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The Chair of the Management and Marketing Department , Dr. Amy C. Lewis's  Welcome  It is another semester of whirlwind changes in the Management and Marketing Department. The university welcomed its inaugural freshmen class in August, and over 500 first year students joined the jaguar family. The college of business continues to grow, and within the department, we saw a 22% growth in management majors and 13% growth in marketing majors over Fall of 2015. We continue to grow on the faculty side, and welcomed Dr. Kenneth Sweet as a new faculty member in Human Resource Management, Dr. Mengying as a visiting professor of healthcare administration, and Mr. Jeremy Roberts, who joins us to teach our digital marketing course.This is our final semester in the Brooks City Base campus, and we are eagerly anticipating our move to join the Main Campus at One University Way location. The college of business will be relocating to main campus over the winter holiday break, and we anticipate having everyone moved over before the start of the spring 2017 semester. Department and faculty offices for the college of business, as well as the graduate advisor, will be located on the 4th floor of the Central Academic Building (CAB). The advising office is also moving, and the undergraduate business advisors will be located in the Madla Building, room 336. As we are growing, we are working hard to make sure we meet the needs of our current students, especially our working adults. We are offering courses at new times, including increased offerings on Saturdays, and classes on Fridays during both the day and the evening. Additionally, we continue to offer our Hyflex classes to help offer more flexibility to our students. This period of growth and consolidation to the main campus is exciting, but is also making us be creative in scheduling to accommodate student demand. As we look forward, the faculty in the department have put together our first engaged learning courses for the Spring. Dr. Liu will be offering a volunteer income tax preparation course (BUAD 3191.901), which will train students to participate in the VITA program. Dr. Mangum will be offering a course on applied business ethics (BUAD 3191.903), which will be similar to the work his students are preparing for the Ethic Bowl competition mentioned later in this newsletter. I will be offering a course on bargaining and negotiation (BUAD 3191.902). Additionally, BUAD 3105 (Professionalism in Business) and MGMT 3160 (Teamwork) are scheduled to be offered for the first time. Any of these classes will count for the BUAD Experiential Learning requirements on 20162017 degree plans. I urge students, alumni, and friends of the department to stay in touch with us, to share your successes, accomplishments, and life events. We have a new group on LinkedIn, and would love for you to use that to stay in touch with us and to stay current on what is going on in the COB.

Dr. Amy C. Lewis

College of Business @ Main Campus  We are excited to inform you that this year in Spring the college of Business is shifting its base from 2601 Louis bauer drive to One university way (The main Campus). Since, the inception of Texas A&M University, San Antonio. The University has witnessed tremendous growth and College of Business at Texas A&M University - San Antonio is no exception. Our beautiful main campus will provide the college of business all the facilities which it needs and the students will be able to use all the wonderful facilities without getting the hassle of moving from one campus to another. Progress is impossible without change and we hope this change of moving to the Main Campus will offer great benefits to our students. Main campus is a hub of several student and community services organizations which will provide our students the benefit of networking with more students and allow them to use the great facilities.

Introducing Dr. Kenneth Sweet @ TAMU-SA  1.How did you arrive at teaching management for Texas A&M University - San Antonio? I remember sending Dr. Amy Lewis an email when I first saw the teaching position at Texas A&M - San Antonio where I described it as my “dream job.” I was already teaching at Angelo State University, and was well on track for tenure, so moving was a big risk. However, the opportunity to join the faculty here was too good to pass up for three reasons. First, I am a Texan and have no interest in ever leaving Texas. I’m from the Houston area, but have lived in San Antonio and Austin and the Central Texas region for more than a decade combined. I love it here. Second, I am a veteran with 20 years of service in the U.S. Army/Texas Army National Guard. The military embracing culture of A&M San Antonio and the city of San Antonio made me feel at home from day one. Finally, this is a great career opportunity. This school is growing at an enormous rate and also adding new programs, facilities, and students every year. TAMU-SA is an exciting place to be and a great opportunity to leave a legacy with a little hard work and dedication. This kind of opportunity, to really leave a mark, is rare in life and even scarcer in academia. For these three reasons, this is my dream job and I hope to have a long and distinguished career serving the students of Texas A&M University - San Antonio and the communities of South Texas. 2.What are you most passionate about professionally? My real passion as a professional is developing others. I credit this to my time as an NCO in the Texas Army National Guard, where training, coaching, and mentoring Soldiers is your primary responsibility. There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching the light bulb turn on for someone else and knowing that you helped them grow as a person and as a professional. Luckily, as a professor, I get to do this on a daily basis. My second passion is learning, and I honestly feel I couldn’t effectively teach without being a lifelong learner. Going to professional meetings and conferences, taking classes in new subjects, and wasting entire Saturdays (when it isn’t football season) learning a new skill are some of my favorite ways to spend my time. Knowledge is not something you get and keep, when you stop learning you stop being the expert. 3.Where are you from? What were some challenges, difficulties and hardships you had to overcome to reach where you are today? Prior to high school, I never lived in one place for more than a year. By age three, I had lived as far north as Michigan, as far south as Texas, as far east as South Carolina, and as far west as California. I did spend all four years at Oak Ridge High School, north of Houston, and still have not lived in one place for longer than those four years, So I claim to be from Houston (Conroe/The Woodlands to be specific). Hopefully in 10 years, my answer will be a lot shorter and I’ll just tell people I’m from San Antonio. I think most people who come from a poor family or a poor area face a unique set of challenges that extend far beyond financial concerns. To me those challenges are twofold and hopefully my experience in overcoming them can help others, especially our students, do the same. First, the road out of poverty is one of hard work and it takes a long time. For me, military service was the clearest way to college and college the clearest way to a better life. I remember my mother, with the best of intentions, trying to talk me out of joining the military.

