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June 2022

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Shelley Mozelle | EDITORIAL Managing Editor Erin Coulehan | GRAPHIC Editorial Design Ernie Sanchez Creative |

Pick aDesigner copy of Junior Graphic Maggie Blum |

DESIREE WEBBERDIEBOLD D.P.M. Sun City’s own Dr. Desiree Webber-Deibold is the ONLY podiatrist in El Paso with 3 board certifications.


Chaz Wilson | Account Executives Megan Langford | Omar Samaniego |

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She now specializes in state of the art, Lapriplasty 3D bunion corrections.

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From the

“I want to say thank you to those who have listened without judgment, spoken without prejudice, helped without entitlement, understood without pretension, and loved me without conditions.”


ear loyal friends of the magazine,

Welcome to our 10-year, 100th-issue celebration. This commemorative edition in combination with a curated museum installation is overwhelming to me. It is more special than words can put on paper. I am a storyteller, and for the past ten years, The City Magazine’s primary focus has been to tell the story of El Paso. We believed it was important that we featured not only people and spaces that are inspiring but also showcase those who might otherwise go unnoticed, “The Doers.” From inception, the force behind our magazine has always been rooted in one mission, to celebrate all the good things going on in the city. I am proud to say that we’ve done just that. I’m feeling extremely sentimental as I reflect on how far we’ve come. We’ve had successes and challenges. I’ve reaped the rewards and suffered through some sacrifices. Through it all, I’ve been fortunate to have always been surrounded by support from loyal staff, my family, and most importantly my children. Chaz and Sarah spent many nights curled up on an office sofa, eating family dinners around the conference room table, and witnessing their mother’s late-night frenzies during monthly press deadlines. My grandchildren Caisen and Brilyn have experienced similar situations while in the loving care of their “Honey.” My hope is that someday when I’m gone, they will turn the pages of past issues and understand why I occasionally missed 18

a ball game or a tumbling event and still be proud of their Mom and “Honey”.

on you to remind me of that every day! I am proud of the man you’ve become. Every mother should be so blessed.

We’ve only had two Managing Editors during our ten years, which speaks to the dedication and passion behind the magazine. Our first was Kim North. Kim will forever hold our past as she dedicated seven years to the magazine. Her dedication, professionalism, and loyalty cannot be measured in words. Kim’s entire family is owed an enormous thank you. Her husband and children were often roaming the halls during late-night deadlines and committed hours to help in whatever capacity we needed. I could not have made it this far without Kim’s help and friendship. Ernie Sanchez, my graphic-design guru of eight years! Ernie’s ability to interpret my vision into a reality month after month has been invaluable. Ernie has patience, tenacity, and loyalty that astonishes me. We’ve definitely burned some midnight oil and I can’t think of a better creative partner. Even Bea, Ernie’s wife, has proven to be a magazine asset as my silent human resource gal. Chaz is my true partner in crime. Could I have asked you to wear any more hats?! Chaz

Our current Editor, Erin Coulehan, holds the magazine’s editorial future in her hands and I could not be more confident in her abilities. She interned at the magazine ten years ago. She left El Paso to earn her wings writing for national publications and as fate would have it, she’s back where she belongs, writing about the town she loves so much. Erin’s passion for writing, editing, and the magazine business is infectious. Our future is in great hands. There are many throughout the years who’ve guarded our mission, whose dedication, loyalty, and work ethic have catapulted us to where we are today, you know who you are and I will always be eternally thankful and count myself lucky to have worked alongside you. I sincerely hope we have done justice to the collection of editorials that have memorialized the history and landscape of El Paso. The museum installation tells a story of our tenyear in a timeline, from the beginning through today. We did it together. And I am forever grateful, El Paso.

has been an event coordinator, distribution manager, advertising sales, and often my work therapist. He’s grown up in the magazine, been

Thank you for all the memories, it has been a privilege,

with me through the ups and downs, and now his leadership has grown to manage the sales team, who have truly raised the sales bar. Chaz is my old soul. His wisdom and wit during times that seemed disastrous are uncanny. I would be lost without you Chaz, and I know I can count


June 2022






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The MedSpa West at Southwest Plastic Surgery 5925 Silver Springs Dr. Suite C El Paso, TX 79912 Tel: (915)590-7907


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June 2022

From the


started as an intern at The City Magazine at the end of 2011, fresh out of college and eager to make my mark -- as a medical and health reporter. Shelley loves telling the story of how I went in wanting to be the next Mary Roach or Atul Gawande. She

said that was fine, but would I mind also writing about lipstick? One beauty article led to stories on technology and health, then profiles on businessmen and women, and then features on wildlife that had me giving bubble baths to elephants. I found my niche in my early 20s but knew I wasn’t ripe enough to lead. I needed experience and I wasn’t done adventuring. I was accepted into Georgetown University’s School of Professional Studies where I earned a master’s in journalism and interned at iconic institutions like National Geographic and outspoken online magazines like I had a romance with rock and roll reporting that led to a “big break”-type gig at Rolling Stone -- and oh, so much fun! I returned to El Paso in the winter of 2014, still eager to make my mark, this time at home. Over the last ten years, I’ve evolved from intern to editor while also gaining a greater appreciation for El Paso. Thinking about it, every big

We had many difficult conversations about the way we would represent

opportunity for me has been either in or because of El Paso.

events like the August 3rd mass shooting and the COVID-19 pandemic then realized we were telling the story of overcoming obstacles.

This very special 100th issue of the magazine is a testament to how far our community has come over the last decade, as well as a forecast of

A lot has happened over the last decade, and I’m just as excited to

where we’re going and who we hope to be.

have my family at our 100th issue celebration as I was at our first, once upon a time ago. I’m just as excited to celebrate this milestone with

From the culinary expansion of Socorro inspired by the culinary

my fiance, friends, and colleagues I’ve gained and grown with.

and generational legacies of business owners to El Paso’s beloved elephants who’ve served as ambassadors of the city, to some of the

We wouldn’t exist without our readers or this community.

families that give the Borderland its flavor and ferocity -- it’s my belief (hope) that there’s an editorial in here for everyone.

None of this would’ve been possible without our fabulous team, Shelley, Chaz, Mari, Megan, Omar, Ernie, Maggie, and Amber; our

In addition to this special issue, we’ve curated an entire museum

wonderful partners who remind us to eat and love us even when we’re


going to print or planning a party (usually both), Blaine, Ed, Chris, Bea and Sarah; and our children who we work so hard for (too many human

The International Museum of Art was gracious/crazy enough to bring

and canine to list on a tight word count).

our wild dream of a ten-year retrospective to life. We’ve gone through all 100 issues of the lifestyle magazine to pick out some of the most

We’re so lucky to have so much to celebrate.

memorable editorials and situated them -- literally and figuratively -- in El Paso’s history over the last world-changing decades. 20

Now to start planning the next 100 issues.

June 2022



June 2022

JUNE 2022 VOLUME 100

40 40







The Power of Family





Here and Now





Catching up WITH KHALID

‘Nacho’ Average Appetizer

Honoring AUGUST 3RD




June 2022

Contributors Erin






Managing Editor


Andi R.











Dr. Ogechika ALOZIE


June 2022


June 2022


Khalid Catching up with

June 2022

| By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: RO.LEXX |


C at c h i n g u p w i t h K h a l i d

June 2022

a blessing, so I want to push it as far as I

to touch fans through my music. I want my

can go, experiment, try new genres, and tell

evolution to be proof to others that embracing

stories I haven’t told.”

your true self and living in your purpose can lead to happiness within yourself.

Khalid’s storytelling through song has made him a five-time Grammy Award-nominated


multiplatinum artist who continues to make

How does El Paso inspire you?

music and give back to the Borderland through his nonprofit, the Great Khalid



The city of El Paso has a close-knit community and it’s inspirational to see how everyone

For this special issue, The City Magazine

comes together to push the city forward and

caught up with Khalid on El Paso, legacies,

create opportunities to uplift the community.

and what comes next.

Everything from supporting local businesses to standing up for diversity and inclusion, El

The City Magazine

Paso is a gem that I’m truly proud of.

What makes you proud of El Paso? Khalid I’m proud of El Paso’s community. Growing up a military kid and moving around so often, El Paso was the city that embraced me with open arms. Because of that, I am proud to call El Paso my home. TCM


This issue is all about legacies, l Paso has always been a haven

what do you hope your legacy to be?

for musicians and artists, our dry deserts serving as a rich oasis for


creativity somewhere between

I hope for my legacy to show my dedication

LA and Austin. For Khalid, a former

to pushing boundaries in music and in

DIY online artist turned global superstar, El

philanthropy. I’m blessed to do what I love

Paso has also served as a haven for both

and I want to inspire the next generation

independence and creativity.

of youth to stay true to themselves and persevere. This is why I started The Great

A lot has happened since Khalid wrote his

Khalid Foundation, with the mission of

first song in 2015 and then catapulted to

supporting youth in education and the arts.

superstardom, but he remains focused and interested in exploring his range as an artist.

TCM You’ve done so much within the

“I’ve learned the capability I have as an

last 5 years, what do you see ahead

artist,” he says. “I don’t want to limit myself

in the next 5 years?

to one sound or genre. I love music across the board. I might write a folk song in my


Notes app, or I might go into the studio and

I want to keep learning, continue to grow

do an R&B track. My purpose is to make

artistically, and become the best version of

music that’s true to me. I have the chance

myself. Expand into fashion, film/television,

to relate to people around the world. That’s

and executive producing, while continuing


June 2022

Culinary | Words and photos by: CLAUDIA FLORES |


Exploring Socorro’s

Exploring Socorro’s Culinary Fronteir

June 2022

Socorro is expanding its culinary footprint with new options to explore unique cuisine in the Southwest that is rooted in family traditions and

Frontier generations of knowledge. As the community continues to grow, the culinary expansion is inviting El Pasoans to venture east and for

adventures with new tastes in town inspired by entrepreneurs honoring their own family legacies.


wned by 29-year-old chef, Enrique

Lozano as a business owner.

Lozano, former owner, and Chef of

“When I came back to El Paso

Nishi Ramen, El Charlatan, located at 10180

for family reasons, I decided

Socorro Rd., brings a unique experience with

that instead of taking a step back

the blending of Mexican and Asian cuisine.

and work at any restaurant, I had to open

2021, El Charlatan offers a rich blend of

my thing, and then I did Nishi Ramen,”

Mexican and Asian Cuisine, such as Chicken

Lozano said.

