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Cover: Veronika Vajdova

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Traditional Art Veronika Vajdová Boban Savic Anne Chihiro Takogawa Anna Klementeva Cris Ferrer

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Photomanipulation 46 54 60

Carlos Quevedo Nuria Manzanares Daniela Owengoor

3D Art Anton Ginanjar Carsten Krenz Mattia Ribola

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Digital Art 88 94 100 106 112

The Gallery Irina Kaivonen Rocío Rodríguez Jandro Paolo

Anastasia Koustova Iro Sekigan Sonia Matas Valerya Nyukalova

Traditional Art


Veronika Vajdová

-Nickname: Weroni; -Age: 22 years old; -Country: Slovakia; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: watercolors and ink.

“Last year, I became fascinated with aquarelles and all the possibilities they provide and I decided that it was time for me to let brushes and paint and all those beautiful colors into my life”

Abrupt Clarity: I painted this one in the summer, and I wanted to show the relaxing and comfortable feeling, when your worries disappear for a while under rays of sunlight and the smell of summer...


Bare your soul: stop hiding... be brave. Only you can find your happiness.


Can I hate you?: sadness and broken heart gave way to anger... I painted this one in November, when the weather in my country makes everything seem melancholic and gloomy.


Leaving Tonight: leaving somewhere, into the dream world... and never coming back.


“I started to paint only last year and I never expected anyone would notice what I do At first it was only some kind of hobby, since I am still a student, but now I am also doing some portrait commissions and I guess I’ll see where it leads later on... since I still feel like there’s much to learn” 15

“I like to experiment with color and shape, and I’m always trying to tell a story through my portraits. I want the viewer to feel compelled to stop and think about what he/she sees”


Nobody knows: ...what she’s up to;). This is one of my first watercolor paintings, I wanted to experiment with colors and layers a bit more.

Beauty is a Million Colors: nobody’s flawless... Make an effort and try finding something good in people for once;) It’s so easy to get devoured by all the ugliness of this world.


Boban Savic

-Nickname: GETO; -Age: 41 years old; -Country: Serbia; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: watercolors.

Farmer Giles of Ham: cover illustration for the JRR Tolkins novel Farmer Giles of Ham.




Homeles: illustration for the Serbian magazine Politikin Zabavnik.


Room: concept drawing for the movie Top je bio vreo.


Nioba: illustration for the Serbian magazine Politikin Zabavnik.


Lake of tears: concept illustration for the movie ÄŒarlston za Ognjenku.



Anne Chihiro Takogawa

-Nickname: Chihiro Howe; -Age: 27 years old; -Country: United States of America; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: copy markers, pen gel, colored pencils and watercolors.

“I’ve been drawing ever since I could remember. I always thought that that was my thing, and I pretty much had no interest in anything else. I’m part Japanese, so my work has a bit of manga taste to it, and I’m part American so it also has a bit of American cartoon taste to it”

Snow White: one of Disney’s princess series I’m doing for my portfolio. I also started this series because I wanted to draw Disney characters in my own style, and also my three-year-old daughter is really into princesses so I thought I could draw them and hang them up in her room.


Chihiro and Haku: this was a contest piece for Kinokuniya Bookstore anime/manga illustration contest in Beaverton, Oregon. I really liked this scene, but I ended up changing my mind on which characters I wanted to send in, so this one didn’t make it to the contest.

“I like how traditional art shows humanness... I don’t really know how to explain it, but it looks perfect but not so perfect... bent, natural lines over ruler straight lines, but overall it looks great” 28

“My ultimate goal is to make people happy with my art. I believe I got my talents for a reason, and the reason is to make this world a better place. If someone sees my art and makes them happy, or even inspires them, I’ve fulfilled my purpose” Ponyo and Sosuke: I sent this piece to the Kinokuniya contest instead of “Chihiro and Haku” and won first place. Good thing I changed my mind, I guess... I imagined what Ponyo would do after the story if she didn’t lose her magical powers-probably take Sosuke out on the sea and show him her world.


Rapunzel and Eugene: I was drawing with my sisters (who are also very good artists), and we decided to do themed drawings. We picked characters from Disney movies, so I decided to do Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled, mostly because I wanted to draw the sun (although it ended up being behind them).


