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November 2019 | | 3



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November 2019 | | 4

Seeing double...

Vic Young Nissan Electric Taxi We waited years for the first Nissan electric taxi and now along comes a second option to wet the whistle of cabbies around the UK. Vic Young Conversions have been a driving force behind adaptations and vehicle conversions in the North East since 1974. From simple push/pull hand controls, to affordable hi-tech drive from wheelchair van conversions, the team at Vic Young have now delivered their first fully electric taxi. The new wheelchair accessible taxi is based on the e-NV200, Nissan’s 100% electric LCV (light commercial vehicle). The conversion combines a zero-emission drivetrain and smooth ride for all those riding in the cab. The 40kWh battery provides the Nissan e-NV200 with a range that can cover 124-187 miles (WLTP City and Combined cycle) between charges.

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November 2019 | | 6

Automatic transmission, instant torque and near silent running, also add to the e-NV200’s suitability for use in heavilycongested, highly-populated areas. Using a rapid charger, it can be charged from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in 40 to 60 minutes. As well as offering zero emissions, the taxi also gives drivers low running costs and exemptions from road tax. The Vic Young taxi has plenty of safety features to offer both the passengers and the driver. The energy absorbing conversion drastically reduces the risk of whiplash injuries and has full cushion air bags for full impact protection. The rear seats come available in practical non absorbent, high anti-bacterial material with high-vis red seat belts. Passengers will experience a “Day Blue” LED lighting effect fitted at floor level, with additional LED access lights in the lower door pillars for safer pickups and drop offs. Anti-slip NHS quality vinyl is fitted in the customer cabin along with easily identifiable yellow grab handles. Sliding door access along with side access steps, are available to customers upon the door opening. The vehicle comes fitted with front and rear air conditioning and heating ducts, along with clear twoway communication facilities available between driver and passenger cabins. In the front of the vehicle, drivers will benefit from a rear auto-camera with reversing warning announcements. Luggage space for passengers is located in the front passenger space. It’s another taxi that will give drivers the ability to future proof their jobs as more local authorities around the UK look to greener alternatives.

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November 2019 | | 8

TaxiPoint’s One Year Review:

The LEVC TX Article by: Perry Richardson TaxiPoint Chief-Editor

Image: LEVC

Back in the Summer of 2018 I was happily picking up passengers in my rented TX4 cab in London. I had a great loyal garage, so had no reason to think about buying. Then I was kindly handed the LEVC TX taxi for a week to write a review on. The rest is history.

were added. The rear reversing camera is a must for this vehicle, as the cab requires a little more thought when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Safety features like the sensors mounted in the windscreen add another layer of protection to your Despite renting for the full nine years up to that point, investment and passenger safety. The sensors pick up I was converted straight away and couldn’t see myself the road markings ahead, and should the taxi begin to pushing the diesel cab around any longer. I took the drift out of its lane without plunge and I bought my first taxi, the TX Vista Plus, indicating, the driver is which was delivered in mid-November. alerted. The same sensors also identify potential So how have I found it? What have a learnt? dangers on the road ahead. Warts and all! If a risky object is identified, the Forward Collision I work long hours like most drivers do and have Warning (FCW) system amassed 35,000 miles in the cab over the 12 months bleeps as an alert. Take no I’ve had it. The comfort of the drive was a big selling point for me personally with noticeably quieter noise action, and the Autonomous Emergency pollution, less vibrations and stiffer suspension. The Braking (AEB) system seat is more advanced than its predecessor and applies the brakes doesn’t leave you crippled after a long day. automatically to prevent a Other mod-cons missing from vehicles in the industry Image: LEVC

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November 2019 | | 10

crash. Overall the sensors are great, but on a couple of occasions the automatic braking has kicked in when it detects rogue cyclists pedalling the wrong way up a one-way street. Better safe than sorry though! On the subject of safety, drivers and customers are now protected by large airbags to cushion side or frontal impact. In the cab it’ll take a week or so to get used to your Image: LEVC

new surroundings and controls. Gone is the lever handbrake, in comes a little switch where you can choose from autonomous or manual braking. The tiniest of taps on the gear lever gets you in drive, neutral and reverse, and a turn of a knob starts the keyless ignition. A big difference to the cabbie’s driving experience is the torque generated through the electric drivetrain. No gear box or gear changes equals quick acceleration!

Image: LEVC

You can control its speed using the regeneration braking options. There are three options: off, one and two. Having the regen off means the taxi will coast as there are no gears to slow it down like on the diesels.

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November 2019 | | 11

Some drivers like the option as you’re not using any power and it can deliver extra miles of range. The ‘two’ setting is the opposite and applies an automatic regen brake, which will slow the vehicle to a near standstill. The middle option, ‘one’, is my preferred and runs most like the old diesel cabs with a gentler brake. The regen braking will also produce valuable extra power and add it to your range. Image: LEVC

Drivers who have capability to charge at home should absolutely invest in a home charger. It cost me a few hundred quid to have installed and means I can fully charge the taxi for roughly £2. After that you’re

charge whilst taking a break. Many drivers are quick to say charging is ‘dead time’ which could be used to take fares. That’s simply not the case. You should always charge before shift when at home enjoying your free time. After that it’s a bonus. Because it’s a range extender there’s no anxiety. You don’t HAVE to charge when you reach zero or close to empty. You simply charge when it’s convenient to you. It’s not cost effective to turn your light off and search for one. Simply put, if you’re nearby a working available charge point, charge then.

