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26 Meet our CoverKid Photo Contest Winner! Learn more about our contest winner, 1-year-old Everleigh Howard. Sponsored by Owensboro Dermatology.

28 Hype Man 6-year-old Triton Rose is the smallest, but most proud, employee of his family's food truck.

August // September 2022


24 Craft Time Back-to-School pencil craft

9 Around OBKY


8 From the Editor 10 Parent Profile

BACK-TO-SCHOOL 12 Reminders for this back-to-school season 5 tips to have the best school year. 14 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Advice from a teacher for backto-school success. 17 Raising Writers Teaching the timeless skills of reading and writing.

MAKIN G IT 21 Recipe Check out three kid-approved crockpot meals your family will love!

42 Real Life with Lora Wimsatt Is your family ready for a pet?


32 A Family Affair Local family has unique approach to gourmet dog treat business. 34 A Howling Success Owensboro family finds success in dog training and boarding business. 36 Include your dog in your family photos 7 tips to help you capture your favorite four-legged family members. 38 Hashtag MomFail Jamie is back with a story about her husband and the pet he never wanted.

44 Book Nook Explore books to help your kids become more polite and work on their manners. 46 Gratitude Changes Everything Foster gratitude in your children.

OUT & A BOU T 50 Events Calendar Our list of fun things to do around town this season! 56 Kids Meal Deals Check out these local kids meal deals!


58 Our Pet Besties Photos submitted to our Facebook page sponsored by Owensboro Health!

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT





Ashley Wedding

My favorite part of summer was our trip to Red River Gorge. We stayed in the most amazing cabin (shout out to Jamie for the recommendation!) that didn't have Wifi. We disconnected, enjoyed family time and the outdoors and even went white water rafting.

” “


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CoverKid Contest Winner, Everleigh Howard Sponsored by Owensboro Dermatology


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The best part of this summer was going to the beach with my family.


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6 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

My favorite memory from this summer was going white water rafting in Colorado!

My favorite part of this summer has been planning my fall wedding!

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Sometimes I feel like the world's busiest mom. I have one job that I love and two side jobs (including being editor of this magazine) that I love. And I always seem to be working on a side project or two. I have learned that getting organized when it comes to going back to school is essential in our home. Here are three hacks that I really use and have helped us a lot:


This started during virtual learning, but has stuck around for good. This cart was an Amazon find and was easy to assemble. We load this down with all the supplies our kids may need to complete their homework. This is also where they keep their Chromebooks, chargers, and ear buds. This can be wheeled around our dining room table and shared between my two school aged kiddos.

from the editor This new school year hits a little differently than the rest. My oldest, Avery, who was born just a month after we started Owensboro Parent back in 2011, starts middle school. She will be in the first sixth grade class at the new Daviess County Middle School. And while she is extremely nervous about this transition, I have assured her she has the best possible start to sixth grade because everyone will be new to DCMS this year. Despite this sage advice from her extremely wise mom, she is still very nervous. But she doesn’t see the girl that I see. The one who is smart beyond her years, kind to everyone she meets, brave even in life’s most difficult moments. The one who conquered the two-mile run at tryouts and made the DCMS soccer team. The girl who says she’s terrible at math but tested into the advanced class. Then I got to thinking… What if I had to change my workplace once a year? Every fall, I had a new boss, new coworkers, new demands, unfamiliar expectations, and maybe a different office. I don’t know how I would handle that stress. But this is basically what our children do every school year. I can easily see how this would challenge a child’s confidence.


I have one of these accordion organizers for each kid for each grade. (For my kids, preschool and kindergarten years got their own organizer. I was able to combine higher grades into one since they did fewer craft projects.) I bought these in bulk when the kids were younger so they all match. This gives me a spot to put all the precious memories as soon as they leave the backpack... and the others? Discreetly discarded when the kids aren't looking. Shhh!


In our mudroom, we have hooks for each kid's backpack (and Mason's diaper bag) along with a bench that stores three baskets for their often forgotten, but really necessary items. This is Avery's, which is stocked with things she needs to care for her braces, hair accessories, her planner and more. Now, it doesn't usually look this organized, but you get the point!

8 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

I talked with some other parents who are a lot wiser than me to get their advice on how to help children feel more confident going into the school year. It all boiled down to three main points: 1. Establish a routine. Help your child get organized, find structure and set themselves up best for success. 2. Recognize effort, not outcome. Whether it’s academic, athletic or extracurricular, reward your child for trying something new and the effort put in, not the end result. 3. Be a role model. Avoid negative self-talk. You can’t promote confidence in your child if you don’t think highly of yourself. I hope this new school year brings your kids new adventures, success and most of all, confidence – with a little guiding help from you! Have a great school year, Owensboro!


Student Spotlight:

Photo by Josh Kelly


GUTHRIE PRESENTS STUDENTS WITH THIRD PLACE OVERALL APP WINNERS Rep. Brett Guthrie presented certificates Tuesday to the team of four recent Daviess County Public Schools graduates who won third place overall in the 2021 Congressional App Challenge. The team includes Alli Burgan (Daviess County High School) along with Kyla Thomson, Matisse Dalton and Braxton Powers (Apollo High School). Each member contributed to different factors of the app from the graphic design to the audio. Their app, Vocal, aids in verbal communication whether it be because of a speech impediment, speech disorders or language barriers. The app uses augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and the developers said they addressed things other AAC apps lack. They said that some apps don’t allow the user to customize with personalized pictures or audio recordings.

“I am more than the box you put me in.” That’s the powerful first line of the new #NoMoreBoxes campaign video featuring area high school students. The campaign that launched today is an effort to send a positive message about area youth who choose to be substance-free, rather than focusing on the small percentage affected by substance abuse. The campaign was created by RiverValley Behavioral Health’s Regional Prevention Center after they surveyed area middle- and high-school-age students over the last year, largely focusing on drug and alcohol use — or the lack thereof. Research was conducted in cooperation with the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention. The survey was conducted in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 across the state in the fall of 2021. As is detailed in the campaign video, statistics showed that the majority of students were substance-free: 60.5% have never vaped 79% don’t regularly drink alcoholic beverages 75.5% have never used marijuana 78.5% have never smoked a cigarette 98% have never abused prescription drugs

Eshaal Pirzada, a fourth grader at Tamarack Elementary School, is always willing to help fellow classmates and is eager to gain new knowledge. Eshaal participated in Daviess County Public School's Camp Curiosity during summer break. Camp Curiosity is an exciting summer education opportunity for English Language Learners in grades K-8 in our community. Shelly Hammons, administrator for the DCPS English Learner Summer Program, said "Eshaal always had a curiosity for each lesson and was consistently lending a hand in class!"

The campaign is dedicated to telling the positive story of those youth rather than reinforcing many of the negative stereotypes that have become prevalent.

“Many also lack diversity of words, making them impractical for daily use, and the ones that do contain a diverse word choice typically have choppy, robotic voices that are hard to understand,” Thomson said. The app was developed with Android Studio and will be published to the Google Play store.

GCA ADDING PRESCHOOL, KINDERGARTEN; HIGH SCHOOL NOW INCLUDES GRADES 9-11 Grace Christian Academy is again growing their number of high school students by now offering classes in grades 9-11. In addition, this year GCA is also adding a preschool and kindergarten program. GCA opened in 2020 and for 2 years has educated high school students using a faith-based curriculum and a Christian worldview. This year the high school will serve freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Incoming juniors Luke Wellman and Gunny Howard of Owensboro Innovation Academy’s Cybersecurity recently placed 15th out of 65 teams in the National Technology Student Association competition in Dallas, Texas. Luke and Gunny said the competitions were capture-theflag-based matches. Prior to nationals, they placed first in the state competition. While 15th in the nation was a feat, both think going into their junior season, they can accomplish much higher. “We could see the teams that were higher than us were juniors and seniors,” Gunny said. “There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement that we could have. It’s definitely apparent that we might be able to get top 10, maybe even top three.”