Chilmole Tacos season with Togarashi and

Lozano has worked at renowned restaurants

Opened in October of

Carrilleras Short Ribs inspired by the classic

throughout his career, such as Michelin Star restaurant Next in Chicago, and said working

In 2017, at the age of 24, Lozano ventured

there was a big culture shock.

into his first restaurant. A ramen shop that

El Charlatan

Korean BBQ.

was located Downtown. At Nishi, Lozano

For Lozano, one of his priorities as owner

“The way things were

experimented with different recipes and

and executive chef of El Charlatan is giving

done in the kitchen was

flavors, that he brought back to El Charlatan

clients the best experience possible.

very specific, calculated,

after three years.

and meticulous, and it was something that I’d never seen before,” Lozano said. However, after working in Chicago for six months and returning to his hometown, the experience opened a new path for

While some restaurants serve bread as a “It was surreal at the time,

starter, Lozano serves his clients a fresh

and it was something that just

handmade flour tortilla along with their

happened. I didn’t really have

special house-made miso butter.

a game plan for it. I just knew I

wanted to do it and got it done,” Lozano said.

“We really take the time with our clients,

“It lasted about two years before I decided to

even if we’re super busy, we really try to take

close it for financial reasons, but now moving

time to make the customer feel this is their

forward, I wanted to open up a ramen shop,

time and nobody else’s,” Lozano said.

but also touch back on my roots, which is Mexican.”

Most recently, El Charlatan came out in ‘Texas Monthly’s Dining Guide’ as one of the top restaurants in Texas for 2022. 29

June 2022

Café Cocol I

f El Charlatan sounds like the place for a

According to Carlos, the name of the café,

great meal, right next-door Café Cocol offers

Cocol, originates from her childhood since it

quality coffee along with a great atmosphere.

was what his grandfather used to call the drink. “He would call my grandma and say, ‘Dame

Coming from a Latino family, Lizabeth Carlos,

mi Cocol’ and he was referring to the coffee.

31, always saw coffee as a ritual in her home.

He would sit at the table and have his café

The drink was a must in the mornings and the

instantaneo, Nescafe,” Carlos said. “Then, my

evenings for her family, and it was the scent that

grandma would bring her the water, sugar and

later pushed her to start working in coffee shops.

coffee, and that’s when I would smell the jars, and the smell still reminds me of home.”

“I’ve always loved the smell of it and right after high school I started working at a coffee shop

After working for a couple of years at Joe Vinny

and I never stopped,” Carlos said. “I kind of

& Bronsons Bohemian Café, one day, Enrique

knew I wanted to have a little coffee shop of

Lozano, a friend of Carlos and owner of El

some sort, something chill and welcoming, and

Charlatan, approached her with the opportunity

it came out of nowhere really, I was planning it

to finally open her own shop.

and planning it and I never thought it was going to be this big.”

“One day he just shot me a message and was like ‘Hey do you still want to open that coffee


June 2022

Exploring Socorro’s Culinary Fronteir

shop?’ and I said yes, then he told me ‘I have

Signature drinks like the Abuelita Latte

a little spot for you.’ Initially, I blew him off

and Mazapan Latte, says Carlos, bring you

because big dreams like this are scary,”

back home.

Carlos said. “At first I thought it was going to be a little room because I knew he was

“These flavors remind you of your grandma’s

opening his second restaurant, but when I

house and drinking chocolate abuelita. Or

walked in here, I was blown away.”

eating Mazapan at children’s parties, and for so long I was holding on to the idea of

Decorated with vibrant colors contrasting

these drinks,” Carlos said. “When I worked

with the white walls of the place, plants, and

at coffee shops and had an idea for a drink

the adobe infrastructure, give Café Cocol a

I was like ‘I’m going to put that drink in my

cozy look that’s a must for coffee shops.

shop, and now they’re a hit.”


Exploring Socorro’s Culinary Fronteir

June 2022

Bodega Loya


ithin less than a half mile of

According to Ralph, the farm now stands

“We’re not certified organic, but we follow all

distance between Café Cocol and

on the place that once was The Lupe Garcia

organic practices. We encourage people to go

El Charlatan, Bodega Loya serves

Dairy, one of the first original established

look at the garden,” Marty Loya said. “There

dairies on the Mission Trail.

is no shipping of vegetables or fruit, we don’t

the community of Socorro with fresh

freeze anything. It’s literally from the farm to

ingredients that go from the farm directly into the hands of customers.

“My dad was raised by his Godparents, the

their house, and people like that about us.”

García’s and they raised him as a farmer

For Marty and Ralph Loya, farming’s been the

and dairyman,” said Marty Loya. “When

Aside from farming, the Loyas decided

family business for generations. Located at

I inherited the farm, we continued having

to open a space where people from the

10257 Socorro Rd., the establishment that’s

people grow cotton. We tried alfalfa and

community and artists could enjoy a venue.

been in Socorro for over 100 years is now a

other things, but it wasn’t going anywhere,

fresh produce farm and coffee shop all in one.

so about three years ago we decided to try

At Cafecito, the customers can go in for


a cup of coffee or freshly brewed tea with herbs cut directly from the garden, while

“I grew up with farming as a kid, my dad was a farmer and we always helped him and

One of the unique characteristics of Bodega

looking at the art that hangs from the walls of

learned from that,” Ralph Loya said. “It’s

Loya is the experience it offers customers by

the adobe house.

always been a dream of mine to continue

harvesting fresh produce directly from the

doing that after I retire and when COVID hit it

ground to their kitchen tables.

gave us a year and nine months to start this.” 32

“Opening a coffee shop was more of my son’s idea, and we felt we wanted to do an

June 2022 art gallery where artists could sell their art

in the Socorro community and customers can

within the walls of this house,” Marty said.

find products from other vendors such as

“We opened the coffee shop in October of

chicken and ducks eggs from local farmers and

2021, and we’ve been slowly adding more

dairy products from Licon Dairy.

artists to the place.” “When you have connections then you Loya,

have more items to sell. You have a variety

customers can come in for fresh produce all

so that when people come to the bodega,

year round.

they don’t just have a couple of things to






purchase, but they find there’s quite a bit of Apart from their own products, the bodega has strong connections with other local businesses

variety,” Marty said.

Solar Panels | HVAC Water Treatment | Roofing

Every detail. Every Project. Every Time.

Solar Panels


Water Treatment


helping our community

with intergrity and transparency

(915) 873-8714

1000 Diesel Dr. Suite D. El Paso, TX. 79907 33

June 2022

Advertising Executives






Call (915) 225-0265 and

st e p i n to t h e n e w n o w


The City Magazine is proud to introduce our account ad executives. This team has over 20 combined years in experienced marketing and advertising. Skilled in implementing a wide array of print and digital advertising techniques, TCM Ad Executives are able to supplement brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and achieve ultimate client satisfaction. Their commitment to this community is rooted in their desire to facilitate growth as they work to promote El Paso’s most reputable and engaged businesses.

June 2022


June 2022


June 2022


he significance of life on

the border is commemorated

lxs dos honors life on the Border | By: AMBER LANAHAN |

in art throughout El Paso and is celebrated in deserts beyond our own. Music fans and the local

art scene were given a treat this year at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that honors the legacy of the border, as El Paso artists LxsDos were selected to create an installation for the highly-anticipated event. El Paso’s artistic duo have taken on their largest sculpture project yet in “La Guardiana,” a piece that tells a story of the ongoing refugee crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border. Artists Christian and Ramon Cardenas are the pair that make up LxsDos (also known as Los Dos). Their work showcases a collection of experiences that occur while living on the border that intersects and resonates throughout the country. LxsDos






Coachella’s newly commissioned immersive art






international acclaim and enhanced attention to the legacy of life on the border. “During the finishing process [for ‘La Guardiana’], before, the festival, we had many interactions with the workers who were setting up this place, mainly immigrant workers and Chicanos. My heart was warm and they brought tears to my eyes literally every day with their comments,” LxDos wrote on Instagram of the Coachella experience. “Many mentioned that it’s the first art work here that represents them. So we are completely satisfied with that. Even though people will interact with it on manly levels, those were some of the most significant ones for us. We also met some pretty awesome people hanging out by the work,” they continued. LxsDos has built its platform utilizing an array of art mediums, from screen printing to


June 2022 inflatable sculptures in order to share stories with its audience. The most notable of these techniques is the duo’s street murals, which can be found in local neighborhoods. In a 2016 interview, the couple explained their reason for the street art medium was its accessibility to the general public. The pair share the belief held by many fellow street artists in the desire to make art available to all audiences. “Being exposed to art is a luxury,” Christian disclosed. “It’s a way to make art available to poor neighborhoods or people who don’t have the opportunity to go to a city museum,” Ramon would conclude. El Paso’s Segundo Barrio holds one of many pieces dedicated to this mission, the mural, “Sister Cities/Ciudades Hermanas.” The display takes the image of twin sisters, symbols for the cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Their hair weaves together, which represents the two cities’ interwoven relationship. Using bright hues of green, blue, and yellow the couple pays homage to rich Latino culture while highlighting similarities between sister cities. Within the sisters’ clothing are small tributes to street vendors, musicians, and other individuals who have significantly influenced the artists’ lives. In 2019, LxsDos received an email from an unknown source asking if they’d like to work on a piece for a band. Taking a chance on this potential spam mail would become a lifetime opportunity, as the callback representative proposed a collaboration with Rage Against The Machine. “It was one of those things where we couldn’t say ‘no,’” Ramon told KTEP earlier this Spring. “It was a call that could change everything.” The art duo was asked to use their knowledge of the U.S.-Mexico border experience to design a poster for the band’s reunion tour (the tour was later rescheduled due to COVID-19). “They were planning on having a reunion and doing something big,” said Ramon. “And they wanted to start at the border and address refugees along the U.S.-Mexico border,” added Christian. The couple said the request was perfect because immigration and border issues are frequent motifs in their work. “La Guardiana” would become a piece dedicated to the reasons and risks faced in refugee journeys to a hopeful haven once Paul Clemente, Art Director for Coachella invited the duo to turn the image into an installation. The visage of a female refugee, presumed to be a mother, holds a baby protectively to her back with her rebozo (shawl). A pair of horns, symbolizing strength, serve as one of the only clues to the woman’s facial appearance 38

as a dark mask conceals her identity from onlookers. Her enredo (skirt)

June 2022

tells the story of a people that make the dangerous trek to the border via train or boat. “La Guardiana” stands as the protector of refugees from Mexico, Central America, and many others displaced across the globe. Rising at a staggering 30 feet, this symbol of hope watched over an admiring audience of musicians and concertgoers at Coachella. While LxsDos spent the months prior to Coachella working on “La Guardiana’s” massive structure, the artists took the opportunity to decompress during the festival. Christian and Ramon enjoyed the event’s vast range of artistic talents throughout the event. On social media, one could see the artists meeting new and old fans of their work as they posed proudly by their goddess refugee. However, this pair of creatives could not stay away from the brush for long, as their second week of the event had an exciting addition to the “La Guardiana” experience with the creation of a unique hand-crafted mask. While the individual pieces had their unique design, one could not help but recognize the similarity to “La Guardiana.” This correlation between the masks and the sculpture added a fascinating feature to the work’s interpretation, as those adorning the masks could be depicted as worshippers of “La Guardiana’s” figure. The masks as an item of worship might be a silent nod to the indigenous cultures of Latin America, whose religious practices bear vibrant masks and attire for ceremonial rituals. For those unable to catch the installation onsite, all of the event’s artistic displays will be relocated to a new home. These locations will serve as the art’s permanent residence for an audience to come. Until then, El Pasoans and others can experience the work of LxsDos throughout El Paso and Ciudad Juarez while taking in the culture that inspires their work in the process.


