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2 May 2015

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4 May 2015 5


“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” ~ Howard Schultz

If you don’t respect who got you here, then you don’t deserve to get anywhere. With the huge influx of new cannabis entrepreneurs and investors I’ve been hearing the term weedbagger a lot lately. So what is a weedbagger? Well, of course it comes from the term carpetbagger. In political terms a carpetbagger is someone who seeks election in an area where they have no local affiliations. In the business world they are someone who seems to have no scruples. The way I have heard weedbagger used sometimes can have a little bit of both sentiments, but it also can go beyond that. A weedbagger can just be someone who is entering into the industry now that the risk seems to have diminished. They want to profit off of the sweat of those that came before them. They also may come in with the attitude that “the professionals are here now, so all you amateurs step aside.”

Editor-in-Chief David Maddalena Art Director Christianna Lewis-Brown Associate Editor DJ Reetz Copy Editor Alexandra Massam Layout Designers Caroline Hayes Christianna Lewis-Brown

I understand some the animosity directed at these weedbaggers when they act this way. Think of the black market grower who ended up with a felony in the last 30 years for a non-violent cannabis offense. They are true veterans of the cannabis movement, but in Colorado they can’t have their own business touching the plant. How fair is that? These are the people who paved the way for legalization, and yet they can’t even take advantage of it. Then you have these “suits” coming into the industry that never truly risked anything to be here.

Director of Sales and Marketing Christianna Lewis-Brown

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any problem with all of the new people coming on to the scene. We have legalization here. It is working (hiccups aside). Of course more people want to play in our sandbox. Cannabis is going mainstream and it should. We have always wanted it, so be careful what you wish for. The amount of attendees at the Marijuana Investors Summit (page 56) was proof of that. In fact I think some of the veterans of the industry need to accept that fact.

Sales Managers Jason Brown Patrick Campbell Brian Colando Sam Ruderman

But just because you are new to the block doesn’t automatically mean you are, or should be welcome to the table. There are a few things you should know first. -Get your ass out of the cannabis closet If you are worried about someone’s perception of you by being in this industry then get out now or don’t get in at all. If you are using a fake name then you are not truly in this game for keeps and that is no way to play. If you are hiding your involvement with cannabis then you truly don’t get it. The most important thing any of us do, is educate those around us about the benefits of cannabis, be they medical or industrial. -Don’t undervalue the seasoned cannabis entrepreneur Just because some of us do not have MBA’s from Harvard, doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing. To be a cannabis entrepreneur in the old days (at least three years ago) one had to have king size cojones. You had to be willing to risk your livelihood on a business with the ever-looming threat of the feds coming down on you. You also had to risk your life savings, bad credit, a personal life and the respect of some, all to make your way in an industry that wouldn’t even let you use a bank or take standard business deductions. If you come across someone who has been in the industry a while then treat him or her with the respect they deserve. If they’ve lasted this long, they have been through the grinder, they are an expert, and I guarantee you will learn something. Value their advice -Pay homage to the activists If you don’t appreciate the people that fought for years for cannabis to be legal then you should not be welcome. Activists have stood out in the rain picketing, been arrested, lost custody of their children, etcetera, just so we could legally grow this amazing plant and harness all of its wonders. Their goal has always been to change the world. So the next time you brag about your amazing new cannabis app, or product or, whatever, thank your stars that they got you here. There is plenty of room at the table for all types of people. Cannabis is an inclusive herb. It makes strangers friends and brings people from all walks of life together. It is also an herb that reveals the truth when you are paying attention. If you are just in this for the money then please go somewhere else to make it, because we can see right through you. Fresh ideas are welcome and needed, we would love to have them. We want more partners in the movement. What we don’t want is a group that doesn’t respect the plant or the people that got us here, just how much they can make off of it. Honor these things and you will be welcome to play in the sandbox.

Contributing Writers Ron Bain Hazy Cakes Rebecca Chavez Dr. Nicola Davies Caroline Hayes Erin Hiatt Monocle Man DJ Reetz Sam Ruderman KC Stark Lee Weiner Contributing Photographers Caroline Hayes Christianna Lewis-Brown MMJ Business Academy Alec Pearce DJ Reetz Cover Photography/Art Christianna Lewis-Brown Graphic Design Christianna Lewis-Brown Printer Publication Printers Corp. 2001 South Platte River Drive Denver, CO 80223 PH: 303.936.0303

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David Maddalena Editor-in-Chief

6 May 2015

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24 8 May 2015

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10 May 2015





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12 May 2015

Creamy vanilla, caramel with espresso bean goodness! The Affogato bar. Available in Chocolate Latte - 300mg THC medical and Vanilla Latte - 100mg THC recreational. As always, Lab tested and fully activated.

Indulge in one today! Twitter: #incrediblesMMJ | Snapchat: incrediblesMMJ | Massroots: incrediblesMMJ | Facebook: incrediblesChocolate | Instagram: incredibles_colorado 13

The GREEN Scene

E V E N T S 14 May 2015

May 14th Mother’s High Tea @History Colorado Center Mountain View Room 1200 Broadway Denver, CO June 6th Hemp Farmer’s Market @ The Greenhouse 6565 E Evans Ave Denver, CO info email June 11th-13th CannaCon @ The Colorado Convention Center 700 14th Street Denver, CO July 17th-19th Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo @ New York City - Javits Center New York City, NY 201-580-2050 June 29th - July 1st Cannabis Business Summit & Expo @ Colorado Convention Center 700 14th Street Denver, CO July 11th-12th INDO Expo Tradeshow @ Denver Mart 451 E 58th Ave Denver, CO July 11th-12th The 710 Cup @ Denver Mart 451 E 58th Ave Denver, CO August 1st Bong-a-Thon 720-432-6188 August 15th The Clinic Charity Golf Classic @ City Park Golf Course 2500 York Street Denver, CO

Good Reads

Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies: Organic Gardening Soils, Teas and Tips for Growing Marijuana and Nutrient Rich Vegetables reviewed by Sam Ruderman

Last summer, I took advantage of the new recreational marijuana laws and grew my first cannabis plant in my backyard. I didn’t know the first thing about gardening, besides that a plant needs some soil, water, and sunlight to grow. When it flowered, I fed it organic nutrients and took some tips from my local grow supply store. I ended up with 2.5 ounces of strong indica, and I was a happy camper. I thought to myself, “growing pot is easy, there’s really not much to it”. I was wrong. Yesterday, I read, “Kick-Ass Cannabis and Veggies: Organic Gardening Soils, Teas, and Tips for Growing Marijuana & Nutrient Rich Vegetables,” by

Kip Zonderkop, and my world as an amateur grower was turned upside down. Zonderkop has a way of disseminating information in a way that is easy to understand and retain. Even someone who struggles with science can comprehend the concepts he lays out in his book. Zonderkop explains that the label of “organic” can sometimes be misleading, and instead bases his approach off of scientific principles and permaculture. He shows the grower how to work with nature and the science of the plant to maximize yields. He focuses the attention more on the environment the plant is in rather than the plant itself, for example, spending pages talking about soil, compost, and

gardening pots. His method uses enzyme, compost, and botanical teas made from plants like alfalfa or kelp as opposed to using conventional fertilizers and pesticides. Zonderkop brings organic growing to the next level, one that would severely reduce the number of FDA organic certifications given out, that’s for sure. If your growing tomatoes, or growing cannabis, the tips in this book go beyond your average grow guide. The best part is, this book is available as an e-book on amazon, and is a super quick read, I finished in about 90 minutes. If you’re thinking about your garden this summer, I strongly recommend this read. 15

16 May 2015 17

In the Spotlight Products ProductsWe WeLove Love

HEMPCO CBD PAIN SALVE reviewed by Christianna Lewis-Brown We have reviewed a couple of Hempco products in the past and our staff was impressed with the quality and effectiveness of those products. So we went into this review with high expectations and we were not disappointed. The CBD Pain Relief Salve is made of all natural and some organic ingredients, and each stick contains 20mg of active CBD, CBDA derived from hemp. The packaging is very handy for a pain salve. It comes in a clear, cylindrical dispensing container with a screw top lid, similar to a deodorant stick. It was very convenient to use, you just rub the stick on the affected area. Pain salves I have used in the past came in a tub and you had to dig your fingers in to apply the

18 May 2015

salve. This is problematic if you don’t get it washed off all of the way. Have you ever rubbed your eyes after using topical pain relievers? Ouch! Not with Hempco. To be fair, you might have to rub it in a bit but at least it won’t get under your fingernails. Upon first application, there is a cooling sensation that lingers for a bit. I did notice some relief in my joint pain after the first use but it really works its magic if you reapply it throughout the day. The pain was less and less after each application. Another win for Hempco! This and their other products are available for purchase on their website, aprilshowersco.weebly. com.

PrAna does a fabulous job of making workout clothes that transform flawlessly from the gym to real life. Everything this Cali company pumps out is fashionable, functional, and consciously made clothing. This is not the first time we have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of their products, and the goods are just as fantastic the second time around. The items on this page are just a glimpse of how fabulous their spring 2015 line is and an example of a really cool company using awesome hemp. We hope you, the reader, are just as impressed and excited as we are about prAna not only as a company but their good looking digs. Go to to view products, prices and for ordering.

These low-rise capris are practical for daytime running around and attending work out classes. Not only are they comfortable and just a good looking pant overall, but they make the booty look good by adding some support. The cute detail on the back waistline is also flattering. You will have great movement with the Freya Knickers, allowing you to accomplish anything throughout your day. Color shown: Vivid Viola. These pants are made of 53 percent hemp, 42 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.


Like most of prAna’s men’s shorts, these are perfect for a casual day but nice enough to wear with a button down for an evening outfit. The colors are neutral earthy tones that pair well with anything. The Furrow Short is lightweight, comfortable with a relaxed fit. Guys: you will love wearing these, and ladies, you will love looking at your man in these stylish shorts. Color shown: Black Herringbone. This shirt is made of 53 percent hemp, 44 percent recycled polyester and 3 percent lycra.

Freya KnickeraT

Crux Crew Shirt


T This jacket wins for so many reasons and is a must have for spring. For one, it’s strikingly cute and comes in fun patterns. It’s lightweight yet warm enough for those cool spring breezes, and most importantly, it is comfortable. You will absolutely love the way this feels and fits. Color shown: Mosaic. This jacket is made up of 53 percent hemp, 45 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.


Peppa JacketaT

Furrow Short

One of prAna’s best performance shirts. The material has a nice sheen to it, making it a bit classier than other fitness shirts. The Crux Crew shirt can be worn for any type of activity. Fast drying, breathable and the way the seams are stitched makes it so it prevents chaffing. It also has anti-microbial properties to help make it odor resistant. Color shown: Gravel. This shirt is made of 92 percent recycled polyester and 8 percent hemp. 19

THE INSIDE OUT SPOON Reviewed by Hazy Cakes

With all these new smoking tools and accessories today, some are quick to forget about the good ol’ glass pipe. The Magna Bowl has really kept up with an ever changing, innovative market with their magnetic glass products. Think of it as a new twist on an old favorite. Think of being on the go and how difficult it can be to pack a pipe and do whatever it is you are doing. Well with the Magna Bowl you can pack the perfect pipe and slide the magnetic top right over the herb to hold it safely in place. Remember when you were younger,


and putting a packed bowl in your pocket to head over to a buddy’s house and the reefer would just spill out everywhere? Magna Bowl has solved this problem with their magna-product. How does it work? There’s a super strong magnet blown into the bottom of the pipe and when you are ready, you place the top magnet, complete with Magna Bowl’s logo, right on top of the bowl. This is by far one of the strongest magnetic connections I have ever seen. (Beware: your lighter will stick to the magnet part on the top of the bowl, which is really funny to watch people try and figure out!) Not only does this piece meet form and function but the glass is also very sturdy and thick, so it’s very durable for on-the-go or outside use. The Inside Out Spoon is huge and has a large, deep bowl, perfect for a smoking circle with a couple friends. Visit their website to see the different types of Magna Bowls they offer. There’s definitely one for everybody’s taste in glass. See for yourself at www.themagnabowl. com.


reviewed by Monocle Man

If you are a concentrate connoisseur or even a novice dabber, you need to have the Honeymat from Dr. Dabber as a part of your collection. These mats are made of premium grade silicone. The large Honeymat measures out at 12.5” x 12” and is the perfect size to keep your rig, dabbers and concentrates on. You can showcase your rig and slabs in style with the Honeymat. The nonstick surface will keep your rig safe and can be used as a rolling surface. Check out Dr. Dab-

20 May 2015

bers website for more information on the Honeymat and Dr. Dabbers other amazing products. 21

ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT #1 Denver Mart 7/11-7/12



Visual Artists:



22 May 2015 23



GE Sommerfeld Every once in a while, an artist reaches out to us (instead of the other way around) at THC Mag and every once in a while their work is cool enough to be featured. Colorado native Greg “GE” Sommerfeld creates beautiful, original, functional pipes out of various materials. I had the pleasure of asking GE a few questions about his process and how he got into the art of sculpting pipes. THC: What can you tell us about your pipes in regards to what they are made of and where they are created? GE: I work out of my garage and backyard crafting each pipe as an individual, as though I was keeping it for myself. I tend to keep them if I fall in love with them. The materials used are stone and deer antler. Sometimes a brass tube is used as a connector. **Please note: No animal lost its life for the antlers. Antlers are dropped and regrown as a natural cycle. Also, it is illegal to harvest antlers in Colorado. Forest critters chew on them for the mineral content. THC: Are all the pipes fully functional? GE: Each pipe is fully functional and needs to be cleaned with a pipe cleaner when it starts to draw with difficulty. THC: What mediums are used to make them? GE: My favorite medium for sculpting is stone, which provides plenty of material and has color, adding life to the piece. My favorite stone is dark green frog skin serpentine, from east of Casper, Wyoming, which when finished looks as good or better than jade. I enjoy the antler for different reasons. It has an ease of cutting [I use a rotary tool & files] and the challenge of only having from 1/16 to 1/4 inch of usable material. Antlers are thicker than that, but the inside has a different texture than the outside and so I try not to touch the inside.

by Caroline Hayes

My major art influence has been from Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. I enjoy the weird, the different and the disjointed. I have been in a number of art galleries in Oregon & Colorado. I have also shown in four of the Loveland sculpture shows throughout the years. To view my wood, bronze and stone sculptures please go to THC: Where can interested buyers find your work? GE: Being a “one man circus” I do not have a lot of inventory, each pipe takes a minimum of six hours to complete, most take longer. I currently have two outlets and both are on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park via I-25 to Highway 34 through Loveland and Estes Park. If you want to feel what the pipe is really like go to the following locations: Benign High Art Gallery and Smoke Shop in downtown Loveland or Beavers Den Leathers west of Loveland on your right after the tall wooden Indian brave sculpture. THC: What advice do you have for any possible future sculptors in America? GE: Do everything for yourself and share it with others. Never stop reading and learning new things or you will grow old. Enjoy anything and everything. Life is short. GE’s works can be found at, where all pipes are viewable.

