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Toned, Tanned, Terrific How to get the summer body you’ve always wanted!


A Family T to Runfest od Entry to Go Food Show ISSUE 13 // MAY 2016


Gin Bunnies

A perfect combination: make booze and exercise

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Choose your winner in our Rutland Cycling competiion

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Editor’s Letter I SAW A FUNNY THING ON FACEBOOK, OR Twitter, or some other such endless stream of

banality the other day, which stood out and made me laugh. Next to a picture of relatively portly people in their swimwear looking very cheery, it said: How to get a Beach Body. Step 1 Have a Body. Step 2 Go to a Beach. Clearly it was a dig at all those articles telling you how you should lose stones in weight and spend your life in the gym, then emerge in June like some splendid bronzed creature striding gloriously across the sand, muscles all toned and rippling. It made the point succinctly and pithily, and I agree absolutely that we shouldn’t feel pressured into thinking that if we’re not stick thin then somehow we are a failure. However, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t aspire to be healthier and fitter. But it’s so hard to live healthily in modern Britain: the food and drink manufacturers make it ridiculously difficult to work out what is genuinely good for you and what’s not, and with time at a premium it can be hard to fit in the amount of exercise you’d ideally want to do. So in this issue, we have come up with a number of simple ways to try and get that bit leaner and healthier over the summer months. Even small changes can have big impacts. But I trust you don’t feel we are trying to pressure people to conform to an ideal body image. It’s all about balance, about living life that bit better and that bit more fun. Which is why we’ve also got a piece on gin, too. After all, post-exercise refreshment is a highly important part of any fitness regime. Enjoy the issue! Steve

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‘Quite possibly the best food festivals on the planet’ Hairy Bikers


‘It’s a cracking day out!’ Mary Berry


y to free entr Includes


The Hairy B ik er s

Paul & Mary

Two Gr

eedy I



James Martin

Entertainment ● Shopping ● Tasting ● Inspiration Enter the competition now to win 1 of 10 pairs of tickets to the Show*

Go to to win! Tickets are valid for the BBC Good Food Show Summer and BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2016 only, tickets are for anyday except Saturday. Supertheatre seats not included, non-transferrable, no cash value.

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ISSUE 13 /// MAY 2016


10-11 HOW TO...

Make the perfect gin and tonic, plus a gin cocktail


The seasonal delights on offer outdoors


Another tasty recipe from Riverford Organic


Point-to-point jockey Lucy Wheeler


Great things to do locally for all the family

FEATURES 24-27 CRICKET SEASON PREVIEW Plus details of the forthcoming Sport Bash



Expert advice on how to look and feel good in the sun


Expert advice on training for long distance runs



More from our nutritionist on eating healthily


Tips and products to help you look great




Essential gear for the summer


The Sunday Times writer fails to see the fun in running


We sample the delights of Rushton Hall


We head from Tilton to Owston


Our focus on the latest achievements from local pupils

60-66 ROUND-UP

How clubs in the area are faring

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GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS GIN Gin has been reincarnated. Initially popular in the 1920s, and before that with colonials, it fell out of fashion and was derided by many. It was once classed as ‘mother’s ruin’ but has been quietly gaining ground and been re-born as the nation’s favourite, fashionable tipple. What’s more, it’s equally popular with both sexes. Boutique gin makers are popping up all over the country, and there are many in our neck of the woods. Grab a gin bottle, turn it round and look where it’s made – you’ll be surprised at how many are local. Since 2010, when gin first starting popping its head up as the new drink in town, it has proved not to be a fad. The number of distilleries in this country has doubled to 233 in the last six years, and every week there seems to be a new one, many of which offer gin schools so you can go and mix your own blend.

The rise of gin has coincided with the improvement of many bars with good, new ones popping up all over the place. Gin and Fizz in Market Harborough is one of the latest speciality gin and champagne bars to open and is well worth a visit. What could be better than sitting in fabulous surroundings, or even better, in a lovely garden with a large glass of gin and tonic, condensation dripping off the glass and enjoying good company? Gin comes in many flavours now, but don’t forget its defining taste that comes from the juniper berry. The distinctive berry gives gin that sharp, refreshing, scented quality and long summer evenings spring to mind as soon as I get a sniff of it. Rhubarb, elderflower, pink or sloe gin spring to mind immediately – but there are so many more – too many to mention, but so

many to try. The Bluebell at Helpston has its own club and is renowned for its gin; they stock 101 of them and have a different one on sale every week, so maybe this is a good place to experiment? Mention must also go to the tonics that accompany gin. They have improved vastly with the ascendance of gin. Indian tonic water is no longer necessarily the go-to accompaniment. Fever Tree tonic, floated 18 months ago on the stock exchange (oh how I wish I’d invested), offers a wide range of different tonics – Mediterranean, elderflower, lemon as well as Indian tonic – and a wise barman will tell you which gins match which mixer. So as well as being a gym bunny, maybe it’s time to become a gin bunny too, just don’t try all 101 at once! Chin, chin…

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Make the perfect gin and tonic


The gin and tonic was conceived by the British military in India in the 19th Century as a way to stave off malaria as it was believed that the quinine in tonic was an effective remedy.


Ingredients 50ml of London dry gin 100ml Fever Tree Indian tonic water 2 lime wedges Ice Method Make sure your large glass is ice cold and then half fill it with large chunks of ice. Add a generous measure of gin (50ml) Squeeze in one of the lime wedges Add the tonic Add the second lime wedge, briefly stir. Sit back and enjoy. Courtesy of The Bluebell at Helpston Or how about a delicious gin cocktail? The gin fizz cocktail Ingredients 25ml shot of Adnams Copper House gin 75ml ginger ale 150ml prosecco


MARKET HARBOROUGH’S VERY FIRST GIN BAR IS NOW OPEN ABOVE THE WATERFRONT ON THE CANAL BASIN • Award winning speciality gins • Cocktails, sparkling wines and champagnes • Newly decorated and refurbished interior • Open Wed - Sat evenings from 5pm

It’s the perfect place to get together after work or to meet up with friends. You can even reserve seating, call to book. Call 01858 434 702 or visit for more details. LONDON DRY GIN

Method Combine gin and ginger ale in a champagne flute. Dvide into two chilled flutes and top with prosecco. Couldn’t be simpler or more delicious! Courtesy of the Gin and Fizz Bar, Market Harborough

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Activelife NATURE

HAWTHORN May is the month when hedgerows are a riot of beautiful scented white blossom heralding the start of summer. The hawthorn, also known as the may flower, is a very common sight throughout the country. An ancient species, it is thought to be the predecessor of the maypole and was the source of May Day garlands.


A relative of the chaffinch, the brambling is a winter visitor from Scandinavia between October and March. Numbers vary each winter – high one year, scarce another. The male has a pale orange breast and shoulder patch, dark brown head and white rump. Females are like female chaffinches but also have a white rump. The flight call is a harsh ‘tsweek’. Bramblings can be spotted by searching through chaffinch flocks feeding beneath beech trees where they forage for mast. When feeding on the ground they are well camouflaged among the brown and orange leaves but are easily spotted as they fly up into the trees. Bramblings are also attracted to autumn stubble, where they mix with other finches and buntings. Game crops, grown for pheasants and partridges, also provide rich pickings. In cold weather bramblings will visit gardens to take seed scattered beneath feeders, adding a touch of colour among the house sparrows and chaffinches. As the birds prepare to migrate to Europe to breed they visit woods to feed on emerging insects. Some of the males are then assuming a black head. Terry Mitcham

The weasel A small active predator with a long slender body and short legs. They usually have red or brown coats with white bellies. Weasels are fairly common in towns or the countryside. A virulent hunter of small rodents, they are also prone to stealing eggs from ground nests.

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‘Too Much Baggage’ is usually a complaint, but in the case of this new shop in Corby Old Village there is no cause for complaint at all! Spotting a gap in the market for specialist luggage, Mother and Daughter, Linda and Shannon Tamplin, set up Too Much Baggage in May 2015. Too Much Baggage offers a wonderful and varied range of handbags, luggage and other travel goods at excellent prices. With the friendly charm for which the Irish are famous, Linda and Shannon will show you around their beautifully stocked shop. All the quality names are exclusive to Too Much Baggage in this area. Fiorelli, NICA, Bessie and David Jones handbags are displayed alongside a range of top quality leather handbags such as Modalu. Customers can choose from quality luggage makes including American Tourister

13.indd 1

by Samsonite, Revelation by Antler and Aerolite. Linda has worked within the airline industry for a considerable number of years and has the experience to advise on durable but lightweight luggage as well as a good working knowledge of the various airlines and country travel restrictions and size requirements. Children are not forgotten at Too Much Baggage; characterful and durable trolleys and backpacks are stocked as are children’s umbrellas. Top all this off with men’s bags, laptop bags, evening bags, wallets, purses, gloves, scarves and the fabulous range of Galleria umbrellas, and Too Much Baggage is definitely too good to miss.

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1 4 M AY 2016 ///

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with tomatoes, green herb rice and shredded omelette INGREDIENTS

200g brown basmati rice Salt and pepper 2 aubergines 2 garlic cloves 25g ginger 4 tomatoes 3 shallots 2 tbsp mirin 3 tbsp sweet white miso ¼ tsp chilli flakes 2 tbsp tamari soy sauce 30g coriander 15g mint 2 eggs 2 tsp sesame seeds 2 tbsp sesame oil

Beat the eggs together in a bowl with the remaining soy sauce (2).


Heat a non-stick frying pan on a high heat. Add the eggs and swirl around the pan until even and pancake thin. Cook until coloured on the underside and set (3). Slide the omelette out of the pan and keep to one side.

Heat the sesame oil in a wok until simmering hot. Add the aubergines and fry on a medium heat for 4-5 minutes until starting to colour.

Add the shallots. Fry for a further 4 minutes. Both aubergines and shallots should be well coloured.


Put the tomatoes into the pan and cook for a further 3 minutes. Tip in the miso mix and 4 tbsp of water. Let everything bubble and heat through for 2-3 minutes until dark, rich and sticky.


Put a large pan of salted water on to boil. Rinse the rice in a sieve under cold running water. When the water is boiling add the rice. Stir briefly and cook partly covered for 20-25 minutes until tender.

Wash the aubergines. Remove green tops and chop into 3cm dice (1). Season them lightly.

While it cooks, roll the omelette into a tight cigar shape and slice widthways into fine shreds.

Drain the rice. Mix through the chopped coriander and mint. Divide between two bowls. Spoon over the sticky aubergine and top with fine ribbons of shredded omelette and sesame seeds. Enjoy!


Peel and finely slice the garlic cloves. Peel and finely chop or grate the ginger. Roughly chop the tomatoes. Peel and slice the shallots. In a small bowl stir the mirin, miso, garlic, ginger, chilli flakes and ½ the soy sauce together. Mix well until the miso dissolves.

Wash the coriander and mint. Shake dry. Roughly chop the coriander. Remove the leaves from the mint and slice into fine shreds.

RECIPE BOXES Riverford recipe boxes are a simple and inspiring way to cook. Every week, we deliver everything you need to make three tasty organic meals. Inside each box, you’ll find the freshest, seasonal organic produce, step-by-step recipe cards and all the ingredients in exact quantities. The recipes are quick to cook and ideal for weeknights – most are ready in under 45 minutes. Think well balanced and

Tip: As an alternative dish, the omelette can also be used as a wrap and stuffed full of fried rice and veg.

nutritious, with a few treats thrown in. Our cooks come up with nine new recipes every week, so there is always plenty of choice. There are three different varieties of recipe box - choose from vegetarian, quick, or original. A box for two people ranges in price from £33 for the vegetarian box, to £39.95 for the quick and original boxes. Delivered straight to your door, with everything you need to cook included, generous portion sizes, and three delicious meals per box they offer

great value for money. No waste. No missing the vital ingredient. All you have to do is cook. Visit: to

find out more or call 01803 762059.

/// M A Y 2 0 16 1 5

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PARIS HERE WE COME Colleagues David Swinfen and Tom George from South Leicestershire have set themselves the challenge of cycling from their place of work in Rugby to the Champs-Elysees in Paris. They have planned the route and hope to complete the 350-mile ride in four days. At the same time they want to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK and the Cynthia Spencer Hospital in Northampton, two charities that mean a lot to

them. The lads have been keen cyclists for three years and try to get out four times a week. They are training hard for their challenge which starts on July 12. Follow David on Twitter (@david_swinfen) to find out more about the challenge or visit their Just Giving page – David-Swinfen-Thomas-George. Or you can text DSRP75 followed by the amount to 70070.

One down, six to go…. Last month we reported on a group of friends from Leicester who have set themselves an ambitious challenge to complete seven sporting challenges involving running, cycling and rowing and, at the same time, raise money for charity. Jit Chauhan and his friends are working hard on their challenges. The first event they took part in and helped organise was the Family Health and Wellbeing Festival in Leicester on April 16. Everything

went well with a number of health organisations present and lots of activities including a wellness and laughter workshop, basketball session and keep fit. The children weren’t forgotten and had the chance to interact with snakes and spiders. The runners and riders are training hard as well. Poonam who is training for the 10k at Cannock Chase, said: “As the days are getting longer I’m hoping that my runs do too! I have been running 5k once a week, mainly at the weekends, and even tackled a hill on my last run! Now that the clocks have changed I can start running mid-week and plan to do a few 3k ones and increase my distances at the weekend.” Jit, who is taking part in a cycling challenge later in the year, has just completed the London to Reading cycle ride as a warm up to see how far he has come in his training. It was tough but the hard work is paying off. Keep at it Jit! To find out more, and to see how they are getting on, go to

Well done Café Ventoux Congratulations to Café Ventoux in Rutland which has been named Best Cycle Café in the UK by Human Race Events. To help them celebrate why not sign up for the Rutland Border Epique Cycle Sportive taking place on June 12? You can choose your epique challenge, ranging from 16 to 112 miles and every entry includes a meal at the café at the end. Enter online at www.

