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CASA MILÀ HOTELPROJECT PROPOSAL BEH Architects Partnership Limited,North Light Studios, Southeast Enterprise Park, Westfield, NW1 1WN P. +08 0770 00700 E. Mishal Rizwan _CEO Taonga Nyimbili _CMO


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

_BEH we work passionately Our ethos at BEH Architects Partnership is to provide innovative architecture which is environmentally friendly as well as sustainable for the future. We aim to deliver on time and provide excellent service for our clientel by reducing costs and running tight schedules. We aim to exceed clients expectations by providing excellent design strategies with site-specific directives in order to create bespoke avant-garde architecture.




BEH Architects Partnership Limited.


Casa Milà Hotel Group, SA

_Proposal ID

135792468 13 April 2018

_Payment Estimate

GBP 7,484,779 14,899,500

Surface Area of Proposal m²


Soil Remediation Report Site Survey


_Payment Break down Planning fees


Cost Excluding Services Cost Estimate



§ Instalation of Controlled Fittings Works Planning Cost

GBP £1,700,440 £ 340,088 £1,700,440

§ Other Alerations, extensions and new build Planning Cost

GBP £136.17

£ 27.23


§ Mezzanine Floor Plan Charge Cost Total Sum Per 300m² of Hotel

GBP £2995,74

£ 599.06


GBP £6365.92

£ 1273.14


GBP £204.26

£ 40.85


§ Mezzanine Floor Inspection Charge Total Sum Per 300m² of Hotel § Other Alterations Inspection Charge


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

_Costs BREAKDOWN _Superstructure

_Apprxx. m²

Total Price = Rate x Per m²

• Substructure


• Frame and Upper Floors


• Roof


• Stairs


• External Walls/ Windows Doors


£ 931,059.88

• Internal Walls Partitions Doors


£ 1,860,270

• Wall Finishes


£ 861,200

• Floors


£ 589,953.98

• Ceilings


£ 279,933.1


£ 1,700,440

£ 193,324.92 £ 1,045,997.6 £ 12,328.64 £ 10,271.76

_Internal Finishes

_Fittings Furnishing/ Equipment • Fittings Furnishing/ Equipment

_TOTAL COST (Excluding Cost of Building Services) 4

BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

£ 7,484,779.58


£ 744,475

• Concept Design 5%

£ 744,475

• Developed Design 10%

£ 1,488,950

• Town Planning/ Pre Application Discussions/ Planning Application 5% • Technical Design 25%

£ 744,475 £ 3,722,375

_ RIBA PART TWO MEDIUM TERM • Building Regulations 2.5%

£ 372,237.50

• Tender Process 5%

£ 744,475

_RIBA PART THREE END OF PERIOD • Construction 40% Divided Over Project Duration

£ 5,955,800

• Handover Stratergy/ Risk Assesment/ Agreement of Schedule of Services 2.5%

£ 372,237.50



BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

_Planning Application for Permission of Development following approval of details by condition. _Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 Application Number: 135792468 To: BEH Architects Partnership Limited,North Light Studios, Southeast Enterprise Park, Westfield, NW1 1WN For: Casa MilĂ Hotel Group, SA : In accordance with Kirklees Local Plan Policy 2015 Kirklees Local Council hereby permits: ERECTION OF AN HOTEL At: FORMER SPORTS YMCA NORTHUMBERLAND STREET HUDDERSFILED, HD1 3BL In accordance with the plan(s) and applications submitted to the Council on 13-January, 2018, subject to the condition(s) specified hereunder: Setting Out Strategy following grant of Planning Permission as follows: 1. In compliance with the regulations stipulated by the Kirklees local council the development of the Casa MilĂ  Hotel intends to carry out high quality design ethic through pre- discussions with the council to agree a site-specific design code. The development intends to use vernacularly sourced materials from local quarries and stone manufactures with the use of local tradesmen to achieve good quality craftmanship, moderate costs and sensitive design to the local context. Details of the plans and sections shall be provided in order to assure adequate quality of construction technique and materials. Construction shall not commence prior to the approval of the construction materials by the Kirklees local Council. Purpose: In accordance with Kirklees Local Plan Policy 10.5 There should be pre-application discussions with the council. Design review is recognised in national policy as a means of improving quality of design. 2. High standards are to be achieved through the purchasing of high quality local and nationally manufactured materials adhering to BSI British Standards and RICS ensuring good quality and flexibility on costs avoiding extortionate cost of supplies and high future sustainability costs by maintaining a good standard of quality construction materials and methods. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan Policy 10.6 It is considered that the design of development should always be of a high standard. Good design can be incorporated into a development scheme without adding significantly to the cost.


