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Enterprising Woman Debbie Denova-Baker

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Fashion Editor’s Picks: The Great Gatsby Community Spotlight: Madisonville

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

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contents September 2013 On the Cover The Northshore’s Leading Attorneys .............................. 12 Fashion Editor’s Picks: The Great Gatsby ................................ 24

18 Photo by Steve Randon

ENTERPRISING WOMAN Making Personal Training Accessible— Debbie Denova-Baker, Koko FitClub ........................... 18

THE NORTHSHORE’S LEADING ATTORNEYS ....................12 The Mayhall Law Firm: Tax and Business Specialists .......................................... 13 Passport. Reservations. Will? .......................................... 14

HEALTH & FITNESS Same Day Crowns and Onlays: CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry ................................4

Fibromyalgia and Physical Therapy ............................. 16 Milestones ............................................................................. 21

BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE Recipe: Grilled Lobster with Orzo................................. 22 Are Sun-Dried Tomatoes Poisonous? .......................... 23 The Great Gatsby ................................................................ 24 Gardening: Prep for Fall ................................................... 28


Book Review: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry ........................... 29 Retail Calendar .................................................................... 29


Christ Episcopal School Opens New Center of Inquiry ................................................................ 32 Membership Award ........................................................... 34

Don’t Worry Be Happy ...................................................... 10

Madisonville: The Biggest Little Town in Louisiana........................... 26

Tea 101: Health Benefits .................................................. 10

September Events .............................................................. 30

Safety Measures .................................................................. 34

Mile Markers ......................................................................... 11

Explore Ponchatoula This Labor Day .......................... 32

Around Town........................................................................ 35

Mandeville Infrastructure Update ................................ 34

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

World Renowned Ear and Balance Institute Calls Covington Home—Experts in Treating Dizziness and Hearing Loss ............................................................................8

Community Spotlight: Madisonville ....................................... 26


health І

What do you get when you combine a compassionate caring staff with the latest technological advancements?


Efficient and affordable dental care in a safe and friendly environment. Let’s make HEALTHIER choices TOGETHER!

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Same Day Crowns and Onlays: CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry


WITH TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY, dentists can provide precise, efficient and cost-effective treatment in the same day. As we get older, teeth can become weaker from childhood silver fillings. Many of these teeth will require porcelain coverage to protect the tooth. The traditional crown starts with the tooth being ground down to a nub. A string is pushed under the gum to expose the finish line for the crown. An impression of the modified tooth is taken using a tray full of putty. This impression is sent to a laboratory and a temporary crown is placed on the tooth for 2-4 weeks while the crown is being made. Because temporary crowns do not permanently seal the tooth, sensitivity and loose temporaries can cause many return trips to the dentist. It’s no wonder patients will do anything to avoid this treatment. Now, with computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, dentists can create a lifelike porcelain restoration in a single office visit. No more temporaries and return visits. Due to the strength of the new porcelain materials and bonding, the aggressive grinding of teeth can be eliminated, conserving more of the tooth. The traditional crown preparation weakens the tooth by stripping away the strongest part of the tooth, enamel. Partial

coverage restorations preserve much of the enamel and restore beauty and strength like never before. Following a more conservative preparation, the dentist scans the tooth with a camera to create a virtual 3D impression on a computer screen. The tooth is then designed much more precisely. The computer created restoration is milled from a block of porcelain right in the dental office. Within 30 minutes, the restoration is ready to be bonded to the tooth. No metal, no dark lines, no mismatched teeth. Everything in life is now being driven by computer technology. Before considering a traditional crown, get a consultation from a dentist who has CAD/CAM technology. With newer techniques, less of the tooth should be removed resulting in a healthier, longerlasting tooth. Dentistry is moving in a more minimally invasive direction.

Call Dr. Charles A. Schof at Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, 985-626-4401. 240 Dalwill Dr. in Mandeville or visit He is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Dental Assoc. and has received Mastership Status from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Ainsley Sherrie Custom Portrait Design

• Same Day All Porcelain

Crowns/Onlays (metal-free)

• Cosmetic Dentistry

(veneers, bonding, whitening)

• Dental Implants

(placement and restoration, grafting)

• Sedation Dentistry (gas, oral, IV)

• General Dentistry • 3D Imaging


Comprehensive & Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry


Hours Mon. - Thurs. 8:00am - 5:00pm 240 Dalwill Drive | Mandeville, LA 70471


І associate publisher


Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

EVEN THOUGH MANY of us are balancing full-time work with that of being a parent, it is important to take time for ourselves and the people we care about. We are blessed to live in an area that offers many activities from walking on the trace to sailing on the lake and enjoying the many state parks. I truly look forward to September when we enter the beginning of fall, as we look forward to the cooler weather, lots of football and an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Outdoor activities and fitness are a big part of a lot of people’s lives and this month we introduce you to our Enterprising Woman, Debbie Denova-Baker, who has recently moved to this area with her family and opened her fourth Koko FitClub here on the Northshore. Koko FitClub uses a unique smartraining system where technology meets fitness training! To read more go to page 18. Patty Beal, our Fashion Editor has found some wonderful outfits and accessories in our local boutiques that have been influenced by the Great Gatsby. Our calendar is packed full of activities and we have some local experts that give great information, along with our Northshore Leading Attorney section, this issue truly has something for everyone. Please read and support our local merchants, they are our neighbors and the people that help make the Northshore such a great place to live. Enjoy this issue!


Behind the Scenes

A LITTLE INDULGENCE of primping, pampering and relaxing at Paris Parker Salon and Spa in Mandeville was in order for Debbie DenovaBaker before her Enterprising Woman cover shoot. Normally Debbie is busy managing her four Koko FitClubs along with being a mom to two adorable little girls. Paris Parker’s design specialist, Sunni Sigrist, perfectly styled Debbie’s hair and is seen here applying just the right touch of makeup to accentuate Debbie’s features.

About the cover: Cover photography: Steve Randon Photography, Shot on locaton at Mandeville Lake Luxury Homes. Hair and Make-up: Paris Parker Salon and Spa, 4900 Hwy. 22, Mandeville, 985-845-4404,


Publisher Joanne Gallinghouse Associate Publisher Sarah Cottrell Contributing Editor Anna Grundmann Art Director Dianne Waller Graphic Designer/Staff Photographer Claire Thomas Web Master Julie Lodato O’Day Senior Account Executive Gwen Anderson Account Executives Anna Grundmann, Laura Zammit Distribution/Circulation Manager Melissa St. André Fashion Editor Patty Beal Contributing Writers Paul Cimino, Samantha Goodwin, Mimi Nothacker, Anna Ribbeck and Jill Willie Contributing Photographers Tom Ballantine, Julie Lodato O’Day, Steve Randon, Sarah Cottrell Production Gallinghouse & Associates, Inc.

G&A PUBLISHING COMPANY Samantha Goodwin is the Assistant to Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta & Vice President and Legislative Liaison of the Madisonville Chamber of Commerce.

Patty Beal, a 25-year veteran in the fashion industry, is the owner of Closetopia where she is a wardrobe stylist revamping and reorganizing clients’ wardrobes one closet at a time.

Freelance photographer Tom Ballantine’s charismatic personality makes every photo shoot lots of fun. He’s been married 40 years to Carol, with a daughter and grandchildren.

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Laura Zammit is an Account Executive with a diverse background in marketing and promotions and business technology. She is a mother of two daughters and enjoys kayaking, biking and running.

Gwen Anderson, Senior Account Executive of over twelve years with SW, is committed to her sales career and enjoys the lasting relationships she has with all of her clients.

Anna Grundmann is the contributing editor and account executive for SW Magazine. She graduated from LSU and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Our upscale mailing list includes the most sought after customers in Abita Springs, Covington, Folsom, Hammond, Lacombe, Madisonville, Mandeville, Ponchatoula, Robert and Slidell. Why waste your advertising dollar on “throw away” publications when you could be advertising in Sophisticated Woman Magazine for pennies per mailbox? Call us today. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to advertise with the best. *Figures based on 2.5 readers per issue.

What’s All The Buzz About Neurofeedback? BRAINWORKS ACADEMY (985) 809-7077 Q: What is Neurofeedback? A: It is a non-invasive learning process that balances and strengthens the connections in the brain to improve focus, attention, mood, anxiety, sleep, and behavior. Q: How does it work? A: It trains the brain to self-regulate by using a learning process that strengthens synaptic connections in the brain. Q: Who can benefit? A: It is an option for anyone who experiences symptoms associated with brain injury, ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, insomnia, and other disorders. Call for your complimentary consultation.

Cheryl Schoenberger, RRT Neurofeedback Technician

1/6 Vertical 2.43” x 4.35”

Friday Steamer Special 2 King Crab Legs, 4 Dungeness Crab Clusters, 4 Jumbo Freshwater Shrimp (3 oz. Each), Royal Red Shrimp (1/2 lb.), East Coast Clams & Mussels (1/2 Dozen Each)

$59 for Two*

Reservations Recommended. Call 228-469-2777 ext. 3731. *Price does not include tax & gratuity. No substitutions. No sharing. Menu items subject to change. Dine In Only. Not valid with EDGE Special. See your server for details.

