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‘VENUS TWIN (Part 1)’ A music box of Lovers Wealth of Sequences ~ You? Which ~ Boddhisattva Sculptor * Splendid Come together ~ Sincere Celebration. Our finest ancestors lost ~ rediscovered in bluest waters * lean You get overweight not ~ because you eat too much but because you waste too much * Marie Ange ~ sister of devotion lingering ~ memories South seas ~ far-off lands luxurious vegetation ~ swaying palms, gorgeous fruit, flowers ~ dahlias, pineapples. Storm rain ~ air ~ fresh, Marie Ange ~ sister of devotion. A consecrated chapel tended by Matisse. A labour of Love. Merci 1

Supersonic Sky “........ then he paid a visit to his brother” Arriving on the plateau. 'This is the End' beautiful friend gives me feeling ~ to live, gives me the feeling ~ that I want to Love You. Far away gives me the feeling to Live, Live, Live ~ * ‘Dhamma’ The Greatest gift of all ~ Conquest through morality rather than ~ through the Force of Arms * Itinerant ~ moving from circuit to circuit, feasting pilgrims in the season of Mecca * Last Words ~ “Decay is inherent in all component things, work out your own salvation ~ with diligence.” of a Buddha 2

Impressionism There's nothing like pictures from children “I Love You” ~ Willow quite a little galaxy ~ going on. Pictures of my children, little daughter, Smiles ~ yeah really. Colors of heaven's garden. Je t’adore, refreshing rendez ~ vous. Serenade to you, On Matisse’s balcon. * The colors of life that come in letters Willow age 7, sees like Matisse & sends me a picture so alive ~ her way of saying “happy birthday” “I Love you” * Dhamma May all Beings be In love may All beings Be in Love * ‘Vol au vent’ I am at the root of ~ Intensity or ethereal evaporating rapidly Infinite relaxation Silver Samovar & reindeer milk 3

Salut Giving Completely, Freely to his Sense of Delight in all Creation. Cast ashore ~ Impressionism ~ banana afternoon, wet miss givings ~ ‘little feat’ playing. clubbed together in surreal intercourse, blending & breeding ~ Bang! The Golden trees of autumn. Smiling over a beautiful collaboratrice, “lets bathe together ~” to bare fruit Instinct! Mediterranean to Malacca shores ~ perfume, incense drifting in the air, stroking her hair; Matisse’s canvases, a picture of beautiful hands. Still vases, memories on the terrace at St. Tropez, early bright light, lapping ~ waves swimming to your porte. Soft grey sky reflection in your tea leaves. An Artist in motion on the street of pianos. Sweetheart’s Sun showers in water colours * She brings Love. Stars mirror ~ ReLeaSeD. Electric blues & acid sunsets. Plumbing & air conditionings ~ sailing on a rainbow catamaran. Crystal stupas on a distant hill 4

“I don't think ~ Anymore” You Can't make ~ Someone to Love You Transfiguration Money ~ disfiguration ~ Force. In ‘Enlightenment’ ~ We Trust. Enjoying Senses of the ethereal. Here ~ out of range of the falling shells. What! You don’t have Intensity? “I feel it like a child” “I feel it like an innocent heart” 7 silent shades of a white rainbow * Lantern carved from a Latin mango…. I think yu shot it out th' sky, didn't yu! Their crazy multi ~ macro insecurities. Don't tease ~ they make it worse, living a curse, multi ~ micro insecurities. Leave my body * mind bacteria, float from my tongue ~ to be amongst a glorious multitude. Trust me ~ Some body that I don't Care ~ because I don't want Anything from You Especially. Those movin’ multi ~ micro Insecurities. Sparkling in lights 5

On. Days. like. This. It's a great day to “fuck I don't know” It's a great day to run away to sea It's play “wind through my sails" It's great get something done before I die a great day walk thru the leaves with a friend day to wake to soothing Japanese music to be Romantic It's a great day visit Foreign freighters anchored in a crystal bay, early morning It's a great day to walk under clear blue skies through spectacular Himalayan villages. It's a great day to meet her again in the Jardin du Luxembourg & Fall in Love * Invited to Karuna’s potlach Calmer out there on the Moon. It's Scorpio now ~ Sailors, merchants, farmers, Poets, Kshatriya adventurers, Philosophers, Brahmins & Buddhist missionairies. Welcome ~ from far away. In forest Temples of ancient Sequoia, visiting the lost tribe's Yana pagoda. Hiawatha looking through fire smoke. Welcome ~ from far away. Beautifull rare bead necklaces, a gift to you from our women. Painted ~ War chariots & Elephants 6

Gone to the fair in Gauguin's canoe ~ Beautifull shell necklaces from our loveliest young women. Virgin lands ~ gorgeous panoramas. Summer grass houses of Prophets ~ * Kalinga disease is only a set of values dis inter gration thru Sensational pain letting it go ~ into the Fields ~ Suffering by Fencing It in the brain a set of values a set of values To get rid of it 1st you gotta start living with it ‘til you get sick of it a set of values a set of values Maybe if we start thinking we can control Suffering we'll only get more Suffering a set of values A set of values ‘Om mani padma hum Om mani padma hum Om mani padma hum ~’ * You Should be very quiet when discussing escapes ~ A million healers working together. Reflections against tyranny ~ Stillness on the lac du liberte 7

Re. Comp # POD VAN Letter Carrier Dear Sir, I have just received a letter beginning thus: “After careful review of all the applications received for the above competition it has been found that a number of candidates possess the desired qualifications to a greater degree than yourself”… I do not wish to debate your view of desired qualifications and this is not an attack on those chosen. However I wish to point out that besides a continuous effort at right conscious and physical development, plus a degree from a Canadian University, it is still not enough to Secure for oneself (& family) in this ‘System of Excellence' that we are all still struggling to continue to support, an interview to make a living carrying letters. Yours Sincerely, * Child of Saffron Wings Sciamachy Stage lights saw your smallest hairs ~ & felt the ebony stick stirring, beautiful ~ Madonna assignment to the land of ‘O Lare, Cantare’ Profuse Irish eyes ~ colors of the Nile, modelling their gaze & more. From a turquoise gondola I saw the light air ~ a whisper on your cheeks, soft as a butterfly 8

A Beautiful Ebony ~ She danced on the Soul train. Kahlua & Gran Marnier Very sweet ~ lips

“God Bless You”

black hole I don’t know who you are but I Love You * ‘Really’ I don't need Canada I don't need money I don't need alcohol I don't need acid ~ I don't need the Sheraton I don't need sophistications or complications or a car I don't need an apartment I don't need your gadgets I don't need your promises. I need your love 9

Quand je pense a toi, je sens My darling little prince of the space of Life and poems, your mouth talks like a flower does and your eyes gentle as a pair of butterflys in the sun. My darling what is this sweet rosy~taste jam spread on my heart and mind? Your delicate but determined beauty moves me at every single minute spent at your sides the extraordinary depth of your heart transports mine in places and palaces I have never been before. My darling I respect devotedly darling, darling when your skin touches my skin, in the secrets of meditation, gigantic doors of some other palaces open slowly in a magnifiscience and feast of precious stones sparkling all around and my sex calls yours and I desire you more than very much and I love you for I know the ring is generous and certainly about perfect in the shape

from a lauze roof Scent of orange blossom & lavender spring ~ elusive beauty of pink flamingos in rice shoots. Mistral gusts tempt the cobalt angels dancing in the bay. Oleanders, pines & cypresses applaud the sight ~ flowered caravans, gypsies of St Sarah, a passing pilgrimage ~ quietly through the night * Early morning Provencal light, dazzling brightness ~ A poet rising from under the lime trees, seeing the shepherd trekking in high pastures across fringed fields by way of vineyards. Beautiful chanting of a wanderer ~ preparing breakfast in limestone hut before the Carnival day begins she brings a gift ~ of oysters from her bed * I will tell you of creatures so beautiful ~ The Queen of the Universe strokes their glorious Plumes ~ to catch the droplets on their eyes for perfume arousing the creation of Time

‘Even though a country is defeated, its mountains and rivers remain. And o'er the castle ruins, when it is Spring, the grass will be green again’ * Chinese poet, Tu Fu * ‘Along the mountain road Somehow it tugs at my heart, A wild violet’ * Japanese poet, Bashu *** Rickshaws in the afternoon. Flowers in bed ~ Beloved Radiant * Compassionism flame ~ glow of a candle light. Kiss of your lips on mine * The last party ~ brilliant Stars in the heavens, Pablo Neruda. Then, tell me what's 'gloomy' Lazy Killers, irony. adios amigo 12

Listen: 5000 ethereal children singing to us Bright and early, 8.I5, Summer holiday time, August 6th saw a pink ball falling thru the sky, then black, black whipping rain. A moment, spontaneous, fantastic multi ~ coloured clouds; Bright and early came the host of Death to live in the bodies of 90,000 in sinner rated survivors, came the Enola Gay with a genocidal mushroom of deadly destruction. A deadly gift to all your children, free from US to your soul. Radiation, gamma rays, diseases ~ to explode you into a heap of melted hearts, charred bones of a beautiful girl and wheelbarrows of shadows. Your mother melted into stone. A great collection for your prayers of peace, peace! 18 hundred feet, 10 thousand miles from home, “Bombs away!” All life turned to ash ~ flower ash, grandfather ash, tree ash, eye ash, skin ash, sister ash, brother ash, mother ash, dad ash. So many years of your hell standing in the ruins; B29 turns. A Flying fortress swings to its home. “Sayonara” Full of surprises! Did you know there were 20,000 women pregnant with tomorrow? Did you know about the children ~ who fold paper cranes now and float paper lanterns ~ in the Toronagashi festival to hold a little longer their spirits? It all happened too quickly ~ you were gone, evaporated! I never had a moment to say goodbye to you my child

My name is Chi I shall tell you an incredible story. Reggae was in the stone I picked, full of layers...a grey layer cake, granite that spoke of the life and death of butterflies and gorillas. I picked some branches for the evening times fire; Wondered a little about my dog chewing the bark, his dalmation skin so fine ~ just like a digestif he seemed to mean. So I brought it in and tracked off it all by taking chocolate and somewhere something was happening. I know that I need a lot of headlines. Interesting before Bob Marley "Oo ooh" so smoothly out of the concrete jungle ~ the rock awaits as if expecting a parrot to take it out to a dance tonight. Maybe, it certainly is great weather * This is about as real as I feel under the bedsheets of the books of wisdom. Little cherubim statues and other assorted treats to carry one into the wood of elves and the boudoirs of fairies. Holding my hand I caress a kiss out of you like a moth fluttering free. Oh so sweet again, and another will there be even more. I look at the rock and hear Bob saying ~ “Yeah, it's all fine while you can� School children come out of a foreign sky and are charming the blue birds with their reality. Whew; You are someone's finest daughter, Bravo * My belongings are continually preparing themselves for any eventuality. They expect a flood and wonder what it means when I tell them to be ready to meet a Volcano. What should I wear ~ For such an occasion? 14

Something worthy of a Queen or a Prophet; Le Voila. Scrutinising the horizon and remembering the time ~ when clouds swimming below the peaks made me ~ believe that their unfurling was the real Ocean but it did seem like no other Ocean I had ever seen from 30,000 feet * The Japanese I feel sure see no difference, they probably have a special blend of tea for such moments, the same they offered to Bob when he brought a few Caribbean delicacies to the gates of Shinto isles. Knock, knock “Hari gato ~ Jah has sent me with this harvest of goodies to enjoy with those ladies of cherry decorated hair� * Thank You Japan for arriving with the Sun ~ this morning. The root continued to the house of elegance, where cinnamon bread was baking ~ treasures to be laid in front of the wandering troupe of hearts. Please stay and be comfortable even though I will be in a land across four to five thousand valleys seeing to all your needs. Thank You, while you are there I will care for your doves. In ten days I counted twenty cages and felt the desire to gild them in gold and turquoise on Chinese lacquer. A menagerie by which that fine tea is now ready to serve. Thankyou for these gracious gifts encountered this day on the path through the province of light and cypress milk. Later, the hour will come to visit the lady who guards the food of the blue camels 15

