ADAM HOTHERSALL SPORTS REPORTER There is no place quite like Belk Library in all of Boone. Belk is where you go when you have so much stress and don’t know what to do about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, chances are you may sell your soul to the library. Open all hours of the day and conveniently in the center of campus, people sometimes live in here. Late nights and all-nighters will happen to you and it is something that will become a part of your life whether you

like it or not. Writing papers, studying for tests or just getting work done that is due tomorrow morning is why you spend time in the Belk Library. The atmosphere is what separates itself as “the spot.” When you walk in and see everyone focused on their school work, it gives you the impression as soon as you walk in to get stuff done that needs to be done. The library isn’t for luxury and can be the most frustrating place on campus but it is needed to help students to achieve great success in the classroom.

Lindsay Vaughn


TAYLOR STORY SPORTS REPORTER There are not a lot of colleges in America that can say they offer a snowboarding class for credit. At Appalachian State, you can take this course within the Department of Recreation Management and Physical Education. There are intermediate and advanced options as a physical educa-

tion elective. The course can cover safety and equipment all the way to terrain park jumps and freestyle snowboarding. The course is one credit hour and will take place during the ski season in the spring semester. Sign up next year and tune up your snowboarding skills with the French Swiss Ski College.

Taylor Story


BEST EXCUSE FOR SKIPPING A CLASS TYLER HOTZ ENTERPRISE EDITOR The urge to skip class pops into the mind of college students daily, but what in Boone pushes students over the edge? Unsurprisingly, nice weather is the number one reason why App State students cut class. Something about a warm, sunny afternoon gives students the incentive to leave the books at home, heading out to their favorite spot to enjoy the outdoors. The Blue Ridge Parkway is especially popular, offering different hiking trails from Moses Cone to Rough Ridge

and everything in between. Also, don’t be surprised to see students stay close to campus, clearing out space on Sanford Mall to soak up the sun or enoing in the many trees across campus. As the school year winds down, expect to cave in to friends looking to enjoy a beautiful day in the High Country. In April, average high temperatures in Boone rise over 60 degrees for the first time of each new year, providing more opportunities for App State students to use their best excuse to skip class.

Olivia Bowyer




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