Annual Review 2023

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The Ultimate Swedish-Dutch Business Network Since 1960

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is a unique networking organisation within the Swedish-Dutch business community. The extensive business network represents a range of member companies of different sizes operating in various sectors.

A Unique Business Network

Become a part of a professional networking platform with 200+ members. Create valuable connections in a diverse business network that includes companies of various sizes, ranging from small startups to large multinational corporations. The Swedish Chamber’s membership base spans across 24+ sectors, showcasing a broad spectrum of industries.

A Platform for Swedish-Dutch Business Relations

With a unique business platform, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce promotes Swedish business interests in the Netherlands. It is committed to representing, inspiring, and promoting the members while strengthening the commercial relations between the countries. Whether you are an established company or entering the Dutch market, we serve as a unique Swedish-Dutch business platform.

Insights and Knowledge

The organisation facilitates knowledge sharing by hosting events and programmes on themes aligned with the core values: Sustainability, Innovation & Tech, and Diversity & Inclusion. The programmes maintain a high level of expertise through our dedicated committees. The Swedish Chamber also provides knowledge through our News Feed updates and the digital magazine Swedish Chamber Insights.

Visibility Opportunities

The organisation offers excellent marketing opportunities in the Swedish-Dutch business community. This includes promotion through our communication channels, the opportunity to host or sponsor events, and to participate as a speaker or panellist.

General information:




Young Professionals: @Swedishchambernl

CONTENTS Annual Review COLOFON Swedish Chamber of Commerce Fred. Roeskestraat 115 | 1076 EE Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 320 32 26 | Office Hours: Monday – Friday 08.30 – 12.00, 13.00 - 17.00 Copy: Swedish Chamber of Commerce Design & layout: Nordholm Communication Cover photo: Sakorn Sukkasemsakorn via 5 Words of the Chairperson 6 Strategic House 7 Words of the Honorary Chairperson 8 The Board 9 Honorary Members 11 The Team 12 Sustainability Committee 13 Diversity & Inclusion Committee 14 Innovation & Tech Committee 15 Branding & Marketing Committee 17 Scholarships 18 Member List 19 Member Statistics 20 Member Survey 2023 22 Patrons 24 Communication & Marketing 26 Swedish Chamber Insights 28 Finance 30 Events 32 Tech Tables 33 Diversity & Inclusion Breakfasts 34 Sustainability and Innovation Summit 36 #Nordictalks: Friluftsliv 37 Annual Exclusive Lucia Dinner 39 Business Awards 42 Young Professionals 37 34 26 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! CONTACT US FOR QUESTIONS ON…
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands


Dear members,

As we reflect on the past year at the Swedish Chamber, it’s evident that it has been characterised by heightened member engagement, fostering new connections, and experiencing growth. Our Chamber Doughnut Strategy has yielded remarkable success, with our Committee chairpersons welcoming numerous member experts to various committees. Their invaluable expertise has enriched our focus areas, enabling us to enhance our programmes to benefit our diverse membership base. This inclusive approach has also encouraged greater participation from employees across our member companies, as our programmes touch upon areas of interest for CTOs, Sustainability Managers, HR Managers, and beyond.

Commerce Young Professionals Community. Companies such as Sweco, Vattenfall, KPMG, and Stromma have organised successful events and presentations, fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and nurtured the next generation of leaders.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported, participated, and contributed.

Throughout 2023, we had the privilege of visiting many of our member companies for Breakfast sessions and afternoon presentations. We extend our gratitude to SKF, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Sweco, Klarna, and others for graciously hosting us. These visits give us a unique glimpse into their activities and strategies, sparking inspiration and strengthening the bonds within our community. We eagerly anticipate continuing this trend in 2024 as we seek to deepen our understanding of our member companies.

We take immense pride in the growth of our patron community, which has served as a vital hub for networking and knowledge-sharing among our members. The active involvement of patron companies in our committees and board demonstrates their valuable support and dedication to propelling positive knowledge sharing and growth within our organisation.

Furthermore, we are delighted to witness the growing collaboration between our member companies and the Swedish Chamber of

I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported, participated, and contributed to our flagship event, “The Sustainability & Innovation Summit Driving the Green Transition Together”, held on December 15, 2023. Your collective efforts resulted in an afternoon filled with meaningful discussions and inspiring dialogues, while the evening’s Annual Lucia Dinner brought enjoyable networking opportunities based on Swedish and Dutch culture. This event characterises the vibrant business community we strive to cultivate.

As we navigate turbulent times marked by war and the urgent call for environmental action, we will continue to provide a platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and sharing of actions and strategies for a sustainable future.

In closing, I extend my sincere gratitude to our honorary Chairman, H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund and his team for their unwavering support and dedication.

Let us continue to spark inspiration, ignite conversations, and grow together.

Warm regards,

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 5


The Strategic House visualises the Swedish Chamber’s mission, core values, focus areas and vision. This model is used to effectively present the key aspects of the organisation’s strategy and how the Swedish Chamber is working to achieve its goals and targets, both short-term and long-term. The organisation’s mission and vision are important parts of the Strategic House.

6 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023


In the past year, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands has again demonstrated vitality, energy and relevance. The list of activities is long and remarkable: from Tech Tables to Nordic Talks, on to the Sustainability and Innovation Summit and the Business Climate Survey (to name but a few). Throughout the year, the Chamber has done a remarkable job connecting and promoting members, and in the process, many of us have had the chance to gain new insights and grow in knowledge.

The work and the priorities of the Chamber are closely aligned with those of the Swedish Embassy in the Netherlands. The cooperation between us and the other stakeholders in Team Sweden is strong and continues to deepen. It is evident that the Chamber will continue to play an essential role in fostering closer economic ties between Sweden and the Netherlands also in 2024.

