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10 Years

El Paso Zoo First Comes


of Excellence with El Paso Children’s Hospital

then comes



Olympic Ice Queen 96 FEBRUARY 2022 PRICE $3.95

Get to Know ‘The Chocolate Lady’

7878 Gateway Boulevard East, Suite 402, El Paso, TX 79915

11450 Gateway N, Suite 2100, El Paso, TX 79934

Raul J. Lopez, MD

Kendrick Thomas, MD

El Paso's Leading Pain Management Physicians

SERVICES Regenerative Radiofrequency Ablation Medicine

Epidural Injection


Spinal Cord Stimulator

Stem Cell Therapy



Call for an Appointment:

(915) 229-5013

More info at:


Our primary goal at West Texas Pain Institute is to restore quality of life to people suffering with chronic pain


February 2022





M E M B E R S HFebruary I P S 2022


[ br(eakfast) + (l)unch ] all day ]




monthly manor brunch

Exceptional Ex E x ccep eepp tti tional ional


February 2022






1011 N. MESA ST. 79902 (915) 351-9727 |

@manoratteneleven |


Casa B February 2022


uenavista February 2022

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

You’re invited to enjoy an

incredible lifestyle! Now you can enjoy all the amenities of a private villa in reasonable hotel-type rates with luxury that far exceeds.

your delicous meals, you simply provide the menu.

• SSatellite atellite TV, TV, wireless InternetInternet, , WirelessPC, , PCphone, , Phonoutdoor e ,Outdospeakers or speakers • Solar heated pool, children’s pool • Every bedroom has a spectacular view • Secluded Las Animas and Yelapa nearby by boat taxi • Fully-equipped kitchen, patio BBQ • Perched above beach at Lomas de Mismaloya • Up to 4 couples or family of 8-10 • Beautifully maintained private villa

Visit our website for a full photo gallery andwebsite explorefor thea villa on video! Visit our full photo gallery at www. www. Contact Us Today (915) 526-0390 585-1719 •


February 2022

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Tackles Deep Lines & Wrinkles for Younger Looking Skin Anti-Aging • Instantly leaves skin looking healthier with regular use • Skin feels stronger & more elastic • Deep lines & wrinkles are reduced • Leaving you looking younger in just 4 weeks As skin ages, it’s structure is weakened, encouraging loss of elasticity and wrinkles. This powerful serum instantly leaves skin looking healthier. With regular use, skin feels stronger, more elastic and deep lines and wrinkles are reduced, leaving you looking younger in just four weeks.

Ask Your Pharmacist about the SERVICES that may be RIGHT FOR YOU IMMUNIZATIONS


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Cholesterol+ Blood Glucose+ Blood Pressure

Comprehensive Medication Review Flavoring Medicare Part B Diabetic Testing Supplies

SAVINGS Medicare Plan Review Generic Equivalent Prescription Savings Club *Subject to health plan coverage +May not be available at all locations Vaccines subject to availability


February 2022

alamogordo 955 white sands blvd bl (575) 434.4116

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el pa p so paso

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Fernando Aviles M.D.

Andrew Evans PA-C

Over 21 years of experience in Family and Orthopaedic Medicine. Looking forward to providing compassionate care and advanced non-surgical treatments.

His goal is to help reduce your pain and help you return to the activities you enjoy through non-surgical means if at all possible.

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February 2022

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Solve your problem with a simple phone call

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From the



uch ink has been spilled in citing the virtues of

“friend” as well as the words “I love you”

friendship. Books are written, the big screen writes

might be thrown around to easily.

for their audience. Hallmark has made a very good Friendships, loves, relationships take time,

living all based on friendships, and love stories.

much likened to the four seasons. February reminds us about our loves because there seems to be a ‘heart-on’ everywhere we turn. It’s the time we re-define

Spring is when you first meet and there is an

our relationships, and their importance. We look for cards

obvious connection, a smile, a giggle. Birds

that speak from our heart: not too mushy…not too tight-

are chirping, everywhere beautiful colors are

lipped…celebrating a new love…defining the old. Whatever

blooming and the newness of the days are

the length of our relationship, we all understand their value.

something we look forward to experiencing.

Quality relationships, loves and friendships are extremely

And then there’s Summer. Summer is hot,

important to our general happiness. There have been studies for

heavy, in full bloom, the nights are warm

years defining what it takes to have a successful love, friendship.

and the talks often warmer.

We often have cluster groups of friends from different time

Fall is the transition season; you don’t see

periods in our life that serve different functions, like advice or social

it coming. It creeps up in the slight blowing

entertainment, going out with the girls, hanging with the guys.

of the wind. There’s a chill in the air as the leaves turn yellow and orange and then they

A friend who gets you without you having to explain yourself.

begin to slightly fall. Somedays are warm

It’s the type of friend who loves you no matter what, and

and some days chilly, relationships, some

they’re not necessarily people you talk to every day. You

days warm and somedays chilly.

might go weeks or months without connecting but when you do re-connect, it’s as if no time has passed at all. These

Old man Winter can be rough and bitter cold.

are ‘heart-to-heart’ or ‘soul friends’ and they can give you

The purpose of winter is to kill the weeds.

comfort even if you’re out of touch. There’s a common thread

Weeds starve the healthy growth and if they

for the weekend Lifetime and Netflix queens. We put on our

are left, they will be watered and grow taller

favorite loungewear, sink into the sofa wadding up under a

than the sweetness beneath them. It’s been

plush blanket with a glass of vino and popcorn in hand as we

said that a relationship that survives the long days of winter,

watch the long-awaited love stories.

and return to Spring, can survive the days of time, are those who can get through the seasons, survive the winter and can

Some of the most compelling tales are those of very best

still move into spring.

friends, like Thelma and Louise, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda; or loves like, Allie and Noah in “The Notebook.”

Can your love, your friendship withstand the test of time?

No matter what, these besties -- these love stories -- all had Only time will tell…

each other’s backs through thick and thin. My Dad once told me that you are a lucky person if you have more than one truly good friend during your lifetime. I remember thinking he was cynical, talking from a heart that might have been broken from a friendship gone wrong. As I’ve traveled through the years I often think of his comment. I still believe he is cynical, but I now understand that the word



“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

February 2022

February 2022

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February 2022

From the


Managing Editor

ur hearts and minds are on fire this month,

This month we’re introducing a local student

burning bright from the inspiring stories


inside this special issue dedicated to love.

“Progress Report” to highlight the exceptional

We’re celebrating love not only in the romantic sense

young and talented minds in our city that are

between partners but also showcasing modern

instrumental to making El Paso the place that it

interpretations of love that I think is so exciting.

is today. This month’s Progress Report editorials






examine the ways food memories stir up warm Working on this issue has been cathartic for me.

feelings, the leadership pipeline for women, and

I lost Porky, the four-legged love of my life, at

local sustainability efforts.

Christmas, and have been working to fill the hole in my chest with stories that inspire me.

If you know a student journalist who’d like to contribute, please ask them to email me at erin@

From our fierce cover star, Camryn Heon, who is

competing in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, to Wild West Working Dogs hosting an international

In keeping with the theme of love for February,

competition in El Paso for the first time, to El

we have fashion editorials written with the aim

Paso Children’s Hospital celebrating a decade of

to help every reader feel their most fabulous on

saving lives, these stories are evidence of the

dates, at home, and everywhere in between.

great things that can come from love, passion, and commitment.

I hope you love this issue as much as I’ve loved creating it, and am so excited for the warmer days that lie ahead.

“Your voice matters. Let’s hear it. 12

Scan the QR code to send audio advice to the editors."

February 2022

EL PASO RHINOS UPCOMING HOME GAMES NAHL vs Lone Star Brahmas | Feb. 4-5 NA3HL vs Texas Brahmas | Feb. 10-12 NAHL vs New Mexico Ice Wolves | Feb. 18-20 NAHL vs Lone Star Brahmas | Feb. 25-26 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday games at 7 pm | Sunday games at 4:30 pm Call 915-479-PUCK (7825) or visit for more information. 13


February 2022


18 18

Meet ‘The Chocolate Lady' By: CLAUDIA FLORES

22 22




Walk Her, Texas Ranger




El Paso’s Olympic Ice Queen By: ERIN COULEHAN


Here and Now






Women’s Style

Astrology Forecast



Contributors Erin




























Managing Editor


February 2022

February 2022

10 years of Wonder


a l t o e c o h C Lady T he

February 2022

Provides Sweet Experience in Mesilla | By: CLAUDIA FLORES |


February 2022


ne hour away from El Paso, in the

her love for baking and chocolate that made

Plaza of Old Mesilla, 71-year-old Linda

her take the step into buying the business.

Ramirez Jackson is ready to serve the

local community, seven days a week at

The Chocolate Lady.

The store, located at 2379 Calle De

Although it was not her initial dream to become “The Chocolate Lady,” Jackson said the desire of owning a candy shop grew in her as a young child.

Guadalupe, had been in business for 13 years before Jackson bought it in 1998.