Silver Slipper Casino 1-866-SLIPPER • 5000 South Beach Blvd., Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013


World Renowned Ear and Balance Institute Calls Covington Home— Experts In Treating Dizziness and Hearing Loss WRITTEN BY JILL WILLIE PHOTOS BY JULIE LODATO O’DAY

DIZZINESS, IMBALANCE, HEARING LOSS, incessant ringing in the ear: Anyone who has ever dealt with these issues knows how debilitating it can be. Dr. Gerard J. Gianoli and Dr. James S. Soileau have been treating these conditions with remarkable results for decades. Patients from around the world—whether from physician referral or independent research—seek relief from the Ear and Balance Institute. While both Dr. Gianoli and Dr. Soileau are board certified in Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), they’ve concentrated their practice on balance disorders, hearing loss and skull base surgery. Dr. Gianoli is one of less than 200 physicians in the country who have advanced certification in Neuro-otology

(inner ear and skull base). Because of their specific focus, the doctors have been able to create one of the most advanced hearing and balance testing labs in the world. Housed in a brand-new facility on Ochsner Boulevard, the Ear and Balance Institute was custom designed to accommodate technological advancements, medical equipment and work flow. Separate pods house an array of equipment used to comprehensively evaluate ear-related conditions. The physicians determine the cause of symptoms and recommend treatment based on the patient’s specific condition. This may range from conservative medical treatment plans, therapeutic maneuvers, hearing aids, implantable devices or more invasive surgical options. The Epley Omniax® multi-axial chair, for

example, can help diagnose patients as well as treat loose crystals in the inner ear and restore balance. One of only 18 machines in the world, the Epley chair treats people with even the most complex cases of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Dr. Soileau explained that the Ear and Balance Institute provides hope to many patients who have spent months, even years, enduring unsuccessful treatments. “Because we are so highly specialized, we can take full advantage of tools and technology available to us.” Dr. Gianoli has expertise in all forms of ear and skull base surgery such as cochlear implants and skull based tumor removal. He routinely performs surgical procedures for the treatment of vertigo and dizziness that

have not responded to medications or physical therapy. Because of their extensive research, evaluation capabilities and treatment options, the Ear and Balance Institute is frequently consulted for expert opinions from both the legal and medical communities. Additionally, they assist with manufacturers’ beta testing of medical equipment. “We have diagnostic tools not available in most clinical settings,” Dr. Gianoli said.  For example, elevated intracranial pressure can cause problems with hearing loss, dizziness, headaches and visual loss. In the past, the only way to identify this problem was with a spinal tap. The Tympanic Membrane Displacement Analyzer measures intracranial pressure painlessly and non-invasively, allowing for a much more comfortable experience. Drs. Gianoli and Soileau have just completed a research project with NASA on the utility of this device. “NASA wants to use this device to measure the intracranial pressure of the astronauts in space. However, this can also be very useful back here on earth.” The Ear and Balance Institute is not just on the cutting edge of research and technology, it is also a pioneer in the “third-party free” concept of healthcare. Dr. Gianoli explained that by separating themselves from health plans, they are able to provide more comprehensive medical

testing and treatment. “We have positioned our practice to allow us to work for our patients, not the insurance companies.” The uniqueness of the practice allows patients more direct contact with the doctors. “A one hour appointment is allotted for every new patient visit,” Dr. Gianoli said. “Patients are not rushed through office visits, but rather encouraged to fully discuss their symptoms and history in an effort to address all of the individualized aspects of these often complex conditions. This approach, along with their continued success, brings patients from near, far and abroad each month seeking evaluation and treatment.” It is comforting to know that there are highly trained experts in the areas of imbalance and hearing loss in our own backyard. However, the office also treats patients who do not suffer from highly specialized conditions. The Audiology section of the practice, headed by Kacie S. Harvey, AuD, handles hearing loss and hearing conservation needs—at prices comparable to general hearing aid dispensaries. Dr. Harvey fits patients with hearing aids and provides other hearing related

FAR LEFT: Dr. Gianoli demonstrates the Epley Omniax® Chair used to diagnose Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. ABOVE: Doctors and staff at The Ear & Balance Institute. BELOW LEFT: Dr. Gerard J. Gianoli, Dr. Kacie S. Harvey and Dr. James S. Soileau pose for a photo in their office.

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

services, such as hearing protection and swim molds, which meet the highest level of hearing healthcare standards. Her specialized education, coupled with her work with Drs. Gianoli and Soileau, enable her to evaluate and provide highly effective treatment strategies. Through a comprehensive audiometric test and examination, she is able to offer a wide choice of hearing aids, from basic models to innovative technology systems. “Often, patients have had an unsuccessful or unpleasant hearing aid experience, or have heard stories about expensive hearing aids that sit in a drawer. They are left with the misconception that hearing aids don’t work, but this is not true. With appropriate hearing aid technology customized to meet the patient’s needs and an expert fit, a hearing aid can add quality to the life of someone with hearing loss and those around them. I see it every day.” “Our goal is to achieve optimal hearing improvement through hearing loss education, exploration of all available options ranging from conventional to surgical, and making appropriate recommendations regarding auditory health,” Dr. Harvey said. This plan for success, together with their specialized focus and expert staff of doctors, designates the Ear and Balance Institute as a world-renowned practice right here on the Northshore. The Ear and Balance Institute is located at 1401 Ochsner Boulevard, Suite A in Covington. To learn more, call them at 985-809-1111 or find them online at


Jill Gibson, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology


tea І

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Tea 101: Health Benefits

DEPRESSION IS A MAJOR public health problem and leading predictor of functional disability and mortality, affecting work and family life. Unfortunately, most adults with depression never see a mental health professional, and substantial numbers of depressed patients remain undiagnosed or undertreated. Diagnosis of major depression requires a minimum of five symptoms, including a depressed mood with loss of interest in most or all activities. Other symptoms include insomnia or hypersomnia, a change in appetite or weight, low energy, poor concentration, thoughts of worthlessness or guilt, psycho-

“As a mom, I look forward to helping women with not only their own healthcare needs, but also to being a resource for mothers who need help educating their daughters on how to understand and embrace their own female health.”

Offering Personalized Care for Women…At All Stages • Adolescence • Childbearing

• Perimenopausal • Menopausal

• Post Menopausal

Dr. Gibson specializes in personalized care and the latest in prevention, diagnostic and treatment of all gynecologic and obstetrical needs.

• Prenatal Care • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) • Fetal Monitoring • Gynecologic Services • Gynecologic Surgery • Menopausal Care 985•898•5990 71380 Highway 21, Suite 101, Covington


motor retardation or agitation, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. Minor depression has fewer symptoms than major depression, while dysthymic disorder is marked by a depressed mood for at least 2 years. Women are more likely to report loss of energy, poor sleep and appetite changes and men often report irritability. Risk factors for depression include stress, substance abuse or withdrawal, medications such as beta blockers, and chronic medical illness such as thyroid disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain trauma, cancer and chronic inflammatory states such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Relationships between depression and chronic medical illnesses can be reciprocal. Diabetes and coronary artery disease can increase in patients with depression and depression can worsen the state of an existing medical condition. Please see your family physician if any depressive symptoms occur, so you can be treated with proper counseling as needed or referred to a psychiatrist, especially if your condition is not responding to medications. Just remember: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

TEA HAS BEEN ENJOYED in Asia and in the Middle East for thousands of years, and is respected and honored in many cultures. Tea is natural, not addictive, has no preservatives, no calories and contains nothing artificial. Today’s research also supports the historic belief that tea is very healthy. Tea leaves contain plant phytonutrients called polyphenols, which are compounds found in plants. Modern research shows that tea helps with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss (belly fat in particular), cholesterol and increases mental alertness. Tea also has anti-viral and anti-microbial qualities. The American Diabetic Association states that tea doesn’t appear to have any down side. Tea is also a great alternative to coffee. Not only does tea contain less caffeine than coffee, but it is also different in type. Tea can contain 0-50 mg of caffeine compared to coffee’s 250-350 mg. Black tea contains up to 50 mg of caffeine per cup, Green Tea: 20 mg and White Tea: 10 mg depending on steeping time and amount of tea used. The general recommendation of tea-to-water ratio for steeping is one rounded teaspoonful per 6 oz teacup. The polyphenols in tea are released as the tea is steeped. The longer the tea is steeped, the more polyphenols are released. Recommended steeping times are: Black Tea: 3-5 minutes, Green and White Teas: 3 minutes, and Rooibos: up to 1 hour. It is recommended that you drink 4-6 cups of fresh-brewed tea each day. Instant or bottled teas may contain added calories from sugar, artificial sweeteners and very little amounts of actual tea. For health’s sake, check out the ingredients on the label.

Dr. David Tran is a board-certified Internist who provides treatment and preventative care in outpatient and inpatient settings. His office is located at 121 Lakeview Circle, Suite A, Covington, 985-400-LIVE(5483).

Jan Lantrip is a practicing pharmacist. The English Tea Room specializes in a unique culinary experience and importation of the world’s healthiest loose-leaf teas. 734 E. Rutland Street, Covington, 985-898-3988, Rated “Excellent” by Zagat.


