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May 2014 • Volume 28 • Issue 5

A Reform Congregation Embracing Our Jewish Tradition

CONFIRMATION May 2nd at 7:30 pm Please join with friends and family as 15 of our young adults continue to affirm their commitment to the Jewish people Page 3

Senior Rabbinic Transition Update Page 6

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

It Isn’t About the Kids One of the things that I encounter most is when folks of a certain age choose to disengage from a synagogue community and say, “my kids are grown and I don’t need it anymore.” On the other end of the spectrum are the comments of our long-time congregants who continue to support and sustain our Jewish community, but believe helping out and volunteering are for “the new – the younger generation.” How is it that the synagogue in America has been seen as so narrowly focused? Is it our emphasis on the Bar Mitzvah? It is clear that the majority of American Jews connect to synagogues when it is time to enroll a child? The overwhelming majority of America’s Jews are members of synagogues at some point of their lives, but only about a third of us are synagogue members at any one time. I think that there are many factors that have contributed to this idea. Regardless of what they are, it isn’t healthy – not for our People and not for ourselves. The synagogue is the central address for Jewish life, other than one’s home. If it is left to the young parents to lead, then an entire segment (and a growing population of older adults) of our community will feel left out. The same is true if it is only run by our more senior members – the voices of our younger members and families will not be present. Yet, what I believe is even more important than a voice at the leadership table is the fact that we are all spiritual beings. We all have been given a soul that needs to be nourished in order for us to stay healthy. You have often heard me share how I believe that it is so easy to become distracted and focus on things that might not necessarily be so essential. Focusing on our spiritual sides, looking towards the holy can keep us grounded, generous and grateful. Sacred Aging is something all of us can encounter. Throughout our lives, we do have different needs – physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. We are all getting older and we all face questions about meaning in our lives. We can’t only think the Jewish community or synagogues are only about the kids in our schools (and you know how devoted I am to our youth!). If that was the case, then we foster a pediatric Judaism. A sacred community involves people of all ages who offer their gifts – learning in community, prayer, spiritual growth, volunteering to help one another, volunteering to help those outside of our community. We all have gifts to give and they all matter. Remember the purpose of a synagogue – to be a house of prayer / beit t’filah, a house of learning / beit midrash, and a house of gathering / beit Knesset. According to Harry Moody in Five Stages of the Soul, spiritual journeys of mature adults can be compelling because we have achieved some life experience and are able to understanding our personal histories; we get a panoramic view – we see where we have been and have a clearer picture of what is in store for us; we are able to discern a pattern to our past and perhaps identify a meaningful goal; we need to be grounded when disability or illness strikes; and we are more prepared to engage in practical and existential questions about life and death. Yes, synagogue communities must be responsive and welcoming to our families with young children and teens. It is critical. But we cannot – ever – cast away our seniors or our empty nesters. They, too have gifts to give, perhaps different than our families with young children. They have wisdom to share. Their needs matter. And a true sacred community is a community for all – not just the kids. So the next time you hear that “it is the next generation’s turn” or “we don’t need a temple any more…” consider these words. Make the case for a shared endeavor in covenant with a community, our people and with God. We never cease being a Jew and a being engaged in a Jewish community is about much more than membership. It is about covenant. It is about doing our part. It is about pursuing the holy. Rabbi Fred Greene 2

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Notes from Cantor Kassel Often, before composing my monthly bulletin article, I glance at my own calendar to see what is on the horizon. May 2014 (1 Iyar – 2 Sivan) includes: In the life of the synagogue: Confirmation (May 2); the last day of Religious School; three weekends of B’nei Mitzvah; two weddings; one conversion; Shabbat Experience (May 9); Board Mtg., Ritual Committee Meeting, (among others) and our ANNUAL Meeting (May 18) In the Hebrew calendar: Rosh Chodesh (new Hebrew month) Iyar (May 1) and Sivan (May 30); Yom Hazikaron (May 5) – Israel’s Day of Remembrance; Yom Ha’atzmaut (May 6) – Israel’s Independence Day; Lag Ba-Omer (May 18) – 33 Day of counting between Pesach and Shavuot; Yom Yerushalayim (May 28) – day to commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control following the 6 Day War In the ‘secular’ calendar: Mother’s Day (May 11) and Memorial Day (May 26) We’ve heard of “the calm before the storm” but May seems to be, on some level, the storm before the calm... of summer. My initial reaction to glancing at what the month of May holds in store is to panic. How will it all get done? What will have to give here in order to take from there? What could I possibly do to feel like I’m doing more than just getting through each day, each week? Two things come to mind: pay more attention to my breathing and make the most of the weekly gift of Shabbat. The latter is a reflection of the former. When we pay more attention to our breathing, our focus and intention benefit. When we pause for Shabbat at the end of each week we have the space to appreciate that on which we’ve put our focus and intention. NISHMAT CHAYIM…….. the breath of life. It deserves our attention.

