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INSIGHT Volume 17, No. 1, Fall 2017/5778 Elul/Tishrei/Cheshvan/Kislev

into Temple Israel of Boston

Enter 5778 Together with Temple Israel


“Enlighten our eyes with Your teaching, and let


our hearts embrace Your commandments.” - Morning Liturgy


build community and encounter the sacred through relationships. embrace Torah in all its dimensions as our enduring source for inquiry, discovery, and inspriation.

explore spirituality and innovate our traditions of ritual and prayer. pursue justice, in partnership with others, to realize our vision of what the world ought to be.

Temple Israel’s immediate Past President, Chris Noe, passes the Torah to new Board President Gary Pforzheimer.


are Ohavei Yisrael, Lovers of Israel, committed to the vitality, peace, and well-being of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world. draw strength from our diversity, and wisdom from all who walk through our open doors.

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Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.



to our 2016/2017 Committee Chairs!

When reflecting on Temple Israel, these were the words that came to mind to some of our Committee Chairs...

Helen Cohen of the FJECC with Educator Partners from Singapore

Nurturing Caring


Community Connection


Justice Tikkun Olam


Education Innovation Within Tradition Support

Louis D. Brown Peace Institute Mothers Day Walk for Peace

Rabbi Soffer, Caleb, and Rabbi Zecher at Fenway Park for Jewish Heritage Night



Tree of Life Values

Friends History

Library Book Group with Author Jeanne Blasberg

Rabbi Zecher visiting Temple Israel kids at Camp Micah

Open Air Qabbalat Shabbat | 617-566-3960


A High Holy Day Message from Rabbi Zecher: THE RESURRECTING POWER OF T’SHUVAH The High Holy Day experience is filled with metaphor. We enter the gates of repentance. The shofar blasts as a sacred awakening. We call God, Parent, Avinu, and Sovereign, Malkeynu. The idea of resurrection, not as a literal act, also has a role in what happens during these days of turning, returning, and renewing. It speaks to the very core of the meaning of t’shuvah.

a path toward a metaphorical resurrection of life and relationship, of forgiveness and forgiving. There is a blessing of resurrection. The Talmud (B’rachot 58b) teaches that it is to be said after seeing a friend after a long hiatus. Blessed is the Eternal who revives the dead.

Through the process of prayer, confession, and forgiveness, t’shuvah opens the possibility and promise for the recognition of our ability to right a wrong, repair broken relationships, and perhaps resuscitate the ones thought lifeless. In doing so, it revives us to renew our own life and fill it with a newfound energy.

These High Holy Days return us to the idea that t’shuvah can actually reintroduce us to our own inherent goodness and holiness planted within our souls, which yearn to come back to life.

These moments in our Jewish calendar summon us to examine our habits, our mindless behaviors that may prevent us from change and actualization of our best selves and our regard for others. From the month of Elul which brings us to Rosh Hashanah and then ten days later to Yom Kippur, Jewish tradition guides us on


Sometimes that “friend” can even be ourselves. These High Holy Days return us to the idea that t’shuvah can actually reintroduce us to our own inherent goodness and holiness planted within our souls, which yearn to come back to life. Our prayer book translates the blessing in this poetic way: Praised be the God whose gift is life, whose cleansing rains let parched souls flower toward the sun. As we make our way toward these Days of Awe, may the blessing of the resurrecting power of t’shuvah help us actualize what might be possible to repair, renew, revive, and return. I join with my colleagues to wish you a happy and healthy new year 5778. We look forward to greeting you and celebrating with you during this magnificent time of year.

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.




The Road to Character BY DAVID BROOKS

Jewish tradition understands that spiritual and moral transformation is an ongoing process, with the High Holy Days serving as an important communal opportunity to focus and encourage our individual growth. The month of Elul, the 30 days prior to Rosh Hashanah, is a time for reflection and contemplation, allowing us to get the most out of our High Holy Days prayer and celebration. Join us this year as we read David Brooks’ book The Road to Character and engage in this important process together. About the Book David Brooks focuses on the deeper values that can inform our lives. Brooks challenges us, and himself, to rebalance the scales between our “resume virtues” - achieving wealth, fame, and status - and our “eulogy virtues,” those that exist at the core of being: kindness, bravery, honesty, and faithfulness. Looking to some of the world’s greatest thinkers and inspiring leaders, Brooks explores how, through internal struggle and a sense of their own limitations, they have built a strong inner character. To learn more about this book and the community it has inspired visit

We invite you to buy or borrow this book and read it throughout the High Holy Day season and join the Temple Israel community as we learn together. • SHABBAT DISCUSSION GROUPS. We will be using four Shabbatot of Elul (August 25, September 1, 8, and 15) at Qabbalat Shabbat to lift up some of its themes and ideas. • S’LICHOT. On S’lichot, the clergy will be using this book as a foundation for our learning and reflections. We will be sharing sections that will be meaningful to those who are reading the book and accessible to those who have not read the book. • YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON DISCUSSION GROUPS. Spend an hour together with other Temple Israel members who have read the book to discuss the section on Yom Kippur. • CONGREGATIONAL READ - BLOG. How have you reacted to reading this book? What are some of your thoughts? Email them to so that we can post them on a blog dedicated to reactions and insights on our Congregational Read.

Introducing the Sage Service

This year our clergy are adding a new, limited capacity, experimental service which we will call the Sage Service. This is a new prayer experience that cultivates spiritual practice through meditation, contemplative chanting, and soulful music. The service, rooted in tradition by branching beyond, will be held in the chapel and will not have a formal sermon. We look forward to this new experience!


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


with ways to nourish our hearts and souls “Weandwillexploreexperiment how this can strengthen our ability to care for others and ourselves, and our relationship to Judaism. ” Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a curious skeptic, the Spiritual Practice Lab is a new and exciting way to explore your connection to Judaism. Spirituality, which touches our heart and soul, means something different to each of us and throughout the year we will experiment with both the form and the content of our liturgy. It is an opportunity to nurture your spiritual health while connecting to your community. Temple Israel has a long history of examining universal dilemmas like social justice, conscience, love, fear, grief, and God. Our esteemed Rabbi Joshua Liebman, in his 1946 New York Times bestselling book, “Peace of Mind” presented insights into a healthier way of life. His combination of psychology and religion pointed toward the need for each of us to find our own path. The Spiritual Practice Lab continues that tradition in the 21st century for both the novice and the experienced practitioner.

In these turbulent times the Spiritual Practice Lab will create a safe, supportive space to cultivate our understanding of the difference between communal prayer and personal prayer and what role that plays as we live out our values both in the greater community and within ourselves. We will experiment with ways to nourish our hearts and souls and explore how this can strengthen our ability to care for others and ourselves, and our relationship to Judaism. The Spiritual Practice Lab will provide opportunities to experiment with prayer through modalities such as text, poetry, chanting, yoga, and art. We will struggle with questions like, “Why prayer?” and “What is prayer?” and “How do we bring Kavvanah (intention) to prayer?” We welcome everyone to wrestle and find joy as we experiment with a variety of ways to uplift and inspire ourselves to live more fully connected to our Jewish tradition and build a stronger community within Temple Israel.


Catherine Corman & Mark Penzel Amy Couture Steve, Robin, Graham, Jenna, & Bradley Ellis Erica & Eric Grey Amy & Ryan Holbrook Elliott & Jacqueline Kieff Kathy Lewis

• • • • • •

Anne Licciardello & Monica Hersher Adam Lipworth, Annie Weiss, & Jacob Lipworth Martin Lurie Jessica Magidson & Adam Ain Danna Perry & Samual Parker Abigail Waters & Cody Carter | 617-566-3960




There are many faces of leadership at Temple Israel. To the right of this article is my face, and I want to take a moment to say how proud I am to have the opportunity to lead Temple Israel for the next two years. As the President of the Board of Trustees, I am responsible for working with the Board on matters of governance and fiscal responsibility, which complements the work that is done by our clergy, staff, and lay leaders. Senior Rabbi Elaine Zecher is in full stride leading the clergy team and our synagogue. Just one year into her new position and we are all amazed by the pillars, programming, and passion she is putting into everything she does. All of the clergy have been busy reaching out to get to know congregants at every turn. We are grateful for all the work they do to ensure we move toward the future with strength. They, in turn, work closely with our Executive Director, Dan Deutsch, who guarantees our synagogue operates smoothly. In the three short years he has been here


It has been my pleasure to meet many committee chairs soon after taking office. There were many who I’ve known for a while and some I am meeting for the first time. I continue to be impressed by their commitment to Temple Israel. Their devotion ensures so much for all of us. They work together with the clergy, staff members, and the board to bring energy and new ideas into the life of our congregation. Leadership takes many forms and needs many hands to make it work. We are so fortunate to have so many volunteers leading and working on our committees. I encourage you to sign up to join a committee today by contacting and help us live the mission of Temple Israel.


