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SPRING 2013 A Magazine for Alumni, Parents & Friends of St. Francis High School

“If I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash each other’s feet.” Jn 13:14

“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” -attributed to St. Francis of Assisi


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In many ways the Commencement Exercise on May 24th marks the end of the academic year and the beginning of another milestone for the men of St. Francis. Congratulations to the 118 young men who participated in the 83rd Commencement Exercises held at Our Lady of Victory Basilica. These fine St. Francis gentlemen now join the proud ranks of St. Francis Alumni. Among the members of the class of 2013 were eleven international students. I am pleased to report that these young men benefited from a St. Francis High School education and helped to enhance the experience of our local students. We are very proud of all of our graduates and wish them much success in their future endeavors. We also welcomed back nine members of the class of 1963 who were on campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation from St. Francis High School. They began the day with a Mass in the chapel, remembering their deceased classmates, followed by a brunch and tours of the school given by members of the class of 2014. They were also formally recognized at the Commencement Exercises. On May 9, 2013 we held Orientation for the class of 2017. I am happy to report that we currently have 130 freshman registered as members of the class of 2017. You may not be aware of this, but more than fifty percent of our student body now comes from public elementary schools. Back in the day our Catholic feeder schools provided the majority of our student body. With a declining population, consolidation and closing of Catholic elementary schools we have reached out to a broader audience and convince them that a St. Francis High School education is an investment in their son’s future. We can back this up with numbers. The 118 members of the class of 2013 received $23.1 million in grants and scholarships to continue their education. This is quite an accomplishment for this institution and the young men who attained these scholarships.

Class of 1963 Page 13


From The President

SPRING 2013 A MAgAzine for AluMni, PArents & friends of st. frAncis HigH scHool

“If I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash each other’s feet.” Jn 13:14

“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” -attributed to St. Francis of Assisi

Speaking of numbers, Justinian XXXII, held on Saturday, May 4, 2013, was another success. The funds raised at this event will be used for our tuition assistance program. The Renaissance Man Celebrating the Franciscan Tradition was co-hosted by Paul and Susan Santandreu, Jeff and Julie Stefaniak, and Steve and Sarah Tasker. I thank them for their hard work and dedication to St. Francis High School. I also wish to thank Tony Kosowski, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, for the countless hours he spent ensuring the success of Justinian XXXII. I’d also like to remember a longtime member of the St. Francis family, Robert “Bob” Pacholski, who passed away suddenly on April 12, 2013. During his 29 year career at St. Francis, Bob was a teacher, Assistant Principal, Coach, Director of Communications and V.P. for Institutional Advancement. Bob was also a pioneer of the Justinian Dinner Auction and the Alumni Association. He will be sadly missed.


on The Cover St. Francis students and their service to others

Finally, as our school year comes to an end, so does our fiscal year. Enclosed you will find an annual giving envelope. If you have already made your donation, I thank you for your generosity. If not, I ask you to consider donating now. The majority of the funds generated from the Annual Giving Appeal are earmarked for tuition assistance in order to make a St. Francis High School education available to all those young men who desire one. May God bless you in your generosity. Pax et Bonum,


Tony’s Topics Tony Kosowski ’75

June is a beautiful time of the year, especially here along the shores of Lake Erie in Athol Springs, NY. The leaves are full on the trees, the “helicopters” are swirling, and flowers are blooming. The Seniors have graduated, the eighth graders are looking forward to summer and the start of High School, and final exams are being prepared. June is also a time for the school year to come to a close. We are tallying up the final numbers for the Justinian dinner auction and the Annual Giving Appeal is in the final weeks. (There is an envelope enclosed in this issue for your convenience.) Believe it or not we are already planning for next year. As the father of a couple of St. Francis graduates, I have to say there is no prouder moment than being a part of the “Dads and Grads Picture” before the Baccalaureate Mass at our School. I’m sure the four Alumni Dads’ from this year would agree. (See picture on page 13) The Class of 1963 celebrated their 50th anniversary of graduation in Recognition Day Ceremonies that were held at the school on May 24th. Mass was celebrated in the Chapel, followed by a brunch in the foyer of Alumni Hall with tours given by members of the class of 2014 - our future Alumni - and then recognition at the OLV Basilica during Commencement.

