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HELLO DEAR READER! Regina Correa - Designer/Editor

Fall is officially here! I can't wait for the temperature to be cool enough so we can open up our windows and get some fresh air into our homes. I'm yet to do some camping, but gladly got a delicious taste of nature when I met my dear friend Myra Corrello in Kentucky early last month and rode with her back to New Orleans. We started in Indiana. Along the way, we visited some beautiful State Parks, chased 6 waterfalls, did some kayaking, enjoyed some trails filled with all the things nature offers and even built a fire on the grounds of one of the hotels we stayed in. That night, it was marvelous to hear the fire crackling, the creatures of the night and look up to the sky and see the stars shining bright up above. Thank you Myra! Our trip was truly memorable! See a glimpse of our adventure in To Travel is a Gift! I hope you enjoy The Mag,

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Editor's Picks These 2 things alone will make your home have the fall, cozy feel

Burn seasonal candles

Add seasonal faux plants


HOW TO CREATE AREAS TO WORK AND STUDY AT HOME Ideas to transform areas in your home for you or the kids during these challenging times.


Fall Decorating Ideas

Accessories for a warm and cozy feel at home.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2021 Selection Rooted in nature, this color will bring in peace and quiet.

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To Travel is a Gift

A glimpse of my 6 day adventure from Indiana to Nola.




n times like these, we are challenged to do our best to adapt and be creative with what we already have. Since the pandemic began, many have found themselves having to be extra inventive and turn their homes into offices and classrooms along with recreational areas for the kids, all in the same space. Most who work at an office are conditioned to spending time in different spaces then returning to their own home. The act of relocation gives them a sense of refuge; the movement to another environment that allows one to separate and disconnect from the obligation of work. If you have a space in your home that allows you to do that, you are in luck! If you are having to figure out how to add these functions to the existing spaces in your home, I have some ideas for you. Since we are still dealing with the pandemic and most likely will be for some time to come, I hope the ideas below will help transform the space you have to accommodate work, school as well as play areas for the kids. This transformation will require a bit of work but one I feel is worth your while. Workstation - find a place that is ideal for the kind of work you do. One with good natural light is ideal; setting a table underneath a window is perfect. You will be able to escape to the outdoors without leaving your desk. If that is not a possibility, find a space to designate as your work zone; the dining room table is the first that comes to mind. The idea is to change what is around you if you cannot relocate. If you’re transforming the space start by adding or taking away elements such as art, accessories, tables, and chairs then bring in elements that will change the space into your office. Try recreating the space in a way that is appealing to you to create a feeling you’re elsewhere. The caveat here is that at the end of the day or week, you should switch everything back in that room. Home Office - if the idea of changing the environment around you daily or weekly is not appealing, you may try creating a home office space. A few areas that come to mind are: a space in the guest room, a nook under the stairs, underneath any window with a good view of the outdoors, the landing or mezzanine on the floor above, a closet, any free wall or area that you can add a small desk. Once you figure out the location, add a desk, a chair, some art, a plant, a lamp, an extension cord with multiple plug openings, pens and paper and voila! Home School - we find this one to be the most fun as creativity is your best friend. If you have a dining room, you may consider that space since it is often a less utilized room. Again, if you have a designated space for it, perfect! If not, consider this one as it already has a table and chairs in place then you just add things you usually see in a classroom - a chalk board for writing, a work board for hanging artwork, a caddy or bin with some school supplies, hang posters with decorative tapes, etcetera … If your dining room is out of the question, find a corner or wall where you can create a space. You can find tons of ideas on the subject with a quick online search. From attaching a nicely finished piece of wood on the wall, to getting a desk with plenty of storage or turning an armoire into homeschool central, there is a plethora of ideas out there. 3 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Play Area - this one is the most fun since anything goes. Start with a rug or blanket on the floor to set a sort of boundary for the play area. Bring a few throw pillows, bean bag, and bins with toys or craft supplies. A folding table and chairs for sitting and drawing will help, too. Assess your designated space to see what would fit. You may use chalk paint , which comes in many colors , on a part of a wall to allow them to write on it. It'll easily wipe off. Another fun idea is to create a tent - kids love tents, especially if you allow them to help! At the end of the day, ask them to help you make everything “disappear.� Having furnishings that are multi functional is perfect for this. For instance, an ottoman with storage would be perfect to hide the toys or blankets and pillows.

