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From the President

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With a strong Kansas wind blowing on May 19, 127 people walked across the stage and received their Tabor College diplomas. There were smiles on their faces, a bounce in their step, and for some, tears in their eyes. Graduation day was something they had wished for, waited upon and worked towards. The band played Pomp and Circumstance as we walked into the stadium. Awards were given. Songs were sung. An inspiring speech was made. Honor cords were draped around the necks. And as personal gifts, most graduates gave me a jelly bean as they received their diploma. Cameras flashed. Cheers were heard. Hugs were in abundance. Another year of fulfilling the mission of preparing people for a life of learning, work, and service for Christ and His kingdom had been accomplished. All who were in the stadium served as witnesses to the grand event: Graduation Day 2012 at Tabor College. BUT, something else was happening that day and it was seen by only a few: the wind of the Spirit had blown through the hearts of the graduates. For the past years, some two, some three, some four, and yes some even five or six years, the Holy Spirit with the participation of faculty and staff had formed the identities of these graduates. Ideas were professed. Habits of the mind were instilled. Attitudes were shaped. Values were embedded. Direction was provided. Skills were taught. To state it bluntly, transformation happened. This is the legacy of Tabor College. Students come from many geographical regions,

walks of life, cultures and sub-cultures. They come with their strengths, talents, and character along with their flaws, tempers, and bad habits. Most are Christ followers, some not. Many are from Christian homes, some not. Most are in the midst of trying to figure out exactly what it means to be Christian, and some could not care less. But all are exposed to what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. Beliefs, what is right and wrong, values and world view are presented and explored. Forgiveness, grace, community, and discipleship are stressed. Relationships, Bible study, and character-building are encouraged. It is because the wind of the Spirit blows through the student body that transformation can happen. This is the legacy of Tabor College. Legacy is an overused word these days. Just Google it and almost any type of business or activity has the name legacy associated with it. From insurance companies to schools, hospitals to investment firms, furniture retailers to banks, even tobacco products - these and more bear the word legacy. The word means a gift or bequest that invests in the future, what you are remembered for, your brand. The Tabor brand is transformation. Christ-centered identity formation is what we desire to be remembered for. Young men and women who choose to be Christ-followers are our gifts and our investments. The legacy of Tabor College is transformation. Thank you for your part in creating and continuing the Tabor legacy.

Dr. Jules Glanzer

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Sports Information Director Anthony Monson Webmaster Vance Frick Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Marlene Fast Tabor College 400 South Jefferson Hillsboro, Kansas 67063 620-947-3121 “Preparing people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom.� Cover photo: The Tabor Legacy is ongoing for new graduates Brett and Stephanie (Ens) Eitzen, pictured center, who both graduated this May with bachelor of arts degrees in Graphic Design. All four of their parents are also alumni. Bruce, class of 1986 and Brenda (Winsinger) class of 1985, Eitzen and Terry, class of 1985 and Joni (Enns) Ens class of 1983 are the proud parents of the couple who met at Tabor and tied the knot two weeks following Commencement exercises. Back photo: Taken by Kayla Tonne

Student writer for the 2011-12 school year has been, junior, Andrea Pankratz, Buhler, Kan. She is majoring in Organizational Communications with a minor in Integrated Marketing. Pankratz is a Legacy student because father, Keith Pankratz, Buhler, Kan., 1979 graduate, is the Administrator at Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community in Buhler. He enjoys landscaping, golfing and antiquing. Andrea and Keith always look forward to summer vacations when they spend time together.


And the tradition lives on By Andrea Pankratz

Last year’s Tabor College homecoming, October 15, 2011, marked a special day for Brett Eitzen and Stephanie Ens. They both were chosen as homecoming candidates for host and hostess. But that is not the only reason why the day was so memorable. Thirty minutes before the homecoming ceremony, Eitzen got down on one knee in front of the H.W. Lohrenz Building steps and asked Ens to marry him. Both of their families were present to watch the beaming faces of the happy, young couple. “(Our families) were snapping photos like we were celebrities,” said Eitzen, a senior from Hesston, Kan. Eitzen and Ens started dating their freshman year at Tabor College, but knew each other prior to enrolling because their families are friends. “I do not think we would be dating if we both went elsewhere,” Ens said. “Everything worked out as perfectly as things could have.” The couple’s families have attended Tabor College for three generations. That legacy continues this year with Eitzen’s sister, Brooke, a sophomore, and Ens’ sister, Staci, a freshman, both attending. Carrying on this tradition was encouraged, but ultimately it was their decision.

“I think the greater tradition was that we went to a place God was calling us where we could grow,” said Eitzen, about his parents’ desire for their children to make their own college choices. “If God was calling us to Tabor College, that’s great. Tabor does kind of flow in my blood, though.” “I think the greater tradition was that we went to a place God was calling us where we could grow,” said Eitzen, about his parents’ desire for their children to make their own college choices. “If God was calling us

to Tabor College, that’s great. Tabor does kind of flow in my blood, though.” Eitzen’s 2007 Christmas present to his family was announcing his plans to attend Tabor College in the fall.

“We had teachers who cared about us academically and personally,” said Brenda Eitzen, about the Tabor College experience. “We valued the Christian beliefs and opportunities at Tabor. We wanted our children to have a similar experience.” “I am pretty sure my mom screamed a little,” he said. “It made them really happy.” Brett’s parents, Bruce (class of ’86) and Brenda (class of ’85) Eitzen, also had a memorable experience at Tabor College where they met as students. They got engaged in Upper California, in the men’s quad. “We had teachers who cared about us academically and personally,” said Brenda Eitzen, about the Tabor College experience. “We valued the Christian beliefs and opportunities at Tabor. We wanted our children to have a similar experience.” Although some things about Tabor College remain the same, such as the beliefs and unforgettable experiences, others have changed. Besides the new buildings on campus, Brenda Eitzen has noticed another big difference. “The open house hours,” she said about times when students can be in the opposite sex's dorms. “It may not seem like enough time now for some, but it is much better than when we were attending.” The Eitzens’ enjoy reminiscing about their days at Tabor College with their alumni friends. “It never fails,” said Brenda Eitzen. “Every time we see (our peers) we talk about watching movies in the Schlict, sunbathing on the Jay Wash roof, putting off home-

