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22 Remembering Katie Mae Be inspired by one family's commitment to honor their late daughter's memory and bring awareness to substance abuse

24 More Than Just a Book Discover the children's book helping with young one's grief

IN EV ERY ISSUE 8 From the Editor 9 Around OBKY 10 Parent Profile

KEEPING IT REA L 12 Hashtag MomFail Discover Jamie's most mediocre tips for a fun, carefree vacation. 14 Real Life with Lora Wimsatt Let's take a moment for the teachers.


26 Extra! Extra! Read about 11-year-old Audrey's drive to publish her very own newspaper!

16 Recipe Check out three summer thirst quenchers your kids will love! 18 Craft Time Explore a new craft watercolor!

June // July 2022

20 6 Summer Party Hacks Have your best summer with these clever tips!

D ISCOV ER 30 The Book Nook Explore magazines at the public library for fun summer reading! 32 Covert Contracts Learn what this parenting mistake is and how to avoid it. 34 Summer Skincare for the Family Tips you need to know before you play in the sun this summer. 36 Keep Your Brain Fresh Ideas for parents on how to incorporate reading and math skills this summer.

SPECIA L SEC T IO N 39 Get the Low Down on Your Kids' Checkups It's never too early to get a jumpstart on back-toschool, especially when it comes to your child's health exams. What you need to know!

OUT & ABO U T 47 Slide into Summer Whether you are looking for local events, activities in your own backyard, or small trips within driving distance of Owensboro, this guide has it all! 58 Kids Meal Deals Check out these local kids meal deals!


60 Fun in the Sun Photos submitted to our Facebook page sponsored by Owensboro Health!

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Ashley Wedding

Our annual summer bucket list! At the beginning of each summer, we make a list of what we want to do. Brainstorming ideas is so much fun!


This summer, I'm looking forward to the 4th of July! We always have a pool day with a cookout and a fireworks show.

Andrea Roberson Monica Tapp


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Jamie Alexander

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Photo by Tanner+West



My favorite summer activity is gardening! It's so rewarding to to eat food you've grown yourself!

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We love spending time at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!

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This is one of my favorite gifts Drew has gotten me! Look at our sweet little cross stitch family! And the best part? This was made locally! Check out my friend Lacey's incredible work on Facebook on her page (Lacey Lindsey Wright).

from the editor Summer was a little sneaky this year. We entered full sports mode in April at our house, with both of our big kids playing soccer and Reed playing baseball too. Although the extreme temperatures from the sidelines should have been an indicator of summer's approach, I still feel like the season change came out of nowhere. Between coordinating schedules and tackling the dreaded overlap of games/practices, I just hadn't wrapped my mind around summer break. And now that it's here, summer just feels a little different than it has in years past. Avery graduated elementary school last month and this feels like an important two months ahead of us before she takes on the new adventure of middle school.


Check out this Owensboro Parent Throwback to summer 2018! The car on the cover is actually Drew's! We were just dating at that time, but he let me borrow his 1965 Acadian for this photo shoot. This shoot involved a helicopter and driving over the Blue Bridge at least 10 times. When we Last summer, we take out the convertible, it's a little less elaborate. drove it to Central City and ate at Stellian's. (If you haven't been... you need to go! Their freak shakes are worth the drive!)


We are so honored to have two recent graduates on our team! Our incredible writer, Erinn Williams, who is a teacher at West Louisville Elementary School, just finished her Master's of Arts in Teaching. And, we are excited to introduce, Dr. Laura Murphy! This talented writer, who teaches at Daviess County Middle School, just completed her doctorate degree. Congratulations, to you both! We are so proud of you!

8 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

As usual, we made a summer bucket list. Nothing extravagant. Just simple summer activities and adventures for us to enjoy as a family. But I'm doing my best to be intentional and soak in every moment. Every sweaty hug. Every long, exhausting day. Every new word Mason says. Every time Reed still chooses to hold my hand. Every moment that Avery still thinks being with her family is cool. This summer, slow down and soak it in. Enjoy what your hometown has to offer. Make simple fun at home. Create memories that will carry you into the school year, when your kids take on a new grade, a new school, a new year of growing and learning. Happy summer, Owensboro! Do your best to stay cool and make as many memories as you can along the way!



At the inaugural GO Pitch Competition, a “Shark Tank” style event where local entrepreneurs competed for grand prize money, Benchsmart Benches, a budding business of three Daviess County High School students, claimed second place and the crowd favorite award to earn a total of $4,000. Benchsmart Benches is the creation of three Daviess County High School Seniors: Daniel Flick, Noah Clark, and Preston Smith. They created and have produced a bench that allows a person to charge their devices via solar powered electronic chargers. The concept stems from society’s increased reliance on technology, the need for more renewable energy, and peoples’ urge to go outside despite having responsibilities online. Smith said he was awestruck to both get second and win the crowd vote. “To win crowd favorite is also very touching because it means that we really resonated with people in the room, not just the people who know the financials and the actual business side of things, but also the public relations side as well,” he said. Smith said the next step is to make sure they can get a patent for their product, which he said will be unique from other smart benches that can be found online. “As a small business, we would be able to fully customize the bench for people’s likings — if they would prefer an ad on it, if they would prefer their own business’s logo on it, if they would like to make it shorter or longer,” he said. “We even looked at the future of WiFi; you could do mesh networks where you can put a booster underneath the bench and put them every so many feet apart, then you can easily carry a WiFi network all around a park.”

CVMS WELCOMES NEWEST MEMBER OF TRACK TEAM AND TEAM KARLIE College View Middle School seventhgrader Peyton Howard is the newest member of the CVMS Vikings track team – and the newest member of Team Karlie. Team Karlie was created in 2009 by Jeff Miller, who was then a health room technician at Burns Middle School, and Amanda Owen, who was a special services teacher at BMS and is now the executive director of Puzzle Pieces. Team Karlie was designed to allow students with physical disabilities to experience the excitement of athletic competition by providing special racing wheelchairs that are pushed by other runners. The project was named for Karlie Hempel, whose first race was a 5K in which she and Jeff Miller “teamed up” with a special running stroller that was purchased by donations from BMS students and staff members. Team Karlie was featured on the Katie Couric Show in 2014. Peyton will compete in three events at his first race on April 28 on the CVMS track. The meet begins at 4:30 p.m. and Peyton will compete in the 100-meter dash, 400-meter dash, and the 4x800 meter relay. In addition, Peyton has accepted an invitation to compete with the CVMS crosscountry team this fall. CVMS track coach Geoff Snyder said, “We are blessed to have Peyton as a member of our team. Peyton is such a warm-hearted person who lights up a room when he enters it.” Peyton’s racing stroller will be pushed by sixth-grader Brayden Duke, who competes in the shot put and discus events. In explaining why Braden was chosen for this honor, Snyder said, “Braden exemplifies the highest ideals of a Viking and sets a positive example for all those around him.”


Our publisher, Jason, and his family have been big fans of NEEDTOBREATHE since their oldest daughter, Ella, was born. She’s 16 now. So, when the band came to Evansville for their acoustic tour, the whole Tanner family was sure to grab tickets. For the encore, the band came out again, but without microphones or amps. They started singing a song they typically duet with Carrie Underwood. When Carrie’s part came up, they asked for someone in the audience to sing it. According to Jason, they’ve never done that before... and they picked Ella! Once the song was over, Ella told the lead singer that she had a dream she was pulled up on stage with her family's favorite band. Crazy!

Student Spotlight:

Daviess County Middle School 8th grade student Bentlei Stallings is known for her record breaking times in cross country and track, where she’s been a member of the team since third grade. The 13-yearold athlete joined the Daviess County High School track team recently, running up this season. Her 4x800 relay team has several victories and she’s willing to run where she’s needed most. Her classroom teachers describe her as a leader, setting the example for her peers to follow in work ethic, attitude and effort. “Bentlei is a dream student,” her teacher Mrs. Murphy said. “She is 'all in' in all aspects of her life.”

Hunter Wimsatt has been attending Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University for the past two years, where he graduated in May. While there, he also fulfilled the religion requirement as an independent study class in order to graduate from Owensboro Catholic High School as well. Hunter was accepted to Yale, Northwestern, Davidson, and Vanderbilt, along with UK, UofL, and WKU. He chose to attend Yale this fall to study Computer Sciences.

