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Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver, or Dr. O, as she is affectionately known, grew up in a rural, lonely, single-parent home. Her mother worked two jobs and cleaned houses to pay the bills. “I was always home alone and often without a working television. I decided I had to get good grades and a scholarship to college so I could create a better life for myself and my mother.” She knew what she wanted and how to make it happen: She wanted to be a teacher; that goal never wavered. Though determined, she still faced the challenges of having low self-esteem, harboring a poverty mindset, and feeling insecure as she tried to fit in. “This led to my not knowing my worth in jobs, relationships, and in pricing my business,” she says. Through her hard work and perseverance, she was granted the scholarships she needed, became a first-generation college student in her family, and fulfilled her lifelong goal to become a teacher. “I encourage young girls everywhere to go for it because what you are going through now is simply the journey that will take you to your dream.” But Dr. O’s reality has now soared higher than any dream she might have imagined when she was a young girl. She credits prayer, higher education, therapy, and persistence for helping her attain the success she now enjoys. She is an accomplished speaker, author, instructional coach, education policy analyst, and national board-certified teacher who enjoys golf, gardening, and mentoring millennials. For more than 25 years, in 46 of 50 states as well as Canada, she has provided consulting services for instructional coaches, college faculty, state boards, and state departments of education. She is the president and CEO of Educational Effectiveness Group, a coaching and consulting practice that helps K-12 schools and colleges of education improve teaching and solve problems that hinder student learning. She is the author of Why Schools Fumble, a national bestseller in pedagogy and educational problem-solving. She has presented at countless national conferences and written for leading education journals including Accomplished Teacher Magazine, the Journal of Staff Development, and the Hope Foundation’s What Works in Schools newsletter. Her work also appears in the college textbook, Black Star: An Introduction to African-American Studies. Dr. O earned her doctorate in education, leadership, management, and policy at Seton Hall University and completed studies at North Carolina A&T State University and the University of North

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Carolina – Greensboro, where she was a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. She has held senior roles at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Learning Forward, Educational Testing Service, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. She has served as adjunct faculty for several colleges and has helped faithbased groups implement organizational change. She completed leadership and coaching training with the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Dale Carnegie Corporation, Institute for Management Studies, Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development, and the Parker Palmer Center for Courage and Renewal. She has served as a director of ministerial training in North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She is the dean of education for the COGIC International Sunday School Department and president of the GirlsGotLIFE Foundation. “I never thought I would become a teacher’s teacher, and I certainly never thought I would train college faculty all over the country — an accomplishment I refer to as teaching the teachers who teach the teachers,” she says. She has a talent for working with diverse audiences and employs her unique ability to merge both empirical and action research with her own practical experiences to improve education for all students. “My wide array of experiences helps make me the consummate storyteller, bringing light and hope to any audience grappling with any educational topic.” Consequently, Dr. O is a trusted, accomplished, proven source to whom others turn for guidance. “I tell every educator, parent, policymaker, pastor, and client this personal quote: ‘When we think together, we think better, and that is how we achieve what we, alone, thought we could not do.’ Collaboration is the key to accomplishing anything you envision. Whatev-

er your ‘it’ is, accomplishing it together is so much better than trying to do it all on your own.” Her new book, “WHY SCHOOLS FUMBLE: Applying the End Zone Mindset to School Improvement,” explains why America keeps ‘fumbling’ in education. “It explains how you -- principals, parents, teachers, policymakers, and pastors -- can help change the game and get more students into the academic end zone. It’s the ‘right now’ message for school improvement with post-pandemic strategies for radically changing how we ‘do school’ in this country,” she says. She shares words of wisdom with others who dream of achieving their goals. She advises people to put their vision to paper: “Write it down! You really do need to write the vision so you and whoever else can see it, read it, speak into existence, and run with it.” She also says it’s important to surround oneself with positive, encouraging people: “Stop running with people who are not going where you’re going and not committed to helping you get there. And, she says, lift others whenever you can. “What you make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you,” she says. “You will never go wrong while consistently trying to do what’s right. Do what you’re supposed to do, the way God created you to do it, without apology. Block out all voices that don’t align with what you know God told you. He told me to write and teach, and look at me now.” She is enjoying the solid success of having attained financial security doing what she loves. “Everybody said teaching would never be a lucrative career, but as DrCathyO, the “Eduproblem Solver” and CEO of Educational Effectiveness Group, I make money, and I make a difference.”


