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Feeding Forward For the 21st Century Philip Koenig

“Living in Sion, in the heart of the Alps and Europe, has been my inspiration over the last six years. I have been inspired by the beauty and peacefulness of the central Valais region.� - Philip Koenig

Chateau de Valère, Sion

Harnessing the reality we live in This document has been co-created by Philip Koenig and Burning2Learn to talk about the elephants in the room. We invite you to join us in open, trusting, dialogue. Let us share our honest insights and experiences in order to take on the much needed actions to address some of the greatest challenges that society has ever faced.

integrity for basic ground rules to be clear and better understood. Other wise we take the risk of going back into isolation, ego, judgment and fear. This is what’s at stake in the current context. Can we accept it?

How can we move from the idea to create peace to reconnect with life? How can we co-create a decent life for humans and nature? Leadership should be We speak from the heart and from personal about unleashing potentials; breathing life back into transformational experiences; we have been there humanity. and, yes, it is complex - and will remain so. It is for this reason that we speak to our reality in the hope of We have gone through the chaos to find the essentials better equipping individuals, organisations and any and share them in a simple way. Now we can propose group to face these issues. processes, tools and services to support the transition. In order to change our mindsets we need to change We need to detox deeply and often to address our vocabulary to more positive constructive wordings complexity in a relevant way. Part of the detox is to and expressions. Through new rituals and silent move from doing and execution modes to more, better moments we help develop a more compassionate and wiser being, dreaming, listening, learning and and holistic world view. integrating. Materialism and short-term-ism is killing us at all levels; Too often we hold onto complexity in our minds/ spiritual, psychological, emotional, intellectual, and intellect and then it stays over our heads; we can physical. We need to bring life back into all of our now bring it into the conversations as well to start to anthropological dimensions. engage in collective intelligence and co creation. “If we don’t accept that we walk on our heads today Our goal is to make sense again; for that we need to we will never walk on our feet tomorrow.” have a container to hold safe spaces, build trust and

These complex concepts have been developed over a number of years; and it takes just as long to fully learn about them. As such, please consider these points as you move through the document: • This booklet is split into four parts, each of which can • It becomes vital to actually create transformations be considered completely separately at first. to integrate into all ‘change management’ projects - small or big, private or public, short or long-term • Each section contains important topics that can the demographics of complementary values, enable us to better address - and potentially solve talents and passions, world views, structures of - societal issues more effectively; thanks to a more interpretations, or action logics. If we don’t, we integrated, integral and systemic perspective. are doomed to fail, again and again, like we have for the UN Millennium Development Goals MDGs, • These topics are complex and stretch beyond 2000-2015. conventional wisdom and knowledge. • With the ongoing social, climate, war, financial and • They require quality time, engagement and economic crisis we might not have the time and reflection in order to comprehend the Why, What, luxury to fail again... without avoiding major How and the root causes and consequences. This human catastrophes, like those we have endured in is why we have included hyperlinks and references. the 20th century. • The best way to learn is still combining; reading on • Invest in human development in order to move on our own, reflecting in silence, listening to the inner with new mindsets and perspectives, and become voice and sharing with mentors, like minded people more conscious, wise, viable and thrive-able. and colleagues. • These topics are all interdependent and are • It might take many months - or years - to immerse optimised when considered at the same time, from oneself into these topics, feel the interdependencies a systemic and connected approach. and bring about lasting transformations and transitions. The perspective proposed in this booklet We have addressed all of these different is to implement them over a 10 year period. It is dimensions during TIGE 2016, exactly as definitely not a next month’s flavour read or exercise. proposed in this graphic, courtesy of The Global Goals are intended to be met by 2030, Pedro Langre - c-growth even over the next 14 years.

How To Succeed

Caux Palace, home of the IofC international summer conferences

in creating a better life for all

A big warm thank you to all the strategic partners and pioneers who have inspired and stimulated me over the last four years. Please consider these comments as open positive potential inspirations for the next 10 years.

Part 1: An integral business and a human-centric perspective

planetary boundaries.

