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November 2017 • Volume 31 • Issue 10

A Reform Congregation Embracing Our Jewish Tradition

Saturday, November 11th at 7 pm RSVP at under Sign Up for Events See page 6 for details

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Friday, December 15th at 6:30 pm Saturday, December 16th at 7:00 pm

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Modim Anachu Lach- For all these things O God, we are most grateful COMPLICIT explores the refusal of Cuba, U.S. and Canada to grant safe haven to Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe on board the SS St Louis. This film’s timeless message demonstrates that wherever antiSemitism has gone unchecked, the persecution of others has been present or not far behind and defeating anti-Semitism must be a cause not only for Jews, but for all people regardless of faith who value humanity and justice.

After the conclusion of our beautiful Holy Day season we move from the Jewish world to that of the secular world—and into a cycle of American holidays. In the month of November our hearts turn to two important American observances. Veteran’s Day, the time we set aside to honor the men and women who have bravely served our nation. While we should honor our veterans each and every day for their service and the sacrifices they made, at Temple Beth Tikvah we set aside one Shabbat each year to especially pay tribute to them.

This program is generously underwritten by Adam and Adrienne Bruckman & family. Friday, November 17th HOTTY Shabbat

Later in the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. While it is clear that the Puritans modeled this holiday after Sukkot, the fall harvest festival in our Jewish calendar, it is clearly an American holiday, with foods and traditions that reflect this heritage.

Calling all NFTY members past, present and future! Join our high school aged Temple Youth Group members for a spirited NFTY-style kabbalat Shabbat service.

Too often we forget to show our appreciation for what we have, taking our daily blessings for granted.

Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner

How marvelous that we have this month to think about these daily gifts; family, freedom and opportunity. Modim Anachu Lach! In this month of November, may we have eyes that are open to the blessings that are always with us. May we take the time to observe each of these special days-considering all those who work each and every day to safeguard our way of life-- and may we be inspired to be thankful and to remember these blessings throughout the year.

Mark your calendars now for two special events upcoming in December Friday December 8 at 8:00 pm Lavender Shabbat A service of Healing and Wellness, Courage and Strength. So many of our lives have been touched by Cancer, directly or indirectly. Join us for this unique Shabbat service, offering strength and support for all with a very special Lavender Oneg Shabbat to follow the service.

Friday, November 10th Veteran’s Day Sabbath On this Shabbat, we will honor the men and women who served in the armed forces of the United States. Every American citizen owes a great debt to our veterans. Please join us for a special musical service at 8:00 pm, which will include recognition of all veterans present.

More details and RSVP link to come in the December issue of the Kol Tikvah. Friday, December 15 at 6:30 pm Nefesh Mountain Please join us for a very special Chanukah-Shabbat celebration with musical guests Nefesh Mountain. The evening will include Candle lighting, food, fun and dreidel games.

Saturday, November 11th Kristallnacht Remembrance

Following the service stay for a light Chanukah dinner celebration with latkes and applesauce, soup, salad and sufganiyot for dessert.

TBT is pleased to host a screening of the award-winning documentary Complicit followed by a conversation with producer Dr. Ruth Ann Kalish. The documentary film

More details and RSVP link to come in the December issue of the Kol Tikvah.


News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Notes from Cantor Kassel I welcome the (relatively) quiet month of November and the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. I welcome, each week, Shabbat – our day of rest and joy. From September 16th (Selichot) through October 12 (Simchat Torah) it was either a holiday, Shabbat and/or a Shabbat within a holiday period. We engaged in self-reflection and atonement. We rejoiced in the beginning of a new Hebrew year, the festival of Sukkot and in a new Torah reading cycle. Add to this: hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and a plethora of disturbing news stories – we were physically, spiritually and emotionally all over the place. Hopefully the month of Cheshvan and most of the month of November will give us the chance to regain our footing and go about the business of normal, day-to-day activities. But we don’t have to wait for one month out of the year to come back to the center. Shabbat provides us with this opportunity each and every week. While there are times when work, school and caring for loved ones (of all ages) are more demanding than usual, we know we cannot sustain that pace without the time and space to rest and refresh. True – I am preaching to myself, but I suspect I am not alone in recognizing what the sacred time of Shabbat can do for us, both individually and communally - in prayer, being outdoors and taking breaks from the media. There’s TGIF…..and there’s TGIS: Thank G-d it’s Shabbat!

