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Inside: A Generous Gift for Love Why Tabor Needs a Center for the Arts


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From the President

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The year was 1966. Then President Roy Just had recruited Jack Braun to come and lead the drama department, plus begin a Center for Religion and Drama. The vision was for Tabor to be known for the bringing together of Christian faith and theater. Christian theater was something new at that time. At the center of the dream was constructing an auditorium north of the administration building, where the science building now stands. When presented, the idea was rejected, and President Just was told to raise money to eliminate debt. Later, under President Vernon Janzen, the dream was part of the TC 6.3 campaign to build a library addition, music building and an auditorium for worship and the arts. Enough money was raised to build the library addition.

Art is an expression of the church. When we create, empower, produce and give, we are most like God. We engage in an act of worship when we imitate Him and make beautiful things out of the world that He gave us.” Then in 1990 the music education building was built, but no auditorium. During the next 20 years other needs became urgent and were met: the Campus Recreation Center, parking lots, the Solomon L. Loewen Natural Science Center, student housing and the Joel H. Wiens

Stadium and Pendery Athletic Center, but still no auditorium. Now is the time­—time to fulfill the dream. I can’t help but wonder what Tabor would be like if an auditorium had been built to house the Center for Religion and Drama. What would Tabor look like if we were known for our contribution in the arts to the church in America? What would be our place in the Seeker movement in evangelicalism? Might this have led us to being recognized and part of the Christian film industry? We can only speculate. In God’s economy, however, it is never too late. Now is the time—time to increase our influence in the ministry of the arts in the church and culture. At the core of the desire to build a Center for the Arts is a desire to serve the church—training young men and women to lead worship, enhancing worship with music and the arts, and preparing young adults to creatively reach our society with the good news of Jesus. Now is the time—time to provide a home for Tabor College’s choral and instrumental music programs and state-of-the-art classrooms for the visual arts. It is time to give to our community a place for artists and musicians to express, create and influence. The Center for the Arts is not about bricks and mortar. It is about people, programming and ministry. The Center for the Arts is about preparing people through our programs for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom. Will you help make a 48-year-old dream finally become a reality? Will you join the many supporters who have already given to the Signature Campaign? Will you respond with generosity? Will you help us reach our goal and make Tabor College a better place for our future students? Now is the time.

President Jules Glanzer

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Spring 2014 Vol. 68 No. 2

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Center for the Arts Signature Campaign At the annual donor appreciation dinner on Feb. 21, Tabor College President Jules Glanzer announced the goal to build a new Center for the Arts on the Hillsboro campus. The public phase of the comprehensive Signature Campaign will help Tabor College raise the final $6.2 million of the $16.2 million needed to build a new Center for the Arts, endow the facility, meet the annual fund needs and provide other campus enhancements. A near record crowd of over 300 Tabor College donors, faculty, staff and students attended the dinner to hear the presentation made by President Glanzer about how this new facility is needed on our Hillsboro campus. “We are excited to elevate Tabor College to the next level when it comes to the fine arts,” said Glanzer. “We want our students to be able to learn, grow and perform in this brand new 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. This will finally give us a place for our students to come and worship under one roof, all together.” Before the dinner, held at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church, patrons viewed displays of artwork and graphic designs by Tabor College students. The entire evening had a fine-artsthemed program that included performances by the Tabor College Concert Choir and theater students. After dinner, Glanzer showed a video promoting this new project and explained the different parts of the facility.

The addition, an expansion of the Wohlgemuth Music Education Center, will include a performance auditorium, a small theater, a grand lobby and a visual arts education wing. Not only will the new facility benefit students and faculty at Tabor College, but it will also be a blessing to the people in the broader community. “Those who live in Marion County and surrounding areas regularly attend our music concerts, theatrical shows, art exhibits and community dinners,” said Ron Braun, vice president of advancement. “This facility will accommodate everyone, including the elderly and disabled people in our community,”

Above: President Jules Glanzer Left: Lyndon Vix, Board of Directors Chair

4 Tabor College Concert Choir

T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

Braun added. “With the facilities we have now on campus, we are unable to accommodate everyone.” The new facility will be named the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts in honor of a $2 million contribution by Chuck and Shari Flaming, a farm couple from Paxton, Neb. Neither of the Flamings is an alumnus of Tabor, but Flaming decided to make a considerable contribution to the Signature Campaign for a definite reason. (See article on pages 6-8.) “I knew the college needed this building— Susan Koslowsky, it is for Christ’s kingdom,” Flaming said. “I Campaign Chair love my wife so much that I could think of no better way to honor her.” Larry Nikkel, President Emeritus “The highlight of the evening,” Glanzer said, “was Chuck Flaming sharing his heart Ron Braun, Vice President of regarding what motivated him to make the Advancement lead gift to the campaign. “When he finished, the audience responded with a standing ovation. It was a moment that many of us will never forget.” To date, Tabor has received gifts and commitments totaling $5.3 million for the new $9 million Center for the Arts. In January, The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation in Tulsa, Okla. issued a $1 million challenge grant for the facility. To receive this grant, Tabor must raise the remaining $2.7 million by January 14, 2015. The $1 million Mabee Foundation grant will complete the $9 million it will take to build The Center for the Arts. Groundbreaking for the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts is slated in October 2015 with construction beginning soon after. The entire project is expected to be completed and dedicated in 2017. For pictures, specifications and more information on the Signature Campaign, visit our website President Jules Glanzer and Chuck Flaming at or call our 5 Advancement Office at (620) 947-3121 Ext. 1709 or email us

A Generous Gift for Love


Passion for Christ is what Chuck Flaming is all about. The genuine tone in his voice doesn’t waiver when he talks about his faith and his family. “To serve and honor Christ is the utmost important thing in my life,” said Flaming, a farmer from Paxton, Neb. “The second is my wife.” A modest man, with a desire to work for the Lord, Flaming exudes a sense of humility. He is emotional when speaking about his wife, Shari, and their love story. “It was a very cold Sunday afternoon. Myron Harms, a great friend, and I decided to drive around and see what might be going on around Paxton,” Flaming said. “As we were crossing the South Platte River Bridge, there was a small pond where two girls were ice skating. Being typical guys, what better way to meet girls, than to start throwing snowballs at them? Moving targets, is there anything better?”

Flaming laughed as he remembered the story. “Shari had a smile that could melt steel—the most beautiful smile I had ever seen,” he added. At the end of their junior year in high school, he and Shari started dating. From the very start, Flaming knew Shari was the one. They both decided to attend the University of Nebraska and married at end of their junior year in college. “I knew that our marriage was from the Lord.” After graduating from college, the two moved to Shari’s father’s farm and cattle operation in Paxton. Shari took the responsibilities of bookkeeping and became the farm accountant. Flaming led the handson work as a dedicated farmer and feedlot manager. He later became the president of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association. Shari quickly found a role of leadership in the farming and livestock community and was named

T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

president of the Nebraska Cattlewomen’s Association, then later was appointed to the National Beef Checkoff Council. “We worked very hard together,” Flaming said. “We worked as a team. She was my partner through thick and thin. That is the only way we would have it together. We sacrificed a lot, but we valued and enjoyed working hard. Shari has always been a hard worker and very involved in church and community events. She has a servant’s heart.” After five years of marriage, Shari had some health problems that prevented them from ever having children. “It was a huge blow, but she was a trooper and never once complained,” Flaming said. Flaming and Shari began to feel the Lord calling them to service both in their community and worldwide. Over the years, the Flamings hosted many exchange students from around the world. Two of them became like family to the couple. To this day, they continue to travel from Germany to visit the Flamings on the farm. Their love for young students, for one another and for the Lord would take on a whole new meaning in the years to come. Six years ago on a trip to California, to attend the Tulare Agricultural Show, Shari awakened and knew something was drastically wrong with the right side of her face. She was rushed to the emergency room and was faced with the diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy, a form of facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to the cranial nerves. “There was no movement on the right side of her face,” Flaming said. “No longer did she have that sweet smile—it was gone.” The symptoms did not get better. Three months later, after seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist, the Flamings found out that the Shari had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, another facial nerve disorder. “This new diagnosis made Bell’s Palsy look like a Sunday school teacher,” Flaming said. Shari’s nerves had been destroyed. They were told it would take two years before she would be able to smile. Once again, Shari never complained or felt selfpity. “It was heart-wrenching to see that her awesome smile was gone,” said Flaming, “but God remained faithful and good.” In 1998, Flaming felt a nudge from the Lord to be a short-term missionary in Poland. Even though he didn’t like English in school, he traveled to Poland to teach American English. He would also lead Bible studies at a camp. For 16 consecutive years, Flaming traveled to Poland for two weeks at a time to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“What better way to honor God than to give back to Him what He has given to us and also honor my dear Shari,” said Flaming. “Seeing what Tabor is doing in the lives of these young people convinced me, this was the work of the Lord. These are some of the future leaders of our country.” “During my first trip to Poland, I just wept,” Flaming said. “I was so humbled that the Lord chose me to share His good news. My heart is with the Polish people and I love them dearly. They are my extended family. Many of the children from the camp 16 years ago are now active in the local church, leading Bible studies at universities and are church planters in Poland.” Shari traveled to Poland only one time and decided she was better fit to be home managing the farm and feedlot while her husband was gone. In 2004, when on another mission trip to Poland, Flaming realized the area where he had been teaching English to students had a rich Mennonite history. Growing up Mennonite Brethren in Nebraska, forever humbled by the forefathers who were early members, Flaming began to research his relatives. “I was honored to learn about their faith in God and finally realized what a huge price they paid for that faith,” he said. Through the years he has visited many Mennonite cemeteries in Poland, always checking for the names of Flaming, Friesen, Ediger and Buller on headstones. In 2008, Flaming heard that Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kan., was having a Mennonite Heritage Tour. There he met Dr. Jules Glanzer, who at the time, was the new president of Tabor College.

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T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

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“We hit it off right from the start,” Flaming said, “because I have the gift of teasing and kidding people.” Flaming attended the University of Nebraska because he felt Tabor College, for a “Christian college,” was a liberal school. He had little tolerance for liberals, so he proceeded to harass Glanzer about it during the entire tour. “Jules was always kind and smiled,” Flaming said. “I really began to like this guy. He really impressed me by his love of God.” Through this tour, a deep friendship developed that Flaming treasures to this day. At the end of the event, he accepted Glanzer’s invitation to visit Tabor during the annual President’s Dinner. At the 2009 President’s Dinner, Flaming heard testimonies from students about God’s impact on campus and ways in which lives were being transformed. He was impressed and realized Tabor was not what he had thought. “I admit I was wrong,” Flaming said. It was also at the end of that same year he realized his wife was having some memory problems. “It was scary and heartbreaking,” Flaming said. After a visit to the Mayo Clinic, their worst fear was confirmed—Shari was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “Some days are good and some days not so good, but we take each day one at a time and thank God for His faithfulness,” Flaming said. Through the years, Flaming has really valued his friendship with Glanzer. A year ago, Glanzer visited Flamings’ farm and “just by chance” had information on the new building project at Tabor College. Flaming said he listened to all the information, but felt no pressure to contribute.