Key topics we have tackled during Initiatives of Change’s (IofC) 2016 TIGE conference - with concrete products and services, which are foundational for a societal framework for the coming decade: • The UN Global Goals and the corresponding 2030 strategies; which are still to be conceived, planned, developed, and executed as an array of aligned and synchronized actions between public and private sectors, NGOs and civil society - Global • Insuring human development throughout life, at Compact, Transparency International, Sustainable all ages, in education and at work, to bring about Brands and Bcorporation.net or Bcorporation.eu. the necessary mindset shifts - HEL, Being at full Potential, www.oiecec.org, Robert Kegan’s “further • Ethical leadership and governance in finance, and reaching in Adult Development” financial and economical inclusion; to have the means and resources for all the points above! • Business as a key societal stakeholder, contributor and beneficiary in the paradigm shifts required to stay within democracy, social inclusive prosperity, • Humanity and the right to a decent life for all - Unconditional Basic Income and meeting human fundamental needs - See Manfred Max Neef

International Conference Centre for IofC looking out over Lake Geneva

Take heights, change perspectives; enjoy the beauty of nature and allow it to inspire you. Connect the harmony within with the wonderful mountains in the heart of Europe. Listen to the wind, listen to the silence and listen to the inner voice.

Our best ideas are born from intuition, experience, collaboration and the inner voice...

Sustainable Brands, a conference convener of the world’s largest corporations to align them on UN’s Global Goals, starts to go into a very similar systemic integral approach, via 16 insights Aim: integrate into business and embody higher societal purpose, Global Goals, profit and prosperity for all. Without human development, such as Heart of Effective Leadership (HEL) type programs, yoga and

meditation, it might not happen. The current mindset is not there yet. We would need as a society to move towards yellow and teal colours, on the far right, to get there. At least 80 % of all leaders, corporations, organisations are “stuck” below green. Breakthrough can be made with proposals like those of Frederic Laloux, reinventing organisations, or Semco, Ricardo Semler, Brazil.

Human centric perspectives proposed by spiral dynamic: Demographics by country/regions, segmented in values structures of interpretation and action logics

This graphic, based on Dr. Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics, open our eyes to appreciate realistic human progress potentials, based on actual mindsets, thinking and actions logics. Human development programmes help to move faster along these lines; one person, team, business, community at a time. Please read the full article (see link below), to fully understand the root causes and consequences of our current human development. Source: http://www.integratedsociopsychology.net/global/the-eu-an-organisation-divided-by-values/

Integral thinking and action is the only way Integral economics

Note on Swiss politics and leadership:

I particularly like and support the integral and human centric economic system from Ronnie Lessem, Alexander Schieffer and Peter Brew. I participated in the workshop to “meshwork” on these topics with Tony Bradley, Director of Social and Ethical Enterprise Development (SEED) at Liverpool Hope University.

The ‘one step at a time’ political approach of the last thirty years does not create successful transitions; and it certainly will not allow us to reach the accepted INDC Goals.

During the TIGE conference there were joint presentations (workshops) which brought together both customers and consultants to talk about their realised transitions. This allowed two-sided story tellings to take place, which included; theory and practice, process and embodiment, strategy and operational implementation. This allows to demonstrate theory of practice in real time lines, energy and perseverance required: there are no short term simple linear sequential solutions; a systemic holistic approach is required.

What most conventional politicians will do within their comfort zone is to address topics in small sequential linear steps. This does not work with complex topics!! A systemic approach is required, to bring back coherence and transparency for our societal model to become viable, sustainable and thrive-able for people and the planet (see Gallup and Global Footprint Network) We still have taboos in Bern, meaning we do not want to see the limits of some of our beliefs, underlying the system that is in place, which leads to inherent incongruence and incoherences:

• Demography: we are upside down; an inverted pyramid does not allow to maintain an This is a best practice that should be followed for economical and social system based on growth any transition projects. • Social system: it is out of breath, because of the inverted pyramid demography and the slowing down economy, expressed by lower salaries and number of people employed • Endless economic growth is still our credo: we want to grow our population to 10 million inhabitants over the Geneva- Romanshorn axes, economically fueled by constructions of housing and infrastructure, based on the current ‘money creation’ - debt - crisis system meaning more debts for more people, and going through the same ups and downs, since the recurrent crisis schemes between 1990’s and 2008 (see Aldo Schorno) This image was taken at the Initiatives of Change TIGE Conference Centre in Caux this summer.