June 2022

Beyond the Rainbow

The Borderland Rainbow Center Leading in Legacy | Words and photos by: ANDI R. TISCARENO |


B e yo n d t h e R a i n b ow l e a d i n g i n l eg acy

June 2022


he city of El Paso has long held a

legacy of empowerment through advocacy

not being met, I knew I had to do something,”

from gender-affirming therapy and support

she says.

groups, HIV services, deaf services, youth and senior services, education and training

and service to others. This legacy is embodied in its people through their

With the inspiration and the drive to serve, Dr.

services, and even a weekly volunteer-

resiliency and familial sense of community

Risch established the Borderland Rainbow

operated food pantry that serves up to 300 El

Center with a larger vision in mind.

Pasoans per week.

out with its own legacy of empowerment is

“It’s always been an open-ended project for

Many of these services are free and open to

an LGBTQ+ community center called The

me;” says Dr. Risch, “the whole point was to

the public, holding true to the BRC’s intended

Borderland Rainbow Center. The Borderland

respond to the community need.”

mission of allowing a space for everybody

through activists, non-profit organizations, and volunteers. One non-profit that stands

within the community to have a seat at their

Rainbow Center (BRC) was founded in 2016 And respond she did.


and expertise to providing a safe space for

The BRC was established with this mission


LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies to have

in mind: to create a community space in

Borderland to combatting discrimination

access to the resources they need.

which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

and empowering youth with volunteer and

questioning, and intersex (LGBTQI) people

advocacy opportunities, the BRC continues

The inspiration for the center came in

and their allies can heal, grow, and empower

to stay on point with the mission Dr. Risch

late 2015 when another organization that

themselves and others.

started with.

about to close its doors and displace several

As the center grew and word of its services

For one transgender woman, the BRC

transgender youths and their families who

spread, El Pasoans who identified as

allowed her the opportunity to have more

would lose out on this important resource.

LGBTQ+ (and even those who didn’t) now

interaction with others like her.

by Executive Director Dr. Brenda Risch (She/ they), who has dedicated her time, energy,






facilitated a transgender support group was

had a place where they could engage the Concerned as to what would become of

community through services and volunteer

“It gave me access to other people that

the families and the transgender youths,

opportunities while also having access to the

were experiencing the same things I was,”

Dr. Risch drafted a needs assessment the

resources they needed.

Jocelyn Elena Stout says.

that confirmed my worst fears, that about

Now located at 2714 Wyoming Ave., the BRC

“No other center really made me feel like it

95% of the needs of the community were

offers resources to the El Paso public ranging

was a home,” she adds.

following spring. “When I saw those results


B e yo n d t h e R a i n b ow l e a d i n g i n l eg acy

June 2022

Jocelyn has volunteered with the BRC for

opportunities to advocate on behalf of the

“I am loving how the BRC spotlights our

three years as a member of the center’s

transgender community and LGBTQ+ rights

successful LGBTQ community members.

board of directors, showcasing the drive the

in El Paso as a transgender advocate and

For me, that’s important because I want my

center inspires to volunteer and serve within

employee of the BRC.

kids to be able to see that. I want them to be able to see representation, especially for

the community. This past March, I had the opportunity to

my kiddo who is trans,” says Lorena (Lori)

The BRC has since proven to be a valuable

speak on behalf of the BRC before the


and safe place for trans and LGBTQ+


individuals such as Jocelyn.

resolution to officially recognize March 31st

Lori previously worked with the BRC as the

as Transgender Day of Visibility in El Paso.

Youth and Senior Services Coordinator; now





she continues to volunteer as the Center’s

“I’ve met so many different people and met other trans women; it gave me so

The BRC inspires everyone who comes

Parent Liaison. To Lori, there wasn’t a

many different opportunities to learn more

through its doors and drives them to truly be

whole lot of representation or visibility in the

about the community and to advocate for

the change the community needs. It is what

community growing up. Now she says that

the community. Opportunities I didn’t have

has inspired me to continue to advocate

“One of my favorite things is watching our

before I knew of the (Borderland) Rainbow

and use my visibility to the advantage of the

community network. Everybody is willing

Center,” she says.

community whenever the BRC produces the

to help everybody. It makes me feel very

chance to do so.

protected and makes me feel like we aren’t that small.”

As an organization that promotes diversity With this level of community representation

LGBTQ+ community members, the BRC

and inspiration to advocate, many other

The BRC has touched the lives of many in

continues to establish a legacy of change and

LGBTQ+ El Pasoans see their view of the

the Borderland and it leaves a mark no one

empowerment. Moreover, I have had many

community in their city changing in many ways.

will easily forget.



















and encourages empowerment amongst



Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics


Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas

June 2022 For Dr. Risch, it’s her investment in the community, “I’m invested with El Paso, I’m all in,” she says. For Jocelyn, it will always be a home away from home: “It’s always going to have such a big spot in my heart because of that. It helped me become a better person. There needs to be a center like this everywhere!” For Lori Edwards, it’s the hope that her daughter will have the chance to be herself and live her best life. “They give her a voice, they give her a chance to represent the youth in ways that she wouldn’t be able to find on her own. That has really encouraged her,” she says. For myself, it helped me find the courage to be the woman I am today. To find my voice and learn how to use and amplify it to help and represent others in the community.


June 2022


June 2022



y r a r e T t i L y c a g e L

June 2022

El Paso’s

he Borderland is home to rich history, culture, and lifestyles that have inspired writers for generations.

From tales of the Wild West to stories of falling in

love, El Paso’s literary legacy continues as the region

serves as the home for many successful writers, as well as students developing their own literary voices. Take a journey through the mind of the creative imagination with these books with unique ties to El Paso.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver Published in 1981 when the author was living in El Paso and teaching at UTEP. The short story was lauded by critics and continues to live in the canon of American short stories. The story centers on a dinner conversation about the definition of “real love” that some locals say was inspired by an actual dinner party in El Paso’s upper valley.

Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart Lake Success is a love letter to El Paso during one of the most divisive periods in American history. The novel takes place during the 2016 Presidential Election when the disenchanted narrator packs his bags and embarks on a cross-country bus ride to reclaim a long-lost love who is a professor at UTEP. Shteyngart visited El Paso during the course of writing the novel, and sharpeyed readers will appreciate references to beloved sites in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez.


Literary Legacy

June 2022

Thirty Talks Weird Love by Alessandra Narvaez Varela explores adolescence along the El Paso-Juárez border during the late 90s and early aughts. Narvaez Varela is a native of the region and uses her experiences as a teen to teach readers of all ages about the art of self-love and acceptance.

Everything Begins and Ends At the Kentucky Club by Benjamin Alire Saenz Everything Begins and Ends At the Kentucky Club celebrates the longstanding history of The Kentucky Club, located just south of the Santa Fe Bridge near downtown El Paso. The book is a collection of short stories that examines borders in the literal and abstract senses from geographical to sexual that elucidates the many different lived experiences of those in the Borderland.

¡Ándale, Prieta! A Love Letter to My Family by Yasmin Ramirez ¡Ándale, Prieta! A Love Letter to My Family is a coming-of-age memoir that functions as an homage to Ramirez’s family legacy by honoring the strength of her tough-as-nails grandmother. The memoir is a love letter to the resilience of the author’s family that persevered despite challenges, which created tough and intelligent women in the process.


Looking Back – And Forward to – El Paso’s Growing Healthcare Landscape | By: DR. OGECHIKA ALOZIE |


June 2022


he first thing I think about when I look at 2022 and look back to when I came here in 2010 is that everybody has an origin story. I’ve told my origin story ad nauseam but here goes: I moved

to the United States as a kid when I was four months old. My mom and dad were Ph.D. students. My dad, unfortunately, died when I was four years old from liver complications. Anyway, I grew up in Minnesota until I was 16. My mom was working on her Ph.D. then and self-deported me back to Nigeria to get “cultured”. I finished high school and went to medical school there before moving back to Minnesota in 2002. In Minnesota, I did more medical training and finished my infectious disease fellowship


E l Pa s o ’ s G r o w i n g H e a lt h c a r e L a n d s c a p e

June 2022

in 2010. My wife, an Associate Professor

start an HIV clinic because that’s sort of my

But the doctor shortage remains in need of

at Texas Tech University Health Sciences

specialty and focus, so I got to that by the

being addressed.

Center El Paso in the Family Medicine

Fall of 2010. Data collected from 2009 to 2012 reports a 51

Department, hated the cold in Minnesota, so we had to look for work somewhere below

Things have changed a great deal since then.

percent increase in the number of physicians in El Paso, increasing from 1,068 to 1,613.

the Mason Dixon line. If I look back at the landscape of El Paso at “Hey! You should come to El Paso,” I

that point in time, I really didn’t understand

El Paso County is experiencing some of the

remember a recruiter saying to me.

the landscape of El Paso healthcare. All I

fastest growth in the number of doctors

knew was Texas Tech, which was a gift and

coming to the region. For example, the Texas

a curse.

Medical Board reports a 44 percent increase

“Hey! Yeah, I shouldn’t” is what I remember

in the number of doctors between 2010

thinking. As I looked around El Paso, I quickly

to 2019, compared to 40 percent in Travis

It’s funny, I look back 12 years later and it’s

became aligned with and aware of what

County, 31 percent in Hidalgo County, and 28

the same resistance I get when I tell people

was happening in other places within the

percent in Dallas County.

they should move to El Paso.


But I decided to take a shot and try it out. We




seemed disjointed, especially with a shortage

If you look at our community, it’s clear that

of physicians in El Paso.

our hospitals have improved greatly, such as University Medical Center expanding its

visited El Paso and really liked it. Despite the shortage, progress has been

ambulatory footprint. Historically there were

TTUHSCEP offered my wife an academic

made over the last decade that suggests

very few hospital-based outpatient clinics.

position and gave me an opportunity to

positive gradual change.

