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I have advertised with Sophisticated Woman Magazine for the past 16 years. They have always been very passionate about their business and always looking for opportunities to help you spotlight yours. Their professional and friendly staff has always been a pleasure and joy to work with. Keeping readers informed with the most up to date ideas and happenings in the community as well as inspiring and enlightening their audience. I also feel it ads credibility to your business because they do get to know you on a personal level.

Dream… Escape…

Beach Rouge Long Mandeville Baton –8pm - Mon–Sat 10am (985) 871-0300 Sun 1–5pm - www.

20 13

—Billie R. Comeaux American Factory Direct Furniture Outlet, Inc.

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Sophisticated Woman is credible, informative, current, and interesting and provides a platform whereby Your Ad will run AS IS our monthly articles not only attract new patients but 8:00 also amkeep | Thurs.,existing Dec., 13 patients informed. The SW staff are professional,Proofriendly, and FINA f #1 Proof #2 L accessible, making our relationship Approved AS IS rewarding and cost-effective. The Northshore’s Best

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Belotero®—a New and Unique Filler A unique, new dermal filler has just been launched in the uS with a unique name: Belotero ®. named after “La Belle Otero” (Carolina Otero, 1868-1965), a famous european actress and dancer known for her beauty, Belotero‘s own claim to fame is its ability to subtly diffuse into the uppermost layers of the skin without leaving ridges or a bluish discoloration (called the Tyndall effect) which has limited the use of other fillers in some areas, especially the tear trough. This breakth rough is due to the product’s gel matrix which allows it to fill superficial wrinkle lines without disturbi ng the structure of the skin. A good analogy is a dry sponge absorbin g water and swelling without changing its basic structure. Hyaluro nidase, the specific filler in Belotero® , is a molecule which absorbs and holds water like a sponge for months on end, stretchin g out the collapsed wrinkle. Because Belotero® is able to diffuse ever so gently through out the skin’s second layer (which contains the damaged or diminished collagen and elastic tissue), it can be injected inconspicuously higher than any other filler. This means that especially fine lines, such as lipstick and smoker’s lines on the lips, tiny criss-cro ss lines on the cheeks and chin, and sunken tear troughs under the eyes, are more precisel y treatable. with the introduction of Belotero®, those shallow and aggravat ing lines often found on otherwise fine and wrinkle-free skin can be efficiently erased for an average of nine months. in conjunc tion with deeper fillers such as Sculptra® , we now can accomplish what only a scalpel could attempt in the past—a youthfu l facial structure with tighter, brighter skin.

Dr. Benson is a board certified dermatologist and experience d cosmetic surgeon who has been dedicated since 1980 to providing the latest proven techniques and treatments to patients in the U.S. and abroad. Call QnA Cosmetic Surgery (division of Benson Dermatology) at 985-370-06 62 or visit


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Enterprising Woman & Enterprising Man This Premere feature editorial about you in the center of the magazine. Includes location photos, interview and writing of feature. Enterprising Man available for June issue only.

MENtionables Like our Enterprising Woman cover story, MENtionables is limited to one per issue, and gives personal insight into the man behind the business. This special two-page profile includes photography, interview and writing of the feature, plus a callout on the front cover of the magazine.

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is on overall lifestyle change, including how to help fight depression, heart disease and diabetes by eating the right kinds of foods in combination with a healthy exercise regimen. When faced with challenges, Rebecca motivates her

Healthy Habits

clients to come up with positive solutions. “Simply put, there is no room for negativity at True Body Nutrition,” Rebecca says. “Sharing in the joy of success and the life changing experience of reaching sustainable health goals can sum up the True Body Nutrition experience.” Practicing what she preaches, Rebecca’s pantry and refrigerator exemplify what it means to live nutritiously. Filled with foods such as quinoa, olive and coconut oil, lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs, milk, and Greek yogurt, she has instilled healthy eating habits in her family. “I love the fact that my daughter’s favorite thing to eat for dinner is quinoa, salmon and kale,” Rebecca said smiling, “We try to eat as healthy as possible even with a busy lifestyle.” At the Lee house, cooking and dinnertime is a family event. On most weeknights, Rebecca comes home to her husband and daughter cooking together while listening to their favorite music.

