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JUNIOR PRESS TEAM REPORTS The Junior Press Team was made up of a group of young people, aged 11-17 and they were all able to gain valuable work experience. They also gained self-confidence to prepare them for their futures in the workplace, whilst having lots of fun too!

Last Match of the season come and join us DFC V Bath City FC Kick Off 3pm

Paul had two messages that ever young person should hear

Chase your Dreams

Have a second string or a plan B

Princes Park, Grassbanks, Darenth Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1RT Tel: 07538254666 Email: info@thepaulpagegolfacademy.co.uk

Katie’s Report

On Friday 30th March 2018, I visited #4Roals4Goals in Dartford and had an amazing time! I really enjoyed the match and the atmosphere of the stadium, and when my friends and I got a picture with the mud-covered goalie at the end of the game! Furthermore, I enjoyed meeting the player of the match (Lee Noble) after the game. We sat down with him and

“an inspiring day!”

got to ask some questions. I asked him this: “If you made any mistakes during your football player career, how have you redeemed yourself?”. He said that he just kept believing in himself and kept carrying on. I found this quite inspiring, as well as the talks with everyone else that we met too.

Connor’s Report 4Roles4Goals helped me get an amazing work experience placement which has given me new prospects. It all started when I attended a careers fair at my school and approached Alan and Nicola. We had a great talk and they offered me the opportunity to go to a Dartford match as part of a junior press team. As soon as I arrived, I joined the other junior press team members and we were briefed about what would happen during the afternoon. We started by walking down in the heavy rain to the golf course and having a chat to the golf coach. We quickly went inside out of the rain where we went up to the Princes Suite. Here we had a group chat with the leader of Dartford Borough Council, Jeremy Kite MBE. We each asked him questions about his job and what his plans for Dartford are. He is very passionate about Dartford being eco-friendly and creating a great community and place for people to live. We also interviewed Michaela Hill, who is the goalie for Dartford FC’s ladies team and she told us how she got a scholarship to play football in America, Adrian Dante who works for the previous sponsor of 4Roles4Goals Macintyre Hudson LLP, who spoke to us about his job in accountancy and helping new business and Steve Allard who works for this match’s sponsor Gavigan Paving.

“A great day with 4Roles4Goals!” When the interviews were over we had some photos taken before taking our seats ready for the match. Mason and I asked if we could be the stretcher boys again and happily they said yes! We got to wear St. Johns high vis coats but we weren’t needed as no one got too badly injured. The rain was so bad that the pitch looked like a swimming pool in places and everyone that was playing got really muddy! It looked like it would be a nil- nil draw but Dartford smashed home a late goal to win 1-0. The crowd went crazy screaming and celebrating. After the match we got to meet the man of the match, Lee Noble. We had photos taken with him and we were able to ask him lots of questions about the match, the atmosphere in the changing rooms and the groundwork he does away from the pitch. Overall it was another great day with 4Roles4Goals and I am extremely happy that I was asked to come back and have another brilliant experience. Thank you everyone!

Harry’s Report

Riandeep’s Report

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day at Dartford F.C. This was due to a number of reasons.

From the experience, what surprised me the most was being able to see first-hand the community aspect of Dartford Football Club and the stadium on match day, as well as hearing about what the stadium and the club provided outside of match day through talking to the leader of the council. In addition. The most rewarding part for me was seeing the different roles of people ‘behind the scenes’ of the game which made me think about the multiple career paths outside of the roles usually associated with football.

Firstly, I was able to meet a group of people who were all amazing and I got to socialise with people I wouldn’t necessarily socialise with in my day to day life. Secondly, meeting the head of the Dartford Council and being able to interview him and others was a great experience, as I learned a lot and we were able to put our ideas forward in a way where we know will we get listened to. Furthermore, the actual football game was great too- who doesn’t love a 94th Minute winner!! This experience has benefitted me in a numerous amount of ways as it has increased my confidence which is vital and also provided a clearer path for my future.

