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Bangs Independent School District

Allen, Brooke

Alvarado, Marianna

Barger, Cloey

Batteas, Erin

Class of 2018

Baugh, Taylon

Bennett, Robbi

Bangs Flower & Gift Shop Valedictorian

Bowman, Hannah

Bradshaw-Nunn, Deoctavious

Brewer, Colton

Browing, Joshua

Carroll, Lauryn

Carroll, Luke

American Legion Lyn Snow Post 308

Rippetoes Pharmacy Salutatorian

Catlin, Jimmy

Catlin, Tomi

Clark-Moore, Raylie

Collins, Carol

Cornell, Rhionna

Eason, Payden

Hardman Roofing & Construction

Edgin, Benjamin

Elliott, Brooklyn

Emerson, Micah

Ferguson, Cayden

Cook, Kylie

Flores, Terick

Bangs Independent School District

Class of 2018


Garcia, Marissa

Goins, Stephanie

Gonzales, Rebekah

Gordon, Naomi

Gotcher, Katelynn

Hall, Timothy

Hinze, Corhen

Hoffman, Kobey

Hoover, Ethan

Horton, Jacob

Ivey, Abby

Jenkins, Whittany

Johnson, Hunter

Keith, Kami

Kelley, Danielle

Ketterhagen, Casey

Lannier, Margaret

Leach, Harlie

Lozano, Jasmine

Malett, Taylor

Massey, Keelan

McGee, Austin

Mejia, Clara

Mejia, Guillermo

Bangs Flower & Gift Shop

Bangs Nursing & Rehabilitation


Bangs Independent School District

Class of 2018

Miller, Gavin

Molotsky, Avery

Montgomery, Steven

Moore, Colton

Nicks, Sophia

Perez, Vanessa

Phillips, Dominick

Picklesimer, Haley

Richards, Kaden

Rodriguez, Ricardo Jr.

Rowland, Macy

Rudloff, Sarah

Schumaker, Christian

Simmons, Cody

Skaggs, Bailey

Strasser, Skylare

Taylor, Chad

Mendoza, Alek

American Legion Lyn Snow Post 308

Davis Morris Funeral Home

White, Rowdy

Zapata, Brianna

Bangs Nursing & Rehabilitation

Zink, Zachary

Blanket High School

Furry, Emily

Hood, Christopher

Class of 2018

Jenkins, Charity

Kinkade, Lucas

5 Salutatorian

Kinkade, Marki

Longhorn Campers

Lopez, Phillip

Menchaca, Roberto

Lopez, Mark

Big Iron Heavy Equipment

Mills, Shawn

Roberts, Braylynn

Sifuentes, Jonathan

Tergerson, Madison

Congratulations Graduates of 2018! Congratulations Graduates!

Fish, Chicken, Steaks (Sirloins & Ribeye.) Chicken Fried Steaks on Lunch • Shrimp CATERING 7 DAYS A WEEK Hours: Friday & Saturday 5 pm to 10 pm Highway 36 Between Rising Star and Comanche 16 miles west from Comanche 11 miles east from Rising Star BR-00093020




Blanket High School Valedictorian

Tidwell, Kenzie

Today is a perfect day to let you know that you are a shining example to many others. Never give up on your dreams. Thanks for making us proud! Love you, Mom, Baylor, Kay-Kay, Mike, Deron & Jessie

Class of 2018

Torres, Abbygale

Brookesmith High School Salutatorian

Allgood, Chyna

Carillo-Mendoza, Sierra

Crouch, Josh

Brownwood High School

Acosta, Alan

Adame, Angel

Allgood, Haylee

Wheeler, Dylan

Big Iron Heavy Equipment

Class of 2018


Garay, Brianna

Nelson, Ryder

Walker, Nakadah

Class of 2018 Alvizo, Fernando

Andrews, K’nyyathea

Armenta, Jacqueline

Brownwood High School

Baker, Acasia

Bannister, Kynadee

Congratulations Kynadee! May God Bless you always as you move forward in becoming a registered nurse.

