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INSIGHT Volume 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776 Iyyar/Sivan/Tamuz/Av

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Celebrat ing t he Rabbinate of Rabbi Ronne Fr iedman (page 5)

Journeys Through Spain/Sepharad (page 7) Our Boston-Haifa Connection (page 13) A Summer Awakening (page 14)

Temple Israel of Boston may your gates be open always

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ISAIAH 60:11


“Enlighten our eyes with Your teaching, and let


our hearts embrace Your commandments.” - Morning Liturgy


build community and encounter the sacred through relationships embrace Torah in all its dimensions as our enduring source for inquiry, discovery, and inspriation. explore spirituality and innovate our traditions of ritual and prayer. pursue justice, in partnership with others, to realize our vision of what the world ought to be. Celebrating the Rabbinate of Rabbi Ronne Friedman

“His accomplishments are myriad and we celebrate them at this moment in time, which marks his retirement.” —Rabbi Mehlman Read more on page 5.

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INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

are Ohavei Yisrael, Lovers of Israel, committed to the vitality, peace, and well-being of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world. draw strength from our diversity, and wisdom from all who walk through our open doors

THE TI Scene

Welcoming Rabbi Jen Gubitz to Temple Israel

Annual Expectant Parents Brunch

L’Taken Teens during Havdalah in D.C.

Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman were our honored guests at Stepping Out

Rabbi Friedman and guest speaker Dr. Jacqueline Vayntrub at the annual Carl Steinbaum Lecture

L’Taken Teens in DC

Rabbis Zecher, Mehlman, and Friedman at the Knesset in February

Barbara and Paula finish the library puzzle

Dancing the hora at Stepping Out

As we celebrate the completion of Rabbi Ronne Friedman’s long and brilliant tenure at Temple Israel, our talented staff, devoted lay leaders, and energetic clergy have been busy planning for a new era in congregational life. As we looked to the future, we recognized that we needed to assure a clergy structure that would underscore our deeply held values of welcome and warmth, and retain our ability to reach out and engage diverse populations in the great Boston community. In partnership with our leaders and clergy, we received Board of Trustees’ approval to hire a rabbi through the process designated by the Hebrew Union College and the Central Conference of American Rabbis. We met wonderful candidates but only one stood out as our next rabbi. Her name is Rabbi Jen Gubitz. She comes to us after serving as Associate Rabbi at Shir Tikvah in Wayland. She is eager to focus her rabbinate on new kinds of engagement, bringing to it creativity and enthusiasm. Kind, wise, thoughtful, intelligent and thoroughly dedicated to the Jewish people is how she has been described, and how we feel about her. In rabbinical school, she was a star student of our own Rabbi Mehlman. She grew up in the Reform Movement, and she was active in youth group and Jewish summer camping where she served as head song leader. Her range and depth of knowledge of the Jewish world will greatly benefit our congregation. Rabbi Gubitz will join our clergy team on August 1st. We will welcome her with the blessing, Brucha haba’ah, for bringing her many gifts, talents, and abilities to Temple Israel, and we are blessed to receive her with an open heart into the embrace of this community.

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Rabbi Ronne Friedman:

An Appreciation With Love — Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman

In 1971

Rabbi Friedman joined me at Temple there was little hope that an Israel and together we crafted a experimental program in seminary new direction for this venerable education, funded by the Lilly Foundation, would get a single congregation. Within the first year rabbinic student. The innovative idea of training 20th century (1978-1979) his hand would shape the Selichot Service in clergy in the way medieval craftspeople were trained —as the Smith Lobby; revitalize YITI and RYFTI with the help of apprentices— was not gaining traction in mainline seminaries Uri Sela and Billy Berkowitz; transform the Religious School of any faith or denomination. The project was called Intermet: curriculum and create the Monday Night High School; launch Interfaith Theological Education, Inc. I had worked with an the Youth Interchange with Temple Beth El in Great Neck array of clergy in Washington D.C. to craft this interfaith, interNew York; initiate Rabbis Weekend; initiate racial, gender equal, seminary without Here are words that I think the Shabbat Morning Torah Study; create walls as the Jewish representative. a liturgy for our 125th Anniversary; and The central idea was simple as it was characterize him: loyal, assure the future of our youth program by promising. Educate clergy by placing considerate, patient, wise, hiring Ellen Siegel as our full time Youth them in real life congregational settings, measured in speech, Director. link them to the clergy person of that community who would become their thoughtful, non-judgmental, That was the beginning of a partnership master teacher, immerse them in gentle, lyrical, kind, and loving. in rabbinate that strengthened our congregations in the real world, and community until 1994; it represented 16 We are all beneficiaries of have them attend class once a week years of tireless effort, creative energy, and with the diverse spectrum of students those attributes. a will to make Temple Israel an exemplary enrolled in the program. The “opening” urban congregation. Since his return in of the seminary was scheduled for 1999, Rabbi Friedman has led us in new directions, deepened September 1971 and as summer drew near I was unable our interfaith involvements, and opened conversations on to attract a single rabbinic student to Intermet. Our Reform difficult, even nettling issues that confront the contemporary seminary wasn’t keen on sending students away from the Jewish community. He began a serious dialogue within our campus and extending the fixed, five-year Rabbinic program congregation about Israel, and advanced the agenda of Tiqqun by yet another year. In late August a chance phone call from ‘Olam, our Reform Jewish commitment to the improvement a colleague led to a conversation about Intermet. I expressed and amelioration of our world. my deep disappointment that in a few days, just after Labor Day, we would begin without a Jewish student. My friend said, His accomplishments are myriad and we celebrate them at this “There was an HUC student at the UAHC Harlem Camp in moment in time, which marks his retirement. All that Rabbi Pennsylvania this summer who was not sure he was returning Friedman has accomplished, however, is a reflection of who he to Cincinnati for his second year. Maybe you could speak with is as a human being. Here are words that I think characterize him.” him: loyal, considerate, patient, wise, measured in speech, thoughtful, non-judgmental, gentle, lyrical, kind, and loving. I begin this Appreciation of Rabbi Friedman with that We are all beneficiaries of those attributes. They reflect life anecdote because he was that student about to dropout of lived in meaningful relationship. rabbinical school in Cincinnati. By the twist of a phone line Ronne Friedman became the first Jewish student/apprentice The rabbinate we celebrate as he steps down as Senior Rabbi of in Intermet (1971-1972). I was his master teacher at Temple Temple Israel is one filled with blessing, blessing to our Temple Micah, and a friendship of almost 50 years was born. community, to the city of Boston, and to the entire world.


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Shalom U’l ’hitraot By Rabbi Ronne Friedman

To my beloved Temple Israel Community,

Irene and I are deeply grateful for honor accorded to us, both throughout this past year and particularly during the May 6-7 weekend. When I had a chance to speak on May 6, I referenced the title of Raymond Chandler’s 1953 noir crime classic, The Long Goodbye. I’m learning, that the words of that immortal Jewish sage, Yogi Berra, that, truly, “It ain’t over till it’s over,” and that even the long goodbye receives a reprise. Permit me then to add to the retrospective and prospective with these words of thanks: Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.” That metaphor is powerful and apt, for it is truly our relationships that provide the navigational tools, which help us to define ourselves and to discover our place in the world. You have been that for me, collectively and individually. Since I first arrived in 1978, the Temple Israel family has been the fixed foot of my compass, never out of my thoughts. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that you have granted me to lead and to serve. Together, I believe that we have lived up to our motto, taken from the Book of Isaiah, “May your gates be open always.” (60:11) Our energies and accomplishments have inspired our own community as well as the larger Jewish and civic communities, here in Boston, in Massachusetts, and throughout the United States. We have led in welcoming the stranger, battling for Equal Marriage and to the amelioration of civil disabilities for the LGBTQ community, in the progress toward Universal Health Care, in our understanding that we and our society are enriched by our interfaith work, particularly in our relationship to our neighboring Muslim and Christian communities, we have committed ourselves to thoughtful engagement with Israel, seeking to create a space for civil discourse which includes left, right and center of our community.

unlimited. With the election of my beloved colleague and successor, Elaine Zecher, the continued success of our community is guaranteed. Elaine and her senior staff, the most caring Cantor in North America, Roy Einhorn, our brilliant rabbinic colleagues, Matt Soffer, Suzie Jacobson and, soon, Jennifer Gubitz, our incredibly effective Executive Director, Dan Deutsch, who insures the smooth function of our operation, the inimitable, Helen Cohen, who has inspired generations of young children and their parents to thrive and to grow as Jews at home and in community are backed by an exceptionally talented and devoted staff. The lay leadership of Temple Israel, our officers, Chris Noe, Gary Pforzheimer, and Marc Rysman, exercise consistent judgment in their strategic direction in partnership with our staff. On the most personal note, I am deeply indebted to Sue Misselbeck, who has kept my work life in order since we began to work together. Irene and I plan to remain in Brookline, and look forward to continuing connection with Temple Israel. We’ll happily retire to the “back-bench,” knowing that we don’t have to say ‘goodbye’ in the strictest sense. In the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Moed Katan, 29a), Rabbi Levi, son of Rabbi Hita says:

When you are bidding farewell to a living [friend], you should not say to him: ”’Go in peace,’ but rather, ‘go to peace.’” Irene joins me in that wish for all of you, that every subsequent step that you take and every energetic initiative undertaken by the Temple Israel family will succeed and in doing so, continue forward to shalom, well-being, wholeness, and peace.

As Shakespeare has written, “The past is prologue.” The future prospects for Temple Israel are joyful and www.tisrael.org/insight | 617-566-3960


MessAGE FROM CHRISTOPHER NOE, PRESIDENT My first specific memory of Rabbi Ronne Freidman is not him preaching from the bima nor teaching Torah study. It’s not a memory of his involvement in a family life cycle event. And it is not of him attending a Board or Committee meeting. My first memory of Ronne involves sushi. Some years ago, shortly after joining TI through the Riverway Program, my wife, Shari, and I were out for dinner at a little sushi restaurant in Brookline. As we were finishing up our meal, we noticed Ronne and Irene having dinner with some friends. Shari suggested that we say hello. Having been raised in the Catholic faith and being accustomed to a little more formality between clergy and congregants, I was not sure whether we should. To be completely honest, I was also a little nervous. Shari persisted, and I overcame my reticence. We stopped by Ronne’s table on our way out, and introduced ourselves as new congregants. I don’t remember the words we exchanged. All I remember is Ronne’s big smile and kind eyes as we spoke. He put us instantly at ease and made us feel like old friends. You oftentimes don’t appreciate the true importance of events in life as they are happening. At the time, I said to myself, “Wow! I spoke with the Senior Rabbi. That was a real

treat but probably won’t happen again anytime soon.” Little did I know that Ronne and I would spend much time together in the coming years. Whether it was discussing Temple Israel budgets, helping me mourn following the unexpected death of my father, or celebrating my oldest son becoming a bar mitzvah, all of our interactions reinforced my initial impression of Ronne from that day in the sushi restaurant. What I see is a sincere man, a caring man, a humble man – a man who I am so incredibly proud to call my rabbi. I am certain that you will all join me in celebrating Ronne as he and Irene move into the next exciting chapter of their lives where we look forward to their continued presence in our community. In what has become a tradition of closing my columns in Insight, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give a little something back to a place that means so much to me and my family. It is a privilege to serve as our congregation’s president.