I eagerly anticipate the return to TBT of

“Nefesh Mountain” December 15th & 16th (the Shabbat in Chanukah)

Hold off a few days on those out-of-town Winter Break Plans…… and celebrate Chanukah with the Jewish Bluegrass group “Nefesh Mountain”. We had such a wonderful time with them last year and are excited to host them again. They are top-notch musicians who infuse Jewish music with invigorating RUACH! Stay tuned for more details in TBT correspondence.

Usher in the Thanksgiving season with a joyous celebration of the things that bring us together Inspiration <> Humor <> Music Plan to stay for the dessert reception & conversation Please bring non-perishable food items to donate to MUST Ministries


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Why You Should Support Our Annual Campaign Many of our past Annual Campaign appeals, including my own, have focused on accounting factors: revenues, expenses, and budgets. I’d like to take a different tack this month and remind us about the fundamental reasons why we should support Temple Beth Tikvah.

These are the kinds of things that TBT is doing to create a community to fulfill its Jewish mission. In addition to a host of volunteers, it takes facilities, dedicated staff, and dynamic Jewish professionals. All of that takes money – more money than what we receive from everyone’s Nadiv Lev annual commitments. We therefore rely on our Annual Campaign for supplemental funding so that we may continue to inspire an expanding circle of Jews to individual and collective action.

All of us have voluntarily chosen to be part of this great synagogue kehilla (community) we call TBT. Each person’s reasons for joining may vary in the specifics. But what connects us all is the idea that our synagogue needs to be a beacon for bringing Jewish ethics and values into the world, for creating and developing strong Jewish identities, and in so doing, be a leader in ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people. I would maintain that TBT is uniquely positioned to fulfill this mission.

In my Rosh Hashanah remarks I mentioned that we set a new record last year for Annual Campaign participation by our members. Yet, that participation rate was only 43%. In my final year as President, I’d like to set a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) of 80% participation in our Annual Campaign. Please help me turn that goal into a reality. The contribution amount is up to you – any amount is welcome. But please contribute so that we may count you among those investing in TBT’s future.

We’ve seen a number of competing options come on the scene which address pieces of this grand task, e.g., an online Hebrew tutoring service here, or a rent-a-rabbi for lifecycle events there. What’s missing from most of these à-la-carte offerings is the sense of community found in a synagogue. Judaism is designed to be practiced communally – the requirement for at least 10 Jews to be present to fulfill certain religious obligations is just one example. To me, the wisdom in this communal emphasis is that it gives us the perfect platform for both fostering deep relationships among our members and encouraging us towards holy living.

Living Jewishly for the purpose of improving the world and improving ourselves is a little bit counter-cultural, and not particularly easy. It takes the encouragement and support of a strong community – your synagogue community – for it to be successful and long-lasting. I personally feel that this is Judaism’s “secret sauce” that has allowed us to not only survive but thrive for 3,000 years. Please join the effort to keep TBT at the forefront of growing a strong Jewish community. Please give generously to our Annual Campaign when you receive that letter or phone call.

Yes we can all volunteer individually at a local charity, but how much more of an impact can we make when we organize a mega-event with 27 area non-profits, energizing teams of members to engage in new ways of helping? We can all individually learn to read Hebrew, but what kind of memories can we create when we involve a group of teens in chanting from a Torah on Yom Kippur afternoon which was literally rescued from the Holocaust? We can all shop online for a book about Jewish ethics and read it by ourselves, but how much more inspirational is it when our clergy is teaching the material in stimulating and provoking ways, and our fellow classmates are motivating us to apply it in our lives?


Harlan Graiser, President

The Tree of Life The Tree of Life is a constant reminder of the happy events that touch our lives and the lives of our family and friends.