St. Francis Tau Vol. 4 No 3

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Vice President

for Institutional


The stories told by our mature alums are never lost on their younger hosts, and I really don’t know who enjoys the day more. In fact, the more things change the more they stay the same can be said for most of the stories. I also would be remiss if I didn’t give a special mention to Lucian Wolf ’63 and his wife Pamela, who traveled all the way from Australia to be at the ceremony. Preparations are already starting for next year’s celebration for the Class of 1964—save the date May 23, 2014. There are many events being planned for the coming weeks— The Alumni Bocce Ball Tournament, Saturday, June 22nd on the Front Lawn The Alumni Lacrosse Game, Saturday, June 29th on the football field under the lights The Alumni Golf Tournament, Thursday, July 11th at Terry Hills GC Visit our website for more information about these events. Get involved, bring a friend - you’ll be glad you did! As always if you are ever in the area, don’t just drive by, stop in for a visit and a tour.

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Sue Schaffstall Editor & Director of Communications & Marketing Matthew Gorczyca ’09 Feature Writer Cover Design & Fine Arts Fr. Mark David Skura ’71, OFM Conv. Jerry Gorczyca ’73 Alumni News & Notes- Sports

Photography Jerry Gorczyca ’73 Sue Schaffstall Yearbook Staff Photographers Lifetouch Proofreading Pat Kaczmarczyk Sheila Mangino

4 When we talk about service at St. Francis High School we look to our mission statement which says “We envision graduates who will live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become leaders who are known by their faith, critical thinking, service to others, integrity, self discipline, concern for the environment, and openness to lifelong learning.”

Men of Service

“It’s not an alternative to jail”

Service to others. “We’ve never really used the term community service to describe what we require. It sounds like the alternative to jail time and we certainly don’t want our young men to associate “service” with a punishment,” explains Mr. Rory Reichenberg Director of the Franciscan Youth Ministry (FYM) and the Franciscan Service Program at St. Francis High School.

Yet Reichenberg explains that service is a requirement at St. Francis High School. “It’s part of who we are; it’s a part of our mission. As a school we require a certain amount of math or English instruction because we place value in it. How much more appropriate is it then for us as a Catholic and Franciscan school to set a requirement for our young men to engage in service to those in need.” Beginning in the junior year all students are required to complete 20 hours of “service” and another 20 hours during their senior year. For the majority of students this is not an issue, in fact many go above and beyond what is required. The total hours turned in (for both juniors & seniors) this year was 6448.38. That is 26.6 hours per student.

While some are satisfied with the minimum, others go above and beyond. Senior Coleman Berueffy logged 244 hours this year alone. “What’s ironic is that last year I barely got my 20 hours done,” said Berueffy. It was April and I almost failed Religion because of it, I’m not proud of that.” So how does a kid who barely squeaked by with enough hours suddenly become the leader of the pack with 100 more hours than the next closest student? “Basically my Mom gave me an ultimatum. Get a job, or volunteer.” Berueffy chose the latter, spending his summer at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “ Volunteering is one of the most selfless things a person can do, and there are so many ways to volunteer and things to do. I think you make the world a better place even if what you think you are doing is small,” said Berueffy “The benefits are twofold, it helps the community but it also helps the volunteer.” Reichenberg says the program aims to expose students to a variety of situations where they can help others. A lot of the guys were going to nursing homes in the past because it was simply the closest place to home in which to do service. Working at a nursing home can be a great experience, but there are a lot of other opportunities for them to serve. At Westside Ministries, for example, 28 students worked together on the demolition and clean-up of an old home. They found they really liked swinging a sledge hammer. St. Lukes Mission is another location frequented by St. Francis students. “We try to expose them to situations they have never experienced before, to places they have never been. St. Luke’s isn’t far from the Galleria Mall, but in terms of poverty it’s worlds away. The boys are sometimes shocked at what they see just a few blocks away from a mall, it’s a whole new world for some of them and no matter what their reaction, it’s an experience.”


