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Common Questions to Ask Your


Before going in for the interview, check out the office. Is it clean and organized?

Can they be reached with questions, either routine or emergency?

Are there separate waiting rooms for sick and healthy?

Do they have specific call-in times?

Is the staff courteous? Do they listen to parents’ concerns?

Do they have a Website that will allow you to reach them by email?

What are the office hours?

In the event your child becomes ill, when would they refer your child to the emergency room?

Is there a lab on site?

What hospital do they use?

What doctor is recommended for work not done on site?

Who covers when they are away?

Do they do eye and hearing checks in the office?

Are there resident physicians, nurse practitioners, medical students and nurses on staff?

How easy is it to get through on the telephone?

How involved will they be in caring for your child?

Is the practice large or small?

What kind of time will they spend with your child at a typical visit?

Is there more than one office? How much time is spent at each office? When you interview the pediatrician, ask them about their educational background. How long have they been in practice? Are they board certified? How do they stay current on the latest medical developments?

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When do they prescribe medication? What kind of medication do they regularly prescribe? How do they handle a situation where you disagree with their treatment? If your family situation is nontraditional, how will the pediatrician and the office staff treat you?

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OH Baby 2018 SET