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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the beautiful city of El Paso!

s Mayor, it is my distinct pleasure to extend a warm Texas welcome to all those who have chosen to visit our wonderful community. El Paso offers a vibrant international experience and friendly hospitality, combined with extraordinary weather that is the jewel of the Southwest. We are called the Sun City, and our breathtaking sunsets and striking Franklin Mountains are surpassed only by the warmth of the wonderful people of El Paso, who always make every visitor feel special.

From our stunning desert landscapes to our bustling downtown district, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. El Paso is a city bursting in culture and natural beauty. We offer over 400 years of rich history that is celebrated in a multitude of public exhibits and seasonal attractions. Explore our historic missions, take in some live music, go hiking and mountain biking, and enjoy our delicious cuisine - where flavors from around the region blend with our traditional Southwestern dishes. And as the largest metropolitan border-region area in the world, the blending of cultures in El Paso, Ciudad Juárez, and Las Cruces, N.M. offer you the best of three states and two countries.

I encourage you to take in all that El Paso has to offer and discover its magic. You’ll find that our city is full of surprises and unforgettable experiences. So, whether you are visiting us for the first time or are an old friend, on behalf of our entire community, I extend a heartfelt welcome and wish you a memorable stay in our city. May your time here be filled with joy, exploration, and discovery.



A Star is TBorn

he Star on the Mountain is a symbol of El Paso located atop the Franklin Mountains. Originally installed in 1940, it has undergone transformational upgrades to enhance its visual appeal and embrace sustainability.

The Star on the Mountain is more than a physical landmark, it’s also a captivating symbol of El Paso that adds to the city’s charm and identity.

This bright symbol of the city is illuminated every night following a collaboration in 1993 between the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce and El Paso Electric Company that invited the community to sponsor the star in honor of loved ones, celebrations, and other special occasions, creating an enhanced level of community engagement.

Residents can participate by suggesting

themes and color schemes that create a shared sense of pride.

Recent enhancements include a cutting-edge LED lighting system that allow for dynamic and customizable displays in a multitude of colors. From celebrating holidays, commemorating special occasions, or promoting awareness for various causes, the lighting of the Star on the Mountain adapts to the narratives of El Paso.

When lit, the Star on the Mountain transforms the night skyline into a mesmerizing panorama that creates picturesque views of the city that capture the essence of El Paso’s natural beauty.


Fun Facts

El Paso is the site of the first high-rise by Conrad Hilton, the hotel mogul. That building still stands as the Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park and you can stay there today!

The Mexican Revolution took place in El Paso’s own backyard, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. In 1911, patrons would gather to watch it all play out at a safe distance.

El Paso’s sunniest ambassador, Amigo Man, became the official mascot of the Sun City in 1976.

El Paso hosts the nation’s only Border Patrol Museum.

Legend has it that everyone’s favorite drink with Mexican food, the tequila-based margarita, was invented in the El Paso-Juarez region at Tommy’s Place Bar on July 4, 1945, by Francisco “Pancho” Morales.

El Paso is the only city in Texas that boasts a mountain range within city limits.

Fort Bliss is ranked one of the top 10 largest military bases in the U.S.

Based in El Paso County, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is one of three federally recognized Native American tribes, and the only Pueblo, in the State of Texas.

The Franklin Mountains State Park is recognized as the largest urban park in the lower 48 states! Nature lovers will enjoy impressive hiking & biking trails, wildlife, and sunny skies.

The Sun Bowl Stadium is a picturesque stadium nestled between two mountains at the University of Texas at El Paso and has hosted the annual Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, 1 of 43 in the nation, for 90 years.

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El Paso’s cultural heritage is a rich history that combines American, Indigenous, and Mexican influences with the unique experience of living in the desert environment near the Franklin Mountains.

Scholars believe the Europeans arrived around 1535 when Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and three travel mates, survivors of a failed Spanish expedition to Florida, traversed the Paso del Norte region. In 1540, another expedition led by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado ventured the Southwest.

According to the Texas State Historical Association, El Paso was founded in the late sixteenth century by Spaniards who journeyed to the Rio Grande from the south, who “viewed two mountain ranges rising out of the desert with a deep chasm between.” The site was named “El Paso del Norte” (The Pass of the North), and has served as a continental crossroads that connects El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.

The Rodriguez-Sanchez expedition arrived in 1581 that marked the beginning of what is now the region’s modern cultural history. Shortly after, the Espejo-Beltran expedition in 1582 explored the region.

The most historic colonization expedition occurred on April 30, 1598 under Juan de Onate during a ceremony near present-day San Elizario, which established formal possession of the territory called “La Toma” (The Claiming).

This historic Mission Trail that found the peak of its development throughout the 1700s and 1800s shares the story of the nine-mile corridor between the missions of Ysleta, Socorro, and San Elizario. Playing host to some of the most notable moments within our nation’s history with figures like outlaw Billy the Kid and conquistador Juan de


Onate, this mission trail offers visitors the opportunity to discover the deep history of Southwest development and architecture.

One stop for the many expeditions that traveled along this trail was that of San Elizario. The location of one of the first ever celebrated Thanksgiving in April of 1598, Juan de Onate proclaimed the land for Spain, marking the beginnings of Spanish colonialism. The Presidio Chapel San Elizario was established in 1789 after the French patron saint of soldiers. While the original chapel fell victim to a flood in 1829, the current chapel has evolved with the times. It remains an active church while proudly serving as a centerpiece of San Elizario’s Historic District.

Officially founded during a mass by Reverend Fray Antonio Guerra in October of 1680, Mission Socorro is a structure that has faced much adversity over the years, with

the structure falling victim to the elements throughout its history. One of the last remnants from the original structure is the intricately carved and painted beams created by the Piro people. Within the surrounding Socorro area, visitors can see locations that display the authentic frontier architecture of the developing southwest at Casa Ortiz or visit the area’s first silent movie theater space at the historic Casa Apodaca.