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Parents have influence on Legacy Students A transition for graduating high school seniors is to be able to make their own decisions, especially about where to attend college. A common trend is the desire to blaze their own trails and choose a routes different from what others might expect. “Regardless of what students say, parents have a huge influence on (students') opinion,” said Whitney Allen, Tabor College admissions counselor. Some parents step back and allow their children to choose their college, while others try to influence where their children go. These parents have good intentions, but sometimes their pressure drives the deciding child away. Allen thinks sometimes it may do the opposite of what was intended: parents and alumni do not realize how their pressure can cause more harm than good. This is not to say that talking to students about

Tabor College is a negative thing, added Allen. It just needs to be done in a way that encourages the student to feel like they have other options as well. “Alumni definitely have a big impact on students choices,” said Allen, who has 10 Legacies recruited for 2012-13. Legacies are the siblings, children or grandchildren of anyone who graduated from Tabor College. Currently, there are 112 students receiving the Legacy Scholarship at Tabor College. “We get students at Tabor who have heard about us through alumni from their church,” said Allen. Alumni are often the most effective advocates for prospective students. “It is great to have people that care so much about our college,” said Allen. “Many Legacy students are high achieving, which speaks highly of our alumni.”

The contingency of legacy students at Tabor College is strong. This group of legacy students gathered for the ParentFamily weekend this winter.


Continued from page 4 Brett Eitzen and Stephanie Ens said they may continue this tradition. They both agreed that they want their children to follow God’s calling and also choose their own colleges like they were able to.


work by lingering in the Tabor mall and walking to class hand-in-hand with (the person you’re dating).” Terry Ens (class of ’85), Stephanie’s dad, also recalls his days at Tabor College. “We had to fight for the few open house hours once a week that we finally got,” he said. “I enjoyed the big screen TV in the Student Center where we all gathered after supper to watch “M.A.S.H.” Some of my best memories were in the

The Ens-Eitzen family pauses for a moment on campus at the end of the school year. In addition to Stephanie Ens, little sister Staci is a student, as is Brooke Eitzen, Brett's younger sibling. Pictured from the left are Joni and Terry Ens, Staci Ens, Stephanie and Brett Eitzen, Brooke Eitzen and Bruce and Brenda Eitzen.

Bruce and Brenda Eitzen, Hesston, Kan., met while attending classes at Tabor College. Bruce received a bachelor’s in Mathematics in 1986, while Brenda (Winsinger) received a bachelor’s in Business in 1985.

stands, painting our chests and spelling out TABOR on the gym floor during timeouts of the basketball games. If you were lucky enough to have a TV and VCR, you made a lot of friends. My grandfather’s hand-me-down 26-inch console TV with quadraphonic stereo and a clicker remote made us really cool.” Coming to Tabor College events never gets old for the Enses. “It still feels like home when I am on campus,” Terry Ens said. “The Tabor experience never leaves you.”

Wife Joni (class of ’83), agrees. “Tabor has a sense of family,” she said. “We enjoy coming (here) to visit our girls and attending events.” The Enses also dated while at Tabor College and got engaged during Thanksgiving break on Lookout Mountain in Denver, Colo., Terry’s hometown. “I will never forget meeting Joni at freshman orientation and thinking, ‘I would like to get to know her better,’” he said. A similar pattern emerges in the college careers of the Eitzens and Enses, along with other families who have attended Tabor College. Brett Eitzen and Stephanie Ens said they may continue this tradition. They both agreed that they want their children to follow God’s calling and also choose their own colleges like they were able to. Most likely they will share Tabor College memories with their children someday, which might coax them into considering Tabor. “I am really happy about coming to Tabor,” said Stephanie Ens. “I just felt like I was meant to be here.” Both Brett Eizten and Stephanie Ens, as members of the Tabor College Class of 2012, received their Bachelor of Arts degrees in Graphic Design.

Joni and Terry Enns, Wichita, Kan., met and married while students at Tabor College.


Program developments moving forward at TCW President Jules Glanzer and Dr. Terry Wise hosted a twelve member graduate theological education design team summit at Tabor College Wichita on May 9-11, 2012. Design team members included Tabor board members, local pastors, a mega-church pastor, an executive pastor, MB Mission representative, executive pastor, director of a non-profit organization, Bible professors, and an online learning management specialist. Design team members considered multiple questions in preparation for their time together: What are the ministry needs of the 21st Century Church? What are key components for a successful program? What data do we have to support our beliefs about ministry education? What issues or concerns surround the issue of online learning? As the team evaluated graduate ministry education currently available from other schools they discussed four key questions to help them in their own creative endeavors.


The design team was challenged, stretched, and encouraged to think “above and beyond” and to be creative in how to train church staff, laity, and others interested in furthering their ministry education. The design team returned home enthusiastic about the direction of Tabor College’s entry into graduate theological education. • What factors in ministry education should be eliminated? • What factors should be reduced? • What factors in graduate theological education should be raised? • What factors should be created in graduate ministry education? The design team was challenged, stretched, and encouraged to think “above and beyond” and to be creative in how to train church staff, laity, and others interested in furthering their ministry education. The design team returned home enthusiastic about the direction of Tabor College’s entry into graduate theological education. The team was able to provide a good start on program targeted audiences, program paradigms, content, partnerships, and delivery models. Expect an official announcement regarding program details and degree title sometime later in the year.

A d u l t

a n d

G r a d u a t e

S t u d i e s

Moody recognized with national scholarship honor Linda Moody, chair of the Tabor College Wichita nursing program, has earned one of only 59 scholarships presented nationally by the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program. The organization awards funds to those interested in working on a project that is related to the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Future of Nursing program. This is the first time Kansas has been included for this award. Linda’s focused area of study is organizational leadership, working with Associate Degree in Nursing programs and hospitals/practice areas in rural areas of

Kansas to encourage nurses to increase their education by pursuing their BSN and higher degree in nursing. This project is directly connected to the IOM’s goal to increase the number of nurses in the United States with their BSN degree to 80 percent by 2020. Currently, approximately 40 percent of nurses in Kansas have a BSN. Tabor College’s RN to BSN has been providing outreach education opportunities and has the opportunity to participate in this endeavor to help achieve this goal.

TCW recognizes nursing students with pinning ceremony In the biannual ceremony which marks the completion of their coursework Tabor College Wichita pinned 18 new nurses. The ceremony was held in the chapel on the campus of Tabor College Hillsboro. The Pinning address was given by Linda Moody, BSN, M.B.A., RNC-OB, chair of the TCW Nursing program. Those receiving pins included Briana Ainsworth, Sandy Barber, Beth Bowman, Laurie Campbell, Diana Dorr, Katherine Garrett, Alison Heimerman, Heather Hicks, Tiffany Kimari, Helena Liu, Coryamber Marine, Krista Miller, Amy Rogers, Jennifer Shockey, Krista Thurber, Michelle Weninger, Stephanie Wentling and Kathy Wood.