Part 2: Possible economical transitions and transformations to thrive together From a meta perspective we have brought forth the following basic principles: real economy • Must be fed by a reinvented “direct financial” system, disconnected from speculation. Indeed today less than 20% of all the money created lands in the real economy - true over the last 30 years! During 2001-2008 it was even less, around 7 % only!

levels. Why not via and around schools as well? Could the transcendental purpose of business become, over time, to contribute consciously to these 17 UN Global Goals, by participating and inviting their extended value chains to do so too? Making a profit while fostering prosperity and thriveability is obviously not only OK, also a given. More examples and contributions from TIGE include projects presented by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart:http://uk.iofc.org/how-businesses-are-responding-uns-sustainable-development-goals

• Must evolve its accounting system to take into account externalities and intangibles, the impact on Great examples and contributions from TIGE human capitals, social, knowledge, relational, indiinclude: projects presented by Enno Schmidt, vidual development, environmental capitals infraUnconditional Basic Income, see BIEN, Sovereign structures and natural resources, and economical. Money. This needs to be supported by notations agencies, audit, consulting and reporting to drive the change • Must be reset, rebooted and restarted from all evenly for all beneficiaries. (See for example: Thriveangles, bottom up, top down, across, transversally ability.zone, True Future Value, Reporting 3.0, IIRC, from an organisational, cultural and transdisciplinary, GRI, WBCSD, … 6 Capitals by Jane Gleeson-White) human centric perspective, through the prism of the 17 UN Global Goals. Each of these topics were also addressed during inquiry group and workshops with the participation Now even they have been even better described of Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Global Compact, and for all, from 7 to 77 years old! This cartoon should Laurence Cockcroft, Transparency International. permeate fast through all organisations and set the stage for collective intelligence and new governance, at national, regional and community

A road to a flourishing future

Part 2: World View

As a human race, we need to meet the Global Goals by 2030. The art and science is for the public organisations and private companies, together with their communities, to knit these words and concepts into actions for all mankind, to win. This can only be achieved by writing common and aligned systemic strategies.

Part 2: IofC Views and Actions Only love is real... We are integrally engaged! Reg en

Ind ivi

Col lec


Heart of Effective Leadership

Collecti ve Ex t

Centre for Governance


Creators of Peace

Caux Initiative for Business (CIB)

na er

Internal e v ti

id Indiv ual Ext e a rn

Silent Moments

ve Circular E ati r c e

y om on


l Internal a u

These mind boggling topics might allow us to discover a ‘red thread’ and guidelines for the next 15 years. To work within the spirit of the founders, and in the context of 21st century challenges and possibilities. Working together in an inclusive form, with many IofC arms and legs, together, as we acknowledge the different complementary and necessary pieces of the puzzle. They all make sense, add human value and are humanizing to those who are touched by them.

From a Mono-Capital... The way we perceive, think, decide and act today is based on a silo mindset in business and society; it has consequences.

st “We cannot solve 21 ith century problems w ets!” 20th century minds

This is a way to make these accounting considerations more visual and simpler to follow: Capitals & perspectives

People capitals social

Planet capitals environmental

Profit capitals economic

Externalities & intangibles are not taken into account

Partially taken into account: CO2, emissions, …

People are costs, variables, coggs, productivity producers … not valued, not optimized

we are in an extractive model, fueled by lowest cost production, over consumption, consumerism

Financialization of the economy via money creation, debt, crisis, and ponzi schemes

> 80 % employees are disengaged emotionally and intellectually in private & public sectors - Gallup

We consume 1,6 times the available regeneratable biomass of the planet - GFN

Prosperity societal


Today’s mono capitalism

Prime focus on money & short term economic returns, via P&L, Balance Sheets

Maximize dehumanized shareholder value leads us beyond social and planetary boundaries Stifles long term views, lifecycles, nature and life coherence

Our attitudes and mindsets

Consequences of today’s system, based on current silo type mindsets

We stifle human rights of being at full potential

Overshoot day is in August Rethink consumption to < 1 and become sustainable

Less than 20 % of all the money created reaches the real economy. Trickle down effect supposed to fuel the middle & lower classes does not work

We cannot thrive together in this partial, fragmented, biased view and measurements of our world. Our perceived value & decision criteria are flawed and insufficient

To a Multi-Capital approach These organisations already encourage a new accounting system: Reporting 3.0, IIRC, GRI and WBCSD

tion ThriveAbility Founda and 6 Capitals by Jane ea Gleeson-White propos process to get there...