Profoundly Changed

“I really connected with a little girl who just happened to be a Haitian immigrant. Her family moved here after the 2010 earthquake destroyed their home. She was the happiest kid I ever met. She was 10 years old; her family had lost their home and all their possessions and moved to a strange country yet she had a better attitude than I did.” What did Jancevski learn from this little girl? “My problems weren’t as bad as I thought; she made me realize just how trivial they really were.” Jancevski says he’d like to go back to the camp this summer, but he’s at an age where it would become a paying job. “I just couldn’t take money to work there.” He is investigating other options for the summer including working with a division of Catholic Charities that assists immigrants. “I really like working with people from other cultures.” He says he discovered this while working at the Jericho Road Ministries as part of FYM. “We help with basic life skills, like teaching people about American currency.” The payback is one hundred fold says Jancevski. “It’s only a couple of hours of my time, but people are so grateful. They appreciate what you are doing. Taking out the trash, serving them a meal or fixing something. I know it’s going to sound corny but it’s an awesome feeling and very satisfying. You made a difference, you made somebody’s day better.”

There are many different “service” activities and programs that students can become involved in. Hours are required; however there are a lot of students who take advantage of FYM activities and Alverna. “We want this to be a positive experience for them and we find that if they are in a group they are much more willing to participate in service activities. We also try to feed them and add a “fun” element to an outing.” Br. Nick pointed out that he does see changes in the boys after they’ve gone to a soup kitchen, and debriefed about a particular experience. “Teenagers and ‘the poor’ are really not that different. If you take Mom and Dad out of the equation, what do these kids really have? Maybe a minimum wage job, but no car or house or food, or clothing that isn’t provided by someone else, not unlike the people they serve.” Br. Nick explains that as Franciscans we want them to love the poor, not just tolerate them. “It’s interesting when we leave for a trip and they talk about ‘the poor’ as kind of this abstract group of people. When we get back you can tell that they get it because they are referring to people by name and remembering their stories. ‘The Poor’ become real people to them and then I know they get it.” see God in all people, especially the poor and neglected.

Junior Zachary Jancevski leads his class with 118. 5 hours. Most of those he earned from volunteering at a summer camp. “I was amazed that these kids came from such dysfunctional families, since the camp was located in a more affluent suburb of Buffalo” said Jancevski. This was not the east side of Buffalo but upper middle class America.

Br. Nick Romeo, Director of Campus Ministry and leader of the peer ministry group known as Alverna explained that “service” is being part of a Renaissance Man and a St. Francis gentleman. “You don’t just become a Renaissance Man for the sake of becoming a Renaissance man, but because of the talents you share with others.” Br. Nick goes on to explain that “God has already done great things for us, and now it’s time to pass it along.” This is what he tries to help these young men understand.

Damn Yankees - Fine Arts Awards


March 15, 16 & 17


The 41st Annual Fine Arts Awards Banquet The St. Francis High School Fine Arts Department honored 175 students for their commitment to and participation in the performing, visual and literary arts at the school’s 41st annual Fine Arts Awards Banquet held on June 2, 2013 at Lucarelli’s Banquet Center. A crowd of over 200 persons were in attendance at the banquet to honor students who received minor and major letters, recognizing their participation in the school’s Fine Arts program. In addition, a class of forty students were inducted into PAVAS (The Performing and Visual Arts Society) and twenty-seven seniors received Special Senior Service Awards. 2013 PAVAS INDUCTEES


Spring Concert - Art Show

The Annual Focus on the Fine Arts featured performances by:The Men’s Choir, Chorus Classes, Senior Schola Cantorum, Concert Band, Jazz Messengers and Percussion Ensemble (K-OS). In addition, student artwork was on display in the foyer of Alumni Hall.



James Tyrpak ’74…recently participated in the Cambridge Retirement Income Forum in Orlando, Florida. James is the president of Tyrpak Financial Associates located in Williamsville, NY.