As we looked into 2023, we expected a year likely to be characterised by considerable challenges. This turned out to be true. Russia’s illegal,

unprovoked, and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine continued to cast a dark shadow of human suffering and deterioration on the security situation in Europe. As president of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2023, Sweden strived to uphold the unity of the European Union. We worked tirelessly to maintain and develop support for Ukraine from the EU. This support will remain steadfast in 2024.

The full economic implications of Russia’s war on Ukraine are yet unknown, but uncertainty has grown. In an increasingly unpredictable and volatile environment, the Chamber has a central role to play as a platform where businesses come together for dialogue and joint analysis. In order to adapt to the new circumstances, it is my belief that we need to do exactly this: come together frequently and work closer together than ever before. Together, we will overcome the challenges ahead.

The Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 7
The Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund and Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce Photo credits: Larysa Rusina


The Board of Directors consists of representatives from the member companies within the Chamber who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Board members are appointed for four years and can be re-appointed for a second and final term of four years. The governing board elects a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a treasurer from its

Board Members

midst. The Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund, is appointed honorary chairperson of the board. The terms of reference for the board are included in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Articles of Association and the by-laws.

8 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
The Ambassador H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund Honorary Chairperson The Embassy of Sweden in the Hague Johan Uhlin Chairperson Scania Production Nederland Dick Bisschop Anticimex Ruth de Jager Vice Chairwoman Storytel Herrik van der Gaag Volvo Car Nederland Armanda Willems Lime Technologies Everth Flores Ericsson Eugene Grüter Sweco Wilko Klaassen Klarna Bert Heikens Treasurer AKD Bernie van Leeuwen SKF Jan Terlouw SAAB Roland van Pooij Handelsbanken Jan Sundelin Tie Kinetix Martijn Hagens Vattenfall Erik Thulin Stena Line Carola Hoekstra Stromma Roderick Friend Tetra Pak Lawrence Masle UP THERE, EVERYWHERE


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to have five honorary members appointed by the general assemblies during the years of the executive board’s nomination. The honorary members have all been of particular service to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce over the years, and the Swedish Chamber appreciates their loyalty and contributions very much.

Nils van Dijkman Bert Gort Ben Hummel Henk Lokin Gerard Perik
Inspiration for a better everyday life at home Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Olof Palmestraat 1, 2616 LN Delft, The Netherlands
Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2024
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THE TEAM Management and operation

Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager

Hanna Uhlin Event & Membership Coordinator

Marie Adelhag Accountant

Hanna Bräcknell Gull and Stellan

Ljungberg Foundation Scholarship, Scholar 2023-2024

About the team

In order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the team works with all components of the Strategic House and closely with the board, committees and members, with a clear focus on the core pillars of sustainability, innovation & tech, and diversity & inclusion.

Work focus

The daily work is divided into five focus areas:

Rebecca van Dorrestein Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad, International Trade Scholar 2022-2023

Sanjidul Huda Gull and Stellan

Ljungberg Foundation Scholarship, Scholar 2022-2023

Alexandra Gummesson Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad, International Trade Scholar 2023-2024 2022-2023

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 11


Driving the green transition together is a pivotal focus for the Swedish Chamber’s agenda. The Sustainability Committee aims to fortify the sustainability community by uniting experts and business leaders, promoting knowledge exchange, and fostering new business ties between Dutch and Swedish companies committed to ambitious sustainability strategies.

Words by Committee Chairperson

Jan Terlouw

Directeur Saab Nederland, Voorzitter NIDV Platform Duurzaamheid, Milieu en Veiligheid

“Reflecting on 2023, the Swedish Chamber Sustainability Committee celebrates progress in building a strong community focused on sustainability within the Swedish Chamber network. The Committee has attracted new members with different skills, passionate about making a difference in sustainability, joining Swedish companies at the forefront of sustainable innovation, such as IKEA, Vattenfall, Tetra Pak and Saab.

As a part of the Swedish Chamber’s commitment to driving the green transition forward, the Committee has helped members of the Swedish Chamber to share insightful ideas and strategies about sustainability and circularity. The focus has been on supporting the

Committee Members

Swedish Chamber of Commerce 2023 flagship event, Sustainability & Innovation Summit “Driving the Green Transition Together”, which contributed greatly to the committee’s objective, which is to share knowledge and strengthen the Dutch-Swedish business network in this domain.

Looking forward, one of the highlights for the Sustainability Committee in 2024 will be the Swedish Chamber Exclusive Sustainability Breakfast hosted by the Ambassador of Sweden H.E. Mr. Johannes Oljelund. During this gathering, we will meet influential business leaders who are engaged in working towards a more sustainable future by developing their operations.”

12 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Anne Korthals Altes Vattenfall Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce


The Diversity & Inclusion Committee gives support to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Diversity & Inclusion Programme, including Female Leadership Empowerment and the Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast series.

Words by Committee Chairperson

“Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a complex topic for many companies, exceeding questions about gender balance to also cover other factors such as age, ethnicity, disabilities, and religion. It has become increasingly important for companies to set up goals and strategies, especially considering the stricter requirements from the Dutch government for reporting D&I strategies.

In 2023, the Swedish Chamber’s D&I Committee contributed knowledge and created awareness through the Chamber’s activities. At the D&I Breakfast events, leading experts and professionals working within this field are invited as speakers or panellists to share their knowledge on various issues connected to D&I. The goal

Committee Members

of the Committee is to ensure that each event inspires a broad range of members in various sectors and to highlight the importance of well-defined strategies as they improve efficiency and increase the profitability of companies. With an esteemed cohort of new Committee members joining, the Committee is again strengthening its expertise and raising its ambitions.

By featuring top-tier speakers and focusing on D&I strategies, our committee seeks to establish a platform where member companies unite for inspiration and mutual learning. Here, they receive guidance on various topics, from strategy implementation to ESG reporting.”