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Larry Owen Larry Owen is the owner of PeezO's Pizza, one of Owensboro's favorite local restaurants. Laren, a junior at Apollo High School, is a big help at her dad's restaurant. WHY DID YOU WANT TO OPEN PEEZO'S? After traveling a lot with my job and trying really good pizza at a lot of different places, I knew that I wanted to bring a new style of pizza to Owensboro. It's always been in the back of my mind to open a pizza restaurant, but after being laid off during COVID I had a lot of free time to really explore my ideas. I purchased a small pizza oven from a gas station and began to experiment in my spare time. HOW HAS OWENSBORO EMBRACED PEEZO'S? Owensboro has been great to us. We have people from all over the city come to our restaurant to try us out. We had to delay opening our dine-in service and our customers continued to support us through our carry out service. HOW IS YOUR FAMILY A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS? My family has been a major support to me with opening PeezO's. Whether they have worked here, ran errands, or provided encouraging feedback, they have been with me every step of the way and I'm extremely appreciative of that. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER BY OWNING A BUSINESS? I am teaching her that anything is possible with a dream and a good work ethic. Success is not easy, but it is obtainable if you are committed to working hard to accomplish your goals. Does she want to carry on your legacy? You would have to ask her that, but I want her to attend college and choose whatever career is best for her. If that happens to be running the business I will definitely be happy with that. What is your best piece of parenting advice? For me it would be don't rush to make your teens into adults. Give them the time and the space to experience life and figure out their path. I also believe you have to have an open line of communication.

10 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

Photo by Jamie Alexander


August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Reminders For

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON Written by Nicollette Vizuet


eeing shelves filling up for backto-school season on my latest Target run was a big reminder that we’re just a few weeks from kicking off one of the more exciting school years in years. We love the structure of having our boys in school, but it’s always sad to see our late nights playing in the back yard coming to an end. Getting my boys geared up for success this fall had me thinking about so much more than which pack of crayons we’ll end up purchasing. Here’s a few reminders I think are essential for setting our little ones up for their best back to school season yet!

We are “challenging” our boys by asking them to tell us a new friends name and their favorite animal each day at pickup! No matter how silly it sounds, getting the conversation going is over half the battle. THINGS AREN’T EVERYTHING Picking out new school supplies and a trendy pair of shoes was always my favorite part of back-to-school season. No matter what came my way, no one could ruin my day when I walked in with

YOU’RE SO LUCKY TO BE “IN” SCHOOL After a few years of virtual learning, masking up, hybrid schedules and all of the other unknowns, I think we can all agree to how excited we are for this year. An in-person school year is, without a doubt, a blessing in itself. Let this be a reminder to us, as parents, on the mornings where we’re struggling to get everyone dressed and to their designated drop offs on time. There was a time in the not-so-distant past where we were begging for the normalcy and structure of in-person learning! IT’S NOT EASY TO BE NEW It’s probably safe to assume our children are going to see more unfamiliar faces than usual this school year. What better time to expand their friend circle! Utilize this time to explain how important it is to make sure everyone feels included, welcome and apart of their community. New or returning, no one wants to feel like the odd one out.

those neon Nike shoes. As a mom, I live for the moments my boys light up with excitement. I also hope they’re learning lighting up with excitement shouldn’t come from things. Back to school is always a great time to remind them “stuff” is just stuff. Not everyone gets to grab a new pair of sneakers, bedazzled pencil pouch or brand-name backpack.

GRADES DON’T DETERMINE YOUR WORTH My favorite lesson in the midst of virtual learning? Grades aren’t everything. Don’t get me wrong, doing their best and earning good grades is important. As parents, I think we all remember hitting a wall during virtual learning where grades felt secondary to making sure our kids were in a healthy mental and emotional space. Remember to remind your little ones that they have a value far exceeding whatever grade they earn. A great GPA is cool, but it doesn’t determine their worth. We can always hit the books together and study a little harder, but they’re loved and valuable regardless of how much they struggle with memorizing equations. TEACHERS ARE SUPERHEROES Wait, this might actually be the most important lesson. We all learned oh so quickly that we aren’t cut out to be teachers after a hot minute of virtual learning and hybrid schedules. Teachers, you deserve all the praise. We are so fortunate to have these individuals spending late nights, early mornings, weekends and summer breaks ensuring our children have all the tools to succeed in the classroom. Remind yourself and your kids: be kind, be gracious, be grateful. A backpack filled with back-toschool supplies is probably important, but not the only necessity this year. I hope you’re a little more excited and a bit more equipped to send your crew back to school this fall! Here’s to making it the best school year yet.

Enjoy this read? Follow along with Nicollette Vizuet on her blog and social channels! Instagram: @nicollette.vizuet Blog: Facebook: The Frivolous Fashionista

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August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



B A C K-T O - S C H O O L



es, I said it. Back to school is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. The excitement and joy of new beginnings is here. Whatever may have happened in the years past, know this is a clean slate for you and your child. Starting the school year can be a success or an epic fail. Parents, not to put all the pressure on you, but a successful start for your child is mainly in your hands. It’s important to start getting back into your school routines at the very beginning of August. (That’s now!) Start with back to school bedtimes and wake your kids up or set alarms for their school year wake up time. (Avoid hitting snooze too many times.) Think about outfits for the first week of school, bonus points if your child lays them out and has them ready to go. We, as parents, make going back to school as exciting or as dreadful as we want, and how we treat this transition will affect our children. Your child will be nervous, that’s normal. You may be anxious about your kids' new chapter or aggravated at getting your kids back into a routine, but building up the excitement and

being prepared is the key to a great start. ›› Go school supply shopping early. ›› Countdown the days to back to school. Make a fun countdown calendar! ›› Attend your school’s back to school bash. ›› Give your child some choice on bedtime and wake up time. (My child is a snoozer. We struggle big time in the morning, especially on Mondays. So we set her alarm a little early so she’s not rushed in the mornings.) ›› Do one special thing before school starts back. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Have a dinner date or lunch date with your child. ›› Celebrate the completion of the first week. (We always go to Orange Leaf on the first Friday of the new school year.) ›› If your child packs their lunch, let them help and choose what they want to eat. Have them participate in the grocery shopping for their lunch items. ›› If you are rushed in the morning, skip breakfast. Most schools in Owensboro and Daviess County offer free breakfast. As a teacher, my favorite time with my students is in the morning when they come early

and we all eat our breakfast together. It gives us time to start our day and not feel rushed. Do what is best for your student and your family. ›› If your child is anything like my daughter, Harper, they need to know their breakfast and lunch choices each day to be prepared. Ask for the school lunch menu or search it on the district website. ›› Join your child's school Facebook page, join class Dojo or Seesaw. Stay in the loop and communicate the best you can with your child's teacher. (But as a teacher, I recommend - don’t over do it though!) The list for us to be successful and start our school year off great can be daunting and no one wants to be overwhelmed, especially when it comes to our kids’ education. If we all do our best to be prepared and try to eliminate as many unknowns for ourselves and our children, then their school year will start off with a BANG and hopefully remain that way for the rest of the school year. Think of the school year in small chunks. Don’t go crazy. Take it week by week or day by day and before you know it, sweet summertime will be back around. OP

KATY TIERNEY is a third grade teacher at Estes Elementary. She and her husband, Daniel, have two daughters, Harper & Tilly. Her large, extended family and career always keep her on the move. She loves reading with her daughters and spending all the time she can with her family and friends.

14 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


16 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022


RAISING WRITERS Written by Melody Wallace

As technology continues to make a bigger impact in our world, the way our children learn continues to change. Regardless of how much technology evolves, it is still our job to teach the value and importance of the timeless skills of reading and writing. We may find our little ones typing and texting on cell phones and tablets, but our children still need to learn how to properly hold a pencil and form words. No high score on any video game will ever bring them the same pride and satisfaction as writing their letters or their name for the first time. Here are some ways to keep the excitement in writing, regardless of your child’s age. NOT JUST WORDS AND PICTURES We often want to separate the concepts of reading and writing, when, in reality, one could not exist without the other. The reason that we read to our children and expose them to a wide variety of texts, is so they may absorb thousands of new

a story with crayons and paper based on

can also be used with supervision). Include

what you have just read. Allow them to be

letter flash cards, small picture books,

as creative as they choose, spelling and

etc. for children to use as guides to form

drawing whatever their mind creates.

letters. Ask them to create letters based on their favorite characters. Ex. What

Older ones: Print off old family photos or

letter does Moana begin with?

unique images from the internet that your child can use to inspire story writing. Ask

Older ones: Construct a writing supply

them to imagine their own story events


based on the photo. If they choose a family

calligraphy pens, patterned papers, and

photo, e.g. grandparents’ wedding day or

sticky notes. Encourage your child to

a picture in uniform, encourage them to

design their name, passions, and hobbies

share their story with that family member.

using different materials. (They can





always use the internet for inspiration in NOT JUST PEN AND PAPER

different lettering styles and techniques.)