MessAGE FROM DAN DEUTSCH, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR While there are many different things that draw our members to Temple Israel, I consistently hear that our clergy, community, and ability to adapt and evolve is what separates us from many other synagogues. Through this time of transition these three factors are certainly propelling us forward and setting us up for continued success. Through the final year of Rabbi Friedman’s career, we have been blessed with many opportunities to reflect on the impact he has made and to properly celebrate his rabbinate. I want to add my personal appreciation for all that Rabbi Friedman has sacrificed to propel Temple Israel forward. There are very few leaders who carry the intelligence, compassion, and dedication that match what he has to offer. Inside this issue of Insight you will see an update on the Rabbi Friedman Innovation Fund which we have established to keep Rabbi Friedman’s legacy in perpetuity. So much of what he will be revered for is his commitment to evolving and launching new initiatives with the help of the full clergy team. This fund will secure Temple Israel’s ability to continue this quest for the leading edge of Reform Judaism. We thank


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

all who have contributed and look forward to seeing the impact for decades to come. As we say farewell to Rabbi Friedman and welcome Rabbi Zecher, we continue to follow our proven model. Please join us on June 9 for our annual meeting when the “baton” will be officially passed to Rabbi Zecher. Over the two years that I have had the privilege of being the Executive Director at Temple Israel, our staff and lay leaders have been focused on improving our database system. With the help of our Technology Committee, we are proud to launch our new platform which includes a member portal allowing you to connect with one another, manage your communication preferences, and pay your balances in realtime. Additional details will be shared with you after we officially launch this summer. As always my door is open to you, please feel free to share your feedback anytime.

Journeys through Spain/Sepharad with Temple Israel


By Dru Greenwood*

Boston – Madrid – Segovia – Toledo – Seville – Granada – Cordoba – Gerona – Barcelona – Boston

The bare itinerary is evocative. For those of us who traveled together this past March, it resonates with invitation to a multi-layered journey into a disappeared past, into the vibrancy and strain of the present Spanish moment, into an ephemeral future, into deepened relationships with each other, and into our own hearts. Uri Feinberg, past TI educator and guide into the Jewish layer, set the stage for our journeys. Rabbi Friedman touched our hearts with poetry, naming our unease in “chasing ghosts.” Cantor Einhorn enlivened our bus rides and shared the joy of Shabbat at TI with Reform congregation Comunitat Jueva Atid de Catalunya (Community of the Jewish Future) in Barcelona. For me, the most poignant moments came when the multiple layers of our journey intersected, echoing in an intimate way across time. Our very first evening we welcomed Shabbat with Comunidad Masorti Bet El, a Conservative congregation in Madrid, whose rabbi, Mario Stofenmacher, a 25-year transplant from Argentina, offered us a glimpse into contemporary Spanish Jewish life. Who is his congregation? Argentinian and Moroccan Jews, and converts. In fact, he told us, the preponderance of his time is spent working with Spaniards who want to become Jews. He receives 200-300 inquiries a year and works with about 20 at one time, to enable their full assimilation into Jewish life. Many feel that they have Converso roots and want to reclaim who they are. Jewish life is precious and precarious in Spain today. In Toledo we walked alongside Isaac Abravanel, the great 15th century Jewish statesman and scholar, who was caught up in the coils of the expulsion. Our Spanish guide spoke with pride of the “Golden Age of Spain,” which for her began in

1492 as Catholic Spain began empire-building. With Uri’s help, we looked back to the centuries before 1492 to the Golden Age of Andalusia under Muslim rule, when Jewish learning and culture flourished and such giants as Maimonides, Judah Halevy, and Abravanel made their mark. What did it mean for us, and for the Spaniards with whom we met, that we, privileged 21st century American Jews, were making this pilgrimage? And how evocatively ironic that one of our members, Wendy Levine, is a direct descendant of Isaac Abravanel. Exhibits in the few Jewish sites we visited were created in recent years to inform Spaniards about Jewish life. As visiting Jews, we were looking in on these efforts. I asked the Spanish archeologist trained in the Muslim era, now working at the independent Jewish Museum in Granada why he chose to work there. Reality-check, he said simply “it’s a job.” He had been unemployed for two years. Then he said a remarkable thing: “I feel that only by learning about our Jewish and Muslim past, can we make whole our Spanish soul.” During our day in Cordoba, Carol Michael learned that a beloved cousin had died. As we paused together in the garden of a former synagogue, Rabbi Friedman enabled all of us to embrace her in the moment through the words of Kaddish, simultaneously echoing back through the ages to evoke the rich life and the loss of Sepharad. *About the Author: Dru Greenwood is a current Temple Israel member. In 1983 she was a board member and one of the first adult Bat Mitzvah participants with Genevieve Wyner, Betsy Abrams, and Ina Glasburg. She is currently active with the Transition Committee, 477, and TILLI.

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Leaders in adult learning


By Jen Weber and Lisa Gross

We were intrigued by the opportunity to take a class that seemed aimed directly at our interests--creating community, providing us with adult learning, and helping others explore the Jewish bible. What shocks us eighteen months later is how many other people have eagerly joined us on our journey. A fellowship program called Leaders in Adult Learning (LAL) was conceived and funded by CJP and Hebrew College to answer the question: “If Jews are People of the Book, then why do so few of us have any connection to our book?” Over the course of a year, 18 LAL fellows learned the different ways to discuss and analyze biblical text, how to facilitate a group discussion, and to effectively community organize. Armed (ready or not) with these newfound skills, we planned how we would fulfill our obligation to pay forward this education. Understanding that lay-led endeavors are difficult to sell at a Temple Israel, we kept our goals modest. Hoping to attract a small handful from our cohort, we scheduled the discussion groups during Sunday religious school;

we would read selected stories from the bible that would mirror what the children were learning in religious school. We prepared to help parents learn some stories and help them walk away with the tools to engage with their kids about text. The classes far exceeded these modest hopes. Instead of a small, homogenous group of parents having coffee and reading a story every few weeks, the participants were great in number; they spanned generations; and they arrived with all levels of expertise. A richly diverse group, those at the table engaged in deep, thoughtful, inspiring and spirited discussions. From TI past-presidents to young non-Jewish religious school parents--and everyone in between--the warmth and laughter and delight at learning at that table has been a rousing success. Our enthusiasm for text, for which no expertise is needed, was contagious, and a stress-free Torah study class for all is born. We are thrilled to continue these classes at Temple Israel next year in the hopes that others will share in choosing stories and facilitating groups. We are, after all, The People of the Book.

Green tips

from www.50waystohelp.com





See if you can work out an arrangement with your employer that you work from home for some portion of the week. Not only will you save money and gasoline, you get to work in your pajamas.

By some estimates, if all households in the U.S. paid their bills online and received electronic statements instead of paper, we’d save 18.5 million trees every year, 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste.

Each year 15 billion batteries produced and sold and most of them are disposable alkaline batteries. Only a fraction of those are recycled. Buy a charger and a few sets of rechargeable batteries. Although it requires an upfront investment, it is one that should pay off in no time.

INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Intergenerational Programming



By Helen Cohen, Director of the FJECC Preschool

Since preschool opened in 1994, the Frances Jacobson Early Childhood Center (FJECC) has incorporated a unique Intergenerational Program. Our volunteers have ranged from college students to a vibrant woman of 94 years young. Volunteers are drawn from Temple Israel’s membership as well as from the relatives of the students in our midst. Our students are fortunate to see and work with people of all ages who are active and vibrant. Through this experience they learn that no matter how old or young one is, we can all be productive. The program helps to both dispel any inaccurate notions the children may have about the aging process as well as being an important component of our antibias curriculum. The volunteers have the opportunity to work closely with experienced staff members and their students. In doing so, our volunteers help to enrich the experiences of the children by sharing their life’s stories, emotional wisdom, and special skills and talents. Close bonds of friendship are forged across the age spectrum. Our volunteers assist the classroom teachers by working one on one with students, which enables the teaching staff to provide even more attention to the children in their class. To learn more about volunteering, contact Helen Cohen at 617-7396455.

Barbara LaPotin, Intergenerational Volunteer “I love Thursdays! Decency, dignity, and respect are the best adjectives I can use to describe how I have been received on my new favorite day of the week. I am a retired Brookline kindergarten teacher, but my current “job” is definitely the best! Each week I arrive in the Green Room and am warmly welcomed by the very competent teachers and included in the plans for the morning. As the day unfolds, I love the friendly greetings from children and parents, and value the educational interactions with the professional administrators who set the overall tone. It is clear that the children I so enjoy are treated with exactly the same respect as I receive and are each highly valued for their wonderful individual strengths.” Pat Squire, Temple Israel member and FJECC Volunteer “Thursdays in the Red Room are the highlight of my week and I always come home with a smile. I have the opportunity to work with and learn from gifted teachers. Intergenerational implies being older and although I am 85, the children do not seem to notice except for remarking upon the fact that I wear lipstick. It is a privilege for me to work at the preschool, where the children get a head start in learning about friendship, cooperation, and Judaism while having fun.” Erica Stern, Temple Israel member and Intergenerational Volunteer “For the past five years it has been a privilege to volunteer in FJECC’s educational program and to watch so many pre-schoolers blossom and grow within a highly imaginative and creative curriculum. Led by extraordinary skilled teachers, the classes focus on a wide variety of content that encourages curiosity, experimentation, and problem solving as well as fostering behavior that emphasizes cooperation, kindness and empathy. It has also been especially meaningful as a volunteer to form a special bond with each of my 3 grandchildren who have thrived in FJECC’s wonderful environment.”