I felt interviewing the different people associated with Dartford Football Club further helped me understand the work the club does for the community, and how the main focus for the stadium was not only for football, but also something that benefitted the community. I felt that interviewing helped develop my ability to talk to people in order to understand what they do, and ask if they have any advice that could potentially benefit me going forward.

Joseph’s Report

It was a really good experience speaking to people in different careers and the day opened my eyes to the other aspects and opportunities at Dartford FC as well as the football side of the club. I already knew about several other facets of the club, but I never thought about the large range of career chances and opportunities that can be found in and around Dartford FC. I feel that now, after my experience on Friday, my horizons have been broadened and I feel a little more confident speaking to adults about my experiences and plans for the future. Talking with the Dartford FC press has encouraged me to think about a career in Sports Journalism which has been one of my passions for a while and I hope my position as sub-editor on my school website (DGSChapter), and editing and writing for that online magazine has allowed me to show my writing and editing qualities in a more representational way.

“the day opened my eyes to different opportunities” On Friday we took the opportunity to talk to the man of the match, Lee Noble, and this was such a great chance to meet someone that I have admired for many years for being such a hard-working and inspiring individual, and it was amazing to meet him in the flesh and speak to him in person. (I was at the play-off final in 2012 when he scored the winning goal and I always see him battling for the team, and I admire him greatly for the sometimes unrecognised role he has in the team.) During the day we also interviewed Michaela Hill and Jeremy Kite and this has helped me develop my interviewing skills and my confidence when talking to older people, which I will need in future for any possible interviews or career days that I attend. We even had a small speech from Paul Page about career paths and advice on keeping something in reserve if you ever need it.

The match itself was a muddy affair in which Dartford grabbed three precious points with a 94th minute winner from Alfie Pavey. The game was completed in sub-par conditions, with sections of the pitch looking more like a dirt track than a football field. Two great sides struggled to play their natural game on a day when players were often sliding along the ground quicker than the ball would, in what became a scrappy affair. Dartford no doubt had the better of the game and should have been ahead if it wasn’t for Andy Pugh and Alfie Pavey missing clearcut chances in the second half. The game could have gone either way if it wasn’t for the man of the match (Lee Noble) and his midfield partner Elliot Bradbrook, who excelled in the midfield and controlled the game for Dartford from their centre midfield roles, ensuring that Dartford created the majority of the game’s chances. Hampton and Richmond struggled to get going in the tricky conditions and the lack of a midfield workhorse for Hampton and Richmond was the difference between the two sides on a day that could prove pivotal as the season comes to a close.

Lauren’s Report

“I was surprised by the career options”

Friday 30th March- 4Roles4Goals What do you get when you mix together; interviews, important people, networking and a fantastic football match? You get a typical day with 4Roles4Goals! A group of teenagers, including myself, were invited along to Princes Park, Dartford’s football stadium, home to the Darts football team on Friday 30th March to watch the intense match between Dartford and Hampton & Richmond Borough. Along with this we got to meet and interview some important people in terms of the business and politics world and practice our transferable skills such as interviewing. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and it was very rainy especially when we met Paul Page who was in the middle of preparing to open his new golf training academy at the Princes Park golf course, thus taking time out of his busy life to tell us about his successful golfing life.

After this we meet Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Council and a Director of Dartford FC, which was very exciting. I didn’t know what to expect, but he was a lovely, funny man and had passionate views about Dartford as a town; in particular the new development of the town and the sustainability of the town too. He was willing to answer many questions and was very interested in hearing about the views of young people as we are the future of Dartford.

For me this was enlightening as Paul Page used to be friends with my dad when he was a teenager and this was touching, as I got to see someone who had taken the same path as my dad, whilst he was growing up but then pursued golf whereas my father didn’t.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the day was watching the football match! Initially we were worried it would get called off due to the awful weather, but the fantastic football players pulled through and were devoted to playing even on the bog-like pitch!

