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DEATHS 1839-1887





32 1



JAMES WINDSOR HENEAGE and ELIZABETH HENEAGE Mrs. Elizabeth Heneage, widow of James Windsor Heneage, built the churches at Newport and Cowes (I.W.). A former Rector of Cowes, the Rev. Richard George Davis, spent many laborious years of research tracing the history of Mrs. Heneage. Several MS. volumes in the Cowes Archives record the fruits of his work, and he embodied his findings in an article in The Lamp (Vol. LIlI, No. 295, no date, but, from internal evidence, 1897). "For years running into centuries there had lived at Brenchley, in Kent, a family of the name of Browne. The family by marriage had allied itself with the family of Iden, descendants of Alexander Iden, who, in the thirty-fifth year of the reign of Henry VI, captured the rebel Jack Cade. In 1626 John Browne was attached to the service of King James, and was the founder of His Majesty's Ordnance. "In the latter half of the seventeenth century the then John Browne, of Brenchley, left the home of his ancestors and with his wife Mary settled at Gatcombe, in the Isle of Wight. A son, John, was born to them, who, in 1733, married Elizabeth Urry, a member of a branch of an old island family* who had about one hundred years before established themselves at Sheat in the parish of Gatcombe .... John and Elizabeth Browne had only one child, a daughter, to whom at her baptism was given the name of Elizabeth. " Elizabeth Browne was born in December, 1734, and baptised in the church at Gatcombe on January 5th, 1735. Nothing is known of the early years of her childhood, nor of how her parents, living in the very centre of the Isle of Wight, received the gift of faith. They both became Catholics when their daughter was very young." Her parents sent her to the Convent School at Hammersmith in 1749. In a MS. list (now at St. Scholastic a's Abbey, Teignmouth) of boarders at this school is the entry in 1749: " Elizabeth Browne (Isle of Wight) Heneage," ~ and in a second, later, list (1669-1768) containing the entries of her daughters in 1768: " M. Heneage & E. Heneage," the same entry occurs again: " Elizabeth Browne (Isle of Wight) Heneage 1749." She was therefore sent to school at the age of fourteen. Father Davis says "She left


"The Urreys, Urrys or Urries . . . . were among the most ancient families of the Isle of Wight. Their arms were: Gules a chevron between three falcons argent" (Rev. E. Boucher James, Letters Arclueological and Historical Relating to the Isle of Wight, i, 391; London, 1896}.- RE.S. ~ In this list, written probably about 1763 by Frances Gentil, then Superior, the name of the husband is given, as above, for girls who had married (Rev. H. J. Coleridge, S.J.: St. Mary's Convent, York, pp. 139-41; London, 1887). A




in due course and with her parents must have resided for some years at Gatcombe. There still survive [1897J in the parish some of the remote descendants of the family of Urry of Sheat, and amongst them they have the tradition that in the time of Thomas Urry, the grandfather of Elizabeth Browne, and the last of the Urrys of Sheat, there existed in the roof of the old Manor House* a 'chapel in which Mass was celebrated." In The Dawn of the Catholic Revival (i, 306), however, Bishop Bernard Ward says ~ of Elizabeth Browne, " Though her parents were Protestants, they sent her to the Convent School at Hammersmith and she was afterwards received into the Church by the Rev. Thomas Talbot at Brockhampton." It is difficult to see on what this statement is founded. The Rev. Thomas Talbot was not at Brockhampton till shortly before the end of 1758, and Elizabeth Browne married James Windsor Heneage in the September of 1761. Moreover, it seems unlikely that non-Catholic girls would be sent to the Convent School at Hammersmith, and the Registers of Brockhampton do not record her reception into the Church.:I: On the other hand, in later years Bishop Thomas Talbot appears to have been her almoner-in-chief, as her letters attest. Father Davis made the most searching inquiries and eventually succeeded in tracing Mrs. Heneage's pedigree thus: URRY OF SHEAT. David Urry of Thaley=Mariana, dau ..... of Dean



Mary, dau. of Thomas = Thomas Urry of Sheat= jane, dau. of Thomas Day of Legg of Godshill. (made a will in 1638) Drayton, Co. Sussex (nephew 1st wife of Bp. Day). 2nd wife


Thomas Urry of Sheat,=Catherine, dau. of Richard Oriat obiit circa 1675, cet. 65\ of Highwood, Hants.



Penelope, dau. of Sir john=Colonel Thomas=Cecilia, dau. of Richard Urry Leigh of Northcourt. 1st Urry of Sheat Alexander wife Thistlethawte, john Urry I I Co. Wilts ..; mar. Elizabeth = George Catherine = john 1670; buned at David Urry Oglander Hinde of Gatcombe 1710. of Hale Newport 2nd wife



John Urry of Effingham, obi it s.p.


Ann Urry, obiit s.p. at Newport Jan. 1780; buried at Gatcombe


Elizabeth = Urry, b. 1700; mar. 27 Nov. 1733

John Browne of Gatcombe


Thomas Urry of Sheat, born 1704; obiit 1 Nov. 1776 at Newport; unmarried; buried at Gatcombe


* The old Manor House still stands, unaltered, on the main road from Newport to Chale. ~

He is quoting Kirk, though he does not say so. :: The Brockhampton Registers do, however, record the baptism, on 27 December 1738, of a Rose Urry, daughter of John and Marga.ret Urry, who was born 26 December 1736. Whether this Urry family had any connexion with the Urrys of Sheat is difficult to determine (d. Brockhampton Registers).



-' I


born Dec. 1734 BROWNE OF BRENCHLEY, KENT. Arms: A vulture, wings addorsed, displunzing a mallard's wing, all proper. Thomas Browne of Brenchley=Cecily Iden, dau. & heiress of Jasper Iden



Thomas Browne = Anne, dau. of Edward Lysted



JoJn Browne (In the service of King = Martha Tylden, dau. of Michael Tylden J ames. Founder of H.M. Ordnance) of Cars Place in the parish of Brenchley

J~hn Browne =Susan, (eldest son)


dau. & heiress of John Langley Essex, born 1624

I of Colchester, .

John Browne, dIed 23 March 1735=Mary, died (came to Gatcombe) 113 March 1736


John Browne, mar. 27 Nov. 1733; died Sept. 1772 = Elizabeth Urry






IDEN OF STOKE, Co. Kent. Alexander Iden, High Sheriff of Kent. Took Jack Cade the Rebel= ....... .

~------------------_ I I I

Thomas Iden = ....... .


Jasper Iden= .... dau. of .... Rootes of Sussex ciJely Iden. dau. & heiress

In April, 1761, James Windsor Heneage went to Gatcombe to " pay my addresses to Miss Browne," and they were married in the September. There is no clue as to how they first became acquainted. J ames Windsor Heneage was the fifth son of George Heneage of Hainton and Elizabeth Hunloke, daughter of Sir Henry Hunloke of Wingerworth (James Windsor was not " one of four sons," as stated in Fr. Davis's article in The Lamp). The pedigree of James Windsor Heneage is set out here in full to correct the inaccuracies in the notes to the Seventh Douay Diary (C.R.S., vol. xxviii). The note on p. 49 is a case of mistaken identity. The George Heneage who married Elizabeth Hunloke did so in 1705, having previously married his first wife in



1696. By 1717, when he is said to be leaving · ouay, he had already nine children at least, of whom one was the George Heneage (by his first wife) who left Douay in 1717 (Wingerworth is also spelt, wrongly, 'Wingeworth,' p . 49n). The editor of C.R.S. vol. xxviii calls Windsor Heneage • John' instead of James (p. 149), and queries, in the Index, the correct entry of James Windsor Heneage on p. 162. Moreover, all the entries relating to Windsor Heneage are listed, in the Index, under John Windsor Heneage. There was no John Windsor Heneage: all these entries relate to James Windsor Heneage. A noticeable feature of the Ledgers given below is the contacts Windsor Heneage maintained with students, especially priests, whom he had known at Douay in the years 1729 to 1734. HENEAGE OF HAINTON. The Heneage Pedigree dates back to the fourteenth century. The Heneage arms were: Or, a greyhound courant ·sable between tltree leopards' faces azure; a bordure engrailed gules. Mary, dau. & heiress of Thomas=George Heneage = Frances, dau. of Kemp of Slindon, Sussex, and of of I-fainton, born . . .. Moyser. 16 Nov. 1651 2nd wife Ipres, Flanders. 1st wife





James Heneage born at Lincoln 13 Aug. 1693


Frances, died infant; bur. 20 Mar. 1687-8 in Lincoln Cathedral

Mary, dau. and heiress = of William, Lord Petre; born ,23 Mar. 1679-80; mar. 14 April 1696 ; bur. at Hainton 10 June 1704. 1st wife


Elizabeth, mar. Edward Greathed, M.D., died 29 June 1737, eet. 49; bur. in Lincoln Cathedral


George Heneage, :I:=Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Henry born 3 Aug. 1674; Hunloke, Bart., of Wingerdied 31 Dec. 1730; worth, Co. Derby; married bur. at Hainton 4 Aug. 1705. 2nd wife 10 January 1731

I I f0 ' George Heneage,§ Hamton, 1st son, b orn 30 May 1698; left Douay 5 April 1717,r; bur. at Hainton 25 Aug. 1745, s.p. William Heneage, died infant




Mary Bridget, born at Hainton 7 Sept. 1703; died at Pontoise 31 Dec. 1717




* Harleian Soc., Ii, 484-5. George Heneage's four older sisters were nuns: Constantia, O.S.B., at Pontoise, died at Pontoise 1717, aged 59 (C.RS., xvii, 301); Winifred, an Austin nun at Paris; Penelope, O.S.B., at Pontoise, professed 1684 (C.RS., xvii, 258); Ann, a nun at Saumur. 'Eng. Cath. Nonjurors, p . 162. She was born in the Tower. The pedigree in Harleian Soc., Ii, 484, says that she was born in Covent Garden, and that her father was Thomas, 6th Lord Petre. C.RS., xix, 175n, says she was Anne, only child of William, 4th Lord Petre. Catholic Nonjurors of 1715, pp. 1, 58, 161, 162, 214. § Possibly married to Mary Newport, 17 May 1738. Cf. C.RS., xix, 175; xxxviii, 49. ~ C.R.S., xxviii, 49, 113, 132, 137, 149, 176, 242.







*Anna Maria, dau.=Thomas Henry Heneage=Katherine, eldest dau. of of Roboaldo Fieschi; arrived Douay 9 Oct. John Francis Newport, mar. 14 July 1728. 1723, left 3 Sept. 1726~ Esq., of Furneux-Pelham, 1st wife Co. Herts. 2nd wife



Thomas, arrived Douay 22 June 1745, left 11 Nov. 1748 ~

Hon. Catherine Petre, = George Fieschi, eldest dau. of Robert, arrived Douay Lord Petre; mar. 1755 22 June 1745~

He~ry Heneage,

born at=Ann, dau. & co-heiress Hainton 28 Nov. 1708; of Jeremiah Bowes of arrived Douay 9 Oct. Waleby, Co. Lincoln; 1723, left Douay 10 Oct. die 9 Jan. 1805, cet. 79 1729~; died 16 July 1755


Robert Heneage, born 30 July 1714; arrived Douay 12 Aug. 1727, left 19 Nov. 1732~


William = Mary Fitzherbert Heneage, Brockholes b. 21 Nov. 1762; mar. 20 June 1791




George Thomas Heneage, born 30 Dec. 1763; died 23 April 1767




born at Hainton 10 Oct. \ born Dec. 1734; died I 1715; arrived Douay Sept. 10 Dec. 1800 I 1729, left 15 Feb. 1734 ~; mar. 23 Sept. 1761 d. 19 Feb. 1786

Francis Heneage, born at Hainton 6 May 1717; arrived at Douay Sept. 1729, left 15 Feb. 1734~ Ursula, died infant 1713


John Heneage, born at Hainton 29 Jan. 1712-13, arrived Douay Aug. 1726, left 12 Oct. 1732 ~ ; died 1758


Elizabeth Hene- = Basil ~ age, born 9 Dec. Fitzherbert 1764; mar. 27 Feb. 1786


born = Cuthbert Tunstall of at Hainton Burton Constable, 1 Nov. 1709 Co. York




Katharine, born at = George Palmes of Nabum, Hainton 28 April 1719 Co. York; died 7 Feb. 1774

Cadeby was a second Heneage property-the first being Haintonand seems to have been given over to the use of a younger brother of the Heneage of Hainton of the day, and then, .failing male heirs, to have reverted to the senior branch. Cadeby is in Lincolnshire, eleven or twelve miles from Louth, and was known as Cadeby Chapelry, and also as Wyham-cum-Cadeby. James Windsor Heneage inherited Cadeby on his brother John's death, in 1758. John had apparently inherited it from his brother Henry in 1755 (see biographical details of the Rev. Anthony Witham, infra). Catholic Nonjurors of 1715, pp. I, 58, 161, 162, 214.




xxviii, 49, 113, 132, 137, 149, 176, 242. Who added the name Brockholes on succeeding to the Claughton estates.



It is clear from Windsor Heneage's ledgers that there was a chaplain at Cadeby. The following priests were there: The Rev. Anthony Witham (not mentioned in the Ledgers, but died at Cadeby, 21 March 1763-C.R.S., xii, 10). Educated at Douay; went to St. Gregory's, Paris, September 1703; ordained deacon in December 1709-no date given for priesthood; left in July 1712, on account of ill-health and went to the Poor Clares at Rouen; afterwards to Cadeby as chaplain to Henry Heneage (C.R.S., xix, 117-121). The Rev. J. Strickland-John or Joseph (more probably John)from at least November 1764 to July 1766 (Kirk, Biographies, p. 222). The Rev. Henry Kirby, from July 1766 till his death, 12 May 1767. He was boni at St. Germains, 26 February 1712, son of Henry Kirby and Elizabeth (Fulbern); entered the English College, Rome, 19 November 1720; was ordained priest 13 February 1735, and left for England 4 June 1735. He lived many years in the Heneage family at Cadeby," and is said to have been as free from guilt as a child: had a good taste for music and was a good preacher" (Kirk, Biographies, p. 143. Cj. C.R.S., xl, 164; xii, 12; xxii, 351). It is possible that the Rev. John Phillips, alias Elston, was here from May 1767 to September 1767 (see Ledger under date 25 September 1767). The Rev. William Hartley from September 1767 till at least August 1778. He was born 26 July 1742, near Banbury, Oxfordshire, the son of Richard Hartley and Elizabeth (Taplin); went to the English College, Rome, 20 November 1756; was ordained priest 20 December 1766, and left for England 18 April 1767. Cadeby must have been one of his first places, if not the first. Kirk says he " worked at Cobridge in the Potteries many years and then removed to Sixhills in Lincolnshire, where he died 1794." It seems probable that he and the Rev. Henry Kirby were part-time chaplains at Cadeby, for they received only ÂŁ8 8s. a year, whereas the Rev. J. Strickland received ÂŁ21. C.R.S., xii, 44, gives Hainton as the place of his death, on 8 July 1794. By that year James Windsor Heneage was dead and his widow had left Cadeby, and the Rev. William Hartley apparently had gone to the other Heneage estate (Kirk, Biographies, p. 112; C.R.S., xl, 215; xii, 44). The Rev. Simon Lucas was the next chaplain. He was born in Warwickshire, in August 1745, the son of Simon Lucas and Susanna (Benton) of King's Norton, Warwickshire. He studied at Douay, and was sent thence, with other students, to colonize the English College, Valladolid, in 1769, when the secular clergy took over the College. He was ordained priest there 23 December 1775 (C.R.S., xxx, 196, 199, 203). On his return to England he was appointed chaplain to Sedgley Park School and assistant to the President, the Rev. Hugh Kendall (Gillow, Diet. of Eng. Cath., iv, 343). Gillow says that he was attached to the Bavarian Embassy, Warwick Street, as one of the chaplains in 1769. This is obviously a misprint, for he was not ordained until 1775. No doubt 1779 was meant. He was next appointed chaplain to James Windsor Heneage at Cadeby. The earliest mention of him is in a letter to Mrs. Heneage dated January 1786 (a month before James Windsor Heneage's death), from which it is clear that the Rev. Simon Lucas had been to Paris with Mrs. Heneage on an earlier occasion. Apparently he continued as chaplain to Mrs. Heneage after her husband's It




death, probably in London,* and went with her to Newport, Isle of Wight. Both their names are given in The Universal British Directory for 1792, so we can assume that they were there at least in 1791. In a MS. collection of notes (which were at Louth in 1893) made by Mr. Edward Young in 1830, it is stated that" The Cadeby mission was removed to Louth about the year 1792, and the Rev d - Lucas of Cadeby was therefore first missioner at Louth. I [i.e. the compiler oj the note] was told that he had a handsome sum of money placed in his hands by [one], who was then called the good Mrs Winefride Heneage, who erected three chapels during her life. She resided at Lincoln. The Rev d Lucas placed Mrs Winefride's money to erect a chapel at Louth in the hands of the then Bishop of London, for to take care of, and the party to whom he lent it failed, and the amount was entirely lost." There seems to be a certain amount of confusion in these hearsay memories. If Cadeby Mission was moved to Louth and the Rev. Simon Lucas did serve it, it must have been before 1792. From Alexander Knight's letters, given below, it would seem that Mrs. Heneage left Cadeby soon after her husband's death (19 February 1786), for Knight reports a sale of stock in June 1786, and thereafter regularly sends rents and other monies to Mrs. Heneage. After her husband's death a Jointure seems to have been settled upon her, payable from the Cadeby Estate, similar to the Jointure paid to Mrs. Ann Heneage at Hainton in James Windsor Heneage's lifetime. The Rev. William Darra is already at Cadeby in 1786 (see Knight's letter). It is just possible that he was either at Louth or Cadeby in January 1784, the year after his ordination, for in James Windsor Heneage's " Waste Book," as he calls it-it is more a petty cash book, kept at first by Samuel Goulding~ and later by Windsor Heneage himself-under the date 27 January 1784 occurs the entry: " Gave Mr Daragh, for old Nurse 5/& to Mrs Smith 4/-, of Louth." If this is the Rev. William Darra, it is curious that it is the only occasion on which the name is spelt almost as in the Valladolid Register, 'Darragh.' Five days after Mrs. Heneage's death (10 December 1800) the Rev. Simon Lucas left Newport and retired to the college at Old Hall, where he died little more than a month later (31 January 1801). In 1796 he published at Newport The True Principles oj Roman Catholics, a 12mo pamphlet of twelve pages. The following extracts from the Ledgers of J ames Windsor Heneage (1759-1786) are given for their Catholic interest. The Ledgers, now preserved in the Archives of the Catholic Church at Cowes, are the Account Books of the Cadeby estate. They are very methodically kept and written in a very clear hand. Mostly they record the income and expenditure of the estate. Occasionally they serve as a Diary. The


In the Will of a Jane Dennis New the Rev. Simon Lucas is said to be living at 1, Mill Street, St. George's, Hanover Square, in 1788: the other priest mentioned in the Will, the Rev. Thomas Gabb, was said to be living, at that date, at Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields (the Rev. R. G. Davis's MSS" Cowes Archives) . ~ In the ÂŤ Waste Book" Windsor Heneage has made an entry, " 1778, 20 th April. Died Mr Samuel Goulding, Aged 78.-Requiescat in Pace," but from other entries it seems probable that Samuel Goulding was not a Catholic .



first two pages are set out here to show how the books were kept. Afterwards only extracts are given. In these pages many events of Catholic life find an . echo. Catholic families are mentioned-so, too, are priests (only once, however, is the word' priests' used). It has not been easy to single out the priests, and sometimes the identification may be faulty. Frequently, when a priest was in question, James Windsor Heneage wrote" gave to Mr . .. ." instead of" paid Mr .. . ." There are also a few interesting details concerning the Convent School at Hammersmith, and the records of the visits to France show how Catholics over there linked up with Catholics here. Births, Baptisms and Deaths are also recorded . As it is unlikely that these Account Books will be published in full-they would fill several C.R.S. volumes-and as the majority of the entries are of domestic and not of Catholic interest, a departure has been made from the Catholic Record Society's regulation requiring the publication of all documents in full. The Letters written to Mrs. Heneage, which also are preserved in the Cowes Archives, are published here for the light they throw on her benefactions and for the various details about Bishops, Priests and Nuns contained in them. EXTRACTS FROM THE LEDGERS OF JAMES WINDSOR HENEAGE

[Register No.1 is a vellum-covered book, similar to the Brockhampton, Cowes and Gosport Registers, with pages measuring 7t" X 61". On the front cover is written, under a c~trious design consisting of a large figure 4 over an inverted spear-point shape i n whi ch are the initials 'W H ']

1759 & 1760 '-, 1761 ~ [On the inside front cover] Windsor Heneage ~ 1759 ~ ~-~


1761 [On the fly-leaf the accounts are indexed.

[po 1] - - - - - - - - - {1~~rtJ~n~~~;t~~~9 } Reced

The reverse is blank. ]


---from William Constable Esqr Two hundred Pounds, in ful for One year's interest, of Five Thousand Pounds, the Interest of ÂŁ4000 whereof was due on the 7th last August , and



the Interest of £1000 was due 27th last August 1758, I say reced by me this day .................. £1 200


- - - - - - 14 Do - - - - - - - - - - - -



Paid Mr Thorpe Guineas for Chances Raffling for his Horse 4 Collin N .B. Windsor & Rob t Hunloke's Gs 2 on acct. - - - - - - 15 Do - - - - - Set out from Burton & gave the Servants 3 - - - - - - 16th - - - - - - Came to Hull; and paid Mr} Joseph Pease, for paint, Oyle &c 5





- - - - - - Do - - - - - - Paid Mr Pannick Dun for Nails in ful




- - - - - - Do - - - - - - 4 11 5 ------

Taken out of Cash for Expences





£1178 1

[Po 2] 2 ) - - - - - - - - Hull Brought forward Cash

- - - - - - Do

7 1 I

16 th January 1759 - - - - -,- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..


-------1- -1---

Paid Messrs Jones & Osborne for Battins


- - - - - - - Do - - - - - - Paid Mr Edmunds for Fish






- - - - - - Do - - - - - - -


Paid to Mr Whitaker, atorneY,"1 under an Execution, at the suit of Mr Bell [? MerettJ against Messrs Caddy & Brown Grocers at Hull, for Goods or GrocerysJ deliver'd to me, as per receipt


- - - - - - Do - - - - - - Paid Tho s Church, upholsterer for ~lli

- - - - - - Do - - - - - - -j




s 7

d I




£ 'Paid for Glasses & Decanters - - - - - - 17th - - - - - - Came to Cadeby, and settled} accounts with Bennet,* in ful to this day - - - - - - - Do - - - - - - Paid Charles Cooper~ for his Boots :- - - - - - 18 th - - - - - - Settled & paid Sam: Goulding:!: Ifor Labourers









16 I

~oul~~~~ ~ fo;Laboure~1


Do - - - - - - Paid Bennet* for Housekeeping










-- - - - -



£ 112§

[Po 4]




f ilI I!

4th Febry 1759

Received from Mr Gwillim** on acc t of N eph. Heneage, for 2 acres~~ Rent due last Lady Day 1758 for Two Acres in Weelsby £2 - -_ } Taxes 5

I - 15 - 0

Cadeby 3 d April 1759 Drew on Mr Wright,:!::!: for £45 in fav1' of Sister Ann Heneage § § for J oynture

[Po 10]

Paid to Mr Ward, the Land Tax for} Cadeby, 4th Quarterly payment 14 .. 2 .. 9 s d Reced Salary 3/6 Net £13 .. 19 .. 3 Drew on Mr Wright:!::!: in fav!' of Mr Gwillim, for value reced in Cash.

30 .. 0 . . 0

* Frances Bennet, Cook, etc. ~ Butler. :!: Sam Goulding, a tenant of one of Windsor Heneage's properties, acting as Estate Agent. § An error of £10. * A Rev. John Gwillim (Lisbon) died at Holywell 3 April 1763 (C.R.S., xii, 10. On the previous page he paid Mr. Gwillim " for Malt "). ~~ This is an abbreviation, presumably for' acres.' :I: :I: For Wrights the Bankers see C.R.S., xix, 167n. § § Widow of bis brottter Henry. Henry died 1755.



Cadeby 9 th May 1759 [Po 15J Reced from Mr Harniss for half year's Rent for Laceby due last Michaelmass 1758 .. . . £17 : 10 : -} Allow'd Taxes 4 : 12 : -


12 .. 18 .. 0

Memorandum it is Taxed at £23.per year at 8/- double, about 100 Acres he says this Farm is



I this day made out Duplicates for the Land Tax for Cadeby, for the Constable of Horby to carry to morrow to Castor

[Po 16J


18 th May 1759

Paid the Poor's assessment of Wyam & Cadeby Tob: Scales Overseer

[Po 17J

5 .. -

£200 @ 16 per £



22 d May 1759.

Reced of John Robinson for Laceby for half year's rent £. s due Michl last 5 : 10 Taxes at 7 8 per yr double ! yr 1: 8 4:2

Sr C. Wray. Allow'd out Rent to Michl last


* Catholics paid double Land Tax.

3 .. 15 .. 3


18 and 19.

Farm's Name Cadeby Metheringham Roughton Saltfleetley Louth Farm Weelsby Holme Land Cadeby Cottage Cadeby Paddock

~ ~

Br John Heneage's Laceby Laceby Out Rents Washington

A Summary of Farms, Rentals and Tenants jor 1759J Net Rent £180 20 2 10 12 12 .. 6 o. 10 .. 17 .. 14 o. 4 1 5 . 00



























8 ..

4 .. -


3 .. 6


Tenant's Name Samuel Goulding Robert Atkins Champion Dymoke Mr Neeve's John Atkins Nephew Heneage Robert Brady Francis Marshall Mr Kerley Mr Harniss Robinson Sundry John Wheatcroft

41 17 .. £326.. 7 .. 4 £ s 56 .. II .. NoB. I am to pay Land Tax for Cadeby Do to pay Out Rent for Holme 6 : Out Rent allow'd for Washington 3 for Laceby I am to allow Sr C. Wray 6 [Ppo 20 and 21J 1759 Account of Cash on Mortgage, Bond &c Due

£4000 1000


due 7th last 1upon August Mortgage £5000 at 4 per Ct on Mortgage 27th Ditto J Left by Lord Wm Dunbar's will to Aunt Heneage


N.B. 6/9 to be deducted Rent

d -

Paid for me by Mr Rob t Newton 19 th Deer Net £4 : 16


9 to me. In Mr Constable's hands

When paid 10th January 1759

Interest £200 .. -

.. -


14th last N ov r 1758 & 1759



last Mich S

On S. Annty 3 per Ct

100 1200

Ditto 19 th August

E. I. Bond 3 per Do Bond to me 4 per ()


Mr Andrew Goose's

per Ct on Ditto

11th March 1760 for 1758 28 th Jan Y 176'0 for 1759 Do Do Do to Do 19 th Septr

27 30 .. 3

48 on Sr Henry Hunloke 100 19 th Septr 29 th July Note of hand 3t per Ct 1paid off 19 th Septr with all Interest on Sr Henry Hunloke 5 .. 5 50 13 th August Ditto Ditto Do Paid off 19 th Sept!' with Interest Do Do - -5 £8050 Cash &ca belonging to me at Interest Total per Annum £313 ..... _~ Rental for my Lands £326 .. 6 9 • Ad, to .be paid to Sr C: vVray for Laceby, 6/9 to be deducted 19 .. 7 for ot Rent 325 4 .. 7 Rent & Interest money to be received this year Net £639 1759 - " - - - -- 1759 20th July, I Borrow'd & Receiv'd £500 Land Tax per Cadeby, I am to pay £56 .. 11 .. To Sister Henry Heneage*per Joynture 180 .. - .. on Four Bonds at 4 per % sign'd An Out Rent for Houndhill Farm, Net 4 .. 16 .. 8 T~ Parson Wright~ .. :........ .. . .. 7 .. - .. 263 .. 10 . 11 "C1 by me which I took up to 5 .. 18 .. 6 - - - - - - '@ Wmdow Tax for 77 thIS year ...... p.. To the Constable~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 .. 10 .. 0 375 .. 13 .. 8 pay my Br's Legacys. To the Church§ . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.. 9 .. 9 20 .. Spring Poor ........... ... ............ .... 5.. - .. Field Plate~ .......................... 1.. 5 .. - - - - - - 395 .. 13 . . 8 Henry Heneage died 16 July 1755. His widow, Mrs. Ann Heneage, died 9 January 1805 (C.R.S., xii, 94). If Tithes.


1 J




:I: Assessment for Cadeby.

§ This is paid to the Churchwardens, being one third of £4 9s. 3d., for Cadeby and Wyarno


Tax on silver.



[Po 24] Cadeby 28 th May 1759 Paid Mr Smith as Churchwarden my Third of £4 .. 9 8 •• 3d for Cadeby & Wyam Paid Rev d Mr Wright for a year's } Tythe due last may day OS for Cadeby and I likewise gave him a receipt for 58 / in ful of all demands [p o 27] Cadeby 10th June 1759 Set out in the afternoon for W orksop Manor & Wingerworth and Lay that Night at Sixhills at Mr Rt Newton's. [po 30] Sixhills 12th June 1759 went from Sixhills with Mr Rob t Newton* to Look at my Farm at Metheringham, near the Green Man on Lincoln Heath, there is a very good Stone House, Stable, Barns &ca belonging to the Farm. I Laid this night at the Green Man, and set out next morning for Worksop Manor. 23 d Set out from vVorksop Manor for Wingerworth [p. 31] Wingerworth 25 th June 1759 Paid Mr Pickering~ on acc t of my Br:I: £1 : 1: "I To Mr Hardwick§ on do 1 : 1: ~ To Ditto on :I:Mr Gradel's~ acc t 1 : 1: j


1.. 9 .. 9 7 .. - .. -

£ s d 3 .. 3 .. -

The name Newton freq).lently occurs in these accounts-Robert Newton, Captain Newton, Messrs. Newton. References are made to payments to Mr. Newton" of the Grange." These are paid to him by the London Vicariate from" Croft's Fund." A Rev. Robert Newton died 4 February 1800 (C.RS., xii, 73), but whether there is any connexion with those mentioned in the Accounts is difficult to determine. ~ Query: Lancelott Pickering from Westmorland, son of John and Margaret Pickering, born 1681, went to the English College, Rome, 1699; ordained 3 April 1707, left Rome 30 April 1707; died 15 Jan. 1763 at Lartington? (C.RS ., xl, 125-6; xii, 10). :I: Mass stipends for his brother John and for the Rev. Christopher Gradell, whom he had known at Douay, and who had died the previous September. § Son of Francis Hardwick and Ann Tomer, born in Lichfield diocese 28 November 1712. Ordained at Douay 1 April 1741, came on the Mission 5 July 1741; was at Yeldersley, Derbyshire, and Paynesley, and afterwards chaplain to Sir Henry Hunloke at Wingerworth. Escorted two of James Windsor Heneage's nephews to Douay in June 1745. Elected to the Chapter 1762. Died at Wingerworth 27 Nov. 1767 (C.RS., xxviii, 135n, 242). He was at Douay when James Windsor Heneage was there. , The Rev. Christopher Gradell was the son of Christopher Gradell of Barbles Moor in Ulnas Walton, Lanes., by his second wife, who was one of the Winckleys of Banister Hall. He went to Douay in Oct. 1722, was ordained in April 1734, was professor at Douay until 11 September 1736, when he left for England. He was elected to the Chapter in 1755, and died at Sheffield 27 Sept. 1758 (C.RS., xxviii, lOOn, 192, 208; xii, 9).



[Po 31] [June] 27th Settled accounts with Sir Henry Hunloke Paid on my acc t for Saints' Lives [po 32J Wingerworth 29 th June 1759 Gave Jonathan Redfern, to distribute } to the poor of washington as per my Br's will 2 d July Went to Oulsgroves and overlook'd l my Br John Heneages papers &ca, and paid Mr Jn o Cordon Jun: for Malt on 1 my Br's account & in ful £2: 6:- ~ 4 .. 19 .. 6 for half of a Lottery Ticket 2 : 13 : 6 1

£ ..

18 . . 9 s .. d

3 .. 3 . . -

----- 1

£4 : 19 : 6 j N.B. my Brother had paid for Board, Lodging &ca in ful when he went away, I found in the Bureau belonging to my Br in silver .......... £ ......... . I sold the Bureau for £1 : 1: to Mr Cordon [po 34] Wingerworth 8 th July 1759 Set out for Cadeby, where I arrived the day after Cadeby 18th July 1759 1£ .. s .. d Paid Mr Nicholas Shaw for the London Chronicle &ca to 5 th this Instant 1.. 5 .. 6 per order of Chris. Harris j Paid Jn o Alison the last of my Br's, money of £5 : 5 : by will for Cadeby ~ 2 . .& Wyam poor J 20 th Went to Rasen, and recvd from Mr Ward on my Bonds at 4 per Cent per Ann. £500 vizt My Bond sign'd this day to the Rev d John Jenkinson of Gillingham in Kent £200 To Elizabeth Needham of Wragby, 100 To Solomon Small of Melton Ross 100 To George Atterby of Theddlethorpe 100 £500 Gave Mr Ward £5 : 5 : & his man 10/6 5. 16. 6

[Po 38J Cadeby 7th Augst 1759 Reced from the Hon ble Champion* Dymoke} 1. year's rent due 5 t h last Aprill

* "His Champion."

7 . . - .. 1.. 1..-

494 .. 4 .. 6 10 .. - .. -

Majesty's Champion," always referred to herein as " The For this title and its history see E. Walford, Tales of Our Great F amilies, pp. 339 et seq., London, 1890.



N.B. The Champion would give me no satisfaction about the Knowledge where the land lay, it is ming land. [po 39J 7th Champion Dymoke's Husbandman at Dolderley, shew'd me the Land, which he said was part of mine . . . . The Husbandman's name was N.B. Copeland at Dolderley. 0


[po 41J Cadeby [AugustJ 22 ud [1759J Drew on Mr Wright in fav f of Mr Greenwell,* on acc t of my Brs Funeral 52 .. 16 .. -Ten days after date in ful paid. [po 43J Cadeby 29 th August 1759 Paid Mr Gwillim in ful for Malt £13 .. 10 .. Do Paid Mr Gwillim his Legacy Left him} by my Br Jn o Heneage 10 .. - .. Paid Mr John Gwillim~ his Legacy 20 .. - .. 31 st Drew on Mr Wright for Twenty pounds in Favour of Mr John Smith Ten days after date For his Legacy [po 44J Cadeby 5th September 1759 Set out for Lincoln & Chesterfield Races and carried with me out of Cash £45 .. - .. Lincoln 7th September 1759 Glasswell



10 tll Do

19 t1! Sept r 1759 £ .. s .. d Paid Sir Henry Hunloke his Legacy left 1. him by my Br John Heneage's Will flO . . - .. Paid Mr Rob t Hunloke his Legacy 40 .. - .. Paid Mr James Hunloke his Legacy 40 .. - .. 20th Paid Miss H unloke her Legacy 40 .. - .. 21 st Paid Miss Charlotte Hunloke her Legacy 40 .. - .. -

[po 45J

Winger worth

* Probably the undertaker.

'Query: The Rev. John Gwillim?



23 d Gave Sr H. Hunloke for Mr T'April* } that serves at West Hallam..........


1.. 1..-


Paid Mr Hardwick~ for Mr Wilson:t Mr Shimell ยง Priests~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.. 2 .. I drew on Mr Wright in fav r of Sr Henry Hunloke for ยฃ30 : 15 : on acc t on account [sic] of my Br Jn o Heneage for medecines. [po 46] Wingerworth 8 th October 1759 Went to Worksop Manor from Wingerworth Work sop Manor loth Paid Mr Haddock * for himself & Mr} Shuttleworth ~~ on acc t of my Br 2..


2 .. -

* John Taprell, son of John Taprell of London and Mary Lund his wife. Born 18 Apr. 1718; at Douay 14 May 1739 to 5 Aug. 1749; ordained 1748;

Tutor in 1751; Missioner at Derby; fell away from the church, married and practised Medicine at Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire, till his death (C.RS., xxviii, 222, 255, 260, 274). ~

Chaplain to Sir Henry Hunloke-vide supra. Thomas Wilson alias Clark, who was at Douay with JameS Windsor Heneage. He was there from at least Oct. 1727 till Sept. 1738, being ordained at Arras 30 Nov. 1737 (the Seventh Douay Diary-C.RS., xxviii, 218-gives the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, 30 Nov.-presumably a slip for St. Andrew). He died at Hethersidge, Derbyshire, 12 Dec. 1779 (C.R.S., xxviii, 139, 218, 220; xii, 14). ยง Probably Thomas (or John-the name is variously given) Shimell who went to Douay in the same year as Windsor Heneage. Ordained in 1741 (C.RS., xxviii, 15On, has a misprint, '1714'), he was General Prefect at Douay, leaving in 1743; afterwards yhaplain to Nathaniel Eyre at Glossop, and then at Crumpsall near Manchester, where he died 23 Aug. 1779 (C.RS., xxviii, 150, 228, 237; xii, 14). ~I The only mention of ' priests' in these Ledgers.

:r: Query:


* Rev. Cuthbert Haydock, chaplain to the Duke of Norfolk at Worksop Manor for forty years. He was the third son of William Haydock and Jane Anderton his wife. Born in 1684, he went to Douay 27 Dec. 1703. C.RS., xxviii, 2On, says that he was ordained at Douay in 1714, but the Diary itself (p. 30) seems to imply that he left the College on 6 Nov. 1713. He served Mawdesley in Lancashire, living with Thomas Finche, who had married his sister Mary. He is also said to have been chaplain at Hodsock Park, the residence of his sister, Mrs. Shuttleworth, before ultimately becoming chaplain at Worksop Manor. He was at Worksop when the Manor was burnt to the ground on 22 Nov. 1761. He was elected to the Chapter in 1734, and died at Worksop 11 Jan. 1763 (C.RS., xxviii, 20, 30; J. Gillow, Haydock Papers, pp. 48-50; for pronunciation' Haddock,' p. 222). ~ ~ Probably the Rev. George Shuttleworth alias Haydock, son of George Shuttleworth and his wife Dorothy Haydock. Born circa 1721, he went to Douay 28 May 1732, was ordained 19 Feb. 1744; left for England 25 July 1744; inherited his grandfather's fortune and bought Hodsock Park, near Worksop, and lived there till his death, 11 May 1791 (C.RS., xxviii, 163n, 239, 240). B



[Po 47J Worksop Manor, 14th October 1759 Set out from Worksop for Cadeby, where I arriv'd on the 15th [po 49J Cadeby 25 th October 1759 Paid George Craggs, on account of his Daughter Ann Cragg's Legacy left her by my Br's will, which ~5 .. - .. George Craggs promises to be I accountable for J [po 56J Cadeby 27th November 1759 Paid Mr Harniss for Cash paid by } him to the Poor of Laceby per my Br's will 3.. 3 .. [po 66J Cadeby 13 th January 1760 Set out from hence for Lincoln Cocking Lincoln 17th Do Set out for London, I have lost at the Cocking 20 .. - .. and arriv'd at London 19. Instant. London 23 d Do Mr Wright paid by my order to Wm Brown my Br J n : Heneage man his £20 .. - .. Legacy in full & a year's wages 8 .. - .. -


£28 .. - .. I have O' Mr Wright with the same [po 68] London 31 st J an ry 1760 Paid my Nephew & Niece Heneage their Legacys 20 .. - .. N.B. £10 each 5th Do Paid Mr Shepherd* his Legacy 20 .. - .. Do Paid Sister Henry Heneage her Legacy 10 .. - .. Do Paid Sister Constable her Legacy 50 .. - .. Do Gave Mr Walton" for Mr Butler~ 1. . - .. [po 70] London 15th Febry 1760 Paid Mr Mackworth § his Legacy in ful 20 .. - .. -


Is this the Rev. John Shepherd who took Windsor's two brothers, Thomas and Henry, to Douay in October 1723? He was ordained at Lisbon about 1706; was afterwards Dean of the Chapter and died in London 27 Oct. 1761 (C.R.S., xxviii, 1I3). ,Rev. William Walton, afterwards V.A. Northern District (1770-80) , who was at Douay with Windsor Heneage (C.R.S., xxviii, 160n), Secretary and friend of Bishop Challoner (E. H. Burton, The Life and Times of Bishop ChatloneJ', passim). :I: Rev. Alban Butler, author of Lives of the Saints, who was at Douay with Windsor Heneage. § Query: The Rev. Thomas Mackworth? See under date 21 Oct. 1773.



[Po 72] London 25 th Febry 1760 Paid Mr Petre's his Legacy, Left hiS} Father, by my Br Henry Heneage's 20 .. - .. will, paid to Mr Hewitt as ExecI' Do Paid Mr Petre's for drawing up a Case for me & Councill in full } 4 .. 10 .. 6 26 th Do Went to Ingatestone to see my Nephew} Heneage, Chaise &ca Cost Expences 2.. 2 .. and returned 28 th inst. [po 73] London 29 th Febry 1760 Left London, and went in a Post Chaise to see Mr Conq uest* at Irnham, where I got the next day Irnham 3d March 1760 [Po 74] Set out from hence for Lincoln. Do 4th Came to Cadeby . . . . [po 77] Cadeby 12th September 1761, Reced from Mr Wright Cash £100 .. - .. Do Miss Browne,:I: consign'd over a bill to me for the above Cash, and for which Mr Wright has credited me 100 .. - .. [po 97] Cadeby 7th June 1760 I went this day to Caistor to meet the Commissioners of Land Tax, vizt Mr I. Thorold, Mr Perkinson, & Mr Uppleby, about their putting my Duplicate to Beeseby & Haverley, but could get no Satisfaction, they said that the Window Tax must be paid with the Land Tax, & that Papists could not be Assrs or CoUrs. [po 105] Cadeby 13 th September 1760 Mr Constable§ of Burton went from Cadeby, and left for Servants £5. 5. s [po 112J Cadeby 21 st October 1760 Paid Mr Windsor Hunloke hiS} Legacy Left by my Br John 40 .. - .. -


There was a Benedict Conquest at Douay from 1723 to 1729. He inherited the Thimelby estates at Irnham in 1753, but died the same year. There was also a John Conquest at Douay with Windsor Heneage. He was there in 1733; and in 1734 there is a ' Conquest' as Convictor (C.R.S., xxviii, 115n, 152, 175, 197). ~ This occurs in a statement of his accounts with Mr. Wright the Banker, and so is out of chronological order. :I: His future wife. § Query: William Constable?



[Po 136]

Cadeby 25 th March 1761 Set off for London . . . . 27th

Came to London London 3d April Paid Charles* for his place in the Portsm.~ Coach 6 th

- .. 10 .. 6

Went to Gatcombe to pay my addresses to Miss Browne 14th

Return'd from Gatcombe to London [Po 139J

London 18 th May 1761 Left London and came to Cadeby the 20 th

[po 148J

Cadeby 2 d June 1761 Left Cadeby and set out for London &ca 5th Came to London 8 th

Left London, and went to Gatcombe . in the Isle of Wight, were [sicJ I arrived on the 9 th Gatcombe 27th Do Paid Charles for a Chaise &ca to Freshwater s d

£ .. - .. 15 .. 6/

.. - .. 3 .. 7 ~ .. - .. 19 . . 5 .. - .. - .. 4J July 15 th Left Gatcombe and set out for London where I arrived on the 16 th Instant

my washing to London &ca

[po 151] London 18 th August 1761 Mary Gorst is to come to me on next Thursday, to waite on Miss Browne as her maid, & be housekeeper &ca. She is to have £10 per year, she is to have her Charges to London, when she leaves us. [Po 152] London 19 th August 1761 Paid to Mr Wright on acc t of Miss } £. . s . . d Browne, for Mrs Emmet, for which her Note 10 .. - .. 20th Lent Miss Browne, for which she} gave me her Note to repay 20 .. - .. -

* Charles Cooper, his butler.





21 st Reced from Mr Errington,* on acc t of Mr} 12 .. 10 .. Kirby" which I am to pay him 22 d Paid for Binding Mr Butler's Sts' Lives} and gave the man that brat them 1/- .. 16 .. 24th Lent Miss Browne on her Note 21 .. - .. 25 th Set out from hence, with Mr Wilmott, and went to Winchester, to meet Mr 10 . . - . . Eames,:I: ab t marriage settlement, and return'd 27 th , & spent in the Journey J [po 153J London 29 th August 1761 Lent Miss Browne on her Note 5 .. 5 .. Do Paid Mr Lewis the difference of binding} Mr Gothier's works, 18. Vol: in ful 1.. 6 .. 2d Septr Paid Mr Shepperd, § for disburs mt for prayers} for my Br Jn o at Portugese C h a p p e l l . . 1..Do Reced from Miss Browne, in ful for Cash Lent her 56 .. 5 . . [po 154J London 14th September 1761 Paid Mr Clark, at Doctors Commons, for a. Marriage Licence &ca £1 : 5 : 6 } To hIS Clerk . . . . . . . . . . . . 1: 0 1 .. 6.. 6 d [po 156J 23 Went to St Mary Ie Bon Church } and I married Miss Eliz: Browne 22.. 1 .. and gave her purse Gave to the Parson £2 .. 2 .. - } To the Clerk 10s/6d & 2 .. 15 .. Cush n Womn ~ 2s /6 d 13 .. 26 . . 5 . . Gave to Sundrys



Borrow'd of my wife

17 .. 17 .. Do Set out from London, & arrived"") at Cadeby 25 th Instant, & spent ~10 .. - .. J on my Journey * Rev. William Errington, born 17 July 1716, ordained at Douay Dec. 1747, left 26 January 1748, chaplain to Bishop Challoner for many years ; died 28 Sept. 1768 (C.R.S., xxviii, 232n, 253; Gillow, Dict. of E ng. Cath., ii, 177 et seq.)

'JA Rev. Henry Kirby was later chaplain at Cadeby. :I: 'Acting for Mr. Browne, father of


Heneage's fiancee.

§ The Rev. John Shepherd, Dean of the Chapter, died in London 27 Oct. 1761 (C.R.S., xxviii, H3n) . Mass stipend. ~'Cushion




[Po 161] Paid Mr Kirby* for what I reced from £16 .. 6 .. } From Mr Errington on do's acc t 12 .. 10 28 .. 16 .. -

Mr Walton" on his account

[There is no Ledger for the years 1762-1764. Ledger No.2 is a much larger vellum-covered book, with pages measuring 12t" X 8*. The outside front cover has a parachute-like drawing surmounted by what appears to be a figure 4, s'i milar to the device on Ledger No. 1. Inside the device the years are set out as under] 1765 66 1767 . 68 69 . 70 71 72 [On the inside front cover is written] Windsor Heneage his Cash Book Memorandums &ca Cadeby 1st Jan. 1765 1766. 1767. 1768. 1769. 1770. 1771. 1772. [On the fly-leaf, numbered p. 1, the contents are indexed.]


Cadeby 20 th January 1765 Paid Benjamin Kent, for his Wife's nursing, in full, to this day, Wet Nurse at 78 /- per week 2 .. 2 .. from 9 th last month* j

[po 5]


Reced a Bill from my Sister Constable§ ') on Mr Anthony Wright, to my order, ~ drawn by her, dated 15 th Instant j for£ll..ll s .. Vizt £ 5 .. To pay Winefrid Fawcett for her On Mr Tunstall's Account } To Ditto 1.. To give on her Acct on my Daughter} Elizabeth's Christening* 3. .

11 . . 11 .. -

s 5 .. 1.. 3. .-

* Query: The Rev. Henry Kirby? t(4 The Rev. William Walton. :Il Elizabeth was born 9 Dec. 1764. § Elizabeth Heneage married Cuthbert Tunstall.

See Pedigree.



On Mr Tunstall's Account, to } the Nurse &ca at Ditto Mra Constable paid, on my} Acc t , for P. Marshall's Truss

3 .. 3 .. -

£12 .. 12 .. I.. 1..-

£11. .11. . th Cadeby 29 January 1765 [Po 6J This morning was Christen' d my Daughter, Elizabeth, the Sponsors were Mr & Mrs Heneage, for Mrs Constable, & Mr Tunstall, By Mr J. Strickland.* [On pp. 10 and 11 are set out the disbursements for the year 1765, and on the last line is written] per year 1765 Mr Strickland 21 .. - .. When due When Paid 21 st Nov 1765 21 st Nov 1765 Year 21. . - .. [On pp. 22 and 26 is a summary of his dealings with Mr. Anthony Wright, Banker. On the last line is writtenJ [Cadeby] 22 d April 1767~ Drew in Favr of Mr Henry Kirby, [: or order, days after sight, value reced 40 .. - .. [po 28J Cadeby 8 th May 1765 Reced from Mr Browne § 51 .. 9 .. 9 Vizt Interest on his Bond to me, for £800, at 4 per Ct from 30th Augst last to 4th May £21 .. 13.. 1 §To his Board &ca from 24th ') Oct. last to 4th Instant at ~ II. .11.. 5 £22 per Ann. J 18 . . - .. To my Note of hand to pay } him on demand, dated 4th lnst at 4 per Ct To Cash for Wood &ca reced 5 .. 3


£51.. 9 .. 9


This may be the Rev. John Strickland or the Rev. Joseph Strickland ; more probably John. C/. C.R.S., xix, 136, 140. .y. The Accounts are over a number of years.


§ Mrs. Heneage's father was apparently living with them .



[Po 29J Cadeby 13th May 1765 Paid Mr Wright in full for a} Year's Tythe, due Yesterday, for 7 .. - .. Cadeby N .B. I Gave him an Acc t of the Birth of my Son & Daughters To place in his Book [po 33J Cadeby 22 d May 1765 Gave Mr Strickland,* his half Year's} Salary, due 21 st Instant 10 . . 10 .. [po 42J Cadeby 24 June 1765 Set out this afternoon, for London 27th

Arriv'd in London, and find that } 7 .. - .. I have spent on my Journey here London 4th July, 1765 Paid Mr Coghlan's, Bill .. -.. 7.. 4 [po 43J London 27th July 1765 30th Gave my Wife for Mr Errington, for} my Br In 1..1. . [po 44] Reced from Mr Errington, on Acc t } of Mr Newton,:t of the Grange Net 6 . . 8 . . 10 [po 45] 8 th August 1765 Arriv'd at Cadeby and have expended on my journey from London £8.. 8 .. [po 50J Cadeby 5th September 1765 Paid Mr Kirby, the Cash I Reced") from Mr Errington, on account ~ 6. . 8 . . 10 of Mr Newton:t of the Grange J [po 54] Cadeby 5 th October 1765 Gave Mr Strickland,§ the £30 Bank} Notes, for Mrs Ann Heneage, on Acc t 30 .. - . . of her J oynture, due last Michaelmass [po 60J Cadeby 21 st November 1765 Gave Mr Strickland, his half Year's I salary, in full for the Year, due ~ 10 .. 10 .. this day J [po 62J Cadeby 6th December 1765 Gave Doctor Petre, for comeing [sic] from} Lincoln to see my son George 3.. 3 .. -

* The Chaplain, the Rev. J. Strickland. 'John Peter Coghlan, .Catholic publisher. Cf. C.R.S., xii, 29, 31. :t .. Croft Fund." § Query: Was the Rev. J. Strickland also serving Hainton ?

[On a loose leaf is a cash summary for 1765. In it the following items occu,.] Cadeby 31 st December 1765 Windsor Heneage Account of Full Rental of Lands that belonged to my late Br Henry Heneage, on which my Sister, his Widow's J oynture is fixed, & all the Taxes &ca Incumbrances on the same-Vizt Place Tenant Taxes allow'd £ Full Rent 180 .. - .. Cadeby John Goulding £ Ditto In my own hands 40 .. - .. Metheringham Thomas Atkins 28 .. - .. 5 .. 13 .. 2! Saltfleetby Mr Rob t Neve 20 .. - .. 4 .. 8 .. 12 .. - .. Louth Farm John Atkins 2 .. 10 .. Weelsby George Heneage Esqr 2 .. 6 1 .. - .. 17 .. - .. Rob t Brady 2 .. 16 .. Holme Land 18 .. - .. 4 .. 12 .. Haltham & } Charles Pilkington Roughton Full -----Taxes allow'd to the Tenants Rental £316 .. - .. £20 .. I.. 8! I pay Land Tax in Cadeby, Net 55 .. 17 .. Do on Out Rent for Holme Land, Net 4 .. 16 .. 8 Window Tax for Cadeby, 77 Windows 5 .. 18 .. 6 [On the reverse] Account of the Full Rental of the Lands Left by. my Br John Heneage, & their Taxes &ca, Vizt John Wheatcroft Washington, Laceby, Theo: Curtis Ditto, John Robinson Ditto's, Out Rents

Total Taxes &ca [Among My own private Disbursements occu,s] Ml' Str---d's* Salary £21 .. - .. -

* The Rev. J. Strickland, the Chaplain.

3 .. -

II. .12 .. 3 .. 2 .. 9

£14 .. 17 .. 9





ztj~ ()



£86 .. 13 .. 101

£- ..




Full Rental £42 .. - .. 55 .. - .. 11 .. - .. 1.. 3 .. 6

£109 .. 3 .. 6 ~




[Po 72] Cadeby 1st February, 1766 Reced from Mr Browne, as by Mr COghlan's} Bill for Books to him sent - . . 8.. 6 [po 75] 23 d Reced from Mr Rob t Young, for Books, from Coghlan 13 .. [Pp. 78, 79] Account of Disbursements 1766. [On the last line] per year Mr Strickland, 21 .. - .. When Due When Paid 21 st Nov 1766 3 d July 1766 5 months 9 .. 9 .. [po 95] Cadeby 3 d July 1766 Paid Mr Strickland, in full for his salary} and in full* of all demands~ ÂŁ9.. 9 .. 6th Reced from Mr KirbY,:I: on acc t 'of Mr} Strickland, for 4 Latin Directorys 2 .. [po 101] Cadeby 17th August 1766 Gave Mr Kirby, for serving us, to this day* 3 .. 3 .. [po 102J 21 st Arriv'd at London. My Expences from Cadeby, 2 Post Chaises &ca ÂŁ17 .. - .. Gave my Wife, for her Expences to Bristoll &c 26.. 5 .. 23 d Paid Doctor Dominicetti, Entrance for my son 1.. 1 .. 24th Gave Doctor Savage 2 .. 2 .. My Wife set out for Bristoll

Do Carried my Son, to Dr Dominicetti, at Chelsea [po 103J 7th September Paid Mrs Walker's expences, at Doctor } Dominicetti's, with the Child &ca, Ballance - .. 8 .. I! 15th Set out for Bristoll, and arriv'd there } 16 th Spent on my Journey, Post Chaise &ca 6.. 7 .. 6! Bristoll 26 th Paid Mr Woodall, for Lodging &ca 3 .. 15 .. Gave the people, at the Pump Room - .. 15 .. 6 Paid the Apothecary, for my wife 6 .. Gave my wife 2 .. 2 . . -

* A change of chaplains apparently. ~


The detail of the previous extract. The Rev. Henry Kirby.



29 th Set out from hence, for Lullworth Castle, I and arriv'd there 1st October, spent ~ 3 .. 18 .. 2 on my Journey, Post Chaise &ca j Bought half pound of Tea, at Bath - . . 8 .. [po I04J Lullworth Castle 22 d October 1766 Set out from hence, for London, where} I arriv'd 23 d : Spent on my Journey 5 .. - .. London 25 th Paid Doctor Dominicetti, for Bathing} Fumigating, & Sweating my Little Boy & 55.. 5 .. Lodging, 9 Weeks &ca at Chelsea Gave his servants for attendance &ca 1 .. 11 .. 6 28th Do Paid Mrs Walker, in ful for attendance on} my Boy, whilst at Doctor Dominicetti's &ca 7 .. 7 .. [po I05J London 4th November 1766 Gave Mr Elston,* on acc t of Mr Browne 1 .. 1 .. [po I07J London 24th November 1766 Paid Doctor Doughlas, for medecines &~a} for my WIfe 1.. 1.. and for my Little Boy - attendance &ca Do

Gave my Wife, for her Journey to Lincoln 7.. 7 .. 25th Gave Mr Cresar Hawkins, surgeon 1.. 1 .. 26th Set out from London, for Hainton Do

Paid 1st Stage, for my wife, to Barnet - .. 12.. 6 27th I arriv'd at Hainton, and came in Mr Weld's} Coach, spent on my Journey &ca 1.. 2 .. 10 2d Decr Paid my Wife's Chaise, from Lincoln - .. 14 .. 6 Do

We arriv'd at Cadeby. [po I08J Cadeby 9 th December 1766 Borrow'd & Receiv'd of Mr Henry Kirby, }20 .. - .. for which, I gave my promissory Note, on demand


Query: The Rev. Francis Lacy alias Elston. son of Henry Lacy and Mary Eyston, admitted English College. Rome, 15 Mar. 1705, aged 19; ordained sub-deacon 14 June 1710, date of priesthood not given; left 13 April 1712; described in the Seventh Douay Diary as a strenuous worker on the Mission in London; died 3 Dec. 1774, aged 90, according to the Obituary Notice (C.R.S., xl, 135; xxviii, 113, 121; xii, 13; Foley, Records S.]., vi, 456)? Or the Rev. John Phillips alias Elston (see entry under date 25 Sept. 1767)?



[Po 116] Cadeby 21 st February 1767 Paid Mr Henry Kirby, for what I } Borrow'd & Receiv'd of him, on my Note 20 .. - .. 9 th last December, & tore the said Note [po 120] Cadeby 17th March 1767 My Niece Heneage, wife of my Nephew George Fieschi Heneage, of Hainton, was brought to Bed, of a Son, an Heir, at Hainton, a little after Ten o'Clock, this night, and was Christen'd, George Buno Heneage (by Mr Huddlestone,* Lady Stourton, Godmother, and myself God Father, N.B. Mrs Weld, stood for Lady Stourton, by Proxy. [po 123] Cadeby 12th April, 1767 Gave my Nephew Heneage, on account of the Nurses, for the Christening &ca, I being God Father £3.. 3 .. [po 124J Cadeby 23 d April 1767 My Son George Thomas Dyed, about 11 o'Clock, this Night He was born, 30th December, 1763. 25 th Gave Mr Shuttleworth,.yc for assisting at} the Dissection & Opening my Little Boy's 1 .. 1 .. head &ca [po 126] Cadeby 6th May 1767 Gave the Rev d Mr Curtois, Curate of Hainton for Burying my Little Boy-his demands 10s/-} and gave him over - 6 - .. 10 .. 6 12th Paid John Ward, Joyner, his Bill &ca 2 .. - .. Vizt For a Wainscote Coffin, for} my Little Boy, cover'd with White £1 .. 10 .. To Rob t Clark, Clerk, his demands 5 8 /- & Tolling the Bell 18 /•• 6 .. For 8 screws, for my Chaise - .. - .. 2! And gave him - .. 3 .. 9t



£2 .. - .. -

Chaplain at Hainton. The Rev. John Huddleston, born 27 Dec. 1693, son of Henry Huddleston and Mary (Bostock), of Cambridgeshire; entered English College, Rome, 16 Oct. 1711, ordained 27 March 1717, but suspended until Jan. 1718 because he had been ordained under age; left 21 Apr. 1718; at first with Whitgreave family at Moseley; in 1730 went to Lynn, whence he removed to Hainton where he died 3 Jan. 1773 (C.R.S. xl, 146; xii, 13; Foley, Records S.]., vi, 461 i Kirk, Biographies, p. 132) . , Apotbecary.



Do Gave Four Little Boys, that carried the} Coffin, to the Vault 2s/- each - .. 8 .• [po 127J Cadeby 17th May 1767 Gave Ml' Busby, in full for Mr Kirby's~"I serving us from December last, to this present ~3 .. 13 .. 6 month, at £8. 8s. per year N.B. Ml' Busby is Sole Executor, to Mr Kirby, deceased



[Pp. 137 to 144, inclusively, covering the period 21 June 176717 July 1767, are torn out.J [po 153J Cadeby 25 th September 1767. Mr Phillips:!: went away, and I gave} him, on account of his Expences &ca 8.. 8 .. staying here &ca [po 161J Cadeby 1st December 1767 Sent my late Brother George Heneage's, Copy of his Will, to my Nephew Heneage, by George Wilthew, and for my Nephew to return me again it. [po 169J Cadeby 21 st January 1768 Drew in Favour of Mr Coghlan, on Anthony Wright, s.

at sight, dated 23 d Instant £13 .. 2 .. Vizt Mr Coghlan's bill &ca £ 7 .. 9 .. 2 .. 13 .. Mrs Stroud's On Mr Browne's Account 2 .. 19 ..


6 6 6

6 £13 .. 2 .. 6

Receiv'd from Mr Browne, on account of the same £2 .. 19.. 6 and for Patsell's Apology 2/6} Mr Butler's life of a Nun§ 1/3 - .. 3 .. 9

£3 . 3 . 3

* A Rev. John Busby, born 11 Feb. 1714 (O.S.), went to Douay in Oct. 1724; took the Oath Nov. 1734; was ordained 29 May 1738; left 22 Sept. 1739. He was at Douay with Windsor Heneage; became missioner at Grantham, Lincolnshire; V.G. Midland District; died at Barrowby, near Grantham, 3 April 1794 (C.RS., xxviii, 121, 198n, 219, 223; xii, 43. See also the letter from the Rev. John Busby, among Mrs. Heneage's letters, infra). Two later entries on the same page record payments to a Mr. John Busby for wine, candles, raisins and sugar. ~ Died 12 May 1767 (C.RS., xii, 12). :!: Is this a priest supplying in the interval between the Rev. Henry Kirby's death and the Rev. William Hartley's arrival in September? If so, it might be the Rev. John Phillips alias Elston, of Lancashire, admitted English College, Rome, 22 Dec. 1697, aged 19; ordained 3 March 1703 (C.RS., xl, 123; Foley, Records S.]., vi, 449). § A Short Account of the Life and Virtues of the Venerable and Religious Mother, Mary of the Holy Cross, Abbess of the English Poor Clares at Rouen, who died there in the Sweet Odour of Sanctity, March 21, anna 1735. London, 1767; 8vo.



[Po 179J Cadeby 25 th March 1768 5 .. 5 .. Gave Mr Hartley,* for serving us, half Year,} to this day, as a present [po 191J Cadeby 11th May 1768 My Nephew Heneage's, Son George, Dyed last Night, at Hainton, about half an hour after seven o'Clock He was Born 17th March 1767. [po 195] Cadeby 24th May 1768 Gave Mr Hartley,* for serving us, from 25 th } £ .. s .. d March last, to this day 1. .16 .. [po 197J Cadeby 28 th May 1768 Set out from Cadeby, for London, with my Wife & My Two Little Girls, to be Inoculated, and Arriv'd at Lincoln the same Day, Gave Harry £-- .. 10 .. 6 ........ Lincoln 31 st May Paid Carr for going Express to Louth & Cadeby .. - .. 12 .. 2d June Set out from Lincoln, arriv'd at London") 4th Instant, Spent on the Journey, Post ~ 8 .. 5 .. -i Chaise &ca Expences ) London 13 th June went to Mr Sutton's, at Kensington, with the Children, to have them Inoculated 27th Went from Mr Sutton's, and gave} the servants 2 .. 2 .. and came to our Lodgings at Mrs Henderson's, agreed to give her £1. lIS. 6d per week, for Four weeks. [Pp. 199 to 210, covering the period London 16 July 1768Cadeby 22 November 1768, torn out.J [po 215J Cadeby, 25 th December 1768 Receiv'd a Letter, from my Nephew Heneage, at London dated 22 d Instant, with an account, that my Niece Heneage, was brought to bed of a Son, 21 st Instant, at night, and was Christen'd George Robert, Lady Stourton stood Godmother, for my Wife. [po 220J Cadeby 17th January 1769 Paid Winefrid Fawcett, by Mr Hartley,") on account of my nephew Tunstall's ~ 10 .. 10 .. Annuity, sent me for her, 2d Instant )


The Rev. William Hartley, Chaplain since Sept. 1767. See Introduction. The second entry is evidently a settlement before setting out for London for several months.




Do Paid Robert Newton, by Mr Hartley, } for the Ride of a Tup. in 1768, in full 4 .. 4 .. [po 223J Cadeby 1st Febry 1769 I have drawn, at 3 days after sight, to Mrs Gentil* or order, for Twenty Four pounds, thirteen shillings, in full our Children's Board &ca, due 25 th last month, at Hammersmith School, on Mr AnthY Wright. Vizt. Half Year. [po 225] Cadeby 13 th February 1769 Receiv'd from Mrs Gentil, her acknowledgment, for the Bill I sent her, 1st Instant, on Mr A. Wright, for half Year's Pension & Extroardinarys [sic], in full to 25 th last month, for my Two Daughters, at Hammersmith School. £24.12.7! Letter &ca 4!d £24 .. 13 .. [po 232J Cadeby 19 th April 1769 Gave Mr Hartley, for serving us, about 5 months at £8 .. 8s per Year 3 .. 13 .. 6 [po 233] Cadeby 20th April 1769 Set out for Lincoln, and gave away &} spent at Wragsby, my own Chaise - .. 9 .. Post Chaise from Do to Lincoln, expence - .. 10.. 6 Lincoln 26 th April Set out from hence, and arriv'd at } London 27th Spent on my Journey, Post Chaise 7 .. - .. [po 243] London 24th May 1769 Paid my Wife, in ful for Mrs Gentil'S} bill, for Children's Extroardinaries [sic] to 2 .. 12 .. 10 12th Instant ........... . [po 245] London 12th June 1769 Paid my Wife, in ful for Mrs Gentil'S} extroardinary's, to 9 th Instant, Fige's 4 .. 15.. 3 bill, Miss Chester's, Stratford's &ca [po 246] London 20 th June 1769 Set out for the Isle of Wight, and I arriv'd at Sheat, in the said Isle, .~ 5 .. 15 .. 6 & spent on my Journey there &caj [po 247] Sheat, Isle of Wight, 23 d August 1769 Receiv'd from my Wife, to be accountable, on demand} for Mr Browne's account 18 .. 16 .. ! 27th Paid Thomas Turton, for Chaise hire to Chale 128 /- & 1s/- N.B.10s/6daccountedforinMr Browne's Acct : Paid Net on my Acc t £- .. 2 .. 6


Frances Gentil was Superior of the Convent School at Hammersmith, 1760-1781 (C.R.S., xxvi, 59). For the Hammersmith Convent School see Gillow, Haydock Papers, p. 184; H. J. Coleridge, S.]., St. Mary's Convent, York, pp. 139 et seq., London, 1887.



28 th Gave Mr Urry, for my part of house "I Expence at Steeple 58 /- & to pay Jon a : ~ 1.. 6 .. Tompkins for Chaise hire there £1 . 1 . J 3d Septr Paid Jon a : Tompkins for Chaise hire} to Cowes, by Mr Masters - .. 11. . 13 th Set out from Sheat, & Gave to the} 5 .. - .. Servants, & Poor of Gatcombe &ca and arriv'd at London 14th spent on my Journey 4 .. - .. -! [po 248] London 25 th September 1769 Paid Mr Coghlan's bills 8 .. 8 .. 6 Vizt On Mr Browne's Acc t £7 .. 2 .. On Mr Hartley's for Breads* 1 .. On my Acct & Wife's 1.. 5 .. 6 £8 .. 8 .. 6 [Po 249] London 2d Octr 1769 Paid Mr Thomas, for Mr Hartley, for } 2 Dozn Mountain~ £2 .. 2. Bottles &ca 7s /6 d 2 .. 9.. 6 [po 250] London 6th October 1769 I sign'd an Authority, for Mr Petre, to appear for me, in Chancery, Heneage against Heneage, he promising me, by Letter, that I shall be at no expence, concerning the Suit. Letter dated 2d Instant II th

Paid Mrs Gentil, on account, for Children [po 251] London 26 th October 1769 ~ My Wife & self went to the Herald's Office,"I and register'd our Children, their Births ~ &ca, and paid, Mr Heards, of that Office J Coach hire, to the said place

26 .. 5 .. _ .. 10 .. 6 - .. 5 .. -

* Altar breads. Probably altar wine. The following was received by the Rev. R. G. Davis in 1895: ~


"Col: Arms: B. No 1. N° 56 George Thomas Heneage Mary Heneage Elizabeth Heneage "Our 3 children as follows were all born at Cadeby in the County of Lincoln. Our eldest son was born 30 Dec. 1763 & died 23 April 1767 & was buried at Hainton in the said county. Mary Heneage our eldest Daughter was born 21 Nov: 1762. Elizabeth Heneage our daughter was born 9 Dec: 1764. we having been married at the Parish Church of St. Mary-Ie-bone in the County of Middlesex the 23 of Septr 1761 as witness our hands this 26 day of October 1769. J ames Windsor Heneage of Cadeby in the County of Lincoln 5 th son of George Heneage of Hainton in the said County by Elizabeth eldest daughter of Sir Henry Hunloke Bart. Elizabeth Heneage only dau. of John Browne of Gatcombe in the Isle of Wight by Elizabeth dau . of Thomas Urry of Sheet in the said Island. Signed in the Presence of Isaac Heard, Lancaster."



London 31 st October 1769 3 .. 3 .. my Nephew Heneage 4th November Paid Mrs Genti!, in ful to this day, for our Children, Board, Dancing & extroardinarys &ca Apothecary's bill &ca Ball ces ÂŁ12 .. 12 .. - } Gave Mrs Gentil for Serv ts herself &ca 5 . . 3 .. 6 17 .. 15 .. 6 [po 253J London 14th November 1769 Set out from London, with my Wife'l and my Two Daughters, & arriv'd at i" 8 .. 8 .. Lincoln ,16 th spent on my Journey J d [po 254J Lincoln 23 November 1769 Set out from Lincoln, paid at wragsby } for Chaise hire &ca, Arriv'd at Hainton - .. 10 .. 6 [Po 252J Paid Mr Short,

* for

28 th

Set out from Hainton, & arriv'd at Cadeby [po 255J Cadeby 6 th December 1769 Paid Mr Newton,~ by Mr Hartley, in full "I Nett ~6 .. 4 .. 8 for what I reced from Mr Dunn ~ 16 th August J N.B. Mr Newton of the Grange 7th

Receiv'd from Mr Hartley, in full for } Wine &ca bought for him when I was in London 2 .. 10.. 6 th [po 260J Cadeby 30 December 1769 Paid Winefride Fawcett, by Mr Hartley, her Christmas Annuity, from Nephw Tunstall }10 .. 10 .. [po 262J Cadeby 11th January 1770 N.B. The First Stamford Mercury, came to me, this day, dated 4th Instant.


Fr. Benedict Short, O.P. (1723-1800). Procurator of the province for forty years. Four times Provincial (p. 118 says 'twice'); on the Mission at Woburn and Cheam. Chaplain to the Dowager Lady Stourton. Attached to the Portuguese Chapel; died 30 May 1800; buried at Chertsey (C.R.S., xxv, ll8, 134). Mentioned in these Ledgers several times as baptizing in London. ~ Query: Rev. Robert Newton? ~ The Rev. John Dunn, of the London Vicariate, friend of Bishop Challoner; one of four priests suggested for the post of President of Douay in June 1769 (G. H. Burton, The Life and Times of Bishop Challoner, ii, ll9). Of the Chester diocese, born circa 1718, went to Douay 26 June 1732; ordained 8 June 1743; Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Douay; left Douay 27 June 1750; missioner at Croxdale, Durham, chaplain at Burton Constable; finally Treasurer of the Chapter and Librarian of the Clergy Library at Gray's Inn. Died suddenly after saying Mass at Lincoln's Inn Fields, 14 Jan. 1778 (C.R.S., xxviii, 164, 236, 265, 270; xii, 14).




[In an Annual Summary of Accounts.J Cadeby 18 th Sept r 1770 Paid by Mr John Dunn, on my Account 5 .. 14 .. 1 N.B . I paid the same, to M1' Newton,* of the Grange, by his desire. [po 279J Cadeby 29 th May 1770 Gave M1' Hartley, for serving us, half Year's} Salary, due this day 4 . .4 .. [po 293J Cadeby 18 th September 1770 Paid M1' Rob t Newton, of the Grange, by I order & account of M1' John Dunn, who ~ 5 .. 14.. I has paid the said [amount] to M1' Anty Wright J £5 . 14. 1. must Debit his acc t with the same. 19 th Receiv'd a Letter, from S1' Henry Hunloke, he acquaints me, that Lady Hunloke, was brought to bed, of a Daughter, 11th Instant, Charlotte Constance. [po 295J Cadeby 6 th October 1770 Receiv'd from M1' Hartley, on account of Mrs } Teresa Goulding, for a Lottery Tickett N° 48 m 836 14 .. 1.. 6 [po 301J Cadeby 29 th November 1770 Gave Mr Hartley, half Year's salary, due s .. d this day, for serving us 4.. 4 .. [p. 308J [InA nnual Summary of Accounts. J Cadeby 16 th February 1771 Drew in Fav r of Mr Arthur Vaughan, ~} or order, Twenty days after date 12 .. - .. [po 310J Cadeby 16th February 1771 Drew on M1' Wright, 20 days after date, in favour of M1' Arthur Vaughan for Twelve pounds. Vizt I have from Mr Tunstall £3. I8 s .ll d I gave, on Acc t of Mr Vaughan 4. 7

[Po 265J

}£ ..


A much later entry shows these payments from the London Vicariate to be from the" Croft Fund." Is this the Rev. Robert Newton? Windsor Heneage frequently specifies him as "Mr Newton of the Grange." The obituaries of several Newtons of Irnham are given in C.R.S. vol. xii, but no layman named Robert appears among them. ~ The Rev. Arthur Vaughan, born 14 Feb. 1724, son of Maurice Vaughan of London and his wife Jane Power; went to Douay 12 July 1739; ordained 30 April 1749; sent from Douay 11 Aug. 1750 to assist the Rev. James Postlethwaite at Standon Lordship school; went to Harvington Hall 1752, and remained there till his death 25 July 1792, aged 67. He was interred at Chaddesley Corbett, 28 July 1792. He established a boarding school under the direction of Miss Ainsworth at Hartington, which was removed to Oscott some time before 1785 (C.R.S., xxviii, 222n, 258, 265; xiii, 289; xvii, 368, 417; xix, 298-9).


To Debt my Wife's Acc t


7 .. 16 .. 6

£12 .. - .. N.B. The above £12 my wife collected together with her own for Mr Vaughan'S School. [po 313] Cadeby 21 st February 1771 Receiv'd from Mrs Teresa Goulding a Lottery Tickett for 1770-suppose Twenty pound prize, N0 48 m 836, for me to send to Mr Wright on her account. [po 322] Cadeby 5 th May 1771 Receiv'd from Mr Hartley, on account of Mr Johnson, Two supposed Prize Lottery Ticketts of Twenty Pounds each N° 35 m 167. 35168 to be accountable. [po 329] Cadeby 31 st May 1771 Gave Mr Hartley, his half Year's salary, due I . to him, 29 th Instant .4 .. [po 334] [In a Summary of Accounts with the Banker.] Cadeby 17th August 1771 Drew in Fav r of Mr Arthur Vaughan, } or order, 10 days after payable 4 .. - .. [po 339] Cadeby 6th A ug st 1771 Gave Mr Hartley, for serving us, to this day from 29 th last May 1 .. 11 .. 6 [p o 341J Cadeby 9 th August 1771 Set out from hence, for Hainton, with my Two little Girls, for London. [po 342J Hainton 12th August 1771 Set out from Hain ton 14th Arriv'd at London, and spent on my Journey} with a Post Chaise &ca expences, from Cadeby 8 .. 14 .. =at my Nephew Tunstall's House 17th Drew in Favr of Mr Arthur Vaughan, or order, Ten days after date payl: on Mr Anthy Wright, for Four Pounds, to Debt my Wife's Acctwith the same. [Po 343] London 26 th August 1771 My Two little Girls went to Hammersmith School, to stay. 28 th Paid Mr Coghlan, for my next Year's new Account Book 6s /6 &ca 3s/6 } -.. 10 .. -

J4 .


[Po 345J London 9 th SepF 1771 Paid Mr Carpue* Jun r for 2 pI' Strong Shoes - .. 18 .. [Po 346J London 28 th September 1771 My Niece Heneage, was brought to Bed, of a Son, about a Quarter of an Hour after Two this morning, it was Christen'd by Mr Short, about Noon, I stood Godfather for Sr Henry Hunloke, and Nurse Alder, Godmother for Mrs Weld, it was Christen'd Thomas Fieschi at Mr Baldwin's house, Grosvenor Square. 2d OctI' Paid Mrs Burnell, of Hammersmith School, for 12 Lbs of Chocolate, at 3s/6 d per Lb. £2 .. 2 .. by my wife [po 347J London 5 th October 1771 Paid Ml' Marmaduke,~ on account } of Mr Browne, for Books 1 .. 6.. 9 16 th Paid Mrs Gentil, for Betsey's entrance "I for Dancing lOS /6 d • Pocket money for them L2.. 8 .. to this day 3/6 my Wife's Board 15/- Coals for the ensuing Winter 10s/- &ca Total j [po 348J London 4th October 1771


[In a statement of Mr. Browne's AccountsJ 9 th J an ry 1772 Paid my Wife, on Mr Browne's} For B.C. 10 .. - .. London 24th October 1771 Paid Mrs Gentill, for Six pair of Shoes, for Children at Hammersmith School £1 .. 1.. 6 th [Po 350J London 20 November 1771 Paid Mrs Gentill, One QuI' pension £10 .. 10. 2.. 2. One Quarter Dancing, for Children pocket money 2s/6 d • Combs &ca 2s/6 d } - .. 7 .. 6 II~ 12 .. 19 .. 6 pins & Tape 2S /6 d




Due this Day & paid

£12 .. 19 .. 6j


In subsequent entries referred to as Charles. Shoes are frequently bought from him. Canon Burton says (Life and Times of Bishop Challoner, ii, I8n) that it is difficult to gain definite information about the family. For that reason all entries in the Ledgers relating to the Carpues are given here. ~ James Marmaduke, Catholic publisher. See C.R.S., xii, 29n, 3In.


Bishop Challoner. In consequence of an attack upon the Catholics in South Uist, Scotland, Bishop Challoner enlisted the sympathies of English Catholics and was able to send a considerable sum of money to Bishop Grant (E. H. Burton, The Life and Times of Bishop Challoner, ii, 153-5). Windsor Heneage had known Bishop Challoner as Vice-President at Douay in the months between Oct. 1729 and the following summer.



[Po 351J London 7th December 1771 Paid by my Wife, Mrs Gentill, One Quarter} Pension, advance to 26 th next February 10 .. 10 .. 30 th Gave Ml' I?unn, for B. Chaloner,* for} the Poor, In Scotland 2 .. 2 .. [po 353J London 4th January 1772 Bought Two Pockett Books, for Molly & Betsey 7th Do Gave Little Molly, to give to Molly Gorse .. 9 th Paid my Wife, on her Acc t £10 .. - .. - } Paid DO, on Mr Browne's 10 .. - .. 20 .. - .. For B.C. [po 354J London 26 th Febry 1772 Paid Mrs Gentill, for Sundries, for } my Two Daughters, at Hammersmith 3 .. - .. 1 Vizt £ .. s .. d. For One Qu r Dancing, due this day 2 .. 2 .. Washing I s/7 d Gloves &ca 4 s/6 d - •. 6 .. 1 Pocket money 3s /6 d Tea 2/6 6 .. 3 pI' Stockings for Molly 5 .. Hair Cutting 1 .. -

9 .. -

5 ..


= Paid to this Day £3 .. - . . 1 Mem: I paid Mrs Gentill, the Quarter advanced pension, for them to this day £10 : 10 : - 26 th last November. [po 355J London 23 d Febry 1772 Paid Mrs Gentill, by my Wife, in ful for her Board & Wine &ca, at Hammersmith s d 4 weeks £3 .. 9 .. Extroardinaries for Children, Shoes 3 pI' &ca mending Stayes 8 .. prayer Books, Catechisms &ca } 4. to 12th Instant £4 .. 8 .. - J London 4th May 1772 [Po 360J Paid Mrs Gentill 15 . . 3 . . 1 Vizt £ s .. d One Qu r Pension, to 26 th Instant 10 .. 10 .. One QuI' Dancing to 26 th Do 2 .. 2 .. Extroardinarys to this Day 8 .. 7


~18~~ r

* See note on opposite page. ~

£13 .. - .. 7

5s. 3d. is a sum frequently given to poor persons in this ledger, i.e, a quarter of a guinea.



2 .. 12 .. 6

Advanced to Mrs Gentill, for } their extroardinarys

£15 .. 13 .. 1 Do Gave to The Servants, at Hammersmith, 19.. 1 N.B. I have not paid for Molly's Writing [po 362J London 19 th May 1772 £3 .. 3. Gave Mrs Issabel Newcombe Do to Charles .............. 3 .. 3 .. Do to Molly .............. 2 .. 2 .. - lI0 .. 8 .. Do to Molly .............. 1 .. 11 .. 6 Paid Mr Cooper, for Washing &ca 6 .. Gave to Haggett 2.. 6 Do Set out from London, and arriv'd at}6 10 _ .. .. Lincoln. 20 th Do spent on my Journey [po 363J Lincoln 25 th May 1772 Set out this morning, from hence, and arriv'd at Cadeby, 28 miles Do spent for Chaise &ca from Lincoln £1 .. 10 .. [po 375J Cadeby loth August 1772 Paid my Wife, at Hainton 4 .. 15.. 6 Vizt on her Account, to Debt her Acc t £3 .. 14 .. 6 On my Account to Mr Challoner* } for prayrS for my Br Jo. 1 .. 1 .. -



[Ledger No. 3 is a brown suede leather covered volume with pages 12l X 7! inches, with a tooled design on the front and back covers, and stamped on the front cover in black-J WINDSOR



1772 [On the fly-leaf an Index of the Contents.J [po 3] Cadeby 28 th August 1772 Drew in Favour of Mrs Gentill, or order, Ten days after date, on Messrs AnthY Wright & Son, dated 31 st Instant, for £16 .. 6 .. N .B. Mrs Gentill is Dr to me, for the £2 .. 12 .. 6 which I advanced for their Expence . Their quarter pension, due 26 th Instant is included in the Bill, Dancing and writing &ca [po 4J Cadeby 5th September 1772 Mrs Gentill sent me her Receipt for the Draft on Messrs Wright & Co

* Mass stipend to Bishop Challoner for Brother John.



for £16 .. 6 .. '- being for a Quarter's Pension & Extroardinarys, due 26 th last August, for my Two Daughters at Hammersmith School. Cadeby II th September 1772 [Po 5J This morning about 5 o'Clock, Died Mr John Browne, my Wife's Father, aged 68, last June, an Holy and exemplary Person, who endured his long Illness with great patience, and Resignation. 15th Paid on my Wife's account, for Mr BrOWne'S} 8 .. 14 .. Funeral, Coffin, Philip Low £3 . 15 . - & Bearers &ca £4.19. Mem: He was Buried in Wyam Church, this day [po 6J Cadeby 30 th September 1772 Paid John Knowle's Wife, for Bread} as desir'd by Mr Browne's Will - 2 .. 10 .. [po 10J Cadeby 6 th October 1772 Gave Mr Hartley, for serving us, 5 months 3 .. 12 .. 7th

Set out for Wingerworth and I arriv'd there 8 th Spent on 3 .. 9 .. Journey, by Post Chaise &ca [p. II] Wingerworth 20 th October 1772 Set out from Wingerworth, and arriv'd I at London 22 d spent on my J ourney ~8 •• 15 .. Post Chaise &ca expences ) 21 st Paid my Wife, a wager I Lost 10 . . London II th November 1772 [Po 13J Paid Mrs Gentill's Niece, for making } 2 Capuchins & 2 Bonnetts for Children 10 .. 1st Decr Paid for the Carriage of Mr Browne's} 8 .. Box of Writings, & Carre of Game &ca from Cadeby [po I5J London 5 th December 1772 Paid Mrs Gentill, her Ballance to 26 th last month, for Children's i pension, Dancing & Molly's! Writing &ca £17 .. 6 .. 6 Advanced to Mrs Gentill, for their} extroardinaries, to be accountable 2 .. 12.. 6 [po 18] London 17th December 1772 Expences of Coach &ca to Hammersmith -.. 7.. 4 Gave little Molly, for Holy Innocents' day 10 .• 6



6 6 .(




19J London 24th December 1772 - .. 10 .. 6 Gave Mrs Crilli, late Mistress at Hammersmith 28 th Gave my Daughter Molly, more on } - .. 10.. 6 account of holy Innocents' Day [po 24J London 25 th February 1773 Gave Mr Clinton*. . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. £1 .. 1 .. 1st March Paid Mrs Gentil .................... .......... 16 .. 7 . . 6 Vizt a Qur Pension, due 26 th FebY £10 .. 10 .. Do Dancing & Writing 2 .. 14 .. Coals for Dressing room fire - .. 10 .. Apothecary's Bill - .. 19.. 6 Shoes, Gloves, Caps &ca 2.. 2 .. for what I advanced


N ovT

£16 .. 15 .. 6 2 .. 12 .. 6 £14 .. 3 .. -

Board for my wife there I advanced now

1.. 3 .. 6 1.. 1..-

Paid Total

£16 .. 7 .. 6

[Po 25J London 2d March 1773 £ -.. 5 Gave Mrs Gentil, for a poor Girl 14tll Gave Mrs Newcombe, for prs for Charles~ I.. 1 .. [po 26J London 26 th March 1773 This morning about 3 o'Clock, my Niece Heneage, was brought to bed, of a Daughter, and was Christen'd, Mary Ann Winefride by Mr Short. 3d April Gave Mrs Newcombe~ for a poor man- .. 5 .. 3 [po 28J London 4th May 1773 Took Lodgings at Mrs Carpue's:t at Hammersmith, with Coals & Candles &ca at £2 .. 2.. per week


The Rev. Alexander Clinton, vere or alias Mackenzie, S.]., was named as the Newgate Missioner in the Catalogue for 1773 (Foley, Records S.]., vii, 143-4). ~ Prayers for Charles, i .e. a Mass stipend. See entry under 19 May 1772. This would appear to be Mrs. Isabel Newcombe, and Charles, her husband or son (more probably the former, since he, too, received three- guineas), had recently died. :t Is this the Mrs. Carpue who ran a school for poor girls at Hammersmith, with which Lady Stourton was most probably connected? Cf. Canon Burton, Life and Times of Bishop Challoner, ii, 18.



6 th Paid Mrs Gentil, by my Wife, For Tea - .. 13 .. 11th Paid Mrs Carpue, a week's LOdging,} £2 .. 2 .. &ca 14s/5 d Total £2 .. 16 .. 5 2 .. 16 .. 5 12th Paid Miss Gentil, for making MOlly'S} - •• 3 .. 3 Frock 3s/- Tape 3d 18 th Paid Mrs Gentill, in full for Eliz. 22 .. 3 .. Hitchock, on acc t of Mr Weld Paid Mrs Carpue, on E. Hitchock 9 .. 15 .. Paid Do for Julia Prescot 9 .. 10.. 6 22 d May Reced from Mr Weld - - - - - the same £ 41 .. 8 . 6 By his draft to me on Messrs Wright [po 29J London 18 th May 1773 Paid Mrs Carpue, Lodging £2 .. 2s. Board £2 per week 4 .. 2 .. [po 30J London 8th June 1773 £ .. s .. d Paid Mr Coghlan, on Acc t of Mr Hartley 1.. 6 .. 9 th Paid Mrs Gentill, in full to 26 th } 11. .19 .. last month, for my Daughters

Do Paid Mrs Carpue, in full for our Board, } Lodging &ca for Children, to 8 th Instant 7 .. 5 . . rp. 31J London 23 d June 1773 Paid Miss Gentil, 4 weeks wages, due thiS} day, 16s/- &ca I s/8 d by my wife - .. 17 .. 8 [po 34J London 15 th July 1773 Paid Mrs Frances Carpue, by my Billl on Messrs AnthY Wright, to her, or order for £9 .. 10s.- being in ful for Children ~ - .. - . . - - . . - . . 9t Board &ca to 13 th Instant, N.B. she I gave me 91 d her Bill being £9 .. 9 .. 21 j


Gave Miss Gentill, 3 weeks wages, 12s/-} to 14th Instant, & her Bill for exps 3s/91 - .. 15 .. 9t [po 37J [Summary of the Bankers' Accounts.J London 14th Septr 1773 By my Draft, to Mrs Carpue 18 .. - .. [po 39J London 7th August 1773 Paid Miss Gentil to 4th Instant, by my wife - .. 12 . . [po 40J London 16 th August 1773 Gave for Prayers at Chapel for Br J. H.* £1.. 1 .. -

* Mass for Brother John Heneage.



17th Paid Mr Carpue, for 3 pI' very strong Shoes 1.. 8.. 6 [po 41J London 1st September 1773 Paid Miss Gentil, 4 weeks wages 16s/- Mode, Ribbon &ca for Children Bonnets 8 .. 4 £1.. 4.. 4 [po 43J London 14th September 1773 Paid Mrs Carpue, by my Draft on £18 .. - .. Messrs AnthY Wright Cash - . . 3.. 8 3.. 8 Paid total £18 .. 3 .. 8 London 14t11 September 1773 Mem: I paid Mrs Carpue, in ful to this day, for my Children's Board & Lodging &ca except one week's washing; the Writing Master is paid to 4th Instant. N.B . from 14th this day, he is to come, Four times a week. 4s/- my Wife's Dinners not paid. 30th Paid Miss Gentil, to 29 tb Instant - .. 18 .. 5 st [po 45J London 21 October 1773 Paid Mr Mackworth, in full 10 .. 8 .. Paid Mrs Carpue, in full 13.. 2.. 6 I Gave Mrs Gentil, for herself & the Rest £3 .. 3 .. to Mr Shepherd £1. . 1.. ~ 4.. 9.. 3 to Mrs Saunders 5s/3 d : at Hammersmith J [po 46J London 24th October 1773 Set out for Lincoln 27th Arriv'd at Hainton, and spent on } my Journey, in Post Chaises &ca charges 7 .. 12 .. Came 4th N ov I' to Cadeby [po 55J Cadeby 6th January 1775 Gave Ml' Hartley, for serving us, Ml' Coghlan's Bill £1. . 6S •• - which I paid on his Account, 5th last June. 8th Set out for Hainton [po 56J Hainton 18 th January 1774 Set out for London. 20 th Arriv'd at London, and spent on } my Journey, in Post Chaises &ca 9 .. - .. -

[po 44J



Query: Rev. John Shepherd, Chaplain at Hammersmith Convent from 1757? (Cf. C.R.S ., xxviii, 113n.)



London 31 st January 1774 Molly & Betsey, went to Hammersmith School, Mrs Gentill's. [po 60J London 7th February 1774 Advanced to Mrs Gentill, for Children Necessarys} by my Wife 1.. 1..[po 69J London 2d May 1774 Paid Mrs Gentil's Bill &ca to 30 th last month 17 .. 9 .. 6 Mem: She has a Guinea of mine advance [po 70J London 14th May 1774 Paid M~ James Ansell, for Mr Christie, for putting up to Sale, my Wife's Estate in the Isle of Wight, in 3 Lotts, amounting to £3610, at one per Cent Paid £36.. 2 .. [po 71J Mrs Elizabeth Heneage, Wife, Account London 14th May 1774 Paid to Mr Ansell, for putting up to Sale, her Land in} the Isle of Wight, Bought in, at £3610, at 1 per Cent 36 .. 2 .. 12th July Mem: As my Wife don't stand to the") Agreement we made 6th last July, I l must charge her, with Repairs for Lower 2 .. 16 .. 6 Rill House, Paid Mr Blackford, 9 th July J London 21 st May 1774 Paid Mrs Carpue, for Board, Lodging &fa £2 .. 5 .. 4 Coach hire &ca expences, at Hammersmith 1. .12 .. [po 72J Hammersmith 14th June 1774 Paid Mrs Carpue, for Lodging & Board") for my Wife & Self, at Hammersmith, ~ 7.. I.. 6 in full from 25 th last month & for Wine &ca J N .B. Board & Lodging at £2 .. 2 .. per week Gave her Servants - .. 10 .. 6 Gave Miss Halford, for our Children 5 .. Gave Mrs Gentill, on account of Children 1.. 1 .. [Po 57J



Set out from Hammersmith, in the ~ Winchester Stage Coach, & expended for my Wife & Self, Vizt Coach £1 .. 8.. Gave 2.. 2 .. j Coachman &ca 5, &ca expences 9 s/Winchester 15 th Do Gave my Wife, on her account, for Mr }3 .. 3 .• Nolan,* £1. 1. Cowdry £1 .. lls .. 6d B. Giller lOs .. 6d [po 73J Winchester 20 th Do £ .. s .. d Pair Ml' Brereton, Apothecary, for my Wife 1 .. 1 .. Paid the Bill, at the George Inn &ca 3 .. 11 .. 9

* Rev. James Nolan, incumbent of Winchester.

Query: Mass stipend?



Gave Bet. Giller - .. 10 .. 6 Paid the Coach to Southampton, &ca - .. 6 .. Southampton 21 at Paid the Bill, at the St ar Inn - .. 12 .. Paid the Boat &ca from hence, for Cowes, Isle of Wight 9 .. Expences at Cowes IS/- Coach for Newport 58 /6 .. Paid Chaise, from Newport for Sheat 4 .. Sheat 23 d Do Receiv'd from Mr Urry, for a Mettle } Watch, which I paid Sterk for, 7th last May 6 .. 6 .. 6th July I have agreed with my wife, to give her, Twenty Two pounds, Ten Shillings per year, Net, from next Michaelmass. O.S. I W' d H m sor eneage I *Eliz. Heneage for Lower Rill, Tenant, Moses Morris, and I (and my Heirs) am to have the same, during Mr John Pittis's Life; I am to pay Mr Blackford £32 .. 2 .. - in Lieu of Repairs &ca for the Barn, & £2 .. 16 .. 6 for [po 74J Sheat 21 st July 1774 [the House Gave Mrs Urry, for her maids I .. 1 .. Gave Thomas -10 .. 6 Set out from Sheat, for Cowes, Chaise &ca -12 .. 22 d Do Bill at the Fountain, for Supper & Lodging &ca - 8 .. 6 Hired a packet Boat for Southampton lOS .. 6d II.. 6 [? tipJ 1/Paid the Bill, for Dinner &ca at the Star at Do 8 .. 10 .. 6 Paid Chaise, to the George at Winchester &ca


[po 75J Winchester 27th July 1774Paid the Bill, at the George, at Winchester &ca £4 .. - . . 9 Set out this day, in the (28 th ) Stage Coach, and paid for my Wife & Self, for Two places £1 .. 8 .. Gave to the Coachman &ca for not Weighing} my Trunk - .. 7 .. &ca Expences to Hammersmith - . . 8 .. 1st August Paid Mrs Gentil, in full, for a Quarter penSiOn} for our Girls, due 31 st last month, & for i 17 .. 16 . . 8 Dancing, Writing &ca &ca Mem: Remain in her hands £2 . . 2s to Acc t for. [po 76J Hammersmith 18 th August 1774 Paid Mrs Carpue, in full for Board & LOdging} 5.. 8.. 4 &ca, in full to this day, & came to London Coach hire &ca expences 1 .. 6 .. -

* Autograph




London 3 d September Paid Mrs Carpue, for Board & Lodging &ca 1 1 .. 1 .. for my Wife & Self, 3 Days &ca J 10 .. 6 Gave Mr Beeston,* for Pr-s for HI' J.~ 5 th Do Gave my Wife, for Mr Lindoe:I: &ca for Br ]n.~ 10 . . G [po 77J London 22 d September 1774 Advanced to Mrs Gentil, on her Note, to me 10 .. 10 3 d October Paid for t Lb Green Tea, at Hammersmith 5 .. 3 .. Gave M911y & Bet, for pocket money [po 78J London 31 st October 1774. Gave Mrs Newcombe £2 : 12 : 6, to Thomas "I £2 .. 2 .. to Molly Ball £2 .. 2.. to Molly ~ 8 .. 8 .. Collier £ I. . II. . 6 Total J We left Mr Tunstall's, and went to our Lodgings, Vizt: First Floor furnishd at Mrs Stratford's, in Sherrard Street, Golden Square, at £1 .. 1 .. - per weekour Victualls dress'd by the Maid, Linnen found, & Do wash'd by them. [po 79J London 11th November 1774 Paid my Wife, on Account of Coghlan's bill 8s/-, & for Mr Butler's Moveable Feasts 6 8 /- } - .. 14 .. [po 80J London 19 th November 1774 Paid Mr Wheble's bill, for 2 Dozn of "I } - .. 16 .. 4 Candles, at 7s/8 d per Dozn & Box 18 /23 d Paid Mrs Gentil, One Quarter pension, &ca due 31 st Last month £16 .. 3 .. 4 Vizt By Cash paid 5 .. 13 .. 4 5 .. 13 .. 4 per her Note 22 d Sept 10 .. 10 .. 'Paid Total £16 .. 3 .. 4 ----Mem: She has £2 .. 2 .. advance


Is this the Rev. George Beeston, son of Peter Beeston and Jane (Pennythorne) his wife, of Irnham, Lincolnshire? Born 1737, he went to Douay 8 May 1751; after ordination taught at St. Orner; became chaplain to Sir Thomas Clifford at Tixall, Staffs., and died there 15 Aug. 1797 (C.R.S., xxviii, 277n). See Index. ~ Mass stipend. "Prayers for Brother John." :I: The Rev. John Lindow, son of James Lindow and his wife Bridget (Ormanby) (Gillow, 'Ormandy '), born in Lancashire 1730 (Gillow, 1729); went to Douay 20 Apr. 1754; worked on the Mission in London; lived with Bishop Challoner and Bishop Douglass (Gillow says Bishop Poynter) at 4, Castle St.; Capitular 1770; Dean of the Chapter 1794-1806; retired to Old Hall 1802, died there 9 Dec. 1806; buried in Standon Churchyard. In Bishop Douglass's list, beginning 1800 (Westminster Archives), is the following entry: Name Came on the From what Where placed jRemOVed to W hen Mission College in 1800 removed John Lindow 1765 Douay London. Eternity 9 Dec. 1806







[Po 90] London 12th January 1775 Paid Mr Eyre, for Linnen &ca for Molly's } 1.. 6.. 6 Bed Gowns No Receipt Paid for seeing Wax Work 4s/- & Coach hire 2s/6 d ~- •• 6 .. 6 [po 91] .London 13 th Febry 1775 Paid Mrs Gentil, in full to 31 st last month I Mem: The Apothecary is paid. She has advance ~15 .. 15 .. 6 of mine £2 .. 2 .. -J [po 97] London 6th May 1775 Paid Mrs Gentil, in full, for our Girls 14.. 2.. 6 9 th Set out from London, spent on the Road I Arriv'd at Hainton 11th 9 .. - .. d [po 98] Hainton 23 May 1775 Set out from Hainton for Cadeby. [po 109] Cadeby 15 th August 1775 2 .. 2 .. Gave Mr Hartley, for serving us Set out for London, and spent on my '1 9 .. - .. Journey, Post Chaise &ca Arriv'd at London 17th N.B. Paid to Lincoln 27 mile £1 .. _s . . 3d for Chaise, from Cadeby [po 110] London 25 th August 1775 Gave my Wife, for B- Ch-r,* for PrYS 1 .. 1 .. for Br J. 30 th Molly & Betsey, went to Hammersmith School [po l1IJ London 22 d September 1775 2 .. 2 .. Gave Mrs Gentill (23 d ) advance Gave to Molly & Betsey, for pocket money - . . 10 .. 25 th Set out for Wycliff,~ and took with me Cash 16 .. 13 . . 9 Arriv'd at Wycliff 30 th Spent on my Journey 4 .. 13 .. 9 30 th Octr 10 .. 6 My Wife's expences at Richmond [po 114] Wycliff II th December 1775 Set out from Wycliff Borrow'd & Receiv'd (14th) from Mr Tunstall 8 .. 8 .. Arriv'd at London (16 th ) Spent on the Journey 13 .. - .. -



* Bishop Challoner; Mass stipend for Brother John. ~ Marmaduke Cuthbert Constable, born 1743, assumed the family name Tunstall when, in 1760, he inherited the family estates of Wycliffe Hall, Scargill Castle and Hutton Long Villers, on the death of his uncle, Marmaduke Tunstall. He left no issue and the estates devolved upon his nephew Francis Sheldon, who also inherited Burton Constable and assumed the name of Constable (Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Cath., v, 558),



30 th Paid Mrs Gentil's Bill, in full, by my Wife,} For a Quarter's Pension, &ca, due 30 th last 18 .. 9 .. 4 November Mem: She has advance of mine £2 .. 2 .. [po 122J London 27th February 1776 Gave Mr Tunstall's Servants £10 .. 10 .. } £11 .. 11. . 1 .. 1 .. Do to Eliz. Deaves Came to our Lodgings, at Mr Anson's, King Street, Golden Square 5 th March Paid Mfs Gentill, on account 12 .. 12 .. N.B. Began Drinking Asses Milk Wednesday 6 th London 1st April 1776 [Po 124J Paid my Wife, Coghlan's Bill, for Mr Hartley 2 . . 19 .. Paid to Do Do's Bill, for Teresa Goulding - .. 10 .. London 2d April 1776 [po 125J Gave my Wife, for Mr J arneson, - .. 10 .. 6 18 th Paid Mrs Genti11 (19 th ) Ballance of her Bill 10 .. 12 .. 2 .. 2 .. Gave to Ditto, for her Nephew's Apprenticeship [po 127J London 18 th May 1776 The Letter dated 28 th April 1776 Receiv'd from Mr James Talbot, ~ the Certificate, of the late Mr Moody's:!: Buriall, at Havant, July 6th 1764 [po 128J London 12th June 1776 Paid Chs Carpue, by Mrs Lee, for Dying Silk 5 .. [po 129J London 25 th June 1776 Paid Mrs Gentil (26 th ) in full of all Demands 7 .. - .. th [p o 132J London 13 July 1776 Paid Mr Carpue, for 2 pr Shoes - . . 16 .. [po 133J London 30 th July 1776 Set out with my Wife & Daughters 6th August §Arriv'd at Paris, and find by my Account that I have expended, on my Journey 36 .. 11..----[Cash balanceJ £47 .. 5 .. -



Query: The Rev. Philip Jameson, whose real name was Sachmortcr, S.J.; born at Dunkirk 8 Nov. 1720; entered the Society at Watten 7 Sept. 1738; 1746 confessor at Dunkirk; 1764 missioner at Watten; 1771 College of St. Ignatius, i.e. London; died at Hammersmith 6 Sept. 1795, aged 75 (Foley, Records S.]., vii, 678; C.R.S., xii, 50, gives his age as 79)? Query; Mass stipend? ~ The Rt. Rev. James Talbot. :t One of the Trustees. § From this point all the entries relating to France are given in full.



At the present Liv. Sols Sols Dirn Exchange, of 23 .. 3 per £ Sterling, is Liv. 1093 .. 16 .. 12th Molly & Betsey went to the Fossez,* as Pensioners. Week 13 th Paid Mr Foucault, for I Liv. ') Lodging 72. . ~99 .. 5 .. Paid Do for Wine 27 .. 5 .. 8 J Paid, Traiteur, for Dinners at 2 Liv. per head, & Supers Liv: I: 5: 86 .. 10 .. 5 Do for Breakfasts &ca, this week 8 .. - .. - ~223 .. 5 .. 1 Gave Molly & Bet 12 .. - .. - I Paid B. Lacassin, my Servant, for Candles &ca 12 .. 2 .. Do to Mrs Beneloupe, for Washing 5.. 7 .. -



Liv: 870 .. 10 .. 11 [Po 134J Paris 13 th August 1776 Brought over, Cash Liv: 870 .. 10 .. 11 Drew in Favour, of Ml' Will m Hurst,~ on Messrs Anthony Wright, for Fifty Pounds, for which he gave me his Note, to pay me, on demand Liv. Sols N.B. 25 Guineas, at 24 .. 6 .. per £ Stl. to take from Cash 607 .. 10 .. -

16th Do Liv: 263 .. - .. 11 Paid for Coach hire & Sun drys Liv: 32 .. - .. Do for 18 Ells, Strip'd Lutestring, at Liv s 4 .. 5 per Ell for my Wife 76 .. 10 .. 20 th Paid Mrs Saucede, Traiteur, for Dinners} 51. .10 .. for this week Liv. S. Do to B. Lacassin, for Sundrys 9.. Do to Ditto, for 2 weeks} ~37 .. 4 .. wages at Liv: 2: per Day 28 .. - j Paid Martin, for Butter, Cream, Bread &ca 3 .. 17 . . -


* English Augustinians, Rue des Fossez St. ~

Victor, Paris.

The Rev. William Hurst, born in Lancashire, March 1737; went to Douay 17 Oct. 1749; after ordination taught at Douay and St. Orner; Confessor to the Augustinian nuns in Paris; agent for the English Clergy and Douay; imprisoned during the Revolution; returned to the Convent and died there 27 Nov. 1793 (Gillow and C.R.S. viii, 374, give 11 Nov. Cj. C.R.S., xxviii, 261n; viii, 374; Kirk, Biographies, p. 134; Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Cath., iii, 486).



21 st Received from Mr Hurst on acc t of his Note Paid Mrs Foucault, for Lodging, & wine Liv: 54 per week 60 .. 10 .. Paid for making my Wife's Negligee &ca 15 .. - .. Gave my Wife (27th) the money, she reced from Mrs Bailey, for Miss Stratford £10. Mem: I have 15 & an half guineas _ remaining Paid B. Lacassin, his wages &ca 26.. 4 .. Do to Mrs Saucede, for Dinners &ca 38.. 5 .. Received from Mr (28 th ) Hurst, my Ball ee

240 .. - .. -

390 .. 2 .. 893 .. 2 .. 11 341. . - .. -

Liv: 552 .. 2 .. 11

[Po 135J Mr Wi1l 1l1 Hurst Paris 13 th August 177G, to my Note, on Messr AnthY Wright, in his Fav r for Fifty Pounds, at Liv: 23 . .4s01s per £ Sterling Liv: 1160 .. - .. Cr. 21 st August, Received, on Account Liv: 240 .. - .. 28 th Do per Cash, paid Mrs Lancaster* 529 . . 18 .. Do Do Receivd from him, my Bailee 390 .. 2 .. Do Do Drew, on Messrs AnthY Wright I . Liv. s D 1152 . . - .. for £50 St1. at 23 .. - .. 9) 22 d Septr per Ballance, received 1152 .. - .. -


Ballance=Liv: 2312 .. - .. -2312 .. - .. Paris 28 th August 1776. Brought forward Cash. Liv. 552 .. 2 .. 11 Drew on Messrs Wright, for £50Stl to Mr Will Hurst. Paid Mrs Foucault, for Lodging & Wine Liv. 56 .. 17 .. Do for Coach hire & Sundrys 39 .. - .. Omitted Coach hire &ca 20 th last month 30 .. - .. Paid for mending my Trunk 6 .. - .. Do for Curls &ca for my Wife 7 .. 14 .. -


A loose letter from Wrights the Bankers in the Ledger is addressed to "Monsieur Heneage, Chez Madame Lancaster, Rue de Fossee 5 Victoir a Paris. Par Ostende." Louisa Frances Lancaster, Superior of the Augustinian nuns, Paris, for 42 years, died 22 May 1808 (C.R.S., xii, 101). D



4th September Paid expences, at Pontoise,* Liv: II. . - , for Ch'tise hire &ca, to Do - 33 .. - ~ 44 .. - .. and to Paris J - - - - - 183 .. 11 . . '. Liv rs 368 .. 11. .11 [po 136J Paris 5 th September 1776 Brought over, Cash ' Livl'S 368 .. 11. .11 Paid B. Lacassin for Wages &ca to 3d Inst. 21 .. 8.. 6 Do to Traiteur for Dinners &ca this week 27 .. 13 .. 4 Do to Mrs Foucault, for Lodging & Wine 49 .. 15 .. Do to Coach hire &ca this week 25 .. - . . 1 Paid for Coach, to (9th) Mount calvaire} st Cleud &ca Expences 34 .. - .. Paid Mrs Lancaster, ~ for Tea & Sugar 8 .. 15 .. Paid B: Lacassin, 1 week's wages &ca 24 .. 4 .. 6 18 .. 8 .. Paid, Deslogez, Traiteur Do to Mrs Foucault, for Lodging & Wine 51 .. 13 .. Do for Coach hire, & sundry exps this week . 20 .. - .. 12th Do Drew on Messrs Wright, in. Fav r of Mr Neil Stewart £26 .. 5 .. Stl. and receiv'd value Livrs 605 .. - .. Paid B. Lacassin (17th) his wages &ca 32 .. 4 .. 6 Do to Deslogez, Trait~ur, for Dinners &ca 36 .. - .. Do to M. Grenet, for Ribbon, for Sr H:} Hunloke, value £1 .. I2s .. 6d Stl. Liv rs 37 .. 10 .. 20 th Paid Mrs Foucault, for Lodging & Wine 67 .. 15 .. Receiv'd from Miss Murphy, for Mr Challoner 48 .. - .. 1021. .11. .11 454 .. 6 .. 11 Liv rs 567 .. 5 .. [po 137J Paris 22 d September 1776 Brought forward, Cash Liv rs 567 .. 5 .. Received from Mr Hurst, for my £50 Note, at Exch: 31 i Liv rs 1152 .. - .. Paid for Coach hire, & Sundry expences Livrs 69 .. - .. Paid Mrs Lancaster's Bill to 23 d Inst. 128 .. 13 .. -


His aunt, Dame Marina Hunloke, O.S.B., had been Abbess at Pontoise; died 1753. If Mother Louisa Lancaster.



To Mrs Lancaster's Note to me, to account 800 .. - .. To Ditto for a present Liv: 48 to Mr Hurst Liv. 24 72 .. - .. To my Daughters (23 d ) for Christmas &ca 72 .. - .. Paid Mr PascalI (24th) for hire of a Chaise to Calais 96 .. - .. Paid B. Lacassin, his Wages &ca, in full 25 .. 15 .. Paid for Post Horses &ca, at Post Royal 8.. 5 .. Paid Mr Foucault, in full for Lodging & wine &ca 60 .. 14 .. Paid Deslogez, Traiteur, in full for Dinners &ca 34 .. - .. Gave the Servants, at the Hotel 15 .. - .. -----1381 .. 7 .. Liv rs 337 .. 18 .. Set out from Paris Arriv'd, at Calais (28 th DO) Table Royal Paid Mrs Tuillier (29 th DO) for 1 pe Cambrick=Quantity 9 Hanker Livrs Arriv'd at Dover (DO) the Liv rs 23 per £ Sterling N.B. 15 & an half Guineas, remaining Arriv'd at London (2 d October) Spent on} Journey from Paris

49 .. - .. 288 .. 18 .. -


12 .. 11..16 .. 5 .. 6 £28 .. 16 .. 6 20 .. - .. £8 .. 16 .. 6 [po 138J London 5 th October 1776 -----Gave my Wife, Miss Murphy's money, for B.Cr* 2 .. 2 .. 15 th This morning about 3 o'Clock, my Niece Heneage, was brought to Bed of a Daughter, Christen'd by Mr Short, Teresa Catherine-my Wife & Self stood by proxy, for Mr Barnwell & Mrs Ann Heneage. [po 144J London 12th December 1776 Paid Mr Wheeble,~ for 2 Dozn Candles, at 7s/8 d 16 .• 4 & Box [p. 146J London 7th January 1777 Set out for the Isle of Wight, and") Arriv'd at Newport (loth) Exps on the ~ 5 .. - .. Journey J [po 147J Newport, Isle of Wight, 4th Febry 1777 Set out from hence, and Arriv'd at London} Spent on my Journey (6 th ) 5 .. - .. -

* Bishop Challoner.


Mr. Wheble of Kensington.


NEWl'01<'t A:N'D COWES

[Po 149J London 5ill April 1777 Paid to Mr Coghlan, Life of Christ, 6 .. - . . [po 153J London 28 th April 1777 Set out from London Arriv'd at Cadeby 1st May Spent on the Journey 9 .. - .. th [po 160J Cadeby 25 June 1777 Received from Mr Hartley (28 th ) Coghlan's Bill 1st ApI 76 [po 162J Cadeby 19 th July 1777 Gave Mr Hartley, for serving us 2 .. 2 .. Set out for Hainton (24th) Chaise from Wragsby=ll miles, to Lincoln 8. . 3 [po 163J Lincoln Set out from Lincoln (29 tl1 ) and arriv'd at London (30 th ) at my Nephew Heneage's} Spent on the Journey, for Chaise &ca 8 .. - .. 2d August Gave my Wife, for Prayers for Br John 1.. 1 .. [po 164J London 5 th August 1777 Drew on Anthy Wright (16 th ) & Son, in Favl' of Hon ble James Talbot* £105 s tl, value received, By his Note to me, on Mr Hurst, at Paris for Livers, 2400. [po 165J London 25 t h August 1777 Set out from hence, Arriv'd 26 th at Dover, and at Paris 2d September, at Girard's Hotel D' Angleterre, Rue Haute Feuille St Andre, Spent on our Journey to this Place £20 .. - .. Ditto for Sundrys there 1 .. 1.. 9

2 . . 19 .. -

21 .. 1 . . 9

[Cash balanceJ 16 t h Exchanged 25 Guineas, at the Mint Gave my Wife, Molly & Betsey, half Guinea each

£34 .. 2 .. 6 26 .. 5 .. 7 .. 17 .. 6 1 .. 11 .. ()

21 st N ov r Remains Sterling £6 . . 6 . . Carried the above, to Cash, page 169. [p. 166J Paris 3d September 1777. Receiv'd from Mr Hurst, on account of Mr James Talbot's * Note to me, on him, dated 16 th last month, for Livers, 2400

Received from him, on the above account, Livers

* Bishop James Talbot.

.. 700 .. - .. -




Paid Mrs Lancaster, by Bill, on Mr Hurst and by Cash ---Paid Mrs Lancaster, to 12th Augst Liv s :

Liv s 1000 300 .. 13 .. ------


300 .. 13 .. -----

1300 .. 13 .. 479 .. 7 .. -----Liv s Sols. Den. Paid Mrs Girard, £or1 Lodging, Wine &ca 161. . - .. Dinners &ca, 2 weeks, to 16 th Inst j 25 Guineas, Exchang'd at the Mint 6U .. 8 .. Expences Coach hire &ca 72 .. - .. &ca Received from Mr Hurst, by Mr Rigby* 600 .. - .. Paid my Servant, St Pierre 9 .. - .. Paid Mrs Girard, for a"l week's Lodging &ca to ~ 62.. 3 .. 22 d Instant J Sundry Expences 36 .. - .. Gave the Benedictine Nuns 30 .. - .. Paid Mrs Girard, to 29 th last month 84 .. - .. Sundry Expences 24 .. - .. Received from Mr Hurst, the Bailee 20 .. - .. of Mr Talbot's 1710 .. 15 . . Paid Mr Dunn, by order & Acc: of Mr Dunn, of 24 .. - .. London pd Mrs Mullart, for Mrs A. Heneage's Gown 208 .. - .. Drew on MessrSWright, to Mr Hurst £50 894 .. 19 .. Expences, at the Fair &ca 91 .. 12 .. Paid Mrs Girard, in full to 6th Instant 57.. 4 .. --=-:::------=-=--Paid for my Wife's Stayes 36 .. - .. 815 .. 16 .. -----

19 th Septr



22 d 27th 29 th

Do Do Do

Do Do 1st Octr Do 3d 4th 5 th

Do Do



8 th


Do Do 13 th

Do Do Do




Probably the Rev. Thomas Rigby, Douay till 1771; went to St. Gregory's, Paris, 13 Aug. 1771; ordained priest 1776; D.D. 1782; subsequently head chaplain at Lincoln's Inn Fields 1807-11; V.G. London District; died 24 Jan. 1815, aged 68 (C.R.S., XL", 150-1). The College of St. Gregory was started, in 1667, next door to the Augustinian Convent in Rue des Fossez St. Victor (Bishop King's MSS.). ~ Dr. William Dunn alias Earpe, born in 1749; after two years Divinity at Douay went to St. Gregory's, Paris, 13 Oct. 1772; ordained priest 1780; took his doctorate in 1782, returned to England and was on the mission at Blackburn; died 27 Oct. 1805 (C.R.S., xix, 150; Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Cath., ii, 147); as appears from a later entry, a relation of Mr. Dunn of London. Query: Is the latter the Rev. John Dunn of the London Vicariate ?



[Po 167J Paris 15th October 1777 Cash. Livers 815 .. 16 .. Paid for Coach hire &Ea Expences, Liv rs 59 .. 16 .. 16th Do Received from Mr Hurst, on Account 600 .. - .. Do Do Gave my Wife, for Tea &Ea 9 .. - .. 17th Do Paid St Pierre 9 & ! days wages 19 .. - .. Paid Mrs Girard, in full to 13 th lnst. 105 .. - . . Do to my Barber, to 14th lnst., @ lllv 4s per week 7 .. 4 .. Exps to, at & from Pon87 .. - .. toise &Ea Paid Mr Christian Taylor 106 .. 15 .. -' Liv s rPaid Coach to Pontoise'l 27th Do ~ 3 Days 66 ~78 .. - .. I Permitt 6. & Gave the I l Coachman 6. j 30th Do Paid Piebot, for Tea 28 .. 16 .. 31 st Do Received from Mr Hurst, on acc t 400 .. - . . Do Do Paid Mrs Girard, 2 weeks I Lodging &ca, to 27th ~ 129 .. 12 .. Instant, in full . j Sundry expences 39 .. 13 .. Paid Mrs Girard, m full to 3d lnst. 55 .. 14 .. Received from Mr Hurst 138 .. - .. rDrew on Messrs Anthy Wright, to I 1953 .. 16 .. he gave me L 17th Do ~ Mr Hurst, £ St1. 40. hiS Note for Liv s 908, at about 311~ ( j 894 .. 12 .. or 22.14 per £ St1. Paid Mrs Lancaster, ') 6 .. - .. - I for the making Mrs ~ Liv r I 1059.. 4 . . Ann Heneage's Gown j I 20 th Do Gave .my ~ife. Livs 24\ & Pald M Glrard, >.163.. 2 .. 2 Weeks Bills to 17th I lnst. 139. 2 j [po 168J Paris 21 st November 1777 Brought over Cash Livers £1059 .. 4 .. Gave Mr Hurst Livers 24 .. -' .. Do to my Daughter Molly, it being her Birthday 6 .. - .. Do to my Wife, & to Betsey Livs 6 each 12 .. - .. And to my Wife, & Molly & Betsey half Guinea each 24th {Coach hire &ca expences, to}87 .. 4 . . my wife and Daughters &ca





Paid my Barber, in full 7 .. 4 .. (Endors'd Mr Hurst's Note, to Mrs II Vizt Lancaster. Livers 908 __ __ I ~ Took her Note for Livs 800 .. - .. -,- ~ Gave to Molly & Betsey 48 .. - .. Do to Herself &ca 60 .. - .. - J


Do 28 th Do Do Do

Paid Mrs Girard in full 102 .. Gave Martin 15livs & St Pierre 3 18 .. Do to S.A.M. for her Br 24 .. Paid for a Chaise to Calais 72 .. Received from my Wife, to account

Do 2d

Set out from hence, & arriv'd December at Calais, Table Royal Staid here 'till the loth. N.B. it blew very hard, & bad weather


.. .. .. .. 42 .. - .. lIOI.. 4 .. 453 .. 4 .. -

LivS 648 .. - .. 100 .. 16 .. loth Paid Mrs Tuillier her Bill [po 169J Arriv'd at London 12th December 1777 Brought forward, Livers 648, at 23 .. Livl'S per £ Sterling 28 .. 3 .. 6 Six Guineas 6 .. 6 .. Remains, as by page 165 17th Deer I have 12 Louisdores Left, £34 .. 9 .. 6 valued Stl. 12 .. - .. My Journey from Paris to London, I besides the hire of Chaise, & expences, ~19 .. 6 .. 6 31.. 6 .. 6 at Calais J ----3 .. 3 .. Stl. £ Received from Mr Dunn, for what I had } advanced his Relation, Mr Dunn, at Paris, 1.. 1 .. by his order [po 170J London 8 th January 1778 Set out from hence, & arriv'd at Linco41, the lOth [po 171J Arriv'd at Cadeby 13 th January 1778 My Expences, Post Chaise, &ca from London £lI .. 12 .. [po 174J [Statement of Accounts with Messrs. Wright, Bankers. J 1778 16 th May per my Draft, to Mrs C: Carpue 9 .. - .. 27th Do per my Draft, to Mr Lindow* 77 .. - .. [po 175J [Statement continued.] 1779 1s t Febry Drew in fav r of Mr Lindow* 65 .• 15 .. -


Apparently payments to the Austin nuns in Paris through Mr. Lindow for the children's schooling. See later entry under date 27 May 1778.



Cadeby 4th February 1778 I sign'd an Appointment, to Messrs Petre & Pearson, to appear for me, in Chancery, in the Suit, about the late S1' George Barlow's affairs.* Cadeby 16 th May 1778 [Po 185J Drew in Fav r of Mrs C: Carpue, on Messrs Wright Nine pounds, to debt my wife's Account Cadeby [Po 186J Drew on Messrs Wright, in Fav f of May 27th Mr Lindow, on Acc t of Mrs Lancaster to 12th Instant . £57 .. - .. And I advance to her 20 .. - .. -

[Po 176J


£77 .. - .. -


Livers Mem: Mrs Lancaster, Accounted to me, in her Bill for the 800 she received 27 N ov r [p o 193J Cadeby lIth July 1778 To One who is going to be a Nun} at Bruges, at the Austin's, Mr Short 10 .. - .. [po 194J Cadeby 1778 August 5th Gave Mr Hartley, as a present, for I £ .. s " serving us, from last J anY to this time 5.. 5 3 .. 10.. 6 Received from him, to pay Coghlan's bill, 1 .. 14.. 6



Paid £3 .. 10.. 6 j Cadeby 6 th August 1778 Set out for Lincoln [po 196J Lincoln 7th August 1778 Paid Chaise from Cadeby to Lincoln £1.1 & 3s/l.. 4 .. 11th Set out for London, and arriv'd there } 7 .. 7 . . 12th. Expences of Journey, from Lincoln &Ea 13th Gave my Wife, for Mr Challoner, for Br In. 1 .. 1 .. [po 197J London 1778 August 17th .[ Paid Mr Coghlan, in full for Mr Hartley's} l bill, I received the same, 5 th Instant, from him £1 .. 13 .. Mem: to return to Ml' Hartley 1s/6 d 19 th Paid to Messrs A: Wright, on Acc t of myl Nephew Heneage, for the use of Mrs Mary More,.y. at Bruges, for a Nun rIO . . - .. Mem: Received from my Nephew, for the same I 17th last July )

[po 195J

* See Alexander Knight's letter to Mrs. Heneage, dated 16 July 1798, infra . .yc Prioress O.S.A. Bruges (cf. Gillow, Haydock Papers, pp. 128, 168) .



[P o 198J London 1778 Septr 14th Set out for the Isle of Wight 15 th Arriv'd at Sheat, expences Journey 4 .. 11 .. [p o 200J Sheat 1778 November 19 th Set out from Sheat, Gave the Servants 1 .. 16. . 6 Staid at Ride [RydeJ, could not get a Boat, and Rainy Weather . . .. . . 21 st Left Ride, and arriv'd at London 5 . . 10 . . 23 d Spent on my Journey 25 th I went to Westminster Hall, & took the Oath of Allegiance, to his Majesty, before Lord Chief Justice de Grey, at the Court of Common Pleas, and Sign'd my Name.* Gave the Clerk 3 .. [po 205J London 1st February 1779 Drew on Messrs AnthY Wright, in Fav r of Mr Lindow, in full for Mrs Lancaster's Bill, due 12th last N ov r ÂŁ65 .. 15 .. [p. 206J London March 1799 2d Set out for the Isle of Wight, } 7 .. 2 .. 6 Arriv'd at Sheat, spent on the Journey 5 th d [po 211J Sheat 23 March 1779 Set out for London; 24th: Arriv'd, Journey Exp' 5 .. 17 .. [po 212J London 20 th April 1779 21 st {paid at the Secreatry's [sicJ Office, for} pass-port, to Calais, for me & my Wife 2.. 2.. 6 27th Set out for Paris, and carried Cash ÂŁ 42 .. 18.. 6 11th August 1781 Arriv'd at London~ Royal Hotel Pal-Mal Mem: I kept an Account, in a small Book, from the time of my setting-out to my return. [po 213J London 16 th August 1781 Do Came to Mrs Poitiers, Conduit Street [p o 214J London April 1781 1.. 1 .. 4th Gave Doctor Savage, for Betsey [po 216J London October 1781 22 d { ReceiVed from Ml' Lindow, to remit to } Ml' Newton,:I: of the Grange 6.. 6 .. II [po 223J London 1782 21 st March This morning, about Eleven o'Clock, my Nephew Heneage, departed this Life.


Their [the Catholic gentry's] loyalty had been confirmed by the oath enacted as an accompaniment to the Relief Act of 1778, which oath all of them had taken" (B. Ward, The Dawn of the Catholic Revival, i, 88). , From subsequent entries it is clear that they brought their daughters back from their school in Paris. Query: The Rev. Robert Newton ?




[Po 224] London April 1782 24th Advanced to my Daughters, on acc t of Tweezer & Souvenir 1 .. 1 .. [po 225] London May 1782 28 th {Receiv'd from Mr Lindow, for Mr Newton,*} of the Grange 6 .. - .. [po 227] . London June 1782 12th Set out from London . 14th Arriv'd at Lincoln 21 st Gave Mr Wright" of Hainton, the money I ~ I received 28 th last month, from Mr Lindow ~ 6 .. - .. Lfor Mr N ewton* j [po 229] Cadeby 13 th July 1782 My Wife & Daughters set out for Wycliff [po 237J Cadeby November 1782 Paid my Wife, for Mr Lindow, :I: PrayrS 1 .. 1 .. 9 th [po 248] Cadeby May 1783 loth Set out for Mrs Heneage's, at FizWalter 13th Arriv'd there, Spent on my Journey 18 .. 19 .. 28 th Came to London, Spent at FitzWalter & to here 5 .. 3 .. [po 250] London July 1783 ReCeiVed from Mr Jn o Lindow, on Acc t of I II tll Mr Rob t Newton of the Grange, one I Year's dividend, for Croft's fund, due 6 .. - .. 8th Instant [po 251] London August 1783 12th Wife & Self put in our answer, in Chancery, to James Urry, Claimant, for the Isle of Wight Estate &caยง







* Payments from the

Croft Fund." ,The Rev. Thomas Wright, son of Thomas Wright and Martha (Clary) of Norwich; educated Douay; went to St. Gregory's, Paris, 2 Dec. 1761; left 6 Aug. 1767, to teach at St. Orner; ordained priest at Arras 19 Dec. 1767; returned to St. Gregory's 2 July 1769; D.D. 21 March 1772; chaplain to Heneage family at Hainton; elected to the Chapter in 1792; spent his last years as a missioner at West Ham, Essex, where he died 26 May 1799, aged 56 (C.R.S., xix, 147, 149, 150). :I: The Rev. John Lindow. Mass stipend. ยง Mr. R. Urry, of Shrewsbury, in a letter to the Rev. R. G. Davis, dated 20 July 1893, says: Richard Urry, the 2nd Brother of Col. Thomas Urry, was a Merchant in London. He married Mary, Daughter of Sir Tho s Thynne, Ancestor of the Marquis of Bath. They had one son, James, who married Elizabeth Guyer at Newchurch on May 31 st 1686. He died on May 9 th 1738, without issue, whereupon Thos Urry, the son of his Father's next Brother John became the heir presumptive to the Sheat Estate, under the Entail created by settlement made by Col. Thomas Urry on his marriage in 1670-and in 1776 (on the death of Tho s Urry, Grandson of Col. Thomas) becameit is said- entitled to possession of such Estate, although the last named Tho! affected to leave same by his Will to his sister Elizth (the mother of Mrs Heneage) who in fact took same under such Will, and I believe same was never challenged until after a long lapse of years by my Great Uncle. This was about the year 1800 I think." II




19 th 22rt

Set out for Lincoln. ,Paid Mr Wright, at Hainton, for Mr Newton I ~ of the Grange, on acc t of money received from ~6 .. - .. l Mr Lindow, 11th Instant j [po 253J [Statement of Accounts with Messrs. Wright, Bankers.J 1784 27th N ovr Per my draft to Mrs Louisa Lancaster 45 .. - .. -

[po 254J Arriv'd at Cadeby 22 d August 1783 My Journey from London, Expences £20 .. - .. [po 256]. Cadeby 11th October 1783 [Lengthwise, in the margin] 13 th my Niece Heneage, Died at Fizwalter, Essex. [po 257J Cadeby 1st November 1783 16 th Gave my Wife, for her Journey to London 17th She & my Daughters Set out, for Do [po 271J Cadeby 22 d November 1784 27th ,Drew on Messrs Wright, in fav r of Mrs ~ Louisa Lancaster, 1 m. date, to account L£45 .. - .. 6

21 .. - .. -

[Ledger No.4-in the same binding and size as No.3, but a thinner book.J [On white paper, apparently used as a cover, is written] Windsor Heneage His Account Book Cadeby 1st January 1785. [po 4J Cadeby 26 th January 1785. 28 th Drew on Messrs Wright, in Fav r of my Wife Eliz: Heneage, for £100, & gave her for her Journey to London; set out this morning 10 .. 10 .. [po 14J Cadeby 1785 . 16 th August Gave to my Wife, for her Journey to London [po 18] [Last entryJ 10 .. 10 .. Cadeby 11th January 1786 Cash, Brought over £291 .. 17 .. 6 Do f Drew on Messrs Wright, in favl' of Mrs Ann l Heneage, in full for her Christmass J oynture £45 31 st Disbursements, this month as per Day Book 21. 16. 4 Cash

£270.. 1.. 2

[On p. 12 is written, in il1rs. Elizabeth Heneage's hand,J 13 Feb 1786 Mr Heneage drew £530. (on l.,1 essrs. WrightJ



[A II the letters s"ent by one person are placed together in chronological order. The archaic spelling has been retained.J No. 1. Letter dated London 25 July 1761 from James Windsor Heneage to his future wife, Miss Elizabeth Browne of Sheat, Gatcombe, Isle of Wight. [A double quarto sheet sealed with the Heneage coat of arms in red wax and addressedJ [po 4J To Miss Browne at Gatcombe, near Newport 25J [post-markedin the Isle of Wight Rants JyJ London 25 th July 1761 [Po IJ Dear Madam I Receiv'd your most kind and obliging Letter, by yesterday's post, which gave me great Satisfaction, to hear that you was well, and hope you will continue so; As for myself, I don't expect, to be right well, untill I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in London, which I hope will be, on Tuesday the II til August, if all things succeeds, which I don't question but will; the only thing my Lawyers want to see at present, is the Schedule of our Mortgages & Securities, and how they are to be fixed and settled; I wrote to Mr Browne, and to Mr Eames,* about the same, which I hope they receiv'd, and that Mr Eames will send the same to me, for to shew to Ml' Booth" after that, I shall send the Copy of our settlements &ca, to Mr Eames, to have them ingross'd, and then cannot see any obstacle to hinder our mutuall matrimoniall happiness, which I hope, in God, will allways continue, and the longer we live, I don't fear but that our Love & Affection will en crease daily; and you may depend that I shall do all in my power to contribute to the same; so I would have you be in good spiritts, and recommend this great affair to God, [p o 2J who I hope will bestow his Blessings on us, and you may be sure, that I shall join with you, in the same prayer, heartily & sincerely. I hope I sh all hear from Mr Browne, & Mr Eames soon, and that I shall know, in what manner they would have the Securities &ca settled and fixed; pray my humble respects to Mr Browne, and am obliged to him, for all Favours; and I would have him Fix all things, as to his mortgages &ca, to his own ease and convenience, and I don't question but that I should agree to the same, as I am fully convinced, that he would desire nothing, but what was Just and equitable. I saw Mr Errington ~ this morning, and

* Apparently acting for Mr.

Browne. acting for Windsor Heneage. ~ The Rev. William Errington of the London Vicariate. See H eneage Ledgers under date 21 August 1761, and his letter to Mrs. Heneage infra.

'f4 Apparently



acquainted him, that Ml' Brown thank't him for his Letter, and for his offer of comeing down, and accompanying you to London, and I told him, that he must not hurry you upon the Roade; and desire you will take care of the same your self, and not make your self sick when you come first to London, I am sure that I shall be extreamly overjoy'd to see you in Town, and shall not be right easy, and well, till shall have that same pleasure. [po 3J The only thing, I can desire of you in the mean while is, to Let me hear from you, as often, as you can conveniently, for it really refreshes me, and does me more good, than any thing I can take, or doe, for the weather is very faint, warm, &ca, and as I know, you are very charitable, & good, I don't question, but that you will comply, with this my only Comfort & desire, and shall live in hopes, of hearing very soon from you; tho even so short a letter, will give great pleasure, and satisfaction to him, who has the honour, of subscribing himself, Dear Madam yr

most Affectionate & Sincere humble Servant, for ever P.S. Mr Errington designs to sett Windsor Heneage out from London, on next wednesday; he goes first to M n; Elliott's, and then to the People about Windsor, so if you and Mr Browne thinks proper, designs to set out from Windsor, on Monday 3 d August for Gatcombe; he will leave directions* with me for to send to him at Windsor, if anything particular happens. Adieu, Pray for me. No.2. Letter dated Barrowby [near GranthamJ 23 February 1763, from the Rev. John Busby~ to Mrs. Heneage at Cadeby. [A double quarto sheet addressed] To Mrs Heneage at Cadeby near Louth Turn at Stilton. Lincolnshire [po 3J Madam The Favour of your obliging Lines came in due Time to hand and am more obliged to you for your kind rememberance of the poor in these parts then I can express. I shall give an Account of my situation and leave you to judge, how far your Charity may extend to them. My Number consists of about Eighty in different places and about two or three and Twenty Children; none of them in so good circumstances as to give me a dinner and few of them very poor, so leave you to determine

* An address. ~

See Heneage Ledgers under date 17 May 1767.



whether the whole or what Number comes under your plan. In Nottingham and places adjacent, there are many poor Journeymen Fraime Work Knitters, who I think are proper objects. As to Granadals &c I think it a most incomparable good Book. It was some time ago published at Manchester, But as it is raither Voluminous, I am affaired few of Mine can find Time to make proper use of it. And as to the [? Petey] or Key of Heaven I preferr for the poor, The Garden of the Soul, as answering every End of the former more Instructive and much cheaper, tho a few of them will be acceptable. I desire you will return my sincere thanks to the person, that mentioned me to you. I send you here a Catalogue of the Books, I chiefly give. Ml' Gothers Instructions for Confession &c do for particular states &c do for Masters Labourers & Servants; Instructions for Youth,* Think well on't, B: C: Meditations; Garden of the Soul; Grounds of the Catholick Faith, Catholick Christian, A Caveat against Methodists, ~ Poor Mans Catechism, Practical Reflections, Introduction to a devout Life St Fr: de Sales, Imitation of Christ. my directions:t are, To Mr Busby at Barrowby near Grantham Lincolnshire, by Truman's Waggon from the Castle Inn in Wood Street London.

[Po 2J [Written lengthwise.J If there are any other Books you ch[oose] ยง to send down I shall be very glad to distribute them. My Compliments and best W[ishes .... ]nd ยง you, Mr Heneage and Brown" r with your Little ones. I am with the greatest regard [Mada]mยง Barrowby Your most obliged Feb: the 23, [17J63 Humble servant Is Mr Hartly* * dead for I wrote to him some time ago Jn o Busby and have not heared one word from him. No.3.


Letter dated London 13 June 1765, from the Rev. William Errington~~ to Mrs. Heneage at Cadeby.

All by the Rev. John Gother (cj. Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Catk., ii, 545). The Instructions for Youth mentioned here must not be confused with The Instruction for Youth by the Rev. Thomas Eyre, and mentioned by him in his letter (vide infra). The latter was published in 1783. ~ All by Bishop Challoner, as are also the translations of the Introduction to a Devout Life and of The Invitation (Canon Burton, Life and Times of Bishop Challoner, ii, 323 et seq.). :t I.e. address. ยง Hole in the letter where it had been sealed with red wax. " Mrs. Heneage's father. A curious question. The Rev. William Hartley was not chaplain at Cadeby until September 1767 according to the Ledgers: he was not ordained until 1766 . See Heneage Ledgers under date 21 August 1761: Founder and Proprietor of Sedgley Park School (Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Catk., iii, 401).





