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CLARE TALBOT Librarian to the Marquess of Salisbury

Published 1961 for 1960

Printed in Great Britain by R. H. Johns Limited Newport, !v!on.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The original purpose of this volume was to make available some of the documents relating to recusancy or recusants, other than those adequately dealt with in the Calendars of the Historical Manuscripts Commission or elsewhere, from the private collection (known as the Cecil Papers) belonging to the Marquess of Salisbury and preserved at Hatfield House. Owing to the vast amount of unpublished material on this subject in this and other collections, it was decided to extend the range of this volume, calling it a MISCELLANEA, thereby providing material on recusant history during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James 1. In drawing on these several sources I have become heavily indebted. For the greater part, the documents belong to the Marquess of Salisbury, to whom I offer my sincere thanks for his kindness in allowing me to transcribe, and for his permission to publish with two reproductions, any of the documents relating to the subject in his collection. I am grateful for the kind permission of the Wentworth Woodhouse Settled Estates to make use of the Strafford Correspondence; of the Council of Durham University to print the Mickleton and Spearman MSS ; of the Archivist, Leeds Central Library, to print the Temple Newsam MSS, and of the Controller of H.M.S.O. to print the document on pp. 424-5. I am also grateful to the Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum for his help and information regarding the Yelverton MSS and the Gatehouse Bills, and to the Keeper of the Public Records, the Public Record Office, for permission to reproduce in facsimile signatures from the State Papers. Last, but far from least, to those who have done so much of the hard work in the preparation of this volume, my debt is great and I give to them also my sincere thanks: Dom Hugh Aveling, O.S.B. of Ampleforth Abbey, supplied the transcriptions of the documents concerning Yorkshire and the North and added the valuable introduction and notes; and also to those who did the typing, Dom Petroc Wall and Brother Leonard Vicars, O.S.B., of Douai Abbey, and especially to Miss Katharine FitzGerald who did the greater part of the typing, and to Miss N. McNeill O'Farrell who made the final check of my transcriptions. The Gatehouse Fore Street, Hatfield

CLARE TALBOT Feast of the Holy Martyrs, 10 July 1960




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INTRODUCTION Throughout this vol~me it has peen my desire to supply qocuments in 4ccurate texts, in extenso. Introquct<?ry notes, giving the whereabouts of the documents, means of identification, history and ownership, are given at the beg!poing of each section. The last informatlon wou!d not apply to the Cecil Papers ~ they have 4lways belonged to the family. This ;yqlume is made up as follows: I. A Book of Recusants-Cecil Papers II. Miscellaneous Lists, etc., from the Cecil Papers III. Petitions-Cecil Papers IV. Gatehouse Bills V. Yelverton MSS. VI. State Papers Domestic VII. Various Records from Yorkshire and the North. Where possible reference numbers have been given, and for the Cecil Papers the volume and folio of tp,e manuscript with its correspp;Iding volume and page number in the Historical Manuscripts Commission Calend~rs (those for 1607 from the proof pages of Volume XIX). For the petitions no H.M.C. reference is given as many are uncatalogued. The fact that there is a reference to the Calendars, does not mean that the ¢ocument is there printed in f ull. With the exception of two lists, they have merely been catalogued, and in the case of the Book of Recusants the Calendar has this entry: "1595-6. List of Recusants presented out of various districts, 1582 to January 1595-6". It is with this book that the present volume begins. A BOOK OF RECUSANTS

This book is made up of six sections, each section with a varying number of foliations, all bound together, in its present form, as one volume, with the above spine title, in 1712 by (to quote from the original account in the Family and Estate Papers: General 11 /27): "Joseph Pomfret, citizen and stationer of London for binding and guilding and lettering the Earl of Salisbury's books at Hatfield". There follows a long list of books in which this volume is includ,ed. Of the six sections, only one, the first, relates to recusancy or recusants. The lists included in this first section are those ecclesiastical reports of recusants, their movements, their worth, etc. , sent into the Privy Council by the Archbishop of Canterbury in response t o letters issued by the Council asking for this information. It IX

appears that these two lists, those of 1582 and 1595, were bound together in their present form in 1712 when the rebinding was done. Until then it seems they were two separate sets of lists. At this time also, the words on the title page were written. On examining the catalogues of the Hatfield House Library recently, I found that a manuscript catalogue made in 1712 (the time of the rebinding) was particularly interesting. It contains the printed and manuscript books in the Library and is written in the identical hand that this title page is in and on examining other manuscript books that were also rebound at this same period, I realized that similar title pages in the same hand had been given, presumably the work of the librarian of the time, or, possibly, of the bookbinder. Another observation in regard to the 1582 lists is that the one for Chichester appears to have been inserted (at this same time) between the list and endorsement page for the Cambridge Area. The endorsements of the 1582 lists are all in the same hand, with the exception of one endorsed by Lord Burghley, perhaps that of a clerk of the Privy Council who constantly endorsed documents throughout this collection. In the original documents, those for Southampton and for "Sundrie Counties" are in Latin, but for the convenience of readers, these have now been translated. All the others are in English. In the 1595 lists there are no endorsements, except for the letter of the Archbishop of York, which bears evidence that this too was inserted at a later date. The marks of the folding and sealing of this letter indicate that it was sent independent of the lists. OTHER DOCUMENTS

The miscellaneous documents taken from the Cecil Papers range over a period from 1559 to 1607, and, as far as possible, regardless of the description of each document, have been put in chronological order. The earliest of these documents is a list of persons, presumably recusants, in Suffolk. This document is endorsed by Lord Burghley and is dated, possibly by him, 1559 (see reproduction). In considering the contents and wording of the document, one can only assume that this date is a mistake, or a slip of the pen, and should probably read 1595. Anyone who is acquainted with persons resident in Suffolk for this period will no doubt be able to decide this point. In notes of endorsemenb, etc., the first Earl of Salisbury has been referred to as Sir Robert Cecil throughout to save confusion. It will be noticed also that a Mr. Stewart is mentioned as having made manuscript notes on certain documents, or as having made suggestions about possible dates. In 1831 Mr. Charles J. Stewart, who worked at Lackington's, Finsbury Square, London, and later at Ogle, Duncan and Co., a bookseller with Howell in Holbom, compiled






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a manuscript catalogue of the Marquess of Salisbury's papers, in three large volumes. The catalogue followed the order in which the manuscripts had been bound. At this time only 139 voluntes~xcluding those done at the time of the 1712 binding-were bound. These catalogues were compiled for the Historical Manuscript Society, a forerunner of the Historical Manuscripts Commission, and at this time Stewart gave a date or made manuscript notes on the document itself, and it is to these that reference is made in this book. Not all the documents concerning recusancy have been included here for the year 1607, for reasons of space and for the fact that they have been extensively dealt with in Volume XIX of the Historical Manuscripts Commission Calendar which is due for publication shortly. PETITIONS

Among the Cecil Papers is a collection of about 2,500 petitions. These are unbound and therefore have no volume reference number, only the number of the petition and this should be quoted in connexion with it as a considerable number are undated. Just over half of these petitions are mentioned in the H.M.C. Calendars, some dated before 1607 and others where a date has been assumed. The content of all these petitions is varied but a great number are from persons petitioning for wardships, licences, rewards for services, etc., and probably do not relate to recusants' property or means, but it is impossible to include them all in this volume. They are chiefly addressed to the Lord Treasurer Burghley, or to his son, Sir Robert Cecil, but there are some addressed to Queen Elizabeth I or to King James I. In some cases there is evidence in a clerk's hand or the recipient's hand of the results of the petition, but most of those printed here are without any indication of the outcome. Those selected are from a variety of persons-priests-recusants--or persons claiming from recusants. YELVERTON MANUSCRIPTS, ETC.

The documents taken, from the Yelverton collection of manuscripts, are the papers of Robert Beale (1541-1601), Clerk of the Council under Elizabeth I. His eldest daughter, Margaret, married Sir Henry Yelverton, Justice of the Common Pleas, and these papers descended to her and remained in the possession of the family until 1953 when they were acquired by the British Museum, where they are listed under Additional MSS., 48000-48196. It is thought that the papers were bound in volumes by Sir Henry Yelverton's grandson and while in his possession were catalogued by Edward Bernard (1638-96). A particularly interesting document is the report from an Englishman living in Rome from 1579 to 1580; it was formerly thought that he was Thomas Norton (1532-84), lawyerandreputedrackmasterand Xl

part author of Gorboduc, but he is now identllied as Charles Sledd, a pseudo-Catholic, a spy in the service of Sir Francis Walsingham. On his return to England Sledd betrayed many priests and was a witness at the trial of Edmund Campion. The reader must be warned, however, not to accept the diary at its face value; while Sledd was responsible for the main contents, some names and facts are included of which he could have had no direct knowledge; it may be that these were added at the suggestion of Norton, or even Walsingham himself. The document therefore calls for cautious interpretation. The Gatehouse (Westminster) Bills are also in the British Museum and are listed as Additional MSS., 41257. These were purchased by the Museum in 1925 from Messrs. P. J. and A. E. Dobell, but their catalogue throws no light on their history. The' 'Secret Advertisements touching massing priests" is from the State Papers in the Record Office. It is interesting to compare the monogram at the end with that in the Yelverton MSS; the State Paper bears the signature of Bernard who presumably examined it as well.


A BOOK OF RECUSANTS Cecil Papers, 238/1 1582 H.M.C., XIII, p. 564 A Booke of ye Recusants certified out of divers Counties. ELlEN DIOC


We John Bell Doctor of Divinity & Richard Bridgewater Doctor of Lawe Delegates and Commissaries to William Awbrey doctor also of Lawe exercisinge the office of chief chauncellorshipe of the archiepiscopal Sea of Canterburye to whom all spirituall and eccliasticall jurisdiction which did belong and apperteine to the Episcopall Sea of Elye the Sea being full (the same Sea now being voide) at this present dothe belonge, Andrewe Pearne, Doctor of Divinity and Deane of the Cathedrall churche of Elye & Richard Awngier of Cambridge, esquire one of his majesties justices of the Peace in the Countye of Cambridge, according to the tenor and effecte of certaine letters from hir majesties moste honorable privie councill to be directed, doe certifye uppon trewe presentment to be made the XXvij daye of Aprill anno Domini 1582 and in the XXiiijth yeare of hir Majesties Moste Gracious reigne, by the ministers, church wardens and Inquirers of everie towne and Parishe hereunder written, that the parties hereunder named have offended in manner and forme followinge HORSHETHE. William Curtys of Horshethe in the Countie of Cambridge, yeoman and Johanne his wyef being of the ages of three score yeare or thereabouts, Thomas Burye of the same towne and countye, yeoman, being of the age of fyftye yeares or thereabouts have not repayered to enye churche chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parish, but (to our knowledge) have forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the fyrst yeare of the Queen's Majesties Reigne for uniformyte of common prayer from the daye of the feast of All Saintes which was in the year of Our Lord God 1580, until the day of-the making hereof being the XXVijth of April 1582 and contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne. SNDYE CAMPES. Thomas Overall of Sndye Campes in the County of Cambridge, yeoman being of the age of fyftye years or thereabouts hath not repayred to 'anie church or chappell or usual place of common prayer within the said towne or parish since the XXViijth day of November Anno Dni' 1581 untyll this present day (viz the XXVijth of April Ano Dni' 1582) contrarie to the form of the statute for uniformitye of Common prayer made in the first yeare B


of the Queene's Majesties reigne and contrarye to the forme of the Statute thereof made in the XXiijth yere of hyr said Majesties Reigne, but uppon what occasion we doe not certenlye knowe because we doe not know where he is, but as we coniecture yt is because he is as we thinke one of the family of Love. HILDERSHAM. Thomas Dalton of Hildersham in the Countye of Cambridge, yeoman, and Hellen hys wyfe being of the age of fortye yeres or there-abouts have not repayred to enye church chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parishe but have forborne the same contrarie the tenor of the statute made in the fyrst year of the Queen's Majesties Reigne for uniformitie of common prayer since the feaste daye of Whitsondaye last paste, unto this present daye viz the XXVijth of Aprill Ano Dni 1582, and contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made in the yeare of the Queen's Majesties Reigne. LYNTON. Ferdinando Parris of Lynton in the Countie of Cambridge, gent, of the age of fyftye yeres or thereabout, Thomas Carleton of the same towne and Countye, yeoman, servante to the said Ferdinando Parris of the age of XXXtie yeares or thereabout William Ffullwell of the same towne and Countye, husbandman of the age of three score yeares or thereaboute and Agnes his wyfe ye age of LXXV yeres or thereaboute, and Agnes Thurgar of the same towne and countye wydowe of the age of LXXV yeres or thereaboute have not repayred to enye churche or chappell or other usual place of common prayer within the same towne and parish, but have forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the first yeare of ye Queen's Majesties Reigne for uniformitie of common prayer, from the XXijth yeare of the Queen's Majesties Reigne until this pnte day (viz the XXVijth of April Ano Dni 1582) and contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made the XXiijth yeare of the Queen's Majesties Reigne. P AMPSFORTHE. Robert Tyrttebye of Ampforthe in the Countie of Cambridge, yeoman, of the age of fyftye yeares or thereabout hathe not repay red to enye churche or chappell or usual place of common prayer in Ampforthe aforesaid but hathe forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the first yeere of the Queen's Majesties Reigne for uniformitie of common prayer from the ffeaste of Xtmas Ano Dni 1580 untyll the daye of the making thereof (viz the XXVijth of Aprill Ano Dni 1582) and contrarie to the form of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yeare of hir Majesties Reigne, and he has gone from the towne, and is suspected to be of the family of Love. WESTWICKHAM. Margaret Pettyt the wife of Thomas Pettyt of Westwickham in the countie of Cambridge, husbandman, she being 2

the age of fyftye yeares ot thereaboute hathe not repaired to enye churche or chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parish but hathe forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the fyrst yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne for uniformity of common Prayer, for the space of those tooe yeares and a halfe laste paste unto this pnte (viz the XXVijth of April Ano Dni 1582) and contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made in the XXXiijth yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne. BARTLOWE. J ohane Willowes nowe or late of Barelowe in the County of Cambridge, widowe, of the age of fyftye yeares or above dyd not r~paire to anye churche or chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parishe, but hath forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the first yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne for the uniformitye of common prayer, from the feaste of Sainte Michaell the Archanngell in the yeare of the Lord God 1577 until this pnte day (viz the XXVijth of April Ano Dni 1582) and contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yere of hir said Maj esties Reigne. ORWELL. Thomas Caldecotte late of Orwell in the county of Cambridge, gentleman being of the age of fyftye yeares or thereaboute hathe not repaired to enye church chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parishe but hathe forborne contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the first yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne, for the uniformity of common prayer from the tenthe yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne untyll this present daye, viz the XXVijth of Aprill Anno Domini 1582 and contrarie to the form of the Statute thereof made in the XXiijth year of the Queene's Majesties Reigne. SAWSTON. Frances Davie the wyfe of Richard Davie of Saws ton in the countie of Cambridge yeoman, she being about the age of ffortye yeares, hathe not repaired to enye Church Chappell or usual place of common prayer within the same towne or parish to hear the Divine Service of God, and to receive the Communion according to the Queene's Majesties procedinges, but hathe forborne the same contrarie to the tenor of the statute made in the fyrst yeare 'o f the Queene's Majesties Reigne for uniformitye of common prayer for the space of one yeare and a halfe ended this day (viz the XXVijth of Aprill Ano Dni 1582) And contrarie to the forme of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne. TADLOWE. Marye Johnson the wyfe of Richard Johnson gent, of Tadlowe in the Countie of Cambridge she being of the age of 3

XXVth yeres or thereaboute hathe refused to come to the churche to receive the Communion, and come not to enye churche chappell or usual place of publique or common prayer in our towne or elsewhere that we knowe of, since the feste of the Annunciation of Our Lady, Ano Dni 1581 until the feaste of St Michaell Tharchangell then next followeinge, contrarie to the tenor of the Statute made in the fyrst yeare of the Queene's Majesties Reigne for uniformitie of common prayer, and contrarie to the tenor of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yeare of hir Majesties Reigne. At which time (viz at Michaelmas 1581) hir husband and she went from us to dwell at fflitwicke within the countie of Bedford where h,owe she behavethe hirselfe we knowe not, XXVij aprilis Ano Dni 1582. SHELFORD MAGNA. John Rackwoode gent, above thage of XVj yeares hathe continued for the moste parte in the parishe of Greate Shelford in the Countye of Cambridge, from the feast of All Saintes Ano Dni 1581 untill this present (viz until the XXVijth of Aprill 1582) and in all that tyme hathe bene but thrise at the moste in the churche of Greate Shelford afore said at Divine Service there, and hathe not received the Communion there in any parte of that t yme. MYLTON. Henrie Cooke late of Mylton in the Countie of Cambridge gent, and Anne his wyfe being above the age of XVj yeares hathe from the yeare of Our Lord 1577 until the day of the making of this presentment (viz until the XXVijth daye of Aprill, Ano Dni 1582) absented themselves from the churche, from the hearinge of Gods Divine Service and from receiving of the Holy Communion at Mylton where there dwellinge and Mansion House is, but wher~ nowe there abydeinge is whether they lye there, or where they lye we know not. In wytnes whereof to these presents we have sette our handes, dated the Second Daye of Maye in the XXiiijth yeare of the Reigne of Our Soverigne Ladye Elizabethe by the Grace of God Queene of England France and Ireland defender of the fay the etc. 1582. [Signed] Ric. Bridgwater


J oannes Bell Andrew Perne Ryche Aunger

[Endorsed] Maye 1582 Certificate of Recusants. Con': Cambridge

1 After the signatures there are two blank pages. On the back of the s econd is the endorsement. Between the two blank pages comes the list of. Chichester Recusants on parchment; this was presumably inserted at the time of re-binding in 1712.


Archdeaconry of Chichester and Parishes WARNHAM

gentlemen: John Carryll esquire twice indited and sithence brought certificat that he hath bene at the church. Mary Carryll wife of the said John Carrill Thomas Carrill, gentleman Nicholas'Heme Anthony Tynchmere Thomas Leonard William Hill Margarett Delve Thomas Lymbrick. WORMINGHURST

gents: Richard Shelley Edward Shelley Elizabeth Shelley Marie Shelley

hereafter to come orderlie to the church according to the statute William Bernard John Tewe Anthony Snap Thomas Etheridge HARTINGE

Jane Russell wife of Richard Russell ALDINGBORNE

John Bamford gent Franncess his wiefe WESSTOKE

Elizabeth Bytley gent Paull Bykley Anthony Bykley gents EARNLYE

Elizabeth Chatterton, gent FISHBORNE


John Ledes gent Elizabeth his wife William Tilley John Wyckman FUNTINGTON

Mr Collins Anne his wiefe George Cotton gent CLAPHAM

William Shelley Esquire John Shelley gent and his wiefe Thomas Clymson thrice indicted and sithens hath brought certificat of hi., usual cominge to the church and hath also in open sessions acknowlege his offence and promised

Mary Lane wife of Thomas Lane RACKTON CUM HURDINGTON

Jeffrey Poole gent Catherine his wife Stephen Hynstowe gent Mr Halton alias Wolton scholemaster Robert Hamond John Syldes Winifride a maidservant John Norye, gent Mary his wife SHIPLEY

Robert Hampton Richard Stradfold BROADWATER

Richard Gamet gent and his wiefe


Anne Willton gent John Broadbillt yeoman


John Talk gent ASSHINGTON


Nicholas Wolf gent CHIDHAM

Honor Wayte widow indited and sithence she hath confonned herself and doth come orderly to the church. RI:



Elizabeth Chute wife of George Chute gentleman Urye Delves gent

Henry vVorley Rychard Lewkenor Archdeaconry of Lewys parishes

John Ashborneham, Esquire Marye his wife William Ashborneham gent Thomas Ashborneham, gent Eleanor his wife Robert Page yeoman Marye Roberts gent



Thomas Greene merchant IDEN


John Tempell gent BEDINGHAM

Margaret Gildrege wife of Lancelot Gildrege gent WEST FYRLES

William Scott, esquire Marye his wife William Scott, his son Elizabeth Sc-ott Ellyne Scott gents IFEELD

John Gage, esquire Ladie Elizabeth his wife Elizabeth Gilford gent Barbara Gylford gent Jane Wintershade gent Margaret Colley gent Elizabeth Morton gent Thomas Gage gent ALFRISTON

George Gage gent . Ladie Elizabeth Gage. widow late wife of Sir Edward Gage Knight deceased Margaret Gage als Dorell, gent

Edward Gage gent Anne Gage his wife THE CITY OF CHICHESTER

John Gifford gent Elizabeth his wife John Jervis gent and Thomas Jervis his son both indyted and sithence .they have conformed themthemselves and doe comme orderly to the church RIC CISCESTRENSIS

Henry Worley Rychard Lewkenor

[Endorsed] Recusants in ye Diocese of Chichester Certified by ye B: and ye Justices. 6

ELlEN DIOe Infra Insula Elien We Richard Bridgewater doctor of Lawe delegate and Commissarye to William Aubrey Docter allsoe of Lawe, exercisinge the office of chiefe Chanc.ellorshippe of ye Archiepiscopall Sea of Canterburye, to whome all spirituall and Eccliasticall Jurisdiction which did belonge and apperteine to the Episcopall Sea of Elye the Sea beinge full (the same Sea nowe beinge voyd) at this present dothe belonge, Andrewe Pearne doctor of Dyvinitye, and Deane of the Cathedrall churche of Elye, John Parker Master of Arte Archdeacon of Elye, and William Styward of Elye, esquire, one of her Majesties Justiess of the peace within the Isle of Elye in the countye of Cambridge, accordinge to the tenor and effect of certeine letters from hir Maiesties most honorable pryvie counsell to us directed doe certifye uppon true presentment to us made the XXiiijth daye of Aprill Ano Dni 1582. And in the XXiiijth yere of her Maiesties most graciouse reigne, by the ministers and churchwardens of everye towne and parishe here under written that the parties here under named have offended in manner and forme followinge WISBICHE ST PETERS. Thomas Watson doctor of Dyvinitye John Feckman doctor of Dyvinitye Andrew Uxenbridge Doctor of Lawe Edmund Windame doctor of Lawe, Thomas Metham Master of Arte, Thomas Woode somet:ymes a fryer, Thomas Blewyette, they and everyone of them being above the age of XVjth yeres have not repayred to anye churche chappell or usual place of common prayer within the towne of Wysbiche St Peters, but have forborne the same, contrayre to the Tenor of the Statute made in the fyrste yere of the Queene's Maiesties reigne that nowe ys for uniformitye of common prayer ever since thend of the last Session of Parliament until the XXiiijth daye of Aprill Ano Dni 1582 and Contrayre to the forme of the statute thereof made in the XXiijth yere of her said Maiesties reigne. LEVRINGTON. James Chamberlyne of Leverington within the Isle of Elye in the countye of Cambrydge, husbandman above the age of XVjth yeres hath not repayred to anye churche chappell or usual place of common prayer within that towne above these two yeres last paste the XXiiijth daye of Aprill Anno Dni 1582 but hath forborne the same contrarie to the tenoure and forme of the twoe severall Statutes mensioned, and he standeth excommunicate for that he refuseth to receive the communion EMNETHE. Ursula Hutton the wyfe of Robert Hutton of Emnethe in the Countye of Norfolk gentleman abouve the age of XVj yeres, hath not repayred to anye churche chappell or usuall place of common prayer within that towne by the space of these three yeres 7

last paste ended the XXiiijth daye of Aprill, Ano Dni 1582 but hath forborne that same contrarie to the tenoure and forme of the Statutes above mensioned. In witness whereof to these presents, we have set our handes dated the second da ye of Maye in the XXiiij th yere of the Reigne of our most gratiouse soverigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God of England France and Ireland Quene Defender of the Faithe etc 1582. Ric Bridgewater Andrew Perne Wy Stewarde Jhon Parker. [Endorsed] Certificate of Recusancy within ye Isle of Ely and countie of Cambridge

SOUTHAMPTON Extract of the fines and amerciaments forfeited before the Justices of the lady the Queen at the Assizes in the County of Southampton at the Sessions held at the Castle of Winchester on the 28th day of August in the 23rd year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Of Richard Warren ford of the city of Winchester in the County of Southampton gentleman because that he had not gone to his parish church for the Space of one whole month according to the form of the Statute-whereof he is indicted. 20 Ii. of William Hoorde of the Soke of Winchester gentleman for the like for the space of two whole months according to the form of the Statute. 40 Ii. of Elizabeth Saunders late of Alton in the county of Southampton â&#x20AC;˘'spynster" for the like. 40 Ii. Of Brisingham Collyns late of Meanestoke in the County aforesaid ÂŤjoyner" for the like. 40 Ii. Of Simon Palmer of the City of Winchester in the County of Southampton Clerk for the like. 40 Ii. Of John Byrne late of Chidiocke in the county of Dorset clerk for the like. 40 Ii. Of Margaret Williamsone late of the City of Winchester in the County aforesaid widowe for the like. 40 Ii. Of Henry Braye late of Bloxford in the County of Dorset yeoman for the like. 40 Ii. WILTS. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments forfeited before the Justices of the lady the Queen at the Assizes aforesaid in the Sessions held at New Sarum in the County aforesaid on the last day of August in the 23rd year of Queen Elizabeth. 8

Of Thomas Garven late of Fysserton Auger by New Sarum in the county aforesaid gentleman because he did not go to his parish church for the space of five whole months according to the form-- of the Statute etc. whence by indictment. 100 lie WILTSHIRE. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments forfeited and assessed before the Justices of the lady the Queen at the Assizes aforesaid in the Sessions held at New Sarum in the County aforesaid on the Thursday in the second week in Lent in the 24th year of Queen Elizabeth. Of Thomas Gawen late of the parish of Fysherton Auger in the County aforesaid because he had not gone to his parish church for the space of "even whole months according to the form of the Statute etc. whereof by indictment etc. 140 Ii. Sum 540 li. [Endorsed]: Southampton-the Bill of recusants-Wiltshire. [In another hand]. Recusants in the Counties of Southampton and Wiltshire.

Extract of the Sessions of Gaol delivery held at the J u"tice Hall without Newgate in the suburbs of London on the 20th day of December in the 24th Year of Queen Elizabeth before James Harvy Mayor of the City of London and other Justices of Peace of the lady the Queen as well as divers felonies transgressions etc. Of Thomas Tresham knight of the perresh of St. Brigitte in the Ward of Farringdon without London-40 li for the fine of which he from the 6th day of October in the 23rd year of Queen Elizabeth until the 6th day of December in the 24th year of the same lady the Queen-being beyond the age of 16 years did not frequent any chapel or usual place of common prayer but absented himself from the same against the form of the Statute etc, whereof by the judgement of the Court aforesaid he is convicted. 40 lie [Marginal note]. This 40 Ii was estreated to the Sheriff of Northants. Of George Cotton of the parish and ward aforesaid Esq. for the like. 40 lie Of the aforesaid George Cotton for the like from the 6th of September in the 23rd year of Queen Elizabeth until the 6th of October then next following. 20 lie [Marginal note]. This 60 Ii was estreated to the Sheriff of the county of Southampton. Of Richard Owen of the parish and Ward aforesaid for the like from the 6th of September in the 23rd year until the 6th of October next following. 20 Ii. Of the aforenamed Richard Owen for the like from the 6th October 9

in the 23rd year of Queen Elizabeth until the 6th of December in the 24th year of the same lady the Queen. 40 Ii. [Marginal note]. This 60 Ii was estreated to the Sheriff of Oxon. Of Erasmus Saunders of the parish and Ward aforesaid-- Esq. from the 6th September in the 23rd year of Queen Elizabeth until the 6th day of October then next following. 20 Ii. Of the aforenamed Erasmus Saunders for the like from the 6th Of October 23 Eliz next until the 6th of December then next following. 40 li. [Marginal note]. This 60 Ii was estreated to the Sheriff of Pembroke, Wales. Of John Halsey of the parish and Ward aforesaid gentleman for the like from 6th of September in the 23rd. year till the 6th. October next following. 20 Ii. of the aforenamed J oim Halsey for the like from the 6th. of October "In the 23rd. year aforesaid till the 6th. of December in the 23rd. year of the same lady the Queen. 40 Ii. Of Robert Phmipps of the parish and ward aforesaid gentleman for the like from the 6th. September in the 23rd. year aforesaid tm the 6th. October next. 20 Ii. Of the aforenamed Robert Phillipps for the like from the 6th, of October in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth till the 6th. of December next following. 40 Ii ? Of William Warren of the parish of St. Mildred baker for the like from the 6th. September in the 23rd. year till the 6th. of October next. 20 Ii. Of the aforenamed William Warren for the like from the 6th. of October in the 23rd. year to the 6th. of December next following. 40 H ? Of Roger Wakeman of the parish & ward aforesaid clerk for the like from the 6th. September in the 23rd. year to the 6th. October next following. 20 H. Of the aforenamed Roger Wakeman for the like from the 6th. October in the 23rd. year aforesaid to the 6th of December then next following. 40 li. Of Thomas Edwards of the parish and ward aforesaid gentleman for the like from the 6th. of October in the 23rd. year aforesaid to the 6th. of December in the 24th. year of Queen Elizabeth. 40 li. Of John Tulke of the parish and ward aforesaid yeoman for the like from the 6th. of September in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth t o the 6th. of October then next following. 20 H. [M arginal note] . These fines escheated to the Sheriff of London. All these somes before written were delivered into the court by Mr Recorder-Hillary Terrne last and certified to be in London and after I conferred with the Towne Clerke of London and learned of him that Sir Thomas Tresham and the rest of the othersyde were of abilitie in the Sheres expressed in the ingent, whether I 10

have accordingly extreated them in the sayd Hillary terme and the rest are ext rea ted to the Shereff of London in the same terme.

Extract of the fines and amerciaments made before the Justices of the lady the Queen at the Assizes in the County of York in the Sessions held at York Castle on the 17th. day of July in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth. Of Henry Small of North Dighton in the County aforesaid gentleman because he did not frequent his parish church or elsewhere to hear divine service for the space of 4 months from the 28th. day of March in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the 17th. day of July then next following thereof, before the Justices aforesaid he was indicted. 80 li. Richard Durham of N orthdeighton in the county [aforesaid] yeoman for the like. 80 li. Thomas Newith of Heningborough in the County aforesaid Tailor 80 Ii. for the like. Benedict Lincoln of Northbeghton clerk for the like. 80 li. Of Christopher Watson of Ryppon in the county of York yeoman for the like. 80 Ii. Of William Calverley of Calverley in the County aforesaid gentleman for the like. 80 Ii. Of Robert Grighte of Huntington in the County of York gentleman because Ursula his wife did not frequent her parish church or elsewhere to hear divine service for the space of 4 months from the aforesaid 28th. day of March in the 23rd. year aforesaid to the said 22nd. day of July then next following whereof etc. 80 Ii. [Marginal note]. All these fynes were extreated to the Shereff of Yorkshere. Extract of the fines and amerciaments made before the Justices of the Lady the Queen at the Assises in the city of York [held] in the Guildhall of the same city the day and year aforesaid. Of George Hall of the city of York because Frances his wife did not frequent her parish church or elsewhere etc, for the space of 4 months from the aforesaid 28th. day of March in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the said 17th. day of July, whereof etc. 80 Ii. Of Margaret Sylvester of the City aforesaid widow for the like for the space and days aforesaid whereof etc. 80 li. Of Alice Sympson of the City aforesaid spinster for the like. 80 Ii. Of Thomas [Thoma] Awdecock of the City aforesaid because Alice his wife did not frequent her parish church or elsewhere for the space aforesaid. 80 Ii. 11

Of Ambrose Cooke of the same city for ,that Anne his wife for the like. 80 li. Of William Wylkinson of the same city of York for that Elizabeth 80 Ii. his wife for the like. Of John Wyldon of the same city of York for that Katherine his wife for the like. 80 Ii. Of Richard Durham of the same city because Alice his wife for the same. 80 Ii. Of John Thwayter of Marston in the County of the City of York for that Margaret his wife for the like. 80 Ii. [Marginal note]. These fines &c. are extreated to the Sherref of the Citte of Yorke. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments made at the Guildhall of the City of York aforesaid before the Justices of the lady the Queen of the Assizes aforesaid the day & year aforesaid. Of Francis Thynne late of the city of London gentleman because Elizabeth his wife did not frequent her parish church aforesaid or elsewhere etc. for the space aforesaid. 80 Ii. [Marginal note]. This fyne was exctreated to the shereff of London. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments made before the Justices of the Lady the Queen at the assises in the county of Cumberland in the Sessions held at Carlisle in the County of Cumberland on the 31st day of July in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth. Of James Labome late of Carlisle in the County of Cumberland by being indicted before the aforenamed Justices at the Assizes aforesaid for that he for the second time had openly spoken words in depreciation, derogation & contempt of the book of Common Prayer called the bok of Common Prayer against the form of'the Statute of the first year of the lady the now Queen in the same case published and provided upon which he said nothing for the discharge of his action in this behalf by which for the judgment of this Court he was convicted. 400 marks? Of the aforesaid James Laborne because he did not frequent his parish church or elsewhere to hear divine service for the space of 4 months from the 18th. day of March in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the 31st. day of July then next following whereof he was indicted and upon which by his own confession before the aforenamed Justices by judgement aforesaid was corrected. 80 Ii. [Marginal note]. These fynes were extreated to the Shereff of Cumb!. Extract of the Fines and amerciaments made before the Justices aforesaid in the Sessions held at Carlisle aforesaid the day and year aforesaid. 12

Of Andrew Hilton late of Burton in the county of Westmorland gentleman because he had not frequented his parish church or elsewhere .etc. for the space of 2 months from the 3rd. day of June in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the 30th. day of July then next following whereof he was indicted etc. 40 lie Of Geoffrey Elewood late of Grayugg in the county of Westmorland yeoman for the like by the space of 4 months from the 18th. day of March in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the 31st. day of July then next following whereof etc. 80 lie Of Thomas Wyllson late of Overkellett yeoman for the like. 80 lie [Marginal note]. These fynes were extreated to the Shereff of Westml. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments made before the Justices of Peace of the lady the Queen in the county of Norfolk in the Sessions held at Norwich in Ie Sherehouse there on the 9th. day of January in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth. Of Ferdinand Paris of Pudding Norton in the County of Norfolk Esq. for a fine because he from the 24th day of June in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth to the 24th. day of July then next following did not frequent any church chapple or usual place of common prayer etc. whereof by the judgment of the Court he was convicted. 20 Ii. Of Robert Bourne of Gt Melton in the County of Norfolk by for the like by the time aforesaid. 20 Ii. Of Robert Lovell of Bychannvell in the County aforesaid Esq. 20 lie for the like for the time aforesaid Of Robert de Grey of Masten in the aforesaid County of Norfolk 20 Ii. for the like for the time aforesaid [Marginal note]. These fynes were extreated to the Sheref of Norfolk. Extract of the Fines and Amerciaments made before the Justices of Peace of the lady the Queen in the county of Lincoln in the Sessions held at Lincoln Castle in the parts of Lyndsey on the 22nd. day of September in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth. Of John Dallison late of Laughton in the County aforesaid gentleman because from the 23rd. day of March in the 23rd. year of the Queen for the space of one month next following he voluntarily & contemptuously absented himself from any church chaple &c. whereof he is indicted etc. 20 lie Of the same John Dallison because from the 23rd. day of June in the 23rd. year of Queen Elizabeth for the space of three months then next following he absented himself as is aforesaid whereof etc. 60 lie Of William Tyrwhytt late of Twigmore in the County aforesaid Esq. for the like. 60 lie 13

Robert Tyrwhitt late of Thorneton in the county aforesaid Esq, for the like. 60 Ii. Of John Thymolly late of Trenham in the County aforesaid Esq. for the like. [60 Ii] ? [Marginal note]. These fynes were extrea ted to the Sheref of the County of Lincoln. All these fynes before written were delivered into the Courte in Hillary Terrne last, and the same Terme extreated forth to the severall Shereffes aforsayd wth letters directed to the sayd Shereffes From the Right Ho the Lord Treasourer and Mr Chancellor, for the spedy levieng the same, to be payd into the Receipte of Thexchequier before thend of this Ester Terme 1582. As by the copie of the same letters hereafter following more playnely appeareth. After our harty comendacions where there are certeyn fynes extreated unto you (emongst other fynes and amerciaments) uppon certayn persons which refuse to come to Devine Service, according to the statute in that case provided, These are to require you and in her Ma'ties name to comand you, that you be very carfull and diligent to levye the same fynes to hir Maties use before Ester Terme nexte, so that you paye the same into the Receipt of Thexchequier before thend of the sayd Terme wth other farmes and debtes to be charged to you upon the viewe of your accompte, according to thancient order of the Courte of Thexchequier and according to your Recognisaunce acknowledged to hir Maties use before the Barons of the same courte, and hereof fayle not, as you will aunswere to the contrary at your Peryill. From West'm Xiith of Feb 1582 Summa of all thesomes before said and rema yning in thandes of the Severall Shereffes aforesaid amounteth unto Ml Ml Viic iiij xx Vjli Xiijs iiijd, which the Barons of the Exchequier entend on Fryday the XX Maie next 1582, to sett and call the Shereffs before expressed and exanine them, if the money beforesaid be payed into the receipt, according to the warrannte before from your Honors sent to the said Shereffs, and if they have made default that they they intend to ammerce every of the said shereffs according to the qualytie of the offence therin comytted. Md. There is come into the Exchequier this Ester Terme 1582, one extra delivered by my L.Chief Baron, of fynes upon certeyn Recusants in Wilteshire and Hampshire ammounting unto Vc XLli, wch lykewyse this terme shall be sent to the shereffs thereof to levie to her Maties use and then the hoall some delyved in thexchequier amounteth to ML ML ML CCC XXVjli Xiijs iiijd Southerton [Endorsed by Lord Burghley]. 1582 Extract of the Assessments of the Recusants In SodryCount yes 14

ANNO DNI 1595 RECU.SANTS IN THE PROVINCE OF YORK The Dioces of York The Archdeaconry of York. A true certificate of all the Recusants within the Archdeaconrie of Yorke taken mensae Januarie 1595 by the othes of the Churchewardens and others accordinge to my Lord Archbushops direction in that behalf. Craven Decanatus THORNETON. Avenill Lister wife of Lawrence Lister Esquire residinge in his house at Thorneton and refuseth conference her husband valet per anno cc1i SKIPTON. Christopher Munkton gent residinge in Roberte Sharpes house in Boulton his abilities not knowne he refuseth conference Cicilie Wrighte the wife of Anthonie Wrighte, gent, resyding with here husband at Steadhouse valet in bonis L li Margarete Chapham wedowe residinge at the hoole house valet per anno xiijli. Margarete Phillip the wife of James Phillip her husband resyding at Storthes her husband is mo tly in good. xxs BOLTON in BOLLAND. Elizabeth Pudsay the wife of William Pudsay esquire residinge with her husband at Bolton hall. valet per annum xxIi. BROUGHTON. George Vervlie servante to Stephen Tompeste esquire his abilitie not knowne GISBURNE. Brigit Lister wedowe residing in medopp valet per anni XLli. Francis Leake gent soomtymes resyding in this parishe his ability unknowne . MYTTON. Anne Shereburne the wife of Richard Sherburne esquire residing with her husband at Ingham valet per annn xxxli GIGLESWICK. Magarete Frankeland wife of Thomas Frankeland resydinge with Richarde Frankeland her sonne nil valet DONCASTER DECANATUS ADWICK in Strata. Anne wife of Francis Holmes resydinge in the parishe there. abilities not knowne BURGHWALLIS.

Richard Fenton & Elizabeth his wife resydinge 15

in the parish worth in goods Cli Fenton aforesaid nil valet

William Bell servant to Richard

CAMPSTALL. Michael Hudson yeoman and Janet his wife wandering in Derbyshire his abilitie not knowne Jane Woodhouse wandering in Derbyshire valet per annum XLs WOOMARSLAY. Seaton nil valet

Margaret Saile wife of Tho. Saile residing at

KELLINGToN. Thomas Skelton & Janet his wife residing at Whitleythorpe nil valet George Anne Esquire residing at Kellington valet per annie Lli BADSWORTHE. Francis Wentworthe wife of Michaell Wentworthe esquire residing at Rogerthorp with her husband valet per annum xxli DARFIELD. Lady Elizabeth Percie wife of Richard Woodruffe gent residing at Billings by valet per annum xxli. FELKIRKE. Janet Hopton wife of Thomas Hopton gent residing with her husband at Coldhindley valet in bonis C Li CAWTHORNE. Marie Mountney wife of Thomas Mountneye esquire is indited and answerith yearlie to hir Matie xxxiiij li Thomas Barnebie esquire and Beatrixe his wife resyding in the parishe afforesaide valet perannu ccli William Champnay and Margarete his wife valet per annu Xli WOORSBRONGE. Isabell Rocklay wife of Jervis Rocklay esquire residing with her husband in the parish afforesaid valet per annu xx Markes. EGGLEFEELD cum BRADFEELD. in Wadslay nil valet.

Ellen Graves wedow residing

SHEFFEELD. Roger Hayton Joyner valet in bonis xli William Rawson resydinge with his father James Rawson valet in bonis xli. William ffrankishe Batcheor nil valet Francis Staniforde wedowe valet in bonis xxli Wenifride Elvish wife of Raphe Elvishe valet in bonis xxli. Clayton wife of Lurence Clayton valet in bonis vli John Dunn sonne of of Richard Dunn nil valet PONTEFRACT DECANAT. CROFTON. valet

Francis Strangways wedow resydinge in Crofton nil

ADLINGFLETE. John Eastofte esquire and Katherine his wife valet per annu CCli ' Francis Eastofte brother to the said John 16

Eastofte resydinge at Boubie in Lincolneshire his abilitie not knowne. Peter Spence servante to John Eastofte afforesaid resydinge at leave in the Ile of Axholme valet in bonis xx li Ambrose Bell a shoomaker wandering in Lincolneshire a poore man. W ARMEFEELD. Francis Jackson. gent & Jane his wife resydinge at Sharleston indicated and answereth to her majestie XVjli yerelie. ROTHWELL. ' William Gascoigne & Ellen his wife resydinge at Thorpe on the hill valet per annum Vli Indyted but what penalty we know not. Marie Hemswoorthe wedow a verie poore woman Roberte Crofte bachelor wandringe we know not where a poore man. SANDALL MAGNA. John Bretton yoman and Francis his wife resydinge in Bretton aforesaid valet per annum iiij li Luke Bretton and Marke Bretton soonnes to the said John Bretton Richard Bretton his sonne Dorothie his daughter resydinge in house with the said John Bretton Jane Walkar daughter of Thomas Walkar resydinge in Bretton with her father, a verie poore woman. W ATERFRIESTON. Alice Scott wedowe residinge in Frieston not worthe ;:tnie thinge Elizabeth Harpham wife of John Harpham valet per annum xIs CASTLEFORTH. Hughe Leake gent residinge in Castleforth valet per annu xli Hughe Mylner residing as before a very poore man

AINSLIE DECANATUS KIRKEBIE OVERBLOW. Thomas Gelsdrop and Elizabeth his wife residing at Barrabie nether grange valet per annu xlli Elizabeth Goldsbroughe ' wife of Richard Gouldsboroughe gent residinge at Walt en-Head Hall nil valet BIRKIN. Alland the wife of Authonie Alland gent residing at the Hirst Hall valet in Sonis xli. KEPAXE.

Isabel Pullayne widow residing in Kepaxe nil valet

MARSTEN. Marie Thwaites ~ife of James Thwaites esquire resydinge at Marsten valet p annum xx mks Katherine Staniburne widow reyding in Marsten, Worthe nothinge THORPEARTHE. Dorothie Concett wife of Reginald Concet gent residing at that pearche valet per annum xli c


LODSHAM. Richard Jackson husband, Agnes his wife residing in Ledsham afforesaide woorthe in good vjli xiijs iijd William Ellis gent wandering not known where his abilitie unknowne. Peter Witham residing in Ledsham a very poore man. Elizabeth Cowpeland residing as before a poore woman. SHEREBURNE. Richard Nicholson residing in Milfurthe a poore man. Robert Halliday residinge as before a verie poore man Alice Dobbie resydinge with \\Tilliam Hawmonde in Milforth as his servant a poore wenche. William Taylour residing as before a very poore man. Widowe Bond residing at newthorpe a poore woman. Widowe Rawson residing in Milforde a verie poore woman THORNER. Elizabeth Oglethorpe wife of Michael Oglethorpe residing at Thorner valet p anno xli CASTLEFURTHE. Hugh Leake Gent residing at Castlefurthe valet p anno x li Hugh Mylner a poore man. ADDLE. Rosamunde Arthington wife of Sirill Arthington esquire residing at Arthington valet p anno xli HAMPESTWAITE. Barbara Atkinson wife of Thomas Atkinson a poore man. Dorothie Shutt wife of Christopher Shutt a poore man Janet Umplebie daughter of John Umplebie wandering not known where George Suttell residing in the parish valet in bonis xx markes Wedowe Hardestie residing in the parish with nothing. Margaret Hardestie a younge woman residing as affore DRAXE. Thomas Stellinge residing with Mr Stapleton as his servant-worth nothing. Francis Tunstall and Thomasin his wife wandering we knowe not where. Margaret and Katherine daughters of John Trymingham deceased residing in Draxe. SPOFFURTHE. Anne Plumpton wife of William Plumpton esquire residinge at Plumpton valet p anno Cli Clare Plumpton daughter of William Plumpton afforesaid. William Rose laite servant to the said William Plumpton and residing in his house. Janet Allanson wife of William Allanson valet in bonis Cli - - - - Fairefaxe wedowe residing with Mr. William Paner at Mooreside valet in bonis Cli Jane Inglebie wife of Samson Inglebie gent valet in consi CCli William Middleton esquire and his wife vagrante we knowe not where valet p anno CCli Isabell Ellarbie wife of William Ellerbie gent residinge at Addlethorpe valet in boni xx li KYRKBYE Super WHARFE. Thomas Ladas the elder gent & Thomas Ladas the younger obstinate and dangerous recusants & indited for their Recusancy 18

HARDWYCKE 'in ELMETT. Mary Ellys Wyfe of John Ellys of Kyddall in the parish of Hardwycke in Elmett an obstinate Recusante and indited for Recusancy. Decanat Civitatis Ebor. ST. GEORGES. Joane Palmes wife of John Palmes esquire residing with her husband at Naybume valet p. anno x li Henrie Mason and Anne his wife residing at Naybume-a verie poore man ST. SAVIOURS. William Stillington residing with his brother Robert Stillington, his abilitie not knowne yet a gent and an obstinate Recusant. Wedowe Dawson residing in the parish a verie poore woman. Elizabeth Smithbarne residing in the parish a verie poore woman TRINITIES. poore man

Thomas Archarde resyding in the parish a verie

ST. CUTHBARTE. Wedowe Brogden residing in the parish valet pro anno vi li John Fletchar, sometiymes schoolmaster of the free school in the horse faire. Anne Thwinge servaute to George Thwinge a poore woman Anthony Vender residing in the parish a poore man. Margaret Ric-wedowe a poore woman George Poole and Anne his wife residing in the Kidcote-a verie poore man indited William Thwinge gent now in Lancashire valet p anno eli a dangerous recusante ST. DIONES. Isabell Lee wife of Doctor Lee residing in the parish what his levinge is not knowne. She is an obstinate Recusante. Alice Carlill a verie poore woman BUSHOPHILL. Thomas Taylioure gouldsmith and his wife a verie Taylioure his brother poore man-an obstinate recusant a very poor man Mris Elizabeth Whalley als Ladie Dynelay residing in the parish valet p anno vj li ALL HALLOWES upon the pavement. John Wrighte a dangerous recusante residing in the parish. valet in Conis xx li Indited. most dangerous recusant William Plewman mylner & Luce his wife residing in the parish worth in goode xx li indited Thomas and Elizabeth his children nil valent indited ST. MARTINE in MICKLEGAITE, John Saire esquire, prisoner in the house of alderman Richardson indited and payethe to her majestie xx li monthelye ST. MICHAELLS de Ie Belfrye. Isabel Stanton wife of John Stanton the younger, vinteyner. a very obstinate recusante 19

Margaret KyllingeQecke wife of Thomas Kyllingebecke drapervery obstinate recusant. ST. ELLINE in Stayngate. Edythe Sharpe wife of Richard Sharpe Taylor-an obstinate recusant for many years past. Anne Hargrave widow very poore & they know not whether she be indited or noe ST. MARTIN IN CONYSTETE. Thomas Porter a lock smythe a very wylful and an obstinate Recusant. RYPON, parish. Chrofr. Rypley als Clarke, wydowe Webster, James Webster, Anne the wife of Anthonye Jeffreyson Anne the wife of Anthonye Warwicke, Henry Warwycke, John Thorneton, and Julyan Watson wife of Raufe Watson of the Parish of Rypon people of meane habylytie in goods, very obstinate recusantes. Alyce the wyfe of Roger Smyrthwayte, Barbara Webster, James Wynpe de Sharowe, Elizabeth Wympe wydowe, Alyce Wympe of Sharowe, John Hodgeson Cordyner & his wife of the parish of Rypon persons of meane welthe yet verie wilfull recusants . . NORTHE STAYNLEY. Anne Staveley, wyefe of Myles Staveley gent, John Welles her servante William Snave & Nynyan Hodgeson her servante Margeret the wyfe of Samson Robinson, John Goldarte cowper William Rayner, Anne Lye daughter of Thomas Lye, Edwarde Steadman, Ellen Aplebye wife of Leonarde Apleby, Frances the wife of Robert Wells, Jane Wayne wyefe of John Wayne, Marmaduke Rayner and Margaret the wyfe of Frances Turner of the towneshippe of Northe Stayneley and Parish of Rypon persons of meane caUinges and hebylytie in goods yet very wylfull recusants. Margaret Day daughter of Christopher Day of Northley Woodes and Ellice Day her sister and William Hodgson of the same, Richar Sanderson & Christopher Lye of the township of Northe Staynley recusants PATELEY BRYGGEs. Francis Buckland Anne his wyefe, William Hyrste, Janet the wyefe of Henrye, Margaret the wyefe of Marmaduke Hardecastle, Luce the wyefe of William Beckwythe, Janet Gyll Katherine the wyefe of Thomas Hardcastle, Anne the wyefe .of Christopher Hardcastle, Robert Hardcastle & Elizabeth hi') wife Margaret the wyefe of Robert Clarke, William Inman, Janet the wyefe of William Lamberte Frances Smythe Lamberte Smythe and Elizabeth his wyefe and Marmaduke Smythe of the chappelrye of Pateley Brygges and Parish of Rypon, people of meane wealthe, yet very obstinate recusants BYSSHOPPE THoRNEToN. William Walworth, Samuell Thackewrey and Tomasin his wyefe, wydowe Watson and Margaret


Lederne wydowe, persons of competente welthe, verie wylfull recusants. WESTGATE. John Hodgeson & John Thorneton of Westgate of the Parish of Rypon recusantes SHAREOWE. Richarde Browne and Agnes Browne his wyefe and Thomas Wympe of Sharowe, in the Parish of Rypon recusantes, the sayd Wympe is a greate persuader of others to his popish religion. ST. SAVIOURS IN YORK. no goods. '

Elizabeth Alcorne widow, indited, hath

SAXTON. Margaret wife of William Hungate Esquire, indited, his living worth eli by yere. Helen Ellenworth wedowe indited; she is poore. Barnard Beverley a younge man, indited pOOFe John wife of William Hungate the younger. EAST RYDDINGS EASTRYDDING.


ROWLEY Bartholomewe Forcer of Rysbye gent, a popi"he Recusante an huskeper but sometyme in the home of Mr Raufe Ellerker esquyer he hath an annuity of xxvj s viij d by yeare and no other goods or lyvinge that is knowne not indited and refuseth instruction & conference. AWGHTON. Elizabeth Thompson wife of John Thompson of Aughton Taylor a popish recusant her husband not worthe above xx s by common estymasion she is not indited, refusethe conference. LONDESBROUGHE. Mystris Alyce Pyckering, an aged gentlewoman for these three months last hath dwelt in Londesbroughe. an obstinate Recusant sojournethe in the house of Mr Francis Clyfford esquire. her lyvinge is an annuitie of xv li by year, not known to be indited WYLBERFOSSE. Thomasin Gayle of Wylberfosse gentlewoman. wydowe an obstinate popish recusante, an householder yet of no~ knowne lyvinge but relieved by Mr. Stapleton of Carleton, gent, refuseth conference. HARSWELL. Martyn Ridston gent a notoryous popish recusante a vagrante fugitive person of no knowne lyvinge or weith sometyme he remayneth at the house of Mr. Gabryell St Ouyntane of Larswell not known to be indited. 21

BURWYTHE. Anne Watkinson of Grybthorpe wydowe a popish recusante a householder of small wealthe. Elizabeth Eskerigge in house with the said Anne Watkinson a popish recusante of small wealthe. Janet Newton Spaldington, wydowe harbarred by John Raby of Spaldington husbandman, she hath xx s by yeare for her mantenyance payed unto her furthe of a farme a popish recusante Rycharde Blackburne and Margory his wife of Spaldington having in knowne goods but too kyne and some household ·stuffe. popish Jecusants · Anne Vavasvour, wyfe of Peter Vavasvour of Wyllytoft gent a popish recusant, he may despende twenty markes by yeare in Ian des & goods Elizabeth Archeley of Willytofte, wydowe a popish recusante-a poore woman harboured and Releved by the said Peter Vavasvour. Agnes Knowles of Bubwythe wydowe an householder may dypende five pounds by yeare in goods & landes an obstinate popish recusant, for the moste parte relieved and resyding with John Bewe of Bubwythe goldsmith John Barker younger of Bubwythe, a housekeeper & husbandman may depende yearly in goods & lands three pounds a popish ·recusante. Jane Barker of Bubwythe wydowe a poore woman, a popish recusante harboured & relieved by the said John Barker. Katherine Thorppe, wife of Robert Thorppe of Bubwythe husbandman who hathe some goods and a farme worthe xxx s by yeare-a popish recusante. John Barker of Bubwythe a poore labouring man, relieved by the a1mes of his neighbours an obstinate popish recusant. Ambrose Bell of Bubwythe an obstinate popish recusante a poore shoe maker a hou~eholder yet of no wealth. Elmott Staveley of Bubwythe a wore wydowe, nothing worthe in goods, a popish recusante, harboured & releived by Thomas Staveley her sonne of Bubwythe husbandman. Elizabeth Vavasour of Wylytofte a spinster a poore woman and releived by Peter Vavasour aforesaid a popish recusant. Whether any of these recusantes of Bubwythe parish be indited for any penaltye Ievyd of them or no not knowing they all refused conference and instruction for their reformation. MUNKELINGE. Elizabeth Cresswell wyfe of Raufe Cresswell of Munkelinge esquire of an hundreth poundes lyvinge by yeare a Recusant'e for these two yeares past and refuseth conference and instruct yon yet not knowne to be indited. ALDBROUGHE.

Dorothie Williamson wyfe of James Williamson small habylytie and refuseth to be conferred withall by the minister for his Reformation .

of Westnewton yeoman, a popish recusante of

. MARTON. John Welles and Margaret his wife of Marton husbandman & Robert Osweste & Jane his wife of Martin Cooke men of no habylytie and verie obstinate popish recusants refused conference not knowne to be indited.


HALSHAME. Janet Monkmen of Halshawe wydowe having forty shillings by yeare to lyve upon & Thomas Monkeman her son a mylner of no habilitie, but relieved by his mother are popish recusants, Refuseth conference and not known to be indited. SWYNE KA YINGSHAM. Constance Thompson, wyfe of Christopher Thompson late of Bermynge holme grange in Swyne parish and now of Kaynington parish a popish obstinate recusante for three years past, her husband may despende in goods and landes for fyve pounds by yeare not knowne to be indyted and Refuseth conference. STORKLINGE. Margorie Ellerker wyfe of William Ellerker of South park gent, a popish recusant, hath no other lyvinge, but the keeping of that parke under Sir Henrie Constable knighte, not known to be indy ted Margorie Metcalfe, wife of Bryan Metcalfe of Nut hill gent of fyve pounds lyvinge by yeare a popish recusant, refusethe conference and orme Metcalfe wife to the said Bryan Metcalfes father whose husbands weath is not knowne she is harboured and releived by the said Bryan Metcalfe and is an obstinate popish recusante, refusethe conforence for her reformasion & not known to be indited. WELWYCKE. Mistress Wryghte wife of William Wryghte of Plewland esquire of twentie pounds lyvinge by yeare or therea.bouts, a popishe recusante, none hathe been suffored to come to her to instruct her for that she is sayd to be often times troubled with a frencie or Lunarice not known to be indyted. CONSTABLE BURTON. The Ladie Katherine Constable wife of Sir Henry Constable of Constable Burbon Knighte, a popish recusante. KYRKBYE in GRYNDELYETH. Jane Dyneley of Inglebie a woman of no lyvinge but harboured and releived onely by William Dyneley of Inglebie her sonne, a popish recusante. Raufe Aplebye gentleman sometymes of Whytbye and sometymes of Lyingdale havinge indede no certayne abyding place, yet a leaseworthe an hundrethe poundes by yeare or thereabouts in Kyrkbye, a popish recusant, sometymes harboured by John Aslaby of Kyrkebye and sometymes by George Cowper of WHARMES. Francis Aplebie of Lylingsdale gent is sometimes harboured by the said John Aplebie is a popish recusant hys lyvinge or habylytie is unknown and none of these are knowne to be indited. WESTHESLERTON. Katherine Twinge of East hastleton wydowe a house holder having landes worthe four markes yearly a popish obstinate recusant Ursula Dawney of Easthestlerton wydowe


releived and in household with Mistress Thwinge aforesaid estimated to be worthe in yeares twenty markes of thereabouts a popish recusant. Raufe Rooksbye of East Hasleton gent of no known lyvinge but maintayned in household with the sayd mistress Twinge his grandmother, is an obstinate popish recusant. Ursula Rokesbye a younge gentlewoman unmaryd of no lyving but mayntayned by the said Mistress Thwinge is a popish recusante. William Cirrwen, and Ellice Nobel servantes under wages to Ursula Dawnay aforesaide and of none other habylytie are popish and obstinate recusantes. All these have been conferred withall by Mr Bankes their preacher but utterley refuse to conforme themselves and are not known to be indy ted. SHEREBURNE. Katherine 'Villiamson a woman of no wealth but releived by her sonnes Francis Thomas & Mathew Wylamson, is a popish recusante refusethe conference and not knowne to be indited.

CLEVELAND ARCHINATUS. The names & surnames, dwelling places, states , degreees and values in good or lyvinge of all the recusantes within the Deanery of Bulmer within the diocese of York do followe. SHILLINGFLETE P ARISH. A" drey Wetherell, gentlewoman, dwelling att Ellfeild within the said parish, and keeping house there havinge no livinge that the church wardens ther know of, and Elizabeth Reade, her maide servant dwelling v,rith her are recusantes & refuse to be instructed by the preacher of the said parish. KILVINGTON PARISH. Jane Bassett the wyfe of William Bassett of Upsall yeoman which 'Villiam is worthe in goodes XXli Christopher Carter & Jane his wife being poore people Mary Bussye a poore woman and a beggar. William Samson householde servante and brewer to Sir Henry Constable Knyght, but he is wort he nothing and Ellen Sampson his wife, Jane Jackson widowe being in house with the said William Sampson wife & releived by her the said Ellen Sampson who is a poore woman. William Jackson Webster is in house with Jane Jackson his mother. Elizabeth Jackson wife of Thomas Jackson of Upsall who is \\-orth XXli ~Tilliam Currier and his wife worthe XXlie nobles in goode, Margaret Bowes wife of John Bowes who is worthe Xli Alice 'Vharton a poore woman, Elizabeth Browne wife of John Browne Tailsor worth Xl-i Jane Lawe wife of Thomas Lawe farmer wort he five markes Margaret Willson widow, a poor woman and Garnett widowe a poore woman all these persons above named are popish recusants 24

SULTON PARISH. Katheryn Browne the wife of Robert Browne of Sulton, husbandman whose lyving is worth iiij li yearely, Agnes Clarke the wife of Christopher Clarke of Hubie, husbandman whose living is worth XXs yearely are popish , recusants and both their husbands are house holders within the said parish and the saide Katherine and Agnes have bene indited by order of lawe Margaret Barker single woman a beggar a fugitive and wandereth they know not where is also a recusante. THIRSKE PARISH. Jannett Hoode a single woman, a beggar residing in their parish is a recusant and hathe been indited by order of the lawe. CAVERTON PARISH. Bridgett Beeseley wife of Edward Beeseley of Skelton gentlewoman is a recusante, Marie Beeseley daughter of the said Edward Beeseley and \Villiam Beeseley his sonne are likewise recusantes and dwell at Skelton within their parish and are no householders, John Dalton servant to Mr Richard Nellons of Skelton aforesaide gentleman is a recusante and is worth twentie markes in goods and dwelleth in Skelton closes within the said parish and is a fugitive person. KIRKEBY KNOWLE PARISH.

John Tod farmer worthe in living

Xli and is a householder at Kirkeby Knowle Richard Williamson

farmer and Elizabeth his wife, which Richard is worthe in lving vi li xiij s iiij d and is a householder there. William Tod laborer, being a poore man and Mary his wife being householders there. Robert Lambert and Averill his wife worth five markes. William Danby yeoman and his wife but what they are worthe the churchwardens know not for they are in house with his mother Izabell Ward wife of Henrie Ward, a poore woman, John Riley being in house with his father; Mary Ward the wife of Ralfe Ward husbandman worth XXtie nobles. Thomas Cooke als Barker a poore man and his wife Jane Pawper Jennet & - - - - - and Elizabeth Harwood being a verie poore woman & John Humble a fugitive person all which persons above named are popish recusants and meanes have been used by divers preachers for their reformation. BRANDESBY PARISH. Ursuley Charnley wife of Marmaduke Charnley gent. Richard Charnley and Elizabeth Charnley remaining at Bradensby are popish recusants and means have bene used for the reformation of the said Ursuley both by Mr. Wilford preacher & by Thomas Weddell person there Ellenor Peckett wife of John Peckett of milnehill within the said parish gresseman, Isabell Martin wife of Ralfe Martin a poore man, Katherine Nawce gentle woman whose husband is worthe Xl1: William Rowdon and Agnes his wife of foulerice within the said parish are all recusants and meanes have


been used for the severall reformacons by divers preachers but yt .will not take effecte. THIRKLEBY PARISH. goods, is a recusante.

Roberte Thompson cap enter having no

STRENSALL PARISH. Agnes Johnson having nothing to live upon but is releived by her sonne Thomas Beeforth of Earsewicke is an obstinate recusant. WIGGINTON PARISH. Elizabeth Johnson, widowe is a recusante and is releived by George Johnson her sonne dwelling at Wiggington. KILBURNE PARISH. Gilbert Metcalfe and Anne his wife dwelling at Hoode within the said parish whose living in value is not certainly knowne, bycause others are doers for him are recusantes. Henrie Peckette a young man useth to come unto the said parish sometimes to his father and brother there remaineth in the parishes of Brandesby and hovingham together he is a tailor by occupation and hathe nothinge yett he is a recusante. TERRINGTON PARISH. Anne Curry servaunte to Mr Metham of Wigginthorpe and Jane Fisher of Gawthorppe are recusantes. MARTON PARISH. Katherine Wimpe, a single old woman of noe living is a recusante. SEAZEY PARISH. John Grene gent having no living nor goods which is knowne saving one horse with he rideth upon, is a recusante & inhatets in the saide parish. EASTINGWOLDE PARISH. Isabel Hardie wife of Richard Hardie laborer not worth 20s is a recusante. RASKELL CHAPPLERIE. Marie Woodwarde wife of William Woodwards yeoman who is of sufficient wealth and XXli land in the Queenes booke She is a recusante. TOPCLIFFE P ARISH. Isacke Gibson a serving man having jewels & a horse wort he XXli as is supposed, & hath no certain place of abode is a recusante. Jennett Dicconson widowe a midwife worth XXs is a recusante and hathe no certain abiding place. Thomas Walker carpenter worth XXs is a recusante and newly comde into the said parish Anne Burton a poore widowe worthe XXs is a Recusante and goeth from place to place. Anne Mappley widowe worth Xs is a Recusant & hathe no certaine place of abode. FELICEKIRKE PARISH. but she hath nothing.


Ustice Bell of Sutton widow is a recusant

, WHENBY PARISH. Mrs Barton wife of Edward Barton of Whenby, Esquire is a recusante & hathe been in p'son for the same and also hath conferred with all by the vicar there and by Mr Wilforde and Mr Goodwin preachers and others. The number of all the popish recusantes within the Deanerie of Bulmer is three score & elven.

\ The names & surnames, dwelling places states degrees and values in goods or livinges of all the recusantes within the deanerie of KIDALL within the diocese of Yorke do follow. HOVINGHAM PARISH. Bennett Crathorne laborer and Philis his wife householders and verie poore Jane Clarkeson widoe and Henrie Clarkson her sonne, batchler having a firme holde of the yearly rent of XLtie shillings or thereabouts. Whereon they live & kepe house together. John Herrison als Gilbert a poore man and a householder Katherine Theker a poore woeman & Alice Crathorne worthe ijjli in goode a vagrante pson and wandereth here and there. Elizabeth White wydowe Mary Frathyngham a poore woman and Anne Scalinge wife of Edward Scaling laborer worthe five markes are recusantes. , KIRKBY MOORE SIDE, Parish. Alice Skirowe widowe a verie poore wooman not worthe xij s dwelleth in Kirkely moorside parke and is a householder is an obstinate recusante. 'KIRKDALE PARISH. James Edena singlewoman having a fermehold at Symmington is a Recusante, a vagrant person wandering here & there. AMOTHERBY CHAPPELRY. Alexander Coate single man a joyner by his occupacon is a Recusant a fugitive a wanderer in the country hath no living THORNTON PARISH. William Cowrser of Dawby gent and Jane his wife house holders, there being worthe Xli in goode Margaret .spendly wife of Thomas Spendly Ellen Milburne, Thomas Robinson & his wife and Agnes Newbye dwelling in Dawbie and havnig no staye of living but are servantes are Recusantes. HAROME CHAPPELERY. William Stilling of Harome haughe yeoman and his wife who hath the third parte of the said haughe ()f the Earl of Rutland and payeth XXtie or fourtee mke for the same whether certainely the churchwardens there do not knowe ar recusantes.


WYCKEHAME. Elizabeth Harton of Ruston within the same parish gentlewoman and widow havnig no living so that the churchwardens there knoweth of is a recusante. The number of all the recusantes within the Deanery of Ridall is twenty three.

The names & surnames, dwelling places, states degrees and values in goods & livinges of all the recusants within the Deanery of CLEVELAND within the Diocese of York do follow. LOFTHOUSE PARISH. Robert Pattyson of Skynninggrane a poore fisherman, Margaret his wife & Ellen his daughter are Recusahts & the said Robert Pattyson is a householder and residing there altogeth and standeth indicted for the same Elizabeth Simpson the wife of William Simpson is a Recusant, her said husband is worth XLs and a householder in¡ Skynninggrane within the said parish and residing there, MaTgaret Pattison maidservant to the said Wi.liam Simpson is a recusant & a poore woman. BROTTON CHAPPLERY. John Hawkerigg and Katherine his wife dwelling at Skinninggrane and hath noe stay of lvnig attall. J oho Hobbe of Skinninggrane fisherman. John Hudson a beggar and Agnes Robinson of Skinningqrane servant a popish recusant and hath noe stay of living. HUTON RUDBY PARISH. John Lugleby Esquire dwelling in Rudby afforesaid whose living doth amount to XXli or more by yere is a recusant. John Grais wth dwelling at Braworth, an old man of fourescore yeres of aige is a recusant and hath noe living at all neith landes nor goods. Margery Fen wife of James Fen a house keeper worth in goode about ten pounds or more 'is a recusant and dwelleth at Rudby aforesaid. WHORLETON CHAPPLERY. Thomas Wilson laborer and Ellen his wife Jane Stockton widoe Gabriell Smith laborer a very poore man Ellen Ellerby widow Margery Warterton the wife of Henry '¼atterton laborer, Cicilie Urwaine the wife of Thomas Uwaine laborer, Ellen Robinson a blind woman are all recusantes but they are very poore for the most pte of them have noe reliefe but by the helpe of their neighbours so that they live very miserablelie ApPLETON UPON WISTE CHAPPLERY. Robert Bowes and Margery his wife dwelling at Appleton afforesaid whose stay of livnig doth amount to ten pounds a yere or more ar obstinate recusants. Margarett Bowes and Phillip Bowes both natural children unto the


a.bovesaide Robert Bowes & Margarett his wife dwelling with them and are onely at their parents releif & maintenance ar likewise recusants Margaret Atkinson wife of William Atkinson. Jennett Stainton wife of William Stainton Elizabeth Clark widow Elizabeth Bentley and Elizabeth Kennerheive ar alIso recusants not hanig any stay of living nor any goode at all saving Margaret Atkinson the wife of William Atkinson whose sta of living is worth faive marks by yere and more, Marjorie Clarke dwelling at Appleton upon Wiste a singlewoeman is also a recusant and hath not any living neither tenement nor chattels. John Bowes Leonard Bowes and Brian Saire do sometime resort unto the same Chapplerie and do not come to their Chapple to here Divine Service but are supposed to be recusants and have noe stay or living nor any dwellnig place Dr places . YARME CHAPPLERY. Richard Saire, gentleman who dwelleth in Yarme and as it is taken was lately married and toke to his wife an Ellen Butby and they both from hither do absent themselves from Yarme churche and now he is a householder at Yarme and is worthe five pounds in goods as the church wardens thinke. Edward Bucke laborer is likewise a recusant he is a poore man and hath little but his hand labor to maintain himself his wife & children Anne Sayer wife of Francis Sier gent hath never since her husband and she swelt at Yarme frearedge come to Devine Service celebrated in Yarme churche or chappell afforesaid but wherether the frearedge of Yarme be of the chappelery or parish of Yarme or not or whether such as dwell ther ought to repair no parishoners to he are divine service to Yarme church or chappell the churchwardens there do not know but the said Francis himself is noe recusant. WELBURY PARISH. Elizabeth Atkinson widowe who dwelleth at North Saleocke and is residing ther in house with Francis Atkinson her sonne is a recusant. ACKLAN CHAPPELLRY. Mary Strangewaies wife of William Strangewaies of Ayrsome gent is a recusant and she remaineth in house with her husband and ther have been meanes used by severall preachers for to reforme her but it will not prevaile and as the churchwardens thinke she wa~ indited by order of law. EAST HERSLESEY CHAPPELLRY. Anne Wilson wife of William Wilson of Morton Granige yeoman within the said chappelery is a recusant her husband is worth iiij Ii and dwelleth ther and is a householder Margaret Hobson a vagrant pson is sometimes in ther chappellry and hath nothing to maintain her but by the devocion of the country and hath no certaine dwelling place yett she doth refuse to come to the Church. 29

CRATHORNE PARISH. Thomas Bodell dwelling at Crathorne and is servant to Mrs Bridgett Crathorne he hath noe stay of living saving that in goode he is worth twenty mke and is knowne to be an obstinate recusant Mrs Bridgett Crathorne late wife of Ralfe Crathorne Esquire deceased hath some stay of livnig in their parish the value whereof the churchwardens do not certainly knowe for the great stay of her living doth ly at Nesse the wth they cannot rightly value as they think they both do amount to twenty poundes a yere or more she is noe continuall dweller in Crathorne parish but she doth come divers times thither sometimes staying there one day sometimes two and when she cometh she doth ly at her owne house and she is knowne to be a notorious and obstinate Recusante. GISBROUGH PARISH. Thomas Tockittes of Tockittes gentleman being in house with his brother George Tockittes gent who is a householder and residing there but what the said Thomas Tockittes is worth the churchwardens do not knowe yett he is a recusant and refuseth to be instructed. William Bailes of Gisbrough husbandman and Migery his wife, Lancelot Bailes his brother being a mason being worth Xli a peece and residing there are in house together ar all recusants and means have been used by my L. Evers and his chaplin and the curate of Gysbrough for ther reformation but they refuse to be instructed and stande indited by order of lawe. Agnes Bailes widow mother to the said William Bailes is a fugitive recusant sometimes wandering in that country. Christopher Lunde Webster a poore man dwelling in Gisbrough a house holder ther, is also a recusant. Elizabeth Bailes wife of James Bailes of Gisbrough husbandman is an obstinate recusant her said husband is worth Xli and came to the church benig reformed and now refuseth againe and stande indighted Agnes Posgate widow being worthe XLs is an obstinate recusant, she came to the church being reformed but now reuseth and means hath been used for reformation of the psons aforesaid as before. LYVERTON CHAPPELRY. William Marshall of Glacedale a vagrant person but what he is worth is not knowne he is a recusant and sometimes frequenteth the towne of Lyverton. STAINTON pish with the CHAPPELRY OF THORNABIE. George Awderson als Glover remaining for the most parte at Barwick upon Tease in the said parish being a poore man not wort he anythinge is a recusant Phillis Gower gentlewoman widoe is residing altogether at Thomaby & keepeth house there she is reputed to be worth XXli and is a recusant the wife of Parcyvall Appleby ap.d the wife of Henry ffotherley yeoman are both recusants they remain altogether with their husbands at Thomaby who are housekeipers ther and the churchwardens ther do think that they are well worth XXli a peece, widoe Awderson late wife of Gabriell Awderson being a poore woman


and maintained only by her sonne with whom she doth remaine for the most parte at Buswick upon Tease aforesaid is also a Recusant Dorowthy Awderson wife of Christopher Awderson yeoman also a Recusant and remaines altogether with her husband at Barnwick upon Tease who is a housekeeper and as the churchwardens ther do think is worth a hundreth mks. SNETON PARISH. Thomas Straingewaies gent a single man and noe householder who hath neither Ian des nor goods nor usual dwelling place in their parish and divers times doth stay at Sneton sometimes two daies and sometimes three daies who is a knowne recusant. Agnes Williamson the wife of Thomas Williamson a cottinger dwelling at Sneeton of a noble rent by yeere is also a recusant. EASINGTON PARISH. Mathew Capper being a capper by his occupasion and commonly called by that name & his wife being poore folkes dwelling ther and in their places verie often are recusants. SKELTON PARISH. Robert Sawer Jennet his wife Mgaret Gyles widoe Thomas Chapman singleman Jenett Nelson wife of Robert Nelson glover Joan Nelson wife of William Nelson glover swelling all in Skelton parish and being householders there are recusants. Robert Allenby William Milner and Alice his wife Jane Lecke wife to Richard Lecke dwelling in the said parish havnig noe stay of livinge saving William Milner who hath a little cottage worth vij s by yere ar all recusants. Mrs Francis Thorpe gentlewoman. John Thorp her sonne dwelling in Mygrave pke within their parish ar likewise recusants and are worth XXIi in goods Jane Hoope wife of John Hoope of Newson husbandman worth X l?: in goode is also a recusant. HINDERWELL PARISH. Isabel Gisburne als Tailor widoe late wife to William Gisburne als Tailor fisherman deceased wch Isabell dwelleth at Staithes is a vittaler & worth in goods XLs or more is a recusant. John Tailor als Gisburne a singleman & a fisherman dwelling at Staithes wth the abovesaid Isabell Smith servant to the above named Isabell Gisburne als Tailor is also a recusant worth nothing in goode or landes. Agnes Burton wife of William Burton fisherman who hat no stay of livnig but is worth in goodes V mks is also a recusant. Cecilie Colyer wife of William Collyer carrier of fish dwelling at Stathes worth nothing at all is a recusant. John Hawkred a fisherman dwelling at Skymminggrave is a recusant and sometimes cometh into their parish. ROCKSBY PARISH. Robert Gargrave Tailo is a vagrant recusant sometimes cometh into their chapplery & wandereth here and their it was indited and standeth indited still. 31

LYTHE PARISH. Katherine Ratcliffe of Ugthorpe gentlewoman whos landes are estimated to be worthe yeerely XXXli pounds. Ralfe Harding of the Bishoprick of Durrhm gent cosin germain to the said Katherine Ratcliffe whose lande are estimated to be worth XXli yerely and his abode is altogether at Ugthorp with his said cousin James Thorrie at Ugthorp gent of no lande nor revenewes that the churchwardens knoweth of and his wife ar also Recusants and have their cheife mainteynance by Katherine Ratcliffe aforesaid. Dorothie Harding and Simond Ridley servants to the said Mrs Ratcliffe wthout and lande or livnig save only their wages John Fu1cropp of Barmeby havnig no lande nor inheritance but two teenements that his father left him which are thought to be worth Vli by yere Robert Harte of Sandesend a maller of J eat Ringes and signet having no other thing where upon to live John Ray and his wife worth Vli in goods Chrystopher' Thorp and his wife worth Vli in goode the wife of Ralf Dawson who is worth Xli. in good these being poore folkes dwelling of little husbandries ar all recusants. John Hogg and his wife of Mickleby havnig nothnig but by handylabor Mary Pickering of Lieth a younge woman in the house wth an old woman her mother having nothing to live upon but spyning or by such handy labor are likewise Recusants. EGTON CHAPPLERY. John Hodgson and Jane his wife, he the said John is a farmer & worth a hundreth pounds as the churchwardens suppose and the said John as the churchwardens do think doth pswade her maty subjects from the church ther reason is this his brother James wife benig maried about three yeres agoe to the said James Hodgson was then a very good protestant but now of late by their meanes did not come to the church nor communicate who being excommunicate since Easter day last was this Xmas delivered of a child and great danger of death the said John Hodgeson did rede unto her exhorting her as we learned after the popish manner and the said Katherine departing the said John together wth all or the most of the recusnats of that Chapplery did come wth the corpse of the said Katherine in the dawnign of the day havnig gotten the church key into the church and buried the said Katherine without any minister and they are both recusants. Robert Hodgeson tanner a single man hath a fearme and is worth XXli in goods Widoe Cooke kept by her two sonnes widoe Cockerell hath a ferme and is worth XXli Henry Johnson and his wife have a ferme worth XXtie nobles. Jane 'iVhitfield wife of John Whitfield ferme worth vj li xiij s iiij d Edward Simpson Cordiner & his wife worth iij li have children not Baptized Robert Simpson Cordiner a plaier of interlutes & Jane his wife as he saith but not by any knowne marriage for they live & begitt children and contemme the discipline of our holy church both in matrimony and baptizinge their children they are worthe three pounds. Xpher Consett glover and as he saith Elizabeth his wife but not by any known marriage


who also contennes matrimony and baptizing ar worth Xli. Christopher Cordiner a single man who is a plaier of Luterludes about the country and is worth iij li Wm Whitfield Coriner and his wife worth Xli. Elizabeth Pearson wife of Henry Pearson a fermer worth XXli Katherine Smith widoe is worth nothing Anne Smith wife of Richarde Smith a freeholder and verie rich worth iij hundred poundes. Katherine Whitfield Agnes Simpson and Agnes Marshall three poore woeman worthe nothnig in dogge all these persons above named are Recusants and residnig within the Chapplery of Egton. UGGLEBERBY CHAPPLERY. Isabell Post gate wife of Wme Postgate of the Deane Hall is a Recusant and her husband is worth in lande XLs by yere. Elizabeth Postgate daughter of the said William . Postgate of the age of thirteen yeares is also a recusant and liveth by her fathers maintenance Wm Postgaite kinsman to the aforesaid Wm Postgaite and dwelleth in the house with him is an obstinate recusant and hath no living. Agnes widoe a beggar dwelling at the said Deane Hall and her sonne whose name the churchwardens know not dwelling wth her ar likewise Recusants Francis Hill servant to Christopher Hill of Iburnedale Wme Ducke dwelling with his brother Thomas Ducke of Iburnedale are also recusante but they are worth nothin at all. WHITBY PARISH. Ladie Scroope bnig worth Cli by yere is a recusant and dwelleth at Whitby and is verie olde Ambrose Pudsey gent unmarried retained by the said Ladie Scroope benig worth vj li xiij s iiij d and Anne Deaton servante to the Ladie Scroop ar also recusants. Prudence Willson the wife of George Willson a fermer of Vli rent who is worth vj li xiij s iiij d George Boyes a fermer worth XXIi and Isabell Boyes his wife are also recusants. Mes Hunter a fermer Prudence Hunter, James Hebburne ferm worth XLs the wife of the said James Hebburne & Jaronime Bolton scholmaister to the said James Hebburne of Stanskyker ar all recusants widoe Owston a poore woeman worth nothing John Milburne laborer a young man worth nothing. Mgarett Dicconson fermer worth vj li xiij s iiij d Ellen Clarke a yonge woman daughter to Robert Clarke fermer who is worth XLs Ellis Acklam widoe fermer worth XLs Elizabeth Acklam her daughter all wth six psons last afore named dwell at hawkskar within the said parish and ar Recusants. J ames Carlile talior a young man worth nothing. Richard Jackson tailor worth XXs Henry Jackson the younger a glover, sonne of Henry Jackson fermer of newhold ar also Recusants, the wife of George Fairefax gent worth Xli by yere Henry Fairfax gent sonne of George Fairefax beinig married Ursuley Fairefax daughter of the said George Fairefax. The wife of George Douthwate husbandman worth iij li Wme Cooke a young man a yeater maker of yeat rings all dwelling at Dunslow within the said parish of Whiteby are likewise recusants. Christopher D


Stayhous a fermer a fetter worth XLs Francis his wife the wife of Richard Stainous John Stainous & his wife Jane Conyers a single woman inhabiting wth Christopher Stanons all wch are also recusants & do dwell at Eastraw within the said parish ther is a meting of papiste at the house of the said Christopher Stayhous. Ellen Hall of Mooreside widoe being worth nothingis also a recusant. AYSTABIE CHAPPLERY. Alice Hooton wife of Roger Hooton husbandman who hathe a ferme of XX Breut or thereabouts and is a householder and residing within the said chapplery and she is a recusant and standeth indited. DANBY PARISH. William Phillips yeoman who is possessed of a tenement worth VIti yerely, Jane his wife James Postgate yeoman who ys possessed of a tent of lease worth iiij Ii yerely. Margaret his wife Wm Marshall being nether possessed of tenement nor goods nor worth any thing at all all wch persons above named ar Recusants and the said Wme Phillips & Jane his wife habe been indited by order of law. FILNIG CHAPPLERY. Francis Aslaby of Tiling Hall and Mgery his wife wch Francis is a Householder & residnig there and is worth in goods and fermnig a Cli as the Church wardens there do think. Mary Thwing his servant Mgery Conyers widoe being the said Francis sister & Elizabeth Chapman wife of Wme Chapman a poore labournig man Anne Cowper wife of Wme Cowper a poor labournig man Thomas White a poore gresseman Henry Lawson a poore young man unmarried. Ellen Pate the wife of Christopher Agnes Lawson and Agnes Tailor poore beggerly widoes James Wright servant at husbandry to the said Francis Aslaby and a woeman wch he affirmeth to be his wife but they know not whethr she be so or not nor what is her name all which persons last named are Recusants and are verie poore worth nothing in goode that the church wardens ther know of & they are resiging within the Chapplery of filing aforesaid. Miles Robinson & George Robinson late serving man and the said George Robinson his wife ar vagrant recusants and come sometimes witi the said chappelry but very seldome and they remaine sometimes at Upsall within the Deanery of Bulmer. HAWNBY PARISH. Ralf Tanckard of Arden gent lying a quarter of a yere ther & Mary his wife habe not bene at the parish of Hawneby at divine service to the Rembrance of the churchwardens ther these X yeares last past for they have a dwelling at Raskell and lyeth ther oftentimes and as the churchwardens of Hawndly do heard they go to the church and Receive there, Cuthbert Mennell gentleman doth resort sometimes to his eldest brothers house at Hawneby and ther remaineth by time as the churchwardens ther do thinke 34

sometimes more & sometimes lesse as ten or twenty daies together as they hear but at this tyme he hat not bene at the said parish c4urch of Hawneby in tyme of Divnie Service and the person of Hawneby hath had some conference wth him who sayeth that he stayeth there only for money of his brother & that he hath bene at divers sermons attending upon my Lord leivetenant late deceased in York-minster and this the church wardens have harde by report to be very true and he further saith that when he is able to goe that he will come for his is in a sorte lame of a legge and goeth with crutches and he further alledgeth that he hath adversaries who have fought with him divers times and we partly know it that he feareth to go abroad in Hawneby least they should quarrell wth him and cause him to forfeit his bond for he is bonnd to good behaviour but when he & they grow to an uniforme & end he will as he saith willingly come wth a good mynd therunto. William Mennell hath for the most parte of this sommer last past laide at Hawneby being diseased in his legge and not well able to go on trav~ll hath not ~omde t9 the churc~ this sommer last past how he is affected in religion we cannot well tell but now he is gone furth of our parish where we know not. KIRKLEAVENTON PARISH. Susan Man the wife of Thomas Man of Castleleaventon is a recusant and her husband is worth in goode iijli. Margaret Clifton widoe of Hillalees is a Recusant and is very poore and hath little besides her apparell. The number of all the recusants withn this Deanery of Cleveland is ninescore & three over & besides Ralfe Tankerd of Derden gent & Mary his wife & Cuthbte Mennell who are not certainly knowne to be recusants as the church-wardens of Hawneby pishe have psented. The number of all the recusants wthin the whole Deaconry of Cleveland are too hundreth therefore and seaventeene over & besides the aforesaide Ralfe Tankard and Mary his wife & Cuthte Mennell.

NOTTINGHAM ARCHINATIUS Presentments made in an inquision taken at Nott, Southwell and Eastredforde the xi and xvj days of January 1595 before us Myles Leighe Bachelor in the Lawes Officiall of the Archdeaconry of Nott by virtue and force of her Majesties commandment signified to the most renowned father in Christ Mathewe Archbishop of York his grace and of his graces Lawes & directions unto us touchinge popish recusan ts in this behalf addressed. ELIZABETH FLETCHER. In primis it is found by the said inquisition that Elizabeth Fletcher is a popish recusant and is a widowe of the age of seventy years and blynd and is no house-


keeper but sojometh in the house of William Fairbume of Hicklinge in the county of Nottingham gent but of what yerely value her lyving is the minister & churchwardens of the place canriot (as they upon these others affirme) declare and that the same minister hath taken paynes to persuade the sayde Elizabeth to conformitye and other means we do not fynd to be used for her reformation nor that she is indited by order of the lawe. ELIZABETH KIRCHEV AR. I tern that Elizabeth Kerchevar wyfe of John Kerchevar gent is a popish recusant and is resydinge in orston in the sayde county in house with her husband and hath had instruction by the minister which minister & the church wardens upon the ther othes say they knowe not whether she be indited by order of lawe or not nor what penalties ar annswered to her majye for her. WILLIAM HARWELL. Item that William Harwell of Collston Basset in the sayd county of N ott came not to Divine Service in his parish Church from the first Sundaye of Lent last past until Sunday the fourth of this January 1595 and then he was presente at morning prayer but whether he be a popish recusant or not the minister & churchwardens there say they cannot depose. NIC RAYNES. Item that Nicholas Raynes of Stanford in sayed county of Nott gent is a popish recusant & so ar Florence his wyfe & Hugh Raynes his oldest sonne and Katheryn Raynes his daughter & that the yerely value of his lande is 40li p annum and they esteam his moveable goode CCli which sayd Nicholas Raynes 'is a housekeeper resyding and dwelling in Stanforde and his wife and children ar in house with him, he the sayd & Nicholas standeth indited by order of lawe for his recusancy and that his lande and goode after his conviction were ceased into her majesties hands, for the discharge of such penalties as he by recuzancye had incurred and that the same landes and goode were granted by her majesty by lease to one Mr Cawod servant to the Lord Tresaurer and that the sayd Mr Cawod granted his estate in ye premises to Francis late Lord Hastynges now deceased by the name of Francis Hastynges Esq which sayd lease is yet (as the minister & church wardens of the place thynke) in benige, and upon which lease there is reserved and aunswered to her majesty one yerely rent of twenty nobles as they also take yt. Jo. ROBERTSON. Item that John Robertson gent is a popish recusant and his landes of the yearly value of twenty poundes or thereabouts and his dwelling house is in Kellam in the sayd countye yet he is no householder but is resydinge in Kellam aforesaid and we find that he is indyted by order of lawe and his landes extended by hyr Majty according to the statute in that case provyded.


FRANCIS STRELLAY. Item that Francis Strellay the wyfe of Xtopher Strellay of Woodboroughe in the sayd countye of Nott gent is a popyshe recusant and that his landes ar of the yearlye value of 'twenty poundes and ar charged wth a juncture or dower of XXli markes per annum to one mres holmes his elder brothers wyfe and wth xls xd by the yeare for a rente to her matye and that he dwelleth in Wodborough aforesayde and she in house with him, but whether she be indyted or not the minister and church wardens saye there others they cannot tell nor what penaltyes are for her a misweared to the Queenes highnes. Jo. THORNBERY. Item that Edwarde T hornberye gent is a popish recusa~te & is p'soner with Robte fosbrooke of the towne of Nottingham by warrant from the nowe Archbishop of Canterburfe and others his graces assocyates her Matyes commissyoners for causes eccliasticall of what estate of lyvinge he is we cannot fynde neyther yet where his dwellinge place was wee doe not fynde that he is indited by order of lawe nor that anye pennaltyes ar a annswered to her maty for him. HENR' DANDE. I tern that Henrye Dande of Nott in the county of the towne of Nottingham Bellfounder is a popish recusant and remaynethe in the house with Robert Quarnebye of the same towne gent. The minister and church wardens saye uppon there others theye knowe not what lyvinge he hath, he hath bene indicted by order of lawe but what penn at yes have bene annsweared to her matye for him they cannot depose. ROBT' SMITH. Item that Robert Smith of Newarke upon Trente in the sayd countye tanner is a popish recusant and that the yearelye value of his lyvinge in lande is about fyftye shillnigs oner and above such stocke of moneye as he is supposed to have but what yt ys we by the others of the minister and church wardens of the place cannot fynde. he lodgeth somtymes in his chamber at Newark aforesayde and sometymes at Thorppe juxta Newarke with his Mtr Edmunde Mullyne Esq. they knowe no meanes by instruction or by teachinge to be used for his reformacion. J O. SCROBYE. Item that John Scroby yoman ys a popish recusant he hath no certayne yerely livinge, he is no householder but is cominge and going as a vagrant parson to the ho~e of widow Crosbye his mother of great hodsocke hall in the parish of Blythe and in the sayde countye of Nott, not indicted that they can Ie arne of. GEORGE CLERKSON. Item wee fynde by the othes of Robert Clerkwood clerke parson of the Church of Kirkton and William Ingham and William Wells church wardens there that George Clerkson gent lyeth very much at the sayde William Inghams house 37

and cam not to the church of Kyrkton these two yeres or thereabouts but are the sayd Willyam Ingham sayth by vertue of his othe he the sayd George Clarke was in the Church of Adwicke in York Shyre at morning prayer uppon a Sundaye betwixte Michaelmas and Martynmas last, and he was then and there with hym as he sayth and he do the not take hym to be a popishe recusante but the sayde Robert Blackwood and William Wells saye that the sayd George is comonlye suspected and reputed to be a popish recusante They saye he is a gentleman and hys landes ar of the yearely value of eyght poundes or thereaboute and that hys mansyon house ys at Goldthorppe of the parish of Bolton superdearne in the Countye of Yorke. They saye he is noe householder but lyeth somtymes with the sayd William Ingham and oft with Mr William Sutton Esquire at Avarham in Nottingham thyre they doe not fynd that any means are used by instruction of otherwyse for the refermacion of the sayde George not that he is indicated by order of lawe neyther yet that anye penaltys ar for hym annswered to her matye. [Marginal note] The peculier j urisdiccon of Snaithe wthin the Countie of Yorke. POLLINGTON WITHIN THE PARISH OF SNAITHE


That Joan Metham wife of George ' Metham of pollington gentleman a youger brother is a recusant and that in respect thereof she haith bene indicted but what other penaltie she did undergoe for the same they know not. CARLTON WITHIN THE PARISH OF SNAITHE


Dorothy Redman of Carleton widdoe is a recusante. She is now gone from thence into the North country & is a vagrant person. Shee hath certaine landes for her thirdes by her late husbandes death but how much they knowe not, she hath been indicted but how otherwise punished they cannot tell. 3. Elizabeth Norresse the wife of Henry Norresse of Carleton afore said husbandman & a free holder is a popish recusante his goodes is worth a hundred poundes & she not punished. 4 & 5. Thomas Powles & his wife are likewise recusantes dwelling in Carleton aforesaid and ar worth in goods five poundes and are indicted 6. Janett Deane of Carleton a servante is a recusante & goode she hath none that they knowe. 7. Dorothie Walker wife of John Walker of Carleton aforesaid yeoman is a Recusant and excommunicated but not indited her husbands lande are worth vijli & his goode worthe XUi 8. Elizabeth Bell the wife of Alexander Bell of Carleton husbandman is a Recusant and excommunicated but not indited her husband is worth XLii 9. Anne Harrison the wife of Wm Harrison of Carleton yeoman is also a Recusante her husband is worth Xli 38


Agnes Browne of Carleton widdoe is also a Recusant and bound to appear at the assizes to be holden at Yorke and her goode are verie small. 11. Thomas Stilling als Stelling of Carleton aforesaid milner servante to Brian Stappleton of Carleton Esquire ys a Recusant and ' hath bene in prison for the same and is now at libertie under sureties and for goode he hath none but the wages wch he reciveth of his mtr 12 & 13. Rolte Powles his wife of Carleton aforesaid labourers are Recusantes staind indicted and excommunicated and hath bene in prison for the same but are left furth. HOOKE CHAPPELRY WITHIN THE PARISH OF SNAITHE


Agnes Baly of howke dwelling in a parlour there and altogether residing ther being a spinster is a Recusante She haith householde goode in her parlour worth Vli as they thinke what living she hath ells they cannot certainely tell & asyt is reported she is indicted SWINFLETTE


William Stephenson gent of Swinflette is an obstinate Recusant His landes are seazed to her maties use according to the statue and he is a vagrant and goode hath not any, one John Arlush the younger is the Riceived of the rest of his rentes. 16. Grace Lunde widoe is an obstinate Recusante resident at S\vinifleete and goode hath not anie but as she is maynteyned by Richard Lunde her sonne. his wife residing in Swinfleete 17-18. John Arlush & ar obstinate recusantes and goode have they none to their knowledge but ar maintayned by their children John Arluth the younger Richard Arluth & Thomas Arluth these three persons last named hath bene often tymes required by their ministers & churchwardens to conforme themselves wch they have obstinately refused to doe.

After my right hartie comendations etc. upon the xiiij th of December, I received Lres of the xxvjth of November last, from the Lordes of his mats moste honorable privie Counsell & your Lo, touching an exact & diligent inquisition to be made in everie dioces within this province of Yorke, of the noumber of all popish Recusantes, of their state, degree, & value in livelyhode, how many of them be residing in their Contrie, or ffugitives & how many be indicted etc. And according to their Ho: direction, I did forthwith send myne earnest Lres, with severall copies of their LL. said Lres. inclosed, unto the Bishops, & all Ordinaries & Officers in everie pticular jurisdiction & place within this province, requiring & chardging everie of them forthwith to take speciall care & to use all good means, that pticulars & perfect certificates might with 39

expidition be made of all the said recusants. Wch so soone as I coulde receive them (though not so soone as I required) I caused to be put in one booke. And because divers Recusants were not knowne or presented to be indicted I appointed a speciall note or catalogue of them all to be taken out of all the Rolles & recordes in these partes wch I send herwith, together with the said booke, with as much expedition as I couide praying yor Lo. to deliver them un to their LLs. I thinke that the chefe cause of the great nombre of Recusants is, for that the statutes forlevying of XXli a month & xijd a tyme, is not put in execution & this is the opinion of divers religious wise gentlemen, with whom I have conferred in this matter. ffor myne owne part, I am afraid, that the ripenes of synn in all estates, is like shortly to concurr with the fullness of time, when God hathe appointed to visit our synnes in Virga. I praie God it be not in Virga ferrea. Thus beseaching God to bless yor Ho: with his manifold graces, that you may long tread the wise steppes of yor grave father, I bid you verie hartely farewell. Ffrom Bishopthorpe the xxjth of februarie 1595. yo. Ho: in Christe verie assured Matth Ebor. [Endorsed] : The Archb. of Yorke to Sir R. Cecill Certificate of Recusants To the honourable Sr Robert Cecyll Knight on his maties moste honourable privie Counsell 43 17 17 194 12 81 9 164

108 8 54 87



15 8 11

The peculia jurisdiccion of howden howdenshire and hemyngbrought within the countye' of Yorke. HOWDEN PARISH. George Comcet the younger of Howden dwelling sometymes at howden wt George Concett the elder his father and sametymes abroade is a Recusant, yet willnige to conferr wt any, goodes or landes he hath none but hath his mayntenance


by George Concett gentleman the elder his father and that for such his recusancy he standeth indicted. Robert Archer of howden was and is a Recusant & standeth indicted & hath beene for such his recusancy committed to prison by the Lord presydent and Counsell in the Northe but is now at libertie and how he was discharged it is not knowne he hath land & house in howden of the yearely rent xs but goodes none. BARNBY HOWDEN PARISH. Elizabeth ffynglaye of Barnby widdowe is a recusante but whether indicted or not yt is not knowne her goodes or landes ar nothinge. LAXTON iN HOWDEN PARISH. John Arksay of Luxton a singleman unmaryed is a recusant but hath no certen dwellinge place and dyvers tymes doth resort to the sayd towne of Laxton and goo des or landes that he hath they can fynde none. KILPIN AND BALK HOLME IN HOWDEN PARISH. Elizabeth Arksey, widdowe is a recusant but hath no certayne dwelling place nor goods howbe it in the townes of Kilpin and Balkeholme in Howden parish, shee hath iiij li yearlye rentes due unto her. EASTRINGTON PARISH. Christopher Monkton Esquire Lord & owner of the Towne of Cavell within Eastrington parish is a popishe recusante but what his lyvnige is in value it is not knowne neither is he any householder in that parish but abydethe in Craven in York thire his wyfe kepyinge hous at Cavell. whether he be indicted or noe or what penalty is annswered to her maty for his offence it is not knowne nor what meanes is used for his reformacion for that he is resydinge in Craven yet it is sayd her maty hath two partes of his lyvinge. BRANTINGHAM PARISH. Katheryn Ingleby wife of Willrn: Ingleby of Brantingham esquire hath beene and is a recusant and hath bene in prison for the same but whether she hath bene indicted by order of lawe or what penaltye hath bene or is annswered to her matye or what the value of her husbands lyvnige is it is not knowne. ELLARKAR CHAPELRY. Alice Ellarkar the wife of Robert Ellarkar gentleman hath bene & is a recusant and hath bene in pson for the same but whether she hath bene or is indicted, what penci.ltye is annswered to her matye for the same or what value is of her husbnades lyving it is not knowne. HEMYNGBROUGHE PARISH. Grace Babthorpppe the wife of Raphe Babthorppe of Osgodbye in the parish of hemyngbroughe, Esquire is a recusant remaynynnge at home within her husbands house at Osgobdye but whether she be indicted or not is hot knowne. 41

OSGODBYE. Frances Babthorppe the wife of Raphe Babthorppe of Osgodbye aforsayd the younger gentleman is a recusant remaynynge at home wth her husband. , BARLEBY. Richard Bapthorpe of Barleby in hemyngroughe parish is a recusant abydinge at Bazleby aforesayd but not indicted nor any thihge worthe. BOWTHORPP. Elizabeth Birlitson the wife of Humfrey Birlitson of Bowthorppe gentleman is a recusant remayning at home within her husbands house at Bowthorppe but whether she be indicted or not is not knowne. HEMYNGBROUGHE TOWNE. Agnes Watkinson widdow of Hemyngbrough is a recusante and wothe in lyvinge Vli yearely yet keeping no house there but comying and goinge and hir most abode is at Gribthorppe whether indicted nor not unknowne Myles Eskrigge of Hemyngbrough singleman unmaryed a yeoman is a recusant. His aboad or dwelling is uncertain. What he is worth or whether indicted or noe is not knowne. Peter Thomson husbandman & Elizabeth his wyfe of Hemyngboughe ar recusants his livinge is worth Xl s by yeare they ar in pson within the common gaiole in Yorke but whether indicted is not knowne. Margaret Allan the wyfe of 'Roger Allan of Hemyngrough is a recusant and is now remayning prisoner ,in the com on gaiole at York but whether indicted or no unknowne. SOUTH DRIFFELDE IN HEMYNGROUGH PARISH. William Craven of South duffeld yoman having Lms and fourpence yerelye living is a recusant & kepepeth no house but is now inpson in the comon gaiole at York yet whether indicted or no unknowne. CLYFFE IN HEMYNGBROUGH PARISH. Thomas Newet of Cliffe Taylior and Dorothee his wyfe ar Recusants abydinge at home. His lyving is worth xv s by yere but whether indicted or not unknowne. Richard Durham and An Durham his wyfe of Clyff ar recusante worth nothnige save onely an acre of lande he remayneth prisoner at the Castle of York and she travelleth up and down as a fugitive Margaret Nuthall of Clyff widdowe there abyding is a recusant worth nothinge & whether indicted or not unknowne Janet Garrocke wyfe of Richard Garrocke of Cluff yeoman remayninge in Cliff but whether indicted or noe unknown Agnes Garrocke of Cliff yeoman remayninge in Cliff recusantes & indicted as is t hought. SAND IN HEMYNGBROUGH. 'Elizabeth Ellison wyfe of John Lunde abydinge there wth her husband being a husbandman is a recusant but whether indicted or noe unknowne 42

SKIPWITH PARISH. John Freeman of menthorppe a husbandman havinge"sufficient welth for a yeoman yet what the same is in value unknowne. Rowland Freeman; Michael Freeman his Sonnes, Suzan Freeman his daughter and an other sonne & daughter besydes whose names ar unknowne. All keeping house together at menthorppe all of them being above sixteen yeares of age and no vagrant parsons nor fugitives ar wilful recusants and have bene presented to the ordenarye & stande excerate. The syade John hath bene imprisoned but whether any of them be indicted or noe Qr what penaltye is annswered to her matye for any there offences it is not knowne.

Presentment made in the peculier jurr: of the Deane of the Cathedrall & Metropolitane church of Yorke the 30 of December & eight day of J anuarie 1595. PICKERING. Dorothie Martyn late servante to the Ladie Katherine Scrope is a popish recusante vagrant & fugitive no householder, often harbored by anthonie Hill of Pickering & is now harbored as is-ehlormed hy Trinian Sinithson of Goteland. She is worthe as they thinke XXli & not indicted & not conformed wth or instructed by the Vicar of Pickering in whose parish she remayneth. Jane Burton of Pickering widowe a popishe recusant, no householder but dwelleth in house wh Raphe Hodgson of Pickering not having .any goode that they can learne of. She will not be conformed with nor instructee by the Vicar there who hath done his endeavour therein. Margarie Rogers of Pickering, spinster a popish recusant servant to the said Jane Burton no householder, she hath nothing, not indicted and refuseth to be instructed. GOTELAND CHAPELLA. Trinian Smith of Goteland & his wife householders popish recusants having a farmehold ther havnig also cattell & shepe and being worthe in goode by estimacion Xli not indicted. J ames Crosbie & Dorothie his wife of Goteland; and servante to Mris Ratcliff no householder little worth are recusants not indicted. EBBERSTONE. Thomas Walker of Ebberston blarksmith a popish recusant a householder havnig a fre house wth a close pterynyng to it & a house & a close wch he helde by lease, wch they estimeeme to be worth all xijli not indicted & refuseth to be instructed by the vicar there. POCKLINGTON. Marie (blank) servant to Mrs Eliz Dowman of Pocklington widdow (whose surname they cannot Ie arne altho they

have enquired of hir & others) a vagrant pson, no householder, refuseth to be instructed by the vicar ther, she is as they ¡ think indicted, & whether any penaltie hath bene answered to hir Mati~ or no they know not. HAYTON. Martyn Rudstone of Hayton gent having neither living nor dwelling cecterue, but sometimes at Haiton and sometimes allswher is a wilful & obstinate recusant, no householder but wandering upp & downe the countrie, when he cometh to Haiton he is at Mr John Rudstone his brothers house, he will not be instructed he hath bene indicted & imprisoned in York Castle divers times. He was last released by the late Lorde President & co un cell in the Northe. there is no penaltie ansered for him to his Matie. MILLINGTON CAPELLA. Ursula Dowman wife of Marmaduke Dowman of Millington gent is a wilfull & obstinate recusant, hir husband & she be householders she hath a joynture by a form husband but what it is yearlie they know not. And whether she be indicted or any penaltie answered or no, they know not. January 1595 Popish Recusants presented within the peculiar jurisdiction of Alverton and Alverton shire in the Countre of Yorke by virtue of Letters from the Lord of hir Majs moste hon Ie priviee Counsell & the Lorde Archbishop of York etc. ALLERTON Marmaduke Lodge yeoman remaining wh his sister at Allerton. I t is supposed he hathe lxxxli for his maintenance Dorathie Pearte spinster of small hability remaineth wth William Richardson of Allerton. John Walker, yeoma' vagrant supposed to have Cli at usurie, remaineth sometimes wth James Browne there WERKSALL John Sayre of Worksall esquire his landes 500ti by yere he is at comaundent at Yorke. Agnes Westhorpe of Worksall gent. keepeth Mr Sayres house supposed to be rich in money. Thomas Traneham a miller fugitive worth nothing. Elenor wife of James Traneham yeoman Dorothie wife of Arthur Cock of Worksall Tayler Isabell Redhead, Beggar. Christopher Burdon yeoman, & his wife vagrants worth in goode xxli Elizabeth wife of William Sayre gent hathe xxli annuity & keipeth house there.


Jane T onstall widow mother to the said Elizabeth remaineth wth the said William. OSMOTHERLEY

widow Gatenbie gent remaneth with William Bowes Ellerbeck hathe no goodes. John Bowes a vagrant resorteth to the house of the said William. LEEKE

Anne wife of Thomas Dalby Esq. worth in lands 00 mark by yere & in goods a thousand markes, she is indicted. Thomasin Walker servant to the said Thomas hathe no living is indicted. Richard Danby Gent & Rich Danby yeoman. Isabell Danby of Brawth widow hir lyving is estemed at L1i by yere. Mary Danby of Brawith spinster hir portio is eli indicted. Myles Danby of Brawth Gent thought worth CCli John Parkinson ali Fawkener sometime of Knayton thought to be a conveyor of Semnaries from palce to place a Will full slanderer of the gospell. Richard Comyn Vicar there a preacher hathe used all means to persuade them to conformith. BIRKBY .

Allison Allanson wife of James Allanson of Little Smeaton, indicted but poore. HUTONBOUVILE

Christopher Conyers Esquire, keepeth house there, His landes are Xli by yere of anucieiet rent he is indicted. The wife of the said Christopher was sister to Allen the CardinalI. Elizabeth Burdon of Bartrie als Burdon house. houesholder there worth in goodes xxs. Lionell Kennerhage of Moore bottom labourer & his wife householders poore. John Conyers Gent of Bradley loaning an housekeeper in goods worth 31 6s 8d & hath no lyving. Jane Barry spinster worth nothing she remayeth wth hir brother Richard Hutton at Stretehouse. Clem Clamone offic. Ralph T oustall offic. at Bishop Aukland The Diocese of Dursme the xijth of Februarie 1595 Ao Rne Eliz: 38. Popish recusantes presented by the sevall persons vicars Curatis Churchwardens and Sydemen of the severall parishes and Chappelries 45

under written upon IntelTogatories ministered unto them by virtue of severall Letters 8.:S well as from the LIds of her Maties most honourable privie Conncill to the most Reverend Father in God Mathew. L. Archbishop of York, as also from the said L. Archbishop to the Reverend fath' in God Tobie L. Bishop of Durhame ag.dressed The Bishoprick of Dureham .. Darlington Deanerie DARLINGTON

Allyce Graie the wife of Robert Graie of Darlington, glover, an householder not worth XLli debtlesse. Jaine Spence the wife of William Spence piper, an householder and hath a free house in Darlington woth vli vjs viijd. Jane Hall of Darlington spinster worth nothing. Christopfer Lowick of Darlington a poore man and is in prison at Durhme. Marfarie his wife a vagrant recusant thereabout. HAUGHTON

Widdow Melmerbie of Cottom, an old blind woman of LXXX yeares. She hath XXs by yeare during her life to maintayne her & no more COUNCLIFF

Richard vVade yeom residing there with his father. Robert Wade he hath no lyving. AICLIFF

Dorothy Liddell the wife of Raph Liddell yeoman, an householder Jane Hicson weddoe, worth Xls or thereabout Thomas Hickson in Prison at Sadberdge not wrth aniething a simple fell owe half frantique. Thomas Townes yeoman and Elizabeth his wife; his landes wth Vli by yeare, his goodes are all spent and he is in prison at Duresme. Cuthbert Townes yeoman he is worthe nothinge & is in prison. John Clapton gent and Marie his wife, housekeps his landes at Ricknell in that parish wrth XXli by yere HAMESTERLIE

Margaret Rackwood wife of Robt Rackwood of Rackwood hill gent, an householder his landes wort he Vli by yere, his goods worth Xli John Applebye the younger yeoman, no housekeeper nor wo'th anie thing. BERNERDCASTLE

Alice Langstaffe wife of John Langstaffe of Berndcastle sadler. He is an householder wrth in goods vjli xiijs iiijd & hath no other lyving.



Xpher Atthie of Bradwod gent Coronor of Darlington Ward in the countie of Duresme and householder and ,his landes are worth XXli by yeare and he is possessor of goodes worth XLli. Cuthbert Mowbrey Tailor and Margaritt his wife, householders and hath neither goodes nor landes, he is vagrant thereabout. GAMFORTH

Guy Watson of Pearcebridge Tail vagrant thereabout and hath neither landes nor goodes. Isabell Morlande of Pearcebridge widowe an householder & possesseth goods worth Xli and hath a cottage for hir life worth XXXs by yeare. Helene servant to the said Isabell. She hath neither goodes nor lyving. Isabell Swainson of Pearcebridge, widdowe an householder and is possessed of the moitie of a tenement worth xlvjs viiijd by yeare and hath goo des worthe Xli. Elizabeth French wife of George French~' of Pe~r~ebridge laborer:, he is an householder, possessed onlie of goodes worth vj-li' xiijs iiijd. Katherine Tailor spinster servant to the said French and hath no lyving. ~. Helinor Shipside of Pearcebridge widdow, worth nothing. - Gibson of Bolam widdow worth nothing J anett Gibson Francis Morton spinsters worth nothing. WISTON

Jane Barker weddow worth nothing Dorothy Claiton wife of John Claiton, laborer, an householder worth nothing. HURWORTH

Jane Lawson spinster daughter to Henry Lawson Esquire now resian tat Duresme AICKELAND ST ANDREW

Helinor Jackson wife of Thomas Jackson of Bishop Aickland chapman J anett Langstaff of the same towne widow an householder worth in goods Vli Anne Greathead of Woodhouse widow Jane Patteson widow, householders of very little worth. Isabell Lockye of Aickland deanerie spinster, not worth aniething. Elizabeth Liddle wife of Richard Liddle of Wosterton yeoman, an housholder ther. Francis Gower of Windleston gent and Marie his wife householders, his landes worth LXXli by yeare, his goodes worth Xli. Aliice Claxton of the olde Pk widow, an householder hir living worth vjli by yeare Adelene Claxton spinster daughter of the said Allice, worth nothing.



Humfride Blaikeston of Chilton gent and Margarett his wife, householders, his landes worth XXXli by yeare, the state wherof he hath made over to his sonne Edward Blaikeston, as is reported Anne Salven wife of J ererd Salurn esquire, dwelling now at Chilton aforesaid. . Joan Salven, spinster, she hath no lyving Jane Coltman Margaret Culley of Chilton, servants & hath no other living. BRANCEPETH

William Clapton of the Waterhouse gent,he is in prison at Sedberdge and hath no lyving but such as his wife farmeth of Mr Hyall of Greenecroft. this is she whose house Bost the seminarie priest was apprehended Elizabeth Hedworth wife of Charles Hedworth of Brandon gent and householder there. Jane Hedworth and Elinor Hedworth of Brancepeth spinsters & householders having no living but releived by their friends. STAIN DROP

Henry Ridlie yeoman. he hath no living nor dwellinge place, but remaineth for the most pt with his mother widow Ridlie in that pish. He goeth sometimes into Northumberland. Charles Bankes of the west pk of Rabie yeoman, he is in prison at Sadberdge HEIGHINGTON

Helinor Richmond of Redworth widow She hath no living, but dwelleth in house with her sonne Xpopher Richmond Grace Wetherell of Killerby widow. She hath no living but dwelleth in house for the most pt with her daughter Widow Smith. She goeth from place to place, vagrant thereabout. WHITWORTH

Widow Watson late of Whitworth now in prison at Dursme The wife of Thomas Gibson of Whitworth laborer, a poore householder. STOCKTON DEANERIE STRANTON

Anne Fulthrop daughter of Nicholas Fulthrop of Timstall gent. She is of the aige of XXty yeares & hath no living but releived by her father. Elizabeth Wilkinson wife of Thomas Wilkinson of Tunstall. She hath no lyving but is relieved by the said Nicholas Fulthrop hir brother. Margaret Heifeild a fugitive now gone thence.