The Mission Ysleta stands as one of the first and oldest missions within Texas, with its first mass being held in October of 1660. Sitting at the heart of the Tiguan Indian community, much like its sister missions, the structure has been threatened by natural disasters. Throughout its reconstruction, the original rectangular shape of the mission has evolved into one adopting a more curved shape with the addition of a beehive bell tower and silver dome roof standing as a testament to the perseverance of its residents. Today, the Ysleta Mission stands as the only remaining pueblo in the state of Texas.

With such a deep history surrounding these locations and so much to experience in the areas surrounding them, the Mission Trail will fulfill every traveler’s interests, whether they be one of faith or an avid architecture enthusiast.

• Café Cocol

• Wine Down

• Licon Dairy

• Los Portales Museum and Information Center

• Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

• San Elizario Art Galleries

• Speaking Rock Entertainment Center

6 Feast Meet El Paso’s Top FinanceAttorneysExperts
Don’t miss these spots along The Mission Trail:
Bodega Loya
Café Piro Celebrate All The Good Things Going On In The City LEARN ABOUT EL PASO FROM THE LOCALS! 102 DR. ALOZIE will see you now Meet El Paso’s Medical and Business Experts Back-to-School Mental Health Tips 102 DR . ALOZIE will see you now Meet El Paso’s Medical and Business Experts Health 105 Get to Know El Paso’s Hunger Fighting Heroes PAM AGULLO Physician & Philanthropist Outstanding El Pasoans Honoring Get to Know El Paso’s Hunger Fighting Heroes PAM AGULLO Physician & Philanthropist Outstanding E Pasoans H onoring 104 in El Paso KRYSTALL POPPIN EL PASO’S QUEEN OF HIP HOP On the Record & On the Road Arts The 104 are Al in El Paso KRYSTALL POPPIN PASO’S QUEEN OF HOP On the Record & On the Road The JON BARELA Talks Economic Boom on the Border Get to Know La VIDA Locomotive YUMA Meet El Paso’s Men in Business 101 JON BARELA Talks Economic Boom on the Border Get to Know VIDA Locomotive YUMA Meet El Paso’s 101 118 Feast of Fashion A Local Couturier’s Appetite for the Avant Garde Meet El Paso’s Top Attorneys + Finance Experts Food Truck Frenzy 110 Rock & Rule Local Women in Business MARINA MONSISVAIS Making Waves in the Desert 110 Rock & Rule with Making Waves in the Desert 111 Make th of Men’s Health Month! In*Situ Design Making a Di erence

UTEP Ranked No. 1 Best Value Am Colleges Universities

The impact of higher education is valued in El Paso, with UTEP serving as an institution of higher learning and social mobility that is being recognized for its effectiveness. UTEP is the leading Hispanic-serving institution in the United States, with more than half of the student 8 &

achievements include a second consecutive year of record-breaking freshmen enrollment, ranking in the Wall Street Journal as the best university in Texas for upward social mobility, and an announcement that UTEP will not

“One of UTEP’s fundamental goals is to transform the lives of our graduates, their families, and our community,” says Amanda Vasquez, Ph.D. and Vice President of Enrollment Management at UTEP. “This ranking is a testament to the success we’ve had in realizing that goal, as well as our continued mission of providing an accessible and quality

Downtown Reborn

Downtown El Paso is nestled in the heart of the city, only a few blocks from Ciudad Juarez, and boasts a rich cultural history that tells the unique stories of El Paso, the Southwest, and American history.

Today, El Paso’s downtown is home to the city’s government district, baseball stadium, museums, fine dining restaurants, and a multitude of other attractions that range from street food near San Jacinto Plaza, to Broadway shows at the historic Plaza Theatre, and much more.

The walkable neighborhood is also home to some of El Paso’s most iconic landmarks and architecture that include:

Union Depot: The train station was opened in 1906 and designed by acclaimed architect Daniel H. Burnham attracted thousands of travelers each day and connected El Paso to the rest of the country by rail. Today, Union Depot is recognized as the first international train station in North America and is credited with facilitating trade between the United States and Mexico.

The Anson Mills Building: The historic building was commissioned in 1910-1911 by Anson Mills, who hired Henry C. Trost, the region’s foremost reinforced concrete pioneer. At the time of construction, the Mills Building was the second concrete-frame skyscraper in the country and was the tallest building in El Paso.

San Jacinto Plaza: In 1881, two acres of land were purchased for the creation of a town square and fully functional plaza named San Jacinto Plaza in honor of the battle for Texas Independence in 1903. Like many urban meeting places, the design and layout feature a central open area between sidewalks with trees and benches.

In the 1880s, alligators were introduced into the central pond that became a main attraction for visitors. For humane reasons, the alligators were removed in 1974 and replaced with a commemorative statue.

The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park: The newly renovated luxury hotel was originally opened in the 1930s by Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, who later lived at the hotel with Elizabeth Taylor, retains a sense of old world charm and luxury in its contemporary iteration. Features like stained-glass chandeliers, tile floorwork, leather design, and “Pueblo Revival Art Deco” coalesce Texan, Mexican, and regional Indigenous cultures.

Hotel Paso del Norte: The hotel originally opened its doors in 1912 as the Camino Real Hotel and was known as “the Showplace of the Southwest.” Guests of the hotel had a front row seat to the Mexican Revolution and would sip drinks on the 10th floor rooftop patio to watch the gunfire.

Downtown Restaurants, Bars, Cafés



1700 Steakhouse

Anson 11


Lick it Up International

Park Tavern

The Tap Bar & Restaurant

Café Central


The Reagan

Mac’s Downtown

The Pizza Joint

Juicery Plus

Weso Steakhouse

Sushi Itto

Ristorante Casanova



Coffee Box

Café Rosé

District Coffee Co

Savage Goods

Café Vyable


Later, Later

Hush, Hush

Craft & Social


International Bar

Church Bar


Mona Bar of Modern Art

The Dome Bar

B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub

The Garrison

Tanks State Park & Historic Site Scan here to plan yor next adventure.

On -the -Go OFFICE

On -the -Go

The world of working has evolved to meet the needs of an always-on-the-go workforce that also has an interest in traveling and working on their own time. Coworking spaces offer a convenient combination of office amenities and community to meet the needs of the work day by enhancing productivity, creating networking opportunities, and rates by the hour, day, or longer.