After hearing the pitch, he told Glanzer, “Good luck!” Following a long time of thinking, praying and additional visits with Glanzer, Flaming decided to move forward with a donation. “What better way to honor God than to give back to Him what He has given to us and also honor my dear Shari,” said Flaming. “Seeing what Tabor is doing in the lives of these young people convinced me, this was the work of the Lord. These are some of the future leaders of our country.” Flaming said he felt called to give a gift. “I know that there is a need for a performing arts center and seeing how Tabor is ministering to the spiritual lives of your students,” he said, “I knew this is how I could trust, obey and honor my Heavenly Father.” “During the leadership phase of the campaign,” Glanzer said, “the Flamings realized the need for this type of facility and took the lead by donating a major gift.” In the days that followed, seeking the Lord’s will, Flaming committed $2 million toward the Signature Campaign and the Center for the Arts in honor of God, plus in love and honor of his wife. With this financial commitment, the new facility will be named the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts. “We are honored that Chuck and Shari caught the vision and will help make the dream of a Center for the Arts a reality,” Glanzer said. “What is especially exciting is that neither of them graduated from Tabor. Yet they have seen the results of the Tabor experience in our students and want to be a part of our mission.” Flaming’s passion for Christ and his wife are evident. “I love my wife so much that I could not think of any better way to honor her,” Flaming said. “I knew the college needed this building, and while Shari may not understand in the future that this building is named for her, it is for Christ`s kingdom.”

Shari Flaming Center for the Arts—front of building

Why Tabor Needs a Center for the Arts Hannah Vogt – senior

Hannah Vogt

“This facility is necessary for Tabor because its benefits are not exclusive to students pursuing music, or theater or painting. I am a senior biology major and I myself have grown so much from the fine arts program at Tabor. In the middle of all my science exams, labs and preparing for medical school, I found solace in the fine arts program here. That’s the beautiful thing about the program at Tabor; it offers an outlet for students who are pursuing careers outside of fine arts. This in turn leads us to become better people because we are well-rounded.”

Laurel Koerner – Director of Theater & Assistant Professor of Theater “If we want to act on the idea that Christians should be culture-shapers, we need to give our students the education and experience that enable them to be so. We have the opportunity before us to aid in developing service-minded, globally aware, hopeful, inspired young people. If we are hearing the call to shape culture, this is where our response begins.”

Brad Vogel – Professor of Choral Music & Department Chair

Brad Vogel

“We look forward to hosting summer music and theater camps to expand our outreach and influence in the area for pre-college students. We already bring nearly 1,000 students to campus each spring for the Kansas State High School Activities Association Regional Music Festival, and we will now be able to show them a very attractive facility, which will be its own attraction to the college. Further, our theater program will be able to expand, because the facility will allow us to teach all of the aspects of the theater world­—set design, lighting, staging, sound, etc. Removing limitations from what we can offer will allow us to create more attractive opportunities for prospective students.”

Laurel Koerner

Natalie Wiens – junior “I am extremely thrilled about the new Center for the Arts. Tabor’s music program is headed in an exciting direction and this building will facilitate growth in the Tabor music department. The music faculty at Tabor are so skilled, enthusiastic and have big dreams of what music students can do. A lot of their vision cannot realistically happen with the current building, like large-scale theater productions and full symphonic orchestral works. I would love to see a symphonic orchestra in the future, but that would require many more string students and a building with a space large enough to house a rehearsal for a full orchestra. This building would provide the space needed for these projects and would be extremely attractive to prospective music students, therefore boosting our recruiting.”

Natalie Wiens 9

Students Share the Word of God through Song Tabor College continues to send its musically gifted students all across the United States to share with communities during spring break. The Tabor College Concert Choir has been performing a spring tour since the 1950s. For the past 16 years, the Concert Choir has performed under the direction of Dr. Brad Vogel, professor of choral music. The Concert Choir traveled March 14-23 to five states and performed 11 concerts, with the theme “I Lift My Voice.” “The voice is a primary means of communicating our relationship with God, in both song and speech,” Vogel said. “The texts of the songs divide into three modes of communication: praise, prayer and proclamation. Each song is either a setting of scripture or a personal expression of relationship with God.” Vogel continues to take his students on tour every year for very specific reasons. “I sense the tours address three things: connecting with constituents of Tabor College (churches and alumni), broad performance experiences for the students and opportunities to serve people through the art of choral music,” Vogel said. “I believe the choir represents well the ethos of Tabor College as a place of mission and educational excellence­—they perform at a high level, but do so in order to enrich the lives of people through the beauty of sound and the richness of sacred texts.” Tabor freshman Ellen Janzen was excited about performing on tour during her first year of college. “This year’s choir tour was an incredible first experience for me,” Janzen said. “I had such a great week being able to sing and worship as a group while developing strong bonds with individual members of the choir.” Music is also a great way to interact with people who already know Jesus Christ and potentially with those that do not.


Cheyenne Derksen, a junior at Tabor College said, “Choir tour provides the perfect opportunities for community with each other, with the Tabor/Mennonite Brethren community across the nation, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ of other denominations. “Choral music is a good starting point for conversation with our host families or even with each other, but that initial step opens the door for other similarities we would never have made with hosts,” Derksen added. The Concert Choir was not the only group from Tabor College performing during the week away from campus. The Tabor College Concerto Bella Voce Women’s Choir embarked on its second annual concert tour March 16-23. The women traveled to six different churches and schools in four states, performing eight concerts with the theme “Lift Thine Eyes.” Comprised of 19 women, under the direction of Janie Brokenicky, the group was excited to share their musical talents and love of Jesus Christ with listeners. It was also a time for the women to become closer to the Lord. “On tour, we are able to pray as a group and for each other on a daily basis,” Brokenicky said. “Tour is a fantastic way to grow a spiritual bond in addition to lasting friendships.” Singing in other Mennonite Brethren churches is truly a blessing for Brokenicky and her students. “Since I did not attend Tabor as an undergraduate student, I love the opportunity to visit Mennonite Brethren churches along the way and especially have conversations with Tabor alumni who sang in the choir under past directors,” Brokenicky added. Cora Ruhl, a senior at Tabor College, found the tour to be beneficial for nurturing friendships and sharing her musical gifts with others. “Going on tour with Concerto Bella Voce was a wonderful opportunity and experience,” Ruhl said. “As a result of it, I feel that

T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

I have deepened my relationships with the other girls. Developing relationships and sightseeing were very fun each in its own way, but the most meaningful part of the tour for me was being able to share my love of music with those we met.” Tabor College is sending one more group on tour at the end of April. The Tabor College Symphonic Band and Chamber Strings are preparing for their annual spring tour, taking place April 25-28. The band and string ensemble will perform at six locations in the Kansas City area and in central Kansas—Shawnee, Leavenworth, Topeka and Manhattan. Under the direction of Larry Ediger, interim director of instrumental music, the theme for this year’s tour is “Bright Shining As The Sun,” based upon the lyrics of the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace.” “Both ensembles will play a mixture of classical and sacred music that is sure to lift the spirits and encourage the hearts of listeners,” Ediger said. The band will perform a wide variety of pieces, including classics such as Shostakovich’s “Festive Overture,” dynamic arrangements of sacred songs such as “A Mighty Fortress,” “Amazing Grace” (Bright Shining As The Sun), “Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling” (A Hymn Tune Rhapsody), and “Deep River.”

Tabor College Concert Choir Dr. Brad Vogel, Director

Tabor College • Hillsboro • Kansas

Concerto Bella Voce Janie Brokenicky, Director

Complete tour schedule is as follows: Friday, April 25 9:30 a.m. Blue Ridge Christian School, located at 8524 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Kansas City, Mo. 2:20 p.m. Maranatha Christian Academy, located at 6826 Lackman Rd in Shawnee, Kan. 7:00 p.m. Church of the Open Door, located at 4800 S 20th Street Traffic Way in Leavenworth, Kan. Tabor College Hillsboro, Kansas

Sunday, April 27 10:45 a.m. Shawnee Bible Church, located at 12921 W 61st Street in Shawnee, Kan. Monday, April 28 8:40 a.m. Cair Paravel Latin School, located at 635 SW Clay St in Topeka, Kan. 2:45 p.m. Flint Hills Christian School, located at 3905 Green Valley Rd in Manhattan, Kan. The opportunity to minister through music, while in college, is an experience all of these students will cherish forever. “One thing a lot of us get from tour is general growth, both with our voices and as people,” Derksen said. “The upperclassmen play a key role in mentoring and guiding the underclassmen in becoming a better singer, but also how to treat others and live well in community. We all come out changed at the end of the journey.”

Bright Shining as the Sun Tabor College Band Tour 2014 Symphonic Band & Chamber Strings Home Concert Sunday, May 4 – 4:00 p.m. Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church 300 Prairie Pointe, Hillsboro, Kansas


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

2013 Roll Call of Donors The following donors are gratefully recognized for their generous support of the mission and vision of Tabor College during the calendar year 2013. Your gifts provide educational opportunities and practical experiences that prepare our students for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom. For that, we extend a heart-felt “Thank you!”


A & B Double E, LLC Jo Abbate Steven & LaDonna Abbott Jennie G & Pearl Abell Education Trust E Joyce Adams Jonathan Adams Larry Adams Nancy Adams Adams MB Church Byron & Leona Adrian Adrian & Pankratz PA LaVerne & Maxine Adrian Aetna Foundation Inc. Ag-Service Adan & Roxann Aguero Marie Ahmed AISD Education Foundation Inc. Alaska Native Medical Center Auxiliary Inc. Barbara Albright James & Christiana Aleru Alfred Alexander Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church All Saints Lutheran Church Allen & Sweet Brian & Carol Allen Janice Allen Russell & Debra Allen Whitney Allen Mary Allen-Huffman Robert Alley Sandra Alvarez Richard Alves American Bindery & Mailing Inc. American Endowment Foundation American Indian Graduate Center Americorps Carmen Anders Dale & Joleen Anderson John & Kelly Anderson M R Anderson Sammie Anderson Troy & DeeDee Anderson Andrew Gelbach Attorney at Law Andy’s Produce Market Inc. John & Judy Anguiano Jeff & Linda Annis Cindy Anthony Doris Arnold Paige & Aaron Arnold Robert Arnold Robert & Margie Arnold Assembly of God Curtis Atchley Gerald Avila Keith Bacon

Abe & Verleen Baerg Robert Baird Delores Baker James & Elaine Baker Jenean Baker Paul & Nikki Baker Ball Corporation Michael & Coleen Ball Daryle & Marie Baltzer Jona & Mary Baltzer LeVon & Alice Balzer Loren & Jane Balzer Mark & Patricia Bandre Alvin Banman Kenneth Barber Mariette Bargen Beverly Barker Barkman Honey LLC Joyce Barkman Bradley & Rita Bartel Daryl & Darlene Bartel Douglas & Pamela Bartel Elizabeth Bartel Erwin & Winnie Bartel James & Sharon Bartel Jay & Brenda Bartel Jim & Diane Bartel Jonathan & Elsie Bartel Kay Bartel Ken & Ann Bartel Lynn & Frances Bartel Monroe & Doris Bartel Myrta Bartel Patricia & Herb Bartel Paul & Amanda Bartel Rebecca Bartel Sandy Bartel Walter & June Bartel Wilmer & Marilyn Bartel Steve & Stephanie Basinger Bruce Batie Andrea Batista Burnetta Bauerle David Bauerle Debra Bauerle David Baumann Bay Shore Mennonite Church Jack Beach John & Grace Beam Julio Becerra Glendon & Debbie Becker Ken & Joan Becker Lynford & Ruby Becker Marlin & Gayla Becker Anita Becky Aaron Beeman