Confirmation Friday, May 2 at 7:30 pm Mazel Tov to the confirmands and their families Adam Aaronson, son of Julie and Andy Aaronson

Jacob Korshak, son of Karen and Jack Korshak

Bryan Berger, son of Patty and Gordon Berger

Jeremy Lutz, son of Nancy and Dennis Lutz

Harry Diamond, son of Karolyn Diamond-Jones and Greg Jones

Emma Peters, daughter of Kimberly and Bradley Peters

William Diamond, son of Karolyn Diamond-Jones and Greg Jones

Jacob Peterson, son of Sheyla and Gary Peterson

Adam Estroff, son of Susan and Neal Estroff

Emily Restler, daughter of Dahlia and John Restler

Benjamin Goldenthal, son of Lori Shapiro and Cary Goldenthal

Madeline Schwartz, daughter of Maria and Bart Schwartz

Elyssa Goldman, daughter of Roberta and Marshall Goldman

Samantha Staviss, daughter of Susan and Richard Staviss

Allie Goodman, daughter of Alissa and Cliff Kendel


News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Annual Congregational Meeting For a few weeks, I have tried to come up with a catchy article that might convince you to attend our 2014 Annual TBT Congregational Meeting that will be held on May 18th at 9:30 am. There are some congregants that really don’t need convincing as they “religiously” come every year. Many others, perhaps you, have never come and probably think it might be a waste of a Sunday morning. I am here to convince you otherwise. So in the theme of David Letterman or, for those older readers, Johnny Carson, I will give you my top 10 reasons to make your plans to attend. 10) You may see friends you haven’t seen since Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur. 9) Someone else will be responsible for your kids for a couple of hours as we have free babysitting for kids ages 18 months to 5 years old and a movie for elementary school kids. 8) You could win a nifty tech prize if you participate in the raffle. 7) You will be treated to the beautiful voices of our adult and junior choirs. 9) You will hear about the financial condition of our synagogue as well as the annual report on our endowment fund. 8) You will hear about the capital projects we have on the horizon.

7) You will hear annual remarks from Rabbi Greene and myself. 6) You will hear about several proposed changes to our constitution and vote on them. 5) You will hear about our next year’s budget and vote on it. 4) You will be fed a continental breakfast including homemade treats by some wonderful cooks. 3) You will hear an update on the progress of our Rabbinic Search. 2) You will share a few hours together with our community and your friends. 1) You WILL be part of the process. TBT and I need you there to ensure that we have a quorum and our business can be properly completed. Please sign up at so we can order the proper amount of food and have adequate staff for your kids. I am certain you will find it rewarding to participate in our annual meeting. I continue to be humbled to serve our great community and look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting. L’Shalom

Ron Swichkow

Early Childhood Education Center Another wonderful school year is coming to a close. It seems just like yesterday that we were welcoming back old students and comforting new ones. Now, all of the children walk down the hallways with their heads held high and smiles beaming from their cute faces. The children of the ECEC spent their school year immersed in Jewish learning, making friends and having fun. I would like to thank the ECEC teachers: Sheri Baker, Lisa Garris, Deborah Greene, Alicia Hirsch, Lisa Laudicina, Rhonda Povlot, Maria Schwartz, Martyne Seidband, Linda Siegel, Ellisa Vitulli, Rachel Wilson and Robyn Shippel for their hard work and dedication. These ladies are the backbone of the school, and we are so lucky to have them all as part of our family. Thank you all for another successful school year! I would also like to thank Jill Mattos and the Board of Education, as well as Ron Swichkow and the Board of Trustees for their hard work and support. These leaders are invaluable to our school and their time and dedication are greatly appreciated. I would like to thank Rabbi Greene and Cantor Kassel for their support, participation and guidance that they provide us all throughout the year. We are so lucky to have you! Finally, I would like to thank the ECEC’s Parents Group and all of our ECEC families for their dedication, loyalty and support of our school. Your thoughtfulness and kindness helped provide the Zaban Shelter with meals, JF&CS with food, adopt a NFCC family for the holidays, show appreciation to our teachers and assisted the teachers in providing quality class programs. The ECEC is so lucky to have such warm and wonderful parents and families, and we thank you for sharing your most precious treasure with us. We are still accepting registration for both summer camp and the 2014-2015 school year! If you or someone you know would like to come see all of the great things going in our school, please do not hesitate to contact me at 678-350-0076 or