Mile Markers

І beauty The Northshore’s Best

AS I OPENED the exam room door, my medical assistant whispered, “Multiple skin tags.” But the elderly patient, a dairy farmer’s wife, said it better: “Doc, I’ve done dried up and gone to seed!” In fact, most of us over forty begin to grow various tags, barnacles, “liver spots,” and other such “mile markers” which decorate our aging skin. Some of these are related to long-term sun exposure, but many are not. Although not a threat to our health, they nonetheless can disfigure, irritate or possess features similar to cancerous lesions, which would therefore require biopsy. This is especially

December 2012

true of pigmented lesions that can imitate the dreaded melanoma. The most common of these “decorations” is a warty, often brown to black, well-defined growth called seborrheic keratosis. From a few to hundreds, they may range from pinhead to quarter-sized and larger. “SKs” tend to become irritated, and their sometimes resemblance to skin cancer is cause for removal. Other common benign growths are cherry angiomas, which can also number in the hundreds. These slightly raised, pinhead to peasized cherry red lesions can be successfully removed by a quick, in-office laser treatment. Skin tags, those aggravating outgrowths that prefer skin folds such as eyelids, armpits, groin, and the neck, are removed quickly and easily after a drop of local anesthesia with superficial excision or liquid nitrogen freezing. Years of sun exposure can sprout pigmented lesions, and the more common are pencil-eraser to nickel-sized flat brown spots called lentigines. Because they can closely resemble an early stage of melanoma, these should be examined and monitored. Proper identification of “mile markers” by a skin specialist is key!

ISAS Accredited

SAES Accredited

Early Childhood Campus OPEN HOUSE

for Early Pre-K, Pre-K, and Kindergarten 2014-2015 School Year Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Program begins at 9:30 A.M. in Christ Church Commons 120 S. New Hampshire St., Covington, LA

Trust a Gifted Nurse Compassionate care in the safety and comfort of your home. Our caregivers provide exceptional personal care in the comfort and familiarity of your own home or in the hospital setting. We work closely with the patient, physicians, and family members to coordinate all aspects of healthcare and to offer you valuable peace of mind. Make us your gift to your loved one. Owners Cindy Fischer, RN and Mullady Voelker, GSW

Licensed, insured RNs, LPNs and CNAs • RN on-Call 24/7 Male and Female Nurses Available

Maximum and safe recovery from: • Surgical Procedure • Temporary Illness • Accident or Injury • Joint Replacement

Long term care for:

• Independent Living Assistance • End-of-Life Home Healthcare • Alzheimer’s Disease

• Plastic Surgery • New Baby • Stroke • Elder Care • Chronic Illness

1-888-56-NURSE (68773) •

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Dr. Benson is a board-certified dermatologist and experienced cosmetic surgeon with offices in Ponchatoula (985-370-7546) and Covington (985-898-7999). He is dedicated to providing the latest proven techniques and treatments to patients in the U.S. and abroad. Call Benson Dermatology or visit

8:00 am Friday Nov 16


Northshore’s Leading Attorneys FINDING AN ATTORNEY is not unlike finding a doctor, unfortunately, we often find both at a time of great emotion. Although making a major decision is not best done under stress, sometimes we have no other option. There are a few key things to remember when choosing an attorney. Firstly, know what kind of attorney you need. The person that handled your friend’s divorce is probably not the right person to handle your tax issues. Look for an attorney that specializes in the type of law you need and research what experience they have with cases similar to yours. Take the time to meet your attorney. You might be working with them for a long time. Chemistry is important when you are entrusting a person with issues that might have long reaching and often life-changing effects. Establish who you will be working with on a dayto-day basis, if a junior associate will be handling your case make sure that you are satisfied with this arrangement. Find out what fees you can anticipate, an estimate of what costs will be and how the attorney expects to be paid. Attorneys are experts in many fields of law and are our advocates through many challenging events and often changing laws. When it comes to family law, estate planning, malpractice, tax laws and eldercare amongst others, attorneys campaign for us every step of the way. On the following pages we introduce you to a few of the Northshore’s Leading Attorneys.

EDLER LAW FIRM A Limited Liability Corporation

Client Focused...Results Driven

Family Law

Divorce Custody Adoption

Wills and Successions Interdictions Personal Injury Litigation “Committed to providing you with superior legal services and keeping you well informed of your legal proceedings.” ~ Kevin Edler Esq., Managing Member ~

2895 Highway 190, Suite 219, Mandeville (985) 727-6712 Conveniently located in the heart of Mandeville. Executive Office Suites at The Village Shopping Center


І attorneys






Mayhall Law Firm attorneys pictured from L to R: Richard Muller, Nancy Selzer, Michael Mayhall, Caroline Lafourcade, Molly Stanga and John Henry.




The Mayhall Law Firm: Tax and Business Law Specialists






Youthful face, Bright smile


TAX ISSUES AFFECT people throughout every stage of their lives. Rich or poor, business owner or employee, everyone is impacted by tax consequences—no one wants to get it wrong. Paying taxes is one of the certainties of life and the Mayhall Law Firm’s services can help clients prevent tax disputes in advance or resolve tax problems that have already developed. Tax attorneys with the Mayhall Law Firm help clients mitigate their tax burdens through planning, negotiation and litigation. They provide counsel to individuals and businesses on a regular basis regarding audits, business transactions, domestic and foreign tax issues and reduction of penalties. In addition, the Mayhall Law Firm also assists businesses with capitalizing on tax benefits, planning for business succession and with business litigation. The firm has experienced trial lawyers, as well as board certified tax lawyers who specialize in the areas of buying and selling businesses, audits and collections for federal, state and local taxes, pensions, estate planning, nonprofit planning and IRS litigation. Michael Mayhall said the ability to represent a variety of clients, from all economic backgrounds and professions, was what

drew him to the specialty of tax law. “Our Firm can help a business prepare a complicated limited liability company operating agreement, sell or acquire a business, merge with another business or assist parents with setting up trust funds for their children, while also negotiating IRS payment plans.” Although many people come to the Mayhall Law Firm for assistance during or after a dispute concerning tax matters or after they’ve had to challenge a business agreement, Mayhall said the most prudent route is to utilize the Firm’s services before such issues arise. “Proper planning for business and tax issues is most cost effective; especially when you consider the extra attorney fees and potential penalties resulting from either ineffective or no planning.” Michael Mayhall is a Board Certified Tax Law Specialist. He graduated from Loyola Law School in New Orleans, earned a Masters of Law in Taxation from New York University School of Law and is also admitted to practice in Oregon. The Mayhall Law Firm was formed in 1986 and is located at 19349 N. 12th Street in Covington. For more information please contact Michael Mayhall at 985-246-1700, or visit the Firm’s web site at



You Are So Worth it!


Dr. Kelly Burkenstock’s Skin • Body • Health TM

(985) 727-7676 (985) 237-1990

3841 Veterans Metairie 2040 N. Causeway Mandeville

legal І


Passport. Reservations. Will?

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013



WHEN THE INHABITANTS of Gilligan’s Island went out for their three hour tour aboard the S. S. Minnow, chances are they were not prepared for what was about to befall them. Of course, Thurston and Eunice “Lovey” Howell (being the money savvy individuals they were) probably had a comprehensive estate plan. But what about the rest of them? If they had never been rescued—or worse yet, died at sea—would Mary Ann’s family be stuck in court attempting to divide her property even today? It’s easy to discuss life after disaster when you’re dealing with fictional characters, but what if it was you? Before you take a trip, you need to ask yourself some important questions: What measures have I taken to protect my legacy if something were to happen to me? Who would make medical decisions for me if I were incapacitated? Is my family aware of my wishes regarding my kids, health and finances? You may have booked your flight, reserved your hotel and arranged for a private tour of the Louvre but if you haven’t made legal provisions for your family, you

haven’t planned well enough. A postcard will not be enough to remind your loved ones of your legacy. Here’s what you should have in place before you pack your bags: First of all, you should have a Will. A Will designates guardians for your minor children, as well as divides and distributes your assets among your beneficiaries. In addition to a Will, you should establish a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives. These documents name an “agent” who will take charge of your financial affairs and medical decisions if you are unable to do so. Once these measures are put in place, you will be able to relax and enjoy the lights of Paris, the beaches of Hawaii or even the oasis of the Sahara the way they were meant to be enjoyed: worry free!