Alumni News & Notes


Tom Klun ’80… resides in Doylestown PA with his wife Joy and daughters Ashley and Madeline. Tom is currently the Vice President of Sales for LeapFrog Enterprises. LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is the leader in educational entertainment for children. Its award-winning product portfolio helps millions of children achieve their potential by delivering best-in-class curriculum through engaging content, fun multimedia learning platforms and toys.

attention to detail and design work with accounts as diverse as retail shopping centers, toy and technology companies from across the U.S. makes him a valuable asset to Team Woo Nathan Pawli ’96…is presently the executive chef at the Great Karoo Restaurant. The restaurant is part of the Kalahari Resort located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Guys & Their Girls

Joe Kubiak ’83…is the lead person for the Class of 1983 30th Reunion. Contact Joe at 816-7283972 or for more information.


Todd Janicki ‘95 …and his wife Jennifer welcomed their fourth child, a son named Patrick Benjamin born on Feb. 22, 2013.

Pictured from left to right: John Stadler’ 97 (Charlotte) , Mike Sullivan’ 97(McKenna), Tom Gordon’ 97 (Lucy) and Mike Regan’ 98 (Avery)

Scott Olejniczak ’95…after graduating from Hamilton College, he attended the State University of New York at Buffalo’s School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Roswell Park and received his Masters Degree in Natural Sciences. He continued at UB Roswell and earned his PHD in Immunology. Scott then took a job in Philadelphia working as a post doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. While in Philadelphia he met his future bride Kathleen Elizabeth Watson. He continues his fellowship at Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center in NYC. Scott and Kate were married this past August 11th 2012 and they currently reside on Roosevelt Island in NYC.

Christopher Russin ’98… and his wife Elizabeth, welcomed their first child, daughter Quinn Nicole on April 19, 2013. Chris is an Environmental Compliance Engineer for Moog, Inc. and Elizabeth is the Special Events Coordinator for Our Lady of Victory Institutions. Mark Murphy ‘01 is a proud new uncle to little Quinn.

Andrew Heist ’96…is currently the Art Director at Futuristic Woo in Delray Beach, Florida. Andrew has years of professional experience as a designer and developer in branding and advertising for both print and web media. His art history background,

Anthony Frunzi ’99…is currently the assistant director of Food and Beverages for the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel located in Beverly Hills, California. Anthony lives in near by West Hollywood, California.



Donovan Grandits ’03…has recently graduated from Canisius College and is currently employed in the Sales Department at West Herr Chevy of Hamburg, NY. Chad Beers ’04…married Amy Gleason on November 9, 2012 at St. Peter and Paul Church in Hamburg. The wedding party included Daniel McGiveron ’04, Andrew McQueen ’04, and Nicholas Wells ’04. Amy and Chad now live in Woodstock, GA.

Tomasz Falkowski,’08...graduated summa cum laude from Binghamton University in May after completing his senior project of designing and constructing a water filter for the village of Saylla, Peru. He was accepted into and is working on a doctoral program in environmental resources engineering. He will be traveling to Mexico to research indigenous Lacandon Maya land management techniques and their application to tropical restoration projects.

Adam Roma ’04…and his wife, Theresa, are proud parents of twins, Estelle and Louis, born November 1, 2012.

Please remember in your prayers the following

St. Francis High School Family who have recently passed away:

members of the

+Andrew Gruchala ’07 Brother of Ryan, Class of 2015 +Fr. Thomas Gwozdz ’46 , OFM Conv. +Walter Hetzer ’60

+Dorothy Bosinski Grandmother of Brett Bosinski, Class of 2014

+Donald Kirst Father of Dennis ’83

+Patrick “BB” Bzibziak ’58

+William Klimczak ’49 Brother of Joe ’46, John ’51, Ed ’59 and +Bernie ’53

+Robert Chudy ’80 +Eleonora Gangarossa Grandmother of Tony ’04, Sergio ’09, and Marco Class of 2014

+Robert “Bob” Pacholski Coach, Asst. Principal, Teacher, VP

+Henry Solak Grandfather of Michael Solak, Class of 2015 +Robert Sheldon ’63

+Alice Pytak Grandmother of Michael Mendola, Class of 2014

+Leon Skibicki ’50

+Cecilia Radziminski Mother of Stephen ’68, Sister of +Fr. Dan Kujawa ’33, OFM Conv.