In El Paso, a number of coworking spaces have become integral to the community that offer a reprieve from the traditional office setting for visitors.

“The concept identifies functions that host work-related activities throughout the city, such as restaurants and cafes, and co-locates them with flexible aspects of working. This includes amenities such as on-demand meeting rooms and a variety of workstyle settings – be it desks, high tables, or phone booths,” says Rida Asfahani of Working Capitol and Root Architects.

If your trip to El Paso requires a few hours of work time, check out some of the best co-working spaces in the Sun City:

• Working Capitol

• Downtown Spaces

• One:One

• The Station Urban Offices


Flavors of El Paso

El Paso boasts a rich and diverse food culture that is reflective of the community’s unique blend of American and Mexican influences, which includes cuisine. The city’s close proximity to Mexico has a significant impact on the culinary landscape that has resulted in a fusion of flavors and culinary traditions to create a tapestry of dining experiences.

Mexican cuisine can be found throughout El Paso, from food trucks and taco stands to fine dining restaurants that are committed to capturing the traditional elements of Mexican cooking with hearty Texas flavors. Some of the most popular dishes include enchiladas, taco, nachos, and chile rellenos.

Chiles are an integral ingredient in El Paso’s food culture, with red and green chiles featured in a multitude of dishes to add a spicy kick to local cuisine. Hatch chiles are a regional favorite, which are grown in Hatch, New Mexico.

Another unique culinary feature of the community are panaderias – Mexican bakeries – that are scattered throughout the city and offer a variety of delights like conchas, bolillos, and empanadas.

The food culture in El Paso continues to grow with the city’s appetite for fantastic food, with many food and beverage events now held throughout the year to celebrate the region’s diverse culinary heritage.

Tacos to Talk About!

• Elemi (13500 Eastlake Blvd.; 915-532-2090)

• Taconeta (311 Montana Ave.; 915-303-8038)

• El Cometa (9529 Viscount Blvd.; 915-594-7686)

• Chicos Tacos (4230 Alameda Ave.; 915-533-0975)

• El Beso Taqueria (5500 Doniphan Dr.; 915-307-7374)

• Madre Rosa Cerveceria (7049 S. Desert Blvd.; 915-207-0631)

• Little Shack (5360 N. Mesa; 915-321-1562)


West Texas Chophouse is a local steakhouse that has been a part of the El Paso, TX dining scene since 2017. Its menu is an infusion of Texas steak traditions and Mexican flavors, making the dining experience one of a kind. These cuts are cooked to perfection and served with a variety of delicious entrees, desserts and cocktails. With its high-quality cuisine and excellent service, West Texas Chophouse has quickly become a popular spot for locals and tourists in El Paso. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak or some authentic cuisine, West Texas Chophouse has got you covered.

1135 Airway Blvd. El Paso, TX 79925 (3 locations)


westtexaschophouse West Texas Chophouse


Founded in 1918 during the Prohibition era in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Cafe Central later moved across the border to El Paso, TX, where it has since stood as a testament to the finest dining experiences. The menu at Cafe Central boasts of classic dishes, all prepared with the finest ingredients by top-notch chefs. The restaurant’s elegant decor and classic ambiance, complemented by its world-class service, provide an alluring atmosphere that beckons guests to indulge and create memorable experiences. If you’re looking for a place to experience top-notch service and exquisite cuisine, Cafe Central should definitely be at the top of your list.

109 N Oregon St, El Paso, TX 79901


Cafe Central



Experience the authentic flavors of Famous Dave’s legendary BBQ at our four El Paso locations. From our irresistible St. Louis-Style Ribs, succulent Texas Beef Brisket, flavorful Georgia Chopped Pork, and tender Country-Roasted Chicken, we serve only the finest BBQ options to ensure our guests have an extraordinary dining experience. Our on-premise real pit smokers and scratch-recipes are the secret behind our numerous national and regional awards. From best ribs to best barbecue sauce to best cookbook, we’ve got it all covered. Join us for a delicious BBQ feast that will leave you craving for more.

1135 Airway Blvd. El Paso, TX 79925 (4 locations)


famousdaves Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que of America


Chapa and Chapa Prime are two iconic Mexican steakhouses located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Established in 1981, Chapa is known for its rustic charm and traditional Mexican dishes, and continues to embrace and showcase the rich culinary heritage of Mexico through its carefully crafted menus and ingredients. Chapa Prime opened its doors in 2022, offering a luxurious, upscale dining experience, combining contemporary dishes with a wider range of premium ingredients and top-notch service. The restaurant spared no expense in creating a sophisticated and elegant ambiance that perfectly matches its menu of high-end, world-class dishes. Both Chapa and Chapa Prime are dedicated to providing unforgettable dining experiences celebrating the unique flavors and traditions of Mexican cuisine. Blvd. Manuel Gómez Morín 7150, Tecnológico, 32500 Juárez, Chih., Mexico +52 656.617.0565

Chapa Juarez (2 locations)


East westEast Downtown East west EastEast Juárez, MX


Casa Pantera is a wood-fired Mexican chop house that specializes in serving prime cuts and cocktails with El Paso, Oaxacan, and Coastal Mexican influences. Chef Santiago Estrada, a born and raised El Pasoan, focuses on sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients. His passion and technique, along with Casa Pantera’s design and atmosphere, curate your experience in a way that transports you into a desert oasis located within the Mayan Riviera. Casa Pantera is located on Pershing Drive and supercharges an already bustling Five Points District.

