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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Junior breeders incentive payment: In addition to being a participant in the Canadian Junior Hereford Association heifer lottery, Nancy and I are pleased to offer to any junior buyers of a WLB INTERNET HEIFER(Canada and US) a $100 payment upon receiving a picture of you showing your WLB internet heifer at any show. While we wish you the best you do not have to win a championship or a class but you do have to participate in a cattle show of your choosing and you do have to send us a photo (email preferred). All photos become the property of WLB and may be used in WLB promotions. Herd Health: All WLB cattle have been vaccinated with Express 5/Somnugen modified live vaccine and Covexin plus blackleg. Payment: No animals shall leave WLB until full payment has been received. Any heifers remaining at WLB because of payment still owing after 30 days will be charged a room and board fee of $4/day. We remind you that all heifers are at the buyers risk 24 hours after the sale. Please insure your purchases. Insurance: Buyers can insure their purchases with their chosen representative or we can forward appropriate information to Lois McRae who represents Livestock Insurance Managers, Saskatoon, SK. Please let us know if you would like us to contact Lois on your behalf. Delivery: Every assistance will be given to help in the shipment of your purchase. Your heifers are welcome to remain at WLB for a reasonable time, until shipping arrangements can be made. Certificate of Registration: Each animal will carry papers issued by the Canadian Hereford Association, which can be transferred to the American Hereford Association. A certificate of registry duly transferred will be furnished to the buyer for each animal after payment has been made. Guarantee: Each animal becomes the purchaser’s risk 24 hours after the sale. All animals in the sale are sold under the terms and guarantees set forth by the Canadian Hereford Association with regard to health, freedom from defects and from both reproductive and genetic unsoundness. All females selling in this sale are guaranteed to be free of the three genetic abnormalities as listed by the CHA and AHA. At no time will the seller be responsible for more than the original purchase price. Please call us if you have any questions about our guarantee. Breeding Guarantee: All heifers are guaranteed breeders however, in recognition that overfeeding can be detrimental to the reproductive ability of a young female, if we feel that heifer has been fed to an extreme level of obesity for the show ring, we will hold the feeder responsible for any reproductive problems and therefore no longer be responsible to guarantee that particular animal. US buyer information: · Exchange rate: Bidding will be done in Canadian dollars. Due to the ups and downs that have taken place between the US and Cad dollar the appropriate exchange rate will be posted at the start of this sale on Thursday morning October 4th. Delivery to U.S. buyers: We welcome your participation at our 4th Internet Heifer Sale. We hope you find a WLB heifer that catches your interest. Listed below is important information for our U.S. buyers. We ask you to read and familiarize yourself with this information. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the heifers or this information. 1. We have exported a number of cattle to the US in the last several years and have become familiar with the necessary arrangements needed to cross the border. If a U.S. buyer wishes for WLB to arrange shipping we will do so to the best of our ability. Part of arranging US shipments is dealing with specific dates and times that cattle have to meet US trucks. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help keep your shipping cost within reason. If these opportunities are missed then this means individual animals may have to bear the entire cost of being shipped to their U.S. destination. In other words your shipping cost will go up. Prompt payment insures your heifer is available to take advantage of these shipping opportunities when they arise. 2. Homeland security has certainly changed things at the border. More paper work and rising broker cost are just two changes. We are happy to assist with the paperwork and getting your purchases across the border. In lieu of U.S. Customs and brokerage charges: US buyers will be charged $250 for each animal purchased along with the purchase price, which will go toward the export cost. WLB will then cover all additional cost including (veterinary charges) above this amount including trucking cost to the U.S. port of entry at Dunseith, N.D. This charge is based upon the assumption that all U.S. bound heifers will be exportable across the border in one shipment. Any U.S. heifers remaining at WLB due to late payment will then be charged for all export cost and additional examinations by the veterinarian. 3. All trucking from the US port of entry to the buyer’s final destination will be the responsibility of the buyer. 4. Please provide to us the following information, which is needed to satisfy the U.S. customs office and brokers. Full name, complete address, phone number. social security number Phone in bids: We realize not everyone has Internet access or is comfortable conducting business online. If this applies to you, you are invited to phone in your bids. However we ask that you contact us and let us know of your intention so we can manage the phone calls to the benefit of all phone in participants. Your phone contacts are: Bill Biglieni H:204 763 4697 C:204 729 7925 Wilf Davis H:204 834 2479 C:204 841 0211 Tom Biglieni(US rep)417 827 8482