Louise Begay De & Meredith Behnke Matthew & Lindsay Behnke Arlie & Dorothy Beier Chuck Belknap Belleview Community Church Mary Benedict Michael Benesh Ronald & Eileen Benton Carol Berfeldt Elton & Ella Berg Steven & Sandra Berg Larry Berger Michael Bergman Jon Berning Greg Berruto & Christine Sambol Bethany MB Church Bethel MB Church Bethesda MB Church Norma Betti Beverly Community Church Bible Baptist Church Bible Fellowship Church Raymond Bielefeld Adaline Billinger Rose Bina Dellis & Sharon Birkey Howard Birky Glenna Bishop Peggy Black Del Blair Blair Tax Consulting Twila Bleam Charles & Karla Block James & Judith Block Paul & Annette Block Ted & Sandra Bloemhof Jonathan & Diane Blough Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation Bruce & Norma Boatman The Body Builder Inc. Anita Boese Lawrence & Ruth Boettcher Dennis & Tracy Boldt Eugene Boldt Andrew Bolger Bruce Boll Teela Bolzenius David Bond Kenneth & Mary Bontrager Reginald & Nancy Boothe William & Helena Born Jack Boucher William & Carolyn Bowe Calvin & Ellengton Boyce Catrice Boyce Cook

R O L L Bradley & Sandra Boyd Jeffrey & Marcia Boyer Brady’s Welding & Machine Shop, Inc. Nicolas & Rachel Branam Harold & Elma Brandt H David & Melva Brandt LaVada Brandt Brantford Evangilical Covenant Church Andrew Braun Donald & Joyce Braun Doris Braun Jack & Laverna Braun Ronald & Dena Braun Randal & Carolyn Brazil Frank & Anne Brenneman David & Rochelle Bridges Josephine Briles Brandon Brill Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Janis Brockel Blayne Brockmueller Percy & Arlyss Brockmueller Cole & Janie Brokenicky Jack Bromley Jeff & Tonya Bronleewe Gerald Brooks RaiAnn Broome Brenda Brown Christy Brown David Brown Nicholas & Kayla Brown Pansy Brown Byron Browne Sandra Browning Andrew Brubacher Grant & Victoria Brubacher Karl & Marcia Brubaker Paul & Nancy Brucks Paul Brune Barbara Bruno Buhler MB Church Buhler Mennonite Church Arlin & Maretta Buller Berdine Buller Charles & Barbara Buller Donald & Shirley Buller Elfrieda Buller James & Beverly Buller John & A Christine Buller Michael & Helen Bumpus Paul & Marna Burckhart Phyllis Burkdoll Burlington Christian Church Jeanette Burns Jerry & Becky Burns Burnscents LLC Gladys Burritt Jonathon Bush Lawrent & Rose Buschman Roxine Bushman Kira Buzzard BVI Football Association Les & Celia Byer


Clint Cain Barry & Lyric Cairns Calam Enterprises Carl R Calam Estate LaVonne Calam Richard & Joni Calam Martin Calkin Trust Robert Calvert John Cambio Greg & Esther Camp Campbell Agency William & Marsha Campbell Catherine Campisi Joan Cannon Cardinal Foundation for Educational Excellence Care Vetrinary Clinic of Visalia Elaine Cargill Carolyn Carlson Daniel & Heidi Carlson James & Mary Carson Carson MB Church Scholarship Carson Small Engine Casey’s General Stores Center for Scholarship Administration Inc. Central Heights Booster Club Central National Bank Central Plains Mennonite Conference Earnest & Peggy Chaffain Don & Dolores Chakerian Gary Carolyn Chambers Trust Jo-ann Chanin Willa Chanin Betty Chapman Patricia Chapman Cherokee Nation Cheyenne MFG Inc. Loretta Childs Shin-hee Chin Julie & John Chippeaux Christopher & Jennifer Chlumsky Christian Church Christian Life Church Christian Renewal Church Christian Service Foundation Church of the Nazarene Circle C Farms Citizens State Bank Abe Claassen Arlin & Helen Claassen Benjamin Clark Bret & Ronda Clark Larry Clark Ruth Clark Robbie Clarke John Clarkson Gary & Kris Classen James Classen Paul & Judith Classen Wilmer & Verna Classen Clay County Educational Endowment Susanne Clayton Loren Cleveland



Joseph Clifton Cloney’s Pharmacy Marlene Clough Bill & Lillian Cobb Beverly Coble Roger Cochrane Norma Coffman Kurt Mitchell Cogburn Trust Sam & Janette Cohlmia Steven Cohlmia Shanna Cole William & Leslye Coleman Charles Collins Michael Combs Larry & Carolyn Comer Community Bible Church Community Bible Fellowship Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas Don Cone Steve Conley Angela Connolly Jeffery Connolly Murel Connolly Dave Consiglio Doyle & Verda Converse Douglas & Laurie Cook Lindsay Coombs Jeff Cooper Cooperative Grain & Supply Don & Kathryn Copeland Alan & Karen Coppadge Corn MB Church Cornerstone Bank Cornerstone Christian Church Cornerstone Community Church Cornwell Memorial Scholarship Herbert J and Anna W Cornwell Memorial Fund Ruben Corona Leonard & Brenda Coryea Roland Cote James & Kelley Coughlin Country Stitchers Quilters Guild Countryside Bible Church Lyman Covey Matthew & Beth Cox Lynn A Cramer Gary Cramer Randell & Ann Crask James Crawford Brett & Mary Crist Steven & Amanda Crist Susan Crist Robert Croak Carmen & Jess Croley Cron-Cheney Funeral Homes, Inc. CSI Bladen Mary Curtis The Cut Above Kathy Dagestino Calvin & Arlene Dahl Don Dahl Mark & Cherilyn Dahlsten Jayakar & Julia Dalavai


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N


Dalke Construction Dan & Donna Dalke Gordon & Doris Dalke Irvin & Grace Dalke John & Delores Dalke John O Dalke Nora Dalke Violet Dalke Warren & Ruby Dalke Yvonne Dalke Dallas Center Grimes Community School District Dallas Center - Grimes High School Dallas Claims Association Inc. Mabel Danenberg Ruth Daniel Michael & Kristin Darrah Darrell Driggers Business Acount Bill Daugherty Garrett Daugherty Kenneth & Dorothy Davidson William Davidson Ellie Davis June Davis Rick Davis Vera Davis Howard & Helen Day M Nathan Day De Witt Family Medicine LLC Terry & Karen Deaver Daniel & Joy Dechant Alan & Nema Decker Braden & Lisa Decker Tony & Stephanie Decker Wayne & Edna Decker Edwin DeDeaux Robert Deich Dell YourCause, LLC Jenna Dellamano James Dellinger Esther Delp The Delta Airlines Foundation Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Brian Delzeit Carl & Ruby Derksen CaroLee Derksen Larry & Dixie Derksen Robert Derksen Marvin & Patricia Detwiler David & Arva Deutschendorf Troy & Patricia Deutschendorf DFW Ponds Inc. Alvin & Bernice Dick Alvin H Dick Living Trust Annette Dick Christopher Dick & Christine Crouse-Dick Clifferd Dick & Marlene Ewert Henry Dick John & Carol Dick John & Michelle Dick Katie & Aaron Dick LeRoy & Judy Dick Loren & Cathy Dick Mark & Karen Dick

Mervin & Jane Dick Robert & Verla Dick Robert A. Dick Construction Co. Wilma Dick Tim & Donna Diener Joel & Hannah Dillon DeWayne Dirks Dwight & Carol Dirks Nolan Dirks Mark Diskin Kelly & Kristen Doerksen Irene Dold Donair Elizabeth Donnelly Tom Doty Doucett & Silfies CPA’s Inc. Daniel Douglass Jack Dowell Jamie Downs Jody Drastata Craig Dreiling Ray & Lois Drever Darrell & Charlene Driggers Eric & Tami Driggers Kyle & Denice Drinnen Lori Drouhard Tom & Kathy Dudgeon Deloris Dueck Deanne Duerksen Sharon Duerksen Sherri Duerksen Joseph Duncan Arthur & Sylvia Dyck Eagle Communications Earl Bane Foundation Lisa Eastep Ebenfeld MB Church Brenda Eddy Eden Mennonite Church Inc. Dan & Alma Ediger Dan & Alma Ediger Trust Dewayne & Christine Ediger Ediger Construction Ervin & Carrol Ediger Glen & Karen Ediger Leroy & Jean Ediger Pete Ediger Robert & Evelyn Ediger James Edmonds Nancye Edmondson Ida Edwards Todd & Kari Edwards Chris & Rebecca Eidse Eitzen Agency Inc. Bruce & Brenda Eitzen Gene & Stella Eitzen Kenneth Eitzen Leland Eitzen Marilyn Eitzen Jones Norma J Eitzen Trust Robert & Aletha Eitzen Ron & Pat Eitzen Elcon Services Elks National Foundation Ell Saline USD 307

Craig Elliott James & Karen Elliott S & Wanda Elliott M Alma Elrich Stanley & Mary Elrich Thomas & Twila Elrod Josephine Elsen Ima Elwell Emerson Biggin’s West Emmanuel Baptist Church Emmanuel MB Church Emmanuel Mennonite Church Emporia Community Foundation Emprise Bank Ruben & Agnes Enander Phillip Enegren Roger & Lucille Engbrecht Susan Engel Enid MB Church Darren & Corina Enns Enns Foundation Gordon & Shannon Enns Jim & Brenda Enns Jim Enns Kenneth & Bonnie Enns Melvin & Karen Enns R & Kellie Enns Terry & Joni Ens Norman & Dorothy Ensz Alvin & Kathryn Epp Harold & Rose Epp Norman & Rosella Epp Paul & Kathy Epp Robert & Phyllis Epp Rose Epp Living Trust Werner-Verne Epp Sara Erickson Amanda Esau Edward & Joann Esau LaVerne & Linda Esau Norman Estes Everence Fredrick & Debra Everson Adam & Alice Ewert Anna Ewert Calvin & Marian Ewert Harris & Debra Ewert Merrill & Priscilla Ewert Norman & Sharon Ewert Paul & Lee Ewert Robert & Lynette Ewert Sue Ewert Tyler & Diane Ewert Bruce & Debbie Exum Faber 1986 Family Trust David & Connie Faber Helen Fadenrecht Kirby & Donna Fadenrecht Macy & Kayla Fadenrecht Wilfred & Bonnie Fadenrecht Fairfield High School Fairview MB Church Family Time Investments, LLC Farmers Alliance Co. Charitable Foundation

R O L L Farmers Insurance Group of Companies Dale & Ruth Fast David & Ella Fast Dohn & Jeanette Fast Donald & Judith Fast Elfreda Fast Henry & Marian Fast Howard & Lois Fast Kenneth & Marilyn Fast Marlene Fast Steven & Nancy Fast Viola Fast Theodore & Marietta Faszer Bennie & Helen Faul Doris Faul John & Eloise Faul Nathan & Carla Faul Eugene & Julia Feil Lonny & R Fendall Andrew Ferrell Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Jeffrey & Heather Fields Marilyn Fields Maureen Fink Finnup Scholarship Fund First Baptist Church First MB Church First Mennonite Church First Missionary Church First United Methodist Church Bruce Fischer Edward Fischer Fischer Veterinary Clinic Terrence Fitzgibbons Five Star Construction Bruce & Jeanette Flaming Chuck & Shari Flaming David & Mary Flaming Eric Flaming & Kellie Jones G Bert & Judy Flaming Gaylord & Lana Flaming Les & Kora Flaming Melvin & Marilyn Flaming Ryan & Jenny Flaming Alfred Flax Jerome Flax Robert & Debbie Flax Sarah Fleming Cynthia Fletcher Ronald Flickinger & Sandra Heinrichs Flint Hills Management LLC Mavis Flowers David & Kathleen Forbes Lance Foreman Foundation for the Carolinas Harvey & Joanne Foyle Christina Franco Franklin County Farm Bureau Association Howard & Sonja Frantz Orlan & Carolyn Frantz Orlan Frantz Farm Account Archie Franz David & Patricia Franz