Pershing Dr, El
TX 79903 casapantera Casa Pantera Downtown LATER Located just up the street from “Hush Hush,” “Later, Later” goes beyond being just a bar. This Neighborhood Public House o ers a warm and friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day or for a night out on the town with friends. Good music, great drinks, friendly sta and a laid back, welcoming ambiance make "Later, Later" the go-to spot for a fun filled night out in downtown El Paso. NEIGHBORHOOD PUBLIC HOUSE 109 N Coldwell, El Paso Texas @drinklaterlater 533 W FRANKLIN AVE. @PLEASEHUSHHUSH NESTLED BETWEEN "LATER, LATER," AND SOUTHWEST UNIVERSITY PARK YOU'LL FIND "HUSH HUSH," A DOWNTOWN EL PASO NIGHTLIFE STAPLE. KNOWN FOR ITS GOOD VIBES AND EXCEPTIONAL COCKTAILS, THIS ESTABLISHMENT EMBODIES THE SPIRIT OF A PERFECT OUTING. ITS CHIC AMBIANCE AND SKILLED MIXOLOGISTS OFFER GUESTS UNFORGETTABLE SUNSETS AND LATE NIGHTS ALIKE. "HUSH HUSH" SERVES AS A TESTAMENT TO THE CITY'S VIBRANT NIGHTLIFE SCENE, OFFERING LOCALS AND VISITORS A PRIME DESTINATION TO SAVOR BOTH THE ATMOSPHERE AND CRAFT COCKTAILS IN DOWNTOWN EL PASO. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K REVISEDMagazineAd_Hush-Later copy.pdf 1 11/8/23 12:43 PM Downtown



Anson 11 Upstairs offers a truly delightful dining experience. Offering iconic tableside preparations, family-style sides, prime steaks, and fresh seafood. Enjoy the timeless dining experience of our beautifully appointed Upstairs. An experience you will truly enjoy and remember.

303 N Oregon St, El Paso, TX 79901



A casual, friendly, and inviting atmosphere where the food is delicious, and the service is far above average. Whether it is lunch, dinner, or a nightcap, we will make sure every one of your visits exceeds your expectations.




Lamezze, an enchanting culinary haven established in 2023, graces the gastronomic scene in an unassuming corner of downtown. This El Paso gem redefines Mediterranean cuisine, infusing traditional flavors with a contemporary twist. Lamezze takes diners on an exotic journey, tantalizing taste buds with a fusion of local flavors, plus Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish delicacies. Signature dishes like hummus, shawarma and kebab variation platters, and delicious desserts are testaments to the kitchen’s mastery. The warm ambiance, Art Deco design and soft lighting, offers an immersive cultural experience and remains a cherished destination for connoisseurs seeking a Mediterranean culinary adventure in El Paso.

210 N Stanton Ste 4


Lamezze Restaurant



District Coffee Co. was founded in 2018 as a vibrant hub blending specialty coffee and community engagement. Nestled in the heart of the city, this local gem welcomes patrons to unwind and enjoy their meticulously crafted coffee beverages. Whether you’re a fan of classic espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, or prefer something more adventurous like a specialty pour-over or a unique seasonal creation, we aim to satisfy all tastes. We offer freshly baked pastries or light bites, like bagels and sandwiches, that pair perfectly with our coffee offerings. Embraced by locals and visitors, it’s a cherished spot offering not just a great cup but a comforting ambiance.

222 Texas Ave Ste. Suite F, El Paso TX, 79901


District Coffee Co.



CIR CA 1963

Circa 1963 boasts a mixology and craft beer bar with a lounge and unforgettable views of the city. The space is located on the 5th floor of Hotel Indigo, situated between the pool deck and a cozy rooftop terrace under a custom-designed oak covered ceiling. Dine alfresco or enjoy a nightcap by one of our outdoor fireplaces.

325 N. Kansas, El Paso, TX 79901


Circa 1963



An iconic landmark on the corner of Kansas and Main Street in the heart of Downtown El Paso. A few blocks from the International Bridge, which connects the United States and Mexico. Open daily, join us to connect with your family and friends over organicallysourced ingredients made with love.

325 N. Kansas, El Paso, TX 79901






Grab that Hawaiian shirt and head to Pelican’s Fine Steaks & Seafood. Locally owned and operated in El Paso for more than 38 years, Pelican’s offers only the finest seafood, delivered bi-weekly to ensure freshness, as well as USDA choice Angus Beef, aged in-house to ensure tenderness. Plus, happy hour specials daily. Awarded “Best Seafood” in El Paso.

130 Shadow Mountain Dr, El Paso, TX 79912


Pelican’s Steak & Seafood




Immerse yourself in the ultimate game-daze experience with our dynamic atmosphere. With 22+ high-definition TV’s positioned throughout the bar, we ensure that every seat is the best seat in the house. Our sports menu fuels the excitement by featuring classic sports with bar favorites like savory buffalo wings to mouthwatering ribeye steak sandwiches. For beer enthusiasts, we have 36 beers on tap, curated for your tasting pleasure. Take the excitement outdoors to our inviting patio, where the cheers continue in a dog-friendly setting. Join us for unforgettable moments, delicious bites, and the perfect game-day ambiance!

2900 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902 (2 locations)


headquarters_taphouse Headquarters Taphouse

WEST Downtown


Since 1977, The State Line has been the place in El Paso for Real Texas Barbeque, along with tableside service in a super comfortable, historic, roadhouse atmosphere. Enjoy local spirits and craft beers on the spacious patio, then step inside for some legendary slow-smoked BBQ. Everything is made fresh daily, so you’ll always have a great time at The State Line. Then slide over to the Side Door Liquor store right next door. Both are open 7 days a week!

1222 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX 79922 915.581.3371

The State Line Bar-B-Q



Hidden gem on the Northeast of El Paso featuring local favorites like the green chile cheeseburger, chicken pesto sandwich, and the OG Borracho Burger. Established in 2014 as a food truck, Chase the Taste takes pride in their service and quality food provided for the community. Locally owned burgers and sandwiches with some very unique flavors.

10771 Gateway S BLVD, El Paso, TX 79924 915.270.9199

Chase the Taste



Voted “Best Mexican” restaurant in El Paso, Morra Mia offers authentic Mexican food by bringing the flavors of interior Mexico to town. Our full bar serves award-winning Margaritas, our in-house bakery bakes fresh “pan dulce” daily and our mole that’s made from scratch is out of this world. Definitely the hottest Mexican restaurant in the city! Our new Five Points location opens Summer 2024. Follow us for more details.