By the time I returned home to start school, most of my friends were working, driving new trucks, and starting families. Often they would try to entice me away from school and into blue collar jobs, and I cannot count how many times I heard “You’re wasting your time” or was called “Sissy college boy.” While this was happening, I started to notice that I had less in common with the people I grew up with, which is the second major challenge. As I became more educated and tried to develop a more professional disposition, I found it increasingly difficult to spend time with and have conversations with people I had known for years. One of the toughest things to do in life is to recognize when a friend has become a negative influence and let them go. But, it is a lot tougher to maintain high moral character when you spend time around people with different priorities. 5. What advice do you have for students that might help them achieve their goals? Many of the things we teach in the College of Business can be appropriated for use in your personal life. To me, always having a superordinate goal is most important. That means one main goal around which all your other goals are built. It will help you prioritize conflicts in how you spend your time, money, and energy. I developed my superordinate goal by doing two things. First, I looked forward in life a little further than I can actually plan, usually around 10 years. I ask, “How does my life look?” and “What things do I want by then?” Second I back up to today and ask, “What am I, or could I be, doing now to best create that future?” That becomes my superordinate goal. For example, for many of our students, their ideal future might involve traveling the world, buying a house and raising a family, or starting their own business. For many of them, the most important thing they are doing today toward accomplishing that goal is building their skills through education to be more successful in the labor market (i.e. higher earnings). It is simple to say and hard to do (which is why people hate to hear it as advice), but having a vision, establishing goals, and then prioritizing your time, energy, and effort is the only way to have the future you want.

6.How do you want to be remembered at Texas A&M University, San Antonio? I do not have any interest in being personally remembered; I am just not wired that way. I think perhaps the Army has beaten into me the mindset of 'you’re only as good as you are today' meaning you cannot rest on laurels or legacy. I just want to do a great job in each class, each semester. I’d rather get an email from a student asking for a letter of recommendation or thanking me for a great semester. Even in the short time I have been teaching, I have seen a former student make junior partner at a prestigious law firm, but I have also seen a former student checking groceries three years after graduation. I hope to encourage more students to dream big and then help them figure out what they need to do to accomplish those dreams. But, there is the only downside to being a professor: you rarely get to know if you were the one that inspired someone, gave them that one tip that helped them land their dream job, or provided a positive role model. You can only hope you did.


Dr. Kenneth Sweet Assistant Professor Management & Marketing Department

College of Business Introducing New Undergraduate Certificates & Courses Certificate in Human Resource Management The Certificate in Human Resource Managemen incorporates existing MGMT courses from the human resource management concentration which in combination provide non-HR major students with sufficient HR knowledge to be marketable and competitive at the entry job level for HR. Courses recommended for the Certificate in Human Resource Management include:

MGMT 3325 HR Policies & Procedures MGMT 4342 Training Development MGMT 4341 Compensation & Benefits Management MGMT 4344 Organizational Leadership MGMT 3160 Team Work

Certificate in Digital Marketing The certificate in Digital Marketing will provide students with important marketable skill, i.e. internet and social media-centered analytics skills and data-driven decision-making skills. These are the most desirable skills that today’s business employers are seeking from their workforce

MKTG 3311 Principle of Marketing MKTG 3343 Digital Marketing MKTG 3340 Consumer Behavior MKTG 33-- Social Media Marketing

Jaguar @ American Marketing Competition (AMA) American Marketing Association (AMA) host several marketing and sales competition each year. These events provide students the opportunity to work together on problems that demonstrates real life marketing and sales situation. Every year more than 250 Student member from different school nationwide are proudly representing their schools in the AMA Sales Competition where the finalists are invited to the annual International Collegiate Conference. This year we are pound to announce that one of our undergraduate marketing student, Robert Watson is representing our school at the AMA sales competition on March 2017 in New Orleans. 1. How TAMU-SA helped you to be a part of AMA? American Marketing Association (AMA) is a nationwide group aimed to help individual succeed in the difficult job market. What helped me is the dedication that TAMU-SA has by having their own student chapter and endless support for students in the College of Business. With the business world constantly changing and expanding TAMU-SA is committed to rise to the ranks of other major Universities. 2. What are your preparations to win the AMA Sales Competition? My learning over the years and my strong theoretical knowledge which I have obtained at TAMU-SA about marketing and management. I have great mentors and instructors to help me through various cases to help me bring out various styles and methods to prepare for each round. Lastly every evening I practice with my wife and daughters as they are my biggest critics beside myself. 3. In the process of representing TAMU-SA which teachers helped you the most in mentoring you for the competition? I want to thank Professor Tracy Rhodes who is my Business Communications instructor who has reminded me to focus on my communication skills. Also, Professor Brooks Mullen my economics instructor who reminds me to focus on being myself and to motivate me that the entire school will be pushing for me to bring a championship to the school. My mentor and main motivator is my marketing professor Lisa Seigal who encouraged me to join AMA sales competition. 4. What would you like to suggest to the future TAMU-SA students about AMA? I strongly encourage all students to join as you get access to not just training, or certifications at local events but at a national level as well. Regardless of your major there are countless benefits you get and gain from membership to help you market yourself as you prepare yourself to enter the job market on a professional scale. In this day and time being a member of a national organization doesn’t just look good on your resume but can help you land a great job with their countless resources and members. Robert Watson has an Associates in applied sciences in employment technology with a diploma in HVAC and Renewable Energy from DCCC in North Carolina. He is currently employed for Spin Master Toys as a Senior Client services and Sales Rep with over 15 years of sales and 12 years of management experience. Robert is passionate about marketing and sales and has been continuously demonstrating great sales knowledge in his undergraduate classes. Robert is currently a sophomore at TAMU-SA and is proudly representing TAMU-SA in the AMA Sales Competition on 21st March 2017 in New Orleans

Jaguars @ AMA Collegiate Conference @ Texas State University Texas State University hosted the Annual Collegiate Regional Conference of American Marketing Association. This year the AMA conference was specially organized for Digital Marketing. Our jaguars (Victoria Delgado & Jill Rumbo) attended the conference in a tutelage of Professor Lisa Siegel. Our jaguars interacted with several AMA members from different AMA association and got a chance to learn more about Digital Marketing through the several renowned speakers who attended the event. According to Victoria and Jill, the experience was amazing and they encourage other jaguars to attend such events to build their marketing and networking skills.