At the Annual Gathering this past June, we welcomed Gary Pforzheimer as our new President, and wish him much success over the next two years. Gary has jumped in with both feet and is already making a positive impact on our community. Gary is fortunate to have Marc Maxwell and Alane Shanks as his fellow officers, and together they are leading our congregation forward. I encourage you to reach out to them and share your ideas for how we can make Temple Israel even better. Thank you to those of you who were able to join us at our Annual Gathering as we celebrated and thanked our lay leaders, clergy, and staff for a tremendously successful year. In this issue of Insight you will get a taste of all that is going on at Temple Israel; we are truly “Living Judaism Together.” This summer we are working on a number of capital projects that will lessen our environmental


(although it seems like ten!), he and our wonderful staff of membership, development, communications, finance, and operations, have brought us to new heights.

footprint and take care of our beautiful building. This includes a new roof with additional insulation, repairing of windows, and also LED lighting which you can read about on the next page. We also want to thank the TILLI leadership for all that they do as we kick off their 10th anniversary year. You can also learn more about the URJ Biennial, which is coming to Boston this December. Please consider joining us in representing Temple Israel as over 5,000 Jewish leaders from around the globe come to our hometown to experience the vibrancy of Reform Judaism. Our staff and committees are working hard to set the table for a successful upcoming year. Please join us for the many opportunities we have to live Judaism together.

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


By Marc Maxwell and Dan Deutsch

Midrash: God showed Adam and Eve the entire world. “See how beautiful it is,” God said, “Don’t destroy it, there won’t be another.” This summer, Temple Israel is completing a yearlong project to replace over 1,400 lights and fixtures with LED technology. Our facility is over 100,000 ft2, and it takes a lot of electricity to heat, cool, and keep the lights on. Each year, Temple Israel spends over $180,000 on electricity using over 800,000 kilowatt hours. An estimated 30% of our electric usage is consumed by lighting, and we should anticipate roughly half of that to be reduced after implementation of our LED project. Earlier this year, the Board of Trustees agreed to move forward and make Temple Israel the first Reform congregation in New England to take the Energy Shield Pledge, solidifying our commitment to greening our congregation. These changes have been brought forward through the work of the Green Team in collaboration with the Building and Grounds Committee. Over the next decade, we will sunset old lighting technology, making way for newer LED technology. Though LED technology has come a very long way over the last decade, there are still many aesthetic decisions that needed to be made. Our Building and Grounds committee has been working with Julia Pollard to make these decisions. Many of our new fixtures will utilize existing ballasts and will be retrofitted to take LED bulbs as we preserve our historic facility. In other cases we will install LED bulbs or new LED fixtures. The Building and Grounds committee carefully chose the replacement bulbs and fixtures. Offices and classrooms will now have integrated sensors that will turn lights on and off based on occupancy. Some of our technology will also sense when sunlight is ample in a space and will automatically dim the lights further reducing our energy consumption. Maintenance hours will be saved as each light and fixture is expected to run for many more hours (in some cases years) longer than with the old technology. Our contractors are also recycling all of the old equipment, lessening our environmental impact. This project is

projected to reduce Temple Israel’s annual electric consumption by 160,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is the equivalent of taking 15 residential homes off of the grid. There are many Jewish values that line up with the environmental work that we are doing. “In our tradition,” Rabbi Matt Soffer explains, “parents are obliged to love their children. In this historical moment, when the very world our children are about to inherit is under attack by the wasteful cultures of their forbears, what more appropriate and symbolic act of love could there be than for us to reform how we shine light within our own house of worship?”

By converting to LED lighting, Temple Israel is once again demonstrating its leadership on social justice issues, most urgently on Tikkun Tevel, the healing of the planet. Each time I look up at our new lights I will be inspired by TI’s commitment to the future of our people and our planet. We hope our new lights will inspire our members to make similiar modifications in their own households.

– Joan Rachlin and Leon Glicksman, Temple Israel Green Team Members

For more information regarding how you can join us in embracing energy-saving changes to your home, please contact Joan Rachlin, Chair of the Green Team, at or visit | 617-566-3960


Life Cycle Moments in the “

As Jews, the traditions of our ancestors and the customs of our community accompany us during our times of sorrow and our celebrations of joy. We have the opportunity to root ourselves in these powerful rituals so we can mark the seasons of our lives with those who are dear to us. When my father died this past May, I felt the depth of our tradition and the power of this wonderful community. From the clergy who crafted a meaningful celebration of his life, to all those who brought us food and words of consolation, visited our shiva house and are helping me say the mourner’s kaddish in a minyan — I am not only moved by your support and love, but deeply grateful to be a part of this holy community. My experience is not singular. Temple Israel is here for us all during the highest and lowest moments of our lives. Whether you find the support you need through clergy officiation, TI Cares’ bowls of soup, or a blessing at Qabbalat Shabbat, we discover the meaning of community when we allow this community to accompany us on our life’s journey.” — Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

My Conversion with Temple Israel by Emily Tatelbaum


I recently converted with the support of my sponsor, Rabbi Soffer, the clergy of Temple Israel, and many members of Temple Israel and the Jewish community. The acceptance, candor, coaching, support, and love I received and experienced throughout the entire conversion process gave me the confidence that I was not only ready but excited to make this step. Throughout the process, I was able to participate in many of the amazing programs available through Temple Israel, including a Families with Young Children brunch and the Bursting with Joy class which enabled us to connect with so many other couples and families. I am eternally grateful for the investment the rabbis and the community made in me, and I look forward to continuing to grow and to teach our new daughter at Temple Israel.”

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Context of Our Community My Bat Mitzvah with Temple Israel

by Lulu Pierce My Bat Mitzvah was one of my favorite days in my life so far. All of the people I cared about were in one place and were proud of me. It means a lot to have those you love caring for you, and Temple Israel made that happen.”

Our Daughter’s Baby Naming with Temple Israel by Mike Kalin & Becky Lambert

We have always admired Temple Israel’s commitment to social justice and knew that these values would be reflected in the naming ceremony for our daughter, Hannah. The service was wonderful, steeped in spirituality, meaning, and purpose. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the clergy and fellow Temple Israel members, who all made the ceremony unforgettable.”

Our Wedding with Temple Israel

by Jancy Langley & Brian Goodman Brian and I are so grateful for the experience of being married by Rabbi Jacobson. In both my conversion process and then our wedding officiation, she brought her full heart and mind to our work together. Brian and I learned so much about each other through the conversations and reflections our pre-marriage meetings with Rabbi Jacobson sparked: we defined our values, clarified our communication styles, and wrote our own Ketubah text—essentially, we built the charter for the family we are creating together. All the while, Rabbi Jacobson was there to guide us, both as our Rabbi and perhaps more importantly, as a trusted friend.” | 617-566-3960



Where will you find 100 Temple Israel members on Thursday morning, October 19? Of course, you’ll find them in the lobby outside of the Chapel having coffee and a nosh. And then off to a TILLI class, followed by lunch with an interesting speaker, and then to an afternoon class. This will be the beginning of TILLI’s 10th year of peer-led classes for active and curious members who enjoy being part of a congenial group of learners. The registration deadline is September 14. The fee for a semester of classes is $50. Friends and neighbors in the community are welcome to join us at a $100 fee. TILLI is managed by a volunteer Core Committee with clergy liaison and staff support. Fall and spring sixweek classes take place on Thursdays.


