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Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine


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Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


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Publisher Joanne Gallinghouse Editor Chelsea Adams Sales Manager Lorie Hollis Art Director Pam Hendrix Account Executives Stephanie Bromley, Suzanne Lucido and Susie Welch Contributing Writers Chelsea Adams, Stephanie Miller

behind the scenes


Murphy and Stacy Tobin

Pulling off a faux wedding is quite an undertaking. Thanks to the help of some fabulous

Contributing Photographers Pam Hendrix, Michelle

vendors, we were able to photograph beautiful brides and stunning bridesmaids in gorgeous,

Preaux and Steve Randon

Northshore event venues.

Fashion Stylist Sharon Bilbe Production Gallinghouse Marketing + Creative Intern Meghan Carrigan

We set our weddings at Benedict’s and Maison Lafitte, both in Mandeville. Dresses were provided by Southern Bridal, Olivier Couture and Bella Bridesmaids. Olivier Couture, Bella Bridesmaids and Shoeffle’ provided shoes and accessories, and flowers were designed by Florist of Covington. Our models had their hair and makeup done by stylists from Bella Salon and Spa and Glam on Location. And Steve Randon and Michelle Preaux photographed the occasions impeccably. We truly appreciate these professionals lending their time and talents to create the Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine. We love their work, and we know you will, too.

contributors 409 W. 21st Avenue, Covington, LA 70433 Phone: 985-893-7350, Fax: 985-893-7686 e-mail: ©2017. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission of the publisher. Views expressed are not necessarily shared by the publisher or staff of this publication.

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Michelle Preau is a local photographer who loves capturing special moments for her clients. Her eye for beauty and passion for photography affords her the ability to provide beautiful, lasting memories.

Steve Randon is the official cover photographer for Sophisticated Woman. For more information about Steve Randon Studio, please visit

Sharon Galatas Bilbe resides in Covington with her husband Charlie. Second to her passion for family is her passion to help women look and feel their best from the inside out.

A New Orleans native, Stacy Tobin is a graduate of the University of New Orleans. She enjoys working in the food and beverage industry, traveling and writing about both.

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ON THE COVER: Photographer Steve Randon Model Cassidy Sterns Bridal Gown Olivier Couture Hair & Makeup Glam On Location, Devon Terry & Nicole Mcomber Location Benedict’s Plantation, Mandeville, LA Flowers Florist of Covington

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


editor’s note TRUE TO YOUR HEART By many people’s standards, our wedding was an unassuming affair. Nick and I were married in a tiny church in West Feliciana Parish. After the ceremony, we drove down the road to my in-law’s home for a very low-key reception. We ate gumbo and jambalaya; our wedding cake was bread pudding. There was no bridal party, no

Weddings & Wishes

tuxedos, no toasts. It was just us, our families, a few special friends and the LSU/Alabama game on television at the reception. Though it was simple, our wedding worked for us. Our friend flew from Tennessee to perform the ceremony, and his words beautifully captured the essence of our relationship. We wrote our own vows, we ate great food, and we capped the day off with a Tiger win over Alabama. Ten years later, we both have fond memories of that special day, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I think staying true to yourself is extremely important when planning your wedding. Have the wedding you want—not the wedding you think you’re supposed to have. Want to wear a black dress instead of a white gown? Wear a black dress. Want to to have a wedding brunch instead of an evening reception? Do it. Want to elope to Vegas with no friends or family in tow? Go for it. In this issue, we’ve provided tons of ideas and resources for planning your big day. From beautiful wedding gowns to event venues to tips for making a signature cocktail, we’ve given you information to aid in planning your wedding,

From fashion and wedding etiquette to travel and traditions, Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine will give you ideas and inspiration. As you turn the pages of this book, we aspire to help you with your Big Day as you begin your happily ever afer.

whatever it may entail. A wedding is about celebrating the start of your new life together. Make it special. Make it personal. Make it fun. When you look back a few



ing M a gazine

years down the road, you’ll be glad you did. k

Sop histica


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

o ted W


Your day. Surrounded by

towering pines, majestic oaks and panoramic views, Beau Chêne Country Club provides the perfect natural setting for your day.

Your party. The classic ballroom, Morgan’s Lounge, the Chef’s fresh creations and all the details– it’s just what you imagined. Exhale, it’s time to party.

Arrange your tour and tasting. email: 985.845.3571 |

Memorable Weddings Since 1975

Beau Chêne Country Club Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Showers • Grooms’ Parties

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Rustic Elegance Paired With Southern Charm THE BERRY BARN WRITTEN BY STACY TOBIN

When it comes to wedding venues with southern charm, barns are the perfect marriage of country and class. When it comes to finding that sort of rustic elegance on the Northshore, the Berry Barn has it all. Tucked away in Tangipahoa Parish just a short drive up Interstate 55, this

plan changed before the barn was even finished. Shortly after the barn was erected but before it was covered in red and white paint, an enthusiastic young couple approached Liuzza about

charming wooden barn is nestled among the strawberry fields and rolling

using the space for their wedding. “It didn’t have air and heat at the time.

green pastures of the Liuzza family’s 500-acre produce farm. Directly behind

It didn’t have windows or doors. They just really wanted to get married

the barn, a satsuma orchard creates a perfectly picturesque backdrop for an

in a barn,” she said. Liuzza was happy to accommodate the couple, and

outdoor wedding ceremony, the scent of the strawberry fields filling the air

word of this idyllic country wedding location quickly spread.