Photo by: Pamela Sandler

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Here is a list of furniture pieces that I find multifunctional or useful in storing extra things away: Coffee table with height adjustment - it is perfect to turn your living room into a dining area or workstation Custom sofa or sectional with storage - perfect for small spaces to tuck away toys, office supplies or seasonal decor Trunk - used as seating as well as storage Nesting tables - perfect as extra surfaces Ottoman with storage - another extra storage piece Coffee table with drawers - allows for extra storage of small items Garden stools - will double as seating or spot indoor tables Folding table - depending on size it could be your workstation for the day or week Drop leaf table - ideal for a workstation, craft table or dining table. These are perfect for small spaces. I hope these ideas will help you temporarily transform your space or find a specific area for your home office or a place for your child to study. Creating those spaces is not that difficult, as long as you have fun in the process. 4 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Fall Decorating Ideas Besides decorating your porch or veranda, creating a warm entryway or a rustic corner in your home, here are other simple ideas to bring in the fall look and feel into your home.

Add animal prints

Use natural materials

Add fur throw pillows or rugs

Put a colorful centerpiece on the table

Display real wood in or by the fireplace

Add accents with earthy tones 5 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Swap a piece of art

Bring in decorative seasonal accents

Paint an accent wall with earthy tones

Color of Year 2021

Urbane Bronze is a down to earth warm color that exudes tranquility. Bring in nature to create a sense of natural simplicity with this inspirational hue that gives a sense of calm from the ground up! Rooted in nature, Urbane Bronze highlights our desire to commune with the environment. Now, more than ever, many are turning to nature to find peace, quiet and sanity from all that's afflicting us in the world. Color has a transformative power . It evokes our behavior, emotions and thoughts. I highly recommend Urbane Bronze in a bedroom, powder room, foyer or library.

ROOTED IN NATURE 6 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Photos by Diana Parrish Photography

Sitting Pretty I have fallen in love with these upholstered seating pieces and hope you will, too!

Occasional Chair

Dining Chair


Chaise Lounge

Loveseat 7 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Mindful Thoughts This piece is part of the Sacred Mornings ebook brought to you by Deanna Causey @soulsayers


"We must learn who is gold, and who is simply gold plated." Unknown Intuition - gives you the eyes or no regarding a situation or person. It is immediate awareness, comes without thinking about it. Insight - often, the sudden, unexpected solution to a situation or problem after spending time thinking about in various ways. It also applies to the way you interpret and handle other people. Discernment - ability to perceive and make wise judgements about obscure or hidden things within situations and people. Intuition is inherent - placed in us by our Creator. Other creatures have this gut instinct, too. Insight is a function of the mind, part of our problem-solving capabilities. Discernment, however, is uniquely spiritual. It involves perceiving, sensing things not readily visible, partially hidden, or buried altogether. These are the areas only your spiritual eye can see. Only your spirit can wisely judge what to do - this is Divine operation of spiritual gifts. Discernment allows you to be in the midst of a situation and "see" all the hidden agendas, motives, plans, and sometimes even thoughts. You can view past the facade of a person looking into their heart and sometimes their mind and spirit. Discernment isn't just a spotter of evil intentions, it also confirms goodness and love or positivity. It is a critical tool to have. Discernment is the secret sauce. You delay snap judgements and use Divine Guidance to steer you through any situation. Today, your focus is to really allow yourself to be led by your spirit. Set aside preconceived notions and ideas, be open, and willing to be guided. Ask for heightened sensitivity along with a keen eye to see the unseen. On this day ask to see beyond the veil That everything done in darkness would be brought out into the light Ask for the answers to your questions Evaluate your connections, examine your relationships. What does your spirit say? Discern your own motives and plans. How do your intentions show up in your daily life? Turn up the volume, tune in your antennae, and begin receiving the Divine signals. SACREDMORNINGS|ŠSOULSAYERS,LLC 8 | Riche Home and Lifestyle


It was sort of impromptu, but it all started with a comment of a Facebook post and before I knew I was flying to Kentucky to ride back to Nola with my dear friend Myra Corrello. The ride - purely on scenic routes - was unforgettable! We petted horses on the side of the road and scared some cows, too! Kayaked, hiked amazing trails, saw at least 6 waterfalls, built a fire, and saw numerous barns, silos, trucks and trailers along the way. I wish I could share the many photos we took. I hope you enjoy these!

Waterfall at Desoto State Park - AL

Hiking trail at Daniel Boone National Forest - KY

Waterfall at Fall Creek Falls -TN

Natural Arch at Daniel Boone National Forest - KY

Hiking Trail at Cumberland Falls State Park - TN

Waterfall at Fall Creek Falls - TN

Waterfall at Cumberland Falls- KY

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Hiking trail at Cumberland Falls State Park - KY

Waterfall at Fall Creek Falls - TN

*About the Designer/Editor: Born and raised in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music, nature and walking around our beloved City Park.

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