Both UMC and THOP now have multiple


June 2022 outpatient clinics in the Far East and Far West sides of El Paso, which has given the community expanded healthcare access

C.D. Lee Britton


2244 TRAWOOD DRIVE, STE. 208 EL PASO, TX 79935

(915) 595-3393

points throughout the region. Historically, our community has been slow in the uptake of technology, but that’s since changed. Now, every hospital in El Paso has electronic medical records, ways to prescribe electronically, and methods of electronically sending prescriptions for narcotics that help optimize the processes of patient care. These processes proved paramount once El Paso was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you had asked most clinicians -- or even politicians -- if it was possible to align Texas Tech, UMC, the Hospitals of Providence, and Las Palmas Del Sol, I think you would’ve bet very low odds, right?


Contract Bonding




But, in the middle of a pandemic, all of these organizations came together to align in their messaging on masking, testing, and temperature taking. COVID-19 hospitalizations peaked in El Paso in November/December 2020 but steadily declined even as the rest of Texas faced surges in cases as vaccines became available. “El Paso experienced one of the biggest crises of the pandemic with hospitals absolutely overrun by COVID patients in 2020, and the communal memory of that period and the measures that helped the city and region cope may be helping people take the current situation more seriously,” said Chris Van Deusen, spokesman for the Texas Department

Book Now

of State Health Services, when the delta

variant made its way around the country.


I think the community’s sense of cooperation will serve us in the future. I’m hoping we don’t have another public health disaster in our lifetimes, but I do believe that sitting at the same table and having to trust our community has given us a catalyst for improvement going forward.


Natural light Candid Authentic 51

June 2022


June 2022


June 2022

Real Patient

Victor Age 2

Specialized Pediatric Clinics Personalized dietary plans for children with type 2 diabetes

American Diabetes Association (ADA) accredited outpatient program Treats obstructed movement in the shoulders, arms and hands

Medical services, emotional support, education and social work for the mistreatment of children

Treats abnormal curvatures of the spine

Treats children with facial, jaw and skull abnormalities

Treats spine and spinal cord birth defects

Vascular Malformation

Treats non-cancerous lesions

“Highest level of pediatric care in West Texas and Southern New Mexico” 54 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905 4845

I-10 Exit Raynolds St


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June 2022


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June 2022

Covering the City

‘People’s Museum’ with the



he significance of life on the border is

LxsDos was invited to participate in Coachella’s newly

commemorated in art throughout El Paso

commissioned immersive art exhibit, an honor that’s

and is celebrated in deserts beyond our own. Music

garnered international acclaim and enhanced attention

fans and the local art scene were given a treat this

to the legacy of life on the border.

year at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that honors the legacy of the border, as El Paso

“During the finishing process [for ‘La Guardiana’],

artists LxsDos were selected to create an installation

before, the festival, we had many interactions with

for the highly-anticipated event.

the workers who were setting up this place, mainly immigrant workers and Chicanos. My heart was warm

El Paso’s artistic duo have taken on their largest

and they brought tears to my eyes literally every day

sculpture project yet in “La Guardiana,” a piece that

with their comments,” LxDos wrote on Instagram of

tells a story of the ongoing refugee crisis along the U.S.-

the Coachella experience.

Mexico border. “Many mentioned that it’s the first art work here that Artists Christian and Ramon Cardenas are the pair

represents them. So we are completely satisfied with

that make up LxsDos (also known as Los Dos). Their

that. Even though people will interact with it on manly

work showcases a collection of experiences that

levels, those were some of the most significant ones

occur while living on the border that intersects and

for us. We also met some pretty awesome people

resonates throughout the country.

hanging out by the work,” they continued.



June 2022

Covering the Cit y with the ‘People’s Museum’

LxsDos has built its platform utilizing an array of art mediums,

The display takes the image of twin sisters, symbols for the

from screen printing to inflatable sculptures in order to

cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Their hair weaves together,

share stories with its audience. The most notable of these

which represents the two cities’ interwoven relationship. Using

techniques is the duo’s street murals, which can be found in

bright hues of green, blue, and yellow the couple pays homage

local neighborhoods.

to rich Latino culture while highlighting similarities between sister cities. Within the sisters’ clothing are small tributes to

In a 2016 interview, the couple explained their reason for the

street vendors, musicians, and other individuals who have

street art medium was its accessibility to the general public.

significantly influenced the artists’ lives.

The pair share the belief held by many fellow street artists in the desire to make art available to all audiences.

In 2019, LxsDos received an email from an unknown source asking if they’d like to work on a piece for a band. Taking a

“Being exposed to art is a luxury,” Christian disclosed. “It’s

chance on this potential spam mail would become a lifetime

a way to make art available to poor neighborhoods or people

opportunity, as the callback representative proposed a

who don’t have the opportunity to go to a city museum,”

collaboration with Rage Against The Machine.

Ramon would conclude. “It was one of those things where we couldn’t say ‘no,’” El Paso’s Segundo Barrio holds one of many pieces dedicated

Ramon told KTEP earlier this Spring. “It was a call that could

to this mission, the mural, “Sister Cities/Ciudades Hermanas.”

change everything.”


The art duo was asked to use their knowledge of the U.S.-

once Paul Clemente, Art Director for Coachella invited the duo

Mexico border experience to design a poster for the band’s

to turn the image into an installation.

reunion tour (the tour was later rescheduled due to COVID-19). The visage of a female refugee, presumed to be a mother, “They were planning on having a reunion and doing something

holds a baby protectively to her back with her rebozo (shawl).

big,” said Ramon.

A pair of horns, symbolizing strength, serve as one of the only clues to the woman’s facial appearance as a dark mask

“And they wanted to start at the border and address refugees

conceals her identity from onlookers. Her enredo (skirt) tells

along the U.S.-Mexico border,” added Christian.

the story of a people that make the dangerous trek to the border via train or boat.

The couple said the request was perfect because immigration and border issues are frequent motifs in their work.

“La Guardiana” stands as the protector of refugees from Mexico, Central America, and many others displaced across

“La Guardiana” would become a piece dedicated to the

the globe. Rising at a staggering 30 feet, this symbol of

reasons and risks faced in refugee journeys to a hopeful haven

hope watched over an admiring audience of musicians and concertgoers at Coachella.


June 2022

Covering the Cit y with the ‘People’s Museum’

While LxsDos spent the months prior to Coachella working

correlation between the masks and the sculpture added a

on “La Guardiana’s” massive structure, the artists took the

fascinating feature to the work’s interpretation, as those

opportunity to decompress during the festival.

adorning the masks could be depicted as worshippers of “La Guardiana’s” figure. The masks as an item of worship might be

Christian and Ramon enjoyed the event’s vast range of artistic

a silent nod to the indigenous cultures of Latin America, whose

talents throughout the event. On social media, one could see

religious practices bear vibrant masks and attire for ceremonial

the artists meeting new and old fans of their work as they


posed proudly by their goddess refugee. For those unable to catch the installation on-site, all of the However, this pair of creatives could not stay away from the

event’s artistic displays will be relocated to a new home. These

brush for long, as their second week of the event had an

locations will serve as the art’s permanent residence for an

exciting addition to the “La Guardiana” experience with the

audience to come.

creation of a unique hand-crafted mask. Until then, El Pasoans and others can experience the work of While the individual pieces had their unique design, one could

LxsDos throughout El Paso and Ciudad Juarez while taking in

not help but recognize the similarity to “La Guardiana.” This

the culture that inspires their work in the process.


June 2022




H o n o r i n g L eg ac y a n d P r i d e i n E l Pa s o


une brings the start of summer and many

community by raising funds and awareness

celebrations. Celebrations feel much safer

devoted to HIV/AIDS education, testing, and

to attend this year such as Father’s Day

social services.

gatherings, Juneteenth events, and Pride.

Pride has become quite a positive event for


the LGBT+ community, reinforcing a bold

message of love and support for those who






and confident feeling for the participants.

have historically been marginalized in the mainstream. The LGBTQ+ community has

This June, El Paso’s Border Aids Partnership

faced many overt and irrational prejudices,

is continuing its mission to serve the

especially with the AIDS pandemic which 81

H o n o r i n g L eg ac y a n d P r i d e i n E l Pa s o

June 2022

started in the early 80s. What happened within

Hilton explained to me that BAP “works

which is the time I began getting news that

the gay community because of AIDS was not

to support education and outreach for

AIDS had entered my life.

only devastating but also revolutionary. It

organizations dealing with HIV & AIDS.” It started with my cousin Bobby dying. Then

became an experience of community activism because we could only rely on ourselves, as

In 2020, BAP granted $50,000 to four HIV/

it was mentioned that an acquaintance, who I

so many had been ostracized. This led to

AIDS organizations in El Paso and Juarez, and

hadn’t seen in a while had been sick and died.

proactive, self-sustaining methods within the

advocates in other ways, as well.

Soon after, I heard Roland that worked at the mall with me died, and so did his boyfriend

community to support one another through emotional and financial assistance for those

BAP has been a positive influence in our

Tom. My friend Mario died. And then Mark,

in need of help. Many great charities and

community by creating a variety of events

my favorite TA when I was at Yale, died.

organizations came out of the AIDS crisis that

that combine fun and fundraising for a good

still provides services to those in need, such

cause. In the past, they have put on “Dining

Later, my dear friend Richard died, among

as Project Angel Food, God’s Love We Deliver,

Por Vida” and Red Gala Fashion Show.

others over the years.

BAP’s Spotlight Art Auction extravaganza

That feeling and memory came back to me

and Border AIDS Partnership in El Paso. continue

is a winter highlight in El Paso, with artists

during COVID-19. It started with a friend of

celebrating Pride in El Paso because we are

donating their work to be auctioned off.

my brother dying early summer of 2020, my

unique in being a border city. As THE largest

There are often pieces by well-known local,

friend’s nephew died, then my childhood

border population in the world, El Paso Pride

national, and international artists available at

friend’s mom died, and many more.

creates a positive environment celebrating

a great price that’s for a wonderful cause.





My mother died.

the LGBTQIA+ people that are part of this 2.5 million person community,” says Wayne Hilton,

The organization’s other big event is AIDS

President of the Border Aids Partnership.

Walk El Paso.

In 1994, the El Paso Community Foundation

AIDS Walk started in LA in 1985 not only

and the US/Mexico Border Health Association

to fundraise but to celebrate and advocate

created a local HIV/AIDS partnership to

for inclusiveness and civil rights of the

AIDS has come a long way in its treatment,

provide assistance to nonprofit organizations

LGBTQ+ community.

prevention, and stigma, but is still around

I was constantly hearing about someone dying of COVID-19 just like what happened

(albeit at a lower rate).

in the region working on this critical health problem. With support from AIDS United,

AIDS gave me a trauma that resurged with







with AIDS decades earlier.

In the early 90s, there was the first public advertisement for Gay Pride in El Paso. It was a

AIDS Partnership (BAP); a collaborative that has been providing funding for HIV/

I was deeply affected by the current

billboard across from Bassett Center Mall. I was

AIDS education and prevention in El Paso,

pandemic, but there was also an all too

so surprised to see it and almost too closeted

Southern New Mexico, and Juárez.

familiar feeling as it snowballed around the

to even look at it. The billboard was vandalized

world. When I started college in the late 80s,

right away; someone threw paint on it.