Jaguars - Marketing & Management - TAMU - SA

Joel Farias, MBA (General Management)

1. Why did you choose to attend TAMUSA? I was looking for a University where I could get a world class education without having to have to go into massive student debt. TAMU-SA gave me the opportunity to developed my business skills while I was doing my undergraduate in management and after working for few years I realized whatever I have learned in TAMU-SA is really helping me in real life situations. Its almost 4 years that I have been working but after my undergraduate from TAMU-SA I started working for USAA. After working at USAA I realize that Texas A&M University System is brand which will help you fulfill your goals and prepare you for the future.

2. Even after completing your undergraduate degree from TAMU-SA, what made you choose TAMU-SA again for MBA? After completing my undergraduate here I really couldn't wait to get back. I fell in love with the culture here at TAMU-SA, when I realized its time to pursue higher education in business and I wouldn't even thought to go anywhere but TAMU-SA. The major reason I came back to TAMU-SA is because of the student - Teacher interaction and high quality education. I believe MBA @TAMU-SA in general Management has an outstanding curriculum which will help me to horn my business skills which I will use in real life situations and I couldn't see myself attending any other school but my school Texas A&M University of San Antonio. 3. What are some of your best memories at TAMU-SA? I was lucky enough to be asked to DJ for the staff party. So without a doubt my best memory was singing karaoke with Dr. Hurley. Oh yeah "Summer Night" went down and we killed it, be jelly yall. 4. What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a student at TAMU-SA? The biggest challenge I've ever faced was the fear of failure. But that was quickly overcome when I realized failure only happens when you stop trying. 5. Have you participated in any event, clubs, and organizations at TAMU-SA? If No, Why? I never really had time to participate in any events. When I was attending school I was working full time and also starting my own business. 6. Who are your favorite professors and why? I can honestly say all the professors I had at TAMU-SA were awesome. But the one that sticks out the most to me was Professor Jenkins. It was the first class I ever took at TAMU-SA and on day one I knew this class was going to be great. He made learning fun but the quality of business knowledge I learn from him made me feel like I feel like I got the better end of the deal. 7. What would you like to recommend to the current and future students at TAMU-SA? Don't let other people's perception of you define Who You are. Believe in yourself and believe in your goals, and when you finally walk across that stage remember that you did that all by yourself. 8. Your final thoughts and suggestions for TAMU-SA? We need a football team. GO Jaguars..

Jaguars - Marketing & Management - TAMU - SA 1. Why did you choose to attend TAMUSA There were many different variables that went into my decision about attending TAMUSA. However, the most important decision was the fact that I could be a part of forging a legacy at a brand new major university. I mean how many times does anyone, much less me, have an opportunity like that? The answer is pretty much never! Like professor Dr. Krause always says, MIT graduates already have a reputation upon graduating because of the renowned legacy that university has. As for us, we don’t have that, so it is incumbent upon us, the graduates and future graduates, to build that reputation. Consequently, we do that by excelling in our professions and communities; which in turn paves the way for future Jaguar graduates. The other two variables that swayed my decision were affordability and logistics. And I Honre Perez mention logistics because paying sixty dollars a year for a BBA (Management) parking permit that allows me to pull up, park, and walk in a door fifty feet from my car is amazing compared to a University on the far northside that charges their students well over six hundred dollars for the luxury of being able to park over a mile from campus and then taking a tram to class. 2. What are some of your best memories at TAMU - SA? My answer to this is a bit generalized. I say this because my fondest memories are the learning, the networking, and the relationship building that has occurred over these past eighteen months. The people I have met has been beyond incredible. And like I tell everybody that ask about TAMU - SA, it is beyond my imagination all that I have learned since I have been enrolled at TAMU - SA. 3. What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a student at TAMU - SA? To be honest there really has not been many challenges. The minor one that comes to mind is team projects. I understand the concept of them because in the professional world team projects are ubiquitous. But also in the professional world these teams consist of professionals who are could be making $75,000 a year or more with promotions and bonuses on the line, where as many fellow student teammates do not care if they get a C or an A. There is no recourse! Indicative of my 3.7 GPA, I take my grades serious, and it is odd that out of eleven classes finished so far at TAMU - SA, the only three classes I didn’t get an A, two of them the main grade was predicated off team projects. 4. Have you participated in any event, clubs, and organizations at TAMU - SA? If No, Why?. Yes, I have participated in an organization. Last April I was inducted to the National Society of Leadership and Success! I am now currently on the board as the treasurer! 5. What would you like to recommend to the current and future students at TAMU - SA? As eluded to in an earlier questions, my advice for current and future students is to realize that we are the model of the University. Our school is not two hundred years old, or a hundred years old, or even twenty-five years old, it is seven years old! We have no history! So for us to establish a rich and positive history, we have to be the best that we can be. Invariably, if each and every one of us does that, then Texas A&M - San Antonio will be the flagship of south San Antonio and held in high esteem everywhere! 6. Your final thoughts and suggestions for TAMU - SA? My final thoughts are this: Our mission statement refers to us a Global Citizens. So it is our responsibility to be leaders in our communities, and focus not only on profits but more importantly global sustainability.