Those in attendance at the pinning ceremony included Coryamber Marine, Krista Miller, Briana Ainsworth, Laurie Campbell, Helena Lui, Sandy Barber, Michelle Weninger, Tiffany Carroll, Katherine Garrett, Beth Bowman, Jennifer Shockey and Alison Heimerman.

Linda Moody, pictured right, chair of the BSN Nursing program, celebrates with new nurse Helena Liu and her son following the pinning ceremony in Hillsboro.


102nd Commencement exercises held in Joel H. Wiens Stadium Commencement ceremonies were held Saturday, May 19. It was a typical Kansas spring day -- bright blue sky overhead with nary a cloud to be seen and a stiff wind that kept the flags flapping. In all, 128 students earned diplomas as the 102nd graduating class. The band, under the direction of Daniel Baldwin, opened the event with a concert and the traditional Pomp and Circumstance processional. Representing the school of Adult and Graduate studies, Hong Liu provided the invocation. Johnathon Frankenfield was the speaker representing the Tabor College Hillsboro class, while Jeremy Albert spoke on behalf of the class from Tabor College Wichita. President Dr. Jules Glanzer presented the Professor Fran Jabara Leadership Award to Taylor Funk and Brett Eitzen. They each received a cash award of $1,000 and plaque in honor of their leadership skills demonstrated not only during their time as Tabor

College students, but for their potential leadership capabilities. On Friday evening, during the President’s party for graduates, Elaine and Larry Nikkel presented their annual service leadership award to Spencer and Amanda (Gayer) Brown. The commencement address was given by Dr. Marlene Wall, Tabor alumna and President of LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Her address was titled “Lessons in the Sand.” Dr. Wall is a recipient of the Tabor College Alumni Medallion Award (1996-1997), an annual regional teaching award BEST Golden Apple Award (1994), and Tabor College Merit Scholar (1981). Wall noted that the world is constantly undergoing change. She noted that a mere 20 years ago when in Moscow during a coup, she was unable to tweet, post or Skype with family and friends because these communication portals had not been developed. Today Caption Left: Noah Collins, Brighton, Colo., who received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry read the scripture for the Commencement service. Below: Dr. Marlene Wall, President of LCC International University and Tabor College alumna gave the keynote address, “Lessons in the Sand.”

Dr. Jules Glanzer, Tabor College President, presented Jeremy Albert, Topeka, Kan., with his Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry.

that is not the case. And the change is happening at an ever-increasing pace. She commended the graduates for seeking out a high-quality liberal arts education which has given them the tools of critical thinking effective communications and also an understanding of community and multicultural perspectives – all skills that will help them in the next chapters of their lives. She presented four lessons for the class to consider as they go forth. Plan, prepare and be ready, but don’t try to anticipate change by predicting when the next big shift, or avalanche of sand will occur. Don’t let the little stuff become big stuff, she advised. Ignore any sand in your shoes. Focus on the bigger picture. She also reminded the graduates how the foolish man built a house on the sand. She advised the class to build a life using a solid set of principles. The address concluded with a final, powerful piece of advice of drawing a moral line in the sand, and never ever breaking it. Quoting Clayton Christensen, a Harvard business professor, "It is easier to hold to your principles 100 percent of the time then it is to hold to them 98 percent of the time," Wall said. “Decide what you stand for. Draw a line in the sand and then stand for it all of the time. The line in the sand is only powerful because you don’t cross it.”

Senior Sarah Wyckoff, Blackwell, Okla., presented the senior response, quoting a few lines from the song, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, as she shared her thoughts. “Because of my time at Tabor, I have a sharper understanding of what it means to live purposefully, answer honestly, and to think critically. I know when it is necessary to push back and when to punctuate an answer with an inquiry,” she said. “But Tabor didn’t change me. God did. This institution, however, has been God’s instrument to bring about transformation in my life. It is a place of influence, a place that impacts people, whether they realize it or not.” The ceremony concluded with the class being presented their diplomas by Dr. Jules Glanzer, and the Tabor College Alumni Association providing each graduate with a Bible.

Jared Redding, Hesston, Kan. and Micah Hiett, Dinuba, Calif. celebrate following Commencement.

Caption Left: The Professor Fran Jabara Leadership award is presented annually to a pair of graduating seniors to recognize their past leadership and future potential as leaders. Dr. Glanzer presented the award to Taylor Funk, Wichita, Kan. and Brett Eitzen, Hesston, Kan. Below: The Elliott family celebrated following the ceremony. Pictured from left are Jim Elliott, former vice president of Advancement, Josh Elliott, who graduated with a degree in business administration and marketing and Karen Elliott.

C o m m e n c e m e n t Master of Business Administration

Zena G. Jacobs, Great Bend, KS Kara C. Lehmann, Wichita, KS Hetaf Ghassan Shaban, Hutchinson, KS

Bachelor of Arts

Michael Jon Adamyk, McPherson, KS – Graphic Design; English; Music Cody R. Arnold, Leon, KS – Health/ Physical Education-Strength/ Conditioning Tiffany L. Arnold, Augusta, KS – History; Secondary Education; Social Science Corissa Marie Bartel, Hillsboro, KS – Biology Peter Bartel, Hillsboro, KS – History; Philosophy Clarissa Lynnette Berglund, Gettysburg, SD – Music Education Ashley Elizabeth Bird, El Centro, CA – English Kurtis T. Bowman, Hillsboro, KS, posthumous degree – History; Secondary Education; Social Science Amanda Denise Brown, McPherson, KS – Elementary Education Spencer S. Brown, Hillsboro, KS – Mathematics; Secondary Education Elisabeth Jane Cartney, Olathe, KS – Elementary Education Noah W. Collins, Brighton, CO – Biochemistry Alexandre M. Dablemont, Brazil/ Whitewater, KS – Mathematics; Secondary Education Damon Christopher Dechant, Kit Carson, CO – History; Social Science; Political Science Mackenzie Lyn Dick, Henderson, NE – Business AdministrationSport Marketing/Management; Accounting Melanie Dianne Dick, Wichita, KS – Elementary Education; Psychology Jessica Nicole Dixon, Hutchinson, KS – Visual Arts Talia Marnette Doerksen, Prescott Valley, AZ – Biblical & Religious Studies; Social Work Brett Allyn Eitzen, Hesston, KS – Graphic Design Joshua Clark Elliott, Hillsboro, KS – Business AdministrationMarketing Stephanie Nicole Ens, Wichita, KS – Graphic Design Amanda Jayne Marie Faber, Hillsboro, KS – History; Philosophy; Social SciencePolitical Science Johnathon Jay Frankenfield, Overland Park, KS – Social Science-History & Political Science; Management Sarah Marie Friesen, Guthrie, OK – Biblical & Religious Studies; Music David Luis Fuentes, Corona, CA – Psychology Taylor Rebecca Funk, Wichita, KS – Business Education; Secondary Education; Psychology