Jenifer Friedman, Early Childhood Director 4

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Educator’s Message What a wonderful and rewarding year we have had. Looking back we have done many exciting and wonderful things in our school. Listed below are a few highlights of our learning and activities. We attended Tefilah on Sunday mornings and learned the prayers and lots of songs with the Rabbi and the Cantor. We learned about our customs and traditions and attended graded Shabbats. We made a travelling Shabbat journal that rotated through our homes and made personal Shabbat boxes. Some of our kids had a wonderful sleepover at the Synagogue and then had a fun filled day at the JCC. We created lots of artwork, made puppets and Hamsa sun catchers. We worked with other classes to create lots of craft projects. We created props and costumes for all the assemblies. History is very important to us, it is a big part of who we are today. Discussions were held on where Jews are living today and how they got there. We learned about Jewish heroes and found out that many people we see on TV and in movies are Jewish. While in class we were called by our Hebrew names. Very often we broke into small groups to learn and read stories. We acted out plays using our Sedra Scenes books, read bible stories and learned how they relate to our lives today. Several types of memory games were made using Hebrew and English words. Lots of trees were made that had pictures of our families. Our 6 th graders had mock weddings, learned about divorces, Brit Mila, Bnei Mitzvahs and more as part of their studies about the life cycle. Holidays are so special in our school. We celebrate and learn about holidays in different and unique ways. We do this by doing arts and crafts, eating different foods and engaging in lots of activities. On Rosh Hashanah we ate apples and honey; for Chanukah we had latkes, applesauce and gelt; we wear costumes for Purim and eat hamentashen and we did activity stations for Passover. As part of our Holocaust studies we learned about anti Semitism, we used the computer lab to do research and worked with our Madrichim. We went to the Bremen for a field trip and heard from some amazing people there. We watched a play by the Georgia Ensemble Theatre “And Then They Came For Me; The Anne Frank Story”. We painted rocks with children’s names that perished in the Holocaust for Yom Hashoah. Mitzvah is a big part of our daily life in TBT. We learned about mitzvah and learned about treating others with respect. We discussed the difference between right and wrong and saw presentations on bullying. The kids brought in tzedakah weekly and were part of deciding where the money was sent. We are constantly teaching the students to do good deeds. Israel is a big part of our study. We traveled to Israel with pretend passports and learned about the country. We created a TBT Knesset – the students had personal histories, religious beliefs and opportunities to convince the other students to vote for their causes. Our kids took part in a Memorial Day ceremony for the Israeli soldiers that was very powerful. On the last Sunday of the year we had a big celebration for Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day). We ended the day with Maccabiah games and lunch. I’d like to send a special thank you to Rabbi Greene and Cantor Kassel for their involvement in our school. A good school can not run without the amazing help provided by our dedicated volunteers. I’d like to thank our Board of Education, led by Jill Mattos for their endless support throughout the year. Thanks to our Bagel Volunteers, it’s not easy to get up early on a Sunday morning; we are so grateful for their support and dedication. I would like to thank the Men’s Club for providing water to our thirsty kids. Last but not least, I want to thank my assistant, Perri Kunofsky for her dedication and hard work. She puts her heart into the small details so that our school can run so beautifully. What an amazing year we have had. I can’t believe the school year is over. It is so exciting to see all the registration packets coming in. I can’t wait until we can implement our new programs and ideas next school year. Have a relaxing and safe summer.

Hassia 5

The Religious School is in need of a full size refrigerator. If you are purchasing a new one for your home and would like to donate the old one to our school, please contact the school at 770.642.4168 or send an email to

Senior Rabbinic Transition Update Why Rabbinic Search Focus Groups? The purpose is to get feedback from the congregation on what characteristics and skills we would like to see in our next Senior Rabbi, and to understand how the congregation views key opportunities and challenges, in order to provide the best picture of our community for potential candidates.

Search Committee: (1) they represent all demographic areas of synagogue life and (2) they will be able to work well together as a team. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage each of you to attend one or more of the scheduled focus groups. Your participation in a Focus Group insures your voice will be heard. You can sign up for one of the focus group meetings by going to rabbinic-search-committee-focus-groups. You can also reach out to either of the committee chairs, any of the committee members, as well as myself.

The goal is to give everyone who wants to participate a voice in shaping the job description and search criteria for our new Senior Rabbi. Please go to the Beth Tikvah website or call the office to sign up for participation in one of the remaining Focus Group opportunities.

Please keep abreast of the progress of the committee by regularly checking the Rabbinic Transition Update blog on the Beth Tikvah website. I want to thank all of you for your support and words of encouragement over the last few months. Ron Swichkow, President

Monday, May 5: 7:30-9:30pm Tuesday, May 6: 7:30-9:30pm

Sheryl Blechner and Steve Gerson Co-Chairs, Rabbinic Search Committee

Committee Members Sheryl Blechner & Steve Gerson, Co-Chairs

Rabbinic Search Committee Members Announced On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am very pleased to announce the members of our Rabbinic Search Committee. With over 45 names submitted for consideration, it was quite a daunting task to pare those requests down to our 18 maximum committee members. I am confident that this group fulfills two important requirements of a Rabbinic

Michael Braun Neal Estroff Katie Jaffe Karen Kremer Kathy Levin

Lindsay Levin Lois Malkin Mark Mosbacher John Restler

Debra Schwartz Hedva Wiener Rachel Wilson Susan Wynne Harvey Rosenzweig Andy Zalkin Seth Zimmer

Youth Group HOTTY (9-12th Grade) What did we do this past month? On April 20th we had our HOTTY Color War at Roswell Area Park. What a fun afternoon! Our four teams competed in a series of challenges like Capture the Flag, Teamwide 3-legged races, Trivia, and a giant competitive Bunny Bunny game! After that, we elected the 2014-2015 HOTTY youth group board. We are SO PROUD of everyone who ran for a position: Zach Baker, Aaron Schwartz, Elyssa Goldman, Joey Chanin, Allie Goodman, Robby Scott, Drew Baker, Ben Goldenthal, Yael Greene, Emily Restler, Maddie Schwartz, Jacob Shippel, and Lindsey Gordon. We’re lucky to have so many awesome HOTTYites who want to be leaders in our youth group! Also in April we had a record breaking (it seems to be that way for all of our events this year!) number of HOTTYites attend NFTY-SAR Spring Kallah at Camp Coleman. All 38 of us headed up for a fun weekend together!