A special tunic is needed for this end and one must be able to add enough golden sequins in a motif which is predetermined in a dream. She is a natural creature in this capacity and her fortune is made immediately. From a pearl casket I will take out the dew of a poet and press in my palm the nature of words given in an ancient and futuristic code for her eyes to behold * The day has crossed the sky and the hour is close to make this visit. My Viking cloak and helmet are needed as a sign of introduction to her quarters. The journey is long through a subterranean tunnel ~ which is the same distance as the width of the throne's back * I enter this land of seas of lime waves splashing and so am perfumed for the entry to the lagoon of the blue creatures and there she is to meet me. It took three bowls of the Hokkai tea of concentration to take me through the polarity of the throne and into your arms and breasts. Now I am refreshed enough to gently remove your magic robes and be led to the bed of lavendre. In my satchel I have a gift of five Tibetan flamingo eggs for you. A wild journey eased by the mission to emporter them into your lips ~ personally. This concentration saved my legion ~ whilst on the ridge of peacocks and penguins. Those famous winds of heat and coldness have dis- integrated many. I also bring news from the Bouquet Islands where the richest still count their wealth 16

In Reggae codes which where left by the Jah armada during days of Cancer crab * A beauti~full lady sailed the 'Nuova Conceptione' ~ during Saturn's passing, harbouring amidst the blooms, has instilled a new blood into the children there. These people are happy and care for each other as never seen in the Outer World before. Her drummers send messages to the lands of the sacred fruit trees and crimson oysters which are very early understood * The three daughters of the Jade have taken gifts of Magic cause to neighbouring seas ~ and the hemisphere is in equilibrium and peace. She also sends this special grain for your camels and hopes to see a visit from your cavalry of Taos at the festival of Zoom. “Thank you frangipani Chi, now tell me have you dreamt of a 7 mosaic planet? As I've heard there was a quake registered ~ in the water colours of our white plastic painters” * “No news is sure although I have had visions of birds dancing and of fires of sapphire chanters” The beginning of a message is coming through this meeting * “The leaves of the Oasis of Tez-n have produced a Quality of Elix-ir and we wish that you frangipani Chi to go on a voyage of Discovery ~ 17

~ into the Realms of the Mosaics and trans~port a herbal healing to the masters of the Sequences. The painters have procured this from the oils of the blue camels” * With in a micro vision of time a land was being established and its points chartered from the temple of the Emerald shore. Sound was creating the fuel to cross the Qualities of space. Here was a land of Earth, Fire, Air, Water. The environment was tropical ~ ethereal and the culture of the new Toltecs * Diagrams existed and nuclear attraction and repulsion ~ had been Known to bring the sacred scarlet feathers to this place. “Thank you for your gifts, they will provide a lovely part of a feast which will honour you before your new Quest. To return the way you came ~ with this spray of lavender from my hair and this fruit from under the tongue of a pelican of rainbows will give you the energy to enter through the nine gates of the electric cream and sugary straws. This unguent will be a gift to your heart, so that you do not forget” “Thank you fabulous lady I will prepare my self for this journey and you will know I am ready when the baby camels turn to violets” * By the time it took to register the ‘Best of Bob Live’ ~ I had worked my self through the hall of lasers and been equipped with a shield of Concentration and a magic potion carried in the eyes of the dog of the camel Maitresse 18

Zip through the Zedra channels brought me to a plateau created from the Sound of a Crystal bong. I had begun again to discover discover discover ~ * Flags flew high and I descended to be alone. A sign said that warriors of the bamboo suit had swam in the lake of the jewelled snake and that to follow was too late ~ The Sound of their engines carried me to the gates of the city of mountains and caves. Enough to begin; so I took my time and lay it into a perfumed chamber of roses and wands. To be un detected was the way ~ A moment passed and she took hold of my gloved hand. “You are the one made of Pearl” she sang. “I detected you from my dream of your spirit ~ into the scrolls of my father” * Enchanted the space ~ so I rode a green kite through her mouth. Vibrations and winds by which we burn are Sounding together for us to dance of moons. She led me to a hot pool of tangerines and we laid our hearts to sleep in each others ~ No voices could tell me what had occurred to have attained this level of velvet twitterings * I left by taking a feather from her head of dreams and resting it in the computer of Spirits; it sang of the midnight fairy owl 19

A chord showed a cave high in the range and for it I Would Need to bring one of her dream kisses ~ Time of the mist arrived and so I swam on it to the other shore * Time ~ light shades ~ songs and the magic dog called Wishing took turns to meet the dawn before the climb to the hill of caves. The Sound of Water took us in >< side and a grotto of 5 million crystalline mirrors ~ switched our dimensions to the land of the host. Parrots of Twi * light greeted us and there were splashes of golden light * “Enchanter” the greeting McCaw call of old, bright red as no more. We all drank the Ancient leaves over the 6 islands of SEns. The tale was to be long of the coming of Un balance which upturned the QQueen of DDesires H~self * “Sit and listen to the playing of the Hheart” we hear tell. It happened Long ago in a place of Papaya rainbows. The space was super sonic ~ and yet In Visible enough to show us the only speed of passing clouds in a brightly lit sea of stars. Voices sang like Nata raga musical boxes dancing in~side to an orchestra of pastel balloon surfers * Songs the Sounds of lovely people, so sweet tasting like mango coffee to our beaks. McCaw sat as a sage ~ recounting these things from inside his mind 20

He told often of feelings that squeezed his body in his natal place of siestas. A picture from his past began to appear. Back in his village, trepidation on his amigos' faces. “Running and shouting they were. A black charge whistled like a bitterly cold wind through each each child's heart. It was known that these soldiers could perpetrate whatever they conceived of. Screams of red filled the earth and later small waters would run on their faces; Fear fullness in their eyes swollen, writhing their naked bodies. Then it felt so cold frangipani Chi that I wished only to be the hot rocks” * The pain would float by in the river like long dead animals. Standing by a bare tree with one branch across, the strawlike campaneros would fall down and cry out together to the sky for “Mercy” The ancient leaves had settled us into a mood for listening to the history of McCaw * “That was the day I left the place of Sound and siesta” He continued with his memory ~ “That was the day I witnessed a living monument to dying so I left to know ~ Why? The famous statues of Aviendas del Americas became another place to sit and see bubbles of time pass, as the Aztec acetate dragon swans * From those tall gargoyles and the stately Alameda the world of people would reveal itself below ~ 21

~ just as if I had been in the trees of my old village or in the arroyos of rose with the dynamic silver tornado below. Purple Sounds would climb like nomads ~ carrying spears from the desert and pouches of Pink Floyds. Medleys drifted in the sky towards the peaks like night queen incense but it was a hot hallucination from a thirsty crowd. Light ~ bright ~ rainbows black and silver chants, reflected from my feathers * Time was teaching me passages as bouquets in the arms. Boco boco ~ where the discoveries on me up there & flying scarlet wings through the tiny streets. Feelings came to stay as guests to show me how close to approach to those pastel aura storms of people * Which ones to trust, trusting the small vivid sparkles coming out of those in embrace. Shining as fire ~ inviting to touch, the lovely gold vibration Eldorado” * “Si ~ my friend reggae was in the streets one fresh afternoon, I fell into a pool of contentment you know what I mean and lightly glided on the warm air licks of a wave, a good beat. Like being by the primordial shore with the blue coming in strong ~ Then next I was in a net and my scarlet tripping faded into a mist and a raw sense came alive that this was Capt Ivity * The scene changed as times do and 1 was suspended in a cage from a twisted hook hanging in a doorway of a little zoo for creatures” 22

Another bowl was brought of the ancient leaves, warming our selves as the moon came up. McCaw smiled happily and brought forth the past. “On the rue of S ~ky larks I spent my time of reflection & recollection as a leaf floating in a puddle of human volitions. With no where to go from my caged branch I watched and Listened” * “It became a more intense wave, inside the bowels of monseigneur & signora who would perhaps pay a little sum for a caged scarlet bouquet. Just as a leaf in a hot teapot the vapours would rise and call out in steam the names of my mother and father and all the names of the ones I had sensed. Inside the oyster of the Gran Mariachis’ music would wind past my view, my panorama installed in this birdcage for free” * “I look at you and you look at me and these other numerous cages with my friends inside that hang like lanterns and swing like Dharamsala prayer flags in the breeze. There's even those who spin ~ spin ~ spin who make monseigneur & signora bellylaugh their heads to their feet to shine their teeth and shoes in the excrement of their own big asses. Colours as Incan ribbon caravans pushed by and I was trapped in the statue of the plastic cathedrale being offered soap to drink as if I had never known beyond these bars of tin” 23

“Reeling and spinning the feeling of being caught on a line that will never let go and will never break because it was tested to resist each effort that any Barracoutan heart could make. In in into be scalped and left as scraps for sleuthing cats, left as the crown of Quetzals to become a turd. A turd of monseigneur & signora to admire in their cups. A house full of cages, we are bequeathed to sustain a belch of the one who put me in a net and sold me to a banker of cages to endow his patrons' charity” * “Pink emissaries from the palace of toy soldiers throw me sweets and I felt ok. They would touch my beak and stroke my feathers in a young kind way. Colourfull as one thousand parrots at a royal sort of wedding they rattle the heart of my jailers. Mixing Latin beats and a carnival would happen ~ secretly inside. Ah Beautiful Children like swallows at a siren's pool, an orchestra of garlands about them, their pearl white milky eyes. Their music to gasp and to sigh romantically. Distance to a shimmering orchard of fruits. Hallo ~ hola singing friend into me through the thin bars suspending the space empty but for my shadow cast from a pole. Looking at each iris as a secret sign of escape When? When? Invisibly inaudibly pressing, squeezing my birth. Soft latin caress from your lips to give me dreams of flight” 24

“To leave forever these cells of ‘Inhumaness’ and to be a bird pilgrim of peace~full simple sanctuaries. Sanctuaries, Sounds of violins ~ Andean wood whistles, pipes of tomorrow stretching lama webs to the ancients. Behold the dust and not the river where I passed seasons of braided silks full of light air tones of another tomorrow, tomorrow today. In here forever watching without peace a continuoustorture, an INfinite prison made for creatures not human, not human * And even for their own they give a light continuously to burn throughout every part of their beings without a moments thought of mercy, crying, screaming masters to holy allmighty give a little mercy give rest por favor por favor” * “But then I have heard of those who do not cry but scream freedom as those sons and daughters of Wounded knee, who sang by the eagle and owl reflecting in the prairie pools of sacred fortunes. Screaming “We decided that our Indian people are more important to us than long jail terms” “We decided that our Indian people are more important to us than long jail terms” * Sweet grasses of the thunder cloud I need your strength by the clear crystal being a star inair. I need your spear of brotherhood to de materialize this spectacle of my Illusion 25

These killers of virgins have taken the eyes from a million creatures of the Earth and hung up here to dry and bake everything. Oh release me from this force that shows me the heart of steel toothed dragons” * “Synthesisers alive, cream on the cage, Wizard's panama hat and shoes of a haiku traveller; the Christmas tree beside the window and a face shines in on sunrays. A green volcano sombrero style covers the top of the head, the eyes in shadow but the mouth and teeth beam out the courage that shouts Yes,Yes,Yes, SI SI SI FREEDOM ~ LIBERTE! * I hear the drums of Apache precious daughters say they will take the bars and that I'll fly on the sea of this face; Compassionate from the cove of no return butterflies. It will come ~ Release sweet lord of moons, my brothers and sisters here will make the crown of broken locks and will Un fold the sail of fallen feathers and lift the anchor for me to alight on the tide tonight” * “Your Love was a symphony serenading me with the joy you sent me as I left ~ A golden lantern lit the path from the door I was trans fixed in your face for an instant, au revoir friend. Full of Pet shop fears and hopes and now released I wondered would I react with in visible ball and chain fixed to my claws 26

Memory held times of golden dreams and I was as nervous as a wasp. Telepathy was still alive to carry away the stones that blocked the mighty miracle. Top of the pops was seeping through the cul de sac impression” * “Now my friend frangipani I was a terribly shy McCaw who faced the empty wall as my bene ~ factor Capt. Compassionate ate at a foreign inn. It seemed like years that I had been suspended in the valley of the infinite with only my little branch as the pirate plank to walk. Hanging on wildly spinning, spinning, spinning ~ a multitude of avalanches as the nuts on my birdcage floor. What did my bird brain exchange for that experience, what did it give upto become a friend of Compassionate, cavalier of the oceans. He having sailed by mercury fountains ~ spiralled deeps filled with Fearfull monsters of one's Re.reflection. Welcome to my ship he'd said and then gave me a precious gem, dazzling emerald green as an Aztec sorcerer's eyes. Clipping it to my ear I lost my balance ~ * once mastered to survive on the branch in my cage of Insanity” “Si si my friend ~ your inquisitor has gone now you need time on the Oceanic waves” * “Insanity you are there like a big cream cake but I am on the shoulders of a warrior alone not lonely ~ passing under twinkling stars of the Cosmos 27

