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Church leaders / Prayers meeting / prayers at Hon. Prof. Kaloki’s residence in Kambu



Religion drives people's behaviour and actions in a more productive direction


t is of paramount importance that our people must be led from an opinion of Godliness. Peace, tranquillity, unity, love and passion are virtues fostering co-existence and development. At the peak of the Post Election Violence, our Constituency was experiencing untold peace despite the obvious fact that we are a cosmopolitan constituency. In regard to these facts, I am fostering development through appreciation of our religious institutions. To our Muslim brothers, to our Christians and all other religions envisaged in our supreme laws of our land, we must live together in Kibwezi. You will all agree with me that religion drives people's behaviour and actions in a more productive direction, it is not possible to separate religion from development. A peaceful co-existence of various religious groups within a country remains the essential prerequisite for growth and prosperity in today's global village. Religion and development are seemingly inseparable. Conceptually religions provide believers a guideline about life and the life-after and thus provide much-needed incentives for indulging in productive activities during lifetime. Religions can be seen as a promoter of growth as they direct people towards honesty, discipline, hard work, education, thriftiness (leading to savings essential for investment and thereby growth) and absenteeism from harmful activities. Hon. Prof. Kaloki efforts in religion have been through participation in conducting harambee's to construct churches, buying music instruments among other initiatives.

184 Kibwezi Constituency Development Record Report


Hon. Prof. Kaloki sharing a light moment with Makindu Muslim Women leaders at a function in the area

Hon. Prof. Kaloki with Fr. Paul Temu of Makindu Catholic Church after officiating a fundraising function in the church

Hon. Prof. Kaloki addressing a congregation at Ave Maria Academy Chapel

Kibwezi Constituency Development Record Report 185


Hon. Prof. Kaloki with Bishop Martin Kivuva of Machakos Diocese during a funds drive at St. Mary Girls Komboyoo

Salvation Army congregation at a function in Kamulalani area in Kambu Ward

A.I.C Choir-Mbenuu Nzambani performing in a function

186 Kibwezi Constituency Development Record Report


Muslim women and Hon. Prof Kaloki at a consultative meeting in Makindu Ward.

Hon. Prof. Kaloki is welcomed by Fr. in charge Mtito Andei Parish, to a function at Ave Maria Academy.

Hon. Prof. Kaloki shares a light moment with the Most Precious Blood sisters at Makindu after attending a church service.

Kibwezi Constituency Development Record Report 187


Pastor Japeth of Redeemed Gospel Church during a funds drive

Hon. Prof. Kaloki commissioning the Vision 2013 project of A.I.C Church for purchasing motorbikes for its pastors

Muslim women receiving a cheque from Hon. Prof. Kaloki towards construction of Muslim social hall at Makindu below, Muslim social hall at Makindu under construction funded by Kibwezi CDF

188 Kibwezi Constituency Development Record Report

Prof Kaloki Religion Initiative  

Prof Kaloki's Religion Initiative