A full charge will last 50-60 miles or roughly 5 hours daytime shift time. After that amount of time you’d expect to stop for 30 minutes (wouldn’t you?!) to then charge again for another 5-7 hours. At night-time you’ll eat the mileage up quicker, but you’ll still experience the same fuel savings. If you are working an 8-hour shift, you don’t NEED to charge, simply finish the last part on petrol. Living in Gloucestershire, I do a lot of miles on the motorway. On the M40 and A40 I’m usually using the ‘Save’ mode option, which allows the taxi to function on its 1.5 litre turbo petrol range extender engine and save the electric charge for when I’m working in the city. Performance isn’t sacrificed as the combustion engine acts as an electric generator topping up the battery. Fuel SAVINGS for me range between £110-130 per week compared to similar working habits in my diesel TX4. All full-time cabbies should experience the same kind of savings given I do my motorway mileage on

looking at street charging, which varies in price depending on charge provider. Unless you choose to charge at a motorway service station, the cost is roughly £5 for a 90% charge, which will take 3540mins. Finding a working or available rapid 50kW charger is however becoming harder by the day. 22kW chargers shouldn’t be dismissed as you get a good

Image: LEVC

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November 2019 | | 12

petrol and not electric. Other running costs, outside of the usual insurance, meter, tax etc, has only included two new front tyres costing £96 a piece and some body repair work following an altercation with a pheasant! Repairs on a 2-inch cracked bumper, a new grill and a replacement number plate (which the pheasant had run off with) cost very little. As a lifetime renter of cabs, I had no insurance history within the industry, so with zero no claims bonus’ the cost was around the £2,400 mark for every product you could have.

carbon footprint too, which will increasingly play a part in their mode of travel.

So let’s move onto the downsides. There’s not many that I’ve experienced. A few of the early vehicles were experiencing problems with dropped door hinges and cracked windscreens, but this seems to have sorted itself out. I’ve had no such problems, but that’s not to say some did. These repairs are all covered on the warranty. The ‘Taxi’ for hire light is a frustration for the public and a driver on a sunny day. It can be difficult to tell whether the light is on or off on a bright summer’s day.

Upon its 25,000 mile service, barely any wear to the break pads was recorded due to the regen braking and The charging network is a minefield and requires a bit with fewer moving parts its lifetime running costs are of time to work out. Their maintenance, enforcement expected to be lower. and availability can’t be relied on just yet, but this will The passenger response to the TX played a big part in come as not only the taxi industry makes the move to electric, but others do as well. my decision to make the move sooner, rather than later. On a daily basis conversation is directed towards their appreciation of the large window positioned on the roof, charging facilities, the extra seat, the added space and the smooth drive. More and more customers are becoming more aware of their own

So, there you have it. Am I happy with my purchase? It’s an overwhelming yes and I expect to get more out of the cab as the charging network improves.

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May 2019 | | 20


November 2019 | | 14

Cabbie Marquis captures the noble art of the taxi industry through SKETCH Article by: Glen Marquis

I am a proud London Black cab driver first and foremost. I have had many jobs in my past, a security guard, milkman, courier, mini-cab driver… all great jobs to fit around studying the Knowledge of London (KoL / The Knowledge). But way before all this, I studied technical illustration at college and worked as an illustrator in the car industry until I was made redundant at 26, two months before my wedding. I decided that I never wanted to be in that position again so thought it best to be my own boss and take on the mammoth task of the Knowledge. I left my drawing days behind me or so I thought. Now, as a cabbie, I enjoy chatting to my customers and speaking of my past. I’ve often been met with comments like: “You can draw and you’re driving a cab... why?! What a waste!” Bloody cheek I would think as I considered passing the Knowledge as one of my greatest achievements. However, it did start me thinking it was a shame that I hadn’t drawn for quite

some time. I got an idea and it wouldn’t go away. When I got my badge I wanted paintings/pictures of London with taxis and found it quite difficult to get what I wanted, so I thought why not have a go at drawing one myself. My first attempt after a 10 year gap was a drawing that means a lot to me. I felt that the cab trade was under attack from the advancements of technology. At the time cabbies were being labelled ‘luddites’ which was a provocative act that left me feeling angry and bitter. But I came to the conclusion that the best response is to turn a negative into a positive. So, I came up with the idea of a play on words, ‘Knowledge is Power’. It meant that I could use my art in a small way to fight back, instead of kidnapping

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November 2019 | | 15

the Mayor and holding him hostage until he said sorry! Drawing was probably going to be the safer option! Since then I have created many positive images of the cab trade and some with a cheeky little dig at authority! I wanted to see if I could make it selling my art so I thought the perfect spot would be Greenwich Market, I’m pleased to say that it is going from strength to strength. I hope you can see in my drawings how proud I am to call myself a cabdriver. Long live the cab trade! Be Lucky

Glen Marquis Contact:

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November 2019 | | 16

Government acts to close mobile phone usage loophole whilst driving

The Government has confirmed it will close a legal loophole which has allowed drivers to escape prosecution for hand-held mobile phone use while behind the wheel. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that he will urgently take forward a review to tighten up the existing law preventing hand-held mobile use while driving.

According to the courts, a police officer observed the respondent holding his phone up to the driver’s window for between 10 and 15 seconds. He stopped the respondent, at which point the phone was on his lap in video mode. He admitted what he had done and apologised.

The conclusion in that case was that the offence is not committed unless it is proved beyond reasonable doubt (by the Prosecution) that the phone was being Currently, the law prevents drivers from using a handused for an ‘interactive telecommunication function’ held mobile phone to call or text. However, people at the time of the alleged offence. caught filming or taking photos while driving have escaped punishment as lawyers have successfully However, as always, it may still be an offence of argued this activity does not fit into the ‘interactive driving without due care and attention or dangerous communication’ currently outlawed by the legislation. driving, if the standard of driving falls below that expected of a careful and competent driver. One such case was brought before the High Court in July. It followed a motorist, Ramsey Barreto, who was caught filming a road accident on 19 August 2017 in Ruislip.

The revised legislation proposed by government will mean any driver caught texting, taking photos, browsing the internet or scrolling through a playlist

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November 2019 | | 17

while behind the wheel will be prosecuted for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

message or send a quick snap, they will travel 100 feet blind, drastically increasing the chance of accidents.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, said: “We recognise that staying in touch with the world while travelling is an essential part of modern day life but we are also committed to making our roads safe.

The review will be urgently taken forward with further proposals expected to be in place by next Spring making the offence clearer for drivers and police forces.

“Drivers who use a hand-held mobile phone are hindering their ability to spot hazards and react in time – putting people’s lives at risk.

Nick Lloyd, Head of Road Safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “Drivers who use their phones are up to 4 times more likely to crash, RoSPA highlighted this loop hole in the summer and is delighted that such prompt action is being taken to ensure that all hand-held mobile phone use is to be prohibited, making our roads safer for all.” This action comes alongside further measures to tackle phone use while driving, including a review of road traffic policing and wider traffic enforcement to look at how roads policing currently works, its effectiveness, and where improvements could be made.