People capitals social

Planet capitals environmental

Tomorrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s multicapitalism

We value relational, knowledge, social, human development , spiritual capitals

We value infrastructure, manufactured and natural resources capitals

We value economical returns at its right value in front of other capitals.

We the People, notation auditing & consulting agencies value and support a reporting system that integrates all capitals

Our attitudes and mindsets

We understand and nourish all 10 human anthropological dimensions

We leverage latest knowledge and technologies to optimize a decentralized autonomous subsidiary system for water food energy

Money creation is sovereign and supports:

Thanks to our integral thinking, decision making criteria and human centric acting, we conceive & live to optimize True Future Value

Capitals & perspectives

Profit capitals economic

Prosperity societal


We satisfy all fundamental human needs We invest in human development and learning throughout life

Permaculture in houses, buildings, communities and urban areas insure local food sufficiency

transitions required to align public & private organisations on common UN global goals and 2030 strategies

employees are intrinsically motivated, fully engaged intrapreneurs, creative and thriving

Circular economy is based on caring, sharing within planetary boundaries

Money creation serves the people, planet and a healthy glocal economy

Most people live at full potential, are societally engaged entrepreneurs who contribute to the common greater good

We cocreate a regenerative economy to give next generations a healthier planet than the one we inherited

Money is a mean, it is circulating freely, the debt-crisis cycles, hoarding have disappeared

We optimize human potentials of individuals and groups Consequences of the renewed system, based on systemic, integral and human centric approaches

well being of individuals, social needs for society to thrive as a whole

We cocreate permanently emergence via collective intelligence & societal governance All organisations are aligned, focused and reporting on multicapitalism We are a thriving democratic human dynamic system True Materiality and Integral thinking is actually embodied True federalism and its 3 principles reciprocity, subsidiarity and collegiality are lived

“Find your strategic leaders. Most companies lack people in positions of power with the experience and confidence required to challenge the status quo” ... and address the world from a systemic perspective! - Strategy + Business, May 2016

- Strategic leaders are the only ones who can conceive, develop and help us execute the 2030 strategies required to meet the UN global goals. - They are the ones who will also help us transition from mono to multi capitalism. - They will be the first ones to support the brave people who are facing the elephants in the room. Please see this two minute foundational Our aim should be to fully unleash human, video. For further insights, click here. organisational, and societal potentials, as well as to align the needed complementary roles and We need to find those strategic leaders: who responsibilities: conceive, develop and operacan challenge the status quo, to help create tional front line execution! governance tables, knit complexity together. By following the theory of the “100th 20/20 foresight. Many business leaders need to monkey”, we can accompany the natural laws improve their perceptual acuity. Here’s how you of life transitions, and take full advantage can develop the ability to look around corners - of metamorphosis energy and optimized and become a catalyst for change. paradigm shifts. It’s a rare leader who can look through a microscope at every atom of cost while simultaneously looking through a telescope at the competitive landscape on the horizon. It is all about accepting these complementary, more holistic , integral and systemic mindsets. This will allow us to address better and wiser the meta, the meso, and micro perspectives.

Here are the first guidelines for all strategic leaders, developed by UN Global Compact: • Website of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments with the aim of Localising the Global Goals. • Document: Roadmap for Localizing the SDGs

Working together is the only way Part 3: Leadership; silo, synergy, systemic perspectives, people and purposes

â&#x20AC;˘ We are not all the same in front of intuition, design thinking, conceptualizing, planning, developing, transforming and executing operationally

Further food for thought that goes into the same â&#x20AC;˘ Human development, maturity of presence and being are key to any organization in order direction and helps us become more effective in to make emergence and transitions happen accelerating effectively transitions - it is based and stick long term on the principles: â&#x20AC;˘ Bringing the right people to the right places to do the right complementary things;

Images by Vanessa Jane Smith

Making Business an Engine for Sustainable Growth Panchgani, January 2016 Philip Koenig praneo.org



