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p.18 Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)

TDRI X Plan b X Double-Grass

Michael LIN X Atelier Bow-Wow

p.03 Minister of Culture p.04 Chairperson of the Cultural Taiwan Foundation

p.05 Asia NOW Executive Committee Board Chairman of Culture Vision

p.22 Special Performance: Floating Flowers Benson TSAI

p.24 Our Labyrinth LEE Mingwei

Japan Foundation Inc.

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p.28 Virtual Atrium: Human Flower JL DESIGN X Chung-Lun WU X Owen WANG

p.32 Virtual Concert Hall: People of Taiwan CinCin LEE X MoonShine Animation X Dolce WANG

p.38 Virtual Theater: Roaming Transmigration Alex Hungtai ZHANG X Kuo-Heng TSENG

p.42 Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave NAXS Corp. X Digital Art Foundation

[ KAOHSIUNG ] p.48 Taiwanese Opera: Aphrodite Orchid Miwa YANAGI X ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group

p.52 Special Performance: Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person Shih Hao YANG


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Preface Taiwan NOW

Making Friends With the World Minister of Culture

LEE Yung-Te

Taiwan-Japan relations have always been close and cordial with frequent bilateral exchanges. After the signing of the MOU on Taiwan-Japan Cultural Exchange and Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association in 2017, the friendship between Taiwan and Japan has deepened, as the exchanges between the two sides continue to move in a mutually beneficial, institutionalized and positive direction. Inspired by this friendly relations, the Ministry of Culture has joined hands with the Cultural Taiwan Foundation to launch the Taiwan NOW transnational art exchange project. Inviting design, visual and performing artists from different generations, it showcases the multifaceted cultural heritage and social pulse of Taiwan by fusing the contemporary and traditional. On the other hand, many programs are co-created and co-produced with art teams in Japan, incorporating Japanese perspectives into the works and bestowing them with diverse meanings to forge closer cultural links between Taiwan and Japan. The Cultural Taiwan Foundation serves as the professional intermediary organization that integrates public and private resources, while establishing a model of cooperation between Taiwan and Japan’s public and private sectors. The Ministry of Culture hopes Taiwan NOW can be the beginning of a public-private cooperation model as Taiwan extends her friendly hands to the world. We look forward to moving people around the world with Taiwan’s artistic delights beaming with diverse values and cultural depths, as well as making friends with the world to facilitate cross-border understanding and collaboration.



Cultural Taiwan Blossoms with Poise Chairperson of The Cultural Taiwan Foundation

HSIAO Tsung-Huang

Taiwan NOW is a large-scale international exchange project organized by the Cultural Taiwan Foundation that acts as an art and cultural intermediary organization and a bridge for public-private cooperation. It all began in 2019 under the international exchange model of “Cultural Olympics” proposed by the Ministry of Culture, aiming at promoting Taiwanese culture internationally during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. To this end, the Ministry of Culture specially invited LIN Mun-Lee, chairperson of the National Culture and Arts Foundation, as the producer of Taiwan NOW, and the Cultural Taiwan Foundation as the organizer that coordinates the programs. Echoing the Foundation’s “Cultural Taiwan” name, “culture” is the thread that weaves together what it means to be Taiwan in the international community. Now, the successful launch of Taiwan NOW not only evidences the international exchange model of Cultural Olympics, but also demonstrates the many possibilities of cultural exchange in the pandemic era. At a time when most physical exchange activities around the world have come to a halt, I’d like to express my gratitude to our co-organizer, Cultural Vision Japan Foundation Inc., for their unwavering support. Many thanks also go to the artists and creators in Taiwan and Japan whose tireless exploration and collaboration have enabled Taiwan NOW to evolve. This extraordinary project gives way to a brand-new exchange strategy, highlighting its special meaning and unique value. Taiwan NOW is not only about the present, but also about the future! Taiwan and Japan have a long history of exchanges, especially since 2011. The vigorous vitality and unrestrained creativity of both sides are displayed through varied and close interactions in spite of difficulties. Through the Taiwan NOW Artsfest, we hope to achieve the goal of “localizing international collaboration and internationalizing local culture”. By marketing Taiwan’s brands and classic works to the world, it allows Taiwan’s contemporary artistic creation to blossom on the international stage with confidence and proud cultural presence.


Taiwan NOW

Culture Vision, Japan-Taiwan Friendship Asia NOW Executive Committee Board Chairman of Culture Vision Japan Foundation Inc.

Tomoharu INOUE Cultural Vision Japan Foundation Inc. (“CVJ”), in its capacity as the representative of the Asia NOW Executive Committee, joins hands with The Cultural Taiwan Foundation to co-organize the cultural exchange program Taiwan NOW. This event aims to deepen the cultural exchanges and friendship between Japan and Taiwan by bringing together artists, creators and designers from both countries in various collaborations. Since its establishment in 2014, CVJ has served as a platform for pooling together people engaged in arts, culture and creative industries as well as the government and academic sectors in Japan. It has launched a number of value-creating projects and strategic cultural and economic projects in the field of arts and culture, contributing to the society on a wide range of levels. CVJ formed the Asia NOW Executive Committee in view of organizing the Taiwan NOW cultural exchange program. The mission of the Asia NOW initiative is to promote long-term cultural and artistic exchanges between Japan and Asia. Taiwan NOW kicks off the many projects to come in the Daimaruyu area (consisting of Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho districts) right in the heart of Tokyo. Japan and Taiwan have deep historical ties. The warm helping hands extended by Taiwan during the great earthquake disaster of East Japan will forever remain in the hearts of the Japanese people. Taiwan NOW is planned to launch a series of activities during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics under the theme of “Flowers and Blessings” as a gift from Taiwan to Japan. CVJ also offers a special program: Concert with Yukihiro Atsumi~ Hogaku 2.0 and Taiwanese Folk Songs. We hope people can immerse in the tradition and the future of Japan and Taiwan and enjoy the contents we’ve prepared. Finally, I would like express my sincere gratitude to the organizer of this event, The Cultural Taiwan Foundation, and producer Ms. LIN Mun-Lee, Chairperson of The National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF), for coordinating and putting everything together. Many thanks also go to the participating artists and creators, as well as the staff in both Japan and Taiwan for their tremendous contribution to this event.


Curatorial Statement

Blossom TWOgether Chairperson of the National Culture and Arts Foundation Producer of Taiwan NOW

LIN Mun-Lee

Taiwan NOW is a transnational cooperation and exchange project with art at its core. While undergoing constant fusion and innovation, the creation and performance of art are essentially the culmination of human civilization, transcending the barriers of borders, races, ethnic groups and even languages. From the past to the present, from tradition to the future, the diverse natural ecology and cultural ecology interweave to create the unique and abundant cultural landscape of Taiwan today. Taiwan NOW, as its name implies, aims to present Taiwan in the now. It tells the rich and eclectic stories of Taiwan through the unique vocabulary of artists and creators in the context of art and culture to shape an impressionable imagery of Taiwan and create new values for Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan NOW is also a cross-border cooperation and exchange project. Taiwan and Japan have had frequent interactions and connections in the long sweep of history. In recent years, the two have deepened their friendship with each other in the challenging times. The dialogues and collaboration of artistic creation allow us to Blossom TWOgether. We believe that a truly successful exchange is more than just a one-way communication of “who I am”, but more importantly, a mutual understanding and respect, a deeper co-creation and co-production of connecting and sharing of “who we are”. The seeds of Taiwan NOW were sown two years ago, when the whole country of Japan was preparing for the Tokyo Olympics with joy and excitement. Sports events and arts and culture are activities that can connect the world across borders. Aside from the active participation in this mega sporting event, Taiwan also wanted to roll out a series of meticulously planned cultural programs to let the international community learn more about us. This led to the inception of the art project named Taiwan NOW, ready to be launched under the theme of “Flowers and Blessings”. But then came the end of 2019 when the world was hit by a pandemic that soon swept across the globe. This pandemic has completely changed people’s lives, making many things that were once taken for granted a luxury or even unattainable. Mankind has also come to realize that no individual or country can do it alone in this fight against the virus—only by sharing and reciprocity can we forge the best weapons to fend off the virus. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was pushed back one year after numerous considerations. It finally opened this past July despite all the difficulties, in hopes of channeling the hopes and expectations for a brighter future through the Games. Similarly, Taiwan NOW has not been stopped by the impact of the pandemic in these couple of years. As the virus spreads and mutates, Taiwan NOW has also continued to evolve and transform. With the determination of our partners in Taiwan and Japan, the difficulties and constraints have become the starting point for more creativity and possibilities. Through cyber-physical integration, multilocation simultaneous performances, and “releasing the source code”, we have reassembled the


