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On 23rd December 2017,

Dartford Football Club kindly invited some local children along to watch a football match between Dartford FC and Braintree Town FC. The children had the opportunity to watch an exciting match of football and also a chance to find out about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. They were also given some excellent football training and they created their own reports in this booklet.

Diligence and Burning2Learn selected a group of children from local schools and a scout club to be a Junior Press Team for the day. It was a fun day out and also valuable work experience for the group. NBC Group Ltd, Diligence and Burning2Learn share a keen interest in the environment and preventing climate change and as Dartford Football Club is the greenest football stadium in the UK it was the natural place to be.

JUNIOR PRESS TEAM REPORTS Victoria’s Report Victoria and a friend interviewed Co-Chairman, Steve Irving and asked him about his background with the club. Mr Irving said that he’d been a supporter for 45 years and he said that he had helped to run Dartford Football Club since 1992, so for 25 years. Victoria asked if Mr Irving had ever played football professionally himself, but he replied that he’d only played football locally with friends as a youngster, close to his home. Victoria was interested to find out whether Mr Irving was a football supporter. Mr Irving said he supported Dartford Football Club (of course) and Newcastle United Football Club.

In Victoria’s own words: We

thought the ‘Man of the Match’ for Braintree Town was No. 9, Phil Roberts and No. 11, Samir Bihmoutine. For Dartford F.C, the two players who shone the brightest for us were No. 2 Danny Harris and No. 6, Nathan Collier.

Dartford Community Team helped me build my confidence by taking us out to the mini football pitches, we played penalties, shooting, heading the ball and a friendly game of darts. Afterwards, we went to the main bar and met the Vice Presidents, the Co-Chairman of Dartford F.C and 2nd Director. We also met the Manager of the Braintree Town, Brad Quinton, who said: “this is a lovely group of people.”

Theo’s Report Today’s match started at 3pm. The players walked out and lined up for a minute’s silence, which was held in memory of a loyal supporter who had sadly passed away. Both the home and away teams respectfully observed the silence.

In my opinion, after Dartford scored, Braintree and Dartford had equal possession of the ball up to half time. However, in the 45th minute Braintree scored, making it a draw, sending Braintree supporters cheering into half time!

The game was about to start and the players lined up in their formation and Braintree had the kick off!

In the second half, neither team appeared to be as enthusiastic as during the first half and this lack of enthusiasm was reflected in the crowd. Sadly, both teams failed to score, making the final score at full time a one all draw.

During the first fifteen minutes Dartford clearly had the upper hand and after 17 minutes No.10, Andy Pugh scored for Dartford sending Dartford supporters cheering and roaring loudly!

I thought throughout the whole game that the referee seemed to favour Braintree and I wonder if he came on the same bus....?

Chase’s Report We all met in the bar and from then we went outside and played a game of football with each other. After that we went inside and interviewed the ref’s coach. We learned a referee can deal with many incidents during a match like red and yellow cards, free kicks, arguments and injuries. Refs aren’t generally allowed to run backwards because they get kicked in the shins and fall over! They also learned the manager gets very shouty and angry! We went outside and watched the match from the front row. During the first half Dartford scored and everyone stood up and celebrated. It was exciting! Soon after, Braintree scored to make it 1-1.

At the end there were a few minutes of extra time, but nobody scored during the second half, so the final score was 1-1. Afterwards, we all talked about the match and who we thought should be ‘Man of the Match.’ We decided player 10 or 5 and we got to meet the ‘Man of the Match’ at the end and we had our photo taken with him. We learned that football is big business! I learned how to kick a ball in a straight line. It was a fun and exiciting day and I would definitely do it again. Football can be fun, both playing and watching!

The Junior Press Team was made up of a group of young people, aged 11-16 and given the difference in ages, it may be challenging to find something with which they would all gain valuable knowledge and experience from. However, from reading their accounts of their day, regardless of their age differences, they were all able to gain valuable work experience. They also gained self-confidence to prepare them for their futures in the workplace, whilst having lots of fun too!

Mason’s Report As someone who enjoys watching football, participating in this project, aiming to bring together businesses and young people, was a fantastic opportunity for me to experience a different side to a lifestyle I had grown up with my whole life. Being able to witness and take part in the responsibilities of the backroom staff for a football match was a challenging, yet incredibly enjoyable event, since it gave me a brand new perspective on the immense effort and work that must go into every game of football aside from the contributions of the players.

Moreover, being able to learn first hand the roles and duties that many of the workforce have in order to ensure the game runs smoothly astonished me at first, due to the fact that I had never considered the requirements that the medical team or coaching staff would have to fulfil for a football game to even make it onto the pitch.

It was also an enlightening experience taking on the role of “Junior Reporter� and being tasked with recording the actions that would typically occur at any other football match. Being allowed to interview and hear the thoughts of important figureheads within the club, such as co-chairman Steve Irving, and an exclusive look into the behind the scenes work that occurs in order to allow a football club to

remain both a business and a means of entertainment. Overall, being invited to take part in this project was both a fun and educational experience which has made me reflect on other aspects of football that I only viewed from one perspective and it has helped me appreciate the hard work and effort that often goes unappreciated into devising one of our favourite sports.