This way then that with the sparkling carats in my ear became the dancing partner to the wave of Jade seas which was carrying me now ~ straight through the tears of moments. This way and that forward on the bow of experience it self * A parrot of the seven PlanetaryOceans, the fear of asking another was changing as the Moon and I found many different coloured feathers on the Shores. The World is so large as large as your mind and so Full as your heart that a very fine teapot is needed ~ for the rarest leaves. Yes your farewell was a welcome to the treasure isle living force” * “Many memory streams of giant bears, jumping fishes and headless bodies of peasants’ children. Banquets of dictator ships and night mares with electric pineapples and bananas to slip on out of multi stories. Local fruits to skin your bones and leave for mother's memory. I see those kisses” * “I'll never forgets yet never believes that were known as were the Tulip Unicorns. You raped the tender to make your compost and your men, turnip warriors shit and pissed to turn Orchids into nails for coffins of those you butchered, dis emboweled and ate with your commanders and frijoles. Millions were numbers you shit and sold the ~ Infinite in the blinded eyes of those unicorns left to bleed from holes for heads and ears and horns ~ 28

~ arms and legs and feet and breasts and beauty spots that were the joy of mothers and fathers throughout all the tribes of cockleshells and petal hearts” * “Demons I saw invade my village and suck the crimson juice to feed their disfigurated frenzies and leave the pathway full of death and murdered tortur tortured bodies. Salt on my signet claw wounded that once held the play full natural embrace is plenty full on this sea of pre historic distance appearing to be a lotion of forever on the greedy stenchy perfume of cruelties' powder burnt in a canon, stoking, firing people” “OUI, YOUR FAREWELL KISS PASSES AS THESE SHOAL OF MERMAIDS” * “We had been carried by the current inside the reef of a fierce island ~ No lights could have prewarned us of the destruction to come. The suffocation of a culture charged with incessant self ~ analysis within the context of success and glory which was a dynamic aimed at getting power ~ more and more. To attract and command directly other beings. A culture racing intrinsically, eating whoever suc cumbed to the Power~full space of 'Personality' An island of gastronomique manandwoman eaters whose scalps are on the hips in soaking ¼ pounders” “Sitting in this mimosa 1 see from the million faces in these empty coloured woven chairs which face the sea in waiting that I lay this bunch of fresh picked flowers on your burning greed. We had escapedto this place out of season but still with friendly currents and ~ tides” 29

“From a new record on this Wurlitzer we felt so completely strangers. Compassionate then told me of a siren who had made them Lovers. She was a girl with the fine qualities of more which shine with open HeartLight” * “Whilst she knew him she could do any thing and still had time to train a silver whale ~ a gift for him. She came alive at night like those lime green faies living in the woods not far from glaciers. Her yacht of reeds and tulip canvas she tied to his and they swayed there as beauti~full long hair. Lovers of this odyssey they became, stronger ~ together than the winds of pain that blew so many down in the totem islands * Her ship cruised rivers for survivors so she could kiss their wet eyes and save the droplets for the fragrant daughters of her tribe. From treasures of the butterflies and angel fish she gave these jewels to her Compassionate in the grotto of their promise * Happy days he found in her ~ Still they sailed the different seas today and we found our course by her beauty which followed him in each Starfilled sky” * “By this arrow in the night we escaped ~ fierce Psyche strangled nature's confusing plight. For these mimosa I thank you gentle angel as in a dream I saw a man passing with no feet. I saw and remembered him in my village although it seemed so long ago. He just passed in front again” 30

“Crashing Night full of Celebesian rain and in a mist our ship was gone ~ Captain went beneath a passing wave today I'm still alive as I could fly. How come I didn't die so easily ~ It would have been so simple to have gone and even more it seems I could have been the one to make a baby pass away instead of me. So easy in this sea to take you all away with me ~ the time to kill you came so close, sang Poseidon, yet to still be here where a wave took away ~ all trace of you! Easily danger came from by your side, it could have been so easy to die in the ship wreck of a Typhoon. It seems so long ago now, that it went by all. So easy to take away your wings in a raging storm. It passed and again I'm deserted on this shoreline but for shards of wreckage and a white Cockatoo” * McCaw bowed and moved ~ His eyes lit by those sights. “You shall know more of Cockatoo if you feel desire to open up the secrets of the generation of Mosaics turning. Find me on the Crescent moon ~ frangipani”

I am a hunter

I Live by what I catch, by putting it back once having been nourished by it. I am a hunter of dreams, catching so many and riding them through the time of my life. I am a hunter of hearts, drinking their beads as Tiger scent. I am a hunter of Universe's joy after the Astral serpent's kiss ~ I am a hunter, a guest at your table beloved host. I am a hunter, my Grandfather is collecting Red tulips in the snow. I am a hunter with ancient codes tracking the game over the Seven seas. I am a hunter from dawn to dusk to meet you face to face. I am a hunter my sweet child 32


Karma I There's no such thing as a holy Renault There's no such thing as a holy house that needs a Lock to keep away the Ghost. Your dreams can sink in minutes with the eternal change ~ that is so subtle yet strikes when the time is right for it. A Surging jet sound in the sky that one day could say that you will die in 3 seconds. There's no such thing as a holy Renault ~ it will sink to the bottom of a river but you may still swim. Give me the kiss that Unlocks the door not the one that locks me in * Karma II You have to pay for going thru all these things twice, paying 3,4,5,6,7, how many times until they cover you in dirt. Violins play high, Look up. A piano reminds me to thank you ~ for so far being able to pay somehow. Paying off my debt of life, paying, paying: It costs when you don't want to pay. Violins say it gets less the more you pay. Look up ~ and be happy to be living 34

Star, I feel as alone as one can feel. Milarepa ~ Widow's mite * if I want you so bad she said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;she knows what you need but I know what you wantâ&#x20AC;? Those Memphis blues again ~ Really, still it rains but for Bob he can still make a song even in Mobile. Aware of Transpiration waiting it don't matter this is the Memphis blues but if it became a night with a mystery who is ~ five streets from being introduced to me * Collapse I Looked onto a hillside reaching to the sea of Parrot's wing and saw blue swimming pools exactly situated on the terasse ~ a cocktail and reservation on Air France to make a Safari. The Coast was Complete with this quality of Sophistication and desire. It was so attractive to imagine such pleasures with you. I Looked across the street from the plage and saw a gypsy camp ~ it was raining and not the Season to play. It made me think of the Italian Lady struggling on the train carrying her house 35

'La Soeur' She signed herself in bright red cotton and leather from her boots She slipped away but left a sign She said she was a fairy of the grail and to follow I might not catch and not fail. Her beauty as a Medieval Sonnet ~ she lived with Orpheus and Loved him too. She left like wind in the reeds ~ she left a view of dawn from a hill, drums said she wished I knew. She spoke thru gates of might have beens she showed me how to follow ~ that even though it snowed in Lemuria the army marching would bring me to her fire, where I could drown in desire. She sang to fly on flutes ~ to come and try to be a fairy King and build a wall through China and Pyramids to the Sun and to lie beside each other and be her brother

'Le Frere' He sent me maps of treasure lands from distant, lush, tropicaux Islands. They've never heard of snow but chimes of bells and songs of dolphins and nights full of sailing Stars. He voyaged often far away but we'd receive a flower ~ to let us know that the drumming within a Volcano had sent him a Lover and that by tomorrow he would have heard from a Princess of les Antilles. He said he'd seen a Caribbean orchestra play with rings of fire ~ and dive to the clear bed of the sea, there he'd thought of me. Trees of Coraille, tipis of pink, children welcomed him with open arms and he took their pictures and gave them overtures from his home. Welcome to our feast ~ my heart and eyes see a candle burning on your ship. Tonight we share our pleasures. Flying fishes will come to dance in skirts of sparkling iridescence, a Salsa for your memories ~

Poverty Speaking to my heart ~ now. Your friend has Cancer * Far away ~ Nostalgia "till death us do part!" Very chilly evening ~ * Twilight bird in song ~ background traffic noise, gunshot in the air * Gentle hush in acorn branches, be calm ~ A marriage in Lilac * Harbour light 'Deliverance' Distant pink setting in the Sky ~ I Introduced a friend to John Boorman * Distant pink ~ Setting in the Sky. Immigrant Arabs on balconies ~ Last train * Indigo Clouds ~ sails day trips on the island ferry. I don't miss you, now * Found a ride to Germany. Revolutionary struggling ~ found work at BMW 38

36 views of Mount Fuji. Sunny marriage, family table ~ where are you? * Alone on a bench, memories ~ Meaningfull or Meaningless. little puppy * Mother & Father ~ Fondest memories of you now, colour television * Live & let Live Ideal dreamer ~ was for All people. Straight * Jacket Heart of a Whirlwind! * Shah of Iran ~ Teaching in our schools. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Another Long walk!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; * Free the People ~ From the Super powers! I am dying ~ hermitage! * Help, speaking your language. Lover Can't you Feel ~ me burning! Water 39

Somebody help me! Waiting forever ~ Crazy * El Salvador Government Rearming. Encore ~ ‘Catamite NATO!’ Nuclear Stockpiles, for Rich & Poorer * Buddha's painted eyes. Rembrandt Van Rijn, your frigid breasts * Changes ~ Man made Extras, Pound. Inspiration to be ~ Proud * Neurotic on edge ~ dagger’s friend. Purple Acacias Hold my hand, hero breathing in my heart * Barking dogs Everywhere! Monsters ~ #I “No Killing” Kindly 40

Why Why Why, country relieving. Long distance telephone ~ somebody! * Vampires in the dark woods ~ Catching my own schizophrenia. A wild grizzly bear * Gates Gates Iron Gates * Between Dostoyevsky & Carlos Castaneda. I Feel resentment from being perceived as Marginaux ~ Imaginations! * (Poet) Alone A Survivor! “The Daffodils” “Tiger, Tiger” Salvation ~ Penis * Terrified Messiah after Hansel & Gretel & Guinevere. Hallucinations ~ Walking ghosts 41

U Just a part of it ~ going around (danger), praying for an answer. Becoming ~ Time ~ by you river ~ exhausted. A GREENHOUSE FOR MY SEEDS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA (latent) by you (a Karmic Lover) it happens. Cloudbursts in the abdomen ~ Octopus, raging dogs, sharks, wriggling serpents, howling at the moon dear. Dark ~ angel Transmissions!

How do I get Wisdom From where do I get Wisdom Father How do I get Wisdom From where do I get Wisdom Mother * Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ok to die 42

‘Bard from a Marigold Wilderness’ * Pubic hairs Wildbirds Wild flowers Water falling ~ Opening ~ heart. Rapturous Lover ~ Your Colours are dreams of Japanese cherry trees. Feeding wild animals frees ~ the gentle sounds * ‘Parts’ With joy and no real Sadness ~ I leave my Mother & my Father ploughing in their fields of fatefull harvest. Happy stretching the road ~ to Changing of the Season that brings in the bounty of the growing seed to bloom and be ~ for each one of us and take away our need. Happy that we did taste awhile a glimpse together ~ Mother, Father of Spring 43

‘Calm’ Feels strongly like I’m getting better. English Countryside passing by ~ Times of Sandals, holiday, renewing a young Sage. Far away is too far yet. Lovers hold my hands and we walk towards ~ a path through Camelot’s woods. Separated from the folk moving in the fields by nymphs & deer. Castles of Knights, Women from Phoenicia by their camps ~ I enter to meditate & Paint * Summer Rain Thunderstorm makes perfect Sense ~ fields of Green tangerine Parfum d’eau ~ Sublime, makes perfect sense Lightning Greenfields soaking it in makes perfect sense ~ White Daisies along the railway lines…. Grey sky ~ dazzling surprise 44

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; A crown of Children nomads fair ~ a bag of diamonds each one there ~ uniquely stones in a river blades of grass in a field appearing as wizards ~ generations of pilgrims Uniquely participating for a while. A diamond is Forever A Crown of Children ~ growing as a flower or as a butterfly, we meet and fall in Love. Wonderfull tiaras * Red poppies in the Green like poems in a stream lead me on to praise the loveliness of days and nights as baby lambs bleating with the dew ~ Lovers dawn Inspires a thirst for you * Red poppies in the Green like poems in a stream first kisses felt ~ the marigolds and temples, pulsing drew you magically 45

