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“ Have you noticed how being confined to your home for weeks on end, as most of us have been this year, you start to appreciate the little pleasures in life? Like being able to look out of your window at a soothing view while working in your home office. Or sitting with a cup of tea in a room with the sun streaming in through the window. Here are some ideas from Trellidor on how to keep those windows picture perfect.


A good old-fashioned spring clean is a good start, followed by a fresh coat of paint if your windows need it. Remove the curtains or whatever you have in front of your windows if they have seen better days. If you have a good view and no privacy issues, you may want to leave your windows uncovered. Otherwise, consider installing blinds. They are popular for their modern, uncluttered look and they also help to control the amount of light that comes into a room. The choice of style and colour is incredible, so do some research and you’ll find something that suits your home and budget.


Burglar proofing should be a given for windows. However, people sometimes ignore the need for protection as they understandably don’t want their view spoiled. With some expert help, burglar proofing and window blinds can work beautifully together. Many people don’t know this, but Trellidor supplies blinds as well as burglar proofing. At the moment they’re offering local residents some excellent combo deals. You can order a combination of burglar proofing and window blinds from as little as R2 480/m² fully installed, excluding VAT.


If you live in a busy estate or suburb with people passing by, your windows could do with some sort of privacy control. There are some elegant options on the market that add an element of style without cluttering your outlook. Beach house type louvre shutters from Trellidor are one such option. They look stunning and are very practical because they’re all-in-one burglar proofing and blinds. Open them up when you want to bring the outdoors in. Or close and lock them when you don’t want anyone looking in and also for protection. When closed, you can tilt the louvres to allow in light and fresh air. Another design to consider is Clear Guard, a see-through security screen that let’s you enjoy your view even when closed and locked. The screen allows some air flow into your home but blocks out excessive heat. An added bonus is that the mesh also keeps out the mosquitoes, monkeys and snakes that are problematic in summer.


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