AUCTION GUIDELINES Welcome to the WLB Internet Heifer Auction. Each year we try to create an easy to work with online auction process. Please read the following instructions and if you have any trouble or questions, be sure to give us a call at 204 763 4697 or email: WLB INTERNET AUCTION DATES AND TIMES The auction has been set to run from 9:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday, October 4th with the Internet close out to start with the first lot at 7:00 p.m. CDT Monday, October 8. We will then proceed to sell each lot using either a 30 or 45 second bidding clock until all lots are sold. Meaning once the pre announced time has expired without a bid that heifer will be considered sold to the last highest bidder. A sale order will be posted 9:00 Monday morning. If you don’t have computer access, phone in bids will be accepted at the numbers listed on the terms and conditions page. Be sure to register early to allow the necessary time to be put in to the system. HOW TO PARTICIPATE · In order to participate in the online auction you will need to pre-register and obtain a buyer number. · To do this, go to the LiveAuctions website,, and select WLB Livestock Online Auction. · After logging in the buyer registration form should pop up automatically. If it doesn’t there is a link you can select that says, “register for a buyer number”. · This form requires you to fill out your banks name, city, state, phone number and a contact. · You may register to bid after bidding has opened but please remember that authorization to bid is not instantaneous. HOW THE AUCTION WORKS · Once you have a username and have received a buyer number then you are ready to bid. You will see a screen that is unique to your user ID. · There will be a list containing the sale lots. If you click on a lot the video clip or photo will be displayed to the right. The next bid, current price, proxy bid, and manual bid buttons will be displayed below the video area. This page will react to your bids by stating, “you are in” or “you are out”. · No one else will be able to see your bid – that data is not accessible to the public. · Each time you login, the auction screen will display your personal bidding information. Your auction screen is unique and private displaying your activity to only you. · Remember that you must have the lot that you are bidding on selected. This is where it tells you if you are in or out. It is here where you can also see your proxy bid settings(as applicable). WHAT IS A PROXY BID? With a proxy bid you can enter your maximum bid and then sit back and watch. When you enter a proxy bid amount the LiveAuctions system automatically bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid. If the lot closes out for less than your maximum, that’s all you pay. This means that you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed. This makes it more convenient and less time consuming. It can also greatly assists those breeders that can’t be near a computer or are busy with other duties at the time of the final bidding. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller. Even though you can see this amount on your screen no one else can. The LiveAuctions system compares your bid to those of the other registered bidders and the system automatically places bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid position. The system will bid only up to your maximum amount as necessary to maintain you as the high bidder. If another bidder has a higher maximum, you’ll be outbid and the system will tell you that “YOU’RE OUT”. But, if no other bidder has a higher maximum you win the final bid. The final close out bidding process After each sale we receive a few calls after the sale from breeders who were interested in bidding on a heifer but failed to watch the bidding clock and let the bidding time expire. When the bidding starts The bidding clock will run for a pre announced time (usually 30 or 45 seconds or until there is a bid at which time the clock will rewind to its original 30 or 45 seconds. (Whatever time used will be preannounced). For example: if the bidding clock gets down to 1 second remaining then a higher bid is submitted, the clock will then restart. This rewind process will continue with each bid received until the allotted time elapses without a bid. Then the lot will be considered sold. So if you are interested in a particular heifer be sure to submit your bid while there is still time on the clock. This is where using the proxy bid can come in handy insuring you do not miss a bid! LiveAuctions staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Jill Mader: (403) 990-9187

Brad Fahrmeier: (816) 392-9241


C02957187 - Polled Born: February 10, 2011 REMITALL SUPER DUTY 42S {DLF IEF HYF} P C02881216 Sire: REMITALL ALLIANCE 503W {DLF IEF HYF} P C02929993 REMITALL SALLY 465P {DLF IEF HYF} P C02862034 WLB FRESH 035J 7M P C02816618 Dam: WLB 7M FRAN 82S {DLF IEF HYC} P C02878631 SHELL-RIVER 48G NICHOLE 10K P C02770057 ● ● ● ●

Maternal sister to WLB Just Lovely 84X, 2012 WHC Reserve Champion Polled Female for Winchester Cattle Co Just Lovely was the high selling heifer in the 2010 WLB Internet Heifer Sale. Her pedigree combines two very strong cow families. Bred to proven calving ease sire, WLB Lego 83T 90X, Exposed April 26 to June 25, Bred April 23.