Barron, Bailey

Class of 2018 Barron, Kennedy

Bates Simeon

Congratulations Son! Mom, Dad & Jonathan

Benites, Carlos Jr.

Bergman-Lawson, Cody

Bernal, Mario Jr.

Borgia, Tiger

Bronniman, Blake

Burleson, Madison

Camden, Brandon

Bell, Destiny

Proud of you! Love Mema & Family

“She believed she could, so she did”

Love Mom, Dad, Sister & Brother

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. God Bless you as you start your new journey at Tarleton. Love, Mom

Bowden, Jennifer

Bradshaw, Lasten

Brewer, Christopher

Mads, we are all so proud of you, now go forth and sprinkle your saltiness on the world! You will do great things, never forget it. Love Mom

Castillo, Eloy

Beam, Gloria

Love you forever & always & no matter what Mom, Dad, Nicole, Channing, Noah, Ben & Naysa

Beane, Emily

Cardenas, Korben


Chesser, Madison Congratulations and Best Wishes as you begin the next chapter! We love our Aggie! Mom, Dad, Tristan, Taylor, Morgan & Caroline

Chew, Tyelor

Church, Sarah

Top Cut Lawn Care

Churchwell, Mattison


Brownwood High School

Cisneros, Damian

Class of 2018

Clevenger, Haleigh

Collazo, Maxwell

Coppic, Colby

Cotton, Tyra

Cullins, Jared

Davis, Keaton

Del Toro, Tyler J.

Denny, Shelby

Dick, John

Dodds, Felicity

Dudley, Derek

Duque, Kimberly

Dyer, Erin

Congrats! Love Mom & Dad

Cupps, Sage

Top Cut Lawn Care

Dominguez, Zachary

Donahoo, Hayden

We love you and are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

Edmiston, Kynley

Little Dude Ranch

Doud-Brooks, Che’Lei

Elliott, Ryan

Esquivel, Alyssa

Fagundes, Dalton

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Psalm 46:5

Farrow, Christopher

We are so proud of you. Love Dad, Mom, Charity, Brandon, Ashtin, Scott & Kamryn

Brownwood High School

Fields, Zachary

Galvan, Jazmin

Garcia, Fernando

Class of 2018 Garcia, Kristina

Garza, Dalainy


Garza, Tyler

We couldn’t be more proud of you and your accomplishments! We’re always behind you wherever your path leads you! Love Mom, Dad, Isabella and Ian

Gatlin, Cadyn

Geltz, Marcus

Gibbs, Jakob

Gomez, Micheal May you be blessed in all you do, Confident that the sprit of God leads you with the wisdom and love.

Gordon, Starr

Gosch, Madilyn

Green, Daisy

Greenhaw, Rebekah

Guerrero, Jessica

Hall, Kellan

Harper, Karly

Heaslet, Danielle

Hernandez, Caleb

Hernandez, Dusty

Top Cut Lawn Care

Hernandez, Raul

Davis Morris Funeral Home

Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors! – Granny & Grumpy Brackett

Herrera, Brielle

Herrera, Cynthia

Hickey, Dylan


Brownwood High School

Hines, Annjolei

Little Dude Ranch

Huerta, Martin

Hinojosa-Herrera, Estevan

Hoffman, Payton Renee

Infinger, Kenneth

Ivey, Sidney

Congratulations! On to the next chapter! Chase your Dreams! from Paul, Bobbie, Phoenix, Jensen & Quade

Class of 2018

Holden, Averey

Holland, Kevin

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed - Proverbs 16:3 Congrats, we love you! Love Mom, Dewey, Aubrey, Landry & Dad

Be proud of this Accomplishment, Look to the Future. You can do anything you put your mind to. We love you! Staci, Crissy, Sister, Annabelle, Bub, Jazzy, Cayleb & Noel.

Hubbard, Rylee

Jacobs, Wyatt

Jaquez, Marissa Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Love Mom, Dad, Grandma, Marco & Mya

Jefferson, Gavin




We care about, and we know every single student. We’re like family. Our small size allows students to shine and gain recognition for their individual talents and contributions, and our curriculum ensures students receive a competitive and relevant high-quality education.