11250 Montwood DR, El Paso TX. 79936 915.594.2841

morra mÍa

Take a bite out of El Paso’s renowned fusion of flavors that range from traditional Mexican food to contemporary cuisine.

morra mÍa_elpaso



DeadBeach Brewery specializes in crafting remarkable beer and food for all to enjoy. Our beers are paired exquisitely with our gastro bistro menu made fresh from our DeadBeach Craft Kitchen. Our menu features bold flavors with an El PasoAmerican twist. From breakfast to dinner, selections include soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers, as well as Chilaquiles and signature beer-infused dishes. Join us at our brand-new regional craft brewery for a true taste of borderland beer and food. 3200

Durazno Ave, El Paso, TX
Brewery Central 855.915.2337
79905 deadbeachbrewery DeadBeach

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger has been here for our community providing nutritious food to more than 130 soup kitchens, shelters, pantries, and faith-based organizations.

They also support our schools by distributing food for the free breakfast/lunch program.

In addition, they deliver wholesome groceries to 1,600 home-bound seniors and annually conduct nearly 1,000 mobile food distributions in difficult-to-reach neighborhoods.


Mayor, City of El Paso

The Grape VEscape

iticulture in the Southwest is alive and well thanks to the many vineyards and wineries that can be found throughout New Mexico, the birthplace of wine in the Americas. Grapes were first planted in the region along the Rio Grande by Spanish monks, who smuggled them from Spain in order to make wines for sacrament and other religious ceremonies.

Two Franciscan monks, Fray Garcia de Zuniga and Antonio de Arteaga are credited with planting the first vines in New Mexico at Senecy Pueblo, which is just south of Socorro.

According to local lore, Zuniga and Arteaga defied the Spanish Crown’s policy on prohibiting the export of vines to the New World. The vines produced by the Franciscans grapes were consumed for more than 40 years and called “Mission grapes.”

Mission grapes, also known as Listan Prieta, are recognized for their large size in berries and bunches that produce an elevated skin-to-juice ratio, which creates a red hue to the wine, as well as mild acidity and balanced tannins.

Mission grapes were the primary grape used to make wine in New Mexico, Arizona, and California through the late 19th century.

By 1880, when Billy the Kid was jailed, New Mexico was producing nearly a million gallons of wine annually.

Although New Mexico’s desert climate produces short growing seasons that prevent the grapes from maturing to reach optimal levels of ripeness, wine makers from the early monks to today have adapted.

New Mexico has developed three American Viticultural Areas, which are all found at high altitude areas: the Middle Rio Grande Valley, Mimbres Valley, and Mesilla Valley (near El Paso). The industry continues to thrive with more than 50 wineries and tasting rooms that can be found throughout the state.

The key grape varieties used to produce wine in New Mexico are Syrah, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and Zinfandel.

Wine Trail For more information call or text (575) 323-1825 Wine Tasting Tours from El Paso Las Cruces & ALL- INCLUSIVE TICKETS: WE PAY FOR YOUR WINE! ROUND TRIP TRANSPORTATION VISITS TO 3 WINERIES Visit now and receive a complimentary tasting of any three wines you choose. WHERE THE EDGE OF TEXAS MEETS THE SOUL OF TUSCANY Live music every Saturday and Sunday! 7315 Canutillo-La Union Rd. (915) 877-4544 Thurs - Sun 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

DeadBeach Brewing Excellence

Few things go better in the desert heat than an ice cold craft beer, and one vibrant community craft brewery is quenching the thirst for a better beer.

DeadBeach Brewery was founded in 2015 and quickly became a staple of El Paso’s burgeoning craft beer scene and beyond.

In January 2024, DeadBeach opened the doors to its new regional craft brewery that is building on its nearly decade of success in the community. The 27,000 square foot facility includes a dedicated production space where brewing and packaging occur, as well as a taproom and

Visitors are invited to enjoy beer on-site, as well as delicious

“We’re ready to show El Paso what we have to offer in both the beer and culinary realm,” says chef and brewery owner, Jason Hunt. We are striving to provide our city with an experience that they can find on a national level. Our food is made with our house beers and our new menu will have a

HIKE TO NEW Heights!

For lovers of the outdoors, El Paso offers some of the best opportunities to explore the natural environment and magnificent landscape of West Texas. Hiking in the region offers a variety of stunning landscapes and trails for outdoor enthusiasts of various skill levels from beginner to advanced. Don’t miss your chance to breathe in the desert mountain air, marvel at the views of West Texas and Mexico, and soak up the sun in the Southwest. 26

Some of the most popular hiking spots include:

Aguirre Springs

Located near Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 45 minutes from El Paso, features year-round streams and shade, as well as camping and picnic areas.

Billy Rogers Arroyo Park and Nature Preserve

An untouched arroyo nestled at the foot of the Franklin Mountains and includes stunning views of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.

McKelligon Canyon

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Hike

A 0.6-mile loop trail in Northeast El Paso near the Museum of Archeology.

Franklin Mountain State Park

More than 100 miles of trails that are suitable for various skill levels. The El Paso Tin Mines are located within the park and include historical trails that include remnants of old tin mines.

Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site

This park offers both guided and self-guided hiking opportunities, but does require a reservation because of the site’s historical and ecological significance.

Explore trails for hiking and rock climbing, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The Aztec Caves Trail is located within McKelligon Canyon and is a destination for many visiting hikers.

Mundy’s Gap

A challenging but breathtaking 3.9 trail ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching.

Thousand Steps Trail

A 2.8 mile trail that offers gorgeous views of the city. 27

325 N. Kansas Street, El Paso, TX 79901

Contact Front Desk: +1 915.532.5200


Check in: 3:00 PM | Check out: 11:00 AM

*Minimum check in age is 21


At Hotel Indigo® El Paso Downtown, mid-century architecture meets contemporary design in the middle of a bustling West Texas metropolis formed on a lively blend of Mexican and American culture. Enjoy unforgettable views from our rooftop pool while sipping a craft cocktail before you relax in our luxurious guest rooms, which feature unique décor, plush linens, and a spa-inspired shower. Choose to stay at Hotel Indigo® El Paso Downtown, where the possibilities are endless.