Epd’S 6.9 50.9 84.0 21.5 47.0


C02955838 - Polled Born: February 19, 2011 DR WORLD CLASS 517 10H P C02860652 Sire: WLB QUAKER 10H 21T P C02894559 WLB 8D BLANCHE 127J P C02734768 REMITALL NATION WIDE ET 93N P C02833462 Dam: REMITALL GRAVES JUNO 204S {DLF IEF HYF} P C02881334 REMITALL JUNO 64N P C02833431 ● ● ● ●

Her dam was our pick from the Remital dispersal. Take note of Juno’s udder. Ideal teat placement and size. She’s full of milk. Highly rated for TM - Performance and Milk Bred to WLB Lego 83T 90X, Exposed April 26 to June 25, Bred May 1.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

7.8 69.3 113.4 22.0 56.7


C02969333 - Polled Born: February 8, 2012 HAROLDSON WLB MUTUMBO ET 72M P C02814816 Sire: WLB GLOBAL 72M 50S P C02878636 WLB 035J FLORA 14N {DLF IEF HYF} P C02823371 WLB ELI 10H 83T {DLF IEF HYF} P C02894602 Dam: WLB 83T ELLIE ET 211W P C02929030 WLB 8D BLANCHE 127J ● ● ● ●

She’s easy on the eyes. Broody look with loads of volume, rib, and a flawless structure. Elllie 211W, her dam was the high selling heifer in the 2009 WLB Internet Heifer Sale. Owned with Winchester Cattle Company, St Ambroise MB.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

5.0 55.9 87.0 17.1 45.1




Polled - Twin

Born: February 13, 2012 HAROLDSON WLB MUTUMBO ET 72M P C02814816 Sire: WLB GLOBAL 72M 50S P C02878636 WLB 035J FLORA 14N {DLF IEF HYF} P C02823371 WLB DTHF WLB FEDERAL 10E P C02618371 Dam: WLB 10E MARIA 45N P C02842429 WLB 035J FLORA 13L P C02799746 ● Dam is a maternal sister to Cayley Brown’s 2012 WHC Grand Champion Polled Female, WLB 36N Beth ET 452S. ● Global daughters are making great Mamas. ● Owned with Ross Madsen, Wauchope SK. .

Epd’S B W Y M TM

4.0 47.7 71.9 15.8 39.7





Born: March 3, 2012 WLB GLOBAL 72M 50S P C02878636 Sire: WLB BINGO 50S ET 4002X {DLF IEF HYF} P C02945275 WLB 29F SALLY 29N P C02823659 WLB FRESH 035J 7M P C02816618 Dam: WLB 7M FRAN 81T P C02894604 WLB 30J JACKI 82P P C02852413 ● Fancy in every way! She will demand a second look! ● Traces back to same Shell River cow family as WLB Just Lovely 84X, 2012 WHC Res Champion Polled Female. ● Only a March heifer!



4.2 46.0 73.3 19.4 42.4





Born: April 6, 2012 WLB GLOBAL 72M 50S P C02878636 Sire: WLB BINGO 50S ET 4002X {DLF IEF HYF} P C02945275 WLB 29F SALLY 29N P C02823659 DR WORLD CLASS 517 10H P C02860652 Dam: WLB 10H MARY ET 450U P C02912037 WLB 035J FLORA 13L P C02799746 ● Mother is a maternal sister to Cayley Brown’s WHC Grand Champion Polled Female, WLB 36N Beth ET 452S ● A deep flanked, deep bodied April heifer. ● Not only easy to look at on grass but also holds her own on paper.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