[A double quarto skeet addressed]

[po 4J

To Mrs Heneage at Cadeby near Louth Lincolnshire

[On the same page, but hidden when the sheet was folded, is written] Mrs Constable mends



London June 13-1765

Dear Madam I was favoured with yours on friday Last & tho' I thought it Long since I heard from you, yet never had the Least temptation to think you ungrateful. I must own I should have been more uneasy had I known of your Illness, which I am really sorry to hear, and do earnestly beg of you, my Dr Mad 11l, to take all possible care to recover your health. I cannot blame you for being unwilling to take many drugs, as you never was accustom'd to deal much with medicins. Some Little cooling things, such as whey, or the Like, may take off, perhaps, that feverish disposition in the blood, & a Little flannel may give ease for the Rheumatick complaint.-But as to the Spiritual Complaint, I am very glad, my Dr Child, you have mention'd so particularly how you find yourself, which I beg you always will do, without any fear of being troublesome, for, I do assure you, it would [beJ a far greater trouble to me for you to go on with any uneasiness of mind thro' your unwillingness of giving me trouble, than you possibly can by writing to me, if it was every week. The dryness that you feel & disrelish, even to those most pious & at other times moving subjects, is not a sign that you are worse [po 2] or any ways Gone back in Spirituals. The great difficulty in your Spiritual dryness &c, is the very great ease the Enemy finds to make you believe all that is bad of yourself; and what still adds to this dejection, is the indisposition of body that you are in. was you in perfect health, you would much sooner recover, from your present Low dejected & melancholly state. But after all, do what you can, my Dr Mad m to pluck up your spirits, & make yourself as cheerful as you can. Take this for your comfort, that altho' your present state is very irksome & apt to weight you down with grief & melancholly, yet, believe me, 'tis much more secure than you are aware of, nor are you so displeasing to God, as you will, now, be too much inclined to think, & the Enemy will endeavour to persuaided [sicJ. Your Prayers in the very midst of all your dryness, & total dissipations, will be more pleasing to God than, when you, perhaps, found more devotion in them, & you will be removed, at a far greater distance, from the temptation of Spiritual pride. Do not therefore omit your prayers, but present yourself before God AIm: & wish, at Least, you could perform your Prayers in such a manner as was most pleasing to him. Do not be too Long a time at your prayers,



nor spend too. much time in reading, and what you do read, Let it be those subjects that may move you most to a Love & confidance in God. Endeavour in conversation [po 3J to be as cheerful as you can, & I do not doubt, but in a Little time, you will find your usual peace of mind, to which a return of health will very much contribute.- In your feverish disposition, keep yourself as still & quiet as you can; do not take too much exercise. Do not, by any means, perplex yourself with the thoughts of the account you must give of your familly, or those under your charge; these thoughts are only temptations, & the same about your Children. You are safe enough in both those heads. When in your room, retir'd at your prayers or reading, do not imagine you should be about the house; these are temptations. When you quit your Room, Frayers &c, do not then think you should be at them; this is again a temptation. The books I would chiefly advise you to read, at these times, is St Fra: Sales Introduction,* & the following of Christ.* You will see by the date, this was designed for you Last post. I am sorry I have been so Long before I answer'd you, but you know it has been a busy time. You did right in writing to me, pray Let me hear from you soon, & by the post B: Chal.~ sends you his Blessings & hopes you will find comfort by this, tis what I wish most earnestly. we shall not think the Least amiss of your Gentleman, but are glad you have such a one. But 'tis best to consult those that know you. Our kind ComplS to your Father Husband &c I am Mad m Most sincerely Ever yours Wm Errington. No.4. Letter dated London 28 December 1770, from Mary, Lady Arundell, to Mrs. Heneage at Cadeby. [A double qu¡arto sheet addressed to J Mrs Heneage at Cadeby Near Louth (by Lincoln) Lincolnshire [Post-marked 29 Dc. atLd with a coat of arms on the red sealingwax.J Madam Your Obliging Letter dated the 12 inst did not arrive at Wardour till I had left that place & ever since I received it (which was last week) I have been confined to my Room (& part of the time to my Bed) by a very bad sore Throat, thank God I am now all most quite well again tho I am not yet allow'd to go down stairs. This will I hope plead my excuse for being so long in answering the favour of yours. As for the Woman you recommend for seting up a School at Irnham her Charracter is such that I could have no objection to

* Translated by Bishop Challoner, the Introduction as recently as 1762. ~

Bishop Challoner.



her but we have allready fix'd a Cat. School Master there who is a most deserving Man & gives great content to all partys & therefore it would not on any account be right to remove him. [p o 2J I am intierly of your oppinion Madame that it is one of the greatest Charitys that can be dun to poor Children to promote there being well instructed in their Youth & doubtless great will be your reward hereafter for your in devour to promote such acts of Charity as allso for your Piety & the good example you set us all. I hope you will pardon this last expression which is not ment as flattery & belive me to be Madam Your most obed t Humble Servant Mary Arundell Portman Square Dec ur the 28 1770. No.5. Letter dated Longbirch 15 February 1773, from Bishop John Hornyold* to Mrs. Heneage. [A double sheet of paper; outside pages blank. Letter begins on p. 3 and ends on p. 2.J Madam Your favour of the 6th Inst came duly to hand. I am concerned to find thereby that you should be in the least solicitous about the payment of your Father's Legacies, since it is well known, that there is a whole year allowed to every Executor before the payment of any Legacy, and this in order, that the Executors may have time to get in the Debts, or dispose of the Effects which belonged to the Deceased; we therefore beg that you will make yourself quite easy upon that account, and we also desire that you will not sell or dispose of any thing to a loss upon our Account.-Give me now leave Maddam to return you my thanks for the present of the new years Gift; which I will dispose of according to your Intention. but as to the Price of the Binding the Books Intitled the way to Happiness, I must beg to be excused in not informing you, especially as you was so good as to give them to the POOf.- I must , now acquaint you that Mr Talbot, & I have both of us carefully looked over your Dear Father's Manuscripts, ~ which I assure you has much edified me, and from which there appears a great Fund of Piety; but not any thing that he ever intended to publish, being purely for his own use, and memory: I have packed them [po 2J up in the Same Box in


Born 19 February 1706; went to Douay 7 August 1728; after ordination at Grantham in Lincolnshire; in 1739 went as chaplain to Mrs. Giffard at Longbirch, Staffordshire, which was rented after her death, 13 February 1753, as a residence for the Vicars Apostolic of the Midland District; consecrated in Stonor Castle, Oxon., Bishop of Philomelia 10 February 1752, Coadjutor to Bishop John Talbot Stonor, and succeeded him as V.A. Midland District in 1756. Died 26 December 1778 (Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Cath., iii, 399-403). ~ ~

Bishop Thomas Talbot, Coadjutor. See entry under date 1 Dec. 1772, Heneage Ledgers. E



which they came down to me & have directed them for you at Mr Coghlan's they went off this morning by the London CarrierMr Talbot joins me in best wishes & CompiS to you & M1' Heneage and I am Madam Longbirch Your most oblg d humle Servt Feb r the 15 th 1773 Jn o Hornyold. No.6.

Letter dated Paris 31 July 1781, from Prioress Ann J ohnson* to Mrs. Heneage at London. [A double quarto sheet addressed] To Mrs Winsor Heneage to be left with M1' Coghlan Bookseller Duke Street near Grosvenor Square London

Paris July the 31. 1781. Dear Madam I hasten to give you joy of your Safe arrivall to England, & hope the journey has been prosperous & agreeable & that you was not alarm'd by Storms or bad weather upon Sea, M1' Brindle~ & each one of our family unites in respectfull Compliments to M1' Heneage your Dear Self & two amiable Daughters, our best remembrance will never be wanting, that the Choicest Blessings may Ever attend the whole family, we justly owe this Small tribute for the many favours Confer'd upon us Since your first coming to Paris, for which we are & Ever shall be truely gratefull. If the happiness which through the Divine mercy I have enjoy'd about forty years would allow it, there is only one thing that I could almost envy you in, 'tis not I asure you Dear Madam [po 2] In Sumptuous Banquets, Costly dress, or visits to the Grandees of this world, these are but a meer Slavery, but 'tis in your visits to poor familys, how will these needy members of Jesus Christ rejoyce to see their Benefactress return'd in better health then when you first quitted England, what tears of joy will they shed on this occasion, & what fervent prayers will they offer up to heaven in your behalf. I hope your Dear Daughters will one day Copy the Example you have given them in this point, & will reap both in this world & the next the benefit of that valuable


Rev. Mother Prioress Dame Anne Johnson, O.S.B., died at Paris 13 June 1784 (C.RS., xii, 25). Rev. Mother Mary Magdalen Johnson, O.S.B., Prioress for eighteen years, died at Paris 13 June 1784 (C.RS., ix, 397). Ann was her Christian name, and Mary :Magdalen her name in religion. ~ There was a Mother Mary Placid Brindle in the Community (C.RS., ix, 402), but no trace of a Mr. Brindle. In a letter to the Rev. R. G. Davis from St. Benedict's Priory (now St. Mary's Abbey), Colwich, under date 7 Dec. 1793, among the names of those who paid the nuns' expenses when they arrived in England is "William Brindle ÂŁ10."



Dowray which you have treasured up for them, viz the prayers & vows of the poor, more precious in the sight of God then millions of gold or silver. [po 3J we should be extremly glad to hear, at your leasure how your Self & family Sustain'd the journey, and with the asurance that you'll never be forgot at Chant Lalouette,* particularly by her who remains with the greatest Esteem & gratitude Madam your most obedient humble Servant Ann Johnson Nos. 7, 8 and 9 . Letters dated (7) Bath 22 December 1781; (8) Bath 20 January 1782; (9) Bath 26 October 1787; from Bishop Charles Walmesley" a.S.B., D.D., F.R.S., to Mrs. Heneage.

[A single quarto sheet.J Bath Dec: 22: 1781 Madam Yesterday I received the parcel of books together with your favour inclosing your bounties of two Bills of ten pounds each, for the Poor. Your spirit of Charity is undoubtedly beyond expression, and your reward will certainly be so too. I shall take care to have the money distributed to the Poor as you direct, without taking any of it to myself; but am much obliged to you for your kind offer. The books shall likewise be disposed of agreeably to your desire. I have already some intelligence of the young woman you recommend, and her case shall be examined into. The Poor here are numerous; they are tolerably helped. They have great reason to bless you on this occasion, and they will certainly offer up their ardent prayers for you though kept unknown to them. I am very sorry that Mr Heneage here has found no benefit from the Bath-waters. I beg that you and Mr Heneage and Miss Heneage will accept of my best wishes of a happy Christmas and a happy New Year, and am Madam


Your very hble servant C. Walmesley

The Benedictine Convent was in Rue Chant de l'Alouette, or Rue du Champ de l'Atouette, since 1664 (cJ. C.R.S., ix, 430). This was in the XVle Quartier of Paris, that of the Place Maubert, running parallel with Rue des Filles anglaises, but on the side nearest to St. Marcel's church (Maquet, Paris sous Louis XIV, Paris, 1889). , Born 13 Jan. 1722; educated at St. Gregory's College, Douay, and St. Edmund's, Paris, where in 1739 he was professed; D.D., Sorbonne; mathematician known throughout Europe, Fellow of the Royal Societies of London and Berlin; 1749, Prior of St. Edmund's, Paris; 1753, Procurator-General of the Order in Rome; 1756, consecrated Bishop of Rama, Coadjutor to Bishop York, V.A. Western District, who resigned in 1763 and was succeeded by Bishop Walmesley. Died at Bath 25 November 1797 (Gillow, Dict. of Eng. Catk., v, 569-70).



[A double quarto sheet addressed to]

Mrs Heneage

No 42 Conduit Street London Madam Bath Jan: 20: 1782 Yesterday I received the packet of books together with your letter containing your draft of 180£ on Messrs Wrights. The books I'll endeavour to distribute as well as I can conformably to your desire. You give a noble instance of Charity in the generous sum of money which you send, and for which you deserve the highest acknowledgements; but what is above all, is that your reward will be certain and secure. I shall make that use of it that you prescribe, and shall take care to admonish those who are benefited by it, to offer up their prayers according to your intentions. I hope those prayers will procure the blessings your desire. There is so much corruption in the world, and particularly among youth, that it is very difficult and dangerous to introduce young people into it. The times, as you justly observe, are very bad; and yet, if Pastorini's observations may be trusted, I fear Religion will decline more and more till it comes to a much higher pitch than it is at present; a lamentable circumstance for all well-thinking people. . [po 2J Pains have been taken with the woman you mention to rescue her out of the danger she is in, but hitherto they have been rather unsuccessful: however, further endeavours shall be made for it. My best wishes of health and all other blessings attend you, Mr Heneage, and Miss Heneage, and am Madam Your very humble servant [po 3 blank; p. 4 addressed as above.J C. Walmesley. [A single quarto sheet.J

Madam Your favour of the 17th inst. found me at Wardour Castle, Lord Arundel's seat, where I was gone to give Confirmation, and could not look into my books about the money-matters you inquire after, till my return to Bath. I have forwarded to Mr Sharrock* Mr Tunstal's bill of £ 3 . 3 . O. I find in my books the following sums you sent to me: £ 200 in 1782; £ 300 in 1783; £ 200 in 1787; I constantly added the interest to the principal and bought in stock; by which means the stock now amounts to £1280 in the 3 p. cent reduced Annuities, which produces yearly £38.8.0. Mr Sharrock received from you, I believe, £ 150 in 1782; again £200 in 1787: but of this he will give you an exact account, as


Bishop William Gregory Sharrock, O.S.B., Coadjutor, consecrated Bishop of Telmessus 12 Aug. 1780; succeeded as V.A. Western District in 1797. Died 7 Oct. 1809.



also of the intended Mission in Wales,* as he is nearest the spot, and has paid attention to it all along, and we hope it will be soon sufficient for the purpose and the mission settled. I shall always acknowledge with the warmest gratitude your bounty to my District. and I don't fail in offering up frequent prayers for you. On reading in your last your desire of a Mass for your intention, the next day I said it. with regard to Sir Pyers Mostyn, I don't exactly know what he does for the poor catholics: [on the reverse] I have forwarded to Mr Sharrock the list of anniversaries you desired.- Very alarming, as you observe, is the decay of Religion in these days. Nothing seems to be minded but the satisfactions of this world and the next scarce thought of. And what adds greatly to the alarm is, that it seems to follow from the same source of knowledge you hint at, that this general Degeneracy will go on increasing to a future period. On that account we see also the Divine scourges constantly increasing in proportion upon mankind. I have a sincere regard for Mr & Mrs Tunstall. I beg my best Compliments to them, and shall not fail to comply with Mrs Tunstal's desire. With all good wishes of health &c to yourself and Daughters I am Madam Chapel-Row, Bath Your obliged humble servant C. Walmesley Oct. 26: 1787. Letters 10, II and 12. No. 10, dated Longbirch 3 July 1783, and No. II, dated Longbirch 29 January 1794, from Bishop Thomas Talbot~; No. 12, dated Coventry 5 June 1783, from the Rev. John Pilling:!: addressed to Bishop Thomas Talbot and enclosed in the letter to Mrs Heneage.


The Rev. R. G. Davis, Rector of Cowes, tried to trace this Mission. He was informed that in a list of contributors to the erection of the Catholic Church at Monmouth, drawn up by Bishop Sharrock and dated 4 July 1792, Mrs. Heneage's name was down for ÂŁ30. The priest at Brecon also wrote, in 1.893, .. Mrs Elizabeth Heneage is one to whom this mission is, I believe, somewhat largely indebted. There is still a farm attached to this mission, yielding a rent of about ÂŁ40, which was given by her towards the support of this mission, towards the end of last century." ~ See Brockhampton Registers. :!: The Rev. (John) Bonaventure Pilling, O.S.F., Guardian of Douai 1. 773-6; sent on the Mission 1776, at West Grinstead; at Coventry before Oct. 1779 until 29 Sept. 1794 (except for four months in 1785, when he was at Lord Dormer's at Grove Park); titular Guardian of Coventry 1788-9; Provincial 1791-4; at the Portuguese Chapel, London, at the close of his life; died at Osmotherley, Yorkshire, 12 Jan. 1800, aged 66 (Fr. Thaddeus, Franciscans in England, p. 287; C.R.S., xii, 78; Dom Sebastian Simpson, O.S.B., A Centenary Memorial of Saint Osburg's, Coventry, pp. 4, 7, Coventry, ] 945 (in which the date of death is given, wrongly, as 12 June); Irene Hernaman, West Grinstead and Our Sussex Forefathers, p. 81, London, 1924 (in which the name is spelt ' Pelling ') ).



[A single small quarto addressed to] Mrs Heneage Conduit Street N° 42 Hanover Square London Longbirch July 3: 1783 Madam

Through my Neglect in omitting to send Directions to you,* to those to whom I remitted money in your name They have respectively made me the channel through which their Thanks are to flow to you . Mr Walmesley,' to whom I remitted £300, says, "Be so good, as to tell Mrs H. with my most grateful Thanks that I shall take care to comply with her Desire and Intentions." MJ' Gibson:r: to whom I sent £100 says" I request you will return my most grateful Acknowledgments for her very seasonable & charitable Donation." I inclose in this B. Hay's§ & Mr Pillings Letter from Coventry; as the wants & Distresses at Coventry are I believe very great I will shortly send him another £ 10. I beg to be kindly remembered to Mr Heneage and your Daughter & am with great Esteem Yr most obed t hble Servt Tho s Talbot [A single small quarto sheet.] Longbirch Jan. 29: 94 Madam To the best of my Power & Recollection I wish to send you an Acc t of Expenditure & Rec ts . Dec: 1792 I rec d from you £50: per contra Bredalls Extras & Duprenes £ 11- 12-0. 1793 Sep. 4 for Do & Hunt £23-6-6. Nov: 2 Mr Marsh ~ £15. I rec d also from you £70 of which I have returned by Demands from Mr Nutt** for Wheeler & Weston & afterwards for Mrs Green £60. These frequent Demands alarmed me and I thought exceeded your Designs & Intentions & made me unwilling to proceed without positive Orders from you. Before the £ 70 Drafts just rec d from you on Bp Douglass I had but a few Pounds belonging to you.

* I.e.,

your address. 'Bishop Charles Walmesley, O.S.B., V.A. Western District (1763-97) . :t Bishop Matthew Gibson, Bishop of Comana, V.A. Northern District (1780-90). § Bishop George Hay, V.A. Lowland District, Scotland (1778-1805). ~ It is difficult to know whether these payments refer to priests. There was a Rev. James Marsh, born in Lancashire 19 Aug. 1762, son of Thomas Marsh and Alice (Chamberlaine), who went to the English College, Valladolid, 9 March 1778, was ordained priest 22 Sept. 1787, and left for England 7 July 1788. In 1793 he was chaplain to Charles Stanley, Esq ., of Moorhall near Ormskirk (C.RS., xxx, 205, 211). He died 21 May 1811 (C.RS., xii, HI). Fr. Pacificus Nutt, O.S.F., approved for the Mission 1770; Praeses at Birmingham 1771; Provincial 1785-8, 1794-9; died at Birmingha m 27 Sept. 1799. What the payments are for is difficult to say. "Mrs Green" suggests that they may be to religious communities (Fr. Thaddeus, Franciscans in England, p. 299; C.RS ., x ii, 68).




We have already had two Subscriptions made here for [po 2J the persecuted & distressed Priests, I dont know how I could well petition & urge another which if I did I fear would not prove productive & would offend many. I mean by the first opportunity to signify your Intentions to Ml' Marsh, & am with many complts and the greatest Respect Yr most obed t hble Servt P.S. I believe Mr Austin* T. Talbot is in a distressed situation in a very poor & numerous Congregation on which he labours much, and in much want of assistance. By this Days Post I have sent £ 20-0-0 to Mr Nutt for Green & Weston & have acknowledged your Rec t of Green's £.

[A single sheet.J Coventry June 5 th 178:1 My Lord This by the return of Post acknowledges the Rec t of your draft of £ 10-0-0, and presents your Lordp and worthy Mrs Heneage my most grateful thanks for the same. Never was misery greater in Coventry amongst all denominations, in consequence of almost a total stagnation of trade; never of consequence could come more opportunely so ample a supply. Be assured, My Lord, that it shall be faithfully distributed amongst the necessitous, according to emergencies, which happen more or less every day. I have several sick at present in the utmost distress, whom your late charity enabled me to relieve, and this will abundantly supply all future wants I hope, till Providence sends more. By spiritual wants, I suppose, your Lordp means pious and instructive books. These I will also procure and distribute, as circumstances may require. If Mrs Heneage has any other particular object in view, should be glad to be informed of it, that I may fulfill her charitable intentions in every respect. If the Pastor himself becomes necessitous, as is likely to be my case, quid j~tris et facti? In reality, My Lord, my poor pittance is so [Po 2J reduced at present by the emigration of Some, and the Poverty of others, that it is very difficult indeed to make ends meet. The Subscription diminishes daily, and tho' trifling at the best, was still a great help towards my Subsistence. If that once drops, as it necessarily must if times dont mend, it will be impossible for me to remain at Coventry, without some other supply. God's


A Rev. John Austin died at Brailes, Warwickshire, 28 Sept. 1809, aged 67, educated at the English College, Rome (C.R.S., xii, 104). There is no ] ohn Austin in the English College Register, but there is a John Augustine Lamb of London, who was born in 1742, on 14 Sept., son of William Lamb and Mary (Tapprel), who went to Rome 15 July 1754, was ordained priest 8 Sept. 1765 and left for the Mission 9 April 1766 (C.R.S. , xl, 211, No. 1416). Moreover, 'there were only two other Roman students born in 1742 (i.e . who would be 67 in 1809) .



will be done. Please to excuse the liberty I take in exposing my personal difficulties and wants, and to believe me to remain with profound veneration and respect, My Lord, your most obed t and much obliged hb1e Servt Jn o Pilling Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Letters from Bishop George Hay* dated (13) Edinburgh, 5 December 1771; (14) Aberdeen, 22 June 1783; (15) Aberdeen, 25 September 1783; (16) Aberdeen, 27 December 1783; (17) Edinburgh, 28 October 1798.

[A dou,ble quarto sheet addressed] To Mrs Heneage of Cadeby Madam + In these unhappy days wherein vice & irreligion are daily gaining so much ground, nothing is a greater Consolation to the Pastors of the Church than the piety and virtuous Examples of those whom the divine Goodness preserves untainted amidst the too too general Corruption. I cannot help looking upon myself as having a particular Connexion with all such holy Souls, however unworthy myself of being so much as named among them. My sincerest good wishes at all times attend them and my daily prayer is that the Almighty may grant them constancy & perseverance & add more & more to their number. It was from these Sentiments, Madam, that I took the Liberty to cause Mr Coghlan present you in my name with a little piece I lately published in defence of our holy Religion, not doubting but the Subject would render it acceptable, and glad of any opportunity of presenting my best respects to one with whose virtuous Character I [po 2J I am not altogether unacquainted. The circumstances of my affairs hindered me from writing along with the Book, but being informed by Mr Coghlan of your Goodness in accepting it and of your kind enquiry after me, I would not omit testifying my grateful sense of the honour done me, & returning suitable thanks for the same. May I presume to recommend myself & my poor people to a charitable remembrance in your good prayers? This would be a very great


Born 24 Aug. 1729; received into the Church by Fr. John Seton, of Garleton, 21 Dec. 1748 ; Oct. 1749, elected member of the Royal Medical Society ; entered Scots College, Rome, 10 Sept. 1751; ordained priest 2 April 1758 ; consecrated Bishop of Daulis and Coadjutor to Bishop Grant, V.A. Lowland District, 21 May 1769; succeeded as V.A. on Bishop Grant's death, 3 Dec. 1778; resigned 16 June 1805; died at Aquhorties, 15 Oct. 1811 (C,RS ., viii, 367) . '



consolation to me amidst the many difficulties we daily here meet with, & a singular favour done to Madam your most obed t hl,lm 1e Servt Edin f. 5. Dec f . 1771. George Hay [Po 3 blank; p. 4 addressed as above.]

[A single quarto sheet, unaddressed]


To Mfs Heneage of Cadeby* Madam I have this day received a remittance of ÂŁ50. on your Acc t from B. T. Talbot, to be distributed in Charity, chiefly in the spiritual way. I cannot express how much I am obliged to you for this Benefaction, as it comes in a very seasonable time for many in distress, which must continue in this Country till the new crop come in; may it please God to send it in well! I shall not fail to comply with your just request in recommending your Intentions to Almighty God, as indeed I am obliged to do on account of the repeated instancy of your goodness to me since our first acquaintance, & I trust in our good Lord that he will direct you in all your undertakings, & be himself at last your eternal reward exceeding great. I beg you will present my respectfull Complts to Mr Heneage and your young Ladies, & most sincerely praying God to bless & preserve you and yours I ever am with very great Regard Madam your much obliged and obedient Justice port ~ humble Servt Aberdeen George Hay 22. June 1783 [Reverse blank.] [A double q1 tarto sheet addressed to] Mrs Heneage Dear Madam Your favour of the sixth of Aug t I received in Course and am sorry for the uneasiness you there express at the Contents of your former to me, for which there was certainly not the smallest Cause. Indeed your kindness & charity to the poor Catholicks in this Country has far exceeded any thing I could have looked for, and I hope our Good Lord will amply reward you for it. Your last favour through Bp Thomas Talbot's hand, was particularly seasonable, as last year was very severe in these north parts; but I almost regrete [sic] that I had mentioned it to you, as it had the appearance of asking a supply when it was


Letter mentioned in previous letter by Bishop Thomas Talbot, and enclosed by him in his letter to Mrs, Heneage. If Or . post,'



inconvenient for you to give one, & on that account seemed to give you pain; but I assure you the supply you after\\'ards sent was more than I could have thought of. Your sentiments about the objects of your Charities are certainly most just, & I hope Almighty God will always direct you in the Exercise of that virtue to what is most agreeable to his holy will. Indeed [po 2J Indeed [sicJ to whom may we expect he will give such Direction, if not to a soul ardently desirous of knowing & doing what is most agreeable to him ? I have this summer published a second part to the Sincere Christian entitled The Devout Christian instructed in the Law of God; when I left this Town in Summer I ordered a Copy to be sent you, among with others for Mr Coghlan, I hope by this time you have received it, and will be so good as accept of it as a small testimony of my sincere esteem, regard & gratitude. I beg you will present my Complts & best wishes to Mr Heneage & your young Ladies, & earnestly praying God to bless & preserve you at all times & be himself your eternall reward I remain Dear Madam Justice Port your much obliged and Aberdeen 25. SepF 1783. most obed t humble Servant P.S. This is good MJ' Southcote's* George Hay Anni versary . May he repose in peace!


3 blank;


4 addressed as above.J

[A single quarto sheet, unaddressedJ Madam As I certainly have your real happiness much at heart, I was much comforted at the truely pious sentiments you express in your last, particularly with regard to your Lawsuit~ which is going on. I have not hitherto, and shall not fail again & again to recommend it & all your concerns in the best way I can to the divine Goodness, that every thing may be directed to what is most for your real good; it is for that End that every thing that comes upon us in this life is intended by the divine Providence, and I hope our good Lord will always enable you so to correspond on your side with his blessed views that his mercifull designs shall be fully accomplished in you. r heard some time ago of the sanctity of that holy Person Benedict, who died lately at Rome, but of late have had no further particulars concerning him. r beg you will present my


* Unidentified.

Urry v. Heneage. See entry in Ledger under date 12 Aug. 1783. (1748-83), born at Amettes, F rance; died in Rome, C~nonizeq l881 , ~

tI: St . Benedict Joseph Labre



best Respects to Mr Heneage and the young Ladies and I remain with the most sincere regard Madam Your much obliged and Aberdeen 27th Dec r 1783 most obed t humble servt P.S. I pray God to grant you & yours a} plentifull share in the Blessings of George Hay this holy season A letter from Bishop Hugh MacDonald, C.SS.R., Bishop of Aberdeen 1890-1898, dated 21 July 1893, to the Rev. R. G. Davis of Cowes, supplies a background to the following letter of Bishop Hay. ÂŤ The new school referred to in Bishop Hay's letter of 1798 was without [doubt] the Seminary of Aquhorties (pronounced' Ahorties '), which was established about that time. The first Seminary (postreformation) in Scotland was founded at Scalan in Glenlivet in 1712. It was transferred to Aquhorties in Aberdeenshire (near Inveruri ) in 1797, or thereabouts. It was in 1797 that the farm of Aquhorties was acquired for the above purpose. " A seminary was also established in the Highlands almost as early as Scalan, and it was transferred to several different localities. " In 1829 Blairs was founded, as the common Seminary of the whole of Scotland; and Aquhorties and Lismore* (which was th en the Highland Seminary) were closed. [* Lismore is an Island near Oban.]"

[A double quarto sheet addressed to] Mrs Henneage In the care of Mr J. P. Coghlan Printer Duke's Street Grosvenor Square London [This address has been cancelled and the letter re-addressed, twice, to] Mrs Heneage Cosh am House Newport Isle of Wight Hants

[Po 1] + Madam Considering the singular & beneficent concern which you have all along taken for promoting the good of Religion in this Country, I ought perhaps to make an Apology for not having informed you sooner of the progress we had made in the important business I have been employed in, since I last wrote you. But the real cause of my silence was, that I was loath to trouble you with my letters, lest it might have the appearance of an unseasonable importunity for some assistance from you. But now that I have got matters brought pretty near to a close, & knowing that it will give you pleasure to know the success we have had, I would not delay longer to give you that satisfaction. The main house is now finished, and the workmen are finishing ' out the



Chapel. In the house we have four small but neat apartments for the masters, a good Schoolroom, and two Dormitories for the boys, one for the little boys & one for those who are advanced in their studies; each of these contains eight beds, and we have another place for more if we ever be in a condition to increase our members; there is also a decent apartment for the Bishop when he is there; and a library a good Kitchen & Refectory, with a spare apartment for a stranger. The house itself is eighty feet long in front, and twenty two feet broad within the walls; it is exceedingly well built, plain but strong; the Master Mason & Carpenter are both of our own people, and were upon honour with it. And what gives [po 2J gives me no small consolation, all the protestant Gentry in the neighbourhood seem very well pleased with our settling among them, and are very encouraging to us on every occasion. Some time next Spring I intend to bring down our young family from where they are at present, as by that time the house will be thoroughly dry, and we shall have time through the winter to lay in all necessary provisions for them. The farm has every appearance of turning out well, when properly ordered, and within a few years will I hope enable us to increase our students and help to payoff the Debts, we have been obliged to contract. We have as yet some office houses to build, but we intend to do that by degrees, as we can afford it, beginning with the most necessary. The Expences indeed have been very great, much more than I could have expected; but I have great reason to thank kind Providence, for the assistance I have got; our people entered very much into the spirit of the business, and subscribed a good deal more than I looked for, which with the assistance of a few friends has enabled me to clear off the greatest part of what is done; I have indeed been obliged to borrow a few hundred pounds, & take some small sums on annuities-which with the Interest of the borrowed money and the loss of all we had from abroad, reduces my own circumstances; but if it please God to restore peace to the world, I hope we shall by degrees get over our difficulties. Mr Coghlan has been very kind in procuring some necessaries for our Chapel; in doing which he tells me you have born [sic] a part; for which please accept my best thanks. There are but a few Catholicks in the neighbourhood, but from the disposition of the people, & the good behaviour of a few Converts that have been made, we have reason to hope that in time our numbers will increase. I beg leave to mention another thing which I know will be agreeable to [po 3] to you. When first we we [sic] were thinking of getting a College, it was proposed to make it very large, sufficient to supply both the Highland & the Lowland Districts; but on consideration several objections occurred, particularly two; One, that s1.lch a. hOllse ~ s1.lch q. number of boys in one place, would



be too remarkable and might give great umbrage to those who were not friendly to us, of which there are still great numbers in different parts of this Country; The other was that it would be risking too much at once; and in case any disturbance should arise in the Country, of which there was too much appearance at that time, if any of the parties should fall upon us our all would be gone at once. It was therefore thought most prudent to have one in each district, that in case one should be destroyed the other might be yet preserved. Accordingly since I began my work for the Low Country District, Bp Chisolm is busy in procuring a place for the Highlands; and I was very happy to learn from him last Summer, when we had our annual meeting, that his people, which are much more numerous than in the Low Countries, had subscribed very liberally to assist so necessary a work. I cannot close this long letter without congratulating with my Country & with all Europe, upon the late naval victories* which His Majesty's arms have gained over the declared Enemies of peace, religion & order. I hope this will be the beginning of their downfall, and that peace, religion and order will soon be established in the world. I hope, Madam, this will find you and all your young family in good health, my earnest prayers for your & their happiness daily wait upon you all and I remain with the most sincere regard & gratitude Madam Your much obliged & most obed t humble Servt Edl'~ 28. Oct r George Hay 1798 [po 4 addressed as above.] No. 18. Letter dated Headham 25 August 1783, from Bishop Matthew Gibson.:I: [A double quarto sheet addressed to] Mrs Heneage Conduit Street No 42 Hanover Square London. Battle of the Nile, 1 and 2 Aug. 1798. if4 Edinburgh.


:I: The Rt. Rev. Matthew Gibson, born 25 March 1734 (O.S.); went to Douay in Sept. 1747; four years Professor of Philosophy and six years Professor of Theology at Douay, after ordination; returned to England in July 1768; 1770, Archdeacon of Kent and Surrey; 1776, V.G. to Bishop Walton, V.A. Northern District, and Special Vicar in 1777; consecrated by Bishop James Talbot, in London, Bishop of Comana, V.A. Northern District, 3 Sept. 1780 ; for some years lived at Headham, but moved to Stella Hall in 1784; died at Stella Hall 17 May 1790 (Gillow, Diet. of Eng. Cath., ii, 444-5). He was one of the three bishops-the other two being Bishop James Talbot and Bishop William Sharrock-to whom Mrs. Heneage, in her will, directed that the proceeds from the sale of her father's property should be given (C.R.S., viii, :168).




Mrs Heneage

Cadeby Lincolnshire Madam After a very great multiplicity of business & a long Tour thro' Westm d , Cumberl d & North d to discharge in part the duties annexed to my office, I take up my pen to return my most grateful acknowledgments, in the name of the Poor in this Dist t for your very generous & charitable donation of one hundred Pounds transmitted to me thro' the hands of B-p Th: Talbot. I can with singular satisfaction inform you that the Instruction of Youth from the french of Gobinet is now finished. This very valuable treatise will I hope render very important services in the spiritual way. I have long wished for a new Edition of it, & the present one never would have made it's appearance had it not been for your Charity, so that you will, I confide, partake in some measure of the beneficial effects in their full extent. Every one, in the least acquainted with the Book, was pleased with the Idea. To subscribers the price is 3a bound to non-subscribers 48. I shall be happy to send you two or three Copies bound by way of specimen, if you will [po 2J be so obliging as to send proper directions, 'f4 as I dont know whether or not you are in Town. I shall distribute a very considerable Number of Copies amongst the Poor with your money, part of which money I indeed have already sent into Lancash. & Yorksh. to relieve Corporal necessities, & have myself occasionally given to the pta in North l &c some portion for the same purposes desiring them to recommend you to the prayers of those who reaped the benefit.-The sale, I believe, will be very rapid. The Subscriptions were very considerable. I beg my respects to Mr Heneage & the young Ladies & remain with unfeigned Gratitude Madam yr very obedt & obliged Hble Servt Headham 25 th Aug./83. M. Gibson


Nos. 19 and 20. Letters dated (19) Stella near Newcastle, 14 September 1784, and (20) Stella-hall, 22 November 1791; from the Rev. Thomas Eyre.:t

*'f4 Westmorland, Cumberland and Northumberland. Address.

:t Fourth son of Nathaniel Eyre; went to Esquerchin in 1758 at the age of ten; ordained at Douay and retained there as Professor and General Prefect; took charge of the Stella Mission at the invitation of his kinsman, Thomas Eyre of Stella Hall, 11 Oct. 1775; published several works; in 1784 Bishop Gibson took up residence at Stella Hall; Oct. 1792, Thomas Eyre went as temporary chaplain to Mrs. Silvertop, at Wooler in Northumberland, thence to the mission at Pontop Hall, near Lanchester, co. Durham; first President Crook Hall (1794) and first President of Ushaw (1808); died at Ushaw 8 May 1810 (Gillow, Dict. oj Eng. Cath ., ii, 199-201). There appears to be no record of " our Newcastle Press." From these letters it would seem that the Rev. Thomas Eyre was running this press, yet his Instruction oj Youth was published, in 1783, by F. Coates of Newcastle.



[A double quarto sheet addressed to J Mrs Heneage Cadeby Louth Lincolnshire

Stella near Newcastle, Northumberland Madam Sept. 14. 1784. B-p Gibson being set out for Lancashire, when his Ldship received your favour, he has desired me to answer it. I readily embrace this opportunity to express my most grateful thanks for the support & encouragement you have given to our Newcastle Press, by your charitable subscription to the Instruction for Youth, as also by being lately pleased to order a good stock of that invaluable work to America, where I dare to say there must be as great a want of instruction, as there is little convenience of acquiring it. If in our own small island 4000 have not been enew to supply the demand, I presume 500 will not be over many for that vast continent, which from the direful effects of a long war, must necessarily have been debarred almost every opportunity of cultivating the useful science of religion.-on the 8 tb lnst. were shipped off on board the Peggy, Thomas Middlemas Captain, 2 Bales each containing 225 Instructions of Youth in Quires, & a paper parcel marked No 3 containing 50 Instructions of Youth, 50 Confirmation & 1000 catechisms to Mr Edward Young at London. These catechisms are just come out from the Press, full as well printed, if not better than any now extant. The present you are pleased to make to that nation must be highly acceptable as we cannot suppose the poor missioners to be qualified to lend their flocks any great assistance towards procuring any books of piety whatever. Your bill is as follows 500 Instruct: of Youth. Quires at 3s /3 d £81. . 85 .. 0 50 lnstr: on Confirmation at 3 d .. 12. 6 1000 Catechisms at ltd 6 .. 5 .. Mats, Ropes, Paper, Packing & shipping 10 88 .. 12 .. 6 4 .. £92 .. 12 .. 6


20 Instr: of Yo. just ordered to Cadeby Total

I shall not venture to draw upon Bp Tho s Talbot for this sum, until we shall have received your express approbation of our proceedings. This advantage, Madam, attends the encouragement of our Press, that it becomes an ever fructifying charity; inasmuch as whatever overplus of profits may arise from the vast numbers of our books, (which we venture to draw off & which are greatly undersold) is designed to be solely appropriated to the publication of other catholic performances. hence the good effects of your charities will be felt in every work of piety, that may happen



to make its appearance from this Press. 3000 instructions on confirmation, which are already sold; 6000 instructions for Youth of which near 5000 are disposed of; & 9000 catechisms, are what have come from this Press within these thirteen months. These are numbers that neither Coghlan* nor any other dares to venture to draw off: hence whilst their numbers are comparatively so trifling, they must come very high & after all are scarcely enew for one copy in each congregation through this nation.-our bookbinder is a young but very promising good catholic, whom we have set up.-I should be glad to ~now what the plan of the abstract of Saints lives is designed to be, & if no secret, who the author is. if Mr Coghlan is to [po 3J print it I shall not look for it these 2 or 3 years. Bp Challoner's meditations were 3 years in making their appearance. We have long wished & actually had it in contemplation to publish the lives of Saints, Mr Butler's lives are far too copious & too learned for vulgar people. it were to be wished that some select lives were published in a very plain stile & such as may be patterns & models for people living in the world. The Scripture account of old & young Toby might be a perfect model to follow in writing for the vulgar. One might be more diffuse & particular in the history of some who were in low life & sanctified themselves & their vocation, not by converting nations or directing grand councils, but by fidelity in little things. Thus the lives of Homobonus Nov. 13, of Guy Sept. 12, called the poor man of Anderleckt, of Zita April 27 a servant maid, of Isidore May 10. a ploughman, of Servulus a beggar Dec. 23. would be very edifying & instructive; where authentic records are to be met [there is a hole in the paper here] wit[h I sJhould particularly choose the lives of such c [hole in paperJts of our own nation. Mr Gother's lives tho excellent in themselves are perhaps too short & otherwise do not dwell upon lives most adapted to the poor. perhaps an able hand might make a complete collection for the poor out of the two viz Gother & Butler. what is to be the price of the London abstract. as to Mr Gother's prayers, for the nine years I have been here, I never yet once omitted reading them to the congregation in the afternoon after Vespers & Complin. The public prayers I say before Sermon, which always immediately preceeds Mass are Clem. XIV Acts of Faith, hope & charity, Our Father, hail Mary & Apostles Creed, ten Commandments & the Confiteor. In begging pardon for the liberty I have here taken, I beg leave, with most respectful compts to Mr Heneage, to subscribe myself your most obd t humble Servt Thomas Eyre P.S. I have not written to Mr ~dwd Young, as they perhaps may not arrive before you may find time to advise him of their being sent from hence.

* John Peter Coghlan,

London Catholic publisher.



[Po 4 addressed as above.] [A double quarto sheet addressed to] Mrs E. Heneage with Bas: Fitzherbert Esqr Swinerton near Stone Staffordshire Hon d Madam I am duly honoured with your kind letter, for which I beg to return my best thanks. Our late worthy prelate requested me to be at <the trouble of selecting from Mr A. Butler such festivals & lives, as should seem best calculated to instruct & edify our poor catholics. His Lp. well aware I could not pretend to take the publishing such a work upon my own risk, gave me the strongest assurances of your ample support. Upon his Lp's death, as I had nothing whereby I might recommend my Services to you, this intended publication was unfortunately dropt. However, your letter convinces me that you still mean to interest yourself in a charity so advantageous to religion. To answer these wishes, I readily make you a tender of my poor Services, in undertaking what you may think proper to command. You will therefore be so obliging as to favour me with your idea of this publication. Being meerly [sic] for the poor & middling class of people, besides the festivals of our Saviour, Nativity, Circumcision, Epiphany, Tra.nsfiguration, Five or Six of our Blessed Lady, One of each of the twelve Apostles, you [po 2] would probably wish to have principally those among the Laity who living in the world attained to great Sanctity. Not but the lives of most of the Episcopal character of this kingdom would serve to convince our deluded countrymen that our Ancestors for many centuries were all united to the Catholic church. would it not be proper even to have one life, by way of task for each day, as an inducement to many to read half an hour, who otherwise would have had no thoughts of spending it so well. All this cannot be comprised in less than 2 or :-l Volumes of the Size of Mr Butler's Irish Edition; especially as it will be universally wished this pUblication may be in as large a type.- But all this in due deference to your judgment, who must be considered its principal patroness.- I cannot but congratulate you upon the immense good your pious donations produced in the Instruction of Youth, which has to my certain knowledge occasioned many solid conversions. Nearly Six thousand copies of that book have been spread through all parts.- People in these parts seem to be of a more religious cast in general, than those in the South; but alas! it turns out to little better account, because void of its main foundation, which is faith. Perhaps nothing will serve better to confound these Sectaries than an Account of the [po 3J Catholic faith for these Eighteen hundred F



years in the lives of the Saints.- Mr Brittains* book I have had a good while, it is well adapted to the times. Mr Clinton's abstract of S. Austin's Confessions~ I have not yet seen: I have that Saints Confessions by me already: Notwithstanding I mean to peruse Mr Clinton's translation.- As you will have been at Longbirch it is needless to trouble you with best respects to Bp Talbot & love to my brother.- I expect Bp Gibson this very day to make a short Stay upon business.- In hopes of being honoured with a letter from you, I remain, Madam, with the greatest respect, Your obliged humble Servt Stella-hall Thomas Eyre Nov: 22. 1791. [po 4 addressed as above.] Nos. 21, 22 and 23. Letters dated (21) Paris, 2 May 1785; (22) Paris, 15 January 1786; (23) Paris, 4 March 1786; from Mother Mary Clare Bond of Jesus O.S.B. [A double sheet of note-paper, 71 ins. by 4l ins., addressed to] Mrs Heneage [and, in another hand,] N.B. This Letter to be kept


The Memorandums I mentiond my most dear Madam are these. I rote [sic] to Mr Short by an occasion & am afraid he never received it. if your staye in towne permits you to see him, be so good as to inform him of my doubt, & beg him to write, as I had in that letter earnestly desired. I shall ever retain the most grateful esteem & respect for him, & wish to return his freindship [sic] at least by assuring him of our prayers. Sister Norrisยง desired me to intreat the favour of you, incase you should be ask'd or rote [sic ] to About her Sister in Law that washed for you in London that you would be so kind as to say what sort of a woman she is, for the poor Creature is in great poverty & distress and the Nuns at Bruges will try to gett her a freind [sic] but think they should name some one that she had worked for in London, least [sic] they might fear an imposition. it is not certain that the person will apply, only it may be & they beg this good-


Query: Principles of the Christian Religion and Catholic Faith investigated, by Fr. Thomas Lewis Brittain, O.P.; London, 1790? ~ Morality extracted from the Confessions of St. Austin. Translated from the French of Mons. L'Abbe Grou, by Alexander Clinton; London, Coghlan, 1791 (vere Alexander Mackenzie, S.J .). Prioress (1784-9) of the English Benedictine nuns at Ru~ Champ (or Chant) de l'Alouette, Paris. Died 22 Nov. 1789 (C.R.S., ix, 398). When this Community came to England during the Revolution Mrs. Heneage gave them ยฃ12 annually until the time of her death. ยง Lay Sister, Sister Agnes Norris of Our Lady of Mercy, died 7 Jan . 1793, aged about 60. Thirty years in religion (C.R.S., ix, 400).




ness [p o 2] of you. I am desired by Sister Gee* to intreat you most humbly to grant her one communion for her intention, any time that you think fitt within this present year & she will offer 2 for you. I depend my dear Madill upon a constant remembrance in your prayers & good works I shall never fail to offer you and yours in my prayers such as they are & to supply my deficiencys I make you-in virtue of my Office partaker in all the little servis [sic] that we pay to our devine [sic] Master and that as long as this Convent subsists including good Mr Heneage & your Daughters to which I subscribe my name this 2 d day of May, Sis. Mary Clare Bond of Jesus 1785. Prioress [A double quarto sheet addressed to] Mrs

Heneage to be left with Mr Coghland Bookseller Duke Street, Grosveners Square London My dear Madam Paris Jan. 15. 1786 I received the favour of yours very safe at last by Mr Waters, was sincearly glad to hear you was well and all your good family & hope you have continued so ever since. My good Friend Mr Lucas:t rote me a short letter by our Postulant & not a word have I heard of him ever since, tho I have twice rote to him which makes me fear he is or has been ill. She is a most pious good young woman indeed and as far as I can see has an exelent vocation and is as happy & likely to proceed as her good Companions are. the 2 Eldest where Profest on our Ladys day the 21 of November Sis Greenway ยง hopes for the same happyness next summer and the two postulants for to be Cloathd. I must tell you my dear Madam in confidence that I have been a little mortifyd about the impertunitys you have had from Sis Agnes~r & her Sis conserning there N eices. I should not have given Her leave to have rote about it only the good Nun at Bruges had advanced so far that without shocking I could not refuse. She has got a friend in these parts who will contribute something but the expence of fitting out and the Journey will take a sum


Mother Anne Joseph Gee of the Holy Family, died 27 Nov. 1816 (C.R.S., ix, 406). ,Query: Dam James Placid Waters, alias Duviviers, O.S.B., born in London in 1740, professed at St. Gregory's, Douay, in 1757, died in Rome 7 Dec. 1800? His father, John Waters, was a banker in London and Paris (C.R.S., viii, 431). :t. The Rev. Simon Lucas, priest at Cadeby and Newport, I.W. ยง Mother Mary Scholastica Greenway of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, died 3 Oct. 1807, aged 49 (C.R.S., ix, 404-5). ~ Sister Agnes Norris-see previous Letter.



that I think [po 2J would be better bestowd in providing for the Children and Mother together in England, for a fine education may do them more harm then Poverty. The Pension at Bruges is 400 11 a year & other expensis, at Paris it sertainly should be more. where things are now come to such an exorbitant price and dayly threanten to be still dearer. the Nun at Bruges as well as Sis Agnes will be quite easy to folow your sentiments I dare sayif you think my notion is wright and thought fitt to signefy it to either of them, but I must beg the favour of you not to name me in it, as I have only told you my dear Madam my private sentiments as to a friend I value & Esteem-& who I know finds reale wants sufficient to imploy her charitys in. if the Eldest should have a vocation God will afford her in time the means to comply with it I doubt not-and for a trade or a place I should think it would be better procured where she is-in a word Ten pound on the spot where they are would be full as much as twenty to send them over. I humbly recommend to your good prayers and those of all the persons of Piety you can procure, a young creature whose conversion I have some hopes of probably she may loose all for this life by it, but divine Providence will not forsake her if she has courage to trust to him, pray for me that God may give me the grace to move her to it effectualy for she has taken a great confidence and affection to me. just here a letter is come from Mrs Norris who informs her sister that you have been so good as to deposit money for the sending over the Children-so shall lett [po 3J Sis Agnes give what answer she thinks best. I hope my dear Madame that good Mr Heneage your self and the young Ladys are well to whom with all my little family I present every wish thats good and kind for this year and everyone you live which for the benefit of others and the increas of your merit I most sincearly hope will be very many, be assurd of my constant Remembrance in such poor prayers as mine. I shall be happy to hear when God affords you the comfortable change I so much intreat him for but we must pray & wait with patience & resegnation the time apointed. I shall write to my d r and hon d Friend M r Lucas by this same ocasion. I beleive my dr Madam you are not a stranger to the holy union which subsists between us. I am truely grateful to God and you who made me acquainted with him. & I hope I shall benefit by his charitable and holy prayers for me how sweet & aimable is the conduct of devine Providence you brought him to Paris for an end my dear Madam you knew nothing of, & I say so much to you on it, that you may be assured it was not in vain you brought him with you. Mrs Moore's health is much as it used to be she desires her kind Complyments to you & yours so does her Sisters. our Confessor* sends his respectful


A few years later, a t the time of t h e R evolution, t he Confessor was th e " R ev. Me Na yler" (C.R. S. , ix , 402). Dom J. J . [Placid] Naylor, O.S.B., died a t Paris 9 January 1795 (C.R.S., xii, 49).



wishes of all desireable happiness to your self & family, we have a great treasure in him. our house visibly increases in solid virtue under his Pious and prudent conduct God continue him to us to the further advancement of his Glory is my dayly prayer. pray favour me with a letter sometimes as it will be a consolation to me to here from one I doe & ever shall esteem as my dearest friend be assurd of this my d r Madam and the respect with which I am your very humble & obedient servant Sis Mary Clare Bond of Jesus P.S. Sis Macdonald* has spoke much to me of a Book publised by Mr Clinton on dayly Com~ I should be much obliged to you for one in case you are in town. [A single quarto sheet.] My very dear Madam The adorable will of God has chosen me a very mouving occasion:t whereby I may find means to give you stronger assurance than ever I could before, of that sincear love and affectionate friendship which I have for you in our Lord, by makeing myself a fellow feeler of all your greif in the great sacrifice which God has required at your hands, I will beg of him without ceasing to sanctifie your soul by it in the maner his devine Majesty wishes you to do in the perfect acquicement of your will to his holy dispensations, and devine will. for the dear soul departed, it shall be to me as the soul of my Brother. Nothing that can be of benefit for its speedy injoyment of God shall be forgotten with me our whole Community, and the numerous connections I have with the pious servants of God, and my dear friends the poor. but above all the Adorable Sacrifice, and Communions with our visits to the blessed sacrement shall not be spared. my dear Sisters everyone of them desires me to assure you of the share they take in your affliction & how cordialy they will join with me in their supplications to heaven [po 2J God direct you to his glory in disposeing all things to his greater honour in all your affairs both spiritual & temporal. that you may give your self to him in peace after all your exterior conserns are settled. when you can, pray lett me hear from you as I shall be in pain least the heavy tryal should overturn your very weak constitution til you have more leisure good Mr Lucas can lett me know how you do, which favour I


Mother Teresa Catherine Macdonald of the Blessed Sacrament, died 29 Nov. 1831, Sub-Prioress (C.R.S., ix, 412-3) . The account of her in C.R.S. vol. ix says that she was elected Prioress at Cannington on t-he death of Mother Teresa Joseph Johnson, i .e. 1807, yet Mother Mary Bernard Frost, who died in 1813, was said to be Prioress" four years or near," until her death (Ibid., p.405). ~ Frequent Communion: or, the A dvantages and N ecess1'ty of it asserted and proved from Scripture, Authority and Tradition. By A.C., London, 1780Rev. Alexander Clinton, vere Mackenzie, S. J . Tbe death of James Windsor Heneage, 19 Feb. 1786.




beg of him and that he will be assured of my respectful remembrance. I remain and ever shall my dear Madame your most sincear and partakeing friend & humble servant March 4. 86 Sis Mary Clare Bond of J. Our Confessor desires his kind and respectful remembrance, & will constantly remember the d r Deceased at the Alter. Nos. 24 and 25. Letters dated (24) Aire, 31 August 1786; (25) Aire, 28 October 1786; from Mother Mary Catherine Hodgson. [A single quarto sheet, wr£tten on on both sides. The other sheet has evidently been torn off.] Honord Madame I fiater myself your goodness will pardon my so long delay in acknowlidgeing your most gratious favour and not impute my Silence to any want of gratitude for your exceeding great Goodness and Charity to us, which we shall ever retaine a greatfull remembrance of as long as this house subcists by offering up our poor prayers for yourself and all that is Dear to you. accept tho late mine and Communitys most Greatfull thanks for your late Bountifull Charity £50, which we have received. the reason I deferd writing so long was to give you a more satisfactory account of the Prayers and Masses which you desier'd to be sayd. the twelve Masses are discharg'd. we have also offerd up Holy Communion for your Intentions several times we say'd the Veni Creator with a prayer to our Bd Lady and Saint Josephe for your Intention ten days. we are now saying the Office of the Dead five for each of the Soules of the three Dear deceased, and with the Councel of my Discreets and the aprobation of Rd Father Provintial we engage ourselves to have the three Aniversary Masses for the Repose of the Soules of Mr H eneage your Dear Father and Mother for the space of twenty years (begining from the 11th of September~ of the present year) if please God this House subcists so long as we confide in the Mercys of Allmighty God it will. you may be as surd of our dayly prayers for yourself Dear Miss Heneage and Mrs Fitsherbert ~ to whom all the Community unites me in best Respects particularly Miss Weld and Miss Coghlans§ I hope Dear Madame the term of years fi xd for the three Aniversa[ry],-r Masses will be to your Satisfaction which I shall be Glad to hear, as also that Miss Heneage and you



Of the Poor Clares at Aire in Artois. The death of a Rev. Mother Catherine Hodgson, of the Poor Clares, is recorded at Clare House, Plymouth, 19 Nov. 1813 (C.R.S., xii, 123). ~ Anniversary of Mr. John Browne, Mrs. Heneage's father. ~ Elizabeth Heneage was married to Basil Fitzherbert 27 (or 26) F eb. 1786. § A Poor Clare Sister, Ann Coghlan, died at Coxside, Plymout h, 22 March 182\1 (C.R.S., xii, 183) . ~ Torn .



are in good health the favour of a few lines will add to the many obligations conferd on Honord Madame Your most obedient Humble Servant Mary Catherine Hodgson Abb: unworthy Aire Aug t the 31 st 1786 Mr Nutt* desierd me to present his Respectfull Complyments to you and Miss Heneage he set out for England the 27th instant, Mr and Mrs Coghlan left us the 25 th who also desierd thair Respects. [A double quarto sheet addressed to] A Madame Madame Heneage Chez les Dames Benedictines Angloisses Rue Angloisses Faubourgue St Marcell A Paris [Printed in the top right-hand corner, apparently a post-marking] Aire Artois. [p. 1] Honord Madame, I take the liberty of troubling you with these few lines to assure you of mine and Communitys best and most Greatfull [sic] Respects. was glad to find by the favour of your last that the term of years fixd for the Anniversarys &c was agreable and satisfactory to you. we can never be suffitiently [sic] greatfull to you for your great and Benevolent Charitys to us at a time we were in the gratest necessaty [sic]. all the return we can make is to offer up our Prayers to the throon [sic] of Allmighty God for you and all that is Dear to you as you are the best Benefactor we have living. on the feast of All Saints we shall offer up Holy Communion for your Intention High Mass will also be Sung for you, with all the Devotions of that day for your preservation. I hope this will find you and Miss Heanage in good health and that Mrs Fitsherbert was well when you heard from her. all the Community desier [sic] thair best Respects to you particularly Miss Weld and the two Miss Coghlan who also unites me in the same to Miss Heanage believe me to be with deepest Sentiments of Gratitude H onord Ma d arne Your Most Obedient Humble Servant Mary Catherine Hodgson Abb: Aire 8 ber the 28 th 1786 unworthy [The two inside pages, 2 and 3, blank.] The following Historical Notices were received in 1893 by the Rev. R. G. Davis from St. Scholastica's Abbey, Teignmouth. They


Fr. Pacificus Nutt. O.S.F .â&#x20AC;˘ Provincial. See Bishop Talbot 's letter a t Jau. 1794. He had probably been on a visitation.



are included here on account of their valuable data and because the first Notice identifies the writer of the next letter, and the second explains the visits to Pontoise mentioned in the Heneage Ledgers. The first Notice might be considered a supplement to C.R.S., xix, 1 et seq ., a nd the second a supplement to C.R.S., xvii. 248 et seq. " The Abbey of Dunkirk " In the year 1662, this monastery was founded at Dunkirk by the Lady Abbess of the English Benedictine Dames at Ghent. Dame Mary Knatchbull. As Dunkirk then belonged to England, the consent of the King Charles II was asked for and obtained before the new foundation was commenced. Twelve religious, seven choir nuns and five Lay Sisters, were sent from Ghent. Dame Mary Caryll, a member of the ancient Sussex family of that name, being appointed Superior. Her companions in the work were Dame Ignatia Fortescue, DameAnne Neirl, Dame Flavia Cary, D Constantia Savage, D Scholastica Heneage, D Agatha Webb, D. Valeria Stanley, D Christina Munson, D Anastasia Maurice, D Xaveria Pordese [or PordegeJ, and D Viviana Eyre, all ladies of birth and singular virtue. Five of these religious afterwards returned to Ghent when the community of Dunkirk had become sufficiently numerous. The new community was established in May 1662: the Reverend Mr Gerard accompanying the nuns as Chaplain. Dame ¡Mary Caryll, who though young, had won the confidence of all by her great piety and the sweetness of her disposition was chosen the Abbess, and solemnly blessed on the 24th June 1664; and so rapidly did her community increase under her guidance, that before her death in 1712, she had received to profession ninety-five religious. " The donations bestowed on her by her Father, John Caryll Esq re of Harting and West Grinstead, her uncle Lord Petre, and other benefactors, enabled her to erect a Church and other monastic buildings. In this work she received valuable assistance from her brother, Dom Alexius Caryll, a Benedictine monk of St Gregory's monastery at Douay, who was well skilled in architecture. "The troubles of the French Revolution which fell so heavily on all religious houses, did not spare the English Abbey at Dunkirk. On October 13 th 1793 the inclosure was invaded, all records and documents seized, and the expelled religious imprisoned, together with two other communities, at Gravelines, where they remained for 18 months. So great were the hardships of this imprisonment that eleven of the nuns died, and several others were seriously ill when permission was at length obtained for their removal to England. The Benedictine Dames. now reduced to the number of 25 reached London in May 1795, and took up their abode in the old Convent at Hammersmith, which was soon made over entirely to their use. There they remained till in 1863 they removed to their present Monastery of St Scholastica, at Teignmouth, in Devonshire, where in 1875 they took up the Perpetual Adoration. " The Abbesses of Dunkirk 1. Dame Mary Caryll, professed at Ghent, February 6 th 1650, sent to Dunkirk in 1662, blessed Abbess on June 24th, 1664, died in office, August 21 st 1712.



Became Prioress; accompanied Lady Abbess Caryll to the Abbey of St. Bertin at St. Orner. where the Abbess was to be blessed on 24 June 1664, an d died t here 25 June 1664.



Dame Benedicta Fleetwood, professed in 1686; blessed Abbess on Oct. 2nd, 1712; died Oct 10 th 1748. 3. Dame Mary Frances Fermor, professed on the 23 rd April, 1713; blessed Abbess on Oct. 20 th 1748; died December 10 th 1764. 4. Dame Mary Winifred Engleiield; professed in 1736; became Abbess in 1765; died Feb. 12th 1777. 5. Dame Mary Magdalen Prujean, professed June 14th 1750; blessed Abbess May 20 th 1777. Under her guidance the community settled at Hammersmith near London in 1795. Her successor was 6. Dame Mary Placida Messenger, professed at Pontoise, August 10 th 1772; blessed Abbess at Hammersmith, November 3 rd 1812; died August 30 th 1828." " The Abbey of Pontoise, near Paris, commenced at Boulogne in 1652, and settled at Pontoise in 1658. In January 1652, a few of the religious of the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady at Ghent, were sent by the Lady Abbess, Dame Mary Knatchbull, to establish a new community at Boulogne. The nuns selected for the new foundation were the following: Dame Catherine Wigmore, daughter of William Wigmore Esqre of Lutton, Herefordshire; Dame Lucy Perkins: Dame Anne Neville, daughter of Lord Abergavenny, First Baron of England: Dme Margaret Markham; D mt¡ Eugenia Thorold, daughter of Edmund Thorold Esqr of Hough, near Grantham, and D Christina Forster, daughter of Sir Richard F orster Secretary and Treasurer to the Queen of England . When in 1658 Dunkirk fell into the power of Cromwell, the nuns of the new monastery at Boulogne were strongly advised to quit a sea port town liable to a similar fate, and to withdraw further into the country; and accordingly they removed to Pontoise near Paris. Lady Abbess Knatchbull tells us in her writings that she was' greatly assisted in this undertaking by Monsieur Vincent' whose power and credit were exerted in her behalf, and whose name is now known throughout the Church as the great Saint Vincent de Paul. The Pontoise community flourished for many years but meeting subsequently with heavy pecuniary losses, occasioned partly by the non-payment of large sums promised by Queen Mary Beatrice in expectation of her return to the throne, and partly by the failure of a bank in which nearly all their funds were deposited, there remained for them no alternative but the sorrowful necessity of separation. The community at the period of its dissolution in 1786 consisted of ten choir religious and four Lay-Sisters. The Abbess, Dame Anne Clavering and four of her Choir nuns, Dame Mary Teresa Armstrong, Dame Placida Messenger, Dame Mary Winifred Clarke and Dame Mary Frances Markham, together with two Lay-Sisters, Agnes Morgan and Anne Lincoln, were received into the community of Dunkirk, the remainder of the community finding an asylum in other Convents. The sale of the house and grounds at Pontoise enabled the nuns to discharge their liabilities to the tradespeople of the town who had long and faithfully served them, and who deeply regretted their departure. "The Abbesses of this Community 1. Dame Catherine Wigmore, blessed Abbess at Boulogne, October 18 tb , 1653. Died October 28 th 1656. 2.



* Died 15 May 1812, aged 87, at Hammersmith (C.R.S., xii,


90 2.

3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.

9. 10.


Dame Christina Forster, blessed Abbess, May 16 th 1657. The Community removed to Pontoise in 1658, where this Abbess died December 16 th 1661. Dame Eugenia Thorold, blessed Abbess of Pontoise March 7th 1662; died December 2}Bt 1667. Dame Anne Neville, blessed Abbess in February, 1668; died December 15 th 1689. Dame Elizabeth Dabridgecourt, elected in December 1689, resigned in 1710. Dame Xaveria Gifford, elected Abbess on March 7th 1710; died February 11 lb, 1711. Dame Elizabeth Joseph Widdrington, elected Abbess on March 18 tb 1711; died November 9 th 1730. Dame Marina Hunloke, elected Abbess on December 6th 1730; died March 3 rd 1753. Dame Anne Catherine Haggerston, elected March 31&t 1753; died October 8 th 1765. Dame Mary Anne Clavering, elected Abbess on October 24th 1765. At the dissolution of her Abbey, June 12th 1786, she with several of her nuns joined the Dunkirk Community, and at the Revolution settled with them at Hammersmith, where she died on November 8 th 1795."


No. 26. Letter dated Dunkirk 9 July 1788, from Abbess Mary Magdalen Prujean, O.S.B., of Dunkirk Abbey. [A double quarto sheet addressed to] A Madame Madame Heneage Che~ les Pauvres Clarisses Angl'oises Artois A Aire Dear Madam This morning I was Honor'd with your letter by Br Daniel, and am very glad it gives me an opportunity to return you thanks for the Charitable Donation you were so kind to send to this Com ty for Prayers for your Deceasd Husband &c. this I should have done immediately upon the receipt of that money but as I did not know your address, I beg'd Mr Barnard~ who remitted it to me to say every thing that was proper from me and mine upon that occasion which I hope he did or I must appear very ungrateful to our Good Benefactor. I also wrote at the same time to Bishop James Talbot upon that subject, and told him what we would perform conformable to what was desired of us. Viz. we have Inregester'd Mrs Henneage in our Books to be ever rememberd as a Benefactor to this House and to partake of those Masses and Prayers that are appointed in this com-

* Aunt of James Windsor Heneage, educated at Hammersmith.

1ft The Rev. James Barnard, V.G. London District (Gillow, Diet. of Eng .

C",h., i!




munity for our Benefactors, we have three Aniversary [sic] Masses Every Year for your Father Mother and Husband to continue for twenty years, upon the Respective Days and Names as specifyed to us, and we had upon receiving the 50 pound fifteen Masses for Mrs and Miss Heneages Intention. [p o 2] I hope Dr Madam this will be satisfactory, and that you will be persuaded that we are ever Mindful of our Benefactors Living and Dead which is a strickt Observance in this Community. we all join in best and grateful compliments to you and Miss Heneage. If I should be so happy as to see you at Dunkerque it will give me great pleasure to give you my thanks by word of mouth and to assure you how much I am Dear Madam Your most obliged and obedient Humble Servant Dunkerque M. M. Prujean. July 9. 1788 [po 3 blank.] No. 27. Dated 22 June [no y ear given] pencil notation 1788; from the Abbe Henry Edgeworth.* [A double small quarto sheet, addressed to] A Madame Madame Heneage chez les Religieuses Angloises d e Ste Claire. A Aire en Artois [Underneath, written in pencil] Written in 1788 Vide N° 17, Madam I'm ashamed to be so long in your debt: but since receipt of the letter you favoured me with, I really have not had a moment to my self. I charged the Rev d Mother to inform you that th e Bill was come to hand, and by the same occasion, to make my apology for not writing to you by the return of the post. had I foreseen that you intended sending me any money for Masses, I would have forewarned you, that I never take any. however as the money is here, I shall not send it back to you. I thought it better to put it into the hands of the Mother Prioress, who will make a good use of it. as to the Masses they shall be said as speedily as will be consistant with some previous engagements of the same kind. but you must be so good as to fix the number, next time you write to the Rev d Mother: then I shall discharge


The Rev. Henry Essex Edgeworth of Firmont, Vicar-G.eneral of the diocese of Paris, and Confessor to Louis XVI; died at Mittau, 22 May 1807, from a disease contracted while attending French prisoners (C.R.S., xii, 97). He was also extraordinary Confessor to the Benedictine nuns in Paris (C.R.S .. ix, 399, 403). If I.If. Letter from Dunkirk, dated 9 July 1788; pre&umably because both letters are to the same address .



them faithfully, one or two each week. hereafter, if you desire I should say any masses for you, I beg yQU will let me know; but dont think of sending me any retribution. I shall always deem my self happy [po 2J to have it in my power to give you this or any other proof of my zeal: and the pleasure of serving you, will be a more abundant salary, than all you could possibly offer. The prediction of your Saint is very consoling. may it prove true. I beg you will recommend me to his prayers if you have an occasion of seeing him, or writing to him. pray dont forget me in yours. if you have a mind to oblige me vastly, you will offer them up likewise for four persons who are most Dear to me, and are on the brink of everlasting perdition. may Almighty have mercy on them. My Mother and Sister join III most respectful compliments to you and Miss Heneage. though I have not the honour of bejng personaly acquainted with Miss Heneage, I take the liberty to present mine. believe me Dear Madam, with unfeigned respect, Your most obed t & humble Servt 22. Jun. H. Edgeworth No. 28. Letter dated Cadeby, 14 November 1793; from the Rev. William Darra.* [A double quarto sheet, but the second sheet has been torn off.]


Dear Mad m I have now to inform you that I have made a purchase every way suited to the intention it is design'd for. It has only one misfortune-the price being very great-but still with the remedy in my own hands. The purchase money is seven hundred pounds. The purchased Estate consists of a very neat Dwelling house Garden &c-an adjoining Close of three acres of land. In the same & nearly contiguous to the House a good Brick & Tile building 27 foot by 21 & in hight proportioned. In this last you plainly see Mad m a future Chaple. The whole is situated in Louth as to meet the approbation (as far as I know) of all who have heard of it or whose opinion I have consulted previous to engaging it. Now I have Mad m two favors to ask-the first to know precisly & distinctly what sort of Chaple you wish to have built or estab-


In a series of notices collected circa 1830 by Mr. George Young from elderly Catholics then living, and which were at Louth in 1893, occurs the following: " 2 nd Priest. The Rev d W. Dana-he was a native of Irelandhe came to the Louth mission about the year 1792 from the Cadeby missionhe was educated at Valladolid in Spain. He died at Louth on the 19 th of J amy. 1817, aged 57. He was buried in Louth Parish Church where there are two Tablets to his memory." A William Darragh is entered in the Valladolid Register as being from Ulverston in Lancashire. He entered the College 16 June 1771, the son of Nigel Darragh and Agnes (Askew), born 29 March 1759, and was ordained priest 14 June 178::1 (C.R.S., xxx, 199, 207). The name and birthplace differ in the two acc<;>upts, but the age is the same,



lish'd that so I may know when I have fulfil'd your desire. And secondly that engaging my self to fullfil entierly your will you give me a power to draw upon your Banker for five hundred pounds. The reason I request the first is obvious-& the second I desire because upon a private promise of paying down a considerable part of the purchase money imediately upon the Estate being conveyed over to me-he remaining by permission upon the premises till May day next-he agreed of the purchase which was orriginaly ÂŁ735-to abate the thirty five. Now Mad m what I mention'd above of having the power in my own hands is this. when ever I please I can sell part of it so as to reduce the purchase [po 2J to five or even four 'hundred pounds.-I hope in that I have acted prudently -but perhaps am unwise in being determin'd if possible to keep the whole. I am convinc'd it will one day or other be found highly servicable. I am very sorry my expectations from other quarters fall very short. A few pounds are not more than sufficient to defray the extraordinary expences I am unavoidably put to-but I am no ways discourag'd at that. But now I mention little expencespray did you intend the accumulating interest which I supose is 3 pI' to go with the donation. If you did pray be so good as to inform me in your next. Thus Mad m having given you the outlines of the business I will not detain you any longer with my scrawl but refer it to the time when I shall satisfy the interrogation you may be pleas'd to make. I am ignorant of your present residance but if with any of your good family pray remember me kindly to them & to Mr Lucas. with resps, your most obed t Sert Wm Darra Cadeby Nov r 14th 1793 No. 29. Letter dated Lullworth Castle, 12 October 1795; from Mr. Thomas Weld* to Mrs. Heneage at Claughton. [A double quarto sheet addressed to J

Mrs Heneage at Claughton Nr Garstang Lancashire

Lullworth Castle Oct: 12th 1795. Madam, I was duly favored with yours & according to your desire I carried the; letter to the Good Prior,; the draft has been duly paid by Bp Douglass & the Prior has directed me to assure you that their prayers shall not be wanting to you for the intentions you mentioned; He was much delighted with your expression of praying for true humility, he said that was sufficient to convince

* Father of Cardinal Weld. ~ Dom Jean Baptiste de N oyer, who with six 'Cistercian monks came to Lulworth in October 1794, at the invitation oi Mr. Weld, and were placed in the chaplain's house near the castle (cf. C.R.S., vi, 366-7; Oliver, Collections).



him of your Sanctity. You need not wish for more of the e holy monks of this Order coming to England; they increase so fast I can scarce make room for them. There is one English took the habit. They are now twelve in Community & expect two more for the Noviceship very soon. I have not yet finished their new house. When it is there will be room for more. We have had the pleasure of seeing your son & daughter, they are very well at \Veymouth. Mrs Weld & all my family are well & unite in Compts to you & Mr & Mrs Brockholes. We go this week to my Eldest daughter's profession at Winchester.* I am Madam yr Obed: humble Ser Thomas Weld No. 30. Letter dated Samalaman, 9 January 1799; from Bishop John Chisholm.' Another letter from Bishop Hugh MacDonald, C.SS.R., to the Rev. R. G. Davis of Cowes, dated 28 September 1893, supplies the background for the following letter: " Samalaman was for a short time the Highland Seminary & Bishop's residence. Samalaman is situated on the West Coast of Invernesshire & on the South side of an arm of the sea called Loch na Nuagh, almost opposite the Island of Eigg." And in another letter to the same, dated 3 Oct. 1893: "The 'intended establishment' was probably the new College that was established on the Island of Lismore in the year 1804, i.e., 5 years later than the Bishop's letter. Lismore is a large Island, 10 miles long. The College, which was at the South end of the Island, is about 5 miles from Oban, & is still standing. I visited it last April, at the time of the Consecration of the Bishop of Argyll. The old build¡ ings still remain & are occupied by a farmer. There is the old College, & the Bishop's House, with the Chapel between them . . . . P.S. we saw Bishop John Chisholm's tomb in the little College CemetelY of Lismore, & beside it that of his nephew Bishop lEneas Chisholm."

[A double quarto sheet addressed to] Mrs

E Reaneage of Newport Rants Isle of Wight

[Po 1 blank.] ~.~


Madam, Samalaman 9 th January 1799 On receipt of your letter & draft I inclosed a line under cover to B. Douglass requesting the favor of you to send me your draft on stamp= this request is now unnecessary as B. Douglass has settled the matter with the bankers and has given me besides


Juliana Weld, in religion Sister Frances de Sales, O.S.F., buried at Winchester 30 Oct. 1800, aged 26 (C.R.S., i, 202). ~ Vicar Apostolic, Lowland District, Scotland, born 1752, consecrated 12 Feb. 1792, and died 8 July 1814. I.e. on stamped paper-otherwise the drafts were refused.




a character of you which the virtue you mention in your letter and which you have so much at heart forbids me to repeat. your commands to B. Hay I did not fail to transmit. your other request has partly been and shall be in full faithfully complied with. I shall not in this line repeat my thanks for your benefaction in support of our intended establisment [sic]. am confident a purer motive than thanks from any Mortal has been the Spring of the actions of your life. he on whose account you have extended your charity knows what you have done and knows how to reward [po 3J what is done for his Glory. wishing you a large share in the blessings of the holy days that are now at an end and many happy returns of this season I am, Madam your most Obi & much obliged hble Servt John Chisholm E.O.* LETTERS FROM ALEXANDER KNIGHT OF SIXHILLS GRANGE.

These letters show that Alexander Knight was Agent for Mrs Heneage. There is one entry in Windsor Heneage's " Waste Book,' or " Day Book," under date 26 May 1785, " Gave Mr Alx. Knight, for old Fawcett of Hainton 5/-" .. (For Alexander Knight and family see C.R.S., iv, 260; xxii, 194). Though mostly concerned with financial matters, they give a few details about the Rev. William Darra (see his letter supra). They also sho\" that Mrs. Heneage apparently left Cadeby after her husband's death in 1786. They are written on fourpage sheets, folded and addressed on part of the fourth; the two first letters foolscap sheets, the rest quarto sheets.

[Dated 16 f'une 1786; addressedJ To Mrs Heneage at Mr Coghlan's Printer in Duke Street Grosvenor Square London [post-marked] 19 J u. [po I] Hon d Madam Enclosed I take the liberty of sending you an Account of the Sale of Stock &c at Cadeby and shall take care to send Bills to Messrs Wrights on your Account as soon as I can fall in for them, the Sale was not so good a one as I could have wish'd but I have no reason to doubt but Mr Pinner (the Auctioneer) did his best. I shall be much obliged to you to inform me by a letter directed to me at Cadeby where I propose to be next Thursday, Fryday & Saturday being the days of Sale, of the following particulars first whether the Game piece (a picture in the Chimney piece of the Best Chamber) is yours and to be taken down. 2d About the repairs, which I hoped to hear from you before. 3 d How long a time you are liable to pay rent for Cadeby, No. 1.

* Episcopus Orie1lsis,

Bishop of Oria.



the Land being now all cleared. 4th Ml' Tennyson wishes to know the particulars of your settlement respecting the Washington Estate. I shall be very happy if we can hear how you approve of our last Sale before we proceed to the next. After the Sale was over I heard Ml' Wrigglesworth wish'd on the part of Ml' Mackenzie to have the sale put off. however as he did not mention it to me I could do nothing and indeed Ml' Dara* to whom he made his proposals, told me they could have had no wright. I am Hon d Madam with the greatest respect Your most obliged Humble Sixhills Grange Servt to command June the 16 th 1786 Alexl' Knight P:S: Please to make my best respects to Mrs Lee. [po 2 blank.J [po 3J An ccount of Stock &c sold at Cadeby June the 12th 1786. £ . s . d To Mr Weldon II Shearlings at 23 8 per head 12 : 13: 0 To Do 20 Ewes & Lambs at 24 8 /6 d 24 : 10: 0 To Mr West 20 Shud r Hogs at 15s /9 d 15 : 15: 0 To Mr Grant 14 Ewes without Lambs at 17 8 /3<1 12: 1: 6 To Do 10 Huder Hogs at 16s /3d 8: 2: 6 To DO 2 Beasts at 18 : 15: 0 To Do 20 Ewes & Lambs at 221;/3<1 22: 5: 0 To DO 20 Ewes & Lambs at 22 8 22: 0: 0 To Do A Waggon 6: 6: 0 To DO 27 Shud r Hogs at 16s 21 : 12: 0 To Ml' Brooks an Ass : and Foal 0: 9: 6 To Mr Cunningham Chesnut Mare (lame) 8: 0: 0 To Ml' Howson a Cow & Calf 11: 0: 0 To Mr Hunt a pair of harrows o :~[9: OJ 22: 5: 0 To Mr Golding 20 Ewes & Lambs at 228 /3d To Do 12 Ewes & Lambs at 22 8 /6 13 : 10: 0 To Do I Ewe & Lambs 2 bad ones o : 16: 0 To Ml' Rowland 2 Asses o : 12: 6 To Do a cart 2: 7: 0 To Mr Hudson 5 Dozn of Trays at 68 /6<1 I : 12: 6 Carry'd to Account Particulars mentiond in our valuation } and not sold as follows Hainton Horse gone to Lond n valued at Black Lame Horse to Do valued Black Old Horse given to Mr Hunt Some other things not yet sold


£ : 14 : 10 : 5: 7:

I: 6 s : 14: 10: 5: 8:

d 0 0 0 0

£37 : 17: 0

* The Rev. William Darra.

,Covered with black sealing-wax.



[Dated 23 March 1791; addressed] To Mrs Heneage N° 27 Golden Square London [Post-mark indecipherable, except for the word Lincoln stamped twice on the address. Sealed with black wax.] [po 1 blank.] [po 3J Hon d Madam Enclos'd I have the pleasure of sending your Account to this time, with a Bill for the full Balance, which I hope you will find right. I have, as you was pleas'd to order me, charged the £15 : lis : Od, which I was to have receiv'd of Mr Dara from your last Account to this and as to any trouble I may have had in this as it is but a small affair I have made no charge of it. I am truly mortified at my being again obliged to send you such a lame account of your Clock, Telescope &c at Cadeby, I can with great truth say it is not owing to any neglect of mine. I have repeatedly spoke to Me D: on that subject, as I inform'd you in my last, to which I was [inJ* hopes of being favour'd with your answer before now a[nd IJ* deferr'd sending your Account some time for that reason. [IJ* should have waited longer but was afraid you would think long for it. In about six weeks your Tennants at Laceby will pay their year's Rents, which I shall take care to remit to you as usual. My wife joins me in our most respectfull Compliments to yourself and Miss Heneage.~ I am happy to hear you have found your Isle of Wight writings and am Hon d Madam Your most obliged Sixhills Grange Humble Servt to command d March the 23 1791 Alex r Knight Written lengthwise J [Po 2. Alex r Knight to Mrs E: Heneage ............ Dr £ s d 1789 March 24 Received a year's Jointure from ~ Cadeby Due Febry the 19 th 1789 20 : 0: 0 Api Received of Mr Rob t Cropper a year's 4 net Rent Due Lady Day 1789 8 : 17 : 3 Do Received of Mr Bell a years Do Due Do 38 : 8: 0 Received half a years Jointure from} Octob r 13 Cadeby Due Augst the 19 th 1789 10 : 0: 0 1790 4th Received half a yr Do Due Febry 19 til 1790 10 : 0: 0 May Received of Mr Bell a year's full Rent} 8 Due Lady Day 1790 50 : 0: 0 Do Received of Mr Rob t Cr.opper a yrs Do Due Do 12 : 0: 0 Do Received for 3 year's Outrents Due 3 : 10 : 6 Michs 88 No.2.

* Torn; where the seal was. G


Mary Heneage.

98 Sepr



1791 5. Jan Y Febry 28.

Received half yr Jointure Due Aug st 19 th • 90

10: 0: 0

Received 2 year's Outrents Due Mich s . 90 2: Received half a year's Jointure Due Febl'Y 90 10: Total of Receipts £ 175: Total of Disbursments £ 138: Balance Due to Mrs Heneage £36 : Cr £

7: 0 0: 2: 7: 15: s:

0 9 1 8

per Contra d 1789 1st To yourself by Messrs. Wright & Co 20: 0: 0 April 2d To Mrs Coates by your order 15: 0: 0 Aug. To a proportionate part of an } Outrent Due at Mrs Heneage's death 1: 14: 4 30: 0: 0 Octob r 29 th To yourself by Messrs Wright & Co. 1790 May the 8 To a year's Taxes for Mr Bell's 1. Farm Due Lady Day 1790 J 11 : 12: 0 To a years Do for Mr R: Croppers Do 2: 16: 0 To a year's Outrent from Do Due } to Sr Cecil Wray at Mich s . 89 0: 6: 9 ApI To yourself by Messrs Wright & Co 40: 0: 0 13 To WIll White Joiner for a case for } 13 July the Harpsichord & Packing 0 : 19: 0 To Crow Quills sent to you 0: 2: 0 To the carriage of the Harpsichord tOJ Lincoln 0: 6 : o 1791 To myself by your order to Mr March 8. Dara not paid 15 : 11: 0 Total of Disbursments [,138: 7: 1 36 : 15: 8 March 23. By Bill sent to Mrs Heneage 175: 2: 9 No.3. [Dated 28 September 1795. Addressed] Mrs Heneage Newport Isle Wight Hants [post-marked] Market Raisin "B.O.C.L 95 " [po 3] Hon d Madam Having receiv'd your favour of the 4th Inst. in which I am truly sorry to observe you seem dissatisfied with what I have done respecting the management of your affairs here, I must beg leave to answer it in every part and in doing this I am under the necessity of saying, that tho' I have not yet paid the full of what I have received on your Account there has allways been upon settling every Account which I have had the honour of having



with you a balance due to me and as you have several times given me orders to do this or the other little thing I have kept the very little money which is in my hands to answer any exigence of that kind. As to your alteration of Rents, it begun (as you observe) from Lady Day 1794, which was as soon as it could from your orders. The Misstatement of Rent, which you have been pleas'd to observe betwixt the year 1776 and the present time rp. 2. Written lengthwiseJ must (1 suppose) have been owing to some alteration of Rent made by Mr Heneage at that time and some additional Taxes laid upon the Estate in consequence thereof, but as it was long before I had the .honour of being concern'd I cannot answer it particularly. As to the Account being stated to May-Day, the Land has allways been, what is commonly call'd May Day Land tho' the Account has usually stated it to Lady Day. In regard of Mrs Randall's money, tis so long since it was paid and the Account settled, that I cannot positively say what it was, but I think it was Thirty five Pounds by 2 payments. As soon as I receive the Laceby Outrents, which I will as soon as possible I will take care to send your Account and the Balance. I am sorry to inform you both Mr Dara and myself are likely to be great losers by our Chapel Business at Louth. I am also very sorry to inform you Mrs H: Heneage is but poorly, tho' I hope no worse than usual. My wife joins me in our most respectful CompLS to yourself & Mr Lucas and to Mr & Mrs Brok[holesJ* if with you & I remain H[on d MadaJm* Your most obliged Humble Sixhills Grange [Servt to comJmand* Sepr 28 th 1795 Alex r Knight

[Dated 23 December 1796. Addressed] Mrs Heneage at B: Fitzherbert's Esqr Swinnerton near Stone Cross Post Staffordshire [post-markedj Wragby

No.4. [po IJ

[Po 2J Alex r Knight to Mrs WindsI' Heneage Dr ÂŁ ; s : d Cr 1796}Received of Mr Bell a years} ApI 16 net Rent Due May Dayl796 50: 0: 0 May

25. Received by Mr Smith half} a yrs Jointure from Cadeby 10: 0: 0 Due Febry 96

June 10

Received of Mr Cropper a'l years net Rent due May ~ 12: 0: 0 Day 1796 J

* Torn through being sealed.


s: d



N OV r 23 d Received by Mr Smith half} a yrs Jointure Due Augst 10: 0: 0 19 th 1796 To Mrs Wind r Heneage by my order l. to Messrs Wright & Co July the 20 th 96 J . . . . . . . . .. 50: 0: 0 2 : 2: 0 To one Year's salary Due Xmass 96 To the Balance of this Account by Bill j on Messrs Wright & Co Decr the 23 d ~. • . • . . . . .. 29: 18: 0 1796 J ----------£82: 0: 0 82: 0: 0 Hon d Madam Having been inform'd only a very few days ago by Mrs Heneage of Lincoln that you was arrived at Swinnerton, I take the earliest opportunity of sending you my Account with a Bill on Messrs Wright & Co for the Balance; which I hope you will find right. I was favour'd by a letter from you in July last, but as I had paid the full Balance of the preceeding year's Account by Messrs Wright & Co last FebY viz Forty Six Pounds 18 Shillings and lId, I thought it unnecessary to trouble you with a letter [po 3, written lengthwise] till this year was compleat ed, w[hich]* was only the 23 d of last month, and indeed the full year is scarce compleated yet. I shall also enclose in this the preceeding Account the Balance of which was paid last FebY and should have sent the particulars of it at the same time if I had known where you was. I hope you will find the whole perfectly right. I am certain it is agreable to the orders I received from you, which I have allways endeavoured to execute to the best of my power. As to Mrs, Randall's money tis a long time since I settled that account and deliver'd up the Vouchers, but to the best of my recollection and from my Books it appears that I paid Thirty five Pounds at two different payments. As to the rents of your Lands at Laceby, that part let to Mr Cropper would not be worth so much as it is let for, only it is very useful and convenient to him and as to Mr Bell's farm, if it is not let for so much as it might possibly be rack'd up to in these times, it is let for as much as you order'd me to let it for and for more than it was when I enter'd on the Business and the then Tennant gave it up at the rent and if the present Tennant (Mr Bell) had not improved it as he has, he could not have afforded the rent for it. My wife joins me in the most respectful Compt::l of the Season to yourself and Mrs Fitzherbert. Please also to present mine to Mr Fitzherbert and believe me Hon d Madam Your most obliged Humble . Servt to command Sixhills Grange r d Dec the 23 1796 Alex r Knight

* Torn.

,This may be ' Mr ' .



[Dated 16 July 1798. Addressed] Mrs Heneage at Newport in the Isle of Wight by London. Hants [post-marked] Market Raisin [po 3] Hon d Madam We are happy to find by your favour of the 11th Inst. which I received last night that you and your numerous Family are all well, I should certainly have sent your last Account with the small remaining Balance in my hands before now, but as J suppos'd it was to be your final Account here, I wish'd to have the Quit-rents of Laceby and some small payments to Mr Dara included in it and I have not even yet had it in my power to collect every thing ready for it. As I suppos'd from your favour last year that you & Mr Tho s Heneage had actually agreed for your Estate at Laceby I did not know I was to have the honour of receiving your rents there any more. I have therefore not received either your rents there or annuity from M1' Thos Heneage this year, but will now take care to call for them and remit them to you as soon as I can. I will also take care to give your Tennants at Laceby proper notice to quit at next May-Day that being the time at which their year is clos'd. Notwithstanding I am perhaps as well or better acquainted with S1' Geo : Barlow's affairs than any person now left in the Country, I am afraid it will scarce be in my power to give you a very satisfactory account of them, but this I am sorry to say is true that by the neglect and mismanagement of those employ'd in that Business S1' Geo: Barlow's Creditors have been [po 2, written lengthwise] shamefully deprived of their just demands for a very great many years and this too when there was sufficient to pay all with, if it had been properly attended to. If a meeting of the Creditors or their representatives (for many of the Principals are dead and I am sorry to add died in want of what they had a just right to) was call'd and Mr Heneage would come forward in the Business it might perhaps yet be brought to an end, but the prospect appears to me a very distant one. Mr Howell* seems to like his new situation very well, we were very sorry for his leaving Swinnerton as we were afraid it would be unpleasant to Mrs Fitzherbert. Mr Dara lives chiefly at Orford.~ Teresa Golding lives in his house at Louth & Saml has taken a small farm at Bametby. M1' Newton:I: is still living & tolerably well. Mrs Heneage at Lincoln as usual, but I am afraid things are so awkward, we shall not have the pleasure of seeing her this summer. I shall take care to observe your orders respecting Mr No.5.


Could this be the Rev. John Howell of VaUadolid College, ordained 11 April 1789 and died at Nerquis, Mold, N. Wales, 24 Feb. 1810? (C/. C.R.S., xxx, 210.) ~ See C.R.S., iv, 264 note. :I: Query: Rev. Robert Newton, who died 4 Feb. 1800? (C,R,S. , xii . 73.)



Tho s Heneage's selling Laceby farms. I am sorry to say the times are as alarming and the world as wicked as you describe them. God grant we may all prepare for a happy death, which seems to be the only thing likely to terminate our misfortunes. My wife joins me in the most respectful Compts to you &c and I remain d Hon Madam, Your most obliged Humble Servt [to com]mand* Sixhills Grange July the 16th 1798 Alex r Knight P:S: you will please to direct.y. to me m[arket]* Rasen [Undated, but accounts made u,p to 3 November 1798. Addressed] Mrs Heneage at Swinnerton near Stone Cross } Staffordshire post Mrs Heneage [Re-addressed] Newport Isle of wight [Post-markJ Stone [The Accounts are written across the inside of the sheet, Debit account on p. 2 and Credit account on p. 3. The Letter underneath begins on p. 2 and continues on p. 3.J


[po 2J Alexr Knight to Mrs Heneage . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Dr £ .. s .. d Received by Mr Smith a year's Jointure from Cadeby } Due Augst the 19 th 1797 .................. 20 .. 0 .. 0 Received of Mr Bell a yrs rent Due May-Day 1797 50 .. 0 .. 0 Received of Mr Cropper a year's Do Due Do 12.. 0.. 0 Received 2 year's Outrents Due Mich s 1797 2 .. 7 .. 0 Received of Mr Bell a year's Do Due Do 50.. 0 .. 0 Received by Mr Smith a year's Jointure from Cadeby } Due Augst the 19 th 1798 20 .. 0 .. 0 £166 .. 7 . . 0 1798 Nov r the 3d 128 .. 13 .. 6 Balance Due to Mrs Heneage £37 .. 13 .. 6 [po 3J per contra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Cr £ .. s . . d 1797 ~TO yourself by Draft on 70 .. 0 .. 0 Decr 16 Messrs Wright & Co


To Do by Do ...................... 49 .. 15 .. 0 To Mr Dara:!: by your order 1 .. 1 .. 0 To Do for 3 yr & a half Schooling for} Bridget Mumby'S Children Due Nov r 1798 3 .. 13 .. 6

* This piece was sealed with wax and has been cut to open the letter. ~l. e.

to address. ;The Rev. William Darra. Query: Mass stipend?


To 2 year's Salary Total of Disbursments

103 4 .. 4 .. 0

ÂŁ 128 .. 13 ..


[p. 2] Hon d Madam Enc1os'd I have the pleasure to send your Account with a Bill for the Balance, which I hope you will find right. I am afraid you will think me rather long in sending it, but I assure you it is not long since I received your Jointure and since I settled with Mr Dara and I have b.een obliged to be from home for this last ten days. [po 3] My wife joins me in the most respectful Complim ts to you and Mrs Fitzherbert, to whose House I have taken the liberty of addressing this, as I did not know very well where you was. As this I suppose is the last Account I shall ever have the honour of sending you, I must beg leave to return you my most grateful thanks for all your past favours to myself and Family and to assure you I remain with the sincerest gratitude your most obliged Humble Servt to command, Alex r Knight No.7. [Dated 17 july 1799. Addressed] Mrs Heneage at Newport Isle of wight By London Hants [Post-marked] Market Raisin [andJ B Jul 19 99 [Po 3J Hon d Madam Enc1os'd I have the pleasure to send you my Draft for Twenty Pounds, which is what I have received of your rents as yet. I am truly sorry it was not in my power to answer your first favour (to any purpose) sooner but I did not receive any money on your Account till some time after I was favour'd with your letter and I was in hopes I [wouIJd* have received Mr Bell's rent and have had it in my power [toJ* send you the whole Account and Balance long before now. I have both spoke and wrote to him, but I assure you money is very scarce, I believe with most people in this Country at present, however you may be assured as soon as I do receive it, which I hope will be very soon, I shall take care to send the account and Balance to you. By a letter, which I received yesterday from Mrs Fitzherbert I find I am to remit Eighteen Guineas to the Rev d Mr Beaumont, which I shall of course do. My wife joins me in the most respectful Compts to you and I remain Hon d Madam your most obliged Humble Servt to comm d Sixhills Grange Alex r Knight July the 17th 1799

* Torn; where the seal was,


(1792-Baptisms 1856; Obituaries 1887) and COWES (1796-1856) HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION

In the. Isle of Wight the Reformation seems to have blotted out the Faith-so much so that an Oglander of Charles I's reign could boast that in the Island there was" neither fox nor papist." Only two Isle of Wight clergy were deprived for refusing to take the Oath of Supremacy in the early years of Queen Elizabeth's reign. One of them was Michael Raby, instituted Rector of St. Lawrence in 1536 (John L. Whitehead, The Underclitf oj the Isle oj Wight, p. 201, Ventnor and London, 1911). Yet, accidentally, the Island has two* martyr priests, Blessed Robert Anderton and Blessed William Marsden, both Lancashire men, the latter from the parish of Goosenargh. Both went to Douay 10 July 1580 and were entered" of Chester diocese." They were sent to England 4 February 1586. On account of bad weather the ship was brought into an unnamed port in the Isle of Wight. There they were arrested and sent to Winchester to stand trial at the Lent Assizes. On 10 March 1586 they were taken to London by the Sheriff of Hampshire and sent to the Marshalsea. On 16 March writs were issued for their examination. They were taken back to Winchester and handed over to the Sheriff on 21 April. On 25 April 1586 they were hanged and quartered in the Isle of Wight " on some high ground in sight of the moaning sea" (Stonyhurst MSS ., M, fol. 134; cJ. Pollen, Acts oj English Martyrs; Challoner, Memoirs oj Missionary Priests, pp. 114-5; C.R.S., v,8, 395). The exact site of the martyrdom has not been determined., Until recently it was believed that there were no Recusants in the Island. Miss Agnes Mott of Christchurch has discovered three: Mark Curle, gent., of Aireton; Anthonie Lisle, gent., and Mrs. Jane Lisle of Whippingham. Their names were recorded in an Inquisition made in April 1583 (P.R.O., Dom. S. P., vol. 160, art. 26; quoted from Miss Mott's MSS.). Another trace of lingering Catholicity is found in Father Thomas Worsley, S.]., alias Hervey, born in Louvain 31 May 1597, who was the son of John Worsley of the Isle of Wight, ancestor of the noble family of Yarborough, and his wife Leonora Hervey, daughter of Sir Thomas Hervey and grand-daughter of Sir Nicholas Hervey, ambassador


There is fairly conclusive evidence that a third martyr, the Ven. Sir Thomas Dingley, Knight of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Preceptor of the Commandery of Baddysley and Mayne, was a native of the Isle of Wight. He was the son of John Dingley by Mabel, daughter of Edmund Weston of Boston, Lines., who was sister to Sir 'iVilliam Weston. (References: Mgr. Mifsud, Knights Hospitallers in Malta, p. 162; Brit. Museum, Addit. MSS., 31890, for Pedigrees (Weston); Vict. Co. Hist., Hampshire, ii, 125, iv, 255; Hasted, Kent, ii, 754, 810; Hutchins, History of Dorset, ii, 501; Oglander Memoirs, p. 92, Newport (1. of W.), 1888; Cal. Dom. S.P. Henry VIII, 1535-9; Lives of the English Martyrs, i, 437, 451; Berry, Hampshire Genealogies, pp. 9, 122, 123, 130.) , It has been suggested that a spot formerly known as Gallows Hill, in Parkhurst Forest, outside Camp Hill B.L, may possibly be the site. Before houses had been erected and the trees had grown it was quite possible to see the sea from there. Downend is also suggested.



from Henry VIII to Charles V. Father Worsley entered the Society at Antwerp 30 September 1614, went to Valladolid at an unknown date (but was there in 1618) and left for the Novitiate in September 162l. He died at Liege 8 February 1671 (Foley, Records S.]., vii, 864; C.R.S., xxx, 131). No further evidence of Catholicity in the Island is so far available until 1750. In May of that year, and again in 1751, cryptic entries made in the Hampshire Secular Clergy Fund Register by the Treasurer, the Rev. John Philip Betts, record the payments of two half-guineas to the priest at Brockhampton, the Rev. David Morgan, for attendance in the Isle of Wight." Whom he attended is a matter for speculation: it was quite possibly the Brownes of Gatcombe.* As recorded above, Miss Elizabeth Browne became Mrs. Heneage, and in the 1790s, in her widowhood, built the churches at Newport and Cowes. NEWPORT. Mrs. Heneage apparently left Cadeby soon after her husband's death and lived in London, France and Swinnerton (her son-in-law's estate), with occasional visits to Bath for her health. There are still extant (in the Cowes Archives) several business letters written by her to "Mr James, Attorney, Henley on Arden, Warwickshire." In one of them, dated 17 November 1789, addressed to him at the "Beaugle Inn Newport Isle of Wight," she writes: " Mr Clark is very Intelligent in affairs. My Compliments to Him & please to ask Him what I'm Indebted to him for the Lease of the House I've taken in Newport Before you return please to order my Blew Damask Chairs at Mr Crooks to be remov'd to my House in Newport up stairs in one of the Dryest rooms & none of them to be put near any outside wall . . . . "; and in the postscript, "Mr Lucas begs all that's kind to you . . . . " In a second letter, addressed to him at Arden from Bath on the 19 February 1790. concerning business affairs with Mr. Foquett in the Island, she adds, " Mr Lucas also wrote to me by the same post wishing to have all adjusted peaceably." In yet another letter to him from Swinnerton on 8 May 1790, a postscript is added: " Mr Lucas well also & in the Isle." In several of these letters to Mr. James she presents her compliments to "Mrs Lucas"; whether this is a relation of the Rev. Simon Lucas is not clear.~ The address on one of the letters, dated 1798, printed before this Introduction, is "Mrs Heneage, Cosh am House, Newport." Whether Cosham House and the Presbytery-or the Chapel House, as it was called, and in which she died:!: -were one and the same has not been determined. The Presbytery was reconstructed and enlarged in the Rev. John Doran's time. Apparently the Rev. Simon Lucas came to Newport before May 1790 and Mrs. Heneage followed some time after that date. II


In a letter to Father R. G. Davis of Cowes, Mr. J. Gillow said that he had heard that Elizabeth Browne's father had been received into the Church by the Hon. the Rev. Thomas Talbot at Brockhampton (Kirk says it was Elizabeth Browne whom the Rev. Thomas Talbot received), but as the dates of the Rev. Thomas Talbot's tenure of office at Brockhampton did not seem to fit in, he surmised that it might have been the Rev. David Morgan who received him. Kirk gives as his source of Information Mr. Edward Eyre of Longbirch. 'An Elizabeth Lucas appears as godmother in the early entries of the Cowes Register. Mrs. Heneage lies buried beneath the church in Newport, on the Gospel side of the entrance door.




In the 1842 Catholic Directory is published the obituary notice of Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Barnes, who died on 10 September 1841, at the age of 71. She was the widow of James Barnes, Chief Magistrate of Shaftesbury, Dorset, who was the last surviving son of Walter Barnes. She died at Carisbrooke, after a residence of fifty years, and the Directory adds "At this respected lady's house, Mass was performed for six months before the completion of the sacred Catholic edifices in the Isle of vVight." In 1792 the first Catholic Church on the Island was opened-St. Thomas of Canterbury, Newport. It is now the oldest Catholic Church in Hampshire still in use.* In the Archives at Newport is a printed Certificate of Registration set out as follows (the particulars written in ink are shown here in italics):

CERTIFICATE OF ROMAN CATHOLICK MEETING being recorded at the Session. SOUTHAMPTON} I Robert Reeks Corbin Deputy Clerk of the Peace (to wit) for the said County, do hereby certify, that at the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our Sovereign Lord the King, holden at the Castle of Winchester, in and for the said County, on Tuesday in the first Week after the Clause of Easter to wit, the Seventeenth Day of April in the Year of our Lord 1792, a Chappel lately erected in the Town and parish of Newport in the Isle of Wight in the said County was certified to this Session, as a Place set apart for Religious Worship, and was then duly recorded, and also the Name and Description of the Rev d Simon Lucas was likewise recorded at the said Session, as a Priest or Minister to officiate at the said Place of Meeting, pursuant to an Act of the 31st of George the 3d, Cap. 32, intituled "An Act to relieve, upon Conditions, and under "Restrictions, the Persons therein described, from certain "Penalties and Disabilities to which Papists, or Persons pro" fessing the Popish Religion, are by Law subject." vVitness my Hand this I9 Day of April 1792 Rob: Reeks Corbin Dep. Clerk of the Peace. In 1813 Newport was said to have 564 houses and 3,585 inhabitants, of whom 640 were employed in various trades. It was" situate near the middle of the Island, on the river Medina or Cowes, which falls into the sea, 7 miles below this town . . .. The only manufacture carried on here is that of starch" (Benjamin Pitts Capper, A Topographical Dictionary oj the United Kingdom, London, 1813). Two baptisms in 1792, none in 1793, and four in 1794 are some indication of the fewness of Catholics. In later years the building of military barracks in the vicinity causes a sharp rise in the numbers of the c.o ngregation. Bishop Douglass reported to Propaganda on 17 June 1796, " In the Isle of Wight there is a Chapel at Newport, the chief town of the Island and another Chapel is in process of erection at Cowes. Both are due to the piety and zeal of the most illustrious


A photograph of this church is given in B. Ward, The Dawn of the Calho/i, Revival, if fa,cin~ p. 30S.



lady, E lizabeth Heneage, a native of Wight." At the end of 1815 Bishop Poynter's report to Rome mentioned 700 Catholic soldiers in Newport (Maziere Brady, Episcopal Succession, iii, 181, 189). A letter from Bishop Poynter to the Rev. William Pierrepont (Cowes Archives) shows that the idea of having a chapel in the Barracks had been mooted.


Dear and Rev. Sir, The annexed is a copy of the deeds relating to West Cowes, as far as they describe the situation and measurement of the premises you occupy. I believe that this comprises the whole. In answer to your enquiry in your letter to Mr Hodgson 14th inst. I beg to inform you that the salary of your place pays the whole of the income tax before it is received by Mr. Hodgson. I have just put Mr Spain's letter concerning a place of worship in the Depot into Sir John Hippersley's hands, who entered most heartily into the cause and promised to make application immediately. I have not yet received any answer from Sir John. But -any further Communication concerning the conveniency of the place for the purpose, from lVP' Spain will be of service. I am to open a chapel at Burton near Ringwood on Tuesday the 9 th of July. I do not know whether Mr. Cochet may have invited you on the occasion. If he has I shall feel great pleasure in your company. Bishop Douglass [word illegible] Mr Hodgso-n unite in every kind sentiment with My Dr Sir Castle Street Your most hum h St Wm Poynter June 26: 1811 The great majority of Canon Fryer's entries in the Registers relate to the Army. Newport also became the Mother Church of the Island, and the priest was responsible for the whole Island. After Cowes Church was built we find entries in the later Newport Registers relating to Ventnor~ and Freshwater. In August 1864 the Rev. Thomas Fryer records a baptism " at the chapel of St. Michael, Cliff End Fort, Freshwater (Royal Artillery)." In the 1814 Directory there is an advertisement which denotes an attempt at Catholic education. Mr. Sims's Academy, of Quay Street, Newport, advertises for young gentlemen under twelve at 40 guineas a ye~r. Inquiries ' may be addressed to Mr. Sims of the Academy, or Mr. G. Spain of Newport. There is also, in one of the Rev. R. Southworth's letters, a reference to Mr. Hawcke's school in the Isle of Wight.

* It also mentions 400 Catholic soldiers at Lymington, on the mainland. if4 In the Catholic Directory for 1858 Ventnor St. Wilfrid's appears as being served" occasionally from Newport." In December 1858 a baptism is entered in the Newport Register by the Rev. Peter Coop" at the Oratory of St Wilfrid's Ven,tnor." In the 1861 Directory for Ventnor we find" Apsley Cottage, High St" and in Oct. 1863 another baptism in the Newport Register" at the Oratory of St Wilfrid's, Apsley Cottage, High St, Ventnor," by the Rev. Victor William Duke, who is also given at Ventnor in the 1864 Directory, but the address is" Montebello House, Victoria Road." In the 1865 Directory he is replaced by the Rev. Frederick S. Bowles.



No information seems now to be available as to what or where this school was. The name" Hawke" occurs frequently in the early Newport Registers . The first priest at Newport, as stated above, was the Rev. Simon Lucas (1792-1800).* In the first Register, which is entirely in the Rev. Simon Lucas's hand, baptisms are recorded in April and May 1796 by the Rev. Thomas Gabb, ~ who was apparently staying with the Rev. Mr. Lucas while Cowes Church was being built; in July and August 1797 by the Rev. Ignatius Lempfrid,:I: a German priest, Chaplain to the Foreign Legion, who later appears at Cowes and was incumbent of Gosport from 1802 to 1815; and in November 1797 by the Abbe Etienne Desperques, as yet unidentified (he also appears at Cowes), who became the priest-in-charge after the Rev. Simon Lucas's departure until June 1801, in which month two baptisms were entered by the Abbe Aimable Nicolas Bourget, priest at Cowes 1801-3. The Rev. Thomas Whiteยง was at Newport from 28 July 1801 until May 1804, when he was replaced by the Rev . Peter Gandolphi, who remained until April 1806, at which date the Rev. Thomas White, who had taken charge of Cowes Mission from May 1804 to 19 April 1806, returned to Newport. The Rev. Peter Gandolphi ~ (or Gandolphy) was born in London 26 July 1779, the son of John Vincent Gandolphi of East Sheen, Surrey, and Anna Maria, daughter of Benedict Hinde of Worlesby, Lincolnshire, and the grandson of Count Pietro Gandolphi of Genoa, Leghorn and London . As a boy he was at Stonyhurst from 12 December 1794 to 9 July 1797 (Dr. Oliver says that he was also at the Jesuits' previous College at Liege, a point on which Dr. Oliver should be well jnformed; but in the accounts mention of his three brothers is made, but not of Peter). He returned to Stonyhurst 17 September 1798 to begin his studies for the priesthood, and became what was known as a .. Junior" -not a Jesuit, as this was during the period of the suppression. To quote Dr. Oliver, in his Collecti ons S.J.-and he was at Stonyhurst, too, at the time-" After passing three years in the J uniorate ... he was appointed to commence [i .e. teaching] a course of Humanities on the 4th of October 1801, but quitted the College three years later. After some time he was promoted to Holy Orders, by the worthy Bishop of the London district .. .," Dr. Douglass.** Newport was his first Mission. He was next appointed to Spanish Chapel, London. Here he incurred the censure of Bishop Poynter for some of his writings and was suspended and his works denounced in a pastoral letter dated 24 April 1817.~~ He resigned his chaplaincy in 1818 and retired to live with his relatives at East Sheen, where he died of a broken heart 9 July 1821. Bishop Milner, who remained his sincere friend, testified to his sterling

* He lies buried in the churchyard at Standon Lordship. See Introduction, Portsea Registers. Introduction, Gosport Registers. ยง See Introduction, Winchester Registers. ~ The Registers are signed" Gandolphi," but when writing in E nglish he apparently preferred the form" Gandolphy." For the above details I am indebted to the Rev. H. Chadwick, S.J. , of Stonyhurst. , .yt A fairly complete collection of the correspondence concerning this episocll;l wit4 J3isho:p Poynter is at Stonyhurst College. ~

:t See




q ualities, adding that whatever inaccuracy there might be in some of his writings "there was no heterodox or dangerous principle in his m ind" (Gillow, Diet. of Eng. Cath ., ii, 365-6; Foley, Records S.j., vii, 286-Foley's dates are wrong). When the Rev. Thomas White left for W inchester on 15 July 1810 he was succeeded by the Rev. George Spain. During the Rev. Thomas White's first incumbency the Rev. Richard Southworth of Brockhampton baptized here once, in March 1804, being on a visit to Newport, possibly as the Vicar of Hampshire. The Abbe Louis Coquiere appears to have filled a slight gap in April 1806, between the departure of the Rev. Peter Gandolphi and the arrival, for the second time, of the Rev. Thomas White, for he baptized on 20 April 1806, and again in June 1807 and April 1809. When Bishop Milner was. the priest at Winchester he left a MS. in which the Abbe Coquiere was referred to as the priest at Romsey . It is evident that he was not on the Island all through the years from 1806 to 1809, for he also baptized in Southampton in February 1806, May 1807, and again in January 1810; he also baptized in Cowes, in May 1805. The H.ev. George Spain, who was at Newport from July 1810 till the end of 1820 (his last baptism was in the October), was born 9 January 1778,* the son of William Spain and his wife Elizabeth ~ (Hertend), of Hainton, Lincolnshire, and subsequently of London. He was the eldest brother, and two ofllis brothers became Benedictines-Henry (Dom Leo, O.S.B.), born in London in 1790 and professed in 1808, and Lewis (Dom Cuthbert, O .S.B.), born in 1797 and professed in 1814. A younger sister was a nun at Shepton Mallet, Somerset.~ George Spain was admitted to the English College, Lisbon, on 12 March 1802, and became an alumnus 16 December 1804. He was ordained at Lisbon and left for England 21 February 1809. From Newport he went to the Bavarian Chapel, Warwick Street, Golden Square, London, where he died 9 December 1838. He performed a marriage at the Portuguese Embassy Chapel in London in July 1834 and was witness at another there in December 1835 (C.R.S., xxxviii, 156, 160). He is described as an indefatigable missioner and an eloquent preacher (Historical Account of English College, Lisbon, p . 254). The College Register says that he was baptized by Mr. Wright and confirmed by Bishop Douglass. The next priest appointed was the Rev. John Russell, who probably came late in 1820 (his first baptism was in the following January) and remained until July 1829. He went to Old Hall College 13 June 1802, was ordained 21 September 1811, and left in 1814, having apparently


For these details I am indebted to the Very Rev. Canon James Sullivan, Rector of the English College, Lisbon, and to Dom G. Lucius Graham, O.S.B., of Downside Abbey. In the Fasti Gregoriana, or brief notices respecting the members of the monastery of St. Gregory the Great from 1773, at Downside Abbey, George Spain's date of birth is given as 9 January 1773, but Dom Lucius Graham agrees that this is most probably a copyist's error, as the details were added later from a letter dated circa 1856. is almost certainly her obituary notice which is given in C.R.S., xii, 125: " Mrs Elizabeth Spain, late of Old Quebec Street, 27 February 1814, aged 58." ~ Mary Margaret Teresa Spain, late of Sales-House, Shepton Mallet, died 24 Feb. 1826, aged 26 (C.R.S ., xii, 170). Obituary notices of other Spains are given in the same volume: Charles Spain, late of Quebec Street, 25 June 1827, aged 41 {p. 177)-probably a brother; Miss Catherine Spain, 25 Oct. 1809, aged 26 {p. 108)-probably a sister; Mrs. Sarah Spain, 23 April 1827, aged 67 (p. 177); and William Spain, seuior, 23 Nov. 1831, aged 60 (p. 198).




taught at the College from 1809 until that date . So far all that is known about his priestly life is the incumbency at Newport. He died 22 September 1830, aged 42. In June 1829 one baptism was administered by the Abbe Richard Cesar de Grenthe. He was born in Caen, in the parish of St. Nicolas. On 29 August 1788 a brief was sent to Bayeux from Paris granting a dispensation on account of his age, and he was ordained 20 September 1788. He was appointed vicaire to St. Benedict's Chapter in Paris. According to the Register of Mgr. Cheylus, Bishop of Bayeux, which was kept by the Abbe Chretien, the Abbe de Grenthe left France 8 September 1792 and arrived at St. Ouen in Jersey 17 September 1792, said to be then 41 years old. He is also said to have lodged at Portsmouth. He apparently lived at Newport for many years. The Catholic Journal of 8 March 1828 describes him as officiating" as High Priest" at the Rev. William Pierrepont's obsequies in Cowes in February 1828, on which occasion the Rev. John Russell preached. He applied for nationalization papers, but it is not known whether or not they were granted (P,R.O ., H .O., Series 44, bundle 6). He died at Newport 19 March 1842 and a square stone memorial, which still stands in the forecourt of Newport Catholic Church, was erected " as a mark of respect by a few pupils and friends." His age is given as 77, and D.D. is added after his name. The Rev. Stephen Dambrine was here for a few months from July to September 1829. He was born in France 24 December 1800, went to Old Hall in 1821, and was ordained 20 September 1828. He seems to have been on the staff at St. Edmund's, being listed as "Prefect of Poets" in January 1829. He left in 1829 and apparently came to Newport. He was next appointed to Woolhampton, either in 1829 or 1830, and remained there until 1854, dying 7 May 1854. He was a Canon of Southwark in the first list of the Chapter in 1852. He was followed at Newport by the Rev. John Sidden, from September 1829 till the last months of the year (his last baptism was in the October). He was born in Surrey 22 September 1802, went to Old Hall 20 August 1816, was ordained 18 November 1827, and left in the same year. In 1828 he was at Carshalton, and from 1831 to 1847 at Thornton Hall, Brentwood. Later he appears to have been at Louvain, some accounts say as a Professor. His brother, Joseph, was priest at Southampton. From the end of 1829 (his first baptism was 18 December) until the middle of 1830 (his last baptism was in May) the Rev. Christopher Vincent Dowling was in charge of the Mission. An Obituary Notice in Freeman's Journal (Sydney, Australia) for 3 January 1874 says that" the Rev. Christopher Vincent Dowling was born in the city of Dublin in the year 1789. He was educated at a College of the Dominican Fathers in Lisbon, and afterwards joined their order. When he completed his studies there he returned to Dublin and was ordained priest by the late Dr. Murray in the year 1814, one year prior to the battle of Waterloo. He was appointed the sub-prior of his order, but had to leave Ireland on account of failing health. He went to France, and had charge of a small parish in the vicinity of Bordeaux, where he remained for several years. During his absence in France he was chosen prior by his order, but he declined the honour because his health was not restored. The Right Rev. Dr. Bramston, Bishop of London, gave him a mission in the Isle of Wight, and he officiated there for nine or ten months; after that he served the Church in London


* I am informed that the Abbe Chretien's facts are frequently inaccurate.



for a time. On the nomination of Dr. Bramston he was appointed Roman Catholic Chaplain to New South Wales, being sent out by the Imperial Government to assist in reclaiming the then frightful state of society out here- a society then bereft of the blessed influence of religion, and sunk almost to the lowest depths of degradation." The Rev. C. V. Dowling was cure of Salignac, in the deanery of Cubzac, diocese of Bordeaux, from at least 1826 till the beginning of 1829, the n ame being spelt Douling in the Ordo. In the 1820 Directory of Bordeaux (p. 214) a firm of Irish merchants, Dowling, Jacques et fils, is shown at No. 88, Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux. Did the Rev. C. V. Dowling go to Bordeaux to be near relations? After his ten months' stay in Newport and his subsequent service in London, he arrived in Australia on 17 September 1831. Dom Bert, O.S.B. (Benedictine Pioneers in Australia, i, 126), gives 1829 as the date of his arrival. Apart from the fact that he was in Newport during 1829-30, a letter from him to Under-Secretary Hay, in England, dated 24 January 1832, speaks of " a four months' residence here." Father Dowling arrived in Sydney in the middle of a first-class dispute . Father Therry- who had laboured alone in Sydney after the departure for Tasmania of Father Connolly, with whom he had quarrelled-had been deprived of the chaplaincy and salary, and Father Power had been appointed in his place. Another account places Father Power's arrival in 1826, and says that he was in bad health and stayed only a few years. Father Therry refused to recognize the legality of his eviction and still regarded himself as priest-in-charge. Father Dowling became involved in the row against Father Therry, with the best of intentions, and is stated to have been appointed official R.C. Chaplain, with a government salary of ÂŁ150 a year, but he was not the man the Government wanted" to keep Therry under control," so he went to Windsor. In June 1832 Father McEnroe came to New South Wales, and Dr. Ullathorne, on arrival in Sydney in 1833, said that Fathers Therry, Dowling and McEnroe were the only three priests he found in the Colony. One of Dr. Ullathorne's letters, dated 17 April 1833, says" Mr Dowling is now stationed at Windsor" (forty-five miles from Sydney) . In 1836, under Dr. Polding, he went to minister to the scattered flock along the Hunter River, with his headquarters at Maitland. His first entry in the Register at East Maitland was dat ed 8 August 1836, and followed the last entry made there, on 24 July 1836, by another priest from Hampshire, the Rev. James Watkins, who built the church at Southampton. His obituary notice in Freeman' s Journal (Sydney) contains an error for the date of arrival, 1821 instead of 1831, and says that on arrival he " immediately made a missionary tour through the southern districts of the colony. He was soon after stationed at Windsor, where he remained for some years. In 1831 [this date is obviously incorrect] he got charge of the mission of Newcastle, where his principal duties, so far as he had to do with the Imperial Government, were to act as chaplain to the military and the prisoners. He resided for some time at East Maitland-I cannot ascertain for what length of time .... but it appears from other data that it was only for a short period. It is pretty well known that he had permanently resided at Newcastle for nearly forty years, that is since he left East Maitland." In September 1838 he was transferred to Newcastle, where he was priest-in-charge until 1861. The Catholic D irectory shows the Rev. C. V. Dowling in New-



castle, Australia, in 1841-2. In 1861 he retired from active work. He died at Newcastle on 14 December 1873 and was buried at East Maitland, in the grounds of St. Joseph's Church, on 16 December. When the new modern church was erected at East Maitland some years ago his remains were transferred to a resting-place within the church. (Articles by the Rev. J. J. McGovern in The Australasian Catholic Record; Free"nan's Journal (Sydney), 3 January 1874.)* The Rev. C. V. Dowling was followed by the Rev. Joseph George Robson, whose first baptism was in July 1830, and the last in April 1839. He was born in London 21 March 1804, entered Old Hall 15 June 1821 and left 1 May 1824, when he went to Rome. He entered the English College there 9 June 1824, was ordained sub-deacon 22 December 1827, deacon in August 1828, and priest in March, 1830. He returned to England, on account of his health, 19 May 1830, so that Newport was his first appointment. Nothing more is so far known about him. In that same year, 1839, the Rev. J. G. Robson was succeeded by the Rev. (later Canon) Thomas William Fryer, who entered his first baptism in the month of July. He remained for fifty years, until 1889, when he retired. Thomas William Fryer was born in London 15 June 18Il, ~ the son of Thomas Fryer and Frances (Petch), both natives of Richmond, Yorkshire (the former died circa 1853, aged 80, and the latter circa 1864, aged 86). He was one of nine children. 1 wo brothers became priestsWilliam Joseph the priest at Cowes, and Alfred, who was at Southampton in 1848, Finsbury Circus in 1850, and joined the Passionists in 1853, his name in religion being Father Leonard. Three sisters entered the Ursuline Order-Mary Ann (Mother St. Augustine), Catherine (Mother of the Assumption), and Margaret (Mother St. Ursula). Thomas William went to Old Hall in 1826 and was ordained 25 December 1836. In 1838 he was at Acton, and at Newport from 1839 to 1889, when he retired . He was elected to the Portsmouth chapter on the formation of the new diocese in 1882 and died 10 March 1893. His friend the Rev. (later Canon) Thomas Bowman baptized here on several occasionsin September 1850, October 1852, and July 1855-and also entered a number of funerals. The Rev. Thomas Bowman was born in Sussex 13 May 1807, went to Old Hall in 1822 and was ordained 22 September 1832. He went to Bermondsey in October 1832, during the cholera epidemic, as assistant to the Rev. Peter Butler. From 1836 to 1839 he was at Weybridge, and at Bermondsey again from 1840 to 1856, at first as assistant to the Rev. P. Butler until the latter's death in 1848, and then as Rector. He was elected to the first Chapter of South-


For the above information I am indebted to the Rev. L. F. Allan, B.A., of St. Edmund's College; the Rt. Rev. Abbot B. C. Butler, O.S.B., and Dom Lucius Graham, O.S.B., of Downside Abbey; the Editor and Miss Betty Cullen of the (Sydney) Catholic Weekly; Father Benedict O'Sullivan, O.P., of Tralee; His Grace the Archbishop of Bordeaux and the Abbe Pelette, cure of St. Germain du Puch (Gironde); and the Rev. Gerard P. Flatley, Diocesan Secretary to His Lordship the Bishop of Maitland. Cf. Clergy Review, xxxii, No. 2, pp. 79 sqq. ,The Rt. Rev. Mgr. J. Macmillan, D.D., Ph.D., Rector of the Ven. English College, Rome, informs me that, in the Register, March has been written over "Jan. 5" or "June 5," which has been erased. ~ According to the records at St. Edmund's College, Fr. Davis has 13 June 1810 in his MSS.



wark in 1852 and died 23 January 1856. On 25 May 1854 the Rev. J. Silveira enters the baptism at Swainstone of Sir John Simeon's daughter, Joanna Maria, who was born the same day and died immediately after baptism. Swainstone lies about three miles from Newport on the Newport to Calbourne road. It was the seat of Sir John Simeon, M.P. for the Island from 1847 to 1851, who resigned his seat on becoming a Catholic. During the Rev. Thomas Fryer's incumbency the following priests also entered baptisms in the Newport Registers: The Rev. Henry Clark-two children, Mary and James Cubitt, from Ventnor, in September 1856. The Rev. Joseph M. Silveira- the son of Sir John Simeon, Stephen Louis Simeon, from Swainstone, in November 1857; others in June 1859 and August 1860. The Rev. Patemus Miot* (writing in a French hand) in September 1858, August 1861, August 1863. The Rev. Peter Coop, at Ventnor, in December 1858. The Rt. Rev. William Hall, V.G. Tasmania, in September 1860 The Rev. William Hampson, O.S.B., at Ventnor, in December 1860, and in February 1861. . The Rev. Claud Besnin (writing in a French hand) in May 1861 (Rev. Paternus Miot was Godfather). The Rev. H. F. C. Logan, at St. John's Chapel, Swainstone, in April 1862. The Rev. Richard W. Meager, in August 1862, signing himself " Miss. Coad. Plym." Again, in November 1866, he baptized two Meagers and all the godparents were Meagers; other Meagers were baptized by him in September 1868 and October 1871, apparently relatives. In November 1876 he baptized an Elkins. The Rev. Victor William Duke, at Ventnor, in October 1863. The Rev. Philip G. Munro, in March 1867. The Rev. Peter Sablon, O.S.D.,~ Chaplain at Carisbrooke, entered baptisms between October 1868 and March 1871. The Rev. Robert Mount:J:-2 February 1869. The Rev. James Purcell, chaplain at Parkhurst, in September 1871. The Rev. Edmund Francis Egan, baptized an Egan in June 1874. The Rev. Justin Mooney, in July 1876. The Rev. F. W. D. Trenow, O.P., Chaplain at Carisbrooke, baptized (1) two converts at Gunville in March 1882 and July 1882; (2) three converts in October, November and December 1886. The Rev. Reginald Buckler, O.P., Chaplain at Carisbrooke, two converts in September and October 1886. The Rev. Joseph Bower, in August 1887. The next priest-in-charge was the Rev. Justin Mooney, whose first baptism was entered in January 1889, until 1892.


Dr. G. Oliver (Collections, p. 356) mentions an Abbe Miot, who, after serving in the Clifton diocese for seven and a half years, was transferred to Chelsea in the middle of April 1856. ~ Order of St. Dominic, to-day O.P. (Order of Preachers). :: Priest at Southampton. The High Altar was consecrated the following day, so he was evidently staying overnight.




Then followed the Rev. James D. Murtough, March 1892-February 1899, with Assistant: The Rev. William Forrest, April 1895-March 1899. The Rev. Lawrence Doran, May 1899. The Rev. John E. Hayes, October 1899-June 1900. The Rev. James P. Conway, July 1900-1919, with Assistants: The Rev. Timothy Mannix, November 1900-August 1902. The Rev. Patrick Egan, January 1903-August 1903. The Rev. Jeremiah Casey, March 1904-July 1906. The Rev. John H. Denvir, (1) November 1906-November 1907; (2) December 1908-December 1910. The Rev. Edward Sweeney, December 1907-June 1908. The Rev. Michael John Mullins, January 1911-January 1914. The Rev. Timothy Watson, January 1914-July 1915. The Rev. James Joseph Ahem, October 1915-July 1921. The Rev. Timothy Watson, January 1920-December 1929, with Assistants: The Rev. Francis Pinkman baptized in December 1929. The Rev. Harold Nye, April 1929-1930. ~The Rev. Anthony Ibbett baptized in 1930. The Rev. Francis J. Murphy, March 1930-May 1931, with Assistant: The Rev. John Lane, 1930-1931. The Rev. John Doran, June 1931-July 1935, with Assistants: The Rev. Jesse Hetherington, July 1931-May 1934. The Rev. Daniel Rea, July 1934-June 1936. The Rev. Walter R. Lynch, July 1935-January 1947, with Assistants: The Rev. Herbert E. Martin, August 1936-July 1937. The Rev. George Vincent Swanton, September 1937-December 1937. The Rev. Michael Raymund Henessy, August 1938-AprilI939. The Rev. Richard E. Quigley, January 1940-August 1940. The Rev. Austin Slowey, 1940-1941. The Rev. Henry Murphy, 1941-1942. The Rev. Michael Murphy, 1942-1943. The Rev. Maurice Wallace, 1943-1946. The Rev. Guy Facey, 1946-1947. The Rev. Daniel Rea, January 1947-, with Assistants: The Rev. Guy Facey (as above) . The Rev. Michael Eady, 1947-


THE REGISTERS (1792-1856). NEWPORT REGISTER No.1 (1792-1799). A small note-book measuring 6~ by 4,i- inches and barely i inch thick, bound in soft brown leather. The leather, which is nearly ';'6 inch thick, has become detached from the cardboard cover. A number of leaves have been cut out, but apparently none of the records have

* The dates hereafter given are those of the first and last baptisms. i' Supplying.



been lost thereby, and only fourteen leaves remain. Originally there was a sheet of pink blotting-paper between each two pages, but all these sheets have been torn out. All the entries are in the Rev. Simon Lucas's hand. The pages are not numbered: pagination has been supplied here.

[On the outside front cover, written lengthwiseJ Chapel Register [On the inside front coverJ Martii 30 1795 Benedixi Novam Navem sub Nomine Nuestra Senora De Vegonia Domino Senor Andres de Cortina [J n smaller and fainter writingJ Nov 2 1808 in [rest smudged out.J [Rest of the inside front cover blank.J [po IJ Simon Lucas Die 2 da Julii 1792 Baptizavi Jacobum Swithunum Barnes, filium Jacobi et Elizabeth Barnes Conjugum: natum eadem Die Sponsor Georgius Hussey cujus vice Eliz. Heneage Simon Lucas 1st [A line drawn across the page divides each entry from the next.J Die 18 va Augusti 1792 Baptizavi Carolettam Joannam Creswel filiam Jacobi & J oannre Creswel natam die 7tima ejusdem mensis et anni {Anna Brown Sponsores et N. N. Gallus Simon Lucas 2 nd [po 2J Die 16 Februarii 1794 Baptizavi Elizabeth Teresiam Barnes filiam Jacobi & Elizabeth Barnes natam die 16 ejusdem mensis et anni S. Lucas Spon f Simon Lucas 3rd N. Vinn l Die 26 Maii 1794 Baptizavi Patritium Dooley filium Patritii & Catharinre Dooley natum die 18 ejusdem mensis et anni S. Lucas 4th sponsor{Catharina Holland [po 3J Die 18 Octobris 1794 Baptizavi Josephum Lucam Redstone filium Joannis & Laetitire Redstone conjugum natum die 17 ejusdem mensis & anni Simon Lucas 5 th RiChardus James Sponsores & { Anna Browne Die 24 Octobris 1794 Baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Jacobi & Joannre Creswell, natam die 23 ejusdem mensis et anni S. Lucas 6 th Spon{Martinus King Elizabeth Porter [po 4J Feb. 1. 1795 Baptizatus fuit Patricius filius Arthuris & Marire Quigley Spon {Jacobus Foley & Simon Lucas 7th Rosa Foley



Feb. 26. 1795 Baptizavi Winefredam filiam Mauritii & Marire Casedy. natam die 23 ejusdem mensis & anni Spon. {GUlielmUs Martin & S. Lucas 8 th Maria Chusy Feb. 1795 Baptizavi (sine Patrinis) Patritium filium Edwardi & N. Smith Simon Lucas 9 th [po 5J [For erecting a Chapel in Favour of the poor Catholics in the Borough, at Newington, Lambeth &c Subscriptions of the Nobility, Gentry & Clergy. ยฃ .. s .. -

all scoredJ Martii die 16 95 Ego Baptizavi Nicolaum filium Joannis & Catharinre [tShields scoredJ ut puto natum Feb. 10. 1795 t Hatilyhill* Sine Patrinis Simon Lucas lOth Martii 17.95 Baptizavi Georgium filium Gulielmi Mannin & Elizre Loughton. natum Martii 13. 1795 Simon Lucas 11th (Sine Patrinis) [po 6J Martii 21. 95. Ego baptizavi (sine Patrinis) Margaritam, filiam Danielis et Birgittre Meian. natam eadem die Simon Lucas 12th Martii 28. 1795 Baptizavi Margaritam filium [sicJ Gulielmi & Maria! Quinlan. natam die 27 Martii 1795 Sine Patrinis Simon Lucas, Maii 2. 1795 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomre Marsfield & Eliza! Jones Conjugum natum 29 Aprilis 1795. Spon{TimothY Conor Simon Lucas 13 th Helena Pearson [po 7J Die 16 Maii 1795 Baptizatus fuit Christoph or [us scoredJ Carrol filius Christophori & Sarre Carrol. natus die 14. Maii 1795. Sine Patrinis Simon Lucas 14th Die. 10 J unii Baptizatus fuit (sine Patrinis) Gulielmus Doire filius Samuelis et Amelia! Doire natus eodem Die. 15 ยง Simon Lucas 15 Die 26 J ulii vel Die 2da Augusti 1795 Baptizavi Leodegavium filium Martini Gillman et Helena! N. Conjugum natum die 1mo Maii ejusdem anni. -rSimon Viegin Sim Lucas 16 th Spon. ~ & LAnna Gillman

* Doubtful reading .

.y. For some reason or other this baptism is omitted from the numbering.

ยง 15 evidently refers to the number of baptisms, and not to the day of birth.



[po SJ *Die 20 Maii 1795 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Blomhead filius N. Major Bromhead et N. Lynch natus die IS Maii 1795 pr Mich Mahady Spon {J OS Baldisson & 17 N. Baldisson Die 22 Maii 1795. Baptizatus fuit J oannes Crasbury filius [2.5 cms. blankJ Crasbury & [4 cms. blankJ natus die 15 Maii 1795 Spon {N. Yarde, pr Mich Mahady IS th N. Portebois Die 25 [or 29J Maii 1795 Baptizata fuit Maria Reho [7.5 cms. blankJ nata die 25 Maii 1795. Spon. {Mathew Burke & pr Mich. Mahady 19 th Margarita Leahy [p.9J Die 27 Dec. 1795. Baptizatus fuit Nicolaus filius Henrici Josephi et Marire Eliz. Bient conjugum natus Die 26 Decembris 1795. {NiCOlaus Muller Simon Lucas 20 th Sponsores & Catharina Avi Die 2S Decembris 1795. Baptizata fuit Maria Francisca Jerom, filia Joannre [sicJ Jerom et [2.5 cms. blankJ Fairley Nata die [~lmon cms¡LblankJ21 Sponsor }Lretitia Redston ucas Dec. 30. 1795. Baptizata fuit Joanna King filia Martini & Marire King eodem die nata Sponsores P Simon Lucas 22 Simon Lucas & Lretitia Redstone postea admissi &c [po 10J Die 7. Jan. 1796 Baptizatus fuit Petrus Josephus Saeg filius Stephani Abrahamre Saeg & Sarah Sarrat natus die {petrus Joseph 4 Jan. 1796. pr me Simon Lucas 23 Sponsores Tiberghien et Anna Lasot [The first entry on p. 9, "Nicolaus Bient," is here repeated and then cancelled. 1n this cancelled entry .the date is given as Dec. 26.J [po I1J Die 23 Aprilis 1796. Baptizatus fuit Carolus Ignatius Barnes filius Jacobi Barnes et Elizabeth Giles, pridie natus Sponsores pr R. Thorn Gabb. Rev. Thos Gabb. & . Ita Testor Anna Fonalley Simon Lucas 24th vice Annre Vinn Die 22. Maii 1796 Baptizatus fuit J oannes filius Joannis Hawke et Elizabethre Porter pridie natus Spon Richardus James pr Tho. Gabb 25 th Spon Anna Fanelley Ita testor S. Lucas. Die 29 Maii 1796. Baptizata fuit Maria filia Gulielmi Clayton & Margaritre 0 Hara Conjugum eodem die nata Spon. Barnabas Creigton & pr R. Thorn Gabb 26 Maria Wood. Ita testor S. Lucas


* The next three entries do not chronologically follow the previous ones 'Reading doubtful.



[Po 12J Die 13. Augusti 1796, Ego infra scriptus baptizavi (non adhibitis creremoniis) Elizabeth & J oannam filias Patritii Cavanagh et Birgittce Cannon pridie natas. Simon Lucas 27th Die 6 ta Septembris 1796 Baptizavi Annam Maximilianam filiam Frederici Holstein et Annre Cartrose, natam die 30. Augusti 1796 Sponsores Simon Lucas 2S th Jacobus Fredericus Druin et Anna Maximiliana Blasires [po 13J Sept 9. 1796 Baptizavi Joannem James filium Richardi & Annce James pridie natum. Spon {Joas Hawke & Simon Lucas _Lcetitia Redston. 29 Die 4 ta Novembris 1796. Baptizavi Catharinam Teresam filiam Jacobi Chiftra et Marice Creda Portsa pridie natam Spon. Catharina Crouse Simon Lucas & 30 Andreas Horihe* Die lorna Decembris 1796. Baptizavi Franciscum filium Fanaque Derque et Ccecilice Ingehaha [or IngehalaJ natum die 2nda Decembris 1796 Spon. Franciscus Vanelle Simon Lucas et Teresa Vanelle 31 st ta [po 14J Die 4 ] anuarii 1797 Ego infrascriptus baptizavi Carolum Martinum filium ] osephi Engel & Theodorce Louisce Fisher pridie natum. Sponsor. Simon Lucas J oannes Martinus de Stalberg . 32 Die 16 J ulii 1797 Baptizatus fuit Christophorus Ludovicus filius Andrece Segillinski & Susannce Poldurame conjugum natus die Svo Julii 1797 pr Ign. Lemfrid Ita testor Simon Lucas Sponsor Christophorus 33 L udovicus Ellargel. Die 13. Aug ti 1797 baptizatus erat Fredericus Joseph filius Frederici Martzsih et Catharince Elizabeth Wigensih natus die Svo ej usdem mensis et anni pr Ign. Lempfrid Sponsores Ita testor Simon Lucas Fredericus Plankenbach Maria ] osephina Le Plane. 34 [po 15J Die 13. Augusti 1797 baptizavi Augustinam Cceciliam Pulcheriam filiam No bilissimi viri Armandi Joannis Stephani Dumesniel Comitis de Sommery, et Nobilissimce Domince Ccecilice Agathce, Adelaidce Requet de Caraman Comitissce de Sommery, conjugum, natam eadem die. PatrinusNobilissimus Vir Augustinus


Reading doubtful



J OS Baptista Dumesniel Comes de Sommery. Matrina 35 Nobilissima Domina Antonia Magdalena Pulcheria Dumesniel de Sommery. Vidua Nobilissimi Viri Ludovici Cavallier Comitis de Turville* Die 24 Augusti 1797 Baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Mathrei OToole & Franciscre Teigh Conjugum eadem die natam Sponsores Simon Lucas Dominicus Teigh et .N 0 36 Anna Maria Teigh. Die 26 AugSt! 1797 Baptizavi Michaelem filium Martini & Marire Kin'g die 14 ejusdem mensis & anni natum. Simon Lucas Sponsores No 37 Joannis [sic] Hawke & Maria Griffiths [po 16] Die 20 Septembris 1797 Baptizavi Dominicum Mathreum Carolum Robertum Teighe filium Dominici Teighe et Teresire Lillien Conjugum, natum die 18 ejusdem mensis et anni. Spon.{Carolus Lillien et Simon Lucas Teresa de Buchanburg Simon Lucas 38. Die 4. N ovembris 1797. 13aptizatus fuit Joseph filius Joseph Montaguard et Magdalenre Cazotte Con jugum. PI' Stephanum Desperque Ita testor Simon Lucas Sponsor J oannes J onlain

39 [Po 17] Die 20 Novembris 1797 Baptizavi Joseph filium Joseph Chemeportte & Josephre - - natum die 17 ejusdem mensis et anni FrederiCUS Iniche S. Lucas 40 Spon & { Catharina Paien. Die 4 Jan ii 1798. Baptizavi Franciscum filium Francisci Villameer et Emelire Teresire, natum die 15 Aprilis 1796. S. Lucas Spon. Xaverius Blassea. 41. Die 14. Jan. 1798. Baptizavi J osephum filium Jacobi et Margaritre Spreng natum die 8 to ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores S. Lucas Joseph Valusiaa et 42 Francisca Prouhel. [po 18] Die lIma Martii 1798 Ego infrascriptus baptizavi Joseph Carolum, filium Joseph Pechle et Franciscre Broohneren natum die 10 ma ejusdem mensis et anni. Simon Lucas Sponsores Joseph Mattick 43 &

Christina Frederica

* Reading

dou btfu!.