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NEW and REjoining members by Sara Schwindt, Director of Membership and Engagement

One of my favorite things about Temple Israel is that it is never uneventful, and there is always a lot going on. Since the publication of the last issue of Insight, the Membership Committee and I have—among other activities—piloted a Passover seder-matching program for members of our TI community, welcomed our new members with a wineand-cheese reception at Rabbi Zecher’s home, and begun working with committees and Leadership Council members to rotate staffing of the Qabbalat Shabbat Welcomers Table. None of this would have been possible without the support of the Membership Committee and other engaged, dynamic lay leaders, clergy, and staff with whom I am privileged to work. This truly is an incredible Jewish community. In the roughly five months since I joined the staff, I have enjoyed meeting with many of the different Temple Israel groups and seeing the various ways that TI members can get engaged. From the Books and Beer gatherings to the Temple Israel Parents of Teens (or TI-POT) Havdallah gatherings, from engaging and high-quality worship services to Neighborhood Network dinners out, from committees such as the Green Team to the Daily Minyan, I continue to be impressed by the rich variety of options for building deeper engagement and connection here at the temple.

Since a large part of my job is connecting current and potential Temple Israel members with meaningful engagement opportunities, I want to lift up a new tool, the membership database with the congregant portal, which will dramatically enhance our ability to do this effectively. I’m particularly excited that this system will help our work around membership and engagement in several key ways, especially in tracking outreach, follow-up, and engagement activities both within and outside of the synagogue walls, to ensure that we capitalize on every opportunity to bring new Jewish families into the TI community and maximally engage all of our members throughout their Temple Israel journey. You can find out more information on page 11, but of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in the meantime. Finally, just a reminder that we are gearing up for membership renewals. Renewal packets will be mailed at the end of May, so keep an eye out for yours and as always, feel free to contact the Membership office if you have any questions or concerns about your Temple Israel membership.

New and Rejoining Temple Israel Members: Hayley Bakst and Chris Hynes Fran Cronin Judi Eubanks Bruce and Stacey Gore David-Alexandre, Kelly, and Benjamin Gros Douglas Halpert Mark and Stephanie Kalb Ethan and Matthew Kernkraut Christopher and Alexandra Saltis Eli, Lauren, and Asher Van Allen


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

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By Fran Putnoi*

How wonderful

it was to have our former youth director, Ari Roth, back on the bima to greet our congregational family on April 8. The occasion of the Wyner Lecture has always attracted people in the cultural arts who are on the cutting edge of the Jewish cultural arts connection. The extra bonus this year, was that Roth is helping challenge a national conversation around social justice. It was a fitting tribute to our beloved retiring rabbi that he returned to deliver this lecture in Rabbi Friedman’s honor.

He elucidated his journey in a thoughtful and comprehensive vision. His mission statement to our community is a complicated dance as a community of Jews who care deeply about Zionism and our American Jewish identity. Fighting for human rights, raising up a conversation of inclusion, peace aspirations, and integrated voices is no small challenge. He referred to our old narratives, and the struggle to find a language of inclusion, integration, and integrity as we hold up Israel as the light unto the nations which we grasped in our earlier identity struggles.

Roth reflected on his early years as a Jewish professional: “I remember TI for its own kind of fusion: that of a spiritual and social action center doubling as a well-run, not-quite Fortune 500 Company (but close). I remember 9-hour scheduling meetings in downtown hotels with elaborate deli platters for a staff of 6 to consume (those deli platters left an impression). TI introduced me to the inner workings of a Jewish institution. It was important to leave the synagogue at the time – but poignant too – because there really is no other synagogue like this place.”

He spoke eloquently about empathy, and vehemently stated: “The thing it seems to me that binds different colors, shapes, pieces, people, places, races, into a wholly contiguous shape of some order… Is a recognition of certain commonalities, in spite of the manifold differences. How do pieces fit? By recognizing their interrelatedness. In a word: empathy.

Roth led by example as a young youth director thirty years ago, and he now leads the Mosaic Theatre Company of DC. He helped us understand the circuitous and complicated journey of an upstander for justice.

*About the Author: Fran Putnoi was President of TI from 1989-1991. She chaired the synagogue social justice committee of the JCRC in the mid 90’s and spend her most satisfying hours with the four grandchildren who were all celebrated on the bima of Temple Israel for their B’not Mitzvah.


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Empathy is the stickiness. Empathy and inquiry – born from curiosity – can lead to deep engagement – and discovery. In another word: to wonder.”

Our Boston-Haifa Connection


By Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

The first time I visited Israel I traveled with 30 strangers between the ages of 18 and 26 on a Birthright trip. The trip was incredible in many ways—great food, interesting company and they somehow managed to bus us around an entire country in ten short days. I left a note in the kotel in Jerusalem, I hiked Masada, I ate falafel twice a day. But at the end of the trip I was left with more questions than I started with. When I returned to my campus, I did not know what to make of my experience. It would be almost a decade before I returned to Israel. The educators and clergy of Temple Israel want a different trip for our teenagers. In order to really get to know Israel, Kreiman of Temple Beth Zion (a partner in the Monday one needs more than hikes and falafel. One needs to build Night School program). Then, the educational leaders relationships with people living in of Tichon Kiryat Hayim visited us in the land. Boston. During these two visits we One needs to have experiences learned that our partners are earnest In order to really get to and conversations that challenge and honest, interested in expanding know Israel, one needs more them to think and motivate their understanding of Judaism them to ask the hard questions. than hikes and falafel. and hungry to build meaningful In order to facilitate this type relationships. If our visits were any One needs to build of encounter, Temple Israel has indication, the teenagers who join partnered with the Boston-Haifa relationships with people us for our maiden journey next Connection of the Combined winter should prepare for a fun and living in the land. Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) to meaningful encounter. create a unique learning and travel experience. We cannot teach our students to love

Temple Israel is matched with Tichon Kiryat Hayim, a public high school in the Kiryat Hayim neighborhood of Haifa. Next year a class in our Monday Night School teen program will spend the year learning about Israeli Judaism, as a class in Kiryat Hayim learns about American Judaism. We will visit our new friends in Haifa and they will visit us. The relationship between our teens and theirs will be fostered by paralleled curricula and Facebook, interactive lessons, and Instagram. In preparation for the teen encounter, I visited Haifa with Mike Fishbein, Director of Teen Education, and Rav Claudia

or care for Israel. Nor can we provide all the necessary answers to their many questions about the complexity of the modern state, or the multifaceted pluralism of the Jewish people. However, we can through this program bring them into a meaningful mifgash, encounter, with teenagers half a world away. And best of all—they will still be eligible for that free birthright trip when they get to college. But unlike me, when they extend their stay they can crash with old friends up in Haifa.

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A summer awakening!


By Rabbi Elaine Zecher and Rabbi Matthew Soffer In our Hebrew calendar we now find ourselves in the Wilderness, journeying between experiencing the sacred myths of the Festivals—between Passover’s liberation from Egypt and Shavuot’s ascent to receive Torah on Mount Sinai. In Jewish tradition, Wilderness is not a place of stupor and hopelessness, but rather one of discovery and wonderment. As we prepare to move into our summer months, our Jewish calendar guides us to possibility and opportunity. It is this state-of-mind with which we approach the coming months as we create our Qabbalat Shabbat Friday night experience.

voices, and inspiration from our tradition. Just as the wilderness is open to all, so too will our space be open and accessible to everyone.

We will view Qabbalat Shabbat as a spiritual laboratory.

Our ancestor Jacob, after his first night sleep in the Wilderness — vayikatz Yaakov mishnato — woke up from his stupor, and said famously, “Achein yeish Adonai bamakom hazeh v’anochi lo yadati.” “Wow, God is in this place and I, I did not realize it.” We, too, want to awaken to discovery and wonderment, to find sacred pathways for ourselves.

We will view Qabbalat Shabbat as a “spiritual laboratory.” Starting July 1st, we will “play Jacob” and move our services outside under the sky. We will dream up new modes of prayer, filling up our space with uplifting songs, friendly


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

While summertime is seen as a period of slowing down, we see it also as a period of waking up. The very word for summer in Hebrew, kayitz, means, at its core, an awakening, as our patriarch Jacob demonstrated when he awoke from his slumber, vayikatz Yaakov mishnato. Slowing down and waking up are precisely what Shabbat invites us to do as well. Each of us has the opportunity to extend this invitation to our friends and family throughout the area, as we stir our minds and spirits in the celebration of Shabbat.

Many of us travel throughout the summer, send our children to summer camp, spend time away or just enjoy the warmth of the air wherever we live. We will be ready on Nessel Way, whenever your path takes you here, to welcome Shabbat with you. Until then, enjoy the anticipation of what might await you this summer.

Next Steps:

Continuing the Small Group Experience By Rabbi Elaine Zecher

TI Tent Talks. You may have heard this phrase throughout the Temple Israel community last year. Groups of our members gathered to talk with one another about where they are in their lives and reflect on their relationship with Temple Israel. Over 380 community members participated including congregants, clergy, and staff in one of the 62 Tent Talks conducted. The results of these conversations helped to inform the Rabbinic Search Process and to formulate a vision for the future. We learned from those who participated that there is a desire to find spiritual nourishment even as we juggle life’s commitments and navigate life’s transitions. We discovered how the desire for belonging is affected by a connection with one another and engagement with the clergy. The philosopher and theologian, Martin Buber, emphasized “all real living is meeting.” It might have taken synagogues too many years to realize that he did not mean committee meetings but rather the opportunity to engage another person on a personal level. He said when “two people relate to each other

authentically and humanly, the Divine is the electricity that surges between them.” In our congregation, we have come to understand that the simple act of listening to each other’s stories and of reaching out means a world of difference. It is with this in mind that we want to take what we have gained from the TI Tent Talks to the next level. We want to ensure that this will be an opportunity for people to gather in ways that have meaning individually and as a community. Through small groups gathering around shared interests, we believe we can strengthen personal ties both to Temple Israel and to each other. We are just at the beginning of planning this step and want to invite everyone who is interested to help be part of shaping the path as we move forward. Email me at engage@tisrael.org and join us June 2, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. for a brainstorming session. We all belong at Temple Israel. Now, let’s make it matter together!