Linear sequential thinking

Parallel & iterative action logics

Understand simplicity

Address complexity

Compassion Arborescent & dynamic consciousness

Embody theory of constraints



Matrix / Project

Short term action few months

Business development 1 to 5 years

Innovation is about new products & services

Innovation is about a top of mind brand

Shared value Long term strategy 5 years and more Innovation is about creating new market and value propositions




ProďŹ t driven

Project driven

Purpose driven

Great employee is a good soldier

Entrepreneurial spirit is highly valued

All are coresponsIble cocreators

silos & ego-centric attitudes

Unleash people potential

Sustainability at the helm

Agreed upon certainty

Continuous improvement

Everything is always perfectible

Maximize for self

Optimize the parts

Govern for the common greater good



22/05/2015 - Corporations and Sustainability

Access the praneo White Paper which explains our why, what and how - with a particular focus on our engagement in human, enterprise, organisational and societal development.


India CIB and ‘HEL’ programmes show the way These are some of the key messages from CIB in January 2016, as a conclusion to a presentation that I made: • Seek to find the systemic thinkers and actors within your organisations • Continue to develop these individuals and explore their potential • Give them missions to address Corporate Societal Responsibility topics and complex problems • Let them co-conceive a brighter, inclusive, just business model, value propositions, purpose for the organisation and its extended value chain

Caux Initiatives for Business

Making Business an Engine for Sustainable Growth 6th International Biennial Conference January 22 to 26, 2016

Images by Vanessa Jane Smith

Part 4: What can Switzerland bring to the global stage? We also understand that Switzerland can and should play a unique role by leveraging our direct democracy! We can and have the unique responsibility worldwide to pave the way for another future, truly regenerative for people, planet and prosperity! Here are some Swiss citizen initiatives we should be proud to develop and implement here. They are also translated into English to become eventually also examples for other countries and their civil society movements. We can prove that it can be done, in faith harmony, by unleashing the human, organisational and social potentials.

Image by Vanessa Jane Smith

In the past these type of social paradigm shifts - like paid vacations, a state paid retirement- education, including womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in direct democracy - take many decades of information to be accepted by a majority. We might not have the luxury of waiting that longâ&#x20AC;Ś as we want to reach the Global Goals by 2030!! This will require us to set a social level plain field to optimise everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presence, being at full potential, creativity, areas of strengths and development (Example to follow)

The Swiss foundational interdependent topics

The Swiss foundational interdependent topics


• Monnaie pleine, sovereign money, campaign • Actual societal dialogues and alignment of for a monetary reform (Link) Swiss vote 2018 public and private 2030 strategies to reach together the 17 Global Goals by then! The • Revenu de Base Inconditionnel RBI: An Geneva Canton has some first pilot activities Unconditional Basic Income (Link) first vote going in this direction. The Geneva economic was refused, summer 2016, and presented strategy 2030 has also been outlined in vol.1 & alone doesn’t make sens, must be linked to vol.2 This is a pioneering prospective work, but the other three interdependent paradigm still done from a silo mindset, thus it is still shifts! misunderstood and incomplete. Ii feel sure that sooner or later, Geneva societal actors will need • Corporation Socialement Responsable, Swiss to go deeper, and so will other cantons. Coalition for Corporate Justice - The Responsible Business Initiative: protecting human rights Can our unique position be a lever and and the environment (Link) will be submitted benefit to our efforts, being so very close to the this fall 2016, probably to be voted in 2 years. international institutions, being in a rich, well educated and open minded international • Transform the BNS, Swiss National Bank into context? a citizen cooperative, via a Swiss association (Link) and inviting supporters to buy a share of The Swiss network of the Global Compact is the BNS and come to the annual shareholder supporting business and societal transitions meeting in May. We were 40 in 2016, and seek via the mission and objectives of the UNGC. to be 400 in 2017. Anyone, Swiss or foreigner It supports and facilitates the Corporate can buy a share! Responsibility, Sustainability or Corporate Citizenship efforts of its Members; which includes cities/counties.