1 6 M AY 2 0 16 ///

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Martial Art Training For Men Women & Children WIGSTON TIGERS

sofas, sofa beds, chairs & stools headboards made to size

Bassett street community centre, Bassett St, South Wigston, Leicester LE18 4PE 6pm-7pm ages 4-12


Great Glen Village Hall, LE8 9GG Tigers class Saturday 9am-10am. Adults and over 12 yrs 10am-11am Thursday 5pm-6pm all ages


Dorothy Goodman School, Hinckley LE10 0EA Tuesday 6pm-7pm ages 4-12. Adults and over 12 yrs 7pm-8pm


Instructor: Kerry Sergiew 2nd Dan Black Belt Tel: 0770 2966806 | Email:

Your Guarantee of Quality Tae Kwon-Do CRB Police Checked, Fully Qualified Black Belt Instructors


T: 0116 277 9705

18 Leicester Road, Blaby, Leics, LE8 4GQ



FREE brochure available


OPENING TIMES Open seven days a week 12 noon – 11pm Food is served from Tues – Sat 12-2.30pm & 6.30-9.30pm Sunday 12-4pm

The Red Lion is a friendly dynamic free house that prides itself on offering something a bit different and, we think, rather special.

Our team of chefs pride themselves in freshly prepared, locally sourced seasonal food delivered with warm friendly service. All of our bread, ice cream and desserts are homemade and we are constantly striving for

new and exciting dishes whilst ensuring that we never forget the Red Lion Classics that are so popular with our customers.

Put simply, we want to serve you exceptional quality food, drinks and service in beautiful surroundings.

With specially selected beers, wines and champagne, The Red Lion is the perfect venue for a quick drink or a great night out.

Call us on 01858 463571 Email

THE RED LION I 5 Main Street, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, LE16 7HB I

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A jewellers of unrivalled passion and craftsmanship, specialising in repairs and commissions, alterations and remodelling, all carried out on the premises. • Repairs • Resizing in platinum gold and silver • Rhodium plating • Stone matching and replacing • Retipping and new settings • Certified diamonds • Insurance estimates T E

0116 2705375


For Full First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses and others. We have training rooms at The Oakham Enterprise Park and we can come to you. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. All courses are competively priced with day rates for block bookings. W

4 Allandale Road, Stoneygate, LE2 2DA

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Suite 1 Unit 23B Oakham Enterprise Park Ashwell Road Oakham Rutland LE15 7TU Tel No 01572 335025 mobile 07568 182 535

22/04/2016 16:09


A day in the life of



’ve raced about 30 times so far this season, which is pretty much every weekend. I started five years ago. I’d done some racing at Pony Club and then Evented but a couple of my horses went lame and I fancied a change of scene. A friend of mine, Jo Messenger, had a point-to-point horse that was the perfect horse to learn on so she encouraged me to have a go. I was completely hooked on the adrenaline and speed. Last year I was runner up for the National Lady Novice title and was only two wins behind Lara Mahon who eventually won. We hadn’t raced against each other all season but were in the same race at Dingley. On that day I won the first race, which put us on level points for the title. In the second race we were both in the lead but four fences from home I fell and broke my collar bone. That was the end of my challenge for the title that year, although I did ride three weeks later in Devon which was quite painful. I’m now out of the Novice section as I’ve had more than five wins and to be in for a shout for the national title you’d need to have had about 15 wins by this point of the season. Who knows, maybe in the future?

As I often worked evenings and weekends it clashed in the end with my racing, which was a shame. So after a couple of years at Weatherbys I have just left and shall ride for different trainers for the rest of this season. I ride for Laura Horsfall, who has a yard near Towcester and is in her first season of training. I also now work for a trainer, Sally Randell, near Swindon two to three days a week. For Sally I take out four horses each day starting at 7.30am and ride through until 1pm. There’s a big round gallop behind her yard and we also go to Lambourn a big training facility owned by the Jockey Club which has numerous fences and gallops for hire. The owners like to come and watch us there. The prize money for winning a point-to-point race is roughly £150-£300. Traditionally, pointing horses are owned by amateurs and families. Hopefully they’re not a dying breed.

Nowadays the sport is becoming more professional, with big yards training a lot of horses. Many of them will use it to bring young horses through for commercial reasons and it’s possible to make quite a lot of money doing that. As a jockey you can start with point-topointing and then move on to professional racing, although the majority of point-to-point jockeys keep their amateur status. For me it was always a bit of a hobby although it’s become more than that now. I do have my category A amateur licence so I can ride under rules at a proper racecourse. I rode at Cheltenham last year in my first amateur race which was quite daunting but I managed to get round and finish. This season I’m hoping to get to Cheltenham again.

‘Four fences from home I fell and broke my collar bone’


Walking the course I grew up near Dingley and my dad farms next to the course, but even though I know it inside out, I still walk it before each race meeting. There may be a softer bit of ground that wasn’t there before or the fences may have been rebuilt. Some of the jockeys run the course if they need to sweat off some weight. The weight is generally easier for the girls because the lightest we ever have to be is around 10 stone. Most of the girls end up carrying a fair bit of lead weight, especially in the 12-stone races. You have to weigh out and in between races within half an hour. The boys normally have a valet to help them but they don’t come in the ladies changing room so we manage on our own, which is fine unless you have lots of rides. Until recently I worked full time at Weatherbys in Wellingborough, which manages all the national racing administration. I worked in the point-to-point department which was great as I learned all about the other side of the business. I would ride out before work from 7am until 9am then work until 6pm, and then go to the gym. It has made a big difference to my riding. I have a personal trainer who makes me do a bit of everything; I also go to spinning classes which is really beneficial as it uses the same muscle groups as riding, and I try to fit in a couple of runs a week.

/// M A Y 2 0 16 1 9

19 SL Active Life OK.indd 19

24/04/2016 07:32

Come & join us at the

fé UK




’s be Cyclin st


wood lane tugby leicester le7 9we tel: 0116 259 8063

relax and shop for premium ski wear, cycle wear, road bikes and mountain bikes

opening times monday - closed tuesday 10 - 5 wednesday 9 - 9 thursday 10 - 5 friday 10 - 5 saturday 8.45 - 5 sunday 8.45 - 5

20 1 6


come and enjoy the great vibe at cafe ventoux for breakfast, lunch and teas

the region’s favourite destination cafe

2016 Rutland County Sh, ow kh Oa am 184th Rutland Showground Sunday 5th June 2016


Scurry Driving Bob Hogg’s Sheep Dogs Birds of Prey The Sheep Show The Cottesmore Hunt Livestock & Equine Classes Farriers & Rural Crafts Tractor Pulling Vintage and Modern farm machinery Cookery demonstrations Delicious local food & drink Fabulous shopping-over 100 unique traders & craft stalls

FR EE un de r 1 4’s FR EE Pa rkin g FR EE Sh uttle bu s from Oak ha m & Up pi ng ha m Gate s op en 8.3 0am We ll be have d

do gs we lco me

...and so much more! Discounted tickets available online until 30th May £10 adult /£8.00 concession (£12.50/£10 on the day) or from Walkers Bookshop in Oakham & Stamford and from Uppingham Sports & Books

JOIN. SHOP. SAVE. Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. We provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience of speciality departments and exclusive member services, all designed to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. We are confident in the quality and value of our products, and we stand behind them with our guarantee of satisfaction.

Join in the warehouse or online: The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership is £20† (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner. The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership is £25† (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Sign up for membership with this advert and receive a £10 Voucher! Costco Leicester only. Valid until 31/05/16.

Costco Leicester, Westmoreland Ave, Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 8PH

T: 0116 269 0730


*Membership Criteria applies. Accepted methods of payment: cash, debit card, cheque or American Express. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made. Prices correct at April 2016. †


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WHAT’S ON There’s lots going on in your area this month, why not try some of these? every month. On June 3 it will be showing James Bond’s Spectre and on July 1 it will be Dad’s Army. Doors open at 6.45pm with the film starting at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5 on the door. Everyone is welcome; snacks are available but please bring your own drinks.

■ Lutterworth Rotary will be holding its 10th Plant, Craft and Food Fair at Misterton Hall on Sunday, May 15, starting at 10am. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and lake as well as 35 trade and charity stands and classic cars.

■ Keen gardener Mary Berry is to be the new president of the National Gardens Scheme, the charity that raised more than £3 million last year for charities. Private garden owners open their properties up to the public and there are always cakes on offer. ■ Rutland County Show takes place this year on Sunday, June 5. The 184th show offers lots of family entertainment including sheep dog trials, scurry competitions, rural crafts and the magnificent grand parade of livestock champions. Early bird tickets are still available online offering a 20% discount. www. ■ The Attenborough Arts Centre and Gallery is to host four exhibitions by local and international artists starting with a free preview evening on Friday, May 6. As well as a touring exhibition from Small

Print International there will be three new solo exhibitions from local artists Nick Mobbs, Jo Dacombe and Sarah Kirby. ■ Leicester-based artist Peter Clayton is exhibiting at the Leicester Society of Artists’ Cank Street Gallery in the city until May 20. Peter works in a wide variety of paint and print media and photography, often combining them in the same piece. www.leicestersociety ■ Lyddington Village Hall hosts a film night the first Friday of

/// M A Y 2 0 16 2 1

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In Play

Rock on Rockingham Rockingham International Horse Trials returns to Rockingham Castle from May 20 to 22, bigger and better than ever. A firm favourite in the calendars of many of the best event riders in the world, it also attracts an everincreasing number of spectators who flock to the castle to enjoy a day filled with top class sport, country demonstrations, children’s entertainment and fabulous shopping. More information at: www.rockinghamcastlehorsetrials. com, and you can find them on Twitter @rockinghamLIVE! #RockHT

2 2 M AY 2016 ///

22-23 SL In play OK.indd 22

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/// M AY 2016 2 3

22-23 SL In play OK.indd 23

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Feature /// Cricket

2 4 M A Y 2 0 16 ///

24-27 SL Local OK.indd 24

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With summer just around the corner, Jeremy Beswick previews the upcoming local cricket season

FOR ME THIS IS when the summer is about to begin. Groundsmen have toiled, the grass has been cut, the square has been rolled and the pitch is marked out. Kit bags and bats have emerged, blinking if they could, from the dark under the stairs and from attics. Nets have been held, the whites are pristine and all over the county our beautiful grounds are casting off the shrouds of winter. Wherever it is that you live, you’re no more than a few miles from your nearest cricket club. There are around 15 of them in South Leicestershire and, without exception, they would like to welcome you to enjoy a few hours as their guests. There’s normally no price for admission. Take a picnic, patronise their bar if they have one, enjoy that unique cricket cocktail of relaxation and excitement and – as you drink in the atmosphere – reflect that by being there you’re doing your bit to keep the tradition alive. Lutterworth run four sides as well as a women’s team and captains Nathan Welham, Dave Fradley, Steve Fairbrother and Mick Atkinson will be looking to improve further on a successful 2015. Their firsts won over half their matches that season, a record surpassed in their division only by Kibworth, who are one of our oldest and most successful clubs – and one with a superb ground. They’ll strive to maintain the momentum of their outstanding achievements of last year when they did the double by winning both the Premier League and County Cup – they’ll be raring to go after their first weekend’s matches were rained off. Billesdon, a side with a proud tradition in the National Village Cup, have signed Aussie Michael Brown to play for the first time in England as they look to further consolidate their position in Division 2 of the Leicestershire league. Uppingham are on a roll with three consecutive promotions and so, yet again, they’ll face unfamiliar sides this season, with the outcome difficult to predict. Skipper Jamie Dumford told me: “To be honest with you, I don’t really know what our level is. The first few weeks will give us an idea of how good we are.” Meanwhile, over at Enderby, 19-year old South African Shaun Wormington has arrived to be their overseas player as they seek to fulfil their ambition of promotion to the Premier league. Captain Steve Coulson said he was delighted and that Wormington, though young, “has accolades that put many of us to shame and we look forward to learning from him and he will no doubt have an excellent impact on the younger members of our club”. Throughout the season, Active will be introducing you to as many local sides as possible in our regular cricket round up pages but, as the season begins, this month we focus on Market Harborough CC who play in the Everards Premiership alongside Kibworth, Lutterworth and others. Captain Joe Gordon will be hoping for a more successful season this time around, describing the last one as: “Nothing spectacular. Where we finished was probably

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An eye for winners Thoroughbred Purchase, Management and Consultancy Blandford Bloodstock has helped their clients achieve international success on the racecourse, at public auction or creating a bloodstock portfolio. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through the thoroughbred industry to help you achieve your goals. Call us today and see how we can help.