“We welcome the Transport Select Committee’s report, and share their drive to make our roads even safer which is why this review will look to tighten up the existing law to bring it into the 21st century, preventing reckless driving and reduce accidents on our roads.” It is already a criminal offence to use a phone while driving without a hands-free device. This latest move will see government go further to ensure the law reflects the use of devices which allow other distracting activities. The impacts of this behaviour are proven – if a driver looks at their phone for just two seconds when travelling at 30 miles per hour, whether to reply to a

While Ministers have also announced that they will consider the current penalties in place for hand-held mobile phone use, there are no plans to ban handsfree phone use. Anthony Bangham, National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Roads Policing, Chief Constable said: “I welcome the Government’s announcement to review the law in this area. “Technology has moved on since the original offence was introduced and it’s important to ensure any distraction to a driver is kept to an absolute minimum to keep all road users as safe as possible.”

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November 2019 | | 18

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No it’s...

wait... what...

Image: Vertical

does that say taxi? With traffic jams and train delays pretty much an hourly occurrence now for most major cities across the globe, some of the most ambitious automotive and tech firms have had their heads firmly buried in secret labs for the past few years conjuring up some weirdly wonderful, yet strange, flying taxis.

fit wheels or floats to facilitate water landings. Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO of Vertical Aerospace, said: “Air travel is one of the worst contributors to climate change, and among the slowest sectors to decarbonise. Our mission at Vertical Aerospace is to make personal, on demand and carbon free flight a reality.”

The aim? To take air travel to the mass-market. And over recent months some of those ideas have been Next up is Volocopter - a German giant in the battle for presented to the public eye. So, let’s take a look at the skies. Founded in 2011 by Stephan Wolf and some of the major players within the flying taxi sector. Alexander Zosel, Volocopter has offices in Bruchsal, Firstly, let’s start with one close to home - Vertical Munich, and Singapore, and boasts an array of Aerospace (pictured above). A Bristol-based start-up investors including Intel Capital, Micron, BtoV, Manta who recently revealed flight footage of its electric Ray Ventures and two big players within the traditional flying taxi - the Seraph. road taxi market - Daimler and London taxi owners, Geely. This small, ultra-cool aircraft is capable of carrying up to 250kg and can reach speeds of up to 80km per hour, boasting a unique customisable design which means it can be easily made smaller or larger and can

Michael Murphy Image: Volocopter

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November 2019 | | 19 Image: Hyundai

Over the past 8 years, the company has built three generations of Volocopter aircraft, two of which received licences for manned and unmanned flight. The company has performed numerous public demonstrations of the viability of electrically powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), most recently at Helsinki International Airport.

Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter, said: “Urban mobility needs to evolve in the next few years to meet rising demand. With our Volocopter air taxis we are adding a whole new level of mobility in the skies.” Executive Vice President and Head of the new division. Dr. Shin, said: “The new team at Hyundai will develop core technologies that will establish the company as a driving force in Urban air mobility, a sector that is expected to grow into a market worth USD 1.5 trillion within the next 20 years.” Last up on our list, a company who are no strangers to stirring up a storm within the taxi industry, Uber!

Image: Volocopter

Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding, the privatelyowned automotive group from China who are responsible for the latest edition of the iconic London taxi - the electric TXE - said about the company’s investment in Volocopter: “Geely is transitioning from being an automotive manufacturer to a mobility technology group, investing in and developing a wide range of next-generation technologies. “Our latest joint venture with Volocopter underlines our confidence in Volocopter air taxis as the next ambitious step in our wider expansion in both electrification and new mobility services.”

Uber, who never seem to be satisfied dominating in any one sector, have their own plans for taking day to day short trip travel to the skies with Uber Elevate. The company believes that to create efficient cities with less congestion and cleaner air, they need to also look to the skies. To achieve this goal, the company launched Uber Elevate in 2016, with the focus on building a network of all-electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft powered by distributed electric propulsion.

Image: Uber

Third up on our list of ones to watch is Hyundai Motor Group, who, although late to the party, expect their new Urban Air Mobility Division to significantly alleviate long-term ground traffic congestion problems caused by mega-urbanisation. The company recently announced the appointment of internationally renowned aeronautics engineer, Dr. Shin, as its

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November 2019 | | 20

Uber recently announced a linkup with NASA to help develop Urban Air Mobility, a safe and efficient air transportation system to assist the travel of flying taxis over populated areas, from small towns to the world’s largest cities.

develop an aerial service that’s safe, quiet, and environmentally conscious. They say testing in cities will begin as early as 2020.

One of the big questions on everyone’s lips is: “Where will these flying taxis take-off and land?” Rooftops and Uber say that by 2023 they aim to give riders the option allocated landing pads is the answer, and although of an affordable shared flight. Working closely with specific details are yet to be released, landing federal and local policymakers, they believe they can infrastructure firm, Skyports, has allegedly already agreed 15 rooftop licences for landing pads across London. So, will we someday in the near future, not only have to look left and right for oncoming traffic, but also over? Well, if any of these firms have anything to say about it, yes. Image: Uber

Article written by: Michael Murphy TaxiPoint Editor

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May 2019 | | 20


November 2019 | | 22

Film prop banknotes available on eBay being used fraudulently to pay for taxis

Taxi drivers are being handed fraudulent ‘film prop’ banknotes, which are available to buy online.

small print stating 'use only for jokes and good mood', a bold red feather and in larger print the wording 'Ten Poond’.

