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Once a Jaguar Always a Jaguar! 2

Chair’s Welcome The spring semester is officially in the books! We’ve had a very successful semester, and we continue to grow. This May, we celebrate one of our largest graduating classes. In this issues, look for photos from the Ring Ceremony, as well as the Patriot’s Cord Ceremony, the induction of 16 students into the Delta Mu Delta business honor society, and our MBA hooding ceremony. We are proud of our graduates for their hard work and accomplishments, and hope you’ll stay in touch with career and life updates. Our students and faculty have been active the last few months, competing in the Free Trade Alliance, participating in community outreach programs such as SHRM’s food drive, and participating in class projects such as the eMentor program. As the University continues to prepare for our inaugural class of first year students in August, we continue to hire new faculty. We have new faculty joining us this summer in fields across the university, including a new Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management, as well as faculty in other areas of the college, such as accounting. This is an exciting time, and these new faculty will allow us to expand our offerings to our existing and future students. We are preparing to launch new courses in the fall semester. Employment law (MGMT 3323), Foundations of Small Business Management (MGMT 3371), and Business Plan Development (MGMT 4371) will be offered for the first time. We also will be offering a new 1 credit course on Business Professionalism (BUAD 3105), which will cover topics such as creating an effective social media presence, networking, and interviewing skills. You can find details on these classes by going to Again, I urge students, graduates, and friends of the department to stay in touch—I ask you to send us updates on your accomplishments and life events. Dr. Amy Lewis Chair, Department of Management & Marketing


Faculty Profile

else that is great about this university is that more so than other schools, the faculties at TAMU-SA are very focused on students. There was also the appeal of the Texas A&M brand. A&M really is well known around the world, and it has a truly unique brand identity. Around the world, it stands for excellence and accomplishment. Finally, I prefer living in Texas over any other state, and prefer San Antonio over Houston, due to less traffic and humidity, and a friendlier atmosphere. What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

Introducing Dr. Leonard Love How did you arrive at teaching management for Texas A&M San Antonio? What path brought you here? Prior to joining A&M-San Antonio, I previously taught the University of Houston at Clear Lake (UHCL), and at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge. I made the decision to come to A&MSan Antonio while still at UHCL. Several things about A&M-San Antonio were appealing to me. I was attracted by the opportunity to be a part of the growth and development of a new university. Entrepreneurship is a part of both my professional background and my academic research and A&MSan Antonio is very much an entrepreneurial university. There really aren’t many universities that truly fit that category. TAMU-SA offered a genuine opportunity to shape a great university. Something

Teaching at a university is all about passion. Particularly for faculty in the business disciplines, you can earn more money to earned working for private industry with an advanced business degree. In fact, a large number of our faculty had successful and financially-rewarding business careers before becoming business faculty. Teaching at this university is about changing lives and impacting the future. It’s not only about teaching, but about helping students to recognize and achieve their full potential. This helps to improve the lives of not only those students, but also their families, and the entire community, state, and country. I really feel as if I have one of the best jobs in the world. In fact, I sometimes joke that, as a faculty member, I get paid to stand in front of a group of people, be the center of attention, and talk about only the subjects that I find most interesting. What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy? What can’t you stop talking about? Personally, I love learning. At any given time, I am usually in the process of reading seven or eight books, as well as several journals, magazines, and newspapers. This feeds into both my teaching and my research. My research involves several streams. My main area of research focuses on organizational leadership and what differentiates successful organizational leaders from less successful ones. I’m also interested in other areas and have published research in several other areas such as Entrepreneurship, International Business (with an emphasis on Asia), and How to Improving Teaching Effectiveness. Students probably don’t realize the importance of faculty research. In addition to contributing the knowledge domain in their field of research, the process of conducting research helps


the faculty member to be a more effective instructor and keeps them on the cutting-edge of knowledge in their area. As I was once told, “To be a professor, you must have something to profess.” This is one of the key reasons why we are called “professors,” instead of “teachers.” One of my friends here at the university says that I can find strategy in anything. Robert Kaplan tells us that strategy is a “…merely a roadmap for overcoming fate.” Strategy explains why Bill Gates became the wealthiest person in the world, and how Steve Jobs changed our world. In class, we discuss how David’s use of strategy meant that he wasn’t such an underdog against Goliath after all. While everyone was focused on the surprising Republican contest for the Presidential Nomination, I used Game Theory in my classes to demonstrate why all the candidates attacked each other instead of focusing all of their attacks on Donald Trump, the frontrunner.

remembered as having made a difference. Looking twenty years or so down the road, I would like to be remembered as having made a difference in the lives of students, and as having contributed to the development of a great university that will continue to contribute to the success of its students and community for a long time thereafter.

