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business & career not a one-time everybody has to work on this project, this is a here are some ideas what would you like to do? This is asking your workforce to think outside the box and make a contribution in a way that has meaning for them. After all, this is not a “one size fits all” society.



oday’s workforce is searching for a deeper meaning or purpose. Gone are the days of going to work and putting in hours to get a paycheck. People today want to know that what they are doing is making an impact, changing lives in some way. Creating an atmosphere of caring, giving back to others is not just a feelgood way to run a business today—it is a critical piece of the puzzle. Take a moment and reflect back over your life: Who was the biggest influence in your life? Who guided you, showed you how unique and special you are? These are the people who have left you their character legacy. When you think back over your lifetime and fondly remember these people, chances are they were not mega millionaires; they were ordinary people like you and me. They were our heroes and sheroes. They took the time to listen to us, to guide us, to mentor us.

They may have been family, teachers or a supervisor who saw your potential. A company in today’s world makes an impact by tapping into the workforce’s desire to have a purpose or meaning not only in their home but in what they are doing within the company and community. They initiate programs within the agency to offer growth. They embrace the change of today’s workforce. They never say the words “that is just the way we do things.” They understand they may be grooming their workforce to leave for another job, but they are going to have an advocate for life. By offering opportunities for employees to give back, not necessarily in a financial manner but sweat equity, they are encouraging individuals to explore and invest in the community they live in. This creates an atmosphere of meaning. This is

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As a leader, you are demonstrating that you understand those who work for you are all unique and not everyone has the same cause as you. You are allowing your staff to embrace the fact that you value community service in many different forms. You are also demonstrating that there are many character values: compassion, work ethic, empowering others to lead in the future and so much more. Take a moment to think about this: If we embrace the concept of a legacy of character then we understand that we are creating an environment of growth and change. Today we want to work for companies and individuals who understand there is more to life than a paycheck. We want to be able to embrace and grow both professionally and personally. We want to know that we are making a difference. Please remember making a difference starts with one person making an impact in another’s life. Again, reflect back over your own life. Who made the biggest difference to you and why? Take that memory and pay it forward. Dedicated to my Grandma Jane who showed me that through dedication, love and random acts of kindness, even those of us who are not millionaires can impact the lives around us. Even the smallest gesture or random act of kindness has a huge impact down the road.