Hotel Indigo




El Paso is the best city to feel at home with family and friends. The hospitality of our community is exceptional! Stay in an Airbnb with all the comforts you need, in spaces specially designed to give you the best experience. We have properties throughout El Paso in the best locations. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of your home, even far away from it. We have 7+ years in the short-term rental business and hospitality industry. We have thousands of 5-star reviews that truly show we care for our guest’s experience!

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Welcome to Hotel Paso del Norte, where modern-day luxury inhabits a setting of history and culture in the heart of Downtown El Paso. Experience the elegance of beautifully preserved architecture throughout this historic hotel, including a stunning ballroom with crystal chandeliers and a breathtaking Tiffany-style, stained-glass dome ceiling. Travelers and locals are invited to enjoy fabulous drinks and cuisine –from casual dining to elegant affairs, an elevated cigar lounge, luxury salon and spa, and heated rooftop pool.

10 Henry Trost Ct, El Paso, TX 79901 915.534.3000



Welcome to Stanton House, a 42-room boutique hotel set in revitalized Downtown El Paso. Here, form and function meet to create a thoughtfully designed, art-driven hotel that authentically celebrates two cultures. The exterior of this 100-year-old building embraces the architectural heyday of our city. Inside, we’ve transformed a historic gem into an ultra-modern experience with warm, contemporary fabrics and international allure, embraced by neutral colors, wood, concrete, marble, and terrazzo. At the heart of the hotel, a four-story atrium features a stunning, moving light sculpture that illuminates the lobby and adds an extra layer of visual intrigue.

209 N Stanton St, El Paso, TX 79901 915.271.3600


your vacation the best with one of these stylish and unique homes away from home.



West Texas has become a hub for out-of-this world experiences with space travel industry companies like Blue Origin and Spaceport America setting down roots for space exploration. West Texas and Southern New Mexico offer many geographical advantages for space launches that include wide-open spaces and good weather for most of the year.

Blue Origin’s facility, also known as the Corn Ranch or Launch Site One, is located 30 miles north of Van Horn, Texas. The 165,000 acre site was purchased by Jeff Bezos in 2004, and today is primarily used for testing and launching Blue Origin’s suborbital New Shepard rocket, specifically designed for space tourism. The New Shepard rocket can fit up to six passengers to take on a ride that goes to the edge of space, where they float in zero gravity for about 10 minutes at an altitude of 346,406 feet before returning to the Earth and deserts of West Texas.

The company’s focus on reusable rocket technology and suborbital flights has contributed to the burgeoning space tourism industry. Blue Origin, like other space companies, has drawn attention to West Texas as a significant area for space exploration and commercial space travel.

Spaceport America, located about 40 miles north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport that boasts some of the world’s most prominent companies in commercial airspace as tenants that include Virgin Galactic, HAPS Mobile / AeroVironment, UP Aerospace, and SpinLaunch. The 18,000 acre launch complex is adjacent to the U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range, and also has a “rocket-friendly” environment that includes 6,000 miles of restricted airspace, low population density, a 12,000 by 200-foot runway, vertical launch complexes, and desirable weather. Spaceport America represents a significant development in the commercial space industry, providing infrastructure and support for various spacerelated activities that contribute to the advancement of space exploration and tourism. The hope is that with time, this spaceport and others like it will continue to drive innovation and enable greater access to space for a wide range of purposes.

Visitor Information

Spaceport America is a closed facility but offers experience tours.

Geronimo Trail Visitor Center

523 North Broadway St., Truth or Consequences, NM 87901

Getting there

146 miles/235km from the Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Take Interstate 25 South and EXIT 79.

126 miles/203 km from the El Paso International Airport (ELP) in El Paso, Texas. Take Interstate 10 West to Interstate 25 North and EXIT 75.

Visit Las Cruces

336 S. Main St., Las Cruces, NM 88001

Getting there

51 miles/82 km from the El Paso International Airport (ELP) in El Paso, Texas. Take Interstate 10 West to EXIT 142, drive straight on Main Street. Visit Las Cruces is located on the corner of South Main and Amador. Free street-side parking is available.

For more information on Blue Origin, visit



Jewel Box Series: Teatro NeplantaAl’s Club

El Paso Rhinos Vs. New Mexico Ice Wolves


Congreso DHH

2024 - Pastores El Paso Tx.

March 1 - 2

Vino Nuevo El Paso

Marc Anthony

March 1 - 2

Don Haskins Center

Anthony Texas Leap Year Festival

March 1 - 2

Anthony Municipal Park

90’s Pop Tour

March 2

El Paso County Coliseum

Los Empenos De Una Casa- Presented By UTEP Theatre

March 3

Wise Family Theatre

MonsterJam 2024

March 9 - 10

Sunbowl Stadium

Come From Away

True Story

Hit Musical

March 9

Plaza Theatre

March 10

Philanthropy Theate

Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl

March 15th

Jerry Karnes Comedy Presents

March 15 –16

Skyline Entertainment Center

Kansas- Another Fork in The Road

March 17

Plaza Theatre

Mission Trail Art


March 17

Main Street

San Elizario Historical District

March 19

El Paso County Coliseum

Carrie Underwood

March 20

Don Haskins Center


Vivaldis Four Seasons and More

March 21

St. Rogers Depot

Luis R Conriquez

March 23

El Paso County Coliseum

EPSYO: Side by Side Concert

March 24

The Plaza Theatre

FREE Reading Night at El Paso Center for Children

March 28

Family Resource Center

Los Tigres del Norte

March 30  –  31

Don Haskins Center

El Paso Rhinos Vs. Colorado Grit

March 31

El Paso County Coliseum

Mean Girls

April 5-7

Plaza Theatre

El Paso Science Festival

April 6-7

El Paso Convention Center

El Paso Comic Con

April 12-13

El Paso Convention Center

FREE Children’s Saturday Story Time @ Books are Gems

April 13

7744 N Loop Dr El Paso, TX

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

April 13

Plaza Theatre

Midland Live

April 13

Cowtown Events Center

Alicia Villarreal: Donde Todo Comenzo Tour

April 13  –  14

Abraham Chavez Theatre

For up-to-date information, go to
or download the official Visit El Paso App Today.