Blandford Bloodstock 6a Rous Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DL Blandford purchase Jack Hobbs winning the 2015 Irish Derby Gr.1

Tom Goff: +44 (0)7720 879 034 Richard Brown: +44 (0)7733 122 007 Stuart Boman: +44 (0)7980 461 814


Established as one of British racing’s top trainers First Royal Ascot Winner June 2015 Over £1m in domestic prize money in 2015

39% individual winners from runners in 2015

Consistent top UK trainer

The Office, Trillium Place Stables, Birdcage Walk, Newmarket, Suffolk, England, CB8 0NE Tel: +44 (0)1638 662968 | Fax: +44 (0)1638 663888 Email: | Web:

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‘There’s a contest for place, a good team spirit and we expect to win matches’ about right or a slight under-achievement. After a promising beginning we tailed off a bit. Maybe we had too good a start and relaxed a little”. Having lost two specialist spinners in the close season in the shape of Ben Collins and Lawrence Perry, they’ll be hoping for great things from their new recruits, opening bat Tom Leonard and seam bowler Kim Juggins who joins from Stamford – and also from bat/wicketkeeper Joe Kendall. “Joe broke his collarbone after only one game last season,” Gordon remembered, “so having him back will be like a new signing”. Kendall, who was in the Leicestershire second team at one point, has been playing in Australia all winter so should be in good nick on his return. The extra year’s experience will also improve their young XI. “At, 29, I’m looking very old in this side at the minute,” said Gordon, and like many local clubs, they’ll be stronger a few weeks into the season as players return from university after four or five games. “We’ll try for a good start and then to kick on this time rather than fade away.” Building work on the new squash complex that shares the ground is complete and Gordon sang the praises of the new balcony that now exists to watch the cricket as a result. “It’s a fantastic place to spectate from – an absolute sun trap.” Sounds like that’s the smart advice about where to sit if you go along. “You might have to shove some of the players out of the way though,” he joked. There is also a brand new, state-of-the-art nets facility. Look out for details of an ‘opening bash’ as he put it to celebrate the opening in late June. There’ll be a bar, barbecue, celebrity sportspeople and much more, with me in attendance just to lower the tone. The club are actively recruiting. “We’re always on the lookout for new players and volunteers,” said Joe. “Particularly right now as we’re looking to start a third XI”. Contact them through Facebook or Twitter or go along to training and you might find yourself partnering Leicestershire’s rising star Zak Chappell, who the county allow to play for Harborough from time to time, though not to bowl – much to his frustration! As Zak knows better than most, there is a new positive atmosphere at Leicestershire’s Grace Road with some exciting developments at county cricket level. Last year was an improvement on what had gone before, but not a spectacular one. However, club official Dan Nice told me: “To be fair, with a new coach and progress all around the club, it was always going to be a transitional season. We could and should have won more games, but let’s just say that by the end of the campaign everyone had learnt a lot and has taken that into preparation for the new season.” They opened with a 10-wicket win away to Glamorgan, with new opener Paul Horton giving them a real presence at the top of the order with 67 and 64 not out and other new signings such as Mark Pettini, Neil Dexter and Wayne White will strengthen the club at all forms of game. There have been improvements to the infrastructure too with a new members stand, additional bar area and improved floodlights – these last being key to supporters as it means they will be starting their Friday evening T20 matches at a more work-friendly time of 6:30pm. Nice told me: “We’re in it for promotion this season. It’s been a great

start with the win at Glamorgan and there’s determination to do really well in all three competitions,” adding: “There’s a real contest for places, a good team spirit and we expect to win matches.” It’s not just on the field that the positive effects of the new regime are being felt either. “There’s a buzz about the place, even amongst the office staff. The culture has changed right across the club from top to bottom. It’s almost like working for a different side. Wasim Khan and Andrew McDonald have done a great job since coming in”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cricket in Leicester became as successful as its rugby and football? Back on the local scene, one highlight of the season that I never miss is the annual charity BGL Sport Bash at Stamford School, the headline event of which is a Twenty20 match between international players and local cricketers. Already confirmed to play on the day are Philip Defrietas, Simon Jones, Usman Afzal, Warren Hegg, Geraint Jones, Robert Key and several others. There’ll also be an array of children’s entertainment on what is a great day out for families and benefitting will be the Professional Cricketers’ Association benevolent fund. This year it’s on Friday, July 27 with tickets available from www.


There is plenty of cricket action on offer locally, so why not get down to support your local club?

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Lutterworth High School

Parties for Kids

OFSTED Outstanding 11-16 Academy in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Where learning comes ďŹ rst 01455 552710

Range of parties to suit all ages

Party host on hand so parents can relax

Guaranteed come rain or shine

Try the fun Water Walkerz

For more information contact our friendly team on: 01572 820830

20% OFF Parties for Kids Voucher This voucher entitles you to 20% OFF any dry side party booked and attended before 31 August 2016 at Leicester Road, Uppingham LE15 9SE. Centre Terms and Conditions apply. Non transferable. Subject to availability. Voucher only valid on stated dates. Under 8’s must be accompanied. Details from reception. Voucher has no cash value. 1 Voucher per booking

Running Shop Run by Runners Large Shoe Range I Gait Analysis Friendly Service I Clothing Accessories 146A Clarendon Park Road, LE2 3AE 0116 2708447

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Feature /// Gear

KITBAG LOOK AND STAY COOL THIS SUMMER WITH THIS GREAT GEAR 1. Asics Gel Kayano 22 NYC This limited edition graffiti print Gel-Kayano 22 was designed especially for the 2015 TCS New York City marathon. Every stride is a little easier as the new Kayano has shed 10g, with GEL cushioning in the back and front, and a FluidRide 2.0 midsole. Price £152 From



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3. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower


Not only does this super stylish tower provide the air purification and circulation for when it’s cooler, the increased airflow speed allows for great cooling when the weather heats up. Price £449 From John Lewis

4. Technogym Wellness Ball Turn the time you spend sitting into an opportunity to exercise with Wellness Ball - Active Sitting. An interesting alternative to the traditional chair helping strengthen muscles, increase balance and improve flexibility, coordination and posture. Price £230 From

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6. Bobble Sport Bobble Sport is sport-lifestyle ready, holds 650ml and uses the same ingenious replaceable carbon filter as original bobble. filter removes chlorine from municipal tap, making water taste better, crisp and clean. Price £9.99 From

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8. Oakley EVZero Road sunglasses The ultimate performance sunglass for cycling and beyond, EVZero Road combines Oakley’s lightest sport performance frame with the unobstructed view of a rimless Pluton Ute toric shield that offers an extended range of view in the upper peripheral region. Price £140 From Oakley Stockists


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Feature /// Club maintenance

All things bright and beautiful Gareth Purnell of Pest Professionals with advice about the main pests clubs and organisations are likely to come across as nature wakes up after winter THE OUTDOOR NATURE of sports and leisure clubs means that pests are going to cause headaches from time to time. There are things that you can do yourself to gain a level of control, but sometimes calling in a professional is going to be the only sensible option.


A series of wet and mild winters has been good news for the mole population, and bad news for sports clubs. Moles are expert diggers and create and underground maze of interconnected

chambers, both deep down and close to the surface. The problem on sports grounds isn’t just the unsightly mounds of dirt they leave, very often in nice, neat lines. But they can make a playing surface downright dangerous, with the real prospect of players falling into the chambers and sustaining injuries, with possible insurance implications. What you can do In the case of moles, this really is best left to the experts. Not all pest controllers specialise in

mole removal but those that do can offer either mole trapping, or in some cases gassing. Moles are difďŹ cult to catch and trapping is regarded in the pest control world as something as an art-form.


When rabbits invade playing surfaces they can cause all manner of problems with similar dangers to those caused by moles. They often invade from nearby hedgerows, embankments and open ground and understanding this is a

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key consideration of how best to deal with them. They can be a nightmare on cricket pitches – holes in the outfield can be very hard to spot and they often damage the square, and they are also a pest on golf course greens. The Control of Pests Act 1954 states that you must control rabbit numbers on your property. What you can do Rabbits in small numbers are not such an issue but when numbers increase something more drastic may be required. Shooting, trapping, gassing and ferretting are options at the right time of year and a survey is always required and is offered through us free of charge. A more permanent approach is to erect rabbit proof fencing or netting, which will stop the rabbits entering the playing area long term.

rodents and mice

You only have to read the papers to know that rats are getting bigger, and more numerous. A series of mild winters have contributed to this, plus a general resistance to many of the rodenticides out there. Rats and mice breed incredibly quickly and can transmit more than 30 diseases through contact, urine, faeces, bites, ticks, mites and fleas. Rats are particularly unhygienic as they have no bladder control and urinate as they walk and run, and they carry Weil’s Disease, which can be fatal to humans.

30-31 FEATURE CLUB SL OK.indd 57

Rats and mice are extremely destructive. Their teeth never stop growing and they have to gnaw to stop them over-growing. They also cause a lot of fires every year through their tendency to gnaw at wiring. What you can do You could of course set your own traps but be especially careful with rat traps which are extremely powerful. Rats in particular have become resistant to rodenticides but a new wave of products available to pest controllers is proving effective. Because of the danger of secondary poisoning you are no longer permitted to use rodenticides out in the open. Baiting in tamper proof bait stations is permitted, but the directive for pest controllers is to trap first, and only bait if absolutely necessary. If you have on-going problems with rodents, a pest control contract is advised. This usually comprises eight visits per year plus two emergency call-outs.

wasps and bees

Wasps are fascinating insects. Here are two interesting facts about them. Wasps prefer sharp seasons, with a cold winter following by a clearly defined spring. The wetter, milder winters confuse the queens into coming out of hibernation too early, and with no flowers around (no nectar) they starve to death. And we should be thankful to spiders, which kill over

90% of queen wasps in winter hibernation. Without spiders, we would all suffer a plague of summer wasps! What you can do Do nothing and call a professional! Both wasps and bees will attack you if you try to disturb their hive or nest. At the least they will cause you painful stings, and at worst you could suffer anaphylactic shock, a very serious allergic reaction to the venom of the wasp or bee sting. Professionals have the necessary equipment to deal with wasps and treatment is guaranteed. Honey bees are protected, and we liaise with a local bee keeper in order to try and find a swarm a new home.

free expert advice CONTACT PEST PROFESSIONALS: KETTERING BRANCH Website: pest-control-kettering/ Tel: 01536 234011 Email: PETERBOROUGH BRANCH Website: pest-control-peterborough 01733 731004 Email:

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THE HAZE RANGE Developed over many years Haze has manufactured the most comprehensive range of golf batteries using up to date technologies and processes. Haze batteries are designed to provide greater power for longer.

Principal Sponsor

Tel: +44 (0)1536 203030 Mob: +44 (0)7515 483310 Email:

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Guest column

Hi-viz wobbly bits, tendonitis and death... Martin Johnson appears immune from the running bug ot many people know this, but I think I may have stumbled upon the reason that Greek messenger chappie Pheidippides keeled over and died immediately after completing the world’s first marathon in 490 BC. “Great news!” he panted after running 26 miles and 385 yards to Athens, without, so far as we know, the luxury of being able to re-hydrate with bottles of Gatorade at drinks stations. “Great news! We’ve just given those horrid Persians a good hiding at Marathon.” The Greek bigwig he was addressing gave him a puzzled look, followed by: “That’s all very well Pheidip old chap, but where’s your fancy dress costume?” At which point, realising he was about to face a firing squad – the first recorded case of shooting the messenger – he dropped dead of a heart attack. The London Marathon nowadays looks a bit like test match Saturday, what with the start line teeming with Batmans, teddy bears, bottles of beer and telephone kiosks. A handful turn up wearing shorts and running shoes, which is clearly against the spirit of the thing. Some of these serious types will be competing for medals later in the year at the Rio Olympics, which brings me to the question: “How an earth does running constitute a sport?” The dictionary definition is ‘an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment’, and while I’m not sure how some so-called sports qualify as entertaining, at least you can recognise a vague element of skill. With running, however, there is none. And don’t be taken in by the fatuous argument that tactics are involved. It still boils down to the entirely skill-free business of travelling from A to B faster than anyone else. Running certainly meets the physical exertion clause, although it may not be the copper-bottomed guarantee of rosy cheeked health and fitness that its practitioners appear to believe. Pheidippides may actually have been quite fortunate he conked out when he did, as had he resumed his career with a run back to Marathon with a ‘well done’ message from the Greek parliament, he’d eventually have contracted – according to those medical boffins assigned to examine the effects of long distance running – osteorarthritis, tendonitis, repetitive strain syndrome, stress fractures, respiratory infection, decreased fat metabolism and chronic inflammation. To name but a few.


However, watching the London Marathon will have persuaded even more people that running is jolly good, thus propelling a fresh crop of couch potatoes on to the Tarmac with their hi-viz bibs and stop watches, and resulting in even more grief for those of us who used to believe that a pavement was a safe place upon which to stroll to the paper shop. Nowadays, a pavement is not so much a sanctuary as a dodgem circuit where you’re in danger of being mown down by some fitness junkie plugged into an iPod. The only time they stop is at traffic lights, and even then they bounce up and down on the spot until the little man turns green, presumably in the belief that once you stop, you can’t get going again. Well, I can testify to the fact that you certainly can. It was on a 20-mile charity walk, but after about 12 or so, I discovered what it was like having to actually think about the process of how you put one leg in front of another. After 16 miles, I also had to grapple with the mental anguish of passing a pub, and this time I failed. However, after downing three of the best pints of Guinness I’ve ever had, I did the last four miles like a spring lamb. Maybe I’d have found it less gruelling if I’d been properly kitted out, and that’s the other thing about runners. They feel obliged to pull on unflattering clothing, Lycra and the like, which might indeed make them go a bit faster, but all those wobbly bits trying to break free – like a freshly-landed cod in a North Sea trawler – also has the side-effect of frightening old ladies and young children. So much so that a hotel in New Zealand was in the news recently for banning anyone wearing the kind of gear favoured by runners and cyclists. It followed complaints from guests, for whom the sight of someone returning from their morning run, and displaying their lumps and bulges in the queue at the breakfast buffet, was putting people off their muesli. Runners, apparently, develop some kind of addiction based around the release of endomorphins, and if they miss their morning constitutional for any reason, are prone to spending the rest of the day in the depths of depression. Once on the pavement, though, they enter a trance like state, in which pedestrians, dogs, and pushchair pushers become entirely invisible. I’ve even seen a traffic warden being bowled over in the middle of issuing a ticket, so in fairness it’s not all bad. However, the increase in their numbers since the marathon is such that I feel compelled to take drastic action in a personal quest to make Britain’s High Street pavements safe again. Inspired by Charles Bronson’s vigilante character in the Death Wish movies, I shall be patrolling the various black spots armed with a bag full of marbles and banana skins. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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Feature /// Competition



One of our readers will win a Genesis Croix de Fer 20 bike, panniers and expert training advice, all from Rutland Cycling, to complete their amazing challenge. From many entries, after much deliberating, we’ve shortlisted these 12 who now go forward to a vote. All you have to do is go to www., enter your details and vote for who you would like to see heading off with this incredible £1,350 prize. The closing date for voting is Friday, May 13, and the winner will be announced in the June issue. We’ll then be following their progress over the coming months as they take on their challenge.

ADRIAN SMITH Peterborough



CHERYL ROGERSON Braunston-in-Rutland

My challenge I have set myself the challenge of cycling coast to coast (140 miles) from Whitehaven to Tynemouth in one day in mid-August 2016. The B&B is booked and paid for so I have to do it! Now both kids are at school I need to get back in the saddle, so giving myself a big hurdle to achieve is the only way I know how to make this happen. I have focused my time, effort and love into my children for the last six years and it’s now time for me to lose some of the excess pounds, improve my fitness and lead by example, showing my kids what you can achieve with some effort and commitment. I can’t wait to smash it!