2 0 1 2

Katherine Marie Gerber, Wichita, KS – Elementary Education/ Special Education Jordan Shea Giffin, Valley Center, KS – CommunicationsJournalism; English Mary Louisa Goering, Newton, KS – Biblical & Religious Studies; Music; English Donald L. Govan, Jackson, MS – Business Administration Samantha Hope Heinrichs, Hillsboro, KS – Business Administration-Accounting/ Finance Benjamin Josh Heyen, Hillsboro, KS – Biochemistry; Music Micah Daniel Hiett, Dinuba, CA – Athletic Training Aleesha Marie Hines, Goessel, KS – Biology Jessica JoHawna Holmes, Englewood, CO – Health/Physical Education-Camp Programming; Mission Amanda Kaye Howe, Victorville, CA – Business AdministrationManagement Darius Emanuel Iacono, Benicia, CA – Business AdministrationAccounting/Finance Cortney Lane Janzen, Henderson, NE – Biology Lauren Michelle Just, Hillsboro, KS – Business AdministrationAccounting/Finance & Management Alyssa Marie King, Wichita, KS – Elementary Education Jenesa Elise Klose, Hillsboro, KS – Mathematics; Secondary Education Roxanne Noelle Koop, Abilene, KS – Athletic Training Allison J. Krehbiel, Hutchinson, KS – Elementary Education Hattie Beth Lee, Fowler, KS – Graphic Design; English Maria Elizabeth Loewen, Hillsboro, KS – Elementary Education/ Special Education; Chemistry Michael Nathan Loewen, Huron, SD – Chemistry Kelsey Diane Mann, Wichita, KS – Psychology; Management Robert A. Masson, Dalgety Bay, Scotland – Health/Physical Education-Sport Management & Strength/Conditioning Theodore Selden McFarland, Fountain Valley, CA – Graphic Design; English Rhiannon Jolynn Miller, Clearwater, KS – Psychology; Social Work Brynne Nicole Mitchell, Wichita, KS – Health/Physical EducationStrength/Conditioning Louis Anthony Morales, Apple Valley, CA – Social ScienceHistory; Political Science Aaron M. Munsch, Great Bend, KS – Health/Physical Education Don E. Nelson Jr., Los Angeles, CA – Health/Physical EducationSport Studies Samuel T. Page, Wichita, KS – Athletic Training; Biology Nathan Randall Percy, Pittsburg, KS – History; Secondary Education; Political Science; Psychology

Dustin L. Phelps, Wichita, KS – CommunicationsCommunication Studies Aaron Michael Phillips, Chiang Kham Phayao, Thailand – Graphic Design; Painting Levi W. Phillips, Chiang Kham, Phayao, Thailand – Business Administration-Marketing Mandilyn R. Phillips, Wichita, KS – Natural and Mathematical Sciences-Chemistry; Mathematics Jared Blake Redding, Hesston, KS – Business Administration-Sport Marketing/Management Nicholas Scarritt Reif, Wichita, KS – Business AdministrationManagement Lacy Jo Ritchey, Hudson, CO – Communications-Organizational Communication; Integrated Marketing Travis C. Sanford, Santa Ana, CA – Social Science-History Emily Joan Schmidt, Wichita, KS – Music Education Jordan M. Schrag, Pretty Prairie, KS – Biblical & Religious Studies Gavin Mitchell Serene, Hillsboro, KS – Athletic Training; Health/ Physical Education-Strength/ Conditioning Joshua Stephen Shaw, Colorado Springs, CO – Biblical & Religious Studies, Psychology Aaron R. Stepanek, Hillsboro, KS – Music Logan Elizabeth Stranghoner, Wichita, KS – Biblical & Religious Studies; English Matthew Allen Stuck, Quinlan, TX – Social Science-Social Work Hollie Christine Tabor, Maypearl, TX – Health/Physical Education Alexandra Elizabeth Tice, Wichita, KS – Elementary Education David Arthur Toevs, Whitewater, KS – Biblical & Religious Studies; Business AdministrationAgribusiness Jiquon K. Townsend, Brooklyn, NY – Social Science-Psychology Samantha Lee Van Ranken, Medicine Lodge, KS – Natural and Mathematical SciencesBiology; Psychology David Bradley Vogel, Hillsboro, KS – CommunicationsCommunication Studies; English; Integrated Marketing Hanna Shereen Vogel, Hillsboro, KS – Church Music Sarah Rachel Vogt, Newton, KS – Elementary Education; International Studies Kelly J. Walker, Houston, TX – Health/Physical Education- Sport Management Alex D. Wallace, Houston, TX, posthumous degree – Health/ Physical Education-Strength/ Conditioning Greta Lynn Wiebe, Hillsboro, KS – Elementary Education Eric M. Willems, Sedgwick, KS – Biblical & Religious Studies; Biology William Allan Wood, Combine, TX – Biology Clark Brown Wozich, Pleasant Hill, OR – Business AdministrationMarketing

Alexander Benjamin Wuest, Ridgecrest, CA – Psychology Emily (Friesen) Wuest, Winnipeg, Canada – Elementary Education; Psychology Whitney Taylor Wuest, Glenpool, OK – Business AdministrationMarketing Sarah Elizabeth Wyckoff, Blackwell, OK – English; Secondary Education; Communications Jessica Raye Yraceburu, Camas, WA – History; Coaching Amanda Nicole Zuercher, Whitewater, KS – Elementary Education/Special Education

Bachelor of Science

Jeremy Edward Albert, Topeka, KS – Christian Ministry Nessa Kisna Nikhomvanh, Valley Center, KS – Business Administration Randy C. Roatch, Wichita, KS – Business Administration Daniel L. Syrcle, Wichita, KS – Christian Ministry Carlton B. Walker, Wichita, KS – Christian Ministry