May 18th for a day of rides, games, and a scavenger hunt through the park! Join the HOTTY Facebook Page ( TTY/) to stay up-to-date on what's happening and to RSVP for HOTTY events!

up next:

JYG (6-8th Grade) What did we do this past month? For our last JYG event of the year, we went to Malibu Grand Prix for an afternoon of go-karting, mini-golfing, arcade games, and bumper boats. It wasn’t the warmest day, but that didn’t stop us from playing outside.

up next:

It’s not too late to attend a Jewish summer camp in Atlanta this summer! There are several great options for your kids. Need help figuring out which one is the best for your kid? Ask Adam and Bobbee! We’re happy to help you find the right program for your child for this summer. Here is a list of Rabbi Greene’s favorite summer camps: http:// Join the JYG Facebook Page (https:// to stay up-to-date on what's happening and to RSVP and help arrange carpools for events! Want more info about HOTTY or JYG? Contact Adam or Bobbee at: or (404) 228–2494.

Save the date for our last HOTTY event of the year. Come kick off the summer with us at Six Flags on 6

B’nai Mitzvah Lacie Devin Greenspan will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 10, 2014. Lacie is the daughter of Mark and Karen Greenspan. She is the granddaughter of Arlene Greenspan and Marjorie Browner-Marks. Lacie is a seventh grader at Crabapple Middle School in Roswell. She has been involved in TBT since her days at the Early Child Education Center. This is where she has made some long lasting friendships in her Jewish community. She attends religious school and proudly spends her summers at URJ Camp Coleman. Lacie swims for Swim Atlanta Roswell and is a member of the Jr. Beta Club and JYG. She loves staying active and enjoying sports, especially watching the Florida Gators!

Rebecca Torino will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 10, 2014. Rebecca is the daughter of Ann Dee and Michael Torino and the sister to Jakob. She is the granddaughter of Geri and Harry Zwerling of Roswell, GA and Mary Claire and Mike Torino of Madison, Georgia. Rebecca is an honor roll student in the seventh grade at Crabapple Middle School. Rebecca enjoys attending Camp Blue Star, playing volleyball, watching movies, writing her blog and hanging out with her friends. One of Rebecca’s mitzvah projects was collecting toiletries for the women and children at the Drake House. Rebecca is looking forward to sharing this special day with family and friends. Eric Bruckman will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on May 17, 2014. Eric is the son of Adrienne and Adam Bruckman, the brother of Ryan Bruckman, and the grandson of Sandy and Ron Cohen of Dallas, TX and Steve Bruckman of Long Island, NY. He is in the 7th grade at Mabry Middle School where he is an Honor Roll student, plays the alto saxophone in the Symphonic Band. and plays on the Junior Trojan Lacrosse team. Eric also enjoys playing basketball, wake boarding, snow skiing, and playing video games. Tobi Goodkin will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 17, 2014. Tobi is the daughter of Stacie and Aaron Goodkin and the older sister to Garrett Goodkin. Tobi is in the 7 th grade and attends Elkins Pointe Middle School where she made Superior Honor Roll for having all straight A’s. Tobi has played piano since she was five years old and also enjoys playing violin as well with the orchestra at EPMS. Tobi likes to read and loves to paint and takes very good care of her many pets. We are excited to be sharing this special day with family and friends. Nathan Janes will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on May 31, 2014. Nathan is the son of Beth & Dave Janes and brother of Jacob Janes. He is the grandson of congregants Ira & Phyllis Madans and of Mary Janes. Nathan attends Mabry Middle School where is an honor student participating in the Band and Chorus. Nathan is also an active member in the Boy Scouts and loves playing on his iPad.

Ilana Skylar Sacks will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on May 31, 2014. Ilana is the daughter of Suzanne Sacks and Todd Sacks and older sister to Josh. She is the granddaughter of Arlene Lieberfarb, Richard Lieberfarb, Ellen and Stephen Sacks and Linda Sacks, all from New York. Ilana is a 7th grade Principal’s Honor Roll student at Dodgen Middle School. She is a member of the Junior Beta Club, plays the clarinet in the school band, plays basketball and is on the Walton Jr. Select Lacrosse team. Ilana enjoys skim boarding, spending time at the beach, hanging with friends and family and loving her summers at Camp Barney. Ilana is excited about becoming a Bat Mitzvah and is looking forward to sharing this special day with her family and friends.

