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The Official Magazine of Tattersall’s Club Brisbane

Volume 33. Number 02. Winter 2017


We look ahead to the 2017 Winter Racing Carnival

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The Health and Wellness Centre’s Smart Makeover



THE DAY-DATE 40 The international symbol of performance and success, reinterpreted with a modernised design and a new-generation mechanical movement. It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.



The Official Magazine of Tattersall’s Club Brisbane

FROM THE PRESIDENT I was a 13-year-old boy from the country the first time I visited Tattersall’s Club with my Dad, a third generation Member. I remember feeling overawed by the grandness of the building and particularly the Members’ Dining Room. After we moved to Brisbane, the Club became an extension of Dad’s home where he connected with people from out west and made new friends from the city. It was his friends who encouraged me to run for the Committee 13 years ago to bring a younger perspective to decisions. My family now has Tattersall’s friends, people whom we have shared life experiences with over generations. These friends celebrate our life; from new additions to the family, to celebrating the life of those who have left us. Tattersall’s is a Club that walks with Members as they journey through life. Thirty years after walking through the doors for the first time, I find myself at the helm of a Club that has been a part of each stage of my life. It is a great responsibility and an opportunity to respect the work of those who have gone before and to plan for those that will come after.

COMMITTEE DEPARTURES The mantle of the Club has been handed over by the departing President, Des Whybird, and seasoned Committeemen who have left after years of valuable service to allow renewal. Des Whybird served the Club for 15 years, including the last three as President. The Committee is indebted to Des for modernising the Club’s constitution and bylaws, and driving four strategic planning processes. I thank retiring Committeeman, Michael Alcorn after serving six years, and long-serving Committeemen Allan Paterson and Rick Sivyer, each serving 10 years on the Committee. Allan, Rick, Michael and Des each made a significant contribution to the Club during their time on the Committee and various Sub Committees.

COMMITTEE ARRIVALS I welcome Michael Paramor AM to his new role as Vice President, where I know he will achieve fantastic results for the Club. I also welcome new Committeemen Mark Greer, Edward Profke, Tony See and Paul Williams to the 2017/18 Committee. I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating these Members for taking on the responsibilities that come with being a Committeeman of the Club and for volunteering their time to serve. I would also like to thank Ian McLeod and Michael Zivcic for their interest in wanting to serve the Committee. Ian and Michael have

already made significant contributions to the Club in their roles as Sub Club Presidents. The Club needs motivated and enthusiastic Members to want to dedicate their time and skills for the benefit of the Club. Meeting the needs of 5,000 Members is no mean feat. It requires us to be vigilant in listening and responding. Our Strategic Plan provides a structure and direction for the work we do to best serve the needs of our Members. The plan will focus on the Club’s engagement with Member’s families and also with the general community. A Club like Tattersall’s must always recognise its history while planning for the future. We will be focusing on three areas of work:

1. CHANGING COMMUNICATION WITH MEMBERS The Club has a diverse Membership and the majority have embraced electronic communication as the most timely means of managing their lives and commitments. To this end, the next era of the Club’s communications will align our channels of communication to our Member’s preferences. This means we will be communicating with a mix of new and old media, with social media central to our engagement with Members, their friends and family. This is in direct response to feedback and will be actioned in coming months. We are also looking at how to harness existing channels of communication to provide more information to Member’s families so they can enjoy the Club as

well. Our new Committee includes people with a good mix of information technology, media and marketing skills and we welcome input from other Members.

2. CHANGING COMMUNICATION WITH THE COMMUNITY The Club must bridge the gap between what the community believes Tattersall’s is about and what the Club is actually about. We need to put the emphasis back on what the Club does instead of what it does not. Members tell us they want to share the Club more with their friends and be proud of what it contributes to, both its Members and the community at large. We will be making concerted efforts to ensure our reputation more accurately reflects the values of the Club by better engaging with the broader community.

3. MATCHING CLUB OFFERINGS TO MEMBERS NEEDS Members want to use the Club more often so the Committee have included this metric in our Strategic Plan. We want to see more Members using the Club more often. Success for the Club means remaining relevant in its Members’ lives. Watching Des Whybird depart the Committee, I clearly see the changes he has championed such as prioritising the Club’s Racing Heritage, supporting the Sub Clubs and engaging our regional Members through the creation of the country chapters. My intent is to build on this legacy. To deliver on our plan and be more engaged, more responsive and more a part of our Member’s lives and the lives of their families. In doing so we can make sure Tattersall’s helps each generation make friendships for each and every stage of life. Amicitia vita est Stuart Fraser President




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UPDATES TO HOUSE POLICY Your Committee has listened to recent Member feedback and updated the policy for Tattersall’s Usage of Electronic Devices to reflect these changes. Please find the updated document in the Member Portal online. DRESS CODE REMINDER Members are reminded the Members’ Dining Room requires a more formal dress code, including jacket and tie, until Tuesday 31 October 2017. Club events may stipulate an alternate dress code. Visit for more information. CLUB DRESS CODE Members’ Bar, Healy Room, O’Duffy Library, Wine Room, Business Centre, Needham Room Tattersall’s Casual – tailored long sleeve business shirt with collar, tailored slacks and enclosed shoes/leather dress boots.

Members’ Dining Room 1 March until 31 October – Jacket and tie, tailored slacks and enclosed shoes/leather dress boots. 1 November until 28/29 February – Tattersall’s Casual. Tattersall’s Club Events Jacket and tie unless otherwise stipulated. Health and Wellness Centre Gym attire, runners/joggers. For more information on Tattersall’s Club rules, policies and dress codes please refer to the Member Portal on the Club’s website

REMINDER FOR MEMBERS TO SWIPE THEIR MEMBERSHIP CARDS UPON ENTRY The Committee reminds Members of the requirement for each Member to swipe their Membership card at Concierge each time they enter the Club. Members are also required to sign in any guests at the registry available at Concierge.



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Mr Ronald Hurst Mr Peter McCarthy Mr Burton Ellis Peterson


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Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day Preview


Health and Wellness Centre Makeover




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+MEMBERSHIP UPDATE We are pleased to announce the Club has welcomed a total of 92* New Members since the launch of the 2017 Membership Drive, Member Get Member, on Thursday 1 December 2016! The waiting list is now open for Prospective Members.


Correct at time of print.



All Members new to Tattersall’s Club, and their proposers, have gone into the draw for Tattersall’s exciting 2017 Membership acquisition promotion.

Rod Sumner won four tickets to the 13th Annual Black Tie Boxing Evening, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong, the night before the tickets went on sale.

Between now and Friday 15 September 2017, every Member who successfully proposes a candidate for Membership will go into the draw to win a luxurious holiday package worth $10,000. Once your proposed Member is accepted by the Tattersall’s Club Committee, you will officially be entered into the draw. The more candidates you propose, the more entries you receive.

All prospective candidates who successfully apply for Tattersall’s Club Membership between now and Friday 15 September 2017 will go into the draw to win a luxurious holiday package worth $3,000.

Members who successfully propose New Members will also go into quarterly draws to win amazing prizes including tickets to the President’s Lunch at the Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day on Saturday 24 June.

All Members are encouraged to get involved and make their contribution to the growth of the Club’s Membership registry. Visit your Member Portal today to learn more, read the terms and conditions and download a copy of the Membership Application Form.

The first quarterly prize was drawn at the New Members’ Expo on Tuesday 28 February.

The two major travel prizes will be drawn at the New Members’ Evening on Tuesday 14 November at Tattersall’s Club.

Good luck!


+NEW MEMBER PORTAL In February, Tattersall’s officially launched the new Member Portal, an improved online platform exclusively available to Club Members.

The new portal retains some of the characteristics of the previous version, including the ability to update your contact details, check your account balance and view important Club documents, including the monthly Tattersall’s Mail and quarterly Tattler magazine. The portal now also provides Members with additional features akin with an efficient online platform, including:

PAYMENT OF MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNTS ONLINE You now have the option to pay your monthly statement online via the My Accounts tab. The layout allows you to view the different areas of your account, including Membership subscriptions and Club purchases you have elected to be charged directly to your account, including dining experiences, Tattersall’s Barber and Health and Wellness Centre subscriptions.

There are four ways to access the Member Portal on Tattersall’s Club website: • Click on the little man to the top right of the website • Click on Member Portal to the bottom left of the website • Click on the Membership section of the website • Visit the website

VIEW THE FULL 2017 EVENTS CALENDAR ONLINE Select the Club Events tab to view the entire year’s Club events calendar online. Conveniently available to view as a month-to-month calendar, or a full event list, peruse the 2017 events calendar online and save the date for those you wish to attend.

MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR 2017 CLUB EVENTS ONLINE Reserve your seat at a wide range of Club events online. Simply select an event from the online events calendar and follow the prompts. Some events may not have this feature available because of the complexity of their operation, however, you will find the majority of Club events have an online booking option. The Member Portal can be accessed directly via the little man icon to the top right of the Tattersall’s Club website homepage, via the Membership tab or via Member Portal link to the bottom left of any page on the website. Your login details remain the same as the previous Member Portal. Once logged into the portal, you have the option to change your password simply by clicking Change Password under the My Details tab. If you are unable to log in or have any queries, please contact and the Membership team will be able to assist.





Welcome to our new Tattersall’s Members

Mr Benjamin Allen

Mr Dimostenis Dimas

Mr Warwick King

Mr Dean Raihman

Mr Mark Anyon

Mr John Driscoll

Mr Sachin Lashand

Mr Matthew Richards

Mr Leslie Batros

Mr Anthony Elliott

Mr Brett Law

Mr Bernard Ripoll

Mr Alan Beagrie

Mr Michael Elliott

Mr Geoffrey Lindsay

Mr Jack Ryan

Mr Sebastian Bielen

Mr Michael Emanuele

Mr Michael Loney

Mr Robert Scobie

Mr Luis Bond

Mr Steven Everett

Mr Richard Marks*

Mr Robert Shand

Mr Keith Boyer

Mr Lachlan Fleming

Mr George McKennariey*

Mr Samuel Shaw

Mr Hugh Broadbent

Mr Matthew Freney

Mr Brendan Metcalf

Mr Benjamin Shepherd

Mr Matthew Brooker

Mr Layne Gardiner

Mr Robert Milbourne

Mr Paul Simonds

Mr Mark Brown

Dr Ian Griffiths

Dr Robert Millar

Mr Lovedeep Singh

Mr Robert Buick

Mr Bill Gunn

Mr Dean Miller

Mr Craig Smith

Mr Bradley Burke

Mr Michael Hall

Mr Terrence Moody

Mr David Tayler

Mr Richard Burnett

Mr Thomas Hancock

Mr Cameron Moore

Mr Robert Taylor

Mr James Butler Snr

Mr James Hastie

Mr Donald Moore

Mr Christopher Taylor

Mr James Butler Jnr

Mr Lucas Hewlett*

Dr Challon Murdock

Mr Peter Tsokelenis

Mr John Cahill

Dr Howard Holmes

Mr Christopher Newport

Mr Craig Turner

Mr Ben Carswell

Mr Andrew Howard

Mr Rowan Newton

Mr Tim Unwin

Mr Mark Coxon

Mr James Howard

Mr Lenard Oberman

Mr Douglas Van Niekerk

Mr Andrew Craig

Mr Daniel Hunter

Mr Thomas O’Donnell

Mr Thomas Walrut

Mr Jackson Cranitch

Mr David James*

Mr Ben Pace

Mr Thomas Walton

Mr Wayne Crookes

Mr William Jones

Mr Michael Parer

Mr Peter Williamson

Mr Adam Dando

Mr Bailey Jones

Mr Rowan Patterson

Mr Nathan Wood

Mr Harrison D’Archy

Mr Angus Kenny

Mr Jake Phillpot

*reinstated Member

Mr Marshall Deed*

Mr Scott Kilkeary

Mr Elvio Pugliese

Mr Rick Dennis

Mr Andrew King

Mr Edward Quirk

+AUSTRALIA DAY HONOURS Congratulations to the following Members who received Australia Day Honours this year. Professor Gaoqing Lu AO Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to education, to national and international research in the fields of materials chemistry and nanotechnology, to engineering, and to Australia-China relations. Mr Allan Pidgeon AM Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to the community through a range of roles, particularly to the promotion of the Australian national flag. Air Commodore Scott Winchester AM Member (AM) in the Military Division of the Order of Australia for exceptional service in organisational reform, strategic infrastructure planning, and command in the Royal Australian Air Force. Listed as per ranking



Mr Paul Finch OAM Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to the community, particularly to social welfare. Mr Daryl Hanly OAM Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to secondary education in Queensland. Dr Keith Zabell OAM Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to medicine, particularly to opthalmology. Colonel Mathew Galton DSC Distinguished Service Cross for distinguished command and leadership in warlike operations as the Commander Task Group Taji in Iraq in 2015 for the Australian Army.