Die 14roa Aprilis 1798 Ego baptizavi J osephum filium Richardi & Annre James Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores Simon Lucas 44th Joannis [sic] Hawke et Maria Griffiths Die 23 Maii 1798 Ego baptizavi J osephum filium Joannis et Elizabeth Hawke Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsor. Simon Lucas Richardus James 45. [po 19J In Capella Sti Joan s Evang. N.P. Die 5. Octobris 1794. Per RR D.D. Joannam [sicJ Douglass, V.A. et E.C. Confirmati eran t <l)

Ricardus James Elizabeth Porter Letty Redston Jos Quirk+*


.S ~

S I-<

<+=: I=l


Joannes Teresia Maria Patricius


[The rest of the page blank.J

.5 $ S o

Z [Po 20 blank.J [po 21J 1799. Die 7. Januarii baptizavi Edwardum Wolstanum King filium Martini et Marire King Conjugum natum 4ta ejusdem mensis et anni Simon Lucas 46 Sponsores Richardus James et Maria King 1799 Die 14. Aprilis baptizavi Jacobum filium Michaelis Kelly & Marire Doyle (Conjugum) natum die 11. ejusdem mensis et annie Spon. Hugo Reily & Simon Lucas 47 Maria Reily. 1799. Die 12. Maii Baptizavi Barnabam filium Patricii & Margaritre, [3.8 ems. blankJ natum die 14 April. 1799. Spon. Gulielmus [blankJ Simon Lucas 48 Sophia Hogan. [po 22J [The Register has been reversed and this page used for marriages; writing upside downJ Die 27 Julii 1795. Conjunxi in Matrimonium Joannem Hawke et Elizabeth Porter. Testes{Jacobus Barnes S. Lucas Anna Browne


The + in MS. calls attention to another + at the foot of the page and a footnote; this + remains, but the footnote has been cut out.



Die 20 Septembris 1795. Conjuncti erant in Matrimonium Richardus James et Anna Browne. pr me S. Lucas. Carolus James Testes et { Barbara Moore [The rest of the page, 5.5 ems., blank.] [po 23J [The writing is the right way up againJ Die 12 Maii 1799 Ego infrascriptus baptizavi Catharinam filiam [Patricii et Margaritre scored] [4.5 ems. blank] natam [4.3 ems. blank]

Simon Lucas 49 [VUlielmus [blank] et { Sophia Hogan all scoredJ Die 26 Maii 1799 Baptizavi J oannam filiam Joannis Jenkins et Winefridre N. natam die 8 va ejusdem mensis et anni Sponsores Simon Lucas 50 th Anna Morris et } Terencius Swiney. Die 7. J unii 1799 Baptizavi Margaritam filiam Francisci et Susannre Farrel natam die quarta J unii 1799. Simon Lucas Spon. 51 Michael Mullin } Elizabeth Mellagan [po 24J 1799 Die 26 Augusti Baptizavi Mariam Teresam Annam Claram filiam Dominici Mathrei Teighe et Teresre Lillien Conjugum, eadem die natam Spon. [blank] Teighe Simon Lucas 52 Die 26 Aug ti Baptizavi Saram Franciscam, filiam J osephi et Franciscre Smith die 20 J ulii 1799 natam Spon. Richardus James. Simon Lucas 53 Die [1 em. blank] Octobris Baptizavi [unfinished] [The rest of the page, 6.5 ems., blank.J [po 25 blank.] [The book is now reversed and written in from the other end;


writing upside down] [I nside back coverJ

Basil Fitzherbert & Eliza Heneage married 1786 by S. Lucas Mary Margaret Fitzherbert born - June Thos Fitz ----born Jan. Basil - - - - - - - - - - - - - - July John - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sept. George - - - - - - - - - - - - - July Eliza - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May Franciscus - - - - - - - - - - - Nov. Basil Fitzherbert died


Feb. [27 over 26] 10. 21. 2. 2 30 1 21

1787. 1789 1790 1792 1793 1795 1796





Wm Fitzherbert Brockholes & Mary Heneage married June 20. 1791. by R. G. Robinson born Joseph Brockholes Sept. 18--1793 born 1795 Mary Jan. 24. Constan tia Eliz born Feb. 14 1796 \tVm Brock. born May 28 1797 born May 31 Frances Brock. 1798 born 1799 James John June 2 born 1800 Thomas June 15 s d [Po 28J ÂŁ [March 4. 88 lost by light gold 2. 6 all scoredJ Mortuary in Isle of Wight 1793 Barbara Eales at Cowes 3. July J oannes Rose do do Oct. 18. 1794 Nov. 13. Joannes Razina John Redstone at Newport June 3. Thos Redstone child of 6. years 14. J ames Redstone do of 4 & half 24. Feb. 1795 [Anna N. (Irish) scored ~tnderneath Maria Strillits* J do do Matthceus Byrn. do do J oannes Murphy. do do Antonius Agan. ~ do do J oannes Hay. Marcus Dolan. Martius Patritius Laury. Mauritius McGuire. Patritius Murphy. [Po 27J Martii 19. 95 Joannes Flanagan. Patritius Casey. Edwardus Carty. Edwardus French 22 Jacobus Devign Patritius Foverty. 25. April 1. Joannes Donovan} & Jeremias Finerty Michael MCFoyle. May 10. Terentius Mathison. 23 Lucas Hogge June 7 Wm Toole June April


3. 21.

Mr Mahady attended Patrick Arton & Patrick Nowlan Thomas Moran. John Walker.

* Reading doubtful. ~

First letter blotted; it may be â&#x20AC;˘ Egan:



Daniel Mullone [Charles scoredJ Wm Cassady. [Four leaves have been cut out here.J Simon Lucas [po 26J Die 12 Augusti 1793. In Ecclesiam recepi J oannem Redstone. Testes{ R. Rob. Davies Eliz. Porter Die Dec. 93 Lcetitiam Redstone Die 17. Aprilis. 1794 Ricardum James Oct: Carolum James 1794 . 1795 March 27. Annam Fanelly. May [95 scoredJ Mariam King [On the outside back cover some writing has been cancelled by a series of small crosses. The only letters now decipherable are West DiJ May



REGISTER No.2 (Baptisms 1792, 1799-1856; Confirmations 1794-1851; Marriages 1805-1855; Deaths 1839-1887)

A very long and narrow book, measuring 16! by 6t inches, and inches thick, bound and covered in brown suede leather, tooled round the edges on the front and back covers, with the monogram I H S, surmounted by a cross with three nails or thorns underneath, in each of the four corners on both front and back covers, and with four narrow purple ribbon page-markers. The inside covers are also tooled round the edges. The inside of each cover is covered in brown paper, as is also the page facing each cover. These pages and the covers are bound together by a strip of blue flowered linen which extends underneath the brown paper on each side. On the inside front cover is pasted a Certificate shewing that the Register was submitted to the Commissioners on 30 March 1837 by the Rev. Joseph Robson. On this Certificate the foundation of the Mission is stated to be " about the year 1790." The pages are not numbered, save during the two periods of the Rev. Thomas White's incumbency. Pagination has been supplied here. The Register has been used for Baptisms, and then reversed and written in from the other end, being used as a Register of Confirmations, Marriages and Deaths.


[A strip of paper has been pasted down the centre to hold pp. 1 and 2 together. Page 1 is blank. The top portion of p. 2, measuring 9! inches, is blank. On the remainder of this page a printed notice concerning mixed marriages has been pasted over a written notice also dealing with them. Underneath the notice is written: At St Georges Quinquagesima Sunday 1854.J [A line is drawn across the page, and underneath is writtenJ The following Form of Application in cases of mixed Marriages will save Trouble & ensure precision:-



The undersigned applies for permission in order that A.B. a Catholic of his congregation may marry C.D. a Protestant. Both have promised that all the children, will be baptized & brought up Catholics. The Protestant promises to allow A.B. the free exercise of the Catholic Religion & the Catholic undertakes to use every endeavour to induce the other party to adopt the True Faith St Georges 16 June 1854 Signed N.N." [po 3] [In the Rev. T. Fryer's hand] (C


Rev d Red d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d

S. Lucas baptized S. Despergne [sic] A. Bourget Tho s White Peter Gandolfi G. Spain J. Russell S. Dambrine J. Sidden C. Dowling J. Robson T. Fryer

72. 12


178 35 316 264 6 7 15 71 328 [In pencil Feb. 14. 1851] - - - - - - - [A line drawn across the page.] - - - - - - CONFIRMATIONS

Confirmed under Rev d S. Lucas 1794-4 Ad. Confirmed under Rev d Tho s White 1803-9-28 Confirmed under Rev d G. Spain 1813-16-36 Confirmed under Rev d J. Russel 1822-25-78 Confirmed under Rev d J. Robson 1836. 22 Confirmed under Rev d T. Fryer 1839-1841-4-9-339 - - - - - - - [A line drawn across the page.] - - - - - - MARRIAGES

Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d Rev d

Thomas White married George Spain do John Russel do C. V. Dowling do Joseph Robson do Thomas Fryer do

6 11 15 2

3 [41 in pencil 71 written over it in ink, and alongside in pencil Novb. 53 34J - - - - - - - [A line drawn across the page.J - - - - - - DEATHS

From June 13 th 1839 to May 14th 1850.





4J [In the Rev. Simon Lucas's hand]

1792 J ulii 1792 Baptizavi J acobum Swithunum Filium Jacobi Barnes et Elizabeth Giles Conjugum natum eadem die. Sponsor Georgius Hussey. Simon Lucas 1st [A line drawn across the page after this, and after the next entry.J Die 18 Aug tt 1792 Baptizavi Carolettam J oannam filiam Jacobi Creswel et Joannce N. Conjugum natam die septima ejusdem mensis et anni Simon Lucas Sponsor. Anna Brown 2 nd [The rest of the page, 101 inches, blank.J [pp. 5 to 11, inclusively, blank.J [po 12J Die aliqua Octobris 1799 Baptizata fuit Margarita filia Thomce & Sarce King Conjugum die decima octobris 1799 nata Edward Clark Simon Lucas Spon. et [49 scored, 53~J { Maria Wallis [A line drawn across the page after each entry.J Die aliqua Octobris 1799 Baptizati fuerunt Thomas et Sarah filius et filia Edwardce [sicJ & Marice Magan [nati omittedJ die octobris octava 1799. Simon Lucas Spon. Gulielmus Magan 54 & 55 [50 et 52 scoredJ Die 27 Octobris 1799 Baptizavi Jacobum filium Michaelis et Marice Macdonald natum die 13 tta ejusdem mensis et anni } Simon Lucas Michael Boyd

* Die 2






Elizabeth Dean Die aliqua Novembris 1799 Baptizata fuit Maria Joanna Charlotta filia Francisci Dumen et Marice Dormein nata die 21 ejusdem mensis et anni Spon. J. L. de Courelles S. Lucas 57 et Maria Prestines [Die [4.5 cms. blankJ 1799 Baptizatus fuit [Ricardus scored] Thomas filius .............. [non conjugum underlinedJ natus die [1 cm. blank] ejusdem mensis et anni Spon. .... .... ...... S. Lucas 58 All scored, and in very small writing underneath(( Si non fuerit ex legitimo matrimonio natus, omittatur verbum ( Conjugum'; omnis tamen infamice vitetur occasio." Ita Rituale & omnes Theologi. also scored. ]


These two baptisms are also the first two entered in Register No.1; the entries here and there differ, however, in some details. ~ The last baptism in Register No. 1 was also numbered 53.



Die 4ta J anuarii 1800 Baptizavi Franciscum Silvestrum filium Richardi James et Anna: Brown Conjugum natum die 31 Decembris 1799 S. Lucas 59 J oannes Hawke Spon et { Anna Fannelly. Die 25 Februarii 1800 Baptizavi Louisam Teresam filiam Joannis et Elizabeth Crasburg. natum die sexta J anuarii 1800 Spon Anna Fannelly. S. Lucas 60 th [po 13J Aprilis die 4 ta 1800, Baptizatus fuit J oannes Fredericus filius Joannis Frederici Long et Maria: Magdalence. die aliqua aprilis 1800 natus COnradus Alavant (61) Spon et Simon Lucas { Maria Castano Die I ma Maii 1800 Baptizati fuerunt Petrus et Elizabeth, filius et filia Martini et Maria: King, die 27 ma aprilis nati 1800. (62 et 63) pr Dom m Ignatium Lemfrid Die 4 ta Maii 1800. Baptizata fuit Christiana filia Joannis Buyling et Matilda: Van Kampe, nuper nata pr Domm Stephanum Desperque Die 22 da J unii 1800. Baptizavi J oannem filium Joannis et Anna: Cummins, natum die 27 ma Maii 1800 Simon Lucas (65) Sponsor Anna Eyles. Die 4ta J ulii 1800 Baptizavi Adrianam filiam Joseph Palbach et Maria: Elizabeth Goffing (Conjugum) nuperrime natam. Sponsores Simon Lucas (66) JosP Lonrehher et Joanna Catharina Goffing. Die 8 Octobris 1800 baptizatus fuit Alexander filius Alexandri Gordon et Margarita: Macnamara Conjugum die 4 ta Odobris 1800 natus. Simon Lucas (67) Sponsor Maria Dunbar Die 13 Octobris 1800 baptizavi Hubertam Teresiam filiam Joannis Fonternale & Petronilla'! Tenhott Conjugum natam die 12 ej usdem mensis et anni Simon Lucas (68) Spon. Herbertus Sutherland et Odilia Cornelisen. Die 14ta Novembris 1800 Baptizavi Josephum filium Jacobi et Anna: Brennan die 2nda N ovembris 1800 natum Spon. Sarah Silsby Simon Lucas (69.) [po 14J Nov. 30. 1800 baptizavi Jacobum filium Joannis lEmel* & Catharina: Frelecus pridie natum. Simon Lucas (70). Sponl'es J acobus Clum~ et Catharina Offman.

* Or 'Cemel.'


Doubtful reading.



Dec. 8. 1800. Baptizavi Infantem ignotum et valde regrotum. Nomen ejus, et Parentum perditum. Spons. Anna James Simon Lucas (71) Die 15. Dec. 1800. Baptizavi Fredericum Osmundum filium Martini Sherat et Joannre Bemalach* natum die 12 mo ejusdem Simon Lucas (72.) mensis et anni [In another hand Vid ,-r infra] Spon rs Michael Simons et Elizabeth Fandick. [In the Abbe Etienne Desperques's~ hand] hodie tlecima nona januarii 1801 a me infrascripto gallico sacerdote, tunc missionarii apostolici vices Gerente, rite baptisatus petrus thomas, precedente die natus ex legitimo matrimonio joannis+:.t hawke et elizabeth porter conjugum, patrinus et matrina fuere thomas young et elizabeth yong [sic] ejus soror absenter, richardo james et anna brown conjugibus, vices illorum gerentibus qui ambo subscripserunt mecum ยง :.t+ Hawke Stephanus desperques. ,-r Dom. Dom. Simon Lucas Obt 31 J anuarii 1801. hodie decima quarta martis 1801 a me gallico sacerdote missionarii apostolici vices gerente rite baptisata fuit maria orta ex legitimo matrimonio jacob jacobs et joannre bleumer* * conjugum, patrinus et matrina fuere jacob gineets et maria lustig Stephanus des perques [No dividing lines henceforward.] hodie decima nona martis a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisatus fuit patricius heri ortus ex legitimo matrimonio joannis clary et margaretre Dye conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere thimotheus hogain et Sara holloran anna domini 1801. Stephanus des perques [po 15] hodie vigesima octava martis 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisatus fuit joannes, vigesima prima die ejusdem, mensis natus ex legitimo matrimonio jeremire crimen et marire heroward conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere thomas jouer et helena donoven Stephanus desperques hodie vigesima nona die martis a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisatus fuit michael, decima octava hujus mensis natus ex legitimo matrimonio patricii beavil~~ et marire ford conjugum, patrinus et matrina fuere joannes manley et anna kelly anna domini 1801 Stephanus desperques

* Or ' Bernalach.'

~ Although spelt ' Despergne ' by the Rev. T. Fryer on [po 3J, the above seems to be the correct reading. :.t The + calls attention to alterations in the' Hawke' in the entry itself. ยง But they did not sign the Register. Very difficult to read: possibly Bloomer.' ~ ~ Doubtful reading.





hodie secunda die aprilis 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisata est maria vigesima tertia die martis nata ex legitimo matrimonio patricii fogarty et joannc:e may conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere Samuel midleton et eleonora Ryan Stephanus desperques hodie octava die aprilis a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisatus fuit joannes quarto aprilis natus ex legitim~ matrimonio thomc:e lion et joannc:e judy conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere joseph douglass et catharina bryan. Stephanus desperques hodie decima nona die aprilis 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisata est eleonora decima sexta hujus mensis orta ex legitimo matrimonio jeremic:e cronan et eleonorc:e downey conjugum, patrinus et matrina fuere edward collum et maria dwyir Stephanus desperques hodie vigesima quinta die aprilis 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote, rite baptisatus fuit matheus carolus, die prc:ecedente natus ex legitimo matrimonio guillelmi pick et guillellminc:e peters conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere cornelius matheus laaven et catharina carti [unsigned] [po 16] hodie vigesima sexta die aprilis 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisata fuit Suzanna vigesima quarta julii 1799 nata ex legitimo matrimonio joannis mehowe et eleonorc:e Gollagher conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere evins magdonal et catharina Lokman Stephanus desperques hodie decima nona maii 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisatus fuit patricius die prc:ecedente natus ex legitim~ matrimonio joannis clary et margaretc:e dye conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere thimotheus hogain et sara holloran Stephanus desperques hodie secunda die junii 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite baptisata fuit maria decima quinta diemaii nata ex legitimo matrimonio patricii shortil et marthc:e bridget toole conjugum patrinus et matrina fuere patricius neale et bridgia railly Stephanus desperques (12) [I n the A bbe A. Bourget's hand] hodie septima die J unii 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite Baptisatus fuit Germanus vigesima octava diemaii natus ex Legitimo matrimonio Patrick Melligott et Judy Melligott Conjugum, Patrinus et matrina fuere George Honywood et Bridgett Barham. Aimable Bourget hodie septima die J unii 1801 a me subscripto sacerdote rite Baptizatus fuit Thomas vigesima nona diemaii natus ex Legitimo matrimonio thomc:e Gewery et Judith Gewery Conjugum, patrinus et matrina fuere Patrick Myers et anna Froe1y* Aimable Bourget (2) [In the Rev. Thomas White's hand, and dividing lines after the entries.] [A whole entry scored.]

* Doubtful reading.



9 0 Aug 1801 Jane Dring baptized privately as being in danger. T. White Die 25 Aug 1801 baptizavi Antonium filium Antonii Jenkins et Elizabeth Davis Conjugum natum die 31 J ulii eodem anna Sponsores fuere Richardus James & Elizabeth Dane. Thomas White* [Po 17J 1801. 1. 1801. - 2. [Marginal entries are here given in brackets at the beginning of each entry. J (Chas Philip Maurice de Hundheim) Die 29 0 Augusti, anna vera 1801. . Ego infra-scriptus Sacerdos Missionarius baptizavi Carolum Philippum Mauritium, filium J osephi Antonii J udre Thaddrei de Hundheim et Annre Julire Newburg, Conjugum, natum die 29 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Puerum e sacro fonte Thomas White sus cepit Ricardus James. Sacdos Miss us Apost. (Mary James) Die 30 Augusti anna Dfii 1801 baptizavi Mariam Filiam Ricardi James et Annre Brown Conjugum, natam pridie. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Maria Toomer. Thomas White Sacerdos Miss us Apost. (Robert & Eleonora Harrington) Die 1a Octobris Anno 1801 baptizavi Robertum & Eleonoram filium et filiam Jacobi Harrington et Sarre Dove, Conjugum, eodem partu editos die 26 Septembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Elizabetha Hawke. Thomas White Sacdos Miss. Ap. 1802 (Rich d White) Die 23 Januarii anno 1802 baptizavi Ricardum filium J osephi White et Marire Callagh,an Conjugum, natum 20 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Murtagh et Margarita White Thomas White Sacdos Miss. Ap. (Mary Kinsley) Die 26 J anuarii 1802 baptizavi Mariam filiam Matthrei Kinsley et Eleonorre Lennan Conjugum, natam 15 0 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere J oannes Cain et Maria Rawleigh. Thomas White Sacdos Miss. Ap. (Jane Dunlap) Die 13 Feb ii 1802 baptizavi Joannam (Jane) filiam Roberti Dunlap et Judith Mara Conjugum, natam 6 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anna 1802. Sponsores fuere J oannes Thomas White Miss. Ap. Allen & Rosa King. (J ames Smith) Die 2a Maii 1802 baptizavi J acobum filium Matthrei Smith & Elizabeth Bailey Conjugum, natum die 22 a Aprilis eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Philippus Duke et Maria Corry. Thomas White Miss. Ap.


All the Rev. T. White's entries are very neatly written, and an elaborate monogram always follows his signature. Beginning on the next page, each page is ruled off with a margin and a space for each ent ry. I



(Frances Hanlon) Die 5 Maii 1802 baptizavi Franciscam filiam Michaelis Hanlon et Elizabeth Bodkin Conjugum, natam die 6 0 Aprilis eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Hayes et Joanna (Jane) Kelly. Thos. White Miss. Ap. (William Morkane) Die 30 Maii 1802 baptizavi Gulielmum ÂŁIlium Jacobi Morkane et Birgittc.e Ryan Conjugum, hatum die 27 0 ejusdem mensis eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Cummins et Catharina Cantwell. Thomas White Miss. Ap. Seqr 20 J unii 1802. [po 18J 1803.-3. 2. (Richard Marshall) Die 20 J unii 1802 baptizavi Ricardum filium Thomc.e Marshall et Catharinc.e White Conjugum, natum die 4 Decembris 1801.-Patrinus fuit Thomas FitzPatrick Matrina Eleonora Paterson Thomas White Miss. Ap. (J ohn Kallaghan) Die 18 J ulii 1802 baptizavi J oannem filium J eremic.e Callaghan et Maric.e Leary Conjugum, natum die 18 J unii. Sponsores fuere J oannes Kennedy & Catharina Marshall. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Eleonor Brin) Die 3a Octobris 1802 baptizavi Eleonoram filiam Patritii Brin et Magaretc.e [sicJ Wilkinson Conjugum natam die 26 Septembris eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Andreas Magan. [In pencil 100J Tho s White Miss. Ap. (Thomas Keating) Die 24 Octobris 1802 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomc.e Keating et J oannc.e (Jane) Dunbar Conjugum, natum die 16 Augusti, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Murphy & Catherina Caghal. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Joseph Lock) Die 6 0 Novembris 1802 baptizavi Josephum filium Ricardi Lock et Maric.e Brecker Conjugum, natum eodem die. Sponsores fuere J oannes et Elizabeth Hawke. Thomas White Miss: Ap. (James Hawke) Die 18 0 Novembris 1802 baptizavi Jacobum filium Joannis Hawke et Elizabeth Porter Conjugum natum die 15 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hicks et Maria Toomer. Tho s White Miss. Ap. 1803 (Thomas Stivington) Die 50 J anuarii 1803 baptizavi Thomam filium Michaelis Stivington et Judith Sullivan Conjugum natum 21 Decembris 1802. Matrina fuit Catherina Lee. Tho. White Miss. Ap. (Charlotte Tunks) Die 16 Januarii 1803 baptizavi Carolettam filiam Abraham Tunks et Maric.e Jones Conjugum, natam 28 Decembris 1802. Sponsores fuere Joannes Cornelius et Maria MCCarthy. Tho s White Miss. Ap. (Mary Cath: Murphy) Die 16 Januarii 1803 baptizavi Mariam Catherinam filiam Michaelis Murphy et Sarah Murphy Conjugum, natam 17 Decembris 1802. Matrina fuit Helena Lewis Thomas White Miss. Ap. loco Annc.e FitzGerald.



[Po 19J 3. 1803. (Lucia King) Die 7 0 Februarii 1803 baptizavi Luciam filiam Martini King et Marire FreemantIe Conjugum, natam pridie. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Sara Cooke. Thomas White Missions Apost. (J ames Welsh) Die 150 Februarii 1803 baptizavi J acobum filium Michaelis Welsh et Birgittre McGuire Conjugum, natum 7 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Matrina fuit Eleonora Kelly. Thomas White Miss: Apost: (Thomas Burke) Die 20 Februarii 1803 baptizavi Thomam, filium Joannis Burke et Judith Hinds Conjugum, natum 10 Februarii eodym anno. Sponsores fuere Hugo Doran et Maria Farrell. Thomas White Miss. Ap . . (Jane MCCarthy). Die 20 Februarii 1803 baptizavi Joannam (J an e) filiam . . .. McCarthy et Rosre Clarke Conjugum, natam die 6 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere David Loghman et Maria White. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Catherine Daly) Die 10 Aprilis 1803 baptizavi Catherinam, filiam Joannis Daly et Annre Brown Conjugum, natam 28 Martii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Connell et Elizabeth Faghy pro Margarita Brown. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (James Daverin) Die 12 Aprilis 1803 baptizavi Jacobum, filium Jacobi Daverin et Catherinre Corless Conjugum, natum 10 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Carolus MCCarthy & Catherina Edwards. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Henry Cain) Die 27 Aprilis 1803 baptizavi Henricum, filium Joannis Cain et Annre Thomas Conjugum, natum die 20 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Matrina fuit Sabina Teague. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Ann Heaphy) Die 19 J unii 1803 baptizavi Annam, filiam Pierce Heaphy et Birgittre Ringwood Conjugum natam die 29 Maii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes MCMullan et Helena Donelly. Thomas White Miss. Ap. [No marginal name.J Die 25 Junii 1803 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Annre Grimes (olim Salter) natam 7 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Hawke et Sara Cooke. Thomas White Miss. ApcuS Seqr 10 J ulii 1803 [po 20J 1803. - 4. 4. (Sarah Harrington) Die 10 Julii 1803 baptizavi Saram filiam Jacobi Harrington et Sarre Dove Conjugum, natam die 28 J unii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Carolus James et Anna James. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (J ohn Marshall) Die 4 Octobris 1803 baptizavi J oannem filium Thomre Marshall et Catherinre White Conjugum, natum die 23 Septembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Burke et Maria MCCarthy. Thomas White Miss. Ap . 1804. (John MCLean) Die loa Martii 1804 baptizavi Joannem ,



filium Thomre McLean et Annre Ormbsby Conjugum, natum die 2 ejusdem mensis, eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Michael Flanagan et Margarita Malone. Thomas White Miss. Ap. [The next entry in the Rev. Richard Southworth's handJ (Patrick Clarke) Die 18. Martii, anna Domini 1804. baptizavi Patricium filium Jacobi Clarke et Marire Lacy Conjugum, natum die 10 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Hugo Divine et Anna Dempsey. 1804. Ricardus Southworth,* Miss. Ap. (Catherine Camel) Die 10 Aprilis, anna DEi 1804 baptizavi Catherinam, filiam Joannis Camel et J oannre (Jane) Moore Conjugum, natam 14 Martii, eodem anno. Matrina fuit Margarita Robinson. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (George Penston) Die 20 Aprilis 1804 baptizavi Georgium, filium Michaelis Penston et Elizabeth White Conjugum, natum die 13 0 Martii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Daniel Kennedy et Margarita Kennedy. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Teresa King) Die 3 0 Aprilis 1804 baptizavi Theresiam, filiam Martini King et Marire Freemantle Conjugum, natam die 31 0 Martii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Hawke et Elizabeth Hawke. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Sarah Calaghan) Die 11 0 Aprilis, anna DEi 1804 baptizavi Saram, filiam Joannis Calaghan et Margaritre Kirwan Conjugum, natam die go ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere J oannes Beahan & Catherina Owen. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (Catherine Cruise) Die 50 Maii 1804 baptizavi Catherinam, filiam Joannis Cruise et Elizabeth Plunket Conjugum, natam die 30 0 Aprilis eodem anno. Matrina fuit Maria Jones loco Catherinre Plunket. Thomas White Miss rs Apcus [po 21J 5. 1804. (Mary Brinon) Die 6 Maii Anno DEi 1804 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Brinon et Annre Burt Conjugum, natam 16 Aprilis eodem Anno. Matrina fuit Maria Leary (38) Tho s White Missrs Apcus [In the Rev. Peter Gandolfi's hand] 1804 (Francis [sicJ Francis) Die 4 ta Junii baptizavi Franciscam filiam Joannis Francis et Marire Doyle Conjug m , natam 22 Maii anni 1804. Matrina fuit Eleonora Lawless. Petrus Gandolfi Missrs ApCUS 1804 (Mary Dowley) Die 23 Junii baptizavi Mariam filiam Thomre Dowley et Annre Black Conjugum natam 20 Die ejusdem mensis eodem anno. Matrina Katharina Lackton Petrus Gandolfi Miss. ApCUS 1804 (John Hughes) Die 24 Junii [baptizavi omitted] Joannem

* Priest at Brockhampton,




filium Joannis Hughes et Eleonorre Connor Conjugum. natum eodem Mense ejusdem anni Patrino Joanne Hawkes. Petrus Gandolfi Miss ApCUB 1804 (Richard Lynch) Die 25 Junii Richardum baptizavi filium Edwardi Lynch et Marire - - Conjugum, natum 20 Die ejusdem mensis. Matrina Maria Leary Patrino Joanne Hawke Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apcus 1804 (Katharin Burke) Die lImo Julii Katharinam baptizavi filiam Dominicre [sicJ Burke et Marire Air Conjugum, natam 2 Die ejusdem mensis. Patrino Patricio 0 Brien, Matrina Maria Burke Petrus Gandolfi 1804 (Nicolas Calahan) Die II J ulii Nicolaum filium Thomre Calahan et Katharinre Roster* Conjugum baptizavi, natum Die 6 to ejusdem mensis eodem anno. Patrino Joan. Hawke Matrina Maria Connor. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apcus [po 22J 1804 (J ohn Molleneux) Die 16 J ulii J oannem baptizavi filium Joannis Molleneux et Marire finer Conjugum, natum Die 10 0 ejusdem mensis eodem anno. Matrina Maria James. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Robert Sherlock) Die 6 to Augusti anni 1804 baptizavi Robertum filium Joannis Sherlock et Margaritre MacDurmot Conjugum, natum 1 Die ejusdem mensis. Patrino Joanne Chale. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Henry Coney) Die 19 Augusti anni 1804 baptizavi Henericum filium Henerici Coney et Eleonarre Conoly, natum in matrimonio Die 12 0 ejusdem Mensis. Patrinus fuit J oannes Hall. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Mary Conoway) Die 29 Aug ti baptizavi Mariam filiam Hughii Conoway et Katharinre Maiadel* Conjugum, natam Die 20 ejusdem mensis. Matrina Maria Brining. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (J ohn Green) Die 15 Septembris baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi Green et Brigittre MacCawley, natum Die 12 ejusdem mensis. Patrino - Petrus Gandolfi Miss. apost. (J ohn Pollard) Die 23 Septem. baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi Pollard et Adre Adams Conjugum, natum Die 15 ejusdem mensis. Patrino Joanne Hunt Petrus Gandolfi Miss. ApCUB [p. 23J 1804 - 5. (Mary Eustace) Die 30 Septembris baptizavi Mariam filiam Roberti Eustace et Birgittre Win Conjugum, natam 25 Die ejusdem mensis. Matrina Anna Edgeworth. Petrus Gandolfi Miss ApCUB (Margarite Lochlan) Die 2 da Decembris baptizavi Marga-

* Doubtful reading.



ret am filiam Thoma: Lochlan et J oannce Mungomery Conjugum Natam mense precedente. Matrina fuit Katharina Reily. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Ap. (J ohn Cahill) Die 16 Dec. baptizavi J oannem filium Patricii Cahil et Katharina: Kavanagh natum 10 Die ejusdem mensis. Matrina Maria Dale Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apos. (Judith Crinion) Die 30 Decembris baptizavi Judith filiam Francisci Crinion et Eleonora: Coyle, natam Die 11 0 ejusdem mensis in matrimonio. Patrino Petro Casey. Petrus Gandolfi Misss Apost. 1805 (Matthew Horrigan) Die 20 Jan. baptizavi Mattha:um filium Joannis Horrigan, et Joanna: Barry Conjugum, natum Die 16 ejusdem mensis. Patrino Joanne Hickey Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Ap. (Mary Cunningham) Die 11 0 Februarii anna Dom. 1805 baptizavi Mariam filiam Michaelis Cunningham et Maria: Rennells Conjugum, natum Die 2 da ejusdem mensis. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. [po 24J 1805 (Eleanor Lynch) Die II Feb. baptizavi Eleanoram filiam Danielis Lynch et Elizabetha: Calahan, Conjugum, natam Die 7 0 ejusdem mensis. Matrina Maria Rennells. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Anne Hakey) Die 20 Feb baptizavi Annam filiam Joannis Hakey et Margareta: Down Conjugum, natam eodem mense. Matrina Maria Brown Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (J ohn Davy) Die 20 Aprilis baptizavi J oannem filium Thoma: Davy et Helence Hall Conjugum, natum eodem mense. Patrino Luca Noon Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Elizabeth MacCastle) Die 26 Aprilis baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Alexandri MacCastle et Margarittce Thompson Conjugum, natam Die 20 ejusdem mensis. Matrina Eleonora Flabum [or Haburn J Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Andrew Burke) Die 4ta Maii baptizavi Andream filium Jacobi Burke et Joanna: MacGahan Conjugum, natum Die 27 mensis precedentis. Patrino Carolo MacLoc1an Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Charles King) Die 4 ta Junii baptizavi Carolum filium Martini King et Maria: Freemantle Conjugum, natum Die 26 Maii. Patrinus fuit Samuel Baldwin. Petrus GandolfI Miss. Apost. [po 25J 1805. - 6. (J ohn Coreron) Die 4ta J ulii baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi Coreron et Sara: Henderson Conjugum, natum l a Die ejusdem mensis. Patrino Francisco Macanally. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Mary Power) Die 23 J ulii baptizavi Mariam filiam Mattha:i rower et Elizabetha: Calian Conjugum, natum eodem mense. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Ap.



(Margaret MacFawden) Die 28 Julii baptizavi Margaretam filiam Patricii MacFawden et et [sic] Brigittre MacMullagen Conjugum natam 20 Die hujus mensis. Matrina Anna Swinney Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (John Walsh) Die 3 Septembris baptizavi Joannem filium Michaelis Walsh et Brigittce Macguire pridie natum in matrimonio. Matrina Juliana Thames Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. 1806 (Will m Murcell) Die 70 Jan. baptizavi Gulielmum filium Thomre Murcell et Katharinre White Conjugum, natum Die 30 ejusdem mensis. Patrinus fuit Luca MacGaw . Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Ap::>st. (J ohn Macdonald) Die 6to Februarii baptizavi J oannem filium Alexandri MacDonald et Annre Rose Conjugum, natum Die 18 J an rl1 1806, Patrino Georgio Macdonald. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. [p o 26] 1806 (Andrew Kain) Die 7 0 Feb. baptizavi Andream filium Andrece Kain et Marice Kolon Conjugum, natum Die 31 Januarii. Patrino Joanne Coney. Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apost. (Katharine Owens) Die 25 Feb. Baptizavi Katharinam filiam Simonis Owens et Annre Brady Conjugum, natam 12 Die, hujus mensis. Matrina Maria Wilson. Petrus Gandolfi Miss us Apos. (Edward Crow) Die 15 Martii Baptizavi Edwardum Crow, filium Edwardi, et Elizabethre Cain Conjug. natum 1a Die ejusdem Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apos. mensis. Patrino Joanne White (Katharine Kenedy) Die 7 0 Aprilis Baptizavi Katharinam filiam Mich. Kenedy et Marice Connor conjug. Patrino Brian Kelly Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apos. Matrina Maria Smith (James Jackman) Die 7 Ap, Baptizavi Jacobum filium Alexandri Jackman et Marire Dun Conjugum, natum 20 Feb. Patrino Joanne MacDerby (35) Petrus Gandolfi Miss. Apos. [Ii inches left blank at the bottom of the page.] [p o 27] [In the Rev. Thos. White's hand] 11.* 1806 (38)* (Michael Farrell) Die 29 a Aprilis 1806 baptizatus est Michael filius Patricii Farrell & Margaritre Flinn Conjugum natus die 9 a ejusdem mensis & eodem anna a Rev. Duo Ludovico~ Coquiere Sponsores fuere Patricius Doran et Anna Gibbons. Ita test~r Rev. Duus ~Ludovicus Coquiere pastor Gallicanus (Edw d Stanley) Die 27 Aprilis 1806 baptizavi Edoardum filium Joannis Stanley & Margaritre Ennis Conjugum, natum die 24 0 Martii eodem anna 1806. Sponsores fuere Michael Kennedy et Margarita Caffry. Sub con. Tho s White Miss: Ap :


11 ' refers to the Rev. Thos. White's previous numbering of the pages; (38)-in another hand-to his previous number of baptisms. ~ Ludovico' and the signature in the Abbe Coquiere's hand. f




(wm Davenport) Die 27 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Archeri Davenport & Judith Dowde Conjugum, natum die go ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Butler & Maria Kennedy. Tho. White Miss: Ap. (Helen Caffry) Die 27 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Helenam filiam Audoeni Caffry et Margaritre Moran Conjugum, natam 16 0 ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Diamond et Judith Davenport. Tho s White Miss: Ap. (Patrick Matty) Die 27 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Patritium filium Gulielmi Matty et Elizabeth Molloy Conjugum, natum die 16 Martii, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Audoenus Caffry et Margarita Stanley. Tho s White Miss. Ap. (John MacDonald) Die 28 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi J oannem filium Joannis MacDonald et Eleonorre Farrell Conjugum, natum pridie. Sponsores fuere Thomas Cowen & Anna Doolin. Thos White Miss: Ap. (Mary Burke) Die 2a Maii Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi, sub conditione, Mariam filiam Michaelis Burke et Marire Curley Conjugum, natum 7 0 Martii eodem Anno; omissis creremoniis ob urgens mortis periculum, quas tamen postridie supplevi, Sponsore Timotheo Howe. Thos White Miss: Ap. (Rose Wade) Die 3a Maii Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Rosam filiam Jacobi Wade et Marire Rigny Conjugum, natam die 27 Aprilis, eodem Anno 1806. Sponsores fuere Audoenus McDermot & Maria Dunn. Tho. White Miss: Ap. (Mary 0 Neil) Die 7 0 Maii Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Mariam filiam Gulielmi 0 Neil et Eleonorre Fox Conjugum, natam die 22 0 Aprilis eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas McDermott et Birgitta Welch. Tho. White Miss: Aplcus. (Thomas Fynan) Die 8 0 J unii Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Patricii Fynan et Margaritre Feeny Conjugum, natum die 30 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Duffy. Tho s White Misss Aplcus. [po 28J 1806. 12. (Elizabeth Jones) Die 22 a J unii Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Simonis Jones et Marire Boyce Conjugum, natam die ll a ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Daniel 0 Neil et Maria Lynch. Thomas White Miss. Ap. (wm Chapman) Die 26 J unii An: Dfii 1806 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Gulielmi Chapman et Marire Barber Conjugum, natum 22 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Franciscus Purcell et Anna Purcell. Tho s White Miss. Ap. (Mary Mahan) Die l a Augusti Anno vero 1806 baptizavi Mariam filiam Roberti Mahan et Margaritre Brown Conjugum, natam die 31 a mensis J ulii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Harrison & Margarita Dulin. Tho s White Miss: ApCUS (Michl 0 Brian) Die 3a Augusti Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Micha""lem filium Thomre 0 Brian et Joannre Carey Conjugum,



natum die 7 a J ulii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus 0 Neil et Maria Baxter. Tho s White Miss. ApCUS (Francis Cates) Die loa Augusti, Anno vera 1806 baptizavi Franciscum, filium Jacobi Cates et Annce Fanelly Conjugum, natum pridie. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Harrington et Anna Harvey. Tho. White Miss. Apcus (ChaS Fitzgerald) Die 50 Septembris Anno vera 1806 baptizavi Carolum filium Gulielmi FitzGerald et Brigittce Corcoran Conjugum, natum 10 ejusdem mensis & eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Morrisy & Birgitta Nichols. Tho. White Miss. Apcus. (Mary Lee) Die 8 a Septembris, anna Dfii 1806 baptizavi Mariam filiam Ricardi Lee et Catharince Hogan Conjugum, natam 6 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Matrina fuit Maria Ryan. Tho s White Miss. Apcus (Elizabeth Lynch) Die 12 Octobris, anna Dfii 1806 baptizavi Elizabetham, filiam Michaelis Lynch et Marice Ready Conjugum, natam die 4 a ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Patrinus fuit Patricius Burke. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Michl Flaherty) Die 17 0 Octobris, Anno vera 1806 baptizavi Michaelem filium Michaelis Flaherty et Margaritce Henright Conjugum, natum die 3 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Edmundus Burke. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. [po 29J 13. 1806. (J ane Ogleby) Die 7 a N ovembris anno vero Dfii 1806 baptizavi Joannam filiam Joannis Ogle by et Marice Johnson Conjugum, natam die 28 Octobris eodem anno. Matrina fuit Maria Somers. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Ann Wrighton) Die 9 a N ovembris Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Annam filiam Matthcei Wrighton & Annce Barry Conjugum natam die 29 Octobris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Riley et Maria Quin. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (ThoS Sheridan) Die 9 a N ovembris anna vera 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Philippi Sheridan et Catherince Roddy Conjugum natum die 18 Octobris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Riley et Maria Quin. Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Sarah Devine) Die 14 Novembris 1806 baptizavi Saram filiam Hugonis Devine et Annce Davies Conjugum, natam 29 Octobris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J os Harris et Margarita Fallon. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Thomas Murphy) Die 15 N ovembris anna vera 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Dionysii Murphy et Isabellce Coldwell Conjugum natum 10 ejusdem mensis, anna eodem. Sponsores fuere Patricius Connor et Birgitta Hargrove. Tho. White Miss: Apcus (Thomas Burne) Die 21 N ovembris anna vera 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Joannis Burne et Annce Riley Conjugum, natum



die 17 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Puerum e sacro fonte suscepit Anna James Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Thomas Bouhean) Die 26 N ovembris Anno Dfii 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Matthcei Bouhean et J oannce (Jane) Hare Conjugum, natum Augusti 29 eodem anno. Matrina fuit Anna James. Tho s White Miss: Apcus (Tho s Kelly) Die Decembris 18 0 anna Di1i 1806 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomce Kelly et Eleonorce Rose Conjugum, natum die 26 Novembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Michael Ahern et Brigitta MacDermot. Tho . White Miss: Apcus (Cath. Aherne) Die 18 0 Decembris anna Dfii 1806 baptizavi Catherinam filiam Michaelis Ahern et Joannce seu Judith 0 Donnell Conjugum, natam die 4 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno . Sponsores fuere Arthurus Paterson et Birgitta Leahy. Tho s White Miss. Apcus (Mary Dunbar) Die 21 Decembris, anna vero 1806 baptizavi Mariam filiam Matthcei Dunbar et J oannce (Jane) Brownlee, natam die 18 ejusdem men sis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Petrus FitzPatrick & Eleonora Mullen. Tho. White Miss. Apcus Seqr 1. Feb 1807 [po 30J 1807 14. (Thomas Nichol) Die 10 Februarii 1807 baptizavi Thomam filium Patricii Nichol et Marice Clark Conjugum, natum die 3 0 J anuarii eodem ann o. Sponsores fuere Patricius Brady et Maria Leach. Thomas White Miss. Apcus (Peter Bird) Die 2a J anuarii, anna vero Dfii 1807 natus est Petrus, filius Christophori Chapman Bird et Christince Buissinne Conjugum. Cum vero periculum mortis videretur urgere, ab ipso Patre baptizatus est Infans, die 18 ejusdem mensis. Die tandem 4 a Februarii sequentis, in navi vectoria (The Etingdon) ad stationem dictam The Mother-bank,* creremonias baptismales explevi. Patrinus et Matrina (absentes licet) fuere J oannes Bird et Hesther Bird. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Mary Brinnan) Die 8 0 Februarii Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Brinnan & Annce Ryan Conjugum, natam die 50 Decem bris Anno 1806. Matrina fuit Margarita Spencer. Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Thomas Shannon) Die 10 0 Februarii Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Thomam filium Cornelii Shannon et Eleonorce Toppin Conjugum, natum die 10 J anuarii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Brennan. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Henry [si cJ Duplan) Die II Feb ii 1807 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Henrici Duplan et Marice Cokum Conjugum, n atum die 24 J anuarii eodem anno. Matrina fuit Maria Anna Crean. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Margt MCNamara) Die 14 Februarii Anno Dfii 1807 bap-


To-day the nam e of a sand-bank off the channel for ships entering Southampton waters; between Cowes and Calshot.



tizavi Margaritam filiam Jacobi Macnamara et Judith seu J oannam [sicJ Moran Conjugum, natam die 19 J anuarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Donelly et Eleonora Ready. Thomas White Misss Apcus (Wm & J as. Poor) Die 20 Februarii 1807 baptizavi Gulielmum et Jacobum filios Petri Poor et Joannee (Jane) How Conjugum; parentibus, licet acatholicis, enixe poscentibus. Natus est Jacobus J ulii die 40 anno Diii 1804; Gulielmus aut em 26 J unii 1806. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Mary Richardson) Die 25 Februarii anno vero Diii 1807 baptizavi Mariam, filiam J osephi Richardson et Elizabeth Ballard Conjugum, 'natam die 14 Januarii eodem anno. Susceptores non affuere, sed in mora periculum fuisset. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. 0 (Eliza Cath: Gray) Die 3 Martii 1807 baptizavi Elizam Catherinam, filiam Gulielmi Gray et Barbaree Elizee Blake Conjugum, natam die 20 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Edoardus Connor MCCarthy et Sarah MCCarthy. Thomas White Miss: Apcus [po 31J 15. 1807. (Frances Stuart) Die 6 0 Aprilis 1807 baptizavi sub conditione Franciscam, filiam Patricii Stuart et Annee Toole Conjugum, natam 50 die Maii preecedentis. Infantem suscepit Anna James. T. White Miss. Apcus. (Elizth MCDonnell) Die Maii l1 a anno vero Diii 1807 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Reginaldi McDonnell et Elizabethee Sinclair Conjugum, natam die 24 Martii eodem anno. Susceptores fuere Jacobus Harrington et Anna Cates. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Pat k Cosgrove) Die 17 Maii anno Diii 1807 baptizavi sub conditione Patricium filium Roberti Cosgrove et Mariee Lennard Conjugum, natum die 25 Februarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Mkhael Kiernan et Anna James. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Helena Lennard) Die 14 J unii anno Diii 1807 baptizavi Helenam filiam Jacobi Lennard et Catharinee Coffee Conjugum, natam die 31 Maii, eodem anno. Susceptores fuere J oannes Summers et Elizabeth Carbery. Ludovicus Coquiere* presbyter gallicanus (Mary Stuart) Die Julii 4 0 anno vero Diii 1807 baptizavi Mariam filiam Gulielmi Stuart et Isabellee Thompson Conjugum natam die 23 0 Junii eodem anno 1807 Sponsores fuere Hugo Lucas et Margarita Lucas. Thomas White Miss Apcus (Sarah Lawler) Die 25 Julii anno Diii 1807 baptizavi Saram filiam Jacobi Lawler et Judith Brown Conjugum, natam die 30 J unii, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Patricius Conolly et Elizabeth MCLaughlan. Thomas White Miss: Apcus

* Signature alone autograph.



(Will m Henly) Die 26 0 Augusti, anna vero 1807 baptizavi Gulielmum, filium Joannis Henly et A McNoIty Conjugum, natum die 13 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Brown. Tho s White Miss: Apcus. (Thomas Donohough) Die 100 Septembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi (sub conditione) Thomam filium Patricii Donohough et Catharinre Fallon Conjugum, natum 23 0 J anuarii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Reagan. Tho s White Miss s Apcus. (J ames Sweny) Die 4a Octobris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Jacobum filium Jacobi Sweny et Joannre (Jane) Hoey, Conjugum, natum die I a Septembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Bourne et Lucia Clark. Thomas White Misss Apcus. (Theresa Egan) Die 15 octobris Anno Dni 1807 baptizavi Teresiam filiam Donaldi Egan et Birgittre Gleeson Conjugum, natam die 29 Septembris eodem anno. Matrina fuit Anna Delany. Thomas White Miss: Ap. Seqtr 18. Oct. 1807. [po 32] 1807 -8 16. [No margin for the next entry] Die 18 0 Octobris Anno Dfii 1807, baptizavi Thomam Lucam, filium Patricii Gallagher et Sarre Mulroan Conjugum, natum die 10 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Nicolaus Lacy et Honoria Monagherty. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. Tho s Luke Gallagher. (Thomas Jordan) Die 23 Octobris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomre Jordan et Sarre Hogan, Conjugum, natum die 21 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Matrina fuit Maria Connor. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (John Hansbury) Die 14 Novembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi Hansbury et Marire Connor Conjugum, natum die 9 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Ricardus Wilson et Elizabeth Edwards. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Dennis Sheen) Die 22 0 N ovembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Dionysium filium Bartholomrei Sheen et Elizabeth King Conjugum, natum die 19 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Coffee et Elizabeth Coffee. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Margaret Wright) Die 24 N ovembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Jacobi Wright et Susannre Freeman Conjugum, natam die 15 ejusdem mensis, eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes White et Susanna Rogers. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Ann Read) Die 26 Novembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Annam filiam Stephani Read et Eleonorre Corgan Conjugum, natam die 17 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Matthreus Mochlar et Catharina Hanbury. Thomas White Miss s Apcus. (James MCGennis) Die 26 0 Novembris Anno Dfii 1807 baptizavi Jacobum ÂŁIlium Jacobi McGennis et Elizabeth MCEvoy Con-



jugum, natum die 19 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Omiss~ sunt creremoni~ . imminente periculo mortis: quas t amen postea supplevi die 24 0 Decembris sequentis, Matrina Anna MacN aspy. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. 1808 (William Duff) Die 3 0 J anuarii 1808 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Petri Duff et Elizabeth Stafford Conjugum, natum die -10 ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere Hugo Lucas et Margarita Lucas. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (John [sic] Morrow) Die 7 0 Januarii 1808 baptizavi Patricium filiu111 Joannis Morrow et Dian~ Atkinson Conjugum, natum die 25 Decembris 1807. Sponsores fuere Patricius Gallagher et Sarah Gallagher. Thomas White Misss Apcus. [po 33] 17. 1808. (Mary Riorden) Die 3a Februarii Anno vero 1808 baptizavi Mariam filiam Edoardi Riorden et Mari~ Downey Conjugum, natam die 15a J anuarii, eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Ferguson. Thomas White Miss: Ap. (J ohn Byrne) Die 12a Februarii Anno vero Dfii 1808 baptizavi in Generali Militum Hospitio J oannem filium Georgii Byrne et J oann~ (Jane) Parkinson Conjugum, natum eodem die. Omiss~ sunt creremoni~ rituales, nec Sponsores adfuere qui puerum e sacro fonte susciperent; instans tamen mortis periculum nullam moram pati videbatur. Postridie mortuus est Infans. Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Mary Ann Green) Die 14 Februarii Anno Dfii 1808 baptizavi sub conditione Mariam-Annam filiam Joannis Green et Catharin~ Cary Conjugum, natam die 26 0 J anuarii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Petty. Thomas White Miss. Apcus (J ames MCLean) Die 18. Februarii Anno Dfii 1808 baptizavi J acobum filium Jacobi McLean et Patientice Benson Conjugum, natum die 8 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Connor et Maria Rourke. Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Mary Burn) Die 10 Martii Anno vero 1808 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Briani Burn et Mari~ Hennesy, natam die 40 Februarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Wickham et Birgitta MCCarthy. Thomas White Miss: ApCUS (Willm [sic] Crowe) Die 8 0 Martii Anno Dfii 1808 baptizavi Thomam filium Gulielmi Crowe et Elizabeth Cain Conjugum, natum die 16 0 Februarii eodem anno. Matrina fuit Joanna (Jane) White. Thomas White Miss s Apcus. (Mary Mooney) Die 9 0 Martii 1808 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Mooney et Joann~ (Jane) Gorden Conjugum, natam die 40 ejusdem mensis, eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Mauritius Thomas White Misss Apcus Mooney et Anna Rowling. (Ann Teresa Rawden) Die 28 Martii Anno Dfii 1808 baptizavi Annam Teresiam filiam Luc~ Rawden et Catherin~ Casson



Conjugum, natam 27 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Samuel Baldwin et Maria James. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Robert Yates) Die 24 a Aprilis Anno DEi 1808 baptizavi Robertum £Ilium Conolly Yates et Anna: Fitzpatrick Conjugum, natum die 14a ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Patricius 0 Brien et Elizabeth Nowlan. Thomas White Miss: Apcus (Margt Gorman) Die 26 J unii Anno DEi 1808 baptizavi Margaritam, £IIi am Joannis Gorman et Margarita: Reardon Conjugum, natam die 19 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Rogers et Joanna Cooney. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. Sequitur 3a J ulii. [po 34J 1808. 18. [The margin on this page is on the right-hand sideJ (William & Mary Murray) Die 3a Julii Anno DEi 1808 baptizavi Gulielmum £Ilium Joannis Murray et Margarita: Spicket Conjugum, natum die 13 Martii 1806. Thomas White Miss: Aplcus. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Kelly et Catharina Bedford. Eodem die 3 J ulii 1808 baptizavi, sub conditione, Mariam sororem Gulielmi et £Iliam pariter Joannis Murray et Margarita: Spicket Conjugum, natam Oct 30 1806. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Kelly et Margarita Lambert Thomas \iVhite Miss. Ap. (Harriet & Sarah Baldwin) Die 3 0 J ulii Anno DEi 1808 baptizavi sub conditione Henriettam Mariam et Saram, filias Samuelis Baldwin et Sara: Exton Conjugum. Nata erat Henrietta Maria 28 Septembris Anno 1802; Sara vero 11 Decembris Anno 1804. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. Utriusque Susceptores erant Lucas Rawdon & Caroletta Harris. (Thomas Nowlan) Die 8 0 J ulii Anno vero 1808 baptizavi in Hospitio Generali Militum Thomam £Ilium Joannis Nowlan et Birgitta: Hickey Conjugum (omissis creremoniis) natum die 50 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. Creremonias supplevi 9 a Augusti sequentis Matrina Maria Marr. T.W. qui supra. (John [sicJ Mac-Call) Die loa Julii Anno DEi 1808 baptizavi Catharinam £Iliam Joannis McCall et Maria: McNally Conjugum, natam die 6 a ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes MCGowran et Anna McGowran. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Sarah Smith) Die 26 J ulii 1808 baptizavi, sub conditione, Saram £Iliam Jacobi Smith et Elizabeth McCarthy Conjugum, natam die 14 ejusdem mensis, eodemque anno. Tho s White Miss: Apcus. (Joseph Mulligan) Die Julii 31 0 baptizavi Josephum £Ilium Danielis Mulligan et Teresia: Redman Conjugum, natum die 29



ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Daniel McGovran et Margarita Clyne. Anno Dni 1808. Tho s White Miss Apcus (Patrick [sicJ Power) Die 31 Julii, Anno vero 1808, baptizavi Joannem filium Patricii Power et Marire Boyland Conjugum, natum die 22 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Philippus Danaher et Maria Sullivan. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Patrick 0 Neal) Die 19 Septembris, anna vero 1808, baptizavi Patricium filium Joannis 0 Neal et Birgittre Brady Conjugum, natum die 7 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Gagan. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Mary Osburn) Die Octobris 2a , anna Diii 1808 baptizavi Mariam, fi,liam Henrici Osburn et Margaritre Clifford Con jugum; natam 17 a Septembris, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Daniel Mahony et Judith McCourte. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (J ames Kennedy) Die Octobris 8 a anna vero Diii 1808 baptizavi sub conditione, et cceremoniis omissis, cum videretur morti proximus, J acobum filium Philippi Kennedy et Margaritre Scott Conjugum natum 26 0 mensis Junii prrecedentis. Patrinus fuit Christopherus Riley. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. Mortuus est sequenti die in Hosp. Gen: Mil. [po 35J 19. 1808. (Helen Devine) Die 30 a Octobris Anno Dfii 1808 baptizavi Helenam filiam Thomre Devine et Birgittre Callaghan Conjugum, natam die 17 a ejusdem mens is et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Patricius McNeal et Catherina Cassedy. Tho s White Miss: Apcus. (Timothy Griffin) Die 15 N ovembris Anno 1808 baptizavi Timotheum filium Michaelis Griffin et Marire Hyland Conjugum, natum die 12 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Miller et Helena Halloran. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (J as. Cary) Die 18 N ovembris 1808 baptizavi J acobum filium Joannis Cary et Catharinre Clements Conjugum, natum 14 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Franciscus Smith et Catharina Salmon. Tho. White Miss: Apcus. (J oanna Vier) Die 29 N ovembris, Anno 1808, baptizavi Joannam filiam Petri Vier et Margaritae Bach Conjugum, natam die 23 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Matrina fuit Joanna McGuire. Tho s White Miss: Apcus. (Mary Farley) Die 4 a Decembris Anno Diii 1808 baptizavi Mariam filiam Hugo Farley et Marire McCormack Conjugum, natam 3a ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Franciscus Berney et Judith Green. Tho. \iVhite Miss. Apcus. 1809. (Alice Fallon) Die 1 0 J anuarii Anno Dfii 1809 baptizavi Aliciam filiam Philippi Fallon et Alicire Honan Con jugum, natam die 22 0 Septembris anna 1808. Mattina fuit Joanna (Jane) Crotty vice Franciscre Fallon. Tho s White Miss: Apcus.



(Christl' Mead) Die 4 0 J anuarii 1809 baptizavi Christopherum filium Roberti Mead et Judith Cain Conjugum, natum die eodem. Matrina fuit Margarita Farrell. Thos. White Miss. Apcus. (Mary Sullivan) Die II Januarii 1809 baptizavi Mariam filiam Davidis Sullivan et Margarita: Graham Conjugum, natam die 60 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Thomas et Maria Stone. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Elizth Dunn) Die 16 J anuarii Anno vero Dfii 1809 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Michaelis Dunn et Judith Terrath Conjugum, eodem die natam. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus MCEvoy & Maria Carroll. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Helen Kelly) Die 22 a J anuarii 1809 baptizavi Helenam, filiam Petri Kelly et Anna: Murphy Conjugum, natam 18 a ejusdem mensis eodemque Anno. Sponsores fuere Bernardus Brown et Maria Power. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (J ohn Connor) Die J anuarii 25 Anno vero 1809 baptizavi J oannem filium Patricii Connor et Catharina: Fitz-Patrick Conjugum, natum die 17 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Kenean et Margarita MCGiff. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. Sequitur 12 Feb l1 â&#x20AC;˘ [po 36J 1809. 20. (Nath 1 AloyS Bonnenzi) Die 12 0 Februarii 1809 baptizavi, sub conditione, N athan aelem Aloysium filium Gulielmi Bonnenzi et Anna: Wickenden Conjugum, natum Octobris 27 0 Anno Dfii ] 804. Sponsores fuere J oannes & Elizabeth Hawke. Tho s White Miss. Apcus. (Martha Bonnenzi) Die 12 0 Februarii 1809 baptizavi, sub conditione, Martham filiam Gulielmi Bonnenzi et Martha: Whittington Conjugum, natam Martii 120 anne Dfii 1808. Sponsores fuere Tho s White Miss. apcus. J oannes Murry et Alicia Dillon. (Jfio Leopold Bonnenzi) Die 120 Februarii 1809 baptizavi, sub conditione, J oanneni Leopoldum filium Gulielmi Bonnenzi et Martha: Whittington Conjugum, natum 27 0 J anuarii 1809. Sponsores fuere Henricus Rayment et Elizabeth Barnes. Thos White Miss. Apcus. (Ann Trower) Die 20 Februarii Anno Dfii 1809 baptizavi Annam filiam Michaelis Trower et Birgitta: Cain Conjugum, natam 22 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Tho s White Misss Apcus. Rogers et Birgitta Cain. (Margaret Kelly) Die 20 Februarii Anno vero Dfii 1809 baptizavi (creremoniis & precibus omissis propter urgens mortis periculum) Margaritam, filiam Jacobi Kelly et Maria: Conolly Conjugum, natam die 13 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Cum postea convalescere crepisset Infans, delata est ad Ecdesiam, et omissa omnia,




It is curious that in the first of these three baptisms the mother's Christian name and surname are different, though there is a phonetic resemblance in the surname.



ordine et ritu prrescripto, supplevi die 8 0 Martii, eodem anna 1809, sponsore Birgitta MCEvoy. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Mary Alton) Die 19 Martii Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Mariam filiam Christophori AIton et Margaritre Early Conjugum, natam 14 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Hastings et Maria MCCall. Tho s White Miss s Apcus. (Timothy Sexton) Die Martii 22 0 Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Timotheum filium Dionysii Sexton et Eleonorre Crimmen Conjugum, natum die 20 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Joannes Sexton. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Edw d Bedford) Die 26 0 Martii 1809 baptizavi Ed6ardum filium Ed6ardi Bedford et Catharinre Murray Conjugum, natum 150 J anuarii eadem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes et Margarita Murray. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Sarah Sullivan) Die 3 Aprilis 1809 baptizavi Saram filiam Thomre Sullivan et Marire Jennings Conjugum, natam die 2:{G Martii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Neil Burns et Anna Burns. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Michl [sicJ MCGee) Die 120 Aprilis, Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Joannem filium Michaelis McGee et Rosre-Annre Haney Conjugum, natum die 12 0 Martii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Conolly. Thos White Miss s Apcus. (J as. Murphy) Die 13 0 Aprilis, Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Jacobum filium Jacobi Murphy et Eleonorre McElroy Conjugum, natum die Martii 12 0 eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas McGuire et Margarita Lucas. Thomas White Misss Apcus. (Cath. Hillary) Die 14 Aprilis Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Catherinam filiam Petri Hillary et Eleonorre Hanley, natam 20 Martii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Halligan. Thomas White Miss: Apcus [po 37J 21. 1809. (Mary Divine) Die 23 0 Aprilis, anna vero 1809 baptizata est a Rev. Diio Ludovico Coquiere Presbytero Gallicano, in Anglia autem Missionarii Apostolici gerente, Maria filia Patricii et Marire Divine (olim McLaughlin) Conjugum, nata 18 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Patricius Mullin et Maria MCCarthy. In cujus rei fidem ipse sua manu subscripsit. [unsignedJ (Mary MCLean) Die 300 Aprilis, anna vero 1809 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Danielis McLean et Elizabeth Scullen Conjugum, natam die 20 Februarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Moyses Frayne et Elizabeth Mortimer. Tho s White Miss s Apcus. (Ann Rutley) Die l l a Maii, Anno vero Diii 1809 baptizavi Annam, filiam Joannis Rutley et Annre Cooney Conjugum, natam die 29 Aprilis, eodem anno. Matrina fuit Anna Johnson. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Mary Harrington) Die 8 0 J unii 1809 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Harrington et Sarre Dore,* natam die 27 Maii eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Samuel Baldwin et Elizabeth Hawke. Tho s White Misss Apcus.


It would seem that a space was left for this maiden name and that it was afterwards inserted. In previous entries it has been transcribed as 'Dove:



(Elizabeth James) Die 11 a J unii, Anno vero Diii 1809 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Caroli James et Esther Lansdown Conjugum, natam 3a die Maii, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Hawke et Anna James. Thomas White Misss Apcus. (J ames Smith) Die 25 J unii, Anno vero Diii 1809 baptizavi Jacobum filium Francisci Smith et Eleonorre Conroy Conjugum, natum die 19no ejusdem mensis eodemque Anno. Sponsores fuere Michael Hopkins et Crecilia Coghlan. Tho s White Miss s Apcus. (Henrietta Brewer) Die Julii9° Anno vero Diii 1809 baptizavi Henriettam filiam Thomre Brewer et Joannre (Jane) Johnson Conjugum, natam 7 0 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Cum videretur imminere mortis periculum, & Parentes, licet Acatholici, enixe postularent, baptizavi Infantem; omissis tamen creremoniis usitatis, nullisque spondentibus Patrinis. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Bridg t Walsh.) Die 29 Julii Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Gulielmi Walsh et Catharinre Walsh Conjugum, natam 240 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Walsh et Birgitta Graham. Tho s White Misss Apcus. r (Eleon Doyle) Die 30 J ulii Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Eleonoram filiam Michaelis Doyle et Marire Lucas Conjugum, natam 21 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Sharkey et Maria Sharkey. Tho s White Misss Apcus. a (Donald Hayes.) Die 7 Augusti, Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Donaldum, filium Donaldi Hayes et Sarre OuIis Conjugum, natam die 6 a ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Matrina fuit Catharina Howell. Thos White Misss Apcus. (J ohn Stokes) Die 18 Augusti Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Stokes et Annre MCMahon Conjugum, eodem die natum. Sponsores fuere Edoardus FitzPatrick et Sara Ingram. Thos White Miss. Apcus. Seqr 12 Oct. 1809. [po 38] 1809 - 10. 22 (Frances James) Die 12 Octobris Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Franciscam filiam Gulielmi James et Anastasire Stagg Conjugum, natam die 4 0 ejusdem mensis, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Anna James. Thomas White Miss: Apcus. (Patrick Graham) Die 21 Octobris Anno Diii 1809 baptizavi Patricium filium Patricii Graham et Joannre (Jane) HaIl Conjugum, natum die 18 ejusdem mensis, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Murphy et Dorothea Price. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Mary-Ann Hickey) Die 12a N ovembris, Anno vero 1809 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Simonis Hickey et Margaritre Byrne Conjugum, natam die 30 a Octobris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Joannes Ervin et Anna Larkin. Thos White Miss: Apcus.



(Mary Corbett) Die Decembris 40 anne vero 1809 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Corbett et Judith Gleeson Conjugum, natam die 13 N ovembris eodem anno. Matrina fuit Anna James. Tho. White Miss. ApCUS (Geo. Richardson) Die 17 Decembris anne Dili 1809 baptizavi Georgium filium Joannis Richardson et Catharince Cain Conjugum, natum die 26 N ovembris eodem anno. Matrina fuit Maria Cain. Thomas White Misss Apcus. [A double line drawn across the page; and double lines above and below the year 1810.] 1810 1810 (Willm t}l Elizth MCCarthy) Die Januarii 40 anne Dili 1810 baptizavi, sub conditione, Gulielmum et Elizabeth filium & filiam Caroli McCarthy et Catharince Lamasna Conjugum. Natus est Gulielmus die 19 Martii 1804; Elizabeth autem nata erat 31. Decemb s 1805. Sponsor erat Maria Anna James. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Louisa MCCarthy) Die 6a Januarii Anno Dili 1810 baptizavi, sub conditione, Louisam filiam Caroli McCarthy et Catharince Lamasna Conjugum, natam die 6 a Aprilis 1808. Sponsor erat Anna Winefrida James. Thomas White Misss Apcus. (Ann Hughes) Die J anuarii loa Anno Dili 1810, baptizavi Annam, filiam Jacobi Hughes et J oannce Neal Conjugum, natam die 7a ejusdem mensis, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hughes et Anna Hughes. Thos White Miss. Apcus. (J as MCGrath) Die 15 0 J anuarii anne Dili 1810 baptizavi J acobum filium Patricii McGrath et Marice Butler Conjugum, natum 130 ejusdem mensis et anni. Omissas creremonias postridie supplevi, Sponsoribus Michaele Bourke et Elizabeth Mortimer. Tho s White Miss. Apcus. (Margt Duffy) Die J anuarii 18 0 anne Dili 1810 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Hugonis Duffy et Judith Dunn Conjugum, natam eodem die. Matrina fuit Maria Collins. Tho s White Miss. Apcus. (Michl 0 Neil) Die Februarii 4 0 Anno Dili 1810 baptizavi Michaelem, filium Dionysii O'Neil et Catharince Barry Conjugum, natum die 29 0 Januarii, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Mulhearn et Elizabeth Wilson. Thomas White Misss Apcus [po 39J 23. 1810. (Maria MCCarthy) Die 8 a Feb ii 1810 baptizavi Mariam filiam Caroli McCarthy et Catharince Lamasna Conjugum, natam 19 J anuarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Baylis et Elizabeth Barnes. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. (Ann Teresa Murray) Die 13 a Februarii 1810 baptizavi Annam Teresiam, filiam Joannis Murray et Margaritce Spickett Conjugum, natam pridie. Sponsores fuere J oalllles Hawke et Anna James. Thomas White Miss s Apcus



(Jno Griffin) Die Februarii 27. Anno Dfii 1810 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Griffin et Marice Tyter, Conjugum, natum die 20 a ejusdem mensis eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Godfrey et Elizabeth Godfrey. Tho s White Misss Apcus (Jane Brading) Die Februarii 28 Anno vero 1810, baptizavi J oannam (Jane) filiam Ezechice Brading et Hannce Grimes (olim Salter) natam die 30 Decembris Anno 1809. Thomas White Missionarius Apcus. (Sarah Comerford) Die 4a Martii 1810 baptizavi Saram filiam Thomce Comerford et Catharince Wallen Conjugum, natam die 25 a Februarii, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Edmundus Harris & Birgitta Cain. Thomas White Miss s Apcus. (James Walsh) Die Martii 50 baptizavi Jacobum filium Edwardi Walsh et Annce 0 Connor Conjugum, natum die 21 0 Februarii, eodem anna 1810. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hepburn et Margarita Master. Thomas White Miss s Apcus. (Patrick Conlin) Die Martii 12 0 , cum periculum mortis immin ere censeretur, baptizavi in Nosocomio militari, cceremoniis omissis, Patricium filium Patricii Conlin et Elizabethce Burn Conjugum, natum 7 0 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. E sacro fonte puerum sus cepit Catherina MCEvoy. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. Omissas cceremonias supplevi Die 18 0 Martii, spondente (vice Catharince MCEvoy) Eleonora 0 Connell T. White qui supra. (Mary Long) Die 25 Martii Anno Dfii 1801 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Joannis Long et Annce Larking Conjugum, natam die 21 0 ejusdem mensis, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Edoardus Nowland et Margarita Millis. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (J as. [sic] Ryan) Die 16 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1810 baptizavi Michaelem filium Jacobi Ryan et Marice Doyle Conjugum, natum eodem die. Sponsores fuere J oannes Welsh et Maria Griffin. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (JOSh & Mary Sennett.) Die 21 Aprilis Anno Dfii 1810 baptizavi Josephum et Mariam filium et filiam Edoardi Sennett et Marice Kase Conjugum, pridie natos. Ne foret in morando discrimen, baptizati sunt nullis prcesentibus Patrinis, & omissis, pro prcesenti, cceremoniis. Thomas White Miss. Apcus. Die 20 a Maii supplevi cceremonias baptismales, spondentibus Thoma MCCarten et Maria-Anna James. T. White qui supra. (Matt w MCLaughlin) Die Maii 20 Anno Dfii 1810 baptizavi Matthceum, filium Briani McLaughlin et Elizabeth McGuire Conjugum, natum die 23 0 Aprilis, eodem anna 1810. Sponsores fuere Alexander Stanton et Joanna (Jane) James. . Thomas White Misss Apcus. (Will m Cragen) Die 20 a Maii Anno Dfii 1810 baptizavi Willelmum filium Joannis Crag en et Susannce Nowlan Conjugum, natum die 17 0 ejusdem mensis, eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Cushley et Anna Dogherty. Tho s White Miss s Apcus. Sequitur 21. Maii 1810.



[po 40J 1810. 24. (John Rourke) Die 21 0 Maii Anno Diii 1810 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Rourke et Annre McGarry Conjugum, natum pridie. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Ryan et Maria Ryan . Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Ann Delahunty) Die Junii 17, Anno vero 1810, baptizavi Annam filiam Ricardi Delahunty et Annre Halpen Conjugum, natam 140 ejusdem mensis et eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Joannes Davis et Joanna Murphy. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Nic. MCDonnell) Die 2a Julii 1810 baptizavi Nicolaiim filium Patricii McDonnell et Eleonorre Murphy Conjugum, natum 27 J unii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Masterson. Tho s White Misss Apcus. (Margt Blair) Die 2a J ulii 1810 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Samuelis Blair et Margaritre Cleland Conjugum, natam 29 Junii eodem anno. Matrina fuit Judith Holland. Thos White Misss Apcus (178) [In the Rev. George SPain's handJ (Honoratia Sullivan) Die 5a Julii An 0 Dni 1810, baptizavi Honoratiam filiam Thomre & Marire Sullivan, Conjugum, natam 20 J unii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Edmundus Craughan et Anna Rourke. Georgius Spain Misss Apcus. (Margt Lonnon) Die 11 a Julii Ao Di 1810 baptizavi Mar garitam filiam Henrici et Annre Lonnon Conjugum natam 17. J unii eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Michael Hart. Georgius Spain Miss s Apcus [I n pencil 300J (John Craughan) Die 17 0 Julii Ao Di 1810 baptizavi Joannem filium Edwardi Craughan et Marire Irving Conjugum, natam 5a die ejusdem mensis & anni. Matrina fuit Maria Kirby. Geo. Spain Mo A 0 (Thomas Baker) Die 27 0 Januarii A.D. 1810. Natus et die 30 a ejusdem mensis & anni baptizatus fuit Thomas filius J osephi Baker, et Lucire Scott, Patrinus fuit Michael .... Matrina Teresa Scott Actoni a me Geo ii Spain Middx. Miss o Apso (Brigit Nugent) Die 29 0 Julii A.D. 1810 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Davidis Nugent et Annre Cathnick Conjugum, natam 6a die Februarii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Nicholas et Maria Welch. Geo. Spain Miss. Apo. (Thomas Rice) Die 5a Augusti A.D. 1810 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomre Rice et Catharinre McKnally conjugum, natum 30a die mensis J ulii eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Clarke et Helena Hourhan. Geo. Spain. M.A. [po 41J 25. 1810. (Elizabeth Reeks) Die 1a Septembris A.D. 1810 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Josephi Reeks & Elizabeth Craslar Conjugum. pridie natam. J

150 ;:;ponsores


Martin} &


Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A.

} Clara (Mary Ansborough) Die 7 a Octobris A.D. 1810 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Ansborough, et Marice Connor Conjugum natam die 5 a ejusdem mensis Matrina fuit Maria Craughan. Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Margaret Clarke) Die 21 a Novembris A.D. 1810 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Thomce Clarke et Margaritce Sutton conjugum natam die 20 a mensis Octobris prcecedentis. Sponsor fuit Johannes McGee. Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Mary Toohay) Die 26 a Decembris A.D. 1810 baptizavi Mariam filiam Patricii Toohay et Margaritce Donoho conjugum natam die 29 a mensis Septembris anni currentis. Sponsor fuit Patricius 0 riley Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. 1811. A.D. 1811. (Antonia Amalia Schutz [sicJ) Die 5a J anuarii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Antoniam Amaliam filiam Antonii Schultz et J osephre Pillishek Conjugum, natam die 3 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Ita Testor Geo. Spain M.A. Sponsores fuere Johannes &Richter } Amalia Eisberg *(J ames Creighton) Die 19. Sep. A.D. 1810 baptizavi J acoburn filium Joannis Creighton et Marice MCCormick conjugum natum .... parentibus licet acatholicis poscentibus propter mortis periculum. Omissce sunt tamen cceremonice rituales nec adfuere sponsores Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Mary Carrol) Die lia Februarii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Mariam filiam Danielis Carrol et Marice Scanlan Conjugum, natam die 9 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Ita testor Sponsores fuere } Geo. Spain M.A. Jacobus McCan (Sequitur 19. Feb. 1811) Catha Swiney [po 42J 1811. 26. (Sarah Porter) Die 19 Februarii baptizavi Saram Porter parentum acatholicorum propter mortis periculum Omissce sunt cceremonice rituales nec adfuere sponsores. Ita testor Geo Spain (John Charles Hageder) Die 24 a Februarii A.D . 1811 baptizavi J ohannem Carolum Hageder, filium Joannis Caroli Hageder & Nannettce Porkornin Conjugum natam die 14a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Ita testor Geo. Spain Sponsores fuere Francisca Forgisaa >Johannes Muller Johannes Schreiber



* Not in chronological order.



(Cath e Long) Die l a Martii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Long et Annre Larkin Conjugum nuperrime natam. Sponsores fuere A P Staunton et Henrietta Byrne. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Mary Flannigan) Die 7 a Martii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Mariam filiam Patricii Flannigan et Annre Mullaghan Conjugum eadem die natam. Omissce fuere creremonire rituales. Sponsors erant Jacobus Cunningham et Anna Manners. Ita test or Geo. Spain (Mary Rogers) Die 10 Aprilis A.D. 1811 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Rogers et Annre Cassidy conjugum natam die 13a mensis prrecedentis. Sponsor fuit Alexander McLean. Ita test or Geo. Spain (Richard Power) Die 2a Aprilis A.D. 1811 baptizavi Richardum filium Patricii Power et Marire Boylan Conjugum natum die 3a mensis antecedentis. Spol1sores fuere Neil Burns, et Birgitta Kane. Ita test or Geo Spain (filia Leigh & Stagg) Omissis Creremoniis, ob mortis periculum baptizavi filiam Samuel Leigh & Esther Stagg Ita testor Geo Spain (Genovefa C. M. Schultz) Die 13a Aprilis A.D . 1811 baptizavi Genovefam Christianam Mariam filiam Jacobi, & Mariannre Schultz Conjugum natam 6 a ejusdem mensis & anni Sponsores fuere Antonius Schultz, & Mariana Groeskin* Ita test or Geo Spain [po 43J 27. 1811. (Helen MCGoverin) Die 22 a Aprilis A.D. 1811 in Nosocomio Generali militum, baptizavi Helenam filiam Joannis MCGoverin et Annre Riley Conjugum natam 14a die ejusdem mensis et Anni. Matrina fuit Sara 0 Neal. Omissre sunt Creremonire rituales supplevit Gul. Pierrepont~ Ita testor Geo Spain (Cath e o. Neil) Die 13 a Maii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Terentii 0 Neil et Sarre Smith Conjugum e sacro fonte susceperunt Hanna Cotter et Thomas Sullivan. Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Thomas Baldwin) Die 2a J unii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomre Baldwin et Sarre Dorey conjugum natam die l oa Maii eodem anno. e sacro fonte susceperunt Samuel et Sara Baldwin Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Catharine Rawden) Die ga Junii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Lucre Rawden et Catharinre Casson conjugum natam die 7 a ejusdem mensis eodemque anno. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Anna Coombs. Ita testor Geo s Spain a (Hugh Laferty) Die 2 Julii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Hugonem filium Bernardi Laierty et E leonorre Kelly conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores fuere J oannes MCantire et Alicia Moon. Ita testor Geo. Spain

* Reading doubtful.


Priest at lowes.



(Marg t Mugalleir) Die 12a Julii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Jacobi Mugalleir et Margaritre Grey Conjugum, natam die [I em. blank] mensis prrecedentis, eodem vero anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Killins et Maria McLean. Ita testor Geo Spain (Anne Proud) Die 12a Julii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Annam filiam Caroli Proud et Elizabethre Hallerin Conjugum, natam die [1 em. blank] mensis prrecedentis eodem ver6 anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Brannam et Maria Donnelly. Ita testor Geo Spain Seqr 17. Jul. 1811 [po 44] 1811. 28. (Anne Haley) Die 17 a Julii A.D. 1811 baptizavi Annam filiam Gulielmi Haley et Margaritre Connolly Conjugum natam 25 a die Junii prrecedentis Sponsores fuere Carolus MCKeoghan et Eleanor Churchill. Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (Eliza Geohigan vel Gegan) Die 12a Augusti A.D. 1811 baptizavi Elizam filiam Richardi Geohigan & Elizabethre Farren Conjugum. Sponsores fuere Phillippus Denher & Maria Swan. Ita testor Geo. Spain M.A. (John Clansie) Die 12a Septembris A.D. 1811 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Clansie et Marire Weatherick Conjugum natum 12a die J ulii ejusdem Anni Sponsores fuere Alexander Stanton et N.N. Ita test or Geo. Spain (George Ash) Die 27 a Septembris A.D. 1811 baptizavi Georgium filium Gulielmi Ash, et Hannah Lock Conjugum Parentes licet acatholici enixe postulaverunt propter mortis periculum, omissre sunt cceremonire rituales nec adfuere sponsores. . Ita testor Geo Spain (William Ryan) Die 27. Octobri. A.D. 1811 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Jacobi Ryan et Birgittre Meaney Conjugum natum die 22 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsor fuit Petrus Doran. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Edw d MCDonnough) Die 29 a Octobri A.D. 1811 baptizavi Edwardum filium Jacobi McDonnough et Sane Hudson Conjugum natum die 26 a mensis Septembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Michael Gillan et Sara Chapman. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Crawley) Die 13 a Novembri A.D. 1811 baptizavi J oannem filium Mauritii Crawley et Eleonorre Mahoney Conjugum natum die lOa ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsor fuit Thomas Mahagh. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Daly) Die 21 a Novembri A.D. 1811 baptizavi Mariam Daly, cceremoniis omissis. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Joseph Reeks) Die 3a Decembri A.D. 1811 baptizavi Josephum filium Josephi Reeks et Elizabethre Crasler Conjugum, natum 30 a die novembri prrecedentis Sponsores fuere J oannes Ita Testor Geo. Spain Reeks et Elizabetha Green.



[Po 45J 29. 1811. (Patrick Laferty) Die 12a Decembri A.D. 1811 baptizavi Patritium filium Patricii Laierty et Eleonorce McKue Conjugum, natum die 4a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Fox, et Anna Richards. Ita Testor Geo. Spain A.D. 1812 (William Murphy) Die l a Januarii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Joannis Murphy et Annce Senate Conjugum natam die 28 a mensis Decembri A.D. 1811. Sponsores fuere Patricius R;unny & Margarita Kelly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Marg t Cave) Die l l a Februarii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Joannis Cave et Marice Casey Conjugum natam die 4a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Timotheus Mernon et Maria Conjux. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Carey) Die l l a Februarii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Saram filiam Jacobi Carey et Marice Nolan Conjugum natam die 16a Januarii prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Bernardus Farrell et Maria Wyms. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (ThoS Denhar) Die 23 a Februarii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Thomam filium Joannis Denhar et Catharince Adlerly Conjugum natum die 21 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Nowlan Matrina Anna Long. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Ann Casey) Die loa Martii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Andrece Casey et Birgittce MCCormick Conjugum natam die 8a ejusdem mensis & anni. Patrinus fuit Patricius Malony et Maria Doud. Ita Testor Geo Spain (Edw d [sicJ Martel) Die 2 a Maii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Franciscum filium Edwardi Martel & Marice Lonza Conjugum eadem die natum. Patrinus fuit Franciscus Formoso Matrina Romana do Carminho. Ita Testor Geo. Spain seqr 6. Maii 1812 [po 46J 1812. 30.* (Patrick Bryan) Die 6a Maii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Patritium Filium Patritii Bryan & Sarce Corr Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores fuere Roger Hoghy et Joanna (Jane) MCGill Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Eleonora MCKeogh) Die 8a Maii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Eleonoram filiam Michaelis McKeogh et Margaritce Austin Conjugum natam 3a die ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Matrina fuit Birgitta Matthews. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Halerty) Die 31 a Maii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Halerty et Birgittce Havey Conjugum natum die 27 31 ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Burns & Anna MCGofierty. Ita Testor Geo. Spain .:: The last of the numbered pages, numbered in advance by the Rev. T. White.



(John Dillon) Die 24a Junii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Joannem filium Gulielmi Dillon et Hanna: McIntosh natum die 9 a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsor fuit Jacobus Matthews. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Murphy) Die 8 a Julii A.D . 1812 baptizavi Joannem filium Audoeni (Owen) Murphy et Margaritce Thompson pridie natum. Sponsores fuere J oannes Dickson et Margarita Clarke Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Farrell) Die 13 a Julii A.D. 1812 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Petri Farrell et Elizabetha: Farrell natam die 5a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Tho' McSheen et Catharina Keinan. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Tho S Mowles) Die 28 Augusti A.D. 1812 baptizavi Thomam filium Thoma: Mowles et Maria: Sennett Conjugum natum die 16 a ejusdem Mensis & anni Patrinus fuit Laurentius MCCarthy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain. (Edw d Shannon) Die 30 a Augusti A.D. 1812 baptizavi Edwardum filium Joannis Shannon & Anna: Brady Conjugum natum die 25 a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Patrinus fuit Morganus Ita Testor Geo. Spain Butler. (Rich d James) Die 6a Septembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Richardum filium Gulielmi James & Anastasia: Stagg Conjugum natum die 17 a Augusti ejusdem Anni. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hawke et Joanna (Jane) James. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 47J 1812 (Mary Callaghan) Die 17 a Septembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Mariam filiam Barnaba: Callaghan et Birgitta: Connor Conjugum natam die 12a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Patricius Connor & Catharina McCue. Ita testor Geo Spain (Joseph Stanisbery a Negro Adult) Die 24 a Septembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Adultum, natum triginta circiter abhinc Annis, natione Americanum, cui impositum est nomen, Josephus StanisIta Testor Geo. Spain bery. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Hogan (Elizb th Welsh) Die 4a Octobri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Joannis Welsh et Elizabetha: Carfoot Conjugum, natam die '12a Septembri pra:cedentis. Sponsor fuit Joannes Orpen. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Neville) Die 6a Octobri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Mariam filiam J osephi Neville et Catharina: Connor Conjugum, natam die 3a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuerunt Jacobus Welsh et Catharina MCLaughlin Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Brandis) Die 18 a Octobri A.D. 1812 baptizavi J oannem filium Joannis Brandis et Elizabetha: Condrer Conjugum. natum die 4a ejusdem Mensis & Anni Matrina fuit Helena Diamond. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Pierce) Die 18 a Octobri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Pierce et J uditha: Fox Conjugum natam die 14a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Matrina fuit Catharina MCLaughlin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Matthew Brady) Die 13a Novembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Mattheum filium Audoeni Brady & Birgittre MCGoverin Conjugum, natum die l a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Patrinus fuit Johannes Cannon. Ita Testor Geo Spain (Bridget Connel) Die 17 a Novembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Matthei Connel et Birgittre Mason Conjugum natum die loa ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuerunt Martinus Green & Catharina Neville Sequitur Decr 27th Ita Testor Geo Spain 1813 [Po 48J (Denis Ryan) Die 27 a Decembri A.D. 1812 baptizavi Dionysium filium Bartholomrei Ryan et Helenre Mehigan Conjugum natum die 13 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsor fuit Margarita Ita Testor Geo. Spain Fye. (Thomas Garrett) Die 2a Januarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Thomam filium Audoeni (Owen) Garrett et Birgittre Geheoghan natum die 30a prrecedentis mensis et anni. Sponsor fuit Catharina Conway. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Lennard) Die 17 a J anuarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Michaelis Lennard et Marire Kavanagh Conjugum natam die 13a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Collins et Maria Egan. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Johanna Madden) Die 17 a Januarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi J ohannam filiam Danielis Madden et Marire Mahony Conjugum natam die 6a N ovembri A.D. 1812. Sponsor fuit Mich. Lennard. Ita Testor G.S. (John Sullivan) Die l l a Februarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi J oannem filium Roberti Sullivan et Birgittre Keane Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores fuere J oannes Whelin et Catharina Marshall. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne Feenin) Die 28 a Februarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Annam filiam Locklin Feenin et Catharinae Kelly Conjugum, natam die 16 a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsor fuit J oannes Murty. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Burne) Die 29 a Februarii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Saram filiam Michaelis Burne et Marire Keenan Conjugum pridie natam. Sponsores fuere Margarita Burne et Abraham MCLochlin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Ann Bruin) Die 7 a Martii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Patricii Bruin et Rosre Dooning Conjugum natam die 5a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Matrina fuit Catharina Torly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 49J 1813 (Helen Winter) Die 7 a Martii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Eleonaram filiam Joannis Winter & et [sicJ Margaritre Doran Conjugum. natam die 4a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Matrina fuit Maria Minney. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Cath e Sturgeon) Die 28 a Martii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Sturgeon et Marice Cullen Conjugum. natam die 21 a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Matrina fuit Hannah Hughes. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Michl MCGuire) Die 29 a Martii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Michaelem filium Philippi McGuire et Marice McDonnough Conjugum natam 20 a die ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Horrell. Ita Testor Geo Spain (John Burne) Die 6 a Junii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Joannem filium Dionysii Burne & Helence Rourke Conjugum natum die 25 a mensis prcecedentis eodem vera anno. Sponsor fuit J oannes Kerns. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Maria MCMullen [written above CoffillJ) Die 20 a Junii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Mariam filiam Bernardi CoHill & Marice McMullen Conjugum natam die 9 a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsor fuit Michael MCMullen. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Petri Charles Reeks) Die 1a J ulii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Petrum Carolum filium J osephi Reeks et Elizabethce Crossler Conjugum natum die 29. Mensis J unii in eodem Anno. Sponsores Ita Testor Joannel Ring } Geo. Spain Francisca Reeks (Francis Kernn) Die 11 a Julii A.D. 1813 baptizavi Franciscum filium Andrece Kernn & Lucice Morun Conjugum natum die 9 a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Franciscus Grinvald et Antonia Maria Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur. 1. Aug. 1813. 1813 [Po 50J (Lewis Griff) Die 1a Augusti A.D. 1813 baptizavi Ludovicum ÂŁIlium Laurentii Griff & Marice Jordan Conjugum natum die 26 a mensis J ulii prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Ludovicus Losson et Antonia Maria. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Lanon) Die 1a Augusti A.D. 1813 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Lanon et Annce Filin Conjugum natam die 23 mensis J ulii prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Daniel Daly et Susanna Gormley Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Johanna Bridget Clarke) Die 1a Augusti A.D. 1813 baptizavi J ohannam Birgittam filiam Davidis et Birgittce Clarke Con-:jugum natam die 24 Mensis Julii prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Cary et Margarita Farrell. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Philip Duffy) Die 9 a Augusti A.D. 1813 baptizavi (sub conditione) Phillippum filium Philippi Duffy et Winifredce Hanley Conjugum natum die 6 a Junii in eodem anno, a ministro acatholico infans baptizatus fuisset apud Hastings vel Battle in Sussex. Matrina fuit Margarita Kelly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Mary Kelly) Die 9 a Augusti A.D. 1813 baptizavi Mariam filiam Caroli Kelly & Margarita: MCKarn Conjugum natam die l l a J unii in eodem anno. Matrina fuit Winifrida Duffy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Isabella Margaret Malone) Die 12a Septembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Isabellam Margaritam, filiam Michaelis Malone et Francisca: Bird. Conjugum natam die 9 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Patricius Connor, & Elizabetha Connor. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Joseph Baldwin) Die 19 a Septembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Josephum filium Thoma: Baldwin et Sara: Dovey Conjugum natum die 13a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Samuel Baldwin & Joanna James. ita testor Geo. Spain (James Power) Die 29 a Septembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi J acobum filium Patricii Power et Maria: Boylan Conjugum natam die 15a mensis Augusti in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hogan et Catharina Marshall. Ita testor Geo. Spain. [po 51J I 1813 I (Rose Leavey) Die 17 a Octobri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Rosam filiam Laurentii Leavey & Elizabetha: Dodd Conjugum natam die 7 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere David Leavey & Catharina McCue. Ita Testor Geo. Spain a (Ann Saunders) Die 19 Octobri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Annam filiam Bernardi Saunders & Maria: Flaherty Conjugum natam die 2a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsor fuit Lucas Smith. Ita test or Geo. Spain (ThoS Hunt) Die 26 a Octobri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Thomam filium Michaelis Hunt et Maria: McDonough Conjugum, natum die 23 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsor fuit Gulielmus Dillon. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Henry Tallen) Die 29. Octobri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Henricum filium Henrici Tallen & Helena: Thompson Conjugum natum die 24 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Patricius Rourke et Catharina oConnor. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Luke Molloy) Die 22. Novembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Lucam filium Luca: Molloy et Maria: Duffy Conjugum natum die 2a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Campbell & Elizabetha McKue. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Helen King) Die 22 a Novembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Helenam filiam Jacobi King et Catharina: Hinds conjugum natam die ll a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsor fuit Joanna Atterton. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Saml Bramley) Die l a Decembri A.D. 1813 baptizavi Samuelem filium Gulielmi Bramley et Maria: Brennan Conjugum natum die 22 a mensis pra:cedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes King et Margarita 0 Brien. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



1814 (Mary Jordan) Die 10 Januarii AD 1814 baptizavi sub conditione, Mariam filiam Patricii Jordan et Julia: Quin Conjugum natam die loa Januarii, anna vero pra:cedenti 1813. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur Die l a Martii 1814 [po 52J A.D. 1814 (Cath e Farrell) Die l a Martii A.D. 1814 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Edwardi Farrell et Sara: Riley Conjugum natam die 17 a mensis Februarii pra:cedentis. Sponsores fuere Michael OConnor et Margarita Farrell. Ita Testor Geo. Spain. (J ane Hogan) Die 13 a Martii A.D. 1814 baptizavi J oannam filiam Joannis Hogan et Margarita: McKiernan Conjugum natam die loa mensis Februarii pra:cedentis. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hogan & Helena Rivett Ita Testor Geo. Spain (ThoS MCCormick) Die 15 a Martii A.D. 1814 baptizavi Thomam filium Thoma: McCormick et Annis [sicJ Clarke Conjugum natum die 9 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Patrinus fuit Patritius Lawler. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Michl Riley) Die 6 a Aprilis A.D. 1814 baptizavi Michaelem filium Petri Riley et Maria: Grady Conjugum natum die 1a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes Daley et Rebecca Longford. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Esther Green) Die loa Aprilis A.D. 1814 baptizavi Esther filiam Joannis Green et Elizabetha: Flanigan natam die 7 a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Dunn et Anna Brogen. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Anne Neave) Die 9 a Aprilis A.D. 1814 baptizavi Annam filiam Thoma: Neave et Catharina: Welch Conjugum natam die 3a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Haly et Helena Thompson. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Teresa Baldwin) Die l a Maii A.D. 1814 baptizavi Terisam filiam Samuelis Baldwin et Sara: Exton Conjugum natam die 24 a Mensis Aprilis pra:cedentis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Baldwin et Catharina Marshall. Ita Testor Geo. Spain. (John N.N. A German soldier's child) Die 26 a Junii A.D. 1814 baptizavi Joannem filium Matthia: N.N. et Anna: N.N. Conjugum natam die 20 Maii pra:cedentis. Sponsores fuere J oannes Henricus et Anna N.N. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Michael Long) Die 26 a Junii A.D. 1814 baptizavi Michaelem filium Joannis Long et Anna: Crawley Conjugum natum die 17. J unii pra:cedentis. Sponsores fuere J oannes Morris et Anna Crawley. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 53J 1814 (Charles Lee) Die 25 a Augusti A.D. 1814 baptizavi Carolum, filium Andrea: Lee, et Margarita: Murphy, Conjugum natum die 7 a ejusdem mensis & anni. Matrina fuit Helena 0 Brien. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Mary Medley) Die loa Septembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Mariam filiam Thomce Medley et Margaritce Anderson Con jugum natam die 7 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Archibaldus Ita Testor Geo. Spain Walde et Anna Anderson. (Cath. Lalevel) Die 25 a Septembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Lalevel et Sarce Meyner Conjugum natam die loa ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Michael Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sullivan et Maria Jewry. (Henry Arche'r) Die 26 a Septembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Henricum filium Henrici Archer et Marice N.N. Conjugum natum die 16a mensis ejusdem et Anni. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Arthr F. A. Robinson) Die 7 a Octobri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Arthurum Franciscum Alfridum filium Henrici Robinson et Franciscce Clavering Conjugum natum die 3011. mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Franciscus De N oe et Maria Robinson vice Edwardi Paston et Sarce Greenvald* Ita Testor Geo Spain (Michl Foley) Die 9a Octobri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Michaelem, filium Patricii Foley et Margaritce Morarty conjum. [sic] natum die 22 a mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Richardus et Catharina Marshall. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (John MCBride) Die 23 a Octobri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Joannem filium Jacobi McBride et Honoratice Hopkins Conjum natum die 15a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Robertus et Anna Green Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Sullivan) Die 30a Octobri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Saram filiam Roberti Sullivan et Birgittce Cain Conjugum natam die 27 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes Maxwell et Margarita Farrell. Ita Testor Geo. Spain sequitur Nov. 2. 1814 [po 54J 1814 (Frances Phillibert) Die 2a Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Franciscam filiam Joannis Baptistce Phillibert Colombeir et Annce Le Sage Conjugum. natam die prcecedente Sponsores fuere LudoIta Testor Geo. Spain vicus Phillibert et Francisca Fany. (Mary Hortensia Phillibert) Die 2a Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Mariam Hortensiam filiam Ludovici Phillibert et Marice Victorice Loyal Blondel Conjugum natam die 29 a prcecedentis mensis et in eodem anno . Sponsores fuere J oannes Baptista Phillibert et Joanna Maria Gaillord Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Mulhern) Die 6 a Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Mulhern et Marice N.N. Conjugum natam die 25 mensis prcecedentis in eodem vero anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Ryan et Elizabetha Higgins Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Frances Watson) Die lla Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Franciscam filiam Jacobi Watson et Annce MuIlagan Conjugum natam die 28 a mensis prcecedentis et eodem vero anno. Matrina fuit Elizabetha Wells. Ita Testor Geo. Spain

* Doubtful reading.



(Margaret O'Rourke) Die 13. Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Margaritam fi1iam Hugonis 0 Rourke et Helence Baker Conjugum natam die 6a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Kelly et Eleonora Row Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Patrick Sherry) Die 18 a Novembri A.D. 1814 baptizavi Patricium filium Bernardi Sherry et Rosce Sonaghan [or SorraghanJ Conjugum natum die 12a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus MCLurky et Maria Bowley. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Elizabeth Ellworth) Die 21 a Novembri A.D . 1814 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Thomce Ellworth & Margaritce Gray Conjugum natam die 13a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Matrina fuit Rosa Banning. Ita T estor Geo. Spain [po 55J A.D. 1814 (Henry Osnabruck) Die 20 a Decembri 1814 baptizavi Henricum filium Joannis Osnabruck & Marice Kelly Conjugum natum die 31 a Mensis prcecedentis in eodem anna Sponsores fuere Henricus et Sara Wiescher. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Anno Domini 1815. (Mary Gauglagher) Die 2a J anuarii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Mariam filiam Briani Gauglagher et Gratice Boyle Conjugum, natam die 31 a mensis pnecedentis Decembri, anna 1814. e sacro fonte susceperunt Fredericus Burne, et Anna Moran. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain. (William Keegan) Die 15a J anuarii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Gulielmi et Elizabethce Keegan Conjugum natum die 9 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Willm MCElligot) Die 2a Februarii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Edwardi McElIigot et Catharince Kean Conjugum natum die 27. mensis Decembri in anna prcecedenti Sponsores fuere Bernardus Scully et Maria Scandon. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Saml Barker) Die 5a Februarii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Samuelem filium Joannis Barker et Catharince Clarke Conjugum natum die 28 a mensis Decembri in anna prcecedenti. Sponsores fuere Patritius Gillan et Anna MCBurney. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (John Williams) Die 7 a Februarii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Williams et Annce Molloy Conjugum natum die 4a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Tho s Dunbar & Marg t Welsh. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Will m Gallaughar) Die 12a Martii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Francisci Gallaughar et Helence Dalton conjugum natum die 15a mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Ita Testor Geo. Spain Gulielmus Doran et Elizab. Smith sequitur die 19 a Mar. 1815 [po 56J 1815 (Thomas Mahan) Die 19 a Martii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Thomam filium Roberti Mahan et Catharince Gayner Conjugum, natum die ] 8 a mensis Februarii prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Owen 0 Neale et Joanna Garvey. Ita Testor Geo. Spam



(Walter Power) Die 25 a Martii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Walterum filium Patritii Power et Marice Boland Conjugum natum die 28 a J anuarii in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Maria Swan et Thomas Keane. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (James Slattery) Die 2a Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Jacobum filium Michaelis Slattery et Helence MCCabe Conjugum natum die 8 a Martii in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas Warner [or Warren] et Birgitta Welsh. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (George Jerido) Die ga Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Georgium filium Francisci Jerido et Mariance De Rees* Conjugum natum die 2a Februarii in eodem anno. Patrinus fuit Nusa~ Fanelly. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Catharine Hulihan) Die ga Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Catharinam filiam J eremire HuIihan et Annre Daly Con jugum natam die 7 a Februarii anno Domini 1814. Patrinus fuit Carolus McCarty. Ita Testor Geo: Spain (Will m Osmund Reeks) Die lla Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Gulielmum Osmun dum filium Josephi Reeks et Elizabethre Crasler Conjugum, natum die ga ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Ita Testor Geo Spain Gulielmus et Elizabetha Green. (Marg t Luddon) Die 23 a Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Dionysii Luddon et J oannce Ormsby Conjugum, natam die 25 a mensis Februarii in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Martinus Corfield et Maria Gilarty. Ita Testor Geo. Spain. [po 57J 1815. (Nicolas Mulligan) Die 16 a Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Nicolaum filium Joannis Mullagan et Marice Burns Conjugum 'natum die 8 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Mullagan et Margarita Allan. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain. (Cath e Annecy) Die 16a Aprilis A.D. 1815 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Jacobi et Marice Annecy, conjugum, natam die 5a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Matrina fuit Maria Flannery. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (John Hifeven) Die 7 a Maii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Joannem filium Rogerii Hifeven et Birgittce Hopkins Conjugum natum die 17 a mensis Februarii in eodem Anno. Sponsor fuit Joannes Kearney. Ita Testor Geo. SpajD (Mary Riley) Die 14a Maii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Mariam filiam Christophori Riley et Annce McGee Conjugum, natawdie 27 a Aprilis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Lutel et Dorothea Briggs. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Rob t MCCarty) Die 15a Ma~ A.D. 1815 baptizavi Robertum filium Caroli McCarty et Catharince Roach Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores fuere Murty Shougrou et Joanna McGuire. Ita Testor Geo. Spain

* Doubtful reading: it may be " De Ries" or " De Rus." .yc Doubtful reading: it may be â&#x20AC;˘ Rusa' or â&#x20AC;˘ Wega.' K



(Tho s Collins) Die 20 a Maii baptizavi A.D . 1815 Thomam filium Jacobi Collins et Marice Dogherty Conjugum, natum die 13a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Carolus Milarty et Elizabetha Ridden. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne Connor) Die 25 Maii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Annarn filiam Martini Connor et Marice Burke Conjugum, natam die 17 a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere Daniel Thornley et Anna Murray. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain Seqr 4 Jun. 1815 [po 58J 1815. (Michl Pavil) Die 4 a Junii 1815 baptizavi Michaelem, filium Joannis Pavil et Eleonorce Hughes Conjugum. natum die 29 a mensis Maii, in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Morgan Dunn et Sara Davison. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Anne Gallaugher) Die 4a Junii A.D . 1815 baptizavi Annam, filiam Joannis Gallaugher et Sarce Shaw Conjugum, natam die 13 Maii in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Michael ~t Esther Boyle. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (John White) Die 12a Junii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Joannem, filium Michaelis White et Elizabethce Leigh Con jugum natum pridie. Sponsores fuere Laurentius et Anna Singer. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Lewis La Motte) Die 2a J ulii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Ludovicum, filium Jacobi Ludovici La Motte et Annce Smith, natum die 20 a mensis prcecedentis, in eodem Anno. Matrina fuit Catharina Beazely. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Duffey) Die 6a , Julii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Jacobi Duffey et Helence Doyle Conjugum. natam die Ia J unii, in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Laurentius Connor et Anna Brownley. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Dwyer) Die 9 a J ulii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Michaelis Dwyer et Catharince Fitzgerald Conjugum natam die 4a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere Michael Rowley et Anna Williams. Ita test or Geo. Spain (John Spite) Die lOa Julii 1815 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Spite et Marice Kearney Conjugum, natum die l a eju~dem mens is et anni ' Sponsores fuere J oannes Kelly et Elefrilda* Watson. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 59J 1815 (Thomas Sullivan) Die 20 0 Julii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomce Sullivan et Marice Butler Conjugum, natum die 15a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Owen Millahy et Francisca Lib or. ~ Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Grubbin) Die 23 Julii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Saram filiam Jacobi Grubbin et Francisci [sicJ Boyd, Conjugum, natam die 18 a ejusdem mensis et Anni Sponsores fuere Dionysius Reardon et Birgitta Russell. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain

* Doubtful reading:


this may be ' Elepilda


or ' Elessilda.'



(Alice Craven) Die 27 Julii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Aliciam filiam Jacobi Craven et Marice Shea Conjugum, natam die 20 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Stevenson et Maria Cruickshanks. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (George Caulfield) Die 30 Julii A.D. 1815 baptizavi Georgiurn filium Petri Caulfield et Catharince McGuire Conjugum, natum die 17 a mensis Aprilis prcecedentis. Sponsores Patricius et Margarita Boyne. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Nicolas Brennan) Die l a Augusti A.D. 1815 baptizavi Nicolaum filium Jacobi Brennan et N abithce Donnelly, natum die 25 a mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores Jacobus Morrison et Maria Gainer. Ita Testor Geo. Spain , (Stephen Akers) Die 6 a Augusti A.D. 1815 baptizavi Stephanum filium Stephani Akers et Cecilice Petty, Conjugum, natum die 26 a Mensis Maii prcecedentis. Sponsores Petrus Caulfield et Catharina McGuire. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (] ames MCGarry) Die 13. Augusti A.D. 1815 baptizavi J acobum filium Edwardi MCGarry et J oannce Johnson Conjugum, natum die 31 a mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores Miles Telly et Joanna Ludden. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur Aug 20. [po 60J 1815 (Augustus William Horsham)* Die 20. Augusti A.D. 1815 baptizavi Augustum Gulielmum, filium Richardi Horshman,* et Rosce Marice Conjugum, natum die 26 Mensis Decembris anno prcecedenti. Sponsores - Murray et Birgitta Mullans. Ita test or Geo. Spain (] ohn Philips) Die I a Septembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi J oannem filium Gulielmi Philips et Birgittce Cannon Conjugum, natum die 10 [or 16J mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores Daniel et Anna Spelman. Ita testor Geo. Spain (] ohn Higgins) Die 6 Septembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi J oannem, filium Daniel Higgins et J udithce Higgins, Conjugum natum die '2a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores J oannes Molloy et N abigail Brennan Ita testor Geo. Spain ([Charles Buncombe scoredJ John Buncombe) Die I7 a Septembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi [Carolum scoredJ J oannem filium Caroli Buncombe et J oannce James Conjugum, natum die I3 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Carolus et Esther James. Ita test or Geo. Spain (Ann Provis) Die I8 a Septembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Annam, filiam Joannis Provis et Birgittce Kelly Conjugum natam die 6 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Matrina Maria Power. Ita testor Geo. Spain (] ames Welsh) Die 25 Septembris A.D. , 1815 baptizavi J acobum filium Joannis Welsh et Birgittce Coleman Conjugum, natum die 18 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Martinus Carty et Bella King Ita testor Geo. Spain

* Both readings doubtful.



(Bridget Mahon) Die 29 a Septembris A.D . 1815 bapt.izavi Birgittam, filiam Michaelis Mahon et Marice Kilevis Conjugum, natam die 25 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Maria Somers et Jacobus Brennan Ita Testor Geo. Spain [p. 61J 1815 (John Kennedy) Die l a Octobris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Joannem, filium Joannis Kennedy et Alicire Rothwell Conjugum, natum die 14a mensis prrecedentis. Sponsores Edwardus Irwin et Alicia Glancy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Roger Murray) Die 5a Octobris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Rogerium filium Philippi Murray et Marire 0 Grady conjugum natum die 25. mensis prrecedentis. Sponsores J oannes Money et Maria Flanigan. Ita testor Geo. Spain (James MCManus) Die 19 a Octobris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Jacobum, filium Joannis McManus et Honoratire McGoverin Conju.gum natum die 16 ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Jacobus Donnelly et Alicia Molloy. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Monica Johnson) Die 24 a Octobris A.D.' 1815 baptizavi Monicam, filiam Francisci Hutchinson Johnson et Elizabethre Barnes Conjugum, pridie natam. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Hunlocke, Ita test or Geo. Spain (EleonQra Sullivan) Die 5a Novembris. A.D. 1815 baptizavi Eleonora!"! ) filiam Michaelis Sullivan et Elizabethre Allen Conjugum, natam die 16 a mensis Augusti, in eodem anno. Sponsores Felix Lynch et Maria Lynch. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (James MCGuire) Die 5 a Novembris A.D. 1815 'baptizavi J acobum, filium Petri McGuire et Catharinre FitzPatrick, conjugum, natum die 20 a mensis prrecedentis. Patrinus Michael Sullivan. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Daniel Woods) Die lOa Novembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Daniel, filium Gulielmi Woods et Catharinre Lynch, Conjugum, pridie natum. Sponsores Michael et Maria Brennan. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [p. 62J 1815 (James Shehan) Die 19. Novembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi J acobum, filium Jacobi Shehan et Marire Ryan, Conjugum, natum die 29 a mensis prrecedentis. Sponsores Thomas Philips et Esther Stevens. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Dennis Brice) Die 19 a N ovembl:is A.D. 1815 baptizavi Dionysium, filium Gulielmi Brice et A:nnre Cassidy Conjugum, natum die loa ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Patricius Mealy et Elizabetha MCCormick. Ita testor Geo. Spain (James Kelly) Die 24 a Novembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi J acobum, filium Martini Kelly et Annre Cox, Conjugum, natum die 19 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Hugo Clansie et Maria .Bum. Ita testor Geo. Spain (J oseph Christopher) Die 3a Decembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Josephum, fi.lium Josephi Christopher et Sarre Beazley Conjugum,




natum die :29 a m e n ~ is prcecedentis. Sponsores Henricus Fowles et Catharina Beazely. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Margt Bradley) Die 3a Decemhris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Jacobi Bradley et Margarita~ Brown Conjugum natam pridie. Sponsores Andreas Bradley et Catharina Boyle. Ita testor Geo . Spain (J ames Thompson) Die 15 a Decembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi .J acobum filium Joannis Thompson et Eleonorce Callaghan, Coni! jugum, natum die 133. ejusdem mensis et Anni . Sponsores Gulielmus Brene et Catharina Caude. Ita testor Geo. Spain (J ames MCCombe) Die 24 Decembris A.D. I8H> baptizavi ] acobum, filium Adami MCCombe et Elizabethce Kelly Con jugum, natum die19 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Robertus Frill et Honoratia MCManus. Ita testor Geo . Spain [p o 63J 1815. (Mary Ann Richards [sicJ) Die 25 a Decembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi Mariam Annam, £lliam Richardi Barrett et Marice Cammil Conjugum natam die la ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores Samuel Tanner et Honoratia Jones. Ita te?tor Geo. Spain (] ames Keegan) iDie 313. Decembris A.D. 1815 baptizavi ] acobum, filium Patricii Keegan et Cecilice Kane, Conjugum, natum die 243. ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores David Grant ct ] udith Higgins. Ita testor Geo. Spain A.D. 1816 (Mary Fendbron*) Die 7 a Januarii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Michaelis Fendlun* et Marice Riley Conjugum natam die 24 a mensis Decembris anna prcecedenti. Sponsores Jacobus Dwyer et Margaritta MCDaniel Ita testor Geo . Spain (Rose MCGrahan) Die 7 a Januarii A .D. 1816 baptizavi Rosam, £lliam ] oannis McGrahan et Annce ShirIy Conjugum, natam die 21 a mensis Decembris, anna prcecedenti. Sponsores] oannes Purcell et Elizabetha McGuire. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Dennis Callon) Die 24. ]anuarii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Dionysium £llium Francisci Kallon et Margaritce Sweeny conjugum natum die 14a ejusdem mensis et anni. Matrina fuit Maria Chapman. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Catha Clemow) Die 28 Januarii A.D . 1816 baptizavi Catharinam £lliam Joannis Gulielmi Clemow et Henriettce Bodle conjugum natam die 14 mensis prcecedentis. Patrinus fuit J oannes Clanchy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain sequitur 4 a Feb. 1816 [p o 64J A.D. 1816 (John MCNally) Die 4 a Feb~uarii A.D. 1816 baptizavi .T oannem £llium Henrici McNally et Jesse Morrison Conjum, natum die 17 a mensis pra:cedentis in eodem anna Patrinus fuit J oannfS Clanchy Ita Testor Geo. Spain

* In both cases the second half of the name is a

doubtful reading.




(\Vi11l1\ Bulger) Die IOu Fehruarii A.D. HHf> hllptizavi Gulielmum, tilium ] oannis Bulger et Margarita~ Harthorne* Conjugum natum die prcecedente. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Simpsoll et Catharine Twedale. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Peter Curry) Die 14 Feb. A.D. 1816 baptizavi Petrum tilium Michaelis Curry et Elizabethce Mark, Conjugum nlltum die 28 a mensis Decembri in anna prcecedenti. Sponsores fuere ] oannes Clanchy et ] uditha Welsh. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (] oh11 Hogan) Die 14a Feb. A.D. 1816 baptizavi ] oannem, ftlium Joannis Hogan et Bellce Mulony conjugum, natum die ga ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere ] oannes MCLauglin et Maria Queegan. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Lee) Die 27. Feb. A.D. 1816 baptizavi Margaritanl tiliam Michaelis Lee et Marice Gordon Conjugum natam die 18 a ej usdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes MCCree et Elizabetha Troy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne MCTeague) Die 25 a Feb. A.D. 1816 baptizavi Annam, tiliam Roberti McTeague et Margaritce MCTeague Conjugum natam 23 a die ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes Molloy et Elizabetha Jeffrey. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (] ohn Ging) Die 25 a Feb. A.D. 1816 baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi Ging et Marice Murphy Conjugum natum 5a die . ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere ]oannes et Alicia Burne. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 65J A.D. 1816 (James Orage) Die l a Martii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Jacobum, filium Richardi Orage et Elizabethce Fie]Y Conjugum natum 24 die mensis prcecedentis in eodem anna Sponsores fuere Michael Ita Testor Geo. Spain Daffy et Catharina Farrell. (Cath e Flynn) Die 3a Martii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Cathatinam tiliam Thomce Flynn et Marice Flynn Conjugum natam die 20 a mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Rogerius Flynn et Honoratia Jones. Ita Testor Geo. Spain . (Pat. Griffin) Die 6a Martii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Patritium filium Timothei Griffin et ] oaimce Hinderson, Conjugum pridie natum Sponsores fuere J oannes et Alicia Burne. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Catha Troy) Die 21 a Aprilis A.D. 1816 baptizavi Catharinam, filiam Gulielmi Troy et Elizabethce Lahey Conjugum natam die ll a ejusdem mensis et anni Sponsores fuere Michael Cunnif et Joanna Johnson Ita testor Geo. Spain (Catha Power) Due 29 a Aprilis A.D. 1816 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Power et Annce Hayes, Conjugum, natam die l a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Edmundus Butler et Catharina Touy. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Thol) Childerhouse) Die lla Maii A.D, 1816 baptizavi Thomam, filium Roberti Childerhouse et Annce Burrows, Conju-




gum, natum 2~Ja die mcnsis prcccedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Patricius Laving et Catharina Green Ita test or Gco. Spain (Helen Reardon) Die 12:1 Maii A.D . 1816 bapti~avi H elenam, flliam Dionysii Reardon et Catharine!! Bergan, Con]ugum, natam 29 a die mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fucre Michael et Birgitta Bandon. Ita test or Geo. Spain Seq. 12a Maii [po 66J A.D. 1816 (Cath. Anderson) Die 12a Maii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Satharinam filiam Jacobi Anderson et Agnetis Kavanagh conJugum natam die 30 a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anno . Sponsores fuere Joannes et Alicia Molloy. Ita testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Bostock) Die 23 a Maii A.D. 1816 baptizavi J oannem, filium Jacobi Bostock et Marice Crampton conjugum natum die ll a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Maxwell &: Elizabetha Kenish. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Michael Golligher) Die 18 a J unii A.D. , 1816 baptizavi Michaelem, filium Michaelis Golligher et Catharinre Fitzpatrick Conjugum, natum die 18 a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Bernardus Fitzpatrick et Anna Chitterton. Ita t estor Geo. Spain (Isaac John Thompson) Die 23. Junii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Isaac Joannem, filium Ludovici Thompson et Francisci [sic ] Summers Conjugum, natum die loa Februarii in eodem anno. Matrin.a fuit Maria Summers. Ita t estor Geo. Spain (Mary Ann Wall) Die 27 a Junii A.D. 1816 baptizavi Mariam Annam, filiam Thomre Wall et Henriettre Codle, conjugum pridie natam. Matrina fuit Sara Donnelly. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Mary Burne) Die 7 a Julii A .D. 1816 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Joannis Burne et N. Alicire McGuire conjugum, natam .die 23 a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Timotheus Smith et Maria Chairman. Ita test or Geo. Spain (John Hay) Die 18 a Augusti A.D. 1816 baptizavi Joannem, filium Georgii Hay et Elizabethre Watson, Conjugum, natum die 30a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anno: Sponsor~s fuere J oannes Kelly et Helena McCannon. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 67J 1816 (Sarah Lovell) Die ~a Septembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Saram filiam Joannis et S3.rre Lovell Conjugum, natam die 23 a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Thomas et Maria Molloy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Leo Edward Francis William De Noe) Die 6 a Septembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Leonem, Edwardum, Franciscum Gulielmum, filium Ludovici Amadei, Comitis De Noe et Franciscce Carolinre, Conjugum natum die 20 a mensis prrecedentis in eodem anna Sponsores fuere J oannes Clanchy et Catharina Roney vice Fran~ cisci Comitis D'Escors et N.N. Comitissae de Lusse Ita Testor Geo. Spain


(Margt Byrne) Die 15a Septembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Hugonis Byrne et Marire Devine Conjugum, natam die t9 11 mensis prcecedentis, in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Martinus et Elizabetha Kinseller. Ita testor Geo . Spain [In tlze margin, in pencil: 500.J (Emily Burne) Die 6 a Octobris A.D . 1816 baptizavi Emiliam, filiam Patritii Burne et Elizabethre Donnellan Con jugum natam 17 a die mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Henricus 0 Brien et Maria Brown. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Jane Brady) Die 13:1 Octobris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Mariam J oannam, filiam Gulielmi Brady et Henriettce McDonald, Conjugum natam 23<1 die mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Clanchy vice Patricii Ryan Ita testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Glancey) Die 1a Decembris A.D . 1816 baptizavi J oannem filium Terentii Glancey et Helence Cassidy Conjugum natum 24:1 die mensis pnecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Patritius Glancey et Helena Cassidy. Ita testor Geo. Spain Sequitur 1. Dec r 1816. [po 68J A.D. 1816 (Sarah Marr) Die 1a Decembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Saram, filiam Thomre Marr et Birgittce Moran conjugum, natam 26 a [or 20 a J die mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Edwardus et Maria Slader. Ita testor Geo. Spain (] ohn MCGaguay) Die 6 a Decembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Joannem, filium Terentii McGaguay et Catharince Doud, Conjugum, natum pridie . Sponsores fuere Thomas Bonney et Rosa Connelly. Ita testor Geo. Spain (Helen Kinnaly) Die 15 a Decembris. A.D. 1816 baptizavi . Helenam, filiam Timothei Kinnaly et Margaritce Brian conjugum, natam die 11 a ejusdem mensis et anni, Sponsores fuere Joannes et Maria MCCarrick. Ita test or Geo. Spain (Edward Fowles) Die 22 a Decembris A.D. 1816 baptizavi Edwardum, filium Henrici Fowles et Carlottce Beazley conjugum, natum die 5 a mensis prcecedentis in eodem anno. Patrinus fuit J oannes Clanchy vice Thomce Baldwin. Ita testor Geo. Spain Anno Domini 1817. (John Reeks) Die 2 a Januarii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Joannem, filium Josephi Reeks et Elizabethce CrosIer, Conjugum, natum die 31 a Decembris, anna prcecedenti. Sponsores fuere Joannes Reeks et Elizabetha Leary. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Walter Kennedy) Die 9. J anuarii A.D. 1817 baptizavi sub conditione Gualterium filium Gualteri Gerardi Kennedy et Alicice Callaghan Conjugum natum die 7 a Junii A.D. 1814 Sponsores fuere Jacobus et Maria Robinson. Ita Testor Geo. Spain. (Elizabeth Power) Die 9 a Februarii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Patritii Power et Mariae Boland Conjugum,



natam die 17 J an uarii in eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Richardus et Catharina Marshall. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 69J A.D. 1817 (George Baldwin) Die 16 a Februarii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Georgium, filium Thomre Baldwin et Sarre Dorey Conjugum natum die 8 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsor fuit Samuel Baldwin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (George Frederic Moore) Die 24a Februarii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Georgium Fredericum filium J osephi Moore et Franciscre Blackley Conjugum natum die lOa [or 16aJ ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Georgius et Maria Lidwell , Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Skelly) Die 28 a Februarii A.D . 1817 baptizavi Joannem filium Patritii Skelly et Marth~ C.orker Conjugum natum die 18& ejusdem mensis et Anni. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Haly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ames Sweeny) Die 2a Martii A.D. 1817 baptizavi J acobum, filium Barclai Sweeny et Marire Henley Conjugum natum die 28 a Februarii prrecedentis. Sponsores fuere Timotheus Cayley et Margarita Kelaney. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Henoch Kinscla) Die 2a Martii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Henoch, filinm Martini Kinscla et Elizabethre N .N. natum die 24 a Februarii prrecedentis. Sponsores fuere Patritius Flyn et Maria Burns. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Anne ;Suncombe) Die 16a Martii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Mariam Annam, filiam Caroli Buncombe et Joannre James Conjugum natam die 9a ejusdem mensis & anni Sponsores fuere Carolus James et Maria Lock vice Richardi ¡ et Marire Annre James. l ta Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur 28. Mar. 1817. [po 70J A.D. 1817 (Mary Miller) Die 28 a Martii A.D . 1817 baptizavi Mariam Annam, filiam Joannis Miller et Margarit~ Burns Conjugum natam die 16a ejusdem mensis et anni Sponsores fuere Bernardus Martin et Catharina Rourke. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Edw d Burne) Die9 a Aprilis A.D. 1817 baptizavi Edwardum filium Joannis Burne et Marire Artey Conjugum, natum die 15 Martii prrecedentis. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Bones et Eliza.l ~tha Bones. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Montague) Die ll& Aprilis A.D. 1817 baptizavi Saram, filiam Bernardi Montague et Rosre Connelly Conjugum, pridie natam. Sponsores fuere Jacobus MCCormick et Catharina McGauglhy Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Duncan Alliz) Die 20 a Aprilis A.D. 1817 baptizavi Duncanum filium Joannis AlIiz et Helenre McDonnell Conjugum natum die 16a ejusdem mensis et {\nni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Maria Stark. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(George James) Die 2J. Aprilis A.D. 1817 baptizavi Georgium, filium Gulielmi James et Anicice Stagg, Conjugum, natum die 23 a Aprilis in anna 1'815. Sponsores fuere Carolus et Joanna Buncombe Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Russell) Die 28 a Aprilis A.D . 1817 baptizavi Joannem fIlium Gulielmi Russell et Marice Connelly Conjugum natum die 23 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Dionysius et Catharina Sullivan Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 71] A.D. 1817 (Eleanor Molloy) Die 14a Aprilis A.D. 1817 baptizavi Eleanoram, filiam Gulielmi et Catharince Molloy Conjugum, natam die 7 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Patrinus fuit Thomas Farrell. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Ann Stretton) Die 18 Maii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Annam filiam Joannis Stretton et ] ulia: Sullivan Conjugum, natam die 16 ~L ej usdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Andreas Johnson et Rosa Connelly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Marg t Ryan) Die 18 a Maii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Edwardi et Annce Ryan Conj'..lgum, natam die 12 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Mauritius Connelly et Elizabetha Tracey. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne Moore) Die 18 a Maii A.D. 1817 baptizavi Annam filiam Gulielmi Moore et Elizabetha: Bell Conjugum, natam die 15a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Hugo Thompson et Alicia Cassidy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ames Burne) Die 16 a Augusti . A.D. 1817 baptizavi Jacobum, filium Patritii Burne et Catharina: Ryan Conjugum, natum die 29 a mensis prGeceden tis. Sponsores fuere J oannes Shortells et Anna Flynn. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Sullivan) Die 27 a Septembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Joannem, filium Patritii Sullivan et Margarita: Mahir Conjugum, natum die 16a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Jeremias Ryan et Anna Crawford. . Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur Oct. 12. 1817 [po 72] A.D. 1817 (Daniel Connor) Die 12a Octobris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Danielem, filium Petri Connor et Margarita: Coley, Conjugum, natum die 9 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere. Nicholas Ita Testor Geo. Spain Dobbin et Margarita Coughlan. (Patrick 0 Donnell) Die 3Ja Octobris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Patritium, filium Michaelis 0 Donnell et Annce Haly, Conjugum, natum die 26 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Patritius ODonnell et Sara Rigney. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Jolin Peter Cooper) Die 9 a Novembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi J oannem Petrum, filium Joannis Cooper et Marice Tresmonnais Conjugum natum die 17 a mensis prcecedentis. Sp0nsores fuere Patritius Kennedy et Maria Cooper. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Thom~s Haly) Die 22 Novembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Thomam filIum J ohannis Haly et Marice Degan, Conjugum natum die 20 ejusdem mensis et Anni. Ita testor Geo. Spain Sponsores fuere Mich. O. Brien et Eliza Williams. (Mary Shepherd) Die 3. Decembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Mariam filiam Gulielmi Shepherd et Marice Carrol, Conjugum, natum die 2l. mensis prcecedentis, ejusdem vero Anni. Sponsores .fuere Gulielmus Austin et Birgitta Fawcett. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Thomas Brown) Die 4. Decembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Thomam, filium Thomce Brown et Margaritce Foley, natum die 25& mensis prcecedentis, ejusdem vero Anni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Lobey et Judith Flaherty. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 73J A.D. 1817 (Cath e Gallagher) Die 7. Decembris A.D. 1817 baptizav~ Catharinam filiam Dionysii Gallagher et Elizabethce 0 Donnel Conjugum, natam die 22 a mensis prcecedentis ejusdem vero Anni. Sponsor fuit Anna West. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Helen Pratt) Die 26. Decembris A.D. 1817 baptizavi Helenam, filiam Joannis Pratt et Catharince Mullens Con jugum, natam die 2a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Anno Domini 1818 (J ames Connelly) Die 25 a J anuarii A.D. 1818 baptizav Jacobum filium Jacobi Connelly et Marire Lewis Conjugum natum die 21 mensis et Anni prrecedentis. Sponsores fuere Archibald Walker et Maria Johnstone Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Daniel) Die 25 J anuarii A.D. 1818 baptizavi J oannem, filium Hugonis Daniel et Annce Green Conjugum, natum die 18 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Matrina fuit Maria Green. Its Testor Geo. Spain Seq. Feb. 6. Margarita [Po 74J A.D. 1818 (Margt Flynn) Die 6. Februarii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Patritii Flynn et Sarre Hughes Conjugum, natam die 26 a die mensis prcecedentis. Patrinus fuit Ric. Orman Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Driscoll) Die 8 Februarii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Mariam filiam Florentii Driskill [sicJ et Marice Piggott, natam die 2a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes Haily et Maria Tracy. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Michael Welsh) Die 14 Februarii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Michaelem, filium Joannis Welsh, et Birgittre Morone Conjugum, natum die 10 ejusdem mensis et Anni. SponsQres fuere Petrus Smith et Margarita Cunchelan Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Will Pu~cell) Die 15 Februarii ~.D. .1818 baptizavi Gulielmum filIum Thomre Purcell et Sabmce Fmlay ConJugum, natum die 3. ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Patricius & Margt Mulhollan Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(J ames MCCloughlin) Die 23 Februarii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Jacobum, filium Petri McCloughlin et Elizabethc.e Balmer, Conjugum natum die I9 a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes & Maria Burns Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 75J 1818 (Samuel Stark) Die 17. Aprilis A.D. 1818 baptizavi Samuelem Ambrosium filium Gulielmi Stark et Maric.e Warn Conjugum , nahim die 4a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus & Elizb. Green. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Tho S Gason) Die 26 a Aprilis A.D. 1818 baptizavi Thomam, filium Joannis Gazon [sicJ et Annc.e McCannagh Conjugum natum die 14a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere J oannes Burns et Anna Bryan. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain (Marg t Ryan) Die 30 a Aprilis A.D . 1818 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Richardi Ryan et Marice Conway, Conjugum, pridie natam. Sponsores fuere J oannes Leary et Joanna Connor. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Jeremiah" 0 Brien) Die 3a Maii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Jeremiam, filium Patricii 0 Brian [sicJ et Annc.e Luddey Conjugum pridie natum. Sponsores fuere Andreas et Catha Johnson Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Driggs) Die 31: Maii A.D. ] 818 baptizavi J oannem, filium Petri Driggs et Sarce 0 Neale Conjugum die 6 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsor fuit J oannes Vandermen Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Will m Sheen) Die 21. J unii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Gulielmus, filium Jacobi Sheen et Marice Ryan Conjugum, natum die 1a ejusdem mensis & Anni 'Sponsores fuere Jacobus 0 Connor et Anna Maxwell Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sequitur 28 Jun. [p. 76J 1818 (Marg t Carlen) Die 28. Junii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Margaritam, filiam Jacobi Carlen et Margaritce Henvey Conjugum natam die I3 a ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Michael Tracey et Margarita Gibbon Ita Testor Geo. Spain (WiU m Fowles) Die 26 a J ulii A.D. 1818 baptizavi Gulielmum, filium Henrici Fowles et Carlottc.e Beazley Conjugum natum die 29 a mensis prcecedentis Patrin"us fuit Tho s Baldwin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Oswald Pilling) Die 15. Augusti A.D. 1818 baptizavi Oswaldum, ÂŁIlium Oswaldi Pilling et Annce Radcliffe Conjugum natum die lOa ejusdem mensis & Anni Patrinus fuit Gulielmus MrRea Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Edw. Byrne) Die 6a Septembris A.D. 1818 baptizavi Edwardum, ÂŁIlium Joannis Byrne et Maric.e Harty Conjugum, natum die loa mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Roulin et Sara Ri~ney. Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Rich C1 Clarke) Die 20 a Septembris A.D. 1818 baptizavi Richarclum, filium Michaelis Clarke et Margaritre Kinsheller Conjugum natum die 5. ejusdem mensis et Anni Sponsores fuere Jacobus Humfry et Sara Murray Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Henry MCGuire) Die 4a Octobri A.D. 1818 baptizavi Henricum filium Joannis McGuire et Sarre Hiden Conjugum natum die 25 mensis prrecedentis in eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Alexander Pattison et Eleonora Morley. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (James Connolly) Die 4a Novembri A.D. 1818 baptizavi ]acobum, filium Joannis Connolly et Marire Hughes Conjugum, eodem die n~tum. Sponsores fuere Michael et Elizabeth Welsh. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 77J 1818 (Henry Forkum) Die 12a Nov('mbri A.D. 1818 baptizavi Henricum, filium Jacobi Forkum et Marire 0 Horan Conjugum, natum die 1a ejusdem Mensis et Anni. Matrina fuit Dorothea Gibbs. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sarah Allen) Die 22 a Novembri A.D. 18'18 baptizavi Saram, filiam Josephi Allen et Elizabethc:e Mahollan Conjugum, natam die 8 a ejusdem mensis & Anni Sponsores fuere Michael Tumi et Eleanora Kelly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Ja s Grier) Die 22 a Novembri baptizavi Jacobum filium [1.5 ems. blank J Grier et N.N. Conjugum. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Kenelly N.N. Marshall. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Dogan) Die 29 a Novembri A.D. 1818 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Manicks Dogan et Marire Keegan Conjugum natam die 18. ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Donohoe et Maria Ita Testor Geo. Spain Maxwell (Mary Tighe) , Die 6a Decembri A.D. 1818 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Georgii Tighe, et Annre Skeffington Conjugum natam die 27 mensis prrecedentis Sponsores fuere J oannes et Helena Coghlan . Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Donoghue) Die 20 a Decembri A.D. 1818 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Hugonis Donoghue et Franciscre Curran Conjugum , natam die 9 a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Marcus Dugan* et Margarita Fox. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Sqr .Die 3a Jan. 1819 [po 78J Anno Domini 1819. (Mary Small) Die 3a J anuarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Mariam , filiam Roberti Small et Marire Hedger Conjugum natam die 27 a mensis et Anni prrecedentium. Sponsores fuere Patricius Rogers et Anna Sloane. . Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Eliz. Buncombe) Die 17 a J anuarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Elizabetham Mariam filiam Caroli Buncombe et Joannre James Conjugum, natam die l a ejusdem mensis & anni. Sponsores fuere Thomas Baldwin et Anna James. Ita Testor Geo. Spain

* Or â&#x20AC;˘ Deegan!