Commemorate births, b’nai mitzvah, anniversaries, graduations, achievements and other milestones by adding an inscribed leaf to our Tree of Life. Season after season, the leaf will keep the joy and memories of your simcha in the hearts and minds of those who shared in the celebration. You may purchase a leaf for $180. Click here for the order form 4

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Congregational Learning - Susan Cosden So long as still within The inmost heart A Jewish spirit sings, So long as the eye looks eastward, Gazing toward Zion, our hope is not lost – The hope of two millennia, To be a free people in our land, The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

The role of community in a learning experience, what do you think it should be and what weight would you give the role of community in your vision for learning? The role of the learner in setting learning goals, what do you think that role should be and what weight would you give this question in your vision of Jewish learners and learning in your congregation? Whether and how Jewish learning should be grounded in Jewish texts, what do you think should be the role of text and what weight would you give this question in your congregation’s vision for learning? What factors inspire and support Jewish learning over a lifetime? If you are interested in this process, we hope you will join us at one of the feedback events we hope to announce shortly where we will be gathering more feedback on this working document. If you have opinions of areas you would like us to explore for possible pilot programs we hope you will attend one of these upcoming feedback events. If you prefer to meet one on one, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 973-917-9294. As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I would be remiss if I did not thank the board of education, the board of trustees, our clergy, and Perri Kunofsky for all of their hard work they do every day to further our educational programs specifically and the temple in general. I would like to thank the amazingly dedicated teachers and madrichim of our religious school and ECEC for all they do for the youth of our congregation. I am thankful to partner with the talented Bobbee Griff, who does so much for the youth of TBT. I would like to thank all of our students from 1 ½ years old to 99 years old, for allowing us to be part of your Jewish journey. I would like to thank all of our parents who have entrusted us to be their partners in raising Jewish menschen. Thank you to Becky, Michelle, Lisa, Jenny, and our building team for all they do so the educational programs can run smoothly and ideally add meaning in the lives of our students of all ages. May this Thanksgiving be full of love, gratitude, and joy. L'Shalom,

-Hatikvah, The National Anthem of the State of Israel

Our board of education is in a process of re-imagining what life-long learning can look like at Temple Beth Tikvah. This process, based on Simon Sinek’s Getting to Why, has begun with our working towards having a vision, mission, and values statement for the educational programs that works within Temple Beth Tikvah’s vision and mission statement. Once this statement is finalized, it will be used to guide our decisions as we begin to envision our educational programs for the next 30 years of our synagogue’s history. This journey we have taken together since July has included not only the board of education but also the board of trustees, the teachers, and our tenth – twelfth grade students in Confirmation and Kivunim. Once we have a working draft of this document we hope to include other stakeholders of our educational programs including parents of our ECEC and religious school, more of our youth, participants in our adult education programs, and participants in our senior luncheons. As a board of education, we have examined other vision statements, such as Hatikvah, along with documents about what makes a good vision/mission/values statement to determine what characteristics we want in our statement. We have explored how the board of trustees, teachers, teens, and our committee would answer the following questions, based on our own opinions and readings that were shared on the subjects: The relationship between Jewish learning and Jewish living, what role do you think it should play and what weight do you give this question in your vision for learning?

Susan Cosden, RJE

B’nai Mitzvah Jeremy Schilstra will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on November 4, 2017. Jeremy is the son of Caryn Schilstra and Mets Schilstra. He has two older brothers, Mark and Daniel. Jeremy is a 7th grader at Elkins Pointe Middle School where he is an honor roll student. He loves playing soccer and especially goalkeeper for Georgia Rush Select Team. Jeremy is looking forward to sharing this occasion with his family and friends.