+MEMBER MILESTONE ANNIVERSARIES Tattersall’s Club has a rich and expansive Membership with a cap of 5,200 Members. In this issue, the Club acknowledges and celebrates Senior Members who have reached a milestone of at least 50 years of Membership between 1 April and 31 August, 2017. FIFTY YEARS



Mr Maxwell Crofts

Mr Ross Barber

Mr Hermann Hamburger

Mr Tom Cullinan

Mr John Frith

Mr Colin Kennedy

Mr David Duveck-Smith

Mr William Hanrick

Mr Ronald King

Mr William Frith

Mr Barry O’Connor

Mr Robert Hart

Mr Thomas Treston

Mr Ian Holland Mr Peter Lyons Mr William Lyons Mr William Purcell Mr Peter Quinn Mr Kevin See Mr Patrick Shaw Mr Arthur Somerset


FIFTY-NINE YEARS Mr Robert Amor Sir Francis Moore

Mr Ian Dougal

Mr Denis Pie

Mr Peter Evans


Mr John Powell Mr F Robert Sharpe Mr John Tully Mr Allan Warby

Mr Alan Kennedy Dr Gerard McCafferty SIXTY-TWO YEARS Sir William Allen

Mr William Thompson


Mr Sam Winston Smith AM, Legion d’ Hon

Mr Thomas Ahearn


Professor John Bell

Mr Brian Halligan


Mr Noel Best

Mr W G Hogan

Mr Richard Addis

Mr John Conwell

Mr Herbert Sachs

The Hon Ronald Boswell

Mr Charles Mortensen

Mr Leslie Elborne

Mr Ian Price

Mr Geoffrey Green


The Hon John Greenwood

Mr Ronald Andrews

Mr Vivian Hawke Mr James Kennedy Mr Patrick Kennedy

Mr James Byrne Mr Lloyd Carter Mr Brian Loel


Mr Kenneth Loch

Mr Desmond Martin

Oldest Serving Member

Dr John Mayze

Dr Noel McMahon

Mr Ross Moynihan

Mr Thomas Moran

Mr Barton Bulwinkel

Mr Barry Shaw

Mr Arthur Pardey

Mr John Waller

Mr John Rees

Mr Lester Waterhouse

Mr Richard Rutledge

Mr Kenneth White Mr Kenneth Williams FIFTY-TWO YEARS


Congratulations to Bart Bulwinkel, who will celebrate 68 years of Membership on 15 August 2017. Now aged 93, Bart joined Tattersall’s Club in 1949 and is the oldest serving Member.

Mr Alan Clark Dr Vivian Edwards

Dr Gregory Beaver

Mr William Edwards

Mr Brian Bloxsom

Mr Clive Garnsey

Mr Michael Cullinan

Mr Richard Magnus Mr Donald Mullen Mr Fraser Thompson




INTRODUCING THE 2017/18 TATTERSALL’S CLUB COMMITTEE Following the retirement of President Des Whybird and Committeemen Allan Paterson, Rick Sivyer and Michael Alcorn, the Club welcomed Stuart Fraser as President, Michael Paramor AM as Vice President, and four new Committeemen at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21 March 2017. A fourth generation Member, 43-year-old Stuart became the youngest President in the Club’s history after serving on the Committee for the past 13 years, most recently as Vice President, a role now served by the Club’s former Chief Executive Officer Michael Paramor AM. They have a clear mission for the year ahead. “The Committee will be enacting the Club’s new strategic plan this year and I have a simple

metric: I want to see more Members using the Club more often,” says Stuart. “From the next generation of sons joining the club at age 21 through to our senior Members who enjoy catching up with lifetime friends, we have a diverse range of Members in the Club,” he continues. “We are a Club that walks with its Members as they journey through life. The Committee must strive to ensure the Club

remains relevant to our Members irrespective of their stage of life. “This year, as part of promoting Members’ health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life, the Club will be hosting discussions about health challenges Members may face. We have already hosted Darius Boyd, who spoke openly about his battle with depression and how it affected his career as a professional football player. I look forward to seeing how Members engage with these events. “As Tattersall’s enters its 152nd year, it is timely to reflect on how our Club has grown as the State of Queensland has grown. Ours is a unique Club and it is time to put the focus back on what the Club is, instead of what it is not.”

STUART FRASER, PRESIDENT Newly elected President Stuart Fraser joined Tattersall’s Club in December 2001. He has served the Committee since 2004 and has contributed significantly to the financial management of the Club during this period, particularly the debt management. He most recently served as Vice President, and has previously served as Club Treasurer, Company Secretary and chaired the Finance Sub Committee and the Membership, Marketing and Sponsorship Sub Committee. With a background in compliance and financial analysis, Stuart is the finance director of Winscourt Investments Pty Ltd, a private mortgage lending and investment company. He also manages the Fraser Foundation with

MICHAEL PARAMOR AM. VICE PRESIDENT After serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Tattersall’s Club from 2005 to 2011, newly elected Vice President Michael Paramor AM has intimate knowledge of the Club’s affairs. He joined the Club after a 30-year military career where he held senior Army and Defence appointments both in Australia and overseas. An Ordinary Member of the Club for the past six years, Michael has been a Member of the Committee since 2012 and has served as the Chair of the Membership Sub Committee and on the Finance, Property and Rules Sub Committees during this time. He regularly plays tennis with the Racqueteers and enjoys rugby, AFL, surfing and reading in between his various board commitments and advisory roles.



his wife Genevieve, a philanthropic trust established by his late father which supports causes addressing basic social needs. Born into a grazing family, Stuart grew up on a remote outback property some 800km west of Brisbane before it was sold in 1988. His father Huan served on the Paroo Shire Council then as an Alderman and Deputy Mayor of Logan City, followed by three years as the State Member for Springwood and a Minister in the Queensland Government. Stuart is an active member of the Club’s Health and Wellness Centre, an enthusiastic cyclist and a keen race goer who maintains a strong interest in current affairs.

TATTERSALL’S CLUB 2017/2018 COMMITTEE President: Stuart Fraser Vice President: Michael Paramor AM Treasurer: Stuart Waddington COMMITTEEMEN: Barry Aaskov

Tony See

Mark Greer

Stuart Waddington

John Mullins

Ernie Ward

Edward Profke

Paul Williams


MEET TATTERSALL’S NEWEST COMMITTEEMEN New Committeemen Mark Greer, Edward Profke, Tony See and Paul Williams have each had a long involvement with the Club and bring extensive expertise in business, management, property, finance and technology to the Committee. Property specialist Mark Greer welcomed the opportunity to serve the Committee after 30 years of Membership. “Tattersall’s Club means many things in a busy city; it’s a place to meet and dine, to relax, and to work out,” Mark says. “I look forward to ensuring the Club remains relevant for current and new Members, and continues to have a sound financial base.”

After 25 years of Membership, and 10 years as President of the Motorcycle Sub Club, strategic management consultant Edward Profke feels it is an honour and privilege to serve the Committee of such a prestigious Club. “With its ability to manage and embrace change, while maintaining its foundations and values, ours is a significantly progressive Club,” says Edward. “I hope to expand the richness of Membership and assist with the strategic direction while serving the Committee.” Business IT systems authority Tony See hopes to apply his finance and technology skills to help the Committee and the Club achieve its operational plan this year. “I look

forward to contributing to our strategic plan and exploring options to better leverage technology in our Club operations and Member experiences,” Tony says. Finance and banking professional Paul Williams aims to positively contribute to the financial and strategic objectives of the Club while serving the Committee this year. He believes the best part of Membership is embodied in the Club’s motto: Amicitia Vita Est. Friendship is life. The 2018 Tattersall’s Club Annual General Meeting and Committee election will be held in March 2018.

MARK GREER, COMMITTEEMAN Director of MG Property Investment and Consultancy, 57-year-old Mark Greer, joined Tattersall’s Club in1987 and has been the principal property advisor to the Club for over two decades, including the initial strategic planning and leasing of the Tattersall’s Arcade to ensure it provided a secure and growing income stream for the Club and its Members. Part of the Lord Mayor’s CBD Economic Development Board and a Committee Member of the Property Council of

Australia, he has a solid understanding of the impact of changes in the Club’s precinct, including the current Edward Street and pending Queen Street Mall revitalisations, and assists the Club in responding to these challenges. Mark recalls a Father and Daughter Dinner with Ita Buttrose as guest speaker as one of his fondest Club memories, with his late father taking his granddaughters, daughters and sons to the event.

EDWARD PROFKE, COMMITTEEMAN Managing director of management consultancy EGP Management and development company EGP Developments Pty Ltd, 53-year-old Edward Profke joined Tattersall’s Club in 1992 after admiring the close friendships and associations his parents had fostered with fellow Members over the years. His father’s 80th and mother’s 90th birthday celebrations at the Club are his fondest Club memories.

While travelling extensively for business and leisure over the years, Edward has visited many private clubs around the world and has never experienced the prestige, status or historical depth that he feels at Tattersall’s Club. He believes the “management and staff are an absolute credit to the Club.” President of the Motorcycle Sub Club for the past 10 years, Edward is passionate about motorsport, rugby league and union, water sports, cooking and entertaining.

TONY SEE, COMMITTEEMAN As an industry leader in business IT systems, 42-yearold Tony See specialises in providing practical and cost effective technological advice to solve problems and create opportunities for clients across business and government. A Member of Tattersall’s Club since January 2001, he is a Partner at KPMG and leads the firm’s management consulting practice in Brisbane.

Tony enjoys sharing the Club’s facilities with clients, colleagues, friends and family, and has celebrated many a personal and professional milestone at the Club. He also enjoys using the facilities of the Health and Wellness Centre with his wife and is looking forward to attending Sportsman’s Grill Nights, Club Race Days, Melbourne Cup, and Life Members’ Dinner this year.