Taiwan NOW

entire project into a show, made possible with the help from many workers, that is more in line with the post-COVID era. From Marunouchi in Tokyo to Weiwuying in Kaohsiung and a Virtual Venue, an art feast blending design, visual arts and performing arts is slated to open in October. Blossom TWOgether is the theme and core spirit of the Taiwan NOW art project. Flowers are nature’s most beautiful gift to mankind. In plant ecology, flowers mean maturity and reproduction. Meanwhile, owing to their attractive appearance, color and smell, as well as their respective unique characters, flowers not only symbolize love and happiness in many cultures, but are often invoked by creators as a motif or source of inspiration. And “TWOgether” part underscores the value that Taiwan NOW is eager to accentuate. There is a need for more understanding, more respect, more inclusivity, more harmony, and more cooperation between people and nature, between people and people, and even between nations. Only through co-existence can coprosperity happen, only through sharing and reciprocity can nature and human civilization be sustainable. This art project kicks off with the Fictional Garden: TAWIAN HOUSE design exhibition created by the TDRI (Taiwan Design and Research Institute), followed by two contemporary artworks displayed in the prestigious KITTE Building (former Tokyo Central Post Office) in Marunouchi. One is the large-scale installation Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020) to be housed in the KITTE atrium. A collaboration between artist Michael LIN and Japanese architectural team at Atelier Bow-Wow, this work draws inspiration from the flower patterns found on traditional Taiwanese fabrics mass produced in Taiwan in the 1960s. Together with the furniture designed by Atelier Bow-Wow, Lin’s unique translation of the visual imagery hinting at Taiwanese cultural traits becomes a space in which the public can participate. On the second floor of the KITTE building, Intermediatheque (IMT) operated by the University Museum, University of Tokyo (UMUT) will stage Our Labyrinth, a performance created by artist Lee Mingwei whose practice dwells in relational aesthetics. Marrying installation and performance, the dancers slowly sweep the rice grains to embody the life cycle of blossoming, maturing and withering of flowers, as this inner flower delivers blessings to the viewers. Floating Flowers, a special performance by young Taiwanese choreographer Benson Tsai, will be presented at the opening event. Based on the imagery of water lanterns in Taiwan’s folk beliefs, the concept of this particular performance is akin to the creator releasing the source code as he performs in collaboration with local Japanese dancers. As the virtual venue connecting performances in Taiwan and Japan, the Virtual Venue is cohosted by the Digital Art Foundation and features specially produced or selected music, drama, dance and video works. When viewers enter the venue, they are first greeted by a Virtual Atrium jointed conceived by Taiwan’s JL Design. Integrating the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and from physical to virtual, it uses the physical connection of the dancing human body as the medium to cyber-physically present the flower blossom blessings through body language. After exploring the Virtual Garden, viewers can freely choose their next path. If they enter the Concert Hall, they will be immersed in the Virtual Concer Hall: People of Taiwan, a co-production by musician CinCin LEE, internationally renowned Taiwanese animation company MoonShine Animation and director Dolce Wang. It presents the music styles of Taiwan’s diverse ethnic groups as an international class show. During the performance, viewers can flow with the music melody and immerse themselves in animated sceneries of Taiwan’s beautiful mountains


Curatorial Statement

and seas, as a one-of-a-kind concert scenery is created by multiuser connection technology. If you choose to enter the Virtual Cinema, you can enjoy Roaming Transmigration by Alex Zhang Hungtai and Tseng Kuo-Hung, the youngest generation of artists in this project. They deconstruct and transform the script of Aphrodite Orchid from a different cultural and generational perspective based on the philosophical three-phase progression of “seeing a mountain as a mountain, seeing a mountain not as a mountain, and seeing a mountain once again a mountain”. It invites the viewers to follow this native Taiwan orchid on a spiritual journey that epitomizes Taiwan’s history and the course of human evolution. If you choose to enter the Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave, a space designed by NAXS, you can browse through our selection of contemporary Taiwanese artworks based on three concepts: contemporary tradition, cross-domain practice, and diverse vocabulary. The virtual viewing experience allows you to enjoy art at the comfort of your own couch. We see ourselves in Aphrodite We see the evolution of Taiwan’s history in Aphrodite We will carry Aphrodite in our blood and continue to walk into the future Orchid is a parasitic plant that can change its form with the environment to continue its life. The fungal species in their roots help them maintain a symbiotic relationship with other plants. Southern Taiwan is the native place of moth orchids (Phalaenopsis aphrodite). In Taiwan, it is called “Ah-po” due to the consonance of Aphrodite. Aphrodite Orchid is not only the finale of the Taiwan NOW art project, but also an exciting drama co-created by Taiwan and Japan. Miwa Yanagi, a wellknown Japanese contemporary artist, has long been fascinated by the natural ecology of Taiwan and has participated in many Taiwan’s folk activities. Having a deep affection for Taiwan, she immediately devoted herself into the creation of Aphrodite Orchid with passion and fervor after being invited to co-create the show. Aphrodite Orchid brings together outstanding creators and theater workers from both Taiwan and Japan. Building on Miwa Yanagi’s creative concept, it teams up three major Taiwanese opera troupes in Southern Taiwan—ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe and Ming Hua Yuan Tian Zi Art & Culture Group—and invites script consultant WANG Youhui and composer CHOU Yi-Chien to use Taiwan’s unique moth orchid as the overarching theme to fuse Taiwanese opera with moth orchids. Based on the lyrics and music of Taiwanese opera, it combines modern video and lighting, coupled with mechanical installations of orchids, to push the boundaries of performing arts, from costume design to the innovative performance format. This cross-domain and cross-national co-production introduces contemporary mentality and methods into the aesthetics of Taiwan’s traditional folk art. Due to the pandemic, the originally planned debut of Aphrodite Orchid in Marunouchi, Tokyo is not feasible. However, this contemporary innovative Taiwanese opera performance will still be performed at the outdoor plaza of Weiwuying, Kaohsiung in Taiwan in the form of live multi-location simultaneous performances and recorded broadcast. I hope this splendid finale offers us a way of connecting with each other with artistic creation in the post-COVID era as we Blossom TWOgether under love and blessings.


Producer of Taiwan NOW

LIN Mun-Lee Holding a doctor’s degree in education from the University of Tokyo, LIN Mun-Lee is currently the Chairperson of the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) and an emeritus professor at the Department of Arts and Design, National Taipei University of Education. Dedicating her career in furthering art education, she has engaged in deepening the research of Taiwan’s art history, facilitating international curatorial exhibitions, and promoting corporate involvement in art during her tenure as the Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum and National Palace Museum and during her terms as NCAF Chairperson. In 2011, she secured the establishment of the Museum of NTUE (MoNTUE) at the National Taipei University of Education, where she has long been teaching, and continued to promote cross-disciplinary and experimental exhibition projects under the concept of new-form art museum, organizing groundbreaking cultural exchange activities.


