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“Ballito has long been a haven for runners, many of whom tackle ultra-distance events on a regular basis.More recently it has become popular with an elite band of long-distance swimmers who have taken to training for open ocean challenges in the Thompson’s Bay tidal pool.

UNDER THE GUIDANCE and inspiration of veteran open water athletes, Mike Oberholzer and Josie de Charmoy, there is a growing number of people being drawn locally to this physically and mentally demanding sport. The attraction of becoming one with the Big Blue and sharing the last great open wild space with the creatures great and small that inhabit it is compelling for those who enjoy a challenge.

Recently a group of intrepid swimmers tackled a ten kilometer swim from Clark Bay to Salt Rock and back. This is twice the distance of the inaugural Yellowfin Ocean Challenge that Mike and Josie pioneered with an enthusiastic committee last year to put Ballito firmly on the international open water ocean swimming map.

The conditions were far from perfect but, with good support in the water and the veterans to guide them, they all rose to the occasion and completed the swim.

Now, plans are afoot to make the next Yellowfin Open Ocean Challenge bigger and better as the Ballito region continues to grow and more swimmers rise to the challenge of swimming in some of the most exciting open water ocean conditions on the planet.


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Jose - 082 583 4369