I was outraged but too insecure to voice it. I’ve learned in life that I can only care about what I think of myself and let go of anyone else’s ideas of me. I am so proud of my life

__________ 2019 2018 2014 2013


June 2022


___________ B E S T I TA L I


and the things I’ve accomplished and the things I’m still learning. Pride is a consciousness of one’s own dignity. “My hope for the Border AIDS Partnership legacy is that we will be known as an organization that has always committed to the fight of ending HIV/AIDS,” says Hilton. “Awareness of HIV/AIDS related issues has fluctuated over the last forty years, however, in our almost 30 years of existence, we have consistently supported organizations that share our vision of finding a cure to HIV/AIDS.” I hope we all feel that within ourselves, and a great place to express that is at AIDS Walk, on June 19th, Memorial Park.


FEMAP’ s Forward-thinking


Improves Lives on the Border | By: ERIN COULEHAN photos courtesy of: FEMAP |


June 2022


ifteen minutes in El Paso can be

Like many other children in the c

spent traveling from Northwest El

was born with a cleft palate, an ope

Paso to downtown, waiting in line at

roof of the mouth that occurs when

a drive-thru for coffee in the morning,

not fuse properly during fetal de

enjoying a power nap, or participating in other

Unlike many of the other children,

somewhat mundane ordinary activities.

starving to death because of pylor

an uncommon condition in infants Extraordinary things can happen, too.

food from traveling from the stom small intestine.

Fifteen minutes can also be spent performing life-saving surgery for children who otherwise

“He was going to die,” explains

wouldn’t have a chance at a long or healthy life.

Yates, a cranial and facial surgeon

Children’s Hospital who volun


At least for kids like Pablo, a patient at

FEMAP, on a sunny day at the clin

FEMAP’s craniofacial clinic in Ciudad Juarez.

were able to save him.”

FEMAP uses a multifaceted approach in three

Diego’s life was saved thanks to

strategic areas to bolster health along the

many binational and bicultural p

border: health, education, and social programs.

that exist between El Paso Childre

ifteen minutes in El Paso can be

Like many other children in the clinic, Diego

care to families in need. FEMAP’s mission

spent traveling from Northwest El

was born with a cleft palate, an opening in the

for nearly 50 years has been to improve the

Paso to downtown, waiting in line at

roof of the mouth that occurs when tissues do

quality of life for people and families through

a drive-thru for coffee in the morning,

not fuse properly during fetal development.

health services, education, research, and

enjoying a power nap, or participating in other

Unlike many of the other children, Diego was

social development.

somewhat mundane ordinary activities.

starving to death because of pyloric stenosis,

Extraordinary things can happen, too.

an uncommon condition in infants that blocks

“It’s a special thing to visit the clinics and

food from traveling from the stomach to the

witness the wonderful work of all the doctors

small intestine.

who make an impact in the lives of kids like Diego,” says Yubia Fierro, Executive Director

Fifteen minutes can also be spent performing life-saving surgery for children who otherwise

“He was going to die,” explains Dr. David

wouldn’t have a chance at a long or healthy life.

Yates, a cranial and facial surgeon at El Paso

of the FEMAP Foundation.

Children’s Hospital who volunteers with

FEMAP provides community members with

At least for kids like Pablo, a patient at

FEMAP, on a sunny day at the clinic. “But we

general and specialty consultations that

FEMAP’s craniofacial clinic in Ciudad Juarez.

were able to save him.”

include procedures like cleft palate repairs performed at the Craniofacial Clinic founded by Dr. Vernon Burke.

FEMAP uses a multifaceted approach in three

Diego’s life was saved thanks to one of the

strategic areas to bolster health along the

many binational and bicultural partnerships

border: health, education, and social programs.

that exist between El Paso Children’s Hospital

“Recognizing the interconnectivity of the

and FEMAP to provide health and medical

large Paso del Norte Region – consisting 85

F E M A P ’ s F o r wa r d - t h i n k i n g L e g a c y

June 2022

It’s a special thing to visit the clinics and really see all the work that gets done.


June 2022

Circa 1963 is located in the heart of downtown El Paso on the 5th floor of Hotel Indigo. Our rooftop bar has a cozy terrace and outdoor patio with stunning views of El Paso and our breathtaking Franklin Mountains. Circa 1963 offers a beautiful ambiance to unwind.


of two countries and three states – community partners on both sides of the U.S. – Mexico border have invested in quality-of-life improvement initiatives, with FEMAP playing a central role in the region,” says Fierro. Every month, Dr. Yates and other generous talents donate their time and services to FEMAP’s clinics that lead to improved quality of health (and life) for families in Juarez and other cities throughout Mexico. To date, almost 1 million procedures have been performed at FEMAP clinics that have helped more than 200,000 people. FEMAP was founded by Guadalupe Arizpe De la Vega in Northern Mexico and has been internationally recognized for its work. De la Vega was the first Mexican woman to receive the Woodrow Wilson Award in 2013, for example. In 1992, Adair Margo created The FEMAP Foundation in the U.S., a non-profit organization established to complement regional efforts to improve the quality of life for those living in poverty via healthcare, education, outreach, and economic development. “FEMAP is a chain of solidarity that exist on our border, and it demonstrates how things multiply when we help each other,” says Margo.

325 N Kansas St, El Paso, TX 79901 Circa 1963

(915) 532-5200

87 @circa1963

June 2022 On the day of my visit, we hopped in a van near downtown El Paso, crossing quickly into Juarez, and then entered the busy clinic as families, physicians, and staff prepared for the day ahead. Brightly-hued art depicting hopeful images adorned the walls as patients were called into waiting rooms. Dr. Yates invited me to look in while he rounded, and explained some of the challenges of repairing cleft lips and palates all while artfully wrangling frightened kids with wooden tongue depressors in their mouths. Within an hour, one of the patients I met earlier was anesthetized and undergoing a cleft repair by Dr. Hwi Moon, a fellow of oral and maxillofacial surgery who also volunteers with Dr. Yates at FEMAP. I watched in awe as Dr. Moon worked inside the tiny little mouth, not once breaking his concentration despite the click of my camera or Harry Styles’s “As It Was” playing overhead while nurses hummed along.

Lets Talk Real Estate

Niria Takase 915-222-2116 88

June 2022 “Thanks to partnerships like this one and through dedication, trust and the support of our donors that FEMAP has been able to develop a true binational collaboration with no borders to provide quality care to those that need it most in our sister city,” says Guadalupe Canales, President of FEMAP Mexico and FEMAP Foundation. “And it’s all because of the vision of Mrs. De la Vega,” she adds. FEMAP was born in 1973 to address the need to bolster maternal and child health services to some of the poorest communities. De la Vega’s vision was to offer a variety of medical and community services to those living in poverty. Since then, FEMAP has grown into a robust organization that addresses health needs through its two critical care hospitals, nursing school, and social programs. One component of FEMAP’s growth is the binational and bicultural partnership with El Paso Children’s Hospital, as well as other organizations like Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC) and University Medical Center of El Paso, that makes the lifesaving care and procedures performed by physicians from El Paso and Juarez possible. FEMAP is planning to bolster its services and grow alliances by inviting the community to learn about the organization and contribute to its continued success. “There is still so much to do, and with your help, we can get there,” says Fierro. “FEMAP has an Individual Monthly Giving Program that everyone can enroll in by visiting ‘femap. org’ and looking for the ‘donate now’ button. Additionally, doctors can donate their talent; there are corporate and business sponsorship opportunities; we are currently restructuring

A Woman of Many T alents

Photographer | Published Makeup Artist Model | Social Media Manager

My Photography Skills Include Product Photography Bourdoir Sessions Family Photos Graduation Photos And More!

Book Me

our volunteer program due to high demand; therefore,” she adds. “We are exploring more ways to leverage this wonderful support.”



Kentucky Club Celebrates Centennial

June 2022




ne of the most beloved aspects of

Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s

Despite cultural changes over the last 100

living in El Paso is the proximity to

served to transform the lifestyle and landscape

years, the structure of the Kentucky Club

Ciudad Juárez that enables residents

of the border as American distilleries moved

remains largely the same, with the bar’s

to enjoy a bicultural and binational lifestyle

operations to Mexico. The Kentucky Club

green neon lights and white awning serving

unlike any other in the world. Generations

was founded by Franciso Montes during

as a beacon on both sides of the border amid

of El Pasoans remember crossing the Paso

Prohibition after Mary Dowling relocated

the desert landscape.

del Norte International Bridge for lunch or

Waterfill & Frazier distillery in Bourbon County,

happy hour at the Kentucky Club, located on

Kentucky to

Avenida Juárez.

with Antonio J. Bermudez (who would later

Saenz became the first Latino to win the

become the mayor of Juárez) and renamed

PEN / Faulkner Award, one of the nation’s

the company D.W. Distillery.

highest literary honors, for his 2012 book

Today, what was once a Las Vegas strip-

Juárez. Dowling partnered






of short stories entitled “Everything Begins

style entertainment district has undergone iterations over time that some say leave

“As soon as Prohibition hit, Waterfill &

and Ends at the Kentucky Club.” The

the neighborhood almost unrecognizable --

Frazier packed up and went down there,”

collection showcases the intergenerational

with the exception of the Kentucky Club, its

says Bourbon historian Mike Veach.

and transnational patrons of the bar while also demonstrating the complexities of life

history, and its lore. According to lore, the margarita was created

-- and identity -- on the border. The stories

The bar is rumored to be the birthplace

in 1946 when bartender Lorenzo “Lencho”

demonstrate that legacy of the Kentucky Club

of the margarita, a claim the iconic bar

Hernandez concocted the cocktail for a

is as much about the people who frequent

continues to assert.

woman-- named Margarita -- who was visiting

the iconic establishment as it is the bar itself.

from Albuquerque. “Some people are so beautiful,” writes

The Kentucky Club turned 100 in October 2020 but was unable to celebrate its centennial

Apart from the margarita, the Kentucky Club

Saenz in the opening story of “Everything

because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which

has claims to fame that include visits from

Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club, “that

took the life of owner Sergio Pena in July

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Al Capone,

they belong everywhere they go.”