Taiwan X Japan.Blossom TWOgether

TOK YO Fictional Garden:

Untitled Gathering


(Tokyo 2020)


Michael LIN X

Plan b X

Atelier Bow-Wow




VIRTUAL Virtual Atrium:

Virtual Concert Hall:

Human Flower

People of Taiwan


CinCin LEE X

Chung-Lun WU X

MoonShine Animation X


Dolce WANG


Aphrodite Orchid Miwa YANAGI X ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group



2021.10.02-17 / 10.30-11.14 Special Performance:

Our Labyrinth

Floating Flowers

LEE Mingwei

Benson TSAI



2021.10.30 - 11.14

Virtual Theater: Roaming Transmigration

Virtual Cinema :

Alex Hungtai ZHANG X

Digital Art Foundation

Taiwan Wave NAXS Corp. X

Kuo-Heng TSENG


Special Performance: Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person Shi-Hao YANG




Fictional Garden : TAIWAN HOUSE | Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020) | Special Performance : Floating Flowers | Our Labyrinth



Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE

What Cultural Contents

TDRI X Plan b X Double-Grass


2021.10.02 (Sat) - 10.17 (Sun) 11:00-19:00 GMT+9 GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi, 1F Shinkokusai Bd. 3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Free Admission


Are in the Unique Style & Charm of “Taiwanese

TDRI X Plan b X Double-Grass

Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE

What Cultural Contents Are in the Unique Style &

limit, offering love and blessings to each other in this

Charm of “Taiwanese Design"? “Flower” is employed

feast of Fictional Garden with the hope of our next

in the exhibition as the symbol for the friendship in


the Taiwan-Japan exchange. New works made of sustainable, circular materials and classical designs in recent years are used to showcase the spirits and

Kyoto Tour

cultural contents of Taiwanese design, i.e. Resource

Time: 10.23 Sat. -11.07 Sun. 10:00-18:00 GMT+9

Integration, Social Application, and Response

Venue: The Terminal KYOTO

to the Times. The concept “Fictional Garden” is

Address: 424 Iwatoyamacho, Shimogyo

utilized in the space to manifest the rich fruits of

Ward, Kyoto

the cultural f reedom and blossoming designs in Taiwan. Furthermore, the exclusive scent of Taoyuan International Airport that represents Taiwan is fused in the experience, so as to break free from the spatial

© Plan b ; photo credit : James Hsu



TDRI Taiwan Design Research Institute is an integrated platform that drivers the development of Taiwan’s creative industry. Its main missions to enhance creativity of design talents, promote industrial innovation, accelerate the development of design policy, encourage the public service design and social innovation design, promote the design diplomacy. We has successfully established the excellent image of “Design in Taiwan” after a long term of dedicated promotion and will be continuously improving Taiwan’s competitive edge on the global stage, fostering sustainable social and industrial development, and enhancing people’s lifestyle through design-driven innovation.

Plan b Plan b Inc. is a consulting firm practicing Sustainable Development as working mindset. For years, it has provided various solutions for clients from wide ranges of industries across the globe. In branches, Plan b provides planning services and Plan c provides placemaking services.



Fictional Garden: TAIWAN HOUSE

Double-Grass Double-Grass International Co. was established in 2012, publishing articles that relate to science and art in online media with the motto "providing inspirations and motivating originality." Recently, it has been involved in organizing exhibitions and inspirational events as it digs for deeper narratives while building a network of experts f rom various f ields. Double-Grass focuses on curating art and design exhibitions, running events, and managing spatial resources.

Implementer | Taiwan Design and Research Institute

Scent Design | P.Seven

Co-organizer | Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Cooperators | Spring Pool Glass, Tainan Kuang-Tsai

Curation | Plan b, Double-Grass Advisor | method inc. Space layout | LANDHILLS Exhibitors (in alphabetical order) | AN YEN,

Embroidery shop, RONG-FENG Precise Casting Co., Ltd. Special thanks | WU Ting-An, CHENG Chen-Shih, CHANG Yen-Lun, HUNG Chih-Han, JHOU Tian-


Song, HONG Can-He, ZENG Huan-Jhen, JIANG Yi-

JOEFANGSTUDIO, Mia LIU, Melted potato, PiliWu-Design

Fu, LIN Yu-Min, CHIU Ji-Wei, CHEN Yu-Ming, LI

Company Exhibitors (in alphabetical order) | allrover,

Ying-Ting, YANG Zih-Shan, LIOU Jia-Hao

Aaron Nieh Workshop, CMP PUJEN FOUNDATION FOR ARTS AND CULTURE, Dot Design Co., Ltd., Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, MINIWIZ Co. Ltd., Hair O'right International Corporation, PDIS, Plan b, Taiwan Design Research Institute



Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)

I had three chairs in my

Michael LIN X Atelier Bow-Wow

for society.

house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three ︱

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun) 11:00-20:00 GMT+9

(10.30, 15:00-20:00) K I T T E 1F Atrium

2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Free Admission


Henry David Thoreau

Michael LIN X Atelier Bow-Wow

Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)

The work Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020) presented

I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two

during the festival Taiwan NOW is a collaboration

for friendship, three for society.

between Michael LIN and Atelier Bow-Wow. The

-- Henry David Thoreau

work is an assemblage of tables, benches, stools and a stage conceived for the atrium of the KITTE

Comprised of groupings of tables, benches, stools

building, the main venue of the festival, to host and

as well as a stage, designed by Atelier Bow-Wow,

encourage both formal and informal gatherings.

the work visually and physically balances two states: cohesion as a continuous pattern, and dispersion

Untitled Gathering comes from a series that Michael LIN began in 2005.“Untitled”refers to something un-

or f racturing. When all the units are assembled together in the correct order, they form a continuous

programmed, not clearly pronounced, or designated.

decorative pattern. Yet, the work is rarely in a

Thus, an Untitled Gathering is an informal, incidental

completed state with each piece in its designated

gathering that leaves room for invention and

place: as users interact, the pattern becomes frayed

improvisation. Like the social project itself, it is always

at the edges and then eventually inward. There are

an unfinished puzzle.

always a couple of stools or benches left ajar to allude to the possibility that the order may be altered. As the pieces are reassembled periodically, their

© Mori

functionality will only be unveiled when an inquisitive or fatigued visitor pulls one out to sit, symbolically breaking the ice of conversation, and starting a new community ritual. The works are influenced by the aesthetics and behavior imbued in the cultural practice and history

of Lin’ s native, Taiwan. The stool element is inspired by the mass of small, idiosyncratic seats that are brought out for temporary, open-air cinemas common in countryside villages throughout Taiwan. Sometimes referred to as“Mosquito Cinemas”due to the clouds of insects they attract, the screenings usually happen in front of Daoist temples for the deities themselves on the occasion of their birthday. The neighborhood crowd that gathers is inevitable but incidental. Like most of the motifs in Michael Lin’s work, the

patterns that are rendered on top of the stools, benches and tables are appropriated from traditional Taiwanese textiles. The patterns refer to the agrarian society, where they were used on bedding as a part of marriage dowries. They allude to a collective memory and mark an age of modernity in Taiwan: the transformation f rom handcrafted modes of production to industrialized ones and from rural to urban ways of living.



Michael LIN Michael LIN is an artist living and working in Taipei and Brussels. LIN turns away from painting as an object of contemplation toward one of painting as a bounded, physical space, one we can settle into and inhabit (Vivian Rehberg). LIN orchestrates monumental painting installations that re-conceptualize and reconf igure public spaces. Using patterns and designs appropriated f rom traditional Taiwanese textiles his works have been exhibited in major institutions and international Biennials around the world including The Istanbul Biennial, Auckland Triennial, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, PS1, New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Jumex Museum, Mexico City and most recently at Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto. Transforming the institutional architecture of the public museum, his unconventional paintings invite visitors to reconsider their usual perception of those spaces, and to become an integral part of the work, giving meaning to its potential as an area for interaction, encounter, and re-creation.