Ronda M. Gabb & Associates LLC, “A Louisiana Estate Planning & Elder Law Practice.” She is a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is a Board Certified Estate Planning and Administration Specialist certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. Her office is located at 40 Louis Prima Drive in Covington. Call 985-892-0942 or visit her on the web at

Malpractice Lawsuits No Factor in Rising Medical Costs By: Chip Wagar

A partner with the firm of Chopin Wagar Richard & Kutcher, LLP Two Lakeway Center, 3850 North Causeway Blvd, Ste. 900, Metairie, LA 504-830-3838 •

Earl Landgrebe was the congressman who, during the Watergate hearings in 1974, uttered the immortal line “Don’t confuse me with the facts” when confronted with documents undermining then President Richard Nixon’s claim of innocence in a cover-up. Many people are under the false impression that medical malpractice lawsuits are a major reason for skyrocketing health care costs in Louisiana and if only we could do something about them, we would be much better off. The facts are otherwise. A June 1, 2013 article in the New York Times entitled “The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill” pointed out “the United States spends about 18 percent of its gross domestic product on health care, nearly twice as much as most other developed countries” and that a significant factor in this spending spree is “not…the use of extraordinary services, but the high price tag of ordinary ones…The US just pays providers of health care much more for everything…” The self-serving profit motive for ordering unnecessary tests and, indeed, that dominates the healthcare industry today was also recently and copiously exposed in Steve Brill’s landmark investigative report “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us”. His research made the front cover of Time Magazine’s March 4, 2013 edition. While medical malpractice payouts of $1 million or more cost the healthcare industry and its insurers roughly $1.4 billion a year, that cost makes up far less than 1% of medical expenditures in the United States according to a study

by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine that was released in May 2013. Unnecessary medical tests and procedures, by contrast, cost over $60 billion per year. releases/259910.php This study and others like it are the “facts” that, much like Congressman Landgrebe, often confuse the voters and potential jurors from a belief, fostered by the medical industry and their lobbyists, that medical malpractice lawsuits are a major contributing factor to healthcare costs in the US. The Johns Hopkins study also confirmed that million-dollar malpractice payouts are mainly made to families of patients killed by medical errors under the age of one, or patients with paralysis or brain damage from malpractice needing life-long care as a result. Statistical evidence upon which the study relied was obtained from the National Practitioner Data Bank, established by Congress, which has tracked all medical malpractice payouts since 1986. As a lawyer, I confront the myths about medical malpractice lawsuits every day in my practice. Potential jurors to a surprising extent accept industry spawned, media-driven folklore as fact making it difficult for them to decide cases of medical malpractice impartially based only on the facts and the law. Many jurors I question as part of the trial process are astonished to learn that medical error has been determined by the Center for Disease Control to be the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, resulting in 98,000 deaths each year.

Here are some other surprising “facts” most people don’t know. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that there were 181,000 severe injuries attributable to medical negligence in 2003. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement estimates there are 15 million incidents of medical harm each year. HealthGrades, the nation’s leading healthcare rating organization, found that Medicare patients who experienced a patient-safety incident had a one-infive chance of dying as a result. The next time someone tells you that malpractice lawsuits are a problem in Louisiana, tell them the facts. They may be a juror on your case someday. And if you or someone you love have been injured by medical malpractice, consult an attorney who regularly handles medical malpractice claims for advice as soon as possible after the event. Despite the challenges, with help from an experienced malpractice attorney, you can hold healthcare providers accountable for medical errors that result in injury, disability or death. Chip Wagar is a founding partner at Chopin Wagar Richard & Kutcher, LLP in Metairie, Louisiana, and can be contacted at or 504-830-3838. He has over 30 years of civil litigation experience including patient advocacy for victims of medical malpractice in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast states. He blogs on medical malpractice issues at and is a frequent writer and lectures on medical malpractice issues.

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FAMILY LAW DIVORCE Collaborative Divorce • Child Custody • Child Support Spousal Support • Marital Property Division • Prenuptial Agreements MEDIATION Custody • Support • Property Division WILL & SUCCESSIONS

Michelle Demarest is a seasoned lawyer in her field…an experienced, balanced and tough advocate you can trust. She has been practicing law since 1991 and focusing on divorce and other Louisiana family law issues since 2001.

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Get The Counsel You Need To Get Through A Trying Time

FIBROMYALGIA (FM) IS CHARACTERIZED by chronic, widespread pain, tenderness to touch and additional symptoms such as disturbed sleep, stiffness, fatigue and psychological distress. Based on evidence from randomized controlled trials among FM sufferers, physical therapy (PT) can improve cardiovascular fitness and decrease pain as well as improve energy, work capacity and physical and social activities. When I talk to FM patients, I ask them to imagine a vertical spiral. At one time, their tolerance to exercise or activity was at a certain place, fairly high on that spiral. Then they had a painful episode or injury. They were unable to be active for a while because of that pain and so their tolerance for exercise or activity slid down that spiral. More often than not, that person tried to exercise again. But they hurt something else because their ability to exercise was diminished. And so, they slid further down that spiral. At that point on the spiral it becomes very difficult to commence exercise again without hurting. Not only that, but because of the weakness, muscle tightness and weight gain that comes with reduced activity, they are now hurting in a number of different areas. This is where physical therapy comes in. Our job is to gradually bring you up the spiral. Your PT should be aware that you are probably quite low on the spiral and has to be very careful with the exercise prescribed. If we are careful and progress slowly and other experts in health care are involved, there is no good reason why many FM sufferers shouldn’t climb to the top of their spiral again.

A Member Of: Louisiana State Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) • Covington Bar Association

Physical Therapist Matt Slimming, owner of STAR Physical Therapy and STAR Fitness Center has practiced on the Northshore in Covington, Folsom and Slidell for 20 years. Contact Matt at 985-893-2845,,


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985•624•9697 • 450 North Causeway Boulevard, Ste. D, Mandeville



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Helping You Find Solutions that Last


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Mediation is a process for resolving legal matters without the need for a trial. When it comes to divorce and family matters–amicable resolutions can be the healthiest choice for all involved. Michelle Demarest and Marie Rudd are professionals devoted to providing avenues for parties to resolve their disputes amicably and are especially focused on assisting couples going through divorce. Divorce Mediation allows you to…

Marie Rudd Abby Photo, LLC

• Make the critical decisions about your children and finances • Customize solutions for your family • Bypass the lengthy process of going to court • Reduce the overall costs of divorce

450 N. Causeway Blvd. • Suite D • Mandeville


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Michelle Demarest 985-624-5584

“I grew up on the Northshore and attended school at Our Lady of the Lake in Mandeville and St. Paul’s in Covington. Being a Northshore boy, I would like to let all my friends know we are still around, just on the other side of the pond.”

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The Law Offices of Frank D’Amico, Jr. 622 Baronne Street • Call Frank 504-525-7272

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Making Personal Training Accessible– Debbie Denova-Baker, Koko FitClub WRITTEN BY JILL WILLIE PHOTOS BY STEVE RANDON

FOR DEBBIE DENOVA-BAKER, practically every major activity in her life has involved a component of fitness and health. From her early years of running track at her high school in Houma to becoming a professional trainer in Beverly Hills, Debbie has always been drawn to fitness. Debbie met and married her high school sweetheart, Paul, who was a gymnast before becoming a professional trainer, and eventually pursued her degree in broadcast journalism where she started her own cable access show devoted to health and wellness. Now, as a local business woman and mother of two young daughters, Debbie has continued following the fitness path. She and Paul opened their fourth Koko FitClub in Mandeville over the summer. The couple decided to open their first Koko in 2010. They had returned to Houma to be with Debbie’s family while her brother Bobby Cox was in his final stages of Ewing’s sarcoma. After his death, they decided to move back permanently and start their own fitness club. Debbie explained that while researching different business models, they came across the Koko concept. Based in technology, Koko FitClub integrates strength training, cardio exercise and nutrition planning into a customized plan based on an individual’s body make up and goals. The patented Koko Smartraining system was developed in 2002 in Massachusetts. “We were intrigued, not just because of its innovation, but because of its ability to include people of all ages and fitness levels. At the time, we were considering our baby boomer parents and wanting to give them a place where they would be comfortable exercising,” Debbie said. Statistics show that only 16 percent of people go to health clubs. Many in the remaining 84 percent have previously given up memberships because of dissatisfaction or lack of use. Koko developers interviewed 1,000 of these people to discover what their specific concerns for gym membership were. The results confirmed that barriers to gym membership included: confusing equipment, lack of guidance, and intimidating culture. People who are unclear on which size weights they should use, the correct form for the exercise, how to use equipment, or intimidated by the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and loud music, are those likely to stop going to the gym.

The word “Koko” is of Japanese origin meaning individual—as in individual attention, one at a time, or one-by-one.