THC: So, who is GE Sommerfeld? GE: Born in Northeastern Colorado, my young adulthood was spent in Loveland. I started carving at age 12, sold my first sculpture at age 16 and played around with carving wood until the ‘90s. After returning from Vietnam in 1970, I found a different culture than before I left. In the space of two years, pot had been introduced into Colorado’s culture via the underground. Of course, you were an outlaw if you smoked pot. After indulging for a brief time, I found that the biggest majority of the “rage & frustration” [PTSD?] I felt after my return was now manageable. The added benefit was I began to have better interpersonal relationships and my art seemed to be better as my imagination soared. Because I couldn’t roll a good joint, even with a helping device, I went to Mellow Yellow, Ft. Collins’ oldest head shop, and purchased a wooden pipe from India. I sculpted that pipe and started enjoying a “trouble free” smoke. I use to trade a pipe for a lid [a bag of weed], but in those days [the ‘70s] a lid went for approximately $15.00. I imagine half full of stems, seeds and sometimes pebbles. In the 1990s I sculpted my first stone sculpture from Colorado red sandstone. Experimenting with lots of different stone I found that it was my medium of choice. Although more difficult to work, the resulting sculpture is worth the effort. My subject matter is usually a character with some distorted features.

24 May 2015

“Two piece construction of deer antler with a great expression sculpted on it.”

“This skull was suggested by a biker buddy. I have just started sculpting skulls. They are difficult due to the subtle angles and curves.” Medium used: stone.

“This pipe is a work in process. Carving needs to be completed on the back of the bowl and the stem. I really enjoy creating these little guys that could become a lifetime companion for someone.” Medium used: deer antler.

“First place winner at the 2014 Denver F County Fair, named Confused is a pipe carved in 2012 in Oregon. Made of deer antler it has a lid that swivels to gain access to the bowl. It is constructed of two pieces of antler. The “crown” of the antler is what inspired the piece. After counting the little prongs of the crown I found there were more than 20. More than enough for the fingers and toes of this little guy. There are three different characters in this pipe. There are also enough arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes for one entire figure, although they don’t seem to fit properly. One of the characters is smoking a joint (draw through the joint to access the goodies in the bowl), while another is back to back in a squatting position. The third character is on the lid.”

“Second place winner at the 2014 Denver county fair, named Xtreme Toker was crafted in 1994. It is a composite of the three pieces of antler. It has two characters carved on it, one on the front of the bowl and another under the base/bowl. This is the logo for Xtreme Toker – Unique Handcrafted Pipes, my web based mail order store.”

“Frog skin serpentine and antler. I like to do happy characters, mostly.” Medium used: stone. 25




Where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE


26 May 2015 27

Tasty Meds

Reviews of Colorado’s finest medicated products Strawberry Lemonade Sucker 10mg by Canyon Cultivation reviewed by Monocle Man

Looking for a sweet treat to beat the summer heat? Canyon Cultivation’s new Strawberry Lemonade sucker will do just that. This delicious candy on a stick is a 10mg single serving and the newest sucker flavor on to their recreational menu. Canyon Cultivation uses natural and organic ingredients in all their products. Absolutely delicious. The strawberry and lemonade go wonderfully together and will make a party in your mouth. One side has a sour sugar coating that will make you pucker. It’s a nice jolt to the taste buds if you put that side down first. If you are not into the sour, you can put that side up and it won’t be as intense. I ate the sucker super fast because it tasted so good and I always get impatient with suckers, I can’t resist biting the candy off of the stick. The sucker had no dicernable cannabis flavor at all. The effects crept over me slowly like a warm blanket. I was already quite tired before I ate it so after the warm body high kicked in I was out like a light, best nights sleep I had all year. 10 mg is the perfect dose for me, and probably for most edible newbies. I will definitely be getting these again.Visit Canyon Cultivation’s website to get more information and find out where you can get their medical and recreational products across the state. As they say, when life gives you lemons, just suck it.

Aspen OG by Doc’s Apothecary (formerly Physician Preferred Products) reviewed by DJ Reetz

This BHO from Doc’s Apothecary is an amber syringe of gooey goodness. I’m usually a little wary of BHO that hasn’t been stabilized into wax or shatter, but I put a flame to this golden brown goop and didn’t see any of the telltale snaps indicating that it still had butane in it. Having exhausted my scientific testing abilities, I torched up my nail and squeezed a little globule onto my tool. The dab rocketed to my brain, launching me into an almost out of body experience as I coughed my fragile little lungs out. While the flavor wasn’t anything worth writing about, the high was intense and cerebral. I felt energized, and my frantic attempt to clean the lingering mess that had overtaken my home over the 4/20 weekend was made all the more pleasant as my mind raced to various interesting and creative places while my body continued on autopilot. I found the stone uplifting and stimulating, but for those prone to getting lost in their own self-doubts when partaking of certain sativas, this could become one of the dabs kids these days are referring to as a “window jumper.” I will say though, the dab left a bit of an oil stain on my nail, but the enjoyable and creative stone is enough to overlook this. Besides, I do love keeping my oils in syringes, it freaks out all my non-marijuana using friends.

Kosher Bubba Kush Live Resin Batter by The Lab reviewed by Monocle Man

The Lab is one of Colorado’s most awarded concentrate companies with trophies from many championships. The newest addition is due to this Kosher Bubba Kush Live Resin Batter that took home Second Place People’s Choice concentrates at this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup. This isn’t the first time we have dabbled with The Lab’s live resin. Last year we reviewed their first place winner. If you like terps you will go bananas for this run of Kosher Bubba Kush. The pungent smell of pine bursts through the air as soon as you flip open the container. Its name is fitting because it has the look and consistency of cake batter. It won’t make you a dessert but it will get you baked. There was a sweet, mild earthy undertone that made for pleasant dabs. As soon as you exhale your eyes will become extremely heavy and you will sink into your seat. The initial effects mellow slightly, but you may be taking a little dab nap after this one. This Kush combo makes for a cheerful couch-locked experience of epic proportions. Make sure to visit The Lab’s website to see where you find some of the best concentrates in the state.

28 May 2015 29

Featured Strain


The Hong Kong diesel is a 50/50 hybrid cross of Hong Kong X NYC diesel. At its peak we have seen testing results above 31 percent. The aroma is sweet with a very diesel burnt rubber smell. It is grown in soil with all organic ingredients. The high itself is very heady from its sativa side but can be a little heavy in larger doses. It is a very complex high we find to be very well rounded with head and body mostly due to the range of cannabinoids: we›ve found CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN all present which makes this bud


30 May 2015

good for pain relief, sleeping, and recreation. The Walking Raven has been at 2001 South Broadway in Denver CO for more than five years now and there›s two things that have kept our customers coming back: our excellent customer service and premium quality of our buds. Check out our website or call the store at 720-420-HIGH for more information.

People’s Choice

HYBRID ADULTTUSE | | 720.445.6585 For Adults 21+ and Medical Use. Keep out of reach from children. Medicate Responsibly. 31

Hemp Eats Chocolate Hemp Pudding Pudding recipe courtesy of

Serves 6 Ingredients: 1 1/3 cup pitted Medjool dates 1 cup water 1 1/3 cup ice 2 cups hemp seeds ¼ cup cacao powder ¼ tsp vanilla bean powder fresh berries (optional) whip cream (optional, see recipe below) Directions: Add dates, water and ice to a blender and blend until a rough paste forms. Add hemp seeds, cacao and vanilla bean powder. Blend

until smooth and creamy. Spoon pudding into small cups and garnish with fresh berries and whip cream. Whipped cream ingredients: 1 ½ cups heavy cream, chilled 3 Tbsp sugar 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp freshly grated lemon Whipped cream directions: Using a mixer, beat the heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest until soft peaks are formed, about 1 ½ to 2 minutes.

Spinach and Hempseed Stuffed Pork Chops Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 Tbsp hemp oil 1 Tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 6 sun-dried tomatoes, diced 1 (10-ounce) bag of frozen spinach, (thaw, squeeze excess water; can do this easily in microwave) 1/2 tsp salt + more for taste 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper + more for taste 1/4 tsp thyme 1/3 cup cream cheese, softened 1/4 cup ricotta cheese ¼ cup shelled hemp seeds 4 center-cut pork chops, 4-5 oz 1 1/2 cups vegetable broth 1 Tbsp lemon zest 2 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp Dijon Directions: Heat 1 Tbsp hemp oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook for 1-1/2. Add the sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, salt, pepper, and thyme to the skillet. Cook for 2-3 more minutes. Transfer the mixture to a

32 May 2015

medium bowl. Then combine the cream cheese, ricotta and hemp seeds with the spinach mixture. Divide your spinach mix into four equal parts. Using a sharp pairing knife, carefully cut a slit the pork chop, about 1-2 inches, to create a pocket. Stuff each pocket with portioned out spinach mixture. Close pocket by pressing lightly. Salt and pepper if you’d like. In a small bowl combine the vegetable broth, lemon zest, lemon juice, and mustard. Warm 1 Tbsp olive oil in a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil starts to crackle, add the stuffed pork chops. Cook about 3-4 minutes per side until light brown and cooked through. Add the vegetable broth mixture to the skillet over medium-high heat. Cook until it thins a bit and serve over pork.


The cannabis industry is the fastestgrowing industry in the country. Is your business in the right position to capitalize?

2014 - The cannabis market expands to $2.7 billion...a 74% increase from 2013.

2013 - The cannabis market is estimated to be a $1.5 billion industry.

2012 - Colorado legalizes recreational use of marijuana.

2010 - Washington, DC legalizes medical marijuana.

The cannabis industry is expected to top $35 billion by 2020. How is your business leveraging itself to take advantage? The East Coast’s largest business-to-business cannabis exposition is coming back to NYC. Network with industry leaders, learn from experts...succeed in the cannabis industry.

June 17-19, 2015

New York City - Javits Center

REGISTER NOW AND SAVE! OFFER EXPIRES SOON! Visit to reserve your seat. Use promo code: THCN

(201) 580-2050 33

34 May 2015 35

Cannabis News by DJ Reetz

Marijuana More Popular Than Politicians A recent analysis by The Washington Post pointed out that marijuana is polling more favorably than any likely presidential candidate in three key swing states. The analysis of a Quinnipiac poll conducted in March showed that both medical and recreational marijuana were polling higher in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania than any of the likely Democratic or Republican presidential candidates. In all three states medical marijuana was supported by more than 80 percent of responders, while 51 percent of Pennsylvanians, 52 percent of Ohioans and 55 percent of Floridians supported legalizing small amounts of the plant for personal use. Compare this to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who barely cleared 50 percent favorability in Ohio and did even worse in Florida and Pennsylvania. The most popular Republican on the list, Jeb Bush, didn’t even broach the 50 percent mark in his home state of Florida, and Tea Party funnyman Ted Cruz brought up the rear of the pack with less than half the support of adult-use marijuana in most cases.

Federal Reserve Official Cannabusiness Owners



Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George met briefly with several Colorado marijuana business owners in Denver to discuss allowing marijuana business access to basic banking services. The meeting, arranged by Colorado Congressmen Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter, was closed to the public and included several banking representatives as well, according to the AP. No clear resolution was offered during the meeting, leaving marijuana businesses stuck in the position of managing precarious banking workarounds or doing business solely in cash. The state has already given approval to Fourth Corner Credit Union to start doing business with Colorado pot shops, but without approval from George’s office the credit union cannot begin accepting deposits.

President Obama Visits Jamaica, Discusses Marijuana During a visit to Jamaica, President Obama was asked at town hall meeting in Kingston about the current stance of the U.S. on marijuana. “I am a very strong believer that the path that we have taken in the United States in the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ has been so heavy in emphasizing incarceration that it has been counterproductive,” said the President, according to fusion. net. While Obama did concede that current practices are not working, he was slightly less optimistic about the prospect of change on the federal level, shirking responsibility onto the unproductive culture of Congress.

36 May 2015

Obama also visited the Bob Marley Museum during his trip, and claims to be a lifelong fan of the storied reggae legend and cannabis proponent.

Federal Judge Rules to Keep Cannabis as Schedule I U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller disappointed activists recently when she declined to rule that marijuana should be removed from schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. The ruling was part of the trial of several marijuana growers in northern California, whose attorneys argued that marijuana didn’t deserve its spot on the schedule — which reflects an almost certain probability of abuse and a complete lack of medical benefit. Mueller, who had previously hinted that she might rule in favor of a reasonable assessment of cannabis, decided the government should continue to view cannabis in the same light as heroin because she felt the issue should be decided by the legislative branch, rather than judicial. “This is not the court and this is not the time,” she said in her ruling, according to the AP.