“It’s really weird, because when I was a little girl, probably about 6-years-old. We

“I used to do chocolate prior to buying the

had a little store next to my grandma’s

store. I just happened to see it advertised

house and I used to get 10 cents every

in the Las Cruces Sun News, and through

month, and I’d go there and pick up all kinds

the Small Business Association, they

of penny candy to eat them all,” Jackson

helped me get loans and that’s how I got

said. “One time I remember telling the lady,

started,” Jackson said.

‘One of these days I’m going to own my own chocolate shop; my own candy shop,’

Jackson, who previously worked at a local

and here I am now.”

hospital in the film library area, said that it was


T h e C h o c o l at e L a dy

February 2022

The Chocolate Lady offers a great variety

loyalty of her customers, The Chocolate Lady,

However, the business owner said, their

of chocolate treats, ranging from white

found its ways through the rough patch.

second-biggest sale is in the months approaching Valentine’s Day.

chocolate-covered pretzels to chocolatecovered cherries.

“COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways. Employee wise and supply wise. I ran out of

According to the National Confectioners

According to Jackson, her signature treats

boxes this year. We had to supplement other

Association (NCA) website and the NCA’s

are known as the ‘Three-T’s:’ truffles, toffee

things to help the customers to get them

president and CEO, John Downs, throughout

bars, and turtles.

through the holidays,” Jackson said. “It’s

the pandemic, one thing that has remained

been a tough two years, but it worked out. I

consistent is that Americans appreciate

The truffles are chocolate ganache (the

do appreciate my customers that are always

chocolate and candy for the sense of comfort

mixture of 1:1 ratio of chocolate and warm

here to buy from me, if it wasn’t for them, I

they bring during challenging times.

cream) flavored treats made with dark and

wouldn’t be here.” Based on a survey by the NCA, 84% of

milk chocolate. Toffee bars are created with house-made toffee covered in both dark and

Jackson, who arrives at 6’oclock in the morning

Americans think that chocolate is a fun part

milk chocolate and chopped pecans. The

at least three times a week to prepare the

of special celebrations including Valentine’s

turtles are made with homemade caramel,

shop’s signature caramel, said it’s necessary

Day, and 87% of Americans enjoy the

pecan, or cashews and covered in white,

to have atleast three cooking days in a row to

seasonal chocolate treat on Valentine’s Day.

dark, and milk chocolate.

keep the product as fresh as possible. “Valentine’s Day is the only time when

Like many other businesses in the area,

With the winter holidays as one of the shop’s

we make chocolate-dipped strawberries.

despite her 22 years in business, the past

biggest seasons, Jackson said this year

We usually prepare the big batch at 5:30

two years in the middle of the COVID-19

the shop sold approximately 300lb. of their

in the morning the day of, that way the

pandemic were a struggle for the chocolate

homemade toffee bars.

strawberries are fresh every day,” Jackson

shop, but in times of darkness, thanks to the


said. “Remember, strawberries are fruit, so

February 2022 they only have a shelf life of about two days that they’re going to be good.” For Jackson, chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate candy are a signature treat for love during Valentine’s season and year-round. “I just love it. Chocolate is supposed to make people feel better, happy. Sometimes when I see people come in the shop, I think I might be able to make their day better after they buy some candy,” Jackson said. Jackson said the Valentine’s Day celebration is usually one of the busiest, and that people can always plan ahead of time to secure their order. “People can call in so we can make reservations, and they have to pay their order ahead of time,” Jackson said. “If you haven’t tried us here at The Chocolate Lady you need to visit

Eat on The Edge Sunday - Wednesday 11:00am - 8:00pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm

Est. 1997

us since we have the best chocolate, you can eat.”

8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso (915) 822-3343

Do you need to grow your business?

Advertise Here! Turn the page with us! For more information contact us:

Join El Paso’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine

(915) 225 - 0265


Walk Her,

Texas Ranger | By: ARTIE MONTENEGRO photos courtesy of: WILD WEST WORKING DOGS |


February 2022


he bonds between canine and human run

website says Schutzhund training is all about

deeper than the Rio Grande, and one club

true teamwork and trust between canine

of highly-driven dogs and their handlers is

and handler; in short, it is companionship

working to put little ol’ El Paso on the map in

stronger than that of Butch Cassidy and his

the working dog community.

Sundance Kid.

Wild West Working Dogs is a small club

But it’s not all about Schutzhund giggles.

headquartered in the heart of El Paso’s lower valley. The club focuses on training and

With their high drives to work and incredible

certifying Schutzhund dogs.

intelligence, German Shepherds make for great partners and high achievers. Celeste

Training a Schutzhund, which is the German

Alvarado and her canine partner Ranger are

phrase for a protection dog, consists of

a perfect example of the standard that Wild

obedience, tracking, and bite work. The

West Working Dogs, and Schutzhund dogs


everywhere, are held to.






Join us for brunch on Saturday

Mexican American Soul Food in the Heart of Downtown 325 N. Kansas, El Paso, TX 79901 (915) 532-1881




February 2022

Wa l k H e r , T e x a s R a n g e r


Wa l k H e r , T e x a s R a n g e r

February 2022

Celeste and Ranger hit the trail toward Schutzhund certification when Celeste was a student at Riverside High School in the Law Enforcement K9 Course. The course pairs students with working canines to train the dogs and foster leadership, discipline, and confidence in the student. Training begins with simple obedience such as walking on a leash and progresses to more advanced skills such as tracking and bite work. As participants in the course, the students are awarded junior membership in the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and receive class credit upon the completion of an obedience test. In February of 2022, Celeste and Ranger will demonstrate their talents and training alongside working dogs and handlers from across the globe. This is the first time Wild West Working Dogs will host the South-Central Regional Show, in partnership with United Schutzhund Clubs of America. 26

February 2022

Wild West Working Dogs member Allyson Miles says that the club is thrilled to welcome teams from as far as British Columbia. During the show, the dogs and handlers will vie for certifications in obedience, tracking, and protection: the standards of Schutzhund training. Additionally, teams like Celeste and her Ranger will earn points towards scholarships, an opportunity made available to her through the partnership between Wild West Working Dogs and Riverside High School. The show is scheduled for February 26th and 27th with the location yet to be determined as of the printing of this article because of the pandemic. Typically, the shows are held farther east, and El Paso almost lost this year’s show to a club in San Antonio, but El Paso was quicker on the draw. Due largely to COVID-19 travel restrictions in Europe, where most Schutzhund judges reside, future Schutzhund-certified teams from far and wide look forward to traveling to the one-time home of the cowboys and desperados of the Wild West. Miles also says that events like this help Wild West Working Dogs to continue their support of our wild West Texas Community. Wild West Working Dogs is proud to visit local schools with therapy dogs, train and deploy search and rescue dogs when necessary, and create opportunities for partners like Celeste and Ranger. After all, learning to “Walk Her Texas Ranger” was just the beginning.


February 2022

125 THUNDERBIRD SUITE G EL PASO, TX 79912 915 • 243 • 3139

sugurskull sugarskull_boutique


February 2022











Vehicles shown using visual effects. Dealer inventory varies.



El Paso Zoo Feeds the Lust Frontier from Crush to Crunch

ar he

t ee w S



| By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: MAGGIE BLUM |




s sse i K 30

February 2022


enturies ago Shakespeare described

true love as journeys ending in two lovers meeting while today, the El Paso Zoo is defining the end of love in an act of

some cuddly critters eating.

This February, the El Paso Zoo is continuing its tradition of inviting El Pasoans to name




an invertebrate that National Geographic describes as anything but a run-of-the-mill roach, that will ultimately be served frozen to a hungry predator. The course of true love never did run smooth, but in this case, it’s crunchy. Sarah Borrego, Senior Marketing Specialist at the El Paso Zoo, is the mastermind behind its annual “Quit Bugging Me Campaign” that feeds the wrath of scorned lovers, while also satisfying the snack cravings of a hungry gang of meerkats.



February 2022

E l Pa s o Zo o

“I thought it would be fun, and people

“This is a great opportunity for everyone

really responded to it,” said Borrego of the

to learn about animals at the Zoo and the

campaign that’s since gone viral online.

importance of insects in our ecosystem,” says Joe Montisano, Director of the El Paso

The Madagascar hissing cockroaches are

Zoo. “This is a normal part of these animals’

ethically frozen and delicately tossed to

diets in the wild. While in our care, we try to

peckish meerkat, bird, and primate residents

replicate that as much as possible.”

at the El Paso Zoo for Valentine’s Day.


Contrary to popular belief and the opposite

name of the loathe of their life on the Zoo’s



website. The donation funds will go toward

cockroaches are not pests. Just like evil ex-

conservation efforts at the El Paso Zoo to

lovers, however, the creepy crawlers do not

further its mission to celebrate the value of

inhabit human dwellings but prefer to live

animal and natural efforts, while also providing

under rocks.

opportunities for community members to




rediscover their connection to nature. El Pasoans interested in participating in the


“Quit Bugging Me” ritual are encouraged to

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and in

make a small donation when submitting the

this case, it’s also kind of sweet.