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Briana W. Ainsworth, Valley Center, KS Sandra K. Barber, Goodland, KS Mary Boman, Kinsley, KS Beth A. Bowman, Goddard, KS Laurie Kay Campbell, Hutchinson, KS Tiffany Linn Carroll, Newton, KS Diana L. Dorr, Derby, KS Katherine Garrett, Admire, KS Jeanne Graf, Wichita, KS Alison Heimerman, Colwich, KS Julie Anne Joy, Mulvane, KS Hong Liu, Wichita, KS Jamie Renee Logan, Wichita, KS Leah Beth Lowry, Derby, KS Rhonda Faith Melvin, Wichita, KS Gemi S. Miller, Mulvane, KS Krista Lavone Miller, Wichita, KS Alexis Christene Overcast, Wichita, KS Julie Rae Pierce, Goddard, KS Kristi Lee Rockers, Garnett, KS Amy R. Rogers, Wichita, KS Kathy S. Schneider, Olmitz, KS Robin Schwerdtfeger, Wichita, KS Jennifer R. Shockey, Derby, KS Krista R. Thurber, Newton, KS April R. Torske, Goddard, KS Michelle L. Weninger, Burrton, KS Stephanie Lynn Wentling, Derby, KS Lorrie J. White, Wichita, KS Denise Lynn Worley-Schroeder, Wichita, KS

Associate of Arts

Colin S. Mainord, Visalia, CA – Liberal Arts

Tabor College Homecoming


Save the date and plan on joining in the fun and frolic! • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical (Ticketed event. Reservations Required. Performances Thurs.-Sun.) • Class Reunions • Bluejay Football • Dutch Lunch • Children’s Activities • Fun Run • Festival Dinner – Wichita Hyatt (Ticketed event) • MusicFest

For updates through the summer, like us on Facebook @ www.facebook/taborcollegealumni Registration for meals, reunions and Festival Dinner will be available online July 1 @ http://


Campus News Briefs n Elections were held on campus this spring to determine leadership positions for 2012-13. The following individuals were selected by their peers to serve. President of Student Senate will be Mike Klaassen, Hillsboro, Kan.; Senior Class President: Tynan Honn, Hutchinson, Kan.; Senior Class Vice President: Abigail Epp, Newton, Kan.; Junior Class President: Mallea Berglund, Gettysburg, S.D.; Junior Class Vice President: Zach Trostel, Reedley, Calif.; Sophomore Class President: Jesse Todd, Onida, S.D. and Sophomore Class Vice President: Kendra Flaming, Hillsboro, Kan.

n Zackary Blake, a TCW student, earned a Global Top 100 ranking for his company’s Business Strategy Game (BSG) performance during the week of February 27, 2012 through March 4, 2012. The simulation game is used internationally. Students get real-time results of their efforts. Blake’s company, KickZ (Company D), earned a Global Top 100 ranking on the following performance criteria: Earnings Per Share - Their EPS of $12.80 was the 58th best EPS performance of the week, worldwide; Return on Equity (ROE) 37.4% tied for the 49th best ROE performance of the week. Blake’s company was in the Top 100 out of 13,115 companies and 404 other colleges and universities worldwide. n Social Work students at Tabor College are implementing what they have learned in the classroom by establishing a Social Work Club to bring awareness to the campus and community. The club began in March and already 30 students have joined. “There is a lot of momentum with the Social Work department right now,” said Lara Vanderhoof, assistant professor of Social Work and advisor for the club. “My hope is that (the club) will empower change and social issues.” To raise awareness of homelessness, the first activity the club organized was Shanty Town. Any student on campus could spend the night on the lawn in a cardboard box to better understand the concept of being homeless. Around 20 students came out for the challenge. “(This event) was one way to start a club and bring energy to campus,” said Vanderhoof. “I am excited to see where the students go with the club in upcoming years.”

Dr. Del Gray was the recipient of the 2012 Hiebert Excellence in Teaching award. He was selected from nominations made by students, faculty and staff. During the Honors Chapel, he received a $2,500 cash award and a plaque presented by Dr. Frank Johnson during the Honors Chapel. In making the announcement, Dr. Johnson noted, “Dr. Gray has excellent knowledge of the subjects he teaches and is skilled in communicating. Students in his classes are challenged to think critically and to study scripture deeply. He has shown commitment to invest in the lives of Tabor students beyond the classroom.”


n Under the direction of Judy Harder, several small productions were held during the spring semester. Shows included 12 Angry Men, Steel Magnolias and Another Antigone all staged in the Theater Lab in the lower level of the Lohrenz building.

ca m p u s

n e w s

A special senior recognition took place at the President’s party for graduates held the Friday evening prior to Commencement. Elaine and Larry Nikkel presented their annual service leadership award to Spencer and Amanda (Gayer) Brown. Also pictured is President Glanzer.

Presidential Leadership Scholarship The second class of Presidential Leadership Scholars was selected in February. The recipients of the prestigious $64,000 Tabor College Presidential Leadership Scholarship included Ashley Kemling, Grant, Neb., Beth Nesser, Florence, Kan., Tristen Long, Osborne, Kan. and Jeremy Johnson, Olathe, Kan. These students will participate in a four-year leadership laboratory that is designed to develop young people into effective and skilled leaders for the next generation. Those who were chosen to participate in the selection weekend were also invited to participate in the Fellows program. In announcing the selections, Tabor College Ashley Kemling

President Jules Glanzer noted that these are students of exceptional caliber. “We are excited that these outstanding student leaders will be spending the next four years on our Tabor campus,” he said. “These are young people with integrity, heart and a passion to serve. It will be a pleasure to welcome them to our community, interact with them and watch them grow and develop into outstanding leaders.”