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 13
Yves Nys Global Well-Being, Diversity & Inclusion Manager SKF Harm Jan Lindaart Manager Reward Consulting, Montae & Partners Luana Almeida Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Lynk & Co Nils van Dijkman Lawyer/Partner Heussen, Honorary Consul General of Sweden in Amsterdam Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce Photo credits Yves Nys: Mr. Kwok-Keung Cheng, Communications Studio SKF


The Innovation and Tech Committee assists the Chamber with insights into emerging technologies, working towards enhancing current tech initiatives and introducing new events, round tables, and innovation programmes for startups, scale-ups, investors, and multinational corporations. Sweden and the Netherlands both share a thriving innovation and technology culture. By leveraging our shared strengths, we can promote collaboration, exchange knowledge, and foster the development of innovative technologies that contribute to a sustainable future.

Words by Committee Chairperson

“In 2023, the Swedish Chamber’s Innovation & Tech Committee has continued to build on the thriving tech community within our network and to foster relations between Sweden and the Netherlands. We aim to bring together tech experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and VCs to discuss trends ranging from AI to deep tech in the rapidly developing digitalisation and tech landscape. As the chairperson of the Innovation & Tech Committee, I invite entrepreneurs, CTOs, tech investors and professionals to join our network and contribute to the Committee and the Tech Tables 2024.

Sweden and the Netherlands both want to invest in their tech ecosystems. By doing this together, we provide opportunities for mutual learning, experience exchange, and the formation of new businesses and relationships. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce provides a robust infrastructure for quick and efficient market connections.”

Committee Members

14 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Lex Keukens Attorney at Law, TeekensKarsten Armanda Willems Country Manager, Lime Technologies Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce Everth Flores Managing Director, Ericsson Nederland


The Branding and Marketing Committee supports the Chamber with a branding framework for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce — who we are, what we do, and why companies should join this Swedish-Dutch business network. The Committee is also actively engaged in shaping the Chamber’s marketing and communication strategies, aligning them with the core values of the Chamber and the esteemed Swedish brand.

Words by Committee Chairperson

“Throughout 2023, the Branding and Marketing Committee has undertaken a thoughtful examination of the image of Sweden and its impact on our members’ businesses by monitoring official channels for Brand Sweden, such as the Swedish Institute. Overall, Sweden enjoys a strong and positive image in both the Netherlands and around the world, particularly in the areas of social governance, environmental stewardship, climate protection, quality of life and high levels of equality.  The Business Climate Survey for the Netherlands in 2023 revealed that an impressive 89 % of responding companies believe that the Swedish Brand contributes significantly to their business success.

Committee Members

Furthermore, the Committee advocates for showcasing successful business strategies and case studies from members within our focus areas of Sustainability, Innovation & Tech, and Diversity & Inclusion. We hope this will continue to inspire, encourage knowledge exchange, and create opportunities to learn from each other across the network.  Keep an eye out for a specifically dedicated event in 2024 around Brand Sweden!”

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 15
Lawrence Carolina de Klerk Nordholm Designer, editor & photographer, Nordholm Communication Herrik van der Gaag Managing Director Volvo Cars Germany & Managing Director Volvo Cars Netherlands Charlotte Glassco Public Affairs Leader, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Remy Steijger Founder and Commercial Director, Captains Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager, Swedish Chamber of Commerce

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A platform for young talents to grow

We are proud to offer talented and creative young professionals the opportunity to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce to gain international business experience through the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Programme. The Scholarship Programme is made possible through three generous scholarship grants: the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad, the Gull & Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation Scholarship, and The School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg’s Scholarship Foundation. The Scholarship Programme lasts 12 months and has served as a platform to launch many successful alumni careers.

The Chamber is recruiting scholars in partnership with its scholarship donors and offers a full-year position within one of its departments: Events & Programmes, Marketing & Communications, or Membership & Community. The roles include both departmentspecific duties and support to the wider team and its ambitions. As a scholar, you are an important part of the team at the Chamber and contribute to the everyday operations of the entire organisation.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 17
Photo credits (three photos to the right): Hanne Hansen


Academic Work Grop

Accountor Nederland B.V.

Advice to My Dear Daughter AB

AIMS International


Alfa Laval Benelux BV

Anticimex B.V.

Apsis International


AstraZeneca BV

Atlas Copco Nederland B.V.

Atlas Copco Tools Nederlands

ATLAS Tax Lawyers

Atterstam Consulting BV

Axis Communication B.V.

BBO.Life - Bring Data to Life

Beyondo AB

BridgeHead Group B.V.

Budbee BV

Bureau de Werkvloer

Business Sweden


Cinode AB

Consulate of Sweden in the North


EQT Services Netherlands B.V.


Eurocommercial Properties NV

Expat Center The Netherlands

Expat Mortgages BV

Fagerhult BV


Getinge Netherlands B.V.

GHA Development - Growth for People and Business

Global Load Out Solution

Handelsbanken Nederland

Hästens Beds Netherlands B.V.


HEX Travel B.V.

Hotel van Oranje

Husqvarna Netherlands BV

If P&C Insurance Ltd.

IKEA B.V. Nederland

Ingka Services B.V.

Inter-IKEA Systems B.V.

Intrum Nederland


Key2Compliance AB

Kinnarps Office Furniture



Montae & Partners

Nefab Packaging

Netherlands BV


Nmbrs BV

Nordholm Communication


Northern Delight

Noviflora Holland BV

Oriflame Holdings BV

Orrefors Kosta Boda

PartInc Capital


PriceWaterhouseCoopers BV



Public Matters

Qeld Bedrijfsleningen


RTL AdAlliance

Saab Nederland B.V.

SAE International

Scania Nederland B.V.