The copies, which are very similar to the legal notes, are available to buy on sites like eBay for less than 80p The London cabbie posted photos of the banknote on per £20 note. social media saying: “Can't believe I fell for this one! If The fake banknotes are the same size and design, but only I'd noticed the red feather, the rather obvious don’t include watermarks or a functional silver band. spelling mistake on the back of the note or the disclaimers on both sides. One seller on eBay described the notes as 'printed “Oh well, it was only a £9 fare and the chap was money which looks similar to a real note, but with gracious enough to let me keep the change!” many differences'. TaxiPoint approached the Bank of England for more One cabbie in London mistook one of the props for information on the legality of ‘prop money‘ and are legal tender. The £10 note handed to him looked awaiting comment. authentic, until on closer inspection he saw displayed

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November 2019 | | 23

Leeds licensing team used CCTV to monitor and gauge the influx of out-oftown private hire drivers

Image: Pixabay

It has been revealed at a Leeds Council meeting that their taxi and private hire licensing team has been keeping a note of the number of out-of-town drivers working in the area. The data was collected via observation by the team's CCTV van and recorded as part of an on street check. In 2019, the council has recorded the number plates of 144 out of town vehicles: 95 from Bradford, 19 from Calderdale, 26 from Kirklees and 4 drivers from Wakefield. The list only includes those recorded from the CCTV footage during the selected times of operation.

In minutes published by the council, the licensing team said that the results of the data collection suggests that the 2018 Uber arrangement to ringfence journeys to Yorkshire & Humber licensed drivers has had the effect of removing the vehicles from other regions. Drivers licensed by one authority and working in another has raised debate on public safety, with many local authorities now pushing for tighter regulations to ensure all drivers reach the industry's minimum standards.

Some licensing authorities have been accused of making it too easy for drivers to obtain a licence, with The council confirmed that they have no number plate many want-to-be private hire drivers flocking to records for vehicles licensed by any other licensing arguably easier and/or cheaper councils to access a authorities. badge and then heading to another area to work. In 2017 and 2018, the list of vehicles’ licensing Local authorities are calling for the powers to check authorities included Rossendale, London, Anglesey, drivers and their vehicles regardless of whether they and range of other authorities distant from Leeds. are licensed by them or another council.

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November 2019 | | 24

Plan one step ahead with London's first ever fully electric Nissan taxi insurance

Image: Dynamo Taxi

Plan taxi insurance broker has been working with Dynamo for a number of months in preparation for the new cab hitting the roads and ranks of London, and has been selected by Dynamo Cabs as their preferred insurance partner.

government funding that the councils received towards insurance costs of taxi drivers licensed in these areas.

They confirmed that they lobbied on behalf of the trade to overcome insurer concerns regarding the unknown replacement part costs and repair times for the vehicles.

Nissan production, they decided against progressing it due to changes in regulatory requirements.

However, their persistence has helped to allay these concerns and brought another provider into the market.

passenger seats and several alterations to enable the vehicle to be wheelchair accessible.

These efforts have played a significant part in making the move to higher-value vehicles more affordable, Plan said they have always been very passionate about Plan have said. supporting the trade through its transition to the use The release of the Nissan Dynamo Cab comes after a of new vehicle technology. long journey, spanning several years. Originally a

The project was instead picked up by Dynamo Motor Company, who purchased 100 of Nissan’s original The firm said the insurance industry is notoriously vehicle designs – based on the Nissan e-NV200 – and cautious when it comes to innovation and the move to made a number of modifications. electric was a large step into the unknown for them. These included higher ceilings, the removal of the front

Plan has subsequently been able to aid the work of Nottingham & Derby Councils by apportioning central

After extensive tests undertaken by the DfT and TfL, the Dynamo Cab is now ready to order.

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Celebs in the cab

Billy Smith with… Jason Statham!

November 2019 | | 25

Peter Ryder with… Alan Carr!

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November 2019 | | 26

Are London Taxi PR going to do more to promote taxi apps?

EXCLUSIVE SERIES WITH LONDON TAXI PR TaxiPoint caught up with Lee and Andy from London Taxi PR (LTPR) to put to them a series of questions relating to the work they do to promote the taxi industry.

thought more could be done to promote the use of taxi apps to black cab customers. Watch and listen to their very frank response to the idea and how they see the industry moving forward using mobile hailing In this month’s edition, we asked the guys whether they technology.

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November 2019 | | 27

Police investigate growing trend as youths throw stones at taxis

Image: Blackpool Police

Youths are endangering the safety of taxi drivers by throwing stones at passing vehicles in a trend that is emerging around the UK.

cause a serious accident.

Blackpool Police are currently investigating a number of offences of youths throwing stones at vehicles around Blackpool, in particular taxis.

“During the half term holiday, do you know where your children are and what they are doing?

In Leeds, taxi drivers protested recently over allegations that the police were not doing enough to protect drivers from a similar problem.

“As part of our response we will be looking to work with the taxi companies and identify these youths.

“Drivers, if you have any dashcam footage or any information please contact us on 101 or via independent charity Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

According to ITV sources, West Yorkshire Police are “We are actively seeking those responsible for the due to meet cabbies and say they are doing everything recent offences so if you have been throwing stones at they can to tackle the issue. vehicles expect a knock at the door.” Blackpool Police said via social media: “Despite being extremely inconvenient to taxi drivers who have to go off road in the majority of cases Police are concerned that this act of criminal damage may

What the readers say...

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Must Read Story

November 2019 | | 28

Charging Wars: London taxi drivers facing ‘daily abuse’ to use electric charge points

Taxi drivers are experiencing ‘daily abuse’ due to lack of Siwan Hayward, Transport for London’s (TfL) Director of enforcement on designated electric taxi charge points Compliance, Policing and On-Street Services, said: in the capital. “Taxi drivers have a right to go about their work

without fear and intimidation, so it is appalling London taxi drivers who have made the move to cleaner zero-emission capable vehicles have that this person had to suffer this abusive experienced difficulties when they come to charge their behaviour. vehicles. “We have installed dedicated charge points for the new In a video posted on social media, one black cab driver zero emission capable black cabs as part of the Mayor’s was involved in an incident showing a delivery van ambitious plans to clean up the capital’s toxic air. To using a centrally located taxi charger. ensure they are only used by taxis we have a strict The cabbie was told by the Mail Box Express delivery enforcement regime on TfL’s roads, which includes driver to “shut the f*ck up” and “get in your cab and regular patrols by the Met Police and traffic f*ck off”, when it was pointed out that he was charging enforcement officers. We would encourage black cab on the popular South London location. drivers who find a vehicle that isn’t a taxi in a dedicated electric bay to report it to our customer service The delivery driver then aggressively tells the taxi driver: “Don’t play the big man because we’ll go around department.” the corner bruv.” The cabbie then takes photos of the white Nissan delivery vehicle, which sees the delivery man lunge towards the cabbie on three occasions, trying to take the driver's mobile phone.