+Alice Takac Mother-in-Law of Jerry Smith, Grandmother of Chris ’05 & Joe ’12 Smith, Nick ’07 & Luke ’09 Nuttle

+John Sulik ’49

+Richard Job ’66

+ William MacDonald, Sr. Father of William MacDonald, Class of 2015 +James Michalek ’59

+James Rodgers ’08 Brother of John ’02

+Anthony Ulatowski Benefactor

+Carlos Rosario ’67 +Fr. Paschal Rys, OFM Conv. ’41

+Christine Zawisky Mother of Michael ’91, Matthew ’97, John ’02 & Allen ’00

by Jerry Gorczyca ’73

+John A. Busse Grandfather of John J., Class of 2016

+Dwight Obark ’71

Alumni News & Notes

Don Dressel ’02…began working for the New York State Department of Corrections in December and is currently at the Ulster Correctional Facility. Don is also working part time for the Town of Evans Police Department.

Wayne Comstock ’08…received a B.A. in English from SUNY@ Buffalo in February 2012 and in August took a job teaching English in Gwangju City, South Korea. He has a daily blog titled, “Wakeofhisdreams” where he writes about his experiences in South Korea and life in general. Wayne has also travelled to Japan on vacation.

Varsity Winter Sports Recap

by Jerry Gorczyca ’73


Basketball The 2012-2013 St. Francis Red Raiders took to the court for the 1st season under new Coach Brian Ferris ‘00. The Red Raiders began the season strong going 5-3 through their first eight games highlighted by a 2 point victory over the ranked Depew Wildcats in the annual MMAA/ECIC challenge. They followed that up with some come from behind thrillers over visiting Lancaster and Lake Shore. The Red Raiders then moved on to play in the Williamsville Jolly Boys tournament where they dropped two tight games, first to host Williamsville South and then Newfane in the consolation game. The Red Raiders moved into league play with a record of 5-5. In league play the Raiders have shown flashes but inconsistency has lead to only one win against Cardinal O’Hara in league play. The Red Raiders closed out the regular season on senior night against southtowns rival Timon. The Raiders played inspired basketball but their upset bid came up just short as they lost in the end by 4 points. The Raiders where matched up against Cardinal O’Hara in the first round of the Manhattan Cup playoffs. The game was played the day after the emotional senior night loss to Timon and the Red Raiders played flat for the first 3 and half quarters. Determined to not let their season end the Red Raiders mounted a furious comeback, erasing an 11 point deficit in the final 3 minutes to get the victory and set up a 3rd matchup with top seeded Canisius. The Red Raiders season came to an end as they were overmatched by the eventually tournament champs. Leading the Red Raiders has been a pair of senior guards; point guard Cory Cullen and shooting guard Brennan Macey. Cullen has carried the load for the Red Raiders playing almost every minute of every game, handling the ball against pressure and applying relentless pressure on defense. He is averaging 14.1 ppg, 3.5 apg, and nearly 3 spg. Macey has been the recipient of many of Cullen’s passes throughout the season and although he has been battling injuries most of the season, he has been able to play through the pain and average 13.1 points per game, which includes a team high 48 three pointers. Senior forward Regan Schichtel does the little things that don’t necessarily show up on the stat sheet, boxing out larger opponents, hustling for loss balls, and getting into position to take charges. Senior guard Kyle Evans and senior forward Wenny Xie have provided depth and leadership coming off the bench and providing valuable minutes. Ferris has relied heavily on his junior class this season and will look for this group to build on the experience they gained this season. Bowling The Varsity Bowling Team struggled early in the season, finding it hard to be consistent. The midway point of the season was the Festival of Lights Tournament where the