It is important that children see writing as much more than painstaking sentences


words to put in their brain’s vocabulary

made using pencil and paper. By ensuring

Letter recognition is one of the key

bank. These texts also model different

that there are a variety of different

building blocks to reading and writing

sentence structures and teach children

materials available, children can explore

literacy. As children learn to recognize

how to think critically and develop their

and discover their own writing style.

what letters look and sound like they begin to transfer those skills into writing.

own concepts and ideas for writing. Younger ones: Create an indoor/outdoor

Board games are an excellent way to

Younger ones: Read a picture book or

writing supply area with play dough,

spend valuable time with your child while

storybook with your child, or have them

paintbrushes with water, and sidewalk

fostering important literacy skills.

“read” it independently. Have them “write”

chalk. (Finger paint and shaving cream

Younger ones: Have them shake up the August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Boggle blocks and write down as many

even realizing it. Think about how many

words as they can as fast as they can.

times each day you jot down a To Do list,

While supporting the fundamentals of

These words can then easily be turned

put something on the calendar, or write a

handwriting is essential, many of our

into verbal or written made-up stories.

short note to someone. The next time you

children already have technology in

The next time you play Candyland, grab

start to write something down, consider

their hands, why not use it as a vehicle

a stack of sticky notes or small scraps of

enlisting little hands to help you.

for learning? Cell phones, iPads, and

paper that your child can use to create a

Younger ones: Hand your little one a note

computers open up an endless world for

new card deck by writing the names of the

pad and something to write with and ask

colors and places pictured (no points off

them to be your assistant for the day.

for spelling).

Have them write down household chores,

Older ones: Make a list of all the words

errands that need to be run, and items

on the Scrabble board and use them

needed from the grocery store. (Remember

to create raps, stories, or songs. When

to praise and encourage writing effort,

playing board games, such as Monopoly,

and not criticize imperfection).

have children write out their own Chance

Older ones: Remind your child that the

compose a text message using proper

or Community Chest cards to add to the

art of thank you note and letter writing



will always be appreciated. Print off or

acronyms), or to compose an email to a

purchase fun stationary and note cards

long distance family member. Regardless

(or have them design their own) to thank

of how you approach writing, make it fun

We have opportunities every day to

a soldier for serving, or tell a friend that

and practical, as it is a skill they will need

model writing for our children without

moved away how much they are missed.

their entire lives!


little writing minds, when supported properly. There are many free apps that can teach younger children letter recognition, how to properly hold a pencil, or help your child to create their own stories. Challenge older children to and





MELODY WALLACE is a mom, stepmom and seventh grade language arts teacher at College View Middle School. She runs on caffeine, good deeds and the inspiring stories of others.

18 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


20 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022


Family Meals for Busy Weeks


It is so satisfying coming home to a warm, already-cooked meal. With school approaching, families experience a much more difficult time trying to balance schedules. That’s when a crockpot becomes a valuable tool in providing a great meal! With minimal prep, just let the crockpot work its magic and come home to these kid-approved meals waiting for the entire family!

Photo by Jamie Alexander

Recipes & Photos by Jamie Alexander


August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



M E AT B A L L S U B S Note: This recipe uses frozen meatballs to make things as quick and easy as possible! If you have a favorite meatball recipe, you can switch the frozen meatballs out for those, and still use the crockpot to let them cook in the sauce! INGREDIENTS ›› 1 lb. package frozen meatballs (small size) ›› 1 24oz. jar of marinara sauce ›› 1/2 cup grated provolone or mozzarella cheese ›› Hoagie rolls or garlic bread for subs ›› Optional - garnish with parsley and parmesan

INSTRUCTIONS ›› Pour the jar of marinara sauce into the

bottom of the slow cooker, then top with frozen meatballs. ›› Gently stir the meatballs into the sauce so

everything is covered, then cook on high 3-4 hours or low 6 hours. ›› When meatballs are cooked through, lightly

toast your rolls (or bake your garlic bread), then make subs by topping your rolls with meatballs, a pinch of cheese, and an optional parsley/parmesan garnish (you can also give the assembled subs a quick broil to melt the cheese).

T O M AT O B A S I L C H I C K E N INGREDIENTS ›› 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts ›› 14 oz. can diced tomatoes (with italian herbs) ›› 1 cup pasta sauce (your favorite flavor) ›› 1 cup heavy cream ›› 2 tbs corn starch ›› 2 tbs minced garlic ›› 2 Tbs italian seasoning ›› salt & pepper (to taste) ›› Fresh basil for garnish ›› For serving: top on cooked pasta, rice, or veggies!

INSTRUCTIONS ›› Pour everything but the chicken and fresh basil into the crockpot and stir it until combined. ›› Add chicken and push down into the sauce mixture. Cook on low 6 hours (or until a meat thermometer reads 165 in the chicken). ›› When the chicken is cooked, slice the chicken and pour the sauce on pasta (or rice, etc) and garnish with fresh basil.

22 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS INGREDIENTS ›› 1 pkg boneless skinless breasts (about 1 3/4 lbs) ›› 2 10.5 oz. cans cream of chicken soup ›› 2 cups chicken broth ›› 1 16.3 oz. can biscuits ›› 1 chopped yellow onion, diced ›› 2 stalks celery, chopped ›› 2 carrots, peeled/chopped ›› 1 cup frozen peas, thawed ›› 4 cloves garlic, minced ›› 1 tsp dried oregano ›› 1 tsp dried thyme (and some fresh as an optional garnish) ›› 1 bay leaf ›› salt & pepper to taste

INSTRUCTIONS ›› Optional prep step: To prep for this recipe, I chop/stir the

vegetables the night before so they are ready to pour. Keep the onion separate! ›› Spread onion in the bottom of the crockpot and top with chicken breasts. Season with oregano, thyme, salt & pepper. ›› Pour soup and broth over chicken. Top with bayleaf, cover, and cook until chicken is cooked through (until internal temp is 165 - typically high on 4, low on 6). ›› Discard bay leaf and shred chicken. Stir in celery, carrots, peas, and garlic. ›› Cut the dough of each biscuit into 4-6 bite-sized pieces. Spread into a single-layer on top of the chicken mixture. Cover and cook on high an additional 1.5 hours (or until biscuits look puffy and matte/slightly golden - they are supposed to stay a bit doughy but you should be able to tell they are safely cooked through). Make sure to keep the lid closed until the biscuits look done - its how the steam is captured and cooks the dough! Once done, serve and enjoy!


JAMIE ALEXANDER is nationally published culinary and commercial photographer working as a full-time staff photographer for Tanner Publishing. She has a knack for making tasty food and pretty art. See more of her portfolio at

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




PENCIL CRAFT Written by Ashley Wedding Photo by Jamie Alexander


It’s hard to believe that summer is over and it’s time for a new school year. This pencil-inspired craft is a perfect way to get in the back-to-school mood. This craft couldn’t be easier and is so versatile. Use these cute containers as a planter, to organize craft supplies, or give as a teacher gift. Really, they can be used for anything! All you need is a spare metal can - any size is fine. Grab some yellow and pink paint and some paint brushes. And painters tape makes this job a lot easier and helps with clean lines. Prepare for a few coats to get full coverage. Easy peasy, right?! Happy crafting, friends!


If you make these adorable crafts, be sure to tag a photo of them on our social media accounts! We would love to see them!

ASHLEY WEDDING is the editor of Owensboro Parent. She enjoys everyday adventures with her husband, Drew, and their three kids, Avery, Reed and Mason.