PAUL WILLIAMS, COMMITTEEMAN Third generation Member Paul Williams is a banking and finance professional and a strong advocate of the values of the Club. With more than 25 years’ experience in the finance and property industries in Australia and South Africa, Paul has served on the Club’s Finance Committee for the past two years. The 48-year-old became a Member in 1995 after visiting regularly since the 1980s with his father Leo, who is a

Member and former Club President. Paul and his wife Emma celebrated their wedding reception in the Members’ Dining Room in 1995, and his brother Tony is a Member too. Having played rugby in nine different countries in his youth, Paul prefers low impact pursuits nowadays, such as swimming, walking, wine tasting and live music. He enjoys Tattersall’s Race Days, Father and Son/Daughter dinners, and the annual Christmas lunch with old rugby teammates.




READY, STEADY, GO! THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE 2018 COMMONWEALTH GAMES Next April, Queensland will host one of the most significant sporting events in its history. With plans for the XXI Commonwealth Games well underway, we spoke with Games Chairman Mr Peter Beattie AC about the benefits of hosting the event and the economic impact for Queensland.

While the bulk of the sporting action may be in the south-east, Mr Beattie AC is adamant the Games

By Phoebe Tully Images courtesy of the Queensland Government



With 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 nations and territories participating in 18 sports and seven Paralympic sports over 11 days, the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be the largest sporting event our nation has hosted this decade. While the size and scale of the event has required extensive planning and investment, the Games are expected to deliver long-term, widereaching benefits.

will stimulate

“All of Queensland will benefit,” says Mr Peter Beattie AC, former Premier and now Chairman of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation. “While most of the events will be on the Gold Coast, the shooting and track cycling will be held in Brisbane, and both of them will attract particular support. We expect the new Anna Meares Velodrome at Chandler (in Brisbane’s east) will be incredibly popular; it is a world-class venue and cyclists are very enthusiastic about it. Cairns and Townsville will host the basketball heats, which is fantastic for the far north.”

number of other destinations and unique

economic growth and tourism for the whole state, if not the country. “We know people come to the Games, yes, but from a tourism point of view, we know they will generally take the opportunity to go somewhere else while they’re visiting Australia. They will probably go up north to have a look at the reef or any experiences available. “Twenty years ago, the Commonwealth took a bit of a dip, yet with 21 billion citizens, it’s now a third of the world’s population. You have emerging economies like India, as well as the dynamos of the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia… the list goes on.” With hundreds of thousands of domestic and international tourists expected to attend the event, the Gold Coast is standing on a very public stage.



INFRASTRUCTURE AND INVESTMENT A long-standing criticism of any event of this scale is that it’s a misallocation of resources. “If we see this as just 11 days of sporting activity, we’re going to fail,” Mr Beattie AC says. “One of the biggest legacies of this event is going to be improvement of transport. Rail services from Brisbane to the Gold Coast are going to double. The roads are being


upgraded, and the long-term plans for the M1 will make it a much better highway to use. “So, is that a good investment? Absolutely! The Gold Coast is the state’s second largest city. Transport was a problem well before the Games. I’m not going to say it’s solved at all, but it’s gone a long way to making sure that one of the major legacies out of the Games is improved transport. “It’s important to have a long-term plan and strategy – whether it’s the venues or the security or the management of the M1, you’ve got to start all that work early and work as hard as you can. You also need to think outside the box. Because we put the bid in








seven or eight years ago, the costs obviously change. What we’ve done is to think of how to deliver things smarter. That’s why we’re on budget and on time.”

VENUES The venues themselves are also part of Mr Beattie AC’s legacy plan and have been designed for use long after the event. With 18 competition venues in total, including three new venues and major upgrades to seven venues, plus the Athlete’s Village, the infrastructure is substantial. More importantly, the $320 million venue construction program is ahead of schedule, and meeting budget. “I’m hopeful the Gold Coast will become one



of Australia’s great event centres, with these venues not just for sport. At Oxenford, there is a sound stage used for movies which was upgraded with Village Road Show so now you have a 3,000-person squash facility that is actually going to be used for movies.” Mr Beattie AC cites the Athlete’s Village as another example of this intentional sustainability of infrastructure. After the Games, the development will become a mixed-use residential community and the surrounding land will be used as a health and knowledge precinct. “They will partner with the university and the hospitals nearby. Out of that grows economic development from the commercialisation of research,” he says. A further seven hectares will be dedicated to parks and open space.

1. Anna Meares Velodrome. 2. GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters, GC2018 Ambassador Sally Pearson, GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie.

The Chairman is no stranger to controversial projects; his government converted Lang Park to Brisbane Stadium (known by its sponsored name, Suncorp Stadium) during his time as Queensland Premier. “I recall once we made the decision to build Lang Park, there was immediate opposition,” he says. “Now it’s one of the best sporting venues in the world for rugby union, rugby league and soccer. “The reality of these things is you’ve got to provide leadership, and you’ve got to do your homework so you get it right. While it was controversial at the time, no one argues about Suncorp Stadium now. You have to think about the benefit. If you look at the revival of the UK, they have started building infrastructure. They beat us at the Olympics and Paralympics.


20–70% OFF

4 3. Commonwealth Games Village. 4. Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

One of the biggest legacies of this event is going to be improvement of transport. Mr Peter Beattie AC, Chairman of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation


Exclusive Offer To all Tattersall’s Club Members, we extend an invitation to be a Tony Barlow Brisbane VIP Member ...and get a further 10% off!* *conditions apply…discount will be given on presentation of your membership card at point of original sale, and includes sale items. Does not apply to any previous purchases.

A/W 2017 NEW ARRIVALS IN STORE NOW Tattersall’s Club

• GC2018 will provide lasting economic benefits for Queensland, with $2 billion injected into the state economy and 30,000 jobs created. • $320 million investment into sport and community infrastructure will generate 1,000 jobs during design and construction phase and drive long-term economic benefits by attracting elite athletes and world-class events to Queensland for decades to come. • The Commonwealth Games Village will inject an estimated $550 million into the local economy over five years and create 1,500 jobs during design and construction. Source: Queensland Government

ONLY BRISBANE LOCATION – OPEN 7 DAYS Level 1, 189 Elizabeth St, (Opposite the Hilton Hotel)

07 3221 9111





»15,000 VOLUNTEERS They came out of nowhere because their building infrastructure made sure that sport is funded properly.”

7 5

5. Sally Pearson – GC2018 Ambassador. 6, 7. Coomera Indoor Sports Centre.

SOCIAL IMPACT OF GC2018 Mr Beattie AC also mentions the health and social benefits of promoting sport (through hosting the Games). “We are an obese nation. If we engage kids to follow their sporting heroes and get them playing sport, they will be happier and healthier. They don’t have to be Olympic champions, but it keeps people out of hospital.” For the first time in the history of any major multi-sport Games, there will be an equal number of medal events for men and women. “Frankly we need to do the right thing. When you have a great event like this, there should be an equal number of medals for men as women.” The emphasis on equality stretches further, with tickets to some events costing as little as $20 for adults and $10 for children. “We have structured the tickets specifically for families. Mum, dad and two kids for $60. It’s a risky decision but it’s the right one to charge less and sell more.” The Corporation expects to sell 1.5 million tickets over the 11-day event, with free public transport to and from the venue included with every ticket. These two factors alone have caught the world’s attention, with the upcoming Games being labelled ‘progressive’. “Actually yes, we believe women in sport is important, and



Matilda the Kangaroo was the mascot of the 1982 Commonwealth Games

» AUSTRALIA HAS STAGED THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES FIVE TIMES SYDNEY 1938 PERTH 1962 BRISBANE 1982 MELBOURNE 2006 GOLD COAST 2018 families are important. That is how we brand ourselves. It’s not just the right thing to do but it is commercially clever.” At the end of the day, Mr Beattie AC is mostly just excited for what’s to come. “I am looking forward to this being one of the best Commonwealth Games ever. “In 12 months time, I look forward to looking back and just saying, ‘It was well organised and everybody had a good time’.”

VENUE INFRASTRUCTURE • 18 world-class competition venues on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville. • $320 million venue construction program, including three new competition venues and major upgrades to seven venues, including: • New $104 million Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre will host badminton and wrestling during GC2018. • New $59 million Anna Meares Veledrome at Chandler, Queensland’s first indoor velodrome. • $41 million redevelopment of the Southport pool complex into the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, a world-class swimming and diving facility. • New $40 million Coomera Indoor Sports Centre will host the gymnastics competition and netball finals. • $16.5 million upgrade of the Belmont Shooting Complex. • $4 million upgrade to the Broadbeach Bowls Club transforming it into a world-class venue. • The Commonwealth Games Village features 1252 apartments and townhouses across 18 buildings and has been designed to house 6600 athletes and officials during GC2018. Source: Queensland Government


IS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY THE GOLDEN GOOSE OF AN INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO? With cash rates at an all time low, and share market volatility and property prices continuing to increase, you’re probably thinking property is a safe place to invest. But not all property investments are equal. The Tattler spoke to Stronghold Investment Services Head of Property and Advisory Steve de Nys about investment trends in property, diversification and his crystal ball. A founding director of The Suburban Alliance and past chair of The Property Council of Australia’s Industrial Committee, Steve de Nys has more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial and industrial property sector as an agent for global property groups Savills and Jones Lang LaSalle. What does he see as the property trends and the best place to invest? “Interest rates on bank deposits remain at historically low levels and there is little expectation that this will change over the short to medium term. As a consequence there are many investors, particularly those with self-managed super funds who are looking for better returns.” Steve says direct property investment is the next place investors turn but feels the residential property market is a dangerous place to be. “Negatively geared properties rely solely on capital growth for an investment return,” he explains. “Residential property has seen strong capital growth over the last few years but with many experts predicting that market has peaked or is close to peaking, there is a very real risk that capital growth will be limited over the short-medium term and in some areas and sub-sectors may turn negative. With possible changes to negative gearing allowances and capital gains tax in response to the ‘affordable housing crisis’, there is no guarantee of capital growth over the mediumlong term.”

Recently, Australian commercial property has been touted as the golden goose of property asset classes. Steve says while the commercial property yields have shrunk over the last four to five years as a result of increasing demand for investment properties, there were still good returns to be made on the right asset. “Our investors are currently earning between 8.5 per cent and 11 per cent per annum, and that’s exclusive of capital gains. So investors can get good returns on their money.” Stronghold is making commercial property more accessible to investors by creating wholesale property trusts, which allow investors to contribute to a fund and purchase large multi-million dollar assets. The downside of a property trust is that it’s a long term investment (usually for 5-7 years) and like all investments, capital growth is not guaranteed. The upside is net cash returns are paid monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and the industry is well regulated. Stronghold specialise in suburban business parks and have eight unlisted wholesale property trusts managing $150 million worth of assets. The company currently has a new Melbourne property trust in the suburb of Monash open for subscription. Why suburban? Why Melbourne? “Suburban focuses on business precincts that offer exceptional access and relatively high ratios of cost effective car parking,” Steve continues. “In our experience, these qualities are highly sought after by car dependent businesses that require efficient access to and from a regional network.

“We are firm believers in and advocates of the suburban economy – 85 per cent of all metropolitan jobs are based in the suburbs and 90 per cent of all residents live outside the 5km ring of our CBDs (‘ThePulse’ Ross Elliott, 18/3/15). As congestion increases we believe demand for work places closer to where people live will increase significantly. “In some markets, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, there is a strong argument for rental growth in the suburban business park sector. Competition is limited with the supply of new stock driven by demand, and relatively limited speculative supply.” So what features should you look for in an unlisted property trust? “Tenants are critical to the success of any commercial property investment,” Steve says. “For quality tenants, a good location with easy access, plentiful, cost effective car parking and modern facilities are essential. It is also important to ensure the rents are at or below market, as over rented properties will have limited prospects for capital gain as lease terms near expiry. “For investors, modern buildings also offer depreciation benefits.” For further information contact: Steve de Nys Head of Property & Advisory Stronghold Investment Services Pty Ltd 0413 515 808 Email -





There are some exciting new developments at the Tattersall’s Health and Wellness Centre. We sat down with Manager, Michael Durham, to learn about the new ‘smart’ equipment coming your way and how it will revolutionise your health.

