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JUNE ‘21

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HELLO DEAR READER! I hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health. I couldn't help but enjoy the beautiful weekends that we had during the month of May. It was odd to have rain for three weeks in a row, and absolutely fantastic, low humidity, breezy weekends! Wasn't it a pleasant surprise? As I write this letter to you, there is one more weekend to go and I truly hope it is as amazing as the previous ones. But, summertime is officially here...and we must, once more, prepare for the sweltering, merciless heat. I'm definitely not ready? My wish for this month is for lots of gatherings in backyards, porches, parks, you name it. And a couple of trips to nature-filled places. Because, why not! Lastly, be mindful that the hurricane season is officially on. Please take some time to be prepared in case there's a need for evacuation or you decide to stay. Preparedness is essential. I hope you enjoy what's inside! Till next issue,

Regina Correa

Regina Correa Designer/Editor

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4 Steps to a SummerReady Backyard or Porch. Are you ready for summer entertaining?



Inspiration Beautiful and colorful throw pillows to inspire your summer palette.


Favorite Things A few fresh fun summer patterns to delight you.


To Travel Virtually is a Gift Amazing abandoned castles around the world.

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4 Steps to a Summer-Ready Backyard or Porch.


ummertime is finally here and with it come tons of fun time spent in the backyard or on the porch. As kids are off from school or friends are coming over, you ought to be prepared to play the host. Since people tend to entertain more during the summer, here are some ideas that are easy to implement and make your outdoor space summer-ready. Some things might require a bit more work but rest assured that once you’re done, your backyard and or porch will be summer ready. First step - decide on a plan and determine what you want for your look. Are you just adding a few items to bring in the summer look? Are you adding furnishings as well? If you’re adding furnishings, assess how much space you have to work with. (Remember to keep the scale of furnishings in mind - to ensure each piece will fit in the space properly) This step will help you determine how much furniture you’ll need. As an example, the drawing below shows the floor plan of an open deck with a furniture layout. Two zones were

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created to allow for better flow: the lounge area and the eating area. Creating zones allows for better usage of space, guests can hang out comfortably and not overcrowd the area. You can create a simple floor plan and make a list for yourself before you change the first thing. Here’s what was added to the deck: Four lounge chairs or a sofa/sectional for comfortable lounging. One cocktail table for drinks or to put your feet up. It could also be used as extra sitting. Two (weather resistant) outdoor rugs to define each space. One bar cart for cocktail apparatuses or to be used as a station for meal prep next to a grill Two umbrellas for shade or rainy days One dining table for eating or playing cards Four dining chairs, well you know, for sitting.

and colors to create the look. For instance, a large floral, medium stripes, and small geometric patterns. If your new or existing furnishings have solid/neutral colors, select one main patterned, multi-colored fabric and pull the colors from it to build your palette around.

Photo: @frontgate

Second Step- Once the list is complete, create a color palette. (If you are just adding accessories to freshen up, here’s where you pick up). Bright yellows, greens, corals, and blues will create the perfect summery combination. Think lemon yellow, pear green, coral, and teal or aqua blue as the main hues. You don’t have to use all these colors, but you can choose one as the main color and use the others as accents to complement the decor. Use the inspirational colors on pages 6 and 8 as a guide to a summery palette. Loof for outdoor performance fabrics. They are weather and spill-resistant. There are a number of ways to do it. You may select your furniture and use the pattern on its cushions to create a scheme. Use the colors within the pattern to select throw pillows, the rugs, draperies, if any, and accessories throughout. You could also select different patterns sizes 4 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

As for accessories, different materials and textures will add interest and enhance the overall look of the space. For example, metal lanterns, concrete or textured colorful pots or planters, wall art, and even dishes using the three main colors will complement the decor. Third Step- Create an area to serve as a station for cocktails, meal preparation, and serving platters. If you do not have an outdoor kitchen this is essential! Fourth Step - Lighting! Think mood for evening’s entertainment. Adding soft overhead lighting for an evening out on the deck will certainly create and add to the ambiance. Candles and lanterns will enhance the style and feel with their glowing, flickering effects. These four simple steps will change how you experience the upcoming hot summer afternoon and nights without ever leaving your place. A little planning and work will make you "The Entertainer" for this summer season.

Neutral base tones are enhanced by colorful pillows, a solid colored rug, and flowers.

Photo: @frontgate

If space is an issue, create a small area with a versatile piece - such as this chaise with cushions and throw pillows for comfort, and an umbrella for shade.

Photo: @frontgate

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Inspiration Whether indoors or outdoors, use throw pillows to spread the summer cheer in your living spaces.

6 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Summer Palette

These colors are perfect for summer projects. Use any of them to accent a wall or to refresh an entire room.

R a in S W

S W -6 3 2 4

- 6204


Sal tS


-6 2





it io





Mellow Cotal

Optimistic Yellow

7 | Riche Home and Lifestyle


M e a nd

er Blu


e SW -


Favorite Things Fresh, fun summer patterns

Use them for draperies, upholstery, throw pillows, table cloths or even napkins.


Sunlit Palm




Crewel Garden 8 | Riche Home and Lifestyle


Vision Board Bohemian Porch

9 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Natural elements such as rattan, seagrass, jute, etc... Textured and patterned rugs, pillows, and throws. Jewel tones, macrame and lots of plants.

Mindful Thoughts

The Power of Meditation Practiced for centuries, meditation is the process in which a person relaxes in order to quiet the mind to achieve calm and inner peace. Practicing it regularly should result in physical and emotional well-being. Meditation has been found to be very beneficial, it also cultivates awareness, increasing the ability to increase focus.

Some benefits: Promotes health Controls anxiety Reduces stress Improves focus Lowers blood pressure Decreases pain Improves sleep

Although there are several types of meditation there is a simple, basic way of doing it. There‘s also guided meditation online. For a simple meditation time, follow these steps to get started. 1. Find a quiet place. 2. Sit or lay in a comfortable position. 3. Set a timer ( 5- 10 minutes for beginners). 4. Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this step a few times, then return to your normal breathing. 5. Concentrate on your breathing and when a thought comes, shift the focus back to your breathing. 10 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

To Travel is a Gift Traveling is a great opportunity to discover and get to see things you never thought existed. When I travel I take tons of pictures. The ones below are not mine but they are beautiful representations of amazing abandoned castles around the world. If only those walls could talk...

Sans Souci, Haiti

Gordejuela Water Elevator, Spain

Above: Duckett's Grove, Ireland; Below: Bodiam Castle, England.

11 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Jahangir Mahal, India

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music, nature and walking around our beloved City Park.


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We believe everyone deserves to be inspired by the spaces they spend time in. Since 2012 we’ve been creating original spaces that are interesting, comfortable, and deeply personal. Our expertise lies in our versatility, attention to detail, and a wide array of resources. We are here to serve you, take the stress off your hands, and deliver a space you'll love for years to come.

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