Chris Christie Reiterates That He is Anti-Pot During an interview with conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that he would “crackdown and not permit” legal marijuana if he were elected president. Christie, responding to Hewitt’s intentionally brief inquiry, further espoused that, “Marijuana is a gateway drug. We have an enormous addiction problem in this country, and we need to send very clear leadership from the Whitehouse on down through federal law enforcement. Marijuana is an illegal drug under federal law and the states should not be permitted to sell it and profit from it.” Though Christie may have been pandering to an aging Republican base in the interview, his comments serve to drive home his anti-cannabis stance, which in the past included opposition to medical marijuana. Christie’s stance is particularly hypocritical when considering the motives behind his push to legalize Internet sports betting, which were almost word-for-word recreations of many of the drug legalization arguments. Christie has not yet announced an official bid for presidency, and most analysts seem to find it unlikely that he would ever be elected as his own addiction to an unhealthy lifestyle makes him too rotund for the American people to support.

Kansas Officials Seize Child of Cannabis Advocate The 11-year-old son of a Kansas medical marijuana advocate was taken from her custody by state authorities after the boy disagreed with points being made during an anti-drug presentation at his school. Police were

Across the Globe allegedly able to attain a search warrant for the home of Shona Banda after they were contacted by child welfare officials who were allegedly alerted by school staff. The search is reported to have resulted in the confiscation of marijuana oil, flower and processing equipment.

allowed for the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state. Citing the lack of distinction between hemp and marijuana on the federal level, and the lack of clarity in the bill, Gov. Martinez vetoed the measure that would have allowed for the growing of hemp for research and developmental purposes.

The story has stirred a large backlash on social media, and an account has been set up on for Banda’s legal defense. As of this writing the boy was still not back in his mother’s custody and no charges had been filed.

“[F]ederal law classifies tetrahydrocannabinol as a controlled substance where hemp products designed for human ingestion are concerned. Senate Bill 94 does not recognize this distinction,” wrote Gov. Martinez in her veto message, according to

Washington State Curtails Medical Marijuana

The measure had previously sailed through the state legislature, with a 33-8 vote in support in the Senate and a 54-12 vote in support in the House of Representatives.

A recent bill signed into law by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee seeks to more closely align the state’s long-standing medical marijuana law with the more recent adult-use marijuana enactment. The measure effectively shuts down large-scale marijuana co-ops, limiting the number of patients that can come together in a collective grow to four. Medical marijuana will now be sold through licensed adult-use shops, where it will be more heavily taxed than at the loosely regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. The new regulations also create a voluntary patient registry, giving state officials a clearer understanding of the number of medical marijuana patients being served in the state. Patients who register will be allowed to grow up to six plants at home, while those who opt out will be allowed only four. Washington’s adult-use law does not allow for homegrowing that is not explicitly medical. Some activists in the state have decried the shift, claiming it will negatively impact those truly in need of medical cannabis, while others see the more structured approach to medical marijuana as a move toward more consistent and stable access to the plant.

Roadside THC Tests Inch Closer to Being Reality Two graduate students at the University of Akron have received a $10,000 investor’s award for developing a sensor that will allow police to test for trace amounts of THC in a driver’s saliva. Dubbed the “Cannabuster” the sensor would not require police to draw blood from a suspect, which requires lab testing that can take weeks to yield a result. Instead, the sensor relies on saliva, similar to existing Breathalyzer technologies, is reporting. Whether or not THC is a significant factor in driver impairment, especially at the levels currently criminalized in places such as Colorado, remains a hotly debated issue.

New Mexico Governor Vetoes Hemp New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed a bill last month that would have

Nevada Lawmakers Tour Colorado Marijuana Facility In an effort to understand what legalization might look like in Nevada, a group of policy makers and legislators from the Silver State took a guided tour of the Medicine Man facility in northern Denver. Joined by Colorado lawmakers including consistent cannabis advocate Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont) the group got a first-hand look at legal marijuana in action. “Colorado’s doing well with it. They are letting people be personally responsible for their actions,” Nevada Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore told USA Today after examining some of Medicine Man’s product. Nevada seems likely to legalize marijuana soon, as the state government seeks to address budget shortfalls, particularly around public education. Currently, Nevada’s medical marijuana program is one of a handful that recognizes out of state referrals, meaning Colorado medical marijuana patients can legally buy and posses marijuana in the state.

DEA Chief Expected to Step Down Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator Michele Leonhart is expected to step down this month according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice. The announcement follows a scathing review from the House Oversight Committee, which centered on alleged sex parties in Colombia at which DEA agents had sex with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels. Leonhart, who previously has been taken to task by the likes of Colorado Rep. Jared Polis for her willful ignorance of the dangers of marijuana, has served as DEA Administrator since George W. Bush appointed her in 2007. Leonhart leaves behind a legacy of poorly thought out, ethically questionable and outrightly illegal law enforcement tactics, or as she called it in an email to DEA henchmen obtained by CNN, “the incredible reputation the DEA has built over more than 40 years.” 37

2015 NOCO Hemp Expo by DJ Reetz

The second annual NoCo Hemp Expo took over the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland last month, celebrating a year of legal hemp farming in Colorado. Part trade show, part rally for social progress, the event was a thriving mix of socially conscious entrepreneurs looking to pave the way for a brand new industry and activists celebrating the progress already made. With over 50 expert speakers (including those brought in through Skype) and dozens of interesting products and businesses on display, the event attracted over 1,300 attendees, creating a mixing pot of social and entrepreneurial zeal, all wrapped in a family friendly showcase.

the plaintiffs in the current lawsuit against the state over Amendment 64). Although last year’s inaugural NoCo Expo was able to feature seeds available for purchase, this year’s event had no such luck. After organizers decided on the larger venue in Loveland, they were told just two weeks prior to the show that they would not be able to have any live plant material as sheriff ’s officials would be unable to distinguish between hemp plants and the also legal marijuana plants. The warning carried with it an astronomical threat of fines as high as $15,000 per seed, says event organizer Morris Beegle.

A range of products and investment opportunities were on display, from standards like clothing, food, and even hemp beer, to industrial applications and hemp processing companies.

“[Larimer County Sherriff] Justin Smith basically used it as a way to stick his nose into a cannabis event,” says Beegle. “He’s really going against the will of the voters.”

Speakers included event emcee Doug Fine, the prolific cannabis author whose works include “Too High to Fail” and his most recent work “Hemp Bound,” which documents the re-emergent hemp industry and its ground-breaking potentials. Other speakers included legal experts such as attorney David Bush of HempLaw Colorado, as well as real-world hemp farmers such as Ryan Loflin (the maverick who famously cut down the first hemp crop since prohibition began in Colorado two years ago) and Michael Bowman, the man responsible for raising a hemp flag over the U.S. Capitol in 2013. “Who would have thought five years ago we’d be having these gatherings, and openly having these gatherings?” Bowman pondered to a packed room during one of the many expert panels. “We’re really playing a tune here and we’re making some beautiful music,” said Bowman. The treacherous legal status of hemp was discussed, with legal experts outlining the many obstacles between farmers and viable seeds in the states allowing for legal cultivation. The perilous world of hemp advocacy was also discussed, with activist and lobbyist Samantha Walsh describing Washington D.C. as “an awful place full of awful people with awful ideas.” Walking around the event it could be easy to mistake the openness and general energy for a total victory, but the shadow of ignorance toward hemp could still be noticed. Absent from the event was any actual living hemp plant or viable seed for sale, a consequence of a threat from the Larimer County Sheriff (who is also among

Still, the threat was taken seriously, and one exhibitor and speaker was even detained and made to throw away a hemp plant she had brought with her. While Beegle says he was frustrated with the interference, he doesn’t want it to detract from the momentum of the event. “Sometimes you just have to pick your battles,” he says. While the direct sale of seeds wasn’t allowed on expo grounds, many people were able to make the necessary connections and conduct their fully legal business elsewhere, Beegle says. “Last year was a great event, but this year was amazing,” says Beegle. With three times the attendance of last year, NoCo may well turn into the premier hemp event in Colorado that Beegle envisions, even with the archaic and ignorant attitude of the sheriff looming over it. “Overall I couldn’t really be happier,” he says. Beegle hopes to continue to hold the event at the Ranch in Loveland, though it may continue to be held at a disadvantage until 2018, when voters in Larimer County can elect a sheriff with a more reasoned stance toward cannabis. “We’ll see, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen,” says Beegle. Those who missed the event or just want to learn from the cavalcade of experts that spoke during the NoCo Expo can watch videos of the featured panels at

Photos provided by Morris Beegle

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THE SMOKE HAS CLEARED! Highlights From Denver’s 4/20 Week by DJ Reetz

4/20 Rally, photos by DJ Reetz Four-19 bro! Time to light up. With 4/20 falling on a Monday this year, what’s a good stoner to do? Why party all weekend of course! This year’s festivities in the Mile High City marked the second year of full-blown legalization, with revelers from all over the country flocking to Colorado to breathe deep of cannabis freedom, hold it for a few seconds and then exhale that freedom in a coughing fit of smoke. It’s not hard to feel the excitement that courses through the state when the annual holiday rolls around, hotels are booking up, fences go up to contain the revelries, and myriad posters for events promoting themselves as 4/20 friendly start to get tacked up on every light poll around Denver. It’s excitement akin to the way drinkers view St. Patrick’s Day, only more pent up, and more repressed. When the weekend rolled around, the excitement was seen in lines at dispensaries that would trail for blocks. Excited out-of-towners eagerly awaiting their purchase, hoping to snag a full seven grams of flower or concentrate and enough edibles to make sure they’re good and stoned for a full three-day weekend, and locals who maybe just didn’t plan ahead. The Cannabis Cup called both to tourists and locals, taking over the Denver Mart north of the city. However, a threat from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division clouded the event, preventing licensed local vendors who paid thousands of dollars for booth space from distributing samples at the show. That didn’t stop Cup goers from bringing their own bud and sharing however, and the stoner-pomp of the event may have only been diminished slightly without limitless free dabs being slung left and right. Outside the event a twisted nightmare of road construction impeded access, shutting down interstate access for some and creating a parking shortage around the event, prompting some to wonder if perhaps city officials were attempting to squash the event in a clandestine and nefarious manner. The Cannabis Cup may have garnered the most attention, but the beating

40 May 2015

heart of 4/20 in the metro area has always been at Civic Center Park. Last year, following the shooting that occurred in 2013, organizers set out to ensure the event would be safe beyond reason. Private security contractors abounded, moving with suitable menace through the crowds, dressed in camo-colored Kevlar, some observing the movements of the crowd from scaffolding towers, all the while armed with assault rifles. This year, the security presence was thankfully dialed back somewhat, though every attendee wishing to gain access to the fenced-off free speech zone was forced to wait in a roughly 20-minute line to be patted down before entry. The organized rally took over the park at Denver’s center Saturday and Sunday, with various booths selling paraphernalia, artwork, apparel and a selection of street food. The throng milled about, lighting comically fat spiffs as they walked past vendor booths. On the grass smoking circles set up, passing glass pipes and torching nails on dab rigs as barefoot hippies danced. The event managed to hold true to the family friendly vibe established last year, and some attendees could be seen pushing strollers through the crowd. The weather gods were not so benevolent to the crowd this year as they were last though, and sporadic rain and cool temps seemed to keep the crowd at bay. But that didn’t stop the various rappers scheduled to perform at the park’s two stages. By Sunday afternoon the clouds broke and the performances culminated with former correctional officer and current rap super star Rick Ross taking the main stage shortly after the 4:20 countdown. Outside of the event, Denver police and state troopers eagerly awaited anyone foolish enough to spark up outside of the protest pen, and reports indicate as many as 196 tickets and arrests related to the weekend festivities. By Monday, the actual day of 4/20, all remnants of the organized rally had

been removed from Civic Center, and the peaceful protest sprang up across the street on the section of park between Lincoln and Broadway. Here, without the fair-like vibe of the organized rally, smokers sat cross-legged on the grass and passed their smokables around. The police watched reluctantly, allowing for the peaceful protest against the city’s refusal to extend the prior days’ event permit, so long as it stayed on that side of the street. Without any security, the significantly diminished event saw a single fight break out, and police were on hand to quickly apprehend the offending parties. Some who wished to unashamedly celebrate the holiday bought tickets to the various concerts occurring around town. Mostly sponsored by dispensaries and marketed as 4/20 shows, the concerts largely and unequivocally were intended to be cannabis free. Legendary reggae artist Barrington Levy performed at Casselmans, where bouncers warned all who entered that smoking marijuana was not permitted on premises. At 4/20 in the Streets, which took over the five-pointed intersection of Welton Street and 26th Avenue outside of Cervantes’, concertgoers were asked not light up lest authorities shut down the event, even though headliners Redman and Method Man, and Cypress Hill are unambiguously marijuana oriented acts and the font of the event’s banners consisted of cartoon smoke puffs. Inside the fenced off open-air festival, police officers could be seen ready to ticket anyone who dared light up outside the packed crowd in front of the stage. In Denver, viewed by many to be the center of the cannabis movement in the nation, celebrations still don’t feel like the clear victory they should. The thought of police warning venues hosting St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo events that patrons are not allowed to drink seems laughable, yet when marijuana enthusiasts organize around the herb, the veiled legality the city pushes seems all too present. City officials seem to not want consumption to occur anywhere publicly, leaving tourists baffled, and even locals at risk of getting a ticket should they violate the rules. It manifests in the number of party busses that could be seen cruising around the city, and in the number of people that could be found hot-boxing cars outside of 4/20 events; the city has effectively relegated consumption to vehicles. In the past, 4/20 was a somewhat clandestine thing, code for those in the know. The 4/20 show was just assumed to be a place that would fill with pungent reefer smoke, and those who didn’t care for that kind of thing just didn’t know about it. But this year, and likely for foreseeable years to come, the fixation of local and national media with the spectacle of legal marijuana in Colorado means this subtlety is gone, replaced by a media circus complete with news choppers and drones buzzing over the celebrations. The second fully legalized 4/20 in history, and with the eyes of the nation upon us, it still doesn’t quite seem legal. 41


Barrington Levy @ Casselman’s, photo credit to Alec Pearce

Barrington Levy @ Casselman’s, photo credit to Alec Pearce

40oz to Freedom @ The Barkley Ballroom

Ngaio Belum @ The Barkley Ballroom

40oz to Freedom @ The Barkley Ballroom

42 May 2015

Barrington Levy @ Casselman’s, photo credit to Alec Pearce


Glass Artist J-RED Glass

Glass Artist Kurt B Glass Artist Matt Robertson

Glass Artist Ryno Glass Glass Artist Peter Muller, Muller Glass

Glass Artist Ouchkick

Glass Artist Matt Robertson

Glass Artist Bandhu Dunham 43


Where the Cannabis Industry Does Business.

