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May 2020

From the Editor

HELLO DEAR READER! Regina Correa - Designer/Editor

Welcome to our monthly magazine! We call it The Mag. This has been a long time dream and it's finally here. It is by no means perfect, but it is only the beginning of what I hope to be a fun journey not only for us to create great content to share with you, but for you all to enjoy and benefit from it. We hope it will enRICHE your lives one way or another.

Editor's Picks

The Mag will focus on things for the home as well as lifestyle. Home makes us feel good and so does our lifestyle; they are interconnected. Inside you will find valuable articles about design and helpful tips on small things you can do to live better. Suggestions will on key items that will enhance your interiors or exteriors, articles about mindfulness, travel, color, wine, food, etc... Not all these things will be featured in every issue; they will be randomly curated as we see fit. Get ready to be exposed to things that are fun, weird, abnormal, abstract, colorful, beautiful and exciting. I had considered talking a bit about our current global situation, but realized that most of you have heard enough; I know I have. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on what's close to each of us. This focus is on the home, on living well and making our lives the best they can be while we are here. This focus will inspire you to look at your own space and transform it to support you in the months ahead. We will help you to create something meaningful. Your home is an extension of who you are, it should display mementos of your travels, your adventures, your collections. It should have art that move you to tears or make you smile because it reminds you of someone, or a moment in time. Your home should be a beautiful collection of all things you.

Flowers will brighten anyone's day

Keep a loved one beautifully displayed

With that, I hope you get to enjoy us monthly. We are beyond excited about this monthly meeting with you, and hope you are, too. Cheers! Decorative boxes are perfect hideaways


Five Elements to a Cozy Home Advice to help you transform your home into a cozy place.

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Inspiring selections for you

Working from Home? What to look for when creating a home office

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Small Change Big Difference

To Travel is a Gift Snapshots of Paris and a quick virtual train tour

Mindful Thoughts The subject of intuition, what it is and how to refine it.

Five Elements to a Cozy Home

3D Rendering of a Family Room

Creating a cozy home is very easy!I know, I know, it's easier said than done but bear with me, I will guide you through this. A cozy home has layers that must be built upon. The five elements below will get you moving in the right direction. 1) Clean and tidy-  Start by getting rid of the clutter; use decorative bins and baskets to store things away. Oh, and clean up! Literally. Do you recall a home you've been in that made you feel cozy? I bet you it was clean and tidy, wasn't it? 2) Soften things up -   Art on the walls, draperies on windows and rugs on the floors will soften up the hard surfaces. Textiles, rugs and art embellish the home in ways that excite and bring a sense of warmth. It is easy to imagine a space without these elements, we see them all the time; now imagine your space with them! image above without these elements?

3) Lighting is key - I will not get into much detail on this one, as lighting can be a very complex subject. We'll tackle it at another time. To simplify, let's focus on lamps. Table or floor lamps are essential for a cozy feel at home. It is very important to add low wattage bulbs for that soothing feel; bright lights aren't cozy. Adding a dimmer to the overhead lighting will help; think dinner with romantic chandelier lighting. 4) Bring on the accessories -  They are the elements that bring a space to life, adding personality. Throw pillows, soft blankets and decorative doodads are sure to bring a sense of home to any space. They define your character and style. 5) Freshness - Plants, candles or diffusers will complete the look and feel of the home. Greenery or flowers will enhance the inviting effect and the smell of candles or essential oil diffusers will fill your home with a scent conveying “clean and cozy”, a feeling we all love.

Small Change Big Difference

Poseidon Bust

White Round Mirror

Black and Gold Table Lamp

Multi-Colored Abstract Pillow

Abstract Art

Lemonwood Candle

Large Chandelier

Floor Lamp

Working from Home? Insights and inspirations for you




Perfect nook for a home office. Notice the serene blue wall, framed art and natural light 2.A serene everything white office. Tons of natural light as well as task light for evenings. 3. A sort of neutral office with colorful accessories and even furnishings!