Anna: I’m doing a Disney princess series so I can include it into my portfolio. I was going to start from the first princess, Snow White, but many people liked my Frozen fan art, “Let It Go”, so I started with the Frozen princesses.


The Mad Tea Party: originally a contest piece for Pixiv’s (an artist community site not unlike Deviant Art, based in Japan) 5th anniversary. The theme was “party”, so I drew a scene from one of my favorite books Alice in Wonderland.



Anna Klementeva

Evening flame: inspired by this winter’s warm evenings, when the snow had long melted .... Ancient ruins reminiscent of Ayleid ruins. I love The Elder Scrolls.


-Nickname: AnnaArmona; -Country: Ukraine; -Studies: Art; -Tools: watercolours.


“Watercolour is a pretty temperamental and delicate medium, it doesn’t tolerate mistakes. This is probably the main difference with digital art. To get started, choose simple drawings. It is necessary to become familiar with the materials first before you get to understand its character”

Nearing the evening: a summer evening filled with the heady scents of the passing day.

“My main goal is to develop further my skills and improve my paintings. Eventually, I dream to bring up my skills using watercolor to an ideal standard. Also, I would like to start painting watercolor portraits, one of the hardest things for me” Lonely Mountain: my impression of the mountains I saw during a boat ride... I love mountains bathed in the sunset light. For me, the apex of beauty is nature!


Extraterrestrial tree: painted for my friend ... He loves space.


Snowy wasteland: painted when snow finally falls in my land ! And what a wonderful sunrise it was this morning ... frost, crunch of breaking snowflakes ... unforgettable.


cris ferrer

-Nickname: IlustraKatiuska); -Age: 28 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: ballpen.

“I have always had at hand traditional tools, for me it is easier to use pencils and paper than to enter the digital world�

Fuego Fatuo








“My main goal is to keep growing and evolving as an artist, and to work every day �



carlos quevedo

“I really make Photomanipulations just for fun, because I like it and I enjoy doing it. But if I had the opportunity, I’d like to work as a freelance artist, designing book covers, illustrating books or contributing to a videogame project�

-Age: 20 years old; -Country: Venezuela; -Studies: Graphic Design; -Tools: Photoshop and Wacom Bamboo.

Celestial Fire: I love celestial beings; I think that they are powerful and beautiful. Celestial Fire represents power, beauty and fury. I particularly like the plumage on her skirt.



Faun: is my favorite mythical creature; I just love his connection with the forest and the animals. This was totally inspired on Mr. Tumnus from the series of The Chronicles of Narnia series.


The Dark Siren: this work is part of my Moonlight series, each work of this series has a similar dark mood and the moon as the central idea. I love mythical creatures; I just wanted to create a different kind of siren.


Celestial Warrior Elle: I’m making a series of manipulations called “Celestial Warriors” This work was the first one. I really like the contrast between light and darkness in this piece.


“I think that an artist has to enjoy his work and love what he does�


Goddess of the Woods: it was inspired on the work by Kinga Britschgi one of my favorite artists. I made this for a contest. It represents the light, beauty and mystery of the forest.

“I remember that I tried a lot of art styles. I learnt a little bit about digital painting and vector art, however, one day I just put together a lot of stocks and I started to create something, when unexpectedly, I saw that it looked great, and then I decided to continue until it was finished� 52

“I think that photomanipulation is not a very complex process. In fact, Photoshop is not a hard tool to learn, I always say that we just need to use our intuition with Photoshop, trying the basic tools and combining them gets you interesting results” The Pan’s Door: this is a gate to a secret forest full of magic and mystical creatures. I’ve always thought that I would be afraid to go in there.


nuria manzanares

-Nickname: Brumae; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop and graphic tablet.

“The thing I like the most about photomanipulation is that you can create something totally new with the resources you get, sometimes that is a limitation but at the same time is also a challenge�


Legend of the Forest: my intention was to create an abstract fantasy image where the concept, the idea and the message stood out. The crow is from NEOkeitaro.

tutorial page 122

Black wing: I have never done a photomanipulation with an angel. Looking at some pictures of Prague the idea came to mind. The scenery was perfect to depict a fallen angel.