Allice Welburie wife of John Welburie of Nesbett gent an householder there hir living worth XXmks by yeare. William Welburie of Wesbitt gent an householder and hath no living a dangerous fellow. HARTLEPOLE

The wife of Cuthbert Cloiers of Hartlepole gent, an householder his living in Leases an "annuities worth XXli by yeare his wife sometimes abideth wth him & sometimes elsewhere not knowne. READMARSHAL

Isabel Morpeth wife of Robert Morpeth of Stillington yeoman an householder his living worth XXmks by yeare. SEDGEFEILD

jane Conyers wife of John Coniers of Butterwick an householder & farmeth certaine grounde there. She is sometymes residant with her husbande there & sometymes goeth into Yorkshire Robert Elstob laborer sonne of Raph Elstob of Foxton. he is vagrant not known where & hath no lyving Roger Richardson laborer sonne to Willm Richardson of Butterwick he hath no lyving & is sometymes resdiant there wth his father and other tymes goeth not knowne whither Robert Maison of Sedgefeld husbandm and Anne his wife, they are both in prison. Lancelot Maison yeoman & Susan his wife of Sedgefeld, they are both in prison BILLINGHM

The wife of John Bone of Billingham yeoman, an householder EGGLESCLIFF

Edward Grimeston gent his wife remayning in that pish but he cometh not there. NORTON

Willmn Blaikeston of Blaikeston esquire and Allice"his wife householders there. He is seized of landes yearlie worth CCCli and hath goods worth Cli Raph Gargrave servant to the said Willm Blaikeston and Scholem to his children without Lycence Robecca Collingwood spinster daughter to Sir Cuthbert Collingwood knight, she remayneth at Blaikeston wth the said Willm Blaikeston. STOCKTON

Jane Tunstall weddow Elizabeth Saire wife of Willm Saire gent they dwell at Workesall in Yorkshire & sometymes resort to Preston in the Chappelrie of Stockton. E



Richard Cotesworth and Agnes his wife, householder but worth little or nothing. Robt Burton a vagrant recusant worth nothing Agnes Burton wife of Willm Burton of Stainton gent an householder. Isabell Lambton, spinster daughter to the said Agnes. ELWICK

Isabell Mitchelson wife of John Michelson. She hath nothiinge to lyve upon, hir husband lyveth from hir & is residant in the South contry. Meriall (blank) servant to John Franklyn worth nothing. MIDDLETON GEORGE

Xpofer Ewbank of Middleton George gent and Isabell his wyfe householder worth in goods XXmks and hath no Iyving. Jane Fawcett spinster servant to the said Xpofer Anne Killinghall wife of Henrie Killinghall of Muddleton George She is a most notorious recusant & a dangerous pson. Hir husband hath latelie bought a ship of some CXL tonne wcth he purposeth to dispose of, is not knowne: but would be thought of siriouslie & tymelie. EASINGTON DEANERIE ST. GILES IN DURESME

Cuthbert Storie a fugitive recusant not knowne where he remaineth. PITTINGTON

Cicilie Coxon weddow having no staie nor dwelling place releived onleie by hir sonne Anthonie Coxon there. Emmett Wright wife of Henrie Wright of Shawdeforth husbandm an householder he hath a farme of XLVs rent by lease & is not worth Xli debtless. Elinor Huntley spinster daughter to James Huntley of Shawdforth" she remaineth with hir father and hath no lyving but by hir labor: Xstabell Hull servant to hir sister weddow hull & hath no lyving but by hir service. TRIMDON

Roger Smith of Trimdon laborer he hath neither landes nor goodes, but a little house of xijd rent, wherein his wife dwelleth, he is in prison at Duresme. Hugh Smith Tailr sonne to the said Roger he hath neithr landes nor goodes but liveth by working abrode in the Towne thereby. Anne Currey wife of Mathew Currey Tailor an householder and hath no lyving but by his occupacon. 50


Magdalene Trollop wife of John Trollope of Thornelie esquire an householder there. John Trollop of Thomeley servingman and his wife and Grace his daughter. He hath no lyving but is releived by Mr John Trollop aforesaide. John Trollop of Morden gent he hath no lyving but dwelleth wth the first naymed John Trollop esq. . 'Villm Witherop laborer he is in prison at Durehame. Cuthbert Winter of Cassop Tailor he hath nu lyving but by his occupacon Xpofer Blaikeston of Coxon gent & Anne his wife, an householder & hath no lyving, but wch he farmeth of his brother, Willm Blaikeston of Blaikeston, esquire John Awde of Towne Killoe the older and Jane his wife householders· & hath no lyvirig but by his service under John Trollop esquire aforesaid. Thomas Awde of Kelloe blarkesmith and his wife, householder and· have no lyving. Allison Tailor of Kelloe servant to the said John Trollop esquire· and hath no other lyving. Bryan Robinson of Kelloe servant and hath no other lyving. Cicilie Bailif of IIurworth, wyddw releived one1ie by hir frinds and hath no other lyving. MUNCKHESTEDEN

Robert Maire of Harwick gent & Grace his wife. They are vagrants not known where he hath landes in Hardwick of the Anncient Re~t of xjii vjs viijd by yere wch is worth Lii yerelie and he hath. Ian des in Hutton Henrie of the yearlie ancient rent .of xiiijli. Christopher Maire gent vagrant not knowne where. It is reported he hath Xli annuitie by yeare. And Anthonie Webburie of Castle Eden gent & John Welburie of Nesbett doe pay to John Hall gent (who married the said Christopher's sister) xxiiijli yearlie during th~ said life of the said Xsofer Maire. It is thought that the same is made in trust for the said John Hall & is to come to the use of the same Xphofer. CROXDAILL

Marie Biggins wedow Margarett Button spinster They have no lyving but ar maintayned by their brother George Hutton of Sunderland gent where he & they dwell together. Elizabeth Storie wedowe, an householder & hath no, lyving but the lease of a milne worth Liijs iiijd yearlie, the rent discharged. NORTH BAILISIN DURESME

Janett Hopper widow. Hugh Hopper.

She liveth in household wth her sonne


CASTLE EDEN the wife of Anthonie Weburie of Castle Eden gent, an householder & of good lyving there. CHESTER DEANERIE LANCHESTER John Hodgeson of the Manor-house gent. Releived there by his father William Hodgeson, and hath neither landes nor lyving. Anthonie Doddes a poore man, hath neither landes nor lyving & is in prison. ESHE The wife of Thomas Watson the eldr of Rowley lurne labourer an householder and h4th no lyving but by his labor. RYTON Nicholas Tod vagrant thereabout, worth noth, John Wilson a poore man worth nothing Elizabeth Rotherforth the wife of John Rotherforth of the black house gent an householder of good lyving Isabell Tempest wife of Nicholas Tempest late of Stelloe and nowe of Newcastle uppon Tyne gent an householder. CHESTER IN THE STREAT Katherine Johnson wife of George Johnson of Twisall gent an householder Beatrice Joplin weddow verie poore Margarett Forster wife to Thomas Foster yeoman an householder John Lowrie Husbandm an householder worth in lyving & goods XXii Bridgitt Hall spinster vagrant thereabouts of no Iyving. Thomas Foster, husbandman an householder Jane Foster spinster daughter to the said Thomas Marie - spinster a beggar dwelling in one of the said Thomas his house. Robert Lowrie the elder, an householder. Robert Lowrie sonne to the said Robert Lowrie worth in goods, iijli vjs viijd The wife of Robert Etherington an householder MEDOMSLEY Martyn Burnop yeoman, he is vagrant and is seized of landes worth Xli by yeare. John Robson yeoman vagrant thereabout worth nothing. Margarettt Jameson wife to James Jameson of Berwick she is vagrant about Medomsley.



Nicholas Johnson gent sometymes dwelling at Northerfeild house. a vagrant recusant and is possessed of Lease worth xiijIi vjs viijd & of goods worth xxvjIi xiijs jiijd. LAMESLEY

Bridgett Hall, servant to Raph Wild. and hath no lyving. ST. OSWOLDES IN DURESME

Frauncs Lawson the wife of Henry Lawson of Elvett gent an householder. Richard Clapton of Elvett gent he hath neither landes nor goodes. Thomas Horselie Elvett gent and householder & hath neither landes nor goodes. Elizabeth Whittfield, wife of Robert Whitfield of Elvett, Draper an householder Ricpard Rogerson a vagrant recusant not worth anie thing. ST. MARGARETTS IN DURESME

Thonias Forcer of Herberhouse gent & his wife, an householder, he is seized of landes there worth xxvjIi xiijs iiijd by yeare & hath goodes worth xiijIi vjs viijd All the said Thomas his servants & famialilie are recusants. Weddow Forcer mothr to the said Thomas vagrant thereabout. Elizabeth Billinghn wife of Raph Billingham of the Crook Hall gent an householder she is in prison in Duresme Phillip Peskinson of Crosgait in Duresme gent an householder worth in goodes vjIi xiijs iiijd and hath no lyving. Robert Patteson of Crosgate mercer, worth in goods vjIi xiijs iiijd Xpofer Maire gent vagrant in the Bishoprick Hylinar forcer spinster resiant for the most pt at Crokehall & hath neither Ian des nor goodes. John Murton of Crosgate laborer an householder & worth nothing. JARROE

Robert Hodgson of North Hebburne gent and Anne his wife, the daughter of one Longlie of Yorkshire heretofore executed for receiving of seminarie priests. The said Robert is an householder, his landes at Hebburne are of the Ancient rent of viijIi & worth xxxiiijli by yeare. Willm Willerbie of South Hebburne laborer & Jane his wife householders but have neither landes nor goodes. Richard Brandling late of Wardlie gent & Elizabeth his wife he is now an householder in Newcastle. His Iyving at Wardlie worth XXli by yeare. Lancelot Hodgson enlarged upon bond his goodes worth CCCli.



Dorothy Constable wife of Michaell Constable of Buddick esquire an householder his lyving worth xlli by yeare. John Constable and Francs Constable children of the said Michaell. They have no lyving. Dorothy Lisle wife of James Lisle of Barmeston gent and householder his lyving worth LXXXli by yeare. George Lawson gent soiouned(?) at Barmeston. Elizabeth Lawson & Katherine Lawson spinsters remayning at Barmeston Their filiall porcions left by their father George Lawson was CCCli a ¡ peece MUNKWARMOUTH

Tbe wife of Willm Whitehead of Munkwermouth gent an householder. TANFIELD

Elizabeth ¡Hedlie wife of Nicholas Hedlie of Newcastle upon Tyne mercer His lyving in Tanfield parish worth XXli by yeare. The said Elizabeth is residing and kepeth house there. All and eyrie the persons before named within the Bishoprick of Durehame doe stand indy ted for their recusancie but upon their ~everall indytements no penalties have been levied according . to lawe for ought I can leame. The said parties doe refuse all conference in religion verie obstinatelie and as it were with one consent 'especially of late Tobie Duresme. NORTHUBERLAND MORPETH DEANERIE MORPETH

Henrie Hedlie household servant to Henrie Graie of Morpeth gent. He hath no lyving. John Wilson a vagrant recusant sometymes resorteth to that pish ULGHAN

George Tumor a poore blind man, of no lyving dwelling in house .wth Anthonie Rummy Bailif of Ulghan. The said George standith indyted. . BOLAM

Isabell Middleton of Belshow spinster dwelling with hir brother Thomas Middleton there. HORTON

Isabell Fenwick wife of Randall Fenwick of Horton gent an householder there of good lyving. The said Isabell stanqith indited. .54

Ursula Shaftoe wife of Roland Shafto of Horton gent an householder there of good lyving. MID FORTH

Anne Cokeson servant to Giles Hearon of Higdon gent & hath no other lyving. ' KIRKWHELPINGTON

Robert Fenwick of Little Harle gent, an householder his landes & lyving worth XLIIIjli by yeare, he standeth indyted. Margarett Swinburne wife of Thomas Swinburne of Captheaton esquire an householder, his landes are of the yearlie value of Cxlli. She is suspected to be a great receiver and harbo,r er of seminaries and ] esuites & she standeth indyted. William Swinburne sonne & heire to the said Thomas Swinburne. He is of XVI] yeares of aige & mainteyned by his father. Willm Anieslie gent & Elizabeth his wife daughter to the said Thomas Swinburne. His landes are woth XLli by yeare. T~ey remaine altogether in household wth the said Thomas Swinburne at Captheaton. ~chael Fenwick of the fawnes gent an householder he hath no lyving but a farme worth vijli by yeare. Jane Cutter wife of George Cutter a pc,ore man & an householder. She was seduced by Robert Fenwick of Little Harle aforesaid. The said Margarett Swinburne and Seminaries resorting to his have seduced certain servants to the' said Thomas Swinburne & others of Captheaton namelie these reter Staward a shepherd The wife of David Staward. lanett Cutter widowe Allice Lorren wife of Edward Lorren Margarett Trewghett widow ' , ] ohn .Armestrong servingman . Mergerie Softley wife of George Softlie servingman Allice Corbett a servant.


John Clerk of Alnewick yeom and his wife a householder his lyving is worth XXmks by yeare. He wandreth to manie places & is received especially at Eslington the House of Thomas Collingwood gent & at Warkworth. The said John Clerk standeth indy ted. Robt. Clerk Mathew Clerk Thomas Clerk Sonnes to the said] ohn Clerk & resiant now at Alnewick having in lyving. The said Robert Clerk serveth one Mr. Percie.



Elizabeth Finch of \ÂĽarkeworth widow, an householder. She holdeth a lease of a fishing there of the Earl of Northumberland of a yearlie value of Xli. Guy Finch and Margarett ~inch children of the said Elizabeth having no lyving but maintayned by hir, The said Guy Finch standeth indyted. MabeU Hunter of Aicklington widow an householder. She hath a farmehold and a milne of the yerelie value of xiijli. George Hunter Agnes Hunter Agnes Ogle wife of GabrieU Ogle. They dwell in household wth the said Mabell & are maintayned by her. Margarett Leigh wife' of Willm Leigh of Aicklington husbandman' an householder & hath a farme of XXs rent & no other lyving. SHILBOTTLE

Katherine Stampe wife of Thomas Stampe of the Wodhouse~ Bailif to the Earl of Northumberland there. His Ian des & lyving worth XXli by yeare. EGGLINGHAM

Katherine Collingwood wife of Cuthbert Collingwood of Branton gent an householder. She standeth indyted. WHITTINGHAM

Thomas Collingwood of Eslington gent sonne & heire to Sir Cuthbert Collingwood Knight. The said Thomas keepeth house there. Anne Collingwood wife of the said Thomas & sister to Raph Graie of Chillingham esquire. The said Thomas & Arnie stand both indyted. Edward Collingwood Jefferey Holidaie Willm Smith Julian Gower servan ts to the said Thomas Collingwood the said Julian standeth, indy ted. Barthram Spink a tennant at Eslington. He standeth indy ted. INGRHAM

Willm Wilson laborer & his wife Isabell Collingwood widow householders but verie poor. ROTHBURIE

John Radcliff of Thropton gent an householder his lyving worth vjli xiiijs iiijd by yeare. He haith stode excommicate these fower yeares & is also indyted. George Radcliff of Thropton sonne of the said John & his wife householders and obstinate recusants. The said George & his wife standeth indy ted. Barthram Hall of Cartington husbandman an householder. He farmeth Cartington of Francis Radcliff of Dilston esquire at CXli 56

by yeare and received of the said Francis goods to the value of CCCli by yeare to be redelivered athende of certaine yeares.

Lyonell Forster of Rothbarie yeoman an householder His Iyving worth XXs by yeare in landes wch he farmeth. A malicious recusant & hath stode excomunicate these fower yeares. He goeth manie tymes into Balmebroughshire and Glendiall seking to seduce others. He standeth indyted. Lyonell Hunter of Rothburie forrest yeoman. He holdeth two tents there of the Earl of Northumberland. He keepeth no house but liveth with his brother Willm Hunter of Thornely Haugh Gawine Lawson of Snitter husbandman an householder. He holdeth a farme of the yearlie value of XXs Edward Hall of Wreg Hill husbandman an householder there. He holdeth a tent of his Matie in Gosforth of the yearelie rent of xiijs iiijd. He standeth indyted. Hugh Gallon of Trewhitt esquire and Margarett his wife, an householder. His Iyving worth Lli or LXli by yeare. They both .stand indyted. EDLINGHAM

John Swinburne of Edlingham esquire & his wife. His landes & lyving worth Cli by yeare they both stand indy ted. Roger Coniers of Lamedon gent & his wife & familie an householdr but hath no Iyving there. They both are indyted. John Collingwood gent his wife & familie an householder of small lyving. The said John & his wife stande indyted. John Collingwood als Longe John & his wife householder verie . poore. William Rickeby of Abberwicke, Tailor, and his wife. householders & have no lyving. John Thomson of Abberwicke and his wife householder-verie poore. Willm Harrison and his wife householder & verie poore. The said Willm standeth indy ted. Hugh Shevill of Lamedon & his wife. householders verie poore. The said Hugh standeth indy ted. Isabell Foster wife of George Foster a poore householder Isabell Wilkinson spinster Jane Jobson widow Agnes Mudie spinster Jane Carr spinster Margarett Swan-no householders but resiant in that pish having no lyving. The said Agnes Mudy standeth indyted. Robt Davison Elizabeth Forster John Swinburne-servants there the said Robert & Elizabeth standeth indyted. CHILLINGHAM

Jane Graie wife of Raph Graie of Chillingham esquire an householder and hath landes & Iyving in that countie of Great value about one thousand pounds by yeare. The said Jane standeth indy-ted.


Michall Hebburne of Hebburne gent & his wife & Elinor his daughter His lyving is worth XXli by yeare. He is resiant sometymes there & sometyrnes at Thriston nigh Felton. The said Michael & his wife stande indyted. Edward Hebburne gent & his wife. Raph Rickebie laborer & his wife Robert Wilson & his wife householders but of smalllyving or goodes. The said Raph Rickelie & his wife stande indyted. Robt. Hebburne gent resiant there. He standeth indyted. The wife of - Horseley of Long Horseley gent sometymes resiant at the house of the said Raph Graie esquire. Arthur Gray gent brother to the said Raph Graie resiant sometymes there and other tymes in Yorkshire. He standeth indyted. BALMEBROUGH DEANERIE ANCROFT

Henry Haggerston thelder of Haggerston esquire an householder. The state of his lyving not knowne whether it be in him selfe or in his sonne. He standeth indy ted Divers of his family resusants the names not knowne. Edward Smith of the Bridge Milne, husbandman an householder of small lyving. BERWICK-UPON-TWEDE

The vicar & churchwardens there have been summoned & earnestly charged to make prsenments but haie neglected so to doe, & as it were obstinately refused the maior of that towne one Thomas Perkingson prsuming to alledge that that towne is not subject to that spirituall Jurisdiction of the Bishop of Duresme nor of anie other eccliall pson. CORBRIDGE DEANERIE CORBRIDGE Franc~s Radcliff

of Dilston esquire and Isabell his wife. His landes ther.e & elswhere worth CCCli by yeare. He kepeth house now at the Ile nigh Keswick in Cumberland. They both stand indyted. Raph Fenwick of Dilston gent & keper of Mr. Radcliffes park there .& his wife there. Householder, his lyving worth Vli by yeare. He standeth indyted. Luce Denning a poore widow. Percivall Dod of Dilston, he keepeth an aile house & hath no other lyving. Elizabeth Young wedow a poore .householder & hath no lyving. Elizabeth Sadler wife to Edward Sadler of Dilston are householders and hath no lyving. 58

Agnes Hearon spinster servant to hir father Vincent Hearon of Dilston. Robt. Erington of Linnels gent and his wife & all his familie. He is an householder. His lyving worth iiijli by yeare. The saide Robert & his wife stand indicted. Robert Erington of the wood yeoman an householder his lyving worth XLs by yeare. Thomas Charleton of Corbridge yeoman, an householder and hath no lyving. Elizabeth Willikyn wife to Wllm Willikyn She is a brewster & hath no other lyving hir husband liveth from her in the South countde. Edward Fetheringham of Corbridge laborer & his wife, he hath no lyving & they both stand indyted. SHOTLEY

William Proud of Acton yeoman he dwelleth with his father there & neither of them have any lyving. SLAILE

Edward Hourd of Wolley yeoman an householder and holdeth a fanne of his ,m atre worth XLs by yeare. BYWELL ANDREW

Margarie Lawson wife of John Lawson of Bywell gent an householder his landes & lyving worth XXXli by yeare. OVINGHAM

Thomas Rotherforth of Rutchester gent & his wife, an householder. His lyving worth Cli by yeare. They both stand indyted. Gawaine Rotherforth, sonne to the said Thomas residing with his father. ' ALSTON

Oswold Yates a fugitive papist sometymes resorteth to the house of Thomas Yates his father. He hath no lyving & wandereth in Cumberland & Northumberland. BYWELL PETER

John Newton of Bywelliaborer an householder & hath no lyving. john Swinburne of Minster Acres yeoman an householder. He hold~th a fanne in Standford~aIIl: by lease of John Swinburne of Edlington esquire. ' Wedow Elrington of Espersheles an householder Her lyving worth Xli by yeare. Barbarae Lawson of Heley wedow ~n householder hir lyving there worth XXXli by yeare. 59


John Cartington of Newlands gent & Agnes his wife householders. He is Bailif to Francis Radcliffe esquire and holdeth of him a farm in Dilston of XXs rent. . They both stand indyted. John Browne of Whittonstall Tailor. He hath no lyving but by his occupacon wch he useth in the countrie there about namelie at Mr Radcliff's house. STANDFORDHAM

Mris. Lawson of Chesborough Grainge widow art householder Hir lyving wirth XXli by yeare. She is a notorious receiter of seminaries & standeth indyted. Katherine Lawson daughter to the said Mistrs Lawson. Anne Shastoe & Jane Swinburne spinsters resiant with the said widow Lawson and maintayned by hire Ambrose Swinburne & Willm Coke servants to the said Mris Lawson. James Swinburne gent & Margarett his wife he hath no lyving but a wind milne & eppecteth to have the said Chesborough grainge after . the death of the said Mtres Lawson. They both stand indyted. Margarett Rotherforth wife of John Rotherforth of Owston gent, an householder. His lyving worth Xli by yeare She is indy ted: Thomas Butter & Margaret his wife & William Butter, householders & hathe no lyving. The said Thomas standeth indyted. Janett Wilkinson wife of John Wilkinson husbandm an householder. He hath a farme worth Vli by yeare. James Middleton of Blacke Heddon gent and his wife householder. His lyving there worth Xli by yeare. They both stand indyted. ] anett ] ackson wedow a poore householder & standeth indy ted. NEWCASTLE DEANERIE ST. NICHOLAS IN NEWCASTLE

The wife of Nicholas Tempest gent an householder. The wife of Nicholas Hedlie nierchan t an householder. Widow Swinburne gent, an householder of samlllyving. ST. JOHN'S IN NEWCASTLE

Simon Graie pedler, an householder but hath no lyving. SOUTH GOSFORTH

Xpefer Coniers gent & his wife, householders there, his lyving worth Xli by yeare. HEDDoN

Dorothie Holburne of Witchester wedow an householder. Hir lyving is worth XXVI]li V] s VII] d by yeare & she standeth indyted'. 60


Robert Musgrave of Newbume gent. He is now in prison at Dureseme. He hath a lease of Newbume demaines for three yeares to comme. Marie Thomlingson of Newbume wedow She hath the third pact of the said demaines & XLs by yeare in Gateshed She standeth indyted. Alice Musgrave of Newbume wedow. She hath a pt of the said demaines & a tent with a milne worth IIjli by yeare for her selfe & hir six children. The said Allice standeth indyted. The said two wedowes kept house together upon the said demaines, where are goodes to the value of LXXXli but how much those belongeth to one of them it is not known. . William Rotherforth of Newbume gent & his wife an householder and hath no lyving but that he is under bailif there. Clement Rotherfirth sonne of the said Willm, maintayned by him. Clement Ogle of South Dissington gent Richard Ogle of the same sonne to the said Clemt a most obstinate and dangerous young man. They kepe there together and have the demains of Dissington worth XXli by yeare & a tythe in Northumberland & goodes worth Xli. They both stand indyted. Thomas Ogle & Willm Ogle sonnes to the said Clemt & by him maintayned, having no lyving. Anthonie Lightfote a vagrant pson. releived most by the said Clement & Richard Ogle. The wife of John Nicholson of South Dissington laborer, a poore householder there. George Collingwod , second sonne to Sir Cuthbert Collingwood Knight. Supposed to be married to a notorious recusant by some semynarie and is maintayned at the charge of his father, & reseant commonlie at or about Eslington Corbridge & Hexam. He is indyted but we leame oi noe goods he hath. Upon tbe persons indyted in Northumberland no penalties levied and all the said Recusants retuse conforence obstinately. TOBIE DURESMN

A BOOKE or certificate of the names of all recusants within the Diocesse of Carliell-presented upon the oathes of the psons vicars Curates and Churchwardens of severall pishes and Chappelries in an inquisition therof made through the whole diocese of Carliell aforesaid by the Reverend Father in God John by goddes divine providence Bussopp of Carliell in the month of Januar ie ' 1595 in the xxxviijth yeare of hir Maties Raigne by virtue of Ltres to hym directed by


the most Reverend Father in God Mathew by Goddes divine providence Archebussopp of Yorke primate and Metrop61etane of England upon Direccion and comahndement from the Lordes of her Maties most honorable privie Counsaill as followth viz; IN THE COUNTIE OF CUMBERLAND PISHES ST MARIES IN CARLIELL

Margarie Blenkinsop wedow an householder, now dwelling in the Cittie of Carliell Late wife of Thomas Blenkinsopp of Helbeck in Westmorland esquire a gentlewoman of sufficient Lyving a chiefe maintayner of popish religion. J ohan Blenkinsopp Magdalaine Blenkinsopp daughters of the said Marjorie dwelling unmarried wth their said mother. Dorothie-maidservant to the said Merjorie dwelling in house with her. ' George Rumney sonne of Cuthbert Rumney of the Cittie of Carliel~ yeoman, an unmarried man of noe lyving, but vagrant here and there not knowne where but for most parte with his father in Carliell, an obstinate recusant. ST. CUTHBERTE IN CARLIELL

Christopher Robinson (a scholer) no householder but dwelling for the most part (at a place called Woodside nigh Carliell) with his brother Edward Robinson not known that he hath anie Iyving or maintenance Richard Tayler (a scholer of no lyving) borne & brought upp at Henriby in St. Cuthberts parish. A vagrant and fugitive not known where. SEBURGHAM

Anne Denton wife of Thomas Denton of Marnell (in the parish of Seburgham esquire) dwelling there with her saye husband. HESKET

John Skelton als Symons John and Dorothie Skelton his wife, of Blabureithwait in the pish of Hesket. He ys a gentleman & tenante to hir Matie (of a tenement there being but a smaule lyving) They are householders there. The said wife of John Sketon was brought in bed of a man childe about a yeare sence. The child was not , Christened nor she churched at the Chappell there. Mathew Laigne and Elizabeth Laigne his wife, of the pish of Hesket. He' ys a husbandman of poore estate or habiliter and they ar householders and dwell there. WARWICK

Helioner Warwick wife of Thomas Warwick gent of Holmeyate in the parish of Warwick. She hath been a recusant of viij yeares 62

standing She dwelleth with her said husband who ys but of smatlle lyving or habilitie. The said Thomas receyved not the communion this xij monthes. Richard Warwick als Young Laird Warwick of Warwick gent of good lyving and Thomas Warwick his sonne, seldom come to church and not receyved the commion of long tyme. WETHERALL

George Skelton Anne Skelton his wife gentleman of Wetherall Abbay in he parish of Wetherall householders. He hath a lease of the Dean & Chapter of Carliell and ys of small habiltie. There are ceratin psons that come to his house and there are retayned of wch, one ys Richard Tayler aforesaid the rest are not knowne, nor from where they come. The said George Skelton had two children named Dorothie & Margarett, baptized but where or by whom yt ys not knowne for they were not baptized in their parishe churche. But the presentors heare of the said George hath a corner about his house wherein he kepeth it both those popish preists that baptize children and all and all other recusantes that resort to his house Thomas Skelton Francis Skelton his, children Robert Railton Alyce Sowden Margerie Kae his household servants Thomas Kirkbride and Francisse his wife of Wetherall aforesaid' householders, he ys a gent of smaule lyving or habilitie DALSTON

Robert Sewell was borne to some land in the pish of Dalston but he is no pishiner but went forth of the countrie about five yeres last past but whither, yt ys not knowne he was reported to . be a , papist. CROSTHWAIT

Francis Radcliff esquire - Radcliff his wife of the Ile-(of Derwen't water)not long since in ward in the diocesse of Durhm and latterlie " reformed, householders & resyding there. All his children in number ten bein all young in household wth hym' the said Francis Radcliff come not to church. Ursula Radcliffe and one Marrion whose surname cannot ' yet be learned, servants in the household where the said Francis Radcliff' come not to church since their coming unto the pish wch ys about foure months agoe ' Bealle Harryson a vagrant woman who dwelt late at London, hath beene in the parish of Crosthwaite about the space of three monthes, & commeth not to churche. The Ladie Katherine Radcliff wedow, mother of the said Francis Radcliff resyding at The sayd Ile wth the said Francis her sonne, The sayd Francis Radcliffe had a child baptized at home at the He within a quarter of a yeare last past, by whom yt ys not knowne. John Radcliff of Keswick in the sayd pish of Crofthwait gent (Late 63

in ward at Durhm of smaule lyving) noe householder but resideth with one Gawaine Radcliff at Keswick aforesaid (the sayd John ys a dangerous recusant). Isabell Radcliff sister of the said John single woman noe householder but a vagrant pson. She was latelie with Jane the late wife of Edmund Radcliff of Munkhaull gent (in the pish of Crosthwaite aforesaid. The vicar of that pish (being a preacher) useth private conference wth theym to reforme theym but cannot prevaile. CASTLECAYRICH

John Hodgeson of Castlecayrick husbandman worth XLli in goodes and landes cometh seldome to churche but he receiyved not the communion this three yeares last past. I N THE COUNTIE OF WESTMORLAND ST. LAWRENCE IN ApPULBIE

Richard Smith singleman a scholer of noe lyving non householeer. He remayneth sometyrnes at his mothers house (in Applelbie) and sometyrnes abroad in the countrie. Francisse Bainbrigg wife of John Bainbrigg of Raw in the pish of St. Lawrence in Appilbye gent. Hir husband ys a man of smaule lyving, an householder at Raw aforesaid. Shee remayneth at her husbands house aforesaid. ST. MICHAELLS IN ApPULBY

Margarett Machell (wife of Hugh Machell) of Crakienthorpe, gent of smaule lvying or habilitie) She is lame & resideth wth her said husband Anthonie Machell singleman (gent brother of the said Hugh) having not anie lyving or abyding place. WARCOPP

Andrew Hilton gent Alyce Hilton Wenefride Hilton his daughter John Hilton his sonne, gent Marie Hilton his wife & a serving man his name not known. of Burton in the pish of Warcopp. The said two gentlemen keep house together & have a demayne & a tenements there but whether of theyrn stand possessed thereof in law ys not knowne. All the others are resyding wth theyrn. The said John Hilton hath sometyrnes bene at Church wthyn this three yeares, but not receyueth the communion. The sayd Andrew Hilton and his wife were indyted about vj or vij yeares sence.


The sayd Marie Hilton wife of John Hilton had a child within theis three yeares last but by whom the same was baptized ys not knowne. PATTERDALE

Francisse Lancaster of Harlsopp (in Patterdale) wife of Lancelot Lancaster gent (& heire to his father being an esquire) a Wilfull recusant, she is resyding wth her husband at Hartsopp afore said (who ys an householder there) and sometyme abroad in the countrie yt ys thought she has been indyted. ASKHAM

Martha San!iford wife of Thomas Sandford of Askhm esquire an householder there shee resideth there with her husband who & not wthstanding that he commeth to church receyeth not the communion nor will bee psuaded there unto (the said Thomas ys of verie good lyving) Katherine Lawson Jane Atkinson their servants. The vicar hath done hys best indyvour for their instructions and little profit cometh thereby for they bee obstinate still. DUSTON

Francisse Boste wife of Lancelot Boste of Duston gent of smaule lyving, she ys an householder abyding wth her husband there, she is indyted. KIRBYTHURE

Thomas Wharton younger Francisse Wharton his wife of Kirbythure gent, householders & resyding there not known of what lyving (his father being yet alive) They had a child that was not baptized at the Church (by the curate) by whom or where yt ys not knowne CROSBY RAVENSWATE

Anne Pickering wife of Thomas Pickering gent sonne & heire of Lancelot Pickering of Crosby Ravenswate, esquire. She ys an householder & resyding with her sayde husband of what lyving they bee ys not knowne. She had a child of Late wch was not brought to be baptized at the pish church neither ys it knowne (where or) by whom yt was baptized. BURGH UNDER STANISMOORE

Mrs. Blenkinsopp (whos Christian name I cannot learne) wife of Henry Blenkinsopp of Helbeck, esquire, a recusant of a long tyme, she hath had a child christened wthin theis three yeares last past but where or by whom, ys not knowne whose husband having been a recusant of a long tyme, although he came latelie to church, yet he receyveth not the communion. F


Charles Blenkinsopp Frances Blenkinsopp gentlemen, recusants to the house of the said Henrie Blenkinsopp at Helbeck, but have no certaine abode there. r~sorte


Johan Salkeld wife of Oswald Salkeld (of Thirnbie in the pish of Morland a poore yeoman) she is a wanderer sometymes abrode not known where and sometymes resyding with her said husband. The vicar hath sundrie tymes abmonished her to be reformed but she utterly refuseth. NEWBIGING

Anne Middleton gent latilie come unto that pish of Newbiging. She is noe householder, yt ys not knowne of what lyving She ys neyther how long shee will remaine there. BOLTON

Marie Whitfield wife of Cuthbert Whitfield of Bolton gent (an householder of smaule lyving) She hath bene a long recusante but lately by my pswasion commeth to church but by noe meanes will reciyve the communion. LOWTHER

William Hetherington (a strainger of Kirklington pish in Cumberland) maketh his most abode in the pish of Lowther, who although he comes sometymes to church yet he receiveth not the communion. To any article, clause or pointe contayned in the Lres from the Lordes of hir Maties most honorable privie counsaill or in my Lord Archbisshopp of Yorke his graces Lres the presentors cannot otherwise present or depose them before ys expressed. Not wth standing there hath ben great meanes used both bye conference of learned preachers and others had or at least offred, to the most part of the psons aforenamed to have conformied theym wch would take no place. and as touching how manie of the said psons have bene indicted or what sommes of monie bene levyed to hir Maties use of anie of theym I cannot learne, neyther have I anie recorde thereof. Humblie therefore I beseche your greace to be pleased to send for a Mr. Watkinson dwelling in Yorke who is the clerke of the offises here and hath the recordes thereof. yt ys thought that the church papistes wch come to churche and receyve not the communion bee more dangerous and hurtfull to the state than the symple recusants.



CHESTER DYOCES Presentmentes made by the psons, vicars Curates & Churchwardens within the severall dea~eries of Chester Malpas, Bangor


Vvirrall Middlewithe, Nanptwiche, Fradsham, Madesfielde, Warrington, Manchester, Blackborne, and Leyland within the Archbishoprick of Chester taken by virtue of there others the XVj daie of J anuarie Anno Domino 1595 or Anno Regni Dno nostre Elizabeth Regnie no. etc. XXXVII j DECANAT CHESHIRE SANCTI OSWALDI WITH CESTRIE P AROCHIA

Ellen Browne, Ellen Wilden, single folkes and prisoners in t~e Northgate of the Syttie of Chester for recusancie & verie poore CHRISTLETON P AROCHIA

Margerie Cotgrave widowe Eliz Cotgrave-spinster noe goods within thall pishe butt live in the howse of Raphe Cotgrave, being poore. Randle Cotgrave noe goods there and liveth in Ireland. vV AVERTON P AROCHIA Robert Dutton vVilliam Dutton gents breathren to Rowland Dutton of Hatton esquire, and are tabled with hym and have one annuite of fyftenth poundes yearlie a peace. Richard Massie and his wife and two of his servants Massie was latelie lett oute of prison by letters from her Maties pvie councell and now a housekeeper in Waverton uppon a small living & hee is rather indetted than otherwise. Mr Wright parson there a Godlie preacher and doth instruct them publiqulie & willing to instruct them privately. TORPERLEY PAROCHIA

Katherine Sparrowe spinster daughter to John Sparrowe of Rushton and hath bene a vagrante pson butte no we dwelleth with her father and hath stoode longe excommunicated for the same. TARVIN P AROCHIA

Raphe Huxley of Duddon a young man liveth under his father, hathe noe goods hath bene often conferred with by Mr. Bagshaw vicar ther & others to the end to reform hym butt could nott. HOLTE CAPELLA

Thomas Crue, gent Katheryn his wife nott cominge to there pishe church but we are credibly informed that the said Thomas was in Hawaraen church att service tym latelie. hee is a householder of lyving XXs. in the Queen's bookes the same lease for XLs. yearlie. Jane Griffith the wife of Hughe ap John, weaver. recusant. DECANATUS MALPAS TILSTON P AROCHIA

Margerie Eure wife to William Eure yeoman standeth indyted by order of the lawe. 67


Alice Yardley wife of Raphe Yardley of Calcott gent. CODDINGTON P AROCHIA

Mris Anne Hughes spinster sometymes with her brother in lawe Arthur Starkie gent, within the pishe & sometymes with her mother at the Holt. ALDFORD PAROCHIA

Alice wife to John Whitbie, yeoman, Elenor Whitbie nor repayring to the church since Easter last. TATTONHALL PAROCHIA

Randle Wilson & his wife a servingman & standeth indy ted. MALPAS P AROCHIA

Katherine Goleborne wife of John Golborne, esquire keepeth house at the hall of Overton. Her husband reported to be gone to Hiernsalen uppon Marshes and reputed to be a popish recusant also. Margaret Dod wife to Randle Dod of Edge, esquire sister to the said Katherine Golborne cohabiting with her husband in the Hall of Edge. Elizabeth Dod of Edge unmarried sister to the Margarett and Katherine and dwelleth for the moste parte with the saidd Dod and sometymes with her sister the wife of Raphe Yardley of Calcott gent. Jane Wilbram wife to Owen Wilbram blacksmith and cohabiteth with her husband in Malpas parishe. Katherine Willbrams & Anne Wilbram spinscers daughters to the said Owen & dwellinge with there father. Margarett Bowker spinster a servante woman with the saidd Olwen. Eliza Ditoe spinster dwelling in a chamber by herself in the towne of Malpas. Edward Probin Jane his wife a yeoman householder dwelling on a reasonable good tenement within the pishe of Malpas. William Probin John Probin Marjorie Probin Marie Probin children to the saidd Edward for the most dwelleth with there father. William about XXIIj yeares olde. John about xviij. Marjorie about sixx & Marie about xiiij yeares old. Jane Bereton of Edge daughter to Mr. William Bereton of Tunsingham dwelling with her mother at the old Hall of Edge. John Price joyner remaininge sometimes with younge Hugh Colmondley at Holeford & sometymes att Cholmondley in this pishe wherin his wife continueth. Gwenne Probin widowe late wife of Randle Probin whoe dwelleth with Edward Dive in Isford within the pyish of Malpas. John Madlocke ofAxden & Maude his wife dwell & keep house 68

uppon a tenement under Sir William Bereton knight & other, Hathe or latelie had some land of his own. A sermon in this parish everie Sabath daie for the moste pte and the minister willinge & desyrous of reformation herein. DECANAT BANGOR HAMNER


Edward Lloyd ap Jasper of Halghton gent & Margaret his wife a householder his living about XXli yearlie. Ellene Lloyd Jane Lloyd Marie Lloyd daughters of the saidd Edward Lloyd & by him. Elni Lloyde sister to the said Edward-having about XXli, in money left her by her father. Isabell Lloyde wife to Randle Lloyd of Halghton. Thomas Williamson of Tibbroughton yeoman. a householder, his lyvinge about vjli a yeare. Divers and sundrie sermons are there used to instruct them but they are obstinate & will not bee reformed. BANGOR


Elenor the wiefe of John Hamner gent verle poore & thought to absent herselfe for povertie from the churche, her husbandes livinge being taken from them Alice Verch Robert spinster a poore younge woman. Robert Griffith, Joanne his wiefe, Meredith his sonne, Gwenne Hoiver his mother in lawe all of meane estate & stand excommunicate. Ervin verch Wilice David a poore woman & excommunicate. Katherine verch Thomas a poore woman & excommunicate. The churchwardens knowe of no presente instructions given them and they come nott to hear anie publique OVERTON CAPELLA

Jone the wife of John ap John Vaughs her husband a poore weaver Edmunde Smith the sonne of Thomas Smith of Holne a vagrant recusante and fugitive pson, nott knowne where he resteth. Everie Saboth a sermon and verie often tymes in the weeke by manie Godlie ministers and preachers. WIRRALL DECANATUS EASTHAM


The Ladie Elizabeth Stanley the wife to Sir William Stanley Knight. hath not of a longe tyme resorted to church and being heretofore convented before the heigh commissioner within the Dioces of Chester and that Serten of her frends should enter into bond for her loyall obedience in some convenient place amonge her frends and how she is in the house with Sir Rowland Stanley who useth his indevor for her conversion by the learned and hath XXli. yerelie for mentenance where she continueth without the seducing of anie. 69

NESTON P AROCHIA Alice Whitmore wife to William Whitmore esquire of Leighton her husband is fyve pounds lands in the Subsidie booke she continueth with her husband att Leighton and there hath byn sundrie instruction used by Mr. Vicar of Neston to reform her. WOOD CHURCH PAROCHIA Mtrs Margaret Ravenscrofte wiefe to Edward Ravenscrofte, gent of Prenton. She dwel1eth and continueth with her husband whoe is butt a poore gent and shee hath byn instructed by the prson butt not bee reformed. FRADHAM DECANATUS BUDWORTH MAGNA Roger Berrie of Cumberbacke A cooke by occupacion an obstinate recusant. He hath a wife & children. He wandereth from town to towne to work and standeth excommunicate and a wrytt de excommunicato capiendo with the sheriff & he hath byn often admonished and is still obstinate. EARSBURNE CAPELLA Maude Kelsall de Kekewke wife of Richard Kelsall a poore man. She hath byn convented before the High Commissioners and imprisoned in the Castle of Chester & yett remayneth obstinate. NETHERPEAVER CAPELLA ]olm Presse a joyner and a poore man and worketh with Sir Hugh Cholmondly, Knight, at Holeford MANCHESTER DECANATUS MANCHESTER P AROCHIA Elizabeth Barlowe sister to Alexander Barlowe of Barlowe esquire, a single woman reputed she hath been heretofore by order of lawe indicted. DEANE P AROCHIA Cuthbert Hulton gent sonne to William Hulton, esquire and dwelleth with his father having no lyving. Marie Hulton Elizabeth Dalton the wife to Robte. Dalton Margarett Hulton. no lyving remayninge with the said William Hulton esquire. DIDDESBURIE Margarett Bucke, the wife of Richard Longford for nott coming to church since midsummer last.



J ames Anderton a vagrant & fugitive pson worth by supposion one hundred poundes, Thomas Wiggan absenteth hymselfe thereof for want of clothes being a poore man. Mr. Shawe parson there a Godlie preacher and taken great peanes in a cure & oft en preacheth there. BOLTON PAROCHIA

Margarett uxor Jacobi Anderton de Lostock, armigeri reformed and repaireth to church as appeareth by certificate to me importing her dutifullness therein Marie Orrell wife of William Orrell of Turton, esquire. lie with their husbands being gentlemen of good living. Richard Key of Intwisell, unmarried & noe householder lieth with his mother in Entwisell. the wife of James Key, widow of Entwistell. William Urmston student in the lawe vagrant & fugitive sometymes resydinge with his brother Richard Urmston of Lostocke. The wife of John Hulton, yeoman dwelling in Bolton, and there is good means used by the preaching to reform them butt they will nott be reformed as yett. a godlie preacher and by publique preaching and conference seeketh to reform them ECCLES PAROCHIA

William Charnocke Judicted sometymes att the house of Robte Chernocke his brother, esquire and sometymes att Astly within the chappelrie of Chorley. His lyving nott knowne nor what penaltie answeredd to her Matie. Henrie Latham Master of Artes Commeth nott to the pishe churche of Eccles to he are service or communicate, resydinge sometymes with George Latham of Eccles, gent, & sometymes elsewhere. The vicar a godlie preacher and by publique sermons and private conference seeketh to reform them. MACLESFEILDE DECANATUS MACCLESFIELD CAPELLA

Adam Padley & his wife. strangers to Darbeshire and now gone thither againe. Appon the L : Archbishoppes of Yorke his visitation to a place called Tiddeswall. NORTHERDEN PAROCHIA

Mrs. Marie Tatton wife to William Tatton esquire Hath byn att church one Sabath daie within this year & a quarter. 71


Marjorie Boothe widowe LXX yeares of age, an obstinate recusant & hath byn delte withall by the minister & yett reformeth nott herselfe, her goods she hath given to her children by deede sixe yeares agoe. Margaret Davenport late wife of William Davenport hath the thirde of her husbands lands and indicted & for ij yeares last paste hath paide two parts thereof to her Matie she resideth sometymes at Bramwall and often with one Mr Sturlie of Darlie neare Chester. She is obstinate & hath byn delt withall often by the minister & nott reformed. MIDDLEWICHE DEANERIE ASBURIE P AROCHIA

Dame Marie Egerton A recusante supposed to have great lyving both spirituall & temporal. Ther value they know nott, she is a householder & resident in the pishe of Asburie & parsonage house there She hath bene indyted heretofore but what penaltie she hath paidde they know nott butt by credible reporte protected appon some yearlie paymente to hir Matie. Cecily Buckley waiting maid to the saidd Lady Egerton, William Chever, head cooke to her Robte Harrison under cooke to her. popish recusants of small value. Mr Calcott, pson there a godlie preacher whoe as well as by publique sermons as private conference seeketh to reform them. OVER PAROCHIA

Alice Starkie wife of John Starkie of Darlie esquire, & Anne Starkie his daughter. Have not hard divine service nor communicated in the parishe churche by the space of iij or iiij yeares and ther is often service & private conference by the minister to them LAWTON P AROCHIA

William Lawton, his wife whose name is Marie. A popish recusant, hir husband sonne & heyre to John Lawton of Lawton, esquire, who is lyving & the saidd Marie is an inheritrix. The saidd William & Marie sojoume wth the saidd John. The pson doth pre ache the word diligently & publiquetie & hath had private conference with her the saidd Marie. NAMPTWICHE DEANERIE ACTON PAROCHIA

Ellene Huxley spinster a vagrant recusant, sometymes att the house of John Caster, Ralf Ankers and sometymes att the house of John Whitbie of Spursall. 72


Richard Eldershaie a householder professinge phisicke heretofore unto convented before the High Commissioners and indicted & conformed & came to the churche butt nowe latelie commeth nott to church. BUNBURIE PAROCHIA

Richard Laughton of Terton, yeoman hath a messuage worth(~ yearlie XXli. Robert Laughton brother of the saidd Richard, a cotager. James Langthon, glover John Langthon, husbandm and Elizabeth his wife-popish recusants Richard Hickson, laborer William Walley of Tarton junior & laborer, Margarett wife of Richard Bosteley-popish recusants. Elizabeth Walley uxor William Walley of Terton, senior, Allice Walley daughter of the said William, spinster, and Thomas Smith of Terton laborer-popish recusants. William Cooke & Isabell his wiefe a cottager, Ellene Wolie, widowe Elizabeth Robinson uxor Ranulphi Robinson Elizabeth uxor Jacobi Homson- -popish recusants Thomas Huxley yeoman of Alboram A tenemente worth xxli. nobles yearlie, a popish and obstinate recusant, hath bene indicted & imprisoned & conferred withall and will not be reformed. Hughe Simms, laborer William Mason, laborer Joanne Borrowes. widowe- popish recusantes John \V'ilson, husbandman, a popish obstinate recusante, hee hath byn imprisoned & indicted and holdeth the halfe of a tenemente. Raphe Cooke and his wiefe cottingers Thomas Woodward sonne of Richard Woodward, laborer-popish recusantes Richard Garnard, husbandman hath a tenemente with vjl. xiijs. iiijd. yearlie a popish recusante William Cheswis Richard Cheswis & Widowe Cheswis popish recusantes & they remaine imprisoned in the Castle of Chester. John Whitbie yeoman Richard his sonne Elizabeth his daugther William Dunne the younger and John Stockton laborers-popish obstinate Recusantes. Jane Pryse spinster a popish recusant George Egerton of Ridley yeoman and his wiefe hath a messuage by yeare worthe XXlie nobles-popish recusantes. Katheren Dunne, widowe William Lucas, laborer of Riestonpopish recusan tes Mr Harvie there, pastor, a godlie & zealous preacher doth publiquelie & privatelie by conference seeke ther reformation. MARBURIE P AROCHIA

William Poole of Marley, gent & his wiefe Joanne his servant-popish recusantes hee hath in Coppiehold landes LX acres worthe XLli. yearlie. 73


John Strete imbroider a tenement of XXVjs. yearlie of the old rente, an obstinate recusant, hath byn conferred with all and imprisoned and yett remayneth obstinate. WRENBURIE P AROCHIA

Margarett Coxey of Smethen, widoe, a popish vagrant fugitive recusant, sometymes at the house of Allen Coxey her sonne and sometymes shee flyeth into the countie of Salopp. BLACKBERNE DECANATUS WHALEY PAROCHIA

Humfrey Dobson husbandman William Gregson, lynnen webster l\fargerie ,his wiefe John Gregson, lynn en webster Jennett his waife J ames Alston, taylor Agnes, his wiefe John Alston sonne of the said James Alston Jane Lawe uxor Jacobi Lawe junior, yeoman J ennett Wood, his servant Richard parker, laborer Christofer Harrison alias Sugar Ide Morton wiefe of Gilbert Morton gentPopish Recusantes residing within the towne of Whalley and indicted by lawe. Robert Lawe, yeoman John Lawe, goldsmith John Ingham, Taylor three notorious papists and great seducers of hir Majesties subjects and ar abydinge within the towne of Wiswall. Agnes Dall, wiefe of Nicholas DaIle, laborer-popish recusants Richard Townelly, gent sonne & heire of John Townley esquire residynge at his howse at Hapron, in Whalley pasishe Publique preachinge by Mr. Osballeston ther vicar and private conference. 'COLNE P AROCHIA

Robert Towneley, gent, sonne to Henrie Townley esquire. residinge .att the house of the said Henrie at Barnefylde. Ellen Sherbourne maide servant of the said Henrie residinge att Barnefylde aforesaid. J ames Bannister, gent residinge at the house of Henrie Bannister .gent att the Parkhill. Barnard Walton servante to the said Henrie Bannister & residinge :at Parkhill. BURNELEY P AROCHIA

Thomas Tarsicar Christopher Holmes servingmen to John Towneley esquire, and reyding att Towneley. Elizabeth Whittaker widowe, a recusant resyding at Towneley. Anne Bannister widowe, resyding at the house of Barnard Towneley, .gent, her father. The wife of Simon Heydocke, gent resydinge with her saidd husband. Jennett Hargreaves widowe resydinge att the house of her sonne William Hargreaves.


Jennett Woodroofe widowe residinge at the house of John Woodroofe of the Bancketoppe. John Winnell husbandman Jane, his wife of Muskrought in Burneley Henry Whittaker, taylor & Grace, his wiefe of Burneley Sara Toneley, spinster of Burneley. William Hargreaves alias Loomshaw, servant with John Woodroofe. of the Bancketoppe, a recusant. John Flither alias Cardinaler a vagrant & fugitive recusant, wandering within the parishe of Burneley. Publique preaching and private conference by the minister. P AD lAM P AROCHIA

John Yate, Henrie Yate Jennett Yate Recusantes, and children of George Yate with whom they resyde. Clementes the wiefe of Roger Pillinge resydinge att a place called the Tower in Hampton, and doth nott dwell with her husband. CHURCHE P AROCHIA

John Rishton, husbandman & Agnes his wife Recusants residinge in the house of the saide John & the said John hath byn indicted heretofore. BLACKBORNE PAROCHIA

Adam Bolton alias Saberie, yeoman, Jane his wiefe, Thomas Bolton, taylor Anne his wiefe Recusantes & reside in Halberie. Robert Caterall, yeoman Alice his wiefe John Dewhurste, husbandman Isabelle his wiefe Alice Dewhurste, spinster servant to the said John Dewhurste of Cleyton in Ie dale, recusantes and residynge in there howses there. Nicholas Bolton of the Asher in Welpshire, gent a vagrant papiste and alreadie indicted. Anne the wiefe of George Talbott, gent of the Carre in Welpshire, gent residinge with her husband. Robert Whitfield of Eckshall, scholemaster Isabell his wiefe liveth uppon a farme & indicted heretofore. J eannett Shorrocke, spinster a vagrant papiste in Blackborne parishe, indicted. HARWOOD CAPELLA

Thomas Hesketh of Martholme in Harwood, gent, indicted as a~ he reported hymself. paidd in partes of his lyvinge to hir Majestie and resideth in Harwood foresaid. SAMSBURIE CAPELLA

Richard Charnell, yeoman a vagrant and fugitive recusante & wanderinge within Samburne. Richard Sagar, scholemaster vagrant and fugitive recusante within Samburne.



Thomas Coweppe William Webster residinge att his owne house and standeth indicted by order of lawe. Katherine, wiefe of John Coweppe, husbandman, Elizabeth the wife of James Woodwacker residing with her husband and obstinate recusantes & revilers, of the minister that conferred with them. Publique preachinge and private conference by Mr Welshe there minister there. LEYLAND DECANATUS STANDISH P AROCHIA

Margerie the wife of Edward Rigbie, yeoman Margarett Halliwell indicted & convicted Anne, the wiefe of Richard Tetlowe, husbandman. indicted & convicted Anne Worthington, of Worthington, gentlewoman, widowe. indicted Aged and poore. Ellene the wife of Alexander Chansay convicted. Thomas Worthington de Blanistoe, gent. Dorothie his mother. indicted & fined, Thomas Worthington his uncle a fugitive seminarie Raphe Crichley, laborer Cecily wife of John Wright husbandman J annett Sherrocke, spinster William Harrison, carpenter convicted. Margarett, the wiefe of Roger Crichlane Margerie Roscowe, spinster -recusants William Anderton, of Anderton, esqre William Platt, yeoman, his man. convicted Henrie Parke, fugitive laborer-recusant Edward Langtree, esquire recusant, repaired to church & hard divine service the xxviijth of J anuarie Elizabeth Langtree his wiefe-recusant Katherine the wife of Richard Houghton, of Park Hall, gentrecusant Jane the daughter of the said Richard Haughton, gent-recusant Grace uxor Oliveri Anderton-recusant The word of God hath byn continuallie preached therefor the space of eight years and private conference had with most of them. LEYLAND PAROCHIA

Raphe Rivington husbandman a poore man indicted according to the Statute -Mris Alice Anderton widowe a fugitive recusant indicted and convicted of Recusancy and hath neither landes nor goodes. James Brindle, a popish recusant-a fugitive indicted & convicted of Recusancy neither landes nor goodes. Charles Wierden a popish recusant indicted & convicted of Recusancie, hath heither landes nor goodes that wee knowe of. 76

Alice Lockwood spinster a popish recusant, indicted & convicted of recusancie. She dwelleth with her father in Leyland. Richard Worthington of Heapie a Recusante under the name of Apothecarie. Henrie Parkes, husbandman-fugitive recusant from place to place. Roger Lockwood-fugitive recusant Ellen Lockwood his wife a recusant, dwelleth with her father. Jane Anderton, spinster daughter to Mtrs Alice Anderton, widowe not known in what certen place shee abydeth. [There minister, a preacher, and (exorteth everie Sundaie) they knowe nott what is paidd to her majestie uppon ther indictment] CROSTON PAROCHIA

William Gradell of Ulneswalton & Alice his wife-indicted of recusancy according to the Statute, He liveth in the estate of a husbandman uppon his tenement & lande. Hath land about xxvijth. acres part whereof is his owne for the which hee hath compownded not known what sort. Gilbert Burstowe of Bispam, husbandman convicted of Recusancv -according to the Statute, a poore husbandman uppon a small tenement. Nicholas Maudesley de Maudesley, laborer convicted of recusancie. Imprisoned heretofore but nowe enlarged, a poore man. William Wignall and William J ackes, laborers convicted, hath neither landes nor goo des & a vagrant recusant There hath byn publique and severall instructions used for there reformation. PAROCHIE PRESENTE Margerie Maudesley a poore recusant. Thomas Heskett, gent surgeone and lyeth with his mother the Ladie Heskett att Marthom, convicted & indicted. Margaret Burstoe, the wife of Gilbert Burstoe de Byspamrecusant Jane Burstoe spinster-recusant Anne Tisurge of Croston, spinster-convicted, poore Jennett the wife of Thomas Mason, clarke-recusant PENTWORTHAM P AROCHIA

Marie Huddleton wife of Andrew Huddleton of Farringdon, gent popish recusante, Shee is lyvinge with her husband, but not resident con tin uallie. The Curatt hath often conferred with her butt noe reformation had of her. P AROCHIA Anne, the wife of Hugh Tompson, parishe clarke, Dorothie the wife of Hughe Nelson, gent John Prescot, the elder, laborer. Jane ECCLESTON


the wife of Edward Hollande husbandman. William Prescott the youngest, webster John Simson, carpenter-recusants. BRINDHALL P AROCHIA

noe recusants in this parish sauing John Bateson, Tailor. Cowoppe the wife of Tho: Cowoppe.



Dorothie wife to William Massie of Rixton, esquire-recusant Anne Massie of Rixton, sister to the saidd William Massie-recusant. Anne Rowlinson of Rixton, widowe-a poore gentlewoman Anne, daughter to Adam Hawarden of Wolston, esquire-recusant Anne Aston of Overford, widowe-recusante in Lyvinge L iijs iiijd. yearlie, householder & indicted by lawe. Alice, wife to John Aston of Overford, gent-recusant Jane wife to Roger F earmehead of Overford, husbandman Recusant. In lyving to the yearlie value of XLs. Richard Maudesley-recusant Julian Patton de Warrington, widowe recusant & poore householder Dowse Patton, daughter to the saidd Julian, spinster recusant, goeth to her frends in Cheshire and Lancashire. There parson a preacher whoe seeketh by publique preachinge & private conference to reform them. WIGAN PAROCHIA

Anna, uxor Raphe Standishe gent she pretendeth some distraction of minde. Hee of good substance Joanne Harrie, widowe. Thomas Birch, cooper, fugitive. Anna, uxor Robt Pinnington, junior. Jane, the wife of Lawrance Wood, yeoman. Raphe Moleneux, of the Hadgate, laborer. Elizabeth, his wife. Margerie Moleneux, uxor J ohannis Moleneux Margarett uxor Oliveri Markland, gent of good abilitie. Adam Winstonley, gardener, fugitive. Jane, uxor euisdem Adami, Margareta uxor J ohannis Brown, laborer. Anne uxor Petri Harte, flaxman. of good abilitie. Ellene uxor Rogeri Haslam, pedler. Allice, the wiefe of William Fourthe, junior of the Scholes, weaver. Elizabeth uxor Jacobi Wood, laborer. Jane uxor Hugonis Wood, thatcher. Margerie uxor Jacobi Longshawe, weaver. Ellene Glasbrooke, spinster. Elizabeth uxor Thome Taylor, laborer. Margerie Lathwhatt, spinster, indicted. Ellene uxor Jacobi Lowe, tailor.-Recusants. Thomas Fairbrother, potter Jane uxor Thomas Fairbrother, potter Margerie uxor Jacobi Anderton, pewterer Margarett uxor Jacobi Smith, tailor Margarett uxor Richardi Farneworth, tailor The wife of Richard Tomlinson, of the woodhouses, widow The wife of Alexander Buckly, husbandman. Isabell Hollingshead, widowe of the Slanesgate. Katherine Bullocke, uxor Robert Bullocke, shoemaker. Elizabeth uxor J ohnannis Bullocke, shoemaker. 78

Ellena uxor Otwell Fairhurst, skinner of good abilitie. Lore the wife of Gilbert Barrowe, gent. Alice, uxor of Thomas Harrison, innkeeper. Anna, uxor to Willemi Burgess, gerdler. Alice the wife of William Gerard, potter, indicted. Anna uxor Thomae Holcroft, lynnenman, of good abilitie. Alice uxor Willemi Grange, butcher. Jennett, uxor Gilberti Birchall, widowe. J ames Deane & Ellen his wife, butcher. Elenor uxor Oliveri Orrell, widowe, poore. Alice uxor Thomae Almond, butcher. Joanne uxor Edmundi Linthwaite, gent. Marjorie Never, spinster. Elizabeth uxor Williami Wood, smith. Elizabeth uxor of Hugonis Crancke, tanner. Grace, uxor Thorn Mouldinge, potter. Grace, the wife of William Scotte, in the milnegate, potter. Margarett Lee, spinster. Dowsabell uxor Jacobi Hollinshead, taylor. William Marsden, skynner. Anne his wife. Anne uxor William Whalley, potter. Joanna uxor J ohannis Harvie potter, welthie. Alice uxor Thomas Tising, laborer. Margaret uxor Roberti Markland, smithe. Grace Bradshawe, vidua. Elena uxor Adami Ricrofte, carrier. J ana, uxor J ohannis Leyland, fuller. Elizabeth Leighe, vidua Margeria uxor Gilberti Forth, potter. Jennett uxor Thomae Tarleton, smith. Margerie uxor Radolphi Scott, mercer. Uxor Jacobi Anderton, panner. John Farebrother, brasier. PEMBERTON VILLA PAROCHIA DE WIGAN

Joanne Laithwaht vidua a gentlewoman of good wealth, indicted tenne pounds a yeare. Is charged uppon her land & hir majestie butt she holdeth by agreement as ytt is said in the exchequier Anne Lathwaite, her daughter, indicted William Molenex, fugitive Sibill Molenex wife to William Molenex, gent indicted, liveth from her husband, Emma uxor Gilberti Nightgale, laborer. James Molenex, husbandman of good habilitie Anna uxor Radolphi Ramford, taylor John Barker alias Turner, laborer. Elena Pemberton uxor Ricardi Pemberton, alias Higginson, gent. Margeria Forth, vidua. Anna Marshe uxor Gilberti Marshe. Margeria uxor John Mosse, husbandmanRobert Lathwhaite,senior,husbandman hath a tenement. Alicia uxor Richardi Rylands, lynnenman. Uxor William Darbeshire, laborer. Anna uxor Williamau Naylor, of good abilitie Anna uxor Radolphi Harvie, webster, indicted. Joanna uxor Thomae Milenir, senoris, yeoman. Cicilia uxor Hugonis Kilshaw, husbandman. Joanna uxor Guilfridi Harvie, laborer, poore. THINDLEY VILLA IN P AROCHIA DE WIGAN

Edward Lanckton, gent Francis his wife indicted & confined. uxor Williamae Stanwaight, gent. Robert Lanckton, webster. The late wife of John Culcheth, esquire, aged Elizabetha uxor Thomae Abram, gent. INCE VILLA PAROCHIA DE WIGAN

Raphe Pemberton alias Higginson, laboror uxor Johannis Taylor, de Moss, vidua.

Anna uxor Johannis 79

Taylor de Westward, yeoman uxor William Platt de Platt Bridge, husbandman of good abilitie. ASPULL VILLA PAROCHIA DE WIGAN

Anna uxor Thomae Pemberton, Houghton, gent.


Ellin uxor Radolphi


William Braeshaw, gent. Francis uxor Radolphi Winstanley, husbandman Margeria uxor Oliversi Entwisell, vidua hath a good tenement. ABRAM VILLA PAROCHIA



John Ashton, filius John Ashton de Barforland, gent. Henrie Launce, gent.



Cecily Orrell, spinster William Burton de Brownheathe, husbandman-indictitatus. GILLING IN PAROCHIA DE WIGAN

Robert Chadocke, husbandman, indicted. uxor Humfridi Winstanley of the Houghwood, widowe of poore abilitie. ELLAND P AROCHIA PRAEDICTI

Margaret uxor John Orrell, de Holland, gent, widowe-indicted. Ellen Barber, widowe, A good tenemente. George Crosse Wright-a popish recusant Thomas Parker, of Dalton, yeoman. confined to goe fyve miles aboute. DALTON ET ORRELL

Jennet Hey wife of William Hey, smith fugitive Thomas Toppinge of Orrell Slater. Elie, sister of Thomas Whalley. Anne Fairhurste, vidua Joanna uxor Richardi Tabberner Elizabeth Topping, spinster. Hughe Tabberner, laborer Elizabeth uxor Jacobi Turner, husbandman. Elizabeth uxor Jacobi Tallor, husbandman. Att Wigan church the woarde of God hathe byn contunuallie preached. WALTON PAROCHIA

William Spencer, husbandman, Alicia eius uxor Richard Kidde, husbandman. Margaret eius uxor Richard Fisher, husbandman Isabell eius uxor Elena uxor Davidi Whitfield, yeoman of Fazacarley householders. Thomas Kydd de eadem-a poore man Jane wife of Robert Tarleton, yeoman Elizabeth Rylands, spinster Alice Croston, spinster of Walton. 80

Edward Tarleton, a yeoman & his wiefe indicted and by report viij Ii. yearlie answered to hir majestie. LIVERPOOLE

Alice Pepper, spinster-absent from church since Whitsuntide laste. DARBIE CAPELLA

Margaret Fazacarley, gent uxor Henrie Flecher uxor William Smithe uxor Roberti Londsale Margaret Burke, vidua Briann Charles et eius uxor uxor William Mercer Radolphi Mercer. Jane Bennett, vidua of Darbie, householders recusants. WINWICKE PAROCHIA

Dame Lucie uxor William Stanley, armigeri William Cheshere de Holme husbandman. uxor Henrici Haswall, carpenter John Bennett, laborer Anne Bowker, spinster Gowther Cooke Henrie his sonne & one of his daughters, of Ashton. Thomas Gerard of the newe hall gent & Jane his wiefe. John Gerard his sonne and Jane his daughter Elizabeth filia Dicti Thomae J osua Gerard, gent vVilliam Stretbarrell de Middleton. Gawen Atherton scrvyngman. Elizabeth Gooden, de Ashton, vidua. uxor Jacobi Olivers, husbandman Nicholas Hasleden, husbandman et eius uxor. Robert Arowsmithe, husbandman & Marjorie eius uxor. Elizabeth Kenion, spinster. Peter Houghton, sonne of John Houghton Thomas Hasleton of Ledenhay, laborer. Preachinge often used and service orderlie. SEPHTON PAROCHIA

William Blundell, esquire & Cicilie his wife, de Little Crosbie Householders there and indicted. His Ian des season appon to hir Majesties use as ytt is reported and the same granted to hym from hir Majestie for a rente, INDICTED

L awrence Barron Richard Barker, Mellinge, widowe yeoman

Margarett his wife



Robert Mellinge Thomas Holmes George Makin vagrant persons butt wheare they wander nott known. All these are vagrant persons butt wheare they wander nott known William Mellinge, husbandman Anne, late wife of Brian Holme, widoe Anne wife of Antonie Darwin, husbandman Cyslie wiefe of Robert Mellinge, laborer Anne Pinnington, spinster. householders there-resyding there. OF LITTLE CROSBIE

W illiam Rice, saylor, Margaret his wiefe, Peter Stocke, servingman Raphe Starkie, husbandman Elizabeth his wiefe Margerie, wiefe of G


Janes Rice, husbandman Grace Tarleton, spinster Richard Johnson Richard Rice laborers Emme wiefe of Hughe Reynold, husbandman. Margerie Mercer, vidua Grace, wiefe of Edward Booth, Alice wiefe of Richard Bolton, Anne Mercer, spinster. householders & residinge. Alyce Tyror, widow Marjerie Tyro, spinsterr, householders and residinge. INDICTED

Marie Maghull, widowe Elen wife of Richard Maghull, yeoman householders & residinge. DE MOORHOUSES

Richard Dairbie, sailor John Walley, laboror residinge there. DE CARHOUSES

Elene uxor there.







Katherine uxor William Tarleton, yeoman residinge there DE THORNETON

Alice uxor Edwardi Forber alias Urmston lynnen webster residing there Publique preachinge continuallie by Mr. Nutter, person there, private conference. Presentments uppon there Recusancie. PRESCOT PAROCHIA

Richard Taylor of Prescott, bachelor, sometymes in Prescott. Sometimes in Winnicke within Stanley. William Hayward, yeoman Thomasin his wiefe. Anne uxor Thomae Girard de Ramehill, gent Katherine Glover, widowe Margaret uxor J ohannis Lea, gent Margaret Blundell, widowe. de Ramehill. Jane Eltonhead, widowe-sometymes in Sutton sometymes in Ditton with Mr. William Dichfield. Adam Heyward, husbandman Margaret, his wiefe. in Sutton housekepers. John Woodfall, yeoman Margerie his wiefe John Tyror, webster. - - his wiefe. Katherine Sutton, vidua William Ede, tailor, Jane his wiefe Jane Eltonhead, widow William Smith, piper, webster. Jane his wiefe. Richard Dobson, bachelor with


his father John Dobson. Anna uxor Peted Kenion. all of Sutton house keepers savinge Dobson. Edward Eccleston, gent Marie his wiefe abidinge with Mr. Eccleston there father. Elenor Malbon, widowe in Eccleston, housekeeper de Eccleston Grace uxor J ohannis Singleton, de Eccleston John Lee, webster Isabell eius uxor sojourners with Thomas Ashton the younger. John Chadicke, tailor-noe housekeeper vagrant here & there. Jane uxor Henrici J ollebrant-de Eccleston with her husband there. Oliver Mainwaring, gent Nargerie his wiefe de Windle, housekeepers. Henrie Tra:ves, gent, noe housekeeper, sometymes in Whiston and Windle. James Traves, brother to the saidd Henrie, a young gent, not known where he continueth. Joanne uxor Roberti Roughley, Thomas Houghton, joyner Elizabeth his wiefe Edward Taylor, skynner. Thomas Forber, carpenter. Jane his wiefe Ellen Smith widowe Edward Orshard, laboror de Windle housekeepers. William Traves, servant to the wife of Mathew Traves. sometymes in Windle, sometymes in Bold. Henrie Heyward- sometymes in Windle sometymes with Mr. Edward Eccleston. Peter Arrosmith- gone out of the countrie Anne Menie, widowe-de Wiston Richard Menie, gent Anne his wiefe, sojoiners with his mother in Wiston. Katherine uxor Jacobi Pemberton, gent de Wiston. Peter Wetherbie, gent Margaret his wiefe de Wiston, househeepers Robert Love, colier Roger Whitfeilde, tailor Elizabeth Gussett, widowe, de Wiston housekeepers Alice Ticke, spinster-in Wiston; Sojoiner with her mother Henrie Latham, gent. Margarett his wiefe-in Rumforth, housekeepers. Henrie Latham Thomas Latham sonnes of the said Henrie abydinge with there father. John Latham Elizabeth Foge-servant to Mr. Latham foresaid. Bryan Heyward, yeoman. Anne his wiefe-de Parre-housekeepers John Mosse- husbandman Jane his wiefe-in Parre-housekeeper. Edward Parre, butcher. Katherine his wiefe-in Parre, our of the countrie by report. Ellen Knowles, widowe in Parre-householder. FARMEWORTH PAROCHIA DE PRESTON PRAEDICTA

uxor Hugonis Shepley Elizabeth Shepley-de Croton, housekeeper. Katherine Marshe, widowe Katheryn Marshe uxor Thomae Marshe de Sutton housekeeper William Ireland Margaret Carter William Trevis fugitives. Margaret Blundell, widowe-a fugitive but hath parte of lyving in Bold. For meanes to reforme them there hath byn and is publique instruction & private conference with many of them in Prescott parish & they most of them will nott abyde conference.




Elizabeth Tillesley, widowe, hath in her joynture one house called Entwisell and she resideth there & sometymes att Morleys-indicted by order of lawe and hath been confined accordinge to the statute and one Mr. Leighe by report hath a grant of her livinge from her majestie. William Sale of Hopkes, gent of yearlie value in livinge by estimation vj li. xiijs. iiijd. or thereabouts indycted by order of lawe, confined accordinglie and by reporte Sarjante Bradshawe hath a grante of two parte of his lyvinge from hir Majestie. John Bradshawe, laborer-fugitive-indicted Raphe Partington, webster. Elinor his wiefe-indicted, a poore cottynger resyding in Tillesley Roger Smethhurste, webster William Smethhurste, tailor fugitive wandering uppe and downe & indicted. Henrie Hinley Peter Atkinson Elizabeth Tompson servants to Mistress Tillesley-indicted. Margarett Durham alias Dey uxor Johannis Durham indicted by lawe Ellen wife of Edmund Bolton-indicted. Gyles Grundie Grace his wiefe fugitive wandereth with small merceres wares uppe & downe the countrie. Anne Sale de Hopker, widowe-indicted, her lyving yearlie iij li. vjs. viijd. Elizabeth Sale, spinster, her daughter residing with her mother. George Bradshawe, sonne of Christopher Bradshawefugitive Roger Shuttleworth, bachelor-fugitive in that parish. Roger Sale, fugitive, remaying att Moserscoe for the most parte & a fugitive Margaret uxor Christopheri Bradshawe de Gravocke. Elizabeth uxor Thomae Latham, gent, residing at Bedforth. ] ohn Partington, sonne of Raphe Partington-a fugitive. Margarett the Ladie Atherton, uzor Williamae Edward, gent, residing att the Lodge with Mr. Atherton her sonne. Adam Bolton Elizabeth his wiefe de Astley There is in this parish publique preaching by there vicar. ORMISCHURCH PARISH

Claris uxor Roberti \Voodes, yeoman Elizabeth uxor Petri Mason, yeoman Anne uxor Edwardi Scarisbricke armigeri-who was once about ij yeares since at church and her husband a farmer. Shee hath come to church monthlie. Katherine Jumpe uxor Thomae Jumpe Elizabeth Sharleciars, spinster Alice uxor Roberti Suche, husbandman Margaret uxor Roberti Bradshawe, husbandman John Gorsuche, sonne and heyre apparent of James James Gorsich, gent. Elizabeth Alker, spinstera wanderer from house to house. Gabriell Shaw, once a schoolmaster, who hath an annuitie yearlie Maude, wiefe of Richard Leighe, servingman. Anne Langley, spinster. Katherine Langley, late wiefe of John Langley, husbandman, Thomas Waynewright, butcher. Margareta Maudesley Jane Barton uxor Thomas


Barton, husbandman Richard Aspinwall, husbandman, indicted now in prison. Preachinge by the vicar publiquelie manie tymes in the yeare. AUGHTON PAROCHIA

Brigett uxor Edwardi Stanley- gent. Anna, uxor Thomae Aspinwall, husbandman. Jennett uxor Milonis Hesketh Elizabeth Gerard, widowe. Anne Rushton, widowe, gone out of the parish. -recusants. Continual preachinge in the parish and privatt conference by Mr. Nutter parson there.



Alice, wiefe of Tho: Ballard, yeoman Anne wiefe of Robert Hutchin, husbandman householders. Indicted. Marie Woodfall, widowe Isabell her maid, her lyvinge vj li. xiiijs. iiijd. yearliecontinuing att woodfall sometymes-Indicted. Thomas Woodfall, tailor-fugitive, indicted. John Mutche, laborer George Ackers, called a poore man. Alice, wife of William Spencer, yeoman, a freeholder of Huyton towne-indicted. Jane uxor Edwardi Heyward de Torbocke husbandman-indicted. Anna uxor Gilberti Holme, yeoman, householder, indicted. Anne wiefe of Antonie Stocklie, yeoman freeholder-indicted. Jane Wood, spinster, hath nott anie dwellinge place-indicted. Jane uxor vVilliamae BotIe, husbandman, householder, indicted. Raphe Gursache, husbandman & householder Dulcie his wiefe- indicted. Margarett BotIe, spinster-hath not anie dwellinge place- indicted. CHILDWALL P AROCHIA

Henrie Richdale, husbandman-householder Raphe Hitchmonghe, husbandman-householder. Elizabeth, late wife of Richard Chever -widowe John Allenson-Iaborer Alice uxor Richardi Wardhusbandman Anne Allinson-spinster John Lake Ellen his wiefe William Lake-husbandman Alice his wiefe Ellen Whitfieldwidowe Robert Lake-laborer Jeunett Chever-widowe Anne Lake-spinster. William Howard-lynner webster Katheren his wiefe Percival Chever-carpenter J eannett Ireland-widowe Thomas Taylor-laborer Isabell Congrove-spinster William Charles-laborer, householders in Garston Alice Sadler-widowe Isabell Asmalee-widowe Margarett Crosse -spinster Ellene Woodley-spinster of Waretrie J ennett Vose-widowe William Hitchmonghe-Iynnen webster Thomas Latham. para Wolton Elizabeth his wiefe-hard service half a yeare since butte repared nott to churche since that time. William Sadler, laborer. Elizabeth Hughson-widowe Alice late wiefe of Henrie Amond-householder William Fazacerley laborer de Allerton Elizabeth Corte widowe-a fugitive. Edward Hitchmonghe-husbandman Jane his wiefe Henrie Cheney


-laborer Elizabeth Milner-widowe Peter Wainewright-Iaborer Henrie Corker-husbandman Isabell his wiefe James Pilkington laborer Edmund Chever-husbandman Henrie Mones-laboror William Wainwright Edward Waynewright husbandmen Jeanett Brooks-widowe Katherine Wiswall-spinster James Barkerhusbandman Jane Norres widowe John Pendleton-husbandman Henrie Cocke-husbandman William N orres Elizabeth his wiefe. Recusants householders within Speeke Edward Pendleton-indicted by order of lawe, a ryche freeholder and payeth nothing to hir Majestie knowne in the parish. William Richardson-husbandman Ellen his wiefe William Mercer -husbandman John Holme William Holme-laborer Margaret Bradshaie-widowe de Oglett householders. John Orme-husbandman-refused the communion offered to him. Barberie his wiefe Anna uxor Henrici Whitfield-de Halewood. The minister a preacher laboreth with dailie exhortacions, instructions and teaching to reclaim them and seeks there reformation & amendments. HALE CHAPELL DE CHILDW ALL

Ellen Leadbeater uxor Richardi Leadbeater-husbandman de Haile towne Margareta uxor. Henrici Hitchmonghe-husbandman de Haile towne. John Birchall-husbandman de Halebancke Alice uxor J ohannis N ovis de Halewood J eannet Catton-widowe de Eadem Anne Tarleton-widowe John Wilson, a fugitive & a seducer Nicholas Malpas a fugitive & a seducer Thomas Hitchmonghe et eius uxor de Halebancke Peter Gill-husbandman et eius uxor The wiefe of Robert Crosbie de ,Hall Anna & Gilbert Michlowe-husbandmen The wiefe of Thomas Stineson Alice William-daughter servant to John Johnson. de Halebanke HALL P AROCHIA Anne Toppinge-spinster-removed to Ormschurch parish the wiefe of Edward Otie-seen at church weeke since. Margareta uxor Lawrentii Ireland of Lidcott, esquire. The wiefe of John Moore, resident there Richard Holme-carpenter Marie Poole widowe-indicted Heretofore for an Agnus Dei, now fugitive. Margerie More alias Fleetwood, reformed heretofore butt nowe cometh not to churche. Christopher Eccleston-fugitive and persuader to poperie. This is a trewe abstracte of all the severall presentments within the Archdesconrie of Chester.


A true certificate of the names of all Popishe Recusantes within the Archdeaconrie of Richmonde & Diocese of Chester. Together


with theire Estates Degrees and value in lyveliehood, which of them be householders whoe residinge in their countrie and whoe vagrantes and where and what meanes be used for their conformetie so farre as coulde be learned by Inquisicon lately made thereof by us Robte Parkinson and Edmunde Parkinson batchelors in the Lawe Comissaries to the Reverend Father in God Hughe Bishoppe of Chester wthin his Archdeaconrie of Richmonde afforesaid By virtue of Letters of commandment and direccon in that behalf Geven by the LLs. and others of her Matie most Honorable privie Councell and accordinge to the said letters. And where there is no mencion of orfull answere made unto any of the said points and circumstances yt is for that t~ere coulde no further knowledge be learned thereof by the ministers and churchwardens. RICHMOND DEANERIE RICHMOND PARISH

G Marie Gower wife of Roger Gower gent G Jane Wray wife of William Wray gent G Barbarie Warde wife of Robert Warde gent. Elizabeth Willance wife of Richarde Willance draper of Richmonde -householders of Competent value in Lykelihood for their callings. G Anne Barton wife of Thomas Barton, gent. Residinge in house wth the said Richardi Williance her father the father of the said Thomas Barton yet lyvinge Robert Lowicke, laborer Katherin Lowicke his wif Nycholas Owthwaite slater Anne Owthwaite his wif Dorothie Walker wif of Willm vValker mercer of Richmond, householders poore the parson there beinge a preacher haith confered wth them all, as he saith for there reformacion. GILLlNG PARISH

G Jane Gascoigne wife of Richard Garcoigne of Sidberie, Esquire, householder of verie good and worshippll. lyvinge & riche in goods, she indicted. John Wright John Ovington yeomen, sometymes Remayninge in house wth the said Richarde Gascoigne, but often vagrant not knowne where. The sayd John Wright worth by estimacon in goode LX li. FFORCETT PARISH

G Elizabeth Pudsay of Barfourth wydowe, householder late wif of Thomas Pudsay of Barfourth esquire. She haith landes and Tenementes to the yearlie value of CC li. by estimacon Indicted & a penaltie thereon answered to her Matie of XL ii. yearlye as is reported. Robte Wilson yeoman Richard Browne servantes in the house wth the said Elizabeth Pudsay. 87

Elizabeth Buckle Margaret Hunter spinsters. Henrie Newtome of Barthforthe Robte Cleyton of Herigholme Hellen Cleyton his wife yeoman householders of competent lyving and wealthe for their callinge. Charles Cleyton yeoman, sonne of the said Robte Clayton in house wth hym. Janet Holme Marie Dent wydowes Margaret Brashawe spinster Robte Slinger tailor of Barfourth Dykes householders, poore. Agnes Dixson wif of Robte Dixson of Barfourth Dykes yeoman, householder, worth by estimacon in goods xiij li. vjs. viijd. Marie Key spinster daughter to Marie Dent aforesaid and in house wth her. Poore. Roger Slinger, of Little Hooton, yeoman, householder, he hath a farme worth by estimacon yearlie V li. Janet Slinger his wife. Anne Allan wife of Francis Allan of Forcett yeoman, householder, he occupieth ffarmynge worth by estimacon V li. yearlye. Janet Berrie, widowe Margaret Shutte spinster of fforcett, poore, householders. Margaret Gibson of Eppleby, wydowe, householder worthe by extimacon in ffarmynge and goods XL li. Thomesyn Gibson, spinster daughter of the said Margaret Gibson and in house wth her worth by extimacon XX li. William Granger of Forcet yeoman, householder, poore. George Lowes pedler Agnes Lowes his wif of Eppleby, householders worth by estimacon in ffarmynge and goods, vj li. vjs. viijd. Agnes Cotes wif of James Cotes of Eppleby, yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in ffarmynge, and goodes, XXV li. Margaret Marley, wife of John Marley, of Eppleby, yeoman, householder, wort he by estimacon in goodes XX li. Elizabeth Fforrande, wife of William Fforande of Eppleby, yeoman householder worth by estimacon in goods V li. Issabell Parcivell wife of James Parcivall of Eppleby, yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in goodes V li. Janet Ovington of Eppleby, wydowe, householder, worthe by estimacon in goodes, V li. Byron Ovington, laborer Elizabeth Ovington, spinster sonne & daughter of the said Janet Ovington, in house wth her, poore. Janet Startfourthe, wydowe William Bayles, laborer. Alison Bayles his wife William Wawbancke, laborer Elizabeth Wawbancke Agnes Noble spinsters Anthony Shutte laborer Margaret Shutte his wife George Wright yeoman Alice Ovington wife of John Ovington yeoman of Eppleby householders poore All of this parish of Fforcett are indicted. Great meanes hath bene used there by the vicar beinge a preacher for there conformetie. STANWIGGE PARISH

G Anthony Cattericke of Stanwigges esquire G Joice Cathericke his wife, he haithe landes by estimacon to the value of CL li. yeare two partes whereof longe agoe in his father George Catherickes tyme for his then Recusancy were granted by lease to one Robte Wytham, gent, and XL li. rent reserved to her Matie wch lease as yt is thought is since comme to the handes of


one Mr. Loskaye who married the wydowe of the said Robte Wytham and by meanes thereof the said yearlye rent of XL li. still answered to her Matie. They are residinge for the most parte in house wth the Lady Askewe his mother in lawe in Cumberland, and stand indicted. STANWIGGE PARISH

G Margaret Cathericke of Stanwiggs gent wydowe householder, Indicted. She hath in consideracon of her wydowe right in landes. & lyvinge to the value of LX li. yearlie by estimacon. G vVilliam Catherwicke G John Catherwicke sonnes of the said Margarett Catherwicke residy'Ilg in house wth her, Indicted. having either of them a yearlie annytie of vi li., xiijs. iiijd. G Anthony Metcalf of Stanwigge gent, householder Elinor Metcalf his wife, he hath a lease of a tenement worthe by estimacon Xli. yearlie, they are indicted. Grace Lamberte wydowe in house with the said Anthony Metcalf her sonne in lawe and by him manteyned. She indicted. Richard Nychelson of Kirkebrigge, yeoman. Grace Nycholson his wife, householders, indicted worthe in goo des by estimacon Xli. Alexander Nycholson of Kirkebrigge, yeoman, householder, worthe in goodes by estimacon iiij li. Indicted. Christopher Nycholson yeoman, sonne of the said Alexander Nicholson and in house wth hym, poore. indicted. Alice Dnes Elizabeth Mynykin widowes Edward Dalton laborer Dorathie Dalton his wif Elizabeth Mason wiefe of William Mason Jane Ffirbanke wif of Stephen Ffirbanckehusbandman Grace Manfielde wif of John Manfield husbandman Thomas Sadler laborer Margaret Sadler his wife Simon Dobyson pedler his wif Jenet Wilde wife of Anthony Wilde-husbandman Marie Appleby wife of Peter Appleby-husbandman Issabell Helcote, wydowe of Aldburghe householders, poore indicted Marie Dent of Hie close wydowe, householder poore, indicted. George Stubbs of Aldbrughe, a vagrant parson, sometymes at Aldebrughe and sometymes wandreth into Cumberland. Poore not indicted. Janet Brashawe of Heigh Close, wydowe, householder, poore not indicted. Isabell Kinge, spinster, a vagrant person sometymes residinge at Stanirigges and sometymes resortethe intothe Bishopricke of Dureham, poore not indicted. GRINTON PARISH

Alison Collier wife of Raphe Collier of Grinton yeoman, householder he hath landes and ffarmyage worthe by estimacon V li. xiijs. iiijd. yearlie. Agnes Stockdale wife of Raynolde Stockdale of Grinton. She keepeth a victalinge house there, he a vagrant person and wandereth not known where. Christabell Wawne of Whiteside, widowe, householder, poore. John Garthe of Reethe yeoman Anne Garthe his wyfe householders poore Margerie Hirde, spinster,. daghter of Robert Hirde of Reethe and in house with hym, poore.

Alison Tailor, of Reethe, spinster, householder, poore. Anthony ffreere of ffetham, yeoman no householder-Riche in goo des and hath somme farmynge. Agnes Metcalf of Gunnerside, wydowe householder poore. Agnes Robinson of Gunnerside, wydowe in house wth Christopher Robinson her sonne. G Raphe Kearton of Grimside yeoman householder. Alison Kearton his wife, he a man evell given and doth muche hurte by pswadinge of others to popirie wch otherwais as is thought would be dutifull. He is worthe by estimacon in landes and lyvinge iij li. vjs. viijd. yearlie and in goodes verie Riche. Agnes Kearton wife of Anthony Kearton of Grimside yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in Ian des and ffarmynge yearlie vj li. xiijs. iiijd. and Riche in goodes. Agnes Hutchenson wife of John Hutchinson of Grimside, yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in ffarmyage yearlie vj li. xiijs. iiijd. and also of sufficent goode. Agnes Metcalf wife of Bryan Metcalf of Grimside yeoman, householder worthe by estimacon in ffarmynge yearlie vj li. and Riche in goode. GRINTON PARISH

Elizabeth Metcalf wife of Jeffrey Metcalf of Grimside yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in Ian des and ffarmynge yearlie vj li. xiijs. iiijd. James Wharton of Grimside, tailor, householder. Epham Wharton his wife, he hath a ffarme worthe yearlie by estimacon xxs.-otherwise poore. Margaret Metcalf spinster Margaret Metcalf wydowe of Grimside householders-poore. George Metcalf, yeoman, poore, in house with John Metcalf of Micacre his brother. Raphe Alderson of Micacre, yeoman Marie Alderson his wife householders worthe in ffarmynge by estimacon yearlie XX xIs. and in different Riche in goods. Alison Clarke wife of Thomas Clarke of Muacre yeoman, householder, Indifferent Riche in goods John Metcalf of Mucacre yeoman, householder he occupieth a ffarme worthe by estimacon yearlie IX li . and is indifferent Riche in goods for his callynge, Margaret Metcalf his mother. James Metcalf his brother in house with him havinge some interest in the same ffarme for there maytenance Alison Clarkeson wife of Edward Clarkeson of Stonsdale, yeoman, householder, worth in ffarmynge yearlie by estimacon V li. and indifferent riche in goods for his callinge J enet Clarkson, spinster in house wth Wydowe Clarke son of Sataron poore, All of this parish of Grinston aforesaid stand indicted no penaltie thereon answereth. The Vicar there beinge no preacher hath conferred wth suche of them as hee could meete wth all for there reformacon. M I DLETON TIAS PARISH

G Katherin Boomer of Gaterby wydowe householder of what value in lyvlihood cannot be learned.


Bryan Smythson of Cowton Grange yeoman, householder, of indifferent good value in lyvelihood for hys callinge. G Margaret Ffranke of Kneton wydowe late wife of Henrie ffrancke esquire householder but of smaule value in lyvlihood for her callinge. G Thomas Francke G J ohan Francke sonne & daughter of the said Margaret Ffrancke and in house with her of smaule or no value in lyvlihood. G Elizabeth Ffrancke, wife of George Ffrancke of Kneton esquire, householder of vii] li. landes in the subsidie booke. G Christopher Ffrancke in house with the said George Ffrancke his brother. William Tompson, tailor Thomas Middleton, carpenter of Midleton Tias, householders poore. All of this Midleton Tias parish aforesaid stand indicted. The vicar there beinge a preacher hath profered conference to everyone of them and hath conferred wth dyvers of them HINTON AND LATON CHAPPELRY

Cuthbte Bayles of West laton carpenter Mercye Bayles his wife householders poore. G Mtrs-Husseye, wydowe, householder, late wife of Thomas Husseye esquire in house with Cuthbte Bayles affaresaid her sonne in lawe of Little or no value in lyvelihood Margaret Atkinson wife of Roger Atkinson of West layton, yeoman householders poore indicted. Thomas Nesham husbandman of West laton Agnes Nesham, his wife householders worthe by estimacon in goodes XX li. Isabell Thrinkeld wife of John Thrinkeld laborer Widow Thrinkeld in house wth John Thrinkeld her sonne of West laton householders, poore. G Francis Wyc1iffe, gent, a vagrant person sometimes resorting to West laton and sometymes wanderinge into the Bishopricke of Durham. MANFELD PARISH

Marmaduke Parkin of Cliffe, yeoman, householder worthe by estimacon yearlie in ffarmynge iiij li. and in goods Xli. Jane Bales wife of Thomas Bales of Manfeld, husbandman, householder worthe by estimacon yearlie in ffarmynge X li. and in goods xlli. G Cecill Norton wife of Edmunde Norton of Clowberke, gent, householder, his lyvinge worthe yerlye by estimacon L li and worthe in goods CCCCC markes G Elizabeth Norton, daughter of the said Edmund Norton in house wth her father and by him mantayned. Robert Cuthberte yeoman, late schoolmaster at Manfelde, a vagrant person, poore. ffor there reformacon the vicar there beinge a preacher, hath conferred with them 91


G Jane Wycliffe widowe, late wife of Francis Wycliffe of Wycliffe, esquire, residynge in house with William Wycliffe, of Wycliffe, esquire, her sonne and by him mantayned. G Christian Warde gent, wydowe residinge in house wth Nynian Girtington of Girtington gent, her sonne, and by him mantayned. N Robert Yonge Anne Yonge his wife a vagrant person, towards the said Mynyan Girtington and often in his house, a conveyor of seminaries from place to place and a persuader to poperie as yt is thought. Sometymes he resorteth to Harlesey in Cleveland and sometymes to Whitby Strande to the house of Catherine Radcliffe gent. Roo KEY PARISH G Thomas Rookebye of Mortham, esquire householder, he hath Ian des of Xli. yearlie of Ancyent Rent, and worthe by estimacon in goo des C li. G Margaret Rookebye his wife G John Rookebye his brother G Catherine Rookeby G Anne Rookeby G Frances Rookeby his sisters Residing in house with the said Thomas Rookeby. MELSOMBY PARISH

Elizabeth Gaterd wife of Robert Gaterd of Melsombye, yeoman householder, he hath Ian des worthe by estimacon xiij li. vjs. viijd by yeare yett poore and indebted. Conference hathe bene used with her by the Parson there a preacher for her Reformacon. BOLTON AND SWALIE PARISH

G Jane Thursbye, wydowe, late wife of William Thursbye of Bardon, esquire. She is a householder. Marmaduke Conyers of Longe Greenbury gent, householder. Conference hath been used wth him by the Curat there for his reformacon. DOWNEHOLME PARISH

Alice Langley wife of George Langley of Staynton, husbandman, householder he hath a ffarme worthe by estimacon yearlie XLs. Thomas Wilson of Staynton, milner, poore. These have bene conferred wthall by the Curate there for there reformacon. John Dent of Marricke Parke, yeoman Alison Dent his wife-householders poore B ARMINGHAM PARISH

G Elizabeth Tunstall wife of Ffrancis Tunstall of Skargill, esquire, householder of verie good and worshipplllyvinge. 92

G Thomasyn Tunstall sister of the said Ffrancis Tunstall & in house with him Elizabeth Johnson wife of John Johnson of Newsham, yeoman, householder of indifferent value in livelihood for his callinge. Elizabeth Turner of Barmingham, wydowe poore, a vagrant parson, sometymes wandering into the Bishopricke of Durham and sometyrnes to other places neere there aboutes. All theis have bene conferred wth by the parson there being a preacher for ther reformacon. KIRBY RA VENSWORTH P ARISHE John Smythson of New Sham, husbandman Margaret Smythson his wife-householders, poore. Jenet Storie of Newsham, spinster, householder, poore Hellen Smythson wydowe, poore in house wth Anthony Smythson of Newsham, her sonne. Janet Jackson of Dalton spinster, householder, poore. Anne Shawe, wife of Richard Shawe of Dalton husbandman, householder worthe in goods by estimacon XXs. Anne Laton wife of Francis Laton of Kirkebye Ravensworth yeoman, householder, of smaule value in livelihood. Margaret Collen wife of Edwarde Collen of Kirkeby yeoman, householder, of smaule value in livelihood. William Collen yeoman, sonne of the said Edwarde Collen, and in house wth him poore. Hellen Swyre wife of George Swyre of Kirkeby Ravensworthe Parke, yeoman, householder, worthe by estimacon in goods XL li. For there reformacon the vicar there being no preacher hath conferred wth them. BOWES PARISH

Elizabeth Alderson wife of Roger Alderson of Bowes, yeoman, one of her Maties Garde. CROFTE PARISH

G Henrye Pudsaye gent residinge in house wth Thomas Pudsaye of Stapleton, gent, his nephewe, he hath a yearlie annuytie of iiij li. or V li. George Huntington, yeoman, a vagrant parson not knowne where he wandereth, poore. Dorothie Wetherell wydowe a vagrant mydwife, sometyrnes at Crofte with her sonne John Wetherall and sometymes with her brother John Wether all in the parish of Bedell. Hellen Burnett wife of John Burnett of Dalton yeoman, householder, himself well devoted, she indicted and compounded for by her husband with one Mr. Boston of the exchequer, for the penaltie of her recusancy. The parson there being a preacher hith conferred with them touchinge theire reformacion. DANBY WrSKE PARISH

Catherin Conyers wife of Thomas Conyers of Danby Wiske, esquire householder of vjli landes in the subsidie bookie. She indicted.


Margaret Carter, spinster, late servant to Peter Carter of Danby her uncle, nowe vagrant not knowne where, poore. Y ASFFOURTH CHAPPELRIE Elizabeth Wharleton wife of Henrie Wharleton of Yaffourthe, husbandman householder worthe by estimacon in good XX li. Marie Applebye Elizabeth Hodgson of Yaffourther wydowes householders poore. AINDERBY PARISH

Anne Gayladye, servant at Thrinstofte to William Midleton of Storkall esquire who is a wife but her husband unknowne, poore not indicted. G Cubte Wytham gent a vagrant parson sometymes resortinge to fforeholme to the house of Richa de Curwen gent and sometymes to Gatenby to the house of George Jackson gent. KIRBY WISKE PARISH

Anne Jackson wife of Christopher Jackson of Sowber, yeoman, householder worthe by estimacon in ffarmynge and goods C li. BUROWBRIGGE DEANERIE RIPLEY PARISH

G Catherine Inglebie wif of William Ingleby of Ripley esquire, householder of very Faire and worshippfull lyvinge, both of them Resydinge at this tyme at his house at Brantingham upon yorkes woulde Catherine Beckwithe wife of Thomas Beckwithe of Ripley, yeoman, householder, worthe in landes yearlie by estimacon xiijli vjs. viij d. Janet Robinson, spinster in house with John Holdsworthe of Ripley, joyner, her sonne in lawe poore. William Ranerdson of Ripley, smythe, householder, poore Jane Ranerdson wife of ffrancis Randson of Ripley, smythe, householder poore. Thomas Browne of Ripley-Glover Catherin Browne his wife householders poore Robert Tomson James Hobden servantes in house with the said Thomas Browne.-poore Francis Browne, spinster, servant in house wth Robte Wright of Ripley, pyper-poor Janet Atkinson wydowe Catherine Sheppard wife of John Sheppard laborer Elizabeth Ideson wife of John Ideson-Cordw Alice Dearlove spinster Marie Hall wife of William Hall-yeoman Frances Walker wydowe Margaret Walker spinster, in house wth the said Francis Walker her mother. of Ripley-householders-poore Hellen Nycholson wydowe Thomas Birkbecke laborer Margaret Birkebecke his wife Agnes Whelehouse wife to Willm Welchouse the older-laborer Marie Ideson wife of John Ideson-cordner of Starowe-householderspoore. Francis Welles-webster in house with Edward Welles of Starowe-his brother-poore. William Pallicer-husbandman


Jane Pallicer his wife Francis Pickard wife of Thomas Picarder yeoman of Brythwhat-householder-poore J ames Atkinson laborer Jenet Atkinson his wife In house with Thomas Atkinson of Brythwhat his father-poore. G Marie Burton wife of William Burton of Killinghall, gent, an attumeyat the Common lawe, nowe in Durham Gayle for debtee Robert Burton laborer in house wth the said Marie Burton at Killinghall, poore. G Samuel Pulleyn of Killinghall, gent indicted, worth by estimacon in landes XXX lie noe householder but sometymes residinge at Killinghall and sometymes at Nydd with Francis Watson wydowe his mother. G Elizabeth Pulleyn wife of the said Samuel Pulleyn. Hellen Browne wife of William Browne. webster. Agnes Hardestie wife of John Hardestie-glover George Dratoppe-mason Barbarie Dratoppe his wife Isabell Tailor wife of Henrie Tailor-cordiner. of Killinghall-householders-poore. Jane Beane wife of Raphe Beane of Killinghall, yeoman householder, her Maties copieholder of landes to the value of vij lie yearlie by estimacon. Agnes Jeffrey, wydowe, sometymes residing in house wth the said Raiphe Beane her sonne in lawe, and other tymes wth other of her children thereabouts-she is olde & poore. George Robinson-younger-mason. Grace Robinson his wife Margaret Robinson wydowe in house wth the said George Robinson her sonne. George Sweetinge-Iaborer Maude Sweetinge his wife J enet Askwithe wife of Raphe Askwithe mason Thomas Hodgson-webster. Jane Aire wydowe Thomas Markenfeld-butcher Jane Markenfeld his wife Elizabeth Robinson wife of George Robinson the older-mason. Christopher Bayne yeoman of Clinte-householders-poore Jane Wyse wife of Symon Wyse of Clint yeoman householder worth by estimacon in goods XX lie William Atkinson, yeoman, poore sometymes at Clinte, and sometymes at Ripley, The parson there being a preacher haithe conferred with manie of the parishioners of Ripley aforesaid for there Reformacon. STAYNLEY PARISH

Isabell Crawe, wydowe in house wth William Crawe of Staynley, her sonne, and by him mantayned, Robte Scotte of Staynley-tanner, householder poore. Dorothie Scotte, widowe in house wth Robert Scotte aforesaid her sonne, poore. Robert Wynterburne, servant in house wth the said Robte Scotte, poore. Jane Bumeston, wife of William Bumeston of Staynley, husbandman, householder, poore. Barbarie Mease wife of Marmaduke Mease of Staynley, tanner, householder, poore Margaret Bransbye, wydowe in house wth Peter Bransbye of Staynley, her sonne, poore. Francis Bransbye wife of Peter Bransbye of Staynley-webster, householder poore. ffor the reformacon of theis paris he of Staynley the curate there hathe often tymes used private conference wth them



Francis Watson of Nydd, gent, wydowe lately comme thether, householder, dwelleth in the house of Raphe Gryrnston late of Nydd yeoman, nowe in York Gayle for recusancy. William Walkerlaborer Barbarie Buckle-spinster servants at the said house of Raphe Grimston at Nydd attending upon his children and goo des as yt is thought. Jane Burton, wife of Lancelote Burton of Nyddhusbandman-householder, poore. Agnes Vawnte wife of John Vawnte of Nydd webster, householder poore. Alice Wilkes, wydowe in house wth Robert Thompson of Nydd husbandman-poore. Jenet Hey, wydowe in house wth Raphe Hey of Nydd, her sonne, poore, Edwarde Wilkes, laborer of Nydd, householders Margaret "\iVilkes his wife-poore.

F ARNEHAM PARISH G Barnarde Bickerdike of Farneham gent, Marie Bickerdike his wife, householders wothe in landes yearlye by estimacon iiij Zi Indicted-no penaltie thereon answered to her Matie. G Jane Bickerdike wife of Edwarde Bickerdike of Farneham, gent householder Sonne and heire of the saide Barnarde Bickerdike worthe in Ian des yerlie by estimacon XXX Zi. G Anne Bickerdike daughter of the said Barnarde Bickerdike and in house wth him. Walter Knaresbrughe of Ferinsbye yeomanhouseholder and copie holder to her Maties of landes worthe by estimacon yearlie XLs. Anne Bickerdike wife of Edward Bickerdike of fferinbye-tailor, householder, poore. Jane Lee wydowe Anne Knowles spinster Maud Walkingham, spinster of fferinsbyehouseholders-poore. Thomas Bullocke Anne Pepper Katherin Wheatley of ffarnham-householders-poore. The vicer there being no preacher hathe conferred wth theis touching there reformacon. BURTON LEONERDE PARISH

Richard Ledgerde of Burton laborer householder poore indicted. Christopher Watter of Burton-butcher, householder-indictedpoore. Christopher N etherwood of Burton, husbandman, householder, indicted, poore. Elizabeth Browne, wydowe, in house wth Salamon Browne of Burton, her sonne, an attorney at the Common lawe, not indicted, poore. Thomas Lawson, a vagrant person, sometymes in Burton, aforesaid and sometymes in Byshoppe Muncton and other places thereabouts, not indicted. Agnes Wright of Burton, widowe, householder, not indicted, poore. James Waide of Burton, husbandman, householder, indicted poore. Conference by the Vicar there, beinge no preacher, hat he been used wth them all for there reformacon. J ames Waide only excepted. BUROWBRIGGE CHAPPELRIE

Alice Gibson, wife of Henrie Gibson of Burowbrigge-tailor, householder not indicted, worthe in goodes by estimacon XLs.


Margaret Smythson wife of James Smythson of Burowbriggebrydlemaker, householder not indicted, worthe in goodes by estimacon XLs. Isabell Waringe wife of Thomas Waringe of Burowbrigge, a promoter, householder-not indicted-poore. Jenet Smythson of Burowbrigge, widowe householder, not indicted, poore. Anne Sharowe, spinster, in house with John Dickonson of Burowbrigge her brother not indicted, poore. John Dicconson of Burowbrigge, cobler householder, indicted, poore. The vicar there being a preacher haithe conferred wth them all touchinge there reformacon. STAVE LEY PARISH

Richard fforest of Staveley, laborer, householder. Jane fforest his wife-indicted, poore. Helen Wayneman of Staveley, wydowe, not indicted, poore. Hellen Wynter, wydowe Elizabeth Armetstead, spinster. of Staveley, householders together in one house, not indicted, poore. Edward Gibson, yeoman in house wth Anne Gibson of Staveley, wydowe his mother, poore. WHIXLEY PARISH

G Anne Banckes, daughter of Richard Banckes of Whixley gent, a vagrant person, sometymes repayringe to her fathers house at Whixley and sometymes into the Bishopricke of Dureham and sometymes to the house of William ffairefaxe of Styton, esquire. She hathe bene conferred wthall by the vicar there beinge no preacher for her reformacon. KIRKEBY SUPER MORAM PARISH

Thomas Tanckard of Branton gent householder, sonne of Thomas Tanckard of Burowbrigge, esquire, whom he haithe made his heire beinge his seconde sonne, he occupieth landes worthe by estimacon X Zi. yearlie, and his goodes L Zi. G Margaret Tanckard wife of the said Thomas Tanckard gent. Robert Sawer, servant in house wth said Thomas Tanckard, viz: his plougheman Jane Lambert Jennett Tunstall spinstersservantes in house wth the said Thomas Tanckard, gent. Rosimonde Shawe, spinster servant in house wth Willia~ Hodgshon of Kirkeby, husbandman. No meanes hathe bene used there save that the vicar being no preacher hath moved the said Thomas Tanckard to reform himself. HUNSINGORE PARISH

George Dawson, of Hunsingore yeoman Frances Dawson his wife householders not indicted poore, for there reformacon dyvers godlye ministers have conferred wth them. ALDBRUGHE PARISH

James Symson of Aldburghe, yeoman, householder, not indicted worthe by estimacon in goods XLs. Francis Barwicke of Radcliff, H


yeoman, householder. Anne Barwicke his wife worthe in landes and goods by estimacon V li. John Gilbertson of Radcliffe, laborer, householder not indicted worth by estimacon in goods XXs. Anne Barwick, spinster, a vagrant person sometymes at Radcliffe with her brother Francis Barwicke & sometymes in the parish of Staynley, and other places thereabouts, not indicted, poore. The vicar there beinge a preacher haithe conferred wth them for there reformacon. KNARESBURGH PARISH

Peter Knaresburgle of Walkingham Hill yeoman, householder, indicted no penaltie thereon answered to her Matie, hee hath no goodes of his owne that is knowne. Catherine Knaresburghe his wife. John Garthfourthe, milner, his servant in house. Alice Bothomley of Arkendale, wydowe householder. Indicted no penaltie thereon answered to her Matie. She hathe goo des worthe by estimacon iiij li. Richard Bothomley, laborer, in house with the said Alice Bottomley his mother, not indicted, poore. Margaret Y onge wife of Francis Yonge of Arkendale, yeoman, householder not indicted, poore. John Kirkeman of Scryven, Tanner, tabled with his sonne Thomas Kirkeman, he hathe a ffarme worthe by estimacon V li. yearlie, not indicted. William Wilkes of Scryvan, mercer, householder not indicted, he is worthe in landes and farmynge by estimacon V li. yearlie, and in goods X li. John Casse of Knaresbrughe yeoman late servant to Richard Burnans of Knaresburghe gent deacesed. Indicted, no penaltie thereon answereth to her Matie he hath a house in Knaresburghe of the yearlie value of vjs. viijd. Francis Thorpe laborer Elizabeth Haye wife of Robert Haye-husbandman Hellen Englande wife of John Englande, webster. Jenet Sysey, wife of John Sysey, husbandman. Elizabeth Bayles, wife of James Bales, smythe of Brearton, householders, not indicted, poore Leonard Gryme sinne of William Gryme of Scryven, cordiner. The said Leonard a vagrant parson and wanderethe about the parishes of Knaresburghe and Ripley and the townshippe of Thorneton, not indicted, poore. fior there reformacon the vicar there being a preacher hathe conferred wth the most of them and proffered conference to them all. CATHERICKE DEANERIE MASHAM PARISH

John Atkinson of Rowmore, yeoman, householder Jenet Atkinson, his wife, he occupieth a farme of Xs. rent by yeare, otherwise poore, not indicted. Catherine Atkinson, spinster, in house wth the said John Atkinson her father, not indicted, poore. Christopher Ringer-webster. Hellen Ringer-his wife Christopher Thextontailor. Cicill Jackson wife of John J ackeson husbandman Cecill


Watson wydowe Anthonie Jackson tailor --Jackson hus wif of Swynton, householders, not indicted, poore. John Pickeringe of Wandermaske, Theaker, householder not indicted, poore. Susan Atkinson wydowe John Atkinson, yeoman of Elstead, householders occupying a farme together worth yearlie by estimacon Ls. Richard Atkinson, yeoman, sonne of the said Susan Atkinson, in house wth her. Marie Beckwithe, wife of John Beckwithe of Potte yeoman, householder, not indicted- poore. G James Danbye-gent-sonne of James Danbye of Potte gent in house with his father-indicted. John Smythson of Pickerskilllaborer Agnes Smythson his wife Jenet Smythson wife of Richard Smythson, webster of Pickerskill-householders poore. J enet Jackson wife of George Jackson of Crabtrie house, laborer householder not indicted poore. William King-laborer, in house with J enet Jackson aforesaid his mother, not indicted-poore. The wife of Thomas Reynar of Sowermyre yeoman-householder. Her name unknowne-poore. The wife of Richard Reynar of Leightonyeoman householder-her name unknowne, not indicted, poore. Christopher Reyner yeoman, sonne of the said Richard Reyner, in house with his father, not indicted. Dorothie Bradwithe of Healey, widowe not indicted poore. Wydowe Jackson of Healey, householder, poore olde and blind, not indicted. John Gleadston webster Alison Gleadston, his wife Margaret Gill wydowe Catherin Langdale wydowe Anne Wray wydowe of Ellington-householders-not indicted-poore. John Sturdye of Ellington, husbandman, householder of indifferent value in lyvelihood for his callinge. Marie Bowmoore, spinster- servant in house with Robte Danbye of Hey Waynes-gent- not indicted. G Anne Gower gent, servant in house with Robte Wyvell of Hey Burton gent- not indicted. Christopher Alderson yeoman, a vagrant parson sometymes repayreth to Masham to the house of Richard Beckwith, yeoman and sometymes to Thorneton Watles and other places thereabouts. Anthony Crosbie of Pickerskill Colliery Francis Crosbie his wife householders poore not indicted. Conference hathe bene used by the Curat there beinge no preacher for there reformacon. THORNETON STEWARD PARISH

G Margaret Scroope of Danby upon Vre wydowe-householder of verie ffaire posessions late the wife of Henrie Scroope, esquire, indicted and two partes of her lyvinge granted by lease and thereon answered to her Matie yearlie xviij li. xvijs. or thereabouts. G Henrie Scroope G Christopher Scroope sonnes of the said Margaret Scroppe and in house with her-indicted. Isabell Sparlinge, spinster servant in house with the said Margaret Scroope Elizabeth Hyndmars of Thorneton Steward wydowe-householder-not indicted-poore. Richard Chambers, yeoman, a vagrant person sometymes at Thorneton Steward wth his father


Humphrey Chambers and sometymes abrode in the countrie, not known where not indicted. Jenet Hawe, spinster in house wth Humphraye Hawe of Thorneton Stewards, her brother not indicted -poore. CATHERICKE PARISH

G Elizabeth Lawson wife of Raphe Lawson of Burghe-esquirehouseholder of verie goode and worshippll lyvinge-she indicted. Roger Rowe, laborer, in house with William Rowe of Cathericke his father, not indicted, poore. The vicar there beinge a preacher haithe conferred wth them for their reformacon. AISKARTHE PARISH

James Wyrehorne of Thoralbye-tailor-householder not indictedpoore. Valentyne Fawcett, a vagrant person wandering abrode in the parishe of Aiskarthe and other places thereabouts-not indicted -poore. The Vicar there beinge no preacher haithe moved them to reformacon ASKRIGE PARISHE

Elizabeth Metcalf wife of Roger Metcalf of Askrige, gent householder, not indicted. HORNEBY P ARISHE

Brigget Atkinson, spinster servant in house wth Thomas Darcye of Horneybye Castle esquire not indicted-poore. She haithe bene conferred wth by the Vicar there being no preacher concerning her reformacon HUDISWELL CHAPPELLRY

William Atkinson of Hudiswell yeoman Anne Atkinson his wife householders, poore. The said William is vagrant parson, not known where he wandereth. WENSLEY P ARIS'nE

G Anne Wayte of Laborne gent wydowe householder-poore. Rowlande Metcalf Metcalf his wife, householders-poore. W ATHE PARISH

Margaret Harrison wife of John Harrison of Norton Conyerswebster householder not indicted-poore. She hathe bene conferred with by the parson there being no preacher touchinge her reformacon. BEDELL PARISH

Dorothie Peares als Skynner, wife of Marmaduke Peares als Skynner of Bedell-tanner, householder. She verie olde and Impotent. Elizabeth Lodge of Bedell, wydowe, householder, poore. For 100

there reformacon there have only bene required by the minister and churchwardens there to repaire to the churche. BURNESTON PARISH

George Mitchell of Newton, yeoman. Jane Mytchell his wife householders worthe by estimacon in Ian des yearlie xiij li. vjs. viijd. G Anne Warcoppe of Gatenby, gent, householder wife of Thomas Warcoppe late of Thorneton Woods gent latelye excaped out of prison at Yorke where he was for Interteyning of a seminarie priest. AMONNDERNES DEANERIE GAR STANGE PARISH

G Walter Rigmaden of Weddicar, esquire Anne Rigmaden his wife, he a Lunyticke person-she indicted. Richard Wolstoneholme, servant in house wth said Walter Rigmaden-indicted. G Jane Butler of Kirkeland wydowe late wife of John Butler, esquire, householder, indicted. Robte Bee of Barnikar-husbandman, householder- indicted. Richard Beesley of Barnikar, husbandman householder- indicted. He hathe a tenement of Xs. Rent, John Balckburne of Sandonne, husbandman, householder- indicted- He haithe a tenement of XXs. Rent by yeare. G Albony Butler of Cloughton- gent-householder indicted. He haithe a yearlie annuitie of XLs. Anthonye Pickeringe of Catterall, yeoman, householder indicted. He hathe lands of xiijs. iiij d. by yeare. Jane Sylcocke of Catterall, wydowe householder indicted. G Richard Whittingham of Lyngarte, gent householder-indicted, he hathe iij li. vjs. viijd. lande of Ancyient Rent. Robte Tomlinson of Barinkar- husbandman householder- indicted. He hathe a tenement of vjs. viijd. Rent by yeare. John Lee of Barinkarhusbandman, householder indicted. He hat he a tenement of Xs. Rent by yeare. G Dorathie Broccus wife of Thomas Broccus of Claughton- esquire -householder of good and worshippll lyvinge and Rich in goodsShe indicted. G Agnes Traves wife of William Traves of Nateby esquire of good lyvinge-She indicted. J ames Patteson of Barrincar-husbandman householder. he hathe a tenement of Xs. Rent by yeare. Jenet Patterson wife of the said James Patterson Henrie Walker of Barrinkar, husbandm, householder Jenet Walker his wife-He hathe a tenemente of Xs. Rent by yeare. Robte Eidsforthe of Barinkar, webster. Cicillye Eidsforthe his wife, householders-poore. Richard Bradley of Barinkar a vagrant person. Elizabeth Addamson wife of Thomas Addamson of Catterall, husbandman householder not indicted. James Lee of Catterall, mylner, not indicted, poore. Elizabeth Simson wife of Robte Simson of Catterall husbandman, of infifferent 101

value in lyvlihoode for his callinge. Jane Tomlinson wife of Nicholas Tomlinson of Catterall Elizabeth Marscowe wife of John Marscowe of Catterall husbandman, Isabell Marscowe of Catterall, a vagrant person Thomas Walton of Catterall Anne Walton his wife William Kycchin of Claughton-skynner John Harrison of Claughton laborer worthe by estimacon in goods Xli. KIRKHAM PARISH

G Jane Skillicorne wife of William Skillicorne of Preecehall esquire-householder of faire Ian des and Rich in goods. GAlice Cliston of Westbye, wydowe of good value in lyvlihood. G Anne Westbye of Mowbreake, wydowe late wife of John Westbye esquire of ffaire landes and Riche in goods. Elizabethe Lewtethe, spinster servant in house with the said Anne Westbye. Peter Longworthe of West bye , husbandman late a schoolmaster. Marie Longworthe his wife. George Chamber of Westbye, tailor-a vagrant person Thomas Cronke of Westbye William Hodgson of Muche Plumpton Catherine Hodgson his wife James Wildinge of Little Plumpton Margerie Wildinge his wife Thomas Mercer of Westbye Jane Mercer his wife Agnes Hall wife of Gregorie Hall of Brymige Hellen Hodgson wife of Richard Hodgson of Westbye householders poore William Worthington of Greenall J enet Worthington his wife householders of indifferent value both in lands & goods. John Eccleston of Greenall husbandman Margaret Eccleston his wife. Elizabeth Kirkeham of Greenall wydowe householder of good value in livelihood, John Carter of Medler husbandman Jennet Browning wife of George Browning of Wesham Hellen Warde of Trealles wydowe of good value in livelihood. Richard Westbye of Trealles Margaret Westbye his wife householders of poore estate. Elizabeth Hankinson of Cliston wydowe, poore. Agnes Bristowe wife of Edward Bristowe of Sawicke. Margerie Dobson spinster servant in the house wth Hughe Rydinge of Killener. G Marie Browne wife of H enrie Browne of Scales gent householder of Indifferent value in livelihood John Claton of Thistleton a vagrant person of some lande. John Lawrenson of Wesham, smythe. Elizabeth Lawrenson his wife, householder, poore, indicted. John Knowles of Westbye Margaret Knowles his wife, householders poore. Elizabeth Watmonghe wife of Lawrence Watmonghe George Singleton of Wesham husbandman Anne Singleton his wife Elizabeth Jackson wife of Edward Jackson of Wesham Richard Browne of Kellemer Anne Browne his wife Elizabeth Mercer wife of Wilton Marcer of Kellemer Hellen Rydinge wife of Hughe Rydinge of Kellemer Jane Croncke wife of Lawrence Cronke of Westbye John Knowles of Westbye Margaret Knowles his wife. G Hellen Pleasington wife of Robert Pleasington of Dymples gent of Indifferent value in livelihood. 102


Agnes Chatburne wife of Thomas Chatburne of Cockerham, hee haith landes and tenements to the value of xIs. yearlye by estimacon. She a vagrant person. Alice Kempe of Cleveley, wydowe, householder. Indicted poore. Alice Charnocke of Ellell, spinster a vagrant person, poore. PLUMPTON PARISH

Jenet Pickering poore.