By Phoebe Tully Images courtesy of Johnson Health Tech Australia



Members will notice a significant upgrade to the Health and Wellness Centre in the coming weeks, with ‘smart’ equipment to be introduced overnight.

trainers can log in and see how the Members are progressing that week. This will allow us to train them better as we can easily see where they have improved or may need some extra help.”

“We update our equipment every four to five years,” says Michael Durham, Tattersall’s Health and Wellness Centre Manager. “And this time, we are getting equipment that allows more interaction with our Members. Staff will be able to trace and track our Members better – what they are doing in the gym area, how often they are coming in, how much they’re improving,” says Michael, who played rugby league professionally before becoming a personal trainer.

The overall goal is to design more tailored workout plans for each Member, although it isn’t necessary to use the smart function 
if you’d rather not. “Say I ask you to do a session on the treadmill. You would come 
in, tap your phone and the session I have designed is there waiting for you. It’s all done for you. Away you go!”

“By downloading the appropriate app on their smart phone, members can track their workout on all new cardio equipment.
It stores the data in the app, so they can track their fitness, their weight loss, how many sessions a week they are doing, how far they’re running. Then the

Regular Health and Wellness Centre user
Brad Usasz says the new equipment will just add to the environment he already enjoys. “With Tattersall’s, it’s a combination of the equipment, friendly and helpful staff, and the fellowship of Members in the tradition of the Tattersall’s Club ethos. There have been some great friendships developed from all walks of life in the centre over many years, and its unique atmosphere has been a great part of that.”


HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE Level 5, Tattersall’s Club 07 3331 8877 Opening hours Mon - Fri 5.30am to 8.00pm Sat & Sun 8.00am to 2.00pm Public Holidays 6.00am to 2.00pm Hours may vary over Christmas and Easter holiday periods. Contact the Health and Wellness Centre for more information.

The new Health and Wellness Centre will
 have everything you need: four treadmills, four elliptical trainers, four Concept II rowers, three recumbent bikes, three stationary bikes and three spin bikes. And that’s just the cardio. In the weights section there will be a chest press, lat pull-downs, seated rowers, leg presses, Smith machines, a pec deck, bench presses, squat racks... It’s a massive project. “We have never refurbished the Health and Wellness Centre in one hit,” says Michael. “We normally do it in sections, with cardio one year and a couple of strength items. And then when the next lease comes around we will update the older equipment. But this is the first time we have updated everything in one go.” How will the upgrade occur? Members will simply arrive one morning to find the new equipment installed and ready to go. Of the 5,000 Members of Tattersall’s Club, 436 are registered as Health and Wellness

Centre Members. Family Members bring the total Health and Wellness Centre Membership to well above 600. Every single Health and Wellness Centre Member receives a fully tailored program and initial fit testing.

Michael. “We don’t have the big crowds of public gyms and there are always trainers onsite to help you. “We also have a 25-metre lap pool, which is unique as no other gym in the city has this feature.”

“As a couple working in and living near the CBD, we love the accessibility, quality and range of facilities and equipment in the Tattersall’s Health and Wellness Centre,” says Greg Chalmers, who trains at the centre with his wife, Jacinta. “Beyond that, the support, encouragement and commitment of the staff under Michael make it a fun and safe place to stay fit and relieve the stress at the end
of our typical business day. Our visits to the centre three or four nights a week are now an important and integral part of our lifestyle.”

As well as their personal training sessions (around 100 a month), Michael’s team also run classes – around seven a week with only three to four Members at each.

“Members love the Tattersall’s Health and Wellness Centre because it’s a lot quieter and has a more intimate, boutique feel than other large mainstream fitness centres,” says

But it’s the tracking ability of the new equipment that Michael is really excited about. “From a personal training point of view, our PTs can track the progress of their clients better and provide tailored support. We are never going to be a mammoth gym with thousands of Members. I’d like to maintain our current membership numbers and ensure we continue to provide quality service and top quality features. With this smart equipment, we can be a
lot more attentive and supportive to individual Members’ needs.”





NAME: Michael Durham

NAME: Jodie Cliffe

Role: Health and Wellness Centre Manager.

Role: Personal Trainer.

Favourite sport to watch on TV: Rugby league.

Favourite sport to watch on TV: Rugby union, especially when the Reds are winning.

Favourite sport to play: Rugby league. Favourite exercise for strength: Power cleans. Favourite cardio exercise: Running. Best thing about our Health and Wellness Centre Members: Their friendly and relaxed natures. Most exciting aspect of the new equipment: As trainers we will have the capability to track and control sessions, leading to more accountability of trainers, and the ability to follow Members’ usage or lack of usage.

Favourite sport to play: Hockey. Favourite exercise for strength: Chin-ups. Favourite cardio exercise: High intensity interval training (HIIT). Best thing about our Health and Wellness Centre Members: Their sense of humour and genuineness! Most exciting aspect of the new equipment: Technological advances allowing real-time results and instant feedback enabling motivational longevity. New goals to set and challenges to master! 

NAME: Tess Moller

NAME: Brendan Saunders

Role: Personal Trainer

Role: Health and Wellness Instructor.

Favourite sport to watch on TV: AFL.

Sport to watch: EPL soccer and A-League soccer.

Favourite sport to play: Basketball.

Sport to play: Hot yoga and kicking the soccer ball with my young son.

Favourite exercise for strength: Squats.

Favourite exercise for strength: Chin-ups and five-minute plank hold.

Favourite cardio exercise: Running.

Favourite cardio exercise: Trail running and power yoga.

Best thing about our Health and Wellness Centre Members: They’re friendly and motivated.

Best thing about our Health and Wellness Centre Members: The friendships and the joy of seeing Members reach health and fitness goals.

Most exciting aspect of the new equipment: We can track our clients’ every workout session, which will help us monitor consistency and improvement.

Most exciting aspect of the new equipment: The level of improvement and excitement that new equipment brings (hopefully more Health and Wellness Centre Members).




GET INVOLVED All Tattersall’s Members are invited to join the Health and Wellness Centre for just $40 per month. Family Members are invited too, with partners starting at just $36 a month, and children for $48 a month. All joining Members, including family, are provided with complimentary programming and access to all new equipment. There’s never been a better time to take charge of your health – smartly! Call 07 3331 8877 or email

Sport to watch: Rugby league (I’m that one who yells at the TV).

Favourite cardio exercise: Either dancing or cycling. Dancing is an awesome cardio workout, shoots the heart rate right up there and is total body inclusive. It’s also an awesome choice for people who get bored with a treadmill or cycle workout (guilty).

Sport to play: I am working my way up to competitive pole dancing, so that would have to be it.

Best thing about our Health and Wellness Centre Members: The friendship and fellowship they show to each other on a daily basis.

Favourite exercise for strength: Commandos, definitely. Upper body strength, core stability and you can add on lower body as well with some variations; they are a fantastic blaster.

Most exciting aspect of the new equipment: Incorporating the new equipment into what I have been doing with my clients and using the equipment to help them smash out their goals.

NAME: Caitlyn Wardle Role: Personal Trainer.

Rose Quartz and Diamond Earrings

Cushion Cut Double Halo Cluster Ring

Australian Argyle Pink Diamond Earrings



$8900 Street Level, Brisbane Arcade, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane 4000 Phone +61 7 3221 6798 or 3221 5948

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28/04/2017 1:42 PM



Gamble Responsibly


DAVID STANLEY – A BRISBANE BOY WITH BIG CITY DREAMS Sky Racing presenter Dave Stanley is a card, a real character with an oldfashioned attitude and a witty sense of fun. “Thanks to my grandfather, I sometimes feel like a 74-year-old thinker in a 27-year-old body,” he confesses. “I owe all my punting passion and love of racing to him.”

As a youngster, Dave spent endless hours mesmerised by his grandad’s stories of Sydney town, trips to tracks and tales of champs. He was Dave’s hero and he hung on every word of his grandad’s racing rhetoric. “I absorbed it all and became completely hooked on racing,” Dave recalls. In fact, Dave’s school days were a daze, dreaming of a racing world and studying form at the back of the class. He even admits to pretending to listen to the teacher while recalling races in his head instead. Born in Brisbane, Dave had a dream: to work in racing and in the media. Watching and mimicking racing hosts consumed him. “They were my heroes. The guys I dreamed of being,” he smiles. Despite his lack of classroom attention, Dave always had the edge. A school captain he became, and onward and upward towards his dream he rallied. His initiation into media came via community radio in Brisbane, hosting a sports and racing show. “I harboured a dream from a very young age to work in racing media even though I thought it near impossible.” However, Sky Racing came to the rescue through a competition called “Star Search”, held to expose new media talent and give someone a go. Dave was selected among the top six and when it came to the line, he got

the nod. His skills and knowledge shone and he was named the new-found media star. “I couldn’t believe it! I had no family in Sydney, and had only been there three times in my life, yet I always had Sydney in my heart through my grandad’s yarns. So I quit my job, packed my car and drove to the big smoke,” he laughs. “Here I am living my dream. I have the dream job in a dream city and although a Brisbane boy, I’m a Blue now.”. Starting at Sky some three years ago, he spent many long nights at the studio doing whatever he was told. “I was so excited to be there and happy to do anything.” Now an on air presenter, he sits in the studio on Saturdays presenting on Sky Racing 1 with Andrew Martin and Tony Brassel and also works on Formline Extra and Big Sports Breakfast. Dave is creating his own niche and becoming a popular household name. The boy from Brisbane with big city dreams has made his mark. “I pinch myself every day. It’s been a great 360 degree turn – the fact that grandad can now watch me in the same lounge room that I watched Sky Racing with him as a kid. It’s surreal to work with people I would have once worshipped on TV. I feel so privileged. It’s an unbelievable opportunity and who knows where it will take me, but I’m certainly living my big dream and loving the Sky Racing ride.”





Easy-going and unpretentious, champion trainer Chris Anderson is in his element at Eagle Farm Racecourse. We talked to him about the upcoming Winter Carnival and why he left his job as the national manager of a beer brand.

A life filled with racehorses may sound glamorous, but the 16-hour workdays and incredible stakeholder pressure may suggest otherwise. For Chris Anderson though, it’s worth it. Having built his business from just one horse, the rising trainer looks back on a decade of hard work – and gives us a couple of names to watch for this season.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO RACING? It was probably because certain members of my family had been horse trainers, but I didn’t get in to horseracing until I was in my early 30s.




When I left school, I was studying criminology – or ‘justice studies’, as it was called back then.

