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INSIGHT Volume 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776 Adar I/Adar II/Nisan/Iyyar

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Rabbi Elaine Zecher

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Temple Israel of Boston may your gates be open always

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ISAIAH 60:11


“Enlighten our eyes with Your teaching, and let


our hearts embrace Your commandments.” - Morning Liturgy


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build community and encounter the sacred through relationships embrace Torah in all its dimensions as our enduring source for inquiry, discovery, and inspriation. explore spirituality and innovate our traditions of ritual and prayer. pursue justice, in partnership with others, to realize our vision of what the world ought to be. are Ohavei Yisrael, Lovers of Israel, committed to the vitality, peace, and well-being of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world. draw strength from our diversity, and wisdom from all who walk through our open doors


This is what the Holy One said to Israel: My children, what do I seek from you? I seek no more than that you have ahavah (love) for one another and kavod (honor) one another; and that you have yirah (awe and reverence) for one another. — Midrash Tanna de Bei Eliyahu Rabbah 26:6

In this moment in the life of our congregation, I hold great awe and reverence for our community. I am grateful to the Rabbinic Search committee, the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Council, and each individual who makes up our synagogue for entrusting me with the honor of serving Temple Israel as Senior Rabbi. As we devote our energy and attention in the coming months to celebrate the magnificent rabbinate of my mentor and our teacher, Rabbi Ronne Friedman, we find inspiration in the strength and spirit of Temple Israel. It is here where we can live our values of justice


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

and compassion, learning and love, mirrored within our own synagogue community and then outward toward the greater community beyond our doors. I am thrilled to connect, to listen, and to grow together with you. As we look to the future I am excited by how much we can accomplish with one another. We will set a strong and vibrant course to move forward, honoring both our diversity and the values we share. We have much work to do and I am excited to begin, but, for now, I want to express my joy, gratitude, awe, and reverence to you and for you.

Rabbi Elaine Zecher

THE TI Scene

Mike Fishbein, Rabbi Soffer, and Barbara Berke smile for the camera

477 Hanukkah Party at the home of Frank Friedman and Sarah Kianovsky

Members of the Museum Committee pose with Rabbi Friedman

The Annual Library Book Fair was another success

TILLI at the State House

Cantor Einhorn with past B’nei Mitzvah students

A MESSAGE FROM DEAN RICHLIN The process that culminated in last month’s selection of Rabbi Elaine Zecher as Temple Israel’s next Senior Rabbi began of course with Rabbi Friedman’s retirement announcement followed by the decision by the Board Dean Richlin addressing the congregation of Trustees to initiate an open search. In order to conduct that search, the Officers and Board selected a diverse committee of Temple Israel members to serve on the Rabbinic Search Committee (RSC). It was my great honor to chair that committee, and I am grateful for the extraordinary contribution each committee member made to this process. Throughout this past year, the RSC understood that we represented all of you; we felt keenly the weight of that responsibility. We therefore worked to the best of our ability and as hard as we knew how. Specifically, we worked to gather information from congregants by a congregational survey and in five separate town hall meetings;

we developed a comprehensive position description; we engaged in outreach to over 100 rabbis and Jewish community activists and professionals to seek recommendations and encourage applications; we conferred with the Rabbinic Placement Bureau of the Central Conference of American Rabbis; and we heard from many of you individually, in countless conversations and written communications, all of which were obviously thoughtful and heartfelt. Ultimately, we identified four finalists, each, in our judgment, qualified to lead Temple Israel. After an extensive process of interviews, encounters and reference checking, we met to deliberate and reach a decision. We returned to the original criteria for a Senior Rabbi contained in our position description. We factored in the needs of the congregation, the historic role of Temple Israel, the extraordinary challenges we face, and the unique nature of the Senior Rabbi position. In the course of three sessions and almost ten hours of deliberations, a prevailing view began to develop - that Rabbi Zecher, by experience, skill, personal qualities and vision is the best qualified to serve as Temple Israel’s next Senior Rabbi. It is a recommendation we made with enormous pride and enthusiasm. | 617-566-3960


MessAGE FROM CHRISTOPHER NOE, PRESIDENT The rabbinic search process has reached its conclusion. On January 21, our congregation voted overwhelmingly to elect Rabbi Elaine Zecher to be the 12th Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel. Now the focus of our work shifts from selection to transition. Actually, the work of transition has already begun. The Transition Committee, co-chaired by Kathryn Madden and Michele Fischel, has been hard at work for over six months laying the groundwork for our future success. But success will not come from the work of committees alone. We will all have a role to play. I have been given permission to share an excerpt from an email sent to the Rabbinic Search Committee during the search process. This was one of hundreds of emails received during the course of the search, but it had the distinction of being last – having been received the day before the Leadership Council approved the recommendation of the Rabbinic Search Committee and Board of Trustees. It reads as follows: “Rabbi Zecher is a beacon of light…Elaine was my instructor while I was studying and preparing for my conversion/return to Judaism. For generations, my Portuguese crypto-Jewish family harbored and revered, in secret, a Torah crown. At

my public ceremony held in our Sanctuary, Rabbi Zecher handed me a Torah crown and invited me to return it to the Torah in the Arc. This touched me beyond words because I and all my family returned with that gesture.” What I ask of everyone in our community is to think of some way, no matter how small it may be, to ensure that Rabbi Zecher’s beacon of light shines as brightly as possible. Her success is our success, and her success will be determined, in part, by our collective action. Please join me and the rest of Temple Israel’s leadership in this important work. If you have specific thoughts or suggestions about transition, please contact the Transition Committee at or me at In what is becoming a tradition of closing my columns in the quarterly bulletin, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give a little something back to a place that means so much to me and my family. It is a privilege to serve as our congregation’s president.

MessAGE FROM DAN DEUTSCH, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR As we turn the corner on the next phase of Rabbinic Transition, I continue to hear from many of our congregants about their positive feelings on this historic moment. There is an overwhelming sense of excitement and pride as we reflect on the impact that Rabbi Friedman has made on our community and look forward to Rabbi Zecher taking the reins as senior rabbi. I want to thank the Rabbinic Search Committee for the countless hours that they volunteered to this process, and the congregation for playing an extremely active role in shaping our future. The Board and Leadership Council also played a significant role in this process; this has really been a congregational effort worthy of praise.

episode focuses our conversation on the intersection of faith and public life, based here in the birthplace of American Freedom, Boston, MA. Please listen and review on iTunes or Stitcher.

There are many ways in which we are celebrating the impact that Rabbi Friedman has made on our congregation. The museum committee has done a remarkable job putting together the “Be Torah” exhibit which will remain open through June. A special thank you to Fran Putnoi, Pam Goodman, Harriet Greenfield, Susan Porter, Ann Abrams, and Lindsay Sprechman for capturing the many ways in which Rabbi Friedman has left his mark on Temple Israel.

Finally, I thank those of you who have already contributed to our 2016 Annual Friends Fund, which allows Temple Israel to keep up the work that we are doing. This year we are focused on getting as many congregants to donate to our fund as possible, at a level that is meaningful to you. If you have not already done so, we ask that you please consider making a contribution. Contributions to our Friends Annual Fund offset many of our signature programs such as Families with Young Children, Ohel Tzedek, and the Riverway Project. As always, my door is always open, and I hope to see you at some of our fantastic upcoming events.

This winter we are proud to have launched our first podcast, Pulpit on the Common. Moderated by Rabbi Soffer, each


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

On April 2, we will be holding Stepping Out, our annual gala. We thank Jodi and Rob Sokoloff for their leadership as our cochairs and invite you to join us for a fun-filled evening. We will have a live band, tasty food, and an opportunity to see 200 of your closest Temple Israel friends.

Our New Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Elaine Zecher By Rabbi Ronne Friedman


udaism, like many traditions, assigns significance to numerology. Certain numbers are assigned greater symbolic meaning than others. Consider, for example, the following: 1 God; 2 Tablets of the Covenant; 3 Patriarchs; 4 Matriarchs; 5 Books of the Torah. Of the series of numbers, the number twelve seems to represent wholeness and completeness (twelve tribes, twelve months of the year, twelve signs of the zodiac).