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August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


26 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

MEET EVERLEIGH, OUR 2022 COVERKID WINNER! Photo by Jamie Alexander

This outgoing little girl, who turned 1 in June, is the only child of Kendal Connor and Logan Howard. Although she is an only child, both mom and dad say Everleigh will be the best big sister one day. Words that describe this sweet girl? Loving, funny and sweet. “She loves to blow kisses and give hugs,” Kendal said. “She doesn’t know a stranger and will blow kisses and wave at anyone and everyone. She definitely lights up the room wherever she goes.” Everleigh loves playing with her dog, Milo, reading books, eating, going on walks and playing with her cousins. Everleigh was born with double coloboma, a condition that affects 1 in 10,000 children, where some tissue is missing in a part of the eye. According to her parents, one of Everleigh’s colobomas is more of a keyhole shape and the other is more cat eye shape. She sees an eye specialist in Louisville every six months to check on her growth. “It really scared us at first, but after visiting her specialist, we learned we were one of the lucky ones,” Logan said. “Her coloboma, which can have underlying conditions, was only cosmetic, and her vision will be good to perfect throughout her life. She will have more of a sensitivity to sunlight than most, but that’s a blip on the radar. And who doesn’t look cooler in sunglasses?” Coloboma does not go away and it can’t be fixed so Everleigh will just have beautiful, one-of-a-kind eyes for the rest of her life. Her unique look is directly on par with her personality, her parents said, and they are looking forward to celebrating everything that makes Everleigh special in what is sure to be her bright future. OP


August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



6-year-old Triton is the star of his family’s food truck Written by Erinn Williams Photo by Jamie Alexander

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f you have attended a large public event in Owensboro, chances are you were lucky enough to grab unique Hawaiin style BBQ from the TriR-Tips BBQ food truck. But if you were really lucky, you met the tiniest – but arguably most proud – member of the Tri-R-Tips staff. Standing at a towering 3 feet tall, 6-year-old Triton Rose, is the food truck’s “hype man,” eager to greet and serve customers with a big toothy grin and his charismatic hospitality. In business since 2014, Nicholas and Amber Rose launched Tri-R-Tips in Redding, California, but relocated to Owenboro six years ago. The food truck’s signature look and flavorful dishes became popular throughout western Kentucky, but the Rose family, ready for their next chapter, moved to Florida at the end of the summer. Owensboro will miss Tri-R-Tips, but especially Triton, who made dining at the food truck a memorable experience. Serving guests alongside his parents, Triton is the youngest of four siblings. He frequently shares food service duties with his older brother Thomas, who is 11. The wildly successful food truck is truly a family affair. The Rose brothers can often be found assisting with bottled drinks, taking orders, and helping prep food on the truck. Tri-R-Tips also offers merchandise such as custom cutting boards and graphic t-shirts. Triton has become somewhat of a spokesman for his family’s business. When asked to talk about his food truck adventures, Triton had plenty to say. “Well, I’m 6 years old, and our food

is delicious. Can I tell you what is really delicious? Our new slushies! There’s a new one that is called the American, I helped name it. It’s red, white, and blue.” Triton said. Somewhat of an entertainer, Triton Rose casually throws in a few dance moves during his interview, giving a brief description of what makes Tri-RTips so special. “Our sauce is a secret, actually only Ms. Sims knows what is in our sauce, my teacher. I can give you clues, but I can’t tell you. Our sauce is really sweet and red. We use sour cream and jalapenos to cool down our tips.” Triton elaborated. Given Triton is only in kindergarten, his larger than life personality is only

one of the many talents he possesses. His former teacher refers to him as the “total package” stating that he not only excelled academically but was also a kind and caring friend to all of his peers at Newton Parrish Elementary. “I like to work, but I mostly play,” Triton said. “I’m going to first grade next year. I have to sit criss-cross applesauce at school but not on the food truck! When I grow up I hope to be a Policeman or maybe Spiderman, I’m not sure yet.” Without missing a beat, Triton

climbs aboard the family food truck and begins manning the cash box with his brother Thomas. Triton is often careful to ask customers if they need napkins or utensils and makes sure to thank them for their business. It’s this attention to detail that has brought back repeat customers. “Lots of people actually ask for Triton when they order from us,” Amber said. “He and his brother have become familiar faces helping out with our business as much as possible.” Eager to give recommendations, Triton often suggests the truck’s famous tips. “You’re going to want to order the tips with peppers and onions. It’s the best meat,” he said. “Our slushies are the best. You really need to try one. They have stars mixed in, not real ones of course. You can eat these. Our baked beans are delicious too.” Amber said that Triton especially loves when the truck works events where he can “entertain” while having fun. “I think he looks forward to traveling to new events the most,” she said. “He never meets a stranger.” Since his personality is larger than life, anyone who meets Triton can easily see how he fits perfectly into the role as a food truck “hype man.” In fact, the future looks incredibly bright for someone as enthusiastic and genuine as this fun kiddo. If his career as Spiderman doesn’t take off, one can confidently assume he will excel greatly if decides to take over the family business. “I don’t know how long I've been working,” Triton said. “I’m 6 years old, so maybe a long time.” OP

ERINN WILLIAMS adores her hubby, cats, hardback church hymnals and a hot mess of fried okra. She’s new in town, trading in mountains and streams for soybeans and burgoo, and refers to herself as "a little hillbilly in a great big world."

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Photo by Jamie Alexander


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The Baldwins take a family approach to dog treat business Written by John Kirkpatrick // Photos by Jamie Alexander


he Baldwin family created Luv My Pup Bakery last summer, a homebased business specializing in gourmet dog treats made of natural ingredients. The treats are available at The Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings or their Facebook page, @Luvmypupbakery. Heather is an occupational therapist for Daviess County Schools, while her husband, Bruce, is a visual art teacher at Meadow Lands Elementary. Heather said she is always searching for opportunities to convert hobbies into extra money and thought the dog treat business would create the perfect family venture for her, Bruce, and their second-grade son

32 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

Maddox. “I was looking up recipes online for dog treats for our pup and saw an advertisement for a dog treat business,” Heather said. “I have worked side jobs within my profession for our family, but this was something that would provide our family extra money and be a family activity without me working outside the home.” Heather began researching the industry, crafted a business plan, and started discussions with Maddox and Bruce about having a business that involved the entire family. Heather and Bruce also viewed it as the perfect opportunity to show the value of hard

work and entrepreneurial and financial skills. “We all love dogs, and Bruce and Maddox were excited to be involved, so it was an easy decision,” she said. “We thought this was a great way to show Maddox what hard work looks like, how to start something on your own, and how to be an entrepreneur.” Heather said Maddox has a firm grasp on how to spend money, but he’s still acquiring a taste for saving and giving. Maddox said he finds the most joy in preparing bags for people at the market and packing the treats for delivery. “Mom had the idea, and it was something fun for all of us. Dad

sometimes does stuff, Mom works a lot, and I’m about medium,” Maddox said. “We make good treats for dogs. I like to give lots of our treats to my dog, Meena, but Mom says we need treats for other dogs too.” Luv My Pup Bakery treats are free of preservatives or dyes and feature the freshest ingredients. Heather said the family pours lots of love into the goodies that range from peanut butter biscuits, iced peanut butter cookies, and apple waffles to flavored muffins, cinnamon donuts, and pup pops. The bakery provides grain-free treat options for dogs with grain allergies. They also offer a birthday basket with a small cake and a few other treats to help celebrate each dog’s special day. “All of our recipes and ingredients go through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and have a guaranteed analysis, which is available on our Facebook page and at the market,” Heather said.

“We follow the state’s guidelines for dog treats and feel it’s important for customers to know what goes in the treats they purchase.” Consumers and their pups can also indulge in seasonal treats like pumpkin spice in the fall and stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Bruce assists with baking, helps at the market, and provides sound business advice, while Heather handles most of the baking, ordering, bookkeeping, and selling. Maddox goes through phases where he’s less motivated to help, but his parents constantly remind him that he only gets paid for work days. Heather said it's always insightful to hear Maddox’s ideas, one of which was a sizable bone-shaped sign to capture shoppers' attention at the Farmers’ Market. She added that as he ages, she hopes to involve him and his creative nature in all aspects of the business.