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Danny May Meet Danny May, a former editor at Tanner Publishing, a writer for our publications from time to time and someone that our entire staff looks to for good dad advice. Here's a little of that wise advice in honor of Father's Day.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. My name is Danny May. My wife, Kelly, and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this past October and we have two boys, Luke (14) and Beau (12). Kelly and I are both Brescia University graduates. Class

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY AS A PARENT? Kelly and I have always agreed that we wanted to spend our money on experiences with our boys, not on toys or the latest gadgets or fancy vehicles or whatever. So

of 2000. My whole adult life I've been

we take lots of vacations and go on lots

in ministry or writing full time, and I

of adventures. But if I had to pick one, it

currently serve as Director of Marriage

would be taking our boys to D.C. on a work

& Family Life for the Catholic Diocese of

trip and watching their eyes light up at the

Owensboro, but I am far from an expert

Smithsonian. Or taking Luke to the Titanic

by any means. I try hard to be better every day though.

Museum for his birthday this year. Or maybe taking Beau to see the largest T-Rex skeleton in the world when he was 5.

WHAT DOES BEING A DAD MEAN TO YOU? I think there's a huge difference between being a dad and being a good father. Thankfully, I've had many good examples in my life of what a good father is, first and foremost my own. (Thank you, Pop!) One of my favorite lyrics is from a Toby Mac song called "Lose My Soul." It says, "I'm gonna be a daddy who's in the mix. I'm gonna be a husband who stays legit. And I pray that I'm an artist who rises above, the road that is wide and paved with self love." I've said no to a lot of meetings and committees because in my mind there's nothing more important than being home with the boys from 5pm-9pm when they go to bed, especially when they're this age. I only get four hours with them every

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST CHALLENGING EXPERIENCE? Watching my son struggle with something I can't help him with. MOST REWARDING? Seeing the world through their eyes, for sure. Watching their personalities develop. The funny things they say. The moments I notice they are stronger, or braver, or more confident than I was at their age. I love that. WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU CAN OFFER OTHER PARENTS? Be patient with yourself; none of this is easy and the only way to learn is to just get in there and go for it. Be kind to yourself; none of us are perfect. Trust your instinct and your gut. No one knows your child better than you do.

night, but those committees will survive without me. And as a Catholic man, I believe that loving their mother well is the absolute best thing I can do to teach them how to be good men. Second is to know and serve the Lord.

10 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022



Keeping it Real


June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Family Vacation


Written by Jamie Johnson

ummer is finally here! It’s time to load up your minivan or midsize SUV and embark on that family vacation. The sun, the sand, the happy children playing on the beach all make for a picture-perfect trip. Photos of this vacation will adorn the lock screen of your iPhone for at least six months until Christmas rolls around. You will show them to strangers and tell them how your children are the best and will probably shatter world records one day. But let’s be realistic. Family vacations aren't always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it’s rainstorms and screaming children. About three years ago, we made it all the way to Hartford before we realized that Henry wasn’t wearing any shoes. We pulled over to grab another pair out of his suitcase, but there were no shoes in the suitcase. Whoops. No big deal. Just an extra hour added onto the twelve-hour car trip. Here are some of my most mediocre tips to make sure both you and your children have a fun, carefree vacation.

in the car for any child three and under. This includes a pack and play, stroller, Boppy, DockATot, highchair, a large box of diapers, wipes, diaper bag, and more. There also has to be a list for pool gear and beach toys. Towels, beach bag, sunscreen, games, a tent, and chairs. This is another reason people with children choose to drive to their destination. Stay somewhere with an indoor pool. Indoor pools are my jam. My kids LOVE them. They could literally spend hours playing in a hotel pool. It’s amazing. They love it when that over-chlorinated muggy pool air smacks them in the face. It must have something to do with the high chlorine level that triggers the fun zone in the brain of any human under 45. [Disclaimer: Every indoor pool I have ever seen will forever remind me of the Executive Inn – RIP. And the green turf all around the

Make as many lists as possible before you leave. Make a list of the lists you need to make. I always make one list for each member of the family that I pack for, which is normally me and the boys. Then I make a list of the additional items that must be loaded

Make sure you do something you could have done at home, because it will be your kid’s favorite part of the trip. Ride in an elevator, see a dog on the street, take them to the zoo where their favorite animal will be a beetle, or an ant they find on the ground. Maybe even take them to McDonalds to get a Happy Meal. It will be the best meal they have ever had. Lower your standards. I have to remind myself of this every time we take the kids on vacation. They deserve a little break too. Let them be wild and run free. Let them eat pizza for breakfast. Let them spend way too much time on the beach. Let them bury you in the sand. Let them watch their tablets at night in their beds. Give them enough freedom so they leave you alone, but not enough freedom to draw blood.

pool, which I still see as a large design flaw. I have a core memory of going to a birthday party there when I was in maybe the second grade, and we spent the night, and we had a glass sliding door that opened to the pool. That was Lisa Frank, EZ Bake Oven, having cable at home cool.]

If you follow the tips above, you are most likely going to have a pretty amazing vacation. I hope you have enough fun to remind yourself that you still love your family on the ride home. OP

JAMIE JOHNSON is a full-time working mom to two little boys, wife to Logan, and part-time writer. Her pieces have been featured in HuffPost Parents, Motherly, Today Parents and PopSugar Moms. You can follow her blog at HashtagMomFail.com!

12 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Let's Take a Moment for Teachers


tores are full of notebooks, pens, crayons and folders, all on sale. It’s the season for new

many positive ways. They nurture

teacher is happy to see them, and that



they matter. Teachers give children

as children learn. They encourage

a reason to smile as they grow in

shoes, haircuts, lunch money and bus

healthy behaviors and guide their


students as they grow, not only

knowledge and confidence.

And it’s time for visits to the doctor,





academically but also socially and emotionally.

From preschool through high school – and beyond – teachers provide care that goes far beyond

Checkups are always a good thing.

As “optometrists,” they see the

Most of the time, they just confirm

promise within each child – and help

the limitations of medical, vision

that all is well.

children to see a world of potential

and dental realms. They heal broken

But if there are any problems with

for their own futures. When teachers

hearts and wounded spirits. They

medical, vision or dental issues, it’s

speak those powerful words – “I


good to catch them early so they can

believe in you, and I know you can

They help students find their voices

be addressed.

do it” – suddenly the child believes

and learn to speak and advocate for

Teachers – who are already the superheroes




nation and world – once again fill an important role in this area. No, they

achievement is possible. Teachers see, and share, their vision of success for every student. As






themselves and for others. As families and our community prepare for “Back to School 2022,”

don’t wear white lab coats or work at

smiles that brighten the classroom

let’s take a moment to appreciate

a clinic or hospital, but still…

… and brighten the heart of a child

our wonderful teachers who are so

As “doctors,” they care for young

who realizes that the classroom is a

dedicated to caring for our children …

minds, hearts and spirits in so

safe and joyful place to be, that the

in every way.


LORA WIMSATT is a mother, grandmother and writer. She enjoys the everyday blessings and adventures of life, especially her family.

14 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

Making it



Summer Thirst Quenchers

Photo by Jamie Alexander

Recipe & Photos by Jamie Alexander

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



PAT R I O T I C P U N C H INGREDIENTS: ›› Cran-cherry Juice ›› (kid-friendly) Piña Colada Juice ›› Blue Gatorade

INSTRUCTIONS: ›› Patriotic Punch is made by

layering red, white, and blue drinks together. These drinks can be any type of drink that is red, white, and blue! The trick to layering is to be sure that you know each drink’s sugar content. The larger the difference is in sugar content, the better your drink will rest in layers. The drink with the most sugar should be the bottom layer, and the layer on top should have the least amount of sugar. ›› Pour the drink with the highest

sugar into a glass, filling it up 1/3 of the way. Fill the glass up with a lot of ice (this helps to slow the juice while pouring the other layers) ›› Pour your middle layer slowly over

the ice, filling it up another third of the way. After that, top your drink off with your final layer. ›› Optional - snip the ends off

Twizzlers to make fun straws!

E A S Y WAT E R M E L O N S L U S H INGREDIENTS: ›› One seedless, medium-sized watermelon

(cut into 2” cubes - around 4-5 cups) ›› 1 lime ›› 2 TBSP sugar INSTRUCTIONS: ›› Freeze watermelon cubes in a single layer for

4 hours (or overnight). ›› Add frozen watermelon, the juice from 1 lime, and 2 TBSP of sugar to a blender and blend until pureed. ›› Add to a glass and serve while still frozen! (Optional - you can also pour Sprite over this mixture for a watermelon soda!)