A three session monthly forum series takes place during the winter months. During the year, one-day field trips take participants to four or five cultural or historical attractions in Metro-Boston and beyond.

This Fall, TILLI will offer the following six-week courses: • Lessons on Life’s Final Journey with Rabbi Herman Blumberg • Justice and the Jewish Tradition with TI member Rabbi Serena Fujita

All of TILLI’s classes and trips are held on Thursdays so participants can plan their weekly schedules without fear of missing a class or event. Because TILLI is a peer-led learning program, participation on one of several planning committees is encouraged.

• Africa Then, Africa Now

An illustrated brochure with the entire schedule, photos and bios of the study group leaders, and complete registration details is available by mail, online at, or as an email attachment. For all information contact Sue Misselbeck at 617-5663960 or

with Barbara Smith Koff

with Brooks Goddard • Black Voices, Black Reality with Helen Kolsky • Hamilton: A Revolutionary Musical with Judy Berkowitz • Issues in International Politics with Ted Greenwood • The Gene • Meditation with Susan Sachs • Poetry of the Hebrew Bible with Zvi A. Sesling • The Reconstruction Period (1865-1877) and Its Legacy with Joanne Tuck • The Conversation on Aging with Rhoada Wald • Wagner with Stephen Weiner

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Temple Israel through


By Susan Ridker

In 1994, my husband and I were looking for “the right preschool” for our 3 year-old. For us, “the right preschool” meant a developmental program filled with stimulating activities and staffed by warm and caring teachers with expertise in early childhood education. A Jewish component was not necessarily a “plus” for us as we were not actively practicing Judaism. Having heard that the FJECC was about to open in the medical area where my husband worked, we decided to check it out. Although the site had not yet been constructed, we were instantly sold on the place upon

Then: Ridker Family in 1994

Now: Ridker Family in 2017

meeting the indomitable Helen Cohen. Helen told us that the school “was not like Harvard” insofar as she would accept children “on a first come, first served” basis rather than put families through an extensive application process. Unlike some preschool directors, Helen did not seem interested in the amount of our assets or whether we had particular social connections. Rather, it was clear to us that she cared only about providing children with enriching opportunities to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Needless to say, we jumped on board and our two children received an excellent education. On occasion, we have marveled that some of the incisive observations made in those legendary six page narratives describing our preschoolers’ development still hold true for our young adult children! Early in our tenure at the FJECC, a clever Temple Israel staffer gave us tickets to attend High Holy Day services. Having met the wonderful Temple Israel clergy on a personal basis through their participation in Shabbat Sing and holiday celebrations, we decided to participate. I felt comforted to be able to reconnect with my Jewish roots and with Torah. Even more importantly, Temple Israel had become a place where my family could spend increasingly more time with the incredible community of families we were meeting through the FJECC. We enrolled our children in the religious school, and shared fun and funny experiences with other religious school parents. Over the years, I found myself becoming increasingly engaged in Temple Israel governance, and I loved meeting the wise and dedicated congregants I encountered through my work on the Education Committee and ultimately on the Board of Trustees. My husband and I are honored to maintain our deep friendships with many former preschool folks, and we are so thankful that our children have been similarly blessed. | 617-566-3960


Becoming t he Hub of t he Hub By Rabbi Jen Gubitz

In the story of Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28, he hears from God the message: Ufaratzta yama vakedma vetzafona vanegba. In the most ancient version of manifest destiny, Jacob hears from God “You shall spread out to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south.” As we know from that great song “Wherever You Go There’s Always Someone Jewish,” it is true that since that moment, the Jewish people have dispersed throughout the world. More locally, however, Boston’s 2015 Jewish Community study found that Cambridge and Somerville are now home to 27% of Boston area Jews, comparable to Brighton, Brookline, and Newton which have been the center of the Jewish community for many generations. In a recent meeting, immediate Past President Chris Noe showed maps of the demographics of Boston’s Jewish Community and highlighted with special interest that Temple Israel is smack dab in the middle. Our TI community already draws from numerous towns and areas around the city of Boston and neighboring cities, towns, and suburbs. As the population of Jews in Cambridge and Somerville (heavily weighted towards young professionals and young families) grows, it compels the interest of the Riverway Project and Temple Israel. (It should be noted that there is no Union for Reform Judaism congregation in Cambridge/Somerville.) As we studied the map, it became clear that there is a deeper need to focus our gaze to the north of Temple Israel. The Riverway Project has been hosting intimate Neighborhood Shabbat gatherings and Riverway Cafe learning in Cambridge for many years. Expanding on our quiet presence in the area, this spring we invested


Rabbi Gubitz and Roberta Bergstein studying at Shabbat in the ‘Bridge.

more deeply in Cambridge and Somerville, hosting a Shabbat dinner, Havdalah, Riverway Café learning session, and musical jam-session yielding between 10 and 25 participants at each (with minimal overlap). Most exciting, on June 2, 2017, we celebrated our inaugural “Shabbat in the ‘Bridge,” drawing 60 participants who registered and paid in advance to attend Shabbat dinner, services, and learning. In lieu of a sermon, we studied the Mussar value of Humility/Anavah. We considered: “How much space do I take up at home, with friends, at work?” Conversations abounded and we learned that there is ample space in Cambridge/Somerville for Jewish learning, connection, and community. Our plans to “go north” include opportunities for connection and community among Families with Young Children, supporting teen participation in our renowned Teen Education Program “the Tent” through a recent grant secured by the Education Team, increased Riverway opportunities, and other ideas yet to be imagined!

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


THE UNION OF REFORM JUDAISM By Mitchell Shames Imagine: a woman settles into her seat for the long flight from Tel Aviv to New York. Her carry-on bag is in the compartment above, her tote bag securely under the seat in front of her, and her reading glasses, a few snacks, the NY Times Crossword puzzle, and her iPad are in the seat pocket in front of her. She is set to go. That is, until a man claims the seat next to her and determines that he might be contaminated in the event their elbows inadvertently touch during the long flight. He asks the flight attendant if the woman’s seat can be changed.

Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR, founded in 1889) and Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion (College/ Institute founded in 1875). The CCAR provides spiritual, educational and leadership training for 1,850 Reform Rabbis. The CCAR is also the publisher of the various prayer books we use, including Mishkan T’filah and the new High Holy Day Machzor, published under the leadership of Rabbi Zecher. The College/Institute, the third pillar, is the academic, spiritual, and professional leadership institution for the Movement. Our seminary trains rabbis, cantors, educators, and communal professionals to serve the global progressive Jewish community.

Outrageous? Absolutely. But as of a few weeks ago, it is now illegal in Israel to ask a woman to move her seat. Why? Because a law suit was brought by the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) against an airline on behalf of a woman who had just such an experience. And, the woman won! In 1873 the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (the predecessor of URJ) was formed in order to create a collective voice for Reform congregations across the United States and in Israel. Temple Israel of Boston was a founding member of the Union, and today we remain a leading congregation. We should be extraordinarily proud that through our Union membership we effected significant change in helping to ensure the civil rights of women traveling to and from Israel. But, the Union is so much more than a single law suit. The Union maintains a network of summer camps, creates innovative teen programming, and monitors best practices for congregations across the country. Importantly today, the Union also maintains the Religious Action Center, led by Rabbi Jonah Pesner, which educates and mobilizes American Jewry on legislative and social concerns. Every two years, the Union brings the entire Reform community together for the Biennial.* The work of the Union is also supported by two other pillars of our Reform Movement: the Central

The spiritual, educational, and social action work that we undertake at Temple Israel remains vital to our individual and communal growth. However, we are not alone. We are part of a vast network of robust instructions which contribute to the richness of our Boston community. Engage with the Union, the CCAR, and the College Institute. You will not be disappointed.