I Took a Month Off, and Found the Key to Living my Best Life By Darienne Mobley This year, I took the month of July off. I believe that God and the universe made it happen. My clients were the people I was most concerned about affecting, but they turned out to be my most encouraging cheerleaders. Before I chose to take a month off, the voice in my head (my ego) said: “You can’t take a month off. Your clients will leave you. They will believe you don’t care about them. They will find another coach. “ My spirit voice (my intuition) said: “You are not all that. Your clients will be fine if they don’t talk to you for a month. They won’t Not everyone can even notice. They will see that you are take a month off, but practicing what you preach.” how much time can Luckily, the spirit voice won. I am so you take off? glad I listened and didn’t pay attention to the ego voice. What did I do with all this unscheduled vacation time? I slept late, watched movie, sat and looked at the water right in front of my house, visited with the people I love most, journaled, read, went to visit nearby Asheville, got a massage, got a facial, and practiced so much self-care. I got to the end of the month and said to myself, “You could have done it better, Darienne. You failed at ‘Operation: Time Off.’” I expected to have some great epiphany and clarity about what really matters. What will I be when I grow up? Yes, I know I am almost 63, but that’s what was going through my head. I expected something more. The truth is that after reflecting on my vacation, I did figure out some things out. This is what I know with certainty: I love my work. I am honored and blessed to get to work with the clients I have. I am not ready to give that up yet. I was listening to a podcast and instantly knew that this was the content for my next women’s retreat. My creativity was flowing. While I want to continue to work, I want to be more selective in what I say “yes” to. I don’t have anything to prove anymore. I have been successful; now success to me is a productive, happy life.

From now on, when I say “yes” to a client or a new project, it needs to be a “Hell, yes!” I am content. This is a biggie for me. I have always lived with one foot in the future. When I get this, when I weigh this, when my house looks like this – THEN I will be content. I realized that now is all that matters. Being content today is the key to living my best life. The way to find that contentment is through gratitude. My gratitude practice had waned. I wasn’t as diligent. During July, I started each day with prayer, meditation, and gratitude. When you look for what is good, you will see more of that. Contentment comes from recognizing that today I am enough, and I have enough. Contentment is not complacency. I have not given up; I am happy with today and definitely still have goals and dreams to keep me moving forward. My month off was perfect. It was exactly what I needed to recharge and reset. On August 2, I could not wait to start back supporting and coaching my clients. What do you need to recharge? Not everyone can take a month off, but how much time can you take off? Look at your calendar and get back with me. I will definitely be taking off next July, too.

connect with darienne Darienne Mobley, PCC President. Darienne Inc. 225-610-2685


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Sisters Excel Together Drs. Jasmine Padgett and Denise Jasmine and Denise have each Cherry, sisters, lived around the dealt with challenges. Jasmine has world during their father’s military faced anxiety, frustration, and fear career, eventually settling with their of failure on her journey to success family in Mississippi, where they but believes that her faith and good excelled both academically and support system have given her the athletically. strength to succeed. Both women were home-schooled Denise found it challenging to and then went on to attend Alabama balance playing competitive tennis A&M University, where they both while maintaining her academic played competitive tennis. goals. “The benefit from overcoming While neither is stranger to that obstacle continues to teach competition, the women say that me the importance of patience and growing up, they were never rivals discipline,” she says. “It is because toward one another. They were, of these values that I was able to not instead, each other’s biggest only complete four years of dental supporter. school but also go on to receive Says Jasmine: “I feel that we’ve my certificate in orthodontics. inspired each other through the Even today, I’m able to carry these years. We trained together to values on my journey as an African prepare for tennis tournaments, American female in the field of studied together in graduate school, dentistry, specifically orthodontics.” Drs. Jasmine and Denise Cherry, caughters ofwe Success Women’s Conerence and now encourage one another as address Both women name their parents as their biggest Co-founder Kearn Cherry the health care challenges in our respective fields.” source of inspiration. “They are successful Denise agrees: “Growing up business owners,” says Jasmine. we helped motivate each other. “On their path to success, I have Oftentimes, we were in the same fight, encouraging and watched them take on failure, disappointment, and missed supporting one another. We were too busy guiding and opportunities, but most importantly, I’ve witnessed them challenging each other to be better that we didn’t treat overcome it. On my journey to becoming a physician, I have each other as rivals. This has made our experiences better encountered all these obstacles and then some. I have because we are able to share our successes while pushing leaned on the wisdom and experience of my parents to each other forward.” endure these challenges and continue to chase my wildest Jasmine has completed her medical school training at dreams.” the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. Denise adds that her mother, Kearn Cherry, co-founder She is married and is the mother of a baby girl. “My of Success Women’s Conference, inspires her daily. “Her proudest moment in life to date has been becoming a strength and perseverance always amaze me. Outside mom,” she says. “My beautiful daughter, Kimberly, is nearly of the volunteer work she does for the community, she three months old now. Raising a newborn has been more is also a businesswoman, a social advocate for women challenging than I anticipated, but it has also been a great empowerment, but most of all a great mother. Just joy, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” watching her in action is motivation. No matter for who or Denise completed four years of dental school study what, she gives her all. She is the virtuous woman I aspire to at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and has be.” completed a two-year orthodontic residency at Howard The women are well on their way to fulfilling their dreams. University. “My proudest moment was when I received an For Jasmine, that means primary care to her community. acceptance letter into orthodontic residency. After four After residency, she plans to provide medical care in both years of hard work, it was gratifying to see it come into a clinic and hospital setting. Denise says she will begin fruition,” she says. She is now back in Mississippi taking the her career by working for a corporation, and after she is next steps in her orthodontic career. established, will branch into a private practice.