”Going against the grain is hard, but social changes are beginning to happen, even though we have a long way to go.”


With aspirations to one day become a physician committed to integrative health and wellness, Rebecca has been spending most of her time over the past two years studying and attending classes required for medical school

WHILE TRUE BODY NUTRITION is brand new to the

with True Body Nutrition. A proponent of the farm-totable movement, not only does Rebecca help her clients find the freshest local produce, meat and eggs, but helps

acceptance, while continuing to work as a dietitian. Although her spare time is limited, Rebecca loves spending time with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include endurance events along with playing the piano, journaling, blogging and even writing a fiction novel. Rebecca enjoys living on the Northshore with her family because it is close enough to her hometown of New Orleans but still fosters that unique sense of community. The close, supportive and strong network of people is why she enjoys working on this side of the lake. The Northshore, according to Rebecca who has worked with clients from all over, is one of the healthiest areas in the state. “Food is our culture in South Louisiana,” Rebecca says. “Going against the grain is hard, but social changes are beginning to happen, even though we have a long way to go.” Rebecca can help anyone begin their journey to a nutritious life no matter where they may fall on the health scale. True Body Nutrition uses one-on-one counseling to motivate, support and teach clients how to live a healthier lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, her overarching philosophy prevails with every encounter, “Success is measured not in numbers but in discovering your natural potential, your true self.”

them learn how to use those ingredients to avoid waste. In addition to supporting local farmers and companies, shopping locally and seasonally helps her clients consume the highest levels of nutrients available. This is the bedrock principle behind her clean eating program. However, when shopping farmers markets is not a practical option, Rebecca offers other options and ideas for her clients including the use of local produce distribution companies and grocery store tours. Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store for local, seasonal selections is a decent way to achieve a similar goal. Being able to make healthy lifestyle choices independently is ultimately the end goal for her clients. Eating habits are usually instilled early on, depending on experiences as a child. For instance, Rebecca grew up in a healthy household with a garden outside and a home cooked meal every night. Her interests in nutrition started while sitting in her mother’s kitchen, watching and helping her cook. This interest developed into a passion, which advanced into a career of helping others in their own health journey. While some people may believe healthy eating will lack flavor, Rebecca teaches clients how to prepare delicious food that is also nutritious. She will be offering basic and advanced cooking classes for her clients in the near future. With True Body Nutrition, the focus is not just about following a diet. The focus

True Body Nutrition, LLC is located at 422 E. Lockwood St, Suite 104 in Downtown Covington. For more information, visit or call Rebecca at 985-590-7043.

TOP: Rebecca demonstrates simple and advanced cooking techniques through True Body Nutrition cooking classes. BOTTOM: Rebecca with free range chickens.


Lose Weight Without Losing the Taste

Includes a one-page color feature editorial and one or two photos of you and your business. These single-page features offer an affordable option for very topic-specific professions. Each issue is limited to one feature per category—Physicians, Dining or Custom—except when running in special sections.

Dentistry is C hanging Lives One Smile at a Time.

Each week, the meals will be different and specifically formulated for the correct

meals a day can seem challenging, sometimes impossible, when trying to fit in all of the other demands to your day. Ingrid Rinck,

One -Page Features

Northshore Dentists



Photo by: b. green photography

Northshore, the owner is a veteran in the fields of nutrition and wellness. A registered dietitian for eight years, Rebecca Lee, RDN, LDN aspired to open her own business and her vision has come to life through hard work and dedication. With a background in journalism and nutrition, Rebecca brings a non-traditional perspective to nutritional counseling. “I believe treating health issues such as diabetes and heart disease first with weight loss is more effective than reactively managing these conditions with traditional approaches,” Rebecca says. Beyond her nutritional philosophy that has evolved over time, she uses her well-developed counseling skills to uncover underlying emotional issues at the root of negative eating habits and helps redirect her clients to healthier behaviors. Weight loss is mostly a mind game. “Fix the mind and the body will fix itself,” Rebecca says. She takes this approach when needed with her clients who receive oneon-one wellness coaching through True Body Nutrition. She walks through the health journey with her clients, teaching them along the way so they learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle beyond the program. “Where do I start? First, the old food pyramid is essentially upside down,” Rebecca explains. These principles are reinforced through the wellness coaching she provides for her clients participating in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. As an Independent Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic, Rebecca uses the personalized weekly coaching model to help her clients not only lose weight, but also improve their overall lifestyle. Taking her clients beyond losing weight is a big focus

amount of calories and a balance of nutrients.