Red Raiders started to turn it around, finishing 9th out of 30 schools and 2nd among the MMAA schools. The Kegglers finished the season with a 17-1 stretch to move from 6th to 3rd place, ending the season with the league’s 2nd best record. Senior C.J. Bloom’s best memory was beating Timon 2 out of the last 3 weeks of the season to overtake them for 3rd place. Freshman Christian Prechtl, who finished the season with an overall average of 185 & a MMAA average of 187 expects the team to finish in 1st place and has set the personal goal of going to the State Championships. Senior Zack Galloway saved his best when they bowled Timon, throwing a series of 622 & a high game of 243 one week later vs. the Tigers. Sophomore Manny Williams also saved his best for Timon, throwing a team high game of 266 vs. the Tigers. The team also threw their high game (1075) & high series (3027) vs. Timon. Prechtl threw his high series of 645 in a win vs. Canisius and Junior Steven Wong, who lead the team with an overall average of 196 & a MMAA average of 202 (good for 2nd Team All-Catholic and a spot in the NYSCHSAA Individual Championships down in Long Island), threw his high game (257) and high set (708) vs. 1st Place St. Joe’s. Junior David Kroll rolled his finest vs. WNY’s best during the Festival of Lights Tournament, including his season high game of 247 & high set of 676. With their top 4 bowlers returning next year, the Red Raiders look poised to make a run at the league title next year. Federation Hockey The St. Francis Federation Varsity team finished the season with a record of 7 wins, 1 tie, and 16 losses. This may seem unimpressive; however eight of these losses were by a single goal. A key figure for the Red Raider offense was senior Captain Tyler McTigue, who finished 2nd in scoring in the Federation Hockey’s Small School Division. McTigue was named a 1st Team All-Star as well as being elected to the Bowman Cup Team. Other standouts for the offense were junior Ryan Stefaniak and sophomore Nick Ferrino. The defense was anchored by senior captain Mike Prentice, a 2nd Team All-Star. Junior goaltender Tim Galley was solid the entire year. Indoor Track & Field The 14th year of the reinstitution of Indoor Track and Field at St. Francis was very successful. The Senior leadership was extraordinary this year. Ben Brady, Mike Maroney, Mike Taylor, Derrick Weyrough, Kerrick Woyshner, Ben Dylik


5:39.9. And our injured swimmer Tom Anderson supported his teammates throughout the meet from the sidelines! Overall a great season for the guys all swimming personal bests in their individual events.

Many highlights were achieved by the Red Raiders this year including the fact that all relays were ranked in WNY Leaderboard at some point during the season. The 4 x 400 ended the year in 6th place with a time of 3:46.2. Numerous 1st place finishes were earned in weekly meets, with St. Francis winning 5 events at the C/E Divisional Meet at Lancaster HS, December 21, 2012.

Wrestling The Varsity wrestling program added another championship to its historical legacy, defeating archrival St. Joe’s Collegiate 45-30 in the final dual meet of the season. This marks the 28th time that the Red Raider grapplers have won or shared the Monsignor Martin league championship over the last 33 years. St. Francis also dominated MMAA competition at the AllCatholic Tournament, besting 2nd place St. Joe’s by 60 points, and on the state level, the team scored 152 points and won its 9th CHSAA State Catholic championship in the last 13 years. Team chemistry, self-sacrifice, and hard work were the keys to rebounding back to the top of the league.

Frosh Nick Miller set 2 records, bettering Tim Musial’s mark in the 55 meter dash, and winning the 55 meter hurdles at the 9th grade championships. Sophomore Chris Walter set 2 10th grade marks by triple Jumping 39-11 ½ and hurdling in 8.89 seconds, FAT. Sophomore Noah Zydel beat Greg Pivarunas’ record in the 1600 by going 4:50.3 Junior Aaron Hayes (600 meters) and Senior Darrick Weyrough (300 meters) were both Top 10 Performers in their specialties. Swimming The swim team finished their season at the All Catholics meet on February 11th at the Burt Flickenger Athletic Center. Senior and Team captain Ryan Fishback got his personal best time in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 1:15.8. Senior Christian Cavalieri had great swims in the 200 IM. International students Terry Zhou and Jason Lui competed in their last event as seniors swimming personal best times as well.Juniors Greg Wegryn and Jack Moretti both had amazing times in the 100 Breastroke, both having a season best time! Wegryn with a time of 1:14 and Moretti a 1:15. Lee Kerwin had an outstanding time in the 100 Freestyle with a 1:00.7. Connor Moses and Ben Anderson also stepped up in the All Catholics meet swimming the 200 FR, not their usual personal individual event in order to help the team. Although struggling throughout the season with injuries junior Jack McGowan was able to pull out a best time in the 50 FR with a :28, great job.Sophmore Xavier Strittmatter, a distance swimmer in the 500 free as well as the 100 Butterfly, he improved his personal best times throughout the season and contributed a great deal to the team.Freshman Michael O’Meara an excellent addition to the boys team contributed significantly in the All Catholics meet, placing in the 500 FR with a time of