Alice Hadocke wydowes of Woodplumpton-



Jenet Idome of Stalmon, spinster a vagrant person. poore.



Robte Hothersall sonne of John Hothersall of Hothersall, a vagrant person. G George Houghton of Hothersall gent householder. G Anne Houghton his wife. Hee haith an annuity of L acres of land. G Alice Houghton his daughter in house wth him. Agnes Gregson of Elston wydowe-householder not indicted. She occupieth a tenement of xij acres of grownde and worthe in goods by estimacon Xli. CHIPPIN PARISH

G Richard Singleton late of Danbyehall gent. Alice Singleton his wife, vagrant persons indicted poore. Hughe Bradley laborer a vagrant person sometymes repayringe to Thorneley to the house of Thomas Bradley his brother indicted poore Janet Usherwood, spinster-a vagrant person. LANCASTER P ARISHE

Willm Woulfull of Lancaster yeoman householder indicted. He hathe a lease of a house in Lancaster whern he nowe dwellethe worthe by estimacon XX li. G Catherin Proctor wife of Richard Procter of Torisholme gent householder, Indicted he haithe a yearlie annutie of xiij li. vjs. viijd. G Marie Singleton wife of Thomas Singleton of the Scale esquire householder. She not indicted ther but latelye comme into the parishe and therefore his lyvinge unknown, Elizabeth Calverte spinster servant in house wth the said Thomas Singleton. Maude Tailor of Burowe wydowe householder indicted. Worthe by estimacon XL li. Conference haithe bene used by the Vicar there beinge a preacher wth so manye of them as woulde admitte conference.



James Eves of Preston late a mercer, Indicted poore. Robte Worthington of Preston late a draper a vagrant person and wandereth about Preston in Amonndernes, indicted and therefore answereth to her Matie for penaltie xxvjs. viijd. by yeare. Margaret Garstange wife of Willm Garstang of Preston chapeman householder indicted.- Elizabeth Blundell Margaret Cowpe of Preston, wydowes, householders, indicted, poore. Anne Cowpe Ca1;herin Cowpe Grace Cowpe spinsters-daughters of the said Margaret Cowpe servantes in the towne of Preston-not indicted. Richard Eves of Fishwicke, indicted, poore. William Hadocke of Cotton gent. Brigget Hadocke his wife householders indicted of XX li. lyvinge by yeare, he answereth the one half to her Matie as yt is said. BROUGHTON CHAPPELRIE

G Robte Adamson of Broughton, mylners indicted, poore. Anne Barton, wydowe late wife of Richard Barton of Barton, esquire Indicted. Lawrence Morton of Barton, Indicted, poore. POULTON PARISHE

William Heskett of Little Poulton, householder, Indicted of xiij li. vjs. viijd. lyvinge yearlie by estimacon. Anne Heskett wife of William Heskett younger sonne of the aforesaid William Heskett in house wth him and by him mantayned-not indicted. Isabell Clarke wife of Robert Clarke of Great Poulton, householder of V li. Ian des by yeare-not indicted. J enet Pearson wife of Richard Pearson-not indicted-poore. Margaret Crone wife of Willm. Crone, not indicted-poore. Hellen Lythome, als Mandestie of Great Poulton, wydowe not indicted poore. Thomas Richardson als Johnson of Thorneton-indicted poore. Robte Tincker of Holmes householder not indicted poore. J enet Windowrowes in house wth the said Robte Tincker. Edmunde Russell of Great Carleton-a vagrant person-indicted-poore. Alexander Backster of Much Carleton-webster-householder-indictedpoore. Agnes Anyon wife of Willm Anyon of Carleton husbandman householder, he hathe a tenemente worthe V li. yearlie by estimacon. Briget Whithead wife of John Whithead of Little Marton yeoman householder. He hathe a tenement worth Xli. yearlie by estimacon. She indicted. Margaret Hoole wife of Richarde Hoole husbandman . He haithe a tenement worthe XLs. yearely by estimacon. She not indicted.



G Anne Butler wife of Henrie Butler of Racliffe esquirehouseholder of verie goode value in lyverlihood, She indicted. G Elizabeth Butler wife of William Butler sonne of the said Henrie Butler. She not indicted. 104

J enet Richardson wife of Christopher Richardson of Rac1iffehusbandman Jane Cottome wydowe-late wife of James Cottome of Tarnaker, She haithe in Dowrie to the value of XX li. yearly by estimacon. Indicted. Edward Gregson laborer Dorothie Gregson his wife householders-poore. Hellen Johnson of Ellswicke, wydowe. GONSNAR CHAPPELRIE

Christopher Symson of Gousnar- husbandman he haithe a tenement worth by estimacon V li. yearlie and goods worthe XX li. Roger Jackson of Gonsnar, husbandman worthe in lyvinge by estimacon iiij li. in goodes XL li. John Danyell of Kidsnape-webster, poore. Roger Kighly of Gonsnar, gent wort he in lyvinge yearlie XC li. Roger Tippin of Whittingham laborer a vagrant person.


G Thomas Inglebye of Lackland Hall, esquire G - -Inglebye his wife, householders, he haithe in lyvinge yearlie to the value of LXXXX li by estimacon not indicted William Breathwaite yeoman Anne Oram Catherine Amand spinsters servantes in house with the said Thomas Inglebye INGLETON P ARISHE

G Catherine Constable wife of Robte Constable of Regill-gentnot indicted. Jane Roberts Hellen Yates spinsters-vagrant persons. CATON PARISH

G Grance Curwen wife of Nicholas Curwen of Grassgartheesquire, not indicted. George Henthorne, yeoman servant in house with him. Marie Henthorne his wife G Mtrs Preston G Thomas Preston her sonne G Margaret Preston her daughter, vagrant persons and wandereth about Tungmire. THORNETON P ARISHE

G Marmaduke Readman of Thorneton esquire of Indifferent value in liverlihood for his callinge-indicted. Margaret Readman wife of Thomas Readman of Overlande- indicted. Christopher Sandes, servant to Francis Readman lOS.

Robte. Williamson, laborer- poore-not indicted. Willm Balamhouseholder- poore. Isabell Cortus spinster, a vagrant person. CLAUGHTON PA~ISHE

G William Crofte Claughton, esquire. Jane Crofte his wife-householder- indicted. answereth as ys said two partes of his lyvinge to her Matie for the penaltie of their Recusancye. Thomas Charley, servant in the house to the said William Croft. G The wife of Edwarde Crofte of Claughton gent of Indifferent value of liverlihood for his callinge her name not knowne. John Ffoscrofte wife of Willm Ffoscroft of Claughton-husbandman KENDALL DEANERIE WARTON P ARISHE

G Margaret Midleton wife of George Midleton of Leighton, esquire of good and worshippll lyvinge and riche in goods. She indicted and hathe bene conferred wth by divers goode preachers. KELLETT CHAPPELRIE

Mtress Blackeburne wydowe late wife of Robte Blackburne of Capponwray gent. She haithe in dowrie iiij li. yearlye, not indicted her Christian name not knowne. GRAYRIGGE CHAPPELRIE

Maryan Duckett wife of Francis Duckett of Grayrigge, esquire, householder of good and worshippfull lyvinge and rich in goods. She not indicted. John Hodgson James Hodgson of Hutton. Ironmongers not indicted. John Shepparde of Sledell Cuthberte Ranoldes Thomas Cowper Elizabeth Gilpin servants in house wth the said Francis Duckett. John Ayrye of Whynsyde householder Margaret Ayrye his wife-poore. She is indicted. Anthony Wharton William Wilkinson Mabel Nycholson Jane Nycholson vagrant persons, sometymes resorting to the house of the said John Ayrye. W HITNELL CHAPPELRIE G Isabell Thomeborowe wife of Nycholas Thomeborowe of Whitnell gent, poore not indicted.


G The wife of William Thorneborowe of Hampsfeld esquire, bouseholder of good value in liverliehood. She not indicted. 106

Richard Cowell of Hampsfeld, husbandman, not indicted. Isabell Newbie, servant to the said Willm Thorneborowe, not indicted. The whole number of Recusantes within the said Archdeaconrie of Richmond-554 Whereof gentlemen and gentlewomen-91 Before everye gentlemen and gentlewomans name there is sett in the Margent a G for the more easye fyndinge them amongest all the rest.



CECIL PAPERS. 2/21-23 H.M.C. I p. 165. DECANATUS SUFF Recusants in Suffolk. Bosmer et Cleydon Nedeham

Ipswich Hintlesham Otelie Wintnesan

A manne sometyme living at Debbenham sometyme at Oxburghe in Norff cometh not to churche. Simon Potter hath not receyeth the communion for two years. ] ohn Almott foure or five years and from churche half a yeare. Samford and Ipswich Monford Scott now goen thense for poperie and not recvying. Thomas Timperlie, esquire, cometh not to churche being there, who dwelleth at Flixham in Norff Carlford et Colnris Lionell Morse for not receuying- dwelling sometyme at Braseworth neere Eye in Suff & Hoxton. Robert Rivett for not recevying.

WILFORD and LOOSE FRAMLINGHAM George Seaman, gent, cometh not to church Christopher Howell, Mr. Hare his servant


Hoxne Deneham Laxfield F reesingfield Wingfield



Dunnington by Dunwich.

OREFORD Michael Hare & his wife neither came to church nor communion since his deliverie out of the Towere. Thomas Ockley of the Inner Temple recevyeth not Katherine wif to Edward Devereux neither cometh to church nor receuyeth the Communion. HOXNE Robert Glanfield servant to Sir Tho: Cornwallis his wif nor family receyve the communion Edmund Beddingfield esquire, neither church nor communion. Nicholas Stanard recevyeth not the Communion William Hare & his wif neither church nor communion. Hernrie ] ernegan esqyre, & his wif come neither to church nor communion there. His child was baptized by the Ladie Beddingfields preist.

Mr. John Baker steward of his house cometh not to churche. Durham his scholemr persuaded the old Ladie J ernegan that for recevying the communion she had dammed hir selfe. Flixton

SOUTHE ELMAN George Bakeman cometh not communion.




DUNWICH Ric: Norton absenteth himself there from church and soe at Halesworthe Walter Norton & his wife from church and Halesworthe commumon. John Father since he became his servant cometh not to churche. Linsted Magna Henry Everard esqre nor his wif come to church or communion. John Doughtie and Low his servant likewise. Cratefield John Smithe & his wif Mtrs Rouse widow from church and communion. Wangford Mtrs. Timperlie likewise, at hir house. Mrs. Hare delivered at hir house-had a childe suspiciouslie & christened William Plaiters cometh not here to churche viz Clough. near coming Hun tingfield


Cornelius Bright L negligent in frequenting f divine service. Ambrose King Robte Smithe "I Robte Jettor ~ open depravers & enemies Thomas Woodroffe j Pakefield Arthur Graie for not recevying Somerleytowne John Jernengan for not recevying-with the King of Spaine George Hervie & his wif the L. Marlies manne for not recevying. Beccles Thomas Hurleston & Francis his wif and Thomas Ewen come neither to church nor communion. Leonard Bird William Bridgeman scometh the marriage of ministers terming their wives and children villanouslie John Throgmorton from churche viz Satterlie.



Bungay Marie William Greene, his wif & family come not to churche, besides a gentleman & his wif theare unknowne, wch doe the same. SUDBURY Stoke Nayland Mr. Cobbs, Mr. Mannocks schoolmr for not recevying Richard Till cometh neither to churche nor communion for the surplus Elmesett George Pigott and Joanne receyve not for the lyke. Agnes Rayner for the same Watsom George Colt esquire, negligent at Church. Melford Roger Martin his wife & servants Sir Alan Chevie priest come not to church Laigham Mr Doylie and his wif, receyve not Richard Firmage & his wif receyve not Ashfield Robert Pett for not receyving Wattsfield Henrie Marsham his wif, Margaret Curbie for not Badwitastre receyving. CLARE Thomas Scroggs for not receyving the Communion



HARTSMERE AND STOW Dame Alice Silyard for not receyving the Communion. Robert Harvie contentynouslie and openlie refusing to come to churche. Thomas Blessenden, Mr. Butlers schoolmaster, neither cometh to the church nor receyveth the communion. Sir Thomas Cornwallis & his wif for not receyving

Burie St. Edmund Livermere Magna

THIMGO & THEDWASTER Thomas Traile, George fathers. Roger Potter for not coming to church not recyving the communion. Mr. Frogmorton willinglie & obstinately absenteth himself from churche.



FOULHAM Evans Fludd for not coming to church nor receyving William Beamsley & John Bemeslie for not coming to church nor receyving Simon Suckerman & his wif . Wm Jervays & his wif. ~ John Clark-John Green Mildenhall I William Powle-Margaret Clarke. j for not receyving. Burnell Manie John Lewis for not receying Chipnam Wishem



Bankebourne Ewston

Hinderferley Weston Sudburie St. Gregorie Lawsell


Redlingfield Mellis

William Clarke his wif family & daughters, the wif of Jeremie Howe for not receyving. Mr. Edward Rookwood & his wif, Mrs. Magdalene his sister, Mrs. Anne Rookewood Mrs. Anne Haneld. Mr. George Dinley come not to church nor his servants but at Christmasse. Leonard Greenc1iff absenteth himself from churche Servant to Mrs. Bedingfield dwelling in Holt Norff. Thomas Smithe for not receyving George Downes & his wif come not to churche nor receyve Mr. Poolie for not coming to church nor receyving. Mr. Henrie Drurie his wif, Robert Briant Martha Bryant, Faith Candler William Hause his schoolmaster receyve not the communion nor come to churche. Mr. Rookewood receyveth not, his wif cometh not to churche. William Yaxlie for not receyving Thomas Cromer & Mr. Horsman for neglecting the the churche & not recyving. William Allen because he may not receyve sitting. Sir Henrie Beddingfield knight & his wif neither receyve nor come to churche John Donn for not coming to churche [Endorsed by Lord Burghley] psons recusants 1559 [Note: some words are unreadable due to the guarding and binding. The date is in a contemporary hand but may not be Lord Burghley's.]

CECIL PAPERS. 159/70-1. H.M.C. II p. 36.

24 Aug. 1572.

The names of certaine persons wch have been convented before the Quenes Majesties Commissioners for causes ecc1esiasticall appointed within the diocese of Winchester sithence the xxiii daie of August 1572 for matters respecting Religion chieflie for their neglecting the divine service and receiving the blessed Communion. viz. Humphrey Parker gent Alexander Deering yeoman Guilbert Mather yeoman John Chidley Innkeeper Peter Ffawkener gent William Lambert, gent, Henrie Slater merchant Robte Pulley cooke Christopher Temple yeoman Thomas Hinx, yeoman. Bartholemewe Dowe yeoman John Knolles gent John Harrison gent Richard Sheffold yeoman George Vawter yeoman Nicholas Oke yeoman Oliver Johnson yeoman Andrew Bensted yeoman ] ohn Sheffeld gen ] ohn Pawlet gen ] ohn Harrison gen Otto 111

Powlewhile gent Willm Kidwellie gent Richard Dowse gen Thomas Basset Dr in Phisick. Thomas Ailiff yeoman Henrie Pytt yeoman. Thies persons appearing before the said Commissioners have promised their conformities to thorders of Religion nowe established albeit divers of them were first imprisoned for their obstinacies and for so much as Doubte and suspicion is canceaved generallie in them, being theretofore evill dealers in matters of Religion every of them does stande bonn de to the Queen's Matie-for the continuance of their conformities namelie for the performing of this condition following viz the condicion is that if the within bonndes A.B. his wife and familie of lawful age doe from henceforth frequent his parish church there to heare and take part of the Divine Service and receive the Sacramente so often and suche sorte as the Lawes of this Realme doe perscribe and appointe: And also if the saide A.B. doe not at any time hereafter saie or doe nor suffer any thinge to be saide or done either bie his procurment or allowance bie sylence or otherwise in contempte or reproofe of anie parte of Religion nowe established: nether doe kepe foster, manetaine or otherwise releeve in his howse or ellse where any wch shall not usuallie frequent his parish churche to heare the Divine Service and receive the Sacraments, or shall speake anything in the Derogacion of the said Religion that then rcd. Sir Robert Oxonbridge Knight. Thomas Bennet gent Phillip Okeden gent Richarde Houghton gent John Ludlowe, gent Thomas Welgar, yeoman Thomas Samon gent those persons also have appeared who were sent for because yt was suspected thie did not receeave the Communion. But for so much as thie certified their accomplishing the same and promised willinglie to continue their conformitie yt did seeme good to the said commissioners discharge them. Thomas Grene-wever Margerie Williamson Henrie Shelley-gent Robert Gregorie, gent, William Burley-gent Roger Coreham-gent Willm Sutton gent John Gandye gent These persons are bie vertue of bondes and decrees personalie to attende upon the commissioners when they shall be called for John Worsley the younger-gent Edward Banister-gent Nicholas Titchbome-gent John Titchbome-gent Mris Margaret Perkins wedow Richard Knight-gent John Bekensawe-gent Nicholas Scrope-gent John Cooke-clerke William Wey-derke Thomas Bekensawe-gent Ambrose Bamabe-yeoman Peter Kemriche these persons refusing to be conformable and to obey the commissioners orders are committed to prison. also one Walter Loveden late of this diocese-gent-being an obstinate papist is committed to prison bie Tharchbisshoppe of Canterburie and others the commissioners at London, for that the said Loveden fleing oute of this dioce understanding of proces directed for him was apprehended by their order in Wyltshire. 112

George Cotton esquire Mtrs. Katherine Hull, wedowe Henrie Hull gent her sonne Mtrs Elizabeth Titchborne wedowe Thomas Owen gent Willm Ritche gent These people also dwelling in the countie of Southampton are verie obstinate and of the worst sorte who can not be had bie reason that they doe continnualie kepe ther houses or doe use such secret place that they can not at anie tyme be mett withall. . There be divers others within this diocese wch are greatlie suspected who shall also be dealte wth all as tyme and occasion may serve. Roger Titchborne gent Anthony Cope gent these persons obstinate papiste nowe long tyme in the prison of the Marshalsea who nowe are at libertie upon their bonds with sure tie taken bie me bie the hon ble Counsails orders. [Endorsed in another hand] persons in Hampshire convented for matters concerning religion. 161/39 H .M.C. II p. 194. 1578


At Norwich The ordre taken with such Recusants as were commanded to appeare before their LLs by hir Mats commandment the xxijth of August -committed to the gaole of the Countie of Norwich. Ruckwood -committed to the gaole of the Cittie of Norwich. Robte Downes Humphrey Bedingfielde Thomas Lovell John Downes Robte Lovell Ferdinando Parrys Robt De Graye John Drurie -committed to their severalliodginges within the Cittie of Norwich uppon bondes of 200 li. a piece that they coferre wth the B. or such as he shall apoint & not dept wthout his licens. Sr. Henrie Bedingfielde Mr Dereham [a p'st] Charles Walgrave William Gibbon Francis Basterd -because these appered not. The Sherife was commanded to send for them and as they might be found, to require them to appere & to committe such as were warned & would not appere. James Hubberd Philippe Awdley -submitting theselves to conformitie were dismissed with favour [Endorsed by Lord Burghley] 1 12100 12100 psos comitted at Norwich 5000 5000 22 Aug 1578. 11000 16000 35100 1


These figures in Lord Burghley's hand may have no connexion with this document.


CECIL PAPERS 161/40. The Lodging place appointed for the gentleman that he by the LL: of the privee Councill, comytted to their houses within the Citie of Norwch. Thomas Lovell of L yarlinge esquire At Mr. Baker his house Ferdinando Parys of Norton esquire at Mtrs. Wales house. Robert de Gray of Manton at Richard Swyftes house Robte Lovell of Beechamwell esquire at Mr. Howes the Sherif his house. John Downes of Melton esquire at Raffe Masham his house John Drewrie of Godwicke gent At Mr. Clapstans house Humfrie Bedingfield of Quiddenham esquire at Mrs. Wicks house.

CECIL PAPERS 9/112. H.M.C. II p. 177. 1578

In sessione XLC anno Eliz Rigene xxo Maria Isame vidua Johanna Tremayne uxor Richardi Tremayne Jana Tremayne generosa Blancha Rouse uxor Gregorii Rouse, indicted for not coming to ye Churche of St. Goran. Robertus Beckett armiger Margareta uxor cius indicted for not coming to the church of Menhenytt. Richardus Victor Maria uxor cius indited for not comynge to the church of St. Creede Richardus Munford Petrus Coffyn Jacobus Coffyn Anna uxor J ohannis Arundell de Lanherne militis. Edwardus Sturton ar Carelus Sturton ar Dorothea Arrundell generosa Anna Sturton generosa Cecillia Arrundell generosa Maria Arrundell generosa Elizabeth Arrundell Ursula Trevethan Katerina Tregeon vidua Johannes Rawlyn, Trompeter Richardus Arrundell, generosus Willelmus Williams Tomasina uxor Johannis Prediaux Sampson Tremayne - Arrundell, gen. filia Umphredi Arrundell Willelmus Hard all these are of Lanherne and indited for nott comynge to the churche of Mowgan Maria Tregean uxor Francisci Tregean, armigeri - uxor Johannis Williams Thes ar of Golden and indited for nott comynge to the Churche of St. Probus. Henry Benfyld, generonus, uppon ye statute Novelles for speaking of thes woordes videlicet that the parties imprisoned Innuendo Frauncis Tregeon, John Kemp, John Hodge, John Philippes and 114

others were wrongfully troubled & that without any good matter, & that his cosyn Francis Tregeon would be revenged at his comyng home of all them that have evil delt with hym. Humphridus Hendye upon the Statutes of Novelles for speaking these woordes videlicet that there was holy brede holy water, masse and matt ens in Cornwall and that ytt shalbe every where shortlye and that he & his frendes should shortlye beare great swaye & that the Quene should be no bodye, but his master (Innuendo) Sir John Arrundell should beare rule er yet be longe & then he shalbe able to pIe sure you. Phillipus Tremayne & Franciscus Eyrman indited for nott coming to churche & bound over to appeare before my Lord of London in mense pasche. Trevennar Roscarrocke, bound in the lyke bond for the lyke cause [Endorsed] Aprill1578 persons indicted as Recusantes and for matters of Relligion at the last Assises in Cornewall. CECIL PAPERS 142/57 H.M.C. XIII p. 217. 1582-3 A note of divers bonds taken before the heighe Commissioners and cerbfied into the exchequer to be considered of in, equitie. There be some honeste men bounden as suerities forthe appearance of others before the highe commissioners who immedillie uppon ther enlargement fled beyond the Seas and were never hard of sithence. Some other suerities stand bownden for others that be now dead. These be some that sithence they were bounde have conformed themselves and doe go to churche. CRAWLEY Some were bounden to abide in or near London and have been called into other shyres and comytted there to prisom by the commandment of some of the privy councell. Some were bounde to goe to churche and to procure certificate therof to the commisiioners, and did goe to churche, but procured no certificate. Some were bounde to appeare and not to departe without licence but by ignorance they departed without licence. Some were bounde to retourne to prison agayne by a certen tyme, and offered themselves to prison and the Keeper of the prison would not receyve them because he had no warrant. signed Chuche or Clenche [Endorsed] Recusants bondes to be considered in committie. 115

CECIL PAPERS 168/39. H.M.C. IV p. 258. 1591.

These I know with many more whose names I have not. that are seminaries. Master Comewelleis, he keeps at Mosell Hill with my Lady Arundell. Doctor Banin keeps much in Barkeshire. Isace Higgines abiding most in Hampshire. J ames Lee keppinge much in Yorkshire. Semyinaries Latley retourned with 7 more. Robert Chambers a semyinary now retourned after fyve yere study, a Lestersheire man a scholer of Oxford. Edward Chapman now retoumed a semyinary after 4 yeres study-a Dorsetshire man. Robert Riche who pracidid batcheller of Arte in Cambridge went over in July last 1591 to the semynary. These with many mo went over to the semynary sithence December last paste. Thomas Brisko a Y orkeshire man. Owyn Flatcher of Woodstock in Oxfordshire. Thomas Pett a Master of Arte in Oxford. These with many mo gon to Ireland sithence January last. William Coles with his wife and children. William Woodwer. Peter Penkenell. John Penkenell Dyvers are gone to Ireland oute of Hampshire Barcksheire and Devonshire. This man with 4 more went together to Ireland. Winslad that was taken in ... went into Ireland in July 1591. [Endorsed by Lord Burghley] J esuites & Seminaries. [In another hand] 31 July [In a third hand] 1591. 170/52 H.M.C. IV p. 298. 1592.


An acte for reducing of disloyal subjects to theyr due disobedience. l 1. That recusantes which be or hereafter shalbe convicted for not reparinge to churche accordinge to the lawes and statutes etc. 1

[There is a copy of this document in C.P. Vol. 168/105 : H.M.C. Vol. IV p. 260 endorsed "An Acte for reducinge disloyall subjectes to their due obedience" & dated "March 1592". Paragraph 8 is annotated "extra" with a line I at the side of the paragraph. In paragraph 14 of the copy, is added, following the sentence "shall never after take anie benefit or advantage by makinge any newe submission for the like offence again"-"And if he fall into relapse, or aftsones become a Recusant by not repairing to Church then to lose the benfit of suche submission before made." Both these documents are written in the same hand.]


shall forfet to the Queen's Majesty all the ire goodes chattels and debts whatsoever, and two pts of all the landes tenements & heridiments wch they or any other uppon anie secret trust shall have to the use or behoff of them their wives or children for and duringe the lieff of the same offender, if the same estate or trust so longe contynue. 2. That if anie wieff shall be convicted etc. and shall not conforme herself in the liefe of her husbande, she shalbe dishabled & uncapable to have anie jointure, dowre or legacye by her said husband, or to be executor or administrator of the goodes of anie person, And if hereafter anie man shall marry a wieff wch is a recusant, wch hereafter shalbe convicted, etc. then during the lieff of the same wieff, the Queen's Matie shall have two partes of all such landes, tenements, leases and chattels reall as such husband shall have in the right of his wieff, or by reason of the marriage of the same wieff. 3. That all recusants which are or shalbe convicted etc untill they submit & conforme themseeves, shalbe disabled to have by anie gift purchase limitacion of any use or trust any landes or tenements free or copiehould & also be uncapable of anie legacie by anie will or devise. 4. That if anie person wch is, or shalbe convicted etc. shalbe releived or maintained in the house of anie other persons, by the space of one monthe at one or severall tymes in the yere, not being then conformed etc. the owner of the same house shall forfet to the Q: Matie for every month wherin he shall so offend Xli. And every person which shall retaine or kepe in his house or otherwise anie servant beinge a Recusant, shall forfett to the Queene's matie for every such servante X li for every month that he shall retaine or keepe the same servant after notice thereof to him given by the ordinary of the Diocese, or anie Justice of Assise, or Justice of Peace, or the Curate or Churchwardens of the parish church. S. That enie Recusant which is or shalbe convicted etc shall forfet for terme of his liefe (if his estate so longe contynue) all his coppeholds & customarie landes to the Lord of whom the same is houlden. And that the Queene's Matie shall have two partes of the issues and profitts thereof in three partes to be divyded, during the lieff of suche offender. 6. That every Recusant being convicted shalbe dishabled to have any office or to practize as Councellors Doctor Advocate, Proctotor, Attorney, Solicytor or Clerke in any Court, Ecclesiasticall or Temporall, or other place whatsoever. 7. That the children of recusants which be or shalbe convycted etc. after they be 7 yeres of age shalbe brought upp at the chardgs of their parents to be taken out of that pordon of landes wch shall remaine or be to their saide parents, in such places & under the government of such loyall and discreete persons, as shalbe thereunto assigned by anie six of the priorye cowncell or by the Busshop of the 117

Diocese or Justice of Assise of the circuite etc. and the same charges to be raised & levied out of the same landes and tenements by such meanes & in such manner and fonne as the persons so to be assigned, or the Busshoppe or Justices etc, shall ordaine and appointe. 8. That every person which shall hereafter be marryed, or willinglie cause or suffer any of his children be baptized by any J esuite, semynarie preist or other massinge preist or by anie persone havinge or pretendinge anie powre or authoritie so to do by or under the Busshop or Sea of Rome shall for every such offence forfet to the Queen's Majestie, C li. 9. That no recusant wch is or shalbe convicted etc shalbe hable to make any bargaine conveyance or assurance of anie their landes & tenements or of any Rent or proffet out of the same. But that every such bargaine, conveianp.ce & assurance shalbe void against the Queene's Majestie duringe the lyeff of suche offender for such duetys and forfytures as ought to growe to her Majestie by force of this Acte. And that all conveiances and assurances heretofore made sithence the beginninge of her Majesties raigne of anie their landes & tenements or of anie Rent or profit out of the same without money or other good & valuable consideracon, or whereof anie such recusant or anie other for theire use or behooff have sithence receyved the Revenewes & proffits or which have ben made for the use or behoof of anie their wyves or children, or uppon secret trust or confidence for them or anie of them, shalbe void duringe the lieff of such offenders against the Queen's Majestie for such duties and forfitures as ought to grown to hir highnes by force of this Acte. 10. That all dueties forfeitures and paiements which shall acrew or be paieable by virtue of this acte or of the statute made (1581) 23 Eliz: Calor of the Statute made 28 Eliz: Ca. 6. shall & maie be recorded & levied by accon or debt, bill, plaint or Informacon, in the courtes of Kings Bench common plees, or Exchequer as anie other debts due by anie such persone should or maie be recorded. 11. The fonne of proceedinge against such Recusan ts by Judictement before the Justices of Assises of Gaole delyvery and proclamacon uppon the same. 12. If anie Recusant be or shalbe convicted without anie good & just cause, that in every suche case the Lord Treasurer of England & Chancellors & Barones of the Exchequer upon a bill to be exhibited unto them by the partie greyved into the Court of Exchequer shall have full powre and authoritye to examyne the truethe and circumstance thereof and findinge the partie to have been convicted without good just cause, to declare and decree such convicon to be voyde, and that thereupon the same conviccon shall (by vertue of this acte) be voyde, and of none effect. 13. That if anie recusant that shall offend against this Acte, shall before he be thereof convycted or before the next tenne or next assises after such conviccon repaire to his parishe church on


some sundaie or festivall daie, & there heare devine service accordinge to the statute etc and also make such oppen submission & dec1aracon of his conformitye as is pres~ribed in this Acte and do also before his convicion or ells the next terme or next assises after his conviccon make like submission & dec1aracon of his conformity in oppen court before the Judges before, whom he shalbe arrayned or convicted, or before the Barons of the Exchequer in oppen court in Tearmetyme that then uppon such submissiones & dec1aracions of conformitye before conviccon the offender shalbe clerlie discharged of all paines and forfeytures imposed or inflicted by this Acte, and uppon such submissiones & dec1aracions of conformitie. to be made after conviccon at the next assises or nexte terme then followinge. The same offender shall from thence forthe be discharged of all such dishabilyties & all such forfeytures of his landes & tenementes aswell copiehold as freehold and leases for terme of yeres as shall or maie from thenceforthe anie waie growe or happen by vertue of this Acte. 14. A proviso, that such as have once submitted themselves accordinge to this Acte or accordinge to the Statutes made in the .xxiijth & or xxviijth yeres of her Majesties raigne, shall never after take anie benefit or advantage by makinge any newe submission for the like offence againe. 15. An other proviso, that this Acte shall not extend to avo ide or impeache anie grant, estate, right, title, or interest which anie persone (other then the offenders aforesaide theire wyves & children) have heretofore bona fide, and uppon good consideracon wthout fraude or covin purchased obtained or gotten. [Endorsed by Lord BurghleyJ The first bill of Recusants. CECIL PAPERS


H.M.C. XIV p. 321. Reformacon sought to' be made in matters of Recusancy. 1. It were to be wished that the Great and riche recusants who pay but twelfe score poundes a yeare thoughe their lyvinge be twelfhundred or muche more and are ringleaders to poore men, might pay two parts accordinge to the full vallewe of their landes as they are worthe, which would increase her Majesties profitt muche, and stand with all good policye and equitye, yett they shold have a third part to keepe therein withall. . 2. It were to be wished that the Riche sholde not only be thus touched pecuniarily, but also corporally, which also standes with justice and safetye of this kingedome. 3. It is also wished, that meaner men whose abilities are not to pay, might be oyded out of the Realme and not multiply to the danger of the State in tyme of invasion. [Marginal note] ye LLs Byll. 119

The LLs Bill have appointed for the corporall punishment of the Riche, places of their abode, and have appointed for the meaner sorte abjuracion, against which ther is in other house no contradiccon, for they have respectively yelded to their lawe sent downe, as knowynge it to be digested with greater consideraccon, thoughe some men mighte doubte whether many tray tors will not be glad of that collor; but seinge that it is decreed, and that abjuracon could not conveniently be done but by Parliament, yett it is evident that the Committment of the Cheefe heades of the faccon, might have bene Restrayned by the Commandement of the Prince, as allready they have bene without particular lawe from yeare to yeare by order of the LLs. [Marginal note] "Reasons why the other Byll may be spared so ye old can be emended in one or 2 points". The Reasons thereon why the other Bill with which the Lower house is possessed, might be forborne, and only an addicon putt to the former lawe of Recusancy, whereby it might be ordered that everymans land shold be themselves and their posterytie are theise followinge The laws before made have brought Comodytye to the Queene without danger of Generall discontentment or perill of sendinge hollowe harts abroade, of which the Emynnye will make great Tryumphe and call it perseucon. The Former lawes have stood also with the honor of our appollogies, and wrytings, wherin wee avocced that non are dealt with se .. lye for matter of Conscience only, without some cyvill acte of disobedience or overt mallice, as receavinge priests or seminaries. By this Acte that proceedinge is chainged as heare appeareth. [Marginal note] "strainable points in this Byll". No man may reseave or harbor his father, his sonne or his brother, thoughe it be mearly for conscience, yf it were for harboring a servant or friend or kinsman it might be well liked, but to take his childe from hym as sone as he is eight yeares ould is thought hard. To bynd men also to come to the churche were reasonable, but to the Communion is thought harde. The poorer men also on a monthes waminge to forfeit his coppyholde or chainge his conscience is very harde. It hathe a discordance with other proceedings, for wee ever condemme on the Churche of Rome the reducyinge of consciences by terror, & in other dec1aracions wee ever maynteyned against Papists to be for Cyvill disobedience in some acte and not for keeping their consciences to themselves. The danger thereof may be this [Marginal notes] "Dangers in this Byll". The Rigor if the Lawe beinge so hard (as liffe only is excepted) will perhapps procure dispensacion to the Papists and so make them the more invisible, and therefore more dangerous, defeat the Queene of '120

all present Commodities, and yett convert never a soule nor wyn a subject. It will exasperat the humours abroade and make our Government odious, and make us and our confederates appeare more incompatible with all Catholic Princes, nowe freinds or Newtralls, nay it will rather move therin to be more declared for Spayne, it will depryve us of alllikelyhood of peace, yea perhapps drawe the troubles which nowe naturally doe ÂŁlowe to France, more directly uppon our selves a.nd make his Catholick freindes leave hym least he followe our example. What desperat honor (?) of violent practice it will wor"Ke in the meaner sorie that are nowe beggered and have so shorte a tyme to alter their conscience were also to be considered for the safetye of her Majestie. [Endorsed] Reformatione sought to be made in matter of Recusancy. [Marginal notes by Sir Robert Cecil]

169/22. H.M.C. IV p. 262.


Pensioners to the King of Spain. Priests & J esuits ~ Sir vVilliam Standley Dr. Lowys Capt. Edw. Standley Dr. Worthington Capt. Standley Father Holt Capt Bostock Father Walpole Capt. Jaques Father Cletherall Capt. vVillis Father Hargatte Capt Fallum Father Sherwood Father Darbeshire Lieutenant Chambers Lieutenant Glegg Lieutenant Gennings Lieutenant Pettie Pensioners at Large Mr Shirley Charles Pagett George Throgmorton Mr Fidgeman Mr Sleeman Mr Pannssors Mr Noesbie Mr Greave Mr Somerset Wethers 121

Pensioners in Sir Wm: Standleys regiment. Thomas Throgmorton Clement Throgmorton Jhon Tippinge Thomas Grenfeld Thomas Robottom-servant maid Wm:Whig Jhon Davnporte Mr Modie Mr Valentyne Mr Greane and his two sonnes Mr Ward-provost marshall George Hambleton Mr Orlford Mr Browne and Mr Barnwell [EndorsedJ 1592 The names of the pensioners to the King of Spaine Delyvered by Robert Russell. CECIL PAPERS 22/26. H.M.C. IV p. 258.

The Names of Seminary preists in Yorkshire yet untaken. Cuthbert Craforth James Nyghtingale. Wm: Mushe. Thomas Johnson. Robert Palcocke. Thomas Hodgson, latey come over sea. Ralphe Y olwart-he will com oversea shortly. One called by the name Mr Whitgefte. Richard HoItbe. Joseph Pulan. The names of others who my Lord carfully sought to have taken, Mr David Englebe often at Ugthorpe. Mr Joseph Constable often at Mewton. MrWarcup. Mr Haburne. John Hodgson with others. [No endorsement; no date. Stewart suggests about 1592J 168/110 H.M.C. IV p. 198.


After my moste hartie commendacions, wheras William Smithe & vVilliam Mannocke, and William Roper of London, grocers, are 122

convicted for recusancie at the suite of Our Soveraigne Lady the Queene. these are therefore to will & commande you in her Majesties name that you make forthe or commission to these persons undernamed to inquire of the lands goods & tenements of the same recusants, and in the meane season to make speciall staie that noe other person whatsoever take forthe anie commission or particuler but Owen Hughes, gent. And this my warrante shalbe your sufficient discharge therein. eoven at the Courte this tenth of Maie 1592. To my verie lovinge frende Peter Osborne, Esquire the Lord Treasurers Remembrancer in her Mats Courte of Exchequer. Commissioners as "I Raffe Holmes gent be appointed by ~Peter Norcome gent order. I Alexander Nighteingale gent j Peter J ackstone.



pro Heughes

[Endorsed, in one hand] 10 May 1592 [In the hand of Sir Robert Cecil] A counterpart warrant for a recusant. CECIL PAPERS 168/142-4. H.M.C. IV p. 242. Oct 1592

Releevers & favourers of Jesuite & seminary Preists. A Anderton of Exton Anderton filius Anderton filia Anderton of Lostock et ux et mater Ashton of Crofton & ux Ashe of Ashe & ux Anne of Frickley & ux Anne his 2 brothers & all his sisters. Aye of Dunstar & ux Alington of Hindelip Ashton of Bamphelong & all his sonnes. B Barton of Barton Rowe Barlow of [Vavlod*] Bulkeley Byram ux Byram et filia Brockell of Brockell et ux Bloundell of Crosby et ux Bloundel filius Butler Butler wife of Butler of Rockyffe Butler his sonne & heyre Barton widow Barton sometymes servant to Mr. Houghton of the Lea. Barker Braddell receyver Blundell of Ince Bold of Bold Beesley of York Bently of Hungry Bently Barlow of the Hurst Barker of Salop Badger Bulkeley brother to Bulkly the preacher Browne brother to the Lord Montague Brereton C Claxton et ux Clyfton the elder a widow Clyfton of Balam Crofte Crofte his brother Charnock Cowper Charnock of Fulwood Conyers of Huton & his brother D Dickinson Draycot Davnport widow 123

E Eccleston Elwes & his wife Elwes brother Elwes the Harper La: ... Eg ... F Farrington of Weardon Fenton of Attercliffe FitzHerbert brother to Sir Tho FitzHerbert of Padley Fenton dwelling sometymes at Nodes G Gerrard wife to Tho: Ger Gerrard of Aughton Gerrard of Highly Carre & his wife Gerrard of Ince & his wife tGarstang of Beston Gerrard servant to the Master of the Rolls Greene. H

Hammer Hesketh wife of Robert Hesketh Hesketh of Newhall Hesketh of Poulton Houghton of the Lea widow Houghton of the Park Hall & his wife Hilton of the Parke Haydock of Cottam & his wife Hawkesworthe Heathes wife Hopwood The person of Halsall & his wife


Ireland Ince his wife Kitsheth

L Langton Baron of Walton Latham of Mosley Langton of ye low Laton & his wife Laithwayte Lady Lacy [wiffto Stanley] Latham of Parbolt & his wife Latham his brother Latham sometymes a schoolmaster Latham his eldest brother & his wife Leigh Lyster wife of Lister of Westby Langford Lovell the Coferer's wife Langley M Masey Middleton of Leighton Mayney widow Mannering & his wife Massy of Rixton & his wife Massy his mother Massy his awnte Moreton Monlineux of - - & his wife Monlineux of Sefton, Knight Monlineux of Hawkelly & his wife Middleton of Applegarth Middleton of Middleton Hall Metcalfe Middlemore, his sonne &

ther wives Middlemore, another Middlemores eldest sonne Maxfeld & his 2 brothers.

N N orreys of ye Speak & his wife Norton

Nelson of Skelton widow

o Ormestons wife Ormeston Osbolston servant to Sir Richard Mollineux Orrell of Turko [Osolston ofJ P

Pudsey Padley Price of Washingley Pewe

R Rigmayden of Wedaker et ux Rogerley of Letham Rigby Rigmayden of Applegarth Rawson 124

S Standish Skyllicorne of Prees Stanley of morthall & his wife, Stanley that marryd Irelands sister Stanley of the Croshall widow Singleton Southworth Knight Southworth his sonne & heyre Sou thworth his daughter Singleton of Broughton Junior Scarisbrickes wife Stanford Lo: Stafford & his wife Sherborne Knight Stanley of Winwyeke

T Torbock Tildesly widow Tildesly & his wife Throwing Tunsted Towneley Tresham Knight

v W Whitfield Lo: Windsor Windsor his sonne Westby of Moobrock widow Whittingham of Whittingham Hall & his wife Worthington of Blansko widow Worthington his eldest sonne Worthington of Worthington Hall widow Worthington Mrs. Halsalls mayde Worsley Waterton Whitmore [Endorsed, with annotations by Lo: BurghleyJ A catalog of Recusants and suspected persons in Lancashyre out of Bells Book. Oct. 1592

21/69-70 H.M.C. IV p. 240


The names of such gentlemen as their Lordships think then for their fidelities and sowndnes in Religion to be employed in this service. 1592. IN CHESHIRE

Sir John Savadge Sir Edward Phitton Sir William Brereton Sir Henry Cholmley Sir George Beeston Peter Warborton Tho. Wilbraham Reynold Damport Tho. Brooke Tho. Smithe of Randell Manwaringe Henry Manwaringe

"I I




Richard Holland of Deynton Edmund ffetward in Rossall in AndThomas Preston 125

Mr. John Fox, the earl of Derby's .... Mr. Thomas Egleston of .... Thomas Talbot of Bushall Richard Brerton of Worsley Edward Warren of Warren Charles Holt and... . John Bannyster aged .... . Such persons as ar mete to be apprehended and sent upp viz Recusants & receivers of preists & Seminaries Ireland of Lyddiard Standish of Standishe Barlow of Barlowe Releivers of priests & semenaryes Brockell of Brockell Skyllicorne of .... Middleton of Laighton .. sister of (B) or (R)ondell of Crossye and his sonne Latham of Mosbrey. Not seeminge to be R:ecusants but discovered to be dangerous persons. Young Everrard Barton of Barton Rowe Whittingham of Whittingham Barthelemew Hesketh Langton of the Lowe Myles Gerrard of .. The number of men that may be charged though they be not sent to Lambeth, yett be committed to ye Custodie of honest gentlemen, to be fourth cominge until they may be indicted and sent for up to be committed to custodye provided that the committed persons shall pay for their owne dyettes according to the Rates of the Fleet of such men ... Sir Rich Mollineux William Hesketh of Polton Hesketh William Croftes now dedd Thomas Southworth Sonne of Sir John Southworth Skellycorme Barton of Barton Rowe Middleton Moreton Blondell Mr. Haydock of Preston Ireland of Lydgalt Whitemore of Chester Latham-already in Lane: gaile Hilton of ye Parke Edward Stanley Edw. Rigbie clerke of ye Crowne at Law: Tho: Green of Highley J ames Anderton of Lostock Ro bt Langton of Lowe The names such persons of smalle Habitity Edw Langton brother to Langton of ye Lome 126

Abban Butler, Edwarde Crofte, William Ormyston at Wydake ~ Richard Mollyneux. Bradwell, the receiver, Tho: Latham, shcolemaster at Rickstie, William Charnock, of Fullwood, Warton of Barton. Widowes and other persons that are to be custodie of other other parts of the in ye countir ofMrs. Ann Houghton of the Lea, wydowe Ann Clinton of Westlie, wydowe Mrs. Anderton of Exton, w Mrs. Massey of Rynton, w Mrs. Tesley,of Worsley, w Mrs. Blondell of Crosby, w Mrs. Stanley of - Mrs. Worthington of - Mrs. Rigman of Whyt Mrs. Rogerley of Latham Mrs. Gerard of - Mrs. Mayne of Le Car Mrs. Westlie of Mowb Mrs. Barton of Bar [Endorsed] Touching recusants in Lancashire. [Also endorsed, by Lord Burghley] Octre 1592 Instructions jor proceeding [Note.-This document is damaged by damp and parts are illegible)

42/51 H.M.C. VI p. 267.


Note.-When this volume of the Cecil Papers was bound, the following letter was placed after, instead of before, the list enclosed with the letter.

Right Honourable, May it please you to be advertised I have vewed the State of Worcester diocese, according to the presentments delivered mee by the Chauncellor and Register; and fynde it, as may sum what appeare by the particulars here enclosed, for the quantitie as dangerous as any place that I knowe. In that small counte there are nynescore Recusants of note (besides retayners, wanderers and secret lurkers) dispersed in fortie several parishes, and sixscore and ten householders. Whereof above fortie are families of Gentlemen that themselves or their wyves refrayne the Church, and many of them not only of good wealth, but of great alliance as the Windsores, Talbutts, Throgmortons, Abingtons and others, and in other respect, yf they may have their forth, able to prevayle much wit h the simpler sort. Besides Warwick and the parts thereabout, are 127

fraighted with a number of men precisely conceited against her Majesties government Ecclesiasticall, and they trouble as much with their curiositie as the other with their obstinacie How weake ordinarie . authoritie is to doe any good on other sort, long experience . hath taught mee, excommunication being the onlie bridle that the law yeldeth to a Busshop and other side utterlie despising that course of correction, as men that gladlie, and of their ow accord refuse the communion of the church both in Sacraments and prayers. In respect therefore of the number and danger of those divers humors both denying obedience to her Majesties proceedings yf it please her excellent Highnes to trust mee and others in that shire with the Commission ecclesiastic all, as in other places of lyke importance is used, I will doe my endeavour to serve God and her Majestie in that Diocese to the uttermost of my power, first by vewing their qualities, retinues, habilities and dispositions next by drawing them to private and often conference lest ignorance make them perversly devout, thirdly by restrayning them from receaving, succouring or maintayning any wanderers or servitors that feed their humors and last lie by certyfying what offers -or defects I finde to be the cause of so many revolting. Her excellent Majestie hath trusted mee fyftene yeres synce to be the Quorum in the Commission ecclesticall in Hampshire and therfore age and experience growing, as also my care and charge encreasing, I hope I shall not neede to produce any farder motives to obtaine her Majesties favor therin, but the profession of my dutie and promise of my best service, with all diligence and discretion, which I have, shall turne to the content of her excellent clemencie and good of her people. With which my most humble petition if it shall please your Honour to aquaint her excellent Majestie, I will render your honour all dewe thanks and make what speede I may towards the place, where I long to be and wishe to labour to the pleasure of Almightie God and good lyking of her Majestie for whose long and prosperous health and raigne I will not fayle to make my daylie and hartie prayers unto God through Christ our Lord, And so with the humble remembrance of my dutie, I commit your honour for this present to the Grace of Almightie God. London the XVij of ] ulie 96 Your honours in all christian dutie, Tho: Wigorn. [Addressed] The Right Honorable Sir Robert Cecil, Knight, Principall Secretarie to her Ma j estie. [Endorsed in another hand] The Bishop of Worcester to my Ma:


42/50 H.M.C. Vol. VI p. 264.


Note.-In the binding (1712) of this volume of Cecil Papers, the Bishop of Worcester's letter is bound after the list and is folio 51.

The names and qualities of the wealthier sort of Recusants in Worcester Dioces : The Lady Windsor and her retinewe Mr. - Talbot Thomas Abington Esquire & Dorothie his sister Thomas Throgmorton Esqre. John Wheeler, gent & Elizabeth his wife. Thomas Blunt, gent & Bridgett his wife. John Smyth gent. Thomas Greene gent. Hughe Ligon & Barbara his wife. Michael Folliatt gent & Margaret his wife. John Newport gent & Margarett his wife. ,William Coles gent & Marie his wife. Mr. Bluntt gent of Hallow. Hughe Day gent & Margarett his wife. Lyon Barton gent. John Taylor gent & Ann his wife. John Middlemore gent. Hughe Throgmorton gent. Humphrey Packington gent. John Woolmer gent of I nckb arrow. Rowse Woolmer gent of Kingeton. John Woolmer gent of Kingston. Mr Busshopp of Old Burrow. The names of the Gentlewomen that refuse the Church, though theyr husbands doe not. Margaret the wife of Roger Pen, gent. Jane, wife of George Middlemore: Alice, wife of George Hornyhold, gent. Margarett wife of William Rigbye, gent. Marye wife of Thomas Sheldon, gent. Dorothie, wife of Thomas Ranckford, gent. Ann wife of William Fox, gent. Jone, wife of Thomas Barber, gent Prudence, wife of Thomas Oldnall, gent. Fraunces wife of John Jeffrys, gent. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Randall, gent. Marie, wife of William Woolmer, gent. Elizabeth Ferrys, widowe. Jane Sheldon, widowe. Katherine Sparkes, of Hindlipp. Dorothie Woolmer, Jane, Marie, Elianor, daughters of Anthony Woolmer, gent. Of the meaner sort Fower score and' ten severall householdes where the man or wife or both are Recusantes besides children and servants. 144/184-188 22 May 1605 H.M.C. Vol: XVII p. 216.


A ,note of some of the persons detected to have been present att the funeral of ALES Wellington ye wiffe of Thomas Wellington of Allensmore uppon ye Tuesdaye in Whitson weeke. 22 May 1605. Leonard Marshe of Kingston William Marshe of Kingston George Smith of Didley Henry Jenkin Henry Tailor als Price John Jenkin of Kingston-apprehended J ames Coles of Hungarston Philip Giles of Allensmore William Browne of Madley William Chadnor of Kingston Richard Smith of J


Stretton William Caunt of Madley Thomas Dunston of TreviU , Thomas Chadnoe of Kingston William Taborer of Kingston Thomas Kerrick of Kilpeck with many women etc. to the number of 60fledd, and as yet cannot be apprehended. The names of some such persons as were actors in the rescue of Leonard Marshe 24 Maij 1605 sent for by warrant from the Bishop of Hereford. William Morgan of Trevill William Marshe of Kingston John Griffiths of Kingston John Phillips of Thruxton-apprehended. Phillip Giles of Allensmore William Chadnor of Kingston John Spencer of Kingston James Pye of Trevill Walter Pigg of Allensmore William Porter of Allensmore William Wheeler of Thruxton John Griffith a grasier with manie others etc. to the number of SO.-fledd and as yet cannot be apprehended. lThe names of some of ye persons that were assembled and armed to encounter the Sheriffe and Justices upon Corpus Christi daie etc. 29 Maie when they were going to apprehend William Morgan. Rice ap Rice of Kilpeck gent John Guillim of Dowie John Powell of Kilpeck Watkin Philpotts William Marshe of Kingston Leonard Marshe of ye same John Jenkin Junior-apprehended. Thomas Price of Madley William Caunt of Madley William Chadnor of Kingston Francis Griffith Richard Merrick junior James Coles of Hungarston Henrye Williams and George Williams his sonne John Prickett Thomas, John Vayne and his man Thomas Quarrell John ap Rice Thomas Whoper Thomas ap Pritchard ye Capteyne of them Phillip Giles Thomas Jane als Waye William Browne Richard Powell of Kilpeck Henry Chadnor of Kingston Thomas Thresher James Quarrell John Griffiths grasier with many others etc.-fledd and as yet cannot be apprehended. The names of such as were bound to appeare att the last Assises att Hereford, with their proceedings there and ye crymes whereof they are detected. Francis Bishop of Trevill Park An enterteyner of Roger Cadwallader a seminarie priest into his house, and there had Masse confessed by John Jenkin was also present att Masse at Whitfield confessed by John Powell An enterteyner of Dr. Bishop a seminarie priest and hard Mas~e of him, confessed by himself. Proceedings of the Judges : Endicted and delivered into ye Sheriffs custodye without baile. 1

A piece of paper endorsed as follows "22 May 1605-Earl of Worcesters Proceedings in Wales" in one hand and in another writing "concerning the papists in Herefordshire", is stuck on to the folio following 144/185.


Leonard Marshe of Kingston was present att the buriall with a rapiar and a candle con :. by himself. 'Vas in ye assemblie in the Cockett armed with a long bill to encounter ye Justices 29 Maij. con: by John Jenkin Usually was present at Masse aU Whitfield con: by himself. and at Mr. Bishopps att Trevill. con: by John Jenkin. the Proceedings of ye Judges. Three montps imprisonment, vU. fine & to bee bound to his good behaviour. 'Villiam Marshe of Kingston was at the buriall with a bill con: by himself. Assembled company for ye Rescue con: by John Phillips was one of ye principal persons in ye Rescue con: by Mr. Gough was one of ye assemblie in ye cockett, to encounter the Justices 29 Maij con: by John Jenkin usually heard masse at Whitfield. con: by John Jenkin The Proceedings of ye Judges Three months imprisonment, vli. fine & to bee bound to his good behaviour. JOHN GRIFFITH OF KINGSTON was att ye buriall aforesaid con: by himself was present at ye rescue with a longe staffe con: by Leonard Marshe Proceedings of ye Judges : Taking the oath of submission. Was dismissed. JOHN PHILLIPS of Thruxton a partie at ye Rescue, with a rapiar drawne con: by himself. The Proceedings of the Judges: dismissed upon ye oath of submission. GEORGE SMITH of Didley was present att ye buriall with a waxe candle, kneeled downe at ye Crosse waies, and therewith ye companie said superstitious praises Con: by himself. Proceedings of ye Judges Three months imprisonment, vli. fyne & to bee bound to his good behaviour. 131

HENRY JENKIN of Kingston~ Present att ye buriall aforesaid with a waxe candle. con: by himself. Was present at Masse Whitfield con: by himself. Was present at Masse at Mr Bishopps house con: by his sonne. Proceedings of the Judges Three months imprisonment, vli. fyne & to bee bound to his good behaviour. HENRY PRICE als Tailor of Madleye was present att ye buriall with a bill. Was present att Masse att Whitfield ye same daie con: by himself. The Proceedings of the Judges: Three months imprisonment, vli. fyne, & to bee bound to his good behaviour. JOHN POWELL of Kilpeck. One of ye Riott assembled against ye Justices 29 Maij with a forrest bill. confe: by himself. Was present at Masse once a month at Whitfield con: by himself. Wa~ married att a Masse by Roger Cadwallader co'n : by himself. Had two of his children baptized by Margaret Coles ye midwife con: by himself. Proceedings of the Judges: Endited, but upon his oath of submission dismissed. RIC AP RICE of Kilpeck gent departed suddenly from Herefo'r d 28 Maij being ye night before the Justices made search. Left his house behind him. Went over ye river by boate, went through a wood called the Hay Wood to a place called the Goosepoole, was there seen by Mr. Arnold when the Justices came, 29 Maij to search for Mr. William Morgan con: by himself. Was that night in ye Cocket with Thomas ap Pritchard con: by John Guillim. Spake contumelious wordes to one of the Jurors. viz. such a J urie would have endited God himself. con: by one of the Jurors. commanded one Thomas Kerrick, Bailye to Sir Charles Morgan to take awaie ye keies of Kilpeck Churr-he for three weeks space. con: by himself. 132

Proceedings of 'the Judges : Bound in 200li. bond to answere the next assises and to bee of good behaviour in the mene tyme. JOHN GUILLIM of Dowie: was in ye Cockett with the persons assembled, 29 Maij with a weapon. Con: by Watkin Philpotts & himself. Proceedings of the Judges : Appeared not upon his Recoginyaunce. WATKIN PHILPOTTS of Dowie was in the assemblie in ye Cockett aforesaid with a weapon to resist ye J usticesand defend William }{organ . . . Con: by himself & John Guillim. . Proceedings of the Judges : Appeared not upon his Recoginyaunce. RICHARD HUGHES of Hereford, sawier, fledd out of Hereford about midnight 29 Maij and went to reveale to Wm. Morgan the coming of ye Justices to apprehend him. Con: by himself. Proceedings of the Judges : Dismissed..up~n his oath of submission. RICHARD DAVIS of Garwaie went with a javeling to Llanothall Bridge, in companye of one James Shepherd to Mr. William Vaughan who was armed with a forest bill and a hanger. Hee heard of an assemblie prepared to resiste the Bishopp and Sheriffe Con: by himself & John Ridge. Proceedings of the Judges Dismissed upon his oath of submission. JOHN PHILLIPS of ye broade oake was present att Masse att ye Darren twice att which tymes hee heard two severall sermons made by Jones ye priest, the one in Welshe the other in Englishe con: by himself. Hee was att ye Darren with a Corne Pike in an assemblie of 40 persons waiting to resist the Bishopp and Sheriffe. Con: by John Ridge Proceedings of the Judges Dismissed upon the oathe aforesaid the names of some persons who are fled with ye matters whereof they are detected. ROGER CADWALLADER ye priest: endited of Treason. JAMES COLES of Hungarston was at ye buriall aforesaid, Con: by John Marshe. . . 133

Rescued himself when he was to bee apprehended and wounded one Gough Presently after ye buriall heard masse at Whitfield Con: by the High Constable Was in the Riott in ye cockett to' encounter ye Justices, Con: by John Guillim. PHILIP GILES of Allensmore Bare ye crosse at ye buriall con: by Len Marshe Was att Masse ye same daie att Whitfield, Con: by John Jenkin. Was at the Rescue with a javeling Con: by Len Marshe. Watched all ye night before ye first searche of ye justices, with a sword and buckler to Defend Wm Morgan, Con: by John Jenkin. After ye rescue said wee must hold together better then thus, and that hee would bring a companie out of Monmouthshire well weaponed, Con: by John Phillips. WILLIAM CHADNOR of Kingston, was att ye funerall21 Haij con: by Len Marshe. Att Masse at Whitfield ye same daie was at ye rescue aforesaid con: by John Jenkin, was at the Rescue aforesaid. Con: by Len Marshe. was at the riott in ye cockett 29 Maij, Con: by Watkin Philpotts. was att Masse at Trevill att Mr Bishopps house Con: by John Jenkin. RICHARD SMITH was at ye funerall and there carried ye bell, Con: by the Constable. Was att Masse att Whitfield ye same daie. Con: by John Jenkin Was in ye Riott in ye Cockett with a long pike. Con: by John Jenkin. WILLIAM CAUNT of Madley Was at ye buriall aforesaid, Con: by Wenland. Was at Masse at Whitfield ye same daie, Con: by John' Jenkin. Was one of the rioters in ye Cockett 29 Maij, Con: by Philpotts. THOMAS MARSHE of Kingston. Was att the riott in ye vallet with a long staffe. Con: by William Marshe. 134

Was att Masse at Whitfield, Con: by John Jenkin. Was at Masse at Mr. Bishopps house at Trevill, C9P : by John Jen,kin. WILLIAM BR.OWNE of ¡Madley Was att ye ,buriall aforesaid, Con: by Wenland. Was att Masse ye same daie at Whitfield Con: by John Jenkin. Was one of ye Riotters in ye Cockett 29 Maij, Con: by Wm. Marshe. THOMAS AP PRICHARD of ye Newe Grange. Assembled xxxty persons armed in ye Coskett 29 Maij to encounter ye Justices, and was ye chief of them. Con .: by Watkin Philpotts and others. WATKIN PHILPOTTS upon his oathe confesseth a greater number att the same tyme, armed in another valett neare Mr. William Morgans house to encounter ye said Justices. RIDGE of ye Darren confesseth upon his oathe that 40 persons armed and apprehended att ye DaFren to encounter ye Bishopp Hee confesseth of a Bragg ma<k 1;}y one of that assemblie that uyon on,e . houres warning~ they coUld' procure in reddyness 2000 persons. [Endorsed: by Stewart? 22 Maij 1605. Earl of \Vorcesters proceedings in Wales concerning the Papists.] JOHN

w~re ~tc.

CECIL PAPERS. 144/219 H.M.C. Vol. XVII, p. 216.


Repayrers to the Darren to heare Masse eyther weaponed or without weapons. JOHN GUILLIM OF ROCKFIELD. Hughe Williams of St. Maughans sayeth upon his oath, he did see John Guillim the ixth of June comming from ye Darren with bowe and arrowes & A rapier. Thomas Philipps sayeth upon his oathe he did see John Guillim of Rockfield in ye evening ye same day comming from the Darren with a forest bill. Walter Tyler sayeth upon his oath that John Guillim usually resorted to the Darren. Robert Steven confessth that himselfe had been five or six tymes at the Darren & did see John Guillim of Rockfield there amongst others and that he resorteth to the house of Thomas David. 135


Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath that William Hughes came from the Darren the ixth of June with a javelin. " ,. '. Thomas Phillips sayeth upon his oathe he sawe William Hughes ye day aforesaid coming from the Darren with a javelin. William Var upon his oath sayeth that the ixth of June Win. Hughes was at the Darren with a javelin and hath been there sometymes with a fowling peece. ' John of Newcastle in the parish of Langattocke confesseth in his examination that William Hughes usually resorted to the Darren. Robert Steven confesseth he hath seen Wm. 'Hughes at the Darren amongst others and that the said Hughes commonly resorted to the house of Thomas David. Hugh David ' confesseth he hath seene William Hughes at the Darren with bowe and arrowes and a pistoll. JOHN JAMES AP JENKIN OF ST. MAUGHANS.

John Harries of Langattock weaver confesseth that John James ap Jenkin was at the Darren at Masse when he was there. Thomas Phillip sayeth upon his oath he saw John James ap Jenkin comming from the Darren with a forest bill the ixth of June. John Jones confesseth that he hath seene John James ap Jenkin usually resort to the Darren. Robert Steven confesseth that he hath seene John Jenkin, of Coyd Bangham at the Darren. I



Jones confesseth to have seen the said wives resort to the Darren. William James Morgan upon his oath taken the xijth of June last past sayeth that about two months ago he saw ye wife of James Watkins and the late wife of Charles Watkins comming from the Darren. WILLIAM THE SONN OF JOHN Y GOVE.

Thomas Phillip sayeth upon his oath that he sawe William John y gove the ixth. of June coming from the Darren with a forest bill. William Varr sayeth upon his oath that William John y gove was at the Darren the ixth. of J nne with a long bill and did usually resort thither. Robert Steven confesseth that he saw William John Smith at the Darren and that he usually resorteth to the house of Thomas David. WILLIAM DAVID STUDD OF LANGATTOCK VIBON AUELL.

John Harris of Langattock Vibon Auell confesseth he hath seene William David at Langattocke at the Darren with his two sonnes. Robert Steven confesseth that William David Stud was one that persuaded him to go to the Darren first, and he hath seene the said William Stud there amongst others, and that the said Stud usually resorteth thither. John Jones confesseth that William David Studd was the only man that drew him to, the Darren and upon his commendscons of the service he went thither. 136

William James sayeth that he hath seene William DavidStud go to~ards the Darren. . . Hugh David of Langattock, weaver, confesseth that he hath seene William David Studd at the Darren. J AMES MORRIS ALIAS JONES, PREISTE.

John Harris confesseth that Jones the preiste hath said two severall masses at the Darren upon his knowledge. .. Robert Steven confesseth that one called Jones the preist used to say masse at the Darren. Proved likewise by divers others. CHARLES HOWELL OF ST. MAUGHANS.

William Varr upon his oathe sayeth that Charles Howell was the ixth. of J vne last paste at the Darren with a long bill. THOMAS DAVID OF LONGATTOCKE VIBON AUELL.

Hugh David confesseth that he comming to the Darren he was not admitted into the place where the masse was for Thomas David tQuld him he was too younge, . Robert Steven confesseth that one preist used to say service at the Darren and at Thomas David his house. PHILLIP MADOCKE ALIAS SAWIER OF ST. MAUGHANS.

William Varr sayeth upon his oath that Phillip Meadock alias Sawier.was at the Darren the ixth of June with a pike staffe. THE WIFE OF WILLIAM STEVEN OF ROCKFEIL.D E. THE WIFE OF WATKIN TYLER.

Watkin Tyler confesseth upon his oath that these two wyves used to the Darren. JENAN JOHNS OF NEWCASTLE.

J en an Johns confesseth that he hath used to the Darren this halfe yeare and hath bene there five or six tymes. ROBERT STEVEN.

Robert Steven confesseth he was at the Darren five or six tymes. HARRY CHARLES OF LANGATTOCKE VYBON AUELL.

Robert Steven confesseth that Harry Charles was the first that persuaded him to go to the Darren and that he hath seene Harry Charles there. Hugh David confesseth that he hath seene Harry Charles at the Darren. WALTER WILLIAMS OF NEW CASTLE.

Robert Steven confesseth that he saw Walter Williams of New Castle, gent., at the Darren. THE WIFE OF WILLIAM DAVID STUDD.

Forence the wife of Thomas Robert sayeth that David Studds wife was in the company of those that were in her house and divers confesseth that she reared the Cry and her selfe confesseth that she used to the Darren and reared the Cry. . JAMES THE SONN OF JOHN JENKIN OF ST. MAUGHANS.

Thomas Philipps sayeth upon his oath that James the sonn of John Jenkin was the Darren the ixth. of June with a forest bill. 137

John Harries confesseth that James the sonne of John J enckin was at the Darren at masse the Sond~y before Easter. JOHN AND WATKIN THE TWO SONNES OF JEUAN JONES OF NEW CASTLE. .

Robert Steven confesseth that he hath seene at the Darren John and Watkin aforesaid. WILLIAM THOMAS PRICHARD OF LANGOTTOCKE.

Hugh David of Langottocke vib: Auell confesseth that he hath seene William Thomas Prichard at the Darren. WILLIAM DAVID STUDD HIS SONNES.

John Harries confesseth that Studds two sonnes were at the Darren at Masse when he was there. JOHN HARRIES OF LANGATTOCKE



he confesseth to have beene twice at the Darren and heard 2 masses. MAUDE DAVIES.

She confesseth to have beene at the Darren at Masse. WILLIAM POELL OF LANGOTTOCKE.

Hugh David of Langottocke weaver confesseth that he did see William Poell of Langottocke at the Darren. WILLIAM COWERNE TENENT TO THE DARREN. WILLIAM PHILIP OF GAROWAYE.

William Hughes of Langattocke confesseth that he hath sene them at the Darren at masse. Accused of Rescues intended or attempted. JOHN GWILLIM OF ROCKFIELDE.

Hughe Williams of St. Maughans sayeth upon his oath that he saw him the xjth. of June in the assembly at Coyd Banghan nere the house of Willim Varr the weapons of the assembly standing against the house and trees. Florence the wife of Thomas Roberts sayeth upon her oath that John Gillim of Rockfielde came with others to the number of xxxty persons with long bills and javelins, bowes and arrowes and one peece to her house being an aylehouse the xj of June about 3 of the clock in the aftemoone and she was tould by the wife of William David Studd that they had beene following the Bishopp and Sheriffe to take away her sonne. Robert Steven confesseth he sawe John Guillim of Rockfielde at Poll Ie Coome the xjth. of June with a forest bill. Thomas Phillipps sayeth upon his oath he saw John Guillim of Rochfield the xjth of June in Coyd Bangham weaponed with a javelin with many others. WILLIAM HUGHES OF L ANGATTOCKE.

Hugh' Williams sayethupon his oath he saw William Hughes the xjth. of June at Coyd Banghan in the assembly. Thomas Philips sayeth upon his oath he saw William Hughes the xith. of June in the assembly at Coyd Bangham with a javelin. 138


Hugh Williams upon his oathe sayeth upon his oathe he saw Thomas James of Coyd Llancke in the assembly in Coyd Bangham the xjth. of June. JOHN JAMES AP JENKIN OF ST. MAUGHAMS.

Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath he saw John James Jenkin in the assembly at Coyd Bangham the xjth. of June with a forest bill and James his sonn with a forest bill. WILLIAM THE SONN OF JON Y GOVE OF LANGATTOCKE.

Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath that he saw William the sonn of John y Gove the xjth. June the assembly at Coyd Banghan nere the house of William Varr and the weapons standing against the house and 'trees. Florence the wife of Thomas William Roberts c;ayeth upon her oath that William John y Gove was of those that were in her house the xjth. June. Thomas \Villiam Bosser upon his oath sayeth he sawe him there the same day. WILLIAM DAVID STUDD OF LANGATTOCKE


Robert Steven confesseth that he saw him at Poullle Come the xjth. of June with a forec;t bill. Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath that he saw \Villiam David Stud the xjth of June in the assembly at Coyd Bingham utsupea. William James sayeth that he heard say that William David Studd was one of those that followed the byshopp. ROSSER· OF ROCKFEILDE LABORER.

Hugh \Villiams sayeth upon his oath that he did see the said Rosser in the assembly at Coyd Bingham. MARKE JOHN OF ST. MAUGHANS.

Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath that he did see Marke John in the assembly at Coyd Banghan the xj tho of June. Thomas Philips sayeth upon his oath that he did see Marke John in the assembly at Coyd Banghan the xjth. of June with a javelin. William Var sayeth upon his oath that Mark John came into his house the xjth. of June with a Javelin. Florence sayeth upon her oath that Mark John was one of those that came to her house the xjth. of June. Thomas William Rosser sayeth upon his oath that Mark John was the xjth. June at the Aylehouse of Florence with others. CHARLES HOWELL.

Hugh Williams sayeth upon his oath that Charles Howell was in the assembly at Coyd Banghan the xjth. of June. Thomas Phillips sayeth upon his oath that he did see Charles Howell the xjth. of June in Coyd Bangham with a bastard bill. JOHN JAMES OF THE BROOME.

Walter Harwell sayeth upon his oath that John James of the Broome was the xjth. of June amonge these that persuaded the Byshop and Justice with bow and arrowes. 139


William Var sayeth lipon his oath that Jenkin Philipps came 'i~to his house with the restof the company the xjth. of June with a forest bill and a daggar. Robert Steven confesseth that- Jenkin Philip servant to James Watkins was at Poullie Coome the xjth. June with others. WATKIN MEREDITH SERVANT TO , HARRY CHARLES WATIaN.

William Varr sayeth upon his oath that Watkin Meredith came to his house the xjth. of June with the rest of the company having a forest bill and a daggar. -Robert Steven sayeth that Watkin Meredith was at Poullie Coome the xjth. of June with a forest bill. WILLIAM WILLIAM, MASON OF ROCKFIELDE.

William Varr sayeth that William William Meason was at his house the xjth. of June with a forest bill and daggar. Thomas ,\Villiam Besser sayeth upon his oath that William William Mason wa..~ in the house of Thomas William Robert the xjth. of June with many others weaponed. Forence sayeth upon her oath that William vvilliam ' was in her house the xj tho June with others. WILLIAM HOWELL GRIFFETH.

Thomas \Villiam Rosser sayeth upon hi'5 oath that William Howell Griffithe was at the Aylehou'5e of Florence the xjth. of ' June weaponed with others. Florence Robert sayeth upon her ,o ath that William Howell Griffeth was at her house the xith. of June with other'i. HUGH JOHN HUGHE OF ST. MAUGHANS.

Florence sayeth upon her oath that Hugh John Hugh was at her house the xjth. of June amongst the rest weaponed. ' Thomas William Rosser sayeth upon his oath that Hugh John Hugh was in the aylehouse of Florence the xjth. of June with , others weaponed. JOHN ROBERT OF LANGATTOCKE , VIB: AUELL.

Florence sayeth that John Roberts was the xjth. of June in her house weaponed amongst the rest. HARRY CHARLES.

Robert Steven confesseth that he did see Harry Charles at Poo111e Coome the xjth. of June with eyther bill or javelin but wether certayne he knows not. WALTER WILLIAMS OF NEWCASTLE.

Hugh David Weaver of Langottocke confesseth that he saw Walter Williams the xjth. of June with a muskett and his servant William Thomas with a Javelin. Robert Steven confesseth that Walter Williams was the xjth. of June at Pouellie Coome with a Peece. William James sayeth that upon Tuesday being the xjth. of June going towards the Cry he overtooke Walter Williams with a PeeceA 140

JOHN HOPKINS, SERVANT TO JAMES WATKINS. Robert Steven confesseth that John Hopkins was the xjth. of June at Poullle Coome with a bill. RESORTERS TO POPISH BURIALLS. JOHN JAMES OF THE BROOME. Walter Harwell; clerk, sayeth Griffith of the Coome was brought to the parish Church of Lanmthall by John James of the Broome and 路cast in"to a grave and that Morrice and Watson preists with an other preiste were at the buriall in the house, where there was a sermon by a preiste whose name he did not knowe. JANE THE .WIFE OF ROGER LACE. The said Harwell sayeth upon his oath that she was at the buriall of Griffith. THOMAS DAVID OF LANGATTOCK VIBON AUELL. JOHN JAMES JENKIN OF ST. MAUGHANS. J AMES MORRIS ALIAS JONES THE PREISTE. William James Morgan sayeth upon his oathe that a preiste called Morgan was buried out of Thomas David's house and that John James .Jenkin tould him that he 路was at the buriall. And he heard that James Morris the priest and Thomas David were there also. WILLIAM THE SONNE OF JOHN Y GOVE. H.u gh Williams sayeth upon his oath that William the sonne of Jo~n y Gove told him there was a preist buried out of the house of 1;'homas David of Langattocke . REPAYRERS TO THE DARREN FOR THE DEFENCE OF THE PLACE AGAINST THE BISHOP OF HEREFORD. Charles Howell of St. Manghans路 sayeth he was never at the Darren at Masse but confesseth that upon Tewsday being the xjth. of June last, there came one John James Jenkin of the same parishe unto ~im, about an hour before day and told him that Jones the preist had sent for him to come forth to the Darren and bringe some weapon with him whereupon the said Charle? Howell and John James Jenkins went together till they comme to路 the highway. A little above Llanrothalls Bridge, there they met with Jones the preist, and divers others in company with the said Jones, And doth name the underwritten to be such of that company as he did knowe, with sundry others whom he knowe not and they were weaponed as here after appeareth. He confesseth likewise that Jones the Preist told them at their meeting that he heard the Bishop of Hereford was to come that day and burne the Darren and he wished them that unles he brought the Kings hand for his warrant they should resist him and so they went to the Darren where they stayed until it was past tenn of the clocke. He confesseth that the number of that assembly was to his estimation about forty men and boyes. 141

He confesseth that after they came from the Darren some of them went to the Ailhouse of William Varr, there they drancke and so this examination lefte them and thinks the rest went towards Newcastle. He confesseth the preist was sent for out of their company when they were parted from the Darren, to one Mr. Griffiths house of the Coome, to one that was sick there and after he never heard of him. He confesseth that he heard one hollande a preist and Jones aforesaid frequented that quarter, but never heard of any other. He confesseth that John James Jenkin was the first and only man that persuaded him to be acquainted with James Morris alias Jones the preist and was never dealt withal1 by any other body to that effecte. He confesseth that Jones the preist persuaded him before to be ready with his weapon when occasion should serve. He sayeth further that he never did see or heare of any Catalogg or Roll of such names as the preist hoped to use upon occasion. He sayeth further that he was not at the Buriall of the preist that died in Thomas David his house. THE NAMES OF THE APPEACHED BY CHARLES HOWELL AFORESAID. COUNTY HEREFORD.

John William David of Garoway Richard William Dayid George William David of Comadocke John Phillipp of Broad Oake Thomas James of Coyd Lancke with a forest bill The servants of John and George Kenble. COUNTY MONMOUTH

The servants of vVilliam Poole of the Duffrin The sonn of J enn John of Langattocke John James Jenkin of St. Manghans, with a bill John Roberts of Llangattocke, with a bill. William Hughes of the same, with bow and arrowes " Tilliam David Studd and his three sonnes of the same, with a bill or javelin. Walter Williams of the same and his man John James of the Broome of the parish of Dixton, with bow and arrowes. Mearke John of St. Maughans, with a forest bill William the sonne of John y gove, with a bill, Rosser, laborer of Rockfield, with a bill. James Morris alias Jones preiste, with a pike William William Mason of Rockfielde, with a forest bill John Guillim of the same, with a forest bill. A BREIFFE OF THE EXAMINATION OF WILLIAM H UGHES OF LANGATTOCK William Hughes upon his examination, confesset h that upon the xjth. of June last being Tuesday he rose about four of the clock in the morning and was called by a boy which came unto him and told him he shoulde come and meete Jones the preist at the Highwaye a little above Lanrothall bridge. Whether he went presently and 142

mett the said Jones, and did see persons under written in that company, with divers whose names he knoweth not, neyther can he tell what boy it was that called him. He confesseth that Jones the preist told the company when they were mett together that morning on the high way aforesaid, that the Bishop of Hereford was to come that day to burne the Darren and preyed them to resist him if he should attempt to bum the house and so they went to the house by the Darren and stayed there till past ten of the clocke. Then the company dissolved but whether the preist went he knoweth not, most of the company went to the Aylhouse to drinke. He confesseth that Jones the preist had dealt with him before to be ready with'his weapons when occasio~ s~rved . . He sayeth further that the number of that assembly to his estimation was about fortye. He sayeth he never heard of any Catalogue of names of such as ye preist hoped to use when occasion served nor of any hope of Toleration. He sayeth he knoweth nothing of the buriall of the 'preiste out¡ of Thomas David his house~ but confesseth he hath beene at :-Masse there. . , . THE NAMES OF THE APPEACHED BY WILLIAM HUGHES AFORESAID. Three servants of William Vaughan of Laurothall, with bills and javelins Walter Coworne tenant to the Darren, with a javelin. John James ap Jenkin of St. Maughans, with a javelin. John Guillim of Rockfield, with a forest bill. J ames Morris alias Jones the preist with a pike William David Studd of Langattocke vib : Ouell, with a short javelin. Harry Charles of the same with a javelin as he remembereth. Mark John of Coyd Banghan with a bill or javelin Walter Williams of New Easter with a peece. William Hughes the examinator with bows and arrows. THE NAMES OF THE OFFENDERS MENCONED IN THIS BOOK. John Guillim '¼illiam Hughes John James Jenkin William John y gove William David Studd and his three sonnes James Morris, preist. Charles Howell Thomas David Phillip Madock alias Sawier Jonathan Jones Robert Steven Harry Charles Walter Williams James the son of John Jenkin John Walkin sonnes of Jonathan Jones William Thomas Prichard. John Harris William Po ell Walter Cowerne William Phelipp Thomas James Rosser, a laborer Marcke John John James Jenkin Philip, servant to John James Watkins. 143

Walkin Meredith, servant to Harry Charles Walkin William W:ilUam Mason William Howell Griffithe Hugh John Hughe John Roberts John Hopkins servant to James Walkins John William David Richard William David George William David John Phillip The servants of John Kemble George Kemble The servants of William Poell Three servants of William Vaughan John Watson preiste The wife of James Walkin The wife late of Charles Watkins The wife of William Steven The wife of Watkin Tyler The wife of William David Studd Maude Davies, Jane the wife of Robert Lace. [Endorsed] R~payrers to the Darren to hear Masse/in Herefordshire.

83/49 H .-M.e. XVI p. 177 Note-e. J. Stewart added the following note: Babington, Bishop of Worcester with list of Recusancy, about 1600. H.M.e. gives date as 1604(?). My very ' good Lord. What hath bene done with Trubshaw this bearer Mr Davis, churchwarden can tell your Lp. More shall be endeavoured at ye Chanc: his being in visitation for my L: Grace at Warwicke. And for the fault upon layd ye Registers man I have examined it, and find that it cannot be true, for the' schedule returned to Warwick Assizes under my seale had more and he durst not falsifye my recorde, but ye Judges would have to blamed so many rasures, and as for Bishop he offreth oth he knoweth him not nor ever had dealinges with him. How my presentment is dealt withall after it is delivered into court by such as have it go through thayr hands I know not, ,but were I well dealt with more would be returned into the Exchequer, and so come downe ,from thence for inquisition in the country. I pray your worship whensoever hereafter ,you shalbe at Warwick assises caull for my Catalogue sent in the last assises, the last before that as I remember I returned above 300. But my Lord the presentment hitherto hath bene most faultie by want of surname or proper name, or addition of gent: yeoman husbandmen etc wherby indictments could not be framed which I hope hereafter to amend, and to cause one to attend to aquaynt your Lordship or other Justices there how my certificat is used ether by the grand Jurie or others. So very humbly thankinge your Lordship for this your honour & kind letters I ever remayne Your Lordship's very loving friend Gerv: Wigorn Worcester this Friday Of those 45 in Brayles one 19 be fallen since his Majesties happy coming. The rest have bene of longer standinge. CECIL PAPER


[In the hand of the writer of the list] The Recusants names are upon the other side of this letter. Barnebe Busshop, Gentleman Jane his wife Jhon his sonne Thomas Wilkes and William Phipps his men Ellin Burforde and Ann Bishop his maydes William Gardner Ellin his wife Jhon and also Richard Gardner, his sonnes John their daughter Thomas West and Margaret his wife Ann Croft wife of Leonel Ellin Croft wife of Edward Robert Pawley and Agnes his wife, recusants Edward Bridges & William Bridges- yeomen Rychard Harbetfather Rychard Harber-sonne Alee & Agnes Herbertdaughters Ellin Herbert wife of William Herbert Elline Prestiche wife of Jhon Presticke Dorothy Ockey wife of Sireck Ockey Tho : Edwin & his wife Briget Frauncis Page-<:oper Elizabeth Shirley wife of Frauncis Tho: Porter-carpenter Nicholas Busshopmercer Agnes his wife Elizabeth Walker wife of Edward Elizabeth Harris wife of Timothy William Symons Jhon Busshop- smithe William Powel Catherine Powell wife of Thomas Mary Davis maid to W . Powell Agnes Davis wife of Jhon Davis-yeoman Jhon Lucas a Tailor Jhon Trubshaw a yeoman This xix of July the churchwarden Rychard Davis Gent, toldeth me their are ij more Recusantes in this parishe to be presented and neither he nor the vicker Mr Dacres a good preacher but feaT some mischeve in executing their several offices their.

114/73 H.M.C. Vol XVII P 176. Note-H.M.C. suggests date as before 4 May 1605. May it please your Honor, I have sent herein a copy of the Presentation taken out of the .office according to your Honors commandment and procured stay of further proceedings therin until your Honors pleasure be further known therin. All that poore men who ar bound by oth and allegiance, may do. is to present, with due respect and dutiful tearness the wch I hope your Honor may perceave and will accept of in this wch hath bene done. The rest may easily be expected at their hands to whose discretion more things are referred, wch greater liberty. And thus in humble duty I rest at your Honors service Your Honors most ready at commandment John Layfield. [Addressed] To The Right Honble the Lo: Viscount Cranbourne His Majesties principall Secretary and one of his most Honble Privie counsayle at the Court. [Endorsed] John Layfield with the presentacon of certayne recusants in the Parish of St. Clements. CECIL PAPERS



[In another hand] My Lord of Arundell

yt now which My Lord William Howard professed for Recusancy. Readde. [At a later dp,te is added] 1605.

Report of the Lord Arundel and family as Recusants.

141/281. H.M.C. Vol. XVI p. 101 1604? An answer to the presentment lately delivered to your Lordship. The presentment of the vicar & churchwardens of the parish of Prescott, and of the curate & churchwardens of the Chappells of Farneworth & Raineford belonging thereunto, exhibited to the Bishopp of Chester in his enquiry by vertue of Lres from the Kings Majestye, and the Archbishop of Yorke since October 1603 and by him the said Bishopp delivered unto the said Archbishop Prescott Vicaria and } Communicants-2000 } 73 men CECIL PAPERS

Chappell de Farneworthe



et Raineforde N on-Communicants-244 This last presentment comprehendeth } 123 Recusants to the number of In Non-Communicants for this "') ~ 82 last Easter onely J If presentment had bene made of the whole parish I suppose the difference would not be great This parish of Prescott with the members, is one of the most infected parishes in Lancashire, and most haunted by seditious priests where of late yeares the Queens messengers were slayne & wounded. The persons named in this presentment are of meane reputacon and of no force or abilitye of themselves and ¡may for the most part easilye by authority, be rec1aymed when their hopes are at an end, and the lawes executed. There is in this parish planted a Batchelor of Divinitye, a diligent preacher, but the persuasion of preists and backwood landlords are the chief cause of the peoples inconstancy and unsettled disposition in religion. I see no cause of anye danger from such simple Recusants, whom though Popish preists invigle what they can, yet the governors of the Countrie beinge sound and loyall the most populous pte there of zealously disposed in religion ever able to suppresse their insolence, and Cheshire confyning upon them, being generally 146

exceedingly well affected, there is no fear of any attempts by such weake meanes whost malice is more happily, then their might. There is of my knowledge in one parish of Lancashire Viz : Manchester. 16,000 Communicants able to encounter all the known Recusants in the North part of England. A briefe of the state of the Diocese of Chester. The number of parish churches 259 Whereof impropriated and small allowance reserved to the Curate or incumbente 129 19 Leased before the Statute AO Eliza: 13° for many yeares 111 Free benefices The number of chappilries, whereof many are as populous as the Mother Churches all maynteyned with slender stypends 129 The best xli and most of them under vjli xiijs iiijd the number of beneficed preachers 128 within the said Diocese 17 Stypendary preachers whereof Drs in Divinity 4 13 Batchelors in Divinity Mrs of Artes 87 Batchelors of Artes 27 Double beneficed men 13 I 917 men the number of Recusants in the said Diocese 2400 1483 women the number of Communicants .. 173134 the number of Non-Communicants 3683 Recusants reclaymed by me in three yeares space as appeareth 600 and odde in Record Many fallen away by reason of the Cesation of the Commission Ecc1esiasticall, and the Comynge in of many ] esuites and Seminary preists against whom there is no proceedinge, nor hath been of long tynie. [N 0 endorsement]

.. J

141/282. H.M.C. XVI. p. 101.


FARNEWORTH CHAPPELL XVI] DIE MAIJ ANNO DNI 1604. A true presentment made by the Curate, church-wardens, swome':' men & six other honest men of the chappellrie of famworth within the parishe of Prescott in the Countye of Lanes, of all the Recusants within the said Chappellrie that were in the dayes of our late Queen Elizabeth of famous memorye; and also of all such people as have revolted from the said Chappel & from receiving the holie & blessed Communion since her Majesties death, and what other disorders hath bene committed by evill affected persons in wearing Palme crosses or any superstitious crossing of the dead or in using other Popish Ceremonies. As followeth:


BOLD! obstinate Recusants there in the late Queenes tyme. William Bould- yeoman Margaret wife of Mathew Harrison Margaret wife of Rauffe Thirlwynd wife of Roger Cowley-yeoman -4

Revolters since the Queens death Edmond Marshe Richard Wilkinson John Wade Tho: Lommers & his wife Margaret Wilkinson John Welling Henry Taylor junior Richard Hill William Thomasson & his wife Jeffrye Wilkinson & his servant mayde Francis Worsley, his wife & all his household, vehemently suspected to relieve & mayntayne his brother a priest & John Edwardson-I2 Non Communicants since Febr. 1603 : Thomas Hoult & his wife John Lommers Robert Lomas Anna Lomas Robert Tempson Arthur Bradley Richard Frith John Worthington Anne Godicar Jenett Edwardson Marie Standishe Robert Barton & his wife John Roson & his wife John Worsley & his wife & his servant mayde Margerie Jameson als Harrison Adam Gawdye Eliz: filia Tucheri Bold Alicia filia euisdem Tucheri J ames Atherton & his wife Anne wife Tucheri Bold Roger Atherton & his wife Vxor Mathei Traves Eliz: Bold Spinster.-29 Ditton Recusants ut supra Catherine Denton-widowe Alex: Denton-yeoman Anne Denton spinster Elizabeth ux Will Dichfeld gent Margaret ux Jo : Dichfeld gent William Tarbock yeoman late of Ditton now dwelling in Burton Wood & vehemently suspected to bee latelie marryed by a popish priest Catherine T arbock spinster Elline Bosonne widowe Anne Bosonne spinster-9 Ditton Thomas Lynaker & his supposed wyffe greatly suspected to be married by a popish priest John Birchall webster Margaret Lock spinster-I 3 Revolted ut supra William Furnom & his wiffe Eliz: uxor Edw Tyldsley, gent William Canner & his wife Jane Waynewright Mode Yate Eliz Canner Margaret ux Hamlett Waynewright Catherine ux Hugh Kenion Henry Roson & his wife ux Henry Waynewright \Vllin the supposed wife of Alexander Denton suspected to be married by a popish preist: Edward Denton Ellin Nodbye widowe Anne Nodbye-I6 Non-Communicants since Feb. 1603. Edward Dichfeld Ales Dichfeld Edward Tildsley gen ux Robert Hey ux William Glover ux Henry Kenyon ux "Villi Davison Anne Hill Hughe Kenyon ux Francis Roson J ohn Hey & his wife-II. EUERDLEY. Recusants ut supra Jane ux William Dichfeld. Junior Revolted ut supra Eliz: Smith Jane ux William Dichfeld sen. vVilliam Ballard & his 148

wife Henry Smith & his wife Tho: Haworth Christopher Apleton & his wife Margaret Applton his daughter Margaret ux Hughe Jeffrie sen.-12. non-communicants ut supra Margarett ux William Dichfeld Eliz: ux J 0: Haslehurst Anne Caudewaye Francis Patton Tho: Patton Elizabeth Norland-7. WIDNES: Recusants ut supa John Lynaker & his wife Ellin & Ric Lister Marie & Mildred Lister spinsters Jane ux Tho: Whittell gent Dorothie ux J 0: Lister Ales Smith & Ellen Smith spinsters-So Revolted ut supra Jane ux Jo,: Plompton Jennett servant to Jo: Lister Jo: Linaker his wife & servant maide greatlie suspected to bee married by a popish priest Tho: Johnson & his wife Ellin Jackson the butcher & his wife in Hawkseys house John Foxe & his wife Margerie White & filia eius Baldwin Rathbone Tho: Smith Catherin Sanderson Tho: servant to Jo : Lynaker Catherine Grease widow-20 Non-Communicants since febr 1603 John Plompton John Hagton & his wife John Thellwall & his wife John Herne Rauffe Croft & his wife Henrye Woods & his wife William Smith Evan Bold & his wife Tucher Asbrook & his wife Ellin ux Baldwin Rathbone Wm Venton & his wife Peter Hasledeyn Ales Rathbone widowe Jane Rathbone ux Ric Appleton ux James Hasledeyn Eliz ux Robt Shingleton-25. SON KEY : Revolt ut supra Nicholas Penketh gent & his wife, his daughter & his servant mayde Roger Ashton & his wife Anne Fletcher Elizabeth Fletcher Catherine Herison Jane Herison Marie ux J 0: Plompton Robte Plompton-12. Non-Communicants ut supra William Ashton gent William Whitell gent-2. PENKETH Recusants ut supra Anne ux Ricc Roughley-l Revolted ut supra Tho: Bulling & his wife-l CRONTON Revolted ut supra John Windle, his wife & 3 children all his familie, the same John vehemently suspected to be married by a popish priest Anne ux Jo : Entwhistle Edmond Foster John Fletcher & his wife Jane Crease William Hatchen Henrie Hatchen Henrie Rougstick & his wife Catherin uxor Roger Widall Eliz: Crease Frances Windle Eliz. Godicar widowe Jo: Forest & his suspected wife, vehemently suspected to be married by a popish priest Luce Coller widowe-20. Non-communicants since Februarie 1603 John Gleast & his wife Jo: Entwisler Sibell Lytheland Jo: Houghton Margaret tlX Tho: Burges Robert Quick ux Tho: Quick Maude Gill widowe-S Tiste Gulielmo Sherlock curat Fam. 149

Matheo ErIe Matheo Houghton Rogero Leadbeter ibidem Willo Buckley Jacobo Quick Fucat (?) ibidem sex al vidz Thomas Bould John Lawton Richard Wright William Wright Roger Watnaughe William Hunt- verte fol Masses etc. 1. Jo: Lynaker of Widnes w'hin named is vehemently suspected to have masses in his house manie tymes since her majesties death, especiallie upon the Purification of St. Marie last past & is further reported to have had as manie wax candles that daye burned in his house as a man wold carrie & also is reported to have had the same daye the number of an hundreth men & women reported to his house contrarie to his Majesty's good & Godlie laws 2. William Smith of Widnes within named, also vehemently suspected to have masses said in his house manie tymes since her said Majesties death. 3. Thomas Harrison of Widnes. the lyke 4. John Windle of Cronton the lyke 5. Francis Worsley of Bould the lyke 6. Nicholas Peaketh, gent, within named the lyke. Test ut infra 8 vidz Curat, hard, J ucat et al infra nominate. [Endorsed] ix 42 May 17 1604 Chester & Lancashire the state of religion, both showing the number communicants 192/63. H.M.C. Vol. XIX p. 3 8 of January 1606 The State of Northumberland for religion in the principall families, by whom the multitude may safely be ledd in matters of religion, or other action. CECIL PAPERS


The Earle of Northumberland, greatest possessioner in that County, his tenants meane persons, unacquainted with their Lords who have not seen that country these 30 yeares. They doe follow the Counsalle of Anwick his Lo: principall officer. FAMILY OF THE OGLES.

The Lord Ogles house gone from the names of the heyres generall, the eldest daughter married to Mr. Edward Talbot residing in the principall house; a protestant. The rest of the Ogles gentlemen of meane livings, some protestants, some papists. THE FAMILY OF THE GRAYES

Sir Raph Graye of Chillingham, not thought to be forward in religion, cometh seldom to Church, his lady lately deceased a recusant, in her tyme divers seminary priests secretly intertayned in hir house, divers of his principall servants recusants. 150

His eldest daughter a recusant, married to the chief of the Forsters His second daughter married to young Mr Huddleston of Westmorland, neither of them come often to church. The rest of the children brought up in his house. One of his sisters married to Mr. Ratcliff of Dilston, both he & she recusants, their children being many of both sexes, brought up in papistry. the other of his sisters wife to Mr. Collingwode of Eslington deceased, both recusants. A COMMISSIONER FOR THE MIDDLE SHIRES. Edward Graye his second brother, reputed a church papist, his eldest sone cometh not to Churche, but not as yet indicted, i? servant to the Lord William Howard. The rest of his children brought up with hymself. Roger Graye the third brother, a simple man not careful of religion. Arthur Graye the 4th. brother haith absented himself from churche divers yeares togither, but now cometh, though very seldome, his wife cometh not to Church. Divers of his friends, tenants, and followers, recusants or Church papists. FAMILY OF THE FENWICKS.

Sr. Wm Fenwicke, knight, a protestant by profession, his wife a recusant sister to Sir Georg Selby. Her children are as much in him is brought up in papistry. Sir John Fenwick his eldest sone by his first wife a protestant. Sundry of that name being a great family protestants, others papi~ts.


Mr. Heron of Chipchace, chief of the Herons, a young gentleman newly out of his wardship, his religion yet appeareth not. Roger Woddrington intendeth to draw on a marriage betwixt hym and a daughter' of Mr Ratcliffs a recusant and' one other marriage betwixt Mr Ratcliffs eldest sone, and a daughter of Sir Wm Fenwicks by this wife. The rest of the Herons meane men. RYDLEYS

Mr. Rydley a young gentleman, not yet out of his wardship, married to Sir Richard Musgraves daughter. His religion yet appeareth not. The rest of the Ridlies, men of meane estate, doe commonly follow their chief. WODDRINGTONS

Sir Henry Woddrington Knight, haith married the sister of Sir Henry Curwen a papist, who haith lately married the widow of Xpofer Wright the tray tor, the mother of Sr Henry Curwen a papist. ¡ Sir Henry Woddrington since his marriage and his reconciliation with his brother Roger cometh seldom to church. A great discountenancer of the best of ministers. Roger Woddrington his second brother, the most dangerous 151

recusant in that County. his wif a recusant, the daughter of Mr Ratcliff a recusant. His children educated in papistry. Raph Woddrington the third brother a simple man. His sister married to Mr Herington of befront, both papists. Sir Ephraim Woddrington ther uncle, not carefull of any religion, a great bearer with theaves. Very few else of the name, and they meane men. COLLINGWODES

Sr Cuthbert Collingwode Knight, deceased, in his lif time a Church papist. Thomas Collingwode his eldest sone, deceased, a recusant, his wif who yet liveth, a recusant, sister to Sr Raph Gray. his eldest sone a ward, brought up with Sr Raph Gray. Georg Collingwode, second sone to Sr Cuthbert a recusant, his wif a recusant, sister to Mr. Swinborne a recusant. One sister married to Mr Carnaby of Hatton both recusants. One sister married to Mr Thornton of Wotton Castle both recusants. One sister a recusant married to Mr Thomas Salvin. Many of the name, some recusants, some Church papists, not one good protestant. FORSTERS

Mr fforster of Hetherston chief of the fforsters a church papist, his wif a recusant, Daughter to Sr Raph Gray. Mr ffoster of Bamborough a profane libertine His eldest sone Claudius fforster, lately married the daughter of Sr Wm ffenwick by this his second wif, and therfor her religion suspected. The rest of the fforsters gross libertines. SWINBURNES

Mr Swinburne of Edlingham a recusant, his wif deceased, daughter to Sr Cuthbert Collingwode a recusant while she lived. his eldest sone now page to the Earle of Essex. his children brought tip in papistry. Mr. Swinburne of Capleton a church papist, together with his wif, sister to Sr Wilfred Lawson. his eldest sone a Church papist, married to the daughter of the other Swinburne, she is a recusant. his second sone yet unmarried a Church papist. RATCLIFS

Mr Ratclif of Dilston a recusant, his wif sister to Sr Raph Gray She a recusant. his eldest daughter a recusant, wif to Roger Woddrington. All his sonnes and daughters wch are many, brought up in papistry. his tenements, and followers, all papists, or backward in religion. CARRS

Mr Carr at Fourd, yet a protestant, hie;; wif sister to Sr Wm Selby, a dissolute man, and a favourer of ill men. Wm Carr of !tall Castle his brother a recusant, his wif a recusant. the rest of the Carrs, some protestants, some Church papists. 152


Mr Carnaby of Hatton, his wif daughter to Sr Cuthbert Collingwode. Mr Thornton of Wotton, his wif daughter to Sr Cuthbert Collingwode. Mr Haggerston of Haggerston. DELAVALES

A commissioner Sr Robert Delavale, a protestant, his sonnes and frends protestants, his Lady long since deceased, sister to Sr Raph Gray. STROTHERS

Mr Strother of Newton, his sonnes and ffrends protestants, his wif sister to Sr John Selby, deceased. MUSCHAMPS

Mr Muschamp of Baremore a protestant, his wif sister to Sr Wm Selby his children and ffrends (saving his mother) protestants. MIDDLETON

Mr Middleton of Belsa a protestant. MIDFOURTH

Mr Midfourth, of Midfourth, a prostestant. SELBYES

Sr Wm Selby the elder a protestant. Sr Wm Selby the younger a protestant. Sr Raph Selby and Sr John Selby his bretheren protestants Sr Georg Selby and his wif sister to Sr Wm Selby protestants. His bretheren profess to be protestants. His sister wch are many, and all married, some protestants, but the greater part, and those that are married to gentlemen of best quality~ recu~ants.

Mr Selby of Bittlestone, and his sonnes protestants. The rest of the name protestants. STRANGERS IN THE COUNTREY RESIDING

Sr Wm Reade, by profession a protestant, a great libertine. Sr Henry Guavara a protestant. [Endorsed, same hand] State of Northumberland for religion , 8 January. 1606.



H.M.C. Vol: XVIII. p. 433

1606(?) or later


Sir John Webb, Knight. EBOR HERTF ESSEX

Cressacre Moore, esqre habet firman de Gybbons in Northenymes. LINCOLN

Robert Tirwhitt, esqre, LEICESTER

John Beaumont, esqre. 153


Katherine Gawen, widow. Barbara Buckland, widow. [Half a page. No endorsement; undated]

CECIL PAPERS 144/204. H.M.C. Vol XIX P 456. 1607 A note of such recusants as his Majesty hath granted libertie to his servants to make profite by the virtue of that power which his Majestie hath to refuse the payment of 20li p. menseur, and in lieue therof, to extend two parts of their lands. To Thorn: Lo: Hay. Cornwall. Mr Thomas Arundell of Lanherne. Lane: Mr. John Townley. Southamp. Mr Richard Cotton of Warblington. Mr John Talbot of Grafton. Essex Mr William Greene. Mr John Southcote. To Sir James Areskyne. Sir William Roper of Eltham. Kent. To Sir Roger Aston. Ware: Thomas Throckmorton esquire. Montgom: Edward Morgan, Esquire. To Mr Robert Carey Eboy: Edward Sayer esquire. To Mr. Robert Douglass Hare A note of such persons as are subject to have their lands extended, the benefit thereof his Majestie may bestow without demination of any profit he hath ever had. 1 To A.B. Wilts: Francis Perkynes 'I ~ these two once payd 20li p mens Hampshire Thomas Welles j but synce the Kings tyme have left their lands to be extended. John Preston esquire. N ever extended. Lane:


Denbigh John Edwards. Never extended. Salop John Draycott of Paynesley, once given to Derbyshire Stafford Ashley and [now to be new given] Cambridge Hunt: Robert Price. [Endorsed ] Recusants bestowed. 1607 (separate sheet at the end of C.P. 144.) 1

last 11 words added & crossed out by Sir Robert Cecil(?)


CECIL PAPERS 99/39. H.M.C. Vol. XIV P 319. Note.-Bound in with this document is a slip reading: "Sir, This is the letter I would have offered youe unto the which I pray youe subscribe an answer by cause Ho : La: expectethe a resolution fearing otherwise so want good heare at your coming Yourob most affectionately E. Worcester"

Sir William Bellowes Sir William Ferfoxe Mr Thomas Ferfoxe the elder Richard Gotherycke John Savill Robert Waterhouse Thomas Wentforthe Francis Slingsbye John Aldred John Hatham William Mallerye Edward Gate Francis Vaughan [Undated] . [Endorsed by Sir Robert Cecil] N ames in Yorkshire. [ In another hand] B.Durram Sir William Bowes. Francis Slingsby Doctor Colman

CECIL PAPERS 114/72. H.M.C. Vol XVII. p. 177. Ex REGISTRO curie decanat midd extract In presentatione ministri gardranorum et inquisitope pothie St Clements datap extra barras navi templi London inter alia Contineturxrant sequitur. St Clement Danes: The presentments of the parsons church-wardens and sisesmen of the parish of St Clement Danes touchinge recusants. Inprimus we have in our parish the Right Honble the Ladye Arundell the Right Honble the Lord Arundell, her Honors sonne, the Right Honbl~ the Lord William Howard, his Honors uncle of whome the common fame goeth they are recusants and never have byne these manye yeares at our Churche, but for as much as they are not in towne and therefore wee Could not tender them our Conference and attendance wee referr the consideration of their Honors as personages well knowne unto the discretion of the Court and the wisdome of them in higher place. (concordat cum origin ali presentacione penes Registrum vent). Ric: Stubbes Deputatus Registrariorum [Endorsed] a copy of the Presentation. [No date] 155

124/122 H.M.C. Vol. XIX. p. 455 1607 that his Majestie would be pleased to grant to of such recusants lands already found by Inquisicion and retomed into the Exchequer as are not leased 200li per annum, as the same be alreadye found be put tinge in sufficient securety for the payment of the rent duringe the continuenance of the grant. In consideracion hereof the will surrender to his Majestie A Patent of 100li per annum which he houldeth duringe his lyfe. these things are usually graunted without fine (thus weare twenty recusants graunte,d unto Sir Arthur Aston without fine). Many of these recusants lands beinge of small valewe have remayned unleased for that the passinge of them by themselves respectively were of A great charge. While the lands remayne in the recusants hands by beinge not leased they rune in Arer and the Kinge is deceyved of his rent. [Endorsed ] 1607 Suite conceminge Recusants. CECIL PAPERS

124/123 H.M.C. Vol: XIX. p. 455. By the Statute of 23 Eliz: the penaltie of XXli a month for refusing to come to the church was given to the Queens Majestie and soe to her heires and successors. bill This penaltie was by that lawe to be recovered by accion plaint of informacion & conviccon thereuppon and for the convictions to be iterated as the penalties did accrue for the which being recovered the King might seize all the lands of such recusant. These penalties recovered were to be distributed into three parts ; one for the King or Queene, another for the poore, and the third' for the informer. The body of the Recusant was by this lawe to be imprisoned after three monthes in defaulte of payment. To take await." this iteracion of convictions, and to give a further remedy, the statute of 28 Eliz: was made, by which the manner of payment was altered and the persons to whom, for by this lawe all the penalties after conviction becometh a standing revenue of the Crowne and to be paid into the Exchequer to the use of the Kinge himselfe and soe neyther the poore nor informed to have anie parte, but uppon informacion before conviction according to this lawe the distribucon shalbe still the seazure of the two parts of the Recusants landes by this lawe & of all his goods was given to inforce payment of the monthlie penaltie & soe was but in the nature of a Nomine pene, and not in sattisfaccon of soe muche & for the arrerages, the lawe gave order to retaine the two parts untill full payment therof. In primo of the Kings Majestie, this lawe is somewhat mitigated by converting of the value of the two partes found by Inquisicion towards the discharge of the penalties but the retayner is stilllefte of the two partes where there was a seazure, but where noe seisure



the heire of the recusant is freed as to his person, & for his lands questionable though he conforme himselfe, but if he doe not without question lyable. And for theis penalties by all theis lawes are in the Kinges Majestie and soe maie be brought to his cofers, or graunted to anie other at his Majesties pleasure. And the Patentees or grauntees maie charge the person of the Recusant, have his goods & retaine his lands, until satisfaccon, as I conceave. [Endorsed by Sir Robert Cecil.] Recusants { A nother hand] 1607

divers payments.


,No. 49. To the Kings most excellent majestie. ' Your majesties humble suppliant Brigett Hungerforde, wyddowe, 'aged threescore and ten yeares or thereabouts. She hath att the last Assizes houlden for the Countie of Wilteshire, was indicted of Recusancee for not cominge to churche, and heareth the'Lord Saye hath gotten the forfeyture. She is so aged feeble and impotent that for ten years last she hath not gone, nor was able to go, further than her garden adjoininge to her house, and that with much payne & not without helpe. She hath aUwayes lived a quiet and private lyfe, noe dealer or medler in matters of Religion, a thinge well knowne to the late Queene. She is but poore, having bestowed pte of her lands and goods uppon her children, not able in any sorte to satiffie the exoectacon of the Lo: Saye or any other. She by favor of the late Queene's majestie hath lived hitherto quiet to her conscience. She humblie beseecheth that your Majestie wilbe graciouslie pleased, that for so short tyme as she is likeable to live (expecting death, everye howre) she maye contynue in quietness to her conscience as heretofore she hath done. And she will praye to God for the longe contynuance of your Highness Raigne. [This is written a clerk's hand & bears no date or signature]. No. 52. To the most honorable Lorde, the Earle of Salisburie, cheefe secretarie to his Majestie. The humble petition of 'iVilliam Byrd, one of the gentlemen of his .Majesties Chapple. that beinge to crave the counsailes letter to Mr. Atturney Generall to like effect and favor for his recusancye as the late gratious Q. and her counsaile gave him, he most humblie beseecheth your Honors good favor therin. [No date or signature].


No. 82. To the right honorable ye Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable privy Counsell. the humble petition of John Hale prisoner in the clynke. Showing that about fower yeres sithence he was committed to that prison by Mr. Wade clerk of the Counsell upon some pretended matters of suspicion. But having since divers tymes ben examined there appeareth no matter to charge hym, but onlie his recusancie. He therefore most humble prayeth. that upon good bond to be given by hym with sufficient sureties for his forthumminge upon reasonable warninge to answere anie matters that maie be objected against hym, he may be inlarged. after his so long imprisonment. Assuringe your honored Lords that besides his Recusancie he is not anie waies els to be justlie charged with anie matter of disloyaltie to her Majestie or ye state. [No date or signature]. No. 103. To the Right Honorable the Lord Burghley Lo: Highe Treasurer of England. In all humblenes beseecheth your Honor, your poore petitioner Stanwardine Passie, servant to the Keeper of the Gatehouse in Westminster: that whereas one William Grymes was lately committed to the Gatehouse for fellony did practize to breake prison. which one Tho: Haywood a poore honest man did discord to me and justifie to Grymes his face before Mr. Ashbye: whereupon for the more safetie, I did put irons on the said Grymes whereat one J0 : Dexter a soldier in prison for taking upon him to comitt treason in this lande, and one Harry Keynes a most dangerous Trayterous popishe Recusant have and still soe do evill entreat; and use the poore man whoe is prisoner with them, that he is in great danger to be murthered by them for making a truth knowen: and because I would not take of his irons, the said Keynes and Dexter have used me with most vile and detestable speeches, calling the poore and myselfe vypers, villaynes, Roages, and bloudsuckers, and me baste Gaolerly knave, with worse words not beseechinge me to set in writinge to your honor: which induceth me to feare least Keynes and Dexter were confederate with Grymes to escape awaie, for it is manifest that Keynes and Dexter have bene the animaters of all offenders which have bene prisoners with them, which shalbe proved by some that are prisoners with them nowe. For which cause I do most humble beseeche your honor that I may not be dismayed or discoraged by anie traitors from havinge due regard to the safe and carefull keepinge of her majesties charge, and for that the said Keynes and Dexter maie be example to other prisoners in ¡ like caste. May it please your good honor to grant your honors warrant to my master their keeper that they maie be kept close prisoners as they have been heretofore and I (as in duty bound) will assuredlie praie for your honor in all happiness longe to live. [Endorsed] p


The humble petition of Stanwardine Dassie servant to the Keper of the Gatehouse in Westminster. . Whereas one Dexter a traitor, and Keynes a popish recusant, prisoners in the Gatehouse, have hardlie entreated one Thomas Heywood another prisoner there for discovering the practize of one Grymes a fellon to breake prison, anstill threatten him with violence to the danger of his life. And also have used your supt. with most vile and opprobious speeches for setting Irons upon the said Grymes. For that he doubteth a confederacie to be between the said Dexter Keynes & Grymes. He humble prayeth your Honor warrant to his master their keper that Dexter & Keynes may be kept close prisoners and heretofore they have ,bene. [No date or signature]. No. 138. The humble petition of Richard Tunstall prisoner in Bridewell. He hath bene prisoner there above this three monthes upon your Honors speciall commandment. In all which tyme he hathe had noe allowance for his releeffe, but hath bene enforced to sell a waie suche smale substance as he and his poore wief had given them by there frendes to releeve hym with all or ells he must needes have perished in this restrayne. His cause is nowe sufficently made knowen to your Honor to Mr. Wade how farre he is therein to be touched. Mr Wade saith that it resteth not in hym to enlarge hym being by your honor committed. In tender consideration of whose lamentable & distressed estate beinge now ready to perishe for wante of releefe humblye beseecheth your honor to geve order that he maie be enlarged upon bayle & he will in all dew tie rest at your Honors commandment to answere to any matters that shalbe layed to his chardge. [No endorsement, date or signature]. No. 147. To the Right Honorable Sir Robert Cecil Knight principall Secretarie to the Queens most excellent Majestie, & one of her Heighnes most honorable privie Counsell. Humbly beseecheth your Honor your poore distressed suppliant Jane Tonnstall whose husband is prisoner in Bridwell upon suspicion of an escape of Watson a preeste out of the Gatehouse at Westminster Wherin his cause is sufficently made knowne to Mr. Wade upon his examination. He hath bene prisoner so longe as he & I have now spent all that we have. I humbly therefore beseeche your Honor that you will signifie your good pleasuer to Mr Wade that he maie be enlarged upon baile & he shall be ready to answere to any thinge that shalbe layed to his charge, so shall your honor preserve the lief of us both. And for ever bounde to praie for your Honor. [Endorsed] The humble petition of Jane Tonnstall wief of Richarde Tunstall prisoner in Bridewell. 159

No. 167. To the Right Honorable the Earl of Salisbury. The Hunble petition of Sir Arthur Aston, Knight. who havinge bene latelie employed by the Kinges Majestie (with other Commissioners) concerning recustantes in Lancashire and other counties, and understandinge your honor to be informed, that my proceedings therein have not bene with that sincerity (on his Majesties behalf) as befitted my place to his Majestie (as 1 am sworne his servant) and the trust reposed in me for the particular of that service that was committed unto me. Nowe being bound to none more than to your Honor for honorable favour 1 have ever found. 1 desire to give either satisfaction or accounte of my proceedings to none rather then to your Lordship, who will not (I hope) in your wisdome, tye beginninges to perfection for my ayme was nowe, rather to be curious to see what might be effected (jn tyme) for the behoufe of the Kinge, then to tacke all men to the uttermoste in extremitie at the first entrance, which to avoyde clamor and disturbance to his Majestie, and your honor of the Councell (at ths tyme) 1 thought verie meete. But if for private gaine to myselfe, 1 have receaved (soe much as in promise) any peny, to defraude or defeate his Majestie or to be partiall to one more than other. 1 desire no favor but disgrace and punishment (according to my merit therein). Yett was I not altogether ydle, though I confess out of the former reason, & by want of sufficient tyme 1 did not the uttermost my commission extende unto. For 1 dare nowe to be bold to affirme, that noe recusant in Lancashire shall have either landes or goodes to be found, that shall not yeeld some benefitt to the Kings Majestie. And whereas in all the late Queenes time there were noe morE: than three persons whoe paid anie rente to her Majestie, nor to the King (before my commission) neither for landes not goodes in Lancashire) 1 have nowe found 150 tie persons who hencefortha (during their unreasonableness) shall paie berelie rent to his Majestie. And whereas ther was found in all the Queenee; time but 215 Ii. in goodes and 30 Ii in landes or thereabouts, I am nowe readie to deliver in securities into the exchequer, found in this short time 260 Ii. increase in landes, and in goodes 400 li. And more. And in Cheshire 300 li. in landes and 25 li. in foods of encrease being before nothing in either out of that countie. My humble sute is therefore that 1 maie be committed to en form your honore; in the particulars of this my proceedings or be directed to repaire to some other by your honors appointment whoe maie examine and report the trueth of that I have herein presumed to deliver to your Lordship. And in the meane time your honor willbe pleased to continue your favourable aspection, un till my annsers or my proceedings condeme me justlie to your Lorship. Soe shall 1 ever be readie to doe your honor my humblest service and to praie that his Majestie and this state maie longe enjoye your 160

wisdome and care to examine all mens diligence in his Majesties affaires. [No date or signature]. No'. 338. To the Right honorable the Earle of Salisbury, The humble petition of Elizabeth Bostock in the behalfe of her husband Wm Bostock servant to the Duchess of Feria. Whereas your suppliants said husband was by your honor committed to the Gatehouse, and there hath remayned close prisoner the is 2 monthes in greate miserie for his Recusancie, being an aged man subject to mu'ch sicknes and infirmitie. May it therefore please your honor for good cause to graunt the said Bostock his inlargement, or at leaste to vouchaff him the libertie of the house, so as your Suppliant and other his freinds maie have recourse unto him for his relieff and recoverie of his health. Whereby your suppliant shalbe bound to praie for your contynance in all honor. [Annotated] H. Edwarde [not Cecil's hand]. No. 342. To the Right honorable the Earle of Salisburie

The humble petition of William , Bradley, servant to Sir Henry Bromley, Knight.