In the Book of Numbers (17:21-24), the number twelve is also used to identify leadership, creativity, and heightened spirituality. God instructs Moses to carry twelve tribal chieftains, to take an identical staff for each and to place their names on their respective staffs. Aaron’s staff is one of the twelve. They are placed overnight inside the Tent of Meeting. In the morning, eleven of them are unchanged. The twelfth, Aaron’s, overnight has produced almond blossoms and ripe almonds. In the Book of Ezekiel (43:16), speaking to the exiles in Babylonia, Ezekiel imagines the Temple restored. The hearth which sits at its center, he says, shall be a perfect square, 12 cubits by 12 cubits. What then has all this to do with the election of Rabbi Elaine S. Zecher as the twelfth senior rabbi of Temple Israel of Boston? The choice of Rabbi Zecher assures the members of Temple Israel of a thoughtful leader whose life and work are characterized by constant and consistent creativity and soulful and ever-seeking spirituality. The hearth that she has fashioned at Temple Israel, in the larger religious and civic community and in our Reform Movement, reveals a passionate coil that burns hot with commitment to the Jewish people and carries the warmth of her wisdom to those who seek her counsel. Rabbi Zecher is an “iyyenet tefilah,” a person who demonstrates both scholarly and practical mastery of

prayer and ritual. The contemporary liturgy of our Reform Movement is a testament to her organizational energy, her intellectual daring, and her capacity to value and merge tradition and innovation, to honor the past while enabling the future. Her guiding influence is abundantly evident in the fecundity, both blossoms and fruit, of the recent liturgies published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis. My Temple Israel clergy colleagues, past, and, by name in the present, Cantor Roy Einhorn, Rabbis Matt Soffer and Suzie Jacobson, our senior staff colleagues, Dan Deutsch and Helen Cohen, and our entire staff revel in the prospect of building the future of Temple Israel, knowing that they begin with the security of established relationship and the support of an inspired team leader who has devoted herself to our members and their families. In addition to her manifold strengths and attributes, Rabbi Zecher is also an exemplar of what it means to succeed in the establishment of a work/life balance. As the 11th senior rabbi of Temple Israel, I am keenly aware that the excellence and strength of the congregation during the past 166 years is attributable to the clergy, lay leaders, and members who have contributed their efforts and their means to strengthen the Jewish community and the surrounding world. As we celebrate this historic moment, the election of Rabbi Elaine S. Zecher, my beloved clergy partner and friend, as the 12th senior rabbi, I imagine the first ten sharing these sentiments with me, “we have been waiting for you, and now, we extend our collective blessing in the words with which you have blessed countless children, holding them aloft, your eyes dancing to meet theirs: “May you live to see your world fulfilled, May your destiny be for worlds still to come…” With you, we will certainly proceed “from strength to strength.” | 617-566-3960


From the clergy

Pulpit on the Common: A Podcast on the Interfaith of Faith and Public Life By Rabbi Matt Soffer

“Make the old new, and make the new holy.”

- Rav Kook

Rabbi Soffer during the recording of Pulpit on the Common

The most significant study of the Jewish community, “A Portrait of American Jews,” by the PEW Research Center, has shined a Bill Gates famously said in 1996, “Content is king.” Once flashlight on the mandate for institutional change. More than upon a time, for content, the Jewish people sat in the one in five American Jews now describes him or herself has pews and listened to 45 minute sermons delivered by having “no religion,” and among the youngest generation of their rabbis, from the pulpit. But the pulpit, the symbolic adults that figure is about 1 in 3. These mouthpiece for Prophetic Judaism, is numbers accord with PEW data trends Nowadays conversation no longer what it used to be. As blogger broadly across religion in America. Cory Doctorow said, in reaction on Interestingly, 45% of Americans who Gates’ creed on content: “Conversation is king, and the time identify as having no religion (referred is king. Content is just something to talk has come to reimagine to as the “nones”) actually do say they about.” Nowadays conversation is king, believe in God. This datum suggests and the time has come to reimagine the the pulpit. that the problem is in the institutions, pulpit. the actual organized religious community—especially the synagogue. In order to establish a new setting for the content and conversation that once was situated on the pulpit, we have launched a podcast called Pulpit on the Common. By creating a content-rich podcast on the intersection of faith and public life, we hope to revive an age-old prophetic tradition of bringing Torah and the moral imperatives of the interfaith community to the “public square,” ensuring that our values bear upon civic life. We plan on addressing a different issue of social conscience each episode, bringing together a faith leader and a civic leader for a dynamic conversation that provides every listener with a greater sense of connectedness to the world.

MA State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz and Revered Liz Walker were guests on the first episode of Temple Israel’s new podcast, Pulpit on the Common


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

It’s time to lower the pulpit and lift up the people to the importance of spiritual engagement in civic life. We invite all to subscribe on iTunes and share the podcast with friends and family. For more information, please visit

Saul Kaye Performs for the karol music program


By Eric Lass*

Temple Israel hosted the talented singer, songwriter and guitarist Saul Kaye for this year’s Karol Music Program. Kaye, a San Francisco native, combines Jewish stories and his own Jewish experience with African acoustic blues to create a new hybrid. On Friday night, December 11th, Kaye, backed by three fine Berklee School of Music musicians and Temple Israel’s own band, led the congregation through several of his own takes on traditional Shabbat songs. With influences ranging from African rhythms to Bob Dylan’s folk era, Kaye’s variety was remarkable.

Saul Kaye has appeared at synagogues around the country, leading services and concerts. He describes the connection between his music and traditional Africanbased blues: Jews have been enslaved in many countries over the centuries... So, like the African Slave experience proved to be a catalyst for blues, so the path of Jewish history fostered its own form of soulful tears, from Jews crying out in Egyptian slavery (Exodus) to the prophet Jeremiah weeping over the destruction of the Temple in Eicha (Lamentations), Jews know the pain of spiritual crisis and call to Hashem with their own form of blues. You can hear it in the synagogue when the Torah and the books of Prophets are read, chanted in tropes passed down through time, recounting forbearers’ sorrows on days of tragedy like Tisha B’Av, or remembering celebrations of freedom on Passover, when Jews recall the Israelite’s “Song at the Sea,” as the waters of freedom parted.

In place of a traditional D’var Torah, Kaye and his Berklee musicians jumped into his signature combination of African-American blues music and Jewish lyrics. Kaye began with a Mississippi Delta-style tune, with a simple clapped rhythm and cappella vocals. From there, showing influences from early 20th century bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, to 1960’s British blues-rocker Saul Kaye performed for the Religious School on Stevie Winwood, Kaye led the Sunday, December 13 congregation through psalms and personal family stories reflecting The Karol Music Program has been the Jewish experience. The congregation sang along with bringing talented composers, vocalists and musicians choruses and cheered strong guitar and keyboard solos. to Temple Israel for 26 years, exposing TI members to a wide variety of styles and genres. The Temple Israel On Sunday morning, Kaye taught and entertained Temple clergy and lay-leadership believe in music as a vehicle for Israel Hebrew School students and members of the enhancing spirituality at services. congregation, filling our building with spirit and light on the last day of Hanukkah. *Eric Lass has been a Temple Israel member since 1993 and has played bass in the Temple Israel Band since its founding 15 years ago. | 617-566-3960



INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776


Celebrations & Challenges


By Valerie Zimber*

What happens when a parent tries to talk with his son or daughter about his wishes for end of life care and the child doesn’t want to listen? This is just what we witnessed as Alan Morse tried to talk with his son, Nick Morse, on Thursday, November 19th at our program entitled, A Time for Reflection: Our successes, uncertainties, and challenges in pursuing end of life planning and conversations. After an amazing D’var Torah by Rabbi Elaine Zecher, who used the Bible as the resource for examples of complicated family situations and what happens when there are, and are not, conversations about one’s death, we asked Alan and Nick to role play so that the audience could offer their suggestions for how to move the discussion forward. We then had Rhoada Wald play the role of my daughter. Rhoada desperately tried to get her “mother” to discuss her wishes for how much medical intervention she wanted, should she be in a situation where she could no longer advocate for herself. While both of these role plays were funny and heartwarming, they also served as a wonderful vehicle for underscoring how difficult it can be to have a fruitful conversation with your loved one about this important topic. Under Rabbi Elaine Zecher’s excellent guidance, both in terms of creating a Jewish framework and in utilizing her comedic talent, those who were observing were called on to step in for one of the “actors” and try their preferred strategy so that we could observe the resistance that can arise from a variety of different approaches. We then had the honor of having past TI President Carol Michael speak about her experience during her late husband’s illness on the differences between palliative and hospice care. Carol shared her own story about how she navigated the medical system and learned about various forms of treatment designed to lessen a patient’s pain and/or discomfort. She graciously answered questions and made herself available as a resource should any of us need more information.