“At Koko, we’ve taken the guesswork out of fitness and made personal training more accessible to the general public,” she said. Debbie explained that Koko Smartraining is about more than changing your physical appearance; it is about changing the way your body responds to food and exercise. The program is designed to build lean muscle, burn fat and drive metabolism in the most time efficient way possible—through circuit training with real weights and interval cardio training with treadmills and elliptical trainers. Each member receives a Koko key fob with a USB drive that contains personal fitness information and customized exercise plan. There is a main computer near the front desk where members can log in for assessments such as Body Mass Index, for updated nutritional information and for results monitoring. Members also use their drives to enter into weight and cardio machines. Touch screens are strategically located on the machines and provide exercise instructions (including weight size and repetitions) while also monitoring intensity workload and pace. “The weight training and cardio exercises are both designed to keep the heart rate elevated while also providing a full-body workout,” Debbie said. “Everything is precisely managed to eliminate wasted time.” Weight training/strength sessions are 30 minutes in length, as opposed to the usual 90-minute cycle in traditional gym settings. And the 15-minute Koko Cardio workout is twice as effective as a typical treadmill or elliptical workout. For as technologically advanced as Koko is, Debbie and Paul have made sure that personal service is the hallmark of their clubs. The word “Koko” is of Japanese origin

meaning individual—as in individual attention, one at a time, or one-by-one. The couple has taken these descriptions to a completely new level. “We knew we wanted to interject ‘Southern Hospitality’ into the Koko culture. Our FitCoaches have done such a great job connecting with our members that the corporate office is replicating some of our hiring and training procedures nationwide,” she said. “So many members note the important role our FitCoaches have played in their success. We know our technology works, but it is our people who make the experience fun.” With three successful Koko FitClubs in Houma, Thibodaux and Baton Rouge under their belt, the choice to expand to the Northshore was more than a business decision; it was a personal one as well. They wanted the site of their new location to also be the site of their new home. As Debbie explained, their daughters Alaya and McKenzie (“Kenzie”) were about to start school so they wanted to settle in a familyoriented community that offered a quality education and healthy lifestyle. All signs are showing they’ve made the right decision. The girls are settling into their new schools. The family just learned they are expecting a new baby, Debbie is due in late February, and more people are falling in love with the Koko lifestyle every day. “We call them Koko nuts,” she said. “Ultimately this is our grow Koko nuts. Our goal is for people to think of Koko as the best fitness experience they’ve ever had.” Koko FitClub in Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Houma and Thibodaux. 3441 E. Causeway Approach, 985-746-4161,

TOP : Debbie Denova-Baker BOTTOM RIGHT: Debbie is joined by her husband Paul, and their daughters Kenzie and Alaya. BOTTOM LEFT: Koko FitCoaches and members of the South Louisiana Koko FitClubs teamed together for some colorful fun at a 2013 Color Run in Baton Rouge.


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ARE YOU A WHO DAT? This Who Dat Wineaux glass designed with a fleur de lis bottom will be sure to help bring in the Saints every game. Several designs are available. Mandeville Party Company, Northlake Shopping Center, Mandeville,SHOPPING 985-674-1605,GUIDE


GAMEDAY…Whether you’re in the stands, tailgating or at home, this dress is TRU to your style and TRU to your team. Show Your TRU COLORS. Exclusively at The Villa, Clothing~Gifts~Accessories, 1281 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 1, Mandeville, 985-626-9797,



BLING INTO THE DOME! Dress to impress even at football games. Buy one pair of Swarovski shoes and get a second pair half price. Know why? “You are so worth it.” TM Azure Salon and Spa, 2040 N. Causeway Blvd., fall SHOPPING GUIDE Mandeville, 985-237-1999,

TICKETS TO THE GAME? Watching at home? These trendy and stylish cuffs will show off your team pride. Available in many styles. Mira Mia, 4350 Hwy. 22, Suite B, Mandevlle, 985 634-2889, 69305 Hwy 21, Covington, 985-893-6556,

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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? This jersey sweater will get you thru the entire season. Available for LSU as well and sizes XS to XXL. Accessories and boots finish off the ensemble. Brown Eyed Girl, 1600 W. Causeway Approach Suite SHOPPING GUIDE fall10, Mandeville, 985-626-0100.


FOOTBALL SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING. These striped “Game Day” flats are the perfect shoes to compliment your LSU and Saints attire all season long. Available in all sizes. Laurier, 218 Lee Lane, Covington, 985-875-0823,

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ADORABLE girl and boy outfits and accessories for your lil’ who dat and lil’ tiger fans! Sizes range from 3 months - 4T. Baby’s Corner, 70448 Highway 21, Covington, 985.892.5300,

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PARTY WITH US ON THE SAIN’TINI BUS! Tickets are $55 inclusive for all Saints games. Enjoy delicious food and a bus ride to and from the Superdome. Call for info. N’TINI’S Steak & Martinis, 2891 Hwy. 190 Suite D, Mandeville, 985-626-5566,

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First Moon THE FIRST MENSTRUAL CYCLE can be a scary time for young women. Not only are there physical changes to deal with, but also emotional and social changes. In truth, this phase in a young woman’s life can and should be a time to celebrate.  It’s hard to know what to say to a child at this time. Sometimes people think they can protect their child’s innocence by not fully explaining what is happening. Other times the right words just don’t seem to come.

“this phase in a young woman’s life can and should be a time to celebrate”

Dr. Gary Agena is a board-certified OB/GYN, and a certified da Vinci® gynecologic surgeon and instructor. He provides family-friendly, longterm, comprehensive, customized care in Obstetrics and Gynecology. His office is located at 393 Highway 21, Suite 525 in Arbor Walk Plaza in Madisonville, 985-845-7121.

MANDEVILLE 4350 HWY 22, STE. B | 985-624-2880 (NEXT TO ROUSES) COVINGTON 69305 HWY 21 | 985-893-6556

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The following is an example script of a discussion: “This is a big day for you. Starting your cycle means your body is beginning one of the final phases of maturity. Inside your belly at the top of the vagina is the womb. It’s what carries the baby when you get pregnant. Each month the lining of the womb is renewed to keep your body healthy. Every woman goes through this process. It’s important you let me know if you have any problems. For example, if the bleeding lasts for longer than 7 days or you have pain with the bleeding. Also, let me know if you have bleeding when it’s not time. It’s a good idea to keep track of when your period is due. That way you’ll know if there’s a problem and you’ll be prepared when your cycle begins.” Congratulate your daughter on achieving yet another milestone. Encourage her to be open about her experiences. You can even give her a gift to celebrate this event. By using this special time as an opportunity to learn and grow, your child can be given a healthy and positive outlook on her body.

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Tuesday, September 24th, 5:30 - 7:30pm Stop by and celebrate with us. Serving wine, bubbly, Hors D’oeuvres and giving out great door prizes.

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Comforting Thoughts, Comfort Food WRITTEN BY PAUL CIMINO

IN A WORLD that’s less than perfect, it’s reassuring to know that Italian cuisine is still around. Not the pseudo-Italian foods that are cropping up on television shows and food magazines, but the REAL thing. Many of my friends and students who have returned from their travels in Italy this year have continuously praised the foods that abound in Italy: foods that are standouts in flavors, in healthfulness and in simplicity, but above all, in the differences in taste from AmericanItalian foods. There can be no substitute for authenticity. The most important ingredient in Italian cooking is love, the second being simplicity. But don’t take my word for it...try it for yourself with the following recipe and see if you too emerge loving it! Ciao for now. Buon appetito! ARAGOSTA ALLA GRIGLIA CON ORZO (Grilled Lobster with Orzo) FOR THE LOBSTER 2 lobster tails 1/3 stick butter 1/3 cup white rum Place lobster tails in boiling, slightly salted water and cook for about 8 minutes

or until pink. Remove and let cool, then remove shells. Place onto well heated grill and baste with rum until slightly browned. Remove from grill and cut into 1/2 inch slices. Sprinkle with lemon juice and set aside until orzo is ready. FOR THE ORZO 1 lb. orzo 6 cups stock ½ cup grated mozzarella cheese ¼ cup softened and diced sun-dried tomatoes 1 large onion, chopped 3 tbsps. olive oil Juice of one lemon Chopped parsley Salt and pepper Heat olive oil in saucepan and add onions and sun-dried tomatoes, sautéing until softened. Add stock and bring to boil, then add orzo, stirring frequently until cooked al dente. Add salt and pepper to taste. Strain and place in bowl, topping with mozzarella cheese and chopped parsley. Add sliced lobster tails, sprinkling with fresh lemon juice. Serve hot.


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Are Sun-Dried Tomatoes Poisonous? WHAT? TOMATOES POISONOUS? Absolutely not. They are eaten all over the world– fresh, in sauces, gravies, ketchup, as garnish, stewed as vegetables and as an additive to almost any dish. But poisonous? Never. They were once thought to be. Because tomatoes are members of the deadly nightshade family, in 1597 eminent botanist John Gerard in England convinced people that tomatoes were poisonous. But he was all wrong. Tomatoes’ use as a food seems to have originated in Mexico and spread from there. Commercial growers worked to develop a tomato that is consistently round, bright red, and ships easily. What has emerged are numerous varieties of tomatoes that are mealy in texture, largely lacking in sugar content and lacking in taste. Enter now the world of sun-dried tomatoes. We first hear of ripe tomatoes being dried in the sun on the tile roofs of sunny southern Italy. The practice was not widespread largely due to high moisture content; however, twentieth century entrepreneur Ray Benech set out to dry tomatoes under the California sun. During the 1970s American consumers developed a taste for Italian dishes—more than pizza and spaghetti—and gourmet chefs discovered the advantages of sun-dried tomatoes. The water may be gone, but not the intense tomato flavor and not its nutrition: lycopene, antioxidants, vitamin C; plus it is low in sodium, fat and calories. Tomatoes are packaged in a variety of ways: dried, in plastic bags for a munchy snack; in bottles, usually with olive oil chopped and mixed with other ingredients all ready for a tasty bruschetta. Recipes abound—and all of them good. Try them!