Your suppliant sheweth, that he hath taken great paynes in the apprehension of the two tray tors Steven Littleton & Robert Wynter; And that he was one of the first & cheefest meanes of their taking. (which was in this manner), Upon Thursdaie the IX of this monteh of January. the saide two tray tors (being privately gotten into the howse of Mistress Meriall Littleton at Hagley in Worcestershire. John Finwood her cooke having understanding thereof, acquainted your Suppliant therwith, who presently gave him Councell & charge to tell it unto Mr ,Has elwood presently tooke horse and raysed that towne, & two or three other villages, there by, and so they were forth with taken. Where upon your supplicnt instantly tooke post & guide intending to be the verie first that should have brought certificat thereof to your honor. In all which business your suppliant holding yt his bounden duetie to further his Majestie service (especially in such cause as this) hath spared neither his purse nor person, having travelled (upon the ,poynt of) an hundred & tenne myles, with post & guide, upon his owne charge. In regard whereof your suppliant (not doubting his Majesties bountie to any of his lovinge subjects that shall besturre themselves in such a service) humbly beseecheth your honor that he maie be recompensed in such sort as to your honors wysdome shall seeme L


good. And your suppliant sha;lbe b.~unde. to praie for your honprs health & propertie. [No date or endorsement]. No. 347. To the Right honorable the Earle of Salisbury: Principall secretary to his Majestie etc. The humble petition of Thomas Higginson one of the groomes of his Majesties Chamber. It may please your honor. In the time of my late imployment with Proclamations in his Majesties speciall service. It was credibly reported unto me that certaine Arch papists within the Counties of Salop & Flint: viz: Richard Bannister of Wenne, gent, Frauncis Manneringe of We1champton, Richard Morgan of Betfield verily thought to be their massing preist, & one Kinaston of Braydonheath did on the very first day of the Parliament resorte and meete togeather at Mannerings howse, where they had good horses of service all new shod sent unto them. And that also one Thomas Higginson (having converted all that over hee had into money) repaired likewise to them at the very same time, amongst whome it is thought that Winter & Littleton are secretly lurking whereof I have thought it my bounden duty to informe your honor: [No date or endorsement]. No. 446. To the Right Honorable the L: Vicount Cranborne, principall secretarie to the Kings Majestie. Whereas by order from your honor & others of the Councill, one Smith a priest was of late banished together with which Smith one Richard Evelegh was committed to the Common Gaol of Exon for the said Smith was found & taken in his lodging. And albeit the said Richard Evelegh aleageth for his excuse that he conversed not with the said Smith in regard of his function but as hee was a skilfull musicon. Which excuse not withstanding the said Richard Eveleighe is still deteyned in the said Common Gaole a place not onlie lothsome but at this tyme much infected with a grevous go ale sickness. In commiseracon whereof as also for that in the said Country hee receyved his greatest cause of corruption that waye and being removed thence his frends which wish & will labor his convercon, shalbe better able to procure him conferrence & thereby conformitie which the said Richard Evelegh is well contented to adrnitt. Maie it please your honor of your goodne~s to vouchafe your honorable fabour that the s"id Richard Evelegh maie be either released upon sufficient surties there or else brought up before your Honor to be censured or committed to soine ~ore healthful prison. Ane hee shall daylie praye for your Lordships long life, health & happiness. (No date or signature]. No. 461. To the right honorable the Earl of Salisbury, principaU secretary to the Kings Majestie. 162

The humble petition of Dorothy Huddleston the comfortless wife of Henry Huddleston, close prisoner in the marshalsey. Whereas this poore prisoner understandeth that it hath pleased your good Lordship with the rest of the Lords commissioners touchinge the late horrible practized treason, to take order that such traytors goods as were seized, should be releived for the releef of their wives and families. And forsomuch as here is seized by the High Sheriffe of Warwickshire foure horses or geldinges & other things of my said husbands, whereof no redelivery is made according to that most honorable order. I t would therefore please your good Lordship in your accustomed pitty and goodness to take some course as to your Lordship shall seeme fit, that the said horses & other things may be redelivered to me for the releif of my wants which (God knows) are both extreme and miserable having no freinds to depend on and which my poore infants will incessantly pray for your honor and happiness. [No date or signature]. No. 492.

To the Right honorable the Earl of Salisbury. L. High Treasurer of England Right honorable, May it please your good Lordship. I am altogether in despaire of ever obtaining anie thing by your Recusants in regard yt being directed by your late L. Treasurer I was after two years charge & sute for one twise repulsed, and lost him, notwithstanding I had the Kings bill signed for him being tould the Queenes Majestie had got him amongst others. Beside they are so Lordly found, casu all by prevencon being found and will sodanily conforme them'S elves that there is scant any hope of good in pursueing them. Further Mr Spiller telleth me since I was with your Lordship that he cannot nor knoweth where or when to furnish me with any: So as I am hopeless that way. In tender consideration whereof I most humblie beseech your Lordship to- be pleased to geve me leave to be an humble petitioner to his Majestie for so much woods in Leicestershire as may yeeld me 600 li: to pay any debts which do greatly distress me. Or if I may not have them gratis, yet at such reasonable price as I may obtain that help & relief by them as your Lordship shall think me worthy of S9 may his Majestie the sooner have money, & myself releif without so much expence of tyme and charge as otherwise I shalbe forced unto. And so most humblie your Lordships good pleasure I shall ever pray for the increase of your Lordships most honorable estate. Your L: most bounde Lisle Cave. [Endorsed] Lisle Cave & his most humble petitioner.


No. 501. . To the Right honousable the Earl of Salisbury, one of his majesties most honourable pryvie councell. . the humble petition of Edmund Cecil!. Whereas your petitioner hath practised as an attorney in the' Temporall Courts of the Bysshopp of Salisbury theis xxtie yeares, or thereabouts where he hath demeaned himself carefully, honestly and sufficiently in any thing he hath undertaken as maye & shalbe testefyed to your Lordship by Mr. Henry Hoop, clerke of the same court. And since his master being at Salisbury the sickness beingin the Tower and in the countrye very dangerous he being willing to avoid that infection hath practised the solicyting and following of other busynes in other courts, and God be thanked the sickness being nowe staked he coming to have and possesse his place as formerley he had done he fyndeth others placed in his roome and he barred his practise uppon a bare supposicion that he left his place to followe recusants busynes forasmuch as your peticoner hath done nor dealt otherwise for recusants then others have done nor anything. more than may be lawfully and honestly instefyed and for that the barring him from his practise in the same place will tend to ' his utter undoing for that it is his onely staye and mayntenance having no other certentie or staye of lyving. And for that he is of your honors name and of nere allyance to Sir Wm Cecill of Trewin in Wales having had by his meanes your late honorable Fathers letters for his preferment heretofore and understanding that your honor hath some comaunde in the said Courts. He humbly desyreth your Lordships favourable letters to the Lorde Byssoppe of Salisbury requiring him to admit your petitioner to his former place and practise and the rather for that he which nowe possesseth your peticoners place was heretofore Judge of the Court a thing heretofore not of at any tyme seene and also for that the courts are not stinted what number of Attorneys shall practise therin. Upon which admittance your petitioner shall make to the Lord Byssope such satisfaction as he shall think requisyte and according to his bounded dutie daily prays for your Lordships encrease of honour in all happiness and prosperitie long to contynue. [No date or signature]. No. 534. The humble petition of Robert Barnebee prisoner in your Highnes Bench, not owning the worth of one penie, but onlie because I have reveiled great matters for your Majestie the which I dare not speke where I am. I have bene soe threatened for spekeing for your Majestie as much as my life is worth and now no ¡ man shall be suffered to come to me to beare my petition to your Highnes; for one of the Keptersp came out of his house with a great staffe and did strike my messenger apon your majesties Highwaye for bring your Majestie a petition the xxxth day of June, 1606 for the matter is verie great and it hath bene bribed and shiffted from tyme to tyme 164

this I most humblie praying your Majestie Highness for Jesus Christ his sake to have your gracious order unto some of your Majesties most honorable privie councelles for the triall of this wicked matter that I Robert Barnabee, and one Thomas Bowlling dwelling without Bishoppes gate in St . . Buttells parishe might be .b rought before your Majesties good Lordes and ther I ¡shall prove :before there honors a most wicked matter yf I doe not: let me be punished & I will aske noe favor at all: this according to my dutie I shall.dailie praie to the allmightie God to kepe your Majestie in good health and a most long & happie Raigne. [No signature] . No. 535. The humble petition of Richard Granwall (one of the Gentlemen of the Kynges Majesties Chappell of almost fortie yeares continunce) to the Right honorable the Earl of Salisburie, one of his Majesties most honorable privie councell. that whereas uppon his humble petition to his most Gracious Soveraigne the late Queene deceased she granted unto him the forfetures by recusancye of Arden Waferer gentleman towards the lawe. And uppon the lyke petition to the Kings majestie to finish the sayd sute he referred the matter to the Lord Highe Treasurer of England onlie who is honorablie willinge to satisfie his Majesties will & direction, but not without the knowledge & consent thereto of others (of his Majesties most honorable privie councell) besides himself. That for so much as he said sure was graciouslie & so latelie granted by the late Queens majestie & soe since alowed also by the Kynge himself. that therefore it maye please your honorable Lordship, to stand so good and favourable unto him, as to ease & shorten his sayd ¡sute by affording him your honorable letter to the said Lord High Treasurer that his Lordship will be pleased to make his trewe & just certificate to the Kings Majestie, according to his Highness sayd:directions to his Lordship onelie, and he did to the sayd late Queen upon his highness like direction unto him without forcing youLsayd poore petitioner .now, so playne & cleare a case (alreadie graciouslie granted by the one & allowed by the other of their majesties) .t o any attendance upon the redidewe of the honorable privie.councell, more than he did III the tyme of the sayd late Queene. And he shall never cease to praye ot Almightie God for your honorable Lordship. [No date or signature]. N;o~ :537. To the Right Honorable the Earl of Salisbury Knight of the noble order' of the Garter and one of the Kings Majesties most honorable privie councel!. th~ . humOle petition of Francis Foster, one of the appaealant preists,


now a most distressed prisoner in Newgate upon your honors command. Whereas 20 weeks since I was convented before your honor upon surmise of being a man very dangerous to the state. But by your honors wise and carefull examen as also by letters taken upon me"'I was afterwards found to be one muche detesting all violent courses, which moved your Lordship to commiserate my estate and to extend your honorable favour the continewence whereof I most humbly intreate by vouchsaufing your honors warrant for my enlargement as well for revovery of my healthe (which is much impaired) as also for furnishing of my selfe with necessaries befitting my banishment. And I doe hereby promise and protest upon my priesthood to be in a redines when and where it shall please your honor to appoint me to be transported praying most humbly for your continuance in all honor. [No date or signature] No. 538 To the Right Hon: the Earl of Salisbury, of the most noble order of the Garter Knight, and Principall Secretarie to his most excellent majestie. the humble petition of J ohan Browne Wydowe & late wife of Doctor Browne & her poore children. Wee humbly pray your good honor, whereas wee have exhibited a petition to his majestie for the benefit of lower Recusants towaras our maintenance and refeife the which his majestie granted, to 'my husband in his life tyme by you honors only favor and meanes. Forasmuch as wee now finde that the solliciting and followinge the sute is lyke to be tedious & more chargeable than wee are able to beare. And that wee are also informed by Sir Roger Wilbraham, knight, that his Majestie hath refused to grant the same to us. therefore that your honor would be pleased out of your honorable disposition and for the releif of our great wants and extremity which wee protest is unfeined, to be a means to helpe us to some small pencion from his majestie as Mris James hir sonnes in the like case obteyned. Without whos favor and helpe wee have no hope or comfort to expect any succor. and as my husband was ever tied to doe your Lordship service so shall wee acknowledge ourselves most bounde to pray for the contynuance of your Lordships health honor and happiness. [No date or signature] No. 589. To the Right honorable Syr Robert Cecil principal secreta'ry-to the Queens most excellent majestie. the humble petition of John Hall, prisoner in Newgate & lately removed from the Clinke wher he hath bene detayned these fower yeares for having an English manuell and a Latin prayer booke sent 166

unto him was committed by order given from your honor to Mr. Wade and Mr Justice Skevington. Humbly beseecheth your honor to vouchsaffe to geve order that your p~soner may forthwith pe examined by the Lord Bishop of London and Mr Waad either joyntly ~r generallie for that your prisoner was r~oved hither upon his LOrdhsips warrant upon some sinister information given. the promises considered your poor prisoner shall (as in duty bounds) pray for your honors prosperous happy estate long to continue. [No date or signature] No. 606 To the Right Honorable the Earl of Salisbury. Humbly sheweth unto your honor that where of late uppon specyaU busynes performed for Elizabeth Randall mother of Captain Oliver Randall, he did frequent allmost all the parishes in Essex & amongst the rest, having made some abode in new Sandford a village of no great note, he was there assured by protestacon of du(?)se there dwellinge especially by Mrs. Morgan the ministers wife there, that one Mr Greene a protested papist & a man of great revenews who neither hymselfe nor any others of his houshold (which are very many) do come to church & although he & others of his household have often tymes bene presented and excommunicated yet no reformacon is hadd to the great greife of his majesties good subjects, there dwellinge, there is also very greafe resort of persons unknowne to the inhabitants which they suppose to be of the same faccious religion and one amongst the rest who sojourneth with Mr Greene & calleth hym cousen doth alter his name, in one place he nameth hymselfe Mr Greene, att another place Dorman, the third Clark, & other tyme Harrys & many other names which are not remembered. Moreover in the same county att Fynchefeld, doth inhabite Mr William Thursgo who is a great professed papist as one of the Churchwardens told me. Now so yt is most honorable & most worthy Lord that being acquaynted with theis things I doe out of duty to his majestie poore & unworthy servants (yet extraordinary reveale theis things to your honor havinge made theyre of your honor especially in respect of your zealous harte towards Gods true religyon, his Majesties preservacon & his good subjects happiness being assured your honor will out of your Wisdome take that order herin as shalbe most pleasing to God & his majestie. your honrs most humble William Boord of Kingston uppon Thames. [No date or signature] No. 647. To the King's most excellent Majestie. The humble petition of Sir William Lane, Knight. It pleased your Majestie. Att your first most happy entry into this Kingdom to confirme her highness, late deceased graunte unto mee 167

<?~ the Lands & other proffitts which did by lawe accrew to your Majestie from William Copley, Esquire, ~swell for not suing his Livery, as for other forfeytures and other pen alIt yes by him incurred. Now forasmuch as your Majestie, out of your pryncely Clemency hath ben pleased to restore the said William Copley unto his form estate, yett with such gracyous and respectyne caution to that interest I tller possessed, as I must ever acknowledge your Majesties exceeding goodnes therein towards mee. My humble Suyte to your Majestie ys, that forasmuch as the said William Copley persisteth in Recusancy and that by reason of his debts, and his Mother living, his present estate cannot afford the full forfyture, which your Majesties Lawes in this case require. Yt may please your Majestie to bestowe uppon mee the benefitt of hisrecusancy refering the consideracon thereof to the right honorable my Lord Cranborne & such other Commissioners as to your Majesties wisdome shall seeme good. For which I your humble suppliant shalbe ever bound to pray for your Majesties long & happy Raigne. [No date or endorsement.] No. 745. The humble petition of Edwarde Yeaste thelder, William Yeaste & Edward Yeaste the yonger, sonnes of the said Edward. Whereas your poore suppliants have by shurtyshippe become engadged for othermens debts, & are of late malytionslye oppressed by ' a recusant the mannor whereof were heare to longe to relate. (As wee suppose) because your said suppliants, uppon his Majesties proclamation of high treason againste Clarke & Watson being two seminaries & their assosiats; did apprehend the said Clarke in Wostersheire, and brought him to Sir John Packington, being then Leeuetenant of ye same sheire, so that 'your poore suppliants, by meanes thereof, are unable to presecute their debtors for recovery of their debts, whereby to gyne their credytors satisfaction, notwithstanding they bee verye willinge so to doe. In tender comsytheracon whereof, maye it please your Lordship to procure your suppliants his Majesties gratious wryte of protextion, for the tearme of three yeares, and wee shalbe bounde to praye for your Lordships prosperitye. [No date or endorsement.] No. 759. ' That whereas Recusants once convicted and afterward conforming by repayring to some church according to the law, are tyde to receive the sacrament of the Lordes supper upon such forfeiture as they have incurred or shall incurre upon suche defaulte that his Majestie wolde be pleased to graunte unto the petitioners such forfeiture past & to come as by that meanes are due unto his Highnes. [No date or endorsement.] No. 781. To the right Honorable the Lords of his Majesties 'privie counsaile. the humble petition of J oh1;l Arundel.


l;Iurnbly praieth your lords for the Greate concourse of Londoners of Highgate, where he is for recusancie confined, may endanger him and his & his family, the rather being straightenedd in a little house not able to harboure him and his, and for that he cannot p~esently provide himselfe of a howse nere London nor any friends. willinge to receave him his wife and children into there howses. that your Lordships wilbe pleased to lysence him remove to his owne house Chidiocke in Dorsetshire, being the nearest place to London he hath or can provide under such consicions as to your honors shall s~eme good. [Endorsed] 1603. Nb. 785 . To the Right honorable the L. Cecill of his Majesties most honorable Counsell. most humbly besschethe your honorable Lordship your poore suppliant Tho. Bramston, preiste, that whereas he is retourned of late from Banishment for no maner of contempt or dysloyall or synister intention against his majestie or the Realme, but upon extreme necessitie of his healthe in respect of some infirmities gotten by his longe imprisonment upon the pointe of 20 yeares, for the better amendmend whereof by the Bathes in the opinion of leanred physitions, he retourned to the Realme againe. I t may please your honorable Lordship to use mediation unto his majestie that your said suppliant may be licsnced to repaire to the said Bathes for the better recoverie of his healthe, the rather at this time, because the infection is round about the place of his imprisonment, to the great danger of hym & of the rest of the prisoners there, your said suppliant puttinge in sufficent suerities for his forth comminge, at such time as the honorable lords of his Majesties Councell shall thinck meete. And for so great favour received your said suppliant shall be bounde to praye for your honorable lordship duringe his lyfe. . From Newgate 7 July. [Endorsed] 1603 the humble petition of Tho: Bramston for his goinge to the Bathe. N~, 816

To ..the Right Honorable Robert Earle of Salisbury one of his Majesties most honorable pryvye Councel!. . The humble petition of John Leeming, prisoner in Newgate. Sheweth that he being a poore young man & a servant supposed to be. a recusant was therupon committed to the said gaole neither indicted nor convicted. And being extreme poore, is like to perish for lack of releif. ~ost humbly praying your good Lordship to vouchafe to direct your warrant to Sir Henry Montague, Knight, recorder of the cyty of Lond9n for the enlargement of the petitioner upon such reasonable 169

baile as he is able to procure. And he as bounden will daily praye for your Lordships prosperous estate long to endure. [No date or endorsement.] No. 824. To the right honorable ¡the Earle of Salisburie one of the L6rds of the Kings Majesties most honorable Privie Counsell. The humble petition of Edward Woodey. That where your Petitioner about 3 yeares since did give your Honor intelligence of one Carpenter, a supposed Jesuit, and by his ronge attendanc and charge in that service procured one to be apprehended and brought before your honor, that was appoynted to receive XX Ii paide by exchange for the said Carpenter. In recompenc wherof (as your petitioner doth take it) your Honor was pleased that your petitioner should have the XX Ii that then was in the han des of the partie apprehended. Which when your petitioner had received, he gave five poundes thereof unto Pordage because he was the first that gave notice of the partie. So it is that Sir Anthony Ashley (sayth) he is commanded by your Honor to. requyre restitution of the XX Ii. I t may therefore please you to signifie your honorable pleasure therein and to have consideracon of the V Ii paid to Pordage and of your peticioner tra [missing] and charge in that service. And he shall daylie pray for [missingJ encrease of your honor and happynes longe to continue. [No date or endorsement.] No. 978 The nature of Sir J eames Sandiemans suite as it is nowe altered & reduced by the right honorable the Lo: Highe Treasurer of England into those 3 heades which are things verie casuall & harde to be recovered. All such debts penalties & sommes of monye as weare due to the late Q: or by reason of the Recusancie & convictions of J eames Braybrooke Francis Morris & William Fitton which weare concealed from ye late Q : In this parte Sir J eames B is reduced to 3 particulars by ye Lo : pre whereas he deliver all debts & penalties of that nature. All sommes of monye due or aunswearable by any person or persons for the rents arrearged of Rents I shures & Profitts of Recusants Lands found extended or seized in the tyme of the late Q: & which any Sheriff or other officers have receaved or doe stand charged to aunsweare which were due befoore ye 24th of Marche in the first yeare of his Majesties Reigne not hitherto aunsweared or paide. All goods & chatteles of recusants which have bin seized by any Sheriffe, commissioners or other persons, & which have bin forfeited¡ & found-& bee & have cO,ome to b~e in the hands or possecion of any person or persons whatsoever which weare due¡to the said late Q: before ye saide 24th of Marche. This who ole suite is vallued by the officers of his Majesties


Exchequer befoore ye Lo: Tres: to bee but woorthe at ye utmost five thousand & they have confidentlie affirmed that ther will be spent above a thousand li in recovering those sommes, besides it will be verie longe ere they can be brought in. Soe that ther will not clearlie amount muclle more than 3 thousand li to Sir Jeames " Sadling. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1019 To the Kings most excellent Majestie. The most humble petition of Tho: Johnson one of your Majesties Constables within the Liberties of the Cittie of London. Concerning the apprehention of A Semynarie walking with a dark Lantern which is treason. Your highnes Loyall and obedient Subjecte sheweth that on Mondaie the xiijth of this instant moneth of Julye, with a due respecte had of your Highnes preservance to the greate expence of his owne proper goods and with the no lesse danger of liffe Your subject having after divers intelligences geven him of two perillo us enemies obscurlye lurkinge in or about London and intending by all likelyhoods some mischeif to your Majesties person & state. After a longe & tedious travaile, so happyelie did the Almightie blesse the labours of your graces subject, that he apprehended and tooke the said two dangerous persons being semynarie preestes closely lodged together arayed with pistolls charged to some evell purpose. They nowe are in prison and in saffe custotye. Your subject iri recompense of his disbursemerits and the perill he hath undergone in this service doth most humble Beseeche your Majestie gratiously to be pleased that he may quietly injoy XX li IXs whichhe seized to your highnes use gether with all ther Relicks and apparaile come to your subjects. hands which comes but to a smale valewe, wherin your pore subject shalbe bound to acknowledge your highnes most gratious favour towards him, and for ever neverthelesse will praie for your Majesties longe and most prosperous raigne [No date or endorsement.] No. 1033. To the Kings most excellent Majestie. Most gracious Soveraigne, Whereas your hignes most humble Subject and Servant Lisle Cave having these two yeares past and more bene a most humble petitioner unto your Majesties for some recompense of his best tyme spent these 38 -yeares, as well in-ye service of the state as in your customes, receiveth of late a Graunt of a Recusant signed by your Majestie toward!? his helpe . therin, before the .lateL: Treasurers death, but ere the Bill could passe the seale, it so fell out that notwithstanding the sute was of his L: owne choice for your poore suppliant who followed the direction of his L: therin from tyme to tyme & did nothing in his said sute but by his Lps order and advise; 171

yet was he twise prevented of your Majesties gracious favour towards him therin, by reason yt the Q's Majestie was said every of ~hose two tymes to have had a former interest in the same 'Recusant, by:your Majesties graunt unto her highnes of pim amongst others. So yt nowe your Majesties poore suppliant is inforced to become the third tyme an humble petitioner unto your highnes yt in lieu of his former preveucious great charges and losses. It would please your Majestie to geve order unto the right honorable and his singular good Lord the nowe L: Tresurer, that your Majesties poore suppliant maie injoye the small fee of the letters patents he hath from your Majestie of the Office of one of the Generall surveyors of your M<:Ljesties custoIIles in ye out Ports of the Realme as formerlie .h e did,. from the tyme of his suspencion from the same upon ye late L : Treas letters onlie without anie mencon of your Majesties pleasure therin so to doe. And as Mr Alington and Mr Dawes two of his associats still do: or ells yf your highnes would be pleased to graunt '\Into your Majesties said poore Suppliant your gracious warrant to' the farmers of your highnes customes for the present payment of s() much money unto him as maie accquit & discharge him to his creditors here under named, who of long tyme have and still d() importune your Majesties poore suppliant to his great greife and indangeringe of his libertie for their due satisfaction therin. And so your Majesties poore servant & suppleeiant shall ever 'pray llnto God for your Majesties long & prosperous raigne. . }TO Mr Xpofer Blackall C Ii To Mrs. Eliz: Burnham C Ii His poore himselfe His debts To Mr Hugh Lane CC Ii estate to his wife To Mr Edward Deventry C Ii maintaine. & children To Mr Richard Baldwin C Ii other of his family Interest yearely LX Ii. his lyving but C Ii. per annum Summa vjC Ii A poore percon lest to lyve on. your Majesties most humble serv-ant & suppliant Lisle Cave [No date.] [Endorsed] The most humble peticon of Lisle Cave No. 1101. To the Right ho: the Earle of Salisburye. tbe humble petition of Myllington, Edward Braddell,. semynary preists in the Gaole at Lancaster; shewinge that, where the said Myllington, imbarked for his banishment wa~ driven back by tempest, as appeared to the Judge at the assisses1ast at Lancaster, and before them took the oath of alleigeance, And the said Braddell, providinge for his departure within the time limited in Mats Pc1m, . was disappointed of money . due unto hiIn ~ 172

without which he was not able to discharge his passage, and being apprehended, tooke the said oath upon his examinacon, as appeareth to your Lordship under the hands of the maior of Lane: the Lord Gerard, and Raphe Asherton esquire-justices of peace in the County of Lanes: Now in regard of these uttermost indeavors to have departed within the tyme lymited, and of there poore estate in prison consuminge that little the had to transport them, they most humblie desire your Lordship: good means for their banishment. And that some justices of peace in the said county by your Lordships direccons may speedelie process therin. And they will dulie praie as they dailie doe for his highness long continuance, his yssues continuall successions, and your Lordships health and increase of honor. . [No date or signature] No. 1116. the Right honorable Sir Robert Cecill, Knight maister of her majesties Wardes & one of her highnes most honorable privie counsaile. Humbly sheweth, to your honor your orator Edward Lloyd of the Inner Temple, that in respecte of his wifes Recusancye, there hath bene an accion brought against your orators in her heighnesse Courte of Queene's Benche, and althoughe your orator did yelde himself to appeare for himself, your orators appearance is refused unless your orator will appeare also for his wife orelse be committed to prison, and by your orators apparance your orators must most be undone for noe offence of his owne, and for your orator to have a Corporall punishment for his wifes offence, your orator hopeth the lawe is not soe But howsoever if this course be observed your orator is at these inconvenience, that is, either to appear for my wife and so be undone, and if your orator will not appear for her, be committed, orelse be outlawed orelse put away my wiefe, the which is lawefull for your orator as the lawe now is, and noe lawe may compell your orator to take her againe. In consideracon whereof my humble petition is to your honor, that if the lawe be soe taken, that your orator must be answerable for his wiefes debts. that rather than to be committed, to my undoing for noe offence of my owne, that then I may be assessed accordinge to my abilitie td pay for her, yerelye to her Majestie, what your honor shall think meate, & be released from these suites in the Queene's Benche and your orator shall pray to God for your honor longe to live. [Signed] E. Lloyd. [No endorsement or date.] No. 1133 most humbly beeseetheth your [ ] your suppliants Marye Moore widdowe late wyfe of John Moore late alderman of London, and Marye Treshaw hir daughter that whereas they are strangers borne in the Kingdome of Spayne, came with the sayde John Moore into England. aboute sixteene yeares past, all 173

which tyme they have lyved in London and weare not troubled by any person for their Religion, but nowe of late by the.procurmel).t of their adversaryes they have but threatened to be indighted of Recusancy, at the next Sessions to b.e kepte for the Cytye of London which they are not able to prevent but by your honorable favour in respecte they are strangers and voyde of friends to speake for them. And therefore they humbly beseech your to further them in some good course wherin they may be protected from the malixious courses intended by their en emyes and they shalbe bound to pray for the happye estate of your ... [Endorsed.] Petition of the Wyddow Moore another document enclosed: Right trustye and welbeloved wee grete you well whereas wee are informed that John Moore late Customer of our Port of London, died indebted unto us in the some of Twenty and fower thousand pounds, whereof by the sale of all his goods there is allreadye satisfyed the some of eighteen thousand pounds and that there is least towards the payment of the other six thousand pounds certayne messuages in our Cyty of London and certayne fenn landes in our County of Norfolke, which one Thomas Moore that nameth himself Brother and heire of the sayde John Moore purposinge to defeate us of the sayde debte lately sould unto one William Boswycke who molesteth the sayde John Moores widdowe with suites in lawe pretendinge that wee have noe power by our lawes to make sale thereof, by reason that one statute made in the XXXIXth. yeare of our syster Queene Elizabeth was at our last parliament discontinued,¡ forsomuch ac:; the sayde widdowe was the advauntment of her sayd husband and that she is a stranger, and voyde of friends to defend her, and poore by reason of hir sayde husbands debts to us. we are pleased in comisseracion of hir distressed estate to take hir into our Royall protection the rather at the earnest suite of the Lorde Embassador of Spayne. And therefore wee will and require you to take some present course with the sayd Moore and Beswycke, that wee may make sale of the sayd lands and tenements towards the sayd Satisfaction of our sayd debte, and that in the meane tyme the sayde widdowe bee noe way molested nor troubled by any causes or proceedings in lawe. No. 1160.

To the Right honorable the Earle of Salisbury, of the most noble order of the Garter, Knight & principall secretary to his Majestie. The humble petition of Henry Cotton, one of the sonnes of George Cotton of Warbling ton in the county of Southampton, esquire. Humbly sheweth, that one Tarbock and Cobham pursuivants (under pretence to doe his Majestie service) did in unlawful manner enter ye house of the petitioners father at Bedhampton, in the County of Southampton, & broke open all the trunks & chests therin. That they apprehended the petitioner for a Seminary and tooke 174

bonde for his appearance before the Bishopp of London, which he hath made accordinglie, and offered to take his oath that he is guiltless of that function, but the L: Bishopp not withstandinge contynueth the petitioners further attendance upon the bonde to his great charge which he is unable to beare being a sole man, and the dependancie of his maintenance on ely in the liberalitie of his father. That the right ho: the Earle of Southampton, and the Lo: Bishopp of Winchester will certifie your Lo: that the petitioner is no preist. Humblie beseecheth your good Lordship in the contynuance of your Lordships comiseracon of the oppressed to free the petitioner of his further trouble if he prove guiltles of this accusation, if otherwise, he will most willinglie submit him selfe to the condinge of the lawe without favour. And as dutie boundeth him he shall ever praie for your Lordships happiness. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1263. To the right ho: the Earle of Salisburie, Principall Secretary to his Majestie and one of his Highnes most ho: Privy Counsell. The humble petition of Anthony Elcock of London, mercer. Most humbly shewing, that Ambrose Ruckwood one of the confederates in this late Treason some fewe dayes before his discovery bought of this petitiones black & crymson velvettes, so muche as amounted to XXXli XVs for which he promysed due payment within xiiij dayes. But the petitiones ymediately uppon the report of the said practize, did indeavor to attaine to the knowledge of some of the said Ruckwoods goods; and understanding of a Trunck of his thought to be of good value lefte att the Lady Meredithes where also a gowne and petticote made up with your suppliants said stuff were founde, he estso oms repayred to your good Lo: at the Tower and acquainted your Ho: therewith humbly beseeching that your said suppliant might be releived and satisfied wIth his owne goods so found. To which you ho: and the rest of the Lords gave your 'iVillyng and very gratious consent. His humble petition to your ho: is, that forasmuche as he is a yong man of a great charge and cannot without soreprendite to his state sustaine the loss of the said debt, yf by any graunt he should be prevented of those goods, and of your humble favour intended towards hym. Your Lo: would vouchsafe that he may have w~rrant to the said Lady Meredith for delivery upp onely of the said gowne and petticote to your said suppliant being made of your suppliants stuff. For satisfaccion of the said XXX li, his due debt. And he shalbe bounde to pray for your Lordships long liefe and prosperity. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1305 To the Queen's most excellent majestie. Humbly besecheth your Majestie: Your poore suppliant Elizabeth Hill, daughter to Anne Bollein who was daughter to Sir Edward 175

Bollein Knight, that whereas by misfortune of fyre your oratrix' poore husbandes howse within thies two yeares past consumed with her goods and household stuffe, as hathe been shewed unto your heighness by humble petition by Doctor Harberd to the value of foure hundred poundes, by reason whereof your suppliant with her husband and IX small children are utterlie undooned, unless your Majestie of your accustomed compassion and pitty do bestowe upon them some releese. And whereas the are is due to your Highnes the forfeitures of certaine recusantes named Walter Whitall, Edward Borche, Richard Fitzharberd, Isabell Blount, Agnes Knowley and Thomas Collyer a fugitive preist, that is to saie the penalties forfeited to your heighnes out of Ian des of the said Walter Whitall and Edward Bearch (found to be constaled by commission out of the Exchequer) for the tyme of their recusancie) lying in the Counties of Stafford and Leicester, whose lands are valued at one hundred markes by yeare. And also the forfeitures of the leases goodes and chattles of the said Richard Fitz-herbert, Isabell Blount, Edward Bearch, Agnes Knowles, and Thomas Collyer, inhabiting the townes of Hamstall, Ridwar, Mason Ridwar, and Walsall within the County of Stafford, whose goodes alreadie found, are valued at sixscore poundes and whose Rents to the Lordes is xij ili per annum. May it thearfore please your highnes, in tender consideracon of the great misfortune and losses of your said poore suppliant. To grant unto her the benefice and forfeitures of the said Recusants. And she according to the bounden dutie will daily praie to God for the longe and tryumphant Raigne to your most royall Majestie over all YO'u r highnes Enemies. In the secretary's hand follows :Her Majestie duly respecting the recomendacon made of this suppliant by the Right honorable the Earle of Essex and divers ladyes and gentlewomen of her Court, kynn and allyed to the partye as also princely pittyinge her poore estate happened by cusualty of fyre (as yt was certifyed unto her Majestie by Sir Walter Aston, Knight by Richard Bagott, Raphe Adder, esquire and other Esquires & Justices agree and consent to this suppliants request and soe commended her highness good .pleisure therin to be signified to the Lord Treasurer of England, for his to: to take order Therafter; so as the same did not exceed the some of two hundred pounds. [Signed]

J. Herbert.


1590. The humble petition of Elizabeth Hyll. [ I n Herbert's hand.] One of the daughters of Anne Boleine, whd. was ye daughter of Sir Ed: Boleine. . Thur who was by Casualtye of Fyre, all she had was consumed to the sum of 400 ! She humbly praieth for this her husband & children wherof her 176

Majestie would be pleased to grant hir ye landes of Walter Whitall and Edward Birche, with ye goodes of other recusants and preists within named in ye county of Stafford. Her Majestie liking of this Petitioners suite ratified by Mr, Herbert Mr of Requests. No. 1305 To the Right honorable Sir Robert Cecil Knight principall Secretary to the Queens most excellent Majestie And one of her highnes most honorable privie councell. the humble petition of Robert Grey. that he hath susteyned greatt losses for his recusancy as namely his severall woods and the best grow en of them worth 500 li have been soe felled aI).d taken awaye by Mr. Felton and his assignes that your suppliant hath not had wood left upon his third part worth 100 lie Her Majesties rent hath ben by three severall commissions raised from xlj li to above 160 li per annum which is as much as all three partes have been letten for in your suppliants remembrance Mr. Felton and his assignes have receyved 500 li in rents wherof he hath paid nothing to her ' Majestie. His house in Suff are brought into soe great decaye that some of them are ready to fall downe. All which have ben duely proved by deposicons of witnesses insomuch as your late right hon: father pitieing your suppliants distress not on ely revoked for his benefit the leases made of her Majestie twoe parts, But also graunted supersedras to stay newe commissions awarded for further rackinge this landes. that Mr Felton having gotten a privie seale for pardoninge to him arreages of rent due to her majestie hath licence therin to receave the overplus of the rentes (her highnes rent beinge duely paid ever since the revocation of the leases) . . whereupon he hath by proces diverse tymes drawen up the poore tenents to London to their great charge. And notwithstandinge your suppliants goods have ben taken away three severall tymes to the value of 160 li whereof 100 li was by the privity of John Browne Mr Feltons bayliff taken away by pursuivants and her Majestie never answered for the same yet hath Mr Felton by his assignes procured newe commissions whereby the sheriffe notwithstanding her Majesties rent hath bene duely paid as aforesaid hath taken & sold for 25 li your suppliants cattle and corne depasturinge and growing, upon his third part and the money nowe remayneth in the Sheriffes handes which under your honors correction your suppliant thinketh to be contrary to true meaninge of the lawe in regard to the statute of 28° Rne alloweth him a third part which beinge layde out accordingly they aught not to take your suppliants goods from thence. In tender consideracon wherof forasmuch as your suppliants troubles have been soe manifold as that it hath cost him within this ten yeares 2800 li for his Recusancy one waye and another with her Majesties rent. And that his olde age is nowe overweried with molestacons which Mr. Felton still uncharitably deviseth against !of


him. He appealeth to your good honor for relief herein as to your honor & wisdome shall seeme right. . And that your suppliant duely paieing her Majesties raised rent maye quietly enjoy the benefit of the revocacon according to your honors said late fathers good intent towards the repayring of his decayed houses. To which end your suppliant will become petitioner to the rest of her Majesties most honorable privie councell if he rna ye 0 bteyne your honors good favour and furtherance therin, And your humble suppliant will dayly pray to God for your honors prosperity longe to continue. [No date or signature.] No. 1347 To the Kings most excellent Majestie [In another hand] 1604 The humble petition of Zacary Bethell, Richard Lasonby, and Christopher Hamond your Majesties loyall servants. Most gracious Soveraigne, whereas it is your Majesties pleasure to gratifie your faithfull servants with the benefit of Recusants, we most humblie beseech your highnes of your gratious favour, and in regard of our continuall attendance on your Majesties service and for our better inhablement to contyue the same to be pleased to bestowe upon us the benefit of those Recusants a peece, such as we shall finde not to be disposed of already, which shall ever bind us to pray to God for your Majesties longe and most happy Raigne over us. [In another hand, endorsed] 1605 This Petition delivered the XXIXth of May at eltam by Richarde Lazonbie to his Majestie and granted. No. 1368 To the Kings most excellent majestie. the humble petition of George Blaxstone & Humphrey Blaxstone in the behalfe of themselves and the rest there bretheren, most humbly shewinge. that two partes of the landes of William Blaxstone your subjects oldest brother and (accordinge to your highness commission) founde & retourned for his recusancie and in your highnes han des to dispose of and on ely one third part lefte unto him for maintenance of himselfe, his wiefe, tenne children and familie. that your subjects maintenance and meanes of lyvinge is from theire said brother Sir William, who is unable of the profitts of the said third part to maintaine himself, his wife & children & family muche lesse to give maintenance to your subjects. By reason .whereof your subjects beinge gentlemen and so educated are destitute of lyveliehoode and driven to a verie hard extreame unles out of your Majesties conutye and c1emencie they may be releived. that your subjects so were and so will continue conformable to all your Majesties godlie lawes and proceedings 178

And therefore most humblie beseeche your gracious Majestie to tender the promises and there distressed estate. And that your hignes wilbe pleased other to take order, that their said brother Sir William Blaxton may still enjoy all his landes towards the mainteynance of himself his wife children & your subjects or else that out of the profitts of the said two parts your subjects may be allowed maintenance from your hignes. And your subjects accordinge to the ire bounden dutie shall daylie pray for your Majesties longe and prosperous reigne over us. [No date, signature or endorsement.] No. 1372. To the right ho: Sir Robert Cecyll Knight Baron of Essingden Viscount Cranborne. Principall Secretarie to his Majestie & master of his Highnes Court of Wardes & liveries. Your Honors poore suppliant Michael Wentworth of Wolley in the Countie of York. Humblie sheweth th~t he being alwaies hymself conformable to the religion established was never the 'less about iiij yeares past drawne into Recognizance for payment of Ciiijxx Ii recovered by the Kings Bench against hym, after the rate of xx Ii by the month for his wieves onley not comminge to the churche. Humbly beseecheth your good Lord that forasmuch as your said suppliant hath paid to his Majestie iiijxx Ii of that C & iiijxx li he may with your ho: favour preferr his humble suit unto the lords of his majesties most ho: privy councell to be releived of somuch as is nowe thereof unpaid. And the rather for that he hath byn with this Imposition extraordinarily charged and hymself hath byn and. wilbe ever ready to obey whatsoever by his highness or your lordships-He shal be enjoyned whereby he shalbe bounden over to pray for your honors prosperous estate. [No date, signature or endorsement.] No. 1409. To the Right honorable the lorde highe Treasurer of England. Humbly besecheth your honor your poore and dailie orator William Hawkesworth, That wheras he being prisoner in the Flete, for a long tyme & having a poore wife & twelve poore children as yet livinge & by reasone of his very greate charges & expenses of his ymprisonment he is very muche ympoverished & indebted. And your said poore orator his wief now of late fallen into great extremytie of sickn~s & being very farr distant from him (wherby) yf it should please God shat she should dye, he contynuing still in prisone; as also he himself being aged & muche troubled with sicknes & disease as the collicke & stone very often & many of his children so yonge & tender of yeares, unable to helpe them selfes wherby muche inconvenyence may happen to your poore orator & his said children to their great danger & shortenyng of his lief, And your poore orator being coexecutor with one Robert Oglethorpe, gent, & hathe 179

two children & their porcions to answere & pay, to the value of one hundreth poundes, for his part whereof one of the said children called Edithe Paslewe being maryageable & in towardnes of pro ferment in maryage dothe staye for want of your said orators advyse consyderacon & paiement of that part of her porcon which remayneth in his handes. In like manner your said orator being also coexecutor with one Christo fer Nowell, gent, & having betwixt them the fatherles & motherles children & their porcions to the value of eight score & ten poundes, wherof two of them, named William Hartley & Rosomond Hartley, & their two porcions being in the handes & charge of your said orator, bothe which two are of lawfull age, & ready for maryage wanting likewise the helpe counsell & setting forwards of your said orator (for which they doe already call) & which to do he is bounde bothe by lawe & in conscyence. Maie it therefore please your good Lordshipp of your honorable disposicon and great pyttie to graunt to your poore orator libertie (upon bonds) to thend he maye repaire into his country & howse called Mytton in Yorksheire to vysett & comforte & helpe his said poore wief & distressed children & further to take order for thother of the said children & their porcions. And he shall not only kepe this realme accordinge to the dutye of an obedyent subject and also shall appeare & yelde his bodye at your honors pleasure & comman4ment. But also he & his said poore wief & twelve children together with the resydue of the said fatherles children beinge in his chardge shall not cease most humbly to praie to God for the prosperous prseervacon of your honour in muche encrease of honnors health' and com forte long to lyve. Your honnors most humble poore orator William Hawkeswirthe. [Endorsed]

The humble & lamentable petycon of William Hawkesworth prisoner in the ÂŁlete. [In another hand]. That for divers respectes mentioned in this petition as to visit his wife being in great extremety, and to settle to answere divers legacies he may libertie for a time to repaire to his house in Yorkshire.

No. 1465. To the right honorable the Earle of Salisbury, Principall Secretary to his Majestie. The humble petition of William Shawe, Inholder dwellinge in Drewerie Lane. Most humblie shewinge, that Catesbye one of the late Traytors had divers goods in this petitioners howse which were seized on & taken awaye by Mr Dobbinson, one of your honors Bayliffs or Officers for the liberties of Westminster; who also took divers of the Petitioners owne proper goods awaye with the same. The said Catesbye owed this petitioner C li true and manifest debt, 180

which he is like utterlye to loose without your honorable favour be unto him extended. In regard whereof and of his exceedinge greate poverty he most humblye beseecheth your honor to geve warrant & direccon for restitucon of his saide goods particulerlye hereunder mentioned and to make staye of the saide Catesbyes goods towards satisfaccon of your honors poore petitioner of the saide C li. And accordinge his bounden duetye he will ever praye Catesbyes goo des A silver cup or challice, a riche cope. certaine peeces of lynnen, and certaine vestments of silke, The poor petitioners Goods A carkenett sett with Dyamonds for a gentle woman. A gylt thymble, and two little peeces of plate which cost him XXXs. [No date-no endorsement.] No. 1467. To the right honorable Therle of Salisbury principall Secretarye to the Kings most excellent Majestie. The humble petition of William Kyddall, sheweth that wheras your honors petitioner hath alwayes borne a loyall & dutifull zeale to his highnes And many & sundry execrable dangers dailie threatened against him & the wholle State. And the said practised by a damnable Crew of homebred foes the viperous brood of Papists & popish seminaries who have all waies ben not only Seducers of the co mons of this Realme hertofore, but also secret & dangerous conspirators & plotters of most odious & heynous treasons, as of late hath ben to much apparent And for that your peticoner is affecion is such as he desireth ymployment against his highnes adversaryes for the better saftie of his highnes and the state to his best power. Most humblie therfore besecheth your honor to vouchsafe him a commission to searche for semynaryes & popish priests within the Count yes of Yorke, Lincolne, Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland & Lanes, and all such so to be found, to bring to your honor & the rest of the Counsell, together with all such vestments, books, & other popish reliques as may be found. And the same to have contynuance for one whole yere which your peticoner hopeth would send to the great good of the State and com on wealth by discoverye & extirpuige of so detestable a kynde of people. And according to his most bounden dutie he shall daile pray unto God for your honors health long to continue. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1491 To the Right honorable the Earle of Salisburie, Principall Secretary to his Majestie. The humble petition of John Streete of the Cittie of Worcester. Humbly shewth unto your good Lp: That wheras the petitioner hearinge of theis late traytorous Rebells, did (amongst others of the 181

said cittie of Worcester} voluntarilie pursue them well appointed to the place of their last refuge- where he carryed himselfe soe resolute not without the great danger of his life, that is was his fortune at. two shootes to stay 3 of the principall of them, viz.: Pearcy, Catesbye and Wright, and to hurt Ruckwoode some beside, and since spared no rest to provide chirurgery, and all other necessary meanes for the preservacon of there lives that were sore hurt, attendinge them hither at his owne charges, without having once benefit in the world by them. And whereas it pleased his Majestie to promise him that would bring in Pearcy alive 1000 li and his whole estate, the petitioner most humbly beseecheth your good Lordship of your wonted honorable favour to be a meanes to his highnes to bestowe upon him either the said 1000 li or else a pention duringe as to his Majestie shalbe thought fittest, which wilbe an incouragement to others (that expect him to be highly rewarded) to hazard their lives in the like action if occasion shalbe offered. And (accordinge to his bounden duty) he shall ever pray for the increase of your Lordships honor and happiness. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1514. To the right honorable ye Earle of Salesbury, Principall secretarie of . estate, and of his Majesties previe counsell. The humble petition of Agnes Wallworth a poore widdow and sometime a servant in your honors howse. Shewing, that whereas one Thomas Loue l-e petitioners natural1 brother (being a protestant) was servant to younge John Winter one of ye late conspiritors that were executed at Worcester; and was imprisoned here at London & at Stafford for his maisters offence, and lost his horse, money, apparell & three yeeres wages by his unfortunate downefall, albeit the sayd Thomas was everyway founde an honest and inocent man. In the time .of whose imprisonment in Stafford, your suppliant went downe to visit him, whome she founde clogged with irons, and otherwise in greate misery ; albeit Mr Stephen Littleton had compounded with the joyler there for ye diett and lodging of him & other two poore men yt came down in his company, for which threepromised xiiij li untill ye Assises following. Notwithstanding, with composition the Joyler exacted uppon the poore people and in perticular threatened the sayd Thomas that he should bagg in the chaine, unlesse your suppliant would enter into bond of 4 li for payment of 40s which she was enforced unto to prevent his crueltie, and redeeme the prisoners affliction. For which debt the petitioner is now threatened to be arrested, ' and Sargeants lye in wayt for her, so as she is enforced .to forsake ¡her owne howse, not being able to payor procure suerties if shee shou~d be arrested.for the same debtee . : 1

There is a hole in the manuscript and there is one letter missing. -


May it therefore please your honor (even for Gods cause) to yeelde some present releefe to your suppliant in this extremetie, as your honors wisdom thinketh fitte; so as neither her bodie may be arrested, or her poore goodes attached for the premisses, And the rather she intreateth your honor favour herein, for that she was once your Lordshipps Landress and one of ye firste woemen servants that your honor enterteined being prefeered by your worshipfull aunte Mistress White, And the petitioner shalbe bound to pray for your honor. [No date or endorsement.] No. 1675. To the Right hon: Sir Robert Cecil Knight, principall secretary to the Queene's most excellent Majestie. whereas about xjen weekes since, one Henry Duffeild was by the right honl the Lord Admiral and your honor committed clos prisoner and so at myne owne charges hath ever since ben mainteined without any recompence had. And also one Haies committed close prisoner by your honor whose contynuance hath also ben X weeks at my like charge, who is an obstinate and wilful papist lately come from Spaine. And likewise one Caesar an Italian X weeks since by your honor comitted close prisoner, and mainteined at my like charge. Mso one John Tyon viij weeks since by your honor committed and ever since at my charge maineteined. May it please your good ho: of your wonted clemencie, to grant allowance for the persons beforenamed, whose charges so increase that without recompense made my abillity will not extend to theis so chargeable maintenance. Moreover there remaines at my like charges Robert Craiford Scott until your honor shall be pleased to send his bill of allowance. All which without your honors favor in satisfaccon cannot longer be maineteined at my so great charges, by reason of my weake ability. Of which I beseech your ho: to consider and to allow me recompence. [No date or signature.] No. 1705 the humble petition of Tobie Mathew Prisoner in the Fleet. To the R: Ho: the Lords of his majesties Privy Counsell. May it please your Lordships, I have been imprisoned now this fortnight upon the command of my L: of Canterbury for no cause that I know of but matter of conscience, which though I do withall humbleness and patience induse (as being willinge to give any satisfaction (that I am able) to the State, or to his Grace in particular) for such offence as is conceaved against me. yet entering into consideration of our estate I stand in, that is, of a man altered in opinion of Relligion only, but of a loyall and obedient harte to the Kinge and the State, and observinge that this is not the ordinary course taken with all such as are simply recusants. I had prepared meanes to direct my humble suite to my &c. Grace


for my inlargement. But it hapned that the same day, his Grace was gone farr hence into Sussex and his retoume is not expected these 4 dayes. therefore doubtinge that your lordships might be dispersed before that tyme, I presume to present this my humble petition to your lordships, beechinge you to referr me to his Grace, with a favourable allowance of my suite except his Grace shall know any other cause to keep me restrained. And so I most humbly pray God to bless your lordships counsayles. [No date or signature.] No. 2303. the benefit that doth or may arrive unto us by these foure persons underwritten in regard to their recusancie wee have bestowed upon John Izod, Gent, ussher of ye privie Chamber to our Queene. Mr. Thomas Wells, Mr Willm Corham Mr Richard Brewning Mr Thomas Henston the elder. [In another hand.] All in Hampshire No. 2349. To the Kings most Excellent majestie. The humble petition of Sir Henry Goodyeare. Most humblie sheweth that, whereas by the attainder of Jhon Somerville, Esqre, certaine lands were forfeited to the Crowne which are nowe in your Majesties possession to the valewe of 70 li per annum out of which doe yssue in annuities 30 li yearly, soe that the cleere yearlie valewe to your Majesties coffers is but aboute 40 li which lands with others were allotted out to have made his eldest daughter a portion of 2000 li and his other daughters after to be borne 1000 marks a peece, for which lands a coppie of their fathers indictemente, which if they mighte obtaine they doubt not but reverse the judgement. Both which suits are denied them. And whereas the poore gentleweenen my neere kinsweemen have importuned mee to be a sutor unto your Majestie for that in fee simple and for such other goods, lands, and the meane profits of them due and not answered to your Majestie out of their fathers estate since the death which being yet concealed from your Majestie they are in hope to discover, and the said poore gentlewomen are contente to take full satisfaction from mee, if I obtaine this favour at your Majesties hands. I doe most humblie therefore beseeche your Majestie in tender compassion of their righte and evident distress, being much indebted by theire long suite, and in favourable regards of my service and my predicessors to your highnes howse (which I neede not call into your Majesties memorie) to bestowe uppon mee in fee simple thos lands nowe in your Mjesties possession and such as are concealed with all such goods commodities and profits, as any way are due and not answered to your Majestie since the death of John Somerville out of his estate or lands belonging to him. And both they and I shalbe


bownd as strictlie to acknowledge your royall bountie by oure humble thankfulnes as wee in oure duties to praie for your highnes happiness. [Endorsed]

Sir Henry Goodyeare [ Note in another hand at a later date.]

Vid: Camdens Acct. of Sommervilles Treason. No. 2349a Reasons to shewe the equity of this suit in respect of Mr Somerviles daughters and heires. That the 2 daughters and heires of John Somervill have bine suitors for a Coppy of their fathers inductment which hath bine denied them, which yf they had obtayned by the opinion of the best lawyers they might recover the land. I t is upon record in the Rowles that Mr Arden was then acknowledging a fyne that day that he & Mr Somervill were accused to have conspired togeither at Edston in Warwickshire . . Mr Somervill was madd long before the uttering of his rash speeches for which he was convicted and madd at his Arraigment. His speeches bing noe other then that the Queene was a base borne and the Queene of Scotts was the lawfull Queene of England, and therefore he would ride to London and kill Queen Elizabeth. Mr Arden Mr Somervills father in lawe who was condempned with him and (upon his only madd evidence) could not have the priviledg to challenge any of the jury, who were most my Lord of Leicesters men, my Lord himself prosecuting the cause against them, in respect of the mallice which he bare them bycause he understood that Mr Arden could lay some clayme to the Earledom of Warwick. Mr Somervill was only brought to the barre, and carried away pre~ently againe and was condempned by his examinacion, and not in person, bycause his Lunacy should not appeare to the people and jurers. Mr Seabright, Towne clark of London hath sayd that he was made read what against them in their examinacons, and leave out what made for them. Mr Somervell was found strangled in prison that morning he should have bine executed, not without suspicion that it was done to prevent the discovery of his Lunacy. To approve with one Mr Bellamy then prisoner hath sence reported that he heard 2 prisoners say who lay in the next roome to Mr Somervill, that they heard Mr Somervill that night he was strangled cry out, what will yee murther mee, oh do not murther me. By reason of Mr Somervills Lunacy and minority, he could not (according to his former intent and covenant with his father in lawe) convey this and other lands for the making of his daughters porcons. which otherwise he had done. Reasons to induce his Majesties favour towards the petitioner. 185

It is very well knowne to the world and especially to some of his Majesties honorable privy Counsell, that Sir Henry Goodere whos heire the petitioner is did for his faithfull service and devocon to the Queen his Majesties mother, suffer divers years imprisonment, not without danger to his life, and soe great decay of his estate that he was forced to sell lands to the Valew of 1000 marks per annum for the payment of some of his debts and left the rest of his land charged with 6000 Ii debt, which this petitioner hath payed and must pay. His Majestie hath bine pleased to take for particular informacion heerof, and hath given it so good credit as many very tymes to promise that he would have a princely consideracon of the petitioner. In pursuit whereof he hath so contynually and chargeably attended as that now necessity makes him leave to be ashamed to professe his wants as boldly as he doth most instantly desire his Majesties comiseracion and favour. [Endorsed.] 1604 Sir Henry Goodyear and particulars.

No. 2424. My sute. That whereas by the late statute for our Recusants, it is left to his Majesties choice to take ye XX Ii ye month, or the 2/3 of theire lands. It would please his Majestie, In consideracion of my services don & which I shalbe able ever to do during my lyfe, to graunt unto me the two thirds of two Recusants lands, one gentlewoman & a gent, and to receave good assurance for the payment of the XX Ii by the month. And if his Majestie shall not think fitt to graunt any such already in charge, then to give me leave to find out one, his Majestie finding ye benefitt of ye XX Ii by my meanes may ye more readily graunt ye 2/3rd I desire. His Majestie by this graunt gaineth nothing And I will accept it for recompence of my Services and never crave other suite. Arthur Gregory. [Endorsed] Arthur Gregorie his note. (No date.]





British Museum. Add. 48023. ff. 110-111. â&#x20AC;˘ The names and dwelling place of all such papists at whose howses I have ben since my coming unto England which was at midsomer last past. At Thorneton, the young Ladie Peters. At Ingateston, the ould Ladie Peter. At Borley the -L adie Waldgrave, her son Nicholas,

Maudlaine her daughter, Frances Eliott her man with Mr. Bedshawe preist. Suffolk

At Harling the ould. Ladie Lovell A t Winkfield Castell Mr Henry J erningham.


At Bromehall Sir Thomas Cornwallis with his Ladie, Mr. William his sonne & Mr. Jackson preist. At Cossay the Ladie J arningham, Mr Charles Waldgrave and his wife, Mrs Anne Rukwood, Mrs Marie Daniell, Mr John Dinham, and Master Pratt a preist. Mr Robert Downes and his wife who doth dwell but a myle ot' from Cossay.


At Matlock the parson of the towne to whome is great resorte. At Hopwell Hall Mr. Henrie Sir Cheverell and his wife and Mr Harrison preist that came from Rome. At Langford, Mr Lanford and his wife with Mr Blithe preist. At Newall, Mr Dedycke and his wife At Lea, Mr Ronsson and his wife At Harstaffe, Mr Davy Sherbrouke and his wife, this man is a phisision. At Bigging Mr Jeames Harrison a Master of Arte and one of Brasenose Colledge in Oxford. At Dunstone, Mr Thomas Eare and his wife At Badley Hall Mr John Fyztcherbert and his wife, with Mr Tanner preist

Nottinghamshire At Howbeck Woodhouse, Mr Henry Parpont, Mr. Jarvise his brother, Mr Thomas Williams preist. At Mansfield Woodhouse, Mr. Charles Jackson a lawyer and his wife. Middlesex

At Ureton the ould Ladie Paget, where is continually ij preists and the one is the steward . of her house.

In ·all these places have I ben since my arrival in England; many others do I knowe, but till I have made proofe I will say nothinge. Being in Fraunce with Doctor Wendon an English preist ther and came to his. chamber. in Parris one morning Doctor Darbysheire Mr. Richard Norton ·and George Norton his sonne, and after they had bene wit~ my master in his charnb~r· secretly for the space of two .187

howers or more they went awaye and he for courtesy sake brought them downe to the do are below in which time I went into his chamber where I found uppon the table a letter the coppy whereof I delyvered to Sir Amyes Paulet whoe was imbassador at that time for her Majestie in Fraunce which letter was to this effect Mr Norton and Mr Wendon my L: hath commendacons to you bothe whoe hath sent you by this bearer an hindereth Crownes and his desaer is that Mr Docter Wendon wold take uppon him this vioage to Rome and there to solicite our cause and to signifie his holinesse that I and the rest shalbe found allwaies ready at an houres warning and from time to time Mr Norton shall receave to furnishe your affaires, and thus fare you well from Mansfeild By your assured R.E. this R & E do signify Robert Eare whose hand I know very well for I was his man and I was the steward for all the Courtes belonging to the Erle of Shewsbury whoe was in great favour with the Erle, and now the ErIe hath made him a Justice of Peace. this was iiij yeres agoe in lent last past and at the whitsuntide then following my Mr went to Rome and so much he did that the Pope was contented so that King Phillip wold likewise assist and wyne with him, so in the ende it was conclude to beginne with Ireland which was thought to be the surest waye and of this and in this sorte beganne they in Ireland. The Erle of Shrewsbury at this present doth seke by all meanes possible to drawe the Gentlemen of the Countrye into his favor for this summer last past he hath made huntinge, shootinge and cockinge, as well in market townes as also at his owne severall places and worted (?) the gentlemen thereunto cerning all charges thereof with great Banquits and sumptous there he hath in howse diverse gentlemen of good howses that doe shoe him whome he knoweth to be earnest papists he hath a gard for the Quene of Scotts who be his tenants sonne & whome he doth allowe XLs a man by yere and his meate. On the Sondaie he is comonly where the Quene is but all the rest of the weke he is abroade amongst his leade millnes and Iron millnes and pastures unlesse sometime at night he come where the Quene is. It is commonly spoken in the country theraboute that the Quene hath ij or iij children but who is their father none can tell yet some doth speke secretly that they be the Lord Talbots. And further I have heard it said that the Lord Talbot doth hope to marry her. I being in the countrey at that time that Mr Parpoint was sent for to the Counsell the parsiuant came with his commission to Sir Garves Clyston whoe stayd him for that night, and the same night he sent one of his men to in Parpoint with a letter to geve him to understand that he and Sir Thomas Stanhopp must come the next daie with a parsiuant to search his howse and send him up to the- Counsell wherefore quod he if you have any ornament of the churche cloe your house thereof. the same night was all such stuffe trussed in 188

cheste and conveyed to his tenants howses thereabouts as his preist afterwards did tell me. As I passed there in the countrye I met Mr Fraunce Foliambe who was gyde to Doctor Houshawe a preist that came from Rome from his mother to Mr Henry Foliambe his kinsman whose names I have described in my Rolls. There be also diverse that kepe bothe a minister and a preist in their howses. the minister is to saye the common service for the household and the preist doth say masse secretly in their chambers for themselves and such other there secret frendes. who be these underwritten whoes names you shall also finde written in the Roole of names. Sir Thmas Comewallis The Lady J am in gh am ~-!ft' The Ladie Foliambe. â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Mr Langford Mr Sir Cheverall Mr John Fitccherbert (Robert Woodward) ELIZABETH S.P.12/175. No. 110. Secreat Advertisements touching massing priests Cheshyre The Ladye Warberton at Congleton doth kepe ane olde prieste who calles hymselfe Walkenes, but his name is Willyam Worthyngton, he is her butler when he is there. at some tymes he goythe abrod for a monthe or sixe weekes & he hath bene twyse at Rome. Avenches Mr Cotton of Pell is verie greate Resorte Lankashyre Mr Myddleton of Heyton Mr Rydmeyben of Wedygar Mr Butler of Nakbye Mr Allayne of Rashe Halle Mrss Skyllygome a wyddowe Mr Westbie of Moulbraye Mr Clyfton Mres. Barton wydowe, she kepes ane old prieste Mr Houghton Mr Haddocke doth use these places, a seminarie prieste Mr Edmonde Threlfalle Mr George Beslay Mrrs Rotherley of Latham wydowe Banaster & Vasse ij olde priestes Gaalle & Foster ij seminarie priestes all these do use these partes which is aboute Kyetame & Gosnaythe. Sir Thomas Hescotte knyghte STATE PAPERS.


Mr Wythryngton of Withrington Mr Standysse

Sythe Foster wydowe Yestes Hescotte & Thomas Hescotte be kynsemen & seminarie priestes who do use muche ther aboutes. Mr Smythe of Pell house Mr Bolde of Bold Halle' Mylles Pearcye, he hath a brother who is a prieste & is in Fraunce. Mr Eltonhede of Prescotte ' Mr Hollande of Sutton Mr Bolde & Mr Woodalle bothe of Dyton Thomas Ireland of Wygram butcher is verie great with one. Wytherington a seminarie prieste dothe use these partes who calles hymselfe Hanmore. Westmorlande Thee Lord Wharton with his ladye & Wyllykam Settle his servant ... & ane olde man that kepes his house of Wharton when he [is] absente that was his fatheres [man] whose name is Godfraye . .. Mr Harrington near Sr . . . anke ... Thomas Garty who was servaunte to the lord Thomas Wharton. Mr Myddleton of Mydleton Mr Clybome nere Applebee Mr Antonye Wharton Briarton a J esuite Fysher & Shepherde ij seminarie priestes do use these partes & haue ... to passe into Scotland but now they do not Northumberland Mr Collyngwode of Aberwyke Mr Myksforth of Ryalle Mr Rotherford of Rochester Mr Bates of Prydoe Mrss. Swynbom of Wylome wydowe ' Mr Boste & Hawette ij seminarie prieste~ use these partes. Yorke ' Mr Tashe & his wyffe Mr Woode & his wyffe these ij wemen be systeres Mr Standon WylIyam Bramton Rawfe Collenee John Wryghte Edwarde Besley Yorkeshyre Mr Hamerton at Hollyfilde John Proektor at Borley, who was servaunt to the lord Thomas Wharton. ' Mr Clybbome neare Catryeke brygge Mr Smythson besyde Rytehmonde Grye J axon nere Byllynge Mr Wasse nere Brydehurehe 190

Wattes & Tayler ij priestes do use these partes The Ladye Inglebie at Ryppley. Mr Arthyngton of Arthyngton, who marryed the said 'L adye Inglebie her daughter. Mr Bryuse of ende Mr Eltoffes of Famewell Mr Lyster of Meydowe. MrMarton. Mr Inglebie who is steward of Nar borough forest under the erle of Comberland & all these do Retayne to the erle. Hamberton & Wightley ij priestes do use these partes. Mr Gaylle at Acame grange nere Yorke hys wyfe had the Resolution of me. He doth lye sumtymes at Carlton. He hath bene eyght yeres maryed & yet never came at the church, he was maryed at a Masse. He hath vj chyldren who were all chrystenyd by the olde lawe. She is Sir Richard Stapleton his daughter. Mr. Foster a croner nere Yorke The old ladye Wharton at Heyba with the most of her householde. Mr Mydletan of Stockell Mr Sothell of Dyghton Roberte Lymmynge baylye of Wighton. }lr Hawksworth of Myston Ridyall Redshawe & Tayler 3 priestes do use these partes & Rydyalle is sometyme in Lankashyre who doth also use aboute Garford Ledston Farborn & there aboutes. John Bellowes of Ledsham doth never chrysten his chyldren in the churche. Mr Leedes of Rothe Mr Stapleton, Mr Lucas & Mychell Hutson all these of Carlton. Sir Richard Stapleton of Hurste Mr Derley of Brompe Mr Mallette of Maynie Mres. Morton of Marten Halle, She hath a brother that is a prieste & is penitenciarie in Rome for the engleshe nation who is callyed Doctor Morton. Wyllam Hutson & John Hoane priestes do use these partes. Mr Hudson dyd use these partes but his was taken at Sir Rychard Stapletons & is in Yorke geyle. The ladye Badforde nere Fyrrye Brygges Mr Gryaves a nottarye in Tyckell. His house was searched by Cootes ane offecer of the towne & certeyne bookes with other thynges were found, but he Remeyneth yet without further troble. Mr Fentton at Northe Lices neare Sheafelde, who in Removyng passyd Sheafeld & his weane biynge there searched book[ss] & other furnyture for Masse biynge founde, hathe not bene hetherto any further examynyde. Edwarde Revell & Elenour Revell his syster at Scrooroppe near


Tyckell I biynge at the olde lady Foljambes at Tupton in darbyshyre there was ij priestes & biynge desyarous to seke some meanes to have taken them I wente to Chasterfeld markette & fy[n]dyng these [sic] Gascoyne & Tornyar both pursyvauntes to whom I thought to have comytted this case, but I was told that the same weeke they hadd bene with Mr Barlowe, & Mr Eare of whom they had Recevyde xIs. There is also one Gylpyn who is offyciall for Darbyshyre who Refusythe no brybe & in lyke case doth his man who hath to deale for hym whose name is Lye .... In lyke case hath Monday, who hath bene in dyver[s] places where I have paste whose dealynge hath bene verye Rygorous: & yet done very smale . . . but Rather muche hurte, for in one place above . . . Rest, under pretence to seeke for agnus deis & hall ... graynes, he caryede from a wyddowe xlli the [which he] toke out of a cheste: a fewe of these matt . . . ether Rayse a Rebellyon, or cause your offyceres to [be] murtheryd ; as trewlye these be theyre wordes . . . offycer come, he shalbe we1com & have what ... dowe, to serch at his pleasure, & yf he fynd anye ... I may not harbour or kepe. I ceyll submytte ... most wyllyngly : but to come to Robbe & spoyle we wyll not suffer it. The olde ladye Wharton is nowe come to Rugford abbay, in the forrest of Sherwood, a house of the earle of Shroysburies, & there she doth meane to contyneve for her lyffe tyme as it is Re"p ortyd I have payde ij hundryth poundes here in London, to Mr. Dalton, a notarye at the temple baire, the which is to be convayed by his meanes to Mr Henrye Marshall, who nowe doth lye in Roane in Fraunce & I am lykeinge to go over to Fraunce to see the same ij hundsythe poundes Repayed to the said Mr Marshall in Rone. which money doth come from Mr Robert Markham of Cottham in Notynghamshyre. Ryght honourable, the most of these places I have bene at synce I was laste with the honour; for the Rest I am most assuryed to be moste certayne of & for my serveyse herein may seame to be to your content I am moste wyllynge thar unto, for ther by I may be meynetaynyd but without further octorytye I can not do anye more then to dysc1ose. I am not bound to anye manes serves as yet although in dyveres places I have be offeryd the same, nor never wyll whyle I lyve, oneles your honour do gyve me over: yf yt may please your honoure to speake with me I can advertyse you by what meane myght do verye good serves & yet no great charge. As knowyth the almyghtye who preserve your honour in all helthe & felycitye. BARNARD.

To the Right Honorable Sir Francis Walsingham, The Secretary to her Majestie gyve this. 192

MSS. British Museum. Add. 48029. ff. 121-130. 1580. N ote.- This MS from which the following list is taken is a vellum bound folio size book of 232 numbered folios 12 unnumbered (written) pages and six blank pages. There are 49 blank pages foliated at the beginning. The list given here comes from pages 121- 130 inclusive.


A general discourse of the Popes holynes devices invented & devised firste by his englishe braunches, enimyes to this her Majestie ryalle estate concluded & agreed one by his colledge. of Cardinalls, with the ayde of other princes adjoyninge to his holines, which dothe pretend, the disturbance of the Queene's Majestie and not without morders & many slanderous speaches devided into several bookes. The first conteyneth the names of all the prestes, pentioners & scollers with others in Rome to me knowne, & also in many other places. The seconde conteyneth the discoverye of the Pope & his adherents with most of his devices collected from tyme to tyme as they new discovered. The first booke following contayninge the names of many men, their place of abode-also manie other mayntaines. In Rome prestes. Pencioners to the ppa crownes the month. p 15 Thomas Goldwell Bishop of St. Askes in Wales. He is a Kentish man borne and deputye to Cardinal Sabell who is PPa generall vicar. R. Shelley. L. Grave Prior Knight of Malta p Charles Parker prest, Doctor of Divinitie, ppa 20 25 Refrendary to PPa & brother to the L: of the Diocese of Morley, desceased and pencioner to the King } Millan of Spaine at Millane. Nicholas Morton, prest, Doctor Devenitie & 12! sent into England was of late penitencer for the English nacione. He was sent into England by Pius ppa to affirm ye excommunication which Felton sett up & to dispence with suche persons as he thought good. Having genreall authoritie as alegat at which tymehe was abydinge in the Earl of Darbies howse & also in my Lorde Mount Egles house. I do understand that he is come from as after wardes appeareth. Nicholas Wenden, prest, doctor of civilllawe 10 P N






















provest of St. Jesus Church in Cambrye cannon also of that church. Agent for ther busyness at Rome so that his livinge is above 7C. crownes the yere, he had licence for to go out of England & as yet never retorned again. John Harte, prest, Doctor of Civell Lawe & Cannon of St. Lawrence Churche in Rome & lodged in CardinalI Darogons house & borne at St. Edmundsbery. Owen Lewes, preste, Doctor of the Civill lawe Refrendary to the ppa and Archdeacon of Cambrye and Cannon of Our Ladyes church there and agent for ther business in Rome. He was sometyme of Newe Colledge in Oxforde. Borne in anglist in Wales. Henry Henshawe, prest, Doctor & sometyme rector in Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. George Brombrowe, prest, Dodor & Cannon of Ledes in Flanders Borne in Worcestershire. Henry Dothicke, prest, doctor of devinitie, & not long since chaplaine to Bishop Parker of Canterburie & Cannon of Ledes in Flanders & hathe a pencione of bread wine & other vittels of the ppa worthe 5 crownes a monthe & is lodged in germayne colledge where he hath his livinge free of coste. He hath also 6 ~r 7 hundred pounds of money at interest in England but as yet I cannot come to the knowledge who hath yt. Clinoke Moris, prest, nominated bushope & costes of the English hospitall. John Pounde prest and brother to Mr. Pounde in the Marshalsea in London. He is mynded for to go to Jerusalem. He hath 50 crownes of the ppa one wardes of his usage & is allowed a pencione of bread wine & other vittels for 3 persons & 4 crownes a monthe in gold so that his lyvinge is worthe 15 crownes a month. William Giblet prest borne in London. Thomas Drayne prest & cannon of Ledes in Flanders a hampshere man borne. Robert Kent prest, a cambridge man borne William Allet within the order of presthood he was sometyme recever unto Mr Redborne who was abydinge at Antwarpe. He hath an unckell dwellinge in Fridaye St. London.






p. 23

Adam Nealson, prest, he came out of Spayne 2 yeares since. Borne in Yorkesher John Southwell, a J esuite & nevye to Sir John Southwell. James Welshe borne in Waterford in Ireland. made prest in Rome. He departed thence the 22 of Marche last & arrived at Paris the 24 Aprile 1580. He had 50 crownes for his viaticome of the ppa and is in mynde for to imbarke himselfe at Roam for Corke or Waterford Moris Caynes, Jesuite, a Somersetshire man borne-he was sometyme of Alborne Hall in Oxford. William Hurstwayt a franciscan fryare. He came out of Spayne 2 yeares since and is for to go to Jerusalem at Easter last or else to retourne into Spayne again. }prests abidinge in Mr Cudner Richard Turner Germayne Colledge. All these 23 persones are prestes. Laymen in Rome.

Pencionners to the ppa Crown~ the month. 15

15 10


William Bearbloke, Doctor of the Civill Lawe. Potentate to the ppa in Romania & about 8 yeares since proctor in Oxford & borne at Grayes in Kent. Ralfe Botler, Doctor of the Civill Lawe potentate to the ppa in Romania. William Browne gent neuye to my L: Mountegne and is the sonne of the said Lords second brother he came out of Spayne from the duches of Ferris his aunte who procured him 100 crownes of the Kinge of Spayne to bring him to Rome & arrived there in October a 1578. He is allowed a pencione of his father also & with the knowledge of his father is mynded at Michaelmas next to go into Spayne againe. And in the meane tyme he is mynded at Easter past for to go to Bologna & there to make his abydinge at Cardinall Pallyotes & continew his pencion still with the Pope. Nicholas Fitcheherborte nephew to Sir Tho: Fitzherbert. His father is the second 195



4 10





brother of Sir Tho: He is allowed a pencion of his father & with his fathers knowledge is at Rome. And is mynded for to go to Bologna with Mr. Brown. His elder brother is a franciscan fryare in Spayne & hath also a younger brother which is at Pont ayes in France, a fryare, with the consent of there father as I have heard Nicholas saye. Robert Terrill, gent, nephew to Sir Henry Terrill His father is the second brother of the saide Sir Henry & was a gentell shewar in the Q Ma j estie courte who is now ded. At Namures his wife and daughters. At Namures is a cluyster. Roger Baynes gent, some tymes of the Temple & also belonging to the Earl of Warwick and to the Earl of Oxford. He came from Remes to Rome in company of D. Allyce. ] ohn Shelley nephew to Mr Richard Shelley L: Prior. Mr Clement his father & he laye sometymes at Andwarpe bridges brussells & gaunte he was a pensioner to the King of Spayne at Madride in Spayne & afterwardes for want of payment of his pensione came to rome wher he was alowed 15 crownes of golde in golde the month and because he refused to goo with Stuckley the Pope withdrewe from him 5 crownes a month so that he doth now injoye no more than 10 crownes monthly to him payd. Danyell Morton nevy to Nicholas Morton preest soldier in the Castell St. Angelow, he was a soldier under Don Giovan in Flanders and sent to Rome by Wm. Plompton,. ] ohn Smithson some tymes of Lincolne Ine a Y orkshireman borne, he was prisoner in the Flete, my Lord Graye of Wiltone beinge at that tyme committed, procured the liberty of the said Smithson, he was a great companion of D. Coles. Salomon Aldred, some tyme a hosier in Birchine Lane in London, he married the sister of Wm Ferneslye & sent to Rome by Walter Fernesley who gave to them 300 crownes for to heare ther charges. Owen Griffen a Welshman }neves both to Thomas up Griffen a scholer Owen Lewes


6 6 4 6

John Mynars, nevy to Cardinali Poll as he saith. He was in Barbary with Stuckley at which tyme he was alowed 25 crownes of gold a month & at his retorne backe again 10 crownes was a bated him so that he hath no more than 15 crownes a mon the. He was prisoner in the Tower of London & escaped for the Robarte Toncaven, rente gatherer for the Englishe Hospitall John Crede, a woodmonger & a turner also he married his mystres and afterwardes was sent into England with Nicholas Morton by Pius 5. Nicholas Owen, a Welshman, sometymes abiding at Rome & Doway. Henry Smith, a Welshman. Mr. Latimer, a gent, of late a prisoner in the Marshalsea and did dwell neare to Ipsige. John Thomas, a Welshman. John Treveden a Cornishman & S[servant?] to Sir John Arundell. Simone Prince, a taylor, born in Hampshire. John Devonham, borne at Exiter, he was in Barbary & Spaine with John Mynard. 23 men & 1 woman.

Pencioners to the ppa Crownes the month.

More laye men in Rome. John Nicholes-he hath bine servant unto Sir Wm Wyntar & now is servant to John Ponude. rEdward Taylor ~ Phillipe Walker of Exiter he was servant to D flannders in France. servants to the B of St. Askes. Mr Stanley a sargione, he hath bine at Venes a long tyme. John Haslowe, secretary to the L: Prior and is executor to his master. Ralfe Egerton, servant to the L: Prior William Coke, " " " Robarte Woode, servant to Nicholas Wenden he is mynded for to come to England shortly as him selfe said to me. William Prise, he was servant to Sir Edward Cowen. Mr. Setone, my Lord Setones sone in Scotland. Mr Fentyre, L of Fentry, he is cominge into





England to goo his contrye he had 10 crownes a month of the Pp. a 11

23 34


men & women in Rome. In the Colledge in Rome Arthur Pett, borne at Eysle within a mile of p Oxford, sent there by his father. Anthony Terrill, brother to Robert Terrill p before preste sent into England. Adaine Robinson, Alexander Rigbe, Andrewe Gibone Christofer Andrew, Christofer Hodson, Christofer Tulesie, Charles Powell, scoler to L. eyle, sent by his father & is allowed money to keep him. Cesare Clement, sone of Mr Clement before, Edmond Holinge John Gore, Yorkshire, alias Golde sent into p England, preist Gilbarte Gifforde, William Teder William Smith William Harte, Major. William Harte, Minor, borne at Ensomeferye next Oxford-sent by his father. Griffine Klist. John Hargrave John Borton, George Powell, scoler to L. Lely, brother to E. Powell sent also by his father George Utright John ~ushe William Gifford p William Bishope, preste John Bryshe, John Bolton John Nicholes George Hadocke, borne nere fumes feles, sent by his father. Kind to Dr Alline. Henry Ansley Henry Mansfielde Hewe Robartes Lancelet Prite

Laurence Eadeye Christo fer Owen, borne at godestowe near Oxford, sent by his father-deade. 35 persones one this side. NOEW IN THE COLLEDGE IN ROME Morgan Clinoke Oliver Howell p. Edward Gratlow, preste sent into England Edward Osborne, Ralfe Bickley, Yorksher, sent by his father. p Richard Barret scolemaster to Robart Midlemore. Robarte Midlemore his fathers eldest sone sent by his father & his scolemaster, with him his father dweleth in Glostersher or Worcester, & is a man of great revenues. Ralfe Standen, kynd to D. Alline, borne within a myle of Wigen in Lancashire-sent by his father. Robarte Benet Robarte Woodroofe-Y orksher Rocco Chapen pRichard J-anie-preste Sethe Foster his father was prisoner in York Castle - Tipinge, he was burned through the ears at London William Culinge p Thomas Bell-Yorksher-preste Thomas Nowell Thomas Lister Thomas Wright-J esuite Isacke Pryse-cosen to the Powelss & also kind to my lady Farmer-sent over with Henry Horton by his father. -Mansfielde-he came to Rome with D. Alline. 8/ There are 8 more whose names I knowe not I mett them by the waye at Millan. 29 persons 35 29 64


64 persons in the Colledge besides Italians.

AT PADWAYE Peter Foster-preste the sone of my lady 199

in Heriforshere-alowed a stipend of his master to keep him. John Borne, sone to Mr Borne dwellinge in the olde hall at Dongate. John Harley, sometyme of N ewe Colledge in Oxford. Mr Randall, his father was called Captaine Randall Charles Hopton, the sone of Sir Rowland Hopton Lyftenant of the Towar 5 persons. AT VENICE Thomas Baxter, merchant & factor for Mr Samcotes-Dpctor of the Civill Lawehe is maryed ther & hath a smalllivinge to peruse & corecte books. Geffery Luter-marchant and maryed ther Lancelot Roulonson-merchant Simon Rute, servant to Thomas Cordall & company who, as I do understand is ded since my being ther. 5 persons. AT NAPLES Pensioners to the King of Spaine. Crownes the month. 15 15

20 23 p p 30

15 15



Walter Hinton, gent, soldier-he was in the great batayle against the Turkes. Conallow 0 More an Irishman. Robert Holland gent, soldier married ther Mr. Chauncelor, gent, sonder, maried ther. AT MILLAN AND N AVARE Griffed Robartes preste doctor of the Civill & Common lawe, and Cannon of the Dome & enquiseter for Cardinalls. John Harris, preste, parson of a churche servan t to Cardinalls Francis Petow gent Mr Burlace, soldier in the Castle Mr Geney soldier at Navare John Crouche & his wife, he is servant to D. Parker. 6 men and 1 woman. AT BOLOGNA William Shipwraye-preste-servant unto Cardinall Palliot and abydinge in his palace.

Pensioners to the Duke of Florence. Crownes the month. 17


Anthony Standen, gent, he was at Constantinoble in the company of Charles Hopton. George Farmer, altogether in the company of A. Standen. He was at Rome with his youngest brother who is returned into England and one Shrove Sunday at night he supped with D. Alline in the Colledge. 2 persons GONE IN THE KINGE OF SPAINES ARMY

Robarte Barret-about 4 yeares past prentise with Robarte Cobbe-merchant John Taylor of Exitor 2 persons AT LIONES IN FRANCE

Robart Alline-preste & J esuite Walter Ferneslye-merchant, he hath maried a French woman. His house a great harbour for all papi$ts that pass by him. He sent Sallamon Aldred who married his sister to. Rome & gave unto his said brother and sister 300 crownes of golde to bear the charges he hath also a partner called Mr Hanford dwellinge at the Stokes to whom I hath demeth, doth send letters to delivered. to sundry persons in London and also in other places of the Realme and likewise the said Hanford doth send unto him, which doth send abroad. Samuell Fernesley-merchant, brother to thesaid Walter, he hath bene the laste yere at Jerusalem for devocions sake & hath brought from there Agnus Deies & graynes & earth of the Sepuckur & doth disperse them abroade to sundry persons. 3 persons. AT ROANE IN N ORMANDYE Humfry Shelton, some tymes belonging tothe olde Lord Treasurer. Ralfe Letherborowe-merchant-he was about a yere past servant to Hewe Ofley. To hym all the fugatives & papest make all ther money by exchanging & send cloth over to hym under a collor as yf it were his. Robarte Goodwine, a broker, he hath convayed divers packets unto Mr. Chambers.



of New Castle uppon Tyne beinge sercher ther & at my beinge with the saide Goodwine, he had a packet to send to him for the which thinge I have geven order unto the sercher of Rye to stay if it come by him. 3 persons AT CAMBRY p Richard Hall, preste & canon of Our Lordes Churche-he was in prison as I doe understand & after his delivery, departed from thence to Amience which is 28 leagues from Paris. p Mr Farnham-Doctor & preste-canon of St. J eryes church-he fled from thence to Doway and there remayneth. 2 persons. Porcion of the Ppa AT DOWAYE daly p Richard Bristow preste & doctor-he was sometyme of Christchurch in Oxford. John Davison 12 p John Sandersone, preste & doctor-Canon of Our Ladyes Churche Cambrye. He was alowed a pension of the Popes at Rome to saye bread, wine & vittuals which was worth 12 a monthe & the 25 of February he came from Rome. p Humfrey Charnoke. Henry Ristowe-Mr Marshall at Doway. 5 persons AT PARIS Sir Jerome Bowes-knight My Lord Morley My Lady Copley as some call her Mr Thomas Sotton, as he nameth himself going over by Rye, alias Mr. Thomas Morley the sone of the said Lady Morley. p Thomas Darbieshir - preste - doctorJ esuite-penitencer & was in Queen Maries tyme chancellor of London, he departed from Rome the 25th February last. p Richard Nicholson, preste-doctor & confessor. Thomas Morgane, gent, a Welshman Mr Morgane about a yere since came from Rome. He departed from Paris towards England the 15 of April beinge Fridaye. Thomas Conret, Licenciat at the lawe linge




in mynion colledge. Robarte Tempest in Cambry colledge-a student of the civill lawe-he is mynded to come for England shortly as he himself reporteth. Mr Doctor Rnote. he came lately out of Spaine and departed from Paris towards Lowande the 18 of Aprill 1580. Mr Hamner, a Welshman. He doth lye with Patrick Sedgrave, and also useth unto my Lady Morley verie muche. Mr W (?)anes & he are at strife and he in my hearinge did say to D. Nicholson that Wanes was a Spye and belonging to Sir Francis Walsingham and that he had a specialllicence to go over with all. Mr Wm Wanes, was abydinge in Mynion Colledge with Thomas Conret but after there grewe a little suspicion of him he was removed from thence & partly by the procurement of Mr Hamner the 15 of April 1580. He came unto one Henry Baly a yonge you the & demanded of him who was come of Rhemes and what ther names were havinge the boye in a corner of the chamber, & the boye havinge his leson before sayde he knewe not but said yornder is one which knoweth. I will go & aske of him & by that meanes Mr Wanes was openly knowne for to be a dealer against them. Richard Hodson, living in Cambry Colledge with R. Tempest. Henry Bayle, scoler of Tho: Conret. Mr. Foskewe, his father is of the Queene's Majesties wardrobe George Napper, borne at Halowell nere unto Magdaline Colledge in Oxford. Valentine Taylor, lately come from Bridges in Flanders. Edward Arthure, a Y orkeshere man. he doth convey letters & bookes into England for them that are in the Marshalsea & other places and Mr Hardcastell is the recever of them in London & the disposer of them unto suche persons as they be directed unto. He is suspected for to be apertayninge to Sir Francis Walsingham. Thomas Bathe, a Welshman linge in mynion colledge he is a dispercer of letters.



Mr Smith cossen to Doctor Smith phissicion in London, he is living in Bayon colledge. Mr Lovell, he came from Rome with Mr Morgan, lodging in Bayon colledge. Thomas Edwardes Mr Lentall Mr Knyten-lodged in Bayon colledge. Mr Cornewalis an ould man MrDobsone Mr Este 0- his brother linge in Cambry Colledge 2 Bridemanes, ther father is the keeper of Westminster Hall. p Thomas Slapletone Docter 34 persons MORE AT PARIS.


Patrick Sedgrave Henry Sedgrave James Welshe, born in Waterford & about 7 years paste of Alborne Hall in Oxford. p Daniel More, preste. Mr Alline lodged in Bayon collecge. 5 persons. Pencioners to the ppa. crownes the month 20 p p p p p p

p p p p



The Lord Dackers. At his being in Rome had 20 crownes a monthe. William Alline, preste, doctor of Devinetye, and president of the Colledge. Thomas Baly, preste, vice president. William Clitherowe, steward of the Colledge Mr Webbe, preste, penitencer & Doctor of Cannon & Civil law. Mr Bridgwater, preste. Mr Renoldes, preste, & sometymes of Exiter Colledge in Oxford. Mr Martine, preste, licenciate at the lawe. Richard Michell, preste, doctor. John Bavant, preste, doctor of divinitye, he came from Rome the 25 of Marche 1580. John Harte, Preste, borne at Ensome Forge, he is allowed a pencion of his father and with his fathers knowledge went to Rome & had money of him to bare his charges. Mr Gifford, brother to him at Rome. Mr Middleton, gent, a lankasher man.

- Prise, brother to him at Rome, his father mayntaneth him. - Wiges, borne in London Swinborne Baynes. StransQme. Chambers, Henry Holland. Henrye Browne p, unto D. Alline he was longe since of Staple Ind. Thomas Davis. Mother Bristowe, the mother of doctor Bristowe which is at Dowaye and her daughter with her. 23 men & 2 women. Certayne merchats which do trade ther merchands in Italy. Robart Browne, s. unto Richard Sadler & Tho: Cordall in England. Mathew Butler, at Florance & now re1:orned into England. Richard Cradoke, S unto Paul a visnes brother abidinge in Rome. Francis Tucker at Naples. Turtulian Pyne, student of the civilllawe at Padway a prdesdent. 5 persons. Pencioners to the Pope. The names of certayne prestes and gents sent into England by the Popes Crownes the month. commandment and with his authoritie at sundry times. 4 John Neale, sometyme rector of Exiter p colledge in Oxford. Was made preste in Rome and sang his first Masse the 8th. September 1579 in the English colledge in Rome about 50 yeres of age, tawle and slender in bodye, a brownishe graye bearde, leane & slender faced, lyttle eyes, and fast of speeche. Richard Hadocke, preste about 36 yeres of p age, short of stature & leane of bodye & face, the heare of his bearde thine, the hair of his upper lype somewhat longe and of a flaxen collor, the sone of Mr Hadocke. George Martine, preste, about 40 yeares of p adge of a reasonable talle stature and well timbred the heare of his bearde blacke & 205


growinge thicke cute short, wane of collor in the face. Thomas Hide, preste, about 30 yeares Qf adge, the heare of his hed & bearde milke white & to looke unto a simple man & of a mean stature. A barkeshere man borne. Thomas Worthington, preste, made at Remes or Doway about 34 yeres of adge, of a reasonable stature, the here of his beard of an abrowne collor, cute shorte & somewhat thicke, the tip of his nose somewhat reade, & a simple man to look unto, slender of bodyea lankasher man. - Meridaye, preste, about 28 yeres age. short of stature and well timbred, fat faced and smothe countenance, the hair of his bearde cute shorte and of a flaxen collor. He is also full of wordes, and about 2 yeres past was of St. Johns colledge in Oxford. 6. Thes 6 prestes departed from Rome the 28th October 1579 havinge the Popes benedictione and authoritie, with crosses & Agnus Deis beades & graynes hallowed, and 50 crownes a man towardes ther charges, and at Remes in France borowed 80 crownes more. They arrived in England about Christmas last.


The names of certayne prestes and laymen. in nombers, which departed from Rome ye 25th. of Fenruary 1579 in which company I travelled all the waye. Of the which company 4 of them are to go into England and the rest remayne in divers places in France. They arrived in Remes the 2nd. of Aprille 1580, beinge Easter eve. thes five foremost were noted only for my Lord Ambasidors satisfaction. William Alline, preste, doctor of Devinitue at Remes About 48 yeres of adge, tall of stature & slender. His bearde cute shorte & somewhat rede of collor. His face full of wrinkles, under his right eye a mole-not very bige. Long handed the nayles of his fingers longe & growing upe. Thomas Darbisher, preste, Jesuite penitencer & Doctor. About 50 yeres of adge, leane of bodye and face. His bearde cute shorte of





an abrowne collor mixed with graye heares. His face full of wrinkles, his nose somewhat flate. The nayles of his fingers longe and rising upe, He was Chancellor of London in Q. Maries tyme & now at Paris. MORE WHICH CAME FROM ROME THE 25TH, FEBRUARY 1579

pencioners to the ppa Crownes the monthe. 4 p





John Bavante, preste & doctor at Remes About 40 yeares of adge, of reasonable stature & well timbred. The heare of his bearde black, pale of visage, big sheched, hallowe eyed & his face full of wrinkles. John Sanderson, preste & doctor of Dowaye. About 38 yeares of adge, short of stature & slender-the heare of his bearde blacke & thicke cute shorte & the heare of his hede thin before as yf he were balde. His face is full of wrinkles & verye talkative. Henrye Browne[s?] unto Wm Alline These 4 followinge do go into England. Payemaster Humfrey Eyle, Doctor of the Civill lawe. About 38 yeares of adge, of a reaonable stature well timbred bige of speache. The he are of his bearde cute shorte & thicke of a browne collor. the sayd Eyle shewed me 2 of the popes written in parchement. Payemaster Henrye Orton, about 30 yeres of adge of a meane stature & well timbred. the heare of his hearde blacke and cute shorte one the chine. having a longe eminente stroke cominge alonge his forehed. Smothe of conntenance. the nayles of his fingers rising upe. His father is or of late was my Lord Souches steward. He speaketh French verye well. Gabriell Alline, brother to Doctor Alline. About 45 yeres of adge-of reasonable stature & well timbred. He is a very clowneshe man in his behaviour & speaketh norther! y. His bearde of a flaxen collorhe hath wife & children. Is dwellinge neare unto fumes feles in Lankasher. Robarte Johnson, preste, about 40 yeres of adge-slender of body. Soemwhat harde of favored. His face full of wrinkells. the 207




heare of his bearde not cute-a flaxen yellow collor. Wanting 2 of his tethe one the upper jaye one the right side. He speaketh the Italian tongue excellently. These 4 men havinge the Popes benedictione and authoritie kissed his foote the 15th of February 1579 & so departed with crosses Agnus Deis, beades and graynes hallowed & 50 crownes a man for ther viaticome & order taken with D. Alline to supply ther want with money & other things. Thomas Dotton, prest & Jesuite. About 30 yeres of adge-of a meane stature-leane and slender of body. His face full of freckells. His bearde rede and thine & hathe a worte or mole about an inche from his mouthe one his cheke one the right side. He traveled in our company from Liones to Troye in France & ther I parted from them-he is sent by the Jesuits. The Departure of thes men from Remes. the 9th. of Aprill 1580. Humphrey Eyle departed to Dowaye in the company of John Saunderson & for to embarked him self at Calais for England. The 11th. of Aprill, 1580, Henry Orston & Gabriell ABine departed for Paris in the company of Thomas Balye He toke over to Roane & the other 2 for Amience & so to imbarke themselves for England eyther at BoBoine or Callis. Robart Johnson & Thomas Dottom. I left them at Remes for to fineishe suche busines as they had to do. The 20th. of Aprill I departed from Remes towardes Parise and left them there. John Wattes, preste. Departed from Remes the 18th. of Aprill 1580 and arrived at Paris the 22 saide the 22 said departed towards Amience and so to imbarke him self at Bolloine or Callis for England. About half a yere since he was prisoner in Yorke Castell & from thence made such meanes that he did breake prison. He is shorte of stature & thicke. His bearde yellow & thicke-his face white & the tip of his nose gevinge downwards lyke unto a hawkes byle. The names of certayne prestes and gent

which were apoynted to come down from Rome before I came thence & as I do understand they were mynded for to sett forwardes the nexte weeke after Easter daye last. Which said men shalbe sent in suche order as those before. With the Popes authoritie and commandment. Edmund Campione, preste J esuite1 p pRobert Persones, preste & Jesuite. Penitencer for the nacione. some tymes a student of phisicke & at the findinge of about 40 yeres of adge. Tall & bige of stature. Full faced & smothe of countenance his bearde thicke of a brown collor & cute short. p George Bircket, preste, about 40 yeres of adge Shorte of stature slender & leane, his face full of wrinkells, pale of collor, his bearde blacke and thicke & cute short. p Lucas Kerby, preste, about 32 yeres of adge of reasonable stature and well timbred. His bearde cute shorte of a browne collore. His tethe standinge out of order and stuttering a little in his speeche. A Yorkshere man borne. A Yorkshere man borne. p Edwarde Ristone, preste, 38 yeres of adge or ther a bouts-shorte of stature & thicke. His bearde yellow thick & cute short- his face pale of collore-a Yorkshere man borne. p Ralfe Sherwine, preste, about 30 yeres of adge. Tale of stature and slender-His face leane. His bearde of a flaxen collor cute short and little here & none on his cheekes-A Yorkshere man borne. p William Harison, preste, about 27 yeres of adge-short of stature & very decent of body and behaviour. His bearde of a flaxen collore cute shorte. Very fayre of countenance. paymaster John Pascall, gent, borne in Essex. About 30 yeres of adge, shorte of stature and well timbred. Fate faced his bearde browne & cute shorte one the thine. Smothe of countenance. paymaster Robart Terryll, before named, about 32 yeres of adge of a meane stature 1

The name of Edmond Campion seems as though it has been added in later. o


and slender. His bear de of a flaxen collore His hede some what balde-of a long slender han de , writeth divers kindes of handes excellently. Thes 8 persons shall in every thinge do the lyke as the others have done before and shalbe provided for in every respecte. And amongst all thes 20 persons ther are 4 laye men which are porpostly chosen & appoynted to be paymasters unto the sayd company of prestes to make provision of vittalls and clothes & other things needful for them as well in ther travell as in England or in prison yf any of them chance to be taken whill that they be adoing the practise and yf the firste of the said paye masters be at any time apprehended then the second to take his place and soe to continue until they shall all be apprehended yf yt so happen. Thes said prestes shall all come to geather at suche place as they shall appoynt & ther to take councell what to do. They shall also every man have horse to ride amongst ther friends to call them togeather wherby by that meanes they maye make an insurrection or rebellion in the Northe parte of the realme and then the Spaniardes shall enter one the west parte of the land by which meanes they thinke to overrun the land. The 11 of Maye 1580, I was in Rome wher I had some conference with Mr Shelton, he shewed unto me 2 letters the one from Wm Allet the other from N. Fitcheharbort dated the 28 of Marche in Rome which letters advertise him of the departure of Thoma') Goldwell, bishope and Nicholas Morton, ther departure frome Rome the 23 of March 1579 for Venice and for any thinge they know . they were to go unto England The 8 daye of Maye 1580 at tabes between Depe & Roane I met with certayne Frenchmen and in ther company an olde preste in a blew cote. The frenchman told me that he was an Englishe preste and came out of England the day before in ther company The 17 of May 1580. Arrived in the marget 210

of London Mr Robert Billinge one preste and three nones, who was the gide to the other 4. They came from Mackline. The 19 of Maye, 1580. I had understanding of the said preste nones & nones & that they had certayne chestes & stofe in the said shippe which they were appoynted for to fetche awaye the next morninge & immediately the same night I caused the helpe of Mr Richard Y onge for the apprehending of the said company & stainge of their goods & stufe which I doe understand was done the morninge followinge. Pencioners to the ppa crownes a monthe. The names of them that are in England. Sir Thomas Fitcheherbarte dwellinge neare Cauke wood in Darbisher, his howse is a common harbour for all papists. My Lady Peters in Essex, her howse also a harbour for all papists. Lodowicke Grivell of Mounte Grivell, his howse is also a common harbor. Anthony Bolmer. He was a rebell with his granfeither Norton & afterwards went to Rome & ther had 100 crownes to bringe into Spayne wher he had 200 crownes geven unto him by the K ynge to beare his charge into Flanders and ther to be forther considered as by his letters unto John Saunderson in Rome did approve. Mr. Nicholas Hare }ther father was sometymes master of the Mr Robert Hare Rowles. Stephen Brincklowe- now in England. Thomas Wilson linge sometymes at Gaunt in Flanders. William Plompton, dwelinge in YorkshereHe was at Reme about 2 yeres since with Nicholas Morton his kinsman at Liones the 20 Aprill 1597. John Morgan ") all at Rome & Liones in }--William Plomptons George Gilbert Francis Waferer j company. Mr. Whethly, dwellinge in Yorkshere-he was belonging unto the Duke of Norfolk. William Fernesly, dwelinge at Royston, he hath a howse at Barkway and also in the Eyle of Elye & in divers other places. John 211

¡ Neale useth muche to his howse-he goeth not to church at all. p Dominicke Vaughan, preste, dwellinge in Silver Street in London. He was at Rome William Law(n) his father dwelleth one London Bridge. John Feld, dwellinge in Friday Street in London his howse is a harbour for papists. Mr Doctor Smith of London, Phisicone, a spye and helper of the papists. Mr Harte of Ensomefery, dwellinge in the abeye-sent 2 of his sones to Rome. The one remayneth ther-the other is at Remes at the charges of ther said father. He sent also 2 of his daughters to be nones and were abidinge at Mackline and at the dismissing of the howse went to Remes to ther brother John Harte. Mr Owen of Godestowe nere Oxford, sent two of his sones to Rome- the one remayneth ther other is retomed. Mr Petes of Eysle, a myle from Oxford sent divers of his sones to be made prestes & now there is one at Rome by his findinge. Mr Hadocke, dwellinge near to fumes feles in Lankashere was made preste about 10 yeres paste at Dowaye. He sent his sonnes Richard and George to Rome to be made prestes. Ric: is retomed the 28 of October 1579 thother remayneth ther. Mr Standyshe, dwellinge within a mile of Wiggen in Lankasher, kindred unto Wm Alline D. sent his sonne Ralfe to Remes & so to Rome for to be made preste his howse is a great harbour for all papists. Mr Johnson. He maryed the daughter of ould Mr Norton the traytor of Rebel. He & she were both at Rome and had a pencione of the and at ther departure had money for bare ther charges bake again into England. Mr Horseman at Hasley in Oxfordshere. Mr Lewckner lodged in the howse of Mr Horseman. 26 persons More in England Mr Swego Sething Lane Mr Joyner in Sethinge Lane Mr Bope, farmer of Witney near Oxford. 212

Alderman Topes, brother of London. Mr Cartwright. He was at Remes & Dowaye & now abidinge at Warington in Lankashere. Vincent Warner, gent. Livinge at Mr Prestewoods house in Pater Noster Rowe. His father in lawe. He hath bene in Spayne & hath divers papists using unto him. He hath all the newes in the world brought to him. Mr Chambers, sercher of Newcastle uppone Tyne. He hath had certain packets sent unto him of late. At my beinge at Roane I chaunced to finde a packet in the howse of one Robert Goodwine broker directed unto Mr Chambers. I am persuaded that yt is no goodnes therfore I have geven the Sercher of Rye to understand of yt and to stay yt if it come to his sight. William Hardcastle, prentice in or about London. He is the conveyor of letters from & to the Marshalsea in Southwarke into France & other places. Mr. Cooper, gent, dwellinge nere Woodstocke in Oxfordshere. Mr Napper, dwellinge at Hallowell Harde by Oxford. Mr Pounde in the Marshalsee Mr Webster in the Marshalsee. Mr Thomsome in the Marshalsee . . 12 persons. The Grose number of all the said men & women in this booke. 23 Prestes at Rome Layemen in Rome 34 In the Colledge in Rome 64 At Padwaye 5 At Venice 5 At Naples 4 At Milan 7 At Bologna 1 At Florence 2 Gone in the King of Spaynes army 2 At Roane in France 3 At Cambry in Flanders 2 At Dowaye 5 At Paris 34 213

At Paris-Irishmen 5 At Remes in France 25 Sent from Rome into England 20 merchants tradinge Italy 5 In divers places in England 40 Somme 285 [sic] [286] NOTE: There is a second book entitled "The second booke dec1areth the Cause of my retorne homewards." The Second Booke contaynethe discoverye & discorce of the Popes holynes & his adherents, with most of his devices & polyces which were first discovered to me in Rome & elswher, by some of his English braunches, which discoverye, being once delivered, I committed the same to my pene as soon as tyme would suffer me convenentlye, with an indifferent conceince & Judgement, rather omittinge muche, then addinge to yt one word. As a traviler (Right honorable) & desyerous to Ie arne languages & also to see the naturall enc1ynations and dispositions of strainge & forayne contryes withe their inhabytes firste makinge my harty prayers to all mighty God for to send me a prosperous succease & Eand, comittinge my only truste in Jesus Christe which shede hys pressyous blode for my salvatcone, & not to the abyomible abuses of Poperye. The 5 of Julye 1579, Sondaye, I made my arrival at Rome & lodged at the house of Salomon Aldred an Englisheman, at the same house, also there were lodged divers englishemen, their names folowe. John Sandersone, preste, doctor of devinetye, William Bearbloke-doctor of the civilllawe, John Neale, sometyme doctor of exiter Colledge in Oxford, Nicholas Fitcheherberte, & Robert Terrille, gents. the hoste of the howse & others above written saluted me verye cortiouslye & gave me noles entertaynement then ther salutations were demandinge what newes at my departure out of England of Mounsure the King of France's brother & the cause of his goinge into England, or whether he meant to take his jorney into England. (Slanders rayed of the Q. Matie J. N. and N. F.)l They not expectinge my answere by one assent & consent John Neale & Nicholas Fitcheherberte with the affirmatione of the rest said that Mounsures goinge into England was to marrye the Q. Matie whom they called, the honest woman the Queen of England, or one of her daughters at the leaste, and when they had descanted of the R. Matie & of Mounsure their fylles requested againe & verye earnestly desyrered me to tell them whether the marriage were not all ready knite and celebrated. To which question I answered that yt was the firste that I did here of yt, but at Venice amongst the 1

This and other italicized headings within brackets were written in the margin.