SHAVUOT - Celebrate the Giving and Receiving of the Torah Tuesday, June 3rd at TBT 6:30 PM – Ice Cream Sundae Shavuot Celebration 7:00 PM – Family Friendly Service in the Alterman Outdoor Chapel 8:00-ish Tikkun Leyl Shavuot – A Shavuot Study Session :

TIKKUN LEYL SHAVUOT – I WAS THERE AT SINAI, TOO! THIS IS WHAT I HEARD… Throughout history, Jews have stayed up late at night studying Torah and sacred texts to commemorate the Giving of the Torah by God on Mt. Sinai on Shavuot. We are doing the same (but not so late). Let’s look at different sources relating to how God “revealed” the Torah to our people…and then add your own commentary! News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah


Volunteer Opportunities Abound House Committee, we need additional help to manage the ever growing list of projects that the committee is simultaneously trying to manage and complete. If you have skills in building construction, facility management or maintenance and would like to be part of our very active House committee, please email Ron Swichkow ( or Ted Nathan ( Additionally, TBT is in the process of installing our newly donated state of the art phone and voice mail system. In order to make the best use of this great new tool, system setup and configuration are critical. If you are a tech savvy person and perhaps have had some experience in setting up or managing phone systems, our TBT office staff could really use your help. Please contact Becky Sullivan in our office. Fundraising committee, please don’t stop reading. The committee is looking for additional members to support this very important work. If you are someone who likes to put on and manage events, we could surely use your help. Much of the committee’s work is about communicating and promoting initiatives such as our annual campaign as well as putting on fund raising events. If you would like to offer your help to this critical committee, please call or email Ron Swichkow ( Budget & Finance Committee, we are in need of additional committed members to be able to spread the critical work of managing and forecasting our financial resources. If you are a financial professional and are willing to share your talents with the TBT community, we would love to hear from you. If interested, please email Harlan Graiser ( These are just a few of the ways that you can help. Most of our committees can use new members with fresh ideas and energy and we are always in need of Shabbat greeters. Please get involved and help support the work that strengthens the Beth Tikvah community.

Get Connected: Join a TBT Chavurah!

TBT Seniors Luncheon

Chavurot are forming NOW! Consider joining one.

Monday, May 12 at 12 PM

We have new groups for young families, single parents, empty nesters and young professionals, and there are many more possibilities for groups that might interest you!

“Jews and Judaism for the 21st century "

What's a Chavurah? A Chavurah is a circle of friends. It's a group of people with similar interests or who are in similar life stages gathering together regularly to celebrate Jewish holidays, share simchas, attend events, visit interesting places or participate in any activities that interest them. Being part of a Chavurah can enhance your experience at TBT by helping you develop a strong sense of community and deeper connections within the congregation.

Presented by Rabbi Fred Greene

Who can be part of a Chavurah? Any member of TBT! Just fill out the application and we'll help find like-minded families or people to form a group. Drop by the TBT office to pick one up, or visit to download the form.

RSVP to Natine at

What does a Chavurah do? You choose the activities you'll participate in and how often and where you meet. You might participate in holiday celebrations, adult-only social events, day trips, and charity projects. We can help you design a calendar of programs based on your group's interests. Questions? Please contact Dalia Faupel at

Submissions for the June/July Kol Tikvah are due by May 5. Please email to 8

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

JF&CS - Mother’s Day

COLLEGE CONNECTION The spring mailing of care packages to Temple Beth Tikvah’s 40 college students has just taken place. We want to let them know they’re being thought of by the community, even though they may be far away from home. Included in the packages were pens, pencils, highlighters, various candy, popcorn, Starbucks coffee packets, G2 water packets, groggers, Star of David superballs and last but certainly not least delicious Hamantaschen. A big thank you to Gail Neder, Laura (Tasha) Neder, Michelle Higgins and Rachel Bennett for their help in assembling the packages. We could not have accomplished this task without your help! Also, we could not pull this off without the assistance of the TBT office staff, Lisa Singer, Becky Sullivan and Michelle Leder. We’d also like to thank Rabbi Greene for his thoughtful words of wisdom to our students in honor of the Purim season. We know you are all busy and we so appreciate your time and energy. It is very important to keep our students connected to the Jewish community while they’re away from home. If you agree and are able and/or willing to find a sponsor to donate towards the next mailing, please let us know. Our contact information is below: Ginger Glazer ( Lynda Bennett (

Breast Cancer Survivor Group for the Jewish Community Come join our support group! The monthly support group meetings are for all interested people who have had cancer, who are going through treatment or surgeries, and / or who have been recently diagnosed, as well as for those who might have questions pertinent to breast cancer.