Untitled Gathering (Tokyo 2020)

Atelier Bow-Wow Atelier Bow-Wow is a Tokyo-based f irm founded by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima in 1992. Yoichi Tamai joined as partner in 2015.Their interest lies in diverse f ields ranging f rom architectural design to urban research and the reconstruction of commons, which are produced, based on the theory called

“ behaviorology ”. The practice has designed and built houses,

public spaces, facilities, commercial buildings across the world.



Special Performance: Floating Flowers Benson TSAI 2021.10.30 (Sat) 15:30 GMT+9 K I T T E 1F Atrium 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Choreography allows me to reflect on the beauty and sorrow of life. Floating Flowers is a reflection on the meaning of life, but it also carries with it the complex predicament of dilemma. Like a poet, I hope to be able to use the most poised, pliable, traceless approach and sardonic humor to interpret the contradictions of life.

Free Admission

© Mori


Benson TSAI

Special Performance: Floating Flowers

The concept of this choreography takes inspiration

"Choreography allows me to reflect on the beauty

from the image of the release of water lanterns

and sorrow of life. Floating Flowers is a reflection

in folk beliefs. The dance expresses the feelings of

on the meaning of life, but it also carries with it the

emerging choreographer Benson Tsai's experience

complex predicament of dilemma. Like a poet, I

of life's ups and downs, his encounters with the

hope to be able to use the most poised, pliable,

turning of life's pages, and the deep emotions of

traceless approach and sardonic humor to interpret

joy and sorrow. There are always moments when

the contradictions of life," Tsai once said. There may

you can't seem to achieve something even when

be times in life when we are worried and afraid, or

you go out of your way. The only way to dispel the

when we struggle or resist. But Tsai uses a filter of

fear of the unknown future is to put your heart in

sardonic humor in this dance to echo the authentic

faith and let your wishes flow with the water.

reactions of people in real-life difficulties.

Benson TSAI Choreographer and professional Dance Instructor. Currently the artistic director of B.DANCE. Originally from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Tsai enrolled in Taipei National University of the Arts after graduating from Tsoying Senior High School. During his time there, he earned a scholarship for an exchange at Purchase College in New York. His works incorporate his own life experiences, adding humor to his nuanced sensibilities. With a blend of theater, dance, and extreme body movements, the vocabulary of his choreography is unique, eccentric, and mercurial. In 2010, Tsai was selected as one of the representatives for Taiwan to the International Young Choreographer Project. From 2010 to 2017, he was invited to be a visiting choreographer by organizations such as Luzern Tanz Theatre of Switzerland, Stuttgart Gautiher Dance Company of Germany, Cloud Gate 2, Kaohsiung City Ballet, Chang Dance Theatre, Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Tso's Dance Association, Juedai Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater, Honwa folk dance troupe, among others. Since founding B.DANCE, he has toured in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, the UK, Israel, Denmark, France, China, Hong Kong, and Italy, and has been recognized in various international competitions and by renowned dance companies.



Our Labyrinth

This dancer may encounter

LEE Mingwei

will navigate these silently

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun)

obstacles along the way, but and mindfully.

14:00-17:00 GMT+9

(10.30, 14:30-17:30)

The University Museum, the University of Tokyo,

JP Tower Museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE ( KITTE 2-3F) Opening Hours 11:00-18:00 (Open until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays) Closed on Mondays (if Monday is a National Holiday, the museum is closed the following Tuesday) and Year-end holidays. May close irregularly.

Free Admission

© Stephanie Berger


LEE Mingwei

Our Labyrinth

My visit to Myanmar was the seed for Our Labyrinth, inspired both by the gesture of removing one’s shoes before entering any temple, pagoda or mosque, and by the pristine space created for visitors by volunteers who constantly swept the sacred grounds. For this project, as visitors walk among the galleries, a dancer will sweep a mound of rice through the space, along a labyrinthine path of their choosing. This dancer may encounter obstacles along the way, but will navigate these silently and mindfully. This project is a gift from the performers to the visitors, the providing of a “pure” space, both physically and spiritually, as they explore the sacred space created by the projects.

© Barbara Donaubauer / Courtesy Museum Villa Stuck

LEE Mingwei Born in Taiwan in 1964 and currently living in Paris and New York City, Lee Mingwei creates participatory installations, where strangers can explore issues of trust, intimacy, and selfawareness, and one-on-one events, in which visitors contemplate these issues with the artist through eating, sleeping, walking and conversation. Lee's projects are often open-ended scenarios for everyday interaction, and take on different forms with the involvement of participants and change during the course of an exhibition.

Organizer: The University Museum, the University of Tokyo, JP Tower Museum INTERMEDIATHEQUE Support: NPO Dance Archive Network




Virtual Atrium : Human Flower | Virtual Concert Hall : People of Taiwan | Virtual Theater : Roaming Transmigration | Virtual Cinema : Taiwan Wave

Virtual Venue Concept Development and Virtual Environment Implementation by NAXS Corp. X Digital Art Foundation




Virtual Atrium: Human Flower

Using the interactions and


creation, it is hoped that visitors

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun)

energy of this interplay of lives.

friendship between Taiwan and Japan as the basis of can feel the flow of emotions through the dancing video Human Flower and relay the

Virtual Venue virtual.taiwannow.org Free Login




Virtual Atrium: Human Flower

Human Flower greets you at the entrance of the

WU Chung-lun with a background in both

Virtual Venue. It inherits Taiwan NOW's theme

photography and animation, dance company Les

of Flowers and Blessings by presenting the core

Petites Choses Production that integrates dance

spirit of the program—Blossom TWOgether—and creating an interactive experience.

art into daily life, Owen WANG who is always in search of more cross-discipline possibilities in sound, and NAXS Corp. that specializes in virtual

JL DESIGN has specially invited creators across

reality art. Together, a vibrant virtual garden is

va ri o u s f i e l d s i n Ta i wa n a n d J a pa n i n t h i s


collaborative project, including Koichiro Tanaka (Projector inc.) as the creative consultant, 3D

Using the interactions and f riendship between

video production team TMRRW STUDIO, director

Taiwan and Japan as the basis of creation, it is hoped that visitors can feel the flow of emotions through the dancing video Human Flower and relay the energy of this interplay of lives. As visitors float in the surrounding sounds of the virtual garden enjoying an immersive music experience, they are f ree to touch different color flags and words of blessing. The image elements of dancing human figures are reorganized and recombined into a deconstructed image of Human Flower. The flower-like dance unfolds into a feast for the eyes and ears, finally guiding the visitors into the cloud exhibition hall. We hope visitors can let themselves go, feel the intertwined emotions and blessings between people, and appreciate the organic vitality of art and culture. Let us blossom into a Human Flower that belongs to each one of us.



JL DESIGN JL DESIGN, founded by Johnason Lo in 2007, is Taiwan’s first motion graphics design studio specializing in channel branding. Today, our focus is on branding, content and design that tells a story. The work for our international clientele encompasses print, motion, live action film and channel branding. Design is not just about solving problems, it is a way of thinking, an expression of an idea. We dare to think differently; providing a new imagination for any visual and executing cross disciplinary projects. Our ambitious works have won awards in PromaxBDA, Red Dot, iF, One Show, etc. In recent years, JL has been overseeing cultural exhibitions and major award ceremonies; the 2014 and 2015 Golden Pin Awards; the 25th, 26th, 29th, 30th Golden Melody Awards; the 56th and 57th Golden Horse Awards; the 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan; the World Design Capital, Taipei 2016, and acting as the curator of Taiwan Creative Content Fest 2020, creating the “Taiwan Hype” main visual for the exhibition. In 2016, JL DESIGN established an office in Shanghai; expanding our scope to include branding and cross disciplinary works for Netflix, EVA Air, Kaohsiung Music Center, TSMC. In 2017, JL became the General Manager and Executive Vice President of Digital Domain, Greater China. In 2020, he was made the Chief Brand Officer of Ta Ching Securities. With our unique perspective and storytelling, JL DESIGN explores different forms of expression in addressing cultural or commercial needs.