with sweetness. While this may be the perfect setting for a wedding, the Berry Barn was never intended to be used as such. Owner Elizabeth Liuzza said the seed was planted several years ago when her family started allowing Girl Scouts and church groups to visit the farm and pick strawberries. On a trip to Georgia a few years later, Liuzza visited a farm similar to her own and liked what she saw. Like the Liuzza’s farm, this one offered strawberry picking, but it included a whole lot more. “They also had so much else to offer the public. It was basically an entertainment operation,” Liuzza said. The visit inspired her to add a few farm animals and a couple of ponies for wagon rides to her farm. That quickly led to birthday parties and field trips. To accommodate the growing number of guests, a shelter was constructed, giving visitors a place to take cover during afternoon showers or enjoy a shady lunchtime escape from the sun. Next came the construction of a quintessential red barn. “People just can’t come to a farm and not see a big red barn,” Liuzza said “That’s what I thought—I was going to do this big red and white barn. I thought if I didn’t need it for field trips, I would put my animals in it. I wasn’t even going to pour 8

concrete in it. I just needed the structure and the shell of a barn.” That

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Before long, Liuzza realized she would need to turn the rustic barn into a proper venue. Four years ago, she took the leap and enclosed the barn, equipping it with year-round climate control, handicap accessible

restrooms, tables and chairs with a customizable floor plan, a stage for entertainment and a built-in bar. An open arbor situated just outside the barn faces several rows of wooden pews that can accommodate more than 300 guests. Inside the barn, twinkling lights dangle from exposed wood beams and custom wagon wheel chandeliers illuminate the room. Wine barrel cocktail tables put the finishing touch on the space. These country-chic elements combine to create a rustically elegant atmosphere, perfect for ceremonies and receptions. Distinctive touches like a miniature mule and buggy to shuttle guests from the barn to the parking lot and a horse-drawn wagon for grand entrances and exits truly make this enchanting venue one of a kind. Since the transformation from a simple, open-air barn to an enchanting wedding venue, the Liuzzas have added other additions to the Berry Barn for couples to use on their wedding days. A fully furnished bridal cabin is the perfect spot for bridal party preparation and relaxation on the day of the wedding. The cabin is ideal for up-dos and makeup, equipped with a full kitchen, a living room, a master suite, a king bed, additional loft style twin beds, sofas, TVs and a wrap-around porch. Liuzza said brides and grooms usually choose to stay in the cabin the night of the wedding, but it can also accommodate honeymoon retreats or serve as a bed and breakfast for outof-town guests. The carriage house is a smaller, barn-style venue, capable of accommodating up to 200 guests. Its second-floor loft is a perfect hangout and staging area for the guys on the big day. Even with all the add-ons and renovations, Liuzza and her team always strived to maintain the unique farm feel that got the entire operation started. “People love the feeling they get being in the middle of a farm with a satsuma orchard behind the barn, strawberry fields all around and animals grazing in the pastures,” she said. “It’s the perfect rustic, elegant location for an event.” The Berry Barn is located at 56188 Holden Circle in Amite. For more information, call 985-284-0722 or visit k

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18 9 Sophisticated Woman | June 2017 9

Destined For Love


Most brides and grooms consider the idea of having a destination wedding at some point during their planning process. After all, visions of exchanging vows against a gorgeous backdrop can be alluring. This increasingly popular trend can turn a special wedding weekend into a week-long celebration. Most weddings last no more than five hours. The bride and groom are running around the entire time from table to table, with the hopes of saying hello to everyone. The average destination wedding lasts three days, offering lots more quality time to share with your friends and family. The first step to planning a destination wedding (after saying “yes!” of course) is to narrow down where you want your wedding to take place. Whether you want it to be less than a five-hour drive from your home or on an island in the Caribbean, there are lots of factors to consider before sealing the deal with a signed contract and financial commitment. Your Guests Come First. Your guest list should be at the top of your planning list. Long before finalizing a location, you should consider if it is a realistic destination for your guests. If a faraway, exotic location like Bora Bora would pose a logistical or financial hardship for important people on your list, you may want to consider an easier-to-reach option, such as an island in the Caribbean. Consider a destination with nonstop flights. A small island that requires multiple flights and transfers will increase travel time and costs. Multiple flights also increase the risk of flight delays and trip disruptions for your guests. If you are overwhelmed with the number of people you have on your wedding guest list, a destination wedding gives you the perfect excuse to taper down the number of people to invite. You can always throw a post-wedding party when you return home. Don’t get your feelings hurt if potential members of your bridal party or even family say they are unable to attend. It could be that their finances are too tight or they are not comfortable traveling out of the country. Consider resorts that offer a wide range of room categories. A stunning, all-suite boutique resort may be perfect for you, but it is important to keep friends and family with smaller travel budgets in mind. A resort with a wide range of room categories allows budget-conscious guests to have the same destination experience as guests who choose to stay in a suite. Timing is Everything. Timing is important when considering possible destinations. Have you selected a wedding date that falls in high season? If so, you will want to secure your hotel rooms and wedding venue a minimum of eight-to-10 months


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

in advance. Keep in mind that you could save yourself and your guests

care of the travel logistics for you and your guests. If there are any travel

lots of money by considering a date either right before or right after high

delays or disruptions, you’ll have someone who can quickly take care of it

season. You’ll still enjoy good weather while enjoying smaller crowds and

so everyone can enjoy your special weekend. Many resorts and hotels offer

better rates.

complimentary, on-site wedding planning services and will assist you with

Look at the annual weather reports to make sure your timeframe works with Mother Nature. Booking a Caribbean destination during hurricane season is always a risky proposition.