February 2022

E l Pa s o Zo o







An Icon of Downtown El Paso

E S T. 1

408 E San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX

(915) 532-1848


Valentine’s Day

February 2022

t s g n A

No More | By: MARGO LEPE |


Va l e n t i n e ’ s D ay A n g s t N o M o r e

February 2022


ealing with loved ones on what is

Urbatchka helps patients with their well-

seemingly a loving day full of love

being that includes gut health, autoimmune,

is not always, well, lovely. Whether

hormones, postpartum, fertility, exercise,

you look forward to St. Valentine’s

libido, and more.

Day or detest it, February 14th

typically sparks up some emotion. The

Urbatchka says managing stress should start

day is commonly seen as a chance to

well before Valentine’s Day by not only being

create more memories, express your love or

aware of internal triggers but also finding

have it reciprocated. For some people -- even

ways to implement stress management.

if in healthy relationships -- Valentine’s Day can be emotional and stressful.

“Maybe it’s exercise, meditation, breathing, or time management skills,” she says, adding

Dr. Lindsey Urbatchka, Founder of Wellness

that she believes there are many tools and

PharmD Consulting, specializes in wellness

benefits when integrating a healthier lifestyle.

and focuses specifically on managing the

hypothalamus-pituitary axis, which helps

For example, if plans do not go as you would

regulate the body’s response to stress.

like this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps you are 37

February 2022

“Triggers can be a person, place, words, or specific situations. Other people don’t knowingly trigger you on purpose typically. They don’t see that far in advance. Perhaps it’s just the tone of maybe even someone’s voice.”

still feeling salty over last year, it’s important

Should friction erupt, you do not have to

to keep things in perspective.

contribute to it. You do not even have to be affected by it.

Life does not always play along the way we want it to. Urbatchka says triggers


vary, but that dialing in your triggers can

pausing; if you feel a sudden feeling or urge




prevent you from lashing out and making

to lash out, ask yourself why. Simply excuse

your holiday worse.

yourself and politely ask for a moment alone, if needed, which hurts no one.

“Triggers can be a person, place, words, or specific situations,” she explains. “Other

“You do not have to respond right away. We

people don’t knowingly trigger you on

are in a world of instant gratification and we

purpose typically. They don’t see that far in

need to slow down,” she says.

advance. Perhaps it’s just the tone of maybe even someone’s voice.”

A primary key to handling conflicts on Valentine’s Day (and any day) seems to


Regardless of whether your New Year’s

not always involve interacting with people.

resolution is no longer solid, it is never too

Usually, it has everything to do with what

late to perfect your conflict resolution skills.

is happening inside of us. Urbatchka says

February 2022

our stress response works against us when

7-8 Breath Relaxation Exercise,” in which a

our hypothalamus-pituitary axis goes into

person inhales for four seconds, holds the

overdrive. This can basically put us in a

breath for seven seconds, and then exhales

perpetual flight or fight mode, causing us

for eight seconds.

to become defensive, angry, and unable to So, take a big, deep breath and remember:

process feelings.

February 14th is just another day. In order to properly manage our emotions, especially in times of high pressure, we must

While getting flowers and chocolates is

be aware and prepared beforehand with

nice, they will not help you attain proper

helpful tools to apply.

mind management and emotional stability.



Enjoying the simple things in life, such as Experts



Urbatchka is


say as

“trigger well


inward gratitude, self-control, love, and peace, can help you, nevertheless.

implementing simple tools such as deep breathing and/or walking regularly.

Whether you order curbside pick-up, delivery, or choose to dine out this Valentine’s Day,

There are many breathing techniques that

remember to definitely drop off stress and

can be very effective, particularly during

invite the qualities you wish to become into

high-pressure times. One method is the “4-

your holiday, instead.


February 2022


PCA CHEMICAL PEELS ARE USED TO IMPROVE TONE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BREAKOUTS AND DARK SPOTS. These exfoliation treatments penetrate the stratum corneum, outer layer of the skin, to aid in the nourishment of the deeper levels of the skin, the epidermis and dermis.

40 915.629.7707 | MILANSALONANDSPA.COM 915.351.0032 | MIXSALONSPA.COM






February 2022





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Join us for happy hour. 3800 N. MESA Suit D1 79902 | (915)532-1881 | MESASTREETGRILL.COM


February 2022

Lol Desiers Return to

New York Fashion Week | By: ERIN COULEHAN |


f actions speak louder than words, then fashion is the ultimate unspoken call to action. The power suit put on before leading a presentation; jeans in the perfect cut that exude a casual coolness; the little black dress that makes a lasting impression. In El Paso, brother sister designers Marcus and Faith Smith of Imperial Legacy are making powerful fashion statements in both the Borderland as well as the capital of American fashion. Imperial Legacy showcased collections at New York Fashion Week last fall where the designers earned national recognition, and are headed back to NYFW for the February shows. “The things we’ve done in El Paso have helped prepare us for the experiences we have when we branch out,” says Marcus. Last fall, Imperial Legacy showcased collections in the Emerging Artist category over the course of two days, showing its Rembrandt Collection on the first day and Scripted SINZ collection on the penultimate day of NYFW 2021. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) describes Imperial Legacy as embodying inner strength, resilience, and potential. “During the pandemic, I started researching and found the CFDA platform for emerging designers and found opportunities to go to New York,” says Faith. The brand is proud to feature its collection “Feelings,” which sartorially expressed its commitment to helping people struggling with mental health challenges. In fact, each Imperial Legacy team

The things we’ve done in El Paso have helped prepe us for the experiences we have when we brch out.


February 2022

member either currently works with people

The designs are inclusive and feature apparel,

culture in the “Scripted Sinz” collection that

who are struggling with mental health or has

shoes, jewelry, and more for adults and

showcases abstract prints and dark colors.

been impacted by a family member or close

children that started as a creative outlet for


friend who has faced mental health crises.


thinking with astute attention to detail that




draws from the human experience. The challenges of mental health are innately

“I was working at a call center and had a

human, and Imperial Legacy champions

notebook that I would draw in whenever I

“Anything and everything might inspire me to

efforts to persevere, while also working

had some downtime,” he says. One of his

do something,” says Marcus. “I use history,

to normalize conversations about mental

coworkers passed by and eyed the sketch, then

art, pop culture, and animal print to create my


suggested putting the design on a t-shirt.

vision based on the collection we’re trying to

“Each color represents a different feeling,”

One t-shirt led to more, and later one-two-

Imperial Legacy was invited to return to

Marcus says, “like happiness, sadness,

three-four-five collections that range from

NYFW to participate in five shows over the

anger, and love.”

bold colored patterned streetwear in the

course of the glamorous week this February.

“Feelings” collection to an homage to pop

“We’re going to show a different collection

put together.”


February 2022 for each show,” says Faith. “The first show is

“We listen a lot to the lyrics,” says Faith. “So

on Thursday, February 10th and we’re going

when we’re choosing a mix for whatever

to premiere our ‘Feelings: Part II,’ which is all

runway we’re on, we sit down to put together

about mental health.”

both of our styles and what we think the tone

The collection will be featured as part of a

of the collection is.”

benefit fundraiser in partnership with the Future4Hope Foundation that helps young

Imperial Legacy’s “Rembrandt” collection

people impacted by depression and anxiety

boasts candy-colored that celebrate each

pursuant to the pandemic, as well as

individual as a masterpiece in motion that

everyday stresses.

opened with a song by the late Mac Miller.

Many of the pieces include bright colors

Marcus says he was inspired by the style in

and geometric patterns evocative of the

Brooklyn last NYFW and values commitments

1980s. Marcus says he was inspired by John


Hughes films like “The Breakfast Club” that

individuality that he’s seeing more and more

he would watch with his and Faith’s mom.

of in El Paso. Imperial Legacy works closely with other local creatives and is proud of the

Musical curation goes hand-in-hand with

ever-growing art scene.

Imperial Legacy’s runway shows in the same manner that Molly Ringwald’s iconic preppy

“We want to help everybody. There’s a lot of

look suits Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget

people down here who do a lot of good work,”

About Me).”

says Marcus. “We try to take what we see is



















great and intertwine it with what we do.”



Where Art Meets M


Injectables Laser Services Intimate Health Dermatologic Tailored Aesthetics

Karen Herman, MD 915.745.5888 7470 Cimmaron Plaza Building 13, Suite 100 El Paso, Texas 79911


February 2022


February 2022

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February 2022


February 2022

Power Play: El Paso’s

Ice Queen Leaves for the Olympics | By: ERIN COULEHAN photography by: ZAZU PRODUCTIONS hair and makeup by: DELILAH DE LA PAZ, DRY BAR |


playing here.”

own in the old West Texas town of El Paso, one might not expect to find a hub for hockey that is

Heon got her start on the ice at about three

producing Olympic athletes at

years old in figure skating and emphatically

the local rink near the zoo. From

says it was not for her.

the El Paso Rhinos’ history of success to El Paso winning the honor of Kraft Hockeyville

“I absolutely hated it. It was too cold and

USA 2020, the Borderland community has a

hard to skate” she laughs, “and I got into

way of cultivating growth on ice.

playing other sports like soccer.”