Jaguars - Marketing & Management - TAMU - SA 1. Why did you choose to attend TAMU - SA? The biggest deciding factor for choosing TAMU - SA was affordability and location. After attending St. Mary’s University for a year, I took a break for about a year or so. When I decided to go back and pursue a degree, I needed a university that I could afford to pay on my own and also was close to both my work and home. TAMU - SA fit all those requirements. 2. What are some of your best memories at TAMU - SA? Since this is my first semester, I have not built many memories yet. However, I do remember experiencing myfirst day at the school. I was on my way to my Principles of Monica Pinon Management class with Professor Carter, and there was something so exciting and magnetic about that day. It’s my BBA (Marketing) first class of the week, and I remember there were so many students, and the mascot was in the front of the building at the Brooks City Base location greeting students as they came in. It took me like 10 minutes to find my class which ended up being very close to the entrance of the building. 3. What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a student at TAMU - SA? One of my biggest challenges this semester is definitely time management. Working full time and attending school full time while still grasping at the hope that I can have a social life is very difficult. I’ve never felt so busy. Maybe it’s because I’m finally taking the courses that focus on my major, and they are tough. 4. Have you participated in any event, clubs, and organizations at TAMU - SA? If No, Why? I have researched some organizations that I’m interested in, such as the National Society of Leadership and Success and Student Government Association, but I have yet to commit to any of them. I want to complete this semester and hopefully join next year when I might be able to contribute more of my time. 5. Who are your favorite professors and why? My favorite professors this semester are Professor Carter who teaches Principles of Management and Professor Chin-Yen Alice Liu who teaches Quantitative Method for Business. I enjoy Professor Carter’s lectures because he makes the material relatable. In a theory class, it’s easy to think everything will work out like in the textbook. He doesn’t just lecture about situations in an ideal world. He also gives examples about how to handle unfair work environments. Professor Liu has a good sense of humor and I like the fact that she provides opportunities for extra credit. I might be slightly biased when it comes to her class because any course that involves mathematics and numbers becomes my favorite course. 6. Your final thoughts and suggestions for TAMU - SA? To current students, I advise to keep pushing on even though it might seem like graduating is so far away. It is attainable and we will get there. To future students, I would recommend to network as much as possible. Make friends in class, get people’s numbers and try to get involved with school activities and organizations as much as you can. My only suggestion to TAMUSA is to keep growing! There are so many students who would love to be a Jaguar.

Jaguars - Marketing & Management - TAMU - SA 1. Why did you choose to attend TAMU - SA? I chose to attend TAMUSA because of the great reputation it has. I asked some friends and family that graduated from TAMUSA if they enjoyed their experience and without hesitation they all had positive things to say. From their knowledgeable and helpful professors to affordable tuition, they all really enjoyed it.

Robert Garcia BBA (Management)

2. What are some of your best memories at TAMU - SA? Some of the best memories I have from TAMU - SA are actually of me walking to my car with confidence when class was over feeling more intelligent. After class I felt like I had just sharpened my tools and acquired new ones. Also I enjoyed listening to my colleagues discuss their own industries and me thinking, “oh that’s how that works!”.

3. What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a student at TAMU - SA? Some of the biggest challenges I faced were staying on top of assignment deadlines. Taking five classes and working full time is not easy, but it is possible 4. Have you participated in any event, clubs, and organizations at TAMU - SA? If No, Why?. Considering each semester I took at least 4 classes while working about 50 hours a week operating my family’s business, I did not participate in any TAMU - SA clubs or events outside the classroom. However, with all the respectable guest speakers who often came to our classrooms it gave me a chance to learn about many businesses and organizations all over San Antonio 5. Who are your favorite professors and why? My favorite professor would be Professor Carter. I took as many of his courses as I could. Several other students and I have agreed that his teaching style makes us feel like a group of friends learning and discussing new ideas while helping each other prepare and achieve our individual goals. Professor Carter will take his time with each student by helping us prepare for success in our specific careers. Another favorite professor of mine would be Dr. Love. I have never written so many notes in my life before attending his class, not for a test but because I don’t want to forget the many ideas he presents. He is so informed about things going on in the world and motivates us to be the best we can be, because we live in such a competitive environment 6. What would you like to recommend to the current and future students at TAMU - SA? What I would recommend to students at TAMU - SA would be, stay organized! Keep an agenda and mark your calendar with deadlines. Keeping up with several classes will be harder than it needs to be if you don’t plan ahead. Make a schedule to manage your time properly and life will be easier. 7. Your final thoughts and suggestions for TAMU - SA? My final thoughts of TAMU - SA are for one, I’m glad I chose it. The professors are second to none and the diversity in the classroom is great. I got the opportunity to learn from the students as well. Almost every person in my class had a different business in mind they want to succeed in. When people with different backgrounds and industries come together sharing ideas, the synergy that’s created is very valuable and appreciated. Something I would suggest would be for some professors to be more organized with the way they set up blackboard. At times figuring out where exactly to turn in something or finding a certain document can be a hassle. For the most part that wasn’t a problem though. TAMU- SA was great. Go Jaguars

Jaguars @ Community Work  Jaguars are researching on a project which emphasizes on agricultural shifts, food cost and the pros and cons of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Texas A&M San Antonio has been helping them with this project through the guidance and methods from the wonderful professors @ College of Business and the wonderful faculties @ Texas A&M University - San Antonio. The project emphasizes on the significance of the health-related issues which are associated with GMOs in the products that individuals in the United State are consuming. More than 80% of the population in the U.S do not know the exact consequences of GMO's on their health and they should be aware about the food that they are consuming on a daily basis because in the long run it will affect them and their families. In general the agricultural shifts and food costs has been affecting everyone and the goal of this project is to bring awareness in hopes that the consumer will choose the products with a healthier approach. We @ College of Business really encourage and appreciate our students Charlotte and Aaron for doing something for the betterment of the community.