My challenge Three days of riding through some of the most scenic parts of Majorca. The challenge consists of 225 miles spread over three days and including the infamous climb of sa Colobra which is almost 9.5km of climbing with 26 hairpin bends – it is one of Majorca’s most feared climbs! The ride is to raise funds for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. As a (recently turned) 50-year old I feel I want to experience new challenges and push myself out of my comfort zone. I am quite daunted by the ride, not only the ascent of sa Colobra but the descent too!

My challenge This summer, my two brothers and I intend to ride the South Downs Way. I have a recce weekend booked in May where I hope to meet some Hampshire friends and Brighton mates whom I’ve not seen since I was at university 16 years ago! And then we’ll do the full thing in August, carrying just the necessaries to bivvy out and self-support our ride. It might not be riding in Marrakesh or all the way to Australia, but it’s riding – and riding our bikes is integral to our lives and the connections between our family and our friends!

My challenge I’m planning a cycle tour from Bordeaux to Narbonne along the Canal du Garrone and Canal du Midi – a total of nine days cycling and eight nights camping with Women’s French Adventure 2016. I am not naturally athletic in build or temperament but like pushing my boundaries with new challenges. Because I sprained my knee falling into a ditch on my Christmas morning walk my training has had a slow start and I need all the help and advice I can get with a controlled fast track programme to be ready for this big adventure. If chosen I hope that my story will encourage others to think ‘if she can do it, so can I’.

3 4 M AY 2016 ///

34-35 Bike comp OK.indd 34

24/04/2016 07:43




JESSE HOLLAND Peterborough

My challenge A lifetime ambition, is a ride with my partner from northern France to the Mediterranean, ideally through France then Spain. The first trike I remember was in 1950, followed by a first bike in ‘51. I was cycling six miles a day to school in central Bristol from the age of 13 from 1959-63. I did my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition camping and touring by bike through Somerset and Dorset in 1961. I still want to cycle to Leicester station to go to the ferry or Eurostar to France and cycle to the Mediterranean and a Genesis de Fer 20 set up would be a dream.

My challenge My challenge is the Queen Eleanor Cycle Ride in aid of The Connection, a homeless charity based in London. It is held annually over the August Bank Holiday and takes four days. It is a unique 200-mile ride following the route of the Eleanor Crosses from Lincoln to London. My cycling experience has been entirely recreational and fairly sporadic. In recent years, I have tended to use my bike during the summer for rides out with the family. This distance is a real challenge for both me and the whole family as we’re doing the ride together. I’m hoping for a new bike, a new experience and new memories!

My challenge I am a novice cyclist and took up road cycling last Christmas. The longest ride I’ve done so far has been 52 miles. For my 40th birthday this year I want to ride from Land’s End to John O’ Groats and to cycle several stages on the Tour de France. These will be in preparation for my big adventure, to cycle from Bourne to Almeria in Spain. It will be a fund-raising ride for Cancer Research – my mother has a terminal cancer and moved to Spain for her last years. I thought the challenge of riding through France and then through Spain to her village would be tough, but nothing in comparison to the fight my mum is having.

My challenge This year, I am planning to take part in the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund sponsored cycle ride from Paris to Geneva. This ride covers 363 miles in four days, which includes an elevation climb of 7,556m spread over the ride, and averages 90 miles per day. I am aiming to raise £1,200 for the fund. To complete this challenge successfully, any help, insight, wisdom and pain relief would be truly welcomed, as well as a road bike (I don’t actually own one) along with any guidance on training. A rider rides, but it’s the team behind them that brings success.

LUKE DAY Deeping St James



SOPHIE NOTT Nassington

My challenge I am preparing to undertake the Peterborough 100 again in June and am also looking forward to the big challenge of the Active4ever Coast to Coast in October, both of which I hope to use to raise money for charity. I’ve come to love cycling and each year since 2014 have taken on new challenges. It has increased my fitness, introduced me to new friends and helped me raise money for good causes. Winning the bike would help me to become a more competent rider and the training and nutritional advice would help me prepare for the rigours of the coast to coast challenge.

My challenge Myself and eight friends from Velo Club Rutland will complete a 400-550 mile loop through the Alps near Turin. We will take in a number of iconic climbs such as the Colle delle Finestre, a 7,000ft climb on road and gravel tracks. In fact we will spend a significant amount of time at altitude using a mix of Tarmac and old gravel military roads amongst some simply stunning scenery. I have been using cycling as a way of getting fit and losing weight. I have now lost around six-stone in weight and at 15 stone (95kg) I have more to lose. This challenge has given me another target to aim for.

My challenge I’ve done the coast to coast route from Whitehaven to Whitley Bay a couple of times, which is where my challenge lies: I’ve always fancied trying to complete this in a day. We’ve always taken two to three days, but the thought of taking it on in one go is an itch which I just need to scratch. My plan is to do this in September. And I need all the help that I can get! I’d also greatly benefit from a go-anywhere bike to tackle the variety of surfaces lying in wait; the Genesis looks perfectly suited in that regard.

My challenge I confess to be more of a four wheeler than two and wherever I drive there are people out on bikes, including my in-laws. I haven’t cycled since I was 10, but it’s time to change that. I need to find out what I am missing and I’m looking for a fitness challenge, so what better way to do it than to complete a 100-mile bike ride while at the same time raising money for a hospice close to my heart? So my challenge is to cycle 100 miles on Sunday, October 2, for the St Helena Hospice in Colchester. Have I bitten off more than I can pedal? Who knows, but I’m going for it!

/// M AY 2016 3 5

34-35 Bike comp OK.indd 35

24/04/2016 07:43

Feature /// Fit for summer

26 WAYS TO GET A GREAT SUMMER BODY We asked local experts to give their advice on how to tone up, lose weight and get healthier in time for summer

3 6 M A Y 2 0 16 ///

36-43 FEATURE Summer BodyOK.indd 36

24/04/2016 07:50

1. ENJOY IT “Make it a lifestyle that you enjoy and makes you feel good; that way, you are more likely to achieve your goals. “Here’s some ideas: book a personal training session once a week/month to keep you on track (I offer express weigh-ins, which I find work very well for busy people). “Spend time with friends you enjoy exercising with; treat yourself to a new healthy cookbook to inspire you (I’d highly recommend Hemsley & Hemsley’; increase your intake of vegetables and fruits; as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day.” Rachel Ekins, personal trainer,, 07703 789 639 2 GET A BASELINE “We all need somewhere to start so we have a reference point to refer back to so we can appreciate our achievements. “If you by any freak of nature have a weighing scales in your possession, throw them away now as you will undermine everything you attempt to realistically achieve. “The best barometer you can use as a reference point to set your baseline and also as a reference to occasionally monitor your progress is a favourite item of clothing, as it never lies. “Us guys have it easy but ladies, due to their genetic make-up and inheritance, have an extra hurdle to encounter. It occurs monthly and this is when they need to be aware of the accompanying temporary changes and cut themselves some slack: no two months will be the same.” Cornelius Vincent-Enright, Fit For Life., 07773 362 831 3. DRINK WATER “You need plenty of water – for ladies its two litres and for gents it’s three. Being really well hydrated will not just make you look younger from the outside and help avoid headaches, but maintain the health of the discs in your spine. This will give good mobility for longer and help to avoid later injury.” Bridget Bath, Greenacres Chiropractic Centre 01733 254239

/// M A Y 2 0 16 3 7

36-43 FEATURE Summer BodyOK.indd 37

24/04/2016 07:51













£6,598 £15,037 37 4.94% 5.0% APR



Cockerell Road, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 5DU. Tel: 01536 268991 WWW.ROCKINGHAMCARS.CO.UK Model shown: Abarth 595 1.4 Tjet 140 HP Manual at £14,610 OTR including Officina Red paint. Official fuel consumptin figures for Abarth range mpg (l/100km): Combined 45.6 (6.2) – 48.7 (5.8), Urban 34.4 (8.2) – 37.2 (7.6), Extra urban 55.4 (5.1) – 60.1 (4.7), CO2 Emissions: 145 – 134 g/km. Fuel consumption and CO figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations 2

and may not be representative of real-life driving conditions. Factors such as driving style, weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption. Abarth UK is a trading style of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd. ^Promotion available on Abarth 595 Series 3 models registered by 30th June 2016. Abarth Deposit Contribution only available in conjunction with Abarth i-Deal PCP. With Abarth iDeal you have the option to return the vehicle and not pay the final payment, subject to the vehicle not having exceeded an agreed annual mileage (a charge of 6p per mile for exceeding 6,000 miles per annum in this example) and being in good condition. Finance subject to status. Guarantees may be required. Terms and Conditions apply. At participating Dealers only. Abarth Financial Services, PO BOX 4465, Slough, SL1 0RW. We work with a number of creditors including Abarth Financial Services.





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IDA00096 Q216 Abarth 595 Rockingham Cars 285x220 ON15882

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Feature /// Fit for summer

8 EAT 2,500 CALORIES A DAY “What is it with these so-called experts spouting on about 800 calories per day to reduce your body weight? “The average person requires 2,500 calories per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no such thing as a quick fix solution. “The only way you are going to succeed in reducing your total body weight is by introducing a gradual lifestyle change that you can incorporate into your current daily routine which you can easily implement. “Then, and only then, will you achieve and more importantly maintain the long-term goals you have set yourself.” Cornelius Vincent-Enright, Fit For Life. 07773 362 831

4. BE PATIENT “Lifestyle change through exercise and nutrition isn’t achieved in an eight-week period. “For true health through exercise and nutrition, you are looking at a much longer period to achieve optimal results.

6. WORK OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU “There is no magic pill. There is no miracle cleanse that allows your metabolism to heal and creates lasting weight loss. To do that, you require the right foods, in the right combination, at the right frequency for your body.

“Once you balance your nutrition and exercise, you will have no need to go on these fancy regimes to get in shape for the summer.

“If you do not know what, how, when, and why to feed yourself, you are wasting your money and time on gimmick products and detoxes.”

“Take slow steps to achieve the best results, and remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Ian Sheppard Sports Rehabilitation

Ian Sheppard Sports Rehabilitation,

7. SET ACHIEVABLE GOALS “Whatever exercise regime you wish to employ to help you achieve your ultimate goal, it has to be achievable and graduated and definitely low impact. Otherwise you are storing up problems for later on down the road.

5. REV UP YOUR MEAL FREQUENCY “For many people, the warm weather is an appetite killer, which leads to low calorie intake during the day, and binge eating at night. “But lagging hunger doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need fuel. Instead of eating heavy meals, trick your stomach into beating summer slump by changing your meal time schedule. “Eating five to seven small meals every two to three hours instead of three large meals per day. This timing will keep you fuelled, but not overly full during the day.” Jo Bevilacqua, Serenity Loves. 01733 687835

“Power walking is one of the best all round low impact aerobic exercise regimes you can undertake that will give you guaranteed achievable results. “Then you need to set short, medium and long term achievable goals. It is most important when you achieve each of these goals you treat yourself and reset your goals and move on.” Cornelius Vincent-Enright, Fit For Life. 07773 362 831

9. TRY FASTED CARDIO “Fasted morning cardio is always good! It’s the best way to ensure you’re burning calories and working towards your hard-earned summer body. Get up 30-40 minutess earlier than normal and break a sweat. “This strategy ensures that you get your cardio done regardless of any fun summer distractions that may pop up throughout the day! It’s not always easy but it’s the dedication needed to sculpt that perfect summer body.” Jo Bevilacqua, Serenity Loves. 01733 687835 10. GET OUTDOORS! “Now the weather is improving and the days are longer there is nothing better that taking part in some outdoor activities such as boot camps, outdoor circuits or just getting the trainers out for an early morning or evening jog. Joining a local gym or seeing a personal trainer is an ideal way to kick start your spring lean programme. “I’d recommend starting your ‘spring lean’ programme with some high some intensity exercise combined with some strength training to enable a noticeable drop in body fat leading to a fitter, leaner body for summer. Working harder for less time really is effective at boosting fat loss. “Another great way to get in shape now the weather has improved is to join in local outdoor fitness sessions – fun and effective.” Jason Fullman, personal trainer 07979 695363

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Feature /// Fit for summer Bridget Bath, Greenacres Chiropractic Centre 01733 254239 16. GET HEALTHY FIRST “The key factor to losing weight is becoming healthy first and then the weight will come off and stay off and not the other way around. It’s not about the 6-10 week diet plan complete with the ab blast. “Most trainers will guarantee this to shed the pounds, and most people will lose the weight because the body is getting rid of excesses water retention, hence the drop in weight.” Ian Sheppard Sports Rehabilitation, 17. TRAVEL WELL “Break your driving time, every two hours. Pack your cases so they are not too heavy for you. If you can use one on wheels that you push rather than pull great! Carry bags so that you are loaded evenly and activate all muscle groups between your neck and wrist to avoid injury.” 11. DO SOME HIIT “High Intensity Interval Training has been a big craze and continues to have fantastic results. Not only do the short bursts of exercise shock your body into action, the shorter durations of these workouts makes it more manageable for everyone. A 10-15 minute blast in the morning can have similar benefits to an hours moderate pace run.” Some exercises to get you started for a quick morning workout: 10 burpees 10 mountain climbers 10 squat jumps 10 lunges Spider-Man plank 10 double leg raises with toe reach Repeat three times “A quick morning’s workout can set you up for the day, kick start your metabolism and boost your energy levels. “Explosive exercises such as burpees, squat and lunge jumps can also help to fight that cellulite too. The contraction and power of the movement is good for getting the circulation in your skin moving especially in stubborn areas such as cellulite. “My summer fitness classes at Rutland Water will be starting again in May where I will be running sessions and offering advice and guidance on how to achieve that summer body. My eBook will also be available mid-May for tips and tricks on how to get your body looking good for summer.” Louise Allen, 07725 747898,

12. GET YOUR FEET FIT “Increasing exercise can lead to pain and foot pain could prevent you from continuing. Avoid foot pain by wearing the right shoes for what you are doing, gradually introducing your exercise and seeing a podiatrist if it doesn’t improve. Top tip: avoid walking long distances in completely flat shoes!” Nicola Blower, podiatrist, Walkrite, 07977 469861 13. BE POSITIVE “Think about the good things each day. Seratonin is released when we are in a positive place in our minds and this will help you to overcome any pain you currently carry.” Bridget Bath, Greenacres Chiropractic Centre, 01733 254239

Bridget Bath, Greenacres Chiropractic Centre, 01733 254239 18. A RAW CARROT A DAY “Raw carrots offer many benefits to your gastrointestinal function and hormonal balance. The fibre in the carrot works as an elimination vehicle for toxic bacteria and excess estrogen. “The raw carrot therapy also helps support the removal of estrogen, a stress hormone that decreases efficient energy production. Estrogen is in birth control and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Using these classes of drugs can distort sleep quality, energy production, and hormone balance. “Including carrots in your daily regimen will help restore normal bacteria levels, increase regularity and assist in hormone balance.” Ian Sheppard Sports Rehabilitation,

14. BOOK SOME GYM CLASSES “Westside has never had so many different varieties of classes going on in one week as it does now, from BLT attack, cardio done, core fit, indoor cycling, kettlersize, pilates, stretch and flex to zumba and many more. Westside covers every aspect of fitness all under one roof.” Karen Collins, studio manager, Westside Gym 01780 480651 15. SORT YOUR POSTURE “If you stand straight and tall you may look slimmer and taller and it will help you to feel better in yourself. Bad posture can lead to aches and pains and pain can be seen in our faces and our mood. Pain-free always looks more attractive.”