Dentistry Today

The variety keeps the meals from becoming mundane, and as Ingrid explains, “This allows health professionals to choose your weekly

owner of FITCAMP, saw this void in the community for healthy, calorie-controlled meals and decided to launch her newest venture, Sensible Portions.

DENTISTRY IS CHANGING lives one smile at a time. Never in the history of dentistry have

menu to help with weight loss and guide you to better health.” All of the food is prepared in a licensed, industrial-sized kitchen in Mandeville

“What makes Sensible Portions different from every other program out there is its price and realistic approach to weight loss,” Ingrid says. “Most meal programs make people think

by a large staff of chefs and professionals.

Why Should You Choose Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence?

Pick-up locations are conveniently located in Mandeville, Metairie and Baton Rouge. And now for the real surprise, its affordability: $80

that they need to eat super clean, 100 percent of the time, but that’s just not realistic for the majority of people, especially those that have struggled with their weight.” As a mother of three and owner of an expanding business, Ingrid knows what it feels like to put your own health last on the long list of priorities. She put her own philosophies to the test when her weight reached over 200 pounds after the birth of her third child and has since lost 120 pounds thanks to Sensible Portions’ easy to follow plan. If you think you will spend your time eating bland chicken and over-cooked broccoli, that’s just not the case with this program. Broccoli and chicken may be on the menu, but so might gumbo, waffles and macaroni and cheese. “We prepare these items in a lighter way and portion them so you don’t feel like you are missing out.” Ingrid explains. Portion control, Ingrid says, is they key ingredient in losing weight and this is what she hopes to teach people with Sensible Portions. She stresses that while the meal sizes may seem small at first, they are actually the ideal portion size for weight loss. Sensible Portions meals are comprised of 1,000 calories (or 1,300 for men or those looking to maintain their weight), the optimal amount for weight loss and burning your body’s stored fat. The plan consists of three meals per day, Monday through Friday, and uses fresh and local ingredients.

Veteran team with 5 star customer service

a week for 15 meals. “Once you are ready, weight loss is not as difficult as it might seem with a little belief in yourself and some professional guidance.” For more information or to sign up for Sensible Portions meals, text “I’M READY” to 985-290-9757.

Advanced training in cosmetic, preventative, implant and reconstructive dentistry State of the art facility Efficient and predictable treatment options for even the most complex cases Progressive in technology and education Treatment planning based on health rather than repair Minimally invasive procedures Advanced diagnostics Highest standards of infection control

we been able to provide solutions across generations like we can today. Advancements in technology have paved the way for a future of dental health. Digital technology and lasers have improved

CAD/CAM technology allows dentists to deliver a crown, veneer or onlay in the same day. Many patients understand the value in reduced visits, temporary crowns and unnecessary sensitivity. For those patients with anxiety, oral medication and IV sedation coupled with aesthetics,

the quality of dental care. Tooth loss caused by periodontal disease, repeated dental procedures, teeth grinding and bruxism are all mini-

which provide a more profound and deeper numbing, have opened the door for many to take a more proactive role in their oral care.

mized with advanced diagnostic procedures. Oral DNA testing analyzes the 11 specific bacteria that destroy the bone supporting the teeth. Chronic inflammatory periodontal infec-

Creating a treatment plan that fits the goals of the patient is the key to long-term oral health.

tions are linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some forms of cancer and other diseases. We now know that these bacteria can be transmitted and that there is a direct oral systemic connection. Through oral DNA testing, antibiotics and detailed cleanings, periodontal disease is better controlled. Tooth decay is still causing repeated dental procedures. High acidic diets and sugar are the primary cause of tooth decay. Digital X-rays and new laser cavity detection are at the forefront of early diagnosis while the DIAGNOdent® allows for early cavity detection, eliminating the need for aggressive tooth removal. Early intervention will prevent unnecessary

IV sedation

tooth loss and is often completed without anesthesia. 3D X-rays allow for detection of chronic infections often missed by traditional X-rays.