We then participated in a lively discussion, in which almost everyone in the room shared some aspect of their own experience while trying to engage in having an end of life care conversation. This led us to the real truth that having such a conversation often happens slowly over time and after repeated efforts. Perhaps the final takeaway was that it so important to make the effort because talking about the unmentionable, makes it more manageable. It makes it more manageable not only for us, but also for the ones we love most. On Monday, December 14th, we had the honor of hosting Ms. Marsha Frankel, Director of Senior Services at Jewish Family & Children’s Services, to lead a discussion on how aging and illness can affect family relationships. We enjoyed a very informal and personal conversation where we shared some of the problems we had each encountered while we tried to navigate the often difficult path that can develop between family members over how best to deal with the medical and emotional turmoil when someone becomes incapacitated or terminally ill. Issues such as when to ask a parent to give up his or her car, helping a parent or sibling move out of their home and into a facility, and how to best negotiate for quality care when you live far away from your loved one are just a few of the topics we investigated. We also talked at length about burial and cremation and the more subtle differences between hospice and palliative care. This was a most personal and intimate evening and, although it might not sound like a “fun evening”, it was a true bonding experience in that many of us spoke from our hearts about the often wrenching emotional issues with which we are living; sometimes with little or no support. It felt like a true honor to be part of a community that creates a sacred space for such conversation.

*Valerie Zimber serves on the Board of Trustees, Ohel Tzedek, and as co-chair of Aging: Celebrations & Challenges. | 617-566-3960


BURSTEIN SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE WEEKEND with Rabbi bradley shavit Artson


By Nora Renthal*

Bobbie and Maxwell Burstein continue to bring blessing and learning into our midst; this has never been more true than in this year’s Burstein Scholar-in-Residence Program with Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, December 4-6, 2015.

Rabbi Artston’s Qabbalat Shabbat lecture was entitled “Almighty? No Way! Embracing the God You Actually Love,” which outlined his belief that God does not exercise coercive power, but rather lures us to be continually self-surpassing with persuasive influence. His lecture was followed by an expanded Oneg Shabbat and Q&A session, with questions from the audience including, “why should we pray?” and “how is your spiritual outlook specifically Jewish?”

The Scholar-in-Residence Program was founded in 1979 through the thoughtful generosity of Roberta and Maxwell Burstein, and this year, is one of many programs in honor of Rabbi Ronne Friedman. The lecture series brings outstanding Jewish scholarship to Temple Israel and the greater Boston Jewish community, working to broaden During Saturday morning Torah study, Rabbi Artson spoke our educational program and on “Why Bad Things Happen,” celebrate learning as integral to delivering a session rich with Rabbi Artson is a provocative vibrant Jewish living. textual references from Rambam Jewish thought-leader and and Mishnah Sanhedrin to Hellen Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson holds exemplifies our value of finding Keller. This study was followed by the Abner and Roslyn Goldstine an energetic Qiddush reception continuous inspiration, inquiry, Dean’s Chair of the Ziegler and opportunities for congregants and discovery in the Torah. School of Rabbinic Studies at to converse with Rabbi Artson and the American Jewish University Rabbi Friedman. in Los Angeles, California. He is also Vice President of the American Jewish University and Other sessions throughout the Scholar-in-Residence teaches courses in Ancient & Medieval Jewish Philosophy weekend included “Israel and the Diaspora in and Modern & Contemporary Jewish Theology. Contemporary Jewish Life” and “What’s the Future of American Judaism?” Rabbi Artson’s lectures are available Rabbi Artson is a provocative Jewish thought-leader and for review on our website at: our value of finding continuous inspiration, education. For more information on Rabbi Bradly Artson, inquiry, and discovery in the Torah. He is an active writer visit and speaker. His works connect Torah with modern *A Temple Israel member since 2014, Nora Renthal is mother physics, evolutionary biology, and a wholesome balance of to TI Religious School students Amber and Sawyer, and a logic and emotion. pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Right to left: (1) Rabbis Soffer, Friedman, and Zecher with Rabbi Artson; (2) Nora Renthal at SIR Weekend; (3) Rabbi Artson - Sunday Session


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776


welcoming Our Newest Members Introducing Neighborhood Networks by Sara Schwindt, Director of Membership and Engagement

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the full-time Director of Membership and Engagement for Temple Israel of Boston. Since I started in November, I have had conversations with a wide variety of members, staff, and clergy, and have been consistently impressed by the diversity, passion, and creativity of the Temple Israel community. I am tremendously excited to be joining the Temple Israel staff at such a significant moment in the history of the synagogue. My job here at Temple Israel has two facets: On the membership side, I work with the Executive Director and the Membership Committee to ensure that all of the operations related to every step of the membership journey run smoothly and result in the best membership experience possible, with the ultimate goal of fostering strong growth at Temple Israel. On the engagement side, I work with various staff and committees to ensure that every member of Temple Israel knows they are a valued member of the TI community, fully engaged and connected and truly knowing that this is their spiritual home. Please help us welcome our newest members: • Susan Gold (Sophia Cecchin, 12) • Elaine Abrams • Deborah and Remy Isdaner (Harper, 2) • Lee Coombs • Doron and Shayla Harlev (Ella, 7; Jonathan, 5; Amy, 1) • Aliza and Matt Schneller (Hannah, 3)

Directly related to this goal are the Neighborhood Networks, which aim to foster a sense of community within Temple Israel and are smaller communities centered around the geographic sections of the Greater Boston area. We currently have, or are starting, Neighborhood Networks for the following areas: • Brookline • Jamaica Plain/Roslindale/West Roxbury • Boston • Newton/Needham/Wellesley • Cambridge/Somerville • North Shore Each network will be holding events both at Temple Israel and at homes and locations in the local neighborhoods. The past few months have seen activities including Yom Kippur break-fasts, a Chanukah party in Brookline, and Shabbat dinners—and there are many more exciting events in the works, including trips to art, music, and sports events; sukkah builds; jam sessions; and more. If you are interested in helping to plan events in your neighborhood, I would love to talk with you. We are always looking for people to help out, whether by planning or hosting events, or just by spreading the word about Neighborhood Networks and encourage others to participate. For more information, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact me at or 617-566-3960.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Boston Homeowners Data from US Energy Information Agency and National Renewable Energy Laboratory • Stop the air leaks around windows and doors (for older home this reduces yearly heating fuel use by 25 % or more)

• Install a simple clock thermostat to set back the temperature at night and during unoccupied daytime hours (saves 10 to 15 % of yearly heating fuel use)

• Change all bulbs from incandescent to LED or Compact Fluorescent (saves 75 to 85 % of electricity for lighting )

• For a typical home in Boston a 25% reduction in yearly heating fuel consumption eliminates as much CO2 emissions as 80 to 120 square feet of a Solar PV roof panel ( 1/3 to ½ of a 4 kW solar system) | 617-566-3960


Rising Up to Meet the Challenge:


A Shabbat Service Dedicated to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By Cindy Rowe*

Nearly 900 members of Temple Israel gathered with members of the interfaith community on Friday, January 15 for the Temple’s annual Qabbalat Shabbat, dedicated to the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In keeping with a tradition that Temple Israel started over three decades ago of inviting a community leader to address the congregation, this year’s speaker called upon all of us not only to hear the call of justice, but to act. Co-Organizer of the Boston Police Camera Action Team, Segun Idowu, reminded us of a meaningful moment in our own congregational history. His grandfather, Rev. Earl W. Lawson, accompanied Dr. King to Temple Israel in 1965 when he addressed our congregation at a Passover service. Looking to the present, Idowu began his remarks by saying we need to “take inventory of where we are today, and determine how best to repair this tired, beaten up world, and bring even a flicker of light to corners of profound darkness.” Idowu shared with us a caution from his grandfather, not to “confuse motion with progress,” and to pay heed to the challenges of redistricting, mortgages and redlining, segregated educational settings, and rising taxes and stagnant wages. It is time, he urged us, to have an honest dialogue about race and to address institutionalized racism with our friends and family, and in our work environments, classrooms, and court rooms. Idowu described the work of the Doorknockers, white Americans who went door to door across Boston demanding that the City Council take action on equipping the entire Boston Police force with body cameras. He noted that there will now be a pilot program


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

launched with close to 100 officers being equipped with cameras. Concluding his remarks, Idowu reflected on the definition of Chesed (individual acts of loving kindness aimed at immediate needs) and Tzedek (pursuing justice through systematic change), and urged us to focus on both of these concepts. The congregation, he said, can “discuss the evils of mass incarceration and lobby state legislators to eliminate mandatory minimums and ban the box,” but can also, “identify several local, small non-profits to invest in that are committed to making re-entry as successful as possible for all of the formerly incarcerated.” He also pointed out that we could address the everincreasing wealth gap, and urge officials to contract more City services with minority and woman-owned businesses. The service also included musical selections by the Boston Children’s Chorus, joined by the Temple Israel Youth Choir, and readings by students from Beacon Academy and Monday Night School. For more information about participating in Temple Israel’s work on Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Gun Violence Prevention, Equality and Inclusion, or the Green Team please join with over 700 members of our congregation in signing up for our weekly e-mail “Just News” by contacting Andrew Oberstein (

* Cindy Rowe is Social Justice Co-Chair at Temple Israel and serves on the Leadership Council.