As mothers, we take care of our children and guide them through the many hurdles they face. We navigate their care from infancy through early adulthood in a well-designed system of school, extra-curricular activities and routine doctor visits. Along the cycle of raising our children, we begin to appreciate how our mothers may be slowing down or experiencing some concerning behaviors and/or medical conditions. We want to be there for them as they were there for us. There is, however, a huge void in a structured path for our mothers, unlike the wellknown ascension in raising children. The starting path for getting the right help and understanding services really depends on each situation. Your best friend’s mom is in a totally different place than your mom. Her mother loves going to the senior center and on outings, while your mom seems reluctant and like she wants to isolate herself. Sometimes we find ourselves needing to know the services available and what they entail. When a crisis hits, we need to know how to handle it yesterday. What would our mothers suggest? Be proactive. Find out what you need to know before you need to know it. Use your common sense. Use your relationships, and reach out to those who have the knowledge so you can be their guide as they were your’ s. Aviv Older Adult Services – Tools for Aging provides comprehensive and proactive counseling services and case management for older adults and their families. For more information, visit

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15 at 7:00 p.m. This survivor support group is sponsored by The Kehillat Chesed/Caring Committee of Temple Beth Tikvah, 9955 Coleman Rd, Roswell, 30075, who is also the host synagogue.

Happy Mother’s Day!

For further information or questions, please contact Valerie Rapowitz at or call 678-643-9672.


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

May 2014 TBT Happenings Sun








10am SOJOURN Clergy Legislative Training


6:15pm Confirmation Dinner

10am Shabbat Service

7:30pm Confirmation & Shabbat Service


9:30am Religious School (last Sunday) and Maccabiah Games

5 Yom HaAtzmaut

7pm Families Anonymous

9:30am Tai Chi

7:15pm Melton - Dramas 7:30pm Rabbinic Search Focus Group




7pm Ruach Relay for Life Meeting

5pm Religious School (last Tuesday)


Bar Mitzvah of Zachary Greenbaum 9

12pm ECEC Mom’s Tea and Shabbat

10am Shabbat Service

6:30pm Shabbat Service w/ Shabbat Experience


9:30am Tai Chi


7pm HOTTY Board Meeting and Installations

7pm Families Anonymous 7:15pm Melton - Dramas



9am Bagels, Learning & Torah

6pm Oneg

7:30pm Rabbinic Search Focus Group

12pm Seniors Luncheon

Mother’s Day


Yom Hazikaron


9am Bagels, Learning & Torah

Bat Mitzvah of Lacie Greenspan Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Torino



10am ECEC Pre-K Celebration

11:30am ECEC Picnic

9am Bagels, Learning & Torah

7pm Women's Study Group

8pm Shabbat Service w/ Choir

10am Shabbat Service

7pm Breast Cancer Survivor Group

Bar Mitzvah of Eric Bruckman Bat Mitzvah of Tobi Goodkin 5pm URJ Hineinu



9:30am Annual Congregational Meeting

7pm Families Anonymous

1pm HOTTY - Six Flags Scavenger Hunt

7:30pm Ritual Committee Meeting

7:15pm Melton - Dramas



9:30am Tai Chi 7:30pm Board of Trustees Meeting



26 Memorial Day

9:30am Tai Chi

7pm Families Anonymous

7:30m Officers Meeting


7:30pm Rabbinic Search Committee Meeting

6:30pm Shabbat Service

28 Yom Yerushalayim


6pm Oneg



9am Bagels, Learning & Torah 10am Shabbat Service


8pm Shabbat Service


9am Bagels, Learning & Torah 10am Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah of Nathan Janes Bat Mitzvah of Ilana Sacks

Congregational Meeting - Be a Part of the Process 10

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Yoga with a Jewish Twist

Will resume in August Watch for evite information or the August Kol Tikvah.


If you are interested in summer yoga classes with Pamela, contact her directly at

Temple Beth Tikvah Gift Shop

Friday, May 9 at 6:30 PM For children age 2 through 2nd grade... ...and their Parents!! Parents can attend services in the sanctuary while their children are in: BABYSITTING (children ages 2 - 4) or "CREATIVE JEWISH PROGRAMMING" (children ages Pre-K thru 2nd grade)

Starting May 1st -

50% off


almost everything in the shop!!


Graduation Information Wanted! Do you have a child graduating from High School or College? If so, we want to know about it! Please email your child’s name, school graduating from and where they will be attending next fall (if moving onto college). We will publish this news in the June/July Kol Tikvah. Please submit by May 6th.


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Donations Annual Campaign Spencer and Debra Shilling in memory of Molly Brown Lawrence and Anne Skal in honor of Rick Winer Jonathan and Rebecca Bennett in honor of the TBT Board of Trustees

Prayerbook Fund Michael and Nannette Wien in memory of Morton Schneider Sherwin and Judee Levinson in memory of Maryetta Aronow

