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Cover: Maxime des Touches

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3D Art 10 16

Maxime des Touches Gabriel Forgottenangel

Digital Art Jorge Monreal CĂŠsar Ricardo Artaza Julie

22 28 36

Photomanipulation Ingeborg Svetlana Osipova

44 52

Traditional Art 58 Franziska Oertel 66 Johanna Tarkela 74 Tamara Castro

The Gallery Caner Soylu Samuel White Najeeb Najjar Magdalena Hoss

-Nickname: elreviae; -Age: 31 years old; -Country: France; -Studies: Self-taught;

3D Art

-Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Make Human and Mandelbulb 3D


maxime des touches http://elreviae.deviantart.com http://facebook.com/elreviae http://shadowness.com/elreviae

Akasha: is the first material element from the astral world created before Air, Fire, Water and Earth (Hinduism religion).


Dephazis: is a representation of something evil we have inside our mind, our troubles. Every day we try to resist and go a step further.


Silentyum: the depth of space...



Magnetic-Fields: a spaceship able to generate magnetic fields to travel faster and deeper into the universe.

“I got into 3D by watching online tutorials, like the ones you can find on YouTube or blogs and websites. At the beginning, I had absolutely no idea which 3D software was the best one for a beginner. Then, one day, I downloaded a trial version of 3ds Max and I began to follow tutorials both from the Internet and on magazines. Year after year I fell in love with it!” Underneath: a space, futuristic project that represents an ancient alien structure lost in the Universe ... but it is awakening ...

“In my opinion, there are no secrets to improving yourself. Improvement comes after hours and hours of work in front of your screen. The best way to perfect your skill is to experiment as much as possible, and of course try to learn new things through the Internet or magazines. Also, I learned many tips from other artists too, when you ask, you often get an interesting 15

Gabriel Forgottenangel http://worldofgabriel.deviantart.com/ http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-gabriel-forgottenangel.html http://www.forgottenangel-gabriel.com/

“The only way to get better is by studying, searching and trying. When I look at pictures by other artists I always think how they did it and how can I do something like it” -Age: 45 years old; -Country: United Kingdom; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools:DAZ studio, Hexagon, Bryce, Gimp and Photoimpact.

Raise of the Celts: imagination, fantasy. I like celtic - nordic stories. This one is based on one of the celtic warriors.




Fear: in this piece I was trying to express fear. Lost in the mist without anybody around to lend a helping hand.

“I don’t have specific idols. I know lots of them and all are different. I like lots of works and every artist is good at their own style”

Return of the Fallen: not only humans, but even fallen angels have a God helping them when their work is over or when they do mistakes.

The Ring: fantasy based on the theme “ Lord Of The Rings”.



The Viking: I am from a Nordic origin. For this reason I like Viking themes. Vikings are part of my ancestors.

“My advice to those that start with 3D is to try Terragen (just for fun). My recommendation after is DAZ Studio or Poser. Both of them are very easy to use and to understand. Remember that limitations are only in your head� Unsafety: in hard times even women must defend their homes. And they do it without any lack of bravery.


JORGE MONREAL http://cocoaspen.deviantart.com https://www.facebook.com/JorgeMonrealCocoaspen

“I don’t like to talk much about my feelings or thoughts, so in some way being an artist means that I can vent or express some of what I feel and think”

-Alias: cocoaspen -Country: Spain; -Studies: Ilustration; -Tools: Photoshop.



Digital Art


Bebé zanahoria


“When starting with digital illustration my advice is to be patient, I always tell this to my students. You don’t learn techniques and skills from one day to the next” Chica calavera




Bye bye, butterflies


césar ricardo artaza http://mrtitoart.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TITOART2

-Age: 27 years old; -Country: Argentina; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I’ve always loved to draw. Adolescence was a key moment for me because at that time comics and videogames appeared in my life and that had a big influence on me. While I was growing up I realized that the best, and only thing, I knew how to do was drawing and I could not see myself in the future doing anything else” Magic Art VI: is part of a series of cards that I designed for my project (an art book). In this case the feeling was that of tarot cards. I selected 10 friends and I asked them for concepts. Then I took those concepts, combined them and distorted them as I saw fit. That’s how these artistic deities were born.



“Being an artist is simple and complicated at the same time. An artist is someone with the creativity to tell the world what happens inside his head or the feeling in his heart using different and ingenious ways”

Mi Epitafio dirá: this work emerges from the phrase “I’ll see you in another life, when we are both cats” from the movie Vanilla Sky. It’s all the things that could be but never will, and those things that could happen will happen in other life.

Magic Art I: another work from the series Magic Cards.



Magic Art X


Magic Art VIII


El Imperio ataca de nuevo: speaks of the great imperialist trajectory of the United States of America, that remains over time. The war attitude towards Middle Eastern countries made me draw this ironic proposal by selecting iconic characters from American popular culture, cinema and TV. I gave them new characteristics, attitudes and a new context to reflect the situation.