2020. Pena’s children have since taken over

Oscar de la Hoya, and more that signify

the business and are coordinating a proper

the bar’s longevity through Prohibition,

celebration with

several wars, the launch of the internet, the

Juárez officials now that

most pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. 91


H o n o r i n g E l Pa s o ’ s E l e p h a n t s

June 2022

Honoring El Paso's Elephants

| By: ERIN COULEHAN Savannah photography by: MAGGIE BLUM Juno photography provided by the: EL PASO ZOO |


They say an elephant never forgets, and

the impact of two Asian elephants in El

Paso has left an unforgettable legacy in

the community that spans generations. This year, the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens are honoring the contributions of two of its most influential residents, Savannah and Juno, in both life and death. This year, Savannah, the oldest elephant in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), is turning 70, marking a long life that began in India in 1952. At the same time, Juno, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 53, is being inducted into the local Animal Hall of Fame for her contributions to the scientific community after her tissue was donated for breast cancer research at institutions like the Smithsonian. A decade ago, our editor-in-chief and I met Savannah and Juno at the El Paso Zoo in preparation for Savannah’s 60th birthday festivities. Shelley and I watched in wonder as the two gorgeous girls walked languidly through their exhibit before moseying over to us for a spa day that included a bubble bath and pedicure. Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth and are known for their intelligence, grace, and contributions to their native ecosystems. At the El Paso Zoo, the elephants (as well as all the other animal residents) participate in enrichment activities designed to stimulate their minds and promote physical, emotional, and mental wellness.


H o n o r i n g E l Pa s o ’ s E l e p h a n t s

June 2022

Savannah predicts the winner of the Super

The legacies of Savannah and Juno are

Caring for animals like elephants is a whale

Bowl as part of her enrichment by selecting

marked by their larger-than-life personalities

of a task that requires a team effort and

one of two helmet-shaped pinatas with the

that have little to do with their size, and

expert care. The El Paso Veterinary Medical

participating team’s logos in her exhibit.

everything to do with joy.

Association (EPVMA) works with the zoo

“Enrichment activities like the Super Bowl

Savannah spends her days doing enrichment

animals. Each year, the EPVMA selects an

predictions keep the animals stimulated

activities, as well as indulging her sweet

outstanding animal from the community to

mentally and physically,” said El Paso Zoo


be honored for their contributions by being

to ensure the health and wellness of the




inducted into its Animal Hall of Fame, which


Trudeau. “We provide these types of

“She likes anything sweet,” says Joe

activities every day to give the animals an

Montisano, El Paso Zoo and Botanical

opportunity to engage in natural behavior and

Gardens Director.

is an interactive exhibit at the zoo. The first inductee was Mona the elephant who was chosen for her more than 40 years

assert control over their environment.” “And at 70-years old and about 8,000 pounds

as El Paso’s mascot for goodwill at the zoo.

-- who’s going to stop her?”


June 2022

Enjoy. Every. Moment.

This year, Juno is being honored. Juno passed away from breast cancer

Rent our 360 degree video booth platform for your next event

complications in 2021, leaving an elephantsized void in the hearts of the community.

Book Your Reservation today “I have worked and been around Asian Elephants for many years, but Juno was rare and very special to all of our staff and the community. My hat is off and sympathy

(915) 539-7545

is extended to her animal care team and our veterinary staff who did everything possible to help her battle this horrible disease and make her last years and days with us as comfortable as possible,” said Montisano. Juno was a retired circus elephant who

@EpicEventsELP #enjoyeverymoment

spent her days at the zoo participating in enrichment, and also enjoyed playing the harmonica.


June 2022

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The locaCity Tic lly o kets wne i d tics El Pas FIND keti o’s O ALL ng c N Con YOU cert omp LY R s any Spor FAV ts O AND



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T? Want to add your own events? Learn how to and get built-in marketing support Contact Mari VanPelt at


June 2022 After her death, Juno’s body was donated to






groundbreaking research. “Juno was chosen because she was such a wonderful companion at the zoo,” says Eric Boehm, Executive Director at the EPVMA. “Her tissues were sent to multiple research facilities to help further cancer research, and we decided to honor her for her contributions to the community in life and in death.” The plaque honoring Juno was debuted at the EPVMA’s annual gala in May, where Dr. Victoria Milne, Chief Zoo Veterinarian, gave remarks on the lasting legacy that Juno left in her wake.


El Pasoans can honor Juno and visit Savannah at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens Wednesday through Sunday.




June 2022


Power of Family I | By: THE CITY MAGAZINE STAFF |

n honor of our 10-year anniversary

and 100th issue, we’re thrilled to spotlight

living legacies in the Borderland. We talked

to members of the first, second, and third

generations of these families to explore the

qualities that lead not only to success, but also generations of happiness.

From families of immigrants coming to El Paso more than 100 years ago to three generations of women who prove that it’s possible to be fierce and feminine, to an athletic scholarship that led to hanging out with Old Hollywood legends, to a family with five generations in town who continue to shape the future for families in El Paso, the power of family in El Paso cannot be denied. 98

June 2022

T h e P o w e r o f Fa m i ly L e g a c y


June 2022

Weaving a Lasting Legacy, Piece by Piece

The Van Pelt Family


Western University with $25 in his pocket.


He completed college in 1962 with a degree

During the U.S. apparel boom, Sahara

in education and had a job at The El Paso

employed more than 170 employees and was

Country Club’s golf shop.

located on Mills Ave. in downtown El Paso. In 1978, Sahara Sportswear into the top three

ollywood stars and famous athletes were dressed to impress in the


golf apparel manufacturers. Sahara provided

late 20th century thanks to one

When did the business begin?

apparel for 47 out of 50 major colleges. They also provided every coach and staff of every

El Paso family’s commitment to MVP

NFL team in the early 1980s with custom-

1962, three generations of Van Pelts shaped

Don founded Sahara in 1962 after visiting

tailored clothing.

the embroidery and manufacturing industries

Harolds of Houston and loving the men’s

in the Borderland that continue to make their

sportswear but not the price tag. He was


mark on the community.

convinced he could replicate it at a lower

Who were some of the company’s most

price, and Sahara Sportswear was founded

notable clientele?

crafting bespoke apparel. Since

Today, siblings Chris and Deb are carrying on

by the Van Pelt and Seamster families. The

the family legacy while also teaching Chris,

original location was on Florence street in the


and his wife Mari’s, children the family trade.

back of government housing and started with

From Buddy Hackett and Arnold Palmer to Greg

six seamstresses.

Norman, Bob Hope, and Dean Martin, to Lee

The City Magazine How/when did your family arrive in El Paso? Mari Van Pelt Don Van Pelt rolled into El Paso in 1958 on

Trevino and Bobby Knight just to name a few. TCM What was the scope and


scale of the business?

What are some of the Van Pelts’ favorite family stories?

a golf and basketball scholarship at Texas 100

Va n P e lt Fa m i ly L e g a c y

The business model

Our sales pitch is quite simple, we like to take



an example of chaos in the business world

NAFTA was coming

and give it some order and cohesiveness with

into full effect, so

styled uniforms with great looks that display

our business had to

the business name and logo/embroidery


evolve and change -- that’s how Van Pelt Sports

clearly and effectively.

ended up happening. The Corporation that Van MVP

Pelt Sports is under was actually formed while


Don dining at La Dolce Vita with Dean

Sahara was at its prime as a sub-contracting

How do you want the Van Pelt legacy

Martin! Sahara provided Dean Martin with

business to help Sahara with embroidery at the

to be carried on?

his beloved bright-colored cashmere. Don

time. Van Pelt Sports, as it is now, came into

also provided apparel to notorious mobster

existence after the sale of Sahara. After selling


Lou Rosanova, knowns as “Lou the Tailor.”

Sahara and not being contractually bound by

I would love our kids to be involved in the

Don says he seemed nice.

either a non-compete or employment contract

business, and they have been involved since

we brought Van Pelt Sports into existence as the

they could walk, but as far as taking over the


new Sahara in the now evolved NAFTA world

business someday – I will leave that up to

What’s the legacy today?

and left Sahara behind.

them individually and collectively. I just want them to be happy in whatever they end up



choosing to do in life, I will not direct them to

Sahara sold in 2000 and Van Pelt Sports was

What are your goals now for the company?

this business, it will be left as a choice.

corporate apparel with logos. Today, it’s the



official merchandiser of the Tony the Tiger

Our goals at Van Pelt Sports have always been

What’s the best part of the family business?

Sun Bowl Game, as well as several branches

customer-oriented, we knew there would

of UTEP athletics.

always be a need for Corporate Apparel and


Embroidery. With the small business boom

I have no greater joy in my business life and


in the 2000s, we found a niche that would

Van Pelt Sports than seeing all my family

How has the second generation of

be perfect for us to service and service well.

working and joking together during busy

Van Pelts carried on the legacy?

All our suppliers were already in place, our

times. We do some events where the entire

founded, which is geared more towards

production and embroidery were/are second

family helps out and those times are by

Chris Van Pelt & Deb Van Pelt

to none and we could now service our core

far my most cherished and keep me going

Selling Sahara was bittersweet, moving on

customers in a timely fashion, which would

through the rest of the year.

was hard but we knew it was the best thing to do.

prove was greatly needed in our new model.


M a r c u s Fa m i ly L e g a c y

Location, Location, Locations

The Marcus Family


ou don’t have to look hard to see the Marcus family’s impact on El Paso. From starting MIMCO, a leading commercial real estate management and investment company, to philanthropic commitments, the community is the recipient of the gifts that come from big hearts and bright minds.

Ben Marcus is a third-generation El Pasoan and managing partner at MIMCO who is looking forward to continuing his family’s legacy while also honoring its history. The City Magazine How/when did your family legacy begin in El Paso? Ben Marcus September 2021 marked the Marcus family’s 100th year in El Paso. Our Marcus (Meyer’s) ancestors immigrated from Aleppo, Syria. They followed an uncle who was in El Paso and working as a peddler selling small goods


M a r c u s Fa m i ly L e g a c y

June 2022

from place to place. On the Goldberg family side (Mindy’s side), they arrived by way of Poland about a century ago. Both Jewish immigrant families came here with nothing but a dream for a better life. TCM What does your family’s legacy mean to you? glitters isn’t gold.” That always reminds us BM


to stay humble and true to ourselves. On

Our family’s legacy and what it means to us

El Paso and the Borderland is a jewel that

the Marcus side, of course, it’s “Location,

have developed over time. The goal wasn’t

many people outside of our area don’t have

Location, Location.”

originally with a legacy in mind, but it has

a great understanding of. The people here

become just that. Since the beginning, our

make the city shine and we try to highlight


family has been driven simply to be a part of

that in everything we do. We have grown

What do you want your legacy to be?

improving our city and our community. For

up here, done business here, raised families

us, it’s about honoring the work done by our

here, and have lifelong friendships that have


family before us, continuing that work, and

spanned decades and generations. This is

To leave our city better than we found it. To

being proud of our name. We want to help

our home that we choose to continue to

continue investing in the place we call home

El Paso grow and support our community

grow our families in and we are so very proud

so that our kids and hopefully their kids and

to the best of our ability. Through MIMCO

of that.

so forth can benefit from it. To take all that our family has taught us in kindness, work

and our family fund, The Melinda and Meyer Marcus Family Foundation, we are able to


ethic, and generosity and teach it to our kids

contribute to and support local causes that

What’s the best / most memorable advice

as well. We are proud of our history here

are important to us, and to be able to do that

from an older member of your family?

and proud to be El Pasoans, and we hope our family will only continue to grow and

work means a great deal to us. BM

continue our legacy for generations to come.