Call Dr. Charles A. Schof at Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, 985-626-4401, 240 Dalwill Dr. in Mandeville or visit charlesschof. com. He is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Dental Assoc. and has received Mastership Status from the Academy of General Dentistry.

These scans allow dentists to plan for implant placement. This technology is leading the way for computer guided implant placement. This technique is faster and more precise and far less invasive than earlier techniques. Dental implants have given confidence and beauty to modern denture wearers.

Advancements in technology have paved the way for a future of dental health. An aspect of oral health that is often overlooked is occlusion, or the way our teeth interact with each other. This is a direct determinate in appearance of the smile. Worn teeth age the face. Cracks and stains are characteristic of teeth grinding. This is where anti-aging techniques are available. Having an early bite exam can prevent this accelerated aging of the teeth. For those who are suffering the effects, porcelain crowns and veneers have the ability to restore beauty and function to a worn dentition. Bite appliances or night guards are key to protecting the smile. Low-profile appliances are now available which improve on patient compliance. There has never been a better time in dentistry to touch all generations. From early detection of decay and gum disease to implant restorations to restore beauty, function and confidence, dentistry is a leader in the antiaging movement.

community Culinary Kids

Business Profiles/Meet The Owner

and a series of Cub and Girl Scout a c h i e v e m e n t s ,” Sherrí explains. Designing each class herself, Sherrí also began



opened Culinary Kids in 2012, a national franchise had recently closed under program constraints and she was offered a kitchen and supplies to start something new. At 12-weeks pregnant with three young boys, it was a leap of faith and with over 20 years of experience designing educational

school outreach programs (you can now find them at parish libraries all summer!) Sherrí added, “Our biggest expansion has been corporate team-building ‘Chopped Challenges’ (with mystery ingredients and the countdown clock) enjoyed by businesses like Chevron, Lakeview Regional Hospital and Entergy Corporation.” With all of the improvements and expansions over the years, Culinary Kids’ goal has remained singular. Sherrí reiterates, “We are a family, serving families. We provide the quality

Advertorial including business description and

we want for our own children. We don’t cut corners. When we miss the mark, we listen, adjust and improve, developing organically with the families we serve.”

field trips and camps, then hired a chef for adult ‘Corks & Cooking’ programs. Next came our class for people with special needs and by 2015 our programs grew to include Mommy & Me, Parents’ Night Out, Family Dinner Events

brand identity.

Photo by AbbyPhoto

programs, it was a good fit. “Creating with food was fun, inspired by childhood memories of family meals. The final push came when one son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, leading to dietary restrictions and another goal…helping people enjoy, not fear, their food,” says Sherrí. Since then, Culinary Kids has expanded in a big way, providing classes for schools, corporate outreach programs and even parents. “We realized we needed to provide services for more than just kids! We started with birthdays,

Culinary Kids is located at 3441 E. Causeway Approach in Mandeville. For more information, call 985-727-5553 or visit


WHEN YOU VISIT a typical salon, do you feel rushed? Do you feel like just another customer? Do you feel uncomfortable, just being there? The team at Wax’d in Mandeville, strives to provide a different kind of experience. When owners Michelle and Brett White started to put everything together to open Wax’d, they were determined to change the way people look at salons. Their motto from day one has been, “Quality, not Quantity!” “The first thing you will notice when visiting Wax’d, is you are not our customer, or our client. You are our guest. We wanted to make sure that our guests feel the difference from the first time they call, or come to see us,” says Brett. Brett and his wife, Michelle, opened Wax’d exactly three years ago this month, and have since built a loyal following of guests who drive from across the Southeast region. “The majority of our guests come from referrals. We have guests who drive in from Mobile, Baton Rouge, Bogalusa and as far south as Belle Chasse and even Houma.” The Wax’d entrance looks more like a living room than a storefront. With large sofas and a welcoming atmosphere, you won’t find product pushing, heavy retail, or speedy treatments in this salon. “We are not your ‘normal’ fiveminute, put a foot on your forehead, and rip