Charlotte Gomez is a junior at Texas A&M- San Antonio, majoring in Business Administration. She is enrolled in the College of Business at TAMU-SA and is studying Marketing. In the past, she attended the College of Central Florida and plans to continue her education here at Texas A&M- San Antonio to pursue her Master's Degree in Management. She is currently a full-time student and previously held the position of Surgical Buyer for a hospital facility in Florida. This position led to her decision to pursue Business Management. Her future career plan is to become a hospital administrative director or a marketing executive for a related field. Aaron Rodriguez is a Junior at Texas A&M San Antonio majoring in Finance. He attended San Antonio College and Northeast Lakeview, receiving his Associate of Arts Degree and plans to get his Masters Degree. He is a full time student @ College of Business, Texas A&M University, San Antonio and he also is part of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), and is planning to be more involved at Texas A&M University, San Antonio. Being a full time student he also volunteers at his church (Community Bible Church) and also teaches Crossfit. One of his passions is that he loves helping people physically, financially, and spiritually.

Jaguars @ City of San Antonio - Waste Management Department  Our Jaguar Nichellie James is an alumna of Texas A&M - San Antonio and currently working for the Department of Waste Management @ City of San Antonio. Nichellie has asked MBA students who are enrolled in Seminar in Marketing taught by Dr. Arne Baruca to help her with a project to build awareness of recycling in the city of San Antonio. The project is for the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department, specifically the Commercial Recycling Division. Students will create a marketing plan that will target businesses within the San Antonio market. The expectation is to create messaging that will brand and communicate the City’s initiatives to local businesses within the community. Why did you chose TAMU - SA for this project? I chose TAMU - SA for this project because when I was a student we were required to complete several projects such as to creating a business, conducting a case study, and creating project plans for a business of the teams choosing. Because of this flexibility, I can recall many projects that required high levels of creativity. For instance, some of the class projects I worked on included; Soul Fruit, which resulted in my team winning the Free Trade Alliance competition, Kick Flips which was a classmate’s skateboard shop that is currently in business, and Urban Casita, which is my own Airbnb, vacation home rental business. As a result of my own experience as a student, I immediately thought that TAMU-SA students would be anideal fit for this project/experience. How TAMU-SA prepared you for your real life market and what are the strengths having a degree from TAMU-SA in the real life market? Texas A& M San Antonio prepared me by the numerous team projects, presentations and reports that were required. Today I utilize these skills in conducting stakeholder presentations and executing recycling projects. The strengths of having a degree from TAMU-SA, these strengths include attention to detail, team work, and meeting a projects expectation. What do you expect from the students of TAMU-SA on this project? The most dynamic part of this Texas A&M University - San Antonio is the diversity it brings. Many students come from different professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds that enable them to create inspiring projects. I expect that they will bring their talents, experience and intellect to produce an incredible marketing planthat willappeal to businesses within our city. Would you consider TAMU-SA's students in the future for the same projects? What would you recommend to the students of TAMU-SA? Absolutely! Jaguars represent a high caliber of performance as well as a strong work ethic. In my experience, I would recommend developing your hard skills. Being proficient in all Microsoft products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access) is a necessity in the workforce.

Income Inequality Seminar @ TAMU-SA  This year the College of Business @ Texas A&M University - San Antonio organized the event to discuss Income Inequality in the United States. Several renowned guest speakers presented their reasoning's including our own Dr. Kenneth Sweets from College of Business. Income Inequality, the income streams from wages, pay rates, interest on an investment account, profits from shares of stock, lease, and benefits from offering something for more than one paid for it. Income Inequality alludes to the degree to which pay is dispersed in an uneven way among the population. In the United States, income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure, for some 30 years. Income inconsistencies have turned out to be pronounced to the point that America’s top 10 percent now average nearly nine times as much income as the bottom 90 percent. The speakers explained each and everything and the event was attended by more than 300 people including our faculty, staff and the President of the University, Cynthia Teniente-Matson. We @ College of Business would like to thank Dr. Adrian Guardia and SHRM @ TAMU - SA for organizing such an informative event.

Speakers @ Income Inequality Seminar  O. Richard Pimental earned A in journalism from California State University, Fresno, in 1980. He is a graduate of Multicultural Management Program at University of Missouri Columbia; the Newspaper Management center at Northwestern University; and the Defense information School at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. Pimental is a past president and board member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and former board member for the Associate Press Managing Editors Association, the California Society of Newspaper Editors and the California Chicano News Media Association. He has also written two novels, House with Two Doors and Voices from the River. Cara Nichols, Director of Community Affairs for Rackspace leads the department that helps extend Rackspace's Financial Support Mission to the Community, which includes corporate giving, volunteerism and the Rackspace Foundation. She has developed Rackspace global signature events supporting the community, including the annual week of volunteering, Back to School Fair and the Holiday Hunger Awareness campaign, and manages the corporate brand as it relates to the various organizations supported by Rackspace. Cara Nichols has a Bachelors of Science from The University of Texas at Austin. Douglas Melnick, AICP, CNU-A, was named the City of San Antonio's first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) in March 2014. As the city's CSO, Doug is responsible for the overall leadership of the Office of Sustainability, as well as the City sustainability efforts and policies in the areas of sustainable transportation, municipal sustainability, and energy management. He recently completed the development of SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, which covers the community, as well as municipal operations, and serves as a data-driven and measurable plan structured around social, environment, and economic sustainability, with special focus on resilience. Dr. Kenneth Sweet joined the faculty of Texas A&M University – San Antonio in 2016 as an assistant professor of human resource management. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Management from the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Dr. Sweet brings more than 20 years of military experience to the classroom as a member of the U.S. Army and Texas Army National Guard. He currently serves as an Information Operations officer in the 71st Theater IO Group at Camp Mabry, TX.