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Congratulatons, CHAMPION!

Congratulatons, CHAMPIONS!

RHONDA M. WOOD Empowerment Speaker, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author You are here on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose regardless of what has happened in your life. And you are the most powerful where you are the most passionate and walking in your purpose. You have the opportunity to either discover your passion and purpose or at least take it up another level. As an empowerment speaker, author, and coach, I have helped thousands of individuals find the courage to take back their power so that they can move beyond the past, reclaim their passion and purpose, and powerfully experience a life of unlimited possibilities in their life and business even in times of uncertainty. And I am committed to helping individuals just like you to do the same!

Book a call with me go to today. I hope you found these “7 Tips” helpful. If you feel stuck, uninspired, and unfulfilled in your career, your business, or your life. If your spirit cries out that you deserve to find and pursue your passion and purpose. If you believe you were meant to make an impact in the world by using your gifts and talents to help serve and inspire others but cannot seem to get any momentum. Then you need to answer the call on your life. I would love to take your hand, walk with you on this journey, and help you gain more clarity around your passion and purpose to maximize impact, influence, and income in your life and business. Go to to book a “Take My Passion to Profit Session” and set up a time to chat. RHONDA M. WOOD



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Candy Maker

Turns Pralines into Thriving Business

Katrina Long-Currie describes herself

as a serial entrepreneur. She is a creator, innovator, visionary, philanthropist, and

human capital investor who loves to build and invest in people and to see them reach their greatest potential.

Her energy and business savvy have allowed her to make a spectacular success of her passion: making pralines. “My grandparents gave me a love for making pralines, and in less than six months, I have turned that passion into a thriving business, I AM Candy and Things, LLC.” What began as a home-based business operating under the state’s Cottage Laws quickly grew. Katrina, understanding the opportunities with individual consumers, online sales, mail-in, delivery, and business-to-business opportunities, developed a contract with a commercial kitchen to meet the criteria to serve as expansion became inevitable. The new opportunities from operating commercially were destined for success, given Katrina’s expertise in her

field. When Katrina was just a child, her grandfather taught her the art of candy making. “By the time I was 10, I could make the tasty treats almost flawlessly. For years, friends and family members have requested I prepare pralines. Over the years, I have tweaked and perfected the way I make pralines. I AM Candy and Things is known for its creamy, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, decadent, undeniable gourmet taste. I AM Candy and Things pralines have grown from the original flavor to include caramel, chocolate, rum, and bourbon. The demand was so great for new additions. Many of the diabetic and vegan communities reached out and requested that I create something for them. Even though I had already begun the process, the potential new additions had not been perfected yet. Carefully finding the balance, I created diabetic pralines (original and chocolate flavors) as well as two types of vegan pralines (one made with sugar, another with stevia) that could finally make their entrance into the market.” She also credits her grandparents Aristed and Marie Chestang with passing on attributes essential to success. “Those attributes include being a trailblazer, having a disciplined work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, and being committed to obtaining goals and achieving dreams with the understanding that my faith and a relationship with Christ lead me and empower me to not only operate in the foundational truths my grandparents instilled in me but also to proceed in faith along the journey and to follow the purpose God has for me.” Even her business’s name holds special meaning. “The I AM, in I AM Candy & Things is a name with a four-fold meaning from both my spiritual and familial heritage. It symbolizes pillars of faith, hope, love, and family. Through the uniquely sweet experience of I Am Candy & Things, I combine the basic principles I have learned from my grandparents’ formulated recipes, business practices, and packaging that reflect my humbling, simplistic, uncompromisingly strong roots. Faith: Launching the I AM Candy and Things business is a testament of faith. God, the “Great I AM” will provide everything needed to sustain the company; Hope: The hope that comes from being connected to the vine of the Great I AM; Love: A nod to by my beloved grandparents; and Family: The rich soil