Full Tent Talks Campaign Report and Video Visit www.tisrael.org/ti-tent-talks

www.tisrael.org/insight | 617-566-3960



Stepping Out 2016 By Jodi and Rob Sokoloff, Stepping Out 2016 Co-Chairs

Temple Israel is a recognizable landmark here in Boston. Everyone is familiar with the huge beautiful historic building on the Riverway, however few know about the tremendous warmth and community inside those walls. That is why we agreed to chair this year’s annual gala Stepping Out. Temple Israel has played an important role in our lives and we know how much it means to all of you. Saturday April 2nd was just a snapshot of how amazing our community is. We had 226 people attend Stepping Out this year to celebrate Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman. This evening was truly a celebration-for the first time we opened up the balcony in Levi auditorium to accommodate the record attendance. We had great music by Soul of Boston, a heartfelt toast from the Clergy to Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman, and a successful live auction and paddle raise which raised $52,100 to support the Friends Annual Fund. This night was about more than just fundraising, it was about being together in the one place that has unique meaning for each one of us. Your presence and support are what make this a warm and welcoming community; a place that will always be here for those in times of joy and times of need. For all of you who attended Stepping Out, thank you for being there and supporting our community. For more information about Stepping Out or to be involved with the planning for next year’s event please contact Julie Gal-Or, Director of Development at julieg@tisrael.org.

Photo credits: Elan Kawesch


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

life cycles Please note: the birthdays and anniversaries listed are celebrating milestones whose year ends in 0 or 5. MAY Anniversaries 5 Years Elliot Rice & Jami Huryan Rice 15 Years Eric & Stephanie Berkson William & Denise Finard 20 Years Michael & Erica Caplan 25 Years Charlton MacVeagh & Julie Leitman Robert & Dana Smith 40 Years Dean & Pamela Richlin 45 Years Stephen & Joyce Antler

JUNe Anniversaries 5 Years Dorothy & Benjamin Tolchin 10 Years Lynn & Matthew Belkin 15 Years Todd & Andrea Finard 20 Years Daniel & Linda Waintrup Gad Liwerant & Rebeca Liwerant-Zichlin 30 Years David Dalgarno & Brenda Hochberg Roger & Lisa Krakoff Robert & Susan Michaels 35 Years Meri Cayem & Bob McCorkle Burt & Marlene Skvirsky 40 Years Charles & Merrill Gottesman Steven Lampert & Anita Feins Michael & Susan Rees Edward & Sally Weiner 45 Years Peter & Joan Fink

50 Years Paul & Lisa Karofsky David & Carol Mersky Irving & Barbara Weissman 55 Years Albert & Berta Axelrad Leslie & Richard Kates Bert & Faye Romm 65 Years Noel & Deborah Rose

July Anniversaries 15 Years Michael & Rachel Wexler 20 Years Bram & Jennifer Shapiro Philip & Rachel Sher Susanna Stern & Felipe Pait 30 Years Martin & Cindy Rowe 35 Years Ann Bookman & Eric Buehrens 40 Years Marc & Elayne Baskin 55 Years Joseph & Lois Pines

MAY Birthdays Jessi Abrahams Elaine Abrams Steven Cohen Kathleen Collins Rachel DiBella Marianna Drootin Michael Drootin Nicole Engel Robert Epstein Alison Fields Tamar Frieze Joseph Garb Nancy Gertner Abigail Goodman Emily Greenstein Dru Greenwood John Hechinger Richard Hoffman Sharissa Jones Leah Josephs

Robert Katz Marc Kaufman Elizabeth Levin Hillel Levine Abram London Richard Lubin Miriam Macht Jerome Medalie Victor Minkin Nancy Mishara Sy Raboy Leonardo Radomile Nancy Raphael Denise Riebman Julia Rosen Jessica Rosenthal Aliza Samuels Allyson Schechner-Kanofsky Hannah Shulman Maureen Siegel Howard Singer Kenneth Smoller Jodi Sokoloff Tara Stroll Jesse Ulrich Karen Weintraub Loretta Wieczner Rachel Wilson Pamela Wolf Harmony Wu Grace Zimmerman

JUNE Birthdays Sarah Almer Sharon Broder Stanley Chaban James Conviser Kim Davidson Claire Diller Melissa Dodd Jason Dombar Brian English Mary Epstein Lisa Freedman Frank Friedman Richard Goldman Jill Goldman Andrea Hoffrichter Melissa Holman Sheryl Kane Jodie Lee Lori Liebesman Suzanne Lippy Justin Markovits Debi Milkes Macey Miller David Mindell

Alison Moore Saul Palder Donald Putnoi Brett Robbins Robert Sage Jenna Sandler Henry Santoro Maurice Sapoznik Claire Saxe Arthur Segel Dana Smith Jonathan Strongin Zina Sverdlova Gary Tearney Barbara Trilling Stephen Weiner Miranda White Sarah Zimman

july Birthdays David Bailen Elayne Baskin Robert Berstein Carolina Blazquez Gandara Nancy Blossom Karen Bressler Melanie Cohen Michael Dansinger Lonn Drucker Julia Feinberg Avi Friedlich Roberta Goldman Anika Goldman Gayle Gordon Morgan Gottfried Gregory Grobstein Ilisa Hurowitz Sonia Jaffe Amanda Kelly Ariana Klitzner Eleanor Lewis Daniel Lilienthal Melanie Maytin Nicole Monahan Sally Ostendorf Ellin Reisner Patti Saris Carole Starr-Schein Suzanne Sheirr Kathryn Sillman June Stayman Elizabeth Stillman Mark Turetskiy Julie Unger

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life cycles MAY B’nei Mitzvah • Elizabeth Lauren Glazer daughter of Liane and Paul Glazer on May 7 • Naomi Jelden daughter of Sharone and Byron Jelden on May 21 • Samuel Isaiah Draisen son of Sara Barcan and Marc Draisen on May 28

june B’nei Mitzvah • Nina Todreas daughter of Ian and Alisa Gardner-Todreas on June 4 • Malachai Alfred Dansinger son of Remi and Michael Dansinger on June 25

Recent Deaths • Nancy Abelmann daughter of Rena Abelmann • Abraham Brand father of Steven Brand and grandfather of Elyssa and Rebecca • Dorothy Braunstein mother of Janet Levine Barros • Walter Cahners husband of Sue Cahners • Anna Castleman aunt of James and Arthur Segel • Jeremy Dorosin nephew of Deborah Raboy • Regina Edgman mother of Susan EdgmanLevitan • Howard Freedman husband of Louise Freedman

• Miriam Freidin wife of Ralph Freidin, mother of Liz Baumann and grandmother of Ruth • Bert Gluck father of Gerri Sweder • Pearl Steinberg Herrman grandmother of Tyler Kirsch • Denise Keegan sister of Chris Keegan • Bashke (Betty) Laichter grandmother of Traci Laichter • Arnold Levin father of Loretta Wieczner • Fanchon Lewis sister of Deborah Raboy • Ernest Henry Lyster father of Timothy Lyster and grandmother of Calvin and Ivy • Ivy Lyster mother of Timothy Lyster and grandmother of Calvin and Ivy • Carola Michael mother-in-law of Carol Michael • Ernest Morgenstern father of Michelle Morgenstern • Jinesh Patel brother of Bhupesh Patel and uncle of Avi and Mira • Douglas Pearl husband of Robin Pelzman and father of Jonah Pearl • Martin Rabb father of Beth Stonebraker • Evelyn Robinson • Sylvia Rosen mother of Carol Kur • Phyllis Sallinger aunt of Melissa Ellis • Dorothy Shapero mother of Carol Riemer • Jeannette Steinberg mother of Roberta Steinberg • Vladimir John Svagr father of Terry Yoffie • Joan Waldman sister of Rubylee Shuman

We Congratulate • Sumner and Phyllis Darman on the engagement their grandson Ben Weiss to Allison Targoff • Jenya and Andre Guillemin, parents and Wayne and Carole (z’l) Diamond, grandparent, on the birth of Clia Jae • Ken and Kim Jenney on the birth of their daughter Lia • Rebecca and Charles Ledley on the birth of their son Theodore (Teddy) Aaron • Lillie Marshall and Colin Turner on the birth of their daughter Joya Turner Marshall • Marc and Manja Miles on the birth of their grandson, Jesse Dyen Miles • Alisha and Jonathan Nuger on the birth of their son Andrew • Don and Sandy Perrin on the engagement of their son Scott to Amanda Shrier • Leah Sawyer and Jeff Albro on the birth of their son Nathan Aaron • Matthew and Aliza Schneller on the birth of their son Noah Benjamin • Robbie Steinberg and Avi Shafrir on the birth of their granddaughter Madeleine Drew Vladeck


Milton Abramson Joseph Baker Eileen Baron Edward Bean Gabriel Beckhard James Bickow Rebecca Borovoy-Goldman Penny Braude Jack Bufferd Morris Burstein Anna Levensohn Byer Leonard Jacob Byer Max Chernis Harold Cohen Harriet Segal Cohn Herbert Corkin Sashe Epstein Naomi Krauzer Feinburg Samuel Nathan Ficksman Julene Engelman Fields Alvan Finn Martin Fisher Isadore Green Florence Haber


Louis Harris Vitta Hertz Barney Israel Ethel Jolles Esther Kaplan Kivie Kaplan John Katz Philip King Minnie Kirsner Henry Lappin Mildred “Micki” Lee George Levy Albert Malkin Kenneth Malkin Joseph Mehlman Elias Menkes Harold Myers David Presson Norman Rabb Dorothy Ramler Sadie Rice Lester Rosenburg Phyllis Milgroom Ryan Emma Drosin Sabsevitz Abner Snyder

INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Edith Litner Starr Nettie Cotler Stein Henrietta Steinfeld Harry Tiemann Celia Weinstein Gustave Winter Henry Wyzanski Mary Ziman

May 8 - 14

Maida Stocker Abrams David Altschuler Helen Baker Deborah Levy Berkman Abraham Botkin Gertrude Brown Myer Cohn Harry Cole Manuel Davis Ruth Dobrow Charles Sidney Elkind Celia Ellis Samuel Fanger Bernice Frieze Arthur Gabelnick

Burton Stanley Goldberg Irene Goldman Jeanette Goodman Frances Greenberg Rose Morse Greenfield Maurice Hanauer Henry Kaufmann Aleck Levine Ilaine Quint Lieberman Betsey Berkman Marcus Samuel Maslon Rosemarie Misselbeck Katherine Morse Morris Morse Leon Sidney Newton Donald Harmond Phillips George Rothberg Rabbi Albert Ruskin Sara Ruskin Jules Sherman Anna Silver Sarah Smith David Stearns Morris Louis Hyman Stein Edward Mitchell Swartz

YAHRZEITS Samuel Vernon Sigmund Warner Charles White Lillian Isenberg Wilinsky Claire Katz Winter Joseph Wise Benjamin Zakon