16 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022



›› 3 TBSP Dried Butterfly Pea Flower (or tea bags) ›› 4 cups water, boiled ›› Lemonade

INSTRUCTIONS: ›› The magic to this drink is in the tea

made from the Butterfly Pea Flower. The flower is rich in anthocyanins, which are antioxidants and natural pigments in some plants that give them a blue color.

If you add acid to the tea, the PH will decrease and cause the color to shift to a purple/red tint. Not only is it a natural way to add magic to a drink (and even various nutritional benefits), it is also extremely mild in flavor. This means it can be added to many things without dramatically altering the taste. ›› Boil 5 cups of water and steep the dried butterfly pea flower inside (or tea bags) for about 5 minutes (until deep blue in color). Set the mixture aside to cool. You can also optionally fill ice cube trays with some of the tea to make more of a “galaxy swirl” with the colors. In the

photo, I made crushed ice with butterfly tea, and left some in ice cubes as well, to make my drink have lots of different splotches of colors. If you pour the tea directly on the lemonade, you will get an ombre effect until mixed. ›› Fill a glass with lemonade, then pour the tea on top and watch the magic! (Optional slush like the photo: Fill three quarters of the glass with regular crushed ice, then add some frozen butterfly pea flower tea crushed ice to the top (and add a few uncrushed tea ice cubes). Pour lemonade over ice). OP

JAMIE ALEXANDER is nationally published culinary and commercial photographer working as a full-time staff photographer for Tanner Publishing. She has a knack for making tasty food and pretty art. See more of her portfolio at jaastudios.com.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Wild About

WATERCOLOR Written by Ashley Wedding // Photo by Jamie Alexander

In our house, we are pretty serious about crafting. To be honest, I’m not really all that crafty. I Google a lot of things and recently, I’ve stumbled across a really great artist on TikTok that shows some really fun and easy art projects for kids, including watercolor. (If you are on TikTok or Instagram, follow her! @Andrea.Nelson.Art) She introduced us to this fun project and it couldn’t be easier! I will admit that getting into watercolor can be a little more expensive than some of our other projects we show in the magazine, but it’s so worth it. The kids and I are doing it together and it’s just as fun for me as it is for them. (And trust me, I am not an artist!)

If you make these adorable crafts, be sure to tag a photo of them on our social media accounts! We would love to see them!

18 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ›› watercolor paper ›› water color paintbrushes ›› watercolor paint (All of these can be found at Walmart, but we got ours at Hobby Lobby.) ›› pencil ›› white glue ›› black acrylic paint

HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL DO: ›› Sketch out an animal, flower — or really anything you want — on the watercolor paper. ›› Mix black acrylic paint in a bottle of white glue. If it’s a new bottle, dump a little glue out first. The amount you add depends on the amount of glue in the bottle. Just kept adding until the glue turns completely black. ›› Outline your sketch with the glue and let dry. This will take a few hours. Final step — watercolor! Don’t stick to typical colors. Make this bright and happy! Experiment with splatters to add fun detail. ›› Before you give this a try, I highly encourage you to check out Andrea. Nelson.Art on TikTok or Instagram. She is incredible! Watching her is almost like an at-home art class for you and your kids. OP

ASHLEY WEDDING is the editor of Owensboro Parent. She enjoys everyday adventures with her husband, Drew, and their three kids, Avery, Reed and Mason.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




With These Party Hacks Article and photos by Jacqueline Russell

Summer is here and it’s time for backyard picnics and pool parties … and sunburns and bug bites. But you can make the best of your summer soirees with these easy outdoor party tips! KEEP YOUR PICNIC BLANKET CLEAN Keep a shower liner handy to put under your picnic blanket. They’re just $3 at most big box stores and they are the perfect size to fit under a blanket on the grass. They will keep your blanket from getting wet, dirty or covered in grass stains.

C R E AT E F U N PA R T Y LIGHTS Grab a couple of bags of balloons and some packs of glow sticks from the Dollar Store and get ready to have the coolest party lights around. Just snap a glow stick to activate it and then insert it into an inflated balloon. Some air may escape but just blow it back up to the desired size. And remember that glow sticks last about six hours, so plan your timing!

20 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

KEEP BUGS OUT OF YOUR DRINKS Keeping bugs out of your lemonade can be a chore, but you can create an easy fix by turning cupcake liners upside down over your cup to make a lid. Just stick a straw in it to help it stay and you have a festive way to keep your drink pest-free.

SET UP A TOWEL HOLDER FOR CLEAN HANDS Instead of worrying about the wind blowing your napkins off the table, set up a paper towel holder. Repurpose a garden flag holder by sliding the roll of paper towels onto it and staking it in the ground beside your table. Or create a handwashing station by your garden hose.

PROTECT GUESTS FROM INSECT BITES AND SUNBURNS Use a post (like a plant hanger) and hook to hang a pail full of sunscreen and bug spray for your guests. You can also just set up a basket with the items inside, or go all out to make your container match your party theme. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

P L AY A N O U T D O O R G A M E If you’re looking for a game everyone will love, try painting a “twister” board on your grass using contractors’ marking spray (which washes off). Cut a 10-inch circle into a piece of cardboard for a template, then paint four different colored rows of six circles. You can eyeball it or have a friend hold a measuring tape to keep them straight. To play, use a twister spinner app on your phone! OP

JACQUELINE JORDAN RUSSELL is a marketing specialist, freelance writer and photographer. She has a passion for celebrating every day moments and basically leaves a trail of confetti wherever she goes.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT





22 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

arrie and Chris Hodskins are using the story of their daughter, Katie Mae Hodskins, to reach others in hopes of deterring them from the use of illicit drugs. Katie Mae was just 7 years old when she was killed in a single car accident involving the driver who was under the influence of methamphetamines. The driver and two children in the vehicle all died. “Katie went to a friend's house to stay the night and it was a friend she had been hanging out with for several weeks. I knew the family, thought we trusted them and they were good people,” Carrie said. It was 4 a.m. when the family received the news about the accident. Carrie can remember freezing, not knowing what to say in the devastating moments that followed. “My heart stops. I don’t know what to say. I go numb. I'm not crying, I’m not screaming, like you think you would in that instance. Chris leans over the counter and he’s bawling and asking when did this happen?” Carrie recounts. Katie Mae’s parents learned that the accident happened after midnight, following a late night trip to Kroger’s. Initially, the family of Katie Mae had no idea that the use of drugs was the cause of the accident. When the news of the toxicology report was shared with them, they were in shock, learning that the driver was under the influence of extremely high levels of methamphetamines. The results of the test devastated Katie Mae’s family, who knew the accident could have been prevented, but it also sparked a mission within them to share their story in hopes it will prevent something like this from happening again. “My goal is to get the message out there and to reach as many people as we can. We want to touch some lives,” Carrie said. “She was the light and the life of our family.” Katie Mae was a second grader at Country Heights Elementary School who was described as a vibrant, energetic child. “She was full of energy. She was my lefty, always smiling, always happy,” her father Chris Hoskins said. When the 5-year anniversary of the accident approached in late 2021, Carrie knew she wanted to find a way to increase awareness about the dangers of using illicit drugs. In a video released this year, the story of Katie Mae stresses the detrimental impact that substance abuse can have. The support of the community has been strong following the release. “The video has been in the works for a while, and we recently finalized everything. After we released it, it took off way more than I thought it would,” Carrie said. The Daviess County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP), who financed the project, hired Media Works Advertising to produce the video story.