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and fertile roots of the Aristed and Marie family tree have yielded sturdy branches of family.” When Katrina considers the key lessons she has learned along the way, she calls to mind the book Spark, but Simon T. Bailey, who states that a brand is not the name on the door. It is, she quotes: “an emotion, a connection, a perception, a moment, a memory. And every person is a brand.” Certified as both a Minority and Woman-Owned Enterprise, her business continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and many vendors have begun to carry I AM Candy and Things pralines. “This is answered prayer,” says Katrina. “Some of the things I am experiencing, to be honest, I did not know to pray for, so as I watch the unfolding of mysteries, the hand of God, and the wisdom of God, I am humbled by the experiences and His allowing my business to be part of kingdom work. Watching the dream that God dreamt for me is so amazing.

There are so many testimonies and moments where it’s undeniably irrevocable that God masterfully orchestrated this faith journey and that He is touching lives through, of all things, a pralines business. I get to share the glorious process of faith.” Her hope is that I AM Candy and Things will continue to produce personalized experiences that will create a meaningful emotion, connection, perception, moment, and memory. “To put it in perspective, the lessons that have helped me to grow range from anticipating the needs of the customer; conscientiously responding to customers immediately; showing consistent, loyal kindness. Taking the focus off of whether or not a customer is loyal, it is my honor and privilege to remain consistently loyal to my customers, new or repeat, and that is part of the lesson to becoming a thriving business.” She will work to see that her business continues to gain momentum, build more vendor

relationships and experience continued expansion. “My goal has always been and is the primary operating principle: How can my business further the gospel of Jesus Christ and reflect His grace in the earth?” Her advice is to take the leap of faith. “It is a journey full of experiences. No matter the twists or turns, highs and lows, or whatever it is always a blessing knowing you are truly not alone.” She credits all of her experiences to date and especially her faith with shaping who she is. “I am the headover-heels-in-love wife of Malcolm Currie, Jr. and the proud and loving mother of three young men: Gustavus De Vaughn Richmond, Isaiah J., and Joshua J. Currie. Also, I am glammama or simply grandmother to Amaya, Jeremiah, and soon-to-be, Mia.

I am Kearn, the Master Collaborator, also known as the "Butts in the Seats Queen" and "Master of the Pivot" My expertise is in visibility. I also coach business owners, Organizational Directors, and Entrepreneurs how to launch their own profitable events, conferences, and anthologies. As co-founder of Success Women's Conference, Creator of Power Up and Level Up Summits, I am a 23+ year entrepreneur that has been throwing successful summits and collaboration events for over 17 years. Are you looking to increase your visibility? Do you need to grow your individual platform, your business, and your bank account? If yes to any of these, the answer is simple... You need to increase your visibility. I have created Visibility Packages sure to take your business and brand to new heights. Visit the link below to get started. Master Collaborator • Author • Speaker • Coach



Take the Plunge into Reinventing Yourself! By Patricia Arboleda We all envision the idealized version of our careers. Whether we dream of changing our career and doing something completely different, moving out from corporate and jump-starting our small business, or finding a new job in an industry more aligned with our values, we all desire our ideal vision of what our professional lives can be. But at what time do we truly commit to pursuing our dream? And how can we start doing what we love when we are so far away from it? The answer is simple— take the plunge!