I wanted to be a policeman and had a job in a pub to pay for my university degree. While I was working there, I was offered a job at an alcohol company and became a rep in Brisbane then ended up getting promoted and moving to Sydney after working really hard. So, I had this amazing life in my 20s. I was single and I was a national manager for the brand of beer; it was phenomenal! What a life! After a while though, I wanted to return to Brisbane, because this is where I’m from. So, I came back as a state manager for a global liquor organisation. I was looking after some really big independent pubs for our liquor portfolio as a part of my job, and one came on the market. So, I bought a pub. I wanted to become a cop, and I bought a pub… I guess that shows I’m a bit of a natural risk taker – but a calculated risk taker. The pub was losing $200,000 a year, but we had vision and could see an opportunity, so we turned it



TIARA RACE DAY SATURDAY 24 JUNE 2017 E A G L E FA R M R A C E C O U R S E Gates open at 10.30am General admission and Member’s Stand tickets are available online now from Call 07 3331 8884 or email to book hospitality packages. Keep up to date with the latest racing news at tattersallsracingclub TattersallsRacingClub

on my own. It’s the thing I am proudest of, having not actually started my career in the circuit and still been able to base my business right here at Eagle Farm, the pinnacle of racing in Queensland.

around and made some good money from it. Because I was working for myself, it gave me time to start dabbling with horses. I worked for various trainers to get some experience and see what it was all about. And I was doing this while working full time and also having three kids under the age of three. My days started at three – actually, they still do – and ended at 6.00pm or 7.00pm.

WHAT DOES BUSINESS LOOK LIKE NOW? I started with one horse. Then two and it continued from there. I’ve been training for about six years now in my own right and will soon have up to 46 horses in work. A lot of trainers inherit their family business, or they may have worked for leading trainers. It means they may inherit a business or ‘good will’– and good on them. But I literally started with one racehorse and have built everything

I am always looking to increase the quality of horses in my stable, and I am consistently doing that now. I think the results this year speak for themselves, but it has been a decade of really hard work.

The Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day is always a spectacular day for a trainer. Any filly or mare that wins a Group One is going to have phenomenal value, not only through prize money, but through her value as a brood mare when her days of racing are finished. If you place in a Group One, a Group Two, and a Group Three, it’s what breeders call a ‘black type’. And that is what everyone is looking for.


But really, the carnival is a time when many get dressed up and have an amazing day with their friends. It all comes back to the heritage of what Australians are about, doesn’t it? 

There are half a dozen horses that we may have competing in various races. Elegant Composure and Mystic Opal will be leading the charge for me.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE WINTER CARNIVAL THAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL ON THE RACING CALENDAR? Well, it’s Queensland’s premier racing event. It is where we see horses from all over Australia and New Zealand come together to compete in the series, which makes it a focal point for local trainers. It’s the pinnacle for us up here as far as racing is concerned. Melbourne has Spring, Sydney has Autumn, and we have Winter. And it’s all reflected in prize money to be honest. The big races have big prize money to attract the best horses.

A lot of people have someone they know who has a general understanding of racing – maybe they even have a share in a horse. Personally, I’m always looking for owners irrespective of their knowledge to get involved and to buy shares in horses. Traditionally, people would own big shares and horses outright. Now you can own as small as 2.5 per cent and have the same rights on race day as someone who owns 100 per cent. It’s so affordable. Many people don’t realise the affordability of racehorse ownership.





Tattersall’s Racing Club’s premier race day, the Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day, will be held on Saturday 24 June as part of the 2017 Winter Racing Carnival. This year, the Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day marks the 152nd anniversary of the first Tattersall’s Cup, which was run on 16 August 1865. The Group Three Carlton Mid Tattersall’s Cup is sure to have spectators on the edge of their seats. The Group One Sky Racing Tattersall’s Tiara and the Group Three W J Healy Stakes will also be held on the day, providing an abundance of opportunities for eager punters to place a bet.

with catering and beverage options from $80 to $220 per person. Gates open at 10.30am. General admission tickets can be bought online for $20 or at the gate for $25, with children and pensioners free. Members’ Stand tickets can also be purchased online for $40 per person, or $50 at the gate. Be there for Brisbane’s premier race day of 2017, the Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day.

TATTERSALL’S RACE DAY On Saturday 22 July, Tattersall’s Racing Club bids farewell to Winter Racing at Doomben Racecourse with a fun-filled day full of premier racing, boutique hospitality, and live entertainment.

Winter racing fashion will be at its peak as the Tattersall’s Club Fashions on the Field returns with a new judging panel and exciting prizes. Details to follow.

The day features an eight-race program, including the Sky Racing Tattersall’s Mile Handicap, Carlton Mid Handicap, Winning Edge Presentations Handicap and the G.H. Mumm QTIS Two-Years-Old Handicap.

There are a number of group packages available for both small and large groups for those who prefer something more intimate,

With $100,000 of prize money up for grabs in the Listed Sky Racing Tattersall’s Mile Handicap, punters will have ample opportunity



to join the excitement of racing on the day. Off-track the Carlton Mid Meeting Place returns with premier seating, umbrellas and its own bar to relax at. Great Northern also returns to the Members’ Area, adding a second trackside location for racegoers to enjoy premium views. Secure your spot early to ensure a prime position to view the track. G.H. Mumm will have their unique champagne bar in the Members’ Stand to toast with something special. With Sony Music providing the entertainment, in conjunction with Hit105, you’re sure to have a fabulous time on the Public Lawn. Gates open at 10.30am, with general admission and Members’ Stand tickets available to prepurchase online for adults, with children and pensioners free.

CONTACT @TattersallsRacingClub



13.07 French Wine and Seafood Dinner 11.08 Town and Country Drinks

01.06 End of Financial Year Wine Auction

20.07 An Evening with Boxing Champion with Danny Green

15.08 Sportsman’s Grill Night

09.06 ‘Stradbroke Handicap Calcutta 21.07 Christmas in July Dinner Dance

24.06 Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day JULY 

22.08 Senior Members’ Lunch 22.07 Tattersall’s Race Day AUGUST 

12.07 Tattersall’s Ladies Morning Tea

04.08 International Beer Day and Expo

25.08 Casino de Monte-Carlo President’s Ball

BOOKINGS To book, go to your new Member Portal or contact 07 3331 8888






On Friday 31 March, Tattersall’s Club held its annual Black Tie Boxing Evening, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong, for a 13th year. The sold out event featured a crowd of more 480 Members and guests who enjoyed a fantastic evening of live boxing and hospitality within the Club. For many Members who waited in line on the North Balcony, as well as on the phone to the Events office in order to secure the best tickets possible for their group, it was not an experience of disappointment.



Top amateur boxers from Australia and New Zealand showcased their skills, determination and Club spirit during eight rounds of intense boxing. Four boxing clubs competed for the top prize, the Wally Taylor Memorial Trophy, which was judged by Tattersall’s Club President Stuart Fraser and Mercedes-Benz Toowong’s Angus Young. Congratulations to the deserving winner, Liam Wilson of Kurbingui Boxing Club. With a Floyd Mayweather Boxing Glove Display on offer, this year’s raffle prize elicited a ticket buying frenzy, with one Member purchasing thousands of dollars of tickets!

The auction was another frenzied affair, with personally signed memorabilia from ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor going under the hammer. With only 50 editions worldwide, this is a much sought after collection. More than $15,000 was raised during the raffle and auction, with Queensland Amateur Boxing Association reaping the rewards. Thanks to Bli Bli, All Star Boxing, Team Shamrock Boxing Club, and the New Zealand Touring Amateur Boxing Association for participating in the 13th Black Tie Boxing Evening, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong.

Luxury is an Experience, not a Price Point Born from Tradition. Built for Innovation. We understand luxury is an experience, not a price point. Whether it’s one bedroom or ten, we represent extraordinary homes in a variety of lifestyles providing you the best options and exceptional service.

Your home is unique. It deserves to be marketed in unique ways. Exclusively. Without fanfare. With grace and expertise. Revealing what’s extraordinary about it. We invite you to experience the difference.

Your fellow Tattersall’s Member

Tyson Clarke 0407 034 803 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated





Tattersall’s Club Arcade Tenants have provided the following discounts to all Tattersall’s Club Members upon presentation of their Membership card. Take advantage of these special offers and support the Tattersall’s Arcade Tenants.



10% DISCOUNT to all Members on presentation of Tattersall’s Club Membership card.

10% DISCOUNT to all Members on presentation of Tattersall’s Club Membership card.



07 3012 8883

07 3003 1344

ITALIAN APERITIVO Each Friday starting from 5.00pm until 9.00pm Marchetti is hosting “Italian Aperitivo”, which is the beloved Italian Milanese tradition of light Italian cocktails like aperol spritz, campari and wines, always enjoyed with small Italian bites such as crispy arancini balls and freshly baked authentic pizza. 10% DISCOUNT to all Members on presentation of Tattersall’s Club Membership card. Marchetti 07 3003 1344

TATTERSALL’S ARCADE The Tattersall’s Arcade is one of Brisbane’s oldest and most prestigious shopping precincts. Opened in 1926, the Arcade features premier outlets for all of your shopping needs. Tattersall’s Arcade Tenants include: • AG Designer Jeweller

• Lannah Dunn

• Robert’s Menswear

• Bankwest

• Longchamp

• Sono

• Canturi

• Marchetti

• St.George Bank

• Dello Mano

• Optiko

• Virgin Mobile

• ESQ Male Grooming

• Queen St Physio

• Vodafone

• Hunt Leather

• Rimowa

View the complete directory of Tattersall’s Arcade Tenants online at



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7/11/2016 10:45 AM

Introducing our new AMG Performance Centre. Experience the world of AMG at Mercedes-Benz Toowong. From torque to acceleration, engines to design elements, our new AMG Performance Centre is dedicated to helping you experience and discover the right AMG for you. Sam Fuller our AMG Brand manager and Glen Jackson our AMG Sales Specialist share our customers’ passion and enthusiasm for high performance cars in a facility where you will experience prestige, power and performance. Visit AMG Performance Centre Mercedes-Benz Toowong to experience the world of AMG for yourself. A Daimler Brand.

Mercedes-Benz Toowong Cnr Moggill & Harrys Rd, Taringa Tel: 3870 4500 DL 3701126




Sportsman’s Grill with the Queensland Reds: (L to R) Brodie Wilson, Steve Pyman, Andrew Shields

13th Annual Black Tie Boxing Evening sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong: (L to R) Bailey Ralston, Prins Ralston, Will Penning, Wayne Penning

Ladies Morning Tea with Mayor Pisasale:(L to R) Karen Skippington, Marilyn Gutke, Annie Hughes, Heather Mildwaters, Judy Wilson, Paul Pisasale

Tattersall’s Race Day President’s Lunch: Carmel McCoy, John McCoy, Tracey Greer

13th Annual Black Tie Boxing Evening sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong: (L to R) Nathan Carlos, Nathan Wood, Tyson Clarke, Danny Agnola, Rob Buick, Ben Allen, Michael Watson, Jarryd Wilkes

Sportsman’s Grill with the Queensland Reds: (L to R) Sean Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Shayne Goulter


Sportsman’s Grill with the Queensland Reds: (L to R) Anthony Andrews, David Colvin, Paul Hogan, Francis Price, Lindsey Durrington

Ladies Morning Tea with Mayor Pissale: (L to R) Paul Pisasale, Judy Wilson, Sherry Heath

Tattersall’s Race Day President’s Lunch: Cath Singleton, Genevieve Fraser

Ladies Morning Tea with Mayor Pissale: (L to R) Zoe Coghlan, Valerie Palmer, Julie Pepper, June Sakzewski, Chesne McGrath, Terri Mulhearn

13th Annual Black Tie Boxing Evening sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Toowong: (L to R) James Eyre, Nick Hill, Andrew Walker, Rob Kropp

Tattersall’s Race Day President’s Lunch: Carla ‘Leigh Seville, Keiren Ewart, Christina Ward, Evie Vernon, Jim Vernon, Ernie Ward, Alistair Ewart, Feegus Ewart, Paul Ryan


+MEMBER FOCUS MIKE MAKRAS presenting him with my idea for OPTIKO. He trusted my vision and for that I am eternally grateful.” Having recently returned from an expedition to the North Pole, Mike’s cup is full to the brim. “My wife and I lived in London for some time, and we really enjoyed travelling to exotic places. One that really sticks in our memories is Finnish Lapland, and we vowed to take our (potential) kids there one day. Well, our eldest daughter is now 16 and our youngest is 13, and we finally managed to get them there!” It was an incredible journey, full of priceless memories. “I enjoyed seeing our delighted daughters’ faces when they first laid eyes on fluffy, white snow. I particularly remember the afternoon my youngest and I had a magical walk venturing on snowshoes into one of the snow forests near us. It was peaceful and visually breathtaking, and I really savoured having that precious time with her.”