Owen Wang Composer/ Music Director/ Producer Owen Wang is a Taiwanese composer best known for his musicals and f ilm scores. He is regarded as one of the most promising composers among his generation, greatly influenced by the Western culture but also inheriting the Asian aesthetics. His works have been played in varying fields in Taiwan, China, Australia, and New York, including musical theatre, theatrical drama, feature film, short film, documentary, dance, pop song arrangement and commercials. In January 2010, Owen started his own theatre company“STUDIO M” with the ambition to produce original Chinese-language musical and

to promote musical theatre education in Taiwan. Now he lives and works in Taipei, frequently collaborating with filmmakers, theatre directors, singers, and musicians in Greater China.



Virtual Atrium: Human Flower

Chung-Lun WU Head, director and photographer of Foufa Studio. Having worked with images and videos for more than a decade as his creative focus, Wu has won the Golden Pin Concept Design Award Design Mark, PromaxBDA Asia Best Sting Gold Award, Shopping Design Best 100 and has been recognized by Yoho Magazine as an outstanding photographer. He has worked with many well-known singers, including Wu Qingfeng, Penny Tai, A-Lin, Waa Wei, on print and video works. He has also shot commercials for brands like Berluti, FamilyMart, Samsung, Kirin, among others. Some of his notable works also include the opening intro video for the 54th and 55th Golden Horse Awards.

Choreography | Nai-Hsuan YANG & Les Petites Choses Production Dancer | Le SHEN, Pei-Rung CHU, Su-Lien LIN, Wen-Hao CHANG, Chien-Hao CHANG, Ya-Wei CHANG, Ya-Yuan CHANG, Yi-En CHEN, YiChin CHEN, Yu-Min HUANG, Yu-Hsun PAN, Wen-Fang LAI Music Supervisor | Owen WANG Sound Design & Original Score | Owen WANG & Cai-Jhen JHU Instrumental Artists | Piano by Yuying HSU / Sheng by Li-Chin LI / Cello by Hang LIU / Bass by Jay CHENG / Drum by Fish HUANG



Virtual Concert Hall: People of Taiwan

Taiwanese of different ethnic

CinCin LEE X MoonShine Animation X Dolce WANG

fine and magnificent picture

backgrounds have used their lives and stories to paint a of this island.

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun) 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 GMT+9 Virtual Venue virtual.taiwannow.org Free Login

© Moonshine Animation


CinCin LEE X MoonShine Animation X Dolce WANG

This virtual concert is a 45-minute program featuring the people of Taiwan. Hao-en, Nanwan Sisters and Shengxiang Band are invited to link together the three themes of Ocean, Mountain and Land by performing Taiwanese folk songs, as well as aboriginal and Hakka music. They will weave together the sounds of this island and deliver Taiwan's sincere blessings and gratitude. Meanwhile, MoonShine Animation and seasoned creative director Dolce Wang join hands to use deep scanning technology to capture the musicians' gestures and combine them with the music. Tapping into the aesthetics of animation and multimedia technology, and fusing the image of the songs and Taiwan's cultural and natural delights, this music experience that integrates technology and art lets viewers immerse themselves in an audio-visual feast. Everyone is invited to listen to works belonging to this island and catch a glimpse of the diverse and dynamic life of Taiwanese people. Story Island and Hao-En - Seeing the beautiful Taiwanese people on this beautiful island

Story Island comes from CinCin LEE's musical travelogue around Taiwan. She documents the heartwarming stories and people's rustic hospitality in her journey with music. The shimmering waters of Sun Moon Lake and the prosperous charms in corners of old Taipei all become captivating movements of melodies. By translating the myth of the search for the white dear, the visuals guide viewers from a lake shore to a new oasis of Taiwanese music—the Kaohsiung Music Center. A new music fest is about to begin. With Taiwanese folk songs passed down for generations accompanied by classical instruments, special guest Hao-en's vocals celebrate the beginning of this virtual concert on the cloud. Nanwan Sisters - Gifted tribal voices singing the beauty of the Puyuma

Virtual Concert: People of Taiwan

attempts to synthesize a sound that doesn't deviate from the traditional tone despite the changes in modern performance conditions. His music is infused with sincerity and profoundness as a result of this back-andforth musical thinking. The lyrics also tell the epic story of a community that is "always coming home." The story unfolds with painful scars. As early farming and lifestyle are disrupted and displaced by modernization, industrialization, pollution and globalization, villagers who can't find a way into the big cities must silently watch the disappearance of everything they hold dear in their hometown. Even their own language is taken away from them by the state-imposed "textbooks" and "readings". Yet a new generation of prodigal sons, like the Odyssey, have found their way home. Meanwhile, those who have stayed behind in their homeland have found a voice to protest against the environmental bullying and set out on an nonstop mission to reclaim their language and land. In the visual presentation, the imagery of people traveling far from home to big cities is expressed by a truck on a long journey. The process of returning to hometown to farm then points at the purity of rural life and the love for the language and land. When everything falls apart, it is the artists' duty to bring beauty back to this broken world. Now, you are invited to enter the virtual concert hall, immerse yourself in this music experience that combines technology and art, listen to works belonging to this island and catch a glimpse of the diverse and dynamic life of Taiwanese people. Wherever you are, we hope you can find an emotion or connection that resonates with you. Let this virtual concert on the cloud be a gift that spreads the music and blessings from Taiwan to every corner of the world.

People of Taiwan Concert Setlist

Nanwan Sisters hailing from the Nanwan tribe of the Puyuma people will be performing songs written by Baliwakes, the father of music in Nanwan tribe. In addition to Jesus Christ, Like in Heaven and Ode to Ancestors that have been sung in the tribe for many years, they will also sing Phlox Flowers written in Japanese by Uyongu Yatauyungana of the Tsou tribe. As their voices echo in the natural scenery of mountains, bamboo forests, and clouds, the visuals of angel's ladder and doves symbolize the light of Jesus. They share not just the beauty of Puyuma music as a token of celebration, but also deliver their blessings to Japan with a Japanese song Phlox Flowers.

Story Island & Hao-En 1. Riffles in the Light of Night 2. Da-Daw-Cheng 3. Taiwan Folk Song medley - Hakka Folk Song: Tien Gung Log Shui - Yilan Folk Song: Tiu Tiu Tang A - Bangkah 4. Peinan Mountain

Sheng Xiang Band - Singing your own song and speaking for the land

Sheng Xiang & Band 1. Xiu-zhen's Vegetable Garden 2. Planting Trees 3. Bird Berries (Black Nightshade)

Musically, LIN Sheng Xiang uses yueqin as his creative medium to ponder the application of traditional musical instruments in modern performances. From adding strings, setting strings to tuning strings, and experimenting with various acoustic possibilities, he

Nanwan Sisters 1. Yezese / Jesus Christ 2. Phlox Flowers 3. Hoyaiyan / Such as in the Paradise 4. Sling Sling Sling

* Part of Animated Landscapes 3D Models: TAICCA − Taiwan Digital Asset Library 33


CinCin LEE Born in Kaohsiung and raised in Taipei, composer and producer CinCin Lee was trained in classical music from a young age. She graduated with a music degree from Soochow University and studied jazz composition and modern arrangement at Berklee College of Music. Her works span across instrumental music, popular music production, and film scores and has been recognized at the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Horse Awards multiple times. In 2002, she composed music for the movie Double Vision, becoming the first female musician ever to compose music for a Chinese language movie. She was awarded Best Original Film Score at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards in 2005 for her work on the film Blue Cha Cha. In 2009, she released Story Island, and was awarded Best Instrumental Composition for the track The Great Rice Drying Field at the 21st Golden Melody Awards. In 2016, she collected her past works and rearranged it to produce the instrument album Cin Cinema, for which the team travelled all the way to Bulgaria to record. A visual concert of the same title was later held in the National Concert Hall in Taipei and the Pingtung Performing Arts Center. Cin Cinema was nominated for five Golden Melody Awards and won Best Instrumental Album Producer. In 2019, she worked with the Taipei Chinese Orchestra to produce the widely acclaimed all new visual concert program, 10 Chairs in the Hometown Taipei. CinCin herself is also involved in the production of pop music and serves as producer, composer, and arranger. She is currently the CEO of the Kaohsiung Music Center.