Delbert & Anna Franz Elaine Franz Harold & Eleanor Franz Judith Franz Lindell & Terri Franz Raymond & Aldina Franz Richard & D Joyce Franz Robert G Franz Living Trust Rodney & Karen Franz Roger & LaWanda Franz Scott & Pamela Franz Free Methodist Church Eric Freedlund Alyssa Freeman Fresno Pacific University Curtis & Clara Frick Doris Frick Vance & Danielle Frick Friends of the Salina Public Library Inc. Andy & Bonnie Friesen Bradley & Esther Friesen Calvin & Betty Friesen Donald & Sandra Friesen Dwight & Shirley Friesen Eugene & Carol Friesen Franklin & Marjorie Friesen Friesen Family Farm Gilbert & Rhoda Friesen Harvey & Mable Friesen Helen Friesen Homer & Susan Friesen Jake & Ruth Friesen Jake & Selma Friesen James & Patricia Friesen Janice & Jerry Friesen Janice Friesen Joel & Beverly Friesen John & Luella Friesen Karis & Kyle Friesen Larry & Judith Friesen MaryAnn Friesen Mike Friesen Mildred Friesen Nadine Friesen Nicole Friesen Paul & Freda Friesen Quinton & Gail Friesen Rick & Dana Friesen Ronald & Miriam Friesen Russell & Marilyn Friesen Ruth Friesen Scott & Morissa Friesen Vernon Friesen Walter & Carol Friesen Willard Friesen Douglas Frieson Elizabeth Frison David & Susan Froese Don & Betty Fruechting Terry & Lynne Fruechting Marlowe & Lila Frueh Christian & Rachelle Fryzek Arlyss & Martha Funk Calvin & Pam Funk



Curtis & Lois Funk Dannie Funk Ida Funk Jeff & Carisa Funk Johnny & Viola Funk Kurt & Ruth Funk Monroe Funk & Carol Muller-Funk Myron & Rochelle Funk Wendell & Shelley Funk James & Deborah Fust Helen Gaede J & M Gaede Living Trust Jim & Mary Gaede John & Rachelle Gaede Marianna Gaede Naomi Gaede-Penner Sharon Gagnebin Galaxy Technologies Corp. Stanley Galle Lila Gammon Garden Community Church Garden Valley MB Church Michael & Julie Gardner Oness Gardner Ronald & Elizabeth Gardner Bernice Garfinkel Sharon Gates Homer & Jan Gattis Bill Gebhardt James Geels Kimberly Geels Gerald & Margaret Gehman Tony Geiger Homer & Elizabeth George Joseph Gerber Carl Gerbrandt David & Marilyn Gerbrandt Don & Irma Gerbrandt Gordon & Karen Gerbrandt Harold Gerbrandt Gethsemane Open Bible Fellowship James Gibson James & Sandra Gilliland Gillispie Meats Judith Giufrida Christopher & Kathryn Glanzer Elgin & Sheree Glanzer Jacob E. Glanzer Jules & Peg Glanzer Katy Glanzer Matthew & Chrissy Glanzer Nicholas & Roxanne Glanzer Philip & Judy Glanzer Glenn Park Christian Church Ronald Glonek Eric & Elaine Goedde Fred Goehring Brian & Heather Goentzel Charles & Sandy Goentzel Christy Goentzel Jarrod Goentzel & Laura Vander Hart LeRoy & Norma Goentzel Goering Family Trust Homer & Dorothy Goering


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N


Preston & Deborah Goering Verne Goering Glenn & Janice Goertz Frieda Goertzen Gaylord & Peggy Goertzen John & Charlene Goertzen Kindra Goertzen Nathan & Michelle Goertzen Velma Goertzen Goessel Mennonite Church Brad & Donelle Golden Don Golden Vicky Gonzalez Caleb & Whitney Good Maxine Goodlin Gary Goodman Clifford Goodrich Urma Goodrich Goodville Mutual Casualty Co. Levi & Rose Goossen Walter & Darlene Goossen Olga Gordey Edward Gordon James Gorges Harvey & Anne Gossen Doris Graber Galen Graber Gayle Graber Kevin & Kandy Graber Peggy Graber Grace Bible Church Grace Community Church Hillsboro Bin Graefe Mark & Vonda Graf Nathan & Amy Graf NormaJean Grainger Grant Evangelical Free Church Tim & Annette Grant Verda Grantham Grasshopper Trust Michael Grassley Donald & Marion Graumann Elaine Graumann Marvin & Isolde Graumann Delbert & Debra Gray Norval & Dorothy Gray Great Plains Christian Radio Greater Salina Community Found Bruce Greb Douglas Green Judith Green K Lanette Green Priscilla Greene Steve & Lou Greenhaw Pauline Greenhaw Gerald Gribek Mike Grier Bradley & Rachel Griffith Charles & Shirley Griffith D L Griffith Griffin Family Endowed Fund Robert Griffith Kenneth & Mary Grisanti Josephine Griswold

Elsie Groening Irma Groening Jerry & Sherylene Groening Justin Groening Loren & Lois Groening Celia Gross Ida Gross Ed Grothe Hiland Grove Trust II Susan Grover John & Becky Groves Marilyn Grow Leora Grunau Rhoda Guerin Anthony Gulino Margaret Hackett Clemo Haddox Dorothy Hagen Ethel Hagen Gary & Grace Hagen John & Marlene Hagen Leon & Kay Hagen Lewis & Lavada Hagen Richard & Barbara Hagen Monroe Hager Edwin Hahn Haiti Lifeline Ministries David & Rose Hall Richard Hall Shirley Hall Jackie Hamby Matthew & Michelle Hamilton Clayton & Betty Hamm Derek Hamm Duane & Shirley Hamm Rod & Brenda Hamm Rodney Hamm Terrie Hammer Keith Hanneman Steven & Donna Hanneman Linda Hansen Hansen Machine & Tool Corp. Dane Hansen Foundation David & Laurel Hanson Glen & Peggy Harden Paul & Linda Harden Jesse & Mae Harder Keith & Judith Harder Scott & Stephanie Harder Sharon Hardesty Doug Hardy Thomas & Debbie Hardy Andy & Lillian Harms Andy J & Lillian B Harms Revocable Trust Dale & Loretta Harms Harold Harms Irvin Harms Marvin & Darlene Harms Mayra Harms Mayra Harms Family Living Trust Richard & Wanda Harms Richard Harms Vernon Harms Wilmer Harms

Christopher & Melodie Harris John & Susan Harris Robert Harris June Harrison Nathaniel Harrison Heather Hartman Ronald & Cindy Harton Harvey MB Church William S Harvey Revocable Trust Marilyn Hasler Donald & Phyllis Hasty Wendell Haubein Robert & Erica Haude Ryan & Risa Haug Charles Hawkins Kyle & Katy Hayden Jeffrey & Liz Haywood Health Science Research Center Jon & Sonya Hefley Paul Heier James & Vanda Heil Richard & Beverly Heim Bill & Janet Hein Bob Hein DeeAnn Hein Edward & Margaret Hein The Hein Family Trust Timothy & Johannah Hein Dennis & Ruth Heinrichs Douglas & Sarah Heinrichs Gene & June Heinrichs Robert & Evelyn Heinrichs Michael & Sharon Heitman Brian & Denise Heizelman Larry Helmer Sheryl Hemmen Kerri Hemmett Henderson Community Foundation Henderson MB Church Jon & Denise Hendrickson Elva Mae Henne Family Trust Otto Henning Scott & Christy Henning Ryan & Jennifer Henriksen Jason & Amber Henrikson Clayton & Kathleen Herbel Danny Hernandez Otila Hernandez Jeanna Herrick David Herring John Herrington Ty Herrington Hesston MB Church Bruce & Janell Heyen Thomas Hiatt Silas Hibbs Allen & Lois Hiebert Connie Hiebert Darrin & Karen Hiebert Dean & Eileen Hiebert Ferne Hiebert Fredrik & Katherine Hiebert Nadine Hiebert Ronald & Marilyn Hiebert

R O L L Viola Hiebert Wayne & Cynthia Hiebert Marlin & Michelle Hiett Joe Highberger Britt & Pamela Hill Sara Hill Michelle Hilliard Hillsboro Elementary Social Committee Hillsboro Ford-Mercury Hillsboro Hardware Inc. Hillsboro Kiwanis Hillsboro MB Church Hillsboro Quick Flick Hillsboro United Methodist Church Hillsboro USD 410 Hillside Community Church Rodger & Marsha Hilton Deboah Hinson Dwight & Adreinne Hodel LaVerne & Evelyn Hodel Norman & Janice Hodge Timothy & Mary Hodge Ben & Agnes Hofer Dale & Mary Hofer Joel & Judith Hofer Korey Hofer Robert & Karol Hofer Roger & Joyce Hofer Roman & Rebecca Hofer Hofer-Loewen Family Charity Hofer-Loewen Farm Phillip & Norma Hohm Jeff Hohnbaum Jessica Holler Hannah Holmes Home Run Benefits Consulting LTD Marva Homrighausen Tynan Honn Mike & Kara Hoover Wilma Hoover Hope Christian School Hope Community Church Hope Fellowship Lawrence & Nancy Hopkinson Hospira Inc. Julie Houston Houston Mennonite Church Reagan Houston Howard Alumni Scholarship Fund Amanda Howe Phyllis Hubeli Bettie Hudson Bill & Bernice Hudspeth Frank & ReNita Huebert John & Carissa Huebert Vonne Huebert Lowell & Kathy Hughes Jonathan Hullman Kim & Helen Hullman Karol Hunt Lynette Malm-Hunter & Kent Hunter Tim & Ginger Hurst Evelyn Hutcheson


Mark & Jacqueline Hutcherson Matthew Hutcheson Jena Kay Hutchings Memorial Scholarship Hutchinson Community Foundation Vera P Hutton Scholarship Trust Fund IBM Matching Grants Program Sue Ihde Donald Ikemiya Geneva Inman Ronald & Carolyn Insley International Scholarship Irish Foundation for Education Excellence Alvin & Roberta Isaac Dewayn & Marilyn Isaac Donald & Constance Isaac Menno & Alice Isaac Russell & Kathy Isaac Paulena Isaak J & H Farm Equipment Henry Jackson Susan Jackson V L Jackson Michael & Annette Jacobson Barbara James Linda Jantz Larry Jantze David Jantzen Arvid Janzen Brian & Jerrilyn Janzen Daniel & Susan Janzen David & Karen Janzen Edward Janzen Ellen Janzen Ellen M Janzen 2001 Trust Jerry & Loretta Janzen Jimmy Janzen LaVina Janzen Louis & Jean Janzen Marilyn Janzen Marlin & LuElla Janzen Norma Janzen Ralph & Charlene Janzen Randy & Sharon Janzen Stephen Janzen Vernon & Genevieve Janzen Grace Jaworsky Jellison Benevolent Society Durella Jenkins Marlin & Elizabeth Jeschke Kirk & Jocelyn Jessop Jacalyn Jiminez Debra Johannsen Carey & Jean Johnson Dolores Johnson Donald Johnson Frank & Terri Johnson Gary Johnson Kenneth & Rita Johnson Patricia Johnson Suzanne Johnson Johnston Enterprises Nita Johnston