“I like to scan old pieces of paper, wrinkled papers, splat paints, to create stamps and play with transparencies with my works� 35

julie http://curlyjul.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/divalustmond http://vk.com/divalustmond

-Nickname: Diva Lustmond; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Ukraine; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I’m very purposeful and selfcritical. I can draw all the day without giving myself a rest before I call my piece done. I just don’t allow myself this” 36

Assasin: she is brave, she is shinning. Her light intentions pave the way in the fight against darkness.

Naga Siren: she is one of DotA heroes. I drew her for an art battle between DotA 2 fans. This work gave me a chance to know the character better. We are big friends now.


Daenerys Targaryen: is one of the main characters in the fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. This is a take of the actress in the series “Game of Thrones” that gives life to her.

“I get my inspiration from different places, music, events that happen to me and especially people that surround me, from their emotions and attitude towards me”

Raven: this idea was born in about a month. One day I woke up and understood that I was ready to draw it. A little black raven was born in my heart with his red riding hood. I feel a big love and warmth towards this baby.


“In a way digital art is easier. I can combine many methods of drawing in one piece. I can draw on a huge canvas sitting in my little room on my chair and I can consider and work out all the details. My hands are still clean, no mess in my room or ingrained smell of paint and solvents. I like the cleanliness, order and compactness�


Necro-Tower: this picture represents the battle of my life. Green is the color of my inner state; my battle, a battle without battering. Centred in the image, Diva Lustmond, me the artist. In her right hand my pen, in the left my talent. The long thick tangled vortex going back in the distance is directed to the rune over the tower, the years I took to make my way through. I am self-taught. The tower is my house. The dead crowd behind me, the people who support me, that intercede for me, they are the strength of my soul. People that are time tested. The foreground crowd and paladin in shining armour, are the people who are first faced with my work, looking for the catch and the condemnation of the 2D- drawing. Maybe I can convince them otherwise? And perhaps soon they will take a place behind me. What do you think? Magic, that destroys their swords, touches hands, envelops helmets - are the first steps to conquer the new Award Audience. Some will like my work, others will stubbornly stand against me.


Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Adéntrate de la mano de Daniel Alarcón en un mundo de extraña belleza repleto de claroscuros y sombras. Un autor de trazo exquisito que te inquietará con su delicado y siniestro arte. Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Enter into a world of strange beauty full of chiaroscuro and shadows along with Daniel Alarcón. He is an author with exquisite strokes who will worry you with his delicate and sinister art.



Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. Dios del amor y del erotismo, reina en las pรกginas de este sugerente libro de ilustraciones. Disfruta del lado mรกs sexy de Rafater, un autor que con su arte no te dejarรก indiferente... de ninguna de las maneras.

Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. God of love and eroticism, rules the pages of this suggestive artbook. Enjoy the sexiest side of Rafater, an author who will warm you up with his art... in any way.



Ingeborg http://soulcolorsart.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ingeborg.ikscrap

-Nickname: SoulcolorsArt; -Age: 25 years old; -Country: The Netherlands; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools he uses: Photoshop.

“When I got my first digital camera I was inmediately interested in doing something “arty”with the photos. First I did some digital scrapping, but after a while I did more fantasy style and ended up at DA doing photomanipulations” Cat and Mouse game: I wanted to create an underwater world inside a house and so this came out.



Binocular: dark against light. Escape the dark side and go into the light happy side.

“For now I am learning and enjoying myself. But of course I would love to become a professional. I used to oilpaint, but don’t have room for an atelier so digital is the next best thing. Maybe someday I can combine the two and make beautiful work”


“The moment I open my eyes inspiration begins. I have little notebooks everywhere so I don’t forget my ideas. Sometimes it’s a bit tiresome. I really love to watch art online and in real life, so I visit many galleries. Art for me is food for my soul, I cannot live without it” Forgotten world: this one is all about color, and a little lost world inside the bottle on a deserted beach.


Home is where the heart is: just a little fantasy world I would love to live in beach.

Fish with the glass head: in the news there was a story about a newly discovered species of fish which had a “glass” head, so I made my own new species.

“Try to observe everything in real life, how shadows, light, colors and perspective are. Just have a lot of fun, learn a lot and don’t be discouraged by all the great artists that are out there. Just take your time and you will get there”


Spam!: Spam is very annoying. Here I tried to show how it could have been a long time ago. So I came up with a lot of owls bringing letters. Of course I was inspired by Harry Potter too.


Svetlana Osipova http://obereg.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/oberegart

-Nickname: Obereg; -Age: 59 years old; -Country: Russia; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Intuos 4.





Last Color


Entering into Autumn


Let me fly like a bird



Traditional Art

franziska oertel http://asfahani.deviantart.com https://www.facebook.com/moongonedark http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fanart/zeichner/624451

-Nickname: Asfahani; -Age: 32 years old; -Country: Germany; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: pencil, colored pencils, ink and watercolors.