The Riverway Project:

Fostering our Relationship with the State of Israel


By Andrew Oberstein, Coordinator for Social Justice and Young Adult Engagement

On the second Friday of each month, the Riverway Project gathers together for Soul Food Friday, a Shabbat experience specifically targeted to young adults. Each gathering brings over 200 people in their 20s and 30s together at Temple Israel to welcome Shabbat with live music, food, and wine.

worship experience. The trip leader later expressed that “the group had such a moving experience during Qabbalat Shabbat. Each of them shared with me that they never experienced something so beautiful and moving.” That evening, the Riverway Project was also fortunate enough to welcome Consul General of Israel to New England, Yehuda Yaakov. Consul The group had such a moving On November 13, 2015 we had General Yaakov addressed the the wonderful opportunity to experience during Qabbalat crowd, speaking on the importance include some very special guests of fostering and maintaining a Shabbat. Each of them shared in the celebration. Seven young relationship between American with me that they never adults from Israel joined the young adults and the state of Riverway community as part of experienced something so Israel. Hosting Consul General a delegation through Combined Yaakov was an opportunity to beautiful and moving. Jewish Philanthropies’ Bostonfurther engage our community Haifa Connection. The group traveled to Boston on a in the issue of US-Israel relations, an important value mission to explore the many complex aspects of Jewish of the Riverway Project. His thought-provoking words identity. Through meetings and visits with various schools, sparked lively discussion and planted the seeds for even synagogues, and other organizations, the Haifaim caught a deeper connections to be made. To top it off, the evening glimpse of the vibrant, thriving Jewish community we are concluded with a feast of traditional Israeli food. Between fortunate to experience in Boston. For most of the visitors bites of hummus, falafel, and Israeli salad, American from Haifa, the visit to Temple Israel was the first time and Israeli young adults had the opportunity to mix they had stepped foot into a Reform Jewish community. and mingle, learning more about each other’s culture, There was a deep sense of excitement and enthusiasm experiences, and Jewish identities. among the group as they experienced a brand new type of This exciting event was not the first time Riverway has opened the door to engagement with Israel. In the past few years alone, we have been visited by other Israeli groups including a delegation from the IDF, hosted speakers from a broad spectrum of Israeli organizations, and even led our own Riverway Project Birthright trip to Israel. In 2016 and beyond, we look forward to even more opportunities to connect Riverway participants to Temple Israel’s core value of being “Ohavei Yisrael, lovers of Israel, committed to the vitality, peace, and well-being of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world.” | 617-566-3960


Temple israel 7th graders face History and themselves


By Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

My earliest memories of Holocaust education are from my own bat mitzvah year — pictures of gaunt Eastern European Jews standing in the terrible cold, terrifyingly powerful pictures of Hitler speaking to unbelievably large crowds, and devastating stories of destruction and pain. I remember being scared of the images but oddly detached — “This happened so long ago, I am so far away.” I do not remember engaging in questions of morality or peoplehood. It took a course in college for me to truly understand what transpired and the many moral, political and social consequences. My early Holocaust education surely did not Our goal is to engage leave me inspired and it did not make me feel empowered as a Jew or as a students morally and citizen in the world.

The Facing History and Ourselves curriculum is a permanent fixture in the Temple Israel 7th grade Religious School curriculum. Our goal is to to help them grow their engage students morally and to help Today, Holocaust education has them grow their sense of themselves sense of themselves been incredibly changed through the as actors for positive change in the hard work of the organization Facing world. Rather than beginning our as actors for positive History and Ourselves. Founded in unit with the invasion of Poland or 1976, this Boston based, international change in the world. kristallnacht (night of the broken glass) organization “seeks to engage we first ask questions such as “Who students of diverse backgrounds are you responsible for/ to?” “What is fascism and why do people follow in an examination of racism, prejudice charismatic leaders?” Instead of focusing solely on the rise of Nazism in and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed the aftermath of World War I, we first show how Nazi ideology found its roots in the anti-Jewish ideology and violence of medieval and 19th citizenry.” They were founded by educators century Europe. This philosophical and historical grounding allows who believe that it is not enough to merely our students to gain a basic understanding of Holocaust history while teach the details and horrors of the Holocaust beginning to contemplate how such a horrible tragedy could occur in our to Jewish and non-Jewish students. Rather, modern world. as we teach students about the historical

development of the Holocaust and other examples of genocide, we must engage their growing sense of morality and teach critical thinking skills that will help them make good choices.

Facing History and Ourselves1 beyond the textbook, primary source centered approach is a great match for the Temple Israel Religious School program. Every year this curriculum allows us to touch the minds, hearts and moral compasses of our 7th grade students.

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INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

March-MAY upcoming events

Families with Young Children

477 (50’s & 60’s)

May 5, 11:00 a.m.: Mother’s Day Brunch First and Third Saturday of the Month: Thank Goodness its Shabbat (TGIS) Second Friday of the Month: Tot Rock Shabbat with the Riverway Band For more information, contact Jenn Seadia at

March 4: 477 Potluck Shabbat Dinner after Qabbalat Shabbat April 28: 477 Theatre Outing at Company One’s Oberon Theatre in Cambridge, “We’re Gonna Die” For more information, contact Julie Unger at or call 617-566-3960.

K-7 Religious School March 13, April 3, May 8, 8:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.: DIY Judaism Parent Conversation series with Rabbi Jacobson April 3: K-7 Family Passover Program during Religious School sessions May 13: Erev HaMoreh and 2nd Grade Qabbalat Siddur For more information, contact Orna Sonnenschein at or call 617-566-3960.

Teen Education April 19: RYFTI Event, Details TBD May 13-15: RYFTI’s Clergy Weekend, Camp Burgess, Sandwich, MA For more information, contact Mike Fishbein at or call 617-566-3960.

Riverway Project (20’s & 30’s) March 11, April 8, May 13, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.: Soul Food Friday March 11, April 8, May 13: Riverway Café April 29, May 27: Neighborhood Shabbat For more information, contact Andrew Oberstein at or call 617-566-3960.

TILLI Peer-Led Learning March 17 (snow date: 3/31), 10:00 a.m.: “Teaching Teachers” Martin Sleeper, former Brookline principal and special adviser to the president of Facing History and Ourselves, will present a film and lead a discussion on how Facing History works with teachers. For more information, contact Lila Kagedan at or call 617-566-3960.

Library Last Tuesday of every month 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.: Last Tuesday Book Club For more information, contact Ann Abrams at or call 617-566-3960.