Red poppies in the Green like poems in a stream of glistening wavelets ~ appearing on your thigh, upon wet nipples, in your eye, softly falls in air to catch the rainbow confetti. You brush my hair ~ morning in your arms, arise, bathe together in blue Sapphire pools * Red poppies in the Green like poems in a stream ~ Cascades as children, happy. Abounds the floral garden alive with fruit ~ Ground of merry joy inviting girl and boy to lay in fields of Green. Love poems of the stream *** Azur The Dhamma river ~ as on a bridge of sighs, passing of the Moon reflects your beauty. Mirror of Mars and Venus at your sides. Blackest grapes hanging from the vine ~ together bathing in brilliant lighted tides. Spectrum visions from the Dhamma ~ Sun dissolves sufferings of time 46

‘Nepenthe’ South of France Is in ~ my dreams of Penelope’s soeur awaiting ~ seeing of a sail, a dove from Ulysees’ frere. Speeds ~ hearts ~ light deeply in your breast. South of France her bluest seas colours of a favourite reve ~ anticipate your glorious rest. Beneath her maquillage ~ streams thru the ochre brick sweetest sounding charmes. Take Your fill of me ~ Enjoy the tender Eros play. Delightfull ~ kisses arouse the change to a Pearl’s conceiving. The Youth to court ~ bees take heart, glorious, fecund, smelling fruit inside. Your golden Chateau ~ Invites a pilgrim to discover woods & dells & stroke the bells of faies. Hindsight plays magic potions, stirs the tongue ~ liquids heart erupts. Notions ~ n’er to depart. Celestial mount wings through the heavens, bearing twinkles ~ passing thru the lips Instantaneously. Aware ~ Sensations on the body tell the tale 47

Sword through my Chest You slice away my mind on a silver platter Intercoursing all the Subterranean grottoes of Neptune ~ through a yonder Meadow butterflies sway. Full gallops mighty Pegasus ~ clears away the strata of gross hallucinations ~ to Isles of primrose sands. From where a great reef Crashes up golden encrusted Seahorses flow by. Visible ~ then the wave that passes in the firelight, the Lovers’ shelter

Indian Summer Sun ~ Scrapers Pools. Jane gone ‘Noh Performance’ ‘Theme in Life ~ Sincere ~ Taste buds. Koh I Noor ~ Charms 48

Druid Blue Pork Chop * Katsura I am Omar Khayam I am Kahil Gibran I am Suffering under house arrest I am Sitting Bull I am Red Cloud I am husband of Running Stream I am Suffering in this Prison I am Atlantis Ocean I am tropical storm I am Japanese misty morn I am Suffering Without You I am always new I am a dream too I am Impermanent I am not this pain ~ I am the touch of rain * Kali Circle Poems ~ Pulling my hair. At all costs ~ Preservation of this Magic! 198- Civilisation Our Lord’s game! ‘Beggar My neighbour’ Today ~ I Feel a Love memory 49

Goldfinch Hanging from my Parachute. Inside a great Banyan tree my camouflage suit ~ hides my sight ~ from a Python of the night. Beauty passes oh so near ~ to this nutmeg grove of fear. For the warriors of this tribe the Sun has set long ago just the Rhythm of the stream & magic force of dream. Pastel Angels come to ease my pain ~ How long before they find the wreckage & rest me in the land of herbs & childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s smiles ~ The branch is breaking Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m on the ground I hear a waterfall ~ sound

The Campsite Friend of Crystal light Reflecting sunbeams ~ Times of pastel Impressions, afternoons on the Rue des Augustes. Power of art ~ Alive, living each step. Paints, brushes, rags, any fragment ~ from the tender Dove’s creative studio. A few days beside a lake in Africa, friends ~ the magic shepherds of Kilimanjaro meadows, forest cascades. Kite gliding over a Red sea ~ juicy figs; Tent on the beach ~ moonrays gently fondling string of love beads ~Vagina * Honey Moon ~ Sailing by Erupting Venus Making a Poem ~ like a bowl of Shreddies. Seacliff erosion, Air Mail letters, Shark fishing, bright night lights. My wife ~ on the streets of Tokyo. Making a poem ~ along Santa Monica Boulevard ~ bikinis, deep sea ships, kissing Leonardo’s friend’s sister. Completely ~ Instantaneously. You ~ what are you wearing? Making a situation, making the time making a place making a poem making a line… Celestial songs 51

Kalidasa Morning mist ~ surreal haze of beauty. Real seabirds, real stones, real sand, real trees, real ocean breeze, real life. Panorama on the edge of surinfinitĂŠ ~ beyond ~ mystical, ephemeral horizons. Perfumeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s notes, cooing inside a harem, opaque memories of birth, alluring spirit. Children playing in a Sun filled garden ~ Inside a flower, touch of gorgeous flesh, unfolding delicately, softly, Rose petals. Eating juiciest, sweet forest fruit, blisses. Evoking dreams of Krishna and Radha spontaneously ~ entwining in harmony * By a forest Road Suspension of diamond dust in the air of the lilac Knight Creating her name Indigo dream ~ cantering, Charger of a Lady. There ~ return from a holy Crusade. You Watched over my fields You Watched over my fields. Morning rendezvous ~Yes. Lady vision ~ rising sun, caressing her soft hands, stroking her cheveux ~ Kissing Your face. Return from a holy Crusade, Oui 52

Her Name Sony Walkman morning light waves of jazz ~ Quality of Blue Vancouver. Perfect as heart of Provence in her joy Ocean ~ glinting golden rays. Warmth throughout the body suffusing dreamtime ~ Love * Saxophone Hope running to you through a forest path along Sea cliffs Poems ~ Alive in Sadiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rose garden Now, yesterday, Tomorrow, Now, Day beginning ~ for a herd of cows, Buttercups in green fields. Goodness as an Infinite look into your eyes ~ into your hands into your hair into your face into your being into your deep waters, September 53

“Your Mother Was a Painter” Ghee in my heart Ghee in my brain Ghee in my toes Ghee in my fingers Ghee in my knees Surrender Unique Unique House in the Camarque by you ~ dawn Your Mother was a Poetess Unique Now ~ beside the palm trees. Your father was a Fisherman, Your Father was a Pearl diver. He would sit for your mother ~ Already a bright tropical 6 am Vases of Wild flowers ~ Sounds of the crashing surf Precious ~ times ~ there

Jeh pun Today was the first day the leaves fell. Today I saw the first Robin ~ A Goliard came to the door he had been in Gaelic ‘gaol’ * ‘The Light Nubian’ “& Kino set a trap for hunger ~ Hunger was defeated” Desert songs of herbs & nymphs * ‘daughter’ Viking ship ~ Seeking ~ a new passage. Standing alone on the bow Stars ~ of my village * Mars’ Divine Complement Venus * ‘Third Eye’ Lord in the 7th house ~ The poetry of karma 84. Capricorn’s enchantment of King Neptune * ‘Muete’ Developing ~ the Imagination tenderly ~ along L’Avenue Mozart. Touching ~ a different culture. Touching ~ Jasmine. Superbe Toi! I didn’t Want to Look at Never ~ 55

Hier Provocateur ~ est dur Internal ~ Colonisation. She looks like she had a hard time. A child called out to me “Darling I Never Want You, You ~ to touch me again” Painfull ~ Moulin de la Gallette picnic. Lake of Electric grass cutting sounds, & parc of happy Lovers. Naturally ~ no shame, Privilegie * Soft Chairs Await ~ Sun filled café terrace, cobbled rues ~ a lively morning theatre. Autumn Brides ~ lips of Le Sacre Coeur * Focus flowers from a Shaded balcon Watching ~ the Translucent Spell of mystery. Your each expression. Invitation ~ to be alone with Genevieve *** Sofltly treads the Paris sky. I’m in your Country but you don’t know, Long legged enchantress ~ Morning’s ~ early Autumn beauty 56

Les Amoureux by the skylit room they are Conjured up, Conjured up. She is an artist ~ & so is the Man who lives there. Girl lit beside a window, night sky. Curves of 6th floor eroticism felt ~ the beat of heat * ‘La Famille’ An old man passed by on a bicycle. Movement ~ slowly, eyes of ages riding by harvest moons. Father ~ 10 sons & 12 daughters. Sweet pears * ‘Clear’ You ~ Lady Looking into my eyes ~ Surprise Stranger! Open moment on a rue, you ~ jeune fille. Looking into my eyes realise ~ attraction, be happy ~ stranger. Les aventures d’un explorateur. Cabarets ~ Differentes des tribus 57

Toi Gallia You Are the smell of a damp forest You Are the taste of the azur sea ~ You Are the touch of a mercyful Angel You are the sight of forever & ever Vous etes les sons d’amour

Japanese Cherries The pinkest trees of Fuji the bluest Skies ~ the pinkest blossom are you now ~ reflected in my eyes * Slow connections Those Dusty Springfields, ‘I only want to be with you’ ‘The look of Love ~ is in your eyes’ ‘It’s the way you make me feel ~ the moment I’m close to you.’ Soulfull artist ~ being gentle, dissolving in the sea of Capri together in Love 58

Now I ask Myself If I Really Want You? “I see more of you than the man I Love!” “Darling teach me how to Love ~” Was it mostly my imagination for tomorrow ~ sad realisations, an air of doubt ~ our nights from another Lifetime ~ You would have been the best in the harem! Balancing ~ A split second more ~ I Love You * “There’s more than one fish in the sea ~ ” she said implying….. Realise you are not alone, one of many others and so try again! “There’s more than one fish in the sea” Realise that it is * being * IN the sea, the moving, changing waves ~ us all. A continuously changing Universe *** ‘Protection by the Guardians of Space’ Torn between you Lovely long legs ~ female nature spirit Plenty of fertility ~ Dearest, World pathways from traffic Islands ~ & painted canoes paddling the wild lakes of sunset imaginations. God of Waters ~ eclipse 59

I said I was Exaggerated Reason why I think so: in fact my whole life is so. At least Now I am Conscious of this trip I am playing ~ with myself, so maybe in control. Not sure of the reason anymore I often think Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m just crazy ~ A dreamer (dare I say Unrealistic - No) Am I really trying to progress to something or is it just my clever excuse? Do I imagine I am an Idealist a philosopher or an Aztec space ~ man, should I be married & settled, RIP? Is it because I havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t found an easy number & the future for such travail is dim ~ What is it? Anyway We have mind We have body We are Individuals, supposedly. We live in an environment ~ An environment is something. We are Searching for Something. People have values, values have a limit which always changes ~ The environment has values, values have a limit which changes. Your values keep you together 60

Values are us ~ Are Values real, essentially only when we are conscious and we live them Consciously? Is Consciously ~ Absolutely? If you have no values you are a nobody ~ Is a nobody something? Is somebody a nobody living in an environment which is something? Is there an Absolute Limit? Is there an Absolute Value ~ Yes, when you are Conscious? Is it in the Mind? Is it reason? Is it Imagination? Is it nothing? Is your mind any of these anyway? Is it Soul ~ What tells you, you have Soul? Anyway Our Values do Change if we are Optimistic ~ What is Optimism? Is it Reason? Is it Imagination? Is it nothing? Anyway our Values change ~ so we change. Ourselves and our environment changes. Our values move and come ~ to a realistic level which means one controls it 61

After it went further out ~ and then refined itself more. If one allows for ones values to be exaggerated & go right out! If you were * are aware and In Control (LOVER). You can with great refinement expand the area of whatever it is ~ which sustains your values & you (growing) * To be in Control ~ We have to be aware of the process of how we are creating certain values ~ certain processes, certain ideas (in the mind) We have to realise our changing environment. The values of our Civilisations ~ of the evolution of Human/Nature. We have to be Equanimous ~ (You can be detached yet at same time completely involved) We have to be cool and calm ~ we use our environment to do this. We love ~ appreciate its nature. We have to appreciate our goal, to be positive ~ Consciously. Now to be exaggerated (In/sanity?) in an environment. (Includes people, Lovers, one’s friends, family etc) It could seem strange and during the times when you’re not in Control ~ You ask if you’re not crazy 62

Involved with friends with your exaggerated questions, behaviour, illusions and re/actions. If You didn’t appear to be Instantly in Control, it could all seem crazy to them (or at least to you it seems that it would seem crazy to them!) (Attachment) They could be hurt because they don’t understand your trip. They’re apparently seeing You ~ Expectations. You’re different but You Can’t help them see because ~You are responding exaggeratedly! There does come a time ~ when these exaggerations work themselves out. It usually takes a change of environment to be away from all our mass/conditioning symbols ~ materialised, emotional, psychological, by which these values are continuously created. So this process can then be continued into the next environment ~ You’re aware of Time’s illusion ~ essentially feeling primordial Space * When this change ~ takes place and you await to be shown your new, no thinking, non duality self. Now Exaggeration to what; It’s all going on in Space. Am I an Idealist? Too Unrealistic ~ What is real or unreal? Is reason Real ~ Is Imagination Real, do we Imagine a thought? Exaggeration for me is towards the Ideal, beauty, Love, nature, truth, creation ~ Enlightenment 63