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An INDEPENDENT boutique opticians in Peterborough's Westgate Arcade. We have a fantastic collection of frames from mainstream brands and exclusive specialist engineered frame designers. Rimless, lightweight, retro, geek chic you decide. An extensive collection of wrap around eyewear, children’s eyewear and contact lenses are also available.




Combines his supreme spectacle lens knowledge with his eye for bespoke frame design to find you the “perfect” pair of glasses. Rob is one the UK’s leading TD Tom Davies bespoke frame designers so if you don’t see your perfect frame in the practice he will design it for you.

Clinical excellence and a flair for fashion is the basis of your style consultation with Hannah. She will push the boundaries and get you trying new and innovative styles.


Spends 40 minutes examining your eyes. He caters the eye test to address your needs. The test includes digital retinal photography, glaucoma pressure check, visual field examination as standard. Gerry concludes the examination by giving advice about the most suitable eyewear.



FIND US AT: 24 WeSTgATe ArcADe, QUeeNSgATe ceNTre, PeTerboroUgh

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The Cartmel – Home of the Week Plot 37 - 2 bedroom end terrace house £699,995 Stamp Duty paid this week!

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Feature /// Fit for summer 21. WAX, DON’T WANE! “Look to be sleek for the beach? Make sure you have a wax at least 24/48 hours before spray tanning or a sun bed so that the pores heal. “Always have some aloe vera to hand as this helps with many different conditions including use after waxing, sun burn, ingrowing hairs and reduction of inflammation down to being stung by a jelly fish on the beach – a must for any first aid box/pouch. “Certain medications can cause sensitivity and make the skin react, so make sure you keep drinking plenty of water to hydrate the skin. “With waxing the hair comes back softer and not stubbly as it takes the root out and doesn’t have a blunt end.” The Male Waxing Company 07982 422135 22. DON’T NEGLECT YOUR HAIR “Use the correct shampoo/conditioners for colour treated or over styled hair – it sounds obvious but so many customers pay a substantial amounts for highlights then use high street hair products. They coat the hair instead of getting to the core. “And don’t hold onto ‘long’ hair if the ends look wispy – there’s nothing more ageing than dry ends, get it chopped! It looks more modern and remember – hair grows! “You wouldn’t lie in the sun without sun protection would you? Same goes for hair – plenty of beach styling products that include a UV protective layer are available. Alternatively – find a great hat which doubles up as shade for your face, too. “On return from from holidays book in for a keratin treatment. £25 restores shine, boosts colour and gives you that ‘just walked out a salon’ swagger. As boring as it always sounds, keep hydrated – we are what we consume. Hair dries out just like our skin does in the sun. And dryness is the enemy.”

“Neglecting your skin over the winter can mean rough knees and ankles and mottled and blemished arms with dry patches on elbows. Colder weather can also take a terrible toll on your complexion, often leaving it looking dull with flaky patches, particularly on your cheeks.

due to fibre in oats, fruit, nuts seeds, as well as the friendly bacteria in the yoghurt, blood sugar balancing due to the protein, essential fat and fibre content. And they are vitamin and mineral rich (B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, boron).”

“Regular exfoliation helps take off the dead layer of skin, gets rid of blackheads and keeps pores clean. Exfoliated skin will help you get a tan quicker.

Kelly Combes, The Stamford Delicatessen 01780 755772

“It is the best way to give your skin an easy pickme-up, but you need to do it at least once or twice a week to maintain that healthy looking glow.” Jo Bevilacqua, Serenity Loves. 01733 687835 24. START YOUR DAY OFF WELL “Have a Bircher breakfast pot to start the day well: the mixture of natural ingredients will ensure a healthy start and should keep you going until lunchtime, thanks in part to the nuts and seeds, which not only provide essential fats, but also protein, vitamins and minerals. “The oats provide sustained energy as they are digested more slowly than refined carbs (such as white bread). They are also a good source of fibre, including beta-glucan, which can help to lower cholesterol by binding bile acids and removing them from the body, as well as supporting a healthy digestive tract. “The natural yoghurt will give you a shot of friendly bacteria to further help balance the gut, as well as providing another dollop of protein to balance out the carbohydrates in the oats and fruit. “The brightly coloured berries are packed with anti-inflammatory, immune boosting anthocyanidins and the fresh apples provide good levels of quercetin, potassium, vitamin C. “Body benefits are immunity boosting due to the phytonutrient-rich fresh fruit, digestive support

25. FOLLOW THESE TOP TIPS “Here are my weight loss top tips: Say no to fad diets. Unrealistic goals can’t be achieved. Measure your portion sizes. Mediterranean diets have been shown to work. Enhance your intake of fruit and veg, whole grains and pulses. Read food labels, aiming for 3-5g of fat/100g or less. Beware of processed foods. Organised plans lead to success. Plan meals, make shopping lists and have strategies. Don’t go it alone! Find a supportive ally. You can do it! Gradually increase your activity levels. Anna Pain, freelance dietician. 07932 232114 26. WORK OUT IN A VACUUM The Vacu exercise system operates just like a normal treadmill, except that the chamber’s special feature is the vacuum system that creates the low atmospheric pressure, in which you walk. The lower parts of the body, inside the chamber, experience increased blood circulation and an increase in temperature. The blood is pulled into both the skin and fat layers by the vacuum and walking actions, allowing fat burning and reduction to take place in precisely the cellulite and fat prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. Vacu Fitness Gym, Corby , 01536 26 97 95

Oliver Lee, hairdresser, 01780 754828 23. SCRUB UP “We’re dusting down our shorts and T-shirts and exposing skin that has been covered by jumpers and jeans for months. Sunny days also mean more natural make-up and no hiding behind concealers and thick winter foundations. “To make sure your skin is in tip-top condition, you should now invest in good facial and body scrubs. Rather than just a one-off at the beginning of the summer season, you need to commit to a regular routine of care and maintenance to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy right through to September.

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CAN YOU STAND IT? Are you sitting comfortably? It’s probably best to stand up It’s easy to be sedentary, as we often sit for hours on end commuting, working and relaxing at home on the sofa. In an average day we sit while driving, on the train, tube or bus, at work for eight hours a day, and after another commute, there’s another three hours on average in front of the television. Experts says that sedentary living habits take a heavy and prolonged toll on bodies, ranging from increased blood pressure and lower back pain to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. They are all well documented, but little is said about the negative effect on mental states: sitting all day has negative impacts on the mind too, and can affect performance at work. So, researchers suggest standing more: the BBC and the University of Chester conducted an experiment in which a group of volunteers were instructed to stand for at least three hours and wore movement sensors, heart rate and glucose monitors. Standing caused the volunteers to have a much higher heart rate (around 10 beats per minute higher), which adds up to burning about 50 calories more per hour against sitting. Over a year, that adds up to about 30,000 more calories, or eight pounds of fat. Using a standing desk at work or taking part in meetings stood up, for example, can help get back focus and improve productivity. Standing, taking frequent breaks and regular walks will help break up the day and help concentration, while at home it’s worth thinking if there are tasks which are done sitting down that could also be achieved standing up or while moving around. When you stand your blood circulation increases which feeds more oxygen to your brain and this oxygen increases your energy levels, alertness and productivity.

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ORGANISATION You will be nervous and excited on the morning of your marathon or long distance run, so you want to avoid any extra stress. Get all your race kit laid out the night before and make sure you know how and when you are going to get to the start area. Check parking or public transport details, find out where the toilets are and arrange where you will meet your loved ones after the race. Make sure to have tried the shoes you are running in well before the race! PACE YOURSELF It is very easy to get carried away because you will feel rested and full of energy from your tapering, the adrenaline will be flowing and you will be surrounded by other runners. The important thing is to try and focus on running your own race. It doesn’t matter if your first two to three miles are slightly slower than your goal pace – it is better to grow into the race and conserve your energy for the latter miles, than ending up hitting ‘the wall’ early on, so be calm, relaxed and stay patient.

less daunting is to picture lots of smaller distances added together. So instead of thinking ‘I’ve still got 20 miles to go’, try visualising one of your regular training runs and set yourself milestones to tick off along the way. You could focus on sets of three miles, for example, and just imagine running your local park run. You could think of running from one site to another. At the half-way stage, you can just picture turning around and running back to the start. Once you get to 20 miles, there is only 10km to go. Maybe imagine the last 10km race you ran. Then, when there is just two to three miles to go, split them into quarter miles and imagine running laps of a track. And once you get to the finish line miles, the adrenaline will kick in, so give it all you have got for a photo finish!

NUTRITION Running a long distance requires a huge amount of energy (around 2,600 calories), so your race day nutrition is crucial. Your breakfast should be carbohydrate based and something you have tried and tested during your training – good examples are porridge or toast. Make sure you plan when and where you will eat, especially if staying in a hotel. Make sure you are hydrated well in advance of the start, ideally drink electrolytes or water. There are drinks stations along the course, so even if it is a cold day you need to make sure you take on fluids to stay hydrated.

ENJOY IT Yes, really! You may only run one event like this in your lifetime and you have worked for months to get to the start line so try to have fun. Try to soak up everything the race has to offer, whether that be the Expo, chatting to other runners before the race, enjoying the music along the course, soaking up the atmosphere and the buzz of the crowds. There will certainly be times in the race when you think ‘why on earth did I decide to do this?’ – but the feeling of crossing that finish line and meeting your loved ones is the one of the proudest moments you will experience. Whatever the outcome, just completing a challenge like this is something to be immensely proud of and nobody can ever take it away from you.

BREAK IT DOWN Running a marathon or similar run is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. Depending on your training plan, for most people the marathon itself will be the furthest you have ever run before. One really effective way to make it


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Feature /// Competition



Run for all the family! Win a £170 pass to the most exciting new family running event this summer We’ve teamed up with Rat Race, organisers of the best extreme running events in the UK, to offer a family ticket to its incredible new event, Runstock, which takes place on July 29-31. HOW TO ENTER Visit and fill in your details by May 31. The draw for the winner will take place on June 1. What is Runstock? An off-road running festival based at Boughton House in Kettering. Runstock is aiming to raise a whopping quarter of a million quid for Children with Cancer UK. Entrants are challenged to run as many laps of the 5km course as possible within eight hours. The idea is to clock as many laps as you wish within the time limit, on your own or with your team – taking it in turns or all running together – you choose! The more laps you run, the more is raised for Children with Cancer UK, recorded live

on-screen with a giant totaliser. When you sign up to take part in Runstock, you will be asked to set up a charity fund-raising page. The organisers would like as a minimum for all runners to pledge to raise £10. Over and above that, it’s up to you. The idea is to make a pledge ‘per lap’ and aim to run your heart out until you’ve reached your target. From fun runner to ultra runner and from rugrats to racing rats, Runstock packs a 5km lapped course into a glorious summer festival format. Suitable for runners from 5 to 85: go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is peppered with oddball activities.

and do. Camp next to your car all weekend if you like, bring the picnic gear, the bat ‘n’ ball and get the whole clan along with you. So how does the run work? The 5km looped running course features a fast lane and a fun lane. Do as many laps as you like within the time limit and choose to go ‘fast’ or ‘fun’ as you make your way round. The fast lane is for running; the fun lane is accessed alongside and is peppered with oddball activities. Expect crazy obstacles, music, water features, a massive slip ‘n’ slide and other fun stuff. The fun lane is designed with stuff for the teenytinies all the way up to the big and brave. What if you don’t win our fabulous prize? Never fear, you can always enter the event anyway. To enter online visit www.ratrace. com/runstock2016

Fun for your running family From Friday evening until midday on Sunday, enjoy your very own summer festival, complete with professionally-run camping village, hot showers, live music stage, huge beer tent and tasty food. There’s loads of things for the kids to see

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ACTIVE BODY football, martial arts or even dance) is 1.4–1.7g per kg bodyweight; however, research is limited and has only really been monitored against football. Guidelines for protein requirements Type of exercise Daily protein requirement (g/kg bodyweight) Endurance – low to moderate 1–1.2 Endurance – moderate to heavy 1.2–1.6 Intermittent exercise (football) 1.4-1.7 Strength and power training 1.6-2