*Join 5,000 Reform Leaders at the URJ Biennial 2017 in Boston, December 6-10! With the theme of “Reimagining Jewish Life,” everyone in our congregation is invited to join hundreds of others from across North America to learn, pray, share ideas, network, celebrate, and make decisions about the future of Reform Jewish life. We’ll return to Temple Israel armed with new resources and ideas, as well as with the enthusiasm and know-how to put them to use to strengthen and enrich our spiritual home. Learn more and register at by October 10. | 617-566-3960


LIFE CYCLES Please note: The birthdays and anniversaries listed are celebrating milestones whose year ends in 0 or 5. AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES 5 years Samuel Kaplan & Rachel Wilson

10 years Hillary Golden & Eric St. Laurent

OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES 10 years Joshua & Jennifer Segal

15 years Jill & Matthew Arnold Kenneth & Jane Barron Sara & John Strand

15 years Laurence Bloom & Stephanie Pearl Richard Cownie & Lori Landay Steven & Jo Greystone William Jacobson & Renee Bushey Karla Van Praag & Rafael Mares Jeane Ungerleider & William Stone

20 years SiJing Huang & Nicole Monahan Sharone & Byron Jelden Nicholas Salzman & Aliza Dash

20 years Dina Siegal & John Bluthardt Maureen & Stanley Siegel Stephen Silverman & Barbara Sisson

35 years James Caron & Amy Richman

30 years Roger & Maryanne Tackeff 40 years Warren & Leslie Simmons 60 years Robert & Carol Mayer

SEPTEMBER ANNIVERSARIES 10 years Matthew & Tracy Friedman Andrew & Liza Gates 15 years Doug & Sara Berkson Bea & Sam Wilderman 30 years Gary & Mary Pforzheimer Anna Trask & Jackson Hall Michael Zimman & Ellen Rovner 40 years Alan & Pamela Goodman Geoffrey & Roberta Levy Milan Merhar & Elissa Barr 45 years William & Joan Alfond 60 years Zinoviy & Tamara Vapnik 65 years Alan & Elizabeth Green 70 years Herman & Judith Chernoff



(Note: These July birthdays were unintentionally omitted in the last issue of Insight)

Judge Herbert Abrams Stephen Antler Joyce Antler Kim Barnum Roberta Bergstein Marilyn Berliner Rebecca Berman Paul Bernon Yuly Blank Marjorie Bloom Jamie Class Don Cornuet Mark Coven Gerald Cutler Wendy Drexler Susan Ebert

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS Laurence Bailen Jessica Berns Allan Bufferd Ellen Cohen Joan Curhan James Dalsimer Dan Deutsch Aaron Devine Jonathan Diamond Edwin Ellis Lee Glickenhaus Hannah Godfred Matthew Godoff Allison Godoff Jennifer Goldsmith Mark Goodman Paul Hummel Lesley Inker Thom Kidrin Dan King Judy Krulewitz Lillian Kunian Amanda Lukens Hillary Mann Bruce Mazo Aaron Miller Alison Nogi Jonathan Nuger Christine Olsen Mira Orlova Carole Pesner Michael Rubenstein Elya Shif Zach Shlien Heidi Skinner Ellen Suderow Nancy Wanger David Wiener Lucy Williams

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS Anita Adelson Kathlyne Anderson Melia Bensussen Galina Blank John Bluthardt Steven Brand Dennis Doughty

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

LIFE CYCLES Maxine Elmont Mojgan Fanisalek Todd Finard Marc Foster Susan Frankl Adrienne Fricke Alfred Goldberg Dorothy Goodman Bronson Green Abraham Hernes Stephanie Kalb Michael Kalin Laurence Koff Josh Konoff Beth Kramer Vladimir Lerner Louise Loewenstein Josh Lutch Deborah Rivlin Naomi Shatz Mike Short Thea Singer Anna Trask Abigail Waters Edward Weiner Leonard Zon

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS Hayley Bakst Rochelle Barr Sarah Burg Warren Burroughs Eleanor Chasdi Richard Cownie Eric Cushing Sumner Darman Jean Dubowsky Sarah Forster Diane Gordon Joseph Green Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz Shirlee Isenberg Gwen Kane-Wanger Brian Knez Ann Peck Lloyd Rosenthal Bonnie Rotenberg Jon Rotenberg Mark Schwartz Benjamin Shaffer Elena Sicairos

• Virginia “Jini” Footer

Ariana Sicairos-McCarthy Barbara Sisson Stephanie Susser Zinoviy Vapnik

• Vivian Freeman • Ernest Giraldi, Jr. father of Daniella Prussia and grandfather of Gigi and Bella


• Robert Theodore Rexrode Goldman son of Kathryn Rexrode and Steven Goldman on September 2

• Robert Hoffman husband of Phyllis Hoffman • Nancy Kaplan wife of David Kaplan

• Maxwell Beck Seelig son of Maggie Gold Seelig and Jonathan Seelig on September 9

• Eleanor Katcoff

• Hannah Liwerant daughter of Rebeca and Gad Liwerant on September 16

• Merna Lipsitt, wife of Don Lipsitt, mother of Steve Lipsitt and grandmother of Caleb and Daria

• Aiden Hirsch son of Adam and Jamie Hirsch on September 23


• Reena Kling

• Harriette Pearlman mother of Linda Karlsberg • Eric Seegel son of Virginia and Richard Seegel

• Matthew Jordan Hirsch son of Andrew and Allison Hirsch on October 14

• Ava Specter grandmother of Jeanie Gorlovsky-Schepp and great-grandmother of Jacob

• Sari Frankl daughter of Elizabeth Frankl and Mike Short on October 19 • Alexander Arthur Avram son of Mathew and Alison Sharpe Avram on October 21

• Nicholas Scheff grandson of B-J. Scheff • Kenneth Schwartz father of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson • Frances Stolper mother of David Stolper

• Sofia Samuels daughter of Steve Samuels and Ami Cipolla on October 28

• Sterra Tackeff mother of Roger Tackeff • Kurt Weimar cousin of Mark Misselbeck


• Marianne Wolfson aunt of Roger Herzog

• Murray Abramoff father of Barbara Abramoff Levy • Eliot Adelstein father of Nancy Gerber and grandfather of Ben, Andrew and Jenny • Ted Cutler father of Joel Cutler and grandfather of Mallory and Samantha


• John and Amy Berylson, parents, Richard Smith, grandfather, Nancy Lurie Smith, Debbie Knez, aunts, Robert Smith, uncle, Elizabeth Katz and Jennifer Block, sisters, on the engagement of Jimmy to Gabrielle Fraenkel

• Charlotte Fellman | 617-566-3960


LIFE CYCLES • Pam and Alan Goodman on the marriage of their son Jonathan to Nicole Walsh • Amanda and Jeffrey Hayes on the birth of their daughter Emma Talia • Rhiannon and Slava Mann on the birth of their daughter Cimorene Roza Mann • Carol Michael on the birth of her granddaughter Hazel Carmella Hession • Tom Kidrin and Deborah Rivlin on the birth of their granddaughter Olivia Rivlin Willits

• Sarah Minden on the birth of her grandson Orin Matheu Dempsey Miller • Linda and Mitchell Myers on the birth of their granddaughter Evelyn Pearl Myers • Nancy and Michael Sandman on the marriage of their daughter Joanna to Anuj Khetartal • Adam and Rebecca Spears Siegel on the birth of their son George Maxwell Siegel

• Arthur Segel and Patti Saris, parents, and Ruth Saris, grandmother, on the marriage of Eddie to Alexandra Handler • Arthur Segel and Patti Saris, parents, and Ruth Saris, grandmother, on the marriage of Mikey to Sarah Hoplinson • Avi Shafrir and Robbie Steinberg on the birth of their granddaughter Olivia Eve Shafrir • Emily and Everett Tatelbaum on the birth of their daughter Poppy Mae

YAHRZEITS July 30 - August 5

Sarah Abrahamson David Bear Alpert Evelyn Barlow Emily Bean Irene Goldbarg Bennett Stanley Berkman Benjamin Bernson Herman Cofman Nathan Daniels Saul Fechtor Leona Fishel Frederick Frank Ida Goldman Hannah Gorin William Harting Mary Hitt Hyman Hubbard Tekla Huvos Bernard Kaplan Louis Kramer Sidney Lampert Frank Lanes Henry Lasker Anna Simons Levin Bernard “Buddy” Lieberman Mary Mades Leo Milner David Nadell Saul Nectow Elizabeth Pfeffer Frances Greenberg Polin David Ramler Ella Frankfurter Rogers Ellen Berman Sandler Abraham Schilder