Jaguars @ Ethic Bowl Competition  The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl is an event that unites the excitement of a competition with ethical argumentation for undergraduate students. Started back in 1990s @ the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Ethic Bowl has grown tremendously over the years. Taking after a quiz bowl or college bowl competition, an intermediary asks two groups to address moral issue on themes running from medical ethics to social and political subjects, and are then scored by a board of judges on their reactions both to the inquiry and each other. Since 1997, the national Ethics Bowl Competition has occurred each year at the yearly meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. For the past few years ten regional bowls have taken place throughout the U.S. with over 100 teams competing. The top thirty-two teams are then invited to participate in the national competition. Former undergraduate students who participated in the Ethics Bowl considered the competition one of their most vital school exercises and the one that they can use in their professional and personal lives. The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl welcomes anyone who wish to take an interest, undergraduates, staff, mentors, mediators, judges and supporters to participate in this special instructive experience. This year we @ Texas A&M University - San Antonio are proud to announce that our undergraduate students from the College of business are participating in the 19th Annual Texas Regional Ethics Bowl hosted by St. Mary's University in a tutelage of Professor Matthew Mangum

Our College of Business Team of TAMUSA  @ Ethics Bowl 2016 Professor Matthew Mangum has been training students for Ethics Bowls for years and has expertise in ethics, business law, critical thinking and leadership. This is the first time that Professor Mangum has been supervising the team of jaguars and preparing them for the Ethics Bowls competition 2016. Students will learn creative thinking, communications, supporting arguments and valuable reasoning skills. These students have been continuously working on social, political and business cases and spending time together with each other in group meetings to build strong ethical and moral values which will help them lead the discussions and arguments at the Ethic Bowls competition. Professor Matthew Mangum has been continuously monitoring their progress and helping them in building arguments and compassionate reasoning. Also, in the spring of 2017, College of Business is introducing 1 credit hour experiential course in Applied Business Ethics. If anyone is interested to learn more about ethics please contact @!

Jaguars @ Ethics Bowl : Texas A & M University - San Antonio Celeste Vela is a Junior at Texas A&M-San Antonio, majoring in Business Finance. During her College career she studied abroad at INSEEC Business School in Lyon, France. She also Studied peace and reconciliation at Corrymeela in Northern Ireland, and has volunteered all around the world. After graduation she plans on serving with the Peace Corp in Asia working on women’s empowerment and economic development. In the future Ms. Vela would like to get more involved with advocating about gender equality Joshua Jaeschke is a Junior at Texas A&M San Antonio majoring in Political Science. He attended San Antonio College and plans to attend law school at Southern Methodist University. He currently works as a legal assistant at a law firm in Universal City, Texas. Joshua and his girlfriend Rafaela’s main interest revolve around the world of Food and Beverage, before moving to his current job to explore the field of law he assisted in creating drinks and wine selections at Sustenio by Stephan Pyles inside the Eilan Hotel. Luana Cruz is an international student from Angola; she is a Senior at Texas A&M-San Antonio, majoring in International Business Management. During her College career she studied at University of Texas at San Antonio and Texas A&M University- San Antonio. She has volunteered in a shelter at San Antonio and she has also worked for a semester at the office of student’s activities at Texas A&M University – San Antonio. After graduation she plans taking her masters in Portugal and maybe find a job there as well Kayla Danyelle Garcia was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She recently transferred to TAMU-SA from Northwest Vista College with an Associate's degree in Business Administration. She is now majoring in Business and Computer Information Systems at TAMU-SA and is in social groups such as National Society of Leadership and Success, Alamo PMI, and M.A.S.A. A great passion of hers besides furthering her education is expanding her horizons by traveling Joycezella Patterson. graduated with my Associates in Business from San Antonio College. She is now attending Texas A&M University of San Antonio to graduate with a Bachelors in Arts & Science. She is retired from the United States Army in 2010 with twenty-one years of service. When she joined the United States Army the motto was “Be All You Can Be” it is a realistic quote in life.

Texas A&M - SA's  Academic Connections to Romania Dr. Daniel Glaser and Dr. Kathleen Voges traveled to Romania this year in October to attend the 2016 Annual Strategica Conference in Bucharest, Romania and to do some preliminary background work for research on the Romanian Wine Industry. The Strategica Conference is an annual conference held entirely in English with visitors from many countries. Dr. Florina Pinzaru, Dean of Faculty of Management, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) and Dr. Constantin Bratianu Adjunct Faculty at SNSPA organized the conference. Dr Voges, Dr Suzy Mudge in Counseling at TAMU - SA, and Dr. Daniel Glaser have published several articles with Constantin, who seems to know about everybody in Romanian academic business circles, particularly given that Dr. Constantin was once the Undersecretary of Education in Romania for Higher Education.The Strategica conference was held in partnership with the National Bank of Romania, Bucharest. The following picture is from the plenary session of the conference in the meeting hall at National Bank of Romania.