TfL have issued 218 fines to those vehicles flouting the rules, with the penalty being as high as £130.

Grant Davis, Chairman of the London Cab Driver Club (LCDC), said: “Unfortunately we see on a daily basis

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Must Read Story

November 2019 | | 29

licensed taxi drivers face abuse and physical threats with vans and lorries parking up on our conventional taxi ranks, but to see a driver who has made the massive commitment in investing in a LEVC taxi making London a greener and cleaner place facing both verbal abuse and as we see a physical assault is awful.

TaxiPoint asked whether there were enough charging points not just for taxis, but for all industries making the move to electric vehicles. Mail Box responded by saying: “We feel there is just not enough charging bays for electric vehicles for everyone to use and it increasingly difficult for our drivers to make our deliveries. We have however recently adopted a new “I can only hope the individual who carries out the system where two people in a van as its the only way attack on the taxi driver is removed from his position as we can make a lot of our deliveries. soon as possible. “Until Transport for London take parking on ranks by

“We would like to take this opportunity to express are sincere apologise on behalf of the driver behaviour and it is not a the behaviour we expect from our drivers ever.” In September, Caroline Russell AM, Green Party London Assembly Member, queried what measures the London Mayor was putting in place to enforce taxi only charging bays for the growing electric taxi fleet. The London Mayor Sadiq Khan responded by saying: “Metropolitan Police Service Police Community Support Officers and Transport for London Roads and Transport Enforcement Officers (RTEOs) patrol red routes to help improve compliance and enforce against parking contraventions.

non taxi vehicles seriously, this will unfortunately continue.” A spokesperson from Mail Box Express Deliveries told TaxiPoint: “Mail Box Express expects that all employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner when interacting with members of the public. All Mail Box Express employees should consider their own behaviour and the impact that this can have on to others.

“Further investigations will take place and the driver will be dealt inline with our disciplinary procedures.”

“If a vehicle other than a taxi is stopped within an E-taxi bay then it can be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Taxis stopped in an E-taxi bay should abide by the controls displayed on the signage.” There are 208 rapid chargers in London, of which 73 are taxi dedicated. Today there are nearly 3,000 zeroemission taxis in London since their launch in January 2018. Transport for London’s Rapid Charging Infrastructure project remains committed to installing 300 rapid charge points by the end of 2020 to service the Mayor’s targeted 9,000 zero-emission taxis before the start of 2021.

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EV Fleet

November 2019 | | 30

Fulham Cab Company becomes UK’s largest EV taxi fleet...

…using alternative funding Fulham Cabs has been running electric taxis since March 2018 and now, following their most recent LEVC TX purchases, they operate the largest fleet of electric taxis in the UK.

Image: LEVC

board range-extender.

In addition to savings in fuel and servicing costs, passengers benefit from a comfortable and luxurious cabin capable of seating six people complete with a The vehicles have proven extremely popular, with panoramic roof, onboard wi-fi and charging points for 3,000 TX taxis sold since launch and over 2,500 now in mobile phones and laptops – creating an office operation in London. environment even when on the move. Owner of Fulham Cabs, John Flynn, has grown his fleet to 120 by traditional vehicle funding methods such as contract hire, and now, using an innovative and highly flexible Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) finance solution from Octopus Group, he has added another 60 LEVC TX electric taxis, taking the total to 180.

John Flynn, owner of Fulham Cab Company, said: “I first bought LEVC’s TX back in March 2018 and since then I’ve been looking to add more vehicles to my fleet due to the fact they are so popular with both drivers and passengers. I found Octopus’ financing solution to be the ideal way to make this happen due He is an advocate of the TX and was keen to swap the to its flexibility. Ultimately that’s a huge benefit when remaining TX4 diesel cabs in his fleet for zero-emission you’re running the UK’s largest electric taxi fleet.” capable taxis. The TX features eCity technology, which The financing solution from Octopus, which was combines 80 miles of zero-emission pure electric recently named the Innovative New Product of the range with the flexibility of a total electrically driven Year at the Commercial Fleet Awards, is available to a range of 377 miles - made possible thanks to the onrange of commercial fleet operators, not just taxis. It

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EV Fleet

November 2019 | | 31

offers improved cash flow by matching repayments to rental income and usage, while also balancing the repayments across the portfolio of vehicles funded, reducing financial volatility and helping budgeting. In addition to financing, Octopus’ TaaS solution includes real-time fleet data, enabling fleet managers and owners to maximise the operational efficiency of their vehicles. LEVC anticipate this to be a highly popular finance solution for their newly announced light commercial van due for release in Q3 2020. Daniel Saunders, Investment Director at Octopus, added: “We’re really proud to partner with John and Fulham Cabs to help him electrify his fleet and become the largest electric taxi operator in the UK. It’s a huge achievement and we desperately need others to go green if we are to meet our wider goals of limiting carbon emissions to net

John Flynn, owner of Fulham Cab Company

zero by 2050 and improving air quality. Our innovative model is an easy way for forward-thinking fleet operators to switch to zero-emission vehicles and help to power the clean vehicle revolution in Britain.”

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November 2019 | | 32 Image: Pexels

Police cautions: Do I need to declare a caution? Article written by: Taxi and private hire drivers are expected to declare police cautions. However, there is often uncertainty over cautions, what they are and whether they should be declared. What is a police caution? There is often a misconception that a police caution is a “slap on the wrist” or a warning. This is not correct. Police cautions are much more important and serious than merely a warning. A police caution is an alternative means of discharging an offence – often less serious offences. This means that instead of being charged and prosecuted for an offence, the “penalty” for committing an offence can be settled by accepting a caution. In order for the police to offer someone a caution, certain conditions must be met: there must be reasonable suspicion to believe an offence has been committed

‘filtered’ from standard or enhanced DBS certificates. These changes are only applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Filtering is the term used to describe the process which will identify and remove protected cautions (and convictions) so that they are no longer disclosed on a DBS certificate. Protected cautions also therefore do not need to be disclosed by healthcare registrants on application or revalidation for roles that require standard or enhanced DBS checks. A caution is generally protected if more than six years have passed since you received the caution (or more than two years have passed if you were under the age of 18 at the time of the caution). Note however that not all cautions accepted more than six years ago will be protected. Cautions relating to serious offences from a list agreed by Parliament will never be filtered and are therefore not considered protected.

the offender must admit that they are guilty of the offence

Should I declare it?