Beth Nesser

Tristen Long

Jeremy Johnson


Tabor College hosts NAIA opening round of World Series tournament For the first time in school history, Tabor College had the opportunity to host an opening round of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) baseball tournament which was played at HobartDetter field in Hutchinson, Kan. May 10-14. Rusty Allen, vice-president of intercollegiate athletics, noted that it was a privilege to host the event. “We are honored that we were able to host an opening round of the 2012 NAIA baseball tournament,” Allen said. “This speaks well not only of Tabor College and the progress of our baseball program but of baseball in the KCAC as a whole.” The five-team tournament included, in seeding order, Oklahoma Baptist University out of the Sooner Athletic Conference; No. 2 seeded Judson University out of the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference; No. 3 seeded Rogers State University also out of the Sooner Athletic conference; Tabor College and

Above: Arturo Corona, Atwater, Calif., was selected as KCAC Player of the Year and NAIA Second Team All American following his performances in the KCAC tournament and the opening round of the NAIA World Series. He is only the second Bluejay to earn Second Team All-American status. Right: Adam McCormick, Pittsburg, Kan., slugged his way through the 2012 season. He earned KCAC First Team honors and is the first in Bluejay history to be named NAIA baseball First Team All-American.


Dakota State from the Association of Independent Institutions. It was a magical tournament for the Tabor College baseball team but a bittersweet conclusion to the season. The Bluejays were defeated by Rogers State University of Claremore, Okla. in the title game. The Bluejays came through the tournament eliminating the second seed and No. 17 nationally ranked Judson University, as well as the No. 1 seed and No. 7 nationally ranked Oklahoma Baptist University. They also defeated Dakota State in the opening game of the double-elimination tournament. Rogers State University would eventually make their way through the World Series Tournament in Lewiston, Idaho falling in the end to the national winner, Tennessee Wesleyan. Special thanks go to the sponsors that helped underwrite the NAIA regional event. A Gold-level sponsor was Pinnacle Sports Medicine. Silver sponsors were Baseball Savings of Wichita, Kan., Stuart-Nissan of Enid, Okla. and Vogts-Parga Construction, Newton, Kan. Tabor, which earned its first KCAC title since the 1995-96 season, made its first ever appearance at the opening round of the NAIA national baseball tournament and finished off the 2012 season with an overall record of 44-15, and 21-7 in conference play.

Below: David Ormiston, junior from Derby, Kan., showed his skill from the pitcher’s mound during the opening round. Right: Spencer Putman, Wichita, Kan., made the play at home against an Oklahoma Baptist University player during the second game of the NAIA tournament.

Coach Mark Standiford motivated Colby Tessendorf, Newton, Kan., to make the slide into third during the NAIA tournament.

Prior to taking the field at Hobart-Detter Field in Hutchinson, Kan., during the NAIA opening round of the World Series, the team paused for a moment of prayer.


Athletes Honored, Regier, (Morris) Krumm Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Ron Regier and Keisha (Morris) Krumm. Photo courtesy Michael Klaassen.

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Former Bluejay greats Ron Regier and Keisha (Morris) Krumm were inducted into the Tabor College Athletics Hall of Fame at the annual Tabor College Hall of Fame Banquet, held Saturday May 12, at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church. Ron Regier came from Henderson, Neb., to begin his freshman year at Tabor College in the fall of 1964. He graduated in the spring of 1968, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History, and minors in Bible, Political Science, and German. Ron participated in basketball all four years while at Tabor College and was a letter winner each year. Delmer Reimer, Ron’s basketball coach for three of the four years he played, had this to say. “Ron was one of the tallest players I had the privilege of coaching. He was a good scorer and rebounder and thus our offense was built around him. In addition to his physical skills he made a significant contribution as a team leader. As a coach, I especially appreciated his positive, unselfish attitude. He was a joy to coach.” After graduating from Tabor College, Ron was a high school teacher and coach for nine years. He completed his Master’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of Nebraska. In 1977 Ron was selected as an Outstanding Secondary Educator of America. After teaching, Ron worked as a farmer and farm manager. Ron and his wife Cora were married in 1968. They have three sons, John, Jamey, and Matt who are all Tabor College graduates. Ron and Cora also have four grandchildren. Keisha (Morris) Krumm transferred to Tabor College in the fall of 1993 to begin her sophomore year of college, graduating in the spring of 1996, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Physical Education with a concentration in Athletic Training. She began her Tabor College athletic career with

the 1993-94 basketball season. She earned KCAC Basketball Player of the Week and NAIA Division II Player of the Week honors that year when she scored 59 points and grabbed 32 rebounds in two games and was named KCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention. In her junior year of basketball, Keisha was named to the KCAC All-Conference First Team and was twice KCAC basketball player of the week. She earned academic honors as a basketball NAIA All-American Scholar Athlete. The second sport Keisha excelled in while at Tabor College was track and field. Her sophomore year, she won first place at the NAIA District 10 meet in the 100- and 200-meter dashes and qualified for the NAIA nationals. She was also Tabor’s track and field female Most Valuable Player her sophomore and junior years. During Keisha’s senior year of competition, she placed first at the KCAC Conference meet in the 100- and 200-meter dashes and in the long jump. She set a Tabor College record in the long jump that year jumping 18’6 3/4” and also set a school record in the 200-meter dash of 25.72 which still stands. Keisha again qualified for NAIA Nationals in track and field her senior year and was a track and field NAIA All-American Scholar Athlete. She was also named the Tabor College Female Athlete-of-the-Year. In 1999, Keisha received her Masters of Divinity in Christian Community Development from the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in 1999. For the last ten years she has worked as a professional organizer with the Industrial Areas Foundation. She has worked with community and neighborhood leaders from congregations, unions, education and non-profit associations in South Central Los Angeles and in the Seattle/Tacoma area to build teams of leaders who create local community organizations that have the capacity to address various social concerns such as job creation quality education, and access to affordable health care. Currently, Keisha is the lead organizer with Common Ground in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This organization represents 44 member organizations that have people who live and work in four counties in southeastern Wisconsin. They are working to bring resolution to pressing social issues including education and healthcare. Keisha was married to Stuart L. Krumm in 1999. They have a daughter, Olivia Joy Krumm, who is five months old.

Tabor College Student Athlete Awards

For the second time in her career senior Tina Frick, a Third Team All-American from Durham, Kan., was named Tabor College Female Athlete of the Year. She is pictured here with Head Volleyball Coach Amy Ratzlaff. Photo courtesy Michael Klaassen.

Senior Amanda Faber, a First Team All-KCAC women’s player from Hillsboro, Kan., was honored with the Tabor College Outstanding Scholar Athlete-of-the-Year Award. She is a four-year letter winner and team captain, as well as two-time Second Team and two-time First Team AllConference selection. Photo courtesy Michael Klaassen.

Dominick Eastman, junior from North Highlands, Calif., earned his ticket to the NAIA national outdoor track meet in the 110-meter hurdles after an “A” qualifying standard time. He also was tapped as the 2012 co-Male Athlete of the Year at Tabor's annual Athletic Banquet held mid-May.