Scania Production Zwolle B.V.


Tetra Pak B.V.

Tie Kinetix Holding BV

Toyota Material Handling Nederland

Tuff Leadership Training

Sweden AB


Vahlkamp International B.V.

Validata Group B.V.


Vinci Energies Netherlands BV

Visit Sweden

Voerman International

Volvo Car Nederland

Volvo Group the Netherlands B.V.

WePayroll BV





Denhertog Legal

Dolk Hesper Management Services B.V.

Ducatus Management B.V.

Earth +Energy

Earth Integrated Archaeology

EBKE Sverige AB

EEW Eco Energy World

EF Education BV

Eikenzande BV

Einar & Partners BV

Electrolux Home Products BV

Enact Sustainable Strategies

KPMG Meijburg & Co

LaCasaMia Beauty

Leadership Development Processes and Enablers B.V.

Lime Technologies Netherlands BV

Lindmark Legal


Lynk & Co International AB

Margareta Svensson fotografie

Market Explorer

Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman NV

Mercuri Urval B.V.

Securitas Nederland


Söderberg & Partners Netherlands BV

Städalliansen Sverige AB

Stena Line


Stromma Netherlands B.V.

Studio Stark

Svenska Kyrkan


T Ljungberg Holding BV


Teekens Karstens

Whereof Young Professionals Members:

18 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023



Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 19
Total no. of members 227 Extra large company 9% Large company 4% Honorary member 3% Loyalty member 3% Medium member 11% One-person company 15% Private member 8% 0 60 120 180 240 Small company 22% Patron 25% Swe-Cham 150 YP 77 All members Memberships Industries ! " # $ %& 04),5( 6 <(:=8>2:(:7*8?:34(:7* <2,)*7@8A*B272:* ',554:27( 6,:8A*B2(',:34C)(:7. D:*-+. D:)*-)(2:5*:)8E(5*38F;,-)>(3@2,:8G*32+:>,,B >4-:2)4*8?:)*-2,-/G*32+:H,432:+H*(C)@8H.+2*:*HI8I*7-42)5*:)/8DB47( 6,: ?:J-(3)-47)4* K(L/>2-5K,+23673 A(7@2:*.89,,C38DM42;5*:) A(-=* 6:+ N,:OP - , Q)/R-+(:23(6,: RS7*/>4-:2)4*8DM42;5*:) F)()*+.8<432:*33/G *T*C,;5*:) 9*7@ 9*C*7,554:27( 6,: 9,4-235U,,B8P4C;8P(;*0 3 6 9 12 Automatic/Transport Food Marketing Consultancy HR/Recruitment/Education Tech Biotech/Medicine Housing Officefurniture/Equipment Entertainment/Games/Sport Lawfirm Tourism Bank/Finance/Insurance Furniture/Interiordesign Non-profitorganisation Energy Infrastructure Telecommunication Communication/Media Health/Hygiene Strategy/Businessdevelopment Fashion/Design Machinery/Tools/Equipment Logistics Wood/Pulp/Paper
contacts 24+ Sectors
1000+ Member


The Annual Member Survey is a vital tool for understanding member preferences, fostering community engagement, and shaping impactful programmes. By filling out the survey, members also have the opportunity to share ideas about topics and speakers of their interest and to influence the Swedish Chamber’s future programmes.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce extends our gratitude to all participants for contributing to the Annual Member Survey 2023. Your valuable input empowers us to continue shaping a vibrant business network and ensure the Swedish Chamber of Commerce remains a vital resource for our diverse members.

The Annual Member Survey 2024 will be sent to the members in October 2024.

Key results

They emphasise The Swedish Chamber’s role in fostering meaningful connections and collaborations. A century and beyond in medtech Proud to celebrate

51% 64% 8.3 8.7 78%

want to engage more within the Swe-Cham community attended more than three Swe-Cham events in 2023

out of 10: Average satisfaction level as a member out of 10: Average likelihood to recommend Swe-Cham to a business relation

say networking is the most valuable benefit of a SweCham membership

Photo credits: Carolina de Klerk Nordholm


We take great pride in introducing the patrons of the Swe-Cham for the Netherlands – company members dedicated to providing steadfast, long-term support to the Swedish-Dutch business community. Since its establishment in 2004, the patronship has consistently expanded, boasting 37 patron members in 2023 across diverse industries, including finance, automotive, retail, and technology. The patrons exemplify the robustness of Swe-Cham’s business platform, serving as ambassadors for the Swedish industries in the Netherlands.

The patrons enjoy heightened visibility through various marketing channels, including the website, the annual review, the patron banner, and social media platforms. Additionally, they receive exclusive invitations to participate in executive roundtables and prestigious events such as the exclusive annual Patron Dinner.

New patrons 2023

The Patron Dinner is one of Swe-Cham’s most exclusive annual events, hosted by the Swedish Ambassador at the Swedish Residence in the Hague. The Patron Dinner brings together patron members and outstanding senior business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians from both Sweden and the Netherlands, addressing the greater trends facing us to create new bonds and synergies. Over the last few years, it has attracted some of the most prestigious keynote speakers in the Swedish-Dutch community. The Patron Dinner serves as a platform for expressing gratitude towards the patron members of Swe-Cham, offering an exclusive setting with valuable networking opportunities.

In 2023, we are very proud to welcome the new patron members:

22 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Photo credits (all photos): Hanne Hansen
Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 23


Communication and Marketing are one of the cornerstones of Swe-Cham’s organisational work. This includes communicating member value, informing and engaging members, ensuring direct messages, and promoting the Swedish nation brand. Effective external and internal communication catalyses the success of all areas of the organisation.

Effectively utilising the appropriate communication channels in alignment with available resources is crucial for the strategic framework of fostering engagement, building meaningful connections, and disseminating information across diverse platforms to ensure effective communication outreach.