Englishmen ther were some suche talkes, but for certayne yt was more stranger newes to me than to them & therfore I was not able to replie them of their demands. This was the only talke & newes in all the cittie & other contryes ther aboutes. (Coninge proffers made to me) The 6 of July 1579. Mondaye, John Sanderson & the rest of the companye made me divers profers to helpe me to the Englishe hospitall, where I myghte have 8 dayes diate free of coste, the same proffers were upon conditione that I should do as they dide & be a good Catholicke, which I durste not resiste, not once decyve them, for yf I had then I should have gone to the inquisitione and then expecdacone of my travell nothinge answered, therefore partelly I yelded to theyre requests & proffers & partelly because the night before they had used such liberall speache of her Matie which I persuaded myselfe shoulde not have bine spoken without a further entente & meaninge, I being brought to the hospitall Morris the Costos of the said hospitall entertayned me verie well, (Question demanded by 2 Welchmen) & immediatedly after dinner came to me Micholas Owen & Henrye Smithe, 2 Welshemen. They questioned with me of divers matters verye inquisatively, as the others had done the daye before, my answere was not to seke for I answered as before, by cause they should not finde me in sundry talles their demandes & slye questions almost spent they profered them selves redy at all affayes to pleasure me in what they might & requestinge me to make my repayre to the englishe seminarye wher the scollers their would gladly be acquainted with me, and above all others John Pasquall & Lucas Kerbye were named, (I was requested into the semynarie by N.O. 0- H.S.) which request I must in no wise deny & so they departed frome me & imediatelye afterwards came to me one Robert Barrett who craved acquaintance of me being somewhat aquainted before in England & in secret talk willed me to take God to myself & be verye sarcomspect in my speache otherwise I might chance to purchase imprisonment (I was suspected to be a spy.) by cause I was thoughte to be a espye, ye he said further to me that Smith & Owen were sent to me porposlye to syfte & entrape me, he also shewed me that ther were grave matters in hand to be practised against England verye short lye by the Pope and the King of Spaine as he had heard his Master Tho: Goldwell, Bishope & other Englishmen talke (Consultationes for conspiricies inEngland.) who had divers meetings & conferences porposely about the same newe devices saying that yf I did stay long in Rome I should hear of them, but he for his parte wolde declare nothinge & therefore they did feare prive spyes, he instructed me how I should at 8 dayes end go to St. Peters to confessione which in no wise I should misse suche I should see the penitenser for the English nacione, he also instructed me so well that I was able to use myselfe as well as any of the Catholics in Rome. The 11 of July- Satterday, (I was the second time requested into the Seminary.) I was requested againe into the colledge by Ralfe 215

Bicklye one of the scollers of the same seminarye, at which house I made my repayre together with him when I founde redye to give me entertaynment Lucas Kirbye preste who showed me presently all the schollers of the seminarye in ther severall chambers, placed 3 or 4 in a chamber verye finely decked & everyeman his bede appointed alone, the commodityes, pleasures, prisiones & mayntenances, to the same were not forgotten to be showed, & in what possibilyte they were to have ther mayntenance more amplye enlarged by the Pope. (The polise of Pasqualls) And last of all Kirbye brought me into the chamber of John Pasquall gent, accompayned with 3 others, by name George Martine; George Birket & Edward Ristone, prestes. Theis 5 persons were mynded as I did perseave to have some talke & speache with me under the pretence of newes, ther pretence was only to see what ass ate and dispositione I was of, but I being warned by the providence of God was halfe armed, some of them used me with cortious wordes & gente entreatings & other some to saye, John Pasquall & George Martine demanded of me verye imperiou$lye. presicelye & also inquisitively divers questions. That is to say what newes of the marriage of the Queen Majestie to Mounsure, or at the laste to one of herdaughters. As also of his arrivall in England, which I will touch more amply in certayne questions demanded of Francis Ridestone. (A demande what the caus was of my coming to Rome.) Demandinge especially of me what the cause was of my cominge to Rome I beinge afrayde to be entraped by them made answer as tyme wold then permitte me for my best safetye & secrite, not knowing what aurtorite they had as to questione with me, by cause I was often tymes wished to make my repayre to the said seminarye, after many questions ended the conc1usione of their talke tended as they said for my profite (their conclusions with persuvationes) & with many protestacones and frendly exotacons wishinge & perswadinge me to be apreste, by which meanes I should be a good member in the comonwelthe, & do God & the Pope good service in his Churche in England, wher I should be used as yt might so come to passe before one yere shoulde be expired. Thus their talke ended for the tyme present the belle callinge them awaye from me to evesonge, where they were to make their confessione to their gostly father & be disolved of their sins & offences & the next morning beinge Sundaye receave the Sacrament. The 13th. day of Julye 1579. Mondaye. my 8 daies were expired, My 8 daies expired with in which time I should go to confessione. yt was appoynted by their order & come to that pinche that the same morninge I mighte go to St. Peters to confessione or els showe myselfe to be of acontrayre opinione than I had professed to be, wher I founde, Thomas Darbeisher, J esuite, & sometymes chancelor of London expectinge suche Englishmen as would be absolved, but his only pretence & stay was for me, he take one him to absolve me of my sins & offences, injoyninge me for my penance the 7 salmes to saye them 3 tymes over everye morninge the space of 7 dayes, 216

foringe yf he should enyayne me to harde penance I wold saye I had done yt when I had not or els be out of Lawe with their religione, my confessione ended & penance geven in charge, (My gostly father gave me gratis a certificate which was a better Catholicke thenever I was.) he gave me acertificate imprinted in Lattine subscribed with his owne hand which certificate was an outwarde showe & manifest token that I was a Catholicke (althoughe I never consented to yt in harte) If any man had doubted me so to he. Truly my said certificate was never demanded after that tyme, nor I needed not to showe it to any of them, for it was quicklye knowne to all the Englishemen in the Cittie that I was a good Catholicke, & had bene at Confessione, so that everye man which in doubte before he speake unto me or be sene of me, was afterwardes famillyer with me and they cold saye that yf I had not gone to confessione when I did that mominge my lodginge should have bene provided for me againste night assuringe me by my outwarde behaviour & usuage to be aspye; whos speaches & suspiciones caused me to practise the same faculty, and to staye myselfe in Rome for a seasone, beinge desirous to see some of their devices which they so fered to be espied and this my confessione made me to be beloved & liked of all men. The 14th of Julye 1579. Tuesdaye in the morninge I departed from the said Englishe hospitall havinge taken my leave of the Costos Morris as the use of all suche as I do lodge at the same hospitaU, to the house of Sallomen Aldred my firste hoste & acquaintance, wher I had my diete & chamber at a reasonable rate (but otherwise his friendship was easy) he being then indebted unto me for certayne money which I lent to him in England about 2 years paste & by that meanes he was mynded by our agreement to abbreviate his debtes, and the same daye yt was showed to me that Nicholas Fitcheherberte and Robert Terrill were departed 5 dayes before to Mount Rosso a towne of the Popes about 22 myles frome Rome, beinge alowed of the Pope 2 monthes pencone beforehand inconcideracon of certayne service they were to do his holynes ther, ( A fore stalinge of passages.) they rumured abroad that they absented themselves from Rome by cause they were not able to endure the extreme heates in Rome in July & Auguste which service was that no Englishmen should passe their with letters unsene or so espyed, or without certificate of his or their good usage in Rome, Order was given to them that yf for any other shouod come in manner before written, to be put backe againe under sure garde. Surely yt is the pleasure of the almightye father to have their trecheryes from tyme to tyme opened, not doubting my selfe (?) seinge I have so lately escaped the pite which diged for me & provocked me by that meanes to do that which I never meante, (they which lay snares for others are estesome taken themselves.) trusting in Jesus Christe which shed his most precious blod for my redemptione & salvatione. He I trust wille so stranthen & assiste me with his goodness & holy spirite, that their entisings shall not prevayle with me & the same snares which they have layed here 217

for me & many others shall in thend retorne one themselves. Now to my companye yet remayninge at my said hostes house, they all assure themselves that I am of the same factione & belefe as they are of preferinge themselves redy to pleasure me in anything they maye, shewinge themselves more familiar than in tymes paste & with many frenly preservationes wishe me to be a preste. To this our Iodginge doall the scollers of the colledge or seminarye resorte, to here newes and telle newes. (The Popes & Cardinals progres & liberalite to Englishmen.) The 12 of Auguste 1579 Wensdaye the Pope came to the Englishe Colledge to viset yt & to see the nomber of Englishmen ther were assembled togeather, and at his entrance Wm Harte major, & Wm Harte, minor, made orationes in Latine, which orationes so pleased the Pope that he made the Colledge a seminarye re which before was a Colledge nomine and gave to the said colledge at that tyme for their better maintenance 3000 crownes pensione yerely, to be paid to them monthly that is to saye 250 crownes a monthe & for the enJarginge of the colledge by cause they wanted many chambers & necessarye places, a greate pallace next adjoyninge to yt, which was parcell of the landes belonginge to the house before (Cardin all Morone gave to them for the howses use, 2 challyses silvar & gilte) and promised to geve them lawe & statutes which they should not passe and also a cherter when D. Alline dide come to Rome, (the encouraging.) & to encourage them the more, said that he had sent for D. Alline aboute a monthe before. This dealinge of the Popes so encouraged the said scollers that no grounde wold scarce bare them. The 16th daye of Auguste 1579. Sondaye Salomen Aldred apencione of 10 crownes of gold in gold geven him of the pope to be payed to him monthly, the same daye to Wm Bearbloke, doctor of the civell lawe & one of the Popes Potentates, requeated me to go apase or walkinge with him into the cittie shewinge me that he had a greate deale of busynes to do before his departure to the office. At which time as we walked together, he said he wold tell me some newes which he was certayne that I had not harde since my cominge to Rome, which speache caused me to geve an attentive eare to his wordes and thus he began to proced in talke saying (the firste authores of their conspiricies) that Sir James Fitchemorris & D. Saunders at their beinge at Rome made such sute to the Pope & also procured Cardinall Hossias to move, and instigate the Pope for his Ayde, for the retominge of the kingdoms of England & Ireland to the Catholicke faithe againe perswading him that yt would be verye easely brought to passe which perswationes hath taken suche depe Tote & stuck so in the Popes mynde that he promised them to send afore into bothe the saide Islands & this is the yere that he appoynted to do the said busynes & there uppon sent his Legat with Sir James Fitchemorris & D. Saunders into Spaine to persuade the Ringe of Spaine to be an ayder also and to the Enperor Venetiane & Florantine Duckes, he sent other Legats who forthewith concluded 218

& condesended to his request & promised 10 myl men apeace to be in aredines when so ever he would have them, and aboute Easter laste, he said the Pope sent to the Emperor, Venetian & Florentine dukes to muster their men & send them to Naples & Pisa, where they should be imbarked for Spaine & so the King of Spaine to send them awaye (An enclingeof500Spanyards landed in Irelande) into England & Ireland at his pleasure, and further more he said that he did here an eynklinge how that the King of Spaine had sent 500 Spaniards into Ireland with Sir James Fitchemorris & D. Saunders aboute the beginninge of June laste & yt was certainly reported that they are imbarked in Spaine, & no man as yet knoweth whether they should goo but the Kinges Counsell & the governers of the Army which are the partyes before named. This newes was quickly spread throughout the Cittye, every man rejoyced at the Popes doinges & not longe after ther came newes by a mesenger from the Pope that all his Englishe pentioners should be redye at 2 dayes waminge to goe one his service. Bearbloke fearinge the executione of the message as he said hastened him selfe awaye to his office. The 19 daye of Auguste 1579, Wensdaye. Arrived at Rome one Francis Ridelstone, a gold smithe of London, dwellinge in Lombarde Strete, & as he reported made his vioage by the waye of Parris, Millan & Venice & brought with him letters of comendationes from the places before named, his speciall letters were from Venice of Englishe merchantes their abidinge to saye Tho: Baxter, Jefferye Luther & Launcelot Rowlansone, some of them were directed to Mr. Richard Shelye gent & as some calle him Lord Grande prior of England & other some to one Richard Cradoke merchante servante unto the (?) Parleavizines with letters dide specially request the said partyes to be ayders & helpers unto Ridestone for the seale & Polatine of the Cittye with his spedy dispache from thence by cause he wanted language & traveled for a wager & was to make his retorne by a certayne daye to London againe. This Cradoke to shew him pleasure procured him a lodginge at our hostes howse, where he lodged & had his diate all the tyme of his abide in Rome. His cominge was presently knowne at the English colledge, by what meanes I am ignorant, much enquirye was made of him & his cominge. (the undermyning of a simple goldsmith.) Judginge that he was some spye and for their better satisfaction, the next daye came Robert Parsons J esuite, John Pasquall & Lucas Kerby preste, in cominge together from the Englishe seminarye to my said hostes house, to welcome Ridelstone as they said but they were porposlye sente to talke with him & to knowe the cause of his cominge thether, to underminde him & knowe what capasite he was of or whether he was a like name to a spye. Demandinge manye questiones & with fayre wordes (after they had entred into him persevinge him to be a simple mane) exorted entreated & persuaded him to come to the englishe seminarye, as the usuall custome was for all englishe travellers, at which place (quid they) he should see many of our


cQuntry men and here SQme gQQd instructiQnes fQr his sQules helthe & his faithfull allegiance, which Qf dutye he Qught to. do. to. the PQpe befQre his departure (P ersuationes used to the Goldsmith.) & persuaded him ever afterwards to. be trewe to. the said hQly father the PQpe, who. is the supreme hed of the whQle wDrld & utterly to. renDunce the Q. Majestie (and as they termed her Majestie) like a heretic as she is. & with slanderDus speches said that she ruled her estate with pDlice, & ther with deceaveth all the wDrld, with her flatteringe, so. she thinketh to. halte with GDd which will nDt suffer her to. prDceed, any farther in her pride & arQgance & with threteninge wDrdes said that her Majestie shDuld shDrtly knQw, & perceave mDst manifestly neyther shDuld yt be hid en frDm any Qne parte Df cristendDme her abuses are so. great and many againste (Horible slanders.) the PDpes hDlines sayinge mDreDver that her Majestie is nDt Dnly cDntented to. lyve at whDme in pece with all her elusiDnes, crafts & herises, but also. wille set all the princes inhabitinge rDunde abDut her at debate & discentiDne & she setts at whDm in her cheare Df estate lafinge them to. SCQrne, which the PQpe wille no. lDnger suffer. After much speache used by them, SDme by meanes Qf persuasiDnes & Dther SDme Df thretenninges, they demanded further Df RidelstDne verye disdainfully & sCQrnefully (as they had Dften tymes befQre Df me) what newes in England with mDunsures AmbassadQr & Df MQunsures arrivall in England & the also. affirmed fDr acertayne that againste his cQminge, (Great provisione for M ounseer.) ther was great prQvisiDne at Sir James hQwse, wher in the chappell ther were antares a billinge fDr him & the cDmpany that CDmes with him to. have masse dalye sDnge at theis their letters Df advice dide geve them to. understand & they also. demanded Df him what he hard Df (The mariage of the Q. Majestie) mDnnsures mariage to. the Q. Majestie whDm they called Queen Df England Dr yf she meante to. marye him her selfe Dr marye Qne Qf her daughters to. him begQtten Dne her bDdye, the Qne by therle Df Leycester thQther by Sir William Pickeringe to. which questiDne the fDresaid gDldsmith said he knQw nDthinge. Wher unto. ParsDns, Pasquall & Kerby, replyed with an excedinge kinde Qf sCDfinge perswacQne sayinge that yQU which are at hDme in England, do. here nDthinge. Judginge all to. be gQld that glistreth & everythinge is winked at but fQrall her clDse & secret dealinges be yt never so. prevelye dDne, yt is cDmmDnly knDwne abrDade. (A demand of S. C. Hatton) They in like manner enquired Qf RidelstDne whether Sir ChristDfer HattDn were inas gDDd credite as he was in tymes paste & Df what religiDne he was supPQsed to. be Df, afferminge him to. be the Qnly favQrer Qf CathDlickes which are in England. The said RidelstDne answered that he knew nDthinge Df his religiDne, but his hDnDr encreased dalye & was greatly estemed Df the Q. Majestie & thus their talke ended fDr his tyme which was in the halle Qr place where we dined cQmDnlye The 22 Qf Auguste 1579. Satterdaye. William BearblDke-dQctDr 220

of the Civill Lawe made his repayre to his office Potentateshipe of Romania The 25 of Auguste 1579. Tuesdaye the fore saide Francis Ridelstone departed from Rome, with as muche sped as he could make, after he had gotten the certificate & seale of the cittye, by cause the daye of his retome to London againe must of necessite be before Michelmas Daye nexte. Of his departure grewe many wordes for that he had not confessed nor submitted himselfe to the Pope, ne yet dide any one thinge accordinge to the desire & former requests & persuationes of the said Persons, Pasquall & Kerbye, ( The departure of the goldsmith not welle taken) wherfore his departure was not well disgested neyther taken in good parte by the said parties which were with divers oth~rs repented them greatly that they had not caused his imprisonment & for his sake thretned all suche Englishemen as should come thether afterwards. The 27 Auguste 1579. Thursdaye, at the howse of Salomen Aldred, my hoste a soleme diner was made, and the part yes which were invited to diner their names follow, Owen Lewes, prest referndarye to the PPa & Doctor of the Civill Lawe Monnsuer Mombraysgovener to the Mounsure de Ponto a frenche countryeman, Mr William Browne the Lorde Mountegues nevye, John Harte preste, chaplaine to Cardinall Darogne, he was borne at St, Edmunds burye in Suffolke, John Neale, sometymes rector of Exiter Colledge in Oxford, who at that tyme made sate to be made preste, Adam Nelsone-preste, Nicholas Owen & John Sandersone preste doctor of Divinitie & pentioner to the Pope amongest all this company many matters were debated & talked at diner, that is to saye of Mounsures goinge into England & mariage to the Q. majestie & of the wonderfull great preparatione which was a providinge & making for him. And their greates talke was of the safe landinge in Ireland (Great newes of the Spaniardes in Ireland) of D. Saunders the popes legate, Sir James Fitchemorris the popes generall & with them the King of Spaines generall govener with 500 Spaniards, all which companye beinge landed, take their waye to Gold castell in presecone & D. Saunders had the crose borne before him as a legate and not longe after were received into the Castell, the valiante actes & feates of armes done by that trope of soldares was spred fare & nye with no little joye bostes & comendationes at which tyme as by their letters appered they hoped shortly after to deliver to the King of Spaine the quiet possecone of of all Ireland & then the King of Spaine wold have his penyworthes one England the welspringe of all mistechefe, for a great some of money which the Q. Majestie doth with hold from him, And the rather at this tyme by cause the Pope hath geven him the said Kingdomes and for that only cause the Pope & Emperor, the Ducke of Florence & Duce of Venice have all redye mustred their men and sent them awaye to their portes to be imbarked for Spaine & they are contented to be contributaryes to the same ware accordinge to their first promises & leages made with 221

Pius V and of late to this Pope Gregorie the 13 by which meanes they will make quicke riddance of that which they have so longe agoo & so often pretended. This daye after diner came Lucas Kerbye & Ralfe Bickeley to hear & telle newes as they said which I expected, their only newes was as I cold hear & perceave by their perswasiones to entice me (Persuationes used to me to be a scoler in ye seminarye.) to be a scoller in the colledge & by that meanes to make me preste for to serve by countrye shortlye, for that they wold be great want of prestes, many perswasiones & promises were made to me by Kerbye at that tyme & by many others in tymes paste not without many slanderous & ignominious words against her Majestie and the said Kerbye promised besides other good termes he wold do for me yf I wold be ruled by reasone at his goinge into England at the next Springe he with such friends as he was able for to make & procure in England, wold together so persuade my father that he dide not doubte but that my father wold alowe me a yerlye pentione for my better mayntenance and in the like case he had caused & procured many pentiones to be payde unto divers of his friends & famillyar acquaintance in tyme paste. The 31 of Auguste 1579. John Saunderson & I chaynged our lodgings from the house of Salomen Aldred to the howse of Nicholas Morton D. who was sent for from Remes by the Pope & was often loked for before his cominge & not longe after yt (The arrival of D. Alline at Rome) he allighted from his horse & taken his lodginge in his inne John Pasquall accompanyed withe Richard Hadocke preste & kinsman of D. Allines, were sent to him from the rector of the colledge to persuade him to come to the colledge or Englishe seminarye for ther ye Pope had comanded his lodginge to be appoynted & his provisione was of the Pps coste Bothe for him & suche as came with him their names follow. D. Alline, Gabriell Alline, Roger Baynes gent, Humfrye Kyle, Doctor. Charles & George Powell scollers to eyle, Thomas Worthington preste, Henrye Browne servant to D. Alline, & one Humfrey Mayfield. (John Pasquall florisheth) At this tyme begane Mr Pasquall to florishe & everythinge which was to be used in any manner of reporte muste firste be demanded of Mr Pasquall whether he had any likinge of yt. His ye was never refused nor his naye at any time dislyked. Doctor Alline when he had welle refreshed him selfe after his longe jomey the space of 2 days determined to present him selfe before the Pope, the Mondaye followinge, the 28 of September. And in the meane tyme the Satterdaye in theveninge & Sundaye all daye longe ther were messengers sent to the dwellinge howse of all suche Englishmen as were in Rome to signifye unto them that D. Alline was come to Rome, wishinge them to come & shewe themselves before him & salute him. He was called onlye by the name of our Presedent, at this tyme also were appoynted certaine (messengers sent abroade to let men understande of the arrival of D. Alline.) gentlemen which should accompanye & attende one Doctor Alline to the Pope, wher


he kepte his corte linge at the villa or Frescata for his solace and pleasure. The 28 of Setember 1579. Mondaye. D. Alline commanded althings to be put in redines this mominge by cause he wold take his jornye to the Popes corte at which time the gentlemen were redye to attendynge one the said Alline (D. Alline sheweth himselfe to the Pope with a great trayne.) which were appointed the daye before thier names followe. Pater Rector of the Seminarye a Jesuite, John Pasquall, Nicholas Fitcheherborte, Robert Terrill, William Browne, Roger Baynes, Humfrye Kyle, Thomas Worthington, Henrye Browne, Mayfield all which fore said company were convayed & jouryed to the Popes Corte in two coches, the same place being once attayned, John Pasquall & . Pater Rector, used suche meanes to the Popes Mr: de Camera, that the Pope had understandinge presantly of D. Allines beinge their. The Pope gave in commandment presently, that he & his companye should be brought before his Holines wher he gave to Alline & his companye benedictione, with manye blessinges, & good wordes & the Pope suffered them all to kisse his fote (as by the reporte of the same companye) after yt the benedictione was finished, (The Pope 0- D. Alline in secret talke.) the Pope begane to grow into secret talke with D. Alline & all men were comanded awaye but only John Pasquall and Pater Rector. Pasquall was the onlye mane with D. Alline, his gide, company one at meat, of his counsell & used him in all matters so that nothinge was practised or once talked of, but Pasqualls opinyone was firste demanded. Ther was no worde spoken by the Pope to D. Alline, at that tyme but Pasquall dide here yt this they sowjinyed at the corte & other places of pleasure, the space of 2 dayes wher they had excedinge greate entertaynement & retomed to Rome the laste daye of September in the eveninge. The 8 of October 1579. Thursdaye. At the English seminarye, about 3 of cloke in the aftemone Wm Gifforde was appoynted to dispute in N aturall Philosofye at which disputacone all thenglish men in the cittye were requested to be present & many of the beste were desyred to dine with D. Alline at his lodginge (A soleme diner, and disputation at the college.) There names follow: Tho: Goldwell, Bishope of St Affles, Richard Shelleye Lorde Grand Prior, Owen Lewes, D. Thomas Darbisher. D. Nicholas Morton D. Nicholas Wende. D. John Sanderson D. John Bavant. D. Henrye Henshawe D. Henrye Dethecke. D. Robert Pasones preste, Wm Browne gent, Robert Terrill, Nicholas Fitcheharborte, John Neale prest, Thomas Worthington prest, Humfrey Kyle, D. & John Pasquall, and after diner came to his lodginge of the scollers & prest in the colledge, Richard Hadocke, George Martine Tho: Hide, -Meridaye, Lucas Kerbye, George Birket, Edward Ristone, Ralfe Sherwine, Wm Harrison, prests, Thomas Bell, Richard Barret, Robert Midelmore & Ralfe Standishe, scollers. (An oratione made 223

by D. Alline.) After diner was ended D. Alline made an oracone to all the company Shewinge the cause of his cominge to Rome againe, which was by commandment of his Holynes letters sent to him & ther with all declared how lyberally the Pope had bin unto this our nacone of late tyme above all other nationes, in the erectinge & foundinge twoe colledges the one in this so holy a cyttie and the other at Remes for which colledge charters & bulles, he wold travell & sute for to the Pope before his depture. He also declared what care the Pope had for the restoring of our count rye to the Catholicke faithe againe & thundered out in speech the arrival of D. Saunders in Ireland & Sir James Fitchemoris with 500 hundreth Spanyards sent thether by the King of Spaine & shewed more over that the Pope & other Princes were mynded for to ayde the said Kinge of Spaine & so to send men to Ireland and England from tyme to tyme as they could convenyently. He also shewed them that yt was the Popes pleasure to sende some prestes into England, for to let the people understand what his holynes was mynded to do in thes partes eare many monthes should passe & that they should not thinke but the Pope had a care of them beinge a parcell of his charge, for the sendinge of theis prestes everye man was willinge to forther yt so that ther was amocone made to John Neale prest, to know wether he were willinge to be one of the said prestes, to go in his Holynes service. By cause his pencione was verye smalle 4 crownes a month & for the lodging of yt he him selfe made sute to the Pope, who would not by any meanes consent unto the encreasing of yt, so that Neale graunted & desyred to be one, (6 prestes sent into England.) & afterwards ther were divers appoynted to the number of 6, to saye John Neale, Richard Hadocke, George Martine, Thomas Hyde, Thomas Worthington &- Meridaye. After theis were appoynted D Alline shewed how beneficiall yt wold be to the Popes estate in the sendinge of their prestes, in causinge & warninge the people to be redye to receave suche as he should send here after. Letters came dalye of the good succease of the Spanyardes & Catholickes in Ireland, which newes was caryed daly to the Pope who dide nota littell rejoyse at yt. Theis prestes were willed by Doctor Alline to make them ready to de parte with as much sped as colde be against the eande of this monthe. The 10 of October 1579. Satterdaye. D. Alline & John Pasquall made their repayre to the Pope to certifye his Holynes that accordinge to his appointment ther were 6 prestes to departe about thend of this month for England & for their charges & expenses Alline made sute & besought the Pope for moneye. (300 crownes granted to ye 6 prestes by the P Pa.) He graunted that the firste 300 crownes theis prestes in the meane tyme vaunted & bosted not a littell in the cittye howe they wold hasarde their lyves for their countryes sake. Pasqualles credite was great in this busynes suche as he nominated & made sute to him were appoynted. He became ther soliciter to the Popes Master de Camera (supplicationes


exhibited by by]. P.) exibeted supplicationes also in their behalfe & procured them by his meanes the spedye payment of 50 crownes a man for part of their charges towards. their countrye. The 20 of October they were presented before the Pope by Wm. Alline D. the Rector of the Colledge or Seminarye & John Pasquall was also in presents at such tyme as the Pope gave their prestes ther charge, blessed them & all suche things as they requested & kissed his fette the 28 of Octobre 1579 Wensdaye they departed from Rome after diner being Simone & J udes daye. The 17th of October 1579 Thursdaye. Charles Parker brother to the Lorde Morley deceased came to Rome from Milane, He brought with him divers packets of letters importing greate newss & many matters from the Cardinall of Millan & the Kinge of Spaine which newes did so well pleas the Pope that ( A pentione granted to D. Parker jor his good newes.) he gave unto Parker 20 crownes pencione monthlye, He brought newes of the imprisonment of the Countes of Darbye & also of the gone (?) which was sett at the Queen Majestie being in abote with the French Ambassador & of the Q. Majesties mercye in sendinge Sir Christopher Hatton post with with pardone to save Mr Carewes names lyfe when he was at the place of executione at which place Sir Christofer made & oratione to the people which was imprinted & that he brought with him also. The 24 of November 1579. Tusdaye. (A solem diner at N.M.) A soleme diner was made at the howse of Nicholas Morton. D. to the which diner Nicholas Morton invited many doctors & others their names folow: Charles Parker. D. Wm Alline D. Pater Rector of the Seminarye, John Harte D. & Chaplaine to Cardinal Darrogone, Nicholas Wendon. D. John Sandersone. D. William Browne gent, John Pasquall gent William Allet, John Smithsone, Daniell Mortone one of the Popes soldiers & Charles Sledd. At this diner D. Alline was marvelows pleasant & he gave to rehearse what newes he had hard out of England & Ireland of late, ( The sending of a great navy out of England into Ireland.) he shewed of the sending of a greate flete or manye of the Queens Majesties ships into Ireland & that great flete was but 5 in nomber wherof one remayned in Dover rode, wherin was the Admirall & the other 4 were gone towards Ireland and not more than 40 or 50 men apece in them. He also said that Sir Wm Drudrye Lorde Deputye was so persued & driven into suche extremitie that he could not possiblie escape the hands of Sir James Fitchemorris so that the Spanyards has as good success in that their owne prise as they could wishe & to conferme Allines speaches, John Pasquall joyed greatly at the great, good & happe succease of the foresaid Span yards & Catholickes & affirmed that he himself & Lucas Kerbye & others besyde them also had receved letters out of England (A conquest in Irland by the Spanyards.) declaring that the Spanyards were peaseablye posseced of all Ireland, what by the Ayd of the countrye kernds & their owne valyante artes so that yt was not possible for the Queens Majestie ever to recover yt againe & p


said further that he was in good hope & wold joye at his harte to see the Spanyards Lordes of England, un till which day the said land should be in extreme miserye & the Queens Majestie to be shaked of her estate which he hoped wold not be longe before the matter were put in executione. At this diner also D. Alline said (A talke of sendinge of more preste$ into England.) yt wold be convenient to send more prestes into England. His talke increased so muche that he said ther were 6 prestes & 4 gents more appoynted which should be sent into England at the Springe of the yere, ther were none named in particuler at that tyme. The 26 of November 1579. Thursdaye, arrived (Johnson and Ortones arrival at Rome.) Henrye Orton & Robert Johnson preste & one Isace preste Ortons scolier, at Rome whos cominge was Dalye expected. Their letters & all such carriages as they brought with them were convayed to Rome by CardinalI Palyote his Master de Camera, by cause the searches betwene Bolonga & Rome were many & troublesome. Great enquirye was made of them for newes at their cominge which they referred to theyr letters they brought with them which letters came within one senight & then did fIye about the cittye. They brought with them the proc1amatione which was proc1amed against John Stubbes concerning the booke which he made of mounsare. The 29 of November 1579. Sondaye. CardinalI Darrogone sent Dr. Harte his chaplaine for D'. Morton presently after diner, who at that present tyme went to the CardinalI, who said that he had sente for him to here some newes & to confer with him about the matter which he & other gents & Docters had bin so often before him. The names of the gents follow, as Morton had written their names in a scrowle of paper. The Bushope of Rosse, the Bushope of Corke, the Bushope of St. Affes the Coldwell the Lord Dackers, Sir James Fitchemorris, Sir Thomas Stuckley, as they call him Mr Christofer Newell, Mr Nortone the elder, Doctor Saunders, Doctor Cope, Doctor Morton, Doctor Lewes, Doctor Sanderson, Doctor Ffamam, Doctor Bavant, Doctor Henshawe & Clinoke Morris Custos of the Englishe hospitall. The CardinalI said that he marvelled muche that he had not harde of them alonge tyme consideringe the tyme of their practises drewe one so neare. Whereunto Morton replyed sainge that most parte of that company were dispersed into other countries & they themselves before their departure by the sofference & appoyntment of the Pope, had fineshed all thes matters which they had to confer with his Grace, of which matter ther were three severall writings made, (Agreements and conf erences described by the E nglish trayters.) to which writting & agreements of their so often & many yeres mettings the whole company firste subscribed their names & then the firste coppye was given unto the Popes Holynes, the seconde sent into Spaine by the consent of the Pope, with Doctor Saunders & Sir James Fitchemorris, for the Kings better instructiones in those affayres & the thirde was sent to Doctor Alline & Sir 226

Frances Engerfeld & other that they might see the consult aeons and agreements which the Pope & Kinge of Spaine mynded to bylde their grounds & foundacone of all their Busyness for the reforminge & restoringe of England to the Catholicke fait he againe. Which agreements & writtings as by the brefe report of D. Mortone maye appere, the same daye after he had bene with the Cardinall, as also shewinge the good entertaynment the Cardinall gave him at that tyme & many other tymes before. The first clause concluded was that the excomunicatione should be imprinted anew againe, at Rome which was before in Pius the V tyme imprinted by his commandment at Louvaine; & should be sent into all places in Crisendome at suche tyme as the Span yards wold welle arrive & settled in Ii-land. The second was that their should be a fitte & easye landinge place appoynted in Irland to the west or north west partes of the land wher yt might be an easye route frome Spaine to that place, then out of the east or north east parts of England to that place, the onlye cause was that the Englishmen should not of a suden send ayde out of England to assaut them, when they wold bylde fortrestes for their defence both for the seae & land, and land their also 10 or 12 thousand men with their furniture, or so many as they thought good from thence they might easely (after they had put in sure garde Irland) transporte men (A declaration of the agreements and conspiracies subscribed.) into England and Scotland at pleasure the Englishe garrisone in Irland was estemed not to be above 12C. Englishmen, which men dide lye in sundrye places. They also appointed their landinge place in England to be Milforhaven, to the which place they might have easye passage oute of Irland & have verye good harbor their for shippinge, wher they estimated that ther might 3 or 4 hundred saylers of shipes lye at rode. The third was a suppositione of the land numberinge the able & warlike men & fyrste in the cittye of London, which they all agreed could not excede 12 or 20 thousand men at the most, & for that number they should remove all the handy crafte men & inhabitantes of the cittye & all the land els could not make 60 thousand able men more. The place & armorye for munitions was the Tower of London in which they concluded ther could not be sufficent for 30 thousand men & for powder they were certayne of no greate store to be in England, & dayle sente yt out of the land into Flanders. They also made accounte & estimated what number of the princepallest noble men & gentlemen in the land were their friends & contributaryes alredye & faun de them to be more in number than the Queen Majestie had one her side, & last of all made a generall estimate what number of Catholikes of all sortes of men olde & yonge that were well knowne to them, which they founde to be about 50 thousand which saide Nobles & gentlemen & most of the comynaltye were very well furnished with horses & armor for the porpose, at all tymes. At this tyme Morton reportinge all theis matters was not a littell vayne glorious, hopinge he should have a 227

Bishopricke geven him for the benefice which he had in Kent. The 12 December 1579. Satterdaye in the aftemone before evensonge in the lodginge of Mr Presedent Alline, John Sanderson, John Pasquall, Nicholas Fitcheherborte, Lucas Kerbye, John Smithsone, Wm Allet & John Gore, met togeather, where they demanded one of another what newes was steringe. Pasquall & Kerbyes newes was that the Popes Holynes had latelye (Order given for the imprintinge of the excomunication) geven order to CardinalI Allexandrinus, Pius Quintus nevye to imprinte againe the excommunication made by his unckell, againste the Queen Majestie and that the holye father had well watched his tyme, ye, and accordinge to his & their former agrements he had disposseced the Queen Majestie whome they termed mistress Bease Queen of England of all their princlye dignites in England & Ireland & hath geven them to the Kinge of Spaine in recompence of the greate wares which he was to have with the sayd countryes at the Popes request & also of the greate some of money which the Queen Majestie retayneth from him many yeres taken in the narrow seas & to which newes John Sanderson. D. said that the Pope had done accordinge to the writtings wherunto divers beshopes nobles & Englishe gents had in tymes paste, concluded under writt & subscribed all their owne names. One coppye of their agrements, his holynes had & the senond was sent in by the Pope to the Kinge of Spaine, with his legate, D. Saunders & Sir James Fitchemorris & the third to D. Alline & Sir Fraunces Engerfeld & others to Remes & to this newes all the rest agreed & verified yt for a treuthe. Then Pasquall spake sayinge that the King of Spaine hath wone Irland as we are credibly fortifyed by our letters from tyme to tyme, he hath wone but his owne and likewise mynded to have England shortly & to the same words everye name said God graunt yt maye so come to passe. And further Pasquall & Kerbye said that they had received letters latly out of England, in which letters was written that the Kinge of Spaine was mynded for to steale the Kinge of Scots into Spaine, ( A marriage pretended for the Kinge of Scotes.) ther to marye him to one of his daughters & yf he could not compas that, then he wold have a dispensacone from the Pope & marye them by Pictures & so make them King & Queen of England, which Kingdom he wold geve in dowerye with his daughter & the rather because the Queen of Scotes is the right heyre to the crowne, in consiance & right althoughe the Queen Majestie dothe kepe yt & withhowld yt from her by stronge hand by cause she is one of the daughters of King Henrye the 8. And althoughe she be one of his daughters yt is she not legittematt, now hath no more right to the Crowne then that she challongeth of the Queen of Scotts thus & with such lyke talke they spent the tyme untill the belle ronge to evensonge. The 29 of December 1579. Tuesdaye. St. Thomas Beckets daye. Some tyme Archbishope of Canterburye & a martir, was prayed for at the Englishe Colledge, which daye, Thomas Goldwell, bushope, 228

songe the Masse & evensonge, with his myter one his hed & manye serimonyes were used for the same martire that daye, (Plenarie indulgence graunted for St. Tho: Becket) a plenorye Indulgence was geven for his sake by the Pope. All the inhabitants of .the cittye repayred to the Englishe Seminary that daye, for pardones. And the same daye ther was kepte in the lodginge of Mr. ' D. Alline, President, & also in the colledge or seminarye hall, soleme diners for all sortes of englishmen, to Mr President repayred to diner the Bishope, the Lord Prior & all the chefeste Doctors & gents. (And into the hall all the rest or comon sorte) their names follow; as they satt at the table; Charles Parker, Nicholas Morton, Nicholas Wenden, Owen Lewes, Thomas Darbisher, John Harte, Henrye Henshawe, John Sanderson, John Bevante, Henrye Dethicke, Doctors; William Browne, Nicholas Fitcheherborte, Roger Baynes, Mr Clement, John Mynders, John Shelleye, John Smithsone, John Pounde, gents. At theise 2 severall diners muche freshe newes was tolde & after diner many of them which agreed dyned in the colledge hall, repayred to D. Alline lodginge wher all their newes met togeather, & then all newes was confirmed & many of their letters red, wherin was written the articalls of Mounsure in England secretly in October laste. (mermoringe againste mounsur at London) A great mermoringe was in the cittye of London againste Mounsure. The Queen Majestie beinge the worste, sent commandment to the Lorde Mayor, willinge & commandinge him to cause a substanciall watche to be kepte at every gate of the said cittie, in hames, with 50 or 60 men in everye watche which should be kepte daye & night untill he knowe further her Majesties pleasure, the comittinge of John Stubes to the Tower prisoner, for a booke which he wrote againste Mounsure and a Proclamatione made againste Stubes & all suche as spake againste mounsure, which proclamatione was then in Rome where I did reade yt. There was also written in a letter sent to Lucas Kerbye that ther were certayne of the Q. Privie Counsell commanded from the corte about Mounsures busynes, their names follow; the Earle of Lecester, the Earle of Bedforde, Sir Fraunces Walsingham close Secretarye to the Queens Majestie & Sir Christopher Hatton, & were also commanded to be prisoners in their owne houses, the Queen Majestie beinge greatly displeased with them so that it was thought that they should all 4 have bene pute from the Privie Counsell & other fower chosen in their places, (4 newe councellors chosen, which pleased the P Pa & papestes well.) & yt was written morover in that letter that yf they 4 were not put fro me the Counsell that the other 4 should be chosen, their names follow: the Earle of Northumberland, Sir Henry Percye, Sir Anthony Browne, Lord Montegue, Sir Thomas Cornewallis & (blank) Cordall, master of the Rowles. (the death of Sir W. Drewery. The death of Sir J. F.) Ther was also newes of the Deathe of Sir william Drewerye L: Deputy of Ireland, whos death was longed for very muche. And for Sir James Fitchemoris his death which was 229

greatly lamented. Every manes newes shewed, ther he have amongst the company speche that it was requisate & nedfull to send more prestes into England. At which tyme D. Alline to satisfye them all, (D. Allinesatisfieth the company.) said that ther were 6 more appoynted, whos names should shortlye be knowne. Then Doctor Morton & D, Sandersone were earneste with Mr President Alline to have a note of certaine writtinge which he delivered afterwards to them, wherin was divers noble & gentlemenes names, which had often tymes harde named before amongst other gentlemen. And over ther names was written this title following. The names of certayne noble men & gentlemen which are speciallye recorded in the agreement geven to the Pope, & sent to the King of Spaine. . The Lorde Harry Howarde The Lorde Cobhame The Earl of Derbye The Earle of Northumberland Sir Henrye Percye The Earle of Southampton The Lord Mountegle The Lorde Montague Sir Anthony Browne. Mr William Browne, second brother to the Lorde Montague. The Lorde Wharton The Lorde Stafforde The Lorde Padgate, Sir Robert Constable Sir Thomas Cornewallis Sir John Arendall Sir Thomas Garrade Sir John Southwell Mr Talbot of Graftone The Ladye Stonares. The Ladye Lovell Mr William Hellye Mr Bustarte Mr John Shelleye Mr More (he marryed Bustardes daughter). Theis nobles & gentlemen are for the moste parte dispensed all ready for suche Ian des & livinge as they do howld, which was appertayninge to Abbyes & churches, (Dispensationes graunted by Pius V 0- executed by N. Morton) the same dispensacone was geven to them by Nicholas Morton, at suche tyme as he was sent into England by Pius Quintus Pope, at the late insurrectione in the Northe, as by the reporte of the said Morton to me & otheres that, by himselfe verifyed at sundrye tymes. Ye he is also said, (Morton conceled in England.) that he was harbored in divers of theis menes howses, who had sett their hands to warrants for the searchinge & findinge of him, whom he specially named the Earle of Derbye, the Lord Mounteagle, the Lorde Mountegue & Mr. Talbote. Theis Nobles & gentlemen with a great number more, are included in the agremeements which the Pope, the Ringe of Spaine & D. Alline have in their custodye. Thes only came to my hand in writtinge & therfor I do name them in this place wherof I have written more at large the 26 of November & the 12 of December late 1579. (An agreement of the watche wordes 0- blessed graines) At this tyme also the foresaid companye concluded what collor of beades or bugle graynes made of glase should be sent into England & the watcheword that should be geven with the same seminarye graynes. The collors of the graynes are white, blew & bone collored red. All which seminarye graynes, shalbe hallowed by the Pope & the watche wordes are, Jesus Marie. They also begane to growe in questione of the spiritull dignityes in England & Ireland. (Bushopes appointed.) 230

Of Ireland D. Sanders should be Bushope & Metropolitane, D. Alline C of Canterburye & Metropolitane; D. Lewes B. of Yorke (he was in hope to have bine made Cardinall at Stuckleyes beinge at Rome as he & other his frindes bosted); D. Morton of Derham; D. Sandersone of Chychister; Doctor Alline heringe of them castinge of lote" & appoyntinge of everye thinge before hand cute of that talk sayinge when the tyme came for the appoyntinge of those dignityes & romes, ther was order taken that eve rye man should be placed accordinge as they thought him able, and no man should have cause to dislyke of him selfe, or of any name els & everye name should be harde that dide entreate for his frinde & a happye daye should yt be in Englan$1 with them, that anyone of theis graynes were founde with & could saye Jesus Marie, or els had a frinde which was knowne to be a faythfull catholike. The same tyme also was taken, that the prestes & suche as should be sent afterwardes into England, should have letters of comendationes with a certayne ticket or pryve token wherby they should be knowne to be faythefull & trustye messengers in those affayres. At that tyme also yt was demanded of Nicholas Mortone howe he convayed his speciall letters into England, wherto he answered sainge, (An notable convaiance of letters into England.) that he dide conveye his letters between the paste bordes of books, which might lawfully be brought into England, & he landed at Dover. And at his goinge out of England imbarked himselfe at Hulle for Hamborge. The 4 of J anuarye 1579. Mondaye. (6 prestes more to go into England.) The names of the prestes were comenly knowne that were appoynted for to goe into England, their names followe: Robert Parsones, Jesuite; George Birket; Lucas Kerbye; Edwarde Ristone; Ralfe Sherwine; William Rarisone; with which prestes yt was thought convenient for to send laymen or paymasters, to helpe the prestes, by cause they should not be troubled in their jorney, in making their pinsons when they should be a sainge of their mattines, service & evensong. (4 payemasters appointed to goe with the prestes.) D. Alline appoynted John Pasquall to be the chefest & willed him to chuse 3 more to him. Suche as he lyked beste, & had most acquaintance in England, amongst nobles &gentlemen to persuade with them when nede should require. At which tyme D. Eyle was demanded whether he wold be one of the same payemasters, who presently offered himselfe redye in any maner of service that wold appoynte him to them. Enquiriye was made of Henrye Orton, by Doctor Alline whether he wold be one of the paye masters & go in the Popes Service into England, to which demands Ortone said that he was mynded before to have made sute unto Mr Pasquall, to be one of the said companye, for he had made sute unto the Popes Holynes for a monthly pentione to mayntayne himselfe here & for that the Pope would not graunte him his requeste. He was willinge to be at their appoyntement, havinge no other meanes to rayse his mayntenance. Now they had appoynted 6 prestes & 3 231

payemasters & could not telle wher to have the foweth .payemaster. (A payemasters office profered to me.) D. Alline callinge me to remembrance, requested D. Morton & D. Sanderson & John Smithsone, to make a kinde of profered to me in his name, who this present daye, at diner ther demanded of me what acquaintance I had with noblemen & gentlemen in England, of which matter I beinge somewhat acquainted before sayde that I was verye well acquainted with some noble men, & a great number of gentlemen. And when they did here my answer perswading themselves that I would not denye them demanded of me whether I wolde goe into England in the Popes service. If yt were proffered me, in which service I should be used as a payemaster to the prestes. To their proffred service I offered myself redy, at their pleasures, then they willed me not to take thought for maytenance, for ther should be suche order taken with us for all our provisions in everye respecte, that we should want no manner of thinge, in the meane season. Robert Terrille professed himselfe to be a payemaster yf they pleased, he beinge one of the Popes pentioners of 10 crownes a monthe, receaved him and refused me so that I harde no more of my office. This daye also Robert Johnson, preste, made sute to D. Alline to be one of the prestes which should go into England for he had mad~ sute to the Popes Holynes for a monthly pentione, which he could not obtayne & having no other mayntenance proffred himselfe as he sayd to his worship in that service, which he presently graunted him, so that they were thoroughly provided of prestes & payemasters in one daye which they doubted of before. The 5 or 6 of Januarye 1579. John Pasquall & Henrye Ortone, were appointed by the order of D. Alline to go to St. Andrewes, one of the Jesuite howses in Rome, to which house they went the same daye, (professed Catholickes) wher they were sworne, reconsiled, and professed Catholickes & to be trew to the Pope & never to be wearye, anythinge, or anyone Catholickes name comitted to them in truste, nor after that to alter their faithes. All whichfor said things they vowed & were solemnly sworne unto. The 10 of Januarye 1579. Sondaye. Mr President Alline, noysed abrode in his talke to sundrye men, (A preparation towardes Remes.) that he wolde make his repayre towards Remes the 1 of Februarye or there abouts, as he had also reported unto divers cardinalles before who persuaded him to stay untille Marche for that he could not passe the mountaynes. In that matter no maner of perswasions wold serve. Willinge & requestinge everye mane in generail that had anythinge to do with him, to lett him understand yt before that tyme & all men that wold goo downe wards with him should make them redye againste that tyme. The 28 of J anuarye 1579. Thursdaye. (The excommunicatione commonly sould.) The excommunicatione pronounced againste the Queen Majestie by Pius Quintus Pope, was newly imprinted againe, & commonly sould throughe the cittye, bearinge date Quinto K 232

Marchii 1569, And of the same excommunicatione was great rejoycinge of olde & yonge and all the ould newes, beganne to be路 r.enewed & talked againe & was also supplyed with muche new newe~, for the poste of France came this daye to Rome. (Verses againste Mounsur.) Verses were sent to Lucas Kerbye & Ralfe路 St andishe in their letter~. The newes he gave as followeth, being 8 in nomber, SOLA PRECOR VEL IUNOTA SIT VERGO BRITANA ET FERAT EX PROPRIA PIGNORA GRATA SOLO. Which newes thretned Mounsure doth willinge him to flye England. John Stubes & the Earle of Bedfordes secretaryes righte hand cute of, for makinge a booke againste Mounsure. News was also that 2 Judges wer'e pute from the benche for sayinge ~ yt was verye harde Justice. Newes was also that the Queen Maje~tie was joyned in league with the King of Denmarke & he had sent his shippinge to the seas, ( Ayde geven to the Q. M atie.) to a yde the Q. Maj estie againste the Kinge of Spaine. In the same letters was written that the Q. Majestie would marye mounsure out of hand by cause she wold be sure to have his brother the Kinge of Fraunce ayde, againste the Kinge of Spaine who before had promised the Popes ayde & therefore of the Kinge of Fraunce be trewe to the Pope & Kinge of Spaine accordinge to the leage the Q. Matie could not possible withstand the Kinge of Spaine, for all she hath the Kinge of Denmarkes ayde. Y t was also rumored abrode that ye Ducke Cassamiras wa~ levinge & mustringe of men to go into England as some said & other some reported that he shoulde go into the Lowe Countryes againe but nowe colde tell of certayne what he wold do. This daye came the poste from Naples & brought letters with him for one Richard Cradocke, an englishe merchante servant unto the Paule Vizines from Fraunces Tucker an Englishe merchante livinge路 at Naples, in which letters amongst other his busynes wrote that (The departure of the Kinge of 5paines navy 0- army from Naples.) all the Kinge of Spaines shippes, hulkes & galleys, (lyinge there excepte one only hulke to shippe after the sake men that were leftebehinde) departed from thence the 14 daye of December 1579 for England as they all reported. The Frenche poste brought with him letters from Mr Anthony Standon an English gentleman linge at Florence & one of the Duckes pentioners, to Richard Cradocke, which letters did only reporte the departure of Dome Petro theDuckes brother the 14 of December also, from Pisa with suche men as he had mustred for the ayde of the Kinge of Spaine, wherthe common reporte was that the said men went for England also. The 3 of February 1579. Wensdaye, John Pasquall & Henrye路 Orton retomed frome J esuites howse, called St. Andrews, Pasquall to his ould lodginge in the Seminarye & Ortone to D. Nortons, wherehe lodged with Nicholas Fitcheherbert and Robert Terrill. The 4 of Februaye, 1579, Thursdaye, D. Alline sent worde to Robert Terrill that he should goe to At. Andrews, (a professed Catholicke) who. 233-

departed presently after diner & was professed, sworne & vowed in the same order as Pasquall & Orton were. The 14 of February 1579. Shrove Sondaye. (a banket in S. chamber.) Ther was a banket in D. Sandersones chamber at the howse of Nicholas Morton. At the same banket were theis men followinge: Nicholas Morton D; D. Eyle; William Browne; Roger Baynes; Nicholas Fircheherbort; John Smithson; & Henrye Orton, wher muche newes was repeated from the firste to the laste, the same tyme (Orton the Speaker) Henrye Orton was the speaker & what so ever he said they all affirmed, untille his newes was ended. Who firste reported that Mr Humfrye Gilbarte was sent over into Flanders prively by the Q. Majestie (Conspiracies 0morders.) to murder Ducke Dalvaye, his pretence beinge espyed by the Ducke, before he colde bringe his conspiracye to an end, as he said was the Ducke sought for Sir Humfrye havinge secret Intellygence convayed himselfe awaye privelge. The Q. Majestie imediatly to c1ere herselfe of that matter & conspirasye as he said, sent her letters to the Ducke to execute aU suche Englishemen as were in Flanders at that tyme, for that they were all straglergs & abused him & the contrye againste her wille & pleasure of which busynes the restraynte grewe. The Prime conspiracye at Dowaye was procured by the Q. Majestie & her Prive Counsell, which was the occatione that all thenglishe men were banished from thence & .after wardes went to Remes where the Ducke of Guyse that no we is, where the Ducke of Guyse that nowe is, became ther protector & his brother the Cardinall of Bourbone have to them a howse, which they calle thenglishe colledge, and have remayned ther ever since. The Q. Majestie & her privie Counsell, cause proclamationes to be made and proclamed in London, & elsewhere in her Dominiones, that no soldgeares should departe the realme into Flanders one payne of deathe, which proclamationes are as warrants to all that wille go thether. The Q. Majestie also sent her letters to the regent of Scotland, requestine him (Scotes sent into Flanders by the Q. Mtie purment.) to send soldgares into Flanders, by cause she could not seme to breake the leage made between her grace & the Kinge of Spaine, her brother & now the Q. Majestie hath ended all her polyces. The Pope & the Kinge of Spaine, do begine as we maye perceave & as she hath .c onspyred many newes deathes, so shall hers now be conspyred, when she thinketh leaste of yt, for the Ringe of Spaine wille not breake the Ie age between the Q. Majestie & himselfe, but will lend men & furnyture to the Pope & the Popes Holynes is mynded to send (English branches sent into England.) some of his Englishe branches as secretly into England as the Queen hathe into other countryes, who shalbe more nyer to her than her grace is aware. They shall also deale so secretly with most of the beste nobles & worshipfull gentlemen who shall kepe in her favore, untill the verye uttermost tymes so that when her grace shall thinke them her trustye subjects, 234

they shall be cleane againste her. In the meane seasone the nobles & as many gentlemen as please shalbe dispenced with all & shall go to churche & be swome to the supremise as often as the other shalbe ministred. But their ladyes & wyfes with their knowne gentlemen shall have masse dayle who shall seme utterlye to dislyke of the Q. Majestie & her procedings. All this tyme Roger Baynes, being a verye wise man & a sober gentleman, marked Ortones talke well so that in the end he demanded to know how they wold affayte the Q. Majestie & her Dominions & that she should not be able to resiste & with stand them and their powers. To which demands, Orton requested D. Morton & D. Saundersone to ayd him for that they were able for to resolve him in the same questione, better than he was, because they were of the company that did drawe & subscribe the writtings & agrements, so Morton take the same questione one him, (The resolving of Baynes doubte.) to resolve Baynes, in every & thus he begane to procead in his talke. Yt was concluded in the agrements, said he, that ther should be sent into the North West parts of Irland, 10 or 12, thousand men, which wold shortly after their landinge so annoye the Q: power which are fewe in number, with the ayde of the contry ther that befor her graces power shalbe come thether, they will so provide, that at their cominge, they shalle have harde landinge in Irland. Which being once brought about their shall be men landed one the west or north west parts of England, from Ireland, so that they once settinge fotte a lande shall quiclye entrenche themselves, & they shall have supplyes of men dalye cominge to them, for bothe places the Q. wille sett forthe men both by land & sea & of necessitye they must be agreate nomber of men, & have good store of munitione & powder besydes armore. (The rebelyon in the North.) Then the Scottes & catholiks in the Northe part of the land shall shew themselves, to whom shall the catholics resorte from all places of the land, so that her Majesties power & countrye so weakened before, shall not be able to resiste in all places, & now Mr. Baynes said Morton I trust I have satisfyed you in your demandes. He procedinge forther in talke saing that at that tyme yt shalbe happye for those men which have anyone of the blessed graynes, of the collers which are so lately agreed one, (A happy time in England for papest 0- a woful time for protestants.) to be sent into England & came ther with all rehearse the watche worde, Jesus Marie, or els hath a speciall frinde to speake & entreate for him, or them ther wyves, children & goodes, for they which have neyther blessed grayne nor frinde shall perishe with fyer & sworde. Therefore their is one thinge which must be shewed to all catholikes, that they which wille have their frinds saved muste eyther geve them blessed graynes, againste that time, or els be present with them, or otherwise lose their frindes, for ther shall be none spared of what degree soever they be & then D: Morton came to me, standinge by them in the chamber & sayde trulye Charles thou hades ned for to geat


a great manye of holy graynes for all thy kindred are for the most parte heritykes. The 15 daye of Februarye 1579-Shrove Mondaye. Mr. D. Alline, president accompanyed with John Pasquall, Humfrye Eyle, Gabriell Alline, Henrye Ortone, & Roberte Johnson, (D. Alline presenteth himself 6- company before ye ppa 6- taketh his leave of him.) went & presented themselves to the Popes holynes, wher at that tyme they had a wonderfull great number of beades, graynes, agnusdeies, crosses, & other things in severall bages which are to be sent into England, blessed & hallowed, at which tyme also they kyssed the Popes fote, or slypper & obtayned also many plenarye indulgences & (2 .Bulltis obtayned fo the Ppa.) 2 generall Bulles which were comitted presently to the keepinge of Dr: Eyle & as soone as the Pope had geven all their busyness in chardge, blessed them & so they toke their leaves & departed aside, but D. Alline & John Pasquall stayed tille in the presence of the Pope, for they had manye other things to obtayne of his holynes & yt is to be noted that the said Alline & Pasquall have bene before the Pope manye tymes more than I have here expressed, partlye for the procuring of the charters, foundationes, meyntenances & statutes of the colledge to saye at Rome & at Remes, as also for the prefecte instructiones & knowledge of his Holynes pleasure. Of this his secret mutanye & rebellyone, pretended by him & them in England & the said Alline & Pasquall at other tymes before persuaded & procured suche meanes to the Pope, that the 6 prestes & 4 payemasters or as many as they pleased were appoynted to goe into England of which companye John Pasquall was appoynted one of the chefeste. His office is the chefeste paymaster, that is to say to provyde meate, drinke & clothes & all other thinges nedfull for the prestes, as well in their travel, as in England, (D. Alline procureth of the Ppa viatecome for his company 6- 500 crownes for their supplys.) where the monye is or by whome yt is made over into England from the Pope or of whom the payemasters do collecte yt, I am ignorant. But order was taken by the Pope with D: Alline & John Pasquall, at this tyme for all suche matters. They also at this tyme obtayned of the Popes holynes, a viatecome of 50 crownes a man for all the said prestes & gentlemen & from so manye as travelled in the companye of D: Alline which made suite for yt & D: Alline receaved 5 hundred crownes over & above all the viatecomes. For that porpose Pasquall knoweth best. Orton this same daye borowed his FEREOLA & SULTANE of Clarke sashe, of D: Sanderson, which made him some ancient & grave. He also had many angelles & much silver given him at his cominge out of England to make crosses, agnus Deies & other things. By his owne reporte all theis sermones & speches, Orton & his companye bosted of afterwards. This same nighte by which meanes I came to the heringe of yt & so presently put yt in writinge. The 17 of Februarye 1579 Ashe Wenesdaye, Alfonsus an 236

Stallyone, who was not longe since one of the Q. Majesties musytiones came to crave acquayntance of D: Alline. (Aljonsus licensed to go to Bologne.) He was released out of the Inquisitione, not long before & went under suertyes & had gotten licence for to go to Bologna, wher he was borne & their he shold have his libertye in tyme .g ranted, yf his usage were thought good & honeste. Cardin all Palyote was appoynted by the Pope to geve him his libertye when he pleased. For which cause he travelled to Bologna with William Shipwraye, preste, an Englisheman, chaplayne to Cardinall Palyote. Newes came also this daye that the 6 prestes which departed from Rome in October laste, were landed in England about Christmas laste, who gassed verye quetlye for the marriage of mounsure, so occupyed all menes hedes that ther was no searche for papestes as in tymes paste. The¡ 25 of Februarye 1579. Thursdaye, St. Mathewes daye. After Masse we prepared our selves onewards of our journey beinge 10 Englishemen & one frenche lackey. (D. Alline with his company depart from Rome.) The names follow:-Mr. D. Alline, President, Thomas Darbisher, J esuite, John Bavante D: & preste, John Sandersone D & preste, Humfrey Elye D: Henrye Orton, Gabriell Alline, brother to D: Alline, Robert J ohnsone preste, Charles Sledd, & Henrye Browne servant unto Alline & a frenche boye. He was sometymes D: Lewes mane. All this mynded to jorney togeather & out of the cittye. Of the schollers came at the laste 40 & gentlemen in which company was also John Pasquall & other gentlemen with horses so that everye bodye thought D. Alline to be a Cardinali. Manye of the schollers retorned to Rome the same night but Pater Rector & John Pasquall accompanyed us with 19 more to Monte Rosso, wher we lodged that night togeather at the Postes house. (Eyle bostoeth of his 2 Bulles.) An hower before supper Humfreye Eyle opened his malle & out of that toke manye things, amongst which he opened 2 bulles & excommunicatione which he had comitted to his custodye, to carye into England making his vauntes of his hostes that he was aboute to carrye 2 Bulles althoughe we counted him agade in those 2 bulles he said ther was rades in pise for the Q. Majesties whom he called Mrs. Beasse, Queen of England & they wold sett her out for an other Jesabell, but he wold not that she did knowe so muche for 2~d. At this tyme, for then shall we all have evell passage into England. All theis wordes were spoken at Monte Rosso, 22 myles from Rome in the presents & hearinge of John Pasquall, Robert Johnsone & others. The 4 of Marche 1579. Fridaye. (Johnsone & I arrived & lodged at the Cardinal of Bologna.) Robert Johnson & I arrived at Bologna gattes (leving D: Alline & the reste at Syena 5 dayes before) but into the same cittye we cold not be suffred eather, before we had sent one for licence, to Cardinal Palyot his Mr De Casa, who understandinge that their were Englishmen at the same gates, sent worde with as much spede as he could, that we should have free passage for yt was 237

the Cardinalls pleasure. The CardinalI beinge then abrode at his visetacone & retorned not before night. In the meane seasone we dispatched our busynes & procuredour coliattines or FEDA DELLA SANCTA of the Cittye. The Cardinali retorned at night & was sertifyed that ther were 2 Englishmen in the cittye, which came from Rome latly. The Cardinali commanded us to be brought to him, who saluted us verye cortiouslye & said that we should lodge with him, commandinge lodgings to be made redye for us, within his pallaze & so he left us, willinge Signor Giovani Francisco, his Master de Casa, & William Shepwraye to accompanye us & in the meane tyme the Cardin all prepared himselfe redye to go to evensonge, in his chappell. To the same evensonge, repayre all the servantes in his house & not to misse at any time one payne of the Cardinalls displeasure. One of his chaplines he gave to read evensonge, then we were brought into the chappell, by the Mr Casa & chaplaine. After evensonge eanded the Cardinali repayred to his closet adjoininge to his chappell. In the same place he Commanded us to be brought to him. At which time he streched out his right hand for us to kyse & then he blessed us with his right hand. Strechinge right 2 of his fore fingers, which beinge done he gave to enter into famyler talke with us, demandinge yf we were travelinge into England. (Johnsones take with the Cardinall.) J ohnsone answered for us bothe saying that we were sent into England by the Popes order, to reclame & reconsile the Q. Majestie & her people, to the Catholike faithe againe, wherunto she had often tymes before bene persuaded by fayre & fowle meanes & all wille not prevayle & therefore now yt is the Popes holynes pleasure to send prestes into England accordinge to his former promises, secretlye to persuade & call all the Catholikes togeather & so to make a sodon resistance and rebelyone againste the Q: Majestie which hath governed the same realme of England and Ireland, werse than ever did Jesab ell , for the space of 22 yeares. And now the Popes holynes is mynded to deprive her of her princlye dignityes, eyther by conspiringe her deathe secretlye, or openlye, by rebelIyone & sodayne envasione of her lands. And_we are sente as messengers to prepayre the wayes & meanes, for she is excommunicated all redye. (The Cardinales take to J ohnsone.) The CardinalI sayd that he knowe the Q. Majesties procedings sufficiently & was also prive to the Popes counsele & dealings, for all such busynes as he meant secretly & openly to be executed, in the same Islands of England & Irland, saing that he could but praye for our happye succease & also for the conversione of the Q. & people their for he feared that yf repentance were not verye shortlye, yt wold cause the blode of many men to be shed in that quarrel. The CardinalI having talked with us the space of an hower, demanded when D: Alline wold be with him. We showed his grace that he willed us to do his humble comendationes to him & certifye him that one the 5 daye of this monthe, he with his companye wold be bould to visit his grace. Then the Cardinali 238

called his Mr De Casa, Sinor Giovane Francisco, willinge him & Wm Shepwraye to accompanye us at supper, at which tyme also, we tooke our leave of the CardinalI by cause we ment to departe in the mominge towards Millane. He demand yf we wanted any money yf we dide he wold supplye our wantes. All this our talkes was used in lattine. (The Cardinal fasteth & commandeth us to supper.) We were brought to supper by Sinor Francisco & Wm Shepwraye, at which tyme Johnsone rehearsed greate stores of newes, to Shepwraye in Englishe, & repeated all that he had said to the Cardinall & rayled one at the Q: Majestie beyonde all reasone. After supper we were brought to our lodginges for that night. The 5 of Marche 1579. Satterdaye. In the mominge we were . brought to our breackefast by Sinor G. Francisco & Wm Shepwraye, but before we cold conveniently departe, (D. Alline arrived at Cardinall Pallyotes) D: Alline & his company came to the Cardinalls Pallaze who requested us to take our waye to Myllane & their deliver letters which he had, to Mr. Fraunces Petonoe for he meant not to jorney that waye. He delivered us the letters & appoynted us to staye for him at Turine, a daye or twoe. If we came thether before him & so we departed. The 11 of Marche 1579. Friday. (Johnsone & I arrive at Millane wher we met 9 Englishmen.) We arrived at Milane wher we made our repayre to D: Robertes & John Harris at the Cardinalls & his chaplynes who showed us of 9 Englishe & Freshe men & boyes, goinge upwards to Rome. They came at that instant tyme to D: Roberts & in the same companye ther was one Eden a boye about 15 yeres of adge of whom I demanded what contrye man he was. He answered that he was a Londoner, borne in Aldersgate Strete & now his father dwelleth in Silver Strete & is an attomye also in the Shreves corte, in London. He said also that his father sent him to Remes, requestinge them to send him to Rome yf they pleased, to the colledge. In the aftemone we mett all together againe at D. Robers Lodginge in the Cardinalls pallaze at which tyme Johnsone was very pleas ante & rehearsed greate store of newes, (Johnsones Is hope I trust in God Frustrated) moreover he said that he hoped to see them all & the rest of the catholikes which are out of England, in England verye shortlye & masse to be songe their as comenly as ever yt was before. D: Robertes spake unto Johnson saying you do carye & recarye so often that you wille espyed in thend (The pitcher is broke & will holde no more water,) sainge often goeth the water pote to the broke but in the end yt cometh broken home againe, J ohnsone replyed in this mannor of speache, saying that he had the Popes authoritie & was sent by His Holynes & therfore he cared not for any in England & they should well understand & also knowe in England that he wold not crepe in at the windowe, for he wold go in at the brode dore & so we parted company. John Harris accompanyed us to Mr Petowes lodginge to whome we delivered our letters & he 239

,delivered a letter to Johnson to be delivered D : Alline. I intercepted '2 letters directed to Mr Fraunces Pet owe at Millane, which the 9 schollers had amongst them one written by Wm Clitherowe & the other by Thomas Balye at Remes. The 15 Marche 1579. Tusdaye. (We met with D. Alline againe.) Johnson & I mett with D. Alline & our company at Turine where J ohnsone delivered D: Alline the letter which he recevide of 'Fraunces Petowe at Millane. D. Alline made answere presently to that letter & delivered yt to the rector of the Colledge of J esuites at Turine to convaye yt to Millane, The 22 Marche: 1579. Tusdaye. We came to Chambrye in Savoye, wher we lodged all that night & Johnson went to the Bushope of St. John de Morriones lyinge at the Cordelyers for to understand of him twoe thinges, the firste was to knowe whether D: Alline had bine with him & which way be travelled to Lyones, the other was to 'know how one Hyde dyed which Ortone & he lefte at his howse sake 'when they came to Rome & what was done with his horse & other furniture. The Bushoppe answered J ohnsone to his contentment shewinge him also that D: Alline departed the same daye from thence towardes Lyones throughe Doisenye which was a verye .dangerous waye, counselinge us not to go the same waye, but to -take the other waye along the Lacke of Geneva. We lefte the Bushope & repayred to our lodginge againe where we founde a frenche man, that could speake the Italyone tonge verye well. He went one crotches. (Johnson & I were taken for Romanes.) He supposed Johnsone & me to be Romaynes, in so muche he asked whether we 2 romaynes were travelinge. Johnsone answered that we were no Romaynes, he did mistake us, we are no enymies but frends, or els yt was otherwise then we knowe the frenche man -demanded what newes we harde at Rome of the marriage of Monsure to our Q: saying that in Fraunce & England yt was reported for certayne yt wold be a marriage. Johnsone said that he might 'marye the Q: yf he pleased but he should have of her un alter JESABELL & UN GRANDE PULTANA. Talkinge muche of the ,good succeasse of the Spanyards in Irland. The 25 of Marche 1580. Fridaye. Our Ladye daye. (Johnsone 0- I arrive at Liones.) Johnsone & I repayred to the Jesuites ¡colledge to know whether D: Alline were come thether. At which tyme the Rector of the J esuites colledge named Pater THOMA, :answered us that the same daye in the morninge he departed from thence towards Remes. The Rector requested us to staye that daye .& we should have a countryeman of ours to beare us companye, 'named Tho: Cotton & the next daye departed from Lyones towards Troye. The 2 daye of Aprille 1580. Satterdaye, Easter one. We approched within the sighte of Troye all the same morninge Johnson & Cotton, talked of the Earle of Lecester & of Mr Lodowicke Grivell & of a greate sute & contentone in lawe, :240

between the Earle & Grivell, (The talke & slaners of Johnson & Cotton) at which tyme they used in their speaches verye liberall words, saying that the Earle was but a swome man & also a whormonger for the Q: Majestie had a childe by the Earle, althoughe yt was kept so secret & he was so forswome, in so much that he gave his faithe & trothe be sworne by the George which hanged about his necke, he wold be a faithefull frinde to the aforesaid Lodowicke Grivell, who afterwards fowunde him in his dedly a forswome enimye. Cotton also reported Grivell, at that tyme to be as ernest & as faithfull a Catholicke as any was in England, & did harboure him, and many other Catholickes when They could not ture abrode, be cause ther was suche greate searche after them. And Grivell also requested (as by the reporte of Johnson & Cotton) all suche prestes & Catholikes, as ye knowe to be close & faithfull, to procure him a dispensacone from the Pope & also to be recorded as a faithfull Catholike in their bookes. The 3 of Aprille 1580 Easter daye Johnson Cotton & I layd at Troye, where the same daye after diner Johnson, (J ohnsons letter in my comendation) write a letter to D. Nicholsone & Mr. Sedgrave, in my comendatione which letter I have in my custodye. The 4: of Aprille 1580, Mondaye, Johnson & Cotton departed from me towards Remes, the same daye I departed from Troye towards Parris. The 6 daye of Aprille 1580, Wensdaye (]tty arrival at Parris) I arrived at Parris, at the same time I repayred to my Lorde Ambassador, Sir Henrye Cobham byinge at this Palaze called Madonezella, wher I shewed him the names of certayne prestes & payemasters to the prestes sent into England alredye. Other some were myndded to passe the seas verye shorllye & other some were at Rome, not appoynted to depart from thence untill 7 dayes after Easter daye. All which 20 persons I described unto my Lord Ambassador, with their stature, favour & apparrell & also gave his honor an enkelinge of their pretences. The 7 of Aprille 1580. Thursdaye, I delivered, 2 letters (firste I shewed them to my Lord Ambassador, who gave me his consent to deliver them) which I brought with me from Rome from John Smithsone, to furnish me credite at Parris, directed them to D. Nicholsone & thother to Thomas Coverle, in Bayone Colledge at which tyme I founde in Covertes logdinge, D: Nicholsone, D. Note, Thomas Coverle, Rowland Russell, & William Wane who at that tyme was supposed to be servant to Mr Secreterye Walsingham. (Rumours of the comminge of the Earle of Westmorland to Parris) The foresaid D: Note came lately out of Spaine & was mynded to goo to N amures to the Earle of Westmorland, Sir Fraunces Engerfeld & Mr. Copley to cause them to come to Remes or Parris & so to go for England, Irland & Scoteland, as my autor D: Nicholson did saye unto me, with whome I had dalye conference during the tyme of my abode in Parris, wher uppon ther grow a speche that the Earle of Q


Westmorland, Sir Fraunces Engerfeld & Mr Copley would come to Parris shortly. The 12 of Aprille 1580 Tusdaye. The 5 tyme of my repayre to my Lorde Ambassador I shewed his honor letters, that the Courte dide send to D: Alline, which letter I made shifte to open & I did rede them, beinge nothinge but letters of comendationes. (The L: Ambassador requested me to go to Remes.) The same night my Lord Ambassador delivered unto me 5 French crownes & one Spanishe pistelote to beare my chardges to Remes to which place his honor requested me to go to see yf I could go over into England also in some of their companyes. His honor also delivered me a prive seale which I should shewe unto Mr Secretarye Walsingham, as a secret token from his honor & that should be sufficient warrant for me, I also requested my L: honor to writte a letter & to geve unto me or els to sett his hand to the coppye of the informatione that I had geven his honor which he wold do for my preservatione, or reason I could geve him. The 17 of Aprille 1580. Sondaye (My arrival at Remes.) I arrived in Remes wher I delivered my letters which I had to D: Alline, who lyked verye well of my cominge thether & invited me to diner in the colledge hall & after diner I was requested to come & here (John Harte preste-his sermon.) the Sermone which should be made at 3 of clocke by John Harte preste, which tyme drawinge neare I went to the colledge with Johnsone & Cotton wher we found John Harte preste, redye to make his sermone as he was appoynted by William Alline D & President of the colledge & partely of his owne free wille, in the open halle, wher at were present all the Englishe men in Remes his texte was of the passiones of Christe, declaringe them to be nyne, which our said Saviour Jesus suffered for our Redemptione & salvatione & in his said texte, or exhortatione, (persuationes ~tsed by Harte) affirmed & concluded with perswaciones that yt was necessarye for us to suffer some grefes, wherby we might merite our salvatione the more, althoughe that Christe had shed his precious blode for us. He said yt was the holye fathers wille & pleasure (who is Christes generall vicar on earthe) to appoynte divers men present to go into England for to expell heresie. The said Harte thoughte mete in one parte of his texte, as he said, & of dutye was bound to persuade & exorte the said persons present which were to be sent on that message to stand fyrme & stedfastlye, to that which they had promised & were sworne & appoynted to do, wishinge & profering him selfe to be one of the said nomber aforesaid (Harte voweth to dye rather than to yeld to ye Q: Majesties proceedings.) vowinge rather to dye than to yeld to the heretic all & abhominable proceedinges of the Q: Majestie & her Counsell, which stedfastnes of their faithes wold cause all the people which were of that belefe, not to be easely withdrawne from the trewe faithe & appostalicke see of Rome. And he persuaded them that yt was lawful for them to do their message & service by any means they could possibilie 242

devise (especially by cause they were sent by his holynes & had dispenced with them all redye for all manner thinge they should do) openly or by prive persuasiones, of the people from the Q: & that herise was abhominable which she dothe & hathe mayntayned of longe tyme. He also declared howe that the Pope had not only excommunicated the Q, as his predicessores hath done before him but also hath dispossed & disherited her of the Kingdome of England & Irland which she dothe detayne from the Q: of Scottes wrongefullye. His holynes hath nowe geven them dyvers consideracones movinge his holynes ther unto) to the Kinge of Spaine who is mynded with all expedicone for to envade the said Dominions with fyer and sworde in the behofe & name of the Pope & happye shall yt be for thes men at that daye which shall have a frinde that shalbe knowne a faithfull Catholike for to entreate for them & their children with lands & goo des or else to have a certayne grayne or token to shewe that they are catholikes & beleveth the Church of Rome is the trewe & sencere catholike & appostolike faithe the residew of the said people being heretickes not havinge any friend or grayne to shewe shalbe searched & syfted out as the good corne is from the chafe & be put to the fier & sworde. (a havocke in England with slanders of her Majestie.) And as for the Q: which have behaved herselfe wors than ever Jesabell dide with her counsell peradventure wold gladly be recante but then yt wilbe to late, for they shall have suche rewarde, as obstinate heretickes aught to have, by the laws of God. And so in the conclucione of his texte willed them never to denye any thinge touchinge their faithes & belefes & to dye martirs as manye had done before them perswadinge them for everye drop of blode which was shede in their faithe did rayse 10 catholicks and charged them to declare nothinge comitted to them in charge & truste, by the Pope or his assigned debutye yf any of them chaunced to be imprisoned. Nor yet once to shewe the name of anyone Catholicke, or preste sent into England or that was permanent in England which is of that sorte or amayntance of them, for yf they dide declare anyone of theise things they should be damned without doubte 0-- be as an excommunicated person. The said John Harte (John Harte rants of his being in Rome.) also was at Rome but the tyme for certayne I know not, but in his said sermon he said & bosted that he had bine ther & for certayne I have sene of his letters sent to John Sandersone, gevinge him hartye thankes for his cortious entertaynement, at his being in Rome, more over the said Sandersone & many others, com end him highlye, for his forwardnes in the matters of consiens & other thinges comitted to him. (Hart by persuationes caused of his sisters to be nones.) The said Harte caused 2 of his sisters to passe the seas, by meanes of his persuasiones to his father and to them which afterwards became nones & as yet remaine beyonde the seas, with their fathers leave & licence.


(By persuationes caused his brother to go to Rome.) The said Harte also caused his brother William by his neanes, to passe the seas & to goo to Rome, with the licence of their father & their remainethe & hath promised & vowed to be preste, beinge their placed by his said brother. (Hartes mayntenance) The said John Harte during his abode be yonde the seas, was all wayes at the findinge & charges of his father. (The credit reposed in Harte preste) The said John Harte, before the travelinge & after the retome of William Alline. D. to Rome from Remes was dalye in the companye of the said Alline & of his Counsell. And in as good credite with him, at Remes, as Pasquall was at Rome. This same eveninge I wrote a letter & sent yt to my L: Ambassador shewinge his Honor how everye thinge was & by cause I could do no good their I departed from thence againe the 20 of Aprille by cause I wanted provisione the same daye. Cottone said that he should go to shallowne to the Bishop to be made preste & J esuite he was admitted at Rome. the 22 said I came to Parris to my Lordes Honor at night. The 24 of Aprille 1580. Sondaye I came to my Lord Ambassader, the 7 tyme of my repayre to his honor at which tyme I shewed his honor of the arrival of one James We1che an Irishe preste, the same daye from Rome, who departed from thence the 22 of Marche laste, he showed me, that, Thomas Goldwell Bushope & D. Mortone & 13 more of the best Englishmen in Rome, were appoynted to depart from Rome the next daye following, towards Venice, & so to Remes & then for England. I did also request my L: honor that night againe to subscribe the coppie of the informatione, which he wold not do at any hand, & so I toke my leave of his honor, not myndinge to come to his honor any more after that tyme. 5 of Maye 1580. Thursdaye. (My departure from Parris) I departed frome Parris towards Rone. The 8 of Maye 1580. Sondaye. I arrived at Rone, & lodged at the house of Thomas Gadwine. The 11 of Maye. 1580. Wensdaye. (Conference with Shelton) I had conference with Mr Humfrey Shelton, in Rone, of newes at Rome, & in thend shewed me 2 letters, he had receaved from Rome dated the 28 Marche laste. Thone from William Allet, preste, & the other from Nicholas Fitcheherborte, which letters dide lett him to understand, that Thomas Goldwell, Bushop & Nicholas Mortone with 13 more of the best englishemen departed from Rome the 23 of Marche laste towards Venice & so come for Remes & England, sent all by the Popes Holynes, to do him service, which companye were appoynted since the departure of D Alline from Rome. The 12 of Maye 1580. Thursedaye Assentione daye, I departed from Rone & arrived at Deape the same daye at night. The 13 of Maye 1580 Fridaye I imbarked myselfe at Deape, with Peter Pevet the poste & arrived at Rye, the 14 said in the eveninge & the next day towards London.


The 17 of Maye 1580 Tusdaye I arrived at London in the mominge & after none came to the corte, wher by the meanes of Mr Francis Myles, I came to the speache of Mr Secretarye Walsingham his honor, & shewed to his honor suche busynes as I then thought mett. The 26 of Maye 1580 Thursdaye, by the procurment of Mr Richard Y onge I had further speache with Mr Secretarye Walsingham, his honor also at that tyme entertayned me & harde me at large, at which tyme also I delivered to his honor a booke entitled the intelligence of the affayres of Englishmen in Rome, & other places. At that tyme also I delivered to his honor more. 1. brefe informatione of my one hand writtinge, contayninge in 9 halfe ashet of paper which dide importe the newes, of England, Rome & other contryes. 2. Letters of Robert Hares, written to John Sandersone in Rome. 2 Letters to Frauncis Petowe at Millane, 1 of the Bayles & thother of William Clitherowes at Reme. 1 Letter of Robert Johnsons preste directed to¡ D: Nicholsone & Mr. Sedgrave at Parris. 1 Letter of Edmonde Arthures written to Robert Goodwine at Rone. [Endorsed in another hand] Prestes and Semynaries beyond the Seas.

1257, f. 1 GATEHOUSE BILLS 1596 Sent in by the Right Honorable the Lord Admiralle and Mr Secretarie




William Randall, a Donkerke man close prisoner. Doth owe for his diett, lodginge, washing, fowen and can dells from the XXIXth of September unto the XXVth of December which is xij weeke iij daies viz for his diett and lodginge the same tyme at xiiijs. the weeke for faggotts xij weeks iij daies at xiiijd the weeke for washing the lyke tyme at iiijd the weeke, and for candells the lyke tyme at iiijd the weeke. In all-----~---ixli xvjs xd. Sent in by the right honorable the Lordes of her Majesties Privie Councell. Garrett Swifte, close prisoner doth owe for his diett, lodginge, washinge, fewell, candells from the XXIXth. September unto the XXVth December, which is xij weekes iij daies. Viz for his diett and lodginge the same tyme at xiiijs the weeke, for faggotts xij weekes iij daies at xiiijd the weeke for washinge the lyke time, at 245

iiijd the weeke, and for candells the lyke tyme at iiijd the weeke. In a l l - - - - - - - - - i x l i xvjs xd. Sent in by Mr Wade Clerke of the Councell uppon their Honors commandment. Thomas Richardson, a Scottishe man. Close prisoner, dothe owe for his diett etc - - from the XXIXth of September unto the XXVth of December, etc ... In all ixli xvjs xd. Sent in by the Righte Honorable Mr Secretary. Robert Hakeworthe, a seminarie preiste. Close prisoner, doth owe for his diett etc. from the XXIXth of September unto the XXVth of December etc - - - In all"- - - - - - - - - i x l i xvjs xd. Sent in by the Righte Honorable the Lord Treasurer. Francis Tilleson, a seminarie preiste. Close prisoner, doth owe etc. from XXIXth of September unto XXV th of December etc. etc. - - - In all ixli xvjs xd. Sent from the Councell borde in the Star Chamber uppon their honors commandment. Thomas Wen die, close prisoner, doth owe etc ... from the XXIXth of September unto the XXVth of December etc. etc. In all ixli xvjs xd. Sent in by the Right Honorable the Lordes of Her Majesties Privie Counsell. Lawrence Brome, close prisoner, doth owe etc ... from the XXIXth of September unto XXVth of December, etc. etc .... In all ixli xvjs xd. Sent in by the Righte honorable the Lordes of her Majesties Privie Councell. Thomas Manokes, gent, close prisoner, doth owe etc. from the XXIXth of September unto the XXVth if December etc, viz for his diett and lodginge, the same tyme at xviijs the weeke, for faggotts xij weekes iij daies at xiiijd the weeke, for washinge the lyke tyme at iiijd the weeke, and for can dells the lyke tyme at iiijd the weeke. In a l l - - - - - - - - -"v ijli iiijs xd.


Sent in by my Lo: Grace of Canterburye and Mr Secretarie and discharge awaye by Mr Wade: by the appointment of their honors. Suffrid de Cunnonith, an Almaine doth owe for his diett and lodginge for one weeke sent in the XXth of October 1596, by my Lords Grace of Canterbury and Mr Secretarie and discharged xiiijs Sent in by the Righte Honorable L: Treasurer for Poperie and discharges againe by his Lordship uppon his conformitie in goinge to Church. Edmond HaJeyan, an Irishman doth owe, for his diett, lodginge washinge, fewell and candells from the XXIXth of September unto the xiijth of October, being xiiij daies, viz for his diett and lodginge, faggotts, wasshinge and for candells during the same tyme. In all xxs. Sent in by the late Lo: Chamberlaine for poperie and other bad causes wch Mr Toplife beste knoweth William Stoakes, A prentice, of London, close prisoner, did owe for his diett, lodginge, wasshinge, fewell and candeles from the XXIXth of September unto the XVjth of October being xvij daies on which daie hee eanded his life, as the Coroners queste, did finde him to die, of an impostume. Viz for his diett and lodginge the same tymexxs, for faggotts the same tyme-ijs vjd for the Coroner for his fee,vjs viijdfor all- xxxijs vjd. Sent in by the Right Honorables: L. Admirall Mr Comptroller and Mr Secretarie. Robert Barton, bricklaier, close prisoner, doth owe for his diett, lodging, wasshing, fewell and candels, from the xiiij of December unto the xxvth of the same monthe being xij daies. For fewell ijs. for wasshing viijd for candells viijd. In all---------xxvijs iiijd. Summa Tottalis iiij xx vli xvjs vjd [Signed] Tho: Egerton, W. Burghley. Essex(?) R. North J. Buckhurst W. Cobham. (Cecy?)ll. J. Fortescue morrys Pykeringe [Endorsed] The Keper of the Gatehouse Bill for the diett, lodginge and other necessaries of her Majesties prisoners 1596 [ Another hand] Xpenses Quarter 96 Sir Richard Barkley. 247

To the right honorable the Lordes and others of hir Majesties privie councell. A certificate of all such prisoners as were in the custodie of Morris Pickeringe. Uppon your honors commandment from Christmas daie the XXVth of December untill the XXth of January then followinge beinge for one moneth before his departure, viz 1596. Committed by the righte honorable the Lordes of her Majesties moste honorable privie Councell. Garratt Swifte, Close prisoner, doth owe for his diett and lodginge for one moneth at xiiijs the weeke-lvjs for fewell iiij weekes at xiiijd the weeke-iiijs viijd for Candells xxid and for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke xvid - - - - - - - - - l x i i j s ixd Committed by the righte honorable the Lorde Admyralle and Mr Secretarie. William Randalle, Close prisoner, doth owe for ditto etc the same - - - - - - - - - lxiijs ixd. Committed by Mr Waadde Clerke of ye councell by order theire honors. Thomas Richardson, a Scottishman Close prisoner. Doth owe for ditto - - - - - - - - - - l x i i j s ixd. Committed by the Righte Honorable the Lordes of hir Majesties moste honorable privie Councell. Lawrence Broome, brought in Close prisoner, doth owe etc. lxiijs ixd. Committed by the Righte honorable the lordes of her Majesties moste honorable Privie Councell. Thomas Manocke, gent, Close prisoner, doth owe etc - - - at xviijs the week-Lxxijs for fewell etc. ----------lxiijs ixd. Committed by the Righte Honorable Mr Secretarie. Robert Hakesworthe, A semynarie preeste, Close prisoner doth owe for his diett and lodginge for one month at xiiijs the weeke lVJs for fewell iiij weekes at xiiijd the weeke-iiijs viijd for candells,-xxjd and for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke-xvjd - - - - - - - - - l x i i j s ixd 248

Committed by the Right Honorable the Lord Treasorer. Frauncis Tilleson, A semynarie preeste, Close prisoner doth owe etc .. ditto. - - - - - - - - -lxiijs ixd. Committed by the :R ight Honorable the Lordes of. her Majesties, moste Honorable Privie Councell. Robert Burton, of Oxfordsheire, Close prisoner, doth owe etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - -,lxiijs ixd' Committed by the Lordes from the Councell boorde Starr Chamber_ Thomas Wen dey of Essex, Close prisoner, doth owe etc. ditto . lxiijs ixd. Committed by the Righte Honorable Mr Secretarie iiijth, January& Discharged by Mr Attorney Generall XXth. January by order from the Lordes. Roger Symonds of Oxfordsheire, Close prisoner doth owe for his diett and lodginge a forte nights and iij daies at xiiijs the weeke-xxxiiijs for fewell the sayme tyme, ijs vjd for Candells- viijd for wasshinge, the same tyme- viijd And for his fees being dischargedby Mr Attorney generall by order from the Lordes of her Majesties most honorable privie Councell. Xs. - - -------XLvijs xd.Summa Totalis of this Booke xxxjli xvijs vijd.[Signed] Jo: Cant Tho: Egerton C.S. Howard, W. Burghley. Essex ' J. Buckhurst R Northr. w. Knollys. R O. Cecyll [ No endoresement] Morrys Pykering. To the Right honorable the Lordes and others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell. A certificate of all such prisoners as are and have beene in theCustodie of Hugh Parlor uppon your honors commandment from the xxjst Januarie 1596 untill the xxvth of March nexte and immediatelie followinge beinge for ix weekes viz. Committed by the Righte honorable the Lordes, of her Majestiesmost honorable Privie Councell. Garrat Swifte, close prisoner doth owe for his diett and lodginge, for ix weekes at xiiijs the weeke-vjli vjs for fewell at xiiijd theweeke for ix weekes, xs vjd for candells- iiijs, and for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke iijs - - - - - - - - - , v i j l i iijs vjd. 249'

Committed by the Righte Honorable, the Lord Admyrall and Mr Secretarie. William Randall, close prisoner, doth owe for etc. etc., ditto. - ---------:vijli iijs vjd. Committed by the Righte honorable Lordes of her Majesties most honorable Privie Councell. Lawrence Broome, close prisoner, doth owe for etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - - v i j l i iijs vjd. Committed by the Righte honorable Lordes of her Majesties most honorable Privie Councell. Thomas Manocke, gent, close prisoner, doth owe etc for ix weekes at xviijs the weeke-viijli ijs, for fewell at xiiijd the weeke for ix weekes-xs vjd, for candells-iiijs, and for washinge at iiijd the weeke-iijs ----------:viijli xixs vjd Committed by the Righte honorable Mr Secretarie. 'R obert Hakesworthe, a semynarie preeste, close prisoner, doth owe etc for ix weekes at xiiij the weeke-vjli vjs, for fewell at xiiijd the we eke for ix weekes-xs vjd, for candells-iiijs and for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke-iijs - - - - - - - - - ¡ v i j l i iijs vjd. Committed by the Right Honorable Lordes of her Majesties moste honorable Privie Councell. Francis Tilleson, a semynarie preetse close prisoner, doth owe, etc ditto - - - - - - - - - v i j l i iijs vjd Committed by the Right Honorable Lordes of her Majesties moste honorable Privie Councell. Robert Burton, of Oxfordshire, close prisoner, doth owe etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - -¡v ijli iijs vjd. Committed by the Lordes from the Councell boarde of the Starr Chamber. Thomas Wendey, of Essex, close prisoner doth owe etc. ditto - -- - - ----vijli iijs vjd Committed by the Righte Honorable Mr Secretarie Thomas Paleser, a semynarie preeste close prisoner doth owe etc, tor one weeke and vj daies at xiiijs the weeke-xxvjs, for fewell for 250

the same tyme at xiiijs the weeke-ijs ijd for candells-xd and for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke, viijd - - - - - - - - - x x i x s viijd Committed by Mr Waade clerke of the Councell and discharged the 27th. February 1596. Thomas Richardson, a Scottisheman, close prisoner, doth owe etc for five weekes and ij daies at xiiijs the weekes-xxiiijs for fewell at xiiijd the weeke-vjs for candells-ijs ijd for wasshinge at iiijd the weeke for the sametyme-xxd, And for his fees being discharged by warrant from the Lordes of her Majesties moste honorable Privie Councell-xs iiijli xiiijs Total sum of this booke lxvli vijs viijd [Signed]

Jo; Cant.

Tho: Egerton, W. Burghley, Essex, Howard.

R. Noath

J. Buckhurst

W. Knollys. By me Hugh Parlor, Keeper of her Majesties Prison of ye Gatehouse. [Endorsed]

Certificate of those Preists as ar prisoners in the Gatehouse at Westminster.

1599 To ye Right honorable ye Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell. The Demaunds of Hugh Parlor, gent, Keeper of her Majesties Prison of ye Gatehouse in Westminster for ye diet, lodginge and other necessaries of all such prisoners as being committed ye Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable Privie Councell, have remayned prisoners ther at anie time from ye 20 December 1598 untill ye 25th. of March nexte and imediatelie followinge being 13 weekes and 3 dayes. Christopher Soothworthe, preest, oweth for his diet and lodginge, from the 18th. of December 1598 un till ye 25 March beinge 13 weekes and 5 dayes after ye rate of ISs. ye weeke for his diet and Lodginge, 10li 5s 10d for fewell, 16s, for candells 5s 9d. For washinge 4s 8d - - - - - - - - l l l i 12s 3d


Morquret Currey, a Portingalls oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 weekes and 3 dayes after ye rate of ISs the weeke, IOli Is 6d. For fewellISs 8d, For candells Ss 7d. For washinge 4s 8d - - - - - - - - I l l i 7s Sri Barnard Odonell oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 weekes and 3 dayes after ye rate of ISs the weeke, 10li Is 6d. For fewelllSs 8d. For candells Ss 7d. For washinge 4s 8d. - - - - - - - ' - - - - - l l l i 7s Sd Pears Poore, oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 weekes and 3 dayes after ye rate of ISs the weeke, 10li Is 6d. For fewell ISs 8d. For candells Ss 7d. For washinge 4s 8d. - - - - - - - - l l l i 7s Sd. William Randall, oweth for his diet and lodginge for 18 dayes after ye rate of ISs ye weeke 39s. For his few ell 3s. For candells 13d. For washinge 12d ----------~44sld.

Peter Browne oweth for his diet and lodginge for 20 days after ye rate of ISs ye weeke 43s 4d. For his fewe1l3s 4d. For Candells ISd. For wasshinge 12d. - - - - - - - - 4 4 8 s Ud. Christofer Holliewood, pI;eest, oweth for his diet and lodginge for 11 weekes at ye rate of ISs the weeke 8li SSe For fewell12s lOde For candells 4s 7d. For wasshinge 12d - - - - - - - - , 9 l i 6s Id. William Hill, preest, oweth for his diet and lodginge for 18 days at ye rate of ISs the weeke, 39s for his feuell. 3s for candells, 13d for wasshinge 12d. --------~4¡4sId.

Roger Harison oweth for his diet and lodginge for 12 dayes at ye rate of ISs the weeke 26s, for fue1l2s. For candells 9d. For washinge 8d ----------29sSrI Nicholas Linch, Preest oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 dayes after ye rate of ISs the weeke 28s 2d. For fue1l2s, For candells IOd for wasshinge 8d - - - - - - - - 3 1 s 10rI William Tomsoon oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 dayes after the rate of ISs the weeke, 28s 2d. For fuell 2s. For candells lOde For wasshinge 8d - - - - - - - - 3 2 . s 10rI 2S2

Nicholas Knight, preest, oweth for his diet and lodginge for 13 dayes after ye rate of ISs the weeke 28s 2d. For fuell 2s. For <:andells 10d. For wasshinge 8d. - -- - -- - -32s 10d Anthonie P oore oweth for his diet and lodginge for 7 dayes ISs. For fuell 14d. For can dells 5d. F or wasshinge 4d. - - - - -- - -16s lId William Watsoon, preest oweth for his diet and lodginge for 12 dayes at ye rate of ISs ye weeke 26s. for fuell 2s. For can dells 9d for wasshinge 84. - - -- - - --29s 5d. Launcelot Porter oweth for his diet and lodginge for 12 dayes at ye rate of ISs the weeke 26s. For fue1l2s, for candells 9d, for wasshinge 8d -----------------29s5d Christopher Bagshaw Doctor of Divinitie oweth for his diet and lodginge at ye rate of 18s ye weeke for 13 weekes and 3 dayes 12li Is 9d. Ror his fuell ISs 8d. For can dells 5s 7d for wasshinge 4s8d. - - - -- - - -13li 7s 8d Capitaine Francisco Gothoy, oweth for his diet and Lodginge at ye rate of 18s ye weeke for 13 weekes and 3 dayes, 12li Is 9d. For his fuell ISs 8d for candels 5s 7d For wasshinge 4s 8d. - - -- -- ---13li 7s 8d Item ther remaineth of ye last accounte un-receved which I humblie crave now to be allowed. Sum Totall of this Booke is 99li 2s 8d [Signed] Notingham R. Northr J. Buckhurst Ro.Cecyll J. F orestcu. Hugh Parlor. [Endorsed] The Keeper of the Gatehouse in Westminster. Bill for the diett etc. of the prisoners under his charge. [ In another hand] 25 Martij 1599. Keper of the Gatehouse at Westminster. Annunciation Quarter. 253

1600 The demands of William Okey, Keper of her Majesties prison of the Gatehouse at Westminster, for the diett lodginge and other necessaries of all such prisoners as being committed by their LLds. have remayned prisoners there at any tyme from the xxviijth of September 1599 until the xxviijth of December next followinge being xiij weeks viz. Hortencio Spynole oweth for his diett and lodginge for xiijd weeks at ye rate of xiiijs the we eke & ixli ijs. for his fuell at xiiijd the weeke xvijs and for candels at 6d the weeke 6s 6d for washinge at iiijd the weeke. - - - - - - - - - x l i vjs xjd

Christopher Hollywood, preist oweth for his diett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the rate of xiiij the weeke-ixli ijs, for fuell at the rate of xiiij the weeke xvs ijd, for candells at 6d the weeke 6s 6d for washinge at iiijd the weeke iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - x li vjs. xjd. Bernard Odonell preist oweth for his diett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the rate of xs the we eke vjli xs. For his fuell at xiiijd the weeke xvs ijd. For candells at 6d the weeke 6s 6d. for his washinge at 4d the weeke iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - v i j li xiiijs xjd Richard Clarkson, preist oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weeks at the rate of Xs the weeke vjli xs. For fuell at xiiijd the weeke xvs ijd, for can dells at 6d the weeke 6s 6d For washinge at 4d the weeke iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - v i j l i xiiijs xjd Patrick Segrave oweth for his diett and lodging for viij weeks at ye rate of xs the weeke, iiijli. For fuell at xiiij the weeke etc. - - - - - - - - -:iijli xvs iiijd Jacobo Tyrell oweth for his diett and lodging for vij weekes etc. - - - - - - - - - -iiijli iijs vd J ames Standish, preist oweth etc. for one we eke etc.- - -for going by water xijd - - - - - - - - - x i j s xjd John Crooke oweth etc. - - - - for one weeke xs for fuell xiiijd, for candells 6d for washinge iiijd xjs xjd Captaine Thomas Bridges oweth etc - - - - and other necessaryes for xij weeks & three days after the rate of xs the weeke. - - - - - - - - - ' v j l i vs.


Captaine Henry Duffield oweth for his diett, lodginge and other necessaries for XLViij after the rate of xs the weeke. - - - - - - - - -xxiiijli

Jo: Cant. G. Hunsdon W. Knollys [Endorsed] Febr. 1599


Somme total of this bill is lxxvjli xljs iijd Notingham J. Buckhurst. Ro: Northr Ro: Cecyll. J. Fortescu J. Popham Keper of the Gatehouse His allowance for expenses quarter.

To the Right honorables the Lordes and others of her Majesties most honorable privye counsell. The Demands of William Okey, Keeper of hir Majesties prison at the Gatehouse in Westminster for the Diett, lodginge and other necessaries of all such prisoners as being committed by the right honorables the Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell have remayned prisoners there at any tyme from the xxixth of Maye 1600. And to en de the xxvjth of September 1600 next and immediatly followinge, beinge xvij weeks. Henry Leighe, esquire, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for tenne weeks at the rate of xvs the weeke vijli xs, for his wasshinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iijs iiijd - - - - - - - - - v i j li xiijs iiijd Hortentio Spinola, oweth etc. - - - for xvij weekes at the rate of xiiijs the weeke xjli xviijs for his wasshinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke vs viijd - - - - - - - --xijli iijs viijd Barnard Odonell, oweth etc - - - for xvij weeks at xs the week viijli xs. For his washinge at iiij the weeke vs viijd. - - - - - -- - -viijli xvs viijd John Herdes oweth etc - - - xv weeks and three daies at the rate of xs the weeke vijli xvs for his wasshinge at the rate of iiijd the we eke vs iiijd - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd Thomas Wrighte, a seminary preist, oweth etc. - - - for six weekes and fower daies, att the rate of xs the weeke, iijli vjs For his wasshinge at iiijd the weeke, ijs iiijd, for going by water to the Tower xijd - - - - - - - - i i jli ixs iiijd 255

"Henry Saunders, gentleman, oweth for his etc. - - - at the rate of .xs the weeke iiijli, For his wasshinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke j s viijd - - - - - - - - - i i i j l i ijs viijd Summa totall of this bill xliii) li vs Jo: Cant. Nottingham Tho: Egerton. J. Buckhurst, J. Fortescu, Ro: Cecyll. J. Popham. These rates are agreable with ye Rates allowed uppon the Keepers last bill. Wm Skynner. [Endorsed] To the Keeper of the Gatehouse. October 1600 [Another hand] Keeper of the Gatehouse.


To the Right Honble. the Lordes and others of hir Majesties most :honorable privie Councell. The Demandes of William Okey, Keeper of her Majesties prison of -the Gatehouse at Westminster for the dyett and lodginge and other ¡necessaries of all such prisoners etc. etc. - - - prisoners there, and -to begyneth xxvijth of September 1600 and to end the xxjth of December 1600 next and imediatly following being juste xij weekes. "Hortentio Spinola oweth for his diett and lodging for xij weekes att the rate of xiiijs the weeke, viijli viijs. For fuell at the rate of .xiiijd the weeke, xiiijs For candells at the rate of vd the weeke, -vs for washinge att the rate of iiij the weeke. - - - - - - - - - i x l i xjs :Barnarde Odonell, a seminary preiste oweth for his diett etc - - for xii weekes at the rate of xs the weeke, lvs. For fuell etc. ditto --------..-Cvijli iijs. 'Committed by my Lordes Grace of Canterbury. John Heardes, a souldier, oweth for his diett etc. for 5 weekes and iij daies at the rate of xs the weke lvs. For fuell at the rate of .xiiij the weke vjs vd. For candells att the rate of vd the weke ijs :iiijd. For washinge att the rate of iiijd the weeke ijs - - - - - - - - - i i j li vs ixd 'Committed by the Lorde Admirall and Committed by Sir Robert -Cecill. Thurston Hunte, preiste, oweth etc. - . - - for vj wekes and iiij <laies at the rate of xs the weke, iijli vs vd For fewell at xiiijd the :256

weke vijs viijd. For candells at vd the weke ijs ixd. For washinge att iiijd the weke ijs ijd - - - - - - - - - i i j l i xviijs jd Committed by the Lord Admirall and committed by Sir Robert Cecill. Robert Middleton, a seminary preiste, oweth etc. - - - vj wekes and iiij daies etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - - i i j l i xviijs jd both theis came out of Lanc. Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. Le Capitaine St. Victor, a frenchman, oweth etc. - - - for iij wekes and iiij daies' at the rate of xs the weke ijli vs vd for fewell at the rate of xiiijd the weke, vs iiijd. For candells at the rate of vd the weke ijs iijd. For washing att the rate of iiijd, the weeke xxd. For going by water xijd and for paper and yucke for one whole yere xijd - - - - - - - - - i j l i xvjs ixd Laide out for the foresaide Bamarde Odonell, for one sute of Is apparell, one shirte and a paire of stockens Summa total of this byll.

xxxiijli ijs viijd

[Signed] Jo: Cant. G. Hunsdon A. Knollys.

Tho: Egerton C. S.

J. Buckhurst

J. Fortescu Ro: Cecyll. J. Herbert [Endorsed] The Keeper of the Gatehouse. [another hand] Expenses quarter 1600 Wm. Okey, Keper of the Gatehouse. 1601 To the Right Honorable the Lordes and others etc. - -The demands of William Okey etc - - - And to begyn the Twoo and Twentith of December 1600, and to en de the xxixth Marche 1601 next and immediatly followinge, being just xiiij weekes. Committed by the Lordes, Christopher Bluntt, knight, oweth for his diett and lodginge, and for two of her Majesties yeomen of the Garde, which were appointed to attend him. for fewell, candells and other necessaries for xiiij daies - - - - - - - - - x li xviijs jd Committed by the Lords Hortencio Spinola, oweth for his diett and lodginge for xiiij weekes R


at the rate of xiiijs the weeke ixli xvjs. For fewell att the rate of xiiijd the weeke xvjs iiijd, for candells at the rate of vd the we eke vs xd. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiijs viijd - - - - - - - - - x j l i ijs xd. Committed by the Lords Barnard Odonell oweth etc. for xiiij weekes at the rate of xs the weeke vijli. For fewell at the rate of xiiijd the weeke xvjs iiijd, For candells at the rate of vd the we eke vs xd, For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiijs viijd. - - - - - - - - -'viijli vjs xd Committed by the Lord Admirall and Sir Robert Cecill, brought out of Lancashire. Thurston Huntt, a semyanarie preiste oweth etc for x weeks and iij daies at the rate of xs the weeke, vli vs for fewell at the rate of vd the week iiijs vd. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the week iijs iiijd - - - - - - - - - ' v j l i iiijs xjd Committed by the Lord Admirall and Sir Robert Cecill, brought out of Lancashire. Robert Myddleton, a semynarie preist, oweth etc. - - - ditto - - - - - - - - -'v jli iiijs xjd Committed by Sir Robert Cecil!. Edward Boothe, oweth etc for xiij weeks and iij daies, at the rate of xs the weeke vjli xvs, for fewell at the rate of xiiijd the weeke xvs. For candels at the rate of vd the weeke vs vd. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - v i j l i xixs xjd. Committed by the Lord Admirall and Sir Robert Cecill. Came from Spaine. Pierce Strange, oweth for his diett etc for two weekes at the Rate of xs the week xxs. For feuell at the rate of xiiijd the weeke ijs iiijd, for candels at the rate of vd the weeke xd. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke viiijd --------~ili iijs xd I tern due unto Doctor Marbeck, Christopher Frederick, one of hir Majesties Surgeons and Roger Gwynn, apothecary for physicke, and theire attendance uppon Hortencio Spinola, prisoner. ---------xxli v Summa total of the Bill lxxviijli iiijd G. Hunsdon J. Buckhurst Ro. Cecyll J. Fortescu. [Endorsed] Annunciation 1601 Keeper of the Gatehouse [Another hand] To the Keeper of the Gatehouse. [Signed]


To the Right honorable the Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell. The demands of William Okey, Keeper of her Majesties prison of the Gatehouse in Westminster for the diett etc. - - - prisoners there, and to begin the xxxth day of March 1601. And to end the xxviij of June 1601 next and immediately followinge. Committed by the Lords Hortencio Spinola oweth for his diett and Lodginge for xiij weekes at the Rate of ISs (?) the weeke xli viijs. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the we eke iiijs iiijd - - - - - - - - - x l i xijs iiijd Committed by the Lords. Barnard Odonell, a semynarie preist oweth etc - - - for xiij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vijli xijs For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiijli iiijd ---'-------'---viijli iiijd Committed by the Lord Admirall, and Sir Robert Cecill came from Spaine. Pierce Stronge, an Irishman, oweth etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. Luke Jones, oweth etc. for x weeks at the rate of xijs the weeke vjli. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the we eke iijs iiijd - - - - - - - - - " v j l i iijs iiij d Committed by the Lord Admirall. Thomas Harison, gentleman, oweth etc. for v weeks and iij daies at the rate of xijs the weeks iijli. For washinge at iiijd the weeke ijs - - - - - - - - - i i j li viijs Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. William Udall, gent, oweth etc for iiij weekes and iij daies at the rate of xijs the weeke ijli iiijs. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke. - - - - - - - - - i j l i xvs viijd Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. William Brickhead, oweth etc for ij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke xxiijs. For washinge at iiijd the weeke viijd - - - - - - - - - x x i i j s viij d 259

Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. Lott Arnold oweth etc. one weeke.

---------12s. Summa totall of this bill xlli xvj s vii jd

J. Buckhurst J. Fortescu Ro: Cecyll. [Endorsed] To the Keeper of the Gatehouse in Westminster. [ In another hand] Midsomer 1601. Mr. Okey Keeper of the Gatehouse. [Signed]

J. Popham.

To the Right honorable the Lordes and others of her Majesties most honorable privie Councell. The demands of William Okey Keeper of her Majesties prison of the Gatehouse in Westminster for the dyett lodginge & other necessaries of all such prisoners as being committed by the Right honorable the Lordes & others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell, have remayned prisoners there And to begyn the xxxxth daye of June 1601, and to en de the xxvijth daie of September 1601 next and mediatlie, being just thirtene weekes. Committed by the Lords. Hortencio Spinola oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke, iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - x l i xijs iiijd Committed hy the Lords. Barnard Odonell, a semynarie preist oweth for his dyett for one weeke xijs for washinge iiijd - - - - - - - - - x i j s iiijd Committed by the Lord Admiral. Thomas Harison, gent, oweth - - - for xiij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke, vijli xvjs, for washing--iiijs iiijd - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd. Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. John Udall, gent, oweth - - - for xiij weekes etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - -'viijli iiijd. Committed by Sir Robert Cecill. Francis Tilletston, a semynarie preist, oweth - - - etc. ditto. - - - - - - - - -'viijli iiijd 260

Committed by the Lord Admirall & Sir Robert Cecill. Pierce Stronge, an Irishman, oweth - - - etc ditto. - - - - - - - -viijli iiijd Committed by the Lord Treasurer. Edward Browne, oweth - - - for ix weeks at the rate of xijs the weeke, vli viijs for washinge iiijs --------~vli xjs Committed by Sir Robert Cecil. Thomas Day, oweth - - - for twoo weeks at the rate of xijs the weeke xxiiij~, for washinge iiijd - - - - - - - - -xxijs iiijd Christopher Newminge, a Jarman, oweth for one week xjj, for washinge iiijd - - - - -----xijs iiijd Suma totall of this bill

Lli xiiijs

[Signed] J. Buckhurst G. Hunsdon,

Ro. Cecyll. J. Herbert . . [endorsed] 1601. To the Keeper of the Gatehouse Westminster September 27. [another hand] Keper of the Gatehouse Michaelmas 1601. 1602 To the Right honorable etc. the demands of William Okey etc - - to begyne the xxixth of March 1602 & to end the xxvijth of June 1602, next and ymediatlie follinge, just xiij weeks. Committed by the Lords. Hortencio Spinola, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the week iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - - x l i xijs iiijd Committed by Mr Secretary Cecill. Francis Tyllatson, oweth for his dyett etc, for xiij weeks at the rate of xijs the weeke vijli xvjs, for washing at the rate of iiijd the weeke. iiijs iiijd. - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd Committed by Mr. Secretary Cecill. William Udall, gent, oweth etc. ditto------viijli iiiijd 261

Committed by the Lo: Treasurer Edward Browne, oweth ---------viijli iiijd ditto Committed by the Lord Admirall & Mr Secretarie Cecill. Pierce Stronge, an Irishman, oweth ditto - - - - - - - - -¡viijli iiijd Committed by Mr Secretarie Cecill Fardinando Cardinus, a Spanish J esuett oweth-ditto - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd Committed by the Lord Chief Justice, Thomas Partingam, oweth - - - for viij weekes and iiij daies, at the rate of xijs the weeke-vli iijs for washinge iiij --------~vli vjs Suma totall of this bookys-lvjli Ro: Cecill J. Buckhurst J. Fortescu J. Herbert [Endorsed] the Keper of the Gatehouse, 27th. June. [ A nather hand] Midsomer 1602.


To the Right honorables the Lordes & others of her Majesties most honorable privie Councell. To the demands of William Okey - - to begin the eighte and twentith daie of June 1602 and to end the xxvj daie of September 1602 - - - being just xiij weeks. Committed by the Lordes Hortencio Spinola, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weeks at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiij. iiijd - - - - - - - - -xli xijs iiijd Committed by Mr Secretary Cecill Francis Tillatson, oweth etc - - - for two weekes at the same rate. ---------xxiiijs viijd Committed by Mr Secretary Cecill William Udall, oweth .... for xiij weekes at the same rate - - - - - - - - v i i j l i iiijd. Committed by the L: Treasurer Edmond Browne - - ditto 262

viijli iiijd

Committed by the Lord Admirall & Mr. Secretarie Cecill Pierce Stronge, an Irishman, for v weeks at the rate of xij the weeke, iijli, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke- js viijd - - - - - - - -iijli js viijd Committed by Mr. Secretarie Cecil!. Fardinando Cardinus, a ]esuett, oweth for xiij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vijli xvjs, for washinge at iiijd the week iiijs iiijd ---------'viili viijs iiijd Sumatotall of this book ys, xxxviiijli xixs viijd Ro. Cecyll [Signed] ]. Buckhurst. W. Knollys. ]. Popham. [endorsed] The Keeper of the Gatehouse- the 26th. September 1602. To the Right Honorable the Lordes & others of her Majesties most honorable privie councell. The demands of William Okey - - - to begyn the xxvij daie of Sept. 1602, and to end the xxvjth daie of December, 1602 next & imediatlie followinge beinge just xiij weekes. Committed by the Lordes. Hortencio Spinola, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weeks at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the we eke iiijs iiijd, for fewell at the rate of xiiijd the weeke, xvs ijd, for candells at the rate of vd the week vs vd - - - - - - - - -xjli xijs xjd Committed by Mr Secretarie Cecill. William Udall, oweth - - - for xiij weekes at xij the week vijli xvjs, for washing iiijs iiijd, for fewell xvs ijd, for candells vs vd - - - - - -- - -.ixli xjd. Committed by the L: Treasurer. Edmund Browne, dyett & lodging vijli xvjs for washinge iiijs iiijd, for fewell, xvs ijd. for can dells vs vd - - - - - - - - - i x l i xjd Committed by Mr Secretary Cecill Fardinando Cardinus, a spanish ]esuett, for dyett & lodginge, vijli xvjs for washinge iiijs iiijd-for fewell, xvs ijd for candells, vs vd - - - - - - - - - i x l i xjd Committed by Mr Secretarie Cecil!. Francis Hall, fordyett & lodginge for iij weekes, xxxvjs. For fewell iijs vjd For candells xvd, For washinge xij, for fees xs - - - - - - - - -.ljs ixd 263

Committed by Mr Secretarie Cecill Thomas Warde for iij weeks for dyett & lodginge xxxvijs vjd. For fewell iijs viijd. For candells xvd, for washinge xijd. For fees xs- - - - - - - - - l i i j s vd Committed by Mr Secretarie Cecill. William Hurton, oweth for iij weeks one daie for dyett & lodginge xxxvijs vjd. For fewell iijs viijd. For candells xvd. For washinge xijd For his fees Xs. :~-----liijs vd Suma totall of this bill. xlvjli xiiijs iijd

[Signed] W. Knollys


J. Buckhurst Ro: Cecyll J. Fortescu William Okey

To the Keper of the Gatehouse 26 December 1602.

1604 To the Right Honorable the Lords & others of his Majesties most honorable privie councell. The demands of William Okey - - - to begin the xxvjth daie of March 1604 and to ende xxiiijth of June 1604 next and ymediatlie followinge beinge just xiij weeks. Committed by the Lordes Hortencio Spinola, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs. For washinge at the rate of iiijd the we eke iiijs iiijd. ---~----xli xijs iiijd Committed by the Lords Anthony Copley, esquire, oweth for his dyett and lodginge - - ditto & for the barber xijd - - - - - - - - - x l i xiijs iiijd Committed by the Lords Edward Browne, oweth ditto & for the barber, xijd, For a Shiute of Fustian Ivjs - - - - - - - - - x l i xvijs iiijd 264

Committed by the Lords John Redley, oweth for his dyet & lodginge for xiij weeks, vijli xvjs_ For washinge iiijs iiijd For a shirt vs -------~-viijli vs iiija Committed by the Lords Thomas Atkinson, oweth for his dyet & lodginge for xiij weeks-· vijli xvjs. For washinge iiijs iiijd. To the Barber xijd - - -- - - ---viijli js iiija. Committed by the Lords John Payne for his dyett & lodginge for v weeks at the rate of xvjs· the weeke iiijli. For washinge xxd. - -- - - -- - - iiijli js viija Suma Total of This byll is lijli xijs iiija [signed]

J. Dorset Gilb Shrewsbury H. Northampton J. Fortescu. Ro: Cecyll [endorsed] The Keep of the Gatehouse his bill. June 1604. [another hand] Midsomer qaurter 1604. Keper of the Gatehouse. To the Right honorable the Lordes & others of his Majesties most honorable privie Council. The demands of William Okey - - - beginning the 25 of June 1604,.. & to en de the 23rd. of September 1604 next - - - being 13 weeks. Committed by the Lords. Hortencio Spinola oweth for his diett and lodginge for 9 weeks &: 5 daies at the rate of 16s the weeke, tli lIs. For washinge at the rate· of 4d the weeke 3s 4d. To the barber 18d. For a featherbed, a.. bolster, a coverlet, and 2 blankets which are not for any man to lye in againe by reason of his disease 5li. - - - - - - - - 1 2 l i ISs 10d.. Committed by the Lords. Anthony Coplie, gent, dyett & lodginge for 9 weeks at 16s the week,. 7li 4s. For washinge at the rate of 4d the week 3s For his fees lOs. - - - - - - - - - 7 l i 17s Committed by the Lord Treasurer Edmunde Browne, oweth for 13 weekes at 12s. the week, tli 16s .. For washinge 4s 4d. For the barber 12d. For a pair of shoes 2s 4d. - - - - - - - - - . 8 l i 3s 8d


Committed by the Lords John Rydley, oweth for 13 weekes at 12s the week, 71i 16s. For washinge 4s 4d. To the barber 12d. For a pair of stockings 4s & a pair of shoes 2s 4d. - - - - - - - - S l i 7s Sd Committed by the Lords Thomas Atkinson, oweth for 13 weeks at 12s the weeke, 71i 16s. For washinge 4s 4d. To the barber 12d - - - - - - - - S l i Is 4d Committed by my Lo: Cranbome & my Lo: Knollys. Edward Smith, oweth - - - for 12 weeks 3 days, tli lOs. For washinge 4s. For his fees lOs. - - - - - - - - - , S l i 4s. Committed by my Lo: Chief Justice Richard Clapton, alias Woodwarde, a seminarie preist, oweth for 7 weeks and 2 daies being close prison at the rate of 14s the week, 5li 2s. For washinge 2s 4d. - - - - - - - - 5 l i 4s 4d. Committed by my Lo: Chief Justice Christopher Marlowe, alias Mathews, a seminarie preist owethfor 7 weeks and 2 daies being close prisoner at the rate of 14s the weeke 5li 2s. For washinge 2s 4d. - - - - - - - 5 l i 4s 4d Committed by my Lo: Cranbome. Andrewe Bayley, a fryer, oweth-for 8 weeks at the rate of 12s a weeke 41i 16s. For washinge 2s. For the barber 12d- - - - - - - - 4 l i 19s 8d Suma tot ail of this bill is

68li 17s 10d. Cranbome J. Dorset E. Wotton J. Herbert {Endorsed] Michaelmas quarter 1604 :[ Another hand] The Keeper of the Gatehouse.

'[ Signed]


1605 To the Right Honorable the Lords & others of his Majesties most honorable privie Councell. The demands of William Okey - - - to begine the 24th of December 1604 and to end the 24th of March 1604 next - - - being juste 13 weekes. Committed by the Lord cheife Justice Richard Zouch, esquire oweth for his dyett and lodginge, for 13 weekes, at the rate of 16s the weeke 10li 8s, for fewell at the rate of 14d the weeke ISs 2d, for candells at the rate of Sd the wecke ISs Sd, for washinge at the rate of 4d the weeke 4s 4d, to the barbour 12d. - - - - - - - - l l l i 13s lId Committed by the Lord Cranbome Thomas Philipps, esquire, oweth for his dyett & lodginge for 7 weeks at 16s the week Sli 12s for fewell 8s 2d, candells 2s lld, washinge 2s4d - - - - - - - - I 6 l i Ss Sd Committed by the L: Treasurer. Edmund Browne oweth-for 13 weekes at the rate of 12s the weeke 7li 16s, for fewell ISs 2d for can dells Ss Sd, washinge 4s 4d, barbour 12d - - - - - - - - : 9 l i Is lId Committed by the LL. John Ridley, oweth-for 13 weekes at the rate of 12s the weeke 7li 16s, for fewelllSs 2d for candells Ss Sd, for washinge 4s 4d, to the barbour 12d, for a suit of fustian (he being in great need) 46s. To a surgeon healinge his head beinge sore hurt by a mischance lOs. - - - - - - - - l I l i 17s lId Committed by the LL. Thomas Butter, oweth - - - for 4 weekes at the rate of 12s the we eke 2li lOs, for fewell 4s 8d for candells 20d, for washinge 16d, barbour 4d for going by water 12d for his fees lOs. - - - - - - - - 3li 9s 8d Committed by the LL. Thomas Bywater, minister, oweth - - - for 10 days at the rate of 16s the weeke 13s, for fewell, 20d, candells 8d, for his fees lOs, for going by water two severall tymes 3s - - - - - - - - l l i 18s 4d 267

Committed by the Lord Treasurer. Hugh Clare, oweth - - - for 2 weekes being close prisoner at the rate of 12s the weeke 24s, for fewe1l2s 4d, candells 10d for washinge 8d - - - - - - - - l l i 17s 10el Somme totall is signed:

46li 5s.