(Brig! Fenny) Die 24 a J anuarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Thomce Fenny et Catharime Sullivan Conjugum Sponsores fuere Samuel King et Maria Harries. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ohn Kearney) Die 14a Februarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi J oannem, filium Joannis Kearney et Elizabethce Skible Conjugum [natum omitted] die 2a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Michae\ et Anna 0 Donnell. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Elizth Mahony) Die 14a Februarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Joannis Mahony et Elizabethce Sweeny Conjugum, natam die 3a ej usdem mensis & Anni . Sponsores fuere Georgius Hill et Maria Crohan Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J as Brady) Die 26 a Februarii A.D. 1819 baptizavi J acobum, filium Danielis Brady & Catharince Donoghue Conjugum natum die 19:\ ejusdem Mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Sara Turner. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 79 J 1819 (Mary Chiverton) Die 4a Aprilis A.D. 1819 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Joannis Chiverton et Annce Shanahan Conjugum, natam die 2P rnensis prcecedentis Sponsores fuere J oannes et Sara Baldwin Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Edw d Power) Die lla Aprilis A.D. 1819 baptizavi Edwardurn, filiurn Patricii Power et Marice Boland Conjugum, natum die 12 mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Jefferey et Catharina Marshall. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Meaby) Die 29 a Aprilis A.D . 1819 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Patricii Meaby et Marice Tuvey Conjugum, natam die 26 a ejusdem mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Benjamin Wright et Sara Rigney Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Margt Shee) Die 23 a Maii A.D . 1819 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Ricardi Shee et Elizabethce Cashen Conjugum natam die 14a ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere 'J oannes Steven et Margarita Pierce. Ita Testor Geo .. Spain (Lucy Lahey) Die 30. Maii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Luciam filianl Cornelii Lahey et Marice Mararty Conjugum ' natam die 16 ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus MCGinnen et Margarita Rover. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Seqr 20. J unii [po 80J 1819 (Helen Crone) Die 20 a Junii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Helenam, filiam Joannis Crone et Marice Driscoll Conjugum, natam die 6a ejusdem Mensis & Anni. Sponsores fuere Patricius Gallagher & Elizabetha Mahony Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John MCGoverin) Die 26 a Junii A.D. 1819 baptizavi Joannem, filium Joannis MCGoverin et Rosce Sancti Germani Conjugum natum die 16:1 ejusdem mensis et Anni. Sponsore~ fuere J oannes & Catharina Keane, Ita Testor Geo. Spain



(Birgt Tracy) Die 29. J unii A.D . 1819 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Michaelis Tracey et Elizabethee Gaheoghan Conjugum, nat am die 9 . Mensis Aprilis in eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Carter et Anna Burt. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (S usan Welsh) Die 4a Julii A.D . 1819 baptizavi Susannam filiam Michaelis Welsh et Elizabethce West Conjugum natain die 24a Mensis preecedentis Sponsores fuere Thomas Holford et Helena Makins . Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Peter Rush) Die lla A.D . Julii 1819 baptizavi Petrum filium Petri Rush et Catharince Burke Conjugum, natum die 28 a Mensis preecedentis. Sponsores fuere Thomas Strogen et Maria Hill . Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Sebastian MCLochlin) Die 8 a Augusti A.D . 1819 baptizavi Sebastianum, filium Thomce MCLochlin et Marice Tudery Conjugum natum die 27. mensis Aprilis in eodem Anno. Patrinus fuit Franciscus Kelly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 81J A.D. 1819 (John Fox) Die 8 a Augusti A.D . 1819 baptizavi Joannem, filium Pat! icii Fox et Catharinee Delvin* Conjugum natum die 23:1 Mensis pra:cedentis Patrinus fuit J oannes Conway Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Martin Donovan) Die 29 a Augusti A.D. 1819 baptizavi Martinum filium Jacobi Donovan et Eleonoree Lennen Conjugum natum die 22 a ejusdem Mensis. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Arthur et Sara Dinnond Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Hughes) Die 29 a Augusti A.D. 1819 baptizavi Mariam, filiam Michaelis Hughes et J oannee King Conjugum, natam die 25 a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Bernardus Hughes et Elizabetha King. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Marg t Moriarty) Die 16 a Octobri A.D . 1819 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Joannis Moriarty et Annre Hanley Conjugum natam die 8 a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Robertus Branfield et Maria Golden. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary 0 Brien) Die 25 a Octobri A.D. 1819 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi 0 Brian [sicJ et Marice Hughes Conjugum, natam die 14a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere J acobus Bowhter~ et Joanna Stralthers. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Catherine MCEvoy) Die 15 Novembri A.D. 1819 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis McEvoy et Hannce Barry Conjugum, natam die 1a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Samuel Shannon et Helena Halerssat.:I: Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Henry Torrens Campbell) Die 15a Novembri A.D. 1819 baptizavi Henricum filium Torrens Campbell et Margaritre Miken Conjugum natam die 31 a mensis prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Marcus Dugan et Maria Silvester. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Seqr. 15 Nov. Anna


Or ' Delvini' or â&#x20AC;˘ Delvim.' '14 Doubtful reading: it migh,t be ' Bownter' or ' Rownter.' :I: Possibly' Halerpat.'



[Po 82J 1819 (Anne Birne) Die 15:1 N ovembri A.D. UH9 baptizavi Annam, filiam Marci Birne et et [sicJ Birgittce Welsh Conjugu11l natam die 30. ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Neil MCDidett, Maria Fox. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Emily] ames) Die Sa Decembri A.D. 1819 bapbzavi Emiliam, filiam Gulielmi James et Anastasice Stagg Conjugum natam die 7. F ebruarii prceceden tis Sponsores fuere Elizabetha James et N--Ita Testor Geo. Spain 1820 (Will Arbor) Die 9 a J anuarii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Culielmum, tilium Thomce Arbor, et Margaritce Tracey natum die l a Decembri in Anno prcecedenti Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Edw. Malone) Die 16 a J anuarii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Edwardum filium Edwardi Malone et Annce Murphy Conjugum, natum die 6a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fu ere Franciscus Riley et Anna Tighe Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ames Cane) Die 3 Martii A.D. 1820 baptizavi J acobum tilium Joannis Cane et Catharince Dowlan Conjugum natum die 20 Februarii in eodem Anno. Sponsores fuere Jacobus oBrian et Maria Martin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J oseph Hill) Die 16 a Martii A.D. 1820 baptizavi J osephum filium Jacobi Hill et J oannce Stark* natum die 14a ejusdem mensis &anni Matrina fuit Maria Lock Ita Testor Geo. Spain (J ames Baldwin) Die 19 a Martii A.D. 1820 baptizavi J acobum tilium Thomce Baldwin et Sarce Dorey Conjugum natum die 12 ejusdem mensis et Anni Matrina fuit Joanna Buncombe Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 83J 1820 (Alexander Kelly) Die 6. Maii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Alexandrum filium Alex andri Kelly et Ann ce Magennis Conjugum natum die 21 a Aprilis prcecedentis. Sponsores fuere Geo. et Eliz. Foster. Ita T estor Geo. Spain (Alice Mulloy) Die lla Junii A.D. 1820 baptizavi ' Aliciam tiliam Jacobi Mulloy et Susannce Johnstone Conjugum natam die 27. Mensis prcecedentis Patrinus fuit Jacobus MCLane Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne MCDewell) Die 15 J unii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Annam filiam Alexandri McDewell et Esther Warne Conjugum natum [sicJ die ~ ejusdem Mensis. Matrina Birgitta Allen Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Will m Simpson) Die 27 Julii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Gulielmuw filium Gulielmi Simpson et Annce Mulkerry Conjugum natum die 24 ejusdem rnensis. Sponsores fuere Henricus James & Maria Clarke Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Rob t Strudgeon) Die 30 Julii A.D. 1820 baptizavi Robertum filium Thomre Strudgeon et Marice Bime Conjugum natum die 11 a

* Or possibly ' Stack.'




ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere J oannes MCKanolty et Maria Dunlary. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [I n pencil, in the margin: 600J (J ames Kea,ne) Die 13. Augusti A.D. 1820 baptizavi J acobum filium Michaelis Keane et Margaritre Conway Conjugum natum die 12 J ulii prrecedentis Patrinus Arthur Connolly. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Lucy Mullens) Die 26. Augusti A.D. 1820 baptizavi LucialJ filiam Michaelis Mullens et Lretitia! Courry Conjugum natam die 2a ejusdem Mensis. Sponsores fuere Robertus Miller et Maria Brown Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Rose C acken) Die 27. Augusti A.D . 1820 baptizavi Rosam filiam Jacobi Clacken et Maria! Fagan Conjugum natam die 21. ejusdem Mensis. Sponsores fuere Patricius Minnim et Margarita Brine. Ita Testor. Geo. Spain Sequitur 3. Sep. 1820 [po 84J 1820 (Cath e Dricoll) Die 3. Septembris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Florentii Dricoll et Maria! Pickett Conjugum, natam die 22 Mensis pra!cedentis. Sponsores fuere Pat. Lawler et Maria Morarty. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (John Wolfe) Die 10 Septembris A.D. lR20 baptizavi Joannem filium Petri Wolfe et Maria! Chissell Conjugum natum 21 die Mensis prrecedentis. Patrinus fuit Thos Baldwin. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Ann Roach) Die 17 Septembris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Philippi Roach et Margaritre Doyle Conjugum natam die 5 ejusdem mensis Sponsores fuere Michael MCClurkie et Birgitta. Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Elizabeth Way) Die 17. Septernbris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Gulielmi Way et Celia! Lynch Conjugu m natam die II a ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Gulielmus Dicks et Birgitta Gribben Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Anne Shanahan) Die 29. Septembris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Annam filiam Hugonis Shanahan et Birgitta! Cavotty* Conjugum natam 19. ejusdem mensis. Sponsores fuere Joannes FitzPatrick et Rebecca Gonne Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Mary Martin) Die l a Octobris A.D . 1820 baptizavi Mariam filiam Mathei Martin et Maria! Kelly Conjugum natam 26 a die mensis pra!cedentis. Sponsores fuere Lucas Helling et - Turner Ita testor Geo. Spain (Michael Connor) Die 4 a Octobris 1820 baptizavi Michaelem filiurn Jacobi Connor et Helena! Lane Conjugum natum die 27& mensis' prrecedentis. Sponsores fuere Dionysius Killanan et Anna Kennedy Ita Testor Geo. Spain

* Possibly' Carotty.' L

. ' This may be â&#x20AC;˘ 22.'



(Mary Anne Burne) Die 8. Octobris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Joannis Burne et Marire Artey Conjugum, natam die 23 a mensis prrecedentis. Sponsores fu ere Michael Browne et Molly McCabe. Ita Testor Geo. Spain [po 85J 1820-1 (Sophia Lyons) Die 18. Octobris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Sophiam filiam Gulielmi Lyons et Sarre Francis Conjugum natam die 28 a mensis prrecedentis. Sponsores Clara Dixon et*. Ita Testor . Geo. Spain (Michael Fogerty) Die 20. Octobris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Michaelem filium Danielis Fogerty et Margaritre Shea Conjugum natum die 7. ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Step. Ourragan.y. et Margt Sweeny Ita Testor Geo. Spain (Catharine Shee) Die 31 a Octobris A.D. 1820 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Richardi Shee et Elizb CashelI Conjugum natam die 15. ejusdem mensis. Sponsores Georgius Flood et Maria Perry (316) ~ Ita Testor Geo. Spain [In the Rev. John Ru,ssell's handJ

Anno Domini 1821 (Susannah Teighe) Die 6 J anuarii 1821 baptizavi Susannam filiam Georgii Teighe et Annce (Scavington), conjugum, natam die 26 Decem bris 1820. Patrini fuere Arthur Connelley et Ellenor Coghlan J oannes Russell Miss. ApCUS (Catharina Bolster) Die 6 J anuarii 1821 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Bolster et Marice (Sercuit) conjugum, natam die 29 Decembris 1820 Sponsores fuere Owen Clintion et Anna Blake J oannes Russell Miss. ApcUS (Birgitta Faure) Die 14 J anuarji 1821 baptizavi Birgittam filiam Patritii Faure et Marice Burke conjugum, natam die 31 Decembris 1820. Patrini fuere Jacobus Carley et Eliza Nicholson J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Ellen Barrett) Die 3 F ebruarii 1821 baptizavi E llen filiam Patritii Barrett et Jane Dovon congo natam die 14 Januarii 1821. P at rini fu ere Jacobus Connelly et Maria Connelley Joannes Russell Misss Apcus Seqr 4 Feb. 1821 [po 86J (Marg. Dalton) Die 4 Februarii 1821 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Patritii Dalton et Jane Whittington conjugum, natam die 30 J anuarii 1821. Patrini fuere Henricus Gribben et Elizabeth Patterson J oannes Russell Misss Apcus. (ThoS Purcell) Die II Februarii 1821 baptizavi J'homam filium Thomre Purcell et Sabinre Finley, conjugum, natum 24 die J anuarii 1821. Patrini fuere J oannes Fraser et Catharina Marshall J oannes Russell Misss A pCus

* Second sponsor's

name omitted . See entry infra, 16 April 182l. ~ Total of the Rev, G. Spain's baptisms, in another hand, presumably the Rev. T . Fryer's.

.yc Query: recte Houragan?



(J oannes Loghlan) Die 11 Martii 1821 baptizavi J oannem filium Marci Loghlan et Ellen Murray (conjugum) natum die 18 Februarii 1821. Sponsores fuerunt Jacobus Cassidy et Maria Rhodes J oannes Russell Misss Apcus (Carol J. Buncombe) Die 1 Aprilis 1821 baptizatus fuit Carolus-Josephus filius Caroli J. Buncombe et Jane (olim James) conpn. natus die 25 Martii 1821. Sponsores fuere Thoinas Baldwin et Sarah Baldwin per procurationem pro Gulielmo Starks et Maria Starks A me Joanne Russell Miss o Apc o (Gulielmus Dint) Die 8 Aprilis 1821 baptizavi sub condition e Gulielmum filium Joannis Dint et Birgittce (Ryan) conjugum, natum die 18 Martii 1821. Matrina fuit Maria Moore J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Cath: MCDonogh) Die 15 Aprilis 1821 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Jacobi McDonogh et Rosce (Armstrong) conjugum. natam die 4 A prilis 1821. Patrini fuere J oannes Russell et Anna Morrison J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (J acobus Houragan) Die 16 Aprilis 1821 baptizavi J acobum filium Stephani Houragan et Birgittce (McGrath) conjm. Natum die 10 Aprilis 1821. Sponsores fuere Daniel Fogerty & Maria Shea J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Flor. Flinn) Die 20 Aprilis 1821 baptizavi Florentium filium Joannis Flinn et Marice (Long) conjugum, natum die 13 Aprilis 1821. Patrini fuere J oannes Rynad & Maria Keating J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS [po 87J 1821 (Guliel: Donaghue) Die 30 Aprilis 1821 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Joannis Donaghue et Marice (Keating) conjm natum die 23 Aprilis 1821. Patrini fuere Richardus Cronin et Maria Lyon J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Dionysius McCarthy) Die 20 Maii 1821 baptizavi Dionysium filium Caroli MCCarthy et Marice Sheahan conjugum, natum die 17 Maii 1821. Sponsores fuere lEgidius White et Maria Carey J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Pat tlus MCGrath) Die 17 J unii 1821 baptizavi Patritium filium Michaelis McGrath et Annce (Gorman) conjugum, natum die 8 J unii 1821. Patrintis fuit J oannes Phillpot J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Maria Cassidy) Die 8 J ulii 1821 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Cassidy et Marice Byrne conjugum, natam die 29 Junii 1821. Patrini fuere J oannes Corbett et Catharina Critchley J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Amia MCCluskey Vide 23 Maii 1822*) Die 8 J ulii 1821 baptizavi Annam filiam Michaelis MCCluskey et Birgittce (Eccles) conjm natam die 3 0 J ulii 1821. Patrini fuere Philipp us Roche et Maria Moore Vide* Joannes Russell Miss s Apcu s


The reference was first begun in the text and then written in the margin' It calls attention to a baptism in June 1821, but not entered until apparently May 1822.



(J oannes White) Die 15 J ulii 1821 baptizavi J oannem fil iu111 Joannis White et Marice Brian conjugum, natum die 13 Maii 1821. Patrini fuere Richardus Shea et Elizabeth Cashel Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Elizabeth Hobbs) Die 15 Augusti 1821 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Joannis Hobbs et Sarce (Smith) conjugum natam die 16 Nov!' 1820 Matrina fuit Maria Lock Joannes Russell Miss~ Ap('uS (Elizabeth Moffit) Die 19 Augusti 1821 baptizavi Elizabeth fi1iam Thomce. Moffit et Annce (Reed) con j m nat am die 14 Augusti 1821. Patrini fuere Franciscus Kiernan, Franciscus Hughes et Annette Jenkins J oannes Russell Miss~ Ap (; UR Sequitur [po 88J 1821 (Michael Shean) Die 22 Augusti 1821 baptizavi Michaelem filium Phillippi Shean et Annre (MCKoene) conjugum. N atum die 19 Augusti 1821. Patrini fuere Petrus Kelly et Sarah Baldwin Joannes Russell Misss Ap (; US (J oannes Connolly) Die Septembris 12 A D 1821 baptizavi J oannem filium Jacobi et Marire Grahan Con j; natum die 4 Septembris 182l. Sponsores fuere Petrus Nowlan et Maria Palmer J oannes Russell Miss s Ap CUS (Eliza Barnet) Die 14 Septembris 1821 baptizavi Elizam filiam Henrici Barnet et Marice Annce MCDonagh conjugum; natam die 15 0 Septembris 182l. Matrina fuit Francisca Murphy J oannes Russell Miss s Ap(! U~ (Hugo Curry) Die 14 Octobris 18 21 bapti zavi Hugonem filium Andrece Curry et Catharinre Corcoran conjugum; natum die 1 Octobris 182l. Patrini fuere J oannes Murphy et Birgitta Mullen Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Rosa Lynch) Die 19 Octobris 1821 baptizavi Rosam filiam Walteri Lynch et Elizabeth (Galaghan) conjugum; n atam die 7 Octobris 182l. Sponsores fuere Edwardus Flannagan et Birgitta Ford J oannes Russell Miss s Ap CUS (Anna Blaney) Die 28 Octobris 1821 baptizavi Annam filiam Jacobi Blaney et Marice (Burke) conjugum natam die 18 Octobris 182l. Sponsores fuere Patritius Ryan et Margarita Carabine J oannes Russell Miss s Ap (; US (Anna Smith) Die 11 N ovembris 1821 baptizavi Annam filiam Gulielmi Smith et Annre (Gibbons) conjugum ; natam die 1 Novembris 1821. Patrini fuere Patritius Brophy et Maria Doran. J oannes Russell Misss Ap (; U ~ (Margarita Shean) Die 20 Novembris 1821 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Gulielmi Shean et Margaritce (Howard) conjugum. natam die 16 Novembris 182l. Sponsores fuere Cornelius Collins et Honora Purcell Joannes Russell Misss ApCUS [po 89 J 1821- 2 (J oann es \Vhittle) Die 20 Decembris 18 21 baptizavi J oann em tili urn Joannis Whittle et Ellenor (Mullins) Con j ru natum die


8 Novembris 1821. Sponsores fuerunt Joannes Robinson et Leonora Castro Duke J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Maria Anna Jane Healy) Die 3 10 Decembris 1821 baptizavi Mariam Annam Jane filiam Edwardi Healy et Jane (Conroy) conjugum natam die 21 Novembris 1821. Sponsores fuere Michael Brenan et Maria Baldwin J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS (Gulielmus Murray) Die 27 Decembris 1821 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Philippi Murray et Marice (Nailor) Conjm natum die 9 Decembris 1821. Sponsores fuere Owen Smith et Maria MCCormick J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Gulielmus Barry) Die 28 Decembris 1821 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Joannis Barry et Birgittce (Sullivan) conjugum; natum die 29 N ovembris 1821. Sponsores fuere Jacobus 0 Brian et Amelia Hall J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Bernardus Moore) Die 29 Decembris 1821 baptizavi Bernardum filium Patritii Moore et Annce Flood conjugum ; natum 21 Decembris 182l. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Jenkins. B'ernardus 'Kiernan et Anna Moffit J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS An. Dom. 1822 . (Maria Apna Godfrey) Die 10 Januarii 1822 baptizavi Mariam Annam (sub conditione) filiam Gulielmi Godfrey et Marice 0 Mealy Conj: natam die 13 J unii 1821. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Bleany et Anna MCFallan J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (J osephus Nobbs) Die 11 J anuarii 1822 baptizavi J osephum filium Joannis Nobbs et Marice Heagon* Conjm natam die 7 Decerr_bris 182l. Patrinus fuit Joannes Conroy J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Maria Perkinson) Die 20 Januarii 1822 baptizavi Mariam filiam Roberti Perkinson Sarce Dunovan Conjugum: natam die 31 Decembris 182l. Sponsores fuere Patritius Newman et Jane Walker Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS [po 90J (Jeremiah Connell) Die 10 Februarii 1822 baptizavi Jeremiam filium Jeremice Connell et Catharince (Connor) conjug m N at urn die decima N ovembris 182l. Matrina fuit Elizabeth Blacke Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Patritius Toole) Die 13 Februarii 1822 baptizavi Patritium filium Patritii Toole et Honorce (Belton) conjugum; natum die 28 ] anuarii 1822. Patrini fuere Edwardus Hussey et Maria Burke. J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Catharina Flanery) Die 24 Februarii 1822 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Patritii Flanery et Marice Connor Conjugum. natam die 17 Februarii 1822. Patrini fuere Murtha Kensloh et Jane Youell. J oannes Russell Miss8 ApCUR (Anna Dunn) Die 10 Martii 1822 baptizavi Annam filiam Joannis Dunn et Birgittce (Cain) Conjugum. natam die 28 Feb ~ ruarii 1822. Sponsores fuere Patritius Rafferty et Maria MCDowel Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS

* Or possibly





(Dorothea Power) Die 10 Martii 1822 baptizavi Dorotheam filiam Patritii Power et MaT ice (Bolan) Conj III natam die 11 Februarii 1822. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Teevin et Anna Maxwell Vide Jan: 1824* J oannes Russell Miss s ApCus (Rosalia Simmons) Die 15 Martii 1822 baptizavi Rosaliam filiam Jacobi Simmons et Marice (Lahy) Con jIn natam 29 die Decembris 1821. Patrini fuere Jacobus Teevin et Rosa Anna Teevin J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Anna Shipman) Die 5 Aprilis 1822 baptizavi Annam filiam Abraham Shipman et Eadith (Davis) Conjugum natam die 19 Februarii 1822. Matrina fuit Anna Handling . J oannes Russell Miss ApcUS (Elizabeth Percy) Die 14 Aprilis 1822 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Thomce Percy et Sabince Finley Conjro natam die 30 Aprilis 1822. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Sheehan et Margarita Ryan Joannes Russell Miss s ApCW:i [p o 91J (Sarah Sarsfield) Die 21 Aprilis 1822 baptizavi Saram filiam Edwardi Sarsfield et Marice Mullin Conj m natam die 8 Aprilis 1822. Patrini fuerunt Terentius Conolly et Birgitta Smith J oannes Russell Misss Ap cUS ,(Maria Anna Godfrey) Die [0.5 em. blankJ Jtinii 1821 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Gulielmi Godfrey et Marice (0 Mealey) conjugum, natam die 13 J unii 1821. Patrini fuere Jacobus Bleany et Anna MCFallan J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Maria Lyons) Die 19 Maii 1822 baptizavi Mariam filiam Gulielmi Lyons et Sarah Frances Con jugum, natam die 18 Maii 1822. Patrini fuere Philipp us Rourk et Catharina Annary . Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Thomas Harrison) Die 23 Maii 1822 baptizavi Thomam filium Joannis Harrison et Marice Riley conjugum. natam die 14 Maii 1822. Patrini fuere Gulielmus Jenkins et Ellen Harvey J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Sarah Lynch) Die 26 Maii 1822 baptizavi Saram filiam Jacobi Lynch et Margaritce (Wilson) Conjugum. natam die 13 Maii 1822. Patrini fuerunt Jacobus Mooney et Catharina Mooney Joannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Margarita Rourk) Die 28 Maii 1822 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Philippi Rourk et Margaritce Doyle conjugum. natam die 22 Maii 1822. Sponsores fuere Joannes Cain et Birgitta Murray Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Georgius Melone) Die 21 J ulii 1822 baptizavi Georgium filium Edwardi Melone et Annce Murphy conjugum: natam die 13 Julii 1822. Patrini fuere Michael MCCluskeyet Elizabeth MCGarrely Joannes Russell Miss s Aprus


Reference to a baptism on 12 March, but entered in January, 1824, when the ceremonies were supplied. ~ Not in chronological order. Apparently the baptism to which attention was drawn on page 87.




(Anna Teresa Stagg [sie J) Die 23 J ulii 1822 baptizavi Annam Teresam filiam Gulielmi James et Annes [sieJ Stagg conjugum, natam die 29 Maii 1822. Matrina fuit Jane Buncombe J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS [po 92J (Patritius Byrne) Die 8 th Augusti 1822 baptizavi Patritium filium Joannis Byrne et Catharinre Neil Con jugum: natam die 29 J ulii 1822. Sponsores fuere Philippus Small et Abigail Kiernan J oannes Russell Miss s Ap eus (J acobus Gill) Die II 0 Augusti 1822 baptizavi J acobum filium Patritii Gill et Marice Boyle conjugum. natum die 28 0 J ulii 1822. Sponsores fuere Michael Maloy et Birgitta Dent J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS (J oannes Hall) Die 18 Augusti 1822 baptizavi J oannem filium Petri Hall et Amelice [l.5 ems . blankJ conjugum natum die 10 Augusti 1822. Patrini fuere Patritius Enright et Jane Enright J oannes Russell Misss Ap CUH (J osephus Farrel) Die 20 Augusti 1822 baptizavi J osephum filium Josephi Farrel et Jane [2 ems. blank ] conpn natum di e 8 Augusti 1822. Sponsores fuere Richardus Hynes et Anna 0 Ke fe J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Elizabeth Ryan) Die 20 Augusti 1822 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Patritii Ryan et Annce Crawford Conjffi natam die 15 Augusti 1822. Sponsores fuere ~Hayes et Ellen Burke Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Elizabeth James) Die 25 Augusti 1822 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Thomce James et Marire (Carrol) conjffi natam die 16 Augusti 1822. Sponsores fuere Dionysius Kelly et Margarita Whitaker Joannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Franciscus Wolfe) Die 10 Septembris 1822 Francisco cceremonias supplevi omissas propter urgens mortis periculum. Franciscus baptizatus est eodem die quo natus viz. 3 10 A ugusti 1822. Patris nomen Petrus Wolfe conjugis Maria Anna Chisell. Sponsor Josephus Rowe Joannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Joannes Cooper Stark) Die 13 Septembris .1822 baptizavi Joannem Cooper Stark filium Gulielmi Stark et Marice Warn conjugum. natum die 8 Septembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Carolus Josephus Buncombe et Jane Buncombe J oannes Russell Misss Ap cu,; [po 93J (Carolus Josephus Cooper) Die Seprls 27-1822 baptizavi Carolum J osephum filium Joannis Cooper et Marire Fresmonnais:I: conjugum, natum die 8 Septembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Maxwell et Hannah Maxwell J oannes Russell Misss Ap cus




Or possibly , 5 th .' Christian name omitted. This name has been given previously as ' Tresmonnais.' ~

18 4


(Georgius Baris) Die 6 Octobris 1822 baptizavi Georgiu m filium Antonii Burrios* et Marire, conjugum, natum die 8 Septemhris 1822. Sponsores fuere Eliza Leary et Timothreus Leary J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Carolina Baris) Die 6 Octobris 1822 baptizavi sub conditione Carolinam filiam Antonii Burrios* et Marire, conjlTI natam die 3 Januarii 1820 . .y. Sponsores fuere Maria Locke et Timothreus Leary J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS 0 (Ellen HattQD) Die 19 Octobris 1822 baptizavi Ellen filiam Petri Hatton et Ellen Cammel Conjm . natam die 8 0 Octobris 1822. Spollsorcs fuerc Josephus MCCowel et Maria Perry J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (J oannes Smith) Die 20 Octobris 1822 baptizavi J oannem filium Joannis Smith et Alicire MePadding conjugum; natum die 4 0 Octobris l822. Sponsores fuere Joannes MCN ulty et Maria Hind Joannes Russell Misss ApC'uS (John Ellenborough) Die 17 Novembris 1822 baptizavi Joannem filium Jacobi Ellenborough et Ellen Shean conjugum. natum die 7 N ovembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Philippus Small et Maria Walker J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Samuel Wreng~) Die 17 Novembris ]822 baptizavi Samuelem filium Francisci Wreng~ et Annre Lynch conjtn. natum die 7 Novembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Thomas Bowser et Maria Clarke J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Maria Anna Stone) Die 24 Novembris 1822 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Stone et Catharinre McGlarglin, natam die 5 N ovembris 1822. Sponsores fuere J oannes Riche et Maria Martin J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS 1822-3 [Po 94J (Elizabeth Hart) Die 10 Decembris 1822 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Joannis Hart et Elizabeth Coulter, conjugum. natam die 31 Octobris 1822. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Caddin J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Maria Laven) Die 8 Decembris 1822 baptizavi Mariam filiam Patritii Laven et Annre 0 Neil Conjtn natam die 25 Novembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Blany et Marta Blany J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Thomas MCNamara) Die 22 Decembris 1822 baptizavi Thomam filium Joannis McNamara et Marire Dempsey conjugum, natum die 17 Decembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Daniel MCSweeney et Eliza Dogherty J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS


This name may have been altered, subsequently, from 'Baris' to . Burrios.' t This date is a later insertion . . ; Or possibly' Wring.'



(Anna Tolan) Die 29 Decembris 1822 baptizavi Annam filiam Hugonis Tolan et Marice Conlan Conjm. natam di e 17 Decembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Owen ' Guilcheanan et Maria Sullivan Joannes Russell MissR ApcUS An . Dom. 182~ (Margarita Tobin) Die 9 J anuarii 1823 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Thomce Tobin et Lauritce Dunn Conjm . natam die Januarii lOan. Dom. 1823. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Jenkins et Maria Tobin J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Thomas Tevin) Die 10 Februarii 1823 baptizavi Thomam filium Jacobi Tevin et Rosannce Blythe conjugum. natum die 29 Decembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Maxwell et Sarah ""Thite Joannes Russell Miss s Aptlls (Anna Maria Reilly) Die 3 10 Martii 1823 baptiz-avi Annam Mariam filiam Christopheri Reilly et Annce Magee ConjIn natam die 23 Februarii 1823. Sponsores fuere Anna Jenkins et Michael Munday Joann es Russell Miss s ApcuS (Elizabeth Molloy) Die 17 Martii 1823 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Michaelis Molloy et Elizabeth Delany con jugum: natam die 6 Martii 1823. Sponsores fuere Patritius Gill et Maria Gill J oannes Russell Miss s Ap(;US [po 95J (Richardus Kenney) Die 13 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Richardum filium Thomce Kenney et Joannce Philipps conjugum, natum die 25 Martii 1823. Sponsores fuere Patritius Raffertey , et Birgitta Rafferty J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Margarita Burke) Die 14 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Patritii Burke et Sarah McCann conjugum, natam die 14 Martii 1823 Sponsores fuere Micha'el Corrogan et Sarah Parkinson J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Philippus Murry) Die 14 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Philippum filium Philippi Murry et Birgittce Shenen conjugum, natum die 10 Aprilis 1823. Sponsores fuere Patritius et Sarah Burke J oannes Russell Miss s AptUS (Henricus Youel) Die 20 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Henricum filium Gulielmi Youel et Joannre Kearns conjugum, natum die 13 Februarii 1823. Sponsores fuere Petrus ~Tolfe et Maria Carter J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS (Joanna MCSweeny) Die 25 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Joannam filiam Danielis MCSweeny et Joannce Sullivan conjugum, natam die 18 Aprilis 1823 Sponsores fuere Redmondus Lion et Margarita Carbine J oannes Russell Miss s Ap(;US (Thomas Butler) Die 27 Aprilis 1823 baptizavi Thomam filium Jacobi Butler et Elizabeth Dale, conjugum, natum die 8 Aprilis 1823 Sponsores fuere Thomas Baldwin et Anna Casouzan J oannes Russell Miss!; ApcUS



(] oannes Mahoney) Die 19 Maii 1823 · baptizavi J oannem £Ilium Martini Mahoney et Mari;;e Campbell (Conjm) natum die 13 Maii 1823. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Dawson et Jane Palmer J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (] oannes Hickey) Die 21 Maii 1823 baptizavi J oannem £Ilium Joannis Hickey et Mari;;e Halpin conjugum natum die 6 Maii 1823. Sponsores fuere Daniel Clearey et Joanna Marshall J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS [po 96J (] oanna Maria Meary) Die 23 Maii 1823 baptizavi J oannam Mariam £Iliam Joannis Meary et J oann;;e Talbot ConjIn natam die 4 Maii 1823. Sponsor per procurationem pro Patritio Flanegan Jacobus Barnes J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (] oannes Glynn) Die 31 Maii 1823 baptizavi J oannem £Ilium Joannis Glynn et Jane Clarke conjugum, natum die 15 Martii 1823. Patrinus fuit Richardus Moore J oannes Russell Miss:; Apem; (] oannes Murphy) Die 4 J unii 1823 baptizavi'} oannem £Ilium Dionysii Murphy et Mari;;e MCCarthy (Conj Ill) natum die 25 Maii ejusdem anni. Matrina fuit Anna Malone J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Maria Rowe) Die 8 J unii 1823 baptizavi Mariam £Iliam Josephi Rowe et Sarah Sarral conjugum; natam die 29 Maii 1823 Sponsores fuere Petrus Wolfe et Maria Carter J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Margarita Christie) Die 9 J unii 1823 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Gulielmi Christie et Ameli;;e 0 Connor conjugum, natam die 6 Maii 1823. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Christie et Maria Locke J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Richardus Hinds) Die 25 J unii 1823 baptizavi Richardum £Ilium Richardi Hinds et Marice Annce Anelly conjugum, natum die 10 J unii 1823. Sponsores fuere Gilbertus Hinds et Maria Hinds John Russell Misss ApcUS (Elizabeth Rowe) Die 13 J ulii 1823, baptizavi sub conditione Elizabeth £Iliam J osephi Rowe et Sarah Sarral conjugum, natam die 12 Martii 1819. Sponsores fuere Thomas Baldwin et Maria Anna Wolfe Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS (] oannes Rowe) Die 13 J ulii 1823 baptizavi sub conditione Joannem £Ilium Josephi Rowe et Sarah Sarra! conjugum, natum die 5 Novembris 1820. Sponsores fuere Thomas Baldwin et Anna Maria Wolfe J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS [po 97J 1823-4 (Michael Fane) Die 22 Septembris 1823 baptizavi Michaelem £Ilium Thom;;e Fane et Birgitt;;e Murphy (conjugum) natum die 20 Septembris 1823. Sponsores fuere ' Jacobus Egan et Ellen Smith J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Richardus Moore) Die 22 Septembris 1823 baptizavi Richardum £Ilium Richardi Moore et Marice Campbell (Conj m) natum die 19 Septembris 1823. Patrinus fuit Michael \\felsh J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS



(Mathceus Bolster) Die 5 Octobris 1~23 baptizavi Matha:um filium Joannis Bolster et Marice Sercuit (conjugum; natum die 30 Septembris 1823 Sponsores fuere Petrus Twiney et Maria Batrs J oann es Russell Miss" Ap cus (Mauritius Egan) Die 12 Octobris 1823 baptizavi Mauritium filium Bartholoma:i Egan et Ellen Farrel (conjugum) ' natum die 3 Septembris 1823 Sponsores fuere Jacobus Donolly et Isabella Daley Joannes Russell Miss s Ap cus (Ellen Burke) Die 13 Novembris 1823 baptizavi Ellen filiam Ruberti Burke et Jane Connolly conjugum; natam di e 20 Novembris 1823. Matrina fuit Maria Locke Joannes Russell Miss s Ap CUS (Joannes Gregg) Die 30 Novembris 1823 baptizavi Joannem filium Petri Gregg et Sarah (DonoIly) conjugum Natum die 29 N ovembris 1823. Sponsores fuere J oannes Sheeran et Anna Sheeran J oannes Russell Misss Ap cUS (Elizabeth Donolly) Die 7 Decembris 1823 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Jacobi DonoIly et Elizabeth McCabe conjugum, natum die 25 N ovembris 1823. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Camble et Isabella Daley J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS Anno Dni 1824 (J acobus Moore) Die 2 d J anuarii 1824 baptizavi (sub conditione) Jacobum filium Joannis Moore et Margaritce Farnon conjugum, natum die 27 Octobris 1821. Matrina fuit Maria Locke Joannes Russell Miss s Apost cuS 100 [po 98J 1824 (J oannes Moore) Die 2 d J anuarii 1824 baptizavi (sub conditione) J oannem filium J oanni"s Moore et Margaritce Farnon conjugum, natum die 23 io Novembris 1823. Matrina fuit Maria Locke J oannes Russell Misss Apost cus (Teresa Maria Enery) Die 9 J anuarii 1824 baptizavi (sub conditione) Theresam Mariam filiam Joannis Enery et Catharince Moynihan conjugum. natam die 18 Februarii 1823. Matrina fuit Maria Locke J oannes Russell Miss s Apost. (Patritius Develin) Die 21 J anuarii 1824 creremonias propter urgens mortis periculum omissas supplevi Patritio filio Patritii Develin et Margaritce Duffy ConjIn, nato die 11 Martii 1822 et sequente die baptizato. Sponsor fuit Carolus Barnes J oannes Russell Miss. Apost. (Anna Culkin) Die 1 Februarii 1824 baptizavi Annam filiam Richardi Culkin et Elizabeth Kennedy conjugum, natam die 2 d Januarii 1824. Sponsor fuit Joannes Smith J oannes Russell Miss s Apost (Eliza Beggins) Die 11 Februarii 1824 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Edwardi Beggins et Susannah Newman natam di e 28 Januarii 1824. Matrina fuit Margarita Moore J oannes Russell Miss!; Apost



(Gulielmus Clarke) Die 18 Februarii 1824 baptizavi Gulielmum fili urn Joannis Clarke et Elizabeth Hanity con j m. natum die 12 Februarii 1824. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Devin et Maria Connolly Joannes Russell Miss s Apostu s (Ellen or Sullivan) Die 10 Martii 1824 baptizavi Ellenor filiam Gulielmi Sullivan et Marire Doyle, conjugum: natam die 2G Februarii 1824. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Fulton et Isabella Moss .J oannes Russell Misss Apost (Anna Moore) Die 26 Martii 1824 bapt izavi sub conditione Annam filiam Joannis Moore et Catharinre Fagan conjugum: natam ciie 11 Fehruarii 1824 Matrina fuit Maria Linnington Joannes Russell Miss Apost [po 99J An: Dom. 1824 (Anna Lentz) Die 27 Aprilis 1824 baptizavi Annam filiam Caroli Lentz et Birgittre (Toomey) conjugum natam di e 26 Aprilis 1824. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Catharina Marshall J oannes Russell Miss s Apostc us (Carolina Lentz) Die 27 Aprilis 1824 baptizavi Carolinam fili am Caroli Lentz et Birgittre (Toomey) conjugum: natam die 26 Aprilis 1824. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Catharina Marshall J oannes Russell Miss. Apost cus (Georgills Milligan) Die 23 Maii 1824 baptizavi (sub conditione) Georgium filium Georgii Milligan et Annre Condon conjugum; natum die 2! Martii 1824. Matrina fuit Anna Hackett J oannes Russell Miss s Apost clls 10 (] acobus Byrne) Die 23 Maii 1824 baptizavi J acobum filium Joannis Byrne et Margaritre Murphy conjugum; natum die 7 Maii 1824. Matrina fuit Ellen Whelan J oannes Russell Miss s Apost cus (Francisca Anna 0 Donnell) Die 29 Maii 1824 baptizavi Franciscam Annam filiam Joannis 0 Donnell et Franciscre Annre Sheil conjugum; natam die 21 Maii 1824. Sponsores fuere Joannes Russell et Maria Margarita Mitchell J oannes Russell Mission. Apost cus (Maria Anna ¡ Doyle) Die 30 Maii 1824 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Lucre Doyle et Honorre Grace Conjugum natam die 16 Maii 1824. Sponsores fuere Hugo Fitzpatrick et Margarita Cavanagh J oannes Russell Misss Apost cus (J ane Ellen Buncombe) Die 30 Mail 1824 baptizavi Jane Ellen filiam Caroli Buncombe et Jane James Conjugum natam die 23 10 Maii 1824. Sponsores fuere Ambrosius Discacciati et Maria Locke Joannes Russell Miss Apost cus (Maria Magdal. Mahoney) Die 16 J unii 1824 baptizavi Mariam Magdalenam filiam Martini Mahoney et Marire Campbell conjugum : natam die 7 J unii 1824 Sponsores fuere Daniel Cleary et Marianna Mahoney J oannes Russell Mission . Apost



rp. 100J (Gullelmus Rolston) Die 20 J unii 1824 haptizayi Gulielmum filium Roberti Rolston et Marice 0 Neill Conj III natum d ie 6 J unii 1824. Sponsores fuere Robertus Rolston et Elizabeth ONeil Joannes Russell Miss s Aposeur; (Henricus Carrol) Die 27 J unii 1824 baptizavi Henricum filium Jacobi Carrol et Marice McCarey conjugum: natum die 17 J unii 1824. Sponsores fuerunt Michael MC:Clasky ct Ellen \Vhiddlc J oannes Russell Miss s AposFuS (Gulielmus Tiffin) Die 4 J ulii 1824 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Joannis Tiffin et Ellen Bolan conjugum; natum die 23 J unii 1824. Matrina fuit Catharina Moore J oannes Russell Miss s Apost (J acobus Aylward) Die 4 J ulii 1824 baptizavi J acobum filium Joannis Aylward et Catharince Kenny conjugum natum die 22 Junii 1824. Sponsores fuere Thomas Bren et Margarita Conolly J oannes Russell Miss s Apost cus (Elizabeth King) Die 18 J ulii 1824 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Michaelis King et Harriettce Squil, conjugum: natam die 22 Aprilis 1824. Sponsores fuere J oannes Russell et Elizabeth Russell J oannes Russell Miss Apost cUti (Maria Hickey) Die 27 J ulii 1824 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Hickey et Marice Halpin con jugum: natam die 19 J ulii 1824. Sponsores fuere J oannes Regan et Birgitta Regan J oannes Russell Miss s ApostcU'i (] oannes Daly) Die 22 Augusti 1824 baptizavi J oannem ÂŁllium Gulielmi Daly et Catharince MCCabe conjugum, natum die 3 Augusti 1824. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Carrol et Maria Anna Malony J oannes Russell Miss s Ap cUS (Maria Anna Marley) Die 24 Augusti 1824 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Hugonis Marley et Birgittce Lenaghan con jugum, natam die 11 Augusti 1824. Sponsores fuere Thomas Enright et Sarah Parkinson J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS [p o 101] (Catharina Dwyer) Die 28 Septembris 1824 baptizavi Catharinam filiam J ere mice Dwyer et Catharince Connor, conjugum; natam die 16 J unii 1824 Sponsores fuere J oannes et Anna Finn J oannes Russell Mission Apost (Maria Dalton) Die 3 10 Octobris 1824 baptizavi Mariam filiam Thomce Dalton et Ellen Moffit; natam die 28 Septembris 1824. Matrina fuit Margarita Coen J oannes Russell Mission Apost (Thomas Cowell) Die 10 Octobris 1824 baptizavi Thomam filium Thomce Cowell et Margaritce conjugum: natum die 7 Octobris 1824 Sponsores fuere J oannes Stackpole et Catharina Young J oannes Russell Mission. Apostc us (] oanna Regan) Die II Octobris 1824 baptizavi J oannam ÂŁlliam Gulielmi Regan et Catharince Collins con jugum: natam die 3 10 Octobris 1824 Sponsores fuere Josephus Ging et Catharina Clarkin J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUR



(J acobus Delap) Die 16 Octohris 1824 haptizavi J acobum filium Jacobi Delap et Winefridc£ McCabe con jugum; natum die 5 Octobris 1824. Sponsores fuere Patritius Carey et Honora Tooley Joannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Catharina Highland) Die 29 Octobris 1824 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Highland et Margaritc£ [3 ems. blankJ conjugum: natam die 25 Octobris 1824. Sponsores fuere Thomas Cosgrove et Birgitta Dunn J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Elizabeth Slattery) Die 7 N ovembris 1824 baptizavi Elizabeth £lliam Joannis Slattery et Ruth Montjoy conjugum: natam die 10 Novemhris 1824 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Kelly et Anna Kelly J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Samuel Bolster) Die 17 Novembris anno Domini 1824, cceremoniis omissis, sub conditione, Samuelem baptizavi annos habentem septem, filium [2.5 ems. blankJ et Joannis Bolster J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS [po 102J (Francisca Herbert) Die 30 Octobris 1824, cceremoniis ob urgens mortis periculum omissis baptizavi Franclscam filiam Mathc£i Herbert et Margaritc£ Templeton conjugum: natam die 29 Octobris 1824 J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Neil Fitzpatrick) Die 21 Novembris 1824 baptizavi Neil Patritium filium Neil Fitzpatrick et Margaritre McGrath conjugum: natum die 12 Novembris 1824. Sponsores fuere Michael MCCorbick et Catharina Wall Joannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Michael Wall) Die 21 . Novembris 1824 baptizavi Michael filium Michael \.Vall et Catharinc£ Mannin conjugum. natum die 5 N ovembris 1824. Sponsores fuere J oannes Leigh et Elizabeth Williams J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Gulielmus Malone) Die 28 N ovembris 1824 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Edwardi Malone et Annc£ Murphy conjugum: natum die 12 N ovembris 1824. Sponsores fuere Edwardus Hodgson et Maria Hall. J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Richardus Cross) Die 18 Decembris 1824 baptizavi Richardum filium Martini Cross et Marire Joice, conjugum; natum die 28 N ovembris 18~4. Matrina fuit Julia King Joannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Jane Hart) Die 19 Decembris 1824 baptizavi Joarnam [sieJ filiam Joannis Hart et Elizabeth Coulter conjugum: natam die 11 Novembris 1824. Sponsores fuere Thomas Walter et Anna Commins J oannes Russell Misss ApCUS 1825 · (Anna Riley) Die 7 Januarii 1825 baptizavi Annam filiam Michaelis Riley et Giles McCann conjugum: natam die 4 to Decembris 1824 Matrina fuit Maria Brady J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS


• Not in chronological order.



(Maria Anna Farrel) Die 12 Februarii 1825 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Jacobi Farrel et Joann ~ Welsh, conjugum : natam die 5 J anuarii 1825. Sponsores fuere Edwardus Farrel et Anna Shearan J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS [po 103J (Matilda Mitchell) Die 20 Februarii 1825 baptizavi Matildam filiam Joannis Mitchell et Eliza: Brosure conjugum ; natam die 6 Februarii 1825 Sponsores fuere Richardus Neil et Joanna Sullivan J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Maria Filbin) Die 21 Februarii 1825 baptizavi Mariam filiam Thoma: Filbin et Maria: Igo conjugum. natam die 19 Februarii 1825 Sponsores fuere Robertus Bell et Maria Bell . J oannes Russell Miss s Apcus (Harrietta Connor) Die 23 Februarii 1825 baptizavi Harriet tam filiam Jacobi Connor et Harrietta: Hilliers conjugum. natam die 29 Januarii 1825. Sponsores fuere Sarah Rowe et Josephus Rowe J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Catharina Burke) Die 20 Martii 1825 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Patritii Burke et Sarah McCann conjugum. natam die 10 Februarii 1825. Sponsores fuere Michael Welsh et Ellen Hearn J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Jacobus Wolfe) Die 6 Martii 1825 baptizavi Jacobum filium Petri Wolfe et Maria: Chis sell conjffi natum die 23 Februarii 1825. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Hardin et Maria Hall J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Ellen White) Die 7 Martii 1825 baptizavi Ellen filiam Archibald White et Birgitta: Mahony conjugum: natam die 9 Februarii 1825 Sponsores fuere J oannes Cunningham et Margarita Shaughnessy Joannes Russell Misss ApCUS (Maria Lynch) Die 9 Martii 1825 baptizavi Mariam filiam Patritii Lynch et Anna: Higgins conjugum, natam die 10 Martii 1825. Sponsores fuere Michael Glynn et Margarita Flinn J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Joannes Cooke) Die 20 Martii 1825 baptizavi sub conditione Joaimem filium Josephi Cooke et Anna: White* conjugum. natum die 3 Martii 1825. Matrina fuit Catharina Kenny J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS [po 104J (Maria Hanley) Die 10 Aprilis 1825 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Hanley et Maria: Barrett, conjugum: natam die 5 Aprilis 1825. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Keating et Maria Igo J oannes Russell Miss s Ap CUS (Anna Conroy) Die 10 Aprilis 1825 baptizavi Annam filiam Patritii Conroy et Birgitta: Lynan, conjugum: natam die 3 10 Aprilis 1825. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Henley et Joanna Kaye J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Maria Farrel) Die 10 Aprilis baptizavi Mariam filiam Patritii Farrel et Birgitta: McGovern conjugum: natam die 2do Aprilis 182r>. Matrina fuit Catharina Gallaughan Joannes Russell Miss s Apcu s

* Or possibly

â&#x20AC;˘ \Vhile.'



(Maria MCSweeney) Die 12 Aprilis 1825 baptizavi Mariam filiam Danielis MCSweeney et Joannre Sullivan conjugum: natam die 3 10 Aprilis 1825. Sponsores fuere Maria Palmer et Patritius Hynes Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Anna Hodgson) Die [date omittedJ Aprilis 1825 anna Domini IH25 [sieJ omissis cceremoniis baptizavi Mariam Annam Hodgson filiam J osephi Hodgson et [2 ems. blank J McGennis Con jugum: natam die [2 ems. blank ] Aprilis 1825. Matrina fuit Maria Locke J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Gulielmus Browne) Die 10 Maii 1825 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Gulielmi Browne et Susannre Clarke con jugum : natum die 5 Maii 1825. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Riley et Ellen Harvey J oannes Russell Miss 8 ApCUS (Maria Tormy) Die 29 Maii ]825 baptizavi Mariam filiam Michaelis Tormy et Marire Daley conjugum: natam die 20 Maii 1825. Sponsores fuere Malachy Burns et Margarita Burns J oannes Russell Misss ApcUS (Jacobus Keefe) Die 11 Junii 1825 baptizavi Jacobum filium Michaelis Keefe et Birgittre Moore conjugum: natum die 3 10 Junii 1825. Sponsores fuere Terentius Cassidy et Anna Purcell J oannes Russell Misss ApcUti [po 105J (Joannes Hunt) Die 19 Junii 1825 baptizavi Joannem filium Mauritii Hunt et Annre Kegley conjugum: natum die 15 June 1825. Sponsores fuere Georgius et Margarita Nailor J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUti (J oannes Farrel) Die 6 J ulii 1825 baptizavi J oannem filium Th omre Farrel et Mary Dwyer conjugum: natum die 4 Julii 1825. Sponsores fuere J oannes Butler et Anna Buckley Joannes Russell Miss 8 Ap CUO (Maria Anna Lynn) Die 7 0 Julii 1825 baptizavi (sub conditione) Mariam Annam filiam Gulielmi Lynn et Ellen Monks conjugum: natam die 16 Octobris 1824. Matrina fuit Catharina Roper. J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS (Patritius Byrne) Die 31 0 J ulii 1825 baptizavi Patritium filium Michaelis Byrne et Catharinre Miler, Con jugum: natum die 21 J ulii 1825. Sponsores tuere Michael 0 Brian et Anna MCDurmot. J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUO (Jacobus Balay) Die 10 Augusti 1825 baptizavi Jacobum filium Joannis Malay et Marire Callaghan conjugum: natum die 30 10 J ulii 1825. Sponsores tuere Petrus Dowling et Anna Gilroy J oannes Russell Miss s ApcUS (Pat: Ed w Loobey) Die 10 Augusti 1825 baptizavi Patritium Edwardum filiun l Patritii Loobey et Margaritre Roach conjugum: natum die 25 J ulii 1825. Sponsores tuere Michael Foley et Francisca Evans J oannes Russell Miss8 ApCUO (J acobus Sweeny) Die 15 Augusti 1825 baptizavi J acobum filium Jacobi Sweeny et Louisre Gaynor conjugum: natum die 4 Augusti 1825 Sponsores fuere Georgius Sweeny et Maria Rogers J oannes Russell Miss s ApCUS



(Maria Stokes) Die 21 0 Augusti 182llbaptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Stokes et Birgittre Ford, conjugum: natam die 20 Augusti 1825. Sponsores fuere Josephus et Sarah Rowe Joannes Russell Misss ApcUS [po 106J (Ma,rgarita Murphy) .Die 31 Augusti 1825 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Stephani Murphy et Honorre Lyons con jugum: natam die 19 Augusti 1825. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Foley et Maria Fitzgerald Joannes .Russell M.A. (Hannah Row) Die 27 Augusti 1825 sub conditione baptizavi Hannah ,Row filiam JoS'ephi Row ' et Sarre .SarraI conjugum. Hannah nata fuit die 13 Novembris A.D. J815 , J oannes Russell M.A. (Ellen Hayes) Die 25 Septembris 1825 baptizavi Ellen filiam Dionysii Bayes et Marire ·Toomy cor~jugum: natam die 18 Septembris 18.25. Sponsores fuere Michael Slattery et Maria Locke J oannes Russell M.A. (Joannes Creagh) Die .20 Octobris 1825 baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis Creagh et Margaritre Higgins conjugum: natum die 21 Septembris 1825. Sponsores fuere Patritius MeGuire et Margarita 'Riley J pannes Russell M.A. (Anna Smith) Die 17 Octobris 1825 baptizavi sub conditione Annam filiam Jacobi Smith et Annre Lotty conjugum: natam die 13 N ovembris .1824. Sponsores fuere Ambiosius Discaciati et Maria Locke J oannes Russell M.A. (Elizabeth Flarherty [sic]) Die 30 Octobris 1825 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Brian "Flaherty et Judith Banks conjugum: natam die 29 Octobris 1825. Sponsores fuere Josephus et Sarah Row J oannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus Allen) Die 6 Novembris 1825 baptizavi sub conditione Gulielmum filium Jacobi Allen et Elizabeth ':Nash: natum die 15 S~ptembris 1822. Sponsores fuere Josephus et ·Sarah Row J oannes Russell M.A. (Sarah Allen) Die 6 N ovembris 1825 baptizavi 'Saram filiam Jacobi Allen et Elizabeth Nash: natam die 16 Octobris 1825. Sponsores fuere Josephus Row et Sarah ·Row J oannes Russell M.A. [po 107J (Anna Carter) Die II Decembris 1825 baptizavi Annam filiam Georgii Carter et Marire lKinsley conjugum: natam die 30 Octobris 1825. Sponsores fuere Josephus Baldwin et Maria Linnington J oannes Russell M.A. 1826 (Gulielmus .Rogers) Die 10 Januarii 1826, sub 'c onditione baptizavi Gulielmum filium Gulielmi Rogers et Annre Shannon conjugum: natum die 15 Novembris 1821 Joannes Russell M.A. (Rosa Cassidy) Die 23 J anuarii 1826 baptizavi Rosam filiam Edwardi Cassidy et Birgittre :Bl'annan con jugum: natam die 20 Januarii 1826. Sponsores fuere Patritius Roarke [sic] et Eliza Morning J oannes Russell M.A. M'



(Anna Connor) Die 28 J anuarii 1826 baptizavi Annam filiam Thoma: Connor et Maria: Doran conjugum: natam die 23 J anuarii 1826 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus MCGoldrick et Margarita Craigh Joannes Russell M.A. (J oannes Duignan) Die 28 J anuarii 1826 baptizavi J oannem filium Thoma: Dllignan et Anna: Mighan conjugum: natum die 26 J anuarii 1826. Sponsores fuere Thomas Connor et Rosa Quail J oannes Russell M.A. (J oannes Dwyer) Die 5 Februarii 1826 baptizavi J oannem filium Martini Dwyer et Birgitta: Henessy con jugum: natum die 31 Januarii 1826 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Rutledge et Anna Rogers J oannes Russell M.A. (Martinus Farrel) Die 19 Februarii 1826 baptizavi Martinum filium Martini Farrel et Winefrida: Byrne conjugum: natum die 10 Februarii 1826. Sponsores fuere Patritius Buckley, Franciscus BuIst et Sarah BuIst J oannes Russell M.A. (J acobus Bergan) Die 2 0 Martii 1826 baptizavi J acobum filium Patritii Bergan et Birgitta: Cashan, con jugum: natum die 21 Februarii 1826. Sponsores fuere Joannes McGrath et Anna Daley Joannes Russell M.A. [po 108J (Maria Conry) Die 26 Martii 1826 baptizavi Mariam filiam Michaelis Conry et Birgitta: Sweeney conjugum: natam die 24 ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsores fuere Thomas Duignan et Maria Calrey J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna Cornish) Die 31 Martii 1826 baptizavi Annam filiam Jacobi Cornish et Maria: [3 ems. blankJ conjugum natam die 28 ejusdem mensis et anni. Matrina fuit Joanna Eliza Andrews J oannes Russell M.A. (Josephus Gannon) Die 10 Aprilis 1826 baptizavi Josephum filium Michaelis Gannon et Margarita: Denison conjugum: natum die 27 Martii 1826. Sponsores fuere Matha:us Welsh et Maria Clarke Joannes Russell M.A. (Thomas Walsh) Die 3 Maii 1826 baptizavi Thomam filium Edwardi Walsh et Maria: Ryan conjugum: natum die 2 0 Maii 1826 Matrina fuit Maria Locke J oannes Russell M.A. (Edwardus King) Die II Junii 1826 baptizavi Edwardum filium Michaelis King et Harrietta: Preston conj: N atus fuit Edwardus die 13 Maii 1826. Patrinus fuit Robertus King J oannes Russell M.A. (Patritius Dalton) Die 16 Decembris 1826 baptizavi Patritium filium Josephi Dalton et Anna: Kirwan conjugum: natum die 14 Decembris 1826. Patrini fuere Nicholas Nowlan et Maria Fitzgerald J oannes Russell M.A. (Sarah Jane McCormick) Die 17 Decembris 1826 baptizavi Saram J oannam filiam Caroli MCCormick et Birgitta: Tigart conjugum: natam die 23 Novembris 1826. Sponsores fuere Thomas Monaghan et Anna Monaghan J oannes Russell M. A.



(J oannes Hayes) Die 28 J anuarii 1827 baptizavi J oann elll filium Dionysii Hayes et Marice Toomey conjugum: natum die 17 Januarii 1827. Sponsores fuere Joannes 0 Connor et Anna Bush J oannes Russell M.A . [p o 109J 1827 (Josephus V\ olfe) Die 4 Februarii 1827 baptizavi J osephum £Ilium Petri Wolfe et Marice Chessell, conjugum:- natum die 19 J anuarii 1827. Sponsores fuere Carolus Buncombe et Joann a Brading J oannes Russell M.A. (Thomas Walsh) Die 12 Martii 1827 baptizavi sub condition e Thomam filium Edwardi Walsh et Marice Ryan: natum die 2 0 Martii 1826 J oannes Russell (Maria Anna 0 Connor) Die 4 Maii 1827 baptizavi sub conditione Mariam Annam £IIi am Jacobi 0 Connor et Harriettce Hyllier conjugum. natam die 12 Julii 1823. Sponsores fuere Josephu~ & Sarah Rowe J oannes Russell M.A. (Michael Purcell) Die 4 0 Augusti 1827 baptizavi Michael £Ilium Edwardi Purcell et Catharince Dwyer conjugum: natum die 29 Julii 1827 Sponsores fuere Joannes MClnarny et Birgitta Crimmin J oannes Russell M.A. (J ulia Anna Parkinson) Die 25 Augusti 1827 baptizavi J uliam Annam filiam Caroli Parkinson et Julice Annce Jackson conjugum: natam die 15 Augusti 1827. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Keegan et Eliza Keegan J oannes Russell M.A. (Patritius Ahearn) Die 10 Septembris 1827 baptizavi sub conditione Patritium filium Patritii Ahearn et Marice Robinson conjugum; natum die 29 Augusti 1827. Sponsores fuere Mathceus Hogan et Ellen Mulhavill Joannes Russell M.A. (J oannes Shea) Die 21 Septembris 1827 baptizavi J oannem filium Joannis Shea et Marice Mason conjugum: natum die 4 Septembris 1827 Sponsores fuere Joannes Hogan et Ann a P a rkinson J oannes Russell M.A. (Mich Sullivan) Die 10 Odobris 1827 baptizavi Michael £Ilium Patritii Sullivan et Joannce Price conjugum: natum die 29 Septembris 1827 Sponsores fuere Michael Quin et Eliz: Smith J oannes Russell M.A. [po 110J 1827 (Gulielmus Berry) Die 6 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Guliel.mi Berry et Marice Whelan, conjugum: natum die 24 Septembris 1827. Sponsores fuerunt Thomas Pagnam et Judith Pagnam J oannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus Cassidy) Die 7 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Gulielmum £Ilium Jacobi Cassidy et Marice Byrne, conjugum. natum die 23 Septembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Mich: Breen et Anna Mahon J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Anna Keegan) Die 7 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Jacobi Keegan et Elizce Flanegan, conjugum: natam di e 22 Septembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Petrus Mathews et Anna McCow* J oannes Russell M.A.

* Or possibly 'MCCone.'



(Maria Anna Mullens) Die 12 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Jacobi Mullens et Marice Carrol, conjugum: natam die 5 Octobris 1827. Sponsores fuere Timothceus Mullens et Maria Farral Joannes Russell M.A. (Elizabeth Hussey) Die 14 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Philippi lHussey et Carolince Arnmight, conj: natam die 26 Septembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Steven Owens et Margarita Sweeney J oannes Russell M.A. (M~ria Anna Hickey) Die 26 Octobris 1827 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam "David Hickey etElizabeth Jones, natam die 15 Octobris, anna Diii 1827 Sponsores fuere J oannes McCormick et Maria Howley J oannes Russell M.A. (GulielmusScanlan) " Die 11 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Stephani 8caJ1lan et Marice Butterly conjugum: natum die 310 Novembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Joannes Coyle et Maria "Whelan J oannes ~ussell M.A. (Joanna Migan) Die 17 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Joannam filiam Michaelis Migan et "Ellen "Gleeson, conjugum: natam die 7 N ovembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Edmundus Leonard et Anna Gleeson J oannes Russell M.A. rp. Ill] (Catharina Reading) Die 18 Novembris 1827 baptizavi "Catharinam filiam Joannis Reading et Marice Leary, conjugum: natam die .12 N ovembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Joannes Russell M.A. "Ward et Alicia Murphy (Maria , Leonard) Die 19 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Mariam filiam Edmundi Leonard et Marice "Murphy: natam die 17 N ovembris 1827. Sponsores fuere J oannes Wrerem* et Maria Murphy J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna "Hore) Die 21 'Novembris 1827 baptizavi Annam filiam Patritii Hoare, "et Ellen Winn conjm. natam. die [1.5 ems. blank] Novembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Joannes Harrigan et Birgitta Whelan J oannes Russell M.A. (Thomas Hogan) Die 21 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Thomam filium Frederici :Hogan et Annce Cavanagh conjugum: natum die 13 Novembris 1827 Sponsores fuere "Michael Howley et Joanna Hogan J oannes Russell M.A. (Margarita Mahony) Die 23 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Margaritam filiam B utholomcei Mahony et Margaritce Mahar, conjugum: natam die 22 N ovembris 1827. Sponsores fuere J oannes Keating et Margarita Wrenn Joannes Russell M.A. (Sarah Howley) Die 26 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Saram filiam Michaelis -Howley et Marice Hoodman:t conjugum: natam die 20 N ovembris 1827 "Sponsores fuere "Richardus Doris et Maria Berry J oannes Russell M.A. (Thomas Welsh) Die 29 Novembris 1827 baptizavi Thomam filium Cornelii Welsh et Margaritce Corbit conjugum: natum di e

* Or possibly . Urerem.'

If The

. a' has been added above,

"*Or possibly â&#x20AC;˘ Stoodman.'



23 Noverribris 1827. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Hogan et Anna McOwne J oannes Russell M.A. (Patritius Grumley) Die 2 0 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Patrihum filium Patritii Grumley et Catharinre Cooney conjugum: natum die 26 Novembris 1827 Sponsores fuere Jacobus et Anna Fitzmorris J oannes Russell M.A. [po 112J (Daniel Hogan) Die 2 Decembris' 1827 baptizavi Danielem £Ilium Patritii Hogan et Alicire Cahill, conjugum : natum die 27 N ovembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Edmundus Pine et Margarita Coghlan ' Joannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus James) Die 9 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Gulielmum £Ilium Gulielmi James et Marire Annre Baker conjugum: natum die 7 N ovembris 1827 Matrina fuit Eliza James J oannes Russell M.A. (Elizabeth MCDole) Die 19 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Elizabeth £Iliam Mathrei MCDole et Margaritre Barny, conjugum: natam die 8 Decembris 1827 Sponsores fuere Jacobus Nealon et Anna Madden J oannes Russell M.A. (Joannes Megan) Die 22 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Joannem filium Thomre Megan et Annre Hagerty, conjugum: natum die 7 Novembris 1827. Sponsores iuere Jacobus Mannaon et Maria Leonard J oannes Russell M.A. (Ross-Josephus Mahon) Die 23 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Ross-Josephum £Ilium Francisci Malion et Annre FliDn 1conjugum: natum die 15 Decembris 1827 Sponsores fuere Bartholomreus Wrin, Patritius Ward, et Julia Webster Joannes- Russell M.A . . (Maria Owen) Die 24 Decembris 1827 baptizavi Mariam £Iliam Stephani Owen et Matildre Dunnegan.conjugum: natam die 20 Decembris 1827. Sponsores fuere Michael Breen et Anna McOwne J oannes Russell M.A. 1828 (Catharina Burke) Die 13 J anuarii 1828 baptizavi Catharinam £Iliam Thomre Burke et Marire Brookes, conjugum: natam die 12 J anuarii 1828. Sponsores fuere Arthur Brookes et Maria Armstrong J oannes Russell M.A. (Margarita Hill) Die 14 J anuarii 1828 baptizavi Margaritam £Iliam Joannis Hill et Ellen Neil conjugum: natam die 13 Januarii 1828. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Berry et Joanna Lyons J oannes Russell M.A. [po 113J (Elizabeth Smith) Die 14 J anuarii 1828 baptizavi Elizabeth £Iliam Gulielmi Smith et Annre BYme, conjugum: natam die 16 Octobris 1827. Sponsores fuere Joannes Hill et Birgitta MCKay Joannes Russell M.A. (Daniel Callaghan) Die 27 J anuarii 1828 baptizavi Danielem £Ilium Joannis Callaghan et Marire MCCarthy, conjugum: natum die 17 Januarii 1828'; Sponsores fuere Georgius Ford, Anna Smith et Ellen Cain J oannes Russell M.A.



(Joanna Hughes) Die 27 Januarii 1828 baptizavi Joannam filiam Thomc.e Hughes et Maric.e Moore, conjugum: natam die 21 Januarii 1828. Sponsores tuere Thomas MCDonnell et Maria Callaghan · J oannes Russell M.A. (Patritius Hogan) Die 27 J anuarii 1828 baptizavi Patritium filium Joannis Hogan et Marire Harney, conjugum: natum rlie 17 J anuarii 1828. Sponsores fuere J oannes MClnhearney et Maria McCain J oannes Russell M.A. (Catharina Horrogan) Die 4 Februarii 1828 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Joannis Horrogan et Marire Sheahee, conjugum: natam die 29 J anuarii 1828. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Kelly et Ellenor Hoare J oannes Russell M.A. (Laurentius H. Green) Die 6 Februarii 1828 baptizavi Laurentium-Henricum fiJiuln Laurentii-Henrici Green et Hannah Dyer, conjugum: natum die 23 Maii 1826. Sponsores fuere J oannes Russell et Maria Locke J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Delaney) Die 10 Februarii 1828 baptizavi Mariam £Iliam Gulielmi Delaney et Marire Kilpeck conjugum: natam die 21 J anuarii 1828 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Leo et Eliza James J oannes Russell M.A. (Georgius J. Green) Die 22 Februarii 1828 baptizavi Georgium Jacobum £Ilium Laurentii-Henrici Green et Hannah Dyer, conjugum: natum die [I em. blankJ Februarii 1828. Sponsores (per procurationem) fuere Georgius Farrel et Birgitta Tysan* J oannes Russell M.A. [po 114J (Thomas Keogh) Die 28 Februarii 1828 baptizavi Thomam £Ilium Patritii Keogh et Marire Linnahan· conjug m : natum die 23 Februarii 1828. Sponsores fuere Jeremiah Luther Thomas Fitzgerald et Ellen Fitzgerald J oannes Russell M.A: (Maria Dwyer) Die II Martii 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi Dwyer et Marire Madden, conjug m : natam die 9 Martii 1828. Sponsores fuere Thomas Lader et Margarita McNamara J oannes Russell M.A. (Patritius Scanlan) Die 14 Martii 1828 baptizavi Patritium filium Michaelis Scanlan et Margaritre Evans, conjugum: natum die 6 Martii 1828. Sponsores fuere Carolus Knight et Honora Shiel J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Keogh) Die 26 Martii 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Petri Keogh et Marire Morrissey conjugum: natam die 24 Martii 1828 Sponsores fuere Morgan Madden et Maria Reading J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Pine) Die 27 Martii 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Edmundi Pine et Catharinre Conway, con jugum: natam die 25 Martii 1828. Sponsores fuere Dionysius Sullivan et Catharina Keating J oannes Russell M.A.

* Doubtful reading.


(Maria Quin) Die 12 Aprilis 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Michaelis Quin et Catharin ~ Leonard con jugum: natam die 12 Aprilis 1828. Sponsores fuere Michael Breen et Margarita Connor J oannes Russell M.A. (Jacobus Fitzmorris) Die II Maii 1828 baptizavi Jacobum filium Jacobi Fitzmorris et Ann~ Brumel conjugum: natum die 4 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Barry et Catharina Grumley J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Tunny) Die 14 Maii 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Gulielmi Tunny et Siby Finn, conjugum: natum die 3 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere Petrus Myland et Maria Burke J oannes Russell M.A. [po II5] (Joannes Lyon) Die 19 Maii 1828 baptizavi Joannem filium Danielis Lyon et Joann~ Andraghan conjugum natum die 12 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Frost et Anna McCarthy J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria MClnarney) Die 24 Maii 1828 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis McInarney et Birgitt~ Crimmin, conjugum: natam die 19 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere Patritius Ahern et Maria Leonard J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna Devit) Die 26 Maii 1828 baptizavi Annam filiam Michaelis Devit et Ellen Mulvihill, conjugum: natam die 23 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere J oannes Lellis et Ellen Danahar Joannes Russell M.A. (Margarita Dunn) Die 2t> Maii 1828 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Joannis Dunn et Mari~ McNamara, con jugum: n atam die 25 Maii 1828. Sponsores fuere J oannes Burke et Maria Anna Coates J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna Kelly) Die 27 J unii 1828 baptizavi Annam filiam Michaelis KellY et Margarit~ Hind, conjugum: natam die 19 J unii 1828 Sponsores fuere Patritius Keogh et Siby Finn Joannes Russell M.A. (Michael Cleary) Die 5 Julii 1828 baptizavi Michaelem filium Laurentii Cleary et Mari~ Reedy conjugum: natum die 30 J unii 1828 Sponsores fuere Math~us McCarthy et Maria Horrogan J oannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus Webster) Die 5 Julii 1828 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Joannis Webster et Judith Dunn conj m: natum die 3 J ulii 1828 Sponsores fuere Franciscus Mahon et Anna Mahon J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna Doyle) Die 6 J ulii 1828 baptizavi Annam filiam Patritii Doyle et Ann ~ Rossin con jugum: natam die 5 J ulii 1828. Sponsores fuere J oannes et Ellen Doyle J oannes Russell M.A. [po II6] (Franciscus McLaughlan [sic]) Die 27 Octobris 1828 baptizavi Edwin Franciscum filium Hugonis McLaughlin et Eliz~ Fancy con jugum: natum die 2 Octobris 1828. Matrina fuit Maria Edwards J oannes Russell M.A.



(Joannes Allen) Die 27 Octobris 1828 baptizavi filium (cui nomen J oannes) Jacobi Allen et Elizabeth Nash: natum die 12 Octobris 1828. Sponsores fuere Josephus et Sarah Rowe . Joannes Russell M.A. (Carolus Discacciati) Die 9 Decembris 1828 baptizavi Carolum Norbertum filium Caroli Ambrosii Discacciati et Mari a; Woolfrey conjugum: natum eodem die et anno. Sponsores fuere Josephus et Maria Woolfrey Joannes Russell M.A. (Catharina Bolan) Die 28 Decembris 1828 baptizavi Catharinam filiam Patritii Bolan et Annre Connor, con jugum: natam die 4 Decembris 182ft Sponsores fuere Michael Ryan et Honora Callaghan J oannes Russell M.A. 1829 (Patritius MCBride) Die 2 0 J anuarii 1829 baptizavi Patritium filium Jacobi MCBride et Birgittce Whelan, conjugum: natum die 10 J anuarii 1829. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Catharina Regan Joannes Russell M.A. (Elizabeth Wolfe) Die 4 0 Januarii 1829 baptizavi Elizabeth filiam Petri Wolfe et Marire Annre Chessell con jugum: natam die 29 Decembris 1828. Sponsores fuere Samuel LeUi et Anna Fitzpatrick J oannes Russell M.A. (Margarita Rogers) Die 25 J anuarii 1829 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Henrici Rogers et Annre McGourk conjugum: natam die 5 Januarii 1829. Sponsores fuere Joannes Scanlan et Anna Noble Joannes Russell M.A. (Jacobus Clohosy) Die 25 Januarii 1829 baptizavi Jacobum filium Patritii Clohosy et Ellen Green conjugum: natum die 18 J anuarii 1829. Sponsores fuere Mitchell Devitt et Sarah Johnson Joannes Russell M.A. [po 117J (Maria Anna Doyle) Die 9 Februarii 1829 baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Joannis Doyle et Catharinre Kelly conjugum: natam die 29 Januarii 1820. Sponsores fuere Thomas Derham et Catharina Clarke J oannes Russell M.A. (Susanna Doran) Die 10 Martii 1829 cceremonias omissas snpplevi Susannre, filire Arthuris Doran et Margaritre Byrne, conjugum, dudum baptizatre et die 13 Decembris 1828 natce. Sponsores fuere Thomas 0 Brian et Sarah Carr J oannes Russell M.A. (Anna Mahoney) Die 10 Martii 1829 baptizavi Annam filiam Jacobi Mahoney et Judith Byrne, conjugum natam die 5 Januarii 1829. Sponsores fuere Patritius Campbell et Margarita Thomson Joannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus Mullins) Die 6 Aprilis 1829 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Timothrei Mullins et Annre Tailor con jugum: natum die 6 Aprilis 1829. Sponsores fuere Patritius Brady et Elizabeth Brady Joannes Russell M.A. (Jacobus Mullins) Die 8 Aprilis 1829 baptizavi Jacobum filium Timothrei Mullins et Annre Tailor conjugum: natum die 7 Aprilis 1829 Matrina fuit Maria 0 Neil Joannes Russell M.A.



(Maria Killeen) Die 1~ Aprilis 1829 baptizavi Mariam £lJiam Jacobi Killeen et Ann <£ Seery, con jugum : natam die 12 Aprilis 1829 Sponsores fuere Edwardus Conaghton et Ell n Cook Joannes Russell M.A. (Gulielmus McNeil) Die 3 Maii 1829 baptizavi Gulielmum filium Caroli McNeil et Francisc<£ Davis, con jugum: natum die 27 Aprilis 182~ . Sponsores fuere Patritius Murphy t Anna McCue J oannes Russell M.A. (Maria Anna King) Die 31 Maii 182~ baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Michaelis King ct Harriett<£ Squib, conjugum: natam die 9 Decembris 1828. Sponsores fHere Rohertus et Elizabeth King . Joannes Russell M.A. [p o 1I8J (] oanna Kimber) Die 1 J unii lR29 baptizavi J oal:~ nam filiam Danielis Kimber et Catharin a: Ryan, conjug1l1l1: natam die 1 Aprilis 1828. Matrina fuit Maria Linnington Joannes Russell M.A. (Marg: McCarthy) Die 7 J unii 1829 baptizavi Margarit am filiam Florentii McCarthy et Margaritce* conjugum: natam dir 5 Junii 1829. Sponsores fuere Samuel Gallaghar et Maria Anna Derrick ~Rd C. Degrenthe pretrc (Maria Purfield) Die 12 J ulii 1829 baptizavi Mariam £lliam Laurentii Purfield et Catharin <£ Wall, conjugum: natam die ;) Julii 1829. Sponsores fuere Joannes Doyle et Ellen Clohosey (264-) J oannes Russell M.A. [In the Rev. S. Dambrine's handJ

(Maria Garvy) Die 26 Julii 1829 Baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis Garvy & Ellen Kelly Conjugum: natam die 22 J unii 1829. Sponsores fuere J oannes Manners & Maria Jones. Stephanus Dambrine M.A. (Marg: MCHern) Die 26 J ulii 1829 Creremonias Baptismales Supplevi Margarit~ fili(t, Neile McKern rsicJ & Catherin<£ Kennedy, conjugum, olim a patre propter urgens periculum baptizat<£ & die 10 Martii 1829 natce. Sponsores fuere Petrus Burke & Jane Tailor. Stephan us Dambrine M.A. (] oannes Manhon) Die 27 J ulii 1829 Baptizavi J oannem filium Petri McManhon [sic] & Mari<£ Rorch conjugum natam Die 21 Junii 1829. Sponsores fuere Joannes Foley & Margarita White. Stephen Dambrine M.A. (Catherina Faanny) Die 9 Augusti 1829 Baptizavi Catherinam filiam Petri Faanny & Mari<£ Shavlin conjugum, natam 30 Julii 1829. Sponsores fuere Timotheus Mullin & Anna Mullin Stephen Dambrine M.A. (]oannes Keenan) Die 16 Augusti 1829 Baptizavi Joann em Filium Patricii Keenan & Marice McCarthy Conjugum, natam Die 15 Augusti 1829. Sponsores fuere Joannes McCarthy & Elizabeth vVoods Stephanl1s Dambrin e M.A

* Surname omitted. ~

Signature alone in Abbe Degrenthe's hand.



[Po 119J (James Clarke) Die 6 Septembris 1829 Baptizavi Jacobum filium Michaelis Clarke & Catherin~ Fewry* conjugum, natum Die 29 Augusti 182!1. Sponsores fuere Thomas Durham, & Elizabeth Brady ' (6) Stephanus Dambrine A.M. [In the Rev. John Sidden's hand] (Margarita Turner) Die 14. Martii 1829 nata et die 18 SepF 1829 bapbzata fuit Margarita Turner, filia Elizabeth et Henrici Turner Conjugum. Matrina fuit ,Maria Kenning . a me Joanne Sidden Missionario Apco (Catharine \Velch) Die 22 Septr. 1829 baptizavi Catharinam flliam Hannah et Martini Welch Conjugum, natam die 10 Septr ] H2!1. Sponsores fuere Hearne~ Haffart~ et Maria Lenington J oannes Sidden M.A. :I:(J ane Herney~) Die 9 Octr 1829 baptizavi J oannam Herney,~ filiam Ann<£ et Ricardi Herney, ~ Conjugum, natam 2 Octr 182~, Sponsores fuere Dionysius McCabe et Joanna Dillon J oannes Sidden Missions Ap cus (Robert Thompson) Die 4 Oct 1829 Baptizavi Robertum filium Gulielmi et Margarit~ Thompson Con jugum: natum die 18 Septr 1829: Sponsores fuere Ricardus Herney~ et Judith Vigo J oannes Sidden Mission. Apcus (Thomas MCMannis) Die 4 Octr 1829 Baptizavi Thomam filium Caroli et Ann~ McMannis Conjugum: natum die 27 Septr 1829 Sponsores fuere Patricius Duffey et Maria Laghnan ~ Joannes Sidden Mission us Ap. (Catharine Shelley) Die 4 Oct. 1829 Baptizavi Catharinam filiam Thom~ et - Shelley Conjugum, natam die 28 Septf. 1829 Sponsores fuere Farrell Hand§ et Anna Noble J oannes Sidden M.A. :I:(William Ready) Die 18 Septr 1829 Baptizavi Gulielmum, fihum Jacobi et Judith Ready Conjugum, natum die 2 Septrls 182!1 Sponsores fuere Michael Ron ey et Maria Haggerty§ (7) Joannes Sidden M.A. [In the Rev. C. V. Dowling's handJ (George Barry) Die 18 Dec:embris* * Baptisavi Georgium Barry filium Gulielmi et Mari~ Conjugum natum die 2 a Maii 1827 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus et Catharina Regan C. V. Dowling (Hugh Ward) Die 25 Decembris* * baptisavi Hugonem filium Hugonis et Mari<£ Ward conjugum natum die die [sicJ 17 Novembris sponsores fuere Patricius Cassidy et Maria Shanahan C. V. Dowling

* Doubtful

reading; may be ' Fenry .' All doubtful readings. This is a v ery small hand. and it is difficult to see wh ether the initial letter in most of th ese words is ' H ' or not. :I: Not in chronological ord er. § Initial • H' doubtful. 1829' omitted. ~




[Po 120J (Catharine Regan) Die 25 a Decembris Baptisavi Catharinam Regan filiam Gulielmi et Catharince natam die 3 11a Octobris Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Barry et Maria Keelly* C. V. Dowling 1830 (J ames Oulahan) Die lOrna J anuarii 1830 Baptisavi J acobum filium Hugonis et Margarita: Oulahan conjugum natum die 7 a Januarii 1830 Sponsores fuere Thomas MCEvoy et Anna Reynolds C. V. Dowling (J ohn Doyle) Die 14 a J anuarii 1830 Baptisavi J oannem filium Joannis Doyle et Catharince conjugum natum die 1 a J anuarii ,1830 Sponsores fuere S Sarney et Catharin a Sarney C. V. Dowling (Bridget Dwyer) Die 30 a Januarii 1830 Baptisavi Brigittam filiam Thoma: et Catharina: Dwyer conjugum natum die 29 Januarii 1830 sponsores fuere Laurentius Purfield et Catharina Purfield C. V. Dowling (John 0 Neil) Die 31 a Januarii 1830 Baptisavi Joannem filium Joannis et Maria: 0 Neil conjugum natum die 21 a Januarii 1830 Sponsores fuere J oannes Kenedy et Catharina Clarke C. V. Dowling (Jane Kane) Die 7 a Martii 1830 Baptisavi Joannam filiam Jacobi et Maria: Kane Conjugum natam die lOrna Januarii 1830 Sponsores fuere Michael Burke et Catharina Mullin C. V. Dowling (J ames Coyle) Die 17 a Aprilis 1830 Baptisavi J acobum filium Joannis et Martha: Coyle conjugum natum die 13 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere Dyonisius et Maria Clary C. V. Dowling [po 121 J (Bridget Guerton) Die 18 a Aprilis* Baptisavi Birgittam filiam Jacobi et Maria: Guerton conjugum natam die 15 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere Thomas Fitzgerald et Maria Ellis C. V. Dowling (William Bultin) Die 18 a Aprilis* Baptisavi Gulielmum filium Roberti et Anna: Bultin natum die 12 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere J oannes 0 Connor et Rebecca Stuart C. V. Dowling (James Bryan) Die 25 a Aprilis* baptisavi Jacobum filium Patricii et Maria: Bryan conjugum natum die 14 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere Vincentius Hunt et Margarita Sweeny C. V. Dowling (Hugh Suran) Die 4 a Maii 1830 baptisavi Hugonem filium Gulielmi et Anna: Suran Conjugum natum die 29 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere J oannes Flanagan et Catharina Ahern C. V. Dowling

* Possibly' Heelly'

or ' Keelty.' 1830' omitted.




(John Rafferty) Die lla Maii 1830 baptisavi Joannem filium Roberti et Margarittce Rafferty conjugum natum die 30 a Aprilis 1830 Sponsores fuere Timotheus Buckley et Maria Walsh C. V. Dowling (Mary Power) Die 30 a Maii 1830 baptisavi Mariam filiam Joannis et Catharince Power conjugum natam die 28 a Februarii 1830 Sponsores fuere Daniel Curtis et Margaritta Burns (15) C. V. Dowling rIn the Rev. Joseph G. Robson's hand] (Bridget Flanagan) Die loa Julii 1830 baptizavi Birgittam Flanagan filiam Faulkener & Catharince Flanagan conjugum natam die 14 ma Junii 1830 Patrinus fuit Joannes Duigh matrina Anna Swan J. G. Robson Miss Apos (Mary Blake) Die 17 ma Julii 1830 Baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis & Annre Blake conjugum, natam die 7 ma Julii hujus anni. Patrinus fuit Joannes McGinn, Matrina Susanna Cooper Josephus Georgius R-obson Miss. Apost. [po 122] 1830 (Michael Sweeny) Die 28 va Augusti 1830 baptizavi Michaelem filium Patritii & Margaritce Sweeny conjugum natum die 17 ma Augusti ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit John Deegan matrina Ellenah Connor J. G. Robson Miss. Apost. (Margarit Harley) Die 12 Septembris 1830 baptizavi Margarittam filiam Jeremiah Harley et Marice Harley conjugum natam die 7 ma ejusdem mensis 1830. Patrinus fuit Daniel Cleary Matrina Catharina Flanagan J. G. Robson Miss¡ Apos (Miuy Collins) Die 25 Septembris 1830 Baptizavi sub conditione Mariam filiam Jacobi Collins & Marice Conolly conjugum. natam die 15 ta Augusti ejusdem anni Matrina fuit Maria Limmington Josephus Geo. Robson Miss A p Die 25 Novembris 1830 Baptizavi (William Pickering) Guglielmllm [sic] filium Joannis Pickering & Annce Jennings (conjugum) natum die 2 da hujus mensis ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Thomas Clancy Matrina Maria Kenny Joseph Georgius Robson M.A. (J ohn ThO Merit) Die 25 ta Decembris 1830 Baptizavi sub conditione Joannem Thomam filium Joannis & [2 cms. blankJ Merit conjugum. natum Die 24 ta Novembris ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Patricius Kenny Matrina Catharina Kenny Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Margaret O'Connor) Die 26 ta Decembris 1830 Baptizavi Margaritam filiam Joannis O'Connor & Margaritce O'Connor olim Gainer conjugum natam die 20 Novembris ejusdem anni Matrina fuit Elizabeth Walker Josephus Georgius Robson M.A. [A space, 4.5 cms. deep, blank at the foot of the page.] [po 123J 1831


'fC Query: "eete Linnington.?



(John Ben jamin Clevo) Die I ma Januarii 1831 Baptizavi sub conditione Joannem Benjamin filium Joannis & Joanna:! Clevo con jugum natum die 28 va Februarii 1829. Patrinus fuit _ Joannis [sicJ Raffaello Josephus GeOl-gius Robson M.A . (Honora Stack) Die 20 ma Februarii 1831 Baptizavi Honoram filiam Edmundi & Ellen Stack conjugum natam die 20 ma Januarii 1831. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Linnington Matrina -Maria Linnington Josephus Georgius Robson M.A. (Ellen Dacy) Die II rna J ulii 1831 Baptizavi Ellen filiam Caroli & Birgitta: Dacy conjugum natam die 7 rna ejusdem mensis 1831. Matrina fuit Maria Dignum Josephus Georgius Robson M.A. (John -MCHenry) Die 17 ma Augusti 1831. Baptizavi J oanr.em filium Joannis & Maria: McHenry conjugum natum die 24 to Junii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Joannes Murphy, matrina Dorothea Hind Josephus Georgius Robson M.A. (WaIter Ballay West) Die llma Septembris 1831. Baptizavi Walterium Ballay West filium Samuelis & Elizabeth West conjugum. natum die 7 rna mensis Martii ejusdem anni. Matrina fuit Joanna West. Jos. Geo. Robson M.A. (James Woolfe) Die 2 da mensis Octobris 1831. baptizavi Jacobum filium Petri et Maria: Woolfe conjugum natum die 30 Septembris ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Allen Matrina Maria Coni Jos. Geo. Robson M.A. (Francis Kennedy) Die 20 ma mensis Octobris 1831 baptizavi Franciscum filium Edwardi et Rosa: Kennedy Conjugum natum die 6 ta Octobris ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Joannes MCHenry Jos. Geo, Robson M.A. [po 124J 1832 (John Coni [written above PodestaJ ) Die 10 ma mensis Februarii 1832 baptizavi J oannem filium Domenici Coni & Maria: Murphy conjugum natum hodie. Patrinus fuit Joannes Roscelli, MatrinCt_ Anna Bush Jos. Geo. Robson M.A. (Charlotte Welsh) Die 12 ma mensis Martii 1832 baptizavi ommissis [sic J ceremoniis solemnioribus Carolettam filiam Joannis & Maria: Welsh conjugum, natam die 7 ma mensis Februarii ejusdem anni -Patrinus fuit Joannes MCHenry Matrina Maria MCHenry Jos. Geo. Robson M.A. (Margeret Cooper) Die 5 ta mensis Aprilis A.D. 1832 baptizavi Margaritam filiam Hugonis & Margarita: Cooper conjugum, natam die 26 ta mensis Martii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Kennedy Matrina Rosa -Kennedy Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Thomas Clancy) Die 8 va mensis Aprilis 1832 baptizavi -sine ceremoniis Thomam filium Thoma: & Margarita: Clancy natum die 29 na mensis Martii ejusdem anni. Josephus Robson M.A. (William Maen) Hodie die 21 ma mensis Octobris A.D. 1832. baptizavi Gulielmum filium Edwardi et Sarah lll&en conjugum;



natum die 27 11la mensis Augusti ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Georgius Carter Matrina Hannah Rowe Josephus GeOl'gius Robson M.A. IA blank space, 5 ems . deep, at the foot of the page.J [po 125J 1833 (J ane Cooper) Hodie die 3 tia mensis Augusti A.D. 1833 bapt iza vi J oannam filiam H ugonis Cooper et Margarit a: Murray con jugum natam die 19 na mensis Julii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Robertus Fainnell Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. rThe- space for the next entry, 5.5 ems. deep, has been left blank.J 1834 (Mary Brien) Hodie die 29 na mensis Aprilis A.D . 1834 Baptizavi Mariam filiam Mauritii Brien et Maria: Dacey conjugum natam die 30 ma mensis Januarii ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Joannes Murphy Matrina Ellen Murphy Jos. Geo. Robson M.A. (Laurence Coni [written above PodestaJ) Hodie die lIma mensis Maji A.D. IS34 Baptizavi Laurentium filium Domenici Coni et Maria: Murphy conjugum natum die 10 ma ejusdem mensis et ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Laurent Brinnon Matrina Catharina Kenny J os. Geo. Robson M.A. (J ames Thomas Shipton) Die lOrna mensis Augusti A.D. 1834. Baptizavi Jacobum Thomam filium Jacobi et Elizabeth Shipton conjugum natum die 12 rna mensis Maji ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit J oannes Welch Matrina Maria Linnington J os. Geo. Robson M.A. [po 126J 1834 (Margaret Goodfellows) Die 22 da mensis Septembris A.D. 1834 baptizavi Margarittam filiam Joannis et Sarah Goodfellows (quondam Smith) conjugum, natum [sic] die 21 ma mensis Julii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Linnington; Matrina Maria Linnington Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Michael William Walsh) Die 27 ma mensis Octobris A.D . 1834 Baptizavi Michaelem Guglielmum filium Joannis et Maria: Walsh conjugum natum die 31 ma mensis Augusti ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit J oannes Murphy Matrina Ellen Murphy Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (George Self) Die 9na mensis Novembris A.D. 1834 Baptizavi Georgium filium Jeremiah et Sarah Self conjugum natum die 12 ma mensis Octobris ej usdem anni. Matrina fuit Anne Self . Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (John Collins) Die 23 tia mensis Novembris A.D. 1834 baptizavi joannem filium Joannis et Honora: Collins conjugum, natum die 25 ta mensis Octobris ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Petrus Woolf Matrina Maria Linnington Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Edwardum Meehen) Die 2 da mensis Aprilis A.D. 1835 baptizavi Edwardum filium Edwardi et Sarah Meehen conjugum natum die decima sexta mensis Februarii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit [8 ems. blankJ Matrina [10 ems. blankJ josephus Geo. Robson M.A.



[Po 127J 1835 (William Pine) Die 3 tia mensis Maji A.D. 1835 baptizavi Guglielmum £Ilium Patritii Pine & Sarah Pine conjugum natum die 13 tia mensis Aprilis ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit ] osephus Rowe Matrina Anna Linnington ] osephus Geo. Robson M.A. Die 3 tia mensis Maji A.D. 1835 ommissis (Thomas Pine) ceremoniis baptizavi Thomam £Ilium Patritii Pine & . Sarah Pine conjugum natum die [3 .5 ems. blankJ Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Elizabeth Sarah Pine) Die 3 tia mensis Maji A.D. 1835 baptizavi sub conditione ommissis ceremoniis E lizabeth Sarah £Iliam . Patritii Pine & Sarah P ine conjugum natam die 25 Martii 1827 Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (J ohn 0 Donnell) Die 28 va mensis Decembris 1835. Baptizavi Joannem £Ilium Michaelis et Marice 0 Donnell conjugum natum die 24 ta mensis Octobris 1835 Patrinus fui t J oannes Goodfellows Matrina Catharina Kenny Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (John Golding) Die 29 na mensis Decemblis 1835 ommissis ceremoniis baptizavi Joannem £Ilium Thomce et Lydice Golding Conjugum natum die 23 tia mensis Novembris Patrinus fuit J oannes Murphy Matrina Ellen Murphy Josephus Geo. Robson M.A.

[po 128J 1836 (Josephine Mary Symmonds) Die 18 va mensis Januarii 1836 Baptizavi J osephinam Mariam £Iliam Georgii & Marice Symmonds conjugum natam die 28 va mensis Decembris 1835 Patrinus fuit Joannes Murphy Matrina Anna Bush Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (James Barton) Die 13 ti a mensis Martii A.D. 1836 Baptizavi J acobum £Ilium Thomce et Marice Barton con jugum natum die 4 ta mensis Februarii ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Georgius Carter Matrina Maria Carter Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. tia (Caroline Pierce) Die 3 mensis J ulii A.D. 1836 Baptizavi Carloninam [sieJ £IIi am Henrici et Marice Annce Pierce conjugum natam die 7 ma mensis Maji ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe Matrina Sarah Rowe Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Robert Kennelly) Die 17 ma mensis Augusti A.D. 1836 Baptizavi Robertum £Ilium Michaelis et Joannce Kennelly conjugum natum die 22 da mensis Julii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Robertus Fennell Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. (Margerite Burke) Die 2 da mensis Octobris A.D. 1836. Baptizavi Margeritam £Iliam Joannis & Margeritce Burke conjugum natam die 12 m a mensis Septembris ejusdem anni Matrina fuit Joanna Collins Josephus Geo. Robson M.A.


[Po 129J 1836 (Francis Heasle*) Die 6 to mensis Novembris A.D. 1836 baptizavi Franciscum filium Roberti et Hannah 'H easle* ¡Conjugum natum die 5 to Mensis Octobris ejusdem anni Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe . Matrina Maria Linnington J osephus Geo~ Robson M.A. 1837 (John Harrington) Die 17 ma mensis Aprilis A.D. 1837 baptizavi Joannem filium Dennis :Harrington et Maria: ;Downey conjugum, natum die 8 va mensis Martii ejusdem Anni. Patrinus fuit J oannes Fitzpatrick Matrina Anastasia Fitzpatrick Josephus Geo. Robson MissB ApB (Catherine Fitzpatrick) Die .17 rna Aprilis A.D. 1837 .baptizavi Catherinam filiam Joannis & Anastasia: Fitzpatrick conjugum - natam die 25 mensis Februarii ejusdem anni. Patrinus fuit Dennis Harrington & Matrina Maria Harrington (olim Downey) Josephus Geo. Robson MissB ApB (Hannah Tansom Leary) Die 18 va mensis Aprilis A.D. 1837 baptizavi sub conditione Hannah Tansom 'Leary filiam [2 cms. blank] & Margeritre Leary conjugum natam die 3 U .a ejusdem m~nsis et anni Matrina fuit Maria Bedford Josephus Geo. Robson MisSB Aps [po 130J . 1837 (William Bernard Miles) Die 19 na mensis Maji A.D. 1837 baptizavi GulielmumBernardum filium Gulielmi Mills [sic] et Carolina: Mills (quondam Mew) conjugum, natum die lOrna ejusdem mensis et anni. Matrina fuit Maria Ambrosia Discacciati Josephus Geo. Robson -Misss Aposts (Thomas Murphy) Die 14ta mensis Junii A.D. 1837. 'baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis, Thomam filium ] acobi & Helenre Murphy, olim Gallagher, conjugum, 'natum die 2 da mensis Octobris A.D. 1836. Josephus Geo. Robson Misss A,pcus (John Woodhouse) Die 28 va mensis Junii ALD. 1837.. bapti~avi Joannem filium Davidis Woodhouse et .Elizabetha:W90dhouse (quonqam _Duffy) conjugum natum die 24 ta mensis Junii A,D. 1837. Patrinus fuit Joannis [sicJ White. Matrina Margerita ,Leary . Josephus Geo. Robson Misss .Aps (Peter Synott) Die 16 ta mensis Julii .A.D;, baptizavi .Petrum filium Jacobi:8ynott et Maria: -Synott (quondam~ndon) conjugum, natum die 29 na mensis J unii A.D. 1837. Patrinus fuit Edwardus ONeill. Matrina Hannah Rowe Josephus Geo. Robson 'Misss Aps (Anne Meehan) Die 6 t o. mensis Augusti A.D. 1837 baptizavi Annam 'filiam Edwardi 'Meehan & Sarah Meehan (quondam Denham) conjugum, natam die 29 na mensis Junii A.D. 1837. Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe Matrina Sarah Row~ . Josephus Geo. Robson MissB ApB , ' 1837



* Or possibly' Heagle.'



(Mary Anne McPharlen) Die 13 ta mensis Augusti A.D. 1837 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis, Mariam Annam filiam Patricii MCPharlen & Anna: MCPharlen, quondam Casy, natam die 30 m a. mensis Julii A.D. 1837. Josephus Geo. Robson Misss Ap:; [po 131J 1837 (Timothy Mahony) Die l l11a Mensis Septembris A.D. 1837. baptizavi Timotheum filium Davidis Mahony & Isabella: Mahony, quondam Burness, conjugum, natum die 15 ta mensis Augusti A.D. 1837 Jos. G. Robson Misss Aps (Honorah Caton [in different ink vel Keating~J ) Die 15 ta mensis Septembris A.D. 1837 . Baptizavi Honoram filiam Patritii Caton et Maria: Caton, quondam Cleary, conjugum, natam die 23 tia mensis Augusti A.D. 1837. Patrinus fuit Petrus Cruming Matrina Maria Bedford Josephus Geo. Robson Miss s Ap:; rna (Andrew Callan) Die 12 mensis N ovembris A.D. 1837. Baptizavi Andream filium Michaelis Callan et Rosanni:e Callan, quondam Cane, conjugum, natum die 28 va mensis Octobris A.D. 1837. Patrinus fuit Daniel Gualier Matrina Julia Discoll Josephus Geo. Robson Misss Ap:; 1838 (Catherine Clinton) Die 7 ma mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838 baptizavi Catherinam filiam Henrici Clinton et'Margarita: Clinton, quondam Henchey, conjugum, natam die, 22 da mensis Martii A.D. 1838 . Patrinus fuit Joannes Murphy Josephus Geo. Robson Miss ApS (Thomas Golding) Die gna mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838. omissis ceremoniis, Baptizavi Thomam filium Thoma: Golding et Lydia: Golding, quondam Cary, conjugum, natum die 16 ta mensis Martii A.D. 1838 Josephus Geo: Robson Misss Apt; [po 132J 1838 (George Samuel Meager) Die 18 va mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838 Baptizavi Georgium Samuelem filium Guglielmi Henrici Meager et Elizabetha: Jane Meager conjugum quondam Perkins, natum di~ lorna mensis Martii A.D. 1838. Patrinus fuit Samuel Bartholoma:us Lelli Matrina Elizabeth Perkins Josephus Geo Robson Miss s Aps (Richard Will m Meager) Die 18 va mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838. Baptizavi sub conditione Richardum Guglielmum filium Guglielmi Henrici Meager et Elizabetha: Jane Meager quondam Perkins conjugum, natum die 19 na mensis Februarii A.D. 1835. Josephus Geo. Robson Miss s Aps (H nry Meager) Die 18 va mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838 Baptizavi sub conditione Henricum filium Guglielmi Henrici Meager et Elizabetha: Jane Meager quondam Perkins conj ugum natum die 3 tia mensis Octobris A.D. 1836 Josephus Geo. Robson Miss ~

In the R ev. T. Fryer's hand. N

See infra, 26 Ap ril 1840 [p o 136].



(George Henry Pierce) Die 13 ma mensis Maji A.D. 1838 Baptizavi Georgium Henricum hlium Henrici Pierce & Marire Annc:e Pierce, quondam Atwell,* conjugum, natum die 22 d a. mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838 Patrinus fuit Guglielmus Hayward. Matrina Anna Bush Josephus Geo. Robson Miss (] ames Nash) Die 14 ta mensis Maji A.D. 1838. Baptizavi sine ccremoniis J acobum filium Malcolm Nash et Annc:e Nash quondam ODonnell conjugum natum die 21 rna mensis Aprilis A.D. 1838. Josephus Geo Robson Miss Aps [po 133] 1838 (Thomas Nicholas Kenelly) Die 2 da mensis Junii A.D. 1838. Baptizavi sine ceremoniis Thomam Nicolaum filium Michaelis Kenelly et ] oannc:e Kenelly quondam McDonnell conjugum natum die 20 m ensis Aprilis A.:q. 1838. Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap (Elizabeth Lythgo) Die 8 va mensis ]ulii A.D. 1838 Baptizavi sine ceremoniis Elizebetham filiam Stephani Lythgo et Marice Lythgo quondam Jones conjugum, natam die 5 ta mensis Martii A.D. 1837 . Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap (Thomas Smith) Die 26 ta mensis Augusti A.D. 1838 Baptizavi Thomam filium Caroli Smith et Katharince Smith, quondam Kenny conjugum, natum die 22 mensis Julii A.D. 1838. Patrinus fuit ] oannes Murphy Matrina Hannah Rowe Josephus Geo. Robson Misss Aps 1839 [No marginal name] Die 5 ta mensis Februarii A.D. 1838~ Ceremonias Baptismales supplevi Lucic:e filice Gulielmi Mills & Carolince Mills, quondam Mew, conjugum, olim a me propter periculum mortis baptizatc:e et die 6 ta mensis J anuarii A.D. 1839 natce. Patrinus fuit Ambrose Discacciati Matrina Anna Self Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Aps (Mary Anne Driscoll) Die lOrna mensis Martii A.D. 1839 Baptizavi Mariam Annam filiam Joannis Driscoll et Margeritce Driscoll quondam Harrington, conjugum natam die 3 tia mensis Decembris A.D. 1838. Patrinus fuit Daniel W. Kennely Matrina Elizabeth Rowe Josephus Geo. Robson Miss ApB (Elizabeth Meehan) Die 13 tia mensis Martii A.D. 1839 Baptizavi omissls ceremoniis Elizabeth filiam Edwardi Meehan et Sarah Meehan quondam Denham conjugum natam die lIma mensis Martii A.D. 1839. ] osephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap Supplevi ceremonias die 7 rna mensis Aprilis 1839 Patrinus Richardus Perkins Matrina Elizabeth Perkins Jos. G.R. (Helen Meehan) Die 13 tia mensis Martii A.D. 1839. Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis Helenam filiam ¡ Edwardi Meehan et Sarah Meehan quondam Denham conjugum, natam die llma mensis Martii A.D. 1839 ] osephus Geo. Robson M Supplevi ceremonias die 7 ma. mensis Aprilis 1839 Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Mills & Monica Johnson Josephus Geo Robson I

* Or possibly

'A lwell.'

.yc Query: mistake for 1839 ?



[Po 134J , 1838 * (Winifred Mary Shepherd) Die 30 rna mensis Decembris A.D. 1838 Baptizavi Winifridam Mariam £Iliam J once Shepherd et Annce Shepherd conjugum natam die 15 ta mensis Decembris A.D. 1838. Patrinus fuit Joannis [sicJ White Matrina Maria Anna White. Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap [SPace for next entry, 3 inches deep, left blank.] 1839 (Martha Meehan) Die 13 t1a mensis Martii A.D. 1839. Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis Martham £Iliam Edwardi Meehan & Sarah Meehan quondam Denham con jugum natam die 11 rna mensis Martii A.D. 1839. Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap Supplevi ceremonias die 7. Aprilis A.D. 1839 Sponsores fuere Samuel Lelli & Elizabeth Jane Meager Josephus Geo. Robson (Richard Alabone) Die 16 ta mensis Martii A.D. 1839. Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis Richardum Filium Francisci Alabone & Marthc:e Alabone quondam Roach conjugum, natum die 22 da mensis Februarii A.D. 1839 Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap Supplevi ceremonias die 4 ta mensis Aprilis A.D. 1839 Sponsores fuere Samuel Lelli & Elizabeth Jane Meager J os. Geo. Robson M.A. (Margeret Reilly) Die 31 mensis Martii A.D. 1839 Baptizavi Margeritam £Iliam Edwardi Reilly & Catherince Reilly quondam Murray conjugum natam die 12 rna mensis Martii A.D. 1839. Josephus Geo. Robson Miss ApS (Helen Divine) Die 9 na mensis Aprilis A.D. 1839 Baptizavi Helenam £Iliam Timothei Divine et Marice Divine quondam Murray conjugum, natam die 16. mensis Februarii A.D. 1839. Matrina fuit Lydia Golding (71) Josephus Geo. Robson Miss Ap [po 135J [1 n the Rev. T. Fryer's handJ 1839 (Ccecilia P. Croucher) Die 29 Julii 1829 nata et die 31 Julli 1839 Baptizata fuit Ccecilia Philomena Croucher £Ilia Georgii et Annce Franciscce Croucher (olim Crouch) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Rev dus Gulielmus Waterton. Matrina Ccecilia Cadle a me Thoma Fryer Miss o Apeo (Ed. M. Riley) Die 29 Septembris 1839 baptizavi sub conditione Edwardum Michaelem Riley, £Ilium Rolandi et Catherince Riley (olim Bedford) conj, natum die 15 J ulii 1837. Matrina fuit Maria Phalick* a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria Anna Hagity) Die 21 N ovembris 1839 nata et die 21 Decembris 1839 baptizata fuit Maria Anna Hagity £Ilia Michaelis ct Marice Hagity (olim Fitzgerald) Conj. Patrinus fuit Joannes Fleming a me Thoma Fryer. M.A .

* Entry not in chronological order. * ' Ph in blue ink; altered from ' F: I



1840 (] osephus Carolus Meager) Die 7 Decembris 1839 N atus et . die 8 J anuarii 1840 baptizatus fuit Josephus Carolus Meager filius Gulielmi Henrici et Elizabethcc Jane Meager (olim Perkins) Con j. Patrinus fuit Samuelis Bartholomceus Lelli. Matrina Jane Medlane a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] oannes Edwardus Symmonds) Die 18 Decembris 1839 N atus et die 18 J anuarii 1840 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Edwardus Symmonds filius Georgii et Marice Symmonds (olim Bush) Conj. Patrinus fuit Thomas Albanus Butler. Matrina Anna Maria Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] oannes Clinton) Die 19 J anuarii 1840 N atus et die 8 Februarii 1840 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Clinton filius Henerici et Margeritce Clinton (olim Henchy) Conj. Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 136] 1840 (Catharina Taken) Die 6 Februarii 1840 Nata et die 22 Martii 1840 Baptizata fuit Catharina Taken filia Patritii et Charolle Taken (olirn Thom*) Conj. Patrinus fuit Patritius Keating. Matrina Sarah Rowe a me Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Martha Morris) Die 30 Martii A.D. 1840 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis, Martham Morris filiam Henerici et Marice Annce Morris quondam Nobbs conjugum, natam die 22. Martii 1840 Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Maria Nash) Die 10 Februarii 1840. Nata et die 2 Aprilis 1840 Baptizata fuit Maria Nash filia Malcolm et Annce Nash olim (0 Donnell) Conj. Matrina fuit Sarah Meehan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Franciscus FalickiC) Die 5 Aprilis 1840 Natus~ et di e 19 Aprilis 1840 . Baptizatus ~ fuit Franciscus FalickiC filium [sic] Francisci et MariCE Anna:! FalickiC (olim Bedford) Conj. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Harding. Matrina Jane Bevines a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria Keating vel Caton ยง) Die 2 Aprilis 1840 Nata et di e 25 Aprilis 184(' Batizata [sic] fuit Maria Keating filia Patritii et Marice Keating (olim Cleary) Conj Patrinus fuit Petrus Cruming . Matrina Anna '::::arter a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Monica Coghlan) Die 4 Maii 1840 Nata et die 23 Maii 1840 Baptizata fuit Monica Coghlan filia Gulielmi et Marice Coghlan (olim Fleming) Con j. Patrin us fuit J oannes Fleming Mahin a Maria Amelia Locke a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* Or 'Thorn.' , In each case ' Ph' has been al t ered to . F .' ; , um' altered to ' us.' ~ SeA.; supra [po 131], entry 1.'5 Sept. 1837.



(Mary E. Anderson.) Die 23 Aprilis 1840 Nata et die 17 Maii 1840 Baptizata fuit Maria Emily Anderson filia J osephi et Sarah Anderson (ohm Corp) Conj. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Meehan. Matrina Maria Linnington a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charles Smith) Die 5 Maii 1840 Natus et die 3 Junii 1840 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Smith, filius Caroh et Catherince Smith (olim Kenny) Conj. Patrinus fuit Josephus MCGolrick. Matrina Maria Long a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . [po 137J 1840 (Edward Bedford) Die 27 Septembris 1840 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Gulielmus Michaelis Bedford, et die 24 Novembris 1839 natus, filius Thomc:e et Rebeccce Bedford (olim Smith) Conj. Matrina fuit Maria Phalick a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charles A. Mills) Die 17 Octobris 1840 N atus et die 18 Novembris 1840 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Ambrosius Mills, filius Gulielmi et Carolinc:e Mills (olim Mew) Conj. Patrinus fuit Richardus Perkins, Matrina Elizabetha Perkins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Joseph Meehan) Die 8 Novembris 1840 Natus et die 7 Decembris 1840 Baptizatus fuit Josephus Meehan, filius Edwardi et Sarah Meehan (olim Denham) Conj. Patrinus fuit Georgius Carter, Matrina Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. A.D. 1841 (Austin Fergus) Die 5 Januarii 1841 Natus et die 31 Januarii 1841 Baptizatus fuit Augustinus Fergus, filius Thomce et Amelice Fergus (olim Squill) Conjugum: Patrinus fuit Jacobus Fergus Matrina Maria Brown a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria J. Harding) Die 1. Martii 1841 Nata et die 28 Martii 1841 Baptizata fuit Maria Joanna Harding filia Gulielmi et J oannc:e Harding (olim Bivines*) Conj Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Mills. Matrina Carolina Mills a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Barrett) Die 11 Martii 1841 Nata et die 17 Aprilis 1841 Baptizata fuit Eliza Barrett, filia Michaelis et Barrett (ohm 0 Briant) Conj. Matrina fuit Maria Devines a me Thoma Fryer, M~A. (Mathew Taken) Die 12 Aprilis 1841 Natus et die 2 Maii I H41. Baptizatus fuit Matthceus Taken filius Patritii et Charotte i4 Taken (ohm Thorn,) Conj. Patrinus fuit Petrus Cruming. Matrina Maria Keating a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Anna Frampton) Die 12 Aprilis 1841 Nata et die 16 Maii 1841 Baptizata fuit Anna Frampton filia Lucc:e et Catherinc:e Frampton (ohm Bush) Conj. Patrinus fuit Thomas Butler Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 138J 1841 (Robert Hazell) Die 6 Aprilis 1841 N atus et die 30 Maii 1841 Baptizatus fuit Robertus Hazell, filius Roberti et Helenc:e Hazell (olim Pickett) Conj. Patrinus fuit Georgius Carter, Matrina Maria Carter a me Thom a Fryer. M.A.

* Doubtful reading.

i4 Or

'. Charolle' and ' Thorn' ; see previous entry [po 136J.




(Mary T. Richards) Die 30 Junii 1841 Nata et die 25 Jnlii .1841 Baptizata fuit Maria Teresia Richards, filia Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conj Patrinus fuit Joannes Rowe, Matrina Elizabeth Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Morgan) Die 17th Augusti 1841 Natus et die 29 Augusti 1841 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Morgan filius Danielis et Marire . Morgan (olim Donnelly) Conj. Patrinus fuit Patritius Keating, Matrina Francisca Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Frederick B. Meager) Die 14 Septembris 1841 Natus et die 7 Octobris 1841 Baptizatus fuit Fredericus Bernardus Meager filius Gulielmi et Joannre Meager (olim Perkins) Conj: Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Mills Matrina Carolina Mills a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Wilemina J. Murphy) Die 2 Novembris 1841 Nata et die 14 Novembris 1841 Baptizata fuit Wilemina Joanna Murphy filia Jacobi et Ruth Murphy (olim Mathews) Conj Patrinus fuit Bernardus Taggart. Matrina Margarita Webb a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ann. C. M. Croucher) Die 13 N ovembris 1841 Nata et die 12 Decembris 1841 Baptizata fuit Anna Catherina Maria Croucher filia Georgii et Annre Croucher (olim Crouch) Conj. Patrinus fuit Richardus O'Farell Cadell, Matrina Polina Maria Cadell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

[5 ems. blank at the foot of the page.J [po 139J 1842 (Ellen. M. Bridgland) Die 16 J anuarii 1842 Nata et die 30 J anuarii 1842 Baptizata fuit Helena Mahony Bridgland filia Joannis et Madre Bridgland (olim Mahony) Conj. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Franciscus Mahony Matrina Helena Mahony a me Thoma Fryer. M.A¡ (Emily. 1\1. Bramwell Baptized at Vent~or) Die 19 Januarii 1842 Nata et die 3 Februarii 1842 Baptizata fuit Emilianis Margarita Bramwell filia Gulielmi et Sarah Bramwell (olim Irving) Conj. Patrinus fuit Rev dus Thomas Sherburne Matrina Catharina Hoghton a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Caecilia Keating vel Caton) Die 18 Februarii 1842 Nata et die 13 Martii 1842 Baptizata fuit Crecilia Keating filia Patritii et Marire Keating (olim Cleary) Conj. Patrinus fuit Bernardus Taggart Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J oannes Ryan) Die 27 Februarii 1842 N atus et die 20 Martii UH2 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Ryan, filius Joannis et Winefridre



Ryan (olim Egan) Conj. ¡ Patrinus fuit Patritius Keating. Matrina Magarita* ~rebb . a me Thoma Fryer. M:~. (Jacobus Huggins) Die 26 Martii 1842 Natus et die 10 Apnhs 1842 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Huggins, filius Joannis et Magaritc.e* Huggins (olim Burke) Conj. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Taylor. Matrina Magarita* Turnbull a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ames Fergus) Die 27 Martii 1842 N atus et die 1 Maii 1842 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Fergus, filius Thomc.e et Amelic.e Fergus (olim Squill) Conj. Matrina fuit Teresia Austin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michaelis Leary) Die 8 Maii 1842 N atus et die 5 J unii 1842 Baptizatus iuit Michaelis Leary, filius Michaelis et Maric.e Leary (olim Buckley) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Gray a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J oannes Divine) Die 30 Aprilis 1842 N atus et die 13 J unii 1842 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Divine, filius Timothei et . Maric.e Divine (olim Manning) Conj. Patrinus fuit Laurentius Meighers a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 140J 1842 (George F. Mills) Die 23 J unii 1842 N atus et die 20 J ulii 1842 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Fredericus Mills, filius Gulielmi et Carolinc.e Mills (olim Mew) Conj Patrinus fuit Samuel Lelli, Matrina Joanna Megher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George Hagety) Die 30 J unii 1842 N atus et die 23 J ulii 1842 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Hagety, filius Michaelis et Maric.e Hagety (olim Fitzgerald) Conj. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Mills. Matrina Maria Anna J upe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. Donahue) Die 2 Maii 1842 Nata et die 24 J ulii 1842 Baptizata fuit Maria Donahue, filia Michaelis et Susannc.e Donahue (olim Budd) Conj. Patrinus fuit Thomas Albanus Butler. Matrina Winefrida Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Cannon) Die 1 Augusti 1842 Nata et die 14 Augusti 1842 Baptizata fuit Helena Cannon, filia Martinc.e [sic] et Maric.e Cannon (olim Healy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Wise. Matrina Birgitta Carrol a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Frampton) Die 17 Julii 1842 Nata et die 14 Augusti 1842 Baptizata fuit Maria Frampton, filia Lucc.e et Catherinc.e Frampton (olim Bush) Conj. Patrinus fuit Bernardus Taggart. Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Marghar) Die 2 J ulii 1842 Nata et die 21 Augusti 1842 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Marghar, filia Danielis et Helenc.e Marghar (olim Paterson) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Anna Lesleay a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ohn J. Fagan) Die 9 Septembris 1842 N atus et die 12 Septembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Josephus Fagan, filius David et Elizabeth Fagan (olim Lovell) Conjugum. Patrinus Carolus Donnell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* The first' r'

omitted in all these spellings.



(Teresi a James [sicl) Die 18 Augusti 1842 Nata et die 18 Septembris 1842 Baptizata fuit Teresia Anastitiee [sic] (Enice) Harvey filia Gulielmi et Ameliee Harvey (olim James) Conjugum. Matrina Anna James a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 141J (H. Loughnane) Die 8 Septembris 1842 Natus et die 25 Septembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit Henericus Loughnane, filius Michaelis et Honoree Loughnane (olim 0 Brian) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Andreas Kannady, Matrina Anna Donahue a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J oannes Kenny) Die 24 Maii 1842 N atus et die 20 N ovembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Kenny, filius Joannis et Annee Kenny (ohm Kenny) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Diamond, Matrina Anna Diamond a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (wm. T. Harding) Die 20 Octobris 1842 Natus et die 20 N ovembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Thomas Harding, filius GulieLni et Joannee Harding (olim Bevines*) Conj. Matrina fuit Anna Mulholand a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ohn " mith) Die 23 mensis N ovembris 1842 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis, propter periculum mortis, J oannem, filium, CaroE et Catherinee Smith (olim Kenny) Conjugum, natum die 1 Octobris 1842 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Died on the 25 th of Nov b /42 (T. MCManus) Die 14 Octobris 1842 Natus et die 4 Decembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit Thomas McManus, filius Thomee et Catherinee McManus (ohm Madden) Conj Patrinus fuit Petrus Waters Matrina Maria Sweetman a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Waters) Die 23 Novembris 1842 Natus et die 11 Decembris 1842 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Waters filius Petri et Mariee Waters (olim Brannan) Conj. Patrinus fuit Josephus Doughity Matrina Elizabeth Russel a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E. Richards) Die 7 N ovembris 1842 Nata et die 11 Decembris 1842 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Richards, filia Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conj Patrinus fuit Joannes Rowe, Matrina Elizabetha Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [4.2 cms. blank at the foot of the page. J [Po 142J 1843 (Josephus Johnson [in pencil, Died Jany 1843. T. Fryer] ) Die 12 Decembris 1842 N at us et die 4 J anuarii 1843 Baptizatus fuit Josephus Johnson filius Joannis et J oannee Johnson (ohm Johnson) Conj. Patrinus fuit Thomas Fryer. M.A. Matrina Maria Amelia Lock a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George Brereton) Die 7 Januarii 1843 Natus et die 29 J anuarii 1843 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Brereton filius Georgii et Sarah Brereton (ohm Carter) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dennis 1\1 urphy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* Doubtful reading.



(George Fallow) Die 4 Decemb ris 1842 N atus et die f) Martii 1843 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Fallow, filius Joannis et Marice Annre Fallow (olim Power) 'Conjugum Patrinus fuit Thomas Butler a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Amy Sharpe) Die 23 Februarii 1843 Nata et die 5 Martii 1843 Baptizata fuit, Amy Sharpe filia Joannis et Annre Sharp(~ (olim Digan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Noonan, Matrin:1. Maria Linnington a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. (William Mulcare*) Die 8 Martii 1843 Natus et die 13 Martii 1843 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Mulcare, * fi lius Joannis et IsabelIre Mulcare* (olim Young) Conjugum Matrina fuit Birgitta Rafferty a me Thoma. Fryer. M.A. (Charles Mehan [sicJ) Die 19 Februarii 1843 Natus et die 10 Martii 1843 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Meehan filius Edwardi et Sarah Meehan (olim Denham) Conjugum. Matrina fuit IlI'l\a Elizabetha Julia Georgina Fitzgibbon Cometissa de Clare~ a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (c. Sullivan) Die 2 Martii 1843 Nata et die 26 Martii 184:~ Baptizata fuit Catherina Sullivan, filia Patritii et Marire Anna:! Sullivan (olim Thicklt) Conj. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Linnington. Mattina Maria Linnington a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. A. Sullivan) Die 1 Aprilis 1843 Nata et die .10 Aprilis 1843 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Sullivan, filia Danielis et Marire Annce Sullivan (olim Kennedy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Ball, Matrina Anna Coke a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 143J (Ann Ahern) Die 15 Mensis Aprilis 1843 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis, Annam filiam Timothei et Annce Ahern (olim Barrett) Conj natam die 1 Novembris 1842. Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Henry Jackman) Die 16 Aprilis 1843 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis, Franciscum Henricum Jackman, filium Isac [sic] Jackman et Margaritce Burke, natum die 13 Decembris 1842

[unsignedJ (Ann BrenI\on) Die 21 Aprilis 1843 Nata et die 1 Maii 1843 Baptizata fuit Anna Brennon, filia Dominici et Marice Brennon (olim Kechan) Conj. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Nimock, Matrina Maria Linnigan:t a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Keane) Die 7 J unii 1843 Nata et die 18 J unii 1843 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Keane, filia Michaelis et J ulice Keane (olim Lamb) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Foley, Matrina Joanna Foley a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (Ellen Wise) Die 18 J unii 1843 Nata et die 2 J ulii 1843 Baptizata fuit Helena Wise, filia T~oIIlCÂŁ et Margaritce Wise (olim Caroll) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Caroll, Matrina Margarita Cooney a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* Or possibly' Mulcase.'

~ Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Clare, who lived at H.yde a nd drove! to Newport every Sunday for Mass. In 1845 she built, at her own t"xpense, St. Mary's Church in Ryde (opened in Sept. 1846). :t Query: is this a mistake for . Linnington ' ?





(Eliza. A. Hill) Die:H Maii 1843 Nata et die 14 Julii 184~ Haptizata fuit Eliza Anna Hill, filia Joannis et Annce Hill (olim Grace) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Fryer. M.A . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Eliza Brown) Die 6 J ulii 1843 Nata et die 16 J ulii 1843 Baptizata fuit Eliza Brown filia Petris [sicJ et Birgitce Brown (olim Griffin) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Brown, Matrina Birgitta Brown a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (H. Hookey) Die 30 J ulii 1843 N atus et die 20 Augusti 1843 Baptizatus fuit Henricus Hookey, filius Gulielmi et Marice Hookey (olim Bum) Conj . Patrinus fuit Thomas Butler. Matrina Anna J ames a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Richard Murray) Die 9 Augusti 1843 Natus et die 20 Augusti 1843 Baptizatus fuit Richardus Murray, filius Joannis et Elizabeth Murray (oHm McCuddon) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Hugo 0 Beirn. Matrina Birgitta Tully a me Thoma Fryer.. M.A. [po 144J (M. Fagan) Die 19 Septembris 1843 Nata et di.e 5 Octobris 1843 Baptizata fuit Monica Fagan, filia David et Elizabethce Fagan (olim Lovell) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Josephus MCGolerick, Matrina .Carolina Mills a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Margaret Lynch) Die 21 Octobris 1843 Nata et die 29 Octobris 1843 Baptizata fuit Magarita [sicJ Lynch filia Martini et Franciscce Lynch (olim Peira) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Murphy. Matrina Anna Lynch a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ane MacLaughlin) Die 6 N ovembris 1843 Nata et die 19 Novembris 1843 Baptizata fuit Joanna MacLaughlin, filia Edwardi et Helence MacLaughlin (olim Keane) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Thomas Albanus Butler a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Roberts) Die 13 Novembris 1843 Nata et die 19 N ovembris 1843 Baptizata fuit Elizabeth Roberts, filia Michaelis et Catharince Roberts (olim Mehan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes Quigley Matrina Maria Quigley a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Jack) Die 23 N ovembris 1843 Nata et die 3 Decembris 1843 Baptizata fuit Elizabeth Jack filia Jacobi et Annce Jack (blim Billand) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Concargh Matrina Anna Concargh a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. A. Gurley [sicJ) Die 15 Decembris 1843 Nata et die 17 Decembris 1843 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Gurlay, filia Joannis et Marice Gurlay (olim Layden) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Michaelis Quin. Matrina Winefrida Dougherty a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [6.5 cms. blank at the foot of the page.J [p o 145J 1844 (John Grant) Die 1 Januarii 1844 Natus et die 6 Januarii 1844 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Grant, filius Joannis et Marice Grant (olim Caryle) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Henericus HudsOl~ Matrina Catherina Hannon . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



(James Dyer) Die 13 Decemhris 184-:3 Natus et die 21 Januarii 1844 Baptizatus fuit .Jacobus Dyer, filius David et Maric:e Dyer (olim Carroll) Conjugum Matrina fuit Anna James a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ames. D. Keating vel Caton) Die 21 J anuarii 1844 N atus et die 4 Februarii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Danielis Keating filius Patritii et Maric:e Keating (ohm Cleary) Conj Patrinus fuit Thomas Albanus Butler. Matrina Francisca Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Jorne.* M. Coglan) Die 6 Januarii 1844 Natus et die 10 Martii 1844 Baptizatus fuit J orne* Melanus Coglan filius Gulielmi et Maric:e Coglan (ohm Fleming) Conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Butler a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Julia Cavanagh) Die 15 Martii 1844 Nata et die 31 Martii 1844 Baptizata fuit Julia Cavanagh, filia Edwardi et Maric:e Cavanagh (olim Connelly) Conjugum Matrina fuit Elizabetha Wolfe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria Anna Larkins) Die 21 Martii 1844 Nata et die 31 Martii 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Larkins, filia Pierce et Annre Larkins (olim Navan) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Ware~ a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Graham) Die 2 Februarii 1844 Nata et die 7 Aprilis 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Graham filia Thomc:e et Mari~ Graham (olim Finigan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Cooney Matrina Anna Howlett. a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [3.2 ems. blank at the foot of the page.J [po 146J (Mary Phelan) Die 31 Martii 1844 Nata et die 14 Aprilis 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Phelan, filia Dionysii et Sarah Phelan (ohm Griffith) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Mattheus Byrne a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. (F. Adams [written above Burke ?J ) Die 27 Martii 1844 Natus et die 14 Aprilis 1844 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus Adams, filius Petri et Catherinre Adams (ohm Burke) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Thomas Butler. Matrina Maria O'Bryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (]. Johnson) Die 19 Martii 1844 Natus et die 14 Aprilis 1844 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Johnson filius Joannis et Joannre Johnson (oHm Johnson) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson. Matrina Maria Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ane Scalin) Die 18 Aprilis 1844 Nata et die 28 Aprilis 1844 Baptizata fuit Joanna Scalin, filia Gulielmi et Maric:e Scalin (olim Came) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Bartholomreus Mulcahey.* Matrina Helena Davies a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* In both places it is difficult to decide what name is intended. ,Doubtful reading.



(Agn es. T. Croucher) Die If) Aprilis 1844 Nata et die 5 Maii 1844 Baptizata fuit Agnes Francisca Croucher, filia Georgii et Franciscc:e Crouch r (olim Crouch) Con jugum . Patrinus fuit Bernardus Taggart Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Lawler) Die 21 Aprilis 1844 Natus et die 5 Maii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Edwarcll1s Lawler, filius Roger et Hannah Lawler (olim Doughtey) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Nimock Matrina Maria Lennigan ~ a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (S. M. A. Bone) Die 28 Septembris 1841 Nata et die 8 Maii 1844 Baptizata fuit Susanna Maria Anna Bone, filia Jacobi et Susanna: Bone (olim Brown) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 147 J (N. A. Phalick) Die 19 Aprilis 1844 Natus et die 12 Maii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Norbertus Augustinus Fallick [sicJ filius Francisci et Maria: Anna: Phalick (ohm Bedford) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna James a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Joseph Hoy) Die 1 Maii 1844 Natus et die 19 Maii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Josephus Hoy, filius Joannis et Margarita: Hoy (oEm Dunn) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuel Ball, Matrina Catharina Ball a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Pollard) Die 17 Maii 1844 Nata et die 25 Maii 1844 Baptizata fuit Sarah Pollard, filia Josephi et Maria: Pollard (ohm Slattery) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Pollard, Matrina Eliza Kennedy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Pine) Die 24 Maii 1844 Natus et die 16 Junii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Pine, filius Patritii et Sarah Pine (olim Hobbs) Conj . Patrinus fuit Michaelis Donohue. Matrina Anna J ames a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward. M. Richards) Die 18 Junii 1844 Natus et die 28 Junii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Maria Richards, filius Noe et Joanna: Richards (ohm Jacobs) Conjugum Matrina fuit Joanna Rebecca Young a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Daniel Marghar) Die 7 J unii 1844 N atus et die 30 J unii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Danielis Marghar, filius Danielis et Helenre Marghar (olim Paterson) Con jugum Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Grady a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] oseph M. Petty) Die 2 Maii 1844 N atus et die 5 J ulii 1844 Baptizatus fuit Josephus Maria Petty, filius Jacobi et Joanna: Petty (olim Griffiths) Conjugum Matrina fuit Isabella Young a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Redmond Barry) Die 8 mensis J ulii 1844 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis pr opter periculum mortis Redmond Barry filium Redmond, et ~aria: Barry (olim Coleman) Conjugum natum die 22m Maii 1844 Thomas Fryer. M.A.

* .h' ~

here looks very much like a â&#x20AC;˘ k.' Query: error for ' Linnington ' ?



Supplevi ceremonias die 29 Septembris 184-1 Patrinus fuit Jeremiah Leayhy. Matrina Maria McDonell Thomas Fryer. ~1 .. \. [p o 148J (John Macdonell) Die 28 J unii 1844 N atus et die 14 J ulii 1844 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Macdonell, filius Joannis et Margarita: Macdonell (olim Carr) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria. Macdonell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Coke [sicJ) Die 10 J ulii 1844 Nata et die 11 Augusti 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Cooke filia Isaac et Marice Anna: Cooke (olim Young) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Edwardus Meehan, Matrina Maria Lennington a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine. A . Beine*) Die 7 Augusti 1844 Nata et die 25 Augusti 1844 Baptizata fuit Catherina Anna Beine, * filia Alexandri et Eliza: Beine* (olim Ging) Conjugul1l Patrinus fuit Owen Hart, Matrina Magaret Brady a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charles Tennuci~) Die 12 Augusti A.D . 1844 Natus et die 25 Augusti A.D. 1844 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Tennuci, ~ filius Josephi et Jesse Tennuci~ (olim Riva) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes Ryan, Matrina Elizabetha Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. Miss o Apco (Clementina Sanders) Die 24 J ulii A.D. 1838 Nata et die 25 Augusti 1844 Baptizata fuit Clemen tina Sanders, fllia Gulielmi et Martha: Sanders (olim Lane) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Mehan. Matrina Sarah Mehan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Sanders) Die 25 Januarii 1841 Natus et die 25 Augusti 1844 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Sanders filius Gulielmi et Martha: Sanders (olim Lane) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Langdon Matrina Elizabetha Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Sanders) Die 19 Januarii 1844 Natus et die 25 Augusti 1844 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Sanders, filius Gulielmi et Martha: Sanders (olim Lane) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe, Matrina Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 149J (John. H. MeGinit y) Die 14 J ulii 1844 N atus et die 1 Septembris 1844 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Henericus McGinity, filius Joannis et Joanna: McGinity (ohm Curley) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Moran. a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Henry. T. Symmonds) Die 9 Augusti 1844 Natus et die 8 Septembris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Henericus Thomas Symmonds, filius Georgii et Maria: Symmonds (olim Bush) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Thomas Butler, Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas MCDonough) Die 1 Septembris 1844 N atus et die 8 Septembris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Thomas McDonough, filius Jacobi et Margaret McDonough (olim Landigran) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Keane Matrina Anna Vesey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* In all three places' Beane' was written, but the' a ' has been crossed out and 'i . written above. ~ Altered from ' Tenichea.'



(Henry Sprank1in) Die 12 Septembris 1844 baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Henericum Spranklin filium ] acobi et Catherince Spranklin (olim Brusshhen*) Conjugum, natum die 13 Augusti 1844 Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Francis Langdon) Die 25 J ulii 1844 N atus et die 22 Septemhris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus Langdon filius Gulielmi ct Annce Langdon (olim Bartlett) Conj. Matrina fuit Caroletta Elliot a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] oanna Fallow) Die 22 J unii 1844 Nata et die 22 Septembris 1844 'Baptizata fuit Joanna Fallow, filia Joannis et Marice Anna.: Fallow (oHm Power) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Franciscus Hervey. Matrina Maria Scalin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Cuthbert. J. Mills) Die 26 Augusti 1844 N atus et die 23 Sept embris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Cuthbertus Josephus Mills filius Gulielmi et Carolince Mills (olim Mew) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuelis West, Matrina Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 150J (Mary Carle') Die 5 Septembris 1844 Nata et die () Octobris 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Carle" filia Jacobi et Catherince Carle, (olim Welch) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis McCarthy. Matrina Helena McCarthy a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. (Gerald. G. Greenough) Die 26 Augusti 1844 Natus et die 6 Octobris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Geraldus Georgius Greenough filius Joannis et Annce Greenough (olim Mew) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Wise. Matrina Elizabeth Connor a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] oanna Brenen) Die 23 Septembris 1844 Nata et die 6 Octobris 1844 Baptizata fuit Joanna Brenen, filia Dominici et Marice Brenen (olim Kechan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Mulvay. Matrina Anna McQuin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Dennis Vincent) Die 11 Septembris 1844 Natus et die 6 Octobris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Dionysius Vincent, filius J osephi et Margarita! Vincent (olim 0 Brian) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joann es Dunn. Matrina Deborah 0 Brian a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Byrne) Die 8 Octobris 1844 Nata et die 20 Octobris 1844 Baptizata fuit Sarah Byrne, filia Matthcei et Alice Byrne (olim Carter) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Phelan. Matrina Sarah Phelan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Agnes Byrne) Die 8 Octobris 1844 Nata et die 20 Octobris 1844 Baptizata fuit Agnes Byrne, filia Matthcei et Alice Byrne (olim Carter) COl jugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Stading.:t Matrin a Maria Stading:t a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George. W. Richards) Die 14 Septembris 1844 Natus et die 20 Octobris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Gulielmus Richards, Illius Guli elmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conj. Patrinus fuit Gu1ielmus Hayward. Matrina Maria Dashwood a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [2.5 ems. blank at the foot of the page.J

* Doubtful r eading .

,Or possibly' Casle.'

:t Or possibly ' Hading.'


[P o. 151J (Francis Connor) Die 24 Octobris 1844 N atus et die 3 Novembris 1844 Baptizatus fu it Franciscus Connor, filius Michaelis et Birgittce ' Connor (olim Kirby) Con jllgllm Patrinus fuit Patritius Steph en s, Matrina Cat herina Coke a me Thom a Fryer. M.A . (Cath erin e. c. Smith) Die 4 N ovembris 184:{ Nata et die ~ Novembris 1844 Baptizata fuit Catherina Caroletta Smith, fdia Caroli et Cat h er in ce Smith (olim Kenny) Con jugum. Patrinlls fuit Henericus King . Matrina Maria Hazell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Apna Harding) Die 5 Octobris 1844 Nata et die 3 N ovembris 1844 Baptizata fuit Sarah Anna Harding, filia Gulielmi et Joannce Harding (oEm Berines* ) Conj . Patrinus fuit Thom8S Butler. Matrina Elizabetha Rowe [In pencil 46J a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine Quin) Die 12 Novembris 1844 Nata et die 17 N ovembris 1844 Baptizata fuit Catherina Quin, filia Michaeli s et Marice QUill (olim Welch) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannis lsic ' Gurlay. Matrina Maria Lelly a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Julia Waters) Die 10 Novembris 1844 Nata et die 24 Novem bris 1844 Baptizata fuit Julia Waters, filia Petri et Marice \Vaters (olim Brennen) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Peter \ Vo lfe, Matrina Winefrida Wolfe a m e Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Owens) Die 29 Novembris IH44 Nata et die If) Decembris 1844 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Owens, filia Jacobi et Margarittce Owens (olim Kennedy) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Josephus Pollard Matiina Helena Hardings a me Thoma. Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Hagerty) Die 3 N ovembris 1844 N atus et di e 21 Decembris 1844 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Hagerty, filius Michaelis et Mari ce Annce Hagert y (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Patrinu s fuit Bartholomceus Mahoney. Matrina Birgitta Mahoney a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 152J 1845 (Ellen Coyle) Die 22 Decembris 1844 Nata et die 5 J anuarii 1845 Baptizata fuit Helena Coyle, filia Joannis et Marice Coyle (olim Mullen) Con jugum Matrina Fuit Agnes Conway a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth \Veir) Die 1 Januarii 1845 Nata et die 12 Januarii 1845 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Weir filia Georgii et Sarah Weir (olim Welch) Con jugum. Matrina fuit Maria Engar a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (T. J. Madden) Die 9 J an uarii 1845 Natus et die 19 Januarii 1845 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Josephus Madden, filius Malachi et Margerittce Madden (olim Dockry) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Joannes Handly. Matrina Anna Kelly a m e Thoma Fryer. ;\1.A.

* Doubtful reading.