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State Attorney General Defends Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Regulations by Ron Bain

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is vigorously, if reluctantly, defending Colorado’s regulated legalization of marijuana against a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma, stating to Club 20 that a recent indictment of 32 people pretending to be medical marijuana growers shows that Colorado is striving to prevent illegally grown pot from entering other states.

Coffman, a former deputy attorney general, is a Republican who was against Colorado voters’ legalization of marijuana.

The Supreme Court has not yet agreed to hear the Midwestern states’ complaint, but Attorney General Coffman filed a brief with the court in late March arguing that Nebraska’s and Oklahoma’s objections are better directed toward the federal government, which has relaxed enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act to allow many states to legalize medical and recreational marijuana without extensive federal interference.

“It certainly makes for great headlines,” she said, stating that she has been asked to speak about marijuana in many locales. “I don’t think I would have chosen, back when I was going to law school, to be the marijuana queen.”

“We are figuring it out as we go,” Coffman told a Colorado Mesa University lunchroom full of Western Slope dignitaries. “They object to our regulatory scheme that is designed to track marijuana from seed to sale and do our very best to control the flow of marijuana into the gray and black markets.” Some leakage is inevitable, Coffman said, because “pot tourists” leaving Colorado want to take legal marijuana out of the state into states where it remains illegal. Colorado’s post offices seized quite a lot of outbound marijuana in December that was intended as Christmas gifts, Coffman said. But, with federal cooperation, multi-million dollar operations like the Denver growers’ warehouse that was shipping 400 pounds of pot per week to Minnesota and other states will be investigated and put out of business, Coffman vowed. “It is up to the federal agencies that control enforcement to keep marijuana out of their states,” she said. In fact, Colorado may be forced by the Oklahoma/Nebraska lawsuit to sue the federal government as “necessary parties into the case,” Coffman said. The interstate lawsuit specifically targets Colorado’s regulatory system for managing medical and recreational marijuana grow operations and dispensary sales, she explained. “If they would strike down all the laws and regulations that our General Assembly has put in place to administer Amendment 64 to control what is happening with growth and sale of marijuana, we would be left with legalized marijuana in Colorado but no way to regulate it,” Coffman told the mostly conservative but chuckling crowd.

She drew laughs when she explained that former Attorney General John Suthers told her, “Good luck with that lawsuit,” not long after her 2014 election.

Because Colorado was one of the first states to have both medical and recreational marijuana, it’s in a unique position to advise the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana and the other three states – Alaska, Washington and Oregon (as well as the District of Columbia) – that have thus far legalized recreational marijuana, according to Coffman. “Here in Colorado, we need to share the knowledge and the experience that we have had,” Coffman said. “There are 23 states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana, and we have told those folks that you are on the precipice now of having legalized, recreational marijuana, because that is the progression.” Criminal enterprises from other states have invaded Colorado to take advantage of the interstate black market opportunities created by the state’s legalized marijuana market, Coffman said. “This group of 32 individuals, many of them family members… and several other co-conspirators, were brought into this business of growing and distributing marijuana outside of the state of Colorado,” Coffman said. “Their approach was to legitimize and use as cover the fact that they said they were operators for medical marijuana. They were actually working in a warehouse in Denver, in a warehouse district where there were a lot of grow operations. It was one of their colleagues working around them that noticed something amiss.” The conspiracy also ran massage parlors and rented out warehouse space to other, legitimate growers of marijuana, Coffman explained. A hash oilrelated butane explosion at the warehouse had been previously investigated, she said. Several of the conspirators were pilots with their own airplanes who would fly the marijuana to other states. “Needless to say, they won’t be flying any more, in airplanes at least,” Coffman said. “We’re looking forward to prosecuting them.”

“There are 23 states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana, and we have told those folks that you are on the precipice now of having legalized, recreational marijuana, because that is the progression.” 45

In Cannabis We Trust by Erin Hiatt

Bryan and Lanette Davies are unlikely cannabis crusaders. Devout Christians, they own a Christian-based dispensary in Sacramento called Canna Care. The Davies’ were introduced to medicinal marijuana when a doctor treating their daughter, who suffered from a painful bone disease, suggested that she try cannabis to ease her pain. Noticing her relief, Bryan tried cannabis to help with his arthritis. The Davies’ were not making it financially on their meager social security earnings, so Mr. Davies got on his knees and asked for guidance, and he got his answer loud and clear: “God said open a pot shop.” The mission of Canna Care “is to help and heal.” They have free Bibles available for the taking and daily prayer with their employees. They also have a huge tax bill from the IRS because under a Reagan administration tax code called 280 E, the Davies’ are not allowed to deduct any business expenses because they, under federal law, are considered drug traffickers. But, if the Senate’s three brightest stars, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) get their bill passed, the Compassionate Access, Research, Expansion and Respect States Act

46 May 2015

(CARERS), medical marijuana will be legal in the United States and the Davies will no longer be trafficking drugs according to the government. CARERS is co-sponsored by Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.), making it a truly bipartisan bill. Senator Booker said when announcing the proposal that “Our federal government has long overstepped the boundaries of common sense, fiscal prudence, and compassion with its marijuana laws. These laws must change.” The key words here are “federal government.” The Supremacy Clause in the Constitution is where the buck stops when it comes to federal versus state law. The Supremacy Clause demands that If a state passes a law contrary to federal law, state judges have to defer to federal law, unless and until federal law is changed by legislation. Sometimes state legislation can be very contested and even constitutionally dubious, in which case the legislation, such as same sex marriage, abortion, and legal marijuana, all perfect examples of state’s rights issues, may be tied up in the courts. In order to avoid that, the Supreme Court needs to decide if those laws are constitutional.

Dan Riffle is the Director of Federal Policy at the Marijuana Policy Project and explains that “what the bill would do would make marijuana legal under federal law in 23 states. That’s far more significant than any other change in federal marijuana policy ever. So it’s a huge, enormous bill.”

available for federally approved research. Riffle says that “There are also bureaucratic hurdles like the Public Health Service Review Protocol that exists for marijuana and no other drug. And this bill would do away with those and allow scientists to do their job.”

If the CARERS Act should pass, the Drug Policy Alliance says we can expect these changes:

Anti-marijuana crusader Kevin Sabet strongly opposes the CARERS Act, saying that the bill is “like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.” Some, including Sabet, believe that easing marijuana laws will open the door for “big marijuana,” creating a Big Tobacco-like monopoly in the cannabis business.

 It would allow states to legalize marijuana for medical use without federal interference  It would permit interstate commerce in cannabidiol (CBD) oils  Marijuana would be demoted to Schedule II from Schedule I  Banks would be allowed to do business with marijuana dispensaries  Veteran’s Administration doctors could prescribe medical marijuana to veterans  Barriers to medical marijuana research would be eliminated That’s not nothing. Here’s how it would play out: Without federal interference, medical and adult-use businesses could sell their products without fear of their establishments being raided by the federal government or being victims of civil asset forfeiture. That’s why Attorney General Eric Holder’s “hands-off the states” approach to legal marijuana was significant, and it was likely a significant stepping stone to the CARERS proposal.

Even Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) says that the bill may be “DOA” because of opposition from some Republicans, while still acknowledging that the bill even being introduced is a historic moment for marijuana reform. But Riffle thinks “The heart and soul, the meat of the bill is states’ rights. We’ve seen Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, even folks who aren’t in the Senate who are heavy hitters in the Republican party like Rick Perry and Jeb Bush who all say that states should be able to determine their own marijuana laws and is something that should be determined at the state level.” “The majority of Democrats support medical marijuana,” Riffle continues. “Republicans are there on states’ rights but a little more queasy on medical marijuana.” Well, if the CARERS Act passes, a VA doctor could prescribe them some medical marijuana to soothe their upset stomachs. Stay tuned.

CBD use has been getting a lot of attention, and even conservative states like Utah and Idaho have opened the door to certain forms of CBD to treat epilepsy, in particular for children. CBD is non-psychoactive and has mountains of anecdotal evidence showing its effectiveness. This bill would allow the interstate transport of CBD and CBD only — not marijuana — and remove some CBD strains from the federal government’s definition of marijuana. While there is a lot of hubbub around rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, Riffle believes that “the rescheduling is completely irrelevant and unimportant.” He points out that society on the whole is becoming more aware of the absurdity of marijuana being a Schedule I drug alongside heroin. Riffle says that “many are coming to the conclusion that we should treat marijuana like we treat alcohol, and alcohol is not scheduled at all and marijuana should be removed from the scheduling scheme altogether.” There is an obscure little section in the tax code called “280E,” the code that is bedeviling the Davies. This section is very important to dispensaries for conducting the financial end of their businesses. 280 E states that businesses in violation of the Controlled Substances Act can’t take a tax deduction or receive any credits for business expenses. With the passage of the CARERS Act, dispensaries “would be taxed like any other ordinary business instead of being taxed on their net revenues, which means that they’re effectively paying a 60 or 70 percent tax rate,” Riffle explains. Also, banks could conduct business with dispensaries and the dispensaries in turn could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they don’t have to keep thousands of dollars of cash on site or face persecution from the IRS. Doctors at the Veteran’s Administration who may wish to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients simply can’t as the law currently stands. Their hands are tied by the fact that the VA is subject to federal law, even in states where medical marijuana is legal. The Walter Reed Medical Center estimates that nearly 20 percent of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD, and passage of the CARERS Act would allow VA doctors to freely prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. Scientists who wish to study medical marijuana have been stymied by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), who have the only marijuana 47


48 May 2015

Medical Marijuana may provide relief for patients with Parkinson’s disease, an ailment which has no known cure. Several pharmaceutical drugs have been manufactured to manage the symptoms, but as with most medications, the side effects can be very severe. However, marijuana is a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals, and it has been shown to be a powerful way to control Parkinson’s disease.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a serious neurological condition that impairs your ability to walk comfortably, make movements, and coordinate effectively. Almost one million Americans are victims of this disease. Parkinson’s disease occurs when the brain slowly stops generating a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which normally assists in the transmission of signals to the section of the brain that controls movement. The disease affects these nerve cells and, with insufficient production of dopamine, the patient has reduced ability to regulate his or her movements, body, and emotions.

Most of these medications usually aim to prolong, maintain, or mimic the existing dopamine, but they are not as efficient as levodopa. Additional medications include:  Dopamine agonists – instead of converting into dopamine, these drugs imitate the function of dopamine in the brain.  MAO-B inhibitors – they assist in preserving dopamine from being broken down.  Anticholinergics – used in managing the tremor that is caused by the disease.  Amantadine/Symmetrel – used to offer short-term control of the symptoms of the ailment.

Marijuana as a treatment option

Marijuana has been employed for many years across the globe as a medicinal herb for a wide array of diseases. During the last few decades there has been increased interest on the use of the herb in treating various diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

Although the disease itself is not fatal, complications arising from it are very dangerous. In fact, the Center for Disease Control classed complications from Parkinson’s disease as the 14th main cause of fatalities in the U.S. Since the disease affects the body progressively, it becomes worse over time across several years. Most patients’ symptoms take several years to become noticeable.

Our bodies already produce cannabinoids which are also present in marijuana. Cannabinoids influence various body processes such as pain and inflammation. Therefore, if someone consumes marijuana, it can assist those natural chemicals to function more efficiently. Specifically, cannabinoids can relieve symptoms, such as dystonia and dyskinesia, which are prevalent in some patients suffering from the Parkinson’s disease.

The key symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are:  Tremor, which makes the hands, arms or legs experience shaking or trembling  Stiff muscles or rigidity of the muscles  Muscle movements or dyskinesia  Difficulties in balancing or walking

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main cannabinoids present in marijuana. When consumed, they have a synergistic effect, which is to lower inflammation, manage spasms, and put off neurological damage. Marijuana is the best candidate for treating Parkinson’s disease, mainly because it does not lead to such serious side effects as the standard medications. Marijuana, particularly the CBD constituent, has neuro-protective (protecting destruction of neurons) characteristics, which may reduce the advancement of Parkinson’s disease.

Tremor is the initial as well as the most common symptom of the Parkinson’s disease. However, not everyone suffering from the disease will exhibit it. Tremor usually begins in one of the limbs. It may also start being felt in one side of the body. Eventually, the disease will start affecting muscles found throughout the body. This may result in various problems such as difficulties with swallowing food or constipation. When the Parkinson’s disease has fully developed, a patient may experience a fixed or blank expression, difficulties in speech, and other problems. Some patients also experience a reduction in their cognitive abilities. Parkinson’s symptoms normally begin to be seen when patients are between 50 and 60 years old. However, at times, the symptoms start appearing earlier.

Medications for Parkinson’s treatment

After starting Parkinson’s disease treatment using medications, patients may begin experiencing notable improvements of their symptoms. With time, though, the benefits of medications normally lessen or become less reliable, even if the symptoms can still be fairly well managed. Because Parkinson’s is essentially a condition of deficient dopamine in the brain, the most direct solution is to supplement the dopamine. The only problem is that dopamine, by itself, is not able to cross the blood-brain barrier. However, its precursor, levodopa, can enter the brain easily and be converted to dopamine. Since the 1970s, the most effective treatment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms has been a mixture of levodopa and carbidopa (carbidopa-levodopa). The carbidopa works to prevent levodopa from untimely alteration to dopamine before reaching where it is needed the most, namely the brain. This also counters side effects such as vomiting that levodopa can cause. Over time, as the Parkinson’s disease advances, the gains from levodopa may become less reliable with a proneness to wax and fade (“wearing off ”). In addition, the patient may start to experience involuntary muscle movements (referred to as dyskinesia), particularly after long-term treatment with levodopa. At times, the disease may make patients experience strong muscle cramps referred to as dystonia. There are other drugs that are, at times, used to manage Parkinson’s disease.