Jessica’s Report

When I arrived with some friends from scouts, we were met by three coaches for Dartford F.C, who were very warm and welcoming and we were shown around the grounds. Afterwards we were given some football training and a game of football darts. Later we met for an interview with the referee’s coach, who used to be a referee in the FA Premier League, but had retired four years before. We asked many questions such as: Do you enjoy your job? and would you recommend being a referee or coach? He responded very precisely, giving us a lot of information. At the end of our interview he set us a task to decide whether we thought the referee did well or not and to give him a point on something good about the referee and something not so good...

“I thought it was a truly inspiring day, a great confidence booster and a spectacular opportunity for us all.” The match started as soon as we got to our seats and we quickly started making notes about our thoughts about who we thought should be the ‘Man of the Match’! I thought that although the Managers and Referee were energetic, the players were very exhausted during the second half. An unnecessary foul was called by the referee against the opposing team, giving Dartford a penalty, which unfortunately they missed... soon after Braintree scored. We decided our ‘Man of the Match’ was No. 5 because of his good tackling and speed. The match came to an end and the final score was 1-1. We all received an F.A. pin badge from Roy Burton, Referee’s Assessor and we told him our thoughts on the referee. I thought he was very quick on his feet and energetic, but had to open his eyes a bit more to concentrate on the game...! We ended the day by having a photograph taken with the ‘Man of the Match’.

Charmain’s Report

“I would like the thank you and the whole of Diligence for allowing such an event to go on!”

It was such a great experience to visit Dartford F.C and watch the match between Dartford F.C vs Braintree Town.

They taught me some new skills to use on the pitch and they even helped me overcome my anxiety right from the start.

I learned about the different roles within a football club and how each role plays an important part within a football club’s performance, but not only that I also learned that some of these jobs can be found outside of a football club.

During the football practice I learned some new skills and during the match we watched the players perform some of these techniques on the pitch too.

I met lots of new people, which helped me reach out of my comfort zone and it gave me confidence. I interacted with different people who I wouldn’t normally come into contact with. The football coaches at Dartford F.C were spectacular and they helped me to understand key roles within football.

I was so delighted to stand on the pitch and see our fellow players pass through, ready to take the big win! Most importantly, I enjoyed myself and this whole trip further enhanced my love and passion for football and it has given me some work experience too and helped me understand the role of a Project Manager even more.

Today’s match sponsor is the local Construction Company, NBC Group, based in Northfleet. NBC Group is an award-winning Construction Company. Established over 30 years, the NBC Group have supplied labour operatives to major civil projects nationwide. NBC recognises its responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community and to the environment and to this end have kindly sponsored today’s game to demonstrate their commitment to these values by generously offering the Match Day Package to Young People. Together with Diligence (PM) Services Ltd and Burning2Learn,

the NBC Group has been able to offer a very special experience to the Young People who are forming a junior media team, learning about the running of the Football Club and producing their own publication about the day. Jag Sidhu, Director of NBC Group, explains why they decided to give this opportunity to the Young People “If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, you can positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible. This experience should build confidence, teach new skills and above all create great memories to encourage the Young People for the future.”

Collaboration is Key! #4Roles4Goals One company at the heart of change, Diligence provides project management for a variety of infrastructure projects, bringing their business ethos into the communities. Giving to others is very important to Managing Director, Nicola Coppen. As a voluntary Group Scout Leader at 1st North Cray Scout Group, the Chair of Kent and Medway Construction Guild and business mentor to students at The Leigh UTC in Dartford. With these shared values, whilst joining the dots and the pieces of the puzzle, businesses and communities alike can really make a difference, both locally and globally. Change will come if we continue with this shared ethos. www. diligence-pm-services.co.uk

Motivating tomorrow’s adults today! Working in collaboration, we can develop young people to their full potential. #4roles4goals ties in community, education, careers and construction. Giving young people the tools to lead a project and empowering them to be in charge, builds their self worth and sense of value, enabling them to develop to their full potential, which is key to a stronger society. www.burning2learn.co.uk

PARENTS’ VIEWS: "Victoria is only 11 and I wasn't sure whether she would enjoy being part of the Junior Press Team at Dartford F.C or how she would cope with the day. Well, there was no need to be concerned, she loved it! I was told after the event that she was very attentive and interacted well with both her peers and VIPs. It made me and her mum so proud that not only was she prepared to take part but that she also played a very active role as a team member. She didn’t stop talking about it for days after the event and had great pleasure in telling Grandad all about her day at Dartford Football Club." “Chase came home from the match tired but happy. He seemed to have had a good time and he also seemed a little overwhelmed by the day. He experienced a whole range of emotions and said he didn’t realise what big business football was! It definitely gave him a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and how emotional football can be, with anger, sadness, happiness, pure joy and disappointment, all rolled into 90 minutes.”

"Mason has been a football fanatic all his life! He knows everything about the teams, the players and the stats but this was the first time he has been given the opportunity to understand the business behind those stats. We really appreciate the opportunity the project has given to Mason to fully appreciate the back room and business activities that keeps his favourite game playing."

A BIG THANK YOU Designed by Burning2Learn www.burning2learn.co.uk Written by Junior Press Team


Your generosity made this event possible!