the coordination of essentials such as the marriage license, cake and officiant. Consider purchasing wedding cancellation insurance. Life happens and if issues arise, your financial investment will be protected. Weather challenges,

If you’re thinking about a destination wedding, nail down a destination in

health concerns or other obstacles can result in plans being canceled.

enough time to give your guests at least a six-to-eight month notice. Send

Many brides and grooms dream of having a destination wedding to

save-the-date announcements as soon as you’ve finalized the destination

celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous destination surrounded by those they

and dates to give guests ample time to plan. Setting up a wedding website

love. With the right planning and preparation, their dreams can easily become

for your friends and family to keep them informed of the details makes

a wonderful reality.

planning easy and adds to the fun. It’s All in the Details. Compared to a traditional wedding, a destination


Stephanie Miller Murphy, CTA is a Luxury Travel Advisor and Owner of Miller Murphy Travel – an affiliate of Brownell Travel and Virtuoso. Miller Murphy

wedding multiplies the logistics that need to be considered. There is no

Travel specializes in creating custom bucket-list itineraries around the globe,

reason to do it all yourself when you can get help from the pros. Hiring

destination wedding and honeymoon planning and multigenerational family

a local wedding planner and travel advisor is worth every penny. A travel

travel. Stephanie can be reached at or by

advisor will have experience negotiating a hotel contract and will take

calling 985-727-5577.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18



For many couples planning a destination wedding, the question of who

Attendants should pay for:

pays for what comes up very quickly in the process. Do you cover the entire

● • Travel expenses to the destination.

wedding party’s travel expenses? What about close family friends?

● • Formalwear and accessories.

A destination wedding is not unlike a traditional wedding where the couple

● • Hair, makeup and/or spa appointments.

does not assume the travel expenses for out-of-town guests. However, when

● • Food and drinks that aren’t part of a wedding event

you ask guests to pay to travel to your destination wedding, you should

● • The cost of renting a car.

expect to provide some extras. For a destination wedding, the couple or wedding hosts should always pay for:

Guest should pay for:

● • A party or gathering welcoming guests to the destination.

● • Airfare to and from the destination.

● • A welcome bag.

● • Lodging.

● • The rehearsal dinner.

● • Meals and beverages apart from wedding-related festivities.

● • The wedding reception.

● • Other non-wedding activities they select.

● • A brunch the morning after the wedding.

● • Car rentals.

It’s highly recommended that the couple pay for: ● • Attendant hotel rooms. Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for

bridesmaids’ accommodations; the groom’s family should cover lodging expenses for groomsmen. ● • Transportation to and from the airport as well as to and from the

ceremony and reception sites, if applicable. ● • Some leisure activities - a tour or excursion at the destination. ● • Expenses for important guests who could not afford to come


otherwise. Elderly relatives fit in this category.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

What Goes in a Welcome Bag? • A welcome letter. • Pertinent contact information. • Wedding itinerary, including dress code for each event. • Information about the area, including a map and attractions.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18



Gina Pausina Cherry Guillory was

in. The book was out of print through local

on November 18, 2017. But then the

bookstores, so Ben found a gently used copy

unexpected happened. She was diagnosed

of the book and two other possible options

with stage two breast cancer in June.

online. He had two sent to his home and one

She didn’t want to postpone the wedding until after her treatment was complete, and during the ceremony, so the wedding

was the book Gina had originally wanted. She

couldn’t occur during treatment. That

didn’t have to compromise on her true wishes.

forced her to move the wedding up to

“If you have your mind set on something and

Aug. 5, 2017, a timeline that would have

that’s what you want, don’t give up. You can

overwhelmed many brides.

make it happen,” she said. Ben, a pharmacist, and Gina, who is the

doggedly determined to make things

director of marketing and sales for A-1 Mobile

happen, and with the help of friends and by

Shredding and a fitness instructor at Franco’s,

the grace of God, she did just that. “It was

met in high school but went their separate

simply amazing how it all came together,”

after graduation. Years later, following first

she said.

marriages, the couple reconnected and

Her dress and the venue posed the

dated for about three years before deciding

biggest potential roadblocks. The dress

to marry. Gina has three children, ages 20, 15

had already been ordered from Yvonne

and 12; Ben has a 20-year-old daughter. While it was important that their wedding

supposed to arrive at the end of August.

came off without a hitch, the couple was

Miraculously, when Gina called to see if

also concerned about Gina’s health. Gina

there was any chance of getting the dress

consulted with an array of doctors to make

sooner, she discovered her dress had

certain she could postpone her treatment

already arrived.

until after the wedding. “Because of the

Next was the venue. She had planned

wedding, I asked three oncologists to switch

to get married at the Emerald Grande

the protocol, and they said it would be fine to

in Destin, Fla., a popular spot during the

wait,” she said.

summer months. After explaining her

Gina said the most important thing when

situation, she was able to secure the same

trying to plan a wedding on an abbreviated

space for the first Saturday in August. “I had

timeline is to leave not a single stone

the venue, and my dress was in. I still can’t

unturned and don’t be afraid to ask for

believe it all came through,” she said.

help. “It’s really about determination and

The couple was able to have the wedding of their dreams in a beautiful

perseverance,” she said. Even though the wedding came together

room overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

at the last minute, Gina and Ben had to

Family and friends altered their schedule

cancel their honeymoon plans. The much-

so they could attend. “We had almost the

anticipated trip to St. Lucia where they

same number of guests we would have had

planned to stay in a tropical beach bungalow

(in November). We had nearly 100 people

had to be put off until after Gina’s cancer

there,” she said.

treatment is complete.