(Peter Donohue) Die 13 N ovembris 1844 N at us et die 25 j anuarii 1845 Baptizatus fuit Petrus Donohue, filius Michaelis et Susannc£ Donohue (olim Budd) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Pine Matrina Elizabetha Pine a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Cox) Die 5 Februarii IH45 Nata et die 9 Februarii 1845 Baptizata fuit Sarah Cox, filia Gulielmi et Julic£ Cox (olim 0 Brian) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Dionysius Carle. Matrina Catherina Carle a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary A. Smith) Die 10 Martii 1845 Nata et die 27 Aprilis 1845 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Smith, filia Thoma: et julic£ Smith (olim Driscoll) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Ludovicus Gordon. Matrina Birgitta Donovan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Brereton) Die 3 Aprilis 1845 Nata et die 27 Aprilis 1845 Baptizata fuit Sarah Brereton, filia Georgii et Sarah Brereton (olim Carter) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Welch. Matrina Maria Purtell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 153J (Lc£titia M. Meager) Die 29 Martii 1845 Nata et die 30 Aprilis 1845 Baptizata fuit Lc£titia Maria Meager. filia Gulielmi Henerici et Joannc£ Meager (olim Perkins) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuelis Lelli Matrina Maria Amelia Locke a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas H. Callagher) Die 9 Januarii 1844 Natus et die 26 Maii 1845 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Hugo Callagher, filius Francisci et Anna: Callagher (olim Fox) Conjugum Patrinus fuit jacobus Mulvay a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Eliza Neile) Die 23 Maii 1845 Nata et die 1 Junii 1845 Baptizata fuit Eliza Neile, filia Gulielmi et Maric£ Neile (olim Farell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Carter. Matrina Margerita Tully a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael W. Moran) Die 27 Maii 1845 N atus et die 4 J unii 1845 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Gulielmus Moran, filius Thoma: et Joanna: Moran (olim Callaghan) Conjug. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Kelly. Matrina Anna Jack a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Earley) Die 15 Junii 1845 Natus et die 22 Junii 1845 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Earley, filius Dan!elis et Maric£ Earley (olim Margouthy) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Robertus McCann. Matrina Maria Quigley a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J esse Jack) Die 16 J unii 1845 Nata et die 29 J unii 1845 Baptizata fuit Jesse Jack, filia Jacobi et Annc£ Jack (olim Boland) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit joannes McLaughlin Matrina jesse Whiteburn ~. me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen McCarthy) Die 1 Augusti 1845 Nata et die 17 Augusti 1845 Baptizata fuit Helena McCarthy, filia Michaelis et Helenc£ McCarthy (ohm Maloney) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Cornelius McCarthy. Matrina Maria Joint a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Rosanna Reading) Die 8 Augusti 1845 Nata et die 17 Augusti 1845 Baptizata fuit Rosanna Reading filia Caroli et Maric£ Reading



(olim Callhem) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Hazell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 154J (John Grant) Die 6 Augusti 1845 Natus et die 24 Augusti 1845 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Grant, filius Gregorii et Marice Grant (olim Carlye.) Conjugum Matrina fuit Elizabetha Kennedy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E . Mullane) Die 26 Augusti 1845 Nata et die 7 Septembris 1845 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Mullane, filia Patritii et Catherince Mullane (olim Brown) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Donoghue a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charles Vincent) Die 22 Septembris 1845 baptizavi sub conditione Carolum Vincent, filium J osephi et Margeritce Vincent (olim O'Brian) Conjugum, natum die 28 Martii 1842. Patrinus .fuit J oannes Stephens Matrina Maria Stephens Thomas Fryer. Miss us Apus (James Feeney) Die 26 Septembris 1845 Natus et die 12 Odobris 1845 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Feeney, filius Jacobi et Marice Feeny (olim Maguire) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus McLaughlin. Matrina Helena McLaughlin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Hookey) Die 23 Septembris 1845 Nata et die 19 Odobris 1845 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Hookey, filia Gulielmi et Marice Hookey (olim Burns) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Harding Matrina Joanna Harding a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. A. Phillips) Die 26 Odobris 1845 Nata et die 8 Novembris 1845 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Phillips filia Joannis et Elizabethce Phillips (olim Clarke) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Curtis. Matrina Birgitta Curtis a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Anna Tucker) Die 12 Novembris 1845 Nata et die 23 Novembris 1845 Baptizata fuit Anna Tucker filia Thomce et Margeritce Tucker (olim O'Connell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes MacCully. Matrina Susanna MacCarty a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [p o 155J 1846 (Ann. T. Johnson) Die 18 Decembris 1845 Nata et die 11 Januarii 1846 Baptizata fuit Anna Teresia Johnson filia Joannis et Joannce Johnson (olim Johnson) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson Matrina Maria Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Francis McCann) Die 7 Januarii 1846 Natus et die 18 Januarii 1846 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus McCann, filius Roberti et Elizabethce McCann (olim Coppinger) Conjugum Patrinus fuit J oannes Kennedy: Matrina Elizabetha Kennedy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ohn Kennedy) Die 30 mensis J anuarii 1846 Baptiza vi omissis ceremoniis, propter periculum mortis Joannem filium Patritii et Marice Kennedy quondam Monaham Conjugum; natum die 29 mensis J anuarii 1846 Thomas Fryer. M.A.



(Catherine Madden) Die 4 Decembris 1845 Nata et die 31 Jannarii 1846 Baptizata fujt Catherina Madden filia Petri et Mari<e Madden (oii rn Harvey) Con jug um. Patrinus fuit jacobus Broadly l\latrin:t E li zabetha McCann a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. C!\1ary . . \. Spr<lll klin g) Die Jri J anuarii 1846 Nata et die: 1 F('Lruarii IH-tf> Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Sprankling, fiEa jacobi d Catl lerinc-l' Srr~u ; klir.g (olim Harnett) Conj ugum. Matrina fuit Birgitta Ryall a m e Thoma Fryer. M,A. (.Jolin Sullivan) Uic J:~ F ebruarii 1846 Nata et die 15 Ma~tii ]K4fi B;lptizat\ls fu it Joann t's Sulliva.n, filius Joannis Horacks et Hel ell;e Sullivan. Patrinlls fuit D avid Porter. Matrina Anna Horracks a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. lp. HiGj (John Lawl er ) Die 1:~ Martii 1846 Natus et die 29 :\ICtrtii J Baptizatus fuit J oannes Lawler filius Roger et Hannah Lawler (olil11 Doughtey) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Burns l\1atrina .\nnCl McQuin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Juhn ]~()lprts ) Di e 20 Martii 1846 Natus et die 29 Marti i lH -W Baptizatus fuit Joannes Roberts, filius Michaelis et Catherince R ol erts (oi im Mehan) COlljugum Patrinus fuit Patritius Horan. Matrina Anna Bridget a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (:\11n Hill) Die 12 Decembris 1845 Nata et die 11 Aprilis 184() Baptizata fuit Anna Eill filia Joannis et Annre Hill (olim G'r"ce) Cor jugum. Patrinns fuit Thomas Kennedy . Matrina l'..lizabetha I<(:,IlIH:~dy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (\V路II Steven iSO!l) Die 2 Aprilis 1846 Natus et die 10 Maii 1H路H) Bapt.izatus fuit Gulielmus Stevenison filius Gulielmi Grady et J oar n'l'路Stevcnison Patrinu fuit Jacobu s Coffee. Matrina Helena Sullivan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A~ 路 (Rohert Hunt) Die 12 Maii 1846 Natus et die 24 Maii 1846 Baptizatus fui t I~ob e rtus Hunt filius Gulielmi et Margeritce Hunt (ohm Lyons) Con jugum . Patrinus fuit Georgius Farell. Matrina Maria Lyons . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (H . John TiIlichea) Die 11 Maii A.D. 1846 N atus et die 31 Maii \.D. l8 -Hi Haptizatus fuit Henericus Joannes Tinichea, filius Josephi d J c~sc Tinichea (olim Riva) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Franciscus :\r gier Matrina Anna james a me Thoma Fryer. l\l.A. (S;nah ny-all) Die 1 I Maii 18,*0 1 at:l et die 3 L Maii 1846 Uaptiza ta fuit Sarah Ryan, iilia Henerici et Catherina~ Ryan (ohm Stars) ('ol1j1fgum Matrina fuit Maria h en n edy . a me Thoma Fryer [po 1;)7 J l.11 arginal ?lames henceforward written from top to bottom. ~ (Patrick Ca in) Die 27 Maii 1846 Natus et die 7 Junii 1846 Baptizatus fuit PC\tritius Cain, filius Catherill a~ Cain. Matrina fuit J~i.a Sm~ tIl a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.


2~1 ¡

(J ames Ingles) Die 6 Maii 1846 N atus et die 14 J unii 1846 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Ingles, filius Walter et J oannre Ingles (olim King) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Ball. MatI-ina Catherina Ball a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Kenny) Die 1 J unii 1846 Nata et die 14 J unii 1846 Baptizata fuit Sarah Kenny, filia Joannis et Annre Kenny (olim Kenny) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joann es Diamond. Matrina Margerita Vincent a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Hoy) Die 4 J unii 1846 Nata et die 14 J unii 1846 Baptizata fuit Elizabeth Hoy, filia Joannis et Margaritre Hoy (olim Dunn) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Martinus Lynch Matrina Francisca Lynch a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Agnes Jane MacLaughlin) Die 17 Junii 1846 Nata et die 5 J ulii 1846 Baptizata fuit Agnes Joanna MacLaughlin, filia Edwardi et Helenre Ma<:Laughlin (ohm Kane) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Josephus Vincent Matrina Harictt 0 Brian a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Malgaret MacGavin) Die 4 Junii 1846 Nata et die 8 Julii 1846 Baptizata fuit Margaritta MacGavin fllia Rob erti et Maria; MacGavin (olim Nolan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Danielis Marghar Matrina Joanna Murphy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (D. B. Cavanagh) Die 2 mensis Augusti 1846 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Danielem Bryant Cavanagh, filium Edwardi et Marire Cavanagh quondam Connelly, Conjugum natum die 26 mensis J ulii 1846 Thomas Fryer. M.A. {p o 158J [3 ems . blank at the top oj the page.J (Mary Anna Burns) Die 5 Augusti 1846 Nata et die 29 Augusti 1846 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Burns filia Jacobi et Margaritre Burns (olim Smith) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Henericus Connor. Matrina Maria Early . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Gurley) D1~ 14 Augusti 1846 Nata et die 30 Augusti 1846 Baptizata fuit, Maria Gurley filia Joannis et Marire Gurley (ohm Layden) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Byrne. Matrina Birgitta Byrne a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. . (George Croucher) Die 27 Augusti 1846 N atus et die II Octobris 1846 Baptizatus fui.t Georgius Bernardus Braxton Croucher, filius Georgii et Franciscre Croucher (olim Crouch) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Bernardus Huggins. Matrina Charlotte Huggins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Robert Hall) Die II Augusti 1846 Natus et die 17 Octobris 1846 Baptizatus fuit Robertus Michaelis Hall filius Gulielmi et Birgittre Hall (olim ¡M oran) Conjugum Matrina fuit Sarah Darough a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Byrne) Die 16 Octobris 1846 Nata et die 26 Octobris 1846 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Byrne, filia Mathrei et Alice Byrne (olim Carter) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Jacobus Owen. Matrina Catherina Roberts a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.


(Ellen Byrne) Die 16 Octobris 1846 Nata et die 25 Odobris 1846 Baptizata fuit Helena Byrne, filia Matha:i et Alice' Byrne' (ohm Carter) Conjugnm. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Owen. Matrina Maria Engar a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. rp. ] !)9 ] (Dennis Carle) Die 11 Octobris 1846 N atus et die 1 Novemhris ]846 Baptizatus fuit Dionysius Carle, filius Dionysii et Catherina! Carle (olim Whitey Conjugum. P atrinus fuit Jacobus Greenham. Matrina Julia Cocks a me Thoma Fryer. ,M.A. (Caroline Hen ey) Die 15 Octobris 1846 Nata et die 4 Novem": h1-is ] 846 Baptizata fuit, Carolina Heney, filia Edwardi et Carolina: Hency (ohm Cartledge) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson. Matrina Francisca Cecilia Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Owens) Die 4 Novembris 1846 Natus et die 15 Novembris 1846 Baptizatns fuit J oannes Owens filius Jacobi et Margarita: Owens (oEm Kennedy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Carle. Matrina Catherina Carle a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Bridget \Vyatt) Die 30 Septembris 1846 Nata et die 25 Novemhris 1846 Baptizata fuit Birgitta Wyatt, filia Abdell et Joanna: \Vyatt (olim Caffry) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Falick a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria Sanders) Die I J anuarii 1845 Nata et die 6 Decembris 1846 Baptizata fuit Maria Sanders, filia Georgii et Catherina: Sanders (ohm Bowen) Conjugum . Matrina fuit Winefrida Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (vV. J. Vesey) Die 14 Septembris 1839 Natus et die 27 Decembris 1846 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus J oannes Vesey filius Gulielmi Pierce et Joanna: Vesey. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Vesey. Matrina Anna Vesey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. *(J. B. Richards) Die 17 Novembris 1846 Natus et die 20 Decembris 1846 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Bernardus Richards filius Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conj. Patrinus fuit Josephus Rowe. Matrina Hannah Rowe. , a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 160J 1847 (Luke Hagerty) Die 2 Octobris 1846 N atus et die 6 Februarii 1847' Baptizatus fuit Luca ,Hagerty, filius Michaelis et Maria: Anna: Hagerty (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Gallagher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John McDonough) - Die 22 Septembris 1846 N atus et die 7 Februarii1847 Baptizatus fuit Joannes McDonough, filius Jacobi et Margaret McDonough (olim Landigran) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Gurley Matrina Maria Gurley , a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. _, (E. l1arding) Die 17 Januarii 1847 Nata et die 14 Februarii 1847 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Harding, filia Gulielmi et Joanna: Harding (olim Bennes~) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Rowe~ Matrina_Joanna Harding a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . â&#x20AC;˘ ClU-onologically this entry should precede the previous one . ., Doubtful reading



(Mary Durmidee) Die 28 J~nuarii 1847. Nata et ·die ·,14 .F ebruarii 1847 Baptizata fuit Mari~ ~W'Qlidee, £Ilia Joannis et ] ulia! Durmidee (olim Camping) Conjugum. , Patrillus fuit Jacobus Haly MatTina Maria Anna Murphy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. '. '(Matilda Jane Leslie) Die 23 mensis Februarii IH >;:7 baptizavi omissis ceremoniis, propter periculum mortis Matildam ]oannam, £Iliam Caroli et Anna! Leslie (olim Murphy) ConjuguIT)i natam die 19 Februarii 1847 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Supplevi ceremonias die 15 Augusti 1847 ' Patrinus fuit Georgius Marghar Matrina Maria Horan Thomas l·ryer. M.A. (Eliza Smith) Die 30 Decembris 1846 Nata et die 1 Martii 1847 Baptizata fuit Eliza Smith, £Ilia Caroli et Catherina! Smith (olim Kenny) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 161J (Ellen Keating vel Caton) Die 2·0 Februarii 1847 Nata et die 14 Martii 1847 Baptizata fuit Helena Keating filia Patritii et Marire Keating (olim Cleary) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Matha!us Tagart. Matrina Charlotta Taken a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary MacKonskar*) Die 17 Februarii 1847 Nata et die 28 Martii 1847 Baptizata fuit Maria MacKonshar* £Ilia ] oannis et Joann a! MacKonskar* (olim Vesey) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Vesey. Matrina Anna Vesey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria]. Johnson) ·Die 25 Martii 1847 Nata et die 18 Aprilis 1847 Baptizata fuit Maria] oanna Johnson filia ] oannis et J oannCk Johnson (ohm Johnson) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson Matrina Anna] ohnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Amelia. C. White) Die 13 Aprilis 1847 Nata et die 9 Maii 1847 Baptizata fuit Amelia Carolina White filia Petri et Margerittre White (olim Horan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Horan Matrina Carolina White a me ThomaFrver. M.A . (Catherine RO.mer) Die 28 Martii 1847 Nata et dIe 9 Maii 1847 Baptizata fuit Catherina Homer, filia Caroli et Marice Homer (olim Archer) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina Fletcher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Robert Marghar) Die 18 Maii 1847 Bf;l;pti~avi omissis ceremoniis, propter pericl}.lum mortis Robertum, filium Danielis -cit Helenre Marghar (olim Paterson) Conjugum natum die 18 Maii 1847 . _. Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Michael Casey). Die 14 Aprilis 1847 Natus et die 23 Maii 1847 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Casey, filius] acobi et Elizre Casey (olim MacDunner) Conjugum Matrina fuit Eliza Redifant . it me Thoma Fryer. ' ·.M.A. . [po 162J (James NeUe) pie 19 Maii 1847 Natus et 'die ·3(;) Maii 1847 Baptizatus fuit ] acobus N~ile filius ] acobi et 'Marire Neile (olim Farrell) Conjugum. ' Patrinus fuit Jacobus . Far-ell Matrina Maria Johnson : . .~ a me Thoma. Fryer. M.A. *,DQuP~ful .. r~~~g.



(Cornelius McCarthy) Die 3 Maii 1847 Natus et die 4 Junii 1847 Baptizatus fuit Cornelius McCarthy filia [sic] Michaelis et Helence McCarthy (olim Moloney) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Conway. Matrina Maria Hoy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Madden) Die 1 Maii 1847 Nata et die 6- J unii 1847 Baptizata fuit Helena Madden, filia Gulielmi et Marice Madden (olim Harvey) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Robertus McCann Matrina Elizabetha Dennis a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Cox) Die 24 Maii 1847 Nata et die 6 J unii 1847 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Cox, filia Gulielmi et J ulice Cox (olim OBrian) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Engar. MatTina Maria Stevens a -me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Delaney) Die 29 Maii 1847 Nata et die 13 Junii 1847 Baptizata fuit Maria Delaney, filia Gulielmi et Elizabethce Delaney (nlim Flinn) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Patritius Reilly. Matrina Maria Douglas a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (] ohn Moran) Die 20 J unii 1847 N atus et die 21 J unii 1847 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Moran filius Thomc:e et J oannc:e Moran (olim Callaghan) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Jesse Caddell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Dunleavy) Die 25 Aprilis 1847 Nata et die 18 Julii 1847 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Dunleavy, filia Patritii et Elizabethc:e Dunleavy (oHm Armstrong) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Cooney Matrina Catherina Curly a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [p o 163J (Catherine Murphy) Die 2 Augusti 1847 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Catherinam, filiam Patritii et Marice Murphy (olim Kennedy) Conjugum natum die 2 Augusti 1847 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Supplevi ceremonias die 8 Augusti 1847 MatI-ina fuit Maria Keating Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth. M. Burns) Die 24 Julii 1847 Nata et di e 22 Augusti 1847 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Maria Burns filia lsac et Birgittce Burns (olim Hannen) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Grogan Matrina Elizabetha Casey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George Flanigan) Die 30 Augusti 1847 Natus et die 12 Septembris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Flanigan, filius Joannis et Annce Flanigan (olim Lawler) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Gilligan Matrina Maria Gilligan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . . ; (I;Ienry Murphy) Die 24 Octobris 1847 Natus et die 31 Octo'bris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Henericus Murphy, filius Jacobi et Helence Murphy (olim Farell) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Maclin. Matrina Teresia Jenkins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Hall) Die 21 Octobris 1847 Natus et die 20 Novembris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Hall, filius Gulielmi et Birgittce Hall ¡(olim Moran) Conjugum Matrina fuit Elizabetha Darough a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



(James Roberts) Die 6 Novembris 1847 Natus et die 21 Novembris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Roberts, filiu Michaelis et Catharin a: Roberts (olim Mehan) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit Robertus Bridget Matrina Anna Drake a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael Curren) Die 7 Novembris 1847 Natus et die 12 Decembris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Michae Curren, filiu s Michaelis et Catherina: Curren (olim Jennings) Con jugum. Matrina fuit Maria Mathews a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [p o 164J (Wm Renney) Die 26 Octobris 1847 Natus et die 12 Decembri 1847 Baptizat us fuit Gulielmu Renney filius Samuelis et Maria: Renney (olim Gloster) Conjugum . Matrina fuit Catherina Curren a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (Margeret Bradley) Die 5 Decembris 1847 Nata et die 14 Decembris 1847 Baptizata fuit Margerita Bradley filia Jeremi~ et Margerita: Bradley (olim Mitchell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Duffy. Matrina Margerita Hunt a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (August. J. Cleary) Die 4 Decembris 1847 Natus et die 15 Decembris 1847 Baptizatus fuit Augustus Joannes Cleary, filius J aco bi et Maria: Cleary (olim Crow) Con jugum. Matrina fui t Julia Cox a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charity McCann) Die 28 Decembris 1847 Nata et die 29 Decembris 1847 Baptizata fuit Charitas McCann, filia Roberti et Elizabetha: McCann (olim Coppinger) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Somerville. Matrina fuit Maria Sweetner a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Allbines) Die 29 Decembris 1847 baptizavi sub conditione Mariam Annam Allbines, filiam Joannis et Helena: Allbines (olim McCarthy) Conjugum . natam die 22 J ulii 1845. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Burns. Matrina Margerita Bums Thomas Fryer. M.A. 1848

(James Tho a Sullivan) Die 8 Decembris 1847 Natus et die 9 J anuarii 1848 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Thomas Sullivan filius Gulielmi et Helence Sullivan (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Harding. Matrina Harietta Cantello a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (Margaret [sicJ Mullane) Die 24 Decemblis 1847 Nata et die 9 J anuarii 1848 Baptizata fuit Elizabeth Mullane filia Patritii et Catherina: Mullane (olim Browne) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Patritius Dunn Matrina Maria Wood a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [p o 165J (Catherina Hally) Die 24 Decembris 1847 Nata et die 16 J anuarii 1848 Baptizata fuit Catherina Hally, filia Jacobi et Hannah Hally (olim Hyde) Conjugum Matrina fuit Catherina Burns a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



'. (0,~'1l1, Taylqr) , l?i~ , 1,7 ,J ~r. ual:ii 1848 Nata t~,.Ut Baptiza:ta fvit AT,np. ..,~,ylor._ filia Joannis et (oJ irn Faulkener) Conjlltr~m. , patrinus fuit

et die 6 Feb!uariL Elizabethre Taylor Joannes K~nny Mat1 ir:a Honora Cuff a me Thoma Fryer: M.A. (c. .Ie/mal *) Drc 24 Janua 'ii 1848 Na~a et die 13 Februarii IHtH E~lJ)tilata fui L Catheri ;la Je 'man* £llia Joannis et Margeritae J c 'n' al * (o}irn Dau~htey ) Con jugum , Matrina fuit Birgitta ,OHffe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Nose :".Ill1 Her.ey} Die:23 Februarii 1848 Nata et die 8 'Martii UHH Eaptizata fuit Rosa Anna Heney, £llia Edwardi et Carolin're Her ey (ohm Cartlidge) COil jugum ' Patrinus fuit Thomas'A: Bntler. Matrina Francisca Ca.:cilia Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A~ (CatLerille Early) Die f) Martii 1848 Nata et die 12 Martii l-H48 Baptizata fuit Catheril.a Farly, filia Danielis et Mari~ Early (oHm McGirtey) COl'1 jugnm Patrinus fuit Joannes Grumley. l\4a~rina Anna Carter a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. "(Mary Loughlin) Di,e ,18 Martii 1848 Baptizavi omissis cereIT.9niis pry.pter periculum mortis, Mariam, filiam Joannis et BirVi.t tce Longhlh (ohm Murphy) Cor.jugum, natam die 18 Martii 1848' . Thomas Fryer. M.A. Suppleyi cerel~ol1ias die 15 Octobris 1848 Patrlr. us ' fuit Gulit"lmus Matrina Jessie Cantelo Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Mary ~ ulli van) Die 29 Martii 1848 Nata et die 30 Martii 18 ~8 Baptizata fuit Maria Sullivan tilia Danielis et Honoree Sullivan (ohm Reatin,i) Conjug'urn. Patrinus fuit Danielis Sullivan Matrina Ca~her ina SulIi'Zan a rr:e Thoma Fryer. M.A. I p. ] 66J (Agnes. L Johnson) Di~ 11 Martii 1848 Nata et die 9 Aprilis .1848 Baptizata fuit Agnes Louisa Johnson filia Jose:phi 'e t Annce ]obrs()J'r :(()lirn James) Conjngum Patrinus fuit Joanr..{&,Johnson.' Mairir!a l'rancisca Cecilia Croucher ~.. ' a me Thoma Fryer. M._-\. (I~. ' Tcni chea ) Die 21 ApriL s JH48 N atus et die 7 Maii 1848 Bapti7. atus fuit Barlholom~ 'us Tenichea , filius Jo_ephi et Jesse Tenichea (olim Riva) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuelis Ball a me .Thoma Fryer. M.A. MatriLa ElizaLctha Pi~:e :: .. '::'\fllen H~ughney) Die 27 Ap'rili~ , 18~8 Nata. et die 7 ~aii 1848 ~kpti7ata fUlt Helena If aughI).fY. 'filla Tobl~ et Ehzabetl~e;e tt~~g'h'ne y ~ olilil Divine) C0l1j4g~hl l'a.,h).t;lUS fuit Michaelis HickeYi M"aftilia Margarita Hickey '" ' .. " a:' ,m e Thoma Fryer. M.AI , (E. Berkley) Die 29 Aprilis 1848 Nata et die 7 Maii 1848 J3ap,t izata ~uit Eliz.abetha. BerklfiY ,fi,li<l: Guliel.mi et Elizabethre Berkley (ohm Nesbit) ConJl~gurn. ~at~tnus fUlt Thomas Butler. Matr'ina Sarah Pine . , ', . : . t a me Thoma Fry~r. M:A , . : l 1





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t.AfJ. Meager) Die ~2 Aprilis 1~48".:Natus et die 14 Maii 1848 Hapti-zatus fuit Alfridus Joannes .,aget, 'filius Heneric~ et Joann're Meager (olim Perkins) Conjugum. 'P atlinus 'fuit \ Sain~elis Lel1\. Mattina· .Elizabeth a Perkins a me Thoma ' Fryer .. M.A . • j ·i !,' (Frances Frampton) Die ll·.Ma'1"ti.i 1l£48· Nata :et:die 12 ]unii ~848 . I:Baptizata fuit Francisca Bralnptonj' .filia Lucce : et- CatheTinre f ;r<!mptpn " (olim Bush) Conj . . M~trina l Anna ' Bush { .. U. 1 ") r ' a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . .,_ .(M• ..pancy) Die 9 ]U;lliii .~S~~· Na.~us .e t die 18 ]unii 1848 ~aphz;~tu,s fuit Michaelis Cl~ fi.~i\l!?, ]pa~nis et Birgittce Clancy (q.-1iIJ?,:(tl~son) Conjugum .. Pq.trill~~ fuit. AndI:~as Donovan. MatiifJ.,a ~ria Sweny . . i ' a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. . [po 167J (Charles. E . Hamilton) Die 19 ]unii 1848 Natus et die 2 J ulii 1848 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Eustace Hamilton, filius Michaelis et Sarah Hamilton (olim Busp) Conjugurn ..?~tr.inus fuit Gulielmus Galihar. Matrina Helena How* . , . " , ': "',' " . ' , a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Agatha. M. Cunningh~m) Die 1~ Ju~ii 1~48 Nata:. e.t\ lie ~o Julii 1848 Baptizata fuit Agatha Moran ,qv;nningnam"ti,lia' I)'ariiel,is Edwardi et Marice Annce Cunningh!a!iW !'(oHtn" ' C~)' :.coh'jugum:. Patrinus fuit Patritius Dunn Matrina Joanna Harding a me Thoma .Fryer. M.A. . .(Ann. M. Cunningham) Die 10 Junii 1848 Nata ef die 10 J ulii 1848 Baptizata fuit Anna Maria Cunningham, filia Danielis Edwardi et Marice Annre Cunningham (olim Carr) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Amelia Cunningham a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Douglass) Die 2 ]ulii 1848 Natus et die 16 Julii 1848 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Douglass, filius Joannis et Marice Douglass (oHm Keating) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Horner a. me Thoma Fryer. M.N. (W. ]. Moultass) Die 31 Maii 1848 N atus et dit 13 Augusti 1848 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus J osepbus MoUlltasS' filius J osephi et Elizre Mou~tas~ (olim Kirby) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Richardus Fogerty Matrina Helena Penders , a me Thoma .Fryer~ M.A. (Eliza Penders) Die 23 Maii 1&48 . N~tq., et die 1.3 Allgusti 1848 Baptizata fuit Eliza Penders, filia ] oanI1~~ ~j lIelenre .P~nders (olim Cullen) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe. : Matrina !\li,z.a Moultass /I "b '" ., i :",il ,.me Thoma .Fryer .. , 1vI.A. . (Margaret Marghar} i( ' /) i.,Augusti 1848 Nata et dje. .16 AiIgiisti 1848 Baptizata {uit ¥~¥g~~f~ "Ma,ghar, filia Daniell$,' lfelerire Marghar (oHm P~tetson) Con'jligum. Patrinus fuit Gept:gi'q.$ P'~terson. Matrina Margarita. Whit*= . ;" ., . "-.~ ,' . ' ..' '. "."" . ....., ~ :.'~ : a' me Thoma Fryer. ' . ~.,A, . " ", (James Mc~~ynola~L, ' . 'b~e\ t~·,)~4~\1sti 1848 Natus et , iU~,!, .lO S'ep~embris 1848 BaptizaHis fuit ] acobus ldcReY~Qlds;filius. J acqbf et Marire McReynolds (oliin Donley) Conjugum Matr'ina fuit EHz'a ' Guilfoyle a me Thoma Fryer}, M. A:

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• Of ' Hone.'




i. p. 16H] (M. Carle) Die 2 Septembris UH8 Nata et die 10 Septembris 1848 Baptizata fuit Margarita Carle, filia ] oannis et ]oann::e Carle (olim Donohue) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Donohue Matrina Birgitta Garon* a me Thoma Fryer. M.. \. (Honora Usher) Die 21 Septembris 1848 Nata et die 24 Septembris 1848 Baptizata fuit Honora Usher, filia ] oannis et Honora? l sher (olim Ryan) Conjugum Matrina fuit ] udith McDermott a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George. G. Johnson) Die 10 Septembris 1848 Natus et die 1 Octobris 1848 Haptizatus fuit Georgius G rman us Johnson, filius Joannis et ]oann::e Johnson (oEm Johnson) Conjugum: Patrinus fuit Patritius Pine, Matrina Sarah Pin e a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine Laydon) Die 23 Septembris ]848 Nata et die 8 Octohris 1848 Baptizata fuit Catherina Laydon filia Edwardl ('t Catherinre Laydon (olim Brady) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Timothe us a m e Thom a Fryer. M.A. Maleney. Matrina Margerita Jerman (Ann Byrne) Die 4 Octobris 1848 Nata et die 15 Octobris 1848 Baptizata fuit Anna Byrne filia Math::ei et Alice Byrne (olim Carter) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Taylor. Matrina E lizabeth Taylor a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary McCanner) Die II Octobris 1848 Nata et die 22 Odobris 1848 Baptizata fuit Maria McCanner, filia Jacobi et Lucire Patrinus fllit Joanne McCanner (oEm Hamilton) Conjugum Hollenherd.* Matrina Maria McReynolds a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John MacCusker) Die 15 Octohris 1848 Natus et d ie 29 Octobris 1848 Baptizatus fuit ] oannes MacCusker, filius H ugonis et Marire MacCusker (olim McGear) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Owen MacSheen. Matrina Elizabetha 0 Neil a m e Thoma Frver. M.A. (E. Frowell) Die 31 Octobris 1848 N atus et die 23 Novembris 1848 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Frowell, Jilius Richardi et Marire Frowell (olim Lumley) Conjugum. P atrinus fuit ]oannes Hill. Matrina Catherina Lumley a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. rp. 169] (Catherine Murphy) Die 25 Novembris 1848 Nata et die 3 Decembris 1848 Baptizata fuit Catherina Murphy, filia Patritii et Marire Murphy (oEm Kennedy) Co njug um PatrillUS fuit Michaelis Smithwick a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Samuel Creed) Die 11 Decembris 1848 Natus et di e 31 Decembris 1848 Baptizatus fuit Samuelis Creed, filiu Joannis et Helena:~ Creed (olim Carey) Conjugum . Matrina fuit Anna Hall a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (John . ]. Richards) Die 3 Decembris 1848 Natus et di e 31 Dece mbris 1818 Baptizatus fnit J oannes J osephns Richards, filills Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) ronjugull1. Patrinu s fuit Gulielmus Haywood. Matrina Elizabetha Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . â&#x20AC;˘ Doubtful reading.



1849 ,Mary. A. Baxter) Die 24 Decembris 1848 Nata et die 7 Januarii 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Baxter filia Michaelis et Catherinre Baxter (olim Reilly) Conjugum. Patrinu<; fuit Richardus Fogerty. Matrina Helena Manning a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Shaw) Die 4 Januarii 1849 Nata et die 14 Januarfi 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Shaw, filia Roberti et Catherinre Shaw (oEm Sullivan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Lopeman Matrina Margerita Lopeman a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ohn McCuskar) Die 29 Decembris 1848 N atus et die 28 } anuarii 1849 Baptizatus fuit J oannes McCuskar filius Marci Pragnall et Joannre McCuskar Matrina fuit Joanna Sweetman a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Margaret Burns) Die 17 Februarii 1849 Nata et die 21 Februarii 1849 Baptizata fuit Margarita Bums, filia Jacobi et Margeritre Burns (olim Smith) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Danie1lis Earley. Matrina Elizabetha White a me Thoma Fryer. 1\1.A¡ [po 170J (John W. Dillon) Die 2 Februarii 1849 Natu<.: 1"1 die 25 'Februarii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Gulielmus Dillon filius Edwardi et Marire Annre Dillon (olim Baker) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius 0 Brian [Matrina omittedJ Maria Anna o Brian a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Henry J. Mathews) Die 18 Februarii 1849 Natus et die 25 Februarii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Henericus Jacobus Mathews, filius Henerici et Marire Mathews (olim Ryan) ConjugUITl. Patrinus fuit Elizah Bowering Matrina Maria Boweripg a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Canty) Die 31 Januarii 1849 Natus et die 4 Martii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Canty, filius Joannis et Annre Canty (olim Quin) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Michaelis Foley. Matrina Honora Fuller a me Thoma. Fryer. M.A. (Michael Scanling) Die 7 Februarii 1849 N atus et die 4 Martii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Scanling, filius Jacobi et Helenre Scanling (olim Murphy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Murphy Matrina Catherina Burns a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine Sheen an) Die 26 Februarii 184-9 Nata et die 4 Martii 1849 Baptizata fuit Catherina, Sheenan, filia Lucre et Marire Sheen an (olim Sheenan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Martin Mattina Catherina Ball a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (George Lavery) Die 4 Martii 1849 Natus et die 18 Martii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Lavery filius Georgii et Annre Lavery (olim Arnoll) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannis fsicJ Eves. Matrina Sarah Phelan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary J. Sullivan) Die 7 Martii 1849 Nata et die 24 Martii 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Joanna Sullivan filia Francisci et Marire Annre :Sullivan (olim HaelY) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Elizabetha Danug:h '. a. me Thoma Fryer. ¡M~A.



(P. Wallace) Die 2do Aprilis 1849 Natus et die 8 Aprilis -1849 Baptizatus fuit Peter Wallace filius Gulielmi et Elizee W-allace (olim Lawler) Conj'ugum. Patrinus fuit CarrIus [sicJ; R·utledge Matrina Maria Carne a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.:" [po 171J (Mary Stanley) Die 10 Aprilis 1849 Nata :et die 15 Aprilis 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Stanley, filia Thomee et Christi': annee Stanley (olim Reynolds)"-C onjugum Patrinus fuit G~Helrnt1s. Brennen. Matrina Maria Brennen a me Thoma Ftyet~ M.i\; (James Blakey) 'Die 19 Aprilis 1849 Natus et die J3 :Maji 1819 Baptizatus fuit J acob1.15 Blakey filius Gulielmi et Catherh~af Blakey (olim Hogan) Con-jugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Sul~iyari ; Matrina Maria Pottle a me Thoma Fryer. ,M.A~ (Paula. M. Croucher) Die 7 Aprilis 1849 Nata et die 27 Maii 1849 Baptizata fuit Paula Maria Croucher, filia Georgii et Franciscee Croucher (olim Crouch) Conj. Patrinus fuit Arthur Jerningham. Matrina Sophia Jerningham a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ann ~cCann) Die 10 Maii 1849 Nata et die 27 Maii 1849 Baptizata fuit Anna McCann, filia Roberti et Elizee McCann (oHm Coppinger) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Peter Madden. Matrina Maria Anna McCougher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ames Larkin) Die 1 J unii 1849 N atus et die 7 J unii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Larkin, filius Thomee et Mariee Larkin (olim Mahoney) Conjugum Matrina fuit Anna Collins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Cox) Die 1 J unii 1849 N atus et die 17 ] unii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Cox, filius Gulielmi et Juliee Cox (olim OBrian) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Roberts, Matrina Catherina Roberts a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine Bradley) Die 1 J unii 1849 Nata et die 20 J unii 1849 Baptizata fuit Catherina Bradley, filia Jeremiah et Margeritee Bradley (ohm Mitchell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Kennedy Matrina Biigitta Brciwl1* _ a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Flaherty) Die 15 J unii 1849 Nata et die 24 J unii 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Flaherty, filia Gulielmi et Margeritee Flaherty (olim Connors) ConjuKum Matrina fuit Elizabetha Taylor a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 172J (Helen Flaherty.) .Die 15 Junii 1849 Nata ~t die 24 J unii 1849 Baptizata 'fuit Helena Flaherty, filia Gulielmi et: Margeritee Flaherty (olim _- Connors) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Helena Connors . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John 0 Donohee') Dje -20 Junii 1849 Natus et die 1 JuW 1849 Baptizatus fuit Joannes 0 Donohre" filius Joannis et Mar-~­ garitee 0 Donohee, (o1im Kane) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Sanmelis_ Barker a me Thoma Fryer. ¥ .A.


Or ' Brenn.' , Query : Mistake for' O'Donohue .? The writing grows more and more careless. i ~ :- . :



:." '.'"(Jaines Donovan) Die 9 Junii 1849 Natus·'et die 8 Juli1' 1849 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Donovan filius ·Andre·cc-et Marire Donovan (oHm Maney) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit ·Gulielmus Harding. Matrina Carolina Mills a me Thoma Fryer. M.A: ., . (Mary T. Henny) Die 30 Junii 1849 Nata et die 22 Julii 18.49 Baptizata fuit Maria Teresia Henny, filia ' Edwardi et Caroli.n reljenny (olim Cartledge) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes liall. Matrina Maria Cartledge a me' Thoma Fryer. M.A . . . (Hugh Gannon) Die 29 Julii 1849 Natus et die 22 Augusti 1849 Baptizatus fuit Hugo G~nnon,. filius Patritii et Birgittre Gannon (oHm McGovan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Dunn' Mairina Helena George a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael County) Die 12 Augusti 1849 Natus et die 1 Septembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis County, filius Jeremiah et Margaritre County (olim MacDonell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Dalton. Matrina Birgitta Meany a .m e Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Patrick Boyle) Die 24 Augusti 1849 N atus et die 8 Septembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Patritius Boyle filius Thonire et Catherinre Boyle (olim McGaning) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit GuHelmus Marghar Matrina Maria Magee a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [I n pencil 274J (Michael Keating) Die 3 Septembris 1849 N atus et die 16 Septembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Keating, filius Michaelis et Catherinre Keating (oHm 0 Connell) Conj. Patrinus fuit Petrus W olfe. Matrina Honora Sullivan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 173J (John Campbell) Die 4 Septembris 1849 Natus et die 16 Septembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Campbell, filius Joannis et Helenre Campbell (olim Priestley) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit -Georgius Henericus Campbell. Matrina Maria Roughan a m~ Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Eugene 0 Callaghan) Die 9 Septembris 1849 N atus et die 16 Septembris 184~ Baptizatus fuit Eugenius O'Callaghan filius Timothei et MiLrgaritre 0 Callaghan (olilll J'oyce) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Mauritius De Courcey. M'a trina Elizabetha Gegg a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A. Smith) Die 2 Septembris 1849 Nata et die 5 Octobtis 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria A1).etta Smith, filia Caroli et Cathennre Smith (olim Kenny) Conj. Matrina fuit Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. , : ·(William Hall) Die 25 Septembris 1849 N atus et die 7 Octobris' 1849 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Hall, filius Jacob [sicJ et Auure Hall (oHm Morrice) Conjuguni Patrinus fuit Joannes Clancy. Matrina Maria Horner . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. :(James E . D'Alton) Die 25 Septembris 1849 Natus et die 25 Octobris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Edwardus D'AIton filius la,cobi et Joannre D'Alton (olim Shaughnessy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jeremiah County Matrina Maria Anna Hagerty

. a.

me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



(Mary Madden) Die 18 Septembris 1849 Nata et die 28 Octobris 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Madden filia Petri et MariGe Madden (olim Harvey) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Carolus McCarthy Matrina Julia Cox a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. A O'Neill) Die 25 Octobris 1849 Nata et die 11 Novembris 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna 0 Neill, filia Michaelis et Sarah 0 Neill (olim Mure*) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Nash. Matrina Anna Collins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Richard 0 Bryan) Die 20 Octobris 1849 N atus et die ~8 _ N ovembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Richardus 0 Bryan filius Michaelis et Marice 0 Bryan (olim -Kirby) Conjugum. Matiina fuit Helena Howe - a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 174J (Eliza Roughan) Die 8 Novembris 1849 Nata et die 18 N ovembris 1849 Baptizata fuit Eliza Roughan, filia Michaelis et Marice Roughan (olim Lynch) Conjugum. -Patrinus fuit Danielis McCarthy Matrina Margarita Collins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael Sullivan) Die 6 Novembris 1849 Natus et die 25 Novembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Michael Sullivan, filius Gulielmi et Helence Sullivan (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Richardus Fogerty MatTina Anna Green a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Matilda -Kavanargh) Die 20 N ovembris 1849 Nata et die 2 Decembris 1849 Baptizata fuit Matild~ Kavanargb filia Christopher et Helence Kavanargh (olim McDonnell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Bernardus 0 Neill. MatTina Helena 0 Neill a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Smith) Die 8 Decembris 1849 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Helenam filiam ] acobi et ElizabethGe Smith (olim [3 ems. blank]) Conjugum natam die 27 Novembris 1849 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Died on the 10th of December (William Keefe) Die 18 Octobris 1849 N atus et die 16 Decem .. bris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Keefe, filius Gulielmi et Sarah Keefe (olim Hogan) Conjugum patrinus fuit Patritius Keefe.Matrina Maria Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ann Flanagan) Die 20 Novembris 1849 Nata et die 30 Decembris 1849 Baptizata fuit Anna Flanagan, filia Patritii et MariGe Flanagan (olim Duggins) Conjugum. Patrinus fuii. Michael Hickey. Matrina Martha Burns a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary . A. Owens) Die 20 Novembris 1849 Nata et die 30 Decembris 1849 Baptizata fuit Maria Ann Owens, filia Henrici et Marice Owens (olim Lowe) Conjugum Patrinus -fuit Joannes Ricks. Matrina Sarah Ferguson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Samuel. J. Lucas) Die 6 Decembris 1849 Natus et die 30 Decembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Samuel Josephus Lucas, -filius Samuelis ]osephi et Louisce Lucas (olim Tabbitt) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Patritius Dunn. Matrina Elizabetha Rowe a me Thoma. Fryer. MA . â&#x20AC;˘ Doubtful reading.


[P o 175J


1850 (Elizabeth Cuff) Die 9 Decembris 1849 Nata et die 13 Januarii 1850 Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Cuff, fiha Joannis et Hannah Cuff (olim Joyce) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Richardus Fogerty. Matrina Maria Roach " it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Hoscraft) Die 9 Januarii 1850 Natus et die 13 Januarli 1850 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Hoscrait, filius Henrici et Marice Hoscraft (ohm Sweeny) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Clancy. Miltrina Birgitta Clancy it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Jame Connel) Die 31 Decembris 1849 Natus et die 21 J anuarii 185,0 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Connel, filius Patritii et Elizc:e Connel (olim Flanagan) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Jacobus Vesey. Matrina Maria Vesey it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas \Velch) Die 4 Februarii 1850 Natus et die 10 Febrnarii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Welch, filius Joannis et Honor~ \\ elch (oEm Boyd) Conjngnm Patrinns fnit Patricins Hughes. Matrina Barbara Kennelly it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Sanders) . Die 2 Januarii 1850 Natus et die 17 Februarii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Sanders, filius Georgii et Catherinc:e (olim Bone) Conjugum . Matrina fuit Joanna Mac Cuskar it me Thoma Fryer. M.A(Alexander Doud) Die 5 J anuarii 1850 N atus et die 1.7 "F ebruarii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Alexander Doud, filius Cormack et Maric:e Doud (olim Johnstone) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Patricius Carroll. Matrina Eliza Walters it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. M. A. Johnson) Die 22 Januarii 1850 Nata et die 17 Februarii 1850 Baptizata fuit Maria Magdalena Anastitia John.;. son, filia J osephi et Annce Johnson (ohm James) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Johnson. Matrina Francisca Croucher it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ann Mulholand) Die 20 Decembris 1849 Nata et die 20 Februarii 1850 Baptizata fuit Anna Mulholand, filia Annc:e Mu]holand et Edwinis Urry. Matrina fuit Joanna Harding a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 176J (Mary Flinn) Die 5 J anuarii 1850 Nata et die 24 Februarii 1850 Baptizata fuit Maria Flinn, filia Thomce et Rosc:e Flinn (olim Freeman) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Gardiner. Matrina Maria Haile it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Roberts) Die 21 Februarii 1850 Nata et die 3 . M.artii 1850 Baptizata fuit "Maria Anna Roberts filia Michaelis et Catherince Roberts (olim Mehan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacob us Halley. Matrina Maria Stephens it m e Thoma Fryer. M.A. (David F oley) Die 23 F ebruar ii 1850 N atus et die 10 Martii 1850 B aptizatus fuit David Foley, filius Joannis et Elizabethc:e Foley (olim Smail) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Guleilmus Flinn Matrina Margarita 0 Brian it me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



(Cuthbert. M. Johnson) Die 24 Februarii 1850 Natus et die 17 Martii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Cuthbert us Mathias Johnson filius Joannis et Joannce Johnson (olim Johnson) Conj. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson Matrina Anna Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary A. Rigney) Die 17 Martii 1850 Nata et die 24 Martii 1850 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Rigney, filia Petri et Marice Rigney (olim Connell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Murphy. Matrina Helena Linehen a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John James Hickey) Die 9 Februarii 1850 Natus et die 7 Aprilis 1850 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Jacobus Hickey filius Michaelis et Margaritce Hickey (olim Murphy) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Elizah Bowering. Matrina Maria Bowering a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary McCarthy) Die 30 Aprilis 1850 Nata et die 30 Aprilis 1850 Baptizata fuit Maria McCarthy, filia Michaelis et Helence McCarthy (olim Mulleney) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Patricius McCarthy. Matrina Margarita Dunn a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Pat. Wall) Die 30 Martii 1850 Natus et die 1 Maii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Patricius Wall, filius Joannis et Joannce Wall (olim Lyons) Conj. Matrina fuit Eliza Guilfoyle a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E. Penders) Die 5 Aprilis 1850 Nata et die 9 Maii 1850 Baptizata fuit Helena Penders filia Joannis et Helence Penders (olim Cullen) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 177J (James J. Hally) Die 4 Aprilis 1850 Natus et die 10 Maii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Julius Hally, filius Jacobi et Hannah Hally (olim Hide) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina Roberts a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Griggs) Die 13 Maii 1850 Natus et die 13 Maii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Griggs, filius Edwardi et Annce Griggs (olim Carter) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Sarah Pine a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J ames Coveney) Die 29 Martii 1850 N atus et die 15 Maii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Coveney, filius Thomce et Marice Coveney (olim Thompson) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus D' Alton. Matrina Maria D' Alton a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (A. Cunningham) Die 31 Martii 1850 Nata et die 9 Junii 1850 Baptizata fuit Anastatia Cunningham, filia Danielis et Marice Annce Cunningham (olim Carr) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Bassenett Matrina Joanna Elizabetha Cunningham a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John~ Keating vel Caton) Die 26 Maii 1850 Natus et die 16 junii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Keating, filius Patritii et Marice Keating (olim Cleary) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. Pine. Matrina Rosa McPharline



(H. Ed. Frampton) Die 10 Februarii 1850 Natus et die 23 1850 Baptizatus fuit Henricus Edwardus Frampton, filius Lucire [sic] et Catherinre Frampton (olim Bush) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Harding Matrina Joanna Harding it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Dennis Madden) Die 7 Junii 1850 Natus et die 23 Junii 1850 Baptizatus fuit Dionysius Madden, filius Dionysii et Helen re Madden (olim Carr) Conjugum Matrina fuit Margarita Kennally . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary A. Griffiths) Die 4 Junii 1850 Nata et die 30 Junii 1850 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Griffiths, filia Georgii et Margaritre Griffiths (olim Welch) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Lynne a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Genevieve M. Mills) Die 27 Julii 1850 Nata et die 18 Augusti 1850 Baptizata fuit Genevieva Maria Mills, filia Gulielmi et Carolinre Mills (olim Mew) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit. Gulielmus Cantello. Matrina Harietta Cantello a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (W. H. Ryan) Die 9 Augusti 1850 Natus et die 21 Augusti 1850 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Henricus Ryan filius - - - - et Elizabethre Ryan. Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe. Matrina Helena Hazell a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. [The next entry in the Rev. Thomas Bowman's hand] (Helena County) Die 27 Augusti 1850 nat a et die 21 Sept embris 1850 baptizata fuit Helena County filia J eremire et Margaritre County (olim McDonnell) conjugum. Matrina fuit Johanna Dalton A me Thoma Bowman Misso Ap(:o [po 178J (ThoS Riley) Die 25 Septembris 1850 Natus et die 3 N ovembris 1850 Baptizat us fuit Thomas Riley, fiIi us J acobi .et Carolinre Riley (olim Crew) Conj. Patrinus fuit Joannes Johnson Matrina Joanna Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. (Henry W. Richards) Die 10 Octobris 1850 N atus et die 3 Novembris 1850 Baptizatus fuit Henr icus Wilfridus Richards, filius Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Pine Matrina Sarah Pine a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherina Fant) Die 30 Novembris 1850 Nata et die 16 Decembris 1850 Baptizata fuit Catherina Fant filia Joannis et Annre Fant (olim McLoughlin) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Hugo McBrian Matrina Margarita 0 Callaghan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (John Welch) Die 10 Decembris 1850 Natus et die 22 Decembris 1850 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Welch, filius Jacobi et Margaritre Welch (olim Mines) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J0 annes MacDermott. Matrina Margarita Welch a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

J unii


* Doubtful reading: possibly ' Rines.'




(Thos N ickleson) Die 23 N ovembris 1850 N atus et die 29 Derembris 1850 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Nickleson, filius Joannis ct Cathcrir-ce Nicldeson (ohm Heslbgs) Conjugum M1.trina fuit Elizaceth Raffey* it mG Thoma Fryer. M..\. (..-\gr:es C. Her:lly) Die 30 Novernbris 1850 Nata et die 29 Decembris IHf)O Baptize1ta fuit Agnes Ccecilia Heney, filia EclwaTdi et Carolince Heney (ohm Cartlidge) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnston. Matrina Anna Tohnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. 1851 (Matthew Byrne) Die 7 Decembris 1850 Natus et die 12 J anuarii 18[)1 Baptizatus fuit Matthceus Byrne, filius Matthcei et Alice Byrr.e (olim Carter) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe Matrina Maria Keating it m e Thoma Fryer . M.A . (Bridget Sullivan) Die 23 J anuarii 1851 Nata et die 9 Februari 1851 Baptizata fuit Birgitta Sullivan, filia Morice'l"l et Elizal)ethce Sullivan (olim LEe) Coniugum. .Patrinus fuit Marcus Gaughan . it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherin~ · Burns) Die 11 J anuarii 1851 NaLa et die 12 Februarii 1851 Bapl izata fuit Catherina Burns filia Michaelis et Marice Burns (olim Lewis) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Margarita White . . it me Thoma Fryer: .M.A. (Francis.o Donnell) Die l :~ Janu arii 1851 Natus et die 14 Februarii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus 0 Donnell filius Jacobi Michaelis et Marice 0 Donn ell (olim Belcbam) Con jugum. Patrinus h:it Georgius FaUack it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 179J (Sa: a~l Ann Rowe) Die 7 Februarii 1851 Nata et die 2 Martii 1851 Baptizata fuit Sarah Anna Rowe filia J o.i.1nis et Elizabethce Rowe (olim Brading) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Thomas. Manina Elizabetha· Rowe ;'t me Thoma Fryer. M.A. fvVilliam Campbdl) Die 23 Februarii 1851 N at us et .d ie H Martii )851 Baptiza'.:us bit Gulielmus C3mpbell, filins Joannis et Helenre' Camp~ell (olim Priestl~y) Conjugum Patrinus fait Gulielmus' Priestl~y " Matrina Catherina Campbell ~. , ., .. r. ' h me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Wmimh c~uftcin") Die II Martii 1851 N atus et die 14 ivfartii 1851 · Bapti7.atu5 fu·it Gulielmus Coulton, filius Gulielmi et Allnce Co.u lton '(oli.-n Collins) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit Joanne::; Ly,m. Matrina Maria Lyn~l it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ellen Flynn; Die 22 Februarii 1851 Nata et die 16 Martii 1851 Baptizata fuit Maria Helena Flynn, filia Petri et ; Alice Flynn (oli~ Cuthbert) Conjugllm. Matrina fuit Hariet.~a O · Brian .' .. a me Thoma Fryer. M,A.

, .y. Doubtfu,l

* Doubtful reading . reading: possibly meant to be • Marci.'



(George Canty) Die 7 Martii 1851 Natu!) et die 30 Martii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Canty, filius Joannis et Hannah Canty (olim Quin) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Hugo Harten. * Matrina Maria Engar a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Dear) Die 22 Martii 1851 Natus et die 6 Aprilis 1851 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Dear filius Jacobi et Alice Dear (olim Murphy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Dear. Matrina Alice Kilmasters a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. A. Kenhan [sieJ) Die 8 Martii 1851 Nata et die 20 Aprilis 1851 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Kenahan filia Gulielmi et Annce Kenahan (olim Birmingham) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Cunningham. Matrina Elizabetha Conroy a me T~oma 'Fryer. M.A. (John Earley) Die 13 Aprilis 1851 Natus et die 20 Aprilis 1851 Baptizatus 'fuit J oahnes Earley, filius Gulielmi et ' Marice Earley (olim Combes) Conjugum. Patrilfus fuit Joannes Cassidy. Matrina Catherina Cassidy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (F. W. Parker) Die 10 Aprilis 1851 Natus et die 20 Aprilis 1851 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus Gulielmus Parker filius Joannis et Marice Annce Parker (ohm' Moran) Conjugum Patrinus fuit J oannes Dolin Matrina Harietta 0 Brian a me Thoma Fryer (Mark Ginghan) Die 13 Aprilis 1851 N atus et die II Maii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Marcus Ginghan, filius Marci et Marice Ginghan (olim Corbel) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Morris Sullivan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Jenkins) Die I Maii 1851 Natus et die 18 Maii 1851 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Jenkins, filius Gulielmi et Birgittce Jenkins (olim Dormer) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes McBride. Matrina Catherina Chambers a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. '(Edward Dillon) Die 22 Maii 1851 Natus et die I Junii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Dillon, filius Edwardi et Marice Annce Dillon (olim Baker) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Cash. Matrina Margarita Cash a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 180J (G. Temple) Die 26 Martii 1851 Natus et die 8 J unii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Temple, filius Georgii Michael* et Susannce Temple (olim Branigan) Conjugum. Patrirms fuit [2 ems. blankJ Tighe Matrina Birgitta Madden a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (c. McDermott) Die 18 Maii 1851 Nata et die 8 Junii ISS.t Baptizata fuit Catherina McDermott, iilia Joannis et Annce M > Dermott (olim 'Leadbetter) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Hennc\l$ Webster. Matrina Anna McPherson a me Thoma Fryer. EtA.

* Doubtful reading. ate Doubtful reading.


(M. F. Johnson) Die 20 Maii 1851 Nata et die 8 Junii 1851 Baptizata fuit 'Monica Francisca Johnson, filia J osephi et ' Annc£ Johnson (olim 'James) Conj. Patrinus h:it Joannes Johnson. Matrina EIizabetha Raffey a me Thoma Fryer'.' M.A. (C. J . Bayston) Die 19 J unii 1851 N atus et die 29 Junii 1851 Haptizatus fuit Carolus Jacobus Bp.yston, filius Caroli et Maric£ 13ayston (olim Brady) Conjugum Pat rinus fuit Gulieimus ·Whelan. MatI ina Maria Anr:a Bradley '" a me Thoma 'Fryer. ,M.A. (M. Cloghessy) Die 28 Maii 1851 Nata et die {) Julii' 1851 Baptizata fuit , Margal ita Cloghessy, filia Thomc£ et Margaritc£ Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Cloghessy (ohm Kearn) COl: jugum ONeil. Matrina Joanna Peat a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (P. Ed . Smith) Die 27 Maii ISi)1 Natus et die 6 Julii, 1851 Baptizatus fuit Philipphus Edmundus Smith filius Caroli et CatherinGe Smith' (olim Kenny) Conj. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus l;ine. Matrina Elizabetha Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (W. C. Croucher) Die 27 Jurjj 1851 Nata et die 3 Augusti IH51 Baptizata fuit Winefrida Charlotte Croucher filia Georgii et FranciscceCroucher (ohm Crouch) Conju·gum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson. Matrina Anna Johnson . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E: Cox) Die 21 J ulii 1851 Nata et die 10 Augusti 1851 E aptizata fuit Elizabetha Cox filia Gulielmi et J uliGe Cox (olim OBrian) Conjugum. Patl inus fuit Michaelis Rabbits. Matrina Catherina Rabbits a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (A ., E. Meager) ' Die 3 Augusti 1851 Nata et die 31 Augusti 1851 13aptizata fuit E lizabetha Me&ger, filia Henrici et JoannGe Meager (olim Perkbs) Con jugum Patrinus fuit Samuelis Lelli. Matrina Elizabetha Perkins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. Ann., Edwards) Die 2 Septembris 1851 Nata et die 21 Septcmbris 1851 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Edwards, filia Joannis et Joannre Edwards (olim Clark) Conjugum. Patrinlls fuit J oanri('s Burns. Matrina Joanna Clark a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Maria Delaney) Die 19 Septembris 1851 Nata et die 5 Octobris 18.)1 Baptizata fuit Maria DelalIey, filia Dionysii et Mari~ Delaney '(ohm EnriJht) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis R:eardon. Matrina Maria Marlin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . . [po 181J (John Campion) Die 7 Octobris 1851 Natus et die i9 ' Octobris 1851 Baptizatus fui t J oannes Campio:n, filius Patritii e.t Marice Annc£ Campion (olim Sullivan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Thornton. Matrina Maria Thon.toll .. . a me Thoma Fryer. ~, .A.: (Bernard F. Johnson) Die 4 Octobris 1851 Natus et die 26 Octobris 1851 Baptizat~s ftJit Bemardus Franciscus lohnso~ filius Joannis et JoannGe Johnson (oli:n John30n) Conjugum. Patrini,l's fuit Josephus Johnson. Ma triria Anna Johnson a 'me Thoma Fryer. M.A.



(Patrick Webster) Die 23 Odobris 1851 Natus et die 23 Novembris 1851 Baptizatus fuit Patricius Webster, filius Henriei et Catherince Webster (olim Dann*) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Dann* a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward J. Driscoll) Die 31 Odobris 1851 Natus et die 6 Decembris 1851 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Jacobus Driscoll, filius Joannis et Annre Driscoll (olim Morison) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jeremiah County. Matrina Margarita County a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (c. Walker) Die 24 Julii 1851 Nata et die 7 Decembris 1851 Baptizata fuit Charlotte Walker, filia Joannis et Annce Walker (olim Scott) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Pritchard a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. 1852 (Margaret McNerney) Die 7 J anuarii 1852 Nata et die 1 Februarii 1852 Baptizata fuit Margarita McNerney, filia Thomre et Catherince McNernay (olim Courtney) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Eliza Maffey* a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (James Purcel) Die 11 Martii 1852 Natus et die 21 Martii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Purcel, filius Jacobi et Joannce Purcell (olim Barry) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Helena Hazell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael Thornton) Die 15 Martii 1852 N atus et die 23 Martii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Thornton, filius Michaelis et Marice Thornton (olim Madagin) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Campion. Matrina Maria Anna Campion a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth Foley) Die 16 Martii 1852 Nata et die 28 Martii 1852 Baptizata fuit ¡Elizabetha Foley, filia Joannis et Elizabethce Foley (olim Curren) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Lynch. Matrina Teresia Jenkins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Kilroy) Die 19 Martii 1852 Nata et die 28 Martii 1852 Baptizata fuit Maria Kilroy, filia Thomce et Marice Kilroy (olim Turnbull) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Owens Matrina Birgitta Tierney a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Homles) Die 29 Januarii 1852 Natus et die 4 Aprilis 1852 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Homles, filius Joannis Gabrielis et Margaritce HomIest (olim Grimes) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Dempsey. Matrina Margarita Hopkins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 182J (James Maher) Die 28 Aprilis '1852 Natus et die 9 Maii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus. Maher, filius Richardi et Birgittce Maher (olim Maurisey) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Mulloy. Matrina Maria Mulloy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* Or' Davin.'


* Possibly' Massey . . Three entries lower a Margaret ' Holmes ' occurs.



t (James Dempsey) Die 25 Aprilis 1852 Natus et die 16 Maii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Dempsey, filius Joannis et Marice Dempsey (olim Maloney) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Cornelius Dempsey. Matrina Margarita Holmes it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (S. E. Roberts) Die 18 Maii 1852 Nata et die 30 Maii 1852 Baptizata fuit Sarah Helena Roberts, filia Michaelis et Catherince 'R oberts (olim Mehan) Conjuguin Matrina fuit Julia Cox it me Thoma Fryer. M:A. (M. ]. Coveney) Die 13 Aprilis 1852 Nata et die 2 Junii 1852 Baptizata fuit Margarita Joanna Coveney, filia Thomce et Marice Coveney (olim Thompson) Conjugum Matrina fuit Eliza Maffey it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. Burke) Die 23 Maii 1852 Nata et die 6 Junii 1852 Baptizata fuit Matilda Burke, filia Joannis et Annce Burke (olim Ellis) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Farel1. Matrina Anna Hussey it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E. Bradley) Die 24 Maii 1852 Nata et die 6 Junii 1852 Baptizata fuit Eliza Bradley, filia Jeremiah et Margaritce Bradley (olim Mitchell) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Petrus Brown. Matrina Maria Bayon it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (James Maher) Die 10 Junii 1852 Natus et die 20 Junii 1852 Baptizata fuit Jacobus Maher, filius Joannis et Marice Maher (olim McCormick) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Connor. Matrina Birgitta Duffy it me Thoma Fryer. M.A, (Thomas Crookwell) Die 10 Junii 1852 Natus et die 20 Junii 1852 Baptizatus fnit Thomas Crook well, filius Gulielmi et Marice Crookwell (olim Doud) Conjngum. Patrinus fuit Martinus Hopkins. Matrina Margarita Hopkins it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Doherty) Die 27 Maii 1852 Natus et die 26 Junii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Doherty, filius Gulielmi et Birgittce Doherty (olim Hagan) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina O'Mera it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Joseph 0 Rara) Die 18 Junii 1852 Natus et die 27 Junii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Josephus 0 Kara, filius Edwardi et Joannce o Rara (olim Spain) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Hickey. Matrina Birgitta Welch it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Burke) Die 24 Junii 1852 Natus et die 4 Julii 1852 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Burke, filius Petri et Helence Burke (olim Luce) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Burke Matrina Julia Maguire a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [P, 183J (Mary Ann Markey) Die 28 Maii 1852 Nata et die 4 Julii 1852 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Markey filia Edwardi et Catherince Markey (olim Stanford) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Matheus McDonnell Matrina Catherina Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A .


â&#x20AC;˘ Doubtfull'eading.



(Edward Mulin) Die 9 Julii 1852 Natus et die 19 Julii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Mulin, filius Edwardi et Catherince Mulin (olim Duffy) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina Purcell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (George McManus) Die 25 Junii 1852 Natus et die 11 Julii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Georgius McManus, filius Stephani et Margaritce McManus (olim Carroll) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Michaelis Clarke. Matrina Joanna Clarke a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael Wren) Die 24 J ulii 1852 N atus et die 31 J ulii 1852 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Wren, filius Dionysii et Sarah Wren (olim Fitzpatrick) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis Wren. Matrina Eliza Fitzpatrick a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Reel) Die 31 Julii 1852 Nata et die 8 Augusti 1852 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Reel, filia Patritii et Marice Reel (olim Dalton) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Alexander Reel. Matrina Susanna McDermott a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Stephen Mullins) Die 22 Augusti 1852 N atus et die 29 Augusti 1852 Baptizata fuit Stephanus' Mullins, filius Michaelis et Marice Mullins (olim Heran) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Timotheaus [sic] Fitzpatrick. Matrina Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Skelly) Die 17 Augusti 1852 Nata et die 29 Augusti 1852 Baptizata fuit Maria Skelly filia Patritii et Marice Annce Skelly (olim Staris*) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Ward. Matrina Catherina Moran a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Kallin) Die 30 Augusti 1852 Baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis J oannem filium Thomce et Margaritce Kallin (olim Cavanaugh) Conjugum natum die 18 Augusti 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Supplevi ceremonias die 5 Septembris 1852 Matrina fuit Birgitta KGlly Thomas Fryer. M.A. (J ohn Kelly) Die 4 Septembris 1852 N atus et die 5 Septembris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Kelly, filius Patritii et Winefridce Kelly (olim Fitzpatrick) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Dionysius Wren. Matrina Margarita Maguire a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Patrick Neil) Die 25 Augusti 1852 Natus et die 5 Septembris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Patritius Neil, filius Joseph et Marice Neil (olim Galaher) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Kenny. Matrina Joanna 0 Hara a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (J oseph Smith) Die 9 Augusti 1852 N atus et die 8 Septembris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Josephus Smith, filius Caroli et Catherince Smith (olim Kenny) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Pine Matrina Sarah Pine a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* Doubtful reading.

[Po ,.l84} , (Francis Jones)" Die 2 Septembris 1,852, Natus et die 12 Septembris .1852 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus lones, filius Patriti [sic] et Marire Annre Jones (olim Roach) ~onjugum Patrinus fuit Valentine, McDonough. Matrina Anna Moran , it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Welch) Die 3 Septemb~is 1852 Nata et die 12 Septem¡ bris 1852 Baptizata fuit Helena Welch, filia Joannis et Catherina! Welch (olim Fahy) Cqnjugum. Patrinus fuit Andreas Kennedy. Matrina Catherina Costello it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. : (Joseph W. 0 Donnell) Die 8 Septembris 1852 Nat~,s et die 22 Septembris 1852 Bapt~zatus fuit Josephus Gulielmus 0 Donnell ,filius Richardi et Elizabethre 0 Donnell (olim McCoy) Coiljuglim., Patrinus fuit Owen Fitzpatrick Matrina Maria McNally it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Heney) Die 12 Septembris 1852 N atus et die 3 Qctobris 1852 Bap~izatus fuit Edwardus ,Heney, filius Edwardi e,t Carolina! H'e ney (oHm Cartlidge) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Michaelis C~rell. MatTina Eliza Woolfrey " it me Thoma Fryer ~ M.A. ' (Henry Bull) Die 16 Septembris 1852 N atus et die 3 Octobris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Henricus Bull, filius Henrici et Marire Annre Bull (olim Kennedy) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Sarah Pine , a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary, Ann Savage) Die 10 Septembris 1852 Nata et die 6 Octobris 1852 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Savage, filia Joannis et Elizre Savage (olim Keogh) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Price. Matrina Sarah Wren it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [The next entry in the' Retl. Thomas Bowman's hand] (John Jeuman) Die 6 Septembris 1852 natus et die 13 Octobris 1852 baptizatus fuit J oannes Jeuman alius Joannis et Margaritre , Jeuman (olim Doherty) conjugum. Matrina fuit Margarita Farrell. a me Thoma Bowman M.A. (Pat. Gaoghan) pie 9 Octobris .1852 Natus et die 17 Octobris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Patritius Gaoghan, filius Thomce et Catherinre GilOghan (olim MacMahon) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patrititls Kelly. Matrina Winefrida Kelly a me Thoma, Fryer. M.A. (J. H. Riley) Die 29 Junii 1852 Natus et die 31 Octobris ' 1852, Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Henricus Rile" filius Jacobi et C~ro1inre Riley (olin:t Crew) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus.. Heney. Matrina Francisca C~oucber '" ,. ";a, me Thoma Fryer. M.A~ '(Patrick Henry Healy) Die 23 Octobris 1852 Natus et die 31 Octobris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Patritius Henricus Beab~ filius Joannis e~ Marire ,Healy (olip} Dillon) C()njugum. Patrinus .luit ~.eljx Byrne. Mattina Marg4i-ita Carron ' ' l:',,: , ,1 me ThomA. 'Fryer. M~~ f

Uj. {Margaret Lacey) Die 11 OCf6br~ ~1~52 "Nata et die 7 Novembris 1852 Baptizata fuit MargaJlta: ·Lacey, filia Patritii et 'Carolinre Lacey (olim Brady) C,onjuguJ:n:' . Patrinus fuit Patritius Cooney. Matrina Helena Lenry . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 185J (James Martin) Die 31 Qctobris 1852 Natus et die 14 Novembris 1852 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Martin, filius Edwardi ·et Margaritre Martin (olim ·Cavamagh) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Owen Healy. Matrina Catherina Lenry [In pencil NilJ a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. . . (W'illiam Lodge) Die 30 Septembris 1852 Natus et die 21 N:ove-mbris 1852 Baptizatus fuit : Gulielmus Lodge, filius Jacobi et Julire Lodge (olim Birmingham) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Thighe. Matrina Joanna Morgan [In. pencil NJ . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Hnghes) Die 14 Octobris 1852 Natus etdie 21 Novembris Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Hughes, filius Gulielmi et Annre Hughes (olim Reardon) Conjugum 'P atrinus fuit Archbald [sic] Smith. Matrina Maria Smith a me Thoma Fryer: M.A. (William Shay) Die 24 Novembris 1852 Baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Gul,ie~us Shay, ' filium Maurice Dillon et Marire Shay, natum die 12 Novembris 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Mary Seaward) Die 13 Octobris 1852 Nata et die 11 Decembris 1852 Baptizata fuit Helena Maria Seaward, filia Thomre et Margaritre Seaward (olim Ahem) Conjugum Matrina fuit Anna BU:§h a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. , (Patrick Welsh) Die 8 Decembris 1852 Natus et die 19 Decembris 1852 Baptizatus fuit · Patritius Welsh, filius Martinis [sic] et Honorre Welsh (olim Doherty) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Richardus Mahar. Matrina Birgitta Morrisey . it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Agnes L. Johnson) Die 30 Novembris 1852 N'aia et die 19 Decembris 1852 Baptizata fuit Agnes Louisa Johnson, filia Joannis et Joannre Johnson (olim Johnson) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Patritius Pine. Matrina Sarah Pine " . . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. 1853 ' .. (John George Clark) ,Die 28 Decembris 1852 Natus et die 9. J aiwarii 1853 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Georgius ~k, filius Michaelis et Elizre Clark (olim ~ead) Conjugum. Patrinus 'f uit Pattitius .Lavan Matrina Margarita McGuire -.. .~ ~ . . 'a me Thoma Fryer. 'M .A. :: _. =-.{Ellen Shanly) Die 2~ 'DecembriS' 1852 Nata et d'ie 9 Jariuarit" l~ Baptizata f~it Hel~na 8~t fi!i~. jac~bi et. Marire Sh~~y:. (o1i~ Healy) ConJ~gum. " .P atrmus fUtt Joannes" Shelly . . 'M atnna ~a ;Rutledge . .- - .~ a me Thoma -Fr.f~. M.A.



(Sarah . L. Richards) Die 16 Decembris 1852 Nata et die 9 J anuarii 1853 Baptizata fuit Sarah Lucia Richards, filia Gulielmi et Hannah Richards (olim Rowe) Conjugum . Patrinu fuit Petrus Wolfe . Matrina Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [p o 186J (Teresi a C. Johnson) Die 20 Decembris 1852 Nata et die 16 Januarii 1853 Baptizata fuit Teresia Charlotta Johnson, filia ]osephi et Anna: Johnson (olim James) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Johnson. Matrina Charlotta Huggins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Lynch) Die 20 J anuarii 1853 Nata et die 23 J anuarii 1853 Baptizata fuit Maria Lynch, filia Michaelis et Joanna: Lynch (olim Cahill) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Margarita Connor a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Michael Christie) Die 31 Octobris 1852 Natus et die 30 Januarii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Michaelis Christie, filius Laurentii et Eliza: Christie (olim Molahern) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes Brandon. Matrina Maria Dempsey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. M. Moul) Die 22 Decembris 1852 Nata et die 30 J anuarii 1853 Baptizata fuit Maria Matilda Moul, filia Samuelis et Elizabetha: Moul (olim Frampton) Conjugum Patrinus fuit [1 cm. blank J Reeves. Matrina Maria Linnington a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Sarah Jane McCulchem) Die 30 Januarii 1853 Nata et die 13 Februarii 1853 Baptizata fuit Sarah Joanna McCulchem filia Joannis et Maria: Anna: McCulchem (olim Whelan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Buckeridge. Matrina Elizabetha Maria Buckeridge a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherine Keating vel Caton) Die 16 Februarii 1853 Baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Catherinam, filiam Patritii et Maria: Keating (olim Cleary) Conjugum natam die 10 Februaii 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A. (J ames. M. Price) Die 11 Martii 1853 Baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis prl)pter periculum mortis Jacobum Michaelem* filium Sidrack et Moria: Price (olim MacLoughlan) Conjugum, natum die 15 Februa-ii 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Supple vi ceremoniis [sic] die 13 Martii 1853. Patrinus fuit Richardus 0 Connell. Matrina Maria McKeough. Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Dart) Die 25 Decembris 1852 Nata et die 13 Martii 1853 Baptizata fuit Helena Dart, filia Georgii Gulielmi et Eliza: Dart (olim Allcock) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Hannah Wilkinson. a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Morris Sullivan) Die 5 Martii 1853 Natus et die 20 Martii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Maurice Sullivan, filius Maurice et Elizabetha: Sullivan (olim Lee) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Gordon. Matrina Helena Gordon a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.

* . Price'

has been written here and then scored .



(Elizabeth Elliott) Die 21 Martii 1853 Nata et die 10 Aprilis 1853 Baptizata fuit Elizac etha Elliott, filia Joannis et Marice Elliott (olim Deasy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes McCarthy it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po I87J (Mary Mulkerrin ) Die 2 Aprilis 1853 Nata et die 17 Aprilis 1853 Baptizata fui t Maria Mulkerrin, flIia Simonis et Annre Mulkerrip. (oIim Conrein) Conjugum. P atrinus fuit Patritius Owen. Matrina Emma 0 Neill it me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (Amelia Foster) Die 30 Aprilis 1853 Nata et die 8 Maii 1853 Baptizata fuit Amelia Foster, filia Jacobi et Helena; Foster (olim Hayes) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Foster. Matrina M3.ria F oster a me Thoma Fryer (Catherine Gray) Die 30 Aprilis 1853 Nata et die 8 Maii 1853 Baptizata fuit Catherina Gray, filia Christophori et Annce Gray (olim Burns) Conjugum Matrina fuit Birgitta Burns . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Walker) Die 10 Maii 1853 Natus et die If> Maii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Walker filius Thoma; et Elizre Walker (olim Callahem) Conjugum. Patrinus fnit Hugh Dawson Matrina Elizabetha Purcell ' a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (James B. Lohan) Die 26 Maii 1853 Natus et die 5'Junii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Benjamiu Lohan, filius Joannis et Hannah Lohan (olim Humphriss) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit David McBean. Matrina Grace Gibson it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (H. W. Werneck) Die 4 Junii 1853 Natus et die 26 Junii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Henricus Gulielmus Wemeck, filius Joannis et Joannce Werneck (olim Cooper) Conjugum Matrina fuit Helena . Howes it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (James. 'A. Croucher) Die 8 Junii 1853 Natus et die 10 Julii 1853 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Albanus Croucher, filius Georgii et Franciscce Croucher (olim Crouch) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwar-dus Henney. Matrina Caroletta Huggins a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Margaret Donovan) Die 30 Aprilis 1853 Nata et die 24 Julii 1853 Baptizata fui t Margarita Donovan, filia Edwardi et Annce Donovan (olim Morgan) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Cornelius Donovan. Matrina Maria Cross it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Pat. Ginghan) Die 19 Julii 1853 Natus et die 31 Julii 1853 . Baptizatus fuit Patritius Ginghan, filius Marci et Marice Ginghan (olim Corbel) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe. Matrina Elizabetha Smith it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M . Savory) Die 4 Julii 1853 Natus et die 7 Augusti Baptizatus fuit Maximillianus Savory, filius Gulielmi et Marice Savory (olim Hagleston) Con j. Matrina fuit Catherina Skelton it me Thoma Fryer. M.A .


â&#x20AC;˘ 'Corbet' may possibly have been meant.



. (W. M. Greenough) Die 9 Julii 1853 Natus et die 28 Augu:sti 1853 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Mew Greenough, filius J oann"is et Annre Greenough (olim Mew) Conj. Patrinus fuit Joannes Kennedy. Matrina Anna Benton it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 188] (M. Fielding) Die 25 Julii 1853 Nata et die 28 Augusti 1853 Baptizata fuit .Margarita Fielding, filia Bqurl~s. ~t Marice Fielding (olim Shidlet) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna Crook it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Casey) Die 6 Augusti 1853 Natus et die 28 Augusti 1853 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Casey, filius Joannis et Joannce Casey (olim Murphy) Conjugum. Patrinus fUlt Robertus Hazell. Matrina Maria Donovan it me Thoma Fryer. M.A: (Julia Loughlin) Die 30 Augusti 1853 Nata et die 12 Septembris 1853 Baptizata fuit Julia Loughlin, filia Joannis et Birgittce Loughlin (olim Murphy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Kennedy Matrina Elizabeth M~ffey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Melina Jane Heno) Die 7 Septembris 1853 Nata et die 18 Septembris 1853 Baptizata fuit Melina Joanna Heno, filia Augustini et Idce Heno (olim Wolf) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Martin. Matrina Joanna Martin it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edward Edwards) Die 14 Septembris 1853 Natus et die 2 Octobris 1853 Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Edwards, filius Joannis et Joannce Edwards (olim Clarke) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Catherina Burns it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Catherina Hickey) Die 30 Septembris 1853 Nata et die 16 Octobris 1853 Baptizata fuit Catherina Hickey, filia Danielis et Marice Hickey (olim McManus) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuel Sanders Matrina Mary Fahey it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Thompson) Die 26 Odobris 1853 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis J oannem, filium Joannis et Helence Thompson (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum, natum die 5 Octobris 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A. (james Atherton) Die 21 Octobris 1853 Natus et die 2 Novembris 1853 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Atherton, filius Edwardi et Catherince Atherton (olim Campball) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Sarah Rowe a,' me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Shepherd) Die 3(} Octobris 1853 Natus et die 20 Novembris 1853 Baptizatus -fuit Gulielmus Shepherd, fili1,ls Gulielmi et Annce Shepherd (olim ~) ~onjugum. Matrina fuit Margar~ta J~uman '. a ' 'm e Thoma Fryer. M.A. , (John Conway) Die 7 Nov:embris 1853 Natus et die 20 Novembris 1853 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Coliway, filius BartholIll<e [sic] et Marire Conway (olim Maloney) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus F~hy. Matrin.a Maria Linnington .. a 'm e ThoQla Fryer. M.A.





. [p o 189J (Clare Bradley) Die 7 Novembris 1853 Nata et die' 20 Novembris 1853 Baptizata fuit Clara Bradley, filia Jeremiah et Margarita! Bradley (olim Mitchell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Irvine Matrina Harietta 0 Brian a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edith 0 Neill) Die 4 Septembris 1853 Nata et die 27 Novemoris 1"8;>3 Baptizata fuit Edith 0 Neill, filia Jacobi et Eliza! 0 Neill (olim Ward) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Handley. Matrina Maria Jones it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. M. Trotman) Die 8 Novembris 1853 Nata et die 4 Decembris 1853 Baptizata fuit Maria Martha Trotman, filia Georgii et Anna! Trotman (olim Higley) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Moger. Matrina Maria Hazell it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. 1854 (John Thompson) Die 25 Septembris 1853 Natus et die 1 Januarii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Thompson, filius Joannes et Helena! Thompson (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes Slater. Matrina Anna Slater a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William Slater) Die 26 N ovembris 1853 N atus et die 1 Januarii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Slater, filius Joannis et Anna! Slater (olim Allen) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Higgins. Matrina Helena Curtis a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Agnes Frampton) Die 22 Januarii 1854 Nata et die 5 Martii 1854 Baptizata fuit Agnes Frampton, filia Thoma! et Carolina! Frampton (olim Atwell) Con.jugum. Patrinus fuit Josephus Johnson. Matrina Anna Bush it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen HUht) Die 6 Martii 1854 Nata et die 6 Martii 1854 Baptizata fuit Helena Hunt, filia Richardi et Catherina! Hunt (olim La hart) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Martin. Matrina Maria Hunt it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Barry) Die 5 Februarii 1854 Natus et die 11 Martii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Joannes Barry, filius Michaelis et Maria! Barry (olim Fitzgerald) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria ¡ McCarthy it me Thoma¡-Fryer. M.A. (F. McNerney) Die 8 Februarii 1854 Natus et die 26 Martii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Franciscus Mc~emey, filius Thoma! et Catherina! McNerney (olim Courtney) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria Hazell . it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (B. G. Smith) Die 1 Martii 1854 Natus et die 19 Aprilis 1854 Baptizatus fuit Benjamin Georgius Smith, filius Caroli et Catherina! Smith (olim Kenny) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Helena Howes it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. . [po 190J (Charles Halfpenney) Die 8 Martii 1854 Natus et die 23 Aprilis 1854 Baptizatus fuit Carolus Halfpenney, filius Gulielmi et Julia! Halfpenney (olim Melia) Conjugum .. Matrina fuit Elizabetha Hollyw~o<,l it me Thoma Fryer'- M.A.



(Thomas W . Selwood) Die 3 Martii 1854 Natus et die 6 Maii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Gulielmus Selwood, filiu s Thomce et Margaritce Selwood (olim Hearn) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Welch) Die"20 Apr-ilis 1854 Nata et die 7 "Maii 1854: Baptizata fuit Hele l1 a Welch, filia Patritii et MariCE Welch (olim Batty) Con jugum. /Matrina fuit Maria Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [I n B ÂŁshop Grant's hand]

Visum et approbat in S Visitat . die 14 Maii 1854 Thomas Epus* (William Lee) Die 15 Aprilis 1854 N atus et die 14 Maii 1854 Baptizatus fuit , Gulielmus Lee, filius Gulielmi et Birgittce Lee (ohm Marghar) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Henricus McQuade a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Frances Stapleton) Die 8 Martii 1854 Nata et die 21 Maii 1854 Baptizata fuit Francisca Stapleton, filia Samuelis et Julice Stapleton (olim Brennan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Stephens. Matrina Honora Keating a' me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Hassett) Die 3 Aprilis 1854 N atus et die 21 Maii 1854 Baptizatus fuit Thomas Hassett, filius Maurice et Birgittce Hassett (olim Bums) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Christmass. Matrina Eliza Burns a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Laughlan [sic]) Die 21 Maii 1854 Nata et die Maii 1854 Baptizata fuit Maria Loughlan, filia Joannis et Hariettce Loughlan (olim Robson) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit David Devine a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [The next entry in the Rev. ] . Silveira's hand]

(Simeon. Swainstone) Die 25 a Maii 1854 nata, et statim, privatim, ob imminens mortis periculum, Baptizata fuit Joanna Maria fllia Joannis, (Baronetti de Simeon) et Joannce Marice (olim Baker) Conjugum: cceremoniis omnibus omissis N.B. mortua instanter . a me J. Silveira, A.M. post Baptismnm apud Swainstone ~ (Ann Thornhill) Die 17 J unii 1854 Nata et die 29 J unii 1854 Baptizata fuit Anna Thornhill, filia Joannis et Helence Thornhill (olim Daly) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna McQuade _ . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (E. Cunningham) Die 6 Aprilis 1852 Nata et die 2 J ulii 1854 Baptizata fuit Eliza Cunningham, filia Danielis Edwardi & Marice Annce Cunningham (olim Carr) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Sarah Rowe a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . â&#x20AC;˘ The Rt. "Rev. Thomas Grant, First Bishop of Southwark. , Swainstone Manor, .seat of Sir John Simeon, M.P. See Historical luq:oduction to t~ Register.



-,- [po 191J (Rachael Cunningham) Die ~8 Haii 1854 Netta et die 2 Julii 1854 Baptizata fuit Rachael CU!1,ninghmn, filia Danielis Edwardi et Maria= Anna: Cunningham (olim CQrr) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Maria H':'.zell a me Thxna Fryer. M.A. -(Honora Jenn :,_gs) , Die 18 Junii 1854 Nata et die 9 Julii 1854 Baptizata fuit Honora JsnllIDtS, ~i.lia Joannis et Margarita: Jennings (olim Ford) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Michaelis Conlan. Matrina Maria Conlan a-me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas Roberts) Die 12 Junii 1854 Natus et die 9 Julii 1854 Baptizatus fuit ThomAs Rc'berts, filius Michaelis et Catherince Roberts (olim Meh<in) Conj ugum Patrin us fuit J oaIllles Stephens. Matrina Ma~: ia Stephens a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Charles McDonnell) Die 3 Augusti 1854 N atus et die 13 August~. 1854 Baptizatus fuit Carolus McDonnell, filius Joannis et Marice Anna: McDonnell (olim Boutlayer) Conjugum . Matrina fuit Helena DQnelly a me Thoma Fryer . M.A. (Elizabeth Handley) Die 16 Decembris 1851 Nata et die 13 Augusti 1854 Bapti :~ <lta fuit, sub conditione, Elizabetha Handley, filia Jacobi et Marice Handley (olim 0 Neill) Conjugum. Matrina fuit Helena Cavanaugh a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Henry B. S. Gough) Die 22 J ulii 1854 N atus et die 14 Augusti 1854 Baptizat us fuit Henricus Brock Stanton Gough, filius Thomce et Juliance Gough (ohm Wilson) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Henricus Webb . Matril~a M:uia Stanton a me Thoma Fryer M,A. (Edward T. Bennett) Die 23 Junii 1854 Natus et die Septembris 1854 Baptizatus fllit Edwardus Thomas Bennett tiliu Caroli t?t Helence Bennett (dim f.\:,yan) Conjugum Patrinus fui . Thomas Bennett. Matrina Maria Castaux ," a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ccecilia Heney) Die 17 Augusti 1854 Nata et die 3 Septembris 1854 Bapti~.ata fuit Ccecilia Heney, filia Edwardi et Carolince Heney (Olil!" Cartlidge) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Dominicus Heney. Matri~ la Francisca Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M. A. [po 192J (J an-e Lenord) Die 1 Septembris 1854 Nata et die 17 Septembris 1854 Baptiiata fuit Joanna Lenord, filia Thomce .Mullins et J oannce Lenord. P at rinus fuit Jacobus Hart. Matrina Maria McCarthy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. , (Gulielmus :-r. Killom) Die lU August i 1~54 N atus et die 24 Sep'Lembris 1854 Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Henricus Killom, filius r{homce et Annre Killom (olim Conway) Conjugum. Patru1us GulielqlUs Pendebury. MatTina Joanna -Crook . , a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. _- .. (Agnes, Riordan) Die 8 Aug-usti 1854 Nata et die 2!:J Octobris 1854 Baptizata fuit Agnes Riordan, ÂŁilia Michaelis' et Carolin&! Riord~n 'oli:n Mullins) Con jugum Fatrinus fuit Patritius McCrai(h ,. " ~,'. a me Thoma Fr-yer.. M.A


(Ellen Shea) . Die 1 Octobris 1854 Nata et die 29 ' Octobris 1854 Baptizata ' fuit Helena Shea, filia Joannis et Helena: Shea. (ohm Kelly.) Conjugum Matrina fuit Joanna Whiting . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (George W. James) Die 10 Octobris 1854 Natus et die ..5 Novembris 1854 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Gulielmus James filius Joannis et Rosa: James (olim James) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Edwardus Heney. Matrina Francisca Croucher a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Rosanna McGuigan) Die 22 Octobris 1854 Nata et die 5 N ovembris 1854 Baptizata .fuit Rosanna McGuigan, filia Joannis et Maria: McGuigan (olim :Maedonell) Conjugum Patrinus fuit: Joannes Hogan. Matrina Maria Wilson . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Gough~' · Die ,12 Septembris 1854 Nata et die 19 Septembris 1854 Baptizata fuit Helena Gough, filia Marci et Maria: Gough (olim Corbet*) Conjugum Matrina fuit Helena Gordonn . . . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen Har~) Die 13 Novembris 1854 Nata et die 19 Novembris 1854 Baptizata fuit Helena Hart, filia Jacobi et Honorah Hart (olim McCarthy) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Jacobus Purcell. Matrina Maria McCarthy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John MacDonnell) Die 9 Novembris 1853 Natus et die 4 Decembris 1854 Baptizatus fuit J oannes MacDonnell, filius Douglas et Helena: MacDonnell (ohm Keams) Conjugum Matrina fuit Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 193J (Pat Purcell) Die 9 Decembris 1854 N atus et die 17 Decembris 1854 Baptizatus fuit Patritius Purcell filius Jacobi et Joanna: Purcell (olim Barry) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. Mullins Matrina Joanna Casey (Ann Brown) · Die 6 Novembris 1854 Nata et die 19 Dec~mbris .1854 Baptizata fuit Anna Brown, filia Joannis et Maria: Brown (olim Ferguesson) Conjugut:ll Matrina fuit Anna Bush a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Eliza Wheler*). Die .3 Septembris 1853 Nata et die 31 Decembris 1854 Baptizata fuit Eliza Wheler, filia Henrici et Maria: Wheler. (olim McGonan) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Larkin a me Thoma Fryer. M.A~ (Monica Johnson) Die 24 Octobris 1854 Nata et die . 31 Dece~bris 1854 Baptizata fuit Monica Johnson, filia Joannis et Joanna: Johnson (ohm Johnson) Con j. Patrin us fuit J oannes Hollywood. Matrina Eliza HollywooQ. . a me Thoma Fryer. M.A .


. *.Later

additions. in di1ferent ink . • The last letter was written . n,' but in each case the first stroke of the letter has been crossed through, making it an! r.'


" 257

1855 (Helen MacAuliffe) Die 17 Decembris 1854 Nata et die 7 J anuarii 1855 Baptizata fuit Helena MacAulifie, filia J ere mice et Marice MacAuliffe (olim Shee) Conjugum Matrina fuit Maria Hazell a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Jeuman) Die 2 Decembris 1854 Nata .et die 17 Januarii 1855 Baptizata fuit Maria Jeuman, filia Joannis et Margaritce Jeuman (olim Doherty) conjugum. Matrina fuit Winefrida Ryan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (William McEvoy) Die 12 Februarii 1855 Baptizavi omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Gulielmum filium Gulielmi et Annre McEvoy (olim Egan) Conjugum natum die 10 Januarii 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Supplevi ceremoniis [sicJ die 21 Februarii 1855. Patrinus fuit Joannes Rowan. Matrina Catherina Connolly Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Aaron Webber) Die 18 Martii 1855 Natus et die 8 Aprilis 1855 Baptizatus fuit Aaron Webber, filius Thomce et Catherince Webber (olim Diggins) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Hugo Holland Matrina Anna Crassan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Arthur Campbell) Die 25 Martii 1855 N atus et die 8 Aprilis 1855 Baptizatus fuit Arthur Campbell, filius Patritii et Margaritre .C ampbell (olim Farell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Kennedy. Matrina Anna Kennedy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. [po 194J (Erick. E. Cotter) Die 7 Aprilis 1855 Natus et die 22 Aprilis 1855 Baptizatus fuit Erick Edwardus Cotter, filius Joannis et Catherince Cotter (olim MacKey) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Collins. Matrina Eliza Hynes a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John W. Jackson) Die 11 Aprilis 1855 Natus et die 3 Maii 1855 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Gulielmus Jackson, filius Joannis Gulielmi et Catherince Jackson (olim Murphy) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Grimes Donaghey. Matrina Maria McGugan .;' a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Edwin A. Meager) Die 17 Aprilis 1855 N atus et die 13 Maii 1855 Baptizatus fuit Edwin Albertus Meager, fIlius H enrici et Joannre Meager (olim Perkins) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Samuelis Lelli Matrina Carolina Mills a me Thoma Fryer. M.A . (John Rogan) Die 27 Aprilis 1855 Natus et die 13 Mali l~;) ,) Baptizatus fuit J oannes Rogan, filius Jacobi et Isabellce Rog4n (olim Ross) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius Keating. :\f;t. trina Francisca Patten me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (John Morgan) Die 15 Junii 1855 Natus et die 24 Junii 1855 Baptizatus fuit J oannes Morgan, filius Petri et Margaritre MOl gan (olim MacCabe) Conjugum Matrina fuit Ccecilia Keating a me Thoma Fryer. ' M.A.


- ,258


[Th.e next entry in the Rev. T. Bowman's hand] (Rob t Jn o Flanagan) Die 30 Augusti 1852 natus et die 15 J ulii 1855 baptizatus fuit Robertus J oannes Flanagan, filius Patritii et Joann~ (Jane) Flanagan (olim Miner) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Walsh; Matrina Margarita Morgan. a me Thoma Bowman M.A. (James H. McKenna) Die 2 Julii 1855 Natus et die 22 Julii 1855 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Henricus McKenna filius Jacobi et Luci~ 'McKenna (oEm Hamilton) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patritius McCraith Matrina Catherina McCraith a TIll , Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary. 1. Hollis) Die 6 Augusti 1855 Nata et die 2 Septembris 1855 13aptizata fuit Maria Isabella Hollis, filia Isac [1 em. blank] et Catheril! ce Hollis (olim Rya,n) Con jugum. Matrina fuit Margarita Collier a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (M. A. Darmody) Die 23 Septembris 1855 Nata et die 30 Septembris 1855 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Darmody, fllia J 0annis et Catherin~ Darmody (olim Magee) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Danielis Smith. Matrina Maria Smith a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (wm Bradley) Die 14 SeptemLris 1855 Natus et die 7 Octobris 1855 Baptizatus fuit Gulielml1s Bradley, filius Jeremiah et Margarit~ Bradley (oEm Mitchell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit J oannes Greenough. Matrina Maria Anna Bull a me Thoma Fryer. 'M.A. [po 195J (Mary Ann Conlan) Die 5 Octobris 1855 Nata et die 22 Octobris 1855 Baptizata fuit Maria Ann,a Conlan, filia Michaelis et Maria: Conlan (oEm Teney) Con jugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Jenning. 'Matrin a Margarita Jenning a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (I{onora Sullivan) Die 28 Septembris 1855 Nata et die 28 Octobris 1855 Baptizata fuit Honora Sullivan, filia Jacobi et Elizabeth~ Sullivan (ohm Lee) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Petrus Wolfe . Matrina Anna Shepherd a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ma.ry A. Connelly) Die 17 Octobris 1855 Nata et die 4 Novembris 1855 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Connelly, filia Joannis et Catherinre Connelly (olim Rooney) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Patritius Fitzgerald Matrina Anna McEvoy a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Thomas MacCarthy) Die 9 Octobris 1855 Natus et die 11 Novembris 1855 Baptizatus fuit Thomas MacCarthy, filius Thoma: 'Blackburn et Margarita: MacCarthy. -Matrina fuit Winefrida Ryan a m e Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Isabella Fullard) Die 11 N ovembris 1855 Baptizavi, omissis ceremoniis propter periculum mortis Isabellam, filiam AndreE et .Isabella: Fullard (olim Newell) Conjugum, die 10 Novembris 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A.


¡ 259

Supplevi ceremoniis [sicJ die 17 Februarii 1856 Patrinus fuit Jacobus Keating. Matrina Maria Kennedy Thomas Fryer. M.A. (Ellen 0 Hea) Die 7 Novembris 1855 Nata et die 2 Decembris 1855 Baptizata fuit Helena O'Hea, filia Thomce et Franciscce O'Hea (olim Mason) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petrus Power. Matrina Maria O'Hea a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Elizabeth. C. Flanagan) Die 5 Octobris 1855 Nata et die 9 Decembris 1855 Baptizata fuit, Elizabetha Catherina Flanagan filia Patritii et Joannce Flanagan (olim Miner) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Isaac Barnes. Matrina Birgitta Barnes a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Ellen. L. Barnes) Die 10 Octobris 1855 Nata et die 9 Decembris 1855 Baptizata fuit Helena Louisa Barnes, filia Isaac et Birgittce Barnes (olim Hannan) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Josephus Parker. Matrina Joanna Flanagan a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Malachy. T. Byrne) Die 10 Decembris 1855 Natus et die 20 Decembris 1855 Baptizatus fuit Malachias Thomas Byrne, filius Gulielmi et Hannah Byrne (olim Flynn) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Nicholas Walsh. Matrina Joanna Lindsey a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. 1856 [po 196J (David Reddy) Die 24 Decembris 1855 Natus et die 6 Januarii 1856 Baptizatus fuit David Reddy, filius David et Rosce Reddy (olim Garginiy [sic]) Conjugum Patrinus fuit Joannes Murphy. Matrina Maria Millar a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Mary Ann Hazell) Die 7 Januarii 1856 Nata et die 16 J anuarii 1856 Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Hazell, filia Gulielmi Sheath et Marice Hazell. Patrinus fuit Robertus Hazell. Matrina Maria Linnington a me Thoma Fryer . M.A. (Elizabeth. A. Noon) Die 24 Decembris 1855 Nata et die 27 Januarii 1856 Baptizata fuit Elizabeth Anna Noon, filia Roberti et Elizabeth Noon (olim Stafford) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Bartholemaus Noon, Matrina Maria Smith a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Henry. J. Coppinger) Die 14 Januarii 1856 Natus et die 27 Januarii 1856 Baptizatus fuit Henricus Joannes CoppinCer, filius Joannis et Catherince Coppinger (olim Curren) Conjugl1111. Patrinus fuit Edwardus Toohey. Matrina Maria Kelly a me Thoma Fryer. M..\. (Teresia Frampton) Die 20 J anuarii 1856 Nata et die 2() Februarii 1856 Baptizata fuit Teresia Frampton, filia Thomce et Carolince Frampton (olim Atwell) Conjugum Patrinus fuit J 0:' sephus Johnson. Matrina Anna Johnson a me Thoma Fryer. M.A.


(James Lynns) Die 23 Januarii 1856 Natus et die 2 Martii tllit J acobus Lyon~, filius J acabi et Christince Lyons (ohm Hobson) Con jugum . Patrinus fuit Patritius Donoghoue. Matrina Birgitta Best a me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (Pat. Finaughty) Die 29 F ebruarii 1856 Natus et die 9 Martii 1Rf56 Baptizatus fuit PCttritius Finaughty filius Thomce et Marice Finaughty (olim Harrin~ton) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Menahern. Matrina Maria McAuliffe it me Thoma Fryer. M.A. (James Hickey) Die 19 Februarii 1856 Natus et die 9 ' Martii 1~56 Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Hickey, filius Danielis et Annce Hickey (ohm Farell) Conjugum . Patrinus fuit Cornelius Ryan. Matrina Elizabetha Byrnes it me Thoma Fryer 1~5G Baptizatu

l The next eleven pages are 6lank . and written i1'-1rom the other end. ]

The Register is then reversed

I With the Register n07.ÂŁ' reversed and the writing upside down, the first three pages are blank . There is a blank space of 21 inches at the top of p . 4 and then the following confirmations are entered.] Die 5 a Octobris, anna vero 1794 confirmati sunt a R ev mo Dno Dno Joanne Doug]ass Vic. Apco, et Episc', Centuriensi . Nomen Bap. Nomen Conf. Ricardus .James J oannes Josephus Quirk Patricius E lizabeth Porter Teresia Letitia Redstone Maria (4)* Hcec fldeliter & accurate me extra,xisse declar~ ex libello Registrali scripto a Rev do Dno Simone J osepho Lucas Thomas ' White Miss Ap. Die l::~a Octobris, Anno Dni 1~03 confirmatce sunt a R ev mo DflO Dno Gul. Poynter Episc ., Haliensi et Vi c. Apost. in Dist. Lond . Nomen Bap. Nomen Conf. Sarah Maria Cooke Maria Maria Lock .laria Toomer Anna Elizabeth Maria Coolidge Maria King Anna Maria Elizabctll King Jun r Anna Teresia Cates Anna Maria Coombes Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fui T. \;Y., (~) Die Octobris 8 0 anna Dni 1809 confirmati sunt a R ev mo Dno Dno Gu] Poynter Ep. Hais l et Yic Apost ., Coadj . in Dist Lond '" This a~d subsequent totals in brackets are apparently added by the Rev . T. Fryer.

,Thomas White.


Newpt Nomen Conf. Paulus Rawden Patricius Stanton Thomas Sexton Edoardus Barnes Lucas Hawke Maria Dillon Maria Rawden Maria Brennan Maria Mortimer Maria Murray Maria White Bire-itta James Mo~ica Barnes. Teresia Starks from Cowes Andre:1s Josephus Ward Laws Joannes Jacobus Maria Anna Harris Maria Martha Hickman Maria-Anna Caroletta Harris Maria-Anna ] oanna (] ane) James Patrinus pro omnibus ip e flli (20) Tho;.; vVhite [p. 5J [I n the following entries the hand is that of the s1/;na/ ory. ~ Die 29 a Augusti A.D. 1813 Confirmati sunt a Rev dlllo Dii o Dom o Gulielmo Poynter Vicario Apostolico et Episcopo Haliensi Nomen Bap . Nomen Con fir. Elizaheth King Maria Jacobus Hawke Marcus Henricus Stagg J oannes Carolus Buncombe Josephus Joanna Birt Maria Richardius Marshall Marcus Joannes Baldwin C;'eorgius Henrietta Baldwin Elizaheth Carlotta Baldwin Maria ' Thomas Bald win Michael Mafia Rawden Agnes Petru Hawke Mattheus Gulielmus Gates Georgius Elizabetha Stagg Catharina Elizabetha Leary Anastasia Elizabetha Leary Teresa Timotheus Leary Josephus Esther James Maria Amelia Lock Maria ] ohannes Reynolds . Thomas Nomen Rap Lucas Alexander Joann es Jacobus Joannes Alicia Catherina Hannah Elizaheth Margarita Anna Maria-Anna Elizabeth Joanna (] aile)



Barnes Martin us King Mattheus Marshall Mattheus King Joannes Stark Jacobus Vandernoff Gulielmus OBrien Joseph us Murray Robertus Cowen Michael Patrinus pro omnibus (29) Rev dus Dn us Jacobus Bramston. M.A. Ita Testor Geo. Spain Miss o AposcUS [po 6J Die 20 a Mensis Octobris A.D. 1816 in Capella Cowsiana Confirmati sunt a Rev dmo Dn O Dom. Gulielmo Poynter EpISCOpO Haliensi, et Vicario Apostolico Nomen Confir. Nomen Bap. Franciscus Edwardus Fallack Elizabetha Maria Stark Edwardus Brady Gulielmus Henrietta Maria Brady Robertus Georgius Lid well Edwardus Gulielmus Green Henricus Josephus Fowles Patrinus pro omnibus (7) Ipse fuit Geo. Spain; M.A. Carolus Petrus Thomas Michael Gulielmus Carolus Martinus Patricius J oannes

Die 14 0 Mensis Julii anno Domini 1822 Confirmati sunt a Reverendissimo Domino Domino Gulielmo Poynter Episcopo Haliensi et Vicario Apostolico in Districtu Londinensi Nomen Bap. N omen Confirm. Joannes Ward Joannes J oannes Power Paulus Thomas Bald win J oannes Thomas Tobin Thomas Hannah Maxwell Anna M~a



Anna Rachel Amelia Catharina Anna Jacobus Henricus

Hackett McBrian Hall 0 Brian Shean Quin Catesidy*

Monica Rachael Maria Catharina Anna Patritius J oannes

[Po 7] Nomen Bap. Elizabeth Joannes

James Purcell

N omen Confirm. Agnes Josephus

â&#x20AC;˘ Two letters, fourth and fifth (' ch '), have been scored.



J oann es

Marcus Jacobu s Patritius Jacobus J oann es Dionysius Jacobus J oannes Patritius J oannes Gulielmus Richardus Margarita Elizabeth Maria Michael Petrus Joannes Henricus Bartholomceus Franciscus Josephus Gulielmus Adophu s Sarah Michael Maria Thomas Petrus Michael jacobus Martinus J oannes Michael Richardus

Bald win Ford Pegg Caveney Connor Baxter Logan Riley Gregan Riordan o Line Fitzgerald Barne Swift Greenham Green Hall Barret Wolfe Sarsfield Oneil Flinn Bradley Rowe Greenham De Grenthe Perkinson Sullivan Wolfe Bergin Barrett Egan Green Murray Marshall Flinn Power [In p cnci!

Petrus Laurentius J oann cs

J 0311111'S Thomas

J oall nes J oannes Patritius J oaJln es J oann t's Patritius J oann es Mi chael J oa nn es Margarita Maria T eresa Michael Josephus Thoma.. J acoblls Michael Franciscus Joannes Gulielmus Petrus Sa r Mi ch ael :\nn a Thomas Guli elmus Michael Thom as Mart i n llS Andrceas Michael :J* I Antonius


[p. 8J Nomen Bap. Jacobus Daniel Gulielmus Emilia Harriet

Nomen Confirm . Purcell Antonius McKiernan Daniel Michael Marshall E Capella owesian a White Maria Elizabeth White

* Appar.e ntly an attempt to number the pages.


Amelia Eliza (59)

Bradford Graham

Elizabeth Maria Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fui J oannes Russell

Die 28 0 Mensis Augusti A.D. 1825 Confirmati sunt a Rev mo Dno Dno Jacobo Yorke Bramston Episcopo Usulensi et Vict: Apost: Coadjutore in Districtu Londinensi Nom: Bapt : Nom: Confirm: J oannes Dolan Patritius Maria Power Elizabetha Patritius Earley Patritius Hannah Row Teresa Gulielmus Harding Petrus Jacobus Connolly Patritius Joanna Harding Elizabetha Sarah King Anna Elizabeth James Maria Hannah Row Maria Catharina Kenny Maria Sweeny Jacobus Georgius Joannes ' Buncomb Jacobus Georgius Carter Franciscus Joannes .Sullivan Joannes Maria Kenny Maria Joanna Brading Maria Sarah Row Maria Die 20 Sep Ejusd. Anni Barnes [In pencil4J Mana Dorothea Patiinus pro omnibus ipse fui (19) Joannes Russell M.A. [po 9J Die 19 n a. mensis Oetobris A.D. 1836 confirmati sunt a Rev mo Dno Dno Thoma Griffiths Episcopo Olensi Vicario Apostolico in Districtu Londinensi N omen Confirm. Nomen Bapt. Francesca Charlotte Stanbrough Monica Ida lohnson Maria Anna Teresia Phelan Teresia Anna Self Elizabclha Maria WoolfrJ Anna Elizabetha Perkins Elizabetha Gertrude Rowe Maria Anna Rowe Fraritiscus Joannes Rowe Maria Anna Carter Anna Sarah Meehan Thomas Thomas Mee~


Johnson J oannes Rowe Josephus Heywood Josephus Heywood Bernardus Wolfe Josephus Linnington Josephus Starkes Simon Butler Aibanus Butler Elizabetha Bush Maria Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fui Josephus Robson M.A. 22. [po 10J Die 24 mensis Octobrls A.D. 1839 confirmati sunt a Rev mo Dno Dno Thoma Griffiths Episcopo Olensi et Vicario Apostolico in Districtu Londinensi N omen Confirm. Nomen Bapt. Carolina Mills Maria Elizabeth Bevan Maria Teresia Joanna Francisca Croucher Maria Monica Elizabeth Brannon Maria Catherina Elizabeth Bellsand Maria Magdalena Leg Maria Magdalena Rebecca Maria Anna' Pierce Maria Magdalena Elizabetha Davies Maria Monica Anna Jones Maria Anna · Mulholand Catherina FranciscaUrry ' Elizabetha Maria Keating Anna Sarah Meehan Teresia Gulielmus Mills Josephus Edwardus Johnson. Josephus Josephus Richardus Perkins Josephus Carr (Convert) Jacobus Joannes Day Maria Magdalena Dolores Amelia Day Monica Agnes Edwardus Day Ignatius Carolus Badlan J oannes Baptista Joannes Saul Bernardus Jacobus Samuel West Augustinus Patritius Murray Paulus Michrel Guilfoyle Augustinus Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fuiThomas Fryer. M.A. 25* [po 11J Die 10 mensis Novetnbris A.D. 1841, confirmati sunt a Rev mo Diio Diio Thoma Griffiths Episcopo Olensi Vicario Apostolico in Districtu Londinensi • Total in the Rev. J. Robson's hand . Joannes Josephus Georgius Gulielmus Franciscus Jacobus Josephus Thomas Elizabetha Anna


• Total in the Rev. T. Fryer'. haDd.



Bapt. N omen Confirm. joannes ' Joannes Johnson j oannes Bridgland josephus Charlotte Agnes Davies Agnes Anna Teresia James Anna Maria Watson Teresi a Charlotte Jackman Teresia Elizabetha Joanna Sweetman Monica Martha Carr Maria 1argarita Riall Gulielmus Mehan Josephu ' \Vinefrida Maria Anna Sweetman¡ fo;)nna Maria Magdalena Johnson Johnson Louisa Maria Magdalena Teresia Maria Symonds Anna Elizabetha Wolfe Carolus Wolfe Josephus Riall jacobus josephus Meager Agnes Elizabetha Joanna Helena Ryan Elizabetha Teresia Teresia Austin Maria Magdalena Margarita Webb Anna Maria Mehan Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fui 22* Thomas Fryer. M.A.

[Po 121 Die 22 Octobris A.D. 1844 confirmati sunt a Revillo Dno Dn a Thoma GriffIths Episcopo Olensi Vicario Apostolico in Districtu Londinensi N omen Confirm: Nomen Bapt: Patritius Gelahem jacobus Patritius Owen Jacobus Quin Joannes Michaelis Josephl.s Michaelis Coke josephus Burns Matlueus McCarthy J oannes Cornelius Gulielmus McQuin Timotheus Philips Jacobus Gulielmus Cuthbertus Donohue Jacobus Patritius McCarthy Michaelis Gurlay Joannes joannes Pollard Josephus josephus Hervey Joannes Franciscus Murphy josephus Patritius Paulus Waters Peter Patritius Wilson Thomas Thomas Dalton Jacobus ,

* Total in the Rev. T. FryeI's

)l~<;i. "


Danielis Edwardus Jacobus Joannes Danielis Catherina David Anna [po 13J Maria Maria Sarah Anna Maria Agnes Anna Maria Maria 'vVinefrida Maria Margarita Julia Joann a Maria Anna Maria Maria Helena \Vinefrida Martha Maria Eliza Carolina Elizabetha Louisa Matilda Maria Anna Anna [p o 14J Margarita Margarita Maria Maria Anna Helena Rosa Helena Maria Anna Maria Maria Gulielmus Timotheus

Reardon Ryan Jack Connors Earley Burns Richards Mackin Mehan Hazell Mills Gurlay Conway Wilson Quigley Waters Wolfe. Earley Owen Cox Moran Hookey Vesey Engar Lucas Sullivan Ryan Sanders Cantwell Kennedy Mills Richards Ross OBryan Ahem Coke Mahoney Kennedy Scalin Fallow Quigley Donohue Marghar Coffee Pollard Stephens Scalin Hart

!61 '

Joannes Edwardus Peter Josephus Joannes Elizabetha Josephus Anna Anna Helena Agn es Cceci Ii a Maria Agnes Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Anna Maria Maria Margarita Anna Louisa Agnes Elizabetha Agnes Anna Agnes Catherina Maria Magdalena Maria Agnes Anna Winefrida Philomena Anna Maria Teresia Anna Elizabetha Catherina Maria Anna Elizabetha Anna Maria Maria Teresia Helena Maria Maria Maria Gulielmus Patritius



O\\'cn Jacobus Gulielmu, ' .r acobus Eliza J osephus }{obertu s J acohus Gulielmus Thomas Joann E's ] oannes Henericl1s ] acobus Jacohus Dani elis J acoh us J acobus Gulielmus J acoh l1s J oannes (;ulielmus ( ;eorgius J J acohus (91 )

Hart Mulvay McQuin Nimock Beane Dunn Collins Mitchell Pine Donohue Stephens Hazell Connor Coffee ' Dalton Egan Vesey Allen Langdon Horne Riley Hazell Marghar Marghar Wolfe Hoy

Patritius J oannes J oannes J oannes Baptista Maria Jacobus D a vi d J oannes Jacobus Edwardus Fredericus Georgi us Patritius J oannes Fredericus Patritius Joseph us Jacobus Paulus Georgius Jacobus Augustinus rp¡ ][)l G uli elm us Georgi us Michaelis Jacobus Patrinus pro omnibus ipse fui Thomas Fryer. M.A. [The llc:\:t two entries in pencil] , N. B. Colonel Cnstance Commanding the Depot Battalion at Parkhurst allowed 30 of the Catholic soldiers to attend the Chapel on COllfi rm ation Dav October 2211f1 1844. The service commenced at ~ past I () ill the morning. Ensign MacDonnell of the 71 st 1{rg-t. marched the Catholics to Chapel Tho s Fryer Colonel Taylor Commanding the D epot Battalion at Park11 urst allowecl 148 of the Catholic soldiers to attend Chapel on "'cdn esdav tll :~ of October 1849 Service at 11 Captain MacMahon of the 44 marched the men to Chapel D ie 3 Octobris A.D . 1849 Con fir mati sunt a Rev ll10 Dno Dno Joanne Hynes (O.S.D) Episcopo Lerosensi, cum licentia Rev ml Dni Dni Nicholai Wiseman Episcopo Melipotamensis et 'in Districtu Londinensi Vicarii ApostoIici Nomen Hapt Nomen Conf Crecilia Philomena Croucher Maria Teresia Georgius Meager F r anciscus Bartholomceus Henericus Meager Augustinus Maria Coyle Maria



Jacobus Edwardus Maria Margarita Teresia Joanna Josephus [p o 16J Margareta Gulielmus Maria Anna Maria Diohysius Harietta Birgitta Maria Petrus Georgius Georgius Bernardus Lucia Sarah Joann es Maria Mathceus Samuel Carolus Gu"lielmus Anna Honora Maria Joanna Catherina Jeremi ah Margarita Maria Helena Elizabetha Edwardus Carolina Maria Margarita Maria Joanna J oallnes Ludovicus Andreas P atritius

Coyle Coyle Cavanargh Cavanargh Coyle MacCuskar Merchant Overtone * Vessey Murphy Cavanargh OBrian OBrian · Brown. Finmore Brown· Brown · Fallick Mills Mills Pine Austin . BrownTaken Ball Smith Brannen Roach Keating Harding Kennedy. Bradley Bradley Bradley Scanling Marghar Byrne Henney Lee Kennelly. Keating. Gillighan Qorham nonovan Pine _ .


Stephanus Josephus Monica Maria Maria Maria Elizabetha Josephus Agnes Jacob Agnes Agnes Josephus Maria Elizabetha Gertrude Joannes Thomas Franciscus~

Thomas Anastasia A. gnes Jacobus Anna J osephus Josephus Carolus Josephus Margarita Agnes WinefriJa Elizabetha josephus Birgitta Anna Maria Elizahetha Patritius Maria Paulina Maria Maria Ann a Maria Augustinus Petrus Josephus

Doubtful reading. , ' Franciecus' in first column with ' 2' above it, and . Georgius' in third column with ' 1 • above it.




[po I7J Sarah Birgitta Helena Thomas Stephanus Thomas ]>etrus Daniel J oannes Elizabetha J oann es Thomas Joannes Martinu~

Josephus Joann es Joannes Jacobus PatJ icius Thomas P atncius Mathceus Petrus Patricius Henericus Michcel Daniel Thoma., PatriciliS Jacobu~


Robertus Thomas 18J Patricius Patri cius Gulielmw; Patricius Patricius Thomas Michcel Michcel J oann es Patricius Jacobus Christopher Joannes Laurentius Daniel Patricius

Pine Roughan Penders Gillinghan Burke Cassidy Mullins Boughan Ward Burke Finn Mannion Cosstello Cahill Burke Horan Kelly McLoughlan Spain Spain Kelly Moran Delaney Murphy Duffy Regney Sweeny Bailey Burns Rock Burns Egan Brannen Burke Scanlin Tully Lynes Fahy Brady Nolan Glynne Delaney Managan Connelly Conway Boughan Madden 0


Maria Maria Maria J oanll es Stephanus Thomas Petrus Dani el J oannes Elizabetha J oannes Thomas J oannes Martinus Josephus J oannes Joannes Jacobus Patricius Thomas Patriuu..., Mathceus Petrus Patricius Henericus Michcel Daniel Thomas Patricius Jacobus Robertus Thomas Patricius Patricius Gulielmus Patricius Patricius Thomas Michcel Michcel Joannes Patricius Jacobus Christopher Joannes Laurentius Daniel Patricius



Thomas Petrus Gnlielmus Joannes Patricius Joannes Joannes Gulielmus Josephus Patricius Patricius Patricius Daniel Jacobus Gulielmus Michcel Patricius Patricius Joannes [po 19J Joannes Patricius Joannes Gulielmus Thomas Samuel Michcel Joannes Patricius Joannes Thomas Daniel Michcel Thomas Michcel ]oannes Michcel Helena Richardus Anna Petrus Edwardus Patricius Patricius Patricius Michael Michael Anna Anna

Hogan Coolahan Tracey Guilfoyle Rooney Brady McGuire Varley Hennesey Magonner Cononelly [sic J Carty McCarthy OLeary Collins Roughan McDonnell Fahy Wall Regan Carberry Coghlan Pendalton Reilly Dainty Duff Loughlan Corcannon Hagerty Galtey Murphy Murphy Hurst O'Neill Clancy Sullivan Creed Fogerty MacSheen Coonor Gannon Cochlan Wilkenson Martin Knight Cunneen Keenan Lav~l'J

Thomas Petrus Gulielmus Joannes Patricius J oannes J oannes Gulielmus Josephus Patricius Patricius Patricius Daniel Jacobus Gulielmus Michcel Patricius Patricius Joannes J oannes Patricius Joannes Gulielmus Thomas Samuel Mic,hcel ]oannes Patricius ]oannes Thomas Daniel MichcÂŁl Thomas Michcel ]oannes Michcel Helena Richardus Anna Petrus Edwardus Patricius Patricius Patricius Michcel l\1ich~l

.¡\ nna Anna





Helena Susanna Gulielmus J oannes Patricius Martinus Mathias Richardus Joannes .J oannes Thomas Maria J oannes Daniel Thomas Patricius Jacobus Maria Thomas Luca Martinus Patricius Josephus Timotheu_' Franciscus J oannes Gulielmus Petrus Birgitta Patricius Thomas Edwardus J acoous Patrici us Andreas Thomas Jeremi,lh Jacohu~

[p. 21J Michrel Jacobu~

Patricius Gulielmus Thomas Laurentius Maria Andreas Edwardus

Manning Keenan Flaherty Lavven Murray Mangan Corigan Mack Mahoney Fanning Calahan Flanagen Cuff Toomey Freeman Murray Toowle Johnson Hewitt Smith McFarline Bihannon Collin~

Collins Burke Murphy Owens DUl1levey Gannon Gannon Gowey Dillon Moran McCarthy Sproinl Mahan Kew Burns Bums Nolan Lanigan Vincent Connell Traynor Curren Curren Bassnett

Maria Maria* Edwardus J oannes Patricius Martinus Mathias Richardus Joannes Joannes Thomas Maria J oannes Daniel Thomas Patricius Jacobus Maria Thomas Luca Martinus Patricius Josephus Timotheus Franciscus Joannes Gulielmus Petrus Birgitta Patricius Thomas Edwardus Jacobus Patricius .\ndreas Thomas J ere miah J acubus Michc:el Jacobus Patricius Gulielmus Thomas Laurentius Maria Gulielmus Edwardus

. â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Susanna' scored, . Mafia' above.



Hanley Lane Nugent Maginnis Magee Fogerty Boyle Lawrence Gardiner

Thomas Joannes J oannes Franciscus Gulielmu::; Gulielmus Thomas Eliza.betha loa n n es D. Patrillns pro omnibus iose fui TJlO;"as 1-< ryer. M ..-\ . (:201) rThe next entry is aLL in the R ev . T. l101C'ma J/'s hand , sa1.'e the s£gnat1fre , which is the Rev . T. Fryer's. ! D ie 9 Novembris 18tH, Confirmati fu ere (apud Rvdl') a Revmo Dno Dno Thoma Grant, Episcopo Suthv.:arcensi . Nomen Baptmle Cogllomen X omen COllfirm. J oannes Parker J oannc. Patriciu Herbert Andreas Alfridus Cogger J oseplt J oannes Thomas .Ioscph Michael Greany Franciscus (5) Thomas Fryer. M.A. Vis. et approb . 14 Maii 18:")4 + Thomas Epus [po 22] Di e 8 Octobris 18£)4 Co nfirmati fu cre (apuJ. Ryde) a Revmp Dno Dno Thoma Grant Episcopo Suthwarcensi Nomen Haptmle Cognomen N omen Confirm Edwardus Reeves Joseph us Thomas Frampton Bernardus Robertus Hazell (;ulielm us Elizabetha Rowe Anna. Julia Stapleton \la.ria Anna Trotman Maria "Mauritius Nunan Miclicclis Samuelis Stapleton J o.sephus J oannes Trotman Joseph us Thomas Frver. M.A. .(9) [The rest oj the page, 8~ inches, blank. The next 4£) paKes arc also blank, save that p. 42 is numbered D* in p('nct"/ at the bottom and 1>. 43 is numbered 10.1 [In the Rev. Thomas White's hand] [po 68~J Die 31 Augusti Anno vert') Dfli 1807 nullo detecto impedimento in matrimonium conjunxi Patricium Doran et Catharinam Gosdem, Testibus prrescntibus Godfrido et Maria Gosdem Thomas White.:I: Thomas Joannes Joan nes F r anciscus Gnlielmus Gulielmu Thomas largarita Joannes

* Page 7 was numbered 3 in pencil and page 8 numbered 4. ~

Page 67 is numbered 11 in pencil, and the subsequent pages up to 18.

II: A monogram follows each of his signatures. B



Die 30 Januarii 1808, nullo detecto impedimento, in matrimonium conjunxi Patricium Kilkenny et Elizebetham Cook, prcescnte et annuente pnellce Patre Gulielmo Cook, Gratia Nobbs et Thoma Kenny Thomas White. Die 70 Martii Anno Dfii 1808 in matrimonium conjunxi (nullo detecto impedimento) Brianum Bum et Mariam Hennesy testibus prcesentibus Thoma \Vickham et Birgitta McCarthy Thomas White. Die 29 Septembris Anno Dfii 1808 in matrimonium conjunxi (nullo impedimento detecto) Thomam Horen et Elizabeth Carthy, testibus prcesentibus Joanne Lin ehan et Catherina Cassedy et Catherina McCue Thomas \Vhite. Die 14 JuIii Anno Dfii 180!), nullo impedimento detecto, in matrimonium conjuncti sunt Thomas Connor et Elizabeth Malony; testibus pra:sentibus Maria Killony et Maria Anna James Ita test~r Thomas White Misss Apcus Die 40 Octobris ' Anno Dfii 1809, in matrimonium conjunxi (nullo impedimento detecto) Henricum White et Annam Harvey: testibus pra:sentihus Thoma Harvey Patre puellce, Elizabeth \Vhite Sorore Henrici, multisque aliis Thomas \Vhite Miss. Apcus [In the Rev. George SPain's hand]

Die 16 0 Julii Anno Dn l 1810, in matrimonium conjunxi, (nullo detecto impedimento) J acobum Kirby et Mariam McKiemy testibus prcesentibus Joanne MCKey, et Maria Murphy ¡ Ita test~r . Georgius Spain. ' M.A. Die 20 a Octobris A.D. 1810 in matrimonium conjunxi (nullo detecto impedimento) Martinum Boiton et Franciscam Callaghan, prcesente Tirr'otheo Mahony teste Ita test~r Geo s Spain M.A. a Die 23 Aprilis A.D. 1811 in matrimonium conjunxi* (111.1110 detecto impenimento) Martinum Holahan et Mariam Conroy. prresente Joanne Kaanaghan teste Ita test or. Geo. Spain M.A. Die :,)a Decembri A.D. 1812, in matrimonium conjunxi * PhiJippum De Grasse et Carlottam Hearne. Testibus prcesentihus Antonio De Grasse Jacobo Hearne, Francisa Edwardo Chevcrtoll Ita Testor. Geo. Spain [In pelted at the foo t of the page: 12 ] ~ p. 69 ] Die 5 a Januarii A.D .. 1813. in matrimonium COIl junxi* Audoenum (Owen) Garrett et Birgittam Geheoghan Georg-ins Spain. Die 12 a Aprilis A.D. 1814. in matr imonium conjunxi Joallnem Green et Elizabetham Harrigan 1ta Testor Geo. Spain Die 17& Octobri A.D. 18141n matrimonium conjunxi. Franciscum Hutchinson Johnson et Elizabetham Monicam Barnes, ¡ Testibus prresentibus puelhe Matre et Blanch Hobson et aIiis Ita Testor Geo Spain

* The secQnd ' n . omitted.


Di e loa Decembri A.D. 18 14 in matrimOllillll1 cOn)UIlXl Gulielmum Brady et Henrietta fs£cl Mr·Donald. - - Ita Tlslor (; (,0 Spaill lVL\ . Die 8 a Julii A.D. 181!) nullo d etecto impr'<iim( III IJ. ill matrimonium conjuncti sunt Henricus Murray et ~rilria Swan \ ·iulla. Testibus prc:esen tibu s J acobo Maxwell, Cllliel1l1() L Y" ;lS c t Mari ;l Frances Ita T s tor. Geo Spa in Di e 3:1 Octobris A.D. 18 1;') nullo detect \) Imp ed im ento , in matrimonium Conjuncti s unt Culielmus Coddington d SUS:lll lla Caffree. T estnm s prces('ntibus Patricio ct .\iln [l Cart.\'. It a T{'stor. Ceo . . ' pain Die l a Maii :\.D. 1810 in m at rimonium c,)j]jllndi fllt' H' Edwardus Day, e t Ca r olin a Mariana Maria el e los D u liJres Dur3.:1 Ita Te. tor (;(:'1) Spaill

[In the R ev. ]. Russell's hand] Die 20 Martii 1822 in matrimonium null o (kte cto ill )ccli mento, conjunxi Hi ppolitum Joann e m Carolu'n F.:tbr8 de M::>ntvaillant et Catharinam Selby. Testibus. J oa~ 1. D1.\ is ') 1 CI' Ch ri .,· tina Selby Ita test~r Jo an: Russe ll ~1i s ~ ~\ [In pencil at the fo ot of th.e page : 13 1 [Po 70J [2 Gms. have been cut off at the top of th?- P.l~:: · Die · 23 lo Junii 1822 nullo detecto im peclim(~nto il1 lTI ·1tri · monium con junxi J oan nem Flannigan et rat!ta ~' i llam La!'gaY Testibus JO Cln ll<'s Rll sscll Hugon e Largey Joanna Brian Di e 23 io J ulii 1824- nullo cletecto jm peclim ~ nto in Ill'll r imonium con junxi Samu el Philpot Brookes et Sophi :lm \Villis juxta ritu San cta~ Ecclesice Catholica: Teste Ri ch ardo Swift J oannes Ru sse ll Missi o!1. :\ P' )sl . Die 23 Julii ]H2.,) Jacobus McCabe et Jltlia Nu~ent, 111111 , ) impedimento detecto in matrimonium conjunct i .'lIllt jllxtcl rit 1l'-i Sancta: E cclesice Cat holica: . J O;tnllt's Hll:-,s('~1 Die ]0 Aug u sti 182;"} Petrns Dowling et :\nna Gilroy, 111l11() impedimento d etecto. in matrimonium cOl1junct i S till t j uxta ritll'; Sancta: Ecclesice Cat holi ca: J O;I' ll!t'S Russe ll Die 12 August i IH2;) Patritius Noonan et Elk:l Dyne, l1ulJ u impedimento detecto, in matrimonium conjuncti sunt juxta ri t l1s Sanctle Ecclesice Catholicce Joannes H.llSSell Die ]4- .-\llgn:;ti 182;,) Bernardus Dodd ct H. oSII Shiel, nullo impedimenta detect o, in matri moniu m conjuncti sun! juxta ritu~ Sanctce Ecclesia: Cat h o li cce "r'es t'b Joannes Russell 1 us { Joa nn .e Murtha I... Marg. Murtha J n pCllcil at Lhe j uul (~f Ihi' page: 14.j.


:}. 711 Di<; IH Decembris 1825 nullo 'detecto -impedimento in matrin'ol illm C(WjllT1Cti snnt Gulielmus Medcalf* et Margarita Dunovan J. Russell T( stihus ~imon \\'illiams Calh. l\'I('CartlIy Die H Jclil' IH;W nullo clctccto impedimento, in matrimonium C()I~juu: ti S\lrt Jacohus Cornish et Maria Gaffney J. Russell Die H August i I R27. nullo impedimento detecto, iTt matrin' ()ril1m conjuccti Sl1l1t Joannes Dunn et Maria M;cNamara T/'st c J ()al ~ l:C Burke J oannes Russell Die 31 AUgllSti lH27, nullo impedimento detecto, in matrin:(J1 ium cor jur cti sunt Stephanus Chambers et Anna Lyons Testes fl ll'll' Jacohus Keegan et Ellen Mulvihill. Joannes Russell J)i e; l:{ Septernbris 1827, nullo impedimento detecto, in matri'mrll .ium conjullcti sunt Michael Quin et Catharina Lenard juxta ! itus Sar:rtce Ecc1esice Catholicce J oannes Russell Die 17 Septembris IH27, nullo detecto impedimento, in matri~ lTIOl:1Um conjuncti sunt Joannes Coghlan et Margarita Steven j m.,t a rit lIS Sanctce Ecc1esice Catholicce J oannes Russell 1111 p encil at the foot of the paf!.e: 15.J [po 72 ] ~ 2.!) ems. cut off at the top of the pageJ Die G Julii 1828, nullo detecto impedimento, in matrimonium (onjUl:cti' sunt Petrus Dunn et Jane Brading~ juxta ritus Sanctce Ecc]esia; Catholicce Joannes Russell '1'( stes fuere Carolus Scully & Anna Fitspatrick Die 4 Julii 1829, nullo detecto impedimento, in matrimonium cOlljuncti sunt Patritius Ryan et Sarah White, juxta ritus Sanctce J oannes Russell Ecclesi,e Catholicce Testcs fnere Stephanus Dambrine et Maria Linnington [In the Rev. C. V. Dowling's hand] Die 17 N ovbris 1829 nullo detecto impedimento in matrimonium conjuncti sunt Antonius McGarry et Rosa Carroll juxta J it us Sanct,e Ecc1esice Catholicce C. V. Dowling t estes fuere Joannes Doyle et Maria Gallgher Die 22a, Februarii 1830 nullo detecto impedimento in matrimonium cOlljuncti sunt Gulielmus Barry et Maria Dillon C. V. Dowling r 10 ems. blank at the foot of the page, and in pencil the number 16.J [po 73J lThe entries on this page in the Rev. ]. G. Robson's hand] Die IOma Januarii A.D. 1832 nullo detecto impedimento Juxta Ritus Sanctce Romance Ecclesice Catholicce in legitimum Matrimonium conjuncti sunt Samuel Lelli & . Elizabeth Perkins. Testes fuere Richardus Perkins pa~puellce et Jane P.erkins ejus Soror Josephus Geo. Robson M.A. â&#x20AC;˘ Reading uJlCertain.



[An entry here scored : the same as the follo wing, but with slightly different wording and the word legitimum omitted.J Die 4 ta Septembris A.D . 1834. Nullo detecto impedim ento in legitimum matrimonium co njunxi juxta ritum Sanctce Romance Eccle 'ice J osephum Castle et Birgittam Range Ita te tor Josephus Geo. H.ob on. M.A . Die 3 ti a mensis Octobris A.D. 1835 Nullo detecto impedim ento in legitimum matrimonium conjunxi juxta ritum Sanctce Roman ce Ecclesice J eremiah Self et { Sarah Dean Tucker Ita testor Josephus Geo H.obson M.A. Testis fuit Anne elf [In pencil at the foot of the page: 17.J [p o 74J [Five inches blanh at the top of the page; then a dou ble line drawn across the page and the remainder of the entries, all in the Rev . T. Fryer's hand, begin. After each entry sometimes one, sometimes two lines are drawn across the page . For the fir st 13 pages these are neatly ru led- afterwards just roughly drawn .J * 1842 Die 14 Februarii Josephus McGolrick et Monica Ida Johnson, nullo impedimento det ecto, in matrimonium co njuncti sunt juxta ritus Sanctce Eccle 'ice Catholicce Ita T estor Thomas F ry r. M.A. 1843 Die 4 J anuarii 1843 Petru Wolfe et \Vinefrid a Ryan, nullo impedim ento detecto, in matrimonium conjun cti sunt, juxta ritus Sanctce Eccle ice Catholicce. Ita Testor Thomas F ryer. M.A. Die 20 Martii 1843 Martinus Cannon et Maria Hrely, nullo impedimento det ecto, in matrimonium conjuncti sunt, jux ta ritu . Sanctce Eccle ice Catholicce Ita T estor Thomas Fryer. M.A. [A double line, 3! inches left blanh, and in pencil 18, at the f oot of the page.] [po 75J 1840 Marriages Anno 1840 die 23 Augu ti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto ego Thomas Fryer. Mi us Aposus apud Newport. I 'le of Wight, Gulielmum Harding, filium Gulielmi et J oannce Harding Newport. I.W. et Joannam Bevines, filiam Caroli ac Sarah Bevines Newport. I.W. interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de pnesenti Matrimonio conjunxi, prcesentibus testibus notis Thoma Butler et Anna Mullholand qui habititant apud Newport. I.W. 23 Augusti 1840. Thomas Fryer. Mis us Aposus Newport. I.W.

* It is difficult to see why these three marriages have be n placed, out of chronological order, o n this page .





Anno 1840 die 25 A'I~:us1 i nullo legitimo impedimento detectp (" go Thomas Fryer Miss'1s AposuS apud ~ewport. Isle of \Vight Cnlielmllm Richard fi1ium Gulielmi et Joannce Richard Parkhurst FI)J('st I.W. et Hannah Rowe fiham Josephi ac Sarah H.owe New1 , ' j t: 1.\\' . interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter 1"';' n~rha de pr<£senti Matrimonio conjunxi, prcesentibus testibus ,. (,t is Gu 1ielmo Heywood et Elizabeth Rowe qui habitant apud 1'\(~wport. I.W, ~;-: AUgllsti ] H40. Thomas . Fryer Miss u8 ApOSllS Newport. L\\'. AnJ'o IH40 die 10 Novembris, nullo legitimo impedimento dctecto ego Thomas Fryer Miss llS Aposus apud Newport. Isle of \\'ight Danielem McGenity filillm Edwardi et Birgittce McGenity Fangual Armagh Ulster et Martham Salter filiam Gulielmi et Hosealce calter Lake* I of W interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu 11abito solemn iter per verba de prc:esenti Matrimonio con11111:\i prcesentibus testibus notis Bernardo Targart et Hannah trent qui habitant apud Newport. J .W. 10 Novembris IH40. Thomas Fryer. MissUI" AposuS Newport. LW. i p. 701 1841 Anno 1841 die 12 9ctobris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Egu Thomas Fryer MissU" Aposus apud Newport Isle of Wif!r,t Joannem Johnson, filium Joan!lis et Marice Johnson North Fairlee I.W et Joannam Johnson filiam Richardi ac Annce Joh:son Bi1ston Suffolk interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu hal it 0 solemr:.iter per verba de prc:esenti Matrimonio 'c onjunxi, p rcesell t i bus testibus notis Gulielmo Gwinelfc et Louisa Johnson qui habitant apud Newport. L~T. 12 Cctobris IH41 Thomas Fryer Miss us ApOB Newport. LW. Allno 1843 die 2 Martii, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto, Ego Thomas Fryer. M. Ap, apud Newport Isle of Wight Jacobum Dashwood, filium Joannis et Ann<£ Dashwood, Newport. LW. et Mariam Rowe, filiam Josephi ac Sarah Rowe, Newport. I.W. interrogavi eorumque, mutno consensu habito, solemniter per verba de pr[esenti Matrimonio conjunxi pr<£sentibus testibus notis ] oanr~e RO\~' e et Elizabeth Rowe, qui habitant apud Newport. 1.\\7. 2. Martii 1843. Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. I.W. Anno IH43 die 2 Junii, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Egu Thon: as Fryer. M. Ap. apud Newport Isle of Wight Mich<£lem Concargh, filium Joannis et Mari<£ Concargh Newport ' Isle of Wight ct l\Ial iam Jones filiam Joannis et Marire Jones Newport l.W interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito, solemniter r er verba de pr<£senti Matrimonio 'con junxi pr<£seI).tibus· testibus notis Margerita Webb et Georgio 'Keane, qui habitant apud Newport. l.W. . 2 Junii. 1843. Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. LW.