It’s a blustery day in early January. Most

Her dad, Corey Heon, General Manager of

people are still recovering from New Year’s

the El Paso Rhinos junior teams, attempted

Eve celebrations, but Camryn Heon, a

to get her back on the ice when she was

sophomore at El Paso High School, is looking

about six where she discovered a sense of

ahead way beyond resolutions.

camaraderie with the other players.

Heon, a 16-year-old El Pasoan who has dual

“I gave it another try,” she said. “I saw that

citizenship in the United States and Mexico,

there were a lot of girls my age trying and in

is the youngest player on Mexico’s national

the same position as me. I absolutely fell in

women’s hockey team where she’ll be

love with it because I wasn’t the only one.”

representing the Sun City in Beijing for the Girls hockey is among the fastest-growing

2022 Winter Olympic Games in February. is so different from most cities and different

youth sports in the country, according to

Despite the whirlwind of travel, tournaments,

places,” she says. “El Paso really brings

USA Hockey, with more than 80,000 young

and being a teenager, Heon remains grounded

together Mexico and the United States. So

women lacing up their skates since the

and proud of where she comes from.

to me, it’s amazing being a Mexican citizen

2018-19 season. Over the last decade, the

and a U.S. citizen and being a part of both

participation of girls and women in hockey

“I always say I’m from El Paso -- not like

worlds, living and playing in Mexico but also

has grown by 34 percent.

Texas or the United States -- because El Paso

coming back to see my family and living and


February 2022


February 2022

E l Pa s o ’ s I c e Q u e e n


E l Pa s o ’ s I c e Q u e e n

February 2022

Like soccer, hockey is team-oriented and centered on continuous motion with three forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. Unlike soccer, hockey is played on ice skates while the players wear pounds and pounds of gear and use large sticks. Heon plays as a defensewoman, one of the most physical and exciting positions. “I like to play really aggressive defense,” says Heon. “So I like to hold the blue line really well. In the opponent’s zone, I really like to keep it in, keep attacking, and keep pressuring.” Heon traveled as part of Mexico’s national women’s hockey team, ranked 26th out of 42 countries by the International Ice Hockey Federation, to Bytom, Poland in October for the Olympic pre-qualifiers. She says she first became involved with Mexico’s under 18 team when she was 13 but quickly impressed the coaches so much that she was bumped up to the women’s team. “They invited me to try out, and I made it past all the cuts and ended up on the women’s national team from Mexico,” she says. “That was really exciting, going from 13-years-old, 52

February 2022

E l Pa s o ’ s I c e Q u e e n

and I guess thinking I could only play on the

With the Olympic Games just right around

Heon credits Deloach with serving as a role

under 18 team, but then finally having my

the corner, Heon remains focused and is

model for her as she’s grown on the ice and

dream come true to play on the women’s

looking ahead to more traditional rites of

as a woman in hockey. “Seeing how she’s so

national team.”

passage like graduating high school and

strong and independent on her own. I think

applying to college in between listening to

that helped me over the years too,” says Heon.

Although being part of Mexico’s national

SZA and binge-watching episodes of “Grey’s

women’s team feels like a fantasy fulfilled,

Anatomy” when she can.

Deloach has known Heon for most of her life when their parents worked for the El

Heon and her family have been working toward the Olympic opportunity for years,

Her vast experiences at such a young age

Paso Buzzards in the late 1990s and early

with her parents supporting her every step --

have created a robust collection of stories

2000s, and both young women later became

and skate -- along the way that’s taken them

she’s eager to tell.

involved with the El Paso Rhinos themselves where Heon would sell promotional pucks.

across borders and around the world. “My goal after high school is to hopefully Lori, Heon’s mother who is from Chihuahua,

get into the journalism school at Harvard and

“Fearlessly, she would walk up to any person,

Mexico, has driven Heon to and from Mexico

become a sports journalist,” she says “I’ve

regardless of their age, size, or appearance,

many times in order for her to get the training

been thinking about doing that for a very long

and convince them to buy at least one puck,”

she needs as part of her daughter’s commitment

time, I love writing.”

says Deloach.

Heon is a fierce defensewoman on the ice

“People could hardly say no to her infectious

whose star quality shone from a young age.

smile and outgoing personality. Over time,

to athletic and academic excellence. In addition to her hockey training, Heon is

she became a chuck-a-puck selling sensation.

an active member of the Student Council, National Junior Honors Society, and Spanish

“At the crack of dawn, Camryn would be

Regular Rhino fans looked forward to seeing her

Honor Society.

on the ice practicing with boys older than

at games and new fans were always impressed

her and she’d confidently and aggressively

by her charisma and maturity,” she adds.

“This is all her,” Lori says proudly on the

win puck battles, beat other players in races

day of our photoshoot. “We always instilled

to the puck, take slapshots hard enough to

In addition to the ferocity of her defense

the importance of education but it was her

bruise a goalie, and even occasionally check

on the ice, Heon also strikes fierce poses

decision to do all this.”

boys twice her size,” recalls Tyler Deloach,

as a model and looks up to current-day

Director of Operations at the El Paso Rhinos.

supermodels like the Hadid sisters.


E l Pa s o ’ s I c e Q u e e n

February 2022

She says a close friend’s grandmother, Bobbi

After her worldwide whirlwind, the young

gets the opportunity. So you need to value

Shapiro, helped start her modeling career

scholar, model and athlete is moving to

the opportunity and really like cherish the

and put her in touch with Bazaar Models CEO

Colorado where she’ll play on Colorado

moment that you’re in.”

Jackie Garcia.

Select as part of the team competing in the U.S. nationals this summer.

is headed to the International Ice Hockey

For now, she’s hoping to learn all she can



from her Olympic teammates at the games

Reykjavik, Iceland in April; and then later with

after bonding with them during the qualifiers.



Heon and I ended our afternoon together with a promise to keep in touch and then she

Following the Winter Olympic Games, Heon

mentioned there was more she wanted to say. “I would like to add hockey is for everyone,” she said firmly. “And don’t limit yourself

the Mexican Women’s Under 18 National Team to its world championship tournament

“I’m a lot more dialed in and a lot more

to what you think is possible. Anything is

(date yet to be determined due to the

focused because there’s a lot more on the

possible, like, reach for the stars. I didn’t

pandemic) in Istanbul, Turkey.

table,” says Heon. “Playing with Mexico

think I would be at this moment but here I

really opened my eyes on how not everybody

am. And if you want to do it, you can do it.”


February 2022

“Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible. Anything is possible, like, reach for the stars. I didn’t think I would be at this moment but here I am. And if you want to do it, you can do it.”



LUNCH BUFFET monday-friday 11am-2pm pizzas, salads, breadsticks & dessert

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Restaurant Bar Nightlife PROFILES

This month we’re satisfying our appetite for restaurants and nightlife, celebrating cocktails, steak houses, coffee shops, and more that make El Paso that much more delicious of a locale. Take a look at some of the city’s appetizing dining destinations.

Edge of Texas Steakhouse & Saloon Edge of Texas has been a treasured staple to the community for

“Our enchiladas are my secret recipe,” says Acosta. “I bring it from

more than 25 years. Lupe Acosta and her husband Juan Quintana,

Tia Lupe’s Restaurant I had in Alamogordo.”

who purchased the business six years ago, believe the restaurant’s location, staff, and of course our customers are what truly make Edge

Acosta says that guests at Edge of Texas can expect to be greeted

of Texas so beloved.

with a smile and enjoy an exceptional meal on top of top-tier service.

Our employees understand the importance of a fresh home-cooked

“I have a young staff, but their work ethic is amazing,” she says. “We

meal and an amazing customer experience. We take pride in cutting

employ local El Paso employees as well as from Chaparral. I have

our own loins, we use real potatoes to make our french fries and other

employees who have been with me from Tia Lupe’s Restaurant for

potato dishes. Our cooks also make the most delicious bread you eat

more than 12 years.”

as you dine in with us. This year, Acosta says that she’ll be introducing some new menu “Our staff is lovely, we are more like family, and this makes a big

items -- seafood dishes -- to satisfy the appetites of fish lovers.

difference,” says Acosta, “I couldn’t do this by myself” Edge of Texas Steakhouse & Saloon A few of Edge of Texas’ signature dishes include the ribeye, rack of

8690 Edge Of Texas

lamb, salmon, delicious burgers, cobb salads as well as enchiladas.

El Paso, TX 79934 (915) 822-3343



District Coffee Co. District Coffee Co. was born from the idea of creating a gathering

Some of District Coffee Co.’s most popular items include its house

place for El Pasoans that’s also a peaceful retreat from the stresses of

coffee blend, espresso-based drinks, matcha, loose leaf teas, &

the office, school, or home.

signature lattes like the “Abuelita Latte” and “Dirty Horchata.”