The family brainstormed for several days on the name, having some good laughs in the process. “Ultimately, we wanted a name that told people what we were about,” Heather said. “A dog treat bakery that said what we feel and know so many others feel about their pets, ‘I love my dog(s),’ so Luv My Pup Bakery it became.” The treats are available at the Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. during the season and all year round on Facebook or via email at Heather added that their Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date on all things Luv My Pup. “Come see my mom at the farmers’ market and buy your dog a treat,” Maddox said. “Our dog Meena loves our treats – she is always begging for one when mom cooks them.”


JOHN KIRKPATRICK is a special education teacher at Daviess County High School and a contributing writer for Owensboro Parent, Owensboro Living, GO Chamber, and the Owensboro Times. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Tara, and daughter, Laney.

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A Howling



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ordan and Kim Camp understand both the rewards and the challenges of operating a family business. In 2019, Jordan started training dogs on the side for family and friends. He never would have guessed that his venture would lead the family to where they are today. In 2021, Camp Canine was established after the couple decided to sell their home and purchase land in Utica—a decision that turned out to be the right one for not only their family, but the community as well. “I had friends come to me and ask me to train their dog. Eventually, people wanted me to keep their dogs when they went on vacation. I knew we could

make money on the side if we could offer boarding,” Jordan said. The family was driving home from Lake Barkley when they saw 20 acres of land for sale, and everything started to fall into place from there. “There were already a lot of kennels on the land from where the previous owners had bird dogs,” Jordan said. “We bought the land with my parents, remodeled the house and got a business loan.” The opening date of the new facility fell during fall break of last year. In just a short time, the business has already grown and evolved considerably. What started as Camp Retriever, working mainly with hunting dogs, grew to Camp Canine, offering training, dog day care, and boarding in 2021. The family business went from having a handful of dogs to boarding 20-30 dogs on a regular basis. Camp Canine offers families a home away from home for their dog, with training programs running a month at a time to three months or longer. “Owning a dog is a lot of responsibility. When you can't be there for your dog, you can count on the pet care professionals at Camp Canine to step in,” Jordan said. “We have years of experience caring for a variety of dog breeds, so we're confident we can meet your dog’s boarding and dog training needs.” In addition to training programs, Camp Canine prides itself in offering a great daycare option for families by providing adequate exercises, maintaining feeding schedules, allowing for socialization opportunities and providing incredible care. “Your dog will be much better off with us than stuck at home while you're gone,” Jordan said. “It's always hard to leave your dog, but it's easier when you know they're staying in a caring and stimulating environment.” While Jordan has always been a dog lover, he says his wife, Kim, has come along for the ride.

“She was pretty timid around dogs, but she’s grown into it and been very supportive of me. She lets the dogs out when needed and gives them baths. She handles the management side of the business and payroll. I couldn’t do it without her,” Jordan said. The Camps have two children, Trevor, 11, and Nora,8. While their son loves baseball and playing sports, their daughter is a natural when it comes to helping with Camp Canine. “Nora took to helping with the animals right away, talking to customers and learning more about the dogs,” Jordan said. “She already has a pet rabbit and she’s about to get a horse too.” The young animal lover also likes to help her dad when he trains the dogs. “She knows how to make a dog listen,” Jordan said. “She’s not scared to mess with any of them from a Poodle to a Great Dane. We have no size restrictions for the dogs from 10 pounds to 140.” And with Nora saying she is going to be a veterinarian one day, she’s already off to a great start working with the animals. Trevor is a big help too, according to dad, completing chores as needed. “He helps us clean up the yard and will scoop the poop. Soon, he will start mowing around the property. He’s not crazy about dogs like the rest of us— he thinks he will be a pro baseball player, but at least he’s outside doing something,” Jordan said. With Camp Canine on the same property as their home, their children get to see much of the action first hand. The family currently has five dogs but says that Nora would gladly have 20 if they would let her. “Nora eats it up— she thinks it’s cool. She’s always been a people person and will talk to anybody that comes up there to drop off their dogs,” Jordan said. “She’s an animal lover.” As far as their decision to move to Utica and start the business, the family knows they made a good choice. What

initially felt like moving farther away from town turned out to be a blessing in disguise. “It’s a great area and the perfect location,” Jordan said. “We catch so many people coming into Owensboro from Ohio County for work. Our location ended up being perfect.” Camp Canine is truly a family affair, with Jordan’s parents also living on the land and pitching in as needed. Balancing work and family does have its challenges for Jordan and Kim, who both have fulltime jobs. Looking back at the past few years, the Camps can see how far they’ve come since selling their home, relocating to have more land and making their dream happen. Their boarding stays nearly full and they have seven employees to help them with the business aspect of Camp Canine. “I’m not going to sugar coat it; it’s not always easy,” Jordan said. “It makes life hectic and it makes it more interesting to plan a trip or do something like go out of town. There are stresses to running a business, but we have to figure out how to make it work.” OP

LAURA MURPHY is an eighth grade LA teacher at Daviess County Middle School. She has three kids who keep her life interesting; Jonah, Lily, Josiah and Judson. She survives on Grape Spark, Jon Gordan books and all things Grumpy Cat.

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INCLUDE YOUR DOG IN YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS Article and photos by Jacqueline Russell

There’s no denying that our pets are just furry family members! As fall approaches and you start thinking about scheduling family photo sessions, you might also consider including your pets. As a professional photographer, I’ve got tips for successfully including your dog in your next family photos. THINK ABOUT YOUR L O C AT I O N A N D Y O U R DOG’S PERSONALIT Y Research and ensure that your photo location allows dogs before showing up. If your dog is nervous around crowds of people, taking them into a busy spot for photos isn’t a good idea. Consider your dog’s favorite places for a possible photo session location — even if that means a cuddly session on your couch.

BRING ALONG A DOG WRANGLER If your session is somewhere other than your home, consider bringing a friend or family member to help manage your dog. After including the dog in a few shots, the helper can take your dog for a walk away from the group so they stay happy while you finish your family photos, focused on your children and having fun.

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Don’t leave home without a leash, treats, your dog’s favorite squeaky toy and waste bags. Also, bring water for your pup if it’s a hot day. Treats can make all the difference in your session if your dog is food motivated, so bring their most valued snack to your session. Just steer clear of anything messy so you don’t stain your clothing.


If your dog is a big shedder, or their fur is the opposite color of the outfits you’re wearing, make sure to toss a lint roller in your bag. This will help avoid unwanted hair in your photos and help you clean up afterward!


While planning the outfits the people in your photos will wear, consider getting a collar and leash that will coordinate. You don’t want a neutral-toned family photo with your dog wearing a neon harness. Dress up your pup with a coordinating bowtie or bandanna, or stay timeless with a classic leather collar. You’ll want the leash to match or be neutral in tone, so it doesn’t stand out too much. I recommend letting your dog try these accessories out a day or two before the session so they aren’t thrown off by something new.


If your dog is full of energy, make sure they get a good workout before your photo session so they’re a little tired. A tired dog is a happy dog! To keep your photo day as laid-back as possible, enlist a friend to take them for a long walk or to the park for a run. Right before your session, arrive early so you can let the dog explore. Doing so allows them to get used to the environment, do their business and get comfortable enough to relax with you.


If your pup gets overwhelmed, give them a break and focus on the human members of your family. No matter how much you prepare, your dog will ultimately dictate the session. You may be able to get candid-style photos of your family playing with the dog much easier than you get a posed picture. That’s OK! Remember that this is a great way to show their personality and represent their importance to you. Be sure to ask your photographer to snap a portrait of your dog on their own so you have it to cherish always. OP

JACQUELINE JORDAN RUSSELL is a marketing specialist, freelance writer and photographer. She has a passion for celebrating every day moments and basically leaves a trail of confetti wherever she goes.