the hair out kind of place,” says Brett. You will not find “speed waxing” at Wax’d. For example, the salon schedules 30 minutes for brows

many positive reviews on Facebook and other websites. “Every time you walk into Wax’d, Brett is there to welcome you, and every person

and 45-60 minutes for the female Brazilians. Michelle adds, “Not that it will take that long for your service, we just don’t want our guests,

is so kind and truly interested in whatever you have to say,” says Anna, of Covington, another guest of Wax’d, “Their waxing services are

or our Estheticians to ever feel rushed. It’s not about numbers. It’s more about being thorough. Again…Quality, not Quantity!”

impeccable and professional; but their personal service always keeps me coming back.”

“It’s one big family,” says Lana McLain, who along with Sarah Treadway and Michelle, are Wax’d Licensed Estheticians and handle all of the waxing and esthetics services. The staff walks around in jeans and tennis shoes and there is rock-and-roll playing in the front room, which helps to make it feel more like being at a friend’s house, than a typical salon. Wax’d is popular with men and women and is kid friendly for those who need to bring their children with them. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The facility has several private, sanitary rooms equipped for waxing, airbrush spray tanning, facials, chemical peels, diamond-tipped microdermabrasion, and airbrush makeup, along with brow and lash tinting. Jamie, of Madisonville, has been a guest of Wax’d for just over two years. “I love this place,” she says, “I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Others sing the salon’s praises as well, with

Location: 1675 U.S. Highway 190 at the intersection of the East Causeway Approach in Mandeville. Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Full body waxing & esthetics for males & females. Secure online booking Services and Prices Available online

985-778-2005 Wax’d-Mandeville

Voted the Northshore’s Best Hair Removal Service

RETURN THIS PROOF RETURN THIS PROOF WITHIN 48 HOURS WITHIN 48 HOURS The Northshore’s Best The Northshore’s Best Please proof your ENTIRE ad carefully. Change(s) and/or Please proof your ENTIRE ad carefully. Change(s) and/or corrections should be faxed to 985-893-7686, or emailbethis proof to your account executive. corrections should faxed to back 985-893-7686, or email this proof back to your account executive.

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health health І PhArAmACY hormones PMS 484

Al raCleanse


The Northshore’s Best


Sept 2010

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Your Success

I Love You Diamond Je welry

The Northshore’s Best

409 W. 21 st Avenue, Covington, LA 70433 985-893-7350 | Fax 985-893-7686

explanation for the

of the muscles us.

5:00 pm | Friday, Dec. 17

that trigger headaches.

with me and play.”

those Beauties!

Soon as the leaves

heard the winds loud call,

Look great in those new#2 FINAL Proof #1 shoesProofwith Azure Spa’s Cellulite wrap!

Down they came tumbling—

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Healing Homework Headaches 

one and all.

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YOUR CHILD COMES HOME from school, every subject. If your child prepares for tests grabs a snack and then gets started with daily instead of cramming the night before, Account Executive ________________________________________ excitement and joy on their homework. If they are actually learning. This allows for this happens in your home, count your blesslong term knowledge your child can build ings. If you are like many families, you are on. Memorization or cramming is only short trying to balance sports, dance, clubs, etc. term learning and will not be retained. Somewhere in between all of that, you fight Assuming your child has all of his or her to get homework completed. Maybe your study skills, a daily consequence and reward child does not do his or her best work, maybe can be a part of your contract. This is somethey forget their homework at school, or they thing that they enjoy on a daily basis (watch wait to the last minute to study. Perhaps TV, use the phone or play video games). If the your child needs your help every night, or terms of your child’s contract are met, they maybe he or she has “no homework”. have access to the reward that day; if not, Whatever your situation, know that homethe reward becomes the consequence. They work is a review of what took place in the can get it back the next day if the contract is Authorized Signature ______________________________________ classroom. It must be done independently. fulfilled. It is also a good idea to have your Now that the school year is half over, it’s child set long term goals such as improving Datethe ______________________________________ time to set a New Year’s Resolution for a grade in a particular course, an improved most important task your child has on any grade point average, or maybe to turn in all given day—HOMEWORK. assignments for the semester. Start off the New Year with a homework The final and most important step is contract. First you need to find an organized CONSISTANCY! location, free from distractions. You then need to have a set time and get a routine Ann Habisreitinger Barré, M.Ed is the Director of Huntington Learning established. A middle school student should Center® at 1748 A N. Causeway Blvd. spend between one and one and a half hours in Mandeville. We offer individual a day, six times a week. High school students testing and tutoring in reading, study skills, writing, phonics, spelling, math should spend two hours a day, six times a and ACT/SAT/LEAP prep. Ann can week. Studying for a test should not be done be reached by calling 985-727-0000. the night before. It is an everyday process in Visit