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

3. The services on site intend to be provided by the using the current electrical services box located at the Northumberland site. No development shall take place until it is to be moved to an appropriate position discretely out of the way of vistas and views. The sewage system will be in convergence of the previous car park site drainage and sewage system with the goal of improving the surface water runoff of the building including the drainage pipes and devices implemented in the Hotel’s building construction. A sewage report shall be acquired by the proprietors of the current site with approval from the Kirklees Local Council Planning authority. Prior to a schedule and strategy to implement adequate drainage of foul water and surface water drainage construction shall not commence. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.7 Development proposals should give full prior consideration to how infrastructure and utilities are provided within the site, and how these can be serviced with the least disruption, with provision made for ducting for cables. Broadband provision is an important consideration throughout the district and applicants should support the roll out of superfast broadband provision in the district. All telecommunications infrastructure should be capable of accommodating changes in technological requirements, without having a negative impact on the streetscene. 4. The Casa Milà hotel intends to have a dynamic shape which will attract interest to the general public and local users. The form of the building is striking and has a prominence that is able to be seen from the vista of the Northumberland street which will generate interaction with the local community. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.8 The form of development can influence the activity of users in places and can help maintain high standards of amenity, for example by providing space between buildings to prevent overlooking and loss of privacy. The distance between buildings should reflect local development densities, take into account topography and still ensure that the design of development does not allow for overlooking. 5. The scale of the building of the Casa Milà Hotel will be proportionate to the neighbouring buildings in the town scape of Huddersfield. The story height of the building is five stories which isn’t too dominant in the town centre skyline but has intends to have enough prominence on the Northumberland Street through the vista of the train station, by one storey above the four-storey heighted surrounded adjacent buildings. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.9 The scale of development should relate to neighbouring development and the street / public open space adjacent to the building. Consideration should be given to views, vistas and skylines. The layout of development should take into account the street pattern in the locality and the size of blocks and plots. 6. In compliance with the Kirklees local council policy the Casa Milà hotel intends to promote the use of brownfield land. There will be a soil remediation process to ensure getting off the ground with accurate foundations and correct protocol. This will ensure that the foundations of the site will be adequate and able to support the building in the long term without revisiting of the foundation structure which can save future costs. This will also ensure that there is no corrosive or bad exposure to the foundational structure. No development shall commence until: A. A remediation strategy is carried out by the Geo-Environmental Services. B. A consultancy report has been approved by the Kirklees local council unless there is confirmation in written agreement from the council planning authorities that a survey is not needed on the site.


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.10 Development can support biodiversity and connect to ecological networks by including street trees, vegetation and through the use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. Open space, provided in accordance with New Open Space policy can be integrated into sites and their surroundings. 7. In compliance with Kirklees local council’s trees and environmental benefits policy 10.11 there will be pine trees planted in the courtyard and the St Peter’s Street side of the Casa Milà Hotel. This will encourage biodiversity of birds and increase greenery by the patches of grass and planting increasing the greenery in the locality. The greenery will also be attractive and provide natural shading. A site plan and landscaping report shall be submitted to the Kirklees local Council and written agreement shall be made prior to the commencing of the landscape scheme of the positions of the plantations and alterations of the site. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.11 Trees in urban areas have many environmental benefits including improving air quality, providing natural cooling systems, supporting biodiversity and intercepting rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding. The visual benefits of trees can help contribute to making distinctive places, with trees adding colour and interest to urban environments. 8. The development of the Casa Milà Hotel will include a parametric shading system on the St Peter’s Street side of the building at the approach which will add a distinctive character to the hotel; this is striking and provides a focal point to the building. It shall be located near the car parking bay near the entrance. It shall provide for an enticing centrally in the area to local community involvement. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.12 The term public art refers to works of art in any media, including functional elements of a proposal, which contributes to the identity, understanding, appreciation, and enhancement of public places. Public art can promote a sense of place and pleasure, for example by evoking local history, be inspiring and/or thought provoking. 9. In compliance with the Kirklees local council active design principles policy 10.13 there will be security surveillance around the hotel which will increase the safety of the area in addition to the implementation of CCTV around the hotel. The hotel will encourage community interaction and promote safety in the town centre with high visibility areas avoiding crime. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.13 The design of development can have positive impacts on health and well-being. The Sport England Active Design Principles (25) provides guidelines for how the design of the built environment can increase physical activity. Good design can secure safer environments and help prevent crime through a range of measures including encouraging formal and informal surveillance, controlling movement within developments and providing a clear delineation between public and private space. A reduction in crime can have a positive impact on the well-being of occupiers. 10. In compliance with the Kirklees local council policy neighbouring public properties will be considered as the hotel will serve to protect vistas and views of surrounding neighbours whilst enhancing the local scenery. There will be no obscuring of local housing of strategic views however the Hotel form intended to sensitively incorporate this into its design. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.14 Extensions to existing dwellings should respect the existing house and adjacent buildings, including the construction materials, window and roof styles and architectural detailing. Further guidance may be set out in a supplementary planning document.