The environment ~ In order to be left in control ~ naturally has to be seen to be towards the Ideal. So I am trying to be detached ~ Equanimous in my environment unless it is Ideal; Being here and now. So I can then use exaggerated processes to work safely (seeing the ideal) to the changing values (being detached). It has to be so ~ to be receptive enough for the powers of ‘Exaggerated thought.’ So there is no fear or fight or flight, allowing it to enter ~ to be refined. Changing the Realistic to the next realistic ~ But as you were previously ~ realistic (consciously), then we move out ~ out to the next determined limit of whatever it is ~ Which is limiting us *** Prana Karma * Dhamma Automatic Sunlight, Implant ~ continuing. History of my darling’s wishes. Working Inside ~ baby Time ~ Goddess’ sailing fleet. Sharing success because we Care, the Greatest Potential available. Reflecting now ~ Dhamma Sultan. * “We decided that our Indian People Are More Important To Us Than Long Jail Terms” 64

Is this Ecstasy? A Spiritual man Loved me He saw my spirit instantly it was the most beautiful he had seen A Spiritual man Loved me He gave me his all since that beginning A Spiritual man Loved me He tried to set my spirit free as it was captive to my confusion A Spiritual man Loved me He had great pain because he could not set my Suffering Spirit free A Spiritual Man Loved me and asked to be with him Forever A Spiritual Man Loved me and came to give me all he possessed A Spiritual man Loved me but I could not see

A Spiritual man Loved me and asked me for just one true sign A Spiritual man Loved me and asked me to let my spirit fly with his A Spiritual man Loved me “just make one move to me” he said “make a move, let your spirit come to me” I could only say that I was sorry A Spiritual man Loved me I held my spirit in & cried Confused ~ my doubt full Personality A Spiritual man Loved me Patience Patience Patience but my spirit beats in my heart A Spiritual man Loves me Do I know what I am doing? Do I know why I am doing this? Am I free, am I free A Spiritual man Loves me

‘Diadem of Sila’ Today ~ Curtains ~ of Iron Paranoia & Anarchronism, Anarchy at a Peace Party. World Free & happy Is possible Now ~ Really! * Enzymes of Dante’s Love. The beauty Is In you ~ a blues singer ** No Guarantees I Knew no one so Scared as you before. I never Loved a woman ~ so much as you, before! Not Like this! You terrified Me. Your fear Is My Fear ~ My Love! Why couldn’t you Accept My Love? I am Rejected ~ My Love! What did it do to me? * This desire showed me how Alone one can be! Ideal lover ~ Cupid’s pleasure, gesture of protection. Flower from a shepherd to ascetics ~ offered 67

Needed to reveal more fully Illustrating the Indian oysters ~ flashes of beauty. It comes with death ~ then it comes again born to a lovely gypsy dancer ~ Imagination towards a soft moonlight of no fear beauties, air of Love ~ blue, white waves. Surrendering the Senses ~ out of the Ego ~ afraid alloy. Seeds of Love fell in Love with fear ~ beloved Woman. Wheat swaying in the breeze I am so happy ~ blades sharpened to cut ~ all our fields together. Free loving destroys your Mind’s fear * Vibrations Storm don’t last forever eventual arrival…relax ~ And here I am again don’t be afraid…. Sure I was…we were ~ in a whirlwind… but here it is a gloriously natural morning… Jewels ~ are more beautifully refined…stones. You have a Wonderfull neck… eventually we rest ~ then continue. What destiny …the harvest…life had in store for us at that particular time! Deep ploughing….lessons of… desire….yes in growing… led through many storms!!!!! 68

6am Whatever happens by the ocean * In a village ~ such things don’t exist * Darling, diamonds are ^ blooming in the meadows again. Flowing it was me ~ feeds the thought. Filling the moment needs power ~ fear Identified ~ with…. Because no Body ~ else exists. In fin it ~ Consciousness Re enter the Space ~ The most Important is already floating Vision, don’t forget to ~ especially Now

Underneath the Appearance In a room with ~ ILLUMINATED FOOD Flowers * hallo and waves Fantasy is UNREAL. ‘Magic’ is contrary to Natural laws when my eye exploded Thinking of love ~ Mind was completely blown out Beauty killed the beast. The Best publicity ~ gets viewers upset as people don’t forget seeing the suffering! & they wrote it down ~ it was ‘Psychology’ Love filling the eternal Space ~ Vibrations Love conscious At those Unique moments. Tuned into the Hero Fantasy. Limits of the Rational Mind? Then ~ Personality of Society. Society which I (You) Live In. Surrounded by People, each ones’ Fantasies. All Imagination * which Fantasy is moving it. I’m Living In This Society > Now I’m Living In This World > Now I’m Living On This Planet >Now * Mustard field dawn Enchanted ~ celebrated lovers making it come alive ~ Bamboo in the wind, movement. Natural Separation ~ Realism geography of a duality Mind. Expansion of seeing Space ~ 70

CREATURES OF THE IMAGINATION THE ACT OF DYING: Death Blow ~ fearless * Primordial egg Liquid crystal ~ natural separation, evolution. Meditation as the woman you Love * Desole; Hyacinthe McCaws ~ caged. Don’t talk to me about dancin’ girls! Thriving Zebras by glistening waters, exquisite shells ~ azur seaweed. Below the Fortress of a Sea Queen, sailboats destined for a mystery rendezvous. A human silhouetted female standing, watching. At the edge of a hypnotising, powerful Ocean. Anticipation, nude Lovers bathing in a lagoon. Enjoying the clear, warm depths. Awaiting the signs of nature ~ for Venus’ return


I have no brothers and sisters ~ I am the father of my father’s son, Who am I? I am a river ~ Thinking Optimist Thinking Pessimist Polar Bears. No Thinking Mind ~ Space. Creations by ~ 1,2,3,4 minutes, no breath ~ Reality! Are You Optimistic ~ about dying? Reflections of

Dad ~ What’s a Communist? ‘A Sufferer’ “Everyone You Meet is Your Teacher” 72

Origin of Suffering Sown seeds of Craving ~ Capitalism? Through the Uruvela forest In the heart of hearts the hermit teacher. Solar System ~ no other than the Embryo Buddha. A WAR OF NERVES THOUGHT WAVES ~ Changing with the Boundless Love of Compassion. Celestial Worlds the naked eye ~ Gone away to Jupiter’s wedding feast, now alone ~ the days of Cypress’ scent. Passing clouds ~ your Love notes in the sky to me. You’ve never left Inside of my dreams. Our dreaming by fires and seas ~ together taking each other’s fruit & nectar before we arose from our kisses & embraced farewell, until I see ~ Venus alight, amidst the stars of Heaven will your body be away ~ from mine Love

>Haywire < Sensation of Sex left our tingling bodies Good night Dawn in your face awoke to a day ~ together on talking philosophy & poems Meanwhile where is nature Growing in you gypsy Photo Synthesis from your toes Vibrating in you ~ Female mare, lioness, female creature Perfect specimen truly living natural woman exemplified forward to the sky you are a wave flowing in a meditation master night time of jazz ~ you are In her garden * She showed that Great magic grows in the least expected Take heart Musique des frontiers de lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;espace growing butterflies

Beauty Suntanned Each small part of her ~ Thousands of naked strangers. 6 Billion of us being here together. Sweetheart’s ~ Romantic Shangri la. Time changes ~ Time changes. This will also change ~ Yachts ~ passing in the night, smells, sounds, distant bell. A family changes it all, morning meditation. Hallo our practice ~ Hallo the next station Hallo the next interlude Hallo the next embrace You & me were happy with our thé au lait ** Coconut parasols outside Golden Pagodas. An enlightened girl ~ let me bathe with you. Growing Intelligence came from a rainforest. Strength of naked Aphrodite exuding love. A Passing Star ~ to Infinity ~ the drama of the moment ** Gifts of Oranges ‘Sur cette plage ~ le 15 Août 1944 a 6 heures; Débarquèrent les Armées Alliées, Libératrices qui deliverant Croix Valmier’ 75

St. Tropez Summer Passing thru pines, bodies of sand ~ Tomorrow. Wonderful Woman ~ riding a dolphin Blue horizon ~ far, far, far the Moon. Seas of Tranquillity ~ Energy of Inspiration. Feeding Liberation * A Sense A World of Lines & Volumes. A bridge, a Caterpillar slides slowly, in between your cheeks ~ Sucking black oysters ~ Amazonian. In you, you, you! Jungle ~ River * Beautiful naked Kissing ~ passionate instincts everywhere an erogenous flash, desire, deep breathing ~ tingling wires, soft, caring touch of a super natural Amazonian of today’s New World ~ growing, mango grove, Yoga ~ meditation ~ sunshine, enlightenment. Beauty on the move ~ continuous breasts, legs, thighs, hips, stomach, face, hair, lips, eyes ~ feminine voyage ~ the Leader of her fleet. Galaxy light Squadron’s, food from her garden ** ‘Genuinity’ Grey hairs ~ Youth ~ High Intelligence 76

Champs de la Bataille de la Somme! From an Unexpected land A Princess of our World ~ pathway to enlightenment making it a Reality. From an Unexpected Land Enjoying all the fruits ~ Open palms of her heart touching a brother. In the mountains, the sea, barrier reefs, rainforests, continents of sacred temples. Light years ~ a human fulfilling time ~ Life. No fears ~ goodbye, tomorrow a Master. Survival of Reality ~ a new garden to grow ** Zero In You need a good heart ~ Reflecting on an engraved poem. ‘Never Compromise With War’ “I don’t want an army comin’ lookin’ for me!” Louis Armstrong’s trumpet ~ over enigmatic rocks. Slow rushes ~ awareness of a new born, grazing fold, beach combing ~ solitude. Awaiting a friend’s return from a Buddhist Pilgrimage & Welsh legends 77

Periscopic Fulfilling ripe fruit visions ~ Tulips ~ in your almond eyes, sparkles, juicy latecomer wearing a very tight, sexy dress ~ Fuschia. Woman riding the sequined Hawk’s mask of Escalation. “One can love a mad woman ~ more than any other” from Breton’s octopi. Fracturing ~ Magic, Unicorn drinking Sky. Exploding Planets ~ Immeasurable Orbits. A miracle in Red ~ Desire over desires just look at the full Moon! Feeling ~ Night skies * TWINKLING STARS. Desert sand storm on the way, sailing across the open dunes ~ Indulging Mind incessantly. A Mind moment display. Blue cloud realisation. Working on a Principle of 5 loaves & 5 fishes ~ Listening to a Wishing Well. »Tout, L’espace, Je t’adore « *** Besides Antibes’ sea. Concrete Pines…! Being Beautifulness * Breathing ~ your wings Light sounds ~ Your face asleep, early 78

Picking Cotton Sunglasses for an unfinished family. Amsterdam windmills ~ alongside Krishnamurti’s Alpine Violets ** Blossoming Diamond fighias in June’s summer garden. You, a light Sun moth, soft pastel green ~ Sarong’s caresses, bare feet, touching. ** Lavender Sun Showers A Rest stop at dawn ~ Heart full of Gladness ** Amethyst Feeling each other, mellow cantare. From afar I came looking for Love’s memories ~ by dream to your Wedding garden party. Soft sambas playing inside a church. Abstract Pinks ~ Children’s asylum, in a botanical garden ** Dhammapada (49) ‘As the bee takes the essence ~ of a flower and flies away without destroying its beauty and perfume, so let the Sage wander in this life’ 79

‘Anak Krakatau Leaf’ * From the Dhammapada, (DH): ‘Better is it to conquer Oneself than to conquer others’ I was a girl then ~ Since we honoured the strangers ~ from afar, we Suffered terribly against their unhappy Force! All our Treasures disappeared * Have you brought many friends? Time together in Rue Ravignan. Ashoka, Aloha, Aroha, free will. WAVING GREEN BRANCHES ~ GREEN WAVING BRANCHES ~ ‘Thought is Ultimately expressed by Love Thought is Ultimately expressed by Love’ * Fecundate Elephants roaming wild throughout lush, iridescent Sumatra ~ Naturally Borneo & Javanese peaches. In the Lands of dancing Green Peacocks * Time Gently Lover You had a Great caring heart Lover You had a Beauty full heart Lover ~ You have a really sweet, happy heart 80