“We don’t take the opportunity to serve our local community for

Lucero says she continues to be inspired by the love and support

granted,” says Pamela Lucero, owner of District Coffee Co. “We love

she’s received from the El Paso community that loves District Coffee

to see our customers finding themselves in a welcoming environment

Co.’s friendly baristas, inviting environment, and great coffee.

with a sense of belonging, comfort, and warmth.” “We are grateful and look forward to many more of these moments Lucero was born and raised in El Paso and has always been passionate

as we continue to learn more about coffee, grow and continue to

about cultivating a space for locals to experience the joy that comes

serve our beautiful city,” says Lucero.

from a truly great cup of coffee. District Coffee Co. “We know #915 loves coffee, so we want to extend a hand and offer

222 Texas Ave. Suite F

our local customers the unique experience of high-quality handcrafted

El Paso, TX 79901

coffee,” she says.

(915) 533-3226

Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ


Yvonne’s Cantina & Grill In 2007, Yvonne Loya was presented with an opportunity to take over

“It has been tough,” she says, “but it became something that was

a family owned restaurant and make it her own, since then Yvonne

mine and I was so proud of myself, my family, and my team for their

has expanded to the westside of El Paso. Now you will find Yvonne’s

hard work that’s made the business what it is today.”

Cantina and Grill in West El Paso, on Doniphan and offers diners authentic Mexican cuisine in a family-friendly environment.

Yvonne says her goal is to continue to ensure that Yvonne’s Cantina and Grill is a place where families and friends may gather and

“The reasons I chose to open my own restaurant was because of my

reconnect to enjoy a meal that tastes homemade.

parents,” says Yvonne. “It would give them something to be involved in and give them things to do on a daily basis.”

“Another goal is for Yvonne’s to be successful to help my amazing employees during these hard times and to thank

Yvonne says that she’s fallen in love with the restaurant business because of her loyal customers always loving and complimenting

them for sticking through these hard times with me,” she says.

her food which makes her very happy. Although it’s not easy to sustain a business, our customers give me the drive and ambition to keep cooking.

“And finally, world domination, just kidding,” she adds.

Yvonne’s Cantina & Grill 4772 Doniphan Dr El Paso, TX 79922 (915) 881-4001


Photographed by: BOBBY GALLAGHER

The Tap We take great pride in being such a successful and long-standing

“Our traditional Mexican food has been recognized by many to include

business, attributing it to the loyal customers we serve.

Texas Monthly. Thrillist and Best of the Best. Our award-winning nachos are our most sought-after menu item. Our customers always

Our award-winning nachos are our most sought-after menu item. Our

know they will be welcomed, served good food, and have good service;

customers always know they will be welcomed, served good food,

it’s where everybody knows your name,” says owner Charlene Soulé.

and good service. Soulé says she’s proud and inspired to carry on her father’s legacy What makes The Tap so special is its long history and tradition of good

by fulfilling his vision of the successful business he created that has

food and good service. A family-owned business that has stood the

stood the test of time.

test of time for over 65 years since its establishment in 1956. The Tap Generations of families have been coming to The Tap and continue to

408 E San Antonio Ave

do so knowing they will be well received.

El Paso, TX 79901 (915) 532-1848

Photographed by: RICHARD GONZALEZ



Decad e of

February 2022

W onder with El Paso

Children’s Hospital | By: ERIN COULEHAN photos courtesy of: EL PASO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL |


February 2022


new decade of healthcare excellence is

“In the 10 years we’ve been here, we’ve

being ushered into the Borderland that

been able to see about 85 percent of the

is as imaginative as it is imperative. The

kids who used to leave to receive specialized

last two years in El Paso have challenged

care are able to stay here,” says Cindy Stout,

individuals, families, and the community to

President and CEO of El Paso Children’s

reassess priorities in an era when health is

Hospital (EPCH).

valued more than ever before. EPCH’s mission is to ensure compassionate,

El Paso Children’s Hospital is celebrating

coordinated care for children that is family-

10 years of achievement in the community,


while also looking ahead to the future.

patient outcomes, inclusive leadership, and

Before its inception in 2011, an average of

innovative pediatric research and education.





about 650 children per year were forced to seek specialized medical care outside

“We have highly-specialized physicians in

of the region.

conjunction with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, as well as employed physicians who work with children from a multidisciplinary approach,” says Stout.


February 2022

For example, in 2020 a little girl named

Over the last decade, EPCH has worked to

• Transparency in communication by

Scarlett began suffering from headaches

achieve its vision to enhance the lives of

ensuring timely, instructive, and

and nausea that were later revealed to be

children from the region while also serving as

empowering information is received

symptoms of a brain tumor.

a place of hope and healing through its work

and distributed

that is reflected in its five core values. EPCH is able to put its values into action

Scarlett’s mom says that her daughter’s healthcare providers moved swiftly, successfully

• Healing environments created by

by leveraging its 122 patient beds, more

performing an 11-hour surgery to remove the

cultivating teamwork and collaborative

than 650 employees, as well as over 300

tumor the day after it was diagnosed.

decision-making via family-centered

credentialed physicians and 40 specialties.

care practices like age-appropriate “Thanks to God and to Dr. Jimenez,” she

comfort measures

different multi-specialty clinics that are very

says. “My baby girl spent two nights in the ICU with an excellent team of nurses who took care of her with so much love.”

“We’ve been able to put in place a number of

• Excellence is expressed through quality, service, and leadership that is constantly

different from what anyone has ever seen in the region before,” says Stout.

working to evolve and improve The Cranial and Facial Clinic is pioneering

Dr. David Jimenez, double certified in pediatric and adult neurosurgery, joined EPCH in 2019 to

• Accountability to fulfill the mission to

ensure the community has access to medical

serve children and their families

and surgical care for the treatment of diseases

• Respect and dignity that honors the

efforts to treat complex cranial and facial deformities, that include craniosynostosis.

impacting the brain, spinal cord, and nerves in

individuality, diversity, and contributions of

Craniosynostosis is common and characterized

infants, children and teenagers. This month, a

patients, families, and each other

by the premature fusion of the skull, which

second pediatric neurosurgeon will be added

restricts brain growth and can lead to severe

to the team to further EPCH’s mission.

cosmetic deformities, developmental delays, blindness, and is fatal in some cases.


The cranial and facial surgery team at EPCH is nationally recognized and approved by the




Association and led by Dr. David Yates who is the medical director. “We are the first and only comprehensive program such as this within the region,” says Stout, “We’re also very proud that we have one of nine fellowships throughout the world -- right here at El Paso Children’s Hospital -specific to cranial and facial care.” EPCH is able to effectively run its multitude of clinics with the expertise of its employees and stabilized leadership. “I’m really proud of the team that has been here, because what they’re doing is not just providing an excellent level of care, but


E l Pa s o C h i l d r e n ’ s H o s p i ta l

February 2022

they’re taking care of these children as if they were their own,” says Stout. Since its inception, EPCH has seen more than 150,000 individual patients and treated each with the attention, compassion, and dignity they deserve and will be building -literally -- on the foundation of its first decade of success. “We’re at the point where we’re working with our board members to add onto the hospital,” says Stout. EPCH includes an eighth floor that has served as a dormant shell over the last decade that was created to accommodate the growth of the hospital once the time was right. “Our emergency department continues to grow as well, we have plans for additional beds to meet the needs of the community,” says Stout. EPCH responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by fueling innovative technology to meet the needs of sick patients and their families. The hospital ensured that iPads were available to patients and physicians, while also facilitating virtual visits and driveby car parades. The Child Life Program, a hub of familycentered care, offers specialized services to bolster emotional, social, and cognitive


February 2022 growth during an extended hospital stay, went virtual and was able to provide unique patient interaction programs, digital videos, and virtual visits from animated characters. Additionally, EPCH was the first in the region to provide COVID-19 vaccines to children 5 to 11 years old. One of the greatest assets of EPCH is its location that is situated in the largest transnational city in the United States, which Stout says is a cornerstone to the hospital’s mission. Over the next year, even more physicians will be brought in to continue to bolster healthcare for local children. “Our whole aim is to close that gap so that no child has to leave El Paso for care,” says Stout.


February 2022








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February 2022

Progress Report The City Magazine is thrilled to introduce a new section that celebrates the talents

of student journalists. This month, we’re featuring the work of three sisters whose editorials range from interviewing local women in leadership, to local efforts to bolster sustainability, to the intimate relationship between food and memory.