Leonard Love, Ph.D. Associate Professor Management & Marketing Phone: (210) 784-2337 Email:

How long have you been doing what you do? I earned my Doctorate in 2003, but have actually been teaching university classes since the mid-90s. Initially, I had not necessarily intended to make it a career, but fell in love with the work. Prior to that, I had more than ten years of industry experience in various facets of business organizations, including running my own Entrepreneurial start-up with two partners. Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now? I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and it was a great place. The truth is that I would actually have been happy to stay there, but opportunities took me elsewhere. I came to Texas for my doctoral studies for the opportunity to study under two Professors who were conducting research that interested me, and the opportunity to work with them in further developing that research. Doing so proved to be a very good decision for me. They were great mentors, and additionally, I found that I really like Texas. Except for three years at LSU, I have been a Texan since 1995.

Fall Courses MGMT 3311 – Principles of Management MGMT 4370 – Decision Making and Business Policy

How do you want to be remembered at this institution? I came here because I thought this was a place where I could make a difference. So, I would like to be


Entrepreneurship Program

Whether you are interested in an introduction to entrepreneurship, you want to learn more about venture capital and financing, or start your own company, here at Texas A&M San Antonio College of Business there is a program just for you. The new course lineup offers a variety of knowledge in the different aspects of business and can give a well round education so you are prepared to be your own boss, and start your own business. As a Jaguar, we want to make sure you can select a course that you are passionate about and that will help you in your future career. Thanks to these new courses you can follow your dreams!

Foundations Small Business Management MGMT 3371

Offered this Fall 2016! This course will introduce students to the concept of organizational management and the unique challenges of managing the small or startup business. Among the major topics, this class will focus the process of management, the various managerial activities, strategies and decision-making, human behavior and motivation theories. Business Plan Development MGMT 4371

Offered this Fall 2016! This course will provide students with an opportunity to apply business knowledge to develop a start-up business plan. Pre-requisites: MGMT 3370

Foundations of Business Startup MGMT 3370 This course will introduce students to the concepts of entrepreneurship. Among the major topics, this class will focus on what is needed to start a business including local, state and federal regulatory requirements that every entrepreneur needs to know in order to open a business. This class will also include topics regarding capital acquisition, and legal structures of a small business.

Special Topics Entrepreneurship MGMT 4379 This course will go more in depth in special topics in Entrepreneurship. Topics in this class will include: capital acquisition, legal structure, negotiation skills, accessing Governmental Resources, Governmental contracting issues, family business issues, human capital, and human resource issues in small businesses.


At Texas A&M San Antonio College of Business, we motivate students to think ahead and be prepared to be a leader in their organizations. Our entrepreneurship program focuses on reinforcing the skills learned in entry-level businesses classes and apply them in real life scenarios. Building a strong foundation and a good business plan is the first step for any successful business, regardless of the amount of initial capital invested. The MBA teams that participated in the Free Trade Alliance Competition know exactly the importance of developing a strong business plan as they took first and third place the competition held this past April 2016.

Looking forward, the university will start welcoming new students at orientation sessions on June 6. College of Business classes for the fall semester will continue to be offered at the Brooks City Base Campus. Registration for summer and fall classes is currently underway. The first 5-week summer session starts June 1, and the second starts July 5. Fall classes start on August 22. At the MBA level, Dr. Ford is offering a special topics course focusing on consumer behavior (MKTG 5369). This class counts as an MBA elective, and will be offered in the hyflex format in the 1st 8 week session. This is a great option for MBA students interested in marketing. We also plan to launch a monthly speaker series in the fall, and will be inviting business professionals in as part of that series.


eMentor is a cutting-edge online mentoring program for military personnel, veterans and military spouses. eMentor connects individuals for dynamic mentoring experiences that powerfully move them forward in their personal and professional lives. Turn a lifetime of experience into the experience of a lifetime...become a mentor or protégé today! Mentors and Protégés start by completing an online profile. From there, protégés can search for and select a mentor. When the mentor accepts the protégé’s invitation, the relationship begins. The pair works together to establish goals, develop an action plan, and measure progress. Thanks to Dr. Ford, MBA students in her marketing class were able to obtain real life consulting experience. The MBA students provided helpful and insightful recommendations to the marketing strategy for the eMentor program. Here at Texas A&M- San Antonio we want to provide you the best tools to succeed in your career! If you would like to more information about the eMentor program or our Seminar in Marketing MBA course please feel free to contact:

Dr. Weixing Ford


Outreach Program Outreach Program was established in 2015 to assist Texas A&M San Antonio business students to gain real world experience and to help students with employment after graduation. Currently, students participate in senior’s projects during the last academic year. Students are involved in different projects according to the needs of the small business or non-profit organizations. One of the greatest strengths of this institution is the creative ways of delivering business education. TAMUSA is one of the few accredited universities that offer online courses that facilitate the student’s learning process. This method brings several students that are already in the workforce and helps them to be better leaders. Strength of the Outreach program is the available resources from the university and from local Alamo Project Management Institute Chapter. This close relationship with the organization provides many resources that the organization can leverage from. Currently, the organization is involved with a software development project for Haven for Hope. The organization has provided lunch-nlearns for non-profits and is also involved in other academic meetings in the San Antonio area. We are currently seeking new projects for upcoming business classes. If you’re interested in supporting local business students with

future projects, please contact the following persons for more details Undergraduate and graduate students involved in the program can perform different tasks such as performing data analysis, data mining, and other project management duties. In addition, thanks to Dr. Robert Burdwell, and his connections with Alamo PMI (Project Management Institute), senior students had the opportunity to work in direct contact with PMP certified project managers reviewing topics of best practices for project management, communication, etc. This program is currently a great tool to success for our project management students. However, it is our objective to extend this initiative for the management and marketing students very soon. If you would like to participate as a student, or if you know a small business/non-profit organization that will benefit from such program, please feel free to contact:


Our Students and Alumni Megan Harris BBA Marketing 2016 1. Why did you choose to attend TAMUSA? TAMUSA was the natural choice. I have always wanted to be an A&M graduate without paying the price. It wasn’t until my first semester that I realized just how much I gained by being a Jaguar. 2. My best memories while attending college were: The opportunities that TAMUSA, the College of Business and our instructors are able to provide for students to make the most out of their experience. I have attended multiple guest speakers, and workshops, that have impacted my academic and professional views substantially. 3. My worst memories while attending college were: There is not any one bad memory to be had at TAMUSA. It’s just like any other university, just on a smaller scale, so it’s less complicated. 4. Did you participate in any particular events, activities, clubs, or organizations?

American Marketing Association and the National Society of Leadership and Success. 5. While attending TAMUSA the biggest challenge facing students was: Time management is a major concern, especially for our students who maintain jobs, families and other commitments. While instructors may be willing to work with students who need assistance, time is always a factor that cannot be helped. 6. Who was your favorite professor/employee at the university and Why? Dr. Leonard Love. Before taking Dr. Love’s class I never took the time to think about the cause of someone choosing to do what felt they needed to do, I was more concerned about the after, the effect, what was needed to be done about it. If he taught me anything, it’s that there is a paradigm for everything; sometimes all you need to do is shift it. 7. Is there anything else you would like future generations of students to know about your time at the university? The experiences here are not what one typically expects when you hear “university” or “college”. TAMUSA is much smaller compared to other universities in the area, at least for now. Being a smaller university has benefited in the long-run, by giving commuter students the ability to virtually or physically contact instructors and advisors, conveniently through the university website.

Because of my time constraints I am unable to attend many events, however I am a member of the 10

8. How did TAMUSA prepare you for your job/future job? Through the resources made available from career services, I have been able to fine-tune my resume, and am currently working on my interviewing skills to prepare for my upcoming interview.

Victoria Delgado BBA Marketing 2016 1. Why did you choose to attend TAMUSA? Not only did I choose A&M for the low tuitions but also the brand name was a huge part of my decision. Texas A&M is a prestigious university and I’m proud to be a part of that. My best memories while attending college are: Meeting new people and making great friends along the way. My worst memories while attending college were: 2. Did you participate in any particular events, activities, clubs, or organizations? I am a lady of Sigma Delta Lambda and president of the American Marketing Association. I work as a marketing associate in the Jaguar Recreational Sports department. I volunteer at most events like career fairs, orientations, FALL FEAST and Festival De Cascarones. Also, attending conferences including the Regional NIRSA Conference, AMA Regional Conference and the AMA Collegiate Conference.