‘Kahuna’ “Women on pain of death ~ might not enter ~ a canoe” Interactions of traditions. Powerful, deadly to you, those ‘Smoking Sticks’. Prevailed over us again! Waiting of War ~ Where is my Emotional Lover? “Those who survived the epidemics ~ introduced from Invaders’ conquering ships were carried off by Peruvian slavers to work in the guano deposits of the Quincha Islands” * Emotional Lovers ~ Sarongs rapidly declining! Waving Green Branches Waving Green Branches * Tuamoti Islands under the horizon On Bikini’s > Radio Active ~ Breasts! Indestructible > Cancerous Elements ~ Poisons tipping the Scales of Evil’s greed. Exotic fishes eliminated as all the natives! These Seas were once supernaturally Pure, Isles ~ surrounded by pristine blue lagoons * L.‘Fecundare’: ‘to make fruitful or prolific, to impregnate, to fertilize’ 81

‘Superior ^ Global ^ Air ^ Power’ “Unemployment is worse than Communism!” “Communism has been and still is a prison for the millions who are denied the Opportunity to learn ~ Responsibility” Another dogmatist! “I was hooked ~ Into the Empire’s Machine” Bringing down the Govenor’s House. Radical ~ whistling pinwheels. Born from a wild thrill ~ coming by way of thrills, unexpected thrilling arrival. Open your Mind ~ be free. “Children be Careful” * Krakatau Sarong Women of natural desires, lustrous, fabled from Spicey Islands ~ spending all the night, be happy ~ Enjoying Treasures of East Indies. Serenely she watches, wonders of the divine. With grace and dignity ~ poise of whispers, instincts, gentle movements, laughter and joy. What do you want from nature’s lovely Queen, from these great people living here in peace? Welcoming sight the green sarongs of Indonesia. Offering a Vision of Freedom ~ Lovers before Servitude! * ‘Burden of Dreams’ ‘Discovered’ lagoons and ripped off all their spices. “Give me ALL the milk from your Coconuts!” Corporate Investment depends on ~ Slaves. Initiative: Another Inhuman Culture Shock! 82

‘Dhammapada’ (‘DH’) (1)What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the Creation of our mind. If a man speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering follows him as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart. (2)What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our Life for tomorrow: Our life is the Creation of our Mind. If a man Speaks or Acts with a pure mind, joy follows him as his own shadow * (5) For hate is not conquered by hate ~ hate is conquered by Love. This a Law eternal * (6) Many do not know that we are here in this World to live in harmony. Those who know this do not fight against each other * (54) ~ but the perfume of Virtue travels against the wind and reaches unto the ends of the World * (66) A fool who thinks he is wise goes through life with himself as his enemy and he ever does wrong deeds which in the end bear bitter fruit * (96) In the light of his vision he has found his freedom: His thoughts are Peace, his words are Peace and his work is Peace 83

Wealth of the Indies, “Welcome Stranger” to these marvellous Spice Isle’s shores, our Universal night ~ smiles invitingly. Java portrayed by craftsmen’s daughters ~ Making Master pieces of Mental decoration. Sweethearts of wet rice, harvests aplenty. The abundance of majority go barefoot ~ Home of living dance; Beautiful Moluccas. Brocaded Gold and Silver threads, lithe, natural bodies, superb, works of fine art. Pure eyes’ creations of divine inspiration. The majority go barefoot ~ in innocence. “Welcome Strangers” Wealth of the Indies * 1928 ~“Welcome Stranger, why did you come here?” To steal our cloves, aromatic oils, rich exotic spices. Many years of violence would pass in raping & pillage! This land brought to our doors a blood thirsty history. Came Christian Dutch of Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ Meglomaniac, oligarchic, Empire’s greedy enslavement. Conquerors ~ for centuries plunderers coming ashore! A distant land of Tulips, clogs, sails of frigid windmills, armed Invading Pirates; Robbing the day of her fertility. The fabled truths of native’s hearts, now stripped bare. The fabled grace of their loveliness, terribly abused! Holland’s Culture System - ‘Mining and Dividing’ Only waves of Exploiters, these Royal Robbers. Criminals from a tiny uncivilised Realm ~ Masters of which avaricious God? Sacrificial 84

Netherlands’ ~ racists, fascists. You robbed us, You stole it all. My Lover’s Green Sarong ~ Never your land, You Stole ours! My lover’s green sarong destroyed * ‘Richness of Today’s Karma’ ‘Thought is expressed Ultimately by Love’ But many bloody years would pass before the Dutch managed to beat into submission the Indigenous inhabitants of of these Islands. Now in their Rich Colonial Empire! By Force! In some regions their soldiers were forced to Conquer (Forces forced to Conquer!) by the sword, village after village ~ almost house by house; Even women & children resisted fanatically until slain. (What did you expect from the inhabitants?) Forced to conquer village after village! Conquering, Conquered, Conquerors, until ALL the SLAYING is DONE. Conquest till all the murdering is done! Thought is Ultimately expressed by Love ~ * Todays despair from those unimaginable acts. Many other States became Colonial Masters too. Sailing over the horizon, Great Britain’s Irony! Today wanting sympathy, their Empire’s collapsed. Nothing left to exploit, 3,250,000 on Unemployment. Wherever did You learn about Humanity? Who taught your own sense of history? 85

‘Naturelement ~’ How money is talking with which tongue? Who speaks for obsessional money, greed! How loving money talks! Who is Listening? “Let It stand for another thousand years” The languages of Peace and Harmony. Who Listens ~ to the silence, stillness inside? Always Looking to give, because we care. Always looking for realisation ~ to share. Give him something to ~ occupy his Mind. “AS IS WHERE IS” * Fertility Bursting into Bloom ~ groves of nutmeg trees. Teak ~ Gigantic figs, bamboo & butterflies. Tropical, Jungle Islands of perfumed air. Thousands of beauties ~ Innumerable, these petals within my lover’s heart * 5 carats =1 gram Be rich ~ a safe full of Roses, all holes closed. Sitar energy within ~ a Cobra’s diamond. The red rings of divine revelation ~ Atomic numbers ~ within your eyes. Who can save us from this Suffering? They don’t shoot Peacocks do they? Sweet, heavenly scented perfumes. Who is eating Lotus flowers while chanting Mantras of the golden palate ~ If aware only humans have the gift for becoming enlightened 86

‘A Future’ ‘Karma means the action ~ it’s not the fruit of action. Verbal, Physical, Mental. Intentional: Actions ~ All will be yours. Making a true Declaration of Independence. Illusions, quickly disillusioned, all illusionary. Isles’ sweet scented air ~ Truth, dignity & grace. “Welcome to our shores stranger” They are a marvellous people. Serene, inhabitants arousing A Natural Vision of Freedom ~ Light reflections, gentlest touches, different colours, intensities of senses. Rainbows ~ They were Lovers in the Sun. Waving her green sarong as a greeting * Welcome Friend ~ travelling here in Peace. Being with us, sharing our days and nights. Living on our shores ~ as one with us. Dusk to dawn waters ~ lapping softly. Your vessel ~ the ‘Dhamma Star’ has sailed across the World’s oceans to be beside us, enjoying, sharing the beauties of nature’s gifts not Robbing us! ‘All thoughts are ultimately expressed by Love.’ Universal Wealth for all inhabitants of Earth. We are happy you came ~ living in harmony. Sharing the experiences of Dhamma’s way. Waving, waving ~ waving green branches. For how long can you stay? Precious gifts; Please accept my Sarong ~ a Treasure of Peace 87

DH:(100) Better than a thousand useless words is one single word that gives peace (103) If a man should Conquer in battle a thousand and a thousand more and another man should Conquer himself, his would be the greater Victory ~ because the greatest of Victories is the Victory over Oneself and neither the Gods or the demons can turn into defeat the Victory of such a man (39) But he whose mind in self-control, calm, is free from the lust of desires, who has risen above good and evil, he is awake and has no fear ***** Inner Nature Emotion: ‘A strong Instinctive feeling ~ an involuntary wave of such feeling, a stirring of one’s inner nature by a mood, circumstance, or passion’ * The foreigners in the new Fort, Colonising all our people! Destroying, exploiting the Jungles, enslaving gentle souls. Before lulling yourself to sleep, cool romance ~ crystal blue destiny. Loveliest of all forest Palaces existing as your hallucinations ~ today. We lived in such a beautiful, rich environment until you Conquered us! Our people shared encouragement, we were extremely warm hearted ~ devout in friendship. There’s a reason for everything, even nightmares! For hundreds of years you from a land of dark fears have subjugated us. You took away our heart and soul, our joy and happiness in your cargo. For your own treasure, your self righteousness, you tortured our minds. You came with no respect for humanity only grief for our Mother nature 88

‘Bushido Berceuse’ Cherchez la femme ~ bas bleu. Chanson d’aventure, Latin passio… Sans peur et sans reproche ~ toujours. ‘Stranger ~ Central Nervous System time. Making Birth Waves ~ what is your Intent? DNA ~ encoded in a light Blue frock’s design. A womb’s psychic map ~ drop into an embryo. Holy spirits ~ Sunbeams combine for creation * INIA Phanerogamous poetic justice. Powerful consequences of One. A powerfull Imagination ~ Living with One! Mundane Karma ~ Allez. ‘Aux Spectacles’ * Watching the Final Death of a Lake ‘Ghandhabbas’ Perhaps, especially contemporary ~ ‘Exceptional ability in Reading minds’ Evoking diamond ovum wishes. Psychic, Philosophic Empress relinking Consciousness ~ The one who came from afar to be Alive from your death. Faster than the mind’s eye ~ Plasma of a divine Visitation. “From where are You coming?” “What is your Purpose?” 89

‘Blessed & Stressed’ Your day of birth ~ A*live. Venus eclipsed by the Sun, Moon eclipsed by Mercury. Here on Earth ~ Arrival. A new mission ~ Lover. Saturn, Libra, holding hands ~ caressing the lips of Cancer’s emotion. Brother’s beautiful aspecting 7th house. Mighty Mars ~ coming to lonely Aries. In the dignity of Man’s Discoveries * The opposite side of World to Mecca. Pranam picnics in a sacred deer park, setting the wheel of the Sun in motion. Out of its natural generosity ~ Sparks! Feeling her blessings ~ but….. Most of their lives were spent travelling ~ ceaseless rounds, passing by, moving past. Children’s Solar ballet ~ surfing Indigo waves * DNA. Darshan Relationship of the Surya fossils. Comet sperm once in orbit ~ Opens up the virgin planets. Coded seeds to Siddhi Zodiac Creating Prasad Universes. The dignity of Pythagoras ~ Dedication of a good man. Dedication of a good woman. Dedicated to good human beings 90

From Universal generosity ~ to Know! Transmigratory Cosmic blessings ~ In fragrances of Sun ~ drenched pagodas, refreshing consciousness of Heavenly bodies. Given moment ~ drop out of time into Space * Navigational Map of Birth ~ At the Galaxy Motel of Stars, rising to Heaven. Emotions, personality, Welcome to Soul Earth. Mars is the only Planet visible in your chart ~ Undreamt career with King Neptune’s Naiads. Extremely Spiritual dreams are valid; You can still be your own worst enemy! Complimentary to Jupiter, Cinderella awaits. On Planets of Intelligence ~ supra*Sensitivity. Tell the children ~ Your mother was Loved in the 7th house ~ of creation * Business of Karma ~ Baby. Sex from your Lord Pluto. Self - Evolution ~ destiny Moon & Libra in Allowance ~ Kept secrets of Mars & Scorpio, “Tell me what’s wrong Lover!” Saturn’s returning after 30 years. Searching, nerves, Gemini’s eyes. Time to recover ~ all our tears. A Xillion different Relationships, Love & Loveless, tragedy & bliss. Overflowing ~ Heart’s fulfilling Instants. ‘Unique Thought’ ~ continual cycles kiss 91

As the Universe ~ Each oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Process is eternal change. Horoscopeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 17 aspects to complete. Awareness lighting up the Mind. Can show Dragons on Fire ~ crossing the Celestial ~ stars to find, Powerfull desires in Golden Rings. Creativity feeds the Orbit ~ * Taurus takes to the Crusade, blue lines of the Sea guide. Red - Powers of an army, futuristic as Protagoras ~ supports finding of a Contrast. Planet of Karma set at your birth ~ Friends from Uranus invited a Sage. Characteristics of her indigo baby ~ Welcome to the Aquarius Age. Infinite genes rolling the ovum, conception from a unique cell. Starbursting light in a trillion heavens. Counter clockwise nuclei ~ Sun embryo of this Celestial sky ~ being blessed. And that one who comes from afar ~ Like nucleus attracting a relinking star. Consciousness ~ Alive Exploding Universe * Meditation is like ~ Feeding the Birds Each Day 92