Email marketing

Swe-Cham News Feed

The Swe-Cham News Feed is a biweekly email where members get a quick briefing on the latest news from the community and key sectors.

The purpose of the News Feed is to:

• Offer active monitoring and regular updates on relevant news for members

• Offer visibility opportunities to our members

• Bring attention to relevant updates and news from our activities

Upcoming Events

+21% +24% Organic followers on social media Average opening rate of newsletters

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce sends out the biweekly update Upcoming Events to inform members about the event calendar, remind members to register, and display the dynamic activities going on in the organisation.

Upcoming Events sent in 2023

24 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
27 23 Newsletters shared in 2023

Outreach 2023


E-mail campaign subscribers


Followers on our Linkedin


Unique website visitors per year


Readers of the Swedish Chamber Insights

Digital communication channels


Followers on our Instagram

LinkedIn is Swe-Cham’s main social media platform, meaning that it has the largest number of followers and the biggest reach, and should consume the most time and resources internally for social media activities. In the Annual Member Survey 2023, 54.29% of respondents answered that they usually get information about Swe-Cham’s events and news through LinkedIn. During 2023, Swe-Cham’s LinkedIn grew with 18 % followers.

Instagram Swe-Cham aims to utilise Instagram’s visual-centric platform to tell compelling stories about the event, offer a more personal impression of the organisation, and show the vibrant community. The Instagram feed is meant as a display window showcasing the human side of the organisation by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, team highlights, and member achievements, fostering an innovative and welcoming brand personality.

Swe-Cham’s Instagram had a follower increase of 14 % during 2023.

Website Swe-Cham´s website is the communication hub and complete communication platform where all information sent out in the other forums is available. The goal of all communication tools is to direct traffic to the Swe-Cham´s website.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 25


In September 2023, Swe-Cham launched a fresh and innovative approach to promoting Swedish industries within Sustainability, Innovation and Tech, as well as Diversity and Inclusion: the new digital magazine Swedish Chamber Insights.

The aim of Swedish Chamber Insights is to:

• Promote Swe-Cham, our members, our focus areas, Swedish industries, and the Swedish nation brand.

• Strengthen our community by providing a platform where members can present themselves and get to know each other.

• Attract attention from outside the Swe-Cham network, including journalists, organisations, and other stakeholders interested in Swedish-Dutch business relations.

Exclusive interviews

H.E. Ambassador of Sweden

Mr. Johannes Oljelund

On the Swedish Presidency in the EU, current opportunities and challenges for Swedish companies, and the future of Swedish-Dutch Business relations.

Sustainability Expert Andrea Orsag

On the commitment to the intersection of sustainability and connectivity, her position as an expert evaluator for the European Commission, and her passion for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce community.

To achieve this, Swedish Chamber Insights brings you in-depth interviews, highlights strategy features within our core pillars, and presents opportunities to connect with our members and relations through the ‘Get to Know’ series. Swe-Cham is proud to offer its community an unparalleled glimpse into the activities within and around Swe-Cham’s network, where members can interact, connect, uncover business opportunities, learn from each other, share new ideas – and, as the title indicates – insights.

Journalist and author Charlotte Boström

On her latest research on gender equality and labour markets in Sweden versus the Netherlands. The gender balance in the Swedish versus Dutch labour markets, and how it intertwines with childcare systems and historical gender norms.

Media Entrepreneur Sander Schimmelpenninck

With over 200,000 followers on X and a weekly column in de Volkskrant, Schimmelpenninck is a key figure in the Dutch political discourse. Sander shares three personal reflections on the contrasts between Swedish and Dutch culture.

26 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
2,000+ Readers
PHOTO CREDITS Johannes Oljelund: Hanne Hansen Sander Schimmelpenninck: Hanne Hansen Charlotte Boström: Moa Karlberg


Sustainability insights

Each issue of Swedish Chamber Insights features one member who is invited to share their unique perspectives and strategies related to the Swedish Chamber’s focus area on sustainability, highlighting their insights and experiences on sustainability. This feature offers our members a chance to showcase their sustainability achievements, challenges, ESG initiatives, and targets to a wide and engaged audience.

Sustainability Insights features 2023

Get-to-Know series

The Sustainability Insights feature is also an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and their efforts towards creating a more sustainable future. As a Swedish company, you can leverage this feature to highlight Sweden’s leadership in sustainability and showcase your innovative and creative solutions to sustainability challenges.

The Get-to-Know series is a popular feature in Swedish Chamber Insights, in which members are invited to share their unique stories and perspectives to the Swe-Cham community through a question-based article.

Get-to-Know features 2023

This feature offers valuable opportunities for members to showcase their achievements, challenges, culture, initiatives, and targets to a wide and engaged audience. In addition to providing a platform for our members to share their stories, the Get-to-Know feature is also an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to for example sustainable and CSR.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 27
Jan Terlouw Willem Baudewijns Anne Manschot Theo Stam Martijn Hagens Harm Voogt Anton de Jong Carola Hoekstra Anders Jepsen


Treasurer Report 2023

The Swedish Chamber is proud to present a positive result in 2023.

It was realised by, on the one hand, a large number of new members and four new patrons, and on the other by the restructuring of the membership fees and keeping a close watch on the costs.

Challenges were the expenses for, amongst others, IT and Marketing, necessary for the functioning of the Chamber now and in the future.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce flagship event, the successful Sustainability & Innovation Summit and Annual Lucia Dinner, was profitable for the first time which was an excellent result given the inflationary environment.

The Chamber has a solid reserve for the future.