Darrell & Aberta Jones Don & Mary Jones Walter S & Evan C Jones Foundation Gene Jorgenson Deborah Jorns Allen Joseph Bert & Alice Jost Bruce & Kimberlee Jost Clyde & Sharon Jost Dale & Shirley Jost Dean & Loretta Jost Garry & Gloria Jost Gerald & Joan Jost Gerald & Joyce Jost James & Colleen Jost Karl & Marilyn Jost Keith & Cheryl Jost Leroy & Janice Jost Luella Jost Mark & Jane Jost Randy & Debra Jost Rosella Jost Steve & Sherry Jost Travis Jost Victor & Myrna Jost Walton & Myrna Jost Journey Mennonite Church Shirley Judge Bradley & Malinda Just Darrell & Geneva Just Dennis Just Hilda Just Mark & Marilyn Just Rick Kaepernick Susan Kail Kevin Kamphaus Kansas 4-H Foundation Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation Kansas Association of Broadcasters Kansas Independent College Fund Kansas Masonic Foundation Kansas Publishing Ventures LLC Kansas Society of CPAs David & Elaine Karber David & Mary Karber Ramona Karber Ramona D Karber Revocable Trust Dalmer & Janice Kaufman Dalmer Kaufman Trust Kaitlyn Kaufman Richard & Elizabeth Kauffman Ruth Kaufman Timothy Kaufman Tom & Sherry Kaufman Stan & Donna Keim Phyllis Kellerman Jane Kelley Ryan & Kylie Kelley Brian Kelly James Kelly Roy Kelly J T & Sandra Kelso Jim & Starlene Kemling


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N


Troy & Jonette Kemling Justin & Kimberly Kenas Eloise Kerbs El & Nancy Kessler Irene Kessler John & Debora Killen David & Laurel King James & Brenda King Michael & Peggy King Kingsburg Community Church Delmar & Phyllis Kinser Duane & Vonda Kinser Kinyon Construction Inc. David & Ruth Klaassen Dwight & Sharon Klaassen Gary & JoAnn Klaassen Harold & Esther Klaassen Janell Klaassen Jeanie Klaassen Michael Klaassen Nick & Neva Klaassen Paul & Lisa Klaassen Ronald & Faith Klaassen Arthur & Beverly Klassen J Eldo & Janice Klassen Jason & Rebecca Klassen John Klassen Klassen Enterprises Inc. Lloyd & Evalina Klassen Lucille Klassen Paul & Gladys Klassen Victor Klassen Michael & Carolyn Kleiber Harold Kleinsasser Joseph & Michelle Kleinsasser Leland & Sharon Kleinsasser Willis & Ethel Kleinsasser Norma Klemm Bill & Susan Kliewer Dean & Lucille Kliewer Elinor Kliewer Glen & Susan Kliewer Jerry & Crystal Kliewer Judy Kliewer Kim Kliewer Kliewer Packing Lawrence & Gail Kliewer Jerry Knipfel Fred C and Mary R Koch Foundation Joseph Koechner Koerner Heights MB Church Marci Kohlmeyer Dick & Barbara Koontz Frank & Ruth Kopp Irma Koop Murray & Coleen Koop Dale & Nancy Kopper Dean & Barbara Kornelsen Faith Kornelsen Kenneth Kornelsen Diana Koslowsky Kenneth & Carla Koslowsky Leona Koslowsky Melvin & Donna Koslowsky

Susan & John Koslowsky Mark Koster William Kostlevy & Marilynn Patzwald Glen Kowal Sherrie Kozanecki Richard Kraemer Mark Kraft Pete Krahn Kirby & Mary Krehbiel Joe Krehbiel Lillie Krehbiel Robert & Lois Kreider June Krempasky Kressler Federal Credit Union Richard & Peggi Kriegbaum Edgar Krieger Alvin Kroeker Bryan & Lavonne Kroeker Carolyn Kroeker Cassie Kroeker David & Kim Kroeker Doris Kroeker Elmer & Connie Kroeker Jay & Marilyn Kroeker Jeff & Lisa Kroeker Jeffery & Deb Kroeker John & Michelle Kroeker Kroeker Grain & Lumber Kyle & Alyssa Kroeker Margaret Kroeker Marvin & Lily Kroeker Paul & Cara Kroeker Robert & Wanda Kroeker Wesley & Elaine Kroeker Harold & Susan Kruger Van & Barbara Krueger Tim & Jana Kubik Kermit Kuhns Joe & Shonna Kukula Gary Kulchinski Kakimjan & Karla Kunantaev Ken Kuykendall Richard & Joyce Kyle Brian & Stephanie Lachman Joshua & Megan Lady Patrick & Christine LaFontaine Cheyenna Laidlaw Alvin & Mildred Lambert Lamppost Pizza’s Main Street Brewery Marilyn Landers Waldo Lang Sharon & Jack Langham Dean & Joyce Langhofer James Laprad Martha Larkergrink Tim Larson Evan LaRue David & Linda Lauer Warren Laughlin Russell & Nancy Laverty LEARN Wichita The Learning House Inc. Marilyn Lehman

Susan & Robin Lehrman Timothy & Trisha Leibold Roy Leighton Thomas Leihy Roland & Elsie Lekey Kent & Daveda Leppke Larry & Alayna Leppke Larry & Alice Leppke William Letvinchuck Toby Levering Arnold Levin Memorial Fund Alfred Lewis Gary & Carol Lewis Paul & Paula Lewis Ken & Sharon Liebelt Clarence Lieber Shawn Liebst Life Serve Delbert Liggett Brian & Lindsay Lightner Lincoln Glen Manor Lincoln USD 298 Barry & Carol Linnens Kelly & Julie Linnens Lions Club Lions Club Activity Fund Lippard Auctioneers, Inc. Virgil & Phyllis Litke Leeann Little Warren Little Living Water Tabernacle Lockheed Martin University Matching Gift Program Menno Loepp Albert & Martha Loewen Alyce Loewen Anna Loewen Charles & Mary Loewen Cindy Loewen David & Joanne Loewen Harold & Darla Loewen Helen Loewen James & Joyce Loewen Janice Loewen Menno & Elsie Loewen Merle & Betty Loewen Nathan & Rosette Loewen Robert & Rita Loewen Robert Loewen Wallace & Esther Loewen Wendell & Shelly Loewen Wesley & Lou Loewen William & Joyce Loewen Norman & Betty Lofland Marguerite Lohrenz Otto & Elma Lohrenz Michael & Suzanne Long Steve & Patricia Long Thomas Long Longhorn Services Julie Longworth Erica Lopez Victor Lopez Lorraine Chapter Order of the Eastern Star

R O L L Dan Louis Ben Love Don & Gail Loveless Steve & Julie Lovisone Bradley Loyd D Scot & Jenny Loyd James Loyd Jeff & Trisha Lueker Brielle Lund Lustre MB Church Daniel Lyons Margaret Maass Larry Mabra Jim & Ruth Macy N Allen Magnuson Jeff Malan David Mann Rod & Jane Maphet Marion County Firefighters Marion High School Christina Mark Lynette Markel Brenda Markey Tim & Karen Marlar Donna Marlatt Douglas Marler Bonnie Marr Elizabeth Marr Steven & Wendy Marr Heath & Cara Marrs Amanda Martens David & Lillian Martens Don & Joyce Martens Elmer & Phyllis Martens James & Virginia Martens Joel Martens Larry & Kathleen Martens Marvin & Jeanette Martens Michael & Ann Martens Stanley & Anna Martens Trent & Sheri Martens Wilfred & Erma Martens James W Martin High School Loyal & Rosella Martin Joe Massey Angela Massions Virginia Mauck Jonathan & Dana Maxfield Alfonzo & Sheila Maxwell Cecil Mayes Loring & Lucy McAllister Todd McAtee & Heidi Braun Timothy McBratney Byron & Wendy McCarty Jerry & Kathleen McCarty Willard McClure Jean McCool Rachel McCormick Scholarship Fund McFadden Charitable Trust LaVonne McGee Lynn McGrath F B McGregor Jr. James & Evelyn McIver Tim & Cindy McKillip


Bonnie McKinzie Pat & Jane McLaughlin Christopher McMahon & Debra Faszer-McMahon Marilyn McMahon Michelle McMahon Lloyd McMann Michael McNatt T L McNett Adam McPeck Scott & Colleen McPeck Randy McQueen Lee McSparran Susan McToer Lynda Meckley Walter Meisel Memorial Road MB Church Dennis & Thelma Mendel Dennis & Thelma Mendel Family Trust Kent & Teresa Mendel Lynn Mendel Mennonite Brethren Foundation Mennonite Economic Development Associates Lawrence & Joyce Metelski Amber Metzger MHS Alumni Scholarship Fund The Micah Project Richard Middleton Mid-Kansas Coop Association Midway Motors Astra Miller Deborah Miller Douglas Miller & Holly Swartzendruber Jim & Bonnie Miller Panda Miller Roland & Ruth Miller Steven Miller Angela Millner Sally Mimms Minneapolis High School Barrie Minnitte Mitchell K Haney & Associates Modern Woodmen of America Marcella Mohn Cathie Money Brenda Monroe Anthony & Amber Monson Gene Moore James & Donna Moore Judith Moore Marci Moore Pat Moore Roy L Moore & Aleata M Moore Scholarship Fund Daniel & Katrina Moran Donicia Moreno Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Denise Morganthaler Moridge Manufacturing Inc. Erin Morris Robert Morris Dan & June Mount



Mount Hope Dental Clinic Darrell & Jocelyn Mounts Charlie & Gwen Moyer John & Cheri Mullen Lee Munsil Len & Tracy Munsil Ronald & Constance Murray My Company Inc. Glenn & Susan Myers Grant & Cari Myers NABI Foundation Jon & Janet Nachtigal Yvonne & Jacob Nachtigal Andrew Nachtigall Dean & Carol Nachtigall Ed & Bonnie Nachtigall Harold & Eunice Nachtigall Mark & Kathryn Nachtigall Loyd Nail National Christian Foundation National FFA Foundation The Navajo Nation Neighborhood MB Church Chandry Nelson Ryan & Carmen Nelson Jeffrey Nemit David Netherton Network for Good Brenda Neufeld Byron & Lucille Neufeld Douglas & Christina Neufeld Douglas & Pamela Neufeld Gaylen & Loretta Neufeld James & Gail Neufeld Mary Neufeld Nancy Neufeld Neufeld Scholarship Fund Phillip & Joyce Neufeld Roger & Carolyn Neufeld Patti Neumann New Century Credit Union New Hopedale Mennonite Church New Life Church Kim Newby Waller Newby Newton Babe Ruth League Kent Nichols Curtis Nickel David & Mary Nickel Floyd & Jo Nickel Laura Nickel Phyllis Nickel Ted & Rosalie Nickel Merle Nickell Randy & Amy Nightengale Daryl & Judy Nikkel David Nikkel Jeff & Lianne Nikkel John & Carole Nikkel Larry & Elaine Nikkel Morton & Doris Nikkel The Malinda Nikkel Revocable Trust NIMA Corporation Thomas Noone