Serendipity intervened again to ensure

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Only one arrived in time for the wedding.

she wanted to look and feel like herself

LaFleur in New Orleans, and it was


shipped to the Emerald Grande. It was the book shipped to the resort, and it

But Gina isn’t just any bride. She’s

Riding The Wave

of beach pictures to use for guests to sign-

supposed to marry her husband Ben

“He promised me we would go but we

the little touches happened, too. Gina

haven’t made plans yet. Maybe it can be a

wanted a very specific coffee table book

first-anniversary trip,” she said.


1144 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville, LA • 985.626.4557 COME VISIT OUR NEWLY RENOVATED BALLROOM!

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


The Perfect Signature Cocktail REFRESHING LIBATIONS TO TEMPT YOUR GUESTS A small selection of specialty cocktails is a sure-fire way to spice up a wedding celebration. While creating distinctive cocktails may seem like a daunting task, two Northshore bartenders say it’s easier than you may think. Stacy Tobin and Katherine Wickham spend lot of Fridays and Saturdays

without being overpowering. CONSIDER THEME AND TIME OF YEAR Think about seasons, holidays and the theme of the wedding.

tending bar for private events on the Northshore. They know how to make

Cocktails may already exist that reflect these elements. Change them

a refreshing drink that will tempt your guests’ tastebuds and set your

up to suit your celebration and tastes.

celebration apart from the ordinary.

For a winter wedding, an Irish coffee or hot buttered rum will


warm everyone up. During Christmastime, eggnog will add to the

Many couples choose to do his and hers cocktails, Tobin said. Some

ambience. For a fall celebration, sip some spiked cider. Summertime?

create a cocktail for each member of the wedding party. The more variety

Try something refreshing like a mojito. Mardi Gras? Serve up signature

available, the more likely all guests will find a beverage they enjoy.

hurricane. Rum runners and sea breezes are great for beach weddings,


and for a fiesta theme, modify a margarita. To add some southern

If you are not sure where to start, think about what you usually drink. If

charm, serve snowballs, mint juleps or your favorite spiked tea.

you like vodka with soda or tonic, add cucumber, mint or ginger to change it up. If you drink wine, create your own sangria. If you like darker liquor, think about variations on a Manhattan or a dark and stormy. While you should consider your preferences, you should also think about your guests’ tastes. Vodka, gin or whiskey generally suit a variety of palates, Wickham said. And aim for the middle when creating a flavor profile — don’t get too sweet or too bitter. “You want something that’s very light, that’s good and refreshing but doesn’t have too many flavors,” Wickham said. A good way to build flavor is by infusing your own alcohol. For example, Wickham said it’s simple to soak strawberries or herbs in vodka for a week or two to create your own liquor base. Another way to set your drink apart is by using herbs or fruit for flavor, texture and color. Wickham said 16

fresh herbs add a savory layer of flavor that makes a drink memorable

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

PICK THE PRESENTATION Glassware and garnishes are a great way to make the drinks match the celebration. Something simple like a gin and tonic can be shaken and strained into a champagne flute with a fun garnish to dress things up, and mason jars can add to the ambience of rustic occasions. You should also consider how the drink will be served. If you want your bartender to mix each drink to order, your guests may wait a bit longer for your signature cocktail. If you want to mix the drink ahead of time and let guests serve themselves, provide ice so it can be drank on the rocks. Adding ice to the beverage container will water down the drink. Wickham offered an important tip. If you want your bartender to make a signature cocktail at your event, be sure to communicate that ahead of time. Otherwise, he or she may not come prepared with the right tools to create your drink properly. USE COLOR To tie in your wedding colors, Tobin said use fruits, herbs, rims and straws. Frozen berries can double as ice cubes to add fresh color to your cocktail, and a dash of juice can change the shade of an otherwise clear drink. Colored sugar and salt rims are another festive way to bring it all together on your special day. NAME IT! After creating cocktail recipes, give your drinks catchy names to make them even more memorable. Many couples choose to name the drinks after each other. Think “CosmoPaulitan” or “Breellini.” Others prefer plays on existing cocktails like “Something Old Fashioned,” “White Wedding Russian” or “Mai Tai The Knot.” Names that reflect the theme of the big day are also popular. “Love Potion,” “Altar-ed State” “The Perfect Pear” or “Main Squeeze” make fun options. Remember: don’t overthink it. At the end of the day, it’s just another fun way to make your wedding more unique and memorable. If you’re really struggling, ask your bartender for help. He or she can come up with some great combinations to please you and your guests. k

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18 17 Sophisticated Woman | June 2017 17

Wedding Cocktails For All Seasons Winter


Winter Wonderland Cocktail

Watermelon Martini



1 ounce cream of coconut

2 ounces watermelon juice

1 ½ ounce vanilla vodka

1 ½ ounce citrus vodka

1 ½ ounce white creme de coco

½ teaspoon lemon juice ½ teaspoon simple syrup

Directions: Shake together with ice and strain into a


glass filled with ice.

Shake together with ice, strain and serve in a sugar-rimmed martini glass.



Apple Cider Mule

Cucumber Pear Martini



2 ounces vodka

2 ounces pear vodka

2 ounces apple cider

½ teaspoon simple syrup

1 small wedge of lime

2 slices cucumber, muddled



Combine ingredients, top with ginger

Combine in a glass, and top with soda.

beer and serve over ice.


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

You Are CordiallyInvited


What information should I include on the invitation?

How should I address envelopes?