Art Corona, Atwater, Calif., capped off a stellar season as a Bluejay, being named the KCAC Player of the Year, Second-team NAIA AllAmerican and Tabor College 2012 co-Male Athlete of the Year.


Student testimony during President's Dinner shared with poetry and song Each year those individuals who have generously contributed $1,000 or more are invited to the annual President’s dinner as a way of expressing gratitude to those who help us complete the mission of preparing

people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His Kingdom. Testimonials from students are often a part of the program, as they share with those in attendance how their faith journey has been shaped or

Menno Simon’s Stomping Grounds By Sarah Wyckoff

Menno Simon’s stomping grounds became the field where my intellect learned to play. Watered by a rainstorm of questions, these flat plains became a jungle gym of growth, sprouting my soul into something worthy to receive the photosynthesis carried on each small ray of sunshine. I became different here. I became different when I realized it is not enough To remain planted When God calls you to bloom Because even when the sun goes down, Things still grow under the fervent gleam of a full moon. I was warned: Time flies And so now I know what it feels like To ride on the heels of time, Carried by the currents of furious Kansas wind, God brought me here To help me see the seriousness of my sin. An eternal debt time cannot bound, No matter how fast it may go Because this is what I know: I know It was in the dorm room of lower Ediger where


God used a lost soul to reject my cookie-cutter Christian conclusions to help me find the faith I left behind. And I know It was in the coffin-like gymnasium Where I went merry-go-round with a sport I loved and eventually learned to lose. I wrestled with truth like Jacob in the dark night of Genesis 32 until the dawn broke my dreams, And it was half-way across the world When Tabor’s sunset became the morning of my first Indian sunrise. The same day Jesus gave me eyes to realize Maybe all God’s people should walk with a limp; So this stagger in my step is my unapologetic sign of personal struggle To see the face of Yahweh Because it was inside and outside the lecture halls of the Lohrenz Where God taught me Life is not a canvas made for water-colored convictions, And sometimes, the richest growth occurs in the wounds of our deepest afflictions. And sometimes, our hearts really do have to break before they know how to bend. So maybe our souls are really in our feet And our legacy is in our ink And each day when we wake and walk after the One who matters We are writing some kind of story And I know this place is a chapter God has used for His glory.

developed by their time spent at Tabor. Often those are simply stories told or examples of grace given. At the dinner this spring, held at the Hillsboro MB Church, attendees had the pleasure of hearing of transformations in the form of prose and song. Senior Sarah Wyckoff and Junior Joshua Murphy, performed

pieces that they had each written to capture the essence of their time at Tabor. Their presentations are included here, for those who did not have the opportunity to hear them in person, or would like to be reminded of the evening.

Journey as a Jay By Joshua Murphy

I came from a place where being a convict or juvenile is more common than becoming a college student. After high school you’re basically presented with little choices for escaping the madness that awaits us. And some options included...The military, although the thrill is scary, college isn’t an option for everyone. Debts and loans will have you feeling buried. Another is a sports scholarship, or just plain knowledge in a subject that can earn u a spot in the intellectual world. Others choose the route of staying and portraying what they see on t.v everyday by the media, making the statistics and stereotypes right. When I journeyed off I didn’t know at all what to expect, all I knew was I didn’t want to be one of the many known and often heard stories of a young black man leaving Eustis only to come back with little accomplished and a pocket full of excuses. So, as I graced the tables at the recruiting fair to see who was there I seen the blue and stared. And HONESTLY it was because blue was one of my favorite colors... but as I approached and talked to the coach he was cool and polite, but I thought... Kansas?... I’ll pass, I planned to go to a bigger city and live that college life. Somewhere fun and cool, but what I got was something new, they always say if you wanna make God laugh tell him what your “gonna do.” Well I bet with hilarity he glared at me and said “Son, I have so much more in store if you just bear with me and dare to reach.” So as I ventured on my journey as a Jay, I faced so much adversity in my flight. My wings faced turbulence from academic failures and shortcomings in areas of life which convicted me to the core. I knew I could give more… and then there’s the chapter where I finally met the Lord. Things got better for a second, then all fell down. My flight paused but in spite falls of rain I dried my wings and kept on... And because of my perseverance the rainfall came back… but this time blessings fell. Opportunity after opportunity Doors being opened up...God's Favor. Sometimes you’re wanting things to happen at a faster rate

To speed it up it’s precautions you felt u had to take Desire all the endeavors to where your passions lay You fast and pray for the outcome you had in place You heard the pastor say have patience son, you have to wait, and you concur in your mind but what your actions say Is that isn’t sufficient, so you path away Trying to speed up the process but you don’t have a say. So your path ends up where all of the traffic lays Making it longer than before, To reach the desire ... instead of waiting on the Lord Everything in store you’re bound to get it I’m sure As long as you endure in staying on one accord Don’t Trade your Sarah for a Hagar Ishmaels result of it It’s so misfortunate. Problems invited cordially You never would have had if you would submit, Let it all play out instead of writing the script You’re going to be redirected if you try to jump ship God has proven that with a fish. You get my drift? I’m sure that the shore you land on is predestined So would you rather choose it now or through a learned lesson is the question. I chose mine, and on this journey as a Jay I plan to continue to reach higher heights... with my heavenly Father right by my side leading the way ...Until I eternally fly away.


a l u m n i

N e w s


Chad (g’07) and Ashley (Scherrer g’07) Malcom, Limon, Colo., a girl, Tinsley Hope, March 6, 2012

Dustin Friesen (g’08) and Emily Bandemer, Oct. 15, 2011 Tyler Marr and Abby Jantz g’05, April 23, 2011 Andy Strecker (g’05) and Whitney Colquitt, May 22, 2011 Gerald Ostapko and Stephanie Wichert g’04 married in Buhler, Kan. July 30, 2011 Billie Cabral and Jenni Eitzen g 03, Salina, Kan. April 27, 2011 Trenton T. Voth (g’07) and Stephanie Wall, July 24, 2011

Births/Adoptions Dr. Peter and Nancy (Isaac g’03) Phan, St Louis, Mo., a girl, Elizabeth Anne Phan, May 7, 2012 Cody (g’07) and Misty (Moon g’09) Dick, Hillsboro, Kan., a girl, Grace Lee, April 8, 2012 Joe (g’98) and Shonna (Unrau g’99) Kukula, Newton, Kan., a boy, Averett Jonas, Oct. 17, 2011