‘AnImist Gentilis’ Rejected ~ Rare polatouche, tribal Potlach. Relationship ~ Bottichelli magic glue in you. One can never Love too much ~ Gentleness! * ‘URANIA’ Evening Star sparkles ~ Veraciously Law of Beauty ~ Sublime the dawn, view from a Lavendre Veranda. Rhapsody in your eyes ~ treating it with Neutrons! * Peace Test Magnetic Field ~ Gold Field Their alleged Irrationality ~ God of Love. Reactions ~ before her son arrived! Etheric Field ~ nourishment for Us. Sunset Goddess protecting Ley lines. Spirals of Kwan Yin ~ Karma is gone. Observing the heroic rescue of a Rice fairy. Guidancing of psychic surgery ~ fertility Spirits creating organic Mandalas, Bodhisattvas in Lights * Return of Saturn ~ she teased, crazy beneath Free Love levels. Setting of doves ~ 7th floor rooftop. Damask Rose’s emotional, rampant harvest from your Inner Nature a billion sperm swimming. DNA. Ecology of the day ~ spells Crazy Horse’s erotic wonders, imprinted chromosomes set in Paris. “Time & distance don’t count on the Psychic plane ~” Kissing you on a sunny afternoon, by St Germaine de Laye 93

1/46656 Dust Particle Appearance in his Conscious As a Human Inspiration ~ Eye of Wisdom rose to Samadhi lens. Ego Centralism broke down the void ~ Six rays of light filling the heart of hearts. Waves of Thought charged with boundless Love & Compassion

Lover Shape my Spirit Lover Shape my Mind Lover Shape my Body Rose, scarlet blue, crimson nature ~ Simple soothing gifts, frame of Mind, a calm sea ~ radiant Lover, kind. Spirited away mon Amour ~ Inner voice speaks more, the goal, Inner Peace is realised as a guide ~ to the fulfillment of Creation. Why is Anybody Hungry Today? Enjoying Dhammaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s banquet of Life ~ Natural law of the Universe feeds all the energetic fields ~ beating hearts with Cosmic Inspiration ~ convergence, harmonic truth of changing sensations. May All Beings Be Happy & Peace full

‘Premonitions of Golden Seahorses ~ in Plutonium Lagoons’ * Goya A Great Benefactor ~ Found her in an Illustrious family. Affirmation of the heart ~ Developments. On your death bed comes ~ smell of wafting lilac scent. Not you! * Nuclear spare parts & next Neo-colonisation from stock-exchanges! ‘A Solemn Declaration! We Need a government With a Sense of Wonder * To call before Midnight near Death ~ To Learn how to Love Your fellow human. Telepathic ~ You must leave, your life’s in danger! ~ A Visionary ~ “I detest the horrors of the Inquisition” Long struggles ~ Against the Court. Another starving artist! 95

Powers that be. An heretic ~ from the sea! Let’s make a course on ‘Heroes’ Remembering a Lover’s sweet kiss. He married a peasant girl, very natural and lovely. Betrayed by a hierarchy, “listen to your dreams” “There is no Conqueror but God” * Hoax of An American Dream “The next step up the ladder ~ is Success! And at the top of that? Do you dare to contradict St Augustine! Laugh & relax. Life After Life ~ System’s Promotion to control wage slaves, followers needed, plod on, your turn to be ‘Boss’ But a ‘Leader’ is never ‘A Follower’ different energy.” “Universities can’t produce competents but can produce Graduates” “Institutionalised ~ System built on Incompetence Is Dangerous” Common >>:<< patterns near ~ death experiences. Masters of Imagination 96

“Freedom to Paint ~ His Heart’s Desire” * by the stove Softly lighted Onion domes at night by Icons ~ and whitewashed ancient bridges. Giving birth serenely as a Violence raged across the World ~ Exemption in Czarist Russia, self-effacing, good hearted companion of his games. Enjoying the pleasures of apricots ~ Aware of the existence of people called ‘Artists’ The direction to escape his father’s destiny * Dona Revealed a new aspect of women ~ the refined product of a rich and cultured milieu. Studied in Moscow ~ she was so pretty. Going with his meagre baggage ~ & Paint box * Seer Apprehension walking ~ the streets of the city of Czars! Dangerous to be Avant~garde. All thanks to the hard work of his mother 97

Moscow Euphoria of an Impresario just starting out. Revolutionary artists’ movements & sons of virtuoso violinists, making Picasso pilgrimages. Incandescently * Interesting Charisma Eliciting Compassion Veritable chain reaction of Solidarity ~ thanks to a Protectoress. Nor did I really have any sense of property. Sets designed in close collaboration with the ballet master. Suspicious of revolutionary ‘potential’ Nijinsky’s friend * Introductions “We are not interested ~ in the best colorist of our time” Happiest moments of his life in a bohemian setting. ‘Dejeuner sur l’herbe’ back to his painting * Panic bathing At the very threshold ~ what language is that? EPILEPTIC PROPHETIC 98

VISION still running gentle Zeus ~ coming down the hill * SuperNaturalist Inventing ~ Sitting in the only chair flying donkeys and upside down lovers, born to an exclamation. Looking for a studio * Appalled Ordering all the dishes on the menu ~ with his usual bravura, unconcerned with veracity. “Look there’s Degas ~ blind, crossing the street” Now what does it mean? A dedicated poem ~ looking like a Homeric hero * Russia Return Wanted to see his family ~ One of his sisters was getting married & more than a reunion with his fiancée, letters all too clear! Drawings ~ The summer before the Revolution 99

Were less tender “A few months more & I would have lost her” A time when the model commonly attended to the Artist’s Leisure. Left with a cardboard suitcase & huge roll of canvas ~ News spread of his departure. Eve * In his absence HIS WORK WAS SEEN & his fame continued to grow. In the spring of 1914! Prefigurations * Success His first dealer ~ An unfair broker! Sold to a Berlin collector Stars of Expressionism… Painters ~ resonances * Selection For which he had yet not been paid ~ Salon des Independents, Salon d’Automne. Pure Delight 100

‘Founders’ Close to Mannetti & the Futurists ~ host to the Avant Garde. Soirees de Paris, Fascination ~ Exhibition of Chagall. Impoverished young painter * Exhibit Rich & Sybaritic, Patron-collector sent his protégé. King of haute-couture ~ concentratin’ on the Impressionists & Les Belles Demoiselles d’Avignon. Breton & Aragon his secretaries * Sensitivities He had the Good Fortune ~ Attracting the attention of poets ~ who introduced him to an Intellectual World where he could continue ~ developing * Lost World Surfaced from deepest memory, making discoveries every day. An Alien contribution. Visions of a child ~ Forever 101

Complementary Colours Legends & God’s Children. Flames & a Samovar. Heart set on the rarest flowers. Avoiding judgement ~ Created & nourished * Gift Capturing the Interest ~ of the most distinguished Minds. Friendship & Loyalty Glittering ~ * Emerging Knew how to organise his own Solitude. A uniquely poetic quality. Conversation ~ * Volley Living next to a sculptor, Modigliani’s friend ~ Introduction to hammer, stone & an English poetess. Touching ~ generosity * Encouraged Liberate your demons. Streams of Lava ~ “A genius like that in every ghetto” Detested ~ though a great artist. From direst poverty ~ A Victim of the Usual conditions…. Thrashed for drawing his Father’s portrait! 102

The Most Precarious Situation Sufficiently Sophisticated. Moved beyond contempt for impoverished painters. One of the few ~ Wholesome Influences. Receptive To Ugliness * Magnetism Whose ugliness ~ terrifying to behold! Poorest creature…. Experienced much worse in Smilovitch! Devotion * …ism? To scrutinize the face of Jesus & prophets on the street ~ Marvellous Poets of Suffering. Opening his heart * Sees the World ~ Through a Bouquet of Fleurs Avant Garde currents ~ devastated by their Conquerors of one day! The Palace Revolution…. Some of the most beautiful work by… Some of the most beautiful work by… Welcomed ~ every kind of boldness 103

Small clusters of Artists’ pavilions Picasso’s decorated matchboxes! Living directly above the Nice flower market ~ Face of an Indian Chief! An old man from the Luberon ~ his words still remain in official disrepute. Peasants massacred before their eyes! Exhausted every resource of patience. Illustrators of Jazz ~ In the corner of the painting Lovers embrace * Common Treasures Lenin’s Lover Stayed Here. When brotherhood was not an empty word and Revolution ~ still meant Freedom. Then, when matters decided of Life and death! It all happened so fast, thrown out en route ~ Killed while attempting to escape. Disgusted & no time to linger escaping in white blankets ~ shooting anything that moved, Invisible in the snow! Enlightened ~ Bolshevik Lunacharsky stopped the vandals! Made love there ~ 104

Look Under Memoirs All authority evaporated. Vast migration ~ retreating soldiers! Doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fail to evoke this sense of loss. Disorder reigning burned everything ~ before the eyes of starving people. Searches in the countryside ~ All the bridges were decorated with abstract constructions. * Unpredictable Painted scenes of Painfull melancholy & Manifesting joy. Contrasts ~ The most beautiful painting of his time * Cirque Surrounded by flowers & pairs of Lovers. Scenes of Paris ~ nostalgia! Indeed one of the most beautiful of his entire career * Ties These murders succeeded in leading him in reaction to ~ Best means of escape. Working Exile ~ A Poetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Painting 105

One Man’s ~ Is Another’s Draped in blankets and old carpets, Shivering… Known far worse ~ in Russia! Disappearing ~ without a trace. Wretchedly! Sharing completely with one another * Touched ~ by the sight. So much naked poverty! His wife ran a soup kitchen for hungry artists. Origin * Attraction Solidarity ~ in the face of poverty! Hope reigning in Cafes. Atmosphere ~ (of Art lovers). Synonymous * Myth! Preferring a more Peaceful establishment. Anonymous ~ diverse characters. Favourite the ‘Oriental’ ~ close to Rue Marie ~ Rose for a grenadine. Living with her son in law, modest Comrade Lenin. A great theoretician of Revolution. Postcards of the Tundra. Absorbing cultures ~ 106

Comfort Nobody paid ~ slightest attention to émigrés. Discussion Free ~ of taboos. Young artists’ Climate ~ Throwing off moral paralysis. Becoming…. Awareness of the dimensions of being who they are. “Shalom” * Russian Dreams An Unthinkable Luxury. Intuition ~ Transforming the Whole * & heroes of ballet The one closest to his heart and the beautiful poem, dedicated to the Opera ceiling ~ work of highest quality! Receiving an Ovation * Children of Poverty Philanthropic characters ~ who knew the Stars. Night Asylum ~ Community of hope, A Symbolist Sculptor. Circulated a petition amongst most famous artists of the day ~ Vitality 107

Flight Saw his lifework Crowned. The exhibition travelled ~ out from grief. Knowing, returning, reminding. Inspiration of a Romantic ~ Without waiting for the end, spectacle of a lovely reunion * Sa Voisine Married to a beautiful dark Provencal ~ daughter of Cannes. From next to Bonnard and Matisseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s friend. Bouquets of mimosa & anemones. Gave the gift of a watercolor


La Charme Her Mediterranean grace ~ rustic pavilion with a sublime view. Bringing food that kept him alive. Collaboration of an opportunity, the first brilliant move. Subtlety * St. Jeannet Beauty of the site ~ The last real trial of his life! Inevitable intuitionâ&#x20AC;Ś Great Loves * Provencal Moon A white villa with green shutters. Beautiful view ~ of the bay perfumed by Orange trees. Facing the walled village. Roses in her hair ~ * Magique de Monet Meaning transparency & chemistry of colours, pigment ~ Lovers on a bench ~ expression penetrating melody of personality. Feeling 109

Concerned Free expression ~ Painting Psyche Space. Some poet friends are dead, warm relation with others. So much lyricism ~ * Kilns of Antibes In the Courtyard of the factory ~ Calm * Creation of the windows for l’Opera. Who could refuse such an honour? Damaged in the Six day war… Shivering! * Inspiration A period of great euphoria ~ Immediately following his marriage. An entire series of Paris paintings! Backgrounds for Lovers ~ flowers in bloom everywhere. Dazzling * Ever More Fertile Imagination Technique & Spirit Luminous effects ~ Master glassmakers decorating a Chapel. “A Mystical thing passes through” 110