“It’s unique in that it’s not from the point of view of a recovering addict but from the point of view of someone who’s never abused drugs and still had their life turned upside down,” Carrie said. Carrie has had several opportunities to publicly speak in the past few years, sharing Katie Mae’s story to a group of bus drivers, at several high schools, and to groups in recovery. It didn’t take long for people to share how much it impacted them. “I shared with one group that many users may think their choice only impacts them and their body, it’s not hurting anyone else. In reality, the choice to use illicit drugs took our daughter’s life,” she said. “A lady came up to me and said I hit the nail on the head. She was in recovery and had never thought of her choices that way.” Knowing it is not always feasible to share her daughter’s story in-person,

Carrie said the video project was perfect. She said the project was a combined effort of many different people who believed in the mission of their story. “It brings back so much heart wrenching pain, but also a heart full of endless hope and possibilities for how my beautiful and innocent baby girl’s story could possibly help save lives. I know she would be happy with how this video has turned out,” Carrie said. Katie Mae is described as a little girl who was full of energy and loved attention. Her parents believe she would be proud to know her story is being shared across the nation and will be used in a positive way. “We don’t want anyone to go through what we had to go through,” Carrie said. “I never thought I’d lose a child because of drug abuse. Our goal is to help save one life and if it helps save more, then that is even better.” The Hodskins family hopes that people will share this video so it can impact lives and help prevent future tragedies. To watch the full project, visit vimeo. com/683992879. OP

LAURA MURPHY is an eighth grade LA teacher at Daviess County Middle School. She has three kids who keep her life interesting; Jonah, Lily, Josiah and Judson. She survives on Grape Spark, Jon Gordan books and all things Grumpy Cat.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


n a h t e r o M

JUST A BOOK Written by John Kirkpatrick • Photo courtesy of Caleb Potter

24 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022


Caleb Potter has served as

Potter titled the second book

to interpretation and imagination.

the bereavement coordinator for

Jenny Bear and centered it around

Children might assume that they

Hospice and Palliative Care of

a young girl’s relationship with her

broke their grandma’s heart because

Western Kentucky for nearly a


of a fight instead of chronic health

decade. During his tenure, he’s

“Jenny Bear would typically

witnessed an increased number of

watch cartoons with her dad, but

“Kids will immediately ascribe

children requesting grief counseling.

beyond that, this book is a little

guilt and culpability on themselves,”


After further research, Potter

broader and with a sense of humor,”

he said. “Adults are already trying to

discovered that Kentucky ranked

he said. “Daddy bear is always doing

grieve independently and navigate



silly things to make her laugh. The

their own personal and mental

bereavement, and resources for

goal is for kids to embody that same

health, let alone try to help a child

youth were scarce. This epiphany

sense of humor later in life.”

with it. A lot of my counseling is




propelled him to begin writing

Potter is originally from the

children’s books that addressed

small town of Cleveland, Oklahoma,


and met his wife Jessica when he





ventured to Louisville for seminary

“The state ranks at the top

school. After marrying, the two

for childhood bereavement, and

decided to move back to her

I wanted as many resources as

hometown of Owensboro to begin a

possible to give kids and caregivers


assisting with bereavement,” Potter

With five children of his own,

said. “I wasn’t finding a lot, nor was

Potter is adamant about providing

I finding what I was looking for. At

ways for caregivers to distill info

that point, my CEO told me to think

about grief and how to grieve in

outside the box and get creative.”

an age-appropriate manner to the

The book series chronicles the

children in their life.

helping kids understand that they are not to blame for the death.” As an employee of Hospice, Potter dedicates time to authoring the books in his regiment. The organization can only produce the books when they receive grant money. The third book will be published in the near future, as funds are made available. Potter also maintains a biblical counseling




hospice and is a lay pastor for Pleasant Valley Community Church.

most prevalent types of loss a kid

“Children tend to get left in the

will go through, beginning with a

dark when it comes to discussing

grandparent, then transitioning to a

terminal illnesses – imagine telling

parent and a sibling. The first book is

a five-year-old that there’s a sickness

country for Camp Erin, a 3-day/2-

titled Billy’s Story, and while Potter

in Papaw’s body, and even though he’s

night grief camp for youth. They will

said the stories and characters

receiving medical care, it’s not going

host that at the Gasper River Retreat

are entirely fictional, they are a

to go away,” Potter said. “Adults will

Center from August 6 -7.

conglomeration of his experiences

often shoo kids off, leaving them to

For more information about

at Hospice.

perform some magical thinking that

Hospice services and the book series,

is typically worse than reality.”

visit their website at hospiceofwky.

“Billy Bear worked with his

The Hospice team was recently one of four sites selected in the


org. While the books are distributed

books in the recliner, helped with

constantly looking for culpability,

at no cost to clients, community

dinner, and preserved other family



members can receive a book by way

traditions,” he said. “The book

misunderstandings. He referenced

of a $10 donation. The donation

utilizes different storylines to allow

a situation where an adult might

allows Hospice to underwrite some

a child to reflect on some of their

tell a child that something is wrong

of the costs associated with the

fondest memories.”

with grandma’s heart and leave a lot


Granny Bear in the garden, read

Potter can

said spark



JOHN KIRKPATRICK is a special education teacher at Daviess County High School and a contributing writer for Owensboro Parent, Owensboro Living, GO Chamber, and the Owensboro Times. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Tara, and daughter, Laney.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


26 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

Extra! Extra!



n ambitious Owensboro native has her sights set on success as a journalist. Eleven-year-old Audrey Neel has various interests and hobbies, but her newspaper, the “Owensboro Kids Chronicle” is likely her most treasured endeavor yet. “She’s always been a curious kid,” Audrey’s father Adam Neel said. “She’s fascinated by so many things, and she loves to ask questions. I think her newspaper is somewhat of an outlet for her.” Audrey is the founder, editor, and primary writer behind the Owensboro Kids Chronicle, which published its first issue in October 2021, and has been coming out monthly ever since. The paper has sections dedicated to entertainment, nature, art, current events and more. Audrey has since entrusted her close friends to serve as writers and reporters. Driven by her own quest to find answers and express herself, Audrey is constantly working to evolve and make her publication bigger and better for readers. “Audrey is always looking for new material,” Adam said. “Every month she asks her mother and I for ideas, sometimes she likes our

input, sometimes she doesn’t. She’s developed her own writing style as her mother teaches her.” Content contributions come from neighbors, family, and friends. Jokes often are shared from a fellow church member. Audrey leaves no

and talents on her own. She is unique, she’s her own individual.” Audrey has been featured on various




national news syndicated broadcasts affiliated with ABC. She was featured on the Drew Barrymore Show on May 14th. There’s even mention of a potential book project in the near future. “This is totally her thing. This is uniquely her, it’s hers,” Adam said. “She has come into her own. It’s impressive. She’s a gifted writer and artist. We’re just really thankful. We take it as it comes.” When Audrey isn’t publishing




newspaper she is an avid painter,


portraits friends. stone unturned when looking for potential front page features. Her parents commend her efforts to include others. One of her most ambitious and admirable traits is her desire to be different and authentic. “What’s so interesting about Audrey is that we’ve always known how intelligent she is,” Adam said. “It’s exciting to see her develop gifts

for She


family also

and enjoys

horseback riding and cooking with her grandmother. Authentic and gracious, Audrey says that journalism “might be fun” as a career. Given the talents she shares with others at such a young age, one can only hope she may consider writing as a grown up in the years to come.


ERINN WILLIAMS adores her hubby, cats, hardback church hymnals and a hot mess of fried okra. She’s new in town, trading in mountains and streams for soybeans and burgoo, and refers to herself as "a little hillbilly in a great big world."

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


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June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Magazines = Mega-Reading Written by Katie Albers

Summertime is for pleasure reading, but a good parent can always sneak in some learning! Head over to the Daviess County Public Library and take a look at their magazine offerings. Science, history, and arts in a fun, easy to carry around format!

Ladybug Magazine For younger kids, Ladybug magazine is full of fun stories for reading aloud and bright

There are titles available for parents at the library as well! Check these out!

Parents Magazine

illustrations to fuel the imagination.

Parents magazine offers tips and support for navigating the parenting journey.

Ask Magazine Each month of Ask magazine features a different topic and incorporates science, history and the arts in engaging ways to get kids thinking.

Practical Homeschooling This publication supports homeschooling families with advice honed through years of experience, but the ideas could be applied to any home that strives to infuse fun and learning in family life.

Sports Illustrated Kids Get your athlete reading with a sports magazine that is tailored to kids. Features interviews with popular professional athletes and highlights up and coming young stars.

Increase Reading with Magazines ›› Tuck magazines in the pockets of your car seats

Ranger Rick For animal-loving kids, this classic magazine is essential reading. Chock full of information, games, and tips for getting into nature, Ranger Rick is sure to be read cover to cover.

to easily grab on the go. ›› Keep magazines visible on a side table to catch the eye. ›› If hauling in a purse or backpack, put your magazine in a folder to protect from rips. ›› Subscribe to magazines! Kids love to receive mail!. ›› Set the example of reading for pleasure! Enjoy a magazine of your choosing!