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Body Wrap Pedicure Waxing Treatments Facials Date ________________________________________________ Call today to experience the Azure Spa!

January 2011


Sophisticated Woman | January 2011

George Muller, RPh is certified compounding pharmacist trained in sterile compounding and has specialized training in bio-identical hormones, veterinary compounding and hospice compounding. Compounding Corner is located in Madisonville at 209 Covington St. Call 985-792-5041.

Columns/Expanded Columns

І lifestyle

The simplest


v Co

Proof #2


The Northshore’s Best



Proof #1

Sophisticated Woman | September 2010

lifestyle І homework

Hormone Questions and Answers

I JUST RECEIVED a call from a patient who said that her physician referred her to us because she wanted to start a bio-identical hormone est. 2000 regimen and she wanted to know how to proceed. We receive many such calls and we in have a frequently asked questions document • Repair Digestive Health l gt e, on i ll we will gladly send anyone upon request St. v n * Madis o • Eliminate Intestinal Toxemia which addresses all the steps involved. • Customized Medications Typical questions can include: • Eradicate Candida and Parasites I need a prescription? Yes, these arebetween preThe beautiful bikingDoand walking nature trail • Transdermal or Topical Formulations • Help with Chronic Diseases scription compounds that we prepare into a • MedicationsMandeville not commercially available and Slidell is the perfect place to find serenity finished dosage form for you. Each is indi• Bio-Identical Hormone Consultations & Testing vidualized for you and addresses and an awakening to personally the wonders all around • Single Dose Combinations your symptoms. • Medications Free of Sugar, Lactose, Dyes, Do I need a blood test or a saliva test? We I-ACT Certified Alcohol, Gluten or Preservatives Colon Therapists highly recommend that you have a saliva test Kandyl Domangue done but we can work with a blood test. A PROVIDING Kristian Hahn & Diane Kimbell blood test requires a prescription; a saliva test PERSONALIZED Pharm.D. CARE does not. We also ask that you fill out a com1311 S. Tyler St. • Covington plete history and symptom questionnaire. Mon–Fri: 8:30am–6pm Do I have to make an appointment with you? 985-809-3133 Sat 9am–3pm We highly recommend that you do so. We will 985-792-1711 • 985-792-1752 FAX Account Executive ________________________________________ spend an hour with you, go over your history and symptoms, and your saliva or blood test results, and then make recommendations to your physician for a treatment program which can address hormones, adrenal function, and thyroid function. What does a bio-identical hormone prescription cost? The cost is in the same range as that of a synthetic hormone prescription. Does my insurance cover the prescription? Many insurance plans do at least partially reimburse you for the cost. Some do not. We provide each patient with an insurance claim form that can then be submitted Authorized Signature ______________________________________ for reimbursement. How much preparation time is required? Date ______________________________________ We ask that you give us a 24-hour notice although many will be prepared the same day. Hospice and pediatric patients are accommodated first. Sterile products usually require 24 to 48 hours.