Rabbi Greene’s Discretionary Fund Mark and Debbie Weiss in memory of Mannie Berlin Lois Clymin in honor of the birth of June Wallach's new grandson Cantor Kassel’s Discretionary Fund Dick Grosswald and Norma Rosen Grosswald in honor of Saul & Shirley Plotkin in memory of Ida Plotkin Rabbi Greene Peter & Helene Levinson in memory of Carole Friedman Nancy Broudy in memory of Dorothy Rothman Rosalind Taranto in memory of Molly Berman Tom and Patti Seibold in memory of Maxine Gelb Kurtz Steven and Abbe Tobin in appreciation of Cantor Kassel for Bernard and Susan Greenberg in honor of the wedding of the naming of granddaughter, Hannah Madalyn West Jenna Greenberg and Brad Dannenbaum George and Helen Diamond in appreciation of Bernard and Susan Greenberg in honor of Rabbi Greene Cantor Kassel for the naming of great-granddaughter, Bernard and Susan Greenberg in honor of Dale Bearman Hannah Madalyn West Mark and Debbie Weiss in memory of Rose Weiss Rosalind Taranto in memory of Warren Pomerance Michael and Ann Dee Torino in appreciation of Jane Greenberger in memory of Margaret Zolla Rabbi Greene's help in preparing Rebecca for her Michael and Ann Dee Torino in appreciation of Bat Mitzvah Cantor Kassel's help in preparing Rebecca for her Bernard and Rita Tuvlin Bat Mitzvah Building Fund Hadley and Lisa Lowy in memory of Jodie Cooper

Caring/Kehillat Chesed Fund Ruth Zeidman in honor of the birth of Linda and Steve Steinberg's grandson, Jacob Ryan Katz Arthur Gittelman in memory of Doris Kaplan Gittelman Ruth Zeidman in memory of Florence Auerbach Education Fund Bernard and Bernice Bickwit in memory of Nathan Resnick General Fund David and Ellen Herold in memory of Kenny Kent Shirley Crawford Lawrence and Anne Skal in memory of Isabelle Edelman Melvyn and Vivian Lapes in memory of Bea and Harry Lapes Gilbert and Ellen Ludwig in memory of Elsie Stern Barbara Litt in memory of Charles Litt Linda Bergman in honor of Peter Jedel's birthday Neil and Ruth Hilsen in memory of Philip Hilsen Steve and Julia Lewengrub in memory of Florence Auerbach

Rabbi Tam’s Discretionary Fund Steve and RoseAnn Gerson in memory of Moses Reiber Shalach Manot Fund Ruth Zeidman with thanks to all TBT friends for their Purim greetings Tikkun Olam Fund Jean Ellis in memory of Florence Auerbach Youth Group Fund Jonathan & Lynda Bennett in memory of Shirley Lovett

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Michael Zalkin Memorial Library Fund Addie Myers in honor of the birth June Wallach's grandson, Colin Howard Aaron and Sheila Stieglitz in memory of Mollie Krigsner

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Campaign TBT: EveryONE Matters Update With one month left in our annual campaign we have made great progress towards our goals. At the beginning of our 2013-2014 campaign we established a financial and a participation goal. Participation Goal Our goal is 100% participation. When we established this goal at the beginning of the campaign we knew it was going to be very difficult to reach. Our aim was to increase the participation rate among our 500 Temple Beth Tikvah families. So far this year about 1 in every 3 families has contributed to the campaign. There is still time left to participate and there is no minimum pledge amount. A donation of as little as $18 from each family that has not participated would have a significant impact on Temple Beth Tikvah. Please consider joining your fellow congregants and participating in this year’s campaign. You can make your pledge by: - Calling the TBT office (770-642-0434), or - Visiting and selecting "Annual Campaign - EveryONE Matters" on our donation page ( Financial Goal Our financial goal for this year’s campaign is to raise $100,000. I am pleased to announce that with the help of our generous donors, including a few large contributions, we have exceeded that goal. Exceeding our financial goal will not only help balance our budget and support the exciting programming offered at TBT, it will enable us to accelerate improvements to our facility. Thank You The fundraising committee would like to thank the families that have participated in this year’s campaign (as of 4/22/2014):

Barry and Shari Alhadeff Steven and Teri Astren Steven and Sheila Barid Dale and Wendy Bearman Bruce Beck Paul and Anne Beckman Jonathan and Rebecca Bennett Jonathan and Barbara Berger Harris and Suellen Bergman Andy Berke Arnold and Ellen Bernstein Michael and Jeannine Bernstein Peter Birnbaum Arthur Blank Todd and Jennifer Boehm Ruben and Margot Braiter Michael and Heather Braun Nancy Broudy Adam and Adrienne Bruckman Jamie Burak Terry Apt and Gene Carasick Paul and Cherie Cervasio David and Roberta Coad Jerome and Margie Cohen Michael and Wanda Cohen Michael and Lisa R. Cohen Terri Cohen Rodney and Terri Cohen Steven and Arlene Cohn Michael and Marlene Cohn Seymour and Renee Davis Gordon and Hollis Decker Dan and Laura DeRiemer Audrey Eisen Daniel Ellison Alan Epstein Elliot and Donna Feller Risa Fibus Steven and Amy Fine Andy and Marci Fried Matthew and Vanteria Geller Steve and RoseAnn Gerson