May 15 - 21

Gertrude Lefkowith Baron Arthur Damon Ralph De Jur Samuel Diamond Pauline “Bess� Feldman Winifred Collat Friedman Joseph Gibbs James Glunts Robert Goldberg Charles Goldman Minnie Goldstein Edward Greenberg Boris Guralnik Dora Gertrude Hirshson Fanny Esther Hyman Arthur Jacobson Edward Jacobson Henry Samuel Kaplan Herbert Hauser Klein Joseph Krosner Newell Bernard Kurson Eugene Lewis Myles Stanley Lewis Alan Sydney Morrison Esther Mickey Rosenberg Albert George Samburg Harmon Shohet Fay Fisher Stein Bertha Snow Stern Nathaniel Wharton Isaac White

May 22 - 28

Leonard L. Abramson James Alland Sadie Alland Hyman Allen Lena Alpern Bertha Appel Harold Bengloff Edward Milton Berke Helen S. Brahms Robert Clayton Louis Cohen Ethel Rome Cole Edward Simeon Dangel Louis Epstein Pearl Freedman Henry Gesmer William Glaser Herbert Ray Goldman Samuel Goodman Bertha Solomont Gordon George Alan Gordon Sydney Green Ethel Goldsmith Gryzmish Solomon Haber

Ethel Jacobson Hannah Kabatznick Anne Kaplan Seymour Kaufman Pauline Kusmin Hyman Levy Carolyn Lowe Henrietta Maron Geoffrey Nathan Stella Obst Lawrence Palder Andrew Merrill Pastor Ruthe Orell Porter Joel Rostau Rabbi Max Schenk Alvin Sloane Anny Steiner Wolfner Harold Watchmaker Edward Weiss Ruth Ehrlich Werman Rudolph Wyner

May 29 - June 4

Martin Barlow Mark Bortman Harriet Widetsky Chernis Ruth Jacobs Dangel Nellie Diamond William Diller William Falk Alice Resnick Finn Nathan Gordon Samuel Grass William Grossman Seymour Hambro Harold Harmon Frieda Hidasi Joseph Hozid Muriel Theise Hyde Louis Kimball Maurice Krasnoff Hortense Lappin Helen Levensohn Lawrence Levin Benjamin Levy Robert Lipman Rose Medoff Alan Miller Samuel Milton Ruth Botkin Morse Robert Marchand Neumann Cheryl Nicholas Charles Perkit Sumner Lester Poorvu Samuel Proger Justin Richman Joseph George Riesman Sidney Kamber Robbins Pearl Seegel Ralpha Becker Senderowitz Morris Shamus Dorothy Shiffman Sumner Everett Shikes Philip Solomon Gertrude Weisman Swartz Charles Kenneth Vigman

Phoebe Woolf Jay Zimmet Maurice Zucrow

June 5 - 11 Flora Byer Hyman Canter Samuel Casson Ruth Corkin Leo Cotton Muriel Schiff Dimond Harry Dollin Rachel Ehrenfried Harold Fruitman Robert Gargill Louis Gilman Charlotte Cahners Glass Stanley Gordon Bertram Gottesman Ruth Winer Gottlieb Morris Grossman Neil Grossman Eda Green Hoffman Shirley Hozid Mary Huberman Esther Jacobs Koblenzer Ruth Salmansohn Krasnoff Sonia Ellenhorn Krinsky Sydelle Levine Rabbi Joshua Liebman Arthur Livingston Anna Marder Beatrice Hollander Mandel Meyers Esther Cohn Rabb William Rosenberg William Ryan Albert Salter Mabel Salter Dora Feldman Saxe Edward Aaron Schulman Sarah Schwall Joseph Shapiro Sarah Shapiro Dorothy Shief Sarita Rosenberg Shuman Louis Silverman Lilley Silverstein Kathleen Simmons Gertrude Singer Eileen Smith Abraham Snyder Mary Springer Anne Stoneman Morris Weinbaum Anne Weinman Mark Weintraub Israel Weisman Joseph Zamore June 12 - 18

Lillian Nelson Alexander Max Barron Annette Bechek Lionel Benado Bernard Bernstein Emma Blumstein

Abraham Cibel Elizabeth Collat Lena Cooper Fanny Shine Dinner Musia Epstein Jeannette Fine Philip Fisher Henry Friedman Fannie Furshman Ida Wachstein Geller Nettie Grubinger Sydney Karofsky Jacob Koss Max Levensohn Rabbi Harry Levi Samuel Lowe Walter Marcus Etta Morrison Samuel Pearlman Ferdinand Phillips,Jr. Julius Porter Joseph Rosen Ruth Rudnick Irving Sabsevitz Morris Saris Melville Shine Jr. Samuel Sidd David Smith May Kaffenburgh Sondheim Dora Weinbaum Sophie Alland Wit

June 19 - 25

Felix Alland Abraham Casson William Copel Leah Dektor David Ellenbogen Julia Epstein Benjamin Fink Israel Friedlander Samuel Ginns Rosalind Naigles Ginsburg Meyer Goldstein Louis Jonathon Greenberg Lillian Hall Maxwell Charles Hyde William Jacobs Abbott Kahn Milton Kahn Nancy Katz Ora London Katz Harry Kimball Richard Franklin Koss Rebecca Levine Marcia Martin Gertrude Mendelson William Olin Genesia Perlmutter Shari Phillips Annie Frank Robbins Cecil Rose Clara Rosenburg Beatrice Schlager Frances Simons Lena Newburg Solar

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YAHRZEITS Bertram Sugarman Mae Goldstein Tack Miriam Coplan Towvim Isaac Trugman Abraham Webber Stanley Daniel Weinstein Joan Levy Wernick Manuel Wyner Barnett Zolloto

June 26 - July 2 Hyman Abrams Samuel Barron,Jr. Beatrice S. Bass Alexander Berger Evelyn Sachs Berman Mary Bierbrier David Bond Leland Brown Albert Burmon Roberta “Bobbie� Burstein Benjamin Castleman Robert Dine Besse Grass Finkelstein Rose Freedman Herbert Freeman Benjamin Goldberg Gertrude Gordon Arnold Helman Mildred Schulman Hurwitz George Kaplan George Katz Sidney Koblenzer Lillian Koster Adrian Kramer Barbara Levine Col. Abraham Nemrow Bessie Fisher Novins Bessie Palder Deborah Simons Pearlstein Sidney Philip Bessie Wit Phillips Ferdinand Phillips Warren Presson Belle Ostrofsky Redstone Stanley Rosenbaum Sylvia Beizer Seder Julia Sherman Samuel Silverman Arthur Simmons Barry Zimman July 3 - 9

William Addelson Samuil Alland Mildred Daniels Arbetter Robert Aronowitz Robert Barron Jeanne Benjamin Benjamin Bunshaft Ina Bebchick Burstein James Cohen Haskell Cohn Robert Corkin Harry Fienman


George Freedman David Freeman Risa Gara Ira Gerler Arnold Goldstein Joseph Gorin Samuel Bertram Horovitz Etta Landau Isenman Mary Schnittman Kaplan Ethel Kaufman Joseph Kot William Lebow Doris Tobis Locke Dora Marks Robert Miller Sylvia Dane Nathanson Alan Palder Jacob Palder Edith Phillips Anna Pinanski Samuel William Poorvu Stanley Rothenberg Morris Mendell Roud Samuel Rovner Marvin Saffer Roy Sallen Herman Scheff Coleman Silbert Leo Silbert Joseph Simberg Ruth Singer Enid Goldman Slatoff Solomon Stern Virginia Marcus Stern Bertha Stone Betty Stone Donald Tattenbaum David Wartel Katherine Wayner Gertrude White Charles Wilinsky Murray Zuckerman

July 10 - 16

Bernard Brightman Hyman Burstein Doris Brewer Cohen Myer Cohen Minnie David Annette Fritz Dollin Sidney Dunne Eleanor Epstein Rabb Gertrude Davidson Feinberg Margery Feinberg Sydney Feinberg Franklin Fox Orrie Friedman Edward Giller Benjamin Gluck Cecil Robert Gordon Robert Slater Gordon Sumner Slater Gordon Judith Greene Marilyn Grossman Etta Kamentsky

INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Frances Winer Kane Benjamin Kaplan Tommy Kaplan David Koster Gabriella Kovacs Irving Levine Joseph Levy Miriam Lewis Maurice Marder Florence Berlow Michelson Richard Bruce Miller Isadore Nye Nettie Putnoi Charlotte Robinson Sidney Rosenburg Martha Rottenberg Isadore Seligman Mae Rita Shapiro Rose Shapiro Harry Singer Philip Smith Marjorie Roberts Stone Sylvia Tarlin Rebecca Ulin Muriel Wolfman

July 17 - 23

Israel Alexander Maurice Begal Frances Bronstein Abraham Caplan Charles Corkin Edith Davidson Herbert Diamond Mollie Falk Benjamin Feinberg Goldie Sedar Feinberg Jesse Saul Friedman Helen Fish Goldfarb Henry Maurice Goldman Hubert Gordon Joseph Greenberg Bessie Kaffenburgh Robert Jay Kurland Jeffrey Byron Lepie Charlotte Dane Levin Luella Maslon Arnold Mork Edith Nessen Ann Davis Randall Benjamin Bela Rosenberg Julius Rosenberg Sidney Saunders Dora Binder Schulman Jacob Segal Hilda Shiffman Alfred Sigel Isaac Slocum Flora Slonim Harold Smith Adele Salomon Stern Franciska Stieber Betty Tattenbaum Ralph Tobis Rachel White

Eleanor Robbins Young Phyllis Fisher Zimman July 24 - 30 Julius Aisner Jr. Cori Auerbach Altman Solomon Barnet Emily Bean Ida Benari Mayer Zvi Brenner Nancy Jean Brudno Fannie Clayton Pifla Cohen Samuel Cohen David Dangel Max Falik Sara Faneuil Saul Fechtor Herman Feer Rose Frank Harry Freeman Louis Gale Samuel Glen Sylvia Pollner Gluck Harry Goff Harry Gorin Ethel Haas Saul Hertz Mark Horblit Dorothy Huberman Frances Kannon Ethel Bratt Kaplan Lewis Krosner Bess Kurland George Lane Henry Lasker Peter Leavitt Benjamin Levy Irving Lotter Aron Lurie Leon Margolis Alan Mendelson George Nathanson Abraham Noble Nathan Pearlstein Barbara Bloom Ranson Lilian Kuhns Reichert Edwin Robbins Mark Robbins Frances Lewis Rosenstein Louis Ross Etta Gelerman Rudofsky Alexander Salamon Sadie Salmansohn Samuel Sandler Adele Friedstein Schaye Ruth Tannenholz Scheffreen Charlotte Samet Shikes Schwartz Joseph Segal Maurice Simons Rose Stein Julius Stone Maurice Ulitsky Frieda Golda Weis Zussman Weis