Discover Hydrocolonic Therapy

Sept 2010



Enjoy Vibrant Health

1/3 Page Vertical Bleed—3.5089” x 11”


April 2010

Date ____________________________ Proof #1 Proof

Date ____________________________

by Dr. Burkenstock

727.7799 2040 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville



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Palm print by Show Me Your Mumu $146. The Mix. Double gold chain necklace with stone $225. The Mix. Nude wedges $166. Emma’s Shoes and Accessories.

І dining

І restaurant amis

Print top $49. Brown Eyed Girl.

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Light blue denim flares $79. Brown Eyed Girl.


Bone necklace $65. Brown Eyed Girl. note lounge. tOP RiGht: Blue tOP leFt: James Johnson, famous blues guitarist, is a regular at Blue prepares a signature dish. note lounge has a cozy but rockin’ atmosphere. ABOve: marvin tweedy

Leather wedges $89. Cameo.

The owners, chris binnings and Richard Taubin, have made the restaurant all that it should be, a well-orchestrated culmination of all their combined acumen in the food industry. atmosphere to accompany the haute cuisine creations of chef Marvin Tweedy, truly an artist with food. The menu includes many local favorites with a new twist, including steaks and seafoods. for several of chef Tweedy’s original epicurean masterpieces make quite a varied menu, which changes several times annually. The adjoining blue note lounge, with its live music, is

Restaurant Amis A Dining Oasis

By PAul CiminO PhOtOs By Kevin WAtKins

The newesT kid on The block of fine dining restaurants in st. Tammany is Amis. And what a kid it is! located in covington, Amis (French for “friends”) has already garnered praises that are far reaching. After having been opened for only two months, the crowds at

both lunch and dinner bear testimony to the food delights at this temple of culinary excellence. but it’s not by coincidence that Amis has been honed to such fine, diamond-like perfection in food and service. A

white glove restaurant without the gloves, Amis is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, the result of much thought and planning given to every detail of its operation. The owners, chris binnings and Richard Taubin, have made the restau-

rant all that it should be, a well-orchestrated culmination of all their combined acumen in the food industry. binnings’ restaurant background reads like a travelo-

gue. his early beginning was at impastato’s Restaurant in Metairie, and his subsequent career took him as far south as the Florida keys, and back home again. in key west, he worked the famous commodore steak house,

and the road home included an interval at cigars in destin, Florida. locally, he was affiliated with lA Grill, Mi Mamacita’s and Times Grill, to name a few. he drew

heavily from these experiences to create Amis. but it was Friends Restaurant in Madisonville that was a turning point in his career. As a result of katrina, the restaurant flooded, and Friends remained closed due to extensive damage. The devastated owners decided not

to reopen. but binnings stepped in, with his partner and associate, Richard Taubin, took over the restaurant, tore it down, and completely rebuilt it. Today it stands strongly against future flooding due to its new construction, and

continues to add much to local dining pleasure. not content with the success of Friends, partners Taubin and binnings were already planning another venue, only this time it was a restaurant for fine dining as well as a night

spot for entertainment, a much needed and welcome venue in west st. Tammany. out of this planning was born Amis. Unquestionably a palace of palate pleasing delights, Amis

is a dining oasis. its quiet elegance provides a harmonious

aimed directly at sheer enjoyment and features many of the finest jazz musicians in the country for exceptional entertainment. For the football crowd, the lounge offers nine television screens for viewing on Monday nights in a delightful atmosphere. And not to be missed is the sunday Jazz brunch of from 10:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. in addition to a plethora foods, which is priced incredibly low, the brunch also inclu-

des a complimentary mimosa. Amis also boasts a private banquet room for parties, dinner meetings or what-have-you. Presently, they are already taking reservations for holiday parties and banquets. To tell all there is about Amis would require volumes, but suffice it to say it’s a wonderful place, and we’re so glad it’s here among so many other great eating places on the

northshore. effective August 4, Amis will be open seven days a week instead of six for lunch and dinner. dress is snappy casual, and reservations are suggested. For sheer pleasurable indulgence, do yourself a favor and dine at Amis, and when no you do, be sure to say hello to Richard and chris. we have doubt you’ll become an “ami” of Amis!! Restaurant Amis is located at 1950 N. Hwy 190 in Covington. To

make reservations or for more information, call 985-893-9100 www.

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