KATIE ALBERS grew up in Owensboro and loved words so much that she became a school librarian and even alphabetized her family: Josh, Katie, Lance, Mallory, Noelle, Oaken, and Polly (the cat).

30 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



COVERT Covert CONTRACTS Contracts Written by Christina Dalton


ngie comes home from working a double shift. She’s really tired and exhausted from her day. When she gets home, her teenage son is playing video games while the house is a mess with empty chip bags on the floor and soda cans about. He says, “Hey, Mom…what’s for dinner?” She feels the frustration building inside her. She says, “What were you doing while I was working? Why didn’t you start supper and you could have at least done one load of laundry or started this dishwasher.” He stares at her and doesn’t understand why she’s so upset. She never asked him to do any of those things today. He would have done those things if she had told him to do it. They both end up frustrated with each other and confused. As a parent, have you ever experienced something similar? This is a covert contract. It is the idea that if I do X, then you’ll do Y, even though neither one of us has acknowledged it. The other person involved has no earthly idea this is happening. Covert contracts are agreements that you haven’t actually made but believe to be true. It is an unspoken agreement you have within your head between you and someone else. It’s what you expect someone to do based on what you do for them or the expectations you have of the relationship. Angie assumed that when she had to work a double shift that her son was going to start supper and do some extra duties around the house.

Her son didn’t know that this was an expectation that his mother had for him when she worked a double shift. When she came home and this internal expectation had not been met, she was upset with her son and he had no idea why. You can take this imaginary scenario one step further. Angie’s son isn’t sure why his mom is so mad at him. She didn’t tell him that he had a list of chores to be done after school. He starts to think about what has happened in the last few days and he thinks maybe she’s mad because he got a B- on his science test. He tried really hard to get a good grade. Now he starts to feel really sad that he let his mom down. This couldn't be further from the real truth to this scenario, but a great example of how a covert contract can have negative impacts on a parent/ child relationship. This example shows how covert contracts can create big problems and hurt feelings. Covert contracts are, by nature, difficult to see, so many parents have no idea it’s affecting their relationship with their partners, coworkers, and most importantly, children. We think we have set clear expectations and therefore we don’t need to revisit those. Actually, the opposite is true. We need to go over our expectations many times because children are learning and they don’t know what they don’t know. Here are some other examples of covert contracts in different settings. Workplace - If I respond to your email quickly then you will do the same when I send you an email.

Parenting - If we do a fun craft activity together then you won’t get upset when it’s time to go to bed. Friendships- If I am always on time for my friend’s events then they won’t ever be late to anything that I invite them to. Once I learned about covert contracts, I started to see them everywhere. They can play a vital role in the wellbeing and/or destruction of a relationship. One of the best things we can do is to recognize when we are doing this because oftentimes we are unaware. Covert contracts often build up and build up until they implode into impossible situations that cause frustration on both sides. You, as a parent, need to be clear with your expectations. It can take some vulnerability to be straightforward with your children too. In our opening scenario, Angie could have told her son that when she has to work a double shift she feels tired and she needs some extra help on those days. In order for her to do this she has to be open and vulnerable to admit that she needs help and she can’t do it all. Covert contracts are unkind and unfair to you and your children. Open communication is the key to avoiding covert contracts. Don’t be afraid to talk and be open. To be clear is to be kind. After all, we should all be in the business of building better humans. What covert contracts have you observed? I would love to hear more from you. Reply to me at christina. dalton@daviess.kyschools.us.

CHRISTINA DALTON, MSSW, CSW is a District Social Worker for Daviess County Public Schools.

32 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022


June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Summer Skincare for the Family Written by Nicollette Vizuet


h hey, sunshine! I don’t know about you, but my crew is always thrilled when summer takes over and thaws out what feels like a neverending Kentucky winter. After months indoors, longer days and warmer temps are a welcomed change. Now that we’re trading snow suits for swimwear, stocking up on SPF and skincare should be topping your to-do list, too. I took my toddlers along for a visit to The Skin Therapist and the sweet staff helped us find exactly what we need to stay safe in the sun all summer long!


Applying SPF before getting in the sun

Prone to breakouts? Going for a

is great, but it’s definitely not the end of

swim? Quick to turn red at the thought

your routine! Most sunscreen calls for re-

of sunshine? Whatever the case, it’s easy SUNSCREEN ISN’T JUST FOR SUMMERTIME! “One of the most common misconceptions is that you only need sunscreen when you’re intentionally in the sun,” noted Madlyn Murphy, owner of The Skin Therapist. “We actually treat signs of sun damage all year due to people not wearing SPF. From sitting at a baseball game to pulling weeds in your garden or even going for a walk, you need sunscreen.” The Skin Therapist incorporates SPF into each client skincare routine for yearround use as well. “Our clients work so hard to achieve glowing results on their skin, so we seal and protect it with an SPF custom to their routine each day,” Madlyn shared. Taking note of this, I’ve started keeping a bottle in my purse for easy use to spray my boys before practice, play time or impromptu trips to the park. It’s better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to those perfect little toddler complexions!


to see that not everyone has the same skincare needs. I’m more of a poolside lounger and tend to break out if using products with fragrance. My little ones are splashing in the pool, full sun exposure, as soon as their feet hit the floor. Getting

application every 60-90 minutes. Factors like water exposure, drying off with a towel or sweat could call for an earlier reapplication. It’s also not the only tool to keep your skin glowing throughout the summer.

them to stand still for reapplications is a

“Exfoliating away dead skin and debris

chore in itself, so finding a spray-on option

with a gentle scrub twice a week is really

is always a must. The Skin Therapist had

essential when we talk about keeping a

solutions for each of us!

healthy complexion,” says Madlyn. “You

“Our spray-on SPF is a salon favorite

don’t want to dry out skin, so applying

and it’s one that works for essentially

a hydrating product morning and night

everyone in your family as an all-over

ensures you replenish the hydration

protection!” Madlyn says. “We tend to mix up who uses what when it comes to facial SPF based on individual skincare needs. Mom might prefer something tinted while little ones just need SPF that’ll hold

typically lost with sun exposure.” OK y’all, I better not see a single sunburn in Owensboro now that you have the rundown on how to keep your skin

up longer in the water. Our products

protected and hydrated this summer!

don’t have the added fillers or ingredients

Stop by and see my friends over at The

you get from a department store SPF,

Skin Therapist to pick up your sunscreen,

meaning they’re going to last longer and

schedule a consult or get a whole custom

avoid irritating your skin.”

routine put together!

Enjoy this read? Follow along with Nicollette Vizuet on her blog and social channels! Instagram: @nicollette.vizuet Blog: TheFrivolousFashionista.com Facebook: The Frivolous Fashionista

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June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



Keeping Your Brain Fresh

IN THE SUMMERTIME Written by Katy Tierney

Learning doesn't have to stop just because school isn’t in session. Just like us, our kids need to learn something new everyday, whether it be through experiences or or intentional lessons. There are so many things we can do to help our young learners and prevent the inevitable summer slide. While I am a huge advocate of having fun, taking a break and just enjoying life, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. My daughter, Harper, and I will spend a lot of time at Holiday World this summer and oftentimes I’ll have her count the number of people in a line in front of us or the number of people that can fit on a ride. Not only is this a great opportunity to get in some skip counting (if a ride holds 2 people per car we can skip count by 2’s), it also gives her something to do in a slowmoving line. You can incorporate this in almost any situation. When you’re driving down the road, pretend each car has four people in it and skip count by fours or count the number

of red cars you see, etc. Speaking of car rides, Harper loves to play I Spy in the car and it without a doubt allows for observation and creativity. As a child, I loved reading road signs, counting down exits, and calculating how much further we had to go to get somewhere. It’s amazing how much reading and math is around in our everyday lives. I think an opportunity we as parents often miss is talking to our children about current events around town or the world. We’re scared of the questions this may bring up, but the conversations that can develop from this are amazing and can help grow their schema (background knowledge) so much. There are many kid-friendly news programs that you can find online. Watch those as a family and then discuss what you learned. The library, an incredible free resource in our community, has a ton of programs for kids over the summer or you can simply go and read a book.