“Tutorials are very useful and you can learn a lot from them. It’s better to start with simple things and then set yourself some challenges” Black Magic: I wanted to create something for Halloween and I thought that it would be a great idea to do my own version of a sorceress


Dreamdancer: this image is the representation of a dream that I had once where I walked over the water.

“I would love to take my own pictures and work with them, to have the satisfaction of knowing that every element that I have used was created by myself� 58

“The thing that makes me admire some artists is the way they inspired me and incite me to improve and get to be as good as they are� Duality: this work represents light and darkness, good and evil.


daniela owergoor

-Age: 35 years old; -Country: Brazil; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS6.

“I started in 2005 retouching photos for friends. In 2007 I discovered a world beyond photo retouching, the surreal, eerie and enchanted world of PhotoManipulation�

Angel of Power


Heavens Gate

Long way to Home


Shades of Death

The Collector of Bones


“I grew up reading fantasy, sci-fi and horror books, listening to rock in the age of those old LP vinyls, amazed by the covers. My dream would be to work on something like this, a book cover would be more than working for a profit, it’s a passion and what I would love”


Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Adéntrate de la mano de Daniel Alarcón en un mundo de extraña belleza repleto de claroscuros y sombras. Un autor de trazo exquisito que te inquietará con su delicado y siniestro arte. Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Enter into a world of strange beauty full of chiaroscuro and shadows along with Daniel Alarcón. He is an author with exquisite strokes who will worry you with his delicate and sinister art.


Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. Dios del amor y del erotismo, reina en las pรกginas de este sugerente libro de ilustraciones. Disfruta del lado mรกs sexy de Rafater, un autor que con su arte no te dejarรก indiferente... de ninguna de las maneras.

Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. God of love and eroticism, rules the pages of this suggestive artbook. Enjoy the sexiest side of Rafater, an author who will warm you up with his art... in any way.


-Age: 27 years old; -Country: Indonesia; -Studies: self-taught;

3D Art

-Tools: autoCAD, 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop.

anton ginanjar

Red white dirt: a request from a former nationalist army soldier. The colour scheme was supposed to have red and white, like the Indonesian flag, and some brown to resemble the color of his uniform.


The green kitchen: the idea came from the client’s son who loves mint candy, that’s why I chose the green and textured glass for the partition.

“For my work I first use autocad for front and top view, it’s simpler to draw and adjust the measurement in autocad. I then import it to 3ds max for modeling and rendering. Sometimes I use Photoshop for the final touches” 70

“My favourite program to work with is 3dsmax, it’s the standard 3d program around where I live, and I can find so many tutorials and free models on the Internet� Old strawberry: This is a dressing table that connects to a television table, a request from an old couple with an old television.



Chocolate alley: my friend asked me “how could a book be in the kitchen?”, I answered “if it’s a cookbook”.

“I recommend you to start with autocad, its very easy to learn and the tools are similar to max. If you are already familiar with autocad, then I’m sure you can easily master 3ds max”

Ory’s wave: the ridiculous mini bar’s top is like a surfboard, it came from Mr. ory’s hobby.


-Nickname: ckrenz; -Age: 36 years old; -Country: Germany; -Studies: Graphic Design; -Tools: Modo 701, Zbrush, Octane Render, Marmoset Toolbag 2, DAZ Studio, Maya.


Carsten Krenz

City: all the assets are from DAZ3D. I imported them to Octane Render and did a complete overhaul with custom materials. The final composition has been done in After Effects with a little help from Videocopilot Optical Flares and Red Giant Mojo. 75

The Path: again a really quick work done with Octane. The postwork has been done in Photoshop. It is the first work I have done with the Octane Render.

Two Face: I took the David 5 Genesis Model over to ZBrush and modified it. I have made new UV maps and created my own custom texture. The render has been done with Octane Render with the final composition in Photoshop and After Effects.


“I perfected my technique with a mix between learning by doing… then failure and then considering to watch how the guys from Digital Tutors get the work done”


“I admire Aaron Sims. His Creature Designs are insane. I have enjoyed every minute watching his Tutorials�


The Archer:this is a really quick work (2 hours I suppose) done with Assets from DAZ3D. Rendered in Octane Render, again with custom materials. Post production also done in After Effects cause I think After Effects Post is much more comfortable than Photoshop, if you want do do some fancy stuff really quick.


mattia ribola

“To be honest, at the beginning it was hard work for me because I used to work by myself and it was difficult to understand a lot of the stuff out there. There is not enough information on the internet. As time went by, practicing helped me to improve my technique working with 3D software” -Age: 24 years old; -Country: Italy; -Studies: Graphic Design; -Tools: 3DS Max, V-ray, Vue Zstream, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop and After effects.