Our Professors Researching on Romanian Wine Industry  Dr. Glaser and Dr. Voges had a chance to develop leads for the research they are conducting on the Romanian wine industry. They spoke to their friends in Romania who have amazing industry contacts and also met with two professors who will be assisting them in the research on the wine industry. One of the professors is Dr. Irina Salanta from UniversitateaBabeş-Bolyai in ClujNapoca, who has also taught in our College of Business in the fall of 2012 and the other one is Dr AndreeaVacarescu at the Academia de StudiiEconomice. Both of these professors were very helpful in organizing meetings with managers and experts in the wine industry. They also met Mr.Ioan Stefan, Executive Director of AsociatiaExportatorilorsiProducatorilor de Vinuri din Romania (APEV Romania). He spoke at length of the history and environmental conditions of the wine industry in Romania and extended his invitation to help our professors @ College of Business.. Also, In the ClujNapoca area, Our professors interviewed several wine industry managers who were very eager to share their knowledge. In addition to all the academic work, Our professors also enjoyed a variety of wines during their visit in Romania. It didn’t make sense to study the wine industry without also imbibing a few of the samples. Dr OvidiuBordean, Associate Professor and Director of International Programs of the College of Business and Economics at UniversitateaBabeş-Bolyai asked Dr. Glaser to invite the professors from UniversitateaBabeş-Bolyai to the College of Business at TAMU - SA as a visiting professor for the year 2017. UniversitateaBabeş-Bolyai in ClujNapoca, is a leading university in Eastern and Central Europe, offers a five day course as part of their International Business Week activities and asks professors from foreign universities to teach their students. Let Dr. Daniel Glaser know if anyone is interested @

Management & Marketing Faculty @ TAMU-SA  Dr. Arne Baruca received his PhD in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration from the University of Texas - Pan American. Prior to his academic career he has worked internationally for almost 10 years in several industries including banking and automotive. The experience he gained during those years is an invaluable source of real-life examples that he provides to students to help them relate the theoretical concepts with practice. He believes a true educator is someone who not only passes his expertise to students during class time, but also someone who touches students on a personal level and finds and ignites their potential and enthusiasm. Douglas Carter has a B.A. in Communication Theory and Cross-Cultural Communications from The Ohio State University: as well as, an M.B.A. in International Business from National University and currently pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of South Florida. Currently employed at Texas A&M University-San Antonio as an Assistant Professional Track in the College of Business, Douglas was formerly the Associate Vice President for External Affairs& Global Partnerships and TEES (Texas Engineering Experimental Station) Division Head at A&M-San Antonio. Dr. Sandra W. DeGrassi received her BBA in Finance from The University of TexasAustin, and her PhD in Management from Texas A&M University in College Station. She teaches Human Resource Management courses in the College of Business. Her research interests include ethics, recruitment, selection, and teams. She has presented at management conferences and has been published in top journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. Her industry experience includes working as an accountant for oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil and Apache Oil. Dr. Weixing Ford earned her PhD in marketing from the University of Houston, receiving the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence. Her research interests cover various topics which investigate the subconscious mechanisms that impact consumers’ judgment and decision-making. Her research has been published/presented on peer reviewed journals/conferences. Dr. Ford has gained rich experience and in-depth understanding of the corporate world through her successful consulting experience prior to her completion of her doctorate degree. Dr. Ford is also the recipient of teaching excellence awards at both the university and the national levels Dr. Adrian B. Guardia, SHRM-SCP, SPHR is an Associate Professional specializing in human resource management for the College of Business. Dr. Guardia received his PhD and MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University, and BBA from St. Mary's University. He is the lead faculty for the development of curriculum and instruction in the HRM concentration for undergraduate & MBA programs. Dr. Guardia is the founder & faculty advisor for SHRM@A&M-SA, and principal instructor for the HR Certification Study Course at A&M-San Antonio. He is a recipient of Texas A&M University’s “Faculty Excellence in Teaching” award. Dr. Guardia, a native of San Antonio, has over 40 years of HRM experience. Dr. Daniel A. Glaser-Segura,Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M University – San Antonio,is the former Director of the Office of International Education at Texas A&M University – San Antonio and was responsible for founding the international program at TAMUSA, as well as, leading numerous study trips for students and faculty at TAMUSA and Our Lady of the Lake University. Prior to his academic experience, Dr Glaser-Segura worked in Argentina, Mexico, and the USA. Dr. Glaser-Segura has conducted research in the field of international supply chain management and was awarded three Fulbright Scholarships to teach in Romania. He taught at Universitatea Babeş Bolyai, Academia de Studii Economice, and Universitatea Ioan Cuza and also taught at other institutions of higher education on other occasions.