J. Dorset

Cranborne J. Popham J. Herbert [Endorsed] Annunciation 1605 Keeper of the Gatehouse "-1Another hand] Annunciation 1605. Keeper of the Gatehouse at Westminster. 46-5-0. To the Right Honorable the Lords & others of his Majesties most honorable privie Councell. The demands of William Okey - - - to begin the fyve & twentieth daie of March 1605 and to end the three & twentieth daie of June 1605 beinge thirteen weeks. Committed by the Lord Chief Justice Richard Zouche, esquire, oweth for his diett & lodgnige for xiij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of ilij the weeke, ilijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd. For a suit of fustion xlviijs, for a paire of worsted stockings viijs, for a paire of shoes iis viijd. - - - - - - - - - x i i j l i xijs Committed by the LL. Erasmus Cooke, clarke, oweth - - - 5 weeks at the rate of 16s the weeke 4li, fewell Is viij, for candells xd, for washinge js viijd, for going by water ijs, for his fees lOs. - - - - - - - - - i i i j l i xvjs ijd Committed by the Lord Treasurer, Edmond Browne, oweth - - - for xiij at the rate of xijs the weeke 7li 16s, for washinge 4s 4d, to the Barbour 12d --------.....;viijli js iiijel Committed by the LL. John Ridley, oweth - - - for xiij weekes at the rate of 12s the week vijli xvjs, for washinge 4s 4d, to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - v i i j l i js iiijd 268

Committed by the L: Treasurer. Hugh Clare, oweth - - - for xiij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke, vijli xvjs, for washinge 4s 4d, for going by water xijd To the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i ijs iiijd Committed by the L: Treasurer John Lee, oweth - - - xiij weekes viijli, for washinge 4s 4d, for going by water xijd to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i vjs iiijd Committed by the Lo: Treasurer Thomas Warde, oweth - - - xiij weekes at xijs the weeke vijli xvjs, for washinge 4s 4d, to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i js iiijd Committed by the Lords Thomas Potter, oweth - - - for xj weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vjli xijs, for washinge iijs viijd, To the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - -'v jli xvjs viijd. Committed by the Lords Patrick Typper, an Irishman, oweth - - - for vj weeks at the rate of xvjs the weeke iiijli xvjs, for washinge ijs, for going by water ijs, - - - - - - - - -'v li Committed by the Lords John Smithe oweth - - - for ij weekes & three daies at the rate of xijs the weeke xxxs, for washinge xijd, for going by water ijs. ---------xxxiijs Summa totall of this bill.

lxxijli vs vjd


Salisbury E. Wolton J. Fortescu

J. Dorset endorsed: The Keeper of the Gatehouse 1605 In another hand: Midsomer Quarter 1605

72-10-6 Keeper of the Gatehouse Westminster 1605 269

1606 Note. Heading damaged by damp & only the words "of his Majesties most honorable privie Councell" remain. To demande of William Okey, etc. - - to being the xxxth daie of December 1605 and to end the xxiijth daie of March - - - being xij weeks Committed by the L: Chief Justice Richard Zouche, esquire, oweth for his dyett & lodginge at the rate of xvjs the weeke lxli xijs, for fewell at the rate of xiiijd the weeke xiiijs, for candells at the rate of vd the weeke vs, for washing at the rate of iijd the weeke 4s, to the barbour xijd, for a paire of shoes ijs viijd. - - - - - - - - - x l i xviijs viijd Committed by the L: Treasurer. Edmonde Browne, oweth-for xij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vijli iiijs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i viijs. Committed by the Lords. John Ridley, oweth - - - for two weekes at the rate of 12s the weeke xxiiijs, for fewell ijs iiijd, for candells xd, for washinge viijd, for his fees xs. ---------xxxvijs xd. Committed by the Lord Treasurer. Hughe Clare, oweth - - - for xij weekes and iiij daies - - - vijli xs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, To the barbour xijd, for his fees xs. - - - - - - - - - i x l i iiijs Committed by the Lord Treasurer John Lee, oweth - - - for xij weekes and iiij daies at the rate of xiis the weeke vijli xs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, To the barbour xijd, for his fees xs. - - - - - - - - - i x l i iiijs. Committed by the Lord Treasurer Thomas Warde, oweth - - - for xij weekes & iiijor daies at the rate of xij the weeke vijli, for fewell xiiijs, foor candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijd for his fees xs. - - - - - - - - - : i x l i iiijs 270

Committed by the LL: Thomas Potter, oweth - - - for ij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke xxiiijs, for fewell ijs iijd, for candells xd, for washinge viijd, to the barbour iiijd. ---------xxviijs ijd. Committed by the LL: Edmond Handey, oweth - - - for xij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vijli iiijd, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i viijs. Committed by the LL: Thomas Stanney a Jesuit close prisoner, oweth - - - for xij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke ixli xijs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - - x l i xvjd Committed by the LL: John Roberts a semynary preist, oweth - - - for xij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke xli xijs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijd, for going by water xijd - - - - - - - - - x l i xvijs Committed by the LL: John Storey, oweth - - - for viij weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke, iiijli xvjs, for fewell ixs iiijd, for candells iijs iiijd, for washinge ijs viijd, to the barbour viijd. - - - - - - - - -·v li ixijs Committed by the LL: William Johnson, oweth - - - for ix weekes at the rate of xijs the weeke vli viijs, for fewell vs, for can dells iijs ixd, for washinge iijs, to the barbour viijd. - - - - - - - - -·v jli vs ixd. Committed by the LL: James Johnson, oweth - - - for viij weekes at the rate of xiiijs the weeke beinge close prisoner vli xijs, for fewell ixs, for candells iijs iiijd, for washinge ijs viijd, for his fees xs, to the barbour viijd, for goinge by water to Sergeants Inn to be examined & for carryinge him to the Tower iijs. - - - - - - - - v i j l i js vjd 271

'Committed by the LL: 'FrancisPriery, oweth - - - for viij weekes at the rate of xijs the we eke iiijli xvjs, for fewell ixs, for candells iijs iiijd, forwashinge ijs viijd, to ,the barbour viijd, for his fees xs - - - - - - - - - v j l i ijs 'Committed by the LL: Thomas Rookewood als Saier, a semynarie preiste oweth - - - for ix 'weekes and two daies at the rate of xvjs the week vijli viijs viijd, for -fewell xs xd, for candells iijs ixd, for washinge iijs, for fees xs to the 'barbour viijd. - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i xvjs iijd Committed by the LL: Mathew Battey" oweth - - - for xij weekes at the rate of xijs the week vijli iiijs, for fewel xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijs for gowing by water xijd --------~viijli ixs -Committed by the LL: Thomas Bate, oweth - - - for iiij weeks at the rate of xvjs the weeke :iijli iiijs, for fewell iiijs viijd, for candells xxd, for washinge xvjd, to -the barbour iiijd, for a rugge gowne xxvjs, for a c10ake xIs, for a suite of fustian lijs, for a shirte and a band vjs, for a pair of worsted nose vijs vjd, for a paire of showes ijs viijd - - - - - - - - - x l i vs ij d 'Committed by the LL: William Kendall, oweth - - - for viij weekes at xijs the weeke iiijli xvjs, for fewell ixs iiijd, for candells iijs iiijd, for washinge ijs viijd, io the barbour viijd. --------~vli xijs . .committed by the LL: 'William Handy, oweth - - - for x weekes at xijs the weeke vjli, for fewell xjs viijd, for candells iiijs ijd, for washinge iijs iiijd, to the 'barbour xijd, for his fees xs. - - - - - - - - - v i j l i xs ij d {Committed by the LL: Thomas Maunder, oweth - - - for ix weekes and iiijor daies at - - - of :xijs the weeke vli xvjs, for fewell xjs ijd, for candells iiijs, for washinge iijs iiijd, to the barbour viijd, for fees xs. - - - - - - - - - v i j s iiijli ijd '272

Committed by the LL: Thomas Howesman oweth - - - for ix weekes and iiijor daie~ at the rate of xijs the weeke vli xvj$, foe fewell xjs ijd, for candells iiijs, for ~ashinge iijs iiijd, to the barbour viij, for fees xs - - - ------vijli iiijs ijd Committed by the LL: Henry Davis, oweth - - - for xij weeks at xijs the week vijli iiijs, for fewell xiiijs, for candells vs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xij. - - - - ---viijli viijs Committed by the Lo: of Salisbury Richard Barratt, oweth - - - for v weekes and iij daies beinge close prisoner at xijs the we eke iijli vs, for fewell vjs iiijd, for candells ijs iijd, for washinge xxd. - - - - - - - - - i i j l i xvs iiijd. Committed by the LL. Henry Garnett, a J esuett, oweth - - - for one wekks and iij daies for himselfe and for one that did attend him in his Chamber and for other necessaries as for fewell" candells, wyne & fees. - - - - - - - - -,iijli vs. Committed by the LL. John Vincent alias Hall a J esuett, oweth - - - for one weeke and iij daies for himselfe and a man that did attend him and other necessaries, as fewell, candells, wine & fees & goinge by water. , iijli vs. Committed by the Lord of Canterbury. Nicholas Kirfoote, oweth - - - for twoe weekes at xiiijs the weeke beinge close prisoner xxviijs, for fewell ijs iiijds, for candells xd, for fees xs. - - - - - - - - - x l j s ijd Committed by the Lords. Tymothie Haies oweth - - - xiiij weekes at the rate of xije the weeke viijli viijs, for fewell xvjs iiijd, for candells vs xd, for washinge iiijs viijd, to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - - ixli xvs xd s


Committed by the Lords John Walker, oweth - - - xiiij weekes at xijs the weeke, iiijli xvjs, for fewell ixs iiijd, for candells iijs iiijd, to the barbour viijd - - - - - - - - -'v li xixs iiijd Suma Totall of This bill ys


J. Dorset

clxxxxvjli ixs vd Notingham Salisbury E. Wotton L. Stanhope (?) J. Fortescu


Keeper of the Gatehouse Annunciation 1606 To the Keeper of the Gatehouse 1606 196-9-5. [Another hand.] Annunciation 1606 Keper of the Gatehouse at Westminster 196-9-5. To the Right honorable the Lordes and others of his Majesties most honorable privie councell. The demands of Anne Okey, widowe and Thomas Harlowe her sonne, keepers of the Gatehouse in Westminster for diett, lodginge, and other necessaries of all such prisoners as being committed by the Right honorable the Lordes & others of his Majesties most honorable privie Councell, hath remayned prisoners there, and to begin the 25th. daie of Marche 1606 and to end the xxiiijth daie of June next - - - being xiij weekes. Committed by the Lord Chief Justice. Richard Zouche, esquire, oweth for his dyett and lodginge for xiij weekes at the Rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge at the rate of iiijd the weeke iiijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd, for a shute of fustian Ls, for a paire of worsted stockings viijs, for one paire of shooes ijs viijd - - - - - - - - - x i i j l i xiiijs Committed by the Lord Treasurer. Edmond Browne, oweth - - - for xiij weekes vijli xvjs, for washinge

iiijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - - v i i j l i xvjd Committed by the Lordes ThomasStanny,Jesuiteclose prisoner oweth - - for xiij weekes at the


rate of xvjs the weeke xli viijs, for washinge iiijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - x l i xiijs iiijd. Committed by the Lords John Roberts, a semynarie preist oweth - - - for xiij weekes at the rate of xvjs the week xli viijs, for washinge iiijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd. - - - - - - - - - x l i xiijs iiijd Committed by the Lords. Mathew Battye, oweth - - - for xiij weekes at xijs the weeke vijli xvjs, for washinge iiijs iiijd, to the barbour xijd. ---------"viijli xvjd Timothy Hayes, oweth - - - xiij weekes vijli xvjs for washinge iiijs iiijd. to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - -"viijli xvjd Committed by the Lords. Thomas Phillippes, esquire oweth - - - for xij weekes at the rate of xvjs the weeke ixli xijs, for washinge iiijs, to the barbour xijd - - - - - - - - - i x l i xvijs Committed by the Lords Edward Handy, oweth - - - for iij weekes and iij daies after the rate of xijs the weeke, xlks, for washinge xijd. ---------xlijs Committed by my Lord of Salisbury. Richard Barrett oweth - - - for twoe weekes & fower daies at the rate of xvjs the weeke, xljs, for washinge xijd. - - - - - - - - - x l j s viijd Suma totalis of this bill ys [Signed.] J. Dorset

lxxiljli vs iiijd Suffolke Salisbury

E. Worcester Gilb: Shrewsbury, J. Stanhope [Endorsed.] the Keeper of the Gatehouse in Westminster 1606 [Another hand.] 1606. Keeper of the Gatehouse For Midsomer Quarter 73-3-4.


YORK CASTLE RECUSANT PRISON LISTS. (Constable of Everingham MSS. Fr John Knaresborough's MS , ,Sufferings of the Catholicks", A mpleforth Abbey.) NOTE: The following list has no reference to source by it, but is followed immediately in the MS by a long account of the treatment meted out to these same prisoners which is "Collected out of Mr Richmonts MSS, in Bibliothec. Richd. Towneley armiger." Knaresborough was chaplain to the Towneleys in York and wrote his MS there in the first decade of the 18th century. Catholick Prisoners in York-Castle Anno Dni. 1599. 1st Mr Christopher Wharton, Priest Condemned for being made Priest beyond-seas and returning &c. put to death the Lent Assizes Anno Dni. 1600. 2. Mr George Kaines- an Old Queen Mary's Priest. 3. Mrs. Eleonore Hunt, widdow, under sentence of Death for harbouring the said Mr Wharton. 4. Mrs. Bridget Maskew and Mrs. Ann Tesse Widdows; with five others condemned of High Treason for persuading a Minister to become Catholick. 6. William Middleton of Stockel¢!. I 7. William Stillington of Kelfield. I 8. Richard Danby of Cave. (Esqrs. 9. Richd. Fenton of Burwallis. 10. Tho. Gelstrop of Barrowbye 11. Michael Jenison of (sic) I Gents. 12. J ames Rosse of Igmanthorpe. (13. Wm. Gascoigne of Thorpe. j 14. Thomas Clitherow of York Draper. 15. Robt. Hyrebottle of Ugthorpe. 16. Robt. Hallely of Biggin. 17. John Thackerie of Ripon. 18. John Freeman of Menthorp. 19. Simon Ridley of Ugthorp. 20. Cuthbert Bailes. 21. Ralph Singer. 22. Bennet Crathorne. 23. Richard Failtorshe. 24. Richard White. 25. John Raie. 26. Lancelott Hales. 27. Edward Moorcroft. 28. Edward Salkeld of Ripon. 29. Thos. Newet of Cliff . . 30. Tho. Wheelhouse of Lingcroft. 31. Peter Tonstal. 32. J eromie Bolton.



33. Bernard Stafford a Painter. 34. Richard Jackson. 35. John Taylor. 36. George Salkeld. 37. Kath. Radcliffe of Ugthorpe. 38. Kath. Dutton of Danbie. 39. Ann Warcop of Catenbie. 40. Ann Waite Wid. of (sic) 41. Margaret Allot 42. Margaret Silvester. 43. Elizabeth Hall. 44. Margaret Taylor. 45. Jane Bradshaw. 46. Isabel Taylor. 47. Margaret Story. 48. Mary Hemsworth. 49. Margaret Spenley. 50. Anne Watson. 51. Eliz. Hales. 52. Agnes Hardisty. 53. Jane Story.


~ J


(County Record Office, Northallerton. Hutton of Marske MSS. Shrievalty Papers of Sir Timothy Hutton.) (An indenture attached to the first list shows that its date was March 28th 1606.)

A Kallender of all suche prisoners as are remayninge in the gaole and Castle of the Countie of Yorke under the custodie of Sr. Richard Gargrave Knight late sherif of the saide Countie of Yorke. Debtors (22 names) Other civil prisoners (7 names) Felons (71 names) Recusants-Francis Smythe Richard Reyner Charles Champney Nicolas Champney Clement Hodgeson Robt. Browne Barthol. George Hy. Peckett Thos. Robinson John Ellison Leonard Gryme Wm. Parker Katherine Stable John Thackwraye Bennet Crathorne Francis Wicliffe Thos. Thuresbie John Padgett Wm. Foster Geo. Brown on good behaviour. Peter Ovington George Spence Francis Stafferton James Wallys John Healey John Wood Thos. Gudgen Robt. Poole Wm. Clairerennett John Arnestrowe Edward Wilkes Nicolas Braye Eliz. Poole (2 or 3 names obliterated by tearing open the seal) Lancelott Brande John Harrison Robt. Goodrick Bernard Stafford Richard Jackson John Cooke Agnes Bayle Kallender of all suche Felons as have byne committed to the Castle of Yorke since the last Assizes beinge the xxxjth. of Marche laste 1606.


Francis Stafferton a Seminary preist committed by the Councell. Willm. Clarerennett suspected to be a Seminarye preist committed by the Councell. (York Diocesan Archives. Borthwick Institute, York. Commission Act Book 1607-12. f. 1456.)


March 1606. Recusantes in the Castle of Yorke who refused the Oathe of Allegiance. Francis Wycliff Thomas Smith Grace Vandistrand Edward Wharton Christopher Cowlam Leon. Smith Ursula Robinson Brian Medcalf Thomas Bleasdell Francis Mitchell Humfrid. Metcalf Barnard Stafford Katherine Stable Recusantes in the Kidcote similiter. Thomas Minn. Henrie Craven Thos. Scott (Leeds Central Library. Temple Newsam MSS. TN/LA 8b.) (This list is amongst the official papers of Sir Arthur Ingram, Secretary of the Council of the North.)

180. Maii 1619. The names of the popishe recusants which stande committed to the Castle of Yorke. Recusantes in premunire. Henry Peckett Nicholas Bray Thomas Smith Henry Clifton John Bellas Margery Killingbecke Bennet Crathorne John Patchitt William Clitheroe Nicholas Terrie John Marshall Julian Starkey Marie Fraudingham Henry Rowth Alice Baxton Christopher Dent Robte Gibson James Roantree Recusantes not in premunire. Francis Storie Elizabeth Cooke Richard Wallshawe Dorathy Eshe Willm. Howgate Robte. Thwinge Theis which followe were the 12 of Aprill last & are yet at large. Christopher Lowicke Tho. Goodwith Tho. Bucke George Boyes Tho. Traineham Margery Swinbanke Edward Eshe Leond. Gower John Arksey Salomond Scott John Hugill Anne Vavasour, without this 18th of Maie. Anne Babthorpe abroade the 12 of Aprill last, & since corned in againe. These which followe beeinge in premunire were at large the 12 of Aprilliast and since are come in. Marke Bellwood John Hodgson These beeinge alsoe in p'munire were at large the 12 of Aprill last and are yet at large. John Palliser Isabell Maxwell Isabell Raner John Pickard Elizabeth Ellison 278

These allsoe are at large this 18 of May beeinge likewise in p'munire. Thomas Robinson Dorathy Utie Richard Yate Willm. Coursey John Hoggard J ames Wallis Willm. Patchet Henry Greene a daungerous recusant convicted before the last assizes.

The case of Mrs Dorothy Scrope.

NOTE This lady was one of the three daughters and coheiresses of Anthony Ca'tterick of Stanwick, and the widow of Francis Scrope of Spennithome, co. Yorks. According to the following MSS (Meynell MSS vol. 1. Ampleforth Abbey), at the time of the incidents related, she was living at North Kilvington, the home of her sister Margaret, wife of Roger Meynell. There are references to Mrs Scrope's case in Fr Pollard's MSS printed in Morris, Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers. 3/460) (1) Easter Term. 7 James. (1609) Yorkshire. Memorandum that Anthonie Pybus of Thryske in the County of York on the above day and year presented himself before James Altham Knt., one of the Barons of this Exchequer &c. viz. That one Thomas Marr and Richard Braithwayt upon the xiijth of Aprilliast past came into the house of one Mrs Dorothie Scroope the wyfe of Frauncis Scroope of Spennythome in the said County esqre. and violently broke open the doors of the house and arreasted the body of the said Mrs. Scroope, and with force and violence pulled her forth of her howse, she being aged about lxvj yeares, Impotent and very sicklye not able to goe they sett her on a barrow and caused her to be Carryed to a markett towne called Thryske about a myle and a halfe dystant from her howse, and in the way used vile and most Reproachfull words Callinge her hoore bitche & ould Rotten papiste Queane & such lyke termes wth muche othes, unseamly and barbarouse behavior to her not fytting for this deponent to set downe. After they brought her to the markett towne of Thryske they locked her in a Chamber where the said Marr with a draune dagger threatned to kill her and to carry her dead corps to Yorke protesting with horryble oathes he might justefie yt for that he sayd she was outlawed by reasone & Culler whereof this deponent sayeth they used that proceeding againste her, quarreling also with her frends and Neybors whoe Came to se her, not suffering them so to doe who only came to yt end and purpose. And after one nights keping her as prysoner they toke of her about xlvs., and sett her at lybertye, since wch. tyme the said Mrs Scroope hath byn very sicklye and much Compleanethe of hurte and bruising which the 279

said Marr & Brathwate gave her; so that this deponent verely thinkethe she will Dye thereof. Also this Deponent affirme and saye, that about May day last past the said Marr and Brathwayt came into the grounds of one Thomas Meynell of Northkilvington A recusant and Dyd seyze Certeyn goods of one Richard Meynells, a man Conformable in Religione to his Maties. Lawes, which goods were going and depasturing on the 2 parts of the said Thomas being in lease, under pretence as this deponent hard that the said Thomas was outlawed. And that the said Marr and Brathwayt had warrant to apprehend his body and Seyze his goods, but being demanded the sight of such warrant which they refused to show, the said goods were Restored, and being ewes and young lambes they tread on the lambes with theyre feete and hurt the ewes by strking and pushing them on. Then Instantly the said Marr and Brathwayte Came to the sa~d Markett towne of Thryske and seyzed a horse of the said MI; Thomas Meynell toke him from his servant and bett him hayled and pulled him houlding a dagger to his brest threatninge to kill him yf he would not let the horse goe. Caused the Constable & others in the towne to prayse him at liijs. iiijd. yet the horse well worth xli. under pretence as they said of a warrant from the sheryfe so to doe, but this deponent being present he dyd not se them shew any warrant, althoughe the same was Required at theyr handes, yet the said Marr and Brathwayte possessed the horse and so toke him quyte awaye which horse this deponent dyd se in the possession of the sayd Marr at ferrybrigg as this deponent Came to London. And this deponent upon his Corporall oath affirme and saye that in lent last past the said Marr and Brathwayte came to Burrowbrigge to one John Smythsons a poore olde man and Conformable in Religion to his Maties. Lawes, and under pretence that the said Smythson was outlawed, areasted the body of the said Smythsone and would have Carryed him to Yorke Castell, but the poore man was forced to give them v li. and to pay theyr Charges for theyre victualls and drinke for one night which came to viijs. viijd. And as this deponent heareth by Crydble Reporte in the Countrye they have arreasted many under Culler of these outligames and have taken many brybes from xs. to x li., and those whoe will not give them anything they Carry to the Castell of Yorke; where divers remayne now at this Instant both men and women which by Coller of these outligames they arreasted and Caused to be Commyted. (Endorsed-Affidavit of Anthony Pybus.) (2) Good Sir in my last I signified unto you what we understood by Aston & Marr their behaviors. Aston is reported to have used a counterfait commission & so is run away. Marr doth areaste Catholikes by vertue of a writt directed to ye Sherrife, ye Copie of wch. you shall receyve hereinclosed. He areasted about ye Assise weeke Mrs. Beesley who could hardly be brought iij myles (her


impotence is such by any meanes. An old wife of Gisbrough called. Anne Hugall almost 80 years of age, and other 3 pore women. Since yt tyme he hath been prowling about wth. one Bretwhet & others wth. him continuall (sic) molestinge Catholikes, & where he¡ can gett brybes he takethe & when he can not he bringeth ye pore parties to prisone. He tooke Mr Christofer Coniers & gott a good bribe on him, Mr George Tockette, Mr Jhon Ingilbie, Mr James Tankerd & marty others who all gott dismist for Bribes. He had about Hawvingam of Mris. Houltbie & others xli. He areasted ye last Tuesday (since ye date of this writt was expirred) 4 men and a women about Gisbrough & Stowslay, one woman of 90 yeares, an other & her husband having one child not halfe a year old & 2 others verie younge ye rest verie pore having had all their goods taken before for ye kinge, & divers of them having compounded wth. ye L. of Bristowe accordinge to ye commission granted unto him for yt end, all wch. notwithstandinge (save one man he dismist by ye way) he hath brought to ye Castell molesting and trobling all ye Contrie in his way wth. bringinge the, they beinge such impotent people some of them, as needs he must bring some in Cartt, some on horsback, & so from Constable to Constable yt they were from Tuesday morning till Thursday at nyght comeing. He is gone forth agayne & braggeth yt he will bring in an other troope, notwithstanding yt ye pp.pists say his commission is out, for sayth he it lasteth till Michaelmasse and so longe he shall plaghe them. It maketh him verie forward to goe about this businesse so industriusly, for if he can gett no bribes of ye parties areasted whether it be for yt theywill give him none; or it be they be so pore they have it not; yet such combination is betwixt or. keper & him yt he must have vjs. viijd. of him for everyone he bringeth in, as his owne man doth. report. Wherfore if by any good meanes you can lairne, to corbe & lett this cruell tyranicall dealing of his, you shall doe a most charitable deed, and for this purpose I acquent you wth. these¡ proceedings. Yor. nice An (God give her good speed) draweth. towards her account & is desirous to have her sister Isabell wth. her, who hath labored yor. sister Tess to effect ye same, who doth. hartely commend her selfe unto you & desireth to knowe whether it be yor, mind it shall be so or not, & what you would advise her therein. We nowe wax thronge, and or. Sherrife will not Bayle any of these brought in, therfore if happe by any thinge will be done by your worke & meanes there it is well, if not fiat voluntas Domini. Thus wth. my dutie humbly remembered & harty commendation from yor. brother Hod, George, Rob., & ye rest I pray God preserve yor. health and send encrease of grace and patience unto us all his¡ pore afflicted. York Castell this 5 of May Yor dayly beadsman . Ch; Ch;

(Endorsed-Ltre tuching Marr & Brathwayte.)


(3) The following statement is unsigned and undated. I received from Mr Milner writts for apprehending of outlawed persons; which writts came by the meanes of Thomas Marr; Wee delivered them to the undersherriff of Yorkshire; One Astell or Aston Came to the Cittie of Yorke as a purser vente, and the books being under seale and in the hands of one Alexander Richeson now attendant on the Sheriffe, Astell and he Concluded together and they quoted that booke at their pleasure. Heaton who had dealt with Recusants before was Conversant with Astell, and John Gargrave who then wrote in the Sheriffs office tolde me that he might have had an aungell on Aston to have written the booke which he did not, but Aleaxander Richardson tooke it and did write it him; Aston apprehended Certaine persons heerunder written and sett them at libertie all except Peter Dickenson and seazed uppon their goods. Ricardus Nicholson de Mylford. Mrs. Wytham de Farbame he tooke x lie on her. Mrs. Jackson of Churlston. Wm. Lawson de Bawne. Ambrose Newbye de Fenton. Petrus Dickenson none committed to prison but Dickenson. Aston arreasted Mr Pearcye & delivered him to the Castell, he seazed his goods, a nagg & praised him to about xxxvjs. viijd. and v kine but iiijer. were delivered again. I understood thus much by a letter written to Hughe Carr undersheriffe which letter is to be had at Yorke, and he promised Hughe Carr satisfaccion if he prospered well in his business. To answer in the King's Court charges of outlawry .. and certain transgessions and contempts against .. the Act of Uniformity .. Ann Hugill Bridget Beesley Eliz. Gryme Eliz. Freere Kath Browne Thos Marr Will. Bartram Meribell Bartram Will. Mylner Alice Mylner Will. Simpsone Avicia Linde Ambr. Astoll Francis Pearcye (Endorsed-the note of those areasted by Braythwayt & Marr.) (4) Amongst the Orders of the Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, in the Easter Term 7th year of King James, there is -containedThursday 24 May Upon reading of an Affidavit made by Anthony Pybusse before Sir James Altham knight one of ye Barons of the Coorte 19th May this Tearme and remayning in Coorte touching ye barbarous & unseemly '282

behavior of one Thomas Marr and Richard Brathwaite towardes Dorothie Scroope wife of Francis Scroope of Spennythorne in the County of Yorke Esqre. being a very aged impotent and sickly woman, and allsoe many other foule abuses misdemeanors oppressions and extorcions done and committed by the said Marre and Brathwaite within the County of Yorke mencioned and expressed in the said Affidavit, which the Coorte thinketh not fitt to goe unpunished, Itt is therefore ordered by the Corte that a Messenger of this Coorte shalbee presently sent to attache & bringe ye saide Marre and Brathwaite before the Barons of this Corte to answere ye matters contayned in the saide Affidavite, and abide suche order . as this Corte shall take touchinge the same, Provided alwaies that if the matters compleyned of in the saide Affidavite shall prove not to bee true then such as followe this cause against the saide Marre and Brathwaite shall paie the messengers Fees and such charges as the other saide parties shalbee at by this meanes. by the Court. Examined by John Osborne. 1 June 1609

(Endorsed-(Latin) Order for Marr and Brathwayt. NB. these men were hanged for homicide. 1609.) (5) (Commission in Latin, on parchment. Seal now gone.) JAMES, by the Grace of God .. King .. TO our beloved and faithful Thomas Lassells knight, Henry Bellases Knight, Thomas Dawney knight and Timothy Whittingham knight greeting. KNOW that Thomas Marre, Richard Brathwaite, Ambrose Astoll, (blank) Wildbore, Michael Doretrees and others, companions or accomplices of Richard Heaton, took or received divers sums of money as fees or bribes from divers outlawed Recusants and other persons dwelling within our County of York, . . pretending to be executing certain processes of outlawry on outlawed Recusants in the aforesaid County, as we are informed by certain trustworthy witnesses. We therefore, wishing to be fully informed and to punish their misdeeds as they deserve, and trusting in your faithfulness .. ASSIGN to three or two of you .. full power and authority .. to enquire both by the sworn testimony of approved and legal men . . and by all other ways .. you may think good .. (all local officials to help them. Issued through Robert, Earl of Salisbury, Lord Treasurer, 21st July 7 James, in accordance with an order made 11th July.) OSBORNE.


WEST RIDING PRESENTMENTS OF RECUSANTS 1597 NOTE. This is a transcript of a nineteenth century MS-York Minster Library MS B.B./53 which is said to be "from the original of Sir J. Dodsworth's formerly at Newland Hall." 1597. The Presentments of Vicars, Parsons & curates agt. Recusantes. Nether Recusant nor yet any goods or Lands of any recto in any of theis Townes followinge vizt. in Ackworth: Garfourthe: Barwicke: . Bardeseye: Otleye: Byngleye: Bradwth. in Bawne: Fetherston: Hinesworth: Wragbee: Barnesley: High Holland: Silkeston: Cornworth: Wolley: Badesworth: Bramham: Fenton: Munk friston: Wistowe. Recusants in all theis Townes followinge vizt. In Abberfourth

Thos: Noddere & Margery ux., Hy. Sower, Alice ux., & Susane ux. Jo: Sowere their sonne, Margt. either Henry or Jo: Sowers mayde all Recs. but neither goodes nor lands presented. A del.

Rosamund Arthington wife of Cecill Arthington esqr., the wief of Michaell Wentworth esqr. Wm: Arthington disseased & Katheren his wief nowe livinge at Harwell in Nitherdall. A dlingflete

Jo: Estofts esqr. Katherine ux. Recs. with 400 li. per ann. Awston

wief of Fras: Holmes gent. Rect. Ric: Fenton gent. Rect. Armyne ? (so in the transcript) Brotherton

Dorothy ux. J 0: Tindall gent. Rect Edith ux. Wm: Robinson & Bridget Eltofts Birkbie

wief of Anthony recto BurghwaUis

Ric: Fenton gent. Wm: Clayton his servant. Wm: Bell. Castelforde

Hugh Milner Rect. Anne Billcliffe "I . Tho: Billcliffe come to Church. but wil not Jennet Billc1iffe wief of Jo: junr. j rec: ye commumon.



Tho: Barnby & ux. Wm: Barnby their sonne.


Mris Mary Mountney. Wm: Champney, wief & sonne Charles all Rects. Campsall Mich: Hudson, wief Jennet. Jane Woodhouse Rects. Darrington Wm: Vavasour gent of Cridlinge pke. Thos: Heptingstall of Darrington & Wm: Ellis Rects. Darton Oswald Walker & wief rects. Drax Wm: Babthorpe gent. Thos: Tillinge milner. Jane Baxter daughter of Wm: Baxter of Sharphill Rects. Francis 1:unstall was sometyme abydinge but nowe beyndâ&#x201A;Ź . ye seas. Kath: Trimingham a Rect. and depted. Felkirk Jane Hopton wief of Tho: Hopton rect. Gyseley . ... Oglestorpe brother to Robert O. ?f Rowndhay never receives commun. Harwood Albanye Butler nowe dwelling in ye weste not known where. a Rect. llkley Mris Draxe wief of Gamaliel Draxe disseased. Kirkthorpe Jane Jackson vide Mris Kath: Grene of N. Heath. Fras: Strangwese vide Rects. Fras: Jackson gent. reformed. Kip a x Rafe Standish recto fled to Leadsham yeares since. Isabell Pullon vide Rect. Tho: Leeds Rect. Kirkby super Wharf Tho: Leeds, Anne ux. Jo: Mawe. Leeds Ric: Menil a man of SS yeares or thereabouts hath purchaesed ye fourth pt of a great wood called Weterwodde wthin. this parish worth 400li. at ye leaste, And hath builded therein a litil house, wheare in searchis for papists, there hath alwayse bene fownde a fayre woman who cales him Uncle. Clement Hodgsonne Uxor Lumbie of 60 yeares & above sister to Sr Peter Clowdesleye a Quene Ma. prest who died in Yorke Castell. she hathe as I am informed lxli. in ye custody of one Anthony Clowdisleye of Leeds. Jane Leighe wief of Gilbte. Leighe is protected (as her friends give it out) by my 10: Threasurer from ye punishments wch ye law doth inflicte upon like transgressors. Anthony West a single man & full of Melancholie. 28S

Eliz: Atkinson a single woman and given to drinkinge. Sibill Olread a single woman & a very simple woman-all of them are Beggars. Leadsame Ric: Jackson, Alice his dau: & Thamason Ellis wydowe continewe in Farburne & are all Recusants. Wm: Ellis sonne to Thomason & his -wief also doth repaire thither. Leadston Peter William gent. & Eliz: Cowpland are Rects. Milford Robt. Halliday, Ric: Nicholson Barnarde Paynter & his wief, Alice Dalbie servt. in ye house to Wm: Hammond gent. Bernard Mawd & Tho: Browne gent & soiorners in ye house wth ye sayd Wm: Hammond all Rects. Newthorpe of Sherburne p'sh. Isabel Bonde wid. Rect. Pount: (efract) John Everingham of Knottingley Mills, Edm: Steele & Eliz: wief to Wm. Stable of Tanshelf Rects. Roecliffe Mris Metham a Rect. Roiston Wydowe Denton a Rect. Ryther Anne Jackson servt to Ingram Wythies of Rither p'sh a Rect. Snaithe Mris Metham 40 yeares. Wm: Harrisons wief of Godisdall. the wief of one Sandy als Bell. Agnes Girdler als Browne. Dorothie Redman widdow & others. Thos: Milner aU Snaythe/all Rects. & excommunicated but Mris Metham. Mr. Rich: Stapilton reformed. South Kirkbie Mary Mountney. Rect. Menstropp. Shereburne Anne Rawson vid. Jane Hunesworth ux. Thos: H. Rects. Saxton Margt. ye wief of Wm: Hungate Esqr. & all the wyves of Towton doo absente themselves & are Rects. Robt: Hammond gent a Rect. & dep'ted ultra aboute viij yeres since. Snidall Chas: Jackson gent & wief. Jo: Thimbilbie his son in lawe sometimes. but very seldome com to ye churche but do not receave ye Commun. but Mary the wief of Mr Thimblebie is a recto now in Lincs. Sandall John Bretton. Fra: his wief, Luke their sonne & Dorothie Bretton 20 yeares owld all Rects. J 0: Bretton hath lands in Bretton worth xx Ii. p. ann. 286

Tadcaster Noe recusantes there nor any goods of any Rect. Owld Tayles wief & Jo: Tayles wief dyed Recusants. Whitgifte John Arlushe sen. Eliz. his wief. Wm. Stevenson. rects. Wolley No Rect. but Mris Woodr' & an old woman her mayde & Mother Wetherbye. Worsbrough No Rect. but Mris Rockleye ye wief of Gervice Rockleyesqr. & will not coiate. beinge often tymes Required. Whitkirke Jennet Haule wief of Jo: H. a Rect. Mr Gilbte: Leighe his wief a Rect also rem. to Leeds. The iiijth of November 1597 to give in verdite for the Recusants at Wakefeilde only.

THE CASE OF WILLIAM SINGLETON, DURHAM 1625-6. NOTE. The following papers are taken from Durham Univ. Library, Mickleton 0- Spearman MS 2. They are contemporary copies of the originals. Unfortunately there seems to be no trace of William Singleton in the surviving records of the English Benedictine Congregation.

1. The examinacion of Willm Singleton as he nameth himselfe taken at the Citie of Durham in his passage as he saith from Yarmouth in Nodf to Berwicke upon Tweed. Being asked where he was borne, and of what age hee is, where hee had bene educated, and how and where he hath bestowed his time and in what profession from his Childhood untill this day./Hee answereth and saith that hee was borne at the Lodge in the p'ish of Preskott in the County of Lancaster, that his fathers name was John Singleton now deceased/that hee is aged 29 yeares or thereabouts, that he was brought up in Preskott Schoole till hee was xj or 12 yeares old, and presently after that, hee did serve one Mr Robt Hindley of Hindeley in the Countie of Lancaster Esqr. where hee remained as Butler and attendant for the space of 7 yeares or thereabouts from whence his said Mr appointed him to repaire into Ireland to attend his sonne Hugh Hindeley thither where they staied about sixteene weeks and upon his retume wth the said 287

young Mr Hindeley he did travaile abroad in to the Lowe Countries where hee served as a soldier under one Captaine Feenayle at Bargane upsone (Bergenopzoom) for the space of xj weekes, and after that hee travailed up and downe the Lowe Countries for the space of two yeares, and then was entertained under Coronell 'Morgans Regiment one months space, and presently after that repaired into England but not through Antwerpe. He farther saith that hee landed at great Yarmouth in Norff. the xxvjth day of Decemb. 1625 where he procured the pasporte now shewed from 'Edward Owner and Robt Norgate the Bayliffes of the said towne 'under theire Common Seale for his travaile to Berwicke upon Tweed wthin the space of fortie eight daies. Being further asked to 'w hat place hee intended to ' goe from Berwicke, and to what p'son hee was appointed or intended to deliver a Ire. now found upon him hee refuseth to make any answere thereunto, but desireth to bee spared therein, as anso what other 1res or messages hee did deliver or intended to deliver the same; 'hee refuseth to make any answere but will rather submitt himselfe to any torture./ "Bee denieth that hee is a Romane Catholique Preist ordayned by the authoritie of the Church of Rome or wthin (any?) order of Preisthood, But confesseth that hee is a Laie brother of the order of St Benedict and a Catholique and will not repaire to the Church of England and he are devine service there: as is prescribed in the 'Church of England. . subscribed Willm Singleton Taken before: 'Richard Hunt John Cradocke.// January 1625/6. A Letter found wth Willm Singleton a Traveller upon his apprehension in Durham.


'Worthie Sr. / The bearer hereof hath beene wth us in. Brabant and delivered your Ires. very carefully. / And whereas yow wryte to us concerninge your sonnes safe bringing over, take our word, the bearer is sufficient and wise enough for theire safe conducting to ,Antwerpe, and so to Rome by our direction, yet in any case bee carefull how yow send any other mens but your owne because the iime is like to be daingerous. / And when they co~e wch must bee at Man;:h, let them come souldier like as this bearer Willm Singleton will direct them un till they come to Callic : And then the bearer bereof knoweth how to receive a passe for theire more safe tra vaile by land u~to us. / And at his returne from Rome will send yow (God willing) two reverend and learned fathers, thone is a J esuite and ihother a learned father of your owne name. And thus wth our 288

dayly prayers for your prosperity and libertie of conscience, wee leave yow to thallmighty God, and the blessed Virgin Marie, and the holy Angells of God: / Antwerp this instant December the xvth the new style, Anno Dni 1625 Your faithfull poore beadsmen John Laver Tho: Lyegh: To the right worppll. Willm Blakoe Esqr. at his howse Theise / 3.

Secretary Cooks Letter unto the Bpricke of D. for Singleton.

Sr. / by a lre. sent from the Maire of Duresme there is information given that one Singleton (a laie brother of thorder of St Benedict) was latelie taken in your cathedrall church: and that a Ire. was found about him, to a person unnamed, to send his sonne to Rome; wth some other particulars, wort he further examinacion. / Both the partie and the Ire. are said to be in your safe keepinge; / And I presume yow have (by your wisdome and care of publique service) done your beste to finde out what els was about him, and to discover his intentions and practices; / wch seeming to Mr Maior, to bee of some daingerous consequence, I have according to his Ire. and by the Lo: Keepers advice, sent this bearer (a messinger of his maties Chamber) to whom I praie and require yow to deliver the said partie, wth the letter and what els yow founde about him, and such particular informacions and instructions, as yow have gotten, wch maie conduce for the discoverie of his deseignes, and qualitie, and of such others, as are interested in his imploiemts. / And further I am to praie yow, to give your best furtherance and assistance for his safe bringeing up, as occasion shall require; wherein yow shall receive due satisfaccion and thankes./ Soe in confidence of your due regard of his maties service herein; I rest your loveing freind John Coke Whitehall this 5th of Febr: 1625 To my verie loveing freind Mr Dtor. Hunt Deane of Duresme. 4. The Lord Archbp. of Canterburyes Letter to the Bp. of D. touching Singleton. My very good L. / These papers do purpose that this Singleton is a man imployed by Papistes in England to the partes beyond the Seas, and so backe from thence, in conveying Pre estes and J esuites, as also other younge schollers to be nuzzled in their Popery. And this I should judge to bee his practise wch is bad enough, but I finde two T


thinges that give suspition of some greater matter; the one is, that hee will by no meanes reveale unto whom the surprized letter was to be delivered; and the other is, that hee resolutely affirmeth, that hee will submitt himselfe to any torture, rather than make knowne, from whom or to whom hee is imployed. The man must be stayed till some further tryall bee thought upon. I iudge the names of John Laber and Thomas Lyegh to bee counterfeite, and so for ought I know may Blake and Singleton also bee. So commending mee to your Lp., I remayne Your Lps loving brother Lambeth. Febr. G: Cant: 12. 1625 5.

Doctor Cradocks Letter to the Bishop of Durham.

Right Reverend, and my very noble good Lord/ There came yesterdaie one Thomas Davyes, a messinger of his Maties Chamber, with two Ires. from Mr Secretary Cooke; thone directed to Mr Deane, and thother to Mr Walton the Maior of Durham./ Mr Deane being absent, the messinger would needes open and deliver me Mr Deanes letter; whereof I send your Lopp. a copie hereinclosed; and have sent the Letter it selfe to Mr Deane; whoe I presume is now at Westm' or London. The busines maie appeare to your Lopp. by the copie of the said letter./ The two Irs. I perceive Mr Richardson procured by the meanes of Mr Willy my Lo: Keeper his Secretary./ And because I fear, that Mr Deane tooke not upp wth him either thoriginall or copie of Singletons examinacion, I have therefore sent the copie thereof to Mr Secretary, with a relacion of what I formerly wrote unto your Lopp. in my Ires. sent by Mr Myles of Sherebume house, dated 140. Jan: laste / in which ires. I allsoe sent your Lopp. a copie of the said examinacion / whereas I heareing nothing since from your Lopp., I doe greatly feare that the delivery of my said Ires hath either beene much delayed or that they have miscarried wch I should be sory for. Albeit Mr Richardson was here in towne, when Singleton was examined, and well understoode all the passages, yet he either tooke his sonne Waltons letter wth him or pretendeth it was sent him upp wth great care, whereby to discover unto the State, that great dainger, whereupon Mr Richardson hath procured exceeding great commendacion and thanks to his sonne Walton from Mr Secretary Coke, though he did nothing in the busines, saveing that he received a feyned Letter from Sr Talbott Bowes, brought him by Singleton, intimateing that Singleton could discover some things, if he were duely (?) examined./ After the reading whereof, Mr Walton followed him upp to the church, and there brought him to Mr Deane./ 290

Thus not troubleing your Lopp. anie further at this tyme, in regard I did write at large yesterday by young Mr Lambton of Durham, I humbly t ake my leave with my praiers and remembrance of my humble service Your Lopps. most bounden at command Jo: Cradocke. Durham: 140. Feb: 1625

D OCUMENTS RELATING TO THE NORTHERN COMMISSIONS FOR COMPOUNDING ¡W ITH RECUSANTS 1627-1642. INTRODUCTION (Notes on pp. 303-307) The Caroline Recusancy Commissions were an important part of the whole complicated evolution of fining of Catholic recusants. In order to understand the working of the Commissions it is necessary to know something of the development of the fining system as a whole. Unfortunately little has been printed on this subject and many details remain obscure.} If we find the sub ject wearisome and confusing, we are at least beginning to appreciate one side of the life of the recusant gentry. The minutes of Exchequer practice, of the land law, of local administrative procedure, of the genealogy of county families-all these details were part of the stock of knowledge essential to a 17th-century landowner and doubly essential for the Catholic, who found the hand of officialdom against him at every turn. Doubtless there were Catholics who found it hard to master the technicalities. But most must have acquired them easily as they grew up in the country. Sir John Reresby complained that the Catholics who were promoted to local office by James II were incompetent because " educated after a different fashion" abroad. But his thesis was not watertight. The letters of 17th and 18th century Catholic country gentry do not reveal them as a class ignorant of business and administration. 2 The first general Elizabethan fine for recusancy was in the form of a parish poor rate, imposed by a Statute of 1559- I Eliz. cap. 2. The Statute ordered all to resort to their usual local Anglican place of worship on Sundays and holidays. The Anglican holidays of obligation were not defined llDtil the Kalendar of the 3rd Book of Common Prayer was published (1561) and confirmed by Archbishop Parker's Advertisements (1564). There were 27 holidays. Thus Englishmen were required to go to church on some 70-77 days in the year. 3 Once at church, tiley were "tabyde ordedye and sobedye". For each day's absence without legitimate excuse the churchwardens of the pariSh were empowered to levy by way of distraint from the offender 12d. for the poor box. The ecclesiastical courts seem soon to have held that the fine was incurred by one who went to church but "walked and talked" during service-time, behaved contemptuously or left eady.4 The brevity of the Statute's directions and the paucity of other evidence make it hard to determine how, and to what extent, it was really executed. It seems that it was always assumed that the Statute gave churchwardens sutficie!lt authority to collect the fine without waiting for a court conviction for recusancy and a warrant from the court. It is true that the Statute gave to the ecclesiastical courts, Assize Judges and Justices of Oyer and Terminerbut not to Justices of the Peace-power to "enquire and determine" in cases of recusancy. They "enquired" by securing from clergy, churchwardens and constables presentments of recusants. Their main form of "determination" was to press the churchwardens to do their duty to the offenders so presented. Thus the York episcopal courts prodded churchwardens into action and reprimanded those who evaded their duty of collection. In the 1570s the York High Commissioners ordered a number of defaulting recusants to pay


their arrears of the fine. 5 In the same period the Council of the N ortb. made the York City Council extract presentments of recusants from the churchwardens of the city and supervise the collection of the fines . 6 Some courts seem to have had other ways of "detennining" cases of recusancy. The Statute empowered the ecclesiastical courts to use spiritual censures against recusants. This usually meant reprimands, bonds to secnre church attendance in future and, frOID the High Commissicn, imprisonment for the recalcitrant. Although Justices of the Peace had not yet received statutory power to enquire or determine cases of recusancy, the York and Ainsty Justices in Quarter Sessions were receiving presentments of recusants after 1570 and imposing bonds on them. 7 This evidence implies that churchwardens did collect the fine fitfully, but needed little inducement to forget their duty. Higher authorities prodded them-but equally fitfully. One can imagine the reasons for this. The fine was a heavy one for the ordinary man (some £3-15 per person a year). Tbe same authorities had their hands full with the many difficulties of extracting general poor rates. The churchwardens must have resented bearing the onus of judging the validity of the excuses for absenteeism from church of tbeir betters, landlords and neighbours in an age given to violence and litigation. The only lesser authorities who seem spontaneously to have attempted to enforce churchgoing by fines were corporations under Puritan influence, like Lincoln city council. Lincoln imposed its own independent system of fining and its own system of days of obligation.s In 1581 a new and very much larger recusancy fine was imposed, which became operative after a month's absence frOID churcb. We might have expected that the government would have made use of the occasion to limit the 12d. fine to the poorer classes, or to occasional offenders, and to improve the system of collection . In fact the only improvement made by the new Act was to give Justices of the Peace power to hear and determine offences against I Eliz. cap. 2. In 1606 single J.P.s were empowered by Statute to proceed against recusants by issuing warrants to churchwardens to collect the 12d. fine .9 The restriction of the fine to the poor or occasional offenders was certainly proposed and even ordered by a precept of the Exchequer Court of 1610.10 But the authority of Sir Edward Coke prevailed against this view and his judgment finally prevailed. l l From 1581 down to the Civil War there are occasional references to the 12d. fine-authorities urging churchwardens to collect it and evidence of actual collection. Successive governments kept it in mind as a wea.pon against recusancy and an addition to the poor rate. Thus, in the 1590s tbe Archbishop of York transmitted to Hull City Council the Privy Council's order to revive collection of the fine to alleviate seasonal distress in the city.12 In the 1630s a Puritan Bishop of Durham enforced collection as part of a programme of destroying Popery and encouraging Godliness. 13 Assize Judges, down to tbe 1660s, periodically stressed collection of the fine in their charges to constables. a Justices of t.he Peace very occasionally enforced collection. 15 In 1625 the Crown issued a Commission to tbe Lord Treasurer and otbers to collect the fine for national defence funds. 16 All of tbis evidence seems to show tbat collection of the fine was always a possibility between 1559 and 1665, but that actual collection was very occasional. The second general recusant fine, imposed by 23 Eliz. cap. I. (1581) was clearly meant to bear much more effectively on Catholics, both by its greatly increased size and its improved method 'of imposition and collection. The fine was of £20 p~r month of 28 days or £260 a year. Imposition was by means of conviction at Assizes, Gaol Delivery sessions or Quarter Sessions after presentment by constables or informations laid. Convictions were to be certified to the Exchequer by estreats of the convictions sent up by the Clerks of the Peace. The Exchequer would tben authorise sheriffs to collect, since the fines were now due to the Crown, which was to take a third, allot a tbird to the poor and award the rest to any informer who could prove that he was responsible for the conviction. Moreover when a recusant had been absent


from church for a year he was to be certified into the King's Bench as an "obstinate recusant" and bound in a bond of at least another .ÂŁ200 "for the good behaviour" .17 The new system did not work very well. For the ordinary man it meant certain distraint for debt to the Crown and imprisonment without legal hope of release. Late Elizabethan lists of recusants supplied to the government by bishops classified recusants by their wealth and hinted plainly that many were not woLth proceeding against under the Act of 1581, for their property bore no relation to the weight of the fine. The Exchequer seems soon to have fallen into the habit of separating out, when bundles of new estreats were received, the well-to-do from the mass of poorer people and ignoring the latter. But the lawyers long stuck to the letter of the law. As late as 1618 the N orthem Assize Judges instructed Justices to imprison recusants who were "women coverte, children and servants that have no goods to satisfie the penaltie of th~ lawe".IS The Compounding Commissions of 1627 onwards recognise that it would be senseless and inhuman to pursue such a policy. In the 1630s the Judges in Chamber at last concurred, though they insisted that recalcitrant poor recusants should at least "be bound to the good behaviour". There seems to b e no evidence that Yorkshire Justices obeyed this, though the Exchequer did, at that period, attempt to impose such bonds through the sheriffs .I9 Clearly the new fine was meant for the well-to-do. But tvey were not a much better fiscal proposition. They were long practised in legal subterfuges devised to confound their local rivals, creditors and collectors of subsidies and feudal dues. They formed very closely-knit and multiplyinterrelated county societies. The administrative methods used against them by the Crown of setting a thief to catch a thief (locally chosen sheriffs, commissioners to take Exchequer Commissions, escheators, Justices, Councillors of the North, purveyors, Ecclesiastical Commissioners) and divide et impera (making use of local feuds and parties) were testimonies to the strength of local resistance and often double-edged weapons with an efficacy that declined with time. Then also the Price Rise had hit many hard, but it had also made the plea of poverty hard to counter. The extreme complexity of local property arrangements, the absence of a real registry of deeds, the flourishing of uses and trusts of a semi-official or informal kind-all these factors made it at least as hard for the patient administrator of the period to estimate the real wealth of the gentry as for the modern economic historian. Many of the gentry were obviously deeply in debt. But impressive bundles of bonds for borrowed money were then by no means conclusive proof of poverty or bankruptcy. Before the days of banks and when rents came in often in arrears, landlords were constantly borrowing money from every quarter to meet immediate pressing needs. Also officials were then-by our standards-corrupt to a degree. Officials were paid in small fixed fees and customary "rake-offs". Those were the days of patronage also. Many strange evasions occurred. Lambard, as late as 1612, laments that it had so far been impossible to ensure that all Justices should take the Oath of Supremacy. From the Crown's point of view it was also clear that a multiplication of exactions from recusants-meant, no doubt, to ensure that at least some reached their target-tended merely to diminish the overall effect. A swarm of officials were the real beneficiaries. A determined and conscientious recusant would have to pay tips and fees to the sheriff's deputies, messengers' and clerks' fees at his many attendances at the High Commission, the Bishop's court, the Council of the North. He had constantly to find money and sureties for bonds, which were not infrequently forfeited. If he were gaoled his fines continued to accumulate and he had to pay entry fees, cell rent, tips and keep himself while in gaol. He was mulcted for light horse. It was not surprising that the gentry went to all lengths to avoid conviction, and that, if convicted, they constantly defaulted on payments of fines. Therefore in 1586 another Statute (29 Eliz. cap. 6.) attempted to reform


the system. The first clause was aimed at all forms of fictitious trusts and conveyances, revocable at the will of the recusant and intended for his evasion of debts to the Crown. The second Clause confined conviction of recusants to the King's Bench, Assizes and Gaol Delivery sessions. The Justices in Quarter Sessions might still receive presentments, but lost their power of convicting recusants. The fourth clause dealt with the problem of mounting debts of recusants to the Crown. If the recusant made default of payment the Queen might now, in lieu of the ordinary methods of distraint and imprisonment for debt, "take, seaze and enioye all the goods and aswell two partes of all the Landes" of the recusant, leaving him the other third for his own maintenance. The fifth clause was designed to speed up the process of conviction, and probably thereby cut the fees . At the same sessions at which the recusant was indicted for his recusancy, he must in future be "proclaimed" (that is, in place of an individual summons served on him, a public summons posted at the place of sessions and on his parish church door, ordering him to yield himself to the sheriff for trial for his recusancy at the next sessions). If he did not put in an appearance in any way the default was to be counted "as sufficient a conviction in Lawe as if on the Indictment a trial by Verdict had been proceeded on".20 These were improvements but not solutions. The first clause checked recusant fictitious trusts and uses no more than any other similar Tudor legislation. 21 The second clause seems to have shipwrecked on the passive resistance of constables and churchwardens. It was repealed in 1606 and Quarter Sessions again became the normal place of conviction. 22 The Assize Judges continued to complain of the rooted objection of constables against presenting recusants before them. 23 The fourth clause probably did no more than give statutory authority to what was already Exchequer practice. 24 But the adoption of seizure of defaulting recusants' lands and goods on a large scale brought new administrative problems in its train. Exchequer recusant business was now so swollen that some sort of separate "course", records and officials were being developed there. Separate Recusant Rolls appeared from 1592 and we later hear of an Exchequer Receiver of recusant revenues. But, as yet, the total sum of recusant money received was relatively small compared with the volume of paper work required to cope with it. It was possibly for this practical reason, as well as due to the absence of a Thomas Cromwell, that no "Court of Recusants" appeared, analogous to the early Tudor Courts of Wards, Augmentations and First-Fruits and Tenths. 25 Also the distances between Westminster and the provinces were great and the Exchequer seem to have felt the lack of local officials capable of checking up on the operations of the county administrators and gentry-sheriffs, commissioners, their juries-whom it had to use in recusant business. It was not unknown for Councillors of the North to be sworn in as Masters of Chancery. Perhaps the "good solicitors" whom later 17th century Barons of the Exchequer credited their predecessors with using alongside sheriffs in recusant business were part-time local Exchequer officials. 26 Nevertheless recusants had good opportunities for influencing sheriffs, commissioners and juries to make merely formal valuations of their lands before siesure. In any case this practice was already well established for Post Mortem Inquisitions. 21 Also in the fixing of leases of the seized lands and the finding of suitable Crown farmers for them there was abundant room for jobbery. The Crown might step in and grant such farms to creditors, Household officials or favourites. The recusant might then hope to get a sub-lease to a friend or relative. 28 Alternatively direct influence exercised on behalf of the recusant might get the grant made out immediately to a friend. 29 Or again, Exchequer officials and speculators could go in for farming seized lands in bulk, using many unpleasant ways to waste and strip the lands and extort money from the recusants. 30 The overall effect of all this was that recusants would flee conviction and that the Crown would receive a dwindling proportion of the revenue extracted. The reign of James I saw some statutory changes made in the system and


a good deal of talk about reform. In fact there was no major alteration. The statutory changes were(1) the restoration to Quarter Sessions of the power to convict recusants. (2) no distraint for recusancy was to be made on the third left to the recusant after seizure. (3) the chief capital messuage or manor house of the recusant was always to be included in his third. (4) in order to enable the King to exact sums from wealthy recusants in excess of the fines, he might now refuse to take the fine and insist on seizing the two-thirds, even though there had been no default of payment. (5) constables might levy a reward of 40/- by distraint on the- property of each recusant for whose first conviction they were solely responsible. (6) extra and considerable fines for the keeping of recusant servants. (7) There had hitherto been a difficulty about recusant wives of Protestant husbands, because, at law, the wife's property was her husbands. The practice had been for the wives to be imprisoned as persons unable to pay their recusancy fines. It was now enacted that the husband could free his wife from gaol by paying fines or seizures for her recusancy at half the full rates. At his death the wife was to lose by seizure twothirds of her jointure and dower and to forfeit her customary rights to a share of her husband's chattels. (8) in no case were seized lands of recusants to be leased to convicted recusants. 81 Of these changes (4) was the most interesting. It does not, however, seem to have opened the way to wealth to the Crown, since it very rarely indeed got from wealthy Catholics by seizure rents exceeding the amount of the fine. The State Papers of James' reign contain numbers of schemes for reform of the system of fining. As Cranfield noted, what was needed was "more contentment" for the recusant and' 'more security of him" for the Crown. 32 One suggested solution was the cutting out of officialdom and middlemen by granting seized recusant lands in bulk in farm to syndicates of financiers, on the analogy of the tax farms .33 Another, and more favoured, solution was the formation of some sort of Commission annexed to the Exchequer. It should take over the appointment of commissioners of Inquisition into lands before seizurâ&#x201A;Ź., the making of leases, choice of farmers, collection of rents. Possibly also it should offer to "compound" with the recusants for their arrears-that is make some special arrangement with them so as to ease their burden and yet secure to the Crown a maximum payment. There is some evidence that such compositions were not unknown in Exchequer practice. 34 Experimental Commissions of this kind were issued several times-in 1614, 1619 and 1625but seem to have been ineffective. 35 Charles I's reign saw much more strenuous efforts to reform the system. Little was done by Statute, beyond the introduction of double taxation for recusants by the Subsidy Act of 1625. Recusants soon found ways and means of evading this.36 The new administrative measures came partly from prerogative acts of the Crown, through Commissions and Instructions to Commissioners by letters patent, and partly from judicial interpretations of existing Statutes by the Judges in Chamber or by the Barons of the Exchequer in their Court Orders. 37 The new system was launched by the Commissions of 1626-7. 38 Two bodies of Commissioners were set up. One, under the Lord Treasurer, was seated in the Exchequer at Westminster and had a general jurisdiction over all England, although its normal field was recusants whose estates lay south of the Trent. The second Commission, under Emanuel Scrope, Earl of Sunderland, was seated at the King's Manor outside the walls of York and its jurisdiction covered the estates of recusants lying north of Trent. The Northern Commissioners were an imposing body-Sunderland, the Archbishop of York, the bishops of the Northern Province, Sir John Savile, Comptroller of the Household, three Judges, twenty-two knights, the Lord Mayors of York, Hull and


Newcastle and nine others. Most of these were only advisory members. The quorum was of fourteen members, dominated by Savile. His predominance reflected the political situation. He was a supporter of the ruling favourite, Buckingham and thereby became the working head of the Commission at York and Receiver-General of northern recusant revenue. The northern Commission was closely geared in with tb.e Council of the North and its active members were also the effective core of the Council. Hence the Commission acquired at once a ready-made nead-quarters (the Council's offices in the King's Manor, York, once tb.e Abbot's house of St. Mary's monastery) and the use of the Council's staff and prestige. The only disadvantage was that the Commission's jurisdiction stretched further that of the Council, which ended at the Humber. The express purpose of the Commission was to supply warships to convey colliers between Newcastle and London. The money was to come both from northern recusant revenues and from a voluntary levy given by tb.e ewcastle hostmen. The Commission was to concentrate on unearthing concealed sources oÂŁ recusant revenue-hidden arrears of dead recusants, concealed increments to recusants' incomes since their last Inquisition and leases. (Here the Commission reveals it had hitherto been possible for a recusant to b.ave excluded from the valuation of his estate for seizure lands "extended" for his debts-tnat is set aside as security for the repayment of tb.e debts.) Lastly there were the lands and goods of the poorer sort of recusants, hitherto ignored by the Exchequer"It is just and equall, being convicted, they should not escape witb.out paying answerable to their Estates or Abilities, and yet should not be pressed to pay more then according to their Abilities to the utter undoeing of themselves and tb.eir Families whose Conversion we desire and not their Destruction .... " With these aims in view, the Commissioners are empowered(1) to receive from Exchequer and Quarter Sessions full schedules of all northern recusants convicted and sums charged to them. (2) to choose themselves the Commissioners to carry out Inquisitions into the value of seized lands, the Exchequer automatically commissioning the men of their choice. (3) to call before them all convicted northern recusants on wb.ose lands inquisitions have been made and to grant leases of the seized parts-if necessary to the recusants themselves "if tb.ey offer as reasonable a yearly Rent ... as anie other shall offer" . The Commissioners are to assess the rent at a reasonable figure and fix the term of leases up to a maximum of 41 years. The leases are to include certain conditions and guarantees of immunities to tne recusants and these are specified in royal Instructions annexed to tb.e Commission. (4) to compound witb. recusants for their arrears of fines at reasonable rates. The dead-line for arrears is fixed at 1610. (5) to compound for rents and arrears witb. better-off farmers and tradesmen wb.o are recusants, the terms to be reasonable. (6) the Receiver-General may collect all rents and arrears arising from deeds made by the Commission, and he is empowered to spend the proceeds directly on convoy ships. Thus the Commission enjoyed a part-independence of the Exchequer, which, however, remained its court of account and record . The Commission was frankly experimental. Its purpose was to clean up and simplify recusant fining and thereby increase the revenue accruing to the Crown from recusants and, perb.aps, breed such a sense of security and good-will that lurking Catholics would be content to emerge from a perilous obscurity to be convicted and secure composition. In compounding the recusant struck a bargain with the Crown. A b.igher rent was exacted for the seized lands. In return the recusant was offered advantages-tb.e lease of the seized lands for himself, easy composition for arrears and the assurance of freedom from molestation by other officials and courts. A weakness of this 1627 Commission was that


existing leases of seized lands were not voided. Thus the Commissioners¡ could only hope to do business with newly convicted recusants or old recusants where their leases had lapsed or the farmers were willing to surrender them. Another weakness lay in the novelty of the scheme. It had not yet had timeto prove its claims to secure immunities for compounders. Stuart administrative policy was notoriously changeable and at the mercy of importunatecourtiers, creditors and officials. It was true that the new Commissions had much more impressive memberships than previous ones and that Sunderland, nominal head of the northern Commission, was an easy-going and corrupt old man with a well-known bias towards Catholicism. 39 The Commission was renewed in July 1628. 40 There were signs of friction with Exchequer officials. H But the future of Savile and his Commission depended on Buckingham, who was assassinateJ ~hat summer. In the political revolution that followed, Savile was "kicked upstairs" to a peerage and retirement, while Sunderland was dismissed his posts. The rule of Savile's rival, Wentworth, began. Hence the 3rd Northern Commission for Compounding, of June 1629, was a part of Wentworth's new order in the north. 42 I t consisted of 48 members, of whom only 4 were needed as a quorum. Wentworth frustrated a move by Savile-still a Commissioner-to take active part in the work again. Henceforth the handful of active Commissioners were Wentworth's nominees-with one possible exception. 43 These men were again also the active Councillors of the North. 44The New Commission differed from that of 1627 in(1) the omission of all reference to the Navy-though, in later Commissions the King pledged himself to use recusant revenues only for pu blic needs (2) the addition to the clause about leasing to recusants of the words"if you cannot finde anie other not being a recusant whoe would be willing to take the same". This Commission and later Instructions allow forleases either to Protestants or recusants or to others for the use of recusants. (3) the northern Receiver-General-now Wentworth-becomes a com-¡ missioned Exchequer official. (4) all leases and compositions made by former Commissions-including that of 1627-8-were voided . The Commission was renewed in July 1630. 45 In July 1633 Wentworth_ departed from York for Dublin, although he remained head of the northern administration. The immediate leadership of Council and Commission passed to his deputy, Sir Edward Osborne. But Osborne still reported regularly toWentworth, who made all major decisions and received all petitions. Moreover Wentworth kept his office of Receiver-General, performed, as before, through deputies who were usually his own servants. 46 On January 27th 1636 another Commission was issued, with a quorum of Wentworth and Osborne alone. The clauses defining relations with theExchequer became more detailed. At the next renewal, in July 1638, Osborne became the quorum. The instructions now included an important new clause(The Commissioners were in future to) reserve for our Parts of the Recusants Lands ... a full and true thirde Part thereof ... without respect to fraudulent Conveyances ... our purpose being to leave the other thirde part by Law belonging unto Us, as a reward for the Benefit of our Lessees, who shall farm the same ... The Instructions complain of the grave shortage of Protestant taklrs for farms of seized lands and reiterate that the Commissioners must only let to recusants if necessity compels. The import of this is not very clear. In fact tne northern Commission seems alrr:.ost invariably to have leased to recusant owners. Numbers of references in the State Pape-,.s show that the 1638 Commission remained in action until it was dissolved by the outbreak of t.ile 1st Civil War in 1642.47


The Commission had to struggle against enemies and detractors. Prominent amongst these were some Exchequer officials, who certainly resented the passing of business and fees out of their hands. Wentworth had to complain, in 1633, of Exchequer warrants issued ordering all recusants to be put in bonds for "the good behaviour" . He complained bitterly about the extreme slowness of the Exchequer in "passing" leases fixed by the Commissioners. These leases were the recusants' protection against exactions by officials and Wentworth grumbled that months and years passed between the fixing of a composition at York and the passing of the lease at Westminster. He objected to the exorbitant fees demanded at the Exchequer for leases-fees which far exceeded the small rents charged on poorer recusants. He had occasion to .castigate the same officials for sometimes commissioning sheriffs and others to enquire into and distrain on recusants' lands when they had compounded, and without prior reference to the Commissioners. 48 Again, Wentworth Disliked the Exchequer's use of assignment of revenues directly to meet the demands of particular Crown creditors or urgent departmental needs. He had personal reasons here. Like so many other Stuart officials, he had bought a life-grant of his Receivership. He received little in the way of salary and allowances and it was agreed that he might have the "use of the public money which remained in his hands for long periods. The assignment of large parts of the moneys received by him to Crown creditors deprived him of its 'use'." He was also disappointed in his bopes of recouping himself by extracting from the Exchequer substantial allowances for expenses. Then there was the problem of transporting casb from York to London. Bills on London for such large sums cannot have been obtainable at York. Wentworth complained that he had to meet the insurance costs of carriage of the money out of his own pocket. Late in the Commission's career he obtained the services of Exchequer messengers. 49 These frequent brushes with the Exchequer undoubtedly must have been in part caused by the officials' distrust of the Commission-probably accentuated by suggestions that they had something to learn from the Commission about administrative methods. 50 But they were no doubt also in part due to the inordinate slowness of the Exchequer. The sheriffs and their deputi-' s were also troublesome to the Commission. They were seriously out of pocket as its work expanded . As the sole collectors of recusant revenues they had harvested a regular 5 % commission, apart from less recognised exactions. 51 Now they were largely superseded by Wentworth's deputy-receivers and could only pick up trifles like uncompounded a rrears of recusant fines, the money for forfeited bonds of recusants or fines. Between 1625 and 1641 the sheriffs of the counties south of the Trent paid into the Exchequer only ÂŁ4,083 of recusant revenue, which was less than the annual urn collected by the southern Receiver-General in the 1630s. 52 It was not s urprising that sheriffs and deputies seized every excuse for distraining on recusants' estates. 53 \Ventworth was therefore concerned that the Crown should prick only sheriffs who would cooperate witb the Commission. He wanted neither men who were Puritans or hostile to "the Provinciall Power" (his northern administration) nor men with recusant relations. In November 1632 he wrote to the Earl of Carlisle to thank him for using his influence at ,C ourt to prevent the pricking of Mr Sherburne, whose wife was a recusant. Now the danger was that the Lancashire recusants were pushing as their candidate Mr Walmesley, who also had recusant relations. 54 Justices of the Peace were also in a position to hinder the Commission's "course" by being slow to make new convictions and to certify them to the Exchequer and Commissioners. At each renewal of the Commission circulars were sent to the Justices of the counties within its jurisdiction urging speedy .convictions and requiring prompt certification of them. 55 Wentworth had reason to expect lack of cooperation from the Justices, due to a variety of reasonsJustices with Catholic relations, Justices hostile to his administration, or mert rustic conservatism and refusal to short-cut established procedures. Butbere is no evidence that he had much. to complain of. The surviving Yorke


shire Sessions books for the period show no positive signs of slowness to convict. 56 It is true that tne North Riding bench contained a remarkable number of men whO opposed Wentworth's administration bitterly-Sir David Foulis, Sir Thomas Gower, Henry BeUasis, Sir Thomas Layton. But none of them- with ble possible exception of Bellasis-had any bias towards Catnolicism. The North Riding lists of indictments and convictions of recusants are much longer for 1629-42 than they had been for the years before 1629. One North Riding Justk\ Sir Posthumous Hoby, was eager to help Wentworth to secure the conviction of even such exalted and slippery persons as the Earl of Rutland. 57 It seems likely that sucn slowness as Wentworth encountered in tne Justices was mainly due to tneir cautious desire to have legal chapter and verse for every act and their inability to go faster than the rustic consta.bles on whose work they depended. 58 Finally, Wentworth was well aware that the Justices alone could never snare into conviction certain wealthy individuals who constantly moved round their estates, owned e!';tates in several counties or enjoyed influence in high quarters. Against these he relied on his army of informers. Assize Judges could occasionally give trouble to the Commission. In October 1633 Wentworth complained tbat Mr Justice Vernon, in his Assize charge at York, had ordered local authorities to enforce all statutes against recusants, including the 12d. fine. This was a direct threat to the immunities granted to recusants who had compounded. Wentworth suspected that, bebind Vernon, stood tne Lord Keeper and the legal profession, inveterate enemies of the prerogative courts. . these Moote Maisters .. (who) .. if they will be lett alone .. will leave noe latitude at all for nis Matie to governe And manifest his Greatnesse and Power, by forth of the narrow prescripts of their Yeare Bookes, which undoubtedly would make a goodly Common Wealth for a Monarck ... 59 Informers troubled the Ccmmission. Wentworth, in the peric ¡d 1629-33, had made use of a considera.ble number of informers, of whom the chief were Lionel Farington and Richard Heath. They were use for "takeing inquisitions, Convicting ye Recusants & preparing all things for the Compositions". 60 The usual method they employed for convicting was to bring a private informC'tion of recusancy in the Quarter Sessions or, more often, at the Old Bailey in London. 61 After 1633 both Heath and Farington became troublesome. Heath persisted in prosecuting compounders (after composition at York) for arrears of recusant fines. Wentworth failed to get him to honour an undertaking to stop this. A Star Chamber suit against Heath also failed. In 1635 Osborne was still trying to get the Exchequer Court to curb Heath's activities. 62 Farington's complaint seems to have been that the Commission gave him insufficient credit and pay. He seems to have given evidence against the Commission to M.P.s in the Long Parliament. 6a Bishops and their ecclesiastical courts sometimes afflicted Wentworth. He complained of tne Archbishop of York and the York High Commission. He began the "course" of the 1629 Commission with a private arrangement that the High Commission should summon Catholics who were unconvicted or who had not yet compounded and offer them freedom from ecclesiastical censures if they would compound. But, by 1633, the Archbishop was ceasing to observe this contract. The Bishop of Durham was even more troublesome. He persisted in ignoring the immunities of compounders from ecclesiastical censures for recusancy and unleashing a storm of persecution in his diocese. Wentworth commented hotlyA generation of folks there are in ye world yt have such a Stinge in their Tayle, an itch in their Eare, a pride in their hart, as will not give them rest in any Condition; our Saviour would not be held Holye enough for their Company were he on Earth again .... 64 Then there was the problem of the Southern Commission for Compounding. Although Portland and Cottington, the heads of this, generally observed the rule that recusants whose estates lay mainly north of Trent must compound at York, there were exceptions. Wentworth complained of numbers of wealthy


northerners who compounded at easy rates at Westminster. 65 Nor did he like the fact that the Southern Commission, as the senior body, occasionally issued general orders binding on recusants in the north. 66 Lastly there was the thorny problem of inconsistency in the administrative policy of King and Privy Council, pulled hither and thither by warring vested interests-royal dispensations, graces, grants and patents cutting across the "course" of the Northern Commission and made without reference to it. Especially after 1634 the King issued a fairly considerable number of "letters of special grace and protection" dispensing individual Catholics more or less from the Commission's jurisdiction. Some (like John Gascoigne of Barnbow and Philip Anne of Burghwallis co. Yorks) were allowed to compound at Westminster. Others (Viscount Dunbar) had their composition rents reduced. Others were practically allowed to fix their own rents (Dr John Moore, William Stanford.) Others were totally exempted from conviction and fining (Sir John Thimbleby of Irnham co. Lines., Sir Cecil Trafford, Sir William Pearsall, Sir Charles Smith of Wooton Wawen, Henry, Earl of Worcester, Clement Paston).67 Wentworth fought some of these cases as far as he dared, but there is evidence of only one victory gained by him-the case of Thomas, Viscount Fairfax of Emley.68 The Commissioners had also to fear grants of recusant fine arrears to courtiers . In 1633 Wentworth was up in arms about such a grant made to Sir Arthur Mainwaring and Andrew Pitcairn and secured a limitation of its terms to recusant monies fraudulently appropriated by officials in the past. 69 Then there was tbe case of the agreement made between the Exchequer and Sir Arthur Ingram the elder. Ingram was a City business man who had long dabbled in speculations and farmed customs and the alum works. In 1612 he invested in a life grant of the secretaryship of the Council of the North and retired to live in Yorkshire. Wentworth began by using him on the Commission and Council, but the two men fell out over a curious speculative agreement made by Portland and Cottington with Ingram behind Wentworth's back. Ingram was owed money by the Crown. He was to take over a part of the Commission's business, paying the Crown a substantial rent and hoping to recoup his outlay, the money owed to him and a further profit by vigorous administration. Wentworth remained unconvinced by Cottington's arguments that the bulk of the Commission's "course" would be unaffected and that Ingram was bound to lose money on the deal. He felt that the whole transaction was a slight to himself.7° It seems that these troubles of the Commission mounted steadily after 1634. According to Wentworth, the compounders reacted to the declining credit of the administration by increasingly defaulting on their rents. 71 Osborne could not dominate his fellow Commissioners as Wentworth had done. They began to have increasing fears about the legality of some practices used hitherto-particularly the habit of informal compositions with unconvicted recusants who had been persuaded to come in to the Commission of tneir own accord. 72 When the Long Parliament met in 1640 it began to assemble evidence against Wentworth's whole administration. Criticisms of the Commission were welcomed and rife. 73 The officials of the Southern Commission sought to save themselves by blaming others. In November 1641 the Exchequer, probably moved by the King in one of his conciliatory moods, issued warrants wholesale to sheriffs to make seizures of the lands of compounders. It seemed inevitable that the Commissions would end and be replaced by the older system. 74 However, the Parliament did not get round to this and the northern Receiver was still collecting rents from compounders on the eve of the war (to May 1642).75 Thus ended an important epoch of recusant fining . But the work of the Commissions lived on after them. The policy of the Parliament was to return to the direct Exchequer-sheriff method, using seizure universally and employing only Protestant farmers. Yet this Sequestration policy of the 1640s rapidly moved over, by the 1650s into copying Commission methods. Commissions reappeared under other names (Haberdashers Hall, County Committees) and seized lands were commonly rented to the recusant owners.


The only innovations were the shortness of the leases, the ruthless scaling up of rents, the accuracy of the frequent surveys and the measures taken to tax increments in recusants' incomes from improvement of their estates. 76 At the Restoration the pendulum of reaction swung back again to direct Exchequer-sheriff methods . In 1675 however county Commissioners were appcinted with attendant Receivers . By June 1676 the Barons of the Exchequer noted that, although the Justices were hard at work convicting recusants and sending escheats into the Exchequer, and the Exchequer working on them, the county Commissioners were inactive. A discussion ensued on the history of fining and the relative merits of the direct and Commission courses. The Barons finally decided to revert to sheriffs. By 1680 they were regretting their decision. 77 After the Revolution of 1688 there were further Exchequer debates, but nothing was decided and fining ceased. In 1715 there was a proposal to begin again, using the existing Land Tax Commissioners. Convicted Papists were to be obliged to register full valuations of their estates at the Quarter Sessions. The Land Tax Commissioners-who were already levying double from recusants-were also to collect annually from each recusant two-thirds of his income. The registration was actually made effective, but the fining never worked. This was the end of fining. 78 The Northern Commission held its sessions in a room in toe King's Manor, York. The number of active Commissioners never seems to have exceeded a handful-five or six. Their qualifications seem to have been that they were experienced, administrators men loyal to Wentworth and his system, and men with local knowledge of recusants' estates. Thus Sir William Ellis knew Lincolnshire, Sir John Melton and Lowther the remoter north-east and west respectively, Sir William Dalton the North and East Ridings, Sir John Hotham the East Riding, Ingram, Osborne and Christopher Wandesford the W cst Riding and Sir Thomas Tildesley Lancashire. Their residence in these areas meant inevitably relationship to, and acquaintance with, recusants. Wentworth himself had a Catholic uncle, Sir Francis Trappes Byrnand, Catholic cousins-Trappes, Viscount Fairfax, Michael Wentworth of Woolley, Sir Thomas Vavasour of Hazlewood. His close friend, Sir Peter Middleton of Stockeld, had a recusant wife, as had another friend, Sir Marmaduke WyveU. Wentworth's letters show how far he was willing to go-within limits-to pull strings to ease their burdens as recusants. Also, on occasion, he favoured recusants like Edmund Eltofts, who had the Earl of Newcastle as his patron, and "Mr Medcalfe" whose cause was espoused by the Buckingham family. Sir Edward Osborne was married to a lady with close recusant relations-a Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh and widow of a Middleton of Stockeld. He admitted to having intervened to protect his wife's Catholic relations from an informer. 79 Sir \ÂĽilliam Dalton seems to have sat amongst the Commissioners who assessed the composition of his recusant nephew, Thomas Dalton of Swine, Holderness. 8o The Radcliffes of Dilston could apply to Charles Radcliffe, Wentworth's relation and servant of the Commission. Sir John Hotham could plead the case of East Riding recusants who were his friends.81 But Wentworth and the Commissioners could justly say that their record for integrity compared very favourably with that of previous administrators. The sittings of the Commission had to be fitted in with those of the Council of the North and of various other bodies on which Commissioners sat. Thus the Commission for Knighthood operated from the Manor and some Commissioners-like Hotham-were also Justices. The Council did not keep Common Law terms but sat irregularly. Thus Commission sessions therefore had to be managed under difficulties. 82 Since the 1629 Commission voided all previous Commissioners' leases, it began with a rush of business concentrated into comparatively short and heavy bouts of work. According to the Book of Compositions in 1629 233 recusants were disposed of in 21 days sittings between September 9th and October 19th. Anotner 28 cases were dealt with in 10 sittings in mid-December. In 1630311 cases came in sittings packed densely between mid-August and Chr~stmas. Extraordinarily little


was done in 1631-29 sittings in 3 sittings in September. 1632 saw a revival242 cases between early August and late November. In the four years covered by the Book just over 900 recusants (or relatives of recusants, living or dead) compounded for an annual rental of about £10,000. In June 1633 Wentworth wrote· .. I found that Revenew but 2000 Ii. by yeare; I nowe have it 9500 Ii. by yeare .... 83 He estimated that, when he lert for Ireland in 1633, there was still Ita very greate part which for want of tyme I was forced to leave behind me uncompounded". Later he said this was some £3000 a year in rents-that is to say he thought the northern recusants worth about £12,500 a year to the Crown. We do not know as yet whether Osborne achieved this by the early 1640s. In November 1642 Lawrence Squibb, a teller at the Exchequer, calculated tha.t the northern recusant revenues had been raised to between £10,000 and £12,000 and the southern to between £4000 and £5000. 84 Predictions must have been difficult because, as Wentworth wrote, there was cons ant· .. Losse upon Conformityes, or change of Tenances by death or otherwyse .... There were defaulters-and Wentworth lamented that, as the years passed and the credit of the Commission declined under attack, compounders became increasingly careless about payment on time. 8s On the other hand there were increments to rents, since the leases always provided carefully for extra payments (at an increased rate) as charges on recusants' estates were extinguished by the death of beneficiaries. Knowledge of Yorkshire recusancy from other sources shows that the Commissioners dealt quite efficiently with the available field of Catholics with property worth siezing in that county. They missed, of the wealthy, only Lord Eure (who was a bankrupt), tbe Earl of Rutland :md Viscount Fauconberg. 86 At the sessions the waiting rooms would contain recusants who had been officially summoned, after conviction and Inquisition. In Wentworth's earlier days as Commissioner other recusants, who were neither convicted nor had undergone an Inquisition, appeared, to make a sort of extra-legal composition. Generally the Commission tried to allot sittings by counties. But many recusants came from a distance and allowances had to be made for them. The Commission therefore in fact often dealt with men from several different counties in one sitting. It was very common for the poorer recusants from a distance to be represented by a wealthier or more active neighbour or even by a non-Catholic attorney. Thus John Sompner represented some 60 absentee Lancashire recusants at many sittings in 1629 and 1630. Women were invariably represented by male friends. The representatives had to have full powers of attorney to bind their subjects and the Commission reacted badly to the recusant who merely sent excuses. 87 Nevertheless a surprisingly large number of recusants from a distance put in a personal appearance. This was natural, since they all had cases to plead, papers and deeds to produce to prove "reprises" (genuine charges on their estates which the Commissioners would subtract from the valuation). They were allowed to plead their cases and produce letters of commendation. If they refused the terms offered they could petition. But unless they had specia.l influence their petitions were referred to Wentworth for judgment. He ba.d laid on, at his own charges, a special private post from the port of Chester to York to speed business after he had gone to Ireland. 88 After the sessions the President or Vice-President would invite recusants of rank to dine at the Manor. As Wentworth wrote· .. I could not with any decency, taking money from them with one han de, turne them into the towne to seeke their dinners with the other.... 89 As they dealt with each case, the Commissioners would have before them usually the schedules of convicted recusants forwarded by the Clerks of the Peace in the several counties under their jurisdiction, reports from the Exchequer of the previous finding record of recusants with arrears noted,


copies of Inquisitions into recusants' estates. The obtaining of up-to-date records from these sources was often a difficult matter.90 According to Wentworth the Commissioners were legally bound to make the composition rent exactly two-thirds of the Inquisition valuation. 91 By this he meant that they might not fix a lower rent than this, unless they were covered by a higher autnority. He required express permission from the King for this.92 This did not prevent the rent exceeding the Inquisition valuation. Thus the Inquisition valuation of the seized two-thirds of the estates of Philip Constable of Everingham, E. Riding was £117-11-4 a year, while his composition rent was £250 a year (in both figures reprises already deducted). We may justly suspect that the very round figures of the rents of the gentry indicate a general policy of exceeding Inquisition valuations in cases of the wealthier recusants. (As Wentworth once explained, however, the round figures may, in some cases, be due to the fact that no Inquisition had been made or that Wentwortb would not be bothered to put off fixing a lease because an Inquisition had not yet arrived.)93 In any case the Commissioners had before them private reports of informers about the real incomes of recusants. They must have had good reason to doubt the accuracy of Inquisition valuations. 94 Once the rent was fixed and, if necessary, the composition for arrears made the recusant (or his representative) signed tbe record in tl>e Book of Compositions . He received a Supersedeas-a w?rrant from the Commissioners informing the sheriff of the composition and ordering him not to molest the lands of the recusant for his recusancy. The recusant or his representative then entered into a bond to pay the first instalment of his rent (and, perhaps also, of his composition for arrearages) at the fixed place and time. Now he had to obtain his lease under the Great Seal from the Exchequer. As we have seen, this meant a long delay- sometim'.;s of years-and the payment of substcmtial fees by the recusant. The Commissions usually laid penalties on recusauts who nad not obtained their leases within a certain period, but all this must have to .have been waived. Also the Exchequer was supposed to join numbers of poorer recusants into joint-leases, to spare them expense in fees. The compounder was supposed to pay each instalment of rent (always two yearly instalments, at St Martin in the Winter and Whitsunday) within 40 days of the day fixed on penalty of automatic cancellation of his lease. But the day of modern bureaucracy was far-off. Wentworth started like a new broom, with vigour and method-and even printed forms for rent receipts and conds. Not for him the humiliations of Sa vile, who had been forced to issue birculars to the compounder gentry, before days of rent payment, begging them to be prompt. Wentworth relied chiefly on building up a sense of confidence in the Commission amongst recusants-a sense that it could protect them against officialdom and the vagaries of royal policy. Presumably he expected that the "poorer sort" would easily default. Hence he blamed defaulting by the wealthier Catholics on to the attackers of the Commission and the uncertainty they bred. Defaulters were written to, sent "King's letters" and, later, Wentworth asked for two Exchequer messengers to be lent him fOl' the work of collection.96 NOTES See M. Calthrop, Introduction to Cath. Record Soc. vol. 18: The Recusant Rolls by Fr Hugh Bowler O.S.B . in Recusant History iv/5. 2 Memoirs of Reresby, ed. Browning. pp.58l-3. 3 Parker Society. Liturgical Services. Queen Elizabeth: Cardwell. Documentary Annals. I. 4 Purvis. Tudor Parish Docts. in the Diocese of York. passim. I) Borthwick Institute, York. High Comm. Act Bk. 1576-80 f. 108f£. G Yorks. Arch. Soc. Record Series. 115. passim.



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See also Yorks. Archaeol. Soc. Library, Leeds MSS MD. 59(25) and 278(4) -receipts for rents from farmers of Yorks. seized recusants' lands 1610-30, many to relatives of recusants or Church-Papists. 29 ibid. Northallerton Cty Record Office. Hutton MSS. Summons of the Pipe Bk. of Sir Timothy Hutton, Sheriff of Yorks. 1606. shows nevertheless that the majority of the siezed lands were leased to Protestants, of whom several were farmers of such property in a big way. 30 Recusant History. iv/5 pp. 188ff.; Cal. State Papers. Dom. 1598-1601 pp. 253-4 and passim on Thomas Felton, the most notorious jobber in seized lands, and his methods. Magee. English Recusants. pp. 65, 71 for other refs. 31 1 Jac . cap. 4; 3 Jac . capp o 4 and 5; 7 Jac . cap. 6. 32 R. H. Tawney. Business & Politics under James I. p. 300. 33 Magee. Eng. Recusants. p. 67 for refs. 34 Information from Fr Hugh Bowler; Northallerton Cty Rec. Office. Hutton MSS Summons of the Pipe Bk. of Sir Timothy Hutton 1606 f. 3. Note against the case of Will. Berkes, farmer of the seized lands of Jane Woodhouse, recusant, "compossuit". Lambard. Eirenarchia . (1612) laments a tendency in his days to take less than the legal amount of fines. 35 Cal. State Papers. Dom. 1611-18 pp. 165, 244; 1619-21 pp. 141, 142-3 & etc. 36 1 Car. cap. 6. Aliens had long been taxed double. Recusants were now coupled with them. For evasion see G. W . Johnson. Fairfax Correspondence. ii/206. April 1641, Thomas Stockdale describes to Lord Fairfax evasion by (i) "procuring others to be named subsidy men (being conformable or at least not convict) and tl1ey themselves to be contributors or bearers with them underhand". (ii) the fact that, due to the inefficiency or slowness of Clerks of Assizes, Clerks of the Peace and clergy, the collectors of the subsidy had to use very defective lists of convicted recusants. 37 Recusant History iv/5 pp. 194ff.; Note (10) above; Meynell Papers below. 38 Rymer. op. cit. viii/2/71ff., 184ff. 39 Hist. MSS Commission. 4th Report App. i/6. 40 Cal. State Papers. Dom. 1628-9 p. 205. 41 ibid. 1627-8 pp. 277, 450. 42 Rymer. op. cit. viii/3/47ff. ; PRO. C.66/2504. 43 Sheffield City Library. Strafford Correspondence. 12 (a)/72, 76; Ingram was the exception (see Strafford letters passim printed below) 44 Rymer. op. cit. viii/3/12 (new Commission and Instructions to the Council of the North 1629. The "Councillors of our Fee in Ordinary" were mostly also active Commissioners for Compounding.) 45 Cal. S. P. D. 1628-9 p. 570; 1629-31 pp. 301, 552. 46 See Strafford Correspondence passim for Wentworth's use of his servants William Raylton, Thomas Littell, Richard Elmhirst. 47 Commissions of 1636 and 1638-Rymer. op . cit. ix/1/57ff., 161ff. The clause about the third is a mystery. The total receipts from recusant revenues did not go down heavily thereafter (Magee. English Recs. p. 73 for tables of receipts). But no doubt the clause referred to future compositions and was an attempt to raise up new informers against unconvicted Catholics on whom the existing "course" could make no impression. Farington and Heath were now out of the Commission's service. Commissions later-Cal. S.P.D. 1639-40 pp. 141, 142, 214-5, 512. 1640-1 pp. 513, 518. 1641-3 pp. 173ff., 331 & etc. 48 see Strafford Correspondence printed below. 49 ibid. 50 see Ingram MSS No. 1 printed below; Cal. S.P.D. 1634-S p. 381; 1639-40 pp. 141, 214-5, 512. !il Cal . S .P.D. 1641-3 pp. 173-4; Strafford Corresp. iii/2 . .,2 Cal. S.P.D. 1639-40 p. S12; 1640-1 p. 513; 1641-3 pp. 173-4 . .,3 ibid.; Strafford Corresp. 12(a)/IS4. 54 Cal. S.P.D. 1631-3 pp. 447-8. Wentworth had mixed fortune with the



sheriffs of Yorkshire. Sir Arthur Ingram (1629) and Sir John Gibson (1630) were Commissioners. But Sir Thomas Layton (1631) was a "rebel" against Wentworth's administration. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill (1633) had a Catholic wife but was regarded by Wentworth as trustworthy. (Surtees Soc, 36; Magee. Eng. Recusants. p. 149) 55 Letter to the N. Riding Justices printed below; to Lancs. Justices, Hist. MSS Comm. Kenyon MSS. p. 38; Strafford Corresp. 20(a)/82; 99; 13(a)/56. (printed below.) 56 Northallerton Cty Record Office. Quarter Sessions. Book of Recusants Indicted 1629-41. The huge list for 1640 is simply a re-conviction of recusants already convicted. The W. Riding Sessions Rolls of the period have vanished. The copy printed in Yorks. Arch. Soc. Record Series 54. from a Fairfax MS is obviously very defective. Compare. Johnson. Fairfax Correspondence. p. 286, where Stockdale writes (Nov. 1641) "In this wapentake (of the W . Riding) where I live, there are 532 recusants of one sort or another that pay poll money . . . " The E. Riding Rolls, Indictments, for the period have vanished The York & Ainsty Sessions Books are defective (Bk. 6 to 1599; Bk. 7. 1617-19 and 1638-62-no recusant refs.) 57 Wedgwood. Strafford. passim, on the "rebels."; Straff01'd Corresp. Letters from Hoby printed below. 58 ibid. 12(a)/82. 59 ibid . 3/22. There is (8/258) a wonderful defence of the lawyers by Coventry 60 ibid . 3/201 . ~1 ibid. 13(a)/71; 10; 20(d)/261; 12(c)/205 ; 231; 20(a)/69. Everingham MSS. Select MSS . show that Philip Constahle of Everingham, E . Riding was first convicted at the Old Bailey in 1633¡-after evading conviction for years 62 Strafford Corresp. passim-printed below. Hf'!ath was also farmer of the seized lands of 2 Yorks. recusants, Grace, Lady Babthorpe and Thomas Worsley-the only cases of farming by a Protestant. 63 ibid. 20(a)/68ff. 64 ibid. 10(ii)/272. 65 Cal. S.P.D. 1629-31 p. 35. Wentworth to the Attorney-General Aug. 1629 on the Westminster compositions of John Gascoigne, Philip Anne and Mr Cholmeley (of Brandsby, N. Riding) at absurdly low rates. 66 ibid. 1639-40 pp. 141-2. . 67 Ibid . 1635-40 passim; Strafford Corresp. passim, printed below. 68 Recusant History iv/2/62-3. 69 Cal. S.P.D . 1625-49 p. 503; later editions of the Commission contained a special clause about this patent-Rymer. op. cit. ix/1/57ff.; 161ff. 70 Strafford Corresp . passim, printed below. A text of the agreement, from the Ingram MSS is also printed below. Tawney. Business under James 1. pp. 83 ff. n Strafford Corr. passim, below. 72 ibid . 73 Cal . S.P.D. 1641-3 pp. 173-4; PRO SP.16/178/40 (printed below). Prynne's Popish Royal Favourite and Rushworth's Collections contain the gist of these criticisms. 74 ibid; Cal. S.P.D. 1640-1 p . SIS-the complaints of Pulford, a southern Deputy-Receiver, appar'. mtly used by Prynne. 75 Receipts below, in the Constable of Everingham & Meynell MSS . 76 Ampleforth Journal June 1959. "Catholics & Parliamentary Sequestrations"; Hardacre . Royalists during the Puritan Revolution. 77 Cal. of Treasury Bks. 1660-7 p . 11; 1672-5 pp. 287, 340, 693-4, 694ff., 739-40, 750, 804; 1676-9 pp. 59, 87, 149, 207, 244 256, 678; 1679-80 pp. 416, 426, 529-30,601-2. 78 1 Geo. capp o 50, 55; 9 Geo. cap. 18.


Recusant History iv/2 /62ff. for Wentworth's effort to fulfill his duty as executor of Thomas, 1st Viscount Fairfax and bring up the latter's grandchild as a Protestant. For Osborne see Surtees Soc. 36; Foster. Lan cs . Families; Strafford Corr. 15(a)/58 (printed below) 80 York Visitation Bks. passim; Surtees Soc. 36; Cal. S.P.D . 1635 pp. 112-3 -Sir W illiam Dalton's mother was a Tyrwhitt of Kettelby, Lines. and his Hull brother a strong Catholic. 81 Strafford Corr. passim, below. 82 ibid. the pleas in 20(a)/114 (below). 83 ibid. 3/2. He later admitted Savile raised ÂŁ2500 a year. 84 Cal . S.P.D. 1641-3 pp . 173-4. 85 Strafford Corr . 3/2 86 Eure was finally convicted in 1640 (North Riding. Recs. Indicted 1629-47) Attempts by the Commission to get convicted Sir Michael Wharton of Beverley, Marmaduke Dolman of Badsworth and Sir Ingleby Daniell of Gunby - Strafford Corr. 12(c)/205. We do not know if they were successful. 87 ibid. 12 (c)/179 (below) 88 ibid. SIS . Wentworth to Secretary Coke, Dublin June 17th 1633. 89 ibid. 3/29. For the civilities which passed between Wentworth and recusants of quality, see ibid . 12(c)/179. Edward Radclyffe of Dilston . 90 ibid. 15(a)/69. 91 statement to Michael Wentworth, ibid.l0(ii)/215. 92 ibid. and Wentworth's formal request to the King in 1633 for concessions to his relatives and friends, noted as the last he intends to make, 5/7. 93 It would be perilous to attempt to assess how heavy Wentworth 's composition rents really were, without an accurate knowledge of the real values of recusants' estates. The Constable MSS are printed below to show h ow even the existence of recusants' estate accounts still leaves doubts and problems. 94 ibid .20(a)/68ff. Farington's " exceptions", gives some idea of the attention Wentworth originally paid to Inquisitions. In Michael Wentworth's case he clearly accepts the view that the Inquis. found an excessive value. 95 Strafford Corr. 12(c)/205 ; 3/199ff. Wentworth asks for 2 messengers a s other Receivers have, to expedite the pClyment of rents, one in the J urisdiction (viz. of the Council of the North), one in the "Out-Countryes" (viz. the area of the Commission's jurisdiction lying beyond that of the Council.) 79

THE NORTHERN BOOK OF COMPOSITIONS 1629-32. NOTE. The various Northern Commissions all provided for the keeping of full records and the transfer of them, at the lapse of each Commission, to its successor. Copies were to be sent regularly to the court of record, the Exchequer. The E xchequer certainly had a "Book of Convicted Recusants", with details of leases, which was lodged at Haberdashers Hall in 1652. The records of the Northern Commissions could be laboriously pieced together from existing materials in the Public Record Office. l But the original books kept at the King's Manor, York vanished from sight in 1642, together with the record books of the Council of the North. In March 1708, sixty years later, three volumes of the York Commissions' records 307

were in the possession of Thomas Craven, a burgess of Ripon. Two of these were original volumes of Entry Books-Act books, in which the terms of compositions were entered and signed by the recusants. The third was a contemporary fair copy of the other two, probably indexed for office use. Ralph Thoresby, the Leeds antiquarian, borrowed the volumes and at once wrote to his Catholic friend, Charles Towneley of York, to announce the find. 2 John Knaresbrough, Towneley's chaplain, and also an acquaintance of Thoresby, was engaged in collecting materials for his "Sufferings of Catholicks." Thoresby acquired the volumes from Craven and Knaresbrough saw them and had them transcribed for his own use. 3 The scribe worked to directions from Knaresbrough which ordered many abbreviations, especially in the 1630 parts. Some sections were fully copied because they concerned either families with whom Knaresbrough was connected-the Towneleys and Tankards-or were needed as material to be used in the "Sufferings" to refute Rushworth's charges that the Commissioners were unduly lenient. 4 At some subsequent date the MS transcript, together with the MSS "Foul Draughts" by Knaresbrough for his 'Sufferings" and the fair copy of the "Sufferings" were acquired by Cuthbert Constable of Burton Constable, Holderness. They remained in the library at Burton Constable until they were sold at Sotheby's in June 1889. The MS "Composition Book" passed to Ushaw College Library, where it remains. The rest of Knaresbrough's MSS were bought by Lord Rerries and form part of the Everingham MSS, at present deposited at Ampleforth Abbey. 5 This MS Composition Book, here reproduced, is a bound paper 8vo. book of 150 folio-88 of text, 24 blank between sections and the rest an Alphabetical Table or index of names and rents. It is all written in the same neat hand, though there are a number of additions and corrections in what appears to be Knaresbrough's hand.

There are at least two lists of compositions at the PRO-CSP D 1629-31 p. 318 and 1641-3 p. 435. Perhaps the lists sent up from York (e.g. ibid. 1625-49 p. 621) lurk somewhere in PRO. Of course much of the material is reproduced in the Recusant Rolls-PRO E/377. 35fÂŁ. 2 Hunter. Diary of R. Thoresby (1830) iiJ62; letter from Thoresby to Towneley March 9th 1708 (amongst the "Foul Draughts", Everingham MSS\ 3 ibid. first copies in the scribe's hand and directions from Knaresbrough. 1 MS "Sufferings of Catholicks". The fate of the original volumes is unknown. They were in Thoresby's library (D~tcatus I.eodensis. ed. Whittaker. 1816. p. 78), the contents of wnich are still largely untraced . There is a sale catalogue of the library, with names of immediate buyers, in York Minster Library. 5 Sotheby's catalogue; "Ex collect. Dni Thoresby" on title page of the Ushaw MS. The book's paper has a post-1706 watermark.




SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Manerium iuxta Civit. Ebor. N ono die Septembris Anno Regni Caroli Quinto. Coram prenobil. Thome Vic.Wentworth,Dno.President.Arthur Ingram mil.Willmo.Ellis mil. Thom.Tildesley mil. Joh.Lowther mil. Will.Dalton Cro. Wandesford Ar. Commissionar. &c.

1. Thomas Watterton of Wallton Esqr. Compounded with his Majties.Commrs.this day for himselfe and (blank) his wife,for all his Mannors Lands and Leases within the County's of York and Northumberland Vizt.for his Lands in Wallton,and Lease of Tanckersley in the County of York, And for all his Lands in Carrowe in the County of Northunberland fo the yearly rent of 80 pounds to continue dureing the Terme contained in the Lease of Tanckersley And after the Expiration of that Lease,then to pay yearly but 70 li . And hath also Compounded for his Goods and Arrearages of Rents, for the Summe of be paid at Martinmas next and Whitsontide by equall portions,And to enter Bond for the first halfe years Rent accordingly. And if he Show a Discharge of Arrearages then so much to be abated. 2. George Caley of Attwicke hath Compounded for himselfe and (blank) his wife,by John Bell of Bentley for his house and Land in Attwicke aforesaid for the yearly Rent of 5 li. And for all his Goods and Arrearages for the Summe of 20S.1 3. Jane Lady Constable of Bentley in the County of York widdow, hath Compounded by John Bell for her two parts of the third part of five Oxgangs of Land in Bentley aforesaid for the yearly Rent of 20s. And for all her Goods and Arrearages for the Summe of Ten Shillings. 2

Com.Ebor. 1Omo.Sept.50.Car. Rs.1629.

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Regis iuxt.Muros Civit. Ebor. Decimo die Septembris Anno quinto Carol.Rs.1629. Coram prefat.Commissionar.&c.