Dorothy Shapiro Grace Cohen Shohet Edna Shpiner Pauline Singer Marion Rutt Steinberg Berthold Stern Frank Wallace David Weintraub Herschel Yesley

August 6 - 12

Bessie Strauss Abraham Arnold Bernard Adelman Gerald Auerbach Benjamin Banks Louis Berenberg Ellen Berman Charles Brown Maurice Cherazie Celia Davis Herman Feffer Phyllis Hyde Fisher Gerald Flaxer Molly Galpert Joseph Goldman Meyer Goldman Adele Adler Gordon Rebecca Gorin Laurence Gross Louis Hermanson Isabel Baker Hurwitz Jacob Kaplan Maurice Keezer Irving Klein Murray Koblenzer Fannie Freedman Leavitt

Leon Levenson Milton Linden Lewis Martinson Laurence Meyer Barbara Astroff Morse Sandra Vogel Nagelberg Wendy Nessel Aaron Perlmutter Evelyn Poretsky Rebecca Leven Roberts Rhoda Rosenthal Ruth Rothenberg Betsy Rubin Anna Sandler David Seder Ruth Segel Harvey Shwartz Benjamin Sieve Ronald David Sigel Benjamin Spelfogel Frances Steinberg Hyman Stern Sumner Stroyman Michael Miller Sulkin Pauline Bunshaft Wasby Betty Kahn White Meyer Wunsch Charles Yallum

August 13 - 19

Sylvia Hanauer Adelson Nathan Bierbrier Esther Cibel Eleanor Grossman Cohen Bella Diamond Irving Flax

Leah Nataupsky Freedman Max Geller Benjamin Goldberg Eva Goldberg Charlotte Goodman Evelyn Goodman Montie Gordon William Irving Gorfinkle Helaine Gorin Joyce Forman Groper Stella Sydeman Grossman Albert Gutterman Siegfried Horowitz Sally Frank Kaplan Judy Bailen Kateman Lena Salter Kulvin Saul Marcus Maurice Miller Rhea Miller Morris Narva Lorna Phillips Charlotte (Dolly) Rabb Bernard Rivkin Fay Rotenberg Minna Dreyfus Rubenstein Claire Sandberg Fannie Saxe Faye Zeichik Schenk Burton Segal Harry Shpiner Lillian Rosenberg Silbert Selma Singer Jacob Sloane Yetta Steinfeld Bertha Swartz Russell Theise

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

YAHRZEITS Harold Trietsch Paul Weiner Abraham Weisberg Fred Wolff Anna Frank Wolfman Taffy Zimbler

August 20 - 26

Sally Laskoff Abrams Henry Bakst Samuel Berkman Alice Bloomberg Melissa Remedi Brown Harriett Slome Brownstein Irving Canner Florence Bloomberg Cerf Henrietta Nast Cofman Lena Damon Zelda Davis Frances Ebert David Einhorn Mitchell Emers Rose Escovitz Milton Feinberg Adolph Freedman Philip Furshman Abraham Gashin Jerry Goldberg Jacob Gordon Paul Haas Naomi Hambro Audrey Hoffman Richard Hyde Maurice Jacobs Stanley Kaplan Nan Bennett Kay Leon Kessler Anna Klein Isidore Kressel Emmanuel Kurland Walter Landau Norman Levin Sam Levin Fannie Loitman Edward Markell Frances Michaelson Frances Mordecai Carolyn Levin Morrill Howard Muellner Viola Myers Sidney Palder Joseph Parker Frank Popper Irving Rabb Rose Rachlin Avner Rakov Joseph Rapaport Sylvia Rice Adele Robbins Sumner “Sonny� Rodman Samuel Joseph Rosenberg Ralph Schein

Isaac Sholkin Joseph Shurdut Bessie Slesinger Annie Snyder Jeanette Snyder Simon Melvin Starensier Emanuel Starr Herman Strauss Arthur Stroyman Julia Goodman Thurman Mae Vernon Efrem Weinreb Florence Mendelsohn Weiss Rose Wekstein Florence Winograd Abraham Wolfe Albert Zecher

August 27 - September 2 Gustaf Abrams Shirley Zolloto Abrams Frank Alter Miriam Aserkoff Doris Stern Bacharach Paul Barrabee Herbert Bayard Gabriel Becker Florence Berke Gertrude Berman Harry Braude Etta Casson Anna Burstein Cohen Walter Corty Laurence Fine Rae Goldman Marcia Greenglass Benjamin Helman Esther Hershkovitz Ruth Horwitz Omar King Rae Krokyn Aaron Levin Bernard Levine Walter Lewis Elaine Marcus Harold Margolis Harry Marks Andrew McAfee Beatrice Miller Otto Myers Barnet Nemrow David Passer Beatrice Hirsh Poorvu Bella Porter Ida Droker Queen Irving Rosner Samuel Sackman Daniel Saltzberg Sally Sieve Rebecca Silverman Rose Silverstein Lila Ginsburg Simberg

Miriam Brief Solomovitz Hyman Sperber Martha Alland Sperber Oscar Sterman Abe Wise Robert Yallum Miriam Zuckerman

September 3 - 9

Donald Alberts Elizabeth Davidson Alland Peter Belfer Ralph Bender Marshall Berkman Max Bloom Morris Bronstein Matthew Brown Sylvia Kanter Davis Martin Faurer Sidney Fish Benjamin Gargill Isaac Goldstein Sophia Goldstein Ida Standel Greenberg Jacob Gruberger Harry Harpel Fannie Horwitz Morton Jolles Florence Kahn Elizabeth Kirshen Joseph Krasnoff Harry Krosner Barry Lass Ida Levensohn Anna Mitnick Mathilde Queen Helmer Raphael Frank Reinherz Charlotte Sallinger Samuel Schaffer Sarah Shain Alan Shoolman Esther Singer Ida Snyder Alan David Solar Mildred Tarshish Edith Trietsch Myra Bresky Ullman Sarah Werner Ellen Wilf Lilla Morse Wolfson

September 10 - 16

Sara Ackerman Linda Lurie Alpers Billie Belloff David Berkman Edith Reinstein Bufferd Marie Coyne Frances Goldman Dana Irene Grass Faneuil Benjamin Finn

Hyman Freedman Marion Goldman Ida Kahn Meier Karp Nick Knez Herbert Monroe Kramer Jennie Levine Lillian Levy James Lippman Eli London Esther Brief Maixner Kimberly Markell Maurice Masters Paul Milch Jessica Miller Luba Okun Doris Panoff Maynard Petkun Louis Pinkos Ernestine E. Potter Mary Price Nathan Rodman Richard Ross Ellsworth Sherin Belle Shine Beatrice Diana Sigel Minna Steinfeld Hyman Swig Meyer Tattenbaum Jacob Toochinsky Theodore Towvim Helen Ulin Simon Vorenberg Jacob Wallace Mark Yesley Albert Zolloto

September 17 - 23 Lawrence Baker Saul Berman Robert Bookston Nancy Bower Herman Brightman Ralph Brody Justin Bromberg Morris Burstein Benjamin Chefitz Harvey Chopp Samuel Cline Henry Cohen Robert Feer Morris Feldberg Philip Frieze Maurice Gans Samuel Gargill Goldie Gilbert Sylvia Gilman David Ginsburg Louis Goldstein Edna Grace Alfred Grossman Marjorie Gunner | 617-566-3960


YAHRZEITS Ida Kanter Joseph Klein William Koster Celia Kupferman Sarah Levensohn Walter Sabin Levenson David Lewis Clarence Lipman Seymour Logan Gary Mendelson Max Miller Naima Simha Murad Marcel Pfeffer Harold Isaac Reingold Selma Rosen Rachael Rosenberg Louis Rosenthal Mollie Sagansky Abraham Sapers Hyman Schatz Bertha Levene Schein Gerald Segel Joseph Segel Nathan Shiffman Leo Sieve Ruth Silver Rose Sloane Rebecca Smilg Morris Tarlin Herman Tritter Augustus Weiscopf Charles Weiscopf Edith Weissman Lester Werman Samuel Winograd