Congratulations to all




901 Avenue H, Blanket,Texas


Visit us at:


Brownwood High School

Jones, Tye’rus

Kamitchis, Niko

Kellar, Chance

Class of 2018 King, Jasmine


Kirkland, Kaeman

Langley, Tyler

Good Luck in all of your endeavors. We all love you!

Lattig, Sebastian

Lenz, Jaycee

Maninger, Lunday

Mares, Gonzalo

Jose many dream, some try, but only a few achieve, you are an achiever, you have made us all proud. Keep up the good works as you continue your adventure in life.

Lira, Jose

Long, Jordan

Lopez, Jakelin

Madlock, Amya

Mares, Hunter

Marquez, Isaiah

Marrufo, Kurt

Mays, Madison

Congratulations & Blessings.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Love Mom, Dad, Grandma, Marco & Mya


McBride, Jason

McBride, Laura

McClure, Aaron

McCraw, Liam N.

Top Cut Lawn Care

McDowell, Mya

McNeese, Cora

We love you are are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Liam & Rory


Brownwood High School

Merritt, Chad

Mertle, Madalyn

Aden Moya

Murray, Maddison

Nino, Paige

Class of 2018

Miller, Sydney

Mills, Christian

Montalvo, Amanda

Moreno, Andres

Nash, Patrick

Nava, Jasmine

Nesmith, Destiny

Nieto, Sarah

We are so proud of you - Mom, Dad, Marley & Mclayne Proverbs 3:6

Congratulations and we love you! Best Wishes for a wonderful future. Love Dad, Mom, Patrick and Julia

Nogueiro, Ana

Oines, Abigail

Ortega, Jordan

Owen, Kameron

Pargas-Sanchez, Maritza

Patel, Alisha

Payne, Kye

Peek, Destiny

Pennington, Taylor

Perez, Emily

And so the adventure begins‌so proud of you. We love you

Parker, Hannah

Congratulations! – Staff of Midway Healthcare Services

We love you! Cole, Mom & Jr.

Brownwood High School

Class of 2018


Peters, Gracie

Porter, Xavier

Posey, Kori

Quillin, Paul David

Ramirez, Aleska

Reagan, Rylan

Rector, Tanner

Reeves, Jaten

Renfroe, Kendra

Revada, Tristin

Reyna, Shania

Roberson, Jeremy

Rodriguez, Mariah

Rouse, Jonathon

Roy, Nathan

Russell, Garrett

Russell, Trisha

Salazar, Luceano

Sanchez, Amber

Sanchez, Colton

Sanchez, Jason

Sanchez, Jesse

Sanchez, Lorelei

Sanchez, Veanna


Brownwood High School

Sandoval, Athalie

Schoen, Caleb

We are so very proud of you!! We love and will miss you very much. Gonna be quiet around the house :) Congratulations - Grad 2018! Dad, Melissa, Melme, Carli and Caiti

Smith, Andrew

Smith, Macy

Smith, Mikaela

Solis, Pablo

Sparks, Dalton

Stanke, Elias Winston

Stanley, Justin

Stavley, Ashton

We are so proud of you! You made it! Love Mom, Dad, Cameron, Patrick, Liz, Chuck & Donna

Sotelo-Lambert, Jasmine

Soto, Rebecca

Stavley, Jordan

Stone, Haleigh

Strickland, Isaac

Trevino, Gilbert

Trowbridge, Elizabeth

Congratuations! We are proud of you!

Dalton, we are so very proud of you! Congrats on a job well done! Love Dad, Mom, Brittanie & Cole

Congratulations! We Love You!

Townsend, Alex

Class of 2018

Congratulations! We Love You!

Stroope, Cheyenne

Sutton, Taytum

Thompson, Sean

Tucknott, Gabriella

Vanhuss, Zoe

Vasquez, Ruben Jr.