From humble beginnings running a small family business to becoming one of the country’s leading opticians, Mike Makras has well and truly made Tattersall’s Club his home away from home. We spoke to him about his experiences running a business in Tattersall’s Arcade and his recent adventures to the North Pole.

Mike Makras has always had an eye for detail. No pun intended. “I ran a small family optometrist in the southern suburbs, but I felt Brisbane was ready to embrace eyewear as a thing of beauty and craftsmanship,” he says. “I had previously worked in many beautiful opticians in London that embodied this idea – and done it well.” Mike recalls one in particular, which was located in Selfridges and frequented by Arabic sheikhs, who would visit with their entourage and briefcases full of British pounds to buy custom pieces. “That was an eye-opener for a young Brisbane boy!” Now, Mike’s successful boutique optometrist OPTIKO is perfectly at home in the Tattersall’s Arcade. “I love historic architecture and we don’t have a lot of it left in Brisbane. It’s comforting to work and play in this beautiful space.

By Phoebe Tully Photos courtesy of Mike Makras



“I still remember my first meeting with Michael Paramor AM, the Chief Executive Officer of Tattersall’s Club at the time, and

The family also learned to cross-country ski together. “We went at night, through the birch trees, with the moonlit-glistening snow falling around us and white rabbits hopping through the trees. We mushed through stunning snow-covered areas on wooden husky sleighs for hours, made snow angels at midnight while staring up at the Milky

embrace eyewear as a thing of beauty and craftsmanship Way through the trees… Lapland truly is a magical wonderland.” Given his career and life experiences, it’s clear the adventurous traveller doesn’t need to look far for inspiration. “My father taught me the value of hard work. My mother taught me the value of hospitality, and my brother taught me the value of tolerance. An optician called Ian





who I worked with in the late 1980s taught me the value of having fun while you work. He owned the hottest eyewear practices in Hampstead, so he should know.”

1. 2. 3. 4.

Perhaps it is this ability to find inspiration in far-flung places as well as at home that has ensured the success of OPTIKO. Mike’s discerning range of handmade designer frames in striking colours and shapes has led to somewhat of a cult following, and has firmly cemented the business as one of Australia’s foremost opticians for those looking for something different.

are mixed in with rare sunglass styles. And while the eyewear is beautiful, Mike is just as interested in eyecare. “We have high-res digital retinal photography performed as a standard procedure. It’s crucial for diagnosing and monitoring your health – not just of your eyes, but just in general.”

The boutique opened a second location on James Street in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley a few years ago, and launched an eponymous range of one-off, handcrafted glasses. Inside the award-winning interiors, you’ll find brands such as Cutler & Gross, Oscar Magnusson, Cartier, Cazal, Thom Brown, Thierry Lasry, C.W. Dixey of London, Garret Leight California, and Fritz alongside Mike’s own line of beautiful, bespoke buffalo horn frames. Vintage pieces from the 50s

Mike Makras. Optiko, Tattersall’s Arcade. Mike and his wife Kellie in Lapland. Optiko, Tattersall’s Arcade.

OPTIKO is a place of innovation and timelessness, style and effortless. It’s a business that combines hospitality with commerce, and dishes it out in spades, a place which suits Tattersall’s perfectly. “To me, Tattersall’s Club is a place where I like to bring friends and family to take time out from the craziness of modern life. It takes us to a time where people were more present and life was more elegant.” His parting words of wisdom? “The eggs benedict in the Healy Room are a classic. Ask for extra hollandaise on the side.”


OPTIKO Digital retinal imaging, prescription eye tests and the most unique and eclectic eyewear collections in Australia. Tattersall’s Arcade 215 Queen St Mall, Brisbane 07 3012 8883 James Street 19 James St (near Harvey’s restaurant) Fortitude Valley 07 3257 7281




2017 Membership Drive


M E M B E R G ET M E M B E R ! From Thursday 1 December, Members who introduce a new candidate for Membership between Thursday 1 December 2016 and Friday 15 September 2017 will go into the draw to win a luxurious international travel package worth $10,000!* The more candidates you introduce the more chances you have to win. In addition to the major prize there will be quarterly prizes drawn including Black Tie Boxing Evening tickets, Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day President’s Lunch tickets and a Mercedes-Benz vehicle for a week. It gets better. All candidates who complete an application for Membership and successfully become Members in the two Membership intakes during 2017 will go into the draw to win a luxurious domestic travel package worth $3,000! * Major prizes will be drawn at the New Members’ Cocktail Evening on Tuesday 14 November 2017. For more information visit

Tattler Summer 2016



ebratin ★ ★★




Every year, Tattersall’s hosts Club and Sub Club events for Regional Members across Queensland. The Chapters aim to strengthen the network between Regional Members and foster connections between the broader Tattersall’s community.

★★★ c




Fourth generation cane farmer Don Murday is a natural innovator. With a property at the mouth of the Mossman Gorge, 80km north of Cairns, Don has 130 hectares of cane as the mainstay of the business and has been learning to grow cocoa and papaya over the past decade. “While sugarcane is more resilient than other crops during severe weather, we started growing papaya to provide an income stream independent of sugar – and it’s kept us afloat through some tough times.” A top-grade red variety of papaya, which commands premium prices at the markets in Sydney, these trees also provide shelter for the young cocoa plants, which supply beans for the first commercially produced chocolate made from Australian-grown cocoa beans. Born and bred in Mossman, Don is Managing Director of the Mango Park Canefarming Company. He has been the Northern Region Director of the Australian Cane Farmers Association (ACFA) since 2002, and was elected Chairman of the ACFA Board in 2010. A Member of Tattersall’s Club since September 2008, the father-ofthree is a regular attendee at Chapter events in Cairns and frequently stays at the Club throughout the year. “My grandfather Captain Harry Murday was a Member of the Club too; he was the Brisbane Harbour Master in years gone by,” he recalls. “Last year, I spent a lot of time in Brisbane for sugar industry meetings, once a fortnight at times. I always stay at the Club. The staff are so welcoming… it really is a home away from home.” Don is also a keen sportsman and is President of the Port Douglas Rugby Union Club while his son Tom is currently signed to French club Agen following a stint with the Queensland Reds in the Super Rugby competition. “Being a Member is a great way of staying in touch with old boarding school mates from Brisbane Grammar and my rugby mates too. We also hosted my mother’s 80th birthday at the Club and it was the most fantastic night. I always look forward to lunches in the Members’ Dining Room and am planning a trip to Brisbane for the upcoming Tiara Race Day.”


UPCOMING CHAPTER EVENTS • Cairns Amateurs Race Day

Saturday 2 September

• Gympie Cup Race Day

Saturday 28 October

• Kilcoy Cup Race Day

Saturday 2 December


BRISBANE T. 07 3367 2499 F. 07 3368 3038 GOLD COAST T. 07 5593 4031 F. 07 5593 8429

w w w. n e w p o r t s h u t t e r s . c o m

Contact the Membership team for more information about Chapter events. 07 3331 8847 TATTERSALL’S CLUB BRISBANE


Cecil Peak, Queenstown – by Julian Apse


VISIT NEW ZEALAND Whether you’re passionate about skiing and snowboarding, trekking through nature or taking time out to relax in hot springs, New Zealand is the perfect mid-year winter escape. The South Island is a destination rich in culture and adventure, and where spectacular scenery comes as standard. SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING Coronet Peak is a seasoned skier’s paradise of 280 hectares of rollercoaster terrain. The peak allows night skiing and longer on-snow hours than other locations and is a short 25-minute drive from Queenstown. Ski season opens Saturday 17 June. For the ultimate ski experience for snow lovers of all levels, Treble Cone hosts the largest vertical trail on the South Island, as well as a free beginner surface lift and an uncrowded slope for first-timers. Ski season opens Thursday 22 June. Indulge in the winter wonderland of The Remarkables. Only a 40-minute bus shuttle from Queenstown, this truly remarkable location offers high altitude, north facing sunny Alps, dedicated freestyle areas, striking alpine views and an ice bar. What more could you ask for? Ski season opens Saturday 10 June.

THE GAME OF GAMES: AUSTRALIA VERSUS NEW ZEALAND Experience the intensity and passion of the Haka at the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin on Saturday 26 August as the Wallabies take on the All Blacks in a highly anticipated game. Nicknamed ‘The Glasshouse’ because of its resemblance to a horticultural hothouse, the stadium is the world’s first fully enclosed grass stadium.

CULTURAL EATS AND ACTIVITIES Visit the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch and enjoy the Ko Tane experience, a journey through time, indulging in and exploring Maori culture and history. Learn traditional dances and enjoy a traditional four-course dinner to finish the evening.

shared pools that weave their way through the rainforest, private pools and a range of massages. Suitable for guests of all ages, this is a superb place to relax and rejuvenate.

HORSE TREKKING Explore the countryside by horseback. Waimak River Riding Centre offer a range of trail rides to suit all levels of riders from beginners to the more experienced. Located 15 minutes from downtown Christchurch, along the Waimakariri River.

A HOME OF CHAMPIONS: NEW ZEALAND’S SPORTS HALL OF FAME The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame celebrates New Zealand’s greatest sporting achievers. Located in Dunedin’s historic railway station, the hall of fame provides a nostalgic journey of New Zealand’s sporting success through memorabilia, photographs and video.

FESTIVALS Warm up at the Queenstown Winter Festival (, a jam-packed, four-day celebration from Thursday 22 June. Dunedin also celebrates winter with its own Dunedin Midwinter Carnival (, featuring art and visual performance.



Tattersall’s Members are invited to stay at The Dunedin Club, a reciprocal club in the heart of Dunedin. An easy walking distance to the centre of town, The Dunedin Club is steeped in history, stretching back to the pioneers of the 1850s. Featuring nine bedrooms with ensuites, the club also has a business suite with internet access for guests.

Travel along the west coast of the South Island to the Glacier Hot Pools, a unique hot pool experience in the heart of the rainforest. Choose from

33 Melville Street, Dunedin +64 3 477 0082 /





By Michael Akhaven

SAVE THE DATE – 2017 FOOD AND BEVERAGE CALENDAR Tattersall’s Club has daily lunch dining specials for Members on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For only $20, experience the tastes and aromas of the Orient with a hearty curry on Monday, take a trip to Italy and enjoy a classic spaghetti bolognese on Tuesday, or choose from a home-cooked schnitzel selection on Wednesday. Following the recent launch of the latest seasonal menus, all mains are under $30 (excluding the reserve steak). Remember to redeem your loyalty points on your next visit to the restaurants. Visit the Wine Room next to the Members’ Bar at the Club next time you are in and enquire about joining ‘Club 200’. While you’re there, meet our new Cellarman, Dylan, who will assist you with home deliveries of wine from ‘Club 200’.