I know one thing we’ll be doing in our home is trying to find a way to practice sight words through the summer so my daughter doesn’t forget them all. You can find lists anywhere online with a simple search. Having your child write and read sight words using sidewalk chalk, paint, shaving cream are all fun and easy ways to practice these skills. As far as math is concerned, math fluency is the most important thing you can do. Practice addition and subtraction facts with younger grade students and multiplication and division with upper grade students. Any and all things you can do involving reading, math, social studies and/or science will not only encourage learning at home, but it will also help your children maintain and strengthen their skills. So enjoy your summer, have fun, play hard and throw in a little education when the opportunity arises and your child will end the summer ready for the next school year. OP

KATY TIERNEY is a third grade teacher at Estes Elementary. She and her husband, Daniel, have two daughters, Harper & Tilly. Her large, extended family and career always keep her on the move. She loves reading with her daughters and spending all the time she can with her family and friends.

36 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


38 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022


get the low down on

your kids' checkups

Even though it's summer and the last thing on your mind is returning to school, it's never too early to get a jumpstart on your back-to-school to do list, especially when it comes to your child's health exams. Do you know what records our local school districts require for your child in the fall? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

3 A N D 4-Y E A R-O L D S

public school must present a

6 is enrolled in public school, public


Kentucky Preventative Health Care

preschool, or Head Start program.


Examination Form. This exam may

All children are required to present

be completed up to one year prior to

a valid up-to-date immunization certificate upon enrollment in school. This should be on file within two weeks of the child’s attendance.

initial entry.




Parents must present proof


of a vision examination by an

All children are required to present

optometrist or ophthalmologist. This

a valid up-to-date immunization


evidence shall be submitted to the

certificate upon enrollment in school.


school no later than January 1 of the

This should be on file within two

Each child first entering a Kentucky

first year that a child ages 3, 4, 5 or

weeks of the child’s attendance. June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




• 2-Dose Series of HepA (Age: 12 months through 18 years) • Quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine (MenACWY) booster dose (Age: 16 years) PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE EXAMINATION

Each child first entering a Kentucky public school must present a Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form. This exam may be completed


A second examination is required

up to one year prior to initial entry.

Your child is required to show proof of a dental screening or examination by a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to be presented to the school no later than January 1 of the first year that a child age 5 or 6 is enrolled in public school.

within one year prior to entry into


Parents must present proof of a vision examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. This evidence shall be submitted to the school no later


A valid up-to-date immunization certificate with the mandated Tdap booster, one dose of Meningococcal,

than January 1 of the first year that

second dose of Varicella vaccine

public school, public preschool, or


Head Start program.



a child ages 3, 4, 5 or 6 is enrolled in

40 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

needs to be on file at the school for OP

local providers DENTISTS

Amy Carrico Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 2811 New Hartford Rd. 270-686-1410

Looking for a pediatrician, dentist, orthodontist or optometrist? Check this list for some of Owensboro's best local providers to help get your kid ready for the school year.

Bluegrass Dental 920 Frederica St. 270-926-7272

Carol Hulsey, DMD

Complete Health Dentistry, William J. Aud 922 Triplett St. 270-683-4122

Dental Designs of Owensboro

Aspen Dental

1123 Scherm Rd.

5035 Frederica St. 270-686-1636


3164 Alvey Park Dr. E 270-713-2101

Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Greater Owensboro Pediatric Dentistry

Audubon Dental Center of Owensboro 610 Carlton Dr. 270-683-6623

2862 Farrell Crescent 270-684-3610

Ben Thompson, DMD

Community Dental Clinic

2816 Veach Rd. 270-683-7541

2811 New Hartford Rd. 270-691-6205

2816 Veach Rd. 270-683-7114

Fort & Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry 1208 E. Byers Ave. 270-926-3838

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT



James Cooper, DMD

Owensboro Family Dentistry

Thompson Family Dentistry

2816 Veach Rd. 220-684-1396

4921 Goetz Dr. 270-632-4243

745 Scherm Rd. 270-683-1324

Mint & Ivory Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry of Owensboro

Timothy Wright, DMD

2200 Parrish Ave. 270-926-3199

1030 Burlew Blvd. 270-683-7447

1403 J.R. Miller Blvd. 270-684-3310

Misty Brey-Sanford & Dr. Holly M Pickrell

Perkins Dentistry

Travis Wilson Family Dentistry

3062 W. Parrish Ave. 270-684-2463

3635 Wathen’s Crossing 270-684-0011

2014 Triplett St. 270-926-6040

Norris Family Dentistry

Rowland Family Dentistry

Valerie Warren Dentistry

2200 E. Parrish Ave. 270-683-3269

1030 Burlew Blvd. 270-685-1777

1030 Burlew Blvd. 270-926-2266

Owensboro Dental Studio

Settle Family Dentistry

Ward Family Dentistry

2811 New Hartford Rd. 270-215-0610

4921 Goetz Dr. 270-684-9244

730 W. 12th St. 270-683-1336

42 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

William Shepherd, DMD

Joe Terry & Associates

2200 E. Parrish Ave.

3151 KY-54



Wm. Casey Callis & MaryBeth Blair Reynolds

Owensboro Eyecare Center

3723 S. Griffith Ave.


1705 Frederica St.

270-926-3722 ORTHODONTISTS

Brad Baker 1300 Southtown Blvd. 270-684-7433

Danzer Orthodontics 745 Scherm Rd. 270-926-9890

Durall Wedding Orthodontics 2816 Veach Rd. 270-683-0275

Higginson Orthodontics

Owensboro Family Eye Care 3310 Professional Park Dr. 270-683-2101

Riverpark Eyecare 2905 New Hartford Rd. 270-685-4966

Visionworks 5220 Frederica St. 270-684-1174 DOCTORS

2868 Farrell Crescent

Owensboro Pediatrics


2200 E Parrish Ave #101B



Advantage Eye Care 270-683-2020

Owensboro Health Medical Group Children's Center


1000 Breckenridge St.,

410 Southtown Blvd.

Suite 300



411 Park Plaza Dr.

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


44 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022


Have a Healthy Summer


ummertime is here and long days of swimming, outdoor fun and traveling are a welcome change of pace for most families. Use these tips from the pediatric experts at Owensboro Health Children's Center to keep your kids happy and healthy during this sunny season.

P L AY I N G I T S A F E Bike Helmets: Bike helmets protect your child from serious injury and should always be worn - no matter how short the ride or how close to home. Injuries can happen in driveways and on sidewalks, just like on streets. Wearing a helmet often helps make it a habit, so make it a regular part of any ride. Bugs: When buying products to keep the bugs at bay, look for insect repellents containing DEET to prevent insectrelated diseases like Lyme Disease, West Nile and Zika virus. The concentration of DEET varies significantly from product to product, so read the label of any product you purchase. The CDC recommends children older than two months of age use products with 10% to 30% DEET, but parents should not use it on children younger than two months old. Children should wash off repellents when they return indoors. ATV Safety: ATVs can be a serious safety hazard. Children who are too young to have a driver's license should not operate off-road vehicles because their nervous systems and judgment have not fully developed. Passengers are often injured on ATVs, so do not ride double, and remember that riders should wear helmets

(like those designed for motorcycle use), eye protection and reflective clothing.

SCREEN TIME For children older than two years, media limits are very appropriate. Limit screen use to no more than one hour or less per day of high-quality programming. Watch with your children and find healthy activities you can do together, like reading, teaching, talking or playing. All children and teens need adequate sleep (eight to twelve hours, depending on age), physical activity (one hour), and time away from media. Designate mediafree times together, like family dinner, and media-free zones, like bedrooms. Children should not sleep with devices (televisions, computers or phones) in their bedrooms. Studies show Kids with the highest use of screens have more anxiety and depression.

ANNUAL CHECKUPS Parents may have overlooked annual medical, dental, and eye exams during the pandemic, especially for older children. Do not wait to get these essential checkups scheduled. Pediatricians' schedules for school checkups start filling up by the end of July, so make your appointments before schedules are too full.

M E N TA L H E A LT H The last two years have brought big changes for everyone, children included.