“In my youth I used to look a lot of books of traditional masters. I’ve only seen artists from past periods but nothing about modern art or even digital art. I tried to learn from them (always failing) to find out after all these years that I wanted to depict different things”

Embrace: I started my work as a freelance illustrator doing lots of pictures for practising and trying out different materials to see which one would be best for me.


Little talks: this was really just a sketch to free my mind. It became unexpectedly popular.


Coraz贸n: aka the Wayfarer of the Night which is the main character of my comic Moon gone Dark. He is a difficult person always wandering between the worlds of dream and awareness, consciousness and unconsciousness, following a strange call for help he always gets when he rescues someone else.


Dream Encounter: this picture was my attempt to depict the „experience without words“ when waking up from a narcosis. I experienced that as a child: existing just with feelings but without thoughts. So I tried to find a visual language for those feelings... beforehand I had a conversation with a fellow customer about lucid dreams which was the trigger that made me paint this.


“My main goal is to find an even better way to express my inner visions. To connect my art with the world and the people without loosing contact with my feelings – nor my viewers”

Nyarlathothep: my entry for a German cover contest for an anthology of short comics within the universe of H.P. Lovecraft. This is how I met this character in the “Dream Quest of the Unknown Kadath” maybe the most appealing form of existence of the Crawling Chaos. I like Nyarlatothep for some reason. And I like to read Lovecraft.


“Art is like an instrument of a musician: if you hold it in your hand, you will love it and want to learn how best to make use of it�

Listening: the Wayfarer of the Night (original character) is listening to the manifestations of human dreams...



JOHANNA TARKELA http://lhuin.deviantart.com/ http://lhuin.tumblr.com/

-Nickname: Lhuin; -Age: 22 years old; -Country: Finland; -Studies: Illustration and Fine Arts; -Tools: colored pencils and watercolors.

“I have been interested in drawing for as long as I can remember. My grandmother was an artist of many mediums, and she introduced me to a lot of different things and ways of working and was always encouraging me. I’ve also always loved animals and drawing them and ever since I was a kid I would really enjoy drawing things around me, for example looking at the birds outside and trying to draw them before I had any kind of a camera in use” Wanderer: this work was a remake of an older drawing I did years ago featuring a cat and butterflies. I liked the idea and wanted to remake it to see what it would look like now after some years.



Azure Eyes: I really enjoy painting traditionally but don’t always have the time for it. This was done a couple of years ago but it’s still definitely one of my personal favourites. It was inspired by some photos I took of lynxes, but turned the animal into a house cat in this and added some of my favourite flowers in the background.


Autumn: this is a bit of an older personal work I did, inspired by the beautiful red and orange colours of autumn.


Wild Ocean: the drawing was inspired by mythological creatures, I was browsing them and my friend suggested I could draw a hippocamp.



Picus Viridis: this is a painting I did for my dad for his birthday. We both like birds and I painted this after seeing a green woodpecker in our garden in the UK after I moved here.

“My favourite thing about traditional art has always been the fact that it’s there in front of you and even though you have a lot of control over it, it can still surprise you and do the unexpected. A good example of this would be watercolours – they can be quite hard to control, but you can end up with a lot of interesting results by simply putting the paint on the paper letting it do its own thing!” Forest Flowers: I love foxes (and flowers!) and wanted to paint something more detailed with watercolours. This is a personal piece that I worked on for a few months every now and then. I also used a fine liner to finish the drawing.


Tamara Castro http://tamsanserif.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Tamsanserif http://www.domestika.org/es/tamsanserif

“I love to try new things. I have a lot of fun with traditional art, time flies and I can touch and feel what I’m drawing. Traditional art makes me feel inside my own little world, it’s very relaxing”

-Nickname: TamSanSerif; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Graphic Design; -Tools he uses: pencil, watercolors, markers, acrylics and pastels.





Fleurs d’aquarelle


Night city

“My work as a graphic and industrial designer will always be related with my drawings, and I’m very happy about that because for me it’s very important to be happy with what I do”


“This past year I took a big step developing as an illustrator. I decided to open an online shop and I am now creating a website. I would love for this little personal project that I’m planning to one day become my dream come true�



The Gallery

Caner Soylu


-Age: 24 years old;

Dr. Hannibal: caricature of Hannibal Lecter.

-Contry: Turkey; -Studies: Art; -Tools: Photoshop.

Samuel White


-Age: 19 aĂąos;

Fantasy Landscape V: I wanted to create an eerie dark mood; I started to develop a story as I painted of a group of adventurers trekking through a dark cold environment on their way to a castle.

-Country: United States of America; -Estudios: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS5, Â Cintiq 12wx and Smudge guard.



Najeeb Najjar Magdalena Hoss


-Age: 29 and 31 years old;

Polyem: is an imaginary city after the energy disaster. Nature came to life with new hope. The city is situated between the borders of Poland and Yemen, therefore it took the name of both countries- Polyem.

-Country: Yemen and Poland; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS4 and Genius tablet.





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