Amsterdam, March 2024

28 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Balance Sheet / Profit and Loss BALANCE SHEET 2023-12-31 2022-12-31 Actual Actual EUR EUR Assets Tangible fixed assets 693 2.117 Bank 41.414 27.757 Debtors 38.144 8.151 VAT receivable - 280 Prepaid cost / accrued income 10.831 5.350 Total Assets 91.082 43.655 Liabilities and Equity Creditors 4.072 2.747 VAT payable 1.729Prepaid income 29.856 5.125 Other liabilities / accrued expense 8.432 6.112 Equity opening balance 29.671 33.574 Result for the year 17.322 (3.903) Total Liabilities and Equity 91.082 43.655 PROFIT AND LOSS 202320232022 ActualBudgetActual EUREUREUR Income Membership Fee 51.179 51.411 46.437 Patronships 113.163 103.240 94.133 Advertisements 2.700 2.600 2.400 Other income 100 2.300 3.500 Activities 37.964 32.200 108.455 Total income 205.106 191.751 254.925 Expenses Office costs & salaries 144.103 148.542 136.713 Depreciation 1.423 1.644 1.506 Activities 34.832 34.450 114.810 Marketing 4.094 2.900 3.349 Web Page & IT 3.3322.487 2.450 Total expenses 187.784 190.023 258.828 Result 17.3221.728 (3.903)


| 29


January 19

Swedish Chamber New Year’s Reception 2023

January 26

Mentorship Programme: Leadership

February 2 “The Green Transition” by Sweco & Husqvarna

March 7

March 16

March 23

Global Economic Outlook by Handelsbanken

Mentorship Programme: Diversity & Inclusion

Clothes Swap Day: Conscious Consumption

March 28 Tech Talent: A Changing Tech Landscape New Strategies to Attract and Maintain Tech Talent

April 19 Trade Talks: Netherlands

April 20

April 25

May 22

May 30

Swedish Chamber 63rd Annual General Meeting & Chamber Luncheon

Company Visit NORNORM: The Future of Office Furniture Is Flexible and Circular

Swedish Chamber Tech Table: Fintech

Mentorship Programme: Final Meet Up

June 1 Meet & Greet featuring Mattias Frumerie Director Head of Delegation to UNFCCC

30 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023

Participants in 2023










Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 31
14 Enabling Technology Innovation: The Role of the Ecosystem – Insights from Sweden and the Netherlands
28 Digital Webinar - Explore New Dutch Pension Law Impacts: Essential for Employers in the Netherlands
29 Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast with Volvo
7 Business Climate Survey Netherlands
14 Diversity in Tech Breakfast
28 #Nordictalks2023: Friluftsliv
7 Tech for Good by Ericsson at the 5G Hub
10 Dutch Chamber Annual Dinner Stockholm: Partner Event
16 Patron Dinner
23 Into the Minds of Young Talents with Academic Work
30 The Changing Global Business Landscape with Swedish Chambers International
15 Exclusive Annual Lucia Dinner
15 Innovation & Sustainability Summit “Driving the Green Transition Together”


Tech Tables is a platform for Swedish-Dutch tech leaders, entrepreneurs, challengers, investors, and passionate change-makers to meet, learn, and discuss. At the Tech Tables, we aim to elaborate on and discuss the latest technological trends and developments, whether they concern AI, blockchain, or virtual reality. Swe-Cham strives to collaborate with companies as hosts or sponsors for the Tech Tables to provide the members with cutting-edge presentations organised at the host’s office or at Edge.

Swe-Cham develops the annual Tech Tables Event Series and its content with support from

the Innovation and Tech Committee. The Committee assists with insights into emerging technologies, new tech initiatives, and cuttingedge topics in this field.

The Tech Tables 2023 focused on four themes: Tech Talent, FinTech, Diversity in Tech and Tech for Good. A warm thank you to all the esteemed sponsors and collaborators contributing to the insightful Tech Tables events in 2023.

32 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Photo credits below right: Mr. Kwok-Keung Cheng, Communications Studio SKF


The aim of Swe-Cham’s Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast series is to provide a platform to discuss strategies with a focus on new perspectives, share real cases and research, and support the member companies with concrete tools to increase and develop Diversity & Inclusion within their organisations. Swe-Cham collaborates with companies as hosts or sponsors for the Breakfasts, either at their location or at Edge, to provide the members with the latest trends within the field of D&I.

Swe-Cham developed this year’s Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast Series and the content of these events with support from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The Committee assisted with insights into topical subjects and the burning challenges companies

face within this field. The Diversity & Inclusion Breakfasts 2023 focused on: Diversity & Inclusion and Diversity in Tech.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the sponsoring hosts, SKF and Volvo Cars, whose generosity made Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast Events 2023 possible. We thank the inspiring keynote speakers Dr. Cara Antoine, Chief Technology, Innovation & Portfolio Officer and Executive Vice President at Capgemini, Annika Ölme, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President Technology Development at SKF, and Wendy Broersen, International Diversity & Inclusion expert and founder of Superpeople Company, for contributing with their expertise knowledge at these events.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 33
Photo credits for the upper two photos: Mr. Kwok-Keung Cheng, Communications Studio SKF


Driving the green transition together

On December 15, 2023, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted its highly anticipated annual flagship event, the Sustainability & Innovation Summit, themed “Driving the Green Transition Together”.

The event commenced with the H.E. Ambassador of Sweden in the Netherlands, Mr. Johannes Oljelund, sharing valuable insights from the recent Swedish Presidency of the European Council, with a specific focus on advancing the European sustainability agenda. Following this was a captivating fireside talk featuring H.E. Climate

Ambassador of Sweden, Mattias Frumerie, and H.R.H. Prince Jamie de Bourbon de Parme, Climate Envoy of the Netherlands. Together, they shared key takeaways and reflections from COP28, emphasising its historic significance as the first inclusion of the private sector. ”Businesses play a key role in the green transitions, and they need to be included in the conversations,” said H.R.H. Prince Jamie de Bourbon de Parme.