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N


Larry & Jeannie Nordstedt North Oak Community Church Northside Baptist Church Julie Norwillo Alven Nunley David Nygaard The Oasis Ranch & Retreat Center Stephen Obad Terry & Cathy Oberg Laura Oberholzer Nila Odom Oklahoma Gas & Electric Foundation Oklahoma Texas Panhandle Chapter IADC Joyce O’Leary R M Oliver Ben Ollenburger & Janice Wiebe Ollenburger Jaryl Ollenburger LaVina Ollenburger Harold Olsen Jeremy & Nicole Olsen Ralph Olsen Evadne Olson Jeff & Rebecca Olson Kimberly Olson Kerry O’Neal Samuel & Amy Ongstad Pablo Orengo Eldon & Margene Ortman Glenys Ortman Vernon & Darleen Ortman Scott & Sheila Osborne Gary & Robin Ottoson Our Lady of Grace Church Justin & Rebecca Overmiller Gregg & Carol Owens Chimoa & Azuwuike Owunwanne Pabs of Cokato Inc. Eugene Pageler Lawrence & Susan Paine Palmer Lumber & Hardware Inc. Sue Pammenter Ronald Panizzi Allen Pankratz Franklin Pankratz Gene & Miriam Pankratz Herbert & Trudy Pankratz James Pankratz Keith & Jan Pankratz Lee & Kelley Pankratz Lilly Pankratz Richard Pankratz Roger & Donna Pankratz Helen Panttaja Panzer Chiropractic Clinic, PA Parkview MB Church Pathway Church Patriot Pawn James & Lorene Pauls Mark & Miriam Pauls Melvin Pauls Vernon & Bertha Pauls Candace Paulson Thomas Paulson

Ruth Pautz Hulda Pearce Mark & Laura Pearce Sandra Pedigo Arlen & Brenda Penner Arlin & Lois Penner Benjamin Penner & Anna Versluis Clarence & Ann Penner Craig & Sylvia Penner Dennis & Marilyn Penner Donald & Carolyn Penner Herbert & Verna Penner Herbert Penner Ivan & Karen Penner Jay Penner Jerry & Betty Penner Kathryn Penner Ken & Jackie Penner Lawrence & Karen Penner Marcus Penner Paul & Deborah Penner Paul & Rose Penner Penner Manufacturing Inc. Reno & Edith Penner Willy & Geraldine Penner James & Dianna Penrose Pericata Petroleum Perkins County School Foundation Alan & Imogene Peters Donald Peterson Richard & Phyllis Peterson Brenda Pfeifer Elizabeth Pfeifer S L Piercy Marlene Pietrocola Mary Lou Pina Albert Pinter Pioneer College Caterers Pittsburg Ford Inc. Esther Plenert David & Elvira Plett Jerry & Rowena Plett Norine Plett Philip & Sharon Plett Robert & Eileen Plett Penny Plunk Michael & Suzanne Polk Adam Ponikvar John Popp Luella Popp Monica Poppe Porter Chiropractic Clinic PA Robert Powell Pratt Friends Church Pratt Internal Medicine Group PA Ron Prescott Robert & Rhonda Prieb Jon & Juana Pritchard Pro Signature America Inc. Proctor Farms Prudent Tours Irma Quade Quinter USD 293 Alden & LaVerna Quiring Craig & Christine Quiring

Dorothea Quiring John & Helen Quiring L & L Quiring Farms Inc. Lonnie & Lisa Quiring Marvin Quiring Richard & Tillie Quiring Dennis & Verna Rademacher Ruth Ramey Steven Rasmussen Aleen Ratzlaff Barney & Saloma Ratzlaff Craig & Tammy Ratzlaff Don & Gayla Ratzlaff Donald & Shirley Ratzlaff Douglas & Amy Ratzlaff Kermit & Ruth Ratzlaff Lowell Ratzlaff Marvin & Marilyn Ratzlaff Micah & Amanda Ratzlaff Ratzlaff Orthodontics Sherwin & Carol Ratzlaff Stuart & Beth Ratzlaff Barry & Diana Raugust Monroe & Alvina Raugust Raymond James Charitable Endowment RCF Leasing LLC Redbud Realty Center LLC Keith & Patricia Redding Don & Linda Reed Shawn & Miranda Reed Reedley MB Church Wayne & Colleen Regehr Arlen & Clara Regier Arnold & Edith Regier Trust Betty Regier Charles & Carol Regier Dale & Teresa Regier Gary & Kathryn Regier Jack & Evelyn Regier Leo & Ann Regier Marilyn & Leon Regier Michael & Paula Regier Paul & Carol Regier Ronald & Cora Regier Regions Institutional Services Laverna Reid Tracy Reid Deloris Reimche Dan & Gloria Reimer Delmer & Geraldine Reimer George & Lois Reimer Helen & Arnold Reimer Lyle & Kathleen Reimer Marvin & Fern Reimer Pete and Agatha Reimer Memorial Endowment Roland & Lois Reimer Timothy & Anita Reimer Troy & Emily Reimer Jeffrey & Lanice Reiswig Leslie & Janie Rempel Marvin & Grace Rempel Nick & Marlene Rempel Ralph Rempel

R O L L Ronald & Diane Rempel Theodore & Doris Rempel Danny & Terri Renfro Juan Renteria Stan Renzelman Loren & Peggy Reusser Virgil Rexwinkle Salvador Reyes Amy Rice Rice Co. Community Foundation Lonn & Beverly Richards Robert Richardson Allan & Lillian Richert Herbert & LaVerne Richert Jeffrey & Heidi Richert Joel & Ruth Richert Sheryl Richert Beth Riffel Dean Riley Marvin & Vivian Rink Doug Rippel River Hills Seed Inc. Joseph Rivera Riverlawn Christian Church RKL Solo Inc. Carolyn Roberts Clinton Robinson Ken Rodgers Brian & Linda Roesch Teera Rogers Rebecca Rooker Robert Ross Sam Rothe Glenn & Susan Rowan Jill Rowland Timothy Rozzell John Ruder Ruiz 4 Kids Thomas Runge Esther & Bob Rupp Russ Chops LLC Roger Russell James & Jean Rust Jeffrey Rust Paul & Brenda Rust Orville Rutschman & Naomi Unruh Rutschman Judith Rutz David Saenz Salem MB Church Salem Mennonite Church Salina Rotary Club Saline County 4-H Development Fund Saline County Fair Association Inc. Sam Ellis Classic Tourney Samson Ronald Samuelson Oleita Sanderson Stanley & Karen Saner Sarver Charitable Trust David & Tamera Sauer Leroy Sauer Gerald & Wilma Sawatzky Caunita Schaede


Gloria Schafer Estil & Irene Schale Marvin & Andrea Schellenberg Randy & Sheila Schenk David & Judith Schmatjen Alma Schmidt Dwayne & DeAnne Schmidt Elmer & Moira Schmidt Elvera Schmidt Esther Schmidt Garvie & Diane Schmidt Harry Schmidt Helen Schmidt Ivan & Kathy Schmidt Jay & Carolyn Schmidt Kermit Schmidt Leland & Joanne Schmidt Randolph & Meribeth Schmidt Robert & Mary Schmidt Vernon & Ruby Schmidt Bryan Schmitz Dave Schrag Paul & Andrea Schrag Steve & Lori Schrag Victor Schrag C S Schretenthaler Joseph Schretenthaler Arlyss & Letha Schroeder Dale & Phyllis Schroeder David & Nevonna Schroeder Gary & Karen Schroeder Harold & Phyllis Schroeder Herbert & Pauline Schroeder Irvin & Esther Schroeder Jay Schroeder Mark & Michelle Schroeder Matt & Sharon Schroeder Nathan & Bonnie Schroeder Richard Schroeder Vincent & Vickie Schroeder Delmer & Allene Schultz Paul & Audrey Schultz John & Catherine Sciacca Gwen Scott Ken & Debbie Seeger Lawrence Seeger Clinton & Evelyn Seibel Ervin & Marilyn Seibel Harlan & Marlene Seibel Robert & Betty Seibel Ronald & Katherine Seibel Ted & Valerie Seibel Tim & Ruth Seibel Nina Seibert Seneca High School Alumni Association Harold Shamp Lucille Shearer Cynthia Sherlock Andy & Kerry Shewey Marcia Shewey Stanley & Rebecca Shewey J Shirack Paul Shires & Julie Janzen Shires Dennis Shreves



Joe & Carolyn Shugart Steven Siavelis Emily Sichley Abe Siemens Floyd & Marie Siemens Harry & Nancy Siemens Siemens Family Trust Richard & Marcia Sigley Silver Dollar Pancake HSE, Inc. Silver Lake Community Scholar Silver Lake Public School Silver Shears Naowna Simon Teena Simon Dennis & Juanita Simonich Roger & Stephanie Sinclair Todd Singerman Alisha Sipe Gertrude Sites Christopher Skiff George & Helen Skvor Steve & Lindsay Small SMART Scholarship Funding Corp. Carol Smith Cleta Smith Darrell & Sylvia Smith Hilda Smith Scholarship Trust Lorene Smith Melanie Smith Melinda Smith Rachel Smith William Smith Larry & Jeanne Sneed Siegfried & Lois Snyder South Hutchinson Mennonite Church Soaring Eagle Designs Sonshine Specialized Camping Ministries Inc. Joel & Lori SooHoo Southern District Conference of MB Churches SouthGate Church Mary Soya Mark Spangler George Sparks Lori Spear Yoko Spears Brent & Sherry Spencer Daniel & Elizabeth Spencer Vicky Sprengeler Sidney & Carol Sprunger Spur Ridge Vet Hospital Sandra Spurrell Rose Spurrier Scholarship Fund Craig & Colleen Squires Cory Squyres Bruce Srna St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church St. Stephen’s of Kansas Charitable Trust Stafford County Farm Bureau Association Stafford Educational Foundation


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N


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T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

Junior Wins Regional Theater Competition Tabor College junior Cheyenne Derksen won the National Critics Institute Region 5 competition as part of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival held Jan. 20-24 in Lincoln, Neb. More than 1,500 students and faculty from 81 colleges and universities participated in this year’s Region 5 festival. Many of the students competed in various aspects of theater production­—including playwriting, acting, criticism, directing, design and tech. The 20-year-old from Goddard, Kan., competed against seven other students from the region— Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota­—each of whom was admitted into the Critics Institute. The intense four-day Cheyenne Derksen’s achievements continue to competition mixed eleexpand. She was among 200 students, from across ments of theater and the nation, awarded the honor of presenting critical writing. Each day, all or creative writing at the National Undergraduate eight students watched Literature Conference April 3-5 in Ogden, Utah. The a production and then event, hosted by Weber State University, is the largest wrote reviews for critique of its kind. by peers and professionals. Articles consisted of 8001,000 words and were submitted on a blog, then read aloud for the other competitors. Derksen said she felt very “vulnerable” to have to read her work in front of the others. Though familiar with theater from her role as president of her high school thespian club and ongoing involvement in Tabor’s theater program, Derksen didn’t even know about the KCACTF competition


until Laurel Koerner, Tabor’s director of theater, suggested she submit an entry. “We’d had a conversation in early November about her career goals, and the Institute came to mind,” said Koerner. “I asked later that day if it interested her, and soon we were talking logistics and submitting her application essay.” Derksen said she was anxious about submitting her work. “Initially I was terrified, because I had no idea what they wanted from me. All they said was to send in a review.” In early December, Derksen’s test article was submitted for preliminary review; by the time the semester concluded, she’d already received an email confirming she was one of only eight students selected for the Region 5 competition. “At the actual conference, I was oddly calm—I wasn’t afraid at all,” she said. “I was just really glad to be in this vibrant community of people who are all enthusiastic about the same thing.” Before the winner could be announced at the awards ceremony, Derksen was already on the road back to Hillsboro. “Since we live four hours away, we were already in the car and I checked Facebook on my phone at a gas station in Nebraska and saw that one person from high school had Facebooked me and said ‘Hey, I think you won something’ (and) I texted back, WHAT DID I WIN?” It was then she realized she had won the competition and the celebration in the car was “totally anticlimactic,” Derksen said. Koerner added, “Next time we’ll stick around for the closing ceremonies.” Derksen received an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., to compete at the Kennedy Center National Festival during the week of April 14 against seven regional winners from all over the United States. “Winning that award justifies Tabor’s need for a fine arts building,” Derksen said, “because it would grant the students much more access to the fine arts that are key for an applicable education in today’s world.”