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

11. The design of the Casa MilĂ Hotel will be in compliance with the National Planning Practice guidelines six checks of the conditions set out. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.15 National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG)(28) sets out further guidance on the importance of good design, what is a well-designed place and what processes and tools can be used to achieve good design. 12. The development of the Casa MilĂ  Hotel will be in compliance with the Kirklees local council 10.6 highway design policy by allowing safe passageways via access to the car park on the primitive street side of the building. Accessibility to the site via vehicles shall be safely implemented with adequate supply of parking space and pedestrian access safety. A site investigation report and schedule shall be submitted to the Kirklees Local council to justify the accessibility of the site and procedure will commence thereafter written agreement. This will ensure adequate facilities for safety in the accessibility of construction machinery with a schedule of the times of access provided in order to achieve efficient just in time design. Purpose: In accordance Kirklees Local Plan 10.16 The Highway Design for New Residential Developments and New Open Space policies set out further design guidance. 13. The Delivery and Implementation strategy of schedule of construction shall be carried out by the developers. This will include the overlapping schedules of installation of services and construction including the dates set out for the finalising of the erection of the hotel with all permanent fittings and fixtures. This strategy will outline the proposed starting date of construction on the 04/05/2018 subject to the estimated three week waiting period of finalising all Planning application approval which will ensure there is no delay in the construction process. Thereafter the finalising of all planning permissions the estimated finish date target of 4/07/2019 can be more efficiently met.

_Taonga Nyimbili


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

_Design and Access Statement The proposal of the Casa Milà hotel is appropriate to the site setting due to the use of the Yorkshire stone veneer on the finish of the building which sensitively incorporates a crisp finish of the design which fits into the Huddersfield town centre context. The context has influenced the design of the Casa Mila hotel by inspiring the materiality of the Yorkshire stone veneer. In addition, the aluminium cladding has also been inspired by the context as a sensitive material which reflects the surroundings with an emblematic lustre. Also, the context has influenced the design via the massing surrounding the site influencing the massing of the Casa Milà hotel whereby it sits in a strategic position in the site with vistas towards Castle Hill. The scale of the hotel is in proportion with the surrounding buildings. The four story surrounding buildings are only overshadowed by one tier of the five-storey hotel which allows it to have a prominence without disturbing the natural surroundings. The width of the Cassimere hotel is approximately 24 m, with a height of 65 feet and a length of 40 m. These are the approximate dimensions of the volume taken up by the massing on the site. The current features on the existing site are a stone fence surrounding the car park in addition to an electrical supply services box in the centre of the car park. In addition, the current car park site is full of gravel and tarmac. The building design has ease of accessibility as there is a carpark provided on in the basement level of the building for vehicular access and parking space for hotel staff and residents on the primitive street side of the building. The building is also accessible via pedestrians by the pathways and the prominent entrance which directs pedestrians to the hotel amenities. There is also signage around the Casa Milà hotel which directs vehicular and pedestrian access. To be sure there is sufficient soil depth available a soil remediation study will be carried out provided that the site is a Brownfield site and the current car park area which may have been polluted by the potentially hazardous electrical box. In accordance with the Kirklees local plan policy 10.16 the highway design for new residential developments; the parking and pedestrian access as well as vehicular access has been set out in accordance with these policies to ensure safety and correct compliance for accessibility. Local policies have been adhered to by the design being certified against the regulations set out in the Kirklees local plan design policy which is also supported by the National Planning Practice. In addition, sewage has been addressed on the site by ensuring adequate drainage of surface water run-off and adequate drainage of foul water with pipe work leading to disposal tank under the building. Also, the use of drainage pipes and bitumen flat roof roofing systems with the pitch of 3° have been used for surface runoff. Surface materials within the hotel are certified to a high standard against British standards to allow consistency of quality through the building design. Disability access has been provided by the disabled parking spaces in the basement carpark as well as the provision of WC appliances and fittings on every level of the hotel. Disability procedures have been correctly adhered to. These details are shown in the plans and site plan submitted to the Kirklees Metropolitan Council. In compliance with the equality act 2010 which incorporates the disability discrimination act 1995 the building design has internal access of elevator shafts on every floor for disability access. In addition to 1100mm doors and 1000mm doors with adequate standard access for wheelchair users. All components of the hotel are built in compliance with the access design guide SPD. The design of the Casa Milà hotel incorporates fire protected stairways on two sides of the building with fire escapes in compliance with the building regulations Part B for fire safety with fire doors and corridors within safe widths and lengths. There is also accessibility to fire exit doors on each side of the building ground floor, as well as signage to direct hotel users in the event of a fire. In addition, fire safety stairways have 1800 mm landing bays for disability and wheelchair users in the event of a fire with safety in accessibility for means of escape. This is in adherence with fire building regulation standards Part B.