February 2022

The Leadership Pipeline


February 2022



omen W | By: AINA MARZIA |

was that overachieving kid. I cared for

Escobar shared similar experiences. She said

To qualify as a female leader you have to

my academics, so naturally, during

she was met with an onslaught of sexist

be more flexible, it seems. While there

projects, I took the lead and assigned

remarks and often undermined because

is nothing wrong with being nice, society

roles. I had been doing this since the

of her status as a woman when she first

doesn’t change when we all have the same

entered the public service sector.

opinions. In many scenarios today, women

sixth grade and nobody ever seemed to have

are seen as robots that validate people, the

a problem with it, and if they did then they never told me. You might be wondering why

“There was a lot of sexism, like overt sexism.

sad truth is that this gender expectation

any of this is relevant, I didn’t think any of

My colleagues, elected officials on the same

is so deep in how society functions, that

this mattered either until I saw it from the

governing body that I was on. It was alarming

some don’t even realize it’s based on

perspective of those around me. A year ago,

and shocking, yet unsurprising all at once. ”

antiquated standards. The habit of labeling everything a woman does is where it

I applied for a leadership position in one of my classes, I was extremely confident in my



starts in the workplace. Women who are

application, my grades were impressive and

some of the remarks that she often heard

caring and gentle are considered weak,

so were my skills. I was shocked to learn that

in the workplace, “I had two colleagues that

and women who are forceful or “overly

I didn’t get the spot. I asked to see my rubric

would always say ‘stop being so emotional’

ambitious” are unfeminine.

and comments. There was nothing negative

whenever I would get passionate about

about it, but the reasons that I write this piece.

something and speak with enthusiasm,

An important step to fixing these biases

or whenever I’d express deep concern or

is assessing what a leader is, what it

outrage And it was really deeply offensive.”

means to be a leader and how we define

The rubric was designed to have “feminine”



the term by gender. We have to question

leadership styles. And I wasn’t matching those qualities: I was very firm and assertive in the

Comments like these are phrases women

ourselves, and ask how we are assigning

way that I chose to lead. When I got the rubric

often hear every day and we put up with

leadership qualities?

back I saw that I was often getting told that I

critical remarks that send us back every time

was “too abrasive” or “aggressive” even.

we try to move forward.

Congresswoman Escobar believes that a vital quality for any leader to have is

One comment read “students are often

Escobar shared how there is still a disparity


intimidated by her.” It didn’t bother me at

between the lack of representation for

needed in politics. She mentioned a big

first but I started noticing that they weren’t


step for her was getting over the idea of

looking for a leader, but rather someone who

including politics, but hopeful.

“what happens if I lose?”

thing is that I felt that if I had these qualities

“For much of my tenure, not all of it, but

For many leaders, taking that initial step

as a man they would be considered good

for much of it, I was the only woman,” she

requires courage and trust in both yourself

things, but it’s simply too much as a woman.

said. “We still don’t have full representation

and your ability to make those decisions. This









would be accepting of every idea. The funny

in leadership positions, at the highest rank of

trust has to come from underrepresented

To get a feel for how much this happens in a

the military, women don’t have enough seats

people in these positions, like women, so

professional workplace, I set out to interview

in congress. There is still a lot of work to do

that society can’t undermine or question

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, asking

to ensure that there is equity in positions of

our abilities. I encourage women and girls to

for her advice on navigating through the

power and authority and all the way through

be themselves because the worst that will

challenging world of harsh judgments and

the leadership pipeline.”

happen is that someone might not like them.

societal expectations, especially for women.


February 2022

Less is Amor La Semilla Food Center | Words and Photos by: LAJWARD ZAHRA |


February 2022 like the universe has covered it in a sparkle

was saturated with color even in November.

Instagram filter. For someone who lives in

Red chilis and baby bell peppers were

urban El Paso, it is ridiculously serene.

scattered around a brown bag full of oyster mushrooms, turnips, and radishes with the

This wholesome scenery is not a façade

green stems still attached, as well as a bag

either. Everything about this place is run on the

of Masienda corn flour.

standards of sustainability and regeneration. The community farm works with our desert land and climate to grow native plants such as nopales through an understanding of


agroecology. Agroecology, according to La

local nonprofit is bolstering efforts

Semilla’s Food Corps member Gabriella

to demonstrate that regeneration

‘Gaby’ Rodriguez, is “just a fancy way of

and sustainability are some of the

saying the science of a balanced relationship

best ways to show some love to

between the humans, plants, animals and

our community and our environment.

the land in a place.”

La Semilla Food Center is an organization


that takes a root-cause approach to create

sustainability and La Semilla maintains

a more equitable and sustainable local food

balance in many ways.





system, The organization was established in 2010 as the product of youth programs,

The organization allows the soil to recover



between harvests by planting cover crops.

transform the food system through student

Not only do cover crops allow the soil to

education. The organization established a

retain moisture and increase organic matter

14-acre education farm in Anthony, New

in the soil, but also increase botanical

When I finished taking pictures of this

Mexico to bolster its impact.

diversity in the area and help sequester

rainbow spread, I made the best mushroom

carbon. Because the soil is able to recover

stuffed bread I have ever made. Like a

The place held me in awe for the entirety

and regain nutrients, chemical fertilizers are

cliché grandmother, I will say that the secret

of my six-week fellowship in La Semilla’s

not necessary.

ingredient was love.





Raices program for youth. Moreover, La Semilla’s Community Farm

Community is evolutionarily based on love.

Stepping onto the 14-acre farm, I first noticed

does not use any chemical sprays, pesticides,

Balance is love. Sustainability is love.

a pair of giant hands making tortillas with blue

herbicides, or fertilizers. Instead, offending

corn on the side of a shipping container. The

weeds and grasses are pulled out by hand,

On my last day at the farm, Julietta drove

other side depicts prickly pear cacti among

and compost is used.

me home.

are not painted just for the aesthetic appeal,

(The latter was shocking, as right as you

“They’ll have to lock up they hate it”, she laughs.

either. All over the farm, Certified Bee

enter the farm, you pass a composting toilet.

Friendly Farm signs stand proudly on wooden

However, my Raices mentor, Ceci Ramos-

It is the same laugh I have when I make my

posts right on top of bee houses. Past them,

Dayer, has made it very clear to us that the

sister take out the trash instead of me.

rows of radishes, carrots, and various winter

compost from the compost toilet is not used

produce grow around fruit trees.

for edible plants.)

other native plants and pollinators. The bees

One of pure familiarity and love. The familial environment is not surprising. Everyone at

On this fall morning, it all looks gold.

La Semilla also works with small local farmers

La Semilla is joined together in the most

to bring their produce to the market through

elemental way.

The hundreds of drips from the hoses catch

their weekly Farm Fresh boxes promoting

the sunlight rhythmically making it all look

sustainability in the community. My first box

Through the land and through food. 77


February 2022

Food Memories

Stir Up Warmth and Community | By: MARIUM ZAHRA |


hink back to the best meal you have

has positive effects on self-esteem. A recent

family first came to El Paso, we took advantage

ever had. It is the juicy ribs your dad

study from Oxford University explained that

of the authentic Mexican food available at the

makes or the pizza you ate during your trip

people who eat food with others are more

border and have grown to love it. As Pakistani

to Medici. Is it the fudgy brownies your

likely to be satisfied with their lives. A quality

immigrants, we also bring some ingredients

mom bakes every Friday? You will find

meal with our families can give us a sense of

to the pot. Our biryani, an aromatic rice dish

comfort and relaxation.

with spiced meat and vegetables, is a much-

that your favorite meal connects to a person

requested item by our friends, neighbors, and

or a place, not just a memory. Sharing a meal is sharing an emotional connection. That is

So, it comes as no surprise that food is a main

at potlucks. My mom swears it’s why some

why it is no surprise that meals can help us

aspect of the holidays. Thanksgiving would not

people are still friends with us.

overcome anything from political barriers to

be Thanksgiving without turkey. The month of

even cultural differences.

Ramadan would not be the same if you did not

Some of the best memories I have revolve

break your fast with watermelon and dates.

around food. From eating my father’s

While food has always been used as means

Additionally, holidays are a perfect example

wonderful korma (a creamy curry dish) to my

of survival, over millennia it has merged into

of the deep relationship between food and

mom’s overcooked steak, food has become

so much more. So much so, that food is a

culture. Food can bring us closer to our own

incredibly valuable to my emotional memory.

staple in our everyday interactions. Food is

cultures and introduce us to new ones.

When you eat the same meal for a time, it now becomes a part of your identity. We

present in almost every social event from professional dinners to catching up at brunch

In a melting-pot like the United States, food

with friends. Enjoying food with others also

comes from a variety of cultures. When my

really are what we eat.


February 2022

How to Love Your Valentine”s Date Style | By: BRANDI LAMBERT |


February 2022

“What should I wear?”


ven more importantly, what should I

go all in; make it unforgettably

wear on the most romantic of the year

drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t be

-- Valentine’s Day (or any other date night for that matter)?

A question that has so many answers, so many stylish opportunities. Romance is such a broad term yet can be so personally interpreted. That’s where the chemistry

basics with bright, playful hints of red and

begins and ends if you’re lucky!

pink in the form of bold accessories.

Is your perfect date night an adrenaline-

Working on Valentine’s Day? A bright pink

induced romantic adventure? You just might

power suit says all business with a little bit

be able to take that red cape out in public after

of fun. With no time to spare, this ensemble

all. Is it a cozy dinner for two at an artsy local

provides an easy transition from workday to

eatery? A little Boho chic might be on the

date night. An office-appropriate button-up

menu. Is it a concert where you’ll be standing

can easily be swapped for a silk camisole, or

for the entire performance? Maybe rethink

if you’re feeling extra daring, “jacket only”

those stilettos. All of these possibilities can

is always an option. Thread the pumps for a

mean a different idea of the perfect outfit,

great pair of strappy sandals or ultra-feminine

one fitting for each, yet unique to you and

mules, elegant drop earrings, and a chic

your companion’s date night experience.

little handbag. You’ll exude confidence -- and confidence is sexy!