Just the facts, ma’am! The hosts’ full names should be included along

Address a married couple as “Mr. and Mrs.” followed by the husband’s

with those of the bride and groom. You should also include the date, time

full name. If the wife goes by her maiden name, address the envelope in

and place of the ceremony and/or reception. Be sure to include the full

alphabetical order by each person’s last name. Addressing the envelope

address(es) of the venues.

to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family” indicates the guests’ child(ren) are invited. Use “Ms.” for single women over 21 and “Miss” for those under 21.

Should I specify the dress code?

Single men should be referred to as “Mr.”

The preferred dress for your wedding should be included on the lower right-hand corner of your invitation. The style and language of your

Where should I put the return address?

invitation will also provide guests a clue about how they should dress.

Place the return address on the back flap of the envelope. The address

Formal language written in calligraphy conveys a traditional wedding;

should be that of the hosts, who may not be the bride or groom. The

relaxed wording in a colorful font lets guests know the wedding will be a

RVSP envelope should include the return address as well as postage for

more casual affair.

the return.

Should I tell guests about our wedding website?

Should I include registry information on the invitation?

Many newly engaged couples create a wedding website to communicate

No. Registry information should never appear on the invitation.

news about their big day. Feel free to include the URL on a save-the-

This information is best communicated via word of mouth from the

date card or include it on an insert in your invitation suite. It shouldn’t be

hosts, bridal party, family and close friends. You can include registry

printed on the actual invitation.

information on your personal wedding website but it shouldn’t be a prominent feature.

Must I send save-the-date cards?


Save-the-date cards are a modern trend and are not required. If you

When should I mail invitations?

decide to send them, mail the cards six to eight months before the

Generally, invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the

wedding, and make certain that everyone who received a save-the-date

ceremony. For destination weddings, send invitations several months in

card also receives a wedding invitation.

advance to give guests ample planning time. Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Spa Day �or

Brides and Besties

Relax and enjoy your bridal shower or bachelorette party at the Spa at Stone Creek. Escape the pre-wedding stress with a half-day Creekside Retreat, including lunch. Perfect for the bride-to-be or the whole bridal party. Stay for the Day— spa services include full use of the club.

Manicures • Pedicures • Spray Tanning Massage Therapy • Body Treatments Facials • Make-up Application

1201 Ochsner Blvd., Covington, LA 985.801.7120

Before The Big Day, Transform Your Life, Body & Skin with Timeless RX

• Inner Beauty with Health & Medical Weight Loss • Outer Beauty with Aesthetic Treatments • Sublative Lasers, Microblading & More

20% Off Services When You Mention This Ad


1970 N. Highway 190, Ste. B, Covington

John Simon, MD • Reba Weymouth, FNP-C • Samantha Bazile, LME


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Couture Style. Realistic Pricing. 1901 Hwy. 190 • Suite 24 Mandeville • 985-674-6994 Tues-Fri 10-5, Sat 9-5




Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Bridal Bliss Bridal Bliss

Photographer: Steve Randon Models: Hailey Frey, Cassidy Sterns Smith, Amber Sperry, Lauren Taylor DeJohn, Sophie Mae Wall Hair & Makeup: Bella Salon and Spa, Amanda May, Hair, Carie Cleland, Makeup Glam On Location, Devon Terry & Nicole McOmber Fashion Styist: Sharon Bilbe Location: Benedicts, Mandeville Flowers: Florist Of Covington Shoes and Accessories Olivier Couture and Southern Bridal


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Bridal Bliss Decisions abound when shopping for the perfect wedding gown. Simple elegance or ornate details? A classic silhouette or a modern flair? Off the rack or haute couture? Whether you pick the first gown you see or try on hundreds before finding your dream dress, you’ll know you’ve found “The One” when you look in the mirror and see a confident, captivating bride staring back at you.


Lauren Taylor (left) Heavily beaded bodice with mermaid shape, this gown is for the bride who wants a whole lot of Hollywood glamour in her bridal style. Satin and beaded embroidered fabric in an ivory/silver color. Southern Bridal.

Hailey (top right) Heavy beaded v-neck that you will fall in love with, this Jasmine Couture dress uses a timeless silhouette of a v-neck neckline and mermaid skirt to create the perfect canvas for the glamorous Alencon lace and intricate beading. Rhinestone and crystal halo. Southern Bridal.

Hailey & Amber (bottom right) This Eddy K Aires is a stunning ivory lace and tulle gown with a beautiful illusion neckline made to look like an off-the-shoulder dress. The back of this fit and flare gown features an illusion panel with floating buttons. Olivier Couture. Two-piece candlelight lace crop top with tulle skirt with a fitted waistband and a full layered skirt. Bella Bridesmaids.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Fairytale Beginnin Fairytale Beginnings


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Fairytale Beginnings Every little girl wants to look like a Fairytale Princess on her wedding day. The first step to Happily Ever After? Selecting the perfect dress. The dress that makes you feel magical. The dress that makes you feel feminine. The dress that promises every eye will be fixed on you as you walk down the aisle. Whether simple or highly embellished, sleek or full, modern or vintage inspired, your dress should speak to you emotionally. When you see yourself wearing it, you’ll instantly know you’ve found the one.


Cassidy (left, bottom left) This Stella York blush ball dress is a gorgeous lace on tulle a-line wedding dress that features a bodice with a plunging neckline. Stunning! Southern Bridal.