...................Report Bringing the Community Together Thanks to our sponsors, we also got to have a complementary lunch, which was really lovely and needed as I was very hungry. Two friends and I went to watch the match from the crowded, rowdy area of the stadium to really feel like a part of the match and both of them taught me the rules of football while we watched and so I really got into it and I am now more interested in watching football matches. Dartford played really well but it wasn’t until the end, in the 90th minute where Dartford scored their winning goal. This meant Dartford had won and the crowd were ecstatic; a perfect way to end the match. Next, we got to interview some more important people. In particular, Player of the match Lee Noble came and spoke to us which was very inspiring.

Perhaps most helpful for me was talking to the press team at Dartford FC as I am particularly interested in Journalism therefore by talking to them and even getting an offer to come back in the future really helped me get some contacts for my future in journalism! Overall, the day was a pleasant surprise as we weren’t really told what to expect and so we had to throw ourselves into it and ask as many questions as we could. I was surprised at just how many career options there were at a place such as Princes Park which you would think would just be for football but in fact there was so much more.

Today we welcome the #4Roles4Goals Junior Press Team, sponsored by Gavigan Paving Ltd. Gavigan Paving have recently opened a depot in Dartford and wanted to show their immediate commitment to the local community by sponsoring the Junior Press Team for today’s game.

Gavigan Paving believes that Corporate Social Responsibility serves as a way of representing the company’s commitment to society, demonstrates their ethical values and shows they want to be a leading business for the community in which they work.

“Gavigan Paving say the #4Roles4Goals initiative is proving how it can help young people bridge the gap between education and the workplace through an amazing day out, it is a great idea. It’s no longer just an idea as the #4Roles4Goals team have made it reality!”

Gavigan Paving Ltd began in 1997, having had over 18 years of experience in the industry. Since then they have grown and have worked hard to develop a reputation for reliability, commitment and workmanship.

“We believe that by investing in such initiatives and participating in local projects, we can demonstrate our values to support the community and that goes beyond just hiring local staff. Such community investments are valuable to our business, as it encourages loyalty from our employees, whilst benefiting from an improved support network of new businesses.

Their core service has always been paving contractors, but they have expanded into other areas, and can now provide services such as plant hire, concrete, grab hire, drainage works, ducting works and asphalt works. They also have an in house engineer to oversee all sizes of projects. Their supply chain has expanded in recent years and therefore provides an excellent service over all of London and the Home Counties.

The #4Roles4Goals project also helps to support young people in an ever-demanding employment market.”

“We are constantly improving and investing in the latest equipment and technology so we stay at the forefront of the industry”.

“We are proud to support Dartford FC and the ‘Gavigan Paving Junior Press Team’ today – best of luck to both teams!” Find out more at https://www.gaviganpaving.co.uk Please contact the Team on: 0208 697 9910 / info@gaviganpaving.co.uk

Collaboration is Key! #4Roles4Goals One company at the heart of change, Diligence provides project management for a variety of infrastructure projects, bringing their business ethos into the communities. Giving to others is very important to Managing Director, Nicola Coppen. As a voluntary Group Scout Leader at 1st North Cray Scout Group, the Chair of Kent and Medway Construction Guild and business mentor to students at The Leigh UTC in Dartford. With these shared values, whilst joining the dots and the pieces of the puzzle, businesses and communities alike can really make a difference, both locally and globally. Change will come if we continue with this shared ethos. www. diligence-pm-services.co.uk

Motivating tomorrow’s adults today! Working in collaboration, we can develop young people to their full potential. #4roles4goals ties in community, education, careers and construction. Giving young people the tools to lead a project and empowering them to be in charge, builds their self worth and sense of value, enabling them to develop to their full potential, which is key to a stronger society. www.burning2learn.co.uk



Jeremy Kite MBE “Nicola, thank you and all at #4Roles4Goals for your support last week when we sponsored the junior press team. I would wholeheartedly recommend any organisation getting involved with this project.”

“Well, I’m spending a wonderful afternoon here with the Young People from 4Roles4Goals, they’re up at Dartford FC and they’re learning a whole range of life skills and I have been very very proud to speak to them. They have some fantastic ideas and they are making me very confident about the future, when you meet these Young People and see the contribution they’re going to make, it’s very heartening indeed.”

Designed by Burning2Learn www.burning2learn.co.uk Written by: The Junior Press Team