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

In adherence with the Kirklees local plan policy template 10.14 for the Casa Milà hotel is designed with a form which allows strategic views and vistas for surrounding buildings in respect to adjacent dwellings. In accordance with the Kirklees local plan policy 10.1 to the design of the hotel has incorporated a parametric shading device a prominent central component which entices accessibility to the hotel for the community residence and community involvement leading towards the main entrance point of the hotel. The Casa Milà hotel has taken its concept from the inspiration of the promotion of Huddersfield town to the Barclays premiership in 2017. The Casa Milà hotel has been derived through devising a structural grid after extrapolating the football inspired goalpost net pattern of the form. These extractions of shapes are not only striking but create a form of step like tiers which represents the progression of Huddersfield towns climb from the lower tiers of English football to the top tier represented by the top tier of the hotel. This aims at describing the progression of the town football club to the Premier League with the hotel as an emblem of this with a core design principle of progression. In terms of sustainability photovoltaic panels have been used as well as an efficient mixed mode heating system with a boiler. A core principle of the design is sustainability through good quality building and intelligently incorporated construction procedures such as the cladding panels that are replaceable and recyclable for the future sustainability of the building design. The Casa Milà hotel will have a positive economic effect on the local community by providing jobs within the hotel for local residents and boosting the economy of the town centre by increasing attraction of interest to the hotel generating revenue particularly on match days of the Huddersfield Town football club. This will also increase the footfall of surrounding businesses for local stores in the area providing an increase in the regional net profit. The addition of greenery will bring an attractive foliage to the natural surroundings as well as the plantation of bushes and flowers surrounding the decorated paving flagstone and greenery areas. Heritage assets in the area have been addressed as the site is not a listed building site neither is it a conservation area therefore the design proposal of the hotel doesn’t interfere with heritage assets. In terms of geological assets, the site sits on the silt stone underground base, which has required the use of pile foundations to secure the building in to the ground in design.

_Taonga Nyimbili


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.



A fee of a 10% Deposit is Payable Upfront before continuation of design and construction procedure. • Deposit payable by standing Order before given date. •Constuction shall not commence until full deposit and payment pledge is agreed for the continuation of the project.


Standing Order Payment Term contract available upon agreement. Upfront Payment available for completion of entire RIBA plan of works staged project. Payment must be submitted at each stage in order for continuation of constuction on site. (Recomended for effeciency to reduce overheads.)




Contact in the case of payment issue. *Contract may be terminated upon failure to deliver upon payment agreement.


BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

BEH Architects Partnership Limited.








BEH Architects Partnership Limited.

BEH Architects Partnership Limited,North Light Studios, Southeast Enterprise Park, Westfield, NW1 1WN P. +08 0770 00700 E. Mishal Rizwan _CEO Taonga Nyimbili _CMO

BEH Architects Partnership Limited.


Casà Mila Hotel Group SA

Architecture Planning Application  
Architecture Planning Application