September 24 - 30

Louis Barron Tal Berman Deborah Barron Blazar Mina Bloom Samson Cohen Adolph Dinner Beth Einhorn Anne Rubin Feinberg Theodore Feldman Lena Frank Reeva Porter Freeman Rosalind Sperber Frye Joseph Ginsburg Lester Glasser Max Goldman Beryl Gorin Celia Hodess Harold Horvitz Louis Hyneman Helene Kramer Gallagher Pauline Kuhn Hyman Levensohn Inez Werman Levenson Frances Levy Sarah Libin


Andrew Lippard Joseph Marder Myer Marder Judith Sabin Meisel Joel Noe Lillian Palder Elsie Porter Fannie Ramler Ida Robinson Ethel Rogal Dorothy Rosenthal Herbert Rubin Arthur Schein Leonard Schulman Clarence Shapero Joel Neal Shapiro Robert Sherer Marian Smith Louis Wax Dianne Wilderman Elmore Yallum

October 1 - 7

Aaron Alpern Maria Benado Jean Benjamin Bessie Berman Ida Bornstein Charles Cohen Adolph Ehrlich Celia Traister Feldman Robert Forrest Edith Gargill Jack Gottlieb Carl Haas Morris Holtz Lena Holzman Leonard Kaplan Reuben Kaplan Sarah Karp Anna Wasserman Kohn Ethel Krosner Bernard Kusmin Jacob Lerman Edith Kohn Levine Dorothy Levy Harry Liebmann Abraham Loewenstein Sarah Lotto Arthur Lourie Norman Mandel Gertrude Martinson Rita May Louis Milender Harold Miller Lewis Miller Amelia Spring Morris Abraham Pinanski Michael Porter Milton Robinson Joseph Rosen Harold Rudginsky

Michael Rudnick Harry Sandberg Maurice Savitz Joan Baylor Schilder Frieda Mikels Smith Paul Sobel David Stoneman Daniel Swerling Sherry Tucker Sadie Cohen Weinreb Aaron Weissman Howard Wolfe

October 8 - 14

Ida Allen Leah Banash James Berns Margareta Bernson Newman Biller Hope Edinburg Gertrude Mazur Feldman Gary Fisher Alan Greenfield Charles Goldman Zelda Grass Mack Greenberg Bertha Herman Harris Morris Hershkovitz Bertha Holtz George Kalish Ethylene Winberg Kaplan Ida Kirsner Leonard Lappin Murray Lepie Colman Levin Irving Levy Lillian Loeb Celia London Kattie Marder Harry Meilman Louis Edward Morse Arthur Moser Benjamin Phillips Sidney Rabb Sophia Charak Reinherz Jacob Riemer Joan Zageir Rocamora Estelle Rosenberg Morris Rostau Lotte Scheiberg Charlotte Grass Schneider Diana Karr Schrager Ruth Gordon Shapiro Bess Weisberg Silver Isadore Silverman Harold Singer Julius Stern Ruth Sondheim Vigman Ida Wallick Barbara Yamins Weinreb Wilfred Werner Louise Zelermyer

October 15 - 21

Ruth Sleeper Adler Samuel Barkin Hyman Berkman Ernestine Birnbaum Nathan Brezner Lottie Caplan Phyllis Levine Dana Marjorie Edenfeld Spencer Frankl Florence Silverman Franks Otto Fromholz Blanche Gass Manuel Morris Glazier Pearl Goldshine Aaron Goodman Abraham Gordon Alfred Grass Rose Greenberg Elise Haas Rezso Robert Hidasi Joseph Kaplowitz Dora Lanes Mark Levine Ida Marder Ralph May Michael Michael Harriet Phillips Morse David Murad Vivian Neyman Esther Roslind Norman Goldie Novins Max Plutzky Gertrude Popper Ethel Presson Ellen Raphael Dora Richmond Joseph Rogers Leon Samuel Rosenstein Roy Ross Frances Finn Rothberg Morris Shapiro Laila Karnes Slater Edith Winter Sperber Carl Steinbaum Samuel Sidney Stoneman Louis Strauss Rose Swartz Frieda Silbert Ullian Hy Winer

October 22 - 28 Quincy Abrams Robert Benjamin Phyllis Bomhof Bessie Braude Jack Brown Sydney DeYoung Harry Elbinger Isabelle Epstein Robert Freeman Sarah Gordon

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

YAHRZEITS Julia Greenberg Joseph Guttentag Arthur Halpern Fannie Hanauer Melvin Hanauer Belle Helman Steven Helman Frances Jacobson Golda Rudner Karlin David Karp Joseph Keller Phyllis Knez Gertrude Wasserman Korshak Max Kotler Irving Kotlier

Frances Kramer Ralph Jon Krensky James Levensohn Dora Levin Harriet Levin Rose Winer Levin Jacob Levy Samuel Lurie Susan Strauss Manello Richard Muellner Sara Narins Sussman David Pokross William Pokross Bessie Printz Stanley Sandberg

Jessie Savitz Helen Miller Shamus Roy Sheinwald Dorothy Hoffman Sherin Myron Silbert Freda Silver Charles Singer Esther Small David Smith Judith Rodgers Smulow Herman Steinfeld Mark Steinfeld Murray Weiss

The Temple Israel Cemetery in Wakefield is a place of communal memory, preserving more than 160 years of the rich history of the congregation and of Boston’s Jewish community in a lakeside setting of dignity and natural beauty. For more information, please call the Temple Israel office at 617-566-3960.


Ruth Aisner • In loving memory of my sister-in-law Martha Jean Aisner Gensler, daughter of Dr. Julius Aisner and sister of Julius Aisner, Jr.


Virginia and Richard Seegel • In loving memory of A. Alfred Franks on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Samuel E. Seegel on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Pearl Seegel on her yahrzeit

Anonymous • In loving memory of Sterra Tackeff Anonymous • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson The Anti-Defamation League of New England • In honor of Rabbi Soffer for facilitating our Annual Nation of Immigrants Seder Sue Cahners • In loving memory of Walter Cahners on his yahrzeit


Randi and Joel Cutler • In honor of the Temple Israel Clergy

Anonymous • In memory of Frances Stolper, mother of David Stolper

David Decter • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson

Anonymous (3)

Janet M. Fox • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson Eric Grossman • In loving memory of Norman Grossman Phyllis Hoffman • In loving memory of Bob Hoffman and in honor of Rabbi Zecher’s loving comfort, wise counsel, and beloved eulogy • In honor of Cantor Einhorn for officiating Bob’s funeral and Shiva and in honor of Bob and Cantor Einhorn’s special relationship over the years Andrew and Allyson Jaffe • With appreciation to Rabbi Zecher and Cantor Einhorn for officiating Rebekah’s Bat Mitzvah | 617-566-3960


CONTRIBUTIONS Linda Pearlsman Karlsberg • In honor of Rabbi Soffer Lisa and Jeff Kerrigan • With thanks to Rabbi Zecher and Cantor Einhorn for officiating Jack’s Bar Mitzvah Nancy Faneuil King • In loving memory of my beloved father, Phillip F. Faneuil on his yahrzeit Wendy and Rick Levine, Micah and Caroline Bonaviri, Reed Bonaviri and Brian and Amanda Bonaviri Zoey, and Luca Bonaviri • In honor of Sally Wyner’s special birthday Doris Lewis • In honor of Rabbi Zecher with love for all your kindess to me and to others Mark and Sue Misselbeck • In loving memory of my mother, Rosemarie Misselbeck, on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of my mother, Ruth Rudnick, on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of my cousin, Elmore Yallum, on his yahrzeit Peggy Morrison • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson Tandee and Paul Newman • In loving memory of my step-father Stanley Zelermyer Linda and Henry Okun • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson Natania Remba • In honor of the Temple Israel Clergy for all of their support Dean and Pamela Richlin • In loving memory of Sylvia Richlin on her yahrzeit


