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A Tête-à-Tête with Mr Anurag Agrawal,Founder- Editor of




is no power like the power of youth because the power of youth doesn’t stop!

Power Code , a leading Youth magazine from India that geared towards the youth demographic of the country and curates info on Youth issues, News, Social Problems Affecting Youth Today and Ways to Solve them, Health & Fitness, Fashion, Interiors, interviews, Career , Business etc. with the aim to support young people by giving them a platform to voice their opinions and display their talents.

A society that cuts itself off from its youth severs its lifeline; it is condemned to bleed to death. Young People Have the Power to Change the World .... and POWER CODE Magazine is truly exemplifies this statement .

In the latest in our ezine's Interview series, we spoke to Mr Anurag Agrawal , Founder-Editor of POWER CODE to reflect on his 17 years long career in the field of journalism .

Tell us a little about yourself? Where did you grow up? What happened after your schooling? Well my father was a government officer and he had a transferable job. So I was brought up in different cities. After schooling I did my graduation from Christ Church College Kanpur.

What factors contributed to your decision to start POWER CODE ? After my 17 years my own. You can things : Do your to publish

long career in Journalism, I wanted to start something of say our PM Modi ji was key factor as he always says two own work and our country is a young country. So I decided my own magazine namely 'Power Code' only for youth.

What difference the kind of journalism that POWER CODE is delivering would make to the current media scene in India? First of all Power Code is only for youth. Secondly, we want to provide a platform to those youth who has talent but no one bring them into lime light. Most importantly, this magazine is “By the youth, for the Youth�, so we invite youth to be a part of this magazine and share your views with us.

How do you see the social media and the mainstream media? Are they pitted against each other or do they aid each other? Look, in my view you can't compare social media and main stream media. These are two different streams. Main media has license and they are answerable for their news but social media is free and anyone can put anything without being answerable. Actually we should not call it a “media” we should call it “social medium”.

Could you give me a sneak peek into your own development as a writer? How were you when you were 19? Oh, at 19 I didn't ever thought of writing. That was different time, now youngsters are very talented and they are much intelligent than our generation. ( said with a smirk )

What would be your advice to young people entering the profession of journalism? Now a days journalism has become more commercial. My advice would be that if you are ready to work for 15-18 hours, sacrifice your personal life and have a flair to write then come into journalism Because journalist are not made they are born.

Which is your favorite book? Since childhood I use to run away from books ( said with a sigh ). I don't get time to read but I love autobiographies of successful people.

You have a long - and very successful career in journalism - to date. How much has the profession changed since you entered the industry? Journalism profession has changed drastically. Quality has gone down and it has become fully commercialised. Can't say more than this.

Are journalistic skills still the same as ever before? Some thumb rules of journalism are still the same . In today’s time, as per the dictates of the owners of the media houses, a perfect journalist must be a multitasking person who can do everything from marketing to journalism but I have different opinion in this regard. A journalist must be an honest person by nature. He must be fearless, loyal, kind, trustworthy, passionate and tenacious.

You'll remember a publishing industry before websites really had such a huge influence and now... what was the better time? The good old days or today's fast-paced environment? In every field a mixture of old (experience) and new (energy) is required. At home we need the guidance of our parents and the innocence of kids as well.... In politics they need a mixture of old and new. Same is in journalism. Everything has its own impact ,influence and inspiration.

Let's reflect on your time at POWER CODE . How did you plan its content? What was the editorial team structure like? Content of Power Code is very simple and to the point - its about youth. I want to make sure that more and more youngsters should contribute by themselves. Our editorial team tries to find talented youth from all the spheres of society .

Does print work best when covering a particular niche/industry/sector? Yes ofcourse, print is always the best and much more easy & comfortable than electronic media.

If you could have dinner with any three people in history, who would they be? Well, there are far more than three but still Lal Bahadur Shastri, Subhash Chandra Bose and Marilyn Monroe.

What does it mean to be a youth? Why do we need to empower youth? Youth means energy and in this universe every thing is done by energy. But only when, energy is use in right direction.

ANY MESSAGE TO THE READERS My message will be specially for youth. Use your energy in right direction, follow your passion......... make your passion your work. Use internet for your needs don't be addicted to it. Most importantly, there is always a 2nd, 3rd, 4th......chance in life... don't get depress. Be Positive.

Thanks Mr Anurag Agrawal for your precious time .........

POWER CODE By the Youth..... For the Youth

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A Tête-à-Tête with Mr Anurag Agrawal , Founder- Editor of POWER CODE  

Power Code , a leading Youth magazine from India that geared towards the youth demographic of the country and curates info on Youth issues...

A Tête-à-Tête with Mr Anurag Agrawal , Founder- Editor of POWER CODE  

Power Code , a leading Youth magazine from India that geared towards the youth demographic of the country and curates info on Youth issues...