We are very proud of the young woman that you have become. Keep reaching for the stars. Love your #1 fans Dad, Mom & Mikey aka Bobby

Brownwood High School

Vickers, Kirk

Vielma, Adrian

Congratulations Adrian on achieving your goals! Now at this point a new chapter begins. Good Luck to the Future. Love your parents & sister

Amado & Maribel Vielma

Vielma, Alexis

Congratulations Alexis on achieving your goals! Now at this point a new chapter begins. Good Luck to the Future. Love your parents & sister

Class of 2018


Villarreal, Alvaro

Wallace, Mya

Walston, Chad

Young, Kyra

Zamora, Juan Jr.

Zamora Maria

Amado & Maribel Vielma


Westerman, Heaven

Zorilla, Lander Jon B.

Medina, Albert

Willis, Dakota

Yoder, Sean

Brownwood Acceralted High School

Class of 2018

Mendez, Matthew

Morales, Alana

Capetillo, Alexis

Dean, Kyra

Sanders, Madison

Sarate, Fredrico

“Feel Confidently in the direction of your dreams and the universe will open the doors for you” – Love Mom, Brook, Taylor, Granny, Jean, Dad & Misty

Dunlap, Justin

Davis Morris Funeral Home

Soto, Alejandro

Brownwood Accelerated High School

Swindall, Kaylee

Early High School

Class of 2018

Barker, Hayden

Aaron, Haven

Terrell, Chaz

Aguerro, Lydia

Watson, Alexandriea

Allgood, Maddison

Arreola, Nathaniel

Benton, Mark

Bhakta, Darshan

How quickly the years have rushed by, since the day you entered our world. And now you are graduating from High School. We can't express enough how proud we are of you and your accomplishments. Today, you enter a new era of life. There will be Challenges, Choices and Decisions. Jim, GOD will be with you every step of the way to guide you. And always remember your prayer. GOD, Grant me the Serenity to accept the Things I cannot change. The Courage to change the Things I can. And the Wisdom to know the Difference. We Love You Very Much, Wyman & Diana Kelcy GO LONGHORNS! # 7

Atteberry, Carmen

Kelcy & Son Paving

Hardman Roofing & Construction

Love Mom & Dad


Torres, Alexandra

Class of 2018

Congratulations To All

Graduating Seniors!

We make your orders fresh... never ahead!


Schwan’s Ice Cream • Hot Fresh Pizza and Hand Dipped Corndogs

341 S. Texas De Leon, Texas


10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sat. Closed Sunday

Fresh made Lemonade and Limeade



Early High School

Bills, Reagan

Box, Cheyenne

Class of 2018

Branham, Zachary

Brinson, Hallie


Brumbalow, Kailey

Buchkowski, Celeste

Campbell, Tamia

Carey, Peyton

Carter, Wade

Crouse, Jarrid

DeLeon, Makayla

Kelcy & Son Paving

Bundick, Caley

Burleson, Zane

Burns, Devyn

Clawson, Chase

Cochran, Jaiden

Cozart, Katelyn

Crawford, Brandon

Edwards, Canyon

Edwards, Brianna

Elizondo, Miguel

Congratulations! We Love You! Maw maw & Pawpaw & Family

Dickey, Rowdy

Elkins, Rowdy

Kelcy & Son Paving

Elliott, Abigail


Early High School

Eoff, Tori

Ezzell, Preston

Class of 2018

Flippin, Mason

Glasscock, Tara

Grimes, Lexi

Hackney, Payton

Hill, Lee

Hull, Hannah

Hurt, Taylor

Keilers, Chase

King, Conner

Kirby, Ashlyn

My Dear Jim, you give me great memories, I cherish in my heart. Precious times I spent with you. They are worth more than gold. We are so very proud of you. Dear Lord, May his life be filled with Love and all the Blessings so deserving of. We love you. Grandma, Papa, Dee, Jeremaih, Aunt Kassie, Uncle Eddie, Ally, Elijah & Zo