In May 2013, changes were made to legislation allowing for certain minor cautions to be removed or

declared and cannot be taken into account when

It is very important to understand the difference the offender must understand the significance of a because the status of your caution will dictate whether caution and give informed consent to being cautioned. you will be required to declare it. Protected cautions Protected cautions generally do not need to be

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November 2019 | | 33 considering fitness and propriety of a taxi and private hire driver or operator. However, if your caution is one relating to an offence on the government list below, you must be declared. The government list can be found here: government/publications/dbs-list-of-offences-that-will-never-befiltered-from-a-criminal-record-check

Protected cautions can no longer be taken into account when deciding on the fitness of a taxi and private hire driver or operator. This is the case even if there is a pattern of behaviour that relates to protected cautions. Image: Pixabay

It is important to seek legal advice if you are not sure if you should declare a cation. Failure to disclose cautions that should be disclosed can lead to a licence refusal, revocation or even a conviction for making a false statement.

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November 2019 | | 34

Oxford City Council installs Oxford’s first taxi rapid charging points… … with enforcement The first rapid electric taxi charging points in Oxford have been installed in East Oxford.

The installation was delivered by Electric Blue working with Oxford Direct Services and ElectAssure. Electric The installation of the chargers is part of plans to install Blue will also operate the charge points for the local taxi trade. up to 19 electric vehicle points for taxis in order to support the trade in phasing out polluting vehicles and To ensure the charging bays won’t be used incorrectly replace their vehicles with Ultra Low Emission taxis. as parking bays, the site has been equipped with IBay charging sensors. The two chargers provide four rapid charge points, to enable Oxford Licensed Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers to quickly charge their car batteries during breaks. The site is conveniently located, allowing operators to charge while visiting Oxford Central Mosque, the Manzil Way Health Centre or local businesses.

Any vehicle parked without charging will trigger an enforcement request to Excel parking, who will ensure that the site is only used by charging EV taxis licensed in Oxford, and eligible EV permit holders.

Sherbet London’s green taxis partnered with World Travel Market to reduce CO2 emissions by 18 tons Electric taxi company Sherbet London set out to offset 18 tons of CO2 emissions with World Travel Market (WTM) London through 1,000 one-way airport transfers and taxi rides within London. Sherbet London was the official taxi company for WTM London, a globally recognised travel industry event which took place 4- 6 November at Excel London. 40 WTM London and London Travel Week branded electric cabs were available for airport

transfers and journeys around London in honour of the 40th anniversary of WTM London.

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November 2019 | | 36

Undercover sting catches man illegally acting as a private hire driver offering rides on Facebook Three Rivers District Council issued a warning to a male driver from Abbots Langley, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on Thursday 10 October.

This action was taken following a test purchase, which was conducted by the Lead Licensing Officer and the police, on Monday 3 June confirming him to be illegally acting as a private hire driver. After a full investigation, the male confirmed he was there for the booking, at which point was found to be advertising a private hire service on the Licensing Officer disclosed her true identity. Facebook and had purchased a vehicle in the hope that A Police Officer was also on the scene and discovered he could offer a service for wheelchair users. the vehicle was not insured for hire and reward There are strict protocols for individuals wanting to purposes, and seized the vehicle immediately which obtain a private hire licence to ensure every person resulted in the male receiving a fixed penalty notice for and vehicle licenced are ‘fit and proper’ and 'safe and no insurance. suitable’ to transport the general public. It is believed the male had not conducted other In this instance, no licences of any kind were held by unlicensed bookings for members of the public as no this male, although he had spoken to the licensing reports have been received by the police or the department on three separate occasions who outlined licensing team. the requirements for applying to be a licensed driver in Cllr Martin Trevett, Chairman of Licensing Committee, Three Rivers. said: “We take a very serious view on unlicensed As part of the test purchase, the male accepted the drivers, vehicles and operators here. We will take booking to collect the Licensing Officer from a local whatever course of action is necessary to ensure the hotel to Heathrow airport. general public is safe to travel within our district in a licensed vehicle.” On arrival at the agreed location, the offender

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November 2019 | | 38

WARNING: This month you’re actually going to have to DO stuff when you read this article!

Glenn Shelford

Fat loss expert This month, for a lot of people is one of the most boring of the year… kind of like the months of January- Push Ups From Beginner – How to start improving February for most cabbies! your chest and arms in two weeks: But it’s the run up to Christmas (officially). I’ve seen adverts and everything, which means that it’s only going to get colder. So, I thought I’d launch the lofty aim of getting as many people fit, through TaxiPoint, without us even needing a proper conversation. As silly as it might sound, the following steps are what I’ve used over 8 years to help hundreds of men and women to lose up to 3 inches off their waist in the first four weeks of doing it. Here’s the big word: consistently. Now there’s two ways to look at November/ December:

How To Fix Your Posture and Back Pain For Good:

The comfort zone way – staying indoors, only venturing out to work, drink and socialise, food shop and walk the dog for the absolute shortest time possible The “take it into the mechanics” way – imagine putting your body into the mechanics for a little bit of time, having it worked over, greased and made sure everything is firing properly (you can probably tell I’m not a mechanic). Number 2 is what we’re going to aim for. So, without further delay, here’s some ACTUAL things you can try this month...

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November 2019 | | 39

How To Flatten and Strengthen Your Lower Belly:

How to track? Go here: https:// and sign up using either Facebook or your email address. What to go for: •

Losing weight: no more than 1lb per week

Maintaining weight: if you’re planning on joining in with the exercises above, then just use maintaining weight now

See how your calories match up to what the app tells you to be having. Just do me a favour, email me at to MAKE SURE you’re hitting the However, before you jump in, it’s worth noting that all right target of calories. these exercises are meant for general population only. Action Points: If you’ve got any medical conditions or injuries… DON’T attempt these if you think it’ll aggravate them. Step 1: Watch the above videos in the morning Feel free to email me, or consult your GP prior to before you go to work, when you have 30 trying them.

minutes free

If you’re raring to go, I know it can be a bit overwhelming to do all at once. The best thing to do is take Step 2: Get a mat or a towel out and try the exercises out it in the following order. And it’s important to note that it’s NOT for everyone.