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Temple Israel Partners with Buckle Farm to offer CSA Shares If winter’s here, could spring and then summer be far behind? And when they arrive, Temple Israel will be hosting it’s first-ever CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to congregants. In order to make this happen, though, we need 40 families to sign up by February 29 and hope that you will consider becoming one of the inaugural members of this exciting new offering. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy fresh fruits and healthy vegetables from mid-June until late October and will also be supporting a working family farm. TI’s CSA comes from the Buckle Farm, owned by Jim Buckle and Hannah Hamilton. Buckle Farm is a small, diversified fruit and vegetable farm located in Unity, Maine. The

duo farm on 16 acres of protected farmland comprised of apple, plum and pear orchard and open of fields of vegetable, herb and flower production. Most of the land is organic, and all of the land is expected to be certified organic by 2017. Having previously farmed in Massachusetts, The Buckle Farm delivers much of its produce to homes, markets and restaurants in the Boston area. CSA shares have been an important aspect in The Buckle Farm’s success, and Jim & Hannah are happy to partner with Temple Israel to bring a CSA delivery to our community this summer. Brochures are available at the front desk. To learn more visit or call or email Joan Rachlin at 617-872-0167 or rachlinj@ | 617-566-3960


The Rabbi Ronne Friedman Innovative Program Fund

Have you ever wondered what would happen if venture capitalism and philanthropy came together? We all know how these two ways of investing work, but rarely they are put together. At Temple Israel, under the leadership of Barry Weisman and Leah Rosovsky, we have combined these concepts to create the Rabbi Ronne Friedman Innovative Program Fund. This fund has been established to honor Rabbi Friedman for his decades of service and leadership and to enable the Temple Israel community to experiment with new programs and ideas. Rabbi Friedman is known for his bold ideas and his desire to see Temple Israel lead the way in areas such as young adult engagement, social justice, and education. Our goal is to carry on his legacy of innovation and to ensure that Temple Israel remains a leader in the reform movement both locally and globally. Starting in fiscal year 2017, the Temple Israel staff will convey proposals to the senior rabbi and the president of the board of trustees, who will determine which projects will receive funds. The Rabbi Ronne Friedman Innovative Program Fund does not have mandated required uses, meaning that any new project that is intended to enhance the life and learning of our Temple Israel community will be considered. As of December 31, 2015 we have raised $844,800 towards this fund thanks to the generosity of the following donors: Anonymous David and Amy Abrams Dayl Cohen Jonathan and Margot Davis William and Denise Finard Laurel Friedman Brad Gerratt and Susan Powers


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel Louis and Marcia Kamentsky Stephen Kay and Lisbeth Tarlow Saul Kurlat John and Louise Loewenstein Jill Medvedow and Richard Kazis Carol Michael Gary and Mary Pforzheimer Don and Fran Putnoi Leah Rosovsky Marc Rysman and Michelle Ephriam Jim and Mimi Segel Bram and Jennifer Shapiro Bob and Noni Stearns Jennifer Weber and Laurence Bailen Kathy Weinman and Cameron Kerry Barry Weisman and Michele Fishel Arthur Winn Justin and Genevieve Wyner Our goal is to raise one million dollars for this fund by May 7, 2016. Please consider a one-time donation above your Friends Annual Fund gift to ensure Rabbi Friedman’s lasting legacy. We are already at 84% of our total goal. Thank you to those who have already contributed. For more information about this fund or to make your donation today, contact Barry Weisman at or Leah Rosovsky at, or Julie Gal-Or, Director of Development at or 617-566-3960.

From Beacon Academy On Friday November 6, Beacon Academy alumni joined over 100 students, community members and the Consul General of Israel to New England, Yehuda Yaakov, at a beautiful memorial ceremony for Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Zenobia Houston (BA ‘14, Fryeburg Academy ‘18) won first place in an essay contest on the life and legacy of Rabin, and was honored with her award by keynote speaker and Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III. Zenobia was recognized along with second and third place winners Bryan Asare (BA ‘15, Concord Academy ‘19) and Idalina Pina (BA ‘14, Middlesex School ‘18). Of her time spent at Temple Israel, Zenobia said, “Before going off to boarding school, I spent a year at Temple

Israel, attending Beacon Academy, a school designed to prepare kids from Boston to attend independent schools. In that time, I learned from teachers and rabbis about the importance of advocating for change even in places with firmly entrenched traditions. I remember at Temple Israel’s Martin Luther King Shabbat three leaders, one Christian, one Muslim, and one Jewish, spoke about the importance of unity and peace between their individual religions. Recollecting my time at Temple Israel, I felt as if there had to be a first step to bringing a more liberal atmosphere to my school’s community.” You can read all of Zenobia’s winning essay on Beacon’s website:

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With deep appreciation and gratitude for Rabbi Friedman and Cantor Einhorn for their sensitive and caring officiation at the funeral of my mother, Dorothy Sherin • From Peter Sherin In memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From Bob and Noni Stearns • From Arthur Segel • From Ellen Steinbaum and James Dalsimer • From Oscar and Barbara LeBlanc • From Peggy Morrison • From Shoba and Joseph Sequeira In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher • From Lina (Esther) Taborda In memory of Mark Petroni, nephew of Cantors Roy Einhorn and Jodi Sufrin • From Ellen Steinbaum and James Dalsimer In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Cantor Einhorn for their officiation at the funeral of my husband Norton • From Claire Sherman In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Cantor Einhorn for their officiation at the funeral of our beloved husband, father and grandfather Mark Yesley • From Marlene Yesley and Family In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn with thanks for all he has done for our family • From Susan Shief and Jordana Shief In loving memory of our husband and father, Berrill Shief, on his yahrzeit • From Susan Shief and Jordana Shief A donation • From An Anonymous Donor In memory of William Rodman Pokross, brother of Joan Curhan • From Arthur Segel In loving memory of Louison Kazis on his yahrzeit • From Valya Shapiro In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman and Cantor Einhorn for acknowledging the birth of my great-granddaughter Rosalind Rachel Conley • From Irma Bubis and Ella Fine

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In loving memory of Harry Ramler on his yahrzeit • From Elaine Shain In appreciation of Rabbi Friedman for everything he has done for our family over the many years we have known him • From Helene and David Bailen

Friends Annual Fund

Wisdom $20,000 and Above • The Corkin, Kaplan, and Rudolf Families • William and Denise Finard • The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Richard and Susan Smith John and Amy S. Berylson and James Berylson Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz Robert and Dana Smith Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez, and Andrew Knez Understanding $15,000-$19,999 • Anonymous Strength $10,000-$14,999 • Pamela Kohlberg and Curt Greer (In honor of the stellar service of Rabbi Ronne Friedman) • Kathy Weinman and Cameron Kerry • James and Giang Wyner Kindness $5,000-$9,999 • Amy and David Abrams • Jennifer Berylson Block and Jonathan Block • David Feinberg and Marina Kalb • Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman • Dean and Pamela Richlin Inspiration $3,600-$4,999 • Anonymous • Mitchell Shames and Jane Stiles Vision $1,800-$3,599 • Anonymous • Robert Bechek • John and Bette Cohen • Dr. David Eisenberg and Rabbi Elaine Zecher • Robert and Glenda Fishman • Abby and Brett Gordon • Harriet and George Greenfield • Jane Holtz • Steven Lampert and Anita Feins • Aaron and Lauren Lapat • Eric and Lori Lass • Marc Maxwell • Susan and Robert Michaels (In honor of our clergy) • Donald and Sandra Perrin • Paul and Susan Ridker • Leah Rosovsky • Bram and Jennifer Shapiro • Rachel and Phil Sher • Elizabeth Skavish and Michael Rubenstein • Gary and Melissa Tearney • Jeane Ungerleider and William Stone • Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner

Connection $1,000-$1799 • Anonymous (3) • Bernard and Janet Aserkoff • Ellen Cohen and Daniel Haber • Gordon Freeman and Arlene Sharpe • Frank Friedman and Sarah Kianovsky • Sylvia Green • Louis and Marcia Kamentsky • Richard Kazis and Jill Medvedow • Saul Kurlat • Don and Fran Putnoi • Deby and Sy Raboy • Judi Ross Zuker (In loving memory of Richard B Ross) • Michael and Nancy Sandman • Andrew Sherman and Russ Lopez • Rob and Jodi Sokoloff • Emily and Michael Speicher Friends $999 and below • Anonymous (14) • Ann Abrams and Deb Filler • Ralph and Jean Aserkoff • Alison Avram • Lauren Backman Locke • David and Helene Bailen • Phyllis L. Baker • Samuel Balto • Marc and Elayne Baskin • Marion and Merwyn Bear • Mindy Berman and Dan Solomon • Richard and Sandra Bertman • Judith Bond Herman • John and Rosalie Bookston • Helen Bresky • Martin Broff and Freya Bernstein • Susan Brown • Barbara and Carlos Cevallos • David Dalgarno and Brenda Hochberg • Dianna and Richard Dana • Rachel Daniels • Michael and Remi Dansinger • Kimberly Davis • Lisa and Daniel Davis • Michael and Beth Davis • Amy Dollin Kaplowitz • Dr. Alan Drabkin and Dr. Rose Goldman • Dr. Howard and Wendy Ecker • Benjamin Esparza (In honor of the Riverway Project) • Iris and Robert Fanger • Charlotte Fellman • Carol and Jonathan Fine • Becca and Mike Fishbein • Norma and Daniel Frank • Louise and Howard Freedman • Ali and Ezra Freedman • Elsa Galdston • Julie Gal-Or • Sharon and Irving Gates • Nancy and Steven Gerber • Brad Gerratt and Susan Powers | 617-566-3960