4. Mathew Hammerton of Munkroyde Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe and Phillip his Son, and Dorothy his wife,for all his Lands in Munkroyde in the County of Y ork,and for one Messuage with Appurtenances in the parish of Fetherston,and Burgage in Pontefract, A Lease for 21 years of divers Tenements in Pontefract, 309

And of all other Lands contained in the Severall Inquisitions for the yearly Rent of 35 pounds And he is Discharged of all Arrearages,for that he formerly paid to my Lord Savile 10 pounds for the Same. 3 5. Thomas Barton of Whenby Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe and Alice his wife,for his Lands and Tenements in Whenby with the Appurtenances and for four Messuages in Skewsby,Dawby, Terrington and Whenby,for the yearly Rent of SO Ii. And he is now Discharged of all Arrearages ut supra. 4 6. William Green of Hanmonth (sic-Lanmoth) gent.hath Compounded for himselfe and Mary his wife,for his house and Lands in Hanmonth aforesd.for the yearly Rent of 12 li.And hath also Compounded for all Arrearages for the Summe of 5 pounds. 5 7. George Waite of Laborne in the County of York hath Compounded for himselfe and Agnes his wife for his Messuages and Lands in Laborne aforesd.for the yearly Rent of 10 pounds And for Discharge of his Arrearages 4 pounds. 6 S. Charles Thimleby of Snydall gent.hath compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife,and Mary his Mother for the Mannor of Snydall and other Messuages and Lands there for the Rent of 35 Ii. yearly And are Discharged of All Arrearages. 7 11mo.die Sept. Ao. 1629. 9. Dorothy Scroope of Thornton in Ie Street widdow hath this day Compounded by Thomas Jackson of Kneeton gent.for all her Goods which she hath or shall have for the yearly Rent of 40S.8 10. Edward Barton of Thornthorpe gent. (sic)9 11. Ralph Briggham of Wyton hath Compounded for himselfe and his wife for all his Lands in Wyton,Briggham,Attwicke and Fittling in the County of York for the Annuall Rent of 35 Ii.and to be Discharged of all Arrearages. 10 14to. Septembris Anno 1629 12. John Ingleby of Rudby Esqr. hath Compounded for (SiC)l1 17mo. die Septembris Anno 1629 13. Thomas Byerley of Nosterfield gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane his wife, for his Lands in N osterfield and for his Goods for the yearly Rent of 20 marks. And to be acquitted of all Arrearages.12 14. Henry Barney of Haddockstones gent. hath Compounded for himself and Thomas his Son, for all his Lands in Haddockstones for the yearly Rent of 10 li.1 3 15. Thomas Mennell of Kilvington in the County of York Esqr. hath by Leonard Brackenburie gent. Compounded for himselfe, Mary his wife, Anthony Mennell his Son and Mary his wife, for their Lands in Thornton Ie Street, And for his Mannor of Northkilvington And for the medietie of the Mannor of Pickall, And for the Mannor of Sawley for the yearly Rent of 100 Ii. And the Arrearages are remitted for the Summe of 4 pounds paid in presently.14 ISo. die Septembris Anno 1629 16. Ralph Salvin of Holmehouse in Egton Esqr. hath Compounded 310

by William Rosse gent. for himselfe and Isabell his wife, for his Lands in Holmehouse in the Lordship of Egton, And for his Goods and Arrearages for the yearly Rent of Thirty pounds. l5 17. George Mettcalfe of Firby heth Compounded (SiC)16 18. Marmaduke Holtby of Skakelton gent. hath Compounded for his Majties two parts of all his Lands in the County of York at the Rent of 20 li. p. Ann. And all his Arrearages are included in this Composition. 17 19. William Fussie of Mortowne hath Compounded for himselfe for his Goods for the yearly Rent of 40s. 20. Robert Fussie of Moorgrange hath by William Fussie his Brother Compounded for his Goods for the Rent of forty shillings. IS . 190. die Septembris Anno 1629 21. Thomas Grainge of Eastharlesey hath Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife, for his Mannor of Eastharlesey and all his Lands And for his Goods for the yearly Rent of 10 li. And to be Discharged Arrearages. 19 22. Daniel Smithson of Borrowbridge hath Compounded for himselfe and Barbara his wife for his Lands, And also for his Goods for the yearly Rent of Six pounds And he is Discharged all Arrearages. 2o 22do. die Septembris Anno 1629 23. John Peircie of Stubbs Walden gent. hath Compounded for himself Frances his wife And Francis Peircie his father for his Lands in Norton And for the medietie of the Mannor of Stubbs Walden And for all his Lands within the sd. Mannor for the yearly Rent of 45 pounds And to be Discharged of all Arrearages. 21 24. Thomas Homer of Braithwaite hath Compounded for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for his house and Lands And for all his Goods for the Annuall Rent of 26 li. 13s. 4d. And hath also Compounded for his Arrearages for the Summe of forty shillings. 22 25. Thomas Ingleby of Raventofts gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane his wife Peter Ingleby his Son and Elizabeth his wife for his Lands in Raventoft, and for their Goods And Arrearages. for the Annuall Rent of Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence. 23 24to. die Septembris Anno 1629 26. Andrew Young of Bourne gent. hath Compounded for himself for his Lands in Bourne and for his Goods for the yearly Rent of forty pounds And is acquitted of all his Arrearages. 24 27. Robert Constable of Leckenfield in the County of York Esqr. hath Compounded by Thomas Jackson gent. being Lawfully Authorized thereunto for himself Jane his wife, Robert Constable his Son and heire Apparent & Hellenor his wife, for all his Lands, And for all their Goods for the Annuall Rent of fourscore pounds And for their Arrearages five pounds 25 28. George Johnson of Brawithe hath by Thomas Jackson gent. being Lawfully Authorized thereunto Compounded for himself and 311

Elizabeth his wife for his Land And for a Mill and for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Ten pounds. 26 29. Stephen Tempest of Broughton Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe and Frances his wife for his Mannor of Broughton and all his Lands there, for one watercorne Mill in Burnsall, for a free Rent of 11 li. yearly Issueing out of the Mannor of Thorpe and Bumsall for 30 pounds, And for his Lease of Rownd Haye Thirty pounds And hath also Compounded for his Goods and Arreaeagrs being forty nine pounds. 27 30. Anthony Metcalfe of Audbrough hath Compounded by Lawrence Sayer gent. for himself and Hellenor (sic) for his Lands in Audbrough and Manfield for the Annuall Rent of Thirty three pounds Six shillings eight pence. And hath likewise Compounded for his Goods And Arrearages for the Summe of Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence. 28 31. Phillip Dolman of Gunby gent. hath Compounded for the Rectory of Lund And for a Sheep pasture called Mayngreenrigg, for a Close called Greggmill-Dam and for one Cottage in Lund, And also for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Twenty five pounds. 29 32. Ann Danby of Leake wid dow hath Compounded (by Michael Metcalfe gent) for her Lands And for her Goods for the yearly Rent of Twenty pounds And hath also Compounded for her Arrearages for Six pounds 13~. 4d. 30 33. Thomas Eltoft of Farnhill Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe for the Medietie of his Mannor of Famhill and all his other Lands for the yearly Rent of fifteen pounds And he is acquitted of all Arrearages. 31 34. Thomas Jackson jun. of Kneeton and late of Langthorpe gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas his father for their Lands and Goods for the Annuall Rent of four pounds And hath Compounded to give ten shillings for all his Arrearages. 32 35. William Coats of Fairebume (a Conformable man) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Frances his wife for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds. 33 36. Richard Bassett of N orthkilvington hath Compounded for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for his Lease of Upsall And for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Six pounds And all Arrearages remitted. 34 37. John Constable of Carethorpe gent. hath Compounded for his Mannor of Carethorpe in the County of York and his Lands and Goods there for the Annua:ll Rent of Sixteen pounds. 3s 38. Jane Pudsey of Pickton widdow hath Compounded for her Lands and for her Goods for the Annuall Rent of Eight pounds And hath also Compounded for all Arrearages for the Summe of Forty shillings. 36 39. Barnard Peirson of Dighton hath Compounded (by Jane 312

P udsey widdow) for his goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty Shillings. 37 40. J ohn Clifton of Kirklinton hath Compounded (by Jane Pudsey widdow) for his goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty Shillings. 38 41. Thomas Aislaby of Barwick upon Tease hath Compounded (by Jane Pudsey widdow) for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty Shillings. 39 42. William Thompson of Wressle (being a Conformable man) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Elizabeth his wife for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds.4o 43. John Wright of Minskipp hath Compounded for himselfe and. Jane his wife for his Messuage And for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Tliirty shillings And is Acquitted of his Arrearages. 41 44. William Champney of Clayton hath Compounded for himselfe¡ and Elizabeth his wife for his Lands And for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Six pounds And the Arrearages are included in this Composition being 20S.42 26to. die Septembris Anno 1629 45. Edward Ingleton of Midlam yeoman hath Compounded for himselfe Alice his wife and John Ingleton his father for his Lands and for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty shillings. 43 46. William Beilby of Micklethwaite-grange hath Compounded for his Lands and for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of fifteen pounds And is Discharged all Arrearages. 44 47. Katherine Lady Tempest of Broughton hath Compounded (by Mr. George Tempest her Son) for her Lands in Broughton &c. And for her Goods for the Annuall Rent of Twenty pounds And hath also Compounded for her Arrearages for the Summe of eight pounds. 48. Leonard Metcalfe of Kilburne gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife for his Lands and Goods for the Annuall Rent of 6 li. 13s. 4d. 45 49. John Hodgson of Carr hill jun. hath Compounded for himselfe¡ and Ann his wife for his Lands for the Annuall Rent of four pounds. 41).. 50. Edward Grame of Farlington yearn. hath Compounded for himselfe and Ellen his wife for his Lands for the Rent of 4 li. and for his Goods for the Rent of 20s. And he is to be Discharged of his Arrearages. 47 51. Henry Brown of Holden (being a Comformable man) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Frances his wife for the Rent of Thirty shillings. 48 52. Robert Otterborne of Scackelton hath Compounded for himselfe and Isabell his wife for his Lands and Goods for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds And hath also Compounded for his Arrearages. (sic) 280. die Septembris Anno 1629 53. Elizabeth Barker of Bubwith in the County of York hath. Compounded for her selie and for Thomas Barker her Son, for their Lands and Goods for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds. 49 313

54. John Earle of Minskipp Yearn. hath Compounded for al1 his Goods for the yearly Rent of thirty shillings. 290. die Septembris Anno 1629 55. Robert Watkinson of Walton hath Compounded for his Goods being found by Inquisition for the Annual1 Rent of Forty shillings. 56. Thomas Shan of Methley in the County of York yearn. hath Compounded for all his Lands in Methley for the Annuall Rent of forty shillings. 57. Robert Shan of Methley gent. hath Compounded for himselfe .and Margaret his wife for all his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Ten pounds. 50 30mo. die Septembris Anno 1629 58. Francis Tunstall of Barningham Esqr. hath Compounded (by Cuthbert Pudsey gent) for his Mannors of Barningham and Scargill and all his Lands there for the Annuall Rent of fifty five pounds dureing his life and fifty pounds more after the death of Elizabeth Sands.51 59. Francis Maddison of Barningham hath Compounded for himselfe and Jennett his wife for all his Lands in Barningham for the Annuall Rent of three pounds. 52 BO. Francis Goodricke of Kirby Ravensworth hath Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife for all his Lands for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 53 B1. Christopher Nicholson of Mellonsby hath Compounded for himselfe for all his Lands in Mellsonby for the Annuall Rent of forty shillings. 54 62. Edwrd Shutt of Forcett hath Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife for all his Lands in F orcett for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 55 63. William Dixon of Moore Rawe in the Lordship of Barforth hath Compounded for himselfe and Isabell his wife for all his Lands for the Ann. Rent of Thirty shill. 56 64. Mary Ellis of Kiddall vid. hath (by Samuel Ellis her Son) Compounded for her house and Land for the Ann. Rent of Three pOlmds. 57 65. William Leadome of Bongate in Ripon (being a Conformable man) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Ellin his wife for the Ann. Rtnt of Three pounds. Scdo. die Octobr. Anno 1629 -66. Margaret Lady Constable widdow hath (by Henry York gent) Compounded for all her Lands in Northparke, Skeckling, Keyingham and Burstwick for the Ann. Rent of Threescore Six pounds thirteen shillings four pence. And for her Goods Three pounds Six shillings Eight pence. 58 Tertia die Octobr. Anno 1629 '67. John Harrison of Kirkby Hill yearn. hath Compounded for himselfe and Margaret his wife for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of fifty shillings And is Discharged of all his Arrearages. 59 .314

68. Robert Reynoldson of Eppleby hath Compounded (by Jonh Harrison of Kirkby Hill) for his Lands in Mellsonby for the Ann. Rent of Three pounds And he is Discharged his Arrearages. 6o 69. Robert Hodgson of Biggenhouse hath Compounded for his Lands and for his Goods for the yearly Rent of five pounds And he hath Compounded for this Arrearages for the Summe of Thirteen shillings four pence. 61 70. John Berry of East layton hath Compounded for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 62 71. Robert Place of Whasten hath Compounded for his Lands and Goods for the Ann. Rent of Three pounds Six shillings eight pence And is acquitted his Arrearages. 63 72. Ralpli Hill of Houghton (being a Conformable man) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Mary his wife for the Ann. Rent of Thirty shillings. 73. Jennett Billcliffe hath Compounded (by Richard Billcliffe her Son) for all her Lands for the Ann. Rent of Thirty shillings. 74. Richard Billcliffe of Houghton hath Compounded for himselfe for all his Lands for Thirty shill. p. Ann. 64 75. Ralph Whitskell of Hembrough hath Compounded for himselfe and Ralph his Son and Ann & Eliz. their wives for all their Lands for five pounds p . Ann.65 76. Robert Fenwick of Bewholme hath Compounded for himselfe and Katherine his wife for his Goods for the Ann. Rent of Thirty shillings. 66 77. Leonard Brown of Beeforth hath Compounded for himself and Jane his wife for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of 3 li. 6s. 8d.6 7 78. Francis Caley of Atwicke hath Compounded for all his Goods for the yearly Rent of thirty shillings. 79. Susan Caley hath Compounded (by Francis Caley her Son) for her Goods for the Ann. Rent of thirty shillings. 68 80. Richard Heaton hath compounded for himselfe for Two parts of the Lands of Thomas Worsley Esqr. for the Annual Rent of forty pounds. 69 81. John Carter of Netherwhealey hath Compounded for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of Three pounds Six shill. eight pence. And is Discharged his Arrearages. 7o 82. William Hebdon of Steersby hath Compounded for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of four pounds. 71 Quinto die Octobr. Anno 1629 83. William Salvin of Newbiggin Esqr. hath Compounded for his Lands in N ewbiggin for the Ann. Rent of forty pounds. 72 84. Thomas Pudsey of Stappleton gent. (being Conformable) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Garthred Simpson now the wife of the said Thomas Pudsey for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of 13 li. 6s. 8d. And hath also Compounded for all Arrearages for the Summe of Twenty shillings. 73 315

85. Thomas Hunt of Atwick hath Compounded for himselfe and for Grace his wife for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of four pounds. 74, 86. Gilbte. Hunt of Bucton hath Compounded for himselfe and for Ann his wife for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of Thirty shillings. 7587. Gervase Smith of Brighton hath Compounded for himself and Elizabeth his wife for his house and Lands for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 88. John Bardgman of Brighton hath Compounded for himselfe for his Goods for the Ann. Rent of thirty shillings. 76 89. Leonard Lodge of Beedell hath Compounded for his Messuage for the Ann. Rent of twenty shillings.77 90. Thomas Daykins of Woodhouse Grange hath Compounded for his Goods for forty shillings p. Ann. 78 91. John Cowpland of Waterfriston hath Compounded for his Moyety of a Messuage for the Ann. Rent of four pounds. 92. Elizabeth Cowpland wid dow hath (by John Cowpland her Son) for halfe of the said Messuage for the Ann. Rent of Twenty shillings. 93. John Harpham of Waterfriston hath Compounded for his Cottage for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 79 94. James Beamond of Santonly hath Compounded for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of 53s. 4d. 80 95. Mathew Hudson of Leeds hath Compounded for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of 3 li. 6s. 8d. 96. Ann Shilleto of Water frieston hath (by Richard Billcliffe) Compounded for all her Goods for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. Septimo die Octobr. Anno 1629. 97. Margaret Lady Strickland hath Compounded (By Robert Strickland Esqr.) for her Lands in Thornton Briggs for the Ann. Rent of Twenty pounds. 81 98. Henry Holmes of Paulholme in the County of York Esqr. hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Dorothy Holmes his wife for the Ann. Rent of fifteen pounds. 82 99. Mary Longley of Owstroppe widdow hath Compounded (by Michael Hopwood gent.) for her Lands for the Ann. Rent of five pounds. 83 100. John Metcalfe of Tanton hath Compounded (by Michael Hopwood gent.) for his Messuage and Lands for the Ann. Rent of 13li. 6s. 8d. 84 Octavo die Octobr. Anno 1629. 101. Margaret Anne of Burghwallis widdow hath Compounded for her Lands in Burghwallis Bawne And one Messuage in Doncaster and Lands there for the Ann Rent of Thirty five pounds Also she hath Compounded for all Arrearages for the Summe of five pounds. 100 die Octobr. Anno 1629 102. Edmond Eltoft of Carleton gent. hath Compounded for his Cottages and Lands (found by Inquisition for the Recusancy of his father) for the Annuall Rent of Ten pounds. 85 316

103. Robert Mallorie of Felton in the County of Northumbr. gent. hath Compounded for his Lands in the County of York for the Ann. Rent of Six pounds. 13to. die Octobr. Anno 1629 104. Isabell Burton of Ingarthorpe hath Compounded for her Lands Rents and Annuities for the Annuall Rent of Ten pounds. Arrearages are remitted. 86 105. Leondus. Robinson of Newton garth gent. (being himselfe Conformable) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Mary his wife for the Ann. Rent of Ten pounds. 87 150. die Octobr. Ao. 1629 106. George Kirkby of Kirby Mallherd hath Compounded (by Thomas Jackson gent) for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. And hath Compounded for all Arrearages for the Summe of five shillings. 107. John Clarkson of Kirkby Knowle hath Compounded (by Thomas Jackson gent) for his Lands for the yearly Rent of Thirty shillings. And is Discharged of Arrearages. 108. Thomas Peirte of Barrowby hath Compounded for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty Shillings. 109. Henry Jackson of the parish of Leake hath Compounded for his Goods for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 110. John Allen of Laborne hath Compounded for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of thirt shillings. 88 111. Jane Wyvill of Richmond widdow hath Compounded (by Michael Hopwood gent) for her Annuity And for her Goods Issuing out of the Mannor of Low Burton for the Annuall Ren of Ten pounds. 89 112. Ann Acc1ame of Nunkelyng hath Compounded (by George Acc1ame her Son) for the Ann. Rent of fifty shillings. 90 16to. die Octobr. Anno 1629 113. Thomas Dalton of Swyne Esqr. hath Compounded (by James Cave of Kingston sup. Hull gent) for him the said Thomas Dalton and Ann his wife for all his Lands and Messuages for the Annuall Rent of Thirty pounds. 91 Octavo die Decembris Anno 1629 114. John Sayre of Worsall in the County of York Esqr. hath Compounded this day (by Lawrence Sayre gent. his Nephew) for all his Mannor of Worsall, Marricke and Colborne and all his Lands thereunto belonging and for all his Lands in Stainton, Kilvington, Maltby, Tirrington, Firby, Richmond, Faceby, Carleton, Yarome, N aby, and Pickton in the County of York, and also for the Mannor of Preston sup. Tease, Stockton, Newton, Seaton, Neesome, Hartlepools, Fishgarth upon Tease and Silkesworth in the County of Durham and for all his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Two hundred and threescore pounds. 92 Decimo die Decembris Ao. 1629 115. Isabell Leeigh of the City of York widdow hath Compounded 317

for her Annuity for the Annuall Rent of five pounds six shillings eight pence. 116. John Wilks of Bushopthornton in the County of York hath Compounded (by Thomas Ingleby gent) for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann. Rent of three pounds. 117. John Messenger of Fontance in the County of York hath Compounded (by Richard Evens for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for all his personall Estate in Goods and Chattles for the Ann. Rent of Thirteen pounds 6 shill. 8 pence. 93 150. Januarii Anno 1629 118. Francis Gayle of Acombgrange in the County of the City of York Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe Robert Gayle his Son and Elizabeth his wife for all their Lands for the Annuall Rent of Twenty pounds. 94 119. John Allonson of Skelton in the County of York Yeom. hath Compounded for his Leases for the Ann. Rent of Three pounds And he doth Compound for all Arr. for the summe of Ten Shill. 120. Anthony Allanson of Copthewicke in the County of York Yeom. hath Compounded for himselfe and for Mary his wife for the Ann. Rent of Three pounds And he doth likewise Compound for all Arrearages for the Summe of 5 shillings 8 pence. 95 121. Richard Danby of Staveley in the County of York hath Compounded for himselfe and Alice his wife for a Cottage and for his Goods for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 150. die Septembris Anno 1630 122. William Leathley of Gruelthorp in the County of York (being Conformable) Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Ann his wife for the Summe of forthy Shillings. 123. Henry Duffield of Gawghey in the County of York Yeom. hath Compounded for himselfe and Isabell his wife for a Messuage and Land for fifty Shillings p. Ann. 124. Henry Hemsworth of Roche-Grange in the County of York gent. hath Compounded (being a person Conformable) for the Recusancy of his wife for 30 Shillings p. Ann. 96 160. die Octobr. Anno 1629 125. Thomas Tankard of Burrowbriggs in the County of York Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe and Frances his wife for all his Mannors Lands Tenements and hereditaments with Appurtenances in the County of York for the Summe of Threescore and Six pounds Thirteen Shillings and Four pence in present And after the Determination of an Annuall Rent of 100 li. payable to Roger Beckwith of Audbrough the Summe of 33li. 6s. 8d. more And after the death of Meriall Tankard of Copgrave widdow the Summe of 33 li. 6s. 8d. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of SO li. payable to Mary Tankard his Sister the Summe of 16li. 13s. 4d. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 24 li. payable to Katherine Tankard Sister of the sd. Thomas Tankard till the summe of Six hundred pounds be paid 26 li. 13:4d. more And after 318

the Determination of an Annuity of 10 li. payable to Christopher Lancaster of Craketrees in the County of Westmoreland dureing his life the Summe of 3 li. 6s. 8ci. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 10 li. payable unto Hugo Tankard dureing his life the Summe of 3 li. 6s. 8ci. more and After the Determination of an Annuity of 10 li. payable to Peter North after the Expiration of 10 years begining (blank) 3li. 6s. 8d. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 16 li. payable to Ralph Ellis dureing his life the Summe of Sli. 6s. 8ci. more All which severall Summes as they shall fall due are to be paid att Martinmas and Whitsontide by equall portions All his Arrearages are included in this Composition.97 126. Thomas Crathorne of Crathorne Esqr. hath Compounded (by Francis More gent.) for himselfe and for Katherine his wife for all his Lands for the Ann. Rent of Forty five pounds. And all Arrearages are included in this Composition. 98 Secundo die Novembris Ao. 1630 127. Christopher Pinkney of Nethersilton in the County of York hath Compounded (by Robt Thorp gent) for himselfe for a messuage and Lands for the Annuall Rent of five pounds. 4to. die Novembris Ao. 1630 128. John Barton of Whenby in the County of York gent hath Compounded for a Messuage and Lands for the Annuall Rent of five pounds. 129. William Bainton of Bolton in the County of York hath Compounded (by Thomas Little gent) for himselfe for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of forty shillings. 130. Ralph Crathorne of Nesse in the County of York gent. hath Compounded (by Francis More gent) for himselfe and his wife for all his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Forty five pounds And all Arrearages included in this Composition. 99 Decimo sexto die Novr. Ao. 1630 131. Sr Thomas Vavasour of Hazelwood in the County of York Barr. hath this day Compounded for himselfe and William Vavasour of Leade Esqr. his father and Ann his wife and for the Lady Ursula wife of the said Sr Thomas for all their Mannors Lands Tenements and Hereditaments in the County of York And for his Lands in Chester for the Annuall Rent of One hundred and Thirty pounds in present And Twenty pounds more to be paid at Martinmas come 5 years Anno Dni 1636 To be paid at Martinmas and Whitsontide by Equall portions And all Arrearages are included in this Composition. 100 132. Phillip Hungate of Huddleston in the County of York gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for all his Lands Tenements and Hereditaments in the County of York for the Annuall Rent of Threescore pounds And his Arrearages are Discharged. lol 133. James Elleker of Risby in the County of York gent. the Elder 319

'hath Compounded for his Annuity of Three pounds for life for the .A nnuall Rent of Three pounds.102 134. John Jackson of Carleton in the County of York Gent. (being Conformable) hath Compounded for his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Six pounds. 135. Thomas Danby Southcave in the County of York gent. (being Conformable) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Margaret his wife for the Ann. Rent of 5li.103 136. John Constable of Kirkby Knowle in the County of York Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe and Margaret his wife for his Mannor for the Annuall Rent of Ten pounds And for all Arrearages for the Summe of Ten pounds.104 137. William Gascoigne of Hilton in the County of York hath Compounded for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann. Rent of Six pounds And he is Discharged of all Arrearages. 105 138. Thomas Middleton of Middleton sup. Leaven in the County of York gent. hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane his wife for the Ann. Rent of five pounds And all Arrearages are to be Discharged by this Composition.lo 6 139. Walter Grimston of Goodmadam in the County of York hath -Compounded for an Annuity of five pounds p. Ann. for the Ann. Rent of forty shillingS. 107 140. Richard Heaton of St Clements in the County of Middlx. Gent. hath Compounded for Two parts of all the Lands of the Lady -Grace Babthorpe for the Annuall Rent of Sixty Six pounds 13 shillings 4 pence And for all Arr. upon the Inquisition for Twenty -pounds. lOB 26to. die Novembris Anno 1630 141. Thomas Smith of Egton in the County of York Gent. hath -Compounded for himselfe and for Everall his wife and Richd. his father for his Messuages for the Ann. Rent of 13 lie 6s. 8d. 109 142. John Danby of Barrowby in the County of York gent hath 'Compounded for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for his Goods for the .Ann. Rent of fifty shillings. 143. Thomas Wray of Beamish in the County of Durham Esqr. 'hath Compounded for himselfe Ellen his wife and Dame Jane Wray ills Mother for a Capitall Messuage and diverse Lands for the .Annuall Rent of Threescore and Ten pounds. 270. die Novembris Ao. 1630 144. Margaret Fall of Ainderby Whemhow in the County of York -wid dow hath Compounded (by Thomas Fall her Son) for the Third -part of a Messuage for the Ann. Rent of 3li. 6s. 8d. Secundo die Decembr. Anno 1630 145. Sr Edward Plumpton of Plumpton in the County of York Knt. hath Compounded (by John Plumpton Esqr. his Son and heire Apparent) for himselfe Dame (blank) the wife of the said Sr Edward 'for the Mannor of Plumpton in the County of York And for all his


Lands in Waterton in the County of Lincolne for the Ann. Rent of a hundred and threescore pounds All Arrearages are included in this Composition. 146. John Plumpton of Knocton Abbey in the County of Lincolne Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife for the Mannor of Hartshead in the County of York for the Ann. Rent of Twenty pounds. 147. John Thwaits of Marston in the County of the City of York Esqr. hath Compounded for himselfe Lucy his wife William Thwaits his father and Mary Thwaits his Grandmother for the Mannor of Marston &c. for the Ann. Rent of Twenty Six pounds Six shill. Eight pence 148. Rose Rosse of Cawton in the County of York widdow hath Compounded (by William Rosse gent her Son) for her Annuity and Goods for the Ann. Rent of 3li. 6s. 8d. 160. die Decembris Anno 1630 149. William Stable of Tanshelfe in the County of York yeom. (being Conformable) hath made Composition by Richard Stable his Son for the Recusancy of Elizabeth wife of the sd. Wm. Stable for the Ann. Rent of fifty shillings. 110 Ebor. Apud Westm. Vicesimo Septimo die Junii Anno Dni 1631 150. Whereas there was a Composition made at York the Thirtieth day of Augucst 1630 Anno Regni Regis Caroli Angl. Sexto By the Right Honble. Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth Lord President ()f his Majesties Councell Established in the North parts and other of his Majties Commrs. with the Right Honourable Henry Viscount Dunbarr to pay unto his Majesty the yearly Rent of Three hundred pounds for the Recusancy of him the said Viscount Dunbarr, to begin att the feast of St Martin the Bishop in Winter in the year of our Lord One thousand Six hundred Twenty nine as by the said Composition Sett down in the first Book of Entries, And in folio 64. of the Same Book may appear. It is now his Majties gracious pleasure and direction Signified under his Majties Privy Signett unto the said Right Honourable Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth, bearing the date the 22th. of this Instant June in the Seventh year of his highnes Raigne, upon the humble Petition of the said Viscount Dunbarr, That notwithstanding the sd. Composition Agreed upon and Entered as aforesaid The said Rent of Three hundred pounds shall be drawn down to the Annuall Rent of Two hundred and fidty pounds, And in regard the said Viscount Dunbarr was not Convicted before Midsummer 1630: It is likewise his Majesties pleasure and Direction that the said Rent shall be Reckoned and Accompted to the said Viscount Dunbarr to Commence att Pentecost One Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty; as by his Highnes said Letters more att large Doth and may appeare .... 111 v


Lancaster 6to.Octobr.Anno Rs.Car.quinto 1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Rs.iuxt.muros Civit. Ebor.Sexto die Octobr.Anno Rs.Carol.Quinto Coram Dno prenobil. Tho: Vic.Wentworth Presid.&c. J ohe.Gibson mil.Arthuro Ingram mil.Willmo.Ellis mil.Tho: mil.J ohe.Lowther Tildesley Ar .Commissionar.&c. Chro. Wandesford

Lancaster.I. Thomas Middleton of Leighton in the County of Lancaster Esqr.hath Compounded for all his Lands in the County's of Lancaster and Westmoreland for the Annuall Rent of One hundred pounds And hath Compounded for all Arrearages for the summe of Three pounds. Octavo die Octobr.Anno 1629 2. Thomas Blackburne of Capon Wray hath Compounded for the Mannor of Capon Wray and other Lands for the Ann. Rent of Ten pounds And likewise is Discharged of all his Arrs. 3. Robert Cherneley of Ealand Conyers hath this day Compounded for himselfe and Alice his wife for all his Goods for the Annuall Rent of Thirty shillings. Decimo die Octobr. 1629 4. Robert Middleton gent.hath Compounded for his Lands Annuity and all his Goods for the Annuall Rent of four pounds and Ten shillings. Decimo Tertio die Octobr.Anno 1629 5. John Cansfield of Robt. Hall Esqr.hath Compounded for a Capitall Messuage and Lands for the Annuall Rent of 30 pounds. 6. Laurence Cowpland of Thurneham yeom.hath Compounded for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 6s. Sd. And hath also Compounded for all Arrs.for the Summe of 30s 7. John Barrow of Weeton hath Compounded for a Messuage and Land and also for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. S. Gervase Clifton of . Westby in the County of Lanc.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for a Lease of a Messuage and Lands And for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of Sli. 9. Hugh Cherneley of Dieton in the parish of Broughton hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of five pounds. 10. Richard Calvert of Cockram in the County of Lancaster Esqr. hath made Composition (by John Sompner) for his Mannor Lands Tents.& Hereditaments for the Ann.Rent of 20 li Decimo die Decembr.Ao.1629 11. Thomas Pattison of Great Singleton in Com.Lanc.hath Compounded for his Lease for the Ann.Rent of 4 pounds. 12. Richard Mosse the Elder of Skelmsdale hath Compounded (Richard Dawber) for two Messuages and Lands for the Ann.Rent of Six pounds. 322

13. Edmund Wynstanley of Pemberton hath Compounded (by Gabriell Winstanley) for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of fifty shill.And hath Compounded for all Arrs.for the Summe of fifty shillings. Duodeeimo die Deeembr.Ao.1629 14. Richard Massye of Rixton in the County of Lane. hath Compounded for himselfe Ann his wife Hamlet Massye his Son and Dorothy his wife for all his Mannor of Rixton &e.for the Ann.Rent of 40 li. IS. Abraham Langton of Lawe in the County of Lane.Esqr.hath

Compounded for himselfe Elizabeth his wife and Phillip his son (by Richard Massye Esqr.) for his Lands and Tenements for the Ann.Rent of Ten pounds. 16. Roger Charnock of Lealand in the County of hath Compounded (by Henry Knowles) for all his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Six pounds.Arrearages are remiteed. 17. Will.Sayle of Hopker in Bedford hath Compounded for Himselfe Ann his wife and Richard his Son for all his Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of 4 li. Arr.are remitted. 18. Richd.Shuttleworth of Bedford in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Margaret his wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Annuall Rent of 6 li.Arrs.are remitted. 19. Peter Houghton of Hawton and Roger Houghton of the Same have Compounded (by Will.Sayle gent) for a Messuage and Lands And for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li.And they are remitted Arr. 14to.die Deeembris Ao.1629 20. Ralph Haughton of Kirklees in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Mary his wife for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13s.4d. 21. Nicholas Curwen of Caton in the County of Compounded (by Niehol.Parkinson) for all his Lands and a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of fifteen pounds. 22. Tomazin Tunstall of Fairthwaite parke in Com.Lane.Spinster hath Compounded (by Niehol.Parkinson) for all her Goods for the Ann.Rent of fifty shillings. 23. Alice Clopton of Fairthwaite parke in Com.Lane.Spinster hath Compounded (by the sd. Nichol.Parkinson) for all her Goods for the Ann.Rent of fifty shillings. 24. Richard Bradshaw of Astley in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Margaret his wife for two parts of a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s.Arrearages included. 16o.die Deeemb.Anno 1629 2S. Thomas Westbye of Burne in the County of Lane.Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for all his Lands in Burne, Mowbrieke, Medler, Wesson, Thiekleston, Carleton, Thornton, Urswicke,Morleys and Astley,Medler cum Wesson,Rents in Holme,A Mill with all Lands, Tenements &c.within the County of Lancaster 323

And also fourscore Acres of Land in Wistby and for all other Lands in Gisbome and Gargrave And for all his Lands in Will gill in the parish of Mitton in the County of York for the Annuall Rent of One hundred pounds. 26. Henry Ashton of Preston in the County of hath Compounded for himself and Julyan his wife for a Mess.and Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. Vieesimo die Augusti Anno 1630 27. Thomas Morley of Wennington in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Nicholas Morley his Son) for a Messuage and for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. 28. Thomas Parkinson of Wyersdale in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of three pounds. 29. Edward Standish of Standish in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for one Messuage for the Ann.Rent of forty shillings. 30. Edwd.Pendleton of Great Wooton in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe & Wm.his Son for their Lands And Arrearages for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. 3l. Thomas Lynaker of Curdley in Com.Lane. hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe for a Messuage for the Rent of three pounds. 32. Thomas Staninaught of Fazaekerley in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 33. John Clifton of Stalmyne in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of forty shillings. 34. Thomas Standish of Standish in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. 35. Katherine Potter of Raynhill in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.and for her Goods for the Rent of four pounds. 36. John Ditehfield of Sankye in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) gen for his Lands for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds. 37. Thomas Hitehmough of Halbaneke in the County of Lancaster hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Messuage for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds. 38. William Maseraft of Standish in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Ellin his wife for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of forty shillings. 39. William Wilkinson of Bold in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himself and William Wilkinson his Son for a Messuage for the Annuall Rent of 3 li. Quit of all Arrearages. 40. John Bradley of Chippen hath Compounded for the Arrearages 324

of Richard Bradley his father and Isabell his mother for the Summe of forty shillings. 41. Jennett Parker of Aughton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Thomas Beesley) for her Lands and for Arrearages for the Ann.Rent of Six pounds. 42. Edward Ashe of Dutton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 43. Richard Walker of Littledale in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Isabell his wife for a Mess.and for his goods for the Ann.Rent of 405. 44. Gilbert Thornton of Mellinge in Roberandale in the County of Lancaster hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane his wife and Richard his Son for a Mess.and for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of Six pounds. 45. Thomas Leighe of Walton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of 405. 46. Ann Shereburne of Lathgryme in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by John Holden) for all her Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of Twenty four pounds. 47. Edward Ireland of Lydiate in the County of Lane.Esqr.hath Compounded for all his Mannors Lands Rents Mills and Colemines for the AnnuaU Rent of forty pounds and hath Compounded for the Reeusaney of his wife. 48. John Singleton of Chipping in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for the Arrearages of Richard Singleton his Grandfather for the Summe of forty shillings. 49. John Bradley of Thorneley in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for the Arrearages of Eliz.his Mother due for her Reeusaney for the Summe of Forty shillings. 50. John Baynes of Sellett in the County of Compounded for a Capitall Messuage for the Ann.Rent of Ten pounds. 51. John North of Whittington in the County of Compounded for himselfe and wife for a Mess.& Lands for the Rent of Six pounds And he is quitt of all An. 52. William Girlington of Wennington in the County of hath Compounded for himselfe and Margaret his wife for his Lands for the Rent of Three pounds And he is quitt of all Arr. 53. Alice Preston of Ellell in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for her selfe and William her Son for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 54. Robert Cansfield of Ellen in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and his wife for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 55. Elizabeth Croft of Girsingham in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Lawr.Croft her Son who doth likewise Compound for himselfe) for a Messuage for the Rent of 9li. 325

56. ' Sr. Cuthbert Clifton of Westby in the County of Lancaster Knt.hath Compounded for himselfe Dorothy his Lady and Jane Stanley his Mother and Thomas Clifton Esqr.his Son and Ann his wife for the Mannor of Westby and Lytham and for the Tythes of come and Hay in Kirkham and for divers Lands and Tenements in Westby,Lytham,Plumpton parva,Plumpton magna,Kirkham,Wray, W'a rton,Freekleton and Carleton And Little Marton after the death of the Countess of Darby and for the Lands contained in Mrs Jane Stanleys Joynture for the Annuall Rent of One hundred and ten pounds. 57. Henry Howard of Eccleston in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Edward Howard his Son) (who is a person Conformable) for his Lands for the Rent of forty shillings. 58. Henry Finehe of Wrightington in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Isabell his wife and for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. . 59. George Bradshaw of Bedforth in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Ellin his wife for a Messuage for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 60. Thomas Winkeley of Billington in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a M~ssuage & Lands for the Ann.Rent of four pound~. 61. John Gaunt of Singleton the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. 62. Isabell Cansfield of Cansfield in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by Henry Ashton) for a Messuage for the Ann.Rent of four pop-nds. 63. Edward Stubbs of Houghton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Ashton gent) for his Lands Goods and Annuity for the Ann.Rent of 3 li.65.8d. 64. Isabell Anderton of Euxton in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by Hugh Anderton her Son) for herselfe and for t he said Hugh Anderton for a Messuage,Lands and for their Goods for the Ann.Rent of Eight pounds. 65. John Osbaldeston of Ribehester in the County of Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane his wife for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of fifty shillings. 66. Edward Croft of Claughton in the County of (being a man Conformable) is contented to free his Lands in possession,and the Revertion of himselfe and his Tenants when they shall fall due unto him,and for all Arrearages hath Compounded for the Summe of Ten pounds. 67. Margaret Ingram of Wiswall in the County of Lane.widdow (being Conformable) hath Compounded for the Arrearages of John Ingham her late husband for the Summe of 205. 68. John Gaunt of Singleton the Elder in the County of Lane.hath 326

Compounded for himself and William his Son for his Lands for the Ann. Rent of five pounds. And aU Arrs.quitt. 69. Ralph E ccleston of Singleton hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. . 70. Margaret Rogerley of Blackroads in the County of Lanc.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 4 li.10s.And the sd.Margaret paid all Arrearages. 71 . Ralph R ishton of Oswaldtwistle in the County of Compounded for a Messuage and Lands and for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of five pounds. 72. Henry Fielden of Witton in the County of Lanc. hath Compounded for himselfe and Frances his wife for a Mess.and Lands and for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. And - hath Compounded for all Arrearages for the same. 73. Katherine Rishton of Rishton in the County of Lanc.widdow hath Compounded for herselfe & Edwd.her Son (by Henry Fielden) for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. 74. Elizabeth Speake of Billington in the-County of Lanc.widdow hath Compounded (by Henry Fielden) for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 53s.4d. 75. John Talbot of Carr infra Whilpshire in the County of Lanc.hath Compounded for himselfe Dorothy his wife and Edward TalbothisSbn for a Messuage & Land for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13s.4d. 76. Robert Langton of Walton vel -Hindley in the County of Lanc.hath Compounded by (John Sompner) for himselfe and wife for a Cottage and Land for the Rent of 40s. 77. Thomas Hesketh of Powlton in the County of Lanc.Esqr.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himself and Ann his wife for all his Goods and Lands &c.for the Ann.Rent of fifteen pounds. 78. Nicholas Grimshaw of Clayton in the County of Lancashire Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe Ellin his wife John Grimshaw gent.his Son and Ann his wife for all their Lands &c.for the Annuall Rent of Twenty pounds. 79. Sr William Norris of Speake in the County of Lanc.Knt.of the most honble.Order of the Bath hath Compounded for himselfe (by Robert Quick gent) for the Mannor of Speake with Appurtenances in Speake and a Water Mill and Two Wind Mills in Garstange and Speake And also for all other his Lands,Tenements and Hereditaments within the County of Lanc.And for all his Goods for theAnn.Rent of Threescore pounds. 80. Robert Fazackerley of Walton Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe Ann his wife and Nicholas his Son for all his Lands Tenements and Hereditaments for the Ann.Rent of Thirty pounds And he is Discharged of all Arrearages by this Composition. 8l. Edward Tarleton of Fazackerley_in the County of Lanc. gent.hath Compounded for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of fifteen pounds. 327

82. Dorothy Girtwisle of Huneoats in the County of Lane. widdow hath Compounded (by Nicholas Morley) for all her Lands and Arr.for the Ann.Rent of four pounds. 83. Richard Barker of Kirkby in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe Margaret his wife & James his Son for a Mess.for the Rent of 3li.6s.8d 84. John BootIe of Knowesley hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himself and William his Son for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 46s.8d. 85. John Walley of Inee Blundell in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe and Margaret his wife for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 53sAd.And all Arr.are Discharged. 86. Henry Smith of Curdley in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and Riehd.Smith his Son for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 6li. 87. John Butler of Kirkland in the County of Lane. (being a Conformable person) hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for Jane Butler his Mother now wife of Wm. Thwing Esqr.for diverse Mess.the Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. And for all Arr. the Summe of 10 li.

120.die Oetobr. Anno 1630 88. James Watson of Preston in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe and wife for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 6 li. 89. Thomas Inee of Inee in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for a Capitall Messuage and all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 8 li. 90. Thomas Anderton of Hordwich in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and Alice his wife for a Mess.& Lands for the Rent of 8 li. 91. Lawrence Parkinson of Swyneshead als.Wyersdale in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of 3 li And Arrearages are quitt. 92. Henry Mosse of Skelmersdale in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 4 li. 93. Jennett Gerrard of Bryndle in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for herselfe for a Messuage and Land for the Ann.Rent of 4li. 94. Thomas Banks of Walton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe & his wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Rent of 40s. 95. John Roskow of Dalton hath Compounded for himselfe and Jane Prisoe his now wife (by John Sompner) for all their Goods for the Annuall Rent of 40s. 96. Bryan Heyward of Parre in the County of Lane.hath 328

Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe for a CapitalL Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 53sAd. 97. Ralph Knowles of Parre in the County of Lane.hath. Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and for a Mess.and.. Land for the Rent of 53sAd. 98. Francis Worsley of Bould in the County of Lane. hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe for a Mess. and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 99. William Nailor of Hailewood in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe for a Mess.and Landsfor the Ann.Rent of 50s. 100. Thomas Heyward of Curedley in the County of Lane.hathCompounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 10l. William Houghton of Parkhill in Charnock in Com.Lane.Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe for a Capitall Messuage & Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of 13 li.6s.8d.And all Arrs.are Discharged. 102. Robert Catterall of Clayton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 103. Robert Tetlowe of Chamber in the County of Compounded for himselfe and mary his wife for a Capitall Mess.and.. Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of 10li. And all Arrearages are included. in this Composition. 104. Christopher Carns of Halton in the County of Lane.Esqr.hath Compounded (by Leonard Brackenbury gent.) for himselfe for a Capitall Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of Ten pounds. All his Arrearages are included in this Composition. 180. die Oetobr.Anno 1630 105. Thomas Molyneux of Wyndinley in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe and wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of five pounds. 106. Alex.Rigby of Preston in the County of Lane.hath. Compounded for himselfe and wife (by John Sompner gent) for his house and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 107. Grace Duxon of Bryndle in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.for life & for Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 108. George Crooke of Kirkham in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe & his wife for his house and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 109. Edmond Hankinson of Clifton in the County of Lane. (being Conformable) hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for the Arrearages of Elizabeth Hankinson a Recusant Convicted for the Summe of forty shillings. 110. Peter Stanley of Amghton [sic] in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe Bridget Stanley 329-

widdow his Mother and Elizabeth his wife for two Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of Eight pounds. 111. Robert Boardman of Orford in Warrington in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and his wife for two Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of forty shillings. 112. Edward Heyward of Tarboeke in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and his wife for a Mess.& Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40 shillings. 113. Richard Formby of Formby in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Capitall Messuage and Lands &e.for the Ann.Rent of 7 li. 114. Thomas Knipe of Dalton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for all his Lands and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 5 pounds. 115. Richard Booth of Woolston in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) forhimselfe for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 116. Margaret Hitehmough of Haylebank in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for herselfe & Robert her Son for a Messuage for the Annuall Rent of Three pounds. 117. William Thornborrow of Hamsfield in the County of Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe and his wife for a Capitall Messuage and Lands for the Annuall Rent of 13 li.6s.Sd. l IS. William Anderton of Anderton in the County of Lane.Esqr.hath Compounded (by John Sompner gent) for himselfe for a Capitall Messuage and One hundred Acres of Land in Anderton and for a water corn Mill there and for a Rent of seven pounds p.Ann.lssueing out of Anderton and Adlington for the Ann.Rent of Twenty pounds. Seeundo die Novembris Anno 1630 119. James Stanley of Aughton in the County of Compounded (by John Sompner) for all his Lands &e.for the Rent of 3 li.6s.Sd. All Arrs.being Discharged. 120. Thos.Southworth of Westby in the County of Lane. (being -Conformable) hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for the A rrearages of William Southworth his father for the Summe of five pounds. 121. William Parkinson of Wyresdale in the County of Lane.hath -Compounded (by John Sompner Gent) for himselfe and his wife for a Capitall Messuage and Lands for the Ann. Rent of 53sAd. 122. Henry Gregson of Fullwood in the County of Lane.(being -Conformable) hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for the Arr.of Geffrey Gregson his Grandfather for the Summe of 40s. 123. John Clayton of Houghton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 124. Richard Mosse of Latham in the County of Lane.hath .330

Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for a Mess.and Lande; for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 125. William Toothill of Chorley in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and his wife for a Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of six pounde;. 126. John Parke of Haylebank in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and Margaret his Mother for a Mess. & Lands for the Rent of 40s. 127. Elizabeth Fazaekerley of Allerton in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Mess.or Tenement for the Ann.Rent of 6 li. 26to.die Novembr.Anno 1630 128. Thomas Sudall of Lostoek in the parish of Boulton in the County of Lancaster hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 129. Eliz.Tildesley of Leigh in the County of Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.and Lands for the Aim.Rent of fifteen pounds.Arrearages quitt. 130. Thomas Gillibrand of Chorley in the County of Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe & his wife for a Capitall Messuage & Lands for the Rent of 20 li. 23to.die Septembris Anno 1631 131. John Houghton of Farnehead in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and his wife for a Capitall Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of 10 li. 132. Francis Preston of Dalton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and wife for a Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of 10 li. 133. John Crook of Bryndle in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 134. Alice Orr~ll of .Turton in Com.Lane.widdow hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for a Mess.and Land &e. for the Ann.Rent of Twenty pounds. 135. Thomas Lothersall of Billington in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by John Sompner) for himselfe and wife for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 136. Thomas Hesketh the Elder of Harwood in Com.Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe and his wife and also for Thomas his Son for a Mess.and Land and also for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of (sic) 29o.die Septembris Ao.1631 137. Andrew Morris of West Darby in Com.Lane. hath Compounded (by John his Son) for all his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 6 li.13sAd. 138. John Bulleing of Warrington in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Mess.and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 3li.13sAd. 139. Thoma') Miller of Allerton in the County of Lane.hath 331

Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 140. Elizabeth Lynaker hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for her selfe for a Messuage & Lands for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 141. John Lawton of Wydnesse in Com.Lane.hath Compounded for himselfe (by Henry Davison) for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 50s .And to give Bond for the Arrearages. 142. John Patten of Wydnesse in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Cottage and Land for the Rent of 40s.And to give Bond for the Arrearages. 143. Richard Carter of Wydnesse in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Tenemt.and Land for the Rent of 50s.And give Bond for Arrearages. 144. Henry Wood of Wydnesse in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe & his wife for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 40s.And to give Bond for the Arrearages. 145. Francis Rawson of Ditton in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 40s.And to give Bond for Arrearages. 146. Robert Crosse of Hayle in Com.Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe & his wife for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 50s.And to give Bond for Arrs. 147. Edward Chawner of Speake in the County of Lane.hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe and wife for a Mess.and Land for the Rent of 50s.And to give Bond for the Arrearages. 148. Edmund Bispam of Billinge in the County of Lancaster hath Compounded (by Henry Davison) for himselfe & his wife for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 3li.And to give Bond for the Arrearages.

Staff. 6to.die Oetobr. Anno Rs.Car. Quinto 1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Rs/iuxta muros Com.Ebor. Sexto die Oetobris Anno Rs.Caroli Quinto Coram prenobil. Tho: Vie.Wentworth Dno Presid.&e.J oheGibson mil.Arthur Ingram mil.Tho: Tildelsey mil. J ohe.Lowther mil. et Chro. Wandesford Ar. Commissionar. &e.

1. Francis Harcourt of Ranton hath this day Compounded for all that his Mannor of Ranton and for his Lands in Worston, Bridgford and Horton Hill And for the Mannor of Milnemeese in the County of Stafford for the Annuall Rent of Twenty five pounds. 2. Richard Font of Stafford in the County of Stafford hath 332

Compounded (by Francis Harcourt gent) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 3. Peter Maxfield of the Meyre gent.hath Compounded for his Mannors and Diverse Lands for the Ann.Rent of 13 li.6s.Sd. 4. Richard Potter of Astoncliffe hath Compounded (by Peter Maxfield) for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 6li. 5. Ralph Clayton of Onyley hath Compounded (by Peter Maxfield gent) for a Cottage a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 6. John Faldringe of Oxiter hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea gent) for his Lands in Oxiter for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 7. George Thornburrow of Chedall hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea gent) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s. S. James Bradshaw of Ipstones hath Compounded (by Geo. Lea gent) for all his Goods for the Ann. Rent of 50s. 9. John Middleton of Leigh hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea gent) for himselfe and his wife for his Messuage and Land for the Ann.Rent of 4li. 10. Francis Lea and Oliver Lea of Leigh have Compounded (by George Lea gent) for themselves and Alice the wife of Oliver Lea for a Messuage and Land and for their Goods for the Ann.Rent of 4li. 11. Henry Leake of Weston under Ledgard hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea) gent for himselfe and his wife for his Mess.and Land for the Ann.Rent of 4 pounds. 12. John Cherrington of CheduIton hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea gent) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 13. Thomas Coyney of Careswell hath Compounded (by Geo.Lea gent) for his Lands in Careswell for the Ann.Rent of Ten pounds. 14. John Birch of Gosecoats in the parish of Wasselbrough hath Compounded for a Mess. and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 4li. 15. Simon Ryder of Westbromish hath Compounded (by John Birch) for a Mess.and Lands for the ann.Rent of 6li.13sAd. 16. Henry Hodgett of Sedgley and Margaret his wife hath Compounded (by Job Birch) for his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 4li. lOs. SO.die Octobr.Anno 1629 17. John Sparrow of Pellsome hath Compounded (by John Birch) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 4li. 18. Alice Whitgrave of Moseley widdow hath Compounded (by John Birch) for her selfe for the Ann.Rent of 4 li. 19. Lucrese Moseley of Moseley widdow hath Compounded (by John Birch) for all her Lands for the Ann.Rent of S li.17s.9d.And for all Arrs the summe of 3 li. 20. Thomas Hall of Sedgley hath Compounded (by John Birch) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 21. Thomas Tomlynson of Lapley and Aston hath Compounded (by Walter Brook gent) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s.All Arrs.quitt. 22. Edward Rainsford of Godsall hath Compounded (by Walter 333

Brook) for a Messuage and Lands for the Ann.Rent of 50s.Arr.quitt. 23. Edward Penson of Chillington hath Compounded (by Walter Brook) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s.Arr.quitt. 24. Joyce Howlett of Wolverhampton widdow hath Compounded (by Walter Brook) for her Lands for the Ann.Rent of Three pounds. 25. Dorothy J efford of Johnson widdow hath Compounded (by Francis Haircourt gent) for all her Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3li. 26. Walter Coleman of Canock hath Compounded for himselfe and John his Son and Margaret his wife for all his Lands one Cottage and two Messuages for the Ann.Rent of 10 li.And he is Discharged his Arrearages. 27. Richard Dibdale of Chillington hath Compounded for one Mess.and his Lands for the Ann.Rent of 5 li. 28. Thomas Bamford of Brewood hath Compounded (by Richard Dibdale) for his Lands and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 29. Edward Hill of Canocke hath Compounded (by Richd. Dibdale) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 30. Gilbert Sotherne of Acton Trussell hath Compounded for himselfe and John Sotherne his brother for his Lands in Acton Trussell aforesaid for the Ann.Rent of 4 li.10s. 31. Thomas Cope of Bradley hath this day Compounded (by GilbLSotheme) for a Cottage for the Ann.Rent of 3li. 32. John Stapleton of Littlewood hath this day Compounded (by Gilbt.Sotheme) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 33. Humfrey Henne of Hopton hath this day Compounded (by Gilbt.Sotherne) for a Mess.for the Ann.Rent of 50s. Decimo octavo die Augusti Ao.1630 34. George Lea of Huntley in the County of Stafford gent.hath Compounded for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 35. Edward Poole of Stockley Parke in the County of Stafford gent hath this day Compounded (by Geo.Lea) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 36 Walter Brindley of Lapley in the County of Stafford hath this day Compounded (by Geo.Lea) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3li. 37. John Goodwine of Milwitch in the County of Stafford hath this day Compounded (by Geo. Lea)for his Lands and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 38. William Pickstocke of Ashton hath this day Compounded for himselfe and Ann his wife for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 39. Richd.Butler of Broughton in the County of Stafford hath this day Compounded (by Wm. Pickstocke) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 40. Roger Thompson of Baswitch in the County of Stafford hath this day Compounded for himselfe and his wife (by William Pickstocke) for all his Lands and Goods for the Rent of 40s. 41. William Bridgen of Woolverhampton in the County of Stafford 334

hath Compounded (by Wm. Pickstocke) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 50s. 42. John Fletcher of Walsall in the County of Stafford hath this day Compounded (by Wm. Pickstocke) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 43. William Perry of Bilson in the County of Stafford hath this day Compou.nded (by Wm Pickstocke) for all his Lands and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 46s.8d. 44. Thomas Snaw of Bishen hath Compounded (by Wm.Pickstocke) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 45. Thomas Mayce of Canocke hath Compounded (by Wm Pickstocke) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 46. Antho~y Cadman of Broughton hath Compounded (by Wm.Pickstocke) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 47. Thos.Midlemore of Wednesbury hath Compounded (by Wm Picklocke) for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 48. Frances Midlemore of Wednesbury hath Compounded (by Wm Pickstocke) for her Goods for the Rent of 40s. 49. John Keelinge of Comberford hath Compounded (by Wm Pickstocke) for his Lands & Goods for the Rent of 4 li. 50. Wm.Woodinge of Chillington hath Compounded for his Goods for the Rent of 40s. 51. Francis Gifford of Water Eaton hath Compounded for a Mess.and Lands for the Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. Vicesimo die Novembr.Ao.1630 52. Ann Greaves of Tutbury hath Compounded (by Chris. Hinton Esqr.) for herself for the Moyety of a Mess.with Appurtenances and Thirty six acres of Land in Tutbury for the Ann.Rent of 50s. All her Arrs.are included in her Composition.

Cestr. 220.Decembr. Ao.Rs.Car. 50. 1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Rs.iuxt.muros Com,Ebor. Vicesimo Secundo die Decembris Anno Regis Caroli Quinto Coram prenobil.Th: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c.Arthur Ingram mil.Tho: Tildesley mil.Chro. Wandesford Ar.Commiss.&c.

1. Ralph Egerton of Ridley in the County of Chester hath this day Compounded for his Lands in Ridley for the Annuall Rent of 6 li.13.s4d.And his Arrs.are remitted. 280.die Augusti Anno 1630 2. John Street of Wolstanwood in the County of Chester hath this day Compounded (by Richard Johnson) for his Lands & Goods for the Ann.Rent of 6 li. 3. William Chantrell of Knoctoram in the parish of Woodchurch 335

bath this day Compounded for himselfe and Ellin his wife for his Lands and Goods for the Ann.Rent of 6li.I3sAd. 4. William Bennett of Bevington hath Compounded (by Wm -<:hantrell) for all his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 40s. 190.die Augusti Ao.I630 S. Randall Wilson of Talan-Hall hath Compounded for his Lands and Goods for the Rent of 6 li. 6. John Wilson of Wardhall hath Compounded (by'Rand.Wilson) for himselfe his Son and wife for his Lands and Goods for the Rent of 6li. 7. George Bulkley of Haughton hath Compounded (by Rand. Wilson) for a Mess.and his Goods for the Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. 8. Wm.Dunn of Spurstow hath Compounded (by Rand.Wilson) for a Mess.and his Goods for the Rent of 40s. 9. Thomas Bennett of Whitley hath Compounded (by Rand. Wilson) for a Mess.& hi') Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li. 10. Wm.Probyn of Wichhaugh hath Compounded for himselfe and his wife (by Rand.Wilson) for a Mess.and his Goods for the Rent -of 3li. Decimo Quinto die Octobr.Ao.1630 11. Randall Wolley of Tilston hath Compounded (by John Young gent) for a Mess.and diverse Lands for years yet to come in Bunbury for the Rent of 3li.6s.8d.

-Derb. Ilo.die Decembr. Ao.Rs.Car. Quinto 1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.pd.ll0. die Decemb.Ao.Rs.Caroli Quinto Coram prenob.Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Pres.&c.Arth.lngram mil.Tho: Tildesley mil. et Chro.Wandesford Ar.Commiss.&c.

1. John Poole of Spinkhill in the County of Darby heth this day -Compounded for all his Lands and T enemen ts in Spinkhill in the County of Darby for the Annuall Rent of 6 li.I3sA 2. Henry Hedwitt of Brighton-fields gent.hath Compounded for mmselfe and Ethered his wife for all his Lands &c for the Rent of .s li.Arr.discharged. 3. Francis Beveredge of Sutton in Ie Dale hath Compounded for himself and Eliz.his wife for a Mess.and Lands for the Rent of 3 li.6s.8d.His Arrs.are Discharged. Decimo nono die Augusti Ao.1630 4. Henry Poole of Tutbury in the County of Darby hath Compounded by Chris. Hinton gent. for a farm for Terme of life and for his Goods for the Rent of 3li.Arr.quitt by this Composition. S. Thos.Clark als.Alexander of Etwall hath Compounded by -Chris.Hinton Esqr.for a Mess.and his Goods for the Rent of 40s . .336

6. Chris. Hinton of Ettwall Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe for a Lease and for his Goods for the Rent of 5 li. 7. Alice Maydeley of Dovebridge hath Compounded (by Chris.Hinton) for her Goods for the Rent of 40s. 8. Robert Adkins of Sutton hath Compounded (by Chris.Hinton) for his Goods for the Rent of 40s. 210.die Augusti Anno 1630 9. William Staley of Westhallam hath Compounded for his Goods and Arrearages for the Rent of 40s. 10. Thos.Steward of Churchbroughton hath Compounded for his Goods for the Rent of 40s. 11. Geo.Harrison of Churchbroughton hath Compo (by Th: Steward) for a Capitall Messuage fo the Annuall Rent of Six pounds.

Dunelm. 120.0ctob.Ao. Rs.Car.50. 1629.

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Man.Dni Rs.iuxt.muros Com.Ebor. 120.die Octob.Ao.Rs.Caroli Quinto Coram prenob.Tho:Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid &c. Edward Osborne Barronet,J ohe.Gibson mil.Arth.Ingram mil.Wm.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley mil.Johe.Lowther Chro.Wandesford Ar.Commissionar. &c.

1. John Claxton of N ettlesworth Knight,himself and John his Son .. Redditus 50 li.112 2. John Salvin of Heworth Gent. Redd. 3li. 113 3. Anthony Coxon of Copighill.Redd. 13 li.6s.8d. 114 4. John Trowloppe of Thorneley EsqrJor himselfe and John his Son.Redd. 15 li. And for his Arrearages 6 li.115 5. Christopher Hopper of Ellvett for himselfe and Thos.Hopper his Brother.Redd.3 li.6s.8d. 116 6. Geo.Fairehair of Ford.Redd.15 li. And for his Arrs. 2 li.117 Decimo Tertio die Octobris Anno 1629 7. George Collingwood of Eppleden in the County of Durham Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe Cuthbert and George his Sons for all his Mannors,Lands and Leases for the Annuall Rent of 90 li.11s 8. Rebecca Salvyn of Thornton widdow hath Compounded (by George Collingwood of Eppleden Esqr.) for all her Lands for the Ann.Rent of 15 li,l19 9. Frances Constable of Northbiddick vid. Redd.20 li.120 10. Christopher Hildyard of Mordan.Redd. 2 li. 11. William Darnell of Hedley-hope.Rent 2 li. 12. Thos.Darnell of Greencroft.Redd. 2 li. 13. William Rawe of Lunds howse. Redd. 2 li. 14. Christopher Bee of the City of Durham. Redd. 1 li.l0s. 15. John Winter of Eastbuttfeild. Redd.l li.IOs. w


16. Launcelott Tailer sen. of Westrawe. Redd. 2 Ii. 17. Robert Merryman of Bradley. Redd. 6li.13s.4d. 121 18. Michael Johnson of Twisle. Redd. 18li. 122 19. Robert Maire of Hardwick gent.hath Compounded for himselfe and Thomas and John Maire his Sons for his Mannor of Hardwick and all his Lands there And for his Mannor of Huton Henry &c.for the Annuall Rent of 52 li.123 20. Humfrey Garrey of Durham. Redd. 1 li.10s. 21. Gerrard Liddle of Lambton. Redd. Ili.l0s.124 22. Jane Hopper of Durham widdow hath Compounded (by Geo.Collingwood Esqr.) for 2 li.10s.l25 Die 140.0ctobris Ao.1629 23. Sr Robert Hodgshon of Hebborn Knt.hath Compounded for himselfe and Dame Frances his wife (by Thomas Ingleby gent.) for his Mannors Lands Tenements free fishing Colemines &c. for the Annuall Rent of 120 li.126 24. James Shaftoe of Taunsfield Leigh. Redd. 5 Ii. And for all his Arrearages the Summe of 10S.l 27 25. William Lawes of Ryopethe yeoman. Redd.2 Ii. Die 150.0ctobris Apno 1629 26. Elizabeth Headley of Lintsgreen widdow hath Compounded (by George Collingwood) for 20 li.12S Die 160.0ctobris Anno 1629 27. Henry Mittforth of Gateside gent.hath Compounded (by Geo.Collingwood Esqr.) for 6 li.1 29 28. William Lambton of Tribley gent.hath Compounded by William his Son for 4 Ii. 29. Nicholas Tempest of Hebbome gent.hath Compounded by Thos.lngleby gent.for 4 U. 30. Ann Porter of Andrewhouse hath Compounded by Nich. Blakiston for 6Ii.13sAd. 31. Richard Hartboum of Stillington gent. Redd. 6 li.13o 32. Ralph Blakiston of Seaton gent.hath Compounded by Rich. Hartboum for 14 Ii. 33. Katherine Forser of Harborough widdow hath Compounded by Rich.Hartbourn for 12 li.1al 34. Wm.Waytinge of Neesom hath Compounded by Richard Hartboum for 1 Ii. lOs. 35. Wm.Tempest of Thomyley. Redd. 41i.132 Vicesimo quinto die Septembris Anno 1630 36. Charles Hedworth of Brandon gent. Redd. 40 li.And for his Arrearages 30 li.133 Vicesimo sexto die Novembris Anno 1630 37. George Smith of Eshe in the County of Durham Esqr.hath Compounded (by Thos.Jackson gent.) for himselfe and Margaret his wife Edward Smith his son and Katherine his wife and John Smith his other son and Margaret his wife for all their Mannors Lands Tenements &c.for the Annuall Rent of 130 li.134 338

38. Ann Blakiston of Blaikiston widdow hath Compounded (by Robt.Collingwood gent) for 2 !i.10s. 39. John Sadler of Middleton Eraw yeoman. Redd. 4 Ii. 40. George Comyn of the City of Durham yeoman hath Compounded (by Thomas Jackson) for 2li. 41. J ames Metcalfe of Rockwoodhill. Redd. 5 li. 100.die Decembris Ao.1630 42. Robert Porrett of HartIepoole gent.Redd. 6li.13sAd. Decimo Sexto die Decembris Anno 1630 43. Thomas Jackson of Harraton gent. Redd. 14li. 44. Launcelott Todd of Bishopton hath Compounded (by Thomas Jackson gen,t) for 6 lie

Northumbr. 200ctobr. Ao.Rs.Car. 50.1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Rs.iuxta muros Civ.Ebor. in Com.Ebor. Secundo die Octobris Ao.Regis Caroli Quinto. Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Johe.Gibson mil. Arthur Ingram mil. Tho: Tildesley mil. et al.Comm.

1. Dorothy Lawson of Byker in the County of Northumberland widdow hath Compounded for her Lands and for her Arrearages for the Annuall Rent of 40 li. 30.die Octobris Anno 1629 2. John Ingleby of Brighouses gent. Redd. 13li.6s.8d. 14to. die Octobris Anno 1629 3. Thomas Leadbeater of Hexam. Redd. 2 li. 4. Henry Hearne of Hexam. Redd. 2 li. 5. Arthur Burdett of Westwood.Redd. Sli. And for his Arrearages 4li. 150. die Octobris Anno 1629 6. George ThurlewaIl of Rothbury Esqr. Redd. 6li.13sAd. 7. William Charleton of Hessleside gent. Redd. 91i. 8. Roland Robson of Heley. Redd. 6li.13sAd. 9. Robert Wytherington of Westharley. Redd. 9li. 160.die Octobris Ao.1629 10. William Swynburne of Capheaton in the County of Northumberland Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe and John his Son for his Lands in Capheaton,Whitehouse,Beamondhouse,Chellerton, Nafferton,Benwell and Lowicke for the Ann.Rent of 70 li e And for his Arrearages 3 li.6s.8d. 11. Randall Fenwick of Howicke gent. Redd.12 li. Nono die Decembris Anno 1629 12. Sr William Fenwick of Meldon Knt.hath Compounded for 339

himselfe and the Lady Margaret his Mother for all their Lands &c.for the Ann.Rent of 150 li.And for all their Arrearages 60 li. 170.die Decembris Ao.1629 13. Sr Edward Radcliffe of Dilston als.Divilston in the County of Northumb.Barrt.hath Compounded for all his Mannors Lands Tenements &c.within the Severall County's of Northumb., Cumberland and Westmorland (Videlt.) for the Mannor of Dilston als Divilston,the Mannor of Whittingstall,the Mannor of Throckley, the Mannor of Aydon,Sheeles,Rowley and Edesbush,the Mannor of great Bavington cum Whelpington, the Mannor of Elrington with all Lands &c. to the said Severall Mannors belonging,And for all his Lands in Newton Hall,Westwood iuxta Hexham,Corbrig,Whittell, Spittle,Newbiggin,Whitley Milne,Garesheele,Ovingham and for certaine quitt rents in Killingworth,Hartley,Aydon Castle,Woodhorne,Seaton and Tynmouth in the County of Northumberland. And also for the Mannor of Castlerigge and Darwentwater cum Thornthwaite in Ie Fells in the parish of Croft-thwaite,And for the Mannor of Adston alls.Aldeston More in the County of Cumberland with all Lands Tenement & the sd.severall Mannors belonging. And also for the Mannor of Boulton with all Lands and Tenements &c.thereunto belonging for the Annuall Rent of 240 li. Memorandum. that this Composition was Discharged ye 7th of Dec.1632 vid.Lib.2.Fol.I13. 180.die Decembris Ao.1629 14. -William Ourde of Pruddo Castle gent. Redd. 13li.6s.8d. 280. die Augusti Ao.1630 15. John Swynborne of Edlingham in the County of Northumberland Esqr.hath Compounded (by Sr Thomas Swynburne Knt his Son and heire) for all his Lands for the Annuall Rent of 50 li.

Cumber. 280.Septemb. Ao.Rs.Car. 50.1629

SESSIO Commor. tent.apud Maner.&c. Vicesimo octavo die Septembri Anno Rs.Caroli Quinto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic. Wentworth Dno. Presid.&c. Johe. Gibson mil. Arthur Ingram mil.Willo.Ellis mil. Tho: Tildesley mill. et al.Commissionar. &c.

1. Francis Salkeild of Whitehall in the County of Cumberland Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe and for Dorothy his wife for his Lands in Bowes in the County of York 40 Acres of Arable Land 20 Acres of Meadow and 40 Acres of Pasture in the parish of Allhallowes in the County of York,for the Mannor of Uppenby,the Mannor of Clifton,the Medietie of the Mannor of Torpennow,certaine Cottages and Lands in Penrith,One Keswicke,one Mill in Aspatree,one Tenement called Hunter Hall in the County of


Cumberland,One Mess. & 60 Acres of Land called Wellhouse wthin.the Mannor of Bradsey in Com.Lancas. One other Tenement in Banton in Com.Westmor. for the Rent of 110 li. And for all his Arrearages in all the said County's the Summe of 5li. Decimo Sexto die Octobris Anno 1629 2. J oseph Porter of Boulton gent.hath this day Compounded for all his Lands Mannor &c. for the Annuall Rent of 17 li.

West m. 130.die Oct. Ao .Rs.Car. 50.1629

SESSIO Commor.tent.apud Maner.Dni Regis iuxta muros Com. Ebor.Decimo tertio die Oct.Ao.Rs. Caroli Quinto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Edro.Osborne Barron. J ohe.Gibson mil.Arth. Ingram al. Commissionar.&c.

1. Edward Birkbeck of Hornby in the County of Westmorland gent.(being himselfe Conformable) hath Compounded for the Recusancy of Bridget his wife for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13sA 140.die Octobris.Ao.1629 2. Oliver Platt of Kendall. Redd. 2 li.l0s. And for his Arrearages lOs. 3. Christopher Gilpin of Skelsmore hath Compounded for his Goods for the Rent of 2 li. " 4. Edward Gilpin of Skelsmore hath Compounded (by Christopher Gilpin) for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of 4 li. 5. Anthony Hodgshon of Hutton hath Compounded (by Chris. Gil pin) for his Goods for 5 li. 6. Thos.Washington of Patton for Redd. 4li.l0s. 7. James Pickering of Skelsmore hath Compounded (by Thomas " Washington) for 5li. 8. William Newby of Whinfield hath Compounded (by Thos. Washington) for Redd. 2 li.l0s. 9. Richard Pearson of Whinfield hath Compounded (by Thos. Washington) for Redd. 5li. 10. Jason Gilpin of Skelsmergh hath Compounded (by Thomas Washington) for his Goods for the Annuall Rent of 1 li.l0s. 11. William Warton of Skelsmerghe hath Compounded (by Thos.Washington) for Redd. 2li. Decimo Quinto die Decembr. Anno 1629 12. Mabell Fawcett of Whinfell widdow. Redd. 2li. 270.die Novembris Anno 1630 13. William Rosse of Hemingby in the County of Lincoln gent ha th Compounded for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for the Mannor of Hemingby for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13sAd. 341


Vicesimo Septimo die Sept. Ao.1632

Richard Towneley of Nocton in the County of Lincoln Esqr.hath Compounded with his Majesties Commissioners for the Mannor of Nocton cum Dunster,the dissolved Monestery of Nocton in Nocton, and the impropriate Rectory of Nocton,and for the Mannor of Osborneby and Newton with the Appurtenances in the County of Lincoln,The Mannor house in Burneley Six hundred Acres of Land Meadow and pasture in Burneley Burneley Wood and Haberiam Eves and forty Acres of Meadow Twenty Acres of Arrable Land One hundred Acres of pasture and four hundred and forty Acres of Marish woody and Rough grounds,and Certaine Cottages in Burneley,forty freehold Messuages and Tenements in Clivicher,A Mill there,four Messuages and Hurstwood cum Wersthorne,three Messuages in Brerc1yffe cum Extwisle, a Mill there,a Mill in Marsden called Bradley Mill a Mill in Padiam certaine Chiefe Rents issueing out of Burnley Hurstwood cum Worsthorne in the County of Lancaster for the yearly Rent of one hundred and fifty pounds To be paid att Martinmas and Penticost by equall portions And to give Bond for the first halfe years Rent accordingly and also to increase the said Rent of one hundred and fifty pounds to fifty pounds more after the Death of Jane Towneley his Mother,And Six pounds Thirteen shillings four pence more after the Death of Charles Towneley of Lincoln,And six pounds thirteen shillings four pence more after the Death of Nicholas Towneley of Hurstwood,And Twenty six pounds thirteen shillings four pence more upon the Death of Christopher Towneley his brother,And Eight pounds more in case the Twenty four pounds to Anthony Metcalfe be redeemed, And Rents and Arrearages ut supra Richard Towneley. Memorandum. That Mr Towneley is not to be Charged with the two Annuityes of Mr Charles And Mr Nicholas Towneley dureing the life of Mrs. Jane Towneley his Mother in regard his Mother is to pay them dureing her time.

Com.Ebor. 260.Nov.Ao. 1630

Vicesimo Sexto Novembr.Ao.Regis Caroli Sexto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley mil. et Willo. Dalton mil.Commissionar.&c.

1. Gilbert Stapleton of Carleton in the County of York Esqr.hath Compounded (By Walter Mercer gent) for himselfe and Ellen his wife for three Messuages eight cottages 64 Acres of Land in Askam Bryan,6 Messuages,13 Cottages 124 Acres of Land in Askam Bryan in the County of the City of York for the Ann. Rent of 20 li.135 290.Septembris AO.163! 342

2. Thomas Branch of Street houses. Redd. 2 li. 136 3. John Dawny. Redd. 10 li.1 37 Decimo Nono die Augusti Ao.1632 4. Marmaduke Cholmeley of Bransby Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe for the Mannor of Bransby and Stearsby for the Ann.Rent of 50 li.ISS 5. Francis Topham of Agglethorpe. Redd. 18 li.13s.4d. 139 6. Crathorne Ashley of Caldmore. Redd. 2 li.l40 7. Michael Metcalfe of little Ottrington. Redd. 15 ii.IU Die 10 Aug. 1632 8. The Lady Elizabeth Reresby of Triburgh widdow hath Compoundeq. by Richd.Harebred for a Capitall Messuage &c.for 50 li.142

9. Thos.Bowes of Appleton gent. Redd. 6li.I3sAd. 143 10. Roland Revell of Stannington yeoman. Redd. 3li. 11. Ann Cholmeley of Fullrice widdow hath Compounded (by Marm.Cholmeley Esqr.her Son) for all her Lands in Fullrice for the Ann.Rent of 13 li.6s.3d. 150. die Aguusti Ao.I632 12. Richard Sheircliffe of Chapple in Ecclesfield hath Compounded for 3li. 13. John Husband of Steane. Redd. 2li. 14. William Milner of Skelton. Redd. 170.Augusti Ao.1632 15. William Constable of Carthorpe gent. Redd. 16li. 16. Farley Coulson of Lebberston. Redd. 3li.14s 17. Charles and William Radcliffe Esqrs. hath Compounded for their Arrearages for 8 li.146 24to.die Augusti Ao.1632 18. Thomas Slater of Cottingham.Redd. 2 lie 220.die Augusti Ao.I632 (sic) 19. Elizabeth Pudsey of Bolton widdow. Redd. 14 li. u7 20. Richard Talbot of Southottrington gent. Redd. 10 li. uS 21. Chr.Beckwith of Woddall. Redd. 3s.4d. 22. Thomas Day of Bishopton and Richard Brown for their Arrearages 5 lie 23. Antho.Servant of Sikes. Redd. 2 lie 24. George Tockett Esqr.of Tockett. Redd. 4 lie 25. Henry Brass of Stokesley. Redd. 2li. 26. Mary Thompson of Stokesley for Geo.Harrlson . (sic) Redd. lOs. 149


Thomas Tofts pro Arreragiis 2li. 250. die Augusti Ao.I632 28. John Errington of Freeridge iuxta Yarme gent Compoundeth for 10 li.loo Die Sab.25 Aug.A.D.I632 29. John Knaresbrough of Fenesby in the parish of Farnham Compoundeth for an Annuity of 50 li.p.Annum Issueing out of the 343

Lands of Thomas Tankard Esqr.unto Mary Tancard now wife of the said John Knaresbrough for the Annuall Rent of 16 li.13sAd. whereof 6 li.13s.4d. to be paid by Thomas Tankard Esqr.for 20 li. part of the said Annuity To- be paid aU Martinmas and Pentecost the first Rent to begin at Martinmas 1629 And to give Bond for the Arrearages since that time-16 li.13s.4d. 30. William Stephenson of Thorntonwoods. Redd. 26 li.13s.4d. 31. Thos.lngleby pro Saml.Thackwrey Arm. Redd. 2 li. 32. Francis Stephenson of Thorntonwoods. Redd. 1 li. 290.Augusti AO.1632 33. Jane Allanson of Sandhutton widdow. Rent 10 liJ51 300. Augusti Ao.1632 34. Richard Forster of Stokesley Esqr. Redd.40 li.152 35. Robert Garbut of Stoksley. Redd. 1 li. 310. Augusti Ao.1632 36. Richard Kirk of Hawterley. Redd. 2li. 37 . John Sturdy of Scawton. Redd. 2 li. 38. Edwd. Killingbeck of Allerton Grange. Redd.l0 li.153 Primo Septembris Ao.1632 39. Henry Lawson of Brough Esqr. Compoundeth for all his Lands in Byker within the County of Northumberland which descended upon him from Dorothy Lawson his Mother (being now dead) for the Rent of 40 li.154 40. William Tocket of Gisborough. Redd. 10 li. 4to.die Septembris Ao.1632 41. Edward Fairfax of Dunsley. Redd. 6 li.13sAd. 155 42. Phillip Constable of Everingham Esqr.and Ann his wife Compoundeth for the Mannor of Everingham, the Mannor of Drax; Camisleforth and other places there,Lands in Holdernes with Several1 Leases,Lands and Mannors in the' County of Lincoln and York for the Rent of 250 li.156 43. John Percy of Beverley Esqr. Redd. 15 liJ57 50.die.Septembris Ao.1632 44. J ames Singleton of Markinton. Redd. 6 li.13s.4d. 45. Thomas Smythson of Kirkstanild. Redd. 1 Ii. 70. Septembris Ao.1632 46. Cuthbert Bulmer of Scruton.Redd. 2Ii.l0s.158 130.Septembris Ao.1632 47. Sr George Palmes of Naborne Knt.Compoundeth for himselfe William Palmes his Son and Katherine his wife for the Mannor of Naborne in the County of York for the Summe of 38 Ii. 49. William Palmes of Naborne Compoundeth by Sr George Palmes for himselfe and Katherine his wife for 22 li.4s.6d. 159 49. Richard Robinson of Flotmanby. Redd. 21i.160 50. Alexius Vodka of the City of York. Redd. 101i. 161 200.Septembris Ao.1632 51. Antho: Cattricke sen.of Carleton Esqr. Redd.25Ii. 162 260.Septembris Anno 1632 344

Richard Lockwood of Sowerby gent. Redd. 13 li.6s.8d. 163 Geo. Meynill of Dalton gent. Redd. 12li.164 Marmaduke Tunstall of Wyc1iffe for his wife. Redd. 20 li.16S John Wild of Hunton gent.for Mary his wife. Redd.25 li.166 270.die Sept. Ao.1632 56. George Thwing of Heyworth gent.Compoundeth for himselfe andAnn his wife for all his Lands and Goods for the Rent of 30 li .1 67 57. Jo.Ryther of Scarcroft. Redd. 10 li . 58. Edmond Danby of Borrowby grange. Redd. 2 li . 59. Thomas Croft of Allerthorpe gent. Redd. 3 li. 280.Sept.Ao.1632 60. Bridget Spence of Barden widdow. Redd. 3 li. 61. Meriall Bulmer of Wilton widdow. Redd. 2 li.6s.8d. 168 62. Allan Aiscough of Greenobottom gent. Redd. 8li . 63. Thomas Addyson of Normanby. Redd. 6li. 64. Symon Ryther of Pickton.Redd. 2li. 65. Thomas Westby of Ranfield Esqr. Redd. 31 li.13s.4d. 66. John Breaks of Birstwith yeom. (blank) 67. George Smith of Ravensworth. (blank)169 Secundo Octobris Ao.1632 68. William Smythson of Newsome. Redd. 3 li. 69. Thomas Tockets of Gisbrough. Redd. 3 li.6s.8d. 70. Ralph Ellis of Skelton. Redd. 2 li. 71. Mary Lady Reresby of Denyby widdow Compoundeth for (blank) 170 72. William Smythson (sic) 4to.Oct.Ao.1632 73. Thomas Nandick of Dalby gent. for Jane his wife.Redd.4li . 74. Roger Tockett of Tockett Esqr.for Jane his wife.Redd. 5 li . 75. Arthur Blakey of Nesfield.Redd.2 li. 76. Thomas Lewlyn of Ranfield gent. Redd. 2 li.IOs. 77. Christopher Hogg of Killinghall.Redd. 2 li. 78. William Brown of Killinghall.Redd. 2 li .l71 50.0ctobris Ao.1632 79. Ralph Constable of Everingham for Sara his wife. Redd. I li . 80. Henry Addison of Normanby. Redd.2li. 81. Thos.Bishop of Pocklington gent. for Ursula his wife. Redd. 2li~ 82. William Grant of Rowsby Esqr.for Mary his wife. Redd~ 13 li.6s.8d. 83. John Hebdon of Clynt. Redd. 2li.172 9o.0ct.Ao.1632 84. RIchard Burton of Ingarthorpe gent. for Ellen his wife.Redd~ 6 li.13sAd. 85. Richard Gibson of Femesby hath Compounded (by John Knaresbrough gent) for Mary his wife. Redd. 2 li. 100. die Octobris.Anno 1632 86. William Swaile of Kirkstainley. Redd. 3 li.6s.8d. 87. Thomas Beckwith of Beverley gent. Redd. 10 li . 52. 53. 54. 55.


88. Robert Reynold of Appleton. Conformed himself as appeared by his Certificate. 170.0ct.Ao.1632 S9. Stephen Hammerton of Hellifield Peele Esqr. for Mary his wife. Redd.5li. 90. Thomas Browne of Howdenfield. Redd. 1 li.173 230. Octobris Ao.lS32 91. Ingleby Danyel of Beswicke Knt. for Frances his wife. Redd. 10 li. 92. Anthony Catterick of Stanwick Redd. 15li. 250.0ct.Ao.1632 93. Henry Newcombe of Berforth. Redd.2li. 94. John Kendall of South Stainley yeoman. Redd. 2li. Secundo die Novembris Anno 1632 95. Jordan Metham of Wiggathorpe Esqr. for his wife. Redd. 3li.Ss.Sd. 174 96. George Creswell of Donnington gent. Redd. 5 lie 97. Elizabeth Shereburne of Eshall widdow. Redd. 98. John Fawcet of Rocliffe yeoman. Redd. 2li. 99. Leonard Metcalfe of Nuttall gent. Redd. 3li.6s.8d. 100. Dowzabell Tayler of Tadcaster vid. Redd. 2li. 175 So. Nov. Ao.1S32 101. Theodocia Towneley of Pattericke Brunton widdow Compoundeth (by George Waite Gent) for her Interest for three lives in the Rectory of Pattericke Brunton in the County of York, for the Rent of Sli.13sAd. 102. William Willson of Saxton gent. Redd. 2li. 103. John Hemsworth of Oulton gent. Redd. 2li. 104. William Archar of Gartholme yeoman. Redd. 3li.Ss.8d. 105. Jane Gatenby of Mannby widdow. Redd. 2li. 106. Eliza: Worsley of Hovingham Spinster. Redd. 2li. 130. Nov. Ao.1632 107. Geo. Vavasour of Willitoft gent. Redd. 6li.176 lOS. Richard Yonge of Rocliffe. Redd. 2 lie 210. Nov. Ao.1632 109. John Waterton of Northstanley gent. Redd. 6li.13sAd. 110. John Adamson of Swinton yeoman. (blank) Ill. Cuthbert Pudsey of Stanfordbriggs. Conformed himselfe as appears by his Cert. 112. Edwd.Wooller for John Gower Arrearages. Redd. 3li. Com.Ebor. 113. Ebor. Inq.160. 8br.40. Car.


lSo.die Octobris Ao.1630 Coram prefat. Commissionar. &c. Thomas Tankard of Burrowbriggs in the County of York Esqr. hath this day Compounded with his Majesties Commissionars for himselfe and Frances his wife for all his Mannors Lands Tenements and

found at 36:13:4 vide Inq. pro particular.terr.

hereditaments with Appurtenances in the County of Yorke for the Summe of 66 li.13sAd. in present And after the Determination of an Annuall Rent of 100 li.payable to Roger Beckwith of Awdbrough the Summe of 33 li.6s.Sd. more And after the Death of Meriall Tankard of Copgrave widdow the Summe of 33 li.6s.9d. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 50 lie payable to Mary Tankard his Sister the Summe of 16 li.13sAd.more And after the Determination of an Annuity of SO lie payable to Katherine Tankard Sister of him the said Thomas Tankard till the Summe of Six hundred pounds be paid 26li.13sAd. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 10 li.payable to Christopher Lancaster of Craketrees in the County of Westmorland dureing his life the Summe of 3 li.6s.Sd more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 10 li.payable unto Hugh Tankard dureing his life the Summe of 3li.6s.8d. more And after the Determination of an Annuity of Ebor.apud 10 Ii.payable to Peter North after the Expiration of 15 years begining (blank left) 3li.6s.Sd.more And after the Determination of an Annuity of 16 li.payable to Ralph Ellis dureing his life the Summe of 5 li.6s.8d. more All which severall summes as they shall fall due are to be paid att Martinmas and Whitsontide by equall portions And to give Bond for the first halfe years Rent which was due unto his Majesty att Martinmas 1629: and Whitsontide 1630: All his acquitted. Arrearages are included in this his Composition. Tho: Tanckard The Certificate is Entered according to the Inquisition 160.SbrAo.Car.and According to my Lords paper ................ 1 quer. 177 Lancastr. 1l0.Oct. Ao.I630

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. S.

SESSIO Commor.tent.Undecimo die Octobris Anno Rs.Caroli Sexto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic. Wentworth Dno Preside &c. Willo.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willo.DaIton mil. Commissionar.&c.

William Blundell of Little Crosby. 30 lie Thomas Birtwisle of Huncoat. 3li.6s.Sd. Gawyn Atherton of Windle. 5 lie Edward Gorsuch of Scarsbrick. 10 lie Jane Ashton of Mawdesley widdow. (blank) Roger Lockwood of Leyland (blank) Oliver Manwaring of Wyndle. 4 lie Thomas Gerrard of Awghton. 5 lie 347

9. Edward Parkinson of Cloughton gent. (blank) 10. Robert Rawlinson of Marshgra. S li. 11. Hugh Tootill of Chorley (blank) 12. John Part of Haylebank. 2 li. 13. Thomas Kirkham of Warton. 2 li.l0s. 14. Thomas Hothersall of Bllington (sic) 2 li.l0s. 15. Leonard Clarkson of Woodplompton. 3 li . 16. Cuthbert Halsall of Burstowe. (blank) 17. Hugh Cross of Holland. (blank) IS. William Pattison of Ribby. (blank) 19. John Preston of the Mannor Esqr. SO li. Vicesimo nono Sept. 1631 20. Elizabeth Hunt of Heighton. 2 li. Nono die August. 1632 21. Hugh Farington of Ribbleton. 6 li.13sAd. 22. Thomas Sherebum of Heesom gent. 6 li.13sAd. 23. Thomas Singleton of Steyning Esqr. 20 li. 24. John Houlden of Chaigley gent. (blank) 25. Nathaniell Banister of Altham. 10 li. 26. Jane Towneley of Hapton widdow. 50 li. 27. Henry Sudall pro Oliver Wrighall Arm. 2li. 2S. Thomas Langtree of Langtree. 10 li. 29. Isabella Langtree of Langtree vid. 6li. 30. Roger Anderton of Birchley Esqr. 21 li.12s.3d. 31. Bridget Buskell of Ulverston vid. 10 li. 32. Thos.Osbaldeston of Walton in Ie Dale 6li. 33. Robert Sherebume of Catterall gent. 15 li. 34. John Cross of Liverpoole gent. (blank) 35. William Blundell of Little Crosland (blank) 36. Barbara Domina Hennage wife of Thomas Elliott of (blank} 60 li.

37. Roger Hesketh of Goosnargh. 6 li.13sAd. 3S. Thomas Ashton of Croston. Sli. 39. Thomas Werden of Croston. 4li. 40. Ann Stopforth of Mellinge vid. 2 li.10s. 41. Thos.Hothersall of Billington gent. 5 li.10s. 42. Hugh Crooke of Broughton. 2li. 43. Grace Wilkinson of Preston 3 li. 44. George Wilkinson of Broughton. 2 li. 45. Wm.Worthington of Worthington gent. 6 li.13sAd. 46. Robert White of great Eccleston. 2 li . 47. William Jump of Beckinsall. 3 li.6s.Sd. 4S. William Norris of Blackroyd. (blank) 49. Thos.Woosall of Hayton. (blank) 50. Robert Harrington of Hyton. 5li. 51. Robert Molineux of Garston. 2 li. 52. Robert Whitfield of Garston. 2 U. 53. Thos.Hastie of Garston. 2 li. 348

William Chawner of Garston. 2 li. William Harrison of Speak. 2 li. William Huson of Speak. 2 li. lOs. Thomas Cook of Speak 2li. Robert Hay of Speak. 2 li. William Chawner of Speak. 2li. John Plumbe of Garston. 2 li.lOs. Richard Egerton of Parre. 2 li. Robert Edwardson of Speak. 2 li.lOs. Ralph Hesledon of Ashton. 4 li. John Tod of Traynham. (blank) Chr.Baw of Crost. 2 li.lOs. John Urmston of Beeford. 2 li.lOs. John Mosse of Windle. 2li. Jennett Ball of Windle vid. 2 li. Alice Lyon of Windle widdow. 2 li. Thomas Smarley of Speak. 2 li. Thomas Dalton of Pilling. 5 li. John Bradshaw of Pilling. (blank) Thomas Dalton of Thumham. l5li. Thomas Prestwick of Houlme gent. 6 li.13sAd. Thomas Richardson of Myerstow. 4 li. Chr.Tayler of Haighton. 2 li.lOs. William Baynes of Netherwyersdale. 2li. Robert Layfield of Bamyker. 3 li. Thomas More of Euxston. 2 li. John Towneley of Hurstwood. 6 li.13sAd. Gabriell Hesketh of Goosnargh gent. 4 li. 82. Robert Hodgson of Euxston. 2 li.lOs. 83. Richard Ashton of Bamfordlonge gent. l5li. l20.0ct.Ao.1632 84. Sr William Gerrard of Bryn Barrt.hath Compounded for himselfe and Dame Elizabeth his wife for the Mannor of Ashton and all his other Mannors Lands Tenements and Tyths in the Countys of Lancaster and Darby for the Annuall Rent of 66 li.13sAd. 85. James Anderton of Clayton Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and Ann his wife for a Capitall Messuage,Severall Ancient Rents Lands Tenements and Tyths,And for a Lease holden of the King of certaine lands called Seawood &c.for the Ann.Rent of 40 li. 86. Lionell Farington of Sutton gent. 6li. 87. Thomas Gerrard of Aughton gent. 5 li. 88. William Bradshaw of Haighe. 3 li.6s.8d. 89. William Horsker of Clifton cum Solwick. 2li. 90. Thomas Whittingham of Goosnargh. 3 li.6s.8d. 91. Edward Worthington of Weeton. 4 li. 92. Thomas Threlfall of Clifton. 2 li. 93. George Grayson of Clifton. 2 li.

54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81.


94. Richard Sherburn of Stonyhurst Esqr.for the Recusancy of Eliz.his wife 20 li. 95. William Chorley of Whittingham. 2 li.lOs. 96. Ellen Nelson of Wrightington. 3 li. 97. Robert Worthington of Euxton. 2 li. 9S. Thomas Lowde of Aughton. 2 li. 99. John Bee of Barnaker yoeman. 2 li. 100. Ralph Critchlawe of Clayton. 2 li.14sAd. 101. Grace Fairclough of Chipping. 2 li. 102. Ralph Holden of Hasleden. S li. 103. William Reskow of Euxton. 2li. 104. John Sharrock of Euxton.2li. 105. Chr.Towneley of Hapton gent. 20 li. 106. John Cutler of Aston. 2 li. 107. Ann BannysterofCuredon vid. 2li.l0s. lOS. Sr Thomas Walmysley of Dunkenhaugh mil. (being a Conformable person) Compoundeth by Richard Roundell for the Recusancy of Dame Julian his wife for the Rent of 13 li.Ss.Sd. 109. Henry Warring of Chorley yeoman. 2 li. 110. William Norris of Blackroid. 2 li. 111. George Beesley of Goosnargh gent. 3 li. 112. Nicholas Towneley of Royle Esqr. 5 li. 113. Robert Blundell of Inche Esqr. 2 li. 114. Roger Lee of Clitherow yeoman. 3li.Ss.Sd. 115. Alice Sager of Burnley widdow. 5 li. lIS. Christopher Molden of Samlesbury. 4 li. 117. Mathew latus of Gousnargh yeoman. 2li. lIS. Margaret Durnynge of Bisham. 1 li. 119. William Critchlaw of Euxton yeoman. 1 li. 120. Alex.Woodward of Shevington. 1 li. 121. James Bannister of Parkhill. 4 li. 122. William Singleton of Broughton. 2 li. 123. Dorothy Walton of Horwich. 2 li. 124. Robt.Squire of Great Hartward. 2 li. 125. Michael NeIlson of Mawdesley. 2 li.13sAd. 12S. Nicholas Hesketh of Beckensall. 13 li.Ss.Sd. i27. Edward Smith of Skirsbrick. 2 li.13sAd. 12S. Leonard Washington of Warton. 1 li.10s. 129. Thomas Kirkby of Rawcliffe. 5 li. 130. Susan Hesketh of Rufforth. 3 li. 131. Robert Sagar of Burnley. 2 li. 132. John Weelding of Kirkham. 3 li. 133. Henry Ward of Treales yeoman. Sli.13sAd. 134. William Townend of Weeton. 3 li. 135. Richd.Dunderdale of Barnyker. 1 li. 136. William Blakeburne of Eccleston. 2 li . 137. Thos.Bee for John Bee. 5 li. 13S. John Whatton for Jane Whatton. 13sAd. 350

139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168.

James Hartley for Jno.Wynnell. 5 lie Thos,Kirkham for Agnes Kirkham. 2li. Edwd.Midgell for Geo,his father 2 lie Thos.Nightingall for Jno.Halliwell. 2li. Miles Green of Stevington. 1 lie Henry Stones of Euxston for Agnes Gradell. lli. Thomas Houghton of Pendleton. 2ti. Thomas Wilson for Wm.Wilson. 2li. John Banks of Wrightington. 2 lie Richard Whalley for Jno.Ratc1iffe. 2 lie Jennet Shaw of Standish widdow. 1 lie Robert Prescot for Wm Prescot. 2li. Thomas Spenser for Wm.Rawson. 1 lie John Martin of Clayton pro James Martin 2li. James Pilkington for Jno.Blackborn 1 lie Henry Waringe for Thos.Wareing 2li. Peter Rigby of Wrightington. 2 lie Chr.Walmsley for Richd.Walmsley 4 lie Hugh Aspinall pro.Thos.Aspinall. 5li. Richd.Mercer for Edmd.Mercer 2li. John Adamson for Jno.Lawrenson 1li.l0s. John Byard for Henry Walmisley 1 li.10s. Ewan Berrye of Rushton 2li. Nicholas Norris for Grace Barton 4 lie Robt.Boyes for Robt.Boyles 2li. Geo.Abbot for Edwd.Abbot. 1 li.10s. John Sharrock for Jno.Sharrock 1 li.l0s. Richd.Blackburne of Scorton 3li.6s.8d. Ann Nicholson of Poulton vide 2li. John Bradshaw of Pilling 15 lie

Cestr. 150.0ct. Ao.I630

SESSIO Commor. tent.Decimo quinto die Octobris Anno Regis Caroli Sexto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Preside &c. Willo.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willo Dalton mil. Commissionar. &c.

1. Ralph Massy of Bunburye 6 lie 2. Richard Maddock of Ayden heath. 5li. 3. Ann Comes of Wyver. 2 lie 4. Richard Vawdry of Banke gent. 6li.13sAd. 5. John Yonge of Rushton gent. 9 ti.9s. 6. William Cheswis (sic)of Spurstow 6 lie 7. Ann Warren of Poynton widdow 2li. 8. William Coventry of Caldey Grange 4 lie 9. Katherine Whitmore of Caldey Grange 2li. 351

10. 11. 12.

John Billington of Little Budworth 6 li.I3sAd. John Starky of Darley Esqr. (blank) Randall Walley of Tilston 3 li.6s.Sd.

Derb. 150. Aug. Ao.I632

SESSIO Commor.tent.Decimo quinto die Augusti Ao.Rs.Caroli SO.Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid,&c. Willo. Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willo.Dalton mil. Commisso &c.

1. Sr Henry Merry of Barton in the County of Darby Knt.hath 'Compounded for a Capitall Messuage,the Mannor of Sutton super montem and for divers Lands Tenements &c for the Annuall Rent ,of 66 li.I3s Ad. 2. Robt.Warner of Sutton sup.montem. 3li. 3. John Allen of Churchgreasley Esqr. 6 li.13sAd. 4. Francis Fitzherbert of Somersall 12 lie 5. Edward Eyre of Newbolt 3 li.6s.Sd. 6. George Poole of Spinkhill Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and ¡Ursula his wife for his Lands Rents.&c.for the Annuall Rent of 20 lie

Stafford. 20.Novenbr. Ao.1630

SESSIO Commor.tent.Secundo die Coram Novembris Ao.Rs.Carol.Sexto prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo. Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willielmo Daltom mil.Commissionar. &c.

1. Richd.Sugden of Hampster Redmar in Com.Staff. 2 lie 2. Dorothy Irnemonger of Chattall vide S li.17s.Sd. 3. Katherine Trentham of Rosciter widdow 26 li.13sAd. 4. Phillippa Gefford of Hyon widdow Compoundeth by Richard "Font for her Joynture being the Mannor of Hyon for the Annuall Rent of 40 lie 5. Walter Brooke of Lapley Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and Dorothy his wife for the Mannor of Lapley &c.for the Ann.Rent of .30 lie 6. Mary Cumberford of Cumberford widdow S lie 7. Lionell Farrington for John Biddulph 36 li.I3sAd. 23to.die Octobris Anno 1632 S. Issabell Lady Stafford of Stafford Castle late wife of the Right "Bonble.Edward Lord Stafford Compoundeth by Richard Font gent. for a farme and Severall parcells of Land for the Annuall Rent of Sli. 352

9. Dorothy Fowler of St Thomas widdow Compoundetli by Bryan Lane gentJor forty Tenement in Stafford,the Tythes of Stow,a peece of Ground called Morriss feild in' the parish of Weston for the Rent of 13 li.6s.Sd. 10. Bryan Lane of Cottan hill gent. 2li.

Lincoln. 20.Decembr. Ao.1630

SESSIO Commor.tent.Secundo die Decembris Anno Rs. Caroli 60. Coram prenobili Tho: Vic. Wentworth Dno Pres. &c. Willo.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willielmo Dalton mil.Commissionar.&c.

1. William Munckton of Burland in the County of York gent. Compoundeth for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for the Mannor of Dunholm in the County of Lincoln for the Annuall Rent of (blank) 2. William Rosse of Hemingby gent. 6li.13sAd. 3. Charles Towneley of the City of Lincoln gent. 40 li. 4. Thomas Swan of Scopwick also Scawbye 3li.6s.8d. 5. Mary Townsend for Edwd.Nelthorpe 6 li.13sAd. 6. Hugh Balderston of South Carleton. 2 li. 7. Anthony Clod of South Ingleby (blank) S. Bartholomew Constable of Westraysing 3 li. 9. Edmond Morley of Holme gent. 20 li. 150. die August.Ao.1632 10. Sr John Thimbleby of Imham Knt.hath Compounded for the Mannor of Imham with all his Messuages &c.and for the Mannors of Beilsby and Corby &c. for the Annuall Rent of 160 li. 11. Elizabeth Shaw of Bottesworth 6li.13sAd. 12. John Earsby for Susan his Mother 15li. 13. Thomas Wistow of Saxilby 3 li. 14. John Shaw of Bottesworth Sli.6s.Sd. 15. John Sibsey of Panton 2li. 16. Anthony Mounson ofthe City of Lincoln Arm. 50 li. 17. Richd.Newcomen of Imeham 4 li. IS. Richard Towneley of Nocton Esqr.hath Compounded for the Mannor of Nocton and Dunster,the Dissolved Monestery of Nocton in Nocton and the impropriate Rectory of Nocton and for the Mannor of Osbomeby &c.with Severall Mess.Lands Mills and Cheife Rents for the Annuall Rent of ISO li. 19. George Singleton of Burton 2 li. ¡ 20. Henry Coningsby of Twigmore (blank) 21. Marmaduke Constable of Bottesworth 6 li.13sAd. 22. William Fitzwilliams of Claxby Esqr. 66li.13sAd. 23. Elioner Sapcoats of Bracebrig widdow 50 li. 24. Edmd.Thorold of Haugh super montem Esqr. 50 li.



Nottingham. 90.August. Ao.1632

SESSIO Commor.tent.nono die August. !\nno Rs.Caroli So. Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo.Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley Willielmo Dalton mil Conmmissionar.&c.

1. Henry Clark of Flawborrow yeoman. 2li. 2. Anthony Clark of Flawborrow yeoman. 2 li. 3. Chr.Clark of Wadborrow·· lli. 4. Tho.Charlesworth als.Holmes of Woodcoats 2 li. 5. George Markham of Ollerton Esqr.Compoundeth (by John Sompner gent.) for himselfe, Judith his wife and Mary Markham his Mother for all their Lands in Ollerton and all their Leases Lands Tents. &c.for the Annuall Rent of 15 li. 6. William Ward of North Collingham 2 li.l0s. . . 7. Robert Nettleton' of Bradholme 2li. S. Sr George Peckham of Collwick Knt.Compoundeth for himselfe for his personall Estate for the Summe of 5 li. 9. Ferdinand Pithion of Bradholme 2 li. 10. Thos.Blythe of Baisford gent. 5 li. 11. John Pickering of Baisford yeoman. 3 li.6s.Sd. 12. Katherine Marton of Bawtrye widdow 10 li. 13. Faulk Cartwright Of Sutton upon Trent 10 li. 14. John Sudbury of Egmonton yeoman 2li. Dunelm. 260.Nov. Ao.(I630)

SESSIO Commor.tent.26o.die Novembris Ao.Rs.Caroli Sexto Coram prenobili Tho:: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo.Ellis mil. Tho: Tildesley Willielmo Dalton mil.Commissionar. &c.

1. John Smith of Eshe Sone of George Smith Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and Margaret his wife (by Thomas Jackson Gent.) for a Messuage and Eight Acres of Land for the Annuall Rent of 10 li. 2. Thomas Wray of Beamish in the County of Durham Esqr.hath Compounded for himselfe Ellin his wife and Dame Jane Wray his mother for a Capitall Messuage called St. Nicholas near Richmond,' the Mannor of Beamish ·and Severall Closes and Parcells of Land in the Countys of Durham and York for the Annuall Rent of 70 li. 3. Thos.Salkeld of Conysc1iffe gent. 10 li.178 4. John Garth of Headlam for Wm.Garth 2li. 5. Margaret Athie of Bradwood widdow S li. 6. Dorothy Hodgson of Redhouse vid. 2 li. 7. Henry Oswald of Darnton 3li.6s.Sd. S. Thomas Morton of Darlington 2 li. 9. Chr.Vescy of Nethercunisc1iffe 2 li.13sAd. 10. Lancelot Tayler of Eshe jun. 2 li. 354

11. William Stephenson of Nittsley 2li. 12. Thomas Heighe of Tuddo for the Arrearages of Robert Short read 2li. 13. John Jennyson of Carlesbury Esq.Compoundeth by Wm.Jennyson for himselfe and Jane his wife for the Rent of 30 li.179 14. Ann Conyers of Durham Spinster 6li.13sAd. IS. Elioner Batmanson of Bromehall 5 li. 16. Thomas Claxton 'of Bitchbume 2li. 17. Ralph Y ong of Sotherne Closes in Butterbye 2 ti. lB. Elizabeth Smith of Foxton widdow 2 li. 19. Ann Hixon of Morden 2 li. 20. George Rixon of Darnton 2li. 21. William Killinghall of Middleton for the Arrearages of Isabell Killinghall. (blank) , 22. Ann Musgrave of Consett widdow 4 li. 23. Jane Chater of Durham widdow 4 li. 24. Dyonise Bulmer of Durham widdow and Francis Salvin of Hurworth gent. Compound for Terme of life for a Capitall Messuage &c.for the Annuall Rent of 20 li. 25. Ralph Johnson of Newbiggen for himselfe and Henry Johnson his Son 4 li. ' 26. George Emerson of Braunton for himself and Margaret his wife 2li. " 27. Tunstall Toes (sic)of Rutford Durham 3li. 2B. William Emerson of Braunton for himselfe and Ann his wife 3li. 29. Charles Towneley of Sledwish Compoundeth for himselfe and Mary his wife for a Capitall Messuage in Sledwish and the Demesne Lands for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13sAd. " 30. Sr Bartram Bulmer of Thirlesden Knt. being Conformable Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Dame Isabell his wife for the Annuall Rent of 7 li. ' 31. Katherine Lady Kennett of Coxon widdow Compoundeth by Richard Harbom gent.for the third part of the Mannor of Coxon for the Ann.Rent of 10 li. ' 32. Katherine Lady Conyers of Sockborne widdow Compoundeth by Richsrd Harbum gent. for her personall Estate for the Ann.Rent of 3li. 33. Henry Liddell of Farneakers Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Elizabeth his wife for Bli. 34. Ann Hedworth of Harden widdow 4 li. 35. Grace Brakenbury of Sellaby 3 li. 36. Sr William Selby of Wynnington Knt.(being Conformable) Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Elizabeth his wife for the Ann.Rent of Bli. 37. William Selby of Wynnington Esqr.Son of Sr William Selby Compoundeth by William Tempest gent.for his Goods for the Ann.Rent of 3 li.6s.Bd. 355

38. \Villiam Kennett of Coxey Esqr.Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Mary his wife for 3li. 39. Francis Wycliffe of Preston Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Beely (sic)his wife for the Ann.Rent of 2li. 40. Sr William Blaikiston of Gibsyde Knt.being Conformable Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Dame Jane his wife for 6li.13sAd. 41. Robert Woodrington of Monkwearmouth gent.compoundeth for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for the Mannor of Monkwearmouth &c.for the Ann.Rent of 16li.13sAd. 42. Talbott Lysle of Barniston gent.for himselfe and his wife for the Rent of 13 li.6s.8d. 43. William Bulmer of Thirlesdale gent.for himself and Dorothy his wife 3 li.6s .8d. 44. Wm.Eden of Whitton gent for himself and Eliz,his wife for Rent 2 li.13sAd. 45. Roland White for Richd.Steele Arrearages I li. 40. Thomas Sadler of Middleton Eraw Compoundeth for himselfe and Margery Sadler his wife for the Ann.Rent of 2li. 47. Sr Ralph Conyers of Layton Knt.Compoundeth for himselfe and Dame Mary his wife (by Richard Harborne gent) for the Mannor of Layton &c. for the Rent of 12li. . 48. Cuthbert Conyers of Layton gent. Son of the sd.Sir Ralph Compoundeth for himselfe and Margaret his wife for his Person ali Estate in Goods for 4 li. 49. Gerrard Salvyn of Croxton Esqr.Compoundeth for the Recusancy of Mary his wife for 5 li. 50. Sr Thomas Tempest of Stelly Barrt.and Sir William Lambton of Lambton Knt. and Henry Tempest gent. Compoundeth for the fourth part of the Mannor of Elmbden &c.for the Ann.Rent of 7li.l0s,1s0 51. Lawrence Syre of Worsall gent.for himselfe and Eliz.his wife for the Annuall Rent of 3 li.6s.8d. 1S1 52. Alice Benyon of Hartlepoole Durham Spinster for her person all Estate in Goods for 2li.l0s. 53. Luke Fenwick of East Matson gent. 2li. 54. Ralph Buttry of Nesbett Durham Compoundeth for Jane his wife for her Recusancy for the Rent of 4li. Apud Manerium 190.Decembris. Ao.1632 55. Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston Esqr. Compoundeth for himselfe and for Alice his wife for a Capitall Messuage in Haggerston with the Demaynes there,Two water corne Mills in the County of Durham,a Capitall Messuage and Demaynes in Cureden in the County of Lanc, and other Lands lyeing in Cureden Walton and Clayton Six Tenements in Langton abd Farington in the County of Lanc. for the Annuall Rent of 20 li. 56. Robert Salvyn of Raby gent. for himselfe and Ann his wife 2 li. 57. Ann Mitforth of Hewlam vid. Compoundeth for the Ann.Rent of 6li.13sAd. 356

5S. ¡Wm.Knaresbrough of Twisle 2li. 59. Wm.P ower of Dalden gent. 2 lie 60. Geo.Tayler of Cocashaw Raw Durham Compoundeth for the Ann.Rent of 2 lie

. ',

Northumbr. 150 August. Ao.1632


SESSIO Commor. tent. 150.die Augusti Anno Rs.Car.Sexto Coram prenobili Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Preside &c. Willo. Ellis mil.Tho: Tildesley mill. et Willielmo Dalton mil. Commissionar. &c.

1. Robt:Riddell of Newcastle Compoundeth for the Atrearages of Lancelot Hodgson for the summe of 10 lie ' 2. Thomas Middleton of Bellsoy Esqr.Compoundeth for the Arrearages of Mabell Middleton his Mother and James Middleton for the Summe of 20 lie 3. Elioner Ourd of Prudo Castle widdow 4 liAs.6d. 4. John Hodgson of Bywell Andrew gent.Compourideth for himselfe and Mary his wife for 13 li.6s.Sd. 5. Robert Cramlington of Newsome gent. 20 lie 6. Katherine Horsley of Stanwick vide 7 li.13sAd. 7. Katherine Carnaby of Halton vide 16li.13sAd. 8. Gawyn Rotherforth of Rochester Compoundeth for himselfe and Thos.his Son 15 lie 9. William Thirlewell of Ne':-vburn hall Compoundeth for himselfe and Elizabeth his wife for Sli.13sAd. . 10. Lancelot Fenwick of West matson for himselfe & Eliz.his wife for 5 lie . 11. Gerrard Fenwick of East matson for his Lands and Goods for the Rent of 2 lie 12. Thomas Fenwick of Lesburye for himselfe and Margaret his wife for 3 lie . 13. Nicholas Thornton of Netherwotton for his Arrearages being now Conformable 10 lie 50. Sept. Anno 1632 14. Roger Widdrington of Cartington in: the County of Northumberland Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and his wife for the Mannor or Demesnes of Cartington and Trewhitt and Certaine Tenements and all his Lands and Tyths in Snitter and 40s.Rent Tosson and Warton in the parish of Rothberry,Certaine Tenements and all his Lands in Netherton,Saughrigge,Shaulmore,Achiside and Loungesknow in the parish of Alwenton,Lynsheilds,Crookden, Clifton Rigge,Hallystone,Soppett, Woodhouses,Lentronside,Eardhope in the parish of Hallystone; Headshope Rydings,Farniclough, 357

Eshtrees, Woolley, Hamhouse, Green Chester, Hillock, Burdhope, Fatherwood,Cottinshope,Nether houses,Clewbreay, and Troughend in the parish of Elsdon, Corsenside,Brighouses,Rissingham,Lynheads,Oldtowne and Coldtowne in the parish of Cersenside,the Mannor of Ovington in the parish of Ovingham &c. for the Annuall Rent of 60 Ii. 15. Mark Erington of Ponteland Esqr.Compoundeth for the Mannor of Ponteland with a Water corne Mill and a fulling mill there,The Mannor of Barwick upon the hill,the Village called Little Catterton,All his Lands in Mearson als.Merssen in the parish of Ponteland and for the Rectory of Corsenside with all Lands Tenements &c.for the Rent of 45 Zi. 16. Gilbert Erington of Eland hall in the County of Northumberland gent.hath Compounded by Mark Erington his father for himselfe and Margaret his wife for the Hamlett of Wolsington in the parish of Newburne,for Eland Hall and a Tenement in Mearson als Messen in the parish of Ponteland for the Annuall Rent of 13Ii.6s.8d. 17. Dorothy Tompson of Hexham widdow 6 Ii. 13sAd. Anno 8o.Car.1632 (sic) 18. Sr Arthur Gray of Spindleston in the County of Northumberland Knt.Compoundeth for himselfe and Dame Margaret his wife for the Mannor of Spindleston in the County of Northumb.with all Lands Tenemts.&c.and for a water corne mill there,for the Moiety of the Mannor of U1chester with a fulling mill there,for a Capitall Messuage in Hawkle and two Hawkle with all Lands Tenemts.&c. and for a fulling mill there,for a Capitall Messuage called Middleton hall &c. And for four burgage houses & the Town of Woller all which particulars are within the County of Northumb. for the Annuall Rent of 50 li. 19. Gerrard Read of Newcastle upon Tyne Compoundeth for himselfe and Isabell his wife for 4 li. 20. George Fenwick of Langshawes gent.for himselfe and Lands for the ann.Rent of 61i.13sAd. 21. Francis Jurden of Trewick Compoundeth for all his Goods for 2 Ii. 22. Thomas Jefferson of Hexham for himselfe and Margery his wife Rent 3 23. Adinell Sotheme of Newcastle upon Tyne widdow for all her Goods for 2 Ii. 24. Fortune Horsley of Northbiddick Spinster for Rent 3 Ii. 25. Robert Rookesby of Newcastle upon Tyne for his personall Estate for 3 Ii. 26. Sr. Francis Radcliffe of Corsley Knt.Compoundeth for himselfe and Margaret his wife for the Mannor of Corsley for the Ann.Rent of 20 li. 27. William Buckle of Hepstott for himselfe and Eliz.his wife for Sli. 28. Nicholas Thornton of Gallyhill gent. 4li. 358

29. Sr John Clavering of Calliley in the County of Northumberland Knt.being no Recusant convict Compoundeth by Richard Harborne gent.for the Recusancy of Dame Ann Clavering his wife for the Annuall Rent of 6 Ii.

Cumberl. lo.Sept. Ao.1632

SESSIO Commor.tent.Io.die Septembris Ao.Rs.Caroli So.Coram prenob.Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo Ellis mi Tho: Tildesley Arthur Ingram mil. Commissionar.&c. 1. Joseph Huddleston of Hutton John in the County of Cumberland Esqr.Compoundeth for the Mannor of Hutton John with all Lands Tenements &c. for the Ann.Rent of IS li. 2. Joane Mounsey of Graystock widdow Compoundeth for her Tenements & the Countys of Cumberland and Westmorland for the Rent of 6 li.13sAd. 3. Sr Thomas Lamplugh of Duffanby Knt.Compoundeth by Richard Braithwaite Esqr.for the Mannor of Duffanby,the Mannor of Apcasle,the Moyetie of the Mannor of Drewraw,Severali Tenemts. and a Burgage in Cockermouth &c.for the Ann.Rent of 50 li. 4. Winifride Musgrave of J oanby widdow for halfe a Capitall Messuage for 4 li. 5. Mary Musgrave of the same for the other Moyety for 4 li.

Westm. 170.August. Ao.1632

SESSIO Commor.tent.170.Augusti Ao.Rs. Caroli SO.Coram prenob.Tho: Vic.Wentworth Dno Presid.&c. Willo.Ellis mil. Tho: Tildesley Willielmo Dalton mil.Commiss. &c. 1. John Layborne of Skelsmargh in the County of Westmorland Esqr.Compoundeth for himselfe and Mary his wife for all his Lands Tenemts.&c.for the Ann.Rent of 25li. 2. Anthony Duckett of Beethom for himselfe and Eliz.his wife Rent 10 li. 3. Ciprian Hilton of Ormside for himselfe and his wife Rent 4 li. 4. Charles Saul of Sollett (by Thos.Washington gent) for himselfe and Jane his wife Rent 3li.6s.Sd. 5. William Shepherd of Pattan for the Arrearages of Arthur Gilpin for I li. 6. Martha Sandford of Askam vid. (by Edmond Sandford gent) Rent (blank) 7. Thomas Blenkinsop of Helleck Esqr. for certaine Tenemts. Lands etc. Rent 20 li. S. Lancelot Lancaster of Sockbridge Esqr.for the Recusancy of Frances his wife 6li.13sAd . . 359

9. Leonard Wharton of Wharton dikes for himselfe and Eliz.his wife 2li. . . 10. George Jefferson of Kirkby Stephen Rent 2 li. 11. George Gilpin of Skelsmergh Rent 2 li.IOs. 12. Richard Smith of Finglehead Rent 3 Zi. 13. Thomas Dodgson of Syser for his Goods Rent 2li. 14. Thomas Thornborrow of Selside for himselfe and his wife Rent 2li. 15. Miles Beck of Hutton for himselfe an'd his wife Rent 3 li. 16. Ann Duckett of Beethome widd6w Rent 4 li. 17. John Wharton of Kirkby Esure Rent 2li. 18. Dowsabell Ecton of Kirkby Esure widdow Rent 4 li. 19. John Shutt of Winton yeoman for himselfe and Alice his wife Rent 3 li.6s.8d. . , 20. Robert Atkinson of Kirkby Stephen yeoman for the Recusancy of Eliz.his wife Rent 2 li. '~ 21. Thomas Hilton of Morton gent. for the Recusancy of his wife Rent 2li. 22. Talbot Hodgson of Bromehall gent.for himselfe and Margaret hi., wife Rent 3li.6s.8d.

ADDEND.lS2 Vicesimo terto die Oct.Ao.80.Car.Regis 1632 Coram prefat.Com.&c. EBoR~ Anthony Catherick of Stan wicke the Younger gent. Compoundeth by Issabell Catherick for all his Lands within Carleton and Stanwicke with all Lands Tenements &c. thereulJ.t~ belonging according to the two Severall Inquisitions found 410. Elizabethe and 140.Jacobi for the Annuall Rent of. ........... Isli. Vicesimo quinto die Oct.Ao.80.Car.Regis 1632 Coram prefat. Comm.&c. LANC. Richard Shereburne of Stonihurst Esqr. (being a Conformable per$on) Compoundeth (by Geffrey Rushton) for the Recusancy of Elizabeth Shereburne his wife being a Convicted Recusant for the Annuall Rent of Twenty pounds in present. Rents and Arrearages ut supra. Increased after the Death of Mrs. Lacon Eight pounds thirteen shillings fourpence,after the Death of Nicholas Shereburne of Eshall Six pounds thirteen Shillings four pence and upon the Death of Mrs Ann Shereburne of Lathgrim Thirteen pounds Six shillings eight pence. Rents and Arrearages ut supra. Jeffery Risheton Octavo die Novembris 1632 Coram prefat.Commiss. LANC. J ames Bannister of Parkhill being a Conformable person to the Religion now Established as appeareth by a Certificate under the Bishop of Chester his Seale for all the Arrearages of himselfe the said 360

J ames Bannister Charged upon him dureing the¡ time of his. Recusancy and unconformity for the summe of four pounds to be paid ut supra. John Sompner Vicesimo nono die Septemb. 1631 Coram prefat.Commiss. &c. LANe. John Preston of the Mannor in the County of .Lancaster hath this day Compounded for himselfe Frances his wife and John his Son with his Majesties Commissioners for a Messuage,four Cottages,Nine hundred and seventy Acres and fifty Actes of Wood with all his Lands and Tenements in Fournes with the Appurtenances together with all those Sheep gates thereunto belonging,And also all their lands in Gleaston and Aldingham alias Yaldingham in Much land (sic)fourteen Messuages and Gardens and Thirty Acres of Land, And also for the Rectory of Dalton with the Tythes thereunto belonging And also for a Messuage called Ovenbye in Opcliffe together with One hundred and ten Acres of Land thereunto belonging in Opcliffe aforesaid, And also for three Water Corne Milnes,called New Milne,Hart Milne and Sea Milne,in Gleaston aforesaide, And Also for a Messuage and one hundred and twenty four Acres of Land Meadow and pasture and Woods in Bowth in Dalton with the Appurtenances, And also for diverse Lands in Wharmore alias Quarmore Parke,with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, And also for the Parke called Hart Parke and the Pasture called Kill close Seven Acres of Meadow called the Milnedam together 'with all his Lands called Hearehill, Warelett,Greenhill,. Worthwicke,Mare meadowe and Harebath,with all the Lands. thereunto belonging near the Castle of Gleston. And for the Herbage upon the Quarry there and the Sheepe Parke, And all those Lands. called Wheate ferme in Muchland,And the Mannor called the Yeore Minse alias Iron Mines in Muchland, And also for a fishing in Urswicke¡ called the Tarne or the Meare in Aldingham within the County of Lancaster And also for the Mannor of Preston,Pattricke,Netherlevens,Holme,Farleton,Hutton Rosse, And all his Lands in Harbreak and the Rectory of Burton with the Tythes of Corne and Graine thereunto belonging, And also for a Messuage or Tenement called Nyandser with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging,. All which are within the County of Westmorland for the yearly Rent of Eighty pounds. The first Rent to begin at Martinmas next,one thousand Six hundred and thirty two. John Preston. He is not to pay any Arrearages of Rents before the Composition because his Lease was allowed of by Mr Attorney Generall. Mr. Preston hath time given to Consider of the Composition till the end of Michaelmas T erme. Tuesday 40.Sept.Ao.Rs.Car.80.1632 Coram prefat.Commiss.&c~ EBoR. Phillip ' Constable of Everingham Esqr.and Ann his wife Compoundeth for the Mannor of Everingham with the Appurtenances,The Mannor of Draxe,Camilsforth and other places there, 361

Lands and Tyths in Gatholme and Newton,Lands in Arras,Thorpe in Ie Street, Lands and Tythes in Whalsey,Lands in Holdernes,Two Leases for Lives (Videlt.) the Prebends of Wighton and Shipton,a Lease holden of the Dean and Chapter of York for Lives, (blank) in Heyton and Beilby,a Tenement in Acclam with the Appurtances county of York,And for a House in the City of York with the Appurtenances,And for the Mannor of Middle Ray')inge,with the Lands Tenements and Hereditaments thereunto belonging within the Countv of Lincoln for the Annuall Rent of Two hundred and fifty pounds in present upon the Death of Ralph Constable of Everingham being noe Recusant Two pounds four shillings Six pence, And upon the Death of Francis Constable of Thorpe,noe Recusant,Thirteen pounds Six shillings eight pence more, To be paid at Martinmas and Penticost by equaU portions, The first Rent to begin at Martinmas One thousand Six hundred thirty two. Phillip Constable. Vicesimo quinto die Oct.Ao.1632 prefat.Commiss.&c. LINCOLN. William Fitzwilliams of Claxby in the County of Lincoln Esqr.Compoundeth (by Lionel Farington of Sutton in the County of Chester gent) for all his Mannors Lands and Tenements in the County of Lincoln (Videlt.) for the Mannor of Cla.xby with the Appurtenances,for the life of Elizabeth his wife,Three Messuages,five Cottages, Two hundred and eighty Acres of Land there, a CapitaU Messuage called UpsaU in the parish of Little Carleton Two hundred Acres there,and for the Mannor of Claxby,Two Messuages ten Cottages there,and diverse Rents,and all other his Lands charged or chargeable for the Recusancy of him the said William Fitzwilliams,for the Annuall Rent of Sixty Six pound') thirteen shillings four pence, Rents and Arrearages to be paid ut supra when Mr Farington hath his Lease and possession. Lionell Farrington Duodecimo die Oct.Ao.1632 Coram prefat.Commiss. &c. LANC. Sr .William Gerrard of Bryn Barrt. Compoundeth (by John Sompner gent.) for himselfe and Dame Elizabeth his wife for the Mannor of Ashton in Makerfield with the Appurtenances, the Mannor of Windle with all the Appurtenances,Cottages in Lancaster of Thirty shillings Rent, Certaine Tenements in Pemberton,Langton, Prescott,Ince and Abram in the County of Lancaster, And for the Mannors and Capitall Messuages called Etwall and Hardwick and forty Acres of Land in Sernoyne, diverse Tenements of the yearly Rent of Ten pounds, The Tythes of Etwall,Barmston and Barnwoodcote in the County of Darby for the Annuall Rent of Sixty Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence in present, Twenty pounds increase upon the Death of William Lee,and Twenty pounds more increase after the Expiration of Ten years next after the day of making this Composition. Rents to be gin att Martinmas One thousand Six hundred Thirty two, he being then in ward to his Majesty till Apr ill last. ;362

John Sompner. 180.Sept. Ao.80.1632 Coram prefat.Commiss. &c. EBoR. Ralph Salvin of Holmehouse Esqr. Compoundeth (by William Rosse gent) for keeping Elizabeth Hebden a Recusant Servant in his house,being in Arreare fifty pounds,for the Summe of forty Shillings to be paid presently. 260.die Septemb.Ao.1632 Coram prefat.Commiss.&c. EBoR. Marmaduke Tunstall of Wycliffe gent.Compoundeth for the Recusancy of the wife pf him the said Marmaduke Tunstall (he being a Conformable person himselfe) By Francis Walker of Wycliffe aforesaid,for the Annuall Rent of Twenty pounds. To be paid ut supra. Arrearages ut supra. And Enter Bond ut supra. Francis Walker. Vicesimo primo die Novembr.Anno Rs.Car.80.1632 EBoR. Whereas Cuthbert Pudsey late of Barton and now of Stanfordbriggs in the East Riding of the County of York gent. being a Convicted Recusant hath the day and yeare abovesaid made his personal appearance before the Right Honble.Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth and other of his Majesties Commissioners And there shewed a Certificate of his Conformity in Religon under the hands of the llight Worship full Doctor Scott Doctor Stanhope and Doctor Hodgson ,three of his Majesties Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical! (Under the Great Seale of England) which Certificate beareth Date the Tenth day of No:vember Instant. Therefore the said Right Honourable Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth and the rest of his Majesties Commissioners have Discharged the said Cuthbert Pudsey of his said Recusancy and of ' all Arrearages incurred by reason thereof, and of all Charges against his Lands and Goods for the same. Nono die Augusti Ao.1632 Coram prefat.Commiss.&c. EBoR. . John Ledgard of Ganton in the County of York gent.hath this day Compounded for and on behalfe of John Dawney of Potter Brunton gent.for.his Recusancy and for a Tenemt.and Land for the Annuall Rent of 10 li. ISo.die Augusti Ao.1632 DERB. Sr He~ry Merry of Barton in the County of Derby Knt.hath this day Compounded with his Majesties Commissioners for a Capitall Messuage with all Lands & Barton Park and the Mannor of Sutton super Montem and for diverse Lands and West Broughton in the County of Derby,and for his Lands in Kegworth in the County of Leister for the Annuall Rent of Sixty Six pounds thirteen shillings four pence,To be paid att Martinmas and Penticost by equall portions and to give Bond for the Same,and forty Marks after the Death of George Harric;on of Church-broughton and Ten pounds more after the Death of Ciprian Merrye,and five pounds Six shillings eight pence more after the death of Edmond Merrye,and four pounds Six shillings eight pence more after the Death of Francis Lee,four pounds six shillings eight pence more after 363

the Death of Bartholomew ,Hud"on, forty Shillings more after the Death of Ann Swinglehlrst Spinster, And Thirty shillings more after the Death of Christian Fletcher,Six pounds thirteen shillings four pence more after the Death of John Merrye gent. of Padburne. The , first Rent to begin at Martinmas One thousand Sjx hundred thirty two in regard he paid into the Exchequer fifty pounds p.Annum for the three last years. Henry Merrie.