PROS AND CONS Nutritional adviser Helen Cole on how much protein you need for exercise Carrying on with the theme of last month’s article on ‘good carb, bad carb’, here we focus on another of the key macronutrients – protein. How much protein we require continues to be a hot topic of conversation and as soon as most of us hit the weights or partake in any form of endurance training, we feel the need to eat as much protein as possible… but do we really need it? We all know that protein is an essential nutrient required for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health so the answer is yes, of course we need it. The real question here is, how much? It is true that our protein requirement increases the more active we become; however, the amount recommended by scientists is still considerably lower than the amount many of us actually consume, whether we are regular gym users, athletes or, in fact, pretty sedentary. WHY DO EXERCISERS REQUIRE MORE PROTEIN? Protein requirements are higher for exercisers than for non-exercisers because amino acids from protein are oxidised during exercise to produce energy and protein synthesis increases to repair and replace muscle proteins that are damaged during exercise. The amount of protein we require largely depends on the amount and type of exercise we do and here we will look at each one separately. ENDURANCE TRAINING For people involved in endurance exercise the protein requirement is 1 – 1.6g per kg bodyweight, depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise and its training status (low to moderate exercise requires little more than that for the general population, whereas an elite athlete will be

at the higher end of the range). To prevent muscle breakdown during exercise, it is important to ensure that muscle glycogen stores (if you remember, we get glycogen from our carbohydrates) are high before you start training. In doing so, less protein will need to be broken down for energy. STRENGTH TRAINING One of the main objectives for body builders is to increase muscle mass and many believe that eating lots of protein, especially meat, will help gain strength and increase muscle size, but this can often be less effective than they would like. This is because body building is mainly anaerobic, so the major fuel is carbohydrate and not amino acids. Many body builders have a low carbohydrate/high protein diet which is why this doesn’t work in the long term. It is true that body builders require a higher level of protein to help prevent muscle damage and to re-synthesize protein to build muscle after exercise, but this still needs to be balanced with the right amount of carbohydrate to give them more energy to train. Getting the correct balance of the two nutrients is the key to success. The proteins required for training are precursors for the synthesis of proteins after exercise, so if the protein consumed is less than the optimal amount, increases in muscle mass and strength will be slower. Body builders require more protein than endurance trainers, particularly during the early stages of exercise and during sharp increases in the volume of training. It is recommended that body builders consume 1.6–2g of protein per kg bodyweight. INTERMITTENT SPORTS Currently, the protein requirements for people playing intermittent sport (such as

GETTING THE TIMING RIGHT For regular exercisers, knowing when to consume protein is just as important as knowing how much. It is important to consume high-quality protein foods throughout the day and in particular, after exercise in order to maximise the synthesis of proteins. You can maximise the effectiveness of this synthesis by consuming 15-25g protein after a training session. Combining carbohydrates with protein in ‘after exercise’ foods or drinks can also increase the levels of insulin in the blood, which has the effect of reducing protein breakdown. POSSIBLE EFFECTS OF CONSUMING TOO MUCH PROTEIN High protein diets can increase urinary calcium losses which, in the long term, can lead to low bone density and osteoporosis. It was once thought that excessive protein intake could lead to kidney problems; however, while this is still plausible due to the increased strain that nitrogen excretion places on the kidneys, people with normal kidney function should not have any problems. Those with existing kidney problems should be careful. As the kidneys have to work harder due to excessive nitrogen excretion, they require a greater amount of water. If these water requirements are not met, you could become dehydrated. Watch out for the fats – high protein foods such as meat and dairy can be high in fat. Choose lean meats, oily fish, poultry and plant sources of protein to reduce the amount of saturated fat and in turn reduce the risk of heart disease. Information in this article is provided by Future Fit Training. Cole Nutrition offers a full dietary analysis to identify the requirements for each individual. They look at current eating and lifestyle patterns or habits and identify possible changes in realistic and achievable terms. Whatever your lifestyle, Cole Nutrition will endeavour to find the perfect balance for a happy, healthy you. If you would like to book a consultation or find out more about what they offer, contact Helen Cole on 07966 050 193, email colenutritionh@ or visit the website at www.

5 0 M A Y 2 0 16 ///

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Gifts for Home, Garden and Lifestyle




Embroidered & Printed Clothing & Accessories

Cool Cats Clothing creates personalised Sports & Leisurewear using high quality Embroidery, Digital Transfers & Screen Printing technology. Call us now and get your artwork set up FREE! Tel: 01832 270446

1 Crown Walk, Oakham LE15 6BZ




NOW AVAILABLE AT 16 Mill Street • Oakham • Rutland • LE15 6EA •

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THE FINISHING TOUCHES You’ve done all the hard work in the gym, playing sports and getting fit, so now is the time to reap the benefits and add the finishing touches… Edited by Mary Bremner

THE SKINNY JEAN IS DEAD… Or so say the fashion bloggers and fashionistas, but many of us are still clinging to them. True, the skinny jean and high heel look can look trashy, so be careful, but those in the fashion world are opting for flares, and many with flares cut off just above the ankle. This is a tricky look to carry off as it can make your legs look short so, unless you have limbs like a gazelle, be wary. The best way to wear a kick flare is with a heel as that can add length to your legs. It seems that wider trousers are here to stay so it might be worth investing in some and experimenting with the look. A tip is that the hem needs to touch the floor, so decide what height

heel you are going for and buy accordingly. Mid-flares can look good with flat shoes, and trainers are very ‘on trend’ this year.

they are easy to kick off and you don’t suffer with painful blisters on your heels.


As well as the white plimsoll (make sure you stock up on shoe whitener) the backless shoe is making a comeback. Not always the most practical item of footwear, they are inclined to fall off whilst walking upstairs, but some are better than others. A mule with a thicker strap is usually a safer bet and there are some lovely ones in the shops now. The best thing about mules is that

5 2 M A Y 2 0 16 ///

52-53 Fitness beauty SL OK.indd 52

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And finally… The latest fashions to show off

Anastasia bikini £42

FAKEBAKE TAN You’ve got the beach body after all the exercise but, if you’re anything like me at this time of year, your skin is a dull grey colour through lack of sunshine. Not all of us can get on a plane to catch some rays and sometimes we need an instant fix – this is where a fake tan comes in. I’d never had a fake tan before and had images of coming out orange and blotchy, but was reassured those days are gone – thank goodness. The beautician was going to use Fakebake and promised that it wouldn’t make me any darker than I would naturally go in the sun. I can’t say it was dignified getting the tan, far from it. I was stood in a pop-up tent wearing a shower cap and not much else being told to turn as I was sprayed. If you are familiar with the spray machine that creosotes fences you won’t be far away from envisaging me. But it only took minutes so it wasn’t too bad. Once I’d dried off, and was only slightly sticky, I was able to get dressed. A good tip is to wear loose clothes. The ideal time to have a spray tan is in the evening so you can leave it on overnight before showering it off in the morning revealing a good colour. So was I orange? No! I looked healthy

and had a golden glow – just what I wanted after a long winter of no sun. I felt better instantly. My tan lasted a good few days and faded naturally with no blotching. I did have a moment’s panic a few days later when I noticed that my toenails were an awful brown colour. I thought I’d got some nasty fungal disease until I remembered the tan... note to self, paint toenails after getting a tan. Full spray tan £20 EYELASH TINT I can never understand women who appear on the beach dolled up to the nines wearing full make-up. How are they going to get a tan and won’t they just sweat it all off? But maybe that’s just me. What I can sympathise with is going without mascara, particularly if you have light eyelashes. Getting your eyelashes tinted is a great way to overcome the horror of going mascara-free. The tint takes minutes to be brushed on and lasts a good few weeks, almost four in my case. It’s ideal if you are in a hot climate – no running mascara, ditto getting sweaty in the gym. And it only costs the price of a cheap mascara! Eyelash tint £6

Piha funky stripe bandeau bikini £56

Sunset stripes padded bikini by Huit 8 Top £42 Bottoms £26, 2 Star Lane, Stamford

/// M A Y 2 0 16 5 3

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is the ideal meeting place for friends, families, couples – FOR YOU! You can expect a thoroughly warm and friendly welcome that will make you feel at home the second you walk through the doors.


2 for 1 on Mexican Favourites Burritos, Enchiladas and Durangos

2 for 1 Cocktails Enjoy Happy Hour with ‘Buy One Cocktail Get One FREE’

Double Up On Burgers

Pizza Night

Every Monday night ‘Buy One Get One FREE’

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“The food is incredible -

authentically cooked, fresh and full of flavour. Will definitely return again” - Becci Ellen Cook

22/04/2016 13:46

Feature /// Sportsman's Dinner

Rushton Hall Will and Wendy are impressed by the food and the setting of this historic house Will What a stunning place. I think the sheer scale and beauty justifies a bit of a history lesson so here goes; the hall was started by William Tresham who had earned his fortune fighting alongside King Henry V at Agincourt. After William was murdered his son Thomas took over the building, but his son John oversaw most of the work. It is a beautiful building. Wendy It certainly is, and I'm extremely glad that I beat the traffic after speeding down from Liverpool to get here in time to enjoy a drink and olives staring at the massive chandeliers. Will The timber ceiling is almost worth the visit on its own. However now we’re at the table the food has started to roll in, as have other guests, which is a relief because this place is a bit too big to be knocking around in on our own. Everyone is on the same £55 three-course menu. Wendy My starter was wild garlic and potato veloute with a cured egg yolk, puff pastry and toasted walnuts. The toasted walnuts on a thin slice of brioche were special and the veloute looked like pea soup but was really delicate. Will My seared scallops with caramelised

cauliflower, golden raisins, a curry purée and crispy black rice were superb. Each individual component was well prepared and cooked but it was only when you put them all together that the flavours really started to sing. Wendy Yes, it was very tasty and I’m glad you managed to stop eating long enough to let me try a bit. Although you are getting your fill by finishing off my starter! Will Waste not, want not… Anyway I’ve been busy walking the dog and playing squash today so I can afford a little treat. Plus, it’s the start of the cricket season this Sunday so I have to get my strength up. Wendy What a load of rubbish. You only play cricket so you can go to the pub afterwards. But never mind that, let’s get back to the food. I thought the beef would be good and 28-day mature Scottish rump with braised shin, morels, onions, spinach purée, artichokes and a stunning horseradish mayonnaise was very special. The two different cuts of beef really worked well. Will Yes, it is rather good, but I’m not complaining because the seared fillet of lamb

with barbecued shoulder, sweetbread, braised broccoli caponata, Parmesan gnocchi and wild garlic was equally good. The lamb was sensational and the rather boring looking caponata was incredible – it’s aubergine with onion, capers, olives, tomatoes and a few other ingredients too. Wendy Incredibly my pudding was even better. The lemon meringue with basil ice cream was fresh and not sickly sweet and the presentation was innovative and entertaining too. Will Meanwhile my selection of all British cheeses could not have been more appropriate in this most traditional of oak panelled dining rooms. The selection was testament to the recent resurgence in Britain’s commitment to local produce made by real people who really care.

Rushton Hall

Desborough Road, Rushton, Kettering, NN14 1RR. Telephone: 01536 713001.

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Feature /// Great walks

Tilton to Owston


This stunning walk is no gentle amble, offering plenty of hills, stiles and miles, as Will Hetherington discovers

Owston and Newbold is a hamlet just five miles we st of Oakham bu t when you are there it fe els a lot mor e miles from an ywhere – refreshingly remote.

Photography: Will Hetherington

Difficulty rating (out of five)


You can park in The Rose & Crown in the middle of Tilton. It’s closed on Mondays but it’s a friendly village pub so well worth a visit. But there are others places to park if you aren’t planning on visiting the pub afterwards. From the pub cross the road and head north up Marefield Lane which has a dead end sign for traffic. You will quickly leave the village and after half a mile make sure you keep right where there are actually three footpaths. From here stay on the road past Valley View Farm on the right and then Red Lodge Farm, all the while gradually dropping downhill. You will soon go over the old railway bridge and then drop down rapidly to the ford over the stream in the valley bottom. This is a good place for the dog to cool off before you embark on the steep climb up the side of the hedge towards Hyde Lodge Road. Cross straight over Hyde Lodge Road and almost immediately branch left on to a farm track

continuing to head north around a field edge. Follow this track for two fields before you come to a field boundary. Turn right here and head east to Owston which you will be able to see, passing Hill Close Farm on the way. This stretch was the hardest of the lot when I did the walk but purely because it was very wet underfoot. Once you reach Owston walk up into this tiny village and turn right so the church remains on your right. Shortly after you pass the church you will see the footpath striking out south west for the second half of the walk back towards Halstead and Tilton. It’s downhill to start with until you pass the pond on the left then a long slow climb before dropping down again to Owston Lodge and the spring. By this point your legs will be feeling it but there are still some good hills to go, not least immediately after Owston Lodge and up to Hyde Lodge Road again. From here you pass through some horse paddocks before rapidly coming to the steep drop to the old railway line again. This really is a dramatic drop which can only mean one thing; a challenging climb on the other side. In fact it’s so steep they have put some very helpful timber steps in to assist the ascent. OK, it’s not the Himalayas but anyone will find this

walk fairly stiff and it will be too much for some. Once you have climbed this hill it’s not far to Halstead House Farm which is an events venue. Stay on the road through the farm buildings and you will soon find yourself back on the road to Tilton and less than half a mile from a rest, or a pint, or a pie, or all three. I took the footpath to the north rather than the road back to the car but in truth it was wet and boggy and I don’t think I gained much from it.

Clockwise, from above

Owston church; the countryside in this part of the county is beautiful; this stream is one of the lowest parts of the walk; Red Lodge Farm

5 6 M AY 2 0 16 ///

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ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Where to park Either in The Rose and Crown car park if you are heading in there a erwards, or somewhere along Marefield Lane if not. Distance and time Six miles/at least two hours

Lowlights Parts are really quite boggy and it’s a tough walk; be warned.

➛ ➛


Highlights Fantastic views all the way round in this surprisingly remote-feeling part of the county. You won’t complain about lack of exercise.

Refreshments The Rose & Crown in Tilton or the Blue Ball and The Old Plough in Braunston. Difficulty rating Five paws. There are a lot of hills and stiles and it can be boggy underfoot. Please be warned, this is no gentle amble. The pooch perspective Even the dog should be tired by the end of this one. I hardly saw any livestock and there is some water on the way around.

For your own safety and navigation make sure you have an OS map with you when you go out walking. You won’t regret it.