Just like COP28, this year’s Summit uniquely incorporated the business perspective on the green transition, emphasising the need for a

The Swedish Chamber sincerely thanks all the generous sponsors who contributed to the success of the Innovation & Sustainability Summit 2023 and the Exclusive Annual Lucia Dinner 2023.

34 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen

systemic and collaborative approach. Pär Stenmark, Chief Sustainability Officer at Inter IKEA Systems, delivered an insightful presentation on IKEA’s innovative sustainability strategy. Subsequently, a panel discussion featuring business leaders offered valuable insights into how Swedish and Dutch companies are adapting their business models for green transitions, the collaborations propelling their efforts, and their navigation of the policies and regulations under the European Green Deal. The distinguished panellists included Anne Korthals Atles, Sustainability Manager at Vattenfall, Jan Terlouw, Director of Saab Netherlands, and Douwe Dirks, Chief Commercial Officer of the circular furniture company NORNORM.

From the academic field, René Kleijn, Professor of Resilient Resource Supply at Leiden University, delivered a compelling talk on the interrelation of resources, resilience, materials, and geopolitics in the context of green transitions. The discussions were skilfully guided by Andrea Orsag, a proficient

moderator, Sustainability Strategy Expert, and the founder of Mission C.

In conclusion, the Swedish Chamber’s Sustainability & Innovation Summit 2023 provided expert insights, showcased cutting-edge innovations, and stories of change-makers actively turning the green transition into reality. The Swedish Chamber would like to thank the speakers, attendees, and sponsors for their active engagement and commitment to fostering cooperation and discussion within the Swedish-Dutch business community on the crucial topic of the green transition.

Businesses play a key role in the green transitions, and they need to be included in the conversations.

H.R.H. Prince Jamie de Bourbon de Parme, Climate Envoy of the Netherlands

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 35
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen


The #NordicTalks concept has been organised annually since 2013 in collaboration with the Nordic Chambers in the Netherlands and the Nordic Embassies. The aim is to highlight a topic of common interest for the Nordic countries and offer a platform for the Nordic Chamber members to meet annually to increase their business network.

This year, NordicTalks focused on Friluftsliv: Experts, scientists, and business leaders from the Nordic countries shared a series of presentations, moderated by journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck, and explored how ‘Friluftsliv’— outdoor recreation—brings countless health benefits.

“By activating 1,000 adults, we will prevent ten premature deaths, 20 cases of type 2 diabetes, 50 cases of heart attacks, and 150 cases of high

blood pressure”, stated Johan Faskunger of the Swedish Association of Outdoor Organizations.

The Swedish Chamber were very proud that the Nordic Ambassadors held the Opening Ceremony of Nordic Talks and joined the presentation to share the latest insights from their countries.

36 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen Photo credits: Hanne Hansen


On December 15, 2023, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce proudly hosted its Exclusive Annual Lucia Dinner at the Hotel Hilton in Amsterdam in the presence of the H.E. Ambassador of Sweden in the Netherlands, Mr. Johannes Oljelund. Guests enjoyed an exciting programmefeaturing a four-course seasonal menu, live entertainment, and captivating music performances by the talented Swedish artist Anne-Lie Persson and the band Stockholm Tivoli. The night also included an exhilarating charity raffle and, of course, the magical Swedish Lucia procession by Svenska Högtidskören.

The event included festive dancing and a celebration of all the achievements and memories created in 2023 within the Swedish Chamber community. It also provided an opportunity for networking and forging new connections, making it a memorable night for all in attendance.

The Annual Lucia Dinner is one of Swe-Cham’s most appreciated annual flagship events, gathering over 130 guests annually for an evening of both culinary and ceremonial tradition. The Lucia Dinner presents a distinctive platform for networking and inviting contacts, fostering stronger relations between Sweden and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the dinner offers opportunities to sponsor or speak at the event, promoting the brand and increasing the visibility within the network. The Swedish Chamber extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined this unforgettable event in 2023 and looks forward to welcoming you again in the future.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 37
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Hanne Hansen
Let’s face it.

time for food systems that work for everyone, everywhere.


Everyone, everywhere deserves access to safe and nutritious food that does not cost the earth. But 2.4 billion people struggle to get regular access to sufficient food1, more than a third of global GHG emissions are generated by food systems2, and more than a third of all food is lost or wasted3. Transforming global food systems is urgent, and food processing and packaging has a role to play in this transformation. Leveraging our global presence, broad expertise and end-to-end solutions in food processing & packaging, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution together with our stakeholders.

Together we are Moving food forward. Learn how.

38 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
1 Goal 2: Zero Hunger - United Nations Sustainable Development. 2 Crippa, M. et al. Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions. (2021). 3 WWF. (2022). Save 1/3



Jury motivation

“Starting their office in The Netherlands in 1996, they have shown consistent revenue and profit growth throughout the years. Even though over 300 years of age, Husqvarna is more relevant than ever. They aim for innovative, sustainable solutions in forming our green environment for a variety of clients, including Forestry, Landscapers, Governments and Do it Yourself Enthusiasts. By replacing petrolinfused equipment with battery-powered solutions, Husqvarna is contributing to biodiversity and a safe working environment.”

Husqvarna in Swedish Chamber Insights: The Business Awards Special

Cultivating a greener tomorrow: Husqvarna


BV’s sustainable success

The recognition given to Husqvarna Nederland BV by the jury captures the essence of their remarkable journey. Commencing operations in the Netherlands in 1996, Husqvarna has demonstrated consistent revenue and profit growth, attesting to its enduring relevance and resilience. With a legacy spanning over 300 years, Husqvarna remains steadfast in pursuing innovative, sustainable solutions that shape the green environment. Husqvarna’s impact resonates across diverse sectors, from forestry and landscaping to government projects and construction to the burgeoning community of do-it-yourself enthusiasts. By pioneering the transition from petrol-infused equipment to battery-powered solutions, Husqvarna contributes significantly to biodiversity preservation and fosters a safe working environment for all.