Everyone has a moment in their life in which they feel stagnant. Maybe it takes the form of being consistently burned out from work, or perhaps you feel as if your growth is at a lull. Whatever it may be, realizing a change must be made in your life is the first step to going out of your comfort zone and into your journey of reinvention. Reinvention means building something new from something that already exists. You do not have to change every aspect to reinvent yourself successfully. Take it from me. I spent the last two decades successfully climbing the executive ladder in my corporate job. In a few short years, I transitioned from marketing manager to sales director at a major global corporation. But I began to feel very stagnant. I knew that this was no longer fulfilling me. It took quite a long time and a lot of self-work to make the monumental career change. I took the plunge and had to adapt from having a financially secure and abundant corporate position to betting on myself and developing my brand as an executive, leadership, and career coach. I now know this is what I was meant to do. During my journey of reinvention, I have realized a simple truth: you cannot live successfully without living boldly. What I mean by this is that changing certain aspects of your life, whether it be your career, the country where you live, or the company you work for, takes courage. If it were easy to make bold moves and changes to pursue your dreams and purpose, everyone would do it without hesitation. The good news is that no matter how hard it is, you will handle it. By now, you must be wondering how I even managed to begin my journey. The early steps of developing a new career are challenging but highly insightful. Here are a few things that helped me on my reinvention journey.

Take the Plunge into Reinventing Yourself! GET CLARITY ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND WHY Ask yourself: what motivates me? What’s essential for me to accomplish? What’s my definition of success? My answer was straightforward — I wanted to make a difference, do something with a greater purpose. I wanted to help women be successful on their terms, connect with their power and make it work for them. I did a lot of work to get that clarity. I defined my life vision and my work vision, found my strengths, and connected with my motivators.

through small steps, and this applies to almost every aspect of life. Like I said before, it’s not an easy road. It’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but it will make you stronger. I’ll leave you with an Emerson quote that I often think about... “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better,” Ralph Waldo Emerson. And like I always say, you don’t have to be perfect, be courageous!

VISUALIZE IT… IN OTHER WORDS, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BE IT Once I was clear about what I wanted to do, I started visualizing it and imagining myself doing it. You can also make a vision board and add as much detail as you want: how many people are working with you, how is the office, what is the service or activity you are providing, to whom, and so on. MIND, BODY, AND SOUL Besides focusing on your professional career changes, incorporate some self-work into your routine. You can create three different buckets and make sure you add something into each of them: mind, body, and soul. If you want to become fluent in another language or become a more absorbent reader, add it to the mind section. Maybe you’ve been meaning to go to the gym more or even start meditating? Those would be in the body section. And for all I know, you want to become a more spiritual person or nourish your relationship with a relative. Place those in the soul section. Adding minor changes gives you clarity and focuses more on the significant change with calm and balance. DEVELOP A PLAN Let’s say one of your objectives is learning a new language, so you set thirty minutes every day to practice. By the end of the year, you can communicate in basic conversations in your newly learned language. This is an example of establishing a plan. Whether there are multiple points in each section or only a few, write down ways that you can work on them every day. Big visions are realized

connect with patricia Patricia Arboleda is a certified executive and leadership coach, facilitator, trainer, and keynote speaker. She lives in Miami, Florida, and has over 25 years of corporate leadership experience. To book a free strategy call with Patricia, visit arboledacoaching/30min.

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PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES = PROFITABLE EMPLOYERS Having happy employees is extremely important to the survival and profitability of any business. Happier employees work harder, work better together, are generally more productive which ultimately means they’re more profitable. However, this is not often the case. Many corporations have employees that come to work and hate their jobs for various reasons. To further exacerbate the issue, Covid has caused employees mental distress which is further complicating their work lives and frustration with even having to return to work. This is resulting in what is now being termed “The Great Resignation”. 4 Million people alone quit their jobs in April 2021 according to the Labor Department. Hiring a Life Coach for you company helps with employee retention because it helps employees to maintain mental wellness and avoid burnout, helps staff to establish and maintain work-life balance and provides space for personal development. Ultimately employees are less stressed, they’re happier and more satisfied. More productive employees=More profits for employers. Annette J. Morris, M.A., is the Owner and CEO of Goal Getter, LLC and movement maker for The CEO Therapist and The M.I.N.D (Moving In New Directions) Initiative brands. Annette has a knack for developing the goals and visions of other movement makers, Leaders, CEOs and people as a whole. She’s been a Therapist for 15 years and is also a Certified Life/Mindset and Leadership Coach. She’s helped small business owners over the past 12 years to start and scale their businesses from start to beyond 7 figures. She’s also a Best Selling Author and Speaker whose mission is to see the elevation of people globally. For assistance with Retaining and Insuring the Happiness of your employees, I will show you how. Give me a call at 504-513-3076 or follow the link to schedule a discovery call


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