* Between Sandown and Shanklin. .t

Reading doubtfuL



A.rno lR4J die 12 Augusti, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas F~yer. M.A. apud Newport. Isle of \Vight Joanncll McGenity, filium Joannis et Helena: McGenity Newport. I.'vV et Joannam Curley, filiam Thorner et 'Sarah Curley Newport I.W interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito, soleIJlniter p'r verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi ' prcesentibus testibns notis Margerita McDonaugh et Anna Vesey, qui habitant apuo Newport. I.W. 12. Allgusti 184:3 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newp·ort. l.\V. CP. 77 1 184-4 AllllO 1844 ,die 23, Novembris,' nullo legitimo impedi ·n~ r. to detect 0 Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us Aposus apud N ewo',x t I sle of \\light Jacobum Nemuks* Parkhu:'st Isle of \Vight filium Thomce et Ma"ice Nemuks * Cork Ireland et Mariam Anna !sicl Ayers liliam Jacobi ct Mal ice Arime Ayers Guernsey, interrogavi eorumque mutua habito solemniter per verba de prc.escnti Matrimonio conjunxi pnesentibus testibus notis (;uliph: o Purtell et Joanne Bull qui habitant Newport Isle of \Vight 2 N ovembris 1844 Thomas Fryer Miss us Aposus Newport Isle of \\,i:5'ht 1845 Anno 1845 die 27 Septembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer MissUf:; Aposu,> apud Newport Isle of \Vhite J osephum Dunn Parkhurst Isle of Wight, filiu:n Jacobi et Marice Dunn Kilkenny Ireland ct Honoram Keefe filia :n Patritii et Marice Keefe interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu har/ito per verLa dc l)rresent.i Matrimonio conjun xi prce3Cp.l ibus test.ibus notis Patritio Keating et Maria ' Keating qui habitant Newport Isle of \\,ight Thomas Fryer MissU~ A01s u ; 27 Septembris 1845 Newport Isle of 'vVi:;ht , [po 7RJ , [It inches blank at the top oj the page] . 1846 Anno 1846 die I ma n:ensis Januarii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Fryer Miss U 3 Aposu -; apud Newport 'Is]e of Wight Phili?pum Nind Londini, filium Philippi et Marice Nind B~ast . Ireland et Annam Jemimam Webb filiam Culielmi et Ann Welhams Shanklin Isle of Wight, interrogavi eo:-umque mlltuo c sensu habito solemdter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi PJ cesentibus tesjbus notis Horatio Thoma Waternorth , et Maria Amelia Lock qui habitant Newport Isle of \Vi:;ht I Januarii 1846 Thomas Fryer Missus Apos:u s Newport. Isle of Wi'7ht Anno 1846 die 17 ma m,er:sis J anua!'ii nullo legi t imo i!Il)~i­ n;lento detecto Ego Thomas Fry~r. Miss Ui Aposus apud Newport Isle of Wight Joannem MacKo'askar Parkhurst I of W filiu,m Patritii et Susannce MacKouskar County Tyrone , Ireland ~t

* }(t-acling doubtful: may possibly be : Nimocks.' "

Possibl,~ .' Wat.worth.'



Joannam Vesey filiam Jacobi et Annce Vesey Newport I.W interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemn iter per '.erba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi pnesentibus testibus notis Patritio Owen et Christiana Lenard qui habitant Newport Isle of \\t'ight 17 J anuarii IH4-6 Thumas Fryer Missl1 '1 Aposu; Newport I of \V. Anno IH46 die 7 l1la mensis Septembris nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer MissU'3 AposU'3 apud Newport Isle of \\Tight Patritium Puyravel Ryde. I.W filium Joannis Baptista:: et Marice Puyrave! Paris e"t Mariam J oannam Long ftham Jacobi et Joannce Long Yarmouth ¡L\,\,T interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi pnesentibus testibus notis Henerica Meander et Jemima Sargent qui habitant Ryde LW. 7 Septembris 1846 Thomas Fryer. Miss u: ; Apos Newport. L\V . [p o 7!l ] Anno IH46 die 13 mensis Octobris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss u, ApOSU3 apud Newport. Isle uf \Night Augustinum Cuidon Newport. I.W filium Martinis !sic ] et Rhodda: Cuddon, Bungay Suffolk et Franciscam Baylis, filiam Gulielmi et Annce Baylis Hanley Worcestershire, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verha de pra::senti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Petro Wolfe et Maria Connor qui habitant Newport. Isle of \,\,Tight 13 Octobris IH46. Thomas Fryer MissU':l AposU'3 Newport. L\V Anno 18M) die 9. mensis Novembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss U3 Aposu apud Newp ~yt Isle of Wight Josephum John30n Newport. LW filium Joannis et Mar ice J ohnsoll Fairlee 1. \V et Annam James, filiam. Gulielmi e[ AEastatice James Newport. I.\V interrogavi eorumque mutu o consensn habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus rtestibus omitted] notis Georgio Croucher et Francisca Cecilia Croucher qui habitant Newport: LW H Novembris lK46. Thomas Fryer Miss us AposuS Newport. L\V 1847 Anno 1H47 die 14- mensis J anuarii, nullo legitimo impedimento cktccco Ego Thomas Fryer Mu'> ApU3 apud Newport Isle of Wight Georgium Farell Parkhurst. I. W filium Gulielmi et Birgittce Farell; Kings county et Margeritam Hunt viduam Gulielmi HUI:t Parkhurst interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjullxi, pra::sentibus [tes tibus omi:tedJ notis . Michcele Coke et Anna Coke, qui habitant Parkhurst. I.W 14 Jal'.uarii IH47 Thomas Fryer. Miss U3 Aposll:i Newport. I.\V [po 801 1847 die 1 mensis Junii, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto' Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss u; Aposu; apud Newport. Isle of Wight Danielem Maho~ey Ryde. l.W filium Danielis et Marice Mahoney . .London et Norah Denney, fiJiam Joannis et Norah Denney Sea \"iew I.'vV, eorumque mutua con-



sensu habito 'solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi, prcesentibus . testibus notis Joanne Mahoney et Edwardo Meehan qui habitant Ryde Isle of V\Tight 1 Junii 1847 ' Thomas Fryer. Miss us Apos\l~ Newport. I.\V Anno 1847 die 3 mensis Augusti, nullo legitim~ impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us Aposus apud Newport Isle of Wight Jacobum . Lee Parkhurst I.W filium Gulielmi et Marice Lee Wicklow et Mariam Annam Mandivo Spain interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemn iter {Jer ' verba de prC'esenti Matrimonio con junxi pra:sentibus testibus notis Edwardo et Sarah Jones qui habitant Parkhurst Isle of Wight 3 Augusti 1847 Thomas Fryer Miss us Aposus Newport. 1. W. Anno 1847 die 15 mensis Septembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us Aposus apud Ne~port Isle of Wight Patritium Hynes Parkhurst. I.W filium Gulielmi et Birgittre Hynes, Galway, et Elizam Kenneiy filiam Joannis et Margeritre, Newport. 1.W interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi pra:sentibus testibus notis, Gulielmo Smi.t h, et Catherina Ball qui habitant Parkhurst Isle of Wight 15 Septembris 1847 Thomas Fryer. Miss us Aposus Newport. I.\V [po 81J Anno 1847 die 9 mensis Octobris nullo legitimu impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us ApasU'-i apuu Newport Isle of \Vight Gulielmum Sanders 'Ryde I.\V fdillm Gulielmi et Marire Sanders Newport I. W et Annam Dimmick filiam Josephi et Anna: Dimmick Ryde I.W interrogavi eorumgue mutuo consensu habito solemniter pre verba de pra:senti Matrimonio cor~junxi pra:sentibus testibus notis J osepho Tinnchea ct Jesse Tinnchea qui habitant Newport. I.W 9 Octobris 1847 Thomas Fryer Miss u 5 AposUS Newport 1.\V Anno 1847 die 28 mensis Octobris, nullo legitim~ impeclimcnto <letecto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss lls Aposu,> apud Newport Isle of \Vight J oannem Rowe Newport I .V\Tfilium J asephi et Sarah Rowe Newport. I.W et Elizabetham Brading filiam Gulielmi et Sarah Brading, Newport. I.W interrogavi eorumque mutua consenSll habito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio 'con jullxi prresentibus testibus notis Gulielmo Richards et Maria Dashwood qui habitant Nev.iport. I.\tV 28 Octob1 is 1847 Thomas Fryer. Miss us A pOSlIS N cwport. 1. \-V 1848 AnnQ 1848 die 3 Februarii, nullo lcgitimo impeclimcn1 C) detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us AposuS apud Newport Isle of Wight Edwardum Dillon Parkhurst I.v\! filium Gulielmi ct Sarah Dillon Dublin et Mariam Annam Baker Parkhurst. 1.\\', fi.liam David et Catherina: Baker Bemhridge interrogavi eorumCJllc mutuo consensu habito solemn iter pre verba de p'r<esellti Matrimonio con junxi pra:sentibus test ilJUs notis Jacobo Mllrphy ct Catheri,na Ball qui habitant Newport. I.\~T ~ Februarii 1848 Thomas Fryer. Miss us Aposus Newport. 1. W


S2l Anno 184S die 3 mensis Junii nullo legitimo imnedidetecto Ego Thomas Frver MissuS .. Aposus aDud Newport. Isle of \Vight lkrnardum 0 Neil Parkhurst. 1.W filium Francisci et Marice 0 Neil Derry et Helenam Lion Parkhurst. 1.\\1 filiam Edwardi et \\1fne'fridre 'Lion, Galway interrogavi eoremque mutuo consenSH habito solemn iter per verh~ de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Jacobo McKewin* et Anna Carter qui habitant Newport. 1.W a Junii ]R4R Thomas , Fryer. Miss us Aposus Newport. 1.\V Anno i848 die 24 mensis Junii, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss us AposuS apud Newport. Isle of \\fight Jacohum Lahiff Parkhurst I.W filium Joannis et Marice Lahiff Newport Ireland rsicl et Mariam Davie; Parkhurst. I.W ' flliam Joannis et Cat herince Davis New Ross Wexford interrogavi eorum 'm utuo consensu habito per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Patriti,o Cooney et Anna Doherty qui habitant Parkhurst. 1. W 24 Junii 1848 Thomas Fryer. Miss us Aposu,> Newport. 1.W Anno 1848 die 24 mensis Junii, nullo legitimo impedimento <letecto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss u,> Aposus apud Newport. Isle of 'Night Patritium Cooney Parkhurst. 1.\\1 filium Patritii et Cathe· rince Cooney Clare et Elizabetham Robin-gon. Parkhurst. 1.W ii.liam Gulieimi et Alicce [sic] Robinson Belfast interrogavi eorum mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de ' prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Jacobo Phelan et Sarah Phelan qui habitant Parkhurst Isle of Wight 24 Junii 1848 Thomas Fryer. Miss us AposU'3 Newport. I.W [po R31 Anno 1848 die 12 mensis Julii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss U3 Aposus apud Newport Isle of \\light Timotheuin Burns Parkhurst. 1.W filium Andree et Marice Burns Tipperrary et Lnciam Annam Spencer Newport. I .\V, filiam Georgii et .Lucice Spencer Queens County interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio con junxi prcesentibus testibus notis Josepho Tinnchea vel Tennis et \Vinefrida Ryan qui habitant Newport. I.VV ]2 Jlllii IH48 Thomas' Fryer. Miss us Aposus Newport. 1.W ;\Ilno IH·lH die 25 m~nsis Octobris nullo legitimo impedimento cletc.cto Ego Thomas h·yer. Miss U 3 ApOSU 3 apud Newport Isle of \Vight Patri1 inm Gannon Par:khurst. 1.W. fi.lium Hugonis et Maria: Ganl"'.on SJigo et Birgit.tam McGovam" Bunny ,Hill. I.W 1iliam Joarnis et Catherince ~cGorvarn [s'ic] Sligo interrogayi eornmque m,utuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de pr~­ senti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus tesqbus notis Petro Wolfe et Jacobo Murphy qui habitant New·port. 1.\\1 ' 25 Octobris 1848 Thomas Fryer. Missu'J Apo':! Newport. I.W m~nto

• Or • McKenin'



Anno 1848 die 31 m ensis Decembris nullo legitimo impediment o detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss UB Aposus apud Newport Isle of Wight Jacobum Riely Newport. 1.W. filium Joannis et Sarah R iely . Portsmouth et Carolinam Crew Newport. 1.VV. filiam Gulielmi et Elizabethce Crew Newport . 1.\\1. interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Jacobo Shepherd et Catherina R iely qui habitant Newport. I.W. 31 Decembris 1848 Thomas Fryer. Miss UB ApOSUB Newport. 1.W. ~ . 8~


Anno 1849 die 7 mensis Januarii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us ApOSUR apud Newport Isle of Wight Patritium Taken Newport. 1.W. filium Stephani et Annce Taken County Down et Elizam Homer Newport. 1.W. filiam Thomce Lucice [sicJ et Annce Arneld Dorchester interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Hugono Taggart et Maria Keating qui habitant Newport. 1.W. 7 Januarii 1849 Thomas Fryer. Miss UB Apos Newport. 1.\\1. Anno 1849 die 5 Maii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss UB AposuB apud Newport. Isle of Wight Jacobum Bryan Parkhurst 1.W. filium Gulielmi et Margeritce Bryan Carlow et Elizabetham Sarah Pine Newport . I.W. filiam Patritii et Sarah Pine Newport. interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Patritio Pine et Sarah Pine qui habitant Newport. 5 Maii 1849 Thomas Fryer. Miss us ApOSUB Newport. 1.W. Anno 1849 die 27 Maii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer ¡ Miss UB ApOSUB apud Newport Isle of Wight Thomam Burke Parkhurst Barracks. 1.W. filium Thomce et Joannce Burke Chelsea et Mariam Tinnuchi Newport. 1.W. filiam Josephi et Jessie Tinnuchi Lucca interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus [testibus omittedJ notis . Alberto Meherst et Joanna Taylor qui habitant Newport 27 Maii 1849 Thomas Fryer. Miss UB ApOSUB Newport I of W [po 85J Anno 1849 die 10 mensis Augusti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer Miss us ApOB apud Newport Isle of V\Tight Stephanum Burke Parkhurst I of W. filium Patritii et Marice Burke Castle Bar et Elizabetham Barry Parkhurst filiam Christopher et Marice Barry Cork interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus' testibus notis Henerico Roads et Esther Murphy qui habitant Parkhurst. Lof W 10 Augusti 1849 Thomas Fryer. Miss UB AposuB Newport. l.of W Anno 1849 die 3. mensis Novembris nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss uB Aposus apud Newport



I nsula Vectis Edwardum Byrne Freshwater. LV . £Ilium Thoma: et Maria: Byrne Courtinn Wexford et Mariam Annam Cole Newchurch LV. filiam Abraha: et E li zabetha: Col Newchurch int errogavi eorumquc mutuo consensu habito . olemn iter per verba de pnesenti Matrim onio conjunxi pra:sentibu ' t .. tibus notis Gulielmo Harding ·t Jacobo Murphy qui habitant Newport In ula Vcctis 3 Novembr is 1849 Thoma. Fryer Mis. us Apo us Newport . LV. Anno 1849 die 26 men .. is Novembri nullo legitimo impedim en to detccto Ego Thomas Fryer. Miss lls AposlIs apud Newport Insula Vectis J oannem Greer* Parkhurst . LV. filium Culiclmi et Elizabetha: Greer* Cork et Annam Kelly Parkhur t, filiam Danielis et Marice K lly King County interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemn iter per" erba de pra:senti Matrimonio conjunxi pra: entibus testibus noti · Petro \\lolfe et Catharin a B utler qui habitant Newport. Insula Vectis 26 Novembri. 1849 Thomas Fryer. Miss lls Aposus Newport. LV . 1850

Anno 1850 di e 14 mensis Martii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fry r. M.A. apud Newport. 1. of \ Vight Edwin Urry Newport filium Jacobi et arah Urry . Newport et Annam Mullholand Newport filiam Bernardi et Anna: Mullholand Newport interrogavi eorumq ue mutuo con ensu habito olemniter per verba de pra: 'enti Matrimonio conjunxi pra: entibu. te tibus notis Gulielmo Harding et Joanna Harding qui habitant Newport Isle of Wight 4 Martii 1850 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. Lof \\ lp. 86J Anno 1850 die 17 mensi Martii nullo legitim~ impedimento detecto Ego Thoma Fryer. M.A. apud Newport Insula Vectis Joannem Gallivan alias Galnilt Parkhur t . 1. of \TV. filium Morrice et Catherina: Gallivan Tralee et Mariam Morriaty Parkhurst. 1. of \\' filiam Hugonis ct Margaria: Morriaty Kerry intcrrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de pra: enti Matrimonio conjunxi pra:sentibus testibus notis Thoma F lyne ct Francisca C. Croucher qui habitant Newport 17 Martii 1850 Thoma.. Fryer. Mi sus Apo us Newport . 1. of W Anno 1850 die 2 Aprilis nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thoma Fryer. M.A . apud Newport Insula Vectis Thomam Dunne Parkhurst, filium Jacobi et 1aric-e Dunne Kings County ct ~largaritam Kennedy Ne\vport. LV. filiam Joannis et Margaritce K en nedy Newport . Interrogavi eorumq ue mutuo consensu habito solcmniter per verba de pra:senti Matrimonio conjunxi pra:sentibus testibus notis Micha:lo McCarty t Dionysio Phelan qui habitant Parkhurst. LV . Aprilis 2: 1850 Thomas Fryer. Mi sApos Newport. LV


* Possibly' Green . ' Doubtfu l r eading; in small writing above.


Anno 18:')0 die 27 mensis Junii nullo legitimo impedimento <1etecto Ego Thomas Fryer . M.A. apud Newport . Insula Vectis Robertum Dean. West Cowes, filium Roherti et Annce Dean Sligo ct Dinah Mitchell \iVest Cowes, filiam Edwardi et Marice Mitchell \Vest Cowes, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito soJemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Joann e Patritio Pine et Sarah Pine qui habitant Newport . I.V. Junii 27: 1850 Thomas Fryer. Miss AposliS Newport. LV. Anno 1850 die 12 mensis Octohris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A . apud Newport Insula Vectis Patricium Territt Parkhurst, filium Timotheis [sic] et _ Mal ire Terr-itt. Queens County et Margaritam White viduam Petri ~T hite Parkhurst interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu 11a bito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Joanne Kennedy et Margarita Kennedy qui habitant Newport. 1. V. Octobris 12: 1850 Thomas Fryer. Miss us Aposlls Newport. LV 1851 . Anno 1851 die 28 mensis J anuarii, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport Insula \'ectis Jacobum McGennity Parkhurst. filium Joannis et Marice McGennity l\cwry. Down et Margaritam Collins Hunny Hill ffiliam Hugonis ct Catherince McCurrin Monaghan scoredJ viduam ] acobi Collins Malta interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Petro Wolfe et Margarita Ryan qui habitant Newport Insula Vectis Januarii 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. LV [po 87J Anno 1851 die 28 mensis J anuarii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport Insula Vectis Joannem Bultitude Parkhurst filium Joannis et Marice Bultitude Norwich et Rosannam Tox* Newport. filiam Owen et Catherince Tox* Tyrollt interrogavi eorumque mutuo c.onsensu habito solemn iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio con junxi prcesentibus testibus notis Petro Wolfe et Laura Vigens qui habitant Newport Insula Vectis . ] anuarii 28: 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. LV Anno 1851 die 10 mensis Augusti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport Insula Vectis Martinum Dwyer Parkhurst, filium Joannis et Anastice [sic] Dwyer Tipperary et Helenam Wallice Cari"sbroke, filiam Jacobi et Marice Wallice Tipperary interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensll. habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesen1.ibus testibus notis Timotheo Conroy et Julia Brennon qui habitant Newport Insula Vectis Augusti 10: 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. l.V . â&#x20AC;˘ Is this meant for' Fox' ?

,, -Or' Tyroll.'



Anno 1851 di e 17 m ensi Augu ti, nullo legitimo impedim en to dct ecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud N ewport Insula Vecti. Carolum Perkett. Parkhurst filium J oanni s et Eliza b eth ee P rkett London et Catherinam Burden Newport fili a m Gulielmi et Ali cce Burden Lim erick interrogav i eorumque mutuo consensu hab ito solemnit cr per verba d e preesenti Ma trimonio conjunxi preese ntibus t estibus notis Guli elmo Turn er et Catherina Robert s qui habitant N ewport. LV . i\ug usti 17: 1851 Thomas F r yer. M.A. N ewport. LV. Anno 1851 di e 31 m en. i.. Augusti nullo legitimo impedim nt o d t ec t o E go Th om as Fryer. M.A . a pucl N wport. LV. Gulielmum Hayward H.yde, filium Culi lmi et Mariee Hayward haft esbury ct Eliza betham Rowe Newport, filiam Jose phi et Sarah I-{owe N wport interroga 'i eorumque mutuo consen u habito .01 mnit er p er verba d e prcesenti Matrim onio conjunxi preesentibus t cstibu s notis Joann e }{owe et Elizabeth a Rowe qui habitant Tewp ort. ug usti 31: 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A . N ewport LV. Anno 1851 die 2 Octohri s null o legit imo impedimento det ecto Ego Th omas Fry r. M.A . a pud N ewport LV. Danielem Egan P arkhurst fiJium Carberry et Juli a: Egan K erry et Sar ah Osborne Cari s broke viduam Edwardi Osborn e N ewport interrogavi eorumqu e mutuo con ensu h abito solemnit r p er verba de preesenti Matrim onio conjun xi preese ntibus t es tibus n oti Thoma Gillaghan et }. ra nci.'ca Baggs qui h a bitant N ev\"port. Octo bris 2: 1851 Thomas Fryer. 1. A . Newport. Insula Vecti Ann o 1851 die 2 No vembris nullo legitimo impedim ento det ecto E go Thomas Fryer. M.A. a pud N ewport LV . Samuelem Stapleton Parkhur t filium Thom ce et Luci ee tapleton P et erhorough et Juli a m Brennan Newport, filiam J oanni et H onoree Brenn an Tiperrar y interrogavi eorumq ue mutuo consensu habito ~o l e ml1i k r p er ver ba [po 88J de prce. nti Matrimonio conjunxi p r ;L' ~l' n t iIHl s t estibu .. notis H enri co Mill ct Anna B uckley qui ha hi t ant Ne wport. 1. V ' ()\¡(' lllbri s 2 : 1851 Thom as F r yer. M. A. Newport . L V Ann o 18;)1 die 16 m ensis Nove mb ri n ullo legitimo imp dim 'nt o cl rtccto E go Thomas Fryer. M. . a pud N ewport Insul a V 'd is P a tritium MacNamara P arkhurst fi lium D anieli et Cath erin ce MacNam ar a Cork et Mariam Ann a m Welch N ewp ort filiam CulieImi et H elenre \rVelch Lim ri ck interrogavi eorumque mutuo consc l1 su h a bito solemniter p er verba d e prcesenti Matrimonio co njuJ1xi pr;esentibus t estibus notis H enrico H earn et Timotheeeo Sulli\'an qui habitant N wport. LV Novembris 16: 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A. Newport. L V Anno 1851 die 18 m ensis Decembris nullo legitimo impedim ent o det ect o Ego Thoma. Fryer. M. A. apud N ewport L V. Micht'elem Brough Parkhurst Barracks, filium Coleman t Margarit ee B rough Cork et Elizam Annam Osborne Newport filiam


Georgii et J oannce Osborne Newport interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemnifer per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Danielo Egan et Maria Anna Osborne qui habitant Newport. LV. Decembris 18: 1851 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. LV 1852 Anno 1852 die 19 mensis Junii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. Insula Vectis . Michrelem Layden, Parkhurst, filium Bartholomrei et Catherinc:e Layden Longford et Mariam Lynch Parkhurst, filiam Jacobi et Birgittce Lynch Kerry, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prccsenti Matrimonio conjunxi pn~sentibus testibus notis Michceleo Lynch et GulielrilO Harding, qui habitant Newport. LV Junii 19: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. LV Anno 1852 die 22 mensis Junii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto ' Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV David Vaughan Parkhurst filium David et Marice \'aughan Cork et Honnoram 0 Lyons Parkhurst filiam Danielis et Helence 0 Lyons Kerry, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemn iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Jacobo Johnson et Maria Johnson qui habitant ¡P arkhurst Barracks. I. V. J unii 22: ' 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport 1. \ . . Anno 1852 die 3 Julii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV. Joannem McNamee Parkhurst filium J osephi . et Elizabethce McNamee \¼estport et Mariam Annam Hooker Parkhurst, filiam Jacobi et Annce Hooker Canterbury interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de . prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus 'testibus notis Patritio MacNamara et Joanna Gillighan qui habitant Parkhurst Barracks. LV Julii 3: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. l.V . [po 89J Anno 1852 Die 7 mensis Julii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. 1.". Joannem Murnane Parkhurst filium Jacobi et Marice Limerick et Birgittam Hayes Limerick, filiam Martinis lsicj ct Marice Hayes Limerick interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prresentibus testibus notis Gulielmo Harding et Joanna Edmunds qui habitant Newport Insula Vectis Julii 7: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. LV Anno 1852 die 31 mensis Julii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego T~lomas Fryer. M.A. 'apud Newport. LV. Patritium MCGuire Parkhurst, filium Joannis et Anastatice McGuire Cork et Annam Jordan Canterbury, filiam Denwood ct Marice Jordan Canterbury, interrogavi eorumque mu tno conscnStl habito solcm


niter per \'(~ rba de pr~senti Matrimonio con junxi prc.esentilms testibus notis Garett Fortune ct Julia Mcguire qui habitant Parkhurst . .I ulii 31: J H;"52 Thomas Fryer. M.A :Newport. LV A111 10 ] ~52 die] H ;\ ugusti nu ll o legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fr)er. M.A . apud Newport. l.V . Jer miah McAuliffe Parkhurst, illium Patritii ct Helenc.e McAuliffe. Cork ct Mariam Shay. Parkhurst filiam Joannis et J ulice Shay Tralee, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba cie pr~senti Mat rimonio conjl1nxi prcesentibus testibus notis Sarah Martha Mann et Maria Coghlan qui habitant Parkhurst r\ llgust i H; : 1H:32 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport . !. V Anno] R!52 die 21 mensis Augusti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. I.\'. Michcelem Yeats. Parkhurst, filium Patritii et Marice Yeats, Kings county et Mariam Coghlan, filiam Joannis et Anna: Coghlan, Kings county interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemnit r per verba de pra:senti Matrimonio conjl1nxi pr~sentibus testibus notis Gulielmo Harding et Petro Wolfe qui habitant Newport Augusti 21: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. 1.\' Anno 1852 die 22 men is Augusti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. 1.\' . Danielem Foley Parkhurst filium Patritii et Marice Foley Kerry et Mariam OBrian Cowes filiam Cornelii et Aby 0 Brian Cork interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu . habito solemn iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Patritio Foley et Alicia Maria Coppinger qui habitant Parkhurst Allgusti 22: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport LV Anno 1~52 die 24 Augusti nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. 1.\ Martinum Costello Parkhurst, filium Thomce et Maria: Costello Mayo et Catherinam o Brien Parkhurst filiam Danielis et Catherince 0 Brien Cork int errogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de pra;senti Matrimon io conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Georgio Meager et Sarah Mi]]s qui habitant Newport. ;\ ugllsti 24: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. 1. \ . Anno 1852 die 18 mensis Septembris nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. L\'. Morrice Scandling Parkhurst , filium Patritii et Catherince Scandlillg . Kerry et Joannam Murry, Hun ey Hill, filiam Gulielmi et Margali-lp. HO jta: Poerdown Ireland interrogavi eorumque mutuo COllSE'nSl1 habito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjullxi prresentibus testibus notis Gulielmo Hughes et Anna Hughes qui habitant Parkhurst Barracks Septembris 1~: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. I.Y Anno 1852 die 22 mensis Septembris nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV. Joannem.. Casey Parkhurst, filium Jacobi et Margaritre Casey Cork et



Joannam Murphy Newpolt, iiliam Joannis ct Catherina- Murphy Cork interrogavi eorum mutuo consensu habit() soll'mr ~ iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prc.escnt i1>lls tcstilms notis Petro \Volfe et Helana ~sh ~ Hazell qui habitant N('\\'poJ"t. T.\'. SeptembJis 22: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M ..\ t-; ewport. I.\ ' Anno 1852 die 6 Octobris, nullo Iegitimo impcclimt'llto detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. 1.\' Patritium Walsh Parkhurst, filium Gulieimi et Helena; \\'alsh Limerick et Ma'-iam Ar.nam Walsh Newport, 111iam Joannis et Ma"ice \\alsh ..\tl11ol1c intcrrogavi eorum mutuo consensu hahito solemn iter per \'erba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunx i, pnesentihus testibus Ilotis Patritio \Valsh et Anna Moran qui habitant Parkhurst. l.V. Octobris 6: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. 1. \' Anno 1852 die 4 Novembris, nullo legitimo impedimc:1to detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. I.V. Patritium Lavan Parkhurst, filium Cormick et Margaritce Lavan Roscommon, et Juliam McGuyre Hunny Hill, filiam Thomre et Amelic:e McGuyre Hunny Hill, interrogavi eorum mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesent ibus testibus notis Micha;lo Clark et Margarita McGuyre qui Lahit ant Parkhurst. 1. Y N ovembris 4: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport. 1.\' Anno 1852 die 10 Novembris, nullo legitirr.o impcdimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV. Jacobum Lowry Parkhurst Barracks, filillJ11 Jacobi et Bi!-git ta:~ 1.0\;<"1")' Roscommon et Catherinam Purcell Parkhurst, fllia:n JacoLi l't LuciGe Purcell Cork, interrogavi eorum mutuo COl lser:su hahito solemn iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjullxi pr(-es' ~ nti­ bus testibus notis Danielo Purcell et Eliza \r\!alker qui habitant Parkhurst Barracks. LV. Novembris 10: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A Newport . LV Anno 1852 die 11 Decembris, nullo legitimo impediment) detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport 1.\' J OClllnem Callaghan. Parkhurst, filium Patritii et Marice Callaghan. Cork (t Mariam Roach Parkhurst filiam Garett et Elizahetlt,~ Hoach. Cork, interrogavi" eorum mutuo consensu habito solemnit er PCi verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus I\ot is Georgio Meager et Anna "Bush* qui habitant Newport. 1. \' Decembris 11: 1852 Thomas Fryer. M.A N ewport. I. \-. [po 91 J 1853 Anno 1853 die 17 n:er_sis Maii nullo legitimo in. . pedirr..c: to detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV Patri : ium Mara Parkhurst, filium Joannis et Birgitta- 0 Mara Galway et Catherinam Hayes Newport filiam Joannis et JuliGe Hayes Limerick interrogavi eorumque mutub consensu habito sole!l1r~ iter per verba de prGesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prGesentibus tes ~ ibus


â&#x20AC;˘ Housekeeper to the Rev. T. Fryer at The Chapel House, Newport. Sae obituaries infra.




notis Georgio Meager et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport. LV. Maii 17: 1853 Thomas Frye!. Miss uB ApocuB Newport. LV Anno 1853 die 26 mensis J ulii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV Rowland Gom Parkhurst, filium Thomce Lucice Gom Brill et Mariam Moran Newport. filiam Jeremiah et Julice Moran Chester, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Henrico Bull et Georgio Meager qui habitant Newport J ulii 26: 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1853 die 14 mensis Septembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV J oannem Hollywood Newport, Filium Thomce et Marice Hollywood Armargh et Elizabetham Agnetem Maffey, viduam Caroli Maffy \iVinchester interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Edwardo Henney, Frederico Meager, Carolina Henney et Joanna Edmunds, qui habitant Newport Septembris 14: 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1853 die 12 mensis Octobris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport LV. Arthur Hassett Parkhurst, filium Joannis et Catherince Hassett Limerick et Birgittam Thuey* Parkhurst, filiam Joannis et Marice Thuey* Limerick, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi, prcesentibus testibus notis Georgio Meager et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport Octobris 12: 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1853 die 14 mensis Octobris nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV Owen Murphy Parkhurst filium Owen et Birgittce Murphy Louth et Annam Conway Parkhurst, filiam Patritii et Annce Conway Mayo interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Mathreo Fitzpatrick et Helena Dwyer qui habitant Parkhurst Octobris 14: 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1853 die 14 mensis Novembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A apud Newport. LV. Jacobus [sicJ Hart Newport, filium Joannis et Helence Hart Cork et Honoram McCarthy [po 92J Newport, filiam Edwardi et Marice McCarthy. Cork, interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba de pnesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Georgio Meager et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport. LV Novembris 14: 1853 Thomas Fryer. M.A. * Possibly Thucy. ' f



1854 [I n Bishop Grant's hand: Vis . et appro bat. die 14 Maii 1854 +Thomas EpusJ in S Visit Anno 1854 die 20 mensi Junii, nullo 1 gitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer M.A . apud Newport I .V Thomam MacNerney Newport, filium Francisci et Margaritce MacNerney Cavan et Catherinam Courtney Newport, filiam Joannis et Catherince Courtney Cork, interrogavi eorumque mutuo con ensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prce entibus testibus notis Anna Bush et Maria Joanna Edmunds qui habitant Newport Junii 20: 1854 Thomas Fryer. M.A 1855 Anno 1855 die 1 Maii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. I of VV Jacobum Kaley alia Power* Newport, filium Patritii et Catherince Kaley \\ aterford et Helenam How Newport, filiam Richardi et Joannce How Down, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prce entibus testibus notis Gulielmo Harding et Anna Bu h qui habitant Newport Maii 1: 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1855 die 15 men is Maii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A apud Newport LV. Jacobum Cooper Parkhurst, filium Joannis et Elizabethce Cooper Upminster et Helenam Murphy Newport, filiam Michcelis et Catherince Murphy Limerick, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Maria Joanna Edmunds et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport Maii 15: 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1855 die 28 mensis Maii nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV. Georgium Hayward Ryde, filium Gulielmi et Marice Hayward Shaftesbury et J oannam Cheverton Newport, filiam Joannis et'Sarah Cheverton Newport, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter. per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prcesentibus testibus notis Jacobo Cheverton et Maria Cheverton qui habitant Newport Maii 28: 1855 Thomas Fryer.. M.A [po 93J Anno 1855 die 7 mensis Julii nullo legitimo impedimento de tecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A apud Newport. LV Patritium Dwyer alias Conners Parkhurst Barracks filiumJoannis et Margaritce Dwyer (olim Conners) Tipperary et Johannam Hackett London, filiam Nicolai et Honorce Hacket Tipperary interrogavi eorumque mutuo con sensu habito solemniter per verba


Doubtful reading; in small writing above.




c1f>.: ', - prR'sent i 'latrimonw. " conj\lJ;xi " pr~sentibus testibus notis Thoma Bowman. M.A et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport. LV JuJii 7: 18fi5 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1 R5!) die 17 mensis Septembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV Jacobum Worley Newport, filium Gulielmi et Marire Worley Spalding et Mariam Annam Breen Newport, [filiam Cornelii et Catherinre scored] viduam Michcelis Breen Kilrush interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito ' solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi , prresentibus testibus notis Anna Bush ct Maria Joanna Edmunds qui habitant Newport. LV Septembris 17: 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A Anno 1855 die 24 Septembris, nullo legitimo impedimento det ecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A apud Newport LV Joannem Carr Parkhurst, filium Thomre et Marice Carr, Down et Annam Burke London, filiam David et Catherinre Burke Tipperary, interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemn iter per verba de prcesenti Matrimonio conjunxi prresentibus testibus notis Patritio Dwyer et Anna Bush qui habitant Newport. LV Septembris 24: 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A ' Anno 1855 die 4 Decembris, nullo legitimo impedimento detecto Ego Thomas Fryer. M.A. apud Newport. LV~ Thomam Kearney ' Newport, filium Joannis et Elizre Kearney Tipperary et Honoram Dunn Newport, filiam Patritii et Marire Dunn Waterford interrogavi eorumque mutuo consensu habito solemniter per verba de prresenti Matrimonio conjunxi prresentibus testibus notis Anna Bush et Maria Joanna Edmunds qui habitant Newport. LV. Decembris. 4: 1855 Thomas Fryer. M.A. [I n blue pencil at the foot of the page] 76 in this Book 40 in New Book to December 17/61 116 [Pp. 94 to---= 134 blank.] [po 13f>1 [The jive rÂŁbbon book-markers are between pages 135

and 136.] [All in th e Rev. T. Fryer's hand] Deaths 183H. Jude 13. Mrs. Elizabeth Wyatt. Protestant. Rec d Church ago 66 Nov\)'. 12 Frances James. Prot. Rec d into the Church ago 29 December 14. Mrs. .Harriet B~hanni. Prot. do . , ago 32 Jan. 7.

1840 Mr. Henry Knight. Catholic



.' "



. 'Feby. Catherina Taken. infant aged . May 22. Mr. Ambrose Discacciati. Catholic aged July 4 Mrs. Anastiatia [sicJ James. Catholic aged August. Mr. John Driscoll suddenly at Sandown Cat holic about . July 11. Mr. Francis Norton. Catholic ago November 3 John Murphy at Ryde. Cat. ago 1841 Feby 14. Mr. Joseph Rowe. convert of Rev. aged ]. Robson aged Feby 22. Austin Fergus. infant 4- Sept loth Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Barnes. Cat. aged October 22 Miss Jane Midlane. Con vert aged December 2 Mrs. Hannah Rowe. Convert aged 1842 March 19. Mons L'Abbe De Grenthe aged Mr. Thomas Farron do July 2 Mr. J. Smith. Private St Helena Regiment aged .- 28 Mrs Mary McDonell aged August 12th Rev d . Joseph Rathborne of Cowes aged COglan}. . l b ' d Coglan tWInS, prIvate y aptlse


10 days 58

64 50 35 10


7 weeks 71 24 85

77 30

27 71


Oct. 1 John Joseph Fagin 1 month old 53 N ovb 16 Mr George Carter Decb 10 Mr George Danby. Private of 23 Regt. 28 Buried the above publickly at the Military Burial Ground, 011 the 13 th â&#x20AC;˘ Mr. D. was buried with military honors 1843 Jany. 12. Mrs. Mary Flanigan of the Rifle Bri30 gade buried privately at the Barracks on the 13 th of J ant y. May. 10. Mr. John Hackett. Pri. 97. aged 19 24 Mr. Cornelius Barry Pri. Rifle Brigade ago 37 Buried on 25 th at Military Burial Ground . June 1. Mr. John Hunt. Pri. of 12 th Regt. aged 43 Buried on the 3 of June at Military Burial (;round July 8 Mrs Rebecca Leg. Convert 40 July 15 Miss Jane Leslie 20 th Depot buried at the Military Burial Ground . . aged 13 22. Master George Lynch of the. 12th Depot -.___.__bw-ied at the Military B. Ground aged 7 [po 136J November 23. Mr. John Roach. Private aged 22 of the:97 th . Buried on the 24th at the Military .' Bm-ial Ground, with Military hunours . â&#x20AC;˘ 'These last two


iu. di.fJerent "9.



December 3 . Mary McQuin of the 97 th . aged 2~ years buried on the 4th in Newport. read burial service in chapel December 14. Elizabeth Mehan. aged 4t 1844

John Mullane of the 20 th Depot. aged 3t years Buried on the 6 th at the Military Burial Ground 14 Mr . ] ames Roach. aged 45 years March 2. Mr. Edmund Murphy. Private of the aged 21 years 12th . Buried the above at the Military Burial Ground on the 4th of March March 28. Thomas Towney of the 12th aged 2 years Buried the above at the Military Burial Ground on the 29 th inst. April 4. Mr. lame Foley. Sergeant of th e 20 th aged 41 years Depot Buried th e above at the Military Burial Ground with Military Honours on the 6 of April April 23 Mr. Michael Concargh Drumer of the aged 44 12th Depot. Buried the above at the Military Burial Ground with military honours on the 24 of April. May 29 ~ illiam John Neill of the 45 Depot aged 3t years 31 Eliza Neill do I! yrs Read the funeral service over both in the Chapel on Sunday the 2 of June ] une 1st Mr William Phillips of the 12 Depot aged 26 Buried the above at the Military Burial Ground with military honours on the 3 of June N .B. The parson wa burying another soldier at the same time, a few yards off. 5. Mr John Power aged 40 23. Elizabeth MacDonald 97 Depot aged 3 years ] uly 8 th Mr. Francis Fallick aged 52 August 19 Mr Patrick Maloney of the 12th Depot aged 23 Buried the above at the ,M ilitary Burial Groun j with Military Honours on the 20 th of Augu t. N .B. The parson was burying another soldier at th e same time, a few yards off. pt 16 th Georg Brereton aged I t years Buried at Military Burial Ground on th e 17th in t Oct 22 Mr] ames Flanagan of the Rifles aged 38 Buried the above on the 23 at Military Burial Ground November 8 Mary Ann Gurlay aged 11 months 11 Mr [blank] A.ndre aged 70 years 20 John Tully 6 years 27 Mrs Ann Bush* 64 years Decem ber 6 John Fenian t 1 year Feby 4th

* t

Query: Mother of Miss Ann Bush, Fr. Fryer's housekeeper? Doubtful reading.



[Po 137J 1845 January. 3 rd Mrs. Ccecily Rathborne ag d 74 (Mother ot the Rev d ]0 5 Rathborne) ]any. 6 th Mr John Dalton aged 37 9 ] ane McLaughlin aged 14 months Mr Leech private of the 97 th Depot aged 22 Buried at Military Burial Ground June 23. Mr John Stenson Private of the 97 th 32 Depot Buried on the 24 June at Military Burial Grouncl Oct 29 Mr William Pollard Drumer of the 97 th 22 Depot Bmied on the 30 of October at Military Burial Ground 1846 March. 16 .Mr Timothy Leary aged 86 (Father of the Rev d Mr Woods of Sheerness) He wa called at the wi h of Bishop Poynter after his mother's maiden name (Woods) Eliza Nerle* of the 45 th Depot aged 1 year May June 15 Mr James Nemock of the 97 th ag d 37 Buried the 17 of ] une at the Military Barracks ]une20 Joseph Wolfe aged 19 Read the burial service over him in the Chapel August 28. Mr Charles James Died very suddenly at the Workhouse aged 72 8 Sept Mr John Smith aged 27 6 October Mrs Bridget Dalton of the 97 th aged 46 10 October Mr John Ryan aged 50 1847 ] any 12th Mr Pierce Walsh of the 45 th aged 40 years Buried the above with Military Honours on the 14th inst 13 Mr Joseph Warren of the 97 th Depot aged 20 Buried the above with Military Honours on the 15 th inst 20 th Mr John Cavanagh of the 45 th aged 18 Buried on the 21 st at Military Burial Ground with Military Honours 27 Mrs Margaret Cooney wife of Sergeant Cooney of the Rifles aged 44 30 Mr James Fenian* of the 97 th Depot aged 22 [p o 138J Buried on the 1st of Feby. with Military Honours at the Garrison Burial Ground Feby 15t Henry] ohn Tinnchea aged 9 months Feby 2 nd Mr Daniel Wilmott of the 36 th Depot aged 24 years Buried the 3 rd instant at the M. Burial Ground 19 th of] anuary died in London, Mrs . Monica Ida McGolrick, aged 32 years Buried on the 26 th of ] anry in the Catholic Cemetery at Chelsea. R.I.P.

* Doubtful reading.


11 :h

~E\yPO~T . A~D


\:Ir Michael Curick of the 3fi rli D~pnt. ~ I years Buried on the I:PII at M. Burial Gfnlliid witll \1 ilil<:tr\, Honours M~f(·1t I'{tlt }lr Hugh Rourke of fill' !)'i'11t Depol agt'd ' ..I-;") years 1~l!ri('d tl)(' <tho\"(' Oil til(' !lth \,v itll 'liliuu"\' H()11011r ~ :.: .I L TIll' ]>ar~()ll \\'a~ huryill g it chi ld . ~lt tilt' ~allH' t inH' . aged :m yeti r s I:L \h James Blake )7 ('()rpural James Greenham H7 th Depot :t~ years Bllried the ahove Oil t he I !plt at th (, :\Tilitary Burial Gr<Jllll<.i l\f r Thomas Tyrell of the H7 Depot ag!'d:W Buri ed the abo\'c Oil t he ~;") of :\Ia.rc h , with the Ilsual Mil it a ry HOIlours. ;\pril 711t 1\:1r Michael Rice of the 20 th aged ~~ Buried on the 9 th at Military Burial (~r()uncl I-t. ~fr John Larkin of the 12 th "Depot agt>d IR Buried the ahove on the l() at t Ile Military Burial Groulld with tlll~ usual hOllors Mr Johll Fitzsimon of the 20 lil Depot aged 18 Buried the ahove at the Military Burial (~round May lit 1\T r Thomas Harrigan of the n1st aged 1n i)mi(-d the above Oil the 3 of Mav \-ritl t Military Honours ~ 1\by:~ 1\11' Lawren ce Grant of the 20 th Depot aged IS Buried the aJ)o\'e on the ;")th of J\-1ay at t lit' Military Burial Grollnd J;) Mr \\'illiam Connors of tile ~Ist Buried the above on the 17 o f May at the Military Burial Ground 18 I{obert Marghar aged 13 homs '30 Am lia Carolina White aged G weeks June;") Mr Peter Lynch of the lUst aged 1H years Buried the above with Military Honours 0 11 the 7 til Aug t 11 · Mr Thomas Bradley of the ~ust agetl IH years Buried the ahove with Military Honours on the 13 til 14 Catherine Murphy aged 12 days Jo Mr Richard Perkins Convert aged 66 years Sept ;") th Mr Timothy Conelly of the !l7 t'l aged 24 years " . Buried the ahuve on the 7th with Military Honors Sept H Mary MacDermott (born on the I)th privately baptized by my clerk T. Butler on Sunday the 5 th . [po 139J Mr Edward Cavanagh of the 45t.h Depot Died Sept 19 th I H47 aged 44 years Buried the above ,¥ifh Military Honours at the M. Burial Ground Sept 21 st November' 27th M~l.ry MacKuska~ aged a .~nollth::; December 3. Patrick Cunningham of the 5 th aged ,· :f yrs Depot & 4 months


Mr Patrick Gilroy ofthe.~nth Depot aged 23 years Buried the above with Military Honours on the 14 inst at the !vfilitar), Burial Ground Mr Michael Marley of the 23 r t! aged 20 y rs Depot Buried the above with Military Honours on Sunday the 19 th inst December 2~ Mr James Brett of the ()f) Depot aged In years Buried the above on the 30 th with Military Honours :w J 011 a11n a McDermott of t he Sf) 1 ~ years Depot Buried on the 31 at the Barracks J8-l8 II Janllary. Mr \iVilliam Neill lat e of the 4i)t h aged -lti years Depot 14 JaJlllary Charity McCann of the 45 th ageJ 17 cia vs 15 Mr George Davies of the fi til Depot aged 20 years Buried the above with Military Honours at the Military Burial Ground on the IHth of Jay. Feby 18 Mr William Byrne of the St Helena aged l~ \"l~an.; Regiment Buried the above with Military Honours Feb 19 th 29 Mr John Dononughue of the 97 th Depot aged 23 yrs March I Mr Peter Flynn of .~he 12th Depot aged:l8 y rs Buried Donoughe & F lynn at the Military B. Ground on the 2nd of March with Military Honours 2 nd Mr James Chapman of the 69 Depot aged 24 yrs Buried the above on March the 3 with Military Hon'ours 12 James Neill bf the 45 aged 1 year 25 joseph LaverY of the 67 th Depot aged 13 months 31 8t Mr Bernard Boylan of the 36 Depot aged 21 years 31 8 t Mr John Phelamy of the 76 Depot aged 31 years , April the 2 (Sunday) Buried the above Boylan & Phelamy with Military Honours ' 12 Mr john Weston of the 69 th Depot , aged 19 years Buried the above on the 14th at the M.B. Ground 21 Mr james Cormick* of the 67 Depot aged 23 years Buried the above April 23 (Easter Sunday) at the Military Burial Ground with the usual Military Honours 29 Catherina Homer of the 56 th Depot aged 13 months 29 Julia Cavanagh of the 45 th Depot aged 4 years & 11.

I mn

[P , 140J 2 of May Mr Thomas Ryan of the, 36 Depot Buried the above on the 4 of May 'with Military honours â&#x20AC;˘ Doubtful reading.




298 lotI(' of May Ann Maria Divis of :the' 76 th Depot aged 1 I months Buried at the M. Burial Ground 15 th of May Mrs Elizabeth Leary Convert in her ~2 year Buried the , above, on "the 17th May 19 th Mrs~ Charlotte Taken' CORiVett aged 26 years June 4th Mr Patrick DunleavY of ,the 45 th Depot aged 24 yrs Buried the above oh' the 5 th with 'Military Honours July 6 , Mr William Dalton ' of the 23 tt1 Depot aged 17 years Buried the above on the 8 t l\ with Military Honours 12 Drumer Michael McGenity of the 97 th aged 17 y~" ars Depot, Buried the above on the I·tt h of July ,with Military Honours 'l8 Mrs Mary Hookey aged 3U years 1 ~ )rears 30 Elizabeth Laughlin of the 23 Deput Aug. I Rt Buried the above at the Military B. Groulld Sept. :3 r !l Mr Michael Maloney of the 76 tll Depot aged 21 years Huried the above with Military Honours on the 4th inst N .B. The Parson was burying at the same time a soldier of the 44 th Depot. Sept. :3. Mrs Mary 0 Bryan Convert aged 42 years 29. Colour Sergt. John Heskett of the 20 th Depot aged 33 years October 2 nd " Buried , the above with Military Honours, at the M. BudaI Ground 26 th Mr 'Daniel Hall of the ,20 th Depot aged 20 years Buried :the' above on the 27 th with the usual M. Honours ,November' 7th at Bath Lieutenant General John in his K6 year Luther. Richardson " Convert ;,(Formerly of this congregation) December 20 th Mrs Elizabeth Taylor Convert 52 years 23 Stephen Coyle of the 45 til 7 years 31 Henry Owens of the 76 th 5 months [The last three bracketed together; and written lengthwise £n the margin is: Read the funeral service over them in the dead house of th~ Umen Hospital] ,





, i


,JallY . 3 rd Margaret Cuff of the 69 th Fe'p y', 4~h , Mr John Flanigan of the 36 th Depot aged 37 years .N .B, Buried t.l1e 'above on the 5 th of Feby at the 'New Military Burial Ground, being the -, " first mterred there,' in the part set, aside for :; , , the Catholic Soldiers. Mr F. " was buried with the usual l\1ilit,ary' 1{()110J.lfS. March 2. J~h~.!1na W'~ll of the 44 Depot agedll months Buried the same day. at 5 P.M. in the New M. B. Grou.n,d • 'Do'ubtful


". ,299




Mr John 8archfield of .the 67 Depot aged 23 years Buried the above on the -19 of March at the New M. Burial Ground with the Honour's N.H. \Vore the surplice for the 1st time ,."pri l 2 nd Mr Michael Moffatt 69 th Depot aged :W' years ,-p. ]. o ! .-\pril 3 rtl Mr Michael Adrian 44th Depot aged 2] year~ Buried both at the New M. B. Ground with ' t he usual Military Honours ' on the 4th of April to. Mr John Griffin of the 5 th Depot aged 20 years Buried with M. H. on the 12th inst. 14 Mr Patrick Murphy of the 36 th Depot aged 3(; years Buried on the 16 th with the usual M. H's 27 ' Patrick Bohannon of the 76 Depot aged 2 years Buried on the 29 th in N.' Military , B. Grollnd May loth Henry George of the 44th Depot aged 1 day Buried on the 12th at the N. M. B. G. JUll e ;)tll My Dear Brother, William Fryer, incumbent of Cowes Chapel departed this life at t past 2 in the morning of June the Gtll 1849. aged 32. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. He was buried alongside the chapel in the garden in the very spot which he selected the day before his death [1 n brackets in the right-hand margin, written le'ngth~ wt'se : (Sr. Augt. 12. L.M. March "19 / 68) ] D an iel Marghar of the 23 rd Depot ' aged 5 years 14 Buried on the If)th at the New M~ B. Ground July )0 Mr William Clarke (cholera) aged 27 years Aug. 5 Mr Humphrey Keating (do) aged 30 years 14 John Ryan (do) aged 8 years :n Mr Mathew Donohue of the 20 th Depot aged 20 years Buried the above with M. H. on the 1st of Sept Sept 2. Mr Patrick Manger 67 th Depot aged 29 years Buried the above with M. H. on the 4th R John Manning of the 67 th aged 2 days Buried the same day at Military B. Ground J I Mr George Williams of the 56 th Depot aged 20 years Buried the ahove with M. H. on the 13,th inst , '27 Mr Denllis Bryan of the 67 th Depot aged 23 years BIJrip.d the above with M. H: on the 29 th of Sept Oct !I Sergcull t Peter White H7 1.11 ' (Con vert) aged 37 years Buried the above with the usual Iv.L . HOlluurS Oil the II th 29 Catherina Murphy aged 9 'months 30 Mr Hubert Taggart ' aged 28 years . Dece~~e~' 15 James La~kiB' .of. the u7 ,:Qepot aged 6 months ~ ' ,: :BuriQd ;on tlw -l6t~ N~w Milifary' '13; Ground LIn blue pencil: 10 Ellen 'Smith '. 10 days] 1~50


Elizabeth C~, ;QÂŁ ,the:: 69 ,tc~ ,Depot Buried on the 24 at N. M. B. Ground

Jan y 23


6 weeks



aged 20 years I {Mr Timothy Maher 20 th Depot Mr John Connor 76 til Depot aged 18 years Buried the above' on Fehy 211fl with M. Honours at New M. B. Ground March 3 John Canty of the 36 Depot aged 1:3 months 'Buried on the 5 th at the New Military Burial Ground [po 142J March 14 John Onslow 2 years old April 1{) Mr William Irvin late 20 th (Convert) aged -lO years '" Buried at the Military" Cemetery on th e 15 tl1 at :3 P.M. N .B. Mr W. I. was the first Pensioner buried at the M. Cemetery. Th e Colonel sent a Guard of 16 soldiers April 30 Mary McCarthy 97 th Depot 1 day old . Buried at 5. P.M. on the 1st of Mav at the M. B. Ground May 4 Mrs Helen McCarthy 97 th Depot aged 30 years Buried May 6 th at M. B. Ground All the Sergts of 97 th Depot presen t the deceased being a Sergeant's wife. Mother & child buried in one grave . . 14 John Griggs of the 56 th Depot ~ days old Buried on the 18 tl1 in Military B. Ground June II James Lopeman of the 97 Depot 1 day Burir.d in New M. B. Ground June 2H Henry Edward Frampton [) months old Sept. 21. Mr Edward Stevens of the 44th Depot aged 21 Buried with Military H. at the N. 1\1. B. Ground on the 23 rd Sept Oct. 3 Td \ Villiam H. Ryan aged 7 weeks Sept. 22. Mr Richard Fronell* aged 32 years N ovb. 8 Helena County aged 10 weeks aged 74- years 18 Mrs Mary Egan 18:')1 Feby 2. E lizabet h Taylor ~I months April 19 Mr David Geary aged 7K years 20 John James Hickey of the dn tll Regt 15 months Buried on the 21 st at the New Military Burial Ground 25 Mr Edward Burne of the 97 th Depot 19 years Buried above on the 27 of Aprit with Military Honours 27. Mr John Sullivan of the 3&th Regt. aged 40 years Buried with M. Honours on the 28 th 28 Mr William Bophy 67 th Depot aged 38 years May 13 th James Hally 97 th Depot aged 13 months Buried on "the 14th at the New Milital y Burial Ground June 21 Thomas DalJ 36 th Depot aged 18 months Buried on the 23~d at the New Mililal y Burial Ground July 4th Mr Patrick Rourke 36 th Depot aged 30 years . Buried July 6 th-(Sunday) -at N. M B. with Mil. Honours Feb


• Doubtful reading.



Mr Thomas ·{ John ?) Clancy ·97 th aged 20 yt'ars Buried July 9 with M. Honours August 4 Mrs Mary Carter 56 years Buried at House of Industry* 20 Johanna Conway 67 th Depot aged 9 months Buried on the 21 at the New Military B. Ground 22 Thomas McDermott 67 Depot aged 7 months Buried on the 23 rd at N. M. B. Ground 24 Ph. Ed. Smith ' aged 3 months Sept. 2 Private Michael Connell 67 th Depot aged 22 years Buried on the 4th at N. M. B. G. without military honors (Tern. Insanity) Sept. 22. Mr Patrick Whelan 36 th Depot aged 36 years .Buried with Military honours on the 24th 30 Miss Margaret Isabella Simeon aged 4 years 4 mon t hs Read Burial service over the body on the 4th of October at Swainstone October 16 th Mr Patrick Callahen of the 36 th aged 23 years Depot Buried with Military honours on the 18 th • ·3 officers present 23 Mr James Cresnell aged 76 years Read Burial Service over the above in Dead House at the House of Industry November 12 Mr David Gorman aged 30 years Read B. Service over the above in Dead House at House of Industry 20 John Jenkins 36 th Depot aged 6 months Buried on the 21 at Military B. Ground December 11 Thomas Whelan 36 Depot aged 5 years Buried on the 12th at M. B. Ground [po 143] December 21 st Ellen Whelan of the aged 3 years 36 th Depot Buried at M. B. Ground on the 22 nd inst. 1852 Jany loth Mr John Bush aged 47 years aged 52 years Feby 5 th Mrs Mary Amelia Locke The deceased was the faithful & valued housekeeper of the Rev d Messrs. Russell, Robson & Fryer for upwards of 30 years. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. [The next entry in the Rev. T. Bowman's hand] Buried on the loth of Feby 1852 in front of the Catholic Church, . Newport (LW) after a Solemn Dirge & Requiem Mass, by_,m e .' Thomas Bowman M. Ap. _ . March 2~d . Mrs Rose Anna , Coppinger aged 40 years Read the Burial Service over the deceased on March the 4th at Pear Tree Cottage West Cowes. I of W J ' 7.

* Cj. t.R.S;, xliii, p .. 98 . .


Mrs Elizaheth Merchant' aged 72 years Read Burial Servic.e ever the aheve in the dead . heuse in ' Heus€" '6f Industry en the 9 th March ' " 24 Mr Jehn Dunleavy of the 36 th Depot aged 24 years Buried on the'.25t'h at Militarji B. G. wltli the usual honours " , .'25 u ' Mrs Eliza. G. Ellis 'of ' Mill ' Hill. W. aged 36 years Cowes 30 George Cant, ef the 36 th Depet aged 14 months Burietl in the same grave with his brether Jehn who. died March 3 nl /50 ageq. 13 menths, at New Military B. Gi'o'und. , Maf(~h 31 April 1G Mrs Margaret Stack ef the RR th Regt. aged 30 years Buried on the 17th at the New ~,filitary B. Ground 28 Mrs Ann Hollywood aged 45 years N .B. Read the burial service over the bedy in the chapel en Sunday afternoon the 2 d ef May. 31 P.M. May 14 Mr Owen' MacLaughlin of the 88 th Regt. aged 27 years Buried, with Military Honeurs en the [5. at N. M. B. Greund. 4 p.m. 19 ' Mrs Jane Connell ef the 8Rth Regt. aged 20 years Buried ' en the 20 th at New Military B., Greund. 4! p.m. May ' 31Ht Mary Moran of the 88 th Regt. aged 3 months Buried en 'the 1st of June at New M. Burial Greund 2! p.m. June ?" Rev d Charles Francis Darcy at \Vest aged 47 years . Co\('es I ef W Buried in Chapel Garden. June 4th R.I.p. Amen 4th Mr Michael Rinn of the 26 th Depet aged 27 years Mr Themas Carroll of the 88 th Regiment aged 22 years Buri~4 on the 5 th with Military Heneurs. Rinn at ! to 4. Carrell! r ,a st 4 p.m. n ' Mrs Eli, abeth Welch aged 79 years Read Burial service over the above in , the dead Hous'e in House ef Industry en the lOth inst 14. J ehn Cunnane ef the 88 th Regt aged:-l years Buried en the 15 th at M. Burial Greund at , ~ past ,) P.M . • Hj : .' ~~on ?t. ~~~e . ~~th Re~t aged 6 m<?nt4~ BUrled on th.e ·16 th ,\it M. BurIal Ground at ! .past [) ,P:M. ; 2:0 . 'Mr FranCis ' pDiibin ' of th,e 88 th Regt aged 36 yeirs Buried the abeve on th~' '2i)th inst at M. R. · G. with MiliHuy ': li8i1ours' July 12 Mr Jehn Brennan ' bf ·th~ '.36th 'Depot, attached to the 88 th Regt ' , aged 36 '~ats 8

303 : ',;

NEWPOR,~ ~NP CQ~E~ , ','

died on the 12 at 7 a.m. ,& ,Bw;ied with Military Honour~ on , the' 1~~,~ , ,a t 4! p.m. aged 27 years 14 Mr James Carney ' 'Qf , the , 88 ~~: Regt Buried the above with MiL, Honours on the 15 at 41 P.M~ , ', '" . 16 Edward Rutled:g~ ()£. the 88 th Regt aged I year [The next entry in the Rev. T. Bowman's hand] Buried the abov~ , in -ip,e' Ne~ ~i~itary Burial- Gro~nd July' 17th 1852 ' , " .. .r~ , Bowman 29 Mr John Wall of the 88 th Regt ", " " aged. 39 years 30 Buried the above with Military I;I6riours ' at ! past 4 P.M. ', : ' , ' October 10 John Kelly of the 88 th Regt,., " aged 23 years [The next entry in the Rev., T.' B~wman' shand) II . Buried the above in the N ew Mili~ tary BI. Ground ' , :, T.n. October 29 Mr Joseph Scanlon of the 88 Regt,. aged 23 years Buried the above with Mil. H. on the ' 30 th inst at New Mil. B. Ground November 3 rd James Burke 26 th Depot. " , , ,aged 5 years Buried on the 4th at 3 P.M. New M~ ~. , Ji~puI).d', ' [po 144} , 1853 ' ' '',' Jany 23 rd Patrick Kelly of the 26 th Depps ' ,: ~ged 3~ years [The next entry in the Rev. T. J:Jpw:m.p,n's , ha1J,d} ," 25 th Buried the above in the Military. ~ ' GrOli~d , T.B. Fehy 17 Catherina Keating, vel Caton : ,' , ' 8 days , : ' " r"aged ~O yeats , 18 Mrs Charlotte Sweetman 21 Matilda Burke 26 th Depot , : aged 9 months Buried on the 23 at 3 P.M. New' MiL B., Gt::o,u nd , March 23. Elizabeth Murphy of the 88 Depot aged l8 months [Read the scored] Buried ' in the Barrack room on the 24 of March on account of Tenebrre being sung at the hour appointed for the funeral April 17. James Michael Price , " aged 2 months , 19 Mrs Ann Burke oj the 26 Depot ,' aged 27' years Buried at N. Mil. B. Ground at 3, P.M. ,on the 26 th inst July 2. Mr Silvester Bligh of the 23 Reg( , ' ag~d 36 years Buried the above with Military Honour~ at ,',. , the M. B. Ground on the 4 th inst '' , Sept. 7. Mr George Croucher ' ,,( , aged 40' years : "" I l.ifJ~~d 1~ ,months 24" , J o~ leuman NovEWll?et 12 Mr John Cre~e ;Qf (he '23 )~eif , aged 30;years ];J~liedjLt Military B. G. on. 't'~e 14t~, ,~th. the usual ,honours ~


, ' ,

, I.:'




'I~ , ,"

1$54 . "


,' l 'l r;rr· ,







24 Jany. Mrs Mary Duh wOQC1 , (Ventpp~) ' -' , 'aged 33, years Read burial service over',: ~h~ , the <;:haJ:lel on the 2~th ' at 3 P:ru;:,-, "


13 April Private \Villiam Keily of the 77 Regt aged 27 y ears , Buried with Military Honours on the lii th inst aged 80 years 26 ' April Mrs Mary Long Read Burial Service over [S1'C] in the dead House on the 28 th inst Mr John Austin (at Sea March 5 th ) aged ] 9 yeal s May 5 Alice Leary of the 28 th Depot aged 16 mon t hs Buried on Sunday the 7 inst at ! to 6. P.M. in Mi1itary B. Grounrl aged 3ti years May 7th Mr James Hughes of the 28 th Depot [In Bishop Grant's hand: Fiat ad formam Ritualis Romani Die 14 Maii 1854 +Thomas EpusJ The Bishop on the 9 of October 1854 allowed m e permission to enter the deaths &c as usual. Thos Fryer. May Hi Monica Frances Johnson aged 3 years Read hurial service over the body in chapel on the 18 th June 25 Mr Henry IIcCorrmick aged 23 years Read t urial service over the body in the dead House on the 28 th July 18 MI Daniel CliHord 95 Depot aged 28 years 26 Mr Patrick Ryan aged 19 years Read B. Service in the Dead House on 29 th August 26 Elizabeth Henley of the 95 th Depot aged 2 years Buried ' on 28 in Military B. Ground aged 2 years & half Sept 27 John Casey 88 Regt. October 11 th William McAuliffe 88 Regt. aged 2 years Read burial service in the Dead House 24 ' Mr Edward Farley 77th Depot aged 32 years Buriea in the Military B. Ground on the 25 with the usual Military Honours [Po 145J November 1s t Mr Joseph Rowe aged 67 years Read B. Service in Chapel on the 4th 2 William H. Killom 77t.h Regt aged 2 months 9 Mr J ames Burton . aged 47 years Read Burial Service in Chapel over the body 12 inst 16 Patrick Conlali of the 77 aged 4 years 17 Buried at the New Military B. Ground , 1855 Jany 27 Mrs Joh~nna McQuade of the 95 th Depot aged 28 years Buried in New Military B. G. on Sunday 3. P.M. Jany 28 t h Feby 20 Rosanna McGuemon* of the 95 th Depot aged 4 month~ Buried in New Mil. B. G. on 21 at 3. P.M. ' , March 8 th William McEvoy of the 28 th Regt. aged 2 mont h s April 5. Ann Thornhill of the 95 th Depot aged 9 m,on~ILs' ,Buried at the Military B. ,Ground on the 6 th 'a t l paSt .to P.M. ' â&#x20AC;˘ Doubtful roading.



2i 29




[1 n th<' margill. 111'0 lctters almost illdecipherahlc (possi!Jiy P.l'. or 10): Buried in Mil. Cemetery ~ew A hne indicates tlla! the (,lIfrv should be here Agnes Frampton aged t'.. . months Read Burial SCI vice in Chapel on the Ii; til Maria McIntyre of the 95 th Depot aged \'t'ar Buried at New Mil. H. Ground on the 29 at t past 3. P.M . Sergeant Thomas 0 Callaghan of the aged~!) years 20 Depot Buried 011 the 1st of May at :3. P.M., at Mil. B. G. with t he usual hOllours [In pencil in the tnargin: (H2) j

- ----- - -


-- - - -- - - ,-

N .B. At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 1st of May IH;')f), & the 15 til of June Present-the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council, it was desired (according to an Act passed in the 16 & 17 years of Her Majestys reign) that burials ' should he discontinued in the Catholic Chapel Newport. I of Wight" Newport. Isle of \Vight - - To he forwith , sic discontinued in the old part of the Churchyard, and in the Roman Catholic Chapel, and from &: after the 1st of January 1857 in the Churchyard and in t11e Roman CatliOTiC Chj-pel -BunaI Ground" See London (;azette of May ] S.'):') June 5 Mr John Branagan of the th')th Depot aged :~,) years Buried on the 6 t,II at the Military B. Ground with the usual Mil. Honus', N ,B. The Parson was hurying another soldier of the same depot at the same time July 7th Mr William McCann of the' 20 tll Depot aged 19 years He was accidentally run over & died a few minutes after Buried the above with more than the usual Military Honours on the 10 at the New Military Burial Ground: 10 officers in full uniform & 250 soldiers were presen t at the funeral July Sth Mary Magdalen .Johnson aged ,) yt'ars l.\: half LThe next entry, and that of July 17, in the Nell. T, 13owm;m's handj Buried by me, in front of the Catholic Church, Ke"-purt 011 \\ 'c<lnesday, July 11. 1855. T, Bowman. July 17 Mary Jane Thornhill, (95 Depot) aged 10 yr~ Buried 1Sth. at the New MilY Burial Ground at ! pt ~. Augt. 1 Cuthbert Matthias .J6hnson aged 5 years 5 months Buried in ' front of the Chapel August a. 23 Mr Patrick Havey of the 2S Depot aged 20 years Mr Edward Reily of the 48 th Depot aged IV years Buried both on the 25 of August at the

N. Mil. Burial Ground, with Mil. Honours T


St'pt. 0 tit



:Mr Thus Farell of the 28 th Depot

aged 24 years

BlIri r d the ahove with Mil Honours on the 7th inst r

p. .I.Hi"! Sept. 7. Mr Tho n· Finnerty of the 48 . aged 3:) yea rs

Depot Huried on the 8 th at the :Kew Mil. B. Ground 311 Teresia Charlotte Johnson Bnried in front of the Chapel October 31'(1 October 22 Private Thomas Walsh of the 28 th D epot Huried the ~bove on the 24 at N. M. B. Ground with the usu al 30 th Thom~s Hassett of the 28 th Depot Buried on the 31 st inst at N. M. B. Ground November 10 Mrs Ellen Howes* R ead hurial service over the' Body at her hOllse on th e Hi th inst December 11. Mr James Doyle of the 77 t h Depot Buried the above on the 12 at the Military B. G. with the usual Mil. Honollrs 14 Mr John Stanton Decb. 13 Mr Tho s Costello of .the 28 th Depot Buried the above on the Ii> of Decb in the Mil. B. Gro und &c N.B. Mr. J. Stanton buried in front of the Church December 16 til 1856 Jany 9. Mr Tho s Kyne of the 77 D epot Buried the above 011 the loth at Mil. B. Ground ' with the usual Mil. Honours l The next entry enclosed in square brackets] Fehy'f4 231'(1 M~' dear friend Canon ThoH Bowman died at Bermondsey. He was on a visit here frllm the 1s t of J any to the 12 th . I{.I.P. Burie:l at Chelsea on the 29 th of Jany, after a ' solemn dirge had been performed at Bermondsey on the same day. Feby . 3 Thomas McCarthy . Read burial service over the body at the ·house on Feby 5 th 7 Mr Thomas Langton 95 th Depot Buried the above on the 9 th with the usual Mil Honours

aged 2 years & 9 months aged 36 years Mil. Honours agecl 1 year & 7 mont hs aged 70 years aged 30 years

aged 40 years aged 32 years

aged 3U years

aged 4 months aged 3S years

• Or possibly' Hones.' , 'Feby' has lines through it as though scored: from the body of the entry it is evideQt that this. sh9.~1<\ :be ,' J~p.y.' , -



l\fr \Villiam Murray of the 2S路 th Depot a~('(l :~~ \,c;r i',:-; B Ilri(' d tilt路 <.1 Lo\'(: ",it 11 1he llsual 1'[ i I Honullrs 011 till' I~ t.ll il1st J\.farc1l '!.7 IVlrs :\1111 Hickey of the 2Stl] J)'-'l)Ut ;l~," (l ~() \" ,':\1 '::; Buri ed on th e '!.Blil at the N' , Mil g, (~r()llnd ill pt'I/ (',f: l()\I ; .-\pr ~l klh Mr 1'fi c ll a(' 11Hcqinni~ of the:.?k D epot ag-cc\ ~O years Bllri ('d U l ! tJi l ' !)111 :It the Mikarv Ii, Cround , ~()* Mr Daniel McNulty 4Hth Depot a.~t'(t :r; '\-'l'al:::; Huric'cl 1h r ah()v(' with Mil H ()1I0t lr:-; (1:1 t I1C ~ ,..; ill:-;t ! Tbl' III'xl el1frv ill .';111:111'(' /JY(.[.ckeis i / ,pt il ~+ l\'fr,' Eliza Johnson latf' of Car ishru\,'. She v,'as 1>111 iell in I he Catltu: ic .('(,1111" terv at Chelsea. She wa~ a m emh er [()f' ma~1Y y ars of this congregation I~ , I.P .. \m( ' tl ' Inpl'Jlci/.:100 : MC1.y4th \1rHenryKilduffoftlle a 路 ~ ,' d ;m\'l'M~ n.')tll D ,pot Buried the above wit h Mil Honours on the (jtll of Mel.\' Hl Mary Ann Joyce uf tllt' 2Htll r)ei)()l ag-ed 1~ \T 'l rs HIJr.ied tl~(' aho\'c OIl the 20 tll at ~('\\' :\'fil. H. \.;~路 otll1CI ~7 1\hs Mary Lippey of the n.> Deput, Buri cd tilt, above at the ~ . ?lIiL B. Ground Oil the 2s ill st :n 11r \iVilliam Maher of the 9f)tll Depot aged ~() ycar:-; Buried the ahove 011 the 2 nll of June, with Mil HO; June 7 Harriett Cummins of the 20 th Depot aged 21 (hy .~ Huried the above Ull th e ('{i'l at :-..; Mil. B. Crollnd June 7 Mrs ' JohannJ. Shee 8gl'd .)+ v('ar:-; Read the Burial 'erv ice ov r her, at the house she died on the Uth inst lsicl J 1 James Hickey of the 28 Depot aged ~ :nOll tit:.; Hl1l i(~ cl on the I ~ at . . . ~1iL B. C:'Olll:d V;;')(j [Po 147 ] 12 June Edmund Rodney p 'oll exson Basta.rd Esq of Killey Devon hire (died at S\\ ain age<l 31 \<'; U':-; stone) aged ~ .; 18 Mrs Catherina Darmody 48 Depot Buried the above at New Mil. B. Grolind O!J tilL' :W I II ill .~l aged ]:3 yeal s 20 Henry Hookey of the 4th Depot Buried the above, with Mil Honours on the 21, at ! past f). 23 Isabella Fullard 9;'') l h Depot ag~d H.y. montils Buried at the Military B , Ground 011 the 2-! inst 2rj John Sinfield of the 77 t h Depot aged 3 y.ears Buried at the Military B. Ground on the 27th inst . July 2 Catherina Doyle 05 Depot . agen 4 mm1t~s i' ... ." " , }3uri~d at the Military . B.. (~ro~n<:l . on the 3 I'd inst '



* 6 and 7, one superimposed on the other:

conect date.

, Figure blotted.

6 w6~Id appear to be the .



Mrs Anna Urry aged 27 years Hllried iTi frOTlt I)f t he Clt\lr( ~ h on t he II th inst [.'-,'jJ(lcr nj out' 'in r'; ·h/.ank before next e1ttryJ :\lIgllst 10 Pensioner. John McCarthy late of the aged 36 y(~ars 9;,tll D epot Buried the above, without Military Honours on the 12th inst at the New Military B . Ground at 3. P.M. aged 12 years I.ktoher 14. John Casey of the 15 th Depot Buried the above at Mi1. B. Ground on the 16 th inst rlctober 16 th Ellen Campbell of the 15 th Depot aged 3 years Buried the above on 17 at Mil. B . Ground nr.toher 23. Mr Edward McCann of the 15 Depot aged 35 years Buried on the 25 of Oct. with Mil. Honours November 4th James Collert of the 15 th aged 5 months Buried on the 5 th at Mil. B. Ground 6 th Mr Henry Bull (formerly Drum Major of the 3 Buffs) Convert aged 44 years Buried in front of the Church 9 of November Mary Higgins of the 55 th • 13 1 day old 14 Catherina Higgins of the 55 th 2 days old Depot Buried on the 14th at New Mil. B. Ground aged 40 years 23 Patrick Bamalli* 34 Depot Buried with Mil. Honours on the 25 th ·.inst at M. B. Ground 18 December Deborah 0 Brian late 97 th Depot aged 5t1 years 1857 Jany 22 Mr Dennis 0 Connell 77th Depot !S

N.B. Rev d John Russel for 10 years the Priest of this rImrch died on the 22 of September 1830. aged 42. He is buried at the foot of the Altar His friend, Abbe De Grenthe, who died March 19 th : 1842, aged 77. is also buried at the foot of the Altar . Rev d J. Russel's Sister a Nun, died at the Priory of St Dominic in Carisbrooke in her ,8f)th year, on the 9 of July 1867, [po 148J 1883 Miss Ann Bush (a Convert) died at St Josephs House, Portobello Road Notting Hill, London W on the 5 of November, aged 70 The Deceased \-vas for upwards of 24 years the respected & faithful Housekeeper of the Chapel House, Newport, 1 of \V May she rest in peace. Amen She was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery on the 8 th of November T. Fryer • Possibly' Bamalli.' , Thest> words written twice-lengthwise ;n the margin and again on p . ]48.



I,: O\\,E~

IRS7 Mrs !\Iary Barlow, a member of this congrrgatioll fur ITUI I \ ' )'\'ar:-& who died at Nazareth House on the 1:{ of .\llgllst l~~-;. t-nillt'<i with all the rites of Holy Church in h e r 7R ~·('ar. Slit' W.l':; JI11rJ ,', ~ in Eastney Cemetery Southsea on the L; of .\Ilgu st , May she rest in peace. Amen [The rest of the page, f) 1'nches, Malll? l

[Pages 149 to W5 blank.] [po 166J Baptized sub co ndit-ioIlC, anu recein'd [By the Rev. ] . Russell scored] M.A.

illt () t It\~ l ' lllllTII

[In the Rev. G. SPain' s handJ 1810 ] ulia Page Susan Doran 18H Mary, or .\m(' lia LJcke· lSI:? Leonard Stagg Henrv Stagg Eliz. ~ Stagg 1813 Esther iMr:-i Cltas. -"C ())'t' .! Janes Benj. Young , Mrs Leary l\: (iaugltt\'r 2S th Aug. 1813 Charles Buncombe \Yilliam Stark \\,illia m Gates 19 th SepT 1813. Stormon t Flint.. Susan Howard Francis Beagel 1814 JanY 1 Mr [blank J Green Ens gll \Villiam Braiy. W.I :, f,, ·)t 1815 Jan 241h H arri ett Brady " 25 th IS1f). March Henrv Fowles Mary~Stark Apl 15 1816. Apl 13 th C;cu. Lidwell. L q1l il. !H rc~l­ 1817. March 25 Mary .\nIH' RY;l!1 [In the R e1' . j. Russell's hand] 1821 , X Mary Hall


Thos Moffit Marg. Wolfe N anev Hack'3tt J OSCj;1t Rowe \Villiam Hardill~


Jan £' Hart X Saralt Bald win George Carter x J01111 Bolster ~t'r~-l

* It is not certain that there is a I1n:1.1 '

l' to llil-; , Crosses evidently later additiuu:;.

p ;lIue ,



Jan e Harding James X Marv Chissell . Han'l1<l Rowe Sarah Rowe xSarali Harrington 'XMarv Galton Xlolu; Cox -to

.x \i\Tilham

r J 1/ pellcil: :W j

LI 11

th e !<e1J. }. G. Robs?n's hand] Received into the Ch urch 1830 J ames Burns 60 Anne Bush 1B:H baptized under condition J any. LB . Charlotte Stanborough 18:n haptized under condition John Johnson I S:ll Do Elizabeth Butler I ~:31 Do Elizabeth Jackman 183 L Do Elizab'eth Perkins 18:3:l Elizabeth [blank j 18:~a. . . .J eremiah Self U~;~:~ . Oct . 1:~])0 Charlotte Carter Way Rowe 1~3·L Anne Self Sarah Self J S:~i). Caroline Purn*

[1'. 167 J

\iVilliam MilIs Coroline Mills . \Villiam Mew

[" In the Rev. T. Fryer's ha·ndJ [Elizabeth Perkins scoredJ IS39 July 11th baptized under condition Elizabeth Wyatt · (dead§) Oct 18 do Francis Urry 19 Rebecca Leg (dead) 23 Eliza Davies Novu 12 Frances James DecemLer 5 Harriet Bastianni (dead§) 9 Amelia Bastianni John Bastianni 1840 it June baptized under condition , Enice vel Ansntita'f lames .' _ (dead §) ..William Rowlau-, do July ~ do do .}~41. Jany 2 do Joh.n . Hazell -

* Doubtful reading. t

Small writing above the line.

.: ,:~' Later additiopS.



Oct 9 November 9


Jane Johnson Louisa Johnson John Bridgland Ann Watson Charlotte Jackman James Riall Mary Riall Ann James Martha Carr [p. 168J Recei ved in to the Cll urch 1842 J lily 30 th James Godsmark. corporal of the St Helena Regiment Baptized sub conditione (dead) 1843 Feby 10 Mary Foley wife of Corporal Foley of tile 20 Regt May 31 Sarah McLaughlin wife of Corp oral McLaughlin of the Rifles December 24 Miss Caroline Mills 1844 Jany 23 r â&#x20AC;˘ James Peters. Private of the 20 tll R~gt. May 16 th Mrs Mary Cantevell of the 97 th Depot Mrs Susanna Bone June 20 th Mr David Richards of Ryde in his 6-!tll year dead August 15 Mr William Langdon of Ryde in his .~I)l ll yea r Mr James [N ewp scored] Riley 31 Mrs Elizabeth Richards of Rvde iu her 7()tll vear Sept 25 Mr Edward Byrne . Oct . 9 Mrs Martha Sanders dead Oct. 21. Sarah Ann Mills Mr James Vesey 1845 October 26 Mr John Fallow 42 Depot dead 1 December Mrs Elizabeth Taylor dead 7. Mrs Hannah Jemina Webb (Nind) 21 Miss Frances Stagg 24 Mrs Charlotte Taken dead 31 Mr Horatio Thomas Waternorth 1846 Mrs Sarah Pine October 31 S l November 4. Mary Barton December 12 Catherina Hazell 1847 Jany 20 Martha Salter Sept [) Jane Vesey NQ'yp. 20 H. Hazell 184S Jany 27. Mary Taylor _~ . . dead . July 19 Mrs. E DanU&h ., December 31 Mrs Caroline Heney . 1849 May 30 Mary Farren do



.'.Nt) ( OWES

JUIl<::!O !\lrs Jane: MacCuskar ;\ \J g t H Fli7.ah('th Barry f>. )(Hl] Sq It. :!,-" Mrs .\ Illl Lavery fi/ lh Depot :W Sergt Peter White !lIth] kput :21 Patrick Gannon Dilll Depot


Odohcr Mr \\'illiam Pend alton of the ;-.0 111

J a II (' Gillinhan

No\·l>. 24



St~pt 20

May n .J mit ' 1

john Green of tile fiU111 I Hi>O Mr George Trotman 'fiss Eliza Rees ~fr

I ~;)]


Thon1as Trotman !\lrs 'fary Ann Cunningham July:!H ~ cwton Clark (l7 til H('gt. Aug t ]0 John Crowden 67 tll Rl'gt Sept 20 tll Mr Alfred Cogher November 2. l\1r John Parker 0-;111 Decem her 1. Mr j oh II Bush



April 7th May J 1til


Mrs Elizaheth Welch Mrs Marv Connell of tlll' ~



March 2:{. Mrs ;\nn Trotman Sept HIll Mr George Croucher December -t-tl1 Mr Thomas Frampton 1 ~~)4

june:W July 25

Sergt Samuel Stapleton 2R l{egt Mrs Elizabeth Rowe 18!);")

21 st Jany Emily Agnes Harvey ~ March Maria Rogers, (Birginham ', 8 ;\ugust Mary Ann Watson (Lolluoll ; 24 Sept. Mr james Worley 21 December Mr Henrv Bull ~ 185()

·Mr J{ichanl Winscome Emma Frampton Mary Jane Frampton Henry Al bert Frampton December Hi. Mrs Ann Mullohand (tIl( : mother of Mrs .-\J1Il Urry tbat* lays .buried in front of the Church) 1857 Jail), 21 Mr John Valentine Toms March ~6 Sarah Wyborne

Jany 6 Feby 20

• ' that' whicb.'

ha~ h e /~ n ~curcd

and s() ll1elhing written abo\·e that look5 like



Caroline Frampton :\lice Frampton :'Ira\":?::l Susannah Davies Hl Depot Sept 20 Emma Owens (olim Cottom) 90 th Dep()t 18.")K J any 21 Elizabeth Dennett [po 170J March 24 Jemima Mar~' Jacobs April 3 Elizabeth Roche 17 June Eliza Rogers 4 December J anc Kennedy 13 December Michael James Wright (:lOtil Dell()t I 1859 May 8. Thomas\\Telham Trotman June 10 Mr \\'elham Hynes December ~:~. \\'elham Dwyer 2-1 John Edwards Mav 22.




Feby [j Sept 8

Emma Pitcher Sarah Pitcher Conroy Pitcher John Haskell Collins Thomas Doyle 4;")th Depot 1861

George Carr Mrs Sarah Ann Rice Laura Mary Newell Mrs Mary Meager 1'S in an other hand* 1 Johanna Edmunds haptizata fuit sub cOllditioIl~ a LeoIlardo ;1 S. Conk J C5U 1862 January] ph Andrew Ardargh, -tInt Regt Feby 15 Mrs Elizabeth Marshall .-\pri I 19 Mrs Emma Meager Decher 20 Rev d Henry Brooks. R.I.P

J any 11 April 6 May 1st 8 [The next entry ~Iaji 21.


\Villiam Francis Mannen Alice Mary Manners Louisa Maud Maria Manners John Robert Ignatius Manneri Novb 19 Rose Teresa lames 20 Jane Herbert 21 Henry Dickenson Armery (100th Depot) 1865 Feby 8 Mrs Elizabeth 'Dove March 24 Mr Frederick Bishop (100 Depot )

July 27

* The writing is German in character. t

Several alterations in ¡this wune.


l\E\vpoin AND COWES

April5 Mr James Kingswell ' Baptized at St Johns Chapel Swainstone, Isle of \\Tight June 14th 1865 Mrs Elizabeth Margaret 'Rees [po 171] 25 th of October Mr Charles Kingswell 8 December Mary Ann .Elizabeth Marsh Mrs Helena Louisa ~ary Butcher . 1866 Feby 27 Mrs Emmeline Mary Cole March 1st Rev d Edward Henry Lloyd (R.I.P. Odoher lR69) May 6 Mrs Sarah Kingswell November 3 John Lane 105 tll Depot l The next entry in another hand] 1867 Die 7:1 Martii baptizata fuit sub conditione Maria Emily d'Esterre Philippus Gel) Munro 21 August Mr William Howes 22 October Mrs Emma Nelson 64 Depot 10 November Catherine Welsh (C) 1868 March 20 th Mrs Harriett Cantello March 26 Frances Ward March 21 Sarah Barnes May 10 Elizabeth Mary Allen July 18 Private John Lewis Ijll Depot 20 Martha Brookes Ijll Depot Oct 2 Mary Jane Campbell 88 th Depot November 22 Lance Corporal William MoHatt 88 Depot . 1869 Margaret¡¡ 'Muney of the 46 Regt Ceremonies of Baptism supplied by me Thomas Fryer on J any the 17: 1869. Godfather William Cahill Feby 1st Mrs Elizabeth Campbell 88 th 19 Feby Edward Blake 18 June Catherina Mary Ann Barnes Walter Joseph Barnes 15 th July William Henderson Butler 24 October . Edwin (Joseph) Urry November 13 th James Urry (R.LP) Decb. 21 st Mary Cheverton 1870 J any 2 nd David Collins Feby 24 Mrs M. A. Newman March Mrs Ellen Godfrey .(86 th Depot) [1). 172J October il ' at Totla~qs Bay Freshwater Mrs HeJlrietta Dove " .. ' . . 1871 '" Jany 6 Mrs Elizabeth." Kennedy 99 th l(egt June 5 Charles H. Nolan 99 tll Regt


Charlotte Mary Thompson 1872 Octob er 22 Mrs Ann Harbour Decem her 24 Mrs Sarah Knapp 30 Mrs Mary Crewen

] uly:2


Jany 6 t1l March 19 Sept 28

Mary Smythe 79 R egt John Watson . James Hazzell IB74

March 19 th George Tomlinson June 20 ] ohn Hazzell November 14 Henry Fowler 19 Martha Fowler 1875 Feby 12 James David Rufus Fry March 6 th vVilliam Hen ry Knowles 1876 May 7. Peter Hawkins June 28 Patrick Carroll July 9 Mr Ed ward Ridgehay 1877 April 5 Harriett Mary Shepherd May 13 Henrietta Pitcher .. Augst 18 Mrs Jane Arnold 1878 15 June Jane Mary Clear . . Sept 6 Ellen Ccecilia Shepherd [The last two inches of this page have beet' cut off.] [po 173J . Sept 1879 Oct 23 Elizabeth Kenny 28 James Nelson 1880 August 14 Elizabeth Mary Brice John Morgan 1881 21 tit July Agnes Laura Maria Anna Newman (F. W. Trenon O.P) 1882 March 28 Mr George James Drudge. July 30 Mrs Sarah Mary Drudge November II Mr George' Henry Duslan 19 Mrs Mary Ann Bannigan . 1883 ' Feby 5 th Mrs Ann Johnson (aged 94)


* Nothing follows ' Sept.'






May I!)


Selina Hazell

188i Octoher 2. :\'1 rs Maria 0 Shaunessy [The rest of the pa{!,e, five inches (not including the l u'¡) int'lJt.s C1~t off), is blank.] [Pages 174 to 184 blank. Pa{!,e 18!) is tlst last paf!.e of haptism .'i 'UJritttn in from the other end.]

COWES In 1791) !\1rs. Hencage began 'the seconrl chun.:h in the Tslanc1, at Cowcs . For this she secured the services of the Rev. Thomas Gabb from the Vicar Apostolic of the London District, Bishop Douglass, who made this entry in his diary in May 1796: "On the 1.5 th , \Vhitsunday, Mr Beecham sings Mass and enters chaplain at St Patrick's [Soho] as sllccessor to R ev . Mr Gabb who is gone to the Isle of Wight Mission and has hegun to build a chapel at Cowcs under the patronage of l\1T1 Heneage." The Rev. Thomas Gabb had been the first priest ~t Soho. He was quite gifted as an architect and drew up his plans ror the Co\,,,'es church . He must have arrived in Cowes early in the yc....Qr 179(), for under date 29 March in the building account.'3 of the church is the entry: Expenses of Mr Gabb t() Newport on account of a bill." ~o douht, as mentioned above, he staved with the Rev. "Simon Lucas at Newport, for we find him baptizing"in Newport in A.pril and May of that year. The altar and tabernacle of the new church h e designed from his recollections of the a ltar and tabernacle at his old College in Douay. The altar of the old chapel in the College at. Douay is--or at least was at the beginning of this century-the Chapel of thc I3lessed Sacrament in the Church of St. Jacques at Douay. A comparison between the two revealed a dose resemhlance except for a. few minor details . Having drawn up the plans, he partia.lly superintendecl the building of the new ch urch , but the Rc\,. Simon Luca~ was apparently Mrs. Heneagc's principal agent and he entrusted themain matter of costs to a Portsca builder, ~1r. John Young, who was also a. prominent Catholic. The foundations were hegun in May 1nlli and the work was completed by June 17n7. There arc indications that Mass was said in the church on Trinity Sunday, 11 June 17!l7. A printed certiflcate similar in every way to that gh'en above for Nev. ¡port exists in the Cowes Archives. It is signed by the samr: gentleman, Hobert Reeks Corbin, Deputy Clcrk of the Pcace. Tn the heading the words Chapel or" have been inserted so that it re:l<1s " Certificate of Homan Ca tho lick Chapel or Meeting." It was gi \'('11 on Monday in the first week after the Clause of Easter, 24 April 17B/. and a Chapel situ.ate at TV est Cowes in the Parish of Northwood in tlf(' said Cou.nty was duly recorded, and also the Name and Descriptil):1 of The Reverend ]ll r Thomas Gabb . .. as a proper Person to offici<ltc . All the bills for the building of the church are still extant. They Are countersigned "measured . and examined. jn'o Young," and the II




receipts acknO\vledge payment through Mr. John Young. Mr. John Young's own bill is among them a.nd is headed 1797 . Dec r 20. Mrs . Heneage for Bricklayers, Masons, Plasterers &c. \Vnrk done at the Catholic Chapel west Cowes 1. Wight to Jn a Young Dr." One or two curious items occur in it. Under 1-29 March 1797.. Cash Paid Candles &c. to illuminate Chapel } £ s. d. (on Acct. of 14 th feb Y) to preserve windows from O. 13. 9t being broken" The 14th February 1797 was the day on which Admiral Jervis defeated the Spanish Fleet off Cape St. Vincent. Another item readsCash Paid at Raising Roof to Workmen, and} £ s. d . Dinner Self, Mr Porter, Mr Gabb, &c, &c." G. 2. 6 The total of the Bill is £1,427 12s. 6{d., and underneath is addecl"Self, Surveying, Measuring &c. &c. The} Amount of Bills £2,808. 9. 8~ @ 2! per Cent 70. 4. :~ and Extra Expenses attending the purchase of I 10 . . U. o Land , and in diging [sic] and planning the foundations &c. &c. £1,507. lti. 9~" From which it would seem that the total cost was over £4,000. Later bills, after Mrs. Heneage's death, are made out to Bishop Douglass. By March 1876 the church needed extensive repairs. Mr. J. Crawley, Architect and Surveyor, of 2 Bloomsbury Square, sent in his report to the Bishop of Southwark, stating that the various walls of the building and those enclosing the site had settled down irregularly or bulged out in parts, owing principally to the treacherous nature of the soil beneath. The exterior woodwork also showed signs o f decay, the roof needed re-slating, and the gutters and stack-pipes were faulty from great age. The necessary repairs were delayed for a few months, and on 28 September of that same year 1876 a severe tornado struck the Isle of \\'ight. Cowes and the church of St. Thomas suffered thc full fury of it. The ravages of this storm were confined to a line scarcely onc hundred yards wide. One house was completely hlo\\'Il d()wn and its furniture scattered in the fields. The Church of SL Thomas and t he Presbytery suffered severe damage. Thc total cost of thc n'pairs was over £650. Mrs. Heneage appears to have blamed the Rev. Thomas Gabh for having spent too much on the building of the church, though he declared that he could have saved one third of the cost if he hac! had entire direction of the building. He was apparently made the scapegoat, and after three years at Cowes, 1796-17U9, he \vas lllo\'('c1 to Portsea, as is recorded in Bishop Douglass's diary-"1799 Nuv . 12: on this day the Rev. Thomas Gabb removed from Cowes to Ports('a to settle there and serve the congregation of that town" (See Pvrtsea 1 ntroduct'iv11.) . Originally the church was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, but during the Rc\·. J. Hathuorlle's incumbency the Protestant church was built, in 1832, under the title of the Holy Trinity, and the dedication of the Catholic church was changed from Holy Trinity to St. Thomas of Canterbury. During the Thomas Gabb's term of office the baptisms were largely those of foreigners. and the entries in the Regis ters and the names of the chaplains after his departure show dearly II





that 'the CathoJics bClongeel largely to the Forcign Legion , Thc population of ('owes in 1797 \vas 2,000, a number which had increased by only 7'7'1 \vhen a r cport was puhlished in lHI3, but \\'hich obviouslv related to' a: few, years before thclt elate: this' report inclucl eo hoth , East a hd \V('st Cowcs. (owes, wc ' arc' told, \\'hich is (It thc mouth of the MediJJ~ rin;r, "has no lIl(,llluLLdufl', :'I1any of the principal ' \nlrel~.(')i.l~"es aren'c)w convcrtc'cl into l)arracks, it heing tht' princip;tl , depot for thl'Te(Tllits to regiments on foreign sen'ice, as well as for the' foreign (roops in British pay, Sevcral shil)S of th e line have heen built here, , .. During the summ er season Cowes is l1lu c h fref] UCT] ted for the purpose of sea.-hat.h in g; and there h (l\'C' 1a1;t>ly been a Tlllmhvr of genteel build ings erec.ted as lodging-houses, togcther with an asst' III hI.\' r()om, Pass;lgl' , vessels go from hC'ncc to Southampton t'very da~', ex cept Sunday" (lknj ;llllin Pitts Capper, A T tl /), '/{YClp hirul Dictiri/wry oj th e ['nitcd !\'ingdIJ I1l, L()nc1~m, 1813). 'I'll(: Rc\', Th()mas Gahb was follcn\'cd by the t\\'o French rd ugl'C pt'iests a ln wly m('ntioncd, the Abbe ,Etienne Desperques (1t-l00 1) and the Abhe Aimable Nicolas Bourget (UW] - 3), \\'bile a t.h ird Frc11ch priest, the Ahb(! Desmouts, enters two haptisms in :!\()vc mbcr ]801 during the Ahb<' Bourgl't. 's t cnure of ofticc. In CO\\'cs :\rchives then' are two slips of papcr with \"hat arc e vidently copies of the same entries in a H.egistcr, possibly in the Public Records Office, r e lating to an Abbe Bourget and an Ahbe Des P ergu es rs icl , Tbe form e r applied for assistance on If) :\lay 1798, "baving ex hausted his 111f'ans of subsistence, " and the latter on 10 June l7U8, " having lost his means of suhsistence 'by his removal from r of \~hght." Both were ac1mittpd 1 April' 17!l8 and granted each , £1 l;)s. per month, It is curious that the' date "given is 1798 , The n ext priest was the He,-, James who '\'as in charge for a few months from late 1803 until Taylor, Marcb 1804. HC'\\'as horn 1 July 170], thesonofTb.omasand Elizaheth Taylor. In January 1771 he \\'ent to Sedgley Park. \\'h <.'nc(' he went to the English Co'Hege, Rom e, in 1776. Then· 1)(' \\'as "(1 scholar upon thc foundation of Pippi " and took t.h e Oath ]4. Sl'pteTl11lt'r j 'i~(). and r~'ceived Minor Orders on 21) ~eptember 17HO and 9 J tlllt · 17H3, Hc was subject to fainting fits and left Home for nouay in September 1783, at his O\\'Il eXf'ense, In 1786 he was Professor o f tlle third class of Ruuiment::; at DOl ay and J>r({}ject ll s Jllts re i, in 1787 . Ln the latter year he was ordaint 'ct c1eacun, and pri e~t in 1788. He ",as on th e mission at Bugdcl1 al cl in 17U5 he ",as chaplain to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Heythrop , On 2() April 1804 he transferred his ser vices to Sir Edward Hale::; at =-fales Place, Canterbury, ",here he died 5 March 180(i and ",as buried ill St. Stephen's cemetery (Foi<.'y, Uecurds 5 ,J" '"i. 50f); Fr. j)avis'sMSS., Cowcs Archives). He was SlIccceded, as already stated, hy the H.e\,. Thomas White (Sl'C 'IFi ILc/7cs/(,Y j ntroduction) , from May ] 804 till April ] 80H, .\5 in thc Newport H,egisters, he records a lso in the Cowes H,egistf'r a baptism by the .-\bbe Louis Coquiere in May 1805, The next priest was the Rev. Joseph Lee, \\'lio c~me on the 7t.h May 180(j and remaincd until 20 August 1810. He \\'as born in Lundon 28 August 1765, the soh of Captajn L~e, R.N., and elder brother of , the Rev. Johu Lee, prie'st ' at \Vinohester ,and East Hend-red .., l::;: ather Da.vis, in his MSS., says that He was a ncpiie~ 'th~ Christopher Taylor at Shefford, ' , Prefect of study-place.







he was ordained at Douay in 1791: Canon Burton (MSS. Westminster Archives) gives 19 December 17.89 as the date of ordination. The latter. is more probable as Father Davis gives no authority for his date .. He was with the Neapolitan Ambassador in 1800, and after leaving Cowes went as chaplain to St. Monic~'s Convent, Spettisbury, 20 J\ugllst 1810, whence, from 1814, he also looked after the Catholics at Bland ford . He died there 20 January 1840 and was buried in the Com-ent cemetery. His monumental inscription. reads "In Memory of the . Rev. Joseph Lee who died January 20 th 1840 In the 75 th year of his age and 30 th of his residence here. R.I.P." (G. Oliver, Collertiolls; MSS. Rev. R. Davis; ]. Gillow, Haydock Papers, pp. 1815 sq.). The Rev . William Pierrepont alias Poole was next appointed, in June 1810. H e remained until his death, 15 February 1828. He was of the Chester diocese, the son of James Pierrepont and Anna Maria (Lowe). and was born in Lancashire 9 August 1753. In 1769 he entered Sedgley Park under the name of Poole, a nd under the same name went to Douay 24 February 1771. He went back to Douay, under his real name, 4 October 1778, took the Oath 8 December 1779, and ,yas ordained priest in 1781, r emaining there as a Minor Professor until 1783. He was chaplain at Burton Park from January 17~4 until July 1810, and supplied at Slindon December 1786 to January 1787. He was a member of the first Board of Commissioners set up in Cowcs in 1816, a most unusual position for a Catholic priest in those days, and acted as Town Surveyor, having charge of the scavengers. He was buried in a vault under the Sanctuary steps (C.H.. S., vii, 355; xxii, 310; MSS. the Rev. R. G. Davis). The Rev. Francis Tuite baptized here once during this period, in May 1821. He was Procurator and Professor at St. Orner and Old Hall, past nominal President of Douay, titular President of the Paris Seminary, Vice-President of Old Hall and V .G. London District (B. Ward, Hist. of St. Edmund's, pp. 51, fil, 87; C.R.S., xxviii, 337). He died in 1837. The Rev. Alexander Maccabe* was next to be given charge of the Cowes Mission. He was born in 1791 and educated and ordained at the Irish College, Paris. He came on the Mission on 10 July 1822 and served at Virginia Street from that date until 12 July 182'3, and at Greenwich from July 1823 to September 1827. He came to Cowes in 1828 and remained until his death 5 November 1830, recording only one baptism, in March 1830. He was buried with his predecessor in the vault beneath the Sanctuary steps. He was succeeded by the Rev. Joseph John Baptist Rathborne, from November 1830 till his death 12 August 1842. He was born in London II May 1807, the eldest son of Captain Wilson Rathborne, R.N., c.B. (promoted captain 18 October 1802), ~ who was not a Catholic, and Cecilia Mary French.:l: At the early age of six he went to Ushaw, 12 October 1813, wp-ere he remained until 3 October 1823, when he entered Old Hall. On 24 September 1825 he received the tonsure, \vas ordained subdeacon

* He ,v:as godfather to the Rev.

F. Ry:me~.

~ See (hthodox Journal, vol. x, January 1840, for a biography of Captain

RathborRe, written evidently by hj.s. ~~ . . : : . - . Captain Wilson Rathborne was ~ born 16 July "l748 ' ncar Loughrca. Co. Galway.. tn 1805 he married the YQ:u~ge!'i't daughter of John French, lat<~ of L)Ughrea, Co. Galway (G. Marshall, Royal Naval B.iogmphy, ii, Part ii , p. 7:m. 1825). . .. ':




20 September 1828, deacon 19 Sept('mb('r 182!1 and priest 18 September 1830" (owC's would appear to be his unc and only Mission" He was the author of s(,veral works puhlished hy Samlld L(:lIi. in the Jslc 01 \Vight . They \\('TI.: written under th(' pt.'Jl-nanw .. AkthphiJ()~"" Other works under his own name wcre l 'he Church 1"n its relations 7t1ith Truth and the State. A reply to the 1r 01'/( by IF. E . Gladstone i:.:sq . &c entitled The State in its relations with the Church. R.,,>, Joseph Rathbnrne St1tdent in Theology-London, Longmans, 1841 ; and The Funeral Oratinn of the T"enerable and Rf1.'C1'end Uichard Cmsar de Grenthe D.D. Ny tht RfV. Joseph Halhborne 1t'1"th a shm路t accoun t of th e Obsequies-London, Thomas Jones 1842. From the former w()rk we learn that the He\". J. Hathborne was present at the Queen's Coronation in \Vestminster Abbey 28 June 1838, that he visited lreland, and that Dr. Briggs taught him his catechism. Mrs. Rathborne lived at the Presbytery " "ith her son, and after his death resided at 1 Trafalgar Place \yjth a 1\1rs. Hollis. She died there :~ January 1845, "aged 75. The Hev. Joseph Hathborne was burien under the Sanctuary, in a vault on the south si 1e of the vault mentioned above. During his incumbency the H.e \路. George Oliver baptized here once, in September 183;'5. I

The next priest was the Rev. William Joseph Fryer. His first haptism was entered in November 1843, but it is possible that he \\'as here a good while before that, otherwise the Mission would appear to have been deserten after the Rev. Joseph Rathborne's neath in .-\u/{ust IH42. He was a younger brother of the priest at Ne\\port, the Rev" Thomas Fryt;r, and was born in London 14 July 1817. He \\'~nt to Old Hall 14 October 1830, \vas ordained there by Bishop Griffiths 24 September 1842 and said his first mass 2 October 1842. He \\'as at Cuwes until his death 5 June 1849, save for a short period, April to August 1845, when he was at Poplar. He was buried by the Re\". John Clark, the priest at Gosport, in the garden beside the Chapel. From 25 August to 30 September 1872 Na.poleon T1 r, the Empress '. ann the Prince Imperial were in Cowes and attended Mass on Sundays.


Father Fryer was followed at Cowes by the Hev. Charles Francis Darcy, from July 1849 till his death three years later, 2 June IH:;2 , He was born in Ireland 30 August 1804. He went to Old llall 2,( July 1824, having apparently begun his studies clse\vi1ere, possihly in Ireland (though he was contirmed by Bishop \Valsh of the Midland Distrkt), \vas ordained subdeacon 24 September 1825, deacon 22 September 1827 and priest 1 March 1828. He " wa~ at Lincoln's-lnnFields from 21 March 1828, at the Sardinian Chapel 1831- 8, at St. Patrkl<'s, Soho, 1838-47. He was buried in the garden ann afte rwarrb removed to the cemetery in 1866. During his incumbency the l.{ e\路. Edward Cox, D.D., President of Old Hall till 1851 and priest at Southampton in 1852, baptized here once, in February 1852. The H('\" . (later Canun) Joseph Bower was the next priest in charge of the Missic.11. He ,,"as born 20 December 1815 in the neighbourhood of Lulworth Castle, the son of Thomas .uower' and 1\1ary (Balmer). He studied at St. Edmund's from 3 October 182(i, was ordained hy Bishop Griffiths 29 September 1839 and said his first Mass on (j October. A notice of tbc "funeral"appears irf.- The Orthodu.1: Jour"nal,"路 l~.}llh~ ~~ I!'. ,Tbomas Bower died 18 February 187:!, aged l:l7 . . .. "



ln an

:\l l t()hin~~rap h y


Canon Bower wrote "At the end of Octoher

1~w, 1 TI'cl'in'd an order from the Dishop to he at SOllthalllpton (or tIll' Ft';:st o f .\11 Sain ts :md t u do as the Rev. \\'. HUTlt dirl'ckd III '. Till' r",1l in tcnt ion o f my g"oing to So u thampton \\" ;\.:-, til senT thl' 1\lissioll uf ('"owes CIS the 1<.l · \ ·. J. nathhorne \\' (1'<; an invalid ,lTld was supposed to I:e tno UJl\vcll to sa.y Mass . This 1 fOllnd to my cust. \\"itS not quite tru('. On the first Sa.turday I prese nted my,.;clf 111' b,!d IllC \ 'cry

decided ly that he did not want m e anel on tIle n('xt ",lll'lI I \\'as s(' nt over from SO ll th;lmpton r found the hOllse cl()s(~d ;lt~ ; ti n · ,t I Ill' and the Cha'ice \\" as sen t to the carl' o f til, He\,. J ()se ph 's Ilv )ther. I n .' lIlaiul'd in Sonthampton abont six we(']{s when 1 l'ecein:c\ n ")ticl' ttl l(>ave ." He spent another six w(:'eks at \ 'irginia Stre't aTld \':a" t hen Sl'nt to Buckland, anel in August l H40 we nt to Hermun · ]:-;1'\ ' . In h :l>rllan' 184] he ",as s('nt t o BrE'ntwo()<l a nd in Novemher tel SOllthanlpt(l;i. In June 1842 h e went to Islington and in Septemher . t l ) \\'ands\\'llrt II. He was at (owes from IRf)2 till September 1884, when he retireo Oil acc() unt of ill-health. During the years that followed he was living at \'arious addn:ssC's-in CuwC's: IH~ 5, I Mou nt Pla,c(', \"ictori ;l I{oa din Newport: 1888, I St. Jtlhn's Terrace,* N()d~~ Hill; IK!l(), 1 T('ITa.C(~ Road* .; 1807., 1 St. John 's Terrace 1901, St. John's lh;v!*. till U A'p ri l 190::l, when he died and \\"as buried in CO\\"es Cl'1111't, ·ry. During his incumbency the R ev. J. A. Gros.s baptized Oll ce, ill \I a rc h I K[).t.. The Rev. Francis J. Kelleher v,'as here from Se ptemher IR~4 tu Febru arv 1885. He was ordain ed 23 December 181i(} awl was m ;u k a Canon' IH A ugust 1896. ' The R e v. Richard G. Davis was appointed Rector in February 1885, He may he sty led thc Histllri a n of tIlt' Co\\'es Mis!!ion for it is due to his indefatigable r(,search es that CO\\"('s is one of the best documented parishes in the diocese, a.nd the large majority of the foregOing details are from his manuscripts. H.e was born in London 1 February 1837, and educated partly at Downside and partly in Belgium, and in 1853 went to l shaw. He \\'as orda.ined priest 5 April 1862 by Bishop Grant in St. George 's Cathedral, Southwark. After ordination he was successively at Gravesend, Dover , Southampton', \\'oolwich a nd Por'ts'1lOuth. In 1 sil Iw Wl'nt to Maidenhead, a nd later to Aldershot . In ]882, on a.r.c()unt of ill -hE"alth , he \-,'ent to Buckland, r emovin g tJ .C owes in JHH,i, where he remained until his retirement in 1999. He died at S~)Uthclin Road, Southampton, ]9 November 1914. He was succeeded by the R<:>\·. John o 'Hanlon, who remained parish priest until his retirement in I !1.t.H. His assistant priests were: The Rev. William 1. Kearney, January l!'.4-April lU4!). The R ev . Timothy Dwyer, Apr:i1 1945-H.l46, The Rev, William Kirk succee'ded as parish prif.'st 1 November





(.1796-1856) The Register is a vellum-covered volume 8 X 6. inches. The . pages are plain ",hite paP'l:. each measuring 7: ~ X 6A inches. On the


All thes.e audresses are so suspj,ciousl"y similar 1.Jlat 011(:' is forced til conclude that they were all one and the·Same. .\ letter written ill lR!J:! from .. I St. John·s Terrace confirms this . II

. U



outside front cover was once written WEST COWES REGISTER of BAPTISMS 1796. Few traces of the ink now remain, but the imprint of the writing is still plainly visible. The first two pages have been stuck together. . Pagination, in black ink and in red, begins on page 3, which is numbered J, This pagination has been adhered to in the transcript, The double pagination, in black and r ed, ceases on p. 24, Pages 25 to 40 are numbered in black only, and 41 to 56 in red alone, but both p. 47 and p. 48 are numbered 47. The numbering ceases entirely after page 56. On the page facing p. 1 are the remains of a printed certificate showing that the Register was submitted to the Commissioners,

[On the 1'nside front cover is written in the Rev. W. Pierrepont's handJ


The Front of the House & Chapel is due South or The Chapel is 56 feet long 29 wide & 29 high in the [word illef!,ible] rather more accurately stands S W b S ! S.

'I I I

N:B: The (rown of the Well to the Pump in the back Kitchen is 12 fe'e t , from the Center of the 'Vindow of the little Parlour towards the Street. I had it opened & cleaned 18 th April 1817, when it was very foul. But to remedy that expence & inconvenience in , future I am of opinion that [? hard or hand] pumping it, particularly in summer when the water is low, will sufficiently draw off the sediment to keep the water clean. This 21 st Day of April 1817 Wm. Pierrepont Pastor N:B: From the lower part of the Joist outside the Communion Rench is 32 metres [The opposite page is blank, save that tlte above writing has left an impressi01f. upon U.] ,



Hoc, baptismale Registrum servandum cst in Capella apud West Cowes edificata impensis Piissimre Matronre Elizabethre Heneage 1796 [A scroll across the page.] Die 8 'Decembri5 1796 Agnes filia Joannis Henrici Schouden & Cecilire Cariz conjugum, nata 25 Novembris hoc anno, rife baptiZata {uit (patre & matre non, catholicis annuentibus). Sus.c~ptrice Elizabetha L~~as, a me Tho: Gabb, Miss: Aposo


â&#x20AC;˘ The asterisk refers to the continuation on [I'.


,- ...

. ... . .




*deep . V\! m Pierrepont N:B: The ca ndelsticks [s1·eJ & urns on the .-\It er fsic I & Tabernacle will not bear washing: beii1g p urnisltrrl Gold. But t he rest ma y be washed with a sponge &. water light Iy - t he whol e \\.~~ new Gilt in the Summer 18] H . \ V.Ill.; Pierrepm It [I n the R ev. T. Gabb's hand] rp . 21 Hoelie vigessima ~p Julii ]707 ;\ nw sll bsnipto hapt izata est francisca Ludov ica Albertina filia legitima Joscphi Chabond & J oann<e Poeston con juguI1l, \lata pr i(li e. patrinus ftlit Franr.isc.lls :\lltonius de Rumpler centurio regjmir~ i s f{ojal sic etrangers , elicti , Matr in<1 vero Ludovica Alhert ina (h~ ";Irqtl;tllt n ata in ci"it ate Leorli ensi , qui omn cs un a. mecum &: Patrt:' sll hscripserunt Jgn us: Lempfrid Capellanus castrcnsis 00

Patrinus Antonius rle Rumpler Capt. Matr in a Louise Albertine de Vacq uant Pater J oseph Chahond. Testificor supra scripta verbatim transcr ipta fuisse ex schetlnln mihi oblate a Reverendo Ignat io Lempfrid, a me Tho: Gahb Missionario Aposo [p o 3] Die 14 Decembris 1797 Isabella filia Joannis Crasburgh & Elizabethce Cloevet conjugum, nata 9 hlljllS lllt'llsis 8: anni, patrinis Andrea Fisser & E lizabetha Luca, , rite htlptiz:tt;t fuit a rna rsic] Tho : Gabb. Miss" "\Pllst Die 22 Martii 179H Catherina filia Briani Foley & ~Lt' ° g;l _ rittce Barrett conjugulTI, nata 20 hujus rnensis & ,lllni , J)atriJli~ Thoma Moren & Elizabetha Egan, rite baptizata fuit a me Tho: Gabb . Mission o : .-\postf!: Die 11 Aprilis 1798 Rosa filia Farrelli Muckteer ('\: Elizahethc.e Brooks con jugum, nata 9 hujus mensis & anni, rite 1>aptizata fuit, patrihis Jacobo Cahan & Maria Latimor, a. me Tho: Gabb Missionario .-\posto : Die 13 Maii 1798 Ludovica filia Petri Joannis Francisci Xaverii Founier de Veaux Couleur & Marice Berin Ie Gros conjugnm, heri nata, rite baptizata fuit patrinis Ludovico d E' Finance l\ Ludovica Veut, a Reverendo Ignatio Lempfrid capellano cCl.stn'l1si in Insula \\Tight dicta, comitatu Southampton me teste Tho: Gahh 'oJ1i ss": ' .\P(J'"" : [po 4] Die 4 Augusti 1798 Maria filia J oCl.nnis FitzMorris ,~ ~ f.1isce Merry conjuguQ1, nata 18 Julii ' ho.!;: a~11lo. ritfa h JlHi;':8 t~ .f~it susceptore Joanne Crasburgh, a me Th(): Gabb Mis.siolln ; Apt': fl



The asterisk is Fr. Pierrepont'~ , indicating continuation from lnside front cover. t The" Foreign Legion" or Royal Regiment of Foreigllerl;.



Dic 3 Septembris 1798 E1izabeth a Clara filia [] oannis scoredJ Harris Power & [Lucre scored, JoaIlJ1re above] Antoinette [Lucre Ilhovej Millot conjugum, nata 20 Augusti hoc anno, ritc baptizata fuit (patre non catholico annuente) patrino mcipso (vice Alexandri Verlt::gchgt,) Matrina Ludovica Alhcrtina de Vacquant (vice Elizahcth<e Clarre Millot,) ;\ me Tho: Gabb Missionario Apostolico Londinensi i.P_ ;). Die 19 Octobris 1798 Maria filia Jacobi White & Sara' Harris conjugum, nat [sic] _6 a hujus mensis &: anni, rite h:1ptizata fuit, patrinis Thoma Teighe & Teresia Teighe, a me Tho: Gabb Die 17 Novembris 1798 Francisca filia Joannis Smith & Joann~ Ware conjugum, nata 15 hujus mensis & anni, rite baptizata fuit (patre & matre annuentibus sed non catholicis) sl1sceptrice Elizabetha Lucas, a me Tho: Gabb. [In Rev. 1. Lempfrid's hand] hodie nona Maji anni 1799 n1 a me Subscripto Capellano Castrensi militire extranere baptizatus est [po 6J augustus Ludovicus quinta ejusdem mensis natus, filius legitimus Di* josephi Tholon chirurgi Majoris hospitalis militire extranere, et Margarethre Gasquet uxoris ejus legitimre pro Tempore in West-Cowes Commorantium; patrinus fuit Ludovicus Bellamont officialis domesticus ejusdem hospitalis oriundus de .Bruges provincire Berri in Gallia sitre; Matrina vero Margaretha Gasquet puerperi Mater, qui omnes una mecum et Patre Subscripserunt. Patrinus L. Bellamont Ign. Lempfrid [monogram] Matrina X Gasquet Capell: ' qui supra Pater tholon [Sen or Gen] rln the Rev. T. Gabb's hand] [p. 7J Die 22 J un ii 1799 Ego infra scri ptus Sacerdos rite baptizavi Emiliam Teresam die 18 0 hujus mensis & anni natam fiiliam Ludovici Versturme (e Gulielmo Versturme & Petronilla de Bruyhes conjugibus in oppido Ghent orti) Medicinre Doctor~s honorarii Imperatori German ire , totiusque extraneorum Militire Regi Britannire Magnrc inservientium Medici Generalis pro tempore in Insula Wight commorantis & Harriettre Paillet uxoris ejus legitimre filire Clementis Paillet & Leah Oldmeadow conjugum .patria anglorum : Patrinus fuit Matheus 0 Toole Capitanus Militum Equestrum in regimine D'Hompesch, Matrina vero Teresa Teighe, me ministro Thoma Gabb Missionario Apostolico Districtus Londinen's is . Die 25 J unii 1799 J oannes & Anna soror ejus filii' Jacobi Alford & Elizabethre James conjugum rite baptizati fuere, patrinis utriusque meipso & Elizabetha Lieucasse,' Joannes natus fuit die


I.e. Domini. ,,1 have a suspicion that this' is the Elizabeth Lucas who was Godparent in previous baptisms. . Fr. Gabb appears to like" dressing up " his entries.




7 rno Decembris 1798 Anna autem soror ejus nata fuit 24 J l111ii 1797, parentibus nondum catholicis postubntihllS, :1 lilt> Thon. : Gabb missionario apostolico District us Londincnsis 8.: (apdlal\() j 11X ( :1 act um Parliamenti 170] latum n 'l'ng"nil () Ill ·· pote idon eo [ad scored J m inister io ill capelLI Romana catholica a pu d \ Vest Cow<::-i ill Insula \Vight [po 8J Die 6 0 Octobris 1799 Mathreus Michal'1 DOIlli lliCIlS fili us Mathrei 0 Toole & Franciscce Teighe COllj uglltn, Ilatlls t\ rite baptizatus fuit, patrinis meipso vice Briani () Toole 0:. Maria Teighe vi ce Elizce 0 Toole, a me Tho: Gabb Missionario :\postolir o D istrict us Londinensis.

[In the Abbe Desperques' hand] H odie nona feb'ruarii 1800, a me Subscripto Callico sacndott' , vices Capellani gerente, rite baptisata fuit Sara, l.egitima (Ilia Jacobi White et Sarre Harris Conjugum, nata vigesima prima Januarii. Patrinis William Connery et Maria Tt'igill', qui llnll mecum et patre presente subscripserunt. V\7m. Connery [autograph Si!{l1aturl's ] Jamcs \\'hitl' N . Des Per(piL'S Pri {'st



[In the Abbe Bou.rget's l/aud j

hodi e vigesima octava maii 180] a mi sl1hsrripto gallic() sacerdote, vices CapeUani gerente, rite oaptisatus fuit JOSl'pltll S Georgius heri natus filius legitimus Diii ] osephi Tholon Chi rurgii Majoris hospitalis militire extranece, et margareL,e Gasquet 1I xoris ejus legitimre pro tempore in \Vest-Cowes commorant ill m, pat rinus fuit Josephu s tholon frater ejus, m atr ina vero lVlargarct a Gasquet Ai m . Bourget J. Tholon * french pric'st [[;en or SenJ

[Tn the Abbe Desmouts' handJ hodie decima novembris 180 1, a me s uhscripto galliran() sacerdote vices capellani gerente rite baptisatus fuit Richarcills filius legitimus jacobi White et Sarre Harris con jugum, natlls Dil' septima ejusdem mensis. patrinus amabilis nicolaus Bonrjet ls-ic , capellalll1S in Weste Cowes qui mecum slloscripsit , Desmouts Aimable Kicolas rtre 13ol1rget* prctr€' fran\,ois 1 de la Chapellc de \:rcst Co\\'{'~ isk of \\" i Rh t !'jJ. 10J llOdi c- vigcsima scxta !\ ovembris ISO J a me sllh,· sCripTo gall ic<lllo sacerdot ~ vices capellalli gercllte rile' Hapl isatlls

* Autograph siguJ.turc:.; ,



fuit Frallciscus antonius Gabriel filius kgitimlls Francisi :sicl Blandin et annre MacKett conjugllm natus die vigesima qnarta ejusdem n:ensis patrinis franciscus antonius Ganriel Gomer ; f' t Maria Margareta tholon qui mecum patre prC'set1te slIbscripserllnt has Gomer* Marie tholon * fras Blandin * Desmollts ptre fIn the Abbe Bvu,l'get's' hand] : Die secunda februarii 1802 a me snbscripto . Gallico sacerclote ritt- Bapt:satus .fuit Ludovicus Robertus Jacobus natus die decima decembris ] ~oo filius Ludovici versturme, (c' Guilielmo versturme ct Petronilla BRUKHER'f4 Conjugibus in oppido Gandavensi orti) medicince doctoris honorarii impcratori Germanire totiusque extraneorum militire Regi Britannia'! Magn ce inservientium medici generalis pro tempore in insula \,yight Commorantis et Harri ettice Paillet uxoris ejus Legitimce filire Clementis Paillet et Leal! [po llJ oldmeadow Conjugum patria <l;nglorum, Patrinu ~ fuit frallciscu s Gomer, Loco Jacobi francisci Versturme, matrin a vero Maria Tholon, loco Izabellce Philippinre servaes ill oppido Gandayel1si (in flandria) orti et eamdem Civitatem inhabitan tes Amabilis Bourget Missior..arii apostolici vices gerer.s, districtus Londin ensis Di(' sl'cunda februarii I~02 a me subscripto Galli co sacerd ote rit e Baptisata fuit Ludovica Eliza nata di e decimi decembris l~OO ' filia Ludovici versturme (e guili~lmo versturme et Petronilla de BRUKHER, Conjugibus in oppido Gandavensi orti) medicil l:.t: doctoris honorarii imperatori Germanire totiusqu e extran eorUlll militire Regi Britannire Magnce inservientium medici gen erali s pro tempore in insula \Vight Commorantis et Harriettice Paillet uxoris ejus Legitimce filire Clemen tis Paillet et Leah oldmead uw Conjugum patria anglorum , Patrinus fuit franciscn s GOlll er, Loco !Jacobi frandsci scored, Petri J osephi above] versturme, mat rilla yero M~ria Tholon, Loco [Izabellce Philippime Mariee s( oredJ Anllce Theresice van Reystehoot il1 oppido Ganda vell si (ill flalldria) o rt ~ et eamdem Civitatem inhabitantes Amabilis Bourget Mission al ii apost.olici vices IG erens Districtus Lo]" din ensis [po 12J hodie tertia februarii 1802 Ego Gallicus sacerdos, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjullxi in matrimonium Johann Werner et ~atharinam haeterin Amabilis Bourget [in another hand is Missiungrii apostolici vices Geren s v!'ritten Testibus.J ยง 4istrictus LOI1clinensis


* Autograph signatures.

'f4 "K' altered from' Y.'

=Doubtful reading.

_; ยง Either this or . Test.' has been written in the same hand beneatl& all the Abbe Bourget's marriages, apparently calling attention to the lack o( wi 1.D~ssel' for tbese marriages.



hodie septima * februarii 1802 a me subscripto Gallico sacerdote rite Baptisata fuit sara Legitima filia Mathei Schneider et Marice Margarethce S perlinger Conjugum nata undecima februarii, matrina fuit Sara Wolbold A. Bourget. prie t. hodie vigesima octava februari i 1802 a me subscripto Gallico sacerdote rite Baptisata fuit Anna Maria R ebeccha Legitima filia Alberd [sicJ Shefer et Annce Marice Shefer Confugum [sic] , patrinus fuit hellrich Neil, matrina vero Rebeccha Neil A. Bourget. priest . hodie vigesima nona aprilis 1802, Ego Gallicus sacerdos (nullo impedimento reperto,) Con junxi in Matrimonium Philippum Schuck et Margaretham Lindemeyer. A. Bourget. Sacerdos. [I n the other hand, ut supra : Testi bus] [p o 13J Die prima martii 1802, a me subscripto Gallico sacerdote, vicarii ,apostolici vices Gerente, Baptisata fuit Maria Josephina nata undecima februarii hujus anni, filia P etri Boatst et Marice Semiter uxoris ejus Legitimce, Patrinus fuit ] osephus Thollon, Matrina vero Margaretha Gasquet. A. Bourget. pries t. hodie decima septima Maii 1802, Ego Gallicus sacerdos, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Christianum Prinly et Cunigundam Wastermannin. Amabilis Bourget [In the other hand, u,t supra : TestibusJ [Rest of page, 8 cms ., blank.J [po 14J die vigesima secunda ]ulii 1802, Ego Gallicus sacerdos Missionarii apostolici vices Gerens, nullo impedimento reperto, Conjunxi in Matrimonium Dominum Dominicum, Franciscum. Alexim, Fourier Equitem De Nacquard major D 'artillery Batavianae Regalis Britanniarum Regi inservientis, et Dominam, Claudinam, Franciscam, F elicitatem Paris De Soulange, viduam Le Fortier, Comitem De Boiseon. A. Bourget priest [Other hand, ut supra: Test.J hodie vigesima quarta ]ulii 1802, a me subscripto Gallico sacerdote, Misionarii apostolici vices gerente, rite Baptisat a fuit Maria Decima octava hujus mensis et anni nata, filia Legitima ]osephi Masson et ]osephinam Latour uxoris eju Legitimce, Patrinus fuit ] oannes Hifland A. Bourget. priest Die secunda augusti 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento reperto,) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Girardum Leutzy et Elizabetham Seems. [Other hand, ut supra : Test.J A. Bourget priest [mon ogram] [po 15J Die nona augusti 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento reperto,) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Henricum Graaff et Catharinam Morin. [Other hand, ut supra: Testibus.J A. Bourget priest. * ' 10 80 is written above. t Or t Bouts. '



hodie nona augusti 1802, Ego Gallicus Saccrdos l\Iissionarij Apostolici vices Gerens (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjunxi in :natrimonium fredericllm Besch ct Seraphinam havering (Other hand, ut supra: Test.] A Bourget prif'st. hodie nona augusti 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerclos, Missionarii apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento repert.o) Conjunxi in Matrimonium franciscum Spourn et Mariam Guilliuse. rOther hand, ut supra: Test.] A Bourget priest. hodic Dnodecima augl1s~i IH02, Ego Gallicus Sacerclos Missionarii .\postolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjullxi in Matrimonium Michaelem Matjory et Annam Whaan. [Other /zand, Ht su.pra: Test.] A Bourget prie¡s t. I p. 16J hodie vigcsima sexta augnsti 1802, a me suhscripto Gallico sacerdote, Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerente, rite Baptisatus fuit Michaelis Die vigesima tertia hujus mensis et anni natns, filius Legitimus Guillelmi [sic J Hodghin et Helence Demette uxoris ejns Legitimce, ' Patrinus fuit Michaelis Halc1ers, Matrina vero l\b.ria Josephina Dupont. A: Bourget r'monogram j hodie secunda Septemhris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos Missionarii Apostolici vices Gercns, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjullxi ill Matrimonium Alexandrum Henny et Magdalenam Twisten viduam Josephi Twisten. A Bourget [monogl'amJ [Other hand, ut supra: Test.] . hodie sexta Septembris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos, Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens (nullo impedimento repcl-to) Conjun:--..i in matrimonium John Mantz et Jenny Mackett [Other hand, ut supra: Test.J A Bourget [monogram'] hodic vig~sima sexta Septembris 1802 a me subscripto Galiico sacerdote Missionarii apostolici vices Gerente, rite Baptisata fuit Margaretha [p. 17J die trigesima hujus mensis et unni nata, filia Joannis Magauran* et annre Bully uxoris ejus Legitimce, Pahinus fuit Thomas fin matrina vero Anna Pepper. A Bourget hodie decima octava octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens" (nuno impedimento reperto) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Johann WattIer et Mariam Rochets. LOther hand, ut supra: Test.J ¡ A Bourget. hodie decima octava octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus sacerdos, Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Josephum Rosenberg et Mariam Zives [()ther. hand, ut supra: Test.J A Bourget. hodie decima octava octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos Missionarii Apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impedimento reperto) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Michaelem Hellinger et Mariam hoffman. A Bourget [Other h.and, ut supra: Test.J hodie decima nona octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacerdos â&#x20AC;˘ Recte MoGauran; vide 21 March 1804.



rnissionarii apostolici vices gerens, (nullo impedimento rCpclto,) Con j unxi in Matrimonium [p o 18J Josephum Bossell et Luclovicam angelam Dodera . A Bourget [Other ham/ , ut supra: Test.] hodie vigesima octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacenlos Missionarii :\ postolici vices Gerens (nullo impedimento rcpcrto) Conjunxi in Matrimonium Andream Lasky et Saram West. rath er hand, llt s'lipra: Test.] A Bourget ". hodie \'igesima secunda octobris 1802, Ego Gallicus Sacenlos ~rissionarii Apostolici vices Gerens, (nullo impcdimcnto rerertn) COlljl1nxi in matrimonium Albertum Kuschell et Susannam Barrich. A Bourget tOther l[(.{nd, ul supra: Test .J hodic vigesima quarta augusti 1803 a me subscripto Gallico Sf-lcerdote rite Baptisata fuit Emelia decima quarta hu jus mensis ('t am i nata fili.a Legitima Jacobi White et Sarre Harris uxoris ejlls Legitim ce Patrinlls Ego matrina vero · fuit Cecilia Addis " ;\ Bourget [monogramJ ; p. ] UJ hodie utlima [sicJ die oc.t.obris 1803 a me subscripto Gallico s~c e rdote rite Baptisatus fuit Lucas die Nona septembris !latus filius Lucce finagay* et l':Iargarethce ejus legitim:"!:! uxoris. Patlinus franciscus Joysis* matrina vero Christiana 0 brayan* A Bourget [monogramJ lIn the Rev. James Taylor's hand] Die 2~3 Jal1uarii) Joannes filius Gulielmi, & Mari~ Mayer conjugum natus 22 die Januarii patrino Gulielmo Phelan, haptizatu s fujt a me J acohlls Taylor Anno Dni 1804. [.-1 li7le drawn across the page after this and su,bsequ,eJlt entriesl Die 21 a Martii 1R04) Catharina filia Joannis, & Ann<:e Mf'. Gauran conjugum nata 21 Feb! patrino Joanne Scot, baptizatus fnit a me . Jac: Taylor [I ll the R ev . Thomas White's handJ Die l a Decembris anno Dili 1804 baptizavi Joannam (Jane) filiam Joannis M'Cullam et Eleonorce Smith Conjugum, natam dic (in Julii, anne 1803. Patrinis T. White & Anna James, "loco Tho s White Sac & Miss. Apl'II" et Esther Donohough fP. 20J Anno 1804 Die Ha Decemhris 1804 baptizavi Gllhelmum Alldream hlium GuIidmi James et Anastasice Stagg Conjugum, natum die 30:1. K ovembris eodem anno. Sponsores fuere Carolus James et Anna James; loco Caroh ipse rcspondi Thomas White Miss!> Apcus Sacerdos [H enceforward the name is gi.ven in En,glish in the margin. Three examples only are given here ; the marginal name is then , given in brackets below the entry . A monogram appears aRer Fr. TV Mtc' s 1lame, save 1"11, a lew 1"llstal1ces: the exceptions are £Jldicated by n .m.] . .• Re.cte Finaegan, Joyce and O'Brien; vide 23 and 26 March 1806.