The social isolation many children endured while staying home from school during the first year of the pandemic has led to significant mental health issues. Anxiety and depression have risen among children and adolescents. Sometimes, having an objective third party to talk to makes all the difference in the world. If you see any of the following signs in your children, now is the time to seek help: • Feeling "on edge" or "wound up" most of the time • Worrying about things for no reason or having negative thoughts that are hard to control • Feeling panicky or having physical symptoms like headaches, stomach pains, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, or diarrhea • Avoiding activities because of fear or anxiety • Changes in sleep habits (trouble sleeping or being tired during the day) • Changes in eating habits (eating too much or too little) • Being quick to give up on challenging tasks • Struggling with schoolwork • Spending more time alone • Feeling sad or irritable • Feeling guilty about things • Talking about death or suicide Your child's well-being is Owensboro Health's priority. From checkups to emergency services, our expert care helps youths up to age 17 reach their potential throughout their growth and development.

To schedule an appointment for your child with Owensboro Health Medical Group Children's Center, call 270-688-4480. June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT


46 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

Out & About





Photo by Tanner+West

Whether you are looking for local events for family fun, activities you can do in your own backyard, or small trips within driving distance of Owensboro, this guide has it all! Make the most of this summer and start planning now!

June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




These are recurring events happening this summer. Fit these events in as your schedule allows, but be sure to make it to at least one!


Live on the Banks The 2022 Live on the Banks outdoor concert series along the riverfront in downtown Owensboro will be held every Saturday night through September 24. This concert series showcases a variety of music groups from across the region to enjoy. Live on the Banks is free to the public and will take place at the Overlook Stage, as well as the Allen Street Gazebo, in Smothers Park Saturdays from 7– 9 p.m. A lineup of the bands performing each week can be found at www. liveonthebanks.com, and on the Live on the Banks Facebook page.


First Fridays at the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum This concert series will take place on the outdoor stage at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum featuring contemporary Christian artists. The event is free to the public and will include food trucks, activities for children and live music.


Friday After 5 Friday After 5 is the award-winning, summer-long series of free outdoor concerts held every Friday on the eight block, stunningly beautiful Owensboro, Kentucky riverfront. The festival includes live bands, family events, food trucks and entertainment. Our signature “Toast to the Sunset” takes place right on the riverfront at every Friday After 5. There are five venues of entertainment plus a fun, kid-friendly street fair and costume characters. No tickets. No Fees. No Kidding. Friday After 5 is Where the Weekend Begins. Visit fridayafter5.com for a full schedule and venue details.


Games on the River Giant games = Giant fun! Head to Smothers Park every Sunday afternoon for a day of playing oversized yard games including Jenga, checkers, Bocce Ball, Get Knotted, Yard Pong, Connect 4 and more. This event will be held until September 4.


Photo by AP Imagery

Sunset Cruisers

48 OWENSBORO PARENT . June // July 2022

The Sunset Cruisers always put on a great show! This year’s free events will feature all years, makes, and models of the hottest classic cars, trucks, and bikes in the tri-state. This is an annual tradition after all! Plan on bringing the entire family for a day of classic cars, trucks, great food, prizes, activities, and more. Catch the Cruisers on the first Saturday of the month through October. The entrance to the event is on 3rd and Allen Street.


These are must-attend events that are one day only. Get out your calendars and mark these down! You don’t want to miss them!


Cardboard Boat Building and Races at Diamond Lake JUNE 11 FROM 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Build your own boat and enter it in our Cardboard Boat Race! This event has been a huge crowd pleaser in past years, and it’s back this year. Build your boat early or when you get here. Rules are available in the office.


Daylily Festival J U N E 13 - 18 AT WESTER N KEN TU CK Y B OTA N I CA L G A R DE N Western Kentucky Botanical Garden boasts one of the largest, public display beds in Kentucky with over 800 cultivars – it is a sight to see! Check out the Garden’s website for a full schedule of details, but make sure to mark your calendars for June 18, which they are calling Family Fun Day! From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. families can enjoy a petting zoo, face painting, live magician, Bluegrass Community Theatre performance of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and don’t forget Real Hacienda Food truck and Hodges Curbside Creamery homemade icecream truck!


PorchFest 2022 JUNE 11 F ROM 10 A.M. - 11:30 P.M. PorchFest is a celebration of music and community. The one-day music event hearkens back to the days when neighbors would gather on each other's porches and share, laugh, tell stories, sing and play music. Reconnect with our neighbors and create good times this summer. Talented artists will play music on porches along Griffith Avenue. Stroll one of Owensboro’s most historical residential districts and enjoy great entertainment all day long! Food trucks will be available – so plan to spend the day with neighbors and friends! Visit porchfestobky.com for a full line-up! June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT




Strawberry Festival at The Cottage Farm Stand & Baking Company J U N E 11 F R O M 9 A.M. - 6 P.M. A N D JUNE 12 FR O M 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. Don’t miss out on this exciting new festival that is sure to become an annual tradition for your family! Take a short drive out to Sorgho and enjoy the day at The Cottage Farm Stand and Baking Company. Our community has fallen in love with this small business. From their gourmet coffees and delicious breakfast menu where bubble waffles are a specialty, (you just have to experience them) to their breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and so much more – you are sure to fall in love too! The Cottage recently joined the ranks of Owensboro’s top burgers during Burger Week 2022 and saw great success with their Sunflower and Pickle Festival last year. The Cottage offers it all. Now, they are celebrating everything strawberry with their first ever Strawberry Festival! Who doesn’t love strawberries? The Strawberry Festival will include live music, a petting zoo (I omitted Sunday as it will now be both days), pony rides 11 -2 on Sat. and 1 - 3 on Sunday @ $5.00, face painting, plant your own strawberry seeds, and a station for making your own strawberry shortcake! Additionally, the Airport Sorgho Fire Department will be bringing their fire truck, an obstacle course including a house in flames that children can use a water hose to extinguish, the extraction demonstration car, Sparky the Dog, and even their hovercraft! More than 80 arts and craft and home business vendors will be at the festival! (A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Airport Sorgho Fire Department.) Some of the strawberry-themed delicacies you will find at the festival include a bubble waffle cone filled with ice cream, strawberry preserves, strawberry ice tea and lemonade, strawberry lattes, cake pops, slushies (with a really cool keepsake cup), cookies and muffins, strawberry poppy seed salads, fresh strawberry cakes, homemade popsicles and a big wagon full of strawberries for purchase! Families can purchase breakfast and lunch items from a limited menu including the Owensburger™. Admission is $10 per car, and everything except the food, beverages and pony rides are free! (Accommodation-accessible parking will be available as well as two additional parking lots.) Follow the event on The Cottage’s Facebook page, @cottageky56 to view a full schedule of events and map.

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Celebrating its 19th year, ROMP Festival will return to Owensboro’s Yellow Creek Park June 22-25, 2022 A full lineup of artist-led instrument workshops takes place throughout the day, as ROMP artists interact with fans and players of all ages and skill levels. Other workshops and forums include songwriting, clogging and flat-foot dancing, yoga (all levels), and bluegrass jamming 101. Additional offerings at ROMP Festival include organic and farm-to-table food vendors, craft vendors featuring Kentucky Proud products, art installations and professionally-led children's activities. Attendees are encouraged to bring their instruments and jam throughout the weekend, as well as dance the night away at the late night stage, featuring nationally acclaimed acts in the park's rustic Pioneer Village. To stay up-to-date with the latest news from ROMP fest, visit rompfest.com.


All-American Fourth of July Fireworks JULY 4 FROM 8 P.M. - 9 P.M.

The City of Owensboro will celebrate Independence Day with its annual All-American Fourth of July event on Monday, July 4, 2022. Building on the tremendous success of the Healthy at Home Fireworks the city hosted the last two years, the 2022 All-American Fourth of July will combine the annual celebration on the riverfront with additional fireworks locations throughout the city.


Daviess County Lion's Club Fair J ULY 20 - 23

The Daviess County Lions Club Fair is back this year, and organizers are excited to return to the fairgrounds for a 50th-anniversary celebration following a two-year hiatus. The fireman’s challenge highlights Wednesday’s schedule, while a monster truck show is slated for Thursday. Friday features motocross in the big arena, followed by a truck and tractor pull on Saturday. The artificial fishing tournament will also return as well as inflatables and a fun carnival selection with rides for all ages. The open talent show is slated as the finale on Saturday evening. Other exhibits include the 4H-FFA open crops display, arts and crafts, and livestock shows daily. A massive fireworks show will conclude the festivities on Saturday, a new addition to the fair to celebrate its long-standing tradition of success. June // July 2022 . OWENSBORO PARENT





This summer, check out what Owensboro has to offer! Maybe you’ve never been to some of these places or maybe it has just been a while— either way, these are some great options for summer fun!


