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hello dear reader!


I'm back from my monthlong trip to Brazil! It was my first time there since the pandemic started. I got to spend a lot of time with my mom, madenewfriends,andthechancetoseeafewfamilyandfriends.Timein Brazilalwaysgoesbysomuchfaster.

While I spent most of the trip in the countryside where my mom now lives,Iarrangedtospendafewdaysinthecity,whichisalwaysrefreshing to me I love the speed of things in a big city For those who don’t know, Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the 4th largestintheworld!AndIgrewuparoundthisgiantofacity

Going back always gives me the opportunity to really appreciate what I used to have around me and took for granted. It has taught me to appreciatethepresent andwhereInowlive allthemore.

IcamebackwithagratefulheartfortheloveandfriendshipIwillalways findeverytimeIvisit

Ihopeyouenjoywhat’sinside, ReginaCorrea

Regina Correa Designer/Editor Image: by Jason Cohen
FromtheEditor 1|RicheHomeandLifestyle
06 10 03 What is your Interior Design Style? Part II 2|RicheHomeandLifestyle StudioRicheDesignsfeatureby HancockWhitney Bank. Local Art In the Spotlight Sleeping Beauties Colorfulandabstract,Cierra’sartworks arevibrantandexpressive Canopybedsaresleekandsexy 09 October ‘22 Ihopethissecondsetofinteriordesign styleswillinspireyoutofindyours.

What Is Your Interior Design Style? Part II

Finding your own design style doesn’t have to be difficult Some are selfexplanatory, others are so focused on a single theme (trendy) it’s easytoreplicate,stillothersaremorecomplex

and take extra effort I hope this second list of interior styleshelpsyouidentifyanddefineyours

1. Urban Modern is where elements of contemporary, industrial, and modern meet Common in loft or warehouse spaces, it is very sought after by sophisticated city dwellers. Spaces are light and airy with neutral tones and an emphasis on architectural elements

2 Maximalist If you feel more is more, you are a maximalist Maximalism isn’t messy Simply mix bold colors, patterns, and textures for an exciting, layered lookandfeel

3 Minimalism is the opposite of maximalism less is more in bright and clean spaces with a neutral palette withfurnishingsthataresleekandnotdetailed

4 Scandinavian hails from the Nordic countries, this style has a minimalist aesthetic with light wood furnishings and accents in light and airy spaces contrastedbydarkhuesemulatingNordiclandscapes

5 Hollywood Glam became very prominent in Hollywood from the 1920s50s with interiors filled with saturated vibrant colors, textures, and finishes showing attention to detail Its overall look is glamorous and luxurious yet comfortable with mirrored, metallic, or lacquered furnishings and lacquered walls and ceilings Itsinteriorsareusuallymaximalist

6 Rustic is the opposite of modern or contemporary, focusing on the material, not the design It is easily identifiable as it has raw or rough woods on floors, furnishings, or beams and often withstone or brick



7 Cottage is heavily adorned with adapted items used asfurnishings:abenchasacoffeetable,anolddooras aheadboard,andawirebasketasapendantlight Most furnishings are whitewashed or distressed Walls or shelves are decorated with collectibles such as plates, bowls, or jugs Curtains are usually made of white lace contrastedbyasoftblue,yellow,beige,orwhitepalette.

8. French Country combining rustic and refined elements found in the French countryside, it is easily identifiable by its distressed, painted furnishings that are graceful and not overly ornate. Ceiling beams, brick floors, and natural stones in interiors with a finished appeal along with linen textile (in taupe or beige) are elementsthatdefinethisstyle

9.Country knownforbringingcharacterandwarmthto its spaces, this style is defined by garden elements being part of the decor, white or plaid and gingham on ruffled curtains or tablecloths floral patterns and soft pastels also play a role in textiles Furnishings are seen indistressed,stained,orpaintedwoods

10. English Country interiors are very cozy and welcoming The furnishings are either inherited or found in flea markets or antique shops Exposed woods onceilingorwallsareverycommon.Fabricpatternsare playful usually with a floral look Walls are filled with framedart,especiallyEnglishlandscapes

This article concludes the series of most popular interior design styles You’ll notice some will migrate from another but still have their own identity I hope youhaveidentifiedyoursinanyorevensomeofthem Ifnot,it’sokay Youdon’tneedaspecificstyletodefine your living As long as you live well and love where you live,that’sallthatmatters

Rustic French
4|RicheHomeandLifestyle FurnishinStyle!
Mirror Scandinavian Sideboard
Country Dining Table Minimalist Console Table Cottage Side Table Country Sofa Maximalist Accent Chair Urban Modern Cocktail Table French Country Chest of Drawers Hollywood Glam Gilded Chandelier

My Favo Things

A round dining table always allows for better conversation. The chair has gracious lines that compliment the table. Greenery is a must! An alluring rug always adds beauty and defines the space. The fabulous chandelier is a conversation piece!


Sleeping Beauties

Canopy Beds are sleek and sexy! As the focal point in a bedroom, ensure your bed is a stunner!