Thursday 1 June

“Clearing the Cellar” Wine Auction Dinner

Friday 9 June

Stradbroke Handicap Calcutta

Thursday 13 July

French Wine and Seafood Dinner

Friday 21 July

Christmas in July Dinner Dance

Friday 4 August

International Beer Day and Expo

Friday 25 August

Monte Carlo President’s Ball

Sunday 3 September

Father’s Day Carvery Lunch

Thursday 21 September

Truffle Dinner

Saturday 30 September

Annual Champagne Dinner

Thursday 16 November

Scotch Whiskey Masterclass


07 3331 8859

Healy Room

07 3331 8851

Members’ Dining Room 07 3331 8848


FREE THESE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Make the most of the time with your children and grandchildren these school holidays and bring them to Tattersall’s Club for a complimentary lunch from the children’s menu in the Healy Room or Members’ Dining Room. Available for children aged 12 and under.




+FROM THE ARCHIVES This year marks the 20th anniversary of the official opening of the new Tattersall’s Club building, which was jointly opened by Premier Rob Borbidge and Lord Mayor Jim Soorley on 7 August, 1997. Talk of a redevelopment gained momentum after Expo 88 as there was concern about the Club’s lack of high-grade facilities in keeping with its world status. In fact, there was a worry it may lose reciprocity with many first class clubs around the globe. An ambitious two-stage plan to redevelop the Club premises was formulated by the Committee of the day under the chairmanship of Dr John O’Duffy.


Stage One was completed in 1991 and included the redevelopment of the Arcade and the creation of the current modern and vibrant retail precinct. The second stage was far more ambitious. Despite several early setbacks, the Club managed to raise the funds necessary to acquire all premises on ‘the corner’, including the historic Ascot Chambers. The first sod was turned by Dr O’Duffy on 4 August 1995 and the building completed and opened largely on time some two years later. Ongoing thanks are owed to the Committees of the day, Presidents O’Duffy and Bob Templeton, as well as Treasurer Graham Fry and CEO Paul Jones.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

John O'Duffy turning the first sod on 4 August 1995. Tattersall’s Club and Ascot Chambers – Pre 1995. Building Plans. During construction 1995. Constructiom complete 1997.










NOT SURE WHERE YOUR LEVIES ARE SPENT? At BCHQ we have stood the test of time. Our core team of professionals have acquired over 105 years of combined experience in body corporate management. We provide expert assistance to clients across the eastern seaboard of Australia using the latest technology to provide the best service in the industry at very cost effective rates.

OFFER TO TATTERSALL’S CLUB MEMBERS Any new management of body corporate where a Member is involved will qualify for a no obligation 3 month fee free period.



07 5538 2676





THE IMPORTANCE OF GOAL SETTING AND TRACKING PROGRESS +HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE By Michael Durham How often do we set our sights on a goal, but never track our progress or map a path to get there? The importance of tracking progress is crucial to achieving a goal. Tracking progress can be done in a number of ways, like monitoring a number on the scales or notches in our belt, or noting a number of days on a calendar. Whatever the goal, tracking your progress and performance may take many forms and can be individualised to keep you accountable. If you don’t track your progress, you won’t know if you are moving in the right direction, or even moving at all!

TRACK TO STAY FOCUSED It’s easy to set a goal and hope for the best. I see many people fail to accomplish their goals, not because they lack the skill or support, but because they fail to track their progress. They lose focus on what they actually want to achieve and why it’s important to reach that goal.

AVOID FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVES It’s natural to focus on the negatives. In fact, if you don’t track, you’re more likely to focus on your failures. To avoid dwelling on the negatives, make a habit of tracking your



actions and accomplishments. While you’re in the gym, write down your numbers and achievements on your program card (come and see us if you need a new one). Most of our Members live extremely busy lives, with travel inevitable and long days at the office the norm. To overcome a bad week in your exercise regime, which can happen to the best of us, writing down your progress will help keep you focused and moving closer to the end goal. Seeing the improvements you’ve made the week before will prove you are moving forward and reduce the temptation to dwell on a setback.

BREAK IT INTO SMALL STEPS Tracking makes goal setting easier by breaking big tasks into small achievable steps and reducing the feeling of overwhelm. For example, if you goal is to run a marathon, setting off on a 42 kilometre run seems near impossible. Yet by breaking the distance down into five kilometre then 10 kilometre blocks will make the distance more reachable. Weight loss is another perfect example where tracking your progress and breaking the overall goal into smaller numbers is essential to successfully reach the end goal. Our Club trainers can help you monitor, with scales to measure your weight, BMI, body fat, and muscle mass. Whether you are more comfortable tracking weekly, fortnightly or monthly to reach a goal like weight loss or strength building, organise a time to see a

trainer today and focus on the smaller steps to achieve the end result. There is little point setting a goal if you never know whether you were successful or not. To determine the level of success that you achieve, you must be able to measure your progress. When you measure your progress, you can see how you’re tracking, and this is a powerful motivator to help you stick with it. If you are making good progress, your confidence grows along with your motivation. At the Club, our Trainers can help with whatever goal you wish to achieve. Each of our Members are supported with a program to follow, a card to fill out and follow up consultations to provide ongoing support. This service is vital to ensure you stay on track, remain focused on your health and fitness, and visit the Health and Wellness Centre regularly.

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR 2017 GOALS? Contact the Health and Wellness Centre today to learn more about the options available to assist you to improve your wellbeing, including fitness classes, personal training and combined fitness and diet plans. Visit Level 5 of Tattersall’s Club, contact the team on 07 3331 8877, email or at


T I ARA R ACE DAY S AT U R D AY 2 4 J U N E 2 0 1 7 Eagle Farm RACECOURSE General Admission

Members' Stand

$20 online $25 at the gate

$40 online $50 at the gate

Gates open at 10.30am Live music, Tattersall's Club Fashions on the Field and great racing For more information contact Keep up to date with the latest racing news at tattersallsracingclub



+SHOOTERS CLUB By Rod Andersen Sunday 26 February saw the Tattersall’s Shooters Club hold a pistol shoot with a focus on .22LR and 9mm semi-automatics. One-on-one Safety Officers were provided to the 31 shooters under the guidance of the Range Officer on the Queensland Military Rifle Club (QMRC) 50m range. Several shooters also took the opportunity to try some different revolvers. With the Valentine theme at the shoot, several ladies won lucky door prizes of ‘Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch’ wine, Lindt chocolates and roses. A surprise at the shoot was the presentation of a framed 1858 photo of the EB Southerden Drapery Store on the corner of Queen and Edward Streets – where Tattersall’s Club now stands. Edward Barton



Southerden (1830–1906) was a businessman and the first mayor of the (then) Town of Sandgate. In January 1855, he established the drapery business in Queen Street and successfully ran the business until he retired in 1864. This photograph was presented by the great-grandson of EB Southerden, Peter Southerden, President of QMRC and his wife Wendy.

CONTACT To join the Shooters Sub Club, please contact or 07 3331 8863.


2 1. Patrina was very proud of her shooting. 2. The framed 1858 photo of the EB Southerden Drapery Store is presented. 3. Bella and Hugo check out their pistol shooting.

1. New President Dean Merlo and past President Ern Wood. 2. New Years Lunch.

By Ern Wood



On Monday 6 February, the Bowls Club held their Annual General Meeting. This resulted in a change of President as Ern Wood retired after 12 years. The new President is Dean Merlo.



After the AGM, a New Year luncheon was held in the Templeton Room and Race Bar attended by 19 Members and their partners, as well as (former) Tattersall’s Club President Des Whybird.

CONTACT Ern Wood – 0418 767 161


+RACQUETEERS CLUB By Adrian Symons While it is true that a few blow-ins from southern states have inveigled themselves into the Racqueteers ranks over the years, the greater number are homebred Queenslanders and therefore of a steadfast disposition and well acclimatised to sub-tropical heat. But even these stout-hearted denizens of the Sunshine State were stunned by the savagery of the furnace which was Brisbane in January. With single figure attendances in the first week or two, it seemed that only the staunchest of tennis troubadours dared to venture onto the courts in circumstances only fit for crazed canines, yet they soldiered on, some in their eighties or nineties, to play in conditions far more oppressive than those which less mature professionals would squeamishly regard as “unbearable�.

Happily (and surprisingly), none of these hardy souls expired or even suffered permanent damage, as far as can be detected, and as the temperatures have moderated and the playing ranks have swelled to former levels, their furnace-forged steeliness has begun to pay dividends when competing with their less resolute companions who remained cosseted and cowering in their air-conditioned lairs while the thermometer hovered in the high thirties. Of the tennis there is little to relate, other than that our new Secretary Alan Becconsall has plunged into his new role with most unbecoming gusto, shaking up procedures, advancing radical initiatives and generally disturbing the languid complacency which has characterised the administration of the Racqueteers in times past. How long he can resist the forces of darkness before they corrupt him into their apathetic ways has become a matter of intense speculation.


2 1. Warren Porter hunting tennis tips on the net. 2. Frank Walters being pumped for advice by new Secretary Alan Becconsall.

CONTACT 0400 210 077









By Peter Skirving The opening game for Tattersall’s Golf Club (TGC) was held on Thursday 19 January at the outstanding course provided by Glades Golf Club. The Honour Board Event, The Woodrow Cup, was won by Greg Sills with 41 Single Stableford points (this score also gave Greg the TGC Monthly Mug). Long-standing TGC Committeemen, Eric Oxenford and Robert Gauld, took home the 4BBB trophies after carding 45 points. Mark Woolf won the Single Stableford with his 40 points. At Indooroopilly Golf Club on Thursday 2 February, the Qualifying Round of the Bob Templeton Memorial Shield was conducted at this challenging course. Sixteen teams with the best 4BBB scores on the day went through to knockout rounds, quarter-finals and semi-finals, culminating with the two teams left competing for the final at Lakelands in November. The Jim Watson Memorial Trophy (4BBB Honour Board Event) was contested, with Clive Schultz and Peter Skirving the popular winners after recording 51 points. The 4BBB trophies were picked up by John Griffin and Noel Fludder with 49 points (on a count back from Anthony Martin and Stephen Wright). Bob Lette was the winner in the Single Stableford with 41 points (on a count back from Andrew Slack). Royal Queensland Golf Club was the magnificent venue for the TGC game on Thursday 16 February. The Claimers Cup (a 4BBB Honour Board Event) was secured by Andrew Slack and John Griffin with 45.5 points



1. 2. 3. 4.

(L - R) Dennis Roel, Barry Aaskov, Michael Cosgrave, Peter Hyland and Bill Brittain. (L - R) Denis Brosnan, Warwick Oxenford and Anthony McKinnon. Denis Brosnan and Warwick Oxenford. Barry Aaskov and Denis Brosnan.

