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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Junior breeders incentive payment: Nancy and I are pleased to offer to all junior buyers of a WLB INTERNET HEIFER(Canada and US) a $100 payment upon receiving a picture of you showing your WLB Internet heifer at any show. While we wish you the best you do not have to win a championship or a class but you do have to participate in a cattle show of your choosing and you do have to send us a photo (email preferred). All photos become the property of WLB and may be used in WLB promotions. Herd Health: All WLB cattle have had Ivomec and are vaccinated with Express 5/Somnugen modified live vaccine and Covexin plus blackleg. Payment: No animals shall leave WLB until full payment has been received. Any heifers remaining at WLB because of payment still owing after 30 days will be charged a room and board fee of $5/day. We remind you that all heifers are at the buyers risk 24 hours after the sale. Please insure your purchases. Insurance: Buyers can insure their purchases with their chosen representative or we can forward appropriate information to Lois McRae who represents Livestock Insurance Managers, Saskatoon, SK. Please let us know if you would like us to contact Lois on your behalf. Delivery: Every assistance will be given to help in the shipment of your purchase. Your heifers are welcome to remain at WLB for a reasonable time, until shipping arrangements can be made. Certificate of Registration: Each animal will carry papers issued by the Canadian Hereford Association, which can be transferred to the American Hereford Association. A certificate of registry duly transferred will be furnished to the buyer for each animal after payment has been made. Guarantee: Each animal becomes the purchaser’s risk 24 hours after the sale. All animals in the sale are sold under the terms and guarantees set forth by the Canadian Hereford Association with regard to health, freedom from defects and from both reproductive and genetic unsoundness. All females selling in this sale are guaranteed to be free of the three genetic abnormalities as listed by the CHA and AHA. At no time will the seller be responsible for more than the original purchase price. Please call us if you have any questions about our guarantee. Breeding Guarantee: All heifers are guaranteed breeders however, in recognition that overfeeding can be detrimental to the reproductive ability of a young female, if we feel that heifer has been fed to an extreme level of obesity for the show ring, we will hold the feeder responsible for any reproductive problems and therefore no longer be responsible to guarantee that particular animal. Phone in bids: We realize not everyone has Internet access or is comfortable conducting business online. If this applies to you, you are invited to phone in your bids. However we ask that you contact us and let us know of your intention well ahead of the sale so we can manage the phone calls to the benefit of all phone in participants. Your phone contacts are: Bill Biglieni H:204 763 4697 C:204 729 7925 Wilf Davis H:204 834 2479 C:204 841 0211 Tom Biglieni(US rep)417 827 8482 US buyer information: · Exchange rate: Bidding will be done in Canadian dollars. Due to the ups and downs that have taken place between the US and Cad dollar the appropriate exchange rate will be posted at the start of this sale on Thursday morning October 3rd. Delivery to U.S. buyers: Listed below is important information for our U.S. buyers. We ask you to read and familiarize yourself with this information. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the heifers and their delivery. 1. We have exported a number of cattle to the US and are familiar with the necessary arrangements needed to cross the border. If a U.S. buyer wishes for WLB to arrange shipping we will do so to the best of our ability. Part of arranging US shipments is dealing with specific dates and times that cattle have to meet US trucks. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help keep your shipping cost within reason. If these opportunities are missed then this means individual animals may have to bear the entire cost of being shipped to their U.S. destination. Prompt payment insures your heifer is available to take advantage of these shipping opportunities when they arise. 2. Homeland security regulations continue to cause added paper work and increased broker costs. We are happy to assist with the paperwork and getting your purchases across the border. In lieu of U.S. Customs and brokerage charges: US buyers will be charged $350 for each animal purchased along with the purchase price, which will go toward the export cost. WLB will then cover all additional cost including (veterinary charges) above this amount including trucking cost to the U.S. port of entry at Dunseith, N.D. This charge is based upon the assumption that all U.S. bound heifers will be exportable across the border in one shipment. Any U.S. heifers remaining at WLB due to late payment will then be charged for all export cost and additional examinations by the veterinarian. 3. All trucking from the US port of entry to the buyer’s final destination will be the responsibility of the buyer. 4. Please provide to us the following information, which is needed to satisfy the U.S. customs office and brokers. Full name, complete address, phone number, and social security number

2013 WLB Internet Hereford Sale