CONTRIBUTIONS • Michael and Jill Glazer • Nina Godles • Lauren Godles • Leslie and Stan Godoff • Robert Goisman and Jeanne Traxler • Arthur D. Gold • Daniel Goldberg • Emma Goldstein • Steven Goldstein and Hui Deng • Joan Gordon • Blake Gottesman and Casey Knight • Edward Greene • Stefanie Greenfield and Mark Allen • Tom Grossman • David Haidacher-Bassong • Allison Hertz • Joan Hinrichs • Annette and Paul Hodess • Robert and Phyllis Hoffman • Wendy Jacobs • Andrew and Cindy Janower • Samuel Kaplan • Renana Kehoe • John Kindsdale and Rosalie Phillips • Larry and Barbara Koff • Helen Kolsky • Martha J. Koster • Diane and Milton Lapkin • Barbara LaPotin • Alan and Judith Leichtner • Ellen and Barry Levine • Judith and Allyn Levy • Andrew Lewis • Eleanor M. Lewis • Don and Merna Lipsitt • Rabbi Michael Luckens and Sharon Schumak • Kathryn Madden and Roger Herzog • Amy Mitman and Andrew Goloboy • Cecily and Alan Morse • Linda and Mitch Myers • Adam Narva and Paula Martin • Lior Neiger and Shahar Hecht • Laurence J. Noble • Miriam Nogradi • Linda and Henry Okun • Gabriel Padawer • Elenore Parker • Robert and Ann Peck • Carole Pesner • Stephen Porter and Pamela Kellogg • Susan Porter • Jane Price Prager • Daniella and Kevin Prussia • Eric Putnoi and Deborah Polansky • Daniel Rabinovitz and Effie Chan • Joan Rachlin and Seymour Small • Amy Richman and James Caron • Susan K. Richman • Julia Rickey • Nancy Rickey • Jane Rocamora • Diane B. Rose


• Cindy and Martin Rowe • Rochelle Ruthchild • Sean and Marcy Sacks • Robert and Phyllis Sage • Linda Samuels • Arthur and Natalie Schatz • Frederick J. Schoen and Angeline E. Warner • Madelyn Schreider • Evan Schwartz and Amy Bolotin • Sara Sclaroff • Jen and Josh Segel • Craig Sender • Sidney Sherter • Leslie and Warren Simmons • Dr. Edward Sleeper • Gary and Lynne Smith • Ruth and Eliot I. Snider • Rabbi Matthew Soffer and Nicole Vengrove Soffer • Samuel Solomon • Dr. Robert I. Sperber • Richard and Samantha Speyer • Sandy Starr and Raine Figurroa (In memory of Enid Starr) • Ellen Steinbaum and James Dalsimer • Roberta Steinberg and Avishai Shafrir • Ellen Beth and Detlev Suderow • Myra Tattenbaum • Rona Troderman-King • Karen Victor and Robert Sege • Eric Villhauer • Rhoada Wald • Milton and Rhonda Weinstein • Helene Weitzenkorn • Gilbert and Karen Winn • Howard Wishnie M.D. and Catherine Mitkus • Valerie Zimber and Dr. James Waldroop • Leon S. Newton Foundation Major Gifts • Meryl Susan LeBoff M.D and the LeBoffWilliams Family • Robert and Carol Mayer

I. Obie Goverman Bookshelf

In loving memory of I. Obie Goverman on his yahrzeit • From George Goverman

Marilyn and Mike Grossman Caring Community

In honor of Chris Noe’s wonderful leadership as President of our congregation • From the Dansinger Family In memory of our beloved parents, Howard and Rosalie Burkow, on their yahrzeits • From Richard, Nancy and Marjory Burkow

INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

In celebration of Sally Mechur’s birthday • From Susan and Mitch Halpert With grateful thanks to the Caring Community for all the attention on the adoption of my granddaughter Levana Guedalia Sulkin • From Ellen Kardon Sulkin In loving memory of Mike Grossman on his yahrzeit • From the Marilyn and Mike Grossman Foundation

Marvin and Joanne Grossman Bookshelf

A Donation • From Joanne and Marvin Grossman

Karol Music Fund

In honor of the engagement of our grandson, Joshua Darman Weiss to Allison Goldstein • From Phyllis and Sumner Darman In honor of Cantor Einhorn for his guidance of our son Sammy towards his Bar Mitzvah • From Aaron and Lauren Lapat In loving memory of my grandmother, Mollie Botkin, on her yahrzeit • From Linda Okun and Family

William S. and Rae G. Koster Bookshelf

In loving memory of my father, William S. Koster and my mother, Rae G. Koster, on their yahrzeits • From Stephen Koster

Mishkan HaNefesh Prayer Book

In loving memory of Dr. Judah Folkman • From Paula Folkman In memory of John and Ruth Bookman • From Ann Bookman Buehrens

In memory of Phyllis Levine Dana, Irene Hambro Dana and Lester Harold Dana • From Richard Dana In memory of our parents, Harriett and Isadore Brownstein • From their loving children Carol and Jonathan Fine In memory of our parents, Jeannette and Murray Fine • From their loving children Jonathan and Carol Fine

CONTRIBUTIONS Samuel A. Nemzoff Fund

Abraham D. Shain Bookshelf

In honor of Dr. Ruth Nemzoff, daughter of Samuel Nemzoff, on her special birthday • From Dr. Alan and Judi Nemzoff Josephson and their children and grandchildren

In loving memory of my husband, Al Shain, on his yahrzeit • From Elaine Shain

Eleanor and Newell Kurson Transportation Fund

Carl Steinbaum Continuing Education Fund

In loving memory of Eleanor Kurson on her yahrzeit • From Nancy and Richard Lubin

In honor of Mia’s Bat Mitzvah • From Don and Erica Stern

Putnoi Clergy Weekend

In memory of Mark Yesley, husband of Marlene Yesley • From Judy Finger Krandel • From Marilyn and Paul Kalis • From Amy Borne • From Jayne and Leon Cantor • From Beth and Michael Davis • From The Chilton Club • From Arlene and Michael Sobol • From Andy and Toby Levine • From Bert, Faye, Elisa, Eric and Jonathan Romm • From Marlene’s B.C. Friends • From Lori and James Marcus

In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Sammy Lapat, son of Lauren and Aaron Lapat • From Fran and Don Putnoi

Riverway Project

In honor of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson’s installation • From The Dansinger Family In loving memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From The Women’s Study Group In honor of the Riverway Project and Rabbi Matt Soffer • From James and Bess Soffer


Temple Fund

In loving memory of David Karp on his yahrzeit • From Nancy Karp

In loving memory of Irving Kotlier on his yahrzeit • From Yair and Judith Kotlier Argon

In loving memory of our father, Bernard Marglin and our grandfather, Ellis Marglin on their yahrzeits • From Nancy and Joe Marglin

In loving memory of my mother, Ruth Kotlier, on her yahrzeit • From Judith and Yair Argon

In loving memory of Arthur Moser on his yahrzeit • From Annette and Paul Hodess

Dr. Arnold L. Segel Library Fund

In memory of Abraham and Martha Yanofsky • From Steven and Rhona Brand

In memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From Harriet and Richard Steinberg

In memory of Abraham Brand • From Steven and Rhona Brand

In memory of Mark Yesley, husband of Marlene Yesley • From Andrea Taddeo

A donation • From Rabbi Richard Jacobs and Susan Freedman • From Mollie Ceder

In loving memory of Harold Cohen on his yahrzeit • From Joseph and Judith Leader

In loving memory of Saul Berkman on his yahrzeit • From Bernard and Nancy Berkman

In loving memory of Edith Cohen on her yahrzeit • From Joseph and Judith Leader

In honor of our grandchildren, Matthew and Sarah Hirsch • From David and Hope Hirsch