Fowler, Jim

Frerichs, Bianca

Kelcy & Son Paving

Gist, Brenna

Hall, Kiley

Hernandez, Christa

Hill, Joseph

Isom, Emily

Jowers, Courtney

Kang, Inayat

Knox, Lara

Luckie, Morgan

Marsh, Arin

Early High School Valedictorian

Class of 2018


Mason, Lacie

Meeks, Samantha

Merkle, Seth

Mireles Alan

Mumme, Katlin

Netherton, Taylor

O’Conner, Kinzie

Oranday, George

Ozuna, Teodoro

Piper, Lauren

Piri, Colton

Ramirez, Jaclynn

Ray, Phiona

Rhodes, Ethan

Richardson, Shadin

Rodgers, Lori

Salazar, Alicia

Sarlo, Allison

Smith, Dominique

Speck, Lainey

Studdard, Mollee

Kelcy & Son Paving


Satterlee, Jaden

Sheedy, Cambry

Shields, Rayann

Hardman Roofing & Construction


Early High School

Class of 2018

Tabor, Brilee

Tarigan, Matthew

Towell, McKenna

Turner, Taylor

Tyson, Cylee

Wade, Faith

Wanjuki, Micheal

Warren, Weston

Welker, Asa

Whisenhunt, Dagan

Whisenhunt, Dylan

Whitehead, Jordan

Whitley, Corbin

Wood-Rush, Rachel

Alcorn, Logan

Baker, Rylee

Brown, Jacob

Carbajal, Alyssa

May Independent School District

Class of 2018

May Independent School District

Class of 2018


Carbajal, Angel

Carrillo, Samantha

Chambers, Weston

Cox, Taylor

Czeto, Joshua

Gage, Kelsie

Guidry, Cody

Henderson, Ian

Holocomb, Matthew

Horton, Elizabeth

Jenkins, Skylar

Jewell, Brooke



Johnston, Preston

Moses, Jaycee

Self, Dalton

Mote, Wyatt

Sheffler, Alexus

Moya, Tristan

Ray, Patricia

Stewart, Jenny

Wilkinson, Dakotah

Congrats! Hard work really paid off, just keep fighting and you will come out glorious! Love Mom, Diamond & Dad

Rodriguez, Yadira


Premier High School

Eaton, Zachary

Lewis, Breanna

Class of 2018

Mendoza, Martha

Moore, Kortney

Morgan, Jerry Jr,

Ortiz, Nicole

Potters, Nicholas

Reneau, Haylee

Sanford, Mikey

Sexton, Cheyenne

Shores, Meagen

Stewart, Lonnie

Hardman Roofing & Construction

Perry, Nikki

Victory Life Academy

Class of 2018

Potter, Teonna


Acker, Rachel


Beale, Mackenzie

Laubhan, Mary

Tobias, Justin

We are proud of you. Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly Micah 6:8

Whetstone, Isaiah

Zephyr Independent School District

Barr, Ryder

Clark, Robert

Darnell, Cali

Dixon, Michael

Class of 2018 King, Kason


Mangus, Dustin


Mayes, Jordyn

Mensch, Myra

Moody, Nicholas

Mueller, Alexander

Reynolds, Meadow

Rockafellow, Kensli


Sandoval, Alexis

Sandoval, Elian

Sharp, Darby

Warren, Morgan

Simpson, William

White, Paige

Thomas, Hannah


Something interesting happens when you choose to attend a university close to home. You reap all the benefits of going away to college – active campus life, new friends, strong academic programs and more – all without having to leave town. Howard Payne University offers more than 100 majors, minors and pre-professional programs, approximately 30 official student organizations and six men’s and six women’s sports through NCAA Division III athletics, all in the context of a Christ-centered, traditional residential community. There are also opportunities for students of all majors to study abroad and participate in the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy, HPU’s distinctive, nationally recognized honors program. HPU is demonstrating its commitment to local and area students through the Heart of Texas Scholarship program, which offers $60,000 over four years to students from Brown County and surrounding counties. Visit to learn more about going away to college in your own hometown!

1000 Fisk Street, Brownwood, Texas 76801 325-649-8020 • 800-880-4HPU •

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Brownwood grad 2018  

Brownwood grad 2018