Joshua Kinoshita will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on November 18, 2017. Joshua is in eighth grade at Crabapple Middle School where he is involved in the drama program and in orchestra as a violinist. He has many hobbies, including tennis, board-gaming with his family, karaoke and playing video games. At the Roswell Budokan Center, Joshua has been studying Aikido since he was 5, and is on his way to earning a black belt by the time he is 16. He hopes to become more involved in NFTY events and youth group in the coming years. Joshua is learning a great deal through his Bar Mitzvah project: A cross-cultural study of the Japanese and Jewish people, in order to learn more about his heritage. Seth Kinoshita will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on November 18, 2017. Seth is in the eighth grade at Crabapple Middle School where he plays violin in the orchestra and is an active member of drama. His hobbies include singing, reading, tennis, writing, playing video games, running, golf, and playing board games with his family. Seth has enjoyed many NFTY events and plans to attend more in the future as he continues his Jewish journey. At 16, Seth will have been practicing Aikido for 11 years and will have earned his black belt. He has learned much about his heritage, both Japanese and Jewish, through his cross-cultural Bar Mitzvah project. News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah


Film and Discussion “COMPLICIT” The untold story of why the Roosevelt Administration denied safe haven to Jewish refugees

Saturday, November 11 7:00 pm Havdallah Refreshments will be served Admission: canned soup donation

Special Guest Ruth Ann Kalish, Phd, Producer of award winning film COMPLICIT Join us for this special screening of award winning film COMPLICIT. The film examines the refusal of Cuba, the US and Canada to grant safe haven to the Jewish refugees on board the luxury liner, SS. St Louis, which carried 937 men, women, and children seeking freedom from Nazi persecution in 1939. This act became a symbol of the world’s indifference to the terrorism of Jews in Europe by the Nazi regime. This film’s timeless message demonstrates that wherever anti-Semitism has gone unchecked, the persecution of others has been present or not far behind. (film 61 minutes) 6

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Youth HOTTY (9-12th Grade)

TBT Younger Youth Groups


What’s happening for K-8th graders???

What a great month it has been and what a great month and year we have ahead! Hi my name is Abby Limor and I am Hotty's Freshman Representative. This past month I had the honor of working with an amazing committee to plan HOTTY’s first event of the year, Chopped! The participants had lots of fun cooking three courses and competing against their fellow HOTTYites. The event was a huge success! We also had a great time at the Atlanta United game on October 22nd. I’m so excited for this month’s Social Action Day trip and also the HOTTY led Shabbat service. Thanks so much again for a great start to the year, HOTTY! - Abby Limor, 9th grade representative of HOTTY Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events:

December 10 - City-wide Quidditch Game @ Temple Emanu-El (Gesher 3rd-5th Grade) If you need help carpooling, please let Bobbee or one of the parent volunteers know. Bonim: Jenni ( & Lesly (

November 8 – Joint TYG HOTTY Lounge Night (with KEFTY and RAFTY) November 12 – Social Action Day Trip November 17 – Shabbat Dinner & HOTTY led Congregational Services December 6 – HOTTY Lounge Night December 9 – Broomball & Latke-in Lock-in

Gesher: Jenn ( & Jamie ( NFTY678: Meredith (, Kara ( & Michele ( Make sure to join our TBT YOUTH Facebook Page to stay-up-to date on what’s happening for your younger kiddos! Want more info about the youth groups at TBT? Contact Bobbee at: or (303) 981–2356

Join the HOTTY Facebook Page ( TBT.HOTTY/) and check out the HOTTY website: to stay up-to-date on what's happening and to RSVP for HOTTY events! Join our Remind101 text updates: text @826ef3 to 81010.