Several studies have been carried out in the past to illustrate the benefits of marijuana as the best alternative treatment option for Parkinson’s disease. According to a study conducted in 2002 by Dr. Evzin Ruzicka, a neurologist at Charles University in Prague in the Czech Republic, almost 50 percent of patients who were receiving medical marijuana treatment said that the herb assisted them to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In another notable study, which was conducted in March 2014, researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Rabin Medical Center in Israel demonstrated how 22 patients with Parkinson’s disease (13 men, 9 women), had their symptoms alleviated as a result of consuming medical marijuana. The researchers discovered that consuming marijuana resulted in significant improvements in the patients’ disease symptoms. Importantly, patients were seen to experience reduced tremors, rigidity, and dyskinesia. In addition, the researchers also observed that patients were able to get better sleep and showed improvement in terms of pain scores. Interestingly, the study did not report any significant adverse effects resulting from the use of the herb in treating Parkinson’s disease. Even though the studies on the use of marijuana as a potential treatment method for Parkinson’s disease are not conclusive, it is possible to use the herb to relieve symptoms or possibly enhance existing medication to make the treatment more efficient. The herb can assist in managing the adverse side effects of Parkinson’s disease, as it is able to prevent neurological impairment and improve the quality of life of those suffering from the ailment. Conclusion Marijuana has been shown to reduce the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, this calls for increased research by the medical community to pursue efficient ways of utilizing this herb to alleviate the suffering of Parkinson’s patients. If more research is carried out in the area it could result in better symptom management for patients. In addition, the introduction of efficient ways of administering cannabinoid medicine could contribute to efforts to combat the advancement, and potentially initiation, of Parkinson’s disease. 49



Welcome back everybody and I hope you all had a kick ass 4/20 holiday weekend last month. This issue we are going to start building out your grow. Hopefully, you have done your due diligence and negotiated through all the necessary basics such as making sure your electrical is safe and you have sufficient air conditioning. You should have also figured out your water source and drain location. Now that your room is totally empty, the carpets are torn out and the windows are boarded and sealed for light leaks, we can finally start building the grow. We are going to build a one light system for ease and ability get your feet wet faster. Adding lights later after you know what you are doing will behoove you in the future, and keep your investment at a minimal until you know you love to grow. So lets get setting the grow up! Ok…I warned you that this is not a linear process and we have to always think ahead. The foundation of any grow is keeping your genetics clean, healthy and unstressed. That means having happy and healthy moms. We need to designate a proper spot for your mothers and clones where they will be happy and healthy. A large closet properly ventilated usually has room for both. If no closet is available, you will have to allocate part of your room by adding a grow tent, this will help determine the placement of your flower table location. Clones are very temperature sensitive while growing roots, so you need to keep the mom and clone area at a consistent temperature. You will not need a 1000-watt bulb to keep your moms alive and healthy, a 400-watt to 600-watt will serve your mothers well and not produce as much heat. A metal halide (MH) bulb produces the best spectrum for plants in their vegetative state. It is also important to regulate the growth of your moms so they don’t get too big too fast. You want to bring as few problems into your grow as possible and the best way to do this is to start your grow from seed, which is the easiest way to avoid inheriting anyone else’s problems. You can start with feminized seeds to mostly guarantee all females (to start with non-feminized seeds we would need a separate article dedicated to breeding, and that is not the intent of this series of articles). I do not suggest using outside-sourced clones beyond the first time you bring them in your home if you have to go that route.

50 May 2015

Make mothers of everything you want to grow and try not to let your moms die or get too old. It is always fun to experiment with new strains and I encourage it to a point of diminishing returns. Every strain has its own unique personality, taste, smell, effect, etc… On the other hand I don’t encourage creating a potential problem by regularly bringing in other people’s infestations and mildews. It is no fun getting rid of bugs or watching your plants get mauled or rotted on the stem. When you get you first round of clones or if you plan on bringing in new genetics regularly I suggest having a quarantine tent in your garage so you can bomb the hell out of the new plants with every pesticide known to mankind…that’s kosher of course. Slightly kidding but mostly serious…. you don’t want bugs or disease!!! A bug or powdery mildew infestation on their first crop will discourage any novice grower real fast and keep you from wanting to spend the time and effort to ever grow again. Ultimately, you want to find your couple or few flavor faves and perfect them. Try new flavors on the open market at reputable dispensaries with good genetics (and of course backed with a Bubba seal of approval…ha) and then try to find the genetics and start again. I personally suggest — and every other experienced grower will agree — that being 100 percent in control from clone to harvest is the way to be. Inhereting other peoples problems is commonplace in this industry. There is very little equipment needed for the moms and clones. Old fluorescents have been faded out and have been replaced with T-8 fixtures. They produce mucho more heat and, typically, I would only get a four-bulb fixture and only light two bulbs over your clone domes. It would behoove you to run a test to set the height of the light fixture above the dome. I set my T-8s at least six inches from the top of the dome but in a home grow you will have less control of the heat. Therefore, do a test run with the grow cubes in the domes without clones planted and continuously check the temperature while misting the lids of the domes. I have the best results when the inside dome temperature is 78-79 degrees Fahrenheit. This information will allow you to fix the light fixture at the right height and not have to mess with it again. It’s a pain in the ass adjusting those fixtures unless you have a large space. Set up a simple flood table for your moms and put a small reservoir under the table beneath the drain hole. This will be a simple recirculating system with the nutrient in the reservoir underneath the flood table. Always keep in mind that this reservoir will need to be cleaned and sterilized every time you make new nutrients. Old nutrient should be

You want to hang the light in a location in the room that will allow you to have ample space to walk around the whole perimeter of the grow area. It is important to be able to look in at every nook in your grow area to spot problems such as infestations, mildews, molds etc. dumped every three days and the reservoir needs to be scrubbed each time. A simple 1/4hp sump pump will suffice for both watering your moms and draining the reservoir. Otherwise, use a deck hose that is certified safe for drinking water and a watering wand to hand water your moms. If you don’t have a nice closet, you will have to set up tents. They are mostly turn key, light proof and equipped with ventilation capabilities. They make great rooms within rooms. This leads into where we hang the big boy light that will produce the lovely flowers. Let’s figure out where to hang that 1000-watt light. You will get decent results using a 600-watt but only if you have major heat restrictions. A 1000-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) is your standard flower bulb. A standard 1000watt light will put out a footprint of 16 sqft, or more simply stated, a four by four foot area. The new double-ended bulbs put out by companies like Gavita have a slightly larger footprint. I space my Gavitas at a five by five foot footprint. The choice of which lights to use depends on a few factors. Gavita hoods cannot be vented as their hoods are open and have no lenses. I personally hate lenses on my hoods and prefer not to vent the lights, which can be quite costly and sometimes tricky. Lenses get dirty almost immediately after you clean them and block more light and spectrum than sales people will tell you. There is a lot more maintenance involved in venting your lights. During cooler months, you will get condensation build up on the lenses of your hoods caused the mixing of the cool and warm air that is no bueno and a pain in the ass. The duct lines will also develop water buildup in and outside of the duct that will drip on your plants and floor…also no bueno. Venting your lights should be done as an absolute last resort to keep your room cooler. If you don’t plan on venting, pick a light, like Gavita, that is built specifically for operating without a lens for new electrical regulations. Just had to throw that in to be respectful of the Fire Department.

nutrient reservoirs to be black, as a white reservoir will promote more algal growth that can be a bitch to keep clean. In a future column I will teach you a magic secret sauce that will clean all your trays and reservoirs like new when the time comes, and I have it packaged. Ha. For the time being, Hydrogen Peroxide will be your friend and enemy. It is very expensive and a tiny little drop will eat your skin in seconds…no bueno. Be really careful with the concentrated hydrogen peroxide that is sold at the grow stores. The table that holds the flood tray should be metal, since wood is bad to have in a room. Wood holds moisture and provides havens for bugs to roam and hide. They make complete tray and table sets but remember to keep your reservoir black. We are going to hand feed for your first crop. Automating your system should be done after you have a couple crops under your belt and you have flooded your room a couple times. We will set up the whole system in the next issue but I wanted to leave you with a little story about automating your plants with a drip system: Ok…so my dumbass was growing on the second floor of an apartment building in Topanga in Studio City, CA. I was a little wild back then, and that day I was literally dead to the world at around ten in the morning after partying all night with hopeful Hollywood rockstars. Suddenly, I was awoken in panic mode by my landlord and my neighbors below me. They were standing over me — mostly naked and smelling like a bar — looking at me and looking across the hallway to the other bedroom with the door open and 6000 watts of light blaring out. I pulled whatever I could muster up and looked at them, then looked at the room filled with four-foot slightly overgrown plants two weeks from harvest (stinking like Kush heaven) and the first thing I remember saying was “Am I going to jail?” So what happened was one of my drip lines had come loose from the dripper stake and was shooting water at the wall, which was draining into my downstairs neighbor’s apartment. Thank my lucky stars my landlord gave me two choices: chop it down and move or chop it down and stay. She was cool, and my neighbors were a gay couple who were pro marijuana. Shout out to all my gay bredren, love you guys and all the support. So lesson: don’t be a schmuck, love thy neighbor, and you are not a grower if you haven’t flooded a place. Listen to your Bubba.

You want to hang the light in a location in the room that will allow you to have ample space to walk around the whole perimeter of the grow area. It is important to be able to look in at every nook in your grow area to spot problems such as infestations, mildews, molds etc. Always have the idea of cleaning your system as a constant thought in the back of your head. Design your room so it is as easy to clean as possible. Hang the light with the proper anchors and use a metal cable or chain if you plan on using a 600-watt bulb and will need to raise and lower the lights. I suggest when hanging a 1000-watt HPS that you fix it at ceiling height. Too much light can shock plants, which can stunt their growth, and I find that plants grow into the light as they can handle more intensity. A common problem I see in many grows is they put the lights down too close the canopy before they are mature enough to handle the intensity and they get stunted. I have not seen 5x5 grow tables on the market yet so you will want to buy a 4x4 flood tray. White flood trays are the best as they reflect all wavelengths of light, unlike black trays, which absorb all wavelengths of the spectrum. A brief science lesson for those that don’t know how light works: the reason something is a certain color is due to the wavelengths of light reflected and absorbed by the object. For example, a plant is green because it absorbs all wavelengths of the spectrum and reflects green. That is why we see the plant as green and why we use green lights to look at the plants in nighttime mode. Green light is not absorbed by the plant and therefore the plant will stay asleep. You want as much of the light spectrum reflected on your plants as possible with the most complete spectrum your bulb can put out. Bulbs are specifically designed with customized spectrums to optimize plant growth in different phases of its lifecycle. I should have told you to paint your room white in the beginning…sorry guys! On the other hand, you want your

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Pot-litically Incorrect

What Prohibitionists Got Right by DJ Reetz

But while prohibitionists are certainly wrong about a whole heaping pile of shit they espouse, it’s important for more enlightened thinkers to recognize some of the things they actually got right. In this spirit of understanding, we offer you a brief list of things that prohibitionists actually got right.

No, prohibition is not about keeping the community safe, only an idiot would think that. Prohibition is about criminalizing harmless day-today behaviors of undesirables. Maybe they’re minorities, maybe they’re subversive social movements, but if you make an activity these groups engage in into a crime it becomes easy to disrupt them. Nixon did it to the hippies, Anslinger did it to the beatniks, the simple solution of incarcerating people who have different values than your own for engaging in behavior that you don’t engage in is the clearest goal of prohibition. As a bonus, in a society that has developed a moral distaste for legally enforced segregation, racially biased enforcement of drug laws goes pretty much unnoticed by the public. Prohibition works.

Prohibition Works

Marijuana Promotes the Mixing of the Races

You could, but you would be wrong. Not wrong regarding these objective facts about demand for marijuana being met by people who have no scruple about breaking laws and selling to kids, you would be wrong about the goal of prohibition.

After the mandatory public school bussing that was such a hot issue while I was in elementary school, marijuana use was probably the single thing most responsible for creating diversity amongst my friends. Smoking marijuana meant that I was hanging out with people who had different social and ethnic backgrounds. Whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, rich, poor and middle class, I’ve smoked weed with representatives of too many

In these insulated times of marijuana legalization it seems as though prohibition is going the way of the Dodo. According to multiple recent polls, a majority of Americans now favor full legalization, with an overwhelming percentage in favor of medical applications. Without a doubt, prohibitionists are finding themselves increasingly outnumbered, and there are surely plenty of reasons for this.

Straight up, unequivocally and undeniably, prohibition gets the job done. Now, you might point to the ease of access to marijuana on the black market, the fact that marijuana is widely sold and used in every state in the nation, the ease with which kids can buy marijuana from drug dealers who might not have the high standard of ethics required not to sell to high schoolers, and the money flowing into the hands of criminals who sell marijuana in places where it is not yet legal. You could point to all of these things as evidence that prohibition is not working, that it is not accomplishing the desired goal of exterminating the demon weed from our society.

52 May 2015

Boy, prohibitionists nailed this one back in the day. When Harry Anslinger rallied the nation behind his Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the ‘20s and ‘30s he was 100 percent on point about marijuana use promoting racial harmony. Whites lighting up alongside blacks in clandestine jazz clubs may not be as much of a problem these days as it was when Louie Armstrong was doing his thing, but marijuana use can still lead to a more racially integrated group of friends.

demographics to list. In those moments of commonality I was able to realize that not everyone has the same experience and outlook as me, but minus these external variables we’re all pretty similar. I can concede that this argument so fundamental to prohibition is true. I just disagree that racial integration is a bad thing.