The Scarecrow

April 14

Philanthropy Theater

First Game of the Season! Chihuahuas vs. Albuquerque

April 17

Southwest University Park, 1 Ballpark Plaza

Banda MS

April 20  –  21

Don Haskins Center

Spotted: El Paso April 2024 Car Show

April 21

War Eagles Air Museum

Star City Tattoo Expo 2024

April 26 - 28

El Paso Convention Center

Baby Shark Big Broadway Tour

April 27

Abraham Chavez Theatre

Opera UTEP

Presents French Favorites

April 27  –  28

Hawthorne St

La Vina Spring Wine Festival

April 27 - 28

La Vina Winery


Luis Miguel Tour

May 1-2

Don Haskins Center

Celtic Woman

May 4

Plaza Theatre

Cinco de Mayo Mariachi & Folklorico Night

May 4  –  5

The Fountains at Farah


May 5 - 6

Plaza Theatre

Swan Lake with Orchestra

May 8-9

Plaza Theatre

El Paso

Locomotive Fc vs. Memphis 901 Fc

May 17

Southwest University Park, 1 Ballpark Plaza

EP Opera: Sunday

In The Park With George

May 17-18

Abraham Chavez Theatre

BrickFest Live

May 18-19

El Paso Convention Center

EPSYO Season


May 19

The Plaza Theatre


May 24  –  25

El Paso County Coliseum


Artisan Craft Fair

June 1

Old Glory Memorial

El Paso

Locomotive Fc vs. Birmingham Legion Fc

June 1

Southwest University Park, 1 Ballpark Plaza

Palm St Market

June 13

Palm St Market

Spring InSANDity

June 13

InSANDity, 3631

Gerard Dr.

Take a Walk in Her Boots

June 14

El Paso

Juneteenth El Paso’s 2nd Annual Freedom Celebration

June 15

Nations Tobin Park

Caifanes and Cafe Tacvba

June 16

El Paso County Coliseum

Anime El Paso Festival

June 22-23

El Paso Convention Center

Sesame Street Say Hello

June 23

Abraham Chavez Theatre

El Paso Sun City Pridefest

June 24-25

Main Room



The finest Broadway performances take center stage at El Paso’s historic Plaza Theatre and the show’s glittering lights shine brighter than ever on the Border. Each year, El Paso Live proudly presents exhilarating lineups that range from timeless classics to modern favorites, with each selection thoughtfully curated to captivate audiences of all ages.

This spring, be prepared to be swept off your feet and transported with a variety of genres and themes that will include toe-tapping musical favorites, award-winning productions, and riveting drama.

Over the years, El Paso Live and their Broadway partners, Nederlander National Markets, have hosted a range of blockbusters including Disney’s The Lion King, Les Miserables, and more incredible shows. In 2024, they welcome Disney’s Aladdin, Come from Away, and Mean Girls to the Plaza Theatre for the first time.


on the


The Plaza Theatre is a National Historic Building of Significance that was built in 1930, and later restored in 2006, nestled in downtown El Paso. The theater was designed in Spanish Colonial Revival architecture that includes painted ceilings, mosaic-tiled floors, antique furniture, and more. One of the most beloved atmospheric aspects of the theater itself is the illusion that the audience is in an outdoor courtyard, with thousands of stars on the ceiling to illuminate the space like the night sky.

Broadway in El Paso at the Plaza Theatre provides a dazzling experience that combines state-of-the-art technology production with breathtaking visuals, crisp sound, and innovative stage design that challenges the boundaries of possibilities in live theater under the twinkling stars of the iconic venue.

Whether you’re a seasoned Broadway aficionado or a firsttime theatergoer, this season’s diverse lineup promises an unforgettable experience as the curtain rises on this extraordinary Spring.

To see a full schedule of events, please visit

Explore other Historic Venues

• The Plaza Theatre

• Abraham Chavez Theatre

• El Paso Coliseum

• Philanthropy Theatre

• McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre



For art enthusiasts, the arts are alive in El Paso, with a multitude of public pieces located throughout the community to enjoy for free. The City of El Paso’s Public Art Program was established in 2006 as a way to integrate free public art throughout the city, which beautifies and distinguishes communities and neighborhoods through artistic expression and representation. Since its inception, the Public Art Program has collaborated with more than 377 artists – 77 percent of whom are local artists –and more than 175 locally-owned businesses. Additionally, the program has been honored with 11 national awards.

Visitors can become acquainted with the Sun City by walking or driving by some of the region’s largest and most recognizable works of art. El Paso is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, and murals play a significant role in the city’s cultural expression. Mural work not only provides aesthetic value to the city, but also reflects diverse cultural heritages and social narratives that make the city unique. Many murals decorate the streets of Downtown and Central El Paso that each offer perspective on the community, history, and local culture.



of El Paso’s most prominent murals in Downtown and Central El Paso include:

• Barrio Soul by Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado at 523 S. Campbell St.

• El Corrido de Segundo Barrio by Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado at 710 E. 7th Ave.

• El Semilla by Los Dos at 524 S. Oregon St.

• Love Letter to Sunset Heights by Alejandro Lomeli at 220 W. Yandell Dr.

• Plastic Mountain Lion by Bordalo II at 484 N. Mesa St.

• Father Rahm by Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado at 111 W. Father Rahm Ave.

• Para Nosotros by Martin "Blaster" Zubia, at 111 W. Father Rahm Ave.



music venues, historical significance, lively festivals, and strong sense of community where music thrives. From traditional country and western tunes to vibrant indie rock, hip hop, electronic, and Latin styles, El Paso is a symphony of sound for those who love music.

The city is home to a wide variety of local talent that includes bands like At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Sleepercar, The Royalty, Acid Wave, Late Night Drive Home, and artists like Jim Ward, Khalid, Krystall Poppin’, and many more.

El Paso’s music scene benefits from its geography of being situated in the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as in between large cities from entertainment like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, and Austin.

Theatre and Don Haskins Center – there’s always live music to be found.