Sustainability isn’t just a corporate initiative; it’s woven into the DNA of Husqvarna. Through Sustainovate, we combine innovation with a commitment to reducing environmental impact, driving forward a greener future.

- Anton de Jong

General Manager, Husqvarna Nederland BV

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 39
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen


Jury motivation

“Founded in 2019 in Sweden and entering the Dutch market in 2022, Einride is truly at the forefront of transforming heavy-duty transport. 7% of global CO2 environmental emissions are generated by diesel freight. Einride can help its partners reduce shipping emissions by up to 95% with smart solutions in electrified transport. Working with Lidl in The Netherlands, Einride will soon introduce trucks powered

by renewable energy for Heineken and is in the process of expanding to global accounts like Mars and Pepsi. The Jury awards Einride because of its ability to scale a truly innovative business concept that accelerates the transition towards zero emissions. Please join us in congratulating Einride!”

Einride in Swedish Chamber Insights: The Business Awards Special

Digital, electric, autonomous: How Einride is shaping a new era of freight

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the core of Einride. By leveraging digitalisation to address inefficiencies within a heavily fragmented sector, Einride is showing the world a new and more intelligent way to move. The company’s combination of cutting-edge digital, electric and autonomous technologies has been praised in the media and awarded numerous accolades over the years, including places on CNBC’s 50 Disruptor List and Time Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions.

Only by designing a solution from the ground up, are we able to address the overwhelming issues of fragmentation within the freight transportation sector. Freight capacity as a service means that Einride provides the shipper with everything they need to go electric today, supported by a strong business case.


40 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen


Jury motivation

“Getinge is at the forefront of providing innovative technologies for Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Procedures, the Operating Room, Digital Health, Pharmaceutical Production and Research Laboratories, helping scientists move from idea to innovation. From threat to cure. From science to life. The Jury was especially charmed with Getinge’s case example of their partnership with Bluu

Seafood in Germany, presenting their first market-ready products made from cultivated fish cells – a milestone in enabling people to eat seafood without compromising animal welfare or straining marine ecosystems.”

Getinge in Swedish Chamber Insights: The Business Awards Special

Sustainable innovation with a passion for life

Founded in 1904 in the small Swedish town of Getinge, the company has grown into a global medical technology leader with more than 11,000 employees worldwide. Getinge’s offering includes solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing, and life science. Driven by a true passion for life, the medical technology company Getinge provides products and solutions for hospitals and life science institutions aiming to improve clinical results and optimise workflows. At the end of 2023, Getinge’s continuous commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and driving sustainable innovation was honoured with the respected Swedish Chamber Business Award in the category Tech for Good.

Sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word, is extremely important, as Getinge strive to assist partners with innovation, digital transformation, and delivering the best care for patients.

- Josef Hinterberger President DACH/Benelux at Getinge

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 41
Photo credits: Hanne Hansen


YP members: 79 New members 2023: 32

About us

The Young Professionals (YP) is a non-profit sub-organisation of Swe-Cham, serving as a meeting platform for young professionals aged 21-36 interested in being part of a Dutch-Swedish business network. SweCham’s purpose with YP is to support young generations at the beginning of their careers.


The organisation hosts social events to foster connections and celebrate traditions. Furthermore, YP arranges business events to connect with companies and learn something new about Swe-Cham´s three pillars: Innovation, Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion. The business events also aim

January 24 Young Professionals New Year’s Kick-off

February 16 YP Afterwork

March 23 Clothes Swap Day – Conscious Consumption

April 13 YP Afterwork – Why Are Mentorship Experiences Valuable?

May 3 Young Professionals Meets Sweco

June 15 Young Professionals Midsummer Celebration

September 20 YP Season Opening with Strömma

October 12 YP Meets Vattenfall

November 15 YP Afterwork

December 13 YP Lucia Celebration

to inform and develop professional skills. The diverse network comprises Swedes, Dutch, and individuals of other nationalities, including entrepreneurs, business owners, students, and newcomers to the Netherlands.

42 | Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023

Words of the chairperson

When reflecting on 2023, we see a year filled with growth, sharing knowledge, and building stronger connections within the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Our events have been standout moments, providing great chances to meet each other and be introduced to exciting companies and topics. From insightful discussions about sustainability and company presentations on boat tours along the Amsterdam canals to exchanges on business culture, we have created an environment for sharing experiences and learning. We are grateful to all our sponsors for helping us to offer such a dynamic event program, namely KPMG Meijburg, Inter IKEA Systems, EDGE Workspace, Volvo, T. Ljungberg, Marriot Hotel, Stromma, Sweco, Vattenfall, and PR Lab.

Some memorable moments of the year include celebrating Swedish traditions like Midsummer in a sunny Vondelpark, where we made flower crowns and played Swedish games, and of course, the annual Lucia festivities with an amazing performance from the Swedish Festivities Choir.

We are trilled to see so many patron members making use of their exclusive Young Professionals memberships during 2023, as it has lead to new interesting people joining and strengthening our community. All in all, we are thankful for what we achieved in 2023 and excited for a new year with more growth and unity in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional network!

The Young Professionals sponsors 2023

The Young Professionals committee

Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld Chairperson

Co-Founder Avata

Rebecca van Dorrestein

Swedish Desk Manager, Heussen

Alexander Ljungström

Managing Director at Einar & Partners

Ellen Olofsson

Master Student in Global Challenges for Sustainability

CHARM-EU University

Malin K. Petrocchi

Senior Compliance Officer, Prsos Group

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual Review 2023 | 43
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