Marijuana Use Causes Paranoia

still experimenting with drugs, guess where I got cocaine from the first time I ever tried it. That’s right, the same guy who sold me marijuana. If it wasn’t for the lucrative illegal marijuana trade I would have never had access to this kind of drug, or the kind of people who sell it. Hell, I got all kinds of things with which to experiment from my high school dealer. I had already determined I was being lied to about marijuana, so I figured I’d dabble around and see what other awesome experiences I was missing out on.

It seems like every single prohibitionists argument invariably includes the detrimental effects of cannabis use on psychological health. Marijuana use leads to an altered perception of reality and can deepen or even create psychosis, they will say.

Yup, marijuana led me to try a bunch of other drugs. Or maybe it was just marijuana being illegal that led me to this. I mean, these days when I ask the budtender working the counter at the dispensary what else they’ve got I’m politely asked to leave.

And you know what? They’re right.

You Won’t Get a Job if You’re on the Pot

When I began down the slippery slope of madness that is marijuana use I often felt paranoid while using it, a paranoia that led me to some rather extreme behaviors. Hiding in rundown alleys and derelict maintenance areas, all because I was gripped by the paranoia that someone would observe me and alert the authorities. I was racked with paranoia that at any moment my day and even my life could be ruined by an overzealous police officer. It led to clandestine activities in clandestine places, sometimes even trespassing.

While prohibitionists love to perpetuate the stereotype that marijuana users are all shiftless, good-for-nothing, lazy stoners and ignore the myriad examples of current and former marijuana users who continue to excel in life (maybe like the president of the United States for instance) the fact remains: you’re less likely to get or hold a job if you use marijuana.

No, prohibition is not about keeping the community safe, only an idiot would think that. Prohibition is about criminalizing harmless day-today behaviors of undesirables.

As I grew older, I stopped feeling shame for engaging in activities that are in no way shameful, but by this point the damage was done and I was too mired in psychosis to ever escape. Marijuana use had conjured a deep sense of paranoia in me, paranoia that powerful dickheads can and will manipulate public perception for malevolent reasons. Paranoia that people who wish to control the population can do so, very successfully, even to the extent of inserting a false and baseless sense of morality into the population of not just the United States, but the entire world. Paranoia that these manipulators can so thoroughly control public perception that they can enact socially destructive policies and inspire a large percentage of people to loudly advocate for these policies on the basis of preventing social harm. Scary shit when you think about it, and it rattles me to the core. So yeah, I’m pretty paranoid as a result of my experience with marijuana.

Marijuana Use Leads to Lawlessness

This isn’t usually an explicit part of most prohibitionist rhetoric, but it’s always heavily implied. Marijuana users don’t have a regard for the rules that keep us from tearing each other apart and hurling feces at one another like chimps. They just don’t respect the law. This I can tell you is also true. Years and years spent casually violating the law has a certain degrading effect on one’s appreciation for said laws, and when the law is so fundamentally flawed it calls into question the validity of a whole host of points in the social contract. Add to this that being a marijuana user shifts your view of police from that of public servants to adversaries to be outmaneuvered and avoided, and you are left with people who don’t have the greatest appreciation for the rule of law. Marijuana users don’t have respect for the law, but maybe they would if the laws were a little less stupid.

Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

This, right here, is one of the most consistent arguments for the continued criminalization of the cannabis plant. Marijuana use is the first step toward a lifetime of harder drugs. While this prohibitionist argument does carry with it a certain acknowledgement that marijuana on its own isn’t that harmful, the fact that it can lead to harder drug use is pretty undeniable. This is something I’ve ascertained through years of personal experience, so I can’t deny that prohibitionists got this one right. When I was a young man

Why is this? Well maybe because the only substance that is effectively tested by the omnipresent urine analysis tests is marijuana. Employers generally don’t care if you spent your weekend drunkenly beating your significant other (unless you get caught) and urine tests generally won’t show that you spent five sleepless days smoking meth last month, or even that you kept the party going Friday night by bumping lines off of a stripper’s taint. What urine tests will show is that sometime in the past several weeks you ingested THC like some kind of goddamn animal. What’s worse, your boss can still legally fire you for partaking in this legal activity while not at work. No severance, no unemployment, nothing but a swift kick in the ass and a tough explanation to the next potential employer as to why your last job didn’t work out. Worse still, try getting a job if you had the misfortune of getting hit with a drug felony. Good luck getting a job you lazy stoners.

Marijuana is Harmful to Kids

Now, it seems premature to point to a bunch of half-cocked studies about the effects of marijuana on the developing brain conducted by institutions that had to demonstrate an anti-marijuana bias just to be able to conduct research on the topic. I won’t infer causality from correlation and I won’t cherry pick scientific reviews that agree with this idea while ignoring nearly all anecdotal and scientific evidence that stands in contradiction to this point, as many prohibitionists will. But I will grant that prohibitionists are right about this, marijuana use poses a significant harm to kids. Seriously, all you need to do is review this list to understand the harms posed to kids by marijuana use. A young person who uses marijuana is more likely to face some kind of legal trouble in their life, they’ll be less likely to seek police assistance if they should ever need it, they will likely develop a fundamental distrust of authority, and they may even be more inclined to experiment with other drugs. Prohibitionists are completely correct when they demand that we keep marijuana away from children. If only there were some kind of way to drive the drug dealers who sell to underage kids without compunction out of business… But I guess that’s impossible. So next time you find yourself frustrated by the circuitous and self-righteous arguments of a prohibitionist, just remember, they may be wrong about a lot of things — for instance, most things — but they do have a few valid arguments. 53

Now Trending: Rosin Tech by DJ Reetz

A new extraction method seems to be sweeping the Internet these days. Rosin Tech, as it’s called, a method that involves applying heat and pressure to buds or low-grade hash to melt and squeeze out the resin. Generally attributed to Instagram user @SoilGrown, the extraction has caught widespread attention recently for both its ease and safety. With all the hype surrounding the technique, we here at THC decided to take a whack at it, and report the results to our loyal readers. Admittedly, I don’t have too much experience when it comes to extraction. Some halfhearted attempts at making bubble hash in my younger days resulted only in crappy, usually browncolored garbage that might be acceptable scattered into a blunt, but certainly wasn’t anywhere near the full-melt solventless stuff dabbers have come to expect these days. I’ve had friends who’ve engaged in the clandestine and incredibly risky technique of open blasting, which involves stuffing a tube with plant matter, spraying canned butane through it then purging the syrupy drippings in a heated vacuum. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some of the skilled extraction artists who use complicated and expensive closed-loop butane systems and CO2 extractors, but I’ve never actually learned how these machines are run, and I certainly don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on equipment just so I can be a little more self sufficient with my dabs. For casual home extractions the options are either bubble hash (which can be tough to master and generally has a very low yield) or open blasting (which, frankly, terrifies me, as it should you). However, if the Instagram posts are to be believed, Rosin extraction can yield translucent amber and gold colored hash similar to solvent-extracted shatter. The term rosin usually refers to resin extracted from coniferous trees through a heat extraction process. The hardened resin is used for any number of purposes, usually intended to increase friction. Rosin is rubbed on the bow hairs of stringed instruments such as violins and cellos, applied to the shoes of athletes and dancers, and is even used to increase friction at the starting line of drag races. But this rosin will be used exclusively for getting stupid high. After watching several YouTube tutorials made by dopey stoners pressing rosin in less than ideal situations, I decided it was time to give it a shot myself. To start, I picked up a cheap flatiron at my local Kmart, opting for the model with the widest heating plates, rather than run the risk of ruining my girlfriend’s. I chose one with a variable temperature setting and a digital readout so I wouldn’t end up over or under heating my plant material. With my high-tech extraction equipment now in place, it was only a matter of choosing the right material to Rosin the shit out of. My first impulse was to go for my excess weed, the stuff that wasn’t getting

54 May 2015

smoked and was likely headed for the shake jar, rather than waste any of my preferred smoking material. First, I turned on the flatiron, adjusting the temperature to a notch above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which I double checked with my handy laser thermometer. Though the tutorials I watched varied, the general consensus was somewhere between 300 and 400 degrees, hot enough to melt the terpenoids and unlock the resin, but not so hot that it vaporizes the THC, which boils and turns into vapor at 315 degrees. Next, I placed a small nug, maybe half a gram, into the fold of a sheet of parchment paper (note: do NOT use wax paper for this, it will melt and you will be left with nothing but a sticky mess and a reminder of your own failures) and carefully placed the folded paper between the ceramic plates. I squeezed the paddles together with all the zeal of a teenage girl straightening her hair before prom, giving it a five count before releasing and opening up my parchment to see what I had accomplished. The dryness of my herb had worked against me, as what I discovered inside my carefully folded parchment paper was a crumbly mess, and no rosin. Realizing my mistake, I opted to try a fresh bud. Fortunately, I had a fresh plant readily available, cut down just the day prior. I ripped off a squishy fresh bud, put it into a newly folded piece of parchment paper, and gave it a squeeze with the flatiron. My first couple tries didn’t yield anything impressive, a few spatters of resin on the paper that I collected with my dabbing tool. After folding the smooshed nugs and pressing again, I quickly realized the key to getting the most resin from your nugs was pressure. The process is similar to cold-press juicing — the key difference being the application of heat and the viscosity of the resin you are trying to extract — meaning the more pressure you can apply, the more resin you will squeeze out. I began pressing with my full weight, and the results were phenomenal. Soon I was pulling out sizable dabs from my half-gram nugs, and I was dabbing my own homemade, golden amber extract, excited as a child that has just helped prepare dinner for the first time. I found each nug could be folded over on itself several times after being flattened, and I generally saw returns diminish beyond what I felt was worthwhile on the fourth or fifth re-pressing. What’s left over is flattened, darkened nugs resembling old-fashioned Mexican brick shwag. Some tutorials suggested using this leftover bud in edibles or tinctures, as the heat extraction also serves to decarboxylate the bud, but I felt it had served its purpose and trashed my leftovers. Collecting the freshly squeezed resin by rubbing the tip of my dab tool across the paper would occasionally catch bits of plant matter as well, so for this reason I would recommend dabbing rosin on a ceramic or quartz nail that can be easily cleaned with a quick blast from your torch. While the dabs I managed to press out certainly did the trick and got me nice and stoned, the flavor was lacking compared to higher-end concentrates like full melt bubble hash and live resin. This is likely due to the destruction of terpenes and flavonoids caused by the heat extraction. Still, the promise of safe, easy homemade extracts is awfully attractive, and I’ll likely be doing it again. If you’re looking to save some money on extracts or just to avoid potential contaminants such as butane, Rosin Tech is a great option. It seems like hash extracted in this manner is likely to be showing up in dispensaries any day now, and undoubtedly someone is already working on a pricy commercial extractor. But you can do it at home, all it takes is a $40 hair straightener and a little bit of trial and error. 55

“Putting on the Ritz” at the MIS By KC Stark

The Marijuana Investors Summit Report What occurs when private equity investors meet America’s up and coming ganjapreneurs? The Marijuana Investor Summit, that’s what. Three days (and nights) of investors from across the globe listening to dozens of keynotes, meeting hundreds of business owners — and the eyes and ears of curious nextgen marijuana players.

come to these industry conferences that blend entrepreneurs and investors. A good gathering!” When asked specifically about cannabis investing, Alan gave the down and dirty 411. “Unfortunately the OTC does remain the Wild West. The bad news first, we’ve gotten more bad companies. The good news, we’re starting to get more good companies as well. We have a lot of work to do. I’d like to see more people focused on industry groups.”

It was as intoxicatingly entertaining as it was informative.

Pressed for a 30 second tip, Brochstein replied wisely, “Look before you leap. Read the SEC filings and don’t focus on the press release.” I have a new name for you, Always Ready Alan.

The stars of the show were Randy Shipley, CEO of CannaFundr, and Kevin Harrington, a.k.a. the Original Shark. But it was the content and the character of the MIS that caught the eye and captured the attention.

Between shots of espressos and hemp protein shakes, I ran into “leading Colorado-based highly disruptive startup,” Ebbu and spoke with co-founder, Dooma Wendschu.

The event provided a plethora of keynote speakers such as Alan Brochstein, CFA of 420 Investors, and Eva Silva, Co-Producer for Hempsters Documentary Film Series & Co-Founder of Hemp Solutions. From up and coming innovative startups like Ebbu, to the ironsides of the industry like Kelly Crosson, Major Gifts Officer for Marijuana Policy Project, the MIS had more hits than Babe Ruth and just enough opulence to differentiate.

What is Ebbu? “Ebbu is a new type of cannabis product. We are a cannabis distillery. We don’t make a drink like alcohol – we make a liquid.” Ok cool, you have my attention. Go on. “We have pioneered a distillation process that allows us to create a new type of product. What we’ve come up with is a product that is predictable.” At this point I’m intrigued. “That’s what consumers are looking for a predictable and reliable sensation.” Well said, Dooma. Bottoms up!

The day began with mile high sun and blue skies. It was followed by 96 hours of almost non-stop 21st century buzz, business and blur. More hands to shake than a politician and more keynotes than a hall of fame inauguration. When asked why the MIS? Shipley replied, “I did it to bring entrepreneurs and investors together in what I think is the biggest growing industry in the country. It needed to be done in a different way.”

Why the Ritz? Why this MIS? I’ll sum it up with the words of renowned American composer, Alec Wilder of the 1920s after hearing Irvin’s Berlin’s latest hit, “the most complex and provocative I have ever come upon.”