In loving memory of Esther Wilker on her yahrzeit • From Joseph and Judith Leader

In loving memory of my father, Robert S. Benjamin, on his yahrzeit • From Jonathan Benjamin

In loving memory of my mother Rose T. Greenberg on her yahrzeit • From Anne Hershman In loving memory of Hy Winer and Mildred Tarshish on their yahrzeits • From Marilyn and Michael Winer In loving memory of my husband, Jacob Riemer, on his yahrzeit • From Helen Riemer In loving memory of David H. Murad on his yahrzeit • From Edmond Murad In loving memory of Phyllis M. Knez on her yahrzeit • From Brian Knez In loving memory of Lillian S. Feinberg on her yahrzeit • From Steven Feinberg In loving memory of Celia Cohen on her yahrzeit • From Sallyann Wekstein In honor of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson’s installation • From David Grossman In loving memory of Samuel Fireman on his yahrzeit • From Stephen and Jane Fireman In loving memory of my mother, Marion Green, on her yahrzeit • From Alan Green In loving memory of Dr. Edward Frye on his yahrzeit • From Joan Frye Yoken In memory of Bernard “Bud” Hodess on his yahrzeit • From Annette and Paul Hodess In loving memory of Dr. Herbert I. Posin on his yahrzeit • From Ruth Posin Lappin In loving memory of Anna D. Koss on her yahrzeit • From Harvey Levine In memory of Shirley Brown on her yahrzeit • From Donald Saunders A Donation • From Kenneth Skeer In loving memory of Davida and Susan Koss on their yahrzeits • From Harvey Levine In loving memory of Hy Winer on his yahrzeit • From Marjorie Bloom | 617-566-3960


contributions In loving memory of Rose Winer Levin on her yahrzeit • From Marjorie Bloom

In memory of my loving brother, Harold Fienman, on his yahrzeit • From Mollie Ceder

In loving memory of Dr. Morton Bard on his yahrzeit • From Pamela and Dean Richlin

In loving memory of my great-aunt Harriet Greenberg on her yahrzeit • From Nancy Levy-Konesky

In memory of Elsie Loewenstein, mother of John Loewenstein • From Tina and Harvey Crosby

In loving memory of Allan Tarshish on his yahrzeit • From Marilyn Winer

In memory of Robert Moser on his yahrzeit • From Annette and Paul Hodess

In loving memory of Frances Chopp on her yahrzeit • From Norma Frank

In loving memory of George Tack on his yahrzeit • From Arlene Rachins In loving memory of my husband, Norman I. Krinsky, on his yahrzeit • From Susan Krinsky In memory of my beloved husband, Paul R. Levine, on his yahrzeit • From Sylvia Levine In loving memory of Shepard Saul Novick on his yahrzeit • From Linda Novick Larkin In memory of my father, Paul R. Levine, on his yahrzeit • From Jerry Levine In loving memory of Margit K. Epstein on her yahrzeit • From Frank Epstein In loving memory of Bernard Hodess on his yahrzeit • From Barbara Hodess

In loving memory of Norman B. Krim on his yahrzeit • From Arthur Krim In loving memory of my mother, Frances L. De Jur, on her yahrzeit • From Jacqueline and Steven Feinberg In loving memory of Diane Barrabee Smithline on her yahrzeit • From Neil Smithline In loving memory of Hyman Bloom on his yahrzeit • From Marjorie Bloom In loving memory of Edward A. and Doris G. Laven on their yahrzeits • From Dolores Laven Chaban In loving memory of Irving Marder on his yahrzeit • From Tom Grossman In loving memory of Sol Thim on his yahrzeit • From Arlene Thim Rosenthal

In loving memory of Dr. Saul Miller on his yahrzeit • From Judy and David Rosenthal

In loving memory of Ruth Kotlier on her yahrzeit • From Jonathan Kotlier

In loving memory of Gladys Klebanoff on her yahrzeit • From Diane Gordon

In loving memory of Charlotee Kulvin Salter on her yahrzeit • From Natalie Salter Myerson

In memory of my beloved mother, Rose Fienman, on her yahrzeit • From Mollie Ceder

In loving memory of my father, Benjamin M. Kulvin, on his yahrzeit and my sister, Phyllis Kulvin Beal, on her yahrzeit • From Helen Riemer

In loving memory of Andrew Skoler on his yahrzeit • From Victoria Skoler In appreciation of the services being streamed • From Carla and Emilian Wasserman In loving memory of Eugene Steinberg on his yahrzeit • From Richard and Harriet Steinberg In loving memory of Paul Fisher on his yahrzeit • From Lori Jacobson • From Rita Fisher


In loving memory of Irving M. Saunders on his yahrzeit • From Donald Saunders In loving memory of Ellyn Sue Bonnie Lieberman on her yahrzeit • From Billie Sirotkin In loving memory of Harriet S. Robbins on her yahrzeit • From Stephen Robbins

INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

Gale L. Raphael TILLI Fund

In memory of Mark Yesley • From Paula Folkman • From Naomi Gordon • From Arthur Gold In honor of Rhoada Wald • From Mitzi Gilman

In memory of Elsie Loewenstein mother of John Loewenstein • From Nancy Raphael In loving memory of my daughter Rachel Lewis on her yahrzeit • From Eleanor Lewis In memory of my dear friend, Jean Blank Upton • From Nancy Raphael A donation • From Herman and Judy Chernoff In memory of my beloved mother, Anna Alpert Gans, on her yahrzeit • From Susan Krinsky

Wyner Museum

In memory of Florence Goldberg Sloane and Sara G. Wyner on their yahrzeits • From Justin Wyner

8:45 AM & 12:15 PM DIY: Celebrating Passover at Home

10:45 AM Youth Choir

9:00 AM Engaging in Torah Study for Parents

8:45 AM Religious School

6:30 PM MNS

9:30 AM FJECC One Year Old Program 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 6:30 PM Me’ah 6:30 PM Jewish Thought and Practice

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

7:00 PM Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Spain

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5:30 PM Youth Choir

4:00 PM Religious School

21 Adar II

7:00 PM Masterpieces of the 7:30 PM Grade 4-5 Shabbat Golden Age of Spain

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

16 Adar II 10:15 AM Zachary OrlandoMilbauer Bar Mitzvah

9:00 AM Torah Study

15 Adar II 26 9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

14 Adar II 25

10:15 AM Elinor Solomon Bat Mitzvah 5:00 PM Purim Shul In

10:00 AM T.G.I.S.

9:00 AM Torah Study

8 Adar II 19

4:00 PM Religious School

20 Adar II 31

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

19 Adar II 30

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment 12:00 PM Last Tuesday Book Group 4:00 PM Religious School 5:30 PM Youth Choir 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

18 Adar II 29

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

6:30 PM Monday Night School

17 Adar II 28

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:30 PM Me’ah


4:00 PM Religious School

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

10:45 AM Youth Choir

5:30 PM Riverway Project Purim

7 Adar II 18

7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

9 Adar II

10:15 AM Elana Friedlich Bat Mitzvah

5:00 PM Tot Rock Shabbat 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

2 Adar II

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing 10:30 AM TILLI 4:00 PM Religious School 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Spain 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

13 Adar II 24

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

12 Adar II 23

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment

11 Adar II 22

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

9:30 AM FJECC One Year Old Program

10 Adar II 21

6:30 PM Monday Night School

6:30 PM Me’ah

6:30 PM Riverway Café

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4:00 PM Religious School

8:45 AM Religious School Purim Celebration


10:45 AM Youth Choir

9:30 AM TI Band Rehearsal

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

9:30 AM FJECC One Year Old Program

6 Adar II 17

10:30 AM TILLI Movie Series 11:00 AM FYC Lunch and Learn 4:00 PM Religious School 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism 7:00 PM Conversation Project

1 Adar II 12

10:15 AM Sophie Alita 7:00 PM 477 Potluck Shabbat Sillman Lewis Bat Mitzvah TI Trip to Spain, through 3/13 4:00 PM Burstein S.I.R.

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

30 Adar I 11

7:30 PM Green Team Meeting

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

10:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! (T.G.I.S.)