/// M A Y 2 0 16 5 7

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Feature /// School sport

County sports extravaganza More than 970 of the county’s top school-based athletes and disabled athletes competed at the largest competitive school sport event across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. The athletes, aged 12-18 years from 55 schools, descended on Loughborough University for a day full of fierce competition at the Leicestershire & Rutland School Games Spring Championships. The 127 teams were representing the 10 School Sport and Physical Activity Networks (SSPANs) in 15 competitions across eight sports. All teams qualified from their Level 2 Partnership Finals, to compete in this Level 3 County Final Championships. Leicestershire & Rutland Sport in partnership with the School Sport & Physical Activity Networks, deliver the School Games Programme, which is open to all young people aged 5-18 years, of all abilities and backgrounds. With the honour of becoming county champions up for grabs, the athletes then ran, threw, jumped, passed, rowed and swam during four hours of high quality sporting action. The youngsters battled in the sports of wheelchair basketball, learning disability basketball, boccia, dodgeball, indoor rowing, sportshall athletics, swimming and volleyball. Claire Jarvis, school games manager from Leicestershire & Rutland Sport, said: “The standard of the individuals taking part and the young leaders and volunteers was incredible – we really do have a phenomenal amount of talent and I’m sure for many this is just the start of their sporting journey.”


Spirit of the games winners: Blaby & Harborough

Wheelchair basketball Winners: North West Leicestershire Spirit of the games winners: Hinckley & Bosworth

Sportshall Athletics Year 7 Girls Winners: West Leicester Spirit of the games winners: Melton & Belvoir

Learning Disability Basketball – Division A Winners: North Charnwood Spirit of the games winners: North West Leicestershire Learning Disability Basketball – Division B Winners: Hinckley & Bosworth Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester Boccia MLD Winners: East Leicester Spirit of the games winners: Oadby & Wigston Boccia SLD Winners: North Charnwood Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester Dodgeball Winners: North Charnwood Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester

Sportshall Athletics Year 7 Boys Winners: Oadby & Wigston Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester Sportshall Athletics Year 8 Girls Winners: Oadby & Wigston Spirit of the games winners: Oadby & Wigston Sportshall Athletics Year 8 Boys Winners: Oadby & Wigston Spirit of the games winners: Rutland Swimming Key Stage 3 Winners: Hinckley & Bosworth Spirit of the games winners: Hinckley & Bosworth Swimming Key Stage 4 Winners: Blaby & Harborough Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester

Rowing Year 9 Winners: Blaby & Harborough Spirit of the games winners: Melton & Belvoir

Volleyball Girls Winners: North West Leicestershire Spirit of the games winners: North West Leicestershire

Rowing Year 11 Winners: Blaby & Harborough

Overall winners: Hinckley & Bosworth Spirit of the games winners: East Leicester

VICTORY FIRST TIME OUT TripudioCheerLC, the Lutterworth College cheerleading team, has won its very first competition. At ICE Cheer Competitions in Walsall, the squad entered the Senior Pom Dance category and were the only school squad to compete. TripudioCheerLC were awarded first in the competition, setting the bar high for the next round of regional competitions. TripudioCheerLC was only established five months ago and consists of 12 students from year 7 to year 13. The team have been rehearsing hard, spending time learning new skills in tumbling, stunts and routines to perform at national competitions and school events. “I am extremely proud of what the squad have achieved in such a short space of time. They have been excellent to work with, consistently maintaining high levels of commitment, determination and positivity. It has been fantastic watching the different year groups work together and support each other. It just goes to show what can be achieved with some hard work and team spirit. We have high hopes for the future of TripudioCheerLC and have already started a new piece for the next regional competitions,” said squad leaders Faye Horton and Natasha Parkin. Squad member Georgia Weston added: “Being part of TripudioCheerLC has enabled younger and older students to form a bond and it’s been great for me to develop my leadership skills in preparation for training to be a teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the squad and it is one of the things I really look forward to each week. We didn’t go into the competition expecting to win, but I feel the victory was deserved and I know this will continue in the future.”

Students raise thousands for Sport Relief Lutterworth College raised thousands of pounds for Sport Relief at its extreme Sport Relief challenge. Staff and students from year 7 to year 13 completed a 24-hour Sport Lock In, taking on a number of different sporting activities continuously over the day and night. Despite this tough and exerting challenge students remained in high spirits throughout and enjoyed every second and they did themselves and the school very proud. Currently they have raised over £4,000 and the number is still rising as students bring in their sponsorship money. Danny Laywood, the PE teacher who organised the event said: “Students and teachers at Lutterworth College love taking part in Sport Relief. It’s an excellent way to bring staff, students and the community together to get active, have fun and raise money for a great cause!” /// M AY 2 0 1 6 5 9

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Roundup The scores, star performers and stats from a month in local sport


Lutterworth and Melton gain promotion BY JEREMY BESWICK


ongratulations to Lutterworth, promoted along with Melton Mowbray from Midlands 2 East (South) and commiserations to Market Harborough, who missed catching them by one solitary point on the final day of the season. They’d set up that dramatic final day with a bonus-point win against fourth-placed Oadby Wyggestonians, a result they knew they would need to keep the pressure on their rivals. They wasted no time from the kick off, Ed Parker going over after good work from George Thornton and Caolann Fitzpatrick with less than 30 seconds on the clock, but Oadby soon had them reeling with two tries of their own and by half-time the odds were against a somewhat mis-firing home side as they trailed by 7-20. Finlay Clarke was the man of the moment in the second half with two tries to put them within a point, and a mammoth penalty from Billy Blair gave them a narrow lead. Then George Thornton, recently capped by

Scotland at under 20s level and adjudged man of the match here, seemed to have secured the bonus point and the victory with a try from a long looping pass from Blair only for the referee to adjudge it went forward. Not to be denied, Harborough redoubled their efforts and Jack Johnston landed the all-important fourth try late on. So it was all to play for as they travelled to Oakham – another bonus point win all that was needed to edge Lutterworth out of the second promotion slot. After taking the lead with a penalty from Blair, they were soon celebrating a try from Ed Parker who ran on to an inspired chip from Andrew Jarvis, only for the referee to rule that he had been marginally in front of the kicker. It was that man Finlay who then claimed the first legal try, dribbling a loose ball in a manner reminiscent of Lionel Messi all the way to the line and Andrew Jarvis soon added a second before Oakham responded with a score of their own to make it 18-7 to Harborough at half time.

Knowing that two second-half tries would see them promoted, they started well with James Stubbs intercepting a pass and running almost the entire length of the pitch to score, but Oakham battled manfully and the second score just wouldn’t come. A fine season nonetheless, and had the rub of the green gone their way in their two meetings with Lutterworth – they lost both, the first by one point, the second by two – it would all have been very different. Coach Mark Thornton refused to blame luck or refereeing decisions however, commenting: “We made it more difficult for ourselves by not being precise enough in the execution of basic skills. We need to be better at taking care of the little things first to build the platform we need to play our patterns.” Leicester Lions have their own aspirations to finish second, in the higher level National League Two in their case, but two successive defeats have dented their chances. Macclesfield have broken away from the chasing pack and enjoy a commanding

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6 0 M AY 2 0 16 ///

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22/04/2016 14:14


Tigers talk Richard Cockerill was in a bullish mood at the press conference sandwiched between the Stade Francais and Northampton games. He was entitled to be, the French side having been given a hammering at Welford Road in the quarter-final with Tigers scoring six tries on their way to a 41-13 victory. “Some of our tries were fantastic and patches of our play were as good as we’ve ever been,” he said. With an eye to that upcoming game away to the Saints he added: “I’m absolutely delighted to be in the semi-final. Now we’re in one, we want to be in another.” With three key games in two weeks was he considering rotation? “No, we’ll pick the best side available. If we win against Northampton, we’ll make the top four,” he predicted and he was as good as his word, fielding a largely unchanged side that all but ended Saints’ hope of qualification as Tigers ran out 30-24 winners. He’d have been delighted with that too. Before the game he’d told us: “They’ve got quality. We’ll need to be on our game – right on it.” Later I sat down with the man mountain that is lock Graham Kitchener. Much later as it turned out. “He’s always the last one to appear a er training,” said Tigers’ press officer Gary Sherrard. “I think it’s because there’s more of him to wash.” Kitchener missed the start of this season through injury. “It was a frustrating start, to come through pre-season unscathed and then pick up a knock right at the end, but it’s been a pretty good season for me ever since,” he said. Kitchener is an all-round athlete, having been junior England shot putt champion and on the books at Wolverhampton Wanderers’ academy in his youth. Having played for England at under 16s, under 18s and under 20s, now he was 26 did he still have hopes of breaking into the senior side? “I think I’m pretty close. I was in the larger squad for the Six Nations last season. There are lots of good second rows out there at the moment so it’ll be difficult, but I’ve just got to concentrate on getting it right for Leicester.” With this run of three key games, how do you keep yourself mentally in the right place, at peak performance, over such an extended period, I asked. “A season is a long hard slog, but now it all comes down to these three games. If you can’t get yourself up for those, then you’re doing something seriously wrong. This is what all the hard work has been for. The key will be

position at the top of the league, so it was no disgrace to lose narrowly to them by 15-20. However, the leaders soon came under pressure at Westleigh Park and an early try by Lions’ Devon Constant confirmed that this would be a stern test. Macclesfield fought back with a score of their own but Constant was not to be denied and scored again – “thunderously bulldozing his way through five or six Macclesfield defenders” according to Lions’ official Mike Howkins – to put them 12-5 up at half time. Matters got a little frayed at the start of the second period with two yellow cards for Lions and one for Macclesfield in the space of five minutes, the visitors then taking advantage of their numerical superiority to score two tries before numbers were equalised again, Lions at least managing a penalty which kept them well in touch at 15-17 as the match entered its


Lock Graham Kitchener credits Aaron Mauger for much of the improvement in Tigers’ form

about consistent form over the entire 80 minutes. Stade was a lot better.” He credited Aaron Mauger for much of the improvement. “He’s been very good for us – the balance he’s brought. We were overly reliant on the forwards but now our backs are tearing defences to shreds.” Apparently Mauger is a much calmer character than Cockers, who is “always angry” according to Kitchener, but “that’s why we love him.”

final quarter. Despite extended pressure, Lions were unable to cross the line, the only score added being a penalty from Macclesfield. Next up was an away fixture at Caldy, who were almost level on points with Lions, and it was the home side who prevailed 22-14 in spite of Lions being within a converted try of victory until the last five minutes. Ultimately it was indiscipline that cost them, director of rugby Ken Whitehead observing: “We need to work on reducing the number of penalties we concede”. They then bounced back with two victories however, Devon Constant again being the star against Preston Grasshoppers, scoring three tries in their 25-8 win, but another two yellow cards suggested the players hadn’t yet heeded their director’s wise counsel. At least they didn’t pick up any in their 36-14 away to Broadstreet, where they scored six tries from

Appointments by arrangement Gift Vouchers available Tel: 01572 820208

six different players in what Whitehead called “A superb all round performance”. South Leicester’s debut season in the same league as the Lions has been a learning process. Although never looking in serious trouble, relegation was a possibility until two wins and a draw eased their worries. Preston Grasshoppers featured again and with South’s forwards dominant, Wes Cope scored the only try of the first half for South and Chris Gibbs and Jacob Heath added others in the second for a nerve-soothing 19-0 win. A relieved chairman Wayne Marsden said: “The pack deserve the plaudits. Scrummaging is vital to winning and so it proved today.” A draw and a bonus point against Luctonians followed, and a 36-21 win against Harrogate – again “inspired by the pack” according to Marsden – moved them to eleventh in the table and safety.

OPENING TIMES Monday 9 - 6.00 Tuesday 9 - 5.00 Wednesday closed Thursday 9 - 5.30 Friday 9 - 5.30 Saturday 8.30 - 2.30

/// M AY 2016

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Oadby’s season goes down to the wire BY JEREMY BESWICK


recent run of four successive defeats has put Oadby Town in deep trouble at the wrong end of the Premier Division. Although their goal difference is vastly superior to fellow strugglers Wellingborough, the latter have a game in hand so it looks like this exciting tussle will go right to the wire. They’d been somewhat unfortunate to lose 2-1 away to fellow strugglers Sileby Rangers, the home team having their keeper sent off and Oadby taken the lead, and then lost narrowly to Deeping Rangers. With that sort of form they wouldn’t have harboured many hopes for their visit to Sleaford Town, who were on a run of six unbeaten and sat 15 places above the Poachers in the table. Win they did however in spite of going one down in the first five minutes, Ollie Brown-Hill with the equaliser and Louis Hamilton with the winner. Having added a further loss against high-flying Harborough Town, their few

remaining games are also against strong sides so they will need all their nerve and strength of character to survive. Harborough, like Sleaford, had been on an unbeaten run – stretching to eight games in their case. The seventh was a victory to complete the double over Desborough Town, but they left it late with the game scoreless until a penalty from Ben Williams – who once played for Desborough – broke the deadlock. They then went down to ten men as Danny Wright saw red but Dino Tuksar sealed the 2-0 win with with a last minute effort. A 1-1 draw away to Wisbech with Barnes Gladman the scorer completed the sequence, but it was another away fixture – at Rothwell’s Corinthians’ Sergeant’s Lawn ground this time – that brought it to an end, in spite of the Bees taking the lead through Harry May. This was a somewhat bad-tempered affair, their opponents being down to ten men after half an hour and Harborough’s own Jack Burrows also sent off in the second period. After going into the break 1-1, Corinths made no mistake


from the spot with a late penalty to take the spoils. Next up was the visit of table-topping Leicester Nirvana. It started well for the home side with Barnes Gladman again giving them an early lead before Tendai Chitiza levelled matters. The match seemed to be heading for a creditable draw until the visitors’ Mahmoud Juma scored right at the end. Whatever happens in their remaining three games they are set for a mid-table finish. Lutterworth Athletic sit in sixth position in Division One after what has been, for them, a somewhat underwhelming campaign. Club secretary Darren Jones told me: “It’s been disappointing. We were hoping to push on from last season, when we missed promotion by one point, but we’ve lost a couple of experienced influential players in defence and our top scorer due to work commitments.” They’ve been fielding a young side with teenagers featuring prominently and Jones continued: “Sometimes we’ve played some very good football but we’ve lacked