There are many! But one of our favorites that

El Paso has been great to our family for a

Why does your family continue

we all hold true to our hearts comes from

century, the next century looks just as bright.

to serve El Paso?

our late grandfather Abe Goldberg, “All that


W o o Fa m i ly L e g a c y


ard work pays off for one family in El Paso who is living proof that home is where the heart is. Sue Woo is one of five generations in town, and the head of three

g enerations of real estate experts in El Paso generations who specialize in real estate. Together, the family works together to celebrate each member’s individual talents and assets, while also leading the way for more families in El Paso to create long-lasting memories. The City Magazine How did your family legacy begin in El Paso? Sue Wu I am originally from San Antonio and we moved to El Paso in 1979 because my husband, who is a physician, was hired by Providence Hospital to be their neuroradiologist. We had two children already, one was Jennifer, and I was 7

months pregnant with my third as we arrived in El Paso. My real estate career did not

Five Generations and a Family Business

take off until 1989 after the children

The Woo Family

were older and going to school full time. Before 1989, I had two more children: twins Kimberly and Kristen. So, a total of five kids to tote around. I was getting a degree in finance but took a course in real estate for fun. When the kids went to school full

time, I went to talk to Sandy Messer of Sandy Messer & Associates and told her I would like to dabble in real estate, not knowing that 33 years later, that would be my career of choice. I currently still work at the same real estate firm. TCM What values are most important to you and your family? SW I believe in working hard and have given a lot of my time back to the community. I have always instilled that into 104

June 2022

leaving El Paso was Detroit -- very cold but he was very my kids. I have served as Chairman of the

successful with events. He

Board for the Symphony, Chairman of the

missed El Paso and came back

Board for El Paso Youth Orchestra, Chairman

two years later. He is the third

of the UMC Foundation where we raise a

generation of realtors in the

lot of money for the Children’s Hospital, and

family. Brandon also won 1st

Chairman of the Building Committee that

place in the Dancing with the

generation, and Leeland’s generation (Brandon’s

built the YWCA Transitional Living Center,

Stars Fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters

son and my great-grandson). We had a fabulous

Chairman of the YWCA 100th Anniversary

this past year. He takes after his mom.

trip together in Hawaii before the pandemic hit. So much fun!

Luncheon, Chairman of the Board for Shelter for Battered Women, Served on Board of the


Chamber of Commerce, Holocaust Museum

What do you love about El Paso?

TCM What advice do you give your children?

Board, & Medical Alliance Board. Member of Leadership El Paso Class 19 and honored as


Woman of Impact by El Paso Inc.

I love the mountains, the sunsets, the great


people who live here, and of course, the

Work hard, enjoy life, and respect others.

Jennifer has followed in my footsteps by

Mexican food! TCM

serving as the President of the Board of Creative Kids, and a member of the El


What’s your favorite part about

Paso Youth Orchestra Board, Community

What do you want your legacy to be?

having a family business?

Foundation Board, CASFV Board, Big Brother



Big Sisters Board, and helped out on the

That we made a difference in the community

As you know, I love real estate and it is nice to







and we sold beautiful homes! Our tagline

have others in the business have something

Fundraiser, YWCA Luncheon, and Texas Tech

is “Experience 3 Generations of Personal

in common to discuss. Brandon is the new

Breast Cancer Fundraiser in the past. She is

Commitment to Professional Services.”

tech person in the group (because I am too




old to learn) and Brandon/Jennifer work on

also a member of Leadership El Paso. She also won 1st place in the Dancing with the


marketing for our group. Each of them has

Stars Fundraiser with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

What are some of your

their own clients and it is very rewarding for

favorite family memories?

me to see how aggressive and successful they both are. We are well-respected in the

Brandon Woo, my grandson, just got his real estate license in August and he is already on the


Big Brother Big Sisters Board. When he was

We love our five generations that currently

25 years old, he worked with the management

live in El Paso. My 92-year-old mother, who

team for Top Golf to help open new locations

is very healthy and still drives around, my

around the country. His first assignment after

generation, Jennifer’s generation, Brandon’s

community and that has been a blessing.


Three Generations Reign in the Ring

The Gomez/Aceves Family


or most families, arguments between mothers and daughters are an expected rite of passage as hormones collide with generational differences, lived experiences, and ever-evolving identities. The bonds between mothers, daughters, and granddaughters can be as fierce as they are fragile; a delicate balance of leading by example while pursuing greater opportunities for the next generations. One family is brought closer together through fighting. It’s in their blood. Kayla Gomez is a third-generation woman fighter, who is following the example of her mom and grandmother, Crystal and Cindy Aceves, while also making the sport her own as she prepares to head to qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The City Magazine Tell me a little bit about what it is that you and your family do. Kayla Gomez We’re boxers. We’re three generations. I’m a 14-time national champion and a 5-time international champion, and my mom has also competed in nationals as well. My mom and I usually fight alongside each other. She 106

stopped to coach me and my grandma is one of my coaches, as well. TCM How did your grandma get into the sport? KG She was a kickboxer, which is a little different but still in the fighting scene. She got my mom and me into it with her feistiness and it inspired me to be a strong woman who can also be girly. That’s what I’d like to inspire in little girls.

KG Always believe in yourself and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t. There will always be people -- especially as a female --who are going to say “you can’t do that.” My mom always said “if you believe you can do it, you can do it, and we’re going to support you,” and that’s all that matters.

TCM How old were you when you started boxing?

TCM You’re training for the 2024 Olympic Games, what’s that like?

KG I was 9-years old and remember that I was so motivated. I’m still motivated, but looking back, I really thought I could accomplish the Olympic dream. I thought “I’m going to work hard, and when I’m older, I know I can do it.” I was doing lunges and extra work to get to that place. Now that it’s so close, I really believe that I belong. Back then, I was trying to get there, and now it’s like “Wow, I’m actually here.”

KG It’s wild! I have to train really hard every day and have so many tournaments every year. I just got back from Ecuador, I placed third, it was North America versus South America. I thought I won but things happen in boxing. She’s a two-time Olympics bronze medalist. So if she’s a medalist and I think I was successful, then I think I can be a gold medalist. Two more years, and I think I’ll be up there.

TCM What’s some of the best advice that your mom or grandma has given you?

TCM What did your mom say when you told her you wanted to be a boxer?

June 2022

T h e G o m e z /A c e v e s Fa m i ly L e g a c y

KG I didn’t know she was a boxer before. I was inspired by boxers’ strength and confidence, and I wanted to do something feisty -- but in a good way. My mom told me that she was a boxer when she was little and a teenager but she didn’t take it as seriously as I wanted to take it. She said we can do it together and took me to her old boxing gym. TCM What do you think your strengths are as a fighter? KG Definitely, my power. I have a lot of technique but I feel like my power is what makes my opponents not really want to fight back. It also helped me as I grew up, but I still had to work on speed and technique because I was so used to overpowering people that I wouldn’t really focus on my technique a lot. But now that I’m older, I feel like I’ve developed into a great fighter. TCM What’s it like being a third-generation fighter?

KG It’s amazing. I know that it was made for me and it’s not just something that was given. I have to take it as far as I can. TCM What do you, your mom, and grandma like to do outside of the ring? KG Going to tournaments creates a bond. We train together, we do everything together. It seems like all we do is train, but it brings us closer. When I step into the ring, it’s an emotional and spiritual thing. You get in there and you can either be scared or dig deep, and those memories help me out of struggles. Fighting brings us together, but for fun, we love hiking. We love nature. TCM What do you want readers to know about being from a strong family of women? KG I want people to know that they can be strong and also girly. I want them to be inspired by that and know that if I can be a boxer and not be scary, they can be a strong woman and also have a girly side. 107

June 2022

Honoring August 3rd | By: ERIN COULEHAN |


June 2022


Honoring August 3rd

he tragedy of the Cielo Vista Walmart

Additionally, the lotus flower logo has 23 petals

shooting on August 3, 2019, remains a

that represent each victim of the mass shooting.

deep wound in a community that prides

itself on its collective strength, resilience,

“This Garden enshrines the 23 Mexican and

and multicultural identity but that doesn’t

Mexican-American martyrs,” said Dolores

mean the healing comes easily. El Paso

Huerta, Founder and President of the

County responded to the need to create a

Dolores Huerta Foundation. “We must make

public place for mourning by establishing a

a living legacy with a commitment to healing,

memorial at Acarate Park.

nonviolent actions that will eliminate the racism that took their lives.”

The El Paso Community Healing Garden opened to the public on August 3, 2021, as a place for


El Pasoans and guests to honor the lives lost

legislative efforts to pass H.R. 4380 to




and serve as a peaceful place of contemplation.

designate the El Paso Community Healing Garden as a federally-recognized national

Today, the Healing Garden is now a national

memorial site to honor the victims, first


responders, and community. The bill was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives

“Our heartfelt objective is to bring forth a

on March 16, 2022, with bipartisan support.

beautiful space for the victims, their families, and for our courageous community,” said

“My bill will designate the El Paso Healing

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego.

Garden at Ascarate Park in El Paso, Texas

“Everyone in our community has felt the

as a National Memorial and help ensure our

profound grief of that vivid August 3, 2019

country honors the 23 innocent lives we

experience. Our hope is that our Healing

lost in the attack on El Paso on August 3rd,

Garden will be a welcoming place for individuals

2019,” said Congresswoman Escobar.

and families to find comfort and an opportunity to embrace their individual healing process.”

The bill awaits approval in the Senate before being signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The County opted to place the memorial at Ascarate Park to promote healing, noting

“I’m grateful that my colleagues voted to

data that supports the therapeutic benefits

honor the lives forever changed on August

of being in nature and chose a lotus flower

3rd, 2019. We are, and will continue to be, El

for the logo, which symbolizes serenity,

Paso Strong,” she added.

grace, and knowledge.


June 2022

| Words and photos by: EVA ASFAHANI |


Clarity in Representation on the Border

larity in representation on the border -- it’s not always so clear in my

hometown of El Paso, Texas. Our community is a more diverse melting pot than one realizes. Examining this diversity is the core of this project: to ultimately raise awareness of its cultures, religions, and countries of origin. The flags of these countries wave proudly against the backdrop of the border region, resulting in a beautiful display of diversity on the border as represented in photos.