Management & Marketing Faculty @ TAMU-SA Dr. Tracy Hurley is the Dean of the College of Business and was a founding member of the Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA) faculty when the campus opened in the Fall of 2000. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Houston in 1991, and holds the rank of Professor of Management. Additionally, she has been instrumental in university leadership, serving as Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs from 2011-2015. She has overseen dramatic growth in the College of Business and also received numerous federal and state grants for curricular innovations and new programs that have been successfully implemented Richard Jenkins graduated from Texas A&M University – College Station with a B.A. English in 1964. He also did graduate studies towards an MFA Dramatic Arts at Trinity University, San Antonio, which led to a seven-year career in various avenues of professional theatre. He also holds M.A. in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His teaching career started in August 2000 at Palo Alto College which is now Texas A&M University - San Antonio, with expertise in literature courses, and Business Communication, He continue to this day training students in this discipline at this location, and pleased to be an educator in this growing institution! Dr. Gary Krause earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has worked as a programmer, contractor to the Department of defense advising on the acquisition of software, as manager of a software development group, program manager, and quality manager including the creation and sustainment of an ISO9001 certified quality system. He has over twenty years teaching experience in math, computer science and business departments. Dr. Amy C. Lewis is the Chair of the Management and Marketing department, and joined the faculty as an Associate Professor of Management in 2015. She completed her Ph.D. at Indiana University—Bloomington in 2000 and has previous faculty experience from the University of Utah and Drury University. Her research has been published in journals such as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the Journal of Management Education. Her teaching interests include Organizational Behavior, Teams, Negotiation, Motivation, and Statistics. Dr. Chin-Yen Alice Liu earned her Ph.D from Texas Tech University and is an Assistant Professor @ College of Business at Texas A&M –San Antonio. Her research interests include the areas of energy policy, operations research, data envelopment analysis, quantitative method, and higher education performance. Dr. Liu has presented and published many papers in professional conferences and received many outstanding and/or best paper awards. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses related to Quantitative Methods, Business Statistics, Management Science, Quality Control, and Income Tax. Dr. Leonard Love is currently an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Texas A & M University – San Antonio, where he has been a faculty member since August, 2011. Prior to Texas A & M – San Antonio, he taught at The University of Houston – Clear Lake, and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. His primary research interests are in Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, International Business, and Top Management Team Cognitions and Decision-Making. Professor Love received his doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has published research in The Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, The Asia-Pacific Journal of Management, and The Journal of Management.

Management & Marketing Faculty @ TAMU-SA Butch Miller has 31 years experience in the Fire and EMS services. He has worked as a firefighter, Company Officer and Chief Officer for various agencies in California, Nevada and Texas. He holds a MPA from the University of Texas at Arlington., BS in Fire Administration, BA in Journalism and Business Admin. He also hold graduate certificates in certified Advanced Project Manger from Stanford University, Homeland Security and Emergency Management from TAMU and Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University. He has also taught for Austin Community College. National Fire Academy and the National Interagency Fire center Enrique G. Ramirez graduated from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University with a Masters in Management. Henry completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas in Austin where he obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering. He has taught Management courses at Universities since 2004. Prior to becoming a University Instructor, Ramirez worked for a major US global corporation for 37 years. It is these real world global business experiences that enhance the value of the courses he teaches. Ramirez, a South Texas native, has taught at TAMU-SA since 2009. Dr. Kenneth Sweet joined the faculty of Texas A&M University – San Antonio in 2016 as an assistant professor of human resource management. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Management from the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Dr. Sweet brings more than 20 years of military experience to the classroom as a member of the U.S. Army and Texas Army National Guard. He currently serves as an Information Operations officer in the 71st Theater IO Group at Camp Mabry, TX. Lisa Siegal holds an M.B.A in Marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business. She began her teaching career in 2006 and has been a Lecturer in the College of Business at Texas A&M University-San Antonio since 2009. She teaches. Prior to teaching full time, Lisa worked in account management with various advertising agencies in New York City and Los Angeles. She also worked in Sales, for AT&T and as a Realtor in residential real estate. She is active in the A.M.A. (American Marketing Association) San Antonio chapter and is the Faculty Advisor for the student chapter of the A.M.A Dr. Josephine (Josie) Sosa-Fey is a Professor of Management and has been the University’s Director of Graduate Studies and Research since 2012. She holds a BA in Management, an MBA, and a DBA with a major in management. Her doctoral dissertation on leadership and cultural values made ProQuest’s 2002 Top 10 Best Seller List. She was co-Chair of the Southwest Teaching and Learning Conference and Inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the Southwest Teaching and Learning Journal from 2011-2014. Her current research agenda includes the study of emotional intelligence as a predictor of success in the workplace. She has served as the University’s Chief Research Officer, Institutional Review Board Chair, Research Compliance Official, Authorized Organizational Representative for sponsored programs, and Graduate Council Chair since 2012. Dr. Kathleen Welsh Voges, is a Professor of Management at Texas A&M - San Antonio. She holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting, an MBA; and a Ph.D. with a major in strategic management and minor in international business. She has over 20 years of experience as an upper level administrator in higher education; her responsibilities included contract development, negotiation and administration. She is published in both United States and international journals. Her current research agenda is the study of institutional drivers of market orientation in small and medium size businesses in transition economies with a current focus on the Romanian wine industry.

Our New Alumni Director We @ College of Business are very excited to announce our first Alumni Coordinator, Dr. Mary Kay Cooper. Dr. Cooper recently joined Texas A&M University - San Antonio as the Director of Alumni Affairs. The Director of Alumni Affairs is responsible for the planning and implementation of programs and projects that strategically engage alumni in strengthening programs and provide tangible benefits to alumni and current students. Serving as an ambassador, the Director of Alumni Affairs is charged with securing commitments from alumni to provide professional expertise and volunteer service; collaborating with colleagues in the administrative offices (including, but not limited to Admissions, Development, Public Affairs and Student Affairs) and the schools to create and maintain pathways for alumni participation that advance the goals of the Institute; partnering with Development colleagues to identify, cultivate, solicit and steward alumni giving; and serving as a liaison between the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the academic and administrative leadership.

Mary Kay Cooper has newly joined the Jaguar Community as the very first Alumni Director for Texas A&M-San Antonio. She has almost 25 years of experience in higher education, the last decade in alumni affairs. She is here for you! What do you want out of YOUR alumni program? Career networking, continuing education, social events, something else entirely? Let her know at In addition, please follow on Twitter @TAMUSAalumni and join the LinkedIn group @

Edited & Designed  By Jitesh .M. Gangwani

Marketing and management volume 1 issue 3  

Departmental newsletter, Fall 2016

Marketing and management volume 1 issue 3  

Departmental newsletter, Fall 2016