In these days of “shelter in place” and working from home, embracing digital communication has become a necessity. Having a well designed office space will foster mental and physical well being as well as boost your productivity. Whenever designing a home office, I surround my clients with things that are functional, but also bring elements that spark joy. Creating a space that supports you physically and mentally will make working from home a lot more enjoyable. If you're going to spend a good part of the day sitting, make sure your chair is comfortable as well as stylish! Ergonomic ones will support your back and don’t be afraid to splurge on this item; you and your back will be glad you did. Good lighting is one of the most important elements in a room. Figure out if natural or artificial lighting is best for the kind of environment you’re trying to create. Take into consideration how you will use the space. General lighting is for the entire room, and task lighting is for your desk or a surface on 

which you would perform a specific task. Natural light is always better but if your office has no windows, LED might do the trick. Let's talk storage because every office needs storage for supplies. If you don’t have a piece of furniture where you can store things away,  boxes, baskets or bins, preferably with lids will do the trick. Organize vertically and horizontally, then turn your attention to color. Beware that color affects your mood and varies from person to person. It depends on what you do and the feel you want to get when you walk into the room. As a general rule of thumb stay with an off white or a warm gray which are great neutrals.  They are serene tones and will be a perfect backdrop for adding colorful accessories, art and more.  Next step, accessorize! This is where styling will fine tune the room; bring items that you like to look at and can identify with. Sculptures, mementos, books and decorative items give personality to the room. Lastly, greenery or flowers will finish the room beautifully.

Design Tidbits Different ways to arrange decorative pillows on your bed

Mindful Thoughts by @soulsayers

Intuition It is the sudden apprehension of coherence. That feeling, the switch that gets flipped on in your gut, giving you the yay or nay. Telling you to proceed or stay back. It's like instantaneous processing of logic that happens so quickly that you feel it rather than reason through it. The speed in which your "gut" speaks to you can make it seem illogical. These yes or no answers protect you, guide you, slow you down before you take a leap that could be disastrous. Today is the day we remove the restraints, shed the doubts, stop the wishy-washy responses, and open up for the Divine Guidance that is already within. This is a power exercise, so it's best to sit or stand instead of lying down for this one. You want to be upright, tall, see a cord gently lifting your spine, neck, and head into perfect alignment. All of your energy centers are in perfect alignment as well. You are a channel, a powerful channel. Bring the tips of the fingers of your dominant hand together to make a cone shape. Bring your hand up, touching the tips of your fingers to your forehead just above and between your eyes. Sit still for a moment to feel the energy exchange happening there. This is your spiritual energy center of intuition and wisdom. You may know it as the Third Chakra. See yourself removing any restraints - these images can be whatever comes up for you - straps, cords, locks, boxes anything that restricts freedom of movement, see it being undone. Intuition is the voice of God, Spirit, the Divine. Intuition is continuous and vigilant - always looking out for you. It is the expression of Divine Love and Protection for you. Now lower your hand and place it on your heart and say these words:Â Thank you, God, for your protection Thank you for your Divine reasoning, instant and accurate I receive every message I am sensitive to your guidance I am moving in your flow.

To Travel is a Gift

Paris is Old world at its best. The architecture is fascinating and many places, particularly the Le Marais District, reminded me of New Orleans!

The Musee du Louvre was a big deal. I also have a soft spot for museums. This oversized sculptures were mesmerizing.

View of the Notre Dame from the Seine

The Winged Victory aka Nike made me cry. The architecture is stunning. I have a soft Literally. I recall writing about her in school. spot for churches due to their architecture. It was a dream come true. Doesn't this say French Quarter to you?

Tunel at the Catacombs

The bridges are architecturally embellished. Pont Alexander III - is stunningly gorgeous!!

Virtual Train Tour from Paris to Milan Traveling by train in Europe is very convenient, and surprisingly comfortable. We took a similar train from Paris to Barcelona from Gare the Lyon! Notice how gorgeous the train station building is! We sat for a meal at Le Train Bleu and I marveled at the frescoes on the ceilings. On the train, I was amazed at the punctuality of the stops, how clean and quiet the train was. If you haven't been to Europe or Paris, this nearly 7 minute video will give you a good glimpse of the Gare the Lyon train station, the stunning ceiling at Le Train Bleu, the cleanliness of the train, and the beautiful France landscape. For the tour, please click here. Enjoy!

*About the Designer/Editor: Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music and walking around our beloved City Park.

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