Not only are there multiple ways to receive financial aid (see below), but there are also ways to budget effectively. My husband and I often remark to each other that we Next summer will be the seventh year my oldest son leaves would never spend $10,000 on a vacation for ourselves. home for three and a half weeks to attend Camp Coleman, And we personally decided to put off that kitchen or a Jewish overnight camp located in the North Georgia bathroom remodel for a few years so we could afford Mountains. It will be the fourth year for my youngest. Many camp. Each and every one of us make choices based on of my friends – both Jewish and non-Jewish – think it’s what is most important to us – there is no right or wrong. crazy. But, there are choices to be made. And, personally, Jewish “How can you send summer camp is the right one for our family - with just a them away for so few small sacrifices. long?” — “It’s crazy expensive – I don’t Going to Camp Can be a Reality - Caryn Schilstra know how you afford This past summer, my oldest two sons went to one session it.” — “My kid would at Six Points Sports Academy for their 5th and 6th never be able to be summers, while my youngest went to one session at Camp away from home for Coleman for his 3rd summer. Sleep-away camp is a priority that length of time. Plus, I would miss them too much.” to me. I was fortunate to go for 8 weeks to a camp in New There are other responses, too, but these are the most Hampshire when I was a kid. I don’t know how my parents typical. And I understand each and every one of these did it. It is expensive, but if you make the effort to pay as concerns, with the most common one being around much as you can, and ask for help from your family (if finances. possible), Federation, the camp and the synagogue are Jewish overnight camp is expensive. For families on a here to help! budget, the sticker shock is real. But the experience for Everyone has a different story. I always thought I made too our children is also priceless. The things my kids have much money to receive help…. But life doesn’t always go learned about themselves at camp, the bonds they have as planned. For me, it was a divorce and a job elimination. made with other Jewish kids, and the level of confidence they have gained in trying new things cannot be measured Asking for help wasn’t easy…. But at the end of the day, having my boys go to camp was more important to me. in dollars. Please reach out to Federation, TBT, and check out your I recognize that sending your children to Jewish overnight camp’s website for details. You don’t know the help you camp is a personal choice and for some, it isn’t the right can receive unless you ask! It’s worth it for your kids- it will one. But, I would encourage those who are overwhelmed or stymied simply by the financial obligation to re-evaluate. be experiences and life-long friends they will cherish forever!

Why I Pay for Jewish Overnight Camp Danielle Rubenstein


Financial Assistance for JEWISH SUMMER CAMP is available! The Atlanta Jewish Federation offers One Happy Camper Incentives and Needs-Based Financial Assistance. Federation's Needs-Based Financial Assistance program helps families in metro Atlanta with the cost of camp tuition. Camp scholarships are based on financial need and awarded by the scholarship review committee as part of an anonymous review and allocation process. Their Needs-Based Financial Assistance application has launched and is now available! Please visit their website to apply: The first- and second-year One Happy Camper Incentives provide up to $1,000 off the cost of camps. All children attending camp for the first time, regardless of need, are

eligible to apply, including day school students. Incentives are issued on a first-come, first-served basis Important Dates: Federation Needs-Based Financial Assistance (rolling deadlines) November 30 December 31 January 31 Final deadline to apply: March 2

TBT Scholarship Application Due: December 15 (Contact

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah




Wednesday 1

12th of Heshvan 5778

Thursday 2

13th of Heshvan 5778

Friday 3

14th of Heshvan 5778

Saturday 4

15th of Heshvan 5778

Family Promise

Family Promise

Family Promise

Family Promise

HOTTY - Board Meeting 7:00pm

Mindful Meditation Field Trip 5:00pm

Oneg 6:00pm

Tot Shabbat 9:00am

Ruach Shabbat Service 6:30pm

Shabbat Service Schilstra Bar Mitzvah 10:00am

Photography Affinity Group Meeting 7:00 pm

The Rabbi's Table 12:30pm Foodies Chavurah Dinner 7:00pm


16th of Heshvan, Daylight Saving Time Ends Family Promise

Religious School 9:30am Adult "Ben/Bat Torah" Preparation Class 10:00am Knit and Nosh 10:00am


17th of Heshvan 5778

ECEC Parent/Teacher Conferences 9:00am


18th of Heshvan, Election Day

Religious School 5:00pm


19th of Heshvan 5778


20th of Heshvan 5778

HOTTY - Youth Lounge Night 6:00pm

10 21st of Heshvan 5778 Shabbat Service w/ Choir honoring Veterans 8:00pm

BOE Meeting 7:00pm


22nd of Heshvan, Veterans Day

Shabbat Service 10:00am - 12:00pm The Rabbi's Table 12:30pm

Screening of the Film "Complicit" with Lecture by Dr. Ruth Kalish, PhD. 7:00pm

Kesher, Confirmation, Kivunim 6:45pm Family Anonymous 7:00pm

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta Front Porch Listening Forum 1:00pm