Hao-en Hao-en is a member of the Puyuma peoples in Taitung, and was born in the Puyuma tribe, also known as the Golden Melody tribe, as many famous musicians such as Baliwakes, Chen Jiannian, Jiajia, and Samingad all come f rom the same family. After graduating middle school, he joined the Formosa Aboriginal Singing and Dance Troupe to learn the traditional music of the various indigenous peoples and gain on-stage experience. He later joined the Am Band as a guitarist and performed at various festivals and venues at home and abroad, further expanding his resume to include performances of different forms. The artist has also participated in the production of videos and musicals, as well as collaborated with various musicians. Festivals in which he performed include: the Austronesian Cultural Festival in Taitung, the Taiwan Performing Arts Fair, Earth Day, Asia Tribal Folk Song Festival, Voice Thunder, Indie Music Festival, Hohaiyan Rock Festival, Ryukyu Culture and Art Festival, HK Arts Festival, Singapore International Festival of Arts, MIDEM in Cannes, Fête de la Musique (2016, 2019), Simple Life (2016, 2020), Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival, and the 2019 Presidential Office Concert.



Virtual Concert: People of Taiwan

Nanwan Sisters Formed by Samingad, Lavaus and Ihua from the Puyuma Tribe of the Puyuma peoples in Taitung. They had performed song and dance with the artist Chen Jiannian in the indigenous youth group as students and performed in various joint events held by high schools in Taitung as well as China Youth Corps. During their hiatus, people began to notice the Puyuma Tribe as the spotlight shone on the music and life as well as the tribal customs of musicians Chen Jiannian, Samingad, Hao-en Jiajia, and Kuo Min-long. As a result, the beautiful voice left behind of the Nanwan Sisters was rediscovered. Samingad of the Puyuma tribe shares the same name as her niece, a well-known singer. The name is a heritage passed down from her greatgrandmother. She was part of a duet with Lavaus during their high school days. Lavaus of the Puyuma tribe inherited her name from her great-aunt. She was the guitarist and backup vocal of the duet during high school. She once operated a folk music house, The Bat Cave, with a friend and served as the lead vocal of the band Batband. She has been performing with her husband as the duo I-po & Lavaus. They have a daughter and a son. Ihua from the Atolan tribe of the Amis is the only one of the Nanwan Sisters who is not of the Puyuma peoples. During her younger days, she once formed a duet with a sister of hers. She married a man from the Puyuma tribe and is now the mother of three sons.

Sheng Xiang & Band Sheng Xiang & Band cares about the agriculture industry and the environment. Their music is based on traditional Taiwanese elements while incorporating contemporary Western music. In 2001, they stepped on the international stage and toured over ten countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. In July 2018, they performed at SummerStage in Central Park, New York, bringing the world Taiwan's unique flavor of rural rock music. Sheng Xiang & Band members include LIN Sheng Xiang on the six-string yueqin, electric yueqin, and vocals. Ohtake Ken on the guitar, Hayakawa Toru on the electric base and electric piano, Alex Wu on percussion, Fukushima Noriaki on the drums, Po-yu Huang on the suona and guan, as well as the poet Chung Yung Feng. Chung began collaborating with LIN on writing music while working on the Let Us Sing Mountain Songs album back in 1998 in the Labor Exchange Band. The two have released ten albums together thus far. Chung has won two Golden Melody Awards for Best Lyrics, while LIN has won nine Golden Melody Awards, ten Golden Indie Music Awards, two Golden Horse Awards, and one Taipei Film Award. Japanese nationals Ohtake and Hayakawa joined in 2006 and 2009, respectively. Wu became a member in 2011, while Fukushima and Huang joined in 2014. All members have the improvisational jazz spirit, giving each live performance a surprise element.



Moonshine Animation Moonshine Creation CO., LTD. is an artist-centered company created by the Moonshine Animation team in 2016 to create original IP and brand. To that end, the company has a roster that includes directors, designers, animators, and research personnel. Moonshine is dedicated to developing interactive new media products such as VR, AR, MR, body sensing interaction, and motion capturing, in hopes of expanding the horizon for the film and television industry. Moonshine Animation produces high quality animations and visual effects and has collaborated with several distinguished brands and production companies around the globe. The company's main services include character animation, special effects, and dynamic design. It has a brilliant track record in the fields of animation, special effects, and interactive multimedia and has won awards at home and abroad.



Virtual Concert: People of Taiwan

© Graham Kennedy

Dolce WANG Dolce Wang is a director, musician, composer, screenwriter, animators, and concept designer all rolled-up into one person. She is adept at creating live immersive performance, multimedia art installation, stage performance production, and interactive exhibitions. Wang served as creative director and principal R&D imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering. She was also a guest faculty member at the School of Music Technology, California Institute of the Arts, lecturing about sound synthesis and combining music and technology. While working as creative director and imagineer for Disney, she blended art and technology to perfection. Her multi-dimensional background led to her all-around achievement, which includes two US patents. She has also received countless awards in the art, music, themed entertainment, movie, and engineering fields.



Virtual Theater: Roaming Transmigration

The actions of the historical

Alex Hungtai ZHANG X

each generation attempts

Kuo-Heng TSENG

to re/de/construct what

past carries forth onto the present and future, as

came before.

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun) Virtual Venue virtual.taiwannow.org Free Login

© Sunset Music Productions Co., Ltd & NAXS Corp.


Kuo-Heng TSENG X Alex Hungtai ZHANG

Virtual Theater: Roaming Transmigration

I am in a foreign land crying in silence, unable to sing

past carries forth onto the present and future, as

and pass on our old songs. It is the fate of the flowers

each generation attempts to re/de/construct what

to blossom and die, and it is ours to see our children

came before.

and grandchildren alone at sea. - Aphrodite Orchid Designed as a virtual transmutational process of A virtual meditation on the overlapping contextual

consciousness through an endless cyclical loop, it

realities of the cosmical, historical, cultural, familial,

questions the inherent nature of narratives we create

and personal consciousness. An intergenerational

that binds us in a perpetual self repeating stasis. "

digital sojourn into the many narratives that shape

our current world. Perhaps as much an idea and

will, geopolitical interests define this world through conquest and invasion. The actions of the historical

© Sunset Music Productions Co., Ltd & NAXS Corp.



Alex Zhang Hungtai After retiring his project Dirty Beaches, Zhang has been focusing on explorations of improvised music, Free Jazz, and his new role as a composer. His newer compositions predominantly works with saxophone, synthesizers, percussion and piano, furthering his research on ritualistic music of liminality. Besides his solo work, he is also a member of a Free Jazz/experimental trio with Portugese minimalist/ architect David Maranha, and Free Jazz Drummer Gabriel Ferrandini in Lisbon. Zhang currently works as a composer for film soundtracks, along with acting in independent films.



Virtual Theater: Roaming Transmigration

Kuo-Heng TSENG Tseng Kuo-Heng is a musician from Taipei. He is lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter in the romantic pop band Sunset Rollercoaster. Growing up in the city’s suburbs, Kuo-Heng got an early introduction

to reggae and classic rock f rom the YMCA English teachers that would stay at his family’s home. From there, he followed his teenangst into Y2K-era nu metal, then discovered indie rock and found his

way into his hometown’s underground scene, where he played bass

in bands including shoegazers Boyz & Girl and dark industrial trio Forests. Forming Sunset Rollercoaster as a garage rock group in 2009, Kuo-Heng then honed his chops touring the world as a member of

alternative Mandopop star Deserts Xuan’s backing band. Thinking

more deeply about what he wanted as a musician, he brought Sunset Rollercoaster back from hiatus in 2015, transforming the band into a synth-glossed, professional unit inspired by R&B, funk, and city pop. Since then he’s led them on headline tours in Europe and North America, and to the top of festival bills around Asia. Whether Sunset Rollercoaster or other projects, everything Kuo-Heng does shares a few key elements: a laidback, tropical feel soaked up from his surroundings, sincerity mixed with a sly sense of humor (as found in his lovelorn English lyrics), and consummate musicianship.



Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave

The perpetual ocean current

NAXS Corp. X

time, symbolizing the flow

Digital Art Foundation

of blessings and celebrating

2021.10.30 (Sat) - 10.14 (Sun) Virtual Venue virtual.taiwannow.org Free Login


connects the islands and nourishes the generations over

vigorous vitality.

NAXS Corp. X Digital Art Foundation

The Taiwan NOW Virtual Venue is conceptualized and proposed by NAXS Corp. and the Digital Art Foundation. NAXS Corp. is responsible for the overall system construction, technical development and implementation. Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave is produced and curated by NAXS Corp. and the Digital Art Foundation. Inspired by the Kuroshio Current flowing through Japan and Taiwan as the creative concept, NAXS Corp. uses the "ocean current" elements to artistically design the vitual space. Meanwhile, the Digital Art Foundation has invited

Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave

Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave - List of Works (tbc) Video Chia-Wei HSU Black and White—Giant Panda | 2018 | 52min48s

Yo Hen SO Hua-Shan-Qiang | 2013 | 20min7s

Huiyu SU The White Waters | 2019 / 2020 | 35min Che-Yu HSU Single Copy | 2019 | 21min17s ZHANG XU Zhan SI SO MI | 2017 | 5min

Yi-Fan LI Important message.mp4 | 2019 | 17min30s

Stephanie SU and LIN Ching-Hsuan to curate the video works, short films and animations. The perpetual ocean current connects the islands and nourishes the generations over time, symbolizing the flow of blessings and celebrating vigorous vitality. The screening features video works, short films, and animations. The video works are curated by the Digital Art Foundation, while Stephanie SU and LIN Ching-Hsuan are invited to curate the short films and animations. Each of them will showcase Taiwan's diversity and creative energy from the perspectives of identity, history, and ethnicity brimming with Taiwanese characteristics.


Hai Wen HSU Siamoise | 2018 | 13min

Chris LEONG Like Father, Like Daughter|2019|21min Ching-Chuan HU Remigrate | 2020 | 8min

I-Fan WANG Temple of Devilbuster | 2020 | 24min Ting-wu CHO XXXMOG! | 2021 | 22min Po-shun LU Wild Tides | 2016 | 25min

Chun-ni LIN & Pang-chuan HUANG Before the Dawn | 2020 | 30min


Yu-Han YEH Love Dishes | 2015 | 4min

Redic HSU Subway Commute | 2018 | 11min Sz-Yu PAN Neon | 2017 | 7min

Yun-Sian HUANG & Yi-Chin TSAI Where Am I The video works present the bold attempts by young Taiwanese video artists who draw themes from daily life and history, fusing multiple identities. The short films cast aside the baggage of traditional narrative and boldly challenge the reach of cinematic format. At the same time, it demonstrates how Taiwanese creators are absorbing nutrients from all over the world to anchor their bodies in the vast expanse of land. The diverse themes and narrative forms reflect the multifarious faces and inclusivity of Taiwan. Some of the animations portray the coexistence of the old

Going? | 2016 | 15min

Mengshin LIN See What You See | 2016 | 5min

Liang-Hsin HUANG When The Silence Comes | 2016 | 4min

Pei Hsin CHO 30 Days of Shoegazing|2020|5min Wen CHEN Puppy Love | 2019 | 4min

* 11/6-7 Special Screening: TSAI Ming-Liang No Form | 2012 | 19m58s

Wandering | 2021 | 34m21s

and new in Taiwan from the angle of small shops, highly modernized cities, traditional markets, and the temple culture. Meanwhile, other animations depict the feelings of modern people and contemporary unconventional fantasies from a fresh perspective.



NAXS Corp. NAXS Corp. is a newly established innovative new media art group that leverages experimental applications of virtual reality, new-media light and sound installation, immersive theater, and the Internet to expand the possibilities of immersive digital experience. Its Render Ghost won f irst prize at the Digital Art Performance Awards and was shown at the 2019 Ars Electronica Festival in Austria. Having also worked with major brands such as Netflix and HTC on large, international projects, NAXS Corp. is an interdisciplinary experimental art group with experience in the international market that focuses on the creation of immersive experiences and combines artistic concepts with technology development. Since 2020, NAXS has unveiled a series of online experimental performances that integrate motion capture, real-time streaming, and cloud computing, with multi-connection technology at its core. Meanwhile, they have also built the 0xCORE online experimental platform to develop a virtual universe for the post-Internet era.

Digital Art Foundation Digital Art Foundation was established in 2008 and has been a pioneer in the field of digital art in Taiwan. The Foundation was established with a mission to facilitate the building of digital art software and hardware, promote digital art events, assist the development of the digital art industry, and elevate the digital art life of the entire society. The Digital Art Foundation has long been dedicated to exploring and experimenting creative thinking in the technological society while enhancing the application and importance of digital culture. The Foundation is involved in a variety of projects ranging from exhibition planning, research and publications, to art education, policy design, and international collaborations. It was contracted by the Taipei City Government to run the Taipei Digital Art Center from 2008 to 2017. In 2018, it established and began operating the Digital Art Center which focuses on immersive contents, and application and experimentation with integrating cloud performance technology, while offering practical solutions and producing creative contents.



Virtual Cinema: Taiwan Wave

Stephanie SU Graduated f rom M.A. in Graphic Communications Management and Technology at NYU, she has extensive experience working in the film industry, and she has worked for the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion. As a f reelance contributor, she has collaborated with platforms such as BIOS Monthly, The News Lens, 500times to write interviews and special reports. She now works as a programmer at Taipei Film Festival.

Ching-Hsuan LIN Animation Filmmaker. She holds a PhD in Art Creation and Theory, a master degree in Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Art f rom Tainan National University of the Arts. And she honed her computer animation skills in a post-graduate program at Sheridan College through the Ministry of Education Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design. Her work‘Breathe’won the Best Animation Prize at the Taipei Film Festival and South Taiwan

Film Festival, and the Special Mentions of the International Jury Prize at the Filmfest Dresden.‘Unidentified’was also selected by

International Animation Festival Hiroshima and other international film festivals.




Aphrodite Orchid | Special Performance : Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person



Taiwanese Opera: Aphrodite Orchid Miwa YANAGI X ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe X Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group


2021.12.25 (Sat) 19:30 GMT+8 Outdoor Theater, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) Free admission by reservation

Taiwanese Opera

In the deep mountains of the island, I'm wearing white and

Aphrodite Orchid

When Japan's Top Contemporary Art Team Meets Three Major Taiwanese Opera Troupes

smelling a sweet scent; Ancient

Contemporary Art Aesthetics & Original Taiwanese

tunes are carried by the wind,

Opera & Mobile Orchid Installation

and the flowers bloom as I tread on the clouds.

"In the deep mountains of the island, I'm wearing white and smelling a sweet scent; Ancient tunes are carried by the wind, and the flowers bloom as I tread on the clouds." Japanese contemporary artist MIWA YANAGI joins hands with three major Taiwanese opera troupes in south Taiwan—Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe, and Ming Hua

Yuan Tian Zi Art & Culture Group. Composer CHOU Yi-Chien and script consultant WANG You-hui jointly present a play based on Taiwan's unique moth orchid (Phalaenopsis aphrodite) as the overarching theme to fuse Taiwanese opera and the journey of Aphrodite Orchid. The play tells the story about the orchid immortals who have lived in the "Orchid Realm" since ancient times. A chance encounter with humans makes them become the attention of the world. The orchid flowers once isolated from the world all of a sudden turn into the target of poachers from everywhere. The songs that were once sung on the island are gradually being lost as orchid genes are constantly being replicated. The human desire for pure white and beautiful flowers has led to the artificial reproduction of endless giant white orchids. The orchid immortals who have lost their voice can only look across the shore at their fate overturned by the changing times and the homeland to which they can never return. "Like a butterfly fluttering away from home, sorrows and joys are unforeseeable; Into the world across the seas, songs of the orchids are passed for generations to come."