BURSTING POMEGRANATES * Suddenly a Nightmare Returns. She’d collapsed on the road Dead! Murmurs of a tragedy ~ In the middle of a walk! * Nuns Seized by an old phobia in white habits! Urgent return, an absurd death ~ Could have been avoided! ‘Mortal’ She still rests ~ under foreign soil. The Earth ~ Oh Mother… * Memories of Brilliance Nothing more exalting Spring in Provence. Always a Lover ~ unspoiled nature. In the Countryside difficulty grasping ~ Tragedy of French defeat! Stranger even to myself… which greeted his paintings. On arrival 111

Vast Studio ‘Harlequins’ 1933 Rediscovered. ‘Around Her’ Attitude to Meditation, ‘Memorial’ An Early composition…. In order to remain in closest ~ Spiritual contact with his lost wife * Phantom Mobile “Thus an exceptional woman was carried off ~ suddenly by death. A State of Mind Recounting ~ her childhood. Haunting recollections. Black before my eyes turning days ~ gasping under the Sun! Kept Spiritual contact with his wife. ‘Burning Lights’ Oh daughter! * Surfacing The last phase of his American exile ~ People Could feel him coming back to life! One day at the beginning of Winter ~ painting 112

‘Bella’ Against a snowy Russian background, Exquisite ~ double portrait. Sense of suspended time Inner joy ~ Under a spell, everyone who sees it! * L’ete Russe Narrowly ~ missed foundering. Narrow ~ Mindedness. Owing to * Confronted Intransigence Union ~ Delegates. Offering An Invitation to a Yoke! * A Triumph An authentic World. “That Ballet was my child” Resonance ~ Improvising a Fiesta atmosphere unending, nineteen curtain calls. Happy 113

Paris! News of the Liberation ~ arrived at an isolated village. Dear to his heart Immediately… * Portrays Eternal Lovers embrace ~ as long as possible. Qualities ~ returned to paintings begun during her lifetime ~ Finally complete. Visitors in danger of being carried off Balance * Sweet She became ~ quickly, part of the family. An Attractive Spirit. * Nine months later One summer at the seashore. Given birth to ~ Sent a postcard to Picasso. “Who is this Pain?” Nature’s way * She ‘A kind of hippie of her day’ Sweet child ~ on the riviera. Paintings he had given her; Rhythm of the seasons ~ 114

Tasting Phase of Oriental phantasies flowed from his passion ~ Colours of expression, lyrical sparkles ~ Sunbeams on their way to a light hearted banquet of flowers

New Spirit First emerging ~ with the help of a Firebird. Shadow of a memory perfectly launched. Magic curtain ~ * Arrangement from J. P. Crespelles ~ â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Life of Chagallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 115

‘OCCITANIA AMIA’ Elegante The coral of Cassis ~ bracelet. I gave to you there one winter very pretty fishing in her ~ clear warm Calenques * Baux Centre for Troubadours She composed a Couplet ~ He stayed with her in great intimacy and courted her and was her friend * Esterel One of the first cultivators of Violets ~ Greatly astonished ~ wore Roses in their shoes. Intense blue because the water ~ is deepest at once * Trobairitz In a world where women were officially adored. A Lady grows more and more ethereal ~ until Immortal. Courtly, lovely the mediator ~ coquetry with feudalistic vocabulary, beneath its surface the deepest longings. Struggling to be born ~ Her unheard of equality and freedom. Aristocratic daughters your chanson ~ a solo love song, ‘fin amors’ The highest expression of Provencal Love Poetry 116

Pervenche Landscape always seems to blend superbly. A Centre for nearly all the great painters & great travellers. We can still see a few eccentrics in the spring. Flowering wild Asters ~ growing only in places lapped by the waves of the sea. Even the ruins ~ are disappearing * Poetic Shores A wild Oleander filled valley, along the little path ~ on his way to San Raphael, he met two sweet hearts * Unforgivable Crusades Excitement to Conquer ~ Reflections in your eyes. Is this the way to Jerusalem? Arrival of Slaves, new blood spilt in the ground. Celtic vassals were free-lance warriors and women had no defence until Justin! Oh daughters of the Cathar a Pope by far ~ not an Innocent has sent the Albigensian Inquisition to burn the beautiful fields and pacifisms of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ocâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 117

Mimosa Delicious nostalgia ~ whose almost unknown beauty, free from frost. First steps in terrestial paradise ~ nearby was the most beautiful port * ‘Lauzengiers’ Spies of the jealous husband. ‘Love is the great leveller’ ~ Troubadours were everywhere in Occitania, there arrived the evolution of chivalry but for the burnings at the stake and forced marriages! * The Heiresses of ‘Oc’ Those who stayed were forced to change their songs. To her honour ~ this free spirit was kept alive for younger sisters of ‘La dompa’ A brilliant ~ life awaited * Femmes des Iles A meeting of gracious minds. Have we lost this reverence ~ for the beauty of a fleeting moment? Provencal remains the privilege of a small sect of high priests. A long time since ~ it was simply a fisherman’s dish; Now a dish for aesthetes 118

‘Monsegur’ Tears of Theodora ~ murder of the ‘Trobarclus’ annexation to French culture. Their 23 poems spent ~ nearly eight centuries in oblivion! Vehicles of self expression, living, breathing ~ models for ‘midons’. A potential lover! Where are all the humble Knights? * Perfumer thus the beauty ~ old Provencal charm, consists of the sudden discovery * ‘ius primae noctis’ Expression of the peasant woman’s Absolute degredation, exploitation! The Lord’s right to his serf’s bride ~ on her wedding night! Their poetry was found to be subversive ~ The more personal tone of a ‘Trobairitz’ Inspiration of a poet’s praise. Extraordinary freshness ~ gems of their new confidence not bride payments! 119

Gris troubadour Renowned ~ black Cherries * Covert Romance ‘Eve’~ The Church’s story made every woman an inferior & sanctified the annihilation of vegetarians & heretics! The Character of ‘L’Oc’ ~ flexible & tolerant, granting Woman’s equal patrimoine. REAWAKENING * Legends of the Courts of Love. Provocative vivacity, the women ~ whisperings of Love. On the banks of the Durance nurturing seeds of poetry * Deeply rooted in the minds ~ of worthy people. Clear blue skies and fertile soil. The olive groves, lemon tree orchards. Perfumed air ~ 120

First Crusade Failure of ecclesiastical propaganda. The unemployed and husbands have gone to a religious war, ~ holy racists and the Infidel! The bourgeoisie galvanised every town to plunder values. Production rose and broke the feudal equation! Women good for conceiving sons ~ A new respect! Aspiring knights turned poets * Les Bories The Magic of the Sun ~ had long been known to the Church itself! Amidst an olive grove ~ a lamb is being carried on a shepherd’s shoulders. Source of graces ~ deserted the dragons. Emotional young girls of the 19th century * ‘Amisat’ Donzela’s maman. Enrichment and ennoblement, apprenticed to a lady ~ stirring deep affection. Reflecting powers in your land not the growing importance of a cash economy and St. Jerome was a misogynist! 121

Fountain Makers No matter how humble they may be ~ Language of stones and water. Is that not a marvellous thought? Manual Intuition reached its peak of perfection ~ * Fay Abstract poem of stones assembled steps ~ terrifyingly realistic. Spellbound before the pictures ~ of Shepherdesses * ‘Cortesia’ Now Love and courtliness became Synonymous ~ A lady’s Inspiration. New conceptions of nobility, of Spirit. Who could worship Pope Gregory? Whose misogynist dispensation would bring a dowry to a hypocrite! A long time, far away ~ from your humble origins, my son 122

Vincent’s Smile Where water is a blessing. Its Source ~ Sacred revelation. In Provencal Orchards entering his own free will. On a plateau of Roman monuments ~ The Vision of ecstatic colours & movements to Love * Mistral’s herbes Practised the emmaculation working with their hands ~ Life as Celto ~ Ligurian peasants, gathering living secrets * Benefices “Worked by whole communities of serfs” Set in motion images ~ Love and Passion for today’s man and woman. The Poet’s metier ~ Homage to a lady followed a new rise of Troubadours. And vassals attained ~ their land through Conquest! * Rosemary Which but a few moments ago was a garden ~ Finding a Dinosaur cemetery. Far off is the sea ~ whence came the Invaders 123

Joglaresa Aspiration She turned into a Trobairitz. Wife of the Senhorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s court ~ disinherited knights of feudalism. Emerging Courtly Love ~ A revolutionary change In human sentiments. Celebrating man and woman in Lovely melodies ~ of Andalusia and Arabia * Bonnieux The White forest that sings. Occupied by recluses ~ hermits lived in the ruins. Pure architecture ~ enclosed a garden drenched by Sun * Fields of Lavendre Its Spirit of essence ~ said to be good for attacks of nerves and hysterics. Their industry is still flourishing ~ Picturesque waterfalls and fountains. Attracts painters * Reconquista Crusadersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; exposure ~ to resplendent Moorish courts and poets ~ Imported with the refugees. Sensual lyrics and images 124

Temple Constructed on the ruins of a Sanctuary; Itself built on a pagan site. Treasures from the Saracens ~ miraculously rediscovered by peasants * ‘rima cara’ Female pathway to ~ mystic joy. The Knights’ new homage to a lady, containing a multitude of motivations. Exchange of ‘Tensons’ Converging during her lifetime ~ revelations to support a movement. Transformations ~ her lord’s chivalry * Titian Les Iles d’Or ~ Majority of subjects, former galley slaves. A harbour of good fortune, free from underwater reefs * ‘Ravi’ Dolphins in La Baie des Anges. Naturally a Sacred spot to prehistoric cults ~ Harvested 3000 tons of flowers. Simple minded dreamer by the river ~ came here on a pilgrimage 125

The Alba Dawn song Revelations of experience ~ launched a cultural awakening Took a lady as his master Courtly Love destined to give ~ woman a new place in the imagination â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Trobairitzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Their extraordinary freshness Dissolves ~

Life is simple, Sharing ~ Loving Kindness From the heart

These poems passed in ~ complete visions of one Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journeying for Truth. It flowed wonderfully strong, it cracked the ground with loss and despair. Thankfully, Truth from good past karmas ~ of the river of Dhamma ~ silently flowed down and washed the expectant Mind of pain. Vipassana Meditation practised with the base of No Killing, No Stealing, No Sexual Misconduct, No Lying and No Intoxication will give the happy Peace and harmony for a mind to live in clear Dhamma leading to the regeneration of oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfection (1981)

Whatever The Moment ~ The Situation Where is the appearance of Love ~

‘Each Fragment of Life Is Sacred ~ These Are Your Children’

‘Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu ~ All Beings Be Happy, Shanti Shanti’ ‘Trilogy Of Vibrations ~ The Oneness Of Life’ ‘Young Women Spin On Their Doorsteps ~ At Dusk’ ‘Life Is Simple, Sharing ~ Loving Kindness From The Heart’ ‘The Universe Coming Across The River’ ‘Pure Light, Cosmic Sweet Heart, We all got Stars Inside’ ‘Perfect Love, No Mind Starlight ~ Come Alive’ ‘True Freedom Natural Spirit Beauty here now gems of eternity’ ‘driving my scooter through the asteroid field, Coming down over Venus, “Hallo Baba” ‘Light love Angels from Heaven. New Generation, Inspiration Revolution, Revelation ~ All the Colours of Cosmic Rainbows’ ‘Green Eve * Don’t lose the Light Vortex * My brain’s gone on holiday ~ free flowing feelings’ ‘Surfing or Suffering ~ together * Sense Consciousness fields of a body with streams and stars of hearts’ ‘When You’re happy you got wings on your back ~ Reposez vos oreilles a Goa; We’re only one kiss away’ ‘PSYCHIC PSYCHEDELIC’ ‘Streaming Lemon Topaz Sunbeams’ ‘Invasion of Beauty *FLASH * The Love Mudras’ ‘Patchouli Showers ~ Tantric Temples’ ‘It’s Just a Story ~ We Are All The Sun ~ Sweet Surrender’ Anthology #1 ~ ‘Enjoy The Revolution’ Anthology #2 ~ ‘LOVE & FREEDOM ~ WELCOME’ ‘He Lives In A Parallel Universe’ ‘Queen of Space, King of Flower Power ~ dripping rainbows’ *

Arrangement, Poetical licence, samples, notes & quotes ~ facebook: Sunny Jetsun The moral right of the author has been asserted 1981

‘Each Fragment of Life Is Sacred ~ These Are Your Children’  

These poems passed in~complete visionsof one Life’s journeying for Truth.It flowed wonderfully strong,it cracked the ground with loss and de...

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