Varying shades of red and pink seem to be everywhere this time of year, and who

Let’s say you and your date’s idea of the

doesn’t love at least one shade of each?

perfect day is to be outdoors while actively

From blush pink to hot pink, cherry red to fire-

exploring, but make it cute. afraid to step outside the box a bit. You can

engine-red, these colors seem specifically named for the amorous 14th day of February.

A cropped red puffer coat, joggers, and

always throw a tuxedo jacket over that sequin

If for not even one date, can you imagine

comfy kicks could be just the ticket. For

bodycon dress if that’s more your style.

being so colorfully-cloaked, there are always

casual outdoor evening walks, maybe a

more subtle ways to incorporate romantic

loose-fitting dress, denim jacket, scarf,

What you wear is an extension of who you

hues. Little pops of color can be just what

and ankle boots. If you’re going out for the

are, so let it showcase your true self in your

Cupid ordered. Think subtle, or even black,

ultimate high-end, glamorous, date night,

most authentic style. If you’re a tried-and-


February 2022 true jeans and sneakers kind of guy or gal, run with it but add something unexpected to the ensemble. In this case, maybe those sparkling, ruby red, Chuck Taylors you’ve been eyeing. Totally you, but February date night special. Wherever the date takes you, stay true to yourself. Wear something that makes you feel fantastic at that moment. There is nothing more attractive than a person who is 100 percent comfortable embracing their own ever-evolving style. They say “fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it.” For the sake of Valentine’s Day, maybe we should adapt the adage to “Valentine date fashion is what you buy, Valentine date style is how you share it.” On a first date -- or any date -- dress for you and own whatever makes you feel good, it’ll make you look and feel that much more attractive.


February 2022


February 2022

men’s style

Men in the Moment


| By: DANIEL HERNANDEZ | s I explore men’s fashion and style, I like to take into account where I am living and

An easy way to stay on trend this season is

where I go. Just because something’s

the cardigan craze. Cardigans aren’t just for

hip in New York City, doesn’t mean

the old folks anymore, at least not in 2022.

that it will work well in West Texas.

The button-down sweaters have made a comeback, maybe a bit sleeker and

I go to LA often, so I need something I would

stylish than your grandpa’s.

wear in SoCal also. I know El Paso is better known for cowboy hats and boots rather than

High fashion menswear designers have

high fashion, but things have been changing.

modified the classic piece and made it modern.

There are some chic fashionistas in town. New improvements include bold fabrics, With so many people moving back over the

various textures, and reworked designs.

past few years, big-city style is creeping into

You can see it in many collections like

our desert oasis. Seeing this style evolution

the patchwork motif in the Thom Browne

in El Paso, I found a few current trends that

collection, and extended sleeve and body

will work here.

length as found in the McQ line.

Break out your old letterman’s jackets

Dress them up with a button-down shirt or

because the varsity look is in.

keep it casual with just a t-shirt underneath.

Although the bomber-style jacket has been

Remember, this isn’t your grandpa’s style, so

around for a while, the embellished version is

leave the bottom & top buttons undone to

now a cool item. The innovative and recently

keep it fresh.

deceased fashion designer, Virgil Abloh, Another cool 2022 trend is the slide, also

Abloh featured high-fashion versions of the

known as a shower shoe. This fad started in

varsity jacket in his Louis Vuitton and Off

the 1970s locker room showers and was first

White’s menswear collections, which include

brought to the runway at Celine’s 2013 show.


really brought the collegiate look forward.

a stylized monogram and other patches

to boot. Labels such as Burberry and Saint

As high fashion has been catering to streetwear,

Laurent followed suit. Boss even teamed up

the slide has become a wardrobe staple.

with Russell Athletic to create a sporty line

I remember everyone wearing the Adidas

that includes their take on a varsity jacket.

striped slides in the early 2000s, but it was only

This normally laidback jacket is a must-have

a casual look. The slide sandal has now evolved

as a bold trend for the year.

into the newest trendsetting footwear.

February 2022 Although it may be a simple design, brands have really taken on the task of creating amazing forms. Gucci Supreme has its double Gs and tiger pattern on their slides, Givenchy has done a shearling rendition, and Bottega Veneta did a lime green lamb fur version for $750. Don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to look cool in this style, the traditional plastic Nikes or Adidas are still hip and very affordable. I also wanted to recognize some great styles that are El Paso-specific and that work every season. I have discovered a couple of local designers that have started their own trends in our Sun City. One of the great lures of El Paso is our celebrated boots. One company, in particular, stands out to me as I have rediscovered our city’s new offerings. Rocket Buster Boots are visually pleasing custom works of art for your feet. These are spectacular bespoke boots

__________ 2019 2018 2014 2013

that draw in the stylish around town as well as high-profile clients from Hollywood and


February 2022



beyond. This look is always in fashion in Texas.


Another trend always in style here is


our hats. They provide protection from the sun and are also cool accessories. When I discovered Aghaa Hat Co., I was impressed with its quality and style. These contemporary fedora-style hats are distinctly western, however, transcend the category with, artistic bands, incorporating Native American details. Fashionistas have been wearing this look for a while now and the look is still in mode. The beginning of the year brings a fresh perspective on life and how we go about living it. The past two years have shown us how quickly life can change, so enjoy by adding some new trends to your look. Life’s too short to be boring.

Fine Furniture & Mattresses at Outlet Prices

Only Open 10 Days a Month Next Sale Dates

February 16th - 26th and March 9th - 19th Or by Appointment 87 1025 East Missouri | I-10 W (just before downtown) | 915-771-7447 |


February 2022

Ways to


February 2022

Style Yourself in

Self-Love I


n honor of the month of love, we’re talking

about the love we don’t talk about enough,

self-love. The internet has taught us enough

about self-care. But is it the same as self-

love? According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, self-love means love of self: such

as an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue. So, self-care is one form of self-love. However, the ultimate form of self-love is being unapologetically you. Being unapologetically yourself and loving that person is a radical act in itself. How do you do that? We show up every day dressed like ourselves and who we want to be. Humans don’t come out of the womb knowing who they are and what their personal style is. It’s actually a beautiful journey to discover yourself and your personal style. True style should encapsulate all of your life experiences up until that point without a spoken word (that’s unless you’re wearing a graphic t-shirt a la Britney Spears in 2002). As your style expert, let me break down my five tried-and-true ways to help you along your selflove style discovery journey.


13 24 5 5 Way s t o S t y l e Y o u r s e l f i n S e l f - L o v e

February 2022

The first step is unlearning and healing the negative

things you’ve learned about yourself. This step needs to

continually be re-visited. At one point in your adolescence,

someone told you that something made you look undesirable,

implying that it was “bad.” With my clients, this often comes

up as all the ways your mom told you that you dressed

funny when you were an impressionable young person.

We believe those negative comments and revisit them

every day. Well, as your professional stylist I’m here to tell

you it’s time to test them out to see if it’s actually true. More

than likely they aren’t and you can wear whatever makes your heart

joyous! You’ll never know unless you just try.

Now let’s have some fun! Think

back to when you were ten years

old. What did that person want to

wear all the time? Now, look into the

future. How does that person want to dress?

Try to find the balance of both. You may have to play

with juxtaposition, but that’s what will define your style.

Juxtaposing two different style ideas is my favorite way to

keep things fun and interesting.

Next, come up with a list of two or three people whose

The next step is uncovering what you’re

style you’d like to emulate. Who are your style role models?

holding back. Are you stuck on one

These people can also be fictional characters on TV or movies, it

fixed way of doing things and

doesn’t always have to be celebrities and influencers.

not really trying to discover

Once you’ve found your muses start a Pinterest board

and explore or have fun?

or collage on Canva of them. Not only will this help you

Sometimes we have a bad

visualize what you would like your style to be, but it’s a way you can

relationship with our bodies and that keeps us in the safe

strategize your shopping list.

place of our comfort zone. Don’t take clothes and yourself so seriously! I always like to remind my clients that their style and clothes can be a tool to accomplish the things they want in their life. Utilize it!

For example, if you just graduated from college and are looking to start your

career, you might need to transition from your young-college-kid clothes into

something more elevated (this doesn’t always mean suits and ties). Don’t let the mindset of not wanting to evolve keep you from not fully utilizing your wardrobe to land you job interviews and offers.

5 Way s t o S t y l e Y o u r s e l f i n S e l f - L o v e

February 2022


Lastly, what is your signature? Gwen

Stefani has her bold red lips and platinum

blonde hair, Carrie Bradshaw has her “Carrie”

necklace, and Lady Gaga has her shocking

fashion choices. They have defined their signatures

that have lasted the test of time and it’s what makes

them iconic. Signatures usually come in the form of accessories, makeup choices, or hairstyles, but they can be whatever you want! Once your style-choice resonates with you then you’ve found your match.