Pemmie Sheasby owns Oil & Vinegar, an interactive culinary gift shop. Staff can answer questions, offer tips and suggestions. Sample, choose and enjoy a world of taste. Pinnacle Shopping Center, 6111 Pinnacle Parkway in Covington, (985) 809-1693,

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1958 N. Hw y 190 (n ex t to A lb as h a) | Covin g ton | 9 8 5 .8 7 1 .5 1 0 1

Be her leap from hospital room to Ballroom. Within every one of us is the power to heal. it’s called marrow, and thousands of patients could potentially be saved by a marrow transplant. Join the Be the match® marrow registry and fight for those with life-threatening diseases.

©2012 National marrow Donor program

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Mention This Ad And Receive $250 Off Full Orthodontic Treatment

Celebrating our 40 year anniversary!

Dr. Edward Brown, Jr Dr. Edward Brown III Dr. Jessica B. Ulmer Call For Your Complimentary Consultation Today 100 S. Tyler St. Covington 985-893-1044

2885 Highway 190 Mandeville 985-626-8297

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The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann’s film, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, has played an inspiring role in the fashion design world. The influence of lace, jewels, and decadence is seen throughout today’s 2013 fall ready-to-wear collections. From loose and liberating to Art Deco glam, these selections from our community boutiques will take you back while keeping you fashion forward.

Black lace is layered over this entire peplum dress and its plunging back will have everyone taking a double take. This cotton dress has a great price point at $65. Long, versatile charcoal crystal beads complete this vintage inspiration. All available at Laurier. $65 and $98. (985) 875-0823.

Contemporary designer, Laundry, has created a very feminine and flattering silhouette with the latest textile trend of lace. The result is this glamorous black lace overlay and white satin peplum dress. Available at The Villa. $325. (985) 626-9797.

Haute Hippie has designed this 100% silk, snake-print sheath dress. Note the silver beaded overlay and high-low hemline that brings this 1920’s inspiration into the 2013 fall lineup. Available at The Mix. $545. (985) 727-7649.

The sequins, rhinestones, glam and Art Deco design are all skillfully represented in this exquisite blouse by Yoana Baraschi. Prepare to be noticed. Available at The Villa. $240. (985) 626-9797.

So reminiscent of another era, yet so fashionably current. Available at The Villa. $51. (985) 626-9797.

Our Mary and Benedictine bracelets are available in adult and kids sizes.

Northlake Shopping Center • 985 - 674 - 1605 •

River House

Art Deco Accessories

Top off your Great Gatsby inspired look with this light-weight metal snakeskin clutch.

Design Tip:

Available at The Villa. $46. (985) 626-9797.

Upholstery can set the creative edge of design for your very own sanctuary. A softer tone

 All items are subject to availability Fall trends handpicked by Fashion Editor Patty Beal of Closetopia, a wardrobe consulting service. She can be reached at 985-502-6673.


can invite relaxation. Bolder, deeper tones will make a statement in your room design.

• (985) 871-0300 - Mon–Sat 10am–8pm Sun 1–5pm -

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Madisonville – The Biggest Little Town in Louisiana WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA GOODWIN PHOTOS BY SARAH COTTRELL

HIDING AMIDST THE QUAINT, small town lifestyle our residents love so much is a big town bustling with commerce! Within a one-mile radius, you will find a plethora of local businesses, including: two banks, two gas stations, a grocery store, a junior high school, three churches, a federal post office, an insurance company, two dental offices, an automotive repair shop, a pharmacy, a jewelry store, a compounding lab, an antique store, eight historic landmarks, two museums, a library, and some of the Northshore’s finest restaurants…whew! Madisonville is open for business! Madisonville is also home to many nonprofit agencies including Keep Madisonville Beautiful and the Madisonville Relief Effort. Currently, these nonprofits are both working together to beautify the historic Madisonville

Cemetery 1. Beautification projects include fence replacement and tomb renovation. A commemorative ceremony heralding war hero General David Bannister Morgan, who is buried in the cemetery, is planned for 2014. Keep Madisonville beautiful will also host a tree planting in the wetlands in February 2014. Since 2011, over 5,000 trees have been planted in the Madisonville wetlands. Keep Madisonville Beautiful, in conjunction with the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation and the International Coastal Conservancy, will also host its annual Beach Sweep litter campaign on September 21. Keep Madisonville Beautiful has helped remove an estimated 5,126 pounds of litter from the town of Madisonville and local riverbanks since 2009. As the anniversary of Hurricane Isaac approaches, we celebrate those businesses

Listen to Sarah Cottrell of Sophisticated Woman Magazine on

“Awake on the Lake with Charles” On the first Wednesday of the month

Sept 4 & Oct 2 8:15 a.m.

The Lake


ABOVE: The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum brings Louisiana’s maritime history to life.

and homes that have rebuilt. However, there are still many that are in need of assistance. The Madisonville Relief Effort and Bridge Church are working together to help rebuild homes and lives in the Madisonville area that are still devastated by Hurricane Isaac. For more information on Madisonville commerce and about how you can volunteer, visit the Madisonville town website at, the Madisonville Relief Effort website, at, or contact Keep Madisonville Beautiful at or 985-778-7790.

Charles Dowdey


Prep for Fall

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THE KATY-DIDS are calling to let you know fall is on the way. Trees are beginning to cloak themselves in color and the pine needles are becoming a coat of warm brown on the earth below. Don’t slip and slide on them! Gather and incorporate them as winter compost in the garden. Weeds should be pulled out of every bed, root and all! Burn them, along with decayed or insect-filled leaves and stalks. Burning destroys the insect infestation best, but never let a fire go unattended. If you forget about it, a small ember could destroy your yard and home overnight. Be cautious! Fungus growth may be prevalent on certain plants in September. Be sure you get to your garden center and ask the most knowledgeable person which fungicide to use in the fall. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs. Choose bulbs that are hearty and plump, not dried and shriveled, to bury now for a beautiful spring showing. Caladium bulbs or other seasonal bulbs should be uprooted, cleaned and stored for the winter. Use a foil pan or cookie sheet to dry after you give them a good rinsing. Once dry, store in a zip-lock bag or paper bag in a cool, dark, dry space. You never know if seeds planted will come out looking like the picture on each package. If you were happy with the plants you grew

from seeds this year, make cuttings. Start cuttings in water with a growth solution, then pot and keep in a green house or on a sunny window over the winter. Replant after the last frost in the same area for good results and enjoy those plants again next year. Spray and water chrysanthemums and fall perennials regularly. Liquid manure is readily available and will bring out the buds to help flowers prepare for holiday celebrations. You can also use nicotine sulfate, or a modern similar spray, to combat black aphids. Be sure to dead head after the blooms are finished in early winter. Make sure birdbaths are cleaned and ready for traveling feathered friends. Remember birds can see for long distances. A bright slice of orange or apple is a great invitation to visit your garden. Adding fresh fruit, or items from the refrigerator along with seed, will encourage them to come spend some time with you. Fall is probably the busiest time in the garden, but also one of the most enjoyable. Preparing for the long, cold days ahead will find us holding a rake, pruning shears and shovel in our hands, but Mother Nature’s gift of color, cool breezes and dancing leaves will make every day a delight! Happy Gardening!


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Fabulous FAN-UP clothing and accessories are arriving daily at Brown Eyed Girl. Don’t forget about boots, your mainstay all season long. 985-626-0100.

September: American Factory Direct Furniture has just received the latest Paula Deen Home Collection. Stop in to see the beautiful workmanship. 985-871-0300,

Begin your collection of Satin Shelley Fine Bone China cups and saucers with a 20% discount at The English Tea Room. Favored by Lady Gaga and available in bold colors and patterns. 985-898-3988,

Dr. Burkenstock’s Skin•Body•Health is running “The Eyes Have It” Botox® special pricing for crow’s feet. Regularly $499 now $239. 985-727-7676,

Azure Salon and Spa is offering a complimentary shampoo and style with any haircut. $35 value. 985-237-1999,



Suffering from a Non-Healing Wound? Get help today.



1-855-HEAL DAT




Shaun Carpenter MD, FAPWCA, CWSP

Certified Wound Specialist Physician ©

Co v i n gt o n ~ H a m m o n d~ F ra n k lin t on ~ B at on R ou g e

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mile trudge across England from the southwest to the very northeast, to visit and perhaps save the life of Queenie. When Harold sets off, he is cohabiting (living is too pleasant a word) unhappily with his overbearing wife, Maureen. Most days he feels isolated, unappreciated and emasculated. A vivid snapshot of his psyche is described the first time he stays in a hotel for the night, “His shirt, tie and trousers were folded small as an apology.” Harold’s walk becomes an informal meditation, a portal opening his mind to the beauties of nature and the many wonders that exist outside of his life with Maureen. And there is another side to this journey; Maureen also has a revelation. In Harold’s absence she longs for him, realizing how they have both suffered. Through each of their trials during the journey, both Harold and Maureen realize that, “If we can’t be open, if we can’t accept what we don’t know, there really is no hope”. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce is available as a book at St. Tammany Parish Library or at area bookstores.

September 24 Cuccia-Egan Clinic and Med Spa will be holding an Open House from 5:30–7:30 P.M. Refreshments will be provided and door prizes will be given out. 985-892-3031.


THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE of Harold Fry, by author, Rachel Joyce, is a fitting title. An impromptu expedition begins when the protagonist, Harold Fry, receives a letter from Queenie, a lost and forgotten selfless friend who is critically ill. Fry, a downtrodden Walter Mitty character, writes a postcard in response, and leaves his home to post it. While walking, his memories of Queenie pull him away from his oppressive situation and toward the dying woman. Thus the reader joins Harold’s 600-plus




Every Wednesday Covington Farmers Market. 10 A.M.–2 P.M., Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire St., Covington,

Every Saturday Camellia City Market. 8 A.M.–1 P.M., City parking lot at the corner of Robert and Front Streets in Olde Towne Slidell, Covington Farmers Market. 10 A.M.–2 P.M., Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire St., Covington, Mandeville Trailhead Community Market. 9 A.M.–1 P.M., Mandeville Trailhead Cultural Interpretive Center, 985-624-3147,

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday

September 6

Hammond Farmers/Crafts Market. 9 A.M.–3 P.M., Corner of W. Thomas St. and S.W. Railroad Ave., downtown Hammond, 985-277-5680,

Folsom First Friday Block Party. 6–10 P.M., Camp St. to Railroad Ave. to Hwy. 25, Folsom, 985-773-3390.

September 6–15

Folsom Village Market. 9 A.M.–2 P.M., behind Folsom City Hall, 13401 June St., Folsom, 985-796-3533.

Les Misérables. Fri–Sat: 8 P.M., Sun: 2 P.M. Fuhrmann Performing Arts. 317 N. Jefferson Ave., Covington, 985-276-0465,

September 1

September 6–22

Pinewood Country Club 50th Labor Day Celebration. Public welcomed. 12–7 P.M., Pinewood Country Club, 405 Country Club Blvd., Slidell, 985-643-6892 ext. 13,

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee performed by Playmakers Theater. Sat: 8 P.M., Sun: 2 P.M., Playmakers Theater, 19106 Playmakers Rd., Covington, 985-893-1671,

September 1

September 6–28

17th Annual Battle of the Bands. 12–9 P.M., LandO-Pines Family Campground, 17145 Million Dollar Rd., Covington, 800-443-3697,

September 1 Labor Day Getaway. Spend your holiday weekend visiting antique, collectable and specialty shops in historic downtown Ponchatoula. 985-386-2536,

September 1–8 Works of Whimsy Art Exhibit at the OFFstage Gallery at Slidell Little Theatre. 2024 Nellie Dr., Slidell, 985-641-0323,

September 6 Hula Hooping with Lisa Guillot. 6:30 P.M., Northlake Nature Center, 23135 Hwy. 190 East, Mandeville, 985-626-1238,

The Human Canvas Art Exhibition. Opening reception: Sept. 6, 5–8 P.M., Exhibit: Tues–Fri: 1–5 P.M., Sat: 11 A.M.–3 P.M., Hammond Regional Arts Center, 217 E. Thomas St., Hammond, 985-542-7113,

September 9 Free Continuing Education Class: Microsoft Word taught by computer teacher Marilyn Hebert. 10 A.M.– 12 P.M., Slidell Branch Library, 555 Robert Blvd., Slidell,

September 9 Culinary Arts Series Dinner & Demonstration with Chef Tommy Masaracchia of Tope Lá Restaurant. 6 P.M., Alack Culinary Superstore, 17420 Hwy. 190, Hammond, 985-542-7113,

September 12–13 A.S.I.S.T. (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Two day suicide prevention training in Robert, LA, offered by St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide. Approved for 12.5 CEUs from NASW-La Chapter, 985-237-5506,

Every 2nd Wednesday Scrabble Nights at the Library. 6–7:30 P.M., Lacombe Branch, 28027 Hwy. 190, Lacombe, 985-882-7858,  

Every 2nd Thursday Scrabble Nights at the Library. 6–7:30 P.M., Mandeville Branch, 844 Girod St., Mandeville, 985-626-4293,

Every 2nd Saturday

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Madisonville Art Market. 10 A.M.–4 P.M., Water St., Madisonville, 985-643-5340,


Every 2nd and 4th Thursday St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide. SOS Survivors of Suicide Support Group meetings. 2nd Thurs: 6:30–8 P.M., 4th Thurs: 3–4:30 P.M., St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 4477 Sharp Rd., Mandeville, 985-264-4244.

September 1–8 Seussical performed by the Slidell Little Theatre. Fri–Sat: 8 P.M., Sun: 2 P.M., 2024 Nellie Dr., Slidell, 985-641-0323,

September 13 Charmaine Neville in concert at the Dew Drop Jazz and Social Hall. 6:30–9 p.m., 430 Lamarque St., Mandeville,

September 13 Ballet to Bar with Kristen Billiot. 9 A.M., Northlake Nature Center, 23135 Hwy. 190 East, Mandeville, 985-626-1238,

Italian Cooking Classes with

September 13 St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce B2B. 8–9 A.M., Chamber Office, 610 Hollycrest Blvd., Covington, 985-273-3008,

September 13 Northlake Newcomers Annual Membership Meet and Greet Coffee. 10 A.M., Benedict’s Plantation, 1144 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville, 985-629-4264.

Chef Paul Cimino For more information call: Simplee Gourmet


Classes to be held at Simplee Gourmet

September 14th, 18th, 21st & 29th

September 14 Free Fall Concert Series featuring The Boogiemen. 6–8 p.m., Mandeville Trailhead, 675 Lafitte St., Mandeville, 985-624-3147,

September 18 Moonlight Hike and Snow and Ice with the Shiver Shack. One-mile nighttime stroll through Northlake Nature Center. 8 P.M., 23135 Hwy. 190 East, Mandeville, 985-626-1238,

September 19 St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. 5–7 P.M., Franco’s Athletic Club, 100 Bon Temps Roulé, Mandeville, 985-273-3008,

September 19

September 20 Sunset at the Landing Concert. 6–9 P.M., Columbia Street Landing, 100 N. Columbia St., Covington, Continued on page 33

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. 5:30–7 P.M., Whitney Bank, 545 W. Pine St, Ponchatoula, 985-386-2536,




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Explore Ponchatoula This Labor Day


DURING THE MONTH of September, Americans celebrate U.S. workers and their productivity, which, have made our country the successful world leader it is today. On average, American workers spend longer hours at their employment than all European workers and most workers in other industrial nations, putting in an average of 1,804 hours of work annually (2006). International Labor Union statistics demonstrate that each U.S. worker produces $63,885 of wealth per year, more than their counterparts in all other countries, leading the world in hourly labor productivity. Louisiana workers are known to both work and play hard, celebrating the fruits of their labor. How do we play? Ponchatoula is surrounded by waterways offering fishing, boating and other forms of aquatic amusement. Ponchatoula Area Recreation District #1 offers a

beautiful park with a children’s playground, state-ofthe-art gym, team sports and health and wellness programs encouraging healthy leisure and productivity. In addition, Ponchatoula encourages travelers off the highway to visit “America’s Antique City,” Old Hardhide and Kliebert’s Alligator Farm, as well as boutiques, gift shops, spas and restaurants. Want some intellectual stimulation? Ponchatoula offers two museums, Collinswood and Louisiana Treasures, for history buffs and inquirers of iniquity. So while we all work hard as members of the Tangipahoa community, let’s not forget to celebrate the fruits of our labor by sharing our fun times and local leisure opportunities with family and friends. The Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce wishes a happy Labor and Leisure Day to all Louisiana and American workers. You have earned it!

“Louisiana workers are known to both work and play hard, celebrating the fruits of their labor”

Christ Episcopal School Opens New Center of Inquiry

ABOVE: The student body gathers for the dedication of the new Center of Inquiry. CHRIST EPISCOPAL SCHOOL in Covington recently celebrated the opening of their new multi-purpose building, The Center of Inquiry. The entire student body gathered on the steps of the 41,405 square foot building for a ribbon cutting administered by

Headmaster John Morvant, President of the Board of Trustees Jim Miles, and Reverend Harry Jenkins. The impressive $4.5 million building houses a state-of-the-art theater, library, fully equipped classrooms, video production

studio, science lab and administrative offices, and marks the completion of the first stage in Christ Episcopal’s master expansion plan. This spacious venue helps make room for the school’s growing high school class, as well as formal and informal receptions, student meetings, and conferences. Architect Randy Aultman said he kept wallspace, as well as natural lighting in mind in his design, incorporating both sprawling floor-to-ceiling windows and ample blank walls, which will soon be filled with studentartwork, throughout the structure. Headmaster John Morvant spoke to the student body prior to the ribbon cutting and reiterated that this building is meant for the entire school and was made possible by everyone present, “This is an extremely proud moment for us today. The Center of Inquiry’s completion is a testament to the vision and hard work of our Board of Trustees who championed the project and secured its funding, and the generosity of many Christ Episcopal parents, grandparents, and friends who also supported the venture."

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І community

September 21

September 27

Daughters of Divine Providence Art Sale to benefit their Yucatan, Mexico mission trip. 7 P.M., Vintage Court, 75082 Hwy. 25, Covington, 985-796-5746.