Owensboro Museum of Science and History The museum is a learning center and a family-friendly entertainment experience. Discover the indoor playground that gives children ages 10 and under the opportunity to play in a colorful, themed environment based on local landscape and history. Playground components include crawl tubes and bridges, a riverboat, train, train station and tree houses. The SpeedZeum is a gallery dedicated to motorsports, local racing history and the amazing successes from racing athletes who hail from Owensboro and the surrounding area. ENCOUNTER is a hands-on, minds-on gallery, and is a true “edu-tainment” experience. The young and youngat-heart can make a magnet bridge, tell a story in the puppet theater, experiment with the Bernoulli Effect or leave a “permanent” image in our shadow room. Admission to the museum is only $5 per person, 2 and under free.


Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts

Did you know Owensboro was home to Kentucky’s second largest art museum? Through exhibitions and educational programs for all ages and backgrounds, OMFA provides lifelong learning experiences that expand awareness and creativity. Discover ArtLand, a free interdisciplinary art studio for ages 4 to 12, designed to stimulate children’s imaginations while allowing them to create works of art at their own pace. A visit to the art museum is not complete without experiencing Kaleidoscope Kave. Using advanced computerized digital audio/visual equipment, this interactive gallery designed by an internationally recognized digital artist combines learning experiences in both the visual and performing arts. Or check out the Young at Art gallery, which presents rotating exhibitions of children’s art created in the museum’s free art camps, workshops and classes.


Daviess County Public Library Our library is so much more than just books! Check out their calendar of events on their website this summer. You are sure to find something your kids will love. From scavenger hunts, cupcake decorating, DIY crafts, Pokemon parties, STEM projects and so much more – your kid will love a little summer fun at the library. And maybe a visit to the library will encourage a little summer reading?!

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Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Take the time to be outside and experience the healing power of nature. Plan your visit to the Botanical Garden! Here are some ideas to make your visit even more fun: pack a lunch & picnic, bring a book to read, enjoy their playhouse, bring a frisbee or football, bring some bubbles, take an adventure hike, take some photos or paint a picture! The Garden is open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. Cost is $5 for adults, $3 for seniors/veterans, $1 for children (Members are free. Admission fees apply to all non members.

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Looking for an adventure but don't want to travel too far? Here are three perfect day trips from Owensboro that offer family fun you won't forget!


Land Between the Lakes

Just a short drive, LBL is a great way to connect with nature this summer. Hike, camp, check out bison up close, visit the planetarium, and so much more! There is plenty to explore at LBL!


Jeffrey's Cliffs

Just down the road in Hawesville, Jeffrey's Cliffs offers a great, full day of hiking fun. There are trails for both novice and more advanced hikers, including a fun scramble up a rock face with the help of a rope! The whole family will enjoy the natural woods, cliffs and large rock shelters!

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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari This friendly amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana, has become an annual tradition for a lot of families from OBKY. The thrilling coasters and water slides are enough to keep a family coming back year after year.

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Summer doesn’t mean you have to plan extravagant activities for your family or spend a lot of money. There are plenty of things you can do right in your own backyard. Here are some of our ideas!


Go on a Treasure Hunting Adventure

Whether young or old, everyone loves the idea of discovering buried treasure. Bring the fantasy to life with a fun backyard hunt. Simply bury a small trinket in your backyard or place it under a rock or flower pot. Then draw a map and let your kids try to find it.


Make a DIY Water Park

Don’t you remember those carefree days of running through the sprinklers when you were a kid? Why not introduce your kids to these simple summertime pleasures by creating a homemade water park right in your own backyard! Fill a bucket with water balloons, make a water gun station, roll out a slip n’ slide!


Experiment with Bubbles

Take your bubble blowing fun to the next level by experimenting with different types of DIY bubble wands. For example, twist pipe cleaners into a variety of shapes and see which one works best. You can also test out various kitchen tools like spatulas and whisks. Maybe you have a strip of mesh or an old fishing net that will work well for the job. The options are literally endless. A simple experiment like this is a great way for kids to practice their scientific reason skills without even realizing they’re learning.

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Alternatively, you can do this activity scavenger-hunt style. For this method, you will write a list of clues and hide them all over your yard. Each clue will lead your kids to the next clue.


Let Your Fence Become a Canvas

You’ve heard about chalkboard paint for sure, but have you ever thought of using it to make your entire backyard fence a canvas for your kids? Simply paint a few slats (or the whole fence!) with chalkboard paint and let your kids pour out their imagination. The best part is that when they want to change the design, it comes right off!


Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Use random things from your backyard to create an awesome obstacle course that will entertain your kids for hours. While we’ve all seen those epic internet videos of parentcreated ninja warrior courses, it really doesn’t need to be that fancy. Honestly, as long as it turns out mildly OK-ish, your kids will probably still love it!


Here’s a quick list of timeless summer activities that never seem to get old. Camp in your backyard. (Or on/under your trampoline!) Catch fireflies. Watch the birds. Build mud castles. Look for shapes in the clouds. Build or paint a birdhouse. Use a stick to draw mud pictures. Pay boardgames under the stars. Have a cooking lesson on the grill. Make s’mores on the grill or fire pit. Create DIY concrete stepping stones. Run through the sprinkler or spray each other with the hose.

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meal deals

EVERY DAY O’Charley’s – Free kids meal (ages 10 & under) with the purchase of adult entrée

MONDAY Grandy’s – 99¢ kids meals with the purchase of an adult meal Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn - Up to 2 kids eat free (ages 10 & under) from 4-9pm with adult buffet purchase Zaxby’s – Up to 3 99¢ kids meals with

Huddle House – 1 free kids meal when you spend $6.99 or more on adult entrée McDonald’s – $1.99 Happy meals from 4-7pm; dine-in only

WEDNESDAY Burger Theory (located in the Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront) – Free kids meal (ages 12 & under) with purchase of an adult meal; breakfast, lunch & dinner

the purchase of an adult meal from 5-8pm Huddle House – 1 free kids meal when

THURSDAY Dairy Queen (Frederica Location) – Up to 2 $1.99 kids meals

you spend $6.99 or more on adult entrée

TUESDAY Beef ‘O’ Brady’s – $1.99 kids meal (ages 12

Trunnell’s 54 Deli – 1 free kids meal with the purchase of a signature sandwich

& under) all day


Fazoli’s – Up to 3 99¢ kids meals with the

Lure Seafood & Grille – Free kids meal with purchase of adult entrée

purchase of an adult entrée Freddy’s – Free scoop or cone with the purchase of a kids meal on Family Night. Kids can enjoy coloring pages, crayons, balloons and stickers! Pizza Hut (South Frederica location) – 1 free child buffet with the purchase of an adult buffet from 4:30-7pm Salsarita’s – Free kids meal with the purchase of $5 or more adult entrée; dine in only

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Trunnell’s 54 Deli – 1 free kids meal with the purchase of a signature sandwich

Wheatgrass Juice Bar – Free kids smoothie with adult purchase

SUNDAY Salsarita’s – Free kids meal with the purchase of $5 or more adult entrée; dine in only Bar Louie – Kids eat free 11am - 7pm up to 2 kids per adult entrée; dine-in only Beef O’ Brady’s – Free kids meal (ages 12 & under) from 4-8pm with each adult meal purchase; dine-in only

on the honor roll?

Bring your report card to these local restaurants & businesses for additional deals! Orange Leaf – Bring in your report card and receive $1 off yogurt; a report card with straight A’s will receive a small cup free. Ritzy’s (Both locations) – Ritzy’s has a “Scoops for Scholars” program. Students can bring in their report card each grading period to earn treats for each “A.” 1A = flavored soft drink (cherry, vanilla, or chocolate) 2 A's = single scoop of ice cream 3 A's = your choice of a hotdog, coney, hamburger, or cheeseburger 4 A's = double scoop of ice cream McDonald’s – All five Owensboro McDonald’s decided this school year that they will award a free Happy Meal to any student who gets straight A's on their report card. Chuck E. Cheese in Evansville – A child can receive 10 tokens with a purchase if they bring in their report card. Sky Zone in Evansville – All A’s= 1/2 off any jump. A & B’s= $5 off any jump. Weekdays & Friday 2-7pm.

*This list is subject to change. Please contact restaurants to ensure their participation.

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