And it was. The MIS found its niche and claimed it with a heavy hand. With over 68 keynote speakers, and dozens of vendors, covering the gauntlet of cannabis business interest, my only problem was not having a mini me to attend everything. I had to call my attorney, Charles T. Houghton, Esq., just to be able to capture the entire event. He’s like a mini me with a law degree. A perfect fit at the MIS. I caught up with Alan Brochstein after his keynote. His take? “I like to

Do I jest? I’ve left out most of the details of the parties and services of the team at the MIS. If I told you that I encountered a massive blue bus filled with Magical Butter (trademark), aerial acrobats, and dwarves, would you believe me? If I told you that we were treated daily with everything from Boston clam chowder to chocolate (dark and white) covered strawberries, would you call it insane? Nope. I’d call it stepping out at the MIS. All true. “Spending ev’ry dime. For a wonderful time” Irvine Berlin, 1927. Randy, I’ll see you next year. My advice: Bring a mini me. With so many events, it was physically impossible to partake in all the offerings. Believe me, we tried.

photo credit to MMJ Business Academy

56 May 2015 57

Cannabis Book Club By Rebecca Chavez

58 May 2015

ike so many young people, my first encounter with cannabis came through the pages of books. Drug use is often a tool of subpar authors hoping to boost sales through inclusion on some sort of banned books list, and young-adult authors can sometimes take this to a point of excess. My first foray into the world of fictional drug use came through the classic, Go Ask Alice. The book was attributed to an anonymous author, and originally touted as a non-fiction account of real-life drug addiction. By the time I got around to reading it, however, it was considered common knowledge that the “editor”, Beatrice Sparks, was actually the creator of the entire story. Despite the false premise, I was completely entranced by the story of the narrator, a typical teenaged girl who is given a dose of LSD at a party one night and soon falls into a life of debauchery and drug use.


I was in middle school when I first read Go Ask Alice. Knowing nothing about cannabis, I figured that it was as described in the novel. That is to say, I assumed that cannabis had the same properties as MDMA and was as addictive as a typical opiate. This is par for the course with young-adult literature. It is designed to ensure that young people never consider the possibility of doing drugs, and therefore avoids having an honest depiction of drug use. When characters in young-adult novels turn to any kind of intoxicant it typically ends poorly. Even Hamish, of The Hunger Games, cannot put a drink to his mouth without becoming a full-blown alcoholic. The fear of drug use being depicted as somewhat normalized oddly carries into adult fiction. This could be due to the illegal nature of drugs. After all, though authors such as John Steinbeck and Margaret Mitchell acknowledge that abortion was happening before the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling, the characters in their books often pass a moral judgment that reflects one of the time in which the book was written. Authors who write about marijuana are likely doing the same thing, lest they be condemned for writing a factual account of what cannabis use looks like and expose themselves as one who would commit a crime. This doesn’t prevent all authors from exploring the topic, and through literature we can often see how the public opinion on cannabis has transformed over the years. Drug laws are a fairly new invention. Many working towards legalization will point to the fact that morphine and opium were often prescribed by doctors into the early 20th century. Beyond this there was a thriving legal market that led to books such as Confessions of an English Opium Eater. The most famous early work on cannabis was Charles Baudelaire’s epic ‘The Poem of Hashish’, which was written when he was a part of a group known as the “Club des Hachichins” or “The Hashish Club”. This club included other literary greats such as Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Honoré de Balzac, though they kept their use of cannabis out of their works. Written in the 1840s, the “poem” reads more like an essay. In it, Baudelaire extols the many virtues and vices of hashish and

explains the drug in a way that may be familiar to the modern user. Any modern cannabis aficionado relates easily to the statement that “hashish often brings about a voracious hunger, nearly always an excessive thirst”, though there is probably a little hesitation when it comes to Baudelaire’s later assertion that excessive use of hashish could lead to a God complex. Baudelaire’s judgment of the drug could be clouded by his love of laudanum, a legal (at the time) intoxicant that played a significant role in the deaths of many artists. One of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about marijuana use in literature is that authors rarely remark on the ordinary. For something to worm its way into the pages of a novel, there must be something extraordinary about it. While cannabis is legal, discussion of the drug’s use appears to taper off, only to sharply increase in the 1950s. This was the time of The Beats. Kerouac and company made few qualms about their drug use, but can hardly claim originality for it. If On the Road taught readers anything, it is that Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy loved nothing more than appropriating other cultures and using their privilege to insert themselves temporarily into scenes that perhaps would have preferred to be unfettered by a group of entitled, blue-collar white men from New England. In San Francisco, Kerouac pauses to describe an experience Dean has with cannabis. In this experience, Dean spends days high on what he calls “green tea”, experiencing visual hallucinations and indulging in self-harm. This sort of eye-roll worthy exaggeration of the effects of cannabis is typical of The Beats, who want desperately to indulge in what they see as taboo, and a part of a world they will never belong to. Kerouac was likely influenced to write about drug use after reading Invisible Man by the much more competent Ralph Ellison. Ellison’s narrator smokes a joint someone gives him early in the book and has a somewhat transcendent experience while listening to Louis Armstrong. He describes descending into the music “like Dante” and seeing around the corners of the song. At the end of this brief exploration into the invisibility of Armstrong, the narrator of Ellison’s book declines to use cannabis again, stating “the drug destroys one’s sense of time completely.” Having the floodgates of drug experimentation in literature opened by Ellison and Kerouac allowed for other authors to insert cannabis into their modern works. Drugs are used with nonchalance in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, published in 1982 but set much earlier in the 20th century. A decade later, Jeffrey Eugenides captures the essence of the confident high school drug dealer in The Virgin Suicides’ Trip Fontaine, a character who later ends up in rehab. As we move towards a more complete picture of legalization, the depiction of cannabis in literature is likely to change as well. Young-adult fiction is likely to carry the same stigmas as always, but the authors of works for adults may become more comfortable with the righteousness of their own use and insert the drug into their works with more confidence.

./ 59


By Rebecca Chavez

As the smoke clears from the High Times’ Cannabis Cup, it’s time for those looking to the business end of cannabis to prepare for industry-oriented trade shows. B2B trade shows are a chance for people working in cannabis to meet their colleagues without the wading through crowds of people who are more interested in consuming cannabis than growing and selling it.

This is going to be the second one, correct?

In Denver, the Indo Expo is set to be one of the strongest trade shows around. This B2B event started in November of last year, with a multiday show featuring a wealth of seminars. Attendees had a chance to get to meet others in the industry working towards professional goals, and to communicate with them in a setting that was all about pushing forward the business side of cannabis.

We are trying to do a bi-annual expo in Denver, and then when the show gains traction we will take it on the road. We’re really seriously contemplating Florida, Arizona, California, and New York. In 2016 you’ll start seeing us do three shows a year, and then as the business grows, our goal is to do four or five. Two shows always in Denver and then rotating in other cities that really need this type of expo.

The Indo Expo is the brainchild of Chris Olson and Stephanie Swimmer. Chris comes to cannabis after spending 20 years as a gardener, and Stephanie has been creating B2B expos for over ten years. Though gearing up for a fast-approaching expo is a time-consuming process, Stephanie was kind enough to spare a few minutes to talk to me about what attendees can expect from the July expo.

What sets this apart from other expos for cannabis?

Hi, Stephanie. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. Can you tell me a little about what you were doing before the Indo Expo? I have been producing B2B tradeshows since 2004. I started in New York and I ran a successful women’s clothing B2B trade shows for about ten years. When I came to Denver I started working in the Denver Mart, where I was the executive director of events and trade shows. It was while I was here that we decided to open up the Indo Expo Company and produce that trade show. Now I’m fully focused on Indo Expo. So really, a long history in trade show production and event production. That’s what I love to do.

60 May 2015

Yes, July will be our second event. Exactly. So are they annual events, or is it about every six months?

This is definitely built on a platform of B2B: the concept of meeting and introducing the wholesaler to the retailer. That’s the focus of this show, that’s really the core element here. I do a lot of outreach to attract the right retailers and attendees. It’s not for the cannabis consumer. This is not a festival or a party. It’s a true business platform, and that’s really distinguishing us from some of these other shows out there. I think what you’re also getting from Indo Expo is more experience. Myself in producing shows since 2004, and my partner who’s been a gardener for twenty years, our experience combined to produce this show allow it to be an elevated event. We get what it takes, what a B2B really needs. We’re not just party promoters or event promoters. B2B has been my industry for a very long time, and we’re true to what we are. We also want to be an affordable trade show. Chris is a huge advocate for legalization medicinally and for the hemp movement. When he pitched this idea to me, I loved his passion. We want to provide something to the community that’s educational, informational, and affordable. We’ve

We’re three months out, so we’re a little early in the selling season. May and June is when we’ll really start with sales, but I already have about fifteen new companies. We just landed a fertilizer company out of Florida, and a local guy doing glass out of Boulder. Those are the two I know I signed up in these last two days. How do you cope with the rapid growth of the industry? Do you foresee the lineup changing every single year?

Includes Lunch, samples, snacks

Only $99

manitou old colorado city

719-423-6729 ext-420

the smoking gift headquarters


smoke learn vape eat shop live free!

Are there any new exhibitors that are different from last year?

denver colorado springs manitou pikes peak region

One of seminars is on pesticides, one is on LED, and on Sunday we have a couple geared towards someone looking for a job or career in the industry. If you’re an investor we’ve got one for getting into the business and where to put your dollar.

olorado canna-bus tour

What are some of the business oriented seminars that one could expect this year?


We’re doing the seminar lineup right now. Some of the topics we’ve been throwing around are definitely geared more towards the grower and dispensary business owner. We do allow non-profits to show within our facility and at the expo. Last year, we had about six non-profits that we gave booths to just because we believed in what they were doing. We want to support that. We didn’t have any seminars really on advocacy, but again we support it just through having those non-profits as a part of the show.

Luxury Tours and Transportation

It sounds like there’s a bit of a background with advocacy, can we expect to see some advocacy-focused seminars, or is it going to be completely business?

Scan Me to View Available Tours!

You mentioned that this isn’t for the consumer, will there be a time when the show is open to the general public? We open the doors on Sunday to the general public. It’s a $30 ticket that allows access only on Sunday. With that ticket attendees can network with all of our vendors, and they have access to all the seminars and networking events we have going on that day. We also have a job fair that day. This is so that we can facilitate connections with people working. It’s more than just budtending. This could be a graphic artist, or an accountant, varied jobs at these companies. We’re really looking to support our local community. Chris and I both live in Denver, this is our hometown, and this is our backyard. I feel that through this job fair I can really give back to the community. That was really important to me.

tour bookings Special Spring Tour

been able to keep everything really low cost. You can get a booth for around $1,800, all-inclusive. It’s a free event for any registered buyer, grower, dispensary owner, and for people in the industry here in Colorado who have key and support badges. We’re not trying to make a dollar on it, just do the right thing for the community and for this budding industry.

When these retailers come in from around the country, I don’t want to offer them the exact same platform and group of exhibitors every time. You’ve got to change it up, so we’re always looking for new companies to participate. We sold out the first show in November, so we rented twice the amount of space. I had 145 exhibitors last time. We’re looking at having more exhibitors this time. There are avenues we’re taking and we’re always looking forward and trying to attract new people, different people. That’s a big part of keeping it exciting and always changing. Where can people go to find out more information about the event? There’s a lot of information on our website which is www.indoexpoco. com. They can call me at 720-833-5719. We’re looking for vendors right now, and we’re looking for sponsors. 61

62 May 2015


A single charge for a singular experience. The enhanced battery on the Indica vaporizer now provides up to 90 minutes ™

of continuous use when fully charged. Giving you ample time to breathe, inhale, and slow down. · ©2015 Indica, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Patent pending. 63

64 May 2015



69 The Clinic 66 The Giving Tree of Denver 66 Infinite Wellness 66 Kind Pain Management 67 MMD of Colorado 68 Northern Lights Cannabis Company 70 Physician Preferred Products 67 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 67 URBA 67 Walking Raven

COLORADO SPRINGS 66 The Organic Seed 67 Original Cannabis Growers

NORTHERN COLORADO 66 Infinite Wellness 65

The Giving Tree of Denver

The Health Center


The Health Center is a top notch cannabis dispensary with two convenient locations in the heart of Denver.

2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211

Infinite Wellness Center 2 Locations

We believe in the infinite possibility of total wellness and in the infinite modalities to achieving this wellness within and without. We offer our patients a dignified environment with friendly compassionate staff here to facilitate the needs of our patients. It is one of our goals to help dispel the negative press, thoughts and attitudes toward utilizing marijuana as a multi-beneficial medicine. We have set a standard to provide quality medical marijuana and edibles in a wonderful variety while upholding the laws set forth by both state and local governments. We plan to participate in fund raisers and charity events to engage in the needs of our community. It is our intention to bring light and awareness to a fresh view of well being and peace.

66 May 2015

2 Locations

Established in 2009, The Giving Tree of Denver continually strives to be a leader in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Center industry. Today we boast the largest edible selection in the city. We serve the particular needs of licensed medical marijuana patients in our comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere. In addition to our generous membership program, we offer a 10% discount on every purchase for Veterans, HIV/AIDS, cancer patients, students and ***MMJ industry staff.

Boasting upwards of 70 varieties of award winning strains at any given time, the individuals who comprise the THC team pride ourselves on offering the best variety, potency and effectiveness of any cannabis in the region. Not only is The Health Center focused on cultivating the finest quality medicine, but also employing the finest quality staff. Each time you visit, you will be greeted with knowledgeable, friendly associates who take pride in working with you to find the best available options to meet your medical needs.

Kind Pain Management

The Organic Seed

2636 Youngfield St Lakewood CO

Grown and raised right here in Colorado...We are locally owned and operated by Colorado natives, and all of our medicine is meticulously cared for locally. Here at KPM, we appreciate our patients and can relate to many of the conditions from which they suffer. As patients and caregivers, we remediate and manage pain. We understand that sometimes any relief is welcome, and we are here to help. We are committed to compassion for our patients and quality of our medicine. We offer very high quality medicine to our patients at very kind prices. You’ll find our selection of strains, tinctures, hash, edibles (even ice cream), to be quite impressive. Whatever your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

2304 Platte Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 We pride ourselves on caring for our patients first! Your concerns are our top priority! Your needs as a patient are highly valued by the team at Organic Seed and by our highly trained Bud tenders. They will assist you with all of your medication needs and help come up with a personal plan to help manage your condition. Organic Seed has a wide variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains along with some shop favorites such as our own Blue Dream and Ghost OG. Our top strains are grown in house in all organic soil. We also carry a variety of Concentrates including earwax, shatter and hash oils mostly processed by R & R and Mahatma Concentrates.