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Dad and the pet he never wanted Written by Jamie Johnson


his article is dedicated to good old Dad and the pet he never wanted. The pet that now follows him from room to room. The pet that he speaks to in a baby voice while giving it table scraps for dinner. The pet that has taken a space on Dad’s side of the bed. The pet he now keeps a picture of on his desk at work. It’s a story as old as time. The kids want a kitten or a puppy with zero intention of actually taking care of the living, breathing creature. Parents say no and swear to each other that they will not budge. Dad talks about absolutely nothing except how much work it is to have a pet and how he will not be the one taking care of said pet. The kids promise they will take care of the new pet while also cleaning their rooms and doing their homework. Mom shakes her head knowing what is about to happen. Dad caves. The kids end up with a pet. An adorable dog or cat will be picked out because it’s perfect in the eyes of your children. It turns out to be the highest maintenance animal for sale in the tri-state area and immediately costs you hundreds of dollars in vet bills. The pet will come home, and no one will do anything but play with it for days after its worms and kennel cough are finally gone. Then real life sets in and the pet is making messes. The pet goes to the bathroom on the floor, chews up shoes, and knocks over a lamp while chasing a toy. Dad swears up and down he won’t clean up another mess...while

cleaning up another mess. Dad gives in and potty trains the pet by himself. Despite swearing the pet would never be on the couch, it can almost always be found within petting distance of Dad. Pet can now also shake, sit, and give a high five. They are still working on playing dead and fetching beer from the fridge in the garage. One week later, the family enters the home to find Dad on the couch snuggling the new pet. It is wearing a sweater and appears to have been recently bathed and blown dry. The new pet appeared in Dad’s Instagram feed with the hashtag #BestPetEver. It now follows Dad everywhere he goes and refuses to eat anything but table scraps for dinner. He also prefers that you sing and pet him while he eats. The dog that was once not allowed to get on the couch continues making an appearance at night on Dad’s side

of the bed. Somehow the pet ends up passing out and drooling on mom’s side of the bed, making it impossible for her to sleep. Dad sleeps soundly through the night. And Dad and his pet lived happily ever after. This story is dedicated to my husband and his love for our dog, Newman Rockwell Johnson. Newman was supposed to be about 40 pounds. He turned out to be 75. He somehow ends up sleeping on my feet every single night. Logan loves him the most and can be found snuggling Newman on the couch every Sunday. We don’t know his actual birthday, so we celebrate every year on New Year’s Day because it’s easy to remember. Logan cooks Newman a birthday steak each year. I hope that one day you find the pet you never knew you needed in your life. OP

JAMIE JOHNSON is a full-time working mom to two little boys, wife to Logan, and part-time writer. Her pieces have been featured in HuffPost Parents, Motherly, Today Parents and PopSugar Moms. You can follow her blog at!

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OCTC's Veterinary Technology Program Owensboro Community & Technical College's (OCTC) Veterinary Technology program is housed at OCTC’s Downtown Campus at 1501 Frederica Street and is home to a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Some of the latest equipment includes a realistic canine dental simulator for

to develop the skills needed to become a


valued professional in the field.

to Veterinary Technology course and




practicing dental procedures, an equine

The team leading the program is Dr.

simulator for performing blood draws,

Laura Boarman, program coordinator,

and a brand-new canine surgical and

Jacqueline Jackson, and Tara Groves as

program is selective admission. The

anesthesia simulator used to train


deadline to apply for the following

students in surgical assisting, proper tissue handling, and anesthesia.

Boarman Kentucky

Dr. Laura Boarman, the program






for and

and fine-tune technical skills before

of Veterinary Medicine. Boarman spent

working on the live patient. Students are

11 years in practice at Kentuckiana

confident and more proficient when they

Animal Clinic before transitioning to

get to a real patient. This is a win-win for

this leadership role. Her professional


interests are in dentistry, preventative




Class of 2025 is May 1, 2023. Admission score of 18+, 16-hour observation with

from the Auburn University School



requirements include a 2.7 GPA, ACT

simulators allows students to practice




a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine




coordinator, commented, “The use of


Anatomy lab.

medicine, and dermatology.

a licensed Veterinary technician, and applicants must take the TEAS exam. The Vet Tech Program does not require any general education courses, but applicants receiving a 'C' or better in the following courses will receive additional consideration: MAT 150 (3), BIO 112/113 (4), AHS 120 (1). Students who


Jackson has been with OCTC since

to sit for the Veterinary Technician

2014; she earned her Bachelor of Science

National Exam (VTNE). Areas of study

degree in Animal Health Technology,

include office and hospital procedures,

with a minor in Equine Science, from

Examination (VTNE) certifying exam.

client relations and communications,

Murray State University. Jackson has

This program is accredited by the



teaching responsibilities for veterinary

Committee on Veterinary Technician


lab procedures, parasitology, and clinical

Education and Activities (CVTEA). Upon

laboratory techniques.

graduation, there is a broad range of




pharmacology, anesthesiology, surgical

complete the program are eligible to sit for the Veterinary Technical National


career opportunities for licensed Vet

and clinical pathology training. The

since 2017; she earned her Bachelor of

Techs, including various specialties—

Veterinary Technology program provides

Science in Animal Health Technology

dentistry, equine medicine, anesthesia,

valuable real-world clinical experiences

from Murray State University. Groves

physical rehabilitation, etc.









Individual or small group tours can be arranged on an individual basis. Please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Laura Boarman,, or call 270-686-4585.

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he decision to adopt a pet is a big one for families. Dog? Cat? Hamster? Fish? Parakeet? Pony? (Of course every kid wants a pony.) There are so many factors to consider, including whether the family lives out in the country, in the middle of Owensboro, in a house with a large yard, in an apartment ... whether the family budget can accommodate another member ... who will be responsible for feeding, exercising, grooming – and the inevitable “cleaning up after.” (Maybe that’s why kids never get ponies.) Once the decision is made, everyone is excited to pick out and welcome a new member to the family, which is usually either a dog or a cat. There used to be a lot of stray dogs and cats roaming the city streets, so much so that people used to say there was no need to ever buy a pet; just open your door and let one in. Of course, those were the days when kids also roamed around pretty freely, usually with a dog trotting at their heels or panting along after the bicycle, but let’s face it: Kids aren’t doing that much anymore either. The issue at hand for most families these days is whether their busy schedule keeps them away from home so much that the poor animal is left alone all day, many evenings and most weekends. Cats are a little easier to manage in this scenario, as they are usually rather independent, and a litter box solves the need to “go,” but even

the most independent cat deserves affection and attention. When it comes to dogs, though, it’s just not fair to leave them alone for long hours. Even if there is a fenced-in yard, dogs are social animals. They get lonely and bored, which results in barking, destructive digging and chewing, and a generally anxious demeanor. Even worse is the cruelty of leaving a dog locked up in a crate all day.

are usually very intelligent and great with kids, but they do require regular grooming, and unless they are trained at a young age, they can be pretty rambunctious. Poodles mixed with schnauzers (schnoodles) and pug/beagle mixes (puggles) are also a “thing.” But honestly – some of the best dogs are just mutts. Dogs adopted from a shelter seem to instinctively know how fortunate they are, and return your investment of an adoption fee with an overflow of love and loyalty. Yes, when it comes to pets, you really CAN buy love. Take it from me, someone who has owned dogs and cats literally all my life: The dearest friends, most trusted confidants and most loyal companions I’ve ever had have all had four feet and a tail. Husker, Jackson, Grey, Macy, Buster, Dazy, Rufus ... I have loved them all, and they’ve loved

A good owner would do well to remember the Golden Rule: Do unto critters as you would have done to yourself. If the family schedule is not conducive to giving a pet the time and attention it deserves, the best choice is an animal of the stuffed variety – like teddy bears. But let’s say that a family is really ready to adopt a pet. For some people, “designer” breeds are an attractive choice. Among dogs, currently popular are labradoodles and goldendoodles, which are combinations of either Labrador or golden retrievers with poodles. These adorable dogs

me. I am thankful to my Mom, whom I realize now must have worried many times how she was going to feed her children and yet somehow stretched her grocery budget to include kibble. She loved me enough to give me the privilege of loving the dogs of my childhood – dogs whose memories reach far beyond the Rainbow Bridge to touch my heart still today. I never got that pony. But I got something





experience of unconditional love from dogs who kept confidence with the secrets I whispered into their floppy ears.