LPO presents Don Quixote at First Baptist Church in Covington featuring cellist Asier Polo. 7:30 P.M., 16333 Hwy. 1085, Covington,

September 21 Free Fall Concert Series featuring Bobby Cure & the Summertime Blues. 6–8 P.M., Mandeville Trailhead, 675 Lafitte St., Mandeville, 985-624-3147,

September 21 Camellia City Talent Contest. All proceeds benefit the Slidell Little Theatre. 7–9 P.M., Slidell Little Theatre, 2024 Nellie Dr., Slidell,,

September 23–24 Books Are Fun! Book and Gifts Sale sponsored by Slidell Memorial Hospital’s Volunteers. Proceeds benefit the SMH Volunteer Community Medical Scholarship Project. 9 A.M.–3 P.M., SMH Atrium, 1001 Gause Blvd., Slidell, 985-280-8531,

September 24

Columbia Street Block Party. 6:30–9:30 P.M., downtown Covington,

September 27–28 A.S.I.S.T. (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Two day suicide prevention training in Covington, LA, offered by St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide. Approved for 12.5 CEUs from NASW-La Chapter, 985-237-5506,

September 28 Mayor Freddy Drennan’s Wild Game Seafood & BBQ Cook-Off. All proceeds benefit Community Christian Concern of Slidell. 11 A.M.–4 P.M., Fritchie Park, 901 W. Howze Beach Rd., Slidell, 985-646-4333.

September 28 Free Fall Concert Series featuring Michael “the Soulman” Baptiste. 6–8 P.M., Mandeville Trailhead, 675 Lafitte St., Mandeville, 985-624-3147,

September 26 East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. 5–7 P.M., Ochsner North Shore 100 Medical Center Blvd., Slidell, 985-643-5678,

September 27

September 27 Wings and Wine benefit for the Northlake Nature Center. 7 P.M., Wild Bird Center, 2033 N. Hwy. 190, Covington, 985-626-1238,

September 27

September 27 Summer Lecture and Dinner Series of the British Empire—Hong Kong. 7 P.M., The English Tea Room, 734 E. Rutland St., Covington, reservations recommended, 985-898-3988.

September 28

• Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time jobs • Specialty cleaning services • Teams available Monday - Friday • Move-ins and move-outs • Supplies and equipment provided • Residential/Commercial • Available for serving parties, banquets and weddings

4th Annual Swamp Pop Festival. 12–9 P.M., LandO-Pines Family Campground, 17145 Million Dollar Rd., Covington, 800-443-3697,

September 28–29 RISE Haunted House and Zombie Paintball. 7 P.M.– 12 A.M., RISE Haunted House, 10342 Hwy. 442, Tickfaw, 985-687-4952,

September 29

Magical Maids

Auditions for Christmas Actin’ Up Workshop. Cutting Edge Theater inside Attractions Salon. 3 P.M., 747 Robert Blvd., Slidell, 985-649-3727,

September 29

Licensed & Bonded Family Owned & Operated

City of Slidell’s Bayou Jam Concert series featuring Swingaroux. 5:30–7:30 P.M., Heritage Park, Slidell, 985-646-4375,


1000 Off


any cleaning service

New clients only • Expires 9/30/13 2 hr. minimum

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Brews Arts Festival. 5–9 P.M., Morrison Park, Cypress St. behind Hammond Regional Arts Center, downtown Hammond, 985-542-7113,

Let us do it!

September 27

Camps for Her presents Let’s Get Physical Tour 2013. This expo is a chance to increase your football intelligence and mingle with NFL players. 5–7 P.M., Northshore Harbor Center, 100 Harbor Center Blvd., Slidell, 504-305-7563,

Deacon John performing at the Dew Drop Jazz and Social Hall. 6–9 P.M., 430 Lamarque St., Mandeville,

Tired of Cleaning?




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Membership Award


ON BEHALF OF ALL volunteer leaders of our Chamber, we recognized small business owners Rusty Hebert and Gene Lester of Hebert Plumbing in front of a prestigious audience during our Healthy Communities luncheon. Hebert Plumbing is an example of a model chamber member, loyally sending in their annual investment every year, for 26 years! Although they did not regularly attend events or serve on committees, they loyally supported the time and efforts of those who did. They understood the relevance of the Chamber’s mission and the return on their investment as a member. Recently retired and having sold their business, Mr. Hebert and Mr. Lester represent struggling entrepreneurs and small business owners that don’t have time to work on issues that are important to each and every

one of them, but that the Chamber, through its active members, finds the time to do so on behalf of the entire business community. They also represent the eventual reward that small business owners can find on the road ahead, staying abreast of and practicing sound business principles while providing outstanding service. In his acceptance remarks, Mr. Hebert talked about the growth of our parish over the past 30 years and the need for a strong chamber to address the issues that go with that growth. He encouraged attendees to continue their work maintaining a strong membership base for the future. For information on membership or any of our programs, committees or events, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Mandeville Infrastructure Update


ALTHOUGH WE HAVE had significant rainfall this summer, it appears that we have survived our most vulnerable time of hurricane season. Three months remain, however, so please stay tuned and prepared. We are gearing up for our Fall Concert Series, which will be on Saturdays this year. Check out our website for the full roundup. The first one will be held on September 14 from 6-8 p.m. and features the Boogie Men. Admission is free and refreshments will be sold at the event. We hope to see you there. Our new budget should be coming out September 1 and will offer improvements in communication and infrastructure. The city will be looking at specific roadways for improvements. As you know, the Department

of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is working at this time on Highway 190 widening. A delay was encountered as drainage had to be modified. In the meantime, crews are working on the bridge structure installing bents in preparation for the bridge girders and decks. Sidewalk installations have also begun. It is my hope that our citizens will continue to patronize the businesses located along this construction site. Although the detours are temporary, quite often, local businesses suffer from difficult access. We are working with DOTD to make these passages as easy as possible and would appreciate your continued support.

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Safety Measures



WE WANT TO make our citizens aware that every day, we are committed to combating the damaging effects that natural disasters often leave in their wake. While we cannot control flood and wind damage completely, we can tap into resources available to us to help prepare for future events, which may strike a forceful blow. The funding we seek through the federal Hazard Mitigation Assistance program (HMA) is instrumental in helping us to plot preventative and recoveryoriented strategies for future natural disasters. HMA offers grants such as the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program. HMGP offers grants to state and local governments so that they can implement long-term hazard

mitigation plans after a disaster declaration, with the goal of reducing loss of life and property in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. The FMA offers non-disaster grant monies to communities, on a competitive basis, that would reduce or eliminate the longterm risk of flooding to any and all structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program. We work tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of St. Tammany are safe from future disasters. Current federal grants can’t fund the elevation of every structure in the parish that needs it. This is little consolation to a homeowner whose home has flooded, but they should know that we will continue to look for and fight to get more funding to assist them in making their homes and neighborhoods safe from flood waters.



1 | Infusé celebrated their first Anniversary party on August 6. Guests were welcomed by owners, Darlene Watson and daughter Andrea Watson, along with Chef Paul Cimino who prepared several dishes for the celebration. 2 | Alex Carollo, director of the Department of Cultural & Public Affairs with the City of Slidell, stopped by the Sophisticated Woman Magazine office to personally deliver a beautiful plaque as a “Thank You” for sponsoring the City of Slidell’s 2012-2013 Cultural Season. Thank you, Alex.


І community

10 | A Place of Our Own-A Pediatric Day Healthcare Center for Medically Fragile Children, staff, administration, patients, families and friends celebrated the opening of their new facility in Covington. Pictured from L–R are: Kathryn Oubre, M.D., Chelsea Houidobre, Tammy Oser, Blakely Hymel, Tina Chaisson and Kimberly Williams, M.D. 6

3 | NOLA Real Estate Marketing recently celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere was on hand with owner, Eugenia Lubrano, family and friends to help celebrate the event. 4 | Campers from Archbishop Hannan’s Little Hawk Day Camp had a great time on a field trip to Nonna Randazzo’s Italian Bakery. While there, campers enjoyed a tour of the Nonna’s facility and making cookies with the staff.



5 | Culinary Kids Mandeville recently hosted Chopped Challenge with Winn-Dixie Directors. Teams were faced with the challenge of required ingredients, optional recipes and professional guidance to create a series of entrees and desserts to be judged by a panel of experts. 6 | Congratulations to the graduates of the Safe Sitter-Baby Sitter Training course that was held at Lakeview Regional Medical Center. 3

7 | The 2013 Camp Salmen Spring Fling played host to an estimated 600 people. Bike Easy held a bicycle safety awareness presentation and visitors enjoyed a Boy Scout Expo, guided nature walks by park rangers, Christian Serpas and Ghost Town, face painting and many other activities.


8 | St. Scholastica Academy senior Allison Ducote has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Ducote’s project was entitled “Save Our Camps” and was a two-year endeavor. During this seven-step project, she taught an estimated 160 children the importance of camping skills.

5 4 10

Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

9 | Congratulations to the 44th graduating class of the North Oaks School of Radiologic Technology. A graduation ceremony was held in July at the E. Brent Dufreche Conference Center on the North Oaks Medical Center campus in Hammond.



Sophisticated Woman | September 2013

Sophisticated Woman—September 2013  

Enterprising Woman: Debbie Denova-Baker, Koko FitClub The Northshore Leading Attorney's Madisonville Community Spotlight