Ivy: this is the nature point of view of one of my works, “violin”. I removed the human figure and reshaped it using a network of roots. These roots come from outside the field of view and cover the entire image.



AType: I love vintage style, books, type writers, scrolls, maps, ... I have done many images trying to recreate this atmosphere. At the end I went for the piece that would represent the place where a writer works on his novel, surrounded by books, papers and of course, his inseparable type writer.

“To start creating realistic 3D outdoor scenes, in an easy way, you can use Vue Xstream. The most intuitive and free software to start working with 3D is Blender. For the past years, good tutorials to learn 3D have become available in places like Youtube�

Rays: this is one of my first test using Vray, a very old render where I wanted to create a mosaic using the rays of the sun. I also wanted to represent a place to relax where you could take a break.


Atelier: I love art, in particular sculptures ! I found several photos of sculptures and paintings that helped me to achieve this render. I wanted the space to be a space for everyday use, not just a “work room� or studio for artists.


“My favourite 3D program is 3DS Max. I think this is the best software to work with in the 3D world. This is because with one single program you can do anything you want, like modelling, making realistic renders, animation, create video games, etc,...� 85

Grow: for this image I found inspiration in an illustration that I found in an old book that belonged to my grandfather. It portrayed a tree enclosed by ivy and a woman sitting under it with a butterfly on her hands. I thought that I could reverse the elements of this painting so that the outside would become the inside, and the plant would become a woman. The only element that remains unchanged is precisely the butterfly.

“I started 3D playing with Max Payne and since that particular moment, graphic 3D has become a true passion to me and in every work I do 3D is still with me� 86

Violin: when I started working on this image, the idea was to make a copy of the work by Man Ray, Le Violon d’Ingres. As I went on, I tried instead to achieve a more realistic render. I also tried different pluggings for the hair. At the end, from the original work, only the position of the model remained.


Digital Art

Anastasia Koustova

-Country: Ukraine; -Age: 27 years old; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I have never received formal art education, but I have been drawing all my life. And now I’m working as a lead artist for Plarium, a company that creates computer and mobile device games. I often create my own work in Photoshop, but I also love traditional materials such as pencils, ink, oil or acrylic paints” Rare Bird


White witch




Magician card


Naga card



-Nickname: Iro; -Age: 19 years old; -Country: Taiwan; -Studies: Digital media Design; -Tools: Photoshop and Easy PaintTool SAI.

“Traditional skills are still important, such as sketching on paper, learning chromatics, anatomy and so on. I especially think that photography brings inspiration in the simplest way. All these things give meaning to every stroke we put into illustrations”


Deep Forest: it’s a image of “wild” which transforms into a girl. I wanted the background to be made of simple colours, so I avoided complex objects. I just gave it a dim light.


Alegrías: Alegrías means “joy” in Spanish. It’s also a type of flamenco song, which is usually played live and its very energetic. The stage where the singer stands is dark, but it seems that you could feel the breeze and the golden vines coming through the song. There was just one dancer, but more fascinating than any other performer I have seen.


Coloratura & Jester: these two works are trying to bring a character from the words, Coloratura and Jester. I used vector patterns and vivid colours to try and make it more decorative. “Coloratura” refers to the prominent role in an opera, that is why I used musical elements. “Jester” refers to a type of Venice Carnaval mask, so I dimmed the light of the scene, and made an hyperbolic design with the dress.

“I prefer vivid illustrations when I’m drawing, and I think that the viewers can picture the story behind them on their own without much explanation. Also, songs and stage performances with good stories often inspire me” Starring Sky: the main themes are the girl and the universe. I simply put them together here and used some test brushes and layer effect and painted a dream-like image as best I could.




-Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Pentool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

“You should work out what you need and find the way you think it’s right to learn and draw. You should be yourself, and don’t care too much about what people say. Keep calm and draw. Basic knowledge is very important”

Invitation Flower - Spring


Date a Live - Yoshino

“I think digital and traditional art are difficult and awesome because you will find each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to say which one is more difficult”


Kancolle - Haruna


Girl and Weapon - Sniper


Kancolle - Tenryuu


sonia matas

-Nickname: Sonia MS; -Age: 26 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop CS5 & Wacom Intuos L.

“The technique I use the most is based on my knowledge of traditional techniques. All the lines of my drawings are done by hand with a base layer and glazing or paint splatter applied using brushes with transparency. I try to give some textures using brushes or photographs�

Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons: interpretation of the most known character of Game of Thrones, Khaleesi.


“To me there is not a single word that would define what it is to be an artist. Trying to define it would be setting limits to it, and for me art does not have limits�


My Muse: I wanted to represent the idea of inspiration. I believe that this would be the appearance of my muse.



The Arabian Princess: this is my interpretation of the princess Jasmine (Aladdin).

Jolie Birds: this illustration’s style is based on the style of Marta Nael’s “digital impressionism”, which I am a fan of. The portrait started as Angelina Jolie, but I stopped using her reference very soon, so in the end it doesn’t look like Angelina. Instead I centred my attention in the colours and paint splatters. Her gaze follows the birds that here represent thoughts and imagination.


valerya nyukalova

-Nickname: NightWitch; -Age: 21 years old; -Country: Canada; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS6 and Wacom Intuos 5.

Red Heart: a lot of work went into this one. One of my longtime artworks’ inspired by tatoos.


Cat’s owner: every villain must have a white cat.


Madness: just came to my head suddenly and I drew it.


Halloween pumpkin: drew in halloween time, inspired by some noir movies.

The Cell: another long time artwork. It was inpired by Eiko Ishioka’s costumes.  



The Gallery

Irina Kaivonen -Age: 20 years old; -Country: Russia; November: this work is about the relationship between man and nature.

-Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS5, Wacom Bamboo

RocĂ­o RodrĂ­guez -Age: 25 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop Cs6. Summer: music, dance and tropical atmosphere inspired me to create this work. The character is a latin woman where joy and party mood are reflected in her face, all evocative of summer.



-Country: Italy; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Daz Studio 4.6 and 3Delight Render.

Sentry: in the post-impact era, violence is spreading around the world, but there is a hidden place where precious treasures of knowledge are preserved......



-Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Intuos and photographs.

The Violinist: she plays her melodies leaving darkness and fear far behind.


Photomanipulation tutorial of: “Black magic�

nuria manzanares


I always start with the background. I think that the scenery is very important and will determine the mood of the work. In this case the theme was dark and I wanted to create a foggy landscape but no with not much details because the attention needed to be in the character.

I chose desaturated images and used a foggy sky to achieve a dark landscape, then I added on top a red gradient to give color. I changed the layer to hard light and decreased its opacity. Last, I added other details like the moon and branches at the edges.

The next step is to choose the model and transform her into a witch. When I find the model I extract her from the background with the pen tool using the mask option.

To integrate the model with the background I use the adjustments hue/ saturation, color balance and levels tools.

Then, I create a new layer and paint on it using neutral grey and set it to overlay. In this same layer, with the color dodge and color burn tools, I enhance the shadows and lights of the image.

With a hard brush and dark grey I start to paint the details of the cape. I continue painting with different tones of grey. I want the cape to look like is moving because of the wind so I imprint a lot of movement.

To give her a magical aspect I add some effects with the same base color as the cape.

Now I create an overlay layer and define more the lights and shadows of the models. With a soft brush I paint with a clear grey over the light of the image and with a dark grey the shadows area. As you can see the model and the background are totally integrated now. 123

To define the illumination I create a new hard light layer and I paint using the same red as the background. I also use a blue to add some light to the opposite side of her.

After changing some things, I see that the ground is too bright, so I add another overlay layer and with the eyedropper tool I choose a dark color and I paint over the ground and in front of the model

I think that the image looks a bit incomplete, so I add a flying crow. After adding some color and brightness to it, I paint some details in the wings to integrate the image better with the background. I then create a new hard light layer and add red in the lights considering the overall illumination in the scene.




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