Photo by SHEN Chao-Liang

Miwa YANAGI Born in 1967 in Kobe, Japan, Miwa Yanagi studied at the Department of Crafts at the Kyoto City University of Arts. After showing works of photography and other media in domestic and international exhibitions, Yanagi represented Japan at the 53rd Venice Biennale (2009). Since 2011, Yanagi has also been active in theatre, presenting works in both

art museums and theatrical venues. Zero Hour: Tokyo Rose’s Last Tape, which Yanagi wrote, directed, and designed, toured five North American

cities in 2015. Yanagi’s Wings of the Sun (based on the novel by Kenji Nakagami), an outdoor production performed on a traveling stage trailer,

has played in locations throughout Japan since 2016. Most recently, Myth Machines (2019-2020), Yanagi’s solo exhibition featuring new works of both performance and photography, toured five Japanese museums.

Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe was founded by the leader Shiu-Kim Chang in Taichung in 1986. She was known as a "natural sheng (male character)", while the ku dan (sorrowful female) Zhuang Jin-mei is the dan with the golden voice, and Mi-Hsueh is the talented writer/director. The three capable individuals form a Taiwanese Opera golden triangle. Recently, Hsin-Yi Chang, the daughter of the troupe leader, has emerged to add to the flair of the troupe. Shiu-Kim Chang is a hardworking, downto-earth troupe leader who was awarded the Chung-Hsing Literary Art Award in Theater in 2004, and the 25th Global Chinese Culture and Arts Award - Local Theater Prize in 2018. Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe began performing on the public stage in 2001, and has been selected by the Minstry of Culture for national cultivation and receiving the Taiwan Top Performing Arts Group grant from the National Culture and Arts Foundation every year since. ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe's performances have been growing more ref ined over the years, and has insisted on producing one new large scale play every year to highlight the troupe's specialty. For many years it has been invited to perform traditional Taiwanese opera in joint outdoor stage venues, as well as Taipei City's Baosheng Cultural Festival and Arts Festival in Community events. It has also been nominated multiple times for the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music.



Aphrodite Orchid

Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe Founded in 2000 by renown Taiwanese Opera Sheng actress Chun-Mei Kuo. The troupe has touted "Seeking Innovation and Setting Trends" as its motto and is known for its young, high-caliber members and audience. The Opera group normally performs at traditional festivals and temple events, with about 200 temple performances annually. It is also often invited to perform at cultural and art events and can be seen all over Taiwan. With its limited resources and persevering spirit, the Troupe incorporates stage effects into its opera performance to present a f resh perspective in hopes of contributing to the preservation and popularization of the traditional cultural beauty of Taiwanese Opera. Since 2004, it has been selected by the Ministry of Culture for cultivation every single year. It was selected for the National Culture and Arts Foundation's first, second, fourth, and sixth Taiwanese Opera Production and Performance project grant for its shows Surprises in Wonderland in 2004, A Beautiful Dream of Youth in 2005, Switch in 2008, and The Bride, My Lover...My Step Mother in 2011, respectively. Switch was nominated for Best Traditional Drama at the 44th Golden Bell Awards. In 2012, the troupe's performance, The Prince of the Night, was nominated for the 11th Taishin Arts Award, while it also earned nominations for Performing Group of the Year for Right Here Waiting (2017) and The Story Of Ghost (2019) at the 28th and 30th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, respectively. In 2019, The Story Of Ghost won Best Audiovisual Album while Untouchable won Best Music Design at the 30th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music.

Ming Hua Yuan Tian Zi Art & Culture Group In line with the Taiwanese Opera family heritage, the Ming Hwa Yuan Tian Taiwanese Opera was established by Chen Sheng-dian, the second son of the founder of famed Ming Hua Yuan, Chen Ming-ji, back in 1983. In the beginning, it toured Taiwan under the name "Sister Troupe of Ming Hua Yuan" and was widely popular. It officially changed its name to Ming Hua Yuan Tian Zi Art & Culture Group. With over 30 years of experience, the Group has stayed true to its roots of outdoor Taiwanese opera performances while combining modern theater concepts to reinvent the traditional stage act. In recent years, under the leadership of Chen Chao-hsiang, winner of the 14th Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award in the Taiwanese Theater category, and troupe leader Chen Jin-shing, the troupe has been often invited to perform in Singapore on top of its full-booking for outdoor performances in Taiwan. With the help of the National Culture and Arts Foundation, the troupe has been able to pass the torch and continue to contribute to traditional opera. It hopes to incorporate more novel performance styles and forms into Taiwanese opera to contribute to solidifying the legacy of traditional arts.



Special Performance: Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person

After listening to this song, I

Shih-Hao YANG

become clearer and clearer

started to rethink what life is. As I spin on the Cyr wheel, the road that I had trouble seeing from the dizziness at first has along the way. Looking back, I am glad that I am not spinning

2021.12.25 (Sat) 17:00, 19:30 GMT+8 Banyan Plaza and Outdoor Theater, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)


around for others. I am flowing with the lyrics and music of Sandee Chan and spinning for myself. Becoming yourself is already an extraordinary thing.

Shih-Hao YANG

"Before I heard the song Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person, I was someone who had nothing to do with success whatsoever, but I've never given up on wanting to become an extraordinary person, "said the extraordinary ordinary Shi-Hao YANG. "True success is not something you can pursue by chasing it. Instead, when you are passionate about the world you love and by getting stronger in that world, then it doesn't matter if no one understands your world, because you will never lose." This creation comes from a long, long time ago, before he became a world-famous performer, before he met the Cyr wheel he is so good at, before we knew he's an extraordinary ordinary person... Cyr wheel artist Shi-Hao YANG uses singer-songwriter Sandee Chan's song Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person as his main creative inspiration. His seemingly inorganic spins and rotations, together with lyrics and melody that seem to be so relatable, attempt to extract the everyday moments of his own growth process. After the rampant pandemic in the past year, have we

Special Performance: Be An Extraordinary Ordinary Person

become farther and farther away from the everyday? So far that we've forgotten what ordinary life is like? "Describe your life now in three words." When the first line of the song comes on, what words come to your mind? Let Shi-Hao YANG and his trusty Cyr wheel round up everyone’ s memories. As he moves around, sometimes dancing lightly, sometimes falling heavily, let his many movements that almost make people want to close their eyes and cry out in surprise recall the most familiar everyday moments in your heart. Then believe that we can do it, we can all do it. After listening to this song, I started to rethink what life is. As I spin on the Cyr wheel, the road that I had trouble seeing from the dizziness at first has become clearer and clearer along the way. Looking back, I am glad that I am not spinning around for others. I am flowing with the lyrics and music of Sandee Chan and spinning for myself. Becoming yourself is already an extraordinary thing.

Shih-Hao YANG YANG began performing circus acts in 2011 with hat juggling and is the founder and art director of Circus Gate. He represented Taiwan on the international stage, including Young Stage in Switzerland, Circuba in Cuba, and Variete Am Seepark Freiburg in Germany. Since 2015, he began performing Cyr wheel acrobatics and moved from the stage to the streets, having recently won the Street Artist Competition in Tainan, Taiwan and performed at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, Japan. His Cyr wheel performance has been viewed over 10 million times online and has seen his popularity explode after stepping on the stage of Asia's Got Talent. He is currently dedicated to the development of longer circus acts as well as recording the story around circus culture. YANG has also started a charity seminar project to bring awareness to social issues.



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Nanwan Sisters |

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