12 23rd of Heshvan 5778

13 24th of Heshvan 5778

Religious School 9:30am 6th Grade Family Ed "Becoming" Part 1 10:00am

Living with a Broken Heart; Bereavement & Loss Support Group 11:00am

Adult "Ben/Bat Torah" Preparation Class 10:00am

Senior Luncheon 12:00pm

Sisterhood - Mah Jongg 10:00am Teacher Training 12:15pm & 1:45pm

14 25th of Heshvan 5778

15 26th of Heshvan 5778

Religious School 5:00pm

16 27th of Heshvan 5778

17 28th of Heshvan 5778

18 29th of Heshvan 5778

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service at TKE 7:00pm

ECEC Family Shabbat - Thanksgiving Potluck 12:00pm

Shabbat Service Kinoshita B'nai Mitzvah 10:00am

Board of Trustee Meeting 7:30pm

HOTTY - Shabbat Dinner 5:30pm

The Rabbi's Table 12:30pm

Oneg 6:00pm

Shabbat Hike 3pm

Kesher & Confirmation 6:45pm

HOTTY Led Shabbat Service 6:30pm

Family Anonymous 7:00pm

HOTTY - Social Action Day Trip 2:00pm


1st of Kislev 5778

No Religious School


2nd of Kislev 5778


3rd of Kislev 5778


4th of Kislev 5778

Cobb & Fulton County Schools Closed No ECEC

Cobb & Fulton County Schools Closed

Cobb & Fulton County Schools Closed

No Monday Night Classes



Living with a Broken Heart; Bereavement & Loss Support Group 11:00am


5th of Kislev, Thanksgiving Day

Cobb & Fulton County Schools Closed No ECEC

No Religious School

TBT Offices Closed

Family Anonymous 7:00pm


8th of Kislev 5778

No Religious School


9th of Kislev 5778

Living with a Broken Heart; Bereavement & Loss Support Group 11:00am Kesher, Confirmation, Kivunim 6:45pm


10th of Kislev 5778


11th of Kislev 5778

Religious School 5:00pm


12th of Kislev 5778

Officers Meeting 7:30pm

Family Anonymous 7:00pm



6th of Kislev 5778

Cobb & Fulton County Schools Closed No ECEC TBT Offices Closed

Shabbat Service 8:00pm


7th of Kislev 5778

Shabbat Service 10:00am

For more information about any of the programs, please visit

Rabbi’s Table: Parashat HaShavuah - Rabbi Shuval-Weiner Saturdays at 12:30 pm - Learn more about how our understanding of Torah has evolved and how it still provides meaning and purpose for our lives today. Tai Chi - Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10:30 AM Living with a Broken Heart

A Bereavement and Loss Support Group Mondays from 11 am - 12:30 pm 11/13 through 12/18 Led by Nicole Albert, LPC, this support and therapy group is for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, and exploring together the “new normal” of life in their absence. Free to TBT members (donations welcome) $25 per session for non-members

RSVP to Michelle at


Susan Cosden

Monday, November 13th at 12:00 pm

Happy Are Those Who Dwell in Thy House

Potluck Dairy Meal

RSVP to Natine at

Thursday, November 2nd

SHABBAT HIKE Saturday, November 18th at 3 pm Contact Joan for location

Photography Group Meeting

Bridge Group Meets at 1:00 pm on the first and third Thursdays of the month

7:00 pm

November 2nd and 16th


Contact Bonnie at for more info

November 1st


News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Greetings from Sisterhood! We are in full swing now and are happy to have you along! October happenings included a great morning playing Mah Jongg, a very scary ghost tour and delightful dinner, a productive Knit and Nosh session, and a knowledgeable trivia night at Battle of the Sisterhoods, sponsored by the Cohen Home. As you can see Sisterhood has certainly been busy with diverse happenings. Many thanks shout out to Elisa Siegel, Jamie Burak, Terry Carasick, and the Cohen Home for organizing and leading these events respectively. We encourage you to get involved, help us plan an event, suggest an idea, and keep us going! Our programming focuses on social, educational, social action, and cross generational interests. Sisterhood is a great way to become involved in temple and meet fellow members. Our next committee meeting will be in December; the date will be announced soon. Please join us for our next session of Knit and Nosh, Sunday, November 5th, 10 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12 p.m. in the conference room. Bring your yarn and needles or crotchet hook as we continue to make warm scarves for homeless women sheltered at Shearith Israel Night Shelter. Beginners welcome. Our next Mah Jongg Morning is Sunday, November 12th, 10 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12 p.m. in the oneg room. Please RSVP and bring a set if you can. Beginners are always welcome to learn this fascinating game of strategy and luck. See you soon,

Robin Bledsoe , Sisterhood Chair


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Welcome to the TBT Family!!