NOTES ABBREVIATIONS-the following abbreviations will be used in the notes belowClay-Clay's ed. of Dugdale's Visitation of Yorks 1666. Poulson- History of Holderness. YMS- Yorkshire Archaeological Society's Library, Leeds, MSS. YV-Archiepiscopal Visitation Act Books, Borthwick Institute, York. WRQS-West Riding Sessions Rolls in Yorks.Arch.Soc.Record Series 54. NRQS-North Riding Record Soc. ,Quarter. Sessions Books 1603-1790. VCHNR- Victoria County History. North Riding of Yorks. E. Riding. The family were presented for recusancy from 1615 and George from 1627. (YV) 2 E. Riding. Widow of Sir Ralph Constable knt. of Bentley in Rowley and Kilnsea, a cadet of the Constable family of Burton Constable. In 1615 she was a recusant a.nd her husband a non-ct. As a widow she was presented from 1619-1633 and then vanishes from the records. (YV; Poulson). 3 W. Riding. An old recusant-May 1613-Nov. 16192/3 of his Pontefract estate farmed for the Crown by Edward Rolston, a relative, at a rent of 50/-. (YMS MD/278/9; WRQS/xx). , N. Riding. His wife a rec. from 1614, but he was first convicted in 1626'. (NRQS). & Lanmoth-cum-Cattoe, Leake, N. Riding. He was first convicted in 1622. (NRQS). e Wensley, N. Riding. ' An old recusant. His widowed mother, Agnes Waite had her lands farmed for recusancy in 1606. He was a recusant from 16. (NRQS; N. Riding Cty Rec. Office, Hutton MSS. Pipe Summons Book 1606f. 19; VCHNR i/224). 7 Sr. Ponteiract, W. Riding. 8 see The Case of Dorothy ScToope below. t Thornthorpe, nr Malton E. Riding. An Edward Barton of When by convicted 1638. (NRQS). 10 E. Riding. His wife a rec. from 1619, Ralph a Church-Papist ,non-ct. to 1627. (YV.). 11 Hutton Rudby, Langbargh, N. Riding. A manor here belonged to the Ingilbys of Lawkland, W. lliding. John Ingilby's grandfather died a rec. at Rudby 1611. His father was then a rec. "confined to his land in the West" (Lawkland). John was convicted as of Rudby in 1625 and there in 1626. He then vanishes from NRQS. He died in 1648. 11 Well, N. Riding. The Byerleys were a Durham family with a foothold in Pickall, N.R. He was convicted as of Well in 1624 and fined for Catholic servants 1626-8. (NRQS). 13 alias Hadderston, Ripon, W. Riding. (Yorks. Arch. Soc. RS Iviii/144). 14 For "Sawley" read Sowerby. , 1& N. Riding. They were both first convicted in 1626, though other members of the family had been recusants. (NRQS). 1


Bedale, N . Riding. George came from the Hood Grange Metcalfes, cadets of Nappa Hall- part of a huge Richmondshire clan. His wife, Mary, rec. 1612, 1616, 1641. He evaded conviction until 1624, serving as treasurer for lame soldiers 1617-22. There is no note of his conforming, but he was not reconvicted until 1641, although his children were regularly convicted. (NRQS; W. C. & G. Metcalfe. Metcalfe Records. pp. 299ff.) . . 17 Hovingham, N. Riding. A notorious Catholic family, which produced a Jesuit at this period. Convicted at Helmsley 1624. (NRQS; VCHNR). 18 Moortoon in Brandgburton, Moor Grange in Beeford, both Holderness, K Riding. The Fussies only emerge in presentments in ] 627, although their wives were rees. before this. (YV.). . 111 N. Riding. His . father, George, a rec. conformed 1616. Thomas 'first convicted 1626. (NRQS). 20 W. Riding. \ 21 W.R. Old recusants. Francis Piercy had 2/3 of his lands farmed for rec. in 1606 ~14-6-8 paid and 6-15-0 arrears), 1619-6-13-4 paid. (YMS MD/278/9; Pipe Summons Bk.f. 26-see above Note (6)). 22 Braithwaite Hall, East Witton, N . .Riding. He seems to have been first convicted in¡1628 in the N.R. (NRQS). 23 Ripley, W. Riding. 24 Bourne, nr. Selby, W. Riding. (Surtees Soc. 111/400 & Yorks. Arch. Soc. RS. i;rx/61). 26 E. Riding. ' He and his wife were first presented as recs. there in 1627. (YV.). 28 Knayton-cum-Brawithe, Leake, N. Riding. , He and his wife first convicted Oct. 1628. (NRQS). 27 W. Riding. The Broughton estate had been farmed in 1606 for the tecusancy of his uncle, Henry Tempest-13-6-8 paid and 93-6-8 arrears. (Pipe Summons Roll. f. 9). 28 N. Riding. An old recusant and another cadet of the large clan of Metcalfes of Nappa and Hood Grange. He and his wife were recs. from c. 1602. In 1606 2/3 of his estate was farmed for recusancy. From at least 1610-22 the farmer was Anthony Appleby (whose wife was a recusant) for a rent of 6-13-4. By 1641 Eleanor was a widow. (NRQS; Metcalfe RecordsNote (16); Pipe Summons Bk. f. 22; YMS M D/278/4). 29 Bubwith, E . Riding. These were the Dolmans of Pocklington, E. R. and Badsworth Vol. R. Philip was the 3rd son of Sir Robert Dolman knt. and Eleanor (Mallory) who were presented as recusants at Gunby 1615-26. Philip does not appear in E. R. presentments. ( Y V; Clay). 30 N. Riding. A rec. from at least 1616. Metcalfe was her son-in-law. (NRQS; Clay) . 31 W. Riding. Apparently an old recusant-1606 2/3 of Farnhill farmed, 8-14-0 paid. 1618 farmed by Richard Bretton for 13-6-8. (Pipe Summons Bk. f. 26v.; YMS MD/278/9). 32 Leake, N. Riding. They were "servientes" of Thomas, Lord Fauconberg, who had a manor there. The women of the family were convicted from 1612, Thos. senior from 1623, Thos. Junior from 1624 (NRQS). 33 Pontefract, W. Riding. 34 N. Riding. Apparently a servant of the Meynells of N. Kilvington. First convicted in 1625. (NRQS) . 36 E. Riding. An old recusant. 2/3 of his lands farmed for rec. Nov. 1619 to Peter Constable. ( Y V; YMS. M D/278/4). 36 Kirk Leavington. N . Riding. She was apparently the widow of Ambrose Pudsey of Barford (d. 1624) and an old recusant. (NRQS; Clay) . 37 Deighton, N. Riding. A recusant from at least 1616, when he was a labourer in Pickton. (NRQS). 38 Kirklington; N. Riding. A recusant from 1624-also connected with Pickton. (NRQS). 39 Ingleby Barwick, N. Riding. Convicted with his wife from 1624. (NRQS) : U



E. Riding.

She was presented from 1627.

(Y V) .

n Minskip, Aldborough, W. Riding.

W . Riding. Apparently an old recusant family-1606 2/3 of property of Thomas Champney of Barnby, Cawthorne (near Clayton) farmed by Thomas Somester for 53/4. (Pipe Summons Bk.f. 51")' " 43 N. Riding. A baker, convicted since 1622. (NRQS). U W. Riding. (Clay). f.5 N. Riding. Presumably another cadet of the Hood Grange and Nappa Metcalfes, seated at Oldstead, Kilburne. " (Metcalfe Records.-Note (16) ). 46 The place is not easily identifiable-possibly John and Annf> Hodgson, old recllsants, of Goathland, N. Riding 1620H. (NRQS). 47 N. Riding. His wife seems to have been convicted first in 1626. (NRQS). 48 Howden, E. Riding. She had been presented since at least 1615. (Y V). 49 E. Riding. The widow of John Barker, 2/3 of whose property was seized for recusancy in 1609. (Y V; PRO E .377/9). 50 These four men seem to be al1 W, Riding. Iil N. Riding. He was convicted at Richmond from 1624. (NRQS). 52 He was an old recusant-convicted in 1619. (NRQS). 53 N. Riding. An old recusant, since c. 1603, a tailor. He was dead by 1641 (NRQS). In 16062/3 of his property was siezed-rent 60/-. (Pipe Summons Bk.f.25). &4 N. Riding. A rec. since 1616. (NRQS). 55 N. Riding. His wife a rec. from 1616. He was first convicted in 1624. (NRQS). 56 N. Riding. An old recusant, since 1603, a miller. (NRQS). 57 W. Riding. (Clay). 58 E. Riding. The widow of Sir Henry Constable knt., of Burton Constable, and mother of the 1st Viscount Dunbar. She lived in a dower house at Skeckling and had been a rec. for many years. Henry York was steadily presented as a ree. at Skeckling 1623ff. and it is odd that he made no composition 1629-32. (Y V; Poulson) . 59 Hallikeld, N. Riding. 60 N. Riding. Convicted since 1623. (NRQS). 61 Probably W. Riding. 8~ N . Riding. Most likely a recent recusant. (NRQS). 6S Kirkby Ravensworth, N. Riding. Recusants since 1624. (NRQS). 64 All three of Haughton, Castleford, W. Riding. (WRQS/xxii). 85 Hemingborougb, E. Riding, Their names first appear in presentments in 1623. (Y V). 66 Nunkeeling, Holderness, E. Riding. In 1615 he was presented as a servant of Ralph Creswell Esq. and a non-communicant. In 1623 he was a recusant at Atwick, with all his family. (Y V). 67 Holderness, E. Riding. First presented as rec. in 1627. (Y V.). 88 For these two, see Note. (I). 69 Thomas Worsley of Hovingham, Ryedale, N. Riding and Booths, Lancs . He was first convicted, with his wife and daughter, in the N. Riding, in 1619. He conformed (as of Garratt, Cheshire and Hovingham) before the B ishop of Chester on Sept. 27th 1631, but was again convicted in 1634 as having lapsed from July "1st 1633. He does not appear in the full N.R. lists of convicted recs. 1638-41. (NRQS). It is notable that Richard Heaton was the farmer of the only two composition leases made out 1629-32 to someone other than the recusant (see Lady Grace Babthorpe below). 70 Not identified. 71 N. Riding. First convicted 1621. (NRQS). 72 E gton, N. Riding. Convicted 1614. Conformed in 1619, but did not comm unicate. It is not clear from NRQS when he was again convicted, nor does his name occur in the comprehensive lists of N.R. convicted recusants of 1641. 7S Stapleton, Croft, N. Riding. Garthred Simpson seems to have been the f.ll


widow of Christopher Simpson gent. of Birkby and Sandhutton, a recusant since c.1610. (VCHNR i/167; NRQS). 74 E. Riding. First presented at Atwick 1627. (Y V.). 75 Buckton, Bridlington, E. Riding. First presented in 1627. (Y V.). 711 Bubwith, E. Riding, Both old recusants,>since c. 1619. (Y V.). 77 N. Riding. Recusant since 1616. (NRQS). 711 Long Riston, Holderness, E. Riding. Presented as a recusant with his wife from 1627. (Y V). 79 Water alias New Fryston, Pontefract, W. Riding. (WRQS/xxii). 80 ?Cawthorne, W. Riding (a James Beamont associated with Wm Champney there. Yorks. Arch. Soc. RS/lviii/249). 81 Thornton Bridge, Brafferton, Bulmer, N. Riding. This property came to the Stricklands of Sizergh, Westmoreland in the 16c. Lady Strickland was convicted there in 1623, but not later. 82 Paull, Holderness, E. Riding. She was presented in 1615 as already a rec. for 12 years. (Y V.). 83 E. Riding, Ousethorpe. 114 N. Riding- a brother of George Metcalfe of Firby and Anthony Metcalfe of Aldborougb. 86 Probably Carlton in Craven, near Farnhill, W. Riding. 811 Ingerthorpe, Ripon, W. Riding. 87 Paull, Holderness, E. Riding. Presented as a Recusant in 1633. (Y V; Poulson). 88 106-110 all N. Riding and recent recusants. 89 N. Riding. The mother of Sir Marm. Wyvill of Constable Burton, and a rec. since c. 1614. (NRQS ; Clay.) 90 Holderness, E . Riding. Presented in 1615 as a rec. for the last 7 years. (YV.). III

82 93 U


Holderness, E. Riding. The son of Robert Dalton of Hull and Myton, a Church-Papist and a long-standing recusant mother. Thomas himself was still not a ree. in 1627. (Y V; Clay). N. Riding. Convicted since c. 1612. (NRQS) Both W. Riding- Fountains Abbey. Wilberfosse, E.Riding. He and his wife first presented as recs. in 1627. (YV.)

119 and 120 are presumably relations. Copthewick ~ near Ripon, W .R. , so possibly the Skelton is near Ripon. 96 123 unidentified; 121, 122, 124 W. Riding. (Grewelthorpe, Ripon). 97 For 1629 read 1630 (duplicate fuller version of this composition below) 98 Langbargh, N. Riding. Before 1606 he was a recusant. In 1606 he apostatised to the extent of attending the Anglican church at York, Crathorne and London. By 1614 his wife was a rec. and he a non-ct. He was reconvicted as a rec. in 1624. In 1633 he was reconvicted and the 1606 certificates of conformity raked up in the Quarter Sessions. He died c. 1637. (NRQS; MS Quarter Sessions Bks. Cty. Ree. Office, Northallerton ; Clay) 119 127, 128, 130 N. Riding-Ralph Crathorne the son and heir of No. 97, Ness a secondary property of the family. It had been subject to seizure and farming for the recusancy of an earlier generation c. 1606-13. (Pipe Summons Bk.f.5v.; YMS MD 278/4) 129 unidentified. 100 W. Riding. The Hazelwood estate had been seized and farmed for rec. frem at least 1613-1619, farmer Edward Talbot, rent c. 40. (YMS M D.278/4 911


W. Riding. lOll E. Riding. It is odd that this should have been the only Ellerker to make a composition 1629-32. James was a minor member of a family hea.vily presented as recusants at Risby and Ellerker and KirkeJIa from c. 1619 onwards. (Y V). But see CSP D 1629-31 p. 428. 103 134. is unidentified and, as the transcript stands, meaningless. 135. she was presented from 1619. (Y V) 101


:104 N. Riding, a cadet of the Holderness family of Burton Constable and , son of Joseph Constable, who had been a very active supporter of priests and who kept Kirkby Knowle as a regular hiding-centre for priests landing on the Yorkshire coast. Kirkby was conveyed to his son to avoid seizure. (Hist. MSS Commission. Salisbury MSS vii/l05-6; 230; Pipe Summons Bk.f.9v. farming of E.R. lands of Joseph Constable 1606) John Constable's wife'was convicted alone 1614-16. He was convicted from 1623. (NRQS) "l05 Langbargh, N. Riding. He was convicted from 1624. (NRQS) :106 Hutton Rudby, N. Riding. Thomas and his mother and father were apparently recusants to 1626, when they conformed by taking the Oath of Allegiance and going to Middleton-on-Leaven church. In ·1627 Thomas and Jane were convicted as recusants. (NRQS) :101 Goodmanham, E. Riding. He seems to have been a very recent recusant. (YV)

:108 Hemingborough, E. Riding. This seems to have been the last fining of the Babthorpe family, who had now sold up most of their property and retired . abroad. (Burton. History of Hemingborough; Y V) "10D N. Riding. Everilda seems to· have been a recusant long before her husband, who took the plunge in 1626. (NRQS) 1.10 142-N. Riding; 143-presumably for lands in Yorks.; 144-N. ·Riding; 145-7-W. Riding; 148-N. Riding. Wm. Rosse was a rec. by 1633. (NRQS); 149-W. Riding. . . 1.11 Temple Newsam MSS-below, Dunbar's petition; CSPD 1628-9 p. 522; 1629-31 p. 305 his manoeuvres at Court to get his composition on good terms. . :112 1606-29 leased for recusancy at rent of 40 Ii. The Recusant Roll account of his 1629 Inquisition is-two Messuages in West Norton; four in Knitsley -all valued at 10 Ii. p. annum; a capitall Mess. at Nettlesworth valued at 10 Ii.; the fourth part of Rignall Grange on lease for another 13 years', worth 10 Ii.; Brookclose valued at 10 Ii. (PRO E.377/22-40) :113 Not leased long before 1629. Property goods only. (ibid.E.377/38) '1U Colepighill. Not leased long before 1629. For a messuage, lands and goods. (ibid) 116 property leased since 1609-10 at rent of 15 Ii. (ibid. 22-40) :116 family long fined. Lands and tithes in Shinckley. Composition of 20/paid for arrearages. (ibid) 11 1 property-a messuage and land in Ravensworth-leased for rec. since 1606-7. (ibid) 118 property the manor of Eppleden, leased for rec. since c. 1610 at a rent of 10 Ii. (ib) l.1D property a capital messuage called Hedworth, leased for rec. since 1613. (ibid) :120 very probably an offsheot of the Constable family of Ev(ringham, Yorks. (Everingham MSS. Select MSS bundle 19. Ampleforth Abbey). She was the widow of Robert Dalton. Her manor of North Biddick was leased for her recusancy from 1606-7 at a rent of 15li. (PRO E. 377/22-40) :12110-17 property their goods only. (ibid) :122 his property the manor of Twisle and a messuage and lands in Brafferton, leased for the recusancy of George Johnson (his father?) from] 609-10 at a rent of Sli.; a gentleman. (ibid) '123 his manor of Hardwick was leased for his recusancy from 1610-11 at a rent of 32 Ii. (ibid) 124 ~0-21, yeomen, for goods only. (ibid) 125 an old recusant, for her goods. (ibid) :126 his property leased for his recusallcy from 1606-7, at a rent of 66li.13s. 4d. The Recusant Roll version of his 1629 lease adds that, after the expiration of 7 years after this account was made (on Dec. 10th 1629) he is to answer to the King for 150 Ii. a year. (ibid) :127 Tanfield Leigh, yeoman, for his goods and lands. (ibid) Ull 25-for his goods. 26-her manor of Grindon and lands in Axehouse and


Birdside in gateside leased for her recusancy from 1611-12 at a rent of 26 Ii. 13s. 4d. (ibid) 1.29 for a capital messuage and lands in the right of his wife, Elizabeth. (ibid) 130 28. -gent. house and lands. 29. -house and lands in Hebbourne and Lintisgreen. 30.- house, and lands in Shieldrawe. 31.-house and lands. (ibid) 131 PRO E .377/35-Recusant Roll 3 Charles I contains the note on Ralph Blakiston of Seaton gent. that his rent and arrears are not due by reason of the conformity of Anne, wife of Robert Goodchild and Isabel, wife of Edward Maxwell, sisters and co-heirs of the aforesaid Ralph, who died in July 1635. Katherine Forcer compounded for her manor in Kelloe. (ibid.34-40) 132 for lands in Thornelye. (ibid) 133 for lands in Burningham, Brancepeth and East Brandon. In the Recusant Roll for 8 Charles I (Michaelmas 1632-Mich. 1633) he is noted as deceased and him and his executors discharged. (PRO E.377/40) 1.34 Apparently ,they had evaded fining before this. Geo. and Edward Smith -Eshe and Nunstanton 120 li; John Smith-a messuage and lands in Barmeton 10 li. (ibid ) 1.35 W. Riding. This estate was apparently leased for recusancy from 1616. (Stapleton of Carlton MSS No . 35, Cty Record Office, Beverley.) 136 Near Wakefield, W. Riding. 137 See A ddendum below for a full transcript of a composition made for John Dawney of Potter Brunton (Brompton Potter, Ganton, Dickering, E. Riding) Aug. 9th 1632. This man appears in E. R. visitations of 1633 onwards, and, in 1637, produced before the Archbishop's visitors "letters of Composition under the Great Seal of England bearing date 22nd Oct. II Charles" . He was of Ganton, though he had moved to West Heslerton nearby by 1641. The composition of 1636-7 was for himself and his wife. Presumably, therefore (since there doE'S not seem to be another recusant of the same name) he made 3 compositions-1631, 1632 and 1636-7. ( Y V) 1.38 See Introduction above, note 54. for Wentworth's complaint that "Mr Cholmeley" had compounded at Westminster at a low rate. (Aug. 1629) There was then no other Yorkshire recusant called by this name. This may be a re-rating of Cholmeley by the York Commissioners-or, since the sum seems low, merely a registration of the Westminster composition. The Cbolmeleys had long had their estate leased for recusancy. 139 N. Riding. His father, Edward Topham, was convicted for the first time in 1626 and died in 1628. It is not evident from NRQS when Francis was convicted. (Clay) 140 Coldmore Cote, Bilsdale Rievaulx, Helmsley, N. Riding-an example of the inadequacy of the place names given, since this was only identified from a contemporary survey of the lordship of Helmsley in Feversham MSS (Northallerton Cty Rec. Office) They were first convicted in 1629. He held a farm of 52 acres, leased of the Duke of Buckingham for 4li. lOs. a year. 1.41 A family in no way related to the Nappa, Hood Grange etc. Metcalfes. His wife was convicted in 1613 as a rec. for the last 2 years, but there seems to be no surviving record of his conviction. (Metcalfe Records: NRQS) 142 Thribergh, W. Riding. 1.43 Appleton-super-Wiske, N. Riding. First recorded conviction 1614. (NRQS) 144 10.- W. Riding; 11.-Foulrice, Easingwold, N. Riding. 12.-W. Riding. 13.-? near Pateley Bridge, W. Riding. 14.-Skelton in N. Riding-he was convicted of brewing, though a recusant, at Skelton in 1612. (NRQS) 145 near Bridlington, E. Riding. (both 15. and 16.) 146 presumably of Ugthorpe, N. Riding. William Radcliffe and his wife, of Ugthorpe, conformed c. 1616, relapsed by 1625, when they were convicted with their son, William. The latter was convicted again in 1641. (NRQS) 147 18.-E. Riding. 19.-\1\' . Riding. y


148 N. Riding. See Biographical Studies. 2/1 pp. 4ff. on Elizabethan recusant fining of this family. 1'8 22.-near Ripon, W. Riding. 24.- N. Riding, nr. Guisborough. 25-6.-N. Riding. 150 The Friarage, Yarm., N. Riding. He was not convicted in the N. Riding. (Waddell. History of Yarm. 1957) 151 N. Riding. See Biographical Studies 3/2 p. 81 and note. on her history of fining . 152 N . Riding. First convicted in 1623. (NRQS) 153 36.-unidentified: 37.-N. Riding, recently convicted: 3S.-W. Riding. 154 Catterick, N. Riding. ' This implies that Lawson had successfully conveyed away Brough and his other family lands to trustees. 155 Whitby Strand, N. Riding. See Biographical Studies 3/2 p. 77. 156 see A ddendum below for the full composition. 157 E. Riding. This must be Jocelyn Percy Esq. who. with his wife, was a non-communicant at Leconfield in 1619. In 1637 he and his wife were presented as recusants at St. Mary's Beverley and he produced to the visitors a Composition from the Commissioners, dated Dec. 1632. (Y V) 15844._W. Riding: 45.-probably Kirk Stain ley in S. Stainley, Knaresbrough, W. Riding: 46.-N. Riding. A recent recusant. 159 E. Riding. Old recusants. Sir George lived at Nabum, his son at Acaster Malbis in the Ainsty of York. (Y V) leo E . Riding, near FolktOI1, Dickering. He and his wife Barbara were first presented there as recusants in 1633. 161 A doctor, see Yorks. Arch. Soc. Rec. Series Ixi/149. 162 Carlton in Stanwick, Gilling West, N. Riding. Convicted in 1614 and 1616, dea.d by 1641. (NRQS) 183 Thirsk, N. Riding. Was he ever convicted? His wife was convicted 1630 and 1641. The transcript may be at fault here. Fr Knaresbrough has several times corrected entries elsewhere, to show that the composition was for a recusant wife, unmentioned by the transcriber. (NRQS) 184 N. Riding-for his record see Meynell Papers, below. 165 N. Riding. Katherine, wife of Marm. Tunstall was convicted 1614, 1616ff. but there seems to be no record of her husband's conviction in NRQS. He was dead by 1641. 166 Richmondshire, N. Riding. 167 near York, N. Riding. First convicted in 1623. (NRQS). 168 57.-near Leeds, W .. Riding: 5S.-a cadet of the Danbys of Leake, N. Riding. (Clay) His wife, Mary, was first convicted in 1628. There seems to be no surviving record of his conviction before 1641. (NRQS) 59.-? E. Riding, near Pocklington. 60.-Richmondshire, N. Riding. Bridget, wife of Ralph Spence gent. convicted in 1614 as a recusant for the last ten years. 6l.-N. Riding, first convicted in 1624. (NRQS) 169 62.-N. Riding. His'wife was convicted at Over Dinsdale, Sockbum, 1619, but there seems to be no trace of his convict ion surviving in N RQS . 63. Normanby, Eston, Whitby Strand, N. Riding. His wife, Elle. was convicted there in 1616. There does not seem to be any trace of his conviction. (NRQS) 64.-N. Riding. First conviction 1625. 65.Ranfield alias Ravenfield, VY. Riding (Yorks. Arch. Soc. R ec. Ser. Iviii /2S4) See also Clay. His father and brother George seem to have been in charge of royal Purveyance in Yorks. (NRQS) 66.-? W. Riding. 67.-N. Riding. 1706S._? Newsham. Richmond, N . Riding: 69.-N. Riding; 70.- unidentified. 71.-See S above and WRQS/xviii. 171 73.-N . Riding. She was possibly first convicted at K irby moorside in 1616, at Shackleton in 161S. 7S.-W. Riding. (WRQS/340). 77-8-W. Riding. 172 79.-E. Riding. She waS a non-communicant at Easter in 1623. a recusant in 1627. (Y V) SO.-Eston, Langbargh, N . Riding. F irst convicted in 1627. (NRQS) Sl.-E. Riding. Not in Y V . A very recent recusant .


82.-Pickall-cum-Roxby, Hallikeld, N. Riding. She was first convicted in 1614. R3.-near Ripley. W. Riding. 17384-S.-W. Riding. 86.-South Stain ley, W. Riding. Solomon Swale of Grinton, N. Riding, of the same family was a recusant at this time. (NRQS) 87.-E. Riding-presented there as a recusant only in 1637. ( Y V) 89.-W. Riding. WRQS/xxii. 90.-E. Riding. 174 91.-E. Riding. Presented from 1633. (Y V) 92.-see Addendum below for the full text of this composition. Convicted from 1614. (NRQS) 93.-Barford, Gilling East, Richmondshire, N. Riding. Convicted 1641. (NRQS) 9S.-N. Riding. Convicted from 1617. (NRQS) 96.- Holderness, E. Riding. 1619 presented as non-communicant; 1623 beginning to stop attendance at church; 1627 recusant with his wife. (Y V) 97.- W . Riding; 98.-W. Riding; 99.-Nuttles, Holderness, E. Riding. A recent recusant. 175100.-W. Riding; 101.- N. Riding. Apparently not convicted in the N . Riding. 1630 Margaret Towneley spinster convicted at Pattericke Brumpton. (NRQS) 102.-Ainsty. 103.- W. Riding, near Rothwell. 104.-W. Riding.-the agent of the Constables of Everingham (see Everingham Papers below) 10S.-Kirkby Wiske, Gilling East, N. Riding. Jane, wife of Francis Gatenby gent. convicted from 1614. Her son, William, was convicted in 1630. (NRQS) 106.- N. Riding. See herfather's composition, 1629 above. (Clay). 178 107.-E. Riding. To judge from Y V, a very recent conviction, like all the male members of his family. 108.-W. Riding. 109.-W. Riding. 110.-Masham, N. Riding. Numbers of Members of this family were convicted from 1630 at Swinton, including John in 1634. (NRQS) (III) see Addendum below. (112) Perhaps either the John Gower Esq. of Stainsby, Langbargh, whose wife was convicted in 1614, or the John Gower gent. of Birkby, Allertonshire convicted in 1616. (NRQS) 177 W . Riding. See Records of a Yorkshire Manor (1937), Sir Thos. LawsonTancred. p. 183. 178 PRO E.377/39-his property the manor of Skirningham: to pay another 10 Ii. after the death of Joseph Porter of Bolton, Cumberland, another 6 Ii. 13s. 4d. after the death of John Lambton of Durham, and another 4 Ii. 6s. 8d. after the death of Eliz. Maddox of Darlington. 1711 see The jenisons of Walworth, A. M. C. Forster. Biographical Studies 3/1 PP¡2ff¡ ISO The Recusant Roll version of this (PRO E.377/39) makes it clear that the three men were not themselves recusants, but farmers of the property of Dionisia Bulmer widow, convicted recusant. lSI Worsall, N. Riding of Yorks. Presumably for property in co. Durham. lsa It is not clear whether this section stood in the original Entry Books, or whether Fr John Knaresbrough had certain entries later copied out in full. The Sir Henry Merry composition was certainly wanted by him, because he took the trouble, in his Sufferings of Catholicks, to answer at length the view of John Rushworth in his Historical Collections that the compounders escaped lightly. Merry was one of Rushworth's examples.


OTHER DOCUMENTS CONCERNING THE NORTHERN COMMISSION. Strafford Correspondence, Wentworth Woodhouse M SS ,Sheffield Central Library. 1. 12(a)/11. Sir Thomas Vavasour to Sir Thomas Wentworth, Hazlewood, W.Riding, September 10th 1627. (Vavasour was a Catholic and a relation of Wentworth's-though th relationship must have been distant. At the time of the letter Wentworth was still in political Oppo"ition and in gaol in London for refusing to contribute to the Forced Loan of 1626. The letter is headed with a cross.) Worthy Sir/I am glad of this opertunitye to present my service unto you hopeing to heare you are either upon an absolute inlargement or els Confined to some place yt wyll afforde full conveniencye for your recreation,soe that your health wyll not be hurte (?) by restrainte ... For ye occurents of theis parts you have many freinds more able to relate : yet being it doethe trench upon my frehold I wyll presume to name Sr Jo: Savyle his Commission, & ye traite thereof which was fayre & equall to all sutors in generall dureing the last Session, thoe some particuler persons had heavye burthens laye upon them. I supose it wyll rayse a great somme, for most men resolve to Compounde, thoe at first some dislyked ye Course. My father & my selfe have presented our selves before ye bentch, humbly layeing our Great Seale at theire feete, wee have a large rayte sett upon u 70 yeare, I hope it is ye worst, yet canot promis my selfe an abatement. He is begun to sitt agayne this daye, I here of many ,"utors, but know nothing of his Course .... Your affectionate Cosen & professed sirvante Tho: Vavasour 2. 12(a)/17. Sir Francis Trappes Byrnand to Sir Thomas Wentworth,Harrogate, September 23rd 1627. (A brief and direct request for a loan of 1000 li. Sir Francis was a Catholic and is always called by Wentworth his uncle;) 3. 12(a)/56. Henry Constable,lst Viscount Dunbar to Thomas, Viscount Wentworth, Burton Constable,Holderness, March 3rd 1628/9. (Dunbar was a Catholic with many irons in the fire at Court. This is an ornate letter of congratulations on Wentworth's recent rise to the peerage and political power. Dunbar offers obedience and support. A copy of Wentworth's answer is on the bottom of the letter. It is brief and cautiously worded.) ... I understand from my Honorable freinde Sir Francis Cottington that your Lop.& hee hath had some speaches concerninge me, wher he a Noble frende to us both desired to cleare all doubts and and accomodate all things betwixt us which Hoble. & freindly office of his I do with all thankfulnesse acknowledge : for your Lops.letter after the ¡election I tooke it in good parte your Lop.havinge in it playnly and


freely performed the ingagement which we had mayde to one an other, towhich I presently returned an answer of the like nature with which I conceyve your Lop.did and doth reste satisfied ... 4. 12(a)/70. Sir Francis Cottington to Viscount Wentworth, Charing Cross, August 1st 1629. (Powerful influences on behalf a recusant brought to bear in the very early days of the new Northern Commission.) · .. This bearer Mr Medcalfe came to us in the Exchequer Chamber with a desire to have Compounded for his Recusancy, but wee refused to treat with him,though he had once before Compounded here, because his estate is in the North; and therewith he was much troubled,untill at the instance of the Duchesse and Countesse of Buckingham,as also of my Lo:Savage I was Contented to give him this unto your Lop.and hereby to Recomend him unto your favour, the obteyninge whereof will much honour and grace me with those great persons ... 5. 12(a)/72. Charles Radc1yffe to Wentworth,York August 11th 1629. · .. According to your Lops.Comandment my selfe & Mr Little did this day repaire unto my Lo:Savile att the Laund house in the forrest where I did present your honours letter unto him (being further signed by my Lo:Maior & Sir Thomas Tildesley) which having perused, his answere was that he had noe bookes at all nor any thinge els that concernes that service,but that Mr Richardson ever kept all those thinges that apperteyned thereunt ..• and further said that he thought yt your Lop.both would and might en forme your selfe much better then by the bookes of Inquisicions out of thexchequer, for that they did the Commissioners that then were rather hurte then good for they proceeded much uppon other Intelligence and Information as well as uppon the Inquisicions and this was his Lops.answere seeminge & sayinge hee was very desirous to geve all furtherance to the Kings service ... 6. 12(a)/76. The same to the same,York August 22nd 1629. (Savile was named a Commissioner in 1629 and Wentworth,his sworn enemy an supplanter in the North,had no intention of letting him take up active work there again. Radcliffe may mean that Catholics were suspected to be courting Savile,fearing Wentworthor he may only mean that he was generally seeking all possible information on the workings of Savile's Commission.) · .. The old gallant in the forrest ... meanes to come to Yorke .. and hath made provision for more beare at his Lodge ... it is suspected you shall have his assistance in ye execution of ye Commission of Recusants . . . I cannot learne if ye Catholiques goeing to my Lo:Savile; it was a catholique that tould me what I writ to your Lop ... I shall enquire what I can of Dolman; Heaton is very ready in all theire estates; he hath bene here (passinge by) & I lent him 40s ....


7. 12(b)j78. The Earl of Newcastle to Viscount Wentworth, Welbeck September 3 1629. . . . Give me leave on the behalf of a good freind of mine Mr Eltofts (who beeing a recusant & now to appeare before your Lop. & other Commissioners to make a conposicion for his estate) to commend unto your Lops.consideration the true and perfect yearely value of his estate as by him selfe & others I have receaved credible information&heewill be ready to make it apparent unto your Lop.which by this inclosed note will plainely appare. And humbly to intreat that your Lop.wilbee pleased to afford him what lawfull favour you may in his composicion, wherein if your pleased to do him a curtesy I shall thankfully acknowledge the same as done to mee ... 8. 12(b)j28. Sir Posthumous Hoby to Viscount Wentworth, Hackness,September 15th 1629. (An interesting account of Quarter Sessions procedure in convicting recusants in the North Riding,giving the practical reasons why Wentworth's order that the process be speeded up met with obstruction. Hoby had no reason to favour Catholics-he inclined to Puritanism.) ... This day I received letters from your Lop.& Counsell dated the 13th of this monthe touchinge presentments of Recusants to be made at the next Generall Sessions: which I doe presume to deteyne from execution,untill your Lop.may be truly certified of the Course which was constantly helde from my firste beynge keeper of the Roles of the North Ryddinge Sessions unto the tyme of my suspension; and as I heard hath byne continued since: & that ys: That all the petty Constables within the North Rydding (beynge called by a call role made for that purpose) doe appeare in person at every Quarter Sessions houlden yearly next after Midsommer; and they doe bringe with them certificates under the handes of the Minister,Churchwardens & Constables within every parishe & Chappelry within the whole North Ryddinge & ye Constables of the one halfe of ye North Rydd: doe meet at one place: & the reste doe meet at Richmonde; & at those places the Constables or such as doe bringe the Certificates, are sworne in Courte unto the Certificates, & then the Certificates are sent unto the graunde Juryes to finde. After the Graunde Juryes have founde the presentments; the presentments are fylled and againste the Quarter Sessions to be houlden next after the feaste of St Michaell the Archaungell then next followinge the Clerke of the peace dothe frame Indictments in forme of lawe,to indight all such persons as were presented at the Sessions before for Recusants & were not formerly convicted: Soe as yearly at the Sessions houlden in the North Rydd: next after the feaste of St Michaell the Archaungell suche Recusants as were newly presented are Indicted: & are convicted at the Sessions houlden next after Twelftyde then next followynge; and I am informed that such presentments were made at the laste Sessions; & such Indictments of the recusants newly presented are prepared for


the Next Quarter Sessions: & then they will be convicted at the Quarter Sessions to be houlden next after Twelftyde next (sic); whereby it will appeare by the Clerke of the peace his books what number of Recusants dwelling in the North Rydd:are convicted & what numbers are presented & to be Indicted at the next Quarter Sessions.And to that ende the Clerke of the peace may attende your honour at his retourne from the especiall Sessions of the peace to be houlden by Mr Wyvell and me at Brompton in Pickeringlythe on Friday & Satturday next, to enquire of abuses of Alehouse Keepers, Servants & laborers & overseers of the poor & of Rogues within that libertie. Nowe yf not withstandinge theis proceedings already made within this North Rydd: your Lop.will have the cuntry called agayne ye next Quarter Sessions, yt shall: although I feare yt will put ye cuntry to a great charge & travayle,& yet ye service will not be bettered in respecte of the shorte warninge that will be given unto the whole North Rydd: & because yt cannot give expedicion unto the Service, for yf ye Recusants shall be newely presented at ye next Sessions, they cannot be Indicted untyll ye Sessions to be houlden next after Twelftyde nexte,& they will not be convicted untill Easter Sessions followynge. And thus humblie desiringe to knowe your honours pleasure herein ... 9. 12(b)/86. The Earl of Portland, Lord Treasurer,to Viscount Wentworth,London October 13th 1629. 路 .. Your proceedings with the Recusants is heer where it is well understood well taken,though there be different rumours; for it is sayd that you proceed with extreem rigor,valueing the goods & lands of the poorest at the highest rates or rather above the valew, without which you are not content to make any composicion: This is not beleeved,especially by me, who knowe your wisedom .. 10. 12(b)/87. The Earl of Newcastle to Wentworth,Welbeck October 28th 1629. 路 .. I thinke my selfe Infinitlye bounde to your Lop.for your extraordinarye favours to Mr Elltoftes wherein I perceyve that the humble peticion of a faythfull servante makes your mercye shine above your Justice ... 11. 12(b)/88. Edward Graye to Wentworth,Morpeth Castle, Northumberland,October 20th 1629. 路 .. The bearer,my brother in lawe .. comes nowe to attend your pleasure to uchinge his Composicion & was formerly viij Composicion before my Lo:Savile,which I am Confident your Lop.will thinke to be a very great one,being trulye informed of his estate,which albeit I maide boulde to informe your Lop.of formerlye 路 . yet pardon me to do yt here again .. His estate att this instant ys but feore & ten poundes per ann.out of which he ys to paye 900 li. debt due,to maintaine him selfe his wife & six children, this to my owne certaine knowledge ...


12. 12(b)/92. John Hotham to Wentworth,Scorborough,E. Riding,January 7th 1629/30 . . . . Since the receipte of your last letters for Indictinge the recusante in the East rid: whiche runne generall without restriction to anie Person whatsoever and withall you signifie to us that you are nowe more expresslie called upon by his Matie.for that service which directions of yours comes at a latter date then canbe that Letter from the Secretarie. Soe as I thinke the J estices of Peace cannot but conceive that it is his Maties.pleasure we should proceed to all without exception; when the Conviction is once passed t'is past remedie and it may be this sessions fullie perfected,without whiche Conviction as I conceive there can hardlie be a proceeding in anie place for Compoc;icion; your Lops.directions to us beinge noe other then to the rest of the ridings & your not being acquainted with such a letter will as I conceive fullie satisfie you, & your letter beares Inoughe to J ustifie us ... 13. 12(b)/114. The same to the same,York May 6th 1630. . . . The bearer hereof cominge to Yorke at this time aboutte some businesse of his owne met with the newes of his being summoned to London by a pursevan te aboute this composicion for Recusants, whereupon he immediatlye repaired to us with intention to Compounde. but findinge the rate sett upon him to be 60 li.whiche I tolde him we could not lessen; as not beinge within our Charge; but as he came voluntarilye to us we might accept that monie & not otherwise. Whereupon he desired to be spared. and he would repaire to your Lop. to London and after he had informed you of the truth of his case, submit him selfe to your Censure: he hath lived in Lincolnshier these ten yeares last past. though t'is true his land lies in Yorkshier. he hath theire bene summoned to Compound diverse times. but did not theire appear. In regard his Ian was in Y orkshier. and besides upon that notice had repaired to Sir Thomas Tilsley & told him that upon the least notice from your Lop.he would readilie submitt him selfe. which before this newes of the Pursevants he never had. My Lord this gentleman hath alwayes lived att the utmost of his meanes,bred upp his sonns in ye waITes which have bene Chargeable to him. and to conclude,when he had thought to have repaired all,met wife a widdow,reputed beyonde the moone riche,but he found tow blocks th'one.She was valewed treble to truthe,the nexte & worst,a deed of gift,which I praye say nothing to him on,but upon my knowledge it is true, and in fine by her hath got little but vexation and Etc. For this affaire in generall haveinge this opportunitie,I shal give your Lop.this shorte accounte. For my fellow Commissioner and my selfe,for till nowe we tow alone have sitt upon it,! assure you we have done our best, and have dispatched most parte of Yorkshier. wehavealreadie theire got,if I mistake nott, that Countie & have gone as neere as was reason: manie in the role showed acquittances under your hand for Comp: lesse then the roole directed us


but them we conceived we could not disalow; Cumbr.Westmr~ Durham and Newcastle are yet to doe which are for this weeke: what ye evente of theis wilbe I know nott,but upon ye first opportunitie I shal certify you thereof. it may be after the mainenumber there wilbe still found cominge into comp: which Sir Thomas Tilsley & Sir Will:Ellis beinge alwayes in towne may convenientlie dispatch ... (14) 12(b)/126. Henry Constable,Viscount Dunbar to Wentworth, Burton Constable August 20th 1630. (This was part of the last-ditch resistance of Dunbar.He compounded at York ten days later.) ... I am ,most ready to observe your Lops.commande in this or in any thinge else,but weighing the penalty of the Statute for a Convicted Recusant to travell without license or commande by warrante (though I am satisfied I am not convicted) yet being lothe to oppose my selfe to so hasardous a perill, I thought fitt to acquaint your Lop.with my scruple desiring if it be your Lops.pleasure that I shoulde observe the daye appoynted by your Lop<;.letter your Lop.would sen de by this bearer a license or warrante under your Lops. & 3 Commissioners hands for my appearance before your Lop ... 15. 12(b)/154. Certificate from Thomas,Bishop of Coventry & Litchfield to Wentworth,Ecc1eshall Castle,September 12th 1630,. that Lady Prudence Trentham, wife of Sir Thomas Trentham and late of Lestwood,Staffs.,sometime a Recusant,has now been t() the Anglican church & taken the Oath of Allegiance. The Bishop therefore complains that Wentworth's officers have nevertheles distrained on her cattle to the value of 10 ti. 16. 12(c)/162. John Hotham to Wentworth,Scorborough November 14th 1630 . . . . My Lord you may be pleased to remember longe sines I spoke t<> you in the behalfe of one Mr J oselin Percie a recusante. he recived summons last week to appeare before you, this for his Composicion. he is and alwayes wilbe willing .. to refer him selfe to you for Composicion. he desires onelie that yem may be rightlie Informed of his Estate: which if you please to defer his Composicion till I shall wayte upon you att Yorke I shall doe my best to doe: onelie this much in generall .. he hath that which Sir Edwin Sands wisheth as the greatest mischiefe to his Eanemie: highe birth good mynde, & a poore Purse & a hard father alive,a wife & 5 children: debts to my knowledge of some lenthe unpayd ... (written at the bottom of this letter in another hand-duke Langdalle. ) 17. 17(c)/171. Sir Robert Heath,Attorney-General,to Wentworth,. November 26th 1630. (This letter most probably concerns Thomas Tankard of Boroughbridge,who compounded for his recusancy at York on October 16th that year. But Wentwort also had a Commission to summon the 377

gentry to be knighted or compound for a fine for refusal and this letter may only be concerned with Tankard's effots to evade that.) 路 . Having this opportunity I could not omitt to give your account of that which concerned Mr Tankerd. The importunity of Mr Fulwood his grandchild was such as procured the former letter & a treaty for his composition for knighthood, but seeinge your Lop.conceaveth this to be of an ill example & may be a disservice to the Kinge;my Lord wisheth me to signifie to your Lop. that Mr Tankerd should abide his compo<;ition made with your Lop.without any alteration thereof here ... 18. 12(c)/179. Edward Radclyffe to Wentworth,DilstonDecember 14th 1630. (Radcliffe,a Catholic,begins by explaining that he failed to appear befor the Commissioners on December 3rd,but asked Charles Radcliffe to excuse him on grounds of ill-health. It seems clear that Radcliffe is now compounding for refusing knighthood.) 路 .. I understand that he did move your my behalfe & that your Lop.would not allow thereof,but said that I might have sent as many others did; truly it was my intention so to have done ... I have sent my business with this bearer,humblye requesting your Lop.that my compositicion may be more favourable then others of like qualitie that hath alreadie compounded in regard of the severall great sommes I have lately paied to his Matie. for my recusancie,which I am verie hopefull you Lop.wilbe sencible of & the rather for that your were pleased to say at the time of my .compounding with your Lop.for my recusancie that your Lop. would be readie to befreinde me in any other particuler that should lye in your power which I make bould to put your remembrance of, being forced thereunto by reason of the multeplicitie of -payments & charges of this nature that hath been imposed upon me within theis few yeares last past; Loan monies double subsidies & such like,all of which my abilitie is not able to support if they .continew,for in good faith,! am forced to continew the payinge of use monie for the 240 li.which I payed in to your Michaellmas 1ast past ... 19. 12(c)/205. Thomas Littell to Wentworth, York April 4th 1631. (Little was one of Wentworth's servants and his Deputy-Receiver at this time.) 路 .. The Rents due by Recusants in these partes come in reasonably well, some few small Rents are behynde,which I thinke will come in 路shortly;to some of the poorer sorte I wryte and to others more able & backward I sen Kinges letters,soe as by one meanes or other I bope to get in most of the presentlye. Mr Towneley did promise your Lop. to pay 150 our Ladie day in parte of his Composition berafter to be made,but as yet I have nothing from him,nor from my Lo:of Dunbarr,for his 450 li.for which I desye to knowe your honours good pleasure & direction, whether I may wryte and send un to him by your Lops.Command or forbeare yet a little longer. I doe .378

lykewyse desyer to know if your Lop.have given tyme to Sir Edward Plompton to pay all his Rents at Whit<;onday,for soe his servants doe reporte. There will be then due for him to pay 320 li.which wilbe founde (I feare) to great a somme to make payment of at one tyme . . . . I have not as yet seene Mr Farington .. for perfecting the accompt with him ... I had Chardge from your Lop. to put your honour in mynde touching the Conviction of Mris Stappleton of Carlton. I hope your Lop.will remember it, as alsoe the busines concerning Sir Michael Warton and Mr. Marmaduke Dolman, & if your Lop.please to add a third,I think Sir Ingilby Daniell may make up the num1;>er. Sir William Ellis before his goeing into Lincolnshyre was verie earnest with me to move your honour for the Renewing of the Commission for Compounding with Recusants before your honours comeing downe; his reason is,lest your Lop.might sometyme have a want of Commissioners, for both he & Sir Tho: Tildesley doe make doubte .. that in the tymes of the Sittinge, they shall not be able to intend to that Commission in the after noones; soe as if Sir Will: Penneman or some others your Lop.should please to make Choyce of, that were resident here,were nominated,there might alwaies be a full number in readiness to attend your Lop.for that service .. . 20. 12(c)J231. Charles Radc1yffe to Wentworth, York May 29th 1631. ... Upon your honours Command delivered mee by Mr Littell I caused the cheif Constable in Barkston to present Mr Stapleton & his wife for theire Recusancye who wilbe convicted the next July Sessions. Butt after that presentment made (Mr Benson having delivered the Indictments of Recusantes unto mee at Pomfrett) I found them both allready convicted,who I hope will nowe corne downe in the nexte Schedules of Convictions with many others that have been lately certified thither,whereof I shall make a perfEct kallender .. There is one Sir Edward Stanley a Barronett in Lancash: who married Dtor. Mainwarings sister & is a good Protestant & noe favourer of Recusantes. hee delivered to some freinds of myne that if hee knew his service & endevor might be acceptable,and knew butt who had compounded & for what sommes hee could certifie your Lop.whether they had compounded according to there vallue or noe,whereunto I forbore to make answere till I understood your honours pleasure: butt it seemes hee is well acquainted with the Recusantes estates in that Countye ... if your honour doe renew your Commi'5sion your Lop.may happlie take itt into Consideration to imploy him as a Commissioner. Mr Farington I believe knows the gent.& can en forme your Lop.of him. Mr Hayton sent unto mee to lett him have a coppie of such as have compounded in Yorkshire & for what lands that he might enquire whether they had concealed any thinge out of their composition ...


(21) 20(d)/254. Roger Widdrington to Wentworth,Hexham September 16th 1631. (An uninformative letter, merely asking that the sheriff be restrained from distraining on his lands.) (22) 20(d}/261. Sir Posthumous Hoby to Wentworth,Thirsk October 4th 1631. Right Honble./ At the Sessions houlden heer this day accordinge unto your Lops.appointment I did preferr a bill of Indictment to Indicte the Rt.Honble.the earle of Rutlande for a Popish Recusant: and I did give in evidence my owne knowledge of the proceedings in the late parliaments,in presenting his Lop.for a popish Recusant: and the oathes of all the Churchwardens of Hemsley that did sweare that (to their knowledges) his Lop.was not at any Church Chappell or usuall place of Common prayers to heare divine service at his laste beinge at Hemsley,in which space there were three Saboth dayes. But because his Lop.was not one whole monthe at Hemsley,the Jury whereof divers were of understandinge,would not fynde the Indictment. (23) 13(a)/10. Sir Francis Trappes Byrnand to Wentworth, Harrogate May 29th 1633. · .. Your Lop.wilbe pleased that I let you knowe that there are processes out agaynst Robert Trappes and his wife at the suite of one an informer agayns recusants ... (24) 3/2. Wentworth to the Earl of Portland,Lord Treasurer, June 9th 1633. (This very long and detailed letter is the first of a long series in which Wentworth complains bitterly of the inadequacy of his allowance for official expenses as Commissioner and Receiver.) · .. First I found that Revenew but 2000 yeare. I nowe have it 9500 yeare . . . gone through with infinite toyle and aome Chardg in sending up & downe about it, But great losse in the neglect of my owne private affairs. · .. Secondly the Consideration of the great Care I must constantly have to keep up the Rentes,And to preserve his Maty.from Losse upon Conformityes,or Change of Tenances by death or otherwise. And by bringng the rest of the Recusants into Composition which as yet hold of, and will not be reduced without great difficulty & diligence. · .. Thirdly in regard my Lo:Savile was allowed five poundes a daye for the Diet of the Commissioners so long as they sate,for which (that is 12d in the pound allowed me) I aske nothing, And yet I cannot be soe partiall against my selfe,as to deny that my meritt in this service hath at least been equall to his Lops. · .. Lastly because I knew experimentally that every Sherrife hath 12d in the Pounde allowed unto them for all moneys by them Collected & Answered there upon all Chardges which issue against Recusants or other Landes forth of the Exchequer... (25) 3/7. Wentworth to Lord Cottington,Holywell July 24th 1633.


(Wentworth,now made Lord-Deputy of Ireland and travelling to Dublin,continues to exercise a control of the Northern Commission's affairs by letter.) ~ .. There is one Sir John Peashall whose wife is a Recusant,a very Peremptory Gentleman,who refuseing ¡to Compound for her Recusancy,and not only soe, but animateing others against the service,I caused Farrington to in forme against him in the Common Pleas. And now after all his Chardg & Paynes comes Mr Attorney & makes a confession and soe as far as in him lyes destroyec;; the Action If this Course be held it is no boot for us to endeavour to tame these unruly Spiritts. And if this Gentleman put his scorne upon us,beleeve me the King will pay for it in the Conclusion & you will find his Matye.will loose by these meanes at least two thowsand poundes a yeare which otherwayes would have been raysed him.Therefore good my Lord speake with Mr Attorney and let this be quickly 'lett straight againe. To which purpose both to putt you in minde of it,& that you may be fully informed of all thinges I have directed Willm.Raylton & Farrington to attend you in it ... (26) 5/7. Wentworth to Mr Secretary Coke,Beaumaris July 27th 1633. . . . I was Suitor to his ye behalfe of Sir Francis Trappes & Sir Peeter Middleton,the former my uncle,yt haveing twelve children, and being a Thowsand poundes in debt,his Freehold Landes not above seaven"core poundes a yeare,I might be admitted to Compound him & his eldest Sonne their Recusancy for eight poundes a yeare,beinge as much as my Lo:Savile had formerly Compounded them for / And Sir Peeter Middletons Lady being a Recusant,wee might Compound with him for her Recusancy at five Poundes a yeare / These albeit little thinges and concerninge Persons nere me in Blood & affect~on,yet I would not favour in ye least,to ye Preiudice of his Matye.without it might appeare to be done with his knowlwdge and allowance: being utterly resolved by Gods helpe never to make frendes,or up my owne endes forth of ye Kinges Purse. . . This Suite (ye last I shall make to him in thi" nature) his Matye.was graciously pleased to grante me at Theobalds,soe as I now desire a signification of his good pleasure therein to ye Commis"ioners that sitt upon those Compositions in ye North to which effect I have drawne up a letter for his Matie. to sign ... (27) The same to the same,Dublin August 28th 1633. . . . I understand from Yorke that wheras I had caused divers Recusan tes to be brought before the High Commission there to the end to cause such of them to Compound which otherwayes would not have beene brought thereunto,And wheras the Commisc;;ioners were used to respect their Apparence upon this Undertaking to appear before us & Compound for their Estate. And upon Certificate yt they had soe Compounded to dischardg them of the Court 381

Christian, Now ther being divers of Factious Persons of that Sect brought in before my Lo:Grace of Yorke this instant Moneth,hee hath absolutely dischardged them all,saying he woul first understand the pleasure of ye State in their wilfulnesse as wilbe like enough to loose his Maty.fower or five thowsand Poundes by yeare if there be not a speedy Remedy had therein ... I pray you make my Lo:Cottington acquainted herewith and advise soe to informe my Lo:Archbishop therein,as that what is done for his Matyec;.Service in one way be not destroyed in an other. .. (28) 8/23. Sir Arthur Ingram senior to Wentworth,York September 2nd 1633. (This is the first of a considerable number of letters about Ingram's 'agreement' with the Exchequer-for which see the Introduction above.) 路 .. For the business of the Recusants,I did formerly write unto your Lop. that my Lord Cottington had moved my Lo:Threr: and that he was willing to accept of my offer / My good Lo:ther is one thing in that business doth stick with me & putts me to some doubte & feare ... whether a man undertaking this in farme may not be in some danger of Praemunire ... (29) 8/244. Wentworth to Ingram,Dublin September 30th 1633. 路 .. I am glad you are soe in growth with my Lo:Threr:& shall desire it may continew and increase betwixt you.I have not yet received any answers to my demands for allowance. 路 .. For the Recusant businesse I cannot find by my cosen Radcliffe that he is of opinion ther can be a Praemunire in the business but conceaves it as a thing which wilbe subiect to misconstruction in a Parliament & soe adviseth that great Caution be used in the Manner of Carraidg thereof. For my selfe,I wholly remitt it to you,And shall approve of that which in your owne Judgment you shall think fittest,& doe therein as you shall think fitt ... Your ever affectionate & faithfull freind .. (30) 13(a)/43. Sir Edward Osborne to Wentworth,York September 10th 1633. (This is one of the first of a series of long letters to Wentworth, in Ireland from his new deputy in the North. They are interesting as casting light on Wentworth's manner of exercising the Northern recusancy 'service' before 1633,and as showing the increasing difficulties it was meeting after Wentworth was withdrawn from immediate control of it.) 路 .. I have lately receaved ye Commission for composition with Recusants togeather with these inclosed Instructions which I send your Lop.thatt you may see them,beinge as I am informed far shorte of ye former & very Defective for ye Service, wherein ... we shall stand in needof all the power we can gett.Sir William Ellis is soe over legall and full of Scruples,both in this & in all other Services thatt concerne ye Kings profett as I wish we were rid of him,hi power being such with ye rest of ye Counsell as I feare I shall never 382

be able to doe ye King ye service I desier ... Heaton desiered to be againe imploied in this Service and I find him very able for it ... I desier your Lop.would be pleased to give me leave to make use of him as well as Farrington, by which meanes I shall be better able to discover both their dealings & get more Recusants, for of my knowledge Farrington hath been to blame as well as Heaton.I have not yet spoaken with Farrington butt I hear he is much discontented. I know not for whatt,but if he be ill disposed & we may not make use of Heaton we shall find ye want of such agents.I desier your Lop.would be pleased to inform me of all such persons as you imployed in severall count yes for your severall Informations.I remember you had diverse men of one & ye same man & his estate ... (31) 13(a)/56. The same to the same,the King's Manor,York September 26th 1633. · .. Having receaved ye Commission for Recusants we have sent forth letters to ye Justices of Peace throughoutt ye Count yes ... for convictinge them with al convenient speed ... for before conviction (it is clear) by ye Commission we can nott compound saflye,butt if your Lop.will be pleased either to give or procure us directions to proceed with such as offer them selves to compound though nott convicted or summoned (as your Lop. did) I will for my part adventure if three other of ye Commissioners will ioyne,but without further directions I finde them unwillinge ... especially Sir William Ellis,who plainly saieth thatt by compounding before conviction there have been many recusants made thatt were nott before & thatt your Lop.was displeased att ye sendinge forthe of warrants for callinge of in Recusants un convicted & recalled them all againe. My Lorde I am butt one & though never soe willinge to advance ye Kings Service can doe nothinge heere without 3 more ... (32) 13(a)/62. Sir Peter Middleton to Wentworth,Stockeld,W.Riding, October 3rd 1633. · .. My Partner Wandesforde did acquainte me with what your Lop.was pleased to doe for me,in the behalfe of my wyfes recusancy, as also for my sonn,yf I sende him over into Ireland... (33) 13(a)/71. Michael Wentworth to Viscount Wentworth, Woolley,W.Riding,October 14th 1633. · .. I am drawne into a peece of trouble by a man knowne unto your 10: the occasion thereof will appeare unto you by the writing hereinclosed. I make boulad to signifie yt unto you,humblye craving your Lops.lawfull favoure therein. (enclosure) Ebor. / Sir Arthur Robinsonn knt.sheriff of the Countye of Staincrosse Yorke to the bailiffe of the liberty of Staincrosse and to his Deputy Greeting; by vertue of his Maties,severall writts of Proclamation upon Exigents to me directed, I command you that you make 2 severall proclamations one to be made at the generall open Quarter Sessions of the peace to be houlden for the West 383

Rydding of the Countye of Yorke,An other Proclamation is to be made at severall parish churche doores wheere the sais severall persons under written dwelleth immediatlye after divine service & sermon be ended upon some Sonday before the retourne of the said writts that they yield theire bodies to the Sheriff accordinge to the "tenure of the Exigents of the Proclamations.Fayle you not heerof .a tt your perills. Given under the seale of my office the Twelfth daye of September Anno Dni.1633. Michaell Wentworth de Wolley Ar. v. Dno.Regi & Rico.Heaton. (36) 3/22. Wentworth to Lord Cottington,Dublin Castle October 22nd 1633. . . . And now I must fetch a Compasse towards the North of England, and first Complaine of your Exchequer Men,that have this Long vacation sent out warrantes to bind all recusants to the good ¡b ehaviour,not excepting such as have Compounded; had they done 'Soe,it would have beene passing well; given incouradgment to those that had Compounded and brought in the rest; Whereas now it hath wrought a quite contrary effect. Thus have we hurte,where we ¡e xpected our best support; It may be that they will plead ignorance, But that ought not to be allowed them, Considering that the returne -of the Commissioners is upon record with them,And every mans name particularly expressed that have Compounded / Or how easy it bad beene for them,to have given a direction to the Sherrifs,to have forborne to serve the writt upon such,as they should finde,had -compounded for their recusancy. But the plaine Trothe iS,the -officers find that this Course,as it fills the Kings Coffers on the one .side,soe it emptyes theirs of those quarterly Exactions they wrung from the Recusant upon these occasions: which rather then loose; "they can finde it in their hartes to overthrow any Service,be it never 'So beneficiall to the Crowne,Els had they never taken this occasion, instantly upon my goeing forth of the kingdome,of sending forth these warrantes,which for any thinge I ever hearde came heretofore ()nly out of the Kinges Benche, And never out of the Exchequer until nowe. My Lord Threasorour and you have Power over them and if you let them have for nothing the breakinge through of his Maties.instructione,and thus Distracting and discountenancing his affaires,! know not what to say to it. Sure I am,that if they were under my lashe they would tast of"it.A fair colour (it may be) sett upon it by Mr Atturney,in their behalfe,should not serve the turne / As it iS,to recommend it unto your all I can doe which I doe very earnestly in regard,! conceave,it very much concernes his Maties.Service,it be examined and some of these officers be made examples. And to help this Matter the better,Justice Vernon,openly in his Chardg at Yorke-Assizes delivered,as he said,my Lo:Keepers directions,And the Kinges Command,Concerning Recusants; that his Maties.pleasure was,that the Justices of Peace should execute all the Statutes upon them which was observed to be very faintly and


remissly performed,And especially that of Twelve-pence a Sunday / And pressed it soe faIT as to make their former neglect of Execution Disloyalty if not Perjurye.I t seemes either did my Lo:Keeper very effectually deliver his Maties.Pleasure to the Judges before ther Circuite;or this Judge Vernon very dutyfully observe it / Betwixt them I am sure they have made all the Recusants ready to runn from their Compositions,Thinking that there is no faith to be kept with them on this Earth ... (37) 3/29. Wentworth to the Earl of Portland,Lord Treasurer, Dublin November 4th 1633. · .. My Lo:I had nothing allowed me there,but only as Receavour, which others have in all other Cases,But as for all my Expenses dureing the tyme of those sittings which drew unto me a great resort of people,and those persons of Quality (which I could not with any decency,takeing money from them with one hande, turne them into the towne to seeke their dinners,with the other) I have not had as yet one penny . . . Besides divers summes of Money given privatly up & downe the Country,to be informed of each mans private Estate,By which I am sure I advantadged his Maties. Profitt many Thowsands ... Besides,my Lo:Savile,as appeares by his bookes of accompt,who raysed but that Revenew to Two thowsand five hundred Poundes,And in all satt not above Seaven weekes;had for the allowance of him selfe & Commissioners diet 240 li.And now if I that have set led the Revenew 9500 the yeare,And sate fourteen Monthes,And tooke all the while as much paines,shall not be judged at all Considerable ... (38) 3/64. The same to the same,Dublin March 14th 1633/4. · .. For the Recusant Revenew in the North,that likewise proceedes from better to worse,receaving no manner of Countenance,but rather all the discouradgments that may be by the Officers of the Exchequer there sending forth unusuall processes for binding all to the good behaviour,as well Compounders,as others,without any blame for the same for a.ny thing I heare ... {He then goes over again the case of Judge Vernon ,about whom 'there is nothing done thereon that I can learne. ') · .. By Heaton the Informer,that Pillory Companion,his prosecuting the Compounders, as well as others,And preferring a most Scandalouse Petition to Cheef Justice Heath,a Copy whereof your Lop.hath here w here inclosed, wherein he falsely boasts to be approved by the Borde, indeed being convented, I then present, he did professe he would not sue any that had Compounded,and upon that promise was dismiss't. Howbeit no sooner my back turned,but thus he playes the Jacke againe without Controule; By the peevish proceedings of the Bishop of Durham in his Bishoprick for twelve pence a Sonday,indifferently without distinction, punishing them for Clandestine Marriadges,And all to make them weary of paying their Composition Rents,which hath taken soe good effect already that nowe in Hillary Terme allready there was 5000 li.of thos rents un come inn; Albeitt all z


possible diligence be used in the calling for them; Lastly not a lease can any of them gett passed, which putts them to their witts end,and will undoubtedly overthrow the whole businesse,if it be not tymely provided for . . . I heare Sir Arthur Ingram desires to be of the Quorum of that Commission. In good faith I love him well,but my Maisters Service better.And therefore I must needes tell your Lop.if you doe soe, you will much harme the businesse,for he is soe extreamly passionate,soe offensive and violent withall;as he will weary the rest, none of them being able to rule him,unlesse I were there my selfe:And I knowe right well the Vice-President and Secretary,Melton,will doe much better without him; But if Sir Arthur happen to heare this much,he will never be frends with me more ... (39) 14(a)/7. Sir John Melton,Secretary of the Council of the North,to Wentworth,York March 27th 1634. 路 .. A little before the beginning of the last sitting,in my retorne out of Northumberland,I attended uppon my Lord of Durham,and had some speech with him touching the 12d a Sondaye which he hath now sett on foote against the Recusants within his dioces,butt I perceive he doth not intend to proceed against anie who have compounded ... (40) 14(a)/8. Sir Edward Osborne to Wentworth,York March 28th 1634. 路 .. Farrington ... having attended att Michaelmas & Candelmas Tearmes & a greate parte of ye vacations aboute his prosecutions against Sir Michael Warton, Sir John Peshall & Sir Willm.Massye ... 路 .. I have herewith sent your Lop.a Coppy of a petition prefered by Heaton which I desire you will please to take into consideration & to take some cours with him,for he takes all ye violent courses he can to hinder ye present service,& paiment of ye ould compositions being iust att this time (thinkeing we should now beginn) att Yorke where he hath arested & hath process for above 20 that have compounded with your Lop.& beinge called before us for ye same will not surcease,butt said his proceedings were not more iustifiable then your Lops. . . (41) 14(a)/30. The same to the same,London April 16th 1634. 路 .. Uppon my comminge up I went first to my Lord Cottington & acquainted him that ye Commission for composition with Recusants in ye North beinge shortly to be sett on foote,some of ye Commissioners were unwillinge to proceed to composition before conviction, or to compound for less then per annum (which latter pointe was extreamly prec;sed upon us by Sir Arthur Ingram as a thinge much tendinge to ye advancement of ye revenew) wherefore I came purposely to desire & receave my Lo:Treasurers directions & his Lops.therein,withall tellinge him how unexpectedly (without any timely notice given to us all at Yorke to prepare for ye service) summons was given for all ye uncompounded recusants to come in & compound,by warrant from his Lop.,Sir Arthur Ingram & others ... (42) 3/90. Portland to Wentworth,April 15th 1634. 386

... Touching Justice Vernons Proceedings against Recusants in ye North the King hath been allready moved & hath given order yt hee be called to ye Bord .. As likewise for Heaton,as your Lop.desires. For Arthur Ingram being of ye Quorum,I conceave it was never intended,only it is true indeed my Lord Cottington & I wrote a letter to ye Commissioners desireing he might be Acquainted with the Proceedings when hee is there,& yt for reasons which I shall tell you in my next ... (43) /3.86 Wentworth to Portland and Cottington,Dublin May 31st 1634 . . . . This inclosed I receaved from Sir Arthur Ingram ye 24th of March last, which I confesse hath troubled me ever since,seeing the Recusant Revenew committed to my Chardg & by my sole indeavour raysed seaven thowsand pounds a yeare must in Conclusion for my Reward,have Sir Arthur sett superintendent upon me, as if either his abilityes or faith could add anything to mine in his Matyes. service.And that which was not ye least observable yt I should not since J anuary,the tyme,it seemes,of this Agreement made,receave one sillable of all this from either of your Lopps.Nay yt Sir Arthur should growe so Insolent as to write me word,yt if it had pleased him your Lopps.would have given him ye Receat of ye Rents themselves from mee ... Sir Arthur .. vouchsafed to cause my Deputy Receavour to be sent up for ,as if there had been some danger I were turning bankrupt ... and like a Magnifico to goe in person to Yorke only to insult upon ye Vice President & Secretary there, whom I had instructed and intrusted with ye Carriadge of that businesse ... all the Commissioners with one ioynt voyce have complayned of him to me,and desire to slipp themselves out of ye businesse rather then become subordinate to ye ignorant,arrogant dictates of this mans pride ... a Broken Marchant ... And give me leave plainly to tell you that if you goe on with this Contract you will find that either the Revenew will be made as good without him as with him,and soe he have the glory of ye businesse; and his two thowsand poundes for nothing;or,which I much more feare,he will ventur to overthrowe the whole businesse,and scandalously at least carry it ... Besides your Lopps.may remember, I ever told you,that I conceaved there were at least 3000 li.a yeare more to be raysed,& that from ye date of ye Commission;soe this is noe new proposition,fetched out of ye Clouds by him,but represented unto your Lopps.plainly & honestly without demand of Reward,long before it came under his Cappo Againe how he may preiudice the Revenew,in the future by takeing Fines & small Rents I know not,but it becomes me to lett you know, that the secrett indeed, whereupon certainly he conceaves he hath allsoe catched your,that all the future increases of this Revenew will by the Course hetherto held in those Compositions be double Rents for ye first three yeares,by reason of ye Arreares,Soe as if he rayse butt the standing Revenew of fifteene hundreth 387

pounds,yet for three yeares they will answeare three thowsand poundes by yeare and then settle at fifteene hundreth poundes only at after ... . . . And it seems most strange to me,Two thowsand Poundes reward should be iudged little enough only for an offer of his, to rayse three thowsand poundes a yeare increase; And my Bills of Diet being but a fourth part of thatt somme, denyed me ... (44) 3/98. Wentworth to Portland, Dublin June 23rd 1634. (In spite of Melton's report-No. 39 above-Wentworth still complains of the Bishop of Durham,who 'perpetually vexes compounders for recusancy for their Clandestine Marriadges, Christenings,buryalls & such like . . which albeitt they are not exempted from these Ecclesiasticall censures,yet it is not altogeather so seasonable to be pursewed thus hotly in the very face of the Commission ... It ought to be forborne,& ever done, when all the compositions bee made & the worke setled ... But yet did I never know Puritayne capable of this Christian wisdome .. .') (45) 3/.105 Queen Henrietta Maria to Wentworth,April30th 1634. (A request for his favour and help for the Irish Capuchins. His elaborately phrased answer is an assurance that he has sent for the 'governor' of the Capuchins and assured him of every assistance and civility in his power.) (46) 3/110. Lord Cottington to Wentworth,July 2nd 1634 . . . . You are angry with Arthur Ingram,but it is Geo:Digbyes reason,for besides yt he is body & soule your Lopps.servant,he is ye beste foole in the worlde,& is soe sensible of your displeasure that he never comes to me but he cryes & weeps abundantly. For yt which he hath done concerning ye Recusant revenew in ye North,he hath only given my Lo:Treas:a Note of Agreement,by which hee is bound to pay 3000 yeare for what Compositions shall be made on ye new Commission, if any money be above yt,he is to have it towards his debt,if it comes short he is to make it good out of his owne estate.This 3000 Ii.a yeare is already assigned. Ingram is to receave none but from your deputie.Hee is to alter nothing of ye former Course,all things goe as they did, only hee is a Commissioner. Where is the hurt yt makes you Complaine so lamentably? or would you be contented to take such a Bargaine upon you & soe to be payd a debt? For shame speake no more of it,but write a letter to Ingram, though it be no more but to free me from his Crying Lamentations... (47) 3/111. The same to the same, August 3rd 1634. (Cottington continues to urge Wentworth to make it up with Ingram. 'He was your Minion & one on whom you soe much doated . .') (48) 3/112. Wentworth to Cottington,Dublin August 22nd 1634. (.0\ reply which shows Wentworth still unappeased. He thinks still that Ingram has deceived the Treasurer and 'made a very good bargaine for him self'. If Cottington want" Ingramas a favourite, he may have him.) 388

(49) 8/136.Wentworth to Sir Arthur Ingram,Dublin, the same day as No. 48. (A very passionate letter. The ground of Wentworth's complaint is. . . your undertaking ye Recusant revenews at a Rent,thereby Magnifying your Meritt in his Maties.Service,with diminution of me,but with much greater profitt to your selfe then it was ever to me,for doeing really thrice as much Service as you only undertake to effect for 3 yeares to come,& which is above all grievous to mee,to snatch from me ye Honour of my Maisters Service, by cunningly pretending to worke yt Cure which God knowes you well understood... You pretend I was acquainted by you with it.Trueth it is indeed you sent me some moneths after you had concluded & signed the Articles & Consummated th Agreement with my Lords Threr:& Cottington,a Copy of them with a desire it might be allowed by me.But before that all was done & too late for me to desire anythinge of you ... (SO) Wentworth of Woolley MSS. (Brotherton Library,Leeds Univ.) Wentworth to Michael Wentworth of Woolley, Dublin September 29th 1634. Sir / my comming into Yorkshire is verie uncertaine,but I should harte1y wish myself ther,when I might be able to doe you service; howbeit,since you are that poore Papist you mention,your best way wilbe certainly to compound with the Commissioners,which if I may know when you intende to goe that way,I will write to the Commissioners, and doe you the best help therein I can. Wee of this part of our familye,you see,are turned abrode into the wide world, whilst your parte of itt sit warme & at ease by your own fier;well,itt makes not much either way, God bless us in our Pilgrimadge,and you in your repose,keepe you with contentment whear your are,and send us with healthe back to our owne homes to praise him,in his own good tyme,and see you be merry the whilst, and soe will see as much as wee can.Gods goodnesse rest uppon your whole house hold continewing whear ever I am,both to you & itt in bloode & affection your ever most faithfull eosin & freind ... (51) 14(d)/248ff. (A table of arrears of instalments of recusant composition rents and arrearages. ) COM. CESTR. Rents behind rec. from Mr Elmhirst the Last Day of December 1634 pd. Dunn. Willm.of Spurstowe. 1 Rent 1 li. Sawdrey.Richd.of Bancke. 5 Rents.S Arr. 33 li.6s.8d. Yong.John of Rishton. 2 Rents.2 Arr. 18li.18s. Billington.John of Budworth. 4 Rents.4 Arr.26 li. 13s.4d. COM. DERB. Hinton.Christopher of Etwall, 1 Rent. 2li.l0s. Merrie.Sr Henrie of Barton Rt. 33li.6s.8d.


Warner.Robt.of Sutton. 2 Rents.3 Arr. 7 li.IOs. Allen.] ohn of Church Greasley.1 Rent.1 Arr. 6 li. 13sAd. pd. Poole. George of Spinckhill. I Rent. 10 li. COM. NOIT. pd. Clarke.Christ.of Flawborrow. I Rent. I li. pd. Clarke. Henrie of the same. I Rent. I li. pd. Clarke. Anthony of the same. I Rent. lOs. Peckham.Sr George of Colwicke Kt.1 Rent.1 Arr. Sli. pd. Sudbury.]o.of Egmonton. Ham'ton.Will.of Nottingham pke.1 Rent.1 Arr. 5 li. Smith.Willm.of Boughton. I Rent.1 Arr. 2li. Markeham.George of Allerton.2 Rents.2 Arr. 30 li. COM. LYNCOLNE. Towneley.Rich.of Nocton Esq. 2 Rents.2 Arr.300 li. Shawe.]o.of Bottesford.S Rents.S Arr. 41 li.13sAd. COM LANC. Rents behind at M'tinmas 1634 rec.from Mr Elmhirst the Last Day of December 1634. q. Middleton.Robt.of Middleton. I Rent 2li.Ss. q. Massey.Richd.of Rixton Esq. I Rent 20 li. dead. Charnocke.Roger of Leyland. q. Haughton.Ralph of Kirkles. I Rent 3li.6s.8d. q. Watmough.Richd.of Micklehead.3 Rents. 10 li. dead. Curwen.Nicholas of Greysyearde. I Rent.7 li.IOs. q. Bradshawe.Richd.of Astley. 4 Rents. 4 li. q. Wilkinson.Francis of Bould. 1 Rent Ili.IOs. q. Parkinson.Thos.of Wyresdale. 1 Rent. 1 li.IOs. more for Arr. 2li.IOs. q. Girlington.Will.of Lecke. I Rent. Ili.IOs. North.]o. of Dacker. 3 Rents. 9li. Haywarde.Henrie of Eccleston. I Rent Ili. Finch.Henrie of Mawdesley. 9 Rents. 13 li. Winkley.Thos.of Billington. 4 Rents. 9li. Stubbs. Henrie of Haughton. 2 Rents. 3li.6s.8d. Rogerley.Margarett of BlackrodeA Rents. 9li. Fielden.Henrie of Witton. 4 Rents.8 li. Ermishawe.Nicholas of Clayton Esq. 1 Rent 10 li. Norres.Sr Will.of Speake Kt.S Rents.ISO li. Tarleton.Edward of Agbargh.1 Rent. 7 li.IOs. Barker.Richard of Kirkby. 1 Rent.Ili.13sAd. Parkinson. Lawrence of Swineshead.6 Rents.9li. more for arr. I li.Ss. Tune. Thomas of Ince. I Rent 4 li. Banckes.Thomas of Dalton.3 Rents. 3li. Worseley.Francis of Bould. 1 Rent.Ili.10s. Naylor.Willm.of Halewood. I Rent.Ili.Ss. dead. Anderton.Willm.of Anderton. 1 Rent.IO li.


Thorneborrow.Willm.of Hampesfeild.I Rent.6Ii. 13sAd.

Hothersall.Thomas of Billington. 1 RentAli. Bullinge.John of Warrington. 1 Rent. 1 Ii. lOs. Bissam.Edmund of Billinge.I Rent. 1 Ii. lOs. Singleton. Thomas of Stanninge Esq. 70 Ii. Earswick.Edward of Scawsbricke.I Rent S Ii. Laugtie. Thomas of Langtree. S Rents & S Arr. Sli. Osbalston.Thomas of Walton.2 Rents & 2 Arr. 12 Ii. Sherburne. Robert of CatterallA Rents & 4 Arr. 60 Ii. Crosse.J ohn of Lurpoole. dead. Aston.Thomas of Crofton.S Rents & 4 Arr. 36 Ii. Shapforth.Anne of Melling.2 Arr.2 Ii. lOs. (erased) Worthington.Willm.of Worthington 3 Rents & 3 Arr. 20 Ii.

Dalkin.Thomas of Melling.I Rent & 1 Arr.S Ii. Prestwick.Thomas of Holme & Eliz.ux.I Rent & 1 Arr. 6 li.I3sAd.

Richardson.Thomas of Myresore.S Rents & S Arr. 20 Ii.

Taylor.Chris.of Alaughton.I Rent & I Arr. 2 li.IOs. Ashton.Richd.of Bawsorlong. 7S Ii. Nelson.Ellen. of Wrightington.l Rent & 4 Arr. 7 Ii. Wareinge.Henrie of Heath Charnocke.2 Rents & 2 ArrA Ii.

Beeseley.George of Gooswich 1 Rent & 1 Arr.3Ii. Washington.Leonard of Warton & Ann ux.S Rents, S Arr.7 li.IOs. Kirkly.Thos.of Rawcliffe.2 Arr.S Ii. Sager.Robt.of Burneley.2 Rents & 2 ArrAli. Errard.Thos.of Ince.Esq.I Rent & 1 Arr.30 Ii. Ireland.Ellen of Southworth. 1 Rent & 1 Arr.20 Ii. Houlden.John of Chaigley.I Rent & 1 Arr.7Ii. Wetherby. George of Whiston. 1 Rent 3 Ii. more for Arr. S Ii. Smith.John of Widnes.I Rent & I Arr. 2 Ii. Stoddard.Barnebie of Ightinhill.I Rent & 1 Arr. 1 Ii. lOs. Ashworth.Abell and Ellen ux. Rent in 1634 I Ii. Preston.Anne of Salton. 1 Rent & 1 Arr. 3 li.6s.8d. more for arrears 2 Ii. dead. Dixon.Grace of Brindle. 1 Rent & 1 Arr.2Ii. Lowde.Thomas of Aughton.I Rent & 1 Arr. 2 Ii. Bee.John of Barnacker.I Rent & 1 Arr.2 Ii. Critchlowe.Raphe of Clayton. 1 Rent & I Arr.2 Ii. 13sAd. COM. STAFF.

Harecourte.Francis of Ranton.Esq.2S Ii. 391

P etter.Richard of Astonc1iffe.2 Rents 33 li. Cleyton.Raphe of Oneley.1 Rent 1 li. Maxfeild.Peter of Meire.3 Rents 20 li. Thornebury.George of Cheadleton.I Rent 1 li.5s. Coyney.Thomas of Weston Layney.2 Rents 10 li. Lea.Francis } of LeIgh. . . 2 Rents 4 h.10s. L ea.Oliver Hodgetts.Henrie of Sedgeley.2 Rents 4li.10s. Tomlinson.Thomas of Lapley.1 Rent Ili.5s. Rainsford.Edward of Codsall.1 Rent 1 li.5s. Person.Edward of Chillington.2 Rents 2 li.10s. Howlett.Jayne of Woolwithhampton.2 Rents 3li. Coleman.Walter of Cannocke.2 Rents 10 li. Dibdale.Richard of Chillington.2 Rents 5 li. Coape.Thomas of Bradley. 1 Rent Ili.IOs. dead. Stappleton.J ohn of Littlewood.2 Rents 2 li. dead. Horn.Humphrey of Napton. Lea.George of Huntley.2 Rents 2li. Poole.Edward of Stockley Park.5 Rents 7 li.10s. Brindley.Walter of Lapley.I Rent Ili.10s. Goodwin.John of Milwich. I Rent Ili.10s. Pickstocke.William of Lapley.6 Rents 6li. Snowe.Thomas of Bishen.2 Rents 3li. Mare. Thomas of Cannocke. Cadman.Anthony of Broughton. Middlemore.Francis of Wednesbury. Keelinge.J ohn of Combersford. Woodnige.William of Chillington. Poole.Henrie of Tutbury. Gifford.Francis of Waterlaton.3 Rents 5 li. Edwards.Anne of Tutbury. ' Sugden. Richard of Hampstall.1 Rent 1 li. dead. Trentham.Mstrs.Katherine of Rocester. Brooke.Walter of Lapley Esq.4 Rents & 2 Arr. 90 li . Cumberford.Marie of Cumberford.I Rent. Biddulphe.Richard of Biddulphe Esq.1 Rent & I Arr. 53li.6s.8d. Parker.Raphe.of Biddulphe.1 Rent & I Arr.2 li. (erased entry-illegible) (52) 3/173. Wentworth to Cottington,Dublin February 18th 1634/5. (He is still complaining about Ingram and contrasts Ingram's profits from the Northern recusants with his own.) ... els I shall have a poore bargaine of my Receavours Place that cost me as you know five hundred poundes,and hath for these five yeares been no worth unto me one six hundred poundes .. (53) 3/199. Wentworth to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, April 27th 1635. (An extremely long letter.He says that he applied to the Lord 392

Treasurer in 1629 to supplant Savile as Northern Receiver and was. granted a life patent of it. He again complains that he has not been given an expense allowance. But the main profit of his place was. the right to enjoy the 'use' (that iS,to invest and appropriate the interest) of recusant money passing through his hands.) · .. Since rents are casuall,I am by my Patent allowed & Authorised to Accompt for Whitsontide & Martinmas Rents in Easter Terme following, And not to pay any of those rents till Middsomer mext after ye said Terme respectively .. (Wentworth then once more points out how greatly he increased the recusant revenue.) · .. notwithstanding there was a very great parte,which for want of tyme I was forced to leave behind me uncompounded ... (But the Treasurer soon began to 'assign' large parts of the' monies collected by Wentworth-that iS,earmark them to satisfy certain Crown creditors,so that such assigned sums had to be paid over sooner than the Patent directed. Thus 6000 li.a year was. assigned to the Navy and 1000 Lord Mulgrave, both payable in half-yearly instalments,at Christmas and Midsummer.) · .. which although it did indeed take away the Cheef profitt of my Graunt, Consisting in ye Penticost rents not payable till Midsomer twelvemonth after, yet was not I at all unwilling thereunto,Soe as I might be admitted to pay the 3000 Midsommer forth of ye yeares revenew accompted for Easter Terme before,Shewing it was impossible for me to comply with these Assignments. otherwise,which his Lop.then acknowledged . . . and did fully assent.Soe I went on in that Course of Accompt untill my comeing over unto this kingdom. (54) 15(a)/58.Sir Edward Osborne to Wentworth, York May 5th 1635. · .. I have sent your Lop.herewith a coppy of a petition exhibited by Heaton . . . In my owne particuler he charges me with things whereof I am altogether ignorant,neither ever had I anythinge todoe thereinwith ye Exchequer,only I once mooved Sir Robert Heath when he was cheife Justice of ye Common Pleas,to cause one Mountaine an Informer to stay his proceedings ther uppon severall Informations against my brother Sherburne for his wives recusancy. · .. I have herewith sent your Lop.Mr Edmund Eltofts petition to ye Kinge for releife in his late composition made with your Lop.he beinge then & yett a Protestant as appeares by ye annexed Certificate.We would doe nothing concerning it untill we heard from your Lop.because ye Composition was made by ye first Commission. . . I desire likewise to know your Lops. pleasure for ye rate of Mr Wentworths composition of Wolly,of which I writt untoyour Lop.longe since, & doe forbeare proceedings with him untill I receave your answer. .. (enclosure) To the right honourable Thomas Lo:Coventry Lo:Keeper of the Great Seal of England.


The humble peticion of Richard Heaton gent. Humbly sheweth / That your peticioner beeinge called by Pursuevant last Fridaie of Trinity Terme was xij monthes,by command of the Lord Deputie of Ireland a little before his departure,and broughte before your Lopp.& other Honble.Lords & other of his Maties.most honble. Privie Councell in the Star Chamber to answer Complaints propounded by his Lopp.for your Peticioners legall proceedings in .actions of debt and Informacions (qui tam &c.) against Recusants,in forme of lawe,his Lopp.affirming to have then latelie Compounded with them for annuall Rents for the future &c. Your Lopp.& the rest of that honble.Board,uppon your peticioners humble answer,which his Lopp.could not denie,was soe honorably well satisfied,in that your peticioners prosecution was against Persons not convicted,and soe to have made the popular his owne private action,And his Lopp.afterwards compounding with the same, before or after Conviction,not haveing anie lands or goods found and entituled to his be Compounded for,as with Mr Plumpton by his Lopp.for one particuler then named & others,And the same before his Lopp.tyme, without warrant of Lawe or Commission soe -to doe. Your homble.Lopp.& the rest,beinge soe honbly.& truelie satisfied & by hi Lopp.not denyed,was honbly.pleased thereuppon honbly.& freely (inter alia) to dismisse your peticioner in that behalfe unto his lawfull & legall proceedings as before. Since which tyme Sir Edward Osborne Knt.& vice-president in the Northe,displeased with the same and your peticioners due proceedings as aforesaid,som freinds of his beinge touched,by importunitye -of him selfe and one Emanuell Gilby and other Sollicitinge Attornies his Ministers,in vacation tyme,after a Terme,procured an under Clerke in the Exchequer not usuall to drawe the forme of an order <of that Courte against your peticioner when others had refused for not haveing warrante of the Courte soe to doe,and with an antedate, In Subsstance to staie proceedings and destroy aswell Judgments after Execution done by the Sheriffs and Cepi Corpu" retourned,as -others awarded to be executed and such also readie to bee entered, and others at yssue readie for Tryalls,and such as fitt all Contempte of that Courte,and sundrie Commissions of Rebellion (qui tam) aswell for the Kinge as your peticioner. And the same procured by an other under Clerke to bee entered as an order of that Courte of -the Terme before,but by what meanes or importunity your peticioner can give no Account. Your peticioner,an humble Suitor by peticion to the Lord Cheife Barron & the rest of the Barrons of that Courte to be pleased to take Examination and Reformation of the premisses,your peticioner "h aveing issued in those proceedings (qui tam) above 1000 li.or 1200 li.sterling and enforminge his Lopp. and the rest of his beeinge called by Pursuevant before your Lopp.and other hoble.Privie .394

Councellors,by the Lord Deputies Command for one & the same proceedings and of the honble.passages and such dismission of your peticioner to his forme lawfull & legall proceedings uppon his said Informations,his Lopp.and the rest not giveing beleife thereunto without an order or other signification from that honble.Bord,not pleased to doe that is iust & right for his Matie.& your peticioner in that behalfe. . . (The petition continues, asking for a signification of the Star Chamber judgment to be forwarded to the Exchequer Court. Osborne notes on the foot of the copy of the petition that he fears the copy has many defaults in it.) (55) J5(a)/98.Michael Wentworth to Viscount Wentworth,Woolley May 13th 1635. (A very short and direct request for employment for his son John Wentworth who has just returned from three years travel in Italy and France.) {56) 15(a)/69. Charles Radc1yffe to Wentworth, York May 13th 1635. (He reports that he has made a transcript) .. . of all Compositions made with Recusants,since August lIth 1634, when they began to sitt ... together with the increases of Rents & Memorandum where the Arrearages of Rents are nott compounded for five years, according to the tyme of theire sever all Convictions soe near as wee could (having had butt small help either by the Schedule of convictions or Commissions of Arrearages out of Thexchequer by reason that we cold nott gett them thence in any due tyme.Soe that if letters had nott beene sent to the Clarks of peace of the severall Count yes from the Commissioners requiring them to certify under their hands all such Recusants as have beene convicted within this 2 or 3 yeares & are nott come downe to us in the Schedulls wee had nott had soe many compositions made as are conteyned in this transcribed certificat which I doe herewith present un to your honour .. ; (57) 8/284. Sir John Thimbleby to Wentworth,Irnham,Lincs.July 30th 1635.' May it please your Lop. / I know not where to find a boldnesse (but by my lord Marshall his favour) to make an address where more of my owne interest, then Respect appeares.Your Lop.will not forbid me an acknowlegdment of such your Lops.favours in my Composition as seemed not to deny a greater Ease,if the trust reposed in your Lop.would have been admitted or that his Maties. further Grace might be obtayned; I most humbly submitted without other hopes, till my Marriage with a daughter of my Lo:Savage derived such a Clemency from ye King as pleased to promise our Exemption from all penaltyes of the Lawes,with letters of singular Grace & Protection. I esteeme it nevertheless my duty & safety both to offer unto your Lop.this Accompt with an humble Suit, that as your Lop.will forbeare to presse any thinge against me,Soe may his Maties. Commissioners at Yorke receive a direction from your Lop.not to 395

take any advantage nowe of my leaveing the Contract made there before Conviction,unlesse your better pleased I should there Record his Maties.Grace for ye stay of further prosecution against me.Your Lop.descends too -much in the admittance of this paper from The humblest of your Lops.servants J. Thimbleby (58) 8/283. Lord Viscount Savage to Wentworth,August 1st 1635 . . . .Give me leave to be a suitor to you in the behalfe of SirJohn Thimble by who hath marryed a daughter of mine.I leave him to make his owne desire knowen to you ... (This is endorsed with a copy of Wentworth's answer-that he can only hand over Thimbleby's case to the York Commissioners 'that beinge the place where this must have a conclusion.') (59) 3/221. Wentworth to the King,Dublin Castle October 1st 1635 . . . . There is one Sir John Thimbleby lately marryed to a daughter it seemes of my lord Savage who mentions unto me a Gratiouse Signification of your Maties That a Composition made for his Recusancy at Yorke,being as I take it six score poundes a yeare,be remitted unto him,And to the intent hee may have full effect of this Princely favour, desires me to write to ye Vice-President,that hee may be struck forth of ye booke of Compositions. I wish all good to ye Gentleman & would be a ready Instrument to doe him service.But it behoves me before I stirr any further humblye to certify your Matie. the Mischeif of such an example, much of ye indangering of that whole Revenew.And ... I crave to understand your Maties,pleasure which if resolved to extend this Grace to the Gentleman shall be obayed .. . Upon perusall of my booke ... I find Sir John Thimblebys Rent to be eight score poundes a yeare. (60) 8/285. Wentworth to Sir John Thimbleby,Dublin October 5th 1635. Sir / The Respect I beare'your selfe needs not the intervention of any other to make me more inclinable to effect your uist Contentment in all yt may Concerne you: Howbeit my Lord Marshall & my lord your father have allsoe recommended your desires to me concerninge your Composition at Yorke.But that businesse beinge wholly interested with ye vice-president & Commissioners there,It will be necessary for you in my opinion to addresse your selfe to them thorow whose han des it must of necessity passe before it can come to a Conclusion. All yt lyes in me at this Distance,is but to transmit it over on to them,which I will not fail to doe by the next Convenience and give you accompt of what answere they shall returne me therein ... (61) 20(a)/68. Lionell Faringtons Exceptions agt.certaine Compositions made by the Lord Lieuetent.of Ireland and others Commissioners. 396

Sir Hen:Merrie of Barton Knt.comp.15 Aug.1632 for a messuage called Barton park,for the Maner of Sutton super montem and for lands in Westbroughton in the sd.Co.of Derbye founde by Inquis. 19 April 45 li.p.ann.& for his lands in Kegworth in the Co.of Leics. To pay p.ann.50 li. fo.34.


The lands in Kegworth only quarrelled at (edge cut) . .in a foreine Co. extra Commission. This Composition was made (ex relat.H.S.) by his Lop.with ye privitie of the South,& then the lease should passe by ye Southeme Commrs. Of these 'compositions the Recusant cannot have any benefitt thereby unlesse they be made capable by conviction & Inquisition to passe leases, But in the meane tyme advantageous to the King & to be avoyded at his pleasure. Touching ye composition with Bru . . . (illegible)not convicted, was but de Bene Esse as offers untill conviction & Inquisition should be found,wch.Farrington was ordered by his prosecute soe noe Disservice to his Maty; nor anie misdemeanour as is conceived. For those whoe did compound without Inquisitions found, nothing could passe,soe noe such crime as Farrington pretends: but it seemeth much more lands were discovered by the paines & industrie of his Lop.& the rest of ye Commissioners by vertue of their Commission, then was could ever (sic) be discovered by anie Inquisition as belowe by severall of the said Compositions appeareth. Exceptions taken by Lionell Farington agt.theis compositions following vizt: He was not


LINC'. Sir Jo:Thymblebye of Imeham Knt.comp.15 t~e~ d ~nt Aug.1632 for his lands in Irneham,Bulby,Beilsby & ~~lC e I ~ Corby not found JI RYen t nqms. p.a. 160 li. fo.81. Lionell Farington was sent up to London in Mich'mas Tearme 1632 by the speciall appointmt.of the Earle of Strafford to endite and convict all such Recusants as were not convicted when they made their severall compositions. LANC'. Tho: Sherebume of Neesom gen.comp.15 Aug.1632 for his lands there & in Coplack in the P'ish of Chippm.not found by Inquis. Rent p.a. 6 li.13so4d. foo49. noe Inq.since K. Cha.his tyme can be founde of his lands. 397

EBOR'. Henry Browne of Holden being noe Rec.con.comp. 26 Sept.1629 for the Recusancy of Franc' his wife being a conv.Rec. and pays p.a.lO li. fo.16. it appeares upon this comp.she was convicted otherwyse Faringto did informe amisse. EBOR'. Jo: Fawcett of Rodiffe comp.2 Nov.1632 for a mess. cum pertin.there not Inqu. 2 li.p.a. fo.79. EBOR'. Tho: Lewlinge of Ranfeild gen.compA Oct.1632 for his goods. To pay p.ann. 2 li.lOs. fo.76. not mentioned in the composition either not to be convicted or his goods not to be found by Inquis. EBOR'. John Dawney of Potter Brampton gen.comp. 90. Aug.1632 for his lands there not Inqu. To pay p.ann.l0 li. fo.69. albeit his lands were not then found yet afterwards they were found by Inqu.& his lease passed thereupon. DUNELM. Charles Townley of Sledwick gen.comp.5 Oct.1632 for his lands there not found by Inqu. To pay p.ann. 6li.13sAd. fo.95. found 4 Oct. 6 Rs.J ac. to be in lease to Wm.Clapton for years at Cs. & then demised (inter alia) to Robert Walter & Rich:Brasse 90.Julii 6 Rs.Jac.for 41 yeares Rendering p.ann.lxixs.viijd. This rent hath not bin paid since his Maties tyme. LANC'. Ric.: Shereburne of Stoniehurst Esq. being noe Rec.comp. 25to. (sic) 1632 for Eliz: his wife a con:Rec: to pay p.ann.20 li. fo.58. it may be Far: allaeadgeth she was not conv: then he abuseth the Commrs.& his Information false. LANC'. Wm: Haughton of Grimsargh comp.7 Sept. 1632 for a mess.cum pertin. There not found by Inquis. To pay p.ann.l0 li. found by Inquis. 29 Oct.1625 lib:2. seiz. fo.189. LA~C'.

Nathaniell Banester of Altham compounded 21 Aug.1632 for one cap.mess.with thappurt. in Altham & Pallinge not found by Inquis. To pay p.ann. 10 li. fo.50. found by Blackburne xxmo.die Octobr.anno xjmo. at 28li.p.a./

EBOR' ET COM.CTS. EBOR'. Fra: Gale of Acombe Grange & Robert his sonne comp.15 J a.1629 for their lands & tythes in Wilberfosse Inqu.25th Sept. 50.nunc Rs.and for Acombe Gr. not Inqu. To pay p.a. 20 li. fo.21. Rob.Gale of Wilberfosse his lands there found by Inqu . 220.0ct. ao.xjmo.Rs.Car. fo.208. 398

LANe'. Tho:Westby of Bourne Esq.comp. 16 Dec.1629 comp.16 Dec.1629 for all his lands in Bornue,Mowrick,Medlow cum Messom, Thistleton, Carl ton, Thornton, Veswick,Morley & Ashley Inquis. 31 Aug.5 Rs. Car. at 57 li.16s.Sd. p.a. & for his lands in Westby in Craven,Gisborne,Gargrave & Wilgill in Com.Ebor. not fo .by Inquis. To pay p.a.l00 li. fo.8. noe Inquis.of his lands in Yorksh: since K.Cha: his tyme. COM.EBOR'. John Plumpton of Nockton in Com.Linc. compo 2do.Dec.1630 for the maner of Harteshead not Inquis. To pay p.a. xx li. fo. 69. he houlds theis lands dureing his wives life. DUNELM. Tho: Jackson of Harraton compo 16to Dec.1630 for one mess.& lands there Inquis.primo Sept. 2do. 6 li.p.a. & for 3 closes called Outside,Woodlands & Chaterhaughe in the Co.of Durham,& of one mess. with Stainforth in the Co.of Yorke not Inquis. To pay p.a. 14 li. fo.92. This man is said to be conformed Sir Peter for his Plea. DUNELM. Geo: Collingwood of Eslington Esqr.,Cuthbert Collingwood his eldest sonne & Geo: Collingwood his younger sonne comp.13 Octobr.1629 for lands in Eppleden,Dalden & Seham in the Bishr.of Durham Inquis.lS Sept.2do 40 li.p.a.,for the maners of Eslington & Whittingham,of a water corne mill in Thornton,of lands there,for other lands in Hartesdide,Barton,Falden,Westbrunton,Eastbrunton Donnington & Southmeetslade not found by Inq.and for a tenement in Grindon iuxta foord in Co.Dunhelm not found by Inq. To pay p.a. 90 li. fo.26. Theis lands are fo. by Inqu. ut infra. lands discovered by ye Commissioners wch. could not be discovered by Inquisition. EBOR'. Wm: Gascoigne of Hilton gent. compo 16 Nov.1630 for a ca.mess.& lands there for his wives life not found by Inquis. To pay p.a. 6li. fo.17. EBOR'. Rich: Foster of Stokesley Esqr. comp.31 Aug.1632 for his rna: & lands in Stokesley in the Co.of Yorke Inquis.16 Octobr.6 13 li.6s.Sd.p.a. And for his lands in Rudforth & other his lands & tythes in the Co.of Durh.not Inqu. To pay p.a.20 li. fo.72. EBOR'. Marmaduke Cholmeley of Bransby Esqr.comp.9 Aug.1632 for the Ma:of Bransby & Steresby.To pay p.a. 50 li . fo.69. Theis lands descended upon him after the death of his father. 399

Edw: Fairefax of Dunsley compA Sept.1632 for the 6th pte.of the Ma:of Dunsley. To pay 6li.13sAd.p.a. fo.73. an Inquis. upon the lands of Hen:Fairefax of Dunsley He likewise comp.for keeping a Recust.servt. vide wch.was included in his compo


Sir Will: Norris of Speake Knt. compo 15 Sept.1630 for ye Ma:of Speake & one wa:corne mill & 2 win de mills in Garstang & Speake found by Inquis.28 Aug.5 50 li.p.a. & for all his other lands in the sd.Co.of Lancs.not Inquis. To pay p.a.60 lie foA2.


LANe'. Tho: Hesketh of Poulton Esqr.comp. 3 Sept. 1630 for a mess . . in Singletone & for lands & rents in Poulton,Kirkeham &

Liverpoole & Orrell &c. Inquis. 31 Aug. 5to.Rs. Car. at 4 li.5s.2d.,for ijs.quitt rent at Preston,for one Burgage in

Lancaster & for all his lands in Garstange & Goosnargh in the Co.of Lancsr.& of a burgage in Kendall in Westm'.not Inquis. To pay p.ann. 15 lie foAl. Roger Thompson of Baswick comp.18 Aug.1630 for all his lands there not Inquis. To pay p.ann. 2 lie fo.30. his goods were Inq.3 Oct.3 30s.p.a. of therefore good service to discover lands by the Commrs. wch. would not be fo.upon Inquisit.


Sir Robte: Hodgshon of Hebborne knt.comp.13 Dec.1629 for his ma:of North hebborn & of a free fishing in Tyne,7 of 3/8 pts of his Ma:of Winlayton Inqu.28 Sept.2do Rs.Car. at 66 lie 13sAd.p.ann. & for his houses in Newcastle not Inqu. To pay p.a.120 lie fo.28. Jane Townley of Hapton wid.comp. 22 Aug.1632 for Hapton pke. & lands & Hapton & of lands in the forest of Pendle & not Inquis. To pay p.a.50 lie fo.50.


Rich: Towneley of Nockton in the Co.of Linc. Esqr. compo 27 Sept.1632 for all hie; lands in Com.Lincoln.& Lanc. particularly appearing upon his comp.not Inquis. To pay p.a. 150 lie fo.82. his lands i Lancash: fo by Preston 8 Sept ao.60.Rs.Car. at 96li.13sAd. & besides his goods Inq. at 31 li.3sAd. And his lands in Linc.were Sleaford 10 Rs. at 255 li.p.a.& his goods at 7 lie


John Jackson of Carlton gent.comp.16 Nov.1630 noe Rec: conv:comp.for the lands in Carlton purchased of Sir Philip Carey Knt.wch.were the lands of Tho:Hunt a cony: Rec: not Inqu. To pay p.a. vj lie fo.67.



NORTHUMBR'. Nich: Thornton of Nether witton beinge lately a conv: Rec: but afterwards conformed comp.So.Sept 1632 for the arrs.of his lands p.a.10 li.for.10S. here was good service otherwise the K.had had nothing. DUNELM. Thomas Tempest of Stellay Baronett.,Sir Wm.Lambton of Lambton Knt.& Hen: Tempest gent. being noe Recs:comp.210. Nov.1632 for! pte.of the Man: of Elmeden being the lands of Dionis Bulmer wid.a conv:Rec: not found by Inqu. To pay p.a.7 li.10s. fo.98. Durham prim' Sept.2d nunc xx li.p.a.unde p.c;.Cs. fo.342 LANC'. Abraham Langton of Low in Hindley Esqr.& Phillip his sonne compo 12 Dec.1629 for the Ma: of Hindley,S Mills ... Inq. 16 Sept. 22do.Rs.J 6 li.13sAd.p.a. & of ye Hall of Lowe wth.thapp. Incu. 2So.Aug.Sto.Rs.Car. at 13 li.6s.Sd. p.a. To pay p.a. 10 li. fo.70. LANC'. Rob: Fazakerley of Walton Esqr. & Rich: his sonne compo 110.0ct.1630 for a ca.mess.& lands in Walton & Fazakerley fo,by 6 40 li.p.a. To pay p.a. 20 li. foA2. Nicholas Grimshawe of Clayton Esqr. & John his Sonne compo for one mess.& lands in Clayton & for the hamlett & lands in Ecclesald Inqu. 27 Aug.3 Rs.Car. at 22 li.6s. Sd.p.ann. To pay p.ann.20 li. foAl. Theis 3 last compositions are here produced by Farington to mainteine that pte. of his Peticion where he alleadgeth & complaineth to ye parliament,that his Lop.compounded for children under age. (62) 3/185. Wentworth to Portland,Dublin May 2nd 1637. (He acknowledges receipt of an Exchequer order that Recusants who have compounded must (pass' their leases by Lady Day 1637 -the order was dated Januuary 23rd 1637.) He complains of the excessive burden inflicted on poor recusants by Exchequer fees for the leases... For a man whose rent to his but fortye shillings or under to pay a matter of twenty poundes for his lease it will not onely dishable those . . . who have allready Compounded to pay their Rents,but discourage & dishearten great numbers of those which have not ... (63) 11/17. Wentworth to Mr Secretary Coke,Dublin September 25th 1637. Sir / I have understood there is a Gentleman one Sir Cecill Trafford lately Reconciled as I take itt in ye Countye of Lancaster,hath procured a letter from his Matie.for this Exemption to make his Composition before the Commissioner at Yorke; as allsoe that ye yonge Lord viscount Fairefax of Emeleye and some others doe intend to labour the like course,hopeing by that meanes (as is very AA


probably coniectured) to come off att more easy rates above (sic) where their Estates are nott soe well knowne as in ye Country s where they lyve. I am to desier you that his Maitie. may be acquainted herewithall and humbly besoughte as well to Supersede that letter as to give his present order to my Lo:Threasorour and other ye Judges in his Exchequer that all Suitors of that Nature may nott att all be Compounded with there,if their Estates doe lye within ye limitts of that Commission for ye North. Which if suffered the scandell & Disreputation a few of these great ones will putt upon the service will be suche & soe great as must in verie short tyme inevitablydrawe after itt the Ruine & Destruction of that Revenew. (64) 10(ii)/214. Michael Wentworth to Viscount Wentworth, Woolley December 29th 1637. My good Lord / If it be a fault to take distast receiving hurt where help was expected I shall not be ye first offendor. Your Lop.may,if you please,call to mind what passed upon my Lord Darcyes rayseing a good freind of ours in his subsidye,yet this to me in burthen & chardg above ye other two for one. But it is my ill happ above others,my Lord,by mistaking of my cause yt to fall out more heavy upon me.for I have not one penny in the world by way of annuity,but in lands only,And for Lands only I think I am Compounded, the profitts whereof my sonn doth not meddle with all nor,I protest, I with any of his. My omission of mentioning in my letter the Summe for which I Compounded proceeded not (as your Lop.supposed) of my discretion, neither of my dissimulation, but to avoyd your Lops.vexation,both to be troubled with a rude & tediouse letter, as allsoe yt I did not thinke it unknowne to your Lop.,for 53li.6s.8d.p.ann.was my Composition (and soe strictly Commanded, as the odd money could not be abated) which summe being but named Justifyeth my Complaint to them that know ye small portion of Lands (not 200 ac.) for which I am soe chardged,not many in our Country paying soe much for their whole estates,& for soe small a meanes,not any elsewhere that I can heare of. But I have done with it my Lord,& will rest content,hopeing that a small portion will give the sufficient maintenance for the few days I still have to live.The losse hereby is my younger sonnes,for whom God will other wayes provide I hope ... Your Lops.Eldest poore Kinsman to Command ... (65) 10(ii)/215. Viscount Wentworth to Michael Wentworth, Dublin. Good Cosen / It is very true you are my eldest & which is more,nexte to my owne brothers,have allwayes been ye dearest kinsman I had, Nor was it ever in my hart to doe you ye least discourtesy, whom I should ioyne my selfe unto Chearefully in any danger which might Threaten either your person or Family were it against the greatest Subiect;where you know the raysing my Father in the Subsidy was a wanton Act done out of disaffection,if not despyght,which by your favour differenceth ye Case exceedingly. 402

It is very true I conceived you had compounded for twenty,where it seemes it is 53li.odd money,but yt odd money makes me believe ye valew was found soe high in ye inquisition as it could not be lesse; where ye abatement would not only have been criminall in ye Commissioners, but have avoyded ye Grant itselfe allsoe. However it be I have noe other part to answere for then giveing direction not to goe against their Instructions in your case,haveing noe speciall warrant from his Matie to support me therein & Conceiving it a matter of small consequence to trouble his Maty withall. And therefore I have not in this bene in ye least awanting unto you which Justly I could or might have done;Indeed I am very sorry & will either you,my Cosen George,your children or some of you repaire any preiudice that can be fall unto any of you thereby,which God be thanked is not very great.And soe wishing you many yeares . & much Contentment,you are in manifest wrong if you thinke me lesse then at any, indeed at all, other tymes,I have bene & am Your most faithfull affectionate Cosen & freinde Wentworth. (66) 10(ii)/272. Wentworth to Sir Edward Osborne. (1637-8?) .. As for Sr Marmaduke Langdale I allwayes tooke him to be that which semes at last you finde him:a Person of ill Affections I am sure,to the Provinciall Power,if not to the Regall power . . . . I doe very well like Sr Marmaduke Wivell to be made Coronell in the North Rideing,in truth I love his person,& take him to be both able & well affected,And I believe that if you speake of his wives Recusancye to ye King,he will dispence with it well enough ... (67) 16/21. Grant to Sir John Thimelby of Irnham Co. Lincoln to compound for his estates at ÂŁ10 per annum. Dated last day of April 12 Charles I. (68) 16/30.Paper headed 'Extract from a MS from Roane in France concerning Ireland.' Dated 1636. 'Persequution is now begon in Irelande, there are 36 Commissioners appointed by his Ma. to sease upon Catholick bookes,pictures, beades and ornaments that they doe finde,and they have authority to enter into houses without any resistance whatsoever. Religious are not suffered to live together in one house,or to have chappells as heretofore. They that will convert any here tick shalbe putt to death or perpetuall imprisonment. All the nobility of Conaght are in the Castle at Dublin for not consenting to the plantation. All these newes I heard from a Capucin that left Irelande three weekes past.' (69) 16/69. Sir Edward Osborne to Wentworth,York October 3rd 1636. . . . We have lately receyved from His Matie letters in the behalfe of Sir John Thymelby Kt.of Irnham in the Co.of Lincoln,by which wee are commanded to graunte unto the said Sir John Thymelby and his 403

wife a lease of all such lands and goods as do or might acrew to his Matie by reason of his Recusancie for the like terme as leases of the like nature are graunted to recusantes,reserving to his Matie duringe the said terme the yearly Rent of tenn pounds only with a discharge of all former forfeitures Rentes or arrears whatsoever for his or his said wifesrecusancie. And for that wee finde that in August 1632 hee compounds with your Lopp. under the yearly Rent of one hundred and three score poundes,and hath constantly paid that Rent untill Penticost 1635,and for that wee are of opinion that if theise his Maties letters or any others hereafter to bee obteyned of the like nature should bee putt into execucion itt would bee exceeding preiudiciall unto the service wherewith wee are intrusted for compounding with Recusantes. wee have thought fitt to certifie to your Lopp.hereof and to present unto your Lopp.the reasons upon which wee grounde such our oppinion. And firste wheras in his Maties said letters of which wee have sent your Lopp.a coppie ... itt is recyted that his Matie hath formerly given Commande that the said Sir John Thymelby should nott bee proceeded against uppon any indictment or conviction by reason of his Recusancie un till his Matie pleasure should bee signified to the contrarye. certaynly such a passage beinge once laid open his Matie will never bee free from the pressure and importunnity of some or other,and if by this meanes,the ordinarie proceedinges of Lawe should be stopt against them it must of necessity induce that which follows in the next place in the letters,that his Matie must take itt as a courtesie that they will be contented to compounde,seeinge his Matie cann legally intitle himselfe to nothinge untill they bee convicted. yett Sir John Thymelbys courtesie in this particular is verie little,because hee had formerly compounded with your Lopp. as a Recusant Convicted. Whereof wee verily believe his Matie hath not byn informed and the composicion with your beinge his owne voluntarie act wilbe bindinge against his person and that which is now directed by his Matie wilbe no more. Itt is true indeede that his Matie heretofore in the behalfe of Doctor Moore and some others was pleased to command us to compounde with them att very small rates which wee have accordingly donne,not then forseeinge the inconvenience which hath ensued,for the hope which such as are yett uncompounded have by some meanes or other obtayned the like favour, is as we conceive the cawse that they indeavour by all the wayes possible to declyne their composicions,whereby both the supply and growth of the Revenue are much hindered and lessened,and indeede some of the better sort of them comeing before us to compounde and findeinge that wee will not accept of such lowe composicions as they offer have fallen off from us and given out that they will indeavour to fin de out an easier waye. Butt this case of Sir John Thymelby is of a farr more dangerouse consequence than the rest,itt tendinge to the impairinge (if not destroyinge) of the Revenue already settled,and which principally 404

by your Lopps.great paynes and industry hath byn so much advanced beyond all other parts of the Kingdome, for if it shalbe once understood amongst the Recusants that after composicion made and the Rent reserved uppon itt paid for divers years the party by applying himselfe to his Matie hath obtayned a discharge of that composicion and a direction for the makinge of a newe under a faIT lesse rent (as this is but a 16th part of the rent reserved upon the first) itt will in alllikelyhood followe that most of the principal Recusants who have already compounded in hope of findinge the like good successe will forebeare to paye their rents as Sir John Thymelby since he is the first in discoveringe this course hath donne. and if his ;Matie bee disappointed of his rents and the assignments placed uppon the Revenue which (as your knowes) they are of great and weightye importance to his Matie must necessarilye bee likewise dissappointed besides. your Lopp.maye please to take into consideracion what will become of the Revenue nowe settled, which is itselfe subject to a continuall decay by deaths,conformytyes, pleadings and the like. if the supply which it ought to give by new Composicions bee hindered and lessened by such as the first kind,and that which is already gotten taken awaye by such as the latter,and much better were itt (if we may presume to deliver our oppinion soe faIT) that if Sir John Thymelby or any other enter into either of their kindes,have or shall deserve any favour or rewards from his Matie that his Matie would bee pleased to afford itt unto them (though in faIT greater measure) in some other wayes where the consignment might nott soe much disadvantage his Maties service. all which wee subbmitt unto your good Lopp.and desireinge to. receyve your Lopps.directions for our further proceedinge herein,doe humbly take our leave and respect. Your Lopps.humble and obedient servants, Ed. Osborne W. Dalton Jo. Melton The Mannor at Yorke Rich. Dyot W. Ellis the 3rd of October 1636. (70) 16/81. 'Coppie of the Memorial to the Lord Threasorour concerninge the ÂŁ200 in Sir A. Ingrams hands of Farringtons money.' 19 November 1636. Mr Lionell Farrington being imployed by the Rr.Honble.the Lord Vis. Wentworth, Receiver of His Maties Revenues ensueinge by Forfeiture of Popish Recusants in the Northerne Counties (for more care of the Parties who should have come to make their payments at Yorke) to collect some rents in Lancashire,and other remote Counties,hath gott into his han des at least ÂŁ1900 0f these moneys and will not come to accompt for the same. Whereupon a Bill being lately putt into the Courte at Yorke by his Maties Attorney there,to discover some moneys of the said Farringtons,conceived to be in the handes of some persons livinge within that jurisdiction,it is confessed by Sir Arthur Ingram the


elder knight upon his answer that he · hath £200 of the said Farringtons moneys in his handes. It is therefore now desired that the said Sir Arthur Ingram may be injoyned by the Rt.Honble the Lord Threasorour of his Maties Exchequer to pay that £200 into the receipts of his Maties Exchequer towards the moneys due to his Matie upon those collections of Farringtons. (Seeinge it is confessed by Sir Arthur Ingram (as is here alleged) that he hath £200 in his handes of Farrington,who doth to his Maties preiudicedetainesoe greate a summe as is herein mencioned,it is just for his Matie to take his owne where he findes it and accordingely Sir Arthur Ingram is hereby required forthwith to pay that £200 into his Maties Exchequer towards the debt oweing by Farrington.) Received 24 Dec. by Bird. (71) 16/94. (Coppie) Whereas we are informed that you being dismissed the service of prosecuting the conviction of Recusants in the Northern Counties doe nevertheless detaine in your hands several commissions of enquiry with schedules of convictions of sundry Popishe Recusants and Papists annexed to the same,and that you likewise detain as well all the ould schedules of arrearages whereupon divers summes of moneys have been levied, as also all the calendars and alphabetts fortheready findeinge of convicted recusants and such recusants as were mencioned in the said schedules-also diverse other wrytings which doe much conduce and are very advantageous to his Maties service. Forasmuch as your imployment that wyse being no we ceased there is no cause or colour for you to determine the said commissions, schedules and other wrytings above mencioned to the preiudice and hinderence of his Maties service. These are therefore in his Maties name straightly to charge and command you,upon receipt hereof, to deliver the said commissions, schedules,calenders,alphabetts and other wrytings unto William Raylton agent for our very good Lord the Viscount Wentworth,his Maties Receiver of that revenue to be disposed accordinge to directions given to him in that behalfe whereof you may not faile,as you will answer the contrary at your peril!. Fulham. Last of December 1636. Fra: Cottington. Coppie of a Warrant from the Lord Threasorour Lord Cottington to Mr Farrington for delivering up commissions &c. (72) 17/43. George Garrard,London to Wentworth April2Bth 1637. This is a fair sample of a Court gossip letter, telling Wentworth the sort of news about Catholics which the writer expected him to react to as he did himself. . . . Watt Montague is come againe into England,lodged in the Cockpitt by the Lord Chamberlaynes favor,hath kissed the Kings and Queens hands,lives much in Court and is a grate companion of Signior Cons the agent for Rome. Another of my familiar acquaintance is gone over to that popish religion,Sir Robert Howard,which I 406

am very sorry for,my Lady Purbecke left her country and religion both t ogether,and since he will not leave thincking of her,but lives in that detestable sinne still,lett him goe to theyre church for absolution,for comfort he can find none in ours... . . . Munday in the Easter weeke My Lord of Barkeshires eldest sonne was marryed by a Popish priest to Mrs Doll Savadge,eldest daughter t o the Lord Savadge lately dead,against consent of parents on all sides. Never such an outcry was made about a marriage,my Lord of Barkshire, his Lady, my Lady of Exeter, my Lady Salisbury, my Lady Carlisle all highly incensed against this young Lord,who had binne passionately in love with her two or three yeare. Disinherited he must be,never looked an againe by any of his friends,no maintenance nor house for them to live in,for also her mother hath commanded her from her house at Tower Hill where they lay the first night of theyr marriadge. Nay,they were angry with my Ld.Chamberlayn that he wold lend them part of his house at Bairnerds Castle to lodge for a while in ... The King said that he could not forgive him for his disobedience to his parents nor his fault of being maryed by a Priest. The Queene was hartily sorry for the affliction it brought upon Lady Barkshire. My Lords Grace of Canterbury also showed himself a little in this business, for he writ to him chiding him for his grate disobedience he had shewed to his parents and commanding him to give an account,when where and by whom he was maryed. But the Queen,it