Susan Richman • In loving memory of Dr. Justin L. Richman on his yahrzeit Diane Rose • With thanks for the warm and caring birthday wishes on my 80th birthday • In honor of my mother, Ida Marks on her yahrzeit Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman • In honor of our granddaughter Iris Zimman’s beautiful baby naming ceremony • In memory of our beloved parents, Samuel Rovner, Barry Zimman, and Phyllis Zimman on their yahrzeits • In honor of the birth of Carol Michael’s granddaughter, Hazel Hession, and the marriage of Pam and Alan Goodman’s son Daniel Romanow and Andrew Zelermyer • In memory of Richard Isenberg; loving son of Shirlee Isenberg, and brother of Caryl Isenberg and Abby Isenberg Sorrell Cheryl Schwartz • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz Arthur Segel, Patti Saris, and Terri and David Handler • In appreciation of Cantor Roy Einhorn for his officiation at the marriage of our children, Eddie Segel and Alexandra Handler Valya Shapiro • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson Stephen and Rosalie Snyder • In loving memory of Bernice and Herman Snyder and Shirley and Maurice Krasnoff Gerald Tishler • In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher and Cantor Einhorn for officiating at the funeral of my mother, Bubbles Gittelsohn

Elliot Trester and Barbara Wilson • In honor of Rabbi Jacobson officiating the wedding of Jancy and Brian Rhoada Wald • In memory of Kenneth Schwartz, father of Rabbi Suzie Schwartz Jacobson Robert Weintraub • With thanks for Rabbi Zecher’s leadership at my brother’s memorial service Jessica Yousem, Ellen, Sharon, and Tamara • In honor of Rabbi Zecher with love for all your kindness to me and to others Claire Valentin • In honor of Eloise Bell Peskoe


Priscilla Golding, Barbara Burg, Marc and Kathy Golding • With great appreciation to Rabbi Jacobson for her compassionate support and beautiful eulogy at the funeral of my mother, Inez Golding


Louise Freedman • In memory of Inez Golding, mother of Priscilla Golding • In honor of Peggy Morrison on her special birthday • In honor of George Abrams on his special birthday • In honor of Jacob Noe’s Bar Mitzvah • In honor of the birth of Ellen Rovner and Michael Zimman’s granddaughter Iris • In honor of Michele Fishel’s special birthday • In honor of the 40th anniversary of Ina and Sam Starobin • In memory of Richard Isenberg, son of Shirlee Isenberg • In honor of Ron and Susan Ebert’s 50th anniversary

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

CONTRIBUTIONS Jeanne Burmon • In memory of my dear friend, Sterra Tackeff


Richard and Virginia Seegel • In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Mehlman for their officiation at the funeral of our son, Eric



Jean and Alan Miller • In memory of Saul Ostroff, husband of Arlene and father of Andrew and David • In memory of Roseanne Bergman, loving wife, mother and grandmother

Jacqueline and Steven Feinberg • In loving memory of my father, Ralph A. De Jur, on his yahrzeit

Mona Blumstein • In loving memory of Bette Rothman on her yahrzeit


Donna Richman and Mike Ehrenberg • In loving memory of Dr. Justin Richman on his yahrzeit

Dorothy Bless


Paul and Rhona May-D’Onofrio

Andrea Lindsey • In memory of Eric Seegel, son of Dick and Ginny Seegel


Robert and Sandra Marcus

Shirlee Isenberg • In memory of Sterra Tackeff Jerry Sherman • In memory of Murray Abramoff, father of Barbara Levy

Joe Steinberg • In memory of David Hardy, “distinguished teacher”



The Murray A. Jacobson Family Foundation

Priscilla Golding, Barbara Burg, and Marc and Kathy Golding • With gratitude to Cantor Einhorn for his compassionate support and beautiful eulogy at the funeral of our mother, Inez Golding

Mimi and Jerry Smulow • In memory of Bob Hoffman, husband of Phyllis Hoffman

Susan and Michael Brown

Gayle Sudit • In honor of Rachel Wilson and Rabbi Gubitz for being so inclusive, warm, and welcoming at the expectant parents brunch and Soul Food Friday Stephen and Rosalie Snyder Michael Zack


Claire Stein Rosenfield • In loving memory of Fay Fisher Stein on her yahrzeit


Bernard and Nancy Berkman • In loving memory of Sara Berkman on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of Samuel F. Seegel on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Pearl Seegel on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of Betsey Marcus on her yahrzeit


Jeanne Burmon • In honor of Jonah Sapers-Sydney becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Marjorie Bloom • In loving memory of my husband, Gordon Bloom, on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Harvey Olenberg on his yahrzeit

Nancy and Richard Lubin • In loving memory of my father, Newell B. Kurson, on his yahrzeit

Linda and Henry Okun • In loving memory of my grandfather, Abraham Botkin, on his yahrzeit

Allan Bufferd • In loving memory of Jack Bufferd on his yahrzeit


B-J. Scheff • In loving memory of my grandson, Nicholas. May his memory be a blessing

Paul Castleman • In loving memory of Anna Castleman on her yahrzeit


Richard and Virginia Seegel • In appreciation of Rabbi Mehlman and Rabbi Friedman for their officiation at the funeral of our son, Eric | 617-566-3960


CONTRIBUTIONS Mollie Ceder • In loving memory of my brother, Harry Fienman, on his yahrzeit

Joan and Joe Garb • In loving memory of Edith R. Katz on her yahrzeit

Saul Kurlat • In loving memory of my wife, Gitta Kurlat, on her yahrzeit

Herman and Judy Chernoff • In loving memory of Martha Finn, Robert Finn, Esther Lipman, and Ruth Small on their yahrzeits

Margery Goodman • In loving memory of William J. Rose on his yahrzeit

Alfred Lanes • In loving memory of Rose Lanes on her yahrzeit

Alan Green • In loving memory of Isadore Green on his yahrzeit

Michael Lepie • In loving memory of Pearl Franks Young on her yahrzeit

Joseph and Terri Gross • In honor of George Greenfield’s “big birthday” on June 28

Sylvia Levine • In memory of my beloved daughter, Barbara Levine, on her yahrzeit

Sharlene and Steven Grossman • In loving memory of Isaac Trugman on his yahrzeit

Jerry Levine • In loving memory of Barbara A. Levine on her yahrzeit

The Reuben and Lizzie Grossman Foundation • In honor of the good work Temple Israel does

Robert and Sandra Marcus • In loving memory of Carolyn Jayne Marcus on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of Betsey Dorothy Berkman Marcus on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of S. David Ellenbogen on his yahrzeit

Nancy Cutler • In loving memory of my wonderful father, Joseph Wise, on his yahrzeit Elaine Ellenbogen • In loving memory of David Ellenbogen on his yahrzeit Iris and Robert Fanger • In loving memory of Beatrice Hollander Mandel Meyers on her yahrzeit Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fanger • In loving memory of Samuel I. Fanger on his yahrzeit Steven Feinberg • In loving memory of Sydney S, Feinberg on his yahrzeit Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fine • In loving memory of Pauline G. Fine on her yahrzeit Lois Finn • In memory of my beloved husband, Alvan D. Finn, on his 10th yahrzeit The Freeman Family • With deep appreciation to Cantor Einhorn for officiating at the funeral of our beloved mother, Vivian Helen Brezner Freeman Brian Gordon • In loving memory of Lillian K. Hall on her yahrzeit Ruth Frumkin Gordon • In memory of my beloved father, Samuel Frumkin, on his yahrzeit


Perla Guralnik • In loving memory of Boris G. Guralnik on his yahrzeit Annette and Paul Hodess • In loving memory of Louis Hodess on his yahrzeit Adele and Howard Israel • In loving memory of Barney Israel on his yahrzeit Marcia Kamensky • In loving memory of my mother, Lena Alpern, on her yahrzeit Isabel Glazer Kushner • In loving memory of Charles Glazer on his yahrzeit Nancy Karp • In loving memory of Leona F. Karp on her yahrzeit Myra Kolton • In loving memory of my brother, Robert Gargill, on his yahrzeit

Nancy and Joseph Marglin • In loving memory of our mother, Aida Klein Marglin, on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of our father, Harold I. Fruitman, on his yahrzeit Mr. and Mrs. William Mendelson • In loving memory of Gertrude Ann Mendelson on her yahrzeit Jane Moss • In loving memory of my father, Harold Rotenberg, on his yahrzeit Judy and David Rosenthal • In loving memory of Beatrice R. Biller on her yahrzeit Judi Rotenberg Ross Zuker • In loving memory of my father, Harold Rotenberg, on his yahrzeit Richard and Harriet Steinberg • In loving memory of Louis A. Steinberg on his yahrzeit