CONTRIBUTIONS Etta and Robert Barron Biblical Garden Fund

In loving memory of Lillian Robbins and in loving memory of my grandparents, Etta and Robert Barron • From Dr. A. B. Seal In loving memory of Lillian Robbins on her yahrzeit • From Kenneth Barron In loving memory of A. Alfred Franks on his yahrzeit • From Virginia and Richard Seegel

Bridges of Hope

In memory of Esther Pochne, mother of Rabbi Edgar Nof • From Sandy and Don Perrin

Clergy Discretionary Fund

In memory of James MacLean grandfather of Brigid Goggins and Pearl Steinberg Herrmann, grandmother of Tyler Kirsch • From Sue Misselbeck In memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From Sandy and Don Perrin In appreciation of the clergy • From Rabbi Harold Robinson In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn • From Diane Rose In memory of my beloved husband, Robert Shapiro, on his yahrzeit • From Valya Shapiro In memory of my beloved husband, Stephen B. Kardon, and my beloved brother, Peter J. Kaplan, on their yahrzeits • From Ellen Kaplan Kardon In appreciation of Cantor Roy Einhorn for his beautiful officiation at the funeral of our mother, Ginger Saunders Wyler • From Pam Saunders and Lisa Saunders A donation • From Julie McVeigh In loving memory of Dora Rosenman on her yahrzeit • From Boris Guralnik In honor of Gabriel Padawer for his kindness • From Cecily Morse In loving memory of Earl W. Franklin on his yahrzeit • From Robert Franklin

In honor of the engagement of Ben Weiss, grandson of Phyllis and Sumner Darman, to Allison Targoff • From Sue Misselbeck • From Ruth Aisner In loving memory of our mother and grandmother, Rhoda L. Frankl, on her yahrzeit • From The Sarkis Family In honor of Rabbi Zecher’s confirmation to be Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel • From Barbara and Marshall Sloane • From Richard and Arlene Rachins • From Ruth Aisner • From Diane Rose In appreciation of Rabbi Jacobson, Rabbi Soffer, Rabbi Zecher and Cantor Einhorn for their help in readying our daughter Maya for her Bat Mitzvah • From Jodi and Kurt Lockwood

A Donation • From An Anonymous Donor In loving memory of my father, Dr. Padie Richlin, on his yahrzeit • From Dean and Pamela Richlin With wishes for a speedy recovery for my cousin Thomas Endowski • From Ruth Gordon In memory of Denise Keegan, sister of Chris Keegan • From Sue Misselbeck In memory of Vladimir John Svagr, father of Terry Yoffie • From Arthur Segel A donation • From An Anonymous Donor

A donation • From An Anonymous Donor

In loving memory of Alan Mark Roberts and Gerry Roberts on their yahrzeits • From Bunni Roberts

In honor of the 95th birthday of my father Joe Steinberg • From Emily and Richard Perlman

In honor of Sue Misselbeck, a good friend and a wonderful person • From Ruth Aisner

In memory of my beloved brother, Alfred Sleeper, on his yahrzeit • From Edward Sleeper

In loving memory of Joseph Rosenthal on his yahrzeit • From Claire Saxe

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In memory of Howard Freedman, husband of Louise Freedman • From Sue Misselbeck In loving memory of my husband, David H. Bing, on his yahrzeit • From Claudine Bing In loving memory of James L. Schaye on his yahrzeit • From James, Paul, Elisabeth Schaye With our appreciation for the part Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Zecher, Rabbinic Intern Micah Shapiro and Sue Misselbeck played in a beautiful and moving service at the funeral, burial and Shiva service for my dearest husband, Howard Freedman • From Louise Freedman In loving memory of Ralph Freedman on his yahrzeit • From Barbara Cohen

In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn for his officiation at the funeral of our mother, Evelyn Robinson • From Harold Robinson and Sydney Mayzer In honor of the 65th anniversary of Sumner and Phyllis Darman • From Sue Misselbeck In memory of my beloved husband, Samuel Rabinowitz, on his yahrzeit • From Joy Rabinowitz In memory of my beloved father, Samuel Frumkin, on his yahrzeit • From Ruth Gordon In appreciation of Rabbi Soffer for officiating at the Bat Mitzvah of my granddaughter Elana Friedlich • From Lydia Friedlich

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CONTRIBUTIONS In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Zecher for their love and support during the illness and death of my father, Bert Gluck • From Gerri Sweder

In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Cantor Einhorn for their support in preparing our son Avi for his Bar Mitzvah • From Nancy Kramer and Bhupesh Patel

In memory of Carola Michael, mother-in-law of Carol Michael • From Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman

In honor of the special birthdays of Barbara and Marshall Sloane • From Sue and Mark Misselbeck

In memory of Sylvia Rosen, mother of Carol Kur • From Sue and Mark Misselbeck • From Arthur Segel

In loving memory of our father and grandfather, John G, Coyne, on his yahrzeit • From Chris, Len, Nathan and Noah Bierbrier

In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman for all his involvement with our family over the years and his tenure at Temple Israel • From Irving and Barbara Weissman

In loving memory of Reuben Hall on his yahrzeit • From Brian Gordon

In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher for her officiation at the baby naming of Elijah Richard Luftman • From Nana Vicki Luftman, David, Leah and Eli Luftman In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher for her kindness and sensitivity in helping my granddaughter, Elana, become a Bat Mitzvah • From Lydia Friedlich In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn and Rabbi Zecher for officiating at my Bar Mitzvah, • From Jacob Finard, Todd and Andrea Finard In appreciation of the clergy and Sue Misselbeck for all the good work they do • From The Reuben and Lizzie Grossman Foundation In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher coming to our new home to help us hang our mezuzah and bless our house • From Samuel Kaplan and Rachel Wilson In appreciation of Rabbi Soffer and Cantor Einhorn for officiating at the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter Ellie Solomon • From Mindy Berman and Dan Solomon In loving memory of my mother, Minnie Comins Sleeper, and Dr. Herbert Raymond Sleeper, on their yahrzeits • From Edward Sleeper In appreciation of the clergy and Rabbi Jacobson for her officiation at the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter Ivy • From Timothy and Liz Lyster

John Coyne Book Shelf

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Wishing Shirlee Isenberg good health • From Louise Freedman and Howard Freedman (z’l) In honor of the marriage of Charlie Smith, son of Gary and Lynne Smith • From Louise Freedman and Howard Freedman (z’l) In memory of Bill Pokross, brother of Joan Curhan • From Louise Freedman and Howard Freedman (z’l) In memory of Howard Freedman, husband of Louise Freedman • From Phyllis Baker • From Claire and Edward Saxe • From Jeanne Burmon • From Ina Friedman Starobin • From George Abrams and Anita Bender • From The Brown Middle School Book Club • From Stuart Freedman and Joanne Tuck • From John and Louise Loewenstein

Rabbi Ronne Friedman Innovative Programming Fund

$100,000 and above • Anonymous • David and Amy Abrams • Stephen Kay and Lisbeth Tarlow


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

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CONTRIBUTIONS In honor of Rabbi Friedman’s tenure at Temple Israel • From Vivienne Kalman • Maureen and Michael Kerstein • Susan Porter In memory of Bert Gluck father of Gerri Sweder • From Fran and Don Putnoi In memory of Regina Edgman mother of Susan Edgman-Levitan • From Fran and Don Putnoi In memory of Carola Michael mother-in-law of Carol Michael • From Fran and Don Putnoi In memory of Sylvia Rosen, mother of Carol Kur • From Fran and Don Putnoi • Judy and David Rosenthal • Ronni Sachs Kotler • Ben and Karen Stern • Erica and Don Stern • Susanna Stern and Felipe Pait • Mindee Wasserman • Rabbi Elaine Zecher and David Eisenberg

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(Donations from 1/1/16 - 4/4/16)

Kindness $5,000-$9,999 • Anonymous • Mr. and Mrs. John Blasberg • William and Denise Finard • Gary and Mary Pforzheimer • Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Inspiration $3,600-$4,999 • Century Bank • Michele Fishel and Barry Weisman • Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman Vision $1,800-$3,599 • Laurence Bailen and Jennifer Weber • Carl and Barbara Berke • Donna and David Frieze • Dana Gershon and Rabbi Jonah Pesner • Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel • Andrew and Allison Hirsch • Elisabeth Keller and David Savitz • Sandra and Robert Marcus • Carol Michael • Susan and Robert Michaels • Polly and Gregg Ribatt • Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman • Ed Zuker and Judi Ross Zuker

Connection $1,000-$1,799 • Joe and Debbie Bates • Alexis Contant and Jordan Smoller • Kelly Davidson • Cantors Roy Einhorn and Jodi Sufrin • Brett and Abby Gordon • Holly Gunner and Anne Chalmers • Lisa Gross and Richard Hoffman • Nanette and Dan Jacobson • Elisabeth Keller and Rich Kalish • Saul Kurlat • Mike and Lonna Offner • Chris and Shari Noe • Murray Sackman • Suzanne Salamon and Alan Einhorn • Mark and Marie Schwartz • Ron and Nancy Shaich • Bob and Noni Stearns • Carol and Steve Targum • Dean and Pamela Richlin • Dr. Robert and Esther Rosenthal • Benjamin M. and Karen Stern Friend Up to $999 • Anonymous • Jane Akiba • David and Helene Bailen • David and Theresa Banash • Sara Barcan and Marc Draisen • Marilyn and Barnett Berliner • Len and Christine Bierbrier • Marjorie Bloom • Jordana and Scott Bluestein • Walter(z’l) and Sue Cahners • Camp Micah • Herman and Judith Chernoff • Helen Cohen • Wendy and Richard Cohen • Lisa Danetz and Craig Smith • Rachel Daniels • Dan and Lisa Davis • Dan and Amy Deutsch • Wayne Diamond and Ronni Kotler • Ronald and Susan Ebert • Susan Edgman-Levitan and Richard Levitan • Marsha Feinberg • Georgia and Jesse Feldman • Todd and Andrea Finard • Joan Florsheim • Janet Fox • Charles Fraiden • Louise A. Freedman • Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman • Rabbi Serena Fujita • Julie Gal-Or • Liza Gates • Christopher George and Timothy James • Phyllis Giller • Shoshanna and Andrew Goldberg • Alan and Pamela Goodman • Naomi Gordon • Ruth Gordon • Joan Gordon