4:00 PM Religious School

29 Adar I 10

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5 Adar II 16

7:30 PM FYC Mahjong

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

4 Adar II 15

6:30 PM Monday Night School (MNS)

6:30 PM Me’ah

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3 Adar II 14

8:45 AM Religious School


5th Grade Social Justice Program

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment 4:00 PM Religious School

28 Adar I 9

9:30 AM FJECC One Year Old Program 2:00 PM Balls Balls Balls

27 Adar I 8

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

March 4-13

9:00 AM Torah Study

25 Adar I


9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

24 Adar I 5


6:00 PM K-7 Shabbat Mishpachah

23 Adar I 4


Visit for updated calendar information.

8:45 AM Modern Midrash

22 Adar I 3

Wednesday 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

21 Adar I 2

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment



4:00 PM Religious School


Temple Israel’s Trip to Spain

26 Adar I 7

8:45 AM Religious School



MARCH (adar i/adar ii) | 617-566-3960


INSIGHT Vol. 15, No. 4, Spring 2016/5776

24 Adar II 4



6:30 PM MNS

5:00 PM Yizkor

4:00 PM Religious School

12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI

7:00 PM Riverway Project Neighborhood Shabbat

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat 6-7 Grade

10:00 AM Passover Festival Service

22 Nisan 10:15 AM Jacob Richard Zucker Bar Mitzvah

9:00 AM Torah Study

21 Nisan 30

10:00 AM Matzah Brei & Festival Service and Torah Study

15 Nisan

10:15 AM Jennifer Gerber Bat Mitzvah

14 Nisan 23 4:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

20 Nisan 29

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI

19 Nisan 28 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

18 Nisan 27

12:00 PM Last Tuesday Book Group 4:00 PM Religious School 5:30 PM Youth Choir 6:00 PM Women’s Seder 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Hebrew II 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

17 Nisan 26

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

7:00 PM Hebrew II

6:30 PM Riverway Café

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

13 Nisan 22

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4:00 PM Religious School

12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn

10:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat! 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

8 Nisan

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI

7 Nisan 16

6:00 PM (TI-POT) Pot-Luck Havdalah

1:00 PM RYFTI Social Event

9:00 AM Torah Study 10:15 AM Avi Philip Patel Bar Mitzvah

11:00 AM FYC Lunch & Learn 9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

12 Nisan 21

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

11 Nisan 20

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment

10 Nisan 19

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

16 Nisan 25

Patriot’s Day Building Closed

9 Nisan 18

6:30 PM Me’ah 6:30 PM MNS

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

5:45 PM Taste of Monday Night School

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment 4:00 PM Religious School 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism 7:00 PM Hebrew II 7:30 PM FYC Mahjong

4 Nisan 13

6 Nisan 15

7:00 PM FJECC Open House

5 Nisan 14

7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

3 Nisan 12

9:30 AM FJECC One Year Old Program

2 Nisan 11

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM K-7 Passover Program Religious School

6th Grade Kallah


6:00 PM Wyner Lecture with Ari Roth

4:00 PM Religious School

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism 7:00 PM Hebrew II

5:00 PM 6th Grade Kallah

12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn

5:00 PM Tot Rock Shabbat

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

6th Grade Kallah

1 Nisan

7:00 PM Stepping Out 2016

10:15 AM Ivy Noa Lyster Bat Mitzvah

29 Adar II 9

7:00 PM 477 Potluck Shabbat

8:45 AM Modern Midrash

27 Adar II 7

(See page 8)

April 8 at 6:00 PM

10:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat!

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

23 Adar II

Saturday 9:00 AM Torah Study

22 Adar II 2

Friday 9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing


28 Adar II 8


Visit for updated calendar information.



6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

26 Adar II 6


9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment

25 Adar II 5

April 2 at 7:00 PM

the Friends Annual Fund

Temple Israel’s Annual Gala Supporting

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM 9:30 AM FJECC One Year Religious School Old Program 2nd Grade Siddurim Decoration 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 8:45 AM & 12:15 PM 6:30 PM Me’ah DIY: How to Talk to Your 6:30 PM Monday Night Kids about Israel School (MNS) 10:45 AM Youth Choir



Stepping Out





Memorial Day Building Closed

23 Iyyar

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment 12:00 PM Library’s Last Tuesday Book Group 2:00 PM FJECC - Toddler Parent/Teacher Conferences 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

22 Iyyar 31

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment

(See page 8)

May 6 & 7

Celebration of

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

Rabbi Friendman

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

(See page 8)

May 12 at 6:00 PM

FEINBERG LECTURE with Jeremy Burton

6:00 PM Parents of Teens (TI-POT) Potluck Havdalah

10:15 AM Samuel Isaiah Draisen Bar Mitzvah

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat - RYFTI Graduation & Step Up 7:00 PM Riverway Project Neighborhood Shabbat

9:00 AM Torah Study

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

20 Iyyar

3:30 PM Confirmation Havdallah

10:15 AM Naomi Jelden Bat Mitzvah

10:00 AM Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat!

9:00 AM Torah Study

19 Iyyar 28

6:00 PM Feinberg Lecture with Jeremy Burton

5:00 PM TILLI Pre-Neg

5:00 PM Qabbalat Siddur

18 Iyyar 27 7:30 AM FJECC Parent Teacher Conferences No School

17 Iyyar 26

3:30 PM FJECC Staff Meeting

16 Iyyar 25

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

12 Iyyar 21

13 Iyyar

9:00 AM Torah Study

5:00 PM Grade 2 Qabbalat Siddur 6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat /Yom Hamoreh 7:00 PM Soul Food Friday

5:00 PM Tot Rock Shabbat

11 Iyyar 20

4:00 PM Religious School

10 Iyyar 19

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM FYC Lunch & Learn 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI 12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn 4:00 PM Religious School 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM URJ - Jewish Wedding

Clergy Weekend

9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

6 Iyyar

10:00 AM T.G.I.S. 10:15 AM Elizabeth Lauren Glazer Bat MitzvahI.R.

5 Iyyar 14

6:00 PM Qabbalat Shabbat

4 Iyyar 13

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4:00 PM Religious School

12:30 TILLI Lunch & Learn

11:00 AM & 2:00 PM TILLI

3 Iyyar 12

8:00 AM FJECC Yom HaMorah 3:30 PM FJECC Staff 9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Meeting Movment 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 4:00 PM Religious School 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 6:30 PM Riverway Café 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

15 Iyyar 24

6:30 PM Monday Night School

21 Iyyar 30

9:30 AM Grade 3 Qabbalat Tanakh

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM Religious School - Last Day


6:30 PM Monday Night School

14 Iyyar 23

9:00 AM Engaging in Torah Study for Parents

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4:00 PM FJECC Yom HaMorah

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

2:00 PM FJECC Get Acquainted Day

9 Iyyar 18

9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment 4:00 PM Religious School 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan 7:00 PM Intro to Judaism 7:00 PM Hebrew II 7:30 PM FYC Mahjong

8 Iyyar 17

6:30 PM Monday Night School

7 Iyyar 16

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM Religious School

Clergy Weekend


8:45 AM & 12:15 PM DIY: How to Be Jewish Everywhere

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

2 Iyyar 11

7:00 PM Intro to Judaism

7:00 PM Hebrew II

6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

4:00 PM Religious School

1 Iyyar 10

6:30 PM Monday Night School

30 Nisan 9

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM Religious School


2:00 PM Yom Hashoah

10:15 AM 7th Grade Facing History and Ourselves

29 Nisan


9:00 AM Torah Study Celebration of Rabbi Ronne Friedman: May 6: Qabbalat Shabbat; May 7: Includes Torah Study, an afternoon of learning, Havdalah, and a roast

28 Nisan 7

Friday 9:30 AM FJECC Shabbat Sing

27 Nisan 6


Visit for updated calendar information.

8:45 AM Modern Midrash

26 Nisan 5

Wednesday 6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

25 Nisan 4

Tuesday 9:00 AM FJECC - Music and Movment

24 Nisan 3


6:15 PM Weekday Minyan

23 Nisan 2

8:45 AM & 11:15 AM Religious School



MAY (Nisan/IYYAR) | 617-566-3960


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Chris Noe, President Gary Pforzheimer, Vice President Marc Rysman, Treasurer Dan Deutsch, Executive Director Helen Cohen, FJECC Preschool Director Emma Sandler, Director of Communications April Ropes, Design 617-566-3960

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Insight, Spring 2016  

Quarterly publication of Temple Israel of Boston

Insight, Spring 2016  

Quarterly publication of Temple Israel of Boston