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Spotlight on technology LB Bentley Ltd

THROUGH CONDUIT GATE VALVE Bespoke small bore subsea valves and actuators are LB Bentley’s specialism. Its engineered solutions are deployed in the world’s most extreme subsea environments. These pioneering products incorporate metal-to-metal sealing and all its valves use adaptations of this patented technology – this approach delivers innovative products with 30 years of field proven success.

Unique approach

Field proven success


LB Bentley realised that a robust sealing capability was paramount, so it designed the Through Conduit Gate Valve with full metal to metal sealing technology throughout the flow-bore.

To this day the design and sealing technology is truly unique, with 30 years of field-proven-success it’s still the most reliable and durable small bore subsea valve available.

In the mid 80’s LB Bentley designed and patented the first small bore subsea gate valves for chemical injection applications on XMTs and manifolds. Prior to this it was common practice to utilise larger and heavier valves with adapted bores for chemical injection applications, but the industry drive was to reduce the overall size of an XMT.

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The company’s valves have been designed with a split gate and fixed seat, as this is the only way to achieve a full metal-to-metal seal. With this design the faces are always in contact which ensures that contaminants are prevented from being trapped between the critical sealing surfaces.

Over the years LB Bentley has re-qualified the original design to satisfy developments in industry requirements, such as actuation, variation in trim and a broader temperature and pressure range. All its products are certified and compliant with API 6A and API17D 2nd edition at an increased number endurance cycles.

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