Why Tabor Needs a Center for the Arts Robert Howell – senior “I will be an alumnus when this building is raised, so I won’t be able to perform there. However, I will be able to come back and see the arts of all kinds being performed at a higher level, thanks to the new facility. Not to mention the number of prospective students who will be swayed by the facility and Tabor College’s demonstration of its desire to help the arts.”

Andrea Acker – junior “The number of students involved in fine arts at Tabor College has increased even since I was a freshman in 2011. After I graduate, I look forward to rejoining the Concert Choir as an alumna for Handel’s “Messiah.” To ensure the fine arts programs continue to grow and gain support, there needs to be a facility that accommodates students. Right now graphic design showcases are held in the second floor of the library. The only space the Concert Choir or Concerto Bella Voce can perform on campus is in the rehearsal hall. Theater productions are performed on a temporary stage that is built and then torn down year after year, or in a small space with pillars that limit seating and viewing. Fine arts are meant to be appreciated. This facility will finally allow for audiences to better experience the arts Tabor offers.” Robert Howell

Andrea Acker

Cynthia Fleming – President of Hillsboro State Bank “Having the Center for the Arts will provide a venue that can host big name performers, which will bring people from other communities to Hillsboro and have a positive impact on our city. This facility will allow for local music and theater performances to entertain a larger audience than any other venue currently available. The state of the art facility shows the progressiveness of Hillsboro, making it attractive for people of all ages to want to settle in Hillsboro.”

Cynthia Fleming

David Baker – Baker Bros. Printing

“Tabor continues to be a progressive presence in Hillsboro. The new Center for the Arts will be a huge step forward in terms of community, campus and academic appeal. Tabor is one of Hillsboro’s greatest assets and anything that facilitates growth for Tabor also helps to grow Hillsboro.”

David Baker

Shin-hee Chin – Associate Professor of Visual Art “I believe that the proposed Center for the Arts has great potential as an art gallery, student lounge and/or cultural center. It will surely be a central hub of artistic and cultural activities of Tabor College. I expect that the new building will alleviate the current shortage of classrooms and exhibit space for the art program. I hope it would also contribute to bringing more arts aspirants to our college, who might be impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities at Tabor College.” Shin-hee Chin

Derek Hamm – Assistant Professor of Graphic Design “In design, we talk a lot about form and content — how to arrange and display information in a way that honors and amplifies what it is trying to say. Great content has always been created at Tabor College in a variety of borrowed spaces, but the form of a building won't merely be decorative. It will provide a space that gives an identity to the arts, allows for disciplines to cross and collaborate, and act as an invitation to the broader campus and community.”

Derek Hamm


Alumni News Marriages Matthew Hamilton and Michelle Schmidt (g’01), Corn, Okla., Sept. 28, 2013

Marc and Laura (Ediger g’07) Stirton, Tucson, Ariz., a boy, Luke Thomas, Oct. 23, 2013

Paul Schrag and Andrea Pankratz (g’13), Buhler, Kan., Sept. 14, 2013

Jonathan (g’09) and Cynthia (Harden g’02) Denning, Orford, N.H., a girl, Ada Ruth, Sept. 27, 2013

David Toevs (g’12) and Jessica Dixon (g’12), Wichita, Kan., Sept. 6, 2013 Cody Schroeder (g’13) and Jenesa Klose (g’12), Hillsboro, Kan., May 4, 2013


Troy Frick (g’12) and Amanda Oliver, Wichita, Kan., June 22, 2013

Herbert Pankratz (g’67), Abilene, Kan., March 10, 2014


Rubena (Wiens g’46) Wiebe, Hillsboro, Kan., Feb. 13, 2014

David and Kathleen (Stagg g’04) Forbes, Katy, Texas, a boy, Liam Christopher, Jan. 17, 2014

Evelyn (Loewens fs’45) Stoesz, Mountain Lake, Minn., Jan. 19, 2014

Dr. Christopher (g’93) and Christine (Crouse g’95) Dick, Newton, Kan., a boy, Johann Felix, Jan. 17, 2014

Esther (Mendel) Kleinsasser (fst’87), Hillsboro, Kan., Dec. 1, 2013


Ada Denning


Scott Haas and Tara Wieland (g’11), Colby, Kan., a boy, Grant Ian, April 5, 2011


Liam Forbes

Helen (Rempel) Toews, Hillsboro, Kan., Oct.26, 2013


Grant Wieland


T A B O R . E D U / S I G N A T U R E - C A M P A I G N

Alumni News – 1980s


Dr. Wiliam Brenneman (g’87), Principal Statistician at Procter & Gamble Co., was selected as Fellow of the American Statistical Association and as a Fellow in the Association for Quality. For his outstanding leadership in transforming the use of statistics in a corporate environment, for successfully forging productive collaborations between the corporate and academic spheres, for teaching and mentoring in multiple realms, and for valued service to the profession.

Tyson Beshore (g’97), recently accepted a position for the 2014-2015 school year as Superintendent for the Nevada R-V School District in Nevada, Mo.

2000s Nathan Panttaja (g’13), was accepted to The University of Houston’s School of Optometry for the Fall of 2014.

Dr. Brian Wiens (g’87), has been selected as Fellow of the American Statistical Association. The selection as Fellow is based on several criteria: quality of professional work, research publications and contributions to the society.

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Tabor College Basketball Teams make history at KCAC Tournament

Going into the KCAC Championship games, both the Tabor College Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams were not favored to win. Both, however, pulled off two unforgettable upsets on March 3 at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kan. The two wins for Tabor

capped off a history-making day for the Bluejays, as the women’s and men’s teams defeated higher seeded teams to qualify for the NAIA National Tournaments, making it the first time both teams won the KCAC tournament in the same year.

Women – Tabor College 85, Southwestern College 51 From the moment they tipped off, the Lady Jays controlled the tempo of the game against the Moundbuilders. The dominating 85-51 victory was fueled by senior guard Nikki Lewis, who led all scorers with 20 points. Fellow senior Janelle Rust contributed 13 points and pulled down six rebounds. Tabor junior guard Tonisha Dean finished with 16 points.

After the game, Tabor head coach Shawn Reed praised his team for coming out of the locker room ready to play. “We just came out and played really well from the start and that’s pretty rare to be able to do that,” Reed said. “To do it in this setting and this stage is just awesome, I’m just really proud of our team.” Reed said the difference in this game was the Lady Jays beating Friends University in the KCAC semifinals 56-53. “I just think we came out and played with confidence,” Reed said. “I really think that game, that win at Friends was huge, it just gave us a lot of confidence.”

Men – Tabor College 97, Sterling 90 (OT)


The Tabor College Men’s Basketball team completed a Cinderella run through the KCAC Men’s Tournament, as the fifth-seeded Bluejays defeated the second-seeded Sterling College Warriors 97-90 in overtime. Tabor had dropped the previous two meetings this year against the Warriors, but would not be denied after winning the first two rounds of tournament on the road. Freshman Lance Carter led Tabor’s sensational night. Carter played 43 of the 45 minutes, and finished with 42 points, 18 rebounds, and four assists. The Warriors did not have an answer for Carter all night. He finished 12-17 from the floor, including 4-6 from behind the arc and 14 of 16 from the free throw line. “It feels amazing,” said Carter. “We put in a lot of hard work and we had a lot of ups and downs this year,

but we pulled out the big one for the seniors. I got hot early and D.J. (Dewayne Biggs) found me and from there it was wide open. Junior guard Dewayne Biggs added 16 points and eight assists while junior forward Andrew Thomas added 15 points. “The atmosphere was great,” said Micah Ratzlaff, Tabor head coach. “Our guys really fed off the energy from our students.” The Bluejays dominated the extra period, scoring the first five points. The shell-shocked Warriors did not score until hitting a couple of free throws with under a minute to play. Tabor hit free throws to secure the 97-90 victory in overtime. “It was a special night and I am proud of the way our guys hung in there for the majority of the game,” Ratzlaff said. “We had a hard time with Sterling early, but the guys kept fighting and came through with some big plays down the stretch.”

NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship Tournament The Tabor College Men’s Basketball team went ice cold when it mattered the most, at the end of regulation against Indiana University Southeast in the first round of the NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship Tournament on March 13 in Pointe Lookout, Mo. With 1:48 to go in regulation, Tabor senior Tory Dudgeon got fouled by Southeast junior Aishon White. Dudgeon missed the first free throw, but made the second, giving Tabor a 75-70 advantage. This would be the final point of the entire season for Tabor. Southeast would take a 77-75 advantage into the final seconds of the game, but Tabor would get the final possession and a chance to win or tie the game. Tabor head coach Micah Ratzlaff had a play drawn up, but it literally fell apart before it ever developed. With seconds ticking away, Tabor junior Dewayne Biggs drove into the paint and forced up a heavily contested shot, which did not fall. Fellow junior D’Marco Smith grabbed the offensive rebound and threw up one more attempt at the buzzer, but missed.

Smith fell on his back and covered his face, not able to believe that the game had slipped away and the season was abruptly over. “We’ve had these games for the last month,” Ratzlaff said. “It feels like, we’ve come out on top. I wouldn’t say we ran out of gas, we just didn’t get it done, didn’t execute.” Biggs finished the game with only six points on 2-of-11 shooting from the field. He also turned the ball over five times. Tabor freshman Lance Carter led the Bluejays with 19 points and nine rebounds. After the loss, Ratzlaff still praised his team for the way they handled the entire season. “I’d lose with this team before I’d win with another,” Ratzlaff said. “I really love this team. We’ve been through a lot this year. We’ve lost one player the entire season. This group has stuck together and we got better and made a run to get here.” Tabor finished the season at 20-13 overall.

Andrew Thomas, junior Photo courtesy Janae Rempel/Hillsboro Free Press

NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball National Championship Tournament In the first round of the NAIA Division II Women’s National Basketball Tournament, the Tabor College Women’s Basketball team suffered a heartbreaking 63-62 loss to Northwestern College on March 13 in Sioux City, Iowa. With 3.1 seconds to go in the game, Red Raiders junior Paige O’Neal inbounded the ball to junior Karen Hutson, who hit a layup over Tabor senior Janelle Rust, who fouled Hutson on the shot, tying the game at 62-62. Hutson went to the line with 1.9 seconds remaining and knocked down a clutch free throw to give the Red Raiders the lead for good, 63-62. Hutson ended the game with 13 points. “It was extremely disappointing considering Kaleigh Troxell, freshman

I thought we outplayed them,” said Shawn Reed, Tabor College women’s head coach. It was a close game the entire afternoon with 12 lead changes and six ties. Tabor led by as many as five points in the first half, Northwestern led by as many as seven in the second. Tabor sophomore Mallory Zuercher was the only other Tabor player in double figures with 11. Rust finished with eight, as did sophmore Kayla Wilgers and freshmen Tena Loewen and Kaleigh Troxell. Senior Nikki Lewis ended the game with only five. “No one in that gym thought we could beat Northwestern, a team that’s won five national tournaments,” Reed said. “An eightseed has never beaten a one-seed and we almost made history. We really felt like if we could win that first game that we had a chance to really do something special.” The Lady Jays finished the season at 21-11 overall. “I’m really proud of the way we came together at the end of the season,” he said. “I felt like we played as good as any team in the country the last two weeks of our season.”

Senior guard Nikki Lewis was named KCAC Player of the Year and an NAIA Third Team All-American.