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6 2 M AY 2016 ///

62-63 SL football OK.indd 60

22/04/2016 14:16


Vox Fox Although all Foxes fans, for obvious reasons, will be feeling they’ve won the lottery this season – at least metaphorically – I feel it’s my duty to bring to your attention a detail that seems to have been overlooked in all the general euphoria. It seems that no-one is having much luck with the club’s own Lotto game, as yet another rollover sees the prize fund for the club’s draw rise to a staggering £10.3m. I encourage you all to buy a ticket and to dream what you could do with the money. For example, at their original transfer fee, that’s five Kasper Schmeichels, 10 Jamie Vardys or 25 Riyad Mahrezs – and that’s without stretching the point to include free signings such as Fuchs, Albrighton and Schlupp. In contrast (just for the purposes of perspective, you‘ll understand) over at rivals Manchester City, it’d buy you half a leg of either Kevin De Bruyne or Raheem Sterling, a quarter of Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil or a third of Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and United’s Anthony Martial. A few minutes on the internet will reveal to anyone so minded that the Foxes’ squad cost a total of around £70m – which is, of course, dwarfed by Manchester City’s £560m, United’s £530m, Chelsea’s £400m and even Liverpool’s £350m. Whether they win the Premiership or not (and any team who can win 4-0 away at Stoke City as Spurs recently did is worthy opposition) this is surely the most notable achievement behind Leicester’s ‘impossible dream’; that they’ve broken the assumption that only money can buy success. That’s a paradigm that I hope will endure whatever transpires over the last few fixtures of the season. Without wishing to indulge in hyperbole, I reckon they’ve wrested football from the money men and given us our game back. Whoever you support, that’s a fantastic fillip for football and the perfect antidote to all the FIFA sleaze that we’ve had to put with. Many of us grew up supporting our fathers’ side – which means that our hearts and DNA will always be with another team first. Yet, as we too love football, we will all as true fans be chanting along with the crowd at the King Power. “You are my Leicester. My only Leicester. You make me happy...” We’re all Blues now. Good luck to you in the next couple of weeks. May the dream live on.

consistency, which is often the case with a young team.” Things seem to be improving however, as they’ve won six of their last eight matches at time of writing and Jones singled out Alex Rhodes for his goalscoring contribution, as well as many others too numerous to mention.”Next year, we’ll be a year older and a year wiser,” he added. They’re looking to recruit in the close season, on both the playing and coaching side and Jones encouraged anyone interested to come forward: “Training is normally on a Thursday night – just come along or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.” It’s been a difficult few weeks over at Kirby

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Jamie Vardy could miss out on Leicester’s trip to Manchester United a er accepting an FA charge of improper conduct a er his altercation with a referee

Muxloe with injuries but things are finally starting to improve with Dan Agar, John Tature and Dan Sheahan all ready to return. In spite of their travails they are fifth in the Premier and might even have put pressure on leaders Basford United had the crocked list not been as long. They’ll be hoping for better things next year. All-conquering Leicester City Women finally clinched the title and promotion with a bit of a party at home to Rotherham United. They opened “at lightning speed” – Helen Busby scoring a hat trick in 24 minutes in their 10-0 win. Chantelle Robinson and Kayleigh Hillier also both scored twice as LCWFC raced into an 8-0 lead by half time.

The teams in the division above them will not relish meeting them next season. Overall, it’s been a vibrant season for local football, with some of the magic dust from the King Power rubbing off on to local clubs and heightening interest and participation across the county. Leicestershire and Rutland County FA chairman David Jamieson observed “the feel-good factor is tangible, as Leicester City continue to inspire more and more people to play the beautiful game across Leicestershire” and with a nod to Leicester City Women he added: “I’m sure their success will inspire younger female footballers in and around Leicester”. Long may it continue.

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Point-to-pointing warms up BY JULIA DUNGWORTH


he Woodland Pytchley ran their point-to point on Easter Sunday, on yet another disappointingly cold day which obviously did nothing to deter the very enthuasisastic crowd on the first of Dingley’s meets this year. One of the most impressive performances was in the Maiden 2m 4 Furlong 4, 5 and six year old race, won by Militarian the six-year old, beating the other joint favorite Exrteme Appeal by seven lengths. The Subaru Restricted Race was won by Tom McClorey riding Easythingsarebest, owned by Richard Russell and trained by Gerald Bailey, for a great local victory. The combination finished a very convincing 10 lengths in front Royal Benefit, ridden by D Peters. Hopefully the sun will start to shine by the running of the Fitzwilliam meet at Dingley on the May 14. I am beginning to think that point-topointing is only for the warm blooded among us, having spent another ‘it’s going to be warm’ day at Garthorpe where I yet again came home chilled to the bone. This time it was the turn of the Belvoir Hunt and despite the chilly weather on the day, yet

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again there was a full car park and a surprisingly large amount of people hanging around outside the bookies! For the first time ever I came home in profit, as did a few others, as all the favourites stormed to victory in spite of the soft going. There was a good turn out for the seven races with 47 runners. Tom Chatfield-Roberts, son of John and Doone who are both Belvoir subscribers, was one of my favourite victors, this year winning two races. The Quorn hunt gate jumping took place at Vale View on March 25, which is becoming one of the highlights of the local country calendar in the area. They are never short of willing victims (although you don’t need many) or a large crowd and this year was no exception. There are two classes, a Hunter Class with a few rules, where the horse has to have been hunting at least four times in the last season and not to have competed affiliated for three years, and then there is the Open, which is exactly what it says. It’s very easy to follow, with simple rules, its run as a knock out competition starting at one metre, with a maximum height of two metres!

The winner of the Hunter class was Lydia Cope who jumped a whopping 1.65 metres. Joss Williams was a very excited winner of the Open, riding Sox for the Readyfield BloodHounds. Funnily enough they also finished jumping the same height! The Fernie Team Chase was also the place to be this year, held at Tur Langton. There were some fabulous hedges to jump; the going was, however, a little tiring after the recent deluge of rain, which also had resulted in a couple of earlier team chases being cancelled. Great credit goes to the Fernie for pulling out all the stops and ensuring the event ran at all. Certainly my social media pages were literally full of big hedges being flown and happy smiling faces after their rounds. The very competitive Open qualifier class was won by team Ride Away, with the two Fox Grant teams coming in second and third, with just eight seconds splitting the three teams. The National Open Team Championships in the Heythrop country have also been postponed due to the weather and are now due to take place in early May.

Freelance Dietitian

Parties from £145.00 local to Peterborough Call 01733 351925 to book your party


The ultimate Playbuses for toddlers to 10 yrs

Ball pit, Wii dance and games, music, climbing wall, swing-ball and not forgetting the delicious candy floss and popcorn machines...yummy yummy!


BSC Hons Nutrition and Dietetics. HCPC Registered. Providing:-

Freelance Dietitian

• Friendly and individualised dietary and lifestyle, expert guidance and support on:-

BSC Hons Nutrition and Dietetics. HCPC Registered.

• Weight management • Cholesterol lowering Providing:Plasma screens, loud music• Friendly and individualised • Improving blood pressure • Dietary health and wellbeing dietary and lifestyle, expert guidance and support on:system, disco lights, Wii dance, Anna your local, private dietitian For a free karaoke, dance floor, smoke- Weight management.Contact- cholesterol lowering - Improving blood pressure. health and wellbeing initial 15- Dietary minute discussion to see if I could help you. machine (optional), custom made seating, champagne ice buckets Contact Anna your local, private dietitian For a free initial 15 minute discussion to see if I could help T. 07932232114. E and more... you. T. 07932232114. E

/// M AY 2016

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Record numbers for Harborough cycling festival


arket Harborough celebrated its second annual cycling event with record numbers in attendance recently. The Festival of Cycling event saw more than £1,200 raised for local charity AdamSmile with nearly 300 cyclists in participation – 50 more than the previous year. The riders completed routes of varying distances around the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire countryside. Starting on the grounds of Robert Smyth Academy, the event comprised of a 100km and 50km route as well as a children’s cycling event– attracting riders of all ages and standards. The 100km event was designed for more experienced cyclists whilst the 50km was for cyclists keen to try out a ‘sportive’ event for themselves. “It was great to be part of it and see so many turn out enjoying themselves and raising so much for our charity,” said Kate Mugridge from the AdamSmile charity. “We continue to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our project comes to fruition and hope to have more details on progress very soon.”

Amy Kingston from Race Harborough added: “We are really thrilled with how the day went – apart from a few punctures everything ran smoothly. “We’d really like to thank the marshals, crowds and sponsors that helped to make it such a good day. The growth of the event is

brilliant; we received positive feedback from participants of all abilities and ages – so much so that we’re already planning what to do for our third year!” Harborough’s community spirit was in full force with a number of local businesses offering food stations, free massages were provided courtesy of the Training Shed, and the event’s sponsor Alden Electrical were excellent at promoting the event to the cycling community. The event provided children aged between four and 12 with free coaching sessions. ‘Go-Ride’ coaching activities were introduced to Festival of Cycling to teach young people cycling skills and disciplines and delivered by Welland Valley Whizz Kids. Race Harborough have organised many sporting events in the local area over the past two years including the Harborough Triathlon, Santa Run, Tunnel Run, the Harborough Half Marathon & 10k run and most recently the Pancake Mile. The next event will be the return of the Carnival of Running on June 11 which in 2015 was the town’s biggest single charity fund raising event.

Show your support for local sport... Email 6 6 M AY 2016 ///

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By design the new MINI Clubman is the most technologically advanced MINI yet. Loaded with

By design the MINIfeatures Clubman the most technologically advanced MINI yet.includes Loaded with innovative andnew practical to is enhance your driving experience, the new model innovative and practical features to enhance your driving experience, the new model satellite navigation as standard, a unique 6-door configuration and a spacious, flexible bootincludes space. satellite navigation as standard, a unique 6-door configuration and a spacious, flexible boot space. To discover more please call 01733 707074 or visit

To discover more please call 01733 707074 or visit Sycamore Peterborough Papyrus Road, Werrington Sycamore Peterborough Peterborough, PE4 5HW Papyrus Road, Cambridgeshire Werrington Tel: 01733 707074 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE4 5HW

Tel: 01733 707074


MINI FINANCIAL Official Fuel Economy Figures for SERVICES the new MINI Clubman Range: Urban 35.3-60.1 mpg (8-4.7 l/100km). Extra Urban 52.3-76.3 mpg (5.4-3.7 l/100km). Combined 44.8-68.9 mpg (6.3-4.1 l/100km). CO2 Emissions 147-109 g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions.

Sycamore Ltd.foristhe a credit broker. Official Fuel(Peterborough) Economy Figures new MINI Clubman Range: Urban 35.3-60.1 mpg (8-4.7 l/100km). Extra Urban 52.3-76.3 mpg (5.4-3.7 l/100km). Combined 44.8-68.9 mpg (6.3-4.1 l/100km). CO2 Emissions 147-109 g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions. *Initial rental £2,994. Price shown a 48 month Personal Contract Hire agreement for a MINI Cooper Clubman with a contract mileage of 32,000 Sycamore (Peterborough) Ltd. is isfor a credit broker. miles and excess mileage charge of 4.52p per mile (exc.VAT). Applies to new vehicles ordered between 1 April and 30 June 2016 and registered by 30 September 2016 (subject to availability). Retail customers only. At the end of your agreement you must return the vehicle. Excess mileage, vehicle

*Initial rental Price may shown is for a 48 Personal Contract agreement a MINI Cooper Clubmanand with a contractmay mileage condition and £2,994. other charges be payable. Hiremonth available subject to statusHire to UK residents for aged 18 or over. Guarantees indemnities be of 32,000 miles and Terms excessand mileage charge of 4.52p (exc.VAT). Applies to new vehicles ordered 30 June 2016 and registered required. conditions apply. Offer per maymile be varied, withdrawn or extended at any time. Hire between provided 1byApril MINIand Financial Services, Summit ONE, by 30 September 2016 Farnborough, (subject to availability). Retail0FB. customers only. At the end ofLtd., your agreement you must return the commonly vehicle. Excess mileage, vehicle Summit Avenue, Hampshire GU14 Sycamore (Peterborough) trading as Sycamore Peterborough, introduce customers condition andpanel otherofcharges may be payable. Hire available subject to receive status to UK residents agedbenefits 18 or over. Guaranteesyou and to a selected lenders including MINI Financial Services. We may commission or other for introducing toindemnities such lenders.may be required. Terms and conditions apply. Offer may financial be varied, withdrawn or extended at any time. Hire provided by MINI Financial Services, Summit ONE, This introduction does not amount to independent advice. Summit Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0FB. Sycamore (Peterborough) Ltd., trading as Sycamore Peterborough, commonly introduce customers to a selected panel of lenders including MINI Financial Services. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to such lenders. 33820_bs112672_Clubman_Sycamore_FP_190x277.indd 1 18/03/2016 11:01 This introduction does not amount to independent financial advice.

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Six digitally projected screens 3D capable

Welcome to Corby’s newATMOS state-of-the-art Dolby surround multiple

As well as live satellite broadcasts from sound* the likes of The National Theatre and  Six digitally projected screens Fully air-conditioned Metropolitan Opera.  3D capable

Double available *  Dolby ATMOS surround soundseats Hire a screen for a private party in all auditoria  Fully air-conditioned  Double seats available in all auditoria

 Showing the late releases as well Welcome to Corby’s new state-of-the-art multiplex cinema. satellite broadca WWW.SAVOYCORBY.CO.UK likes of The Nati 01536 266 685 and Metropolita The Savoy Cinema, Parklands Gateway,  1QE Hire a screen for George Street, CORBY NN17 party.     

Six digitally projected screens 3D capable Dolby ATMOS surround sound* Fully air-conditioned Double seats available in all auditoria

 Showing the latest cinematic releases as well as live satellite broadcasts from the likes of The National Theatre and Metropolitan Opera.  Hire a screen for a private party.

Twitter: @Savoy_Corby Facebook: Savoy Corby

WWW.SAVOYCORBY.CO.UK 01536 266 685

WWW.SAVOYCORBY.CO.UK 01536 266 685

The Savoy Cinema Parklands Gateway George Street CORBY NN17 1QE

Twitter: @Savoy_Corby Facebook: Savoy Corby

The Savoy Cinema Parklands Gateway George Street CORBY NN17 1QE

Maps courtesy of Google. Photos courtesy of

*In screen one. Dolby digital surround in all others

Twitter: @Savoy_Corby Facebook: Savoy Corby

Maps courtesy of Google. Photos courtesy

Maps courtesy of Google. Photos courtesy of *In screen one. Dolby digital surround in all others

*In screen one. Dolby digital

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