Die lOa Martii 180;) haptizayi Robertum filium Jacobi

I White et Sara; Harris Conjugum, natum die 2a ejusdem 15;.9 I mensis, eodemque anno. Patrinus ipse fni, Matrina vero ~::> I fuit Anna James. Thomas White Miss;; Ap. Sac do ['; ~ I Die 8 Aprilis An. 1805 haptizavi Gulielmum fili um ~ I Edm~mdi Ryan et. Elenorc.e Hayes Conjugum;. natu.n~ die ~ I 4 a eJusdem mensis, eodem anno. Creremomas 'omlssas ~ I supplevi die loa sequenti, SpoJ soribus Francisco Hart & t:



Cecilia OMaly Tho s White Miss. Ap. Sacerc1os. I- ~ Die 14 Aprilis, Anno Dni 180!) haptizavi Oliverium ~ 0 filium Jacobi Reynolds et Margarit~ Egan Con jugllIl1, ;.::: ~ natum die 28 Martii eodem anno. o ~ SponshuS Milone Teighe & Maria Stuart Thomas White Miss. Ap. Sac doS Die 12 Maij 1805 baptizata est a Rev do Dno Ludovico Coquiere Presbytero Gallicano, Catherina Rawdon filia Luca,~ l(awdoll et Catherina; Curson Con jugum, nata die ].0 ejusdem mensis, eodemque anno. Susceptrice Anna James (Catherine Rawdon) Ita testor [unsig'ned, n :1Il.'j [One leaf has heen cut 01tt here. ] [p o 21J Anno 1805. Die 29 Septembris anna vera 1805 baptizavi Thomam filiul1l Thoma; Carrol et Marire Welsh Conjugum, natum die 2;) Augusti ,eodem anno. Matrina fuit Anna James. (Tho S Carroll) Thomas \Vhjte Miss. Ap. [ ] 1806. Die 19 J anuarii, "Anno Dili 1806 baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Gulielmi Phelan et Marire Joliff Conjugum, natam die ~ Octobris Anno 1805. Sp0r:tsores fuere J & Eleanora Mahony (Elizabeth Phelan) , Tho. White Miss. Ap. Die 23 Martii 1806 baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis M'Gauran et Ann[e Riley Conjugum, natam die 18 ejusdem mensis eodemque anno., Patrinus fuit Lucas Finnegan. Thomas White Miss. Ap, (Mary M'Gauran) , Die 25 Martii 1806 baptizavi (creremoniis omissis) Patricium filium Francisci Joyce et Caterina; OBrien Conjugum, natum die ] 7° ejusdem mensis eodemque 'a nno. Tho. \~Thite Miss. ~'\ 1'(Patrick Joyce) , Supplevi ' creremonias in baptismate omissas, die GO Aprilis eodem anno. Sponsores fuere J oannes Clary et Catherina Rawden. [po 22J [In the Rev. Joseph Lrc's hand. Surnames only 1'n ,



Anno 1806~7 Die 21 Julii 1806. N atus . et die 8 Augu's ti ej usdem allni bapth zatus 'fuitJoannes Augnstus filius .-\ugu!:"ti Oreille et Joalll1<P Dashwood COl/jugum. Patrini Illere Joannes l"Jaguaran et Anna Magauran a me J osepho Lee Miss Ap: ' (Oreille) ,;. I



Die 4 Octobris 1806 Nata et Baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia Lucre Bawden et Catharinre Casson conjugum: Mattina fuit Constantia Baldwin a me Josepho Lee Misss Ap (Rawden) 'Die 30 Decembris anni 1806 Nata ,e t die 20 Januarii anni 1807 Baptizata fuit Henrietta filia Jacobi White et Sarre Harris conjugum: Matrina fuit Constantia Baldwin. (White) , a me Josepho Lee Miss s Ap: Die 20 Maii anni 1807 Nata et die 31 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia Jacobi MCKenzey et Honorre Tobin conjugum: PatriI!i fuere Margaritta McGauran et Joannes McGauran a me Josepho Lee Miss. Apco (MCKenzey) [p o 23J Anno 1807-8 Die 18 Octobris 1807 Natus et baptizatus fuit die 21 ejusdem mensi s et Anni Joannes filius Joannis Thompson et Annre Loobey Conjugum: Patrini fuere Joannes Mooney et Hellena Stammon (Thompson) a me J osepho Lee Miss: Apco. Die 28 Octobris 18~7 Nata et die 4 Novembris ejusdem anni baptizata fui t Maria filia Joannis Stanton et Brigi ttre White con jugum: Patrini fuere Edwardus Leavy et Ellenor Boland (Stanton " Miles ") a me J osepho Lee Miss o AplCO Di,e 7 Aprilis 1808 Natus et die 10 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizatus fui t Edmundus fiIi us Joannis Magauran , et Annre Riley Conjugum: Patrini fuere Joannes Mc Call et Martl~a Heazell (Magauran) a me Josepho Lee Mis 80 Apco Die 18 Augusti 1808 N atus et die 28 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizatus fuit J oannes filius Francisci loice et Catharinre 0 Brian , con jugum: Matrina fuit [9 cms.blan.kJ (Joice) a me Josepho Lee Mis80 Apco [po 24J â&#x20AC;˘ Anno 1808-9 Die 11 * Decembris 1808 Natus et die 20 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizatus , fuit Patritius filius Rorke [sicJ et Catharinre 0' Donnell conjugum: Patrini fuere Gulielmus Gill et Anna Haley (Rorke) a me Josepho Lee Mis: Apco. Die 2 A prilis 1809 Nata et die 14 ejusdem me,n sis et anni baptizata fuit Margaritta filia Michaeli s McMQIlan et Margarittre Walsh Con jugum: Matrina fuit Martha Heazle , ,(MCMullan) a me Josepho Lee Mis: ,ApIco. [SPace of 5 cms: ruled off but left blank. In m.argin: Child since dead] Die 1 Septembris 1809 Natus et die 26 ejusdem mensis et anni baptizatus fuit Michael "fi.1i!lS Fr.~ncisci McGuire et Joannre G~~ c~njugum: Matrina ,Anna 'Moore , ",' (~~G~!re) , a me J~sepho Lee Miss ~p~;;:", , [P<,,~5J Die 21 Decembris 1809 Nata et die 22 ejusgeIIf! mensis et 'a nni baptizata fuit Maria filia Joannis Fahy et , Ann~

'* An alteration here-either ' 11 ' or ' 19.'



Dawson COIIJllgUIIl: Patrini fup.r c (;n1iclmlls


(' t


Roach ~'t me Jos( 'pllo Ll'( ' (Fahy) Die 2ti Jnnllarii 1810 Natns ct die 2H ejl1sckm 1lH'II~is d ;l11l1i haI1tizatlls fllit Ricardus filius Gulielmi Phelan et Mari;l' Jolin COil jugum: Patrilli fuer c Jacohus Lawes et Elizabdha H arri .· (Phela11) a me Josepho Lee Mis: .\ p eo ;:-ip({cc oj 4 ems . r1,.l(~d 0// but left hl{'[}lk. ] Die 2() Maii Hno Nata et die 3 Junii cj lls(lem ,lIl1l i 1 ~]O baptizata fnit Maria Anna !ilia Jacobi Tanner d :\1111 a: Richards cOlljugnm. :\latrina fnit Carolctta Harris (Tannir [sic l ) a me J osepho Lee Mis: :\ pro p. 2() ] [hi 'ILe Rev. lV£llt'am Pierrepont's 1J(llldj Die 22 Fehruarii lRll Nata & die 26 ejnsd m Batizata [sir:: fuit Magarctta White jilia Jacobi & Sar~e \VlIitc (olill1 Harris) COil jugum: Matrina fuit Carol etta Harris: t:\Ltr: \rhitc) a me Gul o Pierrepout Miss') ,\ pt·{) Die 2G Janllarii l~ll Natus & die 2() Februarii ejusdem <llllli Baptizatus fllit Joannes Desmond filius Joannis & l\fariL(~ DCSIll()IJd (olim D\1nnovan) Con jugum: Patrinns fuit J oaJllles llevol'll, Matrina Grace Clery a me GuIn: Pierrepont Miss" ,\peo (J oanncs Desmond) Die tricesimo primo Augusti 1811 Natus & die nono Septem · l>ris ej usdem anni Baptizat us fuit [Caro lus scored, Ricarelus ab(I1I/! ~ filius Caroli & AhigaI Valentine (olim Colebrook) cUlljugllm : J> fnit learolu s scored] Franciscus \ alentine. Susccptrire Margaritta Smith a me GuIll: Pierrepont Mis~1I Arc tl (H.icardus Valentine) lp. 271 Die vigesimo Septembris 1811 Natus & die ·v'i',,:-csi .1U 110110 ejusdem mensis baptizatus fuit Edmundus FitzEustacl' filius Henrici & Francisc;.e (olim Clavering) Robinson COl1j ngn m: Pa · trinus fuit Thomas \Valmsley, Matrina Constantia \Valsh, per suseeptores Carolum Valentine & Franciscum O'Toole . a me GUIll: Pierrepont Mis ' o Apeo . (Edmllndus Fitzt'lIstacL' Rubinson ) . Dil" tricL'simo Octobris l~ll N atus &: eli(' dcci 010 t crti () ' o\,(,111bris haptizatus fuit Hichardus Huges filius TlJorme &: Sara.: Huges (o1im Sutton) Conjugum: Patrinus fuit J U(lnnes CWIlIlY Matrina l~irgittu Nev in, a me (Huges) Guill: Pierrepont l\liss tl : :\pC O Helella lJli(l Joallllis & Ann<.e MacGoverin baptizut a. fuit a <..;corgio Spaill upud Newport 22 Aprilis 1811 [Nu !lame in m({rginJ ita est GuIll: Pierrepollt lp. ~~j Die vigesimo primo Octobris 1811 Nata & die vigesimo secundo ejusdem 13aptizata .fuit Margarita Haylp.y, iilia Edvanli &: Catharina: Hayley (olim MacDonal) CLlI :iuglllll: :\IJtlltla fuit Catharina Hardey . . .I me (~rargarita Hayley) Gull): Picrn.: p011t ;\fiss o Ap :.)




lHenceJorward the year 1'S ~1'1 )f1t in th(' 11larE!)n, and aJter fllru ?J/(If{' entries marginal names cease.] . Die vigesimo nono Octobris Nata ~ die decimo septimo Novembris Baptizata fuit Maria Anna, filia Patritii & Elizabeth (olim Don well) Kelly, Conjugum: Patrinu s Joannes Johnson, Matrina Elizabeth MeaN ollen fuere (1811 Maria Anna Kelly) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Misso Apco Die quinto Decembris natus & die octavo ejusdem Baptizatlls fuit Joann es, filius Danielis & Birgittce (olim [4 ems. hlallkl ) 0 Brien Conjugum; Matrina fuit Anna Burn, (1811 Joannes O'Brien) a me Gul o : Pierrepont Misso Apco [po 29J Die octavo Martii Natus & die vigesimo secundo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Patritius, filius Gulielmi & Margarita? (olim Ryan) Jordan Conjugum : PatrinllS fuit Timotheus Dowlan : (1812 Patritills Dowlan [suJ) a me Gul o : Pierrepont Misso Arc Die terbo Maii Nata & die sexto ejusdem Baptizata fuit Anna, filia Jacobi & San~ (olim Harris) White Conjugum : Matrina fuit Elizabetha Harris: a me Gul o : Pierrepont Miss Apco (1812) . Die vigesimo quarto Junii natus & die vigesimo quinto ejusdem Baptizatus fuit J oannes, filius Jacobi & Carolettce (olim Harris) Sweatman Conjugum: Matrina fuit Elizabetha Harris: (1812) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Miss o : Apco. Die secundo Augusti natus & die tertio ejusdem 'Baptizatus fuit Thomas Dayly, filius Thomce & Brigittce Dayly (olim [3.5 ems. blankJ) Conjugum: Matrina fuit Ann Green, (1812) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Miss o : Apc o [p o 30J Die vigesimo octavo Octobris natus & die primo Novembris Baptizatus fuit Joannes, filius Joannis & Margarittce (olim Wayling) Flemin Conjugum: Matrina fuit Anna Ryan, (1812) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Miss o Apc fl Die vigesimo nono Martii natus & die tricesimo ej llsdem Baptizatus fuit Thomas Harvey filius Joannis & Ann (olim Doon) Harvey Con jugum: Matrina fuit Catharina Jones, (1813) a me,Gul o : Pierrepont Miss u Apc O â&#x20AC;˘ [Henceforward there are no lines drawn to divide the entries .] Die decimo Maii nata & die decimo Junii Baptizata fuit Elizabetha Sheedy, filia Jacobi & Marice (olim Kelly) Sheedy Conjugum: Matrina Margarittce [sicJ Smith fuit, (1813) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont ¡ Miss o : ApcO Die vi'gesimo quinto Augusti nata & vigesimo sexto ejusdem Baptizata fuit Margaritta filia Ricardi' & Joannce (oHm Bumen) Kilpoy Conjugum : Matrina fuit Francisca Butt. (1813) a me Gul o : Pierrepont Miss o : Apc o . [po 31J Die quarto Decembris natus & die octavo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus filius (1813) [2.'5 ems. blank bcfore next cllfrfJ



Die vig'esiOrriO [sicJ "Jahuarii nata & die vigesimo "feTtio ejusdem Baptizata fuit Charoletta White, filia Jacobi & SaTC~ (olim Harris) White Conjugum: PatTinus Thomas Bommate, Matrina ChaToletta Sweatman fuere, . (1814) a me Gul o : Pierrepont Misso: Apco : Die septimo Fehruarii nata & rlie octavo ejusdem Baptizata fuit Anna Sweatman, filia Jacobi & Carolettce (olim Harris) Sweatman Conj ugum: Matrina fllit Elizabetha Harris, . (lRI4) a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Miss o : Apc o : Die octavo ]unii natus & cIie undecimo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Petrus Mordaugh, filius Petri & Marice (oEm Quigley) Mordaugh Conjugum: Patrinus Matheus, Matrina Elizabetha Partlanrl fuere, a me, Gul o : Pierrepont Misso: Apc H : (1814) Die tricesimo ]unii nata & die quarto ]ulii Baptizata fuit Maria Valentine filia Caroh & Ahigal (olim Colebrook) Valentine. Conjugum, Matrina fuit Caroletta Valentine, . Susceptrice Margaritta Smith. a me Gul o : Pierrepont Misso. Apco. (1814) [po 32J Die vigesimo primo Februarii natus & die clecimo octavo Martii Baptizatus fuit Jacobus .Gallagher, filius Joannis & Eleanor (olim Horane) Gallagher Conjugum; Matrina fuit Ether [S1:C] Morn, a me Gulo: Pierrepont Miss oâ&#x20AC;˘ Apco. (1815) Die decimo octavo Aprilis 1813 nata & peric1itans a Matre sua Baptiza, [sic] postea die primi fsicJ Augusti uno sub conditione Baptiza [sic] fuit Sarah Mitchell, Filia Georgii & Eleanor (ohm Pritchett) Mitchell, Conjugum; Matrina fud Margaritta Smith, a me Gulo: Pierrepont Miss o : ApcO (1815) . Die primo Augusti Natus & die quinto ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Frederico [sic] Day, filius Edvatdi & Carolin(ÂŁ Marian~ Marice de los Dolores (olim Duran) Day Conjugum; Patrinus Man'uel Fernandez, Matrina Margaritta Smith, fuere, a me. GUlli : Pierrepont Miss o : Ap('O (1RHi) rp. 33J Die decimo septimo Octobris nata & die Jer.imo l)ctavo ej usclem Baptizata fuit Maria Anna Blandford, filia ] acobi & Franciscce (olim Butt) Blandford Conjugum; Matrina lJohalla Grafney scored] Francisca Mason fuit, a me Gul o : Pierrepollt (1815) Misso : Apl'o. Die primo] unii natus & die decimo N ovembris Baptizatus fuit Gnlielmus Ford, ' filius Patricii & Marice (olim New) Ford Conjugum: Matrina Johana Grafney f\1it, 081,5.) a me Gul o : Pierrepont Misso. Apc o. - 'Die Duodecimo Novembris nata' & die decimo nono ejusdem Bap.t izata {uit Elizabeth Clarke, filia Thomce & Elizabeth (olin!



Smith) Clarke Conjugum; Matrina Anna Agnew fuit, a me Gulo : Pierrepont Misso. Apeo • (1815) Die vigesimo octavo Novembris natus & die vigesimo no no ejusdem baptizatus fuit Joannis [sic J Cliff, Filius Georgii et Margarittre (olim RhUey) Cliff Conjugum; Matrina Elizabetha Harris fuit, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apc o. (1815) , [po 34J Die secundo Decembris natus & die nono ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Daniel Woods, filius Gulielmi et Catharinre (olim Lynch) Woods Conjugum: Matrina fuit Maria Gough, per procuratorem Franeiseam Mason, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Misso. Ape o • (1815) Dip, quarto Deeembris Nata & die undeeimo Baptizata fuit Joanna Hamilton, filia Michaelis & Sarah (olim Barden) Hamilton, Conjugum Patrinus Joannis, [sic J Matrina Elizabeth . Arnold fuere, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apeo (1815) Die decimo octavo Deeembris nata et die vigesimo ejusdem Baptizata fuit Maria Croker, Filia Patriei [sic J et Dinah (oHm Baxter) Croker, Conjugum, Matrina fuit Ann Terry-a me Gul Pierrepont Miss o Apco. (1815) [Tn margin. Vide infra *J. Die vigesimo sexto Januarii natus & die vigesimo septimo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Joannes Donolan filius Gulielmi & Brigittre (oHm Hopkins) Donolan Conjugum; Patrinus fuit Patrieius Me :Cormaek fuit [sicJ per suseeptorem Francisca [sicJ Mason (1816) a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o Apco • [po 35J Duodeeimo Die Februarii nata & die vigesimo quarto ejusdem Baptizata fuit Joanna Filia Jacobi & Sarre (olim Harris) White conjugum:. Matrina fuit Elizabetha Harris; a me Gulo: Pierrepont Miss o Apc o (1816) Primo die Junii natus & primo die ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Patricius Filius Patricii et Elizabethce (olim Rannels) Gavan Conjugum: Matrina fuit Elizabetha Sullivan: (1816) a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apc o : Octavo die : Julii natus & nona die ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Johannes Connor filius Johannis & Catherinre (ohm Murphy) Connor Conjugum: Matrina fuit Elizabetha Gaffin; a me, Gul: Pierrepont Misso : Apeo .(1816) Die decimo sexto Julii nata & die decimo septimo ejusdem :Baptizata fuit Caroletta Sweatman, filia Jacobi & Carolettre (olim Harris) Sweatman, Conjugum: Matrina fuit Elizabetha Harris, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Mis 80 Apco (1816) • Asterisk refers to first entry on p .39.



[p.36J Die vigesimo nono Augusti nata & die trigesimo ejusdem Baptizata fuit Theresia Martha Me :Entee Filia Barnardi & Joannre (Baldock) Me: Entee Conjugum: Matrina fuit Emilia Day, (1816) a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apeo Die sexto Augusti nata & die octo [sicJ ejusdem Baptizata fuit Margaretta Brown Filia Joannis & Catharinre (olim Connor) Brown Conjugum; Matrina fuit Catharina Cummins . (1816) . a me, Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apeo. Die septimo Maii nata & die decimo quinto ejusdem Batizata [sic] fuit Amelia Maria Teresa Ascencion Day, Filia Edvardi & Carolinre Marian~ de los Dolores (olim Duran) Day, Conjugum; Patrinus Manuel Fernandez per susceptricem Margarittam Smith fuit, a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apeo. (1817) Die duoducimo Maii nata & die Decimo octavo ejusdem Baptizata fuit Anna Butcher Filia Jacobi & Annre (olim Wheeler) Butcher Con jugum: Matrina fuit Francisca Mason; (1817) a me Gul o: Pierrepont, Miss o: Apc o: [po 37J Die primo Januarii natus & die secundo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Blandford filius Jacobi & Franciscre (olim Butt) Blandford ¡Conjugum: Matrina Francisca Mason fuit, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Misso. Apc o. (1818) Die vigesimo Martii nata & die Decimo sexto Aprilis Baptizata fuit Francisca filia Antonii & Clementire (olim Retti*) Baltaza Conjugum, Patrinus Constantine Matzet Matrina Joanna Retti, * fuere per susceptricem Margarettam Smith (1818) a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apco. Apud Cowes Isle of Wight Die decimo nono Aprilis Natus & die vigesimo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Thomas Lawler Filius Joannis & Grace (olim Larcomb) Lawler Conjugum: Matrina fuit Margaritta Sweetland a me Gul o. Pjerrepont Miss o: Apc o. (1818) [po 38J Die vigesimo quinto Octobris nata & die vigesimo septimo ejusdem Baptizata fuit Francisca Sweatman, Filia Jacobi & Carolettre (olim Harris) Sweatman, Conjugum: Matrina fuit Francisca Mason, a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o: Apc o. (1818) Die decimo nono Novembris natus & die vigesiino secundo ejusdem Baptizatus fuit Jacobus Graham Filius Jacobi, et Sarre (olim Whitewood) Graham Conjugum: Matrina fuit Francisca Mason. a me Gul o: Pierrepont Miss o : Apc o : (1819) . Die Trigesimo primo Januarii natus & die octavo Februarii Baptizatus fuit Josephus Maximilianus Valentine Filius Caroli &


â&#x20AC;˘ This name may be 'Ketti: Doubtful reading; written above.



Abigail (olim Colebrook) Valentine Conjugum: . Patrinus Georgius Josephus Kirchner. Matrina - - - Sontag fuere Susceptrices Joannes Andreu -Francisca Mason. a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apco (1816 omisso in proprio loco) [po 39] Die decimo septimo Octobris nata & die tertia Novembris Baptizata fuit Charoletta Valentine Filia Caroli & Abigail (olim Colebrook)' Valentine Conjugum. Patrinus Georgius Josephus Valentine. Matrina Charoletta Valentine fuere. Susceptrix Francisca Mason. a me Gul o Pierrepont Misso Apco (1819) Die octavo Junii natus et eodem die Baptizatus fuit Jacobus White Filius Jacobi et Sara! (olim Harris) White Conjugum: Matrina fuit Emilia \Vhite. a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o (1820) Die Vigesimo sexto Novembris nata & trigesimo ejusdem Novembris Baptizata fuit Carolina Graham, filia Jacobi & Sane (olim Whitewood) Graham Conjugum. Matrina per susceptricem Harriet Bell, fuit Emilia White. a me Gulo Pierrepont Misso Ape(1820) [po 40] Die decimo Decembris natus & die decimo secundo ejusdem mensis Baptizatus fuit Firmin Peter Edvardus Day filius Edvardi & Carolinre Mariana! Maria! de los Dolores (oHm Duran) Day Conjugum; Patrinus Fredericus Day, Matrina Ann De Mendoza Rios fuere a me Gulo Pierrepont Miss o Apc o (1821) Die secundo Februarii nata & die quarto ejusdem mensis Baptizata fuit Ann Filia Jacobi & Franciscre (olim Butt) Blandford Conjugum. Matrina fuit Harriet Bell. a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss Apc o (1821)

(in a different hand)

Die Vigesima Maii 1821 Baptisatus fuit Jacobus Sweatman filius Jacobi et Caroletta! Sweatman Conjugum natus die decima sexta ejusdem mensis et anni: Matrina fuit Emilia White a me Francisco Tuite Missinar 10 Apostolico (1821 ) [p.41J Diedecimo quarto Dembris [sicJ natus & die trigesimo ejusdem mensis Baptizatus fuit Carolus Burke, filius Patricii & Sarah (olim McGinn) Burke Conjugum. Patrinus Owen McGinn Matrina Anne Wright fuere. Per susceptricem Harriet Bell. a me Gul o Pien-epont Miss o Apco



(1822) Die decimo septimo J anuarii nata & die vigesimo octavo ejusdem mensis Januarii Baptizata fuit Margaretta MacKur filia Joannis & Isabellre (olim (?) Mactur) MaeKur Conjugum; Matrina fuit Harriet Bell a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Ape o ( 1822) Die deeimo octavo Junii natus & die vigesimo quinto ejusdem menis Baptizatus fuit (caeremoniis omissis) Fredericus Georgius Fanasa, Filius Josephi & Charolettre (olim Forster) Fasana [sic]. Conjugum a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o (1823) Die decimo septimo Februarii natus & die decimo septimo Martii Baptizatus fuit Georgius Tiahe Filius Georgii Tighe & Annre (olim Skeffinaton) Tighe Conjugum. Patrinus Arthur O'Keefe. Matrina Birgitta Allen. a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o (1823) [po 42] Die decimo sexto Maii nata, et Die Vigesimo quinto ejusdem menis Baptizata fuit Dolores Carolina Ferminia Day Filia Evardi [sic] & Carolinre Marianre Marire de los Dolores (olim Duran) Day Conjugum. Patrinus Fredericus Day. Matrina Margaritta Smith fuere. a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Ape o (1824) Die vigesimo primo Januarii natus, et vigesimo quinto ejusdem mensis Baptizatus fuit Thomas Blandford Filius J aeobi & Franeisere (olim Butt) Blandford Conjugum; Matrina fuit Ann Veal a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o ( 1825) Die duodecimo Maii Nata et die decimo no no ejusdem mensis Baptizata fuit Julia Teresia Assention Day, Filia Edvardi et Carolinre Marianre Marire de los Dolores (olim Duran) Day Conjugum. Patrinus Fredericus Day fuit . a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o ( 1825) [po 43] Die vigesimo sexto Maii natus, et Die vigesimo nona ejusdem mensis Baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Filius Rieardi & Anne (olim Veal) Harris Conjugum. Matrina Amelia Blandford fuit: a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o ( 1825) Die tertio Februarii nata et die vigesimo quinto Septembris Baptizata fuit Julia Elizabeth Green Filia Laurentii Henrici & Hannah (olim Dyer) Green Conjugum; Patrinus Michael Mullaly, Matrin~ Margaritta Smith fuere . a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Ape o




Die Decimo quinto natus, & die decimo sexto (no month given ,:n either place) Baptizatus [sic] Francisca Filia Jacobi & Franciscce (olim Butt) Blandford Conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Fagan a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o ( 1826) [p.44J

Die Vigesimo Tertio Decembris Nata & Die Vigesimo decimo baptizata fuit Elizabeth Harris Filia Richardi Harris & Anme (olim Veal) Conjugum Matrina fuit Franci ca Blandford a me Gul o Pierrepon t Miss o A pc o (1827)

(The hand-writing has deteriorated considerably) Die Augusti 11. 1827 nata et vigesimo priI)1o Baptizata fuit Amenilia Rososa Day, Filia Evardi Day & Carolince Mari~ de Dolores (olim Duran) Conjugum Patrinus Patrin us. (The same entry re-written) Die 11 Augusti nata & die Vigesimo primo Baptizata fuit Amelia Rosa Day, filia Edvardi Day Conjugum & Carolin<e Marice de Dolores (olim Duran) Conjugum. Patrinus Fredericus Day fuit & Matrina Maria Rily fuit a me Gul o Pierrepont Miss o Apc o ~ The

Rev. W. Pierrepont died in February, 1828J


[po 4S] Die 26 t februarii 1830 Natus et die 3 11a Martii ejusdem anni baptizatus est Carolus Theophilus filius Edvardi Day et Carolince Mari~ de Dolores (olim Duran) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Firman Petrus Ed s Day, Matrina Anna Fagan a me Alex o Maccabe Miss o Apost 8 &

(1831 )

Die 30 ma Septembris 1829 natus est et die 28 va Martii 1831 sub Conditioni baptisatus est J oannes Filius Thomce Bloomfield & Helence Bloomfield, (olim Ledy) conjugum. A me Josepho Rathborne Miss u Apost o ( 1832)

Die Sa Januarii nata et die 6 a mensis ejusdem baptisata fuere (omissis cceremoniis ob mortis periculum) duce fili~ gemime Edvardi Day et Carolince Marice de Dolores (olim Duran) conjugum. a me J osepho Rathborne Miss o Aposteo (1832)

[po 46J Die 23 a Februarii supplevi c~remonias omissas in baptismate Elizabeth Marice Marthce Day 8.: Rosince Louisce l\'iarice Adelaidce Day (filiarum Edvardi Day et Carolince Marice de Dolores Day (olim Duran) conjugum a me die Sta Januarii baptisatarum}. Patrini Jose Manuel Sevenari & Gretan Serra, Matrina Margarita Sweetland Josephus Rathborn e :\fissus ApOSU8



( 1832) Die 7 a Aprilis 1832 natus et die 18 va ejusdem mensis ejusdemque anni baptisatus est Samuel Jacobus filius Samuelis West et Elizabeth \Vest (olim Barry) conjugum. Matrina fuit Joanna West a me Josepho Rathborne Mo Ao ( 1833) [p o 47J Die 4- Martii 1833 nata et die lOa ejusdem mensis ejusdemque anni baptisata fuit Anna Filia Jacobi Lacy & Annce Lacy (olim Bleach) conjugum . Patrinus fuit Thomas Bleach & Matrona Eliza Bleach. a me J osepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1833) Die 30 a Aprilis 1829 natus et die 24- Septembris 1833 baptisatus fuit Georgius filius Thomce et Annce Bleach (olim Hurley) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Bleach. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1834)

(numbered by mistake 47)

[po 47AJ Die 150 Februarii natus et die 120 Aprilis ejusdem anni baptisatus fuit Georgius filius Samuelis West et Elizabeth \Vest (olim Barry) conj ugum. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Phelan. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1834) Die decimo quinto Maii natus et die vigesimo quinto ejusdem anni [sicJ baptisatu ' fuit Thomas filius Thomce Bleach et Eliza! Bleach (olim Lacy) Conjugum. Patrinus Jacobus Lacy, Matrina Anna Lacy a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco ( 1834) [po 48J Die 20 0 J ulii natus et die Sa Augusti ejusdem anni baptisatus fuit Joannes Filius Michcelis Kennedy & Joanna! Kennedy (olim Macdonnell) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Robertus Fennell. Matrina Margarita Cooper. a me J osepho Rathborne Miss o Apoco ( 1834) Die 3 8 Augusti natus et die lOa ejusdem mensis ejusdemque anni baptisatus fuit Jacobus filius Danielis Morgan et Marice Morgan (ohm Donnelly) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Patricius Magennis, Elleonora Dayison Matrina. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Ap<'o ( 1835) [p. 49J Die vigesima nona J anuarii 1835 natus et dei decima nona Febrllarii ejusdem anni baptisatus fuit Hugo Cooper filius Hugoni~ Cooper et Margarittce ~ooper (olim Murray) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Robertus Fennell. Matrina Joanna Kennedy. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Apo



(1835) Die decima quarta Martii 1821 nata, et die decima quinta Martii 1835 baptisata fuit Teresia Emma Bleach filia Thomre et Annre Bleach (olim Hurley) Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Thomas Bleach, Matrina Eliza Bleach. a me Josepho Rathborne 1\Hsso Aposco (1835) [po 50] Die sexta Octobris 1833 natus et die decima Maii 1835 baptisatus fuit Joannes 'filius Joannis et IVlargarittre Rochford (olim Forrest) conjugum. Patrinus Joannes Sliney Matrina Elizabetha Sliney. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Apo ( 1835) Die sexta Aprilis 1835 na ta, et die decima' Maii 1835 baptisata fuit Julia filia Joannis et Margarittre Rochford (olim Forrest) conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Cummins, Matrina Maria Connell. a me Josepho Rathborne 1\115so Aposo ( 1835) [po 51 ] Die 14& Julii natus, et die 6 a Augusti baptisatus fuit Richardus filius Edvardi Cummins et Mari::e Cummins (olim Harrington) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Rochford, Matrina Elizabeth Sliney, a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o ApC!) (1835) Die 26& Maii LnatusJ, et die 17 a Augusti ejusdem anni, baptisatus fuit (omissis c::eremoniis) Joannes filius Joannis Osten et Teresce Osten (olim Crawly) conjugum. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss u Aposco Die 6 a Septembris supplevi Creremonias. Patrinus Thomas Bleach. ( 1835) [po 52J Die 23 a Augusti nata, et eadem die baptisata fuit Maria Matilda filia Edvardi Day et Marice de Dolores Day (ohm Duran) conjugum. Patrinus, Firmin Edvardus Day, 1\Iatrina, Dolores Day. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1835) Die 19a Augusti nata, et die 6 a Septembris baptisata fuit Elizabeth filia Samuelis West et Elizabeth \Vest (olim Barry) conjugum. Patrinus, Thomas Leggart, Matrina Maria Morgan . a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposc 1


( 1835) [po 53J Die 8 va Augusti natus, et die 13 a Septembris baptisatus fuit Richarous filius Richardi Harris et Annce Harris (olim Whelan)¡ conjugum. Patrinus Samuel \Vest, Matrina Anna Cates. a me Georgio Oliver M.A. (1835) *Everywhere else the maiden name of Anne Harris is given as Veal.



Die 2 Novembris 1835 nata, et die 15 la ejusdem mensi~ ej usdemque anni baptisata fuit Maria filia Joannis Halloran et Alicice HalIoran (olim Cornwell) conjugum. Patrinus Joannes Connell, Matrina Maria Connell. a me Josepho Rathborne Mo ACfJ da

(1836) [p.54 ] Die 30 a Decembris 1835 natus, et die 7 a Februarii 1836 baptisatus fuit Joannes filius Elijah Bayly et Annce Bayly (olim Garnett) conj ugum. Patrinus Thomas Bleach, Matrina Anna Lacy. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco ( 1836) Die 19 a Aprilis nata, et die 15 a Maii baptisata fuit Francisca filia Thomce Bleach et Elizce Bleach (olim Lacy) Conjugum . Patrinus Jacobus Lacy, Matrina Anna Lacy. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1836) [po 55 J Die 3 a J ulii 1836 et die 27& J ulii ejusdem anni baptisata fuit Eliza Welch filia Gulielmi Welch et Ellen Eliza Welch (olim Smith) conjugum. Patrinus Jacobus Hamilton, Matrina Joanna Smith a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco ( 1836) Die 5 a Octo bris 1836 natus et die 23& Octobris ejusdem ann i baptisatus fuit Joannes filius Joannis et Eliz. Sliney (olim Driscoll) conjugum. Patrinus Michael Neale, Matrina Francisca Saul. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1837) [po 56] Die sexta Decembris 1836 nata et die secunda Aprilis 1837 baptisata fuit Anna filia Jacobi Connor et Ellence Connor (olim Coyne) Conjugum. Patrinus Michael Kennedy, Matrina Joanna Kennedy . a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco (1837) Natus Die 26& Junii 1837, et die 23 a Julli ejusdem anni batisatus [sic] fuit Gulielmus filius Gulielmi et Marice (olim Considine) Clapshaw. Conjugum. Patrinus Hugo Murray, Matrina Ellena Saul. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco

Pagination supplied henceforth ( 1837) [p.57 ] Die 26& Junii 1837 natus, et die 23 a Julii ejusdem anni baptisatus fuit Joannes filius Jacobi et Annce (olim Bleach) Lacy Conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Bleach, Matrina Eliza Bleach. a me Josepho Rathborne Miss o Aposco




Hodie die nona Augusti 1837, nullo impedimento reperto, in Matrimonium conjunxi Joannem Baptistam Carolum Humbert de Quincy, Crelebem, et Mariam Annam Lacy, Viduam (olim Philp) Testes Matilda Chapman Louisa Fleming Chapman. Josephus Rathborne Miss u8 ApOSCUB Londiniensis ( 1837)

[p o 58J Die 18a Junii 1837 nata, et die 29 a Octobris 1837 baptisata fuit Maria Anna filia Samuelis West et Elizabeth \Vest (ohm Barry) conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Bleach, Matrina Joanna Kenevick. a me Josepho Rathborne Mlo Aco LUI (1837)

Die 27& Octobris natus, et die 28 a Novembris 1837 baptisatu5 fuit Joannes filius Richardi Harris et Annce Harris (olim Veal) conjugum. Matrina Anna Fagan. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. (1838)

Die 26 a Februarii natus, et die eadem baptisatus fuit Joannes Henricus filius Gulielmi Lacy et Elizabeth Lacy (olim Williams) conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Bleach, Matrina Anna Lacy. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. (1838)

[po 59J Die 27a Februarii nata et die 18& Martii ejusdem anni Baptisata fuit Catherina filia Hugonis Murray et Annce Murray (olim McLean) Conjugum. Patrinus Petrus Crummy. Matrina Francisca Saul. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. Hodie die decima septima Maii 1838 nullo impedimento reperto in Matrimonium conjunxi Georgium Croucher, et Franciscam Ceciliam Crouch, Puellam. Josephus Rathborne M.A. Hodie vigesima quinta J unii 1838 nullo impedimento reperto in Matrimonium conjunxi Laurentium Brannon et Elizabeth Reke, Puellam. Josephus Rathborne M. A.

[po 60J Hodie vigesima octava Januarii 1839 nullo "impedimento reperto in Matrimonium conjunxi Franciscum Fallick et Mariam Bedford. Josephu Rathborne M. A. L. (1839)

Die 19& Aprilis 1839 nata, et die 19a Maii ejusdem anni baptisata fuit Francisca filia Samueli West et Elizabeth \Vest (olim Barry) conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Faron, Matrina Francisca Saul. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L.




Die 13a Junii 1839 nata, et die 6a Julii ejusdem anni baptisata fuit Ellena filia Joannis Patrick et Anastasice Patrick (oHm Kinsella) conjugum. Matrina Maria Fleming. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. Hodie vigesima prima J ulii 1839, nullo impedimento reperto in Matrimonium conjunxi Gulielmum Coghlan et Mariam Fleming, Puellam. Josephus Rathborne M. A. L. [po 61J Hodie octava Augusti 1839, nullo impedimento reperto in Matrimonium conjunxi Jacobum Ford et Joannam Mariam (?) Hamill, Puellam. Josephus Rathborne M. A. L. ( 1840)

Die secunda Aprilis 1840 natus, et die 26& ejusdem mensis baptisatus fuit Thomas filius Timothei Leary et J ohannce Leary (olim Glarvin) conjugum. Patrinus Thomas Pendergast, Matrina Anna Murray. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. Die lOa Februarii 1841 nata, et die 14& Martii baptisata fuit Maria Joanna filia Samuelis West et Elizabeth West (olim Barry) conjugum. Patrinus Joannes Badlan. Matrina Joanna West. . a me J osepho Rathborne M. A. Die 10 Decembris 1841 nata, et die 28& ejusdem mensis baptisata fuit Maria Anna filia J eremice Sullivan et Ellence Sullivan (olim Clement) conjugum. Patrinus Patricius Sullivan. a me Josepho Rathborne M. A. L. ( 1843)

[po 62J Die 17& Octobris 1843 Nata, & die sexta Novembris ejusdem anni Baptizata fuit Teresia, filia Samuelis, & Elizce West (olim Barry) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Samuel Lelli Matrina Maria Hoskins. A me Gulielmo Josepho Fryer Miss. Apos. Lond. Dist. ( 1844)

Die 25 a Januarii 1844 Natus, & die undecima Februarii Baptizatus fuit Jeremias, filius J eremice et Ellence Sullivan (olim . Clement) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Joannes Welch, Matrina Catherina Riordan. A me Gulielmo Josepho Fryer M. A. L. Die l1a Septembris 1844 Nata, & die 29& ejusdem Mensis Baptizata fuit Anna filia Jacobi ac Marice Blake (olim Callaghan) conjugum. Patrinus Fuit J oannes Roe. Matrina vero Anna Fagan. A me Guli elmo Josepho Fryer M. A. L. (1846)

[p o63J Die 14a Maii 1844 nata, et die 27a Maii 1846 baptizata fuit Louisa, filia Richardi ac Annce Harris (olim Veal) conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Fagan. A me Gulielmo J osepho Fryer M. A. L. D.




Die 4" Decembris 1846 nata, & die 4" Januarii 1847 Baptizata fuit Medina Joanna Turner, filia Thoma: ac Medina: Sara: Turner (olim Dalton) conjugum. Matrina fuit Anna Fagan. A me Gulielmo Josepho Fryer M. A. (1847)

Die 17" Januarii 1847 Nata et die 28& Februarii ejusdem anni Baptizata fuit Carolina Blake filia Jacobi ac Maria: Blake (olim Connor) conjugum. Pati-inus fuit Bartoloma:us Lyden, Matrina Eliza West. A me Gulielmo Josepho Fryer M. A. L. D. (1849) [p.64J

Die 29& Martii 1849 Natus, et die 22a Aprilis ejusdem anni Baptizatus fuit Josephus, filius Samuelis ac Elizabeth West (olim Barry) conjugum. Patrinus Samuel Lelli. Matrina Elizabeth Moger. A me Gulielmo Josepho Fryer M. A. L. (1849)

Die 18 Junii 1849 natus et die 13 Julii 1849 Baptizatus fuit Josephus filius Thoma: Turner et Medina: Sara: olim Dalton conjugum. Patrini fuere Samuel Augustinus West et Catharina Graves. A me C. F. D' Arcy M. Ap . (1851)

Die 13 Decembris 1850 Natus et die 15 Januarii 1851 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Gulielmus filius Thoma: Turner et Medina: Sara:, olim Dalton, conjugum, Patrini fuere Thoma~ Moger et Elizabeth Moger. A me C. F. D'Arc)" (1851)


Die 21 Julii 1851 natus et die 10 Augusti 1851 Baptizatus fuit Robertus filius Roberti Dean et Dina: olim Mitchell conjugum. Patrini fuere Jacobus Timotheus D' Arcy et Maria J ana Coppinger. A me C. F. D' Arcy (1852)

[po 65J Die 26 Januarij 1852 natus et Die 3 Februarij baptizatus fuit Franciscus, filius Aaron et Elizabeth Weber (olim Ga1lemeni) conj. Patrinus fuit Franciscus Papillon, Margareta Weber. A me Edwardo Cox M. A. (1852)

Die 11 Octobris 1852 natus et die decima quarta Novembris baptizatus fuit Thomas Henricus Turner, filius Thoma: Turner et Medina: Sara: Turner (olim Dalton) conj: Patrinus fuit Thomas A me Josepho Bower Mo Apo Moger, Matrina Elizabeth West. (1852)

Die 27 Julii 1852 natus et die - - - Septembris 1852 baptizatus fuit Jacobus Thomas MacDonald, filius Richardi et Ellena: MacDonald (olim Murpby) conj: Matrina fuit Elizabetha West A me Josepho Bower Mis. Apos.



(1854) [po 66] Die 13 Martii 1854 natus et die 19 Martii 1854 baptizata fuit Margaretta Russell, Filia Joannis et Marice Russell (olim Manning) conj. Sponsores fuere Jacobus Johnson et Maria Blake. A me Josepho Bower M. Ap. (1854) Die 22 Martii 1854 natus et die 28 ejusdem mensis baptizatus fuit Joannes, filius Francisci et Annce Marice (olim Schact) Beger, conjugum. Sponsores fuere Joannes Harrig et Rosina DuDicham, a me J. A. Gross ( 1854) Die 14 Martii 1854 nata et die 28 ejusdem mensis baptizata fuit Eva Emma, filia Adami et Barbarce (olim Waltz) Weinreich, conjugum; sponsores fuere Philippus Maurer et Maria Eva Lutz, a me J. A. Gross ( 1854) Die II Aprilis 1854 baptizata fuit sub conditione Carolina Webb Budd. a me Josepho Bower (1854) [po 67] Die - - - 1854 nata et die 27 Septembris 1854 baptizata fuit Harrietta Turner, filia Thomce Turner et Medince Sarce Turner (olim Dalton) conj. Sponsores fuere Samuelis West et Maria Jane West. A me Josepho Bower (1854) Die 30 Septembris 1854 nata et die 12 Novembris 1854 baptizata fuit Jane McDonnell, filia Richardi et Ellence McDonnell (olim Murphy) Conj. Sponsores fuere David McDonnell et Jane Minto. A me Josepho Bower ( 1855) Die 30 Januarii 1855 nata et die 18 Februarii 1855 baptizata fuit Agnes Martina, filia Gulielmi et Annce (olim Rowe) Richards, conj. Sponsores fuere Gulielmus Hayward et Sara Rowe. . A me J osepho Bower (1855) Die 2¡ Aprilis 1855 baptizata fu it sub conditione Matilda Devereux. A me J osepho Bower (1856) [po 68J Die nona Maii 1856 baptiza tus fuit sub conditione Gulielmus Hayward. A me J osepho Bower (1856) Die 20 Junii 1856 baptizata fuit sub conditione Joanna White. A me Josepho Bower



(1856) Die Octobris 1856 natus et die 2& Novembris 1856 baptizatus fuit Sebastianus Henricus Petre filius Henrici et Ellence Petre, olim Walmesley, conj. Sponsores fuere - - - A me Josepho Bower (1856) Die Novembris 1856 natus et die 7& Decembris 1856 baptizatus fuit Thomas Josephus Russell filius Joannis et Marice Russell (olim Manning) conj. Sponsores fuere Samuel West et Maria Joanna West. A me Josepho Bower The Register is reversed and entries made from the end of the book. Three pages are left blank and on p. 4 is written:' The' cerificate required by the New Marriage Act to be signed by twenty Householders at least to obtain a Certificate of the Registry of this Chapel of St Thomas of Canterbury for the solemnisation of Marriages therein, dated the third day of October 1837, was countersigned by me, and signed by the following in the order as below Rd C. Degrenthe Jos. Rathborne Anne Bayly Marie Robinson Edward Day John Badlan M. Meehan William Faulkner Henry Halliday A. Stanton E. Moore James Saul W. Hillyer Junr. Samuel West Michael Neil W. J. Little Elijah Bayly Thomas Bleach M. Hall William Lacy J ames Alford Countersigned by me Jos. Rathborne as Proprietor The Chapel was duly Registered for the Solemnization of Marriages therein on the seventh of October 1837, and the Certificate of Registry signed by William Hearn Esq. Superintendent Registrar is dated. October 19th, 1837. Jos. Rathborne M. A. L. Cowes October 21st 1837 [p.6J Die 8 0 Junii 1849 sepultus fuit Reverendus Gulielmus Josephus Fryer prope Latus hujus Capellce. a me Joanne Clark Mo Apo In Capella apud Cowes sepulta sunt Corpora Rev dl Dni. 'Gulielmi Pierrepont qui obiit die 15a Februarii 1828, Rev dl Dni. Alexandri Maccabe, qui obiit die quinta Novembris 1830, et Seraphince Hunter, die sexta Septembris 1833.

[po 7J Confirmata ab Illus mo et Rev mo Gulielmo Episcopo Haliensi in Capella apud Cowes, die 20 a Octobris anno Dni. 1816 Emelia Day - Magdalena T eresia H. Radcliffe Eyre - Maria Anna Joanna McEntee - Anna Anna Redfern - Elizabetha



Francisca Mason - Maria Patrinus Gull Pierrepont, Pastor Confirmatce ab Illusmo et Rev mo Episo Haliensi in Capella apud ~ewport die 14a Julii anno Dni. 1822 Emilia White - Maria Harriet White - Elizabetha Amelia Bradford - Elizabetha Eliza Graham - Maria Patrinus, Joannes Russell Pastor, Gulielmus Pierrepont True Copy Of Mr. Pierrepont's certificate J os. Rathborne

LP. 8] Die 28 Augusti 1849 nullo impedimento detecto in Matrimonium conjuncti fuere Edvardus Gafney et Catharine Crawly - presentibus testibus Jacobo Timetheo D' Arcy et Eliza (?) Anna Hurley ' a me C. F. D'Arcy (Signatures of the two witnesses) Die 31 Maii 1845 natus et die 5 Decembris 1849 Baptizatus fuit Georgius Agustu~ Macdonald Bayley filius Elijah Bayley et Annce olim Garnett conjugum. Susceptrix fuit Elizabeth Hurley. a me Car. F. D'Arcy

INDEX OF PERSONS An asterisk denotes more than one reference on the page.

Adams, Ada, Mrs. Pollard, q.v. Catherine, nee Burke, 219 Francis, 219 Peter, 219 Addis, Cecily, 329 Adlerly, Catherine, Mrs. Denhar, q.v. Adrian, Michael, 299 ÂŁmel (or Cemel), see also Camel Catherine, nee Frelecus, 126 James, 126 John 126 Agan, Anthony, 122 Agnew, Ann, 335 Ahern (or Ahearn), Ann, daughter 0/ Timothy, 217 Ann, nee Barrett, 217, 267 Catherine, daughter 0/ Michael, 138 Catherine, godmother 1830,203 James Joseph, priest, 114 Jane or Judith, nee O'Donnell, 138 Margaret, Mrs. Seaward, q. v. Mary, nee Robinson, 195 Michael, 138 * Patrick, 195, 199 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 195 Timothy, 217 Ainsworth, Miss, schoolmistress, 34n. Air, Mary, Mrs. Burke, q.v. Akers, Cecily, nee Petty, 163 Stephen, 163 Stephen, son 0/ Stephen, 163 Alabone, Francis, 211 Martha, nee Roach, 211 Richard, 211 Alavant, Conrad, 126 Alder, - - , nurse, 36 Alford, Ann, 324, 325 Elizabeth, nee James, 324 James, 324, 347 John, 324* Alison, John, 15 Allan, Margaret, 161 Allbines, Ellen, nee McCarthy, 231 John, 231 Mary Ann, 231 Allcock, Eliza, Mrs. Dart, q.v. Allen, Ann, Mrs. Slater, q.v. Bridget, 176, 338 Elizabeth, nee Mahollan, 173 Elizabeth, nee Nash, 193*,200 Elizabeth, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v.

Elizabeth Mary, 314 James, 193*, 200, 205, 268 John,129,200 Joseph, 173 Sarah, 173, 193 William, 193 Alllz, Duncan, 169 Helen, nee McDonnell, 169 John,169. Alton, Christopher, 145 Margaret, nee Early, 145 Mary, 145 Alwell, Mary Ann, Mrs. Pierce, q. v. Anderson, Agnes, nee Kavanagh, 167 Ann, 159 Catherine, 167 James, 167 Joseph,213 Margaret, Mrs. Medley, q.v. Mary Emily, 213 Sarah, nee Corp, 213 Anderton, Blessed Robert, priest, 104 Andraghan, Jane, Mrs. Lyon, q.v. Andre, Mr. - - , 294 Andreu, John, 337 Andrews, Jane Eliza, 194 Anelly, Mary Ann, Mrs. Hinde, q.v. Angier, Francis, 226 Annary, Catherine, 182 Annecy, Catherine, 161 James, 161 Mrs. Mary, 161 Ansborough see Hansbury Ansell, James, 43* Anson, Mr., 0/ London, 47 Arbor, Margaret, nee Tracey, 176 Thomas, 176 William, 176 Archer, Henry, 159 Henry, son o/Henry, 159 Mary, 159 Mary, Mrs. Homer, q.v. Ardargh, Andrew, 313 Armery, Henry Dickenson, 313 Armstrong, Elizabeth, Mrs. Dunleavy, q.v. Mary, 197 Mother Mary Teresa, O.S.B., 89 Rose, Mrs. McDonough, q.v. Arneld, Ann, Mrs. Homer, q.v. Armnight, Caroline, Mrs. Hussey, q.v.


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Birmingham, Ann, Mrs . Kenahan, q.v. Julia, Mrs . Lodge, q.v. Birne, see Byrne Birt, Jane, 261 Bishop, Frederick, 313 Bivines, Jane, Mrs. Harding, q.v. Black[e], Ann, Mrs. Dowley, q.v. Elizabeth, 181 Blackburn, Margaret, nee MacCarthy [?], 258 Thomas, 258 Thomas MacCarthy [?], 258 Blackford, Mr., 43, 44 Blackley, Frances, Mrs . Moore, q.v. Blair, Margaret, 149 Margaret, nee Cleland, 149 Samuel,149 Blake, Ann, 178 Ann, daughter 0/ James, 344 Mrs. Ann, 204 Barbara Eliza, Mrs . Gray, q. v. Caroline, 345 Edward,314 James, 296, 344, 345 John, 204 Mary, 204, 346 Mary, nee Callaghan, 344 Mary, nee Connor, 345 Blakey, Catherine, nee Hogan, 236 James, 236 William, 236 Blandford, Amelia, 338 Ann,337 Frances, nee Butt, 333, 334, 336, 337, 338,339* Frances, daughter 0/ James, 339 James, 334, 336, 337, 338, 339 James, son 0/ James, 336 Mary Ann, 334 Thomas, 338 Blandin, Ann, nee MacKett, 326 Francis, 326* Francis Anthony Gabriel, 326 Blaney, Ann, 180 James, 180, 184 Mary, nee Burke, 180, 184 Blasires, Ann Maximiliana, 118 Blassea, Xavier, 119 Bleach, Ann, nee Hurley, 340, 341 Ann, Mrs. Lacy, q.v. Eliza, nee Lacy, 340*, 341, 342* Frances, 342 George, 340 Teresa Emma, 341 Thomas, 341, 342, 343*, 347 Thomas, husband 0/ Ann, 340, 341 Thomas, husband o/Eliza, 340*,341, 342* Thomas, son o/Thomas and Eliza, 340 Bleany, James, 181, 182


Bleumer, Jane, Mrs. Jacobs, q.v. Bligh, Silvester, 303 Bloomhead, (or Bromhead), Charles, 117 Major, 117 - - , nee Lynch, 117 Blondel, Mary Victoria Loyal, Mrs. Phillibert, q. v. Bloomer, Jane, Mrs. Jacobs, q.v. Bloomfield, Helen, nee Ledy, 339 John, 339 Thomas, 339 Blythe, Rose Ann, Mrs. Teevin, q.v. Boats (or Bouts), Mary, nee Semiter, 327 Mary Josephine, 327 Peter, 327 Bodkin, Elizabeth, Mrs'. Hanlon, q.v. Bodle, Henrietta, Mrs. Clemow, q.v. Bohannon, Patrick, 299 Boiseon, Le Fortier, comte de, 327 Boiton, Frances, nee Callaghan, 274 Martin, 274 Boland (or Boyland), Ann, nee Connor, 200 Ann, Mrs. Jack, q.v. Catherine, 200 Ellen, Mrs. Tiffin, q.v. Ellenor, 331 Mary, Mrs. Power, q.v. Patrick, 200 Bolster, Catherine, 178 John, 178, 187, 190 John, Sergeant, 309 Mary, nee Sercl1it, 178, 187 Matthew, 187 Samuel,190 Bommate, Thomas, 333 Bond, Mother Mary Clare, a.S.B., 82, 83, 85, 86 Bone[s], Catherine, Mrs. Sanders, q.v. Elizabeth, 169 James, 220 Susanna, nee Brown, 220 Mrs. Susanna, 311 Susanna Mary Ann, 220 William, 169 Bonnenzi, Ann, nee Wickenden, 144 John Leopold, 144 Martha,l44 Martha, nee Whittington, 144* Nathaniel Aloysius, 144 William, 144* Bonney, Thomas, 168 Booth, Mr., [? Solicitor], 60 Bossell, Joseph, 329 Louise Angela, nee Dodera, 329 Bostock, James, 167 John, 167 Mary, nee Crampton, 167 Mary, Mrs. Huddlestone, q.v.

Boughan, Daniel, 270 Laurence, 270 Bouhean, Jane, nee Hare, 138 Matthew, 138 Thomas, 138 Bourget, Abbe Aimable Nicolas, 108, 124, 128*, 318*, 325~~, 326*-329*. Bourke, see Burke Bourne, James, 140 Boutlayer, Mary Ann, Mrs. McDonnell, q.v. Bouts, see Boats Bowen (or Bone), Catherine, Mrs. Sanders, q,v. Bower, Canon Joseph, 113, 320, 321, 345*, 346*, 347* Mary, nee Balmer, 320 Thomas, 320 Bowering, Elijah P], 235, 240 Mary, 235, 240 Bowes, Ann, Mrs. Henry Heneage, q.v. Jeremiah,5 Bowhter P], James, 175 Bowles, Frederick S., priest, 107n. Bowley, Mary, 160 Bowman, Canon Thomas, 112,241,248, 258*,273,292,301*,303*,305,306. Bownter, see Bowhter Bowser, Thomas, 184 Boyce, Mary, Mrs. Jones, q.v. Boyd, Frances, M rs. Grubbin, q.v. Honora, M rs. Welch, q. v. Michael, 125 Boylan, Bernard, 297* Boyland, see Boland Boyle, Catherine, 165 Catherine, nee McGaning, 237 Esther, 162 Grace, M rs. Gallagher, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Gill, q.v. Michael, 162 Patrick, 237 Thomas, 237, 273 Boyne, Margaret, 163 Patrick, 163 Bl'adford, Amelia, 264, 348 Brading, Ann or Hanna, formerly Grimes, nee Salter, 131, 148 Elizabeth, Mrs. Rowe, q. v. Ezechias, 148 Jane, 148, 195, 264 Jane, Mrs. Dunn, q.v. Sarah, 281 William, 281 Bradley, Andrew, 165 Catherine, 236 Clare, 253 Eliza, 246 Francis, 263


James, 165 Jeremiah, 231, 236, 246, 253, 258, 269 Margaret, 165,231,269 Margaret, nee Brown, 165 Margaret, nee Mitchell, 231, 236, 246, 253,258 Mary, 269 Mary Ann, 244 Thomas, 296 William, 258 Brady, Ann, Mrs. Owens, q.v. Ann, Mrs . Shannon, q.v. Bridget, nee McGoverin, 155 Bridget, Mrs. O'Neill, q.v. Caroline, Mrs. Lacey, q.v. Catherine, nee Donoghue, 174 Catherine, Mrs . Laydon, q.v. Daniel, 174 Elizabeth, 200, 202 Henrietta, nee McDonald, 168, 262, 275 James, 174 John,271 Margaret, 221 Mary, 190 Mary, Mrs. Bayston, q.v. Mary Jane, 168 Matthew, 155 Michael, 270 Owen, 155 Patrick, 138, 200 Robert, 25 William, 168,262, 275 William, Ensign, 309 Bramley, Mary, nee Brennan, 157 Samuel, 157 William, 157 Bramston, James Yorke, Bp., V.A.Lond., 11 0, 111, 262, 264 Bramwell, Emily Margaret, 214 Sarah, nee Irving, 214 William, 214 Branagan, see Branigan Brandis, Elizabeth, nee Condrer, 154 John, 154 John, son 0/ John, 154 Brandon,John,250 Branfield, Robert, 175 Branigan (or Branagan), John, 305 Susan, Mrs. Temple, q.v. Brannan, Brannam, Brannon, see Brennan Brecker, Mary, Mrs. Lock, q.v. Bredall, - - , [? priest], 70 Breen, Mary Ann, widow, later Mrs., Worley, q.v. Michael, 195, 197, 199 Michael, 0/ Kilrush, 292 Bren[e], Thomas, 189 William, 165

Brenn vere Brown, q.v. Brennan (or Brenan or Brennon), Ann, daughter 0/ Dominic, 217 Mrs. Ann, 126 Bridget, Mrs. Cassidy, q.v. Dominic, 217, 222 Elizabeth, 265 Elizabeth, nee Reke, 343 Hannah,261 Honora, 286 James, 126, 163, 164 Jane, 222 John, 138,286,302 Joseph,126 Julia, 285 Julia, Mrs. Stapleton, q.v. Laurence, 343 Mary, 164, 236 Mary, nee Keehan, 217, 222 Mary, Mrs. Bramley, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Waters, q.v. Michael, 164, 181 Nabigail, 163 Nabitha, nee Donnelly, 163 Nicholas, 163 Patrick, 270 Thomas, 152 William, 236, 239 Brereton, George, 216, 224, 294 George, son 0/ George, 216 Mr ., apothecary, 43 Sarah, 224 Sarah, nee Carter, 216, 224 Brett, James, 297 Brewer, Henrietta, 146 Jane, nee Johnson, 146 Thomas, 146 Brian, see Bryan Brice, Ann, nee Cassidy, 164 Denis, 164 Elizabeth Mary, 315 William, 164 Bridgett, Ann, 226 Robert, 231 Bridgland, Ellen Mahony, 214 John, 214, 266, 311 Mary, nee Mahony, 214 Brien, Mary, 206 Mary, nee Dacey, 206 Maurice, 206 Briggs, Dr., priest, 320 Brin, Eleonor, 130 Margaret, nee Wilkinson, 130 Patrick, 130 Brindle, Mother Mary Placid, O.S.B. , 66n. Mr., 66 William, 66n. Brine, Margaret, 177


Brining, Mary, 133 Brinnan, Ann, nee Ryan, 138 James, 138 Mary, 138 Brinnon, Ann, nee Burt, 132 James, 132 Laurent, 206 Mary, 132 Brittain, Thomas Lewis, a.p., 82, 82n. Broadly, James, 226 Brockholes, see Fitzherbert-Brockholes Brogen, Ann, 158 Bromhead, see Blomhead Broohneren, Frances, Mrs. Pechle, q.v. Brookes, Arthur, 197 Elizabeth, Mrs. Muckteer, q.v. Rev. Henry, 313 Martha, 314 Mary, Mrs. Burke, q.v. Mr., 96 Samuel Philpot, 275 Sophie, nee Willis, 275 Brophy, Patrick, 180 William, 300 Brosure, Eliza, Mrs. Mitchell, q.v. Brough, Coleman, 286 Eliza Ann, nee Osborne, 286 Margaret, 286 Michael, 286 Brown & Caddy, see Caddy & Brown Brown[e], Ann 256 Ann, nee Lysted, 3 Ann, Mrs. Daly, q.v. Ann, Mrs. James, q.v. Bernard, 144 Bridget, con! 1849, 269 Bridget, godmother 1843,218 Bridget, godmother 1849, 236 Bridget, nee Griffin, 218 Catherine, nee Connor, 336 Catherine, Mrs. Mullane, q.v. Cecily, Mrs. Iden, q.v. Eliza, 218 Elizabeth, nee Urry, 1*, 32n., 58n., 86 Elizabeth, Mrs. Heneage, q,v. George, 269 John (1), father of Mrs. Heneage, 1*, 3, 21n., 23, 23n., 26, 27, 29, 31*, 32, 32n., 36*, 37, 39*, 60*, 61, 62, 65n., 86, 105n. John (2), godfather 1807, 140 John (3), godfather 1843, 218 John (4), husband of Catherine, 336 John (5), husband of Mary (4), 256 John (6), of Brenchley, 1625, 1, 3 John (7), of Brenchley, son ofJolm (6), 3 John (8), of Brenchley, son of John (7), 1,3 Judith, Mrs. Lawler, q.v.

Margaret, daughter of John (4), 336 Margaret, godmother 1803, 131 Margaret, nee Foley, 171 Margaret, Mrs. Bradley, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Mahan, q.v. Martha, nee Tylden, 3 Mary (1), con! 1849,269 Mary (2), godmother 1805-20, 134, 168, 177 Mary (3), godmother 1841, 213 Mary (4), nee Ferguesson, 256 Mary (5), wife of John (7),1 Michael, 178 Peter, 218, 246, 269 Susan, nee Clarke, 192 Susan, nee Langley, 3 Susanna, Mrs. Bone, q.v. Thomas, 171 Thomas, son of Thomas, 171 William (1), 192 William (2), servant of John Heneage, 18 William (3), son of William (1), 192 family, 1, 105 Brownlee, Jane, Mrs. Dunbar, q. v. Brownley, Ann, 162 Bruin, Mary Ann, 155 Patrick, 155 Rose, nee Dooning, 155 Brukher, Petronilla, Mme. Versturme, q.v. Brumel, Ann, Mrs. Fitzmorris, q.v. Brussbhen, Catherine, Mrs. Spranklin q.v. Bruyhes, Petronilla, Mme. Versturme, q.v. Bryan (or Brian), Ann, 172 Catherine, 128 Dennis, 299 Elizabeth Sarah, nee Pine, 207, 224, 232,283 James, 203, 283 Jane, 275 Margaret, 283 Margaret, Mrs. Kennelly, q.v. Mrs. Mary, 203 Mary, Mrs. White, q.v. Patrick (1), husband of Mary, 203 Patrick (2), husband of Sarah, 153 Patrick (3), son of Patrick (2), 153 Sarah, nee Corr, 153 William, 283 Buchanburg, Teresa de, 119 Buckeridge, Elizabeth Mary, 250 George, 250 Buckler, Reginald, a.p., 113 Buckley, Ann, 192,286 Mary, Mrs. Leary, q.v. Patrick, 194 Timothy, 204


Budd, Caroline Webb, 346 Susanna, Mrs. Donoghue, q.v. Buissinne, Christina, Mrs. Bird, q.v. Bulger, John, 166 Margaret, nee Harthorne [?], 166 William, 166 Bull, Ann, 258 Henry, 248, 290, 312 Henry, son o/Henry, 248 Henry, ex-Drum-Major, 308 Mary Ann, nee Kennedy, 248 Bully, Ann, Mrs. Magauran, q.v. Bulst, Francis, 194 Sarah, 194 Bultin, Mrs. Ann, 203 Robert, 203 William, 203 Bultitude, John, 0/ Norwich, 285 John, son 0/ John, 285 Mary, wife 0/ John, 285 Rosanne, nee Tox, [or Fox ?], 285 Buncombe, Charles, 261, 309 Charles Joseph, 163, 169, 170, 173, 179, 183, 188, 195 Charles Joseph, son o/Charles Joseph, 179 Elizabeth Mary, 173 Jane, nee James, 140, 154, 157, 163, 169,170.173,176,179,183*,188,261 Jane Ellen, 188 John, 163,264 Mary Ann, 169 Burden, Alice, 286 Catherine, Mrs. Perkett, q.v. Jane, Mrs. Kilpoy, q.v. William, 286 Bm¡ke (or Bourke), Andrew, 134 Ann, nee Ellis, 246, 303 Ann, Mrs. Carr, q.v. Catherine, daughter o/Dominic, 133 Catherine, daughter 0/ Patrick, 191 Catherine, daughter o/Thomas, 197 Mrs. Catherine, o/Tipperary, 292 Catherine, Mrs. Adams, q.v. Catherine, MrS. Rush, q.v. Charles, 337 David, 292 Dominic, 133 Edmund, 137 Elizabeth, 270 Elizabeth, nee Barry, 283 Ellen, daughter o/Hubert, 187 Ellen, godmother, 183 Ellen, nee Luce, 246 Francis, 272 Hubert, 187 James, d. 1852, 303 James, husband 0/ Jane, 134 Jane, nee Connolly, 187 Jane, nee Mac Gahan, 134

Mrs. Jane, 0/ Chelsea, 283 John (1), husband 0/ Ann, 246 John (2), husband 0/ Judith, 131 John (3), husband 0/ Margaret, 207 John (4), son o/Peter, 246 John (5), sponsor 1827-8, 199, 276 Joseph,270 Judith, nee Hinds, 131 Margaret, daughter 0/ John (3), 207 Margaret, daughter o/Patrick, (4),185 Margaret, wife 0/ John (3), 297 Margaret, Mrs. Huggins, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Jackman, q.v. Mary, daughter o/Michael (4), 136 Mary, godmother 1804, 133 Mary, godmother 1822-8, 181, 199 Mrs. Mary, 0/ Castle Bar, 283 Mary, nee Air, 133 Mary, nee Brookes, 197 Mary, nee Curley, 136 Mary, nee Tinnuchi, 283 Mary, Mrs. Blaney, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Faure, q.v. Matilda, 246, 303 Matthew, 117 Michael (1), god/ather 1810, 147 Michael (2), god/ather 1830,203 Michael (3), god/ather 1852,246 Michael (4), husband o/Mary, 136 Patrick (1), con/. 1849,270 Patrick (2), god/ather 1806, 137 Patrick (3), husnamd 0/ Mary, 283 Patrick (4), husband 0/ Sarah, 185*, 191, 337 Peter, god/ather 1829,201 Peter, husband o/Ellen, 246 Sarah, nee McCann or McGinn, 185 rlt , 191, 337 Stephen, 270, 283 Stephen, 270, 283 Thomas (1), god/ather 1803, 131 Thomas (2), husband 0/ Mary, 197 Thomas (3), 0/ Chelsea, 283 Thomas (4), son 0/ John (2), 131 Thomas (5), son o/Thomas (3),283 Burne, see Byrne Burnell, Mrs., 0/ Hammersmith School, 36 Burness, Isabella, Mrs. Mahoney, q.v. Burns, see Byrne Burrios (or Baris), Anthony, 184* Caroline, 184 George, 184 Mrs. Mary, 184* Burrows, Ann, Mrs. Childerhouse, q.v. Burt, Ann, 175 Ann, Mrs. Brinnon, q.v. Burton, Canon Edwin, 319 James, 304


Busby, John, priest V.G. 29*, 29n., 61, 62 Bush, Ann, housekeeper, 195, 205, 207, 210, 213-5, 220-22, 233, 249, 253, 254, 256*, 265, 289-92*, 294n., 308,310 Mrs. Ann, 294 Ann Mary, 212 Catherine, Mrs. Frampton, q. v. John, 301, 312 Mary, Mrs. Symmonds, q.v. Sarah, Mrs. Hamilton, q.v. Butcher, Ann, 336 Ann, nee Wheeler, 336 James, 336 Mrs. Helena Louisa Mary, 314 Butler, Alban, priest, 18n., 21, 29, 45 Catherine, 284 Edmund, 166 Elizabeth, 265, 310 Elizabeth, nee Dale, 185 James, 136, 185 John, 192 Mary, Mrs. McGrath, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Morgan, 154 Peter, priest, 112* T., clerk, 296 Thomas, 185,217,218,219*,221,223, 232, 265, 277 Thomas Alban, 212, 215, 218, 219, 232 William Henderson, 314 Butt, Frances, Mrs. Blandford, q.v. Butterly, Mary, Mrs. Scanlan, q.v. Buyling, Christiana, 126 John, 126 Matilda, nee Van Kampe, 126 Byrne (Birne, Burne, Burns), Agnes, 222 Alice (1), nee Carter, 222, 227, 228, 234, 242 Alice (2), nee McGuire, 166*, 167 Andrew, 282 Ann, daughter 0/ Mark, 176 Ann, daughter 0/ Matthew, 234 Ann, godmother 1809-11, 145, 333 Ann, !lee Riley, 137 Ann, Mrs . Gray, q.v. Ann, Mrs . Smith, q.v. Brian, 141, 274 Bridget, godmother 1846-53, 227, 251 Bridget [or Barnes] nee Hannan, 230 259* Bridget, nee Welsh, 176 Bridget, Mrs. Hassett, q.v. Catherine (1), 1844-53,231,235,252, 267 Catherine (2), daughter o/Michael (4), 242 Catherine (3), nee Miler, 192


Catherine (4), nee Neil, 183 Catherine (5), nee Ryan, 170 Denis, 156 Edward (1), bapt. and con/. 1844-9, 269,311 Edward (2), d. 1851, 300 Edward (3), son 0/ John (6), 169 Edward (4), son 0/ John (6), 172 Edward, (5), son o/Thomas, (1), 284 Eliza, 254 Elizabeth (1), daughter o/Matthew (2), 227 Elizabeth (2), godmother 1856, 260 Elizabeth (3), nee Donnellan, 168 Elizabeth, Mrs. Conlin, q.v. Elizabeth Mary, 230 Ellen, 228 Emily, 168 Felix, 248 George, 141 Hannah, nee Flynn, 259 Helen, nee Rourke, 156 Hugh, 168 Isaac, [or Barnes), 230, 259* James (1), 1830-49,272, 310 James (2), god/ather 1812, 153 James (3), husband 0/ Margaret (5), 227, 231, 235 James (4), son 0/ John (5), 188 James (5), son 0/ Patrick (2), 170 Jane, nee Parkinson, 141 John (1), god/ather 1846-51, 227, 244 John (2), husband 0/ Alice (2), 166"', 167 John (3), husband 0/ Ann, 137 John (4), husband o/Catherine (4), 18~ John (5), husband o/Margaret (4), 188 John (6), husband 0/ Mary (4), 169, 172*,178 John (7), son o/Denis, 156 John (8), son o/George, 141 Judith, Mrs . Mahoney, q.v. Lucy Ann, nee Spencer, 282 Malachy, 192 Malachy Thomas, 259 Margaret (1), daughter o/Hugh, 168 Margaret (2), daughter 0/ James (3), 235 Margaret (3), godmother 1813-30, 155, 192,204 Margaret (4), nee Murphy, 188 Margaret (5), nee Smith, 227, 231,235 Margaret, Mrs. Doran, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Hickey, q.v. Margaret, lvfrs. Miller, q. v. Mark, 176 Martha, 238 Mary (1), daughter o/Brian, 141 Mary (2), daughter 0/ John (2), 167 Mary (3), godmother 1815-17, 164, 169

Mary (4), nee Artey or Harty, 169, 172, 178 Mary (5), nee Hennessy, 141,274 Mary (6), nee Keenan, 155 Mary (7), nee Lewis, 242 Mary (8), wife of Andrew, 282 Mary (9), wife of Thomas (1),284 Mary, Mrs. Hookey, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Mulligan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Strudgeon, q.v. Mary Ann, daughter of James (3), 227 Mary Ann, daughter of John (6), 178 Mary Ann, nee Cole, 284 Matthew (1), d. 1795, 122 Matthew (2), husband of Alice (1), 219, 222,227,228,234,242,266 Matthew (3), son of Matthew (2), 242 Michael (1), conf. 1849,272 Michael (2), husband of Catherine (3), 192 Michael (3), husband of Mary (6), 155 Michael (4), husband of Mary (7), 242 Neil,145 Patrick (1), con/. 1849, 270 Patrick (2), husband of Catherine (5), 170 Patrick (3), husband of Elizabeth (3), 168 Patrick (4), son of John (4), 183 Patrick (5), son of Michael (2), 192 Robert, 270 Sarah, daughter of Matthew (2), 222 Sarah, daughter of Michael (3), 155 Thomas (1), husband of Mary (9), 284 Thomas (2), son of John (3), 137 Timothy, 282 William (1), godfather 1846, 226 William (2), husband of Hannah, 259 William (3), of St. Helena Regt., 297 Winifred, Mrs. Farrell, q.v. Caddell (or Cadle), Cecily, 211 Jesse, 230 Polina Mary, 214 Richard O'Farell, 214 Caddin, James, 184 Caddy & Brown, Grocers, 9 Cade, Jack, The Rebel, 1, 3 Cadle, see Caddell Caffry (or Caffree), Helen, 136 Jane, Mrs. Wyatt, q.v. Margaret, nee Moran, 135, 136 Owen, 136* Susan, Mrs. Coddington, q.v. Cagbal, Catherine, 130 Cahan, James, 323 Cahill, Alice, Mrs. Hogan, q.v. Catherine, nee Kavanagh, 134 Jane, Mrs. Lynch, q.v.

John,134 Martin, 270 Patrick, 134 William, 314 Cain, see also Cane, Kane, Keane Andrew, 135 Andrew, son of Andrew, 135 Ann, nee Thomas, 131 Bridget, 144, 148, 151 Bridget, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Bridget, Mrs. Trower, q.v. Catherine, 226 Catherine, Mrs. Richardson, q.v. Cecily, Mrs. Keegan, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Crow, q.v. Ellen, 197 Henry, 131 John, 129, 131, 182 Judith, Mrs. Mead, q.v. Mary, 147 Mary, nee Kolon, 135 Patrick, 226 Calahan (or Calian), see Callaghan Callaghan (Calahan, Calian, Callahan, Callahen, Callahern, Kallaghan) Alice, Mrs. Kennedy, q.v. Barnabas, 154 Bridget, nee Connor, 154 Bridget, Mrs. Devine, q.v. Catherine, nee Roster, 133 Daniel, 197 Eleonora, Mrs. Thompson, q.v. Eliza, Mrs. Walker, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Lynch, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Power, q.v. Frances, Mrs. Boiton, q.v. Honora, 200 Jane, M rs. Moran, q.v. Jeremiah, 130 John, husband of Margaret, 132 John, husband of Mary (4), 197 John, husband of Mary (5), 289 John, son of Jeremiah, 130 Margaret, nee Kirwan, 132 Mary (1), daughter of Barnabas, 154 Mary (2), godmother 1828, 198 Mary (3), nee Leary, 130 Mary (4), nee McCarthy, 197 Mary (5), nee Roach, 289 iVl rs. Mary (6), of Cork, 289 Mary, Mrs. Blake, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Malay, q.v. Mary, Mrs. White, q.v. Patrick, d.J85J, 301 Patrick, of Cork, 289 Sarah,132 Thomas, con/. 1849, 272 Thomas, husband of Catherine, 133


Callagher, Ann, nee Fox, 224 Francis, 224 Thomas Hugh, 224 Callahan (Callahen, Callahern), see Callaghan Callan, Andrew, 209 Michael, 209 Rose Ann, nee Cane, 209 Callhem, Mary, Mrs. Reading, q.v. Calrey, Mary, 194 Camble, see Campbell Camel (or Cammel), see also }Emel Catherine, 132 Ellen, M rs. Hatton, q.v. Jane, nee Moore, 132 John, 132 Cammill, Mary, Mrs . Barrett, q.v. Campbell (or Camble), Arthur, 257 Catherine, 242 Catherine, Mrs. Atherton, q.v. Mrs. Elizabeth, 314 Ellen, 308 George Henry, 237 Helen, nee Priestley, 237, 242 Henry Torrens, 175 James, 157, 187 John, 237, 242 John, son 0/ John, 237 Margaret, nee Farell, 257 Margaret, nee Miken, 175 Mary, Mrs. Mahoney, q.v. Mary, NIrs . Moore, q.v. Mary Jane, 314 Patrick, 200, 257 Torrens, 175 William, 242 Camping, Julia, Mrs. Durmidee, q.v. Campion, John, 244 Mary Ann, nee Sullivan, 244, 245 Patrick, 244, 245 Cane, see also Cain, Kane, Keane Catherine, nee Dowlan, 176 James, 176 John, 176 Rose AIm, Mrs. Callan, q. v. Cannon, Bridget, Mrs. Cavanagh, q. v. Bridget, Mrs. Phillips, q.v. Ellen, 215 John, 155 Martin, 215, 277 Mary, nee Healy, 215, 277 Cantello, Harriett, 231, 241 Mrs. Harriett, 314 Jessie, 232 William, 241 Cantevell, Mrs. Mary, 311 Cantwell, Catherine, 130 Mary, 267

Canty, Ann or Hannah, nee Quin, 235, 243 George, 243, 302 John, 235, 243 John, son 0/ John, 235, 300, 302 Car[a]bine, Margaret, 180, 185 Caraman, Cecile AgatheAdelaide Requet de Countess de Sommery, q.v. Carberry, Elizabeth, 139 Patrick, 271 Carey, see also Cary Helen, Mrs. Creed, q.v. James, 153 Jane, Mrs . O'Brian, q.v. Mary, 179 Mary, nee Nolan, 153 Patrick, 190 Sarah, 153 Carfoot, Elizabeth, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Cariz, Cecilia, Mrs . Schouden, q.v. Carle, Catherine, nee Welch, 222 Catherine, nee White, 224,228* Dennis, 224, 228* Dennis, son a/Dennis, 228 James, 222 Jane, nee Donohue, 234 John, 234 Margaret, 234 Mary, 222 Carlen, James, 172 Margaret, 172 Margaret, nee Henvey, 172 -t::arley, James, 178 Carlye, Mary, Mrs. Grant, q.v. Carminho, Romana do, 153 Carne, Mary, 236 Mary, Mrs. Scalin, q.v. Carney, James, 303 Caroll, see Carroll Carotty, Bridget, Mrs. Shanahan, q.v. Carpue, Mrs. c., 55, 56 Charles, 36n., 47 Mrs. Frances, 0/ Hammersmith, 4U, 41 *, 42*, 43*, 44, 45 Mr., shoemaker, 36, 42, 47 Carr, Ann, nee Burke, 292 Ellen, NIrs. Madden, q.v. George, 313 John, 262, 292 Margaret, Mrs. MacDonnell, q.v. Martha, 266, 311 Mrs. Mary, 292 Mary Ann, Mrs. Cunningham, q.v. Sarah, 200 Thomas, 292 Carroll, Bridget, 215 Christopher, 116 Christopher, son a/Christopher, 116 Daniel, 150 Henry, 189


James, 189, 190 Margaret, 248 Margaret, Airs. McManus, q.v. Margaret, Mrs . Wise, q.v. Mary (1), 150 Mary (2), nee McCarey, 189 Mary (3), nee Scanlan, 150 Mary (4), nee Welsh, 330 Mary, Mrs . Dyer, q.v. Mary, Mrs. James, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Mullins, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Shepherd, q.v. Michael, 217 Patrick, 239, 315 Rose, Mrs . McGarry, q.v. Mrs. Sarah, 116 Thomas (1), d. 1852, 302 Thomas (2), husband 0/ Mary (4), 330 Thomas (3), son o/Thomas (2),330 Carter, Alice, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. ~,193, 212, 232,264, 282 ~, Mrs. Griggs, q.v. Charlotte, 310 George, 193,206,207,213*,224,264, 293, 309 James, 175 Mary, 185, 186,207,213, 301 Mary, nee Kinsley, 193 Sarah, Mrs. Brereton, q.v. Carthy, Elizabeth, Mrs. Horen, q.v. Cartledge, Caroline, Mrs. Heney, q.v. Mary, 237 Cartrose, Ann, Mrs. Holstein, q.v. Carty, Ann, 275 Catherine, 128 Edward, 122 Martin, 163 Patrick, 271, 275 Cary, see also Carey, Catherine, nee Clements, 143 Catherine, Mrs. Green, q.v. Mother Flavia, 88 James, 143 John, 143 Lydia, Mrs. Golding, q.v. Thomas, 156 Caryle, Mary, Mrs. Grant, q.v. Caryll, Alexius, O.S.B., 88 John, 88 Abbess Mary, O.S.B., 88*, 88n. Casey (or Casy), Andrew 153 ~, Mrs. McFarline, q. v. Bridget, nee McCormick, 153 Eliza, nee MacDunner, 229 Elizabeth, 230 James, 229, 288 Jane, nee Murphy, 252, 256, 289 Jeremiah, priest, 114 John, 252, 288

John, son 0/ John, 252, 304 John, 0/15th Depot, 308 Mary, A/rs. Cave, q.v. Mary~, 153 Michael, 229 Patrick, 122 Peter, 134 Casb, Margaret, 243 Thomas, 243 Casban, Bridget, Mrs . Bergan, q.v. Cashen (or Cashell), Elizabeth, 180 Elizabeth, Mrs. Shea, q.v. Casouzan, Ann, 185 Cassidy, Alice, 170 ~, Mrs. Brice, q.v. Ann, Mrs. Rogers, q.v. Bridget, nee Brannan, 193 Catherine, 143, 243, 274 Edward,193 Helen, 168 Helen, Mrs. Glancey, q.v. Henry, 262 James, 179*, 195 John, 243 Mary, 116, 179,202 Mary, nee Byrne, 179, 195 Maurice, 116 Rose, 193 Terence, 192 Thomas, 270 William, 123, 195 Winifred, 116 Casson, Catherine, Mrs. Rawden, q.v. Castan, Mary, 126 Castaux, Mary, 255 Castle, Bridget, nee Range, 277 Joseph, 277 Casy, see Casey Cates, Ann, 341 Ann, nee Fanelly, 137, 139, 260 Francis, 137 James, 137 Catbnick, ~, Mrs. Nugent, q.v. Caton, vere Keating, q.v. Caude, Catherine, 165 Caulfield, Catherine, nee McGuire, 163 George, 163 Peter, 163* Cavanagh, see also Kavanagh Ann, Mrs. Hogan, q.v. Bridget, nee Cannon, 118 Daniel Bryant, 227 Edward, 219,227, 296 Elizabeth, 118 Ellen, 255 Jane, 118 John,295 Julia, 219, 297 Margaret, 188,269 Margaret, Mrs. Kallin, q.v.


Margaret, Mrs. Martin, q.v. Mary, nee Connelly, 219, 227, 269 Patrick, 118 Cave, John, 153 Margaret, 153 Mary, nee Casey, 153 Caveney, James, 263 Cavotty, Bridget, Mrs. Shanahan, q.v. Cayley, Timothy, 169 Cazotte, Madeleine, Mrs. Montaguard, q.v. Chabond, Frances Louise Albertine, 323 Jane, nee Poeston, 323 Joseph, 323* Chairman, Mary, 167 Chale, John, 133 Challoner, Bishop Richard, 18n., 22n., 33n., 36n.*, 37*, 38, 45n., 46, 46n., 50, 51, 51n., 56, 62, 62n ., 64, 64n.*, 80. Chamberlaine, Alice, Mrs . Marsh, q.v. Chambers, Ann, nee Lyons, 276 Catherine, 243 Stephen, 276 Chapman, James, 297 Louisa Fleming, 343 Mary, 136, 165 Mary, nee Barber, 136 Maud,343 Sarah,152 William, 136 Chemeportte, Joseph, 119 Joseph, son of Joseph, 119 ]\I[rs. Josepha, 119 Chester, Miss, 31 Cheverton, Edward, 274 James, 291 Jane, Mrs. Hayward, q. v. John,291 Mary, 291, 314 Sarah, 291 Cheylus, Mgr., Bishop of Bayeux, 110 Chiftra, Catherine Teresa, 118 James, 118 Mary Creda, nee Portsa, 118 Childerhouse, Ann, nee Burrows, 166 Robert, 166 Thomas, 166 Chisholm, Aeneas, Bp., V. A. Highland, 94 John, Bp., V. A. Highland, 77, 94*, 95 Chissell, Mary, 310 Mary Ann, Mrs. Wolfe, q.v. Chitter ton, Ann, 167 Chiverton, Ann, nee Shanahan, 174 John, 174 Mary, 174 Chretien, Abbe, 110, 110n.

Christie, Amelia, nee O'Connor, 186 Eliza, nee Molahem, 250 Laurence, 250 Margaret, 186 Michael, 250 Mr., 43 William, 186'" Christmass, James, 254 Christopher, Joseph, 164 Joseph, son of Joseph, 164 Sarah, nee Beazley, 164 Churcb, Thomas, Upholsterer, 9 Churchill, Eleanor, 152 Chusy, Mary, 116 Circcllo, Marquis de, Neapolitan Ambassador in London, 319 Clacken, James, 177 Mary, nee Fagan, 177 Rose, 177 Clanchy, John, 165*, 166, 167, 168* Patrick, 168 Clancy, Bridget, nee Gleeson, 233, 239 John,233, 237, 239,271 Margaret, 205 Michael, 233 Thomas, 204, 205 Thomas, son of Thomas, 205 Thomas (John?) [sic], 301 Clansie, Hugh, 164 John, 152 John, son of John, 152 Mary, nee Weatherick, 152 Clapshaw, Mary, nee Considine, 342 William, 342 William, son of William, 342 Clare, Elizabeth Julia Georgina Fitzgibbon, Countess of, 217, 217n. Clarke, Ann, Mrs . McCormick, q. v. Bridget, 156 Catherine, 200, 203 Catherine, nee Fewry or Fenry, 202 Catherine, Mrs. Barker, q.v. David,156 Edward,125 Eliza, 1lee Read, 249 Elizabeth, 334 Elizabeth, nee Hanity, 188 Elizabeth, nee Smith, 334-5 Elizabeth, Mrs. Phillips, q.v. Henry, priest, 113 James, 132, 176, 202 Jane, 244,247 Jane, Mrs . Edwards, q.v. Jane, Mrs . Glynn, q.v. Johanna Bridget, 156 John, 149, 188 John, priest, 320, 347 John George, 249 Lucy, 140 Margaret, 150, 154


Margaret, nee Kinsheller, 173 Margaret, nee Lacy, 132 Margaret, nee Sutton, 150 Mary, 176, 184, 194 Mary, Mrs. Nichol, q.v. Mother Mary, O.S.B., 89 Michael, 173, 202, 247, 249, 289 Mr., 105 Mr., Registrar [?], 21 Newton, 312 Patrick, 132 Richard, 173 Robert, clerk, 28 Rose, Mrs., McCarthy, q.v. Susan, Mrs. Brown, q.v. Thomas, 150, 334-5 William, 188, 299 Clarkin, Catherine, 189 Clary, Denis, 203 John, 127, 128, 330 Margaret, nee Dye, 127, 128 Martha, Mrs. Wright, q.v. Mary, 203 Patrick, 127, 128 Clavering, Abhess Ann, O.S.B., 89, 90 Frances, Mrs. Robinson, q.v. Clayton, Margaret, 117 Mary, nee O'Hara, 117 William, 117 Clear, Jane Mary, 315 Cleary, Augustus John, 231 Daniel, 186, 188,204 James, 231 Laurence, 199 Mary, nee Crow, 231 Mary, nee Reedy, 199 Mary, Mrs. (Caton) Keating, q.v. Michael, 199 Cleland, Margaret, Mrs. Blair, q.v. Clement, Ellen, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Clements, Catherine, Mrs. Cary. q.v. Clemow, Catherine, 165 Henrietta, nee Bodle, 165 John William, 165 Clery, Grace, 332 Clevo, Jane, 205 John,205 John Benjamin, 205 Cliff, George, 335 John, 335 Margaret, nee Rhiley, 335 Clifford, Daniel, 304 Margaret, Mrs. Osborne, q.v. Sir Thomas, 44n. Clinton, Alexander, S.J., alias Mackenzie, 40, 40n" 82*, 82n., 85, 85n. Catherine, 209 Henry, 209, 212 John,212

Margaret, nee Henchey, 209, 212 Owen, 178 Cloevet, Elizabeth, Mrs. Crasburgh, q.v. Cloghessy, Margaret, 244 Margaret, nee Kearn, 244 Thomas, 244 Clohosy, Ellen, nee Green, 200, 201 James, 200 Pa trick, 200 Clum [?], James, 126 Clyne, Margaret, 143 Coates, F., publisher, 781l. Mary Ann, 199 Mrs., 98 Cochet, Abbe Alexandre, 107 Cochlan, Patrick, 271 Cocks, Julia, 228 Coddington, Susan, nee Caffree, 275 William, 275 Codle, Henrietta, Mrs. Wall, q.v. Coen, Margaret, 189 Coffee, Catherine, Mrs. Lennard, q.v. Elizabeth, 140 John, 140 James, 226, 268 Mary Ann, 267 Coflill, Bernard, 156 Mary, [or McMullen], 156 Mary, nee McMullan [?], 156 Cogger, Alfred, 273 Cogher, Alfred, 312 Coghlan, see also Coughlan - - , twins, 293 Ann,288 Sister Ann, Poor Clare, 86, 86n., 87 Cecily, 146 Ellenor, 178 Helen, 173 John, 173, 271, 276, 288 John Peter, publisher, 24, 24n., 26*, 29*, 32, 35,41,42,45,47,52*,56*, 66*, 72*, 74-76, 80*, 80n., 87, 95. Jome Melanus, 219 Margaret, 197 Margaret, nee Steven, 276 Mary, 288 Mary, nee Fleming, 212, 219, 344 Mary, Mrs. Yeats, q.v. The Misses, of Aire, 87 Monica, 212 William, 212, 219, 344 Coke, see also Cooke Ann, 217, 267, 280 Catherine, 223 Michael, 266, 280 Cokum, Mary, Mrs. Duplan, q.v. Coldwell, Isabel, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. Cole, Abraham, 284 Mrs. Elizabeth, 284


Mrs. Emmeline Mary, 314 Mary Ann, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Colebrook, Abigal, Mrs. Valentine, q.v. Coleman, Bridget, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Barry, q.v. Coley, Margaret, Mrs . Connor, q.v. Collert, James, 308 Collier, Margaret, 258 Molly, 45 Collins, Ann, 236, 238 Ann, Mrs. Coulton, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Regan, q.v. Cornelius, 180 David,314 Honora, 206 James, 0/ Isle 0/ Wight, 155,162,204 James, 0/ Malta, 285 Jane, 207 John, 206 John, son 0/ John, 206, 257 [?] John Haskell, 313 Joseph,272 Margaret, 238 Margaret, nee McCurrin [?], later Mrs. McGennity, q.v. Mary, 147,204 Mary, nee Conolly, 204 Mary, nee Dogherty, 162 Robert, 268 Thomas, 162 Timothy, 272 William, 271 Collum, Edward, 128 Colombier~ Jean Baptist Phillibert, see Phillibert Combes, Mary, Mrs . Earley, q.v. Comerford, Catherine, nee Wallen, 148 Sarah,148 Thomas, 148 Commins, see also Cummins Ann, 190 Conaghton, Edward, 201 Concargh, Ann, 218 John, 278 Mrs. Mary, 278 Mary, nee Jones, 278 Michael, 218, 278 Michael, drummer, 294 Condon, Ann, Mrs. Milligan, q.v. Condrer, Elizabeth, Mrs. Brandis, q.v. Coney, Eleonora, nee Conolly, 133 Henry, 133 Henry, son o/ Henry, 133 John, 135 Coni, Dominic, 205, 206 John, 205 Laurence, 206 Mary, nee Murphy, 205*, 206


Conlan, Mary Ann, 258 Mary, nee Teney, 255, 258 Mary, Mrs., Tolan, q.v. Michael, 255, 258 Patrick, 304 Conlin, Elizabeth, nee Burn, 148 Patrick, 148 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 148 CODDen, Bridget, 155 Bridget, nee Mason, 155 Catherine, nee Connor, 181 Eliza, nee Flanagan, 239 James, 131,239 Mrs . Jane, 302 Jeremiah, 181 Jeremiah, son 0/ Jeremiah, 181 John, 342 Mary, 341, 342 Mrs . Mary, 312 Mary, Mrs. Rigney, q.v. Matthew, 155 Michael, Private, 301 Patrick, 239 Thomas, 272 Connell see also Connolly, Arthur, 178 Catherine, nee Rooney, 258 Christopher, 270 James, 171, 178 James, son 0/ James, 171 John, 258 Mary, nee Lewis, 171, 178 Mary, Mrs. Cavanagh, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Russell, q.v. Mary Ann, 258 Maurice, 170 Patrick, 271 Rose, 168, 170 Rose, Mrs . Montague, q.v. Timothy, 296 Conners, Margaret, Mrs. Dwyer, q.v. Patrick, alias Dwyer, 291 Connery, William, 325* Connolly, see also Connelly, Ann, lV/rs. Bolan, q.v. Arthur, 177 Catherine, 257 Eleanora, Mrs. Coney, q.V. James, 145, 173, 180, 264 Jane, Mrs. Burke, q.v. John, 173, 180 Margaret, 189 Margaret, Mrs. Haley, q.v. Mary, 188 Mary, nee Graham, 180 Mary, nee Hughes, 173 Mary, Mrs. Collins, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Patrick, 139 j

Philip, priest, 111 Terence, 182 Connor, see also O'Connor, Ann, dau. of James, 342 Ann, dau. of Martin, 162 Ann, dau. of Thomas, 194 Bridget, nee Kirby, 223 Bridget, Mrs. Callaghan, q.v. Catherine, nee FitzPatrick, 144 Catherine, nee Murphy, 335 Catherine, Mrs. Brown, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Connell, q.v. Catherine, Mrs . Dwyer, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Neville, q.v. Daniel,170 Eleanor, Mrs. Hughes, q.v. Elizabeth, 152,222 Elizabeth, nee Malony, 274 Ellen, nee Coyne, 342 Ellenah, 204 Francis, 223 Harriett, 191 Harriett, nee Hilliers, 191, 195 Helen, 236 Helen, nee Lane, 177 Henry, 227, 268 James, 141 James, husb. of Ellen, 342 James, husb. of Harriet, 191, 195 James, husb. of Helen, 177 Jane, 172 John, 144,246, 300, 335 John, son of John, 335 Lawrence, 162 Margaret, 199, 250 Margaret, !lee Coley, 170 Margaret, Mrs. Flaherty, q.v. Martin,162 Mary, 133, 140, 280 Mary, nee Burke, 162 Mary, nee Doran, 194 Mary, Mrs . Blake, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Flannery, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Hansbury, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Kennedy, q.v. Michael, 177, 223 Patrick, 137, 144, 154, 157, 263 Peter, 170 Thomas, 194*,274 Timothy, 116 William, 296 Conoway, Catherine, nee Maiadel, 133 Hugh, 133 Mary, 133 Conquest, Benedict, 19n. John,19n. Mr., 19 Conreio, Ann, Mrs. Mulkerrin, q.v.

Conroy, Ann, 191 Bridget, nee Lynan, 191 Eleonora, Mrs. Smith, q.v. Elizabeth, 243 Jane, Mrs. Healy, q.v. John, 181 Mary, Mrs. Holahan, q.v. Patrick, 191 Timothy, 285 Conry, Bridget, nee Sweeney, 194 Mary, 194 Michael, 194 Considine, Mary, Mrs. Clapshaw, q.v. Constable, Francis, nee Sheldon, 46n. Marmaduke Cuthbert, later Tunstall, q.v. Mrs., 63 Mrs. [Elizabeth ?], 18, 23* Mr. [William ?], 12, 19 William, 8 Conway, Agnes, 223, 267 Ann, 290 Ann, Mrs. Killom, q.v. Ann, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. Bartholomew, 252 Catherine, 155 Catherine, Mrs. Pine, q.v. James, 230 James, P., Canon, 114 Johanna, 301 John, 175,252,270 Margaret, Mrs. Keane, q.v. Mary, nee Maloney, 252 Mary, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Patrick, 290 Cook(e) see also Coke Ann, nee White, 191 Elizabeth, Mrs. Kilkenny, q.v. Ellen, 201 Isaac, 221 John, 191 Joseph, 191 Mary Ann, 221 Mary Ann, nee Young, 221 Sarah, 131~', 260 William, 274 Coolahan, Peter, 271 Coolidge, Elizabeth, 260 Coombs, Ann, 151, 260 Cooney, - - , sergeant, 295 Ann, Mrs. Rutley, q.v. Mrs. Catherine, 282 Catherine, Mrs. Grumley, q.v. Elizabeth, nee Robinson, 282 Joanna, 142 Margaret, 217, 295 Patrick, of Clare, 282 Patrick, of Parkhurst, 219, 230, 249, 282


Coonor, Peter, 271 Coop, Peter, priest, 107n., 113 Cooper, Charles, butler, 10,20*, 20n. Charles Joseph, 183 Elizabeth, 291 Helen, nee Murphy, 291 Hugh, 206, 340 Hugh, son 0/ Hugh, 340 James, 291 Jane, 206 Jane, Mrs . Werneck, q.v. John, 170, 183,205,291 John Peter, 170 Margaret, 340 Margaret, nee Murray, 205*, 206,340 Mary, 170 Mary, nee Tresmonnais or Fresmonnais, 170, 183 Mr., 38 Susanna, 204 Copeland, - -, husbandman, 16 Coppinger, Alice Mary, 288 Catherine, nee Curran, 259 Elizabeth, Mrs. McCann, q.v. John, 259 Mary Jane, 345 Rose Ann, 301 Coquiere, Abbe Louis, 135*, 135n., 139, 145, 318, 330 Corbel, Mary, Mrs. Gingham, q.v. Corbett (or Corbit), James, 147 John, 179 Judith, nee Gleeson, 147 Margaret, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Mary, 147 Mary, Mrs. Gough, q.v. Corbin, Robert Reeks, 106, 316 Corbit, see Corbett Corcannon, Patrick, 271 Corcoran, Bridget, Nlrs. FitzGerald, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Curry, q.v. Cordon, John, jun., 15* Coreron, James, 134 John, 134 Sarah, nee Henderson, 134 Corfield, Martin, 161 Corgan, Eleonora, Mrs. Read, q.v. Corham, John Louis, 269 Corigan, Mathias, 272 Corker, Martha, Mrs. Skelly, q.v. Corless, Catherine, Mrs. Daverin, q,V. Cormick, James, 297 Cornelisen, Odile, 126 Cornelius, John, 130 Cornish, Ann, 194 James, 194, 276 Mary, nee Gaffney, 194, 276 Cornwell, Alice, Mrs. Halloran, q.v. Corp, Sarah, Mrs. Anderson, q.v. Corr, Sarah, Mrs. Bryan, q.v.

Corrogan, Michael, 185 Corry, Mary, 129 Cortina, Andres de, 115 Cosgrove Mary, nee Lennard, 139 Patrick, 139 Robert, 139 Thomas, 190 Costello, Catherine, 248 Catherine, Mrs. O'Brien, q.v. John,270 Martin, 288 Mrs. Mary, 288 Thomas, 0/ Mayo, 288 Thomas, 0/28th Depot, 306 Cotter, Catherine, nee MacKey, 257 Erick Edward, 257 John, 257 Cottom, Emma, Mrs. Owens, q.v. Coughlan see also Coghlan Margaret, 170 Coulter, Elizabeth, Mrs. Hart, q.v. Coulton, Ann, nee Collins, 242 William, 242 William, son 0/ William, 242 County, Ellen, 241, 300 Jeremiah, 237*, 241, 245 Margaret, nee MacDonell, 237, 241, 245 Michael, 237 Courcey, Maurice de, 237 CourelIes, J. L. de, 125 Courry, Laetitia, Mrs. Mullins, q.v. Courtney, Mrs. Catherine, 291 Catherine, Mrs. McNerney, q,V. John, 291 Coveney, James, 240 Margaret Jane, 246 Mary, nee Thompson, 240, 246 Thomas, 240, 246 Cowdry, - - , 43 Cowell, Mrs. Margaret, 189 Thomas, 189 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 189 Cowen John, 262 Thomas, 136 Cox, Ann, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Edward, D.D., 320, 345 Elizabeth, 244 Jolm, 310 Julia, nee O'Brian, 224, 230, 231, 236, 238, 244, 246, 267 Mary Ann, 230 Sarah,224 William, 224, 230, 236, 244 William, son a/William, 236 Coyle, Edward, 269 Eleanor, Mrs. Crinion, q.v. Ellen, 223 James, 203, 269 John, 196, 203, 223


Martha, 203 Mary, nee Mullen, 223, 268 Stephen, 298 Teresa, 269 Coyne, Ellen, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Cragen, John, 148 Susan, nee Nowlan, 148 William, 148 Craggs, Ann, 18 George, 18* Craigh, Margaret, 194 Crampton, Mary, Mrs. Bostock, q.v. Crasburgh (or Crasbury), Elizabeth, nee Cloevet, 126, 323 Isabella, 323 John, 126, 323* John, son of John [?], 117 Louisa Teresa, 126 Crasler, Elizabeth, Mrs . Reeks, q.v. Crassan, Ann, 257 Craughan, Edmund, 149 Edward, 149 John, 149 Mary, nee Irving, 149, 150 Craven, Alice, 163 James, 163 Mary, nee Shea, 163 Crawford, Ann,170 Ann, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Crawley, Ann, 158 Ann, Mrs. Long, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Gaffney, q.v. Eleanora, nee Mahony, 152 J., architect, 317 John, 152 Maurice, 152 Teresa, Mrs. Osten, q.v. Creagh, John, 193 John, son of John, 193 Margaret, nee Higgins, 193 Crean, Mary Ann, 138 Creed, Helen, nee Carey, 234, 271 John, 234 Samuel, 234 Creighton, Bamabas, 117 James, 150 John, 150 Mary, nee McCormick, 150 Cresnell, James, 301 Creswell, Charlotte Jane, 115, 125 Elizabeth, 115 James, 115*, 125 Jane, 115*, 125 Crewe, Caroline, Mrs. Riley, q.v. Mrs. Elizabeth, 283 John, 303 William, 283 Crewen, Mrs. Mary, 315

Crilli, Mrs., of Hammersmith, 40 Crimmen (or Crimmin), Bridget, 195 Bridget, }.IIrs. McInamey, q.v. Eleonora, Mrs. Sexton, q.v. Jeremiah, 127 John, 127 Mary, nee Heroward, 127 Crinion, Eleanora, nee Coyle, 134 Francis, 134 Judith,134 Critchley, Catherine, 179 "Croft's Fund", 14n., 34n., 58n. Crohan, see also Crone Mary, 174 Croker, Dinah, nee Baxter, 335 Mary, 335 Patrick, 335 Cronan, Eleanor, 128 Eleanor, nee Downey, 128 Jeremiah, 128 Crone, see also Crohan Helen, 174 John, 174 Mary, nee Driscoll, 174 Cronin, Richard, 179 Cronny, John, 332 Crook, Jane, 252, 255 Mr., 105 Crookwell, Mary, nee Doud, 246 Thomas, 246 William, 246 Cropper, Robert, 97*-100, 102 Cross, Martin, 190 Mary, 251 Mary, nee Joice, 190 Richard, 190 Crossler, Elizabeth, Mrs. Reeks, q.v. Crotty, Jane, 143 Crouch, Ann Frances, Mrs. Croucher, q.v. Frances Cecily, Mrs. Croucher, q.v. Croucher, Agnes Frances, 220 Ann Catherine Mary, 214 Ann Frances, nee Crouch, 211, 214*, 219,220,227,236,244,251 Cecily Philomena, 211, 268 Frances, 239, 248, 255, 256, 265 Frances Cecily, nee Crouch, 228, 232*, 280,284,343 George, 211, 214, 220, 227,236, 244, 251, 280, 303, 312, 343 George Bernard Braxton, 227 James Alban, 251 Paula Mary, 236 Winifred Charlotte, 244 Crouse, Catherine, 118 Crowden, John, 312


Crowe, Edward, 135 Edward, son of Edward, 135 Elizabeth, nee Cain, 135, 141 Mary, Mrs . Cleary, q.v. Thomas, 141 William, 141 Cruickshanks, Mary, 163 Cruise, Catherine, 132 Elizabeth, nee Plunket, 132 John, 132 Cruming, Peter, 209, 212, 213 Crummy, Peter, 343 Cuddon, Augustine, 280 Frances, nee Baylis, 280 Martin, 280 Rhoda, 280 Cuff, Elizabeth, 239, 299 Hannah, nee Joyce, 239 Honora, 232 John,239,272 Margaret, 298 Culkin, Ann, 187 Elizabeth, nee Kennedy, 187 Richard, 187 Cullen, Helen, Mrs. Penders, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Sturgen, q.v. Cummins see also Commins Mrs. Ann, 126 Catherine, 336 Edward, 341 Harriet, 307 John, 126 John, son of John, 126 Mary, nee Harrington, 341 Richard,341 Thomas, 341 Cuncbelan, Margaret, 171 Cunnane, John, 302 Cunneen, Michael, 271 Cunnif, Michael, 166 Cunningham, Agatha Moran, 233 Amelia, 233 Anastasia, 240 Ann Mary, 233 Daniel Edward, 233*, 240, 254, 255 Eliza, 254 Elizabeth, 240 James, 151 John, 191 Mary, 134 Mary, nee Rennells, 134 Mary Ann, nee Carr, 233,* 240, 254, 255 Mrs. Mary Ann, 312 Michael, 134 Mr., 96 Patrick, 243, 296 Rachel,255

Curell, Michael, 248 Curick, Michael, 296 Curle, Marle, recusant, 104 Curley, Catherine, 230 Jane, Mrs. McGennity, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Burke, q.v. Mrs. Sarah, 279 Thomas, 279 Curran, Frances, Mrs. Donoghue, q.v. Curren, Andrew, 272 Catherine, nee Jennings, 231 * Catherine, Mrs. Coppinger, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Foley, q.v. Mary, 272 Michael, 231'" Curry, Andrew, 180 Catherine, nee Corcoran, 180 Elizabeth, nee Mark, 166 Hugh,180 Michael, 166 Peter, 166 Curtis, Bridget, 225 Daniel,204 Ellen, 253 George, 225 Theo., 25 Curtois, - -, curate of Hainton, 28 Cushley, James, 148 Custance, - - , colonel, 268 Cuthbert, Alice, Mrs. Flynn, q.v. Dabridgecourt, Abbess Elizabeth, O.S.B., 90 Dac(e)y, Mrs. Bridget, 205 Charles. 205 Ellen, 205 Mary, Mrs. Brien, q.v. Daffy, Michael, 166 Dainty, Samuel, 271 Dale, Elizabeth, Mrs. Butler, q.v. Daley see Daly D'Alton, James, 237, 240 James Edward, 237 Jane, nee Shaughnessy, 237 Mary, 240 Dalton, Ann, nee Kirwan, 194 Mrs. Bridget, 295 Ellen, nee Moffit, 189 Helen, Mrs. Gallagher, q.v. James, 237 James (Frederick), 268 James (Thomas), 266 Jane, 241 Jane, nee Whittington, 178 John,295 Joseph,194 Margaret, 178 Mary, 189 Mary, Mrs. Reel, q.v.


Medina Sara, Mrs. Turner, q.v. Patrick, 178 Patrick, son of Joseph, 194 Thomas, 189 William, 298 Daly (or (Daley), see also Dayly Ann, 194 Ann, nee Brown, 131 Ann, Mrs . Hulihan, q.v. Catherine, 131 Catherine, nee McCabe, 189 Daniel, 156 Ellen, Mrs. Thornhill, q.v. Isabella, 187* John, 131, 158. John, son of William, 189 Mary, 152 Mary, Mrs. Tormy, q.v. Thomas, 300 Daniel, 189 Dambrine, Stephen, priest, 110, 124, 201*,202,276 Danaher, Ellen, 199 Philip, 143 Danby, George, private, 293 Dane, Elizabeth, 129 Daniel, - - , br., 90 Ann, nee Green, 171 Hugh, 171 John, 171 Dann (or Davin), Ann, 245 Catherine, Mrs. Webster, q.v. Danugh Mrs. E., 311 Elizabeth, 235 D'Arcy, Charles Francis, priest, 302, 320, 345*, 348* James Timothy, 345 Darmody, Catherine, nee Magee, 258, 307 John, 258 Mary Ann, 258 Darough, Elizabeth, 230 Sarah,227 Darra (or Darragh), Agnes, nee Askew, 92n.

Nigel,92n. William, priest, 7*, 92, 92n*, 93, 9599, 101"'-103 Dart, Eliza, nee Allcock, 250 Ellen, 250 George William, 250 Dashwood, Mrs. Ann, 278 James, 278 Jane, Mrs. Oreille, q.v. John, 278 Mary, nee Rowe, 186, 222, 264, 278, 281,303 Daughtey, Margaret, Mrs. Jeuman, q.v.

Davenport, Archer, 136 Judith, nee Dowde, 136* William, 136 Daverin, Catherine, nee Corless, 131 James, 131 James, son of James, 131 Davies see also Davis Ann, Mrs. Devine, q.v. Charlotte, 266 Eliza, 310 Elizabeth, 265 George, 297 Helen, 219 R. Rob., 123 Susannah, 313 Davin see Dann Davis see also Davies Ann Maria, 298 Mrs. Catherine, 282 Eadith, Mrs. Shipman, q.v. Elizabeth. Mrs. Jenkins, q.v. Frances, Mrs. McNeil, q.v. John, 149 John, of New Ross, 282 Mary, Mrs. Lahiff, q.v. Richard George, priest, 1"',2, 7n., 32n., 66n., 69n., 75, 87, 94, 105, 318,319, 321 Davison, Eleanor, 340 John. 275 Sarah, 162 Davy, Helen, nee Hall, 134 John,134 Thomas, 134 Dawson, Ann, Mrs. Fahy, q.v. Hugh,25 1 James, 186 Day, Amelia, 265 Amelia Maria Teresa Ascencion, 336 Amelia Rosa, 339ic Caroline Mariana Maria de los Dolores, nee Duran, 275, 334, 336, 337,338*,339*,341 Charles Theophilus, 339 Dolores, 265, 341 Dolores Caroline Firmin, 338 Edward, 265 Edward, 275, 334, 336, 337, 338*,339¡, 341,347 Elizabeth Mary Martha, 339* Emily, 347 Firmin Edward, 341 Firmin Peter Edward, 337, 339 Frederick, 337, 338* Frederick, son of Edward, 334 George, Bp. of Chichester, 2 Jane, M rs. Urry, q.v. Julia Teresa Assention, 338


Mary Maud, 341 . Rosina Louisa Mary Adelaide, 339 Thomas, 2 Dayley see also Daly Mrs. Bridget, 333 Thomas, 333 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 333 Dean, Ann, 285 Dinah, nee Mitchell, 285, 345 Elizabeth, 125 Robert, (1) 0/ Cowes, 285, 345 Robert, son 0/ Robert (1), 345 Robert, 0/ Sligo, 285 Dear, Alice, nee Murphy, 243 George, 243 James, 243 William, 243 Deasy, Mary, Mrs. Elliott, q.v. Deaves, Eliz., 47 Deegan see also Dugan John,204 Mary, Mrs. Haly, q.v. De Grasse, Anthony, 274 Charlotte, nee Hearn, 274 Philip, 274 De Grenthe see Grenthe Delahunty, Ann, 149 Ann, nee Halpen, 149 Richard, 149 Delaney, Ann, 140 Denis, 244 Elizabeth, nee Flinn, 230 Elizabeth, Mrs . Molloy, q.v. Mary,b. 1828,198 Mary, b. 1847, 230 Mary,b. 1851,244 Mary, nee Enright, 244 Mary, nee Kilpeck, 198 Patrick,270 Peter, 270 William, husb. o/Elizabeth, 230 William, husb. o/Mary, 198 Delap, James, 190 James, son 0/ James, 190 Winefrid, nee McCabe, 190 Delvin [?], Catherine, Mrs. Fox, q.v. Demette, Helen, Mrs. Hodgkin, q.v. Dempsey, Ann, 132 Cornelius 7 246 James, 246 John,245, 246 Mary, nee Maloney, 246, 250 Mary, Mrs. McNamara, q.v. Denham, Sarah, Mrs. Meehan, q.v. Denhar, Catherine, nee Adlerly, 153 John, 153 Thomas, 153 Denber, Philip, 152

Denison Margaret, Mrs. Gannon, q.v. Dennett, Elizabeth, 313 Denney, John, 280 Mrs. Norah, 280 Norah, Mrs. Mahoney, q.v. Dennis, Elizabeth, 230 Dent, Bridget, 183 Denvir, John H., priest, 114 De Quincy, John Baptist Charles Humbert, 343 Mary Ann, formerly Lacy, nee Philp. 343 Derham, Thomas, 200 Derque, Cecily, nee Ingehaha or Ingehala, 118 Fanaque, 118 Francis, 118 Deslogez - - , eating-house-keeper, 50¡. 51 Desmond, John, 3n John, son 0/ John, 332 Mary, nee Dunnovan, 332 Desmouts, Abbe, 318, 325, 326 Desperques, Abbe Etienne, 108, 119,124 ' 126, 127*, 128*, 318*, 325 Develin, Margaret, nee Duffy, 187 Patrick, 187 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 187 Devereux, Maud, 346 Devine (Devign, Devines, Divine), Ann, nee Davies, 137 Bridget, nee Callaghan, 143 David,254 Elizabeth, lvirs. Haughney, q.v. Helen, dau. o/Thomas, 143 Helen, dau. o/Timothy, 211 Hugh, 132, 137 James, d. 1795, 122 James, Irving 1824, 188 John,215 Mary, dau. o/Patrick, 145 Mary, godmother 1841, 213 Mary, nee McLaughlin, 145 Mary, nee Manning, 215 Mary, nee Murray, 211 Mary, Mrs . Byrne, q.v. Patrick, 145 Sarah,137 Thomas, 143 Timothy, 211, 215 Devit, Ann, 199 Ellen, nee Mulvihill, 199,276 Michael, 199 Devitt, Mitchell, 200 Diamond, Ann, 216 Helen, 154 James, 136 John, 216, 227 Dicks, William, 177


Dickson, John, 154 Digan, Ann, Mrs. Sharpe, q.v. Diggins, Catherine, Mrs. Webber, q.v. Dignum, Mary, 205 Dillon, Alice, 144, 261 Edward, 235, 243, 272, 281 Edward, son 0/ Edward, 243 Hannah, nee McIntosh, 154 Jane, 202 John, 154 John William, 235 Mary, nee Shay [?], 249 Mary, Mrs. Barry, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Healy, q.v. Mary Ann, nee Baker, 235, 243, 281 Maurice, 249 Mrs. Sarah, 281 William, 154, 157 William, 0/ Dublin, 281 William Shay [?], 249 Dimmick Mrs. Ann, 281 Ann, Mrs. Sanders, q.v. Joseph, 281 Dingley John, 104n. Mabel, nee Weston, 104n. Ven. Sir Thomas, 104n. Dinnond, Sarah, 175 Dint, Bridget, nee Ryan, 179 John, 179 William, 179 Discacciati, Charles Ambrose, 188, 193, 200,210,293 Charles Norbert, 200 Mary Ambrosia, nee Woolfrey, 200, 208 Discoll, Julia, 209 Divine see Devine Dixon, Clare, 178 Dobbin, Nicholas, 170 Dockry, Margaret, Mrs. Madden, q.v. Dodd, Bernard, 275 Elizabeth, Mrs. Leavey, q.v. Rose, nee Shiel, 275 Dodera, Louise Angela, Mrs. Bossell, q.v. Dogan, Manicks, 173 Margaret, 173 Mary, nee Keegan, 173 Dogberty (or Dougherty), Ann, 148 Eliza, 184 Joseph,216 Mary, Mrs. Collins, q.v. Winifred, 218 Doberty, Ann, 282 Bridget, nee Hagan, 246 Honora, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Jeuman, q.v. Thomas, 246 William, 246

Doire, Mrs. Emily, 116 Samuel,116 William, 116 Dolan (or Dolin), John, 243, 264 Mark,122 Dominicetti, Dr., 26*, 27* Donagbey, Grimes, 257 Dona(g)bue see Dono(g)hue Donelly see Donnelly Donley, Mary, Mrs. McReynolds, q.v. Donnell, Charles, 215 Donnellan, Elizabeth, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Donnelly (or Donelly or DonoIly), Elizabeth, 187 Elizabeth, nee McCabe, 187 Ellen, 1803, 131 Ellen, 1854, 255 James, 164, 187* John, 139 Mary, 152 Mary, Mrs. Morgan, q.v. Nabitha, Mrs. Brennan, q.v. Sarah, 167 Sarah, Mrs. Gregg, q.v. Dono(g)bue (or Dona(g)hue, or Donohough), Ann, 216 Catherine, nee Fallon, 140 Catherine, Mrs. Brady, q.v. Esther, 329 Frances, nee Curran, 173 Hugh, 173 James, 266 Jane, Mrs. Carle, q.v. Jolm, 179,297*,329 Margaret, Mrs. Toohay, q.v. Mary, dau. o/Hugh, 173 Mary, dau. o/Michael, 215 Mary, nee Keating, 179 Mathew, 299 Michael, 215, 220, 224, 234 Patrick, 225, 260 Patrick, husb. 0/ Catherine, 140 Peter, 224 Rose, 267 Susanna, nee Budd, 215, 224 Thomas, 268 Thomas, son o/Patrick, 140 William, 179 DOllOhougb see Dono(g)hue Donolan, Bridget, nee Hopkins, 335 John, 335 William, 335 Donolly see Donnelly Donovan, Andrew, 233, 237 Andrew, confirmed 1848,269 Ann, nee Morgan, 251 Bridget, 224 Cornelius, 251 Edward, 251 Eleonora, nee Lennen, 175


Helen, 127 James, 175 James, son 0/ Andrew, 237 John, 122 Margaret, 251 Margaret, Mrs. Medcalf, q.v. Martin,175 Mary, 252 Mary, nee Maney, 237 Mary, Mrs. Desmond, q.v. Sarah, Mrs. Perkinson, q.v. Donwe)), Elizabeth, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Dooley, Mrs. Catherine, 115 Patrick, 115 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 115 Doolin see also Dulin Ann, 136 Doon, Ann, Mrs. Harvey, q.v. Dooning, Rose, Mrs. Bruin, q.v. Doran, Arthur, 200 Catherine, nee Gosdem, 273 Hugh,131 John, priest, 105, 114 Lawrence, priest, 114 Margaret, nee Byrne, 200 Margaret, Mrs. Winter, q.v. Mary, 180 Mary, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Patrick, 135, 273 Peter, 152 Susan,hapt. 1810, 309 Susan,hapt. 1829, 200 William, 160 Dore, Sarah, Mrs. Harrington, q.v. Dorey, Sarah, Mrs. Baldwin, q.v. Doris, Richard, 196 Dormein, Mary, Mrs. Dumen, q.v. Dormer Bridget, Mrs. Jenkins, q.v. John, 7th Baron Dormer, 69n. Doud (Dowde), Alexander, 239 Catherine, Mrs. McGaguay, q.v. Connack,239 Judith, Mrs. Davenport, q.v. Mary, 153 Mary, nee Johnstone, 239 Mary, Mrs. Crookwell, q.v. Dougherty (or Doughity) see Dogherty Doughlas see Douglass Doughtey, Hannah, Mrs. Lawler, q.v. Douglas(s) (or Doughlas), Dr., 27 John,233 Bishop John, V.A. Lond., 45n*., 70n., 93n. , 94*. 106-9, 120, 260, 316, 317 Joseph, 128 Mary, 230 Mary, nee Keating, 233 William, 233 Douling see Dowling

Dove, Mrs. Elizabeth, 313 Mrs. Henrietta, 314 Sarah, Mrs. Harrington, q.v. Dovey, Sarah, Mrs. Baldwin, q. v. Dovon, Jane, Mrs. Barrett, q.V. Dowde see Doud Dowlan, Patrick, 333 Timothy, 333 Dowley, Ann, nee Black, 132 Mary, 132 Thomas, 132 Dowling (or Douling), Ann, nee Gilroy, 275 Christopher Vincent, a.p., 110-112, 124,202-204,276* Jacques, et fils, merchants, 111 Peter, 192, 275 Down, Margaret, Mrs. Hakey, q.v. Downey, Eleanor, Mrs. Cronan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Harrington, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Riordan, q.v. Doyle, Ann, 199 Ann, nee Rossin, 199 Catherine, 307 Catherine, nee Kelly, 200, 203 Eleonora, 146 Ellen, 199 Helen, Mrs. Duffy, q.v. Honora, nee Grace, 188 James, 306 John,199,200,201,203,276 John, son 0/ John, 203 Luke, 188 Margaret, Mrs. Roach, q.v. Margaret, M rs. Rourke, q.v. Mary, nee Lucas, 146 Mary, Mrs. Francis, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Mary Ann, dau. 0/ John, 200 Mary Ann, dau. o/Luke, 188 Michael, 146 Patrick, 199 Thomas, 313 Dral(e, Ann, 231 Dricoll (or Driscoll, or Driskill), Catherine, 177 Florentius, 171, 177 Mary, 171 Mary, nee Piggott or Pickett, 171,179 Driggs, John, 172 Peter, 172 Sarah, nee O'Neale, 172 Dring, Jane, 129 Driscoll (see also DricoU) Ann, nee Morison, 245 Edward James, 245 Elizabeth, Mrs. Sliney, q.v. John, 210, 245, 293


Julia, Mrs. Smith, q.v. Margaret, nee Harrington, 210 Mary, Mrs. Crone, q.v. Mary Ann, 210 Drudge, George James, 315 Mrs. Sarah Mary, 315 Druin, James Frederick, 118 Dudicham, Rosina, 346 Duff, Elizabeth, nee Stafford, 141 Michael, 271 Peter, 141 William, 141 Duffy (or Duffey), Bridget, 246 Catherine, Mrs. Mulin, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Woodhouse, q.v. Helen, nee Doyle, 162 Henry, 270 James, 136, 162 Judith, nee Dunn, 147 Margaret, 147 Margaret, Mrs. Develin, q.v. Mary, 162 Mary, Mrs. Molloy, q.v. Patrick, 202 Philip, 156 Philip, son 0/ Philip, 156 Thomas, 231 Winifred, nee Hanley, 156, 157 Dugan (or Deegan), Mark, 173, 175 Duggins, Mary, Mrs. Flanagan, q.v. Duigh, John, 204 Duignan, Ann, nee Mighan, 194 John, 194 Thomas, 194* Duke, Leonora Castro, 181 Philip, 129 Victor William, priest, 107n., 113 Dulin, see also Doolin Margaret, 136 Dumen, Francis, 125 Mary, nee Dormein, 125 Mary Jane Charlotte, 125 Dumesniel de Sommery see Sommery Dunbar, Jane, nee Brownlee, 138 Jane, Mrs. Keating, q.v. Mary, 126 Mary, dau. o/Matthew, 138 Matthew, 138 Thomas, 160 Lord William, 12 Dunlap, Jane, 129 Judith, nee Mara, 129 Robert, 129 Dunlary, Mary, 177 Dunleavy (or Dunlevey), Elizabeth, nee Armstrong, 230 John, 302 Mary Ann, 230 Patrick, 230, 298 Peter, 272

Dunn, see also Dunne Ann, 181 Bridget, nee Cain, 181, 190 Elizabeth, 144 Honora, nee Keefe, 279 Honora, Mrs. Kearney, q.v. James, 158 James, 0/ Kilkenny, 279 Jane, nee Brading, 276 John, husb. o/Bridget, 181 John, husb. o/Mary, 199,222,276 John, priest, 33, 33n., 34*, 37, 53, 53n., 55 Joseph,268 Joseph, son 0/ James, 279 Judith, nee Terrath, 144 Judith, Mrs. Duffy, q.v. Judith, Mrs. Webster, q.v. Laurita, Mrs. Tobin, q.v. Margaret, b. 1828, 199 Margaret, godmother, 240 Margaret, Mrs. Hoy, q.v. Mary, 136 Mary, nee McNamara, 199, 276 Mrs. Mary, 0/ Kilkenny, 279 Mrs. Mary, 0/ Waterford, 292 Mary, Mrs. Jackman, q.v. Michael, 144 Morgan, 162 Pannick,9 Patrick, 231, 233, 238 Patrick, 0/ Waterford, 292 Peter, 276 Thomas, 237 William, alias Earpe, priest, 53, 53n. , 55 Dunne, see also Dunn James, 284 Margaret, nee Kennedy, 267, 284 Mrs. Mary, 284 Thomas, 284 Dunnegan, Matilda, Mrs. Owen, q.v. Dunnovan, Mary, Mrs . Desmond, q.v. Dunovan, Margaret, Mrs. Medcalf, q.v. Sarah, Mrs. Perkinson, q.v. Duplan, Henry, 138 Mary, nee Cokum, 138 William, 138 Dupont, Mary Josephine, 328 Duprene, - - , priest [?], 70 Duran, Caroline Mariana Maria de los Dolores, Mrs. Day, q. v. Durham, Thomas, 202 Durmidee, John, 229 Julia, nee Camping, 229 Mary, 229 Duslan, George Henry, 315 Duviviers, alias 0/ James Placid Waters, O.S.B., q.v.


Dwyer, Mrs. Anastasia, 285 Bridget, 203 Bridget, nee Henessy, 194 Catherine, 189 Mrs . Catherine, 203 Catherine, nee Connor, 189 Catherine, nee Fitzgerald, 162 Catherine, fyIrs. Purcell, q.v. Helen, 290 Helen, nee Wallice, 285 James, 165, 198 Jane, nee Hackett, 291 Jeremiah, 189 John, husb. 0/ Anastasia, 285 John, husb. o/Margaret, 291 John, son 0/ Martin, 194 Margaret, 162 Margaret, nee Conners, 291 Martin, husb. o/Bridget, 194 Martin, husb. 0/ Helen, 285 Mary, 128 Mary, nee Madden, 198 Mary, Mrs. Farrell, q.v. Michael, 162 Patrick, 292 Patrick, alias Conners, 291 Thomas, 203 Timothy, priest, 321 Welham, 313 Dye, Margaret, Mrs. Clary, q.v. Dyer, David, 219 Hannah, Mrs. Green, q.v. James, 219 Mary, nee Carroll, 219 Dymoke, Lewis, The King's Champion, 15, 16'~ Dyne, Ellen, Mrs. Noonan, q.v. Eady, Michael, priest, 114 Eales, Barbara, 122 Eames, Mr., Solicitor, 21 , 60* Earley, Catherine, 232 Daniel, 224, 232, 235, 267 John, son o/Daniel, 224 John, son o/William, 243 Margaret, Mrs. Alton, q.v. Mary, 267 Mary, nee Combes, 243 Mary, nee Margouthy or McGirtey, 224,227,232 Patrick, 264 William, 243 Earpe, alias o/William Dunn, priest, q.v. Eccles, Bridget, Mrs. McCluskey, q.v. Edgeworth, Ann, 133 Abbe Henry Essex, V.G., 91, 92


313 Mary Jane, 0/ Newport, 287, 290, 291*,292* Mr., fishmonger, 9 Edwards, Catherine, 131 Edward,252 Elizabeth, 140 Jane, nee Clarke, 244, 252 John, 244, 252, 313 Mary, 199 Mary Ann, 244 Egan, Ann, Mrs. McEvoy, q.v. Anthony, 122n. Bartholomew, 187 Bridget, nee Gleeson, 140 Carberry, 286 Daniel, 268, 286, 287 Donald,140 Edmund Francis, priest, 113 Elizabeth, 323 Ellen, nee Farrel, 187 James, 186 Mrs. Julia, 286 Margaret, Mrs. Reynolds, q.v. Mary, 155 Mrs. Mary, 300 Maurice, 187 Michael, 263 Patrick, priest, 114 Sarah, widow Osborne, 286 Theresa, 140 Thomas, 270 Winifred, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Elkins, - - , 113 EUargel, Christopher Louis, 118 Ellenborough, Ellen, nee Shean, 184 James, 184 John, 184 Elliott, Charlotte, 222 Elizabeth, 251 John, 251 Mary, nee Deasy, 251 Mrs., 61 Ellis, Ann, Mrs. Burke, q.v. J\1rs. Eliza. G. , 302 Mary, 203 EUworth, Elizabeth, 160 Margaret, nee Gray, 160 Thomas, 160 Elsberg, Amalia, 150 Elston, - - , alias o/Francis Lacy, q.v. - - , alias 0/ John Phillips, q.v. Mr., 27 Emmet, Mrs. , 20 Enery, Catherine, nee Moynihan, 187 John, 187 Theresa Mary, 187 Engar, John, 230 Mary, 223, 228, 243,267


Engel, Charles Martin, 118 Joseph,118 Theodora Louisa, nee Fisher, 118 Englefield, Abbess Mary Winifred, O.S.B., 89 Ennis, Margaret, Mrs. Stanley, q.v. Enright, Jane, 183 Mary, Mrs. Delaney, q.v. Patrick, 183 Thomas, 189 Errington, William, priest, 21, 21n., 22, 22n., 24*, 60, 60n., 61, 62, 64 Ervin, see Irvin Escors, Fran<;ois, comte d', 167 Esterre, Maria Emily d', 314 Eugenie, Empress, 320 Eustace, Bridget, nee Win, 133 Mary, 133 Robert, 133 Evans, Frances, 192 Margaret, Mrs. Scanlan, q.v. Eves, John, 235 Exton, Sarah, Mrs. Baldwin, q.v. Eyles, Ann, 126 Eyre, Edward, 105n. H. Radcliffe, see Radcliffe-Eyre Mr., linen-draper [?], 46 Nathaniel, 78n. Thomas, 0/ Stella Hall, 78n. Thomas, priest, 78, 78n. *, 80, 82 Mother Viviana, O.S.B., 88 Eyston, Mary, Mrs. Lacy, q.v. Faanny, Catherine, 201 Mary, nee Shavlin, 201 Peter, 201 Fabre de Montvuillant, Catherine, nee Selby, 275 Hippolyte John Charles, 275 Facey, Guy, priest, 114* Fagan (or Fagin), Ann, 339*, 344*, 345 Catherine, Mrs. Moore, q.v. David, 215, 218 Elizabeth, nee Lovell, 215, 218 John Joseph, 215, 293 Mary, Mrs. Clacken, q.v. Monica, 218 Fahy (or Faghy), Ann, nee Dawson, 331-2 Catherine, Mrs. WeI q.v. presumably Welch Elizabeth, 131 John, 331 Mary, 252 Mary, dau. o/John, 331 Patrick, 271 Peter, 252 Thomas, 270 Fainnell, see Fennell Fairley, - - , Mrs. Jerom, q.v.

Falick (or Phalick) Francis, 212, 220, 262, 269, 294, 343 Francis, son o/Francis, 212 George, 242, 269 Mary Ann, nee Bedford, 212, 213, 220, 228, 343 Norbert Augustine, 220 Fallon, Alice, 143 Alice, nee Honan, 143 Catherine, Mrs. Donoghue, q.v. Frances, 143 Margaret, 137 Mary, 302 Philip, 143 Fallow, George, 217 Joanna, 222 John, 217, 222, 311 Mary Ann, nee Power, 217, 222, 267 Fanasa, Charlotte, nee Forster, 338 Frederick George, 338 Joseph, 338 Fancy, Eliza, Mrs. McLaughlan, q.v. Fandick, Elizabeth, 127 Fane, Bridget, nee Murphy, 186 Michael, 186 Thomas, 186 Fanelly (or Fonalley), Ann, 117*, 123, 126* Ann, Mrs. Cates, q.v. Nusa (or Rusa or Wega), 161 Fanning, John, 272 Fant, Ann, nee McLoughlin, 241 Catherina, 241 John, 241 Fany, Frances, 159 Farell, see Farrell Farley, Edward, 304 Hugh, 143 Mary, 143 Mary, nee McCormack, 143 Farnon, Margaret, Mrs. Moore, q.v. Faron, see Farron Farrell, Ann, Mrs. Hickey, q.v. Bernard,153 Mrs. Bridget, 280 Bridget, nee McGovern, 191 Catherine, 166 Catherine, dau. o/Edward, 158 Edward, 158, 191 Eleanor, Mrs. MacDonnell, q.v. Fenry, Catherine, Mrs. Clarke, q.v. Fergus, Amelia, nee Squill, 213, 215 Austin, 213, 293 James, 213 James, son o/Thomas, 215 Thomas, 213, 215 Ferguson, Denis, 141 Mary, Mrs. Brown, q.v. Sarah, 238


Fermor, Abbess Mary Frances, O.S.B., 89 Fernandez, Manuel, 334, 336 Fewry, Catherine, Mrs. Clarke, q.v. Margaret, dau. o/Francis, 121 Margaret, dau. o/Peter, 154 Margaret, nee Flinn, 135, [also probably] 144, 156, 158, 159 Margaret, Mrs. Campbell, q.v. Margaret, nee Lyons, widow Hunt, 226,280 Martin, 194 Martin, son 0/ Martin, 194 Mary, dau. o/Patrick, 191 Mary, godmother 1803, 131 Mary, nee Dwyer, 192, [probably] 196 Mary, Mrs. Neil, q. v. Mary Ann, 191 Michael,135 Patrick, 135, 191 Peter, 154 Sarah, nee Riley, 158 Mrs. Susan, 121 Thomas, 170, 192 Thomas, d. 1855, 306 William, 280 Winifred, nee Byrne, 194 Farren, Elizabeth, Mrs. Geohigan, q.v. Mary, 311 Farron, Thomas, 293, 343 Faulkner, Elizabeth, Mrs. Taylor, q.v. William, 347 Faure, Bridget, 178 Mary, nee Burke, 178 Patrick, 178 Fawcett, Bridget, 171 "Old", 0/ Hainton, 95 Winefrid, 22, 30, 33 Feenin, Anne, 155 Catherine, nee Kelly, 155 Locklin, 155 Feeny, James, 225 James, son 0/ James, 225 Margaret, Mrs. Fynan, q.v. Mary, nee Maguire, 225 Fendlun (or Fendbron), Mary, 165 Mary, nee Riley, 165 Michael, 165 Fenian, James, 295 John, 294 Fennell (or Fainnell), Robert, 206, 207, 340* Fenny, Bridget, 174 Catherine, nee Sullivan, 174 Thomas, 174 Mrs. Elizabeth, 154 Ellen, Mrs. Egan, q.v. Francis, 121

George, 198, 226, 280 Helen, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. James, 191, 229, 246 Mrs. Jane, 183 Jane, nee Welsh, 191 John, 192 Joseph, 183 Joseph, son 0/ Joseph, 183 Margaret, 248 Fielding, Bourles, 252 Margaret, 252 Mary, nee Shidlet, 252 Fiely, Elizabeth, Mrs. Orage, q.v. Fieschi, Anna Maria, Mrs. Heneage, q.v. Roboaldo,5 Fige, --,31 Filbin, see also Philbin Mary, 191 Mary, nee Igo, 191 Thomas, 191 FiJin, Ann, Mrs. Lanon, q.v. Fin, see Finn Finagay, see Finnegan Finance, Louis de, 323 Finaughty, Mary, nee Harrington, 260 Patrick, 260 Thomas, 260 Finerty, see Finnerty Finigan, see Finnegan Finlay (or Finley), Sabina, Mrs. Purcell, q.v. Finmore, Mary, 269 Finn (or Fin), Ann, 189 John, con! 1849, 270 John, god/ather 1824, 189 Siby,199 Siby, Mrs. Tunny, q.V. Thomas, 328 Finnegan (or Finagay), Luke, 329, 329n.,330 Luke, son o/Luke, 329 Margaret, 329 Mary, Mrs. Graham, q.v. Finnerty, Jeremiah, 122 Thomas, 306 Fisher, Theodora Louisa, Mrs. Engel, q.V.

Fisser, Andrew, 323 Fitzgerald, Ann, 130 Bridget, nee Corcoran, 137 Catherine, Mrs. Dwyer, q.v. Charles, 137 Ellen, 198 Ellen, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Ellen, Mrs. Thompson, q.v. John,263 Mary, 193, 194 Mary, Mrs. Barry, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Hagerty, q.V.


Patrick, 258 Thomas, 198,203 William, 137 Fitzgibbon, see Clare, Countess 0/ Fitzherbert-Brockholes, Basil, 5n., 81, 86n., 94, 99, 121 >I< Basil, son o/Basil, 121 Constance Eliz., 122 Eliza, 121 Elizabeth (Betsey), Mrs. Basil, nee Heneage, 1, 5, 22n., 23, 32n., 37, 41-48, 52, 54*, 55, 57-9, 69, 86, 86n., 87, 121 Frances, 122 Francis, 121 George, 121 James John, 122 John, 121 Joseph,122 Mary, 122 Mary (Molly), Mrs. William, nee Heneage, 1, 5, 32n., 37-48, 52, 54*,55, 58, 59, 67-9, 86-7*, 91-2,94,97,99-101,103*,122 Mary Margaret, 121 Thomas, son o/Basil, 121 Thomas, son o/William, 122 William, 5, 99-100, 122 William, son o/William, 122 Fitzmorris, Ann, nee Brumel, 197, 199 Elisa, nee Merry, 323 James, 197, 199 James, son o/James, 199 John, 323 Mary, 323 Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Anastasia, 208* Ann, 200, 276 Ann, Mrs. Yates, q.v. Bernard, 167 Catherine, 208 Catherine, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Gallagher, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. McGuire, q. v. Edward,146 Eliza, 247 Hugh, 188 John, 177,208* Margaret, nee McGrath, 190 Matthew, 290 Neil,190 Neil Patrick, 190 Owen, 248 Sarah, Mrs. Wren, q.v. Thomas, 130 Timothy, 247 Winifred, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Fitzsimon, John, 296 Flaburn, Eleonora, 134

Flaherty, Brian, 193 Elizabeth, 193 Helen, 236 Judith,l71 Judith, nee Banks, 193 Margaret, nee Connors, 236* Margaret, nee Henright, 137 Mary, 236 Mary, Mrs. Saunders, q. v. Michael, 137 Michael, son o/Michael, 137 Wifliam, 236*, 272 Flanagan (Flanaghan, Flanegan, Flanigan, Flannagan, Flannigan) Ann (1), dau. o/Patrick (4), 238 Ann (2), nee Lawler, 230 Ann (3), nee Mullaghan, 151 Bridget, 204 Mrs. Catherine (1), 204* Catherine (2), nee Largey, 275 Edward,180 Eliza, Mrs. Connell, q.v. Eliza, Mrs. Keegan, q.v. Elizabeth Catherine, 259 Elizabeth, Mrs. Green, q.v. Faulkener, 204 George, 230 James, 294 Jane, nee Miner, 258, 259* John (1), d. 1795, 122 John (2), d. 1849,298 John (3), god/ather 1830, 203 John (4), husb. 0/ Ann (2), 230 John (5), husb. 0/ Catherine (2), 275 Mary (1), con! 1849,272 Mary (2), dau. o/Patrick (2), 151 Mrs. Mary (3), d. 1843, 293 Mary (4), godmother 1815, 164 Mary (5), nee Duggins, 238 Michael, 132 Patrick (1), god/ather 1823, 186 Patrick (2), husb. 0/ Ann (3), 151 Patrick (3), husb. 0/ Jane, 258, 259 Patrick (4), husb. o/Mary (5), 238 Robert John, 258 Flannery, Catherine, 181 Mary, 161 Mary, nee Connor, 181 Patrick, 181 Flannigan, see Flanagan Fleetwood, Abbess Benedicta, O.S.B., 89 Flemin[g], John, 211, 212, 333* Margaret, nee Wayling, 333 Mary, Mrs. Coghlan, q.v. Fletcher, Catherine, 229 Flinn, see also Flynn Ann, Mrs. Mahon, q. v. Bartholomew, 263 Elizabeth, Mrs. Delaney, q.v.