Images by Vanessa Jane Smith

Can we open our minds to ‘unlearn’ and reinvent? Various key people and keynote speakers that I met His next conference is set up at Lausanne, UNIL, on during the TIGE 2016 conference also much endorsed September 29th, to inform Swiss citizens about money this integrated view, and expressed great interest in creation, debts and crisis. bringing these perspectives to other countries. How could IofC participate/contribute? In order to vote consciously we will need to understand better the current financial-economic Gerard Foucher: A French artist who has been talking system, as it is, beyond what we think it is. Indeed, the about these topics in simple terms and comic ways for vast majority have not spent enough time and energy many years. Here during “Nuit Debout” in FR. to understand it, and see how it evolved throughout history and in particular over the past 100 years! This documentary video has been produced by Gabriel Rabhi, son of Pierre Rabhi founder of The Here are some foundational videos from Swiss and Colibri Movement. Money is part of our daily lives. It international citizens who support and communicate is in the heart of our economies: it allows exchanges broadly these 21st century financial and monetary of goods and services. But very few understand who perspectives, to reset the real economy, via the middle creates money and how its system works. This video class, and beyond, on viable, sustainable inclusive explains more, starting from what we understand, to regenerative prosperity, even in Switzerland. I do not the very foundations of the monetary and banking know English speakers for now… system, and the corresponding consequences. Indeed, it is because we, citizens, journalists, politicians, and Francois de Siebenthal - Former Swiss Banker http:// our elites, in the broader sense, do not understand desiebenthal.blogspot.ch/2015/08/initiative-mon- the monetary system, which allows finance and naie-pleine-80-pour.html banks to reign freely. Audio conference January 2016, in FR; Video conference, in FR.

Aldo Schorno, ex Swiss and international Banker, Lausanne. Please see his book and website here.

Philip Koenig Bio:

Presented by Burning2Learn Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Philip had a first transformational experience spending a year in the US at age 17. His following life and conscious evolution steps could be summarized by: Master in Physics at EPFZ, Zuerich, Switzerland. A period with Swiss Army, meeting Inuits in Greenland and lots of mountaineering, cycling and skiing. 10 years of Marketing career with Nestle in Latin America, holding different positions in Venezuela and Argentina, living and leading in crisis and influencing Brands positioning.

and from a human perspective - engagement, leadership, education. Worked with McKinsey, Booz, Kaiser, Ducker, Corporate Executive Board on market research, strategy and think tank.

Since 2012, Philip has co-initiated praneo based on his own know-how, drive for continuous improvement and by seeking the next frontiers of consciousness and knowledge. Philip is now convinced that removing organizational, cultural and human obstacles is possible. The key is to be in touch, meet and collaborate with pioneer individuals and organizations in order 12 years of strategy and business development to drive transformational changes. This will achieve career with Caterpillar based in Geneva Switzerland a more people-centric and meaningful life; where and Peoria, IL, USA, significantly contributing to business, education, capitalism, economy, democracy design and development of circular economy, and ecological, financial and human sustainability sustainable business model, customer centric value are at the service of people. propositions, brand and organizational repositioning,

Get in touch: koenigphh@ gmail.com

Working around the world with one aim

â&#x20AC;&#x153;My work and experiences have taken me around the world. This has helped me to add cultural mindsets to my systemic thinking. I feel that spiral dynamics (values system based approach found by Clare W Graves in 1978) is an under-used tool in this complex world we live in.

for transformational change do exist to face these challenges in a very concrete way.

Many of us have been driven by and judged on wealth creation over the last 50 years. However 21st century thinking encourages people to start talking about and valuing other types of capital. These include environmental capital and health and wellbeing of employees, for example. Whilst companies often feel unsure about how to apply these levers, the tools

The art, and science, is to take time to listen to the inner voice and reflect on wisdom from around the world.

10 years of TIGE has reinforced my belief that society does have the means for mankind to evolve into 21st century thinking.

We must then begin to act, not for self, but for the common greater good.â&#x20AC;? - Philip Koenig

Working in collaboration with Burning2Learn

The journey has already begun... Are you ready to challenge the status quo? Connect and take your next step today: koenigphh@gmail.com facebook.com/PhilipKoenig

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Feeding Forward For the 21st century  

This document has been co-created by Philip Koenig and Burning2Learn to talk about the elephants in the room. We invite you to join us in op...

Feeding Forward For the 21st century  

This document has been co-created by Philip Koenig and Burning2Learn to talk about the elephants in the room. We invite you to join us in op...