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

CONTRIBUTIONS Myron Sheinfeld • In loving memory of Sadye Rosenberg Sheinfeld on her yahrzeit

Jerome Tuck • In loving memory of Nettie Stein and Morris Stein on their yahrzeits

Barbara Wasserman • In loving memory of Edith Katz on her yahrzeit

Sidney and Helene Wartel • In loving memory of Goldie Wartel and Charles Wartel on their yahrzeit

Joseph and Susan Wise Miller • In loving memory of Joseph Wise and Madeline Wise Levin on their yahrzeits

Tom Werman and Martha Werman • In loving memory of Ruth Werman on her yahrzeit

Henry Okun • In loving memory of Philip Okun on his yahrzeit

Lennard, Ralph, Paul, and Elsa Wharton • In loving memory of Deeda Wharton on her yahrzeit

Edith Orenberg • In loving memory of Annette Platt Lourie on her yahrzeit

B. Andrew Zelermyer • In loving memory of my grandfather, Edward Bertman, on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of my father, Stanley S. Zelermyer, on his yahrzeit

The Rashi School • In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Jonah Sapers-Sydney • In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Katie Cutler Robert Rosenbaum • In loving memory of Bertha Gordon on her yahrzeit Barry Simmons • In loving memory of Kathleen B. Simmons on her yahrzeit

Marcia Zonis • In loving memory of my father, Dr. Harmon Shohet, on his yahrzeit


Jane Larus • In loving memory of Mark Bortman on his yahrzeit Roy Shapiro • In honor of the 90th birthday of Sally Wyner Justin and Genevieve Wyner • In loving memory of Gussie Wyner on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of my father, Rudolph Harold Wyner, on his yahrzeit


Marlene Yesley • In honor of Robert Keller’s 80th birthday • In honor of the 50th anniversary of Barbara and Robert Keller • In memory of Philip Nyman


Nancy Raphael • In loving memory of my father, Max Starr, and my dear friend, Lee Flaxer, on their yahrzeits Linda Okun • In loving memory of my mother, Ruth Botkin Morse, on her yahrzeit | 617-566-3960


FRIENDS ANNUAL FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: (Donations Received 4/4/17-6/30/17)

Wisdom $20,000+ Arthur Winn

Strength $10,000-$14,999 Jonathan & Margot Davis Robert & Dana Smith

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Alan Einhorn & Suzanne Salamon Richard Kazis & Jill Medvedow Pam Kohlberg & Curt Greer Gary & Mary Pforzheimer Mitchell Shames

Vision $1,800-$3,599

Andrew & Allison Hirsch Andrew & Allyson Jaffe • In loving memory of Robert S. Lipman on his yahrzeit Chris & Shari Noe Don & Fran Putnoi Leah Rosovsky Robert Sands Marshall & Barbara Sloane David & Terry Yoffie Judi Ross Zuker & Edward Zuker

Connection $1,000-$1,799 Anonymous (2) Caroline & Josh Beer Leah Camhi & Amy Pitter David Feinberg & Marina Kalb Jeffrey & Amy Glass Holly Gunner & Anne Chalmers Benjamin Holtz Jane Lyman Holtz Louis & Marcia Kamentsky Ellen Kaplan Kardon Saul Kurlat Michael & Nancy Sandman Edward Sleeper Steven & Carol Targum Robert Weintraub


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Anonymous (2) Elaine Abrams Jodi Anthony Syrus Ayure Henry & Judith Banks Richard & Linda Barnes Aviva Benson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bertman Mallory Bram Martin Broff & Freya Bernstein Rima Burroughs Sue Cahners Anneliese Cohen Stephen & Alice Cutler David Dalgarno & Brenda Hochberg Jim Dalsimer & Ellen Steinbaum Dan & Amy Deutsch Ronald & Susan Ebert Georgia & Jesse Feldman Jonathan & Carol Fine George & Ellen Fishman Michael Fowler Friedhelm Glauner & David Haidacher-Bassong Lauren Godles Robert Goisman & Jeanne Traxler Alfred & Joan Goldberg Andrew & Shoshanna Goldberg Pam Goodman & Michael Shwartz Joan Gordon Edward & Caroline Greene George & Harriet Greenfield Ted & Dru Greenwood Marvin & Joanne Grossman Amy Kaplowitz Emily Kates Sarah Kianovsky & Frank Friedman Ruth Klepper Roger & Lisa Krakoff Nancy Kramer & Bhupesh Patel Milton & Diane Lapkin Hillel & Shulamith Levine Hillary & Andy Mann Rhona May-D’Onofrio & Paul D’Onofrio Carol Michael Harvey & Amy Michaels Sarah Minden & Stephen Wright Fred & Beth Monaco Alan & Cecily Morse

Robert & Ann Peck Daniel Rabinovitz & Effie Chan Gregg & Polly Ribatt Rochelle Ruthchild & Vicki Gabriner Arthur & Natalie Schatz Carole Starr Schein Avishai Shafrir & Roberta Steinberg Sidney Sherter Carl & Joan Shiffman Sarah Singer • In honor of Qabbalat Shabbat services and the opportunity to say kaddish Kenneth Skeer Kenneth & Jaime Smoller Jerome & Miriam Smulow Rabbi Matt & Nicole Soffer Pat & David Squire Joseph & Florence Steinberg Donald & Erica Stern Susanna Stern & Felipe Pait Kenneth & Gerri Sweder Rona Troderman-King Milton & Rhonda Weinstein Helene Weitzenkorn Michael & Marilyn Winer

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.



Elul / Tishrei 5777/78 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 Congregational Potluck

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 Riverway Project’s Soul Food Friday

Temple Israel Offices Closed for Labor Day


Welcome back TENT students!


Welcome back

Religious School students!

6th & 7th Grade Social Justice Encounter

Monday Evening Adult Learning begins!

Shabbat Mishpachah


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 Erev Rosh Hashanah Services

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 Last Tuesday Book Group

Buckle Farm CSA Pick-Up, (Also September 12)



“Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?” begins




SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 S’lichot Congregational Read, Torah Study, and Candlelight Service

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 Rosh Hashanah Services

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Kol Nidre Services

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 Rosh Hashanah Lay Led Morning Services

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Yom Kippur Services & Community Break-Fast

Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 6:00 p.m. Torah study begins at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday with a short service followed by a lively discussion. Weekday Minyan is at 6:15 p.m. every Monday through Thursday when Temple Israel is open. For the full schedule of events, please visit or email for a hard copy. | 617-566-3960




Tishrei / Cheshvan 5778 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 Erev Sukkot Family Program

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9 Temple Israel Offices Closed for Columbus Day

Sukkot Festival Service and Study Session


Simchat Torah

Children’s Program, Study Session, and Festival Service

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 TENT Back to School Night



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 Riverway Project’s Soul Food Friday

7th Grade Facing History and Ourselves Program

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 5th Grade Social Justice Encounter



Riverway Café

TILLI Fall Session Begins

6 Grade Social Justice Action Launch 6 Grade Parents B’nei Mitzvah Nuts and Bolts th

Erev Simchat Torah

Yizkor, Consecration, and Festival Services



Congregational Potluck


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 Sukkot Harvest Celebration with Ganei Beantown


Riverway Project’s Neighborhood Shabbat

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31 Last Tuesday Book Group Contact Ann Abrams at for more information.

For the full schedule of events, please visit or email for a hard copy.


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


Cheshvan / Kislev 5778 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9


Introduction to Judaism

Join us for a Congregational Potluck Dinner

Fall Session begins


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Hebrew Boot Camp

RYFTI’s Fall Kallah


Social Justice in Action Reflection and Torah Program

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Temple Israel Closed for Thanksgiving Day

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Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 6:00 p.m. Torah study begins at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday with a short service followed by a lively discussion. Weekday Minyan is at 6:15 p.m. every Monday through Thursday when Temple Israel is open. | 617-566-3960


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Temple Israel of Boston

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Insight, Fall 2017  

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