• Sylvia Green • Marisa Greenwald and Keith Kenney • Ted and Dru Greenwood • The Grella Family • Joanne and Marvin Grossman • Ellen and Pete Groustra • Holly Gunner and Anne Chalmers In memory of Andy McAfee • From Jill Hahn • Deborah and Ira Heffan • Joan Hinrichs • Brenda Hochberg and David Dalgarno • Benjamin Holtz • Deborah and Remy Isdaner • Rabbi Suzie Jacobson and JoJo Jacobson • Mark Kaplan • Sarah Kianovsky and Frank Friedman • Ruth Klepper • Larry and Barbara Koff • Roger and Lisa Krakoff • Ross and Kristin Krasnow • Isabel and Russ Kushner • Steven Lampert and Anita Feins • Lauren and Aaron Lapat • Eric and Lori Lass • Liz and Chuck Levin • Jane and John Lewis • Eleanor Lewis • Sally and Bruce Levy • Shirley Libby • Nicole and Paul Lipson • Kathryn Madden and Roger Herzog • Dr. Saul and Elena Magitsky • Michael Malamut and Catherine Milch • Marc Maxwell • Lenore and Macey Miller • Karen Miller and Craig Bunnell • Sarah Minden and Stephen Wright • Jennifer Mosley • Leslie Myers • Donald M. and Sandra J. Perrin • Deb Polansky and Eric Putnoi • Susan Porter • Don and Fran Putnoi • Susan Ridker • Leah Rosovsky • Martin and Cindy Rowe • Marc Rysman and Michelle Ephraim • Linda Samuels • Nancy and Michael Sandman • Dr. Robert Sands • Sara Sclaroff • Jim and Mimi Segel • Craig and Sharon Sender • Jennifer and Bram Shapiro • Jane Shapiro In honor of Rabbi Zecher being named Senior Rabbi • From Valya Shapiro

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CONTRIBUTIONS • Barb Sisson and Steve Silverman • Rabbi Matthew Soffer and Nicole Soffer • Joseph and Florence Steinberg • Harriet and Richard Steinberg • Susanna Stern and Felipe Pait • Ellen Beth and Detlev Suderow • Zinaida Sverdlova • Andrew Tarsy and Bridget Samburg • Tony and Nancy Tauber • Barry and Susan Tatelman

In memory of my beloved mother, Eva Lebow Tolman, on her yahrzeit • From Sumner and Phyllis Darman

In loving memory of Sol Thim on his yahrzeit • From Myra Tattenbaum

In memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From Helene and David Bailen

• David and Rhoda Trietsch • Joanne Tuck and Stuart Freedman • Jeane Ungerleider and William Stone • Mindee Wasserman • Stephen Weiner and Don Cornuet • Sandra Wixted • Pam Wolf and Leo Sorokin • Marlene Yesley • Valerie Zimber and Jim Waldroop

Louise and Sadie Gale Fund

In loving memory of Sadie Gale on her yahrzeit • From Morton and Rae Backer

James D. Glunts Bookshelf

In loving memory of my mother, Sarah Landerman Glunts, on her yahrzeit • From Shirley Libby

Marilyn and Mike Grossman Caring Community Fund

In loving memory of Rhoda Frankl, our beautiful and generous mother and Bubbie, on her yahrzeit. We miss your warmth, humor and delightful presence every day • From Beth Frankl, Mike, Zeke and Sari

In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn • From David and Helene Bailen In memory of Mark Yesley, husband of Marlene Yesley • From Helene and David Bailen

In loving memory of Benjamin Max Warburg on his yahrzeit • From Jeremy Warburg Russo

Merle and Doris Locke Youth Fund

In memory of our father, Merle Locke, on his yahrzeit • From Jean and Alan Miller In memory of Stuart and Nancy Bernstein • From Jean and Alan Miller

Mishkan Hanefesh Prayerbook

In memory of Dr. Cheryl Lieberman • From her devoted cousins In memory of Judith F. Greene • From her loving brother, Jonathan S. Fine In memory of J. Laurence Fine • From his loving brother, Jonathan S. Fine

Riverway Project

In memory of Bert Gluck, father of Gerri Sweder • From Carol and Steven Targum

In honor of Rabbi Matt Soffer and the Riverway Project • From Rabbi Bethie Miller

In appreciation of the Purim Mishloach Manot Bag • From Joe and Florence Steinberg • From Ruth Aisner

In honor of Sam Starobin’s birthday • From Barbara Roberts

Morey and Helen Hirsch Book Shelf

In loving memory of Lillian H. Brody on her yahrzeit • From Beverly Brody Barrisano

Karol Music Fund

In honor of the engagement of our grandson, Ben Weiss, to Allison Targoff • From Sumner and Phyllis Darman


A donation • From Jessi Solomon

Richard B. Ross Book Shelf

In loving memory of Mary Sonia Ross on her yahrzeit • From Irene Ross

RYFTI Youth Group Fund

In honor of our grandson, Michael Garb, receiving a silver key from the Boston Globe’s Scholastic Photography Awards • From Joan and Joe Garb

INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

Dr. Arnold L. Segel Library Fund

In loving memory of Samuel Cohen on his yahrzeit • From Sallyann Wekstein In honor of Ann Abrams our outstanding librarian • From Ruth Aisner In honor of Rabbi Zecher being chosen as Senior Rabbi • From Judy and Herman Chernoff In loving memory of my sister, Emily Mehlman, on her yahrzeit • From Harriet and Richard Steinberg In loving memory of Sarah Schatz on her yahrzeit • From Arthur and Natalie Schatz Thank you to my TI friends for all of their well wishes • From Shirlee Isenberg

Abraham D. Shain Book Shelf

In loving memory of Emily Mehlman on her yahrzeit • From Elaine Shain

Social Action Fund

In honor of Em Mueller’s special birthday • From Fran and Don Putnoi In memory of Howard Freedman, husband of Louise Freedman • From Fran and Don Putnoi In celebration of the upcoming wedding of Joshua Godine, son of John and Fran Godine, and Karen Meyers • From Em and Guntram Mueller

Carl Steinbaum Continuing Education Fund

In memory of Bernard Spiess • From Ellen Steinbaum, Judith Steinbaum Redlener, Meg Steinbaum Russell and Deborah Steinbaum Baker

Arthur Stroyman Children’s Book Fund

In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn’s conducting the funeral for my mother • From Roberta Steinberg

contributions In loving memory of Janet Kaplan on her yahrzeit • From Josephine Schneider and Family

In loving memory of Sylvia Israel on her yahrzeit • From Adele and Howard Israel

In loving memory of Robert David Dana on his yahrzeit • From Clare Dana

In memory of my beloved mother, Gladys F. Goldman, on her yahrzeit • From Josie Kivort

In loving memory of Phyllis Sackman on her yahrzeit • From Murray Sackman

In memory of my beloved father, Tom Goodman, on his yahrzeit • From Pam Goodman

In loving memory of Arnold and Paul Tuck on their yahrzeits • From Deborah Tuck

In loving memory of Ethel Marder Grossman on her yahrzeit • From Tom Grossman

In loving memory of Bernice L. Brudno Posnack on her yahrzeit • From Sally Wyner

In loving memory of Marion and Simon Kaplan on their yahrzeits • From Dorothy and Jim Goodman

In loving memory of Anita Marcus Golosov on her yahrzeit • From Robert Golosov

In memory of my beloved husband, Bruce Swerling, on his yahrzeit • From Roberta Swerling

In loving memory of Katherine Louise Cahners on her yahrzeit • From Walter J. Cahners (z’l)

In memory of our beloved father and grandfather of Abigail and Emily, Dr. Arnold M. Baskin, on his yahrzeit • From Nancy Baskin

In loving memory of Alan G. Shapero on his yahrzeit • From Dorothy Shapero (z’l)

In loving memory of Nathan and Sarah Gordon on their yahrzeits • From the Rhoda and Louis Scovell Fund

In loving memory of Harry Sagansky on his yahrzeit • From Robert and Phyllis Sage

In loving memory of Lillian and Morris Schultz on their yahrzeits • From Sydell Masterman

In loving memory of Walter Wekstein on his yahrzeit • From Sallyann Wekstein

In loving memory of Estelle Z. Silverman on her yahrzeit • From Jacqueline Kieff

In loving memory of Hirsh Sharf on his yahrzeit • From Frederic Sharf

In loving memory of Helen Grossman on her yahrzeit • From Norman Grossman

In loving memory of Keren Holtz on her yahrzeit • From Peggy Ann Morrison

In loving memory of Carl Jerome Tishler on his yahrzeit • From Gerald Tishler

In loving memory of Arlene Bard on her yahrzeit • From Pamela and Dean Richlin

In memory of our beloved wife and mother, Regina Holdstock Kaplan, on her yahrzeit • From Mark Kaplan and Sam Kaplan

In loving memory of Martin Mendelson on his yahrzeit • From Mr. and Mrs. William Mendelson

In loving memory of our son, Benjamin Max Warburg, on his yahrzeit • From Jonathan and Stephanie Warburg

In loving memory of Max Frank on his yahrzeit • From Daniel Frank

In loving memory of Arnold Frank Miller on his yahrzeit • From Carol Miller

In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn’s officiation at the baby naming of our grandchildren, Sam Shafrir and Madeleine Vladeck • From Roberta Steinberg and Avishai Shafrir

Temple Fund

In memory of Dr. Saul Biller on his yahrzeit • From Judy and David Rosenthal In loving memory of John Sherman on his yahrzeit • From Lauri Slawsky In loving memory of Arnold Tuck on his yahrzeit • From Jerome Tuck In loving memory of Dr. Peretz Singer on his yahrzeit • From Marilyn Sternick In loving memory of Samuel J. Katz on his yahrzeit • From Barbara Wasserman

In loving memory of Helen and Morris Shamus on their yahrzeits • From Barry Shamus In loving memory of Hannah Levin Zauderer on her yahrzeit • From Adele and Howard Israel In loving memory of Merle Levy Sleeper on her yahrzeit • From James Sleeper In loving memory of my parents, Lee and Idalia Banash, on their yahrzeits • From David Banash In honor of Arthur Winn • From An Anonymous Donor In loving memory of Morris Kirsner Esq. on his yahrzeit • From Estelle Kirsner Schulz

In loving memory of Mitchell Rosser on his yahrzeit • From Lauri Slawsky In loving memory of our daughter, Laura Dayle Marglin, and our mother, Norma Lowe Fruitman, on their yahrzeits • From Nancy and Joseph Marglin

In memory of my beloved father, Joseph Fienman, on his yahrzeit • From Mollie Ceder In loving memory of Carolyn Jayne Marcus on her yahrzeit • From Robert and Sandra Marcus