Potluck or other Non-Catered Events TBT affirms our commitment to observance of the Kashrut (dietary guidelines) for all formal and informal synagogue events. By following these simple guidelines and principles, we can be assured that all members of our community are able to fully participate in the beautiful and sacred experience of sharing our meals and blessings.

Pete and Stacy Nathan

1. Food items may be vegetarian, dairy, or fish (including tuna fish and egg dishes) but may not contain meat or seafood (shellfish, un-kosher fish, etc.) ingredients of any kind or in any amount.

Jay and Hugh Marietta, GA

2. Prepare sufficient amounts of entrĂŠe, salads, or side dishes to feed ten adults.

Boris and Lindsay Garbuz

Eva and Max

3. Food items must be served in disposal containers so nothing is left at TBT.

Marietta, GA

4. Please take your leftovers, utensils, and containers home with you.

Welcome Back to :

5. If you have any questions relating to these guidelines contact Rabbi Shuval-Weiner or the TBT office.

Maddy Kallman Atlanta, GA

For more information about Kashrut and specific listings of kosher and non-kosher food go to Kosher 101.

The Madans/Janes Family Dave and I joined TBT before the birth of our first son and have had the honor of having my sibling, parents and several cousins become members of TBT with us. All four of my parents' grandchildren became a bar mitzvah at Temple Beth Tikvah. My definition of religion is synonymous with family and I am proud to say we have had three generations of active community members. Growing up, my parents were active members of their synagogue and after joining us at TBT, my dad continued his commitment to the Jewish community and volunteered for the Sunshine committee. Our children, Jacob and Nathan, were enthusiastic members of the junior choir. I was on the BOE and assisted in planning a multitude of activities including the High Holiday Experience, 5th & 6th grade retreats, Purim Carnivals and even teaching Sunday School, while Dave was an active volunteer for all the programs I was involved with. We have been so blessed to be a part of such an open and welcoming community under such dedicated leadership. We are honored to stand with so many multi-generational families of TBT. 11

Donations Annual Campaign Sandy and Nancy Simon in memory of Marion Simon and Rudolph Simon Michael and Audrey Gordon in memory of Sidney Nathan Weiner Linda Bergman in appreciation of Sharon and Peter Jedel Ellen Frank in memory of Lucille Falkof and in memory of Sidney Weiner Ellen Frank in memory of Barry Feinberg David and Christine Toltzis in memory of Harris Simons Building Fund Andy Berke and Family in memory of Stanley Berke Andy Berke and Family in memory of Gloria Berke Cantor Kassel’s Discretionary Fund John and Mindy Ward in honor of Cantor Kassel Michael Lipsitt in memory of Robert Lipsitt Jerry and Marcy Kaufman in memory of Joselyn Berg Leslie Swichkow in appreciation of Cantor Kassel Aaron and Amy Frank in honor of Lily Frank's Bat Mitzvah Joel and Kathleen Schoenblum in memory of Duane S. Rutte Andy and Marci Fried in memory of Fred Singer and in memory of Ruth Fried

Bruce and Bonnie Walkes in memory of Murray Wixman and Anna Mangen Jerome and Margie Cohen in memory of Ben Cohen Julie Perlson in appreciation of Rabbi Shuval-Weiner for the beautiful and meaningful unveiling service performed in memory of Helaine Buchwald Gloria and Family Aaron and Amy Frank in honor of Lily Frank's Bat Mitzvah Brad Sapir & Sarah Dunn in appreciation of High Holy Day aliyah Cary Goldenthal and Lori Shapiro in memory of Sidney Nathan Weiner Peter and Traci Hartog in memory of Sidney Weiner The Chai and Mighty Chavurah in memory of Sidney Weiner Seth and Ellen Zimmer in memory of Sidney Weiner Mike and Kathy Levin in memory of Sid Weiner and in appreciation of High Holy Day honor Sheryl Blechner in memory of Sidney Weiner Andy and Marci Fried in memory of Fred Singer and in memory of Ruth Fried Ronald and Leslie Swichkow in memory of Sidney Weiner and in appreciation of the meaningful High Holy Day services Michelle Leder in memory of Sidney Weiner