Ed and Cindy Getty Arthur Gittelman and Marcia Pearl Cary and Lori Shapiro Goldenthal Marshall and Roberta Goldman Robert and Cindy Goldstein Harlan and Ivie Graiser Rabbi Fred and Deborah Greene Burton and Sara Grossman Michael and Anna Gutkin Andrew and Karen Gutman Scott and Sharon Guttman Scott and Nancy Harris Larry and Stacey Heit Sam and Alice Herndon David and Ellen Herold Alex and Debi Hinerfeld Michael and Kim Hirsch David and Beth Janes Peter and Sharon Jedel Daniel and Stephanie Joseph Barry and Dore Kaiser Morris and Anna Kagan Doug and Donna Kallman Cantor Nancy Kassel Jeffrey and Beth Kess Sharon Khoury Peter Klokow and Ellen Frank Brad and Jill Kaplan Stanley and Bobbie Kopkin Glen and Veronica Krapf Steven and Helen Kraus Ned and Lisa Kreiss Warren and Stephanie Lampert Fred and Patricia Landsberg Melvyn and Vivian Lapes Kenneth Lawler and Ginger Glazer Hal and Jill Leitman Amir Levin and Tanya Blasbalg Levin Ron and Jennifer Levine Judy Levine Sherwin and Judee Levinson 13

Jeffrey and Ellen Levitz Emily Lewit Thomas and Marilyn Liebschutz Gary and Michal Loventhal Hadley and Lisa Lowy Gilbert and Ellen Ludwig Ira and Phyllis Madans Joel and Aviva Margolies Jonathan and Joan Marks Gary and Peggy Mendelson Evan and Sharon Mermelstein Thomas and Marsha McMurrain Mark and Jennifer Mosbacher Robert Moss Mathew and Leigh Nathan Hilda Ortiz Larry and Jackie Pepper Marc and Julie Perlson Jason and Melanie Pickett Saul and Shirley Plotkin Herbert and Bunny Renkin Betty Rickles Robert and Ellen Rickles Barry and Robin Riegelhaupt Russell and Gailen Rosenberg Harvey and Natine Rosenzweig Irving and Doris Rosing Tod and Leslie Rubin Mark and Gail Rudel Morray and Susan Scheinfeld Douglas and Lisa Schiffer Jeffrey and Jeanne Schultz Gary and Debra Schwartz Rhonda Schweber Bart and Kara Segal Ira and Brenda Share Stacy and Alicia Sher Spencer and Debra Shilling Allan and Pessie Shippel Walter and Esther Shultz Carol Shutzberg Randall and Amy Siegal

David and Elisa Siegel Sandy and Nancy Simon Lawrence and Anne Skal Avi and Erica Stein Lila Stein Terry and Michelle Stein Brian and Jennifer Steinberg Howard and Cynthia Steinberg Steven and Linda Steinberg Fred and Vicki Steine Shelby Steinhauer Aaron and Sheila Stieglitz Barry and Denise Straus Lionel Stutz Ronald and Leslie Swichkow Donald and Marilyn Tam Rosalind Taranto Steven and Abbe Tobin David and Christine Toltzis Bruce Turiansky and Mariann Mamberg Turiansky Mark and Sally Vosk Bruce and Bonnie Walkes Scott and Marci Weiss Douglas Wexler and Jane Greenberger Mark and Debbie Weiss Mark Williams and Michelle Easton Williams Todd and Rachel Wilson Max and Carol Wolf Scott and Susan Wynne Andrew and Ilana Zalkin Marilyn Zimmer


In Memorium

Thank You to our Amazing Office Volunteers!

Temple Beth Tikvah acknowledges with sorrow the passing of:

Aubrey David Steinbaum Father of Jodi Kaplan

Drew Miller Marilyn Miller Kathleen Schoenblum Eric Schoenblum June Wallach

Florence Auerbach Mother of Ivie Graiser

Addie Myers Richard Staviss Leslie Swichkow Ellen Frank

Mazel Tov to: June Wallach on the birth of grandson, Colin Howard Wallach, to Katja and Scott Wallach, on March 18 in Germany.

May God console you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Linda and Steve Steinberg on the birth of grandson, Jacob Ryan Katz, to Andrea and Jason Katz.

Memorial Plaques

Adrienne and Chris West, on the birth of daughter, Hannah Madalyn West. Proud grandparents are Abbe and Steven Tobin and great-grandparents are Helen and George Diamond.

Memorial plaques are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one. Your loved one’s plaque will be lit up on the anniversary of their passing and at Yizkor services. The price of a plaque is $300. If you have any questions or would like to order a plaque, please contact Lisa in the synagogue office at 770-642-0434 or send an email to

HELP US HELP YOU Your synagogue community wants to be a Caring Community/Kehillat Chesed. If you have recently experienced a loss, are facing a crisis or are celebrating a simcha, please let our office know as soon as possible. Planning a simcha or group gathering?

Our clergy and friends strive to be a source of support as best as they can. If you know of one of our fellow congregants who has experienced a loss or can use a hand, please contact the office at 770.642.0434.

The Tam-Blank Social Hall is the Place to Be. For more information on renting our Social Hall, contact the synagogue office at 770-642-0434. 14

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah



News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

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