In loving memory of my mother, Madeline Wise Levin, on her yahrzeit • From Nancy Cutler In loving memory of Robert Krakoff on his yahrzeit • From Roger Krakoff

www.tisrael.org/insight | 617-566-3960


Contributions In loving memory of Melville and Sophie Brown on their yahrzeits • From Jim Brown and Abby Everson

In memory of my beloved husband, Robert M. Goldwyn, on his yahrzeit • From Tanya Goldwyn

In loving memory of Roza Plotkina and Irina Plotkin Vladimir • From The Plotkin and Rabinovich Families

In loving memory of Lois Endlar, Lester Endlar and Josephine Endlar on their yahrzeits • From Richard Endlar

In loving memory of Harold Rotenberg on his yahrzeit • From Jane R. Moss

In loving memory of Pauline Goldstein Fine on her yahrzeit • From Norman and Pamela Fine

In loving memory of our father, Samuel J. Katz, on his yahrzeit • From Joan and Joe Garb

In loving memory of Ethel Tuck on her yahrzeit • From Richard Tuck and Jerome Tuck • From Jerome and Arlene Tuck

In loving memory of Charles W. Beller • From Enid and Seymour Zimbler

In loving memory of Judah Folkman on his yahrzeit • From Brian and Laura Steuer

In loving memory of my husband, Gordon F. Bloom, on his yahrzeit • From Marjorie Bloom

In loving memory of Ruth Levine, Linda Feingold Stern, Bernice Brudno Posnick and Robert E. Wyner on their yahrzeits • From Wendy and Rick Levine

In loving memory of Alan M. Roberts, M.D. on his yahrzeit • From Lucy de Martin

In loving memory of my father, Joseph Stone, on his yahrzeit • From Sterra Tackeff In loving memory of Mark Brodsky on his yahrzeit • From Nina Brodskaya In loving memory of my beloved husband, Robert E. Wyner, on his yahrzeit • From Sally Wyner In loving memory of Sidney Litner and Eleanor Litner on their yahrzeits • From Richard and Marilyn Litner In loving memory of Harold Edward Zauderer on his yahrzeit • From Adele and Howard Israel In loving memory of Seymour Stadfeld on his yahrzeit • From Shirley Brown In loving memory of Florence Olenberg on her yahrzeit • From Marjorie Bloom In loving memory of Joseph Weisberg and Eva Koploy on their yahrzeits • From Marjorie Weisberg In honor of our son-in-law, Tony Tauber’s 50th birthday • From Alvin and Sarann Goldfield In loving memory of my mother, Bertha Winn, on her yahrzeit • From Arthur Winn


In loving memory of Lewis A. Steinberg on his yahrzeit • From Richard and Harriet Steinberg In loving memory of my mother, Beatrice R. Biller, on her yahrzeit • From Judy and David Rosenthal In loving memory of Martha and Robert Finn on their yahrzeits • From Judith Chernoff

Sunday’s Bread

Gale Raphael TILLI Fund

In loving memory of my husband, Malcom C. Green, on his yahrzeit • From Sylvia Green In memory of Denise Keegan sister of Chris Keegan • From Rhoada Wald In memory of Howard Freedman, husband of Louise Freedman • From Nancy Raphael • From Naomi Gordon In memory of my beloved sister-in-law Laura Silin • From Nancy Raphael

Wyner Museum

In loving memory of Philip Okun on his yahrzeit From Henry Okun

In honor of the wedding of Ben Gruber son of Jeannie Gruber • From Fran and Don Putnoi

• In loving memory of Fulton Cahners, Norman Cahners and James Cahners, on their yahrzeits • From Sue Cahners and Walter Cahners (z’l)

In memory of our beloved friend Carole Diamond • From Fran and Don Putnoi

In loving memory of Lillian Fanger on her yahrzeit • From Steven Fanger

In honor of Harriet Greenfield’s birthday • From Fran and Don Putnoi

In honor of my daughter, Joan Rachlin’s, birthday • From Natalie Rachlin In loving memory of Edward Bertman on his yahrzeit • From Richard Bertman In loving memory of Jeanne Kotler on her yahrzeit • From Harold Kotler In loving memory of Sadye Rosenberg Sheinfeld on her yahrzeit • From Myron Sheinfeld In memory of my beloved husband, Robert Krakoff, on his yahrzeit • From Sandra Krakoff

INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776

In loving memory of George Wyner on his yahrzeit • From Genevieve and Justin Wyner In honor of the engagement of Scott Perrin and Amanda Shrier • From Fran and Don Putnoi



6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

24 Sivan

7:00 PM Riverway Project Neighborhood Shabbat

10:15 AM Shabbat Service/ Bar Mitzvah - Malachai Alfred Dansinger

9:00 AM Torah Study

19 Sivan

10:15 AM Shabbat Service/ Bar Mitzvah - Ilan Simon Alexander Beard

10:00 AM T.G.I.S.

9:00 AM Torah Study

18 Sivan 25 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat - Malachai Alfred Dansinger will chant Qiddush

17 Sivan 24 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

23 Sivan 30

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

22 Sivan 29

12:00 PM Last Tuesday Book Group

21 Sivan 28

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

20 Sivan 27

7:00 PM Introduction to Judaism

6:30 PM Riverway Café

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

16 Sivan 23

7:00 PM Taste of Judaism

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat - Ilan Simon Alexander Beard will chant Qiddush

11 Sivan 18

7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

12 Sivan

5:00 PM Yizkor

5:00 PM Tot Rock Shabbat 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

Erev Shavuot

5 Sivan

9:30 AM FJECC Graduation

10 Sivan 17

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

9 Sivan 16

7:00 PM Green Team Meeting

7:00 PM Taste of Judaism

6:30 PM Annual Gathering

9:00 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

4 Sivan 11

6:00 PM Summer Send Off Qabbalat Shabbat - Nina Todreas will chant Qiddush

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

3 Sivan 10

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

2 Sivan 9

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

15 Sivan 22

7:00 PM Introduction to Judaism

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

14 Sivan 21

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

13 Sivan 20

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

10:00 AM Confirmation Service

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

1:30 PM FJECC: Road to Rio

8 Sivan 15

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

7 Sivan 14

Shavuot Day 2

6 Sivan 13

Shavuot Day 1


6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5:00 PM Cemetery Committee Meeting

1:45 PM FJECC Active Games

10:00 AM Cemetery Commemoration

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

27 Iyyar

Saturday 9:00 AM Torah Study 10:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! (T.G.I.S.) 10:15 AM Shabbat Service/ Bat Mitzvah - Nina Todreas 1:00 PM RYFTI - Social Event

26 Iyyar 4

Friday 8:00 AM FJECC Graduation

25 Iyyar 3


Visit www.tisrael.org/insight for updated calendar information.

8:45 AM Modern Midrash 6:00 PM Confirmation Rehearsal 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Taste of Judaism 7:00 PM Green Team Meeting 7:30 PM Engage at TI Brainstorming Meeting

24 Iyyar 2

Wednesday 1:30 PM FJECC: Road to Rio


1 Sivan 8


9:00 AM FJECC - Music & Movement 1:45 PM FJECC Photography 3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Introduction to Judaism

29 Iyyar 7

1:00 PM FJECC Art Show

28 Iyyar 6

6:30 p.m. Program: Our Year in Review

6:00 p.m. Reception & Refreshments

Yom Yerushalayim



Annual Gathering of the Congregation Thursday, June 9



www.tisrael.org/insight | 617-566-3960


INSIGHT Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2016/5776






25 Tamuz

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

7:00 PM Riverway Project Neighborhood Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

24 Tamuz

9:00 AM Torah Study

23 Tamuz 30 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

22 Tamuz 29

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

4:00 PM Membership Committee Meeting

17 Tamuz

9:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! (T.G.I.S.)

9:00 AM Torah Study

10 Tamuz

4:00 PM FYC Havdallah

16 Tamuz 23

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

15 Tamuz 22 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

21 Tamuz 28 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

20 Tamuz 27

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

19 Tamuz 26

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

18 Tamuz 25

6:30 PM Riverway Café

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

14 Tamuz 21

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3 Tamuz 9:00 AM Torah Study

9 Tamuz 16

7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

7:30 PM Green Team Meeting

8 Tamuz 15

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

7:00 PM Justice and Compassion Meeting

26 Sivan

Saturday 9:00 AM Torah Study

2 Tamuz 9

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer! Welcome Rabbi Zecher

25 Sivan 2


5:00 PM Tot Rock Shabbt

7 Tamuz 14

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

13 Tamuz 20

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

12 Tamuz 19

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

11 Tamuz 18

6:30 PM Books and Beer

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

6 Tamuz 13


1 Tamuz 8


Visit www.tisrael.org/insight for updated calendar information.

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

26 Sivan 7

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

26 Sivan 6

6:00 p.m. Qabbalat Shabbat Service

July 1

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5 Tamuz 12

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4 Tamuz 11


Qabbalat Shabbat Summer! Welcome Rabbi Zecher


3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

26 Sivan 5


6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

26 Sivan 4









6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

27 Av 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

26 Av 31

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

25 Av 30

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

24 Av 29

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

10:15 AM Shabbat Service/ Bat Mitzvah - Emma Shaich

6:00 p.m. Qabbalat Shabbat Service

August 5

Qabbalat Shabbat Summer! Welcome Rabbi Gubitz

7:00 PM Riverway Project Neighborhood Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

23 Av

9:00 AM Torah Study

22 Av 27 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

21 Av 26

7:00 PM Justice and Compassion Meeting

20 Av 25

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

19 Av 24

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

18 Av 23

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

17 Av 22

6:30 PM Riverway Café

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

9 Av

16 Av

9:00 AM Torah Study

15 Av 20

7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

2 Av

9:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! (T.G.I.S.)

8 Av 13

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer!

Saturday 9:00 AM Torah Study

1 Av 6

5:00 PM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! (T.G.I.S.)

14 Av 19

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

Friday 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat Summer! Welcome Rabbi Gubitz

7 Av 12

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

13 Av 18

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

12 Av 17

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

11 Av 16

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

10 Av 15

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

7:30 PM Green Team Meeting

6 Av 11

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5 Av 10

3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

4 Av 9

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3 Av 8

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

29 Tamuz 5


Visit www.tisrael.org/insight for updated calendar information.

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

28 Tamuz 4

Wednesday 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

27 Tamuz 3

Tuesday 3:30 PM Buckle Farm CSA Pick Up

26 Tamuz 2

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan




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Insight, Summer 2016  

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Insight, Summer 2016  

Quarterly publication of Temple Israel of Boston