(adjusted). Geoff Mallan and his guest, Gary Maddison, took out the 4BBB with 49 points (Geoff also gained the TGC Monthly Mug with his 40 points). Tom Kennedy headed home to Toowoomba with the Single Stableford trophy after lodging a card showing 36 points. The great layout at Links Hope Island was the setting for the game on Thursday 2 March, with the highlight of the day a hole-in-one by Stephen Wright at the 5th hole. Stephen was awarded a $500 voucher for golfing equipment, a prize now offered to any ‘Aces’ at TGC games in 2017. Des Whybird and his guest, Damon Young, came in with 48 points to grab the 4BBB trophies (Des also took out the TGC Monthly Mug). In the Single Stableford, the winner was John Conroy with 41 points. Two matches were played in the first round of the Tempo, with Ken Hanlon and Tom Kennedy eliminating Ernie Ward and Victor DePasquale (3 and 2) while Clive Schultz and Peter Skirving outlasted Russell Walters and Adrian McDonald (20th hole). On Thursday 16 March, the TGC played the first-class setup at Gailes Golf Club. The main event was a novel 4BBB Aggregate, where the winners were Peter Hyland (TGC Captain) and Michael Dunn (TGC Committeeman) with their fine score of 74 points. TGC Hon. Secretary, Richard McCouaig, picked up the

Single Stableford a solid 40 points. A “day out” for the Committee! Two first round matches in the Bob Templeton Memorial Shield were completed at Gailes. Noel Fludder and John Griffin defeated John MacGillivray and John Rogers (4 and 2), while Alastair Ward and Ray White took out Lindsay Durrington and Richard McCouaig (1 up).

The photos accompanying this article were taken at the TGC Luncheon held in the Chandelier Room on Monday 20 March. Our guest speaker was Denis Brosnan, from Brosnan Golf and Golf World, who are major manufacturers, distributors and exporters of a wide range of golf equipment and accessories. Denis commenced his apprenticeship as a Professional Golfer as a 17-year-old. In 1967, he became the Golf Professional at Redcliffe Golf Club and also competed extensively on the Australian Tour for many years. He moved into manufacturing golf equipment in 1977, taking on the large overseas brands. And the rest is history, which was ably conveyed in Denis’ entertaining address to the TGC gathering. Denis Brosnan is a Member of Tattersall’s Club and the TGC.

CONTACT Tattersall’s Club Members with an AGU Handicap are welcome to join the TGC. New Member enquiries can be directed to Robert Gauld on 0405 322 167.


+SNOOKER CLUB By Tim Woolley Our first major event of the year was the Annual General Meeting and Prizegiving on Tuesday 31 January followed by our wellattended and much enjoyed annual dinner. The final of the Snooker Championship was due to be played in January, however, with Mal Waygood forfeiting because of back problems, Jim Wicks collected the Bob Needham Trophy as Snooker Champion again. The usual 9 Ball knockout followed dinner, with our President Michael Needham the winner. He beat Lance Baker, with the other semi-finalists being Jim Wicks and Mitch Acres. This year’s competitions are well underway. News of early results next time. The Queensland Billiards and Snooker Association again made use of our excellent facilities for their Queensland 6 Reds Championship in January. This was an

opportunity to watch some superb play from our top players, all of whom were suitably appreciative of the venue. The program to renovate and re-cover all three billiard tables was completed in April and they are now some of the best tables in Brisbane, if not in the State. Our thanks to our parent Club for making this possible. Sadly, this has not helped our progress in the QBSA Snooker Pennant competition this year where we are languishing at the bottom of the C Grade table at the time of writing. We regard this as a temporary setback and look forward to better times as the season progresses. In May, we will be hosting the Wellington Club who are visiting from New Zealand in the first in a regular series of annual home and away matches for a permanent trophy. We look forward to adding them to our regular overseas

1 1. Billiards Handicap winner Lance Baker.

CONTACT Tim Woolley – 0410 839113 trips and a long and friendly association. As ever, new Members are always welcome and our handicap system ensures that players of any standard can enjoy the game.





+COLTS CLUB By Michael Zivcic For the first breakfast of the New Year, the Colts had the privilege of sitting down with former High Court Judge, the Honourable Ian Callinan AC QC. With a legal career spanning 47 years, including nine years as a High Court Judge, those in attendance enjoyed a candid discussion about the Australian Constitution and its impact on modern day society.

On Friday 10 March, the Colts kicked off their social calendar for year with Friday night drinks and, with assistance from Members of the Snooker Club, held a snooker tournament. The night provided Members of the Colts an opportunity to catch up over a drink and to learn how to play snooker. Congratulations to Matthew Smith for winning the final, and thanks to the Snooker Club for their assistance (and patience) on the night.

3 1–3. Colts Breakfast with Justice Ian Callinan AC QC.

CONTACT To join the Colts Sub Club, please contact the Membership department of Tattersall’s Club via or 07 3331 8863.

+ROWING CLUB By Greg Clarke

2017 has been very active for Tattersall’s Rowing Club. In January, we moved into a new premises under Rowing Queensland at West End where we share the shed with like-minded micro Masters Clubs. The move has enabled us to expand our Membership and provide better quality equipment for Members and we hope to increase our current Membership of 25 to 35 members over 12 months. Thanks to the generosity of our Members, the Club can now offer a lightweight quad/4 and 8 for female rowers, as well as quad/4 and 8s for our men. Thanks to a grant from Tattersall’s Club, we also have two roller racks for our smaller double/pairs and singles, and trestles for storage.



Queensland State Masters Quad 2017.

During our AGM in February, Greg Clarke was re-elected President, Michael Sparksman as Boat Captain and Michael Lyons, Thea Sitcheff, Cheryl Herbert and Peter Camphin as part of our Management Committee. We participated in two local regattas, Place West and Brisbane GPS at Coomera, and achieved outstanding results. The final regatta before we head to New Zealand in April for the World Masters Games (WMG) was the Queensland Masters Rowing Championships on 8–9 of April. In the lead up to the WMG, all squads trained hard under the careful eye of their coaches to gain the skills and fitness necessary to compete at world-class level. Needless to say, after the effort, we celebrated with some great

New Zealand food and wine, mixed with traditional Australian friendship. At the championships, Tattersall’s Club Treasurer and TRC competitive member, Stuart Waddington, was selected (Along with 3 other rowers) to represent Queensland in the ‘Interstate Race’ at the national masters rowing regatta on 20 May in Victoria. Although a short, disrupted preparation, Stuart will compete in the men’s quad race and will be the first TRC member to represent Queensland. We wish him success.

CONTACT or call 3231 9777


2 1. N  ew TMC Member Steve Coates and his personally restored 1992 GSR 1070 BMW. 2. TMC affiliate Ross Ledger at Cape Flattery Far North QLD. 3. TMC at the Pit Stop Cafe on Mt Mee. 4. TMC at Beechmont.



+MOTORCYCLE CLUB By Edward Profke A warm welcome to our new Tattersall’s and Motorcycle Club (TMC) Members who have joined over the past few months. A special welcome to our long term TMC guest, Federal Magistrate Stephen Coates, who has finally found the time to sign the dotted line and often reminds us how pleased he is to have done so. Always keen to unleash his personally restored 1992 GSR 1070 BMW, Steve was eager to get the wheels rolling with his involvement at TMC and immediately volunteered to lead a ride for lunch at the Bribie Island Surf Club. Steve’s route took us over Clear Mountain, Dayboro, Mt Mee, then east and across to Bribie Island where lunch was enjoyed with gorgeous views of the beach and across Moreton Bay. For anyone who has not been to Bribie Island in many years, the Surf Club is a must! During the last quarter of 2016, TMC and affiliates enjoyed two long distance rides: Emerald in Central Queensland and Cape Flattery in North Queensland.  A small band of TMC Members escaped on a road trip for three nights with overnight stays at Monto, Emerald, then Eidsvold on the return leg. This


was a sensational road trip, which is set to become a fixed event on our annual calendar. Close friends and affiliates of TMC escaped to Cape Flattery (40 kilometres north of Cooktown) in far North Queensland, where they explored the Cape and surrounds on four wheel quad bikes. The remote destination provided challenging areas to explore as well as spectacular scenic points to camp along the coastline. Once we were finally rid of the worst summer in our State’s history, we kicked off our 2017 calendar with a TMC spirited dinner and drinks night at Tattersall’s where final plans were made for the year ahead. The first ride of the year was carved out by our new Events Manager, Michael O’Connell, who took us up to Springbrook near Mt Tamborine on February, where we enjoyed coffee at the Headmasters Cafe surrounded by spectacular panoramic views. In March, we enjoyed our annual memorial ride for TMC founding Member John Herbert (Herbs). This route is dedicated to a great mate and fine gentleman, and is a route Herbs always longed to do.  Heading over Clear Mountain, Dayboro, Mt Mee and through Woodford, we climbed the Bellthorpe Range and into Maleny for a coffee break. We

then continued through the Mary Valley to Kenilworth, up the Obi Obi Range and into Mapleton for lunch on the verandah of the Mapleton Hotel. The verandah boasts stunning views across the hinterland to the coastline and provides the perfect venue to catch up and reflect over the years we have shared at Tattersall’s and TMC with Herbs. TMC had our usual strong presence at the Black Tie Boxing Evening before our muchloved weekend escape to Tenterfield in April. This escape has evolved as the jewel in our annual calendar and it never fails to embody our Tattersall’s Club foundation Amicita Vita Est “Friendship is Life” every moment of the two days together. Last quarter, we welcomed Michael O’Connell to our Committee as Events Manager and this quarter we have pleasure in welcoming the spirited Dutchman, Harald Goddertz, to our Committee as Club Secretary and Enforcer.

CONTACT We welcome all to join us at any TMC event or at Tattersall’s Club. Stay up-to-date on Tattersall’s website or our Facebook page:





1-3. Recent walks undertaken by the Walkers Sub Club.

By Alan Ernst Winter is a very active season for the walkers, with crisp days after the hot and humid weather of summer and autumn. This winter, there are a range of walks planned, from the challenging Mermaid Mountain to the joys of a beach walking weekend at Kingscliff and the delights of Sydney city and coastal walks.

1 2


There will also be the usual local walks in and around Brisbane, Ipswich and further a field in south-east Queensland. Earlier in the year, there were a series of successful dinner walks and in the hot weather, places like the cool rainforest in the Mount Nebo area, or local areas like the quaintly named Pooh Corner at Wacol and Minnippi Parklands at Tingalpa along Bulimba Creek, as well as the usual escapades on Mt Coot-tha.

CONTACT 0408 769 576

+WINE CLUB By Chris Elliott There has been a changing of the guard following the Wine Club AGM in February. Long-time President, Ian McLeod, stepped down from the Committee after 12 years of dedicated and untiring service. I would like to record the gratitude of all Wine Club Members for Ian’s enormous contribution to the Club over those years. We all wish Ian well in enjoying a well-earned break from the rigours of administering a very busy Sub Club.

1 2

John Woodhouse (Treasurer), Mark Hogan (Cellarmaster), Paul Johnson, Geoff Veal and Hal Davis.

John Rowell also stood down from the Committee this year. He leaves with our heartfelt thanks for his important contribution over the past two years.

2017 started with a bang. Our February event was a Black Tie Fine Wine Dinner in the Club’s atmospheric Members’ Dining Room, with the dinner attracting a record roll up (92). Revellers enjoyed a sumptuous five-course meal washed down with some of Australia’s finest wines, aged in our own Wine Club Cellar, and served at their peak.

The revamped committee for 2017 is Chris Elliott (President), Peter Dittmer (Vice President), James Noble (Secretary),

Tattersall’s Club Members who enjoy fine food, great wines and even better company are encouraged to join the Wine Club. For



1.President Chris Elliott, presented Simon McShane (Blue Pyrenees Estate) with a certificate of appreciation on Saturday 18 March 2017. 2.Erin and Kieran Hoare at the Black Tie Fine Wine Dinner.

those unfamiliar, let me assure you, Members are not expected to have a significant knowledge of wines, just a determination to enjoy them and share the experience.

CONTACT Chris Elliott or phone 0419 679 197



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