LORA WIMSATT is a mother, grandmother and writer. She enjoys the everyday blessings and adventures of life, especially her family.

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Politely Reading Written by Katie Albers

“Please,” “Thank you,” and “Excuse me,” are the foundations of polite interactions, but good manners can be tricky sometimes! Prepare your kids (and yourself!) with tips from these titles, many of which are available at the Daviess County Public Library. Understanding appropriate decorum will surely keep your brood from causing offense.

Richard Scarry's Polite Elephant


by Richard Scarry In this classic tale, Polite Elephant charmingly demonstrates appropriate


behavior in several familiar social situations like visiting a friend’s house. Use it

Choose a historical fiction tale to read together and discuss.

to discuss sharing and showing gratitude.

Bella’s Rules by Elissa Haden Guest Bella is an active young girl who struggles to obey the boundaries set by her caregivers. However, the responsibility of a new pet will teach her that rules have an important purpose.

Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids by Peggy Post & Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D. Emily Post famously wrote about etiquette in the early 1900’s. Her daughter and daughter-in-law continue the tradition of exploring tricky social situations without offending others in this kid-centered collection.

Connoisseur Kids: Etiquette, Manners, and Living Well for Parents and Their Little Ones by Jennifer L. Scott This guide for raising well-mannered children features suggestions for fun activities, games, and songs that teach kids the importance of decorum, health, and hygiene.

Dude, That's Rude!: (Get Some Manners) by Pamela Espeland & Elizabeth Verdick This humorous take on an etiquette guide pulls no punches. With fun illustrations and hot topics, no embarrassing situation goes unaddressed. This

What unique rules of etiquette did the characters of the book have to follow? How are their rules similar to or different from today’s view of what is polite and proper? Are there any of their lost rules that you wish we still upheld today?

would be a fun read for the preteen in your home.

A Smart Girl's Guide: Manners: The Secrets to Grace, Confidence, and Being Your Best (American Girl: a Smart Girl's Guide) by Nancy Holyoke A practical guide to social situations tailored toward girls, this book is a handy reference for any preteen gal beginning to navigate the world.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters by Josh Schneider The funny stories included in this volume bring a light-heartedness to a stressful situation: managing the picky eaters in the family. It may not change their preferences, but at least you can laugh together about it.

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KATIE ALBERS grew up in Owensboro and loved words so much that she became a school librarian and even alphabetized her family: Josh, Katie, Lance, Mallory, Noelle, Oaken, and Polly (the cat).

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Gratitude Changes Everything Written by Christina Dalton


ratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful. Many experts tell us that being grateful can give us higher levels of overall happiness in our lives. We all want to level up our happiness in this world and we should be teaching our children this skill as well. As parents, we are very good about teaching and encouraging our children to say thank you to others because it is important to make others feel appreciated and happy and it’s just good manners. But did you know there are huge benefits that come from expressing gratitude to both the giver and receiver? This is the reason we need to be very intentional about teaching our children why it is so important to express and show gratitude to others. Teaching a child to express gratitude can be one of the more challenging parts of parenthood. The

46 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

concept of gratitude is very abstract. When you think about a young child, their worldview can tend to center around themselves. Teaching and modeling gratitude for your child is so important as they grow up. You are setting them up to be less entitled, more empathetic and mentlly healthy. Not to mention less stressed and happier people. Gratitude studies show that there are so many benefits to practicing it everyday. Increased sleep, better moods, fewer health problems, more resilience, increased ability to cope with stressors and overall happiness. Those are some amazing benefits to being grateful, but can you teach this to your children? I think being realistic about it is a great start. Children under the age of 6 may have a harder time expressing gratitude but by the time they are about 10

years old they really have a good grasp of the concept. We want to start modeling this behavior as soon as possible though because even if they are unable to express gratitude all the time they are still taking it in. As they get a little older, they can really understand the concept of empathy which is closely linked to gratitude. When you can really understand another person’s perspective it helps you understand their actions and gives you a clear lens to see what they are doing as kind or generous. I know if you are still with me at this point in the article you are all in. Those benefits are too good to pass up on. So now you’re wondering how to teach gratitude to your children? I’m here to give you some tips for doing just that.

Practice gratitude daily with your children Tonight, recall with your family all of the moments that you are thankful for today. Be intentional about this practice. Model this skill for them. You could do this when you eat dinner or before they go to bed. Ask them what was their favorite part of the day? Then ask them why they are thankful for that part. You can point out the more common things in life and model this behavior of being grateful for even the smallest of moments. You can make this an easy three step process. Ask them what they are thankful for and then ask why they are thankful. Lastly follow up with what behaviors can you repeat to make this happen again? Doing this daily will create

routine and encourage this to be a lifelong behavior for them. Let them be part of donating to your community - This practice teaches your children that there are others who may be less fortunate than them. This will show them even more reasons to be thankful for what they have and to incorporate the practice of giving to others who may be in need. You can help them to go through their toys and donate some things to others. This has many benefits because you are teaching them to be generous, letting go of things and giving back all at the same time. So many skills to be learned in this one simple practice. With older kids you can let them be part of deciding where to donate and teach what community agencies do in your area.

Help others This is an easy one. There are so many opportunities to help people in our community. Be intentional about this one and age appropriate. You can help an elderly neighbor with a house project. You can help them to find local causes that they care about and figure out how to be part of them. They could have special skills and talents that can be utilized and build their self esteem in the process. No matter how you help others, this will increase your gratitude and appreciation of being in a place that you can help someone else.

Gratitude Jar This is a great one and easy for everyone to do. You can have a jar in your house and whenever someone feels grateful about a certain moment,

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


they write it on a piece of paper and drop it in there. You can have special times set aside to read all of the comments as a family. When you do this practice you are creating a culture of gratitude in your home. This will end up being such a special time to come together, connect and appreciate each other. It’s a wonderful way to put statements in there about the small things in life too that we all sometimes take for granted.

stranger, you are more likely to do these things for the people you care about. This one is so easy because it can be as simple as giving someone a sincere compliment, paying for the person’s food behind you in a drive thru or leaving a really nice thank you note for someone who helped you out in a special way. The benefits of this one will continue to deepen and have lasting effects for you and the receiver.

Random Acts of Kindness

Gratitude Walk

I cannot say enough good things about this one. I have done this with my own child on many occasions and I can now see it in her as a young adult. She does random acts of kindness for other people and just unexpected things for her family and friends. When you do something unexpectedly nice for a

This is one that anyone can do. Take your children on a walk and talk about what they see, smell, hear and notice during this time. Then discuss what are their favorite parts of the walk. Be mindful about noticing all the small things on your walk. Use this time to ask them what they are grateful for during the walk. Is it the smell of the

flowers, the warmth of the sun or seeing a bunch of adorable puppies and kittens in their neighborhood? This can become an amazing habit and well spent quality time together.

Model, Demonstrate and Show If you have read my articles before you know I am a big proponent of modeling what you wish to see in your children. This one seems easy but we often overlook the importance of demonstrating this skill. Show them gratitude. Model gratitude every single day for them and for you. Demonstrate being kind to others and doing nice things for no reason. Show them how grateful you are for your home, your friends and family and all the opportunities that life affords to you.

CHRISTINA DALTON, MSSW, CSW is a District Social Worker for Daviess County Public Schools.

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Out & About


August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




3 1

Peach Bliss AUGU ST 6 FROM 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. RE ID’S ORC H ARD


In addition to fresh peaches, the event will include craft and food vendors plus the Reidland play area and petting zoo.



Enjoy the 24th Annual Owensboro Multicultural Festival with delicious food from a variety of vendors, music, art, and dance from around the world. You will find exhibits representing cultures and organizations that strengthen our community all year long. This event is free and is a great opportunity for people of all ages. Celebrate the message that even in this time when we seem so divided–We’re Better Together.