Schedule a complimentary call to talk about this service today! 7|RicheHomeandLifestyle Add a little bit of body text $895 studioRicheDesigns interiors+décor An expert eye helping you make the right design decisions Interior Décor Session (504) 905 0431 We understand the frustration and overwhelm when it comes to decorating a room! Up to 3 hours of one-on-one decorating time with you Furniturelayout Selectionof furnishings wallpaper wallcolor windowtreatment rug art " Ienjoyedtheconstantfeedbackduringthesession andgettingthingsaccomplishedrightaway Iamvery pleasedwiththeresultandalreadyamlookingto scheduleanothersessionwithher" RobinB Now Scheduling for November " Ididnotknowwheretostart Itwasarelieftohavesomeonewhowasable tohelpmetogettheballrollingandcompletethisproject Wecompleted everythingduringathree hourconsultation Itwouldhavetakenmemonths tofinalizeeverythingonmyown Asabusyprofessional,itwasworthitto bringherintohelpmewiththedecisionmaking..."JenniferH. Limited Spots!

Interior StylingTip Rugs

Userugstobreakupthecontinuityontheflooring,andtodefine anddividethespace.Itaddsbeautytothespaceandalsoactsasan insulatorandsoundbarrier.

Image by Jaipur


A few months ago I was approached by Myra Corrello to participate in the promotional production of the Hancock Whitney Small Business Matters Program, as she was the one who developed the entire series as well as the marketing instructor for the classes Since I had participatedinallmodulesoftheseries,itwasanopportunityIcouldn't passup.

As a solopreneur, I make time and take advantage of such programs because they always bring in fresh and innovative ideas for how I can best run my business I didn't hesitate What you see here in 1 minute, tookmanyhoursbutIdon'tregretitforonesecond.I'mgratefulforthe opportunity presented to me. But most importantly I am grateful to Myra for giving me the chance to showcase Studio Riche Designs in a muchlargerarena Ihonestlydidn'tknowtheywouldwriteanarticle(HowaSmallBusiness isSucceedinginStyle)aboutmeandmybusiness,butIhopeitinspires otherstobepersistentandthrive

9|RicheHomeandLifestyle In


Travel is to Live 10|RicheHomeandLifestyle SnapshotsofSãoPauloLR 1 MuralonaResidentialBuildingDownton2 FacadeofMuseumofSexual DiversityatRepublicaSubwayStation3 OldandNewBuildingsDownton4 Brazilianartifactsatastore,5 ClassicOldArchitectureDownton6 ArtDisplayataSubwayStation7 Oldhousenestledbymodern buildingsonPaulistaAve 8 Stunningartworksby@lacerdine9 ThetalentedMr @soaresshidon paintingonthesidewalkatPaulistaAve 10 SelfieataSubwayStation

Local Art

Cierra English Abstract Painter

Describe your art in three words.

Vibrant, Expressive, and Colorful

Describe yourself in one word. Friendly

What do you love the most about creating art in your community? What particular part of your immediate environment, in your neighborhood specifically influences your work?

I love creating art outdoors There's something about natural light and fresh air that spark my creative process.

Describe your creative process. Are there any rituals or rites of passage you exercise before you begin a new piece?

My creative process begins with collecting all my supplies and bringing them outside I find that I do my best work work when I am in an environment that is well lit and has much room breathe and move around.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from just about anything really. It could be something as simple as a color comb ination I see, a texture, a tool. It's also not uncommon to draw inspiration from other art I sometimes ask myself, how would I approach or execute this differently

Who are your artistic influences or gurus? I love Banksy :)

In New Orleans, art and music go hand in hand. What type of music, band or song lyric best describes your work?

I don't know if Lofi music could be considered a type of music, but if so, that would best describe my art. There are typically no words, similar to abstracts being non subjective. Nonetheless they both can put the viewer or listener in a specific mood I feel. Both can be interpreted differently based on the person.

Where can we find you when you are not creating art?

At home working on a DIY project, shooting a wedding, or at TJmaxx

What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?

Lunch Time because food makes me happy/ Taco Tuesday because I love tacos and margaritas/ October because it's my birthday month and most times it's when the fall weather starts rolling in.

Art from top to bottom: Aurora, More Happiness, More Light, More Resilience, and Reflections


Bornandraisedin SãoPaulo,Brazil, ReginaCorreacame tovisitNewOrleans in1999andnever left.Sheholds degreesinInterior DesignandArt History,lovesred wine,travelingthe world,architecture, museums,music, natureandwalking aroundourbeloved CityPark.

Studiorichedesigns Founder+InteriorDesigneratStudioRicheDesigns Studiorichedesigns
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We believe everyone deserves to be inspired and nurtured by the spaces they spend time in. Since 2012 we’ve been creating original spaces that are interesting, comfortable, functional, and deeply personal.Ourexpertiseliesinourversatility,attentiontodetail,anda wide array of resources. We are here to serve you, take the stress off yourhands,anddeliverspacesyou'llloveforyearstocome.

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