established as I’d like or as we need. 4. Who was your favorite professor/employee at the university? Gretchen Doenges, I have gotten a chance to work with her and loved every second. She is always there to answer question of shed light, very helpful. She is a great lady and I hope I could be half the worker she is. 5. Is there anything else you would like future generations of students to know about your time at the university? I guess I’d like them to know how hard we as the student body have worked to establish TAMUSA. I hope they will continue to build our school for the better. 6. How did TAMUSA prepare you for your job/future job? I have learned a lot working for the school and getting involved in clubs and organizations. They have all help me to learn what life after college will be like by putting me in real life situations. 7. What is your current job? Marketing Associate for Jaguar Recreation Sports.

3. While attending TAMUSA the biggest challenge facing students was: The lack of resources. Since TAMUSA is a new school we are not as 11


Three TAMU-SA MBA teams participated in the 7th Annual Free Trade Alliance Business Plan Competition. The competition is an intensive program in which students prepare comprehensive international business plans to import/export a product or service across national boundaries. In addition to extensive industry and market analysis, there is a requirement that the plan include address of STEM initiatives and sustainable business practices. The Program helps students develop skills to compete and collaborate globally, as well as foster international relationships and understanding. An awards luncheon, where Dr. Brent Snow gave remarks, was held on the main campus to recognize the following winners:


First place: Melanie Eaddy, Stephen Guerra, Nichellie James, Angel Smith and Brian Smith presenting a plan from Solarity, LLC to import organic, solar dehydrated fruit (Soul Fruit) from Chile. Third place: Anna Carrazco, Samantha Chagoya, Jennifer Gale, Taylor Gonzales and Khushbu Shah presenting a plan from Clear View Global Consultants to develop Port San Antonio into an international airport capable of accepting oversized international aircraft. Congratulations to all participants and place winners for their hard work and stellar representation of the University



Fill the Cart Fight Hunger/Feed Hope”: The chapter wrapped up the 4th Annual “Fill the Cart” food drive on April 29th. A preliminary report from the San Antonio Food Bank notes the chapter has exceeded the 2015 campaign of 22,470 lbs. Congratulations to project leader Nakotah Terburg, and co-leaders Maleny Rodriguez and Ruben Rodriguez for their leadership during the six week campaign. San Antonio Food Bank, 4th annual "Fill the Cart" presentation was a success! We would like to thank all of our partners, sponsors, advisors, alumni and chapter members for making this possible! SHRM was able to raise 25,867 pounds in 6 weeks! Equaling 20,209 meals for Southwestern Texas in our efforts to fight hunger and feed for hope! Wow!! Thank you for all the donations. Amazing contribution and organization, again thank you!


The Olympic Games for the Team Hurley are becoming a tradition. The daughters of the College of Business Dean, Dr. Tracy Hurley, will compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro from August 5 to August 21. The sisters Kelley, and Courtney helped lead the United States to a bronze medal in the Women’s Team Epee at the 2012 Olympic Games in London on August 4. The College of Business is thrilled to watch the Dean’s daughters represent our country in one of the oldest and most celebrated sporting events. The passion for fencing is not unusual for Hurley’s family. Both Dr. Hurley and her husband competed in this wonderful sport and they are still heavily involved in the careers of their daughters. While her husband is their coach, Dr. Hurley manages the Team. We asked Dr. Hurley: What was it like to be an “Olympic Parent”? She replied to me that:” It is an understatement! The Olympics are just one competition. The world of fencing goes beyond the Olympics. However, it is always fun to compete in the games”. She added: “It is a long journey, very demanding both financially and emotionally since sometimes they win, and sometime they lose”. There is a duality role in her position. As a proud mom of the two girls, she needs to remain impartial because sometimes her daughters compete against each other. However, Dr. Hurley said: “I always try to remind them about being a team... Team USA … and most importantly: Team Hurley”. At the end of the day, despite a roller coaster of emotions, Dr. Hurley is a proud mom! Stay tuned for more news and be sure to watch fencing this Summer 2016.



The College of Business celebrated new undergraduate and graduate inductees into Delta Mu Delta--a business honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of students. In addition to inducting students, master's degree inductees were also given drab academic hoods to be worn at graduation.



“Gold Can Be Taken Away But

Knowledge Is Thine Forever”

Edited by Gian Michele Carta


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