Tony Morris Named KCAC Cheer Coach of the Year

Photo courtesy Tony Morris

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Head Cheer Coach Tony Morris was named Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference Cheer Coach of the year at the KCAC Cheer and Dance Competition hosted by Kansas Wesleyan University March 8 in Salina, Kan. The coach of the year award is chosen based on the nominations of other head cheer coaches in the conference. This recognition came as a shock to Morris. “I truly did not think I would be awarded this honor,” Morris said. “I honestly thought a coach with a larger team would have received this. We are the only cheer program who traveled to every KCAC school game during the football and basketball season. I am grateful and hope that our efforts and growth will be an encouragement to the sport.” During this event, Morris coached the 10-member cheer team to receive first place in group stunt routine and fourth place in overall team performance. “I have an exceptional team,” Morris said. “They hit everything clean in their performance. No falls, no drops. From a coach’s perspective, I couldn’t have asked them to do a better performance than what they gave, I am so proud of them.”

Track & Field


Garrett Daugherty, junior, was named an AllAmerican in the 1000m at the NAIA Indoor National Championships in Geneva, Ohio, March 6-8. The men’s 4x800m relay team comprised of Phillip Magos, senior; Bret Mueller, sophomore; Joel Allen, junior; and Garrett Daugherty, junior; plus Josh Richert, freshman alternate, also qualified and competed at the same meet. Alex Grier, senior, qualified and competed in the 200m. Brielle Lund, senior, broke her own school record in the first outdoor meet of the year in the 5k on March 13.

This year, the Tabor College men’s and women’s tennis teams are conducting a serve-a-thon fundraiser. Fundraising pays for the purchase of extra team equipment as well as our expenses to play in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association qualifying tournament (individual winners in singles and doubles advance to the national tournament), plus our spring break trip to New Mexico and Arizona. If you want more information about Tabor Tennis, contact Head Coach John Ruder at

Baseball The Tabor College baseball team started the season on a perfect seven game winning streak and went on to win 32 of its first 39 games. The Bluejays posted several wins over ranked teams early on in the season; Tabor won two games vs. St. Edwards University (NCAA Div. II - Preseason No. 3), won two games and lost two games vs. Oklahoma City University (NAIA Preseason No. 5), won three games and lost one vs. York College (NAIA - Preseason No. 6). The Bluejays are currently ranked in the NAIA top 25 poll.

NAIA National Baseball Players-of-the-Week For the first time in the school’s history, Tabor College swept the national baseball player-of-the-week honors. Tabor College outfielder Kirk Rocha, from Modesto, Calif., was named the NAIA Baseball National Player of the Week and teammate Jacob Webb, a sophomore from Riverside, Calif., was selected as the National Pitcher of the Week. Rocha and Webb were chosen based on their performances from March 17-23 and were selected out of a pool of conference, independent and unaffiliated group winners. The duo is the first set of teammates to sweep the award since Andy Kovarik and Brad Myjak of Saint Xavier (Ill.) in 2012.

Kirk Rocha, outfielder Jacob Webb, pitcher

Softball The Tabor College softball team started the season off on a hot streak, winning eight out of its first nine games. The team also traveled to Arizona during spring break to compete in the Tucson Invitational. The Bluejays will wrap up their season at home on April 25 with a doubleheader against Haskell Indian Nations University starting at 5 p.m.


New Coaches Coming to Tabor College Eric Schwab leaves California to become the Men’s & Women’s Cross Country Coach & Assistant Track Coach Eric Schwab comes to Tabor College after spending the past 20 years at Fresno (Calif.) Pacific University, working as the head cross country and track and field coach. Schwab is a native of Nowata, Okla., and graduated from Austin College, in Sherman, Texas, in 1989 with a bachelor of arts degree in business administration and physical education. While at Austin College, Schwab competed three seasons on the Kangaroo track team and one season on the swim team. Schwab finished 12th in the marathon at the 1989 NAIA National Track and Field Championship. In 1991, Schwab earned his master of science degree in physical education from Azusa (Calif.) Pacific University. At Azusa, he served two seasons

as the women’s head cross country coach and four years as an assistant track and field coach. Schwab also has a strong faith in God and that is why Tabor College is a great career move for him spiritually. “I believe the Lord is leading me to Tabor College,” Schwab said. “I have had an excellent 20-year career at Fresno Pacific University, but I am ready for a change and a new challenge. “I believe the Lord is opening a new chapter in my life, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me and the young people who I will be working with. I grew up in a town of approximately 3,000 people in northeastern Oklahoma and Hillsboro reminds me of my hometown. I feel at home in the Midwest and I am looking forward to living in a rural area where life is a little different than in a large city.”

Nathan Duell Named First Swimming & Diving Coach at Tabor College A new chapter in Tabor College athletics began when the Bluejays hired Nathan Duell on Nov. 1 as the first ever head men’s and women’s swimming coach. Duell brings to Tabor a level of experience and knowledge in swimming that will not only kickstart the Tabor swim program, but also create an opportunity for high school swimmers to continue their competitive careers at Tabor College. This new direction will turn Tabor College into the only college in the state of Kansas to offer both men’s and women’s swimming as part of its collegiate athletic programs. “I am thoroughly excited and honored to be starting a swim program at Tabor College,” Duell said. “To be able to establish a standard


of excellence for future teams is a great challenge and one I am looking forward to. “In an era that has seen swimming programs fall by the wayside in the interests of supporting other sports programs, I applaud the administration at Tabor for recognizing the power of swimming and for opening the doors for so many new students to enjoy the Tabor experience,” Duell added. Duell was a member of the Wheaton College swim team where he was named a four-time College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin event champion, and a two-time All-State selection for small school colleges in the state of Illinois. His efforts were also recognized nationally as he was named a two-time NCAA Division III All-American. After an impressive collegiate career, Duell served as head coach of the Concordia Swim Club in Elkhart, Ind., where his teams were regulars in the top 25 at State Championships. While serving as the head coach from 2000-2004, his team maintained a roster size of 100-plus athletes.

Ian Thomson Hired as Women’s Soccer Coach Ian Thomson, a former Tabor College soccer player himself, returns to his alma mater after spending the past four years as the head women’s soccer coach of Independence Community College in Independence, Kan. Prior to his time at Independence, Thomson spent four years as an assistant soccer coach for Pittsburg (Kan.) High School. His coaching experience in soccer covers eight years at the youth level, four years at the high school level and four years at the collegiate level. He has coached both men and women. Thomson graduated from Tabor College in 2006 with a bachelor of arts in graphic design, while also holding an associate of arts degree from Neosho Community College in 2004. While at Neosho County and Tabor, Thomson was a member of the men’s soccer teams as a goalkeeper. At Neosho, he was named a team captain, as well as a member of the All-Kansas Academic Team. Thomson was also named the First Academic All-American Soccer player in the school’s history. After transferring to Tabor, Thomson served as a team captain, while earning All-Conference honors for his play in goal. A two-time All-Academic selection, Thomson was also named his team’s most inspirational and most improved player. After his collegiate career ended, Thomson spent three months in Romania and Belgium playing at the U.S. Soccer Academy.

Tabor College Spring Showcase April 26, 2014 Come join the Tabor College Bluejays for a day of fun in the sun, featuring several of our sports teams!

Admission is free for everyone, so bring your family and plan to spend the day with us at Tabor College! For more information, visit

Schedule of Events 10:30 a.m. – Football Scrimmage at Joel H. Wiens Stadium 12:00–1:00 p.m. – Lunch will be served on the lawn south of the sand volleyball court (cost is $5.00 per person, free for students on the Tabor College meal plan) – bring your own lawn chairs/blankets 12:00–1:30 p.m. – Sand Volleyball Tournament – Volleyball team & alumni at the sand court by men’s quad 1:00 p.m. – Baseball vs. McPherson at the Bluejay Baseball Field (KCAC game) 1:30 p.m. – Women’s Soccer Alumni Scrimmage at Joel H. Wiens Stadium Half-time of Women’s Soccer Game—Performance by Junior Jays Cheerleading Squad 3:30 p.m. – Men’s Soccer Alumni Scrimmage at Joel H. Wiens Stadium


Tabor College in Wichita Launches Entrepreneurial Ministry Leadership Master of Arts Degree Program Tabor College in Wichita is proud to announce the launch of their new Master of Arts in Entrepreneurial Ministry Leadership (EML) degree. The new program was approved as accredited on February 25 by the Higher Learning Commission. The program is enrolling now. Beginning this fall, classes will be held in a one-course-at-a-time cohort format. This 39 credit hour program will be offered in an innovative hybrid/online format with a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and students with a secure and integrated education system. People interested in this program would include: pastors, missionaries, church-planters, visionaries, youth pastors, entrepreneurs and staff members who are preparing for new and richer areas of service. It also will serve those people who have a passion for ministry and want to be trained for the church of tomorrow. The EML degree can be completed by most students in 21 months. Dr. Rick Bartlett, director of theological education at Tabor College in Wichita says, “This program will combine ministry passion with practical training to help graduates minister in their local community. “It will equip them to move a project from idea to implementation to evaluation. Students will be prepared to think creatively, read and navigate the future, and evaluate their own culture by experiencing a crosscultural environment.


This master of arts degree is definitely outside the status-quo for theological programs.” The philosophy of the program is to embed theological reflection and thinking into every course. Tabor College in Wichita chose to offer this type of degree for a very specific reason. “In response to community input, we are delighted to be approved to offer this new masters degree,” said Dr. Brett Andrews, executive vice president of Tabor College in Wichita. “It is designed to equip students with critical skills in both organizational effectiveness and practical ministry. This will become the degree of choice for students seeking a globally relevant ministry experience.” Dr. Bartlett says that this degree will help people want to go out and make a difference locally and internationally. “Every time we turn on the news, we recognize the needs of so many people going unmet on a daily basis. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by seeing these images all the time and it’s easy to get paralyzed and do nothing, even though we want to respond,” said Bartlett. “The EML degree will equip Christian leaders with both the eyes to see, plus the skills and knowledge to respond to global and local needs.” Prospective students wanting more information about the EML degree should visit our website at or email Dr. Rick Bartlett at or call (800) 546-8616.

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Upcoming Events Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies Annual Spring Dinner Meeting Saturday, May 3rd at 6:30 p.m. in the Wohlgemuth Music Education Center lobby. The event costs $15 per person. Preceding the dinner program will be a local Mennonite history tour from 12:15 - 5:15 p.m. For reservations, contact Peggy Goertzen, at (620) 947-3121 Ext. 1211 or

Commencement Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Joel H. Wiens Stadium Speaker will be Dr. Jarrod Goentzel, Tabor College alum (g’90) & professor at MIT.

Holy Land Trip January 2-23 2015 Visit many Biblical sites including: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Jericho, Dead Sea and Dead Sea Scrolls, Mt. Nebo, Petra Cost is approx. $4,500 per person. Space is limited. A $500 deposit (mostly refundable) will reserve your slot on the trip.

For information contact: Dr. Douglas Miller (620) 947-2439

Sunday, May 4 4:00 p.m. Symphonic Band & Chamber Strings – Home Concert Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church located at 300 Prairie Pointe, Hillsboro, Kan. Sunday, May 11 5:00 p.m. Athletic Banquet & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Reception at Java Jays at 4:00 p.m. & Banquet at Tabor College Gymnasium Sunday, May 11 7:00 p.m. Spring Oratorio Concert John Rutter’s Requiem Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church Friday, May 16 6:30 p.m. President’s Party, a celebrationdinnerforgraduates & their families Tabor College Park

For a full list of events go to


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Tabor College Connection Spring 2014  

Tabor College Connection Spring 2014

Tabor College Connection Spring 2014  

Tabor College Connection Spring 2014