Eric (g’01) and Tami (Jons g’01) Driggers, Hillsboro, Kan., a girl, Brianna Lee, February 21, 2012 Joshua (g’02) and Megan (Ozias g’04) Lady, Topeka, Kan., a boy, Beckett Elijah, September 13, 2011 Sam and Amy (Lautt g’11) Ongstad, Harvey, N.D., a boy, James Emerson, Dec. 27, 2011 Mark and Lynee (Epp g’96) Rigdon, Overland Park, Kan., a boy, Micah Henry, Dec. 3, 2011 Pete (g’02) and Angela (Dohm g’03) Kleinsasser, Highlands Ranch, Colo., a girl, Emersyn Noel, Dec. 19, 2011 Grant (g’06) and Vicki (Collins g’07) Brubacher, Hillsboro, Kan. a boy, Oliver Don, Feb. 10, 2012 Brian and Carmen (Buller g’01) Donley, Valley Center, Kan., a boy, Ethan Jeffrey, Dec. 8, 2011 Christopher and Christin (Henderson g’08) Duncan, Wichita, Kan., a girl, Aryn Elise, Jan. 8, 2012 Brian (g’98) and April (Wichert g’00) Wall, Prosper, Texas, a girl, Lexie Nicole, May 2, 2011

Oliver Brubacher

Felicity Denning

Grace Dick

Ethan Donley

Ebonee Capers (g’05), Wichita, Kan., a boy, Christian Elliott, Jan. 16, 2012 Nathan (g’02) and Angela (Hoops g’02) Tofteland, Overland Park, Kan., a boy, Ethan Lawrence, November 17, 2011

Brianna Driggers

Aryn Duncan

Kyle Epp

Averett Kukula

Trent and Shanna (Roberts g’06) Woodcock, Hutchinson, Kan., a boy, Ben Walter, August 6, 2011 Mark (g’96) and Heather (Miller g’96) Dick, Aurora, Neb., a boy, Nathan James, December 28, 2011

Beckett Lady

Tinsley Malcom

James Ongstad

Elisabeth Phan

David (g’01) and Jenny (Regier g’02) Epp, Hillsboro, Kan., a boy, Kyle Alan, November 18, 2011 Jon (g’09) and Cindy (Harden g’02) Denning, Orford, N.H., a girl, Felicity Jolene, December 12, 2011 Derrick and Laura (Richert g’98) Rhoden Buhler, Kan., a girl, Emily Kate, November 12, 2011

Emily Rhoden

Ethan Tofteland

Lexie Wall

Ben Woodcock

A l u m n i


n e w s

John E Hourani (g’86), Houston, Texas, Nov. 4, 2011

Henry R Baerg, (g’49), Chilliwack, British Columbia, May 8, 2012

Mildred (Wiebe) Ediger (fs’55), Reedley, Calif., Oct. 29, 2011

Naomi R (Vogt) Eitzen, (g’73), Fairview, Okla., May 1, 2012

Galen B Toews (g’67), Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 12, 2011

Wesley J Kroeker, (g’41), Enid, Okla., April 6, 2012

El Roy H Ratzlaff (g’51), Reedley, Calif., Sept. 14, 2011

Richard Ebel Wiebe, (g’53), Fresno, Calif., April 4, 2012

Howard Bishop (g’62), Abilene, Kan., June 9, 2011

Marguerite Goertz (fs), Hillsboro, Kan., March 17, 2012

Alumni News – 1950s

JoAnn J (Faul) Isaak (g’60), Greenville, S.C., March 3, 2012 Esther M (Eitzen) Prieb (g’41/fst), Hillsboro, Kan., March 1, 2012 Arlin Paul Funk (g’90), Saint Charles, Mo., Feb. 29, 2012 Betty J (Landseadal) Wiebe (g’56), Fresno, Calif., Feb. 24, 2012 Irene M (Wall) Hamilton (g’39), Canton, Kan., Feb. 23, 2012 Pastor Sidney J Harms (g’72), San Mateo, Calif., Feb. 21, 2012 Lois (Hanneman) Lohrenz (g’68), Hillsboro, Kan., Feb. 14, 2012 Malinda (Loewen) Frank (fs’41), Cape Coral, Fla., Feb. 3, 2012 Sarah Ens (Harms) Friesen (g’41), Hillsboro, Kan., Jan. 13, 2012 Dr. Howard Claassen (g’41), Tacoma, Wash., Dec. 27, 2011 Wanda L Ediger (Pauls fs’43), Rogers, Ark., Dec. 16, 2011 Roger J Graumann (g’57), Surprise, Ariz., Dec 14, 2011 Lauretta (Martens) Eitzen (fs’50), Fairview, Okla., Dec. 4, 2011 Paul Suderman (g’49), Hillsboro, Kan., Nov. 30, 2011 Eugene Karber (fs’57), Enid, Okla., Nov. 28, 2011 David F Wiebe (g’55), Hillsboro, Kan., Nov. 11, 2011 Doris J (Jost) Heidel (fs ’52), Hillsboro, Kan., Nov. 10, 2011

Mildred Martens-Unruh (fs’51) and Roy Unruh, authored a book, “Two Feet Apart at the Altar: Four Love Stories and Five People.” They describe how God was perceived on their journeys through life.

1970s Joey (Duerksen) Curtin (g’78) recorded and produced an instrumental music CD called “Soundtrack For America”. This recording has recently been added to the music collection of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History in Austin, Texas. She also received an ASCAP Plus Award for live performances of her compositions. The entire CD can be heard on Pandora Radio and is available on iTunes.

1980s Scott (g’88) and Brenda (Faul g’87) Neufeld were named Farm Family of the Year at Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s 70th annual convention Nov. 12, in Oklahoma City, Okla. The Neufelds were one of nine OFB district farm family finalists, chosen for their ability to best represent farming and ranching and the spirit of Oklahoma agriculture. The family’s full-time farming operation began in 1988, after Scott and Brenda graduated from college. Today, the Neufelds reside on their farm near Fairview, Okla.

1990s Brent Kyle (g’95) is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the United States Air force Academy in Colorado Springs. Tyson Beshore (g’97) is the assistant superintendent in Nevada, Mo. school district. He just completed his doctoral degree from Saint Louis University in Educational Administration, St. Louis, Mo.

2010s Michael Suderman (g’11) has been accepted at the University of Oxford where he will be working toward a Master of Theology in Applied Theology.

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