Many individuals contributed to the overall team success as longstanding team records fell. Senior co-captain Sam Carroccia (220) earned All-Catholic honors and placed 2nd at the CHSAA tournament, losing in the finals to the eventual NYPHSAA State Champion from Monsignor Farrell (Staten Island, NY). Carroccia finished the season with a 40-10 record and 90 career victories over 4 years. His 32 wins by pin breaks a 16 year old record held by Bill Edwards ’97, and places him in a tie for 12th all-time in WNY history. He was the champion of the Hilton Tournament, placed 2nd at Lew-Port, 8th @ NFWOA, and was named to the All-Tournament Team at both the Pioneer Duals and the St. Francis Duals. Two-time, All-Catholic, Junior co-captain Mike Miller (126) was denied his third individual All-Catholic championship, but finished with a teamhigh 42 wins this season, 2nd most in St. Francis wrestling history. Miller placed 6th at the CHSAA state tournament, 3rd at Akron, 3rd at Lew-Port, and was named to the All-Tournament team at both the Pioneer Duals and St. Francis Duals. And freshman Matt Muffoletto, and All-Catholic champion and placed 5th at the CHSAA state tournament. His 30 wins this season is the most by any freshman in school history.

Basketball, Bowling, Hockey, Indoor Track & Field, Swimming, Wrestling

and Jake Smolinski all made significant contributions to the team. They all worked hard and showed leadership. Brady and Dylik were named First Team Scholar Athletes by Section 6 and the Buffalo News for the Winter Indoor Track Season.

Congratulations Class of 2013


Front row from left to right: Mark J. Chmiel (The Creativity Award), Alexander J. Misterman (Athlete of the Year), Kerrick H. Woyshner (Man of the Year), Cory P. Cullen (Sportsmanship Award), Michael J. Maroney (Artist of the Year). Back Row: Coleman C. Berueffy (The Principal’s Recognition Award), Jacob W. Smolinski (The President’s Recognition Award), John Zygaj (Dean of Students) Tom Braunscheidel (Principal), Benjamin S. Santandreu (St. Francis School Service Award), Fr. Michael, OFM Conv. (President) and Mary Lou Stahl (Assistant Principal)

Christian Cavalieri Valedictorian

Sue Pacholski accepting the Alumni Award on behalf of +Robert “Bob” Pacholski

Fr. Michael, President Celebrant & Homilist

Kerrick Woyshner Salutatorian

The 118 members of the class of 2013 Earned $19.3 million in scholarships and $3.8 million in institutional grants totaling $23.1 million in merit aid. 40 students received Regents diplomas 63 students received Regents diplomas with Advanced Designation 15 students received Regents diplomas with Advanced Designation and Honors 33 students are members of the National Honor Society Graduates will attend 43 different colleges and universities including: Case Western Reserve University, Carnegie Mellon University, The Catholic University of America, the United States Naval Academy, Loyola University Maryland, Syracuse University, University of Rochester, Duquesne University, St. Bonaventure University, and many schools in the SUNY system including Geneseo, Binghamton, Fredonia, and UB.