Phyllis Madans in memory of Ira Madans and Leonard Madans Ronald and Leslie Swichkow in appreciation of the meaningful Tom and Patti Seibold in memory of Lawrence Gelb High Holy Day services Waldman Family in memory of Sylvia Waldman Ronald and Leslie Swichkow in honor of Cantor Kassel and Shirley Plotkin, Chuck, Jon and Hal in memory of Phyllis Madans in memory of Ira Madans and Leonard Madans Rose Trucker Todd and Rachel Wilson in memory of Sidney Weiner and in Todd and Rachel Wilson in appreciation of High Holy Day appreciation of High Holy Day honors honors the Choir for the beautiful music during the holy days

Rosalind Taranto in memory of Abram Pomerance

Robert and Ellen Rickles in memory of Sidney Nathan Weiner

Caring/Kehillat Chesed Fund Ronald and Leslie Swichkow in memory of Elizabeth Hodes Douglas Wexler in memory of Delores Wexler

Rabbi Tam’s Discretionary Fund Max and Carol Wolf in memory of Isaac Jacob Wolf

Endowment Fund Hadley and Lisa Lowy in memory of Bea Lowy General Fund Gilbert and Ellen Ludwig in memory of Fred Stern Joseph and Waynah Dunn in appreciation of their High Holy Day aliyah Nadine Duhaney in honor of the new year Gilbert and Ellen Ludwig in memory of Sidney Nathan Weiner Rabbi Shuval-Weiner’s Discretionary Fund Bruce and Carol Waldman in memory of Arthur Pollak Carole Crenshaw in memory of Sally Eisman Joseph and Waynah Dunn in memory of Wayne Milligan Carol Lipinsky in memory of Helaine Lipinsky

Hassia Levin Religious School Fund Scott and Lisa Morchower and Family in memory of Beverly Robertson Tikkun Olam Fund Ben and Amy Tolchinsky in appreciation of Rabbi Shuval-Weiner Torah Fund Morray and Susan Scheinfeld in memory of Blanche Snitzer Jonathan and Joan Marks in memory of Sidney Weiner Youth Group Fund In memory of June Restler, from her neighbors in Potterstone (donations processed through 10/18)


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In Memoriam Temple Beth Tikvah acknowledges with sorrow the passing of: Sidney Nathan Weiner Father of Jay Weiner

June Wallach Sylvia Schwartz

Lois Malkin

Mother of Bill Schwartz

Leslie Swichkow

Marcia Zarett

Marsha McMurrain

Mother of Meredith Paulin

Aaron Stieglitz

Alice Hirsch Sister of Steve Berman

May God console you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

We Must Know Before We Can Respond If you are grieving or struggling with illness, or if you are celebrating a birth or a new love, we want to be there. That’s what community’s all about, that’s what family’s all about. Let us know how we can support you or anyone else in our community by calling Michelle, clergy assistant , at 770-642-0434 13

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Synagogue Information Synagogue Office Fax Number School Office (Perri) Assistant to Clergy Financial Secretary Admin. Assistant Office Manager

- 770-642-0434 - 770-642-0647 - 770-642-4168 - Michelle Leder - Jenny Korsen - Lisa Singer - Becky Sullivan

Planning a simcha or group gathering? The Tam-Blank Social Hall is the Place to Be. For more information on renting our Social Hall, contact the synagogue office at 770-642-0434.

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

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Nov 2017 Kol Tikvah  

Temple Beth Tikvah, Roswell GA

Nov 2017 Kol Tikvah  

Temple Beth Tikvah, Roswell GA