Step 3: Save alarms on your phone for the next It’s NOT meant to be used as a reference book, just to 14 days to get these done before you go to casually look through and think: “Oh yeah that makes work sense” and do nothing with it. Which is why I’ll be opening a FREE Facebook accountability group, run by Step 4: Order the resistance bands and a yoga me, to make sure that you’re receiving all the support mat for next day delivery. you need and can get a kick up the backside when Enjoy and let’s start this Winter with a complete new you’re needing it. you… even if that’s a massive cliché.

The final point for this issue is to start eating the same as you are now. But, tracking everysingle- thing you eat! You’ll be surprised what you let yourself get away with, and what you “forget” about when you’re working.

Disclaimer: This post and all the articles, content and techniques are to be undertaken at the participant’s own risk. These videos are for educational purposes only, and you are heavily advised to seek acknowledgement of a GP or a licensed physio or professional in your area before undertaking any of Just for clarification, tracking includes breakfast, lunch, them. TaxiPoint and Glenn Shelford accept no dinner, snacks, crisps, beers, hot chocolates, coffees… responsibility, as these articles are designed to help anything! you find the right path. Please take all necessary precautions when attempting these.

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November 2019 | | 40

Sleeping Beauty Article by: Andrew Peters GMB Brighton and Hove Section

Modern technology for the taxi trade has jumped forward so much since I first started, where the office would use pen and paper with several dangerous spikes for completed jobs (I’m sure elf ‘n’ safety would ban these now) and the old manual ‘Key and Lamp’ telephone system. However where new technology has been a boon for the taxi/PH business we seem to have taken a huge step back as far as some drivers are concerned. Where we have a multi-billion dollar platform such as Uber with the CEO Dara Khosrowshahi earning millions each year, it seems the people putting money into his pocket have a different standard of living. When Uber landed in Brighton & Hove we were flooded with Wolverhampton, Sefton and suchlike PHV’s with the drivers sleeping in their cars night in and night out. When we pointed this out to the Uber rep at one of our regular Trade Forum council meetings I swear that there wasn’t even the slightest lifting of an eyebrow; although there was probably acute unease squirming within as these reps are well trained in ‘Uber-Speak’ and brushing off the XXXX obvious!

But whilst we now have the ‘Uber Mythical Regions’ which is a complete and utter fallacy to appease uneducated local councillors... we still get OOT’s (out of towners) from other areas doing the very same thing. However, even we were shocked at seeing what a Southampton PHV driver did, which was to sleep in his car... in the boot. Yep... no need to read again... I did state in his boot! The photo was taken in the early morning so more than likely after a night shift. Of course we all had a good laugh at this, and it was reported to Southampton City Council. They replied back stating: “Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. It is a concern a driver is found asleep in his licensed vehicle but without knowing all of the circumstances it is not appropriate to judge; was the driver on his way home but recognised he was too tired to continue so stopped to get some rest? Or was he just getting a bit of sleep between jobs whilst still logged on? We expect drivers to manage their working day to avoid fatigue and have taken action against drivers when there is evidence to show they do not. Sleeping in a vehicle should be avoided unless it is necessary for safety reasons.”

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November 2019 | | 41

Amazingly there was absolutely no mention at all about the driver sleeping in the boot of the car so it seems that if the driver was taking 40 zeds then doing this in the boot would appear to be acceptable. I did write back in what some would call my usual flippant manner questioning the response and reiterating that the driver was sleeping in the boot! I then was sent this message: “I am sure you will agree it is important for all of the evidence to be gathered before jumping to a conclusion. It will assist greatly if the identity of the driver or vehicle was known so they can be approached.” Well, apart from the clear fact that I did send full details of the vehicle in video and photo format, it is very unfortunate that I am not an expert in socks. Being somewhat old fashioned and untrendy, I am only familiar with black socks... and dark grey at a push… so I am unable to pinpoint two-tone ones from a detective angle. Perhaps ‘SOCO’ would need to be called in - although to be fair I don’t think a crime had

been committed... but nonetheless, can you imagine the smell? Certainly this matter is not to be sniffed at!

But joking aside and getting back on track, with others making millions whist this driver was clearly having to sleep in his car, this clearly demonstrates that whatever whizzo technology is invented for one person to press a button for an instant and oversupplied service, someone has to suffer. This does put me in mind of the era of ‘Downtown Abbey’ and ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ (I knew the lady who inspired the latter, and who also wrote some marvellous books on serving the ‘decaying gentry’) of the different classes we had in society, where the families in the great big houses could summon the chambermaid, who had to live in the attic, with a yank of a chain... much the same as a press of an app today. And if the poor young girl didn’t like it there were plenty more around to take her place... much as there are today in the trade.

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November 2019 | | 42

Headteacher who allowed primary school children to travel in taxis alone banned for three years A primary school headteacher in Burton has been suspended from teaching at any school for the next three years after an investigation revealed a number of major violations on his behalf, including allowing pupils to travel unsupervised in taxis.

pupils to travel unsupervised in taxis to sporting activities - Mr Jinks admitted these allegations.

The investigation found that Neil Jinks carried out 17 incidents of misconduct which led to his ban on teaching.

Other findings suggested that school staff did not receive adequate training for safeguarding procedures.

that Mr Jinks, who had worked at the school for 14 years, would be eligible to apply for the prohibition order to be set aside, but not until 2022.

'He accepted that he did not ensure that staff received immediate training on safeguarding matters in light of the guidance in September 2016.

The hearing was told that Mr Jinks, who was the headteacher of Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School, was guilty of 'unacceptable professional conduct' that 'may bring the profession into disrepute'.

'The panel had sight of emails in the bundle in which Mr Jinks asked staff if anyone required level one safeguarding training and forwarded on the September 2016 guidance.

On the panel's ruling that Mr Jinks would be prohibited from teaching, the report reads: 'This means that Mr Neil Jinks is prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England.'