Seated left to right: Lucian Wolf, Rich Sasala, Paul Kubiak, Jerry Kornowicz Standing: Frank Rychlik, James Chorazak, Larry Stiller, Joe Reynolds

Seated left to right: Brett Benzinger, Ryan Norton, Patrick Schaefer, Kerrick Woyshner Standing left to right: Charles Benzinger’73, Dave Norton’79, Bob Schaefer’71, Anthony Woyshner’79

Celebrating 50 years - Dad & Grads

Class of 1963


58 Years of Service

by Matt Gorczyca’09

As another year draws to a close, three St. Francis women have decided to move on to a chapter of relaxation in retirement. Mrs. Marcia Resetarits, Mrs. Kathryn Petrinec and Mrs. Claudia Kane have been staples in the St. Francis community for years. For Mrs. Marcia Resetarits, her 30 years at St. Francis High School were spent teaching Math to all grade levels including Calculus. Her students, who keep her up-to-date with the current happenings from lingo to technology, are the part of St. Francis she will miss the most. The best memories she has had with her students have been watching the growth and competitiveness of her geometry classes and the restarting of the Math Club. The interaction between students and faculty alike has created a wonderful atmosphere that has made teaching special for her. That atmosphere lends itself to the educational foundation of St. Francis High School rooted in the Franciscan ideals. Having seen the results of a St. Francis education in her own sons (Chris ‘99 and Steve ‘00) Resetarits could not be more impressed with the opportunities afforded the young men that attend St. Francis. She went on to say that the ideal of the Renaissance Man, one that pushes students to be their very best in academics, athletics and the arts, is what makes a Franciscan education one of a kind. Many of Resetarits’ former students have eventually become teachers and administrators at St. Francis including: Mr. Braunscheidel, Mrs. Stahl, Mr. Zygaj, Mr. Bartell, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Grew, Mr. Messore, Mr. Morcelle, Mr. Obrochta, and Mr. Suchyna. “It is very heartwarming to see so many alumni return to St. Francis. It speaks volumes about this place that has been my home away from home for the past 30 years. I am privileged to work with such a fine group of people,” Resetarits said. Mrs. Kathryn Petrinec has spent 15 years at St. Francis High School where she has taught Global 9, 10 and Psychology. Petrinec says that the faculty and staff have been very helpful and kind and has made her time at St. Francis enjoyable and easy, but it is the students she will miss most, even to her own surprise. She has especially enjoyed going to many sporting events from football games to basketball games and watching the competitiveness of students and the support of their parents and families.

A standout moment for Petrinec was a time where a student used the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, coming to class with a small bag with the homework ripped apart and small little teeth marks. Moments like these and the many things students say on a daily basis have been things that have made her laugh, and many times unable to stop. What is the most rewarding thing for Petrinec is the value of a Franciscan education. “Every student is very lucky to be taught by a school that can teach Christian principles. You see that demonstrated in everything that happens here,” said Petrinec. She has seen the growth of young boys to Renaissance Men in the years she has taught here. Seeing former students Coach Nick Suchyna and Andrew Lanigan return to St. Francis as teachers and coaches has been inspiring for Petrinec. Mr. Lanigan will take over as the new Chairperson for the Social Studies Department, an achievement that makes Petrinec very proud. Mrs. Claudia Kane has been a part of St. Francis High School for 13 years in the Guidance Department. “For me the real highlights are the times we learn of the achievements our students have made whether they are still students or alums,” said Kane. She told a story of a young alumnus who, during his time at St. Francis, went through many struggles, especially in his family life. Recently, Kane was able to see him again and hear about his successes of graduating college and finding a job. Seeing happiness in the man’s face, Kane noted that that moment was a proud one for her, knowing that St. Francis was a huge factor in bringing success and happiness to the young man’s life. She believes this was a possibility because of the structure that Franciscan education gives young men. It helps them see beyond the distractions of today’s world and create a strong base for making good decisions. Noting that it may not hit home right away, Kane stated that the Franciscan way is apart of us, always. Kane reflected on a very fulfilling career at St. Francis High School. Having worked prior in the business world, Kane was skeptical of the word “family” used to describe the community at St. Francis. However, having laughed together, grieved together and watching the growth of thousands of young men, she believes it is the best way to describe St. Francis High School–a family strong in its determination of educating young men in the spirit of Saint Francis.


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