June 2022

C l a r i t y i n R e p r e s e n tat i o n o n t h e B o r d e r


Eat on The Edge Sunday - Wednesday 11:00am - 8:00pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm

Est. 1997 8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso (915) 822-3343

As I began delving into the border community and showing the varied settings of El Paso, I asked friends of different heritages to choose a personally-meaningful location.




+ Ad o dy


Concerts Parties

Films And MORE


or FR EE

Special Events Art Exhibits


own events


TRYING TO ADD EVEN EVENTS? Contact Mari VanPelt at



June 2022

Exceed Your Standards of Beauty

The sustained investigation allowed me to experiment with unique backdrops and lighting while making the photos special for the subjects, as well. Learning to photograph moving flags along the way, I refined my skill in capturing movement, soul, and spirit within each image. As I developed a range of poses and got closer to the subjects, I found a renewed love for photography while also capturing generational stories.

ANA AN A SQU SQUA ARE Master Artist in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

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(915) 525-4068 11890 Vista Del Sol Dr. Suite A-117 El Paso, TX 79936 113

June 2022

h c o a ’ N ‘average bar snack | By: AMBER LANAHAN |



‘ N a c h o ’ Av e r a g e B a r S n a c k

June 2022

t the center of El Paso’s downtown

final product to be packed with flavor from

When patrons make their way through the

sits the Tap Bar and Restaurant.

the first crispy bite to the last. With so many

tinted doors, they’re greeted by the staff upon

Sporting a vibrant red neon sign

ingredients melded together, one would

entry. The space plays home to twin pool

reminiscent of the light displays of

believe that the plate holding the dish would

tables, a full-length bar, and a music player

old Las Vegas, this little hole in the

be as small as those of much larger chains.

with an extensive selection. Whether it be

wall holds memories of El Paso’s past 66

However, this would not be the case, as the

through food and drinks or the interactions

years. The steady blinking of the sign on the

building proprietor makes it a point for the

between the patrons themselves, all outside

darkened street of San Antonio Ave. serves

size of the dish to reflect the amount of flavor

tension begins to gradually fade. This relaxed

as a guiding hand to the establishment’s

within. A single plate serves two adults with

atmosphere provides El Pasoans a respite

plethora of patrons walking through its doors.

ease at an affordable price while they indulge

from the bedlam of Downtown assortments

in a cold beer on the side.

ranging from the stiff county courthouse to the chaotic shopping district of Segundo Barrio.

The Tap was established in 1956 and now stands as an El Paso staple with its rich

As the City of El Paso has continued to

history of cold beer drinking, pool shooting,

transform and grow, the Tap has remained

Generations of El Pasoans have made many

and legendary nachos.

virtually unchanged. A traditional dive, the

a memory throughout the Tap’s history. It

Tap and its employees reflect everything that

doesn’t appear that they’ll be stopping anytime

makes these locations desirable.

soon as the family-owned establishment

The Tap’s nachos are the establishment’s

shifted over to new ownership by daughter

golden child. A delectable combination of ingredients one could find in almost every

A 2018 Vice interview with District 1 City

Charlene Soule. The Tap is a facility that has

El Pasoan’s kitchen (jalapeños, tomatoes,

council member Peter Svarzbein highlights

made its mark with its legendary nachos, but

onions, tortillas, queso blanco, and more)

the Tap’s open atmosphere, “You have

it’s the space’s comfortable energy that keeps

are paired with the visitor’s choice of chicken

lawyers next to college kids, next to artists

its patrons coming back. To horribly misquote

or deshebrada. The chef takes great care in

next to politicians. [The Tap] is a place where

iconic Brooks & Dunn end of the night classic,

making the appetizer, as each ingredient is

there’s no pretension and people are there

you’ll be alright as long as there’s light from a

meticulously spread across each chip and

to have the best nachos in the world.”

neon Tap.

cooked. This preparation method allows the

Svarzbein could not speak a stronger truth.


June 2022

Honoring a

Rock and Roll Hero | By: AMBER LANAHAN |


June 2022


n Monday, April 4th, El Paso lost a

Crosby himself, Crosby’s Studio was open to

member of its rock and roll legend

musicians of all genres to record their music

history, Rodney “Rod” Andrew

in a professional set-up at affordable rates. As

Crosby, at the age of 76. Guitarist and lead

artists recorded, Crosby offered advice and

singer of 60’s and 70’s rock band Rod Crosby

guided artists with a model that follows them

& the Intruders, Crosby continued to play an

today. Jim Ward’s Sleepercar bandmate, Gabe

integral part in the development of El Paso’s

Gonzalez, worked with Crosby personally with

music scene off stage in co-creating Border

event set-up and sound control. Gonzalez

Legends of El Paso and personal businesses

emphasized Crosby’s pride in music produced

Crosby Sound and Rosewood Studio.

in his studio and how it only bolstered his


desire to inspire the El Paso music scene. Moving from California in 1960, Crosby would become an Austin High graduate in 1963.

Aside from music, the other great love of Crosby’s life was his wife, Patricia Ann Crosby.

Crosby’s love for music began in the summer

His designated “goddess,” Patricia became

of 1960, when he came across an early

the match that kept Crosby on his toes. At an

performance by another El Paso legend,

event, Crosby shared a story of a woman’s

Bobby Fuller, of 1966 top 10 “I Fought the

Facebook post on having witnessed one of

Law” fame.

Patricia’s performances. When he revealed the post’s “I saw a Goddess” title to the audience,

The two became close enough friends that in

Crosby displayed a playful possessiveness as

1965 Fuller invited Crosby to join his band, The

he shared that he was the first.

Bobby Fuller Four; Crosby politely declined his friend’s offer. Instead, Crosby and The

Crosby praised that it was their differences

Intruders would grow to become Fuller’s most

from one another, and how it was these

significant rivals as both bands inspired and

characteristics, that’d strengthened their union.

drove each other to perform and create music. Friends and family could write books about Crosby joined his forever band in 1960.

Rod’s love for Patricia. In an interview with

Founded by Bobby Wilson, the group

the El Paso Times, family friend Steve Ligorio



shared, “The only time he was guaranteed

including the band’s final name change to

a smile was when talking about Patricia.

Rod Crosby & The Intruders, with Crosby

He worshiped her.” The pair would have

remaining the constant element.

celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary



Celebrate the Red,

Wh i t e , and Blue by finding a new car for


this June. The band played throughout El Paso for various events ranging from military and

Funeral services were held Tuesday, April

corporate engagements to dances and

12th, from 4 pm to 8 pm at Funeraria del

proms. As his career matured, Crosby joined

Angel Central on 3839 Montana Ave. The

hands with friend and co-producer Rick Kern

family has asked those mourning the El Paso

and created Border Legends of El Paso. This

icon to donate to a preferred charity in lieu

annual event helped keep the El Paso rock

of flowers. In addition, the family has an “In

scene alive as local bands were invited to

Memory” section on the artist’s obituary

perform and showcase their talents.

page where family, friends, and fans alike can upload photos or stories with Crosby. As the

When he wasn’t on stage, Crosby spent his

old saying goes, one could learn a lot about a

time at his audio rental business Crosby Sound

person from the souls around them.

or helping other musical artists at Crosby’s Rosewood Studio. Built from the ground up by

Call the experts, we’re here to help. 915-772-2272 5815 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925 117

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June 2022

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(833) DOWNTWN - (833)369-6896 522 San Francisco St. El Paso TX 79901 118 dwtnspaces

June 2022

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June 2022

UTEP ‘Pickin’-ing Away at


he impact of higher education

and corporate research funding, helping us

The achievement of the R1 designation in

continues to have a ripple effect in

to grow and maintain our state-of-the-art

2018 means that UTEP is among universities

the Borderland, with UTEP serving

equipment and facilities for groundbreaking

like Harvard, Georgetown, Stanford, and UT

as an institution of higher learning and

discoveries,” says Dr. Toni Blum, Vice

Austin with the greatest volume of research

social mobility. This year, UTEP reaffirmed

Provost for Curriculum Effectiveness and

activity that leads to more Ph.D. graduates.

its R1status by the Carnegie Classification

Improvement at UTEP. The development of UTEP’s research began

of Institutions of Higher Education, resolidifying its position as one of the top

UTEP reports more than $106 million in annual

in 1992 after a lawsuit challenged a restriction

research universities in the United States.

research expenditures that expose students

that only allowed UTEP to offer one Ph.D.

to real-world projects and problem-solving

program. Since then, UTEP has created 22

The designation means that UTEP is among

that also develop confidence, critical thinking,

doctoral programs.

141 of 4,0000 universities in the country

and global awareness. More than 40 percent

producing top-tier research in impact areas

of graduating seniors at UTEP participate in

“Of the 11 top research universities in

like aerospace, health, cybersecurity, border

on-campus research or scholarly projects.

Texas, 5 are part of the UT System,” said UTEP President Heather Wilson. “That

issues, and more. “This designation provides students access

is a remarkable achievement. Research

Currently, UTEP is ranked fifth in Texas for federal

to these excellent opportunities to become

universities positively impact jobs and the

research expenditures at public universities.

part of the creation of knowledge that can

economy in Texas. The decision made by The

transform our community,” Blum continues.

University of Texas Regents in 1992 to open

“This designation is not only prestigious, but it

opportunities and expand research to more

also gives UTEP access to even more federal

campuses is paying dividends today.”


June 2022

Continued Student Success UTEP is one of a handful of R1 universities

“As a public research university, UTEP has


that are also Hispanic-Serving Institutions,

a responsibility to positively impact the

This May, UTEP celebrated its largest

and the only R1 university in the country

health, education, economy and culture of

graduating class (3,126 students) in the

to persist with 100 percent undergraduate

the community,” says Roberto Osegueda,


student admission while also developing

Ph.D., Vice President for Research. “We

significant triumph over the challenges

research excellence. The university has 83

have positioned ourselves to be a leader in

imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

percent Hispanic enrollment and has been

research on Hispanic health disparities, with

committed to providing access to education

direct implications for improving the health of

“We believe that if you are willing to work

that positively contributes to the community.

the community we serve.”

hard, you should have a chance to study at

In addition to producing college graduates,

The ability to earn an affordable degree in

changing the world,” said President Wilson.

UTEP contributes more than $1 billion per

town opens the door for students and families

“We’ve proven again that UTEP is America’s

year to the local economy, and students

to achieve social mobility despite obstacles

leading Hispanic-Serving University.”


to education many in the community have





a university where meaningful research is




community service hours per year.


faced in the past.



The City Magazine’s May Launch Party

celebrated El Paso’s

leading women in business at The Manor at Ten Eleven to honor the extraordinary ladies in our community who make El Paso shine.

| Photos by: SEIRIOS OBSCURA |




June 2022

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Kings X.............................................................................. Pg. 61

West Texas Pain Institute ..............................Inside Front Cover

Lee Beach Limited ........................................................... Pg. 57

Zehra Solutions ................................................................. Pg. 33


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