Discovering yourself is one of the hardest things that we have to do in life. BUT! It’s all about making it fun. Think back to the first time you put on a dress or a pair of jeans that made you feel on top of the world. Now imagine how you would feel if you dressed in clothes that made you feel like that all the time. “Look good, feel good,” is such a cliche but it’s true. When you feel powerful, you act powerfully. When you feel sexy, you act sexy. When you do get that feeling of wearing the perfect garment you’ll know you’ve stepped fully into yourself resulting in loving yourself.


The Best Of / New Year’s Eve extravaganza was a smashing success where guests drank, danced, and celebrated the best of El Paso, while also looking ahead to 2022. The Studio 54 theme was complete with Elton John and Cher impersonators, and the entire space glowed in the glitter of the disco balls.










February 2022


February 2022



Venus and



hen you were born, the planets were aligned across the sky within various zodiac signs. The zodiac sign that Venus was moving

through can indicate how you may

feel most valued, loved, and appreciated in partnerships. Compatibility in the zodiac is more than just your sun sign. Your Venus sign can offer insight into your strengths and weaknesses in relationships. To discover your Venus sign, visit With Valentine’s Day around the corner and Venus concluding a period of retrograde, relationships may be at the forefront of your mind as we enter the month of February. Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and pleasure, is currently moving through Capricorn: a sign known to center commitment, security, and longevity in our relationships.


February 2022

Aries Venus

This placement is home to a bold, direct type of lover. Their love knows no bounds but requires a partner patient enough to wait for their walls to come down. Vulnerability is earned with these placements, as they may be inclined to have an array of different partners until finally finding the one that feeds their hunger for a deeper connection. Romance is either a fun-filled fling or a passionate life-long commitment with this sign. There is rarely an in-between. Their love is worth the wait.

Taurus Venus

Naturally ruled by Venus, Taurus placements sincerely appreciate the beauty of connection. As friends and lovers, they keep your best interests dear to their hearts. Taurus is notoriously a “fixed” sign in the zodiac, meaning they stay true to their devotion and mean it when they commit. Physical touch, quality time, and the occasional grandgesture are a full-proof way to their heart. Be advised; a Taurus Venus may be quick to forgive but take their time moving on. They are not typically known to jump into a new relationship impulsively. Be patient with them and let your bond form organically.

Gemini Venus

As a “mutable” sign in the zodiac, Gemini Venus’ thrives in relationships that allow independence, flexibility, and adaptability. These notorious flirts are typically the first to fall but won’t be afraid of cutting things off if you aren’t the right fit. Humor is central to their hearts, and they can’t survive in a long-term relationship absent of lighthearted fun. They have a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room and are well-aware of it. In this relationship, you will rarely be bored.

Cancer Venus

This placement is home to the caretaker. The person that won’t sleep until you are home safely. The person that makes you playlists explaining their deepest feelings. The person that carries you when the going gets tough. Ruled by the moon, this placement loves with their whole heart. They thrive in relationships that center on trust, honesty, and mutual healing. Nothing can prepare you for the whirlwind romance you will embark on. This kind of love reminds us: life is too short not to fall in love. 100

February 2022

Leo Venus

If Leo Venus knows anything, it’s how to express their feelings no matter the medium. Their over-the-top actions, gifts, and service will speak for them when words fail. They thrive in relationships that value compromise and mutual respect. Leos possess the effortless ability to reach you where you are and remind you that you are worthy of extravagant love (theatrics included). Enjoy the show, but always remember: they are likely the main character.

Virgo Venus

There is hardly anything Virgo Venus loves more than the little things. They remember everything. Your favorite song, takeout order, movies that meant everything to you as a child, and things that even you sometimes forget. They show up for you. They seek to make your life easier in any way they can. This devotion is far from “needy.” They show up because they want to and because you deserve it. In true Mercurial fashion, they are here to offer you stability.

Libra Venus

As Taurus’ Venusian sibling, Libra celebrates love unapologetically. Here are textbook lovers, accessorized with red roses, fine wine, and candlelit proclamations of admiration. Their relationships bloom when their romantic spirit is matched, celebrated, and publicly flaunted. When a Libra is involved, you can bet that they have admirers far and wide. Trust that if they have chosen you, you are the envy of many. They adore attention and seek to be shown off without hesitation.

Scorpio Venus

Similar to Aries Venus, this placement is not here to entertain anything less than genuine. Notorious for protecting their hearts and minds, a Scorpio Venus is undeniably the most intense in the zodiac. Ruled by the 8th House of rebirth, sex, and transformation, they thrive in relationships filled with passion, trust, and devotion. Once under their spell, you are likely leaving with a life-long lover or an incredibly dramatic story to tell after. Prepare for one of the most transformative relationships of your life.


February 2022

Sagittarius Venus

Love isn’t a noun for Sagittarius Venus, it’s an immersive experience. They can leap without looking and flawlessly make falling look like flying. Their attention can be caught in the form of travel, adventure, and last-minute plans that promise a good time. They are the polar opposite of a homebody and want to experience the world through the eyes of their romantic interests. Don’t be surprised if they plan a hike, road trip, or concert date within the first few weeks. Their primary love language is impulse. You are guaranteed the time of your life when in the company of a Sagittarius Venus, but a long-time is debatable.

Capricorn Venus

There is nothing a Capricorn Venus values more than stability. Relationships are an investment for these placements; one that won’t be made for just anyone. Capricorn is goal-oriented and thrives in relationships that center on responsibility, accountability, and mutual work. They aren’t here to pull the weight in partnerships. They may naturally gravitate towards partners that push them to be better and challenge their previous beliefs and relationship experiences. They want something worthy of forever and will take their time looking for it.

Aquarius Venus

If the “best friends to lovers” pipeline could be credited to a single zodiac placement, it would live within Aquarius Venus. These free-spirits are often motivated to reject labels and traditional stereotypes that force relationships into a black and white box. They crave freedom and autonomy but will never withhold unconditional love. Too much emphasis on settling down can scare these air-ruled natives, who are known to enjoy moving at their own pace and defining things when they feel ready. Though titles and long-term commitments may come with time, you will always know where you stand with them.

Pisces Venus

These placements are the most accurate definition of hopeless romantics. Like Cancer Venus, their love is freely given and blossoms when openly reciprocated by their partners. They thrive in committed, long-term partnerships and are typically the first to offer their heart on their sleeve. Venus is exalted in Pisces, making it a hub for dreams, idealizations, and fantasies of love’s power. They will continuously see the best in you, sometimes to a fault. Loyalty is second-nature to Pisces who seek to provide harmony and stability for those they love. They truly do offer you their whole self.

February 2022


February 2022



American Furniture Outlet .....Pg. 87 (TCM); Pg. 17 (SPACES)

Paso del Norte .............................................................Pg. 71

Azul Med Spa ...............................................................Pg. 69

Pizza Properties ............................................................Pg. 56

Borderland Bail Bonds ....................................................Pg. 9

Poe Toyota ....................................................................Pg. 29

Calhoun Flower Farms..................................................Pg. 83

The Berkeley.................................................................Pg. 47

Casa Buena Vista Homes .......................................... Pgs. 4-5

The City Magazine Advertise ........................................Pg. 16

District Coffee Co. ........................................................Pg. 59

The City Magazine Calendar .........................................Pg. 72

Edge of Texas ....................................................... Pgs. 21, 61

The City Magazine Ticketing .........................................Pg. 70

El Paso Children’s Hospital ...........................................Pg. 17

The Manor at Ten Eleven .............................................Pg. 2-3

El Paso Furniture Guy ...........Inside Fold-out Cover (SPACES)

The Tap ................................................................. Pgs. 35, 61

El Paso Rhinos ..............................................................Pg. 13

Siblante ...........................................................Pg. 1 (SPACES)

GECU ..............................................................................Pg. 1

Southwest Plastic Surgery ..........................................Pg. 11

Great American Steakhouse .........................................Pg. 39

Southwest University ............................Pgs. 28-29 (SPACES)

Hyundai of El Paso.............................................. Pgs. 83, 105

Stryker Security ............................................................Pg. 68

Intraceuticals ................................................................Pg. 46

Sugar Skull Boutique ....................................................Pg. 28

Instreamatic ..................................................................Pg. 72

Sun City Orthopaedics ...................................................Pg. 8

Italian Kitchen West......................................................Pg. 87

Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino .............................Pg. 16

Mamacitas ....................................................................Pg. 24

VIP Design ....................................................................Pg. 67

Mesa Street Bar and Grill .............................................Pg. 41

Walgreens ................................................................. Pgs. 6-7

Mix Salon and Spa .......................................................Pg. 43

West Texas Pain Institute ..........................Inside Front Cover

Parkhill ............................................................Pg. 2 (SPACES)

Yvonne’s Grill and Cantina ............................................Pg. 60

February 2022


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