El Paso’s dynamic cultural atmosphere continues to catch the attention of live entertainment, with more events, festivals, and attractions coming to the Sun City each year.

Explore Local Music Venues

• Lowbrow Palace

• RockHouse Bar & Grill

• Love Buzz

• Rosewood

• Mona Bar of Modern Art

• Aceitunas Bar & Grill

• Ricky D’s

• Whole Lota Denim 38


Take a little road trip to indulge in the natural beauty of Big Bend National Park, less than 300 miles from El Paso! Big Bend is home to geological wonders like dinosaur bones and sea fossils, as well as volcanic dikes within the desert landscape.

Visitors can enjoy a world of diverse species of plants and animals that have been traversed by Indigenous peoples, pioneers, ranchers, miners, and many more.

Big Bend is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Texas because of its scenic vistas, opportunity for outdoor adventure, historic sites, and breathtaking skies.

Spanish settlers first crossed through the region through the Rio Grande during the 16th and 17th centuries in quest of riches like gold, silver, and fertile land. Mexican and American settlers began farming in the region during the early 20th century, where they grew cotton and food crops.

Today, guests are invited to discover history by exploring archeological sites that date back nearly 10,000 years, as well as many ranches, wax camps, military outposts, and more.

50CelebratingYears of Film & Creative Industries

Lights, cameras, action! El Paso is a film-friendly city known for its natural desert landscape, vast open spaces, and proximity to Juarez and New Mexico. The City of El Paso’s Film & Creative Industries Commision is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, and is celebrating being the leading resource for visiting film, television, and multimedia producers.

The Film & Creative Industries Commission serves at the forefront of facilitating professional film, TV, and music productions in the region that has been amplifying creativity for the last five decades.

El Paso was a popular filming location for major studio productions in the early 1970s that include Sam Peckinpah’s

“The Getaway” starring Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw that highlighted the need for a commission.

“By 1974, the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau saw the need to devote staff and resources to the growing Texas regional film industry,” says Drew Mayer-Oakes, Film & Creative Industries Commissioner.

Since then, the commission has represented El Paso and its role in creative industries that contribute millions of dollars to the local economy each year. As part of its ongoing efforts, the Film & Creative Industries Commission will be showcasing film, music, and creative industry milestones on social media throughout the year.

“We look forward to continuing our legacy of empowering filmmakers and creative professionals for the next 50 years and beyond,” says Mayer-Oakes.


Notable productions filmed in El Paso include:

• “The Fighter” (1952)

• “Manos: The Hand of Fate” (1966)

• “Lone Wolf McQuade” (1983)

• “Paris, Texas” (1984)

• “What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993)

• “Last Man Standing” (1996)

• “Glory Road” (2006)

• “Sicario” (2015)

• “Cassandro” (2023)

Features a refreshing open-air atmosphere with numerous water features, entertainment venues, outdoor patio dining, and covered parking.

The Fountains at Farah is a regional lifestyleshopping venue offering fresh, name-brand boutiques in addition to on-trend and mid-range department stores and restaurants.

I-10 at Hawkins Blvd

The Day Trip Experience A

dventure awaits less than two and half hours and 150 miles away! Hit the open road for a relaxing day trip outside of El Paso.

White Sands National Park

Via US-54 E: 93 minutes, 100 miles

Hatch, New Mexico

Via I-25 N: 90 minutes, 91 miles

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Via I-10 W and I-25 N: 2 hours and 13 minutes, 123 miles

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Via Via US-54 E: 1 hr and 59 minutes, 108 miles

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Via US-54 E: 2 hours and 24 minutes, 139 miles

City of Rocks State Park

Via I-10 W: 2 hours and 28 minutes, 130 miles

24 Hours in El Paso


1. Breakfast at L&J Cafe: Kick off your day with a hearty breakfast at one of El Paso’s most iconic restaurants known for its Mexican food and its past celebrity clientele.

2. Take in the Sights: Take in an early morning view of the city from Scenic Drive by car or on Sundays by foot.

3. Visit the El Paso Museum of History: Explore the rich history and cultural heritage of El Paso at this fascinating museum. From Native American artifacts to exhibits on the city’s role in the Mexican-American War, there’s plenty to see and learn about.

4. Explore Downtown El Paso: Take a stroll through downtown El Paso and admire the historic architecture, vibrant street art, and lively atmosphere.


1. Lunch at Chico’s Tacos: Don’t miss one of El Paso’s most beloved local restaurants, featuring a boat of rolled tacos drowned in special sauce and shredded cheese.

2. Visit the El Paso Zoo: Spend an afternoon outdoors at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and explore more than 200 species of animals – now including Magellanic Penguins!

3. Franklin Mountains State Park: Spend the afternoon hiking or biking in Franklin Mountains State Park. With over 100 miles of trails, there’s something for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

4. Tour El Paso’s Mission Trail: Head back to El Paso and take a self-guided tour of the city’s Mission Trail, which includes three historic Spanish missions. Learn about the region’s colonial history and admire the architecture of these centuries-old buildings.


1. Dinner at Casa Pantera: Casa Pantera offers a unique take on fusion cuisine and excellent cocktails.

2. Catch a Show at the Plaza Theatre: This beautifully restored historic theater hosts a variety of performances, from Broadway shows to concerts and comedy acts.

3. Live Music at The Lowbrow Palace: If you’re in the mood for some live music, head to The Lowbrow Palace, a popular venue that hosts a variety of local and touring bands. 42
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1200 Futurity Drive • Sunland Park, NM 88063 • 575.874.5200 • Keep it FUN, Play Responsibly. Need Help? Call 1-800-572-1142. Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino is New Mexico’s premier gaming destination, featuring a state-of-the-art horse track, a sensational casino floor, incredible restaurants, live entertainment and much more. We welcome you to visit our facilities to win big, eat great and enjoy amazing live music accompanied by superior customer service. Live Horse Racing at Sunland Park Racetrack every Thursday - Sunday, Now - April 7! Enjoy a wide variety of live racing action from Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing and year-round simulcast wagering available from tracks around the world. Experience MORE FUN AT THE SUN!

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