PorchFest is a celebration of music and community. The one-day music event hearkens back to the days when neighbors would gather on each other's porches and share, laugh, tell stories, sing and play music. Reconnect with our neighbors and create good times this summer. Talented artists will play music on porches along Griffith Avenue. Stroll one of Owensboro’s most historical residential districts and enjoy great entertainment all day long! Food trucks will be available – so plan to spend the day with neighbors and friends! Visit for a full line-up!

50 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022


Owensboro Hydrofair AU GU S T 19 @ 8 A.M. A N D AU G U ST 21 @ 5 P.M. OH IO RIVE R


The Owensboro HydroFair is bigger and better than ever this year, with more than 60 teams traveling to the US and Canada to compete. The 60 hydroplane teams are separated into seven classes in which they will compete for the titles. The boats are fast, powerful and loud, reaching up to 170 MPH and spraying water high into the air as they rip through the river. The race course will be an oval-shaped track of 1.25 miles beginning and ending in front of the Owensboro Convention Center, and drivers will cycle the track four times.


Concert on The Lawn AU GUST 27 FROM 5:30 - 11 P.M. KEN TUC KY WE S LE YAN COLLEG E


Pack a picnic and lawn chairs for this FREE outdoor community event on Saturday, August 27th! US Bank and the Owensboro Symphony present Concert on the Lawn featuring Lauren Jelencovich performing selections from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Enchanted. Highlights for the evening will include music from Mulan, Hook, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aladdin. Gather your princesses, pirates and tall tale tellers for this magical Adventure Under the Stars! The concert will begin at 7 p.m. with free activities for children starting at 5:30 p.m.




Experience the most beautiful sunflower field in Kentucky and the Ohio Valley under the stars while enjoying a delicious farm-to-table dinner! The 5th Annual Dinner in the Blooms Sunflower Experience is an unforgettable evening in the sunflowers! This will be an evening of delicious food, friends, picture opportunities, 30+ attractions, live entertainment and all the SUNSHINE and HAPPINESS that sunflowers bring!

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Pigtails and Cowlicks Consignment Sale SEP TEMB ER 16 - 17 OWE NSBORO CONVE NTION CE NTER


Owensboro Convention Center will be filled with items from over 600 families ALL FOR KIDS!!! Toys, books, shoes, furniture, clothes, boutique, and more for babies-teens. No admission fee to enter the public sale and cash debit/credit accepted.




Join us for our fourth Fall Farm Market in collaboration with Ruby Branch Farms as we get in the fall spirit! Dalisha’s Desserts will be also be returning again this year, along with a list of fantastic new vendors. Grab lunch or an early dinner, stock up on you fall decor, shop with any of our other fantastic vendors, enjoy yard games with your family or take some time to stroll our nature path. We will also have a lot of new fall fun activities this year! Hay rides, a flower patch and fall photo opps! Parking is $5 per car, entrance is free! We’re excited to see you all there!

52 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

August // September 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


54 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022


Visit the Most Beautiful Sunflower Field in the Ohio Valley this Fall!


sunflower field is one of life’s breathtaking pleasures that everyone should experience. There is something magical about these blooms. These bright beautiful flowers have the ability to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness, and they are even more amazing when they’re growing as far as the eye can see. When you visit a massive field of sunflowers with rows and rows of them on display, it is a truly awe-inspiring experience. If you've never visited a sunflower field or sunflower farm, put it on your early fall bucket list. Luckily, we have one of the most beautiful sunflower fields in the Ohio Valley planted right here in Daviess County—Trunnell’s Sunflower Experience located at 9255 U.S. HWY. 431 Utica, KY. If you and your family are looking for a unique and delightful event this fall, visit Trunnell’s 5th Annual Sunflower Experience from Sept. 3rd - Sept. 30th. This event is so much more than just a field of sunflowers. Trunnell’s has proudly planted 65+ different varieties of sunflowers with over a million blooms for you and your family to enjoy. These beautiful blooms bring pure happiness to all ages while wandering through the field and admiring all the different kinds. Every bloom is so unique it is hard to decide which ones to cut and take home. Remember your camera or

SPECIAL EVENTS AT TRUNNELL’S SUNFLOWER EXPERIENCE photographer because the Trunnell’s have added a ton of photo ops throughout

Dinner in the Blooms: September 3rd & 10th, A Delicious Farm to Table Dinner with Live Entertainment in the Sunflowers

the field making this experience one of Kentucky’s most instagrammable events. In addition to the viewing pleasure of the huge stretch of yellow, red, and orange sunflowers, make sure

Sips & Sunflowers: September 9th, 16th, & 17th, An evening sipping wine and beer with friends, live entertainment amid a gorgeous sunflower field

to experience some of the delicious food

Sunflower Music Festival:

at the farm, play on the 35+ attractions,

September 23rd & 24th, Get ready for two Epic Days of the Best Local Entertainment in the Tri-State! Your Favorite Musicians will continuously play on the farm for two days among the beautiful Sunflower fields. PLUS CAMPING on the Farm for the two day fest! A Non-Stop Adventure of Discovery and Human Connection!

visit the baby animals in the animal barnyard, grab a glass of wine or brew from the farm bars and enjoy all the sunshine and happiness that sunflowers bring! More sunflowers, more fun, more memories!


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meal deals

EVERY DAY O’Charley’s – Free kids meal (ages 10 & under) with the purchase of adult entrée

MONDAY Grandy’s – 99¢ kids meals with the purchase of an adult meal Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn - Up to 2 kids eat free (ages 10 & under) from 4-9pm with adult buffet purchase Zaxby’s – Up to 3 99¢ kids meals with the purchase of an adult meal from 5-8pm Huddle House – 1 free kids meal when you spend $6.99 or more on adult entrée

TUESDAY Beef ‘O’ Brady’s – $1.99 kids meal (ages 12 & under) all day Fazoli’s – Up to 3 99¢ kids meals with the purchase of an adult entrée Freddy’s – Free scoop or cone with the purchase of a kids meal on Family Night. Kids can enjoy coloring pages, crayons, balloons and stickers! Pizza Hut (South Frederica location) – 1 free child buffet with the purchase of an adult buffet from 4:30-7pm Salsarita’s – Free kids meal with the purchase of $5 or more adult entrée; dine in only

56 OWENSBORO PARENT . August // September 2022

Trunnell’s 54 Deli – 1 free kids meal with the purchase of a signature sandwich Huddle House – 1 free kids meal when you spend $6.99 or more on adult entrée McDonald’s – $1.99 Happy meals from 4-7pm; dine-in only


Burger Theory (located in the Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront) – Free kids meal (ages 12 & under) with purchase of an adult meal; breakfast, lunch & dinner


Dairy Queen (Frederica Location) – Up to 2 $1.99 kids meals Trunnell’s 54 Deli – 1 free kids meal with the purchase of a signature sandwich


Lure Seafood & Grille – Free kids meal with purchase of adult entrée Wheatgrass Juice Bar – Free kids smoothie with adult purchase


Salsarita’s – Free kids meal with the purchase of $5 or more adult entrée; dine in only Bar Louie – Kids eat free 11am - 7pm up to 2 kids per adult entrée; dine-in only Beef O’ Brady’s – Free kids meal (ages 12 & under) from 4-8pm with each adult meal purchase; dine-in only

on the honor roll?

Bring your report card to these local restaurants & businesses for additional deals! Orange Leaf – Bring in your report card and receive $1 off yogurt; a report card with straight A’s will receive a small cup free. Ritzy’s (Both locations) – Ritzy’s has a “Scoops for Scholars” program. Students can bring in their report card each grading period to earn treats for each “A.” 1A = flavored soft drink (cherry, vanilla, or chocolate) 2 A's = single scoop of ice cream 3 A's = your choice of a hotdog, coney, hamburger, or cheeseburger 4 A's = double scoop of ice cream McDonald’s – All five Owensboro McDonald’s decided this school year that they will award a free Happy Meal to any student who gets straight A's on their report card. Chuck E. Cheese in Evansville – A child can receive 10 tokens with a purchase if they bring in their report card. Sky Zone in Evansville – All A’s= 1/2 off any jump. A & B’s= $5 off any jump. Weekdays & Friday 2-7pm.

*This list is subject to change. Please contact restaurants to ensure their participation.

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