3.9 50.7 82.1 26.9 52.3





Born: February 19, 2012 GO L18 EXCEL T31 {DLF IEF HYF} A42791931 Sire: CRR HELTON 980 {DLF IEF HYF} P C02966774 CRR 9B JULIANNE 405 {DLF IEF HYF} P A42519516 TA-BAR WLB FORMULA 035J P C02730770 Dam: WLB 035J FLORA 14N {DLF IEF HYF} P C02823371 WLB 25C JAN 17F P C02651826 ● ● ● ●

Another top individual out of our Flora 14N cow. Maternal sister, WLB 81S Enid ET 5001Y, our high seller last year going to Grady Sparks, Birmingham, AL. Maternal sister to WLB Global 72M 50S Deep bodied and full ribbed with an ideal balance of bone to go with her extra volume.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

5.2 54.1 86.4 23.8 50.9






Born: February 20, 2012 GO L18 EXCEL T31 {DLF IEF HYF} A42791931 Sire: CRR HELTON 980 {DLF IEF HYF} P C02966774 CRR 9B JULIANNE 405 {DLF IEF HYF} P A42519516 CS BOOMER 29F {DLF IEF HYF} P C02749227 Dam: WLB 29F SALLY ET 420T P C02897696 WLB 035J FLORA 164L P C02793213 ● Clean fronted, square hipped, and a great build. ● Loads of milk in her pedigree. ● Ancestry that excels in maternal and performance traits.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

8.5 59.9 100.7 25.7 55.7


C02969329 - Horned February 13, 2012

KCF BENNETT 3008 M326 {DLF IEF HYF} P A42361822 Sire: NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET {DLF IEF HYF} P C02938213 NJW P606 72N DAYDREAM 73S P A42693956 HAROLDSON WLB MUTUMBO ET 72M P C02814816 Dam: WLB 72M SARA 197P P C02853151 SHELL-RIVER NICKIE 7D P C02592620 ● A real attention getter sired by the 2012 Denver National Champion Polled Hereford Bull. ● Highly maternal pedigree that's loaded with pigmented ancestry.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

4.4 49.7 87.1 17.1 42.0





Born: March 7, 2012

KCF BENNETT 3008 M326 {DLF IEF HYF} P A42361822 Sire: NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET {DLF IEF HYF} P C02938213 NJW P606 72N DAYDREAM 73S P A42693956 HI-CLIFFE 20X JASPER 5J P C02729904 Dam: HI-CLIFFE 5J NYLON 54N P C02826704 HI-CLIFFE 112Z KELLY 45K P C02758437 ● A top cow prospect also sired by Trust, the 2012 Denver National Champion Polled Hereford Bull.! ● Short marked and well balanced with a deep flank. ● Nice on the numbers.

Epd’S -0.2 B 39.4 W 71.6 Y 21.7 M 41.4 TM





Born: February 13, 2012 TA-BAR WLB FORMULA 035J P C02730770 Sire: WLB FRESH 035J 7M P C02816618 WLB 9615 TULIP 11J P C02734754 ALLENDALE ROBIN HOOD P C02841117 Dam: WLB RH ROBIN 36X P C02943232 WLB 29F SALLY 42S P C02883523 ● Half sister to WLB 7M Fran 82S, 2009 National Grand Champion Female & 2010 National Reserve Champion Female. ● Fresh daughters are a key ingredient to WLB’s success! ● Moderate frame with ideal composition. She’s made right.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

2.2 42.3 64.5 22.7 43.9





Born: March 15, 2012 WLB ELI 10H 83T {DLF IEF HYF} P C02894602 Sire: WLB LEGO 83T 90X {DLF IEF HYF} P C02942951 WLB 50S GLORIA 35U {DLF IEF HYF} P C02912027 DXB 7C BLOCKBUSTER 3K P C02761319 Dam: GLENROSE 16M FLORA 84R P C02879921 WLB 035J FLORA 170M P C02816609 ● ● ● ●

Pedigree carries the positive influence of the Nickie 17C cow family. Great udders are plentiful in her cow family.. Will be among our top heifers for performance Note her young age.

Epd’S B W Y M TM

6.8 62.3 100.2 20.9 52.1

Bill & Nancy Biglieni Box 327, Douglas, MB R0K 0R0

204 763 4697

204 729 7925

WLB Livestock Internet Heifer Sale