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European Network of Living Labs

Geneva 2018

European Network of Living Labs

Whilst many young people were

Delegates were inspired by the

soaking up the summer sun,

calibre of the panels and were

hundreds of thought leaders

honoured by a keynote speech

gather in Geneva to collaborate

from the Under Secretary-

with academics, policy makers and General of the United Nations, Living Lab visionaries to merge

Michael Moller, who spoke of SDG

ideas and build an understanding

Lab and its relevance

of a human centered model.

in today’s world.

Take Away Papers to Action

UN SDG’s + ENoLL = Actors in the world of change

Can you help, to solve the puzzle? Values 8 Billion people fitting into the boxes.

What is needed?



tomorrow’s adults today”

Burning2Learn has a history of running education programmes at business and entertainment events. The aim is to raise self-esteem and confidence. The work interacts with students of all academic levels, and are tailored to the needs of the individual. Identifying talents and developing life skills. The programmes build resilience and motivate young people to take a more active role in determining their own futures.

Following the work of Resilience IO, integral MENTORS B2L began to focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s). Using the SDG Goals, we equip youngsters to add more value to their lives. Thus encouraging the www.burning2learn.co.uk future generations to take responsibility office@burning2learn.co.uk for their society and planet.

Critical thinking

Building tomorrow by joining the dots TODAY Deep thinking

Living Labs are the heart of change

Living Labs create Floods of thought managed through collabaration Passion


Create a Living Lab in your town or city Turn words into action

European Network of Living Labs

Team work

Take Book your place for next year www.enoll.org/events/ Away

Action not words Bristol University share their research paper and showed a Living Lab in action. Taking the word and talking us all through their process. As we all know, community engagement is the toughest nut to crack. To be honest, the way in which the slides allowed you to follow the project, we are booking our tickets to Bristol.

forward thanks to Bristol Uni.

With small money and an agile team, a great step forward has been made in Bristol. Living Labs are the answer to local Knowle West Media Centre authorities and Government KWMC proved that they have the requirements. The question skills to engage, with people. is, have they the Mindset for change? To ask people what they want rather than tell them what they need has proven to be the way Take Away KWMC Project to Councils

Urban Hub Cultivating co- creations

Walking and talking outside


Box Cultivation AP

How do we open our mindsets? Can you help?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

CULTIVATION.AP 41a High Street Swanley BR88AE Kpaul.vanschaik@ integralmentors.org

Lessons from the Best A good selection of workshops over the 3 days. Really intresting deep dives into the future. Learning Emergence encouraged the attendees to evaluate their own learning style and current skill sets. Looking at yourself, finding time to listen to others was an enriching experience. Once our table had carried out their own assesment, they shared their ideas at solving the Hunter Water challenge. As a group, we decided that the young people in the video should link with their local retirement homes and work on an inter-generational approach to water conservation. ‘ They may find that some people will say that they’ll be dead anyway, so they don’t care, but the fact that young people are in front of them will cause them to want to protect the young - it’s human nature.’ The Knowle West team clearly demostratated community engagement is the only way we can move forward at scale.

Thank you ENoLL and all attendees for making this event so valuable. We can take back the energy of Geneva and your vision, to allow Burning2Learn to continue... “Motivating Tomorrows Adults Today�

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European Network of Living Labs - Geneva 2018  

Burning2Learn were thrilled to be invited by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) to the recent Open Living Labs Annual Summit held i...

European Network of Living Labs - Geneva 2018  

Burning2Learn were thrilled to be invited by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) to the recent Open Living Labs Annual Summit held i...