Florentius, 179 John, 179 Margaret, 191 Margaret, Mrs. Farrell, q. v. Mary, 239 Mary, nee Long, 179 Michael, 263 Rose, nee Freeman, 239 Stormont, 309 Thomas, 239 William, 239 Flin[t?], Stormont, 309 Flood, Ann, Mrs. Moore, q. v. George, 178 Flynn (or Flyne), see also Flinn Alice, nee Cuthbert, 242 Ann, 170 Catherine, 166 Hannah, Mrs. Byrne, 259 Margaret, 171 Mrs. Mary, 166 Mary Ellen, 242 Patrick, 169, 171 Peter, husb. of Alice, 242 Peter, of 12th Depot, 297* Roger, 166 Sarah, nee Hughes, 171 Thomas, 166, 284 Fogarty (or Fogerty), Daniel, 178, 179 Jane, nee May, 128 Margaret, nee Shea, 178 Mary, 128 Michael, 178 Patrick, 128 Richard, can! 1849, 271 Richard, godfather 1848,233,235, 238,239 William, 273 Foley, - - , Corporal, 311 Brian, 323 Catherine, 323 Catherine, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Daniel,288 David,239 Elizabeth, 245 Elizabeth, nee Curren, 245 Elizabeth, nee Smail, 239 James, 1795, 115 James, 1843, 217 James, Sergeant, 294 Jane, 217 John,201 John, husb. ofE. Smail, 239 John, husb. ofE. Curren, 245 Margaret, nee Barrett, 323 Margaret, nee Morarty, 159 Margaret, Mrs. Brown, q.v. Mrs. Mary, of Kerry, 288 Mrs. Mary, wife of Corporal, 311

Mary, nee O'Brian, 288 Michael, godfather, 192,235 Michael, son of Patrick, 159 Patrick, 159 Patrick, of Kerry, 288* Rose, 115 William, 193 Fonalley, see Fanelly Fonternale, Huberta Teresa, 126 John, 126 Petronilla, nee Tenhott, 126 Foquett, Mr., of 1. of W., 105 Ford, Bridget, 180 Bridget, Mrs. Stokes, q.v. George, 197 James, 344 Jane Mary, nee Hamill [?], 344 John,263 Margaret, Mrs. Jennings, q.v. Mary, nee New, 334 Mary, Mrs. Beavil, q.v. Patrick,334 William, 334 Forgisaa, Frances, 150 Forkum, Henry, 173 James, 173 Mary, nee O'Horan, 173 Formoso, Francis, 153 Forrest, Margaret, Mrs. Rochford, q.v. William, priest, 114 Forster, Charlotte, Mrs. Fanasa, q. v. Abbess Christina, O.S.B., 89, 90 Sir Richard, 89 Fortescue, Mother Ignatia, O.S.B., 88 Fortune, Garett, 288 Foster, Amelia, 251 Elizabeth, 176 Ellen, nee Hayes, 251 George, 176 James, 251 Mary, 251 Thomas, 251 Foucault, Mme ., of Paris, 49, 50* lvI., of Paris, 48, 49, 51 Fournier de Veaux Couleur, Louise, 323 Marie Berin, nee Ie Gros, 323 Pierre Jean Fran~ois Xavier, 323 Foverty, Patrick, 122 Fowler, Henry, 315 Martha, 315 Fowles, Charlotte, nee Beazley, 168, 172 Edward,168 Henry, 165, 168, 172,262, 309 William, 172 Fox, Ann, Mrs. Callagher, q.v. Catherine, nee Delvin [?], 175 Mrs. Catherine, 285 [?] Eleonor, Mrs. O'Neill, q.v. James, 153 John, 175


Judith, Mrs. Pierce, q.v. Margaret, 173 Mary, 176 Owen, 285 [?] Patrick, 175 Rosanne, Mrs. Bultitude, q.v. Frampton, Agnes, 253, 305 Alice, 313 Ann, 213 Caroline, 313 Caroline, nee Atwell, 253, 259 Catherine, nee Bush, 213, 215, 233, 241 Elizabeth, Nfrs. Moul, q.v. Emma, 312 Frances, 233 Henry Albert, 312 Henry Edward, 241, 300 Luke, 213, 215, 233, 241 Mary, 215 Mary Jane, 312 Teresa, 259 Thomas, 273,312 Thomas, hush. o/Caroline, 253, 259 Francis, Frances, 132 John, 132 Mary, 275 Mary, nee Doyle, 132 Sarah, Mrs. Lyons, q. v. Fraser, John, 178 Frayne, Moses, 145 Frederica, Christine, 119 Freeman, Rose, Mrs. Flinn, q.v. Susan, Mrs. Wright, q.v. Thomas, 272 FreemantJe, Mary, Mrs. King, q.v. Frelecus, Catherine, Mrs. Aemel, q. v. French, Cecilia Mary, Mrs. Rathbone, q.v. Edward, 122 John, 319n. Fresmonnais, Mary, Mrs. Cooper, q.v. Frill, Robert, 165 Froely, Ann, 128 FronelJ, recte Frowell, q.v. Frost, Mother Mary Bernard, O.S.B., 851l. William, 199 Frowell (or Fronell), Edward, 234 Mary, nee Lumley, 234 Richard, 234, 300 Fry, James David Rufus, 315 Fryer, Alfred (Leonard), Passionist, 112 Catherine (Mother of the Assumption), Ursuline, 112 Frances, nee Petch, 112 Margaret (Mother St. Ursula), Ursuline, 112 Mary Ann (Mother St. Augustine), Ursuline, 112

Thomas, 112 Canon Thomas Wmiam, 107*, 112*, 113*, 124*,211-260,265,266, 268,273-292,301,308 William Joseph, priest, 112,299, 320,344*, 345*, 347 Fulbern, Elizabeth, Mrs. Kirby, q.v. Fullard, Andrew, 258 Isabella, 258, 307 Isabella, nee Newell, 258 Fuller, Honora, 235 Fulton, William, 188 Fye, Margaret, 155 Fynan, Margaret, nee Feeny, 136 Patrick, 136 Thomas, 136 Gabb, Thomas, priest, 7n., 108, 117*, 316*-8, 322-25 Gaffin, Elizabeth, 335 Gaffney, Catherine, nee Crawly, 348 Edward, 348 Mary, Mrs. Cornish, q.v. Gagan, see Geohigan Gaheoghan, see Geohigan Gaillord, Jeanne Marie, 159 Gainer, see Gayner Galaghan (or Gallaughan), Catherine, 191 Elizabeth, Mrs. Lynch, q.v. Gabher (or Galiher), see Gallagher Gallagher (Galaher, Galiher, Gallaugher, Gauglagher, Gollagher, Golligher) Ann, 162 Brian, 160 Catherine, dau. 0/ Denis, 171 Catherine, nee Fitzpatrick, 167 Denis, 171 Eleanor, nee Horane, 334 Eleanor, Mrs. Mehowe, q.v. Elizabeth, nee O'Donnel, 171 Francis, 160 Grace, nee Boyle, 160 Helen, nee Dalton, 160 Helen, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. James, 334 John, god/ather 1847, 228 John, hush. o/Eleanor, 334 John, hush. o/Sarah, 162 Mary, dau. o/Brian, 160 Mary, sponsor 1829, 276 Mary, Mrs. Neil, q.v. Michael, 167 Michael, son o/Michael, 167 Patrick, 140, 141, 174 Samuel, 201 Sarah, nee Mulroan, 140, 141 Sarah, nee Shaw, 162 Thomas Luke, 140


William, godfather 1848,233 William, son of Francis, 160 Gallaughan, see Galaghan Gallaugher, see Gallagher Gallemeni, Elizabeth, Mrs. Weber, q.v. Gallivan alias Galnil, Mrs. Catherine, 284 John, 284 Mary, nee Morriaty, 284 Morrice, 284 Galtey, Thomas, 271 Galton, Mary, 310 Gandolphi, Anna Maria, nee Hinde, 108 John Vincent, 108 Peter, priest, 108*, 124, 132:~-135* Count Pietro, 108 Gannon, Bridget, nee McGovan, 237. 272,282 Edward,271 Hugh, of Sligo, 282 Hugh, son of Patrick, 237 Joseph,194 Margaret, nee Denison, 194 Mrs. Mary, 282 Michael,194 Patrick, 237, 272, 282, 312 Gaoghan, Catherine, nee MacMahon, 248 Patrick, 248 Thomas, 248 Gardiner, John, 273 William, 239 Garginiy, Rose, Mrs. Reddy, q.v. Garnett, Ann, Mrs. Bayly, q.v. Garon, Bridget, 234 Garrett, Bridget, nee Geheoghan, 155, 274 Owen, 155, 274 Thomas, 155 Garvey, Ellen, nee Kelly, 201 Joanna, 160 John,201 Mary, 201 Gason (or Gazon), Ann, nee McCannagh, 172 John,l72 Thomas, 172 Gasquet, Margaret, 324, 325, 327 Margaret, Mme. Tholon, q.v. Gates, William, 261, 309 Gaughan, Mark, 242 GaugJagher, see Gallagher Gavan, Elizabeth, nee Rannels, 335 Patrick, 335 Patrick, son of Patrick, 335 Gayner (or Gainer), Catherine, Mrs. Mahan, q.v. Louisa, Mrs. Sweeney, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. O'Connor, q.v. Mary, 163

Gazon, see Gason Geary, David, 300 Gee, Mother Ann Joseph, O.S.B., 83,83n. Gegan, see Geohigan Gegg, Elizabeth, 237 Geheoghan, see Geohigan GeJahem, James, 266 Gentil, Frances, Rev. Mother, In., 31*, 31n., 32, 33*, 37*, 38*, 39*,40*, 41*,42,43*,44,45*,46*,47* Miss, niece of Frances, 39, 41 *,42* - - , nephew of Frances, 47 Geohigan (Gagan, Gaheoghan, Gegan, Geheoghan) Bridget, Mrs. Garrett, q.v. Eliza, 152 Elizabeth, nee Farren, 152 Elizabeth, Mrs. Tracey, q. v. James, 143 Richard, 152 George, Helen, 237 Henry, 299 Gerard, - - , chaplain, 88 Gewery, see also Jewry Mrs. Judith, 128 Thomas, 128 Thomas, son of Thomas, 128 Gibbon[s], Ann, 135 Ann, Mrs. Smith, q.v. Margaret, 172 Gibbs, Dorothy, 173 Gibson, Grace, 251 Bishop Matthew, 70, 70n., 77, 77n., 78, 78n., 79, 82 Giffard, Mrs., of Longbirch, 65n. Gifford, Abbess Xaveria, O.S.B., 90 Gilarty, Mary, 161 Giles, Elizabeth Jane, Mrs. Barnes, q. v. Gill, James, 183 Mary, nee Boyle, 183, 185 Patrick, 183, 185 Gillaghan, see Gillighan Gillan, Michael, 152 Patrick, 160 Giller, Bet., 43, 44 Gillighan (or Gillaghan or Gillinghan), Jane, 269, 287, 312 Mary, 230 Patrick, 230 Thomas, 270, 286 Gillman, Ann, 116 Mrs. Helen, 116 Leodegavius, 116 Martin,116 Gilroy, Ann, 192 Ann, Mrs. Dowling, q.v. Patrick, 297 Gineets, James, 127


Ging, Eliza, Mrs. Beane, q.v. James, 166 John, 166 Joseph, 189 Mary, nee Murphy, 166 Ginghan, Mark, 243, 251 Mark, son 0/ Mark, 243 Mary, nee Corbel, 243, 251 Patrick, 251 Girard, Mme., hotel-keeper in Paris, 52-55 Glancey, Alice, 164 Helen, nee Cassidy, 168 John, 168 Terence, 168 Glarvin, Jane, Mrs. Leary, q.v. Gleeson, Ann, 196 Bridget, Mrs. Clancy, q.v. Bridget, Mrs. Egan, q.v. Ellen, Mrs. Migan, q.v. Judith, Mrs. Corbett, q.v. Gloster, Mary, Mrs. Renney, q.v. Glynn[e], Jane, nee Clarke, 186 John, 186 John, son 0/ John, 186, 270 Michael, 191 Gobinet, Charles, 78 Godfrey, Elizabeth, 148 Mrs. Ellen, 314 Mary, nee O'Mealy, 181, 182 Mary Ann, 181, 182 Thomas, 148 William, 181, 182 Godsmark, James, Corporal, 311 Goffing, Jane Catherine, 126 Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. Palbach, q.v. Golden, Mary, 175 Golding (or Goulding), John, son 0/ Thomas, 207 John, tennant at Cadeby, 25 Lydia, nee Cary, 207, 209, 211 Mr., 96 Samuel, 7*, 10*, 101 Mrs. Teresa, 34, 35,47, 101 Thomas, 207, 209 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 209 Gollagher (or Golligher), see Gallagher Gom, Mrs. Lucy, 290 Mary, nee Moran, 290 Rowland, 290 Thomas, 290 Gomer, Francis Anthony Gabriel, 326* Gonne, Rebecca, 177 Goodfellows, John, 206, 207 Margaret, 206 Sarah, nee Smith, 206 Goose, Andrew, 13 Gorden, Jane, Mrs. Mooney, q.v. Gordon, Alexander, 126 Alexander, son 0/ Alexander, 126

Helen, 250, 256 Louis, 224 Margaret, nee MacNamara, 126 Mary, Mrs. Lee, q.v. Thomas, 250 Gorman, Ann, Mrs. McGrath, q.v. David,301 John, 142 Margaret, 142 Margaret, nee Reardon, 142 Gormley, Susan, 156 Gorst, Mary, maid, 20 Gosdem, Catherine, Mrs. Doran, q.v. Godfrey, 273 Mary, 273 Gother, John, priest, 21, 62, 62n., 80¡ Gough, Ellen, 256 Henry Brock Stanton, 255 Juliana, nee Wilson, 255 Mark,256 Mary, 335 Mary, nee Corbet, 256 Thomas, 255 Goulding, see Golding Gowey, Thomas, 272 GraaiI, Catherine, nee Morin, 327 Henry, 327 Grace, Ann, Mrs. Hill, q.v. Honora, Mrs. Doyle, q.v. GradeU, Christopher, 14n. Christopher, priest, 14, 14n. Mrs., nee WinckIey, 14n. Grady, Jane, nee Stevenison [?], 326 Mary, Mrs. Riley, q.v. William, 220, 226 William Stevenson, 226 Grafney, Jane, 334* Graham, Bridget, 146 Caroline, 337 Eliza, 264, 348 James, 336, 337 James, son 0/ James, 336 Jane, nee Hall, 146 Margaret, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Mary, nee Finigan, 219 Mary Ann, 219 Patrick, 146 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 146 Sarah, nee Whitewood, 336, 337 Thomas, 219 Graban, Mary, Mrs. Connolly, q.v. Grant, David, 165 Gregory, 225 Bp. James, V.A. Lowlands, 36n., 72n. John,218 John, son o/Gregory, 225 John, son 0/ John, 218 Lawrence, 296 Mr., 96 Mary, nee CarIye, 225


Mary, nee Caryle, 218 Thomas, Bp. 0/ Southwark, 254, 254n., 273*, 291,304 Grasse de, see De Grasse Graves, Catherine, 345 Gray, see also Grey Ann, nee Burns, 251 Barbara Eliza, nee Blake, 139 Catherine, 251 Christopher, 251 Eliza Catherine, 139 Margaret, Mrs. Ellworth, q.v. Mary, 215 William, 139 Greany, Michael, 273 Green, Ann, 1812- 14, 159,333 Ann, 1849, 238 Ann, nee Kelly, 284 Ann, Mrs. Daniel, q.v. Bridget, nee MacCawley, 133 Catherine, 167 Catherine, nee Cary, 141 Elizabeth, can! 1822,263 Elizabeth, godmother 1811-18, 152, 161, 172 Elizabeth, nee Flanigan, 158 Elizabeth, nee Harrigan, 274 Mrs. Elizabeth, 0/ Cork, 284 Ellen, Mrs. Clohosy, q.v. Esther, 158 George James, 198 Hannah, nee Dyer, 198"', 338 James, can! 1822, 263 James, husb. a/Bridget, 133 Jane, Mrs. McGuire, q.v. John, husb. 0/ Ann, 284 John, husb. a/Catherine, 141 John, husb. a/Elizabeth F., 158 John, husb. a/Elizabeth H., 274 John, a/69th., 312 John, son 0/ James, 133 Judith, 143 Julia Elizabeth, 338 Lawrence Henry, 198, 338 Lawrence Henry, son a/Lawrence, 198 Martin, 155 Mary, 171 Mary Ann, 141 Mr., 309 Mrs., [nun?], 70, 70n., 71 Robert, 159 William, can! 1816, 262 William, god/ather, 161, 172 William, 0/ Cork, 284 Greenham, James, Corporal, 228, 296 Margaret, 263 William, 263

Greenough, Ann, nee Mew, 222, 252 Gerald George, 222 John,222,252,258 William Mew, 252 GreenvaId [?], see also Grinvald Sarah, 159 Greenway, Mother Mary Scholastica, O.S.B., 83, 83n. Greenwell, Mr., undertaker? 16 Greer, Ann, nee Kelly, 284 Mrs. Elizabeth, 284 John, 284 William, 284 Gregan, James, 263 Gregg, John, 187 Peter, 187 Sarah, nee Donolly, 187 Grenet, - -, haberdasher, 50 Grenthe, Adoph de, 263 Abbe Richard C'esar de, 110*, 201, 293, 308, 347 Grey, see also Gray Margaret, Mrs. Mugalleir, q.v. William de, Lord Chief Justice, 57 Gribben, Bridget, 177 Henry, 178 Grier, James, 173 Griff, Lawrence, 156 Lewis, 156 Mary, nee Jordan, 156 Griffin, Bridget, Mrs. Browne, q.v. Jane, nee Hinderson, 166 John (1), husb. 0/ Mary, 148 John (2), a/5th Depot, 299 John (3), son 0/ John (1), 148 Mary, 148 Mary, nee Hyland, 143 Mary, nee Tyter, 148 Michael, 143 Patrick, 166 Timothy, husb. 0/ Jane, 166 Timothy, son a/Michael, 143 Griffith[s], George, 241 Janes, Mrs. Petty, q.v. Margaret, nee Welch, 241 Mary, 119, 120 Mary Ann, 241 Sarah, Mrs. Phelan, q.v. Bp. Thomas, V.A. Land., 264, 265*, 266, 320* Griggs, Ann, nee Carter, 240 Edward,240 John, 240, 300 Grimes, Ann or Hanna, nee Salter, later Mrs. Brading, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Holmes, q.v. Mary, 131 Grinvald, see also Greenvald [?] Francis, 156


Groeskin, Mariana, 151 Grogan, Thomas, 230 Gross, J. A., priest, 321 Grubbin, Frances, nee Boyd, 162 James, 162 Sarah,162 Grumley, Catherine, nee Cooney, 197, 199 John,232 Patrick, 197 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 197 Gualier, Daniel, 209 Guerton, Bridget, 203 James, 203 Mrs. Mary, 203 Guilcheanan, Owen, 185 Guilfoyle, Eliza, 233, 240 John, 271 Michael, 265 Guilliuse, Mary, Mrs. Spourn, q.v. Gurlay (or Gurley), John, 218, 223, 227, 228, 266 Mary, 227 Mary, nee Layden, 218, 227, 228, 267 Mary Ann, 218, 294 Guyer, Elizabeth, Mrs. Vrry, q.v. Gwillim, John, priest, IOn., 16n. Mr., 10*, IOn., 16* Gwine [?], William, 278 Haburn, Eleonora, 134 Hackett, Ann, 188, 262 Mrs. Honora, 291 Jane, Mrs. Dwyer, q.v. John, Private, 293 Nancy, 309 Nicholas, 291 Hading[?], James, 222 Mary, 222 Haely, Mary Ann, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Haeterin, Catherine, Mrs. Werner, q.v. Haffart[ ?], Hearne, 202 Hagan, Bridget, Mrs. Doherty, q.v. Hageder, John Charles, 150 John Charles, son 0/ John Charles, 150 Nannette, nee Porkornin, 150 Hagerty (or Haggerty or Hagity), Ann, Mrs. Megan, q.v. George, 215 John,271 Luke, 228 Mary, 202 Mary Ann, 211 Mary Ann, nee Fitzgerald, 211, 215, 223, 228, 237 Michael, 211, 215, 223, 228 Thomas, 223 Haggerston, Abbess Anne Catherine, O.S.B., 90

Haggerty[?], see Hagerty Haggett, - - , 38 Hagity, see Hagerty Hagleston, Mary, Mrs. Savory, q.v. Haile, Mary, 239 Haily, see Haley Hakey, Ann, 134 John,134 Margaret, nee Down, 134 Halders, Michael, 328 Halerssat (or Halerpat), Helen, 175 Halerty, Bridget, nee Havey, 153 John, 153 John, son 0/ John, 153 Hales, Sir Edward, 318 Haley (or Haily or Hayley), Ann, 152 Catherine, nee MacDonal, 332 Edward,332 John, 171 Margaret, 332 Margaret, nee Connolly, 152 William, 152 Halford, Miss, 43 Halfpenny, Charles, 253 Julia, nee Melia, 253 William, 253 Hall, Amelia, con! 1822, 262 Mrs. Amelia, 181, 183 Ann, 234 Ann, nee Morrice, 237 Bridget, nee Moran, 227, 230 Daniel,298 Helen, Mrs. Davy, q.v. James, 237 Jane, Mrs. Graham, q.v. John,133 John, son a/Peter, 183 M.,347 Mary, bapt. 1821, 309 Mary, godmother, 190, 191 Mary (Mary), can! 1822, 262 Mary (Teresa), can! 1822, 263 Peter, 183 Robert Michael, 227 Thomas, 230 William, husb. a/Bridget, 227, 230 William, son 0/ James, 237 William, V.G. Tasmania, 113 Hallerin, Elizabeth, Mrs. Proud, q. v. Halley, see Haly Halliday, Henry, 347 Halligan, John, 145 Halloran, Alice, nee Cornwell, 342 Helen, 143 John, 342 Mary, 342 Hally, see Haly


Halpen (or Halpin), Ann, Mrs. Delahunty, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Hickey, q.v. Haly (or Halley or Hally), Ann, Mrs. O'Donnell, q.v. Catherine, 231 Hannah, nee Hyde or Hide, 231, 240 James, 1814, 158 James, 1847-, 229, 231, 239, 240 James Julius, 240, 300 John,l71 Mary, nee Degan, 171 Thomas, 171 William, 169 Hamill [?], Jane Mary, Mrs. Ford, q.v. Hamilton, Charles Eustace, 233 James, 342 Jane, 335 Lucy, Mrs. McKenna, q.v. Michael, 1815, 335 Michael, 1848, 233 Sarah, nee Barden, 335 Sarah, nee Bush, 233 'Hampshire Secular Clergy Fund', 105 Hampson, William, O.S.B., 113 Hanbury, Catherine, 140 Hand[?], Farrell, 202 Handley, Elizabeth, 255 James, 255 John,223 Mary, nee O'Neill, 255 William, 253 Handling, Ann, 182 Haney, Rose Ann, Mrs. Magee, q.v. Hanley, Ann, Mrs. Moriarty, q.v. Eleonora, Mrs. Hillary, q.v. James, 191 Mary, 191 Mary, nee Barrett, 191 Thomas, 273 Winifred, Mrs. Duffy, q.v. Hanlon, Elizabeth, nee Bodkin, 130 Frances, 130 Michael, 130 Hannan (or Hannen), Bridget, Mrs. Barnes, q.v. Hannon, Catherine, 218 Hansbury (or Ansborough), James 140 150 ' â&#x20AC;˘ John, 140 Mary, 150 Mary, nee Connor, 140, 150 Harbour, Mrs. Ann, 315 Hardey, Catherine, 332 Harding (or Hardin), Elizabeth, 228 Helen, 223 Jane (1), wife o/William (1), 228, 264, 277, 310

Jane (2), nee Bevines, Bivines, Berines or Bennes, wife 0/ William (2), 213, 216, 223, 228,277 Jane [either (1) or (2)], 225, 233, 239, 241, 284 Mary Jane, 213, 269 Sarah Ann, 223 William (1), 191, 264, 277, 309 William (2), son o/William (1), 213, 216, 223, 228, 277 William [either (1) or (2)], 212, 225, 231,232,237,241,284*,287*, 288,291 William Thomas, 216 Hardwick, Ann, nee Torner, 14n. Francis, 14n. George, priest, 14, 14n. Hare, Jane, Mrs. Bouhean, q.v. Hargrove, Bridget, 137 Harley, Jeremiah, 204 Margaret, 204 Mrs. Mary, 204 Harnett, Catherine, Mrs. Sprankling, q.v. Harney, Mary, Mrs. Hogan, q.v. Harniss, Mr., 11, 18 Harries, see also Harris Mary, 174 Harrig, John, 346 Harrigan, Elizabeth, Mrs. Green, q. v. John, 196 Thomas, 296 Harrington, Denis, 208 * Eleanor, 129 James, 129, 131, 137, 139, 145 John,208 Margaret, Mrs. Driscoll, q.v. Mary, 145 Mary, nee Downey, 208* Mary, Mrs. Cmnmins, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Finaughty, q.v. Robert, 129 Sarah, bapt. 1803, 131 Sarah,bapt. 1823, 310 Sarah, nee Dove or Dore, 129, 131, 145 Harris, Anne, nee Veal, 338, 339, 341, 343, 344 Charlotte, Mrs. Sweatman, q.v. Chris., 15 Edmund, 148 Elizabeth, 332, 333*, 334, 335* Elizabeth, dau. 0/ Richard, 339 John, 343 Joseph,137 Louise, 344 Mary, 261 Richard, 338, 339, 341, 343, 344 Richard, son o/Richard, 341


Sarah, Mrs. White, q.v. William, 338 Harrison, John, 1806, 136 John, husb. o/Mary, 182 Mary, nee Riley, 182 Thomas, 182 Hart, Elizabeth, 184 Elizabeth, nee Coulter, 184, 190 Mrs. Ellen, 0/ Cork, 290 Ellen, dau. 0/ James, 256 Francis, 330 Honora, nee McCarthy, 256, 290 James, 256, 290 Jane,bapt. 1823, 309 Jane,dau.o/John,190 John, god/ather, 256 John, husb. o/Elizabeth, 184, 190 John, 0/ Cork, 290

Michael, 149 Owen, 221, 268 Timothy, 267 Harten[?], Hugh, 243 Harthorne[?], Margaret, Mrs. Bulger, q.v. Hartley, Elizabeth, nee Taplin, 6 Richard,6 William, priest, 6, 29n., 30*-35*, 39 41,42,46,47, 52*, 56*, 62, 62n. Harty, Mary, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Harvey, see also Hervey Amelia, nee James, 216 Ann, 137 Ann, nee Doon, 333 Ann, Mrs. White, q.v. Ellen, 182, 192 Emily Agnes, 312 James, 216 John, 333 Mary, Mrs. Madden, q.v. Teresa Anastasia (Enice), 216 Thomas, father 0/ Ann, 274 Thomas, son 0/ John, 333 William, 216 Hassett, Arthur, 290 Bridget, nee Burns, 254 Bridget, nee Thuey or Thucy, 290 Mrs. Catherine, 290 John, 290 Maurice, 254 Thomas, 254, 306 Hastings, William, 145 Hatilyhill[?], Mrs. Catherine, 116 John,116 Nicholas, 116 Hatton, Ellen, 184 Ellen, nee Cammel, 184 Peter, 184 Haughney, Elizabeth, nee Divine, 232 Ellen, 232 Toby, 232

Havering, Seraphine, Mrs. Besch, q.v. Havey, Bridget, Mrs. Halerty, q.v. Patrick, 305 Hawke (or Hawcke), - - , schoolmaster, 107, 108 Elizabeth, nee Porter, 115, 117, 120¡, 123, 127, 129, 130*, 132, 144, 145, 260 James, 130, 261 John, 117, 118, 119, 120*, 126, 127, 129*,130*,131*,132,133*,144, 146*, 147, 151, 154 John, son a/John, 117,261 Joseph,120 Peter Thomas, 127,261 Hawkins, Caesar, surgeon, 27 Peter, 315 Hay, Elizabeth, nee Watson, 167 George, 167 Bishop George, V.A. Lowlands, 70, 70n., 72-75*, 77, 95 John, d. 1795, 122 John, son o/George, 167 Robert William, Under-Secretary, 111 Hayes, - - , 183 Ann, Mrs. Power, q.v. Bridget, Mrs. Murnane, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. O'Mara, q.v. Denis, 193, 195 Donald,146 Donald, son o/Donald, 146 Eleanor, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Ellen, 193 Ellen, Mrs. Foster, q. v. John, 0/ Limerick, 289 John, son a/Denis, 195 John E., priest, 114 Julia, 289 Martin, 287 Mrs. Mary, 287 Mary, nee Toomey, 193, 195 Sarah, nee Oulis, 146 William, 130 Hayley, see Haley Hayward (or Haywood), Elizabeth, nee Rowe, 186,210,214,216, 221, 223,234,238, 242, 244, 264, 278*, 286 George, 291 Jane, nee Cheverton, 291 Mrs. Mary, 286, 291 William, bapt. 1856, 346 William, 0/ Ryde, 210, 222, 234, 278, 286, 346 William, 0/ Shaftesbury, 286, 291 Haywood, recte Hayward, q.v. see also Heywood Hazell (or Hazzell), Catherine, 311 H., 311


Helen, nee Pickett, 213, 241, 245, 289 James, 315 John, 310, 315 John (Augustine), 268 John (George), 268 Martha, 331 * Mary (1), 267 Mary (2), 223, 225, 253*, 255, 257 Mary (3), wife o/William, 259 Mary Ann, 259 Robert, 213, 252, 259 Robert, son o/Robert, 213, 273 Mrs. Selina, 316 William, 259 Heagle, see Heasle Heagon, Mary, Mrs. Nobbs, q.v. Healy (or Haely), Edward, 181 Jane, nee Conroy, 181 John, 248 Mary, nee Dillon, 248 Mary, Mrs. Cannon, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Shanly, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Sullivan, q. v. Mary Ann Jane, 181 Owen, 249 Patrick Henry, 248 Heaphy, Ann, 131 Bridget, nee Ringwood, 131 Pierce, 131 !leard, Isaac, Lancaster Herald, 32, 32n. Hearn, Charlotte, Mrs. De Grasse, q.v. Ellen, 191 Henry, 286 James, 274 Margaret, Mrs. Selwood, q. v. William, 347 Heasle (or Heagle), Francis, 208 Mrs. Hannah, 208 Robert, 208 Heazle, see also Hazell Martha, 331 * Heazon, Mary, Mrs. Nobbs, q.v. Hedger, Mary, Mrs. Small, q.v. Hedifant, Eliza, 229 Helling, Luke, 177 Hellinger, Mary, nee Hoffman 328 Michael,328 ' Henchey, Margaret, Mrs. Clinton, q. v. Henderson, Mrs., landlady, 30 Sarah, Mrs. Coreron, q. v. Heneage, Ann, nee Bowes, 5, 7, 10, 13, 13n., 18, 24, 25, 51, 53, 54, 59, 99-101 Ann, nun, 4n. Anna Maria, nee Fieschi 5 Catherine, nee Petre 5 ' Constantia, O.S.B., 4n. Elizabeth, nee Browne, 1-3, 5-8,


19-21*, 29n., 32n., 43, 56n., 58n., 59-62,64-69*,71*, 73n., 81-2*, 87,90,95,97- 100,102*,105*, 105n., 107, 115, 316, 317, 322 Elizabeth, nee Hunloke, 3*,4, 32n. EHzabeth (Betsey), Mrs. FitzherbertBrockholes, q. v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Greathed, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Tunstal1, q. v. Frances, 4 Francis, 5 George, 0/ Hainton, b. 1661, 4 George, 0/ Hainton, b. 1674, father 0/ Windsor, 3, 4, 32n. George, 0/ Hainton, b. 1698, brother 0/ Windsor, 4, 29 George, 0/ Weelsby [? George Fieschi],25 George Buno, 28, 30 George Fieschi, nephew o/Windsor, 5, 28*, 29, 30, 33, 52, 56, 57 George Robert, 30 George Thomas, son o/Windsor, 5, 24,28,32n. Henry, 5, 6 Mrs. Henry, see Ann James, 4 James Windsor, 1-9, 14, 14n., 17n., 18n., 19n., 29n., 32n., 34n., 36n., 49n., 59, 60, 62, 66-68, 70, 73-75, 83-86, 90n., 95, 99 - - , his niece, 36, 40, 51, 59 John, bro. o/Windsor, 5, 12, 14-16*, 18 '~-19, 21, 25, 38, 41, 41n., 45, 45n., 46, 46n., 52, 56 John Windsor vere James Windsor, q.v. Katharine, Mrs. Palmes, q. v. Mary (Molly), Mrs. FitzherbertBrockholes, q. v. Mary, nee Newport, 4n. Mary, nee Petre, 4 Mary Ann Winefride, dau. o/George Fieschi,40 Mary Bridget, 4 Mr. and Mrs., 23 Penelope, O.S.B., 4n. Robert, 5 Prioress Scholastica, O.S.B., 88, 88n. Teresa Catherine, dau. 0/ George Fieschi,51 Thomas, 18n., 101, 102 Thomas, son o/Thomas Henry, 5 Thomas Fieschi, 36 Thomas Henry, 5 Ursula, 5 Mrs. Winefride, 7* Winifred, O.S.A., 4n. family, 4-5, 58n.

Henessy (or Hennesey), Bridget, Mrs. Dwyer, q.v. Joseph, 271 Mary, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Michael Raymund, priest, 114 Heney (or Henney), Agnes Cecily, 242 Alexander, 328 Caroline, 228 Caroline, nee Cartledge, 228, 232, 237,242,248,255,269,290, 311 Cecily,255 Dominic, 255 Edward, 228, 232, 237, 242, 248, 251, 255, 256, 290 Edward, son 0/ Edward, 248 Magdalen, widow Twisten, 328 Mary Teresa, 237 Rose Ann, 232 Henley, - - , nee McNoIty, 140 Elizabeth, 304 James, 191 John, 140 Mary, Mrs. Sweeney, q.v. William, 140 Hennesey, see Henessy Henney, see Heney Heno, Augustine, 252 Ida, nee Wolf, 252 Melina Jane, 252 Henright, Margaret, Mrs. Flaherty, q.v. Henvey, Margaret, Mrs. Carlen, q.v. Hepburn, James, 148 Heran, Mary, Mrs. Mullins, q.v. Herbert, Frances, 190 Jane, 313 Margaret, nee Templeton, 190 Matthew, 190 Patrick, 273 Herney [?], Mrs. Ann, 202 Jane, 202 Richard, 202* Heroward, Mary, Mrs. Crimmen, q.v. Hertend, Elizabeth, Mrs. Spain, q.v. Hervey, see also Harvey Francis, 222, 266 Leonora, Mrs. Worsley, q.v. Sir Nicholas, 104 Thomas, alias a/Thomas Worsley, S.l., q.v. Sir Thomas, 104 Heskett, John, Colour Sergt., 298 Heslings, Catherine, Mrs. Nicholson, q.v. Hetherington, Canon Jesse, 114 Hevorn, John, 332 Hewitt, Mr., 19 Thomas, 272 Heywood, George, 265 William, 265

Hickey, Ann, nee Farell, 260, 307 Bridget, Mrs. Nolan, q.v. Catherine, 252 Daniel, hush. 0/ Ann, 260 Daniel, hush. a/Mary, 252 David, 196 Edward,246 Elizabeth, nee Jones, 196 James, 260, 307 John (1), god/ather 1805, l34 John (2), hush. a/Mary, 186, 189 John (3), son 0/ John (2), 186 John James, 240, 300 Margaret, nee Byrne, 146 Margaret, nee Murphy, 232, 240 Mary, 189 Mary, nee Halpin, 186, 189 Mary, nee McManus, 252 Mary Ann, dau. a/David, 196 Mary Ann, dau. a/Simon, 146 Michael, 232, 238, 240 Simon, 146 Hickman, Martha, 261 Hicks, James, l30 Hide, Hannah, Mrs. Haly, q.v. Hiden, Sarah, Mrs. McGuire, q.v. Hifeven, Bridget, nee Hopkins, 161 John, 161 Roger, 161 Hifiand, John, 327 I-liggins, Ann, Mrs. Lynch, q.v. Catherina, 308 Daniel, 163 Elizabeth, 159 John, 163 Mrs. Judith, 163, 165 Margaret, Mrs. Creagh, q.v. Mary, 308 William, 253 Highland, see also Hyland Catherine, 190 John, 190 Mrs. Margaret, 190 Higley, Ann, Mrs. Trotman, q.v. Hill, Ann, 226 Ann, nee Grace, 218, 226 Eliza Ann, 218 Ellen, nee Neil, 197 George, 174 James, 176 Jane, nee Stark or Stack, 176 John, 197*,218,226,234 Joseph, 176 Margaret, 197 Mary, 175 Hillary, Catherine, 145 Eleonora, nee Hanley, 145 Peter, 145 HiJliers, Harriett, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Hillyer, W., 347


Hind[e] (or Hinds), Anna Maria, Mrs. Gandolphi, q. v. Benedict, 108 Catherine, nee Urry, 2 Catherine, Mrs. King, q.v. Dorothy, 205 Gilbert, 186 John,2 Judith, Mrs. Burke, q. v. Margaret, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Mary, 184, 186 Mary Ann, nee Anelly, 186 Richard, 186 Richard, son a/Richard, 186 Hinderson, Jane, Mrs. Griffin, q.v. Hinds, see Hind(e) Hippersley (Hippisley), Sir John, 107* Hitchock, Eliz., 41 * Hoare, Ann, 196 Ellen, nee Winn, 196 Ellenor, 198 Patrick, 196 Hobbs, Elizabeth, 180 John, 180 Sarah, nee Smith, 180 Sarah, Mrs. Pine, q. v. Hobson, Blanch, 274 Christine, Mrs. Lyons, q.v. Hodghin, Helen, nee Demette, 328 Michael, 328 William, 328 Hodgson, Edward, 190 Joseph,192 Mary Ann, 192 Mother Mary Catherine, Poor Clare, 86, 87* Mr., 107* Mrs. (Joseph), nee McGennis, 192 Hoey (Hoghy), Jane, Mrs. Sweeney, q.v. Roger, 153 Hoffman, Mary, Mrs. Hellinger, q.v. Hogan, Alice, nee Cahill, 197 Ann, nee Cavanagh, 196 Bella, nee Mulony, 166 Catherine, Mrs. Blakey, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Lee, q.v. Daniel,197 Frederick, 196 James (1), 154, 157, 158 James (2), 197 Jane, 196 Jane,dau.o/John, 158 John (1), god/ather, 256 John (2), husb. a/Bella, 166 John (3), husb. a/Margaret, 158 John (4), husb. a/Mary, 195, 198 John (5), son 0/ John (2), 166 Margaret, nee McKiernan, 158 Mary, nee Harney, 198

Matthew, 195 Patrick, 197 Patrick, son 0/ John, 198 Sarah, Mrs. Jordan, q. v. Sarah, Mrs. Keefe, q.v. Sophia, 120, 121 Thomas, 196,271 Timothy, 127, 128 Hogge, Luke, 122 Hoghton, Catherine, 214 Hoghy, see Hoey Holahan, Martin, 274 Mary, nee Conroy, 274 Holland, Catherine, 115 Hugh, 257 Judith,149 Hollenherd [?], John, 234 Hollis, Catherine, nee Ryan, 258 Isaac, 258 Mary Isabel, 258 Mrs., 320 Holloran, Sarah, 127, 128 Hollywood, Elizabeth Agnes, widow Maffey, 245, 246, 252, 253, 256, 290 John, 256, 290 Mrs. Mary, 290 Thomas, 290 Holmes (or Homles), John, 245 John Gabriel, 245 Margaret, nee Grimes, 245, 246 Holstein, Ann, nee Cartrose, 118 Anna Maximiliana, 118 Frederick, 118 Homer (or Horner), Ann, nee Arneld, 283 Catherine, 229, 297 Charles, 229 Eliza, Mrs. Taken, q.v. Mary, nee Archer, 229, also? 233, 237 Thomas Luke, 283 Homles, see Holmes Honan, Alice, lvlrs. Fallon, q.v. Honywood, George, 128 Hoodman, Mary, Mrs. Howley, q.v. Hooker, Mrs. Ann, 287 James, 287 Mary Ann, Mrs. McNamee, q.v. Hookey, Elizabeth, 225 Henry, 218, 307 Mary, nee Burns, 218, 225, 267, 298 William, 218, 225 Hopkins, Bridget, Mrs. Donolan, q.v. Bridget, Mrs. Hifeven, q.v. Honoratia, Mrs. McBride, q. v. Margaret, 245, 246 Martin,246 Michael, 146


Horacks, see Horracks Horan[e]. Eleanor, Mrs. Gallagher, q.v. John,270 Margaret, Mrs. White, later Mrs. Territt, q.v. Mary, 229 Patrick, 226, 229 Horen, Elizabeth, nee Carthy, 274 Thomas, 274 Horihe [?], Andrew, 118 Horne, Patrick, 268 Horner, see also Homer Mary, 233, 237 Hornyold, Bishop John, V.A. Midland Dis!., 65, 65n, 66 Horracks, Ann, 226 Helen, nee Sullivan [?], 226 John, 226 John Sullivan, 226 Horrell, William, 156 Horrigan, Jane, nee Barry, 134 John, 134 Matthew, 134 Horrogan, Catherine, 198 John, 198 Mary, nee Sheahee, 198, 199 Horsham (or Horshman), Augustus William, 163 Richard, 163 Mrs. Rose Mary, 163 Hoscraft, Henry, 239 John,239 Mary, nee Sweeny, 239 Hoskins, Mary, 344 Houragan (or Ourragan), Bridget, nee McGrath, 179 James, 179 Stephen, 178, 179 Hourhan, Helen, 149 How, see Howes Howard, Margaret, Mrs. Shean, q.v. Mary, see Mary of the Cross Susan, 309 Howe, see Howes Howell, Catherine, 146 John, priest, 101 [?], lOIn. Mr., 101 Howes (or How or Howe), Mrs. Ellen, 306 Helen, 233, 238, 251, 253 Helen, Mrs. Kaley, q.v. Mrs. Jane, 291 Jane, Mrs. Poor, q.v. Richard,291 Timothy, 136 William, 314 Howlett, Ann, 219

Howley, Mary, nee Hoodman or Stoodman, 196* Michael, 196* Sarah, 196 Howson, Mr., 96 Hoy, Elizabeth, 227 James, 268 John, 220, 227 Joseph,220 Margaret, nee Dunn, 220, 227 Mary, 230 Huddleston, Henry, 28n. John, priest, 28, 28n. Mrs. Mary, nee Bostock, 28n. Hudson, Henry, 218 Mr ., 96 Sarah, Mrs. McDonough, q.v. Huges, Richard, 332 Sarah, nee Sutton, 332 Thomas, 332 Huggins, Bernard, 227 Charlotte, 227, 250, 251 James, 215 John, 215 Margaret, nee Burke, 215 Hughes, Ann, 147 Ann, dau. of James, 147 Ann, nee Reardon, 249, 288 Bernard, 175 Edward,249 Eleonora, nee Connor, 132 Eleonora, Mrs. Pavil, q.v. Francis, 180 Hannah,156 James, d. 1854, 304 James, hush. of Jane, 147* Jane, 198 Jane, nee King, 175 Jane, nee Neal, 147 John, 132 John, son of John, 132 Mary, 175 Mary, nee Moore, 198 Mary, Mrs. Connolly, q.v. Mary, Mrs. O'Brien, q.v. Michael, 175 Patrick, 239 Sarah, Mrs. Flynn, q.v. Thomas, 198 William, 249, 288 Hulihan, Ann, nee Daly, 161 Catherine, 161 Jeremiah, 161 Hmmfry, James, 173 Humphriss, Hannah, Mrs. Lohan, q. v. Hundheim, Ann Julie de, nee Newburg, 129 Charles Philip Maurice de, 129 Joseph Anthony Jude Thaddaeus de, 129


Hunloke (or Hunlocke), Miss Charlotte, 16 Charlotte Constance, 34 Elizabeth, Mrs. Heneage, q.v. Sir Henry, Bart., 3,4, 13*-17, 34, 36,50 James, 1759, 16 James, 1815, 164 Margaret, Lady, 34 Abbess Marina, O.S.B., 50n., 90 Miss, 16 Robert, 9, 16 Windsor, 9, 19 Hunt, - - , priest [?], 70 Ann, nee Kegley Catherine, nee La Hart, 253 Ellen, 253 John, 1804, 133 John, Private, 293 John, son a/Maurice, 192 Margaret, 231 Margaret, nee Lyons, later Mrs. Farrell, q.v. Mary, 253 Mary, nee McDonough, 157 Maurice, 192 Michael, 157 Mr., 96* Richard, 253 Robert, 226 Thomas, 157 Vincent, 203 William, 226, 280 William, priest, 321 Hunter, Seraphine, 347 Hurley, Ann, Mrs. Bleach, q.v. Eliza [?] Anna, 348 Elizabeth, 348 Hurst, Thomas, 271 William, priest, 48, 48n., 49*, 50,51, 52*,53*, 54*, 55 Hussey, Ann, 246 Caroline, nee Ammight, 196 Elizabeth, 196 George, 115, 125 Philip, 196 Hyde, Hannah, Mrs. HaJy, q.v. Hyland, see also Highland Mary, Mrs. Griffin, q.v. Hyllier, Harriett, Mrs. O'Connor, q.v. Hynes, Mrs. Bridget, 281 Eliza, 257 Eliza, nee Kennedy, 220, 267, 281 Bishop John, O.P., 268 Patrick, 1825, 192 Patrick, 1847-9, 270, 281 Richard, 183 Welham, 313 William, 281

Ibbett, Canon Anthony, 114 Iden, Alexander, 1, 3 Cecily, 3 :~ Jasper, 3* Thomas, 3 Igo, Mary, 191 Mary, Mrs. Filbin, q.v. Ingehaha (or Ingehala), Cecily, Mrs. Derque, q. v. Ingles, Jane, nee King, 227 James, 227 Walter, 227 Ingram, Sarah, 146 Iniche, Frederick, 119 Irvin (or Irvine, Irving, Ervin), James, 253 John, 146 Mary, Mrs. Craughan, q.v. Sarah, Mrs. Bramwell, q.v. William, 300 Irwin, Edward, 164 Jack, Ann, nee Boland or Billand, 218, 224* Elizabeth, 218 James, 218, 224, 267 Jesse, 224 Jackman, Alexander, 135 Charlotte, 266, 311 Elizabeth, 310 Francis Henry, 217 Isac [sic], 217 James, 135 Margaret, nee Burke, 217 Mary, nee Dun, 135 Jackson, Catherine, nee Murphy, 257 John William, 257 John William, son 0/ John William, 257 Julia Ann, Mrs. Parkinson, q. v. Jacobs, James, 127 Jane, nee Bleumer or Bloomer, 127 Jane, Mrs. Richards, q. v. Jemima Mary, 313 Mary, 127 James, Amelia, A1rs. Harvey, q.v. Anastasia (Anicia), nee Stagg, 146, 154, 170, 176, 183,280,293,310, 329 Ann, 311 Ann, nee Brown, 115*, 118, 120*, 121, 125, 126, 127*, 129, 131, 138*, 139*, 146*, 147*, 173, 329*, 330* Ann Teresa, Mrs. Johnson, q.v. Ann Winifred, 147 Charles, 121, 123, 131, 146, 163, 169,295, 329 Elizabeth, dau. a/Charles, 146 Elizabeth, dau. a/Thomas, 183 Elizabeth, 1819, 176


Elizabeth, 1825-9, 197, 198,264 Elizabeth, Mrs. Alford, q.v. Emily, 176 Esther, nee Lansdown, 146, 163,261, 309 Frances, 292, 310 Frances, dau. o/William (1), 146 Francis Silvester, 126 George, 170 George William, 256 Jane, Mrs. Buncombe, q.v. John, husb. o/Rose, 256 John, son 0/ Richard, 118 Joseph,120 Mary, dau. o/Richard, 129 Mary, godmother, 133, 142 Mary, nee Carrol, 183 Mary Ann, 147, 148, 169, 261, 274 Mary Ann, nee Baker, 197 Mr., attorney, 105* Richard, 115, 117, 118, 120*, 121*, 123,126,127,129*,169, 260 Richard, son o/William, 154 Rose, nee James [sic], 256 Rose Teresa, 313 Teresa, 183 Thomas, 183 William (1), husb. 0/ Anastasia, 146, 154, 170, 176, 183,280,310,329 William (2), husb. 0/ Mary Ann, 197 William (3), son o/William (2), 197 William Andrew, 329 Jameson, Mr ., 47 Philip, vere Sachmorter, S.J., 47n. Jeff[e]rey, Elizabeth, 166 Thomas, 174 Jenkins, Ann, 185 Annette, 180 Anthony, 129 Anthony, son 0/ Anthony, 129 Bridget, nee Dormer, 243 Elizabeth, nee Davis, 129 Jane, 121 John, 121 John, son o/William, 243, 301 Teresa, 230, 245 William, 181, 182, 185 William, husb. o/Bridget, 243 Mrs. Winifred, 121 Jenkinson, Rev. John, 15 Jennings, Ann, Mrs . Pickering, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Curren, q.v. Honora, 255 John, 255, 258 Margaret, nee Ford, 255, 258 Mary, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Jerido, Francis, 161 George, 161 Marian, nee de Rees [?], 161

Jerman, see also Jeuman Margaret, 234 Jerningham, Arthur, 23 6 Sophie, 236 Jerom, - -, nee Fairley, 117 John,11 7 Mary Frances, 117 Jeuman, see also Jerman Catherine, 232 John, 232,248,257 John, son 0/ John, 248, 303 Margaret, nee Daughtey or Doherty, 232, 248, 252, 257 Mary, 257 Jewry, see also Gewery Mary, 159 Johnson, Agnes Louise, 232, 249 Andrew, 170, 172 Ann, godmother 1809, 145 Mrs. Ann, 315 Mrs. Ann, 0/ Bilston, 278 Ann, nee James, 183, 216, 218, 219, 220*, 226, 229, 232, 239, 240, 242, 244*,250,259,266,280 Prioress Ann (Mary Magdalen), O.S.B., 66, 66n., 67 Ann Teresa, 225 Bernard Francis, 244 Catha., 1818, 172 Catherine, 1852, 246 Cuthbert Mathias, 240, 305 Mrs. Eliza, 307 Elizabeth Monica, nee Barnes, 164, 274 Francis Hutchinson, 164, 274 George Germanus, 234 James, 287, 346 Jane, godmother 1816, 166 Jane, nee Johnson [sic], 216, 219, 225,229, 234, 240, 241, 244, 249, 256, 266, 278, 311 Jane, Mrs. Brewer, q.v. Jane, Mrs. McGarry, q. V. John (1), conj: 1836, 265, 310 John (2), god/ather 1811, 333 John (3), 0/ N. Fairlee, 278, 280 John (4), son 0/ John (3), 216, 219, 225, 229, 232, 234, 239, 240, 241, 244*,249,250,256,266,278 John (5), son 0/ John (4), 219 Joseph, 219, 225, 228, 229, 232,239, 240,242, 244*, 250, 253, 259, 265, 280 Joseph, son 0/ John (4), 216 Louisa, 266, 278, 311 Mary (1), con/. 1849, 272 Mary (2), godmother 1844-52, 219, 220,225,229,254,287 Mary (3), wife 0/ John (3), 278, 280 Mary, Mrs. Ogleby, q.v.


Mary Jane, 229 Mary Magdalen Anastasia, 239, 305 Mr., 35 Monica, 256 Monica Frances, 244, 304 Monica Ida, Mrs. McGolrick, q.v. Richard, 278 Sarah,2oo Teresa Charlotte, 250, 306 Mother Teresa Joseph, O.S.B., 85n. Johnstone, Mary, 171 Mary, Mrs. Doud, q.v. Susan, Mrs. Mulloy, q.v. Joice, see Joyce Joint, Mary, 224 Joliff, Mary, Mrs. Phelan, q.v. Jones, Ann, 265 Catherine, 333 Edward,281 Eliza, Mrs. Marsfield, q.v. Elizabeth, 136 Elizabeth, Mrs. Hickey, q.v. Francis, 248 Honoratia, 165, 166 John, 278 Mary, 1804, 132 Mary, 1829, 201 Mary, 1853, 253 Mrs. Mary, of Newport, 278 Mary, nee Boyce, 136 Mary, Mrs. Concargh, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Lythgo, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Tunks, q.v. Mary Ann, nee Roach, 248 Patrick, 248 Sarah,281 Simon, 136 Jones & Osborne, Messrs., 9 Jonlain, John, 119 Jordan, Ann, Mrs. McGuire, q. v. Denwood, 287 Julie, nee Quin, 158 Margaret, nee Ryan, 333 Mary, dau. of Patrick, 158 Mrs. Mary, of Canterbury, 287 Mary, Mrs. Griff, q.v. Patrick, 158 Patrick, son of William, 333 Sarah, nee Hogan, 140 Thomas, 140 Thomas, son of Thomas, 140 William, 333 Jouer, Thomas, 127 Joyce (or Joice), Catherine, nee O'Brien, 329, 330, 331 Francis, 329, 329n., 330, 331 Hannah, Mrs. Cuff, q.v. John, 331 Margaret, Mrs. O'Callaghan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Cross, q.v.

Mary Ann, 307 Patrick, 330 Judy, Jane, Mrs. Lyon, q.v. Jupe, Mary Ann, 215 Kaanaghan, John, 274 Kain, see Cain Kaley, Mrs. Catherine, 291 Helen, nee How, 291 James, alias Power, 291 Patrick, 291 Kallaghan, see Callaghan Kallin, John, 247 Margaret, nee Cavanaugh, 247 Thomas, 247 Kallon, Denis, 165 Francis, 165 Margaret, nee Sweeny, 165 Kane, see also Cain, Cane, Keane Bridget, 151 Helen, Mrs. McLaughlan, q.v. James, 203 Jane, 203 Margaret, Mrs. O'Donohue, q.v. Mary, 203 Kase, Mary, Mrs. Sennett, q.v. Kavanagh (Kavanargh), see also Cavanagh Agnes, Mrs. Anderson, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Cahil1, q.v. Christopher, 238 Helen, nee McDonnell, 238 Mary, Mrs. Lennard, q. v. Matilda, 238 Kaye, Jane, 191 Keane, see also Cain, Cane, Kane Bridget, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Catherine, 174 Catherine, Mrs. McElligot, q. v. George, 221, 278 Helen, Mrs. McLaughlan, q.v. James, 177 John, 174 Julia, nee Lamb, 217 Margaret, nee Conway, 177 Mary Ann, 217 Michael, husb. of Julia, 217 Michael, husb. of Margaret, 177 Thomas, 161 Kearn, see Kearns Kearney, Mrs. Eliza, of Tipperary, 292 Elizabeth, nee Skible, 174 Honora, nee Dunn, 292 John (1), husb. of Elizabeth, 174 John (2), of Tipperary, 292 John (3), son of John (1), 174 Mary, Mrs. Spite, q.v. Thomas, 292 William J. , priest, 321


Kearns, Helen, Mrs. McDonnell, q. v. Jane, Mrs. Youell, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Cloghessy, q. v. KeaHng (Caton), Catherine, dau. 0/ Patrick, 250, 303 Catherine, godmother 1828, 198 Catherine, nee O'Connell, 237 Cecily, 214, 257 Ellen, 229 Honora, 209,254, 269 Honora, Mrs. Sullivan, q. v. Humphrey, 299 James, 259 James Daniel, 219 Jane, nee Dunbar, 130 John, god/ather 1827, 196 John, son o/Patrick, 240 Mary, dau. o/Patrick, 212, 265 Mary, godmother 1821, 179 Mary, nee Cleary, 209, 212, 213, 214, 219, 229, 230, 240, 242, 250, 279,283 Mary, Mrs . Donoghue, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Douglass, q.v. Michael,237 Michael, son 0/ Michael, 237 Patrick, 209, 212, 214*, 219, 240, 250,257,279 Thomas, 130 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 130 William, 191 Keehan, Mary, Mrs. Brennan, q.v. Keefe, Bridget, nee Moore, 192 Honora, Mrs. Dunn, q.v. James, 192 Mrs. Mary, 279 Michael,l92 Patrick, 238, 279 Sarah, nee Hogan, 238 William, 238 William, son o/William, 238 Keegan, see also Queegan Cecily, nee Kane, 165 Eliza, nee Flanegan, 195* Mrs. Elizabeth, 160 James, 195*,276 James, son o/Patrick, 165 Mary, Mrs. Dogan, q.v. Mary Ann, 195 Patrick, 165 William, 160 William, son o/William, 160 Keelly [?], Mary, 203 Keenan, see also Keinan Ann, 271 John, 201 Mary, nee McCarthy, 201 Mary, J..1rs. Byrne, q.v. Patrick, 201 Susan, 272

Kegley, Ann, Mrs. Hunt, q. v. Keily, William, Private, 304 Keinan, see also Keenan Catherine, 154 Kelaney, Margaret, 169 Kelleher, Canon Francis J., 321 Kelly, Alexander, 176 Alexander, son 0/ Alexander, 176 Ann (1), dau. o/Michael (2), 199 Ann (2), godmother 1801, 127 Ann (3), godmother 1824, 190 Ann (4), godmother 1845, 223 Ann (5), nee Cox, 164 Ann (6), nee Magennis, 176 Ann (7), nee Murphy, 144 Ann, Mrs. Greer, q. v. Brian, 135 Bridget, 247 Bridget, Mrs. Provis, q. v. Catherine, Mrs. Doyle, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Feenin, q.v. Charles, 157 Daniel,284 Denis, 183 Eleonora, 173 Eleonora, nee Rose, 131, 138 Eleonora, Mrs. Laferty, q.v. Elizabeth, nee Donwell, 333 Elizabeth, Mrs. McCombe, q.v. Ellen, Mrs. Garvey, q.v. Ellen, Mrs. Shea, q.v. Francis, 175 Helen, 144 James, (1), god/ather 1828, 198 James (2), husb. o/Mary (3), 142*, 144, 160 James (3), son o/Martin, 164 James (4), son o/Michael (3), 120 Jane, 130 John, con/. 1849, 270 John, d. 1852, 303 John, god/ather 1815-6, 162, 167 John, son o/Patrick (4), 247 Margaret (1), dau. 0/ James (2), 144 Margaret (2), nee Hind, 199 Margaret (3), nee McKarn, 153, 156, 157 Martin, 164 Mary (1), dau. o/Charles, 157 Mary (2), godmother 1856, 259 Mary (3), nee Conolly, 144 Mary (4), nee Doyle, 120 Mary (5), wife o/Daniel, 285 Mary, Mrs. Martin, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Osnabruck, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Sheedy, q.v. Mary Ann, 333 Michael (1), god/ather 1845,224 Michael (2), husb. o/Margaret (2), 199


Michael (3), hush. of Mary (4), 120 Patrick (1), con/. 1849, 270 Patrick (2), d. 1853, 303 Patrick (3), hush. of Elizabeth, 333 Patrick (4), hush. of Winifred, 247 Peter, 144, 180 Thomas, 138 Thomas, son of Thomas, 138 William, 190 Winifred, nee Fitzpatrick, 247, 248 Kemp, Mary, 4 Thomas, 4 Kenahan, Ann, nee Birmingham, 243 Mary Ann, 243 William, 243 Kendall, Hugh, priest, 6 Kenean, James, 144 Kenelly, see Kennelly Kenevick, Jane, 343 Kenish, Elizabeth, 167 Kennally, see Kennelly Kennedy, Alice (1), nee Callaghan, 168 Alice (2), nee Rothwell, 164 Andrew, 216, 248 Ann, godmother 1820, 177 Ann, godmother 1855, 257 Catherine, 269 Catherine, Mrs. McKern, q.v. Daniel,132 Edward,205* Eliza, Mrs. Hynes, q.v. Elizabeth, 225*, 226 Mrs. Elizabeth, 314 Elizabeth, Mrs. Culkin, q. v. Francis, 205 James, godfather 1853,252 James, son of Philip, 143 Jane, hapt. 1858, 313 Jane [? Kennelly], nee Macdonnell, 207, 210, 340, 342 John (1), godfather 1802, 130 John (2), godfather 1830,203 John (3), godfather 1846-55,225, 236, 252, 257 John (4), hush. of Alice (2), 164 John (5), hush. of Margaret (3), 281, 284, 285 John (6), SOil of John (4), 164 John (7), son of Michael (1), 340 John (8), son of Patrick (2), 225 Katherine, 135 Margaret (1), godmother 1804, 132 Margaret (2), nee Scott, 143 Margaret (3), wife of John (5), 281, 284,285 Margaret, Mrs. Dunne, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Owens, q.v. Mary (1), 259 Mary (2), nee Connor, 135, 136 Mary (3), nee Monahan, 225, 226

Mary, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Bull, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Michael (1) [? Kennelly], hush. of Jane, 207, 210, 240, 342 Michael (2), hush. of Mary (2), 135* Patrick (1), godfather 1817, 170 Patrick (2), hush. of Mary (3), 225 Philip, 143 Mrs. Rose, 205* Thomas, 226 Walter, 168 Walter Gerard, 168 Kennelly (Kennally, or Kinnaly), Barbara, 239 Daniel W., 210 Helen, 168 Jane [? Kennedy], nee McDonnell, 207,210,340,342 Margaret, 241, 269 Margaret, nee Brian, 168 Michael [? Kennedy], 207, 210, 340, 342 Robert, 207 Thomas Nicholas, 210 Timothy, 168 William, 173 Kellney, see Kenny Kenning, Mary, 202 Kenny, Ann, nee Kenny [sic), 216, 227 Catherine, 191, 204, 206, 207, 264 Catherine, Mrs. Aylward, q. v. Catherine, AIrs. Smith, q.v. Elizabeth, 315 James, 247 Jane, nee Philipps, 185 John, 216, 227, 232 John, son of John, 216 Mary, 204, 264 Patrick, 204 Richard, 185 Sarah,227 Thomas, 1808, 274 Thomas, hush. of Jane, 185 Kensloh, Murtha, 181 Kent, Benjamin, 22 Keogh, see also Kew Eliza, Mrs. Savage, q.v. Mary, 198 Mary, nee Linnahan, 198 Mary, nee Morrissey, 198 Patrick, 198, 199 Peter, 198 Thomas, 198 Kernn [sic], Andrew, 156 Francis, 156 Lucy, nee Monm, 156 Kerns, John, 156 Ketti, see Retti


Kew, see also Keogh Jeremiah, 274 Kiernan, Abigail, 183 Bernard, 181 Francis, 180 Michael, 139 Kilduff, Henry, 307 Kilevis, Mary, Mrs. Mahon, q.v. Kilkenny, Elizabeth, nee Cook, 274 Patrick, 274 Killanan, Denis, 177 Killeen, Ann, nee Seery, 201 James, 201 Mary, 201 Killins, John, 152 KiIlom, Ann, nee Conway, 255 Thomas, 255 WiJJiam Henry, 255, 304 KiUony, Mary, 274 Kilmasters, Alice, 243 Kilpeck, Mary, Mrs. Delaney, q.v. Kilpoy, Jane, nee Burden, 333 Margaret, 333 Richard, 333 Kilroy, Mary, 245 Mary, nee Turnbull, 245 Thomas, 245 Kimber, Catherine, nee Ryan, 201 Daniel,201 Jane, 201 King, Bella, 163 Catherine, nee Hinds, 157 Charles, 134 Edward, 194 Edward Wulstan, 120 Elizabeth, dau. 0/ Martin, 126, 175, 201, 261 Elizabeth, dau. o/Michael (3), 189 Elizabeth, Mrs. Shean, q. v. Harriett (1), nee Preston, 194 Harriett (2), nee Squib or Squil, 189, 201 Helen, 157 Henry, 223 James, 157 Jane, 117 Jane, Mrs. Hughes, q.v. Jane, Mrs. Ingles, q.v. John, 157 Julia, 190 Lucy, 131 Margaret, 125 Martin, 115, 117, 119, 120, 126, 131, 132, 134 Mary (Ann), con! 1803,260 Mary (Elizabeth), conI. 1803, 260 Mary, nee Freemantle, 117, 119, 120*, 123, 126, 131, 132, 134 Mary Ann, 201

Michael [? one person] (1), con! 1813,262 Michael (2), husb. 0/ Harriet (1), 194 Michael (3), husb. o/Harriet (2), 189,201 Michael (4), son o/Martin, 119 Peter, 126, 262 Robert, 194, 201 Rose, 129 Samuel, 174 Sarah,264 Mrs. Sarah, 125 Teresa, 132 Thomas, 125 Kingswell, Charles, 314 James, 314 Mrs. Sarah, 314 Kinnaly, see Kennelly Kinsella, Anastasia, Mrs. Patrick, q.v. Mrs. Elizabeth, 168, 169 Henoch, 169 Martin, 168, 169 Kinsheller, Margaret, Mrs. Clarke, q.v. Kinsley, Eleanor, nee Lennan, 129 Mary, 129 Mary, Mrs. Carter, q.v. Matthew, 129 Kirby, Bridget, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Eliza, Mrs. Moultass, q.v. Elizabeth, nee Fulbern, 6 Henry, 6 Henry, priest, 6*, 21-24, 26*-29* James, 274 Mary, 149 Mary, Mrs. McKierny, 274 Mary, Mrs. O'Brien, q.v. Kirchner, George Joseph, 337 Kirk, William, priest, 321 Kirwan, Ann, lvIrs. Dalton, q. v. Margaret, Mrs. Callaghan, q.v. Knapp, Mrs. Sarah, 315 Knatchbull, Abbess Mary, D.S.B., 88, 89* Knight, Alexander, 7*, 56n., 95*-103* Charles, 198 Henry, 292 Michael,271 Knowles, Mrs. John , 39 William Henry, 315 Kolon, Mary, Mrs. Cain, q.v. Kuschell, Albert, 329 Susan, nee Barricll, 329 Kyne, Thomas, 306 Laaven, see Lavan Labre, Benedict Joseph, St. see Benedict Joseph Labre Lacassin, R, servant, 48*, 49, 50*, 51 Lackton, Catherine, 132


Lacy, Ann, 340 Ann, nee Bleach, 340*, 342*, 343 Caroline, nee Brady, 249 Eliza, Mrs. Bleach, q.v. Elizabeth, nee Williams, 343 Francis, priest, alias Elston, 27n. Henry, 27n. James, 340*, 342* John, 342 John Henry, 343 Margaret, 249 Mary, nee Eyston, 27n. Mary, Mrs. Clarke, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. de Quincy, q.v. Nicholas, 140 Patrick, 249 William, 343, 347 Lader, Thomas, 198 Laferty, Bernard, 151 Eleonora, nee Kelly, 151 Eleonora, nee McKue, 153 Hugh,151 Patrick, 153 Patrick, son o/Patrick, 153 Laghnan [?], Mary, 202 La Hart, Catherine, Mrs. Hunt, q.v. Lahey, Cornelius, 174 Elizabeth, Mrs. Troy, q.v. Lucy, 174 Mary, nee Mararty, 174 Mary, Mrs. Simmons, q.v. Lahiff, James, 282 John, 282 Mrs. Mary, 282 Mary, nee Davis, 282 Lahy, see Lahey Lalevel, Catherine, 159 John, 159 Sarah, nee Meyner, 159 Lamasna, Catherine, Mrs. McCarthy, q.v. Lamb, John Augustine, alias Austin [?], priest, 71n. Julia, Mrs. Keane, q.v. Mary, nee Tapprel, 71n. William, 71n. Lambert, Margaret, 142 La Motte, Ann nee Smith, 162 James Lewis, 162 Lewis, 162 Lancaster, Rev. Mother (Mrs.) Louisa Frances, Augustinian, 49, 49n. "', 50* , SOn., 51, 53, 54*,55,56*,57,59* Landigran, Margaret, Mrs. McDonough, q.v. Lane, Helen, Mrs. Connor, q.v. John,bapt. 1866, 314 John, con/. 1849, 273 John, priest, 114 Martha, Mrs. Sanders, q.v.

Langdon, Ann, nee Bartlett, 222 Francis, 222 William, husb. 0/ Ann, 221, 222 William, 0/ Ryde, 268, 311 Langley, John, 3 Susan, Mrs. Browne, q. v. Langton, Thomas, 306 Lanigan, Patrick, 272 Lanon, Ann, nee Filin, 156 James, 156 Mary, 156 Lansdown, Esther, Mrs. James, q.v. Larcomb, Grace, Mrs. Lawler, q.v. Largey, Catherine, Mrs. Flanagan, q. v. Hugh,275 Larkin(s), Ann, nee Navan, 219 Ann, Mrs. Long, q.v. James, 236, 299 John, 296 Mary, nee Mahoney, 236 Mary Ann, 219 Pierce, 219 Thomas, 236 William, 256 Lasky, Andrew, 329 Sarah, nee West, 329 Lasot, Ann, 117 Latimor, Mary, 323 Latour, Josephine, Mrs. Masson, q.v. Laughlin, Elizabeth, 298 Laury, Patrick, 122 Lavan (or Laven, or Laving), Ann, nee O'Neil, 184 Cormick, 289 Cornelius Matthew, 128 John, 272 Julia, nee McGuyre or Maguire, 246, 288,289 Margaret, 289 Mary, 184 Patrick, 1816, 167 Patrick, husb. 0/ Ann, 184 Patrick, husb. 0/ Julia, 249, 289 Lavery, Ann nee Arnoll, 235, 271, 312 George, 235 George, son o/George, 235 Joseph,297 Laving (or Lavven) see Lavan Lawes, James, 261, 332 Lawler, Ann, Mrs. Flanagan, q.v. Edward,220 Eliza, Mrs. Wallace, q.v. Grace, nee Larcomb, 336 Hannah, nee Doughtey, 220, 226 James, 139 John, husb. 0/ Grace, 336 John, son o/Roger, 226 Judith, nee Brown, 139 Patrick, 158, 177


Roger, 220, 226 Sarah,139 Thomas, 336 Lawless, Eleonora, 132 Lawrence, Margaret, 273 Laws see Lawes Layden (or Laydon), Bartholomew, 287 Catherine, dau. 0/ Edward, 234 Mrs. Catherine, 0/ Long/ord, 287 Catherine, nee Brady, 234 Edward,234 Mary, nee Lynch, 287 Mary, JvJrs. Gurlay, q.v. Michael, 287 Leach (or Leech),-- , Private, 295 Mary, 138 Leadbetter, Ann, Mrs. McDermott, q. v. Leahy, Bridget, 138 Jeremiah, 221 Margaret, 117 Leary, Alice, 304 Eliza, 184 Elizabeth, 168 Mrs. Elizabeth, 298 Elizabeth (Anastasia), 261 Elizabeth (Teresa), 261 Hannah Tansom, 208 Jane, nee Glarvin, 344 John, 172 Mrs. Margaret, 208* Mary, 132, 133 Mary nee Buc1dey, 215 Mary, Mrs. Callaghan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Reading, q.v. Michael,215 Michael, son o/Michael, 215 Miss, 309 Mrs., 309 Thomas, 344 Timothy, 184*,261 Timothy, husb. 0/ Jane, 344 Timothy, alias Woods, priest, 295 Leavey, David, 157 Edward,331 Elizabeth, nee Dodd, 157 Lawrence, 157 Rose, 157 Lcayhy, see Leahy Lebon, Frances, 162n. Ledy, Helen, lVIrs. Bloomfield, q.v. Lee, - - , Capt., R.N., 318 Andrew, 158 Ann, Mrs. Shepherd, q.v. Bridget, nee Margbar, 254 Catherine, nee Hogan, 130, 137 Charles, 158 Elizabeth, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. James, 281 John, priest, 318 Joseph, priest, 318, 319, 330-2

Margaret, 166 Margaret, nee Murphy, 158 Mary, 269 Mary, dau. o/Richard, 137 Mrs. Mary, 0/ Wick/ow, 281 Mary, nee Gordon, 166 Mary Ann, nee Mandivo, 281 Michael, 166 Mrs., 47, 96 Richard, 137 William (1), 254 William (2), 0/ Wick/ow, 281 William (3), son 0/ William (1), 254 Leech see Leach Leg(g), Mary, Mrs. Urry, q.v. Mrs. Rebecca, 265, 293, 310 Thomas, 0/ Godshi/l, 2 Leggart, Thomas, 341 Le Gros, Marie Berin, Mme. Fournier de Veaux Couleur, q.v. Leigh, - - , dau. o/Samuel, 151 Elizabeth, Mrs. White, q.v. Esther, nee Stagg, 151 John, 190 Sir John, 2 Penelope, Mrs. Urry, q.v. Samuel, 151 Lelli (Lellis or LeIly), Elizabeth, nee Perkins, 276 John, 199 Mary, 223 Samuel, 200, 211*, 224, 233, 244, 257, 276, 320, 344, 345 Samuel Bartholomew, 209, 212, 215 Lempfrid, Ignatius, priest, 108, 118*, 126, 323*, 324* Lenaghan, Bridget, Mrs. Marley, q.v. Lenard, see Lennard LeDnan, Eleanor, Mrs. Kinsley, q.v. Lennard (or Lenard, or Leonard), Catherine, nee Coffee, 139 Catherine, Mrs. Quin, q.v. Christiana, 280 Edmund,196* Father - - , 0/ the S. Heart 0/ Jesus, 313 Helen, 139 James, 139 Margaret, 155 Mary, dau. o/Edmund, 196 Mary, nee Kavanagh, 155 Mary, nee Murphy, 196, 197, 199 Michael, 155* Lennen, Eleonora, Mrs. Donovan, q.v. Lennigan, see Linnigan Lennington, see Linnington Lenord, Jane, 255 Jane, Mrs. Mullins [?], q. v. Lenry, Catherine, 249 Ellen, 249


Lentz, Ann, 188 Bridget, nee Toomey, 188* Caroline, 188 Charles, 188* Leo, William, 198 Leonard, see Lennard Le Plane, Mary Josephine, 118 Le Sage, Ann, Mrs. Phillibert, q.v. Leslie (Lesleay), Ann, nee Murphy, 229 Charles, 229 Jane, 293 Mary Ann, 215 Matilda Jane, 229 Leutzy, Elizabeth, nee Seems, 327 Girard, 327 Lewis, Helen, 130 John, Private, 314 Mary, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Connelly, q.v. Mr., book-binder [?], 21 Libor, Frances, 162 Lidwell, George, Capt., 169. 262, 309 Mary, 169 Lieucasse [? Lucas], Elizabeth, 324 Lillien, Charles, 119 Teresa, Mrs. Teighe, q.v. Limmington, see Linnington Lincoln, Sister Anne, 0 .S.B., 89 Lindemeyer, Margaret, Mrs. Schuck, q.v. Lindow, Bridget, nee Ormanby, 45n. James, 45n. John, priest, 45*, 45n.*, 55*-59 Lindsey, Jane, 259 Lineh~n (Linehen or Linnahan), John, 274 Helen, 240 Mary, Mrs. Keogh, q.v. Linnigan (Lennigan), Mary, 217, 220 Linnington (Lennington or Limmington), Ann , 207 James, con! 1836, 265 James, god/ather 1831-43, 205, 206, 217 Mary, 188, 193, 201, 202, 204, 205, 206*, 208, 213, 217*, 217n., 221, 250, 252, 259, 276 Lion, see Lyons Lippey, Mrs. Mary, 307 Lisle, Anthonie, recusant, 104 Mrs. Jane. recusant, 104 Little, W. J., 347 Lloyd, Rev. Edward Henry, 314 Lobey, William, 171 Lochlan, see also Loghlan, Loughan Jane, nee Mungomery, 133 Margaret, 133 Thomas, 133 Lock{e), Amelia (Mary), 261 Joseph, 130 Mary, con/. 1803, 260

Mary, nee Brecker, 130 Mary Amelia, 169, 176, 180, 184, 186, 187*, 188, 192, 193*, 194, 198, 212, 216, 224, [261 ?], 279, 301,309 Richard, 130 Lodge, James, 249 Julia, nee Birmingham, 249 William, 249 Logan, Dr. H. F. c., priest, 113 John, 263 Loghlan, see also Lochlan, Loughlan Ellen, nee Murray, 179 John, 179 Mark,179 Loghman (Lokman), Catherine, 128, David,131 Lohan, Hannah, nee Humphriss, 251 James Benjamin, 251 John, 251 Lokman, see Loghnlan Long, Ann, nee Crawley, 158 Ann, nee Larkin, 146, 148, 151, 153 Catherine, 151 James, 280 Mrs. Jane, 280 John, husb. 0/ Ann C., 158 John, husb. 0/ Ann L., 148, 151 John Frederick, 126 John Frederick, son o/John Frederick. 126 Mary, 1840, 213 Mrs. Mary, 304 Mary, dau.o/John, 148 Mary, Mrs. Flinn, q.v. Mary Jane, Mrs. PuyraveJ, q.v. Mrs. Mary Magdalen, 126 Michael,158 Longford, Rebecca, 158 Lonnon, Mrs. Ann, 149 Henry, 149 Margaret, 149 Lonrehher, Joseph, 126 Lonza, Mary, Mrs. Martel, q.v. Loobey, Ann, Mrs. Thompson, q.v. Margaret, nee Roach, 192 Patrick, 192 Patrick Edward, 192 Lopeman, James, 300 Margaret, 235 William, 235 Losson, Lewis, 156 Lotty, Ann, Mrs. Smith, q.v. Lougblan (Loughlin) see also Lochlan, Loghlan Bridget, nee Murphy, 232, 252 Hainet, nee Robson, 254 John (1), con/. 1849,271 John (2), husb. 0/ Bridget, 232, 252 Jolm (3), husb. o/Harriet, 254 Julia, 252


Mary, dau. of John (2), 232 Mary, dau. of John (3), 254 I..oughnane, Henry, 216 Honora, nee O'Brian, 216 Michael, 216 Loughton, Eliza, Mrs. Mannin, q.v. Lovell, Elizabeth, Mrs. Fagan, q.v. John, 167 Sarah, 167 Mrs. Sarah, 167 Lowe, Anna Maria, Mrs. Pierrepont, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Owens, q.v. Philip, undertaker?, 39 Lowry, Mrs. Bridget, 289 Catherine, nee Purcell, 289 James, 289 James, son of James, 289 Lucas, Elizabeth, 10Sn., 322, 323, 324* Hugh, 139, 141 Louisa, nee Tabbitt, 238 Margaret, 139, 141, 145 Mary, 267 Mary, Mrs. Doyle, q.v. Mrs., 105 Samuel Joseph, 238 Samuel Joseph, son of Samuel Joseph, 238 Simon, 6 Simon Joseph, priest, 6, 7*, 83-5, 99, 105*, 108*, 115-21, 124-7, 260, 316* Susanna, nee Benton, 6 Luce, Ellen, Mrs. Burke, q.v. Luddey, Ann, Mrs. O'Brien, q.v. Luddon, Denis, 161 Jane, nee Ormsby, 161, 163 Margaret, 161 Lumley, Catherine, 234 Mary, Mrs. Frowell, q.v. Lusse, Comtesse de, 167 Lustig, Mary, 127 Luther, Jeremiah, 198 Lutz, Mary Eve, 346 Lyden, Bartholomew, 345 Lynan, Bridget, Mrs. Conroy, q.v. Lynch,--, Mrs. Blomhead, q. v. Ann, 218 Ann, nee Higgins, 191 Ann, Mrs. Wreng, q.v. Mrs. Bridget, 287 Catherine, Mrs. Woods, q.v. Celia, Mrs. Way, q.v. Daniel, 134 Edward,133 Eleanor, 134 Elizabeth, 137 Elizabeth, nee Calahan, 134 Elizabeth, nee Galaghan, 180 Felix, 164

Frances, nee Peira, 218, 227 George, 293 James, husb. of Margaret, 182 James, of Kerry, 287 Jane, nee Cahill, 250 Margaret, 218 Margaret, nee Wilson, 182 Martin, 218, 227 Mary, dau. of Michael, 250 Mary, dau. of Patrick, 191 Mary, godmother, 136, 164 Mrs. Mary, 133 Mary, nee Ready, 137 Mary, Mrs., Layden, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Roughan, q.v. Michael, husb. of Jane, 250, 287 Michael, husb. of Mary, 137 Patrick, 191 Peter, 296 Richard, 133 Rose, 180 Sarah,182 Thomas, 245 Walter, 180 Walter, R., priest, 114 Lyndon, Mary, Mrs. Synott, q.v. Lynes, Patrick, 270 Lynn(e), Ellen, nee Monks, 192 John,242 Mary 241, 242 Mary Ann, 192 William, 192 Lyon(s) (or Lion), Ann, Mrs. Chambers, q.v. Christine, nee Hobson, 260 Daniel,199 Edward,282 Helen, Mrs. O'Neill, q.v. Honora, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. James, 260 James, son of James, 260 Jane, 197 Jane, nee Andraghan, 199 Jane, nee Judy, 128 Jane, Mrs. Wall, q.v. John, son of Daniel, 199 John, son of Thomas, 128 Margaret, Mrs. Farrell, q.v. Mary, 1821, 179 Mary, 1846, 226 Mary, dau. of William, 182 Redmond, 185 Sarah, nee Francis, 178, 182 Sophia, 178 Thomas, 128 William, 178, 182,275 Mrs. Winefrid, 282 Lysted, Anne, 3 Edward,3


Lythgo, Elizabeth, 210 Mary, nee James, 210 Stephen, 210 MacAnally, Francis, 134 ~cAntue,John, 151 ~cAuliffe, Helen, dau. 0/ Jeremiah, 257 Mrs. Helen, 0/ Cork, 288 Jeremiah, 257, 288 Mary, nee Shay or Shee, 257, 260, 288 Patrick, 288 William, 304 ~cBean, David, 251 ~cBrian, Hugh, 241 Rachel, 262 ~cBride, Bridget, nee Whelan, 200 Honoratia, nee Hopkins, 159 James, husb. o/Bridget, 200 James, husb. o/Honoratia, 159 John,159,243 Patrick, 200 ~cBurney, Ann, 160 ~cCabe, Alexander, priest, 319, 339, 347 Catherine, Mrs. Daly, q.v. Denis, 202 Elizabeth, Mrs. Donnelly, q.v. Helen, Mrs. Slattery, q.v. James, 275 Julia, nee Nugent, 275 Margaret, Mrs. Morgan, q.v. Molly, 178 Winefrid, Mrs. Delap, q.v. ~cCain, Mary, 198 ~cCall, Catherine, 142 John, 142, 331 Mary, nee McNally, 142, 145 ~cCann, Ann, 236 Charity, 231, 297 Edward,308 Elizabeth, nee Coppinger, 225, 226, 231, 236 Francis, 225 James, 150 Robert, 224, 225, 230, 231, 236 Sarah, Mrs. Burke, q.v. William, 305 ~cCannagh, see McKenna ~cCanner, see McKenna McCannon, Helen, 167 ~cCarey, May, Mrs. Carroll, q.v. ~cCarrick, John, 168 Mary, 168 McCarten, Thomas, 148 McCarthy (or McCarty),--husb. 0/ Rose, 131 Ann, 199 Bridget, 141, 274 Catherine (1), godmother 1825, 276 Catherine (2), nee Lamasna, 147* Catherine (3), nee Roach, 161

Charles Charles Charles 147* Charles 161*

(1), god/ather 1803, 131 (2), god/ather 1849, 238 (3), husb. 0/ Catherine (2),

(4), husb. 0/ Catherine (3),

Charle~ (5), husb. 0/ Mary (6), 179 CornelIUs, 224, 266 Cor~elius, son 0/ Michael, 230 Darnel, 238, 271 Denis, 179 Edward,290 Edward Connor, 139 Elizabeth, 147 Elizabeth, Mrs. Smith, q.v. Ellen, 224 Ellen or Helen, nee Maloney, 222, 224, 230, 240, 300 Ellen, Mrs. Allbines, q.v. Florentius, 201 Mrs. Helen, see Ellen Honora, Mrs. Hart, q.v. Jane, 131 John, god/ather 1829, 201 John, god/ather 1853,251 John, d 1856, 308 Lawrence, 154 Louisa, 147 Margaret, dau. o/Florentius, 201 Margaret, mother 0/ Thomas, 258 Mrs. Margaret, wife o/Florentius, 201 Mary (1), dau. 0/ Charles (3), 147 Mary (2), dau. 0/ Michael, 240, 300 Mary (3), godmother 1803-9, 131, 145 Mary (4), godmother 1854, 253, 255, 256 Mrs. Mary (5), 0/ Cork, 290 Mary (6), nee Sheahan, 179 Mary, Mrs. Callaghan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Keenan, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. Matthew, 199 Michael, 222, 224, 230, 240, 266, 284 Patrick, 240, 272 Robert, 161 Rose, nee Clarke, 131 Sarah,139 Susan, 225 Thomas, 258, 306 William, 147* ~cCastle, Alexander, 134 Elizabeth, 134 Margaret, nee Thompson, 134 MacCawley, Bridget, Mrs. Green, q.v. McClasky, Michael, 189 McCloughlin, see McLaughlan McClurkie, Bridget [?], 177 Michael,l77


McCluskey, Ann, 179 Bridget, nee Eccles, 179 Michael, 179, 182 McCombe, Adam, 165 Elizabeth, nee Kelly, 165 James, 165 McCone, Ann, 195n. McCorbick, Michael, 190 McCormack, Mary, Mrs. Farley, q.v. Patrick, 335 McCormick, Ann, nee Clarke, 158 Bridget, nee Tigart, 194 Bridget, Mrs. Casey, q.v. Charles, 194 Elizabeth, 164 Henry, 304 James, 169 John, 196 Mary, 181 Mary, Mrs. Creighton, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Maher, q.v. Sarah Jane, 194 Thomas, 158 Thomas, son 0/ Thomas, 158 McCougher, Mary Ann, 236 McCourte, Judith, 143 McCow, Ann, 195 McCowel, Joseph, 184 McCraith, Catherine, 258 Patrick, 255, 258 McCree, John, 166 McCuddon, Elizabeth, Mrs. Murray, q.v. McCue (or McKew or McKue), Ann 201 Catherine, 154, 157, 274 Eleonora, Mrs. Laferty, q.v. Elizabeth, 157 McCulchem, John, 250 Mary Ann, nee Whelan, 250 Sarah Jane, 250 McCullam, Eleonor, nee Smith, 329 Jane, 329 John, 329 MacCully, John, 225 McCurrin, Mrs. Catherine, 285 Hugh,285 Margaret, Mrs. McGennity, q.v. MacCusker (or MacKouskar, or McKonshar), Hugh, 234 Jane (or Pragnall), 235 Mrs. Jane, 239, 269, 312 Jane, nee Vesey, 229, 280 John (or Pragnall), 235 John, son o/Hugh, 234 John, son 0/ Patrick, 229, 279 Mary, 229, 296 Mary, nee McGear, 234 Patrick, 279 Mrs. Susan, 279 McDaniel, Margaret, 165 MacDerby, John 135

McDermot (t) (or McDurmot). Ann, 192 Ann, nee Leadbetter, 243 Bridget, 138 Catherine, 243 Johanna, 297 John, 241, 243 Margaret, Mrs. Sherlock. q.v. Mary, 296 Owen, 136 Susan, 247 Thomas, d. 1851, 301 Thomas, god/ather 1806, 136 McDewell, Alexander, 176 Anne, 176 Esther, nee Warne, 176 McDidett, Neil, 176 McDole, Elizabeth, 197 Margaret, nee Barny, 197 Matthew, 197 McDonagh, see McDonough MacDonald, see McDonnell McDonaugh, see McDonough McDonnell (MacDonald, Magdonal), - - , Ensign 0/71st, 268 Alexander, 135 Ann, nee Rose, 135 Catherine, Mrs. Haley, q.v. Charles, 255 David,346 Douglas, 256 Eleonor, nee Farrell, 136 Eleonora, nee Murphy, 149 Elizabeth, dau. 0/ Reginald, 139 Elizabeth, d. 1844,294 Elizabeth, nee Sinclair, 139 Ellen, nee Murphy, 345, 346 Evins, 128 George, 135 Helen, nee Kearns, 256 Helen, Mrs. Alliz, q.v. Helen, Mrs. Kavanagh, q. v. Henrietta, Mrs. Brady, q.v. Bishop Hugh, C.SS.R., 75,94 James, 125 James Thomas, 345 Jane, 346 Jane, Mrs. Kennedy, q. v. John (1), husb. o/Eleonor, 136 John (2), husb. 0/ Margaret, 221 John (3), husb. 0/ Mary Ann, 225 John (4), son 0/ Alexander, 135 John (5), son o/Douglas, 256 John (6), son of John (1) 136 John (7), son 0/ John (2), 221 Margaret, nee Carr, 221 Margaret, Mrs. County, q.v. Mary, godmother 1844, 221 * Mrs. Mary, d. 1842, 293 Mrs. Mary, wife o/Michael, 125 Mary, Mrs. McGuigan, q.v.


Mary Ann, nee Boutlayer, 255 Matthew, 246 Michael,125 Nicholas, 149 Patrick, con! 1849,271 Patrick, husb. o/Eleonora, 149 Reginald, 139 Richard, 345, 346 Mother Teresa Catherine, O.S.B., 85, 85n. McDonough (or McDonaugh, McDonnough, McDonogh, MacDunner) Catherine, 179 Edward,152 Eliza, Mrs. Casey, q.v. James, husb. 0/ Margaret, 221, 228 James, husb. 0/ Rose, 179 James, husb. o/Sarah, 152 John, 228 Margaret, 279 Margaret, nee Landigran, 221, 228 Mary, Mrs. Hunt, q.v. Mary, Mrs. McGuire, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Barnet, q.v. Rose, nee Armstrong, 179 Sarah, nee Hudson, 152 Thomas, 221 Valentine, 248 McDowel, Mary, 181 MacDunner, see McDonough McDurmot, see McDermott McElligot, Catherine, nee Kean, 160 Edward,160 William, 160 McElroy, Eleonora, Mrs. Murphy, q.v. McEnroe, John, priest, 111 * McEntee, Barnard, 336 Jane, 347 Jane, nee Baldock, 336 Teresa Martha, 336 McEvoy, Ann, nee Egan, 257, 258 Bridget, 145 Catherine, 148 Catherine, dau. 0/ John, 175 Elizabeth, Mrs. McGennis, q.v. Hannah, nee Barry, 175 John, 175 Thomas, 203 William, 144 William, husb. 0/ Ann, 257 William, son 0/ William, 257, 304 McFallan, Ann, 181, 182 McFarline (McPharIen, or McPharline), Ann, nee Casy, 209 Martin, 272 Mary Ann, 209 Patrick, 209 Rose, 240

MacFawden, Bridget, nee MacMulIagen 135 â&#x20AC;¢ Margaret, 135 Patrick, 135 McFoyle, Michael, 122 McGaguay, Catherine, nee Doud, 168 John, 168 Terence, 168 MacGahan, Jane, Mrs. Burke, q.v. McGaning, Catherine, Mrs. Boyle, q.v. McGarreIy, Elizabeth, 182 McGarry, Ann, Mrs. Rourke, q.v. Anthony, 276 Edward,163 James, 163 Jane, nee Johnson, 163 Rose, nee Carroll, 276 McGauglhy, Catherine, 169 McGauran, see McGoverin MacGavin, Margaret, 227 Mary, nee Nolan, 227 Robert, 227 MacGaw, Luke, 135 McGear, Mary, Mrs. MacClusker, q.v. McGee, see Magee McGennis (or McGinnis), - -, Mrs. Hodgson, q.v. Elizabeth, nee McEvoy, 140 James, 140 James, son 0/ James, 140 Michael,307 McGennity (or McGinity), Bridget, 278 Daniel,278 Edward,278 Helen, 279 James, 285 Jane, nee Curley, 221, 279 John (1), 0/ Newport, 279 John (2), son 0/ John (1), 221, 279 John (3), 0/ Newry, 285 John Henry, 221 Margaret, nee McCurrin [?], widow Collins, 285 Martha, nee Salter, 278 Mrs. Mary, 285 Michael, drummer, 298 McGiff, Margaret, 144 McGill, Jane, 1.53 McGinity, see McGennity McGinn, John, 204 Patrick Owen, 337 Sarah, Mrs. Burke, q.v. McGinnen, William, 174 McGinnis, see McGennis McGirtey, Mary, Mrs. Earley, q.v. McGIargIin, Catherine, Mrs. Stone, q.v. McGofferty, Ann, 153 McGolrick (or McGoldrick or McGolerick), Joseph, 213, 218, 277


Monica Ida, nee Johnson, 164, 210, 264, 277, 295 William, 194 McGonan, Mary, Mrs. Wheeler, q.v. McGourk, Ann, Mrs. Rogers, q.v. McGovan (or McGovarn), Bridget, Mrs. Gannon, q.v. Mrs. Catherine, 282 John. 282 McGoverin (McGovern, McGovran, McGowran, McGauran, Magauran) Ann, nee Bully or Riley, 142, 151, 328, 329, 330*, 331, 332 Bridget, Mrs. Brady, q.v. Bridget, Mrs. Farrell, q.v. Catherine, 329 Daniel, 142 Edmund, 331 Helen, 151, 332 Honoratia, Mrs. McManus,q.v. John (1), husb. 0/ Ann, 142, 151, 328, 329, 330*, 331*, 332 John (2), husb. o/Rose, 174 John (3), son 0/ John (2), 174 Margaret, dau. 0/ John (1), 328 Margaret, godmother 1807, 331 Mary, 330 Rose, nee St. Germain, 174 McGrahan, Ann, nee Shirly, 165 John, 165 Rose, 165 McGrath, Ann, nee Gorman, 179 Bridget, Mrs. Houragan, q.v. James, 147 John, 194 Margaret, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, q.v. Mary, nee Butler, 147 Michael, 179 Patrick, husb. o/Mary, 147 Patrick, son 0/ Michael, 179 McGuemon [?], Rosanna, 304 McGuigan (or McGugan), John, 256 Mary, nee Macdonell, 256, 257 Rosanna, 256, 304[?] McGuire (McGuyre or Maguire) Alice, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Mrs. Amelia, 289 Mrs. Anastasia, 287 Ann, nee Jordan, 287 Bridget, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Catherine, 163 Catherine, nee Fitzpatrick, 164 Catherine, Mrs. Caulfield, q.v. Elizabeth, 165 Elizabeth, Mrs. McLaugblan, q.v. Francis, 331 Henry, 173 James, 164 Jane, 143, 161 Jane, nee Green, 331

John (1), con! 1849,271 John (2), husb. 0/ Anastasia, 287 John (3), husb. 0/ Sarah, 173 Julia, Mrs. Lavan, q.v. Margaret, 247, 249, 289 Mary, nee McDonnough, 156 Mary, Mrs. Feeny, q.v. Maurice, 122 Michael, son o/Francis, 331 Michael, son o/Philip, 156 Patrick, god/ather 1825, 193 Patrick, son 0/ John (2), 287 Peter, 164 Philip, 156 Sarah, nee Hiden, 173 Thomas, 1809, 145 Thomas, 1852, 289 McHenry, John, 205* John, son 0/ John, 205 Mrs. Mary, 205* McHern, see McKern McInarney (or McInhearney), Bridget, nee Crimmin, 199 John, 195, 198, 199 Mary, 199 Mcintosh, Hannah, Mrs. Dillon, q.v. Mcintyre, Maria, 305 Mack, Richard, 272 McKanolty, see McNoHy McKarn, Margaret, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. McKay, Bridget, 197 McKenin (or McKewin), James, 282 McKenna (or McCannagh or McCanner) Ann, lItlrs. Gason, q.v. James, 234, 258 James Henry, 258 Lucy, nee Hamilton, 234, 258 Mary, 234 MacKenzie (or McKenzey), - - , alias 0/ Alexander Clinton, S.J., q.v. Elizabeth, 331 Honora, nee Tobin, 331 James, 331 Mr. , 96 McKeogh (or McKeough), Eleonora, 153 Margaret, nee Austin, 153 Mary, 250 Michael, 153 McKeoghan, Charles, 152 McKeough, see McKeogh McKern (or McHern), Catherine, nee Kennedy, 201 Margaret, 201 Neile, 201 Mackett, Ann, Mrs. Blandin, q.v. Jenny, Mrs. Mantz, q.v. McKew, see McCue McKewin, James, 282 MacKey, Catherine, Mrs. Cotter, q. v. John, 274


McKiernan, Daniel, 263 Margaret, Mrs. Hogan, q.v. McKierny, Mary, Mrs. Kirby, q.v. Mackin, Ann, 267 McKnally, nee McNally McKoene, Mary, Mrs. Shean, q.v. McKonshar, see McCusker MacKouskar, see MacCusker McKue, see McCue Mackur, John, 338 Isabel, nee Mactur [?J, 338 Margaret, 338 MacKuskar, see MacCusker Mackworth, Mr . 18,42 Thomas, priest, 18n. McLaughlan (McLaughlin, McCloughlin, McLochlin, MacLoclan, McLoughlan) - - , Corporal, 311 Abraham, 155 Agnes Jane, 227 Ann, Mrs. Fant, q.v. Brian, 148 Catherine, 154* Charles, 134 Edward, 218, 225, 227 Edwin Francis, 199 Eliza, nee Fancy, 199 Elizabeth, 139 Elizabeth, nee Balmer, 172 Elizabeth, nee McGuire, 148 Helen, nee Kane or Keane, 218, 225 227 Hugh, 199 James, 172, 270 Jane, 218, 295 John, 1816, 166 John, 1845, 224 Mary, nee Tudery, 175 Mary, Mrs. Price, q.v. Matthew, 148 Owen, 302 Peter, 172 Sebastian, 175 Mrs. Sarah, 311 Thomas, 175 McLean, Alexander, 151 Ann, nee Ormbsby, 131 Daniel, 145 Elizabeth, nee Scullen, 145 James, 141 James, son 0/ James, 141 John, 131 Mary, dau. o/Daniel, 145 Mary, godmother 1811, 152 Patience, nee Benson, 141 Thomas, 131 Maclin, John, 230 McLochlin or MacLoclan, or McLoughlan, see McLaughlan McLurky, James, 160

McMahon, Ann, Mrs. Stokes, q.v. Captain, 268 Catherine, Mrs . Gaoghan, q.V. McManhon (Manhon),John, 201 Mary, nee Rorch, 201 Peter, 201 McManus, Mrs. Ann. 202 Charles, 202 Thomas, 202 McManus, Catherine, nee Madden, 216 George, 247 Honoratia, nee McGoverin, 164, 165 James, 164 John, 164 Margaret, nee Carroll, 247 Mary, Mrs. Hickey, q.v. Stephen, 247 Thomas, 216 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 216 MacMullagen, Bridget, Mrs. MacFawden, q.v. McMullan (or McMullen), John, 131 Margaret, 331 Margaret, nee Walsh, 331 Mary [?Coffill], 156 Mary, Mrs. Coffill [?], q.v. Michael, 156, 331 McNally (or McKnally), Catherine, Mrs. Rice, q.v. Henry, 165 Jesse, nee Morrison, 165 John, 165 Mary, 248 Mary, Mrs. McCall, q.v. MacNamara, Mrs. Catherine, 286 Daniel,286 James, 139 John, 184 Judith, or Jane, nee Moran, 139 Margaret, 138-9, 198 Margaret, Mrs. Gordon, q.v. Mary, nee Dempsey, 184 Mary Ann, nee Welch, 286 Mary, Mrs. Dunn, q.v. Patrick, 286, 287 Thomas, 184 McNamee, Mrs. Elizabeth, 287 John, 287 Joseph,287 Mary Ann, nee Hooker, 287 McNaspy, Ann, 141 McNeal, Patrick, 143 McNeil, Charles, 201 Frances, nee Davis, 201 William, 201 McNerney, Catherine, nee Courtney, 245, 253, 291 Francis, 0/ Cavan, 291 Francis, son o/Thomas, 253 Margaret, dau. o/Thomas, 245


Mrs. Margaret, 0/ Cavan, 291 Thomas, 245, 253, 291 MacNollen, Elizabeth, 333 McNolty (or McNulty, or McKanolty), - - , Mrs. Hen1ey, q.v. Daniel,307 John, 177, 184 McOwne, Ann, 197* McPadding, Alice, Mrs. Smith, q.v. McPharlen (or McPharline), see McFarline McPherson, Ann, 243 McQuade, Henry, 254 Jane, 254 Mrs. Johanna, 304 McQuin, Ann, 222, 226 Mary, 294 Timothy, 266 William, 268 McRea, William, 172 MacReynolds, James, 233 James, son 0/ James, 233 Mary, nee Donley, 233, 234 MacSheen, Ann, 271 Owen, 234 Thomas, 154 McSweeney, Daniel, 184, 185, 192 Jane, 185 Jane, nee Sullivan, 185, 192 Mary, 192 McTeague, Anne, 166 Mrs. Margaret, 166 Robert, 166 Mactur [?], Isabel, Mrs. MacKur, q.v. Madagin, Mary, Mrs. Thornton, q.v. Madden, Ann, 197 Bridget, 243 Catherine, 226 Catherine, Mrs. McManus, q. v. Daniel,270 Daniel, husb. o/Mary, 155 Denis, 241 Denis, son o/Denis, 241 Ellen, 230 Ellen, nee Carr, 241 Johanna, 155 Malachi, 223 Margaret, nee Dockry, 223 Mary, 238 Mary, nee Harvey, wife o/Peter, 226. 238 Mary, nee Harvey, wife 0/ William, 250 Mary, nee Mahoney, 155 Mary, Mrs. Dwyer, q.v. Morgan, 198 Peter, 226, 236, 238 Thomas Joseph, 223 William, 230

Maen, Edward, 205 Mrs. Sarah, 205 William, 205 Maffey, Charles, 290 Elizabeth Agnes, widow, later Mrs. Hollywood, q.v. Magan, Andrew, 130 Edward,125 Mrs. Mary, 125 Sarah, 125 Thomas, 125 William, 125 Magauran, see McGoverin Magdonal, see McDonnell Magee (or McGee), Ann, Mrs. Riley, q. v. Catherine, Mrs. Darmody. q.v. John, god/ather, 150 John, son o/Michael, 145 Mary, 237 Michael,145 Rose Ann, nee Haney, 145 William, 273 Magennis (or Maginnis), Ann, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Francis, 273 Patrick, 340 Magonner, Patrick, 271 Maguire, see McGuire Mahady, Michael, priest, 117* Mahagh, Thomas, 152 Mahan, Catherine. nee Gayner, 160 Margaret, nee Brown, 136 Mary, 136 Robert, 136, 160 Thomas, 160,272 Maher (or Mahar), Bridget, nee Maurisey, 245 James, son 0/ John, 246 James, SOI1 0/ Richard, 245 John, 246 Margaret, Mrs . Mahoney, q.v. Mary, nee McCormick, 246 Richard, 245, 249 Timothy, 300 William, 307 Mahir, Margaret, Mrs. Sullivan, q.v. Mahollan, Elizabeth, Mrs. Allen, q.v. Mahon, Ann, nee Flinn, 195, 197, 199 Bridget, 164 Francis, 197, 199 Mary, nee Kilevis, 164 Michael,164 Ross Joseph, 197 Mahon(e)y, Ann 200 Bartholomew, 196, 223 Bridget, 223 Bridget, Mrs. White, q.v. Daniel,280 Daniel, son 0/ Daniel, 280


David,209 Eleanor, 330 Elizabeth, 174 Elizabeth, nee Sweeny, 174* Ellen, 214 Francis, 214 Isabella, nee Burness, 209 James, 200 John, con! 1849, 272 John, god/ather 1806, 330 John, husb. o/Elizabeth, 174 John, son o/Martin, 186 John, sponsor 1847, 281 Judith, nee Byrne, 200 Margaret, 196,267 Margaret, nee Mahar, 196 Marian, 188 Martin, 186, 188 Mrs. Mary, 280 Mary, nee Campbell, 186, 188 Mary, Mrs. Bridgland, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Larkin, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Madden, q.v. Mary Magdalen, 188 Norah, nee Denney, 280 Timothy, son o/David, 209 Timothy, sponsor 1810,274 Maiadel, Catherine, Mrs. Conoway, q.v. Malay, James, 192 John,l92 May, nee Callaghan, 192 Maleney, see Maloney Malone (Melone or Mullone) see also Mullane Ann, nee Murphy, 176, 182, 186, 190 Daniel, 123 Edward, 176, 182, 190 Edward, son o/Edward, 176 Frances, nee Bird, 157 George, 182 Isabella Margaret, 157 Margaret , 132 Michael, 157 William, 190 Maloney (Maleney, Malony, Mulony), Bella, Mrs. H ogan, q.v. Elizabeth, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Ellen or Helen, Atrs. McCarthy, q.v. Mary, Mrs . Conway, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Dempsey, q. v. Mary Ann, 189 Michael, 298 Patrick, god/ather 1812, 153 Patrick, 0/12th Depot, 294 Timothy, 234 Maloy, see Monoy Managan (or Menahern), James, 260, 270 Mandivo, Mary Ann, Mrs. Lee, q.v. Maney, Mary, Mrs. Donovan, q.v.

Mangan, Martin, 272 Manger, Patrick, 299 Manhon, see McManhon Manley, John, 127 l\IIann, Sarah Martha, 288 ~1annaon, James, 197 Manners, AJice Mary, 313 Ann, 151 John, 201 John Robert Ignatius, 313 Louisa Maud Maria, 313 William Francis, 313 Mannin(g), Catherine, Mrs. Wall, q. v. Eliza, nee Loughton, 116 George, 116 Helen, 235, 272 John, 299 Mary, Mrs. Divine, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Russell, q.v. William, 116 Mannion, Thomas, 270 Mannix, Timothy, priest, 114 Mantz, Jenny, nee Mackett, 328 John, 328 Mara, Judith, Mrs. Dunlap, q. v. Mararty, see Moriarty Marghar, Bridget, Mrs. Lee, q.v. Daniel, 215, 220, 227, 229, 233 Daniel, son o/Daniel, 220, 299 Elizabeth, 269 Ellen, nee Paterson, 215, 220, 229, 233,267 George, 229, 268 Margaret, 233 Mary Ann, 215 Robert, 229, 296 William, 237, 268 Margouthy, Mary, Mrs. Earley, q.v. Mark, Elizabeth, Mrs. Curry, q.v. Markey, Catherine, nee Stanford, 246 Edward, 246 Mary Ann, 246 Markham, Margaret, O.S.B., 89 lvfother Mary Frances, O.S.B., 89 Marley, Bridget, nee Lenaghan, 189 Hugh,189 Mary Ann, 189 Michael, 297 Marmadul{e, James, publisher, 36, 361l. Marr, Bridget, nee Moran, 168 Mary, 142 Sarah, 168 Thomas, 168 Marsden, Blessed William, priest, 104 Marsfield, Eliza, nee Jones, 116 Thomas, 116 Thomas, son o/Thomas, 116 Marsh, AJice, nee Chamberlaine, 70n. James, priest, 70n. Mary Ann Elizabeth, 314


Mr. [? James], 70, 71 Thomas, 70n. Marshall (or MurceIl), - - , godmother 1818, 173 Catherine, 155, 157, 158, 159, 169, 174,178,188* Catherine, nee White, 130~" 131, 135 Mrs. Elizabeth, 313 Jane, 186 John, 131, 263 P.,23 Richard, 130, 159, 169,261 Thomas, 130, 131, 135 William, 188*,263 William, son of Thomas, 135 Martel, Edward, 153 Francis, 153 Mary, nee Lonza, 153 Martin, - - , in Paris, 48, 55 Bernard, 169 Edward, 249, 252, 253 Herbert E ., priest, 114 James, 249 Jane, 252 Margaret, nee Cavarnagh, 249 Mary, dau. of Matthew, 177 Mary, godmother 1851, 244 Mary, nee Kelly, 176, 177, 184 Matthew, 177 Patrick, 235, 271 William, 116 Martzsih, Catherine Elizabeth, nee Wigensih, 118 Frederick, 118 Frederick Joseph, 118 Mary Beatl'ice, Queen Consort of England,89 Mary of the <"":ross (Mary Howard), Poor Clare, Abbess of Rouen, 29n. Mason, Bridget, Mrs. Connell, q.v. Frances, 334, 335*, 336*, 337*, 348 Frances, Mrs. O'Rea, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Shea, q.v. Masson, Joseph, 327 Josephine, nee Latour, 327 Mary, 327 Master, Margaret, 148 Masterson, John, 149 Mathews, see Matthews Mathison, Terence, 122 Matjory, Ann, nee Whaan, 328 Michael, 328 Matthews (01' Mathews), Bridget, 153 Henry, 235 Henry James, 235 James, 154 Mary, 231 Mary, nee Ryan, 235 Peter, 195 Ruth, Mrs. Murphy, q.v.

Mattick, Joseph, 119 Matty, Elizabeth, nee Molloy, 136 Patrick, 136 William, 136 Matze[ ?], Constantine, 336 Maurer, Philip, 346 Maurice, Mother Anastasia, O.S.B., 88 Maurisey, see Morrissey Maxwell, Ann, 172, 182 Donohoe, 173 Hannah, 183,262 James, 167, 183, 185, 27'5 Jolm, 159 Mary, 173 May, Jane, Mrs. Fogarty, q.v. Mayer, John 329 Mrs. Mary, 329 William, 329 Meaby, Mary, 174 Mary, nee Tuvey, 174 Patrick, 174 Mead, Christopher, 144 Judith, nee Cain, 144 Robert, 144 Meager (or Megher), Agnes Elizabeth, 244 Alfred John, 233 Edwin Albert, 257 Elizabeth Jane, nee Perkins, 209*,211 *, 212, 214, 215, 224, 233, 244, 257, 266 Mrs. Emma, 313 Frederick, 290 Frederick Bernard, 214 George, 288, 289,290* George Samuel, 209, 268 Henry, 209, 268 Joseph Charles, 212 Laetitia Mary, 224 Mrs. Mary, 313 Richard W ., priest, 113 Richard William, 209 William Henry, 209*, 212, 214, 224, 233, 244, 257 family, 113 Mealy, Patrick, 164 Meander, Henerica I. ?Henry], 280 Meaney (or Meany), Bridget, 237 Bridget, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Meary, Jane, nee Talbot, 186 Jane Mary, 186 John, 186 Medcalf, Margaret, nee Dunovan, 276 William, 276 Medley, Margaret, nee Anderson, 159 Mary, 159 Thomas, 159 Meehan (Meehen, Mehan, Meian), Anne, 208


Mrs. Bridget, 116 Catherine, Mrs. Roberts, q.v.

Charles, 217 Daniel,116 Edward, 206, 208, 210*, 211, 213*, 217,221*,281 Edward, son a/Edward, 206 Elizabeth, 210, 294 Helen, 210 Joseph,213 M.,347 Margaret, 116 Martha, 211 Mary, can/. 1841, 266 Mary, can/. 1844, 267 Sarah, can/. 1836, 264 Sarah, can/. 1839,265 Sarah, nee Denham, 206, 208, 210¡, 211,212,213,217,221 Thomas, 264 William, 266 Megan, Ann, nee Hagerty, 197 John, 197 Thomas, 197 Megher, see Meager Mehan, see Meehan Mehigan, Helen, Mrs. Ryan, q.v. Menhowe, Eleanor, nee Gollagher, 128 John, 128 Susanna, 128 Mehurst, Albert, 283 Meian, see Meehan Meighers, Lawrence, 215 Melia, Julia, Mrs. Halfpenney, q.v. Mellagan, see also Milligan and Mulligan Elizabeth, 121 Melligott, Germain, 128 Mrs. Judy, 128 Patrick, 128 l\tlelone, see Malone Menahern, see Managan Mendoza Rios, Ann de, 337 Merchant, Mrs . Elizabeth, 302 Joseph,269 Merit, - - , wife 0/ John, 204 John, 204 John Thomas, 204 Mernon, Mrs. Mary, 153 Timothy, 153 Merry, Elisa, Mrs. Fitzmorris, q.V. Messenger, Abbess Mary Placida, O.S.B. 89'" Mew, Ann, Mrs. Greenough, q.v. Caroline, Mrs. Mills, q.v. William, 310 Meyner, Sarah, Mrs. Lalevel, q .V. MiddJcmas, Thomas, Capt. 0/ Peggy, 79 Middleton, Samuel, 128 Midlane, Mrs. Jane, 293

Migan, Ellen, nee Gleeson, 196 Joanna, 196 Michael,196 Mighan, Ann, Mrs. Duignan, q.v. Miken, Margaret, Mrs. Campbell, q.v. Milarty, Charles, 162 Miler, see Miller Miles, vere Mills, q.v. Millahy, Owen, 162 Millar, see Miller Miller (or Miler or Millar), Catherine, Mrs. Byrne, q. v. John, 169 Margaret, nee Burns, 169 Mary, 259 Mary Ann, 169 Robert, 177 William, 143 Milligan, see also Mellagan and Mulligan Ann, nee Condon, 188 George, 188 George, son 0/ George, 188 Millis, Margaret, 148 Millot, Antoinette, Mrs. Power, q.v. Elizabeth Clare, 324 Mills (or Miles), Bernard see William Bernard Caroline, 267, 311 Caroline, !lee Mew, 208, 210, 213*, 214, 215, 218, 222, 237, 241, 257, 265, 310 Charles Ambrose, 213 Cuthbert Joseph, 222 Genevieve Mary, 241 George Frederick, 215 Henry, 286 Lucy, 210, 269 Sarah,288 Sarah Ann, 267, 311 William, 208, 210*, 213*,214,215*, 222, 241, 265, 310 William Bernard, 208, 269 Milner, Bishop John, 108 Miner, Jane, Mrs. Flanagan, q.v. Mines, Margaret, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Minney, Mary, 155 Minnim, Patrick, 177 Minto, Jane, 346 Miot, Abbe, 113n. Patemus, priest, 113 Mitchell, Dinah, Mrs. Dean, q.v. Edward,285 Eleanor, nee Pritchett, 334 Eliza, nee Brosure, 191 George, 334 James, 268 John, 191 Margaret, Mrs. Bradley, q.v. Mrs. Mary, 285


Mary Margaret, 188 Matilda, 191 Sarah,334 Mochlar, Matthew, 140 Moffatt, Michael, 299 William, LjCorporal, 314 Moffit, A:m, nee Reed, 180, 181 Ellen, Mrs, Dalton, q.v. Elizabeth, 180 Thomas, 180, 309 Moger, Elizabeth, 345* James, 253 Thomas, 345* Molahern, Eliza, Mrs. Christie, q.v. Molleneux, John, 133 John, son 0/ Jobn, 133 Mary, nee Ulner, 133 Molloy (or Maloy) see also Mulloy Alice, 164, 167 Ann, Mrs. Williams, q.v. Mrs. Catherine, 170 Eleanor, 170 Elizabeth, 185 Elizabeth, nee Delany, 185 Elizabeth, Mrs. Matty, q.V. John, 163, 166, 167 Luke, 157 Luke, son o/Luke, 157 Mary, 167 Mary, nee Duffy, 157 Michael, 183, 185 Thomas, 167 William, 170 Monaghan, Ann, 194 Thomas, 194 Monagherty, Honora, 140 Monaham, Mary, Mrs. Kennedy, q.v. Money (Muney), John, 164 Margaret, 314 Monks, Ellen, Mrs. Lynn, q. v. Montaguard, Joseph, 119 Joseph, son 0/ Joseph, 119 Madeleine, nee Cazotte, 119 Montague, Bernard, 169 Rose, nee Connel1y, 169 Sarah,169 Montgomery, see Mungomery Montjoy, Ruth, Mrs. Slattery, q.v. Montvaillant, see Fabre de Montvaillant Moody, Mr ., d. 1764, 47 Moon, Alice, 151 Mooney, Catherine, 182 James, 182 Jane, nee Gordon, 141 John, 141, 331 Justin, priest, 113* Margaret, 314 Mary, 141 Maurice, 141

t\1oore, Ann, dau. 0/ John, 188 Ann, dau. o/William, 170 Ann, nee Flood, 181 Barbara, 121 Bernard, 181 Bridget, Mrs. Keefe, q.v. Catherine, nee Fagan, 188, 189 E., 347 Elizabeth, nee Bell, 170 Frances, nee Blackley, J69 George Frederick, 169 James, 187 Jane, Mrs. Camel, q.v. John (1), husb. 0/ Catherine, 188 John (2), husb. o/Margaret, 187* John (3), SOil 0/ John (2), 187 Joseph,169 Margaret, nee Farnon, 187* Mary, 179* Mary, nee Campbell, 186 Mary, Mrs. Hughes, q.v. Mrs., 84 Patrick, 181 Richard, 186 Richard, son 0/ Richard,186 William, 170 Moran, Ann, 248, 289 Bridget, Mrs. Hall, q. v. Bridget, Mrs. Marr, q. v. Catherine, 247 James, 272 Jane, nee Callaghan, 224, 230, 267 Jeremiah,290 John,230 Judith or Jane, Mrs. McNamara, q. v. Julia, 290 Margaret, Mrs. Caffry, q. v. Mary, 302 Mary, "AIrs. Gom, q.v. Mary Ann, Mrs. Parker, q.V. Matthew, 270 Michael William, 224 Thomas, 122 Thomas, hush. 0/ Jane, 224, 230 William, 221 Morarty, see Moriarty Mordaugb, Mary, nee Quigley, 334 Peter, 334 Peter, son o/Peter, 334 More, Mary, O.S.A., Prioress, 56, 56n. Moren, Thomas, 323 Morgan, Sister Agnes, O.S.B., 89 Ann, Mrs. Donovan, q.v. Daniel, 214, 340 David, priest, 105, 105n. Edward,214 James, 340 Jane, 249 John,257,315


Margaret, nee MacCabe, 257, 258 Mary, nee D onnelly, 214, 340, 341 Peter, 257 Moriarty (Mararty, M orarty or M orriaty), Ann, nee Hanley, 175 Hugh,284 John, 175 Margaret, 175 Mrs. Margaret, 284 Margaret, Mrs. Foley, q.v. Mary, 177 Mary, Mrs. Gallivan, q. v. Mary, Mrs. Lahey, q.v. Morin, Catherine, Mrs. Graaff, q. v. Morison, see Morrison Morkane, Bridget, nee Ryan, 130 James, 130 William, 130 Morley, E leonora, 173 Morn, Esther, 334 Morning, Eliza, 193 Morone, Bridget, Mrs. Welch, q. v. Moniaty, see M oriarty Morrice, Ann, Mrs. Hall, q.v. Morris, Ann, 121 Henry, 212 John, 158 Martha, 212 Mary Ann, nee Nobbs, 212 Moses, 44 Morrisey, see Morrissey Morrison (or Morison), Ann, 179 Ann, Mrs. Driscoll, q.v. James, 163 Jesse, Mrs. McNally, q.v. Morrissey (Morrisy, Maurisey or Morrisey), Bridget, 249 Bridget, Mrs. Maher, q.V. Mary, Mrs . Keogh, q. v. William, 137 Morrow, Diana, nee Atkinson, 141 John, 141 Patrick, 141 Mortimer, Elizabeth, 145, 147, 261 Morun, Lucy, Mrs. Kernn, q. v. Moss, Isabella, 188 Mostyn, Sir Pyers, Bart., 69 Moul, Elizabeth, nee Frampton, 250 Mary Matilda, 250 Samuel,250 Moultass, Eliza, nee Kirby, 233* Joseph,233 William Joseph, 233 Mount, Robert, priest, 113 Mowles, Mary, nee Sennett, 154 Thomas, 154 Thomas, son o/Thomas, ]54 Moynihan, Catherine, Mrs. Enery, q.v.

Moyser, Frances, 4 Muckteer, Elizabeth, nee Brooks, 323 Farrell, 323 Rose, 323 Mugalleir, James, 152 Margaret, 152 Margaret, nee Grey, 152 Mulcahey, Bartholomew, 219 Mulcare (or Mulcase), Isabella, nee Young, 217 John, 217 William, 217 Mulhavill, Ellen, 195 Mulhearn (or Mulhern), James, 147 John, 159 Mary, 159 Mrs. Mary, 159 Mulholland (Mullholland, Mullohand), Ann, 216, 265 [?Mrs. Urry] Ann, dau . 0/ Ann, 239 Ann, wife o/Bernard, 277, 284, 312 Ann, Mrs. Urry, q.v. Bernard, 284 Margaret, 171 Patrick, 171 Mulin, Catherine, nee Duffy, 247 Edward,247 Edward, son o/Edward, 247 Mulkerrin, Ann, nee Conrein, 251 Mary, 251 Simon, 251 Mulkerry, Ann, Afrs. Simpson, q.v. Mullagan (Mullaghan) see Mulligan Mullaly, Michael, 338 Mullane (or MuJlone), Catherine, nee Brown, 225, 231 Daniel,123 Elizabeth, 225 Elizabeth or Margaret, 231 John, 294 Margaret, 231 Patrick, 225, 231 Mullans, see Mullins Mullart, Mme., dressmaker, 53 Mullen(s), see Mullins Muller, John, 150 Nicholas, 117 Mullholland, see Mulholland Mulligan (MuJlagan, MuJlaghan) see also Mellagan and Milligan Ann, Mrs. Flanagan, g.v. Ann, Mrs. Watson, q.v. Daniel, 142 James, 161 John, 161 Joseph, 142 Mary, nee Burns, 161 Nicholas, 161 Teresa, nee Redman, 142


Mullin(s) (or Mullans, Mullen or Mullens), Ann, nee Tailor, 200*, 201 Bridget, 163, 180 Caroline, Mrs. Riordan, q.v. Catherine, 203 Catherine, Mrs. Pratt, q.v. Eleonora, 138 Ellenor, Mrs. Whittle, q.v. James, 196 James, son o/Timothy, 200 Jane, nee Lenord [?], 255 Jane Lenord [1], 255 Laetitia, nee Courry, 177 Lucy, 177 Mary, nee Carrol, 196 Mary, nee Heran, 247 Mary, Mrs. Coyle, q.V. Mary, Mrs. Sarsfield, q.v. Mary Ann, 196 Michael, 1799, 121 Michael, 1820, 177 Michael, 1852, 247 Mgr. Michael John, 114 Patrick, 145 Peter, 270 Stephen, 247 Thomas, 255, 256 Timothy, 196, 200*, 201 William, 200 Mullohand vere Mulholland, q. v. Mullone, see Malone Mulloy, see also Molloy Alice, 176 James, 176 Mary, 245 Susan, nee Johnstone, 176 Thomas, 245 Mulony, see Maloney Mulroan, Sarah, Mrs. Gallagher, q.v. Muivay, James, 224, 268 John,222 Mulvihill, Ellen, M rs. Devit, q.v. Mumby, Bridget, 102 Munday, Michael, 185 Muney, see Money or Mooney l\:lungomcry, Jane, Mrs. Lochlan, q.v. Munro, Philip George, priest, 113, 314 Munson, lvlother Christina, O.S.B., 88 Mureell, see Marshall Mure, Sarah, Mrs. O'Neill, q.v. Murnane, Bridget, nee Hayes, 287 James, 287 John, 287 Mrs. Mary, 287 Murphy, Alice, Mrs. Dear, q. v. Ann (1), nee Conway, 290 Ann (2), nee Senate, 153 Ann, Mrs. Kelly, q.v. Ann, Mrs. Leslie, q. v.


Ann, Mrs. Malone, q. v. Mrs. Bridget, 290 Bridget, Mrs. Fane, q.V. Bridget, Mrs. Lougblan, q.v. Catherine, b. 1847, dau. o/Patrick (6), 230, 296 Catherine, b. 1848, dall. o/Patrick (6), 234,299 Catherine, wife 0/ John (8), 289 Catherine, wife o/Michael (3), 291 Catherine, Mrs. Connor, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Jackson, q.v. Daniel, 271 Denis (1), god/ather 1843, 216, 218 Denis (2), husb. o/Isabel, 137 Denis (3), husb. o/Mary (3), 186 Edmund, Private, 294 Eleonora, nee McElroy, 145 Eleonora, Mrs. McDonnell, q.v. Elizabeth, 303 Ellen, 206*, 207 Ellen, Mrs. MacDonnell, q.v. Esther, 283 Frances, 180 Canon Francis J., 114 Helen (1), nee Farell, 230 Helen (2), nee Gallagher, 208 Helen, Mrs. Cooper, q.v. Helen, Mrs. Scanling, q.v. PIenry, 230 Henry, priest, 114 Honora, nee Lyons, 193 Isabel, nee Coldwell, 137 James (1), god/ather 1802, 130 James (2), god/ather 1809, 146 James (3), god/ather and sponsor 184850,240,281,282,284

James (4), husb. o/Eleonora, 145 James (5), husb. o/Helen (1),230 James (6), husb. 0/ Helen (2), 208 James (7), husb. o/Ruth, 214 James (8), son 0/ James (4), 145 Jane, godmother 1810, 149 Jane, godmother 1846, 227 Jane, Mrs. Casey, q. v. John (1), conf 1849, 272 John (2), d. 1795, 122 John (3), d. 1840, 293 John (4), god/ather 1821,180 John (5), god/ather 1831-38, 205, 206*,207*,209,210 John (6), god/ather 1856, 259 John (7), husb. 0/ Ann (2), 153 John (8), husb. 0/ Catherine, 289 John (9), son o/Denis (3), 186 John (10), son a/Owen (2), 154 Margaret, 193 Margaret, nee Thompson, 154 Margaret, Mrs. Byrne, q.v. Margaret, Mrs. Hickey, q. v.

Margaret, Mrs. Lee, q.v. Mary (1), godmother 1810,274 Mary (2), godmother, 1827, 196 Mary (3), nee McCarthy 186 Mary (4), nee Kennedy, 230, 234 Mary, Mrs. Coni, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Ging, q.v. Mary, Mrs. Lennard, q.v. Mary Ann, con/. 1849, 269 Mary Ann, godmother 1847, 229 Mary Catherine, 130 Michael (1), god/ather 1849, 235, 271 Michael (2), husb. 0/ Sarah, 130 Michael (3), 0/ Limerick, 291 Michael (4), priest, 114 Miss, 50, 51 Owen (1), husb. o/Bridget, 290 Owen (2), husb. o/Margaret, 154 Owen (3), son 0/ Owen (1), 290 Patrick (1), con/. 1844, 266 Patrick (2), con/. 1849,270 Patrick (3), d. 1795, 122 Patrick (4), d. 1849,299 Patrick (5), god/ather 1829, 201 Patrick (6), husb. o/Mary (4),230,234 Ruth, nee Mathews, 214 Mrs. Sarah, 130 Stephen, 193 Thomas, son o/Denis (2), 137 Thomas, son 0/ James (6), 208 Wilhelmina Jane, 214 William, 153 Murray (or Murry), - - , god/ather 1815, 163 Ann, 162 Ann, nee McLean, 343, 344 Ann Teresa, 147 Bridget, nee Shenen, 182, 185 Catherine, dau. o/Hugh, 343 Catherine, Mrs. Bedford, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Riley, q.v. Daniel, Abp. 0/ Dublin, 110 Elizabeth, nee McCudden, 218 Ellen, Mrs. Loghlan, q.v. Henry, 275 Hugh, 342, 343 Jane, Mrs. Scandling, q.v. John, husb. o/Elizabeth, 218 John, husb. 0/ Margaret (1), 142*, 144, 145, 147 Margaret (1), nee Spicket, 142*, 145, 147,261 Mrs. Margaret (2), 0/ Poerdowlt, 288 Margaret (3), Mrs. Cooper, q.v. Martin, 263 Mary (1), dau. 0/ John, 142 Mary (2), nee Nailor, 181 Mary (3), nee O'Grady, 164 Mrs. Mary (4), widow Swan, 152, 161, 275

Mary (5), Mrs. Divine, q. v. Patrick, con/. 1813, 262 Patrick, con/. 1839, 265 Patrick, con/. 1849, 272 Philip (1), husb. o/Bridget, 185 Philip (2), husb. o/Mary (2), 181 Philip (3), husb. a/Mary (3), 164 Philip (4), salt a/Philip (1), 185 Richard,218 Roger, 164 Sarah, 173 William, d. 1856, 307 William, husb. 0/ Margaret (2), 288 William, son 0/ John, 142 William, son o/Philip (2), 181 Murtagh, Thomas, 129 Murtha, John, 275 Margaret, 275 Murtough, James D ., priest, 114 Murty, John, 155 Myers, Patrick, 128 Myland, Peter, 199 Nacquard, Claudine Fran90ise F6licitee Paris de, nee De Soulange, Widow of Le Fortier, Count de Boiseon, 327 Dominic Fran90is Alexis Fourier de, Major 327 Nailor, see Naylor Napoleon m, Emperor, 320 Prince Imperial, 320 Nash, Ann, nee O'Donnell, 210, 212 Denis, 238 James, 210 Malcolm, 210, 212 Mary, 212 Navan, Mary, Mrs. Larkins, q. II. Naylor (or Nailor), George, 192 John Placid, O.S.B., 84n. Margaret, 192 Mary, Mrs. Murray, q. v. Neal(e), see Neil Nealon, James, 197 Neave, Ann, 158 Catherine, nee Welch, 158 Thomas, 158 Needham, Elizabeth, 15 Neil, (Neile, Neill, Neal, Neale), Catherine, Mrs. Byrne, q.V. Eliza, dau. 0/ William, 224, 295 [Nerle?] Eiiza, d. 1844, 294 Ellen, Mrs. Hill, q.v. HeUrich, 327 James, 229* James, son 0/ James, 229, 297 Jane, Mrs. Hughes, q.v. Joseph,247 Mary, nee Farell, 224, 229 Mary, nee Galaher, 247


Michael, 342, 347 Patrick, godfather 1801, 128 Patrick, son of Joseph, 247 Rebecca, 327 Richard, 191 William, 224, 297 William John, 294 Neirl, Mother Anne, see Neville Nelson, Mrs. Emma, 314 James, 315 Nemock, see Nimocks Nemuks, see Nimocks Nerle [?1, Eliza, 295, see also Neil Nesbit, Elizabeth, Mrs. Berkley, q.v. Neve, Robert, 25 Neville, Abbess Anne, O.S.B., 88,89, 90 Catherine, nee Connor, 154, 155 Joseph,154 Mary, 154 Nevin, Bridget, 332 New, Jane Dennis, 7n. Mary, Mrs. Ford, q.v. Newbw'g, Ann Julie, Mrs. Hundheim, q.v. Newcombe, Charles, 40, 40n. Mrs. Isabel, 38,40*, 40n., 45 Newell, Isabella, Mrs. Fullard, q. v. Laura Mary, 313 Newman, Agnes Laura Maria AIlllf!, 315 Mrs. M.A., 314 Patrick, 181 Susannah, Mrs. Beggins, q.v. Newport, John Francis, 5 Katherine, Mrs. Heneage, 5 Mary, possibly Mrs. Heneage, 4n. Newton, Capt., 14n. Messrs., 14n. Robert, 12,14"',31 Mr . Robert, of the Graltge, 14n., 24*, 33*, 34*, 57, 58*, 59, 101 Robert, priest, 1411., 33n., 34n., 57n., lOIn. family, of lrnham, 14n. Nichol(s), Bridget, 137 Mary, nee Clark, 138 Patrick, 138 Thomas, 138 Nicholson (or Nickleson), Catherine, nee Heslings, 242 Eliza, 178 John, 242 Thomas, 242 Nimocks (Nemock, Nemuks), James, 220,268,279,295 Mrs. Mary, 279 Mary Ann, nee Ayers, 279 Thomas, 279 Nind, Ann or Hannah Jemima formerly Webb, nee Welhams, 279, 311 Mrs. Mary, 279

Philip, 279 Philip, son of Philip, 279 Nobbs, Grace, 274 John, 181 Joseph, 181 Mary, nee Heagon or Heazon [1], 181 Mary Ann, Mrs. Morris, q.v. Noble, Ann, 200, 202 Noe, Fran90is de, 159 Fran90ise Caroline, comtesse de, 167 Leo Edward Francis William de. 167 Louis Amedee, comte de, 167 Nolan (or Nowlan), Bridget, nee Hickey, 142 Charles H., 314 Edward, 148, 153 Elizabeth, 142 James, 272 James, priest, 43, 43n. John, 142 Mary, Mrs. Carey, q.v. Mary, Mrs. MacGavin, q.v. Michael, 270 Nicholas, 194 Patrick, 122 Peter, 180 Susan, Mrs. Cragen, q. v. Thomas, 142 Noon, Bartholomew, 259 Elizabeth, nee Stafford, 259 Elizabeth Ann, 259 Robert, 259 Noonan (or Nunan), Ellen, nee Dyne, 275 John,217 Maurice, 273 Patrick, 275 Norris, Sister Agnes, O.S.B., 82, 8211., 83, 83n., 84* Mrs., 84 Norton, Francis, 293 Nowlan (or Nowland), see Nolan Noyer, Jean Baptiste de, Cistercian, 93n. Nugent, Ann, nee Cathnick, 149 Brigit, 149 David,149 John, 273 Julia, Mrs. McCabe, q.v. Nunan, see Noonan Nutt, Pacificus, O.S.F., 70, 70n., 71, 87, 87n. Nye, Harold, priest, 114 O'Beirn, Hugh, 218 O'Brien (O'Brian, O'Briant, O'Brayan, O'Bryan) Mrs. Aby, 288 Ann, nee Luddey, 172 Bridget, 333 Catherine, 262 lvfrs. Catherine, of Cork, 288 Catherine, Mrs. Barrett, q.v. Catherine, Mrs. Costello ,q.v.


Catherine, Mrs. Joyce, q.v. Christiana, 329 Cornelius, 288 Daniel, husb. 0/ Bridget, 333 Daniel, husb. 0/ Catherine, 288 Deborah, 222, 308 Denis, 235, 269 Harriet (1), 227 Harriet (2), 242, 243, 253, 269 Helen, 158 Henry, 168 Honora, Mrs. Loughnane, q. v. James, 175, 176, 181 Jane, nee Carey, 136 Jeremiah, 172 Julia, Mrs. Cox, q.v. Margaret (1), 1813, 157 Margaret (2), 1850, 239 Margaret, Mrs. Vincent, q. v. Martin, 262 Mary (1), dau. 0/ James, 175 Mary (2), 1844,219,267 Mrs. Mary (3), d. 1848, 298 Mary (4), nee Hughes, 175 Mary (5), nee Kirby, 238 Mary (6), Mrs. Foley, q.v. Mary Ann, 235 Michael, god/ather, 171, 192 Michael, husb. o/Mary (5), 238 Michael, son o/Thomas (2), 136 Patrick, god/ather, 133, 142 Patrick, husb. 0/ Ann, 172 Richard, 238 Thomas (1), 1829, 200 Thomas (2), husb. 0/ Jane, 136 o 'Callaghan, Eugene, 237 Margaret, nee Joyce, 237,241 Thomas, Sergeant, 305 Timothy, 237 O'Connell, Catherine, Mrs. Keating, q.v. Dennis, 308 Eleonora, 148 Margaret, Mrs. Tucker, q.v. Richard, 250 O'Connor, see also Connor Ann, Mrs. Welch, q.v. Harriett, 191 Harriett, nee Hyllier, 191, 195 James, 172, 191, 195 John, 195,203,204 Margaret, 204 Margaret, nee Gainer, 204 Mary Ann, 195 Michael, 158 O'Donnell, Ann, nee Haly, 170,174 Ann, Mrs. Nash, q. v. Mrs. Catherine, 331 Elizabeth, nee M