Original Cannabis Growers 2625 E St Vrain St Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Simply the best cannabis for less. We’re the first and oldest Center in our Platte Ave. neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Call for mature guidance for your personal needs from growers with over 15 years experience. We offer Happy Hour 4p.m. to 6p.m. Every day. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all your medical cannabis needs.

Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 511 Orchard Street Golden, CO 80401

RMOM offers an extremely professional atmosphere, knowledgable staff and always top quality, organically grown medical cannabis. If you are ready for a better dispensary experience, come visit our facility at the base of the Rockies in Golden. Meet John, the owner of Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine. The road that lead him to start RMOM was an unfortunate one. In February of 2009 John’s wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. She went through surgery followed by eight months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. As an alternative to the anti-nausea medication, she used cannabis to ease her discomfort. When John visited many of the dispensaries open at the time, he didn’t find one that he would feel comfortable sending his wife to by herself. They were all seedy in some form or another, and he knew there had to be a better way. In September 2009 he opened RMOM and brought a new level of professionalism to this industry.

Preferred Organic

1569 South Colorado Boulevard Denver, CO 80222 Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness is a medical marijuana center that empowers quality-minded patients with a revolutionary approach for treating the mind and the body. Together, the staff ensures that their patients are the most well-informed in the state of Colorado. They do this by combining patient-driven strain testing that breaks down the distinct properties of each strain, as well as its unique effects, with visual educational aids and enhanced strain titles. Their second-to-none selection of additional treatment products are made even more valuable given that they are combined with the ability to browse detailed information at a leisurely pace. Come see why Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness patients are raving about them.

URBA at MMD of Colorado 2609 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205

A recreational store and a medical marijuana center serving individuals 21 and up. Located in the River North Neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. In compliance with Amendment 20, Amendment 64 and all subsequent rules and regulations. Our goal is to provide excellent marijuana in a comfortable, inviting environment. Our staff is dedicated to aiding in the best health and wellness possible for our customers. Our marijuana is grown in an environment that produces the best product, in the healthiest manner knowing our customers only want the best. We know you will find we have the best prices. Best quality. Best staff.

Walking Raven

2001 S. Broadway Denver, CO NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 21+, NO MEDICAL CARD REQUIRED. Walking Raven Retail and Medical Marijuana Center is one of the first dispensaries in Denver. Our mission is to provide high quality products and care at an affordable price. All prices are out the door and we have different tier levels of bud quality. We also offer a range of edibles, concentrates, and novelty items. We take pride in our organic and meticulous cultivation process; we do not cut any corners and give our cultivators access to the best nutrients and equipment for their hand trimmed buds. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is trained to assist you in finding a specific products for your desires. Walking Raven MMC is home to the Hong Kong Diesel, our top selling hybrid. Never settle, only shop PREMIUM QUALITY! 67

68 May 2015 The Clinic is an award winning marijuana center with five Denver metro locations. The Clinic is Denver’s premier medical marijuana center having won over 20 awards for both it’s high quality cannabis, concentrates and charitable contributions! The Clinic’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly while the atmosphere at their locations reflect the immense amount of care that they provide to their patients as well as their medicine. The Clinic is also a long time supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, as it’s a cause that directly affects their patients, friends and family. As such, The Clinic has raised more than $100,000 for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National MS Society since they first opened their doors in 2009. The Clinic has remained at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement by raising the standard for medical marijuana centers everywhere, not only through their patient driven mission but through their dedication to the community! Make sure to stop by The Clinic and see why their mantra holds true: Our Patients Live Better.


Kosher Kush 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup (Denver) Patient’s Choice Winner Stardawg Guava 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 1st Place Best Sativa Grape God Bud 2010 CO Caregiver’s Cup Triple Crown-winner and 2nd place 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, this is the hottest indica in town. Raskal OG One of the most visually appealing and potent OG kushes around with a distinct diesel fuel aroma. 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 3rd Place Best Hybrid Ghost OG THC Champions Cup 3rd Place Overall Hybrid & Patients’ Choice Hybrid. 2013


High Times US Cannabis Cup 3rd place best hybrid winner Fall ‘97 This indica-dominant strain is a sweet tasting cross between OG Kush and Purple Urkle. Skywalker OG This clone only pheno of OG Kush has quickly become a patient and staff favorite. Super Lemon Haze Winner of the 2008 and 2009 Sativa High Times Cannabis Cup Tangie 2013 High Times US Cannabis Cup 1st place best sativa winner Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush 2011 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup highest CBD strain winner

Beverages CannaPunch, Dixie Elixirs, Keef Cola, Green Dragon, and MarQaha

Seeds 58 February 2014

Cherry Pie GDP and F1 Durban cross that won 3rd Place Medical Sativa at the 2014 US Cannabis Cup Durban Poison A classic landrace sativa from Africa that is mouth watering and known for it’s soaring cerebral effects. Phishhead Kush This strong indica was named 2nd best strain of 2014 by famed cannabis connoisseur William Breathes. Jack Flash A classic strain that was recently awarded Connoisseurs’ Choice Adult Use Hybrid at the 2014 THC Championship.

The Clinic Colorado 3888 East Mexico Ave., Ste. 110 Denver, CO 80210 303-758-9114 The Clinic Highlands 3460 West 32nd Avenue Denver, CO 80211 303-997-7130 The Clinic on Wadsworth 3600 South Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80235 303-484-8853 The Clinic on Colfax 4625 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80220 303-333-3644 The Clinic On Jewell 12018 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80228 303-997-9171


9:00am - 7:00pm Daily


Budder, Shatter, & Live Resin The Clinic carries the full line of concentrates, including Live Resin Batter, produced by our award winning marijuana infused products division, The Lab.


2014 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place US Cup Concentrate - 303 OG Nugrun Live Resin Budder 3rd Place Medical Sativa - Cherry Pie 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place Sativa - Tangie 3rd Place Sativa - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid - Ghost OG 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 1st Place Best Sativa - Stardawg Guava 1st Place Patient’s Choice - Kosher Kush 2nd Place Best Concentrate - Strawberry Cough Nectar 3rd Place Best Hybrid - Raskal OG Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush High Times Cannabis Cup: Highest CBD Strain Grape God Bud Spring 2010 Colorado Caregiver’s Cup Winner: Patient’s Choice, Best Aroma, Most Photogenic 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, 2nd Place Overall 2013 The 710 Cup 2nd Place Best Sativa Shatter - Tangie

1st Place Best Sativa Shatter Terps Tangie The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2012 2nd Place Indica and Connoisseur’s Choice Kosher Kush 1st Place Sativa and Patient’s Choice - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid and Patient’s Choice - Ghost OG 1st Place Concentrate and Connoisseur’s Choice - Earth OG Nectar The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2013 1st Place Indica, Connoisseur’s Choice and Best Tested - Kosher Kush Patient’s Choice Hybrid - Grunk 2nd Place Shatter and Patient’s Choice- Tangie The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2014 1st Place - Concentrate - BHO Extracts - Live Resin Badder Kosher Kush Connoiseur’s Choice - Concentrate - BHO Extracts - Live Resin Badder Bubba Kush People’s Choice - Adult-Use Sativa - Cherry Pie Connoisseur’s Choice - Adult-Use Hybrid - Jack Flash

Baked Goods/Candies Sweet Grass Kitchen, Julie & Kate Baked Goods, Mountain High Suckers, The Growing Kitchen, Mile Hi, Incredibles, and Cheeba Chews.

The Clinic offers the full line of cannabis seeds from The Bank Cannabis Genetics (formerly Reserva Privada Colorado), including the recently released Phishhead Kush series. 69

N O R T H G L E N N Doc’s Apothecary, formerly Physician Preferred Products, is proud and honored to continue providing the highest quality products and customer service to the North Metro community! We are extremely excited to be a part of this historical time for the Marijuana industry and want to thank our loyal customers for their devotion throughout the years. It is this customer support that drives us here at Doc’s to create a comfortable, friendly environment for your MJ needs.

2100 East 112th Avenue Suite #5 Northglenn, CO 80233 303-974-5966 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm



Up front, our Budtenders strive to continually update their knowledge of strains and products in order to provide you with the most educated MMJ shopping experience around. In the back, our growers work tirelessly to bring only top quality strains into our garden. These strains have been, for the most part, grown from seed and hand selected from many phenotypes to ensure top quality, award winning genetics. We feel this combination of customer service and absolute dedication to quality amounts to a superior cannabis experience!

Canna Energy Dixie Elixirs

Keef Cola Mad Hatter’s Coffee and Tea

Honu Dixie Apothecanna

EVOS Mary’s Medicinals Tincturebelle

Topicals & Capsules

Tinctures Cibdex Dixie Botanicals


Colorado Hemp Tears Sweet Mary Jane’s



*Subject to harvest Emo Kush (I) Signature Strain Black Russian (I) Blackwater (I) Black Fire (I) Signature Strain m BC Bud God (I) Aspen OG Kush (I) Blueberry (I) Shiatsu Kush (I) Chem 4 (I) Grape God (I) Big Bad White Widow (I) Blue Sky (I) The Cheese (I) Rocky Mountain Fire (I) m Lavender (I) Durban Poison (S)

Green Crack (S) Blue Dream (S) Jacky White (S) Alien Poison (S) Signature Strain Moby Dick (S) Red Dragon (S) Citrix (S) m m m Amnesia Haze (S) Sweet Island Skunk (S) AK-47 (S) Wet Dream (H) Signature Strain Jet Fuel (H) Blue Velvet (H) White Bastard (H) R4 (H) High CBD Strain Fire Alien Strawberry (H)

Concentrates Hash Oil Cartridges 500mg & 250mg cartridges Strain Specific Wax/budder Full Plant Solvent-less


70 May 2015

WS1 (I) m

Cheeba Chews Dabba Dixie Sweet Mary Jane’s m = Award Winning Strain

Full Melt Hash Oil Stix Evolab Cartridges

Edipure Tincturebelle At Home Baked Incredibles Mountain High

Suckers Bhang Chocolate Epic Edibles Stix 59 71

72 May 2015

DIRECTORY DISPENSERIES: COLORADO SPRINGS The 710 Club Medical Only 1605 South Tejon Colorado Springs, CO 80905 719-358-7708 Canna Caregivers Medical Only 3220 No. Academy Blvd., Ste #4 Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-6685 Canna Caregivers - West Medical Only 1914 W. Uintah St Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 637-0420 The Canna Center Medical Only 2306 N. Powers Blvd., #100 Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-9333 Healing Canna 3692 E Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-637-7645 The Organic Seed 2304 E Platte Colorado Springs, CO. 80909 719-465-1845 Original Cannabis Growers Medical Only 2625 E Saint Vrain St Ste A Colorado Springs, CO 80909 · 719-475-9333

DENVER - CENTRAL The Clinic Capitol Hill Medical & Adult Use 21+ 745 E. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 720-536-5229 The Health Center Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1736 Downing St. Denver, CO 80218 303-622-3787 URBA @ MMD of Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2609 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205 720-328-2227




The Clinic on Colfax Medical Only 4625 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220 303-333-3644

Infinite Wellness Medical & Adult Use 21+ 900 N College Ave. Ft. Collins, CO 80524 (970) 484-8380

Botanacare Medical & Adult Use 21+ 11450 Cherokee St. Unit a7 Northglenn CO 80234 303-254-4200

Wellness Center of the Rockies Medical Only 6853 Leetsdale Drive Denver, CO 80224 720-941-8872


Doc’s Apothecary Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2100 E 112th Ave Northglenn, CO 80233 (303) 974-5966

DENVER - HIGHLANDS The Clinic Highlands Medical & Adult Use 21+ 3460 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211 303-997-7130 The Giving Tree of Denver Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 303-477-8888

Emerald Fields Medical Only 4182 E Virginia Ave Glendale, CO 80246 303-377-1501



Rocky Mtn. Organic Medicine Medical Only 511 Orchard Street Golden, CO 80401 720-230-9111

BIG Insustry Show


URBA @ MMD of Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2647 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 720-389-7911

The Clinic on Jewell Medical Only 12018 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80228 303-997-9171


The Clinic on Wadsworth Medical Only 3600 S Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80235 303-484-8853

The Clinic Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 3888 E. Mexico Ave Denver, CO 80210 303.758.9114 The Health Center Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2777 S. Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222 303-622-3787 Preferred Organic Therapy Medical Only 1569 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222 303-867-4768 Walking Raven Adult Use 21+ 2001 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 (720) 327-5613

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74 May 2015

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$20/$22 NEW $30 PRICES $139/$159 & $200 $25 SPECIALS $35 WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS! 75

y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap Jack’s CleanerSheridan II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush nana Kush2045 Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Blvd 303-274-6495 Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap nana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap nana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap h Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Gra nana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna ly Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Gra anana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo e Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Apo h Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap nana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Apol h Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grape ana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vor Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Cannab ly Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap anana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo e Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna y Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Apo h Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap nana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna ly Bean Kaboom Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue Mystic Cannatonic Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Ap sh Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap Kush Kosher Kush MedicineSkywalker anana Kush Jack’s Cleaner II Holy GrailKaboom! ManKush Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo Marley’s CollieCannatonic e Third Dimension Space Bomb Sweet Tooth Timewreck DNA Genetics Sensi Seeds T.H. Seeds Mr. Nice TGA Subcool Northern Lights Canna Medical y Bean Kaboom Mystic CannatonicRecreational Jack the Ripper Ace of Spades Blue21+ Cheese Quake Northern Lights X Chernobyl Querkle Apo h Agent Orange Sour Diesel Bubble Gum Dairy Queen Dacono Kush Deep Purple Qrazy Train Northern Lights 5 Kandy Kush Grap 76 MayJack’s 2015 Cleaner II Holy Grail Kush Kosher Kush Medicine Man Marley’s Collie Nebula Ripped Bubba Skywalker Kush Vo nana Kush

The Hemp Connoisseur, May 2015 - Issue #29