'The panel did not consider that this amounted to providing adequate training on the guidance.'

The report reads: 'The panel heard evidence from staff During the investigation, led by the Teaching at the school that they could not recall when they Regulation Agency, it emerged he had allowed primary received safeguarding training, or if this related to the school pupils to take taxis alone. guidance in September 2016 (the most-up-to-date at He was also found to have failed to complete adequate the time). fire risk assessments and made a false claim about a 'In his oral evidence, Mr Jinks stated that, with the reference for his son from another school. possible exception of one teacher, all staff had current In a report made public by the Agency, it was revealed level one safeguarding training.

The report stated that failure to provide training unnecessarily placed at risk the safety of children at the school.

The investigation found that Mr Jinks had allowed

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November 2019 | | 43

FREE NOW taxi app matched ALL UK tips for war veteran charities on Remembrance Sunday As part of Remembrance Sunday, FREE NOW matched all tips given to drivers across the UK through the app on Sunday 10 November. All of the proceeds from Poppy Day has been split between the Taxi Charity for Military veterans, which FREE NOW has supported for a number of years and the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

Image: LEVC

atmosphere in London on Poppy Day is so unique. Driving around you see so many people coming out to remember the fallen and respect the veterans and armed forces. One of the best parts of my job is FREE NOW, who works with black cabs in the UK, has hearing the veterans’ stories on Remembrance Sunday supported the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, which - it’s an unwritten rule in the black cab trade to always helps war veterans in their homes and hospitals in give veterans a free journey whenever we pick them London and across the home counties, for years. up. It is a great gesture from FREE NOW to tip match on Poppy Day.” Scott H, a taxi driver from London said: “The


November 2019 | | 44

“I think about the friends I lost” Taxi Charity asks vets what Remembrance Sunday means to them The well supported Taxi Charity asked four veterans “During my annual visits with the Taxi Charity to what Remembrance Sunday meant to them in the lead Normandy and Arnhem we are fortunate to meet lots up to the occasion. of children and we are always overwhelmed by the love Frank Pendergast and thanks we receive from them, their parents and grandparents. The children are taught at a very early of the Parachute Regiment, told the age about the liberation of their country and we know they will never forget.” charity: “I think about the friends I lost in WWII throughout the year, but on Remembrance Sunday, I am heartened to know that the whole country is united in remembering those we lost.” A representative from The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, which was formed in Fulham back in 1948, to work for the benefit, comfort and enjoyment of military veterans, then asked: How do you spend the day? Frank responded by saying: “I am so blessed that The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans arrange for me to be picked up from home and take me in a taxi to London to join fellow veterans at the commemoration services. We all wear our poppies and medals with pride and stand united, remembering those that didn’t make it home.” And did Frank think younger generations understand what Remembrance Sunday represents?

The photographic portraits of the four war heroes are by Glyn Dewis and can be viewed at the 3945 exhibition at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, Oxfordshire until 5 January 2020. The Taxi Charity arranges many trips every year for veterans from all conflicts. Trips include visits to Holland, Belgium and France, UK day trips to concerts or museums, transport to attend fundraising events, as well as special days out to catch up with friends and comrades.

To fund and facilitate these outings, the charity is wholly reliant on generous donations from members of the public, businesses and trusts and the amazing group of London licensed taxi drivers who offer their time and vehicles free. Tom Schaeffer of Parachute Regiment said: “The words of the poem, For the Fallen, by Laurence Binyon, remain as perfect today, to remember the comrades we lost, as when they were first

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November 2019 | | 45 stations always amazes me.” Dickie Forrester of the Royal Rifle Corps said: “Every year it is so important to me that we unite, to make sure that those who didn’t return from WWI and WWII and all subsequent conflicts are not forgotten. I am so thankful that 11th November still holds such significance for many, and that Remembrance Sunday is still observed by people of all ages, to remember and honour those who sacrificed themselves to secure and protect freedom for our generation and for generations to come. I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with my friends at the Cenotaph, proudly wearing my medals and thinking about those who are not lucky enough to be standing there with me.” Jeff Haward, MM, Middlesex Regiment said: “I fought from Dunkirk in 1940, right through to D Day in 1944 and lost many brothers along the way. Without their sacrifice we would not have

published in 1914 and the words like our fallen comrades will never grow old. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old, Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. “I am so grateful to the Taxi Charity for the support they give to me and the other veterans who have all become my close friends. I try to give something back by volunteering to do Taxi Charity bucket collections at underground stations throughout London, where the generosity and the kindness shown to me by those going through the

the freedom we enjoy today and the 11th hour of the 11th month, will always be the perfect way for the country to come together to remember.”

Image: Pixabay

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November 2019 | | 46

When it comes to Movember and men’s health, there’s lots more to talk about than just balls and growing a great moustache! Image: Pixabay

After prostate cancer, lung and bowel cancer are the most common types of cancer in men in the UK. So why not make a change this month to reduce your cancer risk? Here are some of Cancer Research UK’s top tips: If you smoke, boot the habit by using your local free Stop Smoking Service, who can offer you advice and support. The number of people stopping has increased, and it’s never too late to quit! Boost your fibre intake simply by switching to brown versions of rice, bread and pasta to help keep your bowel healthy. Don’t stock up on alcohol and try just buying it when you plan to drink it. Are you in the habit of sitting behind the wheel all day? Make the most of your breaks by getting some

fresh air and taking a ten minute stroll - every step counts!

And don’t forget that spotting cancer at an early stage means treatment is more likely to be successful. Although it’s a good idea to get to know your body and what’s normal for you, don’t worry about doing it in a set way or at a set time. If you do notice any changes that are unusual or won’t go away, it’s worth a trip to your doctor. In most cases it won’t be cancer – but if it is, finding it early can make a real difference. Small new habits can have a big impact, so why not make a change this month? For more information, head to Health information provided by Cancer Research UK

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May 2019 | | 20


May 2019 | | 20

Profile for TaxiPoint

TaxiPoint November 2019 Edition 7  

TaxiPoint's monthly November edition which covers all things taxi industry related.

TaxiPoint November 2019 Edition 7  

TaxiPoint's monthly November edition which covers all things taxi industry related.

Profile for taxipoint