(top right)

Allure Style 9453 scrolled long sleeve gown is charmeuse topped with lace at the bodice, echoing the illusion back with sheet paneling along the train. So very romantic! Southern Bridal.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Happily Ever Afte H appily E ver A fter


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Happily Every After Your dress should be as enchanting as the love you’re celebrating. There’s no other love like the one your share with your soon-to-be husband, and your dress should reflect that. And just like your relationship, the details are important. A long row of pearl buttons. A perfectly placed ruffle. A dramatic, sheer beaded bodice. It’s those intricate details that give the dress a “wow” factor, transforming a good wedding dress to a great one. k

Sophie (left) This Justin Alexander long sleeve crepe fit and flare gown is made of fullylined jersey from top to bottom. The smart styling gives way to the elaborately beaded motif on the sheer illusion back. Gown is finished with working button on the sleeves and illusion back. Olivier Couture.

Lauren Taylor (right) Button and rhinestones on a sheer net back with a cathedral train, this gown is for the bride who wants a whole lot of Hollywood glamour in her bridal style. Satin and beaded embroidery fabric. ivory-silver color. Southern Bridal.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Creative Color Trends MODERN COLORS FOR EVERY SEASON Colors set the stage for your wedding ceremony and reception. To create the perfect palette, weave four colors into your wedding aesthetic. Two should be prominent focal points; the other two should serve as accents, seamlessly tying the scene together. This stylish mix of colors brings richness, depth and interest to your wedding. Consider these trendy color combinations, expertly curated for each season.



Ivory + Silver + Evergreen + Ivy =

Apricot + Sage Green + Greige + Navy Blue

Fresh, Organic, Clean

= Soft, Timeless, Warm

Blush + Gold + Cornflower + Navy=

Fig + Charcoal Gray + Pewter + White

Vintage, Romantic, Relaxed

= Modern, Sophisticated, Dramatic




Mint Green + Rose + Coral + Magenta

Eggplant + Ruby + Fuchsia + Rose Gold

= Fun, Cheerful, Flirty

= Elegant, Rich, Sultry

Fuschia + Lavender + Emerald + Lapis Blue

Black + Taupe + Antique Gold + White

= Whimsical, Lively, Vibrant

= Classic, Unexpected, Versatile

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


You can pick the most beautiful wedding gown imaginable, but if you don’t have the right foundation, the silhouette might not look the way you expect on your wedding day. When you select your gown, be sure to think about the lingerie you’ll need. Take measurements while you’re still in the dress shop so you’ll know exactly what you need underneath. Consider things like strap width, the length of the illusion panel and how far the neckline plunges. Take pictures from each angle so you’ll remember how the dress fits after you leave the dress shop. And after you buy your undergarments, take them to dress fittings to ensure a proper fit. Some dresses are more structured, so you may not require an underwire bra. Or, you can choose to have padding or a bra sewn into your dress to offer support. If you don’t plan to wear a bra, remember to get some skin-colored pasties. You will also need to think about panty lines. If you are wearing a very fitted dress, a seamless thong or boyshort is the best option. If your skirt is wider or requires a crinoline, you have more options for underwear. Be sure to match the color of your underwear to your skin, not your dress. It will look more natural and give a smoother image. On your wedding day, have adhesive tape on hand to account for perspiration or weight loss. You want to feel completely comfortable when you walk down the aisle!


What Is The Best Lingerie For Your Dress Style? Halter A backless, strapless bra with a plunging neckline.

Plunging Neckline A wide-set bra with demi cups to boost cleavage.

Strapless A custom-tailored corset to cinch your waist and create cleavage.

Sheath Skin-colored, all-in-one seamless shapewear or slip.

Body Enhancing or Mermaid Body-colored shapewear to accent your curves and offer support.

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


S o m e t h i n g Sere S omething S erene

Photographer: Michelle Preau Models: Lauren Arguelles, Christina Billiot, Keri Stevens, Laura Tillman Hair & Makeup: Bella Salon and Spa, Amanda May, Hair, Carie Cleland, Makeup Fashion Styist: Sharon Bilbe Location: Maison Lafitte, Mandeville Flowers: Florist Of Covington Shoes and Accessories: Shoeffle’


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Set a modern romantic tone using the calming blues and greens of the ocean. Complementary shades within the same color family will add depth and interest to your wedding party’s attire. Use only three shades for your bridesmaids dresses to keep the color scheme charming instead of chaotic. Varied hemline lengths allow each bridesmaid to wear the dress that best flatters her body type.


Keri (left) Theia Coutur Sophia dress in sea blue. Look like a princess in this layered flowing tulle gown. Delicate sleeveless tank neckline with spaghetti straps. Fitted with a ruched bodice. Bella Bridesmaids.

Keri, Laura, Lauren, Christina (this page, top) Theia Couture, Sophia dress in Sea Blue. Bella Bridesmaids. Jenny Yoo Mila dress in caspian sea. This chiffon gown features off-shoulder draped sleeves that fall beautifully highlighting the shoulders. Delicate spaghetti straps provide extra support for the bodice. The v-neck adds to the feminine silhouette, completing the romantic look. Bella Bridesmaids. Jenny Yoo Kendall dress in morning mist. This beaded tulle dress features a high neckline with thick straps for coverage and support. This fitted style accentuates the natural shape of the body for a modest but feminine look. Bella Bridesmaids. Joanna August Riggs long dress in emerald eyes. An effortlessly elegant gown in delicate crepe. The v-neckline is detailed with an attached sash and covered elastic refines the waist. Bella Bridesmaids. Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


P a s t e l P e r fe c t i P as te l P e r fe ct io n


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Stay on trend with neutral classics and soft shades for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Taupe, blush, icy blue and pale pistachio lay the foundation for an understated entourage while serving as a blank canvas for and mix of metal accessories. Use vibrant pops of color in attendants’ bouquets to tie your vision together. And don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns in the dresses. Just keep the accessories and bouquet simple so the motif doesn’t get too busy.


Keri, Christina, Laura, Lauren (left) Amsale Colby dress in mint. Flat chiffon with twist-front halter. Wraps at waist with tie and long flowy skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Jenny Yoo Claire dress in blush sand dune. Flower-embroidered tulle gown features a high neck with delicate strap. Halter bodice and straight, floor-length skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Nouvelle Amsale Cait dress in cloud. Delicate flat chiffon with a high-neck halter neckline. Ruffle top and flowy skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Joanna August. Abby Long dress in All Tomorrow’s Parties. Chiffon wrap dress with v-neck pleated bodice and straps. Full, pleated skirt with optional sash. Bella Bridesmaids.

Laura, Lauren, Keri, Christina (this page, top) Watters Carly dress in blush/almond/sandstone. Sequined Lucca lace and bobbinet. A-Line shape featuring a modified halter neckline with thin spaghetti straps. Bella Bridesmaids. Monique Lhuillier style 450477 in slate. Metallic chiffon off-the-shoulder ruffle top with silhouetted skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Monique Lhuillier style 450476 in rose. Metallic chiffon. V-neck front and back with shirred skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Amsale Dayne dress in latte. Soft shimmer in floral, sequined lace. Illusion bateau neckline in front. Deep-V back. with full gathered tulle skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Regal Splendor R ega l S p l en d o r


Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Don’t be afraid to use brilliant jewel tones for your bridesmaid’s dresses. To keep bold colors from overwhelming the scene, play mixand-match with fabrics and textures. Sequins add sparkle, lace brings softness and beads offer depth. Varied fabrics also allow brides to match their bridesmaids’ personal style: fluffy tulle, sleek silk and boho chiffon in the same color bring varied characteristics to the design but mesh nicely, just like a group of friends.


Lauren (left) Theia Couture in garnet sequins. Sleeveless cutaway spaghetti strap, lace-up back, micro-sequin mermaid gown. Bella Bridesmaids.

Lauren, Keri, Laura, Christina (this page, top) Theia Couture (shown left) Hayley Paige style 5652 in burgundy. Lace and chiffon a-line gown. Cross-over draped bodice with lace detail. Natural waist. Strap detail at back. Bella Bridesmaids. Jenny Yoo Nadya gown in cabernet.. Floor-length Lily Lace dress with a mock-halter with an inner sweatheart neckline. Delicate straps hook at the center back. Waist-flattering seam that opens into a fit-and-flare skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Twobirds burgundy convertible jersey floor-skimming gown with a slit. Fitted bodice with flattering skirt. Bella Bridesmaids. Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


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You know you’re supposed to walk down the aisle with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but do you know why? Chances are, you probably aren’t aware of the interesting origins of popular wedding traditions. During the weddings of yesteryear, people were quite concerned that evil spirits would ruin a marriage. They were also really interested in the new couple’s wedding night activities. And luck. Brides were considered to be really, really lucky. Thankfully, we’ve put those fears and beliefs behind us, but the traditions live on at many weddings today. Old, New, Borrowed & Blue The tradition originated in the Victorian era when brides wore these elements to bring good fortune. “Something old” connected the bride to her past and her family. “Something new” represented her new family and new life together. “Something borrowed” was a token from a happily married couple who wanted to pass their own good fortune to the new bride. Much like the phrase “true blue,” the “something blue” was associated with faithfulness and loyalty in the marriage. Victorian brides also put a sixpence in their shoe for good luck, and some modern brides carry on the tradition with a penny. Tossing the Garter In the past, couples didn’t wait until the honeymoon to consummate the marriage. It was done immediately following the ceremony. The groom would toss the garter out the door of the bridal bedchamber as proof of consummation or, in more awkward scenarios, witnesses would obtain the garter from the bedchamber as proof

Keeping The Tradition Alive 38

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

the deed had been done. Luckily over the years, society abandoned the tradition of witnessed consummation, and the garter simply became a symbol of good luck for the man who caught it. Tossing the Bouquet Brides were once thought to bring good luck to those who physically touched her. Some wedding guests took the belief to the extreme by ripping off pieces of her clothing to keep as souvenirs. At some point, brides began tossing their bouquet to the crowd so she and her new husband could escape to the bridal bedchamber with her clothes in tact. Today, much like the garter tradition, brides toss their bouquets to bring luck to whomever catches it.

Wearing a Veil In ancient Greece, people were very concerned about an evil spirit interfering with the bride on her wedding day. To ward off malevolent, jealous spirits, brides wore veils during the wedding ceremony. Later on, brides commonly wore veils in arranged marriages so the groom would not be able to see her face until the marriage ceremony was complete. Since the veil impaired the bride’s vision, her father or another important male family member escorted her to the wedding altar. Over time, the veil began to symbolize modesty and in some religious traditions, women cover their heads to show reverence in places of worship. Saving Your Wedding Cake It used to be that couples were expected to have a child within the first year of marriage. By saving a portion of the wedding cake, the couple would have a ready-made dessert to serve when the pregnancy was announced or at the child’s Christening. Today, many couples choose to freeze a tier or slice of cake to eat on a special day. If you want to try and preserve your cake for year, remove all the flowers, stems, leaves and other adornments. Wrap it in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn. Want a fresh cake? Ask your baker to make you small cake with the same flavors and flowers to enjoy on your one-year anniversary. Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold The origin of this tradition is a little murky. One reason a new husband might have carried his new wife across a threshold was to prevent evil spirits powers from entering her feet, thus impacting her ability to bear children. Others thought it looked unseemly if a young woman wanted to leave her father’s home. The groom carried her into his hoome to preserve her father’s dignity. In very ancient times, women were sometimes married against their will and had to be forcibly carried into a dwelling. Regardless of how the tradition began, today it’s just a amusing thing to do.


Creative Ways to Incorporate “Something Blue” • Embroider a monogram or your names into the underskirt of your dress. • Incorporate blue flowers or ribbons into your bouquet. Wear a blue garter, petticoat or shoes. • Play up your eyes with navy blue eyeshadow or mascara. • Paint your nails a dreamy blue.

Lucky Superstitions • According to Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is good luck. • Ancient Romans studied pig entrails to pick the luckiest time to marry. • The English think it is good luck to find a spider in your wedding dress. • For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day

Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18


Planning Timeline

9-12 Months Before

4-6 Months Before

• • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Start imagining what your wedding will look like: colors, theme, floral décor, music, location. Have an engagement party! Take engagement photos. Establish a budget for your wedding and decide on the number of guests. Create a wedding binder to help you stay organized. Choose members of your wedding party Order wedding invitations, save-the-date cards and other stationery. Secure a wedding planner, if you’ll be using one. Set a date! Reserve locations for the ceremony and reception. Begin shopping for your gown and that of your wedding party. Research wedding insurance to protect your investment. Choose a ceremony officiant. Begin researching bands, DJs and other entertainment options.

6-9 Months Before • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Compile the guest list with names and addresses. Create a wedding website. Register for wedding gifts. Meet with bakers to taste and design on your cake(s). Order bridesmaids’ dresses. Send “save the date” cards. Interview photographers, videographers, caterers, florists and musicians for the ceremony and reception. Order your wedding dress, shoes, veil and accessories. Make final selections and secure vendors with required deposits. Contact rental companies for tables, chairs, tents and linens. Consult a travel agent for honeymoon plans. Reserve hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests. Book a suite for day-of prep and/or your wedding night.

2-3 Months Before • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

• • • • Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18

Hire a calligrapher if you’d like professionally addressed invitations. Book your hair stylist and discuss ‘dos for your big day! Book a makeup artist and begin trials. Rent groom’s and groomsmen’s formalwear. Order your cake. Select a menu for the reception. Finalize flowers. Purchase gifts for wedding party, attendants, parents and each other. Mail invitations. Write your vows. Choose a guest book or another fun way for guests to sign in to your wedding. Create a wedding program to hand out to guests. Plan and shop for honeymoon attire. Schedule a time for your wedding rehearsal and alert members of the wedding party.

1 Month Before

• •


Shop for and order rings. Attend pre-marital counseling, if required or desired. Book your honeymoon! Book a venue for your rehearsal dinner. Choose and book wedding day transportation. Confirm all wedding vendors.

Apply for a marriage license. Obtain and prepare the documents you’ll need to change your name. Write wedding-day notes for your parents and future spouse. Have your final gown fitting. Confirm all members of your wedding party have dresses or tuxedos ready for wedding day. Finalize arrangements with vendors. Mail rehearsal dinner invitations. Enjoy a bachelorette or bachelor party with your friends. Arrange welcome baskets for out-of-town guests.

2 Weeks Before

Night Before

• • • • • • • •

Review final RSVP list, and call important guests who have not yet responded. Deliver must-have shot lists to photographer and videographer. Deliver song list to DJ or band leader. Get your last pre-wedding hair cut and/or color. Give the reception site and caterer a final head count. If you are having a sit-down dinner, prepare a seating chart as well as place and table cards. Make last-minute arrangements with all wedding vendors. Practice walking in your wedding shoes. Provide ceremony and reception sites with a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times as well as contact numbers. Pack for your honeymoon!

2-3 Days Before • • • • • • • • •

Have your gown pressed or steamed, if necessary. Send wedding day timeline to wedding party and pertinent vendors. Grooms should go for a final fitting. Confirm that groomsmen do this, as well. Determine the order of the bridal party in the processional and recessional. Deliver place cards, table cards, menus, favors and all other table setting necessities to the caterer or location coordinator. Confirm final details with all vendors. Discuss any last-minute changes, including delivery times. Confirm pickup times and locations with your transportation service. Bring welcome baskets to the hotel concierge for delivery to outof-town guests. Pack your pre-wedding and wedding night bags.

Day Before • • • •

Assign a point-person if you don’t have a wedding planner. Provide all wedding vendors with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding. Pick up tuxedos. Prepare all fees, payments and tips to be paid.

• • • •

Rehearsal! Meet with wedding party, readers, officiant and immediate family at the ceremony site to discuss details. Bring any ceremony accessories to the site. Give your marriage license to your officiant. Attend the rehearsal dinner, and present attendants with gifts. Get some sleep!

Day-Of • • • • •

Eat and drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s going to be a long one! Present parents and each other with gifts. Give wedding bands to the best man and maid of honor to hold during the ceremony. Give the best man the officiant’s envelope to be handed off after the ceremony. Introduce your reception site manager to your consultant or maid of honor for any questions or problems during the reception. Assign a family member or attendant to be the photographer’s contact so he can identify important people. Try not to stress, and enjoy your special day!

Post-Wedding • • •

Designate a person to retrieve and store your wedding day items. Arrange in advance for someone to return rented equipment. Pre-plan for attendants to take the bride’s gown for cleaning and return the groom’s tux to the rental shop.

Post-Honeymoon •

Write and send thank you notes for